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Show Cards / Underground Ep. 108 (CARD)
« Last post by Underground on September 27, 2021, 10:31:04 PM »

SCU Ep 108

Bojangles Coliseum, Charlotte, North Carolina

Sin City Underground Ep 108 comes to you taped in front of a sold out crowd at the Bojangles Coliseum, Charlotte, North Carolina. This episode will air on WGN and the Sin City Network at 11:55pm PST on October 2nd, 2021.

Friendly reminder, SCW General Manager Brooke Saxon made note of some strict rules to ensure the safety of fans, staff and the wrestlers alike;

1- Each ticket purchased will come with a safety bag. (A safety bag includes a company logo face Mask, one .5 oz bottle of hand sanitizer, and a pair of XL gloves. Masks must be worn in all areas of the building.

2- Tickets to all shows going forward will only be sold at the SCW shop and only available to the local residents in which the show is being held.

3- Tickets will be sold no earlier than 48 hours before the show. (For SCW, look at it as the promo deadline is when tickets go on sale for that show and SCU shows.)

4- Everyone entering the building will get screened to read their temperature.

5- All food sold going forward will be already wrapped. All drinks will now be sold only in cans or bottles. No fountain type drinks.

6- Food can only be consumed in the designated areas in which masks can be taken off temporarily. All merch bought at the event will be done by credit cards, the shops will no longer take cash.

Anyone not abiding by these rules will be removed and barred from all future SCW/SCU shows.

Men’s night has come and gone, and with that episode, all of the SEVEN matches for Ep 108 were announced with certain implications regarding the Pride Tag Team Championships, along with the GRIME Championship.  But tune in for information regarding the SCU Underground Championship on Episode 108!

10 Man Battle Royal
Andrew Borg, Earl Lockyer, Eric Weaver, Eyesnsane, Father Gerald Shepherd, HB Carter, Hitamashii, Jamie Staggs, Joshua Acquin, Stewart Mason

2 on 1 Handicap Match
Javier Gonzalez vs Jake and Jack Jeckel

10 Women Battle Royal
Azurine Vebbins, Chanelle Martinez, Chelsea LeClair, Chiaki Sanada, Halo Annis, Jane Harper, Katta Pult,
Morgan Clark, Tatsu Ikeda, Torilelle Jackson

2 on 1 Handicap Match
Skag vs Dying Breed

Pride Tag Team Contendership
Omasa Tazu vs Angel of Filth

Underground Championship
Cordelia Clark vs Kelli Torres

Main Event
Grime Championship Match
Amy Santino vs Winter Elemental
Character Building Roleplays / "This Is Me"
« Last post by Chelsea LeClair on September 27, 2021, 12:01:49 PM »
The scene cuts into Chelsea LeClair sitting on her living room couch. She appears to be in some bright spirits as she begins to speak.

Chelsea: Hi! So… yeah… I didn’t exactly get a chance at the gauntlet and there is this whole “no girls allowed’ show going on, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t take the opportunity for you all to get to know me better. So, like I’ve said before… I’m Chelsea LeClair and I am the new girl of SCU! Here’s the quick rundown of my wrestling career so far…


The production cuts to a picture of Chelsea and SCW Bombshells Internet Champion Andrea Hernandez being tag team champions together. Chelsea is using a voice over to narrate a series of pictures, starting with this one…

Chelsea: Yes, Andrea and I were tag team champions and best friends once upon a time. This of course, was before Andrea grew an ego! We were Sedona Sky and at that time, we were a pretty darn good tag team in GCW… what’s more?

The next picture Chelsea is to narrate is a backstage picture with herself, Andrea Hernandez and Myra Rivers.

Chelsea: Yep, that’s Myra Rivers alright. Like Andrea, a protege of hers. While I can corroborate some of the nasty shit Andrea has mentioned about her like how she abused her and I in GCW, unlike Andrea, I AM over it. Myra and I get along better now. It was a blessing that I got to be mentored by someone like her… even if I didn’t appreciate it at the time…

The next picture is Chelsea getting forcibly removed from a wrestling ring next to pictures of a random glass of alcohol and a bottle of pills.

Chelsea: Then… the hard times hit. Sedona Sky broke up. What I endured at that point drove me to drugs and I became a complete and total joke in the wrestling business. No seriously…

Next picture is of Chelsea being drunk at a party, then drunk Chelsea being on a stripper pole for no reason, then of Chelsea in the middle of a striptease for a wrestler she was stalking at the time.

Chelsea: first, I hated wrestling. I was using it to be a Hollywood star. Thank GOD I ditched that attitude by the way. And while that was going on…

A collage of pictures of Andrea’s success post-Sedona Sky comes on the screen…

Chelsea: My old tag team partner was flying high… and while it wasn’t her fault, it did make me feel like shit and drove me further into the ground….

A picture of Chelsea being drenched in rain with her belongings scattered on the street comes next…

Chelsea: Until I hit rock bottom! When I got fired from OCW… that was it. I didn’t feel like I had a career to stand on anymore. I thought things were never going to get better. But then, therapy… rehab… kicking some self destructive habits, being well enough to wrestle again, being motivated to ERASE all that… it has resulted in this…

Next picture: Chelsea as OCW Women’s Champion.

Then: Chelsea as GCWA North American Champion, followed by GCWA World Champion.

Then: Chelsea as the HKW: Underground Tapout Champion

Lastly, Chelsea with her second world championship in 2021.

Chelsea: Like a phoenix… and I know I am stealing Andrea’s OLD thing here… I rose from the ashes and I became a star in a way that I could never imagine. All of this? I managed to accomplish that in just under a whole calendar year! Suddenly, I became an inspiration to the hopeless. Suddenly, I discovered who I really am. Now, I know that my purpose in this life is to be that in this business!


The scene cuts back to Chelsea on her living room couch.

Chelsea: SCU, you’ve only seen a small sample size of what I am capable of. So far, so good! But as you have just seen, you haven’t seen anything yet. I am here to continue the inspirational, post-rock bottom success that I’ve had and there isn’t one of you in this locker room that is going to tell me that I am not capable of something. You can try, but I promise you this, I WILL prove you wrong. When I was at rock bottom, everyone wrote me off and I was considered the biggest joke in wrestling. But now? I’m the best that I’ve ever been and only getting better! Keep an eye on me! I have a feeling you are definitely going to like what you see!

Chelsea winks before she stands up and leaves the living room couch. After that, the production cuts.
Results / SCU presents... Underground Ep. 107 (RESULTS)
« Last post by Underground on September 26, 2021, 02:23:07 PM »
Underground Ep. 107: Men’s Night

North Charleston Coliseum

Sin City Underground Ep 107 comes to you taped in front of a sold out crowd at the North Charleston Coliseum in North Charleston, South Carolina. This episode will air on WGN and the Sin City Network at 11:55pm PST on September 25th, 2021

Show opens up with the cameras following Shorty backstage. Shorty looks to be looking for someone or something. While turning the corner he bumps his head into Mz Hollywood man parts.

Holly: Whoa, how about dinner first next time?

HBCarter: So who isn’t your type nowadays?

Holly: You still ain’t.

Shorty: Best head you’d ever get so move bitch, get out the way.

HBCarter: I’m seeing it now. This one is feisty.

Shorty: The only thing little is what’s between your legs.

HBCarter: Oh no you didn’t go there with me.

Shorty: Unless you can point me in Gianni’s direction, you’re useless.

Holly: What do you want with Gianni?

Jamie Staggs turns the corner and appears on screen.

Shorty: What's it to you toots?

Jamie: Yeah toots, what’s it to you.

Holly: Boy if you don’t piss off.

Shorty: I think this jackass prefers to get pissed on.

Jamie: Well, you know...

HBCarter: That’s nasty, and that's coming from me so you know you got issues.

Holly: He’s got issues alright.

Shorty: I’m looking for Gianni to ask him why this fucking penis has a match tonight and I don’t. What’s he have that I don’t?

Jamie: Wrestling skills.

Shorty: Is that what you call what you do in the ring?

Jamie: I face Jerry Cann tonight, I’m okay with you getting in the match. It will be more fun.

Shorty: It would be fun to kick your ass. I’ll be there, you or Jerry better not pussy out on me.

Jamie:  Scro, please.  But hey, good luck in your match, Holly and Carter.  Maybe we can celebrate after if you win.

Shorty:  No, Jamie. Good luck to you.  You’re gonna need it.

Shorty does an invisible Dick Punch on his way walking back out of the shot.  Jamie grins and looks at Holly, ready to flirt some more.

Jamie:  So, are you peeing on me, or what?

Holly sighs and she and Carter walk off screen.  Jamie holds his hand up to his ear in a “call me” motion.

Mz Holly Wood and HB Carter vs The Good Shepherds

Carter rushes across the ring at Borg, but Borg ducks underneath and grabs onto Carter’s neck, looking for a Neckbreaker, but Carter bumps butts with Borg.  He grabs Borg from behind, looking for a German Suplex, but Borg hooks his leg to block it.  He hits a Snapmare on Carter, locking on a Rear Chokehold.  Carter grinds his hips as Borg loosens his grip.  Carter throws his elbow back into the side of Borg’s head.  Carter then steps forward and nails a Pele Kick to Borg’s face.  Holly claps while Gerald rallies behind Andrew.  Andrew gets back up, as Carter jogs in place.  He goes for a Roundhouse Kick, but Borg catches the leg and plants him with an Exploder Suplex.  Borg tags in Gerald, who rushes in and begins stomping on Carter before he can get up.  Carter crawls toward his corner as Holly stretches her arm out.  Carter tries to go for the tag, but Gerald pulls Carter’s arm back, and he goes for the Ray of Light, but is cut short when Carter smacks him right on the ass!  He turns around and tags in Holly, who jumps over the ropes and lands a Bulldog on Gerald.  She goes for the cover, but Borg breaks it up at one.  Carter tackles Borg as the two roll around, brawling.  Holly pulls Borg out of the mix and whips him into the ropes.  The referee tries to gain control, ordering Carter and Borg back to their corners.  Gerald uses the distraction and nails a German Suplex on Holly.  He keeps hooked on for a second one.  He goes for a third one, but Holly flips out of it.  She stumbles and turns around, sweeping Gerald off of his feet.  She does a Split Leg Moonsault.  Borg gets inside and shoves Holly into her corner, forcing a tag.  However, Holly turns around and kicks Borg right in the groin.  She holds her hands up innocently as Carter sizes Gerald up.  As Gerald gets up, Carter leaps off with the Fruit Fly (Eclipse)! HB Carter and Holly Wood win via pinfall.

After Carter and Holly leave the ring, Andrew goes over to Gerald and shakes him a few times, trying to bring him back.  After a second, Gerald starts to wake up.  He slowly gets to his feet as he hears “I Know What Boys Like” playing, and he falls back against the ropes.  He brushes his hands through his hair, looking around.  He shakes his head and turns around to reach through the ropes for a microphone.

Gerald:  This is unacceptable.

The crowd gasps at Gerald’s outburst.  Gerald holds a hand up, almost apologetically.

Gerald:  We lost, yet again.  This is not what The Good Shepherds are about.  I assure you.  I am a former SCU Underground Champion.  Someone who has come oh so close to winning the Combat Championship.

Gerald points to Andrew who looks as if he is ashamed to have not captured the belt. He nods his head along with Gerald and pats his own chest.

Gerald:  Mz Holly and Carter are worthy adversaries.  Do not mistake that.  This losing streak is not acceptable to us.  We are better than this.  And moving forward, we will be better than this.

Gerald lowers himself to one knee, looking up at the ceiling, as if staring past it.  He points up as Andrew brings The Good Book over, holding it high behind Gerald.

Gerald:  I am making this promise before God Himself.  We WILL be better.  Oh Father, thou art in Heaven.  Hallowed be thy name…

“Take Five” plays over the speakers as the fans boo.  Gerald looks up at the rampway in annoyance as he slowly rises back to his feet.  Eric Weaver comes out with his own copy of The Good Book in his hands.  He slides inside of the ring as Gerald’s nostrils flare in anger.  Andrew takes a step forward as Eric holds the book up as if that were a defense.

Eric:  No, no.  Wait, wait.  I am not coming out here to interrupt you.  Instead, I’ve come out here to ask that you reconsider my offer to join you two.  I truly feel in my heart that I am meant to serve Him.

Eric points up at the ceiling.

Eric:  Your prayer, and your promise brought me out here.  I was moved by the Spirit.  And here I am.

Eric gets down on his knees, looking up at Gerald, and Andrew, and then the ceiling.

Eric:  I am your servant…

Gerald:  Get off your knees, son.  Prove that you are good enough to run with The Good Shepherds.  You have a match coming up against Alex Rush, so show us that you can benefit us by breaking your own losing streak, and we’ll think about it.

Eric:  You got it!

Eric goes to his corner as Gerald and Andrew leave the ring.  He begins stretching out as “Let’s Get Rocked” starts to play over the speakers and Alex Rush makes his way through the curtains.

Alex Rush vs Eric Weaver

Alex enters the ring with his signs, ready to start the match.  However, seconds into the dance, Eric grabs the signs and smacks Alex over the head with them.  Alex is stunned, but not hurt.  Eric brings Alex over with a Fireman’s Carry.  He wraps his legs around Alex’s neck, choking him.  Alex is eventually able to reach the ropes for the break.  Alex honks Eric’s nose, catching him off guard enough to whip him into the ropes, but Eric comes off of the ropes with a Spinning Back Elbow.  Eric dominates for most of the next few minutes with punches, kicks, and a High Angle Suplex.  That is, until Alex is able to catch a punch and he tickles Eric.  Despite the lack of giggles, Eric squirms.  He tries for a Short Arm Clothesline, but Alex ducks it and locks on the Choke on this Wad (Rear Naked Choke) and begins giving Eric noogies and flicking the nose of his mask.  After a moment Eric is left with no other option than to tap or continue to be painfully annoyed.  He tries to fight it, but he finally taps out. Alex Rush wins via submission.  Alex celebrates, causing Eric to get up and gain a cheap shot from behind.  He clubs Alex down to the mat, taking advantage of Alex’s backup not being around.  He gets up and leaves the ring with Alex busted up.

Backstage at the North Charleston Coliseum, the Jeckel Brothers are sitting against the wall.

Jack: Tonight it’s only me and my brother, and our former GRIME, Hitamashii, and our opponents are members of OTE.

Jake: OTE, it doesn’t matter which members of your team face us, your faith has already been sealed.

Jack: We understand that you are all decorated champions and good fighters, but we will show you why, we are the most feared men in SCU, tonight we will defeat you.

Javi appears on screen and stops to look at The Jeckels.

Javier: What up bitches, what’s up with Helena yo, she be looking fine sometimes.

Jack and Jake get up and look ready to attack Javi.

Javier: Yo, chill of fuckers, I said sometimes, other times, she be looking like...

Javi just shivers while making a sick face.

Jake: You got 3 seconds to get the hell out of my sight.

Javier: You touch me and Omasa will kick your ass, his ass, and Helena’s ass next week and every week going forward until she gets bored homez.

Javi looks Jack

Javier: You don’t look like you get much attention from the ladies so you might like Omassa getting all over you vato.

Jack: No one is scared of Omasa. She might be a badass but Helena already put her to sleep once.

Jake: Helena would be more than happy to give Omasa another L, in fact if you two can find a friend. The three of us will put you down.

Javier: Nah homez, Me and Omasa don’t need a third. We got this shit 2 on 3 fuckers.

Jake: I say we beat him down right here.

Skag appears on screen

Skag: I don’t think so. His ass is mine in a few minutes. You screw that up and you have to deal with Angel of Filth.

Jack: Your match is next, Javi’s lucky we have respect for Filth.

Jake: Don’t beat him to hard Skag, save some for us next week.

Skag: But of course.

Javier: I would tell you losers how wrong you are but my theme song is about to play, this vato has to go homez.

Number one Contendership for the Pride Tag Team Championship.
Javier Gonzalez vs Skag

Skag slides to the outside of the ring. Dylan yells at Skag to get back in the ring. Skag goes under the ring and pulls out a trash can full of weapons. Dylan goes through the middle ropes to order Skag to drop the trash can. Skag throws it in the ring then slides back inside the ring. Dylan slides in and grabs the trash can, a bat and pipe come out of the trash can while Dylan removes the trash can out of the ring, Skag slides in the ring as Javi grabs the pipe and kicks the bat to Skag for him to pick up. Dylan slides in the ring and yells at the both to drop the weapons. Skag swings at Dylan, Dlyan ducks while warning Skag. Dylan turns to Javi who swings at Dylan, the ref ducks again and yells at both men to drop. Javi and Skag ignore Dylan’s orders. Skag and Javi swing at Dylan at the sametime, Dylan runs out of the way and slides out of the ring calling for the bell as Dylan DQ’s both men. Skag and Javi start swinging at each other, the sound of the metal bat and pipe over take the crowd booing the referee discussion to DQ both men before the match had a chance to start. The loud bangs get the crowd excited as they wait for one to screw up and get knocked in the head with steel. SCU referees and security rush out to ringside to break it up. Head ref Ryan slides in the ring, Skag takes a swing, Ryan ducks. Javi swings and nails Skag with a cheap shot to the back of the head. Javi drops the pipe and gives Skag the Suck It taunt before leaving the ring.

*Recorded Earlier*

We go to the backstage area, with the set of “What’re You Gagnon?”, making it’s triumphant return after a few weeks off.  Liam is sitting with a cup of coffee in his hands, smiling at the camera.  Off to the left, we see the SCU Combat Champion, Andrey Azarov, with his belt prominently displayed on his right shoulder.  He looks like he’s bored being here.

Liam:  Hello, and welcome to another rousing edition of “What’re You Gagnon?” with me, your host, Liam Gagnon.  Sitting in with me this time is none other than Boris Badenov, the less interesting counterpart of Natasha.  Boris, welcome.

Andrey:  It is honor to be here with SCU Combat Championship on shoulder.  Less of honor to be here with second rate hack interviewer, ring announcer, and whatever else Liam is doing these days.  But, all publicity is good publicity.

Liam:  Tell that to your wife who gets passed around more than a stack of hotcakes at a lumberjack convention.

Liam smirks, and Andrey scowls.  He spits right at Liam’s feet.

Liam:  Ha, gross.  Anyway, let’s get serious for a moment.  This man here is Andrey Azarov.  Former Pro Boxing Championship Heavyweight Champion.  This man is truly a legend… in boxing.  His wrestling career has been defined by him getting married to a 12 year old boy in the middle of the ring while wearing a red mask.  Yikes on several bikes.

Andrey:  You only wish you could get more than 500 feet from 12 year old boy, Liam.  But this won’t happen second time, will it?  I think not.

Liam:  This one comes with the jokes.  I like him… about as much as I like cleaning out my asshole with a steel brush.  Now, let’s move on before some liberal Karen tells us what we can and can’t say.  Andrey, you have a big match tonight, arguably the biggest match of your career.  You are actually a champion, while SCU has decided to have a Clash of Champions Fatal Four Way for the GRIME Championship in the main event.

Andrey:  I am Combat Champion.  You say it is biggest match of career, but no.  Biggest so far already came when I got chance to fight for this belt.  And I won.  This is paramount.  No GRIME Championship match will outshine that night.  I am sorry to disappoint.

Liam raises his eyebrows.

Liam:  If you were truly sorry to disappoint, I’d think you would go back to PBC, or just flat out retire.  I mean, why would you of all people talk about disappointment like it’s not part of your everyday life?

Andrey:  I figured you would understand.  Every time you get naked in front of someone, you must know what this feels like.

Andrey holds his thumb and index finger close together for emphasis. Liam looks to the camera and looks surprised.

Liam:  Wow, isn’t that generous! I’m flattered.  Now, back to the match that has people far more interesting than you.  Stewart Mason, Earl Lockyer, and… and…

Andrey:  Joshua Acquin.  I thought you said people who are far more interesting than me.

Liam:  And I stand by that statement.  But, on a serious note, this match isn’t something to laugh at.  It’s got Stewart Mason, who is arguably the number one male competitor in SCU of all time.  Earl Lockyer, who has carried the tag division on his back for quite some time.  And the longest reigning TV/GRIME Champion in company history.  You’ve got some stiff competition.

Andrey:  I fear not.  Stewart will soon fall to someone younger, and people will forget about him.  If not for this Combat Championship, Esther and I would probably be Pride Tag Team Champions, and we would carry division so Earl won’t have to on his broken back.  And Joshua… well, I won’t say much for him that is negative.  He was robbed many times in GRIME, yet he conquered, and has become legend in Sin City.  It is clear that Earl and Stewart will work together.  Perhaps Joshua and I could do same?  I left GRIME on rocky terms, yes.  But, Joshua never bought into taking sides.  I respect that.  He did not need someone to come in and save him.  He did not need to fight dirty.  He just did what he does best.  He still became champion, and best one to date.

Liam:  So, are you done kissing his ass, or do you need another few minutes?

Andrey glares over at Liam.

Andrey:  Nyet. I might not be most honorable man in SCU, but I give credit where due.  And tonight could be like GRIME versus Team Canada… for old time sake, da?  Of course, it is every man for himself in end, but… strategy could work out well for both of us.

Liam:  I can’t argue that.  I will say that there’s just no way either of you would stand a chance on your own.

Andrey:  And this is where you are wrong.  Now, if you will excuse me, I must not listen to your doubts any longer.  I have second title to go win.

Liam watches as Andrey abruptly leaves.  He keeps his eyes on Andrey the whole time, until he leaves the area.  Liam slowly sips on his tea and then turns his chair back to face the camera directly.

Liam:  Well, you heard it here on “What’re You Gagnon?”  Andrey Azarov is looking to embarrass himself further, as if that were actually needed.  Anyway, until next time.

Liam signs off with a wave, walking off of the scene, mumbling under his voice.

Liam:  God, they don’t pay me enough to pretend I give a shit about some of these assholes…

OTE vs Hitamashii and the Jeckels

Dax and Hitamashii start things off as they circle each other.  They get the crowd behind the match, and Dax ties up with Hitamashii.  Hitamashii sweeps Dax off of his feet and does a Double Knee Drop.  He bounces off of the ropes and does a skid kick to the side of Dax’s head.  He lifts Dax up and sends him to the ropes.  Dax grabs onto Hitamashii’s arms to pull him in, but Hitamashii drops and slides, using Dax’s momentum to get him off of his feet.  He jumps onto the middle of the second rope and turns midair to land a Legdrop.  He gets a one count.  Hitamashii cackles before tagging in Jake Jeckel.  Jake picks Dax up and kicks him right in the gut.  He lands a Swinging DDT.  Jake rubs his elbow and then drops it to Dax’s forehead.  He goes for a cover, but Dax kicks out.  He lifts Dax up, and Dax charges him into the corner.  He tags in Rory.  Rory and Dax take turns stomping on Jake, getting him down to the ground.  Rory backs up and hits a Ridin’ Yo Face (Bronco Buster), flying a fake lasso as he does.  He finally gets up.  He stumbles right over to Jack and punches him in the face, dropping him to the outside and gaining a cheer.  As Rory turns around, Jake crams his hand into Rory’s mouth with a Mandible Claw.  He backs Rory into Jake’s corner.  He tags Jack in, and both Jeckels lift Rory onto the top rope, facing out, and then lift him up, dropping him to the mat hard.  Eyesnsane climbs in preemptively to break up the cover, but the referee stops him.  Eyes tries to get past him, but Dylan stands firm.  This allows Hitamashii to enter the ring with the signature Jeckels mallet, and hands it to Jack in good faith.  He nails Rory with it.  Hitamashii rushes at Eyes as Jake takes care of Dax.  With the ring clear of illegal competitors, Jack gets the cover on Rory. Hitamashii and The Jeckels win via pinfall.

We find ourselves inside of the office of Gianni Di Luca.  In front of him is a piece of paper, and his face is one large smile.

Gianni:  I’m not gonna take up much of ya time, but I got a few announcements I’d like to make regarding next week’s card.  Due to a certain mishap between a few of the “gentlemen” tonight, I want to make it known that certain things don’t fly with this GM.  And crownin’ contenders was one of the highlights of tonight, somethin’ I was lookin’ forward to.  Since Javier Gonzalez went about antagonizin’ The Jeckels, then failed to participate in the contendership match, he’s gonna get to face Jake and Jack in a handicap match.

The crowd cheers as Gianni takes a slight pause.

Gianni:  That’s right.  The three on two has turned into a two on one.  Because Omasa is gonna be busy as she goes one on one with Angel of Filth to determine the number one contenders for the Pride Tag Team Championships.

The crowd cheers louder as Gianni pauses once again to allow it.

Gianni:  Now, let’s not forget about Skag.  He wasn’t innocent either.  So to make up for his part in all of this, he’s gonna have a handicap match of his own as he takes on the Dying Breed, two on one.  As part of just seven matches to take place instead of our usual eight. Now, since I mentioned half of the matches, why don’t I go ahead and tell the entire card.  In the main event, Amy Santino will be defendin’ her GRIME Championship against none other than… Winter Elemental…

The crowd cheers yet again, much louder this time.  However, Gianni moves on quickly.

Gianni:  And let’s not forget about the Underground Champion, Cordelia Clark.  She gets to defend her belt against former Underground Champion… Kelli Torres…

The cheers are almost overwhelming, to the point that Gianni actually covers his ears.

Gianni:  Oh, and… we’re gonna have two separate 10 person battle royals, one for the men, and one for the women.  Why?  Because I fawkin’ said so, that’s why.  I love a good battle royal.  Anyway, tune in next week for all that, and let’s continue on with the show, shall we?

Jerry Cann vs Jamie Staggs vs “Shorty” Devin Tyler

Jerry gets the jump on Jamie, spinning him around and dropping him with a Spinning Neckbreaker.  Shorty charges at him, but Jerry nails a Back Body Drop that rocks the ring.  Jerry picks Jamie up and nails a Snap Suplex, right on top of Shorty.  He drops an elbow on top of Jamie, pinning Shorty and Jamie simultaneously.  He gets a one count.  Shorty crawls out from under Jamie and begins yelling at Jerry.  Jerry comes off the ropes, looking for a knee to Shorty’s head.  Shorty moves and smacks the leg out of the way.  He punches Jerry in the dick (Dick Punch City).  The referee warns him.  But with Jerry down, Shorty begins punching away at Jerry’s face.  He sends Jerry into the ropes, and as Jerry comes back, Shorty nails a headbutt to Jerry’s groin area.  He climbs onto the second rope and jumps off with a Cannonball.  He tries to go for the cover, but Jamie moves him out of the way.  He goes for the cover.  Shorty pushes Jamie off of Jerry and tries for the cover.  Jamie pulls Shorty away and the two engage in a staredown.  Jamie challenges Shorty to a Test of Strength, and the crowd laughs.  Jamie gets on his knees to even the playing field.  Shorty, however, punches Jamie in the face, sending him back down.  Shorty drops a headbutt right to Jamie’s groin, and the referee warns him again.  Jerry lifts Shorty up into an Electric Chair Slam.  He goes for the Cobra Clutch, but Jamie rushes him over the ropes.  As Jerry tries to come back in, Jamie hits a Baseball Slide.  He jumps up top and nails the Dumbass Drop on Shorty.  Jamie Staggs wins via pinfall.  He celebrates his way to the back, slapping hands with the fans as he goes to the back.

Dev is backstage with Earl and Stewart.

Dev: Tonight, both of you being champions are featured in a match for the grime championship.

Stewart: Dev, let me tell you this match is one the fans will be talking about for a long time, four of SCU's best in one match with one goal, prove who is the alpha male champion. Dev I’ve been champion many times in this great business, I’ve held the SCU championship more times than anyone, and I’ve wrestled everyone in this match even my buddy Earl , and you know what would be great to see tonight.

Dev: What?

Stewart: To see Earl walk out of here tonight GRIME champion, he’s been a standard in the tag division for a long time, it’s time for another singles title in Team canada,, now of course I just can’t let him win that’s wouldn’t be fair now would it.

Dev: No it wouldn’t, what about it Earl

Earl: I think Stewart is right, I mean I’ve never held a single title in SCU, tonight if it's my night, maybe I’ll walk out as Grime champion, and I hope you don’t make it easy Stewart, gotta give these great fans a show.

Stewart: No doubt, good luck buddy.

Stewart extends his hand to Earl who shakes it.

Earl: And the same to you buddy

Dying Breed vs The Monsitmals

Ivan and Raab start the match off as Sam and Garcia step outside.  Raab grabs onto Ivan’s throat, but Ivan kicks him in the stomach.  He removes Raab’s hand from his throat and kicks him in the gut once more.  He nails a DDT on Raab and then stomps a couple circles around him.  He steps back, and as Raab starts to get up, he goes for a low kick to the head.  Raab grabs onto his leg and then Clotheslines him to the ground.  He picks Ivan up by the throat.  He tosses Ivan into the corner and throws punches at Ivan until he sinks down.  He grinds his foot into Ivan’s throat.  He drags him by the foot to the center of the ring.  He lifts Ivan up and nails a Piledriver.  He gets a two count before Andrew breaks it up.  Andrew is able to drag Ivan toward his corner and Andrew makes the tag.  He charges in and nails a series of punches to Raab.  He hits a Double Underhook Suplex, getting a one count before Sam breaks it up.  Ivan Clotheslines Sam over the top rope, but Sam takes him over with him.  Andrew hits a Catapult to Raab into the corner.  He nails a Body Avalanche and then turns Raab around.  He kicks Raab in the stomach and sets him up for the Bust A Cap (Pedigree w/knee on back of head).  Sam tries to break up the pin, but Ivan stops him. Dying Breed wins via pinfall.  Sam kicks Ivan in the face and begins hammering away at him.  Andrew climbs outside and does the Trials and Tribulations (Crossface Chickenwing) until security comes out to break it up.

Joshua is in the back with his championship on his shoulder.

Joshua: I told you I would still keep this championship.  Tonight it is men’s night here in SCU.  So why not throw another championship defense for Joshua and his GRIME Championship.  If I was to look back at the championship defenses from when I won this championship you would see it seems like I have to defend this championship every week.  Now I should be happy that this company trust me to be able to defend this championship and be the one to bring the fans in.  But I enjoy causing pain to others so it’s not the matches that bug me it is that my championship is on the line week in and week out it seems.  But other champion’s titles are not on the line every week.  But I will take on anyone they place in front of me.

Joshua walks around while adjusting his championship.

Joshua:  This week I will not face just one man, but I will face three other men that want this championship around their waist.  I have beat all of them one on one and so the powers that be put them all in a match where I don’t even have to be pinned to lose my championship.  But it is like I always have said before I always have a champions advantage.

Main Event
Clash of Champions - Grime Championship Match
Earl Lockyer vs Stewart Mason vs Andrey Azarov vs Joshua Acquin

Liam:  The following contest is scheduled for one, is a Clash of Champions exhibition for the GRIME Championship!!!

The lights flash around the audience as they wait for the arrival of the next star.  The word "intoxicating" flashes over the screen and stage in many colors and fonts to the beat of the music.  Just then, “Intoxicating" by Infected Rain plays over the speakers as Andrey comes out onto the stage.  He is in full boxing gear from the pads to the rob to the gloves.  He jogs and boxes the air for a moment before throwing his robe off to the ground.  The ladies in attendance "ooh" and "ahh" at his appearance.

Liam:  Introducing next, from Chelyabinsk, Oblast, Russia, he is the SCU Combat Champion, the “Siberian Shadow Cyclone”… Andrey Azarov!!!

Andrey slowly moves down the rampway, drawing in the admiration, jealousy, and hate. Once down at ringside, he jogs up the ring steps. Esther walks over to the ring, holding onto his hand as she gets on the apron.  They meet for a kiss.  Esther then sits on the middle rope and Andrey enters.  He waves his arms around and roars, showing off his boxing gloves.  He settles into his corner and waits for the match to start.

Liam: Coming to the ring from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, standing at 6’5” and weighing in at 256lb, he is one half of the Pride Tag Team Champions… Earl Lockyer!!!

Earl steps on the stage walks to the ring and enter, a spotlight shine on the rings, and he gives the crowd an arrogant smile.

Liam:  Aaaaaand next, from Winnipeg, Manitoba, standing at 6’ and weighing in at 235lb, he is “The Bounty Hunter” Stewart Maaaaaaaaasonnnnnnnnnnn!!!

“The Hunter” by Mastadon begins playing over the speakers. Stewart Steps on the stage, wearing black pants and combat boots, with Black Handwraps, he takes in the reaction of the crowd, he walks to the ring. Stewart climbs the ropes from outside and points to himself then climbs down from the ropes, and goes to the center of the ring.

Liam:  And last, from Las Vegas, NV standing at 6’3” and weighing in at 227lb, he is your GRIME Champion… Joshua Acquin!!!

Judas Hits the PA as Joshua walks out from the back with boos from the crowd.  As he walks slowly to the ring he avoids all contact from fans.  Once in the ring he goes up to the middle rope of the turnbuckle, drawing boos from the crowd as he holds up his arms.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Rob:  Some might argue that Andrey and Joshua have the advantage here, as they come from GRIME Wrestling, which is all about hardcore wrestling.

Chad:  Going up against two veterans who have definitely had a hardcore match or fifty in their time.  Plus, this isn’t a tag match.  It’s every man for himself.

Rob:  Andrey and Joshua roll outside of the ring, and immediately pull out weapons.  Andrey has a kendo stick, while Joshua has a broomstick.  He cracks it over his knee.

Chad:  Earl and Stewart roll outside to the opposite end and they grab weapons, Earl has a steel chair, while Stewart grabs a sledgehammer.  All four men meet inside of the ring.

Rob:  Earl swings the chair at Andrey, who uses the kendo stick to knock it away.  Joshua swings one half of the broomstick at Stewart, but Stewart breaks the half, sending pieces flying.

Chad:  Andrey swings the kendo stick at Stewart, but this opens him up for a chair shot from Earl, knocking him down to the mat. Joshua uses the other half of the broomstick to knock Earl in the back of the head.

Rob:  Earl goes down, and Joshua and Stewart look to one another, perhaps a sliver of respect, both having had a victory over each other.  Stewart swings the sledgehammer, but Joshua ducks and nails a shot to the gut.

Chad:  He then swings it back around and knocks Stewart in the back of the head.  Earl is quick to get up to his feet and he knocks Joshua down with the chair.

Rob:  He bashes the chair against Joshua’s back twice.  As he goes down to get the cover, Andrey is quick to roll him up from behind!


Chad:  Stewart breaks up the cover.  He and Earl pick Andrey up and send him into the ropes.  As he comes back, they fling him with a Double Hip Toss, right on top of Joshua.

Rob:  Earl rolls Andrey off of Joshua, and he drops down for the cover.  But, before the ref can count to one, Stewart drops an elbow to the back of Earl’s head, breaking up the cover.

Chad:  He did tell us that he wasn’t going to make this easy for Earl, and it looks like he’s keeping that promise.  Stewart and Earl go toe to toe, exchanging punches back and forth.

Rob:  The crowd is loving this.  They go back and forth, and with the lack of rules, they are bare knuckle brawling with closed fists and all!

Chad:  Earl gets the upperhand in the exchange as he backs Stewart into a corner.  Meanwhile, Andrey slips outside and picks up a table.  He slides it inside.  Joshua starts to stir.

Rob:  Andrey and Joshua set up the table together.  They spin Earl around and they set him up for a Vertical Suplex, but Earl lands on his feet on the table.  He hits Joshua with a Dropkick to the face.

Chad:  Andrey trips Earl up, and he falls off of the table, favoring his knee.  The referee checks on him as he rolls around in pain.

Rob:  Andrey lifts Stewart onto the table.  He stands up and sets him up for the Shadow Cyclone version of the Paid In Full (Implant DDT).  Joshua cheers him on, too!

Chad:  Andrey nails it, going right through the table!  But before he can do anything, Joshua has the chair and he smacks Andrey across the top of the head, putting him down.

Rob:  Medical is coming down to check on Earl.  Joshua smirks wickedly as he falls against the ropes, enjoying the carnage.  He puts the chair on Andrey’s throat, choking him out as he leans casually.

Chad:  The crowd is booing him, but this only makes his smirk grow.  Andrey weakly fights against it.  Earl is being checked on.  Joshua goes to the outside to grab his GRIME Championship belt.

Rob:  He puts it around his waist as he rolls back inside.  I guess he’s just trying to make it easier for when he scores the win.

Chad:  He goes for the cover on Andrey!


Chad:  But Earl jumps on top to break up the cover!  The crowd cheers as Earl begins throwing punches at Joshua!  Vicious punches!  Like he stole from him!

Rob:  Earl lifts Joshua up and goes for the EL 91 (Michinoku Driver 2), but Stewart is able to make it to his feet and clobbers Earl with a broken piece of table, causing him to drop Joshua.

Chad:  Stewart nails the Paid In Full on Earl, but before he can hook the leg, Joshua cracks Stewart with the GRIME Championship belt against the side of the head, causing him to fall to one knee.

Rob:  Joshua nails the Nightmare 2 (Full nelson facebuster)!  He drops down quickly and covers Stewart!


Rob:  Andrey is stirring, and he gets to his feet, quickly making a beeline for the cover, but…


Ding! Ding! Ding!

Liam:  Here is your winner and STILL GRIME Champion… Joshua Acquin!!!

The crowd boos as “Judas” plays over the speakers.  Andrey drops to his knees as Joshua grabs up his belt.  Andrey slowly gets to his feet and walks toward Joshua, who gets in a defensive stance.  Andrey continues forward, but extends his hand to Joshua.  Joshua sneers, shaking his head.  Andrey continues to hold it out.  Joshua reluctantly shakes hands with Andrey, and Andrey raises Joshua’s arm, pointing to him as the show goes off the air.

Tune in next week for Underground Ep. 108!
Climax Control Archives / "Rediscovery"
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September 17th, 2021

After a few days in an Anchorage hospital, I was finally back in Miami. On the cab ride home from the airport, there was a feeling of guilt and of emptiness inside  and not necessarily because of the outcome of Violent Conduct.

“What has happened to me?” I thought to myself. “Why do I feel like I am so disconnected from myself? I’ve been feeling this way ever since I finally overcame my past. I managed to switch it off during Violent Conduct, but I feel like… I’ve betrayed myself…”

I paused to think for a little bit more, as my heart continued to seep in increasing guilt.

“When I first arrived in the mainstream, I wasn’t even close to being as hardcore as I’ve been in SCW. Sure, I took my career seriously but back then, I didn’t have a ‘reputation’ to live up to. I didn’t have those old burdens that I recently overcame weighing me down. I was able to turn off the wrestler and just be myself when I wasn’t inside a wrestling arena. God, I haven’t been able to turn off the wrestler ever since I came out of retirement six years ago. Have I really become so consumed in my career? Is this what is bothering me? I remember when I didn't have so many burdens on me…”

And so, I began to remember happier times…

Summer 2008

“Asia actually thought she had a chance to beat me in that ladder match two nights ago?” I said with a laugh in an Atlanta-area bar as I was celebrating with Jazmyn Rain, my best friend, and Adrianna, who I had only known for a few days up to that point. There was a championship, the WXWF Women’s Championship, on the bar table in front of me. “Some green as grass rookie? PFFFT! SURE!”

The three of us exchanged a laugh to ourselves.

“I’m SO happy for you!” Jazmyn exclaimed. “You went through so much and you finally won your first championship on the mainstream!”

“You’re DAMN RIGHT I did!” I said as Jazmyn and I tipped our glasses and took a shot of wine. Adrianna looked a bit shy having a glass of water, smiling as well. “Do you have the whole party planned back in Miami?”

“Of COURSE!” Jazmyn said with confidence. “We got the mechanical bull, the pinata, the open mic poetry contest booked, the DJ, the freestyle rap battle tournament secured…”

“Freestyle rap tournament…” Adrianna said meekly. “Mechanical bull… wow...”

“Sis, I want this huge moment for me to be celebrated in the biggest extravaganza EVER…” I said as I took another shot of wine. “It’s going to be an ALL NIGHT PARTY! Six at night all the way to six in the morning, I don’t give a FUCK!”

“Damn right!” Jazmyn said as she raised her hand. I smacked it with a high five and embraced her, giving her a kiss on the cheek.

“I love you so much Jazzy!”

“Aw! Love you too!”

“HEY, did you get the chippendales booked?”

“Are you DRUNK?” Adrianna asked me.

“Maybe… hahaha… Jazzy?”


“YES!!!!!!! The whole public is invited to my house… FOR FREE… well, technically not since I’m using my dad’s credit line to pay for everything BUT…”

“He’s going to be SO mad…” Adrianna said with concern.

“Lighten up Adrianna…” Jazmyn said. “The son of a bitch deserves it for all he put Myra through growing up. Can’t she have fun and you know, BE HAPPY?”

“Yeah sis… don’t be such a spoilsport. Have a drink… wait, you can’t because you’re only 20 hahahaha…”

Adrianna rolled her eyes.

“So are you going to dominate that freestyle rap tournament, Myra?” Jazmyn asked. My response was a confident scoff.


“I KNOW YOU ARE! You are the most amazing, splendiferous, super amazing, double decker sandwich, mega amazing… what am I saying?!?!?!”

“Jazzy, you’re SO wasted… hahaha!”

“So what are you going to dominate more, Myra? The mechanical bull or one of the chippendales? It’s a WILD RIDE either way!”

Adrianna rolled her eyes while I just laughed.

“Hahahahaha…..SHUT UP JAZMYN!” I said as I playfully pushed her.

“No YOU shut up!” Jazmyn playfully pushed back. “You’ll NEVER amount to anything in wrestling Myra because a bunch of empty JERKS in NSWA said so…”

“OH YEAH! They thought I’d amount to NOTHING… well FUCK THEM…”

“The WHOLE locker room, Myra? What the FUCK?”


“I’m out of here…” Adrianna said as she slipped away from the table


“Oh right, I AM one according to NSWA, RIGHT? HA! Proved THEM wrong! LOOOOSERS! You know who else is a loser?”



I playfully shoved Jazmyn so hard she nearly fell out of her chair.

“Bra and panties bar room brawl match, RIGHT NOW!”

“I’ll choke you out, Jazmyn!” I said with a drunken laugh.


Jazmyn and I had a hell of a time together as we continued to celebrate my first title win ever. While I was obviously way more immature at this stage of my career, I WAS having way more fun and I didn’t take my career so damn seriously. Just thinking back to this silly little memory made me feel more like myself…

Back to the present…

“When was the last time I was TRULY happy?” I thought to myself as the cab ride continued. “I didn’t treat myself at all when I won the SCW Bombshells Internet Championship. I didn’t treat my title defenses like that big of a deal. I dealt with them, I won them, and I moved on. I wouldn’t have even celebrated breaking the records that I did had Jazmyn not pushed me to do so. When was the last time I went out for an innocent drink or the last time Jazmyn and I went shopping together? When was the last time I took Adrianna out to spend some quality sister time without having to think about wrestling? It feels like all of that has been forever. Aside from my two year maternity retirement, I haven’t separated myself from my career in… gosh, a decade? I used to be such a sociable, happy, fun-loving person and I haven’t been that in so long.

Right now? I really wish I could be that person again…”

My train of thought was broken with the cab arriving at my home. I exited the cab and the driver was nice enough to pop the trunk open to allow me to remove my stuff. I did so and after paying my fare, the cab drove off.

“I’m not sad about losing to Amber again…” I thought to myself. “...but what if I am pushing myself too hard? Hanging onto awful times in my past caused that. I know I JUST let it all go… but I should’ve done that the moment I came back to wrestling. God, what have I cost myself by waiting so long to let it go?”

I was looking at the front door with an increasingly guilty, sad feeling pouring through me. My hand was shaking as I pulled my key out of my purse and nervously unlocked the door. Opening and entering, the first thing I saw was Adrianna sitting on her wheelchair.

There was awkward silence when I shut the door and I saw right away she was looking at me. During this staredown, that guilt just grew. I began to walk toward her and I could see she was already looking sad. I was in for a surprise when she stood up from her wheelchair and embraced me. She buried her face in my shoulder and started crying, leaving me numb and not knowing how to process anything.

“I wasn’t sure I’d ever see you again…” she told me, making my heart sink further. We broke our embrace and I was still numb and stunned.

“Adrianna, I’m sorry I couldn’t win that match. I tried and…”

“That’s not what you should be apologizing for…” she said, catching me off guard. “You should apologize for what you put me, what you put Kimberly and what you put EVERYONE that cares about you through when you fought that match. I know it wasn’t your choice to compete in that, but GOD DAMN IT, MYRA! I thought your career was going to be over! I was so worried that you were permanently paralyzed, disfigured or SOMETHING! You didn’t bother to call, or to answer any calls anyone made to you, or anything! No, you’re too busy in the ER probably crying about how you lost that match. I know it means the world to you, but I DON’T GIVE A FUCK if you lost that match! You could’ve been disfigured… or worse… KILLED!”


“The ring fucking exploded, Myra! I actually thought you were either going to die or that you were already dead!!!!” Adrianna blurted this out as tears streamed down her face. “You left me worrying for DAYS! Why didn’t you communicate with me, or to anyone that cares about you, as soon as you woke up? Why leave us worried sick? Do you realize how horrible Kimberly cried herself to sleep on Sunday because she thought you were dead? Get that through your head, Myra! You are her only living parent! There comes a point where you just need to stop killing yourself over your wrestling career and doing things like that! Being a MOM and watching Kimberly grow up is WAY more important than a World Championship! How can you be so IGNORANT?”

“I’m here now. Isn’t that important? I’ll recover from this. I’ll get back in the ring soon enough. I’ll bounce back from this. You know I can and will. You know I’m not going to be done pursuing the world title…”

“No… NO! I DON’T want to hear that speech right now! Seriously! I don’t! For better or worse, I have supported your career all of these years even in the instances where it has negatively affected our relationship, but nearly getting yourself killed at Violent Conduct crosses the line for me! I can’t support your career anymore, Myra! For YOUR fucking sake… and most of all, for KIMBERLY’S sake… you need to be done with wrestling…”

“WHAT?!?!?!!” I said, in shock and denial. “Am I being punked right now? Did I just hear that from YOU of all people?”

“DID I NOT MAKE MYSELF CLEAR ENOUGH?” Adrianna screamed. “WHY put yourself through this? For what? A world championship? Those come and go, but the bond with a child is FOREVER, Myra! I’m not telling you to retire because you can’t go anymore. I’m telling you to retire because wrestling has done nothing but DESTROY YOU for YEARS without YOU realizing it!”

“What are you talking about?” I asked with a soft, quivering voice.

“Like I haven’t noticed how you’ve changed over the last 10 years? I HAVE noticed! Everyone’s noticed. Nobody wanted to say anything, but the fact of the matter is, you have allowed wrestling to change you. The Myra I met would’ve thought twice about being in a match like that, but no, YOU jump into that with Amber because you’re so DESPERATE for a world title, acting like without it, you can’t validate your career. That is NOT the Myra that I met. That is someone that has allowed her career to change her… for the worse…”

I was still quite stunned by what I was hearing.

“When I met you Myra, you had FUN every now and then. Sure, you were annoying in a ‘big sister’ sort of way here and there, but you left your career IN the ring. You took time out of your day to live your life. Now? You’re so hyper focused on your career 24/7 with all of those unneeded extra training hours and taking FOREVER to let go of your worst heartbreaks ever that I don’t even RECOGNIZE you anymore…”

“You don’t need to be so harsh…”

“Yes I DO, Myra, because at this point it’s the only way you are going to get it. I want the old, happy, FUN Myra back! I want the sister that I got to hang out with at the movies, or some carnival, or some amusement park every once in a while and we got to talk about… you know… LIFE! But no, you’re all about WRESTLING and your career as if you’d DIE without it.”

“How long have you been feeling like this?”

“Ten years…” Adrianna mentioned, further shocking me. “Over time, even when things are going well for you, I’ve observed you becoming progressively more miserable. I hate to say it because it’s your dream, but wrestling, especially SCW with  how competitive and intense it is, has made you a miserable, unhappy person that can never be satisfied with anything. You are exactly what you have accused Amber of being…”

“...that can’t be true…” I said. “I was so happy doing what I did with the Internet title for so long and…”

“If you were, how come you don’t even TALK about that anymore? Right, because you lost that to Amber and it means nothing to you anymore…”

I raised my eyebrows, still expressing surprise. It shocked me when I thought ‘holy shit, she’s right’ to myself without my conscience even bothering to fight it.

“When I was on maternity retirement, I was miserable. If I didn't have my wrestling career… I don’t know what I have left…”

“Happiness. Relief. Freedom from burdens you’ve carried for years…”

“Adrianna, seriously…”

“Just let me make my point.” Adrianna pleaded as more tears fell down her face. “Can you PLEASE listen to me for ONCE? As a sister, can you do THAT much for me?”


“Miserable without wrestling? You’ve been progressively miserable WITH wrestling: all the crap you did in GCW when you severed your friendship with Jazmyn… and you’re LUCKY she forgave you by the way… the fact that even as recent as Summer XXXtreme, you were acting like losses were this HUGE SETBACK! OH MY GOD! END OF THE WORLD… the fact that you feel like a failure and that the good things you’ve done mean nothing because of one setback and you act like you have to start over from square one… the fact that you are ALWAYS hard on yourself to the point where if ONE thing goes wrong with your career, you lock yourself up in your room, or at the gym, and keep your distance from me, Jazmyn, Scotty, my twins, YOUR DAUGHTER… GOD Myra, if only you could count how many times Kimberly expressed sadness that you isolated yourself over your career…”

My internal guilt grew as Adrianna paused. A few sobs were coming out of her and I was beginning to feel her pain and her heartache.

“Why is nothing ever good enough for you? You’re not doing it on purpose, but why do you have to push everyone away for the benefit of your career? I understand that SCW is competitive as hell and that it’s the hardest company you’ve ever wrestled for, but why do you HAVE to be so sucked in? Why did it have to take you SO LONG to get over the Luciana thing? I’m glad you finally did, but WHY so long? Your mother retired from wrestling to raise you and to be the best mom she could be for you. Why can’t you make that same sacrifice? What is WRONG with leaving your career as it is when you’re doing this for yourself and your own well being and most importantly, for your DAUGHTER? Because a few SCW Bombshells like Kate, Andrea, Bea, Alicia, Amber and so forth would tear you down and judge you for it?”

“It’s not about that…” I said, the quivering still in my voice. “...I just don’t want to retire without one more world title. I don’t want my last world title to be something that I won by cheating and interference. I don’t feel like my career is complete without that.”

“So your Internet title reign is irrelevant?”

“I never said that…”

“Myra, that ONE title reign MORE than atones for that. That reign is the longest reign in the history of the division for ALL the titles. If you were to retire now, that’s what you would be remembered for. THAT is your mark on SCW AND the division! YOU left that. NOBODY can take that away from you. If you were to retire tomorrow, would THAT being your last reign be the worst thing? That reign was the best title reign of ALL 19 you’ve ever had…”

“I agree…” I said, pausing. I was becoming overwhelmed with guilt at this point as I went to the couch to sit down. “When I was growing up… and when I wanted to do this… fifteen year old Miranda Lynette Rivers wanted to be a wrestler just to follow in her mother’s footsteps. I wanted to go mainstream, which she never got to do. I didn’t care about titles so much. I just wanted to make it… for her…”

“You’ve done everything you’ve ever wanted and THEN some, Myra. I know it’s tough and that this is what you love in your heart, but you know in that same heart that your career has made you miserable and really changed you in ways you never wanted to change.”

“I am so sorry, Adrianna…” I said with a guilty sigh, the numbness in my soul beginning to wane. “I’m sorry that I put you, Kimberly and everyone else I cared about through the ringer at Violent Conduct… and not just that… for what I’ve put EVERYONE through over the years being so hyper focused on my career and living up to a certain reputation by winning titles and beating anyone in front of me and focusing SO much on conquering everything under the sun and hanging onto the past to the point where I completely neglected myself… my own well being… and most of all, my relationships with the people I love. I never meant to hurt you… or anyone I care about…”

“It’s for your own good, sis.”

“You’re right…” I admitted, tears of my own filling up realizing that it felt right and that it felt like it was time. “I’ll call the office in the morning and… I’m never wrestling again. I don’t want to give up something that I love, but I also don’t want to hurt the people that I love even more. You’re right. For the last 10 years? I’ve been wrestling under a cloud of misery I had no idea was hovering above me until you mentioned it. I’m doing the right thing. No more wrestling…”

“Mommy… no….”

As if the surprises couldn’t be over just yet. Kimberly, my seven-year-old daughter, was standing at the base of the stairs. She looked incredibly sad over what I just said and her sadness broke my heart.

“Kimmy, I have to…”

“But I wanna wrestle too… just like you…”

This caught Adrianna and I BOTH by surprise.

“Come here…” I told her. She didn’t hesitate to listen as she came to the couch and curled up into my arms. “I’m sorry…”

“I know you’re not home all the time, but seeing you wrestle makes me happy! It’s like I have a superhero as my mom! If you were to stop, I’d be so sad!”

Feeling her tears spread in the crook of my elbow brought the tears out of me too.

“It’s a tough career…” I told her. “But if this is what you want to do, I support you.”

“Don’t quit, mommy!”

I was feeling conflicted knowing that Adrianna was right, but Kimberly was happy to watch me wrestle.

“I’m sorry you had to see that…” I told her, referring to Violent Conduct. “ there anything I can do to make it up to you?”

“Don’t quit…” Kimberly repeated. “I don’t want you to quit.”

“Adrianna…” I said as I looked toward my sister who was equally conflicted. “You’re right… but you know I don’t want to let her down. You’re right that Kimberly comes first… always… and that includes this instance. I’m sorry, but if I retire? I’m only letting her down and I can’t do that. Kimmy, I’m not quitting… but only because of you, okay? You’re the reason why I’m going to keep going…”

Kimberly hugged me tighter while Adrianna didn’t know what to say at first.

“I understand…” she said. “...promise me you will take everything we talked about into consideration. Promise me you’re going to find the happy, fun, vibrant sister that I met 13 years ago and that you are going to quit centering your whole entire life around your career. Promise me that you’re going to do better in separating yourself from this. Promise me you are going to stop basing your whole entire self-esteem on what happens in that wrestling ring.”

I took a deep sigh of relief with Adrianna relenting even though she had wanted me to consider ALL of the amazingly strong points she made.

“I promise…” I told her. “ are absolutely right in everything you told me today and from now on, I AM going to be better and I’m NOT going to base my entire self-worth on my career.”

“Good…” Adrianna said as she began to head toward the stairs, kicking over her wheelchair in the process. She stopped at the base of the stairs. “...and Myra?”


“Never… EVER wrestle that kind of match again! Don’t you EVER put us through the emotions we felt a second time!”

Adrianna went upstairs, albeit slowly having just been able to walk on her own again. I was alone with Kimberly on the couch at this point and I could feel her happiness that I decided to continue my career after all.

“Come on…” I told Kimberly. “Let’s go get some ice cream!”


Kimberly’s excitement over something as simple as ice cream brought a pure joy into my heart… a rare non-wrestling related joy that I was already wanting to experience more often…

Later that night…

After I had put Kimberly to bed for the night, I was down in my basement… largely empty after I had auctioned off so much of my memorabilia on the Summer XXXtreme cruise for Adrianna’s medical care. I was looking through an old photo album, remembering some happy, fun times.

There was a picture of Jazmyn Rain and I, both 16, at a Halloween party where she was Poison Ivy and I was Wonder Woman, and I had her in a playful chokehold...

A picture of Adrianna and I where we were smiling over the first lunch we ever had together back in 2008…

A picture of all three of us on my 24th birthday that same year where the three of us were giving the middle finger to a life size picture of my father that we plastered in paint, and with a “Fuck yourself” written in marker by me right on his face.

A picture of Jazmyn and I having a day at the mall when we were seventeen, laughing after we silly stringed a boy at an arcade inside the mall…

And lastly a picture of me spilling champagne all over Adrianna on her 21st birthday while both of us were having an amazing time. I sighed, still feeling some of that guilt from earlier.

“There was never anything wrong with that fun, social person I was…” I said with regret. “I’m sad that I lost sight of that person. But it happens to the best of them in this business. I got too wrapped up in it… but from this moment forward, I am going back to the basics… and I WILL find and BE that person again…”

At this point, I closed the photo album and reflected further on those happy, fun times… all while pondering how I was going to achieve this greater balance that my heart was increasingly desiring…

September 24th, 2021

I was back inside the old training ring inside of Scott Lockley’s old wrestling school, sitting on the edge of the apron and reflecting on some things as I took in the atmosphere of where I began my wrestling journey nearly twenty years ago. While part of me was still feeling Violent Conduct, it wasn’t enough to bring me down, physically or emotionally. I quickly glanced at some pictures of myself from my training years where I was bubblier and happier before I expressed my thoughts to the camera in front of me.

“I know what you must be thinking. How? How can I wrestle a match two weeks after THAT? I admit, I was surprised that I found out I was booked against Bea Barnhart this coming weekend so soon after something so violent, but if you think I’m about to back down just because I might not be 100% and because I lost to Amber again, then you’re only fooling yourself. The last couple of weeks have been something else for me because I admit it… for a while? I really felt empty… and not because of Amber… but because I had to stare a loved one in the face as they PLEADED with me to retire. That… it shook me up more than the loss itself. I recently realized through all of this that I’d been weighing myself for SO long because of my former inability to let go of the past and the fact that I was pushing myself too damn hard to my own detriment. That’s why I am back where it all started. The fact of the matter is, you people here in SCW don’t REALLY know me because I’ve kept to myself the entire time I’ve been here. I’ve ALWAYS been driven with my career without ever so much even providing a hint of who I really am. Hell, all the crap I was spewing at Amber about how she wasn’t happy with anything? That was actually ME. I’ve spent FAR too long tormenting myself over stupid nonsense… and I’m done! From this moment forward, I am slowly going to show you who I really am in and out of the ring and damn it, I am not going to hide anymore!

This week? I begin to go BACK TO BASICS and I begin to rediscover who the fuck Miranda Rivers truly is! I don’t care if I may or may not be 100%, I’m NOT backing down nor giving up and Bea, if you think you’re going to just walk into my home state and get a victory over me, playing the role of vulture just because of what I went through two weeks ago, then you can FORGET IT! It’s fitting that I am going back to basics and bettering myself and my well-being by doing so by competing against and wrestling against, one of the most BASIC BITCHES in this company. Bea, you have NEVER had respect for ANYONE. All you do is turn the camera on, talk the same old shit every single week and more often than not, FAIL to deliver! The sad thing is, you remind me of me when I first started. I was that same bitch that you are now that talked a lot of shit, tried so hard to piss everyone off, tried too hard to be FUNNY and that not many took seriously. I have been that rookie, or relatively inexperienced wrestler, that acted like she was BETTER than she really was… just like YOU do on a near weekly basis. However, you want to know the biggest difference between rookie me and you, Bea?

I backed it ALL up… maybe not at first, but I DID! I GAINED experience, just like you have Bea, but like my trainer Scott Lockley once taught me, it’s not the experience that matters, but it’s what you do to grow from it. You’ve been here for how long now, Bea? And aside from a fleeting, two-week reign with the Mixed Tag Titles, what have you even DONE to carry yourself the way you do? You came into SCW being a trash talking, basic bitch that acted like she was better than everyone and had everything it took to be successful right away… and now… you STILL are! For all the experience you’ve gained, you haven’t EVOLVED at all. The reason why you haven’t progressed as much as other Bombshells here, and the reason why you’re not beating me on Sunday, is because YOU LEARN NOTHING from your mistakes and you grow NOTHING from your experiences. You recently had a chance to beat Amber, you didn’t. You went into that match CLEARLY violating the BASIC rule of this business of KNOWING YOUR OPPONENT because you constantly said Amber had a ‘limited mental capacity’.

If you actually had any PASSION for what you do, you’d KNOW that’s not true.

The BEST example that proves that you learn NOTHING from your mistakes is your recent match with Seleana Zdunich. You would think losing to her twice would’ve taught you something, but there you go again rattling off the same basic nonsense talking about how you talk FACTS. Really, Bea? You talk FACTS? Amber having a ‘low mentality’ isn’t fact. Amber NOT taking the world championship seriously isn't a fact. It’s a pathetically wrong statement you pulled out of your ass because you didn’t even bother to know or to learn what she is all about. You getting disrespected by the other wrestlers out of jealousy is a fact? What is there to be jealous about? The fact that you’ve never been a singles champion? Your mixed tag team title run that only lasted two weeks? The fact that you haven’t evolved one bit since coming to Sin City Wrestling? Losing to Seleana three times? I get it, when I had your level of experience, I was that delusional too, but I grew the hell out of it… and even then, I was in my early 20’s. You are in your THIRTIES like I am and you’re acting like you’re still in high school with your shallow promotional material and the occasional stupid skit that you do that isn’t funny whatsoever. It’s like you WANT to make a joke out of this business. You even insinuate that Seleana has an attitude, a smart mouth and is arrogant…


Seleana may have her moments, but she’s NONE of that and again YOU would know that if you actually took the time to know that. You’re even trying to discredit Seleana’s success by insinuating that she got it all handed to her. THAT is “fact”? Seleana being just like the mean girls you grew up with is a FACT? That’s not fact… that is NONSENSE coming from someone who CLAIMS she is no-nonsense when the reality is, every time she comes on camera and cuts a promo, all she speaks is nonsense and you ACT like this delusional, fact-twisting, wannabe tabloid style NONSENSE is going to get you anywhere, but all it’s gotten you is going around in circles. You would think that losing to Seleana twice would’ve taught you something, but you went into that match with her at Violent Conduct with the SAME ATTITUDE you had the first two times… and you lost again. Every single time you go out there and wrestle, SURE you GAIN experience, but what the fuck do you do with it? You waste it. You waste it because you’re still doing the same old thing, showing no ability or willingness to evolve and grow. You are one of those wrestlers in this division that goes through the motions, sits there, waits to get booked, waits for an opportunity to pretty much be given to her, and doesn’t apply the time and effort into her craft to get better. If you DID, Bea, you would’ve beaten Seleana at Violent Conduct, you and Bill would’ve held the mixed tag titles more than two weeks and perhaps, you would’ve become the Bombshells Roulette Champion, but no, you’re just complacent, doing the same old shtick again and acting like you’re better than you really are when you barely have the receipts to prove it.

You WASTED a huge opportunity with the Mixed Tag titles to show what you were capable of. You and Bill shocked the world when you won those things and it was YOUR chance to prove it wasn’t a fluke and to GROW with those titles but instead, you REMAINED complacent, figured that what you brought to the dance was going to be good enough and you didn’t HAVE to evolve or grow and that you’d be okay in your first defense. THAT type of attitude is what cost you those mixed tag team titles and it is THAT kind of attitude that has left you massively STAGNANT in your career. You brag about gaining more experience over time when you were about to face Seleana, but what good is experience when you learn nothing from it? Tell me Bea, what is ONE thing you have learned as a professional wrestler in Sin City Wrestling that you didn’t already know before you signed on the dotted line? Can you answer that? No. But I can! I’ve learned A LOT! I’ve learned that I am strong enough to overcome ANYTHING and ANYONE thrown at me and that, in turn, has boosted my confidence and made me the best wrestler that I have ever been. I’ve been HUMBLED in REALIZING… especially very recently… that I weighed myself down by never being TRULY happy with what I do and pushing myself too hard. I’ve LEARNED that loving, nurturing and trusting yourself goes so far in this business and in this life. I’ve learned that a loss in a huge match ISN’T the end of the world, not just because I’m beyond good enough to win those more often than not, but because not even the WORST loss of my career ended it. I have learned my biggest strengths and my biggest weaknesses during my time here and I have applied what I have learned in every single match I have fought.

This match for me? I’m applying what I learned from my recent experience. You won’t see me in that ring putting too much pressure on myself and worrying about a reputation to defend because I am NOT making that mistake anymore. I’m going to show you Bea, that I am done being that wrestler that would burden herself over the dumbest nonsense and hold herself back from her fullest potential because of it. This is not going to be the same old Myra that would deliver a dissertation about the hard times of her past. I’m DONE living in that! I am DONE going around in circles, just like you have done your whole career here. I will SHOW YOU what I have learned from my Amber Ryan experiences and you are going to know first hand that I am not whatever you may slander me to be to anyone else that even bothers to listen to what you say. This match begins the rediscovery of the person that I am at my core and while I’m NOT done with the world championship, my focus is YOU and YOU alone. My focus is showing that I am NOT about to be written off and NOT about to head into the darkness. My focus is remembering why the fuck I fell in love with this sport to begin with and YOU, one of the most complacent Bombshells on the roster, are a PERFECT opponent for me at this time because I KNOW going into this thing that you don’t have the desire that I do to be better, you don’t have the HUMILITY to look within yourself the way I do to acknowledge your mistakes and realize what you are doing wrong and you damn sure don’t have the INTELLIGENCE to fix your mistakes because you REFUSE to acknowledge them at all. I can’t even think of ONE time where you humbly admitted someone else was better than you, Bea. Oftentimes you act as if the loss never happened or that it was nothing and it was just more ‘experience’ for you.

How the hell can you grow as a wrestler with THAT kind of attitude?


You don’t.

And I’m not bullshitting you on that. Take that from someone who once acted JUST like you. I remember being just like you and THINKING I never had to improve anything and that what I learned naturally and what I inherited from my mother alone was going to be enough. GOD was I wrong. I had to lose… a LOT… when I first started. I had to endure some hell. I had to look inward and realize what I was doing wrong… something that you have NEVER done… and you know what happened when I finally stopped being someone like you and stopped being so fucking ignorant of my shortcomings? I started winning, I started getting BETTER, and I started GROWING into the wrestler that I am today and ALL I had to do was humble myself enough to learn from your mistakes. It wasn’t just ‘experience’ that got me going… it was the dedication to do whatever it took to get better… it was the humility to learn what I was doing wrong… I grew and evolved and went from acting like the stupid, spoiled rich girl my dad brainwashed me to be after my mother died to embracing the journey that I HAD to take… that I didn’t want to at first… to become one of the best of my own generation. Someone like you… who just refuses to understand what the business is all about… is a perfect opponent for me to start the process of me rediscovering why I fell in love with this and why I became so successful in the first place.

So what’s it going to be, Barnhart?

Are you going to come into this match actually motivated to show something? Are you actually going to show the world anything new? Are you going to show that you have a true passion for this business and that you actually want to EVOLVE beyond what you already are? Or are you just going to continue to go in circles, stay stuck in place, come out with the same old shtick, come out talking the same old crap, come into this match talking nonsense showing that you know NOTHING about me, deride me for “low intelligence” like you do with every opponent and threaten to kick my ass and talk about how you’re going to do that just like you do every single match?

A betting man should bet on the latter, Bea. Honestly. But either way? Even though I’ve been through so much, even though I met the death of my career right in front of my face, even though I am only two weeks removed from the hell of Violent Conduct, I AM going to beat you Bea, because I WANT this more than you do and because I WANT to CONTINUE to be better! I want to show this company and show the world why I am one of the strongest, most resilient and most passionate people on the roster and why no setback is EVER going to make me go away. This business has done SO much to me, for better and for worse, for the positive in uplifting me to the greatest heights confidence wise and for the negative for shattering my soul many times over and yet, I am STILL here because I LOVE this and I’m NOT going to give up on what I want to achieve just because I’ve faced and endured hell.

This Sunday?

It’s the start of my journey to rediscover what makes me what I am…

And THAT, Bea… is coming from the heart I have ALWAYS had for this business!

Mark my words SCW… once I finish my journey of rediscovery and I find every piece of who I truly am…

I WILL be that world champion that I know in my heart I will always be capable of being as long as I have a say in it…

But first? The beginning of that journey… and that journey starts this Sunday against you Bea.

I made a signal to my camera guy to cut off the camera, which he does. I picked up a picture of myself from the day I graduated from Scott Lockley’s wrestling school and observed how joyful I was at the time. It brought a smile to my face that made me more determined than ever to be my very best…

“I will find you again…” I told the picture. ‘I promise…”

I set it down… and began to reflect some more...
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It’s been a wild week thus far for Violet Amelia Holt. This past Tuesday, she had a match in Detroit, Michigan and this Sunday she will be gracing her hometown fans for the first time since she left Dog Pound Wrestling. It’s getting to close to bell time as Violet is sitting inside the small office that belongs to her father. The Amway Center was rocking as Thursday night Flash had taken over for the night.

”I can remember when I first appeared on Flash. It was like a dream had come true. I had just graduated from the academy and it was time to put up or shut up,” Violet quietly says to herself while her baby sister is off in the corner preparing for a match of her own. This was Shelby’s first shot at the DPW Women’s Television championship. Violet watched her sister warm up as their father walks back into his office.

”What’s up pop?” Violet asks as he walks over towards his desk.

”Not right now Vi, I have to find my pliers,” he answers a little frazzled after a wire that connects their sound system to the PA system had split into two separate segments. Shelby watches her father rummage through his desk when the middle child and current DPW World Women’s Champion steps into the room.

”What the hell is taking so long old man? Don’t you know that I have adoring fans who want to see my perfect face,” Grace Ellen Holt rudely speaks to her father. Violet’s eyes narrow in on her sister as Grace cocks one eyebrow up. ”Who the fuck are you looking at Violet?” Grace asks while placing one hand on her hip.

Violet rolls her eyes while scooting her chair out before standing up to her feet. ”I’m looking at a self-centered twat who only thinks of herself,” Violet answers while grabbing her leather jacket that was lying across the back of her chair.

”You’re just jealous that I am more successful than you will ever be in this business. Not to mention, I am the hotter sister,” Grace coos as Violet looks right her.

”Jealous? Just what in the fuck do I have to be jealous about huh? I’m wrestling in two major wrestling promotions while you are sitting down here pretending to be a tough bitch when you are nothing more than a fraud,” Violet fires back as Grace just holds up the championship belt that is in her hand. Violet laughs. ”You know damn well that the only reason you have that belt is because Sapphire Delgado or myself isn’t here,” she adds with a smirk on her face.

Anger slowly begins to build up inside Grace as Violet gives Shelby a fist bump before walking out of the office. Grace starts to cuss and scream as Violet continues to laugh while closing the door behind her. The moment she turns to walk down the aisle, she is met by her former best friend Tiffany. ”What the fuck do you want?” Violet asks while trying hard not to clinch her fists into tight balls.

”Are you really going to hold that shit against me? It was five fucking years ago,” Tiffany says as Violet shakes her head.

”You seriously going to say that too me after what you and Trevor Kingston did to me. Do you really think I’m just going to forgive a whore like you?” Violet replies as Tiffany shakes her head with a fake disappointed look on her face. Violet can see the total lack of respect on Tiffany’s face. Violet takes a deep breath before cold cocking Tiffany right across the face.

Tiffany stumbles backward as Violet just walks off while acting like nothing happened. A sick smile creeps across Violet’s lips while thinking of ways she could ruin Tiffany’s life. While she is doing so, a picture of Bella Madison pops into Violet’s head as she stops mid stride.

”What the fuck is this shit? Why am I thinking about the one person who has yet to beat me one on one in SCW? I am well aware that we have a match on Climax Control. I’m actually looking forward to stepping back into the ring but Bella Madison isn’t quite ready for the hell that I’m going to put her through,” Violet speaks while resuming her walk down the hallway.

Violet waves at some of the crew who is working hard but flicks off several wrestlers who are just standing by doing nothing.

”Before my self imposed vacation, my career in SCW had grown stagnant. I had lost focus on what was important to me. I went from wanting to be the fucking best to just expecting my place in the company. That didn’t sit well with me. Now that I have returned, my focus is now clear. While every bombshell wants to be the roulette champion. My sights will be firmly on becoming a world champion. The road won’t be an easy one but once I handle my light work in Bella. Then everything should fall into place,” Violet continues while turning the corner and stopping at catering. She sees the long ass line for the hamburgers and takes a seat at one of the empty tables.

”I am not stupid. I know we are going to be fighting in the happiest place in the world. Hell, I’m pretty sure this will be the first fight Mickey will enjoy after dealing with Donald and Goofy. I also know that Bella has been on a roll but that came to an end at Violent Conduct. How many times will she get a shot at the Roulette championship before she realizes she’s not good enough to win? I’ve held that belt once. Would I love to have it again? Fuck yeah! However, I know full well that beating Bella Madison will be a piece of fucking cake. I’ve done it before on two separate occasions. I will do it again. I’m not coming back as the happy go luck girl I was before I left. This time around I’m going to be doing things my way. That means I’m going to beat the living dog shit out of you then I’m going tie your ass into knots. You have no idea what kind of hell is coming your way. I promise you, Disney magic won’t be able to save your pathetic ass,” Violet adds while pulling out her cell phone.

Her eyes light up when she notices a text from someone. ”I need to take this but please let Bella know that I’ll see her ass on Sunday. Then I’m going to kick it all over Orlando. That’s what I call a homecoming,” Violet says while texting back. Without saying another word, she turns her torso so the cameras don’t show the name on her phone.
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Mirror Mirror on the wall
Who is the greatest fuck up of them all?

She couldn’t believe it. All of that work.

And nothing to show for it.

She got to the back, Malachi didn’t even wait for her to come through the curtain, he was waiting for her on stage and they glared for the cameras  right there with a warm smile and a waiting hug. Both she welcomed, but it felt like it was wasted. He’d walk her to catering in the arena, sit her down, making sure she hydrated herself like always. She could tell he was trying to not let her go into her own shame spiral but it was fruitless. They called for him for his match and she saw he was reluctant to leave her by herself.

Leaning on her hand she couldn’t help but get a kick out of his reluctance to leave her side. She leaned on her hand and just smiled at him, making a muscle with her other arm, “Go, I’ll be alright. I’m a big strong girl. I can tie my own shoes and everything.

Which brought a smirk to his face, giving her a kiss, “See you in a few.

Knock 'em dead, babe.” she said to his back, but he turned and winked at her with his bright blue eyes. But the moment she knew he was gone, she just groaned and collapsed into her arms, trying to not scream at the Gods in front of the staff.

After a quiet moment in silence, she just couldn’t sit there anymore. “Fuck it.” she pronounced loudly, pounding on the table, after leaving out one of the loudest breaths in history, almost scaring the staff. Sliding her boots off, she made her way to the locker room area, determined to watch him and be prepared for whatever may come from his match.

Needless to say, they were on a flight back to New York 4 hours later.

Neither wanted to celebrate anything.

Go home. Recoup. Recover. And try again.

Penny for your thoughts.

Bella practically jumped out of her skin when her sister-in-law, Alanah made her way through the door to the nursery, with bottles in her hand. Mal insisted that they’d visit within a couple days of getting home, because he knew that seeing Patrick and Elise was exactly what they both needed. He wasn’t showing much of anything following his loss to Caleb, but Bella basically dragged herself around the house.

She couldn’t help herself, being in awe of Alanah. She had the poise of the queen she is but you could tell that it was tiring having 2 babies AND dealing with Jack. Though she knew Jack would die for his children, something told her that her visit was very much welcomed at the Russow manor.

Before Alanah returned though she stood over the cribs, just staring at the little ones who were almost a month old already and just lost in nothingness. So it was no wonder that her return scared her a bit.

I’m sorry! You okay?

Bella collects herself before smiling at Alanah, “Yeah, no, I’m fine. Just lost in my own little world for a moment.

Gosh, at least you didn’t scream.

Thankfully I had the good sense to know where I was. Need help?

Of course! Who do you want?

She smiles as she looks at the babes, “I think I’ll take Patrick. Haven’t spent as much time with him as I have with her. Nothing personal Ellie.” she says, talking to her little niece, before reaching over and carefully grabbing Patrick.

Have I mentioned how grateful I am for you and Mal popping over as much as possible?” Lanah says, handing Bella one of the bottles and picking up her daughter, “It’s been a Godsend, really.

Why haven’t you gotten yourself a part-time nanny or even a housekeeper? Take some of the stress off of you.” Bella says, settling into one of the rocking chairs with Patrick in her arms.

I said something but Jack is so protective of the babies and after what happened with that witch...

Bella sighs, as she watches Alanah settle in with her daughter, “Good point, but still, a little help will go a long way around here. I could put in a few calls, see if my grandfather knows of some agency that really vets their people...

I wouldn’t want you to go out of your way just for...

Rolling her eyes, she grabs the cloth on her, she cleans up a little dribble on the baby’s chin, “NONSENSE! Lanah, these are my niece and nephew and YOU TOO! Mal would flip if he saw how exhausted you really are.” she continues to feed Patrick, almost like the pro she is after she helped with Jack’s brother and sister years ago, “I would love to help in any way I can and with us doing these tours again, trust me I am more than willing to make your life easier.

Well...if you insist.

I do.” Bella says, “Of course it’s yours and Jack’s final call but just that extra help will bring me peace of mind for you too, mommy.

Alanah almost blushes when Bella calls her ‘Mommy’, “I’m still not used to that.

But you are, and you are a wonderful mother. I don’t know how you do this.

Alanah just raises her eyebrow as she checks on Elise before looking at Bella, “Do what?

Bella motions around with her head at everything, “This! While I can tell you are exhausted, you look like you have it all together.

That brings a fit of laughter, “Trust me, I don’t. I dropped a glass of milk in the sink the other night, and completely lost it.

Bella watches as Alanah brings Elise up to burp her before looking down at Patrick, “That could just be hormones.

Maybe, but trust me, I barely hold it together sometimes. Between the littles, worrying over Jack, my own health...seeing what is going on with you...” Alanah looks at her sister-in-law, “I know that loss to Krystal is still eating at you.

It’s not that she beat me, it’s the fact that I worked so damn hard and I just have nothing to show for it. When I got word that SCW was finishing the year HERE, in New York? AT MSG? I don’t know, I thought it was like the stars had finally panned out in my direction but instead I’m finding myself right back at the end of the line.

Silence fills the air for a moment as Patrick finishes his bottle finally giving Bella a chance to burp him. The sisters sit there for a moment before Alanah finally breaks the the quiet. what?

I don’t know. And that’s scarier than a gauntlet and facing down gorram wheel from Hades. But I do have a question, do you think Jack would go...” with her foot she steps on a squeaky toy that one of their dogs left in the room, “Ba-zurk if you got to play hooky here soon? I could really use a good girls da-” Patrick finally lets out a good burp and then almost immediately starts grunting. “Uh oh....

Oh boy....sounds like someone is trying to poop. I forgot the extra diapers downstairs. I’ll be right back.

Alanah cradles her daughter in her arms and quickly leaves the room as Patrick continues to grunt away. Bella looks at him, “That’s alright kiddo...seems like everyone is shitting on me lately.

When You Wish Upon A Star

Bella sits patiently in a chair, her long blonde hair pulled up in a high ponytail, wearing a purple top. She seems almost lost in thought for a moment, “Lanah asked the million dollar question.” her bright blue eyes look up, “Now what?

Shaking her head, she glances around, like she can’t believe that she has to do this again, that she can’t face the truth but she knows she doesn’t have a choice, “I failed. I failed so unbelievably badly and I have found myself back at a place I really didn’t want to be.

It’s like getting stuck on the Small World ride and the attendant is taking a smoke break so all you can do is sit there and listen to the same song over and over and over. How many times do you take it before you finally snap and start taking out the animatronics? Well, I can tell you this much....I’m pretty close.

She stands up and puts her hands on her hips and leans in ever so slightly like she’s trying to garner up all the sass she can, “I’m going to make something VERY abundantly clear, I am not about to be some damsel in distress that the prince needs to come rescue. I’m a damsel, I'm in distress, I can handle this. SO if anyone of you think that Mal is suddenly gonna show up and bring me out of this weird moment in my career, get to stepping and have a nice day because I’m not gonna be calling for him everytime something doesn’t go my way.

Putting her head in her hands, she whispers just loud enough, “I know my goal....New York City. her eyes appear again and you can see them shining just right, that hint of she is determined to make it or break it, “Madison. Square. Garden. Standing in the ring, in my hometown and the fans singing along to my theme song as I somehow manage to shock the entire world. How do I get there?

She makes a broad motion and just throws her hands out with a giant shrug, “Your guess is about as good as mine. BUT, I do know where it starts.

Speaking of getting stuck on mind numbing rides, Violet Amelia Holt.....good lord,” she laughs at herself, “Apparently buying a clue to stop putting your nose in my business didn’t quite sink in the last time. What’s sad is now I get to do this in front of your hometown in the Happiest Place on Earth. Let me lay this out for you, Vi, YOU ARE NOT THE HERO IN THIS STORY!

Stopping herself short, she holds up her hand, “BUT, I will say that even if the villains have a chance at a happy ending, sometimes the villain's story is just started on a simple misunderstanding or a wrong turn. I heard a rumor that you were attempting to turn over a new leaf and my dear for your sake, I sure hope so. Because the last time we did this, you backed the wrong damn horse. And let me tell you something right now, I am not in the best mindset.

She walks around for a moment, seemingly stressed out a bit, “I am backed into this corner that I have no one to blame but myself for the situation I find myself in...but that doesn’t mean that I am just going to sit back and let you get one up on me. I am in a very dangerous place right now....but victims, aren’t we all?

Stopping, she adjusts her ponytail, moving it just right, “So, to the SCW Fans, boo me if you must...SCW Management, pay close attention...SCW Bombshell locker haven’t seen ANYTHING yet. And to Violet Amelia Holt, I will not apologize for what I am about to do to you.” a smirk crosses her face before she stands up and begins to walk away, swaying the entire way, she turns around and smirks, giving a small salute, “Thanks for everyone, guys. It’s been a real slice.
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Friday, September 24, 2021
Office of Seleana Zdunich
Zdunich Zoological Gardens
Los Angeles, California
2:21 PM  PST

Seleana Zdunich ws looking forward to a nice weekend. The flight to Orlando would allow some relaxation as well as give an opportunity for some much needed time with her wife and her daughter, little Aurora. There was even a possibility that Alex Caldwell would be joining them on this trip and that had filled Seleana with joy and hope that things would be looking up. As she looks to finish looking things over, a man she’s never seen before leans against the office door.

Man: Are you in charge here?

Seleana turns to look at him and nods slowly.

Seleana Zdunich: Ja…

The man smirks.

Man: Bueno… I have found who I am looking for.

Selean stares at him sideways.

Seleana Zdunich: You are keen to find me then?

The man nods, his hungry eyes looking her up and down.

Man: Es la verdad…

Seleana nods.

Seleana Zdunich: ¿Por qué?

The man’s smile becomes even more lascivious.

Man: ¿Habla español?

Seleana Zdunich: Un poquito.

The man nods.

Man: Well, I feel extra welcomed now…

Seleana nods slowly.

Seleana Zdunich: What is it you want?

The man grins.

Man: I know you are a busy woman. You have a flight to catch to Orlando for a big title match this weekend, no?

Seleana just stares at him and he nods again.

Man: It is ok, we have been watching for some time. We always pay attention to our customers.

Seleana frowns.

Seleana Zdunich: Customers?

The man snickers at her answer.

Man: You never tried it yourself?

Seleana simply browns, visibly confused.

Man: That is amusing then, that she kept it all for herself. No matter, this is not really about her bills anyway.  This is about you operating here without following the rules.

Seleana’s frown deepens.

Seleana Zdunich: Rules?

The man nods.

Man: You have been playing the game for too long without anyone coming to collect the tax.

Seleana cocks her head to the right.

Seleana Zdunich: I pay taxes.

The man snickers again.

Man: Ah, but you have not been paying this one and it is time you start. You have some catching up to do but we can start small and work our pay through.

Seleana shrugs.

Seleana Zdunich: I do not understand what you mean? I pay taxes already, ja?

The man takes a step into the office.

Man: This one has not started for you yet. It starts this week when you owe us five hundred as a sort of… down payment. ¿Entiendes?

Seleana Zdunich: Then what?

The man steps forward.

Man: Then you pay a thousand every two weeks. Do not tell me you cannot afford, I know your wife’s shopping habits. I know you can afford!

Seleana simply stares at him, unable to truly believe what she is hearing.

Man: And if you have any second thoughts about paying the tax, maybe we just have to make you free as so many others wish you to be. ¿Entiendes?

He nods pointedly.

Man: It would be a shame if you were suddenly to lose another after that hurricane in Florida…

Seleana stares at him in shock and the man smiles at her comprehension.

Man: And if that is not proper motivation, it would be a real shame if that poor little girl beat cancer only to have an accident now.

He smirks as he throws his hands up in a mock calming manner.

Man: But that will not be a problem with you, ja?

Seleana frowns tighter.

Seleana Zdunich: ¿Quién es usted, señor?

The man smiles broadly, showing off his teeth.

Man: Me llaman Geo Rondón. Su esposa me conoce.

Seleana just stares at him as he backs up towards the door again.

Geo Rondón: Next week…

He pauses at the door.

Geo Rondón: ¿Entiendes?

Seleana just continues to stare at him as the man takes his leave just as he had arrived.


Friday, September 24, 2021
Parking Lot
Zdunich Zoological Gardens
Las Vegas, Nevada
7:00 PM  PDT

The camera opens upon Seleana Zdunich standing in a parking lot as the angry Los Angeles traffic goes by in the distance.

Seleana Zdunich: Krystal Wolfe…

A smile comes over her.

Seleana Zdunich: You have done well for yourself now getting away from having to fight G.R.I.M.e., ja?

She nods.

Seleana Zdunich: You were always one of the good ones with SCU, Krystal. There is no denying this. You did wonders standing by those fighting against G.R.I.M.E. and showing the skills that would one day make you a champion. You made a name for yourself and showed you were a wonderful class act.

She turns as a loud crash sounds and shakes her head sadly.

Seleana Zdunich: It is a sad sound, ja?

Nodding, Seleana turns back to the camera.

Seleana Zdunich: Not something I am keen to hear again.

She looks down to the asphalt and then nods to herself.

Seleana Zdunich: Then you come to SCW and you show what we all could see before. That all those thoughts were not incorrect. You are as good as you looked in SCU. You were everything that was said about you.

The smile returns.

Seleana Zdunich: I have heard from many there speak glowingly of your skills and of your character.   

She looks back up to the camera.

Seleana Zdunich: You have come here and verified yourself by becoming the Bombshells Roulette Champion and now we will meet in a match for that very championship in the heart of the Happiest Place on Earth in Orlando!

Clasping her hands together excitedly, Seleana’s smile increases in intensity.

Seleana Zdunich: I am keen for this, ja?

An excited nod follows.

Seleana Zdunich: We will not know under what conditions we compete as that is the nature of this championship, but we will compete and we will strike this from your bucket list!

The smile shines even brighter.

Seleana Zdunich: I know many have said they are shocked that Christian Underwood allowed you to do this but the bigger shock should be that he allowed you to do this with me!

She nods slightly.

Seleana Zdunich: Christian did not like me much before I break his face, he has liked me less ever since that happen, ja?

She nods knowingly.

Seleana Zdunich: But here we are, set for your dream match, one in which you defend the Roulette Championship in Disney World and I cannot wait to face you for it!  I have been both the Roulette and World Champion before and I am keen to try my hand once again at reaching that status!

Her hands start to rub together in anticipation.

Seleana Zdunich: I know that being from Team Go means you will bring me everything I can handle and you should know that I will do the same. This means we have the chance to go to Disney World and make magic happen by stealing the show out from under all the others that would see us fail!

Her hands pause against each other as Seleana almost starts jumping on the spot.

Seleana Zdunich: We have this special opportunity and we cannot allow it to slip through our grasp, Krystal. We must show the rosters of both SCW and SCU and everyone else that will be watching that we are capable of greatness!

She motions between herself and the camera.

Seleana Zdunich: You and I walk to the ring and we make the magic happen, Krystal! We compete and let the ball roll to show us and whether it is black or red, we all win in the end! This is Walt Disney World, it is the Roulette Championship and it is our time to shock the world!

The camera zooms in as Seleana’s smiling face nods one more time.

Seleana Zdunich: I am keen, you are ready, ja?   

Climax Control Archives / All Star Roxi Issue #53: The Rejects (Part 4)
« Last post by Roxi Johnson on September 24, 2021, 10:52:40 PM »
{The scene is Roxi flying around the city on her nightly patrol. But as usual, it’s a quiet night all around, Roxi soon checks in with Vision.}


Roxi – You don’t have anything do you?


Vision – Sorry Rox, if you’re looking for action, all is quiet on all fronts.


Roxi – No, that’s good. I wasn’t looking for it, but we must remain vigilant.


Vision – I hear you.


Roxi – Do we have any more information on the Rejects anywhere?


Vision – I believe I’m given you everything I have. 


Roxi – Anything on any of the members powers that we should be aware of?


Vision – Everything is there. Unless, they developed some new powers after leaving, then, your guess is as good as mine.


Roxi – Wonderful. Why weren’t these people depowered before they left the guild?


Vision – That was the idea, and usually, anyone who leaves, is depowered. Those individuals never reported back in. And obviously we couldn’t track them. We tried. Months of searching, and they never surfaced, except for some unsolved murders that we can attribute to them, but they are all over the globe.


Roxi – And now they’re here.


Vision – The report says you found a hideout.


Roxi – We did, but their leader, at least I think he’s their leader, Captain Invincible said they have several different locations.


Vision – I would imagine that’s true. There’s no way they could be as far spread as they are. Without it.


Roxi – I’m just concerned about them killing people and giving us a bad name. I mean, they leave they’re calling card and all could have negative effects.


Vision – That’s true. 


Roxi – And I doubt they are still hanging out that old house. It has to be cleared by now. I'll have to go back and check.


Vision – It’s been a few weeks hasn’t it?


Roxi – Never hurts to double check. Not like there’s much to do here and all and –


{Roxi is cut off by screaming and yelling and eyes a man running for his life.}


Vision – I take it you found your action for the night.


Roxi – Very funny. I’ll be in touch.


{Roxi rushes down, landing in front of the screaming man, who is taken aback and falls to the ground in shock.}




Roxi – What are you talking about? Slow down!




Roxi – Who?


{All of a sudden, Roxi is knocked aside by an unseen force. It’s enough to knock her down, as Roxi sees the man begin lifting up off the ground by his throat and thrown into a wall.}


Invisible? Not from me.


{Roxi looks and begins to sense the energy, and is finally able to locate the source, and punches it hard. The audible “oof” is heard as whomever this is, is knocked to the ground. Roxi reaches down and snatches what is a mask off the person’s face.}


Roxi – An invisibility cloak. You can’t hide heat signatures. Now, you have 5 seconds to tell me who you are and what you’re doing here, otherwise you’re in for a world of pain.


Man – Get off me! I’m doing what’s right! 


Roxi – What's right? You’re trying to kill that man!


Man – He's the bad guy! I’m trying to make your job easier!


Roxi – I don’t remember asking for your help.


Voice – But yet, here we are.


{Roxi looks up, and the familiar voice, matches a familiar face, the face of Captain Invincible.}


Roxi – I told you to stay out of my city.


Captain Invincible – And yet, here we are, doing your job for you.


Roxi – Like I said, I don’t need your help, not your brand of help. 


Captain Invincible – Ghost here was just trying to make sure that that murdering scum wasn’t free to take another life.


Roxi – That’s for the justice system to decide.


{Captain Invincible chuckles at this statement.}


Captain Invincible – Justice? No, my dear, it’s the system that allows men like that to roam free. To take lives and leave society in fear. 


Roxi – As opposed to you, looming over them, making them afraid, replacing one evil with another doesn’t make the difference.


Captain Invincible – It means safety. Freedom isn’t free, you know as well as I do.


Roxi – Nobody is going to stand for that. 


Captain Invincible – And people stand for this crime?! People living in fear of each other? This is what needs to be done. If you are your guild aren’t going to be part of the solution, then you are part of the problem.


Roxi – Is that a threat?


Captain Invincible – Take it however you will. You cannot win.


Roxi – Try me.


{Roxi steps on Ghost’s arm, digging her with her body weight and assuming a fighting stance. Captain Invincible only sighs.}


Captain Invincible – If you need to be shown, I will show you.


{The Captain takes a step forward and Roxi never breaks eye contact. As the Captain assumes a fight stance, Roxi begins raising her energy and motions for him to come fight. He obliges, only for Roxi to use her speed and lightning fast movement to jump up, and off the wall, her hands gripping his shoulder to push him down to the ground hard. Invincible jumps right up, cracking his neck as Roxi rushes forward and hits some hard punches, Invincible shrugs them off as Roxi tries for knees to the stomach and solar plexus. Each of those are shrugged off as Invincible breaks away. Roxi tries for kick, but it is blocked and Invincible swings Roxi’s body and sends her into the wall.}


Roxi – Ow...


{Invincible keeps up the attack with a blow to the head and a kick square in the ribs. Roxi flies into another wall, but gets back up. Invincible grabs her arm and jerks it back, threatening to break it, but Roxi hits a series of elbow and punches and is able to create distance. Roxi charges, but her punch is caught, and she again is tossed into the wall of the alley, this time breaking through. Invincible goes into grab Roxi out of the debris, but she is right back in his face with more punches, one that connects solidly and seems to break his nose. He steps back, not even thinking twice before simply popping his nose back into place.


Captain Invincible – This is utterly pointless, You can’t win. I am INVINCIBLE!


Roxi – We'll see about that.


{The two re-assume their fighting stance and both charge at each other, neither really able to connect, until Invincible hits a kick to the ribs and the drives the point of his elbow into Roxi’s back. Roxi goes down as Invincible simply cracks his neck. He picks Roxi up off the ground, only to receive a giant blast of energy right in the face. The impact backs him up as he rubs at his eye, Roxi is right back in his face with a knee. It drives him back further, until another blast comes from behind Roxi, and Keira is standing there, ready to throw down as well.}


Keira – Is this a private party? Or can any superhero join in?


{Seeing the odds not in his favor, Captain Invincible and Ghost take a step back. Invincible retains his calm demeanor the whole time.}


Captain Invincible – You have been warned. If we meet again, and you are in the way of our progress, we will not hesitate to kill you. 


{Captain Invincible and Ghost quickly vanish in a wave of energy. Roxi stands up, holding her shoulder and catching her breath.}


Keira – Are you okay?


Roxi – Yeah. He wasn’t kidding about that invincible part.


Keira – You should have told me as soon as it happened.


Roxi – No, I needed him to engage.


Keira – He could have killed you!


Roxi – No... no really.


Keira – What? 


Roxi – His blows weren’t as powerful as I expected. I noticed it about halfway through. He doesn’t hit hard, he’s just a tank. I’m not sure if I can stop him, but his whole plan was to tire me out. It’s why I only used one blast, and even that didn’t seem to hurt him.


Keira – Then why aren’t we getting what we need, right now?


Roxi – We will.


{Roxi again pulls up her wrist communicator and beings up the tracker.}


Roxi – That ghost guy... tracking him. 


Keira – You think of everything.


Roxi – Only so much. I – Get down!


{Roxi hears a noise and shoves Keira down as a knife is hurled is their direction. Roxi and Keira stand up, and look over, only to find Lei, Amelia’s henchwoman, standing there.}


Lei – You must help.


Keira – You have a funny way of asking for help! 


Roxi – What's the problem?


Lei – Mistress, she is missing. 


Roxi – Amelia?


Lei – Hai.


Keira – Good riddance.


Lei – You will NOT speak ill of the mistress!


Roxi – Enough! How do we know this isn’t some kind of trap? We have no reason to trust you.


Lei – Hai, that is fair. But I have been unable to locate the mistress for days. 


Roxi – And?


Lei – Even if this was a plan to deceive you, the mistress has not sprung it. This is irregular. I am always part of the plan.


Roxi – And you think we’ll help you find her?


Lei – Hai. You are the heroes are you not?


{Keira pulls Roxi back and away so Lei can’t hear them.}


Keira – I don’t like this. This HAS to be a trap.


Roxi – But, if she’s telling the truth, we may be able to avoid the issues with the Rejects altogether until that time comes.


{Keira groans and shakes her head.}


Keira – I still don’t like it.


Roxi – The sooner we find Amelia, the sooner we can end this.


{Roxi turns back to Amelia.}


Roxi – We'll consider helping you, but in order to do that, we need to know information you have.


Lei – Hai, What information?


Roxi – What do you know about Alan Robbins?


{The scene fades.}



“You don't get it son. This isn't a mudhole, it's an operating table and I am the surgeon.”

Batman (The Dark Knight Returns)


Hello SCW,


You know me, content, but not satisfied. It was very nice to get a win at Violent Conduct, and it was nice to team with Keira and have Team Hero be a part of the event again. I am happy with that result. But it’s been a couple of weeks, and now, I have the biggest chance to get what I’ve been asking for, for a couple of months.


Unlike a lot of folks around here, you will never hear me tell you that I deserve anything. That I should just get things based on my name. I earn things. I firmly believe that after winning 5 matches in a row, that I have earned the right to be in this match and have this opportunity to become the number one contender to the SCW Bombshell’s championship. I would have done everything I could to win more, and in a way, I almost wish that was the case. Not that I am afraid or worried about this fatal four-way to the point I don’t want it, but I would have loved to face each of my opponents individually and done it that way. 


But, this is where we are now. An opportunity awaits, and I will raise to claim it. I don’t make this statement lightly, I make this statement because I have full confidence in myself and my abilities and I’m not planning on doing all the work I have done already, all over again, because one of these women snuck in the back door and got one over on me. Those days are long over. I think it is time that I make this mindset perfectly clear to each of them.


Let us start with my friend, Crystal.


So, something interesting has happened and it happened a little while back when it comes to Crystal. Crystal said something that make me think, and it made me feel a lot better about this. You see, Crystal said that based on this... new transformation or whatever she wants to call it, that words no longer hurt her, and she just needs her family and fans and that anyone can say anything, and it’s not going to bother her. 


I am so glad to hear that, because now, I don’t have to sit here and hold anything back that I can say about Crystal, because words don’t hurt her. So, I am really happy to take this opportunity to get a lot of things off my chest that I was holding back on saying because I was afraid, I was going to get that random text message I get at 5am after I do talk about Crystal about maybe taking it too far. I get the usual “why do you have to say stuff like that?” text, and I have to sit there going back at forth, half asleep to appease my friend. And now, I don’t have to worry about that, so I am ready to actually say the things that need to be said. 


I know full well, that this could quite possibly change things between Crystal and I, but that would mean she was affected by my words, but again, taking her at her word, she’s not going to be affected by this. So, let’s begin, shall we? 


You know what nobody really likes? Someone who just has to be the center of attention. Someone who needs to invent and make up things about themselves in order to gain sympathy, but more importantly attention. You have all seen Crystal do this, time and time again. I’ve known her for a long time, and the whole Disassociate Identity Disorder thing was just as new to me, as it was to all of you. I would really, really hate to think that Crystal, who I have known for this long, would just make that up about herself and insult an entire group of people suffering from a mental illness. So, I gave her the benefit of the doubt. Because that’s what a friend does, right? I thought I would just not comment on it, not try and convince anyone of anything being real or fake, because I don’t really know. Crystal had never really shown any signs or symptoms in the years that I knew her of having this disorder, so when it randomly came up, it did explain SOME of Crystal’s behavior, but not all of it. Crystal has always been the person who craves the attention and spotlight, so as much as I didn’t want to just outright call that a lie, it seems to be a lie. Because at the end of the day, it was something that Crystal used to get where she wanted to go. And since I can be real, and not worry about this affecting her, I can say that it has never bothered her who exactly she steps on to get there, or what she has laid at all her friend’s feet in the wake of it. It has only mattered to Crystal that she gets what she wants. And every time she has been called out on that, and they have been numerous, Crystal has feigned regret and sorrow for these actions, only to repeat them again and again and again when the opportunity suits her.   


It has left my questioning why we actually are friends at this point. Oh, I’m sorry, best of friends. Because we have to be best of friends according to her. I’ve gotten that text message from her multiple times. “We are good friends, right?” I mean, Crystal KNOWS the position that puts me in, and anyone else she considers a friend. So, how am I supposed to answer that question? How am I supposed to look at those words, and look into my own heart and think about everything that Crystal has done and say “Yes, Crystal, we are good friends.” Because that sentence, it lets Crystal off the hook. That sentence, the agreement, cements in Crystal’s mind that I wholeheartedly approve of anything she does. Because we can look back and see I have been accused of just letting it happen, because I treat adults like adults. But maybe there’s some truth to that. I guess my silence has been compliance in these instances. Maybe, I should have been that friend who told Crystal to shut up every once in a while, when she got out of pocket, but those times were so numerous I would have gone hoarse from screaming at her. And every time I did it, you know what would have happened? You know what happens if I would say “No.” to that question? I would have gotten another text message from Crystal asking me why I don’t stick up for her. Because Crystal’s ego, while massive, is extremely fragile when punctured from the right people. I have always been a shoulder Crystal comes to cry on, and then when she feels better, she just marches back out there and I’m sitting there like a bath towel, just soaked and probably thrown on the floor, because I have served my purpose and now it’s back to business as usual. I am really only her friend, when it’s beneficial to her. 


I mean, I’ve literally gotten tweets of her complaining about why she’s not listed under #BFFs. Why is she in this certain place on a #WCW list. Because it has to be just so for Crystal, and if it’s not, then it’s something for her to complain about to try and make ME feel bad for it. Never mind the awkward and terrible positions she has put everyone else in, I guess. Never mind leaving messes at our feet and having other people openly question why she does the terrible things she does, it’s about how she feels, it’s about how she benefits. It always has been. I can’t tell you the number of times I have been dragged into conversations or arguments because Crystal needs someone to back her up and you know, I feel kind of dumb for doing it so often. 


I think it just needs to be said at this point, because we all see it. Crystal needed to be in the Mean Girls. Crystal needed to be in The Boardwalk Angels. She needed to be in the Pink Ladies, every group, unit or faction, at some point, has needed to vet Crystal’s application. Let’s just ask this question: Is there a stable that Crystal created? Is there a group that she started that people want to be a part of? The answer, sadly, is no. No one outside of her family is actively looking to be associated with Crystal. Which is also sad because she has so much knowledge and things she could pass on, but it is outweighed by all the negative nonsense she has brought entirely on herself. 


Now, I could go on because I have A LOT that I could talk about here, but I only have so much time, and really, I’d probably need to write a book about this whole thing, so I’ll just close with what’s going on now. You see, much like a number of people in SCW. Crystal is only going to feel validated by winning championships. She absolutely NEEDED to win the mixed tag titles so she could not only be the only 5-time SCW Bombshell’s champion, and not only the first 4-time SCW Bombshell’s champion, but she just needed also to become a grand slam champion. It is literally the only reason she drug J2H out of retirement and back into the ring. It wasn’t for the honor to team with J2H, or the re-ignite the mixed tag division, it was simply so Crystal could have an accolade and feel validated. Because without a championship, all anybody sees are the flaws. The only difference between her, Alicia and Mercedes is that Crystal actually has something tangible outside of accolades. They all make her look bad, but at least they are there. 


Though I might even be talking about the wrong person since sometimes it’s Crystal, sometimes it’s Christina, sometimes it’s Hilton, sometimes it’s Rose, sometimes it’s Zdunich. At this point, she’s just Crystal to me, but also at this point, it doesn’t even matter. Because this Fatal-Four-way is not about to be some instance where Crystal sneaks in the back door, and pulls some victory out of nowhere so she can then make some random mission statement or theme as to why she’s going to win the Bombshell’s championship for a sixth time, and then lose it and we start the cycle all over again. 


Pardon the pun, but I’ve seen that movie before.   


And I don’t like showing reruns in my house. Crystal has been a guest of my house for a long time. I am the reason, the very person who directed her here. And the thanks I get is... obviously not coming any time soon. That’s the definition of a bad house guest. Come in my house, eat my food, sit on my furniture with your feet up?   


Yeah, we’re done with that. At Climax Control, Crystal, much like Mercedes and Alicia, will be shown the way to the back of the line.


Moving on.


At this point, I’m wondering why I am even bothering with Mercedes Vargas. 


And you know, it almost pains me to make that statement. Because when I stop and think about how long Mercedes has been here and what she has accomplished, you’d think that she would have more respect. She’s out here touting her how she’s won the most championships in SCW history, and you know, that’s amazing. When you just scratch at the surface of Mercedes Vargas, everything looks so shiny and new. I mean, it screams staying power. It screams a fantastic and amazing legacy to hang around through so many people coming and going in SCW and her remaining the constant. The one that took on all comers and has made herself into something of a legend around SCW.


And that would be all well and good if we just stopped there. 


But as much as Mercedes would like us to, we’re not going to stop there. Let’s be honest here, there have been 13 times Mercedes held a championship in SCW, according to her. I’m not the statistician here so I’ll just take her word for it, thought I probably shouldn’t because people really like to inflate their numbers and become so concerned when they are not accurate. 13 times is a lot, but again, that’s at the base level. If we did a little deeper, we will all notice on glaring thing. Outside of one Roulette championship victory, all of Mercedes championships reigns are quite short, and quite uneventful. You don’t really hear Mercedes talk about them individually, just that, yeah there’s 13. You will obviously hear about that one reign and how amazing it was and how Mercedes fought off all comers and it was historic. And it was. Mercedes seems be incapable of not throwing it out there like it’s a good hand in poker. All that’s missing is her shouting “read ‘em and weep” after she does it. But that’s the only one that ever really gets talked about. Surely, you’d think that you’d want to throw out that you were a multiple time SCW Bombshell’s champion, right? Two-time champion... amazing except that those two championship reigns were both less than 2 months. One was about 3 weeks, and the other about 35 days. It’s the same all around for these championship reigns. They are all very short, and uneventful, so therefore, they just get lumped in and don’t ask too many questions about them.


But I’m curious and I like exploring. 


And really what I have found is that rather than having this amazing competitive legacy of being able to win championships at any level at any time, is really, we have some wins here and there and a lot of championship reigns that come and go in a flash. But we really only want to talk about that one time, where Mercedes was Roulette champion for a long time. 


So, basically, Mercedes Vargas is the wrestling equivalent of the 1985 Chicago Bears.


It happens all the time in the NFL on the shows and historic team videos and everything, the ‘85 Bears. They were good, super bowl winners, a dominant defense, Walter Payton, all these great players and for one season, it all came together and they did it. And they have never been able to duplicate it since in Chicago. If you ever hear a Bear’s fan talk, they talk about the ‘85 Bears. The team got back to a Super Bowl in 2006, but that rarely gets a mention, much less a discussion. We only need to talk about the glory years.


That right there, is Mercedes Vargas in a nutshell. Well, no, I guess she’s like an onion, there are layers. There’s more to Vargas than that, right? Well, the last championship she held was in 2019. And it was for a couple of months and since then, it’s been nothing but relying on everyone remembering at various points, she won championships in her career. There has been no evolution, there has simply been patches of being a championship level wrestler, followed by long stretches of just being a wrestler. And I guess, stat keeper and scoreboard watcher. 


I’m sure you all enjoyed during the World Cup and pretty much every other sporting event that you probably follow, there was a Mercedes Vargas tweet about said event, and it’s also probably like 10 minutes after the fact, and you already know about it. That seems to be what Mercedes is best at these days and really, it should be sad, considering all she has done, but it’s not like Mercedes ever helps her case with this kind of thing. She has been a proverbial stepping stone for anyone looking to make a name for themselves. If we think about how many times Mercedes has been in the big moment, there really aren’t that many, and how many times has she risen to the occasion and pulled out the big win when it meant the most? Once? Maybe twice? And then, it seemingly lasts for only seconds before the world gets set back correctly and Mercedes fades away into just being the one crying about not being respected or viewed properly. That can only be helped by Mercedes and she has done very, very little to correct it.


It just seems she wants to have this both ways. Look at me like I’m a great champion, but don’t actually look at my record. Don’t actually look at my reigns, just this one that I had many years ago. Mercedes is calling for respect to be put on her name, and as a wrestler she deserves it. She DOES deserve credit for winning those titles, but let’s not misunderstand that winning a title and holding it for a couple of weeks or months and then losing it and going years without sniffing anything important doesn’t warrant the respect she is asking for. Mercedes is now some kind of weird member of the family that you don’t like to talk about and then they show up at the reunion and you just try and avoid them, but they make themselves awkwardly known and then soon after they just walk away and sit down somewhere. 


This is just another one of those matches for Mercedes. She has now made herself awkwardly known having gotten herself not one, but two championship matches at Violent Conduct, and proceeded to promptly lose them both, and now is in this main event match for another championship match. I am no longer a believer that Mercedes Vargas can get the job done anymore given her track record and history. I will believe it when I see it again, and I haven’t seen anything close to fire in her eyes for years at this point. This is going to be yet another ho-hum experience, as she tries to talk about comics books and movies because she’s facing me, and facing Crystal. Though maybe this time I’ll get drumming stuff too. Because that is how Mercedes needs to do things. 


I asked the question a while back about who exactly Mercedes is, because there is literally no proof, she is any of the things she says, besides winning championships. Didn’t SCW go to Argentina at one point or another? Was there this massive following I just missed? Did we all miss it? I still am waiting for the answer to that question, but I have the feeling I will be waiting forever to get the answer because there isn’t going to be one coming, because Mercedes doesn’t even know who she is. 


So yeah, I’m pretty much done with talking about Mercedes Vargas, because she isn’t anything to talk about anymore. Respect should be earned, not given because at a few points in one’s career, they managed to accomplish something. Mercedes has won 13 championships, and really, barring her getting that passion and energy back and really taking a long look at herself and trying to get better and get back to where she was at in 2016, does anything see anything recent that makes you believe in her? It’s a sad thing, really? Because she does have accomplishments, but I’m not about take the step back she’s asking people to do when someone like her continues to live in the past.


She was one of the few here before me, so as I asked with Jessie, I have to ask the same of Mercedes? Why did it take Mercedes longer than it took me to win a title period. Yeah, she can go ahead and look that up because it’s the truth. And now, this woman is going to waltz in take when I’m been shooting for, for the past few months? It is not happening and I will not allow it to happen. All that will happen is that I am going to win, and I will answer my own question and finally put it to bed.


Who is Mercedes Vargas?


Not the next Bombshell’s champion.


And that brings me to Alicia Lukas


It’s so weird how things change around here and folks you thought were on top of things, suddenly aren’t. I remember coming back home to SCW and seeing Alicia Lukas on top, and you know, she proved she was pretty good. And then, I beat Alicia and won the Bombshell’s championship, and then just like that, Alicia was injured and she never came back around for a rematch. In fact, when she decided to come back, I challenged HER and I beat her. Now, of course, Bobbie Dahl kinda messed that up for me to really enjoy, but it just seems like I pulled the plug on Alicia’s little run, because really, ever since then, that dominant mega reign Alicia Lukas, the best Alicia Lukas, is long gone. Now, I don’t want to pat myself on the back, because I kind of miss that particular Alicia Lukas. 


The one that’s around now? Is... totally lame. 


That dominant Alicia Lukas is long gone, and again, what I said holds true. When it was the... I don’t want to say heyday, but just a few years prior to Alicia’s arrival, SCW was as competitive as any place I’ve ever stepped into. There weren’t really year-long reigns unless you were at the very top of your game. And when I came back, and Keira came back, and Bobbie arrived and that crop of talent came in, all of sudden Alicia wasn’t this dominant force.   


I mean, what happened? Yes, Alicia rebounded, finally to win back the Bombshell’s championship, and all was right with the world, wasn’t it? It was just perfect. Alicia was back on top of the world, having learned zero about herself in the previous months after I beat her. I mean, you know, once I lost the championship, and then Andrea lost the championship and Crystal lost the championship, everybody was just the worst and didn’t do the title justice like Alicia did. And so, I expected that Alicia would still be champion right now. If she was as great as she said she was, she would have easily duplicated her feats and been the forever champion or whatever. If she was as good as she claimed, we wouldn’t be looking at this one year of dominance, in between 2 others of nothing of note, and wondering what happened. Maybe this would be the re-invigoration of Alicia Lukas. 


And then... she wrestled my wife. And my wife promptly ended Alicia’s championship reign and... I think we had another injury or something where Alicia just wasn’t in the picture. She at the very least congratulated my wife, albeit in her usual backhanded way. But I remember that’s just how Alicia is.   
“Oh, you beat me, congrats. I’m still awesome though” 


But ever since then it’s been this weird... nothing from Alicia Lukas. She got her shot at the Bombshell’s title and failed. And then she had the opportunity to wrestle my wife again, and promptly lost. Again. 


And then, hoo boy did THAT cause some drama.   


I mean, Alicia came out and said she was retiring after. Retiring off a loss. And obviously, I called BS on this right away, because I know that Alicia was just trying to stir up drama. That’s how she is. When she’s on top, everybody sucks and she’s great. When she’s not on top, it’s not because people are better, that can’t be it. And rather than just say that yeah, it was on her and she needs to be better, she instead threw a hissy fit like a baby and got stupid dramatic so that people paid attention to her.   


I distinctly remember that right before that match, she was bragging and boasting about herself and her accomplishments, clinging to them like an old woman with her purse, and telling me, and everyone else that we needed to come up to HER level. We all just needed to be as good as she was. And then after losing, she’s going to retire because she got beat. Again.   


I can’t tell you how much this pissed my wife off, as she has done a whole lot in her own right, and to have that diminished by someone is just infuriating. And then, to top it all off, Alicia didn’t even bother retiring, instead choosing to just skip a few shows to get herself together, and then come back. It’s sad what Alicia Lukas has become. Because all of that silly retirement drama, was all brought on by her, not being able to back up the game she talked. She wrote the check, and then it bounced.   


I guess really what that means is not only is my wife on her level, but obviously above it since she won right there in the middle of the ring, no questions asked. So, the real question is, what does that make me at this point? Am I going to get the same treatment after I beat Alicia, and Crystal and Mercedes? Am I going to force Alicia into another faux-retirement? I mean, does she consider me to be on her level? I lost to her once, and since then, I have beaten her over and over and over.   


So, I guess I can also say I am not on Alicia’s level, I am ABOVE it.   


Let’s just remember that it was my second match back in SCW after a year layoff. And for the record, I asked for the warm-up match because I didn’t feel I earned the right to just challenge for a championship without it. And yes, she beat me. And then, I got back to the form I was at previously and ever since then, I have been able to beat her. It still pains me that yes, I lost that match, and that I haven’t been able cleanly beat her one on one since, but for now, this will have to do. 


And Alicia again has nobody to blame but herself. She wanted everyone on her level, but maybe Keira and I did it wrong or something. I guess we’re all only supposed to be AS good as Alicia, but not better. Our bad, I guess? We were only trying to do what she asked. Or maybe, it’s because Alicia got complacent after 2019. She thought this would run forever. And then people like me come along and offer a little taste of reality. It’s not something I ever really plan on doing, but it seems to be something I HAVE to do every now and again so that people understand and get a little bit of humility in their lives. 


Obviously the first time I did it to Alicia, it did not stick. Neither did the second time, and Keira was unsuccessful the last time. So, maybe, just maybe this time it will stick with Alicia that there was one year, where she was on top in SCW, and since then, it’s just been a reality check for her. See, I’m actually trying to help her, even with what I’m saying. 


But, you know, there’s only so many times you can explain things to people before it just turns into you talking to yourself. I always tell my son that if I tell you once and you don’t understand, maybe you just didn’t hear me, but if I have to say it twice, that means you’re actively not listening. That means you don’t care what I have to say. So, there is no point in saying it a third time. So, I’m done trying to reach Alicia. Now, this is about me, beating her, and Crystal, and Mercedes, and getting a match for the Bombshell’s championship.   


Maybe after this, Alicia can take a hard look in the mirror and figure out who she is, and understand having her career measured by the number of championships won should only be half the story, not all of it. It should have also a little bit of who you were. People will look and see Alicia Lukas’s name in a bunch of places in title histories, and the sad truth is, she’s going to end up a name, and not a person. I mean, she’s gotta complain about the match previews on the website. And it has to be public because you know, you can’t do things like this privately. It’s another desperate cry for attention.  So, I will give Alicia attention and send her like Crystal and Mercedes to the back of the line, and remind them that they are all just guests in my house.   



I understand if some people are surprised and shocked by what I have said, and I am gladly willing to accept that Alicia feels like even more of a victim, or Crystal suddenly doesn’t want to talk to me, or Mercedes takes offense. That’s okay with me. But for what this is for, and what a victory means? Yeah, I’m okay with it. Nothing I said today wasn’t the truth. Sometimes the truth is ugly, and we don’t like to look at it, but I know I didn’t go out there and make up anything about any of my opponents. I said what was in my heart, and I said what was true.


So, at Climax Control, in my home state, with people I know watching me, this main event, is mine. This opportunity, is mine. And I will not accept anything less than victory. I will go out, and I will take the opportunity I have earned, and I will earn my championship opportunity against Amber Ryan.


Champ, I will see you, and everyone else, there.
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“Dad, do we really have to visit this?? This is for babies and five year olds… I’m way too old for this”

Says Goth’s son as he and Goth and Goth’s girlfriend are enjoying Magic Kingdom

“I thought you liked this part of the park son??”

Says Goth with a smile, he knew his son had outgrown some of this. But he had to admit that he always loved to come back to the Magic Kingdom

“Your father is only doing this because he is hoping to get kissed by Snow White”

Says Melissa chuckling, pinching him in the arm that she was holding as they continue to walk around

“I have forgotten that he has already grown into a teenager. I assumed no matter what, he would still enjoy this”

Says a sighing Goth, he had to admit that he had seen this a thousand of times, maybe even more. And yet he always smiled when he came back here, he realized that he would something new every time that they visited this theme park that he had not noticed the other times that he had visited it. It made him feel like a child once more, something that sometimes had ended up with him wanting to share a picture with one of the many Disney characters.

“What’s so funny hun??”

Melissa asks with a curious look on her face, knowing that he probably had a funny memory and she wasn’t sure that she would like it.

“I just remembered that one time that Gerrit was so shy to share a picture with the lady that played Snow White.”

This caused a smile to emerge on the face of his girlfriend Melissa.

“She really must have been a looker for him to get shy let alone keep his mouth shut”

The two laugh as they wander the theme park for a bit longer. Goth and Melissa hold each other by the arm as he sometimes takes time free for taking pictures with fans or signing autographs. He had to smile when he noticed some men have swarmed Melissa as they were drawn in by her good looks. He chuckled as he bought two bottles of water and walked over to his girlfriend and the un expected men surrounding her. She was used to have a lot of attention from men, but she wished that they would go away quickly as the flirting became annoying. But luckily for her, Goth never let that happen often as he stood next to her and handed the bottle before turning his gaze back towards the men that quickly wondered off in hopes of meeting another beautiful woman.

“Thanks hun”

She says after taking the bottle of water out of his hands, making him understand that it wasn’t for the bottle of water. But he only nodded his head as he watched the final men vanishing from his sight. He was always protective towards those he loves, it all started with his then wife, who had taught him to appreciate the things in life instead of staring too blindly on the luxuries that fame and fortune brought along with his popularity. He was so thankful for her, realizing that she had made him a better person than he had ever hoped for.

“Daaaaaaaaad, this is boring!! I want to get on a ride!!!”

He chuckles as he heard the annoyance coming from his son.

“Soon son, but first I had arranged for a surprise for you”

Gerrit Jr turns around, looking at his father suspiciously.

“I don’t know whether I would like a surprise from you right now dad”

Goth inwardly is laughing to the reaction of his son, but he cannot blame him. through the years he had learned to be cautious with his father at times if he had dropped his guard for one second.
“You just need to be patient son, it would not be much of a surprise if I had told you what I had planned now would it???”

He laughs as he sees the reaction of his son, sighing as he realizes that resisting is futile and that he had to endure it whatever it was that his father had planned for him

“Who is it this time??? Minnie?? Snow White???”

He chuckles but shakes his head, refusing to tell her as he would know that his son would be listening on them.

“This must be Gerrit Jr right???”

A voice can be heard as all three of them turned to the direction where it came from. Standing there was a beautiful woman dressed in a Snow White outfit as she was smiling at the teenager, who unlike his previous outbursts started to smile from ear to ea as he clearly was happy about this. He nods his head to the lovely lady without saying anything before turning his attention towards his father

“Thanks dad”

He says with a huge smile on his face, this causes his father to wink at him as he watches his son turn his attention back to the lovely Snow White as his son seemingly already had forgotten about his father and girlfriend.

“Told you that this would work”

Says Goth, drawing a smile emerging upon her fade as she reluctantly started to nod her head in agreement.

“So I guess you are right, I assume you had someone suitable for me to take a picture with???”


Melissa had not finished uttering her sentence when another voice can be heard before a loud chuckle follows it up. Both Goth and Melissa turn their attention towards the sound and were staring at a man wearing a Goofy outfit.

“I should have known”

 Goth chuckles as she looks at him scowling before turning her attention to the Disney figure. She sighs and walks over towards him and allows Goth to take a picture of her with Goofy as well as his son with Snow White before taking a picture of all four of them.

“I will get you for this”

Says Melissa before walking towards him and wraps her arms around him before giving him a kiss. The two embrace for a few moments before letting go and decide to continue their walk through the park

“You are such a goofball you know that?? If people knew this about you, it would ruin your Goth character forever”

Hell, maybe it would allow me to finally wear wooden shoes and a classic Dutch farmers outfit”

The two laugh out loud as they witness Gerrit Jr. starting to enjoy himself more and more by the passing moments before eventually heading towards the rides that Gerrit wanted to visit all along.

A few hours later both Goth and Melissa were sitting down, eating something while Goth’s son is having fun with entering rides left and right with some security monitoring him.

“What are you thinking about dear??”

Says Melissa as she had noted that he has been quiet for a while as he was staring in the distance before shaking his head as he turns away from his trance


She rolls her eyes, she knew him well enough that he probably was thinking about Sapphira his deceased wife.

“Did you two enjoy visiting this place??”

This caused a smile to emerge on his face as he nodded his head.

“I’m sure that you will laugh at this, but she was an even bigger fan of the Magic Kingdom theme park than I was”

“Wait, are you telling me that she set you up to have pictures taken with Disney characters??”

She asks with a big grin on her face, waiting for his answer.


“Spill it, you owe me this mister!!!”

Playfully she punches him in the arm as he pretends to have a hurt arm before smiling again.

“I remember one time that she set me up to have a picture taken with every single dwarf”

This causes her to burst out in laughter, it had caused several families to turn their heads towards them wondering what the commotion was all about.

“all of them???”

“Her favourite one was Grumpy”

“Why am I not surprised??”

She responds with tears flowing from her face in happiness, causing Goth to laugh about it as well after seeing her reaction.

“She started to call me grumpy every time that we had an argument with each other ever since that time that we visited the Magic Kingdom.”

A smile emerges upon his face as he thinks back to that very day. It was beautiful weather and at that time he was not as well known as he is today so that allowed them to wander off through the crowds without being recognized. He sometimes wanted to go back to those days”

“Grumpy huh?? Not a bad name for you old yeller”

This causes a scowl to emerge upon the face of Goth as he punches her in the shoulder this time.


He laughs as he knows that Melissa was only playing

“I will show you some Grumpy and Happy later tonight when we are back in our hotel room”

This causes her to give him a look of telling him “Don’t tell me you just said that” causing him to turn his attention back to a spot in front of them

“Funny enough, this moment happened over there”

He points at an open spot in front of them as Goth thinks back to some happy moments of his life

“So did that start your evil plotting of getting back at anyone that you into this park??”

She asks with a smile upon her face

“Nah, it only made me be prepared for anyyyyyyyyyyyy”

He cannot finish the sentence when suddenly he feels something cold being splashed over him as Melissa seemingly got away at the last second as Goth was greeted by aj splash of cold water as someone eptied a huge bucket of water over him.

“What the??”

Goth turns around angry, prepared to attack whomever that dfid this to him


Says his son, who is standing there behind him with the woman that was in the Snow White outfit as well as seven dwarfs as Grumpy was holding the now empty bucket in his hands.

“Good grief, you sure as hell got me there son”

Says Goth, causing everyone to burst out in laughter as the shot fades

“You know i have always been a fan of Disney”

Says the man that will return to the ring after losing to Braydon Hilton at Summer XXXTreme as he had some things to be taken care off.

“And it’s always great to see new things emerge from their collective minds, but is it always better??”

He swipes some locks of hair out of his face as he is sitting poolside at the Four Seasons Resort at the Walt Disney Resort. Wearing black swimming trunks while drinking a cocktail. He overlooks the area as he enjoys some privacy time

“I would have loved to be amongst you fans and take pictures of the most famous mice in the world. But seeing I value my privacy above all, I have decided to take my girlfriend and son to one of the most luxurious hotels I’ve ever been in and soak in the silence before I enter the ring with a man that I cannot take lightly”

He grabs the cocktail and places the straw to his lips and takes a sip from it. savouring the taste while placing the drink back on the table next to him.

“Mac Bane, I have to admit. He is a man of my liking, doesn’t care whether you like what he is saying and tells you like it is. No nonsense kind of guy, a man that career wise could have been a splitting image to the career that I have had. Multi Hall of Fame inductions and many world titles to prove to the world that he is one tough son of a gun”

“Then again, does that do him justice?? Oh no, I am fully aware that he will shrug his shoulders and tell the world that he don’t care how many accolades he has had in the past, because that does not change the things that we have done recently haven’t we Mac??”

“One loses a match of respect to another champion in a title vs. title match… another loses to a young upstart and may I add well deserved?? Some would say that one wears heavier upon the shoulders of the one than the other… but does that really matter to us Mac?? Because both of us don’t like to lose now do we?? Because the way I see it, we both have not raised ourselves through the ranks of our profession and shrug our shoulders over a loss…. Because no matter how you slice it, our dignity and our pride is always on the line. And to the both of us it is about the fact that we want to prove to the world that we are the very best…. And we haven’t have we??”

He shakes his head to emphasize what he is saying before running his hands through his hair in an attempt to put in a tail. He keeps his hands locked against the back of his head while resting against the chair that he is sitting in.

“It’s funny that we are in Disney World in Orlando, that we are allowed to spend time here before competing in a Climax Control… whereas I have watched Disney movies and cartoons and comic books of my favourite characters growing up from being a child to a grown up man to this very day. And I have seen it expand itself to something larger than life….. and it made me think Mac Bane….”

“It made me think of how Disney used to be and how it has become….. Oh I know that the arguments that they only want to make money from you poor sobs… oh no, because deep down inside since the start of time people have tried to take advantage of those who were simple minded…. No Mac…, you don’t mind me call you that way I hope?? We are two names that I resemble from the old times… The days where movies like Snow White wasn’t made out of Computer Graphics, where every scene was drawn by hand and where people took pride to create magic the old fashioned way… That’s how the fans to this very day still enjoy most isn’t it Mac?? To see the effort that separates us from others…. Or at least that’s what we wish to convince ourselves now isn’t it??”

He smiles, closing his eyes for a moment before slowly dropping his arms and rest it on the chair while digging his fingers into the fabric

“I realize that some of you current day wrestlers see me as someone that is a part timer… a dinosaur that should have stayed in the retirement home and enjoy his time with his family. And to be honest?? I can’t blame the fact that you people feel that way. Because when you witnessed me beat Mark Cross… former world champion Mark Cross… it made you realize that your generic autocues of telling me that I am no longer capable of doing what I used to do PERFECTLY was nothing more than an after thought.”\

“But you are not that way are you Mac?? Oh no, you saw an opportunity when I issued an open challenge to create a wrestling memory that will be talked about generations after our bodies have crumbled to dust…. Because legends live on don’t we???”

“Too bad that my return was not of that epic proportion Mac… of course with all due to respect to Caleb Storms… it wasn’t exactly THAT what it could have been if the then Internet Champion was allowed to grace my return with the oohs and ahhs that it deserved…. Until this very day”

“So why the resemblance of Disnehy??”

He chuckles

“The old tales that I remembered were tales of impossibilities Mac… whether it was an elephant that needed a feather to believe that he could fly, whether it was little Bambi that needed to losing its mother… whether it was the Beauty that could not believe that it would fall in love with the Beast…. It was merely the seemingly impossible made possible. And that Mac… that is where I want to be at once more and I am positive that you are as well.”

“And we both know that only one of us can right Mac?”

There’s a smile appearing on his mouth, causing small cracks to emerge around his eyes due to age and more battles than he could even remember.

“Too bad that both stories are at a crossroad Mac, both of us on a verge to regain some of our momentum that we somehow managed to lose in our last fight. It’s how the new Disney wishes to drawn in the new groups of fans, buying products that seems to be very popular by the masses and exploit it until you extract your final drop of vomit…. Only to have the love reservice once more when the next season emerges to extract even more life out of you”

“You see Mac…, I kinda got the sense of feeling that you are being extracted from being Legends into Canon… That is if I could be apologised from using terminology that one of it’s many acquisitions uses when it comes down to Star Wars… Dividing the core of fans that adored the originals, whereas the new crop of fans are sucked in by tales that comes out of the brain of a mouse and a duck…. And when you are lucky, you even geta dog thrown into it for free.”

“And that’s where our paths differ Mac…”

His smile slowly vanishes as he slowly gets out of the chair, grabs the cocktail and walks over to the swimming ppol. He walks to the least deepest part of the swimming pool and slowly enters the water. Walking towards the middle of the pool before turning to the edge of the pool before being able to place the cocktail down on the edge of the swimming pool.

“Now I know that it will probably raise some eyebrows, wondering why a seemingly senseless comparison is drawn to reference our differences… but I know we both know that this isn’t the case now is it Mac??”

“Just look to the legacy of one of the most revered villains… Grand Admiral Thrawn… part of many books in the legend era, showing ruthless aggression with the mere example of calmness and determination to destroy every last memory of the rebellion… And then the Disney version, the version that they wish to make everything much better… Because this is the part that George Lucas HIMSELF has got no part of controlling its destiny… Because they want you all to think that its THEM that created something that was merely bought and thrown into their laps…. Even without knowing what to do with it…”

“And then there’s me Mac…, legend and impossible to be altered… incapable of revamping everything to suit anyone better… because all of this… ALL OF THIS!!!!”

Goth extends his arms around him, directing the view of the camera to a full 380 degrees angle so that the entire swimming pool is in view before turning back to him.

“This here, no matter how late it’s created or when it was meant to be shown on the big screen of that what is our six sided ring… none of you cannot deny the fact that all of THIS… evolves around me…”

“Even a legend that is you Mac, even a hall of famer like yourself cannot be without me… and there’s no need in denying that fact Mac, or else you wouldn’t have been so keen to jump into the opportunity to be the first to sink its teeth into me…. Too bad that the creative control of your destiny was holding you back until the big anti climax of you winning the world title from Mark Cross. The biggest moment in your Canon version of your career isn’t it??”

“Or is it??”

A pause

“Because if there wasn’t the brilliant mind of one Walt Disney creating a mouse that would stand symbol for the empire that it is today…. I would bet that the sequal trilogy that became a Star Wars disappointment for the old guard would have never happened…. And to make things even more easier so that even a guy like you would understand….That people like you need people like me to even exist…. Even though the story of your run in this company is impressive by itself… It still misses that one career defining moment that would seal the deal isn’t it?? And that’s to beat me”

“We can have all the fandom expectations thrown out of the window of what they could possibly expect from two seemingly clones of each other… But there’s only one Jango Fett where every possible clone was spawn from fill in a void that has been missing from years. Whether you are clone number 00001 or even reincarnation of the Bad Batch… nothing seems to beat the original… not even the one to one clone son Boba can come close to the original…. Me….”

“I have wanted this match since I had posted that tweet on the social media platform. Because after all these years I can to this very day draw media attention merely being a soft whisper of my name in the wind”

“And I can hear you think, even if this is all true…, why am I not in a hotel that is more Disney oriented?? Am I a hypocrite for picking that what is merely created to draw money from those who can afford luxury hotel this??”

Again his arm aims around him, allowing to grace it’s seemingly perfection before we come back to Goth taking a sip from his cocktail while resting intently both of his elbows on the edge of the pool.

“Because like I have said before, if it wasn’t for me… none of you would have even been here. Hell you can throw in the legendary J2H, because before he went on his out of his mind run in this company because I had the honour to come face to face with him in his career and understood that he was greatness personified…. The problem for you is Mac…. Even how great your victory was over Mark Cross…, his demise already started to show cracks because of yours truly… a career defining turn of events that causes him to face reality that his career didn’t meant Jack shit until he had faced me… And I know that your finger prints were all over a moment of five seconds gloating over something that made you look rather stupid….. Due to the fact that you had sped up the inevitable, you also made your eventual title victory meaningless because you assumed you were on the same level as yours truly”

“Don’t flatter yourself with imaginary pats on the back and telling yourself that you did a good job well done. You only tainted your entire existence here not only as World Champion, but every other championship gold that you have ever worn…. All because of me Mac…. I had hoped that nobody would have done the same mistake that Mark Cross made when he took me lightly… you have seen where it has downgraded his career to just a mere special guest appearance against a meaningless Italian fly on the wall that waits for you to drop your ice cream on the ground before diving your antenna’s into the greatness that is only four letters long”

“But don’t worry Mac, once I have beaten you… I will show the class that marks the original over the in many aspects seemingly superior opponent that I look forward to confront in that six sided ring. Because none of it even matters Mac”

“I can do a book report on every accomplishment that I have endured in Global Wrestling Alliance, other companies to the one that I have ran myself for over 9 freaking years… only to come back here and realize that I am still alive and well. That the work ethic is still there and even if the tarnish on my return tour holds a loss to my win column… I still have so much more to lose than you can possibly gain by attempting that what I see unlikely to succeed in doing so.. namely beating me”

“Do you believe that I am wrong Mac?? Do you still rely upon the same thoughts that has suited you oh so well for all these years?? Most likely you do and that’s okay, but realize this Mac.. I may not be an OG that was here since day one.. but I was meant to be here since day one… And you can look both Gabriel and Despayre in their eyes and you can tell that it was ME that placed a stamp of approval on their careers in such an impactful fashion that all that has happened prior meant absolutely nothing. But I know, even though I love to talk of the past and what I have achieved so far… but that’s not where the true essence is at this coming Climax Control now is it Mac?? Because it’s about what you and me will do to each other inside that ring. And I sense you aren’t ready, even with all the words of respect that we have shared over social media… And I am sure that afterwards we can go back and share pleasantries… this coming Climax Controll. All you have to remember that is after I am done with you… you will be mine…. And there’s nothing you can do about it and you know why?? Because I am the original that always gets what it wants…. Because nothing beats the original and not even you can change that my friend… so good luck…you will need it”
Climax Control Archives / “Back from the Dead!”
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Much to her annoyance, Jessie was left off the Violent Conduct VII card after failing to dethrone Amber Ryan for the World Bombshell Championship but she did make an appearance, vowing to not let history repeat itself at High Stakes XI, but that was a few weeks away and before she could get that far, SCW had returned to her home state of Florida for the first time since she wrestled in her home city of Miami in 2020, not only that but Jessie was in action and she was taking on someone who was a good friend of hers, fellow Floridian Bombshell Keira Fisher Johnson! The two Miami natives had grown close after Keira accompanied Jessie to the hospital following an attack by Sin after last year’s Violent Conduct but can Jessie win?

Wandering around Disneyworld, Orlando, Florida
Friday the 24th of September 2021, 18:00pm

Only SCW would book a Disneyworld show for the tail end of September! And in the middle of a pandemic no less!

Still, it’s not like the park has been stupid in regard to the Coronavirus rules, masks are required for if/when we go indoors and, well, we’re outdoors so we’re not wearing them right now and they are basically going contactless in terms of food and drink, saying that we’ve mostly been eating at the hotel since we arrived in Disneyworld, so we haven’t been making much use of that either!

So, what are we doing instead? Reminiscing about the last time SCW visited Disneyworld!

“Three years since SCW last visited Disneyworld.” Jake commented as we sat down on a bench and I rolled my eyes, 2018 was the worst year of my professional wrestling career and the reasons why have been well documented. “And three years since you shot your professional wrestling career in the foot Jess……..”

“NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! FUCK NO!” I interrupted my brother whilst ignoring the dirty looks I was getting. “Mark and Christian tried to sabotage my career because I was the only one willing to speak out on the actions of a certain Syrian Bombshell! But because I said some Un-PG things they completely ignored that and focussed on my comments instead!” I added before shaking my head. “Never mind the fact that I’m one of the longest tenured Bombshells on the roster, if not the longest tenured and yes I’m still bitter about that and plenty of other stuff!”

“Well, look on the Brightside! You were the first wrestler in history to attack another whilst wearing a Minnie Mouse Costume.” Shane pointed out and I shook my head in response. “And got a park worker fired and kicked off a feud you ultimately lost!”

“Yeah well, someone was bound to come up with that idea and I jumped at the opportunity, besides that, it was really fucking hot in that suit!” I added as I ran a hand through my hair. “Doing it in July didn’t help but I’m still surprised that I was able to hit the Bad Girl as well as I was!”

“Yeah well, it’s like we’ve said with Keira.” Shane added as I turned to him. “Most of it was brought on by yourself!”

“Yeah, fucking excuse me for wanting a little fucking recognition for working my ass off in SCW for the majority of my wrestling career!” I grunted in annoyance before noticing the dirty looks we were continuing to get. “Let’s just move on before we get an official complaint from the soccer moms.”

“Yeah, let’s!” Jake nodded in agreement before we got up and moved on.

Sitting down to get something to eat, Disneyworld, Florida
Friday the 24th of September 2021, 18:30pm

After half an hour of wondering around the park we came to a stop when we realized that we were hungry, and it was a long walk back to the hotel, so we stopped for something to eat.

“Well Jess, I just thought of another bad memory of yours that’s related to SCW.” Jake stated once we had sat down and removed our masks. “And this one is more related to the time of year, and your opponent this week.”

“Don’t tell me, the Sin attack?” I grunted in annoyance and the boys nodded in response. “I’m still not a hundred percent clear on what happened during the post Violent Conduct VI Climax Control, I remember being annoyed the Maki was getting a chance to bounce back from the loss in the Chamber of Extreme match and being approached by Sin who I thought was Keira but with dyed hair and shit.” I added before resting my hands behind my head.

“This just seems to be a day of bad memories, doesn’t it?” Shane asked and I nodded in agreement before taking a moment to fix my hair. “But between the location and your opponent, it was kinda inevitable considering what happened this time last year.”

“Yep, and that led to me mending a bridge between me and Keira that had previously been burnt to the ground.” I added before a waitress came over to take our orders and we gave it to her before she went off.” “Yet here I am, over a year later facing Keira in singles action, funny how time flies, especially in relation to what happened after that attack.” I added and the boys nodded in agreement.

“And let’s not get into what happened after that attack.” Jake commented and I shook my head in response. “Or not.”

“What do you think? I’m still pissed that Johanna got an instant rematch for the Roulette Title whilst I apparently still have to earn shit! The bosses can be so full of shit that their eyes may as well be brown!” I added with a grunt before the waitress returned with our drinks. “I swear, the only reason Christian wasted no time in signing that rematch was because I’m not afraid to call bullshit when I see it, and don’t even get me started on them trying to frame Keira’s title situation as an attempt by me to get a World Bombshell Title Shot.”

“You mean it wasn’t?” Jake asked and I glared at him. “Okay, okay, shutting up now.”

“I rekindled that friendship with Keira because she was the only one to visit me in the hospital after the Sin attack, I didn’t even find out about her title opportunity until the week after!” I defended myself before letting out an annoyed huff. “But Mark had to vie for Time’s “Most Cynical Man of the Year” Award because wrestlers can’t be friends without having some ulterior motive in his mind, I’d be surprised if he has any friends outside of SCW!”

“Let’s just order our food before you give Mark and Christian more reasons to slap you with a title shot ban!” Jake quickly asserted before we looked at the food items.

Somewhere in Disneyworld, Orlando Florida
Friday the 24th of September 2021, 21:00pm

*promo time*

We were on our way back to the hotel by this point, but I had decided to get my promo done for a couple of reasons, one, I had no idea when we’d get back and two, it was already getting late and most of the guests were back at their hotel rooms.

“Climax Control 281, October 11th, 2020, Las Vegas Nevada, aside from it being the post Violent Conduct VI Climax Control that show didn’t seem that special on paper if you think about it! No one at the time knew what was going to happen come High Stakes X but in practice it served as a turning point for my late SCW career, why? Well for starters, I was attacked by Sin following Maki’s win over Sierra Williams but more importantly? That event rekindled a friendship that many thought that was beyond repair.”

You know the one.

“If it wasn’t obvious, I’m talking about the friendship between me and Keira Fisher which was almost ruined by some poorly chosen words on my part! Keira, I’m not in the business of reopening old wounds, other Bombshells on the roster do that enough when they bring up my win/loss record or my attempts to achieve my dream of becoming World Bombshell Championship, but we both know the real business I’m in and this week, almost a year removed from our friendship being brought back from the dead, we’re facing off in singles competition this week on Climax Control.”

This will be good.

“The last time we faced off one on one, things weren’t that great between us, we both know that for a fact, but things were significantly better between us when we faced off in the battle of Team Hero vs. The Metal and Punk Connection at Climax Control 300 AKA the match where the Metal and Punk Connection was retired for good, but this match seems designed to reopen old wounds on both sides of the ring, doesn’t it?”


“Off course the preview didn’t mention our history! Oh sure, they talked about your success at Violent Conduct VII whilst I was left off the card, or how we both might have our eyes set on Andrea Hernandez and her Bombshell Internet Championship but nothing of our history! Hell, they didn’t even mention the fact that we are both from Miami, Florida and that we’re competing in our home state for the first time since the pandemic fucked up SCW’s plans for 2020, among many, MANY other things, they chose to remain neutral on the matter of our history together butt I guess that makes it our job to bring it up for them, isn’t it Keira?”

I swear, I should take over the card previews, I’d do a better job at it than Candy!

“Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it, I’m surprised that quote isn’t considered a cliché at this point, but it does have some relevance to our match because most of my SCW career can be summed up with the following sentence: “Jessie failed to learn from her past mistakes, and it bit her in the ass!” I’m not even going to try to count how many times that has happened, for one thing that’s Mercedes’s job!”

Well, that and denying that she’s past it.

“But this past year or so has been about my redemption ark in wrestling and I guess that’s come full circle, hasn’t it Keira? The ark started with my attack by Sin, an attack that you, despite our long and frankly toxic history, tried to save me from, I said things about your adopted son that any other self-respecting parent would’ve punched me in the mouth for and cut off all contact with me afterwards! I’m not saying that you’re a bad parent Keira, just to make that perfectly clear but anyone else would’ve left me to Sin’s mercy but you didn’t.”

It’s that simple.

“So where does that leave us in the present? That’s the million dollar question isn’t it Keira? After spending almost, a year as best buddies, we’re back to where it all started with you and me facing off one on one,  almost poetic, isn’t it Keira? But when I do finally beat you one on one here in Disneyworld off all places, that’ll mean only one thing and that is that this whole redemption arc has come full circle.”

And with that I decided to wrap things up.

“A lot has happened in a year Keira, but one thing remains the same, we, despite everything that’s been said between us, are best buddies and better opponents! I said the same thing when I faced off against Roxi earlier this year and it rings especially true for us this Sunday at Climax Control where I’ll strike you down with blood lightning here in Disneyworld on my way to finally picking up my first win over you! See you the ring Keira and best of luck, best buddy!”

I ran off to catch up with the boys as the scene fades.
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