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MPC reborn
« on: May 24, 2019, 07:26:29 PM »

Baltimore, MD
3-X HQ
Wednesday 15th May

The scene opens inside Amy 3-X office, where we just see her as the camera attempts to not pan around to the many promotional posters on the walls or certain toys or shaped awards. As the camera pans to her, we see she is asleep with her head in a hand as if she was doing work.

A knock on the door doesn’t wake her, as a well-built man in his 40's wearing jeans and a t shirt appears at the door and garners no response. Enter the office a little further, he clears his throat before placing a hand on her shoulder, which jolts her awake.

Amy: What?

Amy looks around to see her the man, as she rubs her eyes before moving her wrist and arm around as that had fallen asleep.

Man: Sorry I disturbed you.

The man apologised.

Amy: Its fine. Whats up Tj?

Amy queries.

Tj: Nothing major, I was just wanted to find out what I was doing today?

He asks.

Amy: Umm...

Amy sits forward and clicks a couple of times before bringing up a rota.

Amy: You are working with Joanna Jet. Is that ok?

Amy queried as she stifles a yawn.

Tj: That’s fine. Are you alright boss?

He queries.

Amy: jet lag is kicking my ass.

Lori: Then why come in and work?

Loris says as she walks in with a shopping bags.

Amy: I thought I would be fine. But I think flying from the US to the UK and then Japan and back to the UK has caught up with me.

Tj: when did that happen?

Amy: Last week. As SCW was on tour in the UK and SCU were having their own and I was invited to a show in Japan and then back to London. Anyway.... Tj you better get ready.

Tj: Sure.

Tj turns and leaves leaving Amy alone with Lori.

Lori: What are you going to do?

Amy: grab a coffee and get some air and come back in and keep myself entertained with some editing.

Amy stands to her feet as she stretches a little before smiling at Lori as the goes to the corner of the room to make herself a coffee before leaving. The scene fades out with Amy taking her coffee outside to wake herself up a little more.

[End of Flashback]


21st May 2019
Momentum Martial Arts
Reno, NV

A few weeks after London Brawling, where we saw Jessie and Amy reunite and team up against Crystal and Seleana Zdunich, which the winners would get any title shot of their choice and unfortunately Crystal and Seleana won that match leaving Jessie and Amy what would happen next in their singles careers, however, there would be an alternative and after the mixed tag team title match Jessie, Vinnie and I delivered a message to the mixed tag division.

As for Climax Control, Amy wasn’t wrestling but Jessie was on the show and after a conversation with Christian, she would be allowed to compete against for titles and this was good news for Jessie, Vinnie and Amy, as this would allow the free bird team of Metal and Punk Connection.

The scene opens inside the momentum Martial Arts facility in Reno, where we see Amy alone in the facility as she warms up with a short sprint before dropping down doing a burpee before climbing to her feet before shadow boxing for 15 seconds.  Amy does this a couple of times, until the door swings open and enters Jessie with her bag slung over her shoulder.

Jessie: Hi Amy.

Amy: Hey…

Amy greets Jessie with a smile, as Amy takes in some water. Jessie places her bag down next to Amy’s as she stretches and warms up some.

Jessie: We waiting for anyone else?

Amy: Hopefully… Vinnie.  I did tell him the time and location.

Jessie: I hope this isn’t the sign of things to come.

Jessie said with concern.

Amy: He is ‘serious’ when it comes to getting into the ring but outside, he can be a little unpredictable.

Amy shrugs.

Jessie: Great.

Jessie begins to stretch, as Amy moves to her bag and pulls out some gloves and pads.  Placing the pads on the floor, Amy sticks the gloves on and moves to the heavy bag and begins to box. As the door swings open and enters Vinnie with his bag in his band and his cactus in the other.

Vinnie: Ms Amy & Ms Jessie… nice to see you.

Amy: Hi Vinnie.

Jessie: Vinnie.

Vinnie walks past Jessie and Amy, before placing his bag down, as he looks around the room before moving to a table and placing the cactus down all the while having a conversation with it.  He then comes back as Jessie watches him and shakes his head.

Amy: You will get used to it… even more so that we are a team.

Vinnie: So what are we doing?

Vinnie asks.

Jessie: Just training together… get to know each other a little better… well you and I.

Vinnie: Sounds good.  Firstly I would like you to meet my cactus…

Vinnie nods over to his cactus on the table, as Jessie looks to me and just smirk and say nothing.

Jessie: Hi.

Jessie shakes her head feeling a little stupid.

Vinnie: Secondly… why we team bonding in a martial arts centre when we are only going to hear each other grunting. Can’t we sit down at a bar or something?

Vinnie suggests.

Amy:  I wanted to do something different… although being in the gym or going to a restaurant or bar is my go to locations.

I shrug.

Jessie:  Well I am happy to be here.

Jessie pitches in.

Vinnie: So what are we doing then?

He asks.

Amy: If you like can go on the treadmill over there… while Jessie and I spar, or would you like to go first?

Amy asks Vinnie.

Vinnie: Can I spar first? We can talk about the match.

Amy: Sure.  Sorry Jessie.

Jessie: It’s fine. It gives me a chance to unleash my frustrations on the heavy bag.

Amy nods, as Jessie grabs a pair of boxing gloves and slips them on and moves to the heavy bag and begins to hit it. Meanwhile Vinnie grabs the pads and puts them on before approaching Amy and raises his hands and braces.  Amy then begins to punch and kick…

Vinnie: Tell me about our plans and tactics against London Underground…

Amy: Well…

From that the scene soon fades out on Amy and Vinnie, as Amy works hard on the pads attached to Vinnie’s limbs.


24th May 2019r

I can hear it coming.... you are hypocrite... yap yap yap... you are jumping on the band wagon.... blah blah blah.... you are only in it because everyone is interested since the title changed hands… yip yip yip.

Maybe... no and no.

Frankly I don’t care if you think I am a hypocrite or not. I am not losing any sleep over it. I may have been a strong critic about the free bird rule etc in the past... but I find it makes some sense as it’s a just in case scenario.

Anyway... am I jumping on the bandwagon. No I am not... if people remembered Wyatt and I were a tag team partners and even wrestled against LU a few times for the mixed tag titles... and long before any of new tag teams appeared on the scene. As for becoming interested because everyone else is... maybe... maybe not. To be honest Vinnie came to me and proposed the idea of being a mixed tag team. Frankly I thought the tag titles were dead, but he told me to think about it. I did and now he and I are a tag team alongside Jessie. It made sense as we were a good team... and with the title changing hands... it wouldn’t make any difference if they did or not.

MPC lives and it’s good to see Jessie allowed title shots again and she made a promise of no more title demands etc...

So... to the point of this promo...

London Underground verses Senor Vinnie and Myself.

I noticed that you guys have been pretty silent... and I also noticed that a couple of you decided to take the easy route and wrestle for Sin City Underground these days and avoid the hard work of the big company. Now don’t get me wrong... I had a match with them... which I was honoured to be a part of. They are a good company with good management, but I feel it’s a place where you begin to wind down your career or just want something a little bit easier instead of having a career in a big company. But that’s what I feel and my opinion.

Anyway... London Underground. I have lost count in how many times we faced each other... I haven’t forgotten though that I have lost every encounter be it with Jessie against Charlotte and Mackenzie or in mixed tag team action with Wyatt. It just seems you are impossible to beat.

But you know what... with Vinnie at my side I feel invigorated and confident that we can beat you. Vinnie is the dark horse of the team because you don’t really know what he is going to do or what he is thinking. You can call him weird and odd but weird and odd works... and that is going to help us win. Oh, and look out for his cactus... packs quite a punch.

I have faith in his abilities whoever you bring to this match. Be it Daniel Morgan or Osbourne. He will take you down.

The same will go for Charlotte and Mackenzie... yes we have done this so many times before... yes I am fully aware that you are stronger and questionably better than me and have beaten me multiple times, but I still get up and still come back for more. I never back down from a fight and I am not easily intimidated. So whatever you have to say... I don’t care. Hypocrite, washed up, old boring dull slut whore I should retire blah blah blah etc... it’s all about what happens inside the ring.

Yes Jessie and I lost at London's Brawling and that puts me at an disadvantage but the thing is... i bounce back... I don’t dwell. I get back up; I go to the gym/train/run etc... I push myself to the limits just so that I can step into the ring with you and continue to push.

As I said I am not intimidated by anyway... I don’t care what my record says verses LU. I will fight, I will push, and I will get at least one win over you even if it kills me.

Mackenzie/Charlotte.... whichever bitch I end up with... I am coming for you... and I will beat you and will ensure that Metal and Punk Connection cement ourselves as genuine threats to the new invigorated division.


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