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Lunch time chat - Happy Canada Day
« on: July 01, 2016, 11:10:42 PM »
 An image appears of a single drop of liquid sliding down what appears to be an amber colored wall.  The image widens to reveal the wall to be a glass filled with beer, the thin layer of foam just barely overflowing the glass.  Behind the glass is a dark grey Dropkick Murphy’s shirt that has seen better days.  Suddenly from above the glass, a voice can be heard.

Voice:  Hey hey hey…my eyes are up here.

The camera pans upwards to take in the smirking face of Connor Murphy who is sitting on a patio under a canopy.  Around him are stalls of outdoor vendors and other patrons and tourists rushing along the sidewalk as the faint sound of thunder can be heard.  As he leans towards the camera, a hand holding a burger comes into view which makes him sit back and offer the waitress a smile before she turns to go with a wink and a wave.

Grabbing a fry off the plate in front of him, he sledges it through a rather small container of ketchup and brings it upwards to his mouth but stops midmotion.

Connor Murphy:  I bet you are wondering just where it is I am huh?  I could lie and say that I’m in Tahoe or some other stateside place but I decided this week before I went to Tahoe for Climax Control I would do a little celebrating north of the border, you know, home sweet home in Ottawa Ontario Canada.  And doing a little celebrating I might add because today is our birthday.  Canada Day and if I wanted to get mobbed I would be up on the Hill enjoying the great Canadian music and all that shit they put on July 1.

He stops talking long enough to take the now limp fry in his mouth and begins to chew it as he looks at the people bustling by.  Swallowing, he reaches for the glass and downs a healthy swig of the brew.  Once more he looks into the camera to speak again.

Connor Murphy:  Now you might say to me Connor, what the hell are you doing in Ottawa when Climax Control is in Tahoe this weekend?  Aren’t you wrestling?  And my response would be yeah, I’m wrestling in Tahoe but my heart belongs here in Canada on this Canada Day because of the three things that make it one of the best days to be Canadian.  One…the view from the patios of the Byward Market and all the good looking ladies in short shorts…

As he says that, a pair of women rush by as rain begins to fall and duck under the canopy where Connor can get a very good look.  Picking up his glass again, he salutes the pair and then sips at the beer before putting the glass down and wrapping his hands around the burger from his plate.  Picking it up he takes a rather large bite then sets it back down once more only to point at the camera as he chews then speaks around the mouthful.

Connor Murphy:  See, today is Canada’s birthday and well where else would I be?  But that don’t mean I ain’t thinkin’ of my match this week.  See it is something of a return for yours truly.  I mean my opponent is also returning but I ain’t his first rodeo this time around.  But he’s gonna remember me.

Sipping at the glass he has picked up, Connor smirks as he sets it down then steeples his fingers over his meal and rests his chin on the laced fingers of his hands.

Connor Murphy:  See, this is my return from a bit of an enforced vacation from the ring.  Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t miss it that much but still…I could hear it call to me.  The pull of wanting to kick the hell out of someone from turnbuckle to ringpost to… well you get my drift.  So I figure that now is the time to come back and make my mark on SCW.

Dredging more fries through his ketchup, he slides them into his mouth and chews vigorously before swallowing.

Connor Murphy:  Now they could have said to me that since this is your return match Connor we are going to put you back at the bottom and make me work my way back.  But I don’t think they want to do that considering just what I have been to them lately.  I mean I was challenging for the Heavyweight title and putting me at the so called “curtain jerk”…

Connor lifts his hands and puts air quotes around his last words.

Connor Murphy:  Position would be a step back for me.  So you can imagine my surprise at who they decided to put against me in the ring at Climax Control.  I’m facing Kain!  Who’d have thunk it huh?  Putting me and the King of Kings in the middle of the ring to beat the holy hell out of each other was sheer brilliance if you ask me.

Connor nods as he picks up the glass and drains it before slamming it on the table.

Connor Murphy:    Listen, I know Kain is a serious threat and I saw what he did to Rage when he made his return but see, that’s all well and good because there is something that Kain needs to know about me and that is that I can take an asskicking like nobody’s business and keep coming back for more.  I am the one man in that roster that has something no other man has and that is the fact that I ain’t after any titles at all.  Hell if you want to call me a jobber I can’t stop you but when it comes to titles I just don’t care about em.  

As if to prove his point, Connor points directly into the camera once more with a fry he had picked up.

Connor Murphy:  See I saw when you came back that you immediately decided to go after the Internet title.  See that to me says you have a high sense of self-worth or you just are compensating for lack of a pair.  In your case I think it is a little from column A and a lot from column B.  I get that you have won all these titles and you are one of the greats but really Kain, what have you done lately?

Connor laughs at that as he once more reaches for his burger and takes a large bite.  He notices that he has been drawing the attention of the patrons of the same patio as the rain begins to pour down outside of the patio canopy.

Connor Murphy:  Now before you say I should have some respect for you because you are the king of kings I gotta tell you that I don’t need to have any more respect for you than you deserve.  I mean you will probably not see me as a threat because you have this I am a machine when I wrestle mentality.  Bravo Kain, maybe you are a machine in the ring but’s like a Timex.  I take a licking and keep on getting to my feet.  So if you think that I will stay down just because you tried to beat me down, you got another thing coming.

Connor Murphy:  See I got nothing to lose in this fight Kain.  I got nothing to lose at all in Sin City Wrestling because I am at the point in my in ring career where I don’t want or need a title.  I only need to get in there and mix it up.  Think of me as the test you need to pass before you get to challenge for titles.  By being that challenge I have something better than a title.  I have the ability to do whatever I damn well please in the ring.  

A sick grin crosses the face of Connor who leans back in the chair and crosses his arms over his chest.

Connor Murphy:  So you have to ask yourself something Kain, you have to ask yourself just what Connor Murphy is going to be getting in that ring on Sunday.   Will it be the fun loving Connor Murphy who is out to give the crowd what they paid for?  Or will it be the sick sadistic bastard who loves nothing more than fighting and beating people.  And until I get in that ring I don’t know myself.

As suddenly as it had started raining, it stops.  The bustle of people once again move on their merry way as Connor waves for another drink then addresses the camera once more.

Connor Murphy:  I may be talking a great game Kain or maybe just talking out of my ass but one way or another, I will be in that ring on Sunday and I will be taking the fight to you.  Now if you don’t mind, I am going to finish this meal then join everyone on the Hill for this Canada Day.  See ya Sunday.

With that, Connor reaches to turn off the camera sending the image to black.