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Into The Darkness: Part 4
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 (OOC Note: Sooo...this is what I wanted to write for my RP this week, but couldn’t manage to get it written. I managed to ease my anxiety a bit and got bored enough to crack this out. Enjoy!)

June 2018
Dublin, Ireland

A month has now passed since O’Malley had returned to his home in Dublin, Ireland. A month has passed since O’Malley has seen or spoken to his near three year old son, Owen after leaving him in the care of Misty’s parents back in Las Vegas. The gravity of remaining in the United States with Misty now gone was just too much to bear, so he had to leave. He thought his life would be easier returning home and living in solitude for as long as it takes to get over the pain and heartache the loss of Misty has caused him to endure.

But he never thought that a certain someone would have other plans for him. He never thought he’d have to constantly fight to keep the distance between him and Darcy Donohue- a woman he was very familiar with in some way. Ever since returning to Ireland, Darcy has made it a point to find him wherever he is, and he can’t escape her. If this goes on any longer, he may just need to go back to his life in America.

As luck would have it, though, it’s been a fair few days since O’Malley has had any run in with Darcy. And he’s enjoyed it. The woman was relentless, but O’Malley would go blue in the face fighting her off if he has to. He knew what Darcy wanted, and it wouldn’t happen. Not now. Not ever.

At the moment, he’s taking a break from his daily ritual of drowning his sorrows in bottle after bottle of Irish Whiskey. It’s a beautiful day in Dublin, and he’s made the trek to one of his favorite nature spots. A large willow tree that Misty had found during her several trips here. He was never much for nature, but when their relationship had only just started to get serious, they had spent many days here with Misty wrapped up in his arms.

O’Malley has his eyes closed as he is seated on the ground with his back against the trunk of the willow tree. His head is leaned back against the trunk as well as his thoughts wander to the happy memories he shared with Misty, willing to give anything to have just one more day like that. As he remains quiet in his thoughts, his hands are draped over his knees and he breathes in the fresh air when it hits him. That scent. That amazing scent of a familiar perfume. Was he imagining it, though?

O’Malley: M-Misty? Is that…

His eyes open quickly at the possibility that Misty had returned to him. But when he opened his eyes and gazed upon who was standing before him, his excitement turned to dread. It was Darcy.

Darcy: I thought you said she was dead? Or was that a lie?

O’Malley glares at Darcy, his nostrils flared.

O’Malley: Why would I lie about me wife bein’ dead? How the hell did ye find out her favorite perfume anyway?

Darcy’s right eyebrow arches, and she shakes her head.

Darcy: What are you talking about? I didn’t...Oh, hell. Don’t tell me she actually used the same perfume?

O’Malley: I’d recognize it anywhere. And ye can’t fool me, Darcy. Ye’d do anything to—

Darcy throws her hands up in the air in frustration, quickly cutting him off.

Darcy: Right, because I’d try to turn myself into her just to get your attention? Sorry, O’Malley, I’m quite happy with who I am and don’t need to change anything. Except clearly now I need to find a different perfume.

O’Malley rolls his eyes. He shrugs a moment later before closing his eyes and leaning his head back again, ready to ignore her completely from here on out.

Darcy: You really do hate me, don’t you? Yet I’ve done absolutely nothing to deserve it.

O’Malley scoffs and opens his eyes. He stares up at her as she has her arms folded and looks down at him.

O’Malley: I don’t hate ye, Darcy.

Darcy: Really? You could have fooled me…

O’Malley: I hate what yer tryna accomplish. We don’t want the same thing. We never will.

He leans his head back again, hoping that will be enough. Unfortunately for him, it’s not and Darcy drops down, getting eye level with him.

Darcy: Maybe not now. This isn’t you, O’Malley. This isn’t the O’Malley I knew and—

O’Malley: That O’Malley is dead, Darcy. He died in that car wreck with Misty. So just get the hell over it and move on. Ye shoulda done that years ago.

Darcy goes silent for a long while, trying to gather her thoughts as she stares at him. He’s still not looking at her, but she’s studying him closely and she is bringing the palm of her hand close to his chest. Unbeknownst to him, of course.

Darcy: I don’t believe that, O’Malley. Not for a second. There was a time when you wouldn’t order me away like this. There was a time when you actually felt something for me, and I’m not going to just sit here and accept you saying that that person doesn’t exist anymore.

He shakes his head and ignores her, refusing to open his eyes. Even as she finally brings the palm of her hand against his chest, and he goes stark rigid, he can’t get himself to open his eyes. But she feels his heartbeat through his chest. Feels as it increases the minute she touches him.

Darcy: I can feel the truth, O’Malley. There might have been a part of you that loved that lying bitch, but she—

That was enough to set him off. His eyes shoot open, and he grabs a hold of her wrist, looking furiously into her eyes.

O’Malley: Ye’d do well not to go there again, Darcy. Not unless ye really want me to hate ye…

She yanks her hand away from him, shaking her head.

Darcy: She didn’t love you, O’Malley! Not like I loved you. Like I still love you. And if you believe for a second that her son is your’s…

He’s had enough. He stands up quickly and starts walking away, but Darcy chases after him. She reaches and grabs a hold of his arm and spins him around to face her.

Darcy: Do you remember what we had, O’Malley? Before she came between us? Before she used an innocent child as leverage to get what she wanted from you?

O’Malley: Stop it, Darcy! Just stop—

She doesn’t give him a chance to rush away again. She grabs a hold of his shirt and forcefully pulls him forward, bringing their lips together in a passionate embrace. O’Malley tries to fight it at first, but eventually he gives in, and he kisses her back. He lifts her up and she wraps her legs around his waist as he leads her back over to the tree, pinning her against the trunk as they continue to kiss. Darcy lets her legs drop and plants them into the ground again, and her hands reach towards his belt buckle, trying to undo it. But that is when he stops and backs away.

O’Malley: Stop...Please…

He backs away and turns around, burying his head in his hand in shame. She walks up behind him, wrapping her arms around him.

Darcy: Quit denying it, O’Malley. You’re trying to focus on all the supposed good memories you shared with her, but what about the memories you shared with me? And I’m still here. My heart is still beating…

She turns him around and reaches down to bring his hand up to her chest so he can feel her heartbeat.

Darcy: Remember what we had...What we can have again…

O’Malley finally gives in and stares into her eyes, and the battle between his heart and his mind officially begins as what she is asking of him starts to flood his mind. But his love and loyalty for Misty begins to pull him in the opposite direction…

October 2014
Stolen Love At First Sight?

Tommy’s Pub was the favorite amongst many of the locals to this area of Dublin, Ireland. Everyone knew just about everyone, and they all were close friends and family. And a big part of that group was the inseparable pair of Darcy Donohue and O’Malley. They’d only been together about five months, but they had fallen in love early on, and they could never manage to hide it, either.

O’Malley: Oi, Tommy! How ‘bout another round fer me an’ me beautiful love, here?!

The two are off dancing by themselves in a cleared part of the pub, away from the main counter. Darcy laughs and shakes her head, and their friends turn and look at them, each with an amused smile on their face.

Darcy: O’Malley, love...I think we’ve both had enough tonight…

Though she was Irish as well, her accent wasn’t nearly as pronounced as anyone else’s. She keeps her arms wrapped around him as he waves his arm to Tommy behind the bar. Tommy shakes his head.

Tommy: Oi! Calm down ya eejit! Ye’ll get another drink in a minute!

Tommy is clearly in no hurry to get O’Malley another drink, as O’Malley already appears to be drunk enough. O’Malley waves his frustration off, however, as he turns his attention back to Darcy as they continue to dance.

Darcy: I don’t know how I put up with you everyday, O’Malley. You’re too much sometimes.

Despite the seriousness of her words, she smiles as she stares at him. He grims back at her, sliding his hands down to her backside for a quick squeeze.

O’Malley: Maybe because I’m devilishly handsome, and because ye can’t get enough of me fl—

She smacks him before he can finish his sentence and he starts laughing.

Darcy: Are you trying to imply that I’m only with you for the sex?

She hushes her voice so everyone else in the pub doesn’t hear too much. He shrugs and grins as he takes a step back hold his arms out.

O’Malley: I mean, would anyone blame ye, love? If the sex gets ye to…

Realizing what he’s about to say, he stops himself and his voice trails off. Darcy stares at him curiously, but he avoids eye contact.

Darcy: Gets me to what, O’Malley? What were you gonna say?!

He shakes his head and doesn’t speak a word. Darcy snaps her fingers in front of his eyes and finally gets him to look at her.

Darcy: You can’t lie to me, O’Malley. What were you gonna say?

O’Malley: It’s nothin’, love, so just quit naggin’ me about it. Jaysus, yer relentless sometimes.

Darcy is now annoyed at this point, and she takes a step back. Behind her, the door to the pub opens and a mysterious raven haired woman walks in, looking around. O’Malley’s eyes look towards her for a fleeting moment, curious as to who she is, but he turns his attention back to Darcy and her now growing agitation. The raven haired woman meanwhile walks up to the bar.

Darcy: Do you love me? Or are you just in it for a good lay?

O’Malley: What kinda question is that?! Ye know I love ye!

Darcy folds her arms and just nods.

Darcy: Then why can’t you just say what you were gonna say?!

O’Malley: Yer actin’ like ye read me mind or somethin’, Darc. I’m not gonna say it, because I’m too feckin’ hammered right now.

Darcy: So, it would be the whiskey talkin’ and not your true feelings for me then, huh?

The two begin to make a scene as all eyes, even the raven haired woman, look in their direction. Tommy is shaking his head, wiping down the bar, as he places a drink in front of the raven haired woman.

O’Malley: Now yer puttin’ words in me mouth, darlin’. Ye know I love ye. I’ve told ye numerous times. But let’s just enjoy what we got before gettin’ all serious.

Darcy: Too late for that, O’Malley. I’m all in this, and I think you are, too, but you're too damn scared to admit it or come out and say it. It doesn’t matter how long we have or haven’t been together, I want to be with you. I know you do, too, so just say it!

She keeps her arms folded as she stares at him waiting for an answer. He closes his eyes and sighs and she storms off and away from him, heading towards the ladies bathroom. He sighs again, giving her time to cool off as he turns and heads back to the bar, needing another drink. He stands between one of the other locals, and the raven haired woman.

O’Malley: How’s about that other drink, Tommy?!

Tommy: Not sure ye really need it, O’Malley, but I ain’t about to argue with ye right now.

O’Malley grins and he stands there waiting for his drink. He then turns to face the raven haired woman. As he looked closer to her, he felt a strange pull to get to know her. Something was drawing him to her, and because of his love for Darcy, this feeling scared him.

O’Malley: Haven’t seen ye around here before, lass.

The raven haired woman looks at him from the corner of her eye, but doesn’t respond. She just takes a slow sip of her drink, trying to mind her own business.

O’Malley: Hmm...Maybe ye don’t speak English…

What a shame, he thought, because clearly this woman had a story to tell, and he was somehow very curious to hear it. She rolls her eyes.

“I speak English. I’m just not interested in a conversation with you.”

O’Malley’s eyes light up as he grins. Tommy finally returns with his drink, and he looks at O’Malley then the new woman and gives O’Malley a look that says to be careful. O’Malley turns his full attention to the woman as he picks up his drink.

O’Malley: Not a friendly one are ye? Name’s O’Malley, by the way. And ye might be?

He takes a drink of his whiskey, waiting for her to answer. She slowly looks at him, still not wanting to talk to him. The longer he stares at her, the more she realizes he’s not going to give up, so she sets her glass down and turns to look at him once again.

“Misty. Satisified?”

O’Malley grins and nods. He’s so focused on Misty, that he has no idea that Darcy has emerged from the bathroom, and is watching from across the pub.

O’Malley: Not quite, but it’s a start. Pleasure to meet ye, Misty. Judgin’ by yer accent, I’d wager a guess that yer American. So what brings ye to a dingy ol’ pub like Tommy’s?

Tommy hears the comments and shoots a glare in his direction. O’Malley just laughs it off and waits for Misty’s response.

Misty: Well, if you must know, I was hoping for some privacy and not to get hit on by some dirtbag guy looking for a new conquest. And FYI, O’Malley, your girlfriend is watching.

Misty stands up and places some money on the bar, finishing off her drink. O’Malley turns around and sees that Darcy was indeed watching, and as he goes to say something else to Misty, she walks out of the pub. Darcy watches her leave before glaring back to O’Malley. O’Malley stays where he is as she walks back up to him, her mood once again soured.

O’Malley: Don’t think nothin’ of that, love. She was just some tourist.

Darcy: You seemed awfully intrigued by her…

O’Malley rolls his eyes and tosses back the rest of his whiskey. He slams the empty glass on the bar before glaring at his girlfriend.

O’Malley: Jaysus, Darc. What is yer problem?! Now yer thinkin’ I’m interested in another woman, just because I don’t wanna rush into marryin’ ye?!

The pub goes quiet in a hushed silence as all eyes turn in their direction once again. Darcy’s jaw dropped open and is left completely speechless as O’Malley takes her hand and leads her outside for some privacy.

O’Malley: Don’t push this, love. Please. I love ye, I really do, but—

Darcy: You just don’t want to marry me. I get it, O’Malley.

O’Malley: I never said that, Darc! I just...I don’t want to rush into anything. I want to be sure. Both of us.

Darcy’s eyes fill with tears and she backs away from him once again. He sighs and tries to reach for her, but she pulls away.

Darcy: Don’t. I...I need some time. And clearly you do, too.

O’Malley steps closer to her and he leans down, kissing her. The love they feel is real, that much is clear, but that mysterious woman Misty now had a pull on him he would need to fight. When O’Malley steps back, he looks into her eyes.

O’Malley: I’m not sayin’ never love. I’m just sayin’ I’m not there, yet.

Darcy looks away as painful as his words are. She wants to stay, but she needs time to calm down and see reason. Without another word, she turns and walks away. O’Malley shakes his head, but he doesn’t chase after her. He knew she would come around, so all she needed was some space. When he turns to head back inside the pub, he spots Misty heading towards a large willow tree in the distance. And against his better judgement, he heads off to follow behind her…

Darcy: If she had never walked into Tommy’s Pub, we wouldn’t be having this argument right now. We never would have broken up, and we’d be married today. You know that, O’Malley. I know you do.

She could feel it. She still had her arms wrapped around him and she could feel every bit of the love he still felt for her. But he still couldn’t admit it. He pulled her arms apart and took a step forward before turning around to face her again, as much as he did not want to.

O’Malley: And I wouldn’t have me son, either. I know ye hated her, Darc, and ye clearly still do. But she gave me the best gift of me life, and I’m not about to regret any of that.

Darcy: That could have been us. You told me yourself she was hung up on someone else, so are you even sure he’s your son?

He narrows his eyes, again, furious she would even go there. Before he can get another word out, she continues.

Darcy: If you were so sure, why would you leave him back in America? Why wouldn’t you bring him here?

O’Malley: Ye know nothin’ about why I left him, Darcy. So stop talkin’ about him. Stop tryna get me to go back to four years ago, because things have changed alot.

She closes the space between them again, not believing his words.

Darcy: It doesn’t have to be. How amazing could she have been if she could tear us apart like she did? I’m not trying to be heartless here, O’Malley—

O’Malley: Well yer certainly doin’ a shite job of not doin’ that, Darc. Yer disrespectin’ my dead wife!

Darcy: You should have married me! Not her! But the whore sunk her claws in you so deep and so fast, I never stood a chance! And now you’re standing here, ready to just waste your life grieving for her instead of moving on. Instead of remembering the love we had, that was far greater than what she could ever offer you.

The words stung him like a thousand bees. A part of him knew she was right, but he did love Misty. And he couldn’t just get over that so quickly. Even for Darcy.

O’Malley: Ye’ve never been through what I have, Darc. Ye didn’t have to bury someone ye loved. I can’t just get over that and go back to what we had…

Darcy: I almost did. When you almost died. But you lived. Or, are you forgetting what happened after that…

His face falls and now he goes speechless. Darcy just laughs and shakes her head.

Darcy: Of course you remember. You’re so caught up in how Misty’s death affected you, you don’t realize how much you leaving me affected me. Yet I never stopped loving you…

O’Malley goes to speak but she holds up her hand and stops him.

Darcy: Save it. You know, maybe I should just save myself all this heartache in trying to save you. If you’re so dead set on being miserable, fine. I see now that you’re not the same man I fell in love with.

She looks into his eyes one last time before walking past him and walking away. He turns and watches her walk away, lost on what to do. This time back in Dublin was supposed to help him. It wasn’t supposed to cause bigger problems, but as he thought about Misty and the love they shared, he thought maybe...maybe she would want him to be happy again. Maybe she wasn’t watching all this from wherever she was, expecting him to continue grieving over the loss of what they shared.

O’Malley: Why the feck am I in this position right now?! Why?!?!

He shouts angrily into the air as he heads back over to the willow tree, sitting against the trunk again as he tries to find the answers. Answers about his past, present and future.