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Daxton Oliver Beckett
« on: May 08, 2019, 12:32:04 PM »

Picture Base (Name Only, real picture bases no cartoons):
Ricki Hall
Wrestlers Twitter:
Wrestlers Name:
Dax Beckett
Anaheim, California
Dax is a bit of a douche, but of course he doesn't know it. Everything about him is ironic and partially cliche. He is a bit of a party boy, and a bit of an overgrown frat boy. He's a little trendy, and a little rocker, but a lot of social chameleon tendencies. He is also unintentionally funny at times, but in his mind, he is the best that there is, and no one can convince him otherwise.
Skilled, risk taker, quick, agile
Dumb, arrogant, emotional
Gimmick If Any:


Entrance Theme Music:
"Hail to the King" by Avenged Sevenfold

Entrance Description:

The opening of "Hail to the King" by Avenged Sevenfold begins playing and red and white lights begin flashing across the stage and out into the audience.

Liam: From Anaheim, CA standing at 6’4” and weighing in at 235lb, he is… Dax Beckett!!! @@

He strokes his beard, an intense look on his face as he comes to the center of the stage. He shouts out at the crowd, holding his arms out at his side as he does a slow 180 degree turn, slowly walking backward. Once the music completely picks up, Dax turns around and charges down the aisle. He darts around the ring, stopping periodically to pose for the fans, whether they like it or not. Once he makes his way around the ring, Dax jumps onto the apron and charges his way up the nearest turnbuckle. Dax ascends and nods his head to the music, his fist in the air. He jumps off and flips, landing on his feet as he jogs in place, waiting for his partner


You may add more to this list if you wish.

1} Snap suplex
2} Head Scissors Takedown
3} Corkscrew elbow
4} Russian Leg Sweep
5} Hurricanrana
6} Diamond Dust
7} Wheelbarrow Bulldog
8} Sunset Flip
9} Diving Crossbody
10} Pendulum Suplex
11} Spinning Arm Breaker
12} Triple German Suplex
13} Rolling Thunder
14} Suicide Dive
15} Dragonrana
16} Falling Backbreaker
17} Phoenixrana
18} Springboard Elbow
19} Arm Twist Ropewalk Chop (Also will do an Armdrag from this position as well)
20} Flying Spinning Heel Kick
21} Corkscrew Moonsault
22} Shooting Star Legdrop
23} Spear
24} Tornado DDT
25} Spinning Uppercut


1} BBB (Bad Boy Breaker) - Goes for a Hurricanrana, but instead of placing both legs on opponent's shoulders, Dax hits them in the face with a devastating fist to the face (as a set up for Best Finisher Ever)
2} Crash Control - A Whirlybird Headscissors Takedown, usually set up from a Front Flip from the mat on smaller opponents, or a Corkscrew Flip from the top ropes on bigger opponents.


1} Best Finisher Ever (End of Heartache - Dax begins the move with a Vertical Suplex, falling beneath the opponent in mid air, landing a Double Knee Back Breaker)


Weapon Of Choice:
Kendo Stick
Match Of Choice:


Superstar Bio:

Not much is known about Daxton Oliver Beckett at this time as far as the wrestling world goes. His credentials suggest that he has spent some time in Japan, and he insists that he has been in the business for three years now, though no records exist on his ring alias. We will report more as it becomes available. What is known is that Dax Beckett won over our hearts through his lovable antics with Song, and his crazy romance with Celeste North. However, one fateful Blaze of Glory match later, he broke those very hearts by joining his Bad Boys cohorts.

In his personal life, Dax was born to Melvin and Shannon Beckett in Anaheim California on November 20th, 1994. He went through his adolescence feeling different from all of the other kids. He knew that he had a higher calling, so Dax dropped out of school. His parents were free spirits, trapped in a corporate world, and they refused to hold their son to these standards. They gave him their blessing to live life on the road, starting at the age of 16. This freedom allowed Dax to see the world as it truly is, a world full of opportunities. He is more of an urban nomad these days, a modern day Bohemian. He has adopted some of the Japanese culture, and respects the art of wrestling so much that he has trained for six years, and claims to have competed for three.

We have learned over time that Dax was once unknowingly married to Tatsu Ikeda's uncle, Gen-ichi, cementing their connection. Tatsu is Dax's soft spot, which he does not often let shine through.

Past Accomplishments:
SCW Tag Team Champion (W/Mickey Carroll and Giani Di Luca)


Manager's Name: Erik Staggs
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