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Happy Birthday Ben.
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 It’s the 5th of May, or May the 5th however you wish to say it depending on your global area code and well that means one of two things in Sin City Wrestling. You’re either celebrating Lucas Stevens’ birthday or you’re celebrating current Sin City Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion Ben Jordan’s birthday and well for this video package it’s the older more mature one I’ll be focusing on.

The scene opens up inside the parking lot of the Saxon Hotel, Evie and Ben Jordan can be found walking out of the lift well and heading across the dimly lit carpark. Ben is dressed in his all-time best of knee length navy cargo shorts and a white and red English Lions rugby jersey. Covering his eyes was a black blind fold, as Evie held onto his arm clutching it dearly as she walked him over towards a bright white golf kart. The golf kart had some modifications done to it, it was sealed by a wall of glass, making it look more like the pope-mobile than your regular golfer’s pride and joy. 2020 was a strange folk and well, Evie had moved heaven and earth to make sure she could ensure Ben’s birthday this year would be one he would never forget. Ben had no idea what was going on, all he knew it that it was his birthday and his wife was up to something and most of the time when Evie refused to comment on something that meant she was up to no good. Evie had taken the time to dress up as she wore a floor length dark green, off the shoulder dress her long brown almost black hair was cascading around her shoulders as her smiled beamed with pride that was highlighted by her wicked blood red lips.

“Can I take this thing off now?” Ben huffed. “I’ve got two left feet at the best of times and I’d like to see where I’m planting them.” He chuckled to himself.

Evie just rolled her eyes, she didn’t say anything as she lead him over making sure he was still following her guidance she lead him towards the passenger side door.

“Duck your head down.” Evie ordered, her voice was thick and harsh.

As Evie opened the car door, Ben did as he was told as Evie gently guided him into the golf buggy. He felt the door slam shut behind him, before he heard another car door open and shut as Evie jumped into the driver’s side.

“We can’t leave the hotel Eves, you know the rules.” Ben warned.

Evie just glared at him, she knew he couldn’t see her but that didn’t stop her from mocking him as she scrunched up her face and taunted him.

“I got permission, so just sit back relax and you can take that blind fold off in about 3 minutes.” Evie’s voice sounded like a cracking whip.

Ben sat back and let Evie help him with his seat belt, before he heard the rumbling of the golf karts engine and before he could say another word Evie had sped off and the two of them were leaving the Saxon Hotel for Ben’s big birthday surprise. It didn’t take long at all to get from the Saxon Hotel to their first stop which was only a few streets away, the world famous Las Vega Boulevard. A place where so many hopes and dreams were made and shattered but today the strip was basically all there’s as the lockdown was still in place, meaning the foot traffic was extremely light and car traffic was basically non-existent. The humming sound of the golf kart rolled to silence as Evie killed the motor right outside the start of the strip at the Four Season hotel.

“Okay, baby…” Evie spoke nervously. “Time to see the last second of today’s Sun.” she joked.

Ben reached up and with a little help from Evie he pulled his blindfold down and away from his eyes. It took a moment for his eyes to readjust to the lights but soon enough Ben had stopped blinking and he now released where he was. Looking out to the left he could see the Four Season hotel and without any warning Evie started the motor on the kart and quickly turned into the driveway, driving past the beautiful green palm trees before they pulled up around the round-about to stop just in front of the lavish entry way of the hotel. Under the “Four Season” sign there was a big screen protector style TV. Ben couldn’t help but look around as he wondered what on earth his wife had planned but he didn’t say a word, as he just wanted to take it all in.

“Since 2020 is killing everyone’s celebrations and we can’t make a big deal out of your birthday as we normally do… I thought I would bring the celebrations to you.” Evie smiled nervously. “So… look over there.”

Evie pointed to the massive screen before she reached into the glove box of the golf kart, pulling out a remote that she quickly pressed the green button on, bringing the big screen to life. The screen lit up with a picture of Ben’s Mother Debbie who had a big bright smile on her face as she waved to her birthday boy with a recorded message. The sound was playing through the speakers of the golf kart as Evie had made sure she kept Ben in pope-mobile bubble to keep the medical staff of Sin City Wrestling happy, also it stopped people making complaints about the couple breaking out and strangely this was the only mode of transport Mark Ward and Christian Underwood would sign off on.

“Benjamin.” Debbie spoke out to him. “Happy birthday baby boy.” She gushed. “I’m sorry that we can’t join you in Maine this year to celebrate but trust me, I haven’t stopped thinking about you at all today. It feels like it was only yesterday I was holding you in these arms adoring your big beautiful blue eyes and well, I can proudly say you still melt my heart. I love you so much and I hope you have the best day ever and I can’t wait to see you again.”

Debbie blew Ben a big kiss as he watched on, he couldn’t take his eyes off the screen as the footage of his mother faded away. Ben turned to say something to Evie, but she simple put her right index finger over her lips and shushed him politely before they took off in the kart and headed to their next destination. As Evie pulled out of the Four Season’s driveway, she hit a small bump as they slapped back down the road before she skidded a little before heading toward the strips prized Mandalay Bay.

The gold windows shimmed in the twilight, but as they got closer to the front of the building Ben could see that some of the widows had been replaced with large TVs that were now playing a mixture of videos from Ben’s life. There was a great combination of videos from him being a baby, to him growing up, to him being in his teens, going to school graduating, playing football, learning to wrestle, his business ventures each and every highlight of his career was being shown. His ACW championship win, his SCW championship wins. There wasn’t a highlight that was missed. It also splashed up some of his best promotional backstage and crazy backstage moments like his time teaming with Jamie and the two of them up to no good. As the TVs faded to nothing, Evie put her foot back on the accelerator and the two of them were off again heading in the Luxor’s direction.

It didn’t take long for Evie to reach the great pyramid of the Nevada desert. As Evie pulled into the main drive she zipped up the driveway, hoped off the main drive and up over the grass way to park the kart in front of the Luxor needle and Sphinx statue. There was a small TV set up and with a click of the green button on the remote Evie pointed Ben’s eyes in the direction of the next message.

“Hello Mate.” Gabriel’s voice beamed through the speakers. “Evie told us about her idea and well, you’re now on my turf so I figured I’d pop in and say Happy Birthday Champ.”

The footage showed Gabriel, Odette, Lucas and Hazel on the screen who were all smiling towards Ben.

“Plus, you’re birthday twin wanted to share something with you.” Odette beamed.

The camera panned into Lucas’ face who was grinning from ear to ear as she showed off a handmade birthday card.

“I mean, it’s a nice thought… but it’s not exactly the real thing is it?” Gabriel chuckled. “I’ll have to fix that.”

Just as Gabriel finished speaking a loud boom, sounded through the kart as fireworks spat out from the top of the Luxor sign and with a little glimmer and a lot of magic the Birthday card transferred from the TV and landed in the kart onto Ben’s lap as smoke started to surround the vehicle.

“Happy Birthday Ben” All the Steven’s said together.

The footage quickly faded away to nothing, leaving Ben to wonder how Gabriel managed to get the card into the kart but he could tell by the look on his wife’s face that she had something to do with it. Ben went to say something but Evie shook her head from side to side to silence him. She just tapped her long black manicured nail on his card, as if to tell him to open it. Ben opened his card from Lucas to see a wonderful stick figure drawing of himself and Lucas celebrating their birthdays together with a massive blue cake and the words HapPY BIRthDAY” written across the top. Ben couldn’t help but smile, but he didn’t have too long to suck it all in as Evie had already taken off and they were off to their next hotel.

The drive didn’t take long but it was bumpy as Evie left the grassed area and returned back to the street, she turned into the drive of the Excalibur hotel and zoomed up into the main arrivals area in front of the grand castle. Ben’s eyes fell on another TV screen that was set up and on cue Evie hit the green button and the screen came to life.

“Ben, my son.” Steve’s voice boomed over the speakers. “Happy Birthday!” He chuffed. “It’s been fantastic to watch you grow mate and I can’t wait to see you once this all over. Enjoy your day… have an even better night.” He winked “And we will see you on the other side of all this for a pint.”

Ben’s father left things short and sweet he was a man of very few words but it didn’t matter his message had gotten across as Ben’s face lit up once more with a smile from ear to ear. Evie let that message sink in a little before she took off again in the kart and headed towards New York, New York. Evie didn’t have to pull into the drive as the Statue of Liberty was lit up with a message from one of Ben’s best friends Drake Green. An image of his face was projected up on the building, it was all very Hollywood.

“Friends come and go in this business. Most people I met three years ago… I don’t think exist anymore.” Drake chuckled to himself before he continued. “You, Ben are as stand up as they come. In fact you’re the only guy I can say that’s better looking than me.” Another cheeky smile was on his face. “Cheers old mate, Happy Birthday.”

Ben couldn’t contain his chuckles, as he waved off the image of Drake before they took off from in front of New York, New York and inched up the road towards Monte Carlo. To greet them was a massive display of balloons and giant wrapped present was left in the middle of the main entrance way. It didn’t take long for the next message to be delivered as a loud BANG was heard before the box exploded open and out popped a giant cut out of Despy and Angel. The cardboard cut-out mouth moved as Despy started to “speak”

“I don’t know why I have to do this… I mean you’re not even a real person… but Angel says its good manners and will bring us good fortune, so Happy Birthday British Man Ben.” Despy chuckle to himself. “We hope it’s a good one.” He chuffed at himself, proud of his work.

As soon as his message was over the balloons, peeled away from the cardboard cut-out and they floated up off into the evening sky. Evie turned to look at Ben and even she had a look of confusion on her face but she didn’t say a word, she just put her foot down and away they went. Soon enough they were outside the boardwalk hotel and massive LED screen could be seen from the road and it didn’t take long before the bright beautiful face of Ben’s sister stole the show.

“Happy birthday you giant pain in my arse.” Carley chuckled. “I hope you have a fantastic day and we all can’t wait for you to come home so we can have a proper party.” She blew him a sarcastic sisterly love kiss. “Love you, you mongrel.”

With Carley’s message said and done Evie couldn’t help but chuckle. She had always gotten along with Ben’s sister and she couldn’t help herself she was just as savage as her if not a little worse when it came to Ben. Ben just shook his head from side to side, he couldn’t believe that his sister couldn’t drop the sister act even for his personalised birthday message. There was no time to complain as Evie took off in the kart once more and they were now headed towards the world famous Bellagio.

One of the biggest screens on the Las Vegas strip lights up as they arrive and the fountains start to bubble up. On the screen is now Ben Jordan’s close friend and former two-time World Tag Team Champion partner, none other than Jamie Dean aka the “Sausage King,” is seated front and centre at his and Ben’s joint venture in Los Angeles, the Oasis home for homeless gay and lesbian youth. He is dressed semi-casually in a cream coloured button-up Polo shirt, and matching tanned slacks and slip-on shoes while seated on one of the stools in the club area.

“My history with Ben is pretty much known if you know anything about SCW as a whole. Ben is one-of-a-kind. He’s one of the few men who accepted me as is when I first came to SCW. He showed no discomfort from the way I acted or when I flirted with him, something I might add I turned into an art form where he was (and is!) concerned. And even though we were just casual acquaintances at the time, when he needed a tag team partner to challenge for the gold, he picked me out of all the possible candidates. I was floored, let me tell you, but I wanted to know that it would be a pleasure working under him.”

Jamie looks up past his brow to give the camera a coy wink.

“Then during that time, Ben showed he had all the confidence in who he was, getting involved in my community to help out where it was needed. Celebrity bartending, personal appearances to raise money -- you name it. But there were times, where I suffered from clinical depression, and a lot of you might not have known that. But it is hard work being Jamie Dean and staying positive. But he was there for me when I needed it, along with the likes of Amy Marshall and Sam Marlowe. Ben was and is never more generous than when it came to kids in need, and that’s why he was right there with me to help with my dream, and now his as well, when he helped fund this place right here.”

Jamie holds his arms open to present his surroundings.

“If it wasn’t for Ben Jordan, Oasis wouldn’t exist. Ben might tell you different, but it’s true. And if anyone ever realized just how much time Ben spent here with these kids, away from the press, before this whole Coronavirus bullshit started, it would simply amaze you. Anybody can donate money. Ben donated something much more precious than that -- time. His time, and I don’t think even he understands just how much he means to these kids soo…”

Once Jamie’s message had stopped playing like a cliff hanger leaving him feel a little unfinished. Ben turned to look at Evie as the magical water fountains had stopped dancing to the beat of Jamie’s voice. Evie looked over to Ben with a massive smile on her face. She couldn’t help but see the happiness in her husband’s big clear beautiful blue eyes, but there was a hint of confusion that Evie was eager to put to bed so she turned her attention back to the steering wheel of the kart and away they went. There were a lot more surprises heading his way. Evie hit the gas and the two of them jumped the curb and were now back on the street heading towards their next venue Caesar’s Palace. The massive screen from the display board came to life and it wasn’t long until the next message started to play over the stereo.

The screen lights up and once again Jamie is seen on the screen. Jamie shrugs, and almost immediately nearly thirty gay teens between the ages of thirteen and seventeen, pop up from behind the bar counter with smiles on their faces! They blow air horns and throw confetti at the camera as they shout…


Jamie smiles.

“I thought I’d let them express it themselves. Happy Birthday Ben!”

Jamie salutes the camera.

“Much love sent your way in a TOTALLY not-gay way!”

Jamie winked at the camera, bringing a chuckle from the birthday boy’s lips. That one was a little emotional and Evie took her time before she pulled out of the drive and headed towards the Mirage for the next message to play over one of the many dazzling screens of Las Vegas.

It was a group of boys, well men who were once Ben’s team members in his local football team growing up. Evie had no idea what they were doing but they were all looking down the lens of their camera singing a song that she could only assume was their clubs song. After a few minute of god awful singing, but still it was somewhat delightful and charming she looked over to see that Ben was singing along reliving some old memories. She watched as his old team mates faded off the screen.

Up next was Treasure Island. They didn’t have to leave the main road as the massive screen outside of Treasure Island came to life with a picture of Ben’s niece Summer, smiling brightly on the screen.

“Happy Birthday Uncle Ben.” She giggled like a school girl. “Hope you had a GREAT day…” Summer giggled again. “Okay… LOVE YOU.”

Summer didn’t stay around for long as she rushed off from the screen giggling to herself but still her message was enough to hit Ben in the feels. He turned to look at Evie still with a smile on his face. Evie was just glad this was all going down well the last thing she wanted was Ben getting upset about not being able to see his family and friends and now Evie was kind of shoving them in his face. However, everything seemed to be coming up Millhouse and soon enough they were off and racing towards their next stop Circus Circus.  As they came to the front of the Circus Circus the giant screen out the front had a message for Ben, as the Arthur Morgan the main animated character from Red Dead lit up the screen.

“Happy Birthday, Cowboy.” He spoke with a southern drawl. “I came here to tell you, you’ve got the finest lady in all the land.” He barked. “Oh and have a nice day… YEEEEEE HAWWWW”

Evie couldn’t help herself as she burst out laughing, Ben was lost for words but he knew the rules he couldn’t say anything to her even if he wanted to. Evie quickly regained her composure before they took off again this time hitting the end of the strip as they came across the Stratosphere. Evie parked the kart just under the giant needle and well the follow message didn’t come in the form of a talking one, as on cue a massive fabric sign was released from the top of the building to display a giant picture of Mickey Carroll with a printed birthday message that read.


The photo showed Mickey with a pint in his hand, with a massive cheesy grin on his face as he was dressed in all green but still had his chest on display, he even had a party hat that rested on the top of his head. It was defiantly an image the two of them wouldn’t be able to shake for a while but it was definitely worth the giggles. Evie didn’t waste any time as she could see the last seconds of today’s sun was starting to disappear behind the horizon and well this was only half of what she had planned for Ben tonight so she was going to have to pull out all the stops to get all the messages done in time. She turned to kart around at the light doing an illegal U-turn but it didn’t matter they street was strangely empty and it didn’t take long for Evie to pump the gas and floor the kart to eat up the distance between the Stratosphere and Sahara.

There was no message at the Sahara the building massive light up board just showed a live action shot of Ben and Evie’s pet snake Kitten at home. The camera panned in to show the top of the all black pythons head, which a tiny little birthday cap was sitting so delicately. Evie watched Ben very carefully as she knew Kitten wasn’t his favourite but like the champ he is, when he took on Evie he took on her “child” as well and he was doing everything in his power to get to know his slippery little daughter. As the footage stopped Evie rolled the kart forward and away they went on to their next stop, the Riveria.

The footage for the Riveria’s large titantron screen started to play as the rolled up on it as a chorus of people started to sing to the birthday boy. The people were very familiar to Ben as it was the local villagers from his old home town in Cuba. As his close friends from Cuba started to sing happy birthday to him, he reached across the kart and gave Evie’s leg a little squeeze he wanted to let her know that he appreciated all of this. As the song wrapped up, Evie clapped her hands together as she missed their Cuban family and friends but she couldn’t dwell on it for too long as her next surprise was about to start as this one was coming from the Wynn and it was going to be LIVE.

The kart rolled down in front of the giant video screen of the Wynn and just in time the very familiar voice of Sam Marlowe was now pouring into the kart via the speakers. Sam’s image appears with a smile as her hair is pulled back in a long curling ponytail and she has a Ben Jordan tee on. In one hand is a sparkler that is flashing and sparking and in the other, a glass of a bubbly golden drink. The sparkler fizzles out and Sam puts it to one side before addressing the camera filming her.

“I wanted to wish you something but for the life of me I don’t remember what it was. Let’s look at the calendar shall we?” offers Sam as she holds up a calendar that has May fifth with a big red circle on it.

“Looking at this, it must be something special to have a red circle don’t you think? Hmmm,” says Sam before taking a slow sip of her drink. Her eyes seem to light up as she smiles. “I got it!” Raising her glass she holds it out. “Happy Cinco de Mayo Ben!”

She winks at the camera then her smile turns more friendly as she tilts her head slightly. Raising the glass once more, she speaks to the camera. “In all seriousness Prat, happiest of birthdays old man,” she teases in a toast before pulling the glass back to sip at the liquid. "Hope you have a great one!"

Ben couldn’t help but chuckle at Sam’s message, he looked over at Evie giving her a proud smile as she had reached out to one of Ben’s closest friends even though the two of them didn’t see eye to eye they could both work together to make his day special for him. Ben went to speak but Evie cut him off as she looked away and head down the street to the next hotel. They were no parked outside the Venetian but Evie jumped the curb and so she could park up near the beautiful Venice style water feature out the front of the hotel and the next message came through a voice over message.

“My Ben” the older voice gave it away. “My adoring grandson Ben. Happy birthday.” Rose spoke softly. “I hope you’re looking after yourself… and your liver. I hope you have a great day and night… can’t wait to see you in London again soon… we have lots of Home and Away to catch up on and well… there’s tea to be brewed as well. Love you Sweet boy.”

The footage of Ben’s nan Rose flashed on the water, it was one of their first photos together as a younger nan was holding him as a tiny little baby before it turned into a more recent photo of the two. Evie would have to explain to Ben later that Rose and Evie had a hard enough time getting her to record a voice message and well, the video footage she did receive, poor Nan had her camera facing the wrong way. She was a lovely Nan, but technology wasn’t her strong suit.

It was time to move away from the Venetian and head towards Harrah’s and well they rolled up just in time as the next message came out of their home city of Bar Harbour and it was LIVE.

“Happy Birthday Ben” A chorus of people sung.

The screen came to life showing everyone in their street who were more than happy to wish their local hometown/ international hero a happy birthday. The footage quickly faded out as their neighbours waved them off as Evie hit the pavement and ventured onto their next hotel. The place formally known as Imperial Palace, the very fresh and new looking LINQ hotel. There wasn’t a screen to look at but through the speakers of the golf kart Ben could hear the voice of his other niece Kenzie.

“Happy Birthday Uncle Ben.” Kenzie sweet voice sounded out. “I hope you had a good day and well I hope you know your favourite niece misses you so much. Oh and that’s me, in case you forgot.” She laughed at her own comment.

As soon as her voice faded away from the stereo system, a loud pop was heard coming from the hotels direction as a number of glitter guns fired off and millions of glitter specks filled the air raining down on top of the pool before it started to sparkle down on top of the white golf kart. Ben took a moment to watch the glitter fall to the ground, before he was whipped away to the next hotel the world famous Flamingo.

Evie jumped the curb in her golf kart before she speed off towards the front doors of the hotel. As they made their approach the doors were opened by two hotel staff members who were suited up in bright pink suits, with face masks covering their noses and mouth. Evie nodded at them both before she drove the kart into the hotel, and speed along the carpet dashing past a hall of slot machines before she scouted around a corner. Ben was looking at Evie, but he was trying to keep up with where she was taking him. Soon enough they were parked outside the famous Flamingo enclosure. The Flamingos were out on display, but inside their beach theme enclosure there was arrange of birthday gifts and balloons set up however Ben didn’t have long to marvel at the beautiful creatures as the next birthday messages started to play through the speakers.

“Happy Birthday Jordo.” The familiar voice of Hot Stuff Mark Ward blared out. “We couldn’t deliver the Millwall football team at such short notice, but we hope the Flamingos are enough to cover it.”

The flamingos flapped around their birthday beach party bash set up, stealing Ben’s attention before the radio crackled once more and the next message was delivered.

“Happiest Birthdays Ben, I wish you nothing but happiness, good health and good fortune.” Christian Underwood’s voice was song like. “Sorry we couldn’t get a video up in time, but hey… let us give you the illusion of talking Flamingos instead.”

The Flamingos moved around in front of them again, some hunted around looking for food while others started to play around with each other causing a little ruckus.

“Sin City Wrestling wouldn’t be the same without you.” Mark Ward continued. “You deserve a little outing to take your mind off things, so hopefully this is enough to waste some time… so the rest of your wife’s ideas go to plan.” He chuckled.

“We would also like to thank you for your unrivalled generosity and the endless work you do for us as a company with charity. You help put Sin City Wrestling on the map in many worlds we could only dare to reach when we first opened our doors.” Christian’s tone beamed with pride. “Now get out of here and head to Bally’s for your next surprise.” He gushed.

Evie took Christian’s advice and before they knew it they were speeding off through the hotel once more. They bounced their way through the abandon gaming area before they reached the opened doors. Evie kept the kart on the sidewalk as she drove the kart towards the Bally’s hotel.

The sign up out the front flickered to life as they approached it and soon enough there was a live zoom conference on the screen of the entire Millwall football team. Evie quickly hit the green button on the remote, and the invisible powers of technology came into play as the Millwall Team were now singing their song to Ben. It was like he was back in the den, listing to the team celebrate a hard fought victory. Evie kept her lips sealed as she had done throughout this whole adventure so Ben could celebrate his birthday with all of his loved ones and the people and teams that meant the most to him, uninterrupted so he could cherish the each special individual unique moment. As the team song started to wrap up the football team wished him a happy birthday, offering him a life time membership with the greatest seats in their home venue before the screen fizzled out to darkness. Evie could tell by the look in Ben’s eyes he was impressed that she had managed to get all the lads together but he didn’t have time to thank her, as Evie put her foot on the floor and away they zoomed.

Te next stop was the Paris hotel and it didn’t take both of them to arrive up close to the Eiffel Tower. Evie parked the kart at the base of the monstrous metal structure and sure enough there was a big screen TV set up at the base of it. With a simple click of the green button the screen came to life with an image of Ben’s nephew Charlie on the screen.

“Happy Birthday Uncle Ben.” Charlie waved at him. “Can’t believe how old you are… I mean did you sit behind Jesus in the first grade or what?” he chuckled. “Anyways… mum said to be nice to you, so umm enjoy your birthday and I’ll see you on PlayStation live later yeah? To beat you again?”

Charlie had a cheeky smile on his face that showed no remorse with his less than kind birthday message but Ben just huffed to himself, taking a mental note of it before a big goofy smile grew on his face. Evie looked over at her husband amused at his smile before she looked down at her watch knowing she only had a few more minutes to get back to the hotel as the two hours she had clearance for this outing were ticking down and fading away. Evie put the kart in drive and without any morning she took off at full speed, crunching down off the curb of the sidewalk the kart’s wheels hit the street and soon enough they were headed towards their next destination, Planet Hollywood.

The big bright Planet Hollywood sign came to life the closer the kart pulled up towards it, it wasn’t until they were right in plain sight of it that the screen flicked and soon enough the next birthday message was playing. It was one of Ben’s newest friends but man did they get on like a house on fire. Fenris is looking away from the camera, towards something out of shot. Typically, he is wearing a frown on his face.

“… What!?”

Someone is heard mumbling off-camera.

“Yes, Ben Jordan is one of my closest friends -- so what!?”

Something else is said and the frown remains.

“Go figure! The man has been there for me -- I’ve been there for him! It’s what friends do! He picked me up when I was at my lowest and when he heard what’s been going on with … what’s been going on recently, he was right there! Wanting to help! That’s just who the hell the man is!”

Now Fenris looks right into the camera.

“So Happy (beep)ing Birthday Ben! Now get your (beep)ing ass up on this goddamn bar so we can celebrate proper!”

And just like that the footage and audio of Fenris disappeared leaving them in darkness. Evie didn’t have time to lose as she moved the kart forward looking towards their second last stop the MGM Grand hotel. As the kart putted towards the awe provoking green hotel, Evie couldn’t hide the massive smile that was blooming on her face she knew the next message would get a kick out of Ben. It didn’t take Ben long to realise what his wife was smirking at as an image was protected on to the side of the triangle, L shaped building.

It was “live” footage of their dog Bear who was running amuck in the hotel room, he had pieces of wrapping paper ripped and chewed up across the floor as all of Ben’s neatly wrapped presents were now all unwrapped and on display. Ben’s eyes ogled over a few of the following items, a pair of knee pads, a new Millwall shirt, tickets the opera, new socks and jocks, a new PlayStation controller and an assortment of English treats that Ben enjoyed when he was back home in London. Ben’s eyebrows came together as he looked at his gifts that were already unwrapped for him thanks to his furry friend but he couldn’t ask Evie the puzzling questions as he was still on his no talking ban. The footage zoomed in to see Bear come to a complete stop as he looked down the lens of the camera to left off a sneaky bark before he crashed into a heap on the floor, closing his eyes and falling asleep for nap number fifty-five for the day.

Evie looked over at Ben and smiled, and without exchanging any words the message was fairly clear “He’s your son.” Ben couldn’t disagree as the kart pulled away from the MGM Grand hotel and it high tailed towards the last hotel of the strip, Tropicana.

As they approached the last hotel there were a number of TV screens set up out the front and as the golf kart approached the building they audio started to play in the speakers. It was the sweet but god awful sound of a mash up of everyone who had sent Ben a birthday message today, singing happy birthday. Some people’s voices were clearly better than others but Evie had tried her hardest to put this all together and for it to be special for her husband on his birthday. As the Happy Birthday song died down, the screens faded to black. The Jordan’s took a moment in the kart, before Ben reached over and gave Evie’s hand a little squeeze as if to say thank you. She just smiled back at him, still not saying a word, it’s not that she didn’t want to talk to him it just she was terrible at keeping secrets from him and there was still one more she had up her sleeve and well that surprise would air in a separate video package but as of right now Evie had five minutes to report back to the hotel and about a six minute drive to get there. Evie didn’t give Ben any extra time to let all of this sink in as she hit the gas pedal and away they flew, all four wheels spun on the road as they desperately had to make deadline.

And that’s where we fade, for now…

OOC: Thank you to everyone that let me use their characters and thank you to everyone that sent in submissions and helped me create this beast of a role-play.