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SCU Underground Ep. 33 (Results)
« on: September 13, 2019, 05:45:33 AM »
 SCU Ep 33 is Ladies Night

SCU Underground comes at you from in front of a live audience at the Zappos Theater in Planet Hollywood of Las Vegas on Thursday, September 12th, 2019, airing at 11:59pm PST

Acting GM:

Announce Team:
\'user \'user
\'user*Ring Announcer
\'user \'user

\'user \'user


Exist†trace’s “Futatsu no Koe” begins to play throughout the arena. That causes a majority of the crowd to get hype. After a few moments, Merlot makes her way out from the back. She’s rocking a Nike floral bra, matching Nike leggings, and a pair of Nike Joyride Run Flyknits. Merlot lifts up a fist as the fans let out another cheer. Afterwards, she begins to walk down the entrance ramp.

She’s tossed a microphone as she makes it to the end of the ramp. Merlot quickly hops up onto the ring apron and enters in through the ropes. It isn’t long before the music begins to die down; she makes her way towards the hard camera as it does.

Merlot: How doing!?

The fans react positively, which encourages Merlot to continue.

Merlot: Is true, Merlot not really one to grab mic and talk in front of big crowd. But this time, think is justified, hai?  Would be grave disservice to all fans if Merlot just stood in the back and spoke. So, am here!

She nods her head. Merlot also pauses to think about what she desires to say next.

Merlot: Supernova was big night for Merlot. Massive night! And on that night, did something few people have done. Merlot became third person ever to win Mayhem Survival! Put name in Sin City Underground history books by lasting nearly thirty-three minutes in match. And in end, think Merlot proved something to everyone in back. Proved that am not some pretty face. Proved that am not some person who wants to blend in. Proved that am one of the most talented wrestlers in SCU. And if not clear by now―am not going anywhere!

She begins to walk around the ring a bit.

Merlot: Was big, big honor. But, couldn’t let win get to Merlot’s head. Why? Because still had work to do. Still had huge match with Alexis Stiggs to conduct. Was match that should have happened many times over. But time and time again, match got ruin or stopped. So, knew had to go out there and deliver at Summer XXXTreme. And guess what? Did just that!

Merlot: Though, am a bit disappointed at what happened after match. Merlot fought it honor. Fought with pride. So, am not sure why Alexis no shake hands. Merlot has never had the luxury of being sore loser in SCU; Alexis shouldn’t either.

Merlot continues walking.

Merlot: Is something else to address―Winter Elemental.

There’s a small pause. There’s also a minor change in her voice. It gets a bit bit deeper.

Merlot: You are one of the reasons Merlot no holding the SCU Championship. You and tag team partner thought it was cute and funny to interfere in Merlot’s match. Felt the need to try and ruin Merlot’s success here in SCU. Just did bad job. And retribution came on Episode Thirty-Two when Merlot and Alexis fought Kawaii Dragons in main event. Winter remember that? Because I do. Merlot no cheat. Merlot no take advantage of any situation. All did was deliver amazing suplex and lock on Vanguard Killer. Winter? Winter got knocked out. Winter no have the strength or wherewithal to get back into the fight―

Merlot: And now Winter want single’s match?

There’s another pause.

Merlot: Hai. Fine.

She puts up a finger.

Merlot: But, should be careful what wish for, Winter. Will not take match lightly. Will not go easy on you. Will be even more physical than first meeting.

In the backstage area, we find the members of Le Coven, Celeste North and Jenifer Lacroix, walking through the halls.  Jenifer is wearing a black dress suit and sunglasses while Celeste is wearing a black flowing gown that trails behind her.  She removes a hat from her head as she looks around the halls, taking a deep breath as she turns to Jenifer.

Celeste:  Ahhhh… it’s good to be back.

Crowd:  *Pop!*

Celeste’s lips curl into a bit of a smile. Jenifer stares blankly and straight ahead.  Celeste quivers.

Celeste:  This is a new era.  I can feel it coursing through my veins.  A renewal is indeed upon us.  Le Coven returns after having six weeks off, but there is so much more change in the air.  Tides have changed, and a new moon has risen.

Jenifer:  Un nouveau jour apporte de nouvelles opportunités pour Le Coven. More opponents means more collateral damage.  You have the only two undefeated competitors in SCU standing in front of your, refreshed and ready to go.

Celeste nods her head along with Jenifer’s statement.

Celeste:  We stand before all of our sisters in SCU tonight, and we invite you to take advantage of these brand new opportunities.  A new championship is on the horizon to add to these opportunities.  Seize them.  Join us in our incantation momentarily for empowerment.  But let us tell you one thing, and one thing only.

Celeste looks over to Jenifer as if they are to have a silent conversation.  Once this is over, they both look directly into the camera.

Celeste:  If one of your goals is to come and interrupt Le Coven’s streak, then you better bring everything you’ve got, because we have worked hard to get where we are.  We might not have been booked as much as we would like, but we have fought most of the roster, and we have found ourselves on the winning side.  I’m not going to say I am unbeatable, even if my record says so.  I’m sure Jenifer feels the same way.  But we welcome any and all challengers to take a stab at us.

Jenifer:  We do enjoy a good challenge.

Celeste and Jenifer look to one another for a moment before Celeste looks back at the camera.

Celeste:  Sisters of the Moon, kindred spirits, we ask that you guide us down our designed path.  We ask that you show us the light.  It is our will to follow the trail to where we are meant to be.  Your guidance is desired, and requested.  May Gaia direct us.

Jenifer:  May we honor her in everything that we do.

Celeste:  Speak through the screaming fans of SCU, for they guide us in our actions.  Bring about every challenge, even ones that will knock us down, for failure is simply an opportunity to learn lessons and grow into more fully realized, awakened individuals. Mote it be.

Jenifer:  Blessed be.

Celeste inhales deeply through her nostrils.  Upon exhaling, she smiles to the camera.

Celeste:  Tonight, we slay dragons. Not because we have personal problems with Winter and Tatsu, but because it is the challenge set before us.  While failure is a lesson learned, we will not fail tonight.  We will prevail, because we take our destiny seriously.  We let our skills speak for ourselves.  Shock wrestlers, we are not.  We are mature women who do not lack focus or determination.  I look forward to putting Tatsu in her place.  I look forward to taming Winter.  And once Le Coven has done so, I will dedicate my victory to my friend, who has dealt with this problem for far too long now. Tonight will be…

Jenifer takes a deep breath and smiles almost uncharacteristically, exhaling as if she were in a trance.

Jenifer: … magical…

Both ladies nod to one another, locking hands before walking out of the shot.

\'user Vs \'user

Singles Match
Veronica Taylor vs Torielle Jackson

Liam: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!  Iiiiiiiiiiiintroducing first… From Bronx, NY, she is “The Classy One”... Toriellllllllllllle Jaaaaaaaacksoooooooooooon!!!

Torielle walks down to the head of the ring and she waves to the audience. She starts to enter the ring, but then pushes herself off of it as she begins to strut around the ring, showing off her long legs. She ruffles her hair as she comes to the apron. She pulls herself up and falls into the splits before pulling herself up into a genuflect, and then she slides her leg under the middle rope, climbing inside. She takes her hat off and hands it to the referee, along with her jacket, as she gets ready for the match to start.

Turn my Swag on by Keri Hilison hits over the pa system as the lights begin to flash all over the arena, as the fans give a loud ovation of booing. As, a makeshift runway appears, and soon a red carpet is rolled on top of it. As, out from the back steps Veronica Taylor with outstretched arms as the fans boo her, before grabbing her mirror and blowing herself a kiss. After, a few moments she begins to do a model like strut on the red carpet runway as a few photographers appear to take her photos, as she poses arrogantly. She, then takes a look around her grabbing her perfume from Veronica's Secret and sprays it around to get rid of the "stench" in the arena.

Liam:  Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand her opponent!  From Beverly Hills, CA standing at 5’8” and weighing in at 122lb, she is… “The First Class Mean Girl”... Veronica Tayyyyyyyyyylorrrrrrr!!!

Veronica then stands at the end of the entrance ramp, doing some more poses. Before, raising her arms in the air as the fans fill the air with more boos. Before, she mouths to the camera "So damn first class baby", before blowing a kiss to the camera. As, she then moves to the ring apron, yelling at the referee to lower the ropes for her, which he does as Veronica enters under the bottom rope. As, she then stands in the center of the ring raising her arms in the air, before lowering them slowly. Then, she grabs out her perfume and sprays it all around killing the stench in the ring. As, Veronica then takes off her diamond necklace and hangs it on the corner, as she grabs her compact mirror and makes sure her makeup is done flawlessly. As she fluffs her hair, and blows herself a kiss.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Gena:  The long awaited in-ring debut of Veronica Taylor is finally here.

Angelica:  Yeah, it’s the one thing that’s going to save this shithole company from going under.  But could they be more insulting of their saving grace?  Torielle Jackson?  Really?

Gena:  Veronica waves to my broadcast partner, and, oh… you’re blowing her a kiss.  Completely impartial.

Angelica:  Yeah, well, I only associate with talent.

Gena:  While Veronica is distracted, Torielle sneaks up behind Veronica and trips her up into a Russian Facebuster!  Veronica’s good looks are ruined!

Angelica:  Not likely.  Veronica has taken far worse bumps, and she’s still strutting the runways in Milan.

Gena:  Torielle gets on Veronica’s back and pulls up on her hair, slamming her face first into the mat!  One, two, three, four, five, six…

Angelica:  Ugh, why is the referee not doing her job? *Clap clap*  Come on, Constance!

Gena:  Torielle grabs one of Veronica’s arms and spins her into an Inside Cradle!


Angelica:  An amazing kickout from Veronica Taylor, at the one count!  You can’t keep a great fighter down!

Gena:  As Torielle lets go of the pin, Veronica pokes her in the eyes!

Angelica:  I have no idea what you’re talking about.  I have half a mind to get in touch with Veronica’s lawyers to draw up a slander suit.

Gena:  You do that, princess.

Angelica:  With Torielle’s clumsiness, Veronica asserts her amazing ring awareness to hit a high Running Knee to Torielle, improving her appearance by like 1000%.  She then grabs Torielle’s hair and brings her over with a Snapmare!

Gena:  Veronica locks on a Rear Choke and brings Torielle down to the mat.  Torielle struggles, using her long legs to draw her closer to the ropes, kicking frantically.

Angelica:  Veronica’s ingenuity kicks in and she stops Torielle in her tracks, bringing her back to the center of the ring.

Gena:  Torielle kicks her legs around, turning her over to her side.  Veronica is not giving up as she keeps latched on with the choke.  Torielle is able to move over to her stomach, pushing herself up.

Angelica: Come on, Veronica!  She’s riding Torielle like a five star cowgirl!  Torielle’s talentless ass is bucking all around, but Veronica keeps her down!

Gena:  More like Torielle flings Veronica onto the mat and begins elbowing her relentlessly until Veronica lets go?  I can see the confusion.

Angelica:  Your ends are badly split, and it looks like you applied your makeup before going on a three-day bender before showing up for work tonight. And you smell like it too.

Gena:  Don’t you dare criticise me, bitch or I will cut y… Oh, and Torielle breaks free.  She gets on top of Veronica and begins throwing punch after punch.  She tangles her fingers in that $500 hairstyle of hers!

Angelica:  Ha! If only… Her hair's insured for  $100,000.  Torielle’s not even worth that much, so she better watch out!

Gena:  Torielle pounds Veronica’s head into the mat for all it’s worth!  Torielle then gets up and hits a Split Leg Drop, keeping posed over Veronica into a pin!


Angelica:  Barely a two!  Is that the best she’s got?  Wait, what is she doing?

Gena:  Torielle lifts Veronica up and shoves her head between her legs.  It looked like we’re about to see the Classy Bomb!  She lifts Veronica up and…

Angelica:  Sparkles!  There’s glitter everywhere!  I can’t believe Torielle would throw glitter in her own face like that.  It’s like she wanted to lose!

Gena:  Veronica blew that right in Torielle’s face and you know it!  As Torielle wipes at her face, Veronica sets her right up for the…

Angelica:  Beauty Improvement Pass (Curb Stomp)!  It’s over!  She rolls Torielle over onto her back and hooks the leg!


Ding! Ding! Ding!

Liam:  Here is your winner via pinfall… Veronica Tayyyyyyyyyylorrrrrrr!!!

Gena:  Cheater, cheater, pumpkin eater!

Angelica:  I don’t have to sit here and listen to that kind of talk about my client.  She won her match fair and square.  And now that I’ve made sure that she has her match called the way that she deserves, I’m outie…

There is a crackling sound as “Turn My Swag On” by Keri Hilson plays over the speakers.  The cameras pick up Angelica walking away from the table to join Veronica inside of the ring. She walks over to Constance Salazaar and pushes her away from Veronica’s arm.  Angelica raises her arm instead, and then Angelica takes the honor of picking Torielle up from the mat and tossing her to the outside of the ring.  She sanitizes her hands, and then shares it with Veronica.  Veronica is still not pleased as she waves at Angelica, who reaches into her purse and pulls out a bottle of Veronica’s Secret perfume and sprays it around Veronica, and then herself.  They waft it toward them as the crowd boos loudly for the Mean Girls.  They laugh with one another before taking their leave, trying their best to be above the crowd by paying them no attention.

A bright light shines down the hallway before footsteps can be heard.  The people in the back stop and stare at the light until it fades their faces looking like they see trouble heading their way now. Right on time Sister Esther and Mother Mavis walk down the hall carrying their bags. Sister Esther also has an extra piece of luggage around her waist with the Sin City Underground Combat Championship.  She looks around and then she is annoyed and stomps her foot on the ground.

Esther:  I thought that dark haired one would be here to greet me.  Or that satanic slut.  I deserve a warm welcome.

Mavis looks at her daughter and she can’t help but nod her head and clear her throat to look around at the lack of welcome for the new champion.

Mavis:  I bet if that one who wears next to no clothing and shakes her rump in front of the slobbering dogs in the audience were to walk in here she would get a deafening ovation.

Esther:  It’s not fair momma!  Not fair at all!  I deserve a parade or something.

Mavis: Or at least a warm welcome.  You did what no one thought you would do including myself. You won the Combat Championship at Summer XXXtreme. You have made Our Father genuinely happy.

Esther’s bad mood almost goes away until Marissa rushes over to the ladies almost out of breath.

Marissa:  I do apologize. With being down an interviewer it has been hard to keep up with all of the ladies tonight.

Mavis puts her hand over Marissa’s face which makes the interviewer mad in return.

Mavis:  Excuses are the devil’s lies that stop us from admitting our wrong doings. There is no excuse for not greeting your new champion.

Esther:  Exactly jezebel.  A champion comes above all others.  Even a champion like Halo Williams despite her bountiful sins.  But she already had her time to celebrate being a new champion and I have not.  I don’t know how you do things in Las vegas aside from straight up debauchery but in the south we call that plain rude.

Marissa goes to speak again but Mavis speaks over her.

Mavis:  It could be that no one expected you to win Sister Esther and they are still in shock.  Tell me Marissa.  Did you think my daughter was going to walk away from that fight as the champion? That even the holy divine power of Our Father would lead this soldier to victory, albeit self-absorbed?

Marissa looks to Mavis and starts to nod her head and agree until she looks at Esther who looks angry at this idea.  She starts to disagree until she sees Mavis moving in on her.

Marissa:  I cannot answer that question.  Besides it doesn’t matter because the fact is that Sister Esther Shepherd is standing before us as the new SCU Combat Champion.  Many congratulations goes to the new champion.

Esther looks back to Mavis.

Esther:  I dislike her a lot less for some reason.  I think she might be able to be saved if she tries hard enough.

Mavis:  I’m not so sure, daughter.  The shirts are low cut, as if she is inviting someone to welcome her to America, Trump style.  It’s unfortunate.

Marissa:  And I am still standing here.

Mavis looks directly at Marissa with her cold snake like eyes and she speaks not a word.  Esther giggles and adjusts her belt up from her waist to her shoulder to show it off better.

Esther:  Agree to disagree.  Either way I am the champion and I’m already looking out for my next challenger. Will it be Shannon Middlebrooks?  Torielle Jackson? Tatsu Ikeda? Winter Elemental? Or will Kelli Torres boo boos be healed by then?  You know what it doesn’t matter. Any challenger is fine by me. They will just be in my way and I don’t like obstacles. I get really really cranky when I have obstacles. It’s not a fun thing. So the next challenger better pray for mercy because I won’t be giving them any.

Marissa is about to say something else when Mother Mavis and Sister Esther leave her presence on their own terms.

Alexis Staggs is seen backstage just outside the locker room door. She’s already dressed in her ring gear and she’s doing some last minute stretches to limber up for her match against Brittany Williams when Marissa Henry walks up to her, microphone in hand and eager for an interview.

Marissa: Alexis Staggs. Mind if I have a word?

Alexis stands up straight, still stretching out her arms. She smirks at Marissa and lets out a laugh.

Alexis: I’d say you just did, but sure. Make it quick.

Marissa: Since your return to the ring and your debut here in SCU, you haven’t had the biggest presence backstage. Any reason why?

Alexis rolls her eyes.

Alexis: There’s always a reason. And to be honest, I’m still trying to find my footing and getting back into being an active wrestler along with trying to be present in my kid’s life. It hasn’t been a smooth transition, but I’ll get there.

Marissa: It seems to be taking you quite a while…

Alexis: Your point being? Everyone adjusts differently and at a different pace, Marissa. I’m getting there. Get over it. Damn.

Alexis rolls her eyes again and finishes limbering up.

Marissa: At Summer XXXtreme we finally got to see your one-on-one match against Merlot happen. It ended in a loss for you, obviously, but Merlot tried to be a good sport by shaking your hand after the match. You refused and alot of us are questioning why.

Alexis laughs again.

Alexis: Because there was no reason to. We’re not friends. She beat me and that’s all there is to it. I didn’t feel like shaking her hand. Is that all? I really need to focus on beating Brittany Williams and these questions are starting to annoy me.

Marissa: You seem to be more focused heading into this match tonight.

Alexis nods.

Alexis: I have to be. I’m not about to walk out to that ring and let myself get beat by Crystal Hilton’s daughter. Or any member of that family for that matter. People might not be talking much about me or worrying about me right now, but tonight I’m walking out there and using Brittany Williams to send a damn message to the whole damn locker room.

Marissa: And that would be?

Alexis turns and looks directly into the camera.

Alexis: That Alexis Staggs is here to fucking stay.

Alexis then shoves past Marissa and off camera.

\'user Vs \'user

Singles Match
Alexis Staggs vs Brittany Williams

The ringside crowd is in a bit of a lull as the camera focuses in on Gena Schaal sitting by herself at the announcer’s table.  After a minute of this, the crowd gives off a mixed reaction as “O Canada” plays over the speakers.  Gemma Frost walks out from behind the curtains and makes her way down to ringside quickly.  She gives a couple of half-hearted waves before walking over to join Gena.

Gena:  To what do I owe the pleasure, Gemma?

Gemma:  Word in the back is that I still work here, and your help for the night took off on you already.  Are you that unbearable?

Gena:  Apparently!  But I think I’ve got a certain spunk.

Gemma:  Funk?  Yeah, I can tell.  Angelica wasn’t wrong about that part.

Gena:  I knew I liked you for a reason.  You got character.

Gemma:  Too bad it isn’t an unemployed dead person.  Shut up, the lights are coming on again.

"Unbreakable" by Fireflight starts to play in the sound system and a video montage of some of Alexis Edwards memorable moments appears on the screen. Seconds into the music, Alexis appears from behind the curtain, standing at the top of the ramp and throwing her hands in the air as her music plays, and the crowd now cheers her on.

Liam: On her way to the ring, from Las Vegas, NV standing at 5'5" and weighing in at 120lb, she is... Alexis Staggs!!!

She looks around the crowd and smiles before she starts making her way to the ring, high fiving and slapping hands along the way. Once to the ring she slides in under the bottom rope and jumps back to her feet. She jumps up to the second turnbuckle, throwing her hands in the air to another round of cheering from the crowd before she jumps back down as her music dies down. She stares back towards the entrance as she waits for her opponent to enter.

Liam: Aaaaaaaaaaand her opponent. On her way to the ring, from Los Angeles, CA standing at 5’2” and weighing in at 103lb, she is… “The Lil Dream Machine” Brittany Williams!!!

Jump by Kriss Kross begins to blast across the speakers. As it does Brittany Williams begins to emerge from behind the curtain being accompanied by her wife Halo Annis. Brittany offers a wide grin as paparazzi following begin to snap photos of the two girls. Brittany grins taking in all the cheers as she walks down the aisle wearing her tiara with a cape around her back. Her attire a glittering red and black mix. She slides into the ring moving her hands through her curly (nappy) hair. She takes off her tiara, and her cape. As she waits for the match to begin.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Gemma:  Alexis seems pretty excited about wiping the floor with Brittany’s face.  She goes after Brittany, but Brittany ducks underneath Alexis’ attempts at tying up.  She turns around and grabs hold of Alexis’ head.

Gena:  Alexis twists and picks Brittany up, looking for a High Angle Suplex, but Brittany flips out of it and lands on her feet.  Alexis turns around, and Brittany goes for a Crescent Kick, but Alexis grabs her leg and trips her up.

Gemma:  Alexis does to drop an elbow to Brittany’s stomach, but Brittany rolls out of the way and then kips up.  To everyone’s surprise, Alexis kips up next and the two come face to face.  Alexis’ nostrils flare up.

Gena:  Brittany laughs as she and Alexis get nose to nose.  Brittany gives Alexis a nice little shove, and then Alexis turns to her side, pointing to Brittany as she nods her head and laughs with the crowd.

Crowd:  Oooooooooooh!!!

Gemma:  Alexis takes a few steps forward, giving Brittany a slightly harder shove before letting her arms fall to her side, pleased with herself.  Brittany stumbles back a little before giving Alexis a harder shove, with some anger behind it.

Gena:  Alexis breathes deeply, but before anyone can react, Alexis lunges forward with a Headbutt right between Brittany’s eyes!  Brittany goes down and Alexis begins circling her, stomping a fucking mudhole into Brittany.

Gemma:  She then picks Brittany up and flings her into the ropes.  Brittany flips into the ropes and then comes back, meeting Alexis with a Handspring Elbow that puts her on the mat.  Brittany gives the whole circle stomp routine now.

Gena:  Brittany picks Alexis off of the mat and then she sends her into the corner.  She goes for a Spear, but Alexis moves out of the way.  She grabs onto the back of Brittany’s head and then she begins slamming her head into the turnbuckle.

Crowd:  Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!

Gemma:  Brittany, in a desperate attempt, kicks Alexis away from her. She then grabs hold of Alexis and spins her into the corner.  She lays boot to Alexis in what seems like it will be a never ending cycle of turnabout.

Gena:  Or she’s trying to tell Alexis that anything she can do, Brittany can do better. She drives Alexis down to the ground and then presses her knee into Alexis’ head, causing Alexis to yell out.

Gemma:  Alexis slides outside of the ring.  She talks trash to Brittany while Brittany taunts her.  Brittany laughs and begins to saunter around the ring, pointing out to Alexis on the… inside of the ring, but she doesn’t notice!

Gena:  Alexis slides back inside of the ring and spins Brittany around.  She kicks her in the gut and goes for the Put On Notice (Kudo Driver), but Brittany gets out of it by flipping forward, keeping Alexis’ arms locked in hers, with a Backslide Pin!


Gemma:  Alexis barely gets out of that one.  Brittany picks her up from the mat, but Alexis trips Brittany up, sliding quickly over Brittany and grabbing her arm for the A.G.E. Of Alexis (Disarmer)!

Gena:  Brittany screams out in pain and looks around the ring, trying to maneuver over to the ropes, but Alexis grounds her weight and there’s nowhere to go!  Brittany taps out!

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Liam:  Here is your winner via submission… Alexis Sssssssssstaggsssssssss!!!

Alexis quickly rolls off of Brittany.  She celebrates her win for only a second before she jumps out of the ring.  She throws her arms in the air as the crowd cheers.  “Unbreakable” plays over the speakers as Alexis gives Brittany a final laugh before walking up the ramp as Brittany shrieks at Alexis, pounding the mat angrily.

The cameras move to the backstage area to see The Ruin Sisters, Debbi and Stacy, standing outside of the GM office. They are talking amongst themselves.

Stacy: We deserve to know why, on a Ladies Night show, where every woman in the locker room is booked except us.

Debbi: All I'm saying is that they probably have their reasons. We don't really know, and we should have a little faith in the GM for the night.

Stacy rolls her eyes and moves her hand back and away from the door where she was preparing to knock. She looks back at Debbi with a sardonic expression.

Stacy: Faith? I can't say anything about faith. As a God fearing woman, I have faith where it matters.  But the reasons we aren't booked are simple, sis. We haven't won a match in almost a year. Our records aren't the best. There aren't any Ruin Sister signs out there. People don't believe in us.

Debbi: Um, ouch?

Stacy: Let's be real for a second, Debs. We haven't exactly been on a roll, and that goes as far back as our debut in Honor Wrestling. We're still finding our way. But it doesn't help when we don't get booked but once a month. And getting passed up on Ladies Night is just plain unfair.

Debbi thinks about it for a minute, wanting so badly to argue the point. But after a moment of inner conflict, Debbi sighs and nods her head. Stacy looks pleased with herself and turns back to the door. She knocks on it in an almost pristine manner, and then she falls back next to her sister, straightening out her blouse. The door opens and Donna Beauchamp is standing in the doorway.

Donna: Debbi, Stacy, what can I do for you two?

Stacy goes to speak, but Debbi doesn't let her and she steps toward Donna.

Debbi: We would like to talk to you for a moment in private.

Donna steps aside and paves the way even though she looks confused by the presence of the twins. They take their seats.

Donna: Ladies. I am all ears.

Debbi: And we are all opinions. Now that we have your attention, we have a few concerns.

Donna: If I can be of assistance.

Stacy: We sure hope so. Professionally, we would like answers as to why we are the only two women in the locker room not booked for Ladies Night.

Donna sighs as she tends to the papers in front if her.

Donna: The honest truth is that there was simply not enough room for the two of you.

Debbi: And yet the New Foundation are main eventing tonight, and they have been all but present for quite some time. Word on the streets is that you are on the verge of terminating contracts with them.

Donna looks stunned, and Stacy is nearly as flabbergasted.

Donna: I can neither confirm nor deny that statement. But you have to look at it from a business standpoint. The New Foundation draws attention and ticket sales.

Stacy: And the Ruin Sisters don't. When will we have a real chance instead to prove ourselves instead of sitting in the locker room and drawing a check? We want action. We show up every week. We deserve a match.

Donna: To an extent, you are right. You do deserve a chance. Why don't we plan on facing the Fox Brothers next Thursday on Episode 34?

Debbi: But Mason and Jason are our friends.

Donna stares at Debbi from across the desk. Stacy elbows her sister in the side.

Stacy: That would be wonderful. We look forward to proving ourselves and starting our lengthy SCU career. Debbi, let's celebrate.

Debbi still wants to debate with Donna, but Stacy pulls her sister by the arm and drags her out of the office. She looks back at Donna and squeals with delight as she drags Debbi down the hallway.

The crowd comes to a hush as a spotlight shines on Marissa Henry in the middle of the ring. She smiles as the crowd gives her cheerful whistles. After a moment of this, she raises the microphone to her lips.

Marissa: Please welcome my guest at this time. She is your reigning and defending Underground Champion… Halo… Willllllliaaaaaaaamssss!!!

Life of Agony’s “Lost At 22” starts up and the SCU Underground Champion, Halo Williams, comes walking out to a nice ovation. She slaps a few hands on the way down before stepping up to the stairs. As she does so, confetti explodes from seemingly everywhere, catching Halo by surprise. She glances around and sees her wife, Brittany "B-Brat" Williams, standing by the entry curtain, smirking knowingly. Halo shakes her head, almost laughing, before she walks up the steps and enters the ring. As Halo settles into the center of the ring, Marissa shakes hands with Halo and then they wait for a second as Halo's music dies down.

Marissa: Halo, I would like to congratulate you on two successful title defenses at Supernova 2 and Summer XXXtreme VII against Angel Kash and Angel of Filth respectively. How does it feel to put down two former champions in seven day's time?

Halo: In all honesty, I don’t think that’s set in yet. Angel Kash talked her shit and ended up eatin’ it and then Angel of Filth took her shot and we went to that woodshed together… and I’m the one who came out standin’!

Marissa gives an impressed nod.

Marissa: You surprised the world when you captured the title in the first place, so many thought you would not leave the Sun Princess with the belt. Yet, you proved them wrong. Anything you want to say to your doubters?

Halo holds the championship belt up for the world to see.

Halo: That about covers it, I think, y’all agree?

Marissa chuckles and nods once again, aiding in Halo's cause by pointing to the belt, drawing a bit of an unexpected cheer from the audience.

Marissa: That definitely speaks louder than any words. Now, speaking of words, it is my understanding that not everyone in the locker room is accepting you as the top dog. Some deal with it by giving sideways glances, while others have gone to Twitter to voice their opinions. Do you have anything to say to them?

Halo shrugs.

Halo: Ain’t nothin’ to be done but say, y’all wanna come on down and take a trip to the woodshed, I ain’t hard to find!

Marissa smiles.

Marissa: Interesting… With so many talented women in SCU, the return of those such as Valentina and Celeste North, who do you see as the next top contender to your Underground Championship?

Halo: I…

Turn my swag on by Keri Hilson hits over the public address system as the fans let out loud boos knowing the theme song belonged to Veronica Taylor. The camera pans as out from the back steps none other than the First Class Bombshell herself who had a smug smirk on her face. As she struts down the ramp like she owns the place taunting the booing fans taking out her bottle of Veronicas secret spraying it around herself to cover up the scent.  Halo just stares at Veronica coming and shakes her head. Veronica soon orders a stage hand to give her a microphone he does, as she then “flirts” with them to get them to lower the ropes so she can enter the ring. After that she rudely dismisses them, as she puts the microphone up to her lips giggling in a bitch manner.

Veronica: Who were you expecting? Kelli Torres?

The fans boo even louder as Veronica lets out an evil laugh.

Veronica: Oh hush no one wants to hear you! But you know stepping in this cesspool known as Las Vegas like seriously do you people get tired of living in such a trashy place? Like hello I so can’t wait to be back in LA.

The fans just boo this even louder as Veronica rolled her eyes.

Veronica: Anyway well you say you need a challenger well who better than the woman who just slayin basic Tonellie Johnson all over the arena? Because lets face it the competition here isn’t much to write home about is it? I mean looking up and down that roster well its slim pickings. But you have something I want, and that puts you in my crosshairs doll.

Halo just stares at her.

Halo: Which one are you again? What with the Mean Girls, the Pretty Committee, Nobility, the Pink Ladies and half of my wife’s own family, y’all all start to run together…

Veronica rolls her eyes and scoffs.

Veronica: Honey don’t compare The Mean Girls and Pretty Committee to the rest of those okay? Second of all I am Veronica Freakin Taylor the basic slaying, fashion defining, runway strutting uggo destroying Queen of Mean. So you will show me respect because quite frankly you should be honored to be in my presence right now? You did hold and defend that title and props but seriously I can not let a champion with such poor pores around for much longer and that is why I am here.

The fans boo, veronica rolls her eyes.

Veronica: To save that belt from being around your waist any longer and quite frankly I am the only one who can do that? Because who else is here Dahlia Rotten? To busy eating at catering obviously. Nobility? Yawn borninnnnng! And sadly that is all I can think of the rest just blend it like the basics they are.

Halo nods slowly, smirking knowingly.

Halo: Y’all’s a talker…

The smile fades away.

Halo: I hate talkers.

Veronica looked disgusted.

Veronica: Oh boo hoo because after I get that belt from around your waist I will be talking even more and there will be nothing you or these rodents in attendance can do to stop me.

Halo: Y’all wanna take a trip to the woodshed?

Veronica rudely puts her well manicured hand up to Halo’s face meaning talk to the hand.

Veronica: When I am talking you stay quiet and woodshed uh ew! These basics don’t deserve to see a second Veronica Taylor match yeah you don’t. But I will be taking that belt on my time because I am the star around here.

Halo smacks the hand from her face.

Halo: You vacant fuckin’ idiot, I didn’t mean now…

Pausing, she nods in acknowledgement.

Halo: Although I would have done it had you asked, but I meant, so y’all want a trip to the woodshed so you can do what Angel Kash swore she was gonna do? How about at that big stage they call High Stakes?

Veronica smirked before putting the microphone up to her lips.

Veronica: You’re on Halo, by the way keep that title warm for me because it will soon be around my tight little waist soon enough. And I am not Angel Kash honey I am the one who put SCW on the social media map.

Halo: I’d say with all due respect, but, I’m pretty sure we’ve already heard the respect y’all is due tonight!

Veronica: Now that you signed your own title away you can be just like your parents. A total failure. I mean your gonna be begging for scraps after I am done with you.

There is a wave of rage that washes over Halo, and spreads out through the entire crowd. A roar comes over them as they get up on their feet. Halo begins marching toward Veronica when Marissa stands in her way. Halo pushes past Marissa. She is about to get to Veronica when the all female security team rolls inside of the ring and the appointed Head of Security for the night, Kittie, gets between Halo and Veronica. Kittie restrains Halo as the rest of the ladies back Veronica away and get her out of the ring. However, her job is done and smile smiles wickedly as they get her away from ringside.

Sarah, Gail, and Dahlia enter the interview area with Marissa.

Marissa: Please welcome Team Canada.

Sarah: Hello.

Marissa: Once again The three-way are champions.

Dahlia: Did ya bloody expect anything different, we’re the best bloody tag team in the world.

Sarah: You’ll have to excuse my partner she tends to get a little riled up sometimes.

Marissa: I get that, but about tonight and your match against Chanelle Martinez.

Dahlia: The nobility has been in our crosshairs for a while now, and tonight the lesser member has to step into the ring with me and everyone knows what’s going to happen, tonight Chanelle get crushed like a bug under my shoe, and the nobility will be one member down, and in a future fight against us, that will not be great for them, not that would matter anyway, because all we have to do is rope those three stupid trollops into a three on three-fight, and with Stewart as our third man, the nobility would be ground into dust, but we all know that won’t happen don’t we.

Sarah: Not that we’re imploying anything, now have a great evening Marissa, we have a nobility bug to squash.

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SCU Underground Ep. 33 (Results)
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Tag Team Match - Double Down Tag Team Championship
Nobility (Angel Kash and Melissa Ruin) vs Valentina and Angel of Filth

Liam: This next match is a tag team match set for one fall and is for the Double Down Tag Team Championship! First the challengers!!!

The lights go down as the whirring sounds begin to rise. The drums kick in and red lights pulse to them. They get louder as the fourth set kicks in and the curtains flip to the side. Angel of Filth comes crawling through them with her black wings fluttering behind her, covered in a black substance.

Liam: On her way to the ring, from Las Vegas, NV, she is “The Seraph of Sleaze”... Angel of Filth!!!

Her eyes glow white as the lights switch between black and red. She glares down at the ring as she rises to her feet, throwing her wings out to the side as they amass. She waves them slowly as she prances down the ramp to the beat of the music. She stops halfway and looks from side to side. She has a sickening smile on her face as black oozes from her mouth and she laughs. She enters the ring and climbs up the first of six turnbuckles. She throws her wings out as the fans boo her. She then drops down and goes to the other corner, doing the same. Once at the far end of the ring, she sheds her wings and kicks them to the outside as she rubs her hands together.

Liam: And her partner!!!
>[Flashes like cameras go across the stage and the audience as the sound accompanies it. “You should see me in a crown” by Billie Eilish begins on the PA as pure beauty walks through the curtains. Her hair blows in the wind as she looks up at the ceiling. She places a hand on her hip as she lets the crowd admire her despite getting a mixed reaction.

Liam: Please welcome, on her way to the ring from Merida, Spain. She stands at 5'11" and weighs in at 125 pounds, she is pure perfection... Valentinaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

Once Valentina is officially announced, she turns and begins walking down the ramp. She pushes her hair out of her face as she vogues, showing off her face to its full capacity. She steps up to the ring steps and looks around with a majestic smile. She takes to the steps as she comes to the apron. She looks around for a moment, stomping her foot in protest as a scantily clad man runs down the ramp and climbs onto the apron. He sits on the middle rope, opening it for her. Valentina then takes off her Louboutins and hands them to the man as she prances barefoot around the ring. She refuses to let go of the spotlight.]

Liam: And their opponents!!!

The fans begin to boo loudly as "Superficial" by Heidi Montag hits over the public address system

It aint that easy, it aint that easy
it aint that easy, but it aint so hard
It aint that easy, it aint that easy
it aint that easy, but it aint so hard

As the lights dim and flash gold all over the arena, a lone spotlight forms at the entrance ramp as out from the back first steps Leroy with a stern look on his face. After a few moments, Todd walks out from behind him, looking nervous. As he claps within a few seconds in an arrogant and exaggerated fashion, Angel Kash herself walks out as the fans boo loudly.

Liam: And next, they are the Double Down Tag Team Champion… “The Trillion Dollar Princess”... Angel Kash!!! And Melissa Ruin… They are Nobility!!!!

Hoppin' out the maserati
All I see is paparazzi
Snapping pictures for the
Front cover of a magazine
So I pose in everything I wear
Love to make the people stare
Always center of attention
Lookin' so bootylicious

Angel blows an arrogant kiss to the fans before doing a series of arrogant poses at the top of the ramp. She then says something to Todd and Leroy as they first go ahead, before the arrogant rich blonde bombshell does an arrogant supermodel-like strut down to the ring, taunting the fans as she walks by them, before rudely sticking out her hand, and flipping her hair arrogantly as she brushes past the fans, not letting them even come close to touching her. She makes her way up the ring steps with Leroy, holding her hand from the outside, as Todd is standing in front of her on the ring apron. Angel then points down as he holds the ropes for her; she enters and poses in the center of the ring as the fans boo loudly. After that, she lays on the top turnbuckle nonchalantly taunting the fans as Todd hands her a mirror and she admires her beauty.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Gena: Filth holds up her fists, letting Melissa and Angel know she is ready for a fight. Wait! Valentina slaps Filth’s back aggressively. She smirks as she steps inside of the ring, Filth is not pleased with her partner Valentina.

Gemma: Valentina wants to prove something here tonight, and with how things were for her can you really blame her? She has yet to put a winning streak together since losing the title to Angel a few months back. She rushes over towards Melissa, knocking her over the top rope before locking up with Angel.

Gena: Angel struggles as Valentina grabs hold of Angel’s tights and brings her over with a Northern Lights Suplex, hooking the leg for the pin.


Gemma: Melissa slides back inside and breaks up the pin. Valentina goes to swing at her, but Angel plays it right back as she gets a handful of tights and brings her down for a pin.


Gena: Filth rushes in to break the pinfall by kicking Angel in the head. Filth drags Valentina back over toward their corner. She steps outside and reaches out for the tag. However, Valentina refuses as she gets to her feet and ignores Filth!

Gemma: Meanwhile, Angel goes to her corner to tag in Melissa but Valentina runs over to stop it… Angel turns around at the last second and drops Valentina with a Belly to Belly Suplex. Angel now grabs Valentina by the throat. She gets Valentina to her feet the hard way.

Gena: Filth isn’t even bulging as she allows Angel to maintain the choke. Valentina moves over toward the ropes, slowly but surely. She is inches away as Angel drops on her back forcing Valentina to fall on top of her as Angel turns this into a Triangle Choke.

Gemma: What is this? Filth looks on and it looks like she is… Don’t do it, Filth!!! Filth has left the apron and is heading to the back leaving Valentina all alone!

Gena: Well the way Valentina has been this whole match, can you blame Filth for saying forget it and just walking away?

Gemma: Valentina can’t take it any longer as she lightly taps out, giving Angel the win!

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Liam: Here are your winners via submission and still the Double Down Tag Team Champions… Melissa Ruin and Angel Kash… Nobility!!!!

We go backstage to see Angel of Filth pacing back and forth she is fuming. She turns around and sees Melissa and Angel laughing it up as they get past the curtains.

Filth: You two may have won beat you beat that no good Valentina. You know damn well that you can never beat me!

Filth says as she stares at Angel Kash.

Angel: Oh please, first off take a shower, for someone who didn't break a sweat tonight you smell like you haven't showered in two weeks.

Filth: You're nothing bet a spoiled bitch that has no business in this sport. You're no match for me and for your puppet Melissa. She is worse than you and your shit!

Angel: You smell like shit! Now back away peasant and know your role.

Filth: Make me, I fucking dare you.

Melissa: Like grouch, the trash can is that way, no go home!

An all-female SCU security group headed by Kittie show up.

Kittie: It's time for you all to clear this area up.

Angel: We were just leaving, now do your job and get rid of the trash in front of you.

Nobility laugh as they walk away. Filth goes to grab Angel but Kittie and the security team grab her before she can do anything. The champions get to the front door of there locker room. Melissa goes to open the door but the door opens up as the third member Chanelle walks out of the room.

Chanelle: That's what's up ladies. Now my turn to do the same vs Dalhia Rotten.

Angel: As expected from you.

Melissa: Yeah, so get the job done this time!

Chanelle: Oh girl, you don't want to start with me tonight. I'm in too good of a mood.

Angel: As you should be, I made sure you are still a Double Down tag team champion with me.

Chanelle: I got this girl.

Melissa: Hey look who it is.

Melissa says as she points down the hallway. We see Spokeswomen Donna Beauchamp walking by.

Angel: Your random tag team didn't work out for you tonight.

Donna: You won, you retained. Good job.

Melissa: Did you expect anything different?

Donna: From you, yes, from Angel Kash, it's hit or miss.

Melissa: Excuse me?

Donna: You're excuse now run along.

Chanelle: Why you gots to be a bitch for?

Donna: Oh is that right?

Chanelle: Yeah that's right.

Winter: Hey now!

Tatsu: Yeah, that's not so nice Chanelle!

Kawaii Dragons yell out as they appear on the shot.

Chanelle: Sounds about right.

Melissa: What does?

Chanelle: Bitches stick together. Kawaii Dragons and Donna are bitches.

Winter: Donna. Angel and Melissa had a great match tonight. I think you should award them.

Angel: Finally, Winter makes sense for the first time ever.

Tatsu: Yeah Donna-son, you should buy drinks for them like you did us when we were champions.

Melissa: She did what? We have never been rewarded.

Chanelle: Bitches stick together.

Donna: I have no...

Winter: Reason why she didn't before but tonight is your night. Now you two go now before Donna changes her mind. Don't change just leave and the tab is on Donna, just like she did for us.

Chanelle: See, bitches.

Donna: Oh yeah, that's right, tonight is your night ladies.

Donna says as she is just going with it.

Winter: Leave right now, Donna will even show you the way.

Angel: I don't need your money but if you insist then I can use a drink.

Melissa: Same here, let's go, hey Chanelle, meet us after you beat Dahlia!

Chanelle: You got it.

Winter: Have fun ladies!

Donna walks with Angel and Melissa as they head to the exit door.

Tatsu: Now you beat Dahlia and join then no!?

Chanelle: I don't know what you're up to but I'm watching you both.

We can hear the exit door slam.

Winter: Look, see they left to drink so now Tatsu has one question for you.

Chanelle: What's that?

Tatsu: So, em, who you calling bitch?

Before Chanelle can react Winter and Tatsu spray Chanelle in the face with a double Kawaii Mist. Tatsu kicks Chanelle's left knee to knock her off her feet. Winter kicks Chanelle in the face as Chanelle balls up on the floor to protect herself.

Tatsu starts kicking her as Winter goes and grabs a chair. Winter moves Tatsu out the way. Tatsu goes to get a chair as well. Winter hits Chanelle in the back with the chair. Tatsu swings and hits Chanelle in the legs.

Winter hits her in the back again as Tatsu hits her in the legs a second time. Winter drops the chair on Chanelle as she grabs a table and drags it a few feet. Tatsu hits Chanelle in the back of the head with the chair then picks her up to her feet.

Tatsu and Winter get Chanelle on Winter's shoulder for a powerbomb. Tatsu gets on top of the table. Winter goes to preform the bomb as Tatsu jumps up in the air and extends her leg to hit a leg drop at the same time.

The table breaks in two on the back of Chanelle.

Kittie: Hey!

Winter: Time to go.

Winter and Tatsu get up and take off running as Kittie checks on Chanelle. The rest of the security team goes after the Kawaii Dragons.

\'user Vs \'user

Singles Match
Dahlia Rotten vs Chanelle Martinez-Blade

Liam: This next match is set for one fall, first on the way to the ring, she is one of the Hardcore Tag Team Champions… Foom Team Canada… Dahlia Rotten!!!

Menage Et Trois By Paloma Ford. Dahlia steps out to a shower of boos but can hear a few cheers in the background. She is accompanied by Sarah lane. They walk to the ring and enter, a spotlight shines on the rings, Dahlia and Sarah give the crowd an arrogant smile as they soak in the reaction.

Liam: And her oppnent!!! Making her way to the ring, from Bronx, NY Sshe is “Azz n’ Class”... Chanelle Marrrrrrtinezzzzzzzz!!!

“Red Lipstick” begins playing over the speakers…

Gena: Chanelle was just attacked by the Kawaii Dragons, it looks like she is not coming out. Chanelle can’t be at a 100% after that attack.

Chanelle music stops then starts to play again as the crowd looks at the rampway.

Gemma: I agree, who in thier right mind will take on Dahlia after an attack like that.

We see Marissa running down the rampway, the crowd starts booing as they know what that means. She gets on the apron and talks to Liam for a few seconds.

Liam: Chanelle is not able to perform tonight, therefore your winner by forfiet, Dahlla Rotten!

Dahlia takes the microphone from Liam as Sarah gets in the ring.

Dahlia: You know, for years now. You all have booed Team CAnada. The truth is, we wouldn’t want it any other way. For years now, you fans can see that Team Canada have been the biggest bad guys in the company. Team Canada is the owrse of the worse when it comes to good and evil. The truth is, we are three wrestlers who will never backdown and will never take anyone’s shit. SCU wants to hane me this win, I say no. Givve me Chanelle next week instead.

Sarah nods as she claps argeeing with Dahlia.

Dahlia: Winter has a hard on to face Merlot. She and Tatsu keep intereing in peoples matches. I enjoyed the action they take but they had a line, a line they weren’t suppsse to cross. We had a deal, stay oot of Team Canada’s way and we wouldn’t beat you both to with just an inch of your life.  

You jumpped Chanelle before her match tonight, a match she was suppose to have with me. Kawaii Dragons have now crossed the line. Sarah Lane, the 2 time manager of the year will make sure I get me hands on thee both of you. I don’t need cheap wins or hand out by the Kawaii Dragons. It’s clear I need to persionally remind them of that!

Dahlia drops the microphone in the ring as the crowd started cheering for Dahlia. Dahlia and Sarah leave the ring and walk up the ramp, while doing so they hear the crowd yelling/chanting Team Canada. The two stop to take a second as this isn’t something they’re used to hearing.

\'user & \'user
\'user & \'user

Tag Team Match
Kawaii Dragons vs Le Coven

Liam: This next match is a tag team match set for one fall!!!

The lights in the arena drop down and "Sex Metal Barbie" by In This Moment begins playing. The ring crew brings out a wooden plank, meant to resemble the Mean Girls Runway of yesteryear, fastening it tightly to the ring, as it looks like it will fall apart at any minute. Before they can even disperse, the curtains open, and Celeste is wheeled out onto the ramp in front of a podium. A spotlight appears on her as a man dressed in a potato sack walks out behind her, helping her down onto the stage. She is dressed in a pair of red hot pants and a Mean Girls tank top tied just above the navel, and an opened hooded jacket. She has red streaks in her hair as she slightly pulls back her hood to show off her face and the obnoxiously sparkling tiara on her head, taking a drag from the cigar in her right hand.

Liam: Making there way to the ring, hailing from Beverly Hills, California,  "Queen C"... Celeste North!!! and her partner from France... Jenifer LaCroix... They are Le Coven!!!

She struts along the "runway" slowly, showing off everything she's got, a cigar in her hands. She takes a puff of it and winks as she exhales slowly. She then flips her hair from side to side seductively as men wearing dress suits and potato sacks over their heads line the runway, taking photos of her. Celeste takes a puff from the cigar before dropping it to the arena floor. The first hooded man holds the ropes open for her as she enters the ring. She struts around to the music for a moment, shedding her black hooded jacket. She puckers up

Liam: And their opponents!!!

The crowd begins booing as soon as a picture of a dragon appears on the Honor Tron. “Gimme Chocolate” by Babymetal begins playing, Winter Elemental and Tatsu Ikeda come out from behind the curtains. They laugh together as they hold onto each other’s hands, skipping down the aisle, pointing and laughing at fans as they pass.

Liam: On their way to the ring, they are Winter Elemental and Tatsu Ikeda..., the Kawaii Dragons!!!

The crowd continues to boo them more as Winter and Tatsu make it to the bottom of the ramp. Tatsu and Winter slide in the ring. They prance around with the belts, rubbing them, and their cuteness in the faces of the fans. They settle into their corner, laughing and joking together as they hand their belts over to the referee and wait for their opponents.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Gemma: Celeste and Winter start this match off. Winter walks over to Le Coven corner. She wraps her arm around Celeste as the two walk to the middle of the ring. Winter seems to be talking to Celeste about something.

Gena: Wonder what she is telling Celeste.

Gemma: Knowing Winter, she is trying to talk her way out of the match.

Gena: Well Celeste starts to smile as she nods no then grabs Winter arm to get her to stop hugging on her then nails a clothesline from hell to Winter!

Gemma: Winter slams her hands on the mat as she gets to her feet. Winter goes to grab Celeste, but Celeste hits Winter with a body shot then another.  

Gena: Celeste goes for a third but gets blocked by Winter. Winter kicks Celeste in the gut. Winter grabs Celeste's head for a DDT, but Celeste punches her way out of it with more body shot.

Gemma: Winter manages to back away, she heads to her corner to tag in Tatsu.

Gena: Tatsu jumps in the ring as Celeste rushes in. Tatsu jumps up and brings her legs in for a short dropkick. Celeste sees it coming and backs away.

Gemma: Celeste goes for a body shot, but Tatsu brags her arm and uses her momentum to send Celeste to the ropes. Celeste bounces off and heads back. Tatsu jumps and nails a dropkick!

Gena: Celeste gets up, Tatsu spins and goes for a spinning kick to the midsection that connects with Celeste's head as she was getting to her feet.

Gemma: Tatsu grabs Celeste and gets her to her feet. Tatsu runs to the ropes, and jumps off turning her body to Celeste for a cross body drop, but Celeste holds on to Tatsu and reverses it to a Samoan drop!!!

Gena: Celeste gets to her feet and walks over to tag in Jenifer. Jenifer gets in the ring and drags Tatsu to her corner. Jenifer backs away and signals for Winter to tag herself in the match.

Gemma: Winter does just that as Tatsu rolls over to the apron. Jenifer and Winter walk to the middle of the ring. Both get in fighting stances and start trading punches and kicks that gets blocked or countered from the both of them.

Gena: Winter manages to gets a shot in to the nose of Jenifer. Jenifer stops and looks at Winter, Jenifer goes to kick Winter, but Winter backs away then runs away. Jenifer starts to chase her around the ring. Winter stops and jumps backward for a Pele kick.

Gemma: Jenifer sees it coming and grabs Winter's foot while countering by hitting a low stiff kick to the chest of Winter!

Gena: Winter grabs her chest as she gets on her knees, Jenifer swings her leg around for a kick to Winter face that connects! WInter goes back down.

Gemma: Jenifer should go for the cover, but she heads back to her corner to tag in Celeste. Celeste gets in the ring and grabs Winter by her hair. Celeste gets Winter to her feet. Celeste grabs Winter... No Winter hits a short chop to Celeste's throat!

Gena: Celeste backs away as she holds her throat, the ref warns Winter, but Winter goes to check on Celeste. I think Winter was going for a chop to the chest.

Gemma: Winter backs off as Celeste goes to her corner and tags in Jenifer. Jenifer gets in the ring as Celeste leaves the ring and walks over to the ringside medic. Winter slides out the ring and she and Tatsu go to check on Celeste.

Gena: Celeste backs away from them as Jenifer jumps off the top topes and nails the Kawaii Dragons with a crossbody!

Gemma: Jenifer gets up and grabs Winter to throw her back in the ring, she looks at Celeste as Celeste waves her off. Jenifer goes back to the ring as Tatsu gets to her feet.

Gena: Dr. Smith checks on Celeste as Tatsu gets on the apron. Jenifer goes for a cover!


Gemma: Winter kicks out at one. Jenifer grabs Winters and gets on top of her. Jenifer rolls over to get Winter on top of her. Jenifer still holding the arm starts to bend the elbow as she locks in her Kimura Lock!

Gena: Tatsu jumps in the ring but gets tripped up as Celeste grabs on to her foot. Tatsu hits the mat and crawls over to Jenifer but Winter starts tapping out!!!

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Liam: Your winner of this match...

Gemma: Tatsu grabs Jenifer's leg but Jenifer keeps the Kimura Lock locked in. The ref grabs Tatsu but Tatsu punches the ref away. Tatsu runs to Jenifer's heads and grabs her nose!

Gena: Jenifer lets go of Winter and grabs on to Tatsu's throat. She kicks Winter off of her then bends her legs to wrap around Tatsu's head for a triangle chokehold!

Gemma: Tatsu starts tapping as Jeinfer keeps the hold on. Celeste gets on the ring to get Celeste off of Tatsu. The ref holds on to Winter as she tries to attack Le Coven. Jenifer lets go of Tatsu and kicks her away for good measure.

Liam: Your winner of this match by submission.... Celeste North, Jenifer LaCroix... Le Coven!!!

The crowd cheer for Le Coven as they leave the ring. Winter goes to check on Tatsu but Tatsu blows her off as she asks Winter if she is okay instead. The two smile and nod then turn to LE Coven as they walk up the rampway.

The opening riffs of Fire In Our House by Astral Doors hits the speakers and Giovanna Teixeira, manager of Hitamashii comes out to the stage, looking smug, and stands there as the crowd gives her boos. Giovanna walks from one side of the stage to the other with a swag in her step before he looks around the crowd, and starts to walk towards the ring slowly, stopping halfway down the ramp and turning her head with his nose in the air to look at the crowd, their faces showing that they do not like the way she is looking down upon them. Giovanna lowers her head slowly and turns back to face the ring, walking down towards the apron. Giovanna climbs up to the apron and steps between the bottom rope and the middle rope, looking around at the fans as they continue to boo her.

Giovanna: Since it is ladies night, I, Giovanna Teixeira, the manager of Hitamashii, decided to come out and speak on Hitamashii’s behalf. There has been talks about a TV title here in SCU and that if the talks are true, Hitamashii will be entering himself in contention for that title. There is nothing I would rather see more than see Hitamashii return to form and kick people’s asses and take names.

Giovanna smiles as she thinks about her client and friend potentially becoming a champion as she leaves the ring and goes backstage as the scene fades to black.

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Main Event
Tag Team Match

Mother Mavis and Sister Esther vs Shelby Holt and Shannon Middlebrooks

Liam:  The following Tag Team Contest is scheduled for one fall! Iiiiiiiiiiiintroducing first, they are Shelby Holt and Shannon Middlebrooks… The New Fountation!!!

"Into The Rush" starts blaring as Shelby and Shannon coming bouncing out from behind the curtain. They greet the fans before sprinting down the ramp and getting ready for the match.

Liam:  Aaaaaaaaaaand their opponents…

A white light flashes over the crowd that is almost blinding. It returns to a more tolerable brightness as "Spirit In the Sky" by Norman Greenbaum begins to play through the arena. The crowd boos and gets louder when the announcer speaks up.

Liam: On her way to the ring from Tulsa, Oklahoma... Representing The Church of The Good Shepherds they are, Mother Mavis Shepherd and your SCU Combat Champion Sister Esther!!!

And the boos become louder. Mavis walks out onto the stage, folding her hands in front of her, making sure to show off the cross hanging from her neck. She looks around the crowd, her eyes narrow and piercing. She keeps her hands folded as she walks down the aisle. At the end, she walks up to the apron and climbs up onto it. She raises her hands to the air as the white light shines down on her. For a second she smiles and then she lowers her hat to the apron. She steps inside of the ring and walks back and forth while she waits for the match to start.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Gemma:  Mother Mavis and Shelby Holt start things off inside of the ring.  They waste no time tying up in the middle of the ring.  Shelby tries to assert her dominance, but Mavis is having none of it, pushing Shelby back into an empty corner.

Gena:  Shelby struggles against it, but Mavis begins hitting high kicks to Shelby, following it up with Shoulderbutts galore.  Shelby tries to block as much of it as she can, but Mavis is relentless right out of the gate.

Gemma:  She gets Shelby down to a seated position before referee Jade Pham backs her away.  Mavis holds her hands up innocently as she steps back.  As Shelby crawls out of the corner, Mother Mavis kicks Shelby’s teeth into the nosebleed seats.

Gena:  The crowd boos for Mavis, but they hesitate because of the power shown by the religious zealot.  They start to get behind Shelby to encourage her, but it’s no use.  Mavis picks Shelby up from the mat and then flips her over onto her ass.

Gemma:  She kicks away at Shelby, stopping her from recovering at all.  That old broad has got some power and determination, and that’s coming from a “satanic slut”.

Gena:  Oh, burn!  Mavis picks Shelby up and sends her into the ropes, but Shelby holds onto the top rope.  She moves over and tags in Shannon.  Shannon jumps inside of the ring and Clothesline’s Mavis to the ground.

Gemma:  The former and first ever SCU Combat Champion catches Mother Mavis on the rebound with another Clothesline, and then drops an elbow to her old, hollow chest.

Gena:  The crowd gets to their feet as Shannon lifts Mavis from the mat.  She sends her into the ropes, and as Mavis tries for a Clothesline, Shannon ducks underneath it.  She hits a Back Heel Kick to Mavis, dropping her to the mat. She goes for the cover.


Gemma:  Sister Esther was just about there to break it up, but Mother Mavis kicks out.  Shelby tries to take care of Esther, but Esther slaps her right across the face and then kicks her in the gut so hard that she falls through the ropes.

Gena:  Esther is guided out of the ring as Shannon picks Mavis up and throws her right into Esther, forcing the tag!

Gemma:  Esther stumbles, nearly falling off of the apron.  She growls and then climbs into the ring, over her mother, and dashes right over to Shannon, punching her in the face, screeching at the original Combat Champion.

Gena:  Shannon doesn’t seem to be taking too kindly to that as she strikes Esther with a closed fist to the gut.  Esther screams out as she hunches over, and Jade gives her fair warning.  Shannon steps back before sizing up a knuckle punch to the top of Esther’s head.

Gemma:  Shannon steps back again, sizing Esther up.  She goes for another knuckle punch when Esther blocks it and throws a right hook to Shannon’s temple.  She uses the stun move to start throwing rapid body shots.

Gena:  Esther hits an uppercut for the gods, sending Shannon flying back onto her back.  She struts around the ring as Shannon is laid out and the referee begins her count.


Gemma:  Esther is talking shit on Shannon, threatening Shelby to try to get back inside of the ring.  Shelby’s hip seems very tender as she tries to get inside.


Gena:  Shelby gets inside, but Esther punches methodically at Shelby, sending her back to the outside of the ring.  Esther leans through the ropes and begins taunting Shelby, not realizing that at the count of 9, Shannon gets back to her feet.

Gemma:  The crowd is literally roaring as they see Esther backing up, pointing and laughing at Shelby.  She doesn’t see that she’s backing up right into Shannon until it’s too late.

Gena:  Shannon begins throwing kicks at Esther, backing her up into the corner.  She punches, kicks, striking as rapidly as she can.

Gemma:  Mother Mavis enters the ring and grabs onto Shannon’s hair.  She lifts Shannon up into the Salvation Slam (Glam Slam) and drops her to the mat.

Gena:  Mavis is called back to her corner and she reluctantly obeys her orders.  As she goes back, Esther gets out of the corner and begins hammering away.  She hits the Crown of Thorns (Venus Flytrap)!

Gemma:  Shannon has nowhere to go.  Esther, however, is not finished.  She looks over to Shelby to see her still laid out, and then she drops Shannon with the Salvation Slam.  She rolls her opponent over and hooks the leg.


Ding! Ding! Ding!

Liam:  Here is your winners… Sister Esther, Mother Mavis… The Good Shepherds!

“Chasm” plays over the speakers as Esther stands up.  She is handed her SCU Combat Championship and she holds it high in the air.  She sets the belt over her shoulder and then she looks to Mother Mavis.  They get their arms raised, but they rip back.  They pick Shannon up and send her into the ropes.  As Shannon comes back, they lift her up so that her neck falls across the top rope.  Esther picks her up and tosses her by the side of Shelby.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

The music cuts off as Mavis and Esther climb to the outside of the ring.  They pick Shelby up and throw her into the ring steps.  They take Shannon and then throw her into Shelby, causing her head to collide with Shelby’s stomach.  As Kittie leads the female security team down to the ringside area, Mavis pulls a book from her backside and places it down on top of Shannon’s chest.  Mavis and Esther rush off before security can accost them.  “Spirit In the Sky” begins playing as the New Foundation is laid out and blood pours from Shelby’s mouth.  We fade out as the camera focuses on security and medical surrounding the two ladies.

Tune in next week as Sin City Underground brings you SCU Underground: Ep. 34 on Thursday September 19th, 2019!