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Handlers Name: Chris
Any Messengers: PM on here currently
Years Active: 20+

Picture Base: Tobin Bell
Twitter: @DarhkCarnival
Name: Darhk
Nickname(s): The Ringmaster
Age: Unknown
Height: 5’10
Weight: 180 lbs
Hometown: Darhk Carnival
Personality: The ringmaster of the Darhk Carnival, although he smiles and talks boldly and confidently, his eyes show he has a darkside and will do anything for Grimaldi, this is his source of income so his success will financially benefit him.
Strengths: Mic-Skills, Distraction, Selling
Weaknesses: Speed, Age (despite being unknown, he is visibly old)
Alignment: Heel
Weapon Of Choice: Microphone or Variation of the High-Striker/Test of Strength Mallet

Entrance Theme Music: “Game of Survival” by Ruelle

Bio & Past Accomplishments: Darhk was born into the circus lifestyle and grew up travelling around the country going from small town to small town. When he was old enough he worked the turnstiles and saw the money, wanting to achieve success and get wealth, Darhk saved everything he could to get his own carnival (with financial aid from close performers, whom he paid back once it became successful, and they stayed on after the debt was paid as they believed in the Darhk Carnival). Darhk found a young boy stowed away and took him in. Unbeknownst to the young man, Darhk watched him go to the clown station and put on the white makeup, he saw the instant transformation from this lost boy to a confident man. Getting hold of old books in his cabin, Darhk told the young boy that he’ll call him ‘Grimaldi’ after a famous performer, Grimaldi was born that day and Darhk took great pride in his transformation. When the carnival closed and the performers went their separate ways, Grimaldi remained with the aging ringmaster, memories of his past and not dealing with that had changed Grimaldi to being a dark, crazed clown. Descending into madness. Darhk had no income but saw the possibility of training Grimaldi into the art of professional wrestling. Darhk now proudly manages the Clown Prince of Sin as his source of income solely is in the psychologically damaged clown, Grimaldi.

Wrestler(s) Managed: Grimaldi
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