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Working together better.
« on: April 12, 2019, 07:36:54 PM »
 7th April 2019
Edinburgh Scotland
Climax Control 233

I tried... but I don’t know if it was because we had faced each other many times or it’s the respect between Sam and I... that she again beat me and successfully retained her title. But while it’s harder to bad mouth her... I can still hang with her inside the ring, no matter the stipulation.

Steel Cage Match

This time around the roulette wheel spun around and Sam and I were given a steel cage match. And we put on a show and the steel cage did its unforgiving job of keeping us in as it best it can as Sam and I worked each other over and I came close to winning a couple of times but it wasn’t enough and Sam showed why she is a great fighting champion, who will always continue to fight no matter who comes at her... including Trinity Jones who had sat at ringside all match just blinking with no other emotion etched across her face and body.

I lay on the mat as I hear Justin announce Sam as the winner... again I’m not mad just heavily disappointed in myself for not trying harder outside the ring.... as I roll myself from the ring, I sit on the floor holding my partially broken body, although I knew that it would be more bruises that would stand out over the coming hours. Ignoring what was happening with Sam as I saw Trinity actually move from the chair and into the ring, I climb to my feet and make my way backstage, where I grab an ice pack... although one wouldn’t be enough and more of an ice bath would help with the bruises. I also grab a water and towel and move away from the curtain to take a moment and take in some water as I stick the ice pack on the back of my neck as Scott Oliver make his appearance.

Amy: Yes Scott.

I say knowing that it wouldn’t be getting aired right away as the show went off air.

Scott: Can I have a few words about your match tonight.

Amy: You may but they may be short and sweet answers.

Scott: Thanks.

Scott smiled before continuing.

Scott: First off… Sam Marlowe.  Your thoughts on her as a champion as well as her successful title defence tonight.

Scott asks.

Amy: I am not saying this because she is a friend, but Sam is working hard to defend the bombshell roulette title and she is the ultimate fighting champion. However, she might have a bit more of battle on her hands with Trinity than myself.  As for her successful title defence… she was better than me… I fought hard and tried my best as always, but Sam again was just that much better. So congratulations Sam and good luck against Trinity.

Scott: Thank you Amy, I’ll let you go and relax.

Amy: Thank you Scott.

I smile at Scott, as I walk away back to the locker room.  Inside the locker room, I give myself a moment as I ice the bruises that I could feel developing. The scene fades out as the camera focuses on the TV where we see the fans slowly leave the arena and the ring crew beginning to dismantle the ring.


9th April 2019
Cardiff, Wales
Hanger – Human Performance Centre
Time: 9pm

The scene opens up in the Hanger – Human Performance Centre, where we see a large group of men and women inside the Performance Centre as they stand in groups of two from varying levels of from beginner, intermediate and advanced. In one area is the advanced area, which we see Amy and her partner for the evening with gloves pads as they share punches and kicks until the trainer speaks up.

Trainer: Guys… thats the end of the class… warm down and see you all next week.

Everyone stops and looks at the trainer, as all we can hear in heavy breathing.  Everyone disperses as Amy thanks her partner and then moves to the trainer…

Amy: Thank you for accommodating me for the evening.

Trainer: No thank you.  It’s refreshing to see obviously new faces but someone who knows what they are doing.

Amy: Even though it’s just the one off.

Amy shrugs partly apologetically, as the trainer chuckles to herself.

Trainer: It’s fine.  Good luck anyway this week.

Amy: Thanks.

The trainer smiles and walks away, as a couple of the intermediate kickboxers come up to the trainer and ask questions etc… as Amy takes off her pads and gloves before picking up her water and taking a sip, as she see the door open and sees a familiar face enter.

Amy: Joey…

Joey strolls over with a smile, as he and Amy share a kiss and hug.

Amy: How did you know I was here?

Amy queried, as she places her bits her duffle bag.
Joey: I spoke with Joshua…. He said that you invited him here, but he had other plans with his wife at the time.

Amy: Ah ok… well I am glad you came.

Amy hugged Joey.

Joey: Me too.  I’ll let you warm down before we can catch up.

Amy: Sure.

Amy smiles, as she takes in some more water as Joey steps back and watches everyone around Amy and in the room, as they all begin to stretch out their arms and legs and everything else, before the trainer gives everyone the all clear to leave. As Amy grabs her bag before approaching Joey.

Joey: What do you want to do?

Amy: Have you eaten?

Joey: Not really… but to be honest I am a little jet lagged.

Joey says with a shrug.

Amy: We can order room service. Something small and light and we can sleep.

Amy suggests.

Joey: Sounds like a plan.

Amy: Good.

Amy waves goodbye to everyone as she and Joey leave the centre, as Amy heads to the car park… where she unlocks a white Ford Fiesta.

Joey: Hire car?

Amy: Yep. When we got to Scotland, I decided to hire a car and this is all they had. But it’s a good little car.

Amy puts her bag into the car, as Joey climbs into the passenger side, while Amy closes the trunk and gets in.

Joey: Impressive.

Amy smiles, as she starts the car.  The scene soon fades out on the white Ford Fiesta as Amy reverses out of the parking spot and leaves the car park and heads back to the hotel for some food and chat with Joey.


11th April 2019
200 Degrees Café
Cardiff Wales

The scene opens inside the 200 Degrees Café in Cardiff, where we see Amy sitting at a single table for two people, as she sits in a brown leather chair as she lifts her cell phone up to check the time before placing it back down, as she sips on a green tea.  The door then swings open and in comes Senor Vinnie with his cactus Pete in hand, as he pulls out the chair and sits down placing the cactus on the table.

Amy: Hi Vinnie.

Vinnie: Hola Sra. Amy.  Whats that Pete?

Vinnie leans towards his cactus…

Vinnie: Pete says hola.

Vinnie looks own at his cactus, as Amy looks at Vinnie and then at the cactus and then Vinnie.

Amy: Hi Pete…

Amy frowns and shake her head before continuing…

Amy: Would you like anything to drink?

Vinnie:  Whiskey?

Amy: Aside from the usual tea’s and coffee’s… they have beer.

Amy suggests.

Vinnie: I’ll take a beer then.

Amy catches the attention of the waitress.

Amy: A cold brew please.

The waitress nods and walks away.

Vinnie: So why have you asked me here Ms Amy?

Vinnie asks Amy.

Amy: Well if you hadn’t noticed… our first match wasn’t the best when it come to team work etc…

Vinnie: We won didn’t we.

Amy: We did… but I was focused on something else and frankly you got a bit lucky against Jake Raab. And well… I wanted to hang out with you and talk to you and talk tactics for Sunday night.

Amy says as takes a sip of tea as the waitress comes over with the beer and a glass.

Vinnie: Gracias.  Well I am here…. we are talking.  You usually take people to gyms for talking tactics and working out?

Vinnie queries.

Amy: sometimes… but in this case we need to talk properly, and I just wanted to apologies for my actions also.

Vinnie: It’s fine… I heard that you and Keira had history. Just a shame I missed it.

Vinnie shrugs.

Amy: It’s more between myself and her wife at the time.  Anyway… moving on.  Jessie and Andrew Garcia.  Garcia is…

Vinnie interrupts Amy…

Vinnie: Don’t worry about Garcia… Pete and I will make sure that he won’t get any ring time.

Amy: I know but he is dangerous…

Vinnie: So am i…

Amy: But…

Vinnie: No but’s Ms Amy… I will take care of him.

Amy: Ok.

Amy shrugs and puts her hands up in defeat,

Vinnie: So what other tactics do you have in mind?

Vinnie queries as he leans forward and pours his beer into a glass and take a sip, as Amy leans forward and smiles. The scene soon fades out as Amy and Vinnie begin to talk about tactics and the use of Pete the cactus as well as focusing properly.


12th April 2019

Wow... it feels like it’s a been a long time since we last stepped in the ring together. In fact, it was August last year that we last stepped in the ring with each other, which we had the weird stipulation of if you win... title ban would be lifted and if I won... you are my servant for the rest of the year. Of course, I won the match and you became my servant... but that was a shower of shit since you did fuck all for me other than bitch and moan and sulk some... even after I brought some gifts. No doubt they are probably now gathering dust in a draw somewhere not having ever been used.

Anyway... move on from the possible disturbing imagery that will scar people for life.

Now the Blast from the past tournament is up and running, Vinnie and I were successful in the first round of the tournament against Keira and her partner, as was Jessie and Andrew Garcia who were up against Amanda Cortez and Jamie Staggs.  To be frank here… Jessie and Andrew had it easy.  Anyone can beat two part time wrestlers although using the term wrestler for Amanda Cortez is bit of stretch.  More like a cheap stripper with basic wrestling moves.

So, while you had an easy first round, Vinnie and had it a lot harder, however, there might be a small fact that might crop up... and that fact would be our team work. It may not have been evident but that will change this round, where we will be more cohesive and work properly as a team.

I was perhaps too focused on Keira and revenge... but I don’t need revenge on you... just a simple ass kicking will suffice.

Speaking off ass kicking’s... I may be coming off a loss last week against Sam in a steel cage, but I can assure you that I am ready to face off against you. I may still have the bruises, but they will just spur me on in this match... I want to win this tournament as it’s the one thing I haven’t won. I want to emulate the success that I had with Dax Beckett and Wyatt Peterson and unfortunately for you Jessie... you are in my way.

Sunday night Vinnie and I are advancing to the next round... while you slope off back to being nothing. Good luck Jessie... good luck Andrew... you are going to need it.


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