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The Chronicles of FAME
« on: April 27, 2020, 06:23:06 PM »
“What is the standard of wealth? I guess if you look into things with practicality, it’s the amount of money that you’ve attained in life. For years, people work tooth and nail to get the material things that make them happy. When you work your entire life to get that dream car, obviously you’re elated beyond belief. You are happy to be seen driving down the streets in your neighborhood in your brand new Mustang. You are happy to be seen pulling up to your local grocery store and instantly becoming the topic of conversation. Hey, I can’t really knock anyone for being happy about that. Unfortunately, I’m just fucking different. The things that most blue-collar average joes had to work years for, I was gifted on my sixteenth birthday. Yeah, I’m sure that it makes me sound like some spoiled rich punk to say I got a brand new Mercedes-Benz off the lot the second I got my driver’s license, but it’s the truth of my being. It’s a sad fact of life, but some of us will forever have the advantage over the rest of society.

While your average joe will spend decades upon decades to earn the financial security that it takes to afford lavish extravagences, I don’t have that problem. In my first twenty-one years of life, I’ve experienced more than anyone would dream of. Yeah, maybe it wasn’t all because of my wealth, but I did experience it. Sometimes, I think the Indians got it right. See, the Indians believe that we are all born into castes. No matter what you do, or how hard you try, you simply can’t move out of that caste. For me, I was born into one of the best. Alexander Rayne, M.D., look him up. That is my claim to the stylistic lifestyle that I’ve experienced, that I’ve coveted, and that I deserve. My father is a nationally renowned plastic surgeon. He makes more money than nearly every surgeon in his field, because his work is damn good. So, it’s not my fault that my heredity positioned me to experience the best in my life. Anything that you can think of, that you can dream of, I’ve experienced. Have you ever wanted to spend just a week in Australia? Well, I was there by the time I was six. Have you ever dreamed of rubbing elbows with the stars? Hell, I’ve attended so many celebrity soirees, it would make your fucking head spin. I know that most of this wouldn’t have happened at this point in my life without my upbringing, but I would have gotten it all for myself anyway.

See, that’s the problem between the haves and the have-nots. While the have-nots take their time to bitch and moan about the haves; the haves have put forth a vision to make or maintain the status that we have. I’ve been working my ass off for the last three years to make my success story. I don’t give a fuck about what someone is going to think because I tout my amazing upbringing. I don’t give a fuck about what you are going to think when I have all the championships and accolades that I fought for. Yes, my road to success may have had a few red velvet ropes, but I’m still paving the bitch with gold. That’s the beauty of the FAME, Bentley and I are visionaries with a like minded goal. We both know that we’re going to have doubters. We both know that people are going to automatically discredit us because we come from the lifestyles of rich and famous. No matter what though, we’re still going to do exactly what we set out to do, and no have-not is going to stop that.”


This day was definitely a cause for celebration. Well, when you’re raised with all the luxuries that you could muster, any day would be a cause for celebration. Donovan’s entire life had changed in a matter of months. At the beginning of 2020, Donovan and his best friend Bentley had just wrapped shooting their season of the reality TV competition Best Friends Challenge. Though the two didn’t last more than six of the fifteen slated episodes, the two were able to expand their worldwide notoriety beyond what it was before. While both men were collegiate athletes, they were not able to make it through the intense vetting it takes to go professional. Luckily, both men had dabbled in amateur wrestling throughout high school and college, and this would help lead them to where they are today.

The city of stars was always such a beautiful backdrop for the lives of Bentley Black and the Rayne family. Without the city and the wonderful connections it makes, the two best friends would have never met. Without Alexander performing the breast augmentation for nineteen-nineties TV bombshell Bianca Black, a long kinship of client-surgeon wouldn’t have led to a beautiful friendship, and now partnership. It was another beautiful day in Los Angeles, California. There are many scenic locations in Los Angeles that would take anyone’s breath away. Sure, most of California is terrible to live in, but not when you have the monetary backing that’s given you the rights to such views. The Rayne family estate is located in the same Calabasas neighborhood made famous by that damn Kardashian family. Yes, it’s not technically in Los Angeles, but it’s incorporated so suck it. The Rayne family estate may not be the nicest in the neighborhood, but it’s still better than anything that most grew up in. Though he does not live at home anymore, Donovan does spend much of his downtime in his family home. In fact, his favorite place in the home was his father’s “eden”. One of his father’s passion projects has always been making his home look as flashy as possible. Part of this, has always been the eden. Instead of simply having a pool, the area has basically been turned into a botanical garden. Alexander in his own way has made an area that rivals Hef’s famous grotto, and boy, has Donovan used that to his advantage. However, instead of using the built-in cave area to entertain some bimbo, he’s having a few adult beverages with his friend and tag-team partner Bentley.

Seated on the first stool at the bar, Donovan reaches onto the bar and grabs the bottle in front of him. As he takes a swig of his Corona, the only go to beer that there is. He looks over to his right. Bentley is intently staring at his phone. Usually, this would be something that Donovan would come to expect from Delta, but never Bentley. See, Bentley was never the type to sit and play on his phone, he’s more personal than that. Reaching over and pushing him slightly, Bentley shifts slightly. Looking up from his phone, Bentley turns his attention to his best friend.

“Woah, what’s up? Were you saying something?”

Donovan places his beer down on the bar, turning his full attention towards Bentley.

“No, but we’ve been sitting here in virtual silence for the last four minutes. You’ve been really focused on your phone, that’s never like you. Hell, I expect something like that from Delta.”

Letting out a soft laugh, Bentley places his phone down on the bar.

“Sorry, I’m just looking at Twitter, I guess you can say I’m pretty enamoured with it. You know, I’m not normally one to just sit on social media, but I didn’t realize how many pairs of tits you could see on it at any given time.”

Donovan looks over at Bentley and begins to laugh. Taking some time to shake his head, he reaches over and grabs Bentley’s phone. Raising it up slightly, he looks at the screen, on which a pair of breasts are seen.  

“Are you seriously impressed by any pair of tits you see? I mean, they aren’t bad, but I’ve seen better work done. I guess not everyone does tits like my dad does tits.”

Bentley takes his phone back and places it down on the bar. With a smirk on his face, he reaches over and grabs his beer. Taking a swig from it, he swallows before speaking to Donovan once more.

“Look, you know not everyone can afford Alexander’s masterworks. I mean,you don’t even get excited to see tits anymore, you’ve been so desensitized to them. Come on, your dad has before and after pictures of his work all over the house. You know how many times I would have whacked-off to those things?”

Shooting his best friend a quizzical look, Donovan looks down for a second, letting out a large burst of laughter. Picking his head back up, he simply smiled.

“Your mom is one of them by the way. Hell, she’s the one right before the entrance to the foyer. Bianca’s cannons have prime billing in my house. Shit, it’s hard to believe how many times I’ve seen your moms tits.”

Placing his beer down on the counter, Bentley turns his complete attention to his best friend. Raising his hand up, he places his hand on Donovan’s shoulder.

“Bro, I love you to death, but please, let’s not talk about my mom’s fucking tits. That would be like me telling you about all the times I banged out your sister. We just shouldn’t discuss those things.”

Donovan once again grabs his beer from the bar. Turning to face Bentley, he places the glass bottle against his lips. Taking a large swig, he takes the majority of the contents of the bottle into his mouth. After a moment, he swallows, and points the bottle towards Bentley, almost in a show of solidarity.

“Agreed, because I’ve heard enough people talk about banging my sister in my lifetime. However, we do have something that we have to discuss bro. Are you ready to make our debut? Bro, we’ve been working hard for this for the last three years. We’ve put everything aside to break into pro-wrestling, this has to go right for us.”

Bentley nods his head accordingly. A somber expression befalls his face, and he raises up his beer once more. After taking a single, solitary sip, he puts the bottle back down on the bar.

“Look, I’m not worried at all. We’ve busted our ass for three years to get as good as we could. You gotta think about it, we’ve been badasses for our entire lives. We wrecked shop in every sport we ever competed in individually. You were a beast on the football field, I was damn good at everything I did. Yeah, we may have not made it into the pros in football, but it’s not like it was something we both wanted to do anyway. You fucking know that when our minds are put onto something, we excel. We’re both forces of nature. The world isn’t going to fucking know what hit them, we’re coming in like an F5 Tornado in the middle of the night.”

Donovan’s face beamed with excitement from ear to ear. Bentley was typically not one to give motivational speeches, but this one was perfect. Donovan reaches over and wraps his arm around his best friend. He embraces him a typical one-armed “bro hug” for a moment, before letting him go.

“That’s exactly what the fuck I wanted to hear from you. I know that we’re bad asses, but I just needed to make sure that you wanted this as much I did. I know, we’ve spent three fucking years preparing for this. We could have gone in a lot faster, but we wanted to make sure that we were ready. Nobody is going to expect what we’re going to do. I mean look at us, we’re fucking adonises.  We’re purebred athletes, and we haven’t failed at anything we’ve done. Fuck going pro, we didn’t want that. We don’t need an entire team to bring us to a fucking Lombardi Trophy, we’re going to bring gold to ourselves. We were made for this, and everyone better fucking realize it.”

Looking at Donovan, Bentley could only smile. Though smiling wasn’t something that he did often, Donovan could always get one out of him. He grabs the beer for a final time, taking the rest of it into his mouth. After swallowing, he places it back down on the bartop.

“Bro, we’re going to take over the entire fucking world. I’m happy that someone is finally wising up and signing us, because it honestly shouldn’t have taken this fucking long. For every day it took, we’ve gotten better and better. We’re about to be gods walking among peasants. I couldn’t be happier that I get to this with my best friend, fuck, with my brother. Well, and I guess Delta too. I’m not saying she’s like my sister, cause we fucked and all, and that’s gross.”

Donovan lets out a laugh. Looking straight onto the bottles adorning the grotto bar, he smiles.

“I  still can’t believe you did that. You’re kind of lucky you’re an only child, I would get you back so bad. Hey, maybe I should hit up your mom. I see the way that she looks at me.”

Turning to face Donovan, Bentley scofs before laughter falls from his lips.

“We’re not going to talk about you fucking my mother, I refuse. How if you do it, I will fuck you up. That’s my mom, you don’t see me talking about fucking Wendy. We both know fucking Delta isn’t an accomplishment, and it’s not exactly a badge of honor.”

Donovan moves off his bar stool, and swims over to the entrance of the grotto bar. After a few moments, he’s now standing in front of Bentley, grabbing two more beers, he pops the tops off of them quickly. Placing one down directly in front of Bentley, he smiles.

“Trust me, you’re not the first, and definitely won’t be the last. Now, can we both agree to not talk about fucking each other’s family members? At least for the rest of the day?”

Bentley laughs, and grabs the beer in front of him. Raising it up, he reaches forward, clanking his glass with Donovan’s.

“You fucking bet your ass you won’t talk about fucking my mom again, cheers!”

Both men place their beers up towards their mouths, and begin to drink. These two have formed a bond that is unbreakable. In life, and now in a professional career, they are in it together, no matter what. Well, as long as no one fucks another family member. That’s a general friendship pleasantry they could both agree on.