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A few concerns.
« on: September 20, 2019, 06:57:29 PM »
 Monday 16th September
St Bart’s.
Pearl Beach Hotel – Beach Bar
Day after Climax Control 247

The scene opens at the Pearl Beach Hotel more specifically at the Beach Bar, where we see Amy sitting on one of the comfy seats with a water in front of her as she checks her watch and looks around as she waits for someone. Taking in some water, Amy stands to her feet and prepares to leave until the person that she is meeting up with appears and sits down next to Amy.

Amy: How are you?

The camera pans around to see Joshua Acquin with a soft collar on his neck, as Amy moves to him and gentle hugs him.

Joshua: I am alright considering what they said at the hospital.

Joshua shrugs.

Amy: Which was?

Joshua: They say I have at least a bulging disc in my neck but suggested I head back home for a much thorough investigation. Which I have booked my flight back tomorrow.

Joshua says.

Amy: Oh shit… I hope to god they are wrong.

Joshua: Me too… but to be honest my neck doesn’t feel all that great after that submission from Fenris.

Joshua sighs.

Amy: It was a brutal match to be honest but if you need anything… I am here to help you.

Amy places a hand on his thigh.

Joshua: Thanks, but I should be fine.

Joshua smiles as he looks at his watch.

Joshua: Sorry about this… but I have to shoot. I’ve got appointment with the SCW medical doctor and I need to pack.

Amy: Sure.  Go.

Amy and Joshua stand to their feet with Amy hugging Joshua, as he turns and leaves, as the scene fades out on Amy looking at Joshua with a look of concern for her friend and tag team partner.


Tortola, Virgin Islands
La Dolce Vita Ice Cream Parlour
18th September 2019

Message to Jessie: I have gone for a run but I am heading to an ice cream parlour, we need to meet and talk.

The scene opens up store front of the La Dolce Vita ice cream parlour on Waterside, Tortola, where we see Amy sitting along at a small table where she had a bottle of water and some strawberry sorbet in a small bowl.  Following a short 5 mile run around Tortola, Amy had spotted the ice cream parlour on first passing and thought it was be a good place to go to cool off and relax.

Going in Amy ordered a water and sorbet before taking a seat outside, where she took in some water first before tucking into some sorbet, as she leans back and takes in a little sun.

Voice: Looks like that run took it out of you.

Amy looks up to Jessie, as she takes a seat opposite.

Amy: Nah… just relaxing and having some sorbet.  I haven’t had sorbet for a long while. Go get some it’s good.

Amy picks up the spoon and eats some.

Jessie: I am alright… what did you need to talk about?

Jessie queries getting straight to the point.

Amy: Diamond…

Jessie looks at Amy…

Jessie: What about her?

Amy:  Is she a member of MPC?

Amy queries.

Jessie: Only an honorary member only. We are just working together to fuck with Christina.

Jessie says with a devilish smile on her face.

Amy: Honorary… I wouldn’t even give her that title…. But if she butt’s in or thinks she is a member of MPC… I won’t hesitate in kicking her ass.

Amy shakes her head.

Jessie: I know and for the moment she is useful to me when it comes to messing with Christina.

Jessie says.

Amy: I am kind of enjoying the fun you are having with her, however, Diamond taking her business off her was just a horrible move.

Jessie: But her face was priceless.

Jessie says with a satisfied grin.

Amy: You are sick.

Jessie grins.

Jessie: So how is the sorbet?

Amy: Lovely.

Jessie nods and stands to her feet and enter the parlour, as Amy shakes her head knowing Jessie isn’t going to stop at nothing till Christina is nothing more than a shell of her former self.  Jessie returns with a bowl of sorbet of her own as she sits down.  The scene soon fades out on the them as they change the subject and talk about Amy’s match on Sunday.


20th September 2019

Firstly Welcome to Sin City Wrestling and congratulation on a successful debut match against Apple Coren... not that she isn’t exactly hard to beat in the first place.

Anyway... as I said welcome... always good to see fresh faces in the division. Let me introduce myself... I am Amy Santino... formally Amy Marshall or Roxxxie... I am not exactly a second or third generation superstar, but I have made a name for myself here in SCW and other companies.... Here in Sin City Wrestling though I have held almost every single title... I have broken records and I am a hall of famer... but I am guessing it isn’t that great because I am not a second gen wrestling with famous parents.

Not that I am bothered anything by that.

You see Bella... being a second, third or fourth generation wrestler means shit these days... sure you have the same name but it doesn’t always mean you are going to be as successful as mommy and daddy... to be honest it just puts the pressure on you to succeed and when it back fires you are just nothing but a footnote and a disappoint in their eyes...

One win from one.... well done but that doesn’t mean anything until you pick up more wins and capture titles... you see Bella... I am not really intimidated by this at all.... and I am not intimated by you either... this is just another match for me. I have no pressure... I don’t have the parents at home watching me... I don’t have the parents that are training others to become another you or whoever... all the pressure is all on you.

I am just going to go out there as normal... fight as normal and win as normal. One day when you are more established you could be a threat... but right now you aren’t. Right now, you are into your second match still trying to make a name and figure out who you are and what wrestling style that mommy and daddy had back in their day.

Sunday night Bella... I am walking away with the victory... I am not Apple Coren with her low skill wrestling ability... I am Amy Marshall and my abilities are thousand time better than her and a thousand times better than you. Sunday night... I hope you are prepared because I am going to leave you and your parents very very disappointed.


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