Author Topic: Lets get back to winning ways.  (Read 327 times)

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Lets get back to winning ways.
« on: June 07, 2019, 08:02:14 PM »
 Tuesday 4th June
Las Vegas, NV
Joshua Acquin’s Training Complex.

The scene opens inside Joshua Acquin’s training complex in Las Vegas, where we only see Amy Santino and Senor Vinnie inside the building, where Vinnie sits on a bench doing bicep curls, while Amy sits on the mat having just done a quick session on the pads to warm herself up.

Vinnie: Where is Joshua?

Vinnie asks.

Amy: He is out with the wife… but he is fine with me using this place. He should be ok with me bring guests in too.

Vinnie: Is he ok with Pete?

Vinnie asks, as Amy look over to Pete who sits on the ring apron.

Amy: Yeah…

Amy smiles, as Amy’s cell phone begins to ring.

Amy: Sorry… I have to get this.

Vinnie shakes his head, as Amy shrugs.  Amy moves to her bag where her phone is ringing.


Amy: HI Katie

Katie: Hi… you rang?

Katie says hesitating for a moment.

Amy: I did… It’s mom and dad’s 65th birthdays… do you know what they are doing?

Amy asks.

Katie: Nothing as far as I am aware… why?

Katie queries.

Amy: I am in Vegas at the moment working out and training, however, I was thinking booking a restaurant in LA for their birthday. All the family ours and Joey’s…

Katie: Will they travel that far?

Katie queried.

Amy: We can tell them that we arrange a hotel for them etc… but don’t tell them about the surprise meal.

Amy explained.

Katie: Ok… what do you want me and Mary to do?

Katie asks.

Amy: Let Mary know first and then invite close family. I will book hotel and restaurant.

Katie: Ok… do you want us to pitch in?

Katie questions.

Amy: Nope… I will do it all. I will speak with Joey and invite his family.

Katie: Great.

Amy: I will update you later with the plans.

Katie: Ok. Speak soon.

Amy: Yeah… see you soon.

They both hang up as Amy chucks her phone back into her back as she returns to the mat.

Vinnie: You sound busy… do you want to focus on the arrangements?

Vinnie queries.

Amy: Do you always listen to private conversations?

Amy takes a pop at Vinnie.

Vinnie: Pete did… he heard it all.

Amy: Sorry… I will call later. I just want to use the time we have now to focus on training and work on how we are going to beat Jack and Emmie.

Amy says dismissing the plans for the moment.

Vinnie: Now how… we will beat them… and as always with the use of my cactus and my amazing wrestling skills.

Vinnie says as he places the dumbbell down back onto the racking before moving to the bench press and loads it up before laying down.

Amy: Your amazing skills didn’t help last time… we may need to watch as many videos as possible.

Vinnie: That’s not nice…
Vinnie says.

Amy: Sorry. I just don’t want some nobody and some one else that has got luck so far beat us.

Vinnie: Trust me… we will win. Just focus on training for now.

Amy: Sure…

Amy lets out a small sign as she sits down on the mat and moves into the first position for yoga. As Amy watches Vinnie for a moment as he bring the bar up and down a few times. Amy then closes her eyes and focuses on the yoga poses. The scene soon fades out on both Amy and Vinnie doing their workout.


Thursday 6th June
Los Angeles, CA

The scene opens inside the one of the restaurant room in the Republique French restaurant in Los Angeles, California, where we see Amy with her sisters and a couple of close cousin and Joey with his family. They all dressed smartly in suits and dresses, as they talk and sip on water as they wait for someone or something.

Amy’s cell phone goes off in her bag, as she pulls it out and checks the message.

30 seconds… we are around the corner.

Amy tucks her cell phone away before raising her voice.

Amy: GUYS!  Mom and Dad are 30 seconds away. Get ready.

The sounds goes quiet, as a long 30 seconds goes by as the door swings open to reveal Amy’s mom and dad.

Everyone: SURPRISE!!!

Amy’s Mom and Dad look shocked as everyone moves in and wishes them a happy birthday. Yes… there birthday is the same day but separated by a couple of years.  Amy moves in and kiss them both on the cheek, as a couple of waiters come in with bottles of wine and jugs or water as they place them down onto the table before leaving again.

Dad: Thank you for this… it’s a total and utter surprise.

He says with a smile as someone hand him a glass of water, while Mom takes a glass of wine, as everyone slowly moves to the tables and sit down as drinks are poured.  A couple of people pick up the menu and scan over them. As Amy’s mom leans over to Amy.

Mom: Who planned this?

Amy: I had the idea and put it too Katie and Mary. I wasn’t about to let you celebrate your 65th birthday at home. I thought bring you to LA and have a decent meal.

Mom: Thank you.

Dad: This is great Amy.

Dad says kissing Amy on the cheek.

Amy: Katie and Mary helped too… well everyone did.

Mary: It was all Amy really… we just talked to everyone about coming.
Mum: Regardless… thank you. Thank you to everyone for coming.

She raises her glass as does everyone else, as the waiter comes in…

Waiter: Is everyone ready to order?

A few people shake their head no, while said they were but were going to wait on everyone else.

Waiting: I’ll come back.

The waiter disappears leaving everyone either chatting or picking up their menu’s and scanning them. The scene fades out as everyone makes comments about the menu and what looks good and comment that they can’t decide etc… before eventually choosing they choice of starter and main and desert.


7th June 2019

Vinnie and I back as a team. Previously we were up against London Underground... a team that is impossible to beat and impossible to deny that they are the best tag team in the mixed tag team division. Two weeks after loss... we are back up against Jack Asher and Emmie Ward and from what I have seen... a team that is dysfunctional. Emmie trying hard to make friends and be like and Jack just to make a name for himself who got screwed over by none other than Emmie Ward. I watch shows when I am not wrestling... I may be silent backstage and on twitter but i do a lot of observing and this is the one thing that I noticed.

Firstly welcome to Sin City Wrestling Emmie... your first match here is a tag team match. I am guessing Mark want to ease you in this company and not face off against anyone in singles action.

*cough* nepotism *cough*

So welcome... always since to have a fresh new rookie to add to the bombshell roster... but here is your first warning... this bombshell roster is no walk over... we are all ruthless we are all dangerous and you have no fucking chance in this company unless you step up and get your mind body and soul focused.

Now to the tag team match Sunday night... Emmie I think you might have come into the division at the wrong time. You see the mixed tag team division is shaping up to be pretty decent again with some tough teams... and if you are too succeed you and your partner need to be on the same level and as I stated earlier you and jack are not on the same wave length and you also need to have experience. You just can’t rely on your partner to do all the leg work while you stand in the corner looking like a lost puppy.

And to be honest... you are just going to stand in the corner like a lost puppy while Jack works his ass off because it was all your fault for getting him into this situation. He maybe a decent wrestler and has wins under his belt but with you at his side... he is pretty much screwed. Emmie... just to make this clear... jack isn’t going to help you.... he isn’t going to help you in the ring or outside the ring other than berate you for making him lose his match.

Emmie... it is YOU that has to make the decisions when you get into the ring whether you want to pull up your big girl pants and wrestle and make jack proud or just cower and think that this is too much for you and you bit off more than you can chew. To be honest I am not going to exactly help you figure things out... I will be instead exploiting the fact that you are new to this company... I will give you the welcome you fully deserve... a good old-fashioned butt kicking following up with a loss.

If you haven’t figured things out yet... I want to win. Vinnie and I lost to London Underground last time out, but we want to win this time round. We are going to sit back on our laurels and think this is going to be easy, we are going out there to win... and this win will make a point - I hope - that we are ready to challenge for the mixed tag team titles. While we are busy... my partner Vinnie will be making Jacks life a little hard and I have every confidence that Vinnie will beat Jack and help us win.

So Emmie... this debut match will be big for you because you have already showed how inept you are at helping someone out... and guess what... you loss in this match will only make things worse between yourself and Jack.

See you soon Emmie.


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