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Blaze of Glory: Pre Show (Results)
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SCW/SCU Presents: Blaze of Glory VII: Pre Show

Belinda: Hello everyone and welcome to the Blaze Of Glory Pre-show.We have a lot to cover as we head into tonight’s main show. </color>

Dev: Yes we do, so many matches tonight that I’m not sure where to even start. </color>

Stoner: Well let's start with what is first of the many matches tonight. Dax and Dorian vs Shelby and Ivory for the Hardcore Tag Team titles. </color>

Jade: What a story to say the least. Dorian and Dax happen to be at the right place at the right time. Dorian is the newest member of the Bad Boys. Dax who recently lost the Combat Champion a few weeks back at SCW’s Climax Control was preparing for a rematch. </color>

Dev: Yes only he was about to get a free chance on revenge when he and Dorian were booked to face Eric Weaver and Cindy Warren last Underground show. For one reason or another Eric decided he wasn't going to show up for the show that night. </color>

Stoner: Which forced SCU officials to find Cindy a new partner, clearly it didn't take long as they were able to partner her up with someone she is very used to teaming up with and that is Teddy Steele. </color>

Belinda: Cindy was already the number one contender with Eric until he left her out to hang. SCU had the former Pride Tag Team Champions Teddy and Cindy now put the contendership on the line. </color>

Stoner: Of course as we all know, Dorian and Dax took advantage of the situation and walked out of that match Victorious now placing them in the hardcore tag team matchup that will be going on in just a few minutes. </color>

Jade: That was a good matchup and has given them a bit of momentum but nowhere near the momentum that the New Foundation currently have. </color>

Dev: That’s right, Ivory, Shelby and Shannon, all three ladies have been on fire since the start of the year, they ended last year with this momentum. And it looks like they're not going to slow down anytime soon so the Bad Boys are in for a tough matchup tonight. </color>

Belinda: In my expert opinion I believe this is going to come down to a numbers game. Shannon is part of the new foundation and I'm sure she is not going to allow her girls to lose the titles under any circumstances however the bad boys have more numbers in their group and we all know they have no issues with using the numbers game to their advantage. This has been their ammo since debuting in Honor wrestling, and before then that was their ammo back when they were still in Sin City wrestling. </color>

Stoner: And the fact that it's a hardcore match which means there are no rules, anything goes, everything is legal. So I do agree with Belinda when it comes to the numbers game but Bad Boys have no problems with using that to their advantage and when the match allows them to do so expect them to make an appearance and be involved on how the match ends. </color>

Jade: It will take every Bad Boy they have to take the titles from Shelby and Ivory, Shannon is going to be watching her girls back. She is one of the strongest we have in SCU so Bad Boys better be ready for her if they do try anything. </color>

Dev: I’m getting word that the Hardcore tag team champions are in the back and have something to say, I’m told a cameraman is standing by so let's go there now. </color>

Ivory, Shelby and Shannon are standing inside their dressing room. They are holding their belts while talking amongst themselves. When the cameraman tells them it's time, they turn towards him.  </color>

Shelby: Hello, normally we would discuss how much we love this company but tonight we are facing two disgusting men who still refer to themselves as Bad Boys. Dorian B hasn't done shit since signing to SCU. He just rides the coattails of others. It's pathetic. Ivory and myself have proven time and time again that we belong at the top of the tag team division. These belts don't define us. We define them. You two need championships to make your lives matter. Tonight, you won't be leaving as champions. You'll be leaving on stretchers. </color>

Ivory smirks. </color>

Ivory: We rather face off against the Heavy Metal Maniacs of SCW. At least they would be an actual challenge. Dax Beckett is a former Combat champion but you lost in your second defense. That's pretty sad. Our girl Shannon has held the female Combat championship well over one hundred days. She has successfully defended it four times and tonight will be no different. </color>

Shannon smiles. </color>

Shannon: You are damn right Ivory. Ever chick who stepped up to me got put right back down. They just couldn't handle someone like me. Now I have some mystery opponent. So what? I'm going to shut this bitch down too and continue making this belt mean something. I will be the best female champion on Underground. Giving the chance, I could wipe Angel Kash off the map. I would love to be a dual champion. </color>

Shelby and Ivory bump knuckles as Shannon joins in. The trio look at the camera before walking out of the shot.  </color>

Dev: Thee you have it, the champions are ready and seem sure that they are walking out of there matches with the titles. </color>

Stoner: Shannon has no clue who she faces tonight. I can appreciate her enthusiasm and being as confident as she is and she will still walk out Victorious but without knowing who your opponent is, it's just hard to say what's really going to happen. </color>

Belinda: She has put down, more like knocked out almost everyone put in front of her. So she has every right to be confident but you do make a good point without knowing who it is it is kind of hard to decide who will have this match one. </color>

Dev: Well, I know Jenifer LaCroix has made it clear since day one that she wants an opportunity at the Combat Champion. And while we cannot sit here and say that Shannon has put everybody down, the reality is she is not undefeated, Jenifer is. She has tremendous mixed martial arts skills and it has worked to her advantage in all of her wrestling matches. Now put her in the ring in a combat style match and we may see Shannon getting knocked out. And that's to take nothing away from her and she has been a tremendous Champion since holding the title and no matter when she loses it whoever defeats her has some big shoes to fill. </color>

Jade: Well from big shoes we have more big matches as Big Match John Blade will face Eric Weaver for the Combat Championship. While I’m sure Dax and the Bad Boys will be watching this one closely, I’m sure Dax wishes it was him facing Eric Weaver, not John Blade. </color>

Belinda: Eric seems to be a changed man for the worse. It feels like he has become what he hated from the Bad Boys, to begin with. It's as if the roles have been reversed between the bad boys and Eric. </color>

Dev: Not for all of them as it seems as if Tim Staggs is not on the same page with the Bad Boys. </color>

The crowd goes silent for a moment until “Middle Fingers” by MISSIO begins playing, and the lights dim down low. Red and white lights flash as the crowd begins roaring in approval. </color>

Dev: Speaking of the Bad Boys, it looks like the Hardcore match is about to get underway. let's take it to Liam who is waiting in the ring! </color>

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\'user & \'user

Hardcore Tag Team Championships
Dax Beckett and Dorian B Vs The New Foundation

Liam:  The opening contest for this evening is a Dumpster Match and is for the Hardcore Tag Team Championships!!! </color>

As the music picks up, Dax Beckett comes from behind the curtains, immediately followed by Dorian B. The two stop at the top of the ramp as Dax stomps around, riling up the crowd, and Dorian grinds his hips in time to the music, running his hands up and down his body before turning around to reveal the Bad Boys logo on the back of his white briefs. </color>

Liam: Aaaaaand their opponents! At a combined weight of 459lb, they represent The Bad Boys… they are… Dax Beckett and Dorian B!!!!! </color>

The crowd cheers loudly as Dax and Dorian meet back at the center of the aisle. They rush down, slapping hands along the way, until they dive in under the bottom ropes. Dax runs around the ring, getting the crowd riled up even further as Dorian climbs onto the nearest turnbuckle and grinds away. After a moment of this, they stop and reconvene in their corner, waiting for the match to start. </color>

Liam:  And their opponents… They are the reigning Hardcore Tag Team Champions… Ivory Sullivan and Shelby Holt… The New Foundatiiiiiiiiiiooooooooooooon!!! </color>

"Into The Rush" starts blaring as Shelby and Ivory coming bouncing out from behind the curtain. They greet the fans before sprinting down the ramp and getting ready for the match.

Ding! Ding! Ding! </color>

Gena:  The crowd is holding their noses as the dumpster lids are opened up.  They really dug up the trashiest trash of Las Vegas for this one. </color>

Chad:  The New Foundation ain’t scared, and White Hot Chocolate represents the Bad Boys, so you know they’re not worried about it.  They’re chill. </color>

Gena:  Dax studies the dumpsters on their side of the ring, and a smile crosses his face.  He looks over to Dorian and whispers something.  Dorian nods as they roll inside of the dumpster, much to the crowd’s surprise. </color>

Chad:  Dumpster divers!  Dax emerges, holding onto a rusty baseball bat, while Dorian comes out with a splintered 2x4.  They clank their weapons together as Shelby and Ivory look to one another nervously. </color>

Gena:  Dax and Dorian charge at Shelby and Ivory, but they duck out into the dumpsters.  Dax and Dorian reach their weapons out to lift the lids to close them! </color>

Chad:  The lids are falling and we’ve got ourselves new Hardcore Tag Team Champions!  We got new… Wait, the lids didn’t close!  Shelby pushes it open with a piece of a broken walker.  Ivory comes out with a couch cushion? </color>

Gena:  They slide inside of the ring.  Ivory deflects the shots from the bat and the 2x4, and Shelby slaps the backs of both men as they get deflected.  Shelby comes up behind Ivory as they shove Dax into a corner. </color>

Chad:  Ivory holds him in with the cushion as Shelby smacks him over the head with the walker.  Dax falls down, holding onto the side of his head.  He’s seeing stars! </color>

Gena:  Dorian smacks Shelby with the 2x4, and she holds onto her back as splinters stick out of her top and from her back.  Ivory comes around and shields Shelby with the cushion.  Both ladies rush Dorian into the corner now. </color>

Chad:  As Ivory holds Dorian there, Shelby jumps over Ivory and hits a high knee to his head.  For good measure, Ivory drops the cushion and hits a swift punch to Dorian’s crotch! </color>

Gena:  Both Bad Boys are down!  Nobody saw this coming when the match was announced!  Ivory and Shelby quickly lift Dorian up, teetering him over the top rope as they try to shove him into the dumpster. </color>

Chad:  He tries to fight it, but a few more shots from the walker, and Dorian tumbles into the dumpster.  Ivory and Shelby grab onto the dumpster lid, ready to close it when Dax gets to his feet and stops them. </color>

Gena:  A German Suplex to Shelby stops her from closing the lid.  Dax then picks Ivory up into a High Angle Suplex, taking her over to the opposite dumpster and dropping her inside. </color>

Chad:  Dax goes to close the lid, but Shelby racks him in the groin.  She picks up the nearby rusty bat, and she goes to swing it at Dax, but Dax slips out of the way.  He holds onto his groin as he gains some distance. </color>

Gena:  Dorian stands up, and Shelby rushes at Dax.  Dax slides out of the way, but Shelby nails a Baseball Slide to Dorian, knocking him back down in the dumpster.  However, Dax quickly lifts her up and into the dumpster.  </color>

Chad:  Dorian slowly crawls out of the dumpster and inside of the ring.  He catches his breath with Dax for a second before turning around to see Ivory charging at them.  They lean down and Back Body Drop her into the dumpster. </color>

Gena:  They high five each other as they go to close the lid.  As soon as they drop it, they see someone standing behind the dumpster, holding it just a few inches from the closed position.  Eric Weaver! </color>

Crowd:  Booooooooooooo!!! </color>

Chad:  Eric Weaver saved the New Foundation’s Hardcore Tag Team Championships just now.  Dorian rolls outside of the ring.  Eric swings the dumpster lid wide opened before being chased around the ring by Dorian. </color>

Gena:  Dorian starts to catch up to Eric, so Eric dives inside of the ring.  Dax is there, waiting with the 2x4.  He swings it and catches Eric in the back with it.  Eric holds onto his back as splinters fall from his skin. </color>

Chad:  Eric shouts out in pain.  He backs up toward one of the dumpsters, pleading with Dax and Dorian not to attack him.  Dorian leans down and picks up the rusty bat, swinging it above his head as he laughs at Eric’s predicament. </color>

Gena:  Eric suddenly begins smiling.  As the Bad Boys get closer, his smile gets wider.  He taps the side of his face, begging for it. </color>

Chad:  As Dax and Dorian get close enough, they raise their weapons, just as Shelby and Ivory toss them over the ropes and into the dumpster!  They slam the lid closed! </color>

Ding! Ding! Ding! </color>

Liam:  Here are your winners and STILL Hardcore Tag Team Champions… The New Foundatiiiiiiiiiiiiiooooooooooooon!!! </color>

Shelby and Ivory raise their arms up high as referee Jade Pham hands them their belts.  They raise their belts high above their head as Eric Weaver makes his exit from the ring, laughing at his handiwork as Dax and Dorian bang around inside of the dumpsters before pushing it open violently.

Eric quickens his pace toward the back as Dorian and Dax are covered in trash and grime.  They leap out of the dumpster and rush toward the back as Eric goes into a full sprint.  He shoves through the curtains as the Bad Boys quickly follow.  Meanwhile, the New Foundation shrug their shoulders as “Into the Rush” plays over the speakers and they celebrate their victory. </color>

Dev: Well, it looks as if Eric is just asking for trouble at this point. </color>

Belinda: I agree, but will he be in as much trouble as Team Eggplant? They find themselves defending the Mix Tag Team titles vs Travis Levitt and Pandora Barrett. While Team Eggplant has been the best tag team in SCW since the merger we all know that the Lethal Lottery teams had done wonders in SCW. Now before I get all you smart fans sending me hate tweet. I know Team Eggplant was not in Honor wrestling but they arrived at the same time so go troll someone else. </color>

Stoner: Hold that thought Belinda as we need to head backstage! </color>

The cameras make their way backstage to see Dax and Dorian shove their way through the curtains.  Dax looks around, huffing and puffing as Dorian raises his rusty bat in the air. </color>

Dorian:  Ey yo!  Where the f**k is that punk b**ch, Eric Weaver at? </color>

Dax:  Come get some, Weaves!  Come get some! </color>

There is a soft snickering noise coming from out of the camera’s view.  After a moment, Tim Staggs comes walking into the shot.  He is all smiles until he catches a whiff of his fellow Bad Boys. </color>

Tim:  Goddamn, you two need a shower.  I bet if you look hard enough, you might find Mickey Carroll cowering in some deep, dark corner of the arena, seeing as you both have taken him balls deep. </color>

Dorian:  Boy, now ain’t the time to clown. </color>

Dax:  It sure as hell ain’t, bruh.  Unless you’re gonna tell us which way Eric Weaver went, then I suggest you step aside. </color>

Tim snarls. </color>

Tim:  Or what? </color>

Dax and Dorian look to one another before Dorian swings the bat at Tim.  Tim steps out of the way and holds his hands up in surrender. </color>

Tim:  Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa… Shit man, calm down.  I’m pretty sure he went that way.  Learn to take a f**king joke… </color>

Tim shakes his head as he points down the hallway.  Dax and Dorian waste little time as they rush off.  Tim just continues shaking his head as he stares off in the direction that Dax and Dorian disappeared down.  After a second of glaring, there is a tap on Tim’s shoulder.  Eric Weaver is standing there, and the crowd begins cheering as Tim takes a fighting stance. </color>

Eric:  Thanks for the heads up.  If I wasn’t worried about defending my Combat Championship later, I would have beaten both of their asses. </color>

Tim’s nostrils flare up as he shakes out his muscles.  He then shrugs his shoulders at Eric. </color>

Tim:  Don’t treat it like a personal favor.  I’m just curious to see how this one plays out tonight.  I’d find somewhere to lie low for a bit, though.  Dax looks like he’s gonna try to take your head off. </color>

Eric nods his head as he rests his Combat Championship over his shoulder. </color>

Eric:  Yeah, not a bad idea. </color>

Tim:  Just avoid the boiler room.  I heard a lot of freaky shit happens in there. </color>

Eric shrugs his shoulders as he looks at Tim in all seriousness. </color>

Eric:  Meh. </color>

And with that, Eric walks off in the opposite direction as Tim rests against the wall, enjoying both sides of this war. </color>

Jade: Eric can try and hide but he has a match with John Blade later so he has to come out of hiding sooner or later. But back to what Belinda was talking about. Two who never hide, Team Eggplant! They have taken down every tag team lethal lottery and tag team already in the div have all gone down to the champions. While Travis and Pandora do make a force to be reckoned with on paper, can they take the title away from a tag team that or a team in and out the ring? No one else has been able to and it may not happen here tonight as well. </color>

Stoner: I agree with Eggplant being a more sound team but one thing I learned in my time with SCW is that you can never count anyone out. Sure the champions may have the advantage but it's not enough for them to be the sure winners. I think the team of Travis and Pandora is the team that can take the title from Eggplant without question. </color>

Dev: Before we can continue on we have to go to ring side as we are ready for the next match. </color>

\'userVs \'user Vs \'user

Triple Threat Elimination Match
Teddy Warren-Steele Vs Javier Gonzalez Vs “The American Rebelution” Montgomery Creed

Liam: The following contest is a Triple Threat Elimination Match!  Iiiiiiiiiiiintroducing first, weighing in at 215lb, he is… Teddy Warren-Steele!!! </color>

The spotlight hit’s the curtain as it does the loud sounds of “Forever” by Drake begins to blast across the speakers. The moment it does “The Lyrical One” Teddy emerges from the curtains clad in a United Kingdom Flag robe matching trunks and matching boots. He smiles proudly as his wife Kate Steele-Warren is right beside him. She has a megaphone in her hands as she claps proudly for her husband. </color>

Teddy smiles as he begins to shadow box nodding his head to the beat. </color>

Kate: TEDDY, TEDDY, TEDDY! </color>

The fans begin to chant with her as he bounces his head to the music. He runs up the stairs and steps into the ring as he bounces about. He takes his robe off and stands in the center of the ring. He is all smiles waiting for the match to start.

“Ride” by Twentyone Pilots begins playing on the speakers. Camera shifts to the side of the stage to see Javier Gonzalez stepping through the curtains. He has his arms raised in the air as he walks back and forth. </color>

Liam: Coming to the ring from Albuquerque, NM, standing at 5’10” and weighing in at 190lb, he is… Javier… Gonzalez!!! </color>

Javier charges down the rampway and slides inside of the ring. He walks to each corner, stepping up to the second rope as he stares across the crowd with no emotion. After completing all six sides, he stops and settles into his corner. </color>

“American Rebelution” by The Lacs begins to play over the speakers.

I plead allegience,
To the flag,
Of the United States of America,
And to the republic,
For which is stands,
One nation,
Under God,
With liberty,
And Justice,
For all.”

A distorted American flag appears on the stage, spinning around slowly, with pistols at the side of it.

It’s about that time,
It’s about that time,
It’s about that time,
It’s about that time,
Yeah, it’s time… for the American… Rebelution”

Red, white, and blue flashes on the stage to find a man standing in the middle of it. He is wearing a leather vest over a t-shirt, and a black baseball cap. He looks from side to side as he rolls his shoulders. </color>

Liam: On his way to the ring, from Highlands, TX standing at 6’9” and weighing in at 299lb, he is “The American Rebelution”... Montgomery… Creeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed!!! </color>

The colors flash over the crowd and down the ramp as Monty walks down slowly, looking around as he gets amped up. He slaps hands and salutes the fans before walking to the ring. He grabs onto the top rope and pulls himself up onto the apron. He steps over the top rope and stomps around the ring.

Ding! Ding! Ding! </color>

Gena:  Javier is stunting to the dismay of the crowd… Teddy and Monty look to one another for a second before they team up on Javi.  Couple of boots, couple of clubs, and Javi is on the ground. </color>

Chad:  A lot of good that showboating did, huh?  Monty nods to Teddy as he begins laying boots to Javi.  Teddy nods back, but then blindsides Monty!  </color>

Gena: He flings Monty into the ropes, looking for a Back Body Drop, but Monty hits a boot to Teddy’s chin.  Monty rebounds off of the ropes, but as soon as he’s near Teddy… </color>

Chad: Javier jumps up and pummels him to the ground.  The two men begin rolling around on the mat, throwing punches and jabbing knees. </color>

Gena:  Javi has the advantage!  No, Monty has the advantage!  No, it’s back to Javier!  But then… They just keep fighting for control, and neither one is giving an inch! </color>

Chad:  Teddy solves the problem by stomping away at both of them.  He stomps a mudhole in their asses, and the crowd is loving every second of it. </color>

Gena:  Teddy signals to Kate, who gets her bullhorn ready until Monty sweeps the legs out from under Teddy.  He climbs on top and begins brawling with Teddy. </color>

Chad:  But Javier gets on top of both of them and begins throwing fist after fist, not even looking at where they’re landing. It’s an all out war between these three men tonight. </color>

Gena:  And what better place to make a name for yourself than at Blaze of Glory?  Now’s the time, gentlemen.  People are going to remember how animalistic this fight is. </color>

Chad:  If I’m not mistaken, “The American Rebelution” has already been busted open.  He’s bleeding from the lip, but he’s rolling around as if nothing’s happened. </color>

Gena:  Teddy escapes the brawl, and bounces off of the ropes.  He Baseball Slides into Javi and Monty, stunning both men.  He drops an elbow to Monty.  Then Javi.  Then a double to both! </color>

Chad:  Teddy is on fire now!  He hooks Monty and Javi’s legs and falls back into a pin! </color>

Kickout! </color>

Gena:  Both men power out of it with relative ease as the crowd sighs for Teddy.  Teddy shrugs and gets back up.  However, Javi kips up and lands a Clothesline to Teddy. </color>

Chad:  Javi struts around the ring.  Monty gets up at the last second, ready to Spear Javi, but Javi steps out of the way and throws Monty into the ringpost. </color>

Gena:  Javi dusts his hands off, and turns around in time to see Teddy coming at him.  He lifts Teddy into an Atomic Drop.  He points out to the crowd and then to Teddy. </color>

Javier:  Is this all you got, vato?  Is this the best? </color>

Chad:  Javi drops a set of knuckles to Teddy’s forehead.  He hovers above Teddy, talking trash to his face.  Just then, Monty leaps up with a Leaping Punch to the back of his head! </color>

Gena:  Javi smashes into Teddy, and Monty rolls Javi over and hooks the leg. </color>

Thr-Kickout! </color>

Chad:  Teddy is first to get the shoulders up, but Javi soon reacts at the last possible second.  The crowd groans as Javi rolls to the corner to catch his breath. </color>

Gena:  Monty lifts Teddy up, looking for the Rebelution (Stalling Running Powerslam).  Teddy slides out at the last second, grabbing hold of Monty’s tights and rolling back into a pin. </color>

Kickout! </color>

Chad:  Monty rolls back and into a crouching position.  He looks over at Teddy, who stumbles up to his feet.  Monty nods his head as he speaks to Teddy, who simply shrugs. </color>

Gena:  Teddy waves him on like a bull in a china shop.  Teddy moves out of the way.  He ducks down, but Monty rolls behind in a Crucifix Pin! </color>

Kickout! </color>

Chad:  As Teddy gets up, Javi blindsides him with a Shining Wizard kick!  Monty gets up, and Javi nails a Kitchen Sink.  He shoves Monty’s head between his legs and lifts him up for the Javi Bomb (Helicopter Powerbomb)! </color>

Gena:  Round and round and round he goes!  Where he stops, no one knows!  Except Teddy, who he’s planted Monty on top on.  He rolls Monty over and hooks the legs! </color>


Ding! Ding! Ding! </color>

Liam:  Teddy Warren-Steele and Montgomery Creed have both been eliminated!  Here is your winner… Javier Gonzalez!!! </color>

The crowd boos as “Ride” plays over the speakers.  Javi gets up and dusts himself off.  He uses his feet to push Teddy and Montgomery out of the ring.  As he catches his breath, he slowly walks around the ring, holding his arms up in victory.  He then walks to the ropes and gets a microphone.  After a second the music fades. </color>

Javier:  Is this what Sin CIty Underground is all about?  Competition such as a man whose only claim to fame is shooting a paintball gun and cutting two in-ring promos?  Or a man who is known as the back up dancer to Kate Steele and Cindy Warren? </color>

Javier looks angry as the crowd continues to boo him.  He looks around, but only for an answer to his question and not the disapproval of the audience. </color>

Javier:  I’m not afraid to admit that I am better than this, and if I were General Manager Tad Ezra, I would keep this in mind.  I am talent.  I am skill.  I am clean cut, but I ain’t afraid to get dirty.  I am everything that Sin City Underground needs in a champion.  I deserve to fight champions.  Not some two-bit hacks trying to pass as talent.  I am Javier Gonzalez, but you can call me Javi Bux, because I bring in the dollars, and that just makes sense! </color>

Javi drops the microphone and kicks it against the barricade with such disrespect that it crackles and makes the fans in the Anaheim Convention Center cover their ears.  The music starts up again as Javi exits the ring.  He holds his arms up as he walks up the ramp, not bothering to look back.  This is when someone rushes up behind him and knocks him to the ground, punching and punching away. </color>

Gena:  Montgomery Creed does not seem too happy about the words that Javi has said tonight. </color>

Montgomery hovers above Javi and shouts at him.  Javi shoves him off as he scurries up the rampway.  Monty tries to follow, but Casey Williams Head of Security comes out and stops both men from fighting. Monty tries to get past him, but Javi just laughs and points as he backs up the rest of the ramp.  Casey shouts at him as the guards rush Javi backstage, and the crowd cheers for Monty.  </color>

Jade: Javier, sending a clear message to everyone in the back. </color>

Belinda: A huge win for him here tonight for sure. Now let's see if he can keep that going as wins are not easy to come by. </color>

Dev: Not according to Jon Dough, he claims Joshua is as easy as it gets. </color>

Belinda: And Jon will realize just how wrong that is. No one is easy to beat in SCW, Jon and Josh included. </color>

Jade: And now Jon has to prove his words to be true or look like the biggest fool ever. </color>

Stoner: See if your gonna prove how good you are then you do what Vanu did and ask for the best. Josh is one of those best but Vanu got Austin Mercer instead. That match is one I want to see for sure. </color>

Dev: Yes, Vanu vs Austin should be a good one, a great test for the newcomer. </color>

Jade: With so much going on we went from the tag team scene to some of the non title singles matches at Blaze OF Glory but we have the DoubleDown tag team title up next. The Fox Brothers had shocked us all and beat Team Canada’s Earl Lockyer and Dahlia Rotten. </color>

Dev: Dahlia, oh boy do I feel sorry for Mason and Jason when she gets a hold of those two. </color>

Stoner: She and Earl look for payback on the brothers. </color>

Jade: More than payback. Dahlia and Sarah were banned for a few shows after what took place. Now Dahlia is back and she is not going, well the best way for me to say it is that I’m glad I was not given that match to ref tonight. </color>

Belinda: Well They are standing by with something to say, let's go to the former Double Down tag team champions. </color>

Marissa: Please welcome my guest at this time The Three Way, tonight Dahlia and Sarah return from suspension, and you have your rematch with the Fox brother for the double down tag team titles. </color>

Sarah: That suspension was bogus and everyone knows it, Martha Fox had no reason to be at ringside, did I overreact maybe, do I regret it no, as for tonight, well something will be returning to us that was stolen, our Double Down Tag team titles. </color>

Earl: Tonight Marissa, we become the tag champions for the fourth time, you really think the Fox brothers can beat us again, I don’t think so. </color>

Dahlia: I'm ripping bloody ready to smack somebody in the gob and stick my boot up there arse, tonight those two literal wankers, are going feel every once of bile and venom I have in my veins. </color>

Dahlia walks spitting profanities and giving the sensor a workout. </color>

Earl: I love it when my wife is ticked off, Fox Brothers all I’m going to say is tonight it will definitely suck to be you. </color>

Sarah and Earl then walk off. </color>

Jade: See, told you Dahlia is not in a good mood. </color>

Dev: To be fair, that’s like saying Pwershock is not in a good mood. Some people are just always pissed at the world. </color>

Belinda: Normally I would say that being angry is not the way to go however that seems to work great for him. Powershock sits on top of the mountain right now at the Underground champion. Can the happy all the time Jerry Cann give the current champion one more reason to be upset by taking the title from him? </color>

Stoner: He is faster on top of that I want to say he might have the endurance to make this match call the distance. If he can do that he will have a better Advantage as the longer this match goes on I'm more tired PowerShock will get making him a bit easier to put down. </color>

Jade: Powershock knows this and is why he wastes no time in the ring and ends his matches nice and early. </color>

Dev: And to think, the winner of this match will still have to face Stewart Mason in the future. Winning the title is what both men want. Winning a date in the ring with Stewart Mason, Not so much! </color>

Belinda: Yes, and while he waits to be on top of the mountain again in SCU, he will test his skills in the SCW Blast From The Past. </color>

Dev: The goal for him is to face one of the four men going for the SCW Would title Fenris, the current champion.or maybe one of his three opponents tonight if one of them can manage to do what others have failed… </color>

Belinda: Jake Raab would stop you right there in your tracks.  </color>

Stoner: Plus you have Alex Jones and Travis Levitt who has a chance to walk in this match as one-half of the mix tag team champions as he does double duty tonight! </color>

Jade: That will hurt Travis, you don’t have a match then think you can come out and beat Alex Jones. In fact, you can’t to in a match against Alex Jones and expect to walk out the winner. Sure Fenris has done that but it was not easy and he knows it.  </color>

Belinda: Alex is the one with the most to prove as Jake Raab and Fenris each have a win over him. Tonight can be the night for that sweet revenge that we all know Alex Jones seeks. </color>

Dev: On that note let’s go over to ringside for the next match! </color>

\'user & \'user
\'user & \'user

Double Down Championships
The Three Way Vs Fox Brothers

Liam:  The following Tag Team Contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the Double Down Championships!!! Iiiiiiiiiiiintroducing first, representing Team Canada… Earl Lockyer and Dahlia Rotten… The Threeeeeeeeeeee Waaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy!!! </color>

Earl and Dahlia step on the stage, Earl Kneels on the stage as Dahlia paces back and forth behind him, they walk to the ring Earl leaps from the floor to the ring apron, Dahlia slides under the ropes, Dahlia leans through the ropes with a smirk on her face as Earl leans over the ropes.

“What Does The Fox Say?” by Ylvis starts to play. The crowd looks up the ramp as they try to see who is coming out. Two men comes out… </color>

Liam: On the way to the ring, the team of Jason and Mason Fox, the Fox Brothers!!!

Jason and Mason comes out the curtain and wave to the crowd. The fans look on unsure what to think of the two wrestlers. Jason and Mason get in the ring as they walk around the ring, dancing along to the music before settling into their corner.

Ding! Ding! Ding! </color>

Chad:  Referee Dylan Roberts has his hands full with this one as The Fox Brothers face off against Dahlia Rotten and Earl Lockyer.  Dahlia Rotten is fresh off of suspension for injuring Martha Fox, the Fox Brothers’ grandmother slash manager. </color>

Gena:  Meh, you get what you ask for when you’re older than sliced bread and you come around a wrestling ring. But Mason and Jason are being awfully tame considering… </color>

Chad:  Jason and Earl start things off as they approach the center of the ring.  Earl goes for the Test of Strength, but Jason isn’t falling for it as he kicks Earl in the stomach. </color>

Gena: He drops Earl with a DDT, but instead of pinning Earl, he proceeds to punch away like a madman!  He grinds his closed fists into Earl’s forehead as Dylan Roberts pulls him away. </color>

Chad:  Jason kicks and flails as Dylan warns him of disqualification.  He doesn’t care as he tries to get free.  However, Earl is quick to come back with a Big Boot to Mason, further goading Jason. </color>

Gena:  Mason stumbles hard to the barricade, and with Jason distracting the referee, Sarah comes rushing over, slapping the back of Mason’s head. </color>

Chad: She is about to pull out the brass knuckles, but stops when Dahlia whistles and Dylan turns to see her.  She holds her hands up innocently. Innocent my ass… </color>

Gena:  Earl turns Jason around and pokes him in the eye.  Jason returns the favor, forcing Earl to claw his face!  Earl then kicks Mason in the gut and Powerbombs him. </color>

Crowd:  Booooooooooooooo!!!

Chad:  Earl tags in Dahlia, and then he whips her across the ring.  As she comes back, Earl gives her a lift for a Body Splash to Jason!  She hooks the leg. </color>

Thr-Kickout! </color>

Gena:  I don’t know how that skinny thing kicked out of that.  I know my ass would be down for the twenty count.  But he goes to his corner to find that no one is still there. </color>

Chad:  Mason crawls over toward the corner, but Earl comes over and begins stomping on Jason, forcing Dylan to reprimand him to his own corner.  He fights it. </color>

Gena:  It is all a rouse as Sarah pulls the knuckles out and smashes them into the side of Mason’s head.  She hits a second blow until Dylan starts to turn around, and she slides them back into her top. </color>

Crowd:  Booooooooooooooo!!!!!!!! </color>

Chad:  Mason never stood a chance in this match.  He… wait, what is this?  Debbi and Stacy Ruin come rushing down to ringside.  They put a wedge between Mason and Sarah Lane.  Dylan seems confused by this all as Dahlia continues her assault on Jason. </color>

Gena:  A stomp precedes a Knee Drop.  Dahlia stands back up and hits a Leg Drop.  She lifts Jason up and sends him into the ropes.  Jason leaps up and holds onto the rope, weak, but able to taunt Dahlia. </color>

Chad:  Dahlia charges at him, but Jason lowers the ropes, causing Dahlia to topple to the outside of the ring.  Earl steps inside of the ring and begins clubbing at Jason’s back, pounding him to the ground. </color>

Gena:  As Earl gets sent back to his corner and warned of disqualification, Debbi and Stacy pick Dahlia up and roll her back inside of the ring. </color>

Chad: Jason begins yipping as he starts to stomp Dahlia.  The crowd goes along with him, making him go faster and faster, louder and louder. </color>

Crowd:  YIP! YIP! YIP! YIP! YIP! YIP! YIP! </color>

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Blaze of Glory: Pre Show (Results)
« Reply #1 on: March 10, 2019, 08:53:09 PM »

Gena:  Jason steps backward as Debbi and Stacy try to coach Mason back to his corner.  Dahlia rises up, and Jason hits a Punt Kick to Dahlia, sending her flying back to the mat. </color>

Chad:  Jason then rushes over to Earl and Clotheslines him off of the apron!  Jason trots around the ring, yipping with the crowd as he does so.  He then hits a Cannonball Splash to Dahlia, hooking the leg. </color>

Thr-Kickout! </color>

Gena:  Jason is frustrated, but he sees Mason making his way toward their corner.  Jason looks around, assessing the situation.  He picks Dahlia up, but Dahlia rolls him into an Inside Cradle, holding onto the tights as Earl rushes in to help apply pressure! </color>


Ding! Ding! Ding! </color>

Liam:  Here are your winners and NEW Sin City Underground Double Down Champions… The Threeeeeeeeeee Wayyyyyyyyyyy!!! </color>

The Ruin Sisters roll inside of the ring as Earl and Dahlia roll to the outside.  They clutch the titles to their chests after taking them out of the hands of the timekeeper.  They waste no time in joining Sarah and backing up the ramp as the audience showers them with trash.  Despite it all, they smile as Jason slams his fists against the mat in anger.  Debbi rolls inside of the ring, consoling Jason as he watches the Three Way make their hasty exit.  Stacy helps tend to Mason’s forehead as his eyes roll around and blood runs down his forehead. </color>

Dev: And just like that we have new Double Down tag champs. </color>

Stoner: This is not over between both teams, I love it. </color>

Belinda: SCU has been providing some awesome tag team action. As well as singles action but I think when it comes to singles matches the talk in Sin City has to be the Roulette divisions. </color>

Stoner: Sam has held on to the title, she beat Amy Marshall just last show and now faces Trinity Jones. </color>

Jade: GM Brooke Saxon has gone public months ago saying she is a big Trinity Jones fan, but also a fan of Sam. I’m sure the boss will be watching this one closely. </color>

Dev: Trinity wanted a challenge and now she has one. Sam is one of the best in SCW.  one of the most consistent in the past few years and this company. She doesn't just put smiles in the faces of the fans are also to everyone in the back. She is a great Champion but Trinity Jones plans on beginning a new era in the roulette division. </color>

Belinda: Effie stands in the middle, well not stands in the middle but is forced to watch the two people she is closest two face off for the vacant Roulette championship. </color>

Stoner: You know what I don’t get. I mean, from what I have seen from Brooke Saxon, and from how Mark Ward and Underwood. I’m shocked they didn't make Effie the referee for this match for their own shits and giggles. </color>

Jade: Effie doesn't care about much but the few things she does care about she cares with a passion so I'm sure this has to be eating her on the inside more than what she is showing on the outside. </color>

Dev: Well, it’s about time for Eric Weaver to come out from where he is hiding because he defends the Combat next. Let’s take it to ringside. </color>

\'user Vs \'user

Combat Championship
John Blade Vs Eric Weaver

Liam:  The following contest is scheduled as a Sin City Brawl Match, and is for the Sin City Underground Combat Championship! The rules are as follows: Anything is legal inside of the ring.  No Holds Barred, Anything Goes. The winner of the match is the last man standing inside of the ring by any means necessary.  A competitor loses the match if his feet touch the arena floor, whether over the top rope, through the ropes, or under the bottom rope. </color>

Crowd:  *POP!* </color>

Liam: First the opponent… from Boston, MA standing at 6’1 and weighing in at 251lb, he is… John Martinez-Blaaaaaaaaaaade!!! </color>

John Blade’s music begins to play as he walks out on stage. He talks to the camera man and bounces a little as his wife Chanelle walks out with him. He holds up his “Never Give Up” logo flag and tosses it to the fans. He salutes and runs straight down towards the ring. He bounces off the ropes side to side and he holds up his “Hustle, Loyalty, and Respect” shirt. He takes off his hat and tosses his shirt to the fans and hands his Chain to the ref to wait for his opponent.

Take Five starts to play as we here the ja</color> beat coming we see Eric Weaver coming from the curtains.
"Won't you stop and take
A little time out with me
Just take five"

Eric waves at the fans as he walks down the ramp.

"Though I'm going out of my way
Just so I can pass by each day
Not a single word do we say
It's a pantomime and not a play

Still, I know our eyes often meet
I feel tingles down to my feet
When you smile, that's much too discreet
Sends me on my way"

Eric slides in the ring from underneath the bottom ropes.

"Wouldn't it be better
Not to be so polite
You could offer a light
Start a little conversation now
It's alright, just take five
Just take five"

As the music fades we see Eric holding the Combat Championship in the air as he looks over to the crowd.  He looks around as he prepares to hand the title belt to Referee Ryan Richards.  However, he turns around and smashes the belt into Blade’s face!

Crowd:  Booooooooooo! You suck! You suck! You suck! You suck!

Ding! Ding! Ding! </color>

Chad:  The champions didn’t become the champion by playing fair.  Cold cocking the surprise challenger in the face before the bell even rings. </color>

Gena:  Weaver is stomping away at Blade as Chanelle shouts out from the outside, slapping the apron as she cheers on her man. </color>

Chad:  Weaver picks Blade up from the mat and goes to Irish Whip him into the ropes.  As Blade comes back, Weaver hits a Pele Kick to Blade, knocking him back to the mat. </color>

Gena:  Blade holds the back of his head as Weaver climbs on his back, locking him into a Camel Clutch like Blade’s even going to tap out to that, in a match where submissions don’t equal a victory. </color>

Chad:  But it certainly wears down an opponent, and I think that’s Weaver’s goal.  Blade, however, is quick to use his massive upper body strength to pull himself to the ropes, bucking Weaver around. </color>

Gena:  I just gotta say that I’m really envying Weaver right now, because I’ve had some prrrrretty wild dreams about Blade bucking me around like it’s the Wild F**king West. </color>

Chad:  Same here.  Weaver nearly tumbles to the apron, but he hugs onto the middle rope, saving himself.  Chanelle climbs onto the apron, ready to try to pull Weaver out when he trips Blade up in his place, getting out of the way. </color>

Gena:  Weaver puts his knee to the back of Weaver’s head, applying pressure as he chokes out Blade.  Blade flails around as he tries to save himself from this treatment.  He bucks back again and knocks Weaver down to the mat. </color>

Chad:  Blade catches his breath as he gets up.  He stands over Weaver and shouts at him. </color>

Martinez-Blade:  Now this is what I’m talkin’ bout!  Show some respect to the Blade Nation leader! </color>

Crowd:  *POP!* </color>

Gena:  Weaver doesn’t listen, however, as he smashes his fist into Blade’s crotch, only instead of Blade going down, Weaver holds onto his arm and shouts out in pain.  Blade reaches down and pulls out a steel cup! </color>

Crowd:  Hahahahahahaha! </color>

Chad:  He leans down and waves it slowly in front of his face as a taunt.  He then climbs on Weaver’s back and places the cup over Weaver’s face as he locks on his own Camel Clutch!  The crowd is roaring, and rolling! </color>

Gena:  I… I almost can’t hear myself think, Chad!  The fans are giving a standing ovation as Weaver struggles to get away from the cup, and out of the hold, but he just can’t! </color>

Chad:  Blade roars out as he leans back into the hold further.  Weaver’s muffled screams are heard, and I can’t help but wish that I was Weaver right now! </color>

Gena:  Really?  Like, is sniffing cups a thing with guys?  Like dogs sniffing crotches?  Well, that’s definitely a new one that sends me closer to the tuna. </color>

Chad:  Weaver finds his way to the ropes as he uses everything in him to get out of the hold.  Weaver gets to his feet as he wipes frantically at his face.  Blade charges at him, and Weaver ducks down, pulling the ropes down. </color>

Gena:  Blade rolls part way over the ropes, and then flings himself back, flooring Weaver with a Clothesline.  Blade takes a second to catch his breath, wiping the sweat from his face as he looks over to Chanelle, who is jumping up and down, cheering him on. </color>

Chad:  Blade crawls over to her and gets a kiss of encouragement.  He turns around just in time to get a boot to the face.  Weaver stomps wildly as he shouts down at Blade. </color>

Eric:  NO!  NO!  MY TITLE ISN’T GOING ANYWHERE!!! </color>

Gena:  Weaver continues to stomp Blade through the ropes.  Blade is on the verge of tumbling to the outside with each angry and powerful kick from a determined Weaver! </color>

Chad:  Weaver is trying with everything he’s got.  But wait, what’s this?  Dorian B, Dax, Gianni, and Shorty slide inside of the ring, taking it from all sides.  Weaver doesn’t stand a chance as the four men dogpile on top of Weaver, pounding away wildly on him! </color>

Crowd:  *Mega POP!*  BAD BOYS! BAD BOYS! BAD BOYS! BAD BOYS! </color>

Gena:  Weaver stands no chance until Blade stands back up, watching the madness unfold.  They go to pick Weaver up to dump him over the top rope before Blade shows his inner Boy Scout by clubbing away at him. </color>

Chad:  Blade tosses Shorty over the top rope, ducking under Gianni’s meaty arms.  Weaver rebounds and hits a Superkick to Gianni, dropping him, and he rolls outside of the ring. </color>

Gena:  Blade and Weaver both duck Clotheslines from Dax and Dorian who fall victim to dual Neckbreakers.  Blade and Weaver stomp on them until they get to the outside. </color>

Chad:  Gianni attempts to get back inside, but Blade and Weaver walk back and forth, taunting them, but letting the Bad Boys know that this match is going to be one on one.  Weaver leans over the ropes, laughing in the faces of the Bad Boys. </color>

Eric:  You thought you were gonna come up in this match and screw me over?  Huh?  Huh?  Now who’s laughing?  Huh?  Who the fffff… </color>

Gena:  Blade comes up behind Eric Weaver and dumps him over the top rope and to the arena floor at the feet of the Bad Boys, and the bell rings! </color>

Ding! Ding! Ding! </color>

Chad:  Somebody pinch me!!!  Did that just happen?!?!?! </color>


Chanelle screeches out like a wild animal as she rolls inside of the ring, carrying the Combat Championship to her man as she practically shoves it into his chest.  She jumps up and down, sounding like a banshee as Blade slowly rises up, almost not believing it himself.  He then holds the belt up high in the air as his music blasts over the speakers.  The crowd is deafening.


Blade walks to each post, proudly holding the belt up high as Chanelle follows him around, pointing to her man as she waves her head from side to side to rub it in.  Meanwhile, the Bad Boys look at Weaver sitting at their feet, and rather than attack, they simply smile, laugh, and walk away.  As they walk away, they wave their hands in Weaver’s face as she slams his fists into the arena floor, screaming out angrily, but feeling well outnumbered now.  He stares inside of the ring begrudgingly as Blade continues to work each corner a second time, celebrating his monumental milestone and the crowd celebrates along with him. </color>

As the Bad Boys walk through the curtains, they once again run into Tim Staggs standing there smiling.  Dax approaches Tim first, glaring at him. </color>

Dax: How’d you like that show, bruh?  Was it litty titty or what? </color>

Tim:  Not bad.  Not bad at all, actually. </color>

Shorty:  You’re damn right, fire crotch! </color>

Tim rolls his eyes as he leans down to Shorty’s eye level, mocking him. </color>

Tim:  You’re damn right, fire crotch!  Look here, Lollipop Guild.  That was exactly my point.  You four are a huge ass disappointment.  That wasn’t “Bad”.  You went out there and got taken out one by one by the likes of Eric Weaver, and far worse, John freaking Blade? </color>

Gianni:  Broooooo…. Bro?  Bro!  Yo, Young Buck.  I didn’t see you out there, gettin’ our backs uh nuthin’. </color>

Tim:  I been trying to find some redeeming quality about you guys that forces me to stick around.  The “Bad” attitude. The “Bad” assery.  All of that’s gone.  You guys don’t even deserve to be called the Bad Boys.  Maybe the Pathetic Ass Clowns?  Or maybe the Bitchmuffin Brigade?  Or the Walking Braindead? Or… </color>

Dorian:  Yo, Tim… Why don’t you jus’ admit it.  You ain’t shit.  You ain’t been shit.  Nobody said nothin’ because you was walking around backstage with the old Bad Boys, bad attitude, because you got the personality of a rock.  You got the skill of a ten year old, even with your pedigree.  You seen me come into the picture, and realized that it wasn’t gone fly no more, and you got flat out jealous. </color>

Tim scoffs, ready to reply, but Dorian puts a finger up to his lips to stop him. The rest of the Bad Boys shout out a resounding “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!” </color>

Dorian:  Nah, baby.  I ain’t even close to bein’ finished.  You hate what you ain’t, and what you ain’t is “Bad”.  Other than your attitude that you picked up from yo stank ass wife you runnin’ home to after the shows, bitchin’ bout how you ain’t relevant no more.  Go back to daddy and try to gain half his skill, son… </color>

Tim growls as he grabs onto Dorian’s shirt, ready to punch him.  However, Dax and Gianni step up, showing off their own matching Bad Boys shirts.  They stare Tim down before he gently lets go of Dorian’s shirt.  He pats it gently as he smiles. </color>

Tim:  You’re bad with your boys, but alone, you’re not shit.  You won’t always be around your boys.  You all have to be alone at some time.  Don’t you dare think I won’t find that time and show you why I’m the only true Bad Boy left in SCU… </color>

Dorian fakes a sad face as Dax leans in, laughing at Tim.  They both wave goodbye to Tim as Tim storms off angrily.  They aren’t even phased as security brings Eric Weaver by, staying between them all as the crew prepares for the next match. </color>

Dev: Well, You can’t see that Eric didn’t have that one coming to him. </color>

Belinda: John Blade beat Dax and by injury in Honor a year ago, now he beat Eric, the man who beat Dax for the Combat Title. John Blade was the most fitting and now look, he is the Combat Champion. </color>

Jade: As happy as he is right now, the fans are even happier. John has fought everyone and has waited for this moment to come. John will make the most out of it and we will back him all the way. Congrats John Blade! </color>

The fans start to cheer as the SCW Tron turns on, the camera cut away from the panel and focus on the tron.

**Footage taken from the YouTube channel "Faith the Future"**


The scene opens up to a bustling gym environment. Sitting "selfie style" in the centre of the shot is Faith Simpson, the blonde teenage protege of SCW Underground's latest signing Mark "The Dragon" Cross. </color>

Faith: Hiiiiiiii guys it's Faith, welcome to another vlog! So yeah, the rumours are true, I kinda broke myself...still won the match, but had to forfeit the title because this… </color>


The camera swings around in her hand, revealing a leg propped up on a second chair in full, bright pink cast. </color>

The Dragon: Faith was lucky she laid on top of her opponent when she was rolling around the ring in pain… </color>

With that input, the camera snaps up to where the voice came from. Inside the gym's ring stood Mark Cross, resting on the ropes and catching a breather. Collapsed on the canvas behind him, sporting red wrestling gear with matching yellow hammer and sickle is an opponent that looks stereotypically Russian. He appears to have a substantial height and weight advantage over The Dragon. </color>

Faith: That still counts!! I didn't lose it, just had to give it up! Look out by the waWOAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!

The Russian caught his second wind, and saw his opportunity. As the exchange goes on with Faith, we witness Igor the Irate get to his feet again, stalk the Dragon, and slam him high and hard into the canvas, bouncing proudly to his feet straight after. </color>

Igor: HA. English p*ssy! </color>

The camera turns back to Faith. </color>

Faith: Whoa, that was uncalled for!! So while we wait for Mark to teach our new Russian friend a lesson for his choice of words, I just wanted to address some comments I get on my videos...I mean I know a lot of you started following my career way after our time in Galveston Island Wrestling, so you won't know a lot of the history… </color>

A heavy crash is heard from behind the camera, followed by a cry of anguish. </color>

Faith: ...but the number of comments I get asking why I don't have a "better coach" is kind of crazy to me you know? Like some 17 time former champion maybe? I mean, it's not hard to find old matches on the internet these days, have you even watched one? Or do you just see "former Oakland Raiders running back" and think failed football star trying to make it as a wrestler? It's just hard to read when Mark's given up so much of his own career, and turned down big offers just so he can stay and help me… </color>

Out of the corner of the shot, we see the big Russian come flying out of the ring, hitting the deck hard. The camera swings back to the ring itself as shouts of protest can be heard. Mark "The Dragon" Cross is scaling the turnbuckle. </color>

Faith: Mark...c'mon he's a guest… </color>

Ignoring all the voices around him, and with no hesitation, The Dragon takes off, followed by the camera, into a well executed moonsault, crashing into the crumpled heap of his opponent on the gym floor. Mark stands triumphantly to his feet, staring down at his opponent. </color>

The Dragon: Who's the p*ssy now huh!?! Oh...he's out...MEDIC? </color>

Faith snaps the camera back to her suddenly, pulling a face at the sudden awkwardness of the situation. Just out of shot we hear a flurry of activity and subdued voices. </color>

Faith: So yeah, where was I? Mark is one heck of a wrestler, he taught me everything I know so far, he's won titles, he's main evented Pay-per-Views, pushing great champions to their absolute limits. He even beat a Hall of Famer with one working arm! Plus, he still trains hard every day, and hits like a train, you can trust me on that! I just have to keep telling myself that anyone who talks badly about him just haven't seen him in action, I guess, and that's their loss… </color>

Igor: YOU ENGLISH P*SSY! </color>

Faith: Uh oh… </color>

The camera spins again. Igor the Irate seems to be living up to his name as he's now sitting up from the floor, shouting away at Mark, mostly in Russian </color>


Having heard enough, The Dragon took a two-step run up, driving his knee into the face of the Russian, sending him back down to the floor. Igor's coach, a much older, greyer, smaller man, now stepped in between the two. </color>

The Dragon: Your guy really needs to learn when to keep his mouth shut...Hey don't push me...seriously if you push me again sir… </color>

Faith: Maaaaark c'mon he's old! </color>

The Russian coach shoved the former Cruiserweight champ one last time before a fist connected squarely with the base of his chin, sending him sprawling down to the floor alongside his student. Again Faith turns the camera back to herself. </color>

Faith: OK, so he's still not as exciting to watch as me, obviously, but Mark can also be pretty entertaining too! Look, he's taken this injury as a chance to get off the Indy circuit again and sign a more permanent thing. Anyone who doubts why this man should be training me? Watch Sin City Underground, you'll see. Now I'd better go help clean this mess up...catch you next time guys and remember, even with my messed up leg, I'm still 2fast4u! Byeeeeeeeee! </color>

Dev: Matt Cross, the newest male to sign with SCU. As a big football nerd I look forward to seeing what he can do in SCU. </color>

Jade: You and me both! </color>

Stoner: All eyes will be on Matt just like all eyes will be on Angel Kash vs Angel of Filth. They already faced off once and Filth walked out as the champion. She will try to do the same tonight. </color>

Belinda: This time it’s a one on one match, a match Kash is prepared for. If there's one thing you can say about the champion that is, she always and I mean always has a trick up her sleeve. I guarantee you she is not at all fazed at who she is facing tonight and has her celebration party already well underway. </color>

Dev: That’s one champion full of herself. Angel of Filth is no joke and does not care about the rules. No trick will be good enough to get past Filth. Kash just better be ready to fight or find herself going to this party without the title. </color>

Stoner: One champion not full of herself is Seleana Zdunich. The newly crowned world champion has had little time to soak it all in as she has been preparing for a match like no other. </color>

Belinda: I agree, it’s one thing to face Dani Weston in a match and another thing to face Alicia Lukas, but to face them both at the sametime? The champion is in big trouble. </color>

Jade: Then add in her so called wife. Not sure what name she plans on going by when the match starts but we know she gives no shit about her wife Seleana, She wants the title and will focus on kissing ass later. </color>

Dev: They can fight it out, Dani and Alicia will be more than happy to let the to wives fight while they go on to continue where they left off. I mean this the best way I can. It’s still early but if Dani and Alicia keep this up then your looking at the feud of the year happening as we speak. </color>

Jade: It’s the main event for a reason. This title has been held by all four women but only three has held it since merging with the Honor title. Crystal will try to change that tonight. Even if it means making her wife scream in pain to tap her out. </color>

Belinda: And to think that while the two wives face off, they still have to share the ring with the two ladies who have been thy top women wrestlers for the past year. Dani in SCW and Ailica in Honor. </color>

Stoner: The truth is, nothing will truly be resolved by the end of the night instead it is just the beginning of this war in the bombshell division. </color>

Dev: Speaking of wars, it looks like the pre-show’s main event is ready to take place. Lets go to Liam who is ready at ringside then well take it to Belinda and Jason as Blaze Of Glory will start right after! </color>

??? Vs \'user

Combat Championship
??? Vs Shannon Middlebrooks

Light brown lights suddenly fill the arena as "Indian Summer" starts playing through the speakers. Two women step through the curtain as the crowd doesn't know what to do. The two women stand on the stage as they look side to side.  </color>

Liam: Being accompanied by Evelyn Middlebrooks, from Dothan, Alabama, representing The New Foundation, she is your Combat Champion.....Shannon Middlebrooks!!! </color>

Shannon smirks before marching down the ramp. She slides into the ring, steps to the middle of the ropes and leans over them. She then positions herself in the corner as Evelyn is standing beside her.

The SCU Tron turns on, the crowd cheer like crazy as we see Metallica on a stage. Lead singer James Hetfield gives the band the single. They begin to play their cover version of Ennio Marricone’s Ecstasy Of Gold.

While the song starts to play Interviewer Marrisa Henry walks down the rampway with a note to Liam. Liam takes the note as the song pauses for a second before picking up a bit louder. </color>

Liam: And her opponent!!! She is the only wrestler to come from China, Japan, Australia and Puerto Rico!!! Making her debut to Sin City Underground. </color>

The songs kicks into full gear.  </color>

Liam: The former Phoenix wrestler… Kelli Torres!!!!! </color>


The curtains open up as Kelli Torres comes out jumping to the beat. 4 others all dressed in trainer outfits come out behind her. The fans chant yes as Kelli and her trainers walk down the ramp. Kelli high fiving everyone she can on the way down to ringside. Kelli slides in the ring and goes to her corner with her trainers standing outside the ring.

Brooke Saxon calls both women to the center of the ring. </color>

Brooke: Okay I explained the rules to you both in private. I expect you both to follow those rules the whole match. Good luck ladies. </color>

Ding! DIng! Ding! </color>

Chad: Here we go, Shannon wanted SCU to step up and they did with the signing of Kelli Torres. </color>

Gena: Shannon goes for a left hook but gets countered as Kelli nails a left kick to the temple! </color>

Chad: That stunned Shannon as she stumbles back off that one hit! Kelli rushes in but gets dropped with a Hip Toss by Shannon then locks in a choke hold. </color>

Gena: Kelli grabs Shannon’s right arm and pulls away to break the hold. Shannon goes for a lift strike but Kelli rolls out the way and gets to her feet. </color>

Chad: Shannon stands up and gets her hands up. Kelli gets her right foot up as she gets closer to Shannon moving on just her left leg. Shannon tries to kick Kelli leg out the air but Kelli drops her leg then comes in landing a left then a right and another left to the body of Shannon. </color>

Gena: Shannon drops her arms but gets caught with a right hook to the jaw! </color>

Chad: Shannon did not expect this! She wasn't Prepared for Kelli, she was ready for any of the current SCU stars. </color>

Gena: Shannon goes flying to the ropes. Kelli rushes her but Shannon grabs Kelli’s head and drops to the matt. Shannon wraps her legs around Kelli to lock in the choke hold! </color>

Chad: Kelli starts pushing away to the side of Shannon with quick light jabs as she tries to find a way out of Shannon’s tight grip.  

Ding! Ding! Ding! </color>

Chad: Saved by the bell as Brooke breaks the two apart. </color>

Gena: Round one of three was an eye opener for the champion. Shannon knows she might be the stronger of the two but Kelli is trained in the world of Combat Shannon is a fighter but is a wrestler above all. Shannon is going to have to wrestle Kelli not try and play the knockout game like she has done to everyone else. </color>

Chad: Kelli on the other hand just need to keep playing the chess game she is playing with the champion. She cannot slip up or Shannon will walk out of here with the title. </color>

Ding! Ding! Ding!  </color>

Gena: Round two, Shannon and Kelly meet in the center of the Ring. Kelly goes for a left hook but misses, Shannon goes for a right tab but also misses. The two start to swing at each other but everything is getting blocked. </color>

Chad: The two take a step back. Kelli goes for a spinning side kick to the get but Shannon blocks it and grabs Kelli’s leg. Kelli leans in and strikes Shannon in the face with a strong left punch. </color>

Gena: Shannon gets stunned enough to let go of Kelli leg. Kelli tries another spin kick but Shannon rushes in and nails Kelli with a clothesline. </color>

Chad: Kelli is stunned, Shannon grabs Kelli and drops her on her head with a German Suplex! </color>

Gena: Shannon quickly moves on top of Kelli and goes to punch her but Kelli grabs the arm and head of Shannon for a triangle choke! </color>

Chad: Shannon is in trouble. Without one of her hands, she won’t be able to break the hold… Shannon is lifting herself up as she slowly gets to her feet with Kelli still choking her! </color>

Gena: Shannon needs to drop her on her… Shannon runs to the turnbuckle and smashes Kelli’s back breaking the hold on impact! </color>

Chad: Shannon keeps Kelli in the corner as she starts giving Kelli a few body shots of her own! </color>

Ding Ding! Ding!

Brooke rushes in and break the two up. </color>

Gena: End of round two and Shannon went more wrestling this time while Kelli tried to be the aggressor. Both women look tired but have one final round to go. </color>

Chad: No matter what both are winners in my book. Shannon is putting up a fight and Kelli has been able to stand her ground against the champion. </color>

Gena: It comes down to the last 3 minutes of this match. Will Shannon once again demand SCU step it up or will Kelli do the unthinkable and put Shannon down! </color>

Ding! Ding! Ding! </color>

Chad: Where about to find out as Round three is underway! </color>

Gena: Shannon and Kelli rush each other, Kelli jumps and hits a running knee to the face of Shannon. </color>

Chad: Shannon shakes it off but gets taken down by a leg sweep. Kelli gets up and steps back. Shannon gets to her feet, Kelli comes in and takes Shannon down to the ground again. </color>

Gena: Kelli gets up and backs off. This is smart, Kelli must realize that knocking out Shannon is not going to happen so she is going to try to out score her in points. </color>

Chad: Shannon can knock out Kelli so Kelli needs to be careful if that is her plan. </color>

Gena: Shannon gets up, and gets nailed with a superkick. Shannon staggers backwards a bit. </color>

Chad: Kelli runs at Shannon but Shannon kicks her in the gut then plats Kelli with a DDT! </color>

Gena: Shannon gets on Kelli’s back and tries to go for a sleeper hold but Kelli grabs the arm and uses it to roll them over. Kelli quickly gets up before Shannon can wrap her legs around. </color>

Chad: Shannon gets to her feet, the two pace the rig as they slowly get closer to each other. Kelli goes for a body shot but gets nailed in the face with a left hook then an uppercut! </color>

Gena: Shannon comes with with another left hook but gets nailed with a spinning elbow from Kelli! Shannon hits the mat, Kelli goes to get on top of herr but Shannon kicks her away! </color>

Ding! Ding! Ding! </color>

Chad: This one is over and for the first time a Combat title match has gone the distance! </color>

Gena: It is now up to the judges to see how they score this match. </color>

Chad: As a reminder, they can score up to ten points a round for a perfect round. Kelli took Shannon down a few times in the last round so expect that to play a manager factor in the judging. </color>

Liam enters the ring with the score cards. </color>

Liam: Ladies and gentlemen, here are the judges discussions!!!

Dr. Gracie Staggs Shannon 10 Kelli 9 Round One
Alana Allure Shannon 10 Kelli 9 Round One
Fenris Shannon 10 kelli 9 Round One

Dr. Gracie Staggs Shannon 9 Kelli 9 Round Two
Alana Allure Shannon 9 Kelli 8 Round Two
Fenris Shannon 9 Kelli 9 Round Two

Dr. Gracie Staggs Shannon 6 Kelli 8 Round Three
Alana Allure Shannon 6 Keli 9 Round Three
Fenris Shannon 5 Kelli 8 Round Three </color>

Liam:Your winner of this match…. and the new Combat Champion…. Kelli Torres!!!! </color>

Kelli gets her hand raised as Shannon leaves the ring storming up the ramp way. Kelli gets the title put across her waist as her trainers circle around her to celebrate.  </color>

Chad: Well That's all we have for the pre-show. Those watching on WGN we can not stress enough how you all need to go to the SCW Network right now and log in as Jason and Belinda gets Blaze Of Glory under way!!!! </color>