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Mixed Tag Team Championship Match
« on: October 06, 2019, 03:00:28 PM »
 Post all roleplays for this match here.

Limits: 1 roleplay per week, per character. 5,000 words maximum.

Good luck!  

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Mixed Tag Team Championship Match
« Reply #1 on: October 12, 2019, 07:45:42 AM »
 The following takes place this past Monday.... A very long and busy Monday.

Tours are fucking knackering mate. You see the beach tours and you think brilliant, two months away at mostly someone else's expense, wrestle, meet fans and put your plates up and not worry about anything else but that is slightly misleading. We all know the fans see it that way, they all think it's a jolly up with your work mates, a bit of a busman's holiday but realistically, it's not. The travel aspect between Islands is actually horrible without proper airports. You're boating to some place that has a plane to take you to another place, that then has another plane to take ya to another place. It's a bit of a pain in the aris to be honest, but at this point, doesn't matter because now, you get a little bit of time off. Some go, and I know judging by social media, headed off to Hawaii, taking that long trip from the bottom to the top of America, and that will give them a good two weeks in the sun, but not for us.

We're business people, and smart come to think of it, so the smart side said to stay on the tour. It was too much hassle island hopping to an international airport that put us on the mainland before finding a way to Vegas for just a couple of days, just to travel back. The amount of hassle was confirmed when I spoke to Fenris, who took a jaunt to an SCU show recently. He said even though Ben Jordan had his own plane, they had to make more than a few stop offs to check the plane's status against the weather, but at this point of the tour with the time off where people had the option to go home for the week or to head right to Hawaii, it was the smart thing to do for me, Os, Charley and Kenz to skip back for Vegas for some time.

After all, Nicky must be absolutely fucked after running that Casino constantly for weeks. It's not how it usually works. Nicky would work a lot less when we was about but he's been a bit of a warrior doing it alone, as well as covering Dani's bar management. Time to give him a break.


The sounds of Daniel's fist knocking on the office door in the Golden Ring Casino can be heard as he stood outside.

"Piss off, I'm tired!" Nick George's voice can be heard saying behind the door.

Daniel smiled, knowing full well he didn't have to knock on his own office door, but he needed to hear Nick's reaction. He had a feeling the last few weeks had tired him out, even knowing the fact that Nick was a workhorse, someone who would work constantly if it was required. Daniel pushed the door open.

"Wash ya fucking mouth out." Daniel says with a smile, looking to his left to see Nick with his feet up on the desk, his hands behind his head and eyes closed.

Nick opens his eyes, looking at Daniel and dropping his feet to the floor in surprise.

"The fuck happened to you?" Nick asks Daniel as he runs his fingers through his unkempt hair, pushing the strands back in place. "They boot you off the tour of something?"

Daniel approaches the desk, looking towards Nick as Nick quickly springs to his feet. He was confident enough around Daniel to throw a joke in his direction, they'd grown up together, been friends for years, but Nick still respected the chain of command and although he wouldn't admit it publicly, he was appreciate that Daniel had chose him over the countless other options he could have, to come to America.

"Well Kenz nearly got kicked out of the last place we was at." Daniel jokes. "But nah, he got a couple of weeks to do what we want, so figured we'd pop back to Vegas for a week, and head to Hawaii on Sunday."

Nick walks around the desk, the two men embracing in a hug, with the standard palms tapping on each others back. Daniel steps back and looks at Nick.

"You look like dog shit mate." Daniel says as he eyeballs Nick up and down.

"Well aren't you a flatterer." Nick replies with a partly goofy grin. "I'm alright, just been working my left nut off with this place. You never know how many shitty temp bar managers there are out there, and I've been hearing where's the new cocktail of the month for a while and it's giving my arse a headache."

Daniel smiles at Nick, he knew Nick was like them, having a way with works that would leave most people listening in, scratching their heads and wondering what the conversation was all about.

"Well, we're all back now for a week." Daniel tells him.

"Even Dani?" Nick says slowly.

Daniel knew that Nick and Dani were a couple, or was as the case may be here, but he didn't know what happened, why things happened, frankly, he didn't overly care. That wasn't his business and he didn't have to make it his business. Matters of the heart was never something Daniel worried about with others, matters of the pound note.... or dollar to Americans, that's the business Daniel cared about. Besides, when Dani decided to get away, she didn't come to Daniel, Osbourne, Charlotte or Mackenzie, she went to Fenris and Ty West. Can't blame her, your boss might do many things for you but help you get over heartbreak, probably not.

"Yes, she came back with us." Daniel informs Nick. "Didn't come out there to be around us complete, mind, but she did come back with us because it was a case of head here pretty much right away. Dunno if she missed you but she missed the casino at least."

"Well ain't you the ray of sunshine I just needed." Nick says with a half hearted smile.

"I'm an absolute fucking treasure and pleasure." Daniel fires back with a quick smile. "Either way, we're all back now for a week."

"Whoopee." Nick's sarcastic tone fires towards Daniel who just looks at him with a grin.

"Well I was gonna offering you a pint..." Daniel says with a sneer.

"Might escape your attention but I'm working, and I don't drink when I'm working." Nick says with a sly grin.

"First off, that's a load of old cobblers and you know it." Daniel tells him. "Secondly, are you mutton Jeff or something? I said we're back now. Os has checked in at security to reroute anything needed to him, Charley has checked in at guest relations, everything there going through her, Kenz has gone to the bar and direct communication with them now, and I'm back in my office which means I'm working."

Daniel put his hand on Nick's shoulder.

"Which means you me ol' mucker, you're now on holiday till Sunday." Daniel tells him.

"You're giving me till Sunday off?" Nick says slightly surprised. "You don't wanna take the day to sleep off the jet lag?"

"Nah, sod that." Daniel tells him. "You've working like a monster for weeks, time to get some days off, but first off, that pint?"

"I can, but you can't cause you're working." Nick says with a cheesy grin aimed in Daniel's direction.

"Piss off." Daniel tells him with a smile back. "Sports bar, now. Os has probably already got them in."

"How?" Nick asks with a shake of his head. "He doesn't talk and he really isn't the greatest mime in the world..."

Daniel smiles as we head off to the sports bar in the Golden Ring Casino.


The sports bar was absolutely buzzing most nights, it had been a top addition to the things we got in this casino. Throw down with the restaurants, the theatre, shops on various levels, this is a money spinner, but the sports bar was the perfect attraction for the working man, wanting to watch a game of whatever sports might be on and dear god did we have a choice of games, in various sports. We even had VIP sections cornered off for people, as well as public screens. People loved this place and if we could get the game on they wanted, we would. Tonight was busy in people, quiet in games. Os, Charley and Kenz had beat me and Nick to the sports bar, sitting at a table in the corner, giving them a good view of the place.

Daniel and Nick walk towards the group, Charlotte raising her hand to get their attention as they walked towards her.

"There's a bunch of faces that I haven't missed." Nick says as the group stand.

Nick puts his arms around Charlotte hugging her before turning to Osbourne.

"Bring it in big man!" Nick says to him.

Osbourne shakes his head, looking at Nick through his usual sunglassed eyes but Nick ignores the shake of the head and jumps in for a hug anyway, Osbourne putting his hands to the side and not reciprocating. Nick turns to Mackenzie and grins but Mackenzie puts her finger in his face.

"Touch me and I'll fucking bite you." She snarls towards Nick.

Nick puts his hands up in the air and waits for Mackenzie to turn around. As She does, Nick puts his arms around her waist, far away from a possible bite and lets go quickly, moving around the table, out of harms way as Mackenzie looks at him and softly growls. Charlotte points to two pint glasses on the table and Daniel and Nick nod their heads, moving around the table and sitting in front of the pint glasses as the rest of the group sit down.

"Nice to see you haven't burned the place down while we was away." Mackenzie says as she looks across the table at Nick.

"Why would you think that?" Nick asks, faking a shocked tone in his voice. "There was only three small fires while you were gone and I put them out with no problems."

"I really hope you're just screwing around." Charlotte says as she looks at him.

Nick pulls on his collar, tilting his head a little as he shrugs his shoulders.

"For arguments sake, let's just say I am joking." He says with an innocent look. "Umm, where's Dani?"

"Casino bar." Mackenzie informs him. "She's checking stock and shit. Now she's back here, she wanted to check on what was left and what you forgot to order. I don't know if she's coming to Hawaii with us for the show, she didn't say, but she wanted to make sure things were still in order. This is her job for now after all."

"Alright love, calm down." Nick says with his hands up. "Was only asking."

"How business been since we've been away." Charlotte asks him.

She'd always had a head for figures and details, planning every little thing down to the kinda details not many people even see or consider. She was a lot like Daniel, always had a head for business, always seemed to know what she was doing and when she didn't know what she was doing, she would take the time to find out.

"It's booming mate." Nick says proudly. "We are raking it in. More in profit than before. We've sort of become hen party central at the moment because I came up with giving the broads a free bottle of the bubbly stuff if they have their parties here. Give 'em the private bar for the night, topless waiter service and we have been booked solid in that place for the last month and we are booked up until December in there and it's mostly birds who are about to give up getting laid by saying I do. We have made an absolute killing out of that thing."

"What bottles are ya giving away there?" Daniel asks.

"Magnum bottles of Prosecco mate." Nick replies. "Women are proper loopy over that stuff these days, and it ain't pricey compared to some of the stuff we have here, but for some reason, the bird love that stuff."

"Can't stand that stuff." Mackenzie says from across the table. "It's bubbly piss water."

"Not everyone is like you." Nick says to Mackenzie. "They don't all like sitting there knocking back a pint, although the one's from London popping over here for the weekend do. They go ape when they see we actually sell Fosters and Carlsberg. Not sure why people would fly halfway across the world to drink what they can in their local, but ain't complaining, brings the sales up in here."

"And what are the sales like in here?" Daniel asks.

"Since the Champions and Europa Leagues started, above average." Nick says, looking at his boss. "Lot of Europeans getting in here, stick on their games and ya laughing. Saturdays are rammed in here. Stuck on the Premier League games on in here and with the time difference with kick off, people are in here smacking back the breakfast special while watching United lose again. It's printing money."

"And the casino itself?" Charlotte says.

"As solid as always." Nick tells her with a smile. "Flights are getting cheaper now things are out of the summer, people are heading here still hoping to see the guys from SCU get in here, and the one's that are not on the tour like that Cat Riley chick. She drinks way too much Pepsi but claims it's the best in the state, but yeah, money wise, Christmas bonuses are gonna be good six figures for management, and a middle size four figures for just the workers who have been here the whole year, probably high three figures for anyone we take on now."

The group look around each other impressed as Nick puts his hands behind his head, leaning back proudly in his chair and nods slowly.

"Looks like this casino will be bought and paid for completely soon and everything we turn will be in profit." Daniel informs the group. "Which means money can be moved on elsewhere and just washed here."

"I don't think there will be any problems moving in to the next venture if the books match Nick's words." Mackenzie says, just a slight tone of doubt in her voice.

Nick puts his hand on his chest, his mouth open in mock surprise.

"Mackenzie Page!" He says out loud. "Your words wound me! Dagger to the left tit. Honestly, go see the books, all matches up nicely. We could Scrooge McDuck dive in to a pile of coins if we wanted to right now."

The group smile but the sound of a man's voice can be heard.

"Look at this! I'm the only supporter here surrounded by people supporting the other team. I'm out numbered and I'm still fucking with them." The young man says.

Daniel looks over at the man sitting in a section on his own, holding his phone to his face, clearly live streaming.

"They're not saying anything to me!" The man says as he waves the phone around the other patrons in the bar, many not aware of the man or the game, let alone his attempts to show off.

"I gotta do it." Daniel says with a smile as he stands up.

Daniel walks towards the man and listens.

"No one wants to even square up to me here, they're all pussies man!" The man says as he smirks down his phone.

"Ahem." Daniel says clearly his throat, causing the man to jump around and look at him.

"Oh shit, it's my friend Daniel Morgan." He says holding the phone higher to get him and Daniel in the camera shot. "Someone clearly told on me."

Daniel takes the phone out of the man's hand but holds it to get them both in, he looks at the screen to see only six people watching it.

"He's right, I am Daniel Morgan, hello to the six of you watching this." Daniel starts "But I gotta be honest with ya, I ain't this geezers friend, never seen him before, in fact, no one knows who he is. Him giving it the big un about people being scare of him, check this out."

Daniel turns the camera around to show people in the bar watching other games, not one taking notice of the filming, but Daniel commentates.

"You see this guy who clearly has little manhood and feels the need to feel big and tough around you guys, who he probably has never met in real life, isn't surrounded by away supporters." Daniel tells them. "In fact, he's not even watching a game."

Daniel spins around to show the nearest screen off.

"He's just trying to make himself seem bigger than he is." Daniel says as he flips the camera around to face him.

Daniel puts his arm around the man's shoulder, the man looking at the ground, clearly embarrassed.

"Ain't that right, mate?" Daniel says as the man sheepishly nods. "But this geezer can have a claim to fame. He can say that he has live streamed with me and that I'm sure he'll show you any time. You lot be good and come on down to the Golden Ring Casino, where we serve good food, good drinks, and expose idiots like this."

Daniel hits the end button on the phone just as a waitress walks past. Daniel drops the phone in to a pitcher of beer and looks at the man.

"Now you won't do anything like that again, will ya?" Daniel says softly.

"No sir." The man quietly answers back.

"Good" Daniel says with a smile. "No piss off."

Daniel watches the man run towards the door as he goes and rejoins the group.


Now we switch to something we've never seen before. I know, this one is gonna surprise ya but I thought to myself that there's four promos we need to record, and that silly tosser Jack Asher decided to question why Osbourne never cuts a promo. Now I thought all four of us should cut a promo, problem is Osbourne doesn't talk, but me, Charley and Kenz thought he might want to get his thoughts across on the stupidness of Jack Asher himself, so here you go, Osbourne cutting a promo... Well, sort of.

The camera shows Osbourne just sitting in a chair in the office of Daniel Morgan, he points to the bottom of the screen.

"Are you for fucking real?" The subtitle comes up below him. "I mean seriously Jack Asher, are you for real? Are you just playing dumb, what the fuck is wrong with you? When have you ever and I do mean ever, heard me talk? It's because I fucking don't. It's because I don't have to and all you've managed to do is force me to sit here and write this shit to come up on the bottom of the screen so I can do that thing and keep my mystique about me. I dunno if it's your fucking thing to act all dumb and ask stupid questions, but guess what my thing is?"

Osbourne puts his hand out.

"Not fucking talking you dumb son of a bitch." The subtitle says. "I.e., for you stupid people, not letting words come out of my mouth, being the strong silent type. You must have heard the saying, it's better to be silent and thought of as a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt? Well maybe you should have stopped asking stupid and you wouldn't have exposed yourself as a complete and utter fucking moron. You have removed anyone's doubt that you are actually stupid as fuck. You even sat and mocked us for not showing up at shows, when you were there less than us, and you're meant to be the champions, but you keep tweeting about that bit you're knocking around with while neglecting what someone pays you to do."

Osbourne puts both his hands out shrugs as he wait for the next subtitle to come up.

"You clearly know nothing about us, know nothing about the group and that just makes you look like you're half arsing everything. We were trained right to know thy enemy and that was long before we come to wrestling, you should always know about the people trying to take something from you but you seem to throw shit at a wall and see if it sticks. It's not fucking sticking Jack, in fact it's bouncing back and hitting you in the face cause your uneducated opinion of us shows that your should have been swallowed on the night of your conception. If you was the best sperm that could have won, that doesn't say a lot for the rest of them, because you as a waste of time for everyone. Making me write this just because it would make you look stupider than you are might be fun, but it's a waste of time and proof that you know fuck all about what your dealing with. Honestly, you don't have a fucking clue, do you?"

Osbourne shakes his head as we wait the next subtitle.

"There's your problem, you're now ruled by your little head and takes away from what you're meant to be doing and what your meant to be doing is proving you are worthy champions, when you just come across as a rambling bum. Hell, even when ya partner is pissed out of her skull, she makes more sense than you do and that's saying something cause I don't think she's had a coherent day since she learned how to say vodka and coke please."

Osbourne raises his hand to his mouth in the universal drinking sign.

"And she's the smart one. What made you think that it was a great idea about asking why Daniel did the talking and not me? Didn't you think for a second ere hold on, he hasn't said a word since he got here, but his actions have spoke volumes? Didn't you think that's just what I did? Of course you never, because you ain't got it up here, have you?"

Osbourne points to the side of his head as the next subtitle runs on the screen.

"Now when you ain't even got the smarts to actually look in to something before asking a silly questions, then you should know there and then that ya fucked, because you're not gonna be out thinking much when I get my hands on you. I'd happily lean over you and knock sense in to you till I get fucking tired and I don't get tired easily. On the 20th, if I'm the man that's in that ring with you and for your sake I hope I'm not, you ain't gonna get a chance to ask stupid questions, because you'll be handing me those belts and scampering back in to the sunset, after all, you don't look like a guy who handles loss very well."

A slight smile crosses Osbourne's face as he points down again.

"Then they tell me I now have to talk about some guy called Matt Spears. I didn't know who he was but I did the opposite of Jack the Twat and did some research. So Matt Spears used to be Jon Dough, but had a rubbery green mask thing, lost it to Acquin, which killed Jon Dough and kept an already on the roster Matt Spears on the show. Confused? Yeah, me too."

Osbourne rubs the side of his head but the subtitles continue.

"Well Matt, you haven't asked any stupid questions yet, and you've won titles and showed up to push the division, more than what we can say about the champions in this match, so you're already one step ahead of them. I sat and watched some of your stuff, like that great match when you had the slimer mask on, teaming with some other fella against Ben Jordan and Jamie Dean. That was pretty decent and shows that you are a solid tag team guy but I think it's time those belts found a new home that they know is pretty familiar, a place with us show we can show the division, fuck, every division how champions should really act. You might take offence to that, I don't fucking care if you do but you were the forth team announced, the one pulled in out of nowhere, there's no fucker in this match that knows if this is your one and done. No one knows if you're here to make up the numbers or if this is a big return for you. Something tells me you won't be about after this show unless you win. It's the same feeling I get about good ol' Jackie boy too."

Osbourne fires a thumbs up at the screen as the subtitles continue.

"You're not gonna win anyway so you're not gonna have to deal with that little problem, that's for sure. We've sat there and watched other teams old the belts, we've seen teams come back and try and hold the belts, been a mixed run, so it's time we took hold of these belts back for ourselves and showed what can be done with them. Sorry Matt, just wrong place, wrong time for you."

Osbourne taps the watch on his wrist and more subtitles roll on the screen.

"They told me I had to write about Acquin, but seriously, who gives a fuck about Acquin? Has anyone ever given a fuck about Acquin?"

Osbourne shakes his head.

"I know God loves a trier Acquin, but this takes the piss! Even he has given up on you at this point. You're sitting there, no success, no nothing but you keep on continuing like a soldier but the truth is, it's time you evaluated your career and realised that you don't actually have a career. You knock around with weird people, who also can't buy wins just to stay relevant. Losers tend to find each other and have you seen the losers you're actually with at this point in your career. From what I heard, you used to hang out with the boss. How do you go from hanging out with the boss to being forth best in a group which contains the likes of Jessie Salco and Amy Santino? Fucking baffling that this has happened but not surprising when you look at you. You're not worth the ink I'm using writing this shit down."

Osbourne stares stoned faced in to the camera.

"But I'll make you all two promises, one, London Underground will walk out with the SCW Mixed Tag Team championships once more, and two, because there's actually been a theme to this, after High Stakes IX, you will not see Culture Shock still in SCW because they look like the sort that will cry over losing and claim they dunno where to go, you won't see the members of The Elders here, this is there one big show appearance, and you won't see Amy Santino, cause she's been hinting at pissing off in her recent promos, or the bloke with the fucked up neck Joshua Acquin here anymore."

Osbourne stands up, straightening his suit jacket as another subtitle comes up.

"Bored of writing this shit now. You're all wankers and this has been a waste of my time... Waste of my fucking time."

Osbourne walks off camera as the scene fades

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Mixed Tag Team Championship Match
« Reply #2 on: October 12, 2019, 07:47:15 AM »
 Yes, it's still Monday.... Still a long and busy Monday.

Home sweet home for some of us. I loved the beach, and somehow Despayre got a shot of me in a bikini, I dunno how, much have a long distance camera but it was lucky it was me and not Kenz or she'd have battered him. Anyway, from what I got, Kenz was happy to be home, she was more of a city girl than a sit on the beach kinda girl. Daniel was curious to see what Nick George had been up to in his absence, and Osbourne, well, who knows what Os was thinking, no one ever did know, but I loved the chance to get away but it was time to get back to work. It was time to remind people we were still about. We all had our parts to play, Osbourne went to the security room to check through some records, Mackenzie went to the casino bar, just to run the rule over it, Daniel had headed his way towards Nick to let him know we were back on the plot. I had to head off to guest relations. Could you imagine Kenz doing that? "They don't like it, fuck 'em all." would be the motto of that place. Everything was mint with the guest relations part, no problems from anyone at all in the time we went, in fact I was told Nick was doing a decent job with promoting the place coming up with new offers so any slight concerns I had were put to rest. So to me, was time to have a wander through the casino floor and to the bar.

Charlotte can be seen casually dressed in blue jeans, a white sleeveless shirt and flat Converse shoes as she walks through the crowd on the casino floor, patrons looking at her as she walks through, recognising her instantly. Some through shyness turned their heads but others offered her an unexpected smile. She quickly observes a table playing Blackjack, watching as one lucky winner beat the dealer and looking at three other disappointed faces. Charlotte nods at the dealer, a man in his fifties, who politely smiles back at someone he sees as his boss and Charlotte continues her journey, past more gaming tables and towards the main casino bar. She looks around at the tables near the bar, looking for any sign of unhappiness but spotting none, she makes her way to the bar. She waits patiently as she looks around. From out of a door behind the bar, Mackenzie walks though, and lifts a section of the bar, moving through it and shutting it down behind her, before stepping around to Charlotte.

"Any problems?" Charlotte asks as Mackenzie moves next to her.

Mackenzie, wearing white jeans and a grey shirt, just above her elbows, looks at Charlotte, shaking her head slightly.

"No." Mackenzie says slightly surprised. "Quick look over the records, didn't run out of booze, no incidents reported of pissheads start a punch up, no complaints that the staff have been treated like muppets or mugs, some of the waitresses have even mentioned that tips have been good. What about over at guest relations?"

Charlotte puts her lower lip out, slowly shaking her head.

"Not an issue at all." She tells Mackenzie. "High approval ratings, those little comment cards have given us no low ratings, everyone's happy, and they've had no one coming to them moaning."

Guest relations was simply a nice way of saying complaints department, but in Daniel's eyes, seeing the word complain seems to put that in people's minds to do just that. He was probably right.

"Fucking hell." Mackenzie says with a surprised tone to her voice. "Seems like Nick didn't goof off at all while we was away and actually ran a tight ship. Must be a Christmas miracle and we're only in October."

"Where's Dani?" Charlotte asks Mackenzie. "I thought she was heading to the bar with you."

Mackenzie looks at Charlotte and shrugs her shoulders at her friend.

"Fucked if I know." Mackenzie replies. "We got her, she ran off, I dunno where she went if I'm honest."

"Down here." The voice of Dani Weston can be heard saying, catching both Charlotte and Mackenzie by surprise.

The two look at each other, then look towards the bar, leaning over and looking down at Dani Weston sitting on the floor in front of the bar. Mackenzie shares a sideways glance towards Charlotte and looks back at Dani.

"You know you don't have to polish the floor with your arse, we have cleaners for that." Mackenzie tells her.

"I'm not, I'm just..." Dani trails off, remember where she is right now.

I don't blame her, we've all been in holiday mode for a month, sitting on beaches with the people you work with and for on a social level can blur lines, especially in a place like this, but that wasn't the way Daniel liked to run things. He was fine when you was outside of work with his employees, but inside of work, he demanded professionalism. I think that thought hit Dani at the point, even though technically, she shouldn't be working.

"Just counting some bottles down here, seeing if we need more." She tell Charlotte and Mackenzie.

Charlotte puts her hand over the bar, waving Dani to her feet with just a hand signal. Dani nods her head as she stands up, looking across the bar at them.

"Dani, you're not working tonight." Charlotte tells her. "So why are you even counting bottles in the first place?"

"And why are you sitting on the floor?" Mackenzie asks her. "You can count those bottles down there by just stepping back a bit, so who are you hiding from?"

I think Mackenzie actually knew the answer to this, but was in a way testing Dani, to see if she would say it.

"No one." She says with the tone in her voice getting slightly higher. "I just needed to count the bottles down there to see what we had so I can hit the ground running when I am working tomorrow night. I don't wanna be caught here with less than we need."

"Fooling no one toots." Mackenzie says with a grin. "But you probably need to face him at some point. You both work here, place would struggle without you so need to sit and have a word at some point."

"Would it be easier for me to find somewhere else to work?" Dani asks slowly, her eyes half shut as if she was dreading the answer.

"She just told you the place would struggle without you." Charlotte says with a smile. "And that's probably the closest thing you'll get to a compliment from Mackenzie. Let's be honest about it, she doesn't exactly give the air of sunshine and lollypops, does she?"

Charlotte smiles towards Mackenzie who scrunches up her face as a response before they both look back towards Dani.

"We're meeting him for a drink in the sports bar." Charlotte lets her know. "Daniel's gone to go get him, now might be the time to come and sort this, because I know Daniel is giving him the best part of the week off so you won't have to see him too much because you are working."

"Now is probably not a great time to do that." Dani says nervously. "I mean we haven't spoke too much since I came out on that tour."

"If it makes you feel better." Mackenzie says to Dani. "I can walk in there and kick him the bollocks for ya. It won't be the first time I've done that and it won't be the last time."

"Trust me, that is more than true." Charlotte confirms.

"It's just gonna be weird." Dani says as she reaches out both hands towards Charlotte and Mackenzie, putting her hand on both of theirs. "But thank you. I will talk to him but now is probably not the time."

Charlotte and Mackenzie nod towards each other and Charlotte looks back at her.

"You got anywhere to stay tonight?" Charlotte asks. "I mean if you're not gonna come see him for a pint now, guessing you're not gonna want to go home."

A sad look crosses Dani's face.

"I didn't think of that." She says in a sad voice.

Charlotte reaches in to her pocket and pulls out a set of keys, sliding them across the bar to Dani.

"You know where the spare bedroom is." Charlotte tells her. "It's yours while you need it."

"Won't Daniel or Osbourne mind?" Dani asks, slowly reaching out for the keys.

"I'll let them know later." Mackenzie adds. "They ain't gonna worry about it/ Now go on, stop counting bottles and piss off home. Daniel and Osbourne as in here for the night, we'll be back with ya in an hour. Order pizza."

"Lots of pizza." Charlotte adds.

"And that shit there." Mackenzie says, pointing to a bottle behind the bar.

"That's a three hundred dollar bottle of whiskey." Dani says looking surprised.

"It is?" Mackenzie says as she reaches in to her pocket and pulls out a wad of notes and throwing some on the bar. "Better make it the five hundred dollar bottle."

"We'll see ya in a bit." Charlotte says with a nod.

The two women turn to walk away to meet up with Daniel, Osbourne and Nick in the sports bar.

You can see that in promo number one.


It was about an hour later when the drinks in the sports bar were done and dusted and Nick had headed back home for some sleep. I know when he sleeps after constant work, he can sleep for days and to his credit, and I'm glad it's me, Charlotte doing the talking this week and not Kenz, he gets credit, but to that credit, he has been in seven days a week for a month. I know the casino is twenty four hours, but we do have rooms in this place for whoever is here through the night, just a call away from dealing with what might need to be dealt with. Nick may well have been seeing his bed for the first time in a month and trust me, he is gonna sleep for a while, so tonight, Daniel and Osbourne will be in the casino. A text to me from Dani with a lot of thank you's and kisses confirmed she was at our house waiting for us, but my night wasn't over just yet.

The group watched as the tired Nick waves his hand one last time as he exited the sports bar, set to make his way across the casino floor. Daniel and Os had finished their drinks, as had Charlotte and Mackenzie.

"Right, we'll be calling it a night then." Mackenzie tells Daniel, stretching her back muscles out as she stands.

"Yeah." Daniel quickly replies. "But before you two scoot off, I wanna have a quick word with Charley about something. Os, you wanna head up to the office and get out the books? Just wanna have a quick butchers over them when I get up. Just need a quick word with Charley about a researching something for me."

The group knew not to argue with Daniel, he had their best interest at heart and it was common knowledge that Charlotte was the researcher of the group. No matter what job they pulled, no matter what venture they would step in to, Charlotte's attention to detail was used no matter what, it was her forte.

Charlotte looks towards Mackenzie and gives her a quick nod.

"I'll be at the blackjack table closest to the door." Mackenzie tells them.

Osbourne and Mackenzie nod towards Daniel and Charlotte before leaving, Mackenzie to kill a few minutes on the table, Osbourne to set things up for the night. Daniel and Charlotte take a seat back at the table, looking around either side for peering eyes and pricked up ears. Charlotte breaks the silence.

"What's on your mind?" Charlotte asks Daniel as she sits opposite him at the table. "Something lined up?"

Daniel sharply shakes his head as he looks at her across the table.

"Not lined up as such mate, but need a little research done. Something's been bothering me for a while, based on something that idiot Asher spurted out." Daniel tells her in a hushed voice. "Now I thought he was as pissed up as his partner when she took a jump to Twitter to call me that c word, without tagging me in it, but childish little sub tweets."

"Well she is pretty much a child, Daniel." Charlotte says "She's barely out of pampers."

"I know but she wasn't the one that said something that bothered me." Daniel explains. "But that little rat Asher was claiming he knows all about us. He even used the term gangster, so either he's clutching at straws because most business men are often thought of as shady, or maybe someone in here has seen something they shouldn't have. Maybe he's got a mole in here."

"We're way too careful to be caught out by some idiot who asked why you cut the promo's at not Os." Charlotte says with a laugh "He's probably seen a gangster movie or two and thinks he can see a connection but he's taking punts all over the place. Probably just saw The Godfather and thinks you both have the same desk or something and that's why you can be called a gangster."

Charlotte leans back in her chair, laughing at the thought that Jack Asher could be anywhere near right.

"The truth is we can make him disappear." Daniel tells her. "We can make him vanish, never to be seen again, but he's put that out there and that would be a gangster thing to do."

"If you wanted to go that route..." Charlotte ponders. "We can have it done while we're all at a major event with bundles of witnesses. Is that what you want? I'm pretty sure the bikers might be able to lend a hand. We can set it up where it looks like he owed them a lot of cash and they did it. Is that a route you wanna go though?"

Daniel looks around, seeing no one close enough to hear.

"I'm thinking he's very much being a Billy bullshitter and taking a few random pokes in the dark." Daniel says looking across the table. "Plus I don't want too much heat. It's not like we can't, but for now, no, he's already acting like a bit of a spastic anyone and discrediting himself with his lack of knowledge about where he works and who is around him, so all we need to do is give him enough rope and let him hang himself and he's doing a bloody good job of it at the moment."

"So what do you need done?" Charlotte asks, a look on her face switching to serious.

"I don't want you worrying about it too much tonight." Daniel tells her. "But tomorrow, I want you to get Kenz to go through employee records for the last three months, the one's that are still here, the one's that are not. If he has stuck a plant in here, it would have been within the last three months, he wouldn't have even looked at us before going for the Mixed Tag Titles. Geezer lives in his own little world, so trying to take us down would have been meaningless before than. Neither of us was taking notice of each other. I want you to get her to see if there's any links at all between those employees and Jack Asher. Get her to check for links with them and Emmie Ward too. Although I don't think she has much to do with it, I think it's all him."

Charlotte nods her head in agreement with Daniel.

"And what would you like me to do?" Charlotte asks.

"I wanna know about their families." Daniel tells her. "I wanna know about their parents. Now I pulled Jack in to giving me info about his father without trying."

Charlotte smiles, a laugh passing her lips.

"I can't believe he fell for that." Charlotte says with a grin but Daniel shrugs his shoulders.

"That's the thing with people." Daniel tells her. "If you make a mistake intentional or unintentional, people are very quick to correct you and give you the truth. He willingly gave me that info that his mum is a nurse and his dad's a lawyer, just by having the human instinct to correct another human. I want you to use contacts and find out if there's been anything dodgy about the people she looked after, and I want you to look in to his old mans cases, the big money ones with people who have ties to RICO investigations, and other organized activities. See what you can get on them and the people he worked with, a little history on them."

"And her?" Charlotte asks.

"Couldn't hurt to find out." Daniel says with a nod of his head. "Get me what you can on her family too, just as a little safety net."

Charlotte stands up and nods towards Daniel.

"I'm on it." She says as she turns away to leave but stops. "By the way, Dani is staying with us for a bit, just giving you the heads up."

Daniel gives Charlotte a quick thumbs up.

"Beats her sleeping in her motor to avoid Nick, but don't talk about this in front of her." Daniel instructs her. "But being as it's only you three in the place tonight, if it all gets girly and you talk about people you don't like at work, just listen to things closely. Don't push her, but you never know what you might find out."

Charlotte smiles at Daniel before leaving as Daniel sits back in the chair for a few second. He stands up and moves off camera, presumably heading to the office to meet Osbourne.


What I thought was gonna be pizza, expensive booze and passing out turned in to a bit of a girly night, even Kenz looked like she was having a giggle and maybe it was just what Dani needed as a pick me up kinda thing, but those two had disappeared to bed on me, the whiskey had taken its toll on them both and both had found their way to the bedroom but me, I couldn't sleep. Something about what Daniel had mentioned to me earlier had me a little wired, like I wanted to get to the bottom of things and get this figured out. We're not sloppy people, it had to be him just taking a random shot and not being too far off target. I didn't have a chance to talk to Kenz about the whole thing really, and now, in her whiskey state was not the time to do so, but I did have a camera in the house, and a stand that I could use up a little energy by getting that promo done, talking about opponents at High Stakes IX. So I set the camera in front of me.

Charlotte places the camera on the stand on the table in front of the sofa, and pours out the last of the bottle of expensive whiskey in to a glass. She flip the side screen on the camera to face the sofa, just to check to see if she was in shot. Happy that she would be, Charlotte picks up the glass of whiskey and moves to the sofa, taking a seat and looking at the camera, her eyes just moving towards the screen facing her to check the focus before she raises the glass towards her lips.

"Seeing this must be killing you, eh Emmie?" Charlotte says as she waves the glass under her nose, breathing deeply. "This is expensive stuff, not the stuff you ruin yourself with, the stuff you can only dream of."

Charlotte takes a sip of the expensive drink, nodding her head as the whiskey flavours dance off her tongue and around her mouth.

"Good stuff." She confirms. "Stuff for winners, stuff for people who deserve to drink the good stuff. I always thought you could tell the measure of a person by the booze they put away. I ain't saying there's anything wrong with cheaper booze, but I think booze matches a person well. The thing that gets me about people and booze is the way you can be used as a prime example. You act like a champagne Charlie because of your name when all you have in your pocket is lemonade money. Now let me explain to you what that means. That basically means you act better than you actually are to create the illusion that you are actually somebody when without the name you have, you don't have a hell of a lot, maybe just a liver waiting to become diseased."

Charlotte takes another sip of the whiskey before lowering the glass.

"I know full well that makes you mad, trust me, we all had a laugh at your drunken outburst on Twitter complaining about it." Charlotte says with a grin. "In fact we all have a laugh at it whenever we see you moan about people just going at ya for the family name. Wanna know why people do that? Why each and every person you will ever face in SCW will destroy you because of your name? Because other than the name, they don't have a lot to go on with you. There's absolutely nothing unique enough about you that people can rip you down for. You're basically a generic little wrestler who can do a few moves, there's nothing special about you personality wise, nothing special about you wrestling wise. In fact if you take away that name of yours, the best thing about you is that you're from London. This is why I'm not surprised you hit the sauce a bit."

Charlotte shakes the glass.

"What a lot of people don't know about London, but you should, is there's two very different types of Londoner. Not these lot that move to London from all over the world for the free health care and to work in our beautiful city while complaining about it." She says being truthful. "But the nitty gritty London. Two types of Londoner, type one, avoids the booze, sticks to health food, sit there complaining that London is terrible, Khan should stop being major cause of knife crime and all that. Then these's people like you, Someone who's soul purpose in life is to go out till your so pissed, you can't stand anymore, every night, on the booze. Constantly checking your watch to get back out there. You're that second kind. Now us, we like a drink, but we work to feel like that drink is earned. What the hell do you do with your day before you get on it?"

Charlotte takes another sip of the expensive whiskey.

"Nothing mate, nothing at all. It's people like you that enforce the stereotype that every Londoner drinks from morning till night." Charlotte says with a disappointed head shake. "Disgraceful, but I do have my ear to the ground, I know people want you to get help, they want you to get out there and be better, personally, if you knock the booze on the nut and want another vice, feel free to take up gambling cause I know a good place you can do that. I'm gonna actually help you with your booze problem Emmie, because those tag titles are not helping. Everyone wants to buy the champion a drink, right? Everyone wants to piss it up with a champion, so I'll be helping you in your first stage of rehab by taking those belts away from ya and maybe good old Mark will pay for your rehab program and get you all better."

Charlotte drains the glass before leaning forward and putting it on the table.

"I think now I should talk about Amy Santino, not many wanna do that, but hell, we all gotta do it at some point." Charlotte says with a slight laugh. "God Amy, why are you still here? It's pretty obvious that you don't wanna be here, it's pretty obvious the fire went out of you the second you ended up back with Jessie Salco, so why are you even here anymore?"

Charlotte pauses for a second.

"It makes no sense to me." Charlotte admits. "Is it the thrill of the crowd? Is it winning the occasional match that keeps you ticking over? What is it that makes you keep going to a business that is taking more out of you than it's giving you these days. You formed a group with some people and I know as well as any when you're in a group, act like it, do stuff, hell, there's four of you, four of us, why not make a statement by coming after us? Why not actually just sit there and do anything, get out to the ring, tell people what you're gonna do, how ya gonna do it. It was one of the first things were we taught as a group. When you first form a group, get out there and make sure people know who you are. You had the chance to do that, and people forget you're a group. We showed up, and we got people talking about us. Wolfslair showed up, people started talking about them, The Good Shepherds even showed and they too made people know who they were. Reforming this group showed one thing about you Amy. It showed you just simply don't care anymore."

Charlotte inhales sharply.

"It's seriously sad watching a Hall of Famer failing so miserably." Charlotte says in a soft tone. "It's like having a family pet you're slowly watching fade in to memory. That's what it feels like seeing you Amy. You just can't be arsed anymore, you don't care about your reputation, your legacy, and you're starting to cement a new legacy of the most deteriorated Hall of Famer there's ever been. Gabriel came back after years of being out of the ring to face Casey Williams in his retirement match and look like he never skipped a beat, but you're getting worse by the match and I'm pretty worried you won't be adding nothing but another poor performance to this match before you disappear."

Charlotte brushes the hair from her face.

"This is just a sad end to a half decent career Amy." Charlotte says with a touch of honesty. "But at least you can say that you limped out with your tail between your legs by seeing us becoming the New SCW Mixed Tag Team Champions. If you wanna do appearances and such, I'm sure Daniel could hire ya for a few, there's still a few fans out there who have your back."

Charlotte pulls her legs on to the sofa, crossing them before she continues to talk.

"But I will admit to being presently surprised about the forth team in this." Charlotte says graciously. "It was running through my head for weeks on who it could be, could it be a brand new team, or former champions. Hell, I even thought there was a chance it could be one of the couples from the past like Melody and J2H, or Gabriel and Odette, but I was presently surprised it would be Orchid in the ring."

Charlotte nods with her approval.

"When Kenz and me were working, training every day at the OG Gym, we were shown matches as part of the education." Charlotte reminisces. "There was none of this mixed tag stuff cause it wasn't a thing and me and Charlotte watched a lot of your's and Song's stuff and I was impressed. Could say I was actually a fan of the style, of the unpredictable way you'd do things, and I happened to sit there and watch your match the past Sunday with Amy Santino. Now I said earlier Amy is going down the pan, but you looked pretty sharp, you looked like you was up and ready to go, probably the most dangerous out of the teams we will be up against but as good as you are Orchid, we're better."

Charlotte waves her finger at the camera.

"Oh so much better." She continues. "I'm being respectful here, I'm sure next week, Kenz will be talking about punching ya teeth out or something but I'm just gonna lay it on the line for you and be straight up with you. You've faced some good teams, some good people but you've never faced anyone like us before. Not one person comes out of a match with us and is still the same afterwards and you'll be no different. That's me being nice to you Orchid, but that changes if I'm the one who ends up in the ring with you, that changes as soon as that bell in rung. You're gonna be the second best person in that ring and that's the cold hard truth of it."

Charlotte looks up at the camera, seeing the low battery light blinking.

"That's about as much respect as you're gonna get out of me Orchid." Charlotte says, smiling with just the left side of her mouth raised in a smirk. "At High Stakes IX, you will be seeing brand new Mixed Tag Team Champions and it won't be The Members of The Elders, it sure as hell won't be The Metal and Punk Connection, it will Be London Underground. That simple."

Charlotte stands up to switch the camera off and the scene cuts to black.  

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Mixed Tag Team Championship Match
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 Emmie #1: The First Step


Interventions were originated in the 1960s with Dr. Vernon Johnson. It focuses on creating a confrontation between a group of supporters and the addict in order to expose the addict to the consequences of their addiction. The confrontation serves to precipitate a crisis in the addict's life that is not threatening, damaging, or fatal, and is used to compel them into treatment before they are able to suffer irreparable social or physical damage as a result of their disease. It became a source of entertainment when the whole "reality TV" phase happened in the mid 2000's.  Since then it can be a hit or miss in terms of really helping an addict to admit they have an issue and further agree to get treatment.

Emmaline Ward had a problem. In the back of her mind, she knew it but outwardly she tried to convince herself she was just a little too overindulgent. She was managing just fine, in her opinion. However, Jack King A.k.a Jack Asher, her tag partner, had experienced this sort of thing before when he had nearly lost his mother to alcoholism three years ago. Which had prompted him to act now, before it ended up a repeat of his mother, or worse, he wasn't able to save Emmie in time.

Emmie wasn't expecting it at all, which was how an intervention was supposed to work, so when she arrived at the hotel conference room expecting a fan meet and greet she was stopped dead to see a large group of family and friends staring at her.

"What's all this about? Mum? Da?"

Among the group were her parents, grandparents and even Jericho, Jack's girlfriend. Bobbie sheepishly gives a little wave from her seat whereas her Cousin Mark has his arms crossed over his chest with more of a "Dad" face than that of her own father or Grandfather.

Patrick Ward stands, "Ems, have a seat my love."

She always related better to her dad, probably because they were similar in nature. Generally honest, sweet people who outside of her actual job of hurting people wouldn't actually hurt anyone.

Her brow furrows, "Is this a bloody intervention?!"

Her father is still trying to gently persuade her to sit in the empty seat in front of everyone but she was brushing him off. Instead she turns angry eyes on Jack. "This was you, wasn't it? I told you, I don't have a problem!"

"Emmie! Sit your arse down, now!" Mark finally makes his presence known and Emmie's mouth drops open. Mark raises his eyebrows and points to the chair. She does so, but it is more like that of a petulant child, not a woman a month away from turning twenty-one.

Jack clears his throat. "Emmie, this is a group of your family and peers here to help you to understand that we are worried about your relationship with alcohol."

Emmie shakes her head, "There is no prob..."

Mark stares her down and she shuts up, suddenly looking down at her feet.

"This is Dr. Canon. He is a very good therapist and specifically deals with addiction. He helped my mother after her battle with alcoholism."

The man was rather attractive, tanned skin and wearing a crisp white dress shirt, open two buttons down the front to reveal a tiny dusting of sandy blond chest hair.

"I know this will be hard for you Emmaline, but these people have all come because they love you and are concerned for you."

He folds his hands on his lap and Emmie can't help noticing that he seemed to have muscular thighs.

"A few of your family have prepared a letter to read to you."

Surprisingly, it's Jericho that stands first.

"Emmie..." she clears her throat and can only look at the paper in her hands, hands that seem to be shaking with either nerves or emotions. Emmie doesn't know which. "I have only known you for a short while but I feel like our friendship was a fast one. We seemed to connect on so many things. I noticed that you seemed to drink a lot, especially when we would go out but I hadn't fully realized how much until Jack told me what happened two weeks ago. You came to his room, assisted by some strange man and as Jack was attempting to take care of you, you kissed him."

Emmie feels the tears burning in the corner of her eyes. By the surprised looks on both Mark and Bobbie's faces she can tell that Jack had only told Jeri about the kiss.

"I think I know you well enough to know you would never do something like that when you weren't drinking, but it seems you are never without a drink lately. Never completely sober. You drank so much that it turned off that part of Emmie I like. How can I trust you around Jack now? How can I know that you are not going to do this again? I care about you Emmie which is why I am hoping that you will accept this gift of help, before it becomes a problem that ruins your life."

There is a choke in her words as she lays her head on Jack's shoulder. He puts an arm around her.

Emmie hadn't realized it would affect Jericho that much. It had been a stupid mistake.

Patrick starts reading next, "As you know Ems, alcoholic issues do run in my side of the family. Both Mark and I's Grandfather had a problem as well as my father who passed tragically due to liver issues. I blame myself for not being a better father to you..."

"Da... don't say that. You were a great father..."

"Let him finish Emmaline." Dr.Cannon speaks up.

"I should have been more hands on. I should have told you more about our family and the problem with having an addiction. I do not want to see my little girl become what my father became. He was a kind, generous man too and after Alcohol took over he became violent, unscrupulous and nasty. Alcohol can turn even the purest person into a monster. I can't let that happen to you Ems. Not on my watch."

Her mother nods in agreement, obviously having had helped her father with his speech.

"I..." Emmie falters on her words.

Mark clears his throat. "When Jack approached me about there being a problem a few weeks ago, I didn't believe him at first. Told him to just leave ya be and piss off but then that tweet happened. The Emmie I know would never call anyone... that word. Then when Jack called me again talking about how you were going out alone and comin' back with some bloke ya don't know? I knew then that I had been foolin' myself just like you been foolin' yourself thinkin' you got this handled. You may not be a drunkard yet, but if ya don't catch it now, ya will be. So smarten up and accept the help."

There was nothing nice in Mark's tone in the slightest.

Bobbie seems to look uncomfortable in her chair but she goes next.

"I didn't really think you had a problem Em, then after Jack told me everything and now hearing from your family, I just want you to be healthy. You and Jack have been good friends to me, even when I was being a bit of a jerk, so I'm here to support you and help any way I can."

Dr. Cannon then looks at Jack.

"I already told you everything I felt two weeks ago Emmie and you didn't do what I asked. You showed up to our first title defense tipsy and I had to take some drastic measures to make sure we didn't lose to the wonder twins. I shouldn't have to do that because you are exceptionally talented Ems. Everyone knows that but you have put so much pressure on yourself. You've let other people's opinions dictate your opinion of yourself and I suppose you're using booze as your escape. I get it, my mom went through the same thing. She was promoted at work. Being a supervisor for other nurses started to weigh on her. She didn't feel like she was good enough and it all started with a glass of wine after work, then two glasses and on and on until she was having to take vodka shots before going to work. It wasn't until I was pulling her from the pool and doing CPR that it finally sunk in there was an issue. She's three years sober now. I don't want the same thing to happen to you Emmie. You're too good to allow that demon to control your life."

The heartfelt tone to his voice was probably the most genuine she had ever heard her partner be. It brought tears to her eyes. Maybe she wasn't handling it. Maybe she hadn't realized that it was affecting those close to her. Her grandmother basically agreed with her father, which was a miracle in itself because her maternal grandparents always seemed to butt heads with her dad.

"So..." Dr. Canon offers a kind smile, "Are you willing to accept help today Emmie?"

The idea of never drinking again caused a knee jerk reaction and she could feel the impending panic attack of not having that buffer to protect her from the hurtful words her opponents had flung at her and would continue to throw at her going forward. But Jack was right, she couldn't just bury those feelings or numb them with alcohol, she had to deal with them now before it became something she couldn't give up and everything she lived for was gone for good.

She nods her head and the room fills with claps and cheers for her brave decision but she doesn't feel brave at all. She feels weak and like a failure. She feels this way even after everyone has filtered out of the room, her parents and grandparents were staying for High Stakes, which added even more pressure to win.  It isn't until she feels the comforting hand on her shoulder that she looks up to realize that Bobbie is the only one that has stayed back. She offers a comforting smile.

"It was a really tough day, huh?"

She pulls up a chair and the metal scratches the floor
Emmie winces

"Ug... sorry... my bad..." finally Bobbie gets it to the right spot. "Probably wasn't the best for that hangover you're obviously sporting."

"No. Not at all..."

"I wish I could tell you I sympathize but I can't. I don't know what an addiction is like. But I am going to help whatever way I can. I'll even come with you to AA if you don't want to go alone."

"Thank you Bobbie."

Bobbie bites the inside of her cheek, searching for the right words to help her friend.

"I meant what I said earlier. I have been lucky to have met so many great people and I know I've been pretty crappy lately with this Artie stuff. Now my opponents are bringing it up. So I guess I get the whole pressure to do well... thing..."

Finally, Emmie looks up. "Andrea Hernandez's promo was just a giant "read between the lines" all her words being "big" and "large". For someone that's supposed to be a good person, I think she's a sham. She should just admit that she has something against overweight people and don't pussy foot around it."

Emmie's tone was fired up. She had been steamed after watching that promo.

"Overweight sounds worse, just call it what it is. I'm a fat girl and up until recently I wasn't ashamed to call myself that. I owned it. I mean people can't hurt you with it if you make fun of yourself, right? I have to get back to that place and I'm going to but you gotta get back to the girl that managed to get grampa Jack to partner with a new, young girl from London that wanted to save the tag division. Tell you what, I'll make you a deal. You get back to old Emmie and I'll make my way back to old Bobbie."

Bobbie holds out her hand. What happens next goes so smoothly that it even amazes the women involved. The two slap hands and then do a series of weird gestures and actions until it ends with both women giggling at how ridiculous their girl pact handshake really was.

"Remember, only we know about that. It's like being blood sisters..." Bobbie awkwardly tries to explain. Emmie only smirks and shakes her head before finally getting to her feet. She was sporting a wicked headache but she figured that maybe she just needed a cold cloth and a couple aspirin. Maybe even a nap.

"Now... what about this Artie situation...?"

Well, here goes nothing...

Hello, My name is Emmaline Ward and I'm an alcoholic.

It feels good to admit it publicly. I wanted to tell you all personally before any rumors started flying. I know I'm young but my dear friend and tag partner had the foresight to recognize that I had a problem before it became something that ruined my life. I tried to tell myself that it wasn't a real problem. That I just needed to control it but let's face it, the first sign of having an addiction is not recognizing that it is an addiction.

That being said, I know that my opponents will have a field day with this. Probably going to tell all of you,my fans and supporters that I am not worthy of being a champion. But here's the thing, they can't deny that we did win against London Underground and they can't deny that we beat Jessie Salco and Caleb Storms.  So despite what my personal problems may be, I am still the same girl that stood here just a few short months ago and told you I was going to be the next one. Jack and I fought the odds. We rose above the shade being flung our way and we became the saviors of the mixed tag division.

What doesn't kill us,only makes us stronger, isn't that the phrase used so often here in America? A reputation for being true grit and tough. A people that were built on the rebellion against those they thought oppressed them?

It's sort of ironic that, seeing as how I am both an American and a British Citizen. It's like two halves of me at war, much like my conscience and that part of my brain making me need alcohol to keep me sane. A constant war. A never ending battle. That being said, who better to be a champion in a division so wrought with war wounds it might as well be a medical tent in a warzone.  Never has there been this much interest in these titles. Never have there been so many teams stepping up with fire and determination.

Four teams all vying to be on top of the mountain and oh what a mountain it is. You need a ladder to get to the top and you need a sure grip to get back down. I know that I can do this. I am sure footed and heights don't scare me. I was made for this match and when it's over and Jack and I have our hands raised in Victory, there will be no doubt about what we are capable of.

I'm not saying it will be easy. It's going to be pretty hard. It's going to be incredibly hard. Four teams trying to climb up a rickety ladder for the greatest prize. It will be pure hell. But I have already been on the road to hell. It's hot and its murderous. It is full of traps and deceptions. And I'm not even talking about my addiction. The whole tournament was hell. So much back talking and back stabbing. Underhanded tactics and clever lies all just to be crowned champion. You would think it was the presidential race or something...

It's a good thing that titles are not won by popularity because Jack and I would be champions for a very long time. Out of the other three teams,we are the only team unanimously cheered, even with a guy like Jack because like me, they see his potential. They can see that despite his hard exterior he has a heart. And I know that these titles mean just as much to him as they do me. We don't intend to lose on only our second defense. We are champions for a reason, and I made a promise to myself that no matter what, I am not going to give up. I am not going down without a fight.

London Underground thinks I'm still just a rookie. Amy and Joshua think I can just be dismissed. And the Elders? To be honest what gives them any right to be in this match? Thinking they can just walk in and be given a shot based on past success? Where Were they during the tournament? They don't deserve a shot. Let them earn a spot just like the other teams. Amy and Joshua may have lost in the tournament but at least they showed up. At least they wanted to be apart of it all. And London Underground? Despite all the really... Excuse my french, shiity, things they said, it doesn't change how much talent they have. They took Jack and I to the limit. We didn't just steal the titles, we had to work for them. Unfortunately, they lack the focus. Daniel for example seems to have his hands in many pots, even so far as to saying he has another business venture in the works. I am all for multitasking but come on. A Casino, other investments and now yet another thing too? It is rather hypocritical to call Jack and I out on not "being focused on the titles" because we aren't on camera at every show. At least we have one hundred percent committed our time to SCW alone. That's the difference between doing this out of love and doing this for money or fame.

And Orchid and Matt Spears? You mean the Matt Spears who let his alter ego, Jon Dough claim his Roulette title shot and just enter a match, very similar to this one and basically discredited all of those men who worked hard for that match. He could have picked any other match but no, he had to be center of attention. Much like now. Orchid is a formidable opponent but frankly she should know better. She's supposed to be honorable. No honor in being handed things.

Oh I know this might come off hypocritical on my part since there have been people saying that I was handed something. Handed a contract, handed a place in the tournament, handed opponents that I'd easily beat. Of course none of that holds any weight, but I am not about to explain myself any longer. It's a horse I'd rather not beat to death.

I know I've worked hard and all of you who have supported me know it too. I am a people's champion. My game plan wasn't to come out here and just trash talk on my opponents, it was also to sell myself. Show you all that despite my setbacks recently it is not going to stop me from getting a victory at High Stakes. I am going to be the best me and the best me is one half of the Mixed Tag Champs.

I owe it to all of you. I owe it to Jack but best of all, I owe it to myself. I have been so bloody hard on myself, taking the word of people that don't even know me. People who rely on rumours and insinuations. Who would rather assume I haven't worked hard and just asked Mark for all of this. That is more of an insult to him than anyone else. The fact that anyone would think he would ever do that is sad.

The first step of Alcoholics Anonymous is to admit that I am powerless over alcohol and that my life has become unmanageable, but now, I can manage. I have a goal, I have something worth staying sober for. I know there is no amount of alcohol in this world that will ever take away my insecurities so I am just going to try to handle them as they come. Like a normal adult. I have grown up a lot quicker than most and even at nearly twenty-one. I think I just need to let myself be twenty-one. A nearly twenty-one year old who won the tag titles within the first two months of her debut, I might add. Not to toot my own horn as it were.

So let the haters hate. I am going to fight these feelings and I am going to fight to keep my title too. I may not be Super Emmie right now but I'm still strong enough to fly.


Emmie's head felt like there were a thousand men on bongo drums inside it. The beat was steady with her heart. She felt dizzy and nauseous. Part of her wanted to end that pain and she knew that all it took was just one of those little bottles locked in the mini bar to do it.  She looked up, seeing the pain reflected in her own blue eyes. Eyes that pleaded with herself to just forget everything, allow that bitter, beautiful liquid to do what it had been doing for the last few months, numb any lingering pain, drown out those voices of doubt and insecurity.

"No!" Her fists on the counter rattle the jars and containers of beauty products. "No!" Again but this time several of them rattle enough to topple over, filling the small bathroom with the sharp noise of glass on melamine.

"No...?" Her voice has lost that determination. She sobs, unable to look at her reflection now due to the blurriness of her tears. A knock at the door causes her to wipe her face with her sleeve, not exactly very ladylike but Emmie was past that point now.

"Are you okay in there sweetie?"

Her mother's voice was a welcome one. She wondered if maybe she had been in Las Vegas this entire time, she wouldn't have felt so alone. She cared about Jack, no doubt,but there were some issues she just couldn't share with him. Issues he probably wouldn't understand,like how she felt so utterly alone even in the small group they had acquired. He probably wouldn't understand how much she wanted her parents close.

"I'm fine mum. Be out in just a sec."

The older woman's voice comes out a tad skeptical, Emmie had grown up reading the subtle differences in her mother's tones. "Well alright. Your Dad and I want to head back to our room."

Emmie knows her mother and father both probably were aware of the shouting, the rattling of the bottles, her fists hitting the bland beige of the countertop but yet, they respected her struggle enough not to comment past the query of "Are you okay?"

If she was being completely honest with herself? No, she wasn't alright. She was the biggest,hottest mess that one person could be. And maybe part of why she held so much contempt for herself was because there were so many others that were in far worse shape then she was, but yet here she was, selfishly using her issues to promote herself in her latest promo.  In hindsight, maybe she was using it to get a bit of sympathy but all she actually wanted was to have people know that her issues were not going to keep her from her goals.

She takes one last look at the girl staring back at her. She felt pangs of guilt. That haunted look, those tear stained cheeks, the paleness of her skin from emptying her stomach not more than a few moments before she had accosted herself in the mirror. For a second, she hates this girl but slowly, she realizes that this girl was just trying to deal with pressure and expectations that most twenty year olds didn't have.


Success was harder than failure. At least with failure, you had something to get back up for. Something to work towards, but being successful right out of the gate? What did that leave to fight for besides just staying at that level?


She wasn't going to be what those other teams expected her to do. She wasn't going to crumble. She wasn't going to let them keep getting in her head, when that was what had contributed to this whole bloody mess to begin with.

Later, after her parents had retired to their own room and she was left to herself, her eyes kept going back to that mini bar. She knew exactly what bottles were in there, how many of each and the brands. She Knew that with one drink she could erase the stinging in her eyes and the fuzziness of sickness in her head. Two drinks would help her smile again. Three or more had her not even worrying about anyone else. The problem was that, that worry was what the real problem was and she couldn't just mask it. It never went away and so she had stayed partially drunk for weeks. Seeing everything now with sober eyes felt like trying to drive west in the early morning. Even sunglasses couldn't completely block out the sun, but it was permanent. No matter where she went or what she did with her life there was always going to be someone that wasn't a fan of her methods.

Acceptance was part of the twelve steps. She was still just on the first. In fact she barely had her toe on that step. It was going to take a while but in the meantime she was going to go out there and be the best.
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Mixed Tag Team Championship Match
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 Climax Control 250
Abacos - Abacos Beach Resort
Sunday 6th October 2019.

No sooner had the bell rung, I watch on as Orchid celebrates her win over me. Slowly making my way to my feet I come face to face with her and pushing my hands together I bow to her and then shake her hand. I say nothing before climbing out of the ring as I make my exit to the backstage area.

Once backstage I say nothing not even anything to Joey as I make my way down the hall as Pussy Willow tries and fails to talk to me as she slowly follows wondering where I was going... reaching my destination I lightly knock on the door.

Voice: Come in.

I push the door open indicating for Joey to stay behind with Pussy as I enter the office and close the door behind me.


Message to Christian Underwood & Mark Ward. Hey boss... I would like to request a meeting after my match against Orchid and myself. Thanks Amy.


~~ Inside the office ~~

Entering the office, I was somewhat strangely nervous, but I don’t know why... I had done this twice before and they accepted, so what was different now.

Mark: So why summon to me office with Christian?

Mark queried a little miffed perhaps at my demand.

Amy: I need a break.

Christian: You are in the middle of the Caribbean... how much more of a break you need?

Christian says with a shrug.

Amy: I mean a break from wrestling. I am burnt out physically and mentally.

I sit down perhaps guilty for letting Mark and Christian down.

Mark: Now? What about High Stakes?

Mark asks perhaps concerned that I would bale on that obligation.

Amy: I will work high stakes and depending on the outcome I am taking an extended break from Sin City Wrestling.

I say with a half-smile.

Christian: And IF you win how will you cope?

He asks as my heart sinks a little.

Amy: Then i will just continue and do what i need to do.

I shrug.

Christian: You sure... you said you are mentally and psychically burnt out. I don’t want you to be in the ring because you have to... I would prefer it that you want to be here.

Amy: If it gets bad then I’ll cut down on the number of shows or quit on the spot.

Mark and Christian look at another.

Mark: Look I’ll grant the break… but depending on the result it’s up to you what you want to do. Lesser shows or quit… but take as long as you need. There is always a place for you here.

Mark says not hesitating on the break.

Amy: Thank you.

Christian: No thank you.

I stand to my feel with a smile but in some way with some dread in my stomach as i worry about what if Joshua and I win. I thank Chris and mark once more before turning and leaving them. Closing the door behind me I move towards Joey and Pussy who is still loitering.

Joey: All good.

Amy: Yup.

PW: What was that meeting about?

Amy: you will find out soon enough.

I take Joey’s hand as he and I head back to the locker room leaving Pussy looking slightly annoyed at not getting breaking news.  The scene soon fades out on the office door off Christian and Mark as we see Christian leaving.


Monday 7th October 2019
Hope Town Elbow Cay
Abaco, Bahama’s
Cap’n Jacks Restaurant.
Time: 9:13am

The scene opens in the Hope Town island of Abacos, where we see the Cap’N Jacks restaurant that sits beside the beach. As the camera pans around some more we see a few of the customers mainly couples sitting chatting until we see Amy and Jessie sitting as they make chat as they wait for their tag partner.

Jessie: What is this meeting about... especially when we are having breakfast.

Amy: I’ll fill you in a soon as Vinnie comes. And breakfast is on me.

Amy says with a warm smile as she looks around and spots Vinnie strolling along the beach with the world title on one shoulder and Pete the cactus in his other hand.

Senor Vinnie: Sorry we are late... Pete was trying to figure out what to wear.

Vinnie says shouting as he gets closer and closer before joining Amy and Jessie and sitting down.

Senor Vinnie: He then realised that he has plenty on and he was just being silly.

Jessie and Amy just look at Vinnie with a smirk as he continues.

Senor Vinnie: So what is this meeting about?

He queries as a waitress comes over.

Waitress: are you ready to order?

She asks as Vinnie quickly picks up the menu and scans it over.

Senor Vinnie: Bloody Caesar and 2 eggs with toast.

Vinnie orders.

Waitress: sure... and what would you like to order?

She looks at Amy and Jessie, who had already decided on what they wanted.

Jessie: French toast with Bacon and an Orange Juice please.

Jessie asks.

Amy: Ham cheese and mushroom omelette with hash browns and tea please.

The waitress nods and takes the menu and walks away.

Amy: So... the reason I have called this MPC meeting...

Jessie: What about Joshua?

Jessie interrupts.

Amy: I was going to talk to him as well... after this meeting I was going to pack my bits and take a flight back home to meet up and see how he is.

Jessie: Oh ok.

Jessie sits back.

Amy: Anyway... I have spoken with Christian and Mark about this... but I have opted after High Stakes and dependant on the match outcome that I will be taking a break from SCW. I am burnt out and I can’t take any more losses. I hope you guys don’t mind.

Amy says with a small smile mainly of hope, as she had run this through her head a few times.

Jessie: it’s totally fine. I can see you becoming more and more down in the last month or so... do you what you need to do.

Jessie says.

Vinnie: It isn’t my fault is it?

Vinnie asks with worry.

Amy: Not your fault. I just need a break. I don’t know how long for.

Amy explains as she ensures that it wasn’t Vinnies fault.

Vinnie: As Jessie said... take your break. MPC will be still around.

Amy: Thanks guys.

Amy says relaxing a little in her seat as the worry dissipates. Looking up she spots the waitress coming over with the drinks and places them on the table.

Jessie: That looks disgusting.

Jessie nods at the drink that Vinnie ordered.

Vinnie: Taste’s nice though Miss Jessie and definitely wakes you up. Want to sip?

Jessie catches a whiff of it.

Jessie: I’ll pass thanks.

Jessie wrinkles her nose before taking a sip of her own drink as the waitress comes over once more with their food, again placing it down in front of those who orders it before disappearing and getting the last few bits.

Jessie: So when are you flying out?

Jessie queries.

Amy: I have flight to Miami in a few hours... which I then have a connecting flight to Vegas.

Vinnie: So no training today?

Amy: Nah... just breakfast with you guys and then pack my bits before flying out.

Amy says as the waitress returns for one last final time putting toast and sides down before leaving once more.

Amy: So when are you guys going to Hawaii?

Amy ask as she puts milk in her tea, while Jessie and Vinnie tuck in their food. The scene soon fades out on them eating their breakfast chatting about Hawaii and their High Stakes matches.


Firstly many of you may or may not have heard but dependant on the result at High Stakes, I will be taking a break to recharge. I don’t know how long I will be, but I will no doubt be back at some point.


Following Climax Control... where we found out who the fourth and final team in this mixed tag team match at High Stakes... I have to say that its certainly makes for an interesting addition, however, The Elders will have a tough battle on their hands, but they won’t win.

Firstly welcome back Shawn or Jon... good to see a friend back in SCW. We already saw the return of Orchid in a match against me, which she won. To be honest I showed you respect post-match but frankly my head was all over the place and I just wanted to leave.

Orchid congratulations of a successful return and I apologise to you for not giving my all. As I said my head was all over the place but with my announcement, my head is now clear, and I am focused. You will get a better fight from me if we do meet in the ring at High Stakes.

Now... it’s been a while since we any of the other Elders inside a ring and to be honest... you are going to be easy pickings for the other teams as the competition for the mixed tag team titles are pretty competitive, which you are probably going to struggle with.

Which everyone will struggle with.

Shawn/Orchid you two better find some time to train hard… feel free to join me either in Vegas or Hawaii for extra. But I wish you guys good luck


Wednesday 9th October 2019

Las Vegas, NV
Joshua Acquin’s training complex.

The scene opens inside Joshua Acquin’s training complex in Las Vegas, where we see Joshua on the treadmill doing a gentle jog on the machine as music blares from his headphones making anyone who comes completely invisible.  The door swings open to reveal Amy Santino with her training slung over her shoulder.

Amy: Hi Joshua….


Amy: Earth calling Joshua…

Still nothing but wasn’t Amy started to walk towards him that she could hear the music from his headphone blaring through.  Saying nothing more she continued to walk towards him before placing her bag down by the ring.  Hopping onto the ring apron just in Joshua corner view, she watches him wondering how much his neck is really damaged and if he needs surgery… how long will he be out if he does.

He briefly looks across as he spots someone from the corner of his eye.  Pressing a few buttons on the treadmill, it begins to slow as he removes his headphones and he looks over with a warm smile.

Joshua: How long have you been here?

Joshua queried as he presses pause and then climbs off the treadmill and picks up a towel to dab his face.

Amy: Not long… I’ve only just arrived really.

Joshua: Ok.

Joshua grabs some fluids and takes some in.

Amy: How are you… how is the neck?

Amy broached the subject of his neck.

Joshua: I’m alright… just trying to keep busy and fit, so I am useful to you come High Stakes.  As for my neck… they doc’s have said that I have a bulging disc, which they highly recommend surgery but not required till later. I said no to the surgery as I want to work High Stakes, but I didn’t really tell them about High Stakes, but they told me just to rest.

Joshua shrugged.

Amy: How much rest have you had?

Amy queried.
Joshua: I’ve had some but I rather keep myself busy and active.

Joshua said.

Amy: Just do what you can... I won’t be mad at you if we lose. But I know it will be hard to be fit and healthy with a bad neck. But I know you can fight and fight through the pain if you have any. But promise me... if you are struggling let me know. Leave the ring and walk out.... I don’t care about the result... I just want a healthy friend that won’t be paralyzed or won’t be able to wrestle again.

Amy said with worry.

Joshua: Liar... you do care about the result and I am not going to give up easily. But I promise if I do struggle... I’ll leave.

Amy shrugs as Joshua moves to his friend and puts a hand on her shoulder for reassurance.

Joshua: Now this bag... is this your dirty laundry or your bag full of kit?

Amy looks down at the bag.

Amy: my muay Thai gear but it appears you don’t have a training partner here.

Amy looks around.

Joshua: Gave him the day off. I could be your training partner?

Amy looks at Joshua and then the heavy bags nearby.

Amy: You just focus on yourself. I work the heavy bags. You don’t mind do you?

Amy queried.

Joshua: Its fine. I was about do a kettlebell workout after my run.

Joshua says moving to the weight area and grabs one of the middle-weighted bells.

Amy: Nice. I’m going to warm up first before doing anything else.

Amy nods as she moves to her bag and pulls out everything she needs before warning up as she proceeds to go for a quick jog around the complex. The scene fades put with Joshua beginning a kettlebell exercise while Amy jogs around the complex as she stops a couple of times to do a burpee.


11th October 2019

Well I have addressed the latest additions to the match a few days ago. Now onto the big boys of this match… London Underground and Culture Shock.  Former champions and current champions… with the latter being a more formidable than the other.

So who shall I start with…

I think with London Underground and Charlotte.

To be honest our history is very one sided to the point where any partner no matter how good they were/are, we just couldn’t beat you. I have given up long ago of any hope that I would win a match against you and London Underground. You are impossible to beat, and I am not going to lie that next Sunday will be a very hard fight that Joshua and I will never win. But the thing is… I am not going to exactly lie down and give anyone an easy win.

But I know what you are thinking…. I am a has been… that I am washed up… why am I still here etc…  I am here because I still love this business and I still love to kick as much ass as possible. But the thing is… I am still better than you at the end of the day, buy you are a gifted wrestler who could do anything they like but you chose to stick with tag team wrestling and nothing else.

You need to step up and make a name for yourself… as does Mackenzie… as does your male counter parts. But hey that’s my opinion… and I am saying that you are wasted in London Underground.

You see Joshua and I may seem the weakest link in this four-way match… but we will put all our efforts into this match and bring the fight to everyone inside the ring.  I have been looking around at when the last time you stepped in the ring and its been ages but frankly that means jack shit because you guys would be no doubt training all the time.

But I am not really that intimidated by it… but I will relish this opportunity even thought I am going on a break.

Charlotte, I know that you are better than me and I know that London Underground will probably as always walk away championship because I wouldn’t be surprised by that…. Just predicable as ever.

Good luck to you and good luck to your meat head bodyguard Osbourne.

Now to the champions…. Culture Shock.

But more specifically Emmie Ward… someone who had it quite easy so far and unfortunately that will come to a crashing halt at High Stakes.  Emmie, I hope that you and Jack have been training super hard because this match won’t be a walk in the park.  If the threat doesn’t come from Joshua and I then it will be coming from London Underground.

So you two better step up and defend these titles successfully because no-one wants to see London Underground win again.

Anyway… Emmie… you have grown a lot here in SCW and that’s quite impressive considering you are related to Mark Ward, but I still smell nepotism at work here but that’s just me.  You see Emmie with you growing and winning titles comes the responsibility of fighting and defending and that involves hard work.

Can you handle that? All the hard work… especially when you are facing three other teams?

We will have to wait, and see come High Stakes.

Emmie you may think that I won’t have my head in this, but I am more dangerous than ever…. And I am still going to fight. So you better be prepared for a fight from not only LU or The Elders but also from MPC.

High Stakes is going to be good and a new champion will be crowd.  


2x GRIME Champion (10/07/2021 - 05/12/2021 (154 days)) (20/03/2022 - 15/05/2022 (57 Days)
1x Bombshell Champion
2x Bombshell Roulette Champion
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3x Bombshell Tag Team Champion
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- 2 x w/ Jessie Salco
~ First three time bombshell tag team champion.
~ 2nd ever Bombshell triple crown winner.
~ 1st ever Bombshell Grand Slam Champion.
~ 2015 Woman of the year.
~ 2015 Feud of the Year vs. Roxi Johnson
~ 2015 Match of the Year vs. Roxi Johnson.
~ 2015 Hall Of Fame!
~ 2018 Feud of the year vs Jessie Salco
- 2021 Year End Awards: Story of the Year:Masked member Rainbow/minority GRIME owner unmasks to reveal herself as multi-time champion and SCW Hall of Famer Amy Santino

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Mixed Tag Team Championship Match
« Reply #5 on: October 12, 2019, 11:57:18 PM »
 Jack #1: Where do we go from here?

Off Camera

Emmie Ward was not the only one having a hard time with the aftermath of the intervention that Jack Asher had put together, the man himself was feeling guilty and it was a very new feeling for him. Rarely did he ever have any sort of remorse or hurt about something he’d done, but seeing the different feelings rushing over Emmie’s face as everyone said their piece, there was a part of him that just wanted to protect her from it all. /Sheild her from all the hurt it was causing.

“What’s wrong babe?” Jericho Pennington puts a hand on his shoulder. He hadn’t slept much and it was late, Nearly three am in Hawaii time.

“Did I do the right thing, Jeri?” He asks, looking over at her. She sits up more, scooting in closer to his side.

“Of course you did. You wanted to make sure that she didn’t go through the same thing your mom did. You knew that if she heard from everyone how it was affecting us all it would give her the perspective she needed to realize it was starting to go down a path that you can’t always come back from.”

He shakes his head, still not convinced that what she was saying was the truth.

“I feel like I just hurt her more. I want her to be healthy and ready. Titles be damned, I care more about her health than that and that in itself is a mystery to me. I never care about others. Why do I care so much about someone I haven’t even known that long?”

Jericho smiles, “Because she’s your friend and you love her. IT doesn’t matter how long you have known each other, sometimes true friendship just happens and it feels like you’ve known each other forever, even when you haven’t.”

Emmie was igniting the same protectiveness he had for his sister, only Julie was older, but there had been times when they were growing up when he had been more like the older sibling. Especially when both of their parents were too busy with their careers to notice that their children needed them.

“Can I be honest Jeri? That kiss... it...”

He can’t even finish it but Jericho doesn’t need him too. She seemed to intuitively know exactly what he was thinking and it happened more often than he thought possible.

“You are a monogamous personality so when someone kisses you, it means more than it does to someone like Emmie who doesn’t view that particular topic the same as you. To you, if a kiss is passionate than it has to be mean more than it actually does. Black and white. It’s also that same logic that makes you good as a lawyer... But in this regard, it makes you kinda... well... A little naive...”

Jack spins his head around. He didn’t like anyone ever pointing out a weakness. Weakness to him was a failure that could or was about to happen. Naivety was how you made mistakes that lead to a loss.

“I am not...”

She puts a hand to the side of his face, “Yes you are. Calia was your only relationship ever besides me, at least romantically. You didn’t have friends, just people that you worked with, that were teammates. You closed yourself off so that everything had to be simplistic with an easy explanation. IT turned you into what some perceive as arrogance and self-importance but to be honest it’s not really your fault that you are like that. You had parents that raised you to believe that you were the best and given the best. It’s hard for you to see cracks in that. But you’re getting there. ONce we chip away all this venire hiding youre reall nature, we’ll see what you can do.”

He giggles and Jack can’t resist smiling back at her.

“Emmie is going to be having a tough go for a bit but that's when you will really need to be there for you. I bet, she loves you as a friend just as much as you do her and neither of you boneheads wants to admit it. She admires you and well if she didn’t think you were attractive I think she’s crazy but she also knows where to draw the line, when she’s sober. She was drunk when she kissed you and came on to you. She wasn’t in control. Now, stop worrying and go to sleep.”

She flops back onto the pillows and turns to her side. Jack still hadn’t attempted to do anything other than sleep in the same bed with Jericho. Despite the advice that Bobbie had given him, he still was going to do everything in his power to make sure their first experience together was perfect, so of course, that meant he had some planning to do, but in the meantime, he had to focus on Emmie and the match coming up. A critical defense and despite what people continued to say about them, they were the champions for a reason and champions they would stay.



That’s what I do most of the time when I see promo’s from our opponents. IT’s always the same tired crap being regurgitated.  Most people talk about Emmie and how she’s a Ward. Like that has anything to do with what she has or how talented she is. Most of what ‘talent’ is, is of course just hard work and training. Although there are some that probably should quit while they’re ahead *cough* Amy *cough*.

Sorry... Had a little something caught in my throat. Amy would know all about that... wouldn't she?

You see the one thing that no one can take away from us is the fact that we are dedicated to this sport... I know some call in entertainment but what we do in that ring is not anything short of needing some sort of athletic ability.  Amy and Joshua once were shining beacons of SCW. Two names that people would see as top billing, that people were excited to come and watch kick ass and take names but now? Now people are bored. Seems that Amy can’t own up to her losses and Joshua phones in his matches like that sad cardboard pizza the caterers in the back call “Gourmet”. Joshua and Amy are supposed to be the “Gourmet” of SCW instead they are just the Chinese food that makes you hungry again in an hour. Not really filling and frankly leaving much to be desired.

Then we have the Elders. Elders of what? Their own little secret society? If we’re just assigning fake titles then I’m the King of the Kings. The Crown Prince of sarcasm. But the best title is... of course, champion. Something that these two want so badly that they’ll willingly take the bone that Mark or Christian is throwing at them here because let’s be honest, where have these two been lately? Orchid and Matt Spears.  A flower and a man as dumb as a pinecone. Good thing you don’t have to be particularly smart to be a wrestler I suppose. Good for me though that I happen to be a wrestler and smart enough to pass the Las Vegas Bar Exam. Just saying.   But back to these knuckleheads.   Not unlike London Underground, once upon a time, the Elders were one of those teams that people got excited for.  Now that I think about it, this whole tournament is full of teams that just want to reclaim former glory. Like hungry wolves attacking the younger, better wolves that made their own pack.

I compllete understand it now. It’s an age thing. Hmm. I wish I could say I feel bad for all of you aging wannabes but I'm really not.  In fact, it’s something I can take advantage of, you’re not as fast, you don’t have the same agility, and you don’t have the same backing that Em and I do.

That in no way means we are taking any of you for granted. Every dog has his day of course but you all seem to be taking for granted that we are young, like we are somehow stupid.

And the best for last, not that this is necsiarly a compliment because in no means is London UNderground “The best” THey are simply the team that is more likely to give us the most trouble retaining our titles simply because they have giant chips on their shoulders at being beaten at SummerExtreme.  Sorry Not Sorry.

I still believe that you are all trash. Not in a ring mind you, no no, you guys really took us to the limit and I am not ashamed to admit that, even if none of you would be willing to say we were the better team. OH no, we won because somehow Mark Ward waved his magic wand over us and made us hte winner. Yup. Has to be it because no way that this young, less experienced team won the tag titles.  It’s fine but I digress, no you guys are trash because you are just generally horrible people. At least I admit that I do some shady things and I won it, you guy sare into something bad. Worse than me just saying a bunch of smack on camera to psych you out for a wrestling match. No... I may not have proof yet but I will.  What I don’t understand is why wrestling? It’s not exactly something that is going to bring you a bunch of money. If it’s because you like winning then maybe it’s time to hang up those wrestling boots and continue to make lovely women widows... oops...

Regardless of the people, Em and I are not going to just let any of you walk away with OUR titles. We set out on a journey to win and to reshape the way this division is built and perceived That won’t happen if someone like Amy Marshall carries a title or if the sour-faced Mackenzie has it over her shoulder. That will only be accomplished by a young and fresh team like Us, Culture shock, encouraging the new teams to try to challenge us. No one cares about Amy and JOsh, or the Elders or even London Underground. They are all old news. Culture Shock is what is going to keep this division actually interesting. Other than being a bunch of gollums what can London Underground give to a young hip fan base?
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Mixed Tag Team Championship Match
« Reply #6 on: October 13, 2019, 12:00:49 AM »
 Orchid and Matt Spears, two wrestlers so close yet the two had never had a chance to teamed up with each other. The two have teamed up with the other Elders at one time or another over the years, but the combo of Orchid and Matt Spears or Jon Dough never happened. When the opportunity came up for the two to get a chance two work together, Orchid went to work to get Matt Spears on board.  

Orchid decided to visit Matt Spears, it's been almost a year since they last spoke. Matt was happy to see an old friend, as for his wife Sadie? Meh. Orchid was happy to see the two, Sadie didn't care either way.

Orchid, was jumping place to place as she has had a bit of free time as of late and didn't want to be in China. So the past six months Orchid has been traveling to see her friends, spend time with them in person. A rare thing now of days with everyone on devices all day long.

Orchid had just spent the two last weeks traveling with Eyesnsane as he had a match during that time. The weeks before that she had been in New York to see Song. After Matt, she and Alana have set a date in Vegas for two nights.

Philadelphia, PA
Day before FWA show

We see Eyesnsane wearing blue slacks with and white dress shirt. He is seen sitting at a bar next Orchid as she is seen wearing black pants with a white blouse with her hair in a ponytail.

Eyesnsane: Your team sucks ass Orchid.

Orchid: Not my team but yeah they do.

They sure a laugh as they watch the Chinese basketball team, Guangzhou vs Philadelphia. The Chinese team is losing the game by 40 points at halftime.

Eyesnsane: You know who else sucks?

Orchid: Joshua Acquin?

Eyesnsane: Well yeah but I meant someone else.

Orchid: Who?

Eyesnsane: That Matt SPpars guy, you're screwed. If you really wanted the SCW Mix Tag titles then you should have just asked me.

Orchid: Well, you're busy and Matt doesn't suck.

Eyesnsane: Wellllllllll.

Eyesnsane says as he makes a hand gesture to let Orchid now... Not really. The Bartender hands them both fresh cold bottled beers. The two toast then take a drink.

Orchid: You and Jon were a great team.

Eyesnsane: Jon, oh man, Jon Dough is the shit but Matt Spears is shit.

Orchid: Hey don't be so mean.

Eyesnsane: Just saying, you should have called me up for the match.

Orchid: Next time?

Eyesnsane: You better.

Orchid: Deal!

The two take another sip when all of a sudden her phone goes off.

Orchid: Oh, my lyft ride is here to take me to the airport. I need to get my bag from your trunk. The two Chung the rest of the beer then head outside. The lyft driver pulls in to the side street thekiddie corner from the bar. Eyesnsane happened to be parked right in front. He pops the trunk open and hands Orchid her bag. They share a hug.

Orchid: Sorry I'm missing your match tomorrow.

Eyesnsane: You go to plenty, take the week to work with Matt. The last time that body was in the ring was when Jon Dough lost to Joshua and lost his mask. It's been a while.

Orchid: I'll make sure he's ready.

The two hug, Eyesnsane heads back to the bar as Orchid gets in the Lyft car to catch the last plane out to L.A.

6 hours later
Spears House

We see Sadie in the kitchen wearing a black pair of sweats as she prepares breakfast. Her husband, Matt, should be arriving in a few minutes from picking up Orchid at LAX airpoort.

Half asleep she pours herself a cup of coffee. She takes a sip and it immediately, gets her eyes wide open.

Sadie: Ah, the good stuff straight from Columbia.

Sadie pics of a train that has three large pieces of seasoned steak, she heads to the backyard where we see a grill already lit ready to start cooking.

Sadie places the three steaks in the center of the grill for faster cooking then closes the grill top to let the heat stay inside. Sadie goes back inside to get her coffee, a book and her reading glasses then heads back to the back porch.

Before before she can sit in relax she heads to the grill. She lifts the lid and moved the steaks over to the edge of the grill and then flips the steaks over. Sadie closes the lid and takes a seats on the table instead of one of the many chairs that surround it.

She takes another sip of her coffee, before she can open her book a bird lands on a rack she and Matt put together. On top of the rack is assorted bird food. She watches as a second bird lands on the rack. The two start picking at the tray with food.

Sadie stares at the birds for about five minutes. She hears the car pulling up to the gate. Sadie gets up as the gate opens up. She walks over to lift the grill lid open. Matt pulls all the way around to the back.

Matt and Orchid get out the car to the smell of grilled onions and steak. Orchid takes a deep breath to take in the smell.

Orchid: It smells yummy!

Sadie: It's almost done.

Orchid: Sweet.

They leave Orchid's luggage in the trunk and walk up the steps to get to the porch.

Sadie: Matt, keep in eye on the steaks while I go make us some eggs.

Matt: Sure thing.

Sadie walks back inside as Matt and Orchid
Matt and Orchid take a sit and start to talk about how they want to go about training for the match at High Stakes. This will be a return match of sorts as the two have not been in a SCW ring for quick some time. They look forward to it but for now they will just enjoy breakfast and some R&R before the real work begins next week.
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Mixed Tag Team Championship Match
« Reply #7 on: October 18, 2019, 08:17:47 AM »
 You don't mind if I talk, do ya Jack? Osbourne don't fancy writing much more, really annoyed him that he had to write to get it subtitled, just to take the piss out of you, so it's me, Daniel having a little chat with you all again, you know how this works, I talk, explain the week and what's about to go on. You good with that? Couldn't give a toss anyway. Well, it's been a slightly get back to normal but busy week, while Jack can swan off in to his arms of bleach blonde barbie girl wannabe and Matt Spears can do whatever Matt Spears does, and off course, Joshua Acquin can work on his my neck's buggered so I need to leave speech, we have a business to run, money to be made, and that's pretty much what we've been trying to get back in the swing of. It worked alright, just like riding a bike, but it was Sunday, and we were one week away from High Stakes IX. Nick had been put back in charge of the casino and we was on our way to Hawaii. We lumped out for a private jet, cause we very much had business to discuss on the way over and plane engines have a great habit of drowning out noises, still, with all the weird things going on, was always good to check and double check.

Charlotte returns to her seat at the table, the private plane fitted with a table for four. Daniel and Osbourne sit on one side of the table, Osbourne by the window, while Mackenzie sits opposite the big man, as Charlotte slides in the seat opposite Daniel, placing a device on the table.

"Clean as a whistle." Charlotte tells Daniel as the leader of London Underground nods his head.

"Paranoid much?" Mackenzie says sharply, but Daniel shakes his head.

"Cautious mate." Daniel tells her. "Nothing wrong with being a little more cautious when we have important things to discuss and no better place to do it then cruising up here."

Daniel had always been a hide in plain sight man, often disguising business meetings in public as a pint with the boys, it was his casual way of not arousing suspicion. After all, he was a good old East End boy, born and raised, and that's how people from that area do business. There's a saying in the East End, you get more work done in the pub then you do in the boardroom. Very true saying, but certain discussions needed to be kept away from people's eyes.

"Besides." Daniel "If I'm right in thinking there might be a plant around us somewhere, best to just keep this one safe."

Daniel looks towards Mackenzie.

"So Charlotte filled you in on all this, what did you find out about new employees over the last few months." Daniel asks her.

Mackenzie shrugs at Daniel.

"Not too much, she admits." Mackenzie tells him. "We've hired thirty at various positions in that time, most are still with us now, but nothing would show off any red flags at all. Because you have no age range or requirement in that sense, most of them are in their forties, few part time single mothers, that kinda thing, no one jumps out there. Bar staff, Dani checks properly, she doesn't take any chances. I know she doesn't know what we do, but she's so eager to impress, she hires the best she can find. She has a whole set of tests set up for them."

That was one of the reasons Daniel brought Dani in, her infectious happiness and the way she refused to let anyone down, in any possible way if she could, made her more detailed orientated than most.

"Two different sets of tests." Mackenzie continues. "Based on experience. If you claim you're new to the game, she tests for potential, if you claim you've been around in the barman game for a while, she sets things up to test you out, trip you up. Being that bar is experience and potential, so it wouldn't be coming from the bar."

"Did Dani mention anything the other night at all?" Daniel asks. "Maybe about workers that she didn't like, or was often disappearing? Always on their phone, something like that?"

Both Charlotte and Mackenzie shake their heads simultaneously.

"This is her team." Mackenzie says. "She put them together, based on what they bring to the table. She gets on with everyone there because she played her part in bringing them there."

"Alright, how about table workers?" Daniel questions. "Any of them look likely?"

"Older guys." Mackenzie tells him. "Forties, evening jobs mostly, none of them come anywhere near us. They're more happy to be employed."

Daniel turns his head to Osbourne, looking at him.

"Notice anything out of the ordinary over the last week?" Daniel asks the man next to him.

Osbourne shakes his head as he look around the group.

"When we get back." Daniel tells Osbourne. "Jack is gonna be pissed that we took his championship belts. His partner will probably be hitting rehab, but he's gonna be pissed so I want you to keep a closer eye on everyone. Punters, staff, even the trusted ones. I want everyone kept an eye on."

Osbourne nods his head once.

"I think you're para mate." Mackenzie tells him. "That Asher guy is barely smart enough to do up his own shoe laces let alone out smart us. No way he stuck people in the casino. We're too much on the ball when it comes to business."

"The thing is, no one's ever come straight out and called us what we are." Daniel says. "Even though I despise that term, people have always played the game right, took things on face value. So either he's stumbled on to something or he's got one hell of a lucky shot."

"My money's on lucky shot." Charlotte adds. "Mackenzie's right, he's non too clever about anything, so my guess is he's took a random shot because of the money and the businesses and he's just got lucky with it. Basically throwing a bit of mud around to give himself something to talk about when he has to. Nothing more or less."

"I'm just being a little bit more careful, especially while we have the deal with the bikers still getting set up." Daniel tells the group. "Once that's out of the way and established, I won't worry too much."

Daniel looks towards Charlotte, his head slightly tilted.

"What did you find out about the families?" Daniel asks her.

"Well The Ward's are an odd bunch." Charlotte says. "Her immediate family are a bunch of pissheads. Drink from morning to night, stumbling in and out of places, pretty much a route you can see her going in the not too distant future. They're all train wrecks waiting to happen. Mark's side of the family, not so much. He was a son of a lawyer, who bought in to a wrestling company with a guy called Mike and a guy called Craig, pretty successful. Mark wrestled elsewhere to start with where he met Christian. For his laid back attitude, he seemed the worker of the family."

"He like's to drink too." Mackenzie tells the group.

"Yeah but not to the extreme of the other side of the Ward's." Charlotte tells her. "The other side is a mess. I don't think they'll stay sober long enough to hatch any kinda plan. Body is probably on auto pilot to the nearest pub."

"Then it looks like there's a way in there with those lot. Thing with drunks is they'll do anything for a quick quid for a pint." Daniel muses. "Come to think of it, we could get her to turn on him. When she turns twenty one, offer her discount drinks to screw him over, hell, I could offer her me to screw him over."

The group smile, knowing full well that this is a tactic Daniel would use to his advantage.

"And his family?" Daniel asks.

"His mother is squeaky clean." Charlotte tells him. "But daddy has been involved in some very high profile cases. He's a mercenary, happy to take anyone's money. He could witness his client murdering someone but if the money is right, he'll defend anyone. It's all fair game to him."

"Now that is interesting." Daniel says with a smile. "Bent?"

"As a nine bob note." Charlotte adds. "Even his business deals are crooked and I do mean very crooked."

Daniel smirks.

"And his son has the cheek to call us gangsters?" Daniel says, shaking his head in disbelief. "Calls us dodgy but his old man is as iffy as hell."

Daniel rubs his fingers over his chin, looking around the group in thought. He nods his head as if he just decided something mentally.

"Well there is our back up plan." Daniel tells him. "Should anything come of this, the bent old man is the way to keep Jack well and truly under wraps and out of our way."

The group nod in agreement as the cracking voice of the pilot can be heard over the speakers in the plane.

"Ladies and gentlemen." The pilots voice crackles over the system. "Please take your seats and fasten your seatbelts, we'll be starting our descent in to the beautifully sunny Honolulu, Hawaii in just a few minutes."

Daniel nods around the group as they stand, moving to the individual seats as the camera fade.


Wrestling fans are a different breed - Sorry Jack, still Daniel talking here by the way - they really are. They're passionate, they're no shy to let you know how they feel, and they'll certainly let you know what they wanna see from you. We've seriously had people show up in hotel lobbies at five in the morning just to stand around and have a chat with us, or just for a picture. I don't mind it as suck, Charley smiles through, Kenz is a straight up crank at that time in the morning. You really don't wanna go near her at that time in the morning but still, the fans show up. They're all over the place. I mean in the casino last week, we had a group of fans basically shadow us for an hour, just to be near us and local businesses are doing a roaring trade when we're about. It's pure passion from people who see us as superheroes or some bollocks like that. We're not... Well, Roxi Joihnson and Keira Fisher are, but that's a whole different story. We're people who put our bodies on the line and people respect that. Thing is wrestling in Hawaii, the fans are not only passionate, but traditional, that was something we was about to find out.

Daniel, Charlotte, Mackenzie and Osbourne stand behind the door, leading in to the main area of the airport, clearing customs with ease, and even standing to post for pictures with the airport security team and customs officers. Mackenzie huffs.

"It's like they've never seen wrestlers before." She says in a complaining tone.

"We can't be the first to arrive here." Charlotte says. "Probably trying to get a photo collection of their faves or something."

"Something to brag about to your mates down the boozer I suppose." Daniel adds. "Right, nice and low key today. We'll get out there, look for the bloke holding a sign up with our name on it and skip away."

The group nod in agreement as Daniel pushes the door, leading in to the main airport, the scene in front of them stopping them in their tracks.

"So..." Mackenzie says with a smile. "What bloke with the sign do we go with?"

The group look around as a crowd of people stand holding signs with their names on it, cheering as the four walk through the doors. The group move side by side as people cheer them, looking around at each other, not used to the cheers in the slightest.

"The fuck is going on?" Mackenzie asks quietly.

"Damned if I know." Charlotte replies, just as quietly.

"I'm gonna take a punt." Daniel says "And say this is how they welcome all people they see as celebrities?"

Four teenagers, their skin tanned by the Hawaiian sun step forward, holding necklaces of flowers, commonly know as lieu's, standing in front of the four members of London Underground.

"Just bow your heads and go with it." Daniel whispers to the group.

The group listen to Daniel and they bow their heads, allowing the teenagers to place the flowers around their neck, much to the discomfort of Osbourne. The four step back and walk away and Daniel nods his head in appreciation.

"Now what?" Mackenzie asks.

"I guess we make a thank you speech?" Charlotte wonders.

Charlotte, Mackenzie and Osbourne all look at Daniel, who sighs and looks around the crowd.

"Aloha." He says as the crowd hushes.

"Aloha?" Mackenzie says, hiding a laugh.

"What?" Daniel says as he stares at her. "I watch Hawaii Five-0 and Magnum PI."

Daniel looks back towards the crowd.

"Thank you for this fantastic and unexpected welcome." He starts "I can safely say, none of us expected it at all, but we very much appreciate it."

"Sell the show." Charlotte whispers to him.

"It's great for us to come to Hawaii, we've never been here before, but we've heard great things about it." He continues. "How many of you guys are going to see High Stakes IX?"

A cheer come from the crowd.

"Sounds like a lot of you are gonna be there, and there's a lot you can expect from this show and won't be disappointed." Daniel says with a calm tone. "Everything from the pre show to the main event is gonna be proper diamond. It's gonna be absolutely bloody fantastic. SCU are bringing the pre show, then joining with SCW to bring you the most entertainment this island has seen in a long time and through all of that, you get to see us four win the SCW Mixed Tag Team Championships once more. I ain't feeding you a line when I'm telling you this is a show that you, nor anyone else will want to miss. It's gonna be a show where the eyes of the world will be on it."

Daniel pauses for a second.

"When SCW bring it, believe me, SCW bring it." Daniel says with a nod. "And SCW has brought it to Honolulu, Hawaii."

Daniel waits for the cheap expected cheer to die down.

"And we are gonna show you what wrestling is all about." He says with a nod of his head. "Anyway ladies and gentlemen, thanks again for the warm welcome, we'll see you all on Sunday!"

Daniel lifts his hand.

"Mahalo!" He says, saying thank you in Hawaiian.

The group nod and smile as the camera fades out.


The ocean is not really a place I'm used to seeing if I'm honest, spent most of me time rattling around some city or another, not exactly a bloke you often see at the beach but I gotta admit, my view right now is actually pretty damn decent. SCW has played a blinder hooking people up with beach side places for this tour, most of the shows were on a beach, which is a bugger if you don't like sand in unthinkable places but it's alright to sit and look out over at the sea, watching the surfers and birds in bikinis but I had to focus on other things at this point, I had to focus on Jack Asher, Joshua Acquin and Matt Spears. I gotta admit, not listened to a bloody word they said last week, if they said anything at all, I dunno, ain't taken much notice, so I'm winging it.

The sounds of waves lapping up on a beach can be heard in the distance as the camera shows a distance shot of the beach, the very clear blue water over lapping with the golden sand on the beach. People can be seen running in and out of the water, while some sunbathe, taking in the rays of the sun. The camera turns around to show Daniel Morgan looking out from a beach house, on the ground floor patio area, just slightly raised from the beach. Daniel shakes his head slowly with a smile.

"Ain't bad here is it?" He says to himself as he looks around.

Daniel turns his head to the ring, just to glance down the camera.

"I'll admit, ain't see a bloody word of what's been said about us this week." Daniel says with a smile "So I ain't getting accused of listening and replying from what others said, that's more of an Asher thing anyway. In fact none of us have seen what's been said about us. None of us actually care too much about empty words and a load of old rubbish anyway. It's true, load of old flannel because no one really cares about anything you lot happen to talk about. Let's take Joshua Acquin as a prime example here."

Daniel breathes deeply through his mouth.

"Been here longer than most but doesn't actually do anything." Daniel says with a shrug. "I don't think I've ever seen him do anything worthy, anything of note. I can't actually remember one single match of Acquin's. Hell, we might have been in the ring against him before but I can't for the life of me remember it cause everything Acquin does is pretty forgettable, everything he says, I can't remember a word of it. Gotta be honest with you, till Climax Control 250, I actually forgot what the fella even looked like. I didn't have a clue. It's worrying when your greatest thing that people know you for is not for long title runs, it's not for being involved in some of the greatest angles in SCW, or some of the greatest titles matches, it's all to do with the fact that you've ended up around Jessie Salco and Amy Santino, habitual losers. People who have some how managed to have a bit of relative success, but never set the world on fire. That's all I can remember you for."

Daniel looks back out across to the ocean and continues to talk.

"You've been here forever but when you ask someone about who SCW was build on, who helped make it get past it's eight years anniversary the other week, no one mentions you." Daniel says firmly. "No one mentions you at all. You were a foundation here but no one remembers anything at all, and they would never have you in the same breath as anyone that was half decent here. No one sits there and thinks you're under used, or under rated, no one sits there and thinks you should have more screen time, more chances to prove that you got something to offer because you've basically fell down the cracks of SCW, and out of everyone's mind. The fact that you have been gone since Fenris tied you up like a balloon knot, no one has missed you for a second. Not once have the lights gone out in the arena or as the case may be recently, on the beach and everyone's thought please be Joshua Acquin. No one in the mind has ever thought that at all. There's not been a single man, woman or child that ever thought that, nor got excited when you showed up."

Daniel turns his head back towards the camera.

"Bet your parents don't even get excited to see ya, do they?" Daniel asks. "And when this match was announced, I wasn't too excited to see you in there either. You add nothing to this pal, nothing at all. I heard it announced, I thought to myself there much be some kind of mistake but there is no mistake, you're in it for your god knows how many chances to win a title and this will just be another failure for you. It's just the truth mate. There's nothing at all that you add to this, just another failed attempt on your part to become a champion."

Daniel breathes deeply before looking out at the ocean.

"Same can't be said about Matt Spears though." Daniel says looking in to the distance. "He has had success here. It's the breeding you see, Acquin didn't have the group mentality to fall back on and as far as I'm aware, the Members of The Elders is not a small group and being in groups shows that there's competition, everyone wants to be better than their group, they all wanna be the stand out player, they all wanna sit there and be the best. That's healthy and Matt Spears has that. Even if he don't admit it, he wanted to be the best, he wanted to stand out in his group and that's what drove him to have some success, the problem is Matt."

Daniel turns his head to face the camera again.

"We have the same thing." Daniel tells him. "We also have the urge to be the best and the competition in the group has driven us to have the success we've had. We've had every set of tag titles SCW has had to offer, people have been crying out for Kenz to step up to the top ever since she bitch slapped Mikah around a long time ago. The competition in the group drives us Matt and we've gone and been the success we wanted to be and there's more to come and that's taking those Mixed Tag Titles from right under your nose. I give anyone credit who comes back, especially to SCW after they've had success here, So many people don't get the change in the roster, they don't get how people evolve and become better, who wrestlers in general look after themselves more, change the way they train, change the way they think. Wrestlers can't just return and think it's gonna be the same old, because it's not. Your return, you're stepping in to a new breed of wrestlers and the fact is, we're better now then we was back then, and this is where you're gonna fall flat on your little boat race mate."

Daniel points to his face, showing what boat race means.

"You're gonna fall flat on your mush." Daniel tells him confidently. "Because this is a whole new world and people like us are so much better than the generation that you dealt with. We're stronger, quicker and a lot smarter than what came before us, so I'm thinking that you showing up, that if you have any thoughts in your head about this being like the good old days, then you're in trouble already cause this ain't gonna be anything like the good old days, you're just gonna be dealing with the better generation. On the bright side for us, we can tick another legendary tag team off our list for people we've beat."

Daniel smiles at the camera.

"Don't get me wrong, I'd rather have these old past it guys in the ring with me instead of the naive type that I get, which greatly brings me to you Jack Asher." Daniel says as his smile fades. "You're starting to come across as a bit obsessed with us. I understand why Jack, because there's that hint of jealousy buzzing around you like a fly to cow shit. I understand it in a way, because we come in, oiled machine, you come in and get lumbered with the bosses relative instead of doing your own thing, with that blonde bird you couldn't keep hold of. She was way out of your league anyway to be honest with ya, way out of your league, ain't surprised it didn't last after she see she was with someone below herself, and lighting will strike twice there because that other tart you're seeing, she's gonna see that she is out of your league soon and piss off to find someone so much better. When you look at you, finding someone so much better won't be too tough for her."

Daniel smirks as he looks back towards the ocean and continues to talk.

"But I'll tell ya where lightning won't strike twice again Jack." Daniel says with a wave of his finger, not even looking at the camera. "It's not gonna strike again when you face us again. First time, you lot got lucky, you two were so damn lucky, it wasn't even funny, but you managed to take something that wasn't yours, you managed to sneak away with those titles and congrats on defending them against Salco and her carbon copy with a dick, Storms. I bet you two were buzzing after getting away with a win against those two."

Daniel turns his face back to the camera, slowly shaking it with a confident smirk on his face.

"But although you're facing one mug like that again in the form of Salco, I think even in your slower than average brain Jack, you know that me and Os are a million times better than that soap dodger Caleb Storms." Daniel says with a firm, confident nod. "You know for a fact Jack, that we're better than them, but I'm gonna let you know a little secret. See, when people push me, they take pointless digs, false accusations and a little blonde tart sits there and wants to use the c word in my direction, without the nads to actually say it directly, I smile, knowing in my head that I've already killed the pair of you ten different ways, and none of them are peaceful. Now with your accusations about what you think I am, would it be smart to get on my wrong side?"

Daniel inhales sharply.

"You're nowhere near right, but just say hypothetically, I am who you think I am, then you know what those kinda people are capable off, right?" He asks, his face getting serious. "You know just what they can do. It just simply wouldn't be smart to dig at someone like that unless you're tired of life. We are not who you say we are, we're business people, so they're not gonna find you in the Nevada desert anything soon, but I will tell you your immediate future. Your immediate future is that come High Stakes IX, you will be called SCW's former Mixed Tag Team Champions, and London Underground will be called SCW's NEW Mixed Tag Team Champions."

Daniel's face switches to a confident smile.

"And you know that's true." Daniel says with a wink. "Cause I only deal in facts."

Daniel turns and walks inside the beach house as the camera fades to black.

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Mixed Tag Team Championship Match
« Reply #8 on: October 18, 2019, 07:16:19 PM »
 I don’t know about anyone else… but doesn’t anyone else feel let down by The Elders? Makes a big comeback in this big match and you make even barely any references to High Stakes let alone London Underground, Culture Shock or even MPC… well I tell a lie… you mentioned Joshua but merely in passing.  It’s very disrespectful of you and to be honest… you have no fucking chance in this match if you think that way.

Orchard and Matt… your disrespect that you have shown will be your downfall and there will be no success for you.


Monday 14th October
Honolulu, Hawaii
Ala Moana Bowls beach

The scene opens on the Ala Moana Bowls beach in Honolulu, where we see the beautiful white sands filled with sunbathers, surfers, body boarders and those who are merely watching those who are surfing etc… as the camera pans around it zooms in on the waves that roll in from the sea, where we see Amy in a black wet suit as she surfs the waves. She zig and zags back and forth riding a medium waves as she dodges past other surfers.

From the shore Joey sits and watches having a few rides of his own before getting wiped out eventually getting some help from the lifeguards.  As the waves peters out, Amy leaps off the board as she wades through the water onto the beach as she brushes some hair from her face, as she heads up the beach towards Joey.

Amy: You alright?

Amy queries.

Joey: I’m good. No harm done.

Joey shrugs.

Amy: I saw you getting wiped out… was it too big of a wave or someone dropping in?

Amy asks.

Joey: Just wiped out… I caught the wave badly and just wiped me out. But I am all good.  Just having to taking a moment before going back in.

Amy: Just take your time… I don’t want you drowning on me.

Amy digs the surfboard into the sand as she picks up the water from her bag before taking in some.

Joey: So what was Jessie doing today? Wasn’t she interested in coming surfing or even Joshua? Or Vinnie?

Amy: Joshua should be resting… though I doubt he is but he knows the risk. Vinnie not sure to be honest but maybe enjoying Hawaii and Jessie I think had plans. I did text her but I didn’t get anything back.

Amy shrugs.

Joey: Shame.  It would give them a good workout in terms of balance and strength.

Amy: It’s up to them.  Anyway… you ready to get back into the water?

Amy asks, as she looks at Joey.

Joey: Yep. I’ll go first.

Amy: Great.

Amy smiles, as Joey who also wears a wet suit grabs his board and makes his way towards the sea, where he pushes his board into the water and Joey drops onto it and proceeds to swim out as he bobs over the waves avoiding another surfers.  The scene soon fades out as Amy sits down on the sand as she watches Joey from afar as he finds the right wave to ride.


Culture Shock: - Emmie Ward.

Congratulations on outing yourself as an alcoholic but didn’t you do this a few weeks back? Or was it my imagination? Whatever the case… we have all our vices in life. Yours alcohol… mine sex and used to be drugs and Charlotte just being a bitch.

But maybe just maybe you still drinking that alcohol because once again you think Joshua and I are dismissing you… I have already stated that I am not dismissing you and I never have dismissed you. It’s all in your pretty little head…. For fucks sake… you are the goddamn champions. How can we not dismiss you… we have to focus on you to beat you?  Effectively you are not the weakest links in this match. But it’s whatever…. Just like your questions about Joshua and I being in this match… we are in this match because there isn’t any other tag teams in the division… we could be perceived as making up the numbers, which could be true but I have already stated many times over ever since the mixed tag team titles were introduced that I wanted to win the tag tittles just to add my collection and it’s pretty obvious that it hasn’t happened yet.

Maybe my fault and maybe the partners that I chose to partner with but this time around we are not going to mess around… we are going to walk out with our heads held high champions or not.  Emmie you need to quit this pity party you have going and focus on wrestling because nobody gives a damn if you are an alcoholic or not.  People will give a damn if you don’t fight and don’t defend properly.

Emmie you need to step up big time because High Stakes isn’t going to be as easy as announcing that you are a drunk.

London Underground:- Charlotte.

It’s funny isn’t it… calling myself and Jessie habitual losers and pretty much writing off Joshua as a nobody.  It’s funny… Jessie and I have more titles than you have claimed.  I worked my ass off in this company to make a name for myself and unlike you I have the power and I can get into any title match I like. If I win… I win. If I lose… I lose but I still can walk into titles matches.  It will be more than anything you can do… you are merely tag team wrestlers and be permanently stuck with that.

Charlotte you are your team mate don’t scare me and I don’t think Joshua is scared of you… like me, he will relish this match and he will fight hard and he will shut your smug little faces up.  He isn’t out to impress you…. He out to win. We are out to win this match.

At High Stakes it will be a massive battle… a battle that will see new champions crowned and those champions will be MPC.

London Underground and Culture Shock coming a close second and The Elders dead last.

See you all soon.


2x GRIME Champion (10/07/2021 - 05/12/2021 (154 days)) (20/03/2022 - 15/05/2022 (57 Days)
1x Bombshell Champion
2x Bombshell Roulette Champion
2x Bombshell Internet Champion
3x Bombshell Tag Team Champion
- 1 x w/ Necra Kane
- 2 x w/ Jessie Salco
~ First three time bombshell tag team champion.
~ 2nd ever Bombshell triple crown winner.
~ 1st ever Bombshell Grand Slam Champion.
~ 2015 Woman of the year.
~ 2015 Feud of the Year vs. Roxi Johnson
~ 2015 Match of the Year vs. Roxi Johnson.
~ 2015 Hall Of Fame!
~ 2018 Feud of the year vs Jessie Salco
- 2021 Year End Awards: Story of the Year:Masked member Rainbow/minority GRIME owner unmasks to reveal herself as multi-time champion and SCW Hall of Famer Amy Santino

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Mixed Tag Team Championship Match
« Reply #9 on: October 18, 2019, 11:26:40 PM »
 Matt: So Soon I get back in the ring and face my last opponent. Joshua Acquin. I was told there are two other teams but I don’t care about that. You see Orchid’s goal is to be the SCW Mix Tag Team Champion. My goal is to make sure Joshua doesn’t become the champion. As for the Elders being a champion. Well, Orchid is on top of it and will do want it takes to win. I Know you fans get tired of hearing those kind of one liners as one would think that everyone will do whatever it takes to win but not me, NOT MATT SPEARS!

I agreed to this match for one purpose and one purpose only. To stop Joshua Acquin from becoming a tag team champion. Amy, you’re cool but I know I’m not your cup of tea. I shown you respect over the years and you played the part. But I know you wanted nothing to do with me. Like when we tagged up during my last matches in SCW. I know you wanted to be teamed up with anyone but me but you were forced to team up so you did you job like a good girl. Anything to stay up the bosses asses I guess.

Yes fans do not get confused. I keep saying me but I mean Jon Dough not Matt Spears. You see Jon Dough is a big fan of Amy Marshall. However, I don’t care about no washed up, used tool by many men who won most of her titles by other champions who were questionable at best to be the champion to begin with.

You sit in the Hall Of Fame yet you still can’t just retire like anyone else in a Hall of Fame. Way to shit on the HoF. Hey we should get every NBA player in the hall of fame to unretire as that makes sense… Of it doesn’t? Then why does it make sense for Amy to not be retired?

You won every title, sorry you won every title during SCW non peak time. When SCW was shining you were losing or not getting booked unless someone really needed a win then they call you so you, like Joshua, can loss. See beating you two is not hard to do at all but SCW was smart in making you both household names so that when someone beats you it makes them look better. But to the real fans we know that’s what SCW is doing and we laugh because the real fans tend to not bother. You see Amy and Joshua, you two serves a different purpose in SCW.

So what’s the purpose? Well, everyone needs a piss break or gets hungry during the shows so your matches are used as filler so everyone can do what they need to do so they can be back in their seats for when the real stars of SCW have a match they can watch it.

Now,  there are people watching this and they are thinking to themselves that I just came out and just said that my match would be a piss break match for them. You see it's not because at the end of the day the fans have not seen me or Orchid in quite some time. so the interest to see this match is now there just because of the Elders. Let's face it, the division known as the tag team division in this company has been lacking and no one seems to care to watch any of the team currently in the company.  

Now I know they're not the Champions, I know the Champions are two other random people who call themselves culture shock. One of them being related to the owner of the company so that person holding the title not much of a shock to be honest but whatever will go with it.

the other being London Underground. guys just stick to your other Adventures that you guys have going on. I know the casinos doing very well and I know Daniel Morgan has other business ventures that we won't be talking about that do very well.  and I get it you need something to hope this guy's what you guys are really up to but there's so many other ways to do it than trying to save a dying division. you guys are trying to save something that is dead that is not a smart Gamble and you Mr. Morgan from all people should know when to take a Gamble and when to just walk away. So the question is why haven't you walked away yet?

Orchid is going to lose her effing mind when she sees this video but hey it's whatever to me because at the end of the day as long as Joshua doesn't have his hand raised my job was done and it was done very well.

So my friend, Joshua, how you doing bro? last time I was in a ring I was wearing a mask that I had to remove permanently do to you actually getting the upper hand. and that's all fine and dandy because you know what you win some you lose some but you van and wait for another day to come on. well come High Stakes that is the other day and I will be making up for the humiliation I faced when I was forced to finally remove the mask and never to return as Jon Dough.

Payback will come soon enough. You will soon see how much of a mistake that was months ago. You see, I'm okay with losing, I'm okay with being on the short end of the stick because we all know that payback is a b**** and revenge is sometimes sweeter than anything else.

Joshua, you screwed me many times over the years and just company. we have a feud that no one really talks about yet it is one of the older Feud's currently in the company because you and I date back as far as 2013. While our Feud has not been a consistent war that entire time that cannot take away the fact that you and I have always been opposite sides trying to screw over the other. This is something that you started years ago and come High Stakes it will end because I will finish it once and for all.

So on the biggest stage of the night in this company we will settle this, part of me is glad to see this part of my career finally over but Another Part Of Me will be sad because at the end of the day no matter how you feel about me or how I feel about you it was nice knowing that the company had a long-lasting rivalry between two of their Stars over the past few years. Sure there are other wrestlers in the company who don't care for each other but they leave each other alone, you and I on the other hand have always had an issue and it was always a great pleasure for one of us to screw over the other.

Which is why I was quick to say yes to this match as it will be a pleasure to see you get screwed one more time.

MAtt stops talking as he can hear Orchid running down the stairs. MAtt stops recording and hits send to send his message out to the SCW fans. Orchid enters the room.

Orchid: So you ready?

Matt: Ready? It’s already done. I just sent it in seconds ago .

Matt says with a grin on his face. Orchid face gets red in anger as she knows something is up.

Orchid: What did you do Matt?

Matt: Nothing. I said what I felt I needed to say for me… I mean us as a team.

Orchid: So you covered how great Amy MArshall is?

Matt: Sure

Orchid: Sure or yes Matt Spears?

Matt: Sure… I mean yes.

Matt says in a lying tone of voice.

Orchid: And how kick ass London Underground is and how Culture SHock make a great tag team champions.

Matt: Ummmm…. Yes I did and then some Orchid. Don’t you worry about a thing. I totally got this.

Orchid: Don’t lie to me Matt.

Matt: Orchid, if you can’t trust me then who can you trust.

Orchid looks at Matt unpleased.

Orchid: Dam it Matt what did you do!!!!

Matt smiles as he unplugs his laptop.

Matt: I did what was needed to do for the two of us Orchid now breath, drink some water and let's go back to training.

Orchid: I will be logging into SCW tonight and if you did something other than what we planned I swear to god Matt your wife is going to be a widow.

Matt: Relax, I told you I got this.
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Mixed Tag Team Championship Match
« Reply #10 on: October 18, 2019, 11:50:41 PM »
 #ooc having no computer sucks.  Sorry did this on my phone.

At High Stakes I am making what some would consider a career ender with me forgoing a surgery that is very strongly recommended for me to do now.  I asked my doctors if I needed it done right now because I have a match at High Stakes.  They said it could wait but take it easy.  Easy is not going to get Amy and myself the Mixed Tag Team Titles.  I have to say that the three other teams in this match can win in their own right.  The current champs Culture Shock consist of a team of extreme opposites and even though Emmie can be considered a rookie we cannot take that too lightly.  Then we have the London Underground.  They held both the men’s and women’s titles when they were separate and are one hell of a team because you never know who you will get.  I have had a match with them and they are leiget a great team where they can win and nobody could say it was a fluke.  The last team is one that is one I have to question why.  The Elders, one of them Jo...I mean Matt Spears, I still have your mask maybe I will wear it to the ring.  I think I beat you for my first tag title here in SCW Matt.  Maybe I could make it two for two.  Maybe even more than that if you include the clean sweep I have against you in a best of three falls match where I beat you two to nothing.  Now you drag a stable mate out there and hopes she can help you win.  Now this match at High Stakes is a ladder match so now I have to be careful where and what I do.  I know I will have a target on my neck and every team will be aiming for it.  I also know if people watch SCU they will see where Nobility ran their mouths when I told them I would be coming for their titles.  I just hope we don’t meet in the back before there match.  So this match at High Stakes I am putting a lot on the line my health and well being and my career.  I have had people tell me not to do it but the one that matters to me most has told me to go for it.  She is my rock and support me no matter what, if she were to tell me don’t do it, I wouldn’t do it.  Now people want to worry about what will happen if we were to lose what would happen to Amy and the rest of the MPC?  We are stronger than that.  We will still be around while she gets the rest she deserves and no one will fault her for that.