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Handlers Name: Val
Any Messengers: nope
Years Active: 4


You will be booked at least 2-3 times a month. In order for this to happen, you will be booked in singles as well as tag team matches. Since tag team matches is an intergender div, please let Henry Saxon know if you wish to only wrestle your gender. We will still book you in tag team matches under Mixed tag team rules but keep in mind tag team titles will be intergender so if you wish not to wrestle the opposite gender you limit yourself to only singles gold when you do get a title shot.



Picture Base (Name Only, real picture bases no cartoons): Ariana Grande
Wrestlers Twitter: coming soon
Wrestlers Name: Valentina
Age: 22
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 125lb
Hometown: Merida, Spain
Personality: Majestic and above it all
Strengths: Ring awareness, knowledgeable of the sport, agile
Weaknesses: Temper, show off, overly confident
Gimmick If Any: nope
Alignment: Face
Entrance Theme Music: "Boss Bitch" by Doja Cat
Entrance Description:

[Flashes like cameras go across the stage and the audience as the sound accompanies it. “Boss Bitch” by Doja Cat begins on the PA as pure beauty walks through the curtains. Her hair blows in the wind as she looks up at the ceiling. She places a hand on her hip as she lets the crowd admire her despite getting a mixed reaction.

Darlyn: Please welcome, on her way to the ring from Merida, Spain. She stands at 5'11" and weighs in at 125 pounds, she is pure perfection... Valentinaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! @@

Once Valentina is officially announced, she turns and begins walking down the ramp. She pushes her hair out of her face as she vogues, showing off her face to it's full capacity. She steps up to the ring steps and looks around with a majestic smile. She takes to the steps as she comes to the apron. She looks around for a moment, stomping her foot in protest as a scantily clad man runs down the ramp and climbs onto the apron. He sits on the middle rope, opening it for her. Valentina then takes off her Loubotins and hands them to the man as she prances barefoot around the ring. She refuses to let go of the spotlight.]


Everyone gets one finisher and 3 signature moves as well as a move set package. Please pick one package for your wrestler. Any moves you really want your wrestler to have please add it to the the signature moves section.

Wrestling Move Packages *Remember you can only pick one*
High Flyer ( You take high risks in hopes for a big pay out at the end)

Signature Moves
1.) Monkey Flip (somtimes converted into an arm lock)
2.) Hair Pull Curb Stomp
3.) Moonsault

Finishing Move
1.) V-Day - Continuous Whirlybird Headscissors Takedown from top rope


Weapon Of Choice: ladder
Match Of Choice: Ladder Match


Superstar Bio:

Valentina is new to the wrestling world as a competitor. She spent much time as a valet to her brothers, who taught her many things. She observed much and began to train on her own. Her brothers supported her through everything, and now she finds herself in Canada.

Past Accomplishments: none

Manager's Name: Random buff guy to hold her Loubotins
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