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Johan Svensson
« on: May 22, 2019, 07:54:15 PM »

Handlers Name: Casey
Any Messengers:
Years Active:


Picture Base (Name Only, real picture bases no cartoons. Check Taken Pic Bases List): Nils Patrik Johannson
Twitter: N/A
Name: Johan Svensson
Nickname(s): n/a
Age: 25
Height: 5'10
Weight:200 lbs
Hometown: Borlange, Sweden
Personality: passive agressive
Strengths: smart, cunning, sneaky
Weaknesses: not very athletic
Gimmick If Any: musician
Alignment: heel
Weapon Of Choice: microphone/microphone stand


Entrance Theme Music (Check Taken Theme Song List):
Entrance Description:

Bio & Past Accomplishments: grew up with Hitamashii for a few years when Hitamashii was living in Sweden

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Wrestler(s) Managed: Hitamashii
Title reigns
2x SCU TV Champion
1st reign:9/19/19-1/2/20
2nd reign:10/18/20-10/25/20
2x GRIME Nightmare Champion
1st reign: 1/31/21-5/23/21
2nd reign: 7/10/21-7/24/21
2x SCU Underground Champion
1st reign: 11/7/21-1/23/22
2nd reign: 2/5/22-3/20/22