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SIn City Underground Ep. 4 results
« on: November 29, 2018, 10:28:20 AM »
 >The festivities of the evening will be broadcast with Ring Announcer Liam Gagnon along with the Play-By-Play team of Gena and Chad Schaal.

Crawling After You by Bass Drum Of Death starts playing along with a video package. As the song kicks off we see Underground Champion Stewart Mason and Underground Champion Angel Kash split screen holding their titles in the air inside the middle of the ring as we see the crowd in the background booing both champions.

From there the scene goes to Tim Staggs hitting Eric Weaver with a Tornado DDT as Dax, Gianni and Shorty are seen laughing at ringside. We then cut to a backstage scene when Gemma is seen interviewing Jerry Cann and Kandy Kaine to then showing Shorty hit Dick Punch City to Dorian B.

Scene changes to GM Tadza talking to Sarah Lane as they go over a contract, the camera zooms out to catch the rest of the Three Way, Earl Lockyer and Dahlia in the background holding both Pride Tag Team titles and NLW Tag Team titles.

Scene changes to Valentina attempting a Moonsault to a down Cindy Warren to rolls out the way to avoid contact. From there go cut to seeing the all four members of A Gift, Winter and Tatsu holding there Hardcore Tag Team titles with Delia Darling behind them appalling them as SCW star Mercedes Vargas slides in the ring clapping showing her approval to the Kawaii Dragons retaining the titles.

The scene goes to the Bad Boys attacking Ahuevo backstage with chairs being thrown around. We go back to ringside as the crowd goes nuts seeing Space Lord in the ring holding John Blade in a Military Press. Space Lord dros John Blade to look at the rampway as Stewart Mason stands there holding the Underground championship to rub it in.

We go backstage to see The Ruin Twins, Stacy and Debbi attacking Stephanie Sullivan to then seeing Dr.Gracie Staggs giving Teddy Steele a check up. We cut to the final scene as we see Nobility stable Chanelle Martinez, Melissa Ruin and Angel Kash standing in the ring with most of the women roster laid out on the ground daring for others to enter to the. The camera's zoom out to the rampway as Celeste North and Jenifer Lacroix come out to head to the ring.

Before Jenifer and Celeste get inside the ring to face a waiting Nobility we see the New Foundation slide in from the other side. (Shelby, Ivory and, Shannon, they attack Nobility with nightsticks. Jenifer and Celeste slide in the ring and stare down the New Foundation as the montage fades out with a message that pops up.

SCU, not for the weak hearted.

Superstar by Lupe Fiasco starts to play, SCU Spokeswomen Donna Beauchamp comes out from behind the curtain. The crowd cheer as she smiles at them walking down to ringside. She walks up the ring steps then pauses to let out another smile to the crowd. She goes through the middle and bottom rope to get in the ring.  

Donna: As you all heard a few days ago. SCW very first show of 2019 will be InceptonIII Clash Of The Champions. Every single title from all brands will be defended that night. While Tad and I have an idea of what matches may look like for that show,one thing were not sure about is who will face Team Eggplant for the SCW Mix Tag Team championship.

If you are a team in SCU and would like to get a shot then please let me know asap so that I can make sure you will be booked at SCW Climax Control. That said, please know that what happens in SCW will not interfere with what is going on in Sin City underground.

In the next few weeks we will start to announce who the contenders for all of the champions will be. Tad and I will make sure that those who work hard will get rewarded. Now that said, this is the last few weeks of 2018. I expect everyone to make the most out of it so that everyone can start 2019 in the best way possible.  </color>

Superstar by Lupe Fiasco starts to play, SCU Spokeswomen Donna Beauchamp waves at the crowd then leaves the ring. She heads to the back and sees Jerry Cann.

Donna: So you and Kandy Kane will be booked at SCW in 10 days. Good luck. </color>

Jerry: Kandy and I plan on showing everyone what SCU has to offer. </color>

Donna: Great I look forward to it. </color>

Jerry: I sure hope Brooke does as well as everyone is looking at the next SCW Miix tag Team Champions! </color>

Donna: Well, Kandy has a match tonight so hopefully she does great. </color>

Jerry: Great? She will be perfect, you just wait and see. </color>

Donna: Great, looking forward to it. </color>

“American Rebelution” by The Lacs begins to play over the speakers.

I plead allegience,
To the flag,
Of the United States of America,
And to the republic,
For which is stands,
One nation,
Under God,
With liberty,
And Justice,
For all.”

A distorted American flag appears on the stage, spinning around slowly, with pistols at the side of it.

It’s about that time,
It’s about that time,
It’s about that time,
It’s about that time,
Yeah, it’s time… for the American… Rebelution”

Red, white, and blue flashes on the stage to find a man standing in the middle of it. He is wearing a leather vest over a t-shirt, and a black baseball cap. He looks from side to side as he rolls his shoulders, causing the gun slung over his back to jiggle behind him.  He glares out from one side to the other.

Liam: On his way to the ring, from Highlands, TX standing at 6’9” and weighing in at 299lb, he is “The American Rebelution”... Montgomery… Creeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed!!! </color>

The colors flash over the crowd and down the ramp as Monty walks down slowly, looking around as he gets amped up. He slaps hands and salutes the fans before walking to the ring. He grabs onto the top rope and pulls himself up onto the apron. He steps over the top rope and stomps around the ring.  The fans cheer loudly, at least the ones who are familiar with the Texas native.  He walks over to where Liam Gagnon is standing.  Liam hands him the microphone as the lights begin to return to normal, shy of the flashing red, white, and blue over the crowd. Monty looks around through his sunglasses before tilting them down to get a better view.  He puckers his lips together as he closes one eye, taking aim.

Monty:  To y’all that don’t know me, I am Montgomery Creed.  I represent a movement known as “The American Rebelution” and it’s sweepin’ the nation.  I give y’all a mighty fahne greetin’, ‘cause that ends the second I scoot these boots out the ring. </color>

The crowd cheers a bit, but they want to hear more.

Monty:  Ya got Bad Boys, The Three Way, Nobility, Kawaii Dragons, and the Bounty Hunter runnin’ this camp.  Got ‘em all in mah crosshairs.  It’s about that tahme to take this show back!  It’s about that tahme to do what nobody else got the cajones to do!  It’s about that tahme for a rebelution!  Say it with me! </color>

Crowd & Monty:  American…….. Rebel……… Lution!!!

Monty:  Damn rahght! </color>

Before anything can be said or done, Monty flings the gun over his shoulders and between both hands.  He instantly fires off with red, white, and blue paintballs.  The fans are stunned for a moment until the camera gets a closeup to see that he’s made a near perfect “American Rebelution” logo on the curtains.  They burst into cheers as Monty flings the gun back over his shoulders.  “American Rebelution” plays again and Monty quickly leans over the top ropes, exiting the ring with a single arm handstand.  The crowd continues to cheer for him as he is now more focused.  He walks up the ramp and to the stage when he stops and turns around, throwing his fists up in the air.  The pop again before Monty walks backstage.

Camera shows John Martinez Blade and Chanelle Martinez Blade in the back talking to discuss there tag match this week while Stoner Dev Khatri stops them

Dev: I'm standing here with the most two couples of the world and they are the teams of The Martinez or should I say Blade Nation himself please welcome Blade Martinez and his wife Chanelle Martinez Blade. </color>

John/Chanelle|Martinez: Thanks for inviting us Dev. </color>

Dev points out to John and ask him a few questions of what went down on SCW

Dev: Last Wednesday on Underground you defeated Shorty Devin Tyler on Underground to become the new number one contender for the Kawaii Dragons SCW tag team titles and just three days until Underground any suggestions Blade Martinez. </color>

Martinez-Blade: Reason that I won my match is because I want to show the whole world that what I am made of when me and my Wife Chanelle Martinez Blade. beat some sense into Winter Elemental and Tatsu Ikeda. for their SCW Hardcore tag titles on Underground. </color>

Dev: but John. what if you don't win your tag match for those Hardcore tag belts this Wednesday look Dev. I've won three matches so far and if I screw up for something then maybe we could get a rematch at the next SCW PPV after me and Chanelle Martinez Blade beat some sense of Tatsu Ikeda and Winter Elemental this week on SCW. </color>

Dev: and as for you Ms Martinez Blade. can you and your husband could even defeat The Kawaii Dragons this Wednesday on Underground. </color>

Chanelle: You know we gonna win those Hardcore Tag titles.  I mean my Husband did win three straight matches in a row since we made it to SCU. That’s why we are going to the very top to become Hardcore Tag Team Champions of the world, The Blade Nation. </color>

Chanelle: And just for the record, after we beat those sore losers of Ikeda and Elemental in tonight, then me and my Husband are going on our belated honeymoon, and we is gonna consummate with those titles right over the bed.  It’s gonna be the best honeymoon present ever. </color>

Chanelle: Word Life Bitches! </color>

Blade Martinez and his wife walks away from Dev Khatri when he continues talking.

Dev: thanks for that wonderful evening John and Chanelle Martinez Blade. and we wish you two the best of luck this week against The Kawaii Dragons on Underground. </color>

Dev: And we hope that Ms Martinez Blade and John Martinez. could leave out as there new Hardcore tag titles whenever they beat up Ikeda and Winter Elemental this week on SCW. </color>

Scene fades when John and Chanelle Martinez Blade heads back straight for the Underground ring before there match even begins.

Blade Nation Vs Kawaii Dragons - Hardcore Tag Team Championships

Liam:  The following contest is a Gingerbread Man Match, and is elimination style! </color>

John Martinez-Blade’s music begins playing. Chanelle comes out from behind the curtains. As the music picks up, Chanelle begins to “back it up”.  John Martinez-Blade comes out, raising his arms in the air.  They kiss on the top of the stage before they come down the ring.

Liam:  Introducing first, the team of John and Chanelle Martinez-Blade, they are… BladeNation!!! </color>

She climbs onto the apron and does the splits as she twerks down to the ground while Blade tosses his hat and shirt into the crowd.. She climb underneath the bottom rope, continuing to shake it. She stands up and runs across the ring, running up a turnbuckle where she once again shakes it for a moment before stepping down to a standing position.  Meanwhile, Blade hands his chain to the referee, ready to start the match.

The crowd begins booing as soon as a picture of a dragon appears on the Honor Tron. “Gimme Chocolate” by Babymetal begins playing, Winter Elemental and Tatsu Ikeda come out from behind the curtains. They laugh together as they hold onto each other’s hands, skipping down the aisle, pointing and laughing at fans as they pass.

Liam: And their opponents... Winter Elemental, and Tatsu Ikeda, the Hardcore Tag Team Champions, the Kawaii Dragons!!! </color>

The crowd continues to boo them more as Winter and Tatsu make it to the bottom of the ramp. Tatsu and Winter slide in the ring. They prance around with the belts, rubbing them, and their cuteness in the faces of the fans. They settle into their corner, laughing and joking together as they hand their belts over to the referee and wait for the match to start.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Chad:  Gingerbread Man Match is commencing.  Winter and Tatsu immediately slide out of the ring to bring it inside.  They grab two gingerbread man tables and slide them inside of the ring. </color>

Gena::  Arrogant bitches. They think they are going to get the win.  It’s refreshing to see that kinda confidence.  They slide back inside of the ring and get in the faces of John and Chanelle Martinez. </color>

Chad: They are talking mad shit, and Chanelle is getting angry.  She goes to swing at Tatsu, but Tatsu ducks and Tatsu and Winter both lift her up into a Double High Angle Suplex.  She lands on the gingerbread man, but does not go through it. </color>

Gena::  It was a f**king message!  They turn around as Blade hits a Double Clothesline to both Kawaii Dragons.  They go down and Blade stomps around the ring arrogantly.  He then walks over and helps Chanelle up to her feet. </color>

Chad:  He’s not even prepared for Tatsu and Winter as they jump on his back, clawing and scratching.  Chanelle bounces off of the ropes and grabs onto Tatsu’s hair and drops her hard to the mat, slamming her head into it. </color>

Gena::  It’s a ghetto catfight, and I’m loving it! Hold my Mad Dog so I can get in on it. </color>

Chad:  Winter takes over Blade’s entire back and begins clubbing viciously until Blade just drops back on top of her.  But she doesn’t relent!  Blade stands back up again and falls into the turnbuckle. </color>

Gena;  He turns around and drops down on her again, causing her to break the hold.  Meanwhile, Tatsu rolls over on top of Chanelle and begins hammering away at her head.  Tap, tap, tap, tap… </color>

Chad:  Tatsu then stomps wildly on her before moving over to set up the gingerbread plant in the corner.  She picks Chanelle up, ready to Snap Suplex her into the table, but Chanelle Spears her into it, but doesn’t break it! </color>

Gena::  So close!  But Chanelle goes to Spear her again, but Tatsu steps out of the way, and grabs the back of Chanelle’s head and slams her through the table! </color>

Liam:  Chanelle Martinez-Blade has been eliminated! </color>

Chad:  That came out of nowhere!  Tatsu celebrates her win by jumping up and down and laughing as she gives Chanelle a few extra stomps.  But she doesn’t notice Blade setting up another gingerbread plank! </color>

Gena::  Tatsu sticks her tongue out at her as she makes horns at the side of her head.  She turns around, right into John Blade’s arms, and he hits a Belly-to-Belly Suplex through another gingerbread plank! </color>

Liam:  Tatsu Ikeda has been eliminated! </color>

Chad:  Winter looks up just in time to see Tatsu go through the table, and she tangles her fingers into her hair.  She stumbles back against the ropes, shaking her head. </color>

Gena::  Shaking her head?  She’s shitting her pants right now!  She might as well come out here and kiss her titles goodbye, going one on one with John Martinez-Blade, who hasn’t lost a match since coming to Sin City. </color>

Chad:  Blade knows it too as he charges at Winter, but Winter steps out of the way.  As Blade turns around, Winter begins hitting him with stiff, high kicks to the chest, causing him to stumble backward. </color>

Gena::  This chick has all but kicked his dick off!  She grabs hold of his shoulders and plants her knee into his stomach, and then drops him down with a DDT! </color>

Chad:  She rolls outside of the ring and picks up another gingerbread plank and slides it inside of the ring.  She begins to set it up when Blade gets back to his feet.  She bounces off of the ropes, and charges back at him. </color>

Gena::  He picks her up and plants her ass on the mat with a Spinebuster!  She arches her back and he does the Five Knuckle Shuffle to her head and then he finishes setting up the table.  He picks Winter up in his arms. </color>

Chad:  He’s walking around the ring with her cradled, and he goes to slam her through the table, but she hits a Japanese Arm Drag and he goes right through the table! </color>

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Liam:  John Martinez-Blade has been eliminated!  Your winners, and STILL Hardcore Tag Team Champions… The Kawaiiiiiiiiiii Drrrrrrrrrrragoooooooooons!!! </color>

Winter quickly slides out of the ring as she is met with Tatsu carrying the titles.  Blade gets on his hands and knees and slams his fists against the mat a few times.  Chanelle slides inside of the ring to comfort him as the Kawaii Dragons laugh and celebrate as they quickly make their way back up the ramp.

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SIn City Underground Ep. 4 results
« Reply #1 on: November 29, 2018, 10:29:38 AM »
 As the Kawaii Dragons come walking through the curtains. Laughing and hugging onto each other and their titles, they are met with Marissa Henry.  They stop as if they are modeling the belts off, and Marissa holds onto her microphone closely, eyeballing them.  She lets out a bit of a joyful laugh.

Marissa:  We are joined with the Kawaii Dragons who have successfully defended their belts, once again.  That must feel good to gain the upset victory over John Blade-Martinez and… </color>

Tatsu:  Whooooooooa… Upset?  Did she really say this, Winter-san? </color>

Winter:  You know what, Fire Dragon?  I don’t think she really meant it.  Because, if she did, she would be back down on the ground, just like that punk Chanelle, and that bitch, John Ceeeeeee… Martinez-Blade! </color>

Tatsu giggles as she covers her mouth.  Winter shrugs her shoulders.

Marissa:  No, I didn’t mean it that way.  I just meant that John Martinez-Blade was on a roll, and it just seemed like he was about to eliminate you… </color>

Winter shoots her a dirty look as Tatsu gasps loudly and dramatically.

Tatsu:  As they say in America… “Oh no she di-in’t!” </color>

Winter:  Except yes she di-id! </color>

Marissa:  I was referring to Blade being just second away from putting you through the table when you… </color>

Tatsu:  Oh, so now it is all about Winter-san?  Because “Big Match John” sneaks up on Tatsu and puts her through table?  Because he is big, strong man with many, many muscles? </color>

Winter:  I think that is exactly what she’s saying.  Like women didn’t burn their bras in the 80’s or whatever to get equal rights.  Are you saying that we need to be like second class citizens?  All because we’re women? </color>

Marissa:  Not at all..  If you hadn’t noticed, I am a woman as well.  I was simply saying that you looked like you had a gut feeling that Blade might have outmatched you.  And, he was second away from eliminating you. </color>

Tatsu:  So Winter-san just gets “lucky” to beat Blade?  I am trying to think of what else you could mean, Marissa?  It sounds like it is 2014 and we are Mean Girls, and you are trying to take away the proof that we are the best tag team in Sin City Underground. </color>

Marissa:  I… </color>

Winter:  I think that is exactly what she’s trying to do.  Because, what else could it be?  Self loathing chauvinism? </color>

Tatsu:  Nothing surprises me anymore, Ice Dragon.  My mentor, Delia Darling endured this, and now we must do the same.  Who else must we beat to prove that we are the best? </color>

Marissa waits for a second, trying to find her place to speak amongst the Kawaii Dragons.

Marissa:  The Three Way? </color>

Both Kawaii Dragons look at one another, and then look back to Marissa with a laugh.  They shake their heads as they simply walk off toward the locker rooms, leaving Marissa high and dry.

Deep inside of the boiler room, the glow of the flames is strong.  We approach the rounded altar with candles, crystals, and herbs spread about.  Celeste North mixes a few in a crucible and begins grinding them.  Jenifer LaCroix stands behind her with a book in her hand.  To the side enters Queen of Apathy.  She is wearing black earmuffs and a black dress.  Her usual lack of enthusiasm is present upon her face when she steps to the center of the circle.  Celeste and Jenifer stand around her, holding hands as they chant softly.

Apathy:  I did what no one expected I would do.  I went into the Six Woman Battle Royal for the Number One Contendership to the SCU Underground Championship.  I survived five other women, one of which I had no time to prepare for.  I was the final survivor.  And now, I go on to Inception to face the champion. </color>

Apathy stops, her monotone voice echoing throughout the boiler room.  She pauses only to stare at the camera, blinking once.

Apathy:  Notice how I did not say that I will face Angel Kash at Inception, because there is a good chance that she will no longer be the champion.  There is a month and a half, and a lot of things can happen in a month and a half.  So, so many things…

Jenifer and Celeste stop chanting and stare at one another.  They then look to Queen of Apathy.

Jenifer:  Vous sound so convincing, mon ami. </color>

Celeste:  We really need to work on this, hon. It’s not even the least bit intimidating. </color>

Apathy:  Meh. </color>

Apathy steps from between her two friends and begins pacing along the rows of the boiler room, running her fingers across the soot covered metal.

Apathy:  Statistically speaking, I could very well be the next Underground Champion.  Or, at the very least, Angel Kash will not.  She likes to brag about how she has beaten everyone in Sin City Underground. She tells everyone on Twitter that Tad Ezra is just lining us up for her to knock down.  Her cohorts run around, attacking everyone before the match, and she still cannot win a match on her own after the bell rings.  She fights with lawyers and dirty tactics.  But, everyone around here is on their own. </color>

Apathy stops and admires the soot on her fingers.

Apathy:  It makes more sense now.  Angel is only the champion now because someone sees her for what she truly is, a filthy, deceptive, poor excuse for an athlete and a wrestler.  That is why she cost Valentina the Underground Championship.  That is why she wanted me to win the battle royal.  It is because she looks at me as if I am a rookie.  She asked for this, and the Angel of Filth granted her fellow Angel her wish. </color>

Apathy rubs her fingers together, causing the filth to fade.  She forces a smirk on her face as she raises her arms up in the air and tucking them behind her head.

Apathy:  You really should be more careful about what you wish for, Ms. Kash.  You asked for me, and rest assured.  I will come, and I will be ready for anything that you have to throw at me. You might think you gifted me this match, but you just forced the inevitable.  But, I am less about words, and more about actions.  Just know that Inception III cannot come soon enough. </color>

Apathy raises her arms, and as she lowers her arms, Jenifer and Celeste do the same, and then all of the lights burn out at the same time.

We find ourselves in the backstage area and it is there where we are able to see the one and only Gemma Frost. She has a microphone in her hands and offers a very drawn out sigh as she looks deep into the microphone.

Gemma: I am Gemma Frost, and joining me for today’s interview is none other than the Williams girls. I give to you the one and only Lady Dream Jenny Williams. </color>

Jenny: Thank you for the warm welcome and I just want to say that it feels amazing to be standing here right now and tonight the world will witness what happens when the Williams sister in laws team up and we enter that ring together and take the fight right to the likes of Shelby Holt and Ivory Sullivan. The new foundation is what they call themselves but we are Williams and that alone makes us better than anybody else. The last time the Williams sister in laws teamed up Crystal and I went on to become two time Trios Champions in another company. </color>

Gemma: Yeah I am sure that is nice but where is your sister in law? </color>

Jenny: Well as far as Kimberly goes that’s really simple I think she is at… </color>

Kimberly quickly does a backflip onto the scene as she offers a very wicked grin. She thrusts her hands out as she looks right into the realm of the camera.

Kimberly: IT’S MORPHIN TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PINK RANGER POWER! </color>

Jenny: Yeah that would be my crazy sister in law who honestly thinks she is the Pink Ranger! </color>

Kimberly: Damn right I am and right here in SCU I don’t know what the new foundation is all about but what I can tell you about is that the Williams girls are here to have fun. We are here to show everyone how to fun but to work together to win matches together and just have a great time while doing it. I was trained by my husband! </color>

Jenny: Just as I was trained by the legendary Crystal Hilton so you know you can expect something special from the both of us. Tonight it’s about Pink Ranger power and making dreams become a reality, and now if you would excuse us we have baddies to fight. </color>

With that Kimberly walks away as Jenny puts her hood up and we fade out to elsewhere.

Kimberly Williams & Jennifer Williams Vs The New Foundation

Liam: This next mach is set for one fall. First on the way to the ring from Bronx, New York.... Jennifer.... Williams!!!

Jenny From The Block by J Lo begins to blast all over the speakers. As it does Jennifer Williams makes her way to the ring. She doesn’t sprint, doesn’t yell. She doesn’t do anything but make her way to the ring. She finally claps the hands of some of the fans that have their hands stretched out. She slides into the ring and quickly kips up to her feet. She throws her hoodie to the side and waits patiently for the match to start

Liam: And her partner, from Angel Grove, CA.... Kimberly Willams!!!

Go Go Power Rangers begins to blast across the speakers as it does that’s when Kimberly makes her way out from behind the curtain accompanied by her husband Todd Williams. She does a cartwheel before she sprints down the ring clapping the hands of the fans. She quickly slides into the ring. T-Will grins, as he breaks out into some hip hopkido on the outside of the ring.

Liam:And there opponents! From Paradise, FL. Shelby and Ivory... The New Foundation!!!

"Into The Rush" starts blaring as Shelby and Ivory coming bouncing out from behind the curtain. They greet the fans before sprinting down the ramp and getting ready for the match.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Chad: Looks like Shelby and Jennifer are starting things off. They quickly lock up and jockey for position. Jennifer twits Shelby’s arm into a Wrist Lock. Shelby goes underneath the wrist lock and returns with a clothesline with her other arm. Jennifer lets go as she hits the mat. </color>

Gena:: Jennifer gets right back up, Shelby grabs her for a headlock. Jennifer counters as she lifts Shelby up and nails a backdrop. Jennifer gets back to her feet and tags in Kimberly. </color>

Chad: Kimberly gets in the ring as Shelby gets to her feet. Kimberly comes in with a clothesline but Shelby ducks underneath it then nails Kimberly with a chop to the chest! Shelby hits a second chop then a third! Shelby grabs Kimberly and sends her to the ropes. Jennifer gets back inside the ring as Kimberly bounces off the ropes and heads towards Shelby who goes for a clothesline but misses as Kimberly ducks and hits the opposite ropes. </color>

Gena:: Kimberly comes back and hits Shelby with a dropkick. Shelby stumbles back but gets nailed from behind with a dropkick from Jennifer that sends Shelby to the mat. Jennifer picks up Shelby and sends her to the ropes. Shelby returns back to Jennifer with a running high knee to the face! </color>

Chad: Shelby goes over to tag in Ivory. Ivory runs in the ring and jumps on top of Jennifer. The two roll around the mat. Ivory manages to get on top and nails Jennifer in the face with an elbow! Ivry goes for another one, kimberly jumps on the turnbuckle! </color>

Gena:: Ivory goes for a third elbow but is stopped as Kimberly hits a Leg Drop to the back of her head from the top ropes. The ref yell at Kimberly who quickly leaves the ring. Jennifer bushes Ivory off of her and gets to her corner to tag Kimberly in the match. </color>

Chad: Kimberly gets in the ring as Ivory crawls to her corner to tag in Shelby. Shelby gets in the ring but not in time as Kimberly grabs her and hits a Tornado DDT.  Kimberly runs to the ropes and jumps off for a moonsault, she nails it and goes for the cover! </color>


Gena:: Shelby kicks out on time. Kimberly gets off of her and gets to her feet. Kimberly goes to a corner to get on the top turnbuckle. She jumps off going for a shooting star press but misses as Shelby moves out the way! </color>

Chad: Shelby gets to her feet and rus over to spear Jenifer through the ropes. Jennifer fles off the apron and hits the barracide! Shelby now runs over to tag in Ivory. Shelby picks Kimberly up, hitting a Codebreaker, and then Ivory hits a German Suplex with bridging pin.


Ding! Ding! Ding!

Liam: Your winners of this match by pinfall… Ivory Sullivan and Shelby Holt… The ew Foundation!!! </color>

The new foundation celebrate in the ring as a camera cuts backstage to the Kawaii Dragons who don’t look impressed.

Winter: They have no chance against us Tatsu-san! </color>

Tatsu: Yeah, those two will soon know what’s ts like to get beat up Kawaii Style!!! </color>

The camera pans out a bit as we see Shannon Middlebrooks holding her Combat Champion over her shoulder.

Shannon: You two do nothing but talk. Put your money where your mouth is. The Kawaii Dragons vs the New Foundation. Then we will see who the better team is. </color>

Winter: How about I kick your ass one on one and take the combat title from you instead eh! </color>

Shannon: I’d love to see you try. </color>

Tatsu: Be wery wery careful on what you ask for Shannon. </color>

Shannon: Oh please, I'll take you both on at the same time and still walk out the winner. </color>

Winter: You want some of us, bring bitch! </color>

Ivory and Shelby make there way to the back and see there partner arguing with the Kawaii Dragons. They rush over to see what’s going on.

Shelby: Do we have a problem? </color>

Winter: Not sure,do you? Tatsu and I sure as hell don’t. </color>

Tatsu: Yeah, so bug off, we have titles to defend. Something you wouldn't know anything about Shelby. </color>

Shannon: Like I said ladies, put your money where your mouth is. </color>

Winter: Let’s go Tatsu-san before we have to hurt these three. </color>

Shannon does a fake out as if she was going to punch Tatsu. Tatsu and Winter runs out the door and leave the area as Shannon, Ivory and Shelby start laughing.

Backstage, we find Chanelle Martinez-Blade standing with her husband, under his arm as she talks with a stagehand.  She is smiling, which she rarely does, and having a good time.  However, within seconds, her mood switches and she goes quiet.  She stares down the hallway, and the stagehand that she’s talking to takes notice and quietly excuses herself.  Chanelle looks on, anger written on her face.  John Martinez-Blade looks on, confused.  He leans down to talk to her.

Martinez-Blade:  Yo, baby.  You okay? </color>

Chanelle doesn’t even hear him at first until she finally nods her head.  She looks up to him and gives him a kiss on his lips that lingers.

Chanelle:  Yeah, baby, it’s all good.  Can I have jus’ a minute? </color>

Blade nods his head as he gives her one more kiss.  He starts to walk off as the crowd murmurs in the background.  After another minute, we can hear heels clicking against the ground, getting closer.  Finally, the camera catches a glimpse of Torielle Jackson, and the crowd erupts into cheers.  Torielle smirks as she looks back at the camera, and then turns back to Chanelle.

Chanelle:  Hey, girl.  It’s been a long time... </color>

Torielle:  Stop right there, baby. </color>

Torielle holds her hand out and Chanelle looks stunned by this.

Torielle:  You don’t have to come at me like that.  I’m not stupid, and I don’t got time for all that fake ass mess. </color>

Chanelle:  Naw, girl you got me all wrong… </color>

Torielle tilts her head to the side, waiting for Chanelle to say something real, and Chanelle just stops.  Torielle lets out an “Mmm hmmm” before brushing a golden strand of hair out of her face and behind her back.

Torielle:  I ain’t come here for excuses or explanations.  I came here to do my job.  I just signed a contract with Tad and Donna, and I wanted to let you know that I know how you is.  I won’t come for you, baby.  I’m all class.  But, you’re gonna have to cease and desist with OUR theme music, because I don’t want nothin’ that was ever associated with me to be on the minds of the fans. </color>

Chanelle:  Oh, I see how it is.  You came to get yo feelin’s hurt, but you gotta act like you all innocent and shit?  I built Azz n Class.  You is just a rookie to me, and that’s all you’ll ever be. </color>

Torielle stops for a second and laughs.  She purses her lips before letting out a sigh.

Torielle:  You really did change, girl.  It’s sad.  It’s really sad.  We was friends for life until you dropped me.  And I ain’t even comin’ at you like that.  I’m politely asking you to stop using our theme music. </color>

Chanelle:  MY theme music. </color>

Torielle:  You was nothin’ without me, and you’re still nothing.  You need me to spin the remix for you, baby?  Get rid of that music, or it will get nasty. </color>

Chanelle:  You act like I can’t take you.  Every training session we had, you wound up on yo back.  Just because I realized I am better than you, and I deserve to be with the elite, don’t mean you can come at me, barking orders like the bitch you always was. </color>

Crowd:  Ooooooooooooooh!!!

Torielle stops and nods her head.  She looks back up to Chanelle, letting out a laugh.  She then moves in a step closer, putting Chanelle on the defensive.

Torielle:  I was tryin’ to be nice to you, Chan.  But nice has left the buildin’.  It’s about to get real nasty, like the gingerbread crumbs in yo horse hair havin’ head. </color>

Torielle smirks and then she dusts a couple of crumbs out of Chanelle’s hair.  She turns on her heels, slapping Chanelle in the face with her long hair, and then she walks off.  Chanelle narrows her eyes angrily as she turns around and enters the locker room, slamming the door.

Eric Weaver & Dax Beckett & Valentina Vs Kandy Kaine & The Coven

Liam: This next mach is set for one fall!

Take Five starts to play as we here the jazz beat coming we see Eric Weaver coming from the curtains.
"Won't you stop and take
A little time out with me
Just take five"

Liam: On the way to the ring from Chicago, IL... Bucky!!!! Eric Weaver!!!

Eric waves at the fans as he walks down the ramp.

"Though I'm going out of my way
Just so I can pass by each day
Not a single word do we say
It's a pantomime and not a play

Still, I know our eyes often meet
I feel tingles down to my feet
When you smile, that's much too discreet
Sends me on my way"

Eric slides in the ring from underneath the bottom ropes.

"Wouldn't it be better
Not to be so polite
You could offer a light
Start a little conversation now
It's alright, just take five
Just take five"

As the music fades we see Eric holding his right hand in the air as he looks over to the crowd.

Liam: And his partner!

[Flashes like cameras go across the stage and the audience as the sound accompanies it. Marilyn Monroe by Nicki Minaj begins on the PA as pure beauty walks through the curtains. Her hair blows in the wind as she looks up at the ceiling. She places a hand on her hip as she lets the crowd admire her despite getting a mixed reaction.

Liam: Please welcome, on her way to the ring from Merida, Spain. She stands at 5'11" and weighs in at 125 pounds, she is pure perfection... Valentinaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

Once Valentina is officially announced, she turns and begins walking down the ramp. She pushes her hair out of her face as she vogues, showing off her face to it's full capacity. She steps up to the ring steps and looks around with a majestic smile. She takes to the steps as she comes to the apron. She looks around for a moment, stomping her foot in protest as a scantily clad man runs down the ramp and climbs onto the apron. He sits on the middle rope, opening it for her. Valentina then takes off her Loubotins and hands them to the man as she prances barefoot around the ring. She refuses to let go of the spotlight.]

Liam: And there partner!
The opening of “Alive” by Lil Jon, Offset, and 2Chainz begins playing and red and white lights begin flashing across the stage and out into the audience.

Liam: From Anaheim, CA standing at 6’4” he is the SCU Combat hampion...  He is… Dax Beckett!!!

He strokes his beard, an intense look on his face as he comes to the center of the stage. He shouts out at the crowd, holding his arms out at his side as he does a slow 180 degree turn, slowly walking backward. Once the music completely picks up, Dax turns around and charges down the aisle. He darts around the ring, stopping periodically to pose for the fans, whether they like it or not. Once he makes his way around the ring, Dax jumps onto the apron and charges his way up the nearest turnbuckle. Dax ascends and nods his head to the music, his fist in the air. He jumps off and flips, landing on his feet as he jogs in place, waiting for his partner

Liam: And there opponents!!

The lights in the arena drop down and "Sex Metal Barbie" by In This Moment begins playing. The ring crew brings out a wooden plank, meant to resemble the Mean Girls Runway of yester-year, fastening it tightly to the ring, as it looks like it will fall apart at any minute. Before they can even disperse, the curtains open, and Celeste is wheeled out onto the ramp in front of a podium. A spotlight appears on her as a man dressed in a potato sack walks out behind her, helping her down onto the stage. She is dressed in a pair of red hot pants and a Mean Girls tank top tied just above the navel, and an opened hooded jacket. She has red streaks in her hair as she slightly pulls back her hood to show off her face and the obnoxiously sparkling tiara on her head, taking a drag from the cigar in her right hand.

Liam: Making her way to the ring, Kandy Kane and The Coven... Jenifer Lacriox and  "Queen C"... Celeste North!!!

She struts along the "runway" slowly, showing off everything she's got, a cigar in her hands. She takes a puff of it and winks as she exhales slowly. She then flips her hair from side to side seductively as men wearing dress suits and potato sacks over their heads line the runway, taking photos of her. Celeste takes a puff from the cigar before dropping it to the arena floor. The first hooded man holds the ropes open for her as she enters the ring. She struts around to the music for a moment, shedding her black hooded jacket. She puckers up her lips as she blows out a kiss across the audience.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Chad: Looks like Kandy and Valentina will be starting this match off. The two women walk to the center of the ring. Kandy tries to grab Valentina but Valentina pushes her away. </color>

Gena:: Kandy comes in to grab her again but Valentia again pushes her away. Kandy looks at Valentina, Kandy kicks Valentina, She bends over, Kandy grabs her but Valentina pushes Kandy off of her. </color>

Chad: Kandy tires yet again but Valentina grabs Kandy’s arm and sends her to the ropes. Celeste makes a blind tag as Kandy bounces off the ropes. Valentina goes to grab her but Kandy drops Valentina with a spear! </color>

Gena:: Kandy gets up but Valentina extends out her foot to trip Kandy up. Celeste hops over the top ropes and grabs Kandy to pull her to there corner. Valentina gets up but gets knocked back down with a hard clothesline! </color>

Chad: Celeste backs up, Valentina gets up and goes for a dropkick but Celeste moves out the way. Valentina gets back to her feet, Celeste hits another clothesline dropping Valentina once again. </color>

Gena:: Celeste grabs Valentina by the back of her head to sit her up and locks in a sleeper hold. Valentina tries to move her body around to try to get out of the hold. Celeste keeped her hand around her neck but lets go her Valentina’s head and tries to grab her arm to turn this into her Crossface Chickenwing! </color>

Chad: Celeste should have kept the sleeper hold on a bit longer as breaking the hold this early just allowed Valentina to get out of the hold completely. </color>

Gena:: Both women get to their feet, Celeste tries to grab Valentina but Valentina manages to nail a missile dropkick to the knees. Celeste drops down to one knee then Valentina hits another dropkick putting Celeste on her back. </color>

Chad: Valentina runs towards the ropes and bounces off the middle rope for a moonsault but Celeste gets her knees up to counter hitting Valentina on the chest dropping her to the mat. Celeste gets up as Valentina rolls over, Dax tags himself in! </color>

Gena:: Celeste smiles as she walks back towards her corner and tags in Jenifer. Now this I want to see. The Combat Champion will get tested as Jennifer is a great MMA fighter. Jenifer jumps over the top rope to get in the ring. </color>

Chad: Dax tries to grab Jenifer but gets met with a left hook then a right job. Dex smiles as Jenifer goes for another left hook. Dax backs out the way. Dax goes for a spinning elbow but gets met with a kick to the mid-section by Jenifer. </color>

Gena:: Jenifer goes for a right overhead punch but Dax counter as he grabs her arm and throws her with a hip toss! Jenifer gets back to her feet. Dax comes charging at Jenifer, he goes for s spear but Jenifer grabs Dax’s head and drops wth with a DDT! </color>

Chad: Jenifer grabs the back of Dax’s head to get hm up t his feet but Dax hits a leg sweep and trips Jenifer up. Dax gets up and tries to land an elbow drop but Jenifer rolls out of the way. Dax gets up and tries to stop on Jenifer’s chest but she grabs his leg and tries to lock in a heel lock. Dax powers out of it by kicking her in the head with his other foot. </color>

Gena:: Dax gets up and goes to his corner to tag in Eric Weaver. Eirc leans away to avoid the tag. Valentina looks at Eric confused as Eric jumps off the apron and waves no with his right index finger. </color>

Chad: Is Eric refusing to get in the match? </color>

Gena:: Worse he is leaving as Eric is now walking up the rampway. Valentina jumps off the apron to go and get Eric back. Dax turns around to a superkick by Jenifer. Valentina grabs Eric’s armto drag him back to the ring but Eric pushes her off of him causing her to fall off the rampway and dropping three feet to the floor. </color>

Chad: Half her body hits the security rails as Eric just walks to the back! </color>

Gena:: Dax is all alone in a three on one situation. Dax sits up but gets kicked in the back of the head by Jenifer. Jenifer tags in Kady who jumps on the turnbuckle. Kandy jumps off hitting a 5 Star Frog Splash, Kandy gets up to her feet and nails a Standing Senton Splash! She gets back up and does her Standing Moonsault!!! </color>

Chad: Kandy Krush Saga!!! Kandy goes to cover the Combat Champion! </color>


Ding! Ding! Ding!

Liam: You winners of this match by pinfall! Kandy Kane and Jenifer Lacroix, Celeste North… The Coven!!! </color>

Candy (Featuring Pitbull) by Far East Movement starts to play as Kandy jumps up and down excited for the win. The ref raises her hand in victory as Celeste and Jenifer exit the ring and let Kandy have all the spotlight. The Cove walk up the ramp as Valentina tries to get to her feet.

Jenifer helps Valentina up, and help her to the back. Kandy leaves the ring and joins them up the rampway as they all head to the back.  Dax starts to stir inside of the ring as the music continues.  He then looks around, still a bit woozy from the damage that he’s just taken.  He then begins slamming his fists against the mat, screaming and roaring with anger.  As he comes back to, the screaming gets even louder until he makes it up to his feet.  He begins pounding away at the turnbuckles, and then grabs hold of the top rope.  He begins tugging angrily as the fans give a mixed reaction, some laughing at him and others feeling sorry for him.  He then leans out and yells out.

Dax: Give me a damn microphone! Give it here!!! </color>

After a few seconds, Liam Gagnon is able to bring one over to him.  He takes it and leans back inside of the ring.  He is breathing heavily as rage flows through his body.  He takes center stage and begins letting it all out.

Dax:  What you just saw out here… was bullshit!  Me getting pinned was bullshit!  Valentina getting shoved off the stage was bullshit!  Kandy Kaine is bullshit!  Jenifer LaCroix is bullshit!  Celeste North is bullshit!  And ERIC WEAVER IS BULLSHIT!!! </color>

Dax’s eyes widen as he stares out across the audience as they begin to chant.


Dax:  I don’t care when, and I don’t care how, but I want a match with that little rat bastard! </color>


Dax: I want to make him pay for embarrassing me! </color>


Dax:  I want to ring his f**king neck for throwing my chakras all outta wack! </color>


Dax:  I’m want to throttle him, just like Cindy Warren throttled his goddamn career! </color>


Dax:  I want him in this ring so I can finish ending his career!  I tried to play nice, but there is no more Mr. Nice Guy Beckett! </color>


Dax:  Pay close attention to this face, Weaver!  I came out here to win the match, but because you are so used to losing, you just couldn’t look a sure thing in the face! </color>


Dax:  I’m giving you one week, p*ssy!  Give me an answer, or I will mow you down… </color>


“Alive” by Lil Jon, Offset, and 2Chainz begins playing over the speakers as Dax tosses the microphone out to Liam and quickly exits the ring.

Cameras show Stephen Lance down in the boiler room with Powershock pacing back and forth. Aeriel Sizemore is standing with her hand on her hip. She is all smiles as Stephen is gritting his teeth.

Stephen: Last week, we proved just how dangerous our monster is when he is unleashed. Now Tad when you going to provide him with his favorite chew toy. The Underground Champion. </color>

Aeriel coughs a little while stepping into the light.

Aeriel: I hope you learnt your lesson about leaving my husband alone. Without me, he will cause chaos which I thoroughly love watching. Now my husband wants more. After feasting on that little runt, he wants more. He wants Stewart Mason. So Tad, you better deliver or be prepared for more chaos to ensue. </color>

Stephen nods.

Stephen: Yes. The monster is itching for fight. The world is not ready for this beast. The weapon of destruction is ready to explode so Tad don't forget him. The number one contender will get his match and that will be the final time Stewart Mason will be a champion. </color>

Powershock grunts as the scene cuts out.

The Three-Way is backstage with Gemma Frost.

Gemma:  Please Welcome the number one team in SCW The Three Way. </color>

Earl: That’s the truth Gemma, people can claim it but we constantly prove it, just who the top team in wrestling is today. </color>

Gemma: Here tonight you team up with the Fox Brothers. </color>

Dahlia: Oh those two wankers. </color>

Earl: Gemma, you know what’s gonna happen when The Fox Brothers step into a ring across from us, they're going to get their assess kicked. </color>

Gemma: I have no doubt about that, your opponent's tonights are Angel Kash and the Ruin Sisters. </color>

The three-way starts laughing.

Earl: Really that's all they could find for us to wrestle the Ruin Sisters, haven’t we beaten them enough, haven’t they learned that every time they step into the ring with us they lose. </color>

Sarah: While Ms. Kash provides ample competition, the Ruin sisters are simply not good enough to compete with us have proven that time and time again, tonight Gemma will be their last match, tonight simply for my amusement, Earl and Dahlia will end the careers of the Ruin sister, once and for all. </color>

Gemma: I look forward to that.

In another area of the arena, Stewart is standing in the interview area with Marissa Henry.

Marissa: Please welcome my guest at this time the Underground Champion Stewart Mason. It's nice to finally meet you. </color>

Stewart: Same, and if you don’t mind me saying your way hotter in person, Gail and were discussing the idea of asking you to dinner. </color>

Marissa: But aren’t you two involved with Gemma. </color>

Gail: We don’t confine ourselves to one partner, we always have an opening for you to join us some time. </color>

Marissa: Anyway any comments about last week. </color>

Stewart: No. </color>

Marissa: Okay so what about Powershock, last week he beat up Ahuevo pretty badly. </color>

Stewart: Who hasn’t beaten up Ahuevo, yeah I get Powerahock is a big dude, but I’ve taken bigger guys than him, so has Gail, and I get the fact that he’s the biggest guy I’ve faced in a while, but I didn’t get the be one of the most dominant champions in this business by backing down from a challenge, in the end, Marissa, just like everyone else, beaten by the champ his defeat paid in full. </color>

Gail is writing on a blank card.

Gail: Here’s where we are staying, feel free to drop by. </color>

The camera rolls backstage to find Tim Staggs standing outside of Tad Ezra’s office door.  He sighs before inevitably knocking on the door.  After a few moments of nothing, the door opens, and Tad steps out into the hallway.  His eyes immediately drop to the ground as he groans.

Tim:  Yo, Thaddeus… You and me need to have a little heart to heart here. </color>

Tad:  What do you want now?  I’ve already given you a rematch from High Stakes XIII.  I see nothing else that you could possibly want to discuss. </color>

Tim furls his eyebrows as he catches himself, trying to make himself appear to be more calm.  He motions toward the office, and Tad steps aside to let him in.

Tim:  You sound a bit nasally tonight, Tad.  Should I get Barry to get you something warm and salty for the back of your throat? </color>

Tad:  That won’t be necessary, but thanks… </color>

Tad rolls his eyes as he takes a seat at his desk and rolls up closely.  He then reaches in and grabs a tissue to blow his nose.  Tim quickly guards his face by turning away, which brings a smile to Tad’s face from behind the tissue.

Tim:  If you need to go home, I would be more than happy to take over for you tonight.  You don’t need all of this stress. </color>

Tad:  The show is half way over.  I’ll be fine.  But it would be nice if you would just get to the point already. </color>

Tim chooses his next words carefully as he folds his hands in front of him, but then removes them from the desktop to reach over and get a handful of Germ-X, rubbing it in frantically.

Tim:  Well, it’s pretty cut and dry, but I figured I should just make sure that we’re on the same page.  You see, the last two times that I faced off with Stewart Mason, I was basically screwed at the brink of victory.  Like, pure seconds away from winning the match, until Powershock came into the picture. </color>

Tad:  Oh?  The I think I know where you’re going with this.  Do tell, Timothy. </color>

Tim:  Yeah… so, I’ve got a bone to pick with a certain “big dog” in this company, because we all know how that match would have played out.  And, before you say your typical “But Tim, you already had two matches with Stewart, and that’s more than I was willing to give you…” speech, I really think that you need to hear me out.  See, Powershock is a neanderthal in a mask who had no right butting into my business.  He’s a stupid piece of shit, and he made a big mistake by jumping into, not one, but two of my matches.  I mean, f**k!  Did you not see me about to pick up the title? </color>

Tad listens and nods his head as a bit of a smirk comes over his face.  He uses the small pause to wave a hand in front of Tim to stop him, becoming quite calm and friendly now.

Tad:  Tim.  Tim, Tim, Tim, Tim… Look, I know that we’ve had some issues in the past, and I know you think I’m just a big dickhead.  The truth is, that I kind of am at times.  But, I realize that.  You don’t need to say another word, because I know exactly what you’re going to ask for, and the truth is that it was already in the works.  You will step foot inside of the ring with Stewart Mason next week. </color>

Tim is elated as he bounces up and down in his seat.  He even goes as far as to clap his hands together, before calming himself down and composing himself.

Tim:  That’s… that’s really big of you, Tad.  And if you ever, and I do mean ever, need any special favors from the Bad Boys… I think I can say that we owe you one. </color>

Tad:  Nonsense.  It’s my pleasure.  And, as an added bonus, you can settle two scores at once, because Powershock is going to be in that match, too! </color>

Tad smiles brightly, almost exaggeratedly.

Tim:  Whoa, wait.  A triple threat?  But that’s bullshhhh… </color>

Tad:  No, not a triple threat.  You will be teamed up with Dax… in a tag team match. </color>

Tim pauses for a second.  He turns his head to the side slightly all while still staring at Tad.

Tim:  But… how am I going to take the title away from Stewart? </color>

Tad:  You’re not!!! Isn’t it great?!  Imagine the ticket sales for that match.  We’re all winners here.  Now, why don’t you go ahead and get out of my office before I change my mind about Dax and turn it into a handicap match, eh? </color>

Tim glares at Tad, and then quickly scoots back.  He prepares to say something to Tad as his face goes red with anger, but instead, he just growls loudly and walks out of the office, slamming the door behind him.  Tad leans back in his chair and sighs a breath of relief… and then immediately begins coughing from it.

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SIn City Underground Ep. 4 results
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Fox Brothers & The Three Way Vs The Ruin Sisters & Nobility (Melissa Ruin & Angel Kash)

Liam:  The following 8 Person Tag Team Contest is scheduled for one fall!

“What Does The Fox Say?” by Ylvis starts to play. The crowd looks up the ramp as they try to see who is coming out. Two men comes out…

Liam: On the way to the ring, the team of Jason and Mason Fox, the Fox Brothers!!! </color>

Jason and Mason comes out the curtain and wave to the crowd. The fans look on unsure what to think of the two wrestlers. Jason and Mason get in the ring as they walk around the ring, dancing along to the music before settling into their corner.

Liam:  Aaaand their partners, they are the Double Down Champions… Dahlia Rotten and Earl Lockyer!!! </color>

Earl and Dahlia step on the stage, Earl Kneels on the stage as Dahlia paces back and forth behind him, they walk to the ring Earl leaps from the floor to the ring apron, Dahlia slides under the ropes, Dahlia leans through the ropes with a smirk on her face as Earl leans over the ropes.

Liam:  Aaaaand their opponents… </color>

The Ruin Sister’s theme hits as they both walk out, they make their way down to the ring and get in looking up towards the entrance.

Liam: Now in the ring, from Scottsdale Arizona, the challengers...the RUIN SISTERS…. </color>

The fans began to boo loudly as "Superfical" by Heidi Montag hits over the public address system

It aint that easy, it aint that easy
it aint that easy, but it aint so hard
It aint that easy, it aint that easy
it aint that easy, but it aint so hard

As the lights dim and flash gold all over the arena, a lone spotlight forms at the entrance ramp as out from the back first steps Melissa with a stern look on her face. As she claps within a few seconds in arrogant and exaggerated fashion, Angel Kash herself walks out as the fans boo loudly.

Hopin' out the maserati
All I see is paparazzi
Snapping pictures for the
Front cover of a magazine
So I pose in everything I wear
Love to make the people stare
Always center of attention
Lookin' so bootylicious

Liam: On their way to the ring, representing Nobility, they are...Melissa Ruin and Underground Champion, Angel Kash!!! </color>

Angel blows an arrogant kiss to the fans before doing a series of arrogant poses at the top of the ramp, and Melissa matches her like a mirror. Angel then says something to Melissa before the arrogant rich blonde bombshell does an arrogant supermodel like strut down to the ring, taunting the fans as they walk, before rudely sticking out her hand, and flipping her hair arrogantly as she brushes past the fans, not letting them even come close to touching her. She makes her way up the ring steps with Melissa, as Todd is standing in front of them on the ring apron. Angel then points down as he holds the ropes for them; she enters and poses in the center of the ring as the fans boo loudly. After that, she lays on the top turnbuckle nonchalantly taunting the fans as Todd hands her a mirror and she admires her beauty.  They settle into their corner and discuss strategy as the bell rings.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Gena::  This match is a clusterf**k and I’m gonna love it! This is what I missed last week. </color>

Chad:  Earl forces himself to start, as Dahlia encourages the Fox Brothers to fall back, which they reluctantly do.  And it looks like Angel Kash wants to start this match off. </color>

Gena::  That takes a lot of lady balls, Chad.  Earl is like ten times her size, and that is why She is our Underground Champion.  Right there. </color>

Chad:  Angel steps up to the center of the ring as Earl towers over her.  She simply laughs as she looks up at him and slaps him across the face! </color>

Gena::  The guts on that one!  Oh, Dahlia tries to get inside of the ring, but Referee Ryan Richards is like “hell naw girl.”  Earl touches at his cheek as Angel points at her own chest. </color>

Angel:  Do you know  who the hell I am?  I’m Angel Kash!  Your Underground Champion! I’m… </color>

Gena::  Ohhhh-ho-hoooo!!! Earl is livid, and he stalks back over toward her, and she’s not moving an innn… </color>

Chad:  What’s that?  Did she not just dive across the ring and tag in Melissa?  I think she did.  Melissa goes to prove herself as she steps up toward Earl, gulping as she moves slowly. </color>

Gena::  She’s about to shit her pants!  But she isn’t backing down.  She walks over just inches from Earl as she looks him up and down.  She goes for a tie up, and Earl obliges, but she moves behind him and begins clubbing at his back. </color>

Chad:  Earl shakes his head as he straightens up, popping his back in the process.  He turns around toward Melissa and goes for a Clothesline, but Melissa ducks underneath it.  She grabs the tights as she rolls him up. </color>


Gena::  Yeah, that’s not gonna put Earl down.  But it gives her a second of him on the ground, and she takes advantage, nailing rapid kicks that send Earl into Melissa’s corner.  As he makes it there, Angel begins choking him, and Dahlia, Mason, and Jason all jump inside of the ring. </color>

Chad:  Ryan Richards stops them in their tracks, giving Debbi, Stacy, and Angel the chance to begin wailing relentlessly on Earl.  Kicks, punches, clubs, eye rakes… They’re going all out! </color>

Gena::  The more Dahlia and the Fox Brothers try to get involved, the more distracted the referee is.  Dahlia finally gives in and acts as if she is going to retreat, and the Fox Brothers exit the ring. </color>

Chad:  But Dahlia charges across the ring, and chases everyone out of the ring.  They all point at Dahlia as Ryan backs her to her corner.  They all slide back in and begin attacking again. </color>

Gena::  Smart!  Earl is the biggest threat, and they are doing their best to neutralize him.  He crawls up into the corner as the attack intensifies.  Angel chokes him as the three Ruins bash away at him. </color>

Chad:  Oh, but Earl flips Angel inside of the ring, and shoves the three Ruins away with intense force!  He picks Debbi and Stacy up onto his shoulders and hits Running Powerslams on them, kicking them to the outside of the ring. </color>

Gena::  Melissa comes up behind and slams into him, causing him to collide with post.  She then rolls him up into a pin once more. </color>


Chad:  But Jason pulls Melissa off of Earl by the leg.  Earl gets up to his feet as he lifts Melissa up.  He sends her into the ropes, but as Earl is about to hit a Back Body Drop, Jason Fox nails a Spear! </color>

Gena::  The size difference makes that look like the most vicious maneuver ever.  Jason is proud of himself, but Earl doesn’t like his thunder stolen.  He shoves Jason back toward the corner.  Jason isn’t going to take it, but Mason yips at him and waves him back. </color>

Chad:  Jason reluctantly exits the ring, and the looks shot between him and Dahlia are intense!  Meanwhile, Earl picks Melissa up and sends her into the ropes.  As she comes back, Earl nails the Back Body Drop he was looking for. </color>

Gena::  He picks her up again and sends her barrelling into the corner.  As he goes for a Shoulder Block, Melissa drops down, and Mason tags himself in.  He leaps inside of the ring as Ryan tells Earl that he’s not legal any longer. </color>

Chad:  Earl glares at Mason who goes on the attack.  He picks Melissa up and brings her down with a Monkey Flip.  Angel shouts from across the ring, clapping her hands as she coaches Melissa. </color>

Gena::  She’s piiiiiiiiiissed! Melissa kips up and goes for a Clothesline, but Mason drops backward and bounces back up with his hand, and he hits a Clothesline of his own.  The fans go crazy for this as Melissa crawls over to her corner to tag in Stacy. </color>

Chad:  Stacy charges across the ring and grabs onto his shaggy hair and charges forward with a Bulldog.  She keeps her fingers tangled in his hair as she pulls him back up into a Hair Biel, tossing him across the ring. </color>

Gena::  Mason gets back to his feet as he charges at Stacy, she ducks.  He bounces off of the ropes, and Stacy Dropkicks him in the ass.  As he stumbles down, she climbs outside of the ring.  She jumps back inside with a Sunset Flip pin. </color>


Chad:  Dahlia pulls Stacy up and hits a Belly to Belly Suplex on Stacy.  She then drags Mason back over toward her corner.  She climbs outside to make the tag.  She gets back inside and stomps her feet to beckon Stacy toward her. </color>

Gena::  Dahlia is the baddest bitch in SCU.  She lifts Mason up and dumps him to the outside, and dares Jason to do something about it!  While distracted, Stacy comes up on her and begins pounding away at Dahlia’s back.  Dahlia turns around and shoves Stacy to the ground! </color>

Chad:  And by the face!  Stacy tries to scramble to her feet, but Dahlia is too fast.  She mounts Stacy and begins hammering away at her face!  Stacy tries to block, but those fists though! </color>

Gena::  Stacy grabs onto the ropes for the escape, but Dahlia won’t let go.  Ryan Richards forces the break, but Dahlia keeps going. </color>


Chad:  Dahlia finally lets up as she takes a few steps back.  Stacy crawls across the ring and immediately tags Debbi in.  Debbi climbs inside and begins sizing Dahlia up.  Dahlia charges her, but Debbi ducks, and Stacy hits a backward kick. </color>

Gena::  Debbi then hits a Dropkick to Dahlia’s face, sending her flying backward into the ropes.  Debbi and Stacy then hit a Double Hip Toss on Dahlia.  They then drop elbows down across Dahlia’s chest and stomach. </color>

Chad:  Stacy finally exits the ring as Debbi drops down on top of Dahlia for the pin. </color>


Gena::  Dahlia gets the shoulder up from the mat.  Debbi stands up and begins stomping on Dahlia.  Dahlia grabs onto Debbi’s leg after several stomps, and she holds onto it as she gets to her feet. </color>

Chad: She sweeps Debbi’s leg out from under her, and she hits a Standing Splash! She is proud of that one as she hooks the leg! It’s over! </color>


Gena::  Angel gets inside of the ring and jumps on Dahlia’s back, clubbing and clawing violently as she screeches.  Stacy and Melissa join in, forcing Earl, Mason, and Jason into the ring.  They all begin brawling back and forth with the Ruins and Angel. </color>

Chad:  Ryan Richards lost all control of this match in an instant!  The fans are practically blowing out their vocal chords for this action!  Stacy nails Mason with a Superkick!  But then Dahlia hits a Bell Clap to Stacy.  Dahlia turns right into a Double Boot to the gut! </color>

Gena::  A Double DDT to Dahlia from Melissa and Debbi!  As they turn around, a Double Clothesline from Earl!  And as Earl celebrates his dominance, Angel comes up from behind and hits a Low Blow!  </color>

Chad:  As Earl falls down to his knees, Angel slaps him across the face.  She talks trash to him as she points to her chest, taking on the biggest and baddest in this match.  She grabs hold of his hair and begins hammering away at his face. </color>

Gena::  Oh, but Earl lifts her up into a Body Slam position.  He holds her there for a second as he walks around the ring.  She tries to wiggle her way out, but there’s no hope. </color>

Chad:  Oh, but Melissa comes rushing in with a stiff kick to Earl’s ribs, and then Angel falls into Melissa’s arms.  Earl goes for a Big Boot, but both ladies duck, causing Earl to ram his boot into Dahlia’s face. </color>

Gena::  Earl is in complete shock as he goes to check on Dahlia.  As he does so, The Ruin Sisters and Nobility team together to hit simultaneous Superkicks from four directions, and Earl goes down! </color>

Chad:  Mason and Jason scoop up Debbi and Angel and dump them over the top ropes.  Stacy and Melissa spin them around and hit the You Been Ruined (Razor’s Edge) on the Fox Brothers.  Melissa drops down on top of Mason Fox for the pin. </color>

Gena::  Ryan Richards almost doesn’t know if he should count or not.  Who even remembers who the legal participants are?  Melissa shouts at him to do his job, and eventually he gives in. </color>


Chad:  Oh, shit!  Dahlia crawls over just in the nick of time to save Mason Fox.  She gets up to her hands and knees as Melissa shakes her head.  She grabs onto Dahlia’s leg, lifting it up until she slaps on the Ruins Lock (Ankle Lock)! </color>

Gena::  Dahlia!  No!  Get to the ropes or something!  Ohhhhh, she’s trying!  She’s trying, but Angel pulls the ropes back as far as she can so that Dahlia has no hope!  Melissa pulls her back toward the center of the ring, and Dahlia taps! </color>

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Liam:  Here are your winners… Nobility and the Ruin Sisters!!!!!!! </color>

The crowd boos loudly as Melissa tosses Dahlia’s leg down to the ground.  She and Stacy roll to the outside of the ring to celebrate with Debbi and Angel.  They soon get extremely excited together, jumping up and down in a group hug.  Angel is excited for Melissa’s turnaround as they walk together, laughing and pointing at the ring.

Meanwhile, Earl crawls over to Dahlia to check on her as she favors her ankle.  Mason and Jason make their way over to the Three Way to check on them.  Earl mouths off to them, going as far as to shove Jason away.  Jason smiles almost wickedly as Mason holds him back.  They look to one another as Earl stands up and shoves Mason next.  Mason yips at him, and then Jason does the same.  Earl roars in return, dropping the Fox Brothers with a Double Clothesline.

He then goes to help Dahlia to her feet.  He leans in to whisper to her, and she nods her head, telling him that she’s okay.  However, there isn’t much time for recovery as Mason and Jason boot the Three Way in the stomach and drop them with stereo DDT’s, much to the delight of the fans.  They roll out of the ring as they jump up and down, yipping angrily back and forth along the six sides of the ring.  The crowd cheers as the show goes off the air.