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SCU Underground Ep. 35 (Results)
« on: September 27, 2019, 03:32:13 AM »
 SCU presents: Underground Ep. 35
Graphics to be added soon

SCU Underground is filmed in front of a live audience from the Orleans Arena on September 26th, 2019, airing at 11:59pm PST.

Scene opens where John Blade and Chanelle Martinez Blade Discuss there situation about their separate match while Dev Khatri stops them.

Dev: last Wednesday on SCU you and your Wife was in a Double man event when you was in a Steel Cage match after she was in her Ladder match in now the two of you will be fighting the Co Women's T.V Champion Dahlia Rotten and Hit for there SCU Television title this Sunday any comment.

Martinez-Blade: Reason they force to let hit and Rotten hold those SCU men and Women T.V titles like that I think that me and Chanelle. deserve those T.V titles away from Dahlia and Hitman in and we are gonna win those T.V titles this week in our separate matches on Underground.

Dev: and what about you Ms Martinez. do you have anything else to say about your match as well when you fight Dhaila Rotten. this Wednesday.

Chanelle: this is hopeless I mean me and my Husband was in a different match I was in steel cage awhile my Husband John. was in a ladder match with six other men but don't worry though you and I are gonna take those SCU Women and Men Television titles away from Hitmanshi and Rotten. tomorrow in our different match on Underground.

Dev: but John. can you and your Wife defeat hitmanshi and Rotten this Wednesday.

Martinez-Blade: only if they don't leave out as the Television Champion cause me and Chanelle. get ourselves a rematch for there SCU Men and Women's T.V title in our different match my Wife Chanelle has Dhaila Rotten. and I have hitmanshi for his title as well and they both will get there asses whipped by The Blade Martinez and we will show you what we are made of once we beat them separate after we won those SCU Women and men T.V title on Underground.

Chanelle: Cause The Champ is here.

John and Chanelle Martinez kiss in make up when they walk away from Dev Khatri when he continues talking.

Dev: thanks for that support and good luck to you both when you two take out Hitmashii and Rotten for there SCU T.V title on Underground.

Dev: and we hope that John and Chanelle Martinez. can win there Television title over Hitmanshi and Rotten to see who gets to leave out as the new T.V Champion on SCU Underground.

Camera fades when John and Chanelle Martinez heads back to their own Rooms before him in her match even begins this Wednesday.

Gemma: Yeah, I know I have a job to do now bug off and let me do it.

Gemma: Okay, so please welcome my guest the SCU Women’s television champion, team Canada member Dahlia Rotten.

Dahlia and Sarah step into the interview area.

Sarah: Evening Gemma.

Gemma: Evening Ms. Lane and must I say you're looking lovely this evening.

Sarah: Thank-you.

Gemma: Okay now back to business, Dahlia last week you fought against all the odds and walked out as the first-ever Women’s television champion, I know you celebrated all week and I know you're ready to best this Nobility loser Chanelle Martinez-Blade.

Dahlia: Now, now Gemma, Chanelle is a worthy first challenger for my title, she ‘s not going to win because look at who she is facing the most dominant, feared woman in SCU. Winter only delayed the enviable, tonight I make my first successful title of my Women’s television title.

Gemma: I have no doubt about that.

Sarah: Now Ms. Frost if you will excuse.

Gemma smirks and nods as Dahlia and Sarah walk off.

Singles Match - SCU TV Championship
Chanelle Martinez-Blade Vs Dahlia Rotten

Liam:  The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the SCU Television Championship! Making her way to the ring, from Bronx, NY standing at 5’7” and weighing in at 127lb, she is “Azz n’ Class”... Chanelle Marrrrrrtinezzzzzzzz!!!

“Red Lipstick” begins playing over the speakers as Chanelle comes out from behind the curtains. As the music picks up, Chanelle begins to “back it up” before she comes down the ring. She climbs onto the apron and does the splits as she twerks down to the ground. She climb underneath the bottom rope, continuing to shake it. She stands up and runs across the ring, running up a turnbuckle where she once again shakes it for a moment before stepping down to a standing position.

Liam:  Aaaaand her opponent, standing at 5’5” and weighing in at 285lb, from Leeds, England by way of Edmonton, Alberta, she is your SCU Television Champion… Dahlia Rrrrrrrrrrrottennnnnn!!!

Dahlia steps on the stage accompanied by Earl and Sarah, they walk to the ring and enter, a spotlight shine on the rings, Dahlia and Sarah wrap their arms around Earl's neck and he gives the crowd an arrogant smile.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Chad:  This match has been a couple weeks in the making.  Chanelle Martinez-Blade is ready to take home another belt tonight.  Dahlia isn’t ready to lose this belt so fast, though.

Gena:  Chanelle eyes Dahlia carefully for a minute and loosens her shoulders and Dahlia cracks her knuckles.  Chanelle charges at Dahlia, but Dahlia is ready, causing Chanelle to back up again.

Chad:  Dahlia chuckles as she comes toward Chanelle.  Chanelle circles around, jogging mostly in place, dodging Dahlia as she forces Dahlia into the corner.

Gena:  Chanelle begins boxing Dahlia into the corner as she talks shit to Dahlia.  Dahlia goes for Chanelle, but Chanelle jumps back and waits for Dahlia to come out of the corner.

Chad:  Chanelle isn’t quite ready for that stampede as Dahlia charges and drops her with a headbutt!  The crowd cheers loudly now and Dahlia drops down with a full force elbow drop that rocks Chanelle.  Dahlia covers Chanelle.


Gena:  You can tell that it took the confidence out of Chanelle, but not the fight.  Chanelle gets to the ropes and pulls herself up.  Dahlia goes for a Clothesline, but Chanelle drops down and rolls behind Dahlia.  She rams her shoulder into Dahlia’s back.

Chad:  Don’t tell me that she’s going to… She is!  She wraps her arms around Dahlia’s waist and she rolls Dahlia back with tons of effort!  Dahlia grounds her weight and holds onto the ropes, but Chanelle growls hard before rolling back into a German Suplex!

Gena:  Chanelle bridges that into a pin, and even the crowd is stunned by this display, complete silence after a gasp.


Chad:  Pin attempts are tied one to one.  Chanelle rolls out from under Dahlia, staring up at the ceiling lights, panting.  Dahlia gets to her feet first and finds Chanelle still trying to collect herself.

Gena:  Chanelle’s arrogance might have cost her severely.  Dahlia lifts Chanelle up into a Bear Hug and begins swinging Chanelle around like a rag doll.

Chad:  Chanelle shouts out in pain as she tries to clutch onto Dahlia’s shoulders to steady herself.  Dahlia doesn’t relent, but Chanelle refuses to give into the pain.

Gena:  Chanelle reaches up and grabs onto Dahlia’s hair to steady herself before hitting an Eye Rake that breaks Dahlia’s intense grip. She then hammers away at Dahlia’s face until she lets go.

Chad:  Dahlia loses her grip and Chanelle comes down to her feet.  She stumbles around a bit as Chanelle is forced to find her footing.  She dropkicks Dahlia’s knee, sending her into the corner.

Gena:  Chanelle charges forward with the Ridin’ Yo Face (Bronco Buster)!  However, Dahlia grips onto Chanelle’s legs.  She lifts her up as she comes to her feet.  She swings Chanelle up into a Jacknife Powerbomb, hooking the legs into a pin!


Ding! Ding! Ding!

Liam:  Here is your winner and still Television Champion… Dahlia Rotten!

Dahlia stands up and over Chanelle triumphantly.  Once she is handed the belt, she steps down to try to help Chanelle up, but Chanelle slaps the hand away and crawls towards the ropes.  Dahlia glares down at her and gives a nod of the head before she continues to celebrate her victory.

Kingingiseisha “Hitamashii” Shirasu is seen backstage with his managers Johan Svennson and Giovanna Teixeira. He has his recently won TV Championship sitting on his shoulder as Hitamashii decides to discuss his upcoming match with John Blade.

Hitamashii-I find it very curious that I have to face John Blade, one of the 5 men I beat last week to win the TV Championship, especially where he wasn’t even near me when I was on top of the ladder and unhooking the title from the clasp.

Hitamashii smiles as he thinks about how he just won the grueling match.

Hitamashii-If anyone from that match truly deserves a title shot, I would say Father Gerald would, as he was the one trying to prevent me from getting the title at the end of the match. Nonetheless, I did say I would be a fighting champion, and I am going to prove that by steamrolling through John Blade this week, and prove to the world that he isn’t worthy of facing me for the TV Title.

Hitamashii cackles and he, with his managers Johan Svennson and Giovanna Teixeira, go into the locker room to strategize for the match as the scene fades to black.

SCU cameras cut backstage to see Donna Beauchamp and Tad Ezra in the middle of an argument.

Donna: No, she shouldn’t

Tad: I’m the GM. That makes me the boss. It’s my call and I say she should.

Donna: Okay then you make a good point only you forget that I am your boss and I said no, she shouldn’t.

Tad: Okay fair enough. Only you signed a contract with her. In this contract she’s guaranteed a title match within her 90 days. She is wanting to exercise that portion of her contract at High Stakes IX.

Donna: I know what I signed. And I’ll make sure that she’ll get just that, a title match within her 90 days.

Tad: Look, who better than Veronica Taylor? Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Donna: You’ll wait? I can give you 7 names off the top of my head. Hell, I can have a few drinks in me and shout out about 7 more and be just as correct over Veronica Taylor.

Tad: No, you’re wrong this time. Veronica is the top contender.

A buzzing is heard in the background the gets the two’s attention. They turn around to see the Kawaii Dragons making buzzing sounds.

Tad: What the hell are you two up to now?

Tatsu: I make funny noise. Buzzzzzz!!!

Donna: Winter, like what the hell.

Winter: Tatsu is Kawaii Bee!

Donna: And why are you buzzing with her?

Winter: I Wu Tang Killer Bee!!!!

Winter starts beatboxing a Wu Tang song. Tatsu stops buzzing and stands next to Winter bumping her head side to side.

Tatsu: Yo, yo, yo… They call me Tatsu, Donna looks like she’s always sick with the flu. Even in her troll look she give Tad a hard on that has his balls staying blue!!!

Tad: That’s it, I’m done with the Kawaii Dragons. You win…

Tad gets on his radio.

Tad: Casey, please send security down to hallway B.

Tatsu: But why?

Casey: 10-4

Winter: We didn’t touch no body, where just having fun. Right Donna?

Donna looks at Tad as Dying Breed show up to handle security duties.

Tad: Get the Kawaii Dragons out of here. Take them to the medical room. I want them both tested for drugs.

Tatsu: Ha!!! Tatsu drug free! Right Winter-san!

Winter: That statement is as positive as my soon to be urine test!

Donna: Excuse me?

Winter: Oh it’s medical use. The doc knows all about it.

The Dying Breed grab the Kawaii Dragons but let go and get in front of them instead as Le Coven enters the shoot.

Celeste: Jenifer, did my ears just play games with me. Did Tad just say no one is better then Veronica?

The crowd gets in a roar given the history between the two ladies. Jenifer ignores Celeste but to still drive the point home she looks at Donna Beauchamp.

Jenifer: Like moi and Z’e Combat Championship!

Winter: Now those two are on drugs. You need to check the two of them.

Celeste: Go with the Dying Breed before we make you relive last week.

Winter: Nah, you and me one on one and I will hurt you like I plan on hurting Merlot Ayano. All Donna has to do is grow a pair of tits and book me a match with you and Merlot.

Donna: Fine! You win Winter. You will get your match with Merlot. In fact you and Merlot will go one on one at SCW’s High Stacks IX. Tatsu is be banned from ring side to asure Merlot gets a fair match. As for Celeste, you were my choice to take on Halo at High Stakes but Tad feels differently. As spokeswoman of SCU I have made up my mind. Celeste and Veronica will have a beat the clock challenge. Celeste next week you will take on Winter Elemental and Veronica will take on…

Donna gets cut off by Tad.

Tad: A wrestler of my choosing. If Donna is going to overstep her boundaries and book Celeste in a match then I’ll do my job and book Veronica’s opponent.

Donna looks at Tad.

Donna: Fair enough. So Celeste, Winter, you two have your match set for next week. You four may go.

Tatsu: Wait, what about drug test? Tatsu show you she clean then Tatsu sue company for giving Tatsu bad name. This Murica and I won’t take that from Tad!

Winter: Tatsu, let it go. We don’t want to be tested for another 3 days.

Tatsu: Wait what?  

Winter: Oh nothing!

Winter takes off running, Tatsu gives chase.

Tatsu: Come back, I kill you!!!

Singles Match - SCU TV Championship
John Blade Vs Hitamashii

Liam: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the SCU Television Championship!  Introducing first! From Boston, MA standing at 6’1 and weighing in at 251lb, he is… John Martinez-Blaaaaaaaaaaade!!!

John Blade’s music begins to play as he walks out on stage. He talks to the camera man and bounces a little. He holds up his “Never Give Up” logo flag and tosses it to the fans. He salutes and runs straight down towards the ring. He bounces off the ropes side to side and he holds up his “Hustle, Loyalty, and Respect” shirt. He takes off his hat and tosses his shirt to the fans and hands his Chain to the ref to begin to fight.

The opening riffs of Fire In Our House by Astral Doors hits the speakers and Kingingiseisha “Hitamashii” Shirasu comes out to the stage, looking smug, and stands there as the crowd gives him boos.

Liam:  Aaaaaaand his opponent. From Himeji, Japan, standing at 5’8” and weighing in at 192lb, he is your SCU Television Champion… Kingingiseisha "Hitamashii" Shirasu!!!

Hitamashii walks from one side of the stage to the other with a swag in his step before he looks around the crowd, and starts to walk towards the ring slowly, stopping halfway down the ramp and turning his head with his nose in the air to look at the crowd, their faces showing that they do not like the way he is looking down upon them. Hitamashii lowers his head slowly and turns back to face the ring, walking down towards the apron. Hitamashii climbs up to the apron and steps between the top rope and the middle rope, looking around at the fans as they continue to boo him.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Chad: The TV title is on the line as...

Gena: Hitamashii wastes no time as he charges at John Blade, John cuts him off with a European Uppercut! John grabs the TV champ and throws him to the corner. John nails a chop to the chest!

Crowd: WOOOOOO!!!!!

Chad: John looks around at the crowd as they cheer him on. John goes for another chop, but Hitamashii jumps straight up in the air and hits John in the jaw with a high knee.

Gena: John takes a step back. Getting caught off guard Hitamashii takes advantage as Hitamashii lays a low stiff kick. Hitamashii goes in to grab John but John's quick thinking nails the TV Champ with a clothesline to the mat!

Chad: Hitamashii quickly does a kip-up to get to his feet. John grabs him and sends him to the ropes. Hitamashii bounces off and heads back to John. John lifts him up in a military press!

Gena: John walks around the ring with the TV Champ over his head. The crowd cheer for John Blade as he releases Hitamashii dropping him from behind.

John looks at the crowd then turns to a cameraman to smile for those watching at home.

Chad: John is in a big match, he better focus on the champion and not the crowd. John bends down to grab Hitamashii but the TV champ grabs John first and rolls him up in a small package!


Gena: See, to your point, that's why you never give Hitamashii a second to breathe. John needs to stay on the champ if he wants to be the champ.

Chad: Both men get to there feet and tie up. John lifts Hitamashii up and drops him with a suplex! John runs to the ropes and bounces off, he stops right in front of Hitamashii, John drops for the Five Knuckle Shuffle, but Hitamashii rolls out of the way at the last second.

Gena: Hitamashii crawls and nails john head-on with a ramming headbutt! The champ gets up and gets John to his feet. Hitamashii grabs John Blade and sends him to the ropes, but gets reversed, no wait, it gets reversed again! John bounces off the ropes as Hitamashii drops down. John jumps over him and runs to the opposite ropes. The champ gets to his feet and gets closer to the middle of the ring.

Chad: John bounces off the ropes and heads back to the champ who jumps up in a leapfrog as John goes under him to the opposite ropes. John kicks off the ropes for his Springboard Stunner!!!

Gena: But the TV Champ sees it coming and counters hitting John in the back with a dropkick!!!

Chad: Hitamashii gets John to his feet. John hails a quick uppercut, Hitamashii stumbles back a few steps. John goes in to grab the champ but gets kicked then drop with a DDT!

Gena: Hitamashii runs to the corner and climbs the turnbuckles. John holds his head as he gets to his feet. Hitamashii drops off and wraps his legs around John's head... Concrete Heart!!! (Dragonrana)

Chad: Hitamashii hooks the leg for the cover!


Ding! Ding! Ding!

Liam: Your winner and still the SCU TV Champion... Kingingiseisha "Hitamashii" Shirasu!!!

Chad: Great back and forth but Hitamashii retains his title this week.

Gena: John Blade could have had it. Hitamashii was able to capitalize when he needed to and walks away the winner this time.

Chad: Now we wait to see who he faces next week. Can a streak be in the making?

Gena: That was just one match, let's not get ahead of ourselves.

Chad: Well, for now, he walks up the ramp the winner.

Gena: And getting showered with boos.

Chad: The price of being a champ. A prize worth paying.

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SCU Underground Ep. 35 (Results)
« Reply #1 on: September 27, 2019, 03:35:42 AM »
The camera moves to the backstage area.  After a second of moving around, the camera focuses in on none other than Daxton Oliver Beckett himself.  The crowd cheers very loudly.  Dax smiles and nods his head as the camera drinks in his bare chest, tattoos and hair covering it.  He strokes his epic beard before clasping his hands together.

Dax:  Guess who’s back, boys n’ girls?  It’s me, it’s me, it’s that D-A-X O. B.!  The last Bad Boy standing.  People was worried after my last tweet about being disappointed with the roster cuts.  I can’t lie.  I was disappointed.  All my boys got the chop, except GDL.  I had a couple projects to finish up, otherwise I woulda been around much sooner.

Dax looks apologetically at the camera.  He lets his hands go, and they settle into his pockets as he straightens his back.

Dax:  Not that there was ever any doubt, but I’m back, and I’m badder than ever.  I’m ready to get inside of that ring and show everyone that this West Coast Wonder still got it.

Dax takes a step closer to the camera.

Dax:  I know I got some unfinished business with a lot of people, but I want to put out a challenge to evvv…

Dax stops in his tracks and looks around the room as he hears something.  His glare stops on someone and his nostrils flare to show his apprehension, and his eyes narrow as Eric Weaver steps into view.  Weaver looks at Dax with disgust written all over his place.

Eric:  Hold the fuck up.  No, I don’t believe what I’m seeing right now.

Dax:  In the flesh, baby bear.

Eric stops and gives Dax an intense glare of his own.

Eric:  It’s not even about you!  No, I take that back.  It’s all about you.  You disappear into oblivion after I put you on the shelf.  You stay gone for what seems like forever.  Then you march your hairy ass back in here and they just give you a microphone?

Eric looks at Dax as if this makes no sense to him.  Dax shrugs his shoulders and nods his head.

Eric:  I’m the one who has been around, and I just went through some bullshit that I’ve got a lot to say about it.  That asshole who took the title from me, and the asshole who stood back and laughed about it like it was the biggest joke in the company, that I’M the biggest joke in the company.

Dax again shrugs his shoulders.

Dax:  You ain’t done nothing to prove otherwise.  You punched my nuts off and took my belt from me, then you get mad when someone fucks you out of it?

Eric:  Why aren’t you stupid anymore?  All while sounding like a complete idiot.  I at least went face to face with you when I punched your dick.  I wasn’t hiding behind a mask.  But the point is that you have the gall to come back here and act like I don’t exist, while the higher ups are doing the same thing?  You want to challenge someone next week?  I’ll be your guy.  No dick punching necessary.

Dax goes to talk, but he stops himself.  He strokes his beard and thinks for a second, which only raises the anger in Eric Weaver’s demeanor, but before he can speak, Dax holds up a finger.

Dax:  Nah, bruh.  I think I got something.  I mean, I’ll fight in the ring with you next week, either way, but I got an idea.  Why don’t you and me team up to take on Javier Gonzalez and Tim Staggs?

Eric:  Are you fucking nuts?  I’ve already been fucked around by all of you Bad Boys, and I’m not going to…

Dax:  Look, before you say no to me, hear me out.  Do you really hate me more than you hate the guy that screwed you out of your title while pretending to be your best buddy?  Do you really hate me more than you hate the guy that stood back and watched it happen, and then laughed about it, making you into a joke?

Eric goes to speak, but he stops and thinks about it for a second.

Dax:  I’m gonna level with you.  You and me ain’t best friends, and I don’t think we ever will be.  But one thing is for sure.  I know I don’t hate you nearly as much as I hate Tim, because we go way back.  All that mess with you being a pawn in his silly game, I feel sorry for you.

Eric:  Don’t.

Dax nods his head.

Dax:  Then prove to me that you can get over that hot head of yours and do what you gotta do to move past that mess.  That’s what I’m trying to do.

Eric thinks about it for a second.  He then begins to nod his head.  Dax extends his hand but Eric pulls Dax in closer.

Eric:  If you decide to screw me over like all your former friends did, then I’ll make sure that you regret it.

Dax:  Word.

Dax nods his head and gives Eric’s hand a solid shake, causing the fans to cheer loudly.

Marissa Henry is standing with the remaining members of Team Canada.

Marissa: Please welcome the SCU hardcore tag team champions, Team Canada.

Stewart, Earl, and Gail come into frame.

Marissa: Tonight, all members of Team Canada defend their titles against members of Nobility.

Earl: Right you Marissa, and tonight, My wife will defend her title against Chanelle, and of course we’ll successfully defend these hardcore tag titles.

Stewart: Marissa, I honestly don’t get it, Tad Ezra seems determined to put all the SCU gold on Nobility, and whatever plan he has up his sleeve will fail miserably here tonight, just like nobility.

Gail: Why don’t people still not fully understand that Team Canada is the very best SCU has, tonight will be a statement of that fact, plain and simple.

Earl: She’s not just a pretty face Marissa, she knows what she is talking about, we hate that we have to keep proving to everyone in SCU that we are the very best this industry has to offer, maybe after we dispose of the Nobility once and for all everyone will finally understand that what we say isn’t boasting it the truth.

Stewart: it been a pleasure Marissa, but we’ve got titles to retain.

As they leave Gail gives Marissa the once over then walks off.

Tables Match  - Hardcore Tag Team Championships
Nobility Vs Team Canada (Earl Lockyer and Stewart Mason)

Liam:  The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is a Tables Match for the Hardcore Tag Team Championships!

The fans begin to boo loudly as "Superficial" by Heidi Montag hits over the public address system

It aint that easy, it aint that easy
it aint that easy, but it aint so hard
It aint that easy, it aint that easy
it aint that easy, but it aint so hard

As the lights dim and flash gold all over the arena, a lone spotlight forms at the entrance ramp as out from the back first steps Leroy with a stern look on his face. After a few moments, Todd walks out from behind him, looking nervous. As he claps within a few seconds in an arrogant and exaggerated fashion, Angel Kash herself walks out as the fans boo loudly.

Liam: And next, they are the Double Down Tag Team Champion… “The Trillion Dollar Princess”... Angel Kash!!! And Melissa Ruin… They are Nobility!!!!

Hoppin' out the maserati
All I see is paparazzi
Snapping pictures for the
Front cover of a magazine
So I pose in everything I wear
Love to make the people stare
Always center of attention
Lookin' so bootylicious

Angel blows an arrogant kiss to the fans before doing a series of arrogant poses at the top of the ramp. She then says something to Todd and Leroy as they first go ahead, before the arrogant rich blonde bombshell does an arrogant supermodel-like strut down to the ring, taunting the fans as she walks by them, before rudely sticking out her hand, and flipping her hair arrogantly as she brushes past the fans, not letting them even come close to touching her. She makes her way up the ring steps with Leroy, holding her hand from the outside, as Todd is standing in front of her on the ring apron. Angel then points down as he holds the ropes for her; she enters and poses in the center of the ring as the fans boo loudly. After that, she lays on the top turnbuckle nonchalantly taunting the fans as Todd hands her a mirror and she admires her beauty.

they represent Team Canada, they are your Hardcore Tag Team Champions… Stewart Mason and Earl Lockyer!!!

Earl and Stewart step on the stage accompanied by Gail, Dahlia and Sarah, they walk to the ring and enter, a spotlight shines on the rings, Dahlia and Sarah wrap their arms around Earl's neck and he gives the crowd a smile as Gail wraps an arm around Stewart and they go to the ring.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Chad:  Oh what the hell is this?  The security team comes out and escorts Gail, Sarah, and Dahlia to the back, and they are not happy about it.

Gena:  Kittie is not being gentle with them, even while pushing all three.  However, that big seven foot monster behind her probably gives them some cause to be cautious.

Chad:  Melissa and Angel wave bye to them, trying their best to look sad.  Earl and Stewart are arguing with the referee over the call, trying to state what bullshit this is, and I have to agree.

Gena:  You aren’t wrong, Chad.  Melissa sneaks to the outside of the ring while Stewart and Earl are distracted, and she slides a table inside of the ring.  Her and Angel try to quietly set the table up.

Chad:  One set of legs goes up, and creaks, causing Earl to turn around on the offense.  He rushes at them, and they immediately roll outside of the ring, stepping back.

Gena:  This isn’t even going to be a match, but a cat and mouse game.  Stewart slides outside of the ring and Angel orders him back.  She shakes her head as she comes toward the timekeeper’s table.

Chad:  Melissa is right there too, and their hands are behind their backs.  They fumble around as Stewart comes close to them.  He gets bashed in the head with the Double Down titles!

Gena:  Stewart goes down like a sack of potatoes.  The referee scolds them, but there’s not shit can be done about that in a hardcore match like a tables match.

Chad:  Earl stops in his tracks as he eyes the situation.  Angel and Melissa wield their belts as they step closer to Earl, taunting him to come toward them.  Melissa stays on guard with the belt while Angel begins setting up one of the tables.

Gena:  Angel grabs Stewart and begins groaning and flinging her hands around.  She drags him over to the table and struggles to try to get him on top of it.

Chad:  Angel is really trying her best.  She gets one half on top of the table as Stewart begins struggling against her efforts.  She immediately drops him and stumbles backward.

Gena:  We’re seeing Team Canada’s cheer section disappear behind the curtains, and no sooner than Dahlia’s ass disappears from sight, Chanelle Martinez-Blade rushes from the crowd and jumps the barricade!

Chad:  Chanelle has a chair in her hands as she swings it right at Earl’s back!  He stumbles forward and turns around to see the source.  Chanelle talks trash as Earl goes to grab her.

Gena:  She moves out of the way and smacks him once more with the chair.  This had to be a set up for Team Canada, and for Nobility to win both sets of tag titles!

Chad:  Chanelle hits Earl over the top of the head and he goes down to the ground.  She drags Earl over toward the table and shouts for the rest of Nobility to help her.

Gena:  She wraps an arm around Earl’s neck, and Melissa does the same.  They move closer to the table now and they struggle for a Double Vertical Suplex!

Chad:  Angel gives Earl’s feet a boost and he hangs in mid air for a second before we see new champions!  This is disgusting!  Favoritism at it’s finest.

Gena:  Melissa and Chanelle drops Earl at the table… BUT STEWART MOVES IT OUT OF THE WAY AT THE LAST POSSIBLE SECOND!!!

Crowd:  *MEGA POP!*

Chad:  Stewart grabs Chanelle from behind and puts her right through a table!  She’s not legal, but it sure does even the playing field again!

Gena:  Stewart sets up a table as Angel and Melissa look stunned.  Earl gets up without them noticing, and he sets up another table.  Melissa gets dragged by her hair onto the table.

Chad:  Stewart stands up and hooks his arm around Melissa’s head.  Angel doesn’t see Earl until he spins her around and lifts her up into the E.L 91 ( Michinoku Driver 2) as Earl gets Melissa into the Paid In Full (Implant DDT), landing both through the tables!

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Liam:  Here are your winners and STILL Hardcore Tag Team Champions… Earl Lockyer and Stewart Mason… Team Canadaaaaaaaaa!!!

Earl and Stewart instantly stand up proud, though they are not worse for the wear after several steel and gold shots to the head.  They take their belts from the referee and then raise them up into the air.  Before their music can hit, the crowd’s attention is drawn to the stage as Henry Losak stands in front of Lord Raab and Samuel McPherson.  They stare down at the ring, nothing happens at first aside from a staredown that seems to last forever.  Henry drops his arms and The Monstimals immediately storm down toward the ring.  Fight or flight sinks in, and realizing they have taken a few shots to the head, Earl and Stewart jump the barricade, which slowly leads to a chase through the crowd, and the audience is going nuts!

Halo: Hi…

She glances around and then nods knowingly.

Halo: Yeah, no hype man today, just me and my title belt that says I’m the best right now.

She holds up her SCU Women’s Underground Championship for the world to see.

Halo: I been asked to talk to y’all about that main event tonight where someone had the balls to look at Shannon Middlebrooks and call her old news at 25…

She lowers her championship and shakes her head in disgust.

Halo: Let’s just call this what it is, it’s a match of four champions, two present, two who want to come back. On paper, this is a great match because y’all got a big violent monster who don’t like speed burners versus a guy who should be able to run circles around Powershock’s big ass in Javi Gonzalez and then you got me and Shannon Middlebrooks, which means this should be the country bitch brawl the woodshed done been dyin’ to see for a damn coon’s age!

Javier: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa… Let me get this straight.

Javier Gonzalez comes out of practically nowhere with his Underground Championship around his fit waist. He is shaking his head as he looks at Halo with disbelief.

Javier: We are fighting this puta and that pendejo and you want to say that it's a match that everyone is dying to see? Mami, you are right, but only because we are in it.

Javi looks at Halo with a showing of just enough respect to be able to get through their match while coinciding.

Javier: Nothing screams past their prime than this ugly motherfucker running around with his cut up face hidden away, and some chick who got her ass kicked by Kelli Torres and then all but vanished. Who wants to see those two?

The crowd cheers loudly and Javi's expression changes from facetious to outright angry.

Javier: I wasn't talking to you. I was talking to you…

Javi looks right at Halo.

Halo: So y’all saying we should just…

She pauses and then shrugs.

Halo: ¿Dar a estos pinche culeros una zapatería?

Javier: Exactamente lo que pensaba Muéstrales cómo se ve realmente un campeón. Right now people think we are just placeholder champions when you and me both know that's not true. I'm going on to face what ever unlucky puta they are willing to put in front of me. And you're gonna beat the sexy right off Veronica Taylor, leaving her to realize exactly what she is; a pretty face who don't know fuck all about the inside of a wrestling ring.

Javi nods at Halo to make sure that she fully understands how much the title means to him, and how serious he is about keeping it. That single glimpse beyond his arrogance is read as what he truly wants, a successful, honorable defense, by any means necessary.

Halo: Then I spose we need to show the world what happens when you take perros out behind the woodshed…

Javier: Then I guess we should do just that, chica. No fuck ups, no excuses. Just the misguided opinions of the fans to tear apart and replace with a new standard. Our standard.

Even more surprising to everyone, Javi extends his hand as if signing a deal with the devil himself. The air around him almost vibrates with his determination. Halo accepts the hand and shakes it.

Halo: Vamos… Papi.

Javi takes the hand and gives a gentlemanly kiss to it before nodding and the two walk toward the curtains.

Tag Team Match - Underground Championships
Shannon Middlebrooks & Powershock Vs Halo Williams & Javier Gonzalez

Liam:  The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for both Underground Championships! One pin or submission for the team secures both championships.

The arena lights turn to a dark red tint as smoke fills the stage, ramp and ring. A thunderous gong sounds as a wicked scream is soon heard through the speakers. Sinister laughter follows before "Indestructible" starts playing. A man wearing a dark red mask with a blood red jumpsuit walks out onto the stage followed by two individuals. The masked man stands on the stage as the woman clings to his arm and the man is pointing at the ring.

Liam: From the Depths of hell, accompanied by his mouthpiece Stephen Lance and his valet Aeriel Sizemore....please welcome Powershock!!

Powershock throws both arms up and out as pyro goes off. He then sombers down the ramp while keeping his eyes pointed at the ring. A sly smirk appears on his face as he steps up onto the ring apron and steps over the ring ropes.

Light brown lights suddenly fill the arena as "Indian Summer" starts playing through the speakers. Two women step through the curtain as the crowd doesn't know what to do. The two women stand on the stage as they look side to side.

Liam: And his partner, being accompanied by Evelyn Middlebrooks, from Dothan, Alabama, representing The New Foundation.....Shannon Middlebrooks!!!

Shannon smirks before marching down the ramp. She slides into the ring, steps to the middle of the ropes and leans over them. She then positions herself in the corner as Evelyn is standing beside her.

Liam: And their opponents… On her way next, from Hollywood Hills, CA, standing at 5’10” and weighing in at 144lb, she is your Underground Champion… Halo Williaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaams!!!

Life of Agony’s “Lost At 22” starts up and B-Brat walks out, smirking and twirling what looks like a long necklace as the crowd boos the second generation star. Halo follows behind her looking stoic and simply ready to go seemingly paying the boo birds no attention at all. B-Brat takes her sweet time getting to the ring making sure she milks all the attention she possibly can as she drinks everything in. She makes her way up the steps and slips through the ropes effortlessly, Halo following right behind her. They take the center of the ring and B-Brat walks up to the ropes, flashing hand signals to the crowd as Halo stands behind her, simply raising her right fist to the sky. B-Brat steps back and smacks Halo on the belly, pointing to her as Halo simply stands tall, ready for war.

“Way Down We Go” by KALEO begins playing on the speakers. Camera shifts to the side of the stage to see Javier Gonzalez stepping through the curtains. He has his arms raised in the air as he walks back and forth.

Liam: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand her partner… Coming to the ring from Albuquerque, NM, standing at 5’10” and weighing in at 190lb, he is your Underground Champion… Javier… Gonzalez!!!

Javier charges down the rampway and slides inside of the ring. He walks to each corner, stepping up to the second rope as he stares across the crowd with no emotion. After completing all six sides, he stops and settles into his corner.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Gena:  It looks like Halo and Shannon are going to start this match.  Halo grabs hold of Shannon’s shoulders, but Shannon kicks Halo in the stomach.  She boxes at Halo’s face and backs her into a corner.

Chad:  Halo tries to block, but Shannon fires rapidly, and Halo finds herself sinking into the corner.  Shannon begins stomping at Halo, getting her down to a seated position.  Shannon backs up and runs toward Halo with a Hip Attack to Halo’s head.

Gena:  Halo rolls out of the way.  She gets back up to her feet, and then takes the back of Shannon’s head and throws it into the top turnbuckle rapidly.  She grabs hold of Shannon’s ponytail and uses it to whip Shannon into the ropes.

Chad:  As Shannon rebounds, Halo lifts her up into a Back Body Drop.  When Shannon hits the ground, Halo drops an elbow to Shannon’s chest, pushes up and drops another, and then another!

Gena:  Halo then hooks the leg of Shannon.


Chad:  Shannon kicks out almost effortlessly.  Halo goes to pin her down again, but Halo kicks out before the count of one.  Halo repeats this, and Shannon kicks out again.  Shannon is breathing heavily.

Gena:  Halo picks Shannon up and throws her into her corner.  Javi grabs Shannon’s shoulders and Halo begins throwing rapid body shots.  Powershock tries to get inside of the ring, so Halo tags Javi.  Javi jumps inside of the ring.

Chad:  Javi goes for Powershock, but Powershock lifts him up onto his shoulders.  Powershock carries him around for a second, but Javi slides down Powershock’s back and as Powershock turns around…

Gena:  Javi jumps and hits a high kick as Halo Baseball Slide’s Powershock right off his feet!  These two are showing a great tag team effort.  Halo goes back to Shannon before the referee orders her outside of the ring.

Chad:  Javi gives Powershock a few stomps, but then he rushes at Shannon and hits a Spinning Back Elbow Smash!  He drags her to the center of the ring and pins her.  Can he even do that?!


Gena:  Apparently he can.  It’s not Mixed Tag Rules, afterall.  Powershock drags Javi by the leg, right off of Shannon.  He stands up, still holding onto Javi’s leg.  Javi jumps as Powershock Clothesline’s him to the mat.

Chad:  Shannon gets a few stomps on Javi.  He picks Javi up and drags him over to her corner.  Javi shoves Shannon into Powershock, forcing the tag!

Gena:  Powershock stumbles, but steps right over the top rope.  Javi sizes him up for a second, stepping back slowly to gain the proper footing.  He leans down, waving Powershock toward him, and as Powershock steps his way… he tags in Halo?!

Chad:  Halo looks as stunned as the rest of us for a second.  She stares at the hell beast, gulping before stepping through the ropes.  Javi cheers her on, drawing boos from the audience at his blatant cowardice.

Gena:  Halo takes a few steps forward before throwing a fist right at his midsection.  Powershock effectively wraps his hand around her throat and goes to lift her up.  He’s going to put our Underground Champion through the fucking canvas!

Chad:  But Javi flies off of the top rope with a Missile Dropkick to Powershock’s head!  Halo effectively drops, holding onto her throat.  Shannon enters the ring and goes for a Low Blow on Javi, but Halo grabs her by the back of her hair and tosses her to the outside of the ring.

Gena:  Javi and Halo nod to one another as Javi tucks Powershock’s head between his legs.  He and Halo lift him up into a Double Powerbomb.  Javi steps back and Halo drops down for the pin as the referee counts!


Chad:  What the actual fuck?!  Powershock powered his way out of that move there and Halo is as shocked as anyone else.  She slaps the mat and looks over at Javi, who nods his head.  She starts to come tag him in, but turns around and delivers the Black 13! She covers!


Gena:  Halo is beyond disbelief now.  She’s fucking pissed off.  She stands up and makes good on tagging in Javi.  Javi waits for Powershock to get to his feet and he kicks him in the gut before jumping up for a Tornado DDT!

Chad:  But Powershock catches him mid air and drops him for the Shock Treatment!  Powershock collapses on top of Javi.


Gena:  Halo gets inside of the ring for the save!


Chad:  But Shannon is right there to stop her with a Spear!


Gena:  Halo dodges the Spear and drops an elbow to the back of Powershock’s head!  She hits another Black 13 as Powershock tries to get to his feet, and she rolls Javi over, using her own force to help with the pin!


Ding! Ding! Ding!

Liam:  Here are your winners and STILL Underground Champions… Javier Gonzalez and Halo Willlllllliaaaaamssssssss!!!

The crowd boos, despite the amazing efforts from Javi and Halo.  Both reigning champions stand up and hold their arms up together after accepting their belts.  “Way Down We Go” plays over the speakers as they then part ways.  Javi ascends one corner while Halo walks around the center of the ring, letting the fans know that this belt isn’t going anywhere.  Javi crosses the ring to hold his belt up in the air for the other deprived fans to bask in his glory.  However, his music cuts out when Veronica Taylor makes her way out to the ring.  Her and Angelica bash Halo with a pink “Mean Girls” printed steel chair.  They drop Halo to the ground and then begin stomping her.  Javi looks down at this attack, and he steps down from his post and rushes over toward the action.  Veronica and Angelica stop their attack and back up for a second before Javi leans down and shouts at Halo.

Javier:  Sorry chica.  Not my problem any longer.

Javi exits the ring as Angelica and Veronica continue their assault until the security team starts to make their way down.  They get in a few more good licks before leaving the ring.  Veronica takes the microphone from Liam, giving her two cents as the show goes off the air.

Veronica:  That uggo inside of the ring that you call a champion?  You don’t have to worry much longer about her.  She won’t be champion for long.  And if Celeste thinks she can outrace the clock and take away my title shot, then she’s wrong.  Dead wrong.

Tune in next week for SCU presents: Underground Episode 36 October 3rd, 2019 at 11:59pm PST!