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Handlers Name: Chris
Any Messengers: Discord
Years Active: About 16 years


You will be booked at least 2-3 times a month. In order for this to happen, you will be booked in singles as well as tag team matches. Since tag team matches take place in an intergender division, please let Tad Ezra know if you wish to only wrestle your gender. We will still book you in tag team matches under Mixed tag team rules but keep in mind, tag team titles will be intergender so if you wish not to wrestle the opposite gender, you limit yourself to only singles gold when you do get a title shot. ***Be sure to fill out a Tag Team application***



Picture Base: Tsukasa Fujimoto
Wrestlers Twitter: @Merlot_Ayano
Wrestlers Name: Merlot Ayano
Nickname(s): N/A
Age: 30 (12-15-1988)
Height: 5’5’’
Weight: 133 lbs
Hometown: Osaka, Japan
Personality: Merlot’s intense passion for the sport, coupled with her natural quirkiness makes her a bit of an enigma. She’s generally pretty easy-going, that is until the bell rings, of course. Ot if she’s truly angered (which doesn’t happen often).
Strengths: (1) One of the qualities that became apparent to her trainers early on was her ability to rally and uplift the peers around her. That coupled with her overall aptitude and knowledge of wrestling often give Merlot the ability to take over the role of “leader” in multi-person matches. (2) Over that past year to year and a half, Merlot has engaged in powerlifting over the past couple of years [to supplement her wrestling]. Because of this, she is often able lift larger opponents for a suplex or two. However, because of her size and frame, her feats of strength are limited. She’ll usually only show her strength in spurts [maybe one or two moves a match]. (3) Despite everything that Merlot goes through, she’s somehow able to keep her passion for the sport burning bright. It’s that passion and her pride that allows her to keep fighting and keep pressing on [in matches and in her career].
Weaknesses: (1) It’s somewhat of a lesser known fact, but Merlot has quite a temper when she’s pushed to the brink. Stories about her snapping have been told many times at her home dojo. She’s normally able to keep that monster at bay, but it does slip out from time to time. Her triggers happen to be high levels of disrespect. (2) Because of how seriously she takes her sport and her past negative experiences in the business, Merlot often feels as if there is a chip on her shoulder to succeed. (3) Merlot would likely be considered decent size for a joshi. However, there’s no doubt that she’d be undersized when facing some men or larger women.
Gimmick If Any: The Smiling Deamon?Merlot’s career has been quite the rollercoaster ride. She’s had her highs. She’s had her lows. Those experiences have taught her to do two things: (1) always keep fighting and (2) always keep smiling. Sometimes that smile will be the result of a joyous victory. Other times, that smile will appear before a vicious battle. Regardless what may occur, Merlot will always try to put on that smile.
Alignment: Face


Entrance Theme Music (Check Taken Theme Song List): Futatsu no Koe by exist†trace
Entrance Description (Mandatory for bookings): The fans sit and wait as the lights in the arena phase out. Everyone sits in silence until the chaotic rifts of symphonic sounds of exist†trace’s “Futatsu no Roe” begins to pump throughout air. A couple of lights at the base of the entrance ramp flicker on.

Darlyn:  On her way to the ring, from Osaka, Japan, standing at 5’5” and weighing in at 133lb, she is… Merlot Ayyyyyyyyyanooooooooooo!!! @@

Merlot Ayano stands with her back turned as the beams illuminate her. She quickly raises her right fist in the air before using both of her hands to blow kisses into the air. She then spins around and lets out great shout just as the song begins to ramp up. She scans the cheering crowd and stretches out her right arm as she makes her way down to the ring. Merlot heads directly towards the steps upon reaching the end of the entrance ramp. She wipes her boots on the apron before stepping through the ropes. Merlot strolls around the ring as the lights return before heading to one of the corners. She uses the ropes to get loose and stretch out her legs before the bell rings


Everyone gets one finisher and 3 signature moves as well as a move set package. Please pick one package for your wrestler. Any moves you really want your wrestler to have please add it to the the signature moves section.

Wrestling Move Packages *Remember you can only pick one*
-All-Arounder (Jack of all trades, master of none)
Wrestling Style: Puroresu/Strong Style (centered strikes, submissions, and suplexes)

Signature Moves
1.) Rolling Chop
2.) Twisting Butterfly Lock
3.) Straight-jacket German Suplex

Finishing Move
1.) Eternal Burning: High Velocity Roundhouse (Standing/Kneeling Opponent)
2.) Vanguard Killer: Lebell Lock


Weapon Of Choice: Chair
Match Of Choice: Two out of three falls

Superstar Bio: Merlot Ayano always had a passion for wrestling. This was natural, given the fact that she was a member of the famous (or infamous) Ayano wrestling family. As a youngster, she’d watch her aunts and uncles wrestler. Therefore, when she was given the opportunity to train and learn in her early teens, she jumped at the chance.

She was first instructed and trained by a few of her aunts and uncles. And while she did receive a fairly solid foundation, Merlot felt as if she wasn’t ready to work. Therefore, she saved a bit of money and then enrolled into Osaka’s Zero/FOUR Dojo. The dojo was ran by Natsuko Aimi, who’d made a name for herself in the Japanese Joshi scene with her shootfighting based style.

Natsuko instantly disliked Merlot due to her family name. She assumed Merlot had signed up to play around. Therefore, she was extremely tough on the young woman starting off; she intended to make Merlot quit. However, much to Natsuko’s surprise, Merlot would not quit. No matter how hard the task was, Merlot would complete it. Because of this, Merlot earned her sensei’s respect. As she continued to train, Natsuko saw her Merlot’s skills and wanted to her to reach her full potential. Natsuko continued to be hard on Merlot, but this time it was to strengthen her.

The Ayano woman passed her Joshi exit exam with flying colors. After wrestling a famous veteran to a draw in her first ever match, Merlot’s stock began to skyrocket. Various independent Japanese promotion began claiming for her.

Merlot wrestled for a bit and was doing well, that is until tragedy struck. During the course of a match, Merlot went for a high flying move, which resulted in a severe injury to her right leg. Some say that it was an accident, but most people in attendance say that her opponent countered in a way to intentionally hurt and ruin Merlot’s career.

The injury forced to take some time off. However, even when that leg was healed, Merlot was hesitant to enter back into the ring. She bided her time by attending university (in which she earned a Humanitarian Studies degree) and helping the needy.

During her break, various veterans and media sources had spoken very negatively about Merlot. The very industry that she loved, that she killed her body to be apart of, had begun to betray her. She struggled over whether or not she should return. Eventually though, she gave back into the urge to wrestle. It took her awhile to work through her anger and bitterness, but she did regain her passion for the sport after a while.

Past Accomplishments:
Glory For Puroresu Junior Championship (1x)
Hermanos Extraordinarios de Lucha Libre Velocidad de AIR (1x)
Omega Academy Chaos Championship (1x)
Omega Academy Fenris Championship (1x)
Proving Grounds Valor Championship (1x)
Seishin Champion of Seishin (1x)
Sin City Underground TV Championship (1x)
Sin City Underground Combat Championship (1x)
Vengeance Pro Gold Rush Championship (1x)
World Crown Syndicate Tag Team Championship (1x)
XWF Championship (1x)

***Be sure to fill out an NPC/Manager application as well***
Manager's Name: N/A
Manager's Pic Base (Check Taken Pic Bases List): N/A
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