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Cordy's Here!
« on: May 03, 2020, 01:57:40 PM »
 Cordelia: Are we on, Morgan?

Cordelia Clark gets the thumbs up signal from her older sister from behind the camera, bringing a cocky, confident smirk to the face of the Princeton student who is dressed quite elegantly with a short, but bright, pink dress, matching heels and a Princeton jacket. She straightens out her hair a little more before she begins to express her thoughts.

Cordelia: Awesome! Finally! After months of shopping around… looking for the place that is worthy of having such prestigious, prodigious talent as yours truly, I have made my way to Sin City Underground where soon enough, I am going to have my first match on the mainstream scene. Thank god! The Indies were starting to become a little unbearable. But anyway, let’s get the introductions out of the way. I’m Cordelia Clark and I’m about to bring a brand of superiority to this company that SCU desperately needs. Look around the wrestling world and you’ll see what I mean. The people from my generation that compete? I have to be real honest with you. It’s deplorable. You’ve got people investing every dollar and cent of their life savings into their careers without a back up plan because why? Oh right… because they’re stupid, that’s why! Don’t get me wrong, I can appreciate the passion of those that want to devote their lives to this, but there’s a difference between having a passion for something and being stupid and throwing their entire life away for it, not realizing that they may fail and be left with nothing!

Most of the wrestlers of my generation?

They don’t even have an education from their low rent party school… let alone an education from somewhere as prestigious as Princeton!


Once more with feeling…

Because they’re STUPID!

It’s not like they’re devoting every second of their lives to their career anyway. I’ve lost count of how many people waste their time on social media advertising every second of their lives. Sorry, I don’t care if you’re Twitch streaming. I don’t care about who your “WCW” is. I don’t care about the latest dime a dozen bikini or workout pic that you posted five times on Tuesday. Really… this generation with all their empty vanity and their lack of respect for what this sport is supposed to be about makes me absolutely sick!

Seeing my generation go down the rabbit hole and becoming the embarrassment of society disgusts me.

Older generations look down on us because almost 99 percent of our generation is filled with idiots who want “big government” to hand feed them the world or for everything in this business to be handed to them. What? You can’t stand that I’m pointing out this truth? Can’t handle it? Figures! My generation absolutely deserves the label of the “snowflake generation” with how offended they easily get with everything. It’s both a shame and good fortune that I, personally, am the one percent of my generation that actually gets it!

It’s pretty disgusting when even those in your own family exhibit these traits…

Cordelia takes a pause, and sighs, expressing disappointment with what she’s about to talk about.

Cordelia: I say this with irony… because the inspiration I had to become a wrestler myself came during my late middle school, early high school years seeing an older cousin of mine start her career… and she had the world in the palm of her hands before deciding she wanted to throw it all away and be a “fake hood rat ghetto bitch”, becoming not just an embarrassment to this business, but an embarrassment to me and an embarrassment to my family. She failed in her career because she became one of you people…

...and I’m not going to make the same mistake… no matter what happens today.

You get that, Andi Lynx?

I’ll give you some credit. You’re not necessarily a degenerate like most in our generation.

But… you poor thing…

Cordelia pauses to have a chuckle to herself.

Cordelia: You really don’t get the way the real world works. You’re so naive. You  run around with your sugar rush, bubblegum, sweet, innocent attitude and it’s cute and all, I won’t lie about that… but the world isn’t puppies and rainbows, sweetheart. I do hope you understand that. Maybe I can… I don’t know… educate you on how the world works? Maybe I can even give you a real education on how this business works. But either way, sweetheart? You’re going to come out of this match a much smarter individual than you were before, win or lose.

Seriously, it’s a win-win for you.

But… I’m not about to let my debut in the mainstream be ruined by someone like YOU. I didn’t work hard at my craft to come in here and be bested by someone who’s so aloof in what they’re doing that they’re one of the easiest people to take advantage of. And what I just mentioned there?

That’s exactly why I’m winning tonight.

Sorry, sweetheart…

But your little sugar rush nonsense? It’s about to crash tonight!

Cordelia gives the “cut” signal to Morgan before she walks away. As she does so, the camera shut fades out.