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You mine
« on: May 13, 2020, 05:15:55 AM »
 The camera cuts backstage to see El dark  and he says you not going too win this match. And you know it. Because I have too win. And will I'm going to bury you six feet under. And win my first match. The right way. And your not going to stop me from doing that. You may be on a winning streak but it end by my hands. You career will break when I win. Clean as a whistle and make you bleed for your sport. Like you should.  Teach you a lesson you in your place. And finish you off. I don't care how it happens but I will survive and win. Because I'm insane and dangerous. And Unstopbble. And ready for war that I will win. And prove I belong here in this business. As a wrestler who takes risk and wins as well. You think you going to win well think again buddy.

You in for a fight of you life. That you can't win only I can win this battle. And you know it. Bro I'm best in the world. Nothing standing in my way of beating you down and out like never before seen. In this company. History will be made. By me when I win and beat you clean. In that ring. Clean as a whistle. It my time too win and teach you a lesson. Of respect. That you need to half when Faceing me.
In this match. I love violence this my dream come true. It my real House. I am evil incarnate and none is more cruel then me in this business. It over talk is over and you will pay. For it.