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Supercard Roleplays / 4:Lost
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4. Lost
What you do to me…

Maybe a monster isn’t exactly the right word to use when talking about myself as a young woman. A pre teen lost in the industrial hell I was raised in. Norwich is a shitty little lower middle class hole. A “workmans city”. It’s a nice way of saying it’s a run down collection of brick and mortar houses packed together really close. There’s the standard level of crime and stupidity. And kids, well we usually get left up to our own devices since our parents worked. 

I remember walking the streets with my friends. I remember being out after dark and doing what I wanted. By the time I was 11 no one really cared. Except Amber. As she grew into a teenager she became more of an overbearing mother. Which seemed to work since our mother…


Our mother started drinking. Drinking to deal with knowing she married an alcoholic violent prick. Jackson, our older brother had taken off, the day of his sixteenth birthday he was gone. And Tasmin?. Well at 5 years old she was the little angel. And I had taken to doing what Amber had done for me all those years ago. When I knew the old man was drunk and raging….I I would take the bullet. But I was determined, I was sure that he was not going to hit her..

Amber and I were ruined. We were broken. We were damaged goods. She had never been able to connect with any boys and have a normal relationship. She would go for older boys, ones that were rough and violent. Often deliberately pissing them off and then when they didn’t hit her she’d laugh and walk away. I guess it was her way of dealing with it all. I suppose we should of seen it all coming right?

She became overly promiscuous as she got older into her teens. I had a different effect. At first. See I wasn’t the monster I am now. There was still some humanity left in me when I was 11. I was still fragile. I understood at that age what was happening to me. That it shouldn’t be what ruled my life and it just should not be happening. But I had no idea how to stop it or what I could do. I told no one.

Amber knew at that point, she knew it was happening but also knew she could do nothing about it. So I suffered alone. Never opening my heart or my memories. And maybe if I had then things may have been different. Maybe if I had then he wouldn’t have done what he did and I wouldn’t have felt that blast piece of humanity slip through my fingers like the finest sand on the beach. 

But it is too late for that now. Once it’s lost it’s not something you can easily replace or regather. And losing that last little piece of faith. That’s what broke me.

Please heal me, feel me, kill me, it's not easy
Never run from who you are, there's no one that can run that far
Better stick around and hold your ground
Under my bleeding heart

Norwich England
15 Years Ago
Just a kiss…

It was just a regular afternoon. The sun had gone down, it was a strange orange glow going through the Autumn sky. Most of my friends had gone home. Back to what they thought were tough lives and parents who didn’t “get” or understand them. It made me sick, listening to their complaints. Hearing them whine and cry because their parents couldn’t afford to buy them this or that. Listening to them moan on and on about how cruel they were just because they wanted them to contribute to the household.

If they only knew what real pain was, what real terror was. How it felt to do everything right but then get humiliation and pain as a reward. No one knew. I didn’t tell them, I didn’t let them in. I smiled and gave them all nods of understanding. A hug here and there. A show of support. But now here I was, avoiding home, sitting in a park with one of my best male friends Tommy. He was a great guy, a good friend. He never complained about his life but I knew why. I saw the bruises 

His father used to beat him, hard. He once disappeared for a week and when we next saw him he was wearing long sleeved shirts in the middle of summer. He rolled his sleeve up once, and his entire arm was a dark blue.He was sitting there next to me on a swing, his wavey brown hair dangling down over his brown eyes. A small smile on his lips whenever he looked over at me. He knew something was up with me. He knew that like him I found our friends' complaints to be comical. He knew I, like him, felt real pain.

He was my friend, a person that I used to laugh with, talk with. When Tommy and I were alone we could be happy and ourselves. But there was still that wall. One neither of us were ready to try and get over and tell the other what we really went through. The sun had almost completely gone, the warm orange glow fading into a blue and black. I sighed heavily and Tommy knew I didn’t want to go. His hand reached over to mine with a squeeze as if he was telling me it would all be alright. 

I closed my eyes, I took a deep breath and I got to my feet.

As I want to walk away though Tommy kept hold of my hand. He pulled me back with a smile and into a hug. I held on to him tight. I didn’t want to leave and go back home. To him, to what I knew he wanted. After a few moments I swallowed hard and pulled away but then I felt it. Tommy’s lips met mine. He kissed me. My body shook and as I pulled away I shook my head. Why?. Why did he do that?

[color=violet}“Why did you do that Tommy?”[/color]

My voice was high and broke as I fought back tears. He went to apologise. He went to hug me again, I pushed him away and ran. I ran hard and fast. Looking back now I could of handled it better. I could of understood. But I was 11, the fuck did I know?. The only interaction I had like that always led to things I didn’t want. But that took the last little piece of heart I had left…

My heart lies bleeding in your hands
Time stops and turns around again
It doesn't matter what you say
It's what you do to me

Present Day.
New York, New York

The drive back was awkward.

To say the least. Trees, the sidewalk, houses and apartment complexes all whizzed by. But there was silence between them. Finns left hand was wrapped around the steering wheel, his right down onto the gear stick coming to a rest as he let out a small huff of annoyance and frustration. He hated driving automatic transmission cars and hated column shift even more. It was stick shift all the way, meanwhile, Kayla sat next to him, her black boots kicked off on the floor, one of her legs up and sitting on the dash as she looked outside.

She was ignoring him, and he was doing the same. The tension in the car was so thick you could cut it with a knife. Finn ground his teeth together, his perfect jawline moving as his eyes darted sideways to Kayla. Her arms folded over her chest, a leather jacket covering them, black tight jeans with pre cuts over her legs. She grumbled under her breath, Finn finally broke the silence.

[color= don’t know why you’re acting like this…”[/color] That was what he was going to say? Kayla turned her head, clicking her tongue and tilting her head, staring at her friend and, somehow, roommate. She shook her head and looked back out the window returning to silence as Finn rolled his eyes and groaned. ”Seriously Kay, it was nothing, she was just being nice.”

Kaylas nostrils flared, her arms tensed around her body even more as she slowly turned back to him again with a disgusted and apathetic look on her face. Kayla cleared her throat and finally spoke. ”Being nice? She was flirting with you.” Finn stayed silent and raised his eyebrows. He knew it, that Kayla was right. The woman at the restaurant was definitely flirting with him. But Finn gave her zero thought, and didn’t reciprocate. ”The way she touched your arm, the way she looked at you…and the fucking voice?” Finn looked over, Kayla sat up and put on her best soft spoken southern american accent. ”Oh my god I love your tattoos, what do they mean? And I love your hair, don’t worry hun I’ll get that right away teehee” She sneered and shook her head.

Finn on the other hand tried not to laugh as he shook his head. He was sick of this, and he knew just what to say to piss her off. ”I don’t even know why it matters Kay…we’re not together…”

And there it was, Kaylas mouth was open, thinking about what to say she shook her head looking over at him. ”Yes Finn, you have made that abundantly fucking clear”

He wanted to make her angry, he wanted to piss her off and get under her skin. But there was a look in her eye, it wasn’t anger, it wasn’t frustration. It was pain. What he said hurt her. He didn’t like this feeling, he didn’t like how she looked at him. He felt guilty, guilty that he would say something just to piss her off but hurt her instead. ”Kay I…” His voice faded away as he shook his head. He was sick of this song and dance, sick of this back and forth. ”I just don;t know what your game is…”

”My game?”

Her voice was sharp and pointed, she was clearly angry now, mission accomplished Finn. ”I can’t figure it out…in the beginning, you needed to get away from Billy, I get it. But now? You’re making enough to have your own place….but you’re always there..”

There was silence between them again. Kayla just shook her head and looked away. She had no idea what to say or what to do. Finn sighed heavily and shook h9is head, staying in silence on the way home.

Spin the wheel

”Bea, Ariana, Levana. The three names that have fallen to me since I signed my SCW contract.”

Her British accent makes everything sound more regal than it is. Her long hair tied back as she lets out a deep sigh and shakes her head.

”Since I walked in here I have flown under the radar. I came in, I destroyed Bea and then from that moment I have simply existed. Right up until I got into this match at Summer Xxxtreme. But you all have to ask yourselves, just how long will I be content with flying under that radar? How long will I be sitting back and waiting for the moment to strike and make you realise what you have to overcome? The truth is that I am the scariest woman in this company. You can keep your giants like Tempest and Lukas. You can keep your faded legends like Vargas and Crystal.”

“You can even keep your current day beasts like Roxi, Masque and Amber Ryan, whenever the fuck she wakes up.”

“You all sit back and shake, scared of what Masque might do, yet here I am hiding in plain sight. Ready to destroy everyone who comes across my path. The three who crossed me have never been the same, I scared Levana to the point where she has said and done nothing since. And now, I go into my first Supercard and my first title opportunity in SCW. But, it’s far from the first title I have competed for, far from the first big stage I have been ready to step onto.”

“I have won world titles, I have beaten world champions, I have been one of the best professional wrestlers on this planet for a very very long time yet I seem to be forgotten about and pushed aside. I seem to be a curiosity in this world. And why? Because I’m not fan friendly? Because I don’t shake hands, kiss babies and kiss everyone elses ass? I don’t talk up my opponents and give them a little ego fluff? Is that why?”


“It is pathetic. I look at this entire company and the bombshells division and I see nothing but a group of entitled weaklings hell bent on being the lowest common denominator cookie cutter wannabes in the world. And that goes for all of my opponents in this farce of a “match”. And I use that term very very loosely…”

She steps forward, her arms over her chest as she grumbles and her eyes narrow.

”Four women, a pool and a ruleset that includes getting eliminated if you fall in the pool and ropes you have to climb and shimmy across. It sounds like the start of a girls gone wild video. This kind of match isn’t why I became a wrestler, it’s not what I enjoy doing. I enjoy hitting women so hard that their insides shake, I enjoy feeling joints snap. mI enjoy seeing the lock in another human beings eyes when they know I’m simply better than them. I have spent a career doing things to other peoples bodies that in any other way of life would have landed me in jail.”

“And this time, I have to climb ropes and avoid landing in a pool. What the fuck has become of my life? And this sport? But then again, what do I get if I swallow my pride and compete in this joke of a match? A title. A championship. One of the most uniquely volatile titles in, not just this company but wrestling in general. A title that means every single time you defend it, it’s in a different match. From the ultra violent to the obscure and unique. It’s…intriguing.”

“And I am all about collecting championships.”

“And limbs.”

“I destroyed Dean Matthews knee, I broke the “Unbreakable” Stacy Jones, I beat Jason Long, I have done so much in the last few years after so many people thought my career was done at the tender age of twenty three. I went from a child to a mature adult in this business. I have grown and become ruthless in my dealings backstage and in front of the camera. And when those bright lights are on and the crowd is hot there is no one in this business who is as good as me, no one is as hot as Kayla fucking Richards.”

“And I don’t mean that as some kind of bragging when it comes to my looks. I mean I am a fucking main evenjt star in waiting and if I have to shimmy my hot lil ass across some ropes and snatch a title to get to the main event and prove my worth then so fucking be it…”

She throws her hands in the air, spitting her words like venom before sliding her hands through her long black hair and pulling it back behing her ears to flash her green emerald eyes.

”And the three women I have to beat to get that championship should be worried. From the trainee, Melissa, to the veteran Mercedes and the champion herself Kat Jones. Tell me Melissa, how is that training under your big dumb fiance going? Has he finally come to the realisation he can’t hang in SCW with the new breed so he has instead decided to dedicate all his time and effort into training his bitch to compete for him? To live vicariously through you since he’s simply not good enough to be the champion he seems himself as?”

“Pathetic, mediocre.”

“But hey, whatever pays the bills right? Whatever helps his fragile ego and allows you to feel like something of a success. Success that your record shows you might someday be capable of. But sweetheart, when your entire identity is “Lady Goth” then maybe it’s time to go to sleep, wake up the next day and be born again as something and someone else. I mean shit, dye your hair black and slap a dick on you and it’s like watching a Goth promo but without the grace and charm.”

“So what are you going to do Goth girl? Hmm? You going to drag that fat ass up the ropes and show us all that you’re on the yellow brick road to greatness? Sorry Dorothy, but I’m gonna get you and your little dog too…”

She snickers and shakes her head.

”However, last time out it was entertaining watching Melissa make Mercedes tap. How did that feel Mercedes. Wait, let me guess, you have no recollection of that, or if you do we all have to sit through Mercedes excuse speech number 701 where she tells us all about how gret she was in her past and that everyone loses. And that’s true, I’ve lost matches in the past, I have lost vhampionships, contenders matches, and ones that hurt, alot. However you know the difference between us Mercedes? When I lose I sit back, I examine it, I study it and I make sure I do everything I can to acknowledge where I went wrong and come back better.”

“I don’t just shrug then go back to verbally flicking my own bean in public while being the record fact queen that still somehow gets all that shit wrong too.”

“But still, congratulations for making it into this match and earning yourself yet another championship shot. I greatly look forward to whatever boring ass promo you decide to put up to make people the least buit interested in this match or your upcoming roll in it as a place filler.”

“Don’t gorget to tell us how many supercards you’ve competed on or what kind of made up records you have in your head.”

“We all need something to clutch onto, and in your case it’s the past Mercedes. And me? I’m the future. I’m coming up on a decade in this business and I haven’t even hit thirty. I come from a family that has become enveloped in this business and I am the best of them all. And you? You’re a legend who just doesn’t know when to hang it up. You didn;’t hang it up in IWF, you didn’t hang it up in WWH or Honor, and instead you’re shuffling around SCW like an extra from the walking dead.”

“But I’m going to do you a favor Mercy…just call me Darylk Dixon, cause I’m going to make damn sure I go for the head.”

Kayla shrugs and laughs to herself again. Her lips curling up into an arrogant smirk.

”Speaking of WWH and the head, here we have the champion Kat C Jones. A woman who is a legend in so many other places other than SCW. I mentioned WWH and she was the world champion there, she was a big deal. From there to 4CW and guest spots all around the world Kat decided to grace SCW with her presence and in a short amount of time has gone right back to her winning ways becoming the SCW roulette champion.”

“You know Kat, I’d congratulate you on winning that title if you didn’t take it off one of the worst champions this company and that title has ever seen and I say that full well knowing Jessie Salco, Violet Holt and Candy have all held that thing within the last feww years.”

“But a name like yours could bring stability and respect to it. Much like others did for the m,ale version of that title Kat Jones could indeed become a name everyone things of when they think of the SCW roulette title, much like they do with Sam Marlowe or like they do with Amber Ryan and the bombshells title. You could do that Kat..”

“You have the past history, you have the chops to and you have the skills to.”

“However, you have so many other challenges to face. You have the stupidity of this match, the farcical nature of the rules, you have Melissa who is chomping at the bit to prove she is more than just Goth’s cum receptical, you have Vargas who is clinging on to any last vestiges of relevance she can get her hands on as she clings on to her spot life a child does with a candy. And you have me. The greatest threat to your title reign in this match. Cause unlike the other two, I’m actually smart. I know who you are, I know your weaknesses, I knw your injuries and your past.”

“I know the mental game with you Kat.”

“I know that I can’t sit here and spew childish insults, because they won’t matter to you. I can sit here and bring up your history with everyone from Chris Madison to Cyrus Riddle and you’ll just shrug and move on, I can point out that you were one of the reasons WWH was laughed at and ridiculed by the professional wrestling world and you simply won’t give a rats ass, hell I can popint ouit that you have spent the last few years ducking legit competition and the nonly reason you have that title is because you got lucky with the champion at the time. And all you’ll do is smile and look for a nice soft spot to hit on my face that will cause the most damage…”

“I know that about you Kat…and I know the only way I can beat you, is by making sure I break you before you have a chance to break me….so at Summer Xxxtreme on that disease infested cruise liner…I am going to break you…and I am going to take home the SCW roulette title…”
Show Cards / SCU Presents... Underground Ep 139 (CARD)
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Sin City Underground Presents… Underground Ep. 139

Underground 139 - 7/2 - Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Sin City Underground Ep 139 comes to you taped in front of a limited live audience of 60% capacity, wearing face masks and social distancing between groups, at the Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. This episode will air on WGN and the Sin City Network on Saturday, July 2nd, 2022.

Friendly reminder, SCW General Manager Brooke Saxon made note of some strict rules to ensure the safety of fans, staff and the wrestlers alike;

1- Each ticket purchased will come with a safety bag. (A safety Bag includes a company logo face Mask, one .5 oz bottle of hand sanitizer, and a pair of XL gloves. Masks must be worn in all areas of the building.

2- Tickets to all shows going forward will only be sold at the SCW shop and only available to the local residents in which the show is being held.

3- Tickets will be sold no earlier than 48 hours of the show. (For SCW, look at it as the promo deadline is when tickets go on sale for that show and SCU shows.)

4- Everyone entering the building will get screened to read their temperature.

5- All food sold going forward will be already wrapped. All drinks will now be sold only in cans or bottles. No fountain type drinks.

6- Food can only be consumed in the designated areas in which masks can be taken off temporarily. All merch bought at the event will be done by credit cards, the shops will no longer take cash.

Anyone not abiding by these rules will be removed and barred from all future SCW/SCU and GRIME shows.

GRIME Championship Contenders Match
Gerald Shepherd Vs Joshua Acquin

Tag Team Match
Winter Elemental & Dahlia Rotten Vs 2 Broke Chicks

GRIME Championship Match
Earl Lockyer Vs Eyesnsane

Underground Championship Match
Helluva Bottom Carter Vs Dax Beckett

Six-Woman Elimination Match - Underground Championship Contenders Match
Masked Celeste Vs Masked Orchid Vs Linnea Lacroix Vs Jenifer Lacroix Vs Halo Annis Vs Angel of Filth

Card subject to change. Tune in Saturday for the hottest thing to hit Canada since NLW…

Sin City Underground presents… The Northern Lights Tour

No Nights Off… The Go-Home Tour hit several spots made famous by many of the stars in Sin City Underground. Join in on the celebration of 3 and a half years of sin, where we will see the 6th Mayhem Survival with special guest spots, and guest appearances from stars from Honor Wrestling, Northern Lights Wrestling, and Sin City Underground past. This is the last show before Supernova, so come on and help us make this send off tour one for the ages!

Supernova 5 - 7/9 - BC Place in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Results / SCU Presents... Underground Ep. 138 (RESULTS)
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Underground 138

6/25 - IG Field in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Sin City Underground Ep 138 comes to you taped in front of a limited live audience of 60% capacity, wearing face masks and social distancing between groups, at the IG Field in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. This episode will air on WGN and the Sin City Network on Saturday, June 25th, 2022.

The scene cuts in on Chelsea LeClair, the GRIME World Champion, as she walks down the hallway with her championship over her shoulder. She’s in good spirits, but said spirits are about to be tested in a way with the sudden appearance of Cordelia Clark in her path. Cordelia is able to see Chelsea and she doesn’t waver in the slightest.

Cordelia: Hey.

Chelsea: Hey. I know this is a bit weird for you considering that I’m one of the few allies that have stuck with you through thick and thin lately…

Cordelia: Yeah, I appreciate that. But, you don’t have to worry too much about me. I’ll be alright. It is what it is. Facing you? It’s going to be an honor. I know that there was a point where my sister looked down on you because of a past that you’re not proud ofm, but as I’ve shown, I’m nothing like her at all.

Chelsea: Trust me, seeing you put her away in 5BW was very satisfying and now you’ve got your whole career ahead of you. And hey, I didn’t mind providing a bit of an assist when Skag made his way down to the ring to try to screw you over.

Cordelia has a bit of a lighthearted chuckle at this.

Cordelia: Yeah, thanks for that. I have no idea what that whole relationship between them is all about, but that’s not something for me to worry about. I know that no matter what happens out there, we are still going to be in each other’s good graces.

Chelsea: Yeah, definitely and hey, I know you’ve been through so much lately and this hasn’t been the year that you’ve wanted so far, but things are starting to look up and they are starting to get better. You’ve got a certain someone in a few days and then at Supernova, you’ve got Andrea.

Chelsea pauses when she realizes that Cordelia winces with a bit of discomfort.

Chelsea: You can beat Andrea, don’t stress about that.

Cordelia: I’m not stressing about that. But, you know how psychotically obsessed she’s been with your title. I’ve noticed that she can’t stop complaining about you having a title and I’ve seen how she’s been trying to clamor for a shot against you. I’m almost sure that when the news hit her that I was going to be challenging you for your title tonight, she was the FURTHEST thing from happy. I can already imagine her having an ego trip meltdown and all of that and I KNOW I have to look over my shoulder and…

Chelsea: Cordy… hey… enough of that.

Cordelia pauses, her eyes widening with a bit of surprise.

Chelsea: I know you’re navigating some rough waters, but you can’t worry about things out of your control. So Andrea might be angry and all of that… but so what? Don’t worry about her. She’s not important in the picture right now. I’m defending the title against YOU, not HER. Seriously. You should NOT focus on Andrea right now, alright? You’ve got her at Supernova and for all we know, you could be defending this title against her. BUT, that’s Supernova. Focus on tonight, okay? I’m not asking for much out of you other than to give me the best challenge you can give me, alright? Can you do that?

Cordelia: Of COURSE I can do that. You’re looking at someone who had one hell of a dominant run last year and who WON the SCU Underground Championship at Supernova. I AM going to give you the best challenge that I can give you, but you better be careful because I’m not holding back! Like you said, I’ve got my whole future ahead of me and with all due respect, I can make that future brighter by winning my second world title tonight. I hate that it has to be at your expense…

Chelsea: Don’t… that’s the business for you all in all.

Cordelia takes a deep breath, keeping herself as calm as possible.

Chelsea: I’m not going to pull a Morganna on you, don’t be worrying about that.

Cordelia nods at Chelsea, acknowledging this.

Cordelia: Good luck to you.

Chelsea: You as well.

Chelsea makes her exit and leaves Cordelia to think about things on her own as the scene comes to an end.

GRIME Tag Team Championship Contenders Match
Jerry Cann & Kandy Kaine Vs The Good Shepherds

Gerald and Jerry put on a true classic to start. However, Jerry flips Gerald onto his back, but Gerald drags Jerry down into an Arm Drag. Kandy makes her presence felt with a stomp fest on Gerald. Borg comes in to take Kandy to the outside. He and Kandy go back and forth, with Borg fighting defensively. He watches until the distraction of Jerry is enough and tags in from Gerald. Borg finds himself overwhelmed by Jerry until he is able to get a couple solid gut punches and a Roundhouse Kick. However, Jerry tags Kandy in. Borg bucks up, but Kandy grabs Borg by the balls and squeezes, gaining instant control.  She turns into a Crescent Kick.  Kandy gets a two count. Borg does a Fireman’s Carry on Kandy to assert dominance. He then wraps his legs around her neck, choking her. Jerry comes inside to break it up. Shortly after he does, Gerald and Jerry begin brawling. The referee separates them and gets them to their corners.  Borg lifts Kandy up and rushes her into her own corner, forcing a tag to Jerry.  Gerald instantly puts Kandy out of the ring and goes to follow after. Borg goes to set Jerry up for the Yes You Can! (Taz Mission), but Jerry twists around and locks on the Cobra Clutch! Gerald doesn’t turn around, thinking Borg has his finisher latched on. Jerry uses his strength advantage to keep Borg in the center of the ring and he taps! Jerry Cann and Kandy Kaine win via submission.

Morganna is in a much calmer mood when the camera fades in on her. This time, there isn’t anything behind her that has been wrecked. Despite her calmer mood, Morganna is still all business knowing that the task ahead is going to be highly important. She’s got an angry look of determination in her eyes as she begins to express her thoughts.

Morganna: Tonight is the night. You know, after being on the worst end of some horrible luck in regards to the Pride Tag Team titles and everything, there is still one more chance to make this work. Unknown, you have escaped me for far too long. You’ve managed to avoid losing up to this point and you’ve managed to avoid a direct loss at my own hands. That’s going to end tonight because the way I see it, tonight is the last chance for Skag and I to win those Pride Tag Team titles. I’m not an idiot with my head in the clouds. I always live in reality. The fact of the matter is, I know deep down that if I were to NOT win today, that it’s done. There’s no way we’ll ever get another shot at those titles and that is going to go down as a failed venture for me.

I am NOT about to let that FUCKING HAPPEN!

I am NOT about to let the pursuit of these tag team titles go to waste. It’s ironic, I admit, that before I wasn’t caring TOO much about those titles but ever since the tournament, those titles are what I want at this point. I can never shake the damn feeling of being ROBBED because that’s exactly what you were and you just want to act like it’s all okay, Unknown. It’s NOT. It’s NEVER been okay. Me being in the shadows to someone like you is never going to be okay. Tonight is the start of the LONG OVERDUE breakout I’ve been waiting for. You’re not going to deny me, Unknown. You don’t just get to send Skag and I deep into the dark abyss and never hear from us again. I’m calling it right here and now… I AM going to win against you! You ARE going to be KNOWN as my personal BITCH, you understand that? Because I’ve HAD IT with you and Rory having four leaf clovers shoved up your asses!

Morganna calms down for a bit, taking a deep breath while doing so. She’s really into this match knowing that she HAS to win and that anything less is unacceptable.

Morganna: What is so UNKNOWN about you? The fact that you hide behind Rory? Because if THAT is it, then that’s not so UNKNOWN at all. Sorry not sorry, not diving into any stupid puns here or anything, but at the end of the day, this is the moment where the clock starts to inch closer to midnight and when your luck begins to run out because throughout all of this, I have always held that belief, and I will ALWAYS hold the belief that someone like you doesn’t match up to someone like me. You are NOT better than me and tonight, that’s exactly what I am going to prove. The longer the frustration lasts, the longer the darkness within me grows because I have had it with this crap. I’ve had it with the idea that you’re one step ahead of me, because you’re NOT and you never will be. You have something that I want and something that you don’t deserve and I’ve held back enough frustration. You couldn’t even begin to prepare for the HELL I am going to unleash on you and I seriously mean that. Skag, don’t jerk yourself off to what you’re about to see out of me, but I KNOW when you see what I am going to do to Unknown, you are going to be very happy. I’m going to be sure to cause nothing but misery for that bitch….

And when it’s all said and done, I’m going to fix all of this bullshit and I’m going to get us one last chance at the Pride Tag Team Championships… and I PROMISE that we ARE going to win those titles by the time it is all said and done.

Morganna leaves the scene, fully confident in her abilities as the scene cuts out.

The scene cuts backstage to Andrea Hernandez and needless to say that she is incredibly pissed. She notices that the camera has come on  her and she continues to seethe in anger as she continues to process what is going on around her. Andrea’s anger is seen in her very eyes as she begins to express her thoughts.

Andrea: Are you fucking kidding me?

Andrea takes a brief pause while she continues to process things.

Andrea: I’ve been OPENLY CAMPAIGNING for a shot at the GRIME World title so that I could silence Chelsea LeClair and not only do I NOT get the fucking shot that I am ENTITLED TO, but they give it to people that are BENEATH ME such as Jennifer whatsherface? That’s bad enough in and of itself, but the fact that I am getting passed up for CORDELIA CLARK? THE LESSER OF THE SISTERS? THE COUSIN OF ONE OF THE BIGGEST FAILURES IN PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING HISTORY? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!?!?!

This is something that you planned all along isn’t it, Chelsea? This is a CORRUPT BARGAIN, right? You wouldn’t give me a shot because you had planned on giving her one the entire time. Is that how this works? Is it really true that you couldn’t put that title on the line against me in Minneapolis this Wednesday or was the fact that it’s a non-SCU event an excuse so that you can avoid me, huh? Because veryone in the wrestling world knows that you have never beaten me in a one on one match in three attempts and you’re afraid to put that title on the line against me because you know you’re fucking scared. Hell, I wouldn’t be shocked if Hayley Halsey and her boyfriend isn’t the REAL three way relationship that’s up in the air with Cordelia… and speaking of Cordelia…

Andrea pauses while she continues to have an angry glare on her face.

Andrea: You DON’T deserve this title shot. It was handed to you for no reason. What the hell have you done LATELY to even deserve this chance? You’re nothing more than a constant crybaby who can’t stand even the slightest hint of adversity. You think beating your sister in another wrestling company is going to impress me or think any different of you? It won’t. To me, you’re someone that peaked too early. You’re that classic wrestling case of an apparent prodigy that got off to a hot start and then sunk to mediocrity as soon as she was figured out by everyone else. Your sister WAS your edge and it’s no coincidence that ever since you’ve been betrayed by her, you’ve lost that edge and you’ve sunk to mediocrity! You couldn’t even win a contendership match to get this shot.

It was just HANDED to you…

A shot that should be MINE…


I’m the one that would give her the biggest challenge more than everyone else on THIS WHOLE ROSTER!

I’m the one that’s Chelsea’s kryptonite! But YOU?

You’re all BUDDIES and FRIENDS with her because why? Because your sister has treated both of you like shit? My god, Chelsea has tried so hard to replace me as her best friend but she hasn’t even come CLOSE to that. Seems like you’re just her latest convenience, have you ever thought about that? She doesn’t give a shit about you and in fact, when she has a chance, she’s going to turn on you and leave you out in the cold. Take it from me, you stupid, fragile CRYBABY… she’ll give you something to REALLY cry about because she betrayed ME breaking up our tag team many years ago. Funny how NOBODY realizes that.

But you know something Cordelia? You’re going to be SHOCKED to hear this part. There’s a part of me that SORT OF wants you to win tonight. Not because I CARE about you because to me, you’re someone that’s a notch or two below my level, but because if you WERE to win, then perhaps that would give ME an opportunity to take that championship from you… but then again… I would MUCH rather win it from Chelsea…


You don’t have it in you to be a world champion again. Chelsea may be beneath me, but she’s no Angel Kash that you can just flatten because Angel Kash always was a weakling with no desire for this business. This whole thing is bullshit… and I WILL have something to say about it one way or another…

Andrea turns and heads out of the scene, clearly holding onto some anger as the scene fades out.

Pride Tag Team Championship Contenders Match
Morganna Vs Unknown

Unknown grabs onto Morganna right away and flings her into the ropes.  Morganna ducks a Clothesline, but on the rebound, she catches a hard elbow to the face and goes down.  Unknown stomps away at her violently in a circle before picking her up and landing a Snap Suplex.  She holds on and lifts Morganna into another Snap Suplex.  She goes for a  third, but Morganna knees her in the gut and then clubs her back.  She flings Unknown into the corner and follows up with a Monkey Flip.  Unknown gets up and goes at Morganna in the corner, but Morganna moves.  She goes for a  Running Bulldog, but Unknown flings her forward.  She rushes behind Morganna and hits a Punt Kick to her spine.  She locks on a Standing Rear Choke.  Morganna refuses to give in, and Unknown begins hammering away at her head, punch after punch.  Morganna claws at Unknown’s eyes.  She uses the distraction to get up and she begins delivering a series of kicks, grounding Unknown with a Spin Kick.  She scores a two count.  She lifts Unknown up, and Unknown roars as she kicks Morganna in the gut.  She hits a Tornado DDT on Morganna.  She gets a two count in return.  Both ladies take a deep breath as they slowly get up.  They trade punches from a kneeling position for a moment.  They rise to their feet, and Unknown tackles Morganna into the corner and they continue throwing punches.  Unknown rushes up the corner and nails ten punches before Morganna surprises Unknown by tossing her outside of the ring.  She climbs up and hits a Vaulting Crossbody to Unknown as she rises.  Morganna climbs on top of Unknown, getting a two count.  She slaps her around a bit. Unknown grabs an electrical cord and whips Morganna across the face with it.  She wraps the cord around Morganna’s neck and drags her over to the barricade, whipping Morganna into it.  Morganna kicks Unknown in the gut and unwraps the cord, wrapping it around Unknown’s neck.  She flips her over, choking Unknown. The referee warns her, and she whips Unknown into the apron, but Unknown uses the momentum to leap up and under the ropes. Morganna gets to the top rope. As Unknown rises, Morganna hits the Heartbreaker (Leaping Busaiku knee from the top rope right into the heart)! Morganna wins via pinfall.

We go backstage to see Mercedes Vargas and Winter Elemental standing to the left of SCU Reporter Gemma. The two are seen wearing the same light blue colored GIFT t-shirt with the faces of Mercedes, Winter, Darling, and Tatsu in the front. With matching skinny jeans. Winter holds her Combat title over her left shoulder. To Gemma’s right, we see Sarah Lane wearing a black dress with Dahlia Rotten wearing her wrestling attire. 

Gemma: In a couple of weeks, you two ladies will face each other at Supernova in a Kickboxing Match for the Combat Championship. Lexa booked this match on behalf of Mercedes and Winter’s request. What are your thoughts on that?

Gemma asks Dahlia and Sarah.

Dahlia: Honestly, I don’t know what exactly Mercedes has to do with this, but I’ve always had great matches against Winter. What is your role in this, Vargas?

Sarah: Winter knows how tough Dahlia is through their various encounters, and for those wondering about Dahlia’s kickboxing experience, you don’t have to worry she’ll be ready for Supernova.

Dahlia: Gemma, you know I’ve been training with Stewart and Gail, Stewart is a former Combat champion and Gail has an extensive martial arts background, they haven’t held back in training and that’s the way I like it. We’ve always considered Winter an honorary member of team Canada and a friend but friendship gets set aside at Supernova.

Mercedes: Winter deserves to take on the best in SCU, and as her manager, it's my job to set her up to be nothing but the best. I understand you two are friends, but since when does that matter? At the end of the day, it's about the best facing off with each other. Winter is proving to all the haters and naysayers like Amy Santino that she is more than a tag team wrestler, that she’s not in Tatsu’s shadow, and more importantly that she can beat any woman from any brand at any given time. Defending her title against Dahlia will prove to everyone why this year is Winter's year. Just think about the headlines, Sarah. I mean, you're a manager. You should read between the lines. When Winter wins at Supernova in less than two weeks, she proves once again that she is on top of her game in singles matches. If Dahlia wins, and that’s a big IF, mamita, then she becomes the first-ever wrestler in SCU history to hit the cycle, the grand slam. Dahlia just needs to beat Winter to become the Combat Champion and the first-ever to win every title in the company.

Sarah: I’m aware of that, Ms. Vargas, but you sell Winter short, I’ve watched Winter prove herself in singles matches from Honor, Northern Lights and SCU, and yes it will be a nice accomplishment for Dahlia when she beats Winter at Supernova.

Mercedes: I can see how strongly you believe in Dahlia. Winter has never won at Supernova. Dahlia has won at Supernova. I know she’s been in every Supernova event except for one. I know she’s had a championship match each time and has never lost. This is Dahlia’s moment to own it. This is her opportunity to leave Supernova, possibly the last ever event in SCU, and the Northern Lights Tour a champion and she will look back at this moment where she achieved the impossible. But…

Mercedes holds up her finger in a wait-a-minute gesture.

Mercedes: But what if Dahlia fails? Next week’s Underground is in Edmonton, Dahlia’s hometown. How is she going to prove to Winter that she’s the one to end her reign?

Winter: Oh, Dahlia knows deep down that she’ll put on a good showing but will fall flat. Just look at her, dressed in her ring gear ready to have a match, yet she’s not booked tonight which means she must be ready to go out there to face the Jeckel in the Open Invitational for the GRIME Tag Team titles eh. If Dahlia really wants a chance to make history and end my reign, I seriously suggest that she stay away from any matches tonight eh bud. You’re going to need to be at 100% if she wants any chance at beating me just like I need to be the same hence why I am off tonight. So go ahead and go for those tag titles or women up and face me one on one at 100% so that no one can have an excuse afterwards eh bud.

Mercedes smiles at Dahlia as if to say, "the choice is yours". Dahlia smirks.

Dahlia: Deep down you would like for me and Earl face the Jeckels and possibly get injured, so maybe I don’t make it to Supernova, but it proves just how naive you are Winter, I had no intention of accepting the Jeckels open challenge, so you’ll get what you want Winter, me at 100% at Supernova, as for next week, yes it’s in my adopted hometown of Edmonton, and while I don’t need to prove myself to you Mercedes or to Winter, here’s what I’ll do I’ll give you a little taste of how my training is going in a kickboxing exhibition match against any woman on the roster.

Sarah: I think we’re done here, we’ll see you next week.

Sarah and Dahlia walk off. Gemma walks off with them.

Winter: She can believe whatever she wants. It's what everyone else does.

Marissa Henry walks into the picture.

Winter: Oh you again, what is this aboot, eh?

Marissa: I'm not here for you; I know to get anything out of you, I have to go through your manager Mercedes Vargas so I'd rather get an exclusive interview from her.

Winter: Oui Oui? Well, go then, piss off, mate!

Liam shows up in the picture.

Mercedes: Behave yourself.

Mercedes tells Winter as she and Marissa walk off.

Winter: Gemma already got an interview, bud.

Liam: I'm here to cause some trouble. You in.

Winter: No, sir, I have to focus on my Combat Match.

Winter says as she and Liam watch Marissa and Mercedes turn the corner.

Liam: Okay, now you ready to cause some trouble?

Winter: You bet your ass I do!

They take off as cameras go to ringside.

GRIME Championship Match
Chelsea LeClair Vs Cordelia Clark

The cage comes down and locks into place as Cordelia and Chelsea circle each other, reluctantly approaching.  They trade punches, and Chelsea gets the advantage, sending Cordelia into the side of the cage.  It’s not electrified yet, but Chelsea bashes Cordelia’s head into the cage wall rapidly.  After several strikes, Cordelia is cut open.  Chelsea goes to Clothesline her, and Cordelia rams an elbow into Chelsea’s face.  She begins slamming Chelsea face first into the cage wall.  A whirring sound is heard as the cage becomes electrified.  Chelsea is shocked, and Cordelia feels some of it, instantly letting go as Chelsea is shocked.  She stumbles back, and Cordelia jumps onto the second rope, coming off with a jump kick to Chelsea’s chest, sending her to the ground.  Cordelia goes for the cover and gets a two.  Chelsea is flush, but she’s determined.  She gets up and ducks a Clothesline, hitting a high kick to Cordelia’s chest.  She then hits an Axe Kick.  She gets a one count on Cordelia.  Cordelia goes to send Chelsea into the ropes and cage wall, but Chelsea reverses it as the whirring gets louder.  Cordelia convulses and falls to the mat.  Chelsea goes for another cover, but feels some of the electricity being conducted through Cordelia.  Both ladies are down on the ground, and the referee checks on both of them.  Cordelia stutters, and Chelsea waves them off.  They get to a count of 8 before they start getting back up. Andrea comes out with bolt cutters and gloves. She cuts the lock on the cage and opens the door. She grabs Cordelia by the hair and sends her into the cage wall. Chelsea comes at Andrea, but Andrea ducks and whips Chelsea right into Cordelia, electrocuting them. She drops a tow chain and latches it onto the cage wall. She begins slapping at Cordelia and taunting her. Security cuts the electricity and they storm the ring to try to disarm Andrea. She uses the chain to hold them off to get to the door to exit of her own accord. The match is thrown out. Medical comes to check on Cordelia and Chelsea as well.

Recorded earlier

Raisa: Greetings.

The screen fades into Raisa.

Raisa: Unfortunately the Jeckels cannot be here, they are attending to pressing family business, and they have asked to to make this challenge. Since they became the GRIME tag team champions they have defeated every team that has faced them, and which leads to The Jeckels offering an open invitation to any team willing to face them, but this team should be aware that they will suffer defeat at the hands of The Jeckels, they eagerly await to see who is brave enough to accept their invitation. Until then.

With a wave of her hand the screen fades to black.

Unknown: I can't lie; it feels good being the Pride Tag Team Champion. At one time, I was looked at as the next breakout star. It may have been short-lived, but it felt good. Then one day, out of nowhere, it was all taken away from me. I return to see I haven't lost it, at least in tag team action. Tonight I get to prove that I still have it in singles matches when I defeat Morgan Clark.

Rory: You mean Morganna.

Unknown: That's what she wants to be called, but her name is Morgan. Morganna sounds like she's 7 feet tall. Her ego may be that tall, but she is not. Morgan is very talented in the ring, for sure, but her ego and her talent don't match up.

Rory: It could be worse; just look at Skag, all ego, no talent.

Unknown: What a team; I would say it's random but then look at us.

Unknown shrugs.

Rory: True, no one saw this coming. Me, holding this title, sure, maybe the Combat title but not the Pride title.

Unknown: And now we keep them, we keep them away from scum like Skag and Morgan. The fans want a team to cheer, a team to be proud of. We all know that's not those two.

Winter: Yeah yeah yeah, shut up and get me a Midori Sour, eh bud.

Rory: Give me a few minutes.

Winter walks over to the camera to take over the shot. The Cameraman is forced to zoom out all the way just to get a clear shot of her.

Winter: This interview is over. My bartender has to fetch me a drink, eh.

Kandy: You know that's very rude.

Winter and the camera turn to see Kandy sitting at a table with Jerry Cann. In front of Kandy is an oversized bowl of ice cream.

Winter: No, Kandy, I looked at the time, and it's Kandy Kaine time!

Kandy gets up from her seat, all excited.

Kandy: Yay! So Jerry and I Kandy beat The Good Shepherds, and in doing so, Jerry bought me a super-duper extra-large size strawberry sundae float. Who knew that you could get one at a bar?

The camera gets yanked away as we see Tatsu appear dragging the Cameraman by the camera cord towards Winter, who is seen seated at the bar sipping on her drink.

Tatsu: Okay, Kandy, time is over. Rory, a drink for the Tatsu… Bitches!

Esther is seen walking into the bar from a side door. She extends her hand out to push the Cameraman forward, forcing him to walk backward.

Esther: How cute; it's like everyone is trying to get on TV and decided to use Rory's time to do it.

Esther takes a seat on the other side of the bar. The Cameraman goes to face Unknown only to get Angel of Filth unamused.

Filth: As always, Esther has a point. I'd rather be anywhere but here right now.

The Cameraman turns to find Unknown but gets stopped by Halo.

Halo: Don't mind me; I'm here for Filth. She was telling someone that she could take me in and out of the ring, so I figured I'd call her out on that and face her right here.

Halo takes a step but gets grabbed by Kelli.

Kelli: Save it for the ring. Get that title shot, girl.

The cameraman turns to Filth, who is now surrounded by Masked Celeste and Masked Orchid.

Filth: I say why wait?

The Cameraman goes back to Halo, who is seen surrounded by Linnea and Jenifer Lacroix.

Kelli: Now, ladies, save it for the ring… Oh My God…

The Cameraman turns around to everyone's shock. The crowd at ringside exploded with cheers at his return…

Tim Staggs: Do I need to pull my dick out to get served a drink or what?

The camera goes back to Esther.

Esther: As I said, everyone's looking for some TV time…

Underground Championship Contenders Match
The Jeckels Open Invitation

Helena, Jack, and Jake stand inside of the ring with the GRIME Tag Team Championships. Jack steps forward as the crowd boos him.

Jack: We have opened up an invitation to face the best teams that Sin City has to offer. Even in the end days of SCU, our division is alive and well. Who has the fortitude to come out and face us for the titles? Will it be the Kawaii Dragons? Will The Monstimals return to rekindle our long standing feud? Will the Pride Tag Team Champions Rory and Unknown come out to face us? Will…

Jack is cut off as “Way Down We Go” by KALEO plays over the speakers. Javier Gonzalez and Omasa Tazu walk out onto the stage. The crowd gives a mixed reaction as they point down at the ring. Javi talks trash as Omasa looks on in anticipation. They come to the head of the ring and stare at The Jeckels. They look to one another before sliding inside of the ring.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Jack stomps on Javi while Helena and Jake stomp on Omasa. Raisa rolls Helena’s mallet inside of the ring. Helena picks it up and goes to smash Omasa with it, but Omasa rolls out of the way. She kicks Jake in the balls as Javi grabs onto Jack’s, squeezing tightly like Kandy Kaine had done earlier in the night. He stands up and talks trash to Jack before dropping him with a DDT. He picks up the mallet and hits Jack in the back. He goes for another swing, but Helena pulls it out of Javi’s hands and smacks him across the face, knocking a molar out along with some blood. She goes for the cover, but Javi kicks out at two. Omasa pulls her bokken out and begins swinging it at whichever Jeckel comes her way. Jack goes down, and then Jake. She swings at Helena, who ducks. She swings the mallet at Omasa, but Omasa does the Matrix Evasion, causing Javi to get hit from the opposite side with the mallet. Jack and Jack lock Omasa in a Cobra Clutch, just to hold her back as Helena drops down and pins Javi! The Jeckels retain against No Fucks Given. Jake throws Omasa to the floor and picks up the microphone.

Jake: That was too easy. We came here for a real challenge tonight. We came to claim more blood than this pitiful amount. Bring out another team…

Immediately, “Smack A Bitch” by Rico Nasty plays and 2 Broke Chicks come running down to ringside and slide inside of the ring. Jack and Helena begin to stomp on Jane while Jake pounds on Chi Chi. They totally ignore the fact that Omasa is still in the ring. She pokes at Javi to get him to get up. He slowly comes to, and he nods. He picks up the disposed mallet and Omasa gets her bokken out. They whip Jack around and Omasa cracks him repeatedly with the bokken a few times before Javi puts him down with a hefty swing of the mallet. They drag Jack to the ropes and dump him over before making their exit to the applause of the fans as 2 Broke Chicks get up to stop Jake and Helena from chasing after Javi and Omasa.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Jake and Helena run right at the challengers. Chi Chi and Jane turn around, Chi Chi gets Clotheslined over the top ropes by Jake as Jane blocks Helena’s Clothesline. Jane pushes Helena away, Jake kicks Jane in the ribs. Jane turns to focus on Jake but gets Speared to the mat by Helena! Jake and Helena start to kick Jane while she is down. Chi Chi gets to her feet and grabs Jake's leg. Chi Chi drags him under the ropes to the outside. Chi Chi sends Jake to the barricade. Helena slides out the ring and grabs Chi Chi from behind. Chi Chi hits Helena with a back elbow. Helena lets go, Chi Chi turns around as Jake gets to his feet and grabs him from behind. Helena hits Chi Chi with a hard chop to the chest! Jane rolls out the ring to the outside and hits a headbutt to the back of Helena's head. Chi Chi jumps backwards forcing Jake to hit the barricade again. Jake lets go of Chi Chi, Helena goes to grab Jane but eats a Big Boot from Chi Chi. Helena goes down as Jane grabs Jake and gets him up for a Chokeslam…Jake kicks Jane in the gut to counter. Jane lets go of Jake but Jake eats a leaping Clothesline as he and  Chi Chi goes flying over the barricade and into the 2nd row! The fans move out the way as Jake and Chi Chi roll around trying to get the advantage on the other… Helena and Jane tie up at ringside. Jane overpowers Helena as she pushes Helena away almost causing him to hit the ring post. Jane runs over... Helena moves out the way causing Jane to run into the ring post... But Jane gets her hands up to prevent getting hurt. Helena nails Jane in the side with a Dropkick causing Jane to hit the ring post anyway! Chi Chi and Jake are back on their feet, Jake goes to the barricade and jumps over to head towards Helena. Jane shakes it off and looks to lock up with Helena. Jake comes in and lands a body blow to the ribs of Jane forcing her to let go of Helena. Jake grabs on to Jane, he and Helena get Jane off her feet and drop her with a double team Suplex! Chi Chi jumps over the barricade and grabs Jake from behind for an Inverted DDT but Helena saves Jake as Helena nails Chi Chi with a hard chop to the chest followed by an uppercut to the jaw! Jane gets to her feet. Helena tries to grab her but Jane grabs first and sends her towards the rampway. Jane follows, however, Jack comes out of nowhere, back in the match, as he tackles Jane to the ground. He picks her up into the No Laughing Matter (Tombstone Piledriver) and goes for the cover! The Jeckels retain against 2 Broke Chicks.

With no warning other than the opening of “What Does the Fox Say?”, The Fox Brothers rush out from behind the curtains. They yip as they rush at Jack, getting the crowd to come to their feet for the Winnipeg hometown boys. They grab Jack and drag him to the edge of the stage before tossing him off. Jason gives Mason a lift as he nails a Frog Splash on top of him. Helena rushes to break up the cover just in time, arguing that their challenge has ended. Jason jumps off with a Missile Dropkick to Helena. He lifts Mason up and whips him right at the approaching Jake. He leaps up and Jake catches him with the Hokus Pokus (Flowing Snap DDT). Jason rushes at him, and he ducks. Helena jumps over Jake’s shoulders and locks on The Devil's Whisper (Mandible Claw) on Jason. The crowd boos as Helena drops him down, right as Jack pushes an equipment box on top of Jason. Rather than pinning, all three Jeckels join with Raisa and walk up the rampway as “Freakshow” plays.

Underground Championship Contenders Match
Angel of Filth Vs Halo Annis

As the bell rings, Filth charges at Halo, and Halo ducks, nailing a kidney punch and an uppercut.  Filth lands an elbow to the side of Halo’s head.  She charges her toward the corner, but Halo plants her weight down and grabs onto Filth.  She drops her down into a body scissor hold and punches at Filth’s head.  Filth hunches over Halo and throws wild punches to break free from it.  She grabs onto Halo’s hair and drags her to her feet, but Halo rushes Filth into the ropes, throwing wild punches.  After a few of these, Filth hits a few stomach punches to back Halo up.  She then throws a right cross and a few jabs before tackling Halo to the ground.  The two roll around punching at each other, each securing the upper hand for a few seconds at a time.  Filth wraps her legs around Halo and switches over onto her back.  She applies a Sleeper Hold.  Halo claws at Filth’s hands and eventually finds the weak point to break it.  She bridges out of it and gets to her feet.  As Filth gets up, Halo kicks at Filth.  She lands a stiff shin kick to Filth’s face.  She drags Filth up to her feet and tries to set her up for the Halo On Fire (Bridging Fujiwara Armbar), but Filth rams a knee strike into Halo’s stomach.  Halo punches her several quick times before Filth sneaks in a poke to the eyes. She then hits a Roundhouse Kick! She rushes her with a punch, and another, Halo falls into the corner.  Filth hits another punch, and Halo puts her arms up.  As Filth dives in, Halo ducks out of the way and Filth collides with the turnbuckle. Halo whips Filth around and runs up to the second rope, and nails a knee to the face of Filth. As Filth goes down, Halo sizes Filth up for the Black 13 (Claymore Kick), but Celeste and Orchid roll inside of the ring and tackle Halo to the ground. No sooner than they appear, Jenifer and Linnea Lacroix come rushing down the rampway. Before Filth can join in, Jenifer and Linnea ground her and drop her with the Bourbon Street Blues followed by an immediate Kimura Lock. Celeste rushes to break it up, but Linnea meets her with a Superkick. Orchid goes next, but Halo grabs onto her hair and whips her back into the Hung Out To Dry (Tarantula)! The bells rings continuously as Linnea battles it out with Celeste. After a full minute of repeatedly ringing the bell, GM Lexa Pellegrini comes out and announces that this match has been thrown out, but next week, all six will go at it for the contendership, but only if the fighting stops then and there. Jenifer and Halo release their holds while Celeste and Linnea stop fighting. Security comes out to ensure the two sides stay separated as the show goes off the air.

Tune in Saturday for the hottest thing to hit Canada since NLW…

Sin City Underground presents… The Northern Lights Tour

No Nights Off… The Go-Home Tour hits several spots made famous by many of the stars in Sin City Underground. Join in on the celebration of 3 and a half years of sin, where we will see the 6th Mayhem Survival with special guest spots, and guest appearances from stars from Honor Wrestling, Northern Lights Wrestling, and Sin City Underground past. Help us make this send off tour one for the ages!

Underground 139 - 7/2 - Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Supernova 5 - 7/9 - BC Place in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Supercard Roleplays / “One Year Later!”
« Last post by Krystal Wolfe on June 27, 2022, 12:02:45 PM »
Krystal and Ariana had similar paths over the past Supercard Cycle, both had a chance at competing in this year’s Ultimate X Over the Pool Match which Krystal won last year to retain her Bombshell Roulette Championship over Maki and Bea Barnhart, however both women came up short! Krystal failed in her bid to win the Bombshell Roulette Championship from Kat Jones whilst Ariana fell short in her qualifying match the following week against Melissa, this left the two young women (26 and 21 respectively)with no clear idea of what they were doing on the cruise.

But their prayers would be answered as they were teaming up for the first time on an SCW show! But the match wouldn’t be easy as they had been paired against the Metal Maniacs, the demented duo comprised on Twisted Sister and Iron Maiden had Anthrax in their corner and whilst they didn’t exactly have a great track record, their ferocity in the ring made them a formidable opponent for any team, can Team Go get the win?

Backstage at Climax Control 335, Scottsdale, Arizona
Sunday the 26th of June 2022, 21:00pm

God I can’t wait for this crazy cycle to end already!

I’m not even talking about the controversy that surrounded my decision to check myself out of hospital in a vain attempt to train for my title match against Kat Jones, I think enough has been said about how misguided a decision that was in general, no, what I’m talking about is pretty much everything that’s happened elsewhere on the SCW shows.

When the least crazy thing that’s happened this cycle was a match that doubled as a motocross race, you know things have gone off the rails!

Still, the next event is Summer XXXTreme and whilst I’m not entering the event as champion like I did last year, it’s still an event that holds a deer place in my heart because it helped solidify that my reign wasn’t a fluke! Would I have liked to defend the title in the Ultimate X Match for the second year running? Off course! But I am wishing Kat Jones luck in her defence and hoping that she can keep the streak of the champions retaining their titles in the Ultimate X Matches going!

Which off course leaves me with a problem, what exactly am I doing at Summer XXXTreme?! There were matches announced for the show sure but I was among the wrestlers not mentioned in them so I was worried that, for the first time since Blaze of Glory IX, I was going to be left off the card.

”Been a heck of a night, huh Charlotte?” I glanced up and saw Ariana walking up to me with an unreadable expression on her face though her body language said that she had a lot on her mind. ”Considering everything that’s happened this cycle? I almost wish we could just fast forward to the Violent Conduct cycle.”

”Hey, as long as I can avoid pissing off Tempest for the second year in a row? I’m not complaining!” I commented dryly and it didn’t take long for Ariana to remember what I meant and nod in agreement. ”There’s two things that I wish I could change about my Bombshell Roulette Title reign, one is that I wish I had won it from Johanna Krieger at Inception IV so that I wouldn’t have missed Blaze of Glory IX, the other is that I could’ve handled the Bella Madison/Tempest incident a lot better.”

”You’ve got no argument from me on the second point Charlotte, and I’m sure Bella would agree with you even if you made amends at last year’s Violent Conduct.” Ariana nodded in agreement before frowning. ”Which reminds me, we both seem to be after the same thing at Summer XXXTreme.”

”A match? Yeah, I saw your interview with Pussy.” I nodded knowing where my friend was going with this, and almost on cue we got the new card text and checked our phones. ”Well, our prayers have been answered, and it’s not like we specified that we wanted a singles match.”

”True, but I didn’t think we’d be put against the Metal Maniacs, at least it’s not a No-DQ match.” Ariana responded with a shudder and I quickly nodded in agreement, sure the Bombshell Roulette Title reign had a role in desensitizing me to a lot of the more violent match types out there, but the Metal Maniacs were two of the most violent Bombshells in the divisions history, the only reason that they weren’t a credible threat was because they were terrible in the ring. ”Meanwhile, Jessie has Chloe Benton, I’m hoping she takes it easy on her in the promo.”

”Maybe but whilst Chloe is a sweetheart, she has to learn somehow.” I responded with a sigh before deciding to change course. ”So, is Carter or Francisco your plus one for the cruise?”

”Francisco, I asked Carter but he was busy with his SCU commitments.” Ariana explained and I nodded in understanding. ”I’m guessing Makayla’s your plus one again?”

”Was there ever any doubt? We won’t have a balcony room this time because I’m not entering the event as a champion but the only thing that matters is me spending time with her.” I responded with a grin and Ariana grinned in response. ”Besides that this event is serving as Rachel’s first vacation, we couldn’t get a babysitter for her so after talking it out with the bosses they agreed to let us take her aboard.”

”That’s good to know, come to think of it, isn’t Cassie’s birthday in July?” Ariana asked and I nodded knowing where she was going with this. ”Any idea how she’s spending it?”

”Her birthday is four days after the event, so I got her Summer XXXTreme tickets as an early birthday present earlier today.” I explained and Ariana grinned broadly when she heard that. ”She knows that she can’t take her weed on board with her but considering that she survived the Greece Lightning Tour without the stuff? She’ll be fine!”

”Here’s hoping she’s learned her lesson from sassing Keira.” Ariana responded and I shook my head with a chuckle, it was highly unlikely that Cassie was going to hear the end of that anytime soon. ”So, are you medically cleared to train at the Go Gym yet?”

”I’’ve got an appointment with SCW’s Medical Team tomorrow afternoon just to confirm that I am medically cleared for the event.” I explained and Ariana nodded as she got the idea. ”I don’t think the bosses would’ve booked me without the team confirming that I should be at 100% for the show but it’s more to put Gabriel and Odette at ease.”

”I’d say, “let me know how that turns out” but I guess I’ll know if I see you at the Go Gym tomorrow.” Ariana nodded as she started to walk off. ”See you tomorrow Charlotte.”

”See you.” I responded before we went our separate ways.

Krystal and Makayla’s home. Las Vegas, Nevada
Monday the 27th of June 2022, 11:00am

It was certainly a week.

The biggest news outside of the wrestling world to come out of the previous week was off course, the overturning of Roe v Wade and the fucking over of every American woman’s civil rights! I know what you’re thinking, how does that affect me and Makayla? We’re a lesbian couple (okay I’m bi but Makayla’s a lesbian so it still counts) so it’s not like we’re going to get pregnant any time soon, right? And you’d be right, Makayla’s never had any sexual interest in men and whilst I swing both ways, my preference is definitely towards other women.

No, my concern is what could come down the line, because it’s already been hinted that they’re coming after gay marriage next! Me and Makayla got married in March, but thanks to that ruling we’re seriously considering moving abroad, even if it meant moving back to Australia.

Would we still appear in SCW? Absolutely, it’s not like I can’t afford to fly out for shows, and whilst we haven’t discussed what that would mean for Cassie we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

”Can one o’clock roll around already?” I asked with an annoyed grunt as I glanced up at the clock. ”Because I want to get this check-up done as soon as possible!”

”As soon as they invent a time machine Charlotte, I’ll let you know!” Makayla chimed in and I glanced over at my wife who was carrying the laundry basket down the stairs with her. ”But I’m sure there’s a few things you’d do first if they did invent a time machine!”

”Give me a week and I’ll have a list prepared, two if you want details.” I responded dryly and Makayla chuckled before she started to move the basket into the laundry room. ”Have you given any more thought to the political shitstorm that’s been brewing over the past week?”

”You mean besides the fact that our marriage will come under attack by those who seek to protect the “sanctity of marriage” whilst banging their secretaries behind their wives’ backs?” Makayla asked  with a frown as she started loading the dirty laundry into the washing machine. ”If they do go after gay marriage next then we need to move overseas, frankly any place will be better than this joke of a country turning the clock back to 1942!”

”You mean besides the countries where homosexuality is punishable by death obviously.” I responded with a frown as I folded my arms and Makayla quickly nodded in agreement. ”We need to pick somewhere that I can feasibly fly out for SCW shows on the regular whilst keeping it relatively cheap! I’m set for life thanks to the pay-out from Jenny Tuck and the settlement with Matthew Kennedy but that doesn’t mean I want to spend it all on expensive flight!”

”That was what I was thinking as well, but it may be worth seeing how things play out before we make a decision.” Makayla commented and I shook my head. ”Who knows? Maybe those idiots in the Supreme Court will grow a brain by then!”

”You’ll forgive me for not holding my breath on that, right?” I asked and Makayla nodded in understanding before I let out a deep breath. ”I need to seriously unwind before I say something I’ll regret later during my promo with Ari this evening, I’m heading up to stream some Elden Ring!”

”Unwind with one of the most difficult games of the year? Yeah, that sounds about right!” Makayla commented dryly and I shook my head as I started my ascent up the stairs. ”Did Cass like the early birthday present we got her?”

”She posted about it on Twitter with a giff or Thor yelling yes from Thor: Ragnarök, I think she’s excited.” I responded with a chuckle and Makayla grinned in response.  ”But if we wake up one day on the cruise and find that the bar’s all out of food, she’ll be our first suspect!”

”She knows that she won’t be able to take her weed on board, right?” Makayla asked and I nodded in response. ”I know she survived five weeks without the stuff during the Greece Lightning tour so I don’t doubt for a second that she’ll be okay, if not a bit sassy, but Cass has to break that habit at some point!”

”She’ll probably start the process of kicking her weed addiction once she realizes that most places won’t hire a stoner no matter who trained her.” I responded with a shrug as I made my way up the stairs. ”Until then she’ll continue to be a natural in the ring who happens to smoke weed and love porn.”

”So basically what she was like at the PTA Gym, only treated as an equal.” Makayla commented with a nod as she finished loading up the laundry. ”Any ideas of what you’re doing for this year’s cruise?”

”I have ideas, Christian has ideas, we’ll see how it plays out once we’re on the ship.” I responded with a shrug and Makayla nodded as she got the idea. ”Give me a shout when it’s almost time for the appointment with SCW’s Medical Team!”

”Will do.” Makayla responded with a nod before she picked up where she left off.

Go Gym, Las Vegas, Nevada
Monday the 27th of June 2022, 16:00pm

Spoiler alert: the medical team gave me a clean bill of health!

Still, I had to bring the doctor’s note to the Go Gym with me before Despayre let me into the gym for the first time in weeks, I was a good enough sport to let him keep the crayon drawing that Angel did of me because, well, as Ari said, it was kind of adorable.

But the time for cuteness was over and I had several weeks of missed training to catch up on, I wasn’t going to get it done in a week but it was a good start at least, and now it was time for my chat with Gabriel, only this time Ari was joining me.

”Charlotte, I am relieved to hear that you are medically cleared.” Gabriel commented as I entered his office and I grinned in response before sitting next to Ari. ”And you find yourself in a unique situation with your return match.”

”You know what match we would’ve preferred to compete in though.” I commented with a frown as I made myself comfortable. ”I definitely would’ve preferred to win back the Bombshell Roulette Title from Kat a few weeks ago.”

”And I would’ve preferred to qualify for the Ultimate X Match by beating Melissa but here we are.” Ari added with a sigh as she shifted her weight. ”Don’t get me wrong, I’m more excited to be teaming with Charlotte than I am to wrestle against her for a title, but we’re up against The Metal Maniacs!”

”I’m not sure why we should be worried to be honest.” I commented with a shrug as I leaned back in my chair. ”The Metal Maniacs don’t exactly have the best win/loss record, I’m pretty sure the last time Twisted Sister won a match was when she debut for the company!”

”That may be true Charlotte, but if we based this purely on the win/loss records of participants then no one would take you seriously because of your six month losing streak.” Gabriel pointed out and I frowned realizing that he had a point. ”I realize that this is a far more extreme example than that but regardless of this win/records, the Metal Maniacs are a dangerous team, they put on a blood bath against Amber Ryan and Masque during the King for a Day Show.”

”Here’s hoping our team doesn’t go the same way of Amber and Masque, wait, no, that was in terrible taste! Forget I said anything of the sort.” Ari quickly backtracked and we nodded in agreement. ”What’s our best approach to The Metal Maniacs?”

”This might seem basic as all hell but just outwrestle them?” I suggested and Ariana and Gabriel turned to me. ”Hear me out, we all know that The Metal Maniacs’ strengths lie in hardcore wrestling, but since this is a normal tag team match the balls in our court!”

”How amusing, I was about to say the same thing.” Gabriel commented with a dry chuckle and me and Ari shared a look. ”Both Twisted Sister and Iron Maiden will be out of their comfort zones in this match, Charlotte you spent the better half of 2021 as Bombshell Roulette Champion but you were never purely a hardcore wrestler, Ari, not only are you are a tag team specialist but I can name the number of hardcore matches you’ve competed in on one hand.”

”And if I continue to compete in the Bombshell Roulette Division, that number will increase in no time.” Ari nodded in agreement before we stood up. ”Anything else or can we get back to training?”

”Feel free but there is one last thing.” Gabriel responded and we both turned to him unsure of what to expect. ”Enjoy yourselves on the cruise.”

”We will, thanks.” I nodded in response before we and Ari left Gabriel’s office. ”Now I’m starting to predict what Gabriel has said, ever get the feeling that you’ve learned all you can from a teacher?”

”Maybe but let’s not get ahead of ourselves, we have a tag team match to prepare for.” Ari responded before pausing. ”Do you think anyone’s around to serve as our opponents in a tag team sparring match?”

”Wouldn’t hurt to ask, for now? Let’s train!” I responded and Ari grinned before we headed into the ring to train.

Go Gym Parking Lot, Las Vegas, Nevada
Monday the 27th of June 2022, 18:00pm

*promo time*

This should be fun.

”One year ago at Summer XXXTreme IX I was still the Bombshell Roulette Champion whilst I had Ari here at my side as support.” I said as I motioned to Ari who did a little twirl in response. ”Now, one year later we find ourselves not only out of Bombshell Roulette Title contention but competing in a Tag Team Contest at Summer XXXTreme X, I’m not complaining because Summer XXXTreme has a special place in my heart due to the fact that I attended Summer XXXTreme III back in 2015 with my girlfriend at the time but our opposition is a team known more for acts of depravity than winning matches.”

”Krystal is off course talking about Iron Maiden and Twisted Sister, collectively known as The Metal Maniacs! That terrible duo has made a few sporadic appearances throughout the year, heck Twisted Sister competed in this year’s Blast from the Past as part of Team PLEASE DON’T HURT ME!” Ari continued but what she didn’t notice was my eye twitching in the background, yes I’m still sore over the Blast from the Past Tournament. ”Bare in my mind that the “Please Don’t Hurt Me Part” was coming from her own partner Jack Ruscow rather than the one and only team they faced off against!”

Yeah, this will be interesting.

”But here’s the thing about this match, everyone knows that the Metal Maniacs are Hardcore Specialists, just look at how their last match as a team went down and ignore everything that happened with their opponents afterwards if you want to avoid nightmares!” I added and in the background Ari shuddered in response. ”But this isn’t a hardcore tag team match, it’s a normal Bombshell Tag Team Match meaning that the Metal Maniacs will be out of their comfort zones and, as I’ve already stated, whilst I am a former Bombshell Roulette Champion, I wouldn’t consider myself to be a hardcore match specialist!”

”I can say the same thing really, aside from the fact that I’m considered a tag team specialist due to my Pride Tag Team Title Reigns as part of Team Go with HB Carter and with Alex Rush and I loved those reigns, don’t get me wrong, but I’ve been out to prove that I’m more than just a tag team specialist, this match will prove to be an interesting challenge for me and Krystal especially since Krystal doesn’t really have a great track record as a tag team wrestler! Err, no offense Krystal.” Ari added apologetically and I put my hands up as if to say, “no offense taken”. ”But it’s a challenge that I’m confident we can overcome!”

And we will.

”We haven’t teamed up that often granted but the few times me and Ari have teamed up magic has happened in the ring and this match at Summer XXXTreme X will be another magic show courtesy of me and Ari.” I said as me and Ari shared a fist bump. ”Hell we’ll even go a step further by making Anthrax disappear from the ringside area if it means making this an even fight!”

”And by that she means that we’ll find a way to get the referee to send him down to the brig!” Ariana added and I grinned in response. ”Either way, me and Krystal are entering this match with a lot to prove considering that our track record this cycle hasn’t been great! Krystal has fared a little better because she at least has a win under her belt but I’m still in search of my first win outside of the Greece Lightning Tour!”

And we will.

”You see, as far as I’m concerned? We have this match in the bag, The Metal Maniacs may be maniacs, obviously, but does anyone honestly remember the last time they won a match? I don’t and Ari doesn’t either but that doesn’t mean that the match won’t be a violent affair between Team Go and the Metal Maniacs! Me and Ari have proven that we’re more than willing to get our hands dirty to get the win and The Metal Maniacs, well, it’s In the name, isn’t it?”

”Maniacs by name, maniacs by nature, but when we step into the ring against The Metal Maniacs at Summer XXXTreme we will be out to do one thing, out wrestle the Metal Maniacs!” Ari added and almost on cue I did a mock Home Alone face in response. ”I know, shocking right? But is there any doubt that me and Krystal are better wrestlers than the Metal Maniacs? They might be violent psychopaths but if we can force them to wrestle our style then we have the match in the bag!”

T's that simple!

”Don’t get me and Ari wrong, we know it won’t be that easy, but The Metal Maniacs are out of their comfort zones just by virtue of this being a normal rules match, now if the bosses had made this a Street Fight? Then things would get interesting but hey, we’ve got to take what we can get in this business sometimes and since the alternative to that is forcing the Metal Maniacs out of their comfort zones? We’ll take it!”

”Krystal, you mind if I do the lead in for the promo closer? I’ll let you do that when we do promo two?” Ari asked and I quickly nodded in response. ”It’s like Krystal said, this is our match to lose and we don’t plan on losing this one! For one thing we’d never hear the end of it from the rest of the Bombshell Roster but beyond that? We do have one last thing to say.”

And with that we decided to wrap things up.

”The Metal Maniacs are scary opposition but forced into a regular tag team match like this? They will be at a severe disadvantage and that’s good news for Team Go! Because Team Go will Go the Distance as they bear witness to the grace of the Angel’s Descent courtesy of the Greek Angel Ariana Angelos.”

”And as I turn the page on this chapter of my SCW Career, the Metal Maniacs will soon regret having crossed paths with “Down Under Thunder” Krystal Wolfe! We’ll see you two in the ring!”

We got in our cars and drove off as the scene fades.
Post your roleplays here by deadline. Good luck and have fun!
Post your roleplays here by deadline. Good luck and have fun!
Post your roleplays here by deadline. Good luck and have fun!
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Post your roleplays here by deadline. Good luck and have fun!
Post your roleplays here by deadline. Good luck and have fun!
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Post your roleplays here by deadline. Good luck and have fun!
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