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Sin City Underground Ep. 58 (Results)
« on: May 04, 2020, 03:32:07 AM »

SCU Presents Underground Ep. 58
We are coming at you from the GO Gym, Las Vegas, Nevada. In front of a live audience of 100 (SCW stars if they wish to attend. GRIME and SCU wrestlers SCW, SCU ring crew, production teams) May 3rd, 2020 at 11:59 pm PST

One of the backstage cameras catches up with SCU newcomer Coby Quik before his match. He is already dressed to compete, and does not appear nervous, despite having been away from the ring for an extended time.

Coby: Now I know that I am set to make this big debut a little later on, but since the only people that are going to be out there are my peers, I figured I might want to take just a second to reintroduce myself to the people that really matter…

He gestures to the camera, like the fans watching from home are actually there with him instead of a camera.

Coby: It’s been a while since I’ve been in the ring, and I’m not gonna lie, it’s gonna be real weird being out there without fans. Fans were the reason that I wanted to do this. Seeing everyone’s reactions to the things we do out there… hearing the fans rally behind you to give you that extra push towards a win… feeling the electricity in the air out there… that’s why I always wanted to do this.

The smile that spreads across his face is genuine. Clearly the former champion was not having second thoughts about his choice to join SCU.

Coby: ...but it’s not like I haven’t been paying attention to the goings on around here before signing my name on the bottom of a contract.

He shakes a hand at the camera.

Coby: That would have been reckless. I did my research. I know there are some really rough people lurking around the locker room. I know that someone like me is going to be vastly outnumbered by people that think my outlook is naive.

He lets out a sigh, but does not look defeated by the challenges he will start to face sooner rather than later.

Coby: Honestly, I’m just here to have a good time. I’m here to do what I enjoy doing. I’m here to do what I’m good at, and that’s put on a hell of a show.

His tone shifts to be slightly lighter. Instead of focusing on the negatives that lie ahead, Coby stays focused on his debut.

Coby: Maybe that’s why it is a good thing that I debut against someone like Nagisa Yagata. He strikes me as the type of guy that is facing some of the same things that I am. We have similar styles in the ring, and the same type of outlook on the business in general. The powers that be in SCU could have set me off with a nightmare off the bat, but instead I find myself with a blessing. All I want is to have an impressive debut, and they paired me up with a guy that can deliver just that.

His eyes focus on the center of the camera lens, and he speaks with a smile.

Coby: I just wish you all could be here in person to see it. I guess I’ll have to make due without you this time around though. I got an impression to make.

He starts to back away from the camera, making his exit to prepare for the match. He spins back to it right before it cuts to black, not wanting to forget.


\'user Vs \'user

Singles Match
Cordelia Clark Vs Andi Lynx

Darlyn:  The opening contest of the night is scheduled for one fall…

The lights around the arena switch to cotton candy blue and pink as "Hunger" by Ayria begins to play over the sound system. The club beat sends the crowd into a tizzy… Even more so as the adorable Andi Lynx makes her way onto the stage, large lolly in hand.

Darlyn: On the way to the ring… Standing at 5’6” Weighing in at 128ibs, From Brooklyn, New York… She is Sweeter Than Candy…. Andiiiiiii Lyyyyyynxxxxxxx!!!!

Lynx takes a moment to look out to the cheering crowd, her eyes light up in wonder… Lynx takes a moment then does a quick spin. Lynx skips her way down towards the ring, she slaps fives with some of the fans as she gets closer to the ring.

Lynx hurries up the steel steps and walks to the middle of the apron. She gives the fans a cheerful wave. The crowd cheers her on, Lynx raises her lolly up high with pride. The crowd pops for Lynx loudly…

Lynx puts the large lolly on her shoulder then enters the ring over the middle rope. She starts doing a lap inside the ring, waving to everyone with in hand while still holding large lolly on the other. The ref takes Lolly from Lynx as she heads over to the corner and starts to stretch as her music fades silence.

The radio version of "Sucker" by Charli XCX hits the PA system and Cordelia Clark steps through the curtains, instantly drawing some boos from the crowd.

Darlyn:  Aaaaaaaaaand her opponent, from Princeton, NJ standing at 5’5” and weighing in at 125lb, she is… Cordelia Clllllllllllark!!!

She starts to walk down the ramp, obviously confident in her self-proclaimed, prodigious abilities. She has a smirk on her face as she gets to the ring, obviously enjoying whatever reaction she's getting from the fans. When she enters the ring, she finally acknowledges the "haters" with a 'hush' signal, which only serves to incite them to boo her louder. Cordelia has a laugh to herself at this, as she starts to focus on her match and the song fades.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Gena:  Andi is ready to get out of the opening slot tonight, and she’s got her opportunity against newcomer Cordelia Clark.  They make their way to the center of the ring.

Chad:  Andi extends her hand out to Cordy for a shake, but Cordy responds with a slap across the face, and a Side Headlock, wrenching a few times for good measure.

Gena:  She finds herself whipped into the ropes, but as Cordy returns, Andi goes for a Headlock of her own.  Andi shows Cordy just how it’s done… until Cordy gets out from under it.

Chad:  Cordy sends her into the corner and charges at Andi, hitting a European Uppercut that catches Andi by surprise.  She then hits a Monkey Flip to Andi, bridging into a pin! Impressive!


Gena:  Impressive but ineffective on the likes of Andi.  Andi is quick to get on Cordy’s back for a Camel Clutch near the center of the ring.  Cordy pats at her arm twice, but Andi stands her ground.

Chad:  Cordy finds herself turning ever so slightly, despite Andi making each inch seem like a mile.  She gets to the ropes and gets the break.  Andi releases instantly.

Gena:  Cordy stands up and acts as if she is unaffected.  She shrugs and gives Andi a “come get some” motion with her hands.  Andi obliges, crashing her into the ropes and she hammers away.

Chad:  Cordy trades punches back before spinning Andi around and goes for a German Suplex onto the ropes.  As she bounces off, she turns and lands the move on the mat.

Gena:  Andi holds onto her back as Cordy stomps on her, shouting at her in the process.  She then sizes Andi up, hitting the Busaiku Knee kick as she rises up to her feet.

Chad:  Cordy acts as if it were effortless, standing up to show off by walking around the ring, commanding the crowd to look at what she’s just done.

Gena:  Andi holds the side of her face as she tries to shake it off.  Cordy smirks as she grabs Andi’s hair and pulls her up to her feet.  She lifts her up onto the top turnbuckle.

Chad:  Arrogant, but effective so far.  She tells everyone in the crowd to watch her as she hits a Diamond Cutter.  She dusts her hands off and then goes down for the cover.


Crowd:  *POP!*

Gena:  So close, but with the experience Andi has earned so far, it’s not enough to put her down.  Andi pulls herself up as Cordy is busy arguing with the ref about a slow count.

Chad:  Andi comes up behind her, looking for a quick Roll Up, but Codry turns around and does a Double Spinning Knee right into the heart of her opponent, known as the Heartbreaker!  Andi holds her chest as Cordy drops down for the cover!


Ding! Ding! Ding!

Darlyn:  Here is your winner via pinfall… Cordelia Clark!!!

“Sucker” begins playing as Cordy tells the referee that he only made it harder for himself.  As he tries to raise her arm, she pulls it away and holds both arms up on her own.  She celebrates as Andi rolls out of the ring, still holding onto her chest.

The scene opens backstage at Underground where we see Marissa standing by ready for an interview with the latest signee to SCU.

Marissa: I’m here with the latest Bombshell to sign with SCU, all the way from Adelaide, Australia, please welcome Krystal Wolfe!

The Australian wrestler steps into view wearing her critical hit shirt with a pair of jeans and boots, Krys folds her arms before turning to Marissa.

Krystal: Thanks for the intro but I didn’t come all the way from Adelaide, I’ve lived in Las Vegas for four years now.

Marissa: My apologies, may I ask where did the name Krystal Wolfe come from?

Krystal: As is stated on my profile, that’s the name of my YouTube gaming channel, don’t forget to Like, Comment and Subscribe if you feel like checking it out after the show, but the name originally belonged to my first ever Dungeons and Dragons character, a Human Ranger, and it kinda stuck.

Marissa: So, what are your plans now that you’re in SCU?

Krystal: Do the Go Gym proud! I’ve seen what Team Go has accomplished since they made their debuts last October and I’ve watched the liked of Fenris and London Underground tear it up in SCW, the Go Gym has a proud tradition of producing some of SCW’s best talents and I intend to keep that tradition alive!

Marissa: Any thoughts on who you’d like to face next week? If you are booked?

Krystal: I don’t care who it is, even if I have to face Ari in a clash of the Go Gym Graduates, I came to SCU partly to show the country what I can do in the ring, and mostly because Corvid 19 caused my indie bookings to dry up.

Marissa: Just one last question, is that your natural hair color?

Krystal scoffs.

Krystal: Yeah right, I’m the only human on earth with naturally blue hair! If you must know, I’m a natural redhead.

Krystal walks off as the scene fades.

As the feed transitions from the ringside area, the outside of the GO Gym. Though there is virtual silence outside, a long black-stretch limousine can be seen pulling up to the academy from a distance. Within a moment, the limousine pulls up to the building, positioning the backdoors right in the center of the camera’s vantage point. Suddenly, the door of the limousine pops open, and the cameraman moves slightly to the right in order to catch whomever is inside exiting from the lavish limo. After a moment, “The Stand Out” Donovan Ranye steps out of the limousine. A smirk on his face, and wearing an obviously expensive fitted gray suit covering a black silk shirt. As he fixes his jacket, he steps away from the limousine door, leaving way for “The Provocateur” Delta Rayne to step out of the limousine. Wearing a skin-tight fitted black mini dress, her cleavage billowing over, she looks at the camera and blows a single, seductive kiss at the camera. Taking a moment to savor the moment, Delta lets out a soft laugh, before she walks over towards her brother. Finally, almost instantly a third person emerges from the limo. Standing in a powder blue suit that fit him like a glove, “The 1NFAMOUS” Bentley Black closes the limo door. He turns his attention towards his two cohorts, he walks up to meet them. As the camera follows them, the three walking in unison. After a moment, before entering the building, Donovan turns around looking deep into the camera.

Donovan: Did you expect for us not to make a spectacular entrance? Don’t worry, we have a lot to say, but we’re not going to be doing that out here. You all have to wait to hear from us, a little later.

Winking at the camera, “The Stand Out” turns around putting his back to the camera. As the three individuals begin to walk into the building, the scene fades out.

\'user Vs \'user

Singles Match
Coby Quik vs Nagisa Yagata

Darlyn:  The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

The first bit of "Welcome to the World" plays through the PA. With each beat, gold lights flash from the top of the stage, bouncing around the arena before finally focusing on the area of the stage between the curtains. Coby steps out onto the stage in his black boxing trunks. His hands are taped and down at his sides. The gold trim on his trunks shine extra bright when the lights hit them. Cheers fill the arena. The camera focuses in on Coby and catches a wide smile grow on his face as he starts to move down the ramp.

Darlyn:  On his way to the ring, from Atlanta, GA standing at 5’10” and weighing in at 168lb, he is… Coby Quik!!!

Coby doesn't stick to the middle of the ramp, slapping the outstretched hands of fans as he moves down the ramp to the ring. He gets to the end of the ramp and hops up on the apron of the ring. Coby turns his back to the ring before wrapping his arms around the top rope and bouncing his feet on the bottom rope, flipping backwards over the top rope and into the ring. He takes a few steps towards the center of the ring and waits for his opponent to come down the ramp.

Darlyn: From Tokyo, Japan, standing at 6’ and weighing in at 205lb, he is… Nagisa Yagata!!!

Nagisa stands on the stage with his fists clenched and a wide grin on his face. He marches down the ramp tagging fans’ hands before sliding into the ring. He walks across the ring and climbs up the far turnbuckle, raising his arms high to get the crowd pumped just as he is, before climbing down to face the curtains.

Chad:  This is a good mix up with Newcomer Coby Quik who is a submission specialist, going against the martial arts skills of Nagisa yagata.

Gena:  Unlike the first match of the night, Yagata and Quik start the bout off shaking hands.  They then quickly circle one another until Quik goes for a tie up.

Chad:  Yagata hits a quick kick to the side of Quik, followed by a precise punch to the chest.  Yagata then bounces off of the ropes and comes back with a Clothesline to the rusty Quik.

Gena:  Quik goes down… but he bounces right back up to his feet, nodding at Nagisa.  Coby dodges another kick attempt and brings Yagata down to the mat.

Chad:  Quik does a Stepover Toehold Facelock to Yagata, who is just a little too close to the ropes.  He gets out of it after a few second through a rope break.

Gena:  Quik doesn’t hesitate to let up.  Yagata pulls himself to the apron from under the bottom rope.  He tries to shake it off, but Quik approaches him.

Chad:  Quick receives a high kick to the side of the head, stunning him long enough for Yagata to enter the ring with a German Suplex.

Gena:  Coby rolls back, using the ropes to steady himself as he watches Yagata get back to his feet.  Coby comes up behind him, but Yagata grabs onto Quik’s head and drops him.

Chad:  What was that?  It was like a Rolling Snapmare, but he slides back between Quik’s legs to take him down.  Quik shakes his head, selling Yagata’s quick thinking move.

Gena:  Yagata pulls him up to his feet, but Quik rushes Yagata back into the corner.  He steps back and then hits an Armdrag to Yagata to the center of the ring.

Chad:  Quik then grabs Yagata’s arms and flips over into a Bridging Fujiwara Armbar.  Yagata is in the center of the ring, and he can’t get the ground to move backward.

Gena:  Coby has him in a tough spot.  Yagata pushes, trying to overpower the smaller Quik, but Coby has him just where he wants him.  He pushes back against Nagisa, keeping them right where they are.

Chad:  Yagata puts his head against the mat and uses his legs to drag Coby backward until he can get a foot on the bottom rope.  The referee lets Coby know, and he breaks the hold.

Gena:  The damage is done to Nagisa.  He lies on the mat, breathing heavily as he tries to find the strength to lift himself up.

Chad:  Quik gets to his feet and goes to lift Yagata up, but Yagata trips him up onto the ropes.  Yagata quickly gets through the ropes and begins hitting rapid kicks to Quik to even the playing field.

Gena:  He grabs onto Quik’s head and steps back inside of the ring.  He kicks Quik in the stomach to keep him bent over.  He sets Quik up for a Powerbomb.

Chad:  Oh, but Quik hits a couple punches to the face as he’s lifted up.  He then drops back, locking the Quik2Sleep on as Yagisa stumbles around a bit.  He tries to shake Quik off.

Gena:  Quik ain’t going nowhere though.  He just applies more pressure.  Yagata tries to walk it over to the ropes, but the weight of Quik is suddenly too much as he tires.

Chad:  He struggles against it all he can before he begins tapping out!

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Darlyn: Here is your winner via submission… Coby Quik!!!

The crowd cheers as Coby Quik lets go of the hold.”Welcome to the World” plays over the speakers as Coby raises his arm up in celebration.  The referee assists him in this, but eventually he celebrates around the ring.  He then shows good sportsmanship as he leans down and helps Nagisa to his feet.  After another handshake, Nagisa parts ways, allowing Coby to celebrate.

SCWNetwork Exclusive Match
The Jeckels vs Indigo, Jade, and Cadet Blue

The match started off with Jade and Jake having some back and forth brawling exchanges.  Jake tags Jack in, and Jack gets the upper hand on Jade, forcing her to tag in Cadet Blue.  The two men go at it hard.  Cadet Blue gets the advantage in the brawl.  He sends Jack into the corner and loses the advantage when he misses a Body Avalanche.  Jack is able to tag Helena in, and after a Low Blow, Cadet Blue is forced to tag Indigo in.  Indigo gains the advantage until missing the mark on a Top Rope Moonsault.  Helena locks on The Devil's Whisper (Mandible Claw) and nearly gets the win until we reach the five minute time limit draw.  The match is a draw, causing GRIME to get upset.  The six members begin causing trouble until SCU security escorts them off the premises.

In the backstage area, Valentina is standing by with Dev Khatri.  She is in her wrestling attire and she’s looking determined.  Dev takes a deep breath and gets us ready as Valentina is all smiles.

Dev:  Please welcome my guest at this time, Valentina.

There is a low murmur of positive feedback from the crowd as Valentina twists from side to side, then blows a kiss into the camera.

Valentina:  Tough crowd tonight.

Dev:  Indeed.  Now, Valentina, you’re getting a shot at the SCU Television Championship, taking on reigning champion, Merlot Ayano.  Anything you’d like to say about that?

Val smiles again as she looks at Dev.  She rubs her hands together before she speaks.

Valentina:  I’m most excited for this challenge, Dev.  Out of any match I’ve been in since signing with Northern Lights Wrestling, this match means the most to me.

Dev:  Really?  You’ve had multiple Underground Championship opportunities.  As a matter of fact, you are known for that more than anything else in your career.

Val is clearly rubbed the wrong way by this comment, but she purses her lips together and answers the question.

Valentina:  Yes, really.  I have wanted to get in the ring, one on one, with Merlot to test my skills for a while now. I respect Merlot greatly, but more than ever, this feels like it’s my time to shine.

Dev:  While we all know that you’re very capable of being a champion one day, you haven’t had the best of luck securing a singles title, ever.  Through no fault of your own, of course.  Interference mostly.  How do you plan to change that this time?

Val is obviously starting to get pissed off.  Her face shows every bit of the rage building up inside, but she does everything in her power to control it.  She gulps it down and puts a weak smile back upon her face.

Valentina:  Well, I’m not facing Angel Kash, so we can rule out any of her lacky’s costing me the match tonight.  And if a certain small penis-ed man child knows what’s best for him, he will stay out of the picture tonight.  So, it shouldn’t be a problem.  I should be able to go down to that ring, perform at the level that each and every one of the fans are used to seeing from me, and give it that extra ounce of energy to hopefully walk out as your new SCU Television Champion.

Val shrugs her shoulders and the smile becomes a lot more genuine after she convinces herself.  She sells it, flipping her signature ponytail behind her and raising her arms up, flicking her fingers to draw in the positive energy of the crowd, and it seems to work just a little.

“Oh Valentina”

Her eyes roll as Shooter Reed walks up behind her.

Shooter: Bae bae….where you been all my life? I’ve been waiting for you to show up so I could listen to you rattle off about all the failures in your life and how about tonight would be different. Why are you keeping me in suspense, boo boo?

He puts his arm around her.

Shooter: I mean isn’t there something that the founding father of the LOHT can help with tonight? Maybe the O-Z and Ray Ray can walk ya down to ringside so ya actually have a chance of not blowing it again.

Val closes her eyes and pinches the bridge of her nose.  She takes a deep breath and then she lifts Shooter’s arm up dramatically, letting it sit in suspension for a long minute before finally dropping it away from her.  She otherwise ignores Shooter.

Valentina:  Do not get me wrong.  I have all the respect for Merlot in the world.  She has been a dominant champion.  She has beaten pretty much the entire women’s locker room.  Some might say that I need my own outside help to win against her, but all I really need is strong will and determination.

Val gives a strong glare over to her side, without actually moving her head much.

Shooter: Nah she def needs interference. I been here like what, six months, ma girl over here ain’t won one match yet. No worries tho Dev bae bae, Shooter’s got her back. Me and them boyz will make sure she gets what she deserves tonight.

Dev:  Interesting, because there is actually a poll going around backstage that says you cost her the TV Championship tonight, just like you did the Underground Championship.  Forgive me for questioning, but doesn’t this all seem like a trap?

Val holds a hand up and looks right at Shooter now.

Valentina:  Yeah, doesn’t this seem like a trap?  If I say no, you’re going to either screw me out of the title, or taint my win by interfering to “make up” for screwing me out of the Underground Championship.  But, there’s a third option.

Shooter looks as if he’s about to speak, but Val holds a hand up to ask for him to listen.

Valentina:  You could stop being a misogynistic piece of shit and stop trying to make yourself important by screwing around with this boss bitch.  I don’t need you to do anything for me.  I’m a big girl, and I can handle my own.  Thanks, byeeeeee…

Val waves at Shooter, dismissing him, expecting the fans to cheer loudly, but they don’t.  This seems to wound Val a bit. Shooter leans in close to her.

Shooter: Don’t worry boo. I know you really, deep down inside, want me to come out there. I know that you know that ya ain’t shit. That somehow ya must be sucking Gianni di Luca’s I-talian sausage to keep getting these title shots that ya don’t deserve….just like Helluva Bottom Carter does.

He winks at the camera.

Shooter: But I’ll be there for ya bae bae. Me and the boyz got ya back 4 life. Don’t worry. Merlot don’t stand a chance against the L to the O to the H to the

He points to Dev.

Dev: Ummm….T?

Shooter: That’s right Slumdog. To the Mother Fuckin T. We got Val’s back yo!

Val just looks down at the ground.  She shrugs her shoulders and sighs as she looks back at Shooter.

Valentina:  Maybe you’re right.  Maybe I don’t have what it takes to ever be a champion on my own.  Maybe I’m meant to always be the runner up to everything and everyone.  Maybe I’m just trash that needs someone to help me if I ever want to accomplish anything in the singles division.

Val covers her face for a second as Shooter gently nudges her chin up with his fist.  She uncovers her face as she glares right at him.

Valentina:  But I refuse to EVER quit trying!  I refuse to stoop to your level!  I refuse to be anything less than my authentic self.  So if I were you, I’d keep my small penis, tiny balls, bottom-feeding self away from this match, or else you can kiss any semblance of manhood goodbye!  Comprende, chico?

Shooter: Oh I comprende, boo.

He starts to walk off.

Shooter: I comprende that your defense mechanism is talk about my penis. I also know that it’s a natural slip of your ball lickin’ tongue ‘cause ya always just thinking about D. But don’t worry boo bear. I won’t hold that against you. Like I said..4 Life...I’ll be there for ya.

He walks off.

The lights in the arena dim, as the crowd grows silent with anticipation. Suddenly, the  synth heavy sounds of “Viol” by Gesaffelstein fill the arena, the crowds silence quickly turns into jeers. Suddenly, a single, large spotlight shines onto the entrance way. With the crowd still heavily booing,  “The Stand Out” Donovan Rayne and “The 1NFAMOUS” Bentley Black emerge onto the entrance way.

Both men, stand with smirks on their faces, make an about face, turning their backs to the ring. Then, the third and final member of the FAME, “the Provocateur” Delta Rayne steps out from behind the curtain. Delta, who finds herself standing in between her the two men, places her hands onto her vivacious hips. After a moment, the spotlight fades out to more vibrant strobe lighting. The lighting, reminiscent of what you’d see at a fashion show, begins to fill the arena. Then, as flashbulbs begin to fill the space, Donovan and Bentley both turn back to face the ring. As they both throw their arms into the air, the crowd’s intensity picks up.

After a moment of mouthing insults towards the fans, the men both throw their arms back down. Then, linked arm and arm with Delta, the three members  of the FAME make their way down to the ringside area. Largely ignoring the fans on their way down, the three individuals walk with purpose, not losing focus on the ring. Reaching the ringside area, the three stop walking. Delta then lets go of her brother and best-friend’s arms, as they walk in front of her. The two men then ascend onto the ring apron. Both men face with their backs towards the ring, as Delta approaches the ring apron. Looking up at her two clients, she smiles before backing away slightly. Donovan and Bentley then quickly enter the ring.

Walking over to the stairs, “The Provocateur” walks up them, and quickly walks to the center of the ring apron. Turning her back towards the ring, she places her arms onto the top rope. Placing her foot onto the bottom rope, she pushes backwards, flipping herself over the top rope, landing into the ring.  Facing the hard-camera side of the arena, Donovan Black walks over to the ring ropes on the opposite side of the ring, and grabs a microphone. As Delta and Bentley stand in the center of the ring, Donovan makes his way back to his cohorts. Facing the camera, Donovan raises the microphone up towards his mouth.

Donovan: Ladies and gentleman, we are living in trying times. The world, as we know it, is in disarray, and the world as we know it has stopped in its tracks. Here we are in Las Vegas, Nevada, and there is no grandeur involved in our arrival. Well, other than the grandeur we’ve given ourselves. You see, we’re not here in front of thousands and thousands of fans, we’re here in front of the bottom of the barrel. We’re joined by less than one hundred of Sin City Wrestling, Sin City Underground, and...

Donovan walks over to the ropes, and leans over the top. Looking out into the sea of onlookers, he throws his free hand up, and makes air quotations as he speaks.

Donovan: G.R.I.M.E. wrestlers. God, I can’t believe I actually called you guys wrestlers. You see, I’m not a hater, game respects game. You guys do what you guys feel like you need to do, but don’t get in our way. You see, what you have in front of you is… the FAME.

After his proclamation, Bentley and Delta walk forward, and join Donovan near the ring ropes.

Donovan: I’m The Stand Out Donovan Rayne. You see, it might be a bit cocky of me to stand here and call myself The Stand Out, but it’s the truth. I am born and bred for success. We all are. Everything that my family has touched, has turned to solid gold. I guess the Rayne family has always had the midas touch, and that won’t stop. See, my father, Alexander is a world renowned plastic surgeon. My father is the reason that most of you poor excuses for men have had material to whack off for the least twenty-five years. My grandfather was an Academy Award Winning Director. My great-great grandfather was a presidential candidate three times over. I could go on and on about my family lineage, and I could tell you about the successes of my family, I could fill the entire time that’s left in this broadcast. However, this isn’t solely about my familial history, this is about us.

At his proclamation, Donovan steps back a pace or two. He then hands the microphone over to his partner in crime, Bentley Black. With a smirk on his face, Bentley unbuttons his powder blue suit, letting it open to reveal his white button up. Continuing to smirk, he raises the microphone to his mouth and begins to speak.

Bentley: You’re right, this is about us. This is about why we are here in Sin City Underground. You see, we could sit here and talk for hours about the beautiful families that were born into. Hell, my mother is an Emmy winning actress, but we don’t have to sit here and talk about that. We can simply talk about what we can do for ourselves. You see, not only are we made of money, we’re purebred athletes. You see, Donovan and I are both division one athletes. We’ve competed in sports for decades, since we could walk. Now, we’re here and we are going to take Sin City Underground by storm. It’s simple, not only are we wealthy,  not only are we better than all of you here in the arena, and all around the world. We are going to take more than just professional wrestling, but the entire world by storm.

Stepping away from the ropes, Bentley stands in the center of the ring. Taking a moment to survey the room, he begins to speak once again.

Bentley: You see, the problem with all of you is that you all lack the deep-rooted  ferocity that is needed for life. To quote my favorite movie character of all time, Gordon Gekko, greed, for a lack of better word, is good. You all, don’t want to be greedy. You all just don’t know that you need to be vicious. You need to fight and destroy everything and everybody in your way, if you want to be successful in life. That’s what’s wrong with all of you, you’re not willing to do what it takes in order to be ruthless for your own successes. You don’t have what it takes in order to be successful no matter what obstacle comes in your way. You’re all so worried about SCU vs G.R.I.M.E, you’re not worried about your own successes, and that’s fine.

With Donovan and Delta both standing next to Bentley, they all look at each other, and shake their heads. Handing the microphone back over to The Stand Out, Donovan looks up at the minimal crowd and begins to speak once again.

Donovan: Yeah, it’s fine, but it’s not the right way to go. You see, this is the time for opportunity. This is the time for the separation of those that want to break out, and those that want to get entrenched in a war of attrition. Yes, we are the proverbial new guys on campus, but we live by the ideals of the bourgeois. I understand that the idea of the bourgeois is likely above the mental capacity that most of you understand, but it’s true. We are the movers and shakers while the rest of you just want to stay complacent. We have the means, the motive, and the opportunity to take over the world.  We are the ready made stars, the new normal, and we are going to take over SCU. Bentley Black, Delta and Donovan Rayne, we are the future stars of professional wrestling.

With a satisfied look on her face, Delta reaches over and pulls the microphone towards her mouth from Donovan’s hand.

Delta: We’re the FAME, and we’re going to make all of you little bitches FAMOUS!

Dropping the microphone down to the mat, the sound of “Viol” begins to play in the arena once again. As the limited crowd begins to jeer at the FAME. As the three begin to exit the ring, the camera cuts away from the ringside area.

\'user Vs \'user

SCU TV Championship
Helluva Bottom Carter Vs Andrew Borg

Darlyn:  The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the SCU Television Championship!!!

"#1 Crush" by Garbage begins too play and Carter steps through the curtains, holding an ankle length, sleeveless black robe closed in front of him. he then whips it open, revealing his ring attire of a printed belly t, booty shorts and thigh high boots. He holds one hand behind his head while running the other hand down his body while grinding his hips to the music.

Darlyn:  From Seattle, Washington, weighing 176 pounds, he is the "Hardcore Bottom" -- Helluva Bottom Carter!

Carter drops the robe to the stage and runs toward the ring, slapping hands offered out to him all around the ringside area. He then hops up onto the ring apron in a split and slides beneath the bottom rope. He crawls seductively on all fours until he arrives in his corner. He pulls himself up and then lays across the top corner, awaiting the start of the match/his opponent's introduction.

Darlyn:  Aaaaaand his opponent… Already in the ring, Andrew Borg!!!

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Chad:  Borg nods at Carter, shouting “Yes You Can!” from across the ring.  Carter leans down and gets into serious mode with the title on the line.

Gena:  Hashtag Carter Two Belts.  He sees Borg move out of his corner, and he charges forward, ducking a Clothesline, and hitting an Inside Cradle to start us off.


Chad:  Carter then picks Borg’s legs up and leans back with a Slingshot into the corner.  Carter stomps in place for a second before rushing at Borg and jumping up to hit a Hip Attack to Borg, rattling his head.

Gena:  Carter dusts his hands off as he turns away for just a second, but a second too long as Borg comes out of the corner and locks on a Rear Naked Choke.

Chad:  Carter kicks around, trying to find the grounding to get to the ropes.  However, Borg moves to block any attempt at touching the ropes.  Carter succumbs to a Bridging Pin.


Gena:  Barely a two, but Borg gets a shoulder up, also letting go of the hold.  Carter spins to one knee and stares at Borg, who is trying to shake it off.

Chad: Borg glares at Carter from across the ring, a seriousness that is ever present on his face.  He then gets to his feet and roars at Carter.  He pulls the mask from his mouth and throws it to the outside of the ring.

Gena:  Carter rushes at Borg, but Borg moves out of the way and as Carter collides with the corner, he hits a barrage of kicks that get the GO Gym members present to boo him.

Chad:  He gets Carter down in the corner before he starts stomping.  He steps back and taunts Carter.  He points to the timekeeper’s table and shouts at Carter.

Andrew:  You can be a double champion, Yes You Can!  Don’t let your dreams be dreams!


Gena:  Carter pulls himself up to his feet.  Is he actually listening to Andrew Borg right now?  Borg claps his hands in approval as Carter runs at him.

Chad:  Borg moves out of the way, but Carter jumps off of the ropes and comes back at Borg with a Flying Bulldog to the mat. He rolls Borg back over to his shoulders and goes for the cover.


Gena:  Borg gets a shoulder up.  Carter shows the first hint of frustration.  He slaps the mat and then gets up to his feet.  Borg is leaning against the ropes now, trying to get up.

Chad:  Carter charges at him, but Borg lifts Carter up into a Back Body Drop to the outside.  He holds onto the ropes as we hear Carter’s body slap against the outside padding.

Gena:  I bet he’s happy this isn’t at Staggs Dungeon where they don’t provide the padding outside of the ring.  Still stings though.

Chad:  Borg is about to step outside when the referee begins counting.


Gena:  Carter is stirring and rolls over onto his stomach as he crawls to the barricade to lift himself up.


Chad: Borg waves Carter in as Carter watches while leaning on the barricade.  He takes a few deep breaths before walking over to the ring.  He is about to slide inside when he trips up.


Gena:  Carter crawls back up, but it’s clear he’s struggling with something.  He pulls himself onto the apron until he is jerked back down to the matting.


Ding! Ding! Ding!

Darlyn:  As a result of a countout… Here is your winner and STILL SCU Television Champion… Andrew Borg!!!

Borg celebrates with his belt for no more than five seconds.  He then drops to the outside of the ring and grabs his mask to put it back over his mouth.  As his theme music plays, Carter finally seems to be able to get up and back inside of the ring.  He looks down at the waving apron.  As he catches his breath, he gets a bit mad and he steps to the outside.  He reaches under the ring and pulls something… someone out…

Chad:  Is that… It’s Shooter Reed!  He just cost Helluva Bottom Carter the SCU Television Championship!  Reed gets up and smirks at Carter.  He then points and laughs.

Carter slaps the hand away from his direction and he instantly begins pummeling Shooter.  The two start to brawl it out, but SCU Security quickly puts a stop to it.  They pull the two apart as they try to get at one another.

The scene opens backstage at Underground where we see one half of the Pride Tag Team Champions Ariana Angelos walking around backstage ahead of her match against Dahlia.

Dev: Ari, do you some time for an interview?

Dev’s voice rings out before Ariana looks up, however before she can say anything Veronica Taylor steps in between them and Ariana shakes her head before walking away.

Ariana: Sorry Dev, ignoring the idiot with the cheap Botox!

Veronica: Jealousy is such an ugly color but then again you always seem to pick ten seasons ago fashion to go out in? I mean who dresses you?

Veronica said with a smirk, Ari rolls her eyes before turning her attention back to Veronica.

Ariana: This coming from the so called model who clearly gets her clothes from the Salvation Army? Give me a break Veronica, I mean I gave you one two weeks, ago didn’t I?

Ari responds with a smirk and Vero’s eyes narrowed.

Ariana: How is your nose anyway? Did I ruin your plastic surgery?

Veronica rolls her eyes before rudely sticking her hand up.

Veronica: Oh, I got my nose taken care of bitch but don't think you got lucky I am waiting for my apology for you thinking you can touch me. How’s being a wannabe me?

Ariana: Wannabe you? Why would anyone want to be a washed up model turned wrestler with her head stuck so far up her rear end that she knows the intimate details of her colon?

Ari adds as she rolls her eyes.

Ariana: As for that apology, keep waiting, you’re the one who provoked me in the first place!

Veronica: How? By bringing up how much of a failure you are in the eyes of your parents.

Ariana: Say that again, I dare you.

Ariana says in a low voice as her eyes narrow and Veronica scoffs.

Veronica: Or what?

Krystal: Or you’ll have to deal with me!

The camera pans over to show recent SCU signee and fellow Go Gym Graduate Krystal Wolfe standing nearby with her arms crossed under her bust, Veronica slowly turns around and sizes up the Australian woman.

Veronica: Who the hell are you?

Krystal: Name’s Krystal Wolfe and like Ari, I was trained here at the Go Gym! And us Go Gym Graduates tend to stick together.

Veronica looks between Krystal and Ariana and backs off.

Veronica: I just remembered, I have to get my makeup done, but I’ll deal with you uggos later!

Veronica walks off and Krystal shakes her head before walking up to Ari.

Krystal: You okay?

Ariana: Yeah, I don’t recognize you from me and Carter’s class though.

Krystal: I was part of the 2016 class, wanted to home my skills on the indies before I came to SCW/SCU.

Krystal adds before she starts to walk off.

Krystal: Good luck against Dahlia tonight.

Ariana: Thanks!

Krystal starts to walk off as the scene fades.

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Sin City Underground Ep. 58 (Results)
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A couple of moments elapse before the picture comes to life. As it does, the camera spots Merlot Ayano as she’s seated somewhere backstage. The Sin City Underground Television Championship rests comfortably on her lap. There’s also a bottle of Voss water in her hands.

Merlot Ayano: Let’s get to business.

Merlot takes a deep sip of that water before she continues.

Merlot Ayano: New week comes with new challenge. And for Merlot, challenge is always great. Tonight, will step in ring with Valentina. Will defend SCU TV Championship against woman who is very hungry for success. Can appreciate that.

She nods her head.

Merlot Ayano: Valentina’s last single’s match here was against Celeste. Fought for SCU World Championship. And although Valentina left it all in ring, came up a little short. Merlot know a little something about that. Also know a little something about having shenanigans happen during one of biggest matches of career―

There’s a small pause.

Merlot Ayano: It sucks. It really sucks…

She shakes her head, trying to wash the memories away.

Merlot Ayano: But best thing to do is not dwell on it. Best thing to do is refocus and keep pressing on. Hai.

Another small pause.

Merlot Ayano: Besides, would be very dangerous for Valentina to lose focus when in ring with Merlot.

Whether it is intentional or not, there’s an inflection on the words “very dangerous.” Ms. Ayano shakes her head before she carries on.

Merlot Ayano: Valentina? Merlot want to make something clear before we step into ring. Harkens back to something Sister Esther said couple weeks ago. The SCU TV Championship is no trinket. The SCU TV Championship is NO consolation prize. Merlot realize Valentina was probably hurt when didn’t beat Celeste. Is understandable. However, don’t think you can waltz over here to Merlot and get an easy win. Don’t think you can just walk over and take what Merlot has spent months building up. No, no, no!

Her words linger in the air.

Merlot Ayano: Is true, TV Championship is one of younger belts in SCU. However, championship’s prestige grows day by day; Merlot makes sure of that. Merlot put body on line week after week to ensure it happens. Is honor and privilege to hold SCU TV Championship; is not a right. Sister Esther learned that lesson the hard way last week. Hope Valentina is able to learn from her. And if not? Merlot more than happy to personalize a course just for Valentina, hai!

Merlot takes another sip of her water. Afterwards, she glances down at the championship.

Merlot Ayano: SCU TV Championship means a lot to Merlot. Why? Because am not just wrestling aimlessly. Belt allows Merlot to wrestle best and most hungry. But is not all. Each time Merlot walk out and defend championship, am helping creating a bit of history. And that history will live on long after Merlot retire and leave SCU. Is one reason Merlot always fight with passion and intensity.

She looks up and into the camera’s lens.

Merlot Ayano: Can say a lot of things about Merlot, but will never be able to question heart and dedication. Career has been paved with adversity and pain. But, has made Merlot strong. And will use all of that strength when we fight, Valentina. Can believe that.

There’s a small pause. Even still, her eyes don’t leave the camera.

Merlot Ayano: And Esther? Received portion of Merlot’s wrath when we fought. Pray it was enough to open your eyes. Pray it was enough to qualsh disrespect, for Esther’s sake. For everyone’s sake.

The camera fades out a short while later.

\'user Vs \'user

SCU TV Championship
Valentina vs Merlot Ayano

Darlyn:  The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the SCU Television Championship!!!

Flashes like cameras go across the stage and the audience as the sound accompanies it. “Boss Bitch” by Doja Cat begins on the PA as pure beauty walks through the curtains. Her hair blows in the wind as she looks up at the ceiling. She places a hand on her hip as she lets the crowd admire her despite getting a mixed reaction.

Darlyn: Please welcome, on her way to the ring from Merida, Spain. She stands at 5'11" and weighs in at 125 pounds, she is pure perfection... Valentinaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

Once Valentina is officially announced, she turns and begins walking down the ramp. She pushes her hair out of her face as she vogues, showing off her face to it's full capacity. She steps up to the ring steps and looks around with a majestic smile. She takes to the steps as she comes to the apron. She looks around for a moment, stomping her foot in protest as a scantily clad man runs down the ramp and climbs onto the apron. He sits on the middle rope, opening it for her. Valentina then takes off her Loubotins and hands them to the man as she prances barefoot around the ring. She refuses to let go of the spotlight.

The fans sit and wait as the lights in the arena phase out. Everyone sits in silence until the chaotic rifts of symphonic sounds of exist†trace’s “Futatsu no Roe” begins to pump throughout air. A couple of lights at the base of the entrance ramp flicker on.

Darlyn: On her way to the ring, from Osaka, Japan, standing at 5’5” and weighing in at 133lb, she is… Merlot Ayyyyyyyyyanooooooooooo!!!

Merlot Ayano stands with her back turned as the beams illuminate her. She quickly raises her right fist in the air before using both of her hands to blow kisses into the air. She then spins around and lets out a great shout just as the song begins to ramp up. She scans the cheering crowd and stretches out her right arm as she makes her way down to the ring. Merlot heads directly towards the steps upon reaching the end of the entrance ramp. She wipes her boots on the apron before stepping through the ropes. Merlot strolls around the ring as the lights return before heading to one of the corners. She uses the ropes to get loose and stretch out her legs before the bell rings

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Gena:  Merlot and Val circle a bit before Merlot grabs Val and gets behind her.  She wraps an arm around Val’s neck and bends her down into a Dragon Sleeper.

Chad:  Val falls victim to it, trying to get out of it as her back is arched.  She uses her flexibility and agility to use her hand to bounce back up.  She lifts Merlot into a Reverse Sidewalk Slam.

Gena:  Val then comes off of the ropes, looking for a Moonsault, but Merlot rolls out of the way.  Val lands on her feet, but Merlot rises up into a Clothesline From Hell.

Chad:  Merlot drops a knee to Val’s forehead.  She lifts Val up and then hits a low Sweep Kick, but Val jumps over it.  Val hits a Discus Punch and then she bounces off the ropes.

Gena:  She jumps up and hits a Hurricanrana, going for a pin.


Gena:  Merlot throws a shoulder up.  She flips on top of Val’s back and begins throwing punches to her, pounding her down to the mat.  Merlot then locks on a Rear Naked Choke.

Chad:  Val claws at Merlot’s arm to try to break it up.  She doesn’t have any luck as she thrashes around, going for the ropes.  Eventually she gets a hold of them.

Gena:  Merlot gives the break.  She stands up and picks Val up, but Val jumps up and hits a Tornado DDT out of nowhere.

Chad:  Val goes to the top rope and sizes up the situation.  After a second, she leaps off with a Frog Splash, hooking the leg.


Gena:  Val is now breathing heavily.  She steps back and wipes the sweat from her upper lip and she leans down, watching Merlot carefully as she gets up.

Chad:  Merlot leans onto the ropes, holding onto her head.  Val charges at her, and Merlot hits a Back Body Drop, but she twists Val in the air and keeps hold as she goes for the pin!


Chad:  So close there, but Val still has a lot of fight in her.  She pulls herself over to the corner.  Half way up, Merlot hits a Running Knee to Val’s face, sending her right back down to the mat.

Gena:  Merlot catches her breath before dragging Val to the center of the ring.  She starts to set Val up for the Vanguard Killer (Lebell Lock), but Val gets out of it and slides to her feet.

Chad:  As Merlot starts to get up, Val crashes into her with a Shoulderbutt.  Merlot goes to one knee.  Val then hits a Chick Kick to Merlot that puts her down, but only for a second.

Gena:  Val bounces off of the ropes, and as she returns to Merlot, she jumps up for the V-Day (Continuous Whirlybird Headscissors Takedown)!  She gets one rotation!  Two rotations!

Chad:  Thrrrr… No, Merlot throws her across the ring, flying off of her shoulders and sliding into a sickening thud against the ring post!  Ouch!

Gena:  Merlot tries it once more, dragging Val to the center of the ring.  She puts on the Vanguard Killer again, only she gets it locked in!

Chad:  Merlot strains Val, but Val shakes her head, refusing to give in!  She’s trying everything to get out of the hold.  But nothing is working!  She continues to refuse.

Gena:  The referee asks her if she gives up, but she shouts “No! No!”  Merlot continues to tighten the lock and Val shouts out in pain.  However, she still refuses for a moment longer.

Chad:  Val is giving it a valiant effort, but she’s bordering on stupid, trying to fight this, especially with Merlot’s strength advantage.  Finally, Val gives in and taps!

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Darlyn:  Here is your winner via submission, and STILL SCU Television Champion… Merlot Ayano!!!

““Futatsu no Roe” plays over the speakers as Merlot stands up.  She takes her title and holds it up high with one arm as the referee raises her other.  She looks down at Val, who is curled up in pain.  She then walks over to the ropes and climbs the corner.  She raises the belt up high as the fans cheer.  Suddenly, they start booing as Merlot gets tripped up.  Her belt drops into the hands of Sister Esther, who spins her around and cracks the belt against Merlot’s head.  She spits down on the ground and then glares at Merlot.  She slaps her across the back of the head a few times until SCU Security comes out.  She drops the belt and holds her hands up innocently as she shout at them.


Esther settles into the corner and crosses her arms over her chest as the security team helps Merlot out of the ring.  Merlot attempts to get back inside, but security stops her.  Esther waves sarcastically at her as security escorts Merlot away from the ringside area.

SCWNetwork Exclusive Match
Sister Esther vs Angel of Filth vs Vixen Staggs

This match promised to be an SCWNetwork Exclusive match for the ages.  However, upon entering the ring, and the bell ringing, they just stood there for the five minute duration, causing the match to get thrown out.

We return from commercial break, with the participants of the SCWNetwork Exclusive Match are still inside of the ring.  They each have microphones as they stare around at the crowd that is booing them like crazy.  Esther is the first one to lift the microphone to her lips.

Esther:  Look here you little bitches!  We’re not going anywhere until we perform in front of these assholes, with the cameras rolling.  We’re not some masked member Jade’s or Ruby’s or Black’s.  We’re the top three women of GRIME.  We deserve to be on television!

Esther stomps, seeming to have a little pouting fit.  Angel of Filth walks over to Esther to calm her down by slapping her hard across the face.  Esther steadies herself on the ropes as the microphone slides out of her hands.

Filth:  Esther might want to treat this like it’s a hostile takeover of the ring.  But me and Vixen know better.  We know that you don’t care.  You have this… this notion that you’re better than all of GRIME.  You think it’s cute to make us fight when the cameras aren’t rolling, unless we kick off a purge.

Vixen:  And we don’t answer to your sense of what is able to be broadcast or not.  We, being who we are, deserve better.  You put our names on your card, then you must certainly put us on television, n’est pas?

Filth walks around the ring and then finds herself sitting on the middle rope, looking out at the audience.  Vixen moves to lean against the corner turnbuckles, her elbows resting on the top rope which opens her leather jacket to reveal the World Nightmare championship belt on her waist.

Filth:  SCU was once poisoned, but now it is pure.  That disgusts me.  Donna and Tad made promises that we would see a wrestling company that was different from the rest.  They gave us the Combat Championships.  They had a midget running around punching people in the dick.  It was cute, and it was a start.  You hired me, promising me that this was going to be a place of tremendous violence and a unique place to fight.

Filth shrugs her shoulders with a look of distaste on her face.

Filth:  So far, you’re just served us the cookie cutter *air quotes* “hardcore wrestling” promotion with an MMA and Boxing circle.  You got all these pretty people running around, throwing their money around, going on power trips about who really runs this place.  You have management that let them think that way.  It’s fucking disgusting.  We were brought here to fight tonight, and we’re going to show each and every one of you, here and watching from the hotel and home, just what we’ve all been missing out on for far too long.  You have a hungry up and comer who is ready to fight for the title.  You have the leader and former champion, ready to leave with the title.  And you’ve got the current champion, who just went through hell and back last week in a barbed wire steel cage match, and she’s ready to defend what’s currently hers.  We’re here to bring the violence.

Vixen:  Defend and retain what is currently mine Filth.

Vixen offers a sneer at Filth before once more bringing the microphone to her lips.

Vixen:  Last week I retained this title and I bet you are sitting here and thinking that I would rather be offline, content with not having to appear weak should I lose my title which isn’t the case or so the higher ups won’t grace the fans with the “air quotes” GRIME on their programming.  I say that I for one think that having our little non title contest that you propose as exclusive content is the only viable match that you could have on your programming that won’t bore the SCU “fans” given your less than stellar line up tonight..  

Filth nods her head along with Vixen.  She shrugs and then raises the microphone to her lips.

Filth:  In this ring right now, you have three straight up bitches who refuse to leave the ring until we get a fucking referee into this fucking ring so that we can have a FUCKING MATCH!  Oh, but, security you say?  We’ve already seen them a few times tonight as GRIME.

Filth looks over to Esther, and Esther smiles wickedly as she saunters around a bit before pointing to the spot of blood left on the mat from Merlot Ayano.

Esther:  Sorry… not sorry…

Filth turns over to Vixen, and with a nod, Filth stands up from the ropes and steps back toward the center of the ring.  She waves it on until “Wrecked” by Killbot plays on the speakers.  Gianni Di Luca steps out onto the stage and looks around at his mixed reaction.  He doesn’t look too happy.  Then, he clicks his jaw and points out to the right, and then the left, with an “eyyyy!”  He then steps down to the edge of the ramp and he looks into the ring, more annoyed than anything.

Gianni:  Seriously?  What the fawk ya on right now?  This ain’t ya show.  There ain’t no purge goin’ on.  Ya don’t got a foot to stand on.  Especially you, Vixen.  Are ya even cleared to return to action?  Not that GRIME has enough concern for their employees to check that kinda thing, but I’m asking for a friend… Ya husband…

Vixen’s eyes narrow slightly at the mention of her husband.  Reaching into her jacket pocket, she pulls out a folded white piece of paper and waves it in Gianni’s direction.

Vixen:  Not that I need my husband’s permission Gianni but here is my doctor’s note that says I can kick all the ass I want tonight. So Boo Boo, whatcha gonna do about it?

Vixen smirks as she stuffs the paper back into her pocket.  Gianni shrugs his shoulders and takes a few steps down the ramp now.

Gianni:  Good to know, good to know.  Hey, uh, if ya lookin’ for a good divorce lawyer, I got an uncle who can make sure he don’t take ya for everything ya worth.  But I ain’t come out here to talk personal issues.  I come out here to remove the trash, so…

Gianni reaches up and snaps his fingers.  SCU Security walks out from behind the curtains and splits out around Gianni.  They start to go to the ring when Esther pulls a controller out of her pocket.  She clicks it, and volts of electricity flash over the corners and ropes.  Esther jumps up and down, clapping and laughing as she points at them.

Esther:  See those little boxes there?  The things we were setting up during the “Exclusive Match”?  In layman's terms, you touchy, it go shocky, fuckers.  Try us.  We’re not some vapid SCU chicks like Celeste North or Veronica Taylor.

Gianni pinches the bridge of his nose and he raises the microphone to his mouth.  He laughs into the mic.

Gianni:  Look, this little trick.  It’s cute.  Really.  But the fact of the matter is that ya just givin’ us more reason not to even deal with GRIME.  It ain’t helpin’ ya case.  In fact, it makes me wanna beef up security.  So I tell ya what, Vix.  Put ya belt on the line, and leave them boxes turned on, and ya can just kill each other.

Gianni waits for an answer from the ladies.  Esther nods her head and Filth smirks with her own nod.  Vixen pulls her belt off her waist and holds it high with a sneer at Gianni.

Vixen:  You better believe that I will put up my belt if that is what it takes.  I am not a paper champion like some.  So what are you waiting for?

Esther clicks the remote as a referee slides inside of the ring.  She then clicks it back on and tosses the remote to the outside, rubbing her hands together as Gianni walks up the ramp.

\'user Vs \'user
[/b]Vs[/b] \'user

Electrified Ropes Match - GRIME World Nightmare Championship
Sister Esther Vs Angel of Filth Vs Vixen Staggs

Darlyn:  The following contest is an Electrified Ropes Match scheduled for one fall, and is for the GRIME World Nightmare Championship!  Introducing the challengers, Sister Esther Azarov and Angel of Filth, and your World Nightmare Champion… Vixen Staggs!!!

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Chad:  I thought we were banned from calling these matches because we’re not cool enough or whatever.  Suck it, Liam.

Gena:  Vixen quickly grabs Filth and flings her right into the ropes, and she receives a shock in the process.  Esther then clobbers Vixen from behind and sends her into the corner.

Chad:  The force throws Vixen down to the mat, and Esther carefully pins Vixen so not to receive residual shock.


Gena:  Filth is right there, and she pulls Esther off of Vixen and slams her head into the ropes, causing her to be stunned and disoriented.  She then rolls her up for the pin.


Chad:  Vixen jumps on top of Filth and begins clobbering away at her.  Filth digs into Vixen’s eyes and then kicks her off, and she almost stumbles into the ropes.

Gena:  Vixen catches herself and straightens up, but Esther quickly pushes Filth into ropes and holds her there with her gloved hands.

Esther:  Take that, bitch!

Chad:  Filth is out of commission, and Esther goes to cover her, but Vixen picks Esther up and throws her into the corner.  Esther stops herself with her hand.

Gena:  Vixen comes up and pounds her head into the corner, forcing Esther back while grabbing onto her neck and turning it into a Springboard Bulldog.  She collapses on top of Esther for the cover.


Chad:  Esther drapes a bare leg on the rope, sending an electric jolt into Vixen.  But in the process, all three ladies are out on the mat, blinking at the ceiling.

Gena:  Esther is the first one to move as she turns over onto her stomach.  You can read the pain on her face as she tries to get to her feet, but her legs are like jelly.

Chad:  Vixen tries to get to her feet next, but she holds onto her stomach as she tries to find her footing.  She ties up with Esther in the middle of the ring and the two jockey for position.

Gena:  Esther starts to get Vixen stepping backward.  Vixen uses her leg strength to back Esther up toward the ropes.  But Esther drops down.

Chad:  Vixen kicks her right into the ropes and then holds on for The Joke’s on You (Sonia Deville’s Hellavator), landing it perfectly.  Filth gets up, and Vixen throws her over the top rope and then drops down for the pin.


Gena:  Filth tries to slide back inside, but she touches the ropes and jolts back out, as Vixen counts along with the referee!


Ding! Ding! Ding!

The electrical whirring stops.

Darlyn:  Here is your winner and STILL GRIME World Nightmare Champion… Vixen Staggs!!!

“The Joke’s On You” plays over the speakers.  Vixen holds onto her title as she rolls to the outside of the ring.  Medical comes and checks on her while pulling Filth and Esther out onto stretchers.  As they are wheeled up the ramp, they hold hands with one another, while Vixen shrugs off any attempt at medical help.

Backstage, Alex Rush can be seen wearing a paper red and white stripped cap.

Alex: Popcorn! Get yer popcorn!

The camera moves out a bit to see Alex Rush standing at a popcorn stand, both Rhinos standing behind the counter and a machine to his left. Marissa Henry walks past, covering her face in hope that Alex don't see her.

Alex: Furry lightning bolt!

Marissa stops in her tracks as she turns to look at Alex.

Marissa: You're selling popcorn this week?

Alex shrugs his shoulders.

Alex: Well, there's this virus thing going around, and I think that everyone needs to muck in and get things done. SCU can't bring in people to sell some corn that pop, pop, pops, so I figured I will do it just to help people out.

Marissa: Well, I guess that's nice of you.

Alex: I know, 'ere me knickerless friend, have some on the house. It's me own special recipe.

Alex reaches down where there are five boxes of popcorn already scooped out and hands one to Marissa. Marissa looks in to the box as Alex encourages her. Marissa reaches in and places some popcorn in her mouth, but her eyes widen as she chews and swallows.

Marissa: Is that?

Alex: Yep! Sushi popcorn! Lovely ain't it?

Marissa shakes her head at Alex.

Marissa: It's unique to say the least.

Alex: The boys here can't get enough of it. Look.

Alex beckons Marissa around behind the stand to see two huge bowls of popcorn on the floor, both rhinos beating hungrily from the bowls.

Alex: Told ya, rhinos love sushi! Can't get enough of it, but I am worried about something little Ms. Lightning Bolt.

Marissa: Can you never call me that again?

Alex ignores the question.

Alex: I don't seem too busy tonight, this is like a big wrestling show and I've had no traffic out here. It's proper sad.

Marissa: That could be to do with there's no fans here.

Alex: They dunno what they're missing.

Marissa: They can't be here, there's.... Nevermind.

Marissa starts to walk away, Alex calls after her.

Alex: Enjoy the popcorn!

With Marissa out of the sight, the scene fades to just Alex's voice.

Alex: Popcorn! Popcorn! Get yer popcorn!

Previously recorded.

Earl and Dahlia are leaning against the rail of the balcony of their hotel room

Earl: Blaze Of Glory didn’t go as we would have hoped it would, Congrats Team Go, carry the pride tag team title with honor and carry on the great legacy that my and I and others have carried those titles before you.

Now on to other matters the briefcase ladder match four men one briefcase. O'Malley I’ve seen you around you're a heck of a wrestler no doubt, but the old Earl would say you're not as great as I am, I look forward to engaging with you.

Father Gerald, While I don’t agree with some of your beliefs, I know you are tough as nails competitor.

Eyensane how many wars have we had through three wrestling federations, no doubt you’ve given me some of the toughest and best matches of my career, and I’m sure when the bell rings we’ll have another war.

Earl smiles.

Earl:  Good luck to the three of, but it’s me who will be leaving with the briefcase.

Dahlia: Ariana, I’ll continue what my husband said, you beat us at Blaze of Glory and that’s never an easy task, so good on you, but our next encounter will be one on one, and well I fell I have that advantage, no offense, but I know you're a bloody good wrestler, and you will give me a great match, but as much as I like you, I’m going to have to beat you.

Chad: Wait, something's happening! Cut to the back! Cut to the back!

Indeed the camera does cut to the back to find a fight taking place! Helluva Bottom Carter and Shooter Reed are tangled up in each others arms and swinging clubbing blows as they spin around on their feet! The two slam into the wall, then fall down against the edge of a table, sending it toppling to the floor and spilling its contents everywhere! Shooter is on top but he gets to his feet and tries to get away but Carter grabs him by the boot and pulls his leg out from under him! Carter drags him to his feet and the two are swinging again and this time Carter spears into him and the two crash into a row of folding chairs stacked against the wall, sending them all scattering everywhere!

Gabriel: Hey! Stop -- STOP!!!

Gabriel himself, one of the proprietors of the GO Gym, arrives with members of SCU security, along with his own wife, to break it up! Shooter manages to grab the leg of one of the chairs and he swings it blindly, clipping carter in the side of the head and knocking him off of him! Carter is sent reeling and security helps a dazed Shooter to his feet and they start to escort him away, but Carter shoves himself past Gabriel and he jumps on Shooter's back, sending the two to the ground once again!

HBCarter: You son of a bitch! You f**king son of a bitch!!!

Even Carter's best friend Ariana is on scene and watching in shock as Carter and Shooter roll around the floor while the others work to separate them! Carter has two handfuls of Shooter's hair as Gabriel and two others grab him to pull him away from Shooter but it works against Shooter as he yells out at his hair being pulled right from his scalp!

Gabriel: Let go! Damn it, Carter! Let GO!

Finally the security manage to pry Carter's hands from out of Shooter's hair and they sweep him from the scene whole Gabriel and another guard hold him back, Odette placing a restraining hand on his chest! Shooter is ushered off scene while a PISSED OFF Carter screams after him!

HBCarter: F**king coward! I'll kick your ass! I'll…

Gabriel: Carter -- CARTER!!!

Gabriel and Odette forcibly get their young graduate away from the scene as a worried Ariana follows closely.

\'user Vs \'user

Singles Match
Ariana Angelos vs Dahlia Rotten

Darlyn:  The following contest is a special draw match!  Iiiiiiiiiiiiintroducing first, she is your Pride Tag Team Champion… From Pittsburg, PA standing at 5’6” and weighing in at 120lb, she is… Ariana Angelos!!!

The intro to “Fortune Favours the Bold” hits the speakers and once the vocals hit Ariana comes out to a modest reception, the young wrestler claps hand with the fans at ringside as she makes her way down to the ring. Ariana rolls into the ring and poses for the crowd before waiting for her opponent.

Darlyn:  And her opponent, from Edmonton, Alberta, standing at 5’5” and weighing in at 285lb, she is… Dahlia Rotten!!!

Earl steps on the stage accompanied by Dahlia and Sarah, they walk to the ring and enter, a spotlight shine on the rings, Dahlia and Sarah wrap their arms around Earl's neck and he gives the crowd an arrogant smile.

Ding! Ding! DIng!

Gena: Ari runs at Dahlia and tries for a Shoulderbutt, but it has no effect on Dahlia, who just yawns.

Chad: Is Dahlia trying to make Ari mad on purpose?  Dahlia begins moving around, and Ari circles with her.  She tries to grab at Dahlia, but Dahlia slaps her arms away.

Gena: Ari slaps Dahlia belly to get under her skin a bit.  Dahlia grabs Ari quickly and nails her with a Headbutt.

Chad: Dahlia grabs Ari by her hair and tosses her to the mat like a ragdoll.  She begins stomping on Ari as the crowd of GO Gym members shout out in support for her.

Gena: Ari has a deathwish if she thinks she can just slap Dahlia’s stomach and not expect the mean side of Dahlia to come out.

Chad: Ari gets up, glaring at Dahlia… Ari slaps Dahlia in the face… Dahlia counters that with an eye poke to both of Ari’s eyes!

Gena: That will slow Ari down. Dahlia grabs Ari and sends her to the corner. Ari hits the turnbuckle hard, Dahlia runs at Ari and nails a Body Avalanche!

Chad: Dahlia grabs Ari by the head and just tosses her to the mat.  The crowd boos Dahlia, which is quite the change from the usual, but understandable as we’re in GO Gym right now.

Gena: Dahlia goes for Earl’s Leg Drop but Ari rolls out the way. Ari and Dahlia get to their feet. Dahlia goes to grab Ari but Ari ducks and Kicks Dahlia in the Back.

Chad: Dahlia turns around, Ari hits Dahlia with a Spinning Heel Kick!  Dahlia takes a step back, but doesn’t come close to leaving her feet.

Gena: Ari goes for another Spinning Heel Kick. Dahlia takes a step back, Ari hits a Dropkick causing Dahlia to take yet another step back!

Chad: Ari runs in and jumps up, hitting a knee to the face of Dahlia.  Dahlia falls back into the ropes and holds on as Ari begins throwing punches and kicks.

Gena: Ari backs up and then she runs in for a Leaping Clothesline but misses as Dahlia counters it with a Headbutt!!!

Chad: Ari holds her head as she turns her back to Dahlia. Dahlia does a Back Rake to Ari. Ari arches her back… Dalia lifts Ari up and nails a Sidewalk Slam!

Gena: Dahlia grabs Ari leg and turns her around for her Single Leg Boston Crab!

Chad: The ref looks on but wait… Dahlia now drops her weight on to Ari! Dahlia wraps Ari’s leg up… Rotten To The Core!!! (Front Facelock STO)

Gena: Ari starts yelling in pain…  She tries to fight it, and she makes it to the ropes!  After a moment, she is able to crawl, getting the crowd to burst out into cheers.

Chad:  Ari hugs onto the ropes as she breathes heavily.  She gets her head together as Dahlia leans down to taunt her.

Gena:  Ari pulls herself up, and she’s clearly feeling the effects of the Rotten to the Core.  She bounces off of the ropes, and Dahlia ducks a Clothesline.

Chad:  Ari jumps on Dahlia’s back and begins clubbing.  Dahlia drops back against the corner, but Ari narrowly misses it by sliding through Dahlia’s legs.  She hits a couple kicks.

Gena:  She then jogs back and rushes at Dahlia with a Somersault Senton Splash.  She rolls back as Dahlia falls down a bit.  She then gets to her feet and hits another to Dahlia, taking her down to the ground!

Chad:  She drags Dahlia out of the corner, struggling the entire way to the center of the ring.  She goes for a pin, but Dahlia shifts and gets Ari up.  She hits a Jumping Piledriver and covers!


Crowd:  YEAH!!!

Gena:  Ari gets up to her feet and she stumbles around until Dahlia lifts her up into a Death Valley Driver, but Ari jumps down and goes for a Superkick!

Chad:  Dahlia grabs her leg and pulls her into an Exploder Suplex, putting her weight into the pin!


DIng! DIng! Ding!

Darlyn: Your winner of this match via pinfall… Dahlia Rotten!!!

Dahlia looks down at Ari and then motions for the Pride Tag Team Championship to go back around her waist.  She receives boos for this, and she sighs.  She raises her hand in victory as “Menage Et Trois” plays on the speakers.  She then rolls outside of the ring and walks up the ramp as Ari starts to stir.

The lights in the building die down as the opening riffs of Gothic Celtic Music Shadow Wisps starts to play. The lights stay out for several seconds before dark green and white strobe lights start shining all around, and fog fills the entrance and along the ramp. Moments later , O’Malley steps through the curtain wearing a long black leather trenchoat. He is joined by lady companion, Darcy Donohue. They stand at the entrance for several moments before O’Malley takes the first step on their way to the ring, and Darcy follows closely behind.

Once he makes it to the ring, he lets Darcy walk up the steps and follows behind her. He holds the ropes open for her, and she steps through, and he enters after her. Darcy doesn’t even need to ask for a microphone as one is waiting for her, and O’Malley heads to the center of the ring. They look around the crowd made up of their SCU, GRIME and SCW co-workers. O’Malley does his best to ignore the heckling that he is getting and Darcy just gives off an annoyed glare.

Darcy: Tonight...Tonight, O’Malley has been given to right the wrong that was issued against him just weeks ago. The ONLY reason Mark Cross is still your SCU Underground champion is because of an incompetent referee that needs to be advised on the proper way to issue the count!

This elicits more jeers and laughing, but Darcy just looks around, narrowing her eyes at everyone who hates them.

Darcy: O’Malley and I...we both know the truth. We both witnessed the fast count that delivered Mark Cross another win and successful title defense. Yet the referee isn’t owning up to it, and neither have the bosses done anything to punish or make the situation truly right. But this ladder match tonight is a start.

Darcy turns her attention to O’Malley, smiling proudly as she looks him up and down, beaming with love and confidence.

Darcy: Due to the dangerous stipulation involved, and the risks that come with competing in a ladder match, O’Malley has had to make certain...exceptions. You see, he’s never been one for such high risk wrestling that you see in these types of matches and that is due to the fact that several years ago, a terrible accident left him paralyzed for several months. It was a long recovery, which he overcame, but once he decided to pursue a wrestling career, high risk was simply out of the question.

Darcy places a hand on O’Malley’s lower back and they briefly look into each other’s eyes.

Darcy: But that was then. And O’Malley understands that with this career comes great risk, and he can’t always avoid matches that may put him in greater danger of being injured again. But after a thorough examination by his physician, O’Malley is at no greater risk than any of the other men in this ladder match tonight, and he will do whatever he feels is necessary to walk out the winner with the briefcase in his possession. And once he has it, the road to becoming the new SCU Underground Champion officially begins.

Someone in the crowd of superstars shouts “it ain’t gonna happen!” and Darcy looks in the direction with no idea as to the culprit. O’Malley glares his eyes even harder, looking angrily around trying to find who said it.

Darcy: Oh, but it will happen. I don’t know who said it, and quite frankly it doesn’t make much difference at this point. O’Malley has a list of goals, and he’s out to achieve them. Tonight is step one. Once he has the briefcase and he Underground Championship contract, that begins step two. And let’s not forget everything he has in store for SCW, which is also now in motion. It’s no secret that Mark Cross has his World Heavyweight Championship coming up, and no doubt he is focusing on that. But once O’Malley wins the briefcase...Mark Cross better watch his back. Too bad he probably won’t have anything to say in regards to this because my instincts are telling me he’s not even paying attention…

Darcy looks around. Mark is nowhere to be seen in the audience, so she looks towards the backstage curtain.

Darcy: Mark Cross...your days are numbered. You might be a high favorite around these parts, and in SCW, but you’re holding something O’Malley wants, and should be rightfully his. And he’ll do whatever is necessary to bring it where it belongs. See you real soon, champ.

Darcy then drops the microphone and O’Malley heads over to the ropes, holding them open for her. She steps through them, with him following behind, and they head backstage, ignoring the jeering and heckling from their co-workers.

\'user Vs \'user Vs
\'user Vs  Vs \'user

Main Event
Briefcase Ladder Match
O'Malley vs Eyesnsane vs Father Gerald Shepherd vs Earl Lockyer

Darlyn:  Ladies and gentlemen, it is time for the Main Event!  The following contest is a Golden Briefcase Ladder Match!  The winner who receives the golden briefcase will be entitled to a shot at the SCU Underground Championship at any time between the end of this match and Blaze of Glory X, with the exception of the Mayhem Survival 4 Match and any SCW sanctioned match!

Crowd:  *POP!*

The lights in the arena die down as the opening riffs of Gothic Celtic Music Shadow Wisps starts to play. The lights stay out for several seconds before dark green and white strobe lights start shining all around, and fog fills the entrance and along the ramp. Moments later , O’Malley steps through the curtain wearing a long black leather trenchoat. He is joined by lady companion, Darcy Donohue. They stand at the entrance for several moments before O’Malley takes the first step on their way to the ring, and Darcy follows closely behind.

Darlyn: First, making his way to the ring being accompanied by Darcy Donohue! From Dublin, Ireland...Weighing in at one hundred ninety-five pounds...Please welcome...O’MALLEY!!

Once he makes it to the ring, he lets Darcy walk up the steps and follows behind her. He holds the ropes open for her, and she steps through, and he enters after her. They stand in the center of the ring where Darcy removed O’Malley’s coat, then leans in and gives him a kiss on the cheek before making her way to the outside, as his music dies down.

The lights in the arena go out and Eyesnsane in his wrestling gear steps through the curtain and onto the stage.

Darlyn: On his way to the ring, from Chicago, IL standing at 6’2” and weighing in at 230lb, he is… Eyesnsane!!!

Once he is in place the music starts and at the 15 second mark of the song as the arena hears, “Here I am” a blue spot light shines on Eyesnsane as he looks slowly to the left and then to the right before slowly walking down to the ring where he uses the steps to get on the ring apron and then climbs in the ring between the second and top rope. He walks to the center of the ring and turns and looks throughout the entire arena as the music plays before the lights return to normal.

A white light flashes over the crowd that is almost blinding. It returns to a more tolerable brightness as "Spirit In the Sky" by Norman Greenbaum begins to play through the arena. The crowd boos and gets louder when the announcer speaks up.

Darlyn: On his way to the ring from Tulsa, Oklahoma he is 6'6" and weighed in this morning at 275lb. Representing The Church of The Good Shepherds he is Father Gerald Shepherd!

And the boos become louder. Gerald runs out onto the stage, throwing his hands in the air, looking up. He nods his head and smiles when he goes back and forth across the stage. He holds His Holy Word in his hand as he shouts out a verse. He walks down the ramp as he continues to read. He sits it on the ring steps and runs up them. He walks across the apron as he seeks His praise. He gets inside of the ring and slowly spins around before settling in a corner and waits for the match to start.

Darlyn:  Coming to the ring from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, standing at 6’5” and weighing in at 256lb, he is… Earl Lockyer!!!

Earl steps on the stage accompanied by Dahlia and Sarah, they walk to the ring and enter, a spotlight shine on the rings, Dahlia and Sarah wrap their arms around Earl's neck and he gives the crowd an arrogant smile

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Chad:  No sooner than the bell rings, all four men slide to the outside of the ring.  Father Gerald and O’Malley meet up over one of the ladders, struggling for control over it, pushing and shoving one another with the ladder itself.

Gena:  Eyesnsane and Earl are on the other side of the ring with the ladder in their hands.  They struggle with each other for a moment as well, but then they stop and exchange a look and after a second, a nod.

Chad:  Earl and Eyes charge around the ring with the ladder and without being detected, they smash their ladder right into Father Gerald and O’Malley!  Both men go down as Earl and Eyes begin stomping and beating down Gerald and O’Malley.

Gena: Eyes lifts O’Malley up and drops him clean across the ladders with a Scoop Slam.  Father Gerald and Earl have a mostly even brawl in front of the crowd.  People boo Father Gerald, which ultimately seems to distract him.

Chad:  Gerald turns slightly to look at one member of the crowd, and Earl catches him with a rocking right hook that sends him spinning around.  Earl lifts Gerald up into a High Angle Suplex right on top of the ladder, as O’Malley rolls out of the way.

Gena:  Eyes drops a fist to Father Gerald’s forehead, and O’Malley leaps up into a Standing Frog Splash to Gerald.  The three men stare down at Gerald, who seems to be out of it now.  Eyes and Earl nod again, and this time, O’Malley rushes back into the ring.

Chad:  O’Malley motions for Eyes and Earl to get inside of the ring, but as they attempt to, O’Malley stomps at them viciously.  He continues to taunt them, getting a pop from the GO Gym crowd, that he would not get anywhere else.

Gena:  Eyes and Earl divide and conquer, splitting to different sides of the ring.  O’Malley stomps at Earl, but Eyes comes in from behind, clobbering O’Malley and allowing Earl to climb inside of the ring.  Darcy shouts at O’Malley, while Sarah and Dahlia clap their hands.

Chad:  Earl flings O’Malley into the ropes, catching him with a Big Boot upon return.  O’Malley gets back up to his feet, only to get sent into the ropes by Earl again.  This time, O’Malley ducks a Clothesline, only for Eyesnsane to catch him with a Spinebuster!

Gena:  Earl goes to pick O’Malley up, but Eyes crashes into him with a Clothesline.  Earl is caught off guard by this and it opens Eyes up for a series of Mounted Punches on Earl.  He gets several in before standing up with Earl’s head tucked under his armpit.

Chad:  Earl, however, rushes Eyes into the corner to break his hold.  He climbs up to the second turnbuckle and throws punches down at Eyes’ face.  The crowd cheers along with each strike, until Eyes dumps Earl behind him to the outside.

Gena:  Eyes shakes it off and goes to the outside to grab a ladder.  He drags it in over the bottom rope.  As he’s dragging it, Father Gerald comes out of nowhere with a German Suplex to Earl on top of the ladder, causing the other end to smash Eyes in the face!

Chad:  Gerald breathes deeply, but he crawls back inside and picks up the ladder.  He gives a few shots to Eyes before setting the ladder up.  He climbs it as quickly as he can, but the pace is in line with his… “advanced age”.

Gena:  As he reaches the top, Earl gets inside of the ring and quickly scales it.  He and Gerald exchange punches until Earl hits a Headbutt.  He then does a Hip Toss off of the top of the ladder, sending Gerald crashing to the outside on top of the other ladder!

Crowd:  *POP!*

Chad:  O’Malley shoves the ladder over on top of Earl.  He then begins smashing it repeatedly into Earl.  He then lifts the ladder back into position and starts to climb it.  However, Eyes is right there, throwing kicks around the ladder at O’Malley.

Gena:  The first few attempts do not connect, as O’Malley rises higher.  Eyes follows, and his kicks begins to land, causing O’Malley to become unsteady.  He grabs onto the ladder, pulling his body closer to it as he ascends.

Chad:  As they get higher up, closing the distance, Eyes begins throwing jabs through the rungs of the ladder, connecting with O’Malley’s stomach, chest, and face.  O’Malley stumbles back down a few paces.

Gena:  Eyes continues up, throwing the occasional kick at O’Malley.  Eyes reaches the top as O’Malley sinks a few more rungs.  Eyes touches the briefcase, then steps up another rung.  He begins messing with the latch.

Chad:  O’Malley is sitting still on the ladder, and everyone else is down!  Eyes has this one in the bag! But no!  Earl slowly gets up and sees what’s going on.  He moves up the ladder and nails a Powerbomb on Eyes that seems to hurt the both of them!

Gena:  O’Malley, much like an opportunistic snake, rushes as fast as he can up the ladder.  He struggles with the latch, shouting out curses until he finally gets it undone!  He climbs down and holds the briefcase above his head with a wicked grin on his face as the bell fucking rings!

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Darlyn:  Here is your winner of the golden briefcase… O’Malley!!!

Darcy screams in delight as she rushes into the ring.  O’Malley’s music begins playing as Darcy wraps an arm around him, laughing wickedly as she forces everyone to look at O’Malley.  The GO Gym members cheer the loudest of the bunch as O’Malley gets a standing ovation in the gym he hails from.  The show goes off the air on his now serious face next to the briefcase.