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Climax Control Roleplays / Nightmares Are Our Fears Trying to Mess with Us
« Last post by MiloKasey on May 17, 2024, 11:55:46 PM »
Miles sat at the edge of his bed, his phone pressed to his ear. The familiar voice of his mother, soft yet strong, brought a sense of comfort amidst the turmoil in his mind. The early morning light filtered through the curtains, casting a gentle glow around the room. It was moments like these that grounded him, reminding him of his roots and the unconditional love that always supported him.

"Miles, sweetheart, you sound tired," his mother said, concern lacing her words. "Is everything alright?"

Miles sighed, running a hand through his hair. "Hey, Mom. Yeah, it's just... a lot on my mind. With Climax Control coming up and everything that is happening with everything lately, it's hard to focus sometimes."

"I know you're under a lot of pressure, but I also know how strong you are. You've faced bigger challenges before and come out on top," she reassured him.

"Thanks, Mom. It's not just the match, though. It's also everything with LJ. We've been reconnecting, and it's been great, but it's also a lot to handle on top of everything else. Carter isn’t exactly trusting of him yet, which I get, he was that way with Ally for a little bit"

His mother paused, her tone thoughtful. "I'm so glad to hear that you and LJ are getting closer. It means the world to me to see my children supporting each other. But I can understand how it might feel overwhelming."

Miles nodded, even though she couldn't see him. "Yeah. It's been really good for both of us, but I just want to make sure I'm there for him, you know? I don't want to let him down."

"Miles, you're doing an amazing job. LJ looks up to you, and the fact that you two are connecting so well is a testament to how much you care. Just keep being yourself, and everything will fall into place."

"I know, Mom, but it still feels like there's so much riding on this match. I know there is no way in hell I’m gonna let that son of a bitch slip after everything he did. But at the end of the day all I want is to not let anyone down and that’s all I’ve been feeling like lately."

His mother sighed, her voice filled with empathy. "Family bonds are complicated, honey. But remember, I am incredibly proud of you. And I have a feeling LJ is too. You just need to keep doing what you do best: fighting with heart and integrity. You’ll get that title back, it’s only a matter of time."

"Thanks, mum. I needed to hear that," Miles said, feeling a bit of the weight lift from his shoulders. "I just wish things were simpler. Between the match, my dreams, and wanting to be a good brother, it feels like I'm constantly on edge."

"Life rarely gives us simplicity, love. It's how we handle the complexity that defines us. Use all of this, the love, the support, the drive, and channel it into your fight. Let it fuel you."

"I will, Mom. I promise," Miles said, determination seeping back into his voice. "And about the dreams... I had another one last night. About Carter. It felt so real, like a warning."

"Dreams can be our subconscious trying to tell us something, or they can just be our deepest fears playing out while we sleep. Don't let them control you. Focus on reality, on what you can control."

"You're right. As always," Miles said with a small smile. "Thanks for listening, Mom. I really needed this."

"Anytime, sweetheart. Remember, we're all rooting for you. Give them hell at Climax Control, and know that no matter what, you've already made us proud."

"I will. Love you, Mom."

"Love you too, Miles. Now go out there and show them what you're made of, give em hell."

As Miles lay in bed, the darkness of the night pressing in around him, he found himself tossed and turned in the grip of a restless sleep. Images flickered through his mind like ghosts, haunting and elusive, yet all too real.

In his dream, he found himself standing on a vast battlefield, the clash of swords and the cries of the dying echoing in his ears. He was clad in armor, his muscles tense with anticipation as he surveyed the chaos around him. And by his side stood Carter, his beloved, his soulmate, his everything.

But as Miles reached out to grasp Carter's hand, to pull him close and shield him from harm, a sense of dread washed over him like a tidal wave. For in that moment, he knew that their love was not enough to protect them from the horrors of war, from the cruel whims of fate.

As the battle raged on, Miles fought with all his strength and skill, his heart pounding in his chest as he tried desperately to keep Carter safe. But no matter how hard he fought, no matter how fiercely he struggled, he could not prevent the inevitable.

In the blink of an eye, tragedy struck. Carter fell to the ground, his body limp and lifeless, a fatal wound staining his armor crimson. And as Miles knelt beside him, his hands trembling with grief, he felt his world shatter into a million pieces.

Tears streamed down his cheeks as he cradled Carter's lifeless form in his arms, his heart aching with a pain beyond words. In that moment, he would have given anything, everything, to turn back time, to rewrite the cruel script of fate and spare them both from this agony.

But it was too late. The damage was done, the loss irreversible. And as Miles looked up at the sky, his voice choked with sorrow, he cried out to the gods above, begging for mercy, for a second chance, for anything that would bring Carter back to him.

But the heavens remained silent, their cold indifference mocking his pain. And as Miles's cries echoed into the night, he knew that he was truly alone, trapped in a nightmare from which there was no escape.

With a start, Miles jolted awake, his heart racing and his body drenched in sweat. For a moment, he lay there in the darkness, gasping for breath as the echoes of his dream faded into the recesses of his mind.

And as he reached out to pull Carter close, to feel the warmth of his body against his own, he whispered a silent prayer of gratitude, thankful beyond words that his nightmare was just that: a nightmare, a figment of his tortured imagination.

But deep down, in the quiet depths of his soul, Miles couldn't shake the feeling that his dream held a kernel of truth, a warning of the dangers that lurked on the horizon. And as he held Carter tight, vowing to never let him go, he knew that he would do whatever it took to protect their love, to keep it safe from harm, to ensure that they would never suffer the same fate as Achilles and Patroclus, doomed to be torn apart by the cruel whims of fate.

As Miles lay there, his heart still racing from the intensity of his nightmare, he felt Carter stir beside him. He held his breath, waiting for the inevitable moment when Carter would wake and realize that something was wrong.

Sure enough, moments later, Carter's eyes fluttered open, his gaze searching the darkness until it settled on Miles's troubled form. Instantly, he reached out, his touch gentle yet firm as he brushed a strand of hair away from Miles's forehead.

"Miles, baby, are you alright?" Carter's voice was soft, filled with concern as he studied Miles's face for any sign of distress.

Miles forced a weak smile, trying to push aside the lingering echoes of his nightmare. "Yeah, just a bad dream, that's all, love," he muttered, his voice tinged with uncertainty.

But Carter could see through the facade, and could sense the turmoil brewing beneath the surface. With a sigh, he unraveled himself from his fiance’s arms and then pulled Miles into his own arms, holding him close as he pressed a gentle kiss to his forehead.

"You don't have to hide it from me, babe," Carter whispered, his voice barely audible in the stillness of the night. "I can tell when something's bothering you. And whatever it is, you know I'm here for you, right?"

Miles felt a lump form in his throat as he buried his face in Carter's chest, his tears mingling with the warmth of Carter's embrace. In that moment, he felt a rush of gratitude, of overwhelming love for the man who had stood by his side through thick and thin.

"I'm sorry, Carter," Miles whispered, his voice choking with emotion. "I just... I couldn't bear the thought of losing you. Not now, not ever."

Carter held him tighter, his own tears mingling with Miles's as he whispered words of comfort and reassurance. As Miles lay nestled in Carter's arms, the remnants of his nightmare still lingering in his mind, he found solace in the steady rhythm of Carter's heartbeat beneath his ear. With each beat, it was as if Carter was grounding him, anchoring him to the present moment.

"I love you," Miles murmured softly, his voice barely above a whisper but filled with genuine sincerity.

Carter's arms tightened around him, a silent affirmation of his own love and devotion. "I love you too," he replied, his voice warm and reassuring. "More than anything in this world."

In that moment, as the darkness of the night enveloped them, Miles felt a profound sense of gratitude wash over him. Gratitude for Carter's unwavering support, for his love that knew no bounds, for the way he had always been there to lift him up when he stumbled.

"I don't know what I would do without you," Miles admitted, his voice raw with emotion. "I don’t know if you know this or not as often as I’ve said it but you're my rock, my guiding light. And I thank the stars every day that you're mine."

Carter pressed a tender kiss to the crown of Miles's head, his lips lingering there for a moment as if trying to convey all the love and reassurance he felt in that simple gesture. "I think that nightmare really messed with you and you need to just close your eyes and go back to sleep."

“If you are calling me delusional, I will refer to that ring on your finger, my love.” Miles smirked, “I guess all the sightseeing we’ve done has messed with me a little bit.”

“I think running you all over Troy has you exhausted beyond belief, and you need to go back to sleep.” Carter says with a smile but not being able to help himself while looking at the engagement ring that Miles place on his hand just a few months ago, “I got you, babe. Always.”

With those words echoing in his mind, Miles felt a sense of peace wash over him, chasing away the remnants of his nightmare and filling him with a newfound sense of hope. For as long as he had Carter by his side, he knew that together they could overcome any obstacle, face any challenge, and emerge stronger on the other side.

And as they drifted back to sleep, their breathing falling into sync as they lay entwined in each other's arms, Miles knew with absolute certainty that no matter what trials lay ahead, as long as they faced them together, their love would always triumph in the end. For their love was a beacon in the darkness, a guiding light that would lead them through even the darkest of nights. And as they drifted back to sleep, their hearts entwined as one, Miles knew that no nightmare, no matter how terrifying, could ever tear them apart.

Miles and Carter sat on the terrace of their hotel room in Troy, the ancient city's history a silent witness to their conversation. The cool evening breeze rustled the leaves around them, providing a momentary sense of calm before the storm that was to come on Sunday at Climax Control.

Miles looked out at the horizon, his mind a whirl of thoughts and emotions. "You know, Carter, this match against Vaughn and Goth... it feels like it's more than just a fight. It's personal."

Carter nodded, his expression thoughtful. "I get it, babe. Vaughn cheated you out of your title, and Goth... he's a wildcard with nothing to lose. But we've got each other's backs. That's our strength."

Miles sighed, rubbing the back of his neck. "It's not just about the title, though. Vaughn humiliated me, made a mockery of everything I worked for. And now, teaming up with you, there's this extra layer of pressure. I trust you completely, but it's like I have my head on a swivel, always watching out for you. I promised that I wouldn’t feel like this but the Saviors are not to be fucked with and I know how much you wanted to team up."

Carter reached over and took Miles's hand, squeezing it reassuringly. "We've trained for this. We've studied Vaughn and Goth's moves, their tactics. We know what we're up against. And together, we can take them down."

Miles met Carter's gaze, his eyes reflecting a mix of determination and lingering doubt. "I know, and I believe in us. But that nightmare... it just messed with me. Seeing you hurt, losing you... it felt so real. I can't shake the fear that something might happen."

Carter leaned in closer, his voice gentle yet firm. "Nightmares are just our fears playing tricks on us, babe. In the real world, side by side, we’re a force like they’ve never seen. We're stronger because we have each other. Vaughn and Goth don't have that. They're not a team like we are."

Miles took a deep breath, letting Carter's words wash over him. "You're right. We need to focus on our strengths. Vaughn might have cheated his way to the top, but he doesn't know what it's like to have someone you can trust completely"

Carter smiled, his confidence unwavering. "Exactly. And as for Goth, he's unpredictable, sure. But he's also reckless. That can be his downfall. We just need to stay smart, stay focused."

Miles nodded, thankful that at least one of them had their head on straight. "We stick to the plan, play to our strengths, and we can take them down. I just have to keep reminding myself that this isn't just about revenge or proving a point. It's about showing everyone what we're capable of together."

As the sun set, casting a golden glow over the ancient city, Miles felt a weight lift from his shoulders. The nightmare might have shaken him, but it couldn't break the bond he shared with Carter. Together, they would face Vaughn and Goth, and together, they would emerge victorious.

"Let's get some rest," Miles said, standing up and pulling Carter into a hug. "We've got a big day ahead of us, and I want us both at our best."

Carter hugged him back tightly, his voice filled with determination. "We will be, babe. And come Sunday, Vaughn and Goth will learn what it means to face a true team."

With that, they headed inside, ready to face whatever challenges lay ahead. As long as they had each other, Miles knew they could conquer anything.

Nightmares Are Our Fears Trying to Mess with Us

Miles stood alone in the locker room, the echoes of past victories and defeats surrounding him like ghosts. The air was thick with anticipation, and the dim light cast long shadows on the walls. This was his sanctuary, a gym where he could control his mind, just like he could in the ring, the place where he prepared to face his demons, and today, those demons were Peter Vaughn and Goth. He took a deep breath, letting the intensity of the moment wash over him before launching into his infamous monologue.

"Peter Vaughn, Goth, listen up because what I’m about to say, you won't forget. Vaughn, let's start with you, shall we? The so-called Internet Champion. You think you’ve climbed to the top, but you didn't do it with skill or honor. No, you clawed your way up with deceit, with underhanded tactics, and with the kind of cowardice that makes me sick to my stomach. You stole that title from me, Vaughn. You didn't earn it. You didn’t fight for it like a man; you snatched it like a thief in the night.

Your name might be on that championship, but everyone knows it should have an asterisk next to it. A footnote that reads, ‘Champion by cheating.’ You walk around with that belt like you’re something special, but deep down, you know the truth. You know you’re a fraud, a paper champion. And come Climax Control, I'm going to rip that façade away and expose you for what you really are – a scared little boy hiding behind cheap tricks.

And then there's Goth. The man with nothing to lose. Or should I say, the man who's lost it all? You’ve been around forever, Goth, and what do you have to show for it? You’re a shadow of your former self, clinging to the remnants of a legacy that's long since crumbled to dust. You think your unpredictability makes you dangerous? It doesn’t. It makes you desperate. And desperation leads to mistakes. Big mistakes.

See, I know all about you, Goth. I've studied your every move, your every tactic. You think you’re some dark force to be reckoned with, but all I see is a man trying to reclaim a glory that’s never coming back. You’re reckless, and that’s going to be your downfall. You’ve got nothing to lose, but I’ve got everything to gain.

And let’s talk about the real strength here – my partnership and relationship with Carter. Unlike you two, we know what it means to have each other's backs. We’re not just partners in the ring; we’re partners in life. That’s something neither of you will ever understand. Our bond is our greatest weapon, and it’s something you can’t break. Vaughn, your cheating and your lies? They mean nothing in the face of true loyalty. And Goth, your reckless abandon? It pales in comparison to the calculated precision of two people fighting with everything they have for the person they love.

Come Sunday, at Climax Control, this isn't just about a match. This is about redemption. This is about justice. This is about showing the world that cheaters never truly prosper and that the desperate will always fall. Vaughn, I’m coming for you with the fury of a man wronged, and Goth, I’ll put you down like the rabid dog you’ve become.

Prepare yourselves, because when that bell rings, it’s not just Miles Kasey you’re facing. It’s the culmination of every ounce of frustration, every drop of sweat, every second of preparation. It's the wrath of a man who’s had everything taken from him and is ready to take it all back. You’ll be stepping into the ring with a force you’ve never encountered before. And when it’s over, when you’re lying on the mat wondering what the hell just happened, you’ll know. You’ll know that you faced a man with nothing left to lose and everything to gain.

I’ll see you on Sunday, boys. And trust me, you’re not ready for the storm that’s coming. Climax Control will be your downfall, and my rise back to where I rightfully belong.

Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaviors, COME OUT TO PLAY!!!!!"

Miles finished his words, the words hanging in the air like a battle cry. He could feel the fire in his veins, the unyielding determination that had carried him through countless battles. With one final breath, he turned and walked out of the locker room, ready to face his adversaries and reclaim his honor.

Climax Control Roleplays / Miracle Worker? (Cordelia)
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A few weeks ago…

Cordelia Clark is having dinner with her husband on the night of her first round Blast from the Past match. Through it all, Cordelia was able to pin Serena Riot to effectively carry Justin Smith of all people to the second round. She’s barely touching her dinner, however, and her husband is realizing that she’s not in the victory mood that one would think that she’d be in.

“Everything good, Cordy?” Brian asks her.

“It’s so weird…” Cordelia mutters in response.

“What’s weird?”

“I didn’t think I’d ever come back to the Sin City Universe or anything. I didn’t think that I would ever have the heart to, not after what happened with SCU and how gutting that was for me. But being in an SCW ring under those circumstances was pretty much a bizarre feeling. I didn’t feel like a fish out of water or anything.”

“I’d say that was Serena…” Brian says with a laugh. “I knew that you were going to find a way to steal a win for your team though. I just knew it. You think you can do that for three more rounds?”

Cordelia scoffs at the very idea.


“I didn’t think you would.”

“You can only carry a sack of shit so far, you know?”

“The farther you carry him, the better you look. Honestly.”

Cordelia rolls her eyes at this.

“But this whole thing is bittersweet…”

Brian is caught off guard by Cordelia saying this.

“I felt pretty sad after that match was over. Once all the glory of the victory just faded away, I just couldn’t help but feel for what I don’t have anymore. SCU was my first home in this business and as much as I hate to say it, I was definitely missing it once the bright lights faded.”

“This is the first time you’re actually coming face to face with that…”

“Tell me about it…” Cordelia says with a pause as she begins to reflect on the day after the final SCU show, when she realized it was all but over.”

The day after SCU’s final show… (FLASHBACK)

Cordelia was in no mood to celebrate her massive win over Andrea Hernandez, former SCW Bombshells World and Internet Champion, whatsoever even if that was one of the biggest wins of her career up to that point. Life wasn’t going great for Cordelia at this point. In addition to SCU going down the drain, she wasn’t in the best place with her sister Morgan Clark and she was still dealing with the seemingly never ending sexual harassment from Hayley Halsey.

But she’s not alone. Former SCU wrestler Chelsea LeClair is with her and she’s venting to her more than anything.

“It doesn’t seem fair that the first company that I ever considered home is gone.”

“I know the feeling… kind of…” Chelsea admitted. “GCW, my first company, is still alive, but at the same time, the company that I considered my first home has been overtaken by a virus that would’ve held me and many others down when it comes to making progress up the ladder. I hated when I realized I had to leave that place for good for the sake of my career. But, you have a bright future. I’m not saying that SCU is going to be meaningless in the end, but you’ve got so much of your career to look ahead to.”

“I know…” Cordelia says with a sigh. “I just wish it didn’t have to die. I felt like I was really starting to regain my stride again after I beat Morgan and got my revenge on her for all the shit she put me through. It just doesn’t seem fair. I never imagined my life or my career without the place.”

Chelsea gives Cordelia a sympathetic sigh.

“There’s only so much that you can control…”

“At least you got to go out with the GRIME World Championship…” Cordelia says to Chelsea, who is conflicted in her own right as to whether she should be happy about that or not. “...I on the other hand, ended up with nothing.”

Chelsea suddenly glares at Cordelia, which catches the then-sweetheart off guard.

“Did I say something wrong?” Cordelia asks politely.

“Not really, but beating Andrea Hernandez, my best friend by the way no matter how you feel about her, isn’t ‘nothing’... especially when she was coming off of a big winning streak in SCW. It’s a big deal, Cordelia. It’s going to be a big gain for your career. Nobody knows more than I do the star that SCW missed out on when it comes to Andrea.”

Cordelia doesn’t know how to respond. She is quite confused as to how Chelsea could say such positive things about someone like Andrea who had her massive attitude problem back then. Cordelia rolls her eyes, but unfortunately for her, Chelsea caught her in the act.

“Something that I have learned, Cordy… and this is something that you are going to learn as well someday… is that the business can be extremely cruel at times and the very worst parts of it can turn you into someone you never intended to be or wanted to be… and more often then not, someone who you swore you would never become.”

“Are you saying that’s what happened with Andrea? Because leading up to last night, all she was doing was bullying me and saying I’d never amount to anything. You know how she was for most of her SCW career and in my book, she was like that long enough to prove that’s who she really is as a person.”

“Do you realize the context of what she went through, Cordelia?”

“She lost the world title to Evie Jordan, her dad died, she buckled under all that… that’s about the gist of it.”

“That’s what you heard, but the truth is, that was the tip of the iceberg. She was treated with hatred. People rooted for her to fail. Evie went out of her way to bury her and say all of this horrible shit to her and about her that should’ve gotten her sued. I’m not saying something like this is going to happen to you one day and I sure as hell HOPE that something like this doesn’t happen to you. But the truth is, you might end up going down a path you never thought you’d go down because you experience something horrible and you don’t know how else to handle it…”

“I’m too smart to ever have that happen to me…” Cordelia tells her fellow former SCU alumni. Of course, Cordelia had no idea that a couple of years down the road, Chelsea’s soft prediction ended up coming true.

“Andrea’s not the horrible person that you think she is and beating her IS a big deal. It’s not ‘nothing’. I understand that losing your first home hurts, but you can’t let that cloud your judgment. I understand that you want to sign somewhere as soon as you can to replace SCU and everything but don’t rush into a decision, alright?”

“Sure…” Cordelia says. “I’m sorry if I seem off…”

The SCU memories are starting to flood back, from the undefeated streak that she started out with, to winning the SCU TV Championship for her first mainstream title, to dethroning and silencing Angel Kash and her posse to win “the big one” for the first time at such a young age, to beating her sister and gaining revenge on her and finally, the win over Andrea on SCU’s last show. She’s even crying a little bit at this point and Chelsea wraps an arm around her. Inside, she’s really feeling as if she lost something that really meant a great deal to her.

“No, it’s fine! I totally understand. You’re going to have a great career, I promise you that. You just need to keep your head up and avoid making some big mistake that is going to have you going down the wrong path.”

Chelsea comforts Cordelia a little bit more and she’s starting to feel a little bit better… even if she’s feeling the horrific sting of losing a place that meant so much to her.

Back to the current moment…

“I had to confront those feelings all over again…” Cordelia says to her husband, who nods with understanding.

“Now I get why that wouldn’t be easy.”

“SCU going down is one of my biggest regrets.”

“Why would it be your regret, Cordelia? You’re not the one that made the decision to shut down the place. You didn’t have the power to keep it going. You didn’t have the power to shut it down. You have nothing to regret when it comes to that place closing shop.”

“Remember when HYBRID called me the next day?” Cordelia asks.

“Yeah, I remember.”

Cordelia’s anger is starting to become stronger when she thinks about the company she replaced SCU with. Even though the place has been gone for a few months now, HYBRID Wrestling is still a thorn in Cordelia’s side that she is doing the best that she can to move past and get over. Her sadness over SCU is replaced by the anger she is still carrying toward that company.

“I told you that it would be a bad idea to sign with that company.”

“If SCU never died, I would’ve never had to…” Cordelia says with a scoff that carries a bit of disbelief with it. “I never wanted to go somewhere else. SCU is the place I wanted to stay.”

“But after what happened with your cousin, it was still a terrible idea to go there.”

“You think I don’t know that now? I thought my cousin was the problem and it turns out, it was that fucking company. I wouldn’t be surprised if they aren’t in some way responsible for her eventual death and I hate that stupid bitch. I went there and it seemed okay at first but…”

Cordelia sighs.

“ was never for me and it wasn’t long before I realized what my role was going to be there.”

February 2023

“Do you really want me to be honest about that company, sis?”

Cordelia, who is still in her sweetheart phase for the most part, is sitting on the living room couch with her sister Morgan Clark as they are talking about the company Cordelia signed with to replace SCU following their closure.

“I want you to be honest, Cordy. Because lately, I don’t know what has gotten into you when it comes to that place, but you are clearly not happy there. You’re definitely lashing out quite a bit and every time the camera comes on you, it seems like you’d rather be somewhere else. You know what happened with our cousin and I just want to tell you that if you don’t want to stay there, you can just leave. It might even be better for your psyche otherwise.

Once again, Cordelia receives a stern warning about her future later on from someone she was trusting in. But once again, Cordelia is too naive and stubborn to see this as a warning.

“I’m not leaving, Morgan…”

“Best I can tell by your body language, you clearly want to.”

“I’m not going to give those idiots what they want.”

Morgan is taken aback by what she just heard. She widens her eyes, not expecting such a statement from someone as sweet as Cordelia was at this point in time.

“Did you just call them idiots?”

“Are you deaf?”

“Cordy, don’t be rude!”

Cordelia is taken aback now and she’s immediately regretful.

“I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to snap at you like that. I’m not going to quit, even if I should. I’m going to prove them wrong. I feel as if they don’t believe in me. SCU? Gosh, they believed in me right out of the gate and gave me every chance they could for me to prove myself. But HYBRID? I’m just canon fodder for their ‘big stars’...”

“Cordy, you know that’s not true…”

“So why is it that it never goes well for me when I go up against a big name? Did you not see what happened in that briefcase match? It’s always some ‘big name’ getting one over on me at my expense. I’m getting tired of it! I’m better than this.”

Neither Cordelia or Morgan are realizing that this was the first instance, and the first sign, of Cordelia’s sweetheart nature beginning to fade away.

“You’re just young and inexperienced and…”

“I don’t WANT to hear that! I HATE hearing that! I’m TIRED of people throwing my youth and inexperience in my face! HYBRID doesn’t see a damn thing in me! They just see me as someone to fill up the card while their big names get all the glory in the end. I’m not supposed to be just as big, if not a bigger star, than those “big names” or their butts that they shove their heads up…”



“Having this ‘woe is me’ approach to that company isn’t how to go about things.”

“You can’t talk, Morgan. This really is kind of SCU’s fault. I wouldn’t be there if they were still alive. But the real truth is that I hate that company. I hate HYBRID. I don’t fit in with anyone there. There’s no locker room camaraderie. I don’t feel like the guy that runs the place has enough passion for the business. I don’t think he likes me. I think he just offered me a contract just to fill up his roster than see any real value in me. Why did SCU have to close? UGH! I don’t know how much longer I can force myself to wrestle for that place.”

“You should leave…”

“Not before I prove them wrong…” Cordelia says, causing her sister to bite her lower lip and thus, showing her disapproval in the most subtle way she can.

“I hope you know what you’re doing…” Morgan says as she finally leaves Morganna alone.

Back to the present moment…

“I kind of think your sister was right…” Brian says.

“Debatable. I see your point and I think I even see the point she was trying to make. But if I never went through that experience, as much as I hated it, I wouldn’t have become a smarter, stronger wrestler. It’s because of dealing with the bullshit that I did there that I finally snapped out of my ‘sweet and stupid’ phase and started to live in the reality of the business. Still…”

Cordelia has a bit of a sad, sullen look on her face for the moment.

“...I’m not over the heartbreak from SCU’s closure. That’s why I came back…”

Even her own husband seems stunned by the revelation he just heard.

“If by some fucking miracle, I am able to carry the sack of shit through three more rounds, I know in my heart I can beat one of Kayla or Julianna. Hell, I beat Julianna once… before she caught fire when she signed here anyway. I could be the SCW Bombshells World Champion and I can get that closure over what’s been haunting me for a good while now. I’ll get that closure I wanted. Does that explain everything to you?”

“That it does.”

“Brian, I love you but I want you to make me this one promise.”


“This conversation never happened. You’re one of the only people I am still willing to be vulnerable to these days.”

“You can pull that miracle, Cordy…”

Cordelia finally smiles through the pain she’s still dealing with.

“I’ll pull as much of a miracle as I can…”

Cordelia can finally relax and bask in the win she was able to pull in the first round of the Blast from the Past tournament.

But the question is?

With the uphill battle carrying someone she would consider the worst male wrestler in SCW?

How many miracles does she have left in her?

May 17, 2024

Cordelia finds herself at a train station somewhere in Turkey that is empty at this point in the night and she’s in a determined mood as the camera is on her. She’s got that angry glare in her eye again as she remembers the win that she got in round one.

“Well, I knew I’d pull at least ONE miracle even though so many people were doubting me. I’m not upset at people doubting me considering who my partner is, but at the end of the day, I beat the SUPPOSED BIG NAME and because of me and me alone, Justin Smith actually got to the quarterfinals of the Blast from the Past tournament. Who the fuck would’ve thunk it right? I might actually be good at this miracle worker thing after all! Hell, why stop there? Why can’t we just win the whole thing? Okay, let’s not get too far into dreamland here. After all, there’s three rounds left to go and there’s no question in my mind that it’s going to get harder with every round. However, when you look at the matchup that is happening on the men’s side… moving on to the final four of the tournament isn’t EXACTLY a pipe dream.

Justin may be the sack of shit that he is, but certainly he can handle Artie, right? Certainly he can match up at least decently with a guy that just barely started with his career… right?


Cordelia takes a nervous pause as the expression on her face and the fact that she just bit her lower lip all but proves that she’s not completely buying into the idea that the men’s side of the match just might be closer than one would think.

“But before I get into Reznik, let me say a little something to Justin Smith. You’re fucking welcome, you sack of shit! Because of me, you doubled your victory total and you managed to finally get one over Eddie Lyons even though it was me that ended up getting the pin at the end. I’m the reason we’re here. I’m the reason why we end up in the semifinals if we so happen to advance that far and to think that going into that match, you were whining and bitching up a storm about me. You were talking about how you don’t trust me.

Yet, the woman that you don’t trust is the reason why you won.

But then right after that, you say the one thing that justifies my attitude toward someone like you being my partner for this tournament: talking about how you’d rather be a perennial loser in SCW than a top star in SCU. Are you fucking kidding me? You’d rather be a LOSER in SCW than a WINNER in an equivalent promotion?: Are you one of those idiots that saw SCU as a “developmental territory” top SCW like so many people thought it was back in the day when it was made very clear in company documents and promotional materials that SCU and SCW were equal under the same umbrella? NO WONDER YOU’RE A FUCKING LOSER! You don’t understand a FUCKING THING about how the business works! Let me say it louder for the dumbasses on the roster that share the same line of thinking.


I completely understand that the likes of Krystal Wolfe and Ariana Angelos have made SCU look god awful with their constant shit on a regular basis in SCW these days, but for fuck’s sake! Anyway Justin, I don’t want to go off into a tangent. The rest of your promo pretty much proved you were hopeless. It’s like you don’t even TRY! Artie, I don’t know who you are. I don’t even know you personally. You’re obviously green as green can come, but all I am going to say to you is that you can very much handle someone like Justin Smith. I don’t know your potential or your talent on the fullest scale, but one on one? You can totally kick his ass.

But here’s the thing Artie…

…here’s where the reality of the situation bites you in the ass…

This isn’t a one on one. It’s a mixed tag.

OBVIOUSLY I’m not beating you in the middle of that ring because I can’t due to the mixed tag rules.

But Justin doesn’t have to beat you in order for me to advance to the semifinals.

I just have to find a way to beat Kallie Reznik and for your sake, Artie, you’re better off staying on the apron and being in the match as little as possible. If I keep Justin out of the fucking ring as much as I can, then we WILL win this match. Now, to those that are watching this… please give me a reason why I can’t beat someone like Kallie Reznik.

Because of her association with Finn Whelan who is one of the biggest names in the men’s division?

If this is your logic for why I can’t beat Kallie, then check yourself. I’m not facing Finn. I’m facing her! Kallie has less experience than I do, even. Her association doesn’t mean a damn thing to me. So tell me why I can’t beat her? What makes her so fucking special that she’s considered one of the rising prospects of the Bombshells division? I want an explanation for that right now.

What makes you so special, Kallie? Losing to fucking Harper Mason? Really?

You lost to Harper fucking Mason on a fucking supercard? Holy shit, you should be ashamed of yourself. Someone like Harper Mason is someone that a Finn Whelan associated wrestler should be eating for breakfast and you couldn’t even beat her on the biggest stage under the brightest lights? I don’t want to hear that you had beaten her prior to that. What matters is what happened in the most recent encounter and you couldn’t even beat Harper Mason. You should be fucking ashamed of yourself for losing to someone like that. In fact, I’m shocked that Finn didn’t drop you like a bad habit after that because by losing to someone like Harper Mason, you embarrass and shame someone like him and I didn’t see someone that seemed to give too much of a damn of what I just talked about and I have to be honest with you here, Kallie.

I didn’t see the fire in you when you were fighting your Blast from the Past first round match. Sure, you got the win. You’re in this match now. But I didn’t see someone that was motivated enough. The only reason why you even advanced to this match here is because the Bombshell you were facing was a sack of shit herself in Bea Barnhart. You face any women’s wrestler worth a fuck, and you’re not advancing. You were so lucky in the draw that you managed to get perhaps one of the five worst Bombshell wrestlers in Sin City Wrestling history.

I didn’t hear that fire in your words going into that match.

Hell, you even said that suffering your first loss… TO FUCKING HARPER MASON… “wasn’t a huge deal”.


You know why? Because all of that momentum that you were building up, all of that credibility you were slowly gathering as you won your matches, your mystique, your aura… it’s GONE!

You suddenly don’t seem like such a big deal anymore losing to someone like that! Your performance at Blaze of Glory… I don’t know if you thought you were too good to face her or if you underestimated her or what the fuck… it was pitiful.

It was absolutely pitiful!

But it’s not a “huge deal” that you lost to someone like that? Give me a fucking break, Kallie! If your first loss was to a Kayla Richards or a Julianna DiMaria, that’s one thing. Losing to two main event caliber Bombshells isn’t going to kill you or flush your credibility down the toilet or anything like that.


Are you fucking SERIOUS?

Honestly, had you lost to Bea Barnhart in round one, it really wouldn’t have been as much of a damn surprise as people would’ve made it out to be.

So tell me Kallie…

Why are you suddenly being gifted a spot in the semifinals?

Why are people automatically assuming that you and Artie are going to be there?

Because of my ‘lack of SCW experience’?”

Cordelia rolls her eyes through a brief pause.

“It’s definitely not it.

I know why people are automatically assuming that you’re going to be in the semifinals.

Because my partner is a sack of shit.

Even I can’t deny that logic.

BUT, there’s one whole flaw with that logic and that’s the fact that we got by round one to get to this point and who’s to say that it can’t happen again. I’d have to carry the ball and I’d have to figure out a way to overcome the uphill battle again, but if there is one person in this tournament that can pull it off, you’re looking at her. In the grand scope of this business, Serena Riot, on paper, is a bigger name than you are and I managed to beat her so you definitely cannot be going into this thing thinking that you have an automatic bye to the final four. If someone like FUCKING HARPER MASON can beat you, then so can I: pure, simple fact!

You were exposed as someone that was overrated the whole time and should I win this match and pull yet another miracle, then that’ll expose you even more! Hell, let’s continue to be honest with each other. You and Artie aren’t going much farther if you win.

But I’ll fight like hell to make sure that you don’t. This Sunday I’ll be hopping aboard the miracle train again and I will somehow, someway, continue to do the fucking impossible and when it’s all said and done, because of me and me alone, I will be moving on to the semifinals of the Blast from the Past tournament!

Yes, I said “I”.

Not “we”.

There is no “we”.

It’s literally just ME… because my partner?

Holy hell, he’s so fucking HORRIBLE that he’s barely even HALF a fucking wrestler. This is ultimately the second of what amounts to FOUR handicap matches for me. Justin Smith is just a body that walks around and thinks he’s wrestling, but is nothing more than a big sack of shit that is so big that he’d reverse deforestation in the Amazon in one go with how rotten of fucking ELEPHANT DUNG he is!

I already won round one on my own and I’m going to do it again. Somehow, fucking someway, I am going to singlehandedly win this tournament and basically cement myself as one of the greatest Bombshell competitors in the history of this tournament all in one go.

So if you’re not on the ‘miracle train’, book your fucking tickets. Because I’m riding it all the way to the end… and maybe if I’m lucky, that train will run Justin over and he has to be replaced in the next two rounds by an actual wrestler…

…you know what? Fuck it…”

Cordelia literally folds her hands in prayer.

“God, please let Justin Smith get hit by a train so that I can have a better partner for this tournament. Please, for the love of all that is holy, PLEASE let him get hit by a train. Amen!”

Cordelia lets out a final sigh.

“...fucking sack of shit…”

Cordelia shuts off the camera.
Climax Control Roleplays / In honor of Achilles
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Yeniköy, Turkey

“Carter, you’re being safe, yes?” It was the voice of Joanna McKinney that voiced her concerns for her only son and by extension, her future son-in-law, Miles Kasey who was currently in the shower following a grueling morning jog. Even in this city, Miles was not one to forgo a chance to work out, and even managed to get Carter to join him in his early morning run habit that Carter fully blamed the Baltasarsson brothers for kick starting.

And it was from inside his and Miles’s suite at the Kas Kekik Apart hotel where Carter was currently engaging in a video chat with his mother via Face Time, despite the extensive difference in hours between Turkey and Seattle, Washington. True, Carter was known for keeping regular contact with his Mom and Grams no matter where he was touring in the world; it had become daily ever since his and Miles’s arrival in Turkey. Joanna had done her research on the country of Turkey and their outlook toward the LGBTQ community and discovered it was less than favorable compared to so many other nations in the world.

“Mom…” Carter sat back in the chair that was positioned in front of the desk against the far wall of the suite. “You ask me that every time I call you ever since we arrived in Turkey. We’re fine.”

“Well you can't fault a mother for being concerned for the safety of her only son.” Joanna pointed out, and it was far more of a statement than it was a question. She raised her eyebrows over the rim of her glasses. “Can you?” She asked.

“No,” Carter smiled, despite himself. He knew well enough the risks as a gay man traveling in nations such as this. “I guess I can’t. How’s Grams?”

“Concerned, just like me.” Joanna spoke openly, adding, “Although you know your grandmother. She hides those feelings behind sass and humor.”

“Oh is that who I got it from?” Carter jested to which Joanna mocked his smirk with a brazenly fake laugh of her own. “Must be.” She answered, adding, “I know I’ve been driving you crazy but this is the first time you’ve gone to a country that didn’t favor your lifestyle.”

“Yeah because America has been overly progressive these past eight years towards the gays.” Carter jested but it was one of sarcasm for how backward things seemed to have gone for the LGBTQ community since 2016. Only recently have things even begun to recover.

Joanna stressed, “Limited as America has been lately, it’s still a world above many other countries for men and women like you sweety.”

“I know.” Carter smiled. “But I just want you to know we’re safe. Nothing bad has happened.”

Although Carter’s assurances were not accurate. Not entirely. For the most part, the citizens of Turkey were wary but welcoming, starving for the excitement that the Superstars and Bombshells of SCW were bringing to them this coming weekend. But unfortunately, there was always the possibility for there to be at least one rotten apple in the bushel filled with ripe and enticing fruit. And Carter had experienced that evidence firsthand just yesterday when he and Ariana had taken some time to go out for a bit of shopping for souvenirs for their friends and loved ones back home. Carter had tried to entice (IE drag) Miles along but shopping wasn’t Miles’s favorite of pastimes so while his fiance kicked back with Francisco and Malachi at the hotel, Ariana and Carter, along with Bella Madison, hit the waterfront shops for a simple, relaxing day of shopping and coffee, planning to meet the boys later for dinner.

And it was in an open shop called Kusadasi Leather, where everything from bags to jackets and beyond crafted of the finest leather materials was sold - that Carter came to a startling discovery. Celebrity did not always matter in the face of bigotry.

While Bella and Ariana were inspecting a display of some of the finest made leather boots they had ever had the pleasure of laying eyes upon, Carter had gone in search of a clerk. He had found a leather jacket that he wanted to buy for Miles as a surprise but there were none in Miles’s size, so Carter sought an employee that could perhaps help locate one.

And Carter did indeed find a middle aged male working behind the counter, but every time Carter tried to attract his attention, the man all but blatantly ignored his very presence. Carter, his head in the clouds, did not understand yet what he was facing until he tried for a third time to get the man to assist him and the man spun to face him with the ugliest expressions on his face.

It was a good thing Bella and Ariana were so far from the counter as they could not hear the words the clerk was saying, but it was clear by the pained shock on Carter’s face that the words were vile indeed. The clerk looked him up and down in disgust while pointing toward the open door and the streets beyond, and only then did Carter finally understand and his heart broke just a little.

Satisfied, the clerk turned away from him once again to resume his “work” and a heartbroken Carter quietly walked over to where Bella and Ariana were choosing their boots. Bella looked up first and asked, “Did they have one in Miles’s size?”

Carter just shook his head in a silent answer, trying to keep a straight face to ward off any suspicion or concern on the part of his shopping buddies.

“No.” he said weakly. “I’m just going to wait outside.” He smiled and turned and left the store without giving either young woman a chance to say anything, theory only response being a shared glance between one another.

Besika Burnu

Two kilometers South of the modern village of Yeniköy in the Ezine district of Çanakkale Province, Turkey, lies Besika Burnu. And only a short distance inland at a tumulus known as Besiktepe is what some historians and many enthusiasts of tales of the ancient world would tell you to be the location of the Tomb of Achilles. Achilles - the central character in Homer’s Iliad, Achilles was known to be the son of the sea goddess Thetis and thought of as history’s greatest warrior. The hero of the Trojan War. But if it was his lust and expertise in warfare that made him well known, it was his undying love for his close friend and as some historians believe - lover - Patroclus, that made him world renown for well over two thousand years.

And while few, if any, believe the demigod Achilles was real, many believe that there indeed was a powerful warrior and his loyal lover and friend who both died on the battlefields of the Trojan War, sparking the tales we now know and revere. Thought to have lived in the time of 400-350 B.C. Achilles was one of the few warriors in history to be openly respected and even revered by the man who became known as Alexander the Great. Alexander thought so highly of Achilles that he considered him both a hero as well as his greatest rival, longing to outdo the legacy of the famed Greek warrior. And in the year 334 B.C., Alexander paid reverence to the Tomb of Achilles, running naked to the Tomb itself where he laid a wreath upon his grave. And mimicking the love Achilles and Patroclus had for one another, Alexander's close friend and love Hephaistion did the same at the mound that was thought to be the grave of Patroclus.

Since then, many have tried and failed to follow the footsteps of Alexander to locate the lost Tomb of Achilles, but the one place that is most agreed upon to be the exact location was where we found ourselves to be now. The bus had slowed to a crawl on the country road, the doors sliding open and the first to emerge was a Turkish male of middle years wearing a tanned, collar shirt and white slacks with moccasins on his feet. He surveyed his surroundings and once satisfied, he beckoned those inside and soon to be followed was a respectable large group of tourists and history buffs who could not resist the chance to visit such a location. Of course, given the distance between the mountain and Yenikoy was just over a mile, it could have easily been walked in roughly thirty minutes' time, but the experience of the bus ride was just an additional part of the touristy package.

There were men and women both, young and old. But perhaps most prominent was a contingent of stars from Sin City Wrestling; notably Miles Kasey and his fiance Carter McKinney. Harper Mason. Bella Madison and her husband, and self-professed history buff - Malachi. All present looked around until their eyes fell upon the fabled mountain of Besiktepe. The scope of the mountain was easy to attract the attention of everyone present as it stood an impressive 5200 feet above sea level.

The heavens above the mountain were cloudy, a gray overcast with the lightest of rains sprinkling down from so very high above their heads. Still, the less than perfect weather was no detriment for those that traveled here from nearby Yeniköy where in a matter of days, the latest edition of SCW Climax Control would be held. And while the weather was wet, there was still a humid warmth behind it which allowed those present to don comfortable clothes of loose shirts and shorts if so desired. However a protective Miles Kasey had insisted that Carter wear something a touch more … substantial, all the better to prevent a relapse from his previous bout of bronchitis from a couple months previous. And while Carter complained and protested, ultimately he yielded to his future husband’s demands with the compromise of wearing jeans rather than shorts and a long sleeved albeit loose shirt. It would be warmer but safer because Miles was well aware that once someone experienced bronchitis, it was all but guaranteed to remain with them throughout the remaining years.

That being said, the tour guide called to the group and beckoned them to follow him and the hike began toward the base of Besiktepe. Of course they were not going to attempt to reach the summit, as there was not enough time in the day nor were any of them prepared. And besides, it was not the reason behind this group’s scheduled tour to be fair. That reason became all too clear within the hour as the group hiked diligently over stream and moor until they reached the approximate base of the mountain. And while the winds had been blowing harder than average for this time of year, here? The winds had strangely calmed down at this exact location, as if the gods did not want to disturb this final resting place of one of their greatest of demigods.

And while there was a well worn path that would lead to a trail further up the mountainside, it was the arrangement of rocks as if fashioning a precise monument that drew them near, where flowers had grown despite the rocky outcrop, a further testament toward whom they believed to be laying here. A tribute from the gods themselves? Yet not all of the flowers were grown naturally; some had been left here as gifts and offerings for the Greek warrior Achilles and his soulmate Patroclus.

Many of the tourists had spread out, looking to their heart’s leisure, including those of our own SCW crew. Malachi was strongly desiring to travel further up the mountain and explore, perhaps hoping to be the one to catch a glimpse of history and where exactly Achilles had been laid to rest but Bella had held fast to his arm to keep him from wandering off too far from her. Harper had walked closer toward the base of the mountain to afford herself a closer glimpse at the various flowers and offerings left by tourists and nature alike.

And Carter and Miles? The two lovebirds had stood back, perhaps wanting to stay somewhat discreet given Turkey’s views on the LGBTQ community but that did nothing to dissuade Miles from wrapping his muscled arm around Carter’s shoulder to hold him close.

“Thank you.” Carter spoke softly as he laid his head for a brief moment on Miles’s shoulder.

Miles asked, “For …?” To which Carter just shrugged and smiled, “For just being here with me.”

This only drew a broader smile from Miles as he snuggled his man in even more so against his upper body.

But while the majority of tourists continued to look around or take pictures - the younger majority taking those ridiculous selfies complete with “duck lips,” Carter took a step forward and reached into the large canvas bag he was carrying over his shoulder. His touring companions noticed this but it was Malachi whose curiosity got the better of him and he nodded his head in Carter’s general direction.

“What are you up to?” Malachi asked, his eyes rising from the bag to meet Carter’s own. “What is that?”

To which Carter answered - not with words but by a simple action as he took out a wreath, fashioned in classic style from combinations of ivy, laurel and myrtle. All eyes were curious but it seemed it was Malachi who understood enough and nodded, saying simply, “Understood.”

“What?” Harper asked, eyeing the wreath before looking between Malachi and Carter. “What is it?”

“This mountain is considered to be the Tomb of Achilles and burial site of Patroclus.” Carter said simply, his cheeks taking on a charming flush as if he was trying to prepare himself should any present make light of his proposed actions. He shrugged his slim shoulders and said, “Would seem a shame to visit and not leave an offering.”

Malachi’s expression was unreadable - big surprise. But Bella and Harper both smiled genuinely at his thought process. But it was Miles who stepped forward and he opened the canvas bag on his man’s shoulder wider and peered inside, saying, “There had better be a second one in there for me.”

And Carter did not even have to answer as Miles reached in and indeed took out a second wreath. Inspecting it closely, Miles then casually smiled and looked at his fiance and said, “I guess this makes me Achilles and you Patroclus, hm?”

“Actually,” Carter said. “If historians are to be believed, it would be the other way around. I’d be Achilles and you would be Patroclus.”

“What?” Miles asked, caught only remotely off guard by this outlook. “Why?”

“Well,” Carter began to explain. “If they parallel our lives? Patroclus was the older of the two so according to ancient Greek custom, Achilles was the receiver and Patroclus was the…” It was then Carter realized what he had just said in front of everyone and their eyes stared at him and he blushed an even darker shade of pink and said, “I know, I know! TMI!”

And he moved forward to lay the wreath at the base of the mountain, Miles snorting back a laugh to do the same while Malachi just looked heavenward and rolled his eyes.

Troy of Turkey

By now, the sky had cleared as had the weather. The rain had long since passed and the sun had managed to fight its way through the overcast sky, but it had occurred late enough within the day that the transition between day and night had passed by quicker than rain and sunny skies. And it was here at the entrance to the location of Troy in Turkey where a perfectly reconstructed Trojan Horse. The tale of the Trojan Horse was as famous as the stories about the Trojan War itself. After a seemingly endless war that lasted for over ten years, the Greeks built a huge wooden horse with a contingent of men hidden inside. The Trojans, thinking of keeping it as a victory trophy, pulled the horse inside the city. At night, those inside crept out and opened the gate for the rest of the Greek forces, allowing for the siege of Troy to be a foregone conclusion.

And now here stood the replica of the famed Trojan Horse, standing twenty five feet tall and illuminated by the laps stationed around the black, wrought-iron fence. Some tourists still lingered in the vicinity, none wishing for their evening to end, but there was one person in particular who sat on a bench, his eyes staring straight ahead at the courtyard, and the famed Horse itself. None other than Carter McKinney, aka Helluva Bottom Carter.

“Miles was right. There are perks to being an SCW Superstar that others don’t get to enjoy that we do, and sometimes maybe even take for granted. This…”

Carter nodded toward the Horse and the ruins of Troy that could still be seen beyond.

“...Is one of them. The Iliad was always one of my favorite stories, the tale of the Trojan War always fascinated me. I was always the opinionated sort, even as far back as my school days and I can remember the time my history teacher assigned us to do a report on any historical event, fact or fiction, and I chose the Trojan War. I admit I think I caught my teacher off guard by how unforgiving I was in my report. So many people that had read the Iliad seem to think of Hector of Troy as the true hero but I gave so many differing opinions to those of even the teacher that he had almost failed me were it not for my presentation that swayed him and a few classmates to my way of thinking.”

“Hector was no hero. I mean, what kind of hero is on the field of battle and turns tale and runs when the Greeks’ greatest warrior is seen running toward him, ready to kill him for killing his love? Of course that warrior was Achilles and he was out for blood for killing Achilles’s friend and lover, Patroclus. And who wouldn’t have turned tail and ran like a bitch if an enraged Achilles was coming for you? But it wasn’t just that. I reported everything from Paris being a cowardly little weasel and Helen was a cheating whore. In fact, I blamed the entire war and every death suffered at the feet of those two in particular. Because were it not for Paris having an affair with Helen and spiriting her away to Troy, none of it would have happened.”

“But more so than the story of the war itself, it was the story of Achilles and Patroclus that had always captured my heart and soul. What can you say about a love between two friends and lovers that has remained an epic tale for over two millennia? That is what I call relationship goals! Of course, my bestie Ariana would tell everyone it was Brad Pitt as Achilles that made me love the stories so much, but that is a secret I will take with me to my grave.”

Carter smiled as he leaned back on the bench, his eyes briefly scanning the sky overhead before gazing back to the Trojan Horse.

“But I didn’t come to give everyone a history lesson or talk about a gay romance that historians still debate between fact and fiction. The stories of Troy and Achilles that I have loved all these years are the reason I practically begged Mark Ward and Christian Underwood to find me a match, any match, and let me compete on the same battlefields that fascinated me since childhood. And they came through in a way that I never expected. I would have been happy being in the opener against anyone, but what did they give me instead? They gave me an early Christmas and birthday gift combined because for the first time ever, I get to team with my man, my love and future husband - Miles Kasey.”

“And as if the fact alone wasn’t thrilling enough, then we find out our opponents are two men who are as familiar with one another as Miles and I. And I am speaking of the last remaining remnants of probably the biggest threats as far as wrestling stables go in SCW - the Saviors. Goth and Peter Vaughn.”

Carter blinked, seemingly perplexed with his hands held out.

“I mean, what can you really say about either Goth or Peter Vaughn  when it comes to their records and reputations inside of the ring, both here in SCW and elsewhere? I don’t mean to make Goth feel old by any means but when I was a kid, I was watching that man fight the likes of ‘Bulldog’ Bill Barnhart and Chris Shipman in some of the most epic and bloody clashes down in the AWA, Asylum Wrestling Alliance! In fact, I think it was the respectful rivalries between those three men and the clashes between them that were the first spark of a shining beacon that guided me to follow my path, my dream.”

“Goth is a former champion everywhere he has gone. World title, regional or tag, it didn’t seem to matter. When he set his sights on a championship, you had to feel sorry for whoever the poor sap was that was defending that championship because you knew it was on borrowed time. When Goth wanted to be a champion, he became one. That is his legacy in the sport! That is why he is a multi-time inductee in the Hall of Fame in SCW, AWA and probably a number of other places I don’t even know. He is THAT damn good! He is THE living legend and I am proud to say that I have been inside the ring against him more than once, and I am DAMN lucky to have walked away with a win under my belt at his expense! Not everyone can say that, especially if you’re like me and still in the relatively early stages of your in-ring career.”

“So Goth, please allow me to say this. Let me get the sappy part of this promo out of the way so that we can step inside of the ring one last time and kick it in the ass! I know this is just the lead up to your retirement match at Into the Void XIII, and I find no shame in admitting that I was heartbroken to hear about your impending retirement. But man, if anyone has earned the right for a rest, it’s you. And I believe I speak for everyone that the world of professional wrestling will be lesser without you in it.”

Carter then looked up and there was a somewhat more serious expression on his face as he stared hard into the camera.

“Which brings us to the other half of the Saviors, and Goth’s tag team partner, Peter Vaughn. The raining Internet champion, well… at least until we arrive at Pearl Harbor for Into the Void XIII and Miles writes a wrong and becomes a two-time Internet Champion.”

Carter shakes his head.

“Peter, I never really had anything against you. I mean aside from this in ring rivalry that you had with my fiance, absolutely nothing. I mean realistically speaking, you picked up some of the biggest wins against some of the best talent since you've arrived in Sin City Wrestling. Including myself! And while I'd like to think that I gave as good as I got, the fact remains that it was your arm that got raised when I challenged you for your Roulette Championship. Saying anything otherwise would be both a lie as well as hypocritical. I want respect inside of the ring, so who am I to deny it to somebody else who has more than earned it?”

“Which leaves me to ask the most obvious question, what happened to you? That last championship match that you had when you challenged Miles for the Internet Championship, damn man! That match is the stuff of legends! You know damn well that when it comes time to vote for Match of the Year, that one is going to be right up there high on the list of finalists! At least until you went and ruined it with how you picked up the win.”

Carter snorts back in disgust.

“Seriously Petey, you and Miles had that entire crowd in the palm of your hands! Everyone watching from the arena and on the webcast were leaning on their chairs, white knuckled on the armrests, captivated one hundred percent! So that begs the question, why did you do it? Why did you throw out all of that to get such a cheap win?”

“I suppose in true savior's fashion, it becomes the logic of a win is a win, especially when a championship is at stake. But from the way that match was going from start to finish, I expected more. I expected better, and so did everyone else! Miles deserved better! Is that why you did it? Is that why you took such a shortcut to end his Internet title reign? Because it looked like for the first time between the two of you, that he was about to end things in his favor? You just couldn't handle that thought, could you? The idea of not having a clean sweep over the man was too much and you decided to end it at a desperation, by any means necessary.”

“Well that's what this matches all about this coming weekend. Not just a chance for us to say our final goodbyes to your tag team partner, but also a chance to address and write a wrong that you committed. Oh don't get me wrong, peter! The respect is still there except for that one action. I don't like what you did, I like what you've become even less. And this weekend?”

Carter slowly stood up from the bench, now looking down into the camera.

“I'm going to make damn sure miles picks up that win against you, the one win that you've been dreading since the two of you first locked up.”

That being said, Carter tucked his hands into his jacket pockets and slowly started to walk away, the sound of his heels on the pavement echoing into the night until the camera slowly faded out.
Climax Control Roleplays / the butterfly effect 6.0 // attempt
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France was beautiful. Of all the places in the world I never thought I would get to go, it was France. When I was a kid, we traveled to a lot of different American Military bases across the world. For instance, my love of wrestling started when we went to a small Puroresu show in Japan while my mom was in Okinawa. The cheers, the life of the arena, the jeering of the crowd, and the thud of the female athletes as they hit the canvas, the floor, even the chairs around us was exhilarating. I told myself that one day I would be a wrestler like them, and maybe one day, I could go to Japan and perform for them too.

I never really planned for anything else until I was around seventeen years of age. You see, we’d moved back to Colorado by then, and my mom was stationed at Buckley Air Force Base.  My whole family was there, and as families do, they always encouraged me to do my best. My grandmother, though, she thought so highly of me and demanded that I go to college. There is no point in wasting your brain, she would tell me. I graduated fifth in my class, and I earned a scholarship to the University of Colorado so that I could study literature.

So I did.

It just happened to be the worst choice I could have ever made, and led me down a path that I somewhat regret now. They always say you should never regret your past, because it was what made you. But had I made other choices? Go to a different college, immediately being wrestling training, perhaps I wouldn’t have become the person that I am today.

Since the day that I thought I saw him out my window, I’d begun having nightmares. The whole month of April tended to give me nightmares too, but I’d been able to squash most of them on my own. I knew I was ultimately safe. Zach reminded me daily that he wasn’t there, and I certainly wasn’t going to see him in some coffee shop in France.

Anyway, I had to get over it. I had a good job, a career I loved, and I had a Blast From the Past to win. The goal wasn’t just to get to the top – it was to face the best in the business right now. And that…that was Kayla Richards. My bestie.

And if I could face her, I could face anything, right?

I could face my past, I could confront my future head on and tell it that I was going to be the best, like no one ever was.

And that was something I needed more than anything.


I don’t have a lot to say this week. I wish I did, but I feel like my brain is all wrapped up in cobwebs and spiders right now, and that….well, it’s not the best. I know it. It’s not my favorite thing and I wish I didn’t, but there are just some weeks where I get nervous.  Sometimes I end up second guessing myself, thinking that I’m not good enough. Thinking…that I made the wrong decisions to come back after the birth of my kiddo.

But then I remember that I’m Kallie Reznik, and if I can’t come back and be peppy, then no one can.

Artie and I kicked butt last time. I mean, I took care of a lot of it, but Artie? Artie did great. He’s getting the training that he needs, training with Fenris and I mean, his wifey might have been beaten for the Roulette Championship, but I really think that he could do great things here. Once, of course, he gets over…well, himself. I’ll do everything that I can to help him this week, but that is like, the most important thing. That we work with one another to be the best that we can, no matter what.

We’ve got Cordelia Clark and Justin Smith this week. It’s funny, like, the similarities here. Justin Smith acts like he has one brain cell like….firing….at any time, so I can deffo understand why she had a meltdown last time. I know that I have an even shorter straw, but at least I have a partner that wants to do his best and doesn’t just dial it in because he’s trying to…I dunno, just be here?

We know Justin got here because of Cordy, and that’s obvious. I mean, after the experience that Cordelia has within this company, what with being in Underground and then being here…it’s like she’s trying to forget a whole section of her life and come back with a rookie attitude.

I don’t…like…get it.

See, I’ve been wrestling three years now, and I have my championships. I do. I cherish them and they help me remember that I’m a good combatant, that I am good at what I do. I’ve fought hard, and I will always fight hard. And sometimes, I get a challenge placed in front of me, and you know what I do? I welcome it. I want new things, I want to face people I’ve never faced, I don’t want it to be easy for me. And this week? I know Cordelia has a great repertoire and can like, super fight. And that’s what I want in front of me, cuz it like, invigorates me.

But I will never understand why people get so upset about their partners. Look at mine. He doesn’t even know how to wrestle, and here I am, thinking I’m going to be the one that messes it up for both of us! I don’t want to do that. I know he doesn’t want to do that. So we’re both gonna try like heck to get to the top of this tournament. I want to face the best.

I want to face everyone that can teach me something new.

And you know what? I learn a lot from every match that I come across.

This will be no different.

Cordy. Justin.

This is gonna be a great match – let’s make sure that we have an awesome one, and let’s make the crowd happy, okay!?
Climax Control Roleplays / ENDEAVOR LIV
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Blog: Almighty Fire
semana del 12 al 18 de mayo de 2024

At Climax Control 392, two streaks was on the line, a winning streak and a losing streak. After two weeks ago, one of them was broken. If you want to make a statement, pulling off an upset against the reigning Bombshell Internet Champion can do wonders for your career. That's right, I pulled it off. I beat Tempest! Don't ask me how or why, it just happened. Still, I think Tempest is just as surprised as I was. I handed Tempest her first loss of the year and her first loss in five months going back to last year. The crowd didn’t like it, but I can deal with the boos just fine. I expected it. I also expected to walk out of my match with my hand raised and look what happened. There was no doubt in my mind, in their mind and in Tempest’s mind that she had a chance, not even a minuscule one. Because a woman with nothing to lose is a dangerous one.

Tempest is on the verge of losing everything: her winning streak, her aura, and in a few weeks time at Into the Void, the Bombshell Internet Championship.

One match, one win, does not a serious title contender make - and I consider myself a serious title contender - but let's not lose focus, let's get this where it needs to be. In less than two days, those fans in Troy, Turkey are in for a treat. Where else are you going to see a match between two legendary Hall of Famers, a match between two women who have cemented their place in Sin City Wrestling history? With a combined seven world titles, 22 overall championships, and an impressive 21 years experience in this company, to say this match between Crystal Zdunich and I is destined to be an epic clash of titans would be an understatement. Never let it be said that the good paying fans at every SCW event aren't thoroughly entertained.

You know, ever since I joined Sin City Wrestling, I always looked forward to mixing it up with some of the best talent this company had to offer. I like to be challenged, kept on my toes, always having one eye open to the next opponent hoping to take their best shot. I was just another plucky newcomer who had to learn on the fly and get used to things fast if I wanted to succeed, and succeed I have, many times over. Proud to say it, not afraid to admit it.

I've had my ups and downs in my career but each time I've come back stronger for it. 2024 is already a lost year for me. But for a variety of reasons, I refuse to die. Perseverance got me here; determination is what made me stay. You want to be another wrench in the works, you want to throw another obstacle in my way, have me keep jumping through hoops? Bring it. Like the Phoenix I will rise again and like the Empire I will strike back.

If you have plans for an upset this weekend, Crystal, cancel them. Better yet, crumple it up and throw it away. You're going to want to be ready for the disappointment coming your way in Turkey. If you already planned to be there, then good. You are where you are supposed to be. I’m not going to tell you not to show up. That would be insulting to you and a disservice to me because I would hate to win a match by forfeit, but it helps that the option is still there on the table.You've known me to talk the talk, but I can also walk the walk. And I'm going to walk straight through you this Sunday.

And this isn’t going to be a match, oh no. This is going to be a war, and you are going to end up as a casualty, a martyr for your cause, or a rebel for cause. Whatever. Sunday night is where you learn first-hand that while silence is golden, I'm going to make my statement loud and clear and for all the world to hear when you end up on my checklist. But you already know what that's like over the years, don't you, mamita?


“I never got the whole mythos behind Superman.”

“What's not to get? The dual identity or the million-and-one superpowers?”

“I can handle the suspension of disbelief. It's the persona that's lost on me.

[Mercedes sits across from her brother, Jorge, who is reading a classic issue from his collection and turning the pages meticulously.]

He's nigh invincible. He isn't called the Man of Steel for nothing.”

Not when it comes to Kryptonite he's not. Or magic. Or lead.

It's just Kryptonite, Red Sun radiation, and magic now.

Sure, okay. But it does make me wonder.

You mean the whole dodging bullets, powerful than a locomotive, and leaping tall buildings deal?

Supposedly, he's “faster than a speeding bullet”. Well, is he faster than 100? 500? A Gatling gun?

[Jorge stops reading now as he gives Mercedes his full attention.]

So the question, then, is not so much that bullets can't hurt him, but why does he need to duck when they throw the gun? Everyone talks about about him being faster than the speed of light, but does anyone ever wonder what the speed of dark is?

Perhaps there's more to Superman than meets the eye.

No. I don't think so.

But he's the Man of Steel...

He's not living up to his promise. So bullets bounce off his chest, big deal.

[Jorge reaches across the table to feel her forehead.]

You OK?

(swatting his hand away) What? I'm fine.

You sure? I didn't think you would go all philosophical on a comic book.

It's called common sense, Jorge. Someday, you will know what that is.

I think I'll stick with suspension of disbelief, thank you.
(changing the subject as he goes back to reading, turning another page). So you had a match against Tempest, huh? Think you stood a chance?

I was dreading it. And, yeah, that's the theory, at least.

So what do you call staring up at a nearly six-foot giant?

A tall order. I'm still feeling the injuries from the last match we had. I was practically counting how many lights were in the arena or finding out how hard the canvas was. Let's just say that for a rookie coming in as a wrestler in her second match, it wasn't what I had expected.

Trust me, I remember.

For what it was worth, though, I'm surprised our rivalry lasted for so many months. It may have been three years ago, but at least I won my fair share of matches against her.

[For the second time, Jorge looks up, slowly this time as he mouths the word “damn”.]

How the hell are you going to beat Tempest at the supercard? Five stones and a slingshot?

The same way I ended up beating her the last time...

[Without a beat, Mercedes offers her brother a weakened smile.]

Suspension of disbelief.


Present Day


[Turkey is a fascinating country with a rich history and culture, offering a plethora of sightseeing opportunities. From the majestic Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, a former Byzantine church and Ottoman mosque, to the ancient city of Ephesus, with its well-preserved ruins and impressive architecture, there's no shortage of incredible landmarks to explore. Visitors can also wander through the vibrant bazaars and markets of Istanbul, sample delicious Turkish cuisine, and marvel at the breathtaking natural beauty of the Cappadocian landscapes, featuring unique fairy chimneys and honeycombed hills

The camera peels back just a bit to find Mercedes Vargas in front of the Hagia Sophia in Instanbul, Turkey, some five hours away from Troy, where this weekend's Climax Control was taking place. Mercedes is strumming a half-tuned baglama, an instrument similar to a lute. The notes flows from the instrument as she maneuvers over the strings. As of on cue, Mercedes looks up at the camera, sets the instrument aside]

"If there's one thing I was looking forward to this weekend, it definitely was the next great inspirational speech from Crystal Zdunich. You know how those lifting words bring me to tears every time hoping to get everyone to rally behind her. Yeah, she's good at that. Oh, and also running her mouth on Twitter and jumping into everyone’s business.

"This weekend, at Climax Control 394, yours truly will finally get the opportunity to take care of a common annoyance, a common problem that's been a pain in my ass for well over a decade in Sin City Wrestling. Anyone who has followed my career know that Crystal Zdunich and I have had a rivalry that has spanned multiple promotions. This matchup gets hype every year, and yet, when has it failed to deliver? Whether on Climax Control or on a supercard, we bring out the best in each other. It doesn't get much better in terms of star-power. Everyone will be watching, as they should. Bad enough that I've been embarrassed and humiliated against Crystal in every match we've had since I arrived to SCW. And with the mood I'm in dealing with how this year has already turned to shit for me..."

[Mercedes shakes her head slowly, a solemn look on her face as she continues.]

"Crystal and I have had our problems, our own differences, and my career has suffered because of it, more so because I've never pinned Crystal's shoulders to the mat in any of our previous meetings, and that bothers me. Insanity is doing something repeatedly and expecting different results. Or, to put it another way, "If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you got." Well, yes and no. If you make the same mistakes over and over, you'll stop calling a mistake.

"Before I defeat Tempest at Into the Void and win the Bombshell Internet Championship off of her, I have to take care of Crystal, who for some strange reason has suddenly cozied up to our six-foot giantess. Gee, I wonder why. It certainly not because Crystal suddenly has Tempest's best interest at heart. But we know better, don't we? Crystal is all about playing the long game: maybe she's angling for a rematch for the Bombshell Internet Championship or maybe she's going to hire Tempest as her muscle as she plans to get another opportunity at the Bombshell Championship. Don't get me wrong, anybody with five championship reigns deserves their flowers. But a sixth reign will boost her inflated ego even more than it already is.

"Crystal, ¿crees que puedes detenerme? Me gustaría verte intentarlo. Todavía voy a pasar por la competencia y haré lo que sea necesario para volver a ser campeón. ¡ya verás! ¡Todos verán!"
"Crystal, you think you can stop me? I'd like to see you try. I'm still going to go through the competition and I'll do whatever it takes to be champion again. You'll see. You'll all see!"

"Estar preparado para lo peor, esperar lo mejor."
"Hope for the best, prepare for the worst."

[Mercedes stares menacing into the camera. She lowers her voice, barely a whisper.]

"Y que la suerte está siempre en su favor."
"And may the odds be ever in your favor."

[The camera pulls back on the lasting image of Mercedes smiling as we fade to black.]

Climax Control Roleplays / Not going down without a fight
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The scene opens up with Justin Smith taking a walk to find a good restaurant in Troy Turkey.  He stops to talk about his tag team partner Cordelia Clark.

Justin-Cordelia, you may think I’m a sack of shit, but did we not advance in the tournament.  You may not think I’m talented, but at least I show up and give it my all week in and week out.  I may not be as successful as you were in SCU, but SCU was nothing compared to SCW.  I will continue to show up and give my all.  Thanks to you, I finally got a win over “Unbreakable” Eddie Lyons.

Justin waves off the cameraman, asking him to leave so Justin can enter the restaurant as the scene fades to black.

The following day, Justin is seen at his hotel room, getting ready to go to lunch, but turns to the camera to address his opponents, first focusing on the man in the match in Artie.

Justin-Artie, it looks like I have a shot to defeat you this week knowing your lack of experience as a wrestler. I’m going to enjoy destroying you inside that ring.  You are a pathetic human being when you tried to back out of the tournament to have Bobbie in it.  I feel sorry for Kallie Reznik for having to carry your sorry ass.

Justin then turns his attention to Artie’s tag team partner in Kallie Reznik.

Justin-Kallie, as much as I don’t trust Cordelia, I know that she can actually handle herself in the ring. Not only that, at least both Cordelia and I are actual wrestlers.  Artie is going to be exposed as a fraud and I will prove to the world that I’m not a sack of shit as Cordelia thinks I am.

The scene fades to black with Justin cackling as he leaves the hotel room.
Climax Control Roleplays / Artie Goes Through The Emotions
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Sunday May 12th
Post Climax Control

Climax Control has been over for some time and everyone is packing up and leaving the venue after a successful show. Well, successful to some, because Bobbie and Peter had failed to advance in the Blast From The Past Tournament. But to add insult to injury, it was Bobbie who suffered the loss and ended up losing her Bombshell Roulette Championship to Alexandra Calaway.

Times like these, Artie would normally be supportive and find ways to reassure her that things would be fine. He wouldn’t let her disappointment feed her silence further make her feel worse. But tonight was different. Because lately he was different. He was just as quiet as she was as they finished gathering up their things so they could head back to their hotel for the night before heading off to Turkey for the next show-and Artie’s next match. He seemed almost despondent as he placed the last of his things in his duffel bag and Bobbie just stands behind him, staring at him.

After zipping up his bag and thinking Bobbie was still gathering her things, he turns around. “Ready whenever you….are.” His voice trails off as he looks at his wife, already with her bag over her shoulder. “Oh. You’re ready.”

Bobbie nods. “Yes.” She says, not moving an inch. “I’ve been ready. You on the other hand.” She folds her arms across her chest as she stares at him.

He raises an eyebrow and shakes his head. “Me on the other hand, what?” He asks, clearly having no sense of how quiet or emotionally empty he had appeared.

“It took you a long time to finish packing your stuff up.” She responds. She drops her duffel bag and takes a step towards him. “And I would have thought you would offer some words of encouragement or something after I lost out there, but the silence coming from you is deafening. It’s…maddening.”

Artie shrugs, genuinely not knowing what to say. “I don’t know what to tell you, Bobbie.” He says slowly, eliciting a disappointed look from Bobbie. “I’m sorry you lost out there, but I’ve just got other stuff on my mind. We both know you’ll get another shot at some point.”

Bobbie’s jaw drops a little. “Who are you?! And what have you done to my sweet, loving, Artie?!” She throws her hands up in the air, trying to figure out in her mind what has been going on with him lately. After a few more moments of silence, she gets an idea. She grabs her cell phone and starts dialing a number.

“W-what are you doing?” Artie asks, panicking. “Who are you calling?”

“Your MOTHER!” Bobbie bites back.

Before she can hit the send button, Artie quickly reaches forward and snatches her phone out of her hands. Bobbie stands there, frozen in shock, and completely speechless. “No!” Artie shouts, shoving her phone in his own pocket. “Do NOT call my mother. There’s no need to call her.” Artie knew he was probably being a little unfair to Bobbie and too harsh on her, but he couldn’t help himself these last couple of weeks. He was trying so hard to keep his promise to his father, but Bobbie is his wife so it was not right.

“Well…it is still Mother’s Day.” Bobbie replies, trying her best to not yell back. “I am assuming you already called her?” Artie shakes his head and Bobbie looks even more surprised. “You didn’t call her? On Mother’s Day?!”

Artie didn’t know what to say that wouldn’t give away why he couldn’t, and wouldn’t call his mother. He closes his eyes and rubs his temples, feeling a stress headache building. Bobbie steps closer to him, placing her hands on his shoulders and being as gentle as possible. “Alright. This has gone on far too long.” She says and he opens his eyes. “You need to tell me what is going on, because there has to be a good reason to not call your own Mother on Mother’s Day.”

Artie takes in a deep breath and looks his wife in her eyes. He had to tell her. He couldn’t keep this from her any longer. He turns around and makes sure the door is closed and no one is around before he tells her what he had been keeping from her. “Ok, I will tell you. But you have to promise you won’t tell anyone else.”

Bobbie steps back. “Who else would I tell?” When Artie gives her a look that says it all, she just chuckles. “Oh. Right. I won’t tell my parents. I promise.”

Artie sighs. He waits a moment before he finally spills the beans. “My mother is cheating on my Dad.” Bobbie can almost feel the heartache in Artie’s tone as he breaks the news.

Her jaw drops and she shakes her head, in shock. “No.” It is all she can say at first. She had known the Millers her entire life. Next to her own parents, their marriage was the next that she and Artie had looked up to. “There’s no way. She wouldn’t do that to your father. She couldn’t.”

Artie nods sadly, fighting back tears. “That’s what I said when Dad told me, too, but it’s true. It’s why he has been in such a foul mood lately.” Just the thought of his mother ruining her marriage to his father is enough to make him sick to his stomach again. He looks around for the closest chair before sinking down into it and Bobbie pulls up a chair next to him.

“Well…how does he know? She wasn’t acting any different when they visited us. Just your father.” Bobbie had so many questions, but Artie had so few answers.

Artie shakes his head and shrugs. “I…I don’t know. He didn’t give me any specifics.” His voice breaks, and Bobbie places a hand on his knee. “He wouldn’t have told me if he wasn’t absolutely sure. But…my mom doesn’t know that he knows about the affair. That’s why she was acting normal when they visited.” He lowers his head, and the emotions start to hit him like a runaway train.

“Now it all makes sense.” Bobbie replies, her hand still on his knee.

Artie’s sadness quickly starts to fade, and a whole new emotion begins to build. One that he hadn’t expressed very often, if ever, and one Bobbie was not used to seeing in him…rage. He clenches his fists and turns his gaze back to Bobbie. “How? How could she do this, Bobbie?” He says through gritted teeth. Because he couldn’t understand. Bobbie couldn’t, and neither could his father. “They’ve always been so…happy. Or so I thought. And she just…throws it all away.”

Bobbie shakes her head. “I wish I knew, sweetie.”

Artie leans back in his chair and closes his eyes. His knuckles are going white from clenching them so tight. “I’m not used to feeling so angry all of the time. I’d rather be sad, but the longer I think about it, I can’t be sad. I’m just…GRRRAAAHHH!” In that instant, all of the pent up anger finally boils over and he lets out a furious howl. Bobbie jumps up and back, and Artie jumps up from his own chair. He spins around before either of them knows it, he punches the wall.

“Artie!” Bobbie shouts.

But it’s too late. His hand connects with the wall and then he lets out a pained howl, gripping his right hand. “OWWW!” He sinks back into the chair, shaking his head. “Stupid, Artie. STUPID!”

Bobbie kneels down to check on him, and his hand. “Can…can you move it?”

Worried that he may have broken his hand, Bobbie watches as he slowly unclenches and re-clenches his fits, but wincing as he does so. “Great. Just what I need before my match next weekend. Justin Smith will take full advantage of that.”

Bobbie shakes her head. “Well it doesn’t appear to be broken. But we better get ice on it fast.”

A long silence falls between them as they stand up and grab their bags again. Before they walk out, Artie grabs Bobbie with his good hand and just stares at her. “What am I going to do, Bobbie?” He was at a complete loss, and despite how difficult he had been over the last couple of weeks, he hoped she had some sort of answer for him. But he knew it was a long shot.

She shakes her head. “I don’t know, sweetie.” She gently squeezes his hand. “But…we’ll figure it out together.”

He pulls her in close and hugs her as tight as he can, and he knew her last statement was true. They would face this together. He wouldn’t keep secrets from her anymore. He needed her support just as much as she needed his. But it was at that moment that a strange fear hit him. If his own mother was capable of cheating on his father and throwing their love away so easily…

What if Bobbie ever did the same?

Later in the week Artie and Bobbie are in Turkey as he prepares for his and Kallie Reznik’s second round match against Cordelia Clark and Justin Smith. As disappointing as last week had been following Bobbie and Peter getting eliminated and Bobbie losing the Bombshell Roulette Championship, both were slightly relieved that they would not have to worry about their teams facing each other later in the tournament. Artie’s right hand was now bandaged after punching the wall following Climax Control, x-rays had confirmed it was not broken…thankfully.

But he was still walking into Climax Control in Turkey at yet another disadvantage…with a visible injury. As if the size difference again was not enough, he had to give Justin Smith something else to work with and put himself at risk of truly breaking his hand and being the one to cost his team the match.

The two are just finishing up in the fitness room of their hotel, at least getting some cardio in to prepare for his match on Sunday. They grab their towels and water bottles and are heading for the door. “How is your hand feeling?” Bobbie asks him as she opens the door.

He looks down at his bandaged hand and just shrugs. “It’s still sore, but…better than it was earlier this week.” They walk out of the fitness center and slowly make their way down the hall towards the elevators.

“Good. Try to be careful and avoid throwing any punches against Justin on Sunday.” Bobbie says with a laugh.

Artie stops in his tracks and stares at her. “Why? Just because of my hand?”

Bobbie stops when she notices Artie had stopped before her. “Well, yeah. That and the fact he’s just a lot bigger than you. We all saw Konrad holding you back in your last match.” She chuckles, once again amused at what had happened. Artie, however, does not look as amused.

“What is that supposed to mean?” He asks, growing angry again. “Do you think I’m going to embarrass myself out there?”

Bobbie sighs and shakes her head. “What? Of course not. Are you really going to get upset again?”

Artie shrugs. “You tell me. Should I be upset? Are you being supportive of my involvement in the tournament because you believe in me and want me to win? Or are you just trying to protect me?” His question is serious and he waits for an honest answer and not just one that Bobbie thinks he wants to hear.

Bobbie is left temporarily speechless, surprised that he would suddenly say something like this after they had just gotten back to normal-ish when he told her of his mother’s affair. She stumbles as she works to respond. “Of course I support you in this tournament, Artie.”

“You support me, but you don’t think I can actually win with Kallie? Is that it?” That had to be it. It was obvious, and the reality of it hurt Artie deeply. Perhaps more than Bobbie could realize.

“It’s not that I don’t think you can win. It’s just that you’ve only been working at this for like two months.” She reaches for his hand but he pulls away. “I’d love nothing more than to see you win, but it’s just…it’s not easy.”

Artie sighs and shakes his head as he backs away. “It wasn’t easy for you either when you first started, but I supported you and believed in you through all of it. Thanks for the vote of confidence, though. Makes me feel so much better.”

Artie then walks away without another word, showing just how disappointed and hurt he truly was. Bobbie stood there for a moment, jaw dropped and at a loss for words. This was all just part of the emotions he was experiencing after hearing of his mother’s betrayal. And only time would tell how long this rollercoaster would go on for.

When I first learned that there was no way to get me out of this tournament, I was really nervous. I didn’t know what to do, because I’m not a fighter. I never have been, and it’s always been a bit difficult for me to build any sort of muscle or anything. I’ve just been the awkward geeky guy and been fine with it. At least until now.

Training has been hard work. I’m not gonna lie. But, in a weird way, it’s also fun. Exhilarating almost and a darn good way to get rid of a lot of tension that builds up, ya know. You never really realize until you do something how therapeutic it could be. And sure, maybe I’m not as good as everyone else, or not as experienced…yet. But I could be!

I don’t expect a lot of people to believe in me. I’m probably in the same shoes that Bobbie was when she first stepped into the wrestling business. Seen as a joke or incapable of being a part of this business. Only here as filler or what some people would call the “pee break” matches. But I also don’t need everyone to believe in me. There are only a handful of people who I do, but the most important is that I believe in myself.

So…why not prove everyone wrong? Why not step into that ring every week, or whenever I am booked I should say, and show them that I CAN be a fighter. That I can beat all the odds and come out on top. I can be the reliable partner that Kallie needs me to be. Experience comes with time so the more I keep at it, the better I will get! I’ve never really done anything noteworthy or that gets everyone talking, but this is it. This is MY time to shine and you know what?

I want that World Heavyweight Championship.

I know Justin Smith will hear that and sit back and laugh his head off. And that’s fine. Let him. He may be bigger than me. He may be stronger than me. But I have heart and soul and that’s all I need to make it through this! Besides, from what I’ve seen of him, aside from his size, there’s not much to be intimidated by anyway. He’s just your typical brainless ogre thinking he’s big and bad when he’s not! See? I can throw out insults too! That makes me awesome and totally capable of doing this!

Justin seems like the kind of guy who just says a few dumb sentences…the same ones…over and over again and thinks that he will back it up in the ring. So far…that hasn’t really worked. I mean, the only reason they are even in the 2nd round is because his tag team partner is better than him and got the job done. Although I guess some people would say the same about me, but I intend to change that.

You are, I already know what Justin is going to say about me. Just look at his past promos and it’s all a broken record just against different people! Even I know you gotta do more than that if you want to be taken seriously in this business. I’m learning more and more every day and I sure will do everything in my power to make sure a guy like Justin Smith doesn’t advance in this tournament. That’s a promise!

As for Cordelia Clark? I guess she was a big name back when SCU was a thing, but I think Kallie can handle her. She did pretty awesome in our first round match so I’m pretty excited to see us move forward in this tournament. And I’m super excited to be the one to help Kallie get a much deserved shot at the World Bombshell Championship!

We might be underdogs, but I’m glad we are because when we win it all and get our World Championship shots…we make a bigger impact! We make names for ourselves and cement them in SCW history forever. And I think that sounds pretty awesome! Underdogs for the win!!

Bet on it now, people. Artie Miller and Kallie Reznik your 2024 Blast From The Past Winners and future World Champions!

If you don’t, you just might regret it!
~*~Mother’s Day Spa Day~*~
Waterford, Ireland

Malachi pushed open the door to the cozy guest bedroom in his mother's home in Waterford, Ireland. As he stepped inside, a soft smile tugged at the corners of his lips at the heartwarming scene that greeted him.

There, on the large queen-sized bed, lay Bella and Máire, both adorned in matching fluffy bathrobes and spa headbands, looking as though they were in the midst of a luxurious spa day. Máire giggled gleefully as Bella tickled her chubby little feet, the sound filling the room with warmth and joy.

"Hey there, my loves," Malachi greeted them, his voice filled with affection as he approached the bed. "What's going on here?"

Bella looked up from where she was lying next to Máire, her eyes sparkling with amusement. "Just enjoying a little mother-daughter bonding time," she replied, her voice soft and filled with warmth. "I figured since it's Mother's Day back home and Máire's officially nine months old today, we deserved a little treat."

Malachi chuckled softly, his heart swelling with love for his girls. "Well, don't you two look absolutely adorable," he said, his gaze sweeping over them affectionately. "And here I was thinking about just serving you a little breakfast in bed, but it seems like you have a headstart on me. Is there a space for me to join in on my girls spa day?"

Bella grinned mischievously, patting the spot on the bed next to her. "Right here, babe," she replied, her eyes twinkling with amusement. "But you'll have to wait your turn. Máire and I were here first. That and we ran out of the face mask stuff but I’m sure we could fit in a nice little mani/pedi sesh before the day is through."

Malachi feigned a pout, but it quickly melted away as he climbed onto the bed, settling himself with Bella and Máire on the other side of his young daughter, with a contented sigh. Together, they watched the movie playing on the small television perched on the dresser across from the bed, basking in the simple joy of being together as a family. They even got Mal in on the spa treatments with the golden patches under his eyes.

Máire would pull herself up to poke at her daddy’s face every now and again which would give Mal all more reasons to wrap her up in his arms and blow raspberries on her little cheeks that would send everyone into a fit of giggles.

“Oh if I had a camera...” they heard from the doorway as they all turned their heads to see Malachi’s mother Aileen standing there with a smile on her face. “Oh wait, I do!” as she brings out her phone really quick and snaps a fun picture of her youngest son’s family. Máire has learned to give a big toothy smile for the few teeth that she has cut

Aileen! Join us!!!” Bella smiled and patted a spot next to her, “We were just enjoying a movie.

“I would love to, my dear, but I do need to borrow my son and granddaughter for just a brief moment. I’d hate to break this up but you should get changed as well.” Aileen said with a smile, “Don’t rush but dress comfortably.”

Are you sure you don’t need my help? This is technically your day too!

“Nonsense dear, we got it.” Mal gets up from the bed and hands her Máire who gives her grandma a big hug, “Good mornin’ to you too my sweet angel. Let’s get you ready!”

Bella watched them leave the room, her heart swelling with happiness. She took a deep breath, feeling grateful for the family she had, and started to get ready for whatever the day had in store.

As Bella changed into comfortable clothes, her mind wandered back to the last few months. The loss to Bobbie Dahl had been tough, but she had taken the time to regroup and refocus. The trip overseas for the SCW Battleground Tour had been a much-needed escape, allowing her to clear her mind and find her footing again. Appearing in front of the French crowd on the May 5th edition of Climax Control had felt like a homecoming of sorts. France had always held a special place in her heart, and performing there was a present she had given herself. Especially on what was her 26th birthday. And now that Bobbie was no longer holding on to that Roulette Championship, things have definitely taken an interesting turn.

But for now, as she prepared to step back into the ring, Bella felt a renewed sense of purpose. The time with her family had reminded her of what she was fighting for. Máire’s laughter, Malachi’s unwavering support, and the warmth of Aileen’s home had filled her with a quiet strength. She was ready to face whatever challenges lay ahead.

Bella emerged from the bedroom, feeling rejuvenated. She found Malachi and Aileen in the kitchen, preparing breakfast with Máire sitting in her high chair, babbling happily.

Ready for the day, love?” Malachi asked, looking up from the stove with a smile.

Bella nodded, her eyes shining with determination. “More than ready,” she replied, her voice filled with conviction. “Let’s make the most of it.

As they sat down to enjoy their breakfast together, Bella felt a sense of calm settle over her. She knew that whatever happened in the ring, she had the love and support of her family. And with that, she was ready to take on the world.

~*~Dreams of Troy~*~

Bella found herself standing on the cobblestone streets of ancient Troy, surrounded by towering walls and majestic buildings that seemed to stretch endlessly into the sky. The air was thick with the scent of history and the echoes of battles long past.

As she walked through the ancient city, Bella couldn't shake the feeling of unease that gnawed at her heart. She glanced around nervously, her footsteps echoing in the empty streets.

Suddenly, she heard a voice behind her, low and ominous. "Who dares to tread upon the hallowed ground of Troy?"

Bella turned to see a shadowy figure emerging from the shadows, clad in armor that gleamed with an otherworldly light. It was Athena, the goddess of wisdom and warfare, her eyes piercing and unyielding. Bella immediately kneeled in front of her, not daring to look at one so strong. She was a Goddess afterall

"I...I am Bella Madison," Bella stammered, her voice trembling slightly. "I-I mean no disrespect. I only seek find my place among the greats."

Athena regarded her with a stern gaze, her expression unreadable. "And what makes you think you belong here?" she asked, her voice like thunder rolling across the sky.

Bella swallowed hard, feeling the weight of Athena's scrutiny bearing down on her. "I...I don't know," she admitted, her voice barely above a whisper. "I've come so close, but...but I always seem to fall short. Maybe I'm not worthy."

Athena's eyes softened slightly, and she reached out a hand to touch Bella's shoulder. The figure, swooped her hand under Bella’s chin and lifted her head gently. Bella’s eyes teared up when she saw almost a reflection of herself in the Goddess of wisdom, warfare, and strategy "Worthy is not a title bestowed upon you by others," she said gently. "It is earned through courage, determination, and resilience in the face of adversity. Do not doubt yourself, Bella Madison. Your journey is far from over, and your place among the greats is yet to be determined."

With that, Athena vanished into the shadows, leaving Bella alone in the ancient city. The weight of her words lingered in the air, filling Bella with a sense of clarity and purpose. She may have stumbled and fallen along the way, but she refused to let doubt and uncertainty hold her back any longer.

For Bella Madison, the journey to greatness had only just begun. Bella pressed on through the ancient streets, her heart filled with determination and her eyes set firmly on the horizon. The echoes of Troy whispered in the air, carrying her forward on her quest to fulfill her destiny and stand among the legends of the past.

And as she walked, the shadows of doubt and fear fell away, replaced by the radiant light of hope and possibility. For Bella Madison, the dream of Troy was not just a vision of the past—it was a glimpse of the future, where she would carve her own legacy and leave her mark on the world.

With that, leaving Bella standing alone in the empty arena, her heart filled with a newfound sense of purpose and determination. She knew that the road ahead would be long and challenging, but she was ready to face whatever obstacles stood in her way.

For Bella Madison, the dream of Troy had shown her that greatness was not a destination, but a journey—one that she was more than ready to embark upon.

And a dream that told her what she needed to know.

She was on the right path.

~*~Rules of Engagement: Preparation is Key~*~
Hotel in Troy

A quiet evening settled over the Madison room, a place that they temporarily made their home, the soft glow of lamps casting warm shadows across the cozy living room. Bella sat on the couch, her thoughts swirling with anticipation and uncertainty as she flipped through the pages of the Rules of Engagement, her own guiding principles for competition. Beside her, Malachi reclined in an armchair, his eyes fixed on Bella with a mixture of concern and support.

"Bella," Malachi began, breaking the comfortable silence that enveloped them, "What's on your mind, mo grá?"

Bella glanced up from the rulebook, her expression troubled. "I'm just... I'm not sure if I belong among the greats," she admitted, her voice tinged with uncertainty. "I've been so close to that moment so many times, only to fall short. Sometimes, I feel like I'm just disappointing everyone."

Malachi reached out, taking her hand in his and giving it a reassuring squeeze. "Hey, listen to me," he said softly, his gaze unwavering. "You are not disappointing anyone. Not me, not Máire, not your mum, not your fans, and certainly not yourself. You've faced challenges that would have broken lesser competitors, but you've always risen stronger. You've proven time and time again that you belong in that ring, that you deserve to stand among the greats."

Bella's eyes met Malachi's, a flicker of determination sparking within them. "But what if I'm not good enough?" she whispered, the fear lingering in her voice.

Malachi's grip tightened, his voice firm and unwavering. "You are more than good enough, Bella," he said, his tone leaving no room for doubt. "You are fierce, you are resilient, and you are unstoppable. You have the heart of a champion, and nothing—not doubt, not fear, not even past defeats—can take that away from you. That’s just the tip of the iceberg as to why I love you."

Bella's resolve strengthened, fueled by Malachi's never ending belief in her. "You're right," she said, her voice steady and sure. "I am ready to face whatever challenges lie ahead. And with you by my side, I know I can overcome anything."

Malachi smiled, a proud glimmer in his eyes. "That's my girl," he said, his voice filled with pride. "Now, let's go over those Rules of Engagement one more time. You've got this, Bella. I believe in you."

With Malachi's support bolstering her spirits, Bella turned her attention back to the rulebook, a newfound sense of determination burning within her. As she absorbed the words on the page, she knew that she was ready to step into the ring and face whatever challenges awaited her. With Malachi by her side, she felt invincible, ready to conquer whatever lay ahead on her journey to greatness.

~*~Return to the Ring~*~
Troy, Turkey

The ancient city of Troy, steeped in history and legend, provided a majestic backdrop for Bella Madison’s return. As she stood alone in the empty SCW arena, the sense of history and grandeur of Troy filled the air. The soft glow of the arena lights illuminated the ancient ruins projected on the screen, casting a mystical aura around her.

Draped in flowing, gold-trimmed robes reminiscent of a Trojan warrior, Bella looked every bit the part of a modern-day warrior queen. Her hair was braided with intricate golden threads, and her blue eyes burned with a fierce determination.

Stepping up to the microphone that sits on her stage, she took a deep breath, her voice resonating with the quiet strength of the ancient city. “Today, I stand in the legendary city of Troy,” she began, her voice firm and unwavering. “A city known for its mighty warriors, its unyielding spirit, and its legendary women. Women who fought with courage, who faced impossible odds, and who left a legacy that has endured through the ages.

She paused, letting the weight of her words settle in the stillness of the empty arena. “Like those women, I am here to fight. I am here to defy the odds. I am here to leave a legacy.

Her voice grew stronger, filled with conviction. “I’ve faced setbacks. I’ve faced doubts. But every time I’ve fallen, I’ve risen stronger. And now, with the spirit of Troy behind me, I am more determined than ever to fulfill my promise. A promise that I made in France, a promise that by the end of this year that I was going to be a singles champion.

She took a step forward, the soft rustle of her robes the only sound in the quiet arena. “I will not be deterred. I will not be denied. I will fight with every ounce of strength in my body, and I will claim SCW singles gold. But I need everyone to understand something. This isn’t just about a title. It’s about proving to myself, to my family, and to everyone who believes in me that no matter how many times life knocks us down, we have the power to rise, to fight, and to conquer.

Lifting her chin, her eyes blazed with determination. “So watch closely, SCW. Watch as I take my place among the warriors of Troy. Because this is just the beginning. Bella Madison is back, and I am unstoppable.

Climax Control, this Sunday,” Bella began, her voice steady and confident. “My first match back, and I couldn’t ask for a better opponent than Ariana Angelos. Ari, you and I have crossed paths before, but this time, things are different. This time, I’m coming back with a fire that’s been reignited by every challenge I’ve faced. You aren’t the only one that finds herself starting back at the very beginning bit sweetie, I’m sorry. I am so, so sorry.

She smirked slightly, the corners of her mouth turning up with a hint of pride. “You see, I’ve gained a few nicknames along the way: ‘Bell of the Brawl’ and ‘Hardcore Pixie.’ Names that I carry with pride because they represent the fearlessness and tenacity I bring to every match. And while this isn’t a hardcore match, make no mistake, Ari—I’m bringing that same intensity and drive. I’m also hell bent on making every single match from here on out a statement.

Bella’s eyes narrowed with determination. “I’ve made a promise to myself and to everyone who believes in me that I will not be deterred. Not now, not ever again. This match is the first step on my path to SCW singles gold, and it starts with you, Ari. I respect you as a competitor, but I need you to understand that I am more focused and more driven than ever before.

She took a deep breath, her gaze unwavering. “I’ve learned from every setback, every loss. I’m not going to dwell on it but I am going to make it my teacher. Every single vet in this business knows exactly what I am talking about. All these matches...they’ve made me stronger, tougher, and more relentless. I’m ready to show the world what the ‘Hardcore Pixie’ is capable of. I’m ready to prove that the ‘Bell of the Brawl’ is here to stay. And she is thirsty for something far more than just a few small wins.

Bella’s voice softened, but her resolve remained unshakable. “Ari, bring your best...I know you will, because you know damn well I’m bringing mine. And when the dust settles, everyone will know that Bella Madison is back and ready to conquer. I’ll see you in the ring.

Bella turned and walked away, her robes flowing behind her like a warrior’s cape. The determination in her stride and the fire in her eyes left no doubt—she was ready to make her mark and begin her journey toward SCW singles gold, starting with Ariana Angelos at Climax Control.

With that, the silence around her filled with the echoes of her powerful declaration. She stood tall and proud, feeling the weight of history and the strength of the legendary women who had come before her. This was her moment, and she was ready to seize it with the spirit and resilience of a true Trojan warrior.
Ariana’s latest attempt to defeat Kayla Richards didn’t go well as Kayla was still the World Bombshell Champion and was most likely going to defend her title at Into the Void next, however Ariana, after waiting several weeks for another match, would get a chance to bounce back as she took on Second Generation Wrestler and Kayla’s Wolfslair teammate Bella Madison! Bella and Ariana last met in the Bombshell Blood Bath Brawl at My Bloody Valentine, a match that Bella won and earned the right to challenge Bobbie Dahl (unsuccessfully) for the Bombshell Roulette Title, can Ariana get that win back in this week’s opener?

Ariana’s hotel room, Hissarlik, Turkey
Tuesday the 14th of May 2024, 14:00pm

Hopefully that’ll be my last match against Kayla for a long time, I can only take her bullshit for so damn long!

But since my third attempt at winning the top title in the company’s Bombshell Division didn’t go as planned I’ve been wondering one thing, what exactly was next for me, the bookings were bound to dry up since the company was running the annual Blast from the Past Tournament this cycle but waiting two weeks for your next match doesn’t help either! Well, those two weeks are up and they’ve booked me again.

Coincidentally I’m booked against another Bombshell who hasn’t seen that much action thanks to the tournament, her name? Bella Madison.

I’m sure you remember my last match with Bella, me, her, Crystal, and Mercedes in the Bombshell Blood Bath Brawl! We didn’t know it at the time but we were fighting for a shot at the Bombshell Roulette Championship, at the time (because she has literally just lost the title to Alexandra Callaway in the tournament) held by Bobbie Dahl, at Blaze of Glory, I don’t think I need to remind you of how that match ended considering she challenged for the title and I faced Georgie and Seleana in a Triple Threat Match that I’m pretty sure was Georgie’s last match in the company considering she hasn’t been seen since she was arrested, but this time around? The only thing that’s at stake is bragging rights.

Well, for me it’s also to get Kayla to shut up about something as meaningless as my win/loss record considering the bosses don’t care about it (seriously, how many title opportunities will Mercedes get before she retires?) but that goes without saying.

”God, can this cycle be over already?!” I grunted as I plopped down on my bed and Francisco glanced over at me. ”Can’t remember the last time I was this bored during a cycle!”

”You did miss the sign up date for the tournament to be fair.” Francisco pointed out that fact and I nodded in response to that statement. ”And you were in the main event of the first Climax Control of the cycle back in England!”

”Yeah, and hopefully the bosses get the hint and stop booking me against Kayla, at least for a while.” I responded as I shook my head and Francisco nodded. ”At least the match with Bella is fresh! Since the first time we faced off was in the Blood Bath Brawl and she was the first entrant while I was the last, if they run that match again immediately after this one? I’ll scream!”

”Yes, well, at least now you can look ahead to Into the Void.” Francisco added with a nod before I sat up in my bad. ”And we should at least do something in Turkey whilst we’re here.”

”And we will! But I’ve been so focussed on Kayla’s various bullshit comments about me that I haven’t been able to focus on anything else! I’m actually rooting for Julianna to get her title back so that she can render Kayla’s damn reign as a fluke!” I responded as I shook my head and Francisco said nothing. ”Until then? My focus will be Bella and whatever the bosses have in story for me at Into the Void.”

”Whatever it is, I know you’ll do well Ari.” Francisco responded with a reassuring nod as he turned to me. ”It won’t be as big as the World Bombshell Title Match against Roxi at last year’s show but it’ll still be something.”

”Not sure if anything will ever top that but we’ll see.” I responded with a nod before I stretched my arms with a yawn. ”Especially when you look at the matches that have already been confirmed outside of the World Bombshell Title Match.”

”True, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see.” Francisco responded with a reassuring nod before the topic shifted elsewhere.

The Disaster Diaries, Hissarlik, Turkey
Tuesday the 14th of May 2024, 21:00pm

(on camera, start vlog)

As I started my first vlog since my match against Kayla I had one thing on my mind.

”I swear to god if I’m booked against Kayla again before Summer XXXTreme I’ll scream! And if that bitch wants to bring something as meaningless as my win/loss record into it when it’s clear that the bosses don’t care maybe she should make the Bombshell Division a happier place by leaving to start her own promotion!” I commented as I shook my head. ”Yes, I’m doubling down on my comments about that walking toxic wasteland being bad for the division overall because it’s the damn truth! And speaking of Wolfslair, my next match is against someone who has trained there, though I generally get along with her a lot more than I do Kayla.

Hey there Bella, at least this time we will be fighting at a 100%, right?”

I commented as I ran a hand through my hair.

”First time we faced off was in that Blood Bath Brawl at My Bloody Valentine, you won that encounter off course and here we are again three months later! Only there’s no over the hill wrestlers in site, it’s just a regular match and we’re opening the show on top of all of that.” I added as I grinned. ”Not only am I relieved to not be wrestling Kayla for the fifty millionth time but I’m glad to be facing someone new on top of all of that, well, relatively new considering that we’ve never wrestled in a straight up one on one match but the same principle applies.

But more importantly? I’m out to get back on the winning track, and doing so over someone who trains at Wolfslair will be twice as sweet!”

(end vlog)

Local café, Hissarlik, Turkey
Wednesday the 15th of May 2024, 12:00pm

It was the next day and me and Franscico were out at a local café trying to enjoy some Turkish cuisine.

”Harper wasn’t kidding when she said that the local food was amazing.” I commented after we finished our meal and Francisco nodded in agreement. ”Sucks that Carter has to keep checking in with mom and grams because of how Turkey treats people with his lifestyle.” I added while trying to make it no obvious what I was talking about, can never be too careful and whatnot.

”Carter knew the risks when he joined, and besides considering Christian is gay himself? I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s had that at the back of his mind.” Francisco commented with a shrug while glancing about just to be sure. ”Besides, Carter and Miles are trained fighters, if they do encounter problems they’ll be fine.”

”So am I for that matter but considering I’m straight? I doubt I’ll have to worry about that unless I’m defending him.” I responded with a shrug before taking a sip of my drink. ”One one hand? This cycle’s been a lot quieter compared to last year’s Into the Void cycle, and not just because only one title has changed hands so far, nut on the other hand? Not having a lot to do all cycle sucks. The most excitement I’ve had was the title match and you already know my feelings about my never ending series of matches with Kayla!” I added as I shook my head. ”I swear if I get booked against her again before the year’s over I’m just going to title the promo “The Never Ending Story.”

”And if you don’t use the song from the original movie than what the hell are we even doing.” Francisco responded and while I laughed, he did have a point. ”And figure out how to fit the lyrics into the vlog.”

”I’d have to listen to the song first, I’ve still yet to watch Never Ending Story.” I admitted as I shook my head. ”I’m 23 for god’s sake, there’s still movies from my generation I need to watch! Though I am familiar with that one scene in the swamp with the horse.”

”All I’m saying is that most people are familiar with and are haunted by that scene,” Francisco pointed out and I nodded in agreement. ”Suppose we can be glad that the next match won’t have us invoking that song.”

”Here, here!” I responded with a grin and before long we were back on the road checking out the local area.

The Disaster Diaries, Hissarlik, Turkey
Wednesday the 15th of May 2024, 18:00pm

(on camera, promo time)

Here we go.

”It’s not as fun to trash talk about someone you respect, right Bella? At least against someone like Kayla I can unleash my inner Greek fire with impunity but here? Not so much!” I commented as I shook my head. ”That’s not to say that I won’t give this match everything I’ve got because as far as in ring competition goes I treat everyone with the same brush, some strokes just tend to be more hatred filled than others!”

Putting it mildly.

”Or to put it a different way, different strokes for different folks!” I added with an amused smile as I walked down the street. ”And when I beat you on Sunday Bella, it won’t be anything personal, I just want to get back in the winning column after a certain toxic bitch got lucky for the second title match in a row! But enough about her, let’s focus on you.”

It's that simple.

”Bella you’ve been the little engine that could of the Bombshell Division for years yet you’ve always fallen short when it counted most, title matches, the match against Bobbie that you earned in our last encounter was just another example.” I commented as I shook my head. ”Maybe someday you’ll turn that around but not at my expense, my focus is still as clear as ever, and right now? It’s all on beating you in this week’s opener Bella.”

And with that I decided to wrap things up.

”At the end of the night Bella, our match will be considered a dark horse candidate for match of the night, especially when you look at the other matches on the card and what’s at stake in a few of them.” I added as I flipped some hair over my shoulder. ”But more importantly Bella? I’m getting back on the winning track against you and from there? We’ll see what happens at “Back to the Square One Part I: The Reset!” when I make you bask in the glory of the golden angel’s light!”

I walked off as the scene fades.
Climax Control Roleplays / Finding Our Weaknesses
« Last post by Peter Vaughn on May 17, 2024, 07:12:31 PM »
~The picture comes together from above, as we see a long string of collapsing monuments, the only proof that life once thrived in this location. It's the former city known as Troy, including the mound of Hisarlik and the fields around it. It is both a beautiful location and a solemn one, since much death had occurred in and around this site. The drone loses altitude, heading in towards the main hill, where a single man can be seen, standing and taking in the scenery. Peter Vaughn seems to be deep in thought, considering his facial expression doesn't change as the drone gets closer. That doesn't mean, however, he hasn't noticed it.~

Peter Vaughn: So I take it you're close by somewhere, boyo? You want to join me over here, or are you going to continue filming anonymously?

~After a few seconds go by, we see a man step out from behind one of the crumbling walls, carrying his own portable camera. The drone, controlled by him, zooms over his direction. For a moment, the cameraman seems unsure on how to juggle things, but he is able to set down one camera and catch the drone softly in his hands. He puts it away, then picks up the camera again, leading to a few jerky frames of content before everything settles down. He then approaches Vaughn, who is still standing in the same spot.~

Cameraman: How did you know it was me?

Peter Vaughn: You mean, other than the drone getting right in my face?

Cameraman: That could have been anyone, though. A member of the Turkish press, or maybe a fan...

Peter Vaughn: Let's just say I recognized your flying style.

Cameraman: Ahhh, yes, it's very distinctive. You know, I took training to be able to fly the top drones in the world...

Peter Vaughn: Uh-huh...

~The cameraman quiets down, realizing that Vaughn probably doesn't believe him. But hey, you need top-notch training to work at Sin City, so it's not beyond the realm of possibility that he's well-trained. It's just a little hard to believe. Either way, the cameraman moves to the side, making sure not to get too close to the downward plunge of the hill as he films Vaughn.~

Cameraman: So I wanted to see how you were feeling, Mr. Vaughn. I know it was a tough loss on Sunday.

~Vaughn doesn't speak right away, instead bringing his hand up to where he's still got a bandage, courtesy of the assault pre-match from Alexander Raven.~

Peter Vaughn: Yep. I guess you could say things didn't go the way I was hoping for. Once again, I couldn't do everything for my team, and once again... my partner couldn't avoid getting pinned. It's a rather depressing statistic, really. Still, we move on. I kept my championship, which Alexis couldn't take from me. I guarantee I'll be seeing him again... and soon. I always like to make sure and... fulfill expectations, after all.

~With that, Vaughn shakes his head, looking back over the archeological remains of the city of Troy.~

Peter Vaughn: You know, the wars fought here were legendary. Stories are still told to this day about the city of Troy and the Trojan War. Kids probably think it has something to do with condoms, but they'll be educated soon enough to the Iliad and the Odyssey. At least, I hope they do. There are some good lessons to be learned in a place like this, where it was believed that they could never lose... until they lost.

Cameraman: I can't say I know much about it.

Peter Vaughn: Oh, believe me, you know more than you think. I trust you at least have heard of the story of the Trojan Horse?

Cameraman: I've heard of those. I try very hard to keep all of my computer equipment protected from them, as well as other viruses. You know, the SCW IT department gets very upset when you allow them onto your laptops... er, so I've heard..

~Vaughn lowers his head for a moment, as if mustering his strength at what he has to deal with. He then looks over at the younger man nearby.~

Peter Vaughn: I'm talking about the original Trojan Horse, friend. The one that was left outside of the gates of Troy when the Greek army seemed to abandon the war. The Trojans, in celebration, brought the wooden horse inside of their gates. Unfortunately for them, the 'horse' was filled with the best Greek warriors, and they snuck out of the horse at night, opening the gates and letting in the rest of their army. It was a slaughter.

Cameraman: That seems... ridiculous. How big was this horse, exactly?

Peter Vaughn: It was built to look like a sacrifice for the Gods.

Cameraman: Still... how many men could be inside of it? And why wouldn't the Trojans check it?

Peter Vaughn: Because people have weaknesses, boyo. For Achilles, it was his heel. For Hector, it was trust. And for the Trojans, it was arrogance.

Cameraman: I'll say...

Peter Vaughn: We all have weaknesses, friend. Even me. You know what mine is?

~You can hear the cameraman start to say something, but he apparently opts for the smarter course and bites his tongue. He knows Vaughn pretty well after all this time, after all. Vaughn doesn't seem to notice, as he continues forward.~

Peter Vaughn: My weakness appears to be partnership.

Cameraman: Partnership?

Peter Vaughn: You know what my record in Sin City is at this point, after more than a year of competing here? Twenty-one wins, eight losses. That might be one of my highest loss totals in all of the feds I've been in, actually. And you know where half of those losses come from? Tag-team matches where my partner fell short.

~Vaughn shakes his head, as if seeing the losses flash before his eyes.~

Peter Vaughn: I watched Selena Zdunich get taken down by Courtney Pierce in my first Blast From The Past Tournament. I was too tired after defending the Roulette Title earlier in the night at Summer Xxxtreme to be able to push Kim Page to the Mixed Tag Titles in that Fatal Fourway. Goth & I went against Michael Harris & J2H in a random "throw the opponents together" match, and Goth ended up going down. That one in particular still bothers me. And now, Bobbie lost her belt because she couldn't stop Calaway, and I have yet another loss on my record. Tag-team matches, man. They are my bane. My curse. My kryptonite.

~Vaughn sighs, rubbing at the back of his head. He then glances back at the cameraman, who is keeping a polite (and safe) distance.~

Peter Vaughn: I guess I can't blame Milo for campaigning for this match.

Cameraman: Wh-what? You think Miles Kasey wanted this tag-team contest to be set up?

Peter Vaughn: I'd say it's fairly obvious, for anyone who can see the truth. I have beaten Milo three times now. Twice in the singles ranks, and once in a Triple Threat Ultimate X match, but really, The Troll eliminated himself, what, five seconds in? So really, that should count as a singles contest as well. So I have his number there. But Milo surely sees that my inability to save my partner is my biggest weakness. So therefore, right after I lose yet another tag match, he just HAPPENS to get paired up with his love to face Goth and I? Not to mention, Goth is still recovering from a brutal beating he took from some moronic Entity, and I've got my own wounds still healing. Truthfully.... it's a smart move from Milo. I didn't think he had it in him.

~With that, Vaughn steps away from the hill, walking back over to where one of the decaying walls are still standing. He looks it over, reaching out as if to tap it, but decides against it, knowing it's extremely fragile.~

Peter Vaughn: Maybe Miles is starting to learn how to play the game. It's about time.

Cameraman: I think you're jumping to a bit of a conclusion, Mr. Vaughn. Personally, I think they just booked this match to have a good contest, and seeing the Saviors back in action is worth it, isn't it?

Peter Vaughn: Oh, don't get me wrong. I fully respect Goth and all he's done in the business. The man has been a legend, and I know he's going to give his all as my tag-team partner. Milo & HBC are still in for a hell of a fight, and I still expect our team to come out victorious. But I have to grant Milo his due: he's becoming more devious, which certainly makes him more of a respectable threat.

~The cameraman doesn't know what to say, even as Vaughn looks at the wall in front of him, as if looking for where the perfect punch should go to break straight through it.~

Peter Vaughn: Everyone has a weakness, my friend. Everyone. For Milo, well, I've talked about his weaknesses before. But I must admit, I missed one... because I never talked about how he'd do anything for HBC. Anything to save him.

~With that, Vaughn looks back at the cameraman with a smirk.~

Peter Vaughn: And just like me, that's a weakness Milo can't do anything about.

~Vaughn then walks to the side, kicking a piece of debris out of his way. It hits the edge of the wall, which crumbles and tilts... but still stays up. The cameraman seems to breathe a sigh of relief, before turning and hurrying after Vaughn, wanting to get as far from that place as possible before it falls. We cut away.~

~We now find ourselves in a very different location, even though we have not travelled too far. The city of Canakkale, Turkey, sits along the Dardanelles, a stunning port city with a lot of history behind it. It's the closest place for those preparing to fight at the ruins of Troy to find lodging. This is where we find Peter Vaughn now, dressed comfortably in one of his usual coveralls, while he walks down a city street with his fiancé,  Sadie Anderson. The two make a left turn, heading down to near the water, where we can see a large statue up ahead. It appears to be a man holding what looks like an artillery shell in his arms. The two take in the statue, walking around it.~

Peter Vaughn: Well, there's something you don't see every day.

Sadie Anderson: It says here in my guide that it's a monument for Seyit Ali Cabuk, or Corporal Seyik. Apparently he single-handedly defended the fort here by carrying heavy artillery shells on his own to load the guns, and managed to sink a British ship with them.

Peter Vaughn: My kind of guy... stubborn and tough.

Sadie Anderson: You ever think there will be a statue of you put up one day?

~Vaughn breaks into a genuine laugh, something that you really only hear when he's with Sadie. He has to compose himself after that one.~

Peter Vaughn: Something tells me that as good as I've been, I'll never be statue-worthy. But that's fine. I'll let my record speak for itself.

Sadie Anderson: Well, you never know. Maybe I'll have one commissioned. Would you be wanting to have it where you're holding a wrestler in a headlock?

Peter Vaughn: As long as it's Alexander Raven, sure.

~The two turn, looking out over the waterway, which is busy with commerce coming back and forth across.~

Sadie Anderson: This is a very beautiful place. Thank you for bringing me here.

Peter Vaughn: Thank Sin City. They're paying for the bill for this, which is always nice.

Sadie Anderson: I wonder... would this be a good place to get married, do you think?

~Sadie's eyes show that she's been thinking about this for a while. Vaughn, meanwhile, seems surprised.~

Peter Vaughn: Married here? Under this guy? I mean, don't get me wrong, his story is very impressive... but that would make for some strange wedding photos...

~Sadie smacks Vaughn on the arm playfully, although there's a little hurt hiding behind her eyes.~

Sadie Anderson: That's not what I meant, and you know it, Peter. It's just that... we've been engaged for a while now. But we've never discussed where we want to get married. With your funds and travel experience, we really could choose anywhere across the world... and I'd like for us to start making that choice, Peter.

~Vaughn quietly puts an arm around Sadie's shoulder, still looking out towards the water.~

Peter Vaughn: I know, Sadie. I owe it to you to start getting more details together about our big day. We keep talking about it, and then something else seems to come up, doesn't it? But I haven't forgotten. I still want to marry you, Sadie. You're the only one for me. Literally, no one else can stand me, so...

~Sadie breaks into a laugh, smacking Vaughn again, this time in the chest.~

Sadie Anderson: You know there are plenty of women who would love to swoop in and take you, Peter.

Peter Vaughn: Well, I've never seen them, personally. I can't say I've ever been thought of as a ladies' man. For the longest time, I wasn't even sure about it myself.

Sadie Anderson: Well, you're with me now. So how about it? Want to get married in Rome? London? Paris?

Peter Vaughn: I'd have no problems with marrying you on a deserted island. The ceremony isn't what will bring me there, just you.

Sadie Anderson: I know you've said before that you want me to take the reins and run with planning the wedding... but I really want to do it with your help, Peter.

~Vaughn nods, stepping closer to Sadie... as his watch goes off, sounding an alarm. He looks down, checking the time and turning off the sound, as Sadie looks on, a little bemused.~

Sadie Anderson: Saved by the bell again?

Peter Vaughn: What? That didn't even sound like a bell, more like a horn or something...

~Vaughn checks his watch again, as if to look up the sound effect he had set, but Sadie stops him, shaking her head.~

Sadie Anderson: You've got to go, don't you?

Peter Vaughn: Afraid so. I'm supposed to meet up with Goth and play some cards. Melissa should be there, too. You're welcome to join us, you know, even if we ARE going to be doing two things you hate: playing poker and talking strategy.

Sadie Anderson: Maybe I'll come by later. For now, I want to hit a few of the tourist traps here and buy myself a few things. You give Goth my best, okay?

~Sadie gives Vaughn a kiss, then walks away. Vaughn watches her go, and then looks upwards at the statue above him.~

Peter Vaughn: I really am a lucky son of a gun, aren't I, Corporal Seyit?

~Not surprisingly, the monument doesn't respond. For a few more seconds, Vaughn considers the size of the statue, and what he's carrying.~

Peter Vaughn: I still think I could have taken him.

~With a smirk, Vaughn turns and departs as well, leaving the statue behind.~

You ever consider yourself a hero, Milo?

I know you like to act like the heroes you watched in your youth, emulating some of the great wrestling studs you watched in the UK. As cocky as you can be, I know you like to have the fans on your side in all your matches. You like to hear your name chanted, just not in the way they chant mine. I always seem to have a "Sucks" added on afterwords, or other words more colorful.

The crowd always seems to have a delightful version of the English language at their disposal.

So I know you're wanting to get that praise from them, Milo. I've seen it from HBC as well. You both always seem to want a little bit of approval from the people who pay money to see us. Now, me? I want them to respect me, even if they hate me, because I deserve it. But if they want to hate on me? It's their right. I have no problems being the villain in our little scenario. I mean, what are they going to do, boo Goth? The man's legendary career is coming to an end and he just got assaulted by a masked buffoon.

Nope. I'm going to be getting all the fury directed at me for this one... and I'm going to fully accept being the bad guy.

After all, people are still mad at how our championship bout ended. They're still raging, and I know you still are, too,  Milo. But it's not like I came into our contest hiding my intentions. I told you that I would be willing to do anything to win. I tried to show you the truth, wanting you to assault your opponent after the bell and show you could be ruthless, too. But you wouldn't do it, and you left the door open when you couldn't put me away... and a three count later, your reign ended and mine began.

I may be the villain, but this is no comic book story, Milo... because I won.

So now we'll see if you've begun learning the correct lessons. You already managed to get a match made that could put me at a disadvantage, thanks to Goth's injuries. You made me fight a week after my last contest, while you took it easy watching your brother get his clock cleaned by Aiden Reynolds. But are you leaving the door open to taking more chances during a match? Are you willing to see how far you can take it?

This is your opportunity to leave the hero worshipping behind, Milo, and really become someone great. It doesn't have to be a villain. Just maybe an anti-hero... or a vigilante, perhaps. They're willing to break the law in order to do what is needed. Why do you have to stay Captain America?

Or I guess I should say, Captain Britain? Although I've never liked that guy myself... too uptight.

So if you're the hero, Milo, what does that make you, HBC? I don't picture you as a sidekick, by any means. I've fought you once, and you weren't an easy victory. I mean, I still won, but it wasn't a simple matter of the 1-2-3. At the same time, it's hard to picture you as the triumphant Superman flying into the midst of battle.

Although if Goth gets his hands on you, you really might learn how to fly... if not how to land.

You see, the three of us, truth be told, have very similar styles. We may not be the same in talent level, but we're all willing to do that leap over the top rope if it means destroying our adversaries. But Goth, well, he might occasionally take that risk, but he'd much rather grab you by the head and smash you headfirst into the mat... repeatedly.

Goth has a lot of anger to get rid of at the moment, and you guys have ended up becoming the targets. Congratulations.

Now, I'd rather Goth stay on the sidelines, if I'm being honest. I know he's not 100 percent coming into this. But I know better than to even suggest that to the big man. He would probably want to knock some sense into me for even saying it. And I'd team with a guy like Goth on his worst day, because I know that while he's a Hall of Famer, he still doesn't mind getting his hands dirty from time to time.

He's a Savior. That's in the job description.

So I could easily see Goth locking HBC into the Gothic Dream, taking him to the mat and choking him out as I hold Milo back, forcing him to watch as poor HBC succumbs to oblivion. Would Milo wait for the referee to make the call that HBC is unconscious? I don't think he'd tap willingly on his own, he'd sacrifice everything for Milo... and Milo would do the same, right?

Will we have any white towels handy?

If you're really stuck with being the hero in this scenario, Milo, you may have no choice in the matter but to save HBC from himself... and protect those brain cells that keep him going from losing oxygen. In this case, only you could be the hero that the guy needs, Milo. You could save him.

Even Superman has had to quit under the right circumstances. I'm sure Captain Britain has to.

Even if he sucks.

~The car that we're shown begins to sputter, as it begins weaving towards the side of the road. Thankfully, it makes it there, out of traffic, before the smoke begins to pour from the front hood. The driver steps out, looking stunned, as he goes around to pop the hood and take a look. The back door opens as well, with Peter Vaughn stepping out in frustration.~

Peter Vaughn: Damn. Really? This is actually happening?

~The Turkish driver says something in his language, which can be interpreted by anyone who knows it. We here just don't have the funds to cover extra stuff like this. Vaughn, who can't speak it either, just pulls his bag out of the car.~

Peter Vaughn: You ever hear of coolant? That might have been helpful for you here, considering how hot it is. Damn it. That's what I get for trying to use Uber in Turkey.

~With a sigh, Vaughn just walks off, ignoring the shouts behind him from the driver, who probably has already called Triple A... or whatever it's equivalent is in Turkey. Vaughn doesn't care. He's got places to be. He breaks into a jog, carrying his bag on his shoulder.~

Peter Vaughn: Looks like some unexpected training!

~Vaughn's pace quickens again, and now he's running hard, the slight smile on his face showing that no matter how his personality is, he still enjoys the burst of adrenaline he gets from challenging himself. He also apparently has a good sense of direction, as soon the hotel he's headed for comes into view. Of course, it also shows he wasn't that far away from it, which might be the reason he decided to run rather than wait for another ride. Still, he's later than expected as he comes into the hotel.~

Peter Vaughn: I hate being late. But not much I can do about it now. Where did they say to go? The third floor? Or was it the second? Hmmm.

~Vaughn makes a choice, heading up the stairs to the third floor. He gets through the door, looking around, as he hears the elevator door ding.~

Peter Vaughn: Huh. Maybe I should have just used that.

~The door opens, and a waiter comes out, pushing a tray of food in front of him. Even with the lids closed, Vaughn can smell what's been prepared. He smiles.~

Peter Vaughn: Excuse me, is this for the Goth room?

~The waiter looks confused at Vaughn for a moment, but it's less of a language barrier and more of a 'phrasing' barrier. After a moment, he gets it.~

Waiter: Evet. It is for a Goth.

~Vaughn nods, studying the tray, and the tablecloth across it. He smiles as he pulls out his wallet.~

Peter Vaughn: Then have I got a deal for you...

~As Vaughn and the waiter continue to talk, we cut away.~

I really don't want to give HBC a raw deal.

By that, I mean I don't want to really portray him as the weak link in this tag-team match, even though I know many might think that way. I mean, sure, Milo's had a lot more success with championships. But as little success as HBC has had in title matches, he's still no slouch. You don't get to 16 wins in Sin City simply by showing up on time.

Hell, HBC has a win over Michael Harris, something I can't claim.

He also probably has the best name in Sin City. Seriously, even with "The Mechanic" added, my name is admittedly fairly generic. Miles Kasey? Sounds like a post office delivery man. Neither of our names really sound out of the ordinary. Then you have Goth, who has turned that nickname into a full-on warning of what's to come when you're facing him. But even that doesn't compare to Helluva... Bottom... Carter.

I'm sticking with calling you HBC just out of respect, but still, props on the name, once again. It serves a dual purpose of bragging about yourself, while also possibly making your unaware opponents come into the contest expecting an easy win. Many of those wins you've gotten has been due to your opponent's miscalculation, and I'm all for using whatever you've got to win.

That's basically my motto when it comes to pro wrestling.

So I'm not going to take you too lightly, HBC. I know you can be a threat. I know that underestimating you will lead to nothing but trouble. With all that said, I'm sorry, but pairing you next to Milo is a tough comparison. He and I are like two sides of a coin, having won the same championships here in SCW. We're ying and yang at this point. He could be my evil twin, not that he would ever admit to it. So obviously, people are going to compare the two of us in this competition, and that pairs you across the ring from the legendary Goth.

I mean, he has about as many wins in Sin City as we three do, COMBINED. How do you top that?

I don't think anyone has "HBC beats Goth" on their bingo card this year. Now, yes, you proved that you can have a miracle or two up your sleeve... but I'm curious to see what luck you've got left after Harris, and, y'know, after Milo. Because I'm afraid the odds are stacked against you, bro. You're going to be the main target for our team, and this time, I don't have to get out of the ring if Milo tags out. I can keep right on punching away, and that's what I plan to do.

You will be astounded by the double-teams that Goth and I have worked out together. They will be the maneuvers that you usually only see from Tag-Team Champions. Hell, Goth and I would try for those together, except, of course, it's Mixed Teams only, and neither of us can pull off a dress.

Plus he's retiring, so this may be my last chance to team with him. I want to make sure that this one comes with a victory. That means throttling the two of you.

Really, HBC, you did end up with a bad deal... by this match being signed. I guess Milo has a lot of faith in you, pushing for this fight. Surprisingly, I do, too. But I don't think it's going to matter.

One of you is going to the realm of the Gothic Dream. The other one might be taking the Plunge. I guess we'll see how it ends up, won't we?

Deal the cards and let's begin.

~We find ourselves inside the room of Goth and Melissa, where the two are patiently waiting for Goth's tag-team partner to arrive. There's a knock at the door.~

Goth: Finally.

~Melissa goes to the door and talks to the waiter there. She nods to him as he brings the room service cart into the room, placing it nearby. Melissa thanks him and gives him a tip, with the man quickly getting out of there.~

Melissa: Did that guy seem nervous to you, Gerrit?

Goth: You're too beautiful, Mel. Every man should feel goosebumps when around you.

~Melissa smiles as she pats Goth on the shoulder and walks past him.~

Melissa: Where do you think Peter is?

Goth: He might have gotten lost. I'll call him.

~As Goth gets out his phone, he fails to notice the room service cart moving behind him. Slowly, Peter Vaughn raises up behind it, smirking at the unsuspecting Goth.~

Goth: I guess his phone is off...

~As Goth turns towards Vaughn, he gives out a battle-cry, jumping upwards.~

Peter Vaughn: URRAAAHHH!!!!

~Goth doesn't break down or fall backwards. Instead, he reflexively swings, the punch barely missing Vaughn as he matrixes out of the way, leaning back as far as he can. Goth stumbles, then finally realizes who it is.~

Peter Vaughn: Hah! You should have seen your face!!

Goth: Peter!!!

~for a moment, Goth looks mad. But he can't help but laugh as well, as the two partners do a fist bump. Melissa, in the background, is just shaking her head.~

Goth: That was sneaky, Pete.

Peter Vaughn: I've been called that nickname before. What can I say? It's what I'm good at. And it worked for the Greek. Now let's sit down, play some cards, eat some food, and talk about how we're taking Milo & HBC down.

~With that, Vaughn works to get the cart over near the table, where a deck of cards is already waiting. His tag-team partner joins him, as they begin to prepare for another Climax Control war. We fade out.~

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