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[Only seven years ago, Mercedes Vargas stood triumphantly inside a SCW ring at the inaugural Inception event. In front of a packed house at National Indoor Arena in Birmingham, England, the Argentine pulled off a hard fought victory to retain the Bombshell Roulette Championship. Facing an Amazon like Traci Patterson was a tough task all its own but Mercedes was up for the challenge. Against the overwhelming odds and strength of Traci, Mercedes has proven over the years that she was very, very difficult to keep down. She made that clear in prevailing in this Roulette Rules Last Bombshell Standing match, and still was fortunate enough that her hair and makeup stayed roughly in place.

Five years ago, Delia Darling, Angelica and Veronica Taylor all entered the ring to celebrate in victory with Mercedes Vargas following her win over Celeste North in a lumberjill match, ending a months-long feud between North and the Mean Girls. Whatever happens in Vegas this night would not stay there as Mercedes and the rest of the stable are presented with a loud chorus of boos.

Three years ago, Mercedes was close to making history. But close doesn’t win wrestling matches, especially ladder matches. The field for the Golden Briefcase ladder match was already tough as it is. Mercedes Lewis, Kate Steele, Apple Coren, Trinity Jones, and Pandora Barrett. Like Mercedes, all were driven and had the same goal in mind, but there could only be one. And just like in Vegas, sometimes a little luck can help you along the way. Lady Luck smiled on Kate Steele as she grabbed the briefcase, earning herself a shot at any championship of her choosing. For Mercedes, her undefeated streak at Inception was no more.

One year ago, Mercedes Vargas and Alicia Lukas battled in a match that had the makings of an instant classic. It helps that these two were longtime rivals even before they met in Sin City Wrestling and plan on settling things under the bright lights of Vegas. Another chapter was written in this memorable encounter. Mercedes put up a hard and valiant effort but history was not on her side as Alicia prevailed again just as in their first singles encounter in SCW. It also didn’t help that Mercedes lost in Vegas and at Inception for the second event consecutively.

The memories are still vivid in her mind. Each moment from Inception, good and bad, still serves as an inspiration for Mercedes to create one more, to add one more to her already impressive Hall of Fame resume.]


Blog: Almighty Fire
semana del 9 al 15 de enero de 2022

I used to think that I was a loner, that I never even had fans. As it turns out, I was very wrong. See, you learn eventually that haters are literally your biggest fans. They go out of their way. Without even following you, to see everything you do. Talk about you. Obsess over you. It’s a win either way, no?

For those of you who didn't see my last match of 2021, you missed one hell of a show. And if you missed my match, which I hope is very few of you, you definitely need to see it on replay. Match of the Year, people. I was taken to my very limits, and my opponent pulled off one of the greatest upsets in history by pinning my shoulders to the mat uno, dos, tres. I mean, it was unbelievable.

You want to know what's really unbelievable? It's that I actually took Krystal Wolfe seriously.

Am I disappointed that I lost my last match of 2021 to Krystal?


Am I rightfully peeved about Ariana Angelos and Amy Santino sticking their nose in my business?

Emphatic yes.

Am I going to have a pity party and consider myself a failure?


It’s about big picture. At the end of the day, I accomplished quite a lot in 2021, and I plan to keep it rolling in the new year. That said, a new year means everyone in SCW is looking to get off to a hot start and get that next title opportunity. And what better way for SCW kicking off 2022 in style than with Inception V in Reno. I’m all for it. Goth and I defend the titles for the first time since we won them from Austin and Tempest, which wasn’t easy. How do you think their reign lasted for almost six months?

So, after a well deserved break and looking forward to what this year has in store, it seems as if we have a problem here, SCW. Why did it take so long for management to find Goth and I challengers when you have a talented roster?
Why were we kept in the dark on who would be stepping up to us in Reno in two weeks. Inquiring minds want to know. I get being a champion in SCW has its perks and all. But it means that you are also a marked wrestler. You can never let your guard down, and I’m sure there’s no shortage of challengers that would love to be us right now.

I get that Crystal and Brayden wanted a title opportunity, but there’s a reason why after Goth and I won these titles why we would take on any team as long as that team didn’t include Crystal. She’s the name-brand version of Jessie - only more manipulative. Those who know Crystal knows that she never does anything because it’s the right, decent, honest, generous, or unselfish thing to do. She does it because it will either get her in the news, it will build her brand, or it will curry favor with SCW in getting some title opportunity of some sort (I present to you Exhibit A: Inception IV). Usually, it's two or more of those, and often, it's all three. The saying goes that it’s better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than open it and remove all doubt. It sure didn’t take long for Crystal and Brayden opening their mouths to prove why that is.

Its no secret Crystal wants to achieve the Grand Slam and she’s been gunning for the World Mixed Tag Team Championship ever since. She must have amnesia because she got the opportunity to achieve her dream at Violent Conduct, but she couldn’t get it done. Also, Crystal got pinned. Not to mention, but I’ll mention, that she was in a championship match in almost every pay-per-view last year, including each of the last two.

So if her argument wanting to face me seems flimsy - I’m sitting here trying to see things from her point of view but I can’t get my head that far up my ass - her son, Brayden’s, is a real head-scratcher. It’s laughable that Brayden and his wife continue to push this narrative about the so-called "unfair treatment" that Brayden has been receiving at the hands of the SCW powers-that-be, and a distinct lack of respect that he believes he is owed because of his name when he’s won only two matches, hasn’t won since Summer XXXTreme back in mid-July, and spent the better part of the year losing matches since then. Apparently, Crystal and Brayden’s argument was enough to convince Christian and Mark to get a future title opportunity.

You know what, fine. If Mark and Christian wants to give one of the most polarizing wrestlers in the company and her loser son a title opportunity, that’s on them. Because regardless of who walks out of Inception with the World Mixed Tag Team Championship, I guarantee you that Crystal won’t be getting that Grand Slam so she might as well settle on that sixth world title she’s been on about and Brayden can continue to run his mouth to anyone who give him the time of day, which is no one.

As for me, I can’t rest on my laurels, because the undefeated team of Kristopher Ryans and Mikah are next in line. I’ve got a title defense with Goth to look forward to next Sunday against a team that does matter. So with the odds against us, what do you think we’ll do to keep the World Mixed Tag Team Championship at Inception? When it comes to title defenses, I answer the bell. Why do you think I've been in over 60 championship matches in SCW? I react well under pressure and that's when I'm at my best. When I go into survival mode, I'm a tough challenge to any Bombshell on the roster and they know better never than to count me out, but you don't have to take my word for it.

I'm going to find a way to win this match, not a way out, at Inception.

There's a lot riding on this match.

If The Black Sheep both want what we have?

Well, now it's up to them to take it.


Flashback - 23 January 2011

Un Sueño - Faded Glory.

There’s no better feeling then ushering in the New Year, especially when you’re halfway across the world. London weather in January was a lot like the weather in New York, cold enough for you to dress in woolen socks all day, or having that glass of wine on a cold evening sitting by the fire and listening to your favorite music. Sure there’s the usual sights and the museums and markets but the best part about visiting London in January? It’s a great way to avoid the crowds at all the city’s attractions.

It’s my third year in professional wrestling and only my second time in London. Two years ago, fortune smiled on me when I won my debut. Tonight, I had a rematch for a championship I held for just short of an entire year. Some people called it an upset, some people called it dumb luck. Whatever you want to call it, I vowed that I would not go gentle into that good night.

The weather was bad enough.

[Mercedes looks unsure of herself as she removes her glasses, shakes her hair loose, and tightens her overcoat. If she wasn’t sure before, she was sure that she was lost, which was the last situation no one wanted to face, especially in a big city like London.]

STRANGER: It looks like you're in trouble there, miss? Can I help?

And just when I this close losing my faith in mankind.

MERCEDES: It is cold like death out here. How do you people survive?

STRANGER: Were you expecting sleds and a rescue team then?

This is the way most of my misadventures usually ended, or even started. I was still new to this globetrotter thing, but years later, when I upped my frequent flier miles, I learned that good help is really hard to find. The kindness of strangers.

STRANGER: Sounds like your lost.

MERCEDES: Really? How could you tell?

STRANGER: Let’s start with you’re holding your map there the wrong way.

MERCEDES: Very observant. Ehm, can you tell me the way to the Waterloo Station?

STRANGER: You’re actually here right in the middle of Greenwich Park.


STRANGER: All you need to do is continue straight on through St James’


STRANGER: And then, when you get to the Houses of Parliament, turn left.


STRANGER: Then go across the bridge…


STRANGER: And then it’s first right and you’re there, that’s Waterloo Station.

MERCEDES: Great, ok, so…ehm. Through Hyde Park, and then turn left at the Houses of Parliament…

STRANGER: No, no, no, right at the Houses of Parliament!

MERCEDES: Right! Right at the Houses of Parliament. Ehm… Cross the bridge…

STRANGER: That’s it!

MERCEDES: And then first to the right?

STRANGER: First on the right!

MERCEDES: First on the right!

STRANGER: And that’s Waterloo Station!

MERCEDES: Fantastic! Thank you very much.

STRANGER: No problem, you’re welcome!


Probably wasn’t my greatest moment, but it could have ended much, much worse. Whoever said getting there is half the fun probably didn’t have to walk in freezing temperatures in the middle of January.

Sometimes, all you need is a point in the direction.


Present Day ♦ L O S A N G E L E S, C A L I F O R N I A


"Some things are better left unsaid, but you can bet I'm going to say it anyway. I can't help being who I am."

[Mercedes Vargas smirks at the camera as the scene fades in on the Hall of Famer and one-half of the current World Mixed Tag Team Champions at home in her residence. It’s been over a month since the last Climax Control and SCW event of 2021, two months since the last pay-per-view, back at High Stakes. Mercedes leisurely sits in an arm chair.]

“After a one year hiatus, yours truly is champion in Sin City Wrestling once again. Were you surprised that I’m holding gold again in Sin City Wrestling? I wasn’t. When you’re as successful as I am, these things tend to be par for the course.

“To anyone that’s ever been told you can’t do it or won’t make it, well I’ve been told that my whole life and today I woke up a fucking CHAMPION. I’m entering the new year as a champion.”

[Mercedes briefly looks at the World Mixed Tag Team Championship displayed on her coffee table then back at the camera as she begins thinking.]

“How many titles is it now?”

[Mercedes begin counting on her fingers.]

“Eleven, thirteen, fourteen, twenty-five? Who gives a shit, right? It’s been said my title reigns have been inflated just for the sake of inflating my own ego. And while this couldn’t be further from the truth and because I love to tear down flimsy arguments like this, I can’t help but rub in the fact that while I had a rough couple of months to start the year, I was still able to have gold around my waist by the end of it - just like I said I would at the start of 2021 - and, of course, rewriting the history books as I wont to do. Yes, I love hearing the sound of my own voice and just as much love to relish of my achievements.”

[Mercedes pats herself on the back, which follows a self high-five.]

“Now, Goth and I get to face The Black Sheep, Kristopher Ryans and Mikah, at the supercard. The previews for this match couldn’t have said it better. Four Hall of Fame battling it out for the gold could very well mark this as one of the biggest matches in the history of the mixed tag team division. Kris and Mikah have been very successful as a team and in their solo careers, Goth and I have been just as successful in ours so it should come as no surprise why the four of us will fight from bell to bell for the World Mixed Tag Team Championship. It’s just too bad somebody has to lose. But is it really a loss when you’ve practically done it all?”

[Mercedes shrugs. She’s been in many dream matches in her career, and next Sunday was just anotherto add to the list.  Whether you cheered or booed The Black Sheep, there was no denying that Kris and Mikah were coming back to claim their spot in the tag ranks, something Mikah was disinterested in even the World Bombshell Tag Team Championship were still active. Despite the World Mixed Tag Team Championship being four years old, it only took that one partner for Mikah to reconsider. Kris Ryan was that partner. Singles or tag, the Black Sheep would always have a legitimate claim as a threat to any title holder.]

“That being said, facing The Black Sheep will be a challenge, and that’s exactly what we want. When someone faces Kris or Mikah, they usually go at their relationship status, but I’m not going to do that because that’s low-hanging fruit and I’m better than that. Because that’s Kris and Mikah right, that’s Kris and Mikah, top of the mountain, the hood ornaments of SCW. Kris is SCW, SCW is Kris! I’m not surprised that people will be overlooking and underestimating us simply because of our history, more specifically my history with Mikah as I have never defeated her in all the time we’ve been in SCW. I’m sure that Kris and Mikah will be able to say that to all of you confidently that they will be walking out new champions, but time and again people end up paying the price for overlooking me. Kris and Mikah won’t be the first, they won’t be the last, but they will be wrong.

As far as Mikah goes, I’m glad this match is happening because I feel like we have a lot of catching up to do, don’t we, Mikah?

Hola, Mikah. ¿Cómo esta? Feliz año nuevo, a propósito. ¿Oí que usted, um, murió? Si sólo yo hubiera estado allí en su entierro para presentar mi últimos respetos. La cosa es, usted milagrosamente volvió a la vida ... tres días más tarde. Wow. Tengo que decir, esto es un acto resistente para seguir. ¿Qué es siguiente, andando por el echar agua?"

"Hello, Mikah. How are you? Happy New Year, by the way. I heard you, um, died? If only I would have been there at your funeral to pay my last respects. The thing is, you miraculously came back to life...three days later. Wow. I have to say, that's a tough act to follow. What's next? You're gonna start walking on water?"

Sigues ahi?

Are you still here?

[Mercedes offers a dismissive at the camera as she slips back into English.]

“You know, Mikah’s not as bad as people say. She’s a whole lot worse. Most people see her as a drama queen for good reason. The people who tolerate her on a daily basis are the real heroes. Myself for example. Because I have to promote this match, I’ll be nice and at least pretend to care.

I’m honestly surprised Mikah even accepted this match in the first place as I thought after she lost at High Stakes that she would be crawling back into retirement and living her best life in Hawaii drinking Pina Coladas through a straw with a little umbrella. If it wasn’t for Dani Weston calling her out for a match at the last supercard, I seriously doubt we’d be seeing Mikah in SCW again. Maybe she doesn’t have the willpower like Simon Jones, who has actually kept his word.

Then again, retirements are usually short-lived in wrestling and a comeback match evolves into a part or full-time return. Look what it did for Roxi.

I could retire right now and go down in history as the most decorated talent ever. I have nothing left to prove. In just nine years, I’ve already put together a career that is unrivaled of any woman, or man, in this company- past, present, or future. Not only was I part of one of the greatest stables of all time as part of The Mean Girls, but I’ve also enjoyed tremendous singles and tag team success. And nothing that happened last year suggests that I’m slowing down and I’m going to last a decent while longer. 

Goth has proven his doubters wrong since his return last year, and you’ve seen it for yourselves. Given his status in the company, he easily could have entered the World Heavyweight Championship picture and probably would be a three-time champion right now. He still could this year.

It didn’t take long for Goth to prove why he is that damn good, and now he’s carrying one-half of the World Mixed Tag Team Championship and he couldn’t have found a better tag partner in yours truly. Usually these Lethal Lottery teams are hit-or-miss and there are many people who wondered how we would gel as a team. Despite our personalities, our desire to win and being successful is what make drives our team. We both have a proven track record of success in this company and there’s no doubt in my mind that we can achieve great things, no matter how many people want to see us fail - well, me in particular.

“There is no denying that Mikah will make this match personal. I know she’s going to beat me over the head that I’ve never beat her, she’s going to tell the world how she’s Mark Ward’s favorite Bombshell and no one holds a candle to her, she’s going to come at me with her best disses and put downs, but when you’ve been successful for a very long time, you’ve become immune to all that. I don’t get rattled, I don’t panic, I’m not stressed. Jealousy, resentment? There’s nothing Mikah has done that I have to be jealous about. Blondes may have more fun, but we brunettes handle business, and from who’s holding gold, business has been looking pretty good right now. Mikah will bring her best at the supercard, she’s going to bring her best next Sunday because I won’t expect anything less and just as well she knows that I will bring my best because I’m not leaving this match, this city, or this pay-per-view without that title. Most of all, this mamita she will respect and know who I am and what I’ve done.

“There’s only a seven year age difference between Mikah and I. For someone who has been out of the ring for two years, Mikah didn’t seem to miss a beat and she went undefeated last year and I won’t take that away from her. But I’m realistic and I’m prepared as I’ll ever be. In this new era in SCW, I’ve been hearing that I’m arguably past my prime, but I continue to defy those expectations, both through actions and words. I live rent-free in a lot of heads in the women’s division, like Team Hero, for instance, and, yes, even Mikah.”

[This is what Mercedes believed anyway. She may even be wrong, but not from it.]

“All this time, I haven’t even made my New Year’s resolution yet. And no, they don't involve a scale or cutting carbs, trying to be a better person, or saving or spending less money.

[Mercedes grabs her championship, placed it over her shoulder, offers a defiant glance.]

“It’s keeping these titles away from The Black Sheep.”


Supercard Roleplays / Re: Brandon Hendrix v Jack Washington
« Last post by Jack Washington on January 15, 2022, 11:50:05 PM »

Jack was unsuccessful in becoming the number one contender to the Internet championship at Climax Control, that honor going to Ken Davison as he was able to win. Now Jack sets his sights on heading into Inception with another crack at becoming the number one contender for the Internet championship against Brandon Hendrix. Of course, Jack sees this as a demotion as he recently defeated Mac Bane, who went on to become the SCW World champion, and Jack felt he was snubbed as he was not thrown into the Fatal Four-way match at Inception. But perhaps there is a silver lining as Jack can now focus on winning his second championship in the company.


Outside the ring, Jack has finally cleaned the casino of the Mexican’s presence, as his brother recovers, an seems to have made amends with Jessica as well. He also seemed to have cut ties with Sonny, no longer wanting to be in the war between Sonny and Mexicans after what happened to Jason. 

But as any good gangster movie will tell you, you’re never really out.



Washington Estate

Las Vegas, NV


Jack pulls up in his car and parks in the driveway. He exits the vehicle and then the passenger door opens and Jason slowly gets out. Jack quickly goes over to him to help.


Jack: Let me help you, easy bro.


Jason: Thanks man.


Jack helps Jason gingerly walk into the house, where Brian is there to hug Jason.


Brian: Welcome home, Kid.


Jason: Thanks. 


Brian: If Stick here had taken better care of you, we wouldn’t be in this mess.


Jack: Shut up, Brian.


Jason: You guys have to tell me what it was all about. I mean, you didn’t really explain anything, and I didn’t know what the hell was going on.


Jack sighs, looking at Brian as the three sit down at the kitchen table.


Jack: I did some dumb shit, like I said. It wasn’t ever supposed to involve you. I wasn’t trying to get you hurt and I’m sorry for it. I really am. I never wanted this for you, Jay. I really didn’t. Shit just got sideways and I made a bad deal.


Jason: Those dudes were Spanish, who are you getting mixed up with?


Jack: Some people that thankfully, I’m not going to do business with anymore. I promise you that.  Never again will I do that to you. 


Jason: They were always suspicious of me like I was going to steal their stuff.


Jack: Did you?


Jason: I never got close enough. 


Jack: They came after you, to get to me. It was bad, but it’s taken care of now.


Jason: So, I still have my job, right?


Jack: You will always have a job. But I’m going to make sure shit like this, never happens again.


Jack pulls out his phone and dials.


Jack: Bobby... we’re going to need some help...






Jack sits in his recliner as the promo begins. He just shakes his head and begins.


Jack: Just when it seems that everything lines up, there’s always some jackass who is there to foul it up, and then management instead of putting me where I belong, give me a freebie match, to be honest with you. You would think that the guy, who just beat the guy, who beat the WORLD CHAMPION, should be in the potential world championship match at the Supercard. You would think that someone like me, the young blood that they have been screaming about and heavily promoting the future and new blood, would put the young blood, the current blood, and the face of this franchise, in the world title match. That apparently would make too much sense.


Don’t argue with me about how we need to let people who haven’t had a shot before, the new blood gets their chances. Where was this when I debuted two years ago? Why didn’t I get that? Oh, wait, I didn’t need these chances. I ran through this company and went straight to the top of it. So, I didn’t need some kind of special thing to help me. I didn’t get that, and now I’m sitting here looking at not competing for the SCW World championship like I should.


But instead, now, I’m sitting here looking at a match against Brandon Hendrix to be the number one contender to the SCW Internet championship? I should have already BEEN that, but of course, Garbage ass Ken Davison had to as he put it, snuck in like a thief and stole what was mine, and now he’s got a shot at the Internet championship. Let me just say to Kenny, you’d better hope that you lose this match, because if you win, the beatdown I give you after I beat down Brandon Hendrix at Inception.


Yes, Brandon, I haven’t forgotten about you, but then again, you seem to have forgotten that you even work here. I’ve been sitting here waiting and watching and you are apparently MIA. That’s too bad for you. You had the chance to at least make me break a sweat before I beat your ass, but now, that shit is out the window. You’re not even up for this match, and you weren’t even up for the last one. You think you have a snowball’s chance in hell of doing anything in this match besides getting your ass beat? You had best just not even bother showing up to Inception, because all that’s going to happen is I am going to make an example out of your dumb ass and then, you can take your place on the unemployment line or wherever losers like you always end up. I wouldn’t know, I’m not a loser. I don’t even know a thing about you when that fatal four-way happened, and I feel like I know even less now. That number one contendership is as good as mine and you would be wise not to make this any more difficult for me. You really should just come out and lay down. Well, no, just don’t show up. You are BENEATH me, Brandon, and I’m going to beat your ass, much like I did in the fatal four-way and there’s two things you can do about it, nothing, and like it.


I’m done with this, it’s a waste of my time.

Jack walks away as the camera fades to black


Supercard Roleplays / "Fueled By Destiny: Part 1"
« Last post by Myra Rivers on January 15, 2022, 11:46:02 PM »
“I didn’t rest on my laurels following my win over Char Kwan. I went to Colorado and I got some extra training from Kim Pain, an associate of Kat Jones, Mac Bane among others… all for ONE LAST CHANCE at a world championship in 2021…”

Festivus In Florida 2


I began to reflect on the tables match I had on night one of Victoria Salinas’s supercard event against my ex-boyfriend Jayson Schneider, remembering this match and the crap I heard from him going in through my internal thoughts…

“I’m going to end your career. You are worthless. SCW should not employ you on their roster. You will never be a world champion again. You will always be the so close yet so far bitch…”

“Throughout the match, he tried to fill my head with these lies over and over again. Did I waver? No. I wasn’t going to let him beat me or be a part of my life any longer! My trainer, Scott Lockley, always reminded me that I should always stay strong in the face of adversity.”

I reflected on the moment where I dove off the top rope and gave Jayson a somersault cutter from the top rope right through a flaming table.

“Suddenly, I found myself ONE WIN AWAY from a world championship! Now, I had to go through 14 other women in both a battle royal and a Tables, Ladders and Chairs match should I survive to the final two in order to get the world championship I had starved for, for so long.”


I remembered the end of the battle royal phase where Ryleigh Ruin eliminated someone else, leaving her and I as the final two in the Tables, Ladders and Chairs match.

“I can do this…” I thought to myself. “I KNOW I can do this! Remember what Amber Ryan kept telling you this past summer… remember how she told you that you will never be enough, remember all those horrible, nasty things she said about you that nearly drove you out of this business… take out all of that bitterness, that anger, that frustration out on this BITCH and show her what being a world champion is ALL ABOUT!”

I was hurting badly during that match. Ryleigh targeted my ankle constantly. There were moments during the match where it seemed like I was about to lose. But never for even a nanosecond did I feel like I was in danger of losing. Ryleigh was a therapeutic opponent for me considering how similar she was to Amber: loved to talk a bunch of shit, loved to bring people down to feel better about herself, and willing to be as violent as possible to win. For me, beating her and winning this world title wasn’t just about getting that world title I fell short of winning in SCW, but it was a therapeutic healing I needed. Mr. Lockley taught me so much about silencing the critics.

The joy poured through me when I grabbed the FESTIVUS World Championship from the rafters and dropped down to the mat. But my journey wasn’t over yet…

“YOU DON’T DESERVE IT!” Victoria Salinas would tell me repeatedly as she assaulted me after the match and abused her power on her own show to force me to defend the world title I won against her right then and there, after I had gone through hell. “Fuck you, I DO deserve it” was my thought process as a few wrestlers rebelled against her and I recovered, also remembering what my trainer had told me about how I define me…

“Nobody else writes your story but you…” he’d say.

And when I recovered thanks to help from the uprising against Victoria, I would nail her with the Rebel Bomb, get the three count and keep the world championship I had just won. I closed the two night event in Orlando, and 2021, as a world champion.

I will NEVER forget the joy that flowed through me when I came to terms with what I had accomplished. I had endured two nights and four different matches each with a varying degree of hell attached to it to become a world champion! Backstage, the joy was amazing!

“I love you so much…” Adrianna said to me when we exchanged a huge embrace. I wasn’t crying, but she was. She, more than most, knew the pain that I had to endure for years to achieve this moment. “I never doubted you for a second. What you did out there wasn’t just the Rebellious Vixen doing what she’d done for years, it was an EVOLUTION!”

“This is just the beginning…” I was quick to remind my sister! Our conversation didn’t last too long without more familiar faces jumping in.

“You’re damn right it’s just the beginning…” I heard my best friend Jazmyn Rain say as we exchanged a hug and she told me ‘congratulations’.

“That was so INSPIRING!” Chelsea LeClair, my former protege, said to me as we exchanged a hug as well. “I’m so lucky and so blessed to have been mentored by someone like you. If anyone deserves this, it’s YOU!”

The joy within me really got me to smile the widest that I had in years. Years of pain, mostly psychological, some of it self-inflicted, began to melt off of me.

It was an overjoyed feeling to FINALLY get over the hump and NOT be that “so close, yet so far” wrestler I had been dating back to my awful experiences in UWA. Yet, there was this pull in my heart that was also telling me that this was just a preview of my destiny to come in SCW…

“Now that I know I can win a world championship the right way, it’s time to do the same in 2022! There’s not a woman on that roster that is going to stop me! It’s time for the Rebellious Vixen to shine the brightest she ever has in her career…”

New Year’s Day

Just a couple of days removed from my world championship victory at Festivus in Florida, I took a trip to the one place where it all began for me: the Lockley Wrestling Institute… or what was left anyway. The gym and the ring were still in good shape but my old wrestling school was largely in disrepair otherwise. I was inside of the training ring kneeling down in the center of it. Memories of my training and my beginnings were flooding my thoughts. I had the Festivus World Championship laid out in front of me and as I looked at my reflection in the newly won title, I saw myself at the young age of 18 busting my ass and training as hard as I could to break into the mainstream. I saw Lockley coach me, mentor me, teach me and encourage me to be great. I reflected on the day that I left his school for good and the best advice he ever gave me…

“The best way to be successful in this business is to be you…” I said out loud, remembering those words loud and clear. I looked up at the ceiling and the sky at this point. “I will never forget that you taught me that.”

I took a deep breath before I began to talk to my late trainer in spirit.

“This world championship that I won is because of you and I will never stop appreciating what you did for me. I won this world title the other night because I was ME! I didn’t pretend to be anything else. I didn’t feel the need to fake anything. What the fans saw at Festivus in Florida was me at my absolute best and in my purest form… what YOU helped me find when you were training me. Gosh, 2021 had its ups and downs. I had my 350 day title reign in SCW. But when Adrianna’s accident happened, the year really turned upside down. It was set up perfectly for me to win the world title on my BIRTHDAY, for HER… and I didn’t. It crushed me… and Violent Conduct was worse. I remember when I wanted to quit after that, but the piece of you that’s in my heart wouldn’t let me do that and I am so grateful that you didn’t let me quit. I’m grateful as hell that you pushed me to keep going after that frustrating loss to Roxi. I’m so thankful that you helped me find the Rebellious Vixen again…”

I took a pause and a deep breath, going through my sentimental feelings toward my trainer and father figure as I looked down at the world title. My heart was filling up with pure emotion at this point.

“Your teachings pulled me through the absolute worst. I would’ve never been able to get over Amber Ryan if it wasn’t for you. I’m going to tell you something Scott…”

I paused and picked the Festivus world title off the mat, placing it on my lap.

“...when I touched this championship for the first time and when I realized it was going to be mine, after my mother, you were the first person that I thought about. You were the person that I wanted to make proud…”

The emotions in my heart were starting to pour through me. When I remembered that this was the first world title I had won after he had passed on and that he died while I was being the most evil bitch in the business and cheating my way toward my previous world title, my eyes started to glisten. I was still happy, but guilt was beginning to enter my heart as well.

“This is what you wanted for me…” I said as tears started to stream down my face. “ shine at my brightest one more time before you died… and you never got to see that because I was too busy being such a horrible person in GCW and winning their Global title by dirty tricks and cheating my way to it. You even DIED on the day I won THAT title and ever since I found out you had died, I’ve felt so HORRIBLE and GUILTY about it. You died being SO disappointed in me…”

I was starting to lose it a little bit more at this point as the tears started to flow faster. I was starting to feel my heart break knowing that he couldn’t be alive to see what I had accomplished at Festivus in Florida 2.

“I’m HAPPY that I managed to win a world title the right way, but I’m so heartbroken that you couldn’t live to see it. I wish you were there, Scott. You were like my dad to me! I wish that you would be here right now and we’d be having a celebration, having a drink or two, and talking about how far I’ve come and how proud of me you are. I wish we could laugh and smile and talk about how the best is coming for me. I wish you could be here for me to encourage me to keep being at my best and to tell me how much you believe in me. God, I’m going into a big year in SCW right now and I’ve got so much I want to do. I want that World title there SO BAD after that double heartbreak with Amber. I SO wish you could be here on this journey I’m about to embark on because while I’m confident, I’m also scared of failing and letting you down again. This journey I’m about to begin called 2022 would’ve been a GREAT time for you to be here. What if I come up empty in 2022? What if I go into Inception and some unexpected setback happens? NO… HELL NO! You would NEVER want me to think like that… especially after I just won this world title. 2022 will be different for ONE BIG REASON: because I go into it having the ONE thing that I NEVER had any year before: the knowledge of what it means to be a champion through everything you ever taught me…”

“My father would’ve been happy to see you come around just now…” I heard the voice of his son, Scott Lockley Jr., say. I quickly dried my eyes to see him standing by the ring apron while a part of me was feeling embarrassed.

“How much of that did you hear, Scotty?”

“Pretty much everything,” he said with a soft sigh. “I know that my father and you meant the world to each other and it’s quite satisfying to see that you want to honor him after you won that world title through all the adversity you had to deal with not just at the event, but the whole year. Mind if I join you there?”

I shook my head and Scotty entered the ring with me.

“Miranda…” he began, causing me to stand up and pick up my title to look at him more directly while knowing that the usage of my full first name meant something serious was about to be said. “... don’t you dare regret that he’s not here physically. You and I both know that if he were still alive, he would be incredibly proud of you. In fact, with how far you have come in the last few months, it concerns me that you still regret the fact that my father died while you were going through a hard time in GCW so to speak, especially now that you won your fifth world title.”

‘I was… having a moment…” I said with a sigh. “I miss him so much and it’s because of that, that I still regret that I was such a horrible person when he had died. I STILL feel horrible that I even WON a world title doing the opposite of everything he taught me and being everything he never would’ve wanted me to be. It’s one of the few regrets I am still carrying with me knowing that I was letting him down as he passed…”

“Don’t be so ridiculous…” Scotty responded to me, surprising me. Inside, I was starting to feel a little bit awful that I still carried regrets that Scotty and I likely both knew that I shouldn’t be carrying anymore. “Miranda, what you were at the time that my father died and all of the awful things you were doing is a burden that you have to let go of now. You proved to the world that you are light years better than that and most importantly, when you won that championship that you are holding right now, you proved it to yourself too. You not only found the Rebellious Vixen again, you have grown her into something spectacular.”

“I know I have and I appreciate you telling me that. But that’s not going to change the fact that he was so disappointed in me when he died…” I said, as I began to tear up again.

“Can I let you in on a little secret, just for your own sake?” he asked me.


“My father and I had so many conversations while he was on his deathbed. As it turns out, there was one that was about you…”

Hearing this caused me to widen my eyes in surprise.

“He talked about me?”

Scotty nodded and continued.

“When we talked about you, my father predicted that you and I would reconnect again at some point. He expressed faith that the darkness that you were going through at the time was something that you were going to overcome to be stronger and better than before.”

The tears that were going down my face turned from sorrow to joy the moment I heard that. The guilt that I was feeling over him was starting to fade.

“REALLY?” I said in a surprised, slightly shrill voice. “He said that about me? Your father, on his deathbed, had THAT much faith in me at my worst that I was going to turn things around and be better than ever?”

Scotty nodded with a bit of a smirk on his face. I gasped, feeling a bit shocked, but definitely happy.

“Oh my god…” I said as I wiped away a tear. “Scotty, that means so much to me, more than you could ever know. He believed in me during a period where it was impossible for me to believe in myself!”

“Yes, he sure did. He had nothing but good things to say about you. He was never upset with you for the way you were carrying yourself in GCW. In fact, he was never disappointed in you at all…”

“I can’t right now…” I said joyfully as I clutched the world title to my chest. “If you’re making this up, I’ll kill you!”

“Trust me, I’m not. I’d never lie about my father. He never felt like you let him down. Sure, he wasn’t happy that you were acting the way you were in GCW, but he never held a grudge. Heck, he never got angry with you at all. My father understood that at the time, you were going through so much pain that was making you act that way. He knew that there were issues that were holding you down that had turned you into the monster that you were at the time. He understood that you had so many issues within yourself that you had to work out. He never wanted to cut you off or distance himself from you. He had the door open for you the entire time knowing that there would be a day where you would come down and seek him out. Sadly, yes, he died before that day ever came. But when you came to my father’s house a few years ago and we reconnected, I was stunned… not just because I was seeing you for the first time in years, but because my father was right. My father’s prayers were answered the day you came to that door.”

“...he prayed for me?”

“Once he realized he wasn’t going to make it, yes. He prayed for internal peace and strength for you. Those prayers were answered even further when you won your world title.”

“I need a moment…” I said through my happy tears. I looked up at the sky, directing my emotion and the conversation toward my trainer in the sky. “I love you so much! Thank you for having so much faith in me from day one. As if I wasn’t inspired enough already, the first person that ever had faith in me had faith in me until his dying breath. Scotty, do you realize how much that inspires me? He gave me EVERYTHING I needed to be successful. He stood up for me. He gave me so much, even faith that I probably didn’t deserve. I love that man so much, Scotty. If only he was my actual father and not the asshole that raised me…”

I stopped talking for a moment, continuing to let out my happy tears. I was surprised when I felt Scotty’s arm come around me. He pulled me into a warm, soft, brief embrace, both touched that I praised his father so much and happy for me that I was able to come around and begin to move past the guilt that I had carried for years.

“For what it’s worth, Myra… he really did see you as the daughter he never had.”

I chuckled for a bit while I soaked in the warmth that was going through my heart again. Looking at my Festivus world title again, my soul began to drown in inspiration. At this point, I was beginning to feel loved more than I ever had in any moment since before my mother had passed away. The sadness and the guilt was long gone. Inside, I was feeling so amazing about myself. For the first time in my career, hell the first time in my life, I was beginning to feel like a champion. For the first time ever as a professional wrestler, the purpose of me being in this business was starting to be realized.

“Scotty, I think for the first time in my life, I can look in the mirror and tell myself ‘I love you’. I was born to be a champion and your father’s destiny was bringing out the champion that was always in me. He gave me the greatest gift a wrestler can ever have and now? I don’t want to make up for my wrongs to him. I want to repay him! I want to give back! I want to find the BEST way to ever thank him for EVERYTHING he’s ever done for me! Scotty…”

I looked around the gym and the ring, noting the disrepair the Lockley Wrestling Institute was in. There was a slight moment of sadness seeing it in the shape it was in, but the inspiration in my soul gave me an amazing idea.

“...I want to bring this school back… and run it… for him!”

Scotty found himself stunned by this, but in a happy way.

“Miranda, I appreciate that. You do realize that it’s going to cost…”

“I don’t care about the cost! I want to bring back the school… for HIM! It’s my big gift to him for all the amazing things he’s done for me.”

“It’s a hell of a gift and you have my support on that. The greatest gift of all you can give him? Be you!”

“Of course! The best way to be a champion is to be me, just like he taught me!”

“Your world title there is a testament to that. However, it’s only the beginning. You know that you’re capable in SCW now… to win the world title there too. The proof is literally in your hands. What you accomplished in Orlando is a preview of a destiny that awaits you in SCW.”

Without even thinking about it, I walked up to Scotty and happily gave him the biggest hug that I could.

“You’re so right… on all of that! Thank you!”

“The best is yet to come…” he said as he returned my hug.


I was feeling like I was ready to kick off 2022 and the journeys I was about to embark on: giving back to my beloved trainer and becoming the SCW Bombshells World Champion I believe in my heart now more than ever I am destined to become.

January 8th, 2022

Back home in Miami, I had the Festivus world title on my lap.

“The best part of my career is just getting started…” I thought to myself.

“Mommy…” Kimberly, my daughter, said to me in surprise. “When are you gonna play Mario Kart with me?”

“In a few minutes, sweetheart!” I said with a smile. “Just give me five, okay?”

“Okay…” Kimberly says, then gasps when she sees my world title. “It’s so pretty!!! Well DUH it is when you’re the one that has it!”

I laughed at this. “Thank you.”

“Can I hold it?”

“Of course!” I said, as I handed Kimberly the title. “HEY! Take it upstairs and keep it for a little bit! It’s your title too, sweetheart! I won it for you too! Run along! I’ll see you in a little bit!”

“OKAY!” Kimberly says with excitement as she runs up the stairs with the title. I took a deep breath soaking in all the happy vibes I was going through. Suddenly, I felt this cold, near-freezing sensation sweep my neck and shoulders as if someone was embracing me. I looked around and obviously didn’t see anyone.

“I’m proud of you…” I heard from someone that wasn’t even there. “...I will always be proud. Keep creating your destiny...”


My eyes widened with surprise and that near-freezing sensation disappeared.

“...was that you? Did I actually hear you or did I imagine it in my head?”

I wasn’t freaked out for long, taking another breath and smiling when I remembered the words I just heard.

“I believe in the destiny I am about to create in 2022… now more than EVER!” I said with confidence.

At this point, I went upstairs to play Mario Kart with Kimberly feeling nothing but the brightest joy I’ve experienced in years!

January 15th, 2022


The cameras came on and I was beaming with all the joy in my heart as I held a microphone in my hand and had my Festivus World Championship wrapped around my waist. I was standing on the sands of a beach that was in front of the Fort Lauderdale Grand Hotel located in its namesake city not far from Miami. It was a chill, yet calming evening and my bright mood was shining through as I began to speak.

“Happy new year! Let me tell you something, I am EXCITED for Inception because for me, I’m about to start the most challenging journey of my career! However, coming into 2022, I know in my heart NOW more than EVER that I AM going to tackle the journey, overcome anything in my way and have the most rewarding year of my career, EVER! Anyone and anyone may want to bring me down and that’s fine but I know that I AM one of the best wrestlers in this company and that I am destined to win the Bombshells World Championship and I am going to give it the best that I’ve ever had to make that dream come true and it ALL starts with Adrienne Beaufort. I’ll get to her in a bit, but I want to acknowledge that I’m here at the Fort Lauderdale Grand Hotel, the site of where I had my FIRST EVER Independent wrestling match on my 19th birthday back in 2003. I was nervous as hell, but also excited because I knew that it was the start of a special journey for me and it’s only fitting, going into my first match of 2022, to come back here and… I’ve got some guests with me…

The shot pans to show a woman, a young man and an older man standing behind me.

“It’s great to see you again, Myra!” The older man stated.

“It’s great seeing you again too, Joe! Joe here was the promoter of the Indy company I wrestled for! The man next to him is Zay, who wanted my autograph after my first match…”

“Sup y’all! This is Myra’s first ever FAN here!”

“And the lady is Melanie, who happened to be my opponent that night. Wasn’t I a natural when I won, Melanie?”

“Yeah yeah, rub it in…” she says with a playful eye roll.

“I wanted to talk to you all for a brief minute to share with the fans my start in the business and to REALLY connect with them on a level that I haven’t connected with before. So, a couple of questions. When you first met me, what was your first impression of a young, naive, and stubborn Miranda Lynette Rivers when she walked into that building to have her first real wrestling match ever?”

“Myra… damn…” Joe begins with a laugh. “You were a pain in the ass, let me tell you. It was youth and inexperience, I get that. But when you walked in telling me that you were destined for greatness and that wrestling the opening match was an insult, I thought you had an obnoxious attitude because you really acted like you didn't want to pay your dues. You wanted to go straight to the top right away. I’m glad you grew out of that, but please teach your opponent a lesson in paying your dues. She reminds me of the parts of you that I don’t like. Adrienne Beaufort had no business cutting the line the way she did then spitting in the faces of those that tried to help her. It’s sickening!”

“Now, let me keep it real right here…” Zay begins. "You looked like one of those stereotypical Barbie bitches that didn't seem like anything special. I thought you were never going to make it because you seemed generic to me. Now, your girl Adrienne over there in Sin City Wrestling, I see nothing special about her. Like, for real. Who the fuck does she think she is? She’s just another metal chick like Jessie and Krystal, but the big difference with her is she’s some martial artist and that’s supposed to make her special? Yeah… no… you at her age were WAY above her level!"

"I wanted to beat the shit out of you because you thought you were too good to be here all because of who your mother was.” Melanie reminds me to my slight regret. “You thought coming out of Lockley's gym made you better than us. But you outgrew that. That girl you’re facing? UGH! The way I see it, she walks around with the attitude that coming from GO Gym makes her something but I don’t see it. I think going straight to SCW is going to ruin her career."

“Interesting thoughts. And… yeah, I admit that I definitely was quite a bit like Adrienne when I was her age. Compared to then, what’s your impression of me now considering how I’ve grown out of being, for lack of a better term, an obnoxious, self-absorbed brat?”

"You turned out to be one of the greatest talents I've ever had working for me and I was not surprised that you've made it as far as you have” Joe said, causing me to smile. " Over time, you developed some wisdom about our business. Wisdom to know what wrestling is all about made you who you are and someone like Adrienne lacks that which is why she says and does stupid things that get her in trouble."

"You're one of my favorite wrestlers ever and you've got the best spirit in a wrestler I've ever seen.” Zay adds. "Adrienne doesn't have that spirit that you do with how she tries to cut the line and tweet about nonsense like who she kissed under the mistletoe and all of that irrelevant bullshit!”

"You're one of the best wrestlers of my generation, honestly. You humbled yourself to learn and grow.” Melanie adds. "Adrienne doesn't have that humility to shut up and pay her dues. But, when you’re done with her, perhaps she’ll start to develop that. Here’s hoping! You on the other hand, haven’t even peaked yet"

“Thank you so much for your kind words and your thoughts guys! It was great seeing you again!”

There was a quick hug with each of them before they departed. From there, I spoke directly to Adrienne.

“Adrienne, you seem like a good girl and you seem like someone that REALLY wants to be part of this business. Yeah, what you just heard may have been true, but the point I wanted to make is two-fold. I wanted to get the perspective of a fan, promoter and a wrestler about what they think of you, and I wanted to put things into perspective for you on how this business really works. I WAS very similar to you when I was your age. I wanted to rush into big time glory and championships. I wanted everything to happen for me so fast. I wanted to take on the biggest and the baddest right out of the gate. I didn’t understand the value and the meaning of working your way up the business. Adrienne, compared to ME, you’ve had it LUCKY! Whereas YOU came to Sin City Wrestling straight out of GO Gym with the training that you have and no Indy experience, I had to wait ONE YEAR before I even had an INDEPENDENT WRESTLING MATCH and then I had to pay my dues and bust my ass in the Indies for FOUR AND A HALF YEARS before I FINALLY hit the damn mainstream with NSWA. Advantage ME right out of the gate. You didn’t have to go through the grind that I did and therefore, you don’t have the ability to appreciate what it takes to be a champion in the business nearly as much as I do. Yeah, I called you out for a reason a few weeks ago when you made that stupid mistake of trying to call out Amber and it wasn’t just for what I said. I’d be a hypocrite if I didn’t mention that yeah, I made the mistake of wanting to rush up the ladder too when I got started myself, but I didn’t go right after the fucking world champion like you did. You haven’t even EARNED a match against the world champion and you’re already alienating your bosses one match in? Not smart!”

“I was HOPING that getting booked against Andrea and being all but thrown into the fire was going to teach you something. I really do! I mean that. Perhaps going through the Andrea experience was going to give you a stronger work ethic and make you appreciate everything that the business about. But sadly, I don’t think it did. Let me ask you something, Adrienne. Aside from training at Go Gym most likely, what did you do to prepare yourself for our match? What did you do to get ready for 2022? What work did you put in during the holiday break to be a better wrestler? What I did? I got the FUCK out of my comfort zone and trained HARDER than before training with someone that I would’ve never imagined to train with in Kim Pain and LEARNED how to be mentally tough and to address the ONE weakness that had been holding me back for years! I went to Orlando, for a massive supercard that one of my former peers put together and I beat the SHIT out of my ex-boyfriend in a tables match, setting him on fire. I busted my ass through a battle royal and endured so much shit in a TLC match not just to win THIS world title you see around my waist, but to KEEP IT! I sure as fuck put in WORK for 2022. What did YOU do, Adrienne? Tell me something that you did to grow. Don’t tell me about Go Gym. Everyone in their right mind would train during the holidays. Did you go above and beyond?

I don’t see it. I don’t see tweets of you training. I don’t see you talking about what you are planning on doing to be a better wrestler. No, I see you do nothing but tweet about mainly dumb things and tweeting about this relationship with Emerald. Last Climax Control, did you talk about Andrea and the lessons you learned from facing her? You didn’t. Hell, you didn’t even mention Andrea by name. You were talking about how nervous you are about our match and how you were HOPING that you would have something easier for your third match. Are you fucking kidding me, Adrienne? I don’t take it as an insult to ME personally, but if you REALLY want to be someone in this business, you don’t SAY things like that. Sure, it’s OKAY to FEEL like you want an easier match, but when you go out and say that you wish you had something easier for match three, it comes off as you don’t want the challenge. It really comes off as if you don’t WANT to bust your ass to make it up the ladder. You know who MY third SCW match was when I first came here? AMBER RYAN… and I was facing her coming off of a LOSS in my second match. Not ONE TIME did I sit there and say “well, I wish I had it easier”. FUCK THAT! You know what I did, Adrienne? I EMBRACED that challenge, took it head on and I BEAT AMBER RYAN! THAT is what the FUCK you do when you face a challenge that the powers that be here throw at you. You don’t lament and wish you had it easier. Compared to just about everyone on the roster, you’ve had it EASY! It took ME almost 18 YEARS to go from training to SCW while YOU came here at JUST 18! Don’t WISH about EASIER since you have a golden opportunity being on this roster so damn young.

Last Climax Control, would it have HURT YOU to at least SHOW like you give enough of a crap? If you’re not openly wishing for an easier match at Inception, you’re kissing Emerald, someone who is aligned with Kate Steele, under the damn mistletoe and creating a fucking predictable soap opera. Yeah, THAT is going to go over real well with Kate! That’s the thing with you Adrienne, you don’t have your priorities straight. Not that there's anything wrong with dating or anything, but how do you expect to move up the ladder when you don’t have your priorities straight and when you don’t seem to have the proper mentality for the business? The only people that go straight from wrestling school to the big leagues at such a young age are prodigies and you and I both know that you wouldn’t consider yourself a prodigy. You create your own destiny in this business Adrienne, and I hate to say it, but if you continue to go down the path that you are going on… so unfocused and stirring up trouble with the wrong people like Kate and Amber, you are going to end up with a shorter career not just in Sin City Wrestling, but in our business entirely. The way you’re going, you’re putting yourself at risk of being out of the business by the age of 22… not because you’re not good enough. You HAVE to be talented to be on THIS roster at YOUR age I’m sure… but because you’re showing signs of not being smart enough yet. I’m not calling YOU stupid, but you have made some stupid decisions already that have drawn the ire of our bosses. You carry around this attitude, and I understand it may not be intentional and you may not realize this, that you are taking the business that I love and that I have cried, bled and suffered for, for granted and that’s something that doesn’t sit well with me.

Are you going to tell me to fuck off too just like you did with Jessie a couple of CC’s back when you threw her less than stellar record in her face when she was trying to help you?

For your sake, I hope you don’t. You said that you heard my message loud and clear, but did you?

Because your actions since then don’t seem to indicate that. Your choice to date Emerald knowing it wasn’t going to sit well with Kate is a lack of WISDOM on your part. It’s a move that is going to have Kate wanting to beat the shit out of you and considering how badly you alienated the Bombshells locker room by going straight for Amber right away, there are going to be very few women back there willing to help you. The lack of SPIRIT within you is obvious. It’s one thing to WANT this like you do, but it’s a completely different thing to SAY that you want this and ACT like you want this and considering how you lamented the fact that your third match here isn’t an “easier match”, that REALLY concerns me because that’s NOT acting like you want this. That’s acting like you want everything to be easy! You think it was easy for ME when NSWA was throwing me into the fire against some of their best up and comers right way? NO! And even THEN, while I admittedly was very immature as a rookie, I STILL didn’t act like that or whine about not having an easy third match. Your expressed desire to have it easy and your actions toward Amber and how you recently treated Jessie is proof of a lack of HUMILITY on your part too. I get it, that was me too at first. But when I struggled in the early going in NSWA, I shut my mouth, worked on what needed to be worked on and paid my fucking dues.

Paying your dues is EMBRACING the challenge I bring to you at Inception… not wishing you had an easier opponent because let me tell you something sweetheart, this is the toughest women’s division in wrestling and you’ve got to be so much tougher than that to make it and be a champion here. Inception for me is showing this company that I’m about to start the best year of my career here and that THIS title around my waist WILL, one day, be the SCW Bombshells World Championship. I’ve had to endure SO MUCH this past year to be as strong and as smart as I’ve become since my misadventures with Amber and I had to go through HELL to be the Rebellious Vixen again and I KNOW, starting with you, I WILL have to go through HELL to get the ONE championship I am MORE motivated than EVER to have! That’s how you pay your dues in this business young lady, and come Inception?

I’m going to teach you that lesson, and many more lessons, about how this business, especially the Sin City Wrestling Bombshells division, really is! My destiny starts with YOU… and I already know you don’t want this match nearly as bad as I do…

With the blazing inferno tearing through my heart and soul and with my motivations being as bright as ever, I shut off the YouTube feed knowing that I am far from done.


Boredom Kills
Jet City South - SAN DIEGO
1 JANUARY 2022

The days felt like they were getting longer, and waking up everyday was becoming more and more stressful. His new morning routine involved trying to figure out where he was. Life had become an endless parade of plane flights, and time zone changes. He had been told throughout his drug use that living a double life was impossible to maintain. At this point though, he had volunteered to live three. Kris was splitting his time between putting in work behind the scenes at Jet City, growing his relationship with Mikah in Hawaii, and raising his kids in Seattle. However, a few months into spinning all of these plates, they were all starting to fall, and take a toll on him when they did. If he sacrificed time at Jet City, his trainers were unhappy. He couldn’t miss events with his kids, so Mikah sometimes fell to the back burner. In the times he was able to slip away to the beach, it felt like the world back home was falling apart. It was that feeling that had brought him back to Jet City South after celebrating the New Year with Mikah.

Kris: Is it just me, or did you think that retirement would be easier?

Coby didn’t have time for Kris’ ramblings. It was bad enough that his mentor was bothering him while Coby was busy trying to keep the gym afloat. He never wanted to throw Kris out, but was drawing painfully close today.

Coby: It’s just you…

Kris sat up on the couch in their shared office, although in recent months Coby had redecorated and taken over the space in its entirety. Kris was designated to a corner, which happened to contain the only desk without anything on it. Every other surface in the office was covered with paperwork that Kris was never going to take interest in looking at. If the problems that they had were going to get fixed, it was going to have to be Coby to dig them out of it.

Kris: Well that felt blunt and dismissive. I thought that this was supposed to be a safe place? Are you championing the hostile work environment now?

Coby rolled his eyes. He was happy that Kris had been sticking to therapy and getting his shit together, but it had given Kris a whole new bag of tricks to weaponize against others to hold them conversationally hostage.

Coby: No… I meant that it is quite literally just you. The rest of us are drowning, but nothing is ever easy in your orbit, Kris. Maybe if you wanted to take a more “hands on” approach around here, I could probably spare the time to talk to you about your feelings.

Coby gestured to the piles of everything around the room, but it caused the color to drain out of Kris’ face instantly.

Kris: Paperwork? Hard pass.

Coby sighs, and sits back in his chair. He turns slightly so that he is not forced to directly look at the source of his annoyance. He points out the office window to the floor where several trainers were running students of the gym through drills.

Coby: You could always go down and run a few classes. You know, do something other than hang out and complain that you don’t have anything to do all the time. Find something productive to do with your time…. Be useful… We don’t want you to just come in and bitch. We need actual help.

None of it interested Kris though. He had a far different opinion about what his role should be. He had never really had anyone to train him, so what did he actually know about operating a gym? The students that he had the most contact with always seemed to flame out anyways, so the reward for his effort hadn’t ever been there. Kris wanted to focus on the fun part of owning a gym, not the work.

Kris: I like to think of myself as more of a spokesperson these days. You know? The face of the brand. You don’t see Jordan wearing one of those stupid referee shirts at a shoe store and trying to get people to buy his shit. I don’t even think he does any of the marketing personally anymore. The guy just… plays golf… I guess.

Coby claps his hands together, hoping that Kris would take his own bait on the subject. Anything to get him up and out of the office so that Coby could actually get back to something worth his attention.

Coby: There you go! Go learn how to play golf. Then you’ll be learning a new skill, and I will actually be getting work done.

Kris rolls his eyes. It had been a metaphor, and he was hoping that Coby was along for the ride. Apparently not.

Kris: I said I was bored being here, not that I’m 65. I just feel like Jet City as a whole could make more use of me than as some friendly face training a bunch of people without the dedication or talent to actually get anywhere. I can’t just smile in the face of people that are awful.

It wasn’t the most pleasant way to put it, but that didn’t matter. Coby wasn’t ever going to be on his side. Running the gym, despite all of its hassles, was Coby’s happy place.

Coby: You realize that is about half of what I do around here…

Coby also understood that Kris’ place wasn’t within these walls. Kris was happiest inside the ring even if he pretended he didn’t.

Kris: Yeah, and you’re a better person than I am for that. I can’t do it. It’s my job to be so amazing that it gets people in the door. It’s up to the trainers to get them to stick around.

He realized that most of the trainers were just friends that joined on in order to support him, but they were all better off around here without his influence. He trusted Coby, Parker, and Kate more than just about everyone else in his life. That was why he was so comfortable leaving the gym in their hands. Coby was still surprised to hear Kris say the words out loud though.

Coby: So you admit that you’re the flash and we’re the substance…

That wasn’t exactly what Kris was saying, but it wasn’t far off either.

Kris: I’m saying that the substance isn’t amounting to much. You made a dent in the industry. Courtney is in and out more than anything. None of the others have really risen up and done much…. It just seems like a losing battle trying to find the diamond in the rough.

Coby nods, in perfect agreement with his friend for once.

Coby: No, it’s work. And there are people that are okay with putting in the work…

Of course, he was talking about all of the people out on the floor right now, students and trainers alike. They were all here busting their asses to get better, even if Kris didn’t want to see it that way.

Coby: ...and then there’s you.

Kris had fallen backwards through all of his successes. He had openly bragged about not doing the legwork because of his ability to improvise and break down his opponent by using his own body as a wrecking ball or sorts. He didn’t have any technical skill, and he never really had much use for it. Everyone thought that working so closely with Mikah would have rubbed off on him, but it never took. Kris was just as wild and unpredictable as always, and that was impossible to teach to people. It was no surprise to Coby that he was struggling to fit in as a trainer or a mentor.

Kris: I like to think that I bust my ass to make sure that things stay moving in the right direction around here. Me popping up in Sin City and getting inducted into the Hall of Fame was great for business….

It was another shining example of what Kris thought his role was, but for Coby it was so much more than that.

Coby: You’re right. You’re right. It helped. And you help… when it’s convenient for you...

Kris hadn’t really been seen publicly since High Stakes. He wasn’t generating any buzz. It was all hit and miss, and Coby wasn’t willing to let him off the hook for that this time.

Kris: You see, that sounded nice right up until the end there….

Losing his patience, Coby just unloads onto his friend.

Coby: Is it not true though? I mean you went back and did a couple matches. We got some good publicity. People were starting to show up again, but now what? Those new recruits aren’t seeing you on the floor. You’re not popping up at events. You’re not teaching anyone anything, and you’re not competing anymore. You don’t want to do anything productive here, but all you’re doing outside of here is traveling back and forth between Mikah and your kids.

The spinning plates were really coming down now. Kris knew that it was just a matter of time before someone in his three lives was going to blow up at him. To be honest, he was glad it was Coby instead of Mikah. At least when he argued with his friend it tended to stay more civil. He and Mikah were explosive at times.

Kris: So you’re saying I should blow off my personal life and family in order to work more?

That would have been a good start, but Coby already knew that was out of the question. It wasn’t a matter of time for Coby, it was a matter of effort. And Kris didn’t seem to be grasping that.

Coby: I’m saying if you’re going to be retired, then be retired and stop complaining about it.

It was the nicest way to segway back to what Kris was complaining about without having to hurt his feelings.

Kris: See… dismissive.

Coby wasn’t going to fall into that trap though. Kris would sit here for hours going in circles if he would let him. Fortunately, there were more pressing things to get to, and Coby saw his opportunity to shoo Kris away.

Coby: Yes, I am dismissing you. You are dismissed. Go somewhere else. Go bother literally anyone else in this building.

Kris gets up from the couch and raises his hands up in front of his chest innocently. He backs up towards the door with a visible frown on his face.

Kris: Fine. I get it. I can feel the vibe change in a room where I’m not wanted anymore. I don’t have to take this kind of abuse.

He hangs his head and drops his shoulders and he turns back through the doorway, muttering under his breath. Coby doesn’t take the bait though.

Coby: ...and close the door please….

Kris turns and shoots a final glance back at Coby before reluctantly pulling the door closed. He turns away from it and heads down the hallway still talking to himself.

Kris: ...parenthood has made him bitter…

He turned a corner and looked out onto the floor where trainers had the students separated into different groups. He hesitated at the door, just watching them.

Kris: …hmmm… productive….

He shakes his head and decides against it. He wasn’t going to cave into Coby’s taunting. They didn’t need him out there and he wasn’t going to force it. Instead, he turned around to head towards the back exit before nearly being tackled by someone coming down the hallway towards him. The two slam into one another, but some fancy footwork from Kris keeps him from hitting the floor. His attacker isn’t so lucky, and falls backwards into the wall, his elbow going through the drywall.

Kris: Whoa guy! Maybe take it down a notch or two in the hallways.

Kris straightens himself up, and does his best to keep himself together. However, the student points up at the banner of Kris’ face lining the hallway with a half-smile on his face.

Student: Hey! Wow… You’re that guy!

Kris turns back and looks at it before rolling his eyes.

Kris: Yeah, Kris. This is my gym.

The student stands up in front of Kris, and the Hall of Famer cannot help but be slightly impressed. From their collision Kris could tell that he was built like a brick wall, but he was also light on his feet, and had Kris in both height and reach. He taps his chest twice and introduces himself.

Student: Jaycee.

Kris shrugged his shoulders and pointed to the damage to the wall.

Kris: Nice. Just pay more attention around corners. There’s some people here that you could have laid out.

The student couldn’t help but to laugh at the notion. He took stock of Kris and came to the conclusion that if it came to blows, he could probably hold his own despite the legend surrounding his adversary.

Jaycee: It’s not everyday that you turn a corner and run into a ghost.

He said it with a smile, but Kris didn’t find it funny.

Kris: Ghost?

Jaycee was taken aback that Kris hadn’t been clued into the rumor yet. He had mistakenly assumed that Kris was even the type to possibly start it about himself to build onto the mystique.

Jaycee: Oh… I thought you knew about that. That’s what a lot of students call you. The Jet City Ghost. Your face is on all the walls. You pop up in all the ads for this place. Yet, none of us ever really see you. We try to convince newbies that you died and just haunt the place for shits and giggles.

He continued laughing, but Kris still wasn’t joining him.

Kris: Am I supposed to find this flattering?

Jaycee wipes the smile off of his face, but shrugs his shoulders when his expression becomes more serious.

Jaycee: It’s a better story than being an absentee trainer, right? Figured you got a kick out of it. Guess I was wrong.

Kris had been trying not to take exception to a kid that clearly didn’t know his place, but this was starting to get insulting. He couldn’t let that slide.

Kris: I was just inducted into the Sin CIty Hall of Fame a few months ago… I’m supposed to believe that you guys have been telling people I’ve died since then?

The student shrugs. Kris’ behavior was really what had made it all possible.

Jaycee: Well you do make a habit disappearing silently for months on end, right? Couple that with a history of really gnarly drug use, and the story pretty much writes itself. It would be bad for the brand if you were dead right, so they just kept it all hush-hush.

The whole day was starting to be one baffling conversation after another. Kris couldn’t help but shake his head in disbelief.

Kris: People believe this?

The student didn’t seem to think that it was that much of a stretch of the imagination.

Jaycee: Why wouldn’t they? It’s not like you’re putting in any facetime to disprove it.

Kris seemed to take that as a challenge.

Kris: Maybe I need to change that.

Jaycee wasn’t trying to provoke the man into having something to prove, and really just wanted to get back to his own routine. This was already an unexpected detour on his day.

Jaycee: That’s on you. In my opinion, if you had anything to add to this place, you’d be doing it. In all the time I’ve been here, you’ve just been a face on a wall. It’s nice to see that you’re just a guy though. It really shatters the illusion of some larger than life superstar to see you up close like this.

Kris wasn’t about to let that slide either.

Kris: I didn’t make a name for myself by accident….

The same laugh that bent Kris out of shape moments ago slipped between Jaycee’s lips once again.

Jaycee: Actually you did… didn’t you? Wasn’t that your thing? The Accident? The Miracle? That One that Shouldn’t Have?

Kris’ face turns red, and for the first time, his voice starts to raise.

Kris: I am an elite--

The student puts his hands up and starts to back away from Kris onto the main floor of the gym.

Jaycee: Maybe once upon a time. To me you look like a guy that has lost just as much as he has won in the last couple of years. A guy that disappears into the background far too often to be seen as a legend. You’ve been doing more reckless adventuring than teaching at your own gym. You’re a joke. You want to change your image? Maybe try putting in some work.

Kris tries to respond, but Jayceee reaches into the pockets of his shorts and places a wireless headphone in each ear. He mimes that he can’t hear Kris anymore and turns away from the Grand Slam Champion. Kris is left standing by himself full of rage that he has nothing to do with.

Kris: ....well fuck me then…

He turned down the hallway, pulling his phone from his pocket. He knew what he had to do. If people were already this emboldened to shame him in his own gym, who knew what the opinion of the outside world was. If he was going to save his image, he was going to have to do it the only way that he knew how. There was only one person he could call in order to make that happen: Christian Underwood. Although, he was going to have to get Mikah on board.


Did everyone miss me?

I know that the general consensus after High Stakes was that I was going to be walking off into the sunset. I mean, I had gotten everything that I wanted.

I got to step in the ring with the greatest that this company has ever had to offer, and I stood my ground. I proved to the world that the two of us were on even footing. We stood toe-to-toe throwing our best shots at one another, and everyone in attendance realized that it could have gone either way. J2H and I made magic happen inside that ring at High Stakes, and I have no regrets, complaints, or excuses about how things turned out.

So why come back? Why not stay gone?

I guess that it’s PRIDE mostly. We all know that I don’t need to do anything else in Sin City in order to prove my place in history. That chapter of my life is over. I am a forever legend inside the six-sided ring, but that doesn’t mean that I am done adding to my story. That doesn’t mean that my story is over. You people don’t get to decide that. I do. I get to decide when I am done, and if I say that we haven’t reached that point yet, then any of you are welcome to come and stop me.

Very few have ever been up to the task…

And speaking of the tasks at hand, Inception will make yet another of my glorious comebacks to start the year. It seems that no matter how long we go in this business, we always come back to where we started. How many times have I come back to dominate the first show of the year? Just last year I was defending Sin City World Heavyweight Championship against Jack Washington and sorry ass O’Malley at Inception. A few years ago at Inception II my brother and I were retaining our World Tag Team Championships against the Unholy Alliance. And of course, we all remember the year that Mark and Christian replaced Inception with Full Circle and I literally brought the roof down and won two championships in one night… for the first time….

This is just what I do in Sin City Wrestling. This is the start of a new year, and the very same Kris is going to be here to greet it. This company wouldn’t hope to open up a new year of hijinx without me. Making an impact on the first big show of the year is expected of me at this point, I wouldn’t want to let anyone down. So when the whim struck me, I called Christian and asked if there were any gaps that a Hall of Famer might be able to fill. He said he might have a place for two Hall of Famers if I was interested, and that wasn’t something that I was ever going to be able to turn down.

The last time that I came back, I promised that I was going to dominate the Mixed Tag Team division like Mikah and I were always supposed to. I was right in the middle of that task, when the opportunity to take the World Heavyweight Championship back came along. It was just too good of a chance to pass up, so I bided my time, picked my shot, and took it from Jack fair and square. The only problem was, it put a wrench in my plan to establish Mikah and myself as the greatest team in the history of this company. I abandoned the thing that I set out to do in order to hold a championship that I didn’t actually need.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing negative about holding the top prize in Sin City Wrestling, and on top of being the one to lead the company and be in all the main events, it came with the added bonus of taking the championship out of the hands of someone that I found particularly wretched, and keep it out of the hands of someone that I think has the mental acuity of a shoebox. Once that is done though, the luster wears off. I accomplished what I wanted, but at what price? I sacrificed the team that I set out to build in order to save the company. So what do I do now that the company wasn’t really in need of a gatekeeper anymore?

I took time off. I took time to enjoy life. I protected myself for the better party of last year so that I could give the world one of the greatest matches that they will ever see, from any company, at any time in history. I wasn’t going to let some injury cost everyone what they wanted to see. So I sat on the sidelines, worked on myself, worked on my craft, and then came back for the Battle of the Greats.

....but then I was back in the same boat. My goals had been accomplished. I did what I set out to do, so what was next? For a while there, I didn’t think that there was anything. I have won everything, and competed against most everyone worth going to battle against. On the surface, it felt like the storybook ending to a decade of warfare inside a ring. I’ll be honest with everyone, the thought of walking away was all that has been on my mind for a couple of months. I didn’t think that I would be coming back to start off this year with a bang until just a few days ago…

I woke up from a deep sleep with the recollection that I had never finished what I started. Mikah and I have been undefeated since our Inception as a team, and the work that we started still isn’t done. We put down our quest for tag team superiority while I chased my singles aspirations, but as I’ve told all of you, all of that has been put to rest. There is nothing left for me to prove or accomplish as an individual as this company, but Mikah and I have yet to get the credit we deserve as a unit.

....and before you all get excited, I’m not talking about The Black Sheep. I’m not talking about some group of people fighting others for some higher purpose. I am not looking to outnumber and maul people. I am not looking to start a movement. Mikah and I came together as a team to prove one single point: As dangerous as we are apart, we are better together. The two of us are going to be picking up right where we left off. We are going to finish the work that we started. By the end of this year, we are going to be the only team in this company worth talking about.

...and I get that some people are going to get bent out of shape about us jumping to the front of the line and snatching this opportunity out of midair, but too bad. It’s not like I asked for this. I reached out to Christian to make something happen. He is the one that provided the details. Although, it’s not like the two of us taking this opportunity is unwarranted. We never got a return match for the championships that I technically never lost. As a matter of fact, I have a long history of breaking records with championships and never bitching about return matches the way that some people have done their entire careers. I didn’t ask for a championship match right off the bat, but I am not going to brush it off either.

Like I have already said, I don’t have anything left to prove in this company. I don’t have to convince anyone that I need to earn anything. I am Kristopher Ryans. All I have done since first coming here is win championships, break records, and help to grow this company. I am one of the greatest that this company has to offer, and they could place me anywhere, on any card, for any championship, at any time and it would make sense. Why? Because I am that good, and have been that good in this company for as long as anyone can remember.

I don’t expect that Mercedes or Goth are going to step up to the plate this week and say that Mikah and I are undeserving of this opportunity. I don’t think that they are going to blow us off as past legends. I think that they are going to give two Hall of Famers their proper credit regardless of how they feel about us personally. I am pretty sure Mercedes dislikes me just about as much as anyone that has ever worked here, and Goth has never been all that big a fan either. We have shared a main event ring with a championship on the line before, and I was the one that walked away with the win. This occasion won’t be all that different than that one. We might all four be in the Hall of Fame, but not all Hall of Famers are built the same.

These two might share a lot of the same accolades as Mikah and myself, but neither one of them could ever be described as dominant. Mercedes loses way more often than she wins these days, and has been coasting on reputation mostly. It has been a couple of years since she was able to string anything real together, and she has run into Mikah and been kicked to the curb more times than I care to keep track of. Goth captured this championship, but it is his first since around the time I was dominating him for the Internet Championship. Most of my success has happened since then, and where has he been to stop my ascent? Nowhere to be found. It’s because deep down the guy knew to stay out of the way back then, just like he knows now.

...but I don’t say these things to be mean. Sometimes facts are harsh, but trust me, that doesn’t make them less true. These two are good. They have proven that against a lot of people. Just not us, and they have had every opportunity to do so. It’s not often that you see fellow Hall of Famers that haven’t crossed paths more, but that just shows me that they were smart about picking their spots while Mikah and I were preoccupied elsewhere. In a way, they have survived this long by keeping their distance. There won’t be anyway for them to do that at Inception though. They are going to be backed into a corner, and Mikah and I will once again be showing everyone just how unstoppable we are.

This isn't some Black Sheep reunion.

This is the rise of Reckless Elite, and Mercedes and Goth aren't ready for what we are bringing to Inception.


Just Outside the Heiðmörk Woods in late December…

I was standing there in an arctic wonderland.  Everything looked like blown glass, decorated in so many lights, and I swear the whole place is covered in pine.  If I thought Fenris’s condo was maxed out on Christmas, I saw nothing.  Especially as we visited the famous marketplace near the Heiðmörk woods.  The air was thick with the smells of fresh baked goods and smoke from fireplaces and bonfires.  If I didn’t know any better, I would have said that I was standing in the middle of the North Pole.  While I like to keep a general sense of “I don’t give a fuck” about literally everything and anything, I think the child inside of me was scratching and clawing, trying to get out and run around, stuffing my face with cookies and cakes.  I’d say this had manifested in a big smile on my face.  Kristjan looked over at me with a bit of a smile himself.  However, there was a tinge of pride on his face as he watched my eyes wander about the scenic view.  I turn to him and wrap an arm around him as I feel myself wanting to bounce up and down, though I stop myself.

Me:  Just… take my money already!  This place is like the happiest, best, most fantastic place on earth.

Kristjan:  That is why I always make sure to stop here when I visit this time of year.

I continue to look around, as we haven’t even entered the ground yet, officially.  The excitement of it all cannot be contained any longer as we begin walking the path.  There are homemade wreaths to our left, and I turn to the booth, and Kristjan does a very long, drawn out sigh.  However, he finds it endearing as I look through the different designs of traditional holly, down to winter flowers preserved with a sparkling coating of some sort.  I find myself pining… heh, get it? … for the traditional holly and pine cones, and I buy one, placing it around my neck.

Kristjan:  I did not think you to be the holidays type.

Me:  As hard as I try, I just cannot be miserable and angry all of the time, and these lights just… the trees… the… season. They just speak to me.

Kristjan:  It was not a complaint. I think it’s… cute…

Me:  Well, you’re cute…

I lean in for a kiss, but as I get too close, we find ourselves the victims of a thousand tiny stabs.  I look down, embarrassed, and Kristjan pulls the wreath from around my neck for just a second, to sneak a kiss.  A man with a cart comes by, speaking in the native tongue, and by the smell of it, he is selling hot cocoa.  Kristjan stops him and orders us two.  After paying, he hands a cup to me, and I slowly sip on it, warming myself back up a little with each sip.

Me:  So, is this normal, or are we trying to compensate for the pandemic or something?  This is almost too much.

Kristjan:  This is very normal.  If anything, it might be a bit drab because of the pandemic.  We Icelandians take the holiday season very seriously.  Like we invented the season or something.

Me:  Well, you guys do a very good job of it.  Better than anything I’ve ever seen.  And the funny thing is that I was obviously very devout for a long time.  It’s kind of sad.

Kristjan looks around as we move by a group of fellow shoppers.  To the other side of us, there’s a stand with more cheese than I’ve ever seen in my entire life, and strings of sausages.  Part of me wants to buy one of the larger wheels of cheese just to say that I have, because… who does that?

Me:  Can we?

Kristjan shakes his head.  Of course, he has to be the voice of reason.  I sigh and move along.  My digestive system is safe for another day.  We spot a display of handmade jewelry, and I have to stop to look, no permission needed.  There are silver pieces that are ever so slightly tarnished, which lets the authenticity shine through.  I look at some of the necklaces, hung with leather, the pendants are very viking in appearance.  There is one with the head of a wolf, with turquoise eyes, which I pretend not to notice because… Christmas present achieved!  I wait until Kristjan is not looking, and I snatch it from the display and discreetly pay for it.  The attendant winks as I stuff it quickly into my pocket.  I casually look down to the rings before us.

Merchant:  These go very quickly this close to Christmas.  I have only two left, and they are my favorites.

I look down at them.  While they are white gold, and I don’t tend to go for anything but silver and steel, there is a charm in the etchings.  And the obsidian decal is very intricate.  It is a shame to see these two gorgeous pieces amongst nothing but plain hematite rings.

Me:  May we see those?

The merchant pulls them out of the case and places them on top of the case.  I pick up one of them and slide it onto my ring finger.  I can tell that this makes Kristjan a little nervous.  It’s too loose anyway.  But the piece is wonderful.  I try it on my middle finger, and it fits like a glove.  Kristjan sees this and picks the other one up.  He puts it on his middle finger, and it seems to fit quite well.

Me:  It’s a sign, I think.

Kristjan:  Rings… And it doesn’t seem too soon for this kind of jewelry?

I shake my head before I even realize it.  I nip at my bottom lip before I remove the ring and place it back on the case.  Kristjan does the same.

Me:  I understand your past hurt, and your need to go at a certain pace.  It’s quite alright.

Kristjan smiles warmly and I look around to see where I want to go next, ignoring that small pang of hurt within my chest.  Cakes, and lots of them.  It seems the perfect place to get over it, because I meant what I said, and chocolate cures everything.  Kristjan nods to the merchant as he sees where my eyes have landed.  A hearty chuckle precedes our departure.  We go over to the stand and we look at all of the extremely unhealthy, AKA extremely delicious, looking bakery items.  Something of a winter ambrosia cake, labeled as “JÓLAKAKA” seems rather festive for the moment.  I instantly think of it as a gift to our host for the evening, Jokull’s mother.  I purchase it as I continue to look.  The pastries look wonderful, and I order one for now, as I’ve not eaten since I woke up this morning.  Then, the artistry for the Vínarterta, a multi-layered cake with jam filling, catches my eye.  I order one of them as well, and Kristjan looks at me with an eyebrow raised.  He laughs as I smack his arm playfully.

Kristjan:  What?  It’s a lot of cake.

Me:  One of them is a gift, one of them is for now, and one of them is for later.

Kristjan:  With my family?

I look around, trying to find an alternative to this, but I can’t think of one.  So I slowly begin to nod and look over to Kristjan with a wide smile on my face.

Me:  Yes… that…

Not my most convincing moment, but it will do.  I take my boxes and try to balance them carefully as Kristjan puts the wreath around my neck.  I look at him with betrayal written all over my face, scoffing at him as he walks empty handed.

Kristjan:  You need to start working off that cake early.  Especially if you want to stay in shape for your World Heavyweight Championship match at Inception.

Me:  I can think of better ways to work off the cake, and I think it would benefit both of us.  Greatly.

Kristjan:  Oh yeah?

He looks deeply into my eyes, teasing, tempting.  I lick my lips, preparing for a kiss.  However, Kristjan smacks my ass and moves me along.  We go along to another booth where Kristjan picks up some smoked fish for later at Jokull’s mother’s house.  The smell is a bit, as in a lot, intimidating.  I am just glad to have the wreath around my neck, blocking out a lot of that smell.  We visit several more booths along the way, and I’m regretting not taking a stop by the car to drop off the cakes.  But by this time we’ve visited almost every stand at the market.  Just a few more to go, and I look over to the rings, wishing I could own one.  I think about going over to get the one, because I really liked it.  However, when I look over to the case, I notice that they are both gone and my heart sinks.  I sigh and continue walking along. I think to myself just how good that ring would look on my finger.

Kristjan:  Is there something on your mind?

I think for a second.  While I don’t really find use in lying, I truly don’t want to pressure anything, so I simply shake my head to the negative.  I balance the purchases in one arm and reach out to hold his hand.  While I already know he’s not much for public displays of affection, and have already gotten a kiss out of the trip… I know he cares about me enough to take my hand as we walk along.  He holds onto it tightly, despite his reluctance.  The bravery gives me hope of something long lasting, and something about that makes me forget the cold nipping at my forehead, threatening to freeze my eyeballs in place.  The warmth of his hand, even through the glove, makes me forget about everything else.  Good and bad, the crowds of people, the lights, everything.  It’s just the two of us, and I know he feels that too, with each passing moment, the tighter his grip gets.

Me:  Thank you for letting me come along.  I know it doesn’t seem the most traditional of things, the awkwardness of taking me to meet Jokull’s mother.  I know I feel it, so I can’t imagine how you must feel about it.

Kristjan stops just short of the car and thinks about it for a minute.  I can tell that he’s trying to think of the best way to put what he’s thinking.  He hangs on the opening word for a moment, coming out like a painful moan.  I squeeze his hand in a comforting way, letting him know that he can just say what he needs to say.  He sighs as he leans against the car, unlocking it so that I can place the boxes of cakes and wreath inside of the car and close the door.  I stand next to Kristjan as he stares off into the distance.

Kristjan:  It is awkward.  It’s very awkward.

Me:  I probably shouldn’t have forced my presence here.  I honestly just want to support you in everything that you do.  I’m not really sure if that’s where our relationship is, but it just felt right in the moment.  If it means that much to you, I can just go back to the hotel while you visit.

Kristjan holds a hand up to stop me from going further.

Kristjan:  No, no, no.  I guess we should better define where we are, but I don’t feel like now is the right time.  But, I do like that you wanted to come, and I want you to be there with me.  It feels like the right thing.

I smile, because secretly, I hoped that he would say that.  Even though this is going to be sufficiently awkward, I do agree that we need to face this together.  This is part of him, and it’s a part that he felt comfortable enough to share with me.  I place my hand on his arm.

Me:  I don’t mean to ruin this tender moment for us, but… I’m on the verge of freezing my balls off, and…

Kristjan:  Right, right…

He opens up the car door for me, and then goes over to the driver’s seat.  He starts the car on, and the blast of freezing air nearly knocks my cap off as I hold onto it, shivering.  We wait there, holding hands once again as the car warms up, and we prepare to make our departure.

A Few Hours Later

The light of day has already faded at this point, and the still chill of night has set in.  I stand in the doorway of Jokull’s mother’s home.  She gives me a hug, having accepted me as part of Kristjan’s life, and we exchange the traditional “bless” as a farewell.  She pats Kristjan on the shoulder before disappearing back inside of her home.  This leaves us to stand there awkwardly for a moment before leaning in for a warm embrace in the cold.  He lingers, and I can tell that he doesn’t want me to leave… but we both know it is not best if I stay.  The embrace turns into a light makeout session, which confirms exactly why I should go.  Once we both accept this fact, we slowly pull away.  I hold onto his hands, still not wanting to go.  Eventually, as I step backward more and more, our hands break.  I walk over to the car and open it up, warming myself up eventually.  I start driving, and I see him watching me disappear into the horizon.  I smile from my eyes before I turn to focus fully on the road.  It’s a beautiful sight, seeing every house decorated above and beyond what I’ve ever seen back in the United States.  I find myself lost in all types of thoughts as I look around, and part of me wonders what it would be like if I moved here.  Is that too serious of a thought?  The logistics don’t make sense, but most things in my life don’t make sense right now.

I snap out of my GPS guided trance as I arrive at the hotel.  I gather the extra cake from the back seat and my bag, and I carry them upstairs with me.  Once inside of the room, I lay the bag and cake on the table before removing my jacket.  I sigh as I look around.  Sitting there at the desk is my open laptop, and an incoming video call from “The Azarov’s”.  I roll my eyes, but clearly I’m happy to hear from my sister… or less likely, my brother-in-law.  I go over to the computer and sit down, answering the call.

Me:  Hello?

My sister, and her husband both are seen sitting inside of a Saxon Hotel suite.  She settles down in the seat, taking the focus of the screen.

Esther:  Ugh, fin-uh-lly! I was starting to think you got captured in a hostel by billionaires wanting to saw you in half or something… They didn’t, did they?

Me:  Do I look like I’m sawed in half?

Esther:  But you could have escaped like Freddy Rodriquez and… Nevermind, tell me how being in the middle of nowhere for another whole week is going…?  Are you having lots of hot, steamy man sex to keep warm in your wool hut or tend or whatever?

I roll my eyes as I look over to the cake and instantly think about grabbing a piece, but I hold off for a moment.

Me:  There’s no wool huts.  If anything, their houses have much better craftsmanship than what we have.  It’s colder than a witches tit outside, and zero sign of that inside of the hotel room.  Plus, if I was having “steamy man sex”, I wouldn’t answer the call.

Esther:  Yeah, you didn’t answer.  That’s my point.  So, I guess you’re not training for your match?  Taking a break for the holidays?  Awww… Step it the fuck up!

Me:  Excuse me for wanting to celebrate the holiday a little like any normal fucking human being.

Esther:  Um, I’m not even booked for anything, but I’m keeping in shape, and do you know why?

I shrug my shoulders, which Esther takes this as my answer.

Esther:  Because I have not given up on my career.  I might have married a world class fighter, but my career is still important to me.

Me:  Excuse me?  I have not given up on my career.  I have a World Heavyweight Championship match coming up in a month.  A month.  I have time, but I’d say I’m taking my career pretty seriously right now.

Esther growls.

Esther:  No.  You’re not.  You’re just letting the ring rust begin to settle in.  Mac Bane isn’t doing that.  Senor Vinnie isn’t doing that.  And you can bet your ass that Austin James Mercer isn’t letting that happen.

Me:  And I’m not either.  I’ve still been going for runs. I lift in the hotel.  Kristjan and I have been sparring, keeping in shape for the ring.  Don’t assume that I’m just sitting around, eating cake, and being lazy.  Thanks.

Esther:  Okay, whatever.  Just don’t blow this.  You have the biggest opportunity of your career, and I just want to see you prove to everyone that you’re worthy.  It makes me look good, so…

Me:  So that’s what this is really about.  How you’re going to look if your brother somehow finds a way to win the big enchilada.

Esther holds her finger up in the air as she laughs.  She begins shaking it at me, trying to hold back any further laughter.

Esther:  Oh, please, please, please don’t ever say that again!  That was horrible.  That was something dad would say… Ahhhhhhh!

Me:  Please don’t mention that droopy ball having shit bag in front of me again, and thank you.  I have nothing to say about him, or that wretch of a wife.

Esther:  That’s a little extreme, but… hey, I’ve been there.  Look, mom and dad wanted me to get in touch with you about Christmas plans.  They said Fenris is invited to come along, because I honestly think they think that is his real name instead of Kristjan.  It’s sad, but… they did bore us into this world, so…

I lock my jaw and purse my lips.  She instantly gets the hint and clears her throat.

Esther:  So… big title match is cool and all… You said some pretty heavy things about Mac Bane last week.  Do you think you might have poked the bear a little too much?

She was right.  I had said plenty of things to say.   And admittedly, I meant every word of it.  I loosen up my jaw now and smirk a little.

Me:  I wouldn’t say that.  If he took offense to it, then that’s on him.  It must have made what I said ring true to him.  Repeating the same old washed up “take over” routine like so many before him.  Some kind of GRIME, Erik Staggs hostile invasion, Sin City Saviors situation.  Something that we’re just doomed to repeat, over and over and over.  I’ve lived through it myself once, and it was much more menacing than this Island of Misfit Toys batch.  Granted, I’m more familiar with Mac than the rest of them, and sadly, I have to say… I’m not scared.  I’ve beaten Mac Bane before, and I think I can do it again.  Pretty easily.

Esther:  Yeah, probably.  But you’re not just facing Mac.  You’re facing Austin James Mercer, and…

Me:  I respect the hell out of Mercer.  If there’s one person in this match besides myself that I hope wins this match, it’s Austin.  He has been one of the few that I’ve seen eye to eye with since I joined SCW, coming up from SCU.  He was the only person who didn’t treat me like I was some kind of joke act brought up from the basement brand.  He gave me the respect that I deserved for my accomplishments at the time.  Sure, I was a Hardcore Tag Team Champion, now called the GRIME Tag Team Championships.  A title that oh so many look at as a joke, but Austin knew better.  He knew that it was only something that toughened me up, preparing me for the Roulette Championship that I won in my debut match.  He knew that I was on the rise, so he respectfully stayed out of my way.  And I let him continue to rough up the upper carders.  I can only assume that, now that I’ve been added to the big leagues, that he’ll show me respect and stay out of my way.  It would be for the best.

Esther blinks a few times, but stays relatively quiet.  I only bring this up, because it’s uncharacteristic for her.

Esther:  Maybe… don’t you think that it might help if the two of you can come up with some sort of alliance?  The way you two did when Austin was beating the fuck out of your current boyfriend when you were still acting like an eight year old, picking on your crush?

My eyebrows furl and I take a deep breath so that I can start to ignore the comments made by my lovely, lovely sister.  I exhale slowly as she sticks her tongue out at me.

Me:  Perhaps I can reach out to Austin about something.  But, he is smart enough to know that I will not take any prisoners, I will hold back no punches, and I will not hesitate to pin him if the opportunity presents itself.  So, if he will hold no ill will against me for winning the belt for the first time, I would absolutely be willing to align myself with him during this match.

Esther:  Aww, that’s so cute.  But, you do seem to get lucky pretty often with singles titles.  It’s keeping them that seems to be your struggle.

Me:  A select few have had my number, I cannot tell a lie.  But, you still can’t take away my accomplishments, even if you don’t like me.

Esther acts like she has a rope around her neck, gagging and sticking her tongue out the side of her mouth as her eyes cross.  I pinch the bridge of my nose and shake my head.

Me:  And this means…?

Esther:  You’re a choke artist.  Either that, or you just enjoy the chase and not actually being the champion.  Not like me and the Combat Championship anyway.

Me:  I’m not a choke artist.  Not in the least.  I just have… difficulties… some… times…

Esther’s eyes widen as she seems shocked by that statement.  She looks around before looking back to the screen.

Esther:  You’re kidding, right?  I mean, we all know what to expect.  Even if you win this title, what’s to stop you from losing it on the next show?  Or, like, two matches in?

Me:  You’ll just have to trust me.  Maybe I’m just meant to be at the top?

Esther:  Or…?  Maybe Senor Vinnie is meant to win the belt by finally getting his long awaited revenge on you?  Oh, it’s poetic, David!  Just imagine…

I push the screen down, because her taunting has officially just gotten under my skin.  However, I don’t close it.  I just hide the completely pissed off expression on my face for a moment before something else comes over me.

Me:  You know what?  No.  This is not about Senor Vinnie.  He’s had his time, and he’s proven over and over again that his time is up.  He’s more or less some kind of nostalgia act to make us up and comer’s look good.  Giving us someone credible to beat.  I mean, he likes to talk about how I’m not shit.  Okay, let’s concede for a minute and pretend that it’s true.  Okay, but then I beat you, Vin.  Not only did I beat you, but I put you on the fucking shelf for months.  So, if I’m nothing, then what does that make you?  Past your prime, bucko.

Esther is about to speak, but stops to look over her shoulder as if perhaps Vinnie were standing behind her and she just wasn’t aware of it.  But, I don’t give her time to say anything.

Me:  I know, you’ve made it abundantly clear that I’ve done you wrong, and you want some payback.  You’ve attacked me during matches, after matches, backstage… Have you given one single ounce of thought to why I haven’t retaliated?  Has it ever crossed your mind that I just don’t give a shit about you anymore?  I’m the same as all of the fans, the fairweathers that forgot about you the second your relevance dwindled down to practically non-existent.  It’s kind of sad that you haven’t realized this yet.  And as someone who is moving up the ranks quickly, I don’t have time to acknowledge you in my rearview mirror.  While you spend so much time focused on your glory days, despite your failures such as sustaining a relationship or holding the World Heavy for a substantial amount of time… I’m focusing on being what you could never be, porn stache… I’m going to be a real winner.  The fastest rising star in Sin City history.  Not the first to get to the top, but the first to rise to the top, all the way from the bottom, hitting milestones like some kind of prodigy.  By November, I’ll already be considered for the Hall of Fame.  I’m eclipsing you, and I know that your jealousy is hard to conceal, but please try to go down with some dignity, kay?

I smile warmly and nod toward “Vinnie”, all while Esther is just nodding along with each word.  When I’m done, she claps her hands.  She then picks up her phone and acts like she’s talking to someone.

Esther:  Hello?  Yeah, my brother is completely fucking delusional.  Yeah, he’s talking to people that aren’t even there.  It’s sad and scary, but mostly sad.  Please, do come.

Me:  They’re coming to take me away, ha haaaaa! They’re coming to take me away. Ho ho, hee hee, ha ha!

Esther: To the funny farm, where you belong.  So, think about Christmas, which was the actual reason I called.  Mom and dad would be so happy to see you.

Me:  Byeeeeeeeeeeee……..

I quickly close the laptop and throw it across the room.  I open up the box of cake and take a fork to it immediately, going into a shameful display of binge eating.  But, in my defense, plum jam and cake go together extremely well, and they compliment the almond flour so much.  But, let’s cut this out before we get to how much of that cake I ate in that particular setting…

The Next Morning…

Normally, my tale for the week would have ended in that particular moment, but there was one thing that I was particularly not proud of that took place during this trip.  The very next morning, closer to eleven in the morning, I had packed my things.  It was the big morning where I go to meet Kristjan’s family.  I’d heard so many things about them.  And… honestly, I was feeling overwhelmed.  Mine and Kristjan’s things were being loaded into the car, including the remainder of that cake… don’t ask how much that means…  Kristjan realizes that he’s left a bag of gifts under the bed, and he excuses himself to go fetch it.

I am warming up in the car when something begins to settle in.  I’m… going to meet his family.  Like, I’m actually going to do it.  I bite onto my bottom lip and look around me.  This is going to be a perfectly normal meet, right?  I mean, not all families can be nightmares like mine.  Some families actually sit down and drink tea together, talking about all of the normal things they’d done that day.  Not crazy can drives, or atoning for your homosexual sins with whips and glass shards and cattle prods.  I mean, some are fairly dysfunctional, yeah.  Some even get defensive of their loved ones.  In an unhealthy way.

Oh my lack of a God… What if they’ve heard about how we… met?  What if they watched me bloody up their brother, their son?!  I mean, they have to know that things just get out of control on television, right?  I did do those things, but it was in an attempt to raise ratings.  Surely they would understand that, right?  Right?

Let’s say that they understand.  Icelandic folks are known for being very understanding, right?  Aron was very understanding, and he’s even taken up being somewhat of a manager for me.  And Kristjan’s friend Dani is now my friend.  I even know her name is Danielle Weston.  That’s strides right there.  Improvement.  Why can’t I feel my tongue?  What is that icy feeling traveling through my veins right now?  Let’s just focus on all of the good that could come from meeting his family.  Aron will be there, and I know him.  Surely he and I can talk most of the time.  And I’ve heard his dad is an absolute peach.

Kristjan:  Are you sure you do not want me to drive?

Kristjan queries as he gets inside of the car, closing the door behind him.  I shake my head as he straps on his seatbelt.  He puts the address into the GPS, and we are on our way.  I know Kristjan is talking to me.  I can hear him faintly.  And I’m even answering on auto pilot, but I am not aware of our conversation.  Instead, I am being eaten alive by the idea of what is about to happen.  Sure, a normal person wouldn’t have this much anxiety about meeting the parents.  Or the entire family for that matter.  I mean, there will be so many siblings there, I’m sure they will be busy catching up with Kristjan, and talking amongst themselves.

As I’m talking myself into this, we pull up in front of the house.  Exquisite design, and the lights rival those all around them.  This means that family is very important to them.  They’ve welcomed their children home with lights that they won’t even be around to enjoy on Christmas.  Before Kristjan can open the door, I put the car back into drive.

Kristjan:  What are you doing?  That was the house.

Me:  I, uh… I just need to drive around the block a couple of times.  I’m getting a little nervous is all.  Dry throat, pounding heart… shallow breaths.  Kind of like a heart attack, except… you know, only in my head.

Kristjan:  Just breathe, please.  This is nothing to worry about, I assure you.  Take a drive around the block, and we’ll come back.  Everything is going to be fine.  Everyone will love you.

I nod my head.  I’m pretty sure that there is sweat all over my face, despite how cold I feel.  This isn’t normal.  The heat is blasting in my face now like hellfire, but I’m… still… cold!  I try to steady my breaths as we come back around to the house.  Yet, I’m not ready.  I go for another drive around, and Kristjan looks forward, placing a hand on my knee as I do another circle… and then another.  On the fifth go around, I finally feel like I’ve got myself under control.  I park in front of the house and close my eyes, finding my center as I breathe.

Kristjan:  If you need another few minutes, allow me to unpack some things from the car, and I will come and get you.  Just focus on your breathing.

I nod again, but don’t say a word.  I begin to control my breathing as I hear the bags rattling, zippers being undone and redone.  I feel the cool breeze coming from the back seat.  I see the twinkling lights.  I taste the cake from the piece I had moments ago at the hotel for breakfast still.  I smell Kristjan’s cologne gently wafting to my.  I’ve practiced the mindfulness, and I open the car door.  Kristjan smiles as he shuts the back door.  However, I slam the car door shut and I just cake off.  I see Kristjan still standing in the middle of the street, and the only thing I can think to do is to book a plane ticket back to Las Vegas and I head toward the airport.  As I get further and further away from that, I feel better, and yet awkwardly sure of my rash decision to jump on a plane that gets me just back to my home country where I can begin to sort through this whole thing.  I just needed… time…  Yeah.

Supercard Roleplays / The Good Part
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TIME: 10:30 A.M.

She sighs as she sits down at the desk in her office room, where she handled everything she needed to get done before any changes she made in her life and in her children’s lives as well. She opens her laptop and uses the fingerprint scanner to unlock it as she pulls up her to do list. Somehow, her and Kris had had a conversation about returning as a team to take on what they had originally wanted to achieve over a year ago. Almost two years ago, if she remembered correctly. She had a lot to figure out before she could leave Hawaii to prepare the match that was already made. They already secured a championship match against Mercedes Vargas and Goth. On paper, it was a great match as all four of them were in the Hall of Fame. And all of their names held respect in the back.

She hadn’t been against returning as a team, not really but she couldn’t deny that she was apprehensive about the idea. She had two children to figure out what to do with and it wasn’t like Leighton’s father could come back from the dead to watch them. And she couldn’t rely on Drake to stay sober long enough to watch Myles either. So, she sent an email out to her previous assistant, Ruby to see if she’d be willing to be a nanny off and on for a while. Ruby’d had a rough patch lately; her boyfriend had dumped her and she was struggling to get back on her feet. And Mikah had tried to give her her old job back but Ruby wouldn’t take it. Something about how Mikah didn’t really need an assistant any more since she wasn’t competing on the regular. But what Mikah did need now was somebody that could come live in her Hawaii home when she wasn’t able to do that. Ruby had gotten there that morning and she was currently getting adjusted in her room that Mikah’d had set up for her.

Mikah looks at the screen of her laptop and sighs as she checks off another thing that was written on her to do list. She just had to make sure the house was stocked with any necessity that the kids could want or need. She knew that Leighton was self-sufficient but she needed to make it clear to the teenager that Ruby was in charge when Mikah wasn’t there. She was sure that Leighton would be okay with it because she was a calm teenager but Mikah hadn’t really every given her many rules before now.

;;MIKAH “Now to go talk to the teenager.”

She looks again at the screen before closing the laptop and standing up. She walks out of the office and down the hallway to Leighton’s bedroom where she was working on her homework. She knocks and waits for Leighton’s okay to come in before walking into the teenager’s bedroom. Leighton’s bedroom was simple with white walls and an earthy aesthetic to it. Something she had seen on TikTok no doubt but Mikah had given her no limits when it had come to decorating her bedroom.

;;MIKAH “Can we talk Leigh?”

Mikah sits down on the bench thing that Leighton had in her room before looking at the teenager. Mikah smiles as Leighton looks at her and she briefly gets the image of Christian Othniel in her head before Leighton nods her head.

::LEIGHTON “Sure mom, what’s up?”

Mikah had talked about with Leighton about her decision to go back to SCW to form the tag team once again with Kris to do what they had intended to do over a year ago. Leighton hadn’t seem displeased about it but Mikah couldn’t read her daughter’s emotions very well.

;;MIKAH “Are you okay with me going back to SCW to compete? You can be honest with me, Leighton. I won’t judge you.”

Mikah watches her child’s face as she tries to read the emotions that appear on her daughter’s face. But once again, it’s hard to read them.

::LEIGHTON “Mom, it’s fine. I’m used to it, you do it all the time. You should be asking Myles, really.”

A frown crosses Mikah’s face as she looks at her daughter. But she couldn’t say that her daughter was wrong because she was right. Mikah had left Leighton with a nanny more often than she hadn’t as a child.

;;MIKAH “Leighton, you do know that I wish I had taken you with me on the road more than I had when you were a child, right?”

Mikah had thought she was going to be a crappy mother so she had distanced herself from her daughter when she got into wrestling even though she was wrestling for Leighton. So that she could have everything she ever wanted. She wanted to be a better mother to Leighton than her own mother had been to her growing up.

::LEIGHTON “Mom, I’m fine. I’m alive and I know that you love me. It’s not a big deal.”

It was in typical teenage fashion that Leighton was trying to brush off what her mother was saying. But Mikah wanted her daughter to be able to talk to her about things. She didn’t want Leighton to feel like she couldn’t come to her with anything.

;;MIKAH “I know, Leighton. And you’re right, I do love you. But it wasn’t fair to you as a child; you should have had your mother there instead of a nanny. And I do not think I’ve ever fully apologized to you for it. You deserved more than what I gave you, Leighton. And you’ll never know how amazed I am with how you’ve grown up.”

Mikah smiles as she watches Leighton turn to face her. Leighton thinks for a moment, studying her mother’s face before smiling at her and then hugging her. Mikah smiles and hugs Leighton back.

::LEIGHTON “Thank you, mom.”

It wasn’t the reason that Mikah had gone into Leighton’s room, originally. But the way that Leighton had tried to blow off her answers changed the way that she was interacting with Leighton.

;;MIKAH “Now the real reason I came in here…”

Leighton frowns a little bit but pulls back and sits next to her mother.

::LEIGHTON “Alright, spill. Are you pregnant again?”

Mikah makes a face before shaking her head no, chuckling at the thought of being pregnant for a third time. The second time had been a struggle enough and she was almost sure she was done having kids. Maybe.

;;MIKAH “No. I am not pregnant, Leighton.”

Leighton laughs a little bit but visibly relaxes.

::LEIGHTON “Good. I love Myles but I don’t know if we could handle another baby.”

Mikah smiles at Leighton and nods her head. She knew where her daughter was coming from.

;;MIKAH “Oh I agree. And a baby with mine and Kris’ DNA? Could be dangerous. I mean obviously very, very cute but you know. Anyways, back on topic. I hired a nanny….to be here when I’m on the road.”

She watches Leighton’s face and waits for her to combust or argue with her but the emotions don’t seem to come.

::LEIGHTON “Okay. For Myles?”

Mikah nods her head because Ruby was there to watch Myles, mainly. And for Leighton to go to if she needed anything that she couldn’t get herself. And for Mikah to be able to sleep in a hotel with Kris and not worry about her children being on an island without an adult there.

;;MIKAH “Yes. Essentially. However, there are going to be a few rules for you to abide by with Ruby as well. Nothing big as Ruby isn’t in charge of you per se but you do need to check in with her before you go anywhere. And I want you back in the house by no later than 11 p.m. each night, Leighton. There won’t be Kristopher here to save you from any big bad sea monster, you know. So try to be cautious when you go in the ocean as well. That’s all it is, really.”

Mikah takes a deep breath, having said all of that in one breath so she didn’t overthink what she wanted to say. It was almost as if she was terrified of her teenager. And maybe a piece of her was because she couldn’t imagine that raising a teenager was this easy.

::LEIGHTON “Yeah, that’s fine. I don’t think that’s an unreasonable request. When are you and Kris going to go to the mainland?”

Mikah frowns a little bit, having forgotten that little part of the deal. She wasn’t fond of the mainland and felt that the people there were a lot more judgmental than they were on the island. She takes a deep breath before looking at Leighton.

;;MIKAH “I…am not sure. I will have to talk to Kristopher about that one. He’s…painting? I think.”

Sometimes, it was a chore to keep up with the things that Kristopher did when they weren’t hooked to one another’s side.

::LEIGHTON “Are you going to go find him then?”

Leighton could tell that Mikah was thinking about going to go find her missing boyfriend. Mikah smiles at Leighton before nodding her head. She stands up and gives her daughter an appreciative smile.

;;MIKAH “Thank for being a great kid, Leighton.”

Leighton rolls her eyes at her mother before shooing her away.

::LEIGHTON “Go find Kris.”

Mikah chuckles before walking out of her daughter’s room to go find where Kris had disappeared off too. She was sure he was more than likely in the room where he liked to paint. Or he was off training. She wasn’t sure exactly where she’d find him but she was hoping he was painting. And not training. She was still exhausted from Tuesday’s training hours and she wasn’t even out of shape.

She walks into the room that was designated his painting room or art room, whichever he felt like doing for the day. She leans against the doorframe as she watches him for a moment, just enjoying the way he used the paint brush on the canvas. There was something about the way the two were together now that made it easier, comfortable and maybe just right. This time felt like it worked and was going to work. Neither of them were married to other people and they’d both done their best to work through their issues. Hawaii had been such a big help for Mikah to clear her head from everything that had happened since her divorce from Drake. Time to heal and time to control the panic attacks she was getting on the mainland. She hadn’t had one of those since she made the move permanent. And they weren’t snappy with one another anymore and she couldn’t remember the last time they’d had a disagreement either. She didn’t want SCW to change that, either. It was maybe bothering her a little bit at the thought that it could happen again. She watches as he sits down in a hair to study the canvas and she takes this moment to walk into the room more and she walks over to him and carefully moves to straddle his lap, sitting on it but facing him.

;;MIKAH “Hiding?”

She raises an eyebrow at him.

::KRIS “From you? Never. From Myles? Maybe.”

She chuckles at his words but understood where he was coming from. Myles had officially hit the terrible twos and was now throwing at least three tantrums per day.

;;MIKAH “Understandable.”

She leans in and kisses him softly. He lets his hands move around her waist a little as she looks at him after pulling back from the kiss.

::KRIS “Maybe he does have a little of his father in him.”

Mikah laughs again at the comment before nodding her head, willing to blame the two and a half year old’s tantrums on his father’s genes. She looks at him with a smile on her face.

;;MIKAH “We’re going to be okay in SCW, right?”

She wasn’t scared to share her emotions with him anymore, not like she had been once upon a time. She had allowed herself to become more vulnerable with him and allowed him to see the parts of her that she didn’t share with the world.

::KRIS “Of course. We’re going to dominate the entire division. Just like we had planned to last year.”

It wasn’t what she meant when she asked if they were going to be okay. She meant if they were going to be okay as a couple. She knew it was an irrational thought but she thought that SCW might tear them apart if they were to go back full time. She bites her bottom lip, the worry slipping into her eyes as she looks at him.

;;MIKAH “That’s…not what I meant. I mean, obviously we’re going to dominate the division. But I meant…are we going to be okay in SCW? As a couple?”

She looks into his eyes and she blushes a little bit but doesn’t look away as the vulnerability sits there in her eyes. He reaches up with his hand that had paint on it and brushes the hair out of her face, unintentionally smearing paint on her forehead.

::KRIS “Of course we’re going to be okay. It’s going to be different this time, better.”

She relaxes a little bit at hearing the words coming out of his mouth and she leans back in and kisses him again. She pulls back for a moment and looks into his eyes again and scrunches her nose up at him.

;;MIKAH “Good…I was thinking that either on Sunday or Monday that we can go back to the mainland. Maybe San Diego? Or we could go straight to Reno?”

She looks at him again, smiling warmly at him.

::KRIS “Sounds like a plan to me.”

She smiles again before leaning down and kissing him once again as she starts to feel her worries slip away.

;;MIKAH “Perfect.”


TIME: 2:45 PM

The scene opens up in Kaneohe, Hawaii with Mikah’s extravagant multi-million dollar house behind her. The camera gets a good view of the ocean before the camera settles on Mikah, who is seating on beach towel that’s spread out on the sand and close to the edge of the water. She didn’t seem to mind that the end of the towel was getting wet as the waves of the ocean lapped at her feet. She is dressed in a simple pair of black jean shorts and an orange crop tank top with the words RECKLESS ELITE written across the chest.

;;MIKAH “Miss me?”

A smile stretches across her face as she looks at the camera before looking back out at the ocean as the waves hit her fit lightly. For the most part, it was a relatively calm day for the ocean.

;;MIKAH “Of course, it hasn’t been that long. But of course you all missed me. After all, I am the best.”

She winks at the camera with a smirk still on her face. There was something about her that screamed peace and calm.

;;MIKAH “It’s been two months since I’ve stepped into a SCW ring, where I lost to Dani Weston. Two months since I said I was done with singles competition…”

Her eyes twinkle with a knowing look.

;;MIKAH “But I never said I was done with wrestling completely. I knew that one day Kris and I would want to come back as a team once more to once again take what was ours. That division was made for us. Christian Underwood and Hot Stuff Mark Ward can deny it all they want to but the history of SCW only proves my statement as a fact.”

She smirks again, her eyes flickering back out to the horizon over the ocean.

;;MIKAH “A few years back, when Kris and I were both dominating the Bombshell and Mens divisions respectively, we had mentioned something about a mixed tag division and how once we decided we’d drop the top tier titles, we’d go after the Mixed Tag Team Championships”

She flickers her eyes over to the camera for a moment or so before looking back at the ocean.

;;MIKAH “And in 2020, Kris and I did just that. Granted, our run was a little rocky between the two of use. We weren’t always on the same page but him and I together? We’re undefeated and I would even say…unbeatable.”

Another look passes through her eyes as she looks at the ocean before looking back at the camera for a moment or two.

;;MIKAH “You see, it doesn’t seem to matter whether Kris and I are on the same page outside of the ring because we still know how to do something a lot of people in SCW don’t know how to do. And that’s win.”

That confident look that she wears so well easily slips into her eyes as she focuses on the camera once more.

;;MIKAH “The only kink that got thrown into our plan when we were the Mixed Tag Team Champions is when Kris won the World Heavyweight Championship. And before Mercedes says it next week, it’s not a dig at Coby. Coby was a phenomenal partner and him and I worked well together but it wasn’t the same as working with Kris.”

She shrugs her shoulders with a smile.

;;MIKAH “And I’m going to be honest, Kris and I the last time we were tag team champions?”

Mikah makes a face before shaking her head.

;;MIKAH “We were a mess behind the scenes and couldn’t seem to want much to do with one another over a year ago. Both of us had our own issues to deal with and working on them together wasn’t an option. But even in the midst of our off screen troubles, we had it together in the ring. We were well adjusted as a working tag team, even though we couldn’t seem to get along behind the scenes. So can you imagine what it will be like now?”

She focuses on the camera once more, her attention solely on it.

;;MIKAH “Kris and I are definitely on the same page. And we have been since September. Things are going good, smooth even and how do you think that that is going to affect the way we work in the ring? If you think that we were unstoppable before, you’re going to be surprised at just how unstoppable we’re going to be this run.”

She couldn’t keep the confidence out of her tone or out of her eyes as she stares at the camera. She had always been confident in not only her own skills but in Kris’ as well. She often told him he was the better out of the two of them even if he refused to admit that it was true.

;;MIKAH “I’m sure there are going to those who will only comment on the fact that Kris and I are in a relationship. Or that our relationship isn’t going to last. Or surprise, surprise, they’ll call me a whore again because they can’t find their own original insult to come up with. But what’s shocking to me is that it’s now 20-fucking-22 and we’re still slut shaming women for having sex with different partners. And disclaimer before anybody goes there, I am only having sex with Kris. Not that you needed to know that but I’m only telling everybody so that you don’t spread the rumor that I’m fucking around on him. Because no doubt that you all would try.”

She rolls her eyes in irritation.

;;MIKAH “But what does this have to do with mine and Kris’ upcoming match against the current Mixed Tag Team Champions?”

She raises an eyebrow at the camera before shaking her head and shrugging her shoulders.

;;MIKAH “Absolutely nothing but has that stopped anybody before from bringing in my personal life to use against me? Did it stop the child that is Dani Weston from spouting off the mouth about my relationship with Kris? Or about my previous marriage to Drake Green? Absolutely not. She couldn’t come with anything else to say about me, so she went the petty route. I’ve figured out that these Bombshells that I’ve been placed up against don’t have anything else to say about me, so they go after my personal life. After my relationships and my failed relationships because they think it’s relevant to how I perform in the ring. But you tell me how me fucking Kris has anything to do with my in-ring performance?”

She raises an eyebrow as she asks the question.

;;MIKAH “Because I can bet that I’m just as baffled as you are when it comes to that question. And I honestly hope that Mercedes Vargas doesn’t go there but I don’t have high hopes that she won’t. Nobody else has refrained from brining my personal life up against me, so I won’t hold her to a higher caliber than I do the other imbeciles in the back, that I don’t like.”

It wasn’t a secret that Mikah wasn’t on friendly terms with people that were a part of the SCW locker room. She never kept that a secret either.

;;MIKAH “And why should I hold her to a higher caliber than the other girls in the back? Because she’s considered a veteran here in SCW? Okay. Maybe she is but that doesn’t mean that she’s better than me. Because statistically?”

Her trademark smirk returns on her face.

;;MIKAH “She’s not better than me. Not even close.”

Mikah shakes her head to go along with her words.

;;MIKAH “The one thing Mercedes Vargas has going for her is that she is SCW’s resident history book. If you want to know about something that’s happened in the past, you go to her to get your answers. How does she do it? I’m not sure. And honestly? I don’t care.”

She makes a face at the thought of it.

;;MIKAH “Mercedes and I have faced off several times before. We’re not strangers to how each of us works in the ring. But here’s the good part…she doesn’t have a win over me.”

She shrugs her shoulders.

;;MIKAH “The record books don’t lie, Mercedes. I’ve checked my record; you’ve never beaten me. And I’m sure you’ll bring up different things that I’ve said throughout my career because you remember things easily or you have them written down somewhere to use against me. But you cannot say that you’ve ever won a match when it comes to facing me.”

She can’t help the arrogant look that slips into her eyes, the remnants of her old self slowly rearing its ugly head. She wasn’t the same person, there was a different calmness to her that wasn’t there before. But every now and then her arrogance showed.

;;MIKAH “She’s going to bring up the fact that I avidly spoke out against tag team wrestling. Or my previous drinking problem. Hell, she might even bring up my eating disorder to use against me. And will she be wrong? No, not really.”

She was being a lot more open than she used to be.

;;MIKAH “I did hate tag team wrestling. But I hated tagging with another Bombshell, I never had a problem tagging with Kris. Not once. He and I have always worked well together. We know how to put our differences aside to get things done in the ring. Could I do that with another Bombshell? Absolutely not. Because for so long, I had a target on my back.  And now, I’m the person that a lot of them look to as to how to be successful. I set records within my first year of being employed by SCW and that can’t be taken from me.”

She shrugs her shoulders.

;;MIKAH “There’s a reason that I’m considered the best. The motherfucking Queen, if you will. Even if I lose, I’m still respected as one of the best. Why do you think that is, Mercedes? I know that you’re respected amongst everybody as well. But when somebody thinks of the best, who do they think of? Nine times out of ten, my name lands at the top. Tommy Knocks thought so.”

It was an accomplishment she held close to her heart.

;;MIKAH “I’m not going to lie to everybody and say that I’m going to look at this match as a walk in the park because I’m not stupid. I know that Mercedes is going to bring her best when we meet in 8 days in that wrestling ring. I wasn’t born yesterday. I know what she plans to do but the fact is that she hasn’t beaten me in the ring has to hold some weight to it. Maybe this time will be the time she finally gets the win over me that she is looking for.”

Another simple shrug of her shoulders as she looks at the camera.

;;MIKAH “But it’s not going to be easy for her. I know all of her accomplishments because she spouts them off any chance that you’ll give her. Or at the drop of a hat if she thinks that somebody’s willing to listen to her spout them off. But I’ve got accomplishments too.”

She smile genuinely at the camera as she glances behind her at the house that sat there.

;;MIKAH “I’m a SCW Hall of Famer. A former three time Bombshell Champion. I’m a grand slam champion.”

She ticks each accomplishment off as she looks back at the ocean.

;;MIKAH “And those are just my SCW accomplishments. The fact that she spouts her accomplishments off in SCW so willingly makes me wonder how much of a life she has outside of SCW?”

She looks at the camera for a fleeting second before looking back at the ocean.

;;MIKAH “Because I have a lot of accomplishments in my personal life that I would prefer be mentioned rather than who I’ve fucked and who I haven’t. Like the fact that I have an amazing sixteen year old daughter and a smart little two and half year old son. I was able to move to Hawaii without any financial worries. But nobody cares about those accomplishments.”

She sighs a little bit.

;;MIKAH “Because they don’t apply to SCW and that’s fine. But how does my sex life apply to SCW?”

She looks at the camera and raises an eyebrow.

;;MIKAH “But let’s just hope that Mercedes doesn’t take that route; doesn’t follow the easy path. I mean she could get creative and try to bring up my drinking problem. Accuse me of drinking before a match, even though I never drank before a match. And never drank when I was booked for a match. Or maybe she’ll bring up my disappearance after Coby and I lost the titles last spring. She’s very meticulous about the things she knows and remembers.”

A simple shrug of her shoulders as she looks back at the ocean. She watches the water and some of the other beach goes splash around in the water.

;;MIKAH “And while I’m looking forward to facing her and Goth with Kristopher by my side, there’s one thing I’m looking more forward to…”

Another genuine smiles spreads across her face.

;;MIKAH “And that’s when Kristopher and I win the championships and I get to bring mine back to Hawaii. And show my children what success is.”

She takes a moment to just breathe in the scent of the ocean breeze, her blonde hair blowing slightly as the breeze picks up a bit. But not enough to be a bother.

;;MIKAH “And Goth, I’m sure you’re doing what you can to prepare for the match. I’m sure that you’ve done your research and all the preparation that your little heart can handle. You see, I didn’t talk about you much because you don’t mean anything to me. I don’t have to step into the ring with you. I don’t have to face you and I have the utmost faith in Kris being able to handle whatever you bring to the table. I have the most faith in Kris as a partner and I know that he can handle anything that’s brough his way. Just as I’m sure that you and Mercedes both have that trust in one another. Or maybe you don’t. And I guess we’ll see just how much trust you both have in one another in eight days.”

She smirks again as she stands up and steps her feet into the ocean. She closes her eyes and relishes the feeling of the waves hitting her legs.

;;MIKAH “But we won’t know until then. So….I hope you’re both preparing. Because I am.”

She glances over her shoulder at the camera and winks at it.

;;MIKAH “Ciao”
Supercard Roleplays / Re: Dani Weston v Seleana Zdunich v Bea Barnhart
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Saturday, January15, 2022
Annis Residence
San Clemente, California
10:17 AM  PST

The drive to San Clemente, usually only an hour, had taken twice as long today owing to a bit of road construction that had apparently gone horribly wrong. All the while, Seleana Zdunich had been sitting in her new ride thanking the gas tank for being full before she started the drive south from the Hollywood Hills. As she pulls into the driveway, the owner, her daughter-in-law, fellow wrestler Haylie Jo “Halo” Annis is standing there to greet her.

Halo: Heya, Mama Sel! Porsche, huh?

Seleana steps out of the car and nods to her daughter-in-law.

Seleana Zdunich: Christina wanted to buy me another…

She trails off, her hand almost dancing a she tries to describe the intention of her wife.

Seleana Zdunich: Well, you are aware.

Halo can’t help but laugh.

Halo: Yeah, I do. B-Brat’s the same way when it comes to certain things. Though, cars ain’t really her bag. Like I have the truck and the bike and…

Seleana raises her hand to stop the younger woman.

Seleana Zdunich: Bike?

Halo nods.

Halo: Yup, bought me a Harley cause i figured, fuck it, why not, right? People have tended to lump me in with bikers in SRW so I figured I’d give one a spin. Cheech got her one too, so did Jane.

Halo stops herself and starts to snicker.

Halo: Well, Chi Chi got her a Can-Am Spyder. I got me a 2016 Night Rod Special. Found one that was technically used but never actually ridden. Had a mechanic look over it and bought it up quick.

She nods to the car parked in front of her.

Halo: It don’t really compare to the price tag sittin’ here in front of me, I’m sure.

Seleana shrugs.

Seleana Zdunich: You know Christia does not like to do things small. She likes big, grandiose gestures. I did some research into it before she even brought it up. She started talking about things and was keen to get us things. You should have seen how much she and Alex brightened up when I said I wanted something…

The Swedish woman pauses to perform air quotes with her fingers.

Seleana Zdunich: “Big” for myself.

Halo almost started laughing heartily.

Halo: I can understand that. I don’t know what B-Brat would do if I suddenly wanted a car like that but I think she’d wanna party for a minute before she started askin’ who was I and what have I done with her wife?

Seleana nods as she laughs along.

Seleana Zdunich: Ja, Christina had been pushing for something like this since we marry. She always ask me why I didn’t wish to buy “the good life.“

Halo can only offer a wry smile.

Halo: And all y’all can say is you already have “the good life” cause y’all got married and found Alex and got Aurora, right?

Seleana nods in agreement.

Seleana Zdunich: Ja, this is the truth. She is getting better about such things. She has not tried to use big things to cover for things anymore.  She has not tried to buy off Aurora or Alex or me.

Halo’s smile becomes warmer.

Halo: That’s good! She ain’t tried to buy off B-Brat lately either. I don’t think she’s tried to buy off Bray or Sofia either but they could actually use the help most what with the kid and all.

Seleana nods.

Seleana Zdunich: She was definitely happy that I went and looked over several models.

Halo nods as she takes in the Porsche 911 Turbo.

HKHA: So, what’s with you and black cars?  The Maerati was black and so is this one. Metallic Black I think they call this?

Seleana nods, turning to face her car.

Seleana Zdunich: Ja, metallic black. I like it and they stand out.

Halo frowns.

Halo: They do?

Seleana nods.

Seleana Zdunich: When everything else in garage is pink or purple? You see black, you know it mine.

Halo nods knowingly.

Halo: I spose that’s true. What’s Alex drive?

Seleana Zdunich: A blue Mazda Vx 5.

Halo nods.

Halo: So if y’all see black…

Seleana nods.

Seleana Zdunich: Ja, you know it is mine. Chavy and her sister were who I gifted new vehicles to. Chavy’s car was falling apart. She was always having to ask others for rides.  So I got her a Lexus GX. Melissa was more like you, she wanted a motorcycle and so I helped her find one to her liking.

Halo grins.

Halo: What’d she get?

Seleana grins back.

Seleana Zdunich: The same as you.

Halo nods approvingly.

Halo: Nice, maybe I get her to ride with us.

Seleana shrugs.

Seleana Zdunich: She might be keen. Do you enjoy?

Halo nods.

Halo: I like my Raptor, but I do love the bike too. Chi Chi just likes to make it go vroom vroom, but, she did that with the car Miss Doku gave her too. Jane’s been takin’ to it as well.

She pauses, once again trying not to laugh.

Halo: I’m sure there’s a few who would say it’s appropriate that she rides bitch.

Seleana gives Halo a slightly disapproving look and Halo nods back both knowingly and apologetically.

Halo: I know, I know, but that’s what you call ridin’ on the back behind someone else and we both know B-Brat ain’t exactly the most popular woman on the planet when it comes to our work colleagues.   

Seleana sighs.

Seleana Zdunich: Ja, have Jane and Chi Chi become less hostile with her?

Halo shrugs.

Halo: Ongoin’ process. Spose we’ll see how shit goes movin’ forward now that she’s apologized and all. I don’t think they really bought it…

Seleana nods again.

Seleana Zdunich: I can understand their skepticism. Brittany has a track record for this.

Halo nods.

Halo: We can pick ‘em, can’t we, Mama Sel?

Seleana nods.

Seleana Zdunich: Ja…

The two snicker to each other as they walk into the house, both excited for the future.


Saturday, January 17, 2022
Zdunich Residence
Hollywood Hills
Los Angeles, California
5:01 PM  PST

The camera opens upon Seleana Zdunich standing in the driveway of the home she shares with her wife, Christina Zdunich, their girlfriend, Alexandra Caldwell and their eleven-year-old daughter, Aurora. Dressed in jeans and a Gutter Ballet t-shirt, Seleana stands next to her brand-new metallic black Porsche 911 Turbo.

Seleana Zdunich: That new car smell, ja?

She sniffs the air and smiles.

Seleana Zdunich: It does not last long but it is awesome when it is there.

Inhaling again, Seleana’s smile only grows.

Seleana Zdunich: That is how I feel with another new year in SCW. New matches, new things, new opportunities!

She pats the car ever so gently.

Seleana Zdunich: Now we come to Inception after a break. There will be no excuses given for conditions. We have all had the chance to allow lingering issues to heal. We have all been allowed the time to clear our heads and focus on things proper, ja?

She nods, looking away from the car to the camera.

Seleana Zdunich: We come to the show where I will face Dani Weston and Bea Barnhart for the right to challenge the SCW Bombshell Internet Champion at Blaze of Glory, be it Andrea Hernanez or Jessie Salco or even someone else by then.

Her smile shines even brighter into the camera.

Seleana Zdunich: This is a beautiful opportunity for all of us, is it not?

Seleana nods yet again.

Seleana Zdunich: Dani Weston has been out of the top spot for years now. She was the one to dethrone Mikah in 2018 when Mikah was on a roll that many expected to be like the one Amber Ryan and Andrea Hernandez have been on recently. No one saw that coming but Dani was able to do it and has seemingly been lost since then. She lost the championship to Alicia Lukas when she was on that roll coming in, who then lost it to me. I lost it right back to Alicia. I kept surging while Dani did not. 

Looking down, Seleana sighs heavily.

Seleana Zdunich: This is your chance, Dani. Your opportunity to put yourself back in the conversation that you should have always been in. The conversation you earned your way into when you accomplished what you did in 2018.

She looks back up into the camera.

Seleana Zdunich: You should always be in the conversation for who is the best and now you can find your way back there if you just defeat me and Bea and go to that championship match at Blaze of Glory.

Trailing off, Seleana looks away for a second.

Seleana Zdunich: This is also an opportunity for Bea Barnhart…

She nods and then looks back to the camera.

Seleana Zdunich: You will be standing in the ring with two former World Champions, Bea, and if you win, you are suddenly thrust into that spot where you can prove yourself like you have never been allowed to before, ja?

The smile fades away.

Seleana Zdunich: You have never climbed that mountain to achieve championship standing by yourself. You have managed alongside Bill, but not on your own. This is your chance, Bea…

She clasps her hands together and points with both index fingers extended almost like they're the barrel of a gun.

Seleana Zdunich: You have heard this before, ja?

Seleana nods, the “gun” still pointing into the camera.

Seleana Zdunich: I have as well and I had to actually get there before it started to slow down. This is true for you as well. You need this, Bea. You need to perform better in this match than you have ever performed before. You need to step up and show the world that Bea Barnhart CAN do this, that Bea Barnhart CAN compete with anyone!

Her hands finally separate.

Seleana Zdunich: Opportunities like this do not come along that often, Bea, you need to grab it like you have never grabbed anything before.

Her expression hardens.

Seleana Zdunich: Like Dani and Bea, this is also an opportunity for me as well. I know I need this just as they do if I wish to put myself back into a conversation. I was the SCW Bombshell Champion in 2019, ja?

She nods pointedly.

Seleana Zdunich: Ja, three years ago. I have gotten multiple shots at regaining it and failed and I have also achieved championships again with the Roulette Championship.

Seleana exhales hard.

Seleana Zdunich: That was 2020…

Her expression again hardens.

Seleana Zdunich: Two years ago, ja?

She nods pointedly again.

Seleana Zdunich: This is my opportunity to step up for a championship that I’ve never won before! This is my opportunity to step in and possibly get the chance to fight for that championship against someone I have history with in either Andrea Hernandez or Jessie Salco. Before i can think about either of them though, I must step into the ring with another former World Champion in you Dani and with another woman who works so hard and works so much to get there in you, Bea, ja?

Seleana nods pointedly one more time.

Seleana Zdunich: At Inception, we three step into that ring, each with something to prove with this opportunity. Dani, Bea, I know I will come at you with everything I have, will you?

The camera zooms in slightly.

Seleana Zdunich: Will you come like you did against Mikah, Dani? Will you come like the woman possessed that has nothing left to lose, Bea?

She nods and points to herself.

Seleana Zdunich: I come to show the world that the jungle… still remembers!  At Inception that new car smell opportunity says…

The camera zooms in to frame Seleanss’ face.

Seleana Zdunich: Välkommen till djungeln!

Supercard Roleplays / Re: Fenris v Supreme Machine
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There are times when we must look back into our lives, back into times where we experience a little something called life, in order to be able to move ahead. Life experiences, be they painful or pleasant, are what we need in order to successfully evolve as a person, be it alone or when we are with someone. Some call these times ‘reflections,’ others call them ‘flashbacks,’ particularly in a little something called storytelling. Here, we go by the latter because much has happened since SCW went on their extended holiday hiatus. Between then and now. To simply do what others have done and skip ahead without telling a tale, one ignores life and leaves a wide open vacancy in not just one life, but in this particular case - the lives of several.

Las Vegas - December 20

Mid-morning. Just past the hour of 8 AM.The sky above the famed “City of Sin” was overcast in a cloudy gray, dank and dreary and threatening to spill over with rainfall, according to the weather forecast. The sun was attempting to peek out from behind the clouds that had kept it hidden ever since the night had given rise to the dawn, but thus far had been unsuccessful and remained hidden from those below that wished it be released from its heavenly confinement. After all, those within the infamous city in the desert, both local and tourist alike, most wished for the sunny skies to make the most of their upcoming holiday and vacation alike. Thus far, they had been vastly disappointed as there had been light rain and even a few threats of wet sleet in such an unusual cold snap for a desert. To hear some visitors, one would think it was a conspiracy of the locals to ruin their prized vacations, all but ignoring that the locals wanted nice weather as much as they.

Not so much a certain man who called Las Vegas his home away from home, namely Kristjan Baltasarsson. Kristjan had little preference in the weather locally, and although he himself would have preferred a sunny day over such a dismal gray overcast, he did not see a point to bitch about it. His true preference lay where he would soon be returning in just over twenty-four hours; his homeland of Reykjavik. There, he knew from past experiences and, of course, speaking with his family members back home, that not only was it cold, but it had also been gloriously wet with both rain as well as the usual hearty snowfall. There, one rarely had to wish for a white Christmas.

For now, this disheartening weather did nothing to detract him from his usual morning routines. Simply put, Kristjan was a creature of habit and he allowed nothing to cause him to stray from his usual routines. Not even when it came time to awaken his brother and drag him (sometimes by force) to the park for their morning run along with his canine companion, the beloved Kyssa. Be it rain, sleet or wind - injury, hangover or illness, Kristjan did not stray and he credited this time of fanatic dedication as to why he remained the best at what he did. Having just returned home and following a scalding hot shower, Kristjan emerged from the kitchen of his and Aron’s luxurious condo, glass of orange juice in hand, and walked over toward the open-air patio high above the city street and slid it open, stepping outside. The weather did not faze him, despite the fact he was clad in a simple open-arm Tshirt and shorts; he WAS from Iceland after all. This chilled weather was to him like spring might have been to the average person. He took a seat on the cushioned patio chair and slid the laptop around on the glass patio table so that it faced him. Had he timed this right, he knew that she would have only just gotten off of work and would be receptive to his call. He knew her and her husband’s habits almost as well as his own family’s, because to him, they were as close as family could be. And mere moments later, his assumption was proven correct when the call was answered, and there was the smiling face of Elisabet Kai.

The mother of his beloved Jökull.

Even in her middle years, like his own mother, she remained a stunning and powerful Icelandic woman. Her wavy, blond curls spilled down onto her shoulders, framing a strong but lovely countenance. Her eyes, a shade of blue darker than his own. She was indeed lovely in appearance, but there was a strength that she bore, emanating from a hard life, the pain of losing her and her husband’s only child all those years ago.

“Right on time.” She teased playfully, her words spoken in their mutual native tongue of Icelandic, even though like him, she was fluent in English thanks in part to her marriage to her Korean-American husband, Han-Jae.

“As if there were any doubt.” Kristjan replied, catching himself as he had inadvertently responded in English rather than Icelandic, quickly correcting himself with a soft smile, which would surprise many who knew him, thinking him incapable of such a thing. “Sorry.” He said, this time in their native tongue. “I did ask you to talk to me today. I need to talk to you. It’s important.”

Those words had a resounding effect on the previous light hearted mood and dampened it somewhat. Her smile remained but the soft twinkle in her eye faded. She cast a glance down, then looked up at him and she said, “I understand, Kristjan.”

“Understand – what?” He frowned, unsure of where this had come from, or where it was headed.

“That you’re unable to come visit this year.” She offered. “I knew given the outbreak of this variant that it might stop you from coming…”

But he quickly interjected, leaning forward in his chair. “Do you think I would let this goddamn virus stop me from coming to see you!? I would have had Aron stuff me in a crate and ship me overnight to get there if that’s what it took!” He waited until he saw some semblance of relief on this woman’s face before he settled down and leaned back into his chair, reaching for his glass of OJ. And he had meant every word. Ever since Jökull’s death over ten years ago, not a single year had passed where Kristjan did not make this pilgrimage back to Iceland from wherever he was in the world, to both pay his respects to his first love, but to also be there for what had to be the toughest time in any parents’ life. After all, if there was one universal truth in existence, it was that no parent should ever outlive their child. From that first year, Kristjan was as close to a son as Elisabet and Han-Jae currently had. After their true son’s passing, they did not try for another. All the light they had as parents had tragically been extinguished.

He added, ”And my brother would probably have been all-too happy to do so, too!”

“Well, I can’t lie and say that I’m not relieved.” Elisabet said with a soft smile that betrayed the very fact she would have been heart broken had he missed this year. She went on, “So what was it that you wanted to talk to me about?”

And this was where the hurdle would come into play, how he would manage to breach a topic that could have positive or negative consequences where Jökull’s family was concerned. Not that they would have a right to be upset or angry, but given the sensitive nature of his visits and the reasons behind them, it was a potential powder keg of combustible human emotion.

“I’m … not coming alone this time.” He finally found his voice to inform her with the news, delicate as it was. “Someone asked to come with me and…”

“Is it the young man that you’ve been spending so much time with?” She asked, stunning him into silence. He blinked, having clearly been caught off guard until he gathered himself and he asked, “You know about…?”

“David?” Elisabet finished his thought for him, then nodded and gifted him with a soft smile. We say ‘gifted’ because it was both unexpected and truth be told, a great relief. Kristjan had no idea how Elisabet might react, knowing he had started dating someone. Truthfully, she and her husband could not have logically expected him to go without having someone - anyone - in his life after Jökull’s passing, but logic goes out the proverbial window when the death of an only child was involved.

“Of course I know.” She continued to ease the inner turmoil that he had been feeling deep inside but forcing back into the very depths of his soul. “Han-Jae and I both do. We do watch your matches, you know. And we saw that little kiss between the two of you last year.”

“Little kiss” being a gross and vast understatement. It was that ‘little kiss’ that ignited the flame between he and David Shepherd, fanning the impending romance into a virtual raging inferno. He felt a warmth begin in the nape of his neck, and could sense it spreading. He would hate for Aron to walk out there and see the flush of scarlet in his brother’s neck and cheeks. He’d never hear the end of it.

“Plus,” Elisabet continued. “Your mother told me that you were seeing someone.”

To this bit of news, Kristjan closed his eyes and felt the color of his slight embarrassment recede and be replaced by a slim sense of annoyance. He shook his head and opened his eyes, stating “She had no right…”

“She had every right, sweetheart.”
Elisabet interrupted him before he could lose any semblance of composure and say something, anything, that he might regret. She continued, “She is your mother, after all. And you called me your ‘second mom’ a few times.”

“I meant it.” And truthfully, he did mean it. His mom Eva was the number one woman in his life, but as the mother of his beloved Jökull, she was practically adopted by him as a second mother figure.

Elisabet said, “Then you should be aware that your mother and I talk - frequently I might add. The subject of this David was bound to come up.”

“You’re not upset?”
He asked, his brows knitted into a frown that betrayed his concern.

“Upset about what, exactly?” She smiled sadly. “That you met someone that makes you happy? Kristjan, did you seriously expect that Han-Jae and I expected you to remain alone for the rest of your life out of loyalty to Jökull?”

To this, he had no real answer. He found himself looking in every direction but where he should have had his attention focused solely on; her. All he could do to answer her sentimental question was to shrug his shoulders. He was not a man that was prone to bits of silence. He was the opposite, in fact, but he could not bring himself to admit that – yes. He had half expected Elisabet and her husband to expect that very thing.

Then she said the very thing, the very fear, that was at the heart of all of his insecurity over the given situation that he found himself in, both now as well a few years ago when he had been in another similar spot. She asked, “Do you think Jökull would have wanted you to remain alone?”

Kristjan looked away once again, but this time it was more because of a wounded sense of pride. There was not a single time when Jökull’s name was mentioned where he did not feel the imminent threat of losing control of his emotions. He had lost control of himself only two times before; once when discussing Jökull with Ben Jordan, and when he had finally confided in David about the very same. It was not something he was proud of, it was just the manner of man that he was. And he absolutely and steadfastly refused to shed a tear in front of Elisabet. Because he knew damn well if he lost himself in front of her, then she would do the same. And he had to admit one thing he was not good at was dealing with someone else’s loss of emotion. Something he would perhaps have to find a way around if he wanted to get very much further in life where a relationship was concerned.

All he could do was barely shake his head and utter a half audible, “No.” Before he turned back to look at her through their video chat and admit a little louder, “He would not.”

“And neither do we.” She replied as calmly as possible, referencing both herself as well as speaking for her husband. Her eyes shimmered with glistening tears that threatened to spill over, but she fought to restrain them as she smiled, telling the man that was as good as a son, “It tells us, and tells Jökull up in Heaven, that you’re moving on — finally.” That ‘finally’ hit like a knife wound to the gut, as he knew full well that Jökull’s memory was behind much of the emotional trauma that he had experienced in life. Would that trauma ever fade away into non-existence? Probably not, but the fact that he was moving on, as it were, was evidence enough that there was something about David Shepherd that at least made everything better. Enough so that he wanted Elisabet and Han-Jae to meet… wait. Did he…?

Elisabet asked, bringing him out of his self-imposed thoughts, asking him, “Now, I do have to ask. Why is David coming with you? Not that we mind, but it is curious considering the hurdles he might have to go through coming here.”

“I’m not altogether sure.”
Kristjan smirked, a soft scoff barely audible under his breath. He gave it a moment's thought, then considered, “I think it’s mostly to support me. I told him about Jökull - and about you. I also think… he’s doing it partly for himself.”

Elisabet frowned, not quite understanding what exactly that was supposed to mean. Sensing this, he shrugged and explained as gently as he could, “He knows about Jökull. We had ‘that talk’ recently. I think… at least a part of him wants to come here to prove to himself he’s not fighting a ghost.”

Kristjan winced openly, then quickly amended, “Sorry.”

“No need to apologize.”
Elisabet assured him. “I know what you meant. So…” She picked up the phone on her end of the call and walked around the home she lived in for the last twenty years with her husband, before Jökull had ever been welcomed into this world. She sat on the tanned, plush sofa and Kristjan was startled to see that her husband Han-Jae was already sitting there. She set the tablet down carefully so that she and her husband could both see Kristjan, and he them.

She crossed her legs and took Han-Jae’s hand into her own and gave it a light squeeze before she said, “So… tell us all about this David.”

Han-Jae added with a slight frown to his smooth, Asian features, “He’s not like that Ty West boy, is he?”

Kristjan couldn’t help but smile as he shook his head in the negative. “They are as different as night and day. Ty was… I guess you might say a bandage on an old wound. David is… more.” He lifted his eyes and looked at them directly, adding, “A lot more.”

There was a shared look between the husband and wife on the other end of this call, and then they turned back to him. Han-Jae nodded, his face impassive, as Elisabet smiled once more, more genuine than before. She said, “Well then! Tell us all about him.”

Reykjavík, Iceland - December 21

Kristjan glanced over from his seat in First Class, on board the Icelandair flight from Las Vegas to his hometown of Reykjavík. Beside him, David Shepherd had fallen asleep the moment they had lifted off from their layover in Seattle, Washington and the rest of the flight would be non-stop. The weather, despite the time of year, was unseasonably smooth with little turbulence, allowing David, who had admittedly grown nervous about going to Reykjavík even though it had been his idea entirely to accompany his man. Whether it was because he would be meeting the parents of Jokull, or that he would be this close to Kristjan’s own family whom he was most definitely not ready to meet, that was the ultimate question. For now, the time change between the United States and Iceland had grown too much for David and sleep overtook him, leaving Kristjan to his own thoughts.

How could he describe this man sitting beside him? The fact alone that he wanted to come with him, to be there for him, that alone spoke more about David’s depth of character than any other words might. Even if David would try to hide the fact away.

Kristjan finally tore his eyes away from David’s sleeping form and looked out from his window seat to the skyline that the jet was now descending toward. Soon enough, the lights of Keflavik Airport, along with the rest of Reykjavík, would slowly come into view as the sun would be setting right about now. And the closer those lights came into view as the clouds broke apart and the cold rain started to pelt the jet, the tighter the knots in his own stomach twisted…

“Fuck’s sake!” David shuddered as the two men had stepped outside of the airport with their luggage being trailed behind them, en route to the taxi that was awaiting them in the receiving bay of the airport. David had worn a tanned jacket lined with wool, taking his boyfriend’s advice that he might want to dress more warmly than he was perhaps accustomed to. David had indeed taken heed to Kristjan’s warning, because the fact was he had never before been to Iceland, but as Ben Jordan himself discovered; it earned its name for a reason.

“What are you complaining about?” Kristjan jeered, teasingly so, as they walked along the pavement outside of the doors, Kristjan already spotting the cab that he had called ahead to reserve for the two of them. The driver waited, his eyes glued to the newspaper held out in front of him. Kristjan went on, claiming, “It’s not that bad.”

“Easy for you to say!” David exclaimed, wishing he had considered taking his boyfriend’s warning seriously enough to pack some gloves but no. How bad could it be, really? He had thought to himself and was now kicking himself for not having done so. David hefted his luggage behind him with one arm while huddling his other closer to his upper body to try to at least stay off the bitter chill somewhat better. He added, “It’s colder than Santa Claus’ butt plug!” Causing a snort of subdued laughter to come from the man walking beside him.

David added, “You’d think it’d be warmer in what’s basically a god damned giant volcano!”

“Oh bitch, bitch, bitch!” Kristjan scoffed. “That’s all you ever are!”

“Hey!” David called sharply, using his free hand to slap his man hard on the ass, unsure which one of them enjoyed such an action more.

Getting through international customs, especially for David, was a trying spot. They both had to show their Covid test cards as well as take an additional test right there and then as they were coming from not just the United States, but an area of the country whose numbers were rising rapidly. After showing their cards, proof of vaccination and their tests returning negative, both Kristjan and David went on their way.

And now here they were, riding in the back seat of the taxi as they were being driven from the airport. As this was David’s first time in this country, he was seeing firsthand why in Iceland, Christmas, or Yule, was such a major holiday. It would seem that they took this special day of days even more seriously here than they did back in the United States. There were Christmas lights, literally everywhere as far as the eye could see. Wrapped around lamp posts and stores and government buildings in the city square. David was practically mesmerized by the grandeur of it all, having seen little to nothing like it before in his living memory. He then felt a judge on his shoulder.

He turned and Kristjan directed his attention out toward the main square of Reykjavík, where a giant structure shaped like a cat on the prowl and adorned with bright, white Christmas lights, and had people by the multitudes gathered around it.

David found himself smiling at such a thing as Kristjan said from his seat, “The Reykjavík Christmas Cat. Means to us what your Christmas tree in D.C. means to you. A part of our Yule folklore.”

“You’ll have to tell me about it.” David said, more of a given statement than a formal request. David’s eyes followed the historical landmark as they passed by it with his eyes, his head fully turning along in order to do so. Kristjan, from his own seat, shook his head.

“I don’t think I can do the fable justice.” He said humbly. Shocking, isn’t it? “I’ll ask Elisbet to tell it to you. She would do a much better job than I would.” Earning him a concerned look from David, although David tried without success to hide it away from him. He did not want Kristjan to know just how concerned this decision had made him in the long run.

And once the city was behind them and they were en route to the more suburban areas of the city behind them, there were lights in and around the houses. Lights around the exteriors and in the windows, and the windows of the homes whose drapes were not drawn, David noted glorious displays inside as they passed, Christmas trees and more. He was probably wrong, but he could swear he did not see a single home as they traveled that did not have some sort of holiday display up for the world to see and appreciate.

Then, David noticed that the taxi was slowing to a crawl and finally came to a halt outside of a particular house. David looked around briefly in confusion. It was a quaint and comfortable looking two story house built in the same style just about every other house he saw in Reykjavík was built in. He had a hard time trying to think of the differences between the house build styles between America and here, but there was a definite difference between them. This house? It was white with an olive green time, and the lamp post on the street outside illuminated it as the sun had continued to set on the skyline above them. There was a single tree in the front yard, and although it did not have the amount of Yule decorations about it that so many other houses he had seen had, still; it had some.

“Kristjan?” David’s eyebrows rose almost to his hairline as the cab driver stepped outside of the vehicle to retrieve their luggage from the trunk. “What is going on? I thought we were taking my things to my hotel before we came here?”

Kristjan stepped out of the taxi, and that left David little alternative but to follow suit. As their luggage was set aside on the curb where it was relatively dry, Kristjan had proceeded to fish out his wallet so that he might pay for their shared ride and tip the driver handsomely; an act that wasn’t expected or customary, but was always appreciated.

Kristjan flashed David a look and shook his head as the driver handed him his card for the return drive, and then proceeded to get into his vehicle and drive off. David then felt the weight of the world on his shoulders as he looked at first his luggage, and then to Kristjan himself who said, “Why? So you can claim to be tired and send me here on my own without you meeting Elisabet and her husband?” That plan had been decided even before they left Las Vegas. It would be distasteful for David to even consider staying in the same house, so while Kristjan did just that, David would be in a nearby hotel overnight.

Kristjan cocked his head to the side and David felt the heat of the dawning realization coming to the forefront of his mind. He shook his head and muttered, “Esther…” Causing Kristjan to smirk that smirk of is and shake his head.

He quipped, “You didn’t think she wouldn’t tell me about that thought that ran through your head, did you?” David frowned quite brazenly, and Kristjan exhaled sharply through his nose and said, “It’s just a visit! They want to meet you! The cab will be back to take you to your hotel after!”

He then turned aside and grabbed his luggage and headed for the house, leaving David to close his eyes briefly before he blew out a suppressed breath through his pursed lips and he grabbed his own luggage to follow. The two men walked around the path to the side of the house and up the three steps and onto the porch. The light above the front door was already on, but before Kristjan could set his luggage down to knock, the front door opened, and Elisabet, mother of Jökull, stepped outside and onto the porch. Kristjan’s description of her to David did not do this woman justice as far as her lovely appearance and strength of character might go. Before either man could speak a word, Elisabet enveloped Kristjan in her arms and held him tight. It was a sight that made David's own heart ache with a longing.

The love this woman had for this man he had found in his life was all-too evident on her face, and he his own in return. Their embrace slowly came to an end and they separated, but not before she took Kristjan’s face in her hands and she simply gazed upon him in what had to be the love of a mother’s smile. She then finally let go, and turned to David. And before David could react, he found her arms suddenly wrapped around him.

With a hard look over her shoulder from Kristjan, David returned the hug, albeit somewhat awkwardly. Elisabet then let go of him and took a step back, but her smile remained as she ran the fingers of her left hand down David’s cheek. She then stepped back to the door and held it open, beckoning with a wave of her hand and a warm smile to boot.

“Come.” She said in invitation, and David felt little choice but to grab his luggage for the time being and graciously accept; Kristjan following behind. Only then did Elisabet step back into her house and the door closed behind them.

The Fossvog Cemetery - December 22

This – this was the whole reason why David had come to Iceland. The visit with Elisabet and her husband the night before had gone better than David had believed possible. Both had done their very best to make David as comfortable as they were able, not allowing him to sit in silence at their table as they had taken the liberty to have dinner ready for the two men, assuming they would arrive hungry. To be welcomed by the parents of his boyfriend’s deceased lover, by his parents no less… hell! To be treated so well and so warmly - to be accepted… It was so much an alien concept to the young Shepherd given the trying times of his own upbringing and abuse suffered at the hands of those who were supposed to love and protect him.

Thus David’s sense of dread had somewhat eased as he had been brought to the house again for the morning meal - Elisabet’s idea - and then to the most difficult task at hand. The reason behind the visit. David can not recall ever seeing Kristjan in such finery, but there he stood in a perfectly tailored, light gray suit that was almost white in color. He was more used to seeing him in casual clothes (or nothing at all which was his personal preference), but the sight of his man in a suit? It was not something he objected to, if truth were to be told. David stayed behind on the path, his choice but one that Kristjan had agreed with because this was his personal penance, and he would not have anyone else ease his burden. Elisabet and Han-Jae had already paid a visit to their son’s grave yesterday, and he was told they would most likely be doing so again this evening after the evening meal. (Of which David was also invited to!) In Kristjan’s hands, he carried uncharacteristically a bouquet composed of orchids and chrysanthemums. He had been told beforehand that Jökull would have gotten quite the laugh out of this action, as he had as much love for flowers as Kristjan did himself.

And Kristjan? The closer the time came for their visit to the cemetery, the more apprehensive he became where David was concerned. This was something that he always did himself. Not even Jökull’s parents went with him because out of respect, they knew he would visit Jökull alone. Plus, it was a matter of some semblance of pride. He knew what this visit did to him every year, and to show another his weakness…

David could not help but notice and admire the small tree that had been planted on this boy’s grave to commemorate his life. It was a custom, Kristjan had explained to him when they had arrived. He watched as Kristjan approached the simple but tasteful marker that stood above ground. Kristjan stood there, flowers in hand, gazing down at the marker that read…

“Jökull Kae -- 04/09/1992 - 10/11/2009,”

And he watched as this man that had forced his way into both his life as well as his heart, slowly sank to his knees.


Las Vegas, Nevada - Turnberry Towers

“Saviors, hm?”

Fenris snorted back a derisive laugh at the ill moniker that the newest stable of Sin City Wrestling had only in recent times had coined themselves with. He stood outside on the patio of his home, basking in the chilled air that the famed City of Sin was now affording him. It was still day, as dusk had not yet begun its descent into night. But the sky was still overcast with gray clouds with the sun barely able to show itself from behind. His arms were folded over his chest, a glass of honey-infused Scotch in one hand as he shook his head.

“A rather pompous name at promoting yourselves, wouldn't you say? What is that? Some sad, schoolyard attempt at vilifying yourself and building yourselves up collectively to be more than you actually are? You are aware of the basic definition of a savior, yes?”

Fenris closed his eyes and held up the hand holding his drink in it, fingers extended for emphasis.

“That was a rhetorical question, in case you were too dense to understand. A savior is someone who saves someone or something specifically, usually our country or some kind of charitable cause, from a specific danger….”So tell me something, Supreme Machine…” He spoke the name with an obviously sarcastic use of ‘air quotes’ behind his tone of voice. “Who exactly are you saving, and from what are you saving them from? No! Let me guess. You are out to save us as well as Sin City Wrestling as  whole - from ourselves? Hm?”

He popped open an eye and waved his hand with the glass.

“Am I close? Am I at the very least getting warm? Oh, before I forget… Another definition of a Savior is the fact that they are regarded with the veneration of a religious figure. You know, notable religious figures such as Jesus Christ or Mother Teresa. But you know that can't be because even your group would not be so arrogant to put yourselves in such a light. Now I admit that I am as arrogant as the next man out there, and if you don’t believe me, ask just about anyone I know!~ But even I would not be so sacrilegious as to compare myself to the Son of God or at the very least, one of the most revered saints of any religious faith! But all of you…?”

He paused to take a drink, savoring the burning feel of the scotch coursing down the back of his throat.

“Well I can’t deny that you are doing all you can to put your names out there. I also can’t deny the fact that you’ve made a bigger impact than anyone thought capable in recent memory. But the thing is, I’m not altogether certain whether that’s a good thing or not. Oh it’s certainly not a good thing that your little group has worked overtime in making enemies for itself and believing yourselves either invulnerable or immune to the certain consequences of your actions. But as a whole…?”

He paused and took another drink before setting the glass down onto the table he stood beside.

“I admit I was curious when Mac made your team known. I can’t recall in my short time in SCW any real stable of note save for London Underground and Wolfslair, and let’s face it…”

He gazed quickly into the camera with a wolfish smile and shook his head.

“You are neither.”

He turned back away to look out into the city to continue his train of thought.

“Gabriel told me all about a time in SCW when there were stables a plenty. The Seven Deadly Sins chief amongst them. The Fallen. Teams of men and women that made an impact but did so without having to resort to the same cheap theatrics and sneak attacks that your team does. Do you know what that makes you…?”

“A carbon copy of every other group that wants to play the numbers game in order to prove their own superiority. Now, Mac Bane is the reigning World Heavyweight Champion. I will give him that - and ONLY him. Mac is a man that I have fought before and he has earned my respect. But you, SuMa? Dominick Strife… ‘Godly’...” He rolled his eyes. “Ken Davison?”

He scoffed quite audibly as you could practically feel him rolling his eyes.

“You’re like a pack of Boy Scouts following your adult leader, ready and willing to do whatever you say in order to impress your own self-entitled importance upon the world! Bottom line, Supreme Machine: This little family that you have surrounded yourself with? Aside from Mac, there is not a single special thing about ANNNY of you! If there were, if you were all as special and as mighty as you would have us believe, then you would not have felt the need to go out there with a numbers advantage and decimate so many men who crossed your paths! A man that bested you? Attack him. A team that got one up on you and derailed your fast track to success? Send them to the hospital! Weeks ago, in our final confrontation, you PROVED yourselves to be over hyped because when you no longer had the numbers advantage, you were no longer all that you wanted us to believe. You were beaten and sent packing! Tails tucked between your legs! Oh… speaking of which…”

Fenris walked over to the railing and gripped the metal with his hands, wrapping his fingers around the metal until his knuckles turned practically white from the pressure.

“Something else happened that day. Something that pretty much sealed your fate to the point even the sacred Norn tore your page from their Book, crumpled it up and tossed it back over their collective shoulders and screamed ‘why bother?’! Do you know what you did that you never, EVER should have done, you big dumb BITCH!? You…”

He held up a single finger.

“... Put your hands on my brother. And when I was down, of all the people who could have come to his aid specifically, was the one who did the same over a year ago; Austin James Mercer. Vinnie, Bulldog and Alex? They took care of your bitch buddies, but you? I was down at the moment but Austin outclassed you in one, fluid move. He not only saved Aron, but he saved your ass as well.”

Fenris looked to the camera and nodded, reaching over to pick up his glass again.

“Because if you had hit that move, if you had choke slammed and done my baby brother any damage at all, I wouldn’t just beat you in Reno on the 23rd. I’d have to had fucking BURIED you! So it is time I did my part for charity and give you a reality check ahead of schedule.”

“SuMa, teams like yours are a dime a dozen. You talk big but you’re just a sad little group of children thrown together because alone, they are unable to fend for themselves. I have no fucking clue where Dominick has been. Not my business and I don’t care, really. The only reason Ken Davison is challenging for the Internet title is because he lucked out and I can only pray to Baldur that Agostino pulverizes the little shit! Mac is the only one of you worth anything, but you, SuMa? Last I saw you in the ring, you got your dumb ass disqualified because David outsmarted you!”

“Granted, outsmarting you is about as difficult as beating a pig in a game of chess, but you get my point. The only one that is worth a damn out of any of you is Mac Bane, and thus far he has had the smarts and respect to keep himself as far away from your bullshit with me and my family as possible. But that is beside the point. I’m not coming to Reno to outsmart you.”

He held his hands up, palms out, and smiled as he shook his head ‘no.’

“No. I’m simply coming out to that ring to fuck you up! Now you can go on and bullshit all you like, thinking that just because you have the size edge over me, that it means something - anything - once that bell rings!? HA! Last time I checked, I was no heavyweight! Look at me, bitch! I’m 204 pounds! 92 kilograms! There is barely a time I get inside of that ring where I am not at a size disadvantage but do you know something? When has that ever stopped me? How many damn times have I taken that assumption and shoved it down the throats of the men who think that! The biggest men I have ever been up against - Austin James Mercer and Casey Williams! Austin is and would always be your better, and Casey? The man is seven feet and over four hundred pounds, so he’s sure as shit bigger! Why don’t you ask him what it felt like when little ol’ me dumped him on his head with a German suplex!?”

“Yeah, me! I know I can take you, SuMa! I know I have to! I can, and will, pick you apart until there isn’t enough left for the ring crew to sweep your sorry ass self up with a Hoover and blow you back to wherever it is that you’re from! I might just tie you up into such a tight knot and stuff you into a package and gift you back to your precious Saviors, if for no other reason than to sit back and enjoy watching how long it takes for them to untie you!”

“So far SuMa, your greatest weapon against your opponents has been the fear factor. Your size, that ugly mug of yours hidden behind an even uglier mask. All of that?”

He spread his arms wide.

“None of that means shit to me because I’m not afraid of you! There are many men in my time in the ring that have earned my respect but not a single one of them has ever instilled in me even the smallest semblance of fear! Despite what you and yours want everyone to believe, your size is nothing but your biggest detriment! Grated you are strong as fuck, but the biggest men also have the weakest pressure points throughout their body and I can not wait to exploit each and every one of yours! The only problem I have going into this match is choices. Whether to knock your ass out, or put you through hell and make you BEG the official to end the pain! And even then I can not promise anything. I can’t guarantee anyone that I will stop. Ask Mercer. Go back and do your homework, SuMa, and find out the lengths I’ll go through to any man stupid enough to touch my brother! It wasn’t pretty, by even my standards, but it was fun!”

Taking a drink, and a pause to collect himself, Fenris looked out over the sky that had by now darkened into a canvas of dark blues, pinks and oranges while the lights of the city reigned supreme.

“Almost as much fun as it will be with you."
Supercard Roleplays / "A Trap I'm Not Falling For"
« Last post by Andrea Hernandez on January 15, 2022, 05:42:17 PM »

On the night of CC318, Chelsea LeClair and I were sitting on the couch of a skybox in the arena. We are watching the four way match between Jessie, Alicia, Dani and Seleana take place with the winner going on to face me at Inception for my Internet Championship.

“That’s the thing about SCW, I’ve noticed…” Chelsea states. “ never know what is going to happen.”

I was already feeling a sense of surprise in me when I saw how close the match was.

“I’m just… surprised. If this match took place two years ago, Alicia would mop the floor with all of them as is. Yet… it’s a close match. If you were me, Chelsea, who would you rather face?”

“Personally? Alicia.”

“Really?” I ask with surprise.

“Yeah, so I could shut her up once and for all considering she wasn’t pinned at High Stakes.”

However, as Chelsea and I were about to see, it WASN’T Alicia that won the match. My eyes widened in shock when I saw that JESSIE SALCO got the pin.

“Okay, I wasn’t expecting THAT…” Chelsea remarks as my jaw dropped to the floor.

“...that is the absolute WORST thing that could’ve happened!!!” I said as I stood up.

“What the hell are you talking about, Andrea? It’s JESSIE SALCO! You’ve beaten her multiple times.”

“She just beat three former world champions. Of ALL the opponents that would’ve resulted in the WORST pressure on me, SHE was the one.”

“I don’t understand the big deal…” Chelsea says with concern.

“’s happening again…”


“The ‘someone pulls a magical run out of their ass’ to get a title shot against me bullshit that happened with Evie and the world title. This is not good. She’s going to be inspired by this. This could be the start of her pulling a magical, Cinderella fluke run out of her ass just like Krystal Wolfe has the whole time! It’s the perfect narrative: the veteran that has never amounted to anything pulling one out of her ass to dethrone the one with the undefeated streak: ME! I’m going to be under SO much pressure…”

“It’s STILL Jessie…” Chelsea says as she stands up.

“If I lose this title to her, I’ll be RUINED!”

“It’s ONE match, Andrea! ONE match! That doesn’t mean it’s going to be the start of a ‘magical run’ or anything.”

“I just need to be left alone right now…” I said to Chelsea, who sighs and reluctantly leaves.

My nerves were definitely triggered. The burden began to weigh on my shoulders and I could feel myself sweat. Losing my title to someone like Alicia or Seleana is one thing. But JESSIE? The thought was UNTHINKABLE to me. I was 500% confident that Jessie was going to be the fodder like always, but she wasn’t.

“I’m not losing this title to Jessie…” I told myself, closing my eyes, even if I wasn’t really believing it.

“I’m not losing this title to her… I’m not losing this title to her… I’m not losing this title to her…”

I repeated the mantra in my head repeatedly while I kept my eyes closed to try to calm my nerves. However, this was not working in the slightest. The burden on my shoulders kept growing rapidly. I thought about those I had beaten during the streak: Roxi, Seleana, Krystal, Sam, Alicia, Keira, Dani, Mercedes… all of whom on paper are better wrestlers. To defeat ALL of them yet lose the title to JESSIE? That’s a dominant wrestler’s worst nightmare…

I opened my eyes…

I found myself staring at a laptop screen in stunned silence as I saw the headline “#ANDREAISOVERPARTY”

I was staring at one of those Internet wrestling troll fan threads. One fan had typed “LOLOLOLOL ANDREA LOST THE TITLE TO JESSIE!!!!!!! HOW EMBARRASSING!”

I noted the timestamp: January 24, 2022 6:39 AM.

The morning AFTER Inception.


“This is worse than when she lost the title to Evie… SO much worse! She will NEVER be taken seriously again! #AndreaIsOVER”

“Andrea will never recover from this ROFL! Way to make a mockery out of your family you dumb whore!”

“Her daddy should’ve spanked her harder when she grew up. Maybe it would’ve kept her from wrestling at all!”

Brutal. Hater. Comments.

I scrolled to find a LIVE wrestling podcast and clicked “Play”

“So… Andrea…” the host said as he and the entire studio laughed. “HOW DO YOU GO SO LONG UNDEFEATED AND THEN LOSE TO HER?”

“I’ll be honest with you, Andrea was just never that good…” the co-host concurred. “...She was only undefeated last year because she wrestled what? 14 matches in SCW? That’s once a month. If you DOUBLE that figure, she has at LEAST five to seven losses. She NEVER wrestled the likes of Myra and Amber. The whole streak was a fluke because she was lucky enough not to be booked that often and she completely avoided Myra and Amber all year. Period.”

“Is this the end of Andrea’s relevancy in SCW?”


I closed my eyes again in embarrassment feeling that hurt pride coarse through me.

“This is a career killing loss for her…”

I shuddered for a bit, and opened my eyes…

THANKFULLY… the nightmare was over…

December 29, 2021

I sprung up on my bed in my Orlando hotel room and I was sweating bullets and breathing heavily. I was at first shocked that I would even DREAM such a nightmare scenario, then shocked that I was way more worried about Inception than I thought or had led on.

“I’m Andrea Hernandez damn it, I don’t LOSE to people like HER!”

Despite this bravado, a sullen depressing feeling swept through me.

“What if I really DO lose this title to her?” I thought to myself. “Would I have no credibility anymore?”

My sullen thoughts were interrupted by my phone going off. I looked at it and saw Chelsea text me “Ready for the big reunion?” in reference to the Sedona Sky reunion we were going to have against SCU’s Clark sisters at Festivus In Florida.

Unfortunately, experiencing that nightmare left me cold, empty and caring very little about teaming up with Chelsea. As the day wore on, that emptiness in my heart just grew… almost as if my title reign was destined to be on the wrong side of a bullshit Cinderella story…


Later that night…

Chelsea and I returned to my hotel room following our successful Sedona Sky reunion with a victory over Morgan and Cordelia Clark. Once the door was shut behind us, I turned to see Chelsea smiling and incredibly happy. We both walked over to the coffee table and she set down a bag she was carrying. Despite her happy demeanor, I was still feeling that emptiness. There was no spark or joy whatsoever in my heart regarding the match we won. Chelsea pulled out some glasses and a bottle of non-alcoholic apple cider. Pouring the cider in the glass, she took one.

“I propose a toast… to our successful Sedona Sky reunion!” Chelsea said with a beaming tone in her voice.

“Yes… indeed…” I said as I reluctantly picked up my glass. We tipped our glasses and Chelsea drank hers quickly all while I took a couple of sips. My brain was still stuck on that nightmare from the night before.

“It was honestly one of the happiest moments of my 2021 you know…” Chelsea began. “...teaming up with you again. It meant the world to me to finally be teaming with someone that I’ve always loved and always considered a friend. It was a natural feeling teaming up again.”

“Yeah, I’m sure it was.” I said, without injecting any emotion into the reunion. “I suppose it was cool…”

“Suppose?” Chelsea said, catching onto the fact that I wasn’t as into the reunion as she was. “Andrea, what’s wrong?”

“I’m not feeling great about the event…”

“Are you mad about Victoria banning you from the battle royal tomorrow and robbing you of a world title shot? Come on! Don’t let her get you down about that. That’s petty nonsense on her part. It’s not your fault that she hates tag team wrestling or that she couldn’t handle you mocking her for that fact.”

“No, it’s not Victoria…” I said with a sigh, further catching Chelsea off guard. “I’ve got to be very honest with you…”

“Sure…” Chelsea said as I began to gather my thoughts and soak my conscience into that nightmare.

“That Sedona Sky reunion didn’t mean anything to me…” I said, causing Chelsea to widen her eyes in shock before shaking her head and suddenly feeling sad.

“So that’s how you feel about me? I’m an inconvenience to you? Why didn’t you just drop out of the event or request that we didn’t team up? Victoria would’ve gone for it considering that’s one less tag team match she would’ve had to worry about.”

“Chelsea, it’s not you…” I explained.

“What is it then? Is there something else going on? You’ve got everything going right for you. You’re the Bombshells Internet Champion. You went the entire 2021 calendar year undefeated. You haven’t lost a match in SCW since High Stakes 2020 for fuck’s sake. What the hell would you be so miserable about? You had a career year and everything. I mean… really… 14 months undefeated…”

“I would like you to NOT mention that Chelsea…” I said with increased anger in my voice. “I don’t want to talk about that. So I extended my undefeated streak teaming with you tonight. Big WHOOP! It was just another match for me…”

“Andrea, why are you acting like this? That undefeated streak is something to celebrate and you’ve gone out and tweeted about it and mentioned it on camera over and over again…”

“Yeah… PUBLICLY! It’s a front, Chelsea. To be honest with you, this streak is a burden to me…”

“A burden?!?!?!”

“Did I stutter?”

“You don’t have to be so rude…”

“Oh sure, when the camera is on I act like I’m the baddest bitch in the world. But privately? I feel burdened. I feel stressed. I feel like with every win the pressure on me grows and grows. I feel like all the fucking haters out there are circling around me like vultures just waiting for me to fuck up. They’ve been hiding in the weeds being quiet because I’ve given them nothing to criticize me for. But the moment I lose a match, Chels, and you know this because it happened when I lost the world title to Evie, they are going to come back at me and they are going to run me down, bury me, act as if the streak meant nothing, act as if it was all a fluke… and it’s going to be even WORSE if I lose to Jessie. I CAN’T lose to Jessie. If I do… the haters are NEVER going to let me live it down and that’s my biggest worry and my biggest burden of all and I swear to god Chelsea, if you tell ANYONE about ANY of this, I will hunt you down and bust your face through a car window…”

“Andrea. I still don’t understand…”

“...I’m not satisfied with being undefeated and being the Internet Champion. To be honest with you, it feels like a consolation prize at best… as if I only have this title because I’m not good enough to be world champion anymore…”

“UNDEFEATED Internet Champion…”

“It’s not like ANYONE even NOTICES that I exist in Sin City Wrestling since everyone in the company is so far up Amber Ryan’s ass acting like she’s a fucking unbeatable GOD when she’s not the one with the streak, I AM! As long as that overrated, self-loathing CUNT is around, I’m NEVER going to get the respect I fucking deserve in SCW and it’s NOT fair at ALL! NOBODY talks about the streak because of her and it PISSES ME OFF! But the moment it ends, OH EVERYONE IS GOING TO BE TALKING ABOUT IT, won’t they?”

“This isn’t like you, Andrea…” Chelsea says with a soft sigh. “I don’t understand why you feel like beating her is going to be so difficult.”

“I’m not worried about Jessie, I’m worried about what the fuck is going to happen and how the vultures are going to attack me IF I lose to Jessie…”

“Then DON’T lose to her… simple.”

“Easier said than done…”

“You’ve got to be kidding me, Andrea.”

“I had this horrible nightmare last night… it felt REAL, Chels. I read all the online comments mocking me for losing to Jessie and heard these idiots on a podcast writing me off as if I was old news. It’s like I was going through the Evie thing all over again. I can’t bear even the THOUGHT of losing to her because if I do, it is going to feel like everything I did in 2021 means nothing. I understand why you’re so confused, but what I don’t understand is how can I have the year that I had in 2021 and NOT be proud of it? I used to be proud of all of my accomplishments and it’s like… after Evie… I don’t feel like I have a right to be anymore…”

I buried my head in my hands reliving that old shame again. I was by no means crying, but closing my eyes, I could feel the burden on my shoulders weighing me down. The worries of the consequences of losing to Jessie Salco were so much so that if I felt that losing at Inception meant that I would lose EVERYTHING. I could hear Chelsea sigh for a bit. She was saying something, but I was not listening at this point. I was too busy being in my own head worrying about the mockery and the ridicule I was going to get in the event of a loss.

“Look at me, Andrea…” Chelsea said to me. I did not listen to her.

“I can’t lose to Jessie… I can’t fucking lose to HER! I HAVE to win. I HAVE to keep winning. I HAVE to keep showing these idiots that I should be the one that should be revered, admired, respected, worshiped… not AMBER… ME! I’m the GODDESS here… not HER… ME!

“ANDREA! Will get get a FUCKING HOLD OF YOURSELF!” Chelsea said with a slight scream. “LOOK AT ME!”

This shook me a bit, not being used to the nature that Chelsea can have when she has something that she really needs to say to me. I took a deep breath and reluctantly looked at her all while trying to figure out how to get the burden of my streak off of my shoulders.

“When we were growing up, you wanted nothing more than to be a professional wrestler and live the dream. You were willing to do anything and everything to get there. You put up with awful companies like UWA and OCW. You dealt with Myra and her abuse because you always had that spark in you to fight. Tonight, our reunion was supposed to be about FUN. It was supposed to be about US, but instead you made it about yourself… all because some undefeated streak is making this a burden for you more than anything, for no reason at all. I am going to ask you a serious question and I want you to be HONEST with me…”

Chelsea glared at me.

“Do you NOT have that spark anymore?”

Suddenly, my soul became engulfed with rage. I wanted nothing more than to jump off the couch and completely assault Chelsea right then and there.

“You BITCH!”

“I’m only asking a question, Andrea. It’s been a year and a half and you’re STILL treating this business like a burden. It’s not about having the desire and the spark to fight and to be your very best anymore. It’s all about YOU and making yourself the biggest name possible.”

“You question whether I have a spark for this? Are you FUCKING KIDDING ME?”

I showed off my anger even more by standing up and flipping the coffee table, breaking our cider glasses and the bottle of cider itself.

“I have wanted to be a professional wrestler since I was a little girl. I have done NOTHING but put my heart and soul into my career every fucking week. Yet, you want to question me for losing my spark?”

“Jessie has a bigger spark than you do at the moment. Maybe you SHOULD be worried.”

“What the FUCK are you getting at, Chelsea?”

“What I’m getting at is that you’re letting your father’s poison mess with your head again!”

“Don’t you bring up my father like that!”

I grabbed Chelsea from behind and tried to throw her off the couch, but she managed to defend herself with a side headlock. I let go of her and she returned the favor in kind.

“I’m leaving, Andrea.”

Chelsea stood up and began to leave. If this was on camera, I would put up some bravado and just let her leave. But, since I was in a vulnerable frame of mind, I knew I couldn’t let her leave.

“Chelsea, I’m sorry. I got carried away. Don’t leave me.”

“You can never be happy with anything…” she said as she headed for the door.

“Chelsea, I need you right now…” I said, feeling disgusted in my stomach that I even said such a thing. My eyes were watering, but I wasn’t crying. Chelsea turned toward me and saw my eyes. She narrowed hers expressing the internal feeling that she had to help me in the subtlest of ways. Taking a deep breath, she sits next to me.

“Promise me that you’ll listen to me.”

“I promise…”

“Your father trained you to be chasing titles and making it all about the glory and the success that you could attain. That’s the poison he instilled in you. When you first broke in, you just wanted to live your dream and prove you can be one of the best. Internet title or no Internet title, you have proven that you are. You’re going to let JESSIE FUCKING SALCO of all people take that from you all because you’re too concerned and too worried about meaningless hater comments?”

“When you put it that way, it sounds ridiculous doesn’t it?”

“It IS ridiculous, Andrea. But how you’re going about this match is an unfortunate indicator that maybe you’re losing your love for this sport. You’re so bitter all the freaking time that you forget why you ever wanted to be part of this at all and it scares the hell out of me. I want you to be successful. I know we’ve had difficult times ever since Sedona Sky broke up in GCW and everything, but I have always still cared about you. I STILL want you to be as successful as you are and even BETTER! You’re the Internet Champion right now and that’s great, but at some point you need to quit being afraid of failure fucking go for the World title again! For all we know, it could be YOU that ends Amber’s reign and finally shatters her unwarranted, undeserved mystique and aura.”

I merely chuckled at the notion.

“Sure it can… and my father is going to rise out of the grave any fucking minute now…”

“Stop selling yourself short. It can happen for one reason and one reason only… because you’re ANDREA FUCKING HERNANDEZ DAMN IT!”

Largely to wake me up more than anything, Chelsea smacked me hard across the face. I held onto my cheek, largely stunned by Chelsea’s attitude at the moment.

“It’s about time you stop worrying about the worst and giving a damn about what other people say about you. If the worst comes to pass with Jessie, you’re going to have your peers and critics trolling you and reminding you of this every step of the way for a while, but YOU’LL GET THROUGH IT! It’s a THEM problem, not a YOU problem! I mean for fuck’s sake, High Stakes against Crystal was fucking embarrassing for you and you’ve done FAR too well since then that everyone has forgotten about it. You HAVE silenced the haters before and you’ll do it again… if necessary. I PROMISE YOU it WON’T be necessary because you ARE going to beat Jessie and you ARE going to continue your streak and your reign. Filter that nonsense out of your head RIGHT NOW!”

“I can’t say you’re wrong about anything you just said.”

“Do you need me to go back further and point out other SCW shortcomings where your peers were mocking you and writing you off only for you to silence and prove them all wrong in the end?”

“No. I get your point. I should not be acting like this. I don’t understand why I let a nightmare bother me so damn much.”

“Your nightmare was a reflection of a fear within you, Andrea. You need to expunge that fear from your heart and you need to remember the spark that got you to this point to begin with. I know you hate to hear this: but your entire wrestling journey from day one has always been about proving people wrong and silencing the critics. The undefeated streak isn’t the real burden Andrea… it’s THAT! Remember that spark Andrea, and why you wanted to do this to begin with. THAT will get you through EVERYTHING… good or bad, win or lose… THAT is what has gotten you through the worst of times in your career from GCW to SCW.”

Chelsea stands up and begins to leave my hotel room.

“Where are you going?” I asked her.

“I’m leaving you alone to think about what I said. I know you won’t admit it… even to me… but somewhere down in your heart, you know I am right about your spark and you may even realize that you’re possibly losing your love for this business. I’ll see you tomorrow, Andrea…”

Chelsea takes a sigh before she leaves my hotel room. At this very point, everything that Chelsea said to me started pouring through my head. My lifelong best friend really left me with so much to think about…

“What if Chelsea is right?” I thought to myself. “What if I am really losing the spark for this business? When I first arrived in SCW, I just wanted to be at my best. I wanted to be a world champion and realize a dream, yes. I remember when I won the Bombshells world title how motivated and into it I was. But then, after I lost it, it just hasn’t felt the same. What used to drive me hasn’t driven me in a long time now. Ever since that day, I’ve been driven by bitterness about losing the title, hatred for just about everyone else on the Bombshells roster and keeping this winning streak alive with the feeling that the streak and my title are all I seem to have anymore. My father would be turning over in his grave if he knew I was motivating myself with such shallow things. Yet, these motivations? They have been FAR more effective than what my old motivations used to be even if they’re not the deepest convictions. I don’t know if Chelsea is right about ‘losing my spark’, but she’s right about one thing. I am NOT losing my streak OR my title to fucking JESSIE of all people! It’s time to remind that bitch and everyone else why I was Most Hated 2021…”

Suddenly, I WAS feeling a spark inside. It was definitely the wrong type of spark considering it was based on ego and narcissism, but I didn’t care. I knew that it was all I needed to retain against Jessie Salco nevertheless…



The opening chords of “Failure” by Breaking Benjamin start to play as the big words of “JESSIE SALCO: FAILURE” emerge on the screen.

“Jessie was a champion not THAT long ago…” I said in a voiceover accompanying a video clip from a Climax Control episode last year when she defeated Johanna Krieger to become the new SCW Bombshells Roulette Champion. “...of course, it turned out to be a fluke…”

The next special clip shows a still image of Jessie Salco laid out on the mat after Johanna had won the championship back from her a mere three weeks later.

“She has tried to recapture that old magic, but with the exception of ONE moment, ONE match, she has been nothing but a consistent FAILURE when it has mattered the most…”

More media of Jessie’s huge failures since losing the Roulette Championship flash in succession on the screen while the breaking Benjamin Song continues. The vignette shows a picture of Amber Ryan standing over her with the Bombshells World Championship, two of them in fact, followed by a video clip of me pinning her in the first round of the Internet Championship tournament, an image of Jessie getting pinned by Dani Weston prior to High Stakes and a video clip of Myra Rivers ending her Chamber of Extreme streak at High Stakes.

“And yet… recently… she pulled ONE win out of her ass…”

A still image of Jessie’s recent victory to become the number one contender to my championship is shown.

“I guess Jessie had to have her once a year glimmer of hope, huh? My opponent is going to try to convince the masses that she has everything that it takes to beat me, but even the idiot fans know the score by now: she provides ONE glimmer of hope and she wastes it…

She already has…”

Two more still images are shown: one of both Jessie and Keira Fisher being outside of the ring, beaten down following their draw against each other, and another of Team Hero celebrating a victory over Jessie and Krystal Wolfe.

Suddenly, I appear on the couch of my Paradise Valley home.

“And she has the nerve to tell my MENTOR to BE BETTER? The masses already know that if Jessie Salco isn’t being a failure, she’s being a fluke. FLUKE is what I am going to expose that ONE win against three former World Champions! She wants to start this big Cinderella run at MY expense? NO! It’s NOT going to happen! It will NEVER happen! Jessie Salco is the biggest disappointment in the history of the SCW Bombshells Division. Heck, if you don’t believe me, just hear it from the woman herself…

Roll the footage…

I snap my fingers, ending the pre-recorded vignette

January 15, 2022

The scene is a huge convention taking place. A big banner of “Rock-A-Thon With Jessie Salco” hangs from the rafters while two empty chairs grace the stage. The convention is completely empty and devoid of fans. Angelica Romero, my personal interviewer, walks through the curtains with a microphone as she sits down on the chair on the right.


A sound of crickets chirping is played through the speakers.

“We are about to have a SPECIAL INTERVIEW with none other than someone who has become one of the most tenured Bombshells in SCW history. She is definitely riding a wave of momentum as she recently defeated three… yes… THREE former SCW Bombshells Internet Champions and now she is set to take on none other than the best Bombshell in the world in Andrea Hernandez for the SCW Bombshells Internet Championship. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you… Jessie Salco!!!!”

The sound of crickets playing through the speakers is heard in a loop as “Jessie Salco”... or rather, my intern Regina dressed as Jessie Salco with an exaggerated rock star getup, including a short, black wig, walks out on the stage. She gives the “rock on” sign to the empty audience before sitting on the chair.

“Dude, where’s my fans?” Regina asks in an exaggerated rockstar accent.

“...I have no idea…” Angelica states.

“I guess this is what I get for doing nothing but disappointing my fans ever since I’ve been in SCW. It’s damn obvious that I am the biggest disappointment of this company’s history. ZERO world championships? Come on man! How is that possible? I just plod along being increasingly irrelevant while all the other Bombshells pass me by! Hell, even my own friends in Krystal Wolfe have passed me by. It’s SO SAD!”

“Jessie, why do you think you have never won the big one?”

“Honestly? It’s because I’m just not good enough. If that wasn’t bad enough I like… give up on myself SO easily, chicky! Like, how many times have I said that I am going to stop chasing the world title? In many different ways, I’ve even said that I’ve given up on ever being a world champion. Shit, I’ve given up on myself so bad that I didn’t even bother signing up for Blast from the Past this year. I’ve never believed in myself enough. SURE, I pull a fluke win every now and then out of my ass, but I don’t do anything with it.”

“Is this why you have done NOTHING with your big four way win that got you a title shot against Andrea to begin with?”


“What do you think your odds are to beat Andrea?”

Regina pulls out a big bottle of Jack Daniels she had hidden inside of her leather jacket and takes a swig of it.

“I got no chance in HELL chicky… that Andrea chick is SO powerful DUDE! Like… every time we’ve been in the ring together, she’s kicked my ass and Inception will be no different, you know what I mean? In fact… Andrea makes me drunk…”

Regina takes another swig of Jack Daniels.

“But the real shit is that deep down in my heartless soul, I know I got no chance of beating her. I know I’m not good enough. I know I will NEVER be good enough. My win over those three world champion chickies was the biggest fluke since I beat Johanna for the Roulette title, you know what I mean? What’s gonna happen at Inception is that she’ll beat me and just like after Johanna won the title back from me, it’s back to obscurity for good ol’ Jessie Salco beeotch! ROCK ON!!!!”

“Why did you give up your ambitions on becoming world champion?”

“Cause like, I’m not good enough. I wasted my window of opportunity when I was in my prime by smoking too much REEF and drinking too much Jack! WOOOO!”

Regina finishes off the Jack Daniels. She stands up from her chair and begins ranting.

“I’M NOT GOOD ENOUGH! I’M NOT GOOD ENOUGH! That’ll be my next hit single CHICKY… I’M NOT GOOD ENOUGH! I might as well drink myself to death before Inception because when I face Andrea I’m gonna DIE ANYWAY!!!!! WOOP WOOOOOOOP!”

“Are you DRUNK?”

Before Regina can answer the question, I come up from behind and smash a stunt guitar over her head. Regina dramatically falls to the floor and Angelica exits stage left.

“Oh Jessie… you HAVE to be drunk if you think you even stand a chance of beating me! You are NOT going to pull an EVIE JORDAN here! You don’t get to pull a Cinderella run out of your ass and take a title from me like she did. ‘BUT I BEAT THREE FORMER WORLD CHAMPIONS’ you might say as evidence that you are getting better. NO, Jessie. You’re NOT getting better. You have ALREADY peaked. Even YOU know that you will never be the SCW Bombshells World Champion and that’s why you won’t even bother with Blast from the Past anymore. You see Jessie, your win over ‘three former world champions’, you think that’s supposed to fucking impress me? Don’t get me wrong, Jessie. Beating Dani, Seleana and Alicia in one match is impressive… IN 2018!!!!!! OH WOW! I’m supposed to be SO intimidated by the fact that you were able to beat three Bombshells that were relevant more than three years ago! WOW! You beat someone that JUST came back in Dani Weston who not only has done NOTHING since her big failure of a comeback, but who beat you one on one prior to High Stakes. WOW! I’m SO IMPRESSED that you beat Mrs. Crystal Hilton… or is it Mrs. Alexandra Caldwell now… when she is coming off the worst year of her career and when she won what? Like 5 matches throughout ALL of 2021? WOW! I’m SO taken aback that you beat Alicia Lukas who has faded SO hard and who has become SO irrelevant she’s crying and bitching on Twitter wondering if she even has it anymore and she has to settle for facing CANDY. You beat three people on the decline BIG WHOOP! If your opponents were Amber, Myra and Roxi, you’d be doing the ONE thing you’ve ALWAYS been good at throughout your career here and that’s getting PINNED because you’ll NEVER be good enough to beat ANY of them one on one.

What? You thought I was throwing “be better” back in your face just to mock you for that stupid comment you made about Myra?

I mean sheesh, you have GOT to be the most insecure woman this roster has ever had next to Amber ‘Crybaby’ Ryan herself. Before the four way, you even called EVERYONE, including yourself, a LOSER! THAT right there proves what I am saying, Jessie: that you only WON that match because you were going up against three people that are bigger losers than YOU. Way to bury your own victory and render it meaningless before it ever happens, you fucking idiot! Calling yourself a loser is a sign that you don’t even believe in yourself anymore and that, Jessie, is exactly why you can’t and you won’t beat me. You just don’t believe in yourself anymore. You don’t have the spark to rise up and be a consistent winner and you’ve never had it which is why back in the day you had the likes of Amy, Mercedes, Roxi and Sam Marlowe all surpass you with ease. Somewhere along the way, Jessie, you realized you were never going to be good enough to be the best in SCW and you just gave up on yourself and this was LONG before I ever came to this company myself. You are the wrestler that has done nothing but settle for mediocrity here. Hell, the fact that you have been in this company as long as you have is an example of the dumbest form of LOYALTY I’ve ever seen. You can easily branch out and try your hand somewhere else and win a world title, but NAH, you stay here and you ACCEPT mediocrity because you’re too chickenshit to expand your horizons elsewhere. You stay here and accept mediocrity because you know deep down that you don’t deserve better and SOMEONE LIKE YOU  who thinks THAT low of herself and has the worst self-esteem on the roster is SOMEHOW supposed to beat ME: the most dominant bombshell on the roster in 2021?

Get the FUCK out of here with that.

Get the fuck out of here with your basic bitch ‘picking up her own teeth’ line that you got out of level one of wrestling school and don’t even TALK about me picking up my own teeth when YOU have been picking up your shattered dignity your entire SCW career. Hell, you’re so fucking insecure that going into your match with Keira, you were SO WORRIED about me interfering in your matches. SORRY JESSIE, your matches are NOT worth me interfering in knowing that you have mastered the art of losing all on your own better than ANYONE else on the roster COMBINED!  Maybe that’s why you drew with Keira, huh? You could’ve beaten her and gained some serious momentum, but NO, you fucked up and you settled for a draw all because I was in your head going into that match worrying about me interfering. That’s YOUR fuck up Jessie, and it’s the EPITOME of what you are: AN ABSOLUTE FUCK UP! Cry about the fact that I used your own words against you with Denzel all you want, but YOU are the one that set yourself up to that. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR ONCE, JESSIE! That is ON YOU! ‘BE BETTER’ aren’t just two words that you stupidly said to Myra as an overreaction to her having a fucking off night, no those two words DEFINE YOUR CAREER! Those two words are what you SHOULD’VE BEEN all along but never were and never will be because you never had it in you to BE BETTER! BEING BETTER is FOCUSING ON WHAT IS IN FRONT OF YOU, which you clearly did NOT during that Denzel interview because instead of focusing all the way on Team Hero, you’re making comments like ‘I hope Andrea is watching’ as if that match meant anything to me. There you are worrying about me getting involved in a match again and there you are asking if I heard your ‘threat’. There you are going into another match letting me live rent free on your head when I have no motivation or reason to screw you over and when I have no reason to do the ‘send a message’ bullshit.

Fuck Jessie, you’re not even WORTH sending a message to! That’s how far you have allowed yourself to fall.

And SURE ENOUGH, in ANOTHER opportunity to prove that your win over those three wrestlers wasn’t a fluke against Team Hero, YOU FAILED! Sure, it was Krystal that ate the pinfall, but that is STILL a loss on your record. It took you TWO WEEKS, Jessie, TWO WEEKS to waste that victory. You had TWO weeks to gain momentum against me and you didn’t get it done. THAT is why I started off this presentation mocking you and painting you as THE failure of the SCW Bombshells Division because that’s the TRUTH and the WHOLE truth. The sad part about this whole thing Jessie, is that you ALLOWED YOURSELF to be that way. You want to go blame everyone else for your problems or you want to talk shit about someone else’s issues while avoiding your own and yet, you’re sitting there in the corner of your hotel room wondering why you’ve never made it past where you’ve been and doubting yourself and calling yourself a loser in promos and letting rivals get inside of your head, thus ending ALL chances of victory before the match even starts. And why wouldn’t you doubt yourself? Big wins for you come as often as a Jets Super Bowl victory! Prior to that four way, your last “big win” was your Roulette title win against “Do Nothing” Krieger which turned out to be a terrible fluke when you won the title and a horrendous loss that made YOU look worse when you lost the title to her considering she’s done NOTHING ever since. Prior to that, it was the Chamber of Extreme against Evie who in all honesty, is just an upgraded version of you that got lucky and caught me while I was down on myself and grieving the death of my father.

You don’t get to be the next Sin City Wrestling fairy tale at my expense, Jessie. If you REALLY look into my career since the streak began, I have truly been a CINDERELLA KILLER! I KILLED a Cinderella story when I beat Mercedes for my championship. I KILLED another one when I ENDED Dani Weston’s precious comeback story. I KILLED another one when I beat the WORST Blast from the Past winner EVER, male or female, in Ruby Steele right after she won the tournament due to Mark Cross carrying her ass the whole time. Ruby wasn’t the same after I beat her and I’m going to SHATTER your Cinderella story just like I shattered Ruby’s. Come Inception, you get to face REALITY again and that reality is simply the fact that Jessie Salco will once again fall short when it matters the most as once again, just like Team Hero, just like Myra, just like Amber… TWICE…

You can try to preach to all of your little buddies at Go Gym that you can beat me and you can sit in your corner trying to convince yourself that you will… but you CAN’T… you WON’T… just just because on many occasions I have proven myself to be FAR SUPERIOR to you… but because deep down inside, whether you want to admit it to yourself or to anyone else or not, whether you want to deny it or not, you KNOW you can’t beat me, you KNOW that you WON’T beat me. You are walking into yet another chapter of you failing where it counts the most and the bitch is, you’ve already done half of the work for me with how LITTLE you really believe in yourself. I’m in your head, Jessie… all it took was the words “BE BETTER” to get there.

THINK long and hard Jessie, and ask yourself: ‘Do I really believe I can beat Andrea?’

When you answer that question? The answer? It’s going to be NO!

And you KNOW THAT, don’t you?

I’m Andrea Hernandez, the CINDERELLA KILLER and I approve this message…

STILL the SCW Bombshells Internet Champion!”

I snap my fingers and head back through the curtains putting a quick and sudden end to the “Rock-A-Thon” I put together and causing the cameras to fade out.

Supercard Roleplays / Re: Masque v Kaiju Rainbow
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Was this what passed for music nowadays?

Staring down at her fifth pint of Tennants lager, Violetta de Luca found her eyes drawn to the large red “T” logo on the side of the glass. It felt good to focus on something, however briefly. The claptrap cacophany of sound masquerading as music that came from the speakers in the bar was doing her bleeding head in. And while the alcohol was slowly beginning to drown it out, the awful music was running a special duet with her sister; whom she was pretty sure had been talking without drawing breath for a solid twenty minutes. Come home for New Year, they said, it’ll be fun, they said. As her eyes left her pint and the big red “T”, she gradually zoned back in on whatever her younger sister was blithering on about.

JESS DE LUCA she’s got her white cotton panties in a bunch about what people will think, like what, am I some hulking ogre you don’t wanna be seen dead holding hands with? Like it’s 2021, I wanna wear those rainbow bands and live my best life, I don’t need to put up with her arse being so far in the closet she’s having a tea party with Mr. Tumnus...

Oh right, the recent breakup. It was actually amazing she could go on this long on the subject; though she could be repeating herself, she hadn’t actually been listening. Not tonight, not any of the various other rants she’d gone on over the holiday period. She didn’t resent her sister, persay; but she got so animated and passionate about everything, and it was incredibly tiring. KAIJU RAINBOW was passionate and animated as well, but that was a bit she did for the cameras, a persona. She could only imagine being that way 24/7 was bloody exhausting.

JESS DE LUCA she was like “fuck you”, and I was like “NO FUCK YOU!” So she spits beer in my face, and tells me to get fucked, and I’m all like... you’ll like this one... I’ve been trying for years, but I’ve been stuck dating YOUR FRIGID ARSE! Eh? EH? HEY! Are you even listening?!

Oops, that was my cue.

Yeah, Carrie doesn’t put out. Nice burn, I guess.

Hmph. You’re no fun. Grumpyface.

Was that supposed to get a rise, a reaction out of her? Not even close.

Isn’t it time we got back?

Jess smacked her palms down on the table.

It’s not even ten-o-clock yet! You really ARE NO FUN. You’re as miserable as Sturgeon, and her stupid arse is the reason we’re stuck over the border instead of partying in a civilized country.

Sure enough, Scottish first minister Nicola Sturgeon had banned Scottish holiday fraternizations due to the pandemic. Violetta had been quite pleased about the fact, figured she’d get some peace and quiet, but here she was, dragged to Newcastle-Upon-Tyne by her sister, and half the population of the Scottish lowlands as far as she could tell.

You’re not very good at this whole “Scottish Nationalist” thing, are you? Talking shit on the SNP leader, dating an English woman for seven years, coming across the border to England to get pissed up because we can’t at home... for someone who hates the English so much, you sure stick your fingers in a lot of English pies.

This clearly wound her sister right up. Which was good, because that was the idea.

HEY FUCK YOU! I’m a modern day William Wallace. I have felt the cold, sickening taste of English uppityness. I know I want freedom.

Violetta couldn’t help but wonder if this was part of some great rallying speech she was planning, or whether she was just talking about her ex’s cooch. Knowing her sister, either option likely had equal viability.

I don’t really get it.

Jess’s eyes narrowed.

Because I’m proud to be Scottish. You’re Scottish too, aren’t you proud of that fact?

We’re also Sicilian.

HALF Sicilian.

Yeah. And HALF Scottish.

This caused a growl from her younger sister.

Whatever. I hate going to Sicily, working for dad... it’s fucking shit.

Their dad was a small time promoter over there; he’d gone back after he split with their mum when Jess was little. He’d been their gateway into the business, but inbetween major jobs, they were supposed to go over there and help out.

It’s not that bad.

My arse! We do all the ring assembly, wrestle three nights a week and don’t even get fucking paid by the cheap bastard. It’s all right for you, you’re his favourite, his precious seven-time fucking Sicilian Champion.

You’ll get to the top one day, it’s all about paying your dues.

I’m nearly fucking thirty, I don’t need to pay a damn thing, he needs to pay me some damn money! Besides, I’m never gonna get to the top of the card when you’re up there, hogging all the praise and attention as bleeding usual.

Well... this seemed like as good a time as any to tell her.

Jess... I’m not coming back with you to Sicily.

Jess looked confused.

Why? You’re the champion! Like... what the fuck?

Violetta shrugged.

I got a job. Wrestling in Vegas. Major promotion. So I’m not coming back. I’ll be flying out to Nevada. So hey... maybe you can get that first Sicilian Championship while I’m gone.


The volume of this response caught Letta off guard, and she flinched a little. She hadn’t expected her to take it well, but...

Yeah, Sin City Wrestling, it’s kind of a big deal.

No way, Sin City? You gotta get me a gig there! I can’t cope going back to Palermo. I’ve never got to base in Vegas!

You based in Reno for a bit.

That’s the SHIT B-Tech version of Vegas! Please sis, you gotta put in a word for me!

Look. I’m batting way above my recent history just getting myself in there. I’m in no position to start pushing for nepotism. Besides, dad needs you over in Sicily.

I don’t GIVE A FUCK! You can’t just leave me behind! We could form a tag team!

That sounded horrendous.

Jess, calm down. I’m going to Vegas, to Sin City. And you are NOT coming with me. You’re always dragging me out to pubs, and doing things... I need to focus. I’ve been in the wilderness for a couple of years; this is my big opporunity to get my Stateside career back on track. I’ve conquered Europe, I’ve conquered Japan... North America is the final step.

Jess sighed, seeming somewhat defeated.

You know... I only dragged you out because I wanted you to be happy, right?

Happy? What did she mean by that?


When I was young, you were always so happy-go-lucky and confident. I admired you, looked up to you, wanted to be you. And then after what happened with Nick... everything changed. YOU changed.

Nick... she didn’t want to hear that name.

You’re grumpy. You’re miserable. You won’t date, you barely talk to anyone... I... I thought you’d get over it, but it’s been seven fucking years and still...

She sighed.

I just wanted to make you smile. I want my sister back.

It was an emotional, tear-jerking moment for sure. But Violetta felt... nothing. She hadn’t felt much of anything for seven years. Feelings hurt her. All the pain back then... the anguish, the frustration, the misery... and then she closed. She closed herself off to the world, to everyone. Even her own family. She had no friends. She had no lovers. All she had was her fighting training, a mild alcohol dependency... and the character she created, KAIJU RAINBOW. A woman who was everything she wasn’t. Strong. Confident. Assured. Funny. Maybe she was all those things once. But it was amazing how quickly life could beat the shit out of you.

I’m sitting right here.

NO YOU’RE NOT! You’re a husk, a shell, a carapace!

...Where did you learn the word carapace?

DAMMIT! You’re broken! I’ve tried for years to fix you and I can’t! Maybe you should go to Vegas, hopefully you find whatever it is you need to find because I can’t help you, clearly...

Jess wiped her eyes, she seemed on the verge of tears. Violetta knew she should feel something here, have some emotions, but nothing was forthcoming from inside. She sank her pint and stood up.

I’m going to the bar, you want anything?

Jess really had started to cry now.

My sister back.

Violetta rolled her eyes.

Will you settle for another rum and coke?

Her sister let out a horrible wail as Violetta sighed and sauntered across to the bar. She decided she’d take that as a “loose yes”.

But stuff like that... was exactly why emotions were overrated.



Violetta had gotten done with her COVID checks, and was sitting in the airport waiting to board her flight, paying little attention to the people coming and going. She was there alone; no doubt Jess would have wanted to come, but that was why she lied to her, and said she wasn’t flying until Wednesday.

She pulled her phone out, it was the number she’d been expecting. Well, too late for her to get here now.


Hey sis.

Hey, where the hell are you? Why is half your stuff gone?

At Glasgow Airport. Due to board for Vegas in twenty minutes.

WHAT?! YOU LIED TO ME! You said you were leaving on Wednesday!

Yep. Didn’t want you trying to come with me.

Shit... you’re such a bitch. I wanted to show you this in person.

Show me what, exactly?

There was a pause, then a long sigh.

I... I’ll text you the link. Just... promise you’ll look at it, okay? I think it might mean something to you.

Violetta rolled her eyes. It was probably nonsense.

Fine. I’ll look at it?


Violetta sighed.

Yes, I promise.

Okay. I’ll send it now. You... have a good flight, okay? And call me when you get there?

Sure, after I’ve spent two hours being abused by American airport security, I’ll get right on that.

You better. I... I’ll see you when I see you, I guess... bye Letta. I hope you find what you’re looking for.

Always with the weird abstract shit, she was.

Yep. Bye.

She clicked the call off before Jess could start babbling on about something else that randomly popped into her head. She was about to put her phone away when...


Oh right, the “link” she was supposed to look at. She almost felt like not bothering, but fine. Let’s see what it is. She tapped the link in the text, which took her to an article on the Wrestling Observer. She read the headline.


That name... that place... the creation of Nick Flaherty. Wrestling promoter... and her ex-husband. Seven years ago, she’d left them both behind. It was a painful breakup... she’d never looked back once she moved past it all. Nick wasn’t even in charge of the company at that point, but she’d never watched another show. She didn’t know who was on the roster, who even owned the damn place. Was this supposed to bring something out of her? Garner some kind of reaction? She felt nothing other than sheer ambivalence. Just like every other day. Should she be happy? Sad? She didn’t feel one way or the other. Just like always. She didn’t even bother to read the article, swiping off and putting her phone away.

The past is the past, after all. No point looking back.


But the future? The future starts now. And maybe she would, as her sister put it, “find what she was looking for”.

Whatever the fuck that was.



Arriving in Las Vegas, Violetta had surmised she needed a base camp. A lot of pro wrestlers would just flit from gym to gym, but Violetta had always been of a mind that having a settled base was a much smarter way of doing things. She’d looked around a couple places in Vegas, and had found this one: Two Bucks Wrestling gym. Very unassuming, unpretentious; maybe a bit run down, but Violetta wasn’t much of one for the fancypants way of things. This place may well do nicely. She started to look around, see if she could find the person in charge.

The gym had seen better days for sure, when? Probably couple or maybe ten presidents ago. To call it a dump would probably get you charged for insulting dumps. The there was a flashing neon light that read “OFFICE” the flickering of the sign made her wonder if it was supposed to do that or just faulty wiring, she tried the handle and the door creaked as it opened, what she saw next was a man holding open what looked like a skiin mag “MASSIVE JUGS” it read on the cover, he startles and stuffs tha mag to the top drawer.

No new classes until Thursday!

Violetta blinked.

Oh uh.. Hi! I’m not actually a rookie, I’m a professional wrestler already, new in town. I was looking for somewhere to set up a base camp, and I... uh... was wondering if I could do it here. Nice to meet you Mr... uh...?

He got up, extending a hand to her. A thick gold chain around his neck and both wrists, a sleeves tanktop and worn out jeans.

Sterling Buck..

She looks at his hand, remembering what he had just been holding in one hand..wondering which hand was he offering to her the one holding the girly mag or..

Yeah, maybe we don’t need to do that.

Why? Oh right the pandemic and such..?

..yeah, sure.

I’m gonna need the money now. Upfront, cash.

Cash? Well, I might need to nip to a cashpoint...

A what now?!

Oh, right. An ATM. Sorry, kinda new in the country.

I mean, it’s a creative way of paying to train but..sure.

He flashes a lewd smirk.



Yeah I need to find one and.. OH you meant THAT. Yeah, that’s gonna be a hard pass from me.

Back shrugs.

Can’t blame a guy for trying, been a bit of a drought as of late socially.

Well... I can at least relate to that I guess.

Sure the guy was a bit of a creeper... to say the least, but maybe it wasn’t so bad. Besides, she usually kept herself to herself, so it wasn’t like she’d be tethered to him.

Alright. How much do I owe? I’ll be here for... well, as long as this gig lasts, I guess. Years I’m hoping. So maybe, we work it out on a per month basis?

Sure, but I still need some upfront, consider it a downpayment.

She glares at him, was this dude trying to hold her up for money?

Or what?

Or you’ll be training in the dark, kinda behind on the bills

Yet had the finances to buy “Massive Jugs”?

He shrugged.

Man’s got needs.

Violetta was about to ask him if he didn’t have an Internet connection, but looking around the place, maybe he didn’t. Violetta opened her purse and pulled out a wad of twenties.

Two hundred sufficient?

Without even blinking the man swipes the wad and stuffs it down his pants.

Sold. You need a locker?

Um, yeah? Just give me a key and..

Why? There’s no locks on them.

Ugh. Maybe she’d get one fitted herself.

Well, now that’s done... I guess I’ll be in tomorrow. Good to meet you, Mr. Buck.

Yeah, sure thing toots.

Toots? OH, I never told you my name. It’s Violetta. Violetta De Luca.

OH, I thought you spoke funny. You one of them there immigrants?

Violetta sighed.

Uh... yeah, I’m Scottish, so I suppose so.

Alright, well as you gave me the cash... if the feds come lookin’, I didn’t see ya.

What? I have a visa!

Buck lets out a grin, clearly missing a few teeth.

That’s what they all say.

Violetta sighs, grabbing her bag and making her way out. I guess this could turn out to be something of an adventure. Besides, once she worked her way up the card and made more money, she could always find somewhere nicer. Though really, whatever you  wanted to say about Buck...

She’d take him over Dad & Jess any day.



And so it begins. The Kaiju comes. When I mesh with her, it is like a transformation. I become her. I gain her power. Violetta de Luca sits in the shadows. The Kaiju will take the stage.

The scene opens in what appears to be a run-down wrestling gym. The walls, the ring are gray. But there is a burst of light and colour front and center as leaning over the ropes is the tall, athletic woman known as KAIJU RAINBOW.

Friends, Roamers, Countryballs. Lend me your ears, for I bring good tidings of great joy and apparently multiple confused references! I am KAIJU RAINBOW, a woman of great skill, talent and discernment, fuelled by Scotch, and coming to Sin City with a twitchy right leg. Now I could get that out by dancing the Charleston, or I COUUUUULD get that out by kicking someone in the jaw. And while BOTH are fun, I am Leeeeeaning towards the latter. But for those of you who do not know, allow me to share a few details about myself. You see, I made my name both in Europe and Japan, but sustained success in the Americas has been rather harder to come by. You see, the American market is a particularly tricky market to crack for a Scot, because most people don’t have a clue what I’m saying half the time. So I asked the production guys to put on subtitles, just to be sure!

Sure enough, there are subtitles. You’re reading them now.

But what makes me a Kaiju, you might be asking? Well, I got the nickname in the Japanese joshi circuit, because standing six feet tall in a world where most women were considerably shorter, I was like a very real Kaiju in the eyes of many of them. A giant amongst men... or, uh, women I guess! And the Rainbow part... well that’s just because I have a tendency to dump buckets of rainbow-coloured gunge over people’s heads. OH and my spectacularly vibrant and stylish outfits.

Garish may have been a better way of describing the Kaiju’s outfits, but hey-ho, we move on.

So now we have the introduction out of the way, I make my debut in a week or so’s time at the Inception supercard against the woman known as Masque. She is described on the blurb as “enigmatic” but from what I’ve seen of her, that might be a synonym for “loony”. She talks like one of those Victorian poets, and that makes me remember English Literature class at Dunfermline Comprehensive School and Mrs. Batty, who was a miserable old bat and I always hated her. “DE LUCA, I do not believe Shakespeare wrote the Nurse that way because his mother was annoying him that morning...” BITCH YOU DON’T KNOW! But that’s the thing, yeah? Godzilla has laser eyes, I have the smart eyes, I see things, I read between the lines. A power harnessed in multiple detentions Mrs. Batty gave me. I have to use that power to see BEHIND the Masque. Which... considering what she’s already said, means this match is probably less of a contest of combat and is spiralling dangerously close to a two-way psychoanalysis programme. That’s cool though, My psychology teacher was Mr. Clarke and he was an ABSOLUTE G. Shout out to you if you’re watching!

She grins.

You see, as athletes... nay combatants... NAY WARRIORS... it would really be much simpler if we just went in there and hit each other until one of us fell over. But wrestling is so much more than that, it is about the spectacle, the grandeur, the hype, the proverbial DICK measuring contest. And don’t think that last thing doesn’t apply because we’re Bombshells, because ANYONE can rock a massive PROVERBIAL dick. So I for one strive to entertain, I endeavour to stand up and be counted and make things fun for all of you. After all, dunking a bucket of gunge over someone’s head has no PRACTICAL purpose. If anything, it makes them slippery which probably makes them harder to pin. But it’s all about having fun, right? I am all about having fun in the ring, and making sure ALL OF YOU have fun as well. And pardon me if I’m overstepping my bounds, but... I don’t think, “enigmatic” as she may be, that Masque is really all about the FUN. She seems more about the Psychosomatic psychoanalysis, or if I’m honest, just being a bit weird. I mean... weird is fine! My sister’s kinda weird. It’s just, well... I don’t really see the two of us sharing much of a common discourse. We clearly come from different worlds. And that’s fine! After all, it takes all kinds of people to make the world, just as it takes many colours to make a Rainbow. But what I will say to you, Masque, is don’t worry about figuring me out, and who I really am. There’s one part of me you need to focus on, and it is not my heart, it is not my core, it is my FOOT, because if you are not VERY careful it will connect with your jaw so damn hard you’ll be on the soup through a straw diet for two weeks. I may seem dorky, and silly and a bit of a goof, but I am a trained, black-belt level fighter. So you, and everyone else on this bombshell roster better take me seriously. Because if you don’t... I will pout and start pulling your hair. And THEN kick you in the jaw!

She laughs.

I know monsters are supposed to be scary. I guess I’m more like one of those monsters from Monsters Inc?! Does anyone remember those movies? Am I old? DON’T ANSWER THAT ONE. But yes, I maybe should be more evil and scary and rawr, but I kinda like being a cuddly Kaiju. A friendly monster. A BFG. THE BFG. So Masque, I shall see you anon. I look forward to more of your weird ramblings!

She waves bye bye, as the camera clicks off and we fade to black.
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