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SCU Sunday Night Special Results (Ep 21)
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Sunday Night Special


Sin City Underground Supershow  April 28th  
Supershow go home show for London Brawling II
Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japan

Victim of Me by Descendants begins to play over the sounds system, the lights begin to strobe through the venue as Amy appears through the curtain.


She surveys the arena and surveys the crowd, where she smiles before heading down the ramp, where she soaks in the atmosphere, as she slaps the fades hands before making her way into the ring, where Amy takes her time as she puts her hands together and bows to the fans before turning and grabbing a mic.

[In Japanese] Firstly I like to say thank you to the SCU for inviting me to your beautiful country and the amazing city of Tokyo. It is a great honor to be here and I can’t wait to wrestle in front of you.

The crowd cheer at Amy’s Japanese but also the appreciation.

Amy: [In English] Tonight and for unfortunately one night only… I am up against Chanelle Martinez-Blade. Someone who I recognise but never actually stepped into the ring with. She was a little before my time. But having looked up records… she and Torielle Jackson did very little in Sin City Wrestling and didn’t win too much… just your basic run of the mill nobodies, who weren’t that impressive.

Amy shrugs.

Amy: [In English] Being invited to SCU and to Tokyo… I couldn’t turn down, however, I am a little disappointed in the opponent. I was hoping for someone… that isn’t Chanelle. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the choice in picking the opponent, but I do have the choice in how this match will turn out.

Chanelle… we never met in the ring, but I have done my homework and watched matches from your time in Sin City Wrestling and here in Sin City Underground… frankly you are not that impressive. Just another so called trashy mean girl type with no imagination and no original thought. Chanelle… go ahead and call me whatever the hell you like… since you like to take cheap shots. But you know what… I don’t care what you think. I’ve heard it all before.

So tonight… you are my warm up match for London Brawling. Tonight, will be a walk in the park for me…. Chanelle you are going to be in for hell of a ride, and it isn’t going to be pleasant. I will give what the fans deserve… a good show, a good match and a successful by their favourite wrestler.

Chanelle… I hope you are ready because your night is about to end in severe disappointment.

[in Japanese] Good luck Chanelle…

Victim of me by The Descendants hits over the p.a as Amy hands back the mic before once more showing appreciation to the Japanese fans before climbing out of the ring and heads up the ramp slapping the fans hands, as Amy bows once more and then turns and enters the backstage area.

Dev: I'm backstage with Mark "The Dragon" Cross, fresh off his victory in the Main Event in Episode 19. How do you plan on spending your month off, perfecting that springboard corkscrew thing I saw you working on?

The Dragon: I've already got that nailed Dev, I'm just waiting for the right moment to break it out for the Sin City fans.

Dev: Glad to hear it. So Donna Beauchamp has been speaking on social media about a tag team moving up to Sin City Wrestling...and you've already been exchanging blows with Sierra Williams…

The Dragon: Is there a question coming here, or?

Dev: Is it you? I's gotta be you right? And who's going along with you?

Mark shrugged.

The Dragon: I have no idea. Honestly, I haven't had any conversations with anyone about moving anywhere. I just saw an opportunity to troll on Twitter like I normally do, and Sierra well and truly took the bait. Would I love to take the step up and take her and Lachlan Kane on for the tag titles? Absolutely. She, like many before her, is making the mistake of underestimating me. I've come across many in my time that have done exactly that in the past. There's no greater pleasure than showing doubters what a real challenge looks like, and leaving with your hand held aloft when it's all said and done.

Dev: I hear your protege Faith Simpson is on the mend from her broken leg and will be back in action soon. If the title shot did come about, would you rather her in your corner or Valentina?

The Dragon: Wow, you know that's not fair…

Dev: Oh was that too much? I was taking some lessons from Marissa Henry about…

The Dragon: ...about getting the answers at any cost, yeah I see that. Faith has her own path. She was a champion before her injury, and given the talent she has, I wouldn't be surprised if she is again. Would she be my first choice? Yes, but she'd be first choice over anyone, in any company, so it's not a fair comparison. That doesn't mean I don't believe in what I'm building here…

Mark proudly showed the Fire Dragons t-shirt he was sporting to the camera

The Dragon: ...and we'll prove it with another victory out in Japan.

Dev: Well you heard it here first, The Dragon and Valentina are hungry for another win. Let's see if they can make it happen!

Tag Team Match
Mark Cross and Valentina vs Vanu Naufau and Mz Holly Wood

Liam:   The following Tag Team contest is scheduled for one fall! Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiintroducing first, from Canterbury, England, standing at 6’1” and weighing in at 225lb, he is… Mark “The Drrrrrrrrrrragon” Croooooooooosssssssssss!!!

The arena lights dim as the bassline to "Never Again" begins to rumble around the arena. As the guitar riff hits, so does the lights, revealing Mark "The Dragon" Cross standing, one fist aloft, at the top of the aisle. Receiving recognition from the crowd, he strides purposefully to ringside, taking a moment to survey the scene as he reaches the apron.

Flashes like cameras go across the stage and the audience as the sound accompanies it. Scars To Your Beautiful by Alessia Cara begins on the PA as pure beauty walks through the curtains. Her hair blows in the wind as she looks up at the ceiling. She places a hand on her hip as she lets the crowd admire her despite getting a mixed reaction.

Liam:  Please welcome, on her way to the ring from Merida, Spain. She stands at 5'11" and weighs in at 125 pounds, she is pure perfection... Valentinaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

Once Valentina is officially announced, she turns and begins walking down the ramp. She pushes her hair out of her face as she vogues, showing off her face to it's full capacity. She steps up to the ring steps and looks around with a majestic smile. She takes to the steps as she comes to the apron. She looks around for a moment, stomping her foot in protest as a scantily clad man runs down the ramp and climbs onto the apron. He sits on the middle rope, opening it for her. Valentina then takes off her Loubotins and hands them to the man as she prances barefoot around the ring. She refuses to let go of the spotlight.

Liam:  Aaaaaaaaaaaand their opponents.

Can’t knock the Hustle by Weezer starts playing as Red Silver and Yellow lights flash across the arena. Vanu steps out onto the entrance ramp doing a little shuffle and moving to the music.

Liam:  On his way to the ring first, from Nuku?alofa, Tonga, standing at 6’ and weighing in at 210lb, he is… Vanu Nauuuuuufauuuuuuuu!!!

He looks out over the crowd hyping them up as he bounces around the stage before running down and sliding under the bottom rope into the ring. Standing in the middle of the ring he does a traditional Tongan dance turning to each side of the arena before standing tall and pounding his closed left fist three times against his chest and raising it high toward the entrance ramp.

Liam:   And his partner, from West Hollywood, CA standing at 5’8” and weighing in at 165lb, she is… Mz Holly Woooooooooooooooooood!!!

"Hollywood" by Collective blasts over the sound system as a pink shadow box appears through the curtains. The silhouette of a lovely lady dancing is seen from the inside, seducing the crowd with her feminine wiles. It comes to rest at the edge of the stage, and after a moment, the lady inside kicks her way through the thin paper to reveal... Holly Wood! Mz. Wood if you nasty. She flips her blonde hair over her shoulder as she raises her arms in the air, loosening her hips before sashaying down the ramp. She climbs onto the apron, swaying her hips back and forth as she lowers herself down into a split position. She crawls under the ropes and does a sexy pose on the mat before leaping up, dancing around the ring to the music as she waits for her opponent.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Gena:  Holly Wood and Valentina are starting the fight off. Val could take a few lessons from Holly on how to be a diva as Holly sashays around the ring, getting the crowd excited.

Chad:  Valentina bites at her bottom lip for a second and then she rushes at Holly, bringing her over with a quick Fireman’s Carry.  Valentina then bridges over into a pin.


Gena:  Valentina does a kip up and goes off of the ropes with a Lionsault, but Holly rolls out of the way.  Valentina lands on her feet, but Holly catches her with a Chick Kick that sends her ass right back to the mat.

Chad:  Holly picks Valentina up and whips her into the corner.  She comes flying at Val with a Hip Check.  Holly shimmies before coming back to Val with another.  Valentina falls to the ground, and Holly comes back for a third Hip Check to Val’s head.

Gena:  Valentina rolls to the outside of the ring at the last second.  As Holly’s hip collides with the turnbuckle, Val pulls Holly’s feet out from under her.  She climbs the apron and flies over with a Vaulting Leg Drop to Holly.  She hooks the leg.


Chad:  Valentina shakes her head and stands up, bringing Holly with her.  She sends Holly into the ropes, but Holly veers off and tags in Vanu!

Gena:  Vanu steps inside of the ring as Valentina stops in her tracks.  Vanu comes toward Valentina, who then holds onto her chest.  She bats her eyelashes at Vanu and takes a step back.

Chad:  I’ve played that same role with half the male roster.  This will end in a wedgie for Valentina, or being stuffed in a locker.  There’s no way that it will work.

Gena:  She blows Vanu a kiss, and Vanu can be seen blushing.  She runs her fingers over his bicep and she giggles as she speaks softly to him.  He nods his head and he flexes his biceps one at a time.

Chad:  Valentina grabs one of his arms and wraps it around her.  She grabs the other, and Vanu’s hand slides down a little bit, but it’s clear that Valentina is looking for a Belly to Belly Suplex, not this!  Valentina gasps as Vanu leans in for a kiss, and she… she headbutts Vanu!

Crowd:  Hahahaha!

Gena:  And us ladies call that the Blue Ball Special!  Vanu holds his nose as Valentina begins throwing punches at Vanu.  They have a moderate impact, so she begins throwing kick after kick, with more effect.

Chad:  Vanu blocks a kick and grabs Valentina’s leg.  He pulls Valentina in for an Exploder Suplex.  Valentina arches her back as she holds onto it in pain.  Vanu shouts at her in his native tongue.

Gena:  He just fucked her up with one move!  Valentina isn’t used to being handled like this in the ring, so this is a major test for Mark Cross’ partner.  Vanu leans down to pick Valentina up, but Valentina trips him up over the middle rope and leaps over to Cross for the tag!

Chad:  Cross is on fire, raging pissed as he charges over to Vanu, clubbing him hard across the back.  It seems as if he’s becoming a bit more protective of Valentina here.  He leans in to growl something at Vanu.

Gena:  He picks Vanu off of the mat and then bounces off of the ropes.  Vanu looks for a clothesline, but Cross ducks under it.  As he comes off of the opposite ropes, he crashes into Vanu with a fucking righteous Spear!

Chad:  As Vanu holds onto his ribs, he tries to get up to one knee.  However, Cross comes out of nowhere with a Shining Wizard!

Crowd:  *POP!*

Gena:  Holly comes inside of the ring, but Valentina charges at Holly, hitting a Spear of her own!  Cross sets Vanu up for, uhhhh… that move he does (Tiger Driver '91)!  He hooks the leg!


Ding! Ding! Ding!

Liam:   Here are your winners… Mark Cross and Valentina!!!

“Never Again” plays over the speakers as Cross gets back up to his feet.  The crowd cheers him on, but he’s not about celebrating.  He kicks Vanu until Vanu rolls out of the ring and to the mat outside.  Valentina comes up to Cross and thanks him as she also tries to calm him down.  Valentina claps her hands before the referee raises their arms up.  Valentina and Cross look to one another with nods of approval.

Backstage at the legendary and historical Tokyo Dome, Team Canada enters the interview area with Marissa Henry.

Marissa: Please Welcome my guest at this time, Team Canada.

Earl: What’s up Marissa.

Marissa: Last week it was determined that Jennifer and Kimberly Williams will face you here tonight for your double down tag team titles.

Dahlia: You know Marissa it's really getting ridiculous, that the best that SCU can find to face us are Jennifer and Kimberly Williams, congrats girls you’ve earned a serious butt wiping here in Tokyo.

Earl: I agree with my wife Marissa, the lack of credible challengers for our titles is getting embarrassing, the Williams sisters, yeah they won’t be any challenge to Dahlia and me, I still can’t believe we came all the way to Japan to face to nobodies like Jennifer and Kimberly Williams, sure you won one match, but the result is you being carried out of the Tokyo Dome in an ambulance, everyone just has to face the facts, now that we have the double down titles again, we aren’t going to lose then again.

Off camera, there is a hissing sound.  The camera turns slightly to see General Manager Tad Ezra standing there with a wrap around his head from the strike he took from Angel Kash on Wednesday.  He walks up closer to the Three Way.

Tad:  Yeah… about that… We’ve had to do some… restructuring?  Lately?  And…

Dahlia:  Spit it out already and quit wasting our time.

Tad takes a deep breath and sighs it out slowly.

Tad:  The Williams’ aren’t your opponents anymore.  They’ve received their pink slips.  They’re gone.  Finished, finito.

Earl:  You’re kidding me?

Tad:  ‘Fraid not my Canadian brethren. Jennifer and Kimberly are no longer employed by Sin City Underground.  So, yeah… they’re not your opponents.

Dahlia:  Then why the bloody hell did we come all the way to Japan?  To face two losers who aren’t with the company anymore?

Tad nods his head and then holds a hand up with an innocent smile.

Tad:  No, no, no, no, no, no, no… You two will be defending your titles tonight. You are the greatest Double Down Champions we’ve ever had.  People paid good money to see you guys.

Earl:  Then who the hell are we facing?

Tad lets out a confused sound as if to say “I don’t know”.  He looks around for a second until his eyes light up.  He points down one end of the hallway.

Tad:  Him…

Javier:  Que?

Javier Gonzalez is walking down the hallway in a shirt that reads “THE Bad Boys”, looking confused.

Tad:  And… her…

Winter:  Me, what?

Tad:  The greatest threat to the greatest challengers in the history of Sin City Underground, with a rich backstory that my boss will be happy to hear when it rakes in the big bucks.

Javier:  Two title shots just a week apart?  It’s about fuckin’ time, mang.  Respect.

Tatsu:  What’s happen?  Kawaii Dragons get title shot?

Winter:  No, apparently Tad suffered a concussion last week and he thinks we’re the Williams’.

Tatsu giggles and then flips one of her ponytails over her shoulder.

Tatsu:  I get to be Jennifer, because she sucks less.

Winter:  And I get to be offended, because the Kawaii Dragons are way better than those talentless, worthless, pieces of shit, generic, standard, miserable, abject, unimportant, lazy, trashy, trifling, bogus, useless, lackadaisical, shitty, cheap, baseless, inferior, ignorant, wretched, insignificant, mediocre, pointless, reprobate, dull, stagnant, lethargic,comatose, careless, passive, contemptible little tw*ts.

Javier:  Damn, why don’t you tell us how you really feel?

Tatsu giggles as Earl and Dahlia stare at Winter, taking in every word that she’s saying, but finding themselves unable to disagree with any of it.  Marissa’s jaw hangs open as she waits for her chance to speak, and when it arrives, she jumps on it.

Marissa:  So, it looks as if General Manager Tad Ezra has announced that The Three Way will be defending the Double Down Championships against Javier Gonzalez and Winter Elemental tonight.  That is… strangely satisfying?  Back to ringside.


Dev is seen standing with the crowd surrounded by the fans at ringside.

Dev:With us being one week away for lunging brawling to we have here one of the competitors that will be competing for the number one Contender ship for the roulette title. Ladies and gentlemen enjoying the action along with the crowd I welcome Joshua Acquin!

Dev:Welcome Joshua, it is great to see you here amongst the crowd most Superstars will spend their time in the back but I see you decided to get a seat  and sit amongst the fans to get a closer look at the great action tonight.

Joshua: Normally I would enjoy  the Sunday off before the Big Show but with SCU deciding to host a Super Show before London brawling, I figured why not take a flight to Japan and enjoy the action.

Dev:Well on behalf of everybody here, we're definitely happy to have you and we hope that you enjoy the show tonight. Is there any matches in which stickouts you more than others?

Joshua: Well yes, I am looking forward to seeing…

New Low by Middle Class Rut starts to play. Jon Dough comes out with the crowd all welcoming him with boos. Jon Looks around as he stays up at the rampway. Jon moves a microphone close to his mouth.

Jon Dough: Well, well, well, if it isn’t the luckiest man in SCW of 2019. Joshua got lucky and managed to get me counted out to win the  out of three falls, he got lucky and beat me  few weeks before that and now he gets to challenge to be the number one contender to a title that has switched hands more time since the start of 2019 then it has at any time in a one year span.

Joshua: I’ll be the next Roulette champion soon enough and then you won’t need to worry about it changing hands.

Jon Dough: If Tarvis can beat Griffin then you will get a chance sooner but it won’t mean you’d be winning. If Travis loses then your chance gets delayed as Travis will get a rematch. Only guys like me and Blasted Monk get overlooked on the rematches.

Joshua: You have had your chance and failed. You then take off and come back to pick a fight with me and for what? You said I’m the easiest, yet here I am in a conterdorship at London Brawling and you have nothing going on. You’ll will be at home like you should be at right now.

Jon Dough: Your in the position for the title because of me. had I not had an off day then you would have lost like you o and you be bugging for a math while I be having to earn my roulette title back.

Joshua: All talk, that’s the only thing you been good at.

Jon Dough: You know damn well you got lucky. If we were to face off right now you would lose and you know it

Joshua: It’s time to shut you up once and for all. You and me right here tonight.

Jon  Dough: Put your spot in the contendership on the line and you got a deal.

Joshua: To shut you up once and for all, I’ll do just that when you agree to out the mask on the line.You win I step back, I win, Jon Dough is done with. The mask is history

Jon Dough If that’s what I got to do to take your spot at London Brawling then you have a deal.

Jon Dough walks to the back.

Dev:Are you sure you really want to face Jon dough tonight?

Joshua: If you excuse me Dev, I have a match to get ready.

Joshua jumps the barricade and walks up the rampway as the crowd chants his name.

Tag Team Match - Double Down Tag Team Championship
Winter Elemental and Javier Gonzalez vs Dahlia Rotten and Earl Lockyer

Liam:   The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the SCU Double Down Championships… Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiintroducing first…

“Broken Dreams” by Shaman's Harvest plays over the speakers.

The beat kicks in as we all wait for Winter to come out the curtains. A bigger pop is heard at one side of the arena. We see Winter walking through the crowd making her way to ringside.

Liam:  On the way to the ring, she is from the all the snowy mountains of Canada!!! Standing at 5’6”, she is a Kawaii Dragon member... Winter Elemental!!!

Winter hops over the barricade as she stares down Melissa. Melissa waves for Winter to get in the ring but Winter just gives her the middle finger as she milks her time by walking around ringside forcing everyone to listen to her theme song. Winter stomps each ring step in a dramatic form. Winter gives Melissa the finger again then turns to look at the crowd as they wave their Canadian flags around, and a smile creeps upon her face.

“Way Down We Go” by KALEO begins playing on the speakers. Camera shifts to the side of the stage to see Javier Gonzalez stepping through the curtains. He has his arms raised in the air as he walks back and forth.

Liam:  Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand her partner… Coming to the ring from Albuquerque, NM, standing at 5’10” and weighing in at 190lb, he is… Javier… Gonzalez!!!

Javier charges down the rampway and slides inside of the ring. He walks to each corner, stepping up to the second rope as he stares across the crowd with no emotion. After completing all six sides, he stops and settles into his corner.

Liam:   Aaaaand their opponents, they are the SCU Double Down Champions, the team of Earl Lockyer and Dahlia Rotten… The THREEEEEEEEEEEE WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!

Earl and Dahlia step on the stage, Earl Kneels on the stage as Dahlia paces back and forth behind him, they walk to the ring Earl leaps from the floor to the ring apron, Dahlia slides under the ropes, Dahlia leans through the ropes with a smirk on her face as Earl leans over the ropes.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Gena:  The Double Down Championships are being defended against one of the big upstarts, Javier Gonzalez, and a Tag Team specialist in Winter Elemental.

Chad:  This action is going to be fierce as fuck, and because we’re coming to you through SCW’s stream, we can say fuck! Fuck, fuck, fuckity fuck!

Gena:  I love the word fuck as much as the next person, but can you tone it the fuck down?  The action is starting off with Javi and Earl in the ring as Dahlia and Winter step outside.

Chad:  Earl waves Javi toward him, but Javi shakes his head and tells Earl to come at him.  And that’s exactly what Earl does as he rushes at Javi.  Javi ducks under the Avalanche attempt, and Winter backs away to avoid collision.

Gena:  Javi clubs at Earls back before spinning him around.  He hits a Dropkick to Earl, and then as Earl stumbles out of the corner, Javi does a Running Bulldog.  Hooks the leg.


Chad:  Dahlia pulls Earl’s leg out from under Javi, and Javi points at her, shouting.

Javier:  Yo, it ain’t your turn, mami!  Get the fuck out the ring!

Gena:  Dahlia laughs and nods her head sarcastically.  As Javi goes to pick Earl up from the mat, Dahlia hits a Bell Clap and a series of punches.

Chad:  Winter comes inside of the ring and Dropkicks Dahlia in the stomach.  She then bounces off of the ropes with a Bicycle Kick that sends Dahlia to the ground.  She kicks at Dahlia until she rolls to the outside of the ring.

Gena:  With the distraction, Earl hits a Low Blow to Javi, bringing him down to his knees.  He picks Javi up into a Scoop Slam, planting him on the mat.  He then dives on top for the pin.


Chad:  Winter comes inside of the ring and drops a knee to the back of Earl’s head.  She sees Dahlia starting to come back inside of the ring and she holds her hands up innocently.

Winter: Watashi wa ikimasu…

Gena: Is that “I’m leaving”? That sounds like what that guy at the sake bar said to you when you slapped his ass because somehow you thought it was me, and he left?  That’s gotta be it.

Chad:  Earl turns around and grunts at Winter, who shrugs her shoulders as she steps through the ropes.  Earl turns around and picks Javi up from the mat.  He sends Javi into the corner.

Gena:  Oh, and he catches Javi with an elbow to the face.  He then picks Javi up and begins setting him on the top rope.  He climbs up one turnbuckle, then the next.

Crowd:  Ue ni agaru!  Ue ni agaru! Ue ni agaru! (Go up top! Go up top! Go up top!)

Chad:  He cracks a smirk as he takes one more step up top.  He begins hoisting Javi up, but Javi hooks his leg under the top rope.

Gena:  He tries once more, and Javi blocks it.  He punches Javi in the side a few times before trying once more, and he brings him over into a Superplex!!!

Chad:  OH WOW!  But wait!  Javi rolls over as if he’s some kind of Lucha, flipping in mid air to bring Earl down into a Flying Super Neckbreaker!

Crowd:  Tawagoto! Tawagoto! Tawagoto! (Holy shit! Holy shit! Holy shit!)

Gena:  Holy shit is right!  Both men are holding onto their backs, but Javi gets up to his feet after a few seconds.  He drops down and hooks Earl’s legs, rolling into a pin.


Crowd:  *MEGA POP!!!*

Chad:  Javi holds onto his head as he cannot seem to believe that Earl kicked out.  He shakes his head as he gets up and goes to his corner and tags in Winter.

Gena:  Javi leans on the ropes as he catches his breath before stepping to the outside.  Winter climbs inside of the ring, scouting out Earl until…


Chad:  Javi slaps Winter across the backside with a smug look on his face.  He points over to Earl.

Javier:  Gone and get ‘em, sport…

Gena:  Winter looks stunned as she slowly turns around, her mouth hanging open in shock.  She looks around as the crowd buzzes, and Javi is completely unaware.

Winter:  The fuck was that?!

Chad:  Javi shrugs it off for a second until Winter becomes irate.  She turns around and steps right up to Javi, getting in his face.

Crowd:  *SUPER OMEGA POP!!!!!!!*

Gena:  And the hometown hero, Tatsu Ikeda comes rushing down the ramp, and she looks even more pissed off than Winter does, and she has a Kendo Stick in her hands.

Chad:  Earl tags Dahlia in, not seeing what is going on, and Dahlia steps inside of the ring.  However, Winter slaps him hard across the face, and he almost falls off of the apron.

Gena: Dahlia pulls out a pair of brass knuckles, but it’s clear that she’s only trying to cause  distraction as Tatsu comes up behind Javi and smacks him with the kendo stick!

Chad:  Javi falls to the outside as Winter rolls outside.

Tatsu:  This is my blood sister, and nobody smacks her on butt except me!!!

Winter:  What the holy fucking shit?!?  Seriously, asshole!

Gena:  These two bitches are going medieval on Javi’s ass, swinging kendo stick and stomping away.  Winter then goes as far as to prop Javi on her knee!

Winter:  You wanna play slap ass, eh?

Chad:  Winter has the best job tonight.  She has Javi bent over, and she’s really laying into that ass!

Gena:  You can hear those!  She’s not taking it light on him!  Dahlia is continuing to fight with the referee to keep his attention.  She waits until Winter and Tatsu toss Javi inside of the ring!

Chad:  Dahlia lifts Javi up into a Piledriver position.  She flips his up and jumps before falling hard on her knees!  She then rolls Javi over and pins his ass!


Ding! Ding! Ding!

Liam:   Here are your winners and STILL Double Down Champions… Dahlia Rotten and Earl Lockyer… The THREEEEE WAYYYYYYYYY!!!

Dahlia stands up and looks down at Javi, laughing as Earl enters the ring to join her.  They accept their belts as “Menage et Trois” plays over the speakers.  They raise their belts up, but they can’t help mocking Javi as they look out to the Kawaii Dragons on the ramp.  They are breathing heavily in anger, and Dahlia and Earl look down at him and act as if they are spanking someone in front of them.  They hold onto their guts from laughing so hard before they take their belts and raise them up.  Then, they exit the ring and celebrate up the rampway.


Alex Rush, hype man, and all around crazy rock star appears on the screen, his hair messy as usual. Around him seems like a house party going on, people dancing around him as music plays. The video quality seems poor, shot on a mobile phone, but Alex speaks anyway.

Alex: Helloooooooooooooooooo Japan!

A cheesy grin crosses his face.

Alex: I am here at my place in London, England, but I thought I'd do something that no one else has. I mean it's the go home show for London Brawling II for Pete's sake and has Brittany Williams been on the show? Haaassssssss Alex Jones been on the show? Haaaaasssssss Devona been on the show? Well, I dunno because I'm recording this hours before the show ain't I?

Alex rolls his shoulders back and impishly nods.

Alex: I don't know but Blast From The Past is a fucky, ducky good booty tournament and it's the finals and the hairy dude I call like my best friend is in the finals, the finals and I said he would be from day one, I said he'll do it and he did it, so I thought hey, throw a party.

Alex presses a button on the phone and the camera flips around to the partygoers.

Alex: Now... oh wait.

Alex pushes the button on the phone again and the camera switches back to his smiling face.

Alex: But where's the bloody hype from everyone else? It's nowhere to be seen, but here I am to tell you that I know who's gonna win, I've had a cheeky fiver on it, from this guy I know, who works from a back alley is Soho, he offers so much more, but lets not go in to that.

Alex grins as he waves with his free hand.

Alex: Hey! It's Dave! Alright Dave!

Alex turns the phone around to show the bearded SCW fan seen at the Scotland show, the man just known as Dave, wearing blue jeans and a B-O-A T-shirt.

Alex: Dave! Dave! Dave!

The crowd join in with Alex' chant and he moves the camera around to his face.

Alex: Lovely bloke. Anyway, where was I?

Alex tilts his head and thinks before smiling widely.

Alex: That's right, I put a fiver on the geezer I know who's gonna win Blast From The Past. I put me money where me mouth is and you should too and you should not be missing this match because it will be a match where the leafy cabbage will become king leafy cabbage. Where is he?

Alex turns around, looking for Kale but fails to see him.

Alex: Where the bloody hell as he gone?

Like a beast rising, Kale head appears moving upwards behind Alex. Alex looks at his phone to see Kale on his phone.

Alex: Oi! What you doing on my phone?

Kale taps Alex on the shoulder, causing him to jump and turn his head to see Kale Smith standing behind him.

Alex: Nearly gave me a sodding heart attack.

Alex turns back towards the camera.

Alex: This is the big care bear that is gonna win Blast From The Past, this is the dude that is gonna make his first ever championship, the World Heavyweight Championship. This is the fella that's gonna turn SCW up on it's head and tickle it's feet. Ladies and Gents, the future legend that is Kale Smith.

Alex holds the phone up to show Kale behind him with two thumbs up.

Alex: That would make a decent selfie.

Alex pushes something on the phone attempting to take a selfie, but accidentally cutting the recording off and ending things. The camera cut elsewhere.

The camera goes backstage to see Mark Cross and Valentina standing by with Dev Khatri.  He takes a deep breath as they are about to start an interview.

Dev:  Ladies and gentlemen.  Please welcome my guests at this time…

Just then, there is short breathing heard as Javier Gonzalez comes into the picture.  He is trying to catch his breath shortly following his match.  He is bleeding from his forehead, and he is walking with a hunched back.  But most importantly, he looks pissed off.

Javier:  Hold up, hold up, hold up… These two don’t matter as much as what I got to say!  What you just saw out there was a fucking joke, mang!

Valentina:  Excuse yourself!  This interview is our time to celebrate a victory instead of living in regret of a missed opportunity.

Javier:  Did I ask for your opinion, princesa?  No, I don’t think I did.

Javi pats Dev on the shoulder as he pulls him away.  Valentina can be heard scoffing at this, and Mark mutters under his breath as Valentina asks him to hold back.  Javi continues walking with Dev.

Javier:  Some people don’t know when to step back.  The real problem we got going on is those Kawaii Putas.  They couldn’t take a casual showing of unity without taking Kendo sticks to my face, my ribs, my back, and my culo.  Once I deal with John Blade and take my Combat Championship away from him at London Brawling, then I will focus my off time on making those two jailbait bitches pay for what they did to me.

Dev:  So you actually think you can take down The Champ?

Javi laughs, but holds onto his ribs.

Javier:  You bet your ass, Dev.  These wounds won’t last, because we all know that I’m supposed to be the Combat Championship.  John Blade-Martinez is a weak spined motherfucker, a lame ass, and a less talented version of Jerry Cann.  He won’t defeat me.  He can’t beat me, because he can’t even step to me, mang.

Dev:  Bro, I feel what you’re saying.  I really do, but… John Blade is a legend in this business.  He’s been around since we were an ache in our dad’s nutsacks.  Do you really think you can stand up to that?

Javier:  What I’m hearing is that Blade is old, he’s outdated, he’s a tired ass shell of what he used to be.  He’s lazy, and hasn’t showed up since he won the title really.  He hasn’t hyped shit, and I been here every week hyping what he can’t be bothered to hype.  That’s on me.  I’m better for business because I won’t make that title into a joke that Angel Kash gets to make fun of on Twitter.  It will be legit.

Dev nods his head.  Javi pats Dev on the backside and starts to walk off.

Javier:  Sorry, old habits are hard to break.

Before Dev can respond, Javi steps out of the shot and disappears.

Singles Match
Tim Staggs vs Any member from the Bad Boys

The lights in the arena go out as the beat to "The Nobodies" by Marilyn Manson plays over the speakers. As the electric organ picks up, a red light flashes across the screen as random faces begin to show on the screen. Then, a man in a white Bad Boys hooded jacket, and a black mask, steps out onto the stage, pausing as he looks down at the ground. As the music picks up, the figure pulls his hood back, yanking his mask off to reveal Tim Staggs. He jumps onto the ring apron, focused as he steps through the ropes. He paces back and forth, and the lights turn up some as he looks up. He then removes his jacket and tears away his black pants to reveal his wrestling outfit. He jogs backward and rests in one of the far corners, sinking down to a seated position as he contemplates.  He then looks over and mutters something to Liam.  Liam reluctantly brings him a microphone.  Tim leans back in the corner as he tilts his head back.

Tim:  Whaddup Tokyo…?

Crowd:  *POP!*

Tim:  Heh, well I’m not used to that type of reaction.  But that’s because I’m in the land of true respect for true competitors.  A respect for this sport that we don’t find in America.  I mean, I can be the biggest dick swinging in this company, and say the harshest shit, but then you remember just who I am, and all is forgiven. I could get used to that.

Crowd:  Resuringu ?zoku! *Clap* Resuringu ?zoku *Clap*

Tim stands up out of his corner as he begins pacing back and forth, listening to the chant and embodying it.

Tim:  You’re damn right I am!  And it’s about time that people respect me for exactly who I am.  I’m standing on this platform because I come from greatness.  My father, Spike Staggs, is the Sultan of Swing.  He’s the reason I get to stand here, because he built the flagship company, Sin City Wrestling.  Without him, they would be lucky to book a high school gymnasium, let alone sell it out.  My dad took that company to a worldwide standard as the last true NeWA World Heavyweight Champion.  He solidified his importance by becoming one of the longest reigning SCW World Heavyweight Champions.  He is not just wrestling royalty.  He’s the fucking God of Wrestling, and there is only one people who get that, and I’m standing amongst them.

Crowd:  Yeahhhhh!!!!!!

Tim:  I’m not just hanging off of my father’s nuts.  I inherited a lot from him.  The moment he made that final pump inside of my mother, and spread his greatness inside her, down to the last drop?  A Wrestling Demi God was created.  It wasn’t able to be helped that I would follow in his footsteps.  And here I am… Soak it in…

Tim pauses to let the audience look at him and cheer for him.  Once he grows tired of their adulation, he raises the microphone back to his lips.

Tim:  Since Javi already had a match, and Eric Weaver is in the Main Event, I suppose I will have to settle for a second rate victory over one of the posers, the wannabe Bad Boys.  I wish I could give Japan a better match, but I don’t book the shows, and I don’t get to choose my…

Tim is cut off by the obnoxious beat that grows in intensity. The opening of “Alive” by Lil Jon, Offset, and 2Chainz begins playing and red and white lights begin flashing across the stage and out into the audience.

Liam:  The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiintroducing first… From Anaheim, CA standing at 6’4” and weighing in at 235lb, he represents the Bad Boys.  He is… Dax Beckett!!!

Crowd:  *MEGA POP!*

He strokes his beard, an intense look on his face as he comes to the center of the stage. He shouts out at the crowd, holding his arms out at his side as he does a slow 180 degree turn, slowly walking backward. Once the music completely picks up, Dax turns around and charges down the aisle. He darts around the ring, stopping periodically to pose for the fans, whether they like it or not. Once he makes his way around the ring, Dax jumps onto the apron and charges his way up the nearest turnbuckle. Dax ascends and nods his head to the music, his fist in the air. He jumps off and flips, landing on his feet as he jogs in place.  Liam now stands between Tim and Dax, partly to do his job, and partly to stop them from tearing each other apart as they both nearly collide in the center of the ring.

Liam:   Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand his opponent… Already in the ring, from Las Vegas, NV standing at 6’3” and weighing in at 195lb, he is… Tim Staaaaaaaaaaaggs!!!

The crowd cheers, but the cheering dies down to awe as they watch the words of pure disdain being muttered between both men.  Eventually, Liam steps out of the way, and the referee slides inside of the ring to call for the bell.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Chad:  Tim Staggs and Dax Beckett were once Pride Tag Team Champions together.  Some would say that they kept the Bad Boys relevant at one point, but now they are just tearing each other apart with lefts, rights, jabs, and any way that they can inflict pain upon one another.

Gena:  Cutting the bullshit aside, neither man wants to take a hit to their pride tonight, and they are giving it their all right out of the motherfucking gate. Tim uses his core strength advantage to back Dax up into a corner.  He buries knees into Dax’s midsection.

Chad:  But Dax ain’t no bitch, except in the cinematic masterpiece, Buttman and Throbbin’, directed and produced by the woman appearing here shortly, Amy Marshall…

Gena:  He’s talking about the fact that he fanboy’s over Dax’s hairy bare ass, because his is smooth and adolescent in appearance.  And the fact that Dax is taking it right back to Tim by rushing him clear across the ring to fire away dangerous forearms to the face.

Chad:  Former Combat Champion, showing off his abilities here.  Can we get a hashtag trending for #GiveDaxHisRematch already?  Worldwide, motherfuckers.  Worldwide.  Tim is finding it hard to fight back against Dax’s assault.

Gena:  He can either admit defeat, or… Yep, he went for the eye poke, and Dax spins around.  Tim sneaks up behind Dax and brings him down with a Neckbreaker.  He picks Dax up from the mat and twists Dax’s arm behind him.

Chad:  He wrenches the arm a few solid times, but Dax twists and grabs Tim’s wrist.  He pulls Tim down so that his face collides with Dax’s knee, and then he goes behind Tim, wrenching the arm.

Gena:  He’s acting like Buttman right now as he goes to Pound Town on Tim’s well rounded sticky buns.  Tim gets pissed off and he racks Dax with his leg, but the referee doesn’t see it.  He turns Dax around and Headbutt’s him clean between the fucking eyes!


Chad:  The crowd turned on Tim quickly because of Dax’s history, having trained and debut right here in Tokyo.  He’s pretty much their hometown boy.  And he’s down on his knees, holding his crotch and head like it was my high school prom night.

Gena:  Tim gets a couple of closed handed knuckle punches to Dax, and the referee tells him to knock that shit off.  He snaps back at the referee.  He pulls Dax up to his feet and goes for the Cobra Clutch!

Chad:  Dax is able to move out of the hold.  He and Tim bounce off of the opposite ropes, and Dax catches Tim with a Flying Forearm.  Tim’s brain is scrambled, but they both fly off of the ropes once more and they both go for Dropkicks.

Gena:  Like a glitch from the Blaze of Glory video game, on sale at the merch table, they bounce off of each other’s feet.  They come off of the ropes again, but this time, they both nail Clotheslines that knock the other off of their feet at the same exact time.

Chad:  They are both on the mat, looking up at the lights, catching their breath.  As much as I’m loving this match, I think these two should just kiss and make up.

Gena:  What is with you and all of these references.  If I didn’t know any better, I would think you were a little curious or something.

Chad:  Tim is the first to his feet, but Dax follows closely behind.  Tim wraps his arms around Dax’s waist, but Dax jumps up and flings Tim over with a unique Arm Drag.  As Tim comes back, Dax flips him over the top rope and he lands on the apron.

Gena:  And with like zero fucking effort, Dax catches him with a Back Heel Kick that sends him to the outside.  As Tim grabs his jaw and gets up to his feet, Dax flies over the top rope with a Suicide Plancha that takes them both down to the mat.


Chad:  Dax slams his fist against the ground as he forces himself to his feet.  He picks Tim up, but Tim is quick to drop him chin first on the barricade.  Tim climbs over and into the crowd and nails a Bicycle Kick.


Gena:  Tim climbs over the barricade as he listens to the count.  He then slams the barricade over on top of Dax as he begins stomping.


Chad:  Tim dashes inside of the ring, and Dax hears the count.  The fans go as far as to push the barricade off of Dax, and help him to his feet.


Gena:  And Dax dodges the 10 count almost as fast as you dodged my last question, Chad.  He slides in just in the nick of time.  He is, however, met by the Untitled No. 1 (Scorpion Cross Lock)!  Right in the center of the ring!

Chad:  Tim locks it on tightly, and Dax has nowhere to go.  Much like scene two of Buttman and Throbbin’.  The referee asks Dax is he gives up, but Dax shakes his head.  He keeps being asked, and Dax continues to shake his head.

Gena:  Dax claws away at Tim’s leg as he tries to bide himself time.  The crowd rallies behind Dax, but is it enough?

Chad:  Tim is showing how tired he is in trying to support Dax’s weight, but Dax is shouting out in pain.  Either man could go right about now.  Either one, and Dax extends his hand to tap, but Tim drops the hold!

Crowd:  *POP!!!*

Gena:  Dax crawls across the ring, slow as a snail, and Tim shakes it off as quickly as he can.  He stands up, but his legs look almost rubbery.  Dax clubs Tim as he approaches, and Tim falls to one knee.

Chad:  Dax gets ready for The Best Finisher Ever, but Tim catches him with Untitled No. 2 (Stunner)!  Tim rolls over on top of Dax!


Ding! Ding! Ding!

Liam:   Here is your winner via pinfall… Tim Staaaaaaaaaaaaaggsssss!!!

Crowd:  BOOOOOO!

Tim stands up over Dax and glares down at him.  He looks around at the reaction he’s getting from the crowd, and he just shakes his head, scoffing at the audience.  He turns away from Dax and kicks as if he’s kicking dirt over him.  He then steps out of the ring, not even bothering to give the audience a celebration moment.  Dax slowly comes to and looks around, confused at first as “The Nobodies” plays over the speakers.  He turns angry and begins chasing after Tim and up the ramp, just as Tim disappears behind the curtains.  The ring crew straightens up around the ring as we stay at ringside.

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SCU Sunday Night Special Results (Ep 21)
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"Into The Rush" blares through the speakers as Shelby Holt, Ivory Sullivan and Shannon Middlebrooks step through the curtains still holding every single piece of gold they have earned. The fans are going ballistic as they walk down the ramp and slip into the ring. Shelby is the first to grab a microphone as Ivory leans against the turnbuckles with Shannon looking towards the stage.

Shelby: We told you that we would be the team who would run this place. Just look at us, we have the Hardcore Tag Team Championships and the Underground championship. You know everyone is so upset that we have been dominate since we became champions. The Kawaii Dragons couldn't even stop us. So we just ask who is going to be next.

Shannon places her hand out as Shelby hands her the microphone.

Shannon: I heard Angel pitching a hissy fit after I defeated her for this belt. She waited all this time to say something. Well, I'm sorry but my dance card is full. However, if I'm still the champion by the end of London Brawling 2. I will be looking for a new challenger. Maybe you will get another crack at my belt or you will just be another bitch who cries wolf.

Ivory doesn't move from the corner as Shelby regains the microphone.

Shelby: The New Foundation are going to continue running this place until someone step......

Before Shelby could finish, "Boom Clap" blares as Denise Andrews steps through the curtain with Ella Singleton right beside her. Denise is holding a microphone while smirking from ear to ear.

Denise: Shannon, did you forget that you and I will be battling at London Brawling 2? Did you forget that The New Foundation still have to deal with us? We haven't forgotten and sooner or later we will fulfill our goal of ending The New Foundation.

Ivory finaly steps out of the corner and grabs the microphone from Shelby. She looks directly at Denise.

Ivory: Shannon is going to kick your pathetic ass. Hell, Ella can't win a fucking match. So do all of us a favor. Go choke on an egg.

The New Foundation all laugh as Denise and Ella just seethe.

The camera cuts to a hooded man, yellow eyes peering under the hood, instantly known as Ben Jordan, the new Ben Jordan. The camera points to the right side of his face.

Ben: I thought I knew my history. I thought I knew all the skeletons from my closet, I thought I knew everything about my past, who everyone was. I came from a simple family who lived hand to mouth, paycheck to paycheck, like most people I knew, I knew the struggles. I saw people live a simple life, a simple understanding between them, the urge to help each other but learning this, learning that witchcraft exists?

The camera jumps to the front of Ben's face.

Ben: Mind blowing, mind blowing to think a guy from a humble start could have had ancestors who would hunt and destroy people for having powers they didn't understand, that I don't understand now. I can't get through my mind how a guy that worked his balls off just to build a life can have the bloodline of people who would kill rather than learn.

A slight smile crosses Ben's face.

Ben: I kinda like it. You see I've always been a believer that the more evil in this world, the more the world would become a cesspool of hate, anger, people trying to look out for just themselves and while a man like Kedron Williams is in this world, spreading his hate, spreading his anger, spreading the dark message, this world will never be safe from anything. While this witch still breathes, there will be no peace on earth, there will be no happiness, there will just be war, famine, hate because it only takes one man to promote such things, one man to start the fire that spreads.

The camera jumps to the left side.

Ben: Someone needs to put out that fire, someone needs to extinguish the flames, someone needs to stop this man before he can even begin and if it's in my blood, if the evil runs through my veins in the name of good, I will sacrifice a piece of who I am for the greater good of humanity. Kedron Williams, at London Brawling, I will be will to sacrifice my life to take you out of this world with me, to make this world a brighter place. I will lay down everything I am to stop you from corrupting another person in existence, I will end your very being. It will be the best birthday present a man could ever get, and the best present the world will ever know because come Sunday, your lights go out for good.

The camera cuts to black.

Singles Match
Angel Of Filth vs Kelli Torres

Liam:   The following contest is scheduled for one fall!!!

The lights go down as the whirring sounds begin to rise. The drums kick in and red lights pulse to them. They get louder as the fourth set kicks in and the curtains flip to the side. Angel of Filth comes crawling through them with her black wings fluttering behind her, covered in a black substance.

Liam:  On her way to the ring, from Las Vegas, NV standing at 5’4” and weighing in at 127lb, she is “The Seraph of Sleaze”... Angel of Filth!!!

Her eyes glow white as the lights switch between black and red. She glares down at the ring as she rises to her feet, throwing her wings out to the side as they amast. She waves them slowly as she prances down the ramp to the beat of the music. She stops half way and looks from side to side. She has a sickening smile on her face as black oozes from her mouth and she laughs. She enters the ring and climbs up the first of six turnbuckles. She throws her wings out as the fans boo her. She then drops down and goes to the other corner, doing the same. Once at the far end of the ring, she sheds her wings and kicks them to the outside as she rubs her hands together.

The SCU Tron turns on, the crowd cheer like crazy as we see Metallica on a stage. Lead singer James Hetfield gives the band the single. They begin to play their cover version of Ennio Marricone’s Ecstasy Of Gold.

Liam:  Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand her opponent, on the way to the ring... She is the Combat Champion…

The songs kicks into full gear.

Liam:  Kelli Torres!!!!!

The curtains open up as Kelli Torres comes out jumping to the beat. 4 trainers from the Real Killas MMA Gym come out behind her. The fans chant yes as Kelli and her trainers walk down the ramp. Kelli high fiving everyone she can on the way down to ringside. Kelli slides in the ring and goes to her corner with her trainers standing outside the ring.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Chad: Filth and Kelli get in a fight stance. Filth is a MMA fighter like Kelli so this can end early for either one.

Gena: The two make their way to the center of the Ring.  Kelli goes cost for a left hook but misses as Filth leans back.

Chad:  Kelli goes for a right job but misses as Filth things back again. Filth goes for a right overhand punch as Kelli goes for a spinning back kick. Both connect as Kelli kicks Filth on her side as Filth nails Kelli on the ear!

Gena: Both women drop to one knee. Filth tries to punch Kelli but Kelli blocks it. Kelli gets to her feet. Filth tries to get to her feet but Kelli tackles her down to the mat.

Chad: Kelli tries to get back to her feet but Filth leg sweeps her back down. Filth tries to grabs Kelli’s foot but Kelli kicks Filth in the face with her other foot.

Gena: Kelli gets to her feet, Kelli tries a leg drop but but Filth gets a fist up and punches Kelli on the thigh!

Chad: Filth gets to her feet, Kelli tries to do the same but drops to her knees to avoid a roundhouse kick by Filth!

Gena: Kelli hits Filth with a punch to the knee goes for a leg sweep but Filth jumps to avoid it. Kelli does a back roll then gets to her feet. Filth rushes in but gets a spinning backhand punch to the jaw!

Chad: Filth goes down… Wait someones, no Melissa Ruin slides in the ring after jumping the barricade. She gets in and slaps Kelli in the face then kicks her in the gut.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Gena: The ref is calling for the bell as it looks like Kelli will win by a DQ. Melissa robbed Kelli from a clean... Kelli hits a left punch to the ribs of kelli but backs away holding her hand. Melissa pulls out a metal sheet from under her short and nails Kelli in the head!!!

Chad Filth gets to her feet smiles at what she sees but Melissa nails Filth in the head with the metal sheet dropping her as well! But why?

Gena: Well seeing how Angel Kash is standing on the rampway laughing, it clear she is doing Angel’s bidding. But why?

Security run past Angel to rush the ring, Melissa sees them coming and swing the metal sheet at the back of Kelli head then Angel of Fith’s one last time before sliding out the ring and taking off before security can catch her.

Liam:  This next match is set for one fall and is a Mask vs Roulette contendersho match!!!

New Low by Middle Class Rut starts to play as Jon Dough comes out to a shower of boos.

Liam:  From on the way to the ring, Jon Dough!!!

Jon Dough siles in the ring then starts to taunt the crowd.

Liam:  And his opponent, Joshua Acquin!!!

Judas Hits the PA as Joshua walks out from the back with boos from the crowd. As he walks slowly to the ring he avoids all contact from fans. Once in the ring he goes up to the middle rope of the turnbuckle, drawing boos from the crowd as he holds up his arms.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Gena: Jon and Joshua walk to the center of the ring, jon gets his arms up totie up. Joshua grabs jon’s arm and throws him with an amdrag!

Chad: Jon gets right back to his feet, jon tries to grab joshua but Joshua grabs his arm again for another armdrag.

Gena: Jon gets right back to his feet again. Joshua goes to grab Jon but jJn nails him with a European uppercut.

Chad: Jon grabs Joshua and flips him over with a hip toss. Joshua gets right back up, Jon goes for a dropkick but misses as Joshua jukes to the left then nails Jon with a leaping clothesline. Both men get right back up.

Gena: They tie up but Jon headbutts Josh then lifts him up for a bodyslam but Josh counters with an elbow to the side of Jon’s head. Jon lets go of Josh, Josh lands on his feet. Josh nails another clothesline, Jon stumbles back a bit but stays on his feet.

Chad: Josh rush over and umps grabbing Jon’s head to nail Jon with a facebreaker knee smash. Jon jumps back on impact as Josh gets to his feet. Josh runs at Jon again and nails a jumping knee strike!

Gena: Jon stumbles back to the turnbuckle. Joshua runs at Jon for a spear but jon gets his foot up and hits a big boot!

Chad: Jon jumps up to place his feet on the middle turnbuckle. Jon jumps off hitting Joshua with a missile dropkick. Jon grabs Joshua to help him up. Jon gets Joshua over his shoulder, Jon runs to go for a running poweslam but Joshua pushes off of Jon forcing Jon to go throw the middle and top ropes to the outside!

Gena: Joshua slides under the ropes to the outside, he grabs Jon and tosses him back in the ring. Josh slides back in, Jon kicks Josh in the head then gets to his feet. Jon grabs Josh, no Josh rolls Jon dough in a small package!


Chad: Jon kicks out, both men get to there feet, Jon tries to grab Josh but gets nailed with a chop to the chest. Josh knees Jon in the gut then grabs his head and drops him with a flowing ddt!!!

Gena: Josh gets Jon to his feet and sends him to the ropes. Jon bounces off the ropes, Josh goes for a clothesline but Jon ducks and goes to the other ropes. Jon jumps off the ropes and tries for a moonsault but Joshua moves out the way!

Chad: Jon manages to land on his feet. Josh grabs Jon from behind! Nightmare 2!!! (full nelson facebuster) Josh goes for the cover!


Gena: Jon barely kicks out. Josh gets to his feet in a bit of a shock but quickly grabs Jon Dough and gets him to his feet. Josh lifts Jon up over his head and drops him with a suplex. Josh goes for another cover!


Chad: Jon kicks out at two, Josh grabs Jon by the head and helps him to his feet. Jon headbutts Josh then backs up to go for a superkick but Josh ducks down and chop blocks Jon’s other leg on the side of the knee!

Gena: Jon goes down, Josh grabs Jon’s legs and sets up the Sharpshooter! Josh has Jon in the middle of the ring. Jon starts to crawl to the ropes!

Chad: He better hurry up and get… Joshua walks with Jon back to the middle of the ring and bends back to apply more pressure!

Gena: Jon needs to find a way out of this or he will have no choice but to… Tap Out!!! Jon taps out!!!!

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Liam:  Your winner of this match… Joshua Acquin!!!

Jon rolls over to lay on his back before sitting up as Joshua gets his hand raised by the referee. Jon drags himself over to the ropes and holds on to the top ropes as he gets to his feet. Jon is given a microphone as joshua looks on.

Jon Dough: I… I don’t know what to say, I should have beaten you all three matches and yet I failed every time. I can blame the referee for his poor performance, I can blame a lot of things. At the end of the day, I didn’t get the job done. You have all seen the end of the Jon Dough area. A man who tried at the singles run and had to use a briefcase to cash on to become the Roulette champion. Things didn’t go for me so well in my attempt at a singles run, just ask Joshua Aqcuin.

I did however show how great I was in the world of tag team wrestling. Just as Joshua Acquin. Things can’t last forever. Joshua, you and all of Sin City rather it is SCW or SCU have all seen Jon Dough for the last time.

Jon Dough uses his free hand to grab the back of the mask. He pulls it off as Matt Spears throws it at Joshua.

Matt Spears: You all seen the last of Jon Dough, Matt Spears however…

Matt smirks as he lets go of the microphone. The mic hits the mat as Matt exits the ring. Joshua gets his hand raised again by the ref as Matt wake up the rampway.

Singles Match
Amy Marshall vs Chanelle Martinez-Blade

Liam:   The following contest is scheduled for one fall!  Making her way to the ring, from Bronx, NY standing at 5’7” and weighing in at 127lb, she is “Azz n’ Class”... Chanelle Marrrrrrtinezzzzzzzz!!!

“Red Lipstick” begins playing over the speakers as Chanelle comes out from behind the curtains. As the music picks up, Chanelle begins to “back it up” before she comes down the ring. She climbs onto the apron and does the splits as she twerks down to the ground. She climb underneath the bottom rope, continuing to shake it. She stands up and runs across the ring, running up a turnbuckle where she once again shakes it for a moment before stepping down to a standing position.

Victim of Me by Descendants begins to play over the sounds system, the lights begin to strobe through the venue as Amy appears through the curtain dancing before stopping half way and pushes her hair back to reveal the black leather surgical face mask decorated with a Cheshire Cat Smile and above that Amy Santino is written in red and in Japanese

Amy surveys the crowd for a moment as Liam makes her introduction.

Liam:   Aaaaaand her opponent… from Juneau, Alaska standing at 5’7” and weighing in at 128lb, she is… “The Punk Princess”... Amy Marshallllllllllll!!!

She then continues down the ramp, as slaps the hands of the awaiting fans, she then climbs into the ring, where she then climbs the turnbuckles and surveys the crowd before climbing back down and heads to the corner, where she takes off the mask and waistcoat and waits for the match to start.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Chad:  These two have both worked inside of the SCW ring before, but at different times. Chanelle seems to have taken issue with Amy’s earlier statements as she bops her head from side to side, talking mess.

Gena:  Amy’s done the job of getting inside of Chanelle’s head just perfectly then.  As Chanelle is talking trash, Amy just smiles.  Chanelle gets closer, and Amy rolls her up into an Armbar!

Chad:  Chanelle shouts out in pain as she rises up to her feet.  She hits a picture perfect Japanese Arm Drag that sends the crowd into a bit of a cheer.  She bounces off of the ropes, coming at Amy.

Gena:  But Amy drops down.  As Chanelle passes her by, She gets up to her feet.  She looks for a Crescent Kick, but Chanelle does a Matrix Evasion.  Amy tries to catch her on the rebound, but Chanelle drops back onto her other arm.

Chad:  Chanelle comes back up with a Pele Kick to Amy.  Amy holds onto her chin, and Chanelle Leapfrogs over Amy and the ropes.  She Shoulderbutt’s Amy through the ropes and comes over with a Sunset Flip pin!


Gena:  Amy claps her heels against Chanelle’s head and then flips her over into a pin of her own!


Chad:  Chanelle flips Amy back over onto her back and locks on the pin!


Gena:  But Amy reverses it once more, leaning forward more with her knees on Chanelle’s arms.


Chad:  Chanelle gets the shoulder up and rolls out from under Amy.  She gets up to her feet and finds herself behind Amy.  She rolls Amy up from behind and plants her feet on the ropes.


Gena:  Amy is struggling, but at the last second, the referee sees Chanelle’s feet and he scolds her.  He’s like “Bitch, I see you tryna cheat!”  If only it was the same referee as the Double Down Championship match, huh?

Chad:  Chanelle argues with the referee as Amy catches her breath.  Chanelle picks Amy off of the mat, but is still looking at the referee.  She Irish Whip’s Amy into the ropes, and as Amy rebounds, she catches her with a Rear View!

Gena:  Amy falls down to the mat and Chanelle flips her hair out of her face.  She walks over to Amy and places a foot on her chest for a cocky pin!


Chad:  Amy’s a fierce competitor and an SCW Hall of Famer for fuckssake!  You’re not going to put her away that easily, Chan.

Gena:  Chanelle picks Amy up, but Amy shoves her to the side.  She comes off of the ropes and hits a Rolling Senton Splash to Chanelle.  She picks Chanelle up and looks around as the second home of Amy Marshall cheers for her.

Crowd:  Punk Princess!  Amy Marshall!  Punk Princess!  Amy Marshall!

Chad:  Amy nods her head along with the cheers before dropping Chanelle with an Evenflow DDT.  She hooks the leg.


Crowd:  OOOOOOOOH!!!

Gena:  I thought Chanelle was a goner there, but she is set to show that SCU is not just a league of it’s own that can’t hang with other companies.  We’re a style.  Chanelle gets to her feet as she seems to finally be taking Amy more seriously.

Chad:  She holds out her hand toward Amy for a second before flipping it around and telling her to “Come get some”!  Amy nods her head as the two meet up in the middle of the ring in a giant slug fest!

Gena:  This isn’t even a catfight.  This is like two angry dudes fighting over a piece of land, or a dead buck or something!  They are not holding back, and they seem very evenly matched.

Chad:  Chanelle gets in a cheap shot as she sneaks in an eye poke to Amy.  The referee doesn’t see it, unlike the feet on the ropes earlier, but the crowd saw it.  Amy holds onto her face as Chanelle whips her to the corner.

Gena:  A few solid kicks to Amy’s midsection, and a few stomps later, and Amy is down in the corner.  Chanelle grinds her hips as she signals for her patented Ridin’ Yo Face (Bronco Buster)!  She charges at Amy!

Chad:  But Amy rolls out of the way, and Chanelle is Ridin’ Yo Turnbuckle instead!  She holds onto her… lower lady bits as she stumbles out of the corner.  The crowd laughs at her as Amy signals something.

Gena:  Chanelle’s feeling like she just got out of a bad back alley gynecology appointment, and Amy is sizing her up.  Chanelle takes a few deep breaths as she turns around, and... Bad Girl (Double Knee Facebreaker)!!!!! It’s the Bad Girl Breaker!!!


Chad:  Amy rolls Chanelle off of her and over onto her back.  She hooks the leg and raises a finger with each count by the referee!


Ding! Ding! Ding!

Liam:   Here is your winner of the contest via pinfall… “The Punk Princess” Amy Marshalllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!

The crowd roars in approval as Amy comes up to one knee.  She basks in the glory for a moment as her music begins playing.  She slowly rises to her feet as the lights in the arena flash around, and the Tokyo crowd is on fire for one they have accepted as their own.  She raises her arms up in the air before the cheers turn to boos.  Melissa Ruin and Angel Kash come rushing down the ramp and slide inside of the ring.  Melissa turns Amy around and Angel goes to swing her bag of gold bars at Amy, but Amy ducks it.  She turns around to find Chanelle glaring at her with ill intent.  Amy tenses up as she turns around to see Melissa and Angel closing in on her, and she hears Chanelle’s loud mouth behind her.

Chanelle:  You wanna talk some mess, baby?  You wanna play me dirty?  Huh?  Well, here’s the Remix!

Chanelle raises her fists to fight, but suddenly drops down and rolls outside of the mat as Le Coven comes rushing inside of the ring.  Jenifer and Celeste knock Melissa and Angel down to the mat and begin stomping until they both roll to the outside of the ring with Chanelle’s help in pulling them out.

Chanelle:  It ain’t worth it, girls.  Let the freaks unite…

Chanelle waves Celeste and Jenifer back, but Celeste leans over the top rope.

Celeste:  Freaks?  You’re damn right!!!

Crowd:  *POP!*

Celeste and Jenifer check on Amy, but Amy assures them that she’s fine.  She’s cautious in trusting them at first, but eventually nods, and Le Coven takes the honors of raising Amy’s arm once more as her music starts over.

Camera cuts when The Combat Champion John Blade exits out of his Locker room and see his Wife standing by with her group of Nobility just staring at John.

Martinez-Blade: Uh Chanelle. May I talk with you in private for just a moment please?

Melissa Ruin steps in front of Chanelle Martinez's Husband when she gives him the look

Melissa: May I help you with something John?

Martinez-Blade: As of matter of fact, you can Ms Ruin. I need to have a word to my wife Chanelle. If that's alright with you.

Melissa: No you may not have a word with your wife, Chanelle, because she has important stuff to handle at London Brawling for the SCU Double Down Championships on SCW.

Martinez-Blade: It's not gonna be that long Melissa. cause me and Chanelle need to discuss something that you will never know about, so if you don't mind Melissa. I would like to speak with her in private.

Blade grabs his wife’s hands when Melissa Ruin snatches her friend away from her husband and stares at him angrily..

Melissa: Um, Chanelle is not going anywhere with you John. Unless you plan on giving her lessons on how not to suck, which you are completely incapable of doing.  Nobility is in a very important spot right now, and with my injury, we need to focus as much as we can

John looks at Nobility when Chanelle looks at Melissa Ruin.

Martinez-Blade: But why does she have to help you out, Melissa. I mean it doesn't matter who wins or loses.  It's just a goddamn match with all of you and all I want is to have a conversation with Ms Martinez-Blade.

Nobility circles around Blade when they decide to let there friend Chanelle Martinez speak with her man John after Melissa spoke up and speaks for her.

Melissa: I'm so sorry, John. She can't talk to you right now cause she got this thing coming her way where she can make something of her career finally.  She won’t have your disgusting influence stopping her, because, believe it or not, she does have some talent, and at her age?  It’s time she showed it, and these titles are the way to do it.

Martinez-Blade: You're lying twisted slut, you know that?  And if she wants to talk to me then she can say it right here and right now.

Melissa: Okay I'm trying to warn you that she really doesn't want to speak with you not quite yet unless we win our Double Down Championship match on London Brawling next week and then maybe you can have a minute with your successful wife, Chanelle after London Brawling PPV.

Martinez-Blade: So you just gonna stand there and let this tramp disrespect your husband like that Ms Martinez Blade?

Chanelle: I was trying to warn you bae.  It’s time for me to look out for myself for a second. You got your titles, now I gotta get mines’s.  We got the chance to be a golden couple.  Now is the time that we gotta strike, bae.

Martinez-Blade: Well I was gonna tell you that I am defending my Combat Championship next Sunday as well against Javier Gonzalez. That is why I want you to be on my side corner but I guess that you are too busy to be with your man instead of hanging out with your friends of Nobility at London Brawling.

And before Chanelle's husband could walk away her friend Melissa Ruin has one more thing to get out of her chest.

Melissa: The reason that she couldn't send you that message John. is because I broke her Cell Phone Last Wednesday on Underground.

Martinez-Blade: Why on earth would you break my Wife's Cell Phone like that do you even know how much that Cell phone was worth about fifteen or thirty thousand Dollars each and if you don't buy her a new cell phone by the end of London Brawling next week oh there will be some Consequences or else…

Melissa: Or else what John?

John gets closer to Ms Ruin straight to her face.

Martinez-Blade: Or else I'll remove her away from your team Nobility on Underground after she wins her tag match for you next Sunday on London Brawling.  So I'll be seeing you all next week at London Brawling when I defend this title with Javier Gonzalez. on SCW’s main show. Your Champ is here!

Chanelle:  Baby, don’t do this right now…

Before Nobility storms off, Melissa Ruin has one final thing to say about Martinez Blade.

Melissa: And for the record John. this is what Chanelle wants from us is this…

Melissa slaps John across the face when nobility scattered outta there when Chanelle Martinez looks back at her Husband mean faces when he meets with nobility on the next episode of Underground. Scene fades when John heads back to his Locker room before he defends his title with Javier Gonzalez next Sunday at London Brawling.

Singles Match
Tatsu Ikeda vs Shelby Holt

Liam:   The following contest is scheduled for one fall!  Iiiiiiiiiiiiintroducing first, from Bell, FL standing at 5’5” and weighing in at 122lb, she is… Shelby Holllllllllllllllllllt!!!

"Wildside" blares as Shelby bursts through the curtain with Ivory right beside her. The crowd is going crazy as she bounces around the stage. She stops, fists bumps with Ivory before sprinting down the ramp. She leaps up onto the ring apron, jumps into the ring and performs a backflip off the corner.

The lights in the arena die down as there is a series of gong strikes.  After a moment, the lights on the stage come on to see the band Babymetal standing to the left of the stage, their heads are bowed as the instruments tune..

Crowd: *Deafening roar!!!*

The opening to "Karate" by Babymetal begins to play as the lights dim down to show a silhouette of a woman standing behind a screen in a karate "Ready stance". She transitions into a Crane stance and follows through with a front stance high punch right through the screen, making her way through. She is wearing a black ghi with a black belt, and her hair up in blonde pigtails.

Liam:  Entering the ring, from RIGHT HERE IN TOKYO, JAPAN!!!  Standing at 5'1" and weighing in at 117lb, representing the Kawaii Dragons, she is... "The Dragon" Tatsuuuuuu Ikeeeeeeedaaaaaaa!!!

She charges to the ramp and then slowly falls into a Crouching Tiger position as she glares down at the ring with an almost twisted smile on her face as she holds it, playing mind games as she works out her strategy in her mind. She then comes back to a standing position as she treads lightly down the ramp on the tips of her toes. As she reaches the bottom of the ramp, she begins running until she catches onto the top rope with her hand, holding in an almost artistic pose with one leg bent, and the tip of her other foot dangling lightly. After a second of this, she pulls herself onto the apron, flipping over the top rope and steadying herself as she stays vertical before falling into a side split, impressing the audience as she holds it for several seconds. Just as quickly as she falls into the pose, she finishes the initial flip, charging across the ring and running up to the top turnbuckle as she returns to the Crane stance. She looks out across the audience as she smiles before flipping off and landing in the Crouching Tiger once more. She turns to run across to the opposing turnbuckle, giving it the same treatment. As she flips back down, she turns and rests, before stripping her ghi off to reveal her tights.  She stares across the ring as she smiles wickedly at Shelby.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Chad: Shelby comes right out of the gate with a Clothesline to Tatsu. She immediately drops down for a pin, but Tatsu kicks out as the referee drops down. Tatsu bridges out of the pin, rolling Shelby off of her.

Gena:  She gets back to her feet as Shelby scrambles to hers. Shelby goes for another Clothesline, but Tatsu arches back to avoid it. Shelby turns around to a Roundhouse Kick to the motherfucking face!

Chad:  Shelby falls down to the mat and she crawls over to the ropes.  Tatsu goes to pick her up, but she climbs between the ropes and tells Tatsu to step back.  The referee obliges and tells Tatsu to step back, and Tatsu does so, but rubs her hands together.

Gena:  Shelby stands up and takes a deep breath as she collects her shit.  She gets ready and Tatsu holds her hands out, ready for Shelby, but Shelby kicks one of her hands.  She comes at Tatsu, but Tatsu picks Shelby up and then slams her down to the mat.

Crowd:  *POP!*

Gena: Tatsu lifts Shelby off of the mat and Shelby gets a knee to Tatsu’s stomach. She then hits a high knee to Tatsu’s chest, and spins around with a roundhouse kick to match Tatsu’s. She watches Tatsu fall to the mat, and she dives on her for another pin attempt.


Chad: The original “The Dragon” gets her left shoulder off of the mat. Shelby is frustrated as she lifts Tatsu from the mat. She slams her back down for another pin attempt.


Chad: Tatsu kicks out immediately. Shelby tries again, but Tatsu gets her shoulders up immediately. The novice wrestler is surely trying to tire Tatsu out, forcing her to kick out. Tatsu spins back to her feet, waving Shelby toward her.

Gena: She nods her head as Shelby charges forward. Tatsu ducks under an Axe Kick, grabbing onto the shoulders of Shelby. She drops down with a Neckbreaker. Tatsu picks her up from the mat and sends her into the ropes.

Chad: She catches Shelby with a Monkey Flip, locking her arm in an Armbar in the process. Shelby might tap out here. She’s right in the center of the ring, and the ropes are oh so far away. Shelby spins her feet around, closer to the ropes.

Gena: But Tatsu brings her further away, inch by inch. Shelby shouts out in pain. Shelby pries at Tatsu’s hand as best as she can, but Tatsu refuses to let go. However, Shelby uses the distraction to get her foot on the bottom rope. The referee warns Tatsu to let go.


Chad: And Tatsu lets go. She holds her hands up in surrender as the referee tells her to back up. Tatsu smiles as she leans down, waiting for Shelby to get into position. Shelby gets to her feet, but holds her hands up as she stumbles over into the corner.

Gena: As Tatsu comes rushing in, Shelby drops down to the ground. Tatsu collides with the corner, and Shelby hooks onto Tatsu’s legs, bringing her down for a School Girl Pin.


Chad: Tatsu was almost had right there. She barely made it out. Shelby picks her up and prepares to drop Tatsu with a Super Kick, but Tatsu ducks under it. She hooks Shelby up for the Fire of the Dragon (Northern Lights Suplex).

Gena: However, as Shelby kicks out of the bridge, she holds on and nails a second Fire of the Dragon!

Chad: The crowd is cheering heavily for this one as the referee drops down for the count, despite Shelby attempting to shake her way out of it.


Gena:  Tatsu stands up and shakes her head.  She tells the crowd that she is not finished.  She takes a step back and the crowd cheers for her, despite her heelish tactics.  She stalks around the ring.

Chad:  Tatsu watches as Shelby slowly gets up, holding her back.  She stumbles around as Tatsu gets in a Crane pose and spits the orange and yellow mist into Shelby’s face!  Goddamn!  She leaps up into the air and… Flight of the Dragon (Continuous Whirlybird Headscissors)!!!

Gena:  Shelby is spent as she lies out on the mat.  Tatsu drops down for the pin!

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Liam:  Here is your winner via pinfall… “The Dragon” Tatsu Ikeda!!!

The sound of the crowd almost puts the sound out of commission for a moment as they burst into cheers.  She raises her arms in victory as she runs around the ring, staring out across the Tokyo Dome.  She takes to each of the six corners, gaining another roar with each corner.  She then jumps to the outside of the ring.  She stands on the barricade and then drops down backward into the crowd as they carry her back.

Stephen Lance is standing outside of Powershock's dressing room. He is grinning while rubbing his hands together.

Stephen: Powershock has continued to dominate the opposition. Jerry Cann couldn't stop him. Stewart Mason couldn't stop him. What makes you think Eric Weaver will stop him?

Stephen chuckles as he thinks of all the twisted things Powershock will do to Eric.

Stephen: Eric, you have done a lot for this company but you are no match for Powershock. You will find yourself lying in a hospital bed with tubes running through your nose. No one has an answer for the 6'8 monster. Blood will stain the canvas.

Stephen laughs as the door opens to see Powershock carrying a large bag over his shoulder. Aeriel is smirking as the trio head for the ring.

Main Event
Underground Championship

Eric Weaver vs Powershock

Liam:   The following contest is the Main Event, and is scheduled for one fall to determine the Underground Champion!!!

Take Five starts to play as we here the jazz beat coming we see Eric Weaver coming from the curtains.

Liam:   On his way to the ring first, from Chicago, IL standing at 6’ and weighing in at 175lb, he is… Eric Weeeeeeeverrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

"Won't you stop and take
A little time out with me
Just take five"

Eric waves at the fans as he walks down the ramp.

"Though I'm going out of my way
Just so I can pass by each day
Not a single word do we say
It's a pantomime and not a play

Still, I know our eyes often meet
I feel tingles down to my feet
When you smile, that's much too discreet
Sends me on my way"

Eric slides in the ring from underneath the bottom ropes.

"Wouldn't it be better
Not to be so polite
You could offer a light
Start a little conversation now
It's alright, just take five
Just take five"

As the music fades we see Eric holding his right hand in the air as he looks over to the crowd.

The arena lights turn to a dark red tint as smoke fills the stage, ramp and ring. A thunderous gong sounds as a wicked scream is soon heard through the speakers. Sinister laughter follows before "Drop Dead Cynical" starts playing. A man wearing a dark red mask with a blood red jumpsuit walks out onto the stage followed by a man. The masked man stands on the stage as the woman clings to his arm and the man is pointing at the ring.

Liam:  From the Depths of hell, accompanied by his mouthpiece Stephen Lance....please welcome Powershock!!!

Powershock throws both arms up and out as pyro goes off. He then sombers down the ramp while keeping his eyes pointed at the ring. A sly smirk appears on his face as he steps up onto the ring apron and steps over the ring ropes.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Chad: Eric immediately charges across the ring at Powershock, hitting a Shoulder Block to the left knee.  He then recoils and hits a Shoulder Block to the right knee. He then hits a Spinning Leg Sweep to take the monster off of his feet.

Gena: Smart tactic from the supposed REAL Bad Boy member, as opposed to the fake ones that have the name Bad Boys.  I don’t even get it.  Weaver mounts Powershock and begins throwing punch after punch to the champion like a belt’s on the line. Oh wait.

Chad:  Weaver picks Powershock off of the mat and flings him into the ropes.  He looks for a Back Body Drop, but the champion stops him dead in his tracks by kicking him right in the jaw with a sickening smack sound that echoes throughout the arena.

Gena:  Eric spins around, and Powershock goes to lift him up, but Weaver slides behind him.  He wraps his arms around Powershock, looking for a Belly to Back Suplex, but Powershock swings an elbow back.  Weaver uses the momentum to bridge into a German Suplex pin.


Chad:  Powershock gets a shoulder up from the canvas.  He gets out from under Eric and gets to his feet.  He grabs Weaver around the throat, but Eric kicks him in the gut.  He bounces off of the ropes and takes the champ down to the ground with a Dropkick.

Gena:  He then hits a few stomps before landing a Leg Drop.  He gets up and then flies into the ropes, coming off of them with a Standing Frog Splash.  He hooks the leg!


Chad: Man! Powershock just bench pressed Eric off of him. He tosses him across the mat as he scrambles back to his feet. Eric ducks under a Big Boot and dashes into the ropes. As he rebounds, he jumps up for a Cross Body.

Gena:  Powershock catches him out of mid air and cradles him before flipping him up onto his shoulders for a Death Valley Driver.  Eric slips down Powershock’s back and tries for another German Suplex, but Powershock catches the elbow this time.

Chad: Powershock turns around and Picks Weaver up for a Death Valley Driver and nails it! He lifts Eric off of the mat and flings him back up onto his shoulders for another Death Valley Driver. He leans down to pin Eric.


Gena:  Powershock rips Eric off of the mat to break up the pin. He tosses him up onto his shoulder and walks around before hitting a Running Powerslam. He walks around the ring before picking Eric up from the mat.

Chad: He’s carrying Eric around like a ragdoll on those shoulders! He is utterly destroying Eric right now. He hits the Power Drill (Vertical Screwdriver)! He pins him down to the mat!


Gena:  He rips him off of the mat once more, breaking up the count! He’s going to destroy Eric Weaver!  Eric is able to roll to the outside of the ring.  Powershock shakes his head and exits the ring after Weaver.


Chad:  Weaver pulls himself up on the apron and as Powershock comes at him, he kicks Powershock in the stomach.  He is still reeling from the Power Drill as he stumbles away from Powershock, trying to gain some distance.


Gena:  He takes a deep breath as Powershock holds onto his stomach.  He turns around as the fans begin to boo him loudly.  He waves them off and points back at Powershock, not seeing him sneaking up on him!

Chad:  As Weaver turns around and sees Powershock standing right there, he nearly jumps out of his skin.  He goes to punch Powershock, but he blocks it and then hits a Throat Thrust to Weaver.


Gena:  Damn, Eric spins around from the force.  He tries for another punch, but Powershock blocks it and hits another Throat Thrust.  Weaver coughs as he stumbles toward the ring steps. Powershock comes up on him, but Weaver trips him up face first onto the ring steps!


Chad:  Weaver rolls inside to break up the count, and then comes back outside.  He tries to pick Powershock up to bring him inside the ring, but the size of Powershock stops him from being able to at first.  After a few tries, he gets the champ onto the apron and slides inside.

Gena:  He takes a few steps back before dropping an elbow to Powershock’s head.  He shouts at Powershock before dropping another elbow to his head.  He laughs at Powershock and then goes for a third, but Powershock moves!

Chad:  Weaver holds onto his elbow in pain as Powershock gets up.  He lifts Weaver up through the ropes and climbs the turnbuckle.  He holds onto Weaver’s arm as he walks the top rope and leaps off with an elbow to Weaver’s shoulder, and Weaver goes down!

Gena: He picks him up for the Shock Treatment (Sidewalk Slam)! He’s going down for another pin… No! He’s picking him up for another Shock Treatment!

Chad: It’s already over, Powershock! Lance! Call off your attack dog! He picks him up again for another Shock Treatment!

Gena: Eric is holding onto his back, but he is clearly knocked out. He can hardly move otherwise. Powershock picks him up and hits a fourth Shock Treatment on this unlucky sonuvabitch!

Chad: He stalks Eric, as Eric is fucking done for. He then slowly kneels down on Eric’s shoulders, in an almost arrogant pin.


Ding! Ding! Ding!

Liam:  Here is your winner by pinfall… Powwwwwwwwwershooooooooooock!!!

The crowd boos as Powershock stands up, raising his arm in victory. He paces the six sides of the ring as the fans continue to shower him with boos.  He doesn’t pay them any mind as he picks Weaver up from the mat.  He is getting ready for another Shock Treatment, but Jerry Cann comes flying inside of the ring.  He nails Powershock several times against the back of the head, causing him to drop Weaver.  Aeriel is on the outside of the ring, cheering Powershock on in spite, while Stephen Lance calls for security to come down to break it up.


Jerry picks Powershock up and then drops his face to his knee, almost instantly causing blood to flow from under the mask.  It begins to pour over the mat as Jerry locks on the Cobra Clutch, showing the cheering fans the damage he’s caused while looking right at Stephen.

Jerry:  You were right!  Blood will stain the canvas, but it’s the blood of this asshole!

Crowd:  YEAH!!!

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!

Casey Williams, Ivan Darrell, and Andrew Garcia come charging down the rampway at full speed to break things up.  It takes nearly everything the three have got just to pry Jerry off of Powershock.  They pull him away and outside of the ring as Powershock holds onto his nose.  If you look hard enough, you can see a demented smile on his face as he watches Jerry try to fight off the security team as the show goes off the air.