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Camera’s go backstage to see Le Coven members Celeste North and Jenifer Lacroix. They’re seen stopping at the end of the hallway as something has caught their attention. Celeste and Jenifer run over as cameras follow the two.

We see Masked Yellow, Rory Rockerfeller, Javi, Eric, Masked Jade and Cadet Blue attacking Mz Holly Wood, Melissa Ruin, Mason and Jason Fox. Le Coven gets close to try and help but is stopped as Omasa Tazu gets in front of them. She stares at Jenifer as Masked Rainbow appears next to Omasa staring down Celeste North.

The four tie up but Le Coven gets slammed to the floor. The other GRIME Wrestlers keep the attack on Holly, Melissa and the Fox Brothers. Rainbow gets on top of Celeste as Omasa gets on top of Jenifer, the two grabbing each other's neck trying to choke the other.

Rory gets Mason to his feet only for Jacob Johnson to come from nowhere and nail a running dropkick. Jason crawls over to his twin brother but Javi and Eric Weaver each grab a leg and drag him away from Mason. Yellow jumps off a table and nails a double stomp to the lower back of Jason Fox.

Rainbow gets a few punches in on Celeste before she would block a punch and rolls over to her side. Melissa tries to fight off Jade but Cadet Blue grabs her from behind to hold her in place. Jade starts laying out a punch combo to Melissa's chest.

Javi, Eric, Yellow, and Rory go over to help Omasa and Rainbow take out Le Coven but see OTE running down the hallway. The men pull Rainbow and Omasa off of Le Coven as Eyesnsane, Mrs. Right, Michi, Dax, Mickey and Kaos keep approaching.

GRIME stands tall ready to take on OTE but changes their mind as Kelli, Halo, Coby Quik, Earl Lockyer and Stewart Mason. The GRIME Wrestlers turn around to take off. OTE ignores the fallen SCU stars as they keep the chase going. Kelli and Halo stop to check on Melissa. Coby Quik checks on Jenifer as Team Canada checks on Celeste North.

Stewart then runs over to Mz Holly Wood but Holly starts to sit up. Stewart then goes to Jason Fox. Sewart tries to wake him up as Holly checks on Mason Fox. Le Coven gets to their feet and looks around them, Coby and Earl notice everyone trying to check on Jason Fox.

As they go to check on them they hear yelling, they turn around to see EMT’s running over with a stretcher yelling for them to move out of the way. They do as the EMT’s rush over to Jason Fox. The check for signs of life which they get then they slowly turn him around to lay him on a hard bed so they can place him on the stretcher.

Mason sits up dazzled and confused to what’s all going on. The SCU stars then turn behind them as they see Lexa’s four security members, and SCU refs are seen running towards the hallway GRIME and OTE ran towards. 

Behind them we see Kittie, The Jeckels, Jerry Cann and Apathy running towards whatever’s going on then we see they’re being chased by Alexis and Tim Staggs, Merlot, Dahlia, and Mark Cross.

As they watch Coby looks around and says…

Coby: Let’s go and save them. 

Jenifer points at Coby and nods to agree.

The SCU stars go to run to give chase but as they go to cut the corner Stewart sees something in the corner of his eyes that causes him to stop and pushes Coby and Jenifer out of the way knocking them to the floor. Everyone stops to figure out why as a loud bang goes off.

Everyone gets a stun as a stun grenade went off. Appearing from out of nowhere is Max Burke.

Max: Get them! 

Max orders as he laughs. Masked Celeste, Gold, Saddie Brown, Light Blue, Sea Green, Esther, Andrey, Piper, and Jim the Clown surround the SCU stars… Before they can attack a loud noise is heard. What sounds like a mega truck motor is heard getting louder and louder.

Everyone stops to look as they see two dock garage doors from the side open up… Max walks over to get a closer look when all of a sudden 12 motorcycles start riding into the arena. Those in the bikes are seen wearing the same helmets as Lexa’s four security guards.

The 12 get off their bikes and pull out a metal bat each. SCU GM Lexa makes her way to stand in front of Max Burke. The 12 stand behind Lexa as they wait for her orders. Lexa stands there waiting for MAx Burke to make a move.

Max: We done enough for now… 

Max turns around to look at the GRIME wrestlers.

Max: Let’s go, save it for later. 

Max laughs as he and GRIME start to walk away. Lexa turns her head slightly to look at the 12. They then start running down the hallway where everyone else was seen heading towards.

The scene opens backstage at the Violent Conduct pre-show where we see Krystal Wolfe playing Super Mario Galaxy on her Nintendo Switch.

Krystal: Damn it, who the hell decided to make the web shooters this fucking sensitive?!

Krystal grunts in annoyance as she dies in game after missing a target.

Krystal: I swear from a gameplay perspective, motion controls were Nintendo’s biggest mistake.

As Krystal says this, she is approached by Dev.

Dev: Hey Krys, you don’t have any weird facts for me this time, right?

Krystal shakes her head before pocketing the Switch.

Krystal: Nah, haven’t watched any YouTube vids that had any weird facts in them all week, what’s up?

Dev: I just want your thoughts on last week’s Main Event.

Krystal sighs in annoyance.

Krystal: What I was planning to do was go out there and make sure that Angel Kash got the pin-fall, what I didn’t realize was that the idiots in GRIME had the idea to have another purge because why would wrestlers the fans actually fucking like have all the spotlight! Before I knew it, I was out there with the rest of the SCU roster fighting off those morons and giving them a taste of their own medicine.

Krystal adds before shaking her head.

Krystal: But in the end, it won’t matter, Angel Kash couldn’t beat me on her own, we all saw it, and I’m far from done with her! Once she beats Melissa Ruin I will be right there, ready for my rematch!

Dev walks off as the scene fades.

*Knock knock knock*

The sound echoes throughout the locker room.  There are footsteps heard from inside as someone comes to answer the door.  It is Andrey Azarov.  He stares at the person in front of him, blankly.

Andrey:  Can I help something with you?

Person:  Is… Rory here?

Andrey laughs and shakes his head as he looks over his shoulder.  He smiles as he looks back at the person.  He waits for there to be a joke involved.

Andrey:  No.  No he is not.  Can I take message for you?  Maybe on Post-It note?

Person:  Oh… Okay…

There are footsteps heard leaving.  Andrey laughs again as he turns inside of the room, shouting to someone.

Andrey:  It was caller for Rory?

There is even more laughing erupting from the inside of the room.  He looks down in front of him to see a pizza sitting there.  He picks it up and looks at it.  He sniffs it, and then smiles as he opens the box.

Andrey:  Pepperoni sausage is favorite of mine…

Andrey starts to turn around when we hear a roar.  The person at the door comes rushing back at Andrey, smashing the hot pizza into Andrey’s face as he screams.  The man then tosses Andrey to the floor and closes the locker room door with a chain.  He looks down and turns back to Andrey.

Person:  You think you can lie to me?  That is not the tip I expected!

Andrey tries to slide pizza goo from his face, but the man continues to stomp at him rapidly as the door is rattled in an attempt to open it.

Person:  I delivered in thirty minutes or less, and you couldn’t be bothered to give me a real tip?  Instead, trying to fill my wallet with lies!  I can’t pay my tuition with lies, Rory!

Andrey:  I’m not Rory!

Person:  You’re a coward.  One day, you will snap just like me, Rory! You’re gonna have enough, Rory!  And you’re gonna find yourself, attacking people with pizzas, and kicking people’s asses, Rory!  And you’re gonna remember the name, Rory… The name of…

The man turns around, and he is young but tall for his age.  His medium length hair is a little curled, and his boyish face is twisted into a deranged look as he breathes heavily.

Person:  Roy… Roy the Delivery Boy!  Delivering the pain, in thirty minutes or less!  Guaranteed, or your money back…

Roy turns around and kicks Andrey in the side one final time before picking up his delivery bag and walking off.

The scene opens backstage at the Violent Conduct Pre-Show where we see one half of the Pride Tag Team Champions Ariana Angelos walking around backstage in search of her partner and co-champion.

Alex: Ari, there you are!

Ariana looks up seeing Alex accompanied by his rhino Robert Edwin.

Ariana: Hey Alex, are you ready for our first defence?

Alex: You bet love! And I will prove to be every bit of a partner as Carter was!

HBCarter: My ears are burning!

Almost on cue the TV Champion HB Carter jumps into view and hugs his bestie.

HBCarter: Now Alex, I hope you are treating Ari right, she is a young woman now and this is your first time together!

Ariana blinks as she processes what Carter is saying.

Ariana: Err, Carter, this isn’t a date, this is me and Alex’s first title defence!

HBCarter: Yes, and I hope that Alex can hold up his end of the bargain!

Alex: Oi, I am a former Tag Team Champion you know!

HBCarter: With the horny one over there!

Carter points to the rhino and Ari shakes her head with a facepalm.

Ariana: Oh by the way, your still up for guest staring on Recipe 4 Disaster, right Alex?

Alex: Off course love, what are you making?

Ariana: Maple Syrup Ghost Pepper Chocolate Chilli!

Carter blinks a couple of times.

HBCarter: Don’t you mean “chilli chocolate”?

Ariana: I know what I said, and I meant it!

The two men share worried looks.

HBCarter: How about you just worry about your first defence.

Alex and Ari: Great idea.

The trio (plus the rhino) walk off as the scene fades.


Blackjack Brawl - GRIME World Nightmare Championship
Vixen Staggs vs Kittie

Liam: The following contest is for the GRIME WORLD NIGHTMARE CHAMPIONSHIP, and will be a BLACKJACK BRAWL! The rules are simple... falls count anywhere in CAESARS PALACE!

The haunting opening notes of Joke’s on You begin to fill the venue as the lights lower to a crimson light that plays over the ramp where Vixen Staggs can be seen standing at the entrance dressed in dark tights and crimson halter under a studded black leather jacket.

Liam:  Introducing first from Ottawa Ontario, she is the current World Nightmare Champion Vixen STAGGS!

Ding! Ding! Ding!


Ada: Kittie cracked Vixen with that server’s tray upside the head! Vixen is in serious trouble right out of the gate.

Rob: And another one for good measure! The champ is stunned by two shots to the head from her challenger Kittie. Could this be the night that the longest reigning champion loses that title around her waist?

Ada: If Kittie keeps up this aggression it very well could be. Kittie is in hot pursuit of Vixen.

Rob:  Vixen is firing back! She seems to have shook the cobwebs off. She just doubled over Kittie with a big boot to the midsection. She’s knocked the wind out of her. She’s got herself a handful of hair, and dragging her opposition backstage. Don’t lose them! Let’s go, camera guy!

Ada: OH! Vixen sends Kittie flying across the gear cases into the wall. Vixen found some plunder backstage! She’s got a tray of chips!

Rob: Not anymore! Kittie just got a face full of that tray of poker chips, and she’s down! Vixen is going for the first cover of the match!


Ada: NO! Kittie raked the eyes of Vixen, and got a shoulder up in doing so.

Rob: She clawed the eyes, and has altered the momentum of this match in an instant. It’s a bitch to fight blind. Especially when anything is legal! Kittie’s back to her feet, and is choking Vixen with one of the production cables.

Ada: The blood is rushing to the surface of the champion’s face, and if she doesn’t get out of this predicament soon she’s going to be out cold, and titleless. 

Rob: That’s one way! Vixen just slammed the back of her head into the bridge of the nose of her challenger. Kittie’s gushing blood! That doesn’t look good at all.

Ada: It doesn’t look good, but Kittie’s smiling. She’s smiling at the sight of her own blood. I don’t blame her for backing off for a minute to get the blood under control. Wonders of backstage at a wrestling show. Lots of towels nearby.

Rob: Never turn your back on your opponent though! Especially when her name is Vixen! The World Nightmare Champion is driving Kittie’s head repeatedly into that table! So much for getting that blood under control.

Ada: Vixen has her challenger by the hair again, and we’re going to keep following them. What a fight!

Rob: She didn’t get far this time! Kittie’s fighting through the blood, sweat and tears... literally! These two Sin City mainstays are beating the ever living shit out of each other here tonight! Kittie just tossed Vixen into a roulette wheel knocking it to the floor.! Sure hope that isn’t THE roulette wheel.

Ada: Vixen’s firing back! Huge knees to the midsection of Kittie. What does Vixen have in mind?

Rob: THE JOKE’S ON YOU ONTO THE ROULETTE WHEEL!! That’s it. No way she can get up from that. Vixen can barely get an arm over her. That was not fun for challenger or champion.


Ding! Ding! Ding!

Liam: Here is your winner... AND STILL... your GRIME World Nightmare Champion... VIXXXXEN!!

Vixen is slow to her feet. She snatches her title from the grasp of the referee, and raises it high in the air.

The scene cuts to a pre-recorded vignette that features an annoyed and angry Cordelia Clark firing away at a punching bag, clearly not enjoying herself at all. The punching bag sways more and more as she fires more punches and when her trainer approaches her, she takes an absolute cheap right hook right in his face, knocking him down. Cordelia lets out an angry sigh as she steps away from the bag.

Cordelia: I swear to god, this is so STUPID!

The trainer slowly gets up, holding his jaw.

Trainer: For what it’s worth, you pack a serious punch…

Cordelia: Don’t patronize me, jerk. I’m only doing this because I have to. Don’t get me wrong, I was born and bred to be a champion in this business! It’s not like I don’t appreciate the opportunity at the SCU Combat Championship and all of that but… come on…

Trainer: What’s the problem exactly?

Cordelia: The PROBLEM is that I am a WRESTLER! I am NOT a boxer! I’m already going into this with someone like Merlot Ayano at a total disadvantage! I’ve never boxed in my life. I mean… yeah… I’m a fast learner, but I trained to be a wrestler.

Trainer: You’re showing great skill for someone that has never done this before and I really mean that. I’m not patronizing you at all.

Cordelia: Whatever! Just get out of my face!

The trainer sighs, obviously displeased with Cordelia’s attitude as he leaves the scene. Cordelia herself decides to take a breather as she uses a hook that is hanging from the ceiling to slide the boxing gloves off of her hands. She sits down, focuses on the task at hand and begins to express her thoughts.

Cordelia: I bet you’re going to be treating this as another night in the office, aren’t you Merlot Ayano? And why wouldn’t you? You are one of the top talents of this brand, I’m not stupid. I know you’re going to be the toughest challenge that I’ve faced in my fledgling career. Hell, you even have a little bit of college education which is FAR more than I can say for most people in the business. But if you think this means I’m just going to bow down and take your crap, then you have another thing coming. I may be at a disadvantage considering I’ve never boxed in my life prior to tonight… but when I first got here… I was at that disadvantage. I was new! I had no experience aside from the Independents. I wasn’t supposed to beat Andi Lynx in my first match, but I did. I wasn’t supposed to even qualify for the SCU/GRIME rumble and yet I did. I wasn’t supposed to beat someone as experienced as Mother Mavis and yet, I did! I wasn’t supposed to beat Veronica Taylor because of the manufactured reputation that she has, and yet, I DID!

I’ve defied more odds in my rookie year than anyone could ever give me credit for and I KNOW that all the odds are in YOUR favor, but that doesn’t mean I am backing down! I’m an Ivy League prodigy for a reason, Merlot.

My family knew I was gifted and destined for great things before I even learned how to talk! Hell, I was so gifted that “Princeton” was the first word that ever came out of my mouth! I may not be blessed with the experience that you have, I may not be blessed with the toughness that you have… but what I have been blessed with is the trait of a true, dominant performer that is the most important out of all of them: INTELLIGENCE! I’m a fast learner! I’ve proven that the entire time in SCU and that’s why nobody has been able to beat me! That’s why I’m going to defy the odds, shock the world and find a way to beat you in something that isn’t in my element at all.

So do yourself a big favor, Merlot… don’t overlook me just because of my inexperience! Because if you do… it’s going to be the biggest mistake of your SCU Combat title reign… a reign that I am one knockout blow away from ending in an instant. Don’t think I can do it? Go ahead and try me!

Cordelia remains angry, yet focused, even with all of the odds that are against her as the scene cuts out.

The cameras show Hitamashii arriving at Caesar’s with Dying Breed members Andrew Garcia and Ivan Darrell.  They are heading to the locker room area and Max Burke, with Casey Williams in tow, and the two men lock eyes.

Hitamashii: You better make sure that championship is shiny for me as that title is coming home with me tonight.

Max smirks as the trio come up on the G.R.I.M.E. World Nightmare Champion.

Max: We have a jokester here Casey. Listen kid, you’re impressive. There is no denying that, but the only thing that is going to be shiny to you tonight are the lights shining down on your lifeless carcass.

Hitamashii laughs at Max and Casey and then suddenly stops and puts on the most sinister look on his face at the turn of a dime.

Hitamashii: Dream on Maxi-Pad. I will show you how a true champion carries themself when I take that title from you after taking the tuxedo off you, as you are a fraud!

Max: Kid... get your own material. You don’t need Gianni’s sloppy seconds. You’ll never get the spray tan off ya. Regardless of the ridiculous gimmick we are stuck with tonight I’m not losing this strap. It’s not happening.

Hitamashii: Regardless of me taking Gianni’s jokes, you will lose that title quicker than he loses that spray tan. After the beating I give you, you will be begging or me to stop as you can’t handle the immense pain I will be dishing upon you.

Max and Hitamashii are standing nose to nose by this point, breathing very heavily as Williams, Garcia and Darrell pry the guys apart. You hear Casey, Andrew and Ivan tell both to save it for the match in an attempt to calm the situation before their match later on tonight.

Max: See you soon kid. You’re going to love the taste of your own blood.

The camera moves backstage to see the usual setup of a platform with white and light blue curtains hanging up, as well as a banner that reads “Church of the Good Shepherds”.  There is a white podium on the platform, and a spotlight shining down upon it.  A group is gathered in front of it as we see Mother Mavis walk out onto the stage in a white suit and veiled hat.  She waves to the crowd, giving a sweet smile before looking to the podium.  She is followed quickly by Sister Virginia Mae Putnam. In a light blue Sunday dress and hat covering.  As the cheering from the crowd increases, David comes rushing onto the stage in a light blue suit and tie.  He waves and makes his way next to Ginny Mae.  It doesn’t take long when Father Gerald Shepherd comes out onto the stage.  He winks as the crowd cheers even more loudly.  He raises a hand in the air, waving to the crowd, taking time to lean over and shake hands with those in front of him.  He then takes his place at the podium and smiles brightly.

Gerald:  Thank you.  Thank you!  May God smile upon each and every one of ya’s.  I mean it. I really do.

Gerald takes a second to catch his breath from the excitement as he looks around.

Gerald:  I can’t thank the church enough for coming out here to support me tonight.  For it is the night that we, The Church of the Good Shepherds, finally get to take our message to the next level.  Now that we are out from under the tyrannical reign of the wicked sodomite, for a slightly less wicked jezebel, we are getting our fair shake.  Things are looking up.

Church:  Amen! That’s what I’m talking about!

Gerald stops and smiles, waving to the rowdy group of the devout.  He nods as the crowd quiets down respectfully.

Gerald:  Things are looking up indeed.  We found out tonight that David and Ginny have set up a date to be married, and everyone in this auditorium right now is invited!

Church:  YEAHHHH!!!

David smirks and nods his head, looking down as Ginny beams.  She hugs onto his arm and thanks people in the crowd individually.  Gerald claps for them, giving them a moment before taking back the spotlight.

Gerald:  We’ll keep everyone informed privately, because I know several lowlifes who would just love to get in my craw by ruining this union.  So stay tuned for the newsletter! Alright?

Gerald nods his head as the crowd lets out one last uproarious cheer on the matter.

Gerald:  Now, in His wisdom, we are reminded that we should focus on the moment we are in.  During these uncertain and stressful times, it is important to practice mindfulness, prayer, and devotion.  “Remember not the former things, nor consider the things of old. Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.” Isaiah 43, verses 18 and 19.  “Yet you do not know what tomorrow will bring. What is your life? For you are a mist that appears for a little time and then vanishes.” James 4, verse 14. “So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.” First Corinthians 10, verse 31!

Gerald stops for a moment and looks around, laughing.  He smacks the top of the podium and looks directly down the middle of the crowd.

Gerald:  I could go on and on.  For we focus on now.  Not the past, and not the future.  Tonight, His glory is upon us.  It is my job as His soldier to go into the lion’s den, the cage of the six sided ring, and it is my time to take that SCU Underground Championship from the heathenous O’Malley.  It is my time to give Sin City Underground a moral makeover.  It is my time to lead the pack, and hopefully lead them to His divine light.

Gerald softly speaks the last line.  He nods his head as Mavis and Ginny clap for him.  David lightly claps as he looks out into the crowd.  The crowd claps in return, hooping and hollering, in the spirit, for Gerald.

Gerald:  I have many words for O’Malley later tonight.  But more importantly, I have more actions for him.  Right now, I devote this time, and my pending championship reign, to Our Father, thou art in Heaven.  Hallowed be thy name.  Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven.

The crowd has their heads bowed as they recite with Gerald.  As he finishes, he looks up and raises his arms.

Gerald:  Tonight is a special night.  Therefore, I will be giving the Eucharist.  It is a night of celebration, because I WILL go on to put O’Malley’s miserable reign as a poor champion to rest, and I will return that belt to His undying glory!

Gerald lowers his hands, and is surprised as someone comes rushing through the crowd.

Andrew:  YES YOU CAN!  Make your dreams a reality! Just do it!

Gerald claps his hands and nods.

Gerald:  Yes, indeed, Brother Andrew!  I believe in myself!

Andrew:  If you can dream it… you can be it!

The crowd cheers loudly as Gerald shakes hands with Andrew Borg.  He gives Borg a side hug and they all wave to the crowd.


Mixed Tag Team Match - Pride Tag Team Championships
Alex Rush and Ariana Angelos vs Kaos and Mrs Right

Darlyn:  The following Main Event contest is scheduled for one fall, and is for the Pride Tag Team Championship!

The arena lights dim low and neon red lights appear at the bottom of the titan tron as the fast electric piano beat kicks into "ISIS"  and red lasers are shot across the arena as if there were people aiming at you. As the song progresses , the beat reaches a high peak the lights under the titan tron turn off and the baseline kicks in, the lights turn back on revealing “KAOS” standing, with a look of fearless vengeance, at the top of the aisle. Confusion and defensive questions from the crowd, he begins to make his way to ringside walking in a disciplined stride, takes a pause and looks around then proceeds to walk up the stairs into the Ring.

Darlyn: Standing at 6’1”..weighing in at 239lbs, The American Nightmare, KAOS !!!  And his partner, she stands at 5’9” and weighing in at 155lb, she is… Mrs Right!!!

The lights get lowered and there seems to be a purple hue as the music plays.  After a few moments Mrs. Wright comes out from backstage stopping for a moment waving to the left and to the right. Then she slowly walks to the ring and then up the steel steps.  After she enters the ring, the walks to the center of the ring and turns, taking a moment to pause as she faces each side of the ring.  Before cutting a stare at the ring announcer as she walks to a corner.  And backs herself in while waiting for the action to start.

Darlyn:  Aaaand their opponents, the Pride Tag Team Champions…

The intro to “Fortune Favours the Bold” hits the speakers and once the vocals hit Ariana comes out to a modest reception, the young wrestler claps hands with the fans at ringside as she makes her way down to the ring.

Darlyn: Introducing, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania “The Greek Angel” Ariana Angelos!

Ariana rolls into the ring and poses for the crowd before waiting for the match to start.

Gold stars start to flash around the stage entrance as the arena lights start to drop out and a voice is heard saying "Do you wanna get rocked?" The name Alex Rush appears on the screen and the fans instantly burst in to cheers as Def Leppards "Let's Get Rocked" blasts through the speakers.

Darlyn: From Westminister, London, England, weighing in at two hundred and ten pounds, he is Alex Rush!

Smoke appears at the top of the ramp as a spotlight hits the entrance way to see the back of a long haired man with one hand in the air holding up the devil horns sign. He turns around to more cheers as the spotlight shines on the face of Alex Rush! A line of security as seen either side of him as the lights brighten to show fans "held back" by security at the top of the ramp. Alex is wearing black leather pants with a red stripe down either side, a white shirt with the devill horns hand sign on in a faded gray colour. Around his wrist, a multi coloured scarf is tied. He looks to the held back fans and wave a hand at them in a presidential fashion before making his way down to the ringside area. Alex steps up the steps and through the middle and top rope and in to the center of the ring, his arms in the air with the devil horns sign as gold sparks fall from the roof. Alex reaches down, removing his shirt and throws it to the crowd as he wait

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Gena:  Alex and Kaos start things off in the middle of the ring.  Alex goes to shake hands with Kaos and then points behind him.

Chad:  Kaos shakes his head, but Alex insists.  Kaos pulls him into a Belly-to-Belly Suplex.  Kaos gets up, and Alex shakes the stars away.

Gena:  Alex charges at Kaos, but Kaos moves and sends Alex into the ropes.  As Alex comes back, he ducks a Clothesline.

Chad:  He jumps into the ropes and comes back with a Dropkick to Kaos stomach.  He goes for the cover.


Gena:  Alex picks Kaos up and sends him into the corner.  He follows up, looking for a Battering Ram to the stomach, but Kaos moves out of the way.

Chad:  Alex connects with the ringpost.  Kaos grabs Alex by the back and rams him into the post once more.  He goes for the cover!


Gena:  Ari comes in for the save with an elbow to the back of Kaos’ head.  She starts to pull Alex closer to their corner, but Mrs Right grabs onto Alex’s ankle.

Chad:  The two play tug of war with Alex’s body, which serves to wake him up.  As the referee orders both ladies to the outside, Alex is able to make the tag!

Gena:  Kaos reluctantly makes the tag to Mrs Right, staring out at Alex, who is still reeling.  Mrs Right steps inside, as does Ari.

Chad:  Ari ducks a Clothesline from Mrs Right and jumps on her back.  She throws punches as Mrs Right moves around to stop her.  She then drops down to the ground, right on top of Ari, bridging into a pin!


Gena:  Somehow, Ari gets a shoulder up from under the weight of Mrs Right. She is able to roll over onto her stomach, but Mrs Right picks her up with ease.

Chad:  Mrs Right tosses Ari up into a Military Press Slam position.  She shows off her amazing strength, but gets too carried away with it.

Gena: She turns around to show it off to the whole crowd.  In this instant, Ari is able to drop down into a Crucifix Pin on Mrs Right!


Chad:  Mrs Right powers out of it quickly.  She rolls up to her feet and meets Ari with a tie up.  Mrs Right pushes her back into the corner.

Gena:  As she goes for a Big Boot, Ari ducks and lifts her up and over.  She is about to rush to the opposite ropes, but Right grabs her by the hair, taking her to the ground.

Chad:  Mrs Right goes to the top rope, uncharacteristically, and jumps off with a Top Rope Foot Stomp.  She lands it and goes for the cover!


Gena:  Alex pulls Mrs Right off of Ari and pats her on the shoulder, calling her a “fella”.  Right begins poking him in the chest as he goes back to his corner.

Chad:  Kaos comes around, pushing Alex.  The two get into a shoving contest, and Alex is not above the slap.  He slaps Kaos, who doesn’t look too pleased by this.

Gena:  Alex holds his hands up, backpedaling now.  He finds his way out of the ring, but Kaos follows.  Alex points to the right, and Kaos looks, getting punched with everything Alex has!

Chad:  Mrs Right watches for a second as Kaos and Alex duke it out.  Alex uses his speed, but Kaos uses his strength.

Gena:  Mrs Right turns around just in time to get Superkicked in the face.  As she goes down, Ari makes her way to the top rope!  She jumps off with Angel’s Descent (Corkscrew Shooting Star Press)!! She hooks the leg!


Chad:  Kaos slides inside of the ring to break up the pin, but Alex holds onto his ankle with everything he’s got, and…


Ding! Ding! Ding!

Darlyn:  Here are your winners and STILL Pride Tag Team Champions… Alex Rush and Ariana Angelos!!!

“Fortune Favours the Bold” plays over the speakers as Alex lets go of Kaos’ leg.  He grabs their title belts and slides inside of the ring.  He hands one of the belts to Ariana, and the two celebrate, while Kaos looks a bit raw over the situation.  He checks on Mrs Right, who comes back to.  He helps her up and they exit the ring as Alex and Ari continue to celebrate.

Results / Violent Conduct VI Pre-Show (Results)
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September 27th - Violent Conduct VI Pre-Show

 Las Vegas, Nevada - The Colosseum at Caesars Palace

It's here -- FINALLY! The most XXXTREME event of the year! VIOLENT CONDUCT VI! Fifteen matches sanctioned by SCW, and four by SCU! And several of those matches have special stipulations befitting an event such as this! And as for the Roulette title matches? The wheel has been changed up, just for this event alone! And every stipulation on the wheel goes to the extreme where violence is concerned! Every. Single. One! There is a reason why this event is only held once a year! The Superstars and Bombshells couldn't handle it any more than that!

Segments are due to the Underground account no later than 2pm EST on Sunday, September 27th, 2020. No late segments will be accepted.

The pre-show cuts to the back where the camera catches Dahlia stretching before her match. Dahlia turns into the camera.

Dahlia: Tonight despite once again stuck on the pre show, I step into the ring to defend my SCU underground title. Melissa you’ve been on the rise and it's great to see, and you’ve earned your title match against me tonight, but you have to look at  realize I’m the most dominant woman in both brands and I’d something no one else had done beat Celeste North not once but twice, I know you want my title, people think that’s maybe it’s your time, maybe sometime down the road it will be but your time isn’t now, I’m not ready to give up my title just yet, but i know your will bring everything you have to try, but tonight will not be your night, but i wish you good luck tonight Melissa, see you out there.

Darkness takes over the screen.  We can hear someone moving around in the darkness.  After a few seconds, we hear the sound of a bow against the strings of a violin, so sharp that it sends chills down our spines as we listen.  A spotlight shines on masked member Yellow, leaning back with the violin and bow in his hands.  He slides the bow across the violin to make a sound so beautiful and sad, yet eerily unsettling.  A hooded rat climbs over him and onto his forehead as the man balances himself perfectly.  He opens his mouth and the rat begins to pull out yellow string.  She moves around the man, draping the string around as she goes.

Yellow:  Yes, Hecate, my dear, sweet friend.  She brings about a revelation.  Something that has been long gone, but not forgotten.

The man stops playing for a second, but does not move his body otherwise.  He instead turns slightly to look at the camera.

Yellow:  Hallo und wie gehts.  It is a reminder that your favorite yellow person is still here. Air time is given oh so freely to everyone else.  The spotlight is taken for those not wearing masks. But I tell you, emerging into the light is not the mission of GRIME Wrestling.  Anyone who thinks it is?

Yellow straightens his body and turns to look at the camera again as the rat continues to pull string from the man’s mouth, a seemingly endless supply.

Yellow:  They are fakes.  Frauds.  They are just men and women who did not make the cut for Sin City Underground, an even bigger fraud.  It is up to those such as myself, the masked ones. The Monstimals.  Javier Gonzalez.  To not lose our way.

Yellow takes a few steps closer, and he raises the violin and bow once more, playing as he walks.

Yellow:  The message must remain strong, and we should bring levels of violence, unthinkable to the supposed Undergrounders.  We must remind the rest of GRIME of how it is supposed to be.  It is our duty as the soldiers of the darkest recesses of the mind.  Anyone who disagrees will soon find themselves in the same path of destruction as SCU.

He stops playing and sets the violin against the ground, using it like a cane to stand upon.  He looks into the camera, tilting his head to the side slightly as the last bit of string falls from his mouth.  Hecate continues to crawl all over him, the string almost knitting into itself.

Yellow:  Wir sind in einer Zeit der Abrechnung. Wir müssen wachsam bleiben und uns daran erinnern, was unsere Mission ist. (We are at a time of reckoning.  We must remain vigilant, and remember what our mission is.)  It is important to our cause, meine Freunde.  I pledge allegiance, to GRIME, of the Sin City Network.  And to the values, for which it stands.  One army, under Gianni, indivisible, with chaos, and destruction for all.

Yellow begins to play a violin rendition of “American Landfill”, the official song of GRIME.  He tilts his mask up ever so slightly to see his blue eyes glaring through the mouth slot.  The eyes bore into us as we focus on them before fading out.

Ruby is seen walking backstage with a black garment bag draped over her shoulder. Magenta is following slowly behind her, like an obedient puppy. Ruby eventually stops walking and Magenta isn’t paying attention and she bumps right into Ruby. Ruby’s nostrils flare and she spins around very slowly, glaring at her submissive.

Ruby: I’m giving you a free pass on that one, whore. If I weren’t the one in charge here, I’d make sure you walk in front of me.

Magenta shakes her head quickly, clearly against that thought.

Ruby: Of course not. We both know how much you just love staring at my ass.

Magenta nods and reaches out to Ruby. Ruby smacks her hand away.

Ruby: Don’t test me, whore! not about you. Tonight is my very special evening with Max. You should be back at home, but considering you begged like the bitch you are…

Ruby grins and takes a step towards Magenta.

Ruby: I was all too happy to oblige. Once I find Max, however, you can find a supply closet or somewhere to sit in for the rest of the evening.

Magenta: Please, Mistress…

Magenta’s voice is heard for the very first time, and as soon as she speaks, Ruby snarls. She wraps her hand around Magenta’s throat and then forcefully backs her against the wall. Magenta cries out as her back hits the wall.

Ruby: Excuse me, whore?! You don’t speak unless I tell you to! Do you want people to figure out your identity?!

Magenta shakes her head

Ruby: I didn’t think so. Because you’re embarrassed. You’re disgusted with who you are, as you should be. But don’t worry. After my special night with Max, you’ll get the punishment you are so desperate for.

Magenta: Share?

Ruby puts more pressure on Magenta’s throat, punishment for not only speaking, but suggesting such a thing.

Ruby: Me? Share Max? I do not think so, whore. Max is mine. You are more than welcome to leave here and go find any desperate jack off to satisfy your desires, but Max is off limits. And if you speak again, even you won’t like that punishment. Are we clear?

Magenta nods and then Ruby releases her grip on her. Magenta coughs a little but is otherwise fine as Ruby turns around.

Ruby: Good. Now go find your closet, because I’m going to find Max alone.

Ruby then walks away as Magenta stays behind. She looks around, confused for a moment, before she does as she is told and begins searching for a closet to hide in.

The camera cuts to the backstage area where Alex Rush can be seen strolling in to the Violent Conduct VI pre show. to one side Edwin Robert walks and the other Robert Edwin. Alex has the Pride Tag Team championship over his shoulder. Marissa Henry charges towards him waving her hands.

Marissa: Oh thank God!

Alex: You're not the first Dolly to say that to me, not the first Dolly to say that to me today, maybe the third or forth, summing like that.

Marissa: No, people were getting worried that you wasn't gonna be here tonight.

Alex: Well me and the fellas here thought we'd take in a show. It's been forever since I got to put on the spandex.

Marissa: Erm, you wrestled at Underground 72.

Alex: I did, how'd I get on?

Marissa: You lost to The Good Shepherds.

Alex looks to the left and to the right, shaking his head.

Alex: I don't remember that but I ain't shocked if I'm honest, I mean it's The Good Shepherds after all. They beat everyone, so yeah, if I remembered it, I'm sure I'd be ok with it. Not many people beat those holy sheep peeps. Anyway, me and the lads should probably go take our seats for the show.

Alex attempts to walk past Marissa but she stops him, looking at him confused.

Marissa: Alex, you're wrestling tonight, didn't anyone tell you?

Alex scratches his messy hair.

Alex: No one told me and I checked like the online thingy earlier this week and say buggery bugger all, did someone tell you?

Alex looks at Robert Edwin, but the rhino shakes his head. Alex turns to Edwin Robert.

Alex: How's about you?

Edwin Robert shakes his head and Alex looks back to Marissa.

Alex: If no one told us, does that mean we still gotta do it? I mean I put me spandex in under me leathers, but that's cause I lost me undies again. I dunno where they are, I think South Park was on to something with those Underwear gnomes, they keep sneaking in stealing me pants.

Marissa: Focus Alex.

Alex looks around, looking past Marissa.

Alex: Who's us?

Marissa: I said focus not fu... nevermind. You still have to wrestle, you're in the main event tonight.

Alex: Wait, I'm now facing Alicia Lukas and Evie Jordan? Don't think I fancy that too much, that Evie is a meanie, still ain't got the blue out of my beard.

Marissa: No, the pre show main event. You're facing Kaos and Mrs Right for the Pride Tag Team Championships.

Alex: AHHA! I knew Mrs Right was out there! People been banging on to me for ages about finding Mrs Right! Every lad I know has been oh, Mrs Right is out there for me.

Alex looks at the camera.

Alex: Lads! Lads! I told ya Mrs Right is out there somewhere and now she's gonna be playing in me ring... Erm, that didn't sound right.... In the ring.... Yeah, that's better until after the match, I dunno, she might be a kinky one and do it in the ring, I dunno.

Marissa puts her hand on her forehead, shaking it slowly.

Alex: I better go and find Mariana Grande!

Marissa: Who?

Alex: Me tag team partner in crime of course!

Marissa: You mean Ariana.

Alex: Ariana Grande? I think I've heard that some place before but nah, she's not my tag partner.

Marissa: No, Ariana Angelos.

Alex: She's not a singer too is she? Sweeeeeeeet!

Marissa rolls her eyes and walks off.

Marissa: I give up with this idiot!

Alex waves at Marissa as she walks away.

Alex: Ta-rah for a bit fuzzy lightning bolt! 

The camera fades as Alex shrugs his shoulders and walks away for look for Ariana.

Backstage, we focus on Gianni, who is sitting at his desk, with Veronica looking through wedding magazines, appearing to be quite bored.  He folds his hands together and looks to the camera.

Gianni:  I already told people that I ain’t fuckin’ around as the new GM of GRIME.  But, somebody has decided to start menstruatin’ and getting caught in her feelings about not bein’ booked.

Gianni straightens his posture as Veronica smiles wickedly and listens closely, biting at her lip as her man is about to lay down the law.

Gianni:  I been called a pretty boy, which… it ain’t no lie.  I’m a fine specimen of a man, and there ain’t no denyin’ that. I got called Veronica Taylor’s bitch.  I am her fiancee, if that’s what ya mean.  I am her man.  She’s my woman.  I looked out for her when others wouldn’t. If that makes me her bitch, then so be it.

Gianni shrugs his shoulders.  He lets it hang for a second, letting the anticipation build.

Gianni:  Speaking of bitches… Ruby is gonna be my bitch by the end of this little thing.  She’s gonna learn who the boss is.  I know things have been pretty laxed around here lately, but I’m not gonna be passive like the last GM was.  I’m gonna take action.  I’ve already set up Hitamashii with a tuxedo to take Max Burke’s GRIME World Nightmare Championship away from him.  That’s handled.  Ruby, however, is not.

Gianni looks off camera and Veronica scoffs.  She gets up and sprays the room with her Veronica’s Secret perfume as we see Angel of Filth, Sister Esther, Queen of Apathy, Piper Beckett, Jade, Light Blue, Indigo, Helena Jeckel, Macaroni and Cheese, Royal Purple, Celeste, and Orchid walk into the room.  He winks and watches them all form a line around him.

Gianni:  Kittie and Vixen was busy, so I couldn’t pull them into this.  But I will say that there’s plenty more where that came from.

Gianni gives each one of them a nod of appreciation.  Filth slaps his chest and nods her head as she flicks her blackened tongue at the camera.

Gianni:  Ruby, I’m gonna give ya another chance to apologize to me.  I expect a tweet in fifteen seconds, or a call, or show up at my door, or I’m gonna devote some time to makin’ ya life hell, bitch.

Gianni pulls the sleeve of his suit up and looks at his watch.  He nods his head with each passing second until fifteen seconds is up.  He slides his sleeve back down as the women of GRIME begin cracking their knuckles.

Gianni:  Alright.  Ruby?  Ya wanna throw the term “bitch” around like it’s nothin’?  Here, lemme make this clear for ya.  In a matter of time, ya gonna be my fuckin’ bitch.  How’s that?  Debbi?  Will be mine.  Ya ass?  Will be mine.  Magenta?  Will be mine.  And it all starts tonight.  Cause all these ladies behind me?  They’re gonna beat ya, week in, and week out, until ya get on ya knees and beg for my mercy.  Make it easy on yaself and just do it now, heh?

Gianni cracks his knuckles, and gives Ruby more time to show up.  When she doesn’t, he shakes his head.

Gianni:  Alright.  It’s ya funeral.  I know ya wanted to be booked tonight, at Violent Conduct, and that’s why ya throwin’ ya little bitch fit.  I was so tempted to give in to your fit.  But, what message would that send?  Hm?  That I’m a pushover.  So, that big match announcement I’m makin’ tonight is that there will be no match.  Fuck you, Ruby.  Kiss my ass, cause I don’t bow to no one, especially some washed up Misty wannabe like you.  But, starting next week, ya might wanna find a few more bitches to leash, cause ya gonna need it when I sick these bitches on you. Have a great night, Ruby.

Gianni winks and waves the camera away.


SCU Underground Championship
Dahlia Rotten vs Melissa Ruin

Darlyn:  The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the SCU Underground Championship!!!

The SCUTron turns on. We see the Sun devils football field with the drummers of the school's marching band in the middle of the field making the letters ASU for Arizona State University. The drums goes off twice, with a second pause before going off again twice repeating this process 3 times before the other drums come in. This happens twice before the group starts breaking formation.

The bugle team march onto the field as they begin to play…

ASU Marching band plays their version of Public Service Announcement II by Jay Z.

The Drummers move around as they form the letters SCU. The Bugle team marches in place below the letters making 6 rows underneath. The group breaks up and marches around the field for a bit as they start to slowly make out the name Melissa Ruin…

Darlyn:  On the way to the ring she is a two time all American in Lacrosse and Basketball from Arizona State… Melissa Ruin!!!

Menage Et Trois by Paloma Ford starts to play, the crowd showing the arena with cheers as Earl steps on the stage accompanied by Dahlia and Sarah,

Darlyn: She is the SCU Underground Champion... Dahlia Rotten!!!!!!!

They walk to the ring and enter, a spotlight shine on the rings, Dahlia and Sarah wrap their arms around Earl's neck and he give the crowd an arrogant smile

Ding! Ding! DIng!

Gena: Melissa runs at Dahlia and slaps her Belly!?!?!?

Chad: Is Melissa trying to make Dahlia mad on purpose?

Gena: Melissa slaps Dahlia’s belly again then a slap to the face!

Chad: Dahlia grabs Melissa by her hair and tosses her to the mat like a ragdoll!

Gena: Melissa has a deathwish if she thinks she can just slap Dahlia at will!

Chad: Melissa gets up yelling at Dahlia… Melissa slaps Dahlia in the face again… Dahlia counters that with a Headbutt right between Melissa’s eyes!

Gena: That will slow Melissa down. Dahlia grabs Melissa and sends her to the corner. Melissa hits the turnbuckle hard. Dahlia runs at Melissa and nails a Body Avalanche!

Chad: Dahlia grabs Melissa by the head and just tosses her to the mat.

Crowd:  YEAHHHHHH!!!

Gena: Dahlia goes for Earl’s Leg Drop but Melissa rolls out the way. Melissa and Dahlia get to their feet. Dahlia goes to grab Melissa but Melissa ducks and Kicks Dahlia in the knee!

Chad: Dahlia turns around, Melissa hits Dahlia with a Spinning Heel Kick!

Gena: Dahlia takes a step back. Melissa hits a Dropkick causing Dahlia to take another step back!

Chad: Melissa runs in and slaps Dahlia in the face hard. Dahlia holds that spot as Melissa hits an Uppercut on Dahlia, causing her to stumble back a bit!

Gena: Melissa runs in for a Leaping Clothesline but misses as Dahlia counters it with a punch to the face!!!

Chad: Melissa holds her head as she turns her back to Dahlia. Dahlia does a Back Rake to Melissa. Melissa arches her back… Dahlia lifts Melissa up and nails a Sidewalk Slam!

Gena: Dahlia grabs Melissa’s leg and turns Melissa around for her Single Leg Boston Crab!

Chad: The ref looks on but wait… Dahlia now drops her weight on to Melissa!

Gena: Dahlia wraps Melissa’s leg up… Rotten To The Core!!! (Front Facelock STO)

Chad: Melissa starts yelling in pain…

Gena:  Dahlia bares her weight down, and Melissa tries to crawl to the ropes, but she struggles under Dahlia’s weight alone.  She holds out as long as she can, but she taps!

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Darlyn:  Here is your winner and STILL SCU Underground Champion… Dahlia Rotten!!!

Dahlia lets up and stands up, raising her arm with the referee’s assistance.  She holds her belt up as “Menage et Trois” plays over the speakers.  She celebrates for a moment before turning and lending a hand to Melissa, pulling her back to her feet.  There’s a handshake before Melissa leaves Dahlia to celebrate her victory.

Alexis Staggs is seen seated backstage. The steel chair is backed against a wall, and she’s leaning back with her arms folded, staring just ahead of her. The camera pans back to see she’s staring at her Underground Championship contract briefcase placed on top of a large utility box. It’s still dented after having been used by GRIME to hit her over the head just a few weeks ago. And while her head had healed, her mood had apparently not.

As she sits there staring at the briefcase, Marissa Henry walks up to her. She’s silent at first, but as she looks back and forth from Alexis to the briefcase, she can’t hide her curiosity.

Marissa: Ok. What exactly are you looking at, Alexis?

Alexis lets out a laugh and looks to Marissa, then back at the dented briefcase.

Alexis: Evidence, Marissa. Evidence.

Marissa raises an eyebrow.

Marissa: Evidence of what exactly? That you still haven’t cashed in on the Underground Champion?

Alexis shrugs, trying to figure out the answer herself.

Alexis: Well, there’s that. But then there’s evidence that even though I have a guaranteed shot at the Underground Championship, that my shot won’t exactly work out in my favor in the same way it did for O’Malley. Even though he did what a coward does.

Marissa: I’m a little confused. You seem a tonight.

Alexis leans forward and then kicks the utility box with such force, it knocks the briefcase over and it crashes to the floor. Marissa jumps back as Alexis leans back again.

Alexis: Off? Yeah I’m fucking off, Marissa. Because here’s the thing, if I decide to do the right thing and cash in on the Underground Champion the right way, in an honest match, those GRIME fuckers are always somewhere around. They’re always going to ruin it, so is it really worth it anymore? Hell, I’m not even booked tonight so why the fuck should I care?

Marissa: So this is because you’re not booked tonight? That’s what I’m getting from it.

Alexis: No, it’s not just because I’m not fucking booked. I honestly don’t give a shit. This is because GRIME is going to fucking screw me out of my Underground Championship match when I finally cash in. So maybe I don’t even fucking want it anymore! I’m not going to waste a fucking opportunity!

Marissa scratches her head as Alexis leans forward, reaches for the briefcase and picks it up. She then launches it forward, sending it crashing against the opposite wall, denting the corner.

Marissa:’re saying you want to give it up, then?

Alexis: I don’t know what the fuck I’m saying, Marissa! Just leave me the fuck alone!

Alexis then stands up from the chair and grabs the briefcase, before storming off down the hall. Marissa Henry stays behind, scratching her head still very confused.

Marissa: This place is so confusing sometimes…

She shakes her head and then walks off in the opposite direction as the scene fades to elsewhere in the building.

Mrs. Right is seated on a weight bench while Kaos is standing nearby….

Mrs Right: This is a big opportunity for us and for Over the Edge.  We can go out there and take the Pride tag team titles.  This is my biggest match to date here in SCU.  It’s our biggest match.  This is what we talk about week in and week out.  Our chance to prove ourselves is here staring us in the face.  That brass ring is right there and we just need to reach out and take it.

She looks up at him from her seated position….

Mrs Right: I want this moment, I want these titles, I want to prove that we are the best in the business today.  No matter what happens I’m going to have your back out there, and Iam not going to quit on you, I’m going to give this fight everything I have got.  I’m not going to let you, the fans, or Over the Edge down.  I know we can do this.

He gives a nod and continues to spot her as she shows off.

The scene opens backstage, where we see Nick Khatri standing by a promotional poster for violent conduct. Beside him stands a masked GRIME member only known as Rainbow as he begins his questioning with the obvious.

Nick: Who are you?

He asks.

Rainbow: おれは... 私はあなたには関係ない (I am... I am it's none of your business).

Nick: Uh what?

He looks to the camera shrugging his shoulders not understanding the Japanese.

Rainbow: None... of.... your... business…

The masked person says slowly to ensure Dec gets it.

Nick: Ok. My apologies. What is your business here?

Rainbow: To win.

Nick: Well duh... but why have you set your sights on Esther?

Rainbow takes a second before speaking again.

Rainbow:  Esther is イージーピッキング (easy pickings). She is nothing. Nobody knows her. Nobody cares about her. Nobody will see me coming.

Nick: But why not attack Vixen as she is the champion?

He questions.

Rainbow: She has had her warning. The 部門 (division) is on notice. I am just picking the weakest off first.

Nick nods.

Nick: Are you hiding from Esther?

Rainbow: 私は隠れていません。(I am not hiding.) I am right here.

Voice: Well well well... look who we have here. Little Miss Rainbow skank.

The camera pans around to see Esther and a few friends with her. Rainbow pulls out the lead pipe from her back pocket as those few friends back away a little with Esther not so intimidated.

Esther: Takes someone with pretty big fuckinb balls to attack someone from behind but what about face to face?

Esther takes a step forward and gets into the face of Rainbow. Rainbow begins to laugh, which Esther is unsure how to proceed until Rainbow begins to walk away.

Esther: Don't you dare walk away.

Esther grabs Rainbows arm but Rainbow spins around and clocks Esther with hard right punch knocking Esther to the ground.

Rainbow: I am your worst 悪夢だ ビッチ!(F*cking nightmare. Bitch).

Rainbow walks away, as Esther's friends move in to check on her. The camera pans back to Rainbow as she disappears from shot.

Supercard Archives / "Escaping the Shadows"
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September 24, 2020

Nobody said that escaping the darkness was going to be easy. There was a part of me that felt guilty, feeling like I was being harsh toward Samantha Marlowe in my previous promo. But my heart was in the right place and that fact alone was enough to suppress that guilt. Besides, I knew that when I was in that same darkness that Sam finds herself in these days, that it was incredibly difficult for me since it took so many years of trial and error, so many burned bridges and even hours of empowerment therapy at one point for me to finally get out of the darkness that had been weighing me down for so long.

Becoming the wrestler that I am from a psychological standpoint was a much harder, much longer journey than becoming the wrestler that I am from an accolades standpoint and I was thinking heavily about Sam when I stepped into a training wrestling ring in a gym that was five minutes walking distance from the Saxon hotel. I had just put down my stuff and I leaned against the corner, reflecting on my challenger, feeling whatever pain she may have been going through this entire year. My sympathies were with her, but that familiar fire was burning through me knowing that on Sunday, I had one job to do and that was to defeat her and remain the Internet Champion. I heard my phone buzz and I promptly picked it up from the corner. It was a message from Jason, my boyfriend. I opened it and I found myself disappointed.

“Sorry. I can’t make it today” he wrote me in a text. I merely rolled my eyes and put the phone back down as a result of having another reason to be annoyed at him lately considering his harsh, brutal stance and feelings about Sam. I wasn’t fretting about not having someone to train with as I had eyed the punching bags in the distance. But before I could make that move, I heard a familiar voice call to me…

“Hey…” I heard the voice of Andrea Hernandez say. I looked toward her as she entered. I was stunned to see that she had given herself a makeover but what surprised me more was a glum look of guilt on her face. She looked like she was ready to put in some training too.

“Hey…” I said back as she entered the ring.

“Myra, I just wanted to say I’m sorry…” she said with regret in her voice. “I should’ve never told you to not talk to me again and I should’ve never blown you off on TV…”

“Andrea, I get it…” I said, not being bothered at all. “ were going through plenty. But, I bet you’re feeling better after beating Keira and this… makeover of yours… which is great by the way…”

“Thanks…” Andrea said with a smile. “...I know I’ve been acting out lately and I feel terrible about it… you were only trying to help me not go down the same path you did and I should’ve been better about it. I just… I can’t handle feedback for some reason…”

“We all go through it…” I reminded my protege.

“Are you okay?” Andrea asked me, realizing I was annoyed.

“I’m fine. It’s just Jay cancelled on me at the last minute. I was supposed to kick his ass…” I said with a laugh. “

“Hey, why don’t I train with you?” Andrea asked me. “I’ve always wanted that opportunity but… being what you were in GCW at the time… you never gave it to me.”

“You know… I don’t see why not…” I told Andrea. “Let’s do it.”

We both walked to the center of the ring and we locked up. Fighting against Andrea, even in a training scenario, I can feel her fire and her passion. She was giving me everything she had. But as this practice match went on, I was countering more and more of her high flying strikes and instead of adjusting, Andrea got frustrated and angry and she kept trying to force an offense that I knew all too well. Hurricanranas were reversed into powerbombs, moonsaults were blocked, lariats were countered into armdrags and it was just one of those moments where I was on point. I noticed that the more I countered Andrea’s offense, the angrier she got. When I ducked a spinning heel kick and subsequently countered with a Spirit Breaker, Andrea let out a burst of anger in the form of a frustrated grunt. I went to help her up, but she shoved me away.


“WHY can’t I figure you out today? What the fuck is wrong with me?” Andrea said in frustration.

“It’s just training… don’t take it so damn hard…”

“Everything I throw at you, you have an answer for! You need to stop that…”

“Stop what?”

“Showing  me up!”

“I’m not…”

Andrea sighed as she got up.

“I’m sorry… it’s just… I can’t take another reminder of how far I’ve fallen… how I’ve just become old news… how I can’t be happy anymore… how I’m nothing without my dad… how I’m just… going to let him down… how much of a flash in the pan I am…”

“Andrea… you need to stop…” I told her out of concern. “You need to quit beating yourself up. You’re just going to make things worse for yourself and one of two things are going to happen: you’re either going to lose all confidence in yourself or… you’re going to go down the same dark path that I did… hell… one might even directly feed into the other…”

“Why do you care so much?” she asked me.

“Let’s sit down…”

Andrea and I sat next to each other down near the corner, catching our breath.

“I know part of it is my fault…” I admitted to my protege “...but you’re far too good and far too strong to be beating yourself up so much… and that’s all you’ve been doing for months.”

“I know, I know… I’m reminding you of you…”

“More accurately, it’s like I’m facing Sam…” I paused as Andrea raised her eyebrows. “Now, I’m going to need you to listen to me for a while… okay? It’s finally time for that mentor-protege chat that’s years overdue. Do you know why I was what I was… when I was treating you like shit… when I told you that you wouldn’t amount to anything? It’s because I was in that phase where I would do nothing but beat myself up over the dumbest reasons. Losing a world title to an upstart? I was killing myself for losing to an opponent that I felt I should’ve beaten. Losing a match I dedicated to my unborn daughter and having the worst ending possible in PRW? I was beating myself up for letting someone I love down…”

“UWA…” Andrea reminded me, remembering that we had both gone through the same ringer in that hellhole.

“God yes…” I said. “Let me give you the full lowdown on that night in Seattle… when I beat myself up far too hard and never recovered from there…”

June 2017

Seattle, Washington.

UWA was hosting their flagship show Olympus in Seattle on this very night. I was reigning as the UWA X-Limits Champion and I was both miserable and frustrated.

“None of this is right…” I had told my ex-husband Adrian as he stood with me in the locker room. “I understand that I have to defend my title on the biggest show of the year. But against RICKY OCTAVIUS? REALLY? They just HANDED HIM the fucking shot for NO REASON! He just comes back from injury and he waltzes in and gets an instant title shot? BULLSHIT! It’s not fair, Adrian…”

“It’s not… I agree…” my ex-husband states. “...but that’s UWA for you…”

“I’ve tried SO HARD to concentrate on walking out of here with the title and getting MY MOMENT in this fucking company for once… but this BULLSHIT… I swear… I know that the powers that be are trying SO HARD to make Ricky the next best thing because he’s SUCH a management favorite but this is ridiculous! He doesn’t deserve this! Give me one reason why I shouldn’t just walk out of here, drop the title on the boss’s desk and just get the fuck out of here? You know how much pain I’m in, Adrian… especially with this company. I don’t know how much longer I can last here… this company is doing everything it can to shatter me… I swear…”

“I’m going to give you two reasons, Myra…” Adrian stated. “...the first reason? You’re BETTER THAN HIM!”

“Of course…” I said in response.

“You’re more experienced than him. You’ve actually done more in UWA than him. You’ve beaten him a couple of times before, so you can definitely do it again. Is he good? Sure! But this is someone that you beat nine times out of ten. You’ve been a world champion and he’s never going to amount to that no matter how much UWA tries to force him down the throat. He’s lesser competition! They literally gave him the chance because there was nobody else and that’s it. And the second reason… isn’t it obvious? Kimberly…”

“Right…” I told him, remembering my daughter who at that point was about three and a half years old. “...the most important piece of my world! I’ve let her down so many times and this match is for her. Seeing her again for the first time in an eternity… god, that was such a motivator because it reminded me who I’m fighting for. You’re right! With those two reasons, there’s no way I can lose! As much of an injustice as this is… I know that I can right this damn injustice… I’ve done it time and time again… and I’m going to tell UWA to REALLY shove it up their ass…”

“That’s the Myra that I know…” my ex-husband said.

We parted ways and I went into that match feeling like I had it in the bag… only…

Two hours later…

“Myra… I’m so sorry…” my ex-husband said as I sat completely empty and devastated. Leaning against the lockers in the room, with no X-Limits Championship to show for it, I felt like I was nothing but a ghost. “...I know that the way this whole thing turned out wasn’t fair…”

I was hardly listening to my ex-husband at this point.

“But… you’re going to bounce back from this!”

“…” I said back to him, much to his shock and surprise. “There’s no way…”


“I haven’t won on a flagship show in six years… and that horrible streak continued tonight…” I said, my voice getting softer and sounding more defeated. “I dropped the ball… I fought someone that had just come back from injury, in a ladder match, less experienced than me, far inferior to me… someone that you said that I would beat 9 times out of 10… someone that I had even beaten a couple of times… it’s a match that I should’ve won… and I didn’t… I’m nothing… losing to someone like that...”

My ex-husband didn’t say a word.

“I’m never going to be the wrestler my mother was…” I said through my tears as I continued to beat myself down. “I’m always going to be the worst daughter ever… even worse… the worst MOTHER ever… I dedicate a match to my daughter… AGAIN… and I CAN’T WIN! I’m never going to get out of my mother’s shadow… I’m always going to be a fucking garbage mother… everything that my father ever said about me… he’s right…”

“Don’t you think you’re taking this too far?”

“I’m nothing… just like my father always thought I’d be… I’m just a screw up who can never win when it really counts. I’m over… my career is on its last legs… and I have nothing left. Every time I think I can’t get any more miserable in this fucking trash company… something ELSE has to go wrong to bury me further into the ground…”

“You can turn this around…” my ex tried in vain to say in encouragement.

“No… I can’t!”


“Get away from me…”


“GET AWAY FROM ME!!!!!” I screamed, completely surprising him and getting him to leave. I didn’t know it yet, but this was just the first domino to fall that would eventually lead to Adrian becoming my ex-husband, but most importantly in my own mind, there I was, in darkness. I felt like I was nothing more than a piece of trash at that point and with the way UWA treated me the entire time I was there, there was no reason for me to have any faith in myself at all. I spent the rest of the night in tears, feeling like I was nothing but a screw up that was always going to choke when it mattered the most.

“I will always be nothing…” I told myself, driving home my self-abuse even more. “Why can’t I EVER be anything in this business?”

Considering that I was gone from UWA a mere three months later, this event marked the time where I hated myself as a professional wrestler and myself as a person more than any time in my career before or since…

Present Day

“Wow…” Andrea said, completely floored by the story that I just told her. I could see somewhat of a fear in her eyes, likely realizing the consequences of a self-defeatist attitude. “I had no idea you were that much of a wreck back then… and it scares me because that could’ve been me…”

“What happened in Seattle with UWA… it was just another chapter of the repetitive self-loathing that I was feeling…” I told Andrea. “Everything I felt that night… it’s all stuff that Sam’s gone through lately. Losing a championship to a lesser opponent, Candy in this case, that she’d normally beat 8 or 9 times out of 10? Check. Feeling like she let her family down as well as feeling like she’s going to stay in someone’s shadow? Felt it with my mother, felt like I let down my daughter… she’s going through the same thing considering she keeps harping about her sister. Feeling like it’s over and there’s nothing left… you read that letter, right?”

“I did…” Andrea admitted. “It was… you know… I’m just not going to comment on it. I can relate to her myself on the family thing… but… damn…”

“It was a pattern with me for years, Andrea…” I admitted to her. “The peaks and valleys… they’ve been extreme for most of my career. When I’m experiencing the peaks… oh my god, greatest feeling in the world. It’s like I’m the best wrestler in the world and I’m suddenly invincible. Everything is going right. I’m pulling off winning streaks and beating big names left and right as I have ever since that loss to Bobbie Dahl, I’m recognized as one of the best and a force to be reckoned with. But the valleys… oh no… those were miserable… suddenly, nothing can go right for me, I’m losing to wrestlers that I’m supposed to be beating, I’m always losing to the big names… and not only do I feel like I’m over the hill, everyone else says it too….

“Sounds a lot like Sam…” Andrea stated.

“That’s because this year? That’s BEEN her. I get it… when you’re on a high… you’re super confident, but that confidence goes away the moment you experience a setback and you’re back to feeling sorry for yourself. You went through it too… your win over Candy… and then the battle royal. It’s hard, Andrea… the journey that I’ve been through… all the hurdles I’ve had to overcome to become what I am. When you add the training, the Indies, my injury spells and my maternity retirement to the career that I’ve had… mainstream since 2008 and all… then what you have is 18 years! It took me 18 years to FINALLY get this business. It took me so long to finally learn how to stop beating myself up over shortcomings. I don’t want you to take that long Andrea… not even HALF as long… and I’m going to do whatever it takes to help you… to help Sam in any way I can… because I never want anyone to go through the same thing that I did. Overcoming my own insecurities and self-doubts is the best thing that ever happened to me…”

“How?” Andrea asked. “How were you able to do it? I know you better than anyone else on the roster and the one loss that you do have on your record… you know… to Bobbie… that SHOULD HAVE affected you! That should’ve broken you. You should’ve gone into that match with Amber Ryan a complete void and someone that was about to be blown out of the building… but you didn’t… how?”

“You better listen to this next part, Andrea…” I began, maintaining my stern, confident demeanor. “...because this is how YOU are going to get out of the darkness yourself… because this worked for me… and I know it’ll work for you too… let me tell you about that night… when I lost to Bobbie… and when I finally figured it all out…”

May 11, 2020 (the day after CC268)

Losing to Bobbie initially stung me. While I knew that it was only my second match in SCW, it wasn’t nearly enough for me to prevent that loss from getting to me.

“Everywhere I’ve been…” I told my sister Adrianna as we met back in Miami. “I’d always go on some sort of tear or some sort of streak right out of the gate. It didn’t happen here. Two matches in and I’m already a loser…”

“Sis… don’t even start…” Adrianna responded.

“I know that going to SCW at my age… it’s an uphill battle in and of itself. Yesterday, I really wanted to do something GOOD for the business by beating Bobbie. I really wanted to make it a good Mother’s Day too. But… I lost to the biggest piece of immature SHIT on the Bombshells roster and it’s… it’s embarrassing… maybe I’m biting off more than I can chew by joining this company at 35 going on 36… if I can’t beat someone like Bobbie… then who the hell am I capable of beating? I don’t want to be a Jessie Salco level perennial loser…”

“And you won’t be…” Adrianna said. “But for fuck’s sake sis… it’s ONE loss! It’s just your second match back after you were out of the ring for what? Three months? It was always going to take you some time to get your legs back… and this IS the toughest company you’ve ever wrestled in.”

“I know but…”

“But NOTHING…” Adrianna interjected. “If you’re beating yourself up for this, stop it! Just stop it! You have no reason to! I know that a loss stings and you have every right to be bummed about it, but this has been your problem your entire career. You suffer one setback and the sky is falling and that needs to STOP! You do it ALL THE TIME! If you can’t be better about setbacks for yourself, at least be better about setbacks for Kimberly’s sake because she needs a strong mother to teach her that you can always get up whenever you’re knocked down. You’re done feeling sorry for yourself over losing to Bobbie. I get that she’s horrible and that losing to her is a pride bruiser… but enough! Do you need me to go down the list of all the times you self-destructed over ONE set back?”

“You know… just do it! Name off as many as you can. Yeah, it hurts… it hurts like HELL to lose to someone like that and it’s discouraging considering this setback happened so early in the hardest journey of my career but I can’t help it. It’s a bad habit of mine and… that empowerment therapy that cousin Cindy runs has been extremely helpful… but… UGH! Bad habits are SO hard to break…”

“Then I’ll help you break that habit, Myra. Let me run down the list.

Losing the two world titles that you had in PRW… it broke you and put you in a big slump both times…

There was losing to your biggest rival ever when you decided to retire to be a mom… that made you hate yourself as a person and that made you put your career above your own daughter…

There was UWA… and EVERYTHING about UWA… that nearly drove you to the point of retirement….

There was Carnage Wrestling and all the shit that happened there… when you lost the Ultraviolent Championship the first time and you felt like you were completely worthless and that you were never going to be a world champion again… and then when you left after you lost it the second time and you didn’t think you had one more run in you…

Every single time… Myra… every single time… every loss… every setback, you have this horrible habit of beating yourself up and hating yourself and that needs to stop! You’re not worthless over one loss. SCW isn’t too big of a hill for you just because you lost to someone like THAT! You’ve had a better career than 90 percent of professional wrestlers that have ever wrestled in this business and that’s not good enough for you? You’re STILL trying to prove yourself to a father that died 11 years ago? You’re STILL trying to get out of your mom’s shadow and trying to prove that you can be just as good as she was when you’ve long surpassed her? You’re STILL not happy with yourself as a wrestler even with all you’ve done? 18 championships! 18! Do you know how many wrestlers don’t even survive long enough to even have 18 TITLE SHOTS?”

“Sis… you only just found out you were pregnant, I don’t want you to…”

“Am I right, or am I right?”

I took a moment to soak in every word that my sister had just said and it wasn’t long before that empowerment therapy paid off in a big way when I nodded my head and snapped out of my brief little funk that my loss to Bobbie had caused me.

“You’re right… I need to stop doing this to myself. I had a moment of weakness… and I’m sorry…”

“I’m not the one you need to apologize to. You want to apologize to someone, look in the mirror… look in the mirror, forgive, and let go… and start all over again. I know you’ve been through the ringer and through hell time and time again over your long career… but it’s time to move on and let go…”

Adrianna walked away from me and I was left shocked. I knew she was right and at this point, any opportunity to beat myself up over that loss to Bobbie had disappeared. For the following two days, I had plenty to think about… and two days later, I finally did the one thing that allowed me to escape the darkness of my own past…

May 13, 2020

“I’m sorry…” I said to myself in the mirror, feeling genuinely guilty. “I’m sorry for all the years that I psychologically beat you down over your shortcomings. I’m sorry that I haven’t appreciated you enough for everything you’ve been able to accomplish. I’m sorry for every single time I ever said that I should be done with this business and that we should just give up and not wrestle anymore. I’m sorry for all the bridges that have been burned because of all the times we’ve been broken down and beaten up and feeling sorry for ourselves. I want to move forward. I want Sin City Wrestling to be different. I don’t want to suffer anymore. What I want is an inner peace that I’ve never had before about this business. I also want you to know that I forgive you for all of your shortcomings.

I forgive you for all those times that you had lost a big match.

I forgive you for all those times that you failed in a big way.

Most importantly, I forgive you for that time in your career where you lost it all, took out your insecurities on everyone, became one of the most hated women in wrestling, betrayed every moral and value you were ever taught growing up and through your wrestling training. You are enough… and I want you to know that. I know that Sunday didn’t go as you wanted, but that’s okay. It was one stumble, it was one setback! You can overcome this! You WILL overcome this! From this point on, I vow to be so much nicer to you. I will never, ever beat you down or consider you worthless over a setback ever again!

It’s time that we start over on a clean slate and no longer allow the past to burden us. We can allow it to teach us… we can allow it to motivate us… but it will never burden us again! Let’s throw all those rocks in the ocean and have a clean basket…

Let’s start over…

Let’s do something special…

And let’s end the wrestling journey on the brightest note that we can…


After talking to myself in the mirror, I certainly felt empowered and it was at this point, that the loss to Bobbie was basically a faded memory that wasn’t sticking in my mind anymore. The darkness of my past was starting to fade away. It was at that moment when I realized that I had finally escaped the shadows that had burdened me for my whole career. Of course, I didn’t realize the subsequent effect it would have on my career, but ever since this moment where I cleaned the slate with myself and forgave myself for all of my shortcomings and for all of the times I ever beat myself up over the most daunting setbacks I ever faced, I’ve felt so much better about myself… and this burden being gone has certainly been a factor in regards to my success in SCW ever since…

September 24, 2020

“I’m blessed Andrea…” I told her as she seemed inspired by my story. “...there have been so many times where my career could’ve ended. I’m so blessed that after everything, I still get to do something that I love. I’m so lucky that through it all, I’m strong enough to pull through not just to get out of that darkness… but also to be at my very best… even now. Sometimes, I swear that I’m the luckiest wrestler in the world to even be doing this. You can overcome this too… I believe in you.”

“Why?” Andrea asked. “Why do you invest so much in trying to help me… to help Sam…?”

“I want to give back… simple as that. I want to keep you from going down the same path and I’m confident that I’ve been able to do that…”

“You have…” Andrea says. “I get it now! Thank you so much! I promise you and I swear on my dad’s grave that I will NEVER, EVER go down the same path.”

Andrea and I gave each other a brief embrace before she slid out of the ring. I reflected on my own journey after that for a little bit before I started to focus on Samantha Marlowe again. I realized that our journeys definitely were similar. Once I set up the camera near the punching bags, I realized even more how lucky I was that I was not only STILL wrestling, but doing so well. I realized how fortunate I was that I was no longer living in the dark… but at the same time… I also realized how much Sam was still living in it…

I turned on my camera and began to express my thoughts for Violent Conduct one more time…

“Sammy… you’ve probably heard the words that I’ve had to say by now. I hope that you’ve taken them well and that they help you in some way because in none of that, I ever meant to be harsh. I know I’ve said this to Kate in the past, but you do remind me so much of me… even more so than Kate did. In fact, if we met earlier in our lives, I have a feeling that we’d not only be the closest of friends, but gosh, maybe even surrogate sisters. That’s how much respect that I have for you and it hurts to see someone of your caliber suffer as much as she has. It felt like a punch in the gut when I read that letter that you wrote to Christina. Like I said before, I get it. But here’s a couple of questions that I want to pose to you, Sam. You’ve had an amazing career here in Sin City Wrestling. You’ve done more than most bombshells could ever dream of doing whenever you walk in the door. The first question that I have to ask you is, why do you have to beat yourself up so much? I get that valleys and slumps happen and I totally understand that there was that ‘Sam Marlowe is past your prime’ talk in the locker room when you went on that post-Candy fee fall. I get that all of that talk can get very grating backstage. You look at a bombshell like Bea Barnhart, for example. What’s her win-loss record? How many times has she gone in that ring and failed? How many opportunities has she had that she has blown? And yet… every single time she’s in that ring, she fights her heart out.

Every single time she cuts a promo, she’s cocky, she’s confident, and she’s got that ‘I’ve got this attitude’ no matter how many times that girl falls short.

You look at a bombshell like Mercedes Vargas. Do you realize how often she gets heat from the other women in the locker room? Gosh, you hear ‘Mercedes is past her prime’ over and over and over again and it’s basically GOSPEL at this point! Yeah, Mercedes has more losses in her career than she has wins… but she has a resume no matter how many people want to downplay it with their ‘what have you done for me lately’ mentality. No matter how many losses she racks up, Mercedes puts the camera on and she still acts like she’s the shit… you know why? Because SHE knows that nobody can take her resume away from her and that gives her confidence. Albeit… there’s the flipside of her just resting on her accomplishments and that’s not good… but you see what I mean?

It’s that attitude… minus the resting on the laurels, that you need to carry going forward.

‘Yeah, I’ve fallen on hard times, but I’m still Sam Marlowe, damn it!’

Again, I get it. I used to beat myself up ALL the time. Every time I suffered a big setback, I was always the one that was feeling like a worthless piece of shit because I TOLD MYSELF I was a worthless piece of shit. Nine years ago in PRW… when I was reigning as a tag team champion… I had won a match on PRW’s flagship show… but my match on the card wasn’t a semi-main event or a main event… it was an upper midcard match against a never was who wasted her potential and even though I WON… I beat myself up because I looked at where I was a year prior and I felt like I was declining. Seven years ago… when I lost to the biggest bitch I’ve ever met in my career on PRW’s last show… when I failed to become a world champion in dedication to my unborn daughter… everything that I had accomplished in PRW suddenly didn’t matter to me anymore and I flushed it down the toilet.

Three years ago… UWA… it didn’t matter to me that I had been a world champion in GCW just seven months prior to my departure. It didn’t matter that at that point, I had been a 15 time champion that had won 5 titles in 2 years since returning from maternity retirement… I flushed it down the river because I was beating myself up over the most miserable experience of my career. Just earlier this year with Carnage, it didn’t matter to me that I won 3 titles there, including 2 Ultraviolent titles, I was beating myself down and calling myself a piece of shit because I never won the world title there. I took ALL of my successes for granted over something that I never had… and it was STUPID of me… I was being so UNGRATEFUL! I was taking EVERYTHING I had for granted…

And Sammy… I know it wasn’t your heart’s intent… but when you wrote that letter to Christina, you did the same thing… not directly, not intentionally… and I’m damn sure not saying that to invalidate your feelings because you DID have a valid reason to feel the way you did… you took your whole career for granted. You weren’t seeing the big picture. Hard times happen, Sammy, but they shouldn’t break you. I know that when you expressed those feelings, you weren’t thinking of yourself as the wrestler that won the Roulette title 4 times and that ended Mikah’s dominance… you were thinking of yourself as the wrestler that lost her title to Candy and got pinned by her twice. Your biggest weakness as a professional wrestler is the same one that I once had: a lack of trust in oneself. For years, I wallowed in misery, feeling like a victim, because I didn’t love myself enough… because I didn’t trust myself enough… I’d always have mood swings of being high one night, feeling like I’m on top of the world, then feeling like a worthless piece of shit and wanting to retire the next night. You’ve done that recently, Sam. You came back, you racked up a few wins, and that confident, bubbly Sam Marlowe was back and it was a joy to see. You were riding a high wave and hell, I was happy for you because of what you had been through earlier in the year.

...and then Maki happened…

You face her, she beats you, you’re back to square one and seemingly all of that progress that you had made since coming back doesn’t seem to mean anything anymore. Your emotions swung from feeling like yourself again, to feeling like you were worthless and needed to retire… and all it took was ONE MATCH, ONE LOSS for you to feel that way and for you to be driven to write apology letters to your opponents. And that, Sam? That hurts me to see because you and I both know that you’re better than that. I TOTALLY get the idea of staying motivated and not being complacent and continuing to push yourself, but at the same time, you’re telling Maki a few weeks back that you have to beat her. You’re talking about how you have a strong desire to prove yourself. That one line right there… that right there tells the world that Sam Marlowe hasn’t proven herself… when she HAS! Look at your resume! Reflect on everything that you’ve done in this company! You HAVE proven yourself… and it’s not even close! Someone that has done as much as she has still feels like she needs to prove herself… to WHOM? Not to me! Not to many people in this locker room. I understand, Sammy… you need to prove yourself… to yourself… for all that you’ve done, you’re still stuck in a mindset that may go back to childhood of feeling like you’re not good enough for someone. For all that you’ve done, you’ve yet to learn how to fully trust and love yourself because if you DID fully trust and love yourself as a wrestler and as a person… you wouldn’t be feeling the need to prove yourself at all! You’d be going into this match, and any other match, with an ‘I’ve got this’ attitude… with the attitude of ‘I’m Sam fucking Marlowe and there ain’t an opponent, a match or a loss that’s going to tell me otherwise’.

If you really trusted and loved yourself enough… you wouldn’t be talking about your sister in just about every single promo. With that match against Maki, you’re talking about how you want to prove to your sister that you aren’t the choke artist she says you are. Why do you need to prove that to her? Why do you have to focus on her saying that you’re a choke artist and proving that wrong when time and time again, you’ve proven that you’re not? I even caught your vlog when you were going up against Daniela Rodgers and there you go again with your sister… mentioning that you were on a losing streak and mentioning that your sister would be saying that you should be contemplating retirement over a losing streak. I know that you entered this company and became part of this business to step out of her shadow… and from someone that’s the daughter of a wrestler in her own right I TOTALLY relate to that… and you’ve DONE that… you’re not only out of her shadow, but honey, you’re so far away from that shadow you’ve almost walked around the world on your own two feet from it. I get that she’s your sister and all, but WHY is she even RELEVANT? Why is it that her words… her thoughts… why do they matter? Why do you worry about what she thinks?

Right, it’s the lack of trust in oneself. If you did trust yourself and love yourself better, you wouldn’t even think about your sister anymore. You wouldn’t be talking about wanting to prove that you deserve to be here in SCW… when you already have, in spades. You wouldn’t be talking about wanting to prove yourself to naysayers. And as someone that has been down the road that you’re on right now and knowing how that all feels… I’m really torn with how I want to treat you right now. There’s part of me that wants to give you a big, giant hug and do everything that I can for you to push you to be stronger and better… and there’s also a part of me that wants to beat the holy shit out of you… for the same purpose… to be stronger and better. It’s out of a place of love, either way… but unfortunately, when it comes to Violent Conduct, it’ll have to be the latter and trust me when I say that it’s a little hard for me to do so. I want to beat you and remain the Internet champion, but I don’t want to be a cause of you spiraling further into the dark then you already have. I can’t help that, I guess. I want you to look at my recent big wins, I want you to look at the opponents that I faced. I want you to hear about the attitude that I would’ve taken pre-SCW versus the attitude I actually took. I want you to hear the DIFFERENCE… and I hope to god when you hear this… you get it.

Into the Void. I could’ve gone into that match with Amber feeling like a victim and putting any desire for ‘revenge’ about Carnage Wrestling ahead of what really matters.

Old Myra would’ve said “I have to prove Carnage wrong by beating their world champion! I have to get my revenge! Without it, I’ll never get over it and I’ll never amount to anything in SCW.”

What I actually said? “It’s not about Carnage… it’s about going in there and giving it my best knowing that even if I lose… I’m still Myra… I’m still the wrestler that’s won 18 championships! It’s only my 3rd match in SCW… but win or lose… my future is bright because of this experience.”

Then there’s my match against Alicia…

Old Myra would’ve said “It’s Alicia… I HAVE to prove myself… but nobody thinks I can win! Nobody has faith in me! I have to go in there and prove everyone wrong! If I don’t… then they’ll be proven right and I really will be out of touch…”

What I actually said? “Alicia is going to be one hell of an opponent, but I’m going to focus on giving it everything I have! I know I can hang with her no matter the outcome and I’m going to make sure I give an inspiring performance!”

My title challenge with Kate…

Old Myra would’ve treated the match just like Kate did… with wanting to put her down, with wanting to ‘bury her’, with taking everything Kate said to me so personally and losing focus on what matters.

What actually happened was that I was calm, cool, collective and I focused on the task at hand while Kate was high strung and worrying about this, worrying about that, beating herself up… being TOO focused and driven on other things and breaking records and such… and that’s why I won.

My title defense against Kate…

Old Myra? “It’s not FAIR! Why do I have to defend my title so soon? UGH! Now I HAVE to win or else I’m just a fluke that got lucky ONE time in ONE last moment of glory”

Me, now? “Alright. Let’s do this! I know I can beat her again… even if she has learned her lesson. Even if she wins, I still proved that I can be a force in this company.”

Kate, of course, was still high strung.

Do you get it now, Sammy? Do you see how attitude makes all the difference in the world? Do you understand how trusting and loving yourself and being secure with yourself in the face of adversity and taking the approach I have taken to every single one of those wins suddenly turns you from the wrestler that’s on a six match losing streak to a wrestler that’s winning six in a row? I’ve just illustrated why I’m going to win at Violent Conduct…

I’m going to win because I trust myself and believe in myself more than you do with yourself. I’m going to remain the SCW Bombshells Internet Champion because after so many years in this business, I’m finally in the prime of my career. You on the other hand… worrying for months and months about being past your prime… you’ve never even REACHED your prime. The fact of the matter is, Sammy… in this business… prime means so much more than collecting championships… prime is doing what you love in that ring, being so damn good at it, and getting to the point where you KNOW that NOBODY can EVER define you and that no matter how hard others try to bring you down, that they’re already wrong and that you don’t NEED to prove them wrong! Being a wrestler in her prime is being successful in both aspects of the game: winning the big matches and being a champion and shining in the spotlight… and mastering the psychological aspect of the business… in finding that zen that prevents you from EVER falling back into the darkness!

You’re not there yet psychologically, Sammy.

You will be!

At Violent Conduct, I’m going to do everything to push you to be there psychologically and for you to understand what it means to be a true wrestler in this business and to understand what it means to trust yourself in that ring.

I’ve escaped the shadows that plagued me for so long, Sammy. Sunday? I’m going to help you do the same by beating you and shining that light bulb in your head that makes you go “I get it now… I get what I need to be in this business”...

Best of luck to you, Sam Marlowe.

The lesson you’re about to learn is going to be harsh and it’s going to be painful… but I promise you… you’re going to be so much better for it!

At this point, having said all I needed to say, I shut off the camera feeling not just confident in my chances to retain the Internet Championship at Violent Conduct, but also confident in my ability to teach Sam Marlowe exactly the lesson she needs to escape the shadows that have plagued her for her entire career.

I will never forget that night....

August 5th, 2019
Paris, France

London was such a success.” a thick French accent bustles through as we see a group of young women surrounding a table inside one of the libraries on the campus of the University of Paris.

Agreed, and we all have Liz to thank for it. She really came in on the clutch there.

Oui! To Liz!

We see Bella sitting, looking ever so relaxed and beaming from her schoolmates giving her high praise. “We would have all been in do you say, niche à chien if it wasn’t for you. You deserved to take a break and get back a day later than the rest of us.

Oooo oui, how was your visit with that tall, dark and sexy Irish number? I hope you had at least a little bit of fun with how hard you worked.

You could say that.” Bella smiles with a bite of her lower lip.

Ooo. On dirait que le chat a eu le canari. Donnez-nous tous les détails juteux et ne laissez rien de côté.” (Looks like the cat got the canary. Give us all the juicy details and don't leave anything out.)

Bella laughs at her friend in a practical whisper practically frothing at the mouth to live vicariously through her adventures, “Absolutely not. A lady never tells Michelle. And as for you Collete, you’ve already had enough left to your imagination thanks to your actions a month ago or do I need to remind you? I rather keep it to myself because I don’t know when I’m gonna see him again. We’re coming close to graduation and I’m focused on that. I don’t need any more distractions from the finish line. We’re a month away girls.

Ohhhh you’re no fun!” Colette exclaims a little too loudly in the middle of the library which earns them a glare from the old stuffy librarian keeping an eye on them.


And on that note....” Bella laughs and grabs her phone just in time for it to buzz alive in her hand.

Lover boy already missing you?’s twitter. Probably another stupid incepet argument between my family.” Bella says opening up her app. As she looks you can see almost all the color drain from her face.

Bella? You ok?” Michelle asked with concern.

Huh? Oh...yeah, just fine.” Bella shakes her head and puts on a false smile, types out a retort to the tweet, she’ll be damned if she continues to live in fear. ‘Oh goody.... Hello ghost, goodbye ghost.’There. I should get going. Still got some sleep to catch up on.

I bet you do.” Colette says with a saucy little wink.

Call if you need anything.

Just as she goes to answer her phone buzzes again. She looks and this time....her blood runs cold.

Bella doesn’t say another word and rushes out of the library with her bags in tow and as she gets out of the door she’s almost hyperventilating. She looks around, on guard and walks with haste.

Not now....please...not now.

She reaches her apartment in practical record time, her head practically on a swivel the entire time. Just as she gets to her front door, she is no less calm but decides it’s a good idea to reach out and let everyone know she is ok and seeing the reaction on twitter....Jack, Miles, mom. Her hair still standing on end, and she can feel herself being followed, dark eyes in the shadows...

Don’t let him in Bella....don’t let him in.” she finally fumbles her keys and gets inside and shuts the door tight.

Her whole place is silent, quiet. “Hello?

When no answer comes, she takes a heavy sigh and drops her bag by the door and walks in.

Syn, the monster that haunts her dreams and lives in her nightmares. 9 years she’s lived with it, 3 of them spent in therapy because of what he did. Playing with her mind like it was his personal plaything. Why now?

Her phone comes alive, Mal asking what the hell is going on and this conversation she had in passing, waving it off like it was nothing in their past few conversations but this was something new. She gave him the truth in her head, none of it even making sense to her either but just like before: A voice coming out of the dark.

She assured everyone that she was safe...but...

Even after an hour and a half alone in silence, curled up with a book and TV on...her mind kept wandering and glancing around like she was waiting for him to form out of the wall. Knowing him, what that evil sadistic bastard has done in the past, he was capable of anything. She didn’t want them to worry, she was a big girl, she was across the ocean on her own...she should be able to handle a ghost. ...a ghoul. A monster.

Right now was so late, calling anyone would instantly send in the calvary. Even though the cavalry was begging Levi to get off his ass and go to make sure she was alright, he was mad at her for standing up to him and telling him to back off from her choices. She doubted she’d ever see him again. Fuck it, she’d save herself but still she reached for her phone and texted Malachi. If he was awake alright but if not...after a succession of text, she heard a rustling outside of her door.

Grabbing a baseball bat that she had kept with her since she got home, she walked over to her door, peaking through the hole and not seeing anything, she took a deep breath and pulled the extra locks. Maybe her neighbor's cat got out again and was scratching at her door to get her help. Just as she turned the handle...

Ohhhh my child....

Instant fear, as she tries to close it but to no avail as it gets shoved open and sends her flying into the wall behind her, dropping the bat as Syn steps in, towering over her. Bella looks up as fear screams across her face and she tries to instantly crawl away but he reaches down and grabs her by the hair and hauls her up to her feet, leaning into her ear and menacingly snarls. “Far too long you have strayed, my little dove. I NEVER wanted to hurt you! But you have forced my hand and I CANNOT spare you the rod!"

LET GO OF ME, FUCKER!” Bella stomps on his foot as hard as she can and elbows him in the face as hard as she can, which stunts him for a moment but as she tries to pull away he spins her around, grabs her by the throat and shoves her against the wall hard. Bella screams out in pain for a moment, closing her eyes tightly.

"Look at me child...I want you to see the pain it's gonna cause me to harm you."

Bella shakes her head almost violently which causes Syn to grip her throat even tighter. “Please...” is all she can strain out under the pressure of his grip. Just as he seems to be going in for the final blow, the ringing of her phone catches his attention. Bella looks over in horror as she remembers she set that tone special for one person.

Syn simply smiles maliciously and with her still in his grasp drags her over, wrapping her up in a tight grip with his hand over her mouth...she blacks out for a moment, not hearing the conversation but knowing the voice....Mal. The bastard purposely put him on speaker to toy with them both. She manages to scream as loud as she can over his hand before he pulls her tighter, causing her to barely catch any air as Syn like a spider to the fly continues to toy with him. Before he finishes his final words “While you are miles and miles away, helplessly listening to everything that -

"Hands off, motherfucker. That's not yours." Syn drops her phone and Bella at the same time. Bella drops to the floor, gasping for air as Levi Russow tackles Syn. The two brawl into her bedroom and while she tries to regain her own composure she hears glass breaking all around from the room and then silence for a moment followed by Syn’s cackling laughter.

....did he kill him? Am I next?

But as she looks around to find a way to defend herself again, Levi staggers out of the room.

Levi? he?

Levi looks at her, sees no bleeding, just glaring at Bella, clicks his teeth, turns and leaves. Bella tries to follow him but he slams the door behind her even as she struggles through the pain in her back and head. She leans against the door, catching her breath, with her hands shaking violently she manages to throw on all her locks and tries to gather herself. Somehow through the haze she hears her phone and runs over to it to answer. Before she can even get her first words out Malachi’s anger screams through.

Mal, relax.! It’s me.

She tries to reassure him, promises she’ll try to sleep...even if it’s on her couch cause there was no way she was going into that bedroom. He stayed with her til she managed to pass out.

2 hours later

Thundering pounding comes to the door. “S'ouvrir! Police!” woke her. She frantically looked around to find her bat before she even looked through her peephole.

Someone must have seen the broken window and immediately called. Her neighbors must have just shrugged it off as just another wild college party. But they had arrived to find that that was not the case. Either way, she allowed them in, answered their questions, still shaken from the incident. She stood in the hall while they surveyed the damages. She was in the middle answering another in a long line when she heard “BELLS!

Only to turn and be engulfed with a hug from Malachi.

You’re alright....” like he didn’t want to believe she was real for a moment.

Bella couldn’t help herself, all the stress of her situation had brought up tears and the panic attack she was saving for when she was alone, “I...I thought you weren’t going to be here til later.

I couldn’t sleep...not after that.

“Excusez-moi Madame? Est-ce-que tu le connais?” (Excuse me madam? Do you know him?) the female officer asked not looking so sure after Bella has explained everything that has happened but Bella holds on to Mal tightly.

Oui, Il va bien.” (Yes, he’s alright.) she whispers. She was safe, she knew that for sure now.

The police wrapped up their investigation and assured her they’d be in touch but Bella knew better. What happened would never get the justice it deserves. As soon as they left, Mal made sure she was comfortable with a blanket, tea and double-checking of the door locks before he went to work. Cleaning up the mess that was left behind even though she told him he didn’t have too. She knew she’d only get shoo’d away if she tried to help him but instead she slept uneasily as much as she could. She’d feel him check on her now and again but you could tell, his ire was on edge. She didn’t even know how much time passed. Minutes? Hours? It went from early morning dark, to darkness again. 

Mal...” she called for him horsley, her voice straining. Her throat started to bug her a bit.

I’m here, love.” he said from a chair. Apparently he took to the oversized recliner to just watch her. He went over to her and kneeled down to be eye to eye, “What do you need?

Besides a new life?” she couldn’t help but smirk.

Still as sassy as ever I see.

Til the day I die.” she says. Mal just groans, “I’m sorry, wrong choice of words.

Yeah, something like that.” he grumbles. “Seriously, though.

Water...maybe soup?” she says with a hopeful sound. “I’m a little hungry. I don’t even know how long I’ve been asleep.

Almost 18 hours now, so it’s no wonder.” he pushes her hair from her face. You can see he’s fighting something in himself before he sighs, “I’ll get it.

Before he can reach his full stance, she tugs on his hand, “Hey. I’m alright. Or somewhat alright.

I know.” he almost whispers.

You’re fighting, you think it should have been you and not...

I should have been here. The minute he dropped your address like that, I should have been on the first flight out. You should have never been left so vulnerable to anything like that.

Bella sits up quickly and wraps her arms around his neck and pulls him in, pulling herself into his lap, “Listen, I am sorry you even got pulled into this whole damn situation to begin with. I’m sorry that you are frustrated, angry and probably about a million other feelings that are going on. Just right now, I don’t need to worry about anything else but the here and now. You didn’t have to be here, but you are. I keep getting surprised by you...

And I you.

No matter what, after all of this. The constant twitter battles, the attacks of character, no matter what any of them here speaks more to me than anything. You watching over me, showing me you actually fucking care? Means more to me than Levi showing up and chasing Syn off because you are here. He didn’t make sure nothing was broken or bleeding. He just walked away. I may have nightmares now and again but this...right here...” she pulls him closer, like even though they are a breath away he’s not close enough.

He touches her face, “And I’m not going anywhere until you kick me out.

Well, you keep watching me like a damn hawk when I’m sleeping instead of sleeping yourself is a bit much. But...let’s go one day at a time here. Starting with food. Pizza or tacos?” he just stares at her, “Or both. I’m really hungry all of a sudden.

She giggle just enough to lighten the mood, “On it.” he lifts her up and places her back on the couch, giving her a quick kiss on the forehead and walking around to find some numbers. “Trouble.

I’M WORTH IT!” she says watching him glare in her general direction, “You’ll see.

Present Day
Las Vegas, NV

Somewhere inside the Saxon Hotel, the day to day is still a thing. All cooped with barely anywhere to go. Shit is eventually going to hit the fan and it seems with Violent Conduct 6 just around the corner, the aggression feeling is at an all time high. What the hell is it about this damn show that gets people in a mood?

On the roof seems to be the only place where people are able to chill out....but not for long. Mal stands in front of Bella with a smile on his face because she’s about to make him extremely proud. Both still enjoying date night with their Mixed Tag Team Championships in tow, “Take a deep breath and let it flow. Give them what they want and then on Sunday we’ll show 'em exactly what we’ve been saying all along.

He turns on his heels, as Bella closes her eyes and takes a deep breath. Mal signals for the crew to wait just one minute. Bella’s eyes open up and an evil gleam flashes across her face.

Buckle up, fuckers. You’re in for a wild ride.

Good evening and welcome to Rants with Elizabeth. I will be your translator, Malachi and you heard, someone is wound tight.

To put it mildly. I don’t know about anyone else but I am pretty sick and tired of this whole situation. Despite all the hard work we put in, all the battles that we faced, won and lost, no matter how we straight told Mark Ward that we would take on ANY challenge that was thrown our way...that all of a sudden how quickly it’s all forgotten about because suddenly a few legends waltz back in to SCW and try and tear it all down by simply saying we did nothing.

....I wouldn’t call us winning at SummerXxxtreme ‘Nothing’.

EXACTLY! We went face to face with Wolfslair, who were one of the most successful teams to ever grace our division. A team that broke records and kicked all kinds of ass...including ours, a few times. But we kept going, we kept fighting. We worked our asses off and played the game perfectly and got our shots. At the end of it, we stand here as champions. Kris and Mikah were there, they saw it ALL done and yet they have decided that we’re below them. WHY??? I would love to fucking know!

“You and pretty much everyone else at home.”

I feel like because of them, we’re a laughing fucking joke. Like I’m Alice, you’re the white rabbit and we have fallen down the wrong fucking hole. And oh, let’s talk about this little game on twitter that has come from these two. They’re psych-out game needs a little work. I mean, if they really thought that a Kris hitting up twitter earlier this week with a “I expected so much more” tweet to only keep us from bringing our A game....boy how much do they not understand that WE ARE NOT EASILY INTIMIDATED!

Ohhhh boy....ummmm...this is where it’s going to get ugly.

I don’t really think you understand that in a world that is filled with monsters that want to kill us and viruses fucking putting shit on hold, that the last thing I want more than anything in the world is the the stamp of fucking approval from Mikah and Kris Ryan. Our lives, our relationship is not up for your petty fucking judgments. We practically killed ourselves to get to the top and yeah, we get it, there will always be the next Johnny-and-Sally-come-lately that is looking to knock us off that perch that we strived for. But fuck you for belittling our battles. Fuck you for looking down on us and fuck you for just exsisting right now.

Mal stops and turns, “Do you have any idea how amazingly fuckin’ hot you are right now?

Bella grins and practically growls, “....oh, I’m just getting started.

Mal takes a deep breath and shifts his title from his shoulder to in front of him. Bella stares at him, blinking a few times, “Just to be safe. We are in public after all.

Well...” Bella cockly turns back, “Kris Ryan seems to have it in his head that Mal lets his emotions get the best of him in the most inopportune times. Which is funny because his emotion along with my anal attentive attention to detail seems to be exactly what brought us to this exact moment. I love it when my fiance refuses to put up with the stupidity of people. I rather he feel something than be an automated robot. I rather he’d go off in a split second, and yes I know that it almost cost us our shot but his emotion is his true power. Next to all those amazing muscles of course.

Mal shrugs, “What can I say, the woman has amazing taste.

Kris, like Mikah, is looking for one more shot at glory. Both bitter for some strange reason. Going through the motions and playing these fucking mind games. It’s old, it’s stale and honestly I’ve been more intimidated by a crate full of stray kittens. I’m out to punch the both of you in the face for even making me feel like none of what we did made a damn bit of difference. The only thing that would make it that much sweeter, is showing you two that we are exactly where we deserve to be. Atop this division, leading it and showing you that you two are obsolete when it comes down to the bare bone facts. We have faced monsters, we have faced wild animals. After that, what are just a couple of sheep that have strayed from their flock?” Bella glances at her title belt and then at Malachi, “If you think so little of us, then we will show you that overlooking all the sass and all the pent up aggression was a fatal fucking mistake...left bloody, broken and still lost and your flock, will never know you are missing.

ANNNNNND ON THAT NOTE!” Mal scoops her up over his shoulder and begins to head for the elevator steading her and his title.

MAL!” Bella says struggling a bit and laughing, “Are you serious right now?

Not stopping! Not til we get to the room, be lucky I’m not hitting the stairwell.


Jack was now more focused than ever as the time drew near. He only had days to wait until he got another chance to be SCW world champion. He was brimming with confidence, something he was never short on, but as the time drew closer, he was extremely confident, but also extremely focused. He trained daily, watched the matches of Alex Jones, knowing about his previous injuries. Jack made sure to note them and it was now a possible strategy he would use in the upcoming title match. Jack took no chances, only appearing at the Saxon hotel because he really had no other place to go. The Grand Flamingo didn’t have any bed, so he simply continued to use the hotel’s. Maybe that would be the next step after the match, and after other things were in place, a room at the casino. A place that he could finally call his own, right before he was about to wrestle one of the biggest matches in his short career, about to headline a supercard. Jack was a bundle of nerves, but as he studied, and as he trained, he focused himself. He needed to make sure he did not slip up and leave any stone unturned in preparation for this match. There would be no let downs this time. All Jack had to do was think of the last time he was in the ring wrestling for the SCW championship to remind himself how not being prepared led to the most devastating loss of his career, which were few and far between. Jack knew he had the natural ability, but clearly needed to remember that he couldn’t take this match lightly. He would lay all the cards on the table on Sunday.

Outside the ring, Jack now looked to secure a deal with Benny, as they both had something the other wanted. Jack having the property, and Benny at least a small group that knew what they were doing and could help get the casino off the ground. Benny hadn’t taken the deal yet, and both parties were still very skeptical of each other possibly attempting to put the other out of business. Benny was surprised by the offer, but wanted to put his stamp on the casino instead of working under Jack. Benny knew that without experience Jack was in over his head, but Benny was going to stay small time if he didn’t take the offer.

What Benny still doesn’t know is the deal Jack has with the Mexicans. It would be tricky waters to navigate, but Jack knew enough that keeping it from Benny was the best idea as he needed him on board. Jack would have to think of a way to entice Benny to come with him, and keep the Mexicans happy, as he really didn’t want an internal war combined with an external one as well. Jack had a lot of work still yet to do, but he felt confident in this, just as much as he felt in his chances at being the world champion. And being the world champion could have more perks outside the ring, which only made Jack want it more.

But that would all hinge on Benny, and getting everything in place. It was the start of something special, but that’s all it was.

A start.

The Grand Flamingo Plaza
Las Vegas, NV

Jack stood looking out again at the mostly empty casino floor. He had grand visions of what it could look like and how it would be amazing to see it all done up in lights and looking all fancy. He knew it would take off and be a success. This, for him, was the ultimate goal outside of being the world champion. To be part of something like that, that could stand on its own and be an accomplishment for Jack was a thrilling thing. He very much wanted to make it happen. But, unlike the majority of his life philosophy, he would need to trust people to get things done.

Jack turned around and at his desk was Bobby and one of Bobby’s friends.

Bobby: I think we almost got it.

Jack: Good.

Brian: You know, I’m all about this advertising stuff, but what the hell is gonna mean if we don’t have the manpower?

Jack: Well, that’s why we’re advertising online.

Brian: And you think people will come here?

Jack: A lot of people will. People aren’t working man.  They need work, and we can provide to them.

Brian: But you need the right people. Not just anybody.

Jack: I know that. That’s why when we put job offerings on this website we’ll be able to filter out who we want to look at. It’s a process man, a process.

Brian: Yeah, you better hope so.

Jack: I got this, man. I got this.

Brian retrieves his glass and pours himself a shot.

Brian: Any word from Benny?

Jack: He’s thinking it over, last I heard.

Jack’s office phone rings and Jack quickly picks it up.

Jack: Grand Flamingo, Jack speaking…. Uh huh? Good, very good. I’ll meet you down there….

Jack hangs up the phone with a satisfied look on his face.

Brian: What was that all about?

Jack: We’ve got toys coming.

Brian downs his drink and he and Jack head down to see the delivery of 100 slot machines. Brian signs for them and then are put on the main floor, all of them covered and unplugged. The invoice is collected and Jack and Brian eventually head back upstairs to the room.

Jack: That’s a step.

Brian: A good one, but they ain’t gonna make no money with no people in here.

Jack: You know we’re not ready to open. We just got the slot machines.  There’s a lot more to do.

Brian: But can you do it?
Jack stares at Brian intently. This was clearly a challenge, and one that Jack was more than determined to answer.

Jack: Look man, I know this is a lot to undertake. I do, but at the end of the day, it’s gonna happen. Every step we take means something. I’ll admit, I don’t know shit about running a casino, but you know what, I can learn. You can learn, we all can learn. That’s what this has to be, a start, a learning experience. And I am confident we can do this.

Brian: Confidence is something. But not a lot.

Jack: We all start small man, and when we work on things and get them right, we’ll have more success then we dreamed ever.

Brian: Sure thing, Stick. You tell Benny about the Mexicans?

Jack: No.

Brian: Don’t you think he ought to know?

Jack: At some point, yes. But I have to think that’s a deal breaker. There’s no way he’s going to agree if he knows, and quite frankly, we need him.’

Brain holds up a finger to stop Jack.

Brian: We need his connections. That’s about it. We can’t let him have too much power.

Jack: Listen, Benny’s not stupid, he didn’t take the deal right away, and really, the less he knows, the better for now.

Brian arches a brow.

Brian: That’s a dangerous game.

Jack: It’s the only way to play it at the moment. If we signs on, then we can worry about it.

Brian: And what about the other guy?

Jack: Sonny?

Brian: Sure, I don’t know these people.

Jack: Sonny is a non-factor, but being at war with the Mexicans at this point makes him the enemy. If they can keep him distracted, it’ll save us a lot of trouble.

Brian’s look of trepidation turns into a sly grin.

Brian: Look at you, using people to get your own goals accomplished.

Jack: I hate it too.

Brian: I’m proud of you, Stick.

Jack: Don’t.

Bobby: Alright, the website is finished you guys.

Jack and Brian view the site and are impressed by it.

Jack: Good. Now, all we have to do is wait.

Bobby looks at the guy who designed the whole thing.

Bobby: Good work, bro.

Jack: What’s your name, Evan?

Evan: Yeah. Look, am I getting paid for this?

Jack: If it works out, you’ll get even more. You got the ability to maintain this website?

Evan: Yes. It’s all set up to work to your favor. And, I can also work on a security system for you.

Jack: Good deal, how much is that gonna cost me?

Evan: A big place like this? A few grand.

Brian scoffs, but Jack nods.

Jack: If it’s worth it, You can be my guy for that too.

Evan: Hey, if you’re buying, I’m flying.

Jack: Fair enough, we’ll work out more details as we move along.

Evan: It’ll be a commission. I can get a guy out here in a few days.

Jack: Good. You get on that. It’ll pay more than it’s worth, trust me.

Brian: Stick, let me talk to you.

Jack pats both Bobby and Evan on the shoulder as he and Brian go off to speak privately, a safe distance away.

Brian: You thought about what happens if the feds show up?

Jack: We don’t have anything illegal just yet.

Brian: But you will.

Jack: It’s not something I want to do, man. But what choice do I have? The Mexicans can make life miserable for me, and for everybody on this little project if we don’t at least start to play ball with them.

Brian: And then what? The money may be good, but at the end of the day, all this shit goes away if you’re involved with it.

Jack: That’s where Benny comes in.

Brian stares at Jack, knowing exactly what he meant.

Brian: Don’t tell me you’re going to put him name on this place?

Jack: Look, if Benny takes the fall, that’s our out. I can distance myself from this place, because I bought it, but I don’t know what goes on all over the place here. I have a fallback, it is one thing my dad didn’t have. An escape plan. If the feds come nosing around here, Benny’s name is up for the hit, not mine. In fact, the only thing I’m really going to do, is endorse this place.

Brian: Endorse?

Jack: When I win the championship, I’m the hometown champion man. Picture it, a whole ribbon cutting ceremony, endorsed by the Sin City Wrestling world champion. It’ll work.

Brian: It had better. You can just as easily go down as an accomplice.

Jack: That’s why I called it a learning experience.

Brian: Okay.

Brian is satisfied for now, and Jack heads back to look out over the floor, until there is a knock at the door. Benny pushes his way in through them, eyeing everyone in room. His bodyguards flanking him on ether side.

Jack: Well Benny, if you came here for a shootout, don’t waste any more time.

Benny stared at Jack, and then at Brian.

Benny: Brian.

Brian: Benny.

Benny waved his guards off.

Jack: I hope you thought about our little arrangement. Though, if you came to tell me no in person, I’d respect you even more.

Benny: Stop breaking my balls kid. I came to talk business.

Jack: So talk.

Benny cleared his throat. He stood in silence for a few moments before he finally spoke up.

Benny: I need to see what you’ve got. And if I like it…. I’m in.

Jack: Fair enough. Have a seat and we’ll get to business.

Benny: You got another one of them cigars?

Brian: Fucking hell, stick, you gave him one of my cigars?

Jack: All part of the negotiations, man.]

Jack motions for Evan and Bobby to vacate the room and the desk. Jack sits down at the desk, allowing Benny to sit in front of him.

Jack; Let’s talk business, Benny.

Benny takes a seat.

Benny: Alright kid, I’m listening.

Jack: Let me tell you about this place, and how it’s the start of something special.


On Camera:


Jack has moved the camera to give us a nice view of his balcony with the sunset heading over Vegas. Jack sits in his room chair, feet kicked up on the balcony, enjoying the view.

Jack: It’s beautiful isn’t it? Almost as beautiful as the job I’m doing on Alex Jones.

It is amazing how bad Alex is doing at this. It shocks me how bad this guy is at literally everything, and has still been a champion. I swear to you, that Griffin Hawkins had to have like an off night to lose to Alex Jones. I’m going to blame him for what we’ve got now for a champion. Like, you couldn’t have had a bad day somewhere else? You had to give this to Alex Jones. Now this dude is walking around with a title he has no business carrying anymore and thinking he has a legitimate chance to not get his ass whipped at Violent Conduct. But, I got the job to do, so therefore, I’m going to do it.

Jack eases himself out of his chair, pushing it aside, an almost confused look on his face.

Jack: I get the feeling that you don’t like me much, Alex.

I don’t know, I just get this vibe from you and I just start thinking like, I don’t think this dude likes me one bit. I think he thinks I’m just some dude you don’t care about me. And you know what? The feeling is mutual. I’m going to keep it real, because that’s what I do, I never heard your name until you won that championship. I never bothered to look up who you were, and what you’ve accomplished. Thankfully you listed them all off last time and that’s all well and good, but the truth is, I lost interest after like the first few words. I said it before, I’ll say it again... you’re boring. You’re white bread. You just couldn’t hold my attention last time, and I just started to like play on my phone, I had you on in the background like ambient noise. It took me like 3 tries, but I finally got through the whiny bullshit.

Now, on the other hand, I KNOW you were listening to me.

Why? Because I’m actually entertaining and charismatic. Shit you wish you were. I don’t need a lame gimmick or nickname, I’m just Jack, because that’s all I need to be. Even your man Austin Mercer knew it when he complimented me way back in the day. But I also figure you were listening because I ran you down like nobody’s ever done to you in your life, Alex. I just laid all the cards on the table and you come up with the short end my guy. You may be thinking about how I’m some punk and you’re going to teach me respect, and blah, blah, blah… all because I talked shit about you? Bro, that’s the name of this game. It’s not my fault that all you can talk about is how you’ve done this, or you’ve done that. Because you need to make it look convincing that you think you’re going to win. But you know deep down in your soul that you aren’t, and you are simply going to be my biggest stepping stone to date.

And it burns you even more that there’s not a damn thing you can do about it.

The best you can do, is call me an asshole.

Jack shrugs, not really bothered by the comment.

Jack: To which, I say… yeah, you’re right. I am an asshole. I will tell you the truth, whether you like it or not. I don’t go around and bullshit people. I tell them what I think and tough shit if you can’t handle it. Sorry, I don’t have time to sugarcoat the shit sandwich the world is. I don’t have time to tell you that everything is going to be okay and I really respect you and this is all a front. Because that would make me a liar. You’re just mad that I’m a better asshole than you can be. I mean, you have the nerve, the fucking nerve the bitch at me, about being an asshole, and say I can’t be a leader because no one likes me and that that somehow disqualifies me from being world championship material.

And less than 5 minutes before that, rambled on about how this is dog eat dog and you gotta look out for number one and you will stab everyone you care about in the back. I swear Alex, if you were a little smarter, you’d realize how stupid you sound.

It’s incredible obvious it’s you who is desperate for something to latch onto. You want to pick out flaws in me. Go ahead, I got plenty, I ain’t perfect, never claimed to be like some people I could mention. I’m no saint, not by a long shot. I’ve rough, I’m dirty, I’m fucking grimy. I never learned how to be a phony motherfucker like you. I was always taught about loyalty and being a stand up man. That’s why people relate to me, more than you. I know I need to look out for number one. But I’m also a coward who can’t lead people, okay dude, clearly you are really in your feelings and desperate to find an edge.

I’m sorry, that I’m ahead of the curve on that. It’s because of nut sacks like you I don’t actually trust any wrestlers. Because they will do exactly what you said you would. Why in the fuck would anyone follow you anywhere? If I were your students, I’d try to get my money back after hearing that. I mean, you heard it straight from the man’s mouth, he’d sell you out in a heartbeat if it meant he got something. Is that the kind of man you want being the face of anything? The man who literally told you he’s going to be two-faced and greedy?

Jack just shakes his head, confused but then points to himself.

Jack: At least, when I do it, I don’t have to stab anyone in the back. I will stab them in the front, straight in their fucking heart. Just like I did you last time. And I know you’ve been pacing back and forth kicking shit in your run-down apartment or whatever, big mad because I dared to insult you. Because I disrespected you. And you know what? GOOD. Maybe you will actually have some fire in your eyes at Violent Conduct so that it’s not a complete waste of everyone’s time to see me climb to the top. I’m glad you’ve been mad. And I know you’re not going to try and play it off like you weren’t in your feelings. I didn’t see any sweet edgelord tweets. I didn’t see you change your twitter handle. Alex Jones was a fucking ghost on social media wasn’t he? Yeah, you’ve been thinking long and hard about what you’re going to do to me at Violent Conduct and how you want to not only beat me, but fucking hurt me. Yeah, yeah man, I can fucking feel that shit from here.

And it’s the most interesting you’ve been your whole life.

I HOPE it’s the most insulted you’ve even been Alex. I’m just happy that somebody finally told you what you needed to hear. If it came from me, then so be it.

Jack regains the intense look we’ve come to see over and over.

Jack: Let’s just drive this point home Alex, you don’t impress me. Not in the slightest. I couldn’t care less about how you beat this guy or that guy, or you main evented this show or you won this title from this place or that place.  I don’t give a fuck who you trained either. I don’t give a fuck who likes you or thinks your cool or some kind of legend. None of that shit matters to me. You are nothing more than a name across from mine as this point. You just happen to have the championship.

All that matters is that championship you have, right now. And to take it from you, I will beat your ass in front of your students. I will beat your ass in front of your fans. I will beat your ass in front of your family. I will beat your ass in front of your ugly ass wife. I will beat your ass in front of your snot-nosed kid. And then you can look him in the eye and tell him “daddy failed.”

It doesn’t matter how I do it, or who I have to insult or threaten, Alex. I will cross any line to get what I want. I will step on any toes. The only difference is, I’m not going to be buddy-buddy with people before I do it.

I will tell you the same thing I told Ben Jordan, I will do anything I have to in order to win. If I have to bite you, scratch you, put my feet on the ropes, hit you with a chair or the damn title belt. If I have to kick you in your baby nuts, I will do it. The only thing that matters, is that I win. You said it yourself, this is cut throat, dog eat dog. So don’t be shocked, don’t be surprised, and don’t make excuses, Alex.  You know what it is, my guy. You should know all about this. By hook, or by crook, don’t matter to me. I will take any edge I can get. I will take advantage of any situation. I will say anything I have to, to get you off your game. And you know I’ve already done that part. I’m in your head Alex. I live there now. And I will be there for a long, long time. Can you imagine how much bragging I’m going to do after saying everything I’ve said and then I win?

Damn, it’s going to suck to be you.

Jack shrugs, and folds his arms.

Jack: But you’re too cool for that, right? Do you know how cool Alex Jones is everybody? He’s won championships all over the place. Do you know cool Alex Jones is? I actually had to look this up, because it’s real. He was mentioning companies he’s wrestled for, so I took the time to see all these wins, and yes, his accomplishments hold up. It’s amazing. But… I couldn’t find anything from this “IWF” company. So, I’m not sure is he’s making it up or not. Are we padding stats Alex? Does this place exist or not? Are you just trying to tell everyone you won all these titles when you really didn’t? Is that what we’re doing these days?

I mean, it fits the bill at this point. A total fraud who has had to make up personas for himself and pretend to be someone far more interesting than he is.

But I think I understand the strategy here. You just want to pretend that you’ve really won something here. You have to feel like the winner. You have to feel important. It’s all over everything you say. I’ve trained this guy, I’ve trained that guy, I’ve won this title, I’ve won that title. It’s about making yourself seem far more important. You really want that recognition so bad, because you have literally nothing else to fall back on. You are such a blank slate as a person, that this is all you can cover that with. You are so void of anything resembling a personality that’s not phony as fuck, that you just have to list accomplishments. So, because I don’t have those accomplishments, you are better than me, right?

Jack scoffs.

Jack: It’s amazing how desperate you are for those 15 minutes of fame where everyone tells you you’re great.

Your name isn’t mentioned with the greatest people in this business, and that pisses you off. Your name isn’t put into top 10’s or top 5’s or whatever, and you’re in your feelings about it. But I can tell you why that is. Yeah, it’s pretty easy to figure out, my dude. When people think of you, they don’t think of your accomplishments, they think of the dude who won’t shut the fuck up about himself.

You’re that dude. That dude that when people say “don’t be that dude.” That’s you they’re talking about. You just scream “fucking awful” and “Attention seeker” I mean, who was thinking about Alex Jones before he won the SCW championship? Who was talking about Alex Jones before that? Nobody. Not a soul. But, I get it man, when opportunity knocks, you gotta be there. And low and behold, you rose from near obscurity and won the world title. And rather than I don’t know, be thankful you got plucked out of nowhere to get a title match, it’s time to endlessly boast about how great you are. But let me chastise this guy for this, or let me get in somebody’s ear to talk about that guy. Because you, have to make yourself feel better about the blank slate you are.

And you know, it took you literally 5 minutes to get comfortable with that championship. Now you’re god, you’re better than everyone and two months ago you were probably going to retire or some shit. You have an unreal ability to change everything about yourself on a dime. I mean, it must be really easy for you to change who you are when you have nothing permanent in your whole life. Nothing, absolutely nothing about you is real aside from your accomplishments. You have used fake names, fake companies, and real people, to get yourself the recognition, and then whine and cry like a bitch when you aren’t given as much as you expect, and at the same time, tell me, and everyone else, it’s because you care. It’s because you’ve done so much. “Please give me credit. Please.” This isn’t a fucking school exam, you know. You can’t keep asking for extra credit all the fucking time. “Look, I did this, give me partial credit, boost my score!”

Jack simply shakes his head, like a disappointed parent

Jack: You are a sad, pathetic excuse for a man, my guy. It is why it will be such a pleasure to take that SCW world championship off of you. I went into this, knowing very little about you, and the more I learned, the less I wanted to know. I felt dumber for trying to even look up anything about you. It made my faith in humanity drop to a pretty low point, to know that a fucking snake like you has done anything in the ring and is looked at as someone who’s anything but a snake. You are a joke, bruh. A fucking joke. And it this point, it’s sad. It’s almost cruel to even let you walk around with that championship, just so you can delude yourself into thinking you’re hot shit again. We’ve done this shit ten times, right Alex? You win a championship, and then you lose it, and go like 6 months doing fuck all, but then you pop back up like fucking pimple, and you’re hot shit again. And it goes on and on like some sick joke. So, I guess, it’s up to me, to put this story to bed, for at least another 6 months, but with the way I’m feeling, it might be for fucking good.

At Violent Conduct, I’m going to beat you like a dog, Alex. I am going to embarrass you in the ring, and leave you laying as I win the championship. And while you’ve got that too cool thing going on, you better get serious because I am out to hurt you. You are entering the ring with a violent person, who is not afraid to snap arms, legs, or necks. You will simply go down as a transitional champion who just kept the title warm for the true star. And you know that’s the truth Alex. As much as you want to deny it and tell everyone you’re better than them and you’re a leader and all that happy horseshit, you know that at Violent Conduct, you are nothing but a speed bump for me.

This is my coronation as the face of the franchise, dude. You understand that, right? It’s a simple thing. You know how in sports when the aging player is on the team and the team drafts his replacement? That’s exactly what this is. You are a stop-gap. You plugged the hole until the team decided to put me in. Now that I’m in, we don’t need you anymore. You are expendable. You can be a cost cutting measure as we release you back into obscurity where you can find someone else looking for a stop-gap, or an “experienced” player. We don’t need that here anymore. This is MY time. I don’t give a shit about how you don’t think I can lead or be a great champion or whatever. All that is to me, is a bitter man who usefulness has expired. There’s a reason they put me on the field, and there’s a reason I’m going to take you off.

Jack finally stares into the camera, his eyes piercing the screen.

Jack: Get it through your head Alex: you’re done. Time’s up. I told you that you only had two weeks left, and every day, we inch closer and closer to me beating the shit out of you, taking the SCW championship for myself, doing it by myself, and having it, for myself.

You’re hiding behind this false confidence and experience. You want to believe that you’ve seen someone like me before. That you’ve seen people like me come and go, right? I’m a dime a dozen, flavor of the month, or whatever the old saying is. But you know as well and I do that you don’t know me. You know me well enough to know that you don’t know me at all. I am unlike anyone or anything you’ve come across in wrestling. I’ve had you eating out of the palm of my hand, while you still think I’m eating out of yours. You’ve got your bird chest puffed out like you’ve done something while I’ve made you believe I’m charging into this match with my head down. But my head is up, my dude. I’ve waited for this opportunity like no other, and you, you have taken the bait hook, line & sinker. You chomp at every little bit, you are mind fucked and you don’t even know it. I have had you on strings the entire time because I have allowed you to think that you are where you were 10 years ago, but you’re not. Leaving my team high and dry? All these comments, they’ve all made you dance like a puppet.  You will be kicking yourself when you realize just how badly you fucked up.

But I won’t need any tricks or mind games at Violent Conduct. Not at all. All I need, is what I have here. Me, myself, and I. And you can walk away after this match, with your hurt pride, licking your wounds and wondering what the fuck happened. But I’ll give you a spoiler: I happened. You will not have to look far to know who did this to you. You will not have to search far and wide to see the man who took you apart physically, mentally & verbally. All of this, was one man, and that’s me.
And please, save yourself the fucking time and don’t congratulate me when it’s over. Don’t tell me that now you respect me after I whoop your ass. Just don’t. Stay fucking silent, and walk away from this L and move on to something else. Or bitch about how I cheated or I’m not a real champion, whatever you prefer. You don’t have to listen to me on advice, even though you should. I’d just prefer it if you just talked even more trash and pissed and moaned about life, rather than pull a 180 and blow smoke up my ass. The fact is you never were ready for this smoke, because I ain’t Griffin Hawkins, I don’t prance around and flip my fair around, son. My name, is Jack Washington. If you’ve been paying attention, I’ve been beating people’s asses in this company for 7 months, and you’re name just happens to be next on the lineup, Alex.

I said it before, and I will say it here one more time. I was close last time. And this time, I will get the job done.

Get used to this face, Sin City Wrestling. You are looking at the next World Heavyweight Champion!

Jack makes sure the camera is focused on his eyes as we cut to black.


Watch. This. Space
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April 4, 2019
London, England

The referee’s hand pounded the mat as he heard the crowd call out in unison, “ONE! TWO! THREE!

The bell tolled out, and the crowd leapt to its feet and cheered wildly as Malachi stood in the centre of the ring, arm raised high in the air. He glanced around the crowds before his eyes fell on a particular guest in the front row, and he smiled and winked towards Bella Madison as he took his leave from the ring, heading up the ramp and through the backstage curtain. He quickly toweled the sweat from his body before throwing on a pair of loose shorts and kicking off his boots and kickpads in favour of a pair of slide-on sandals. He grabbed his bag filled with his merch and headed back out to the ringside area, finding an empty spot between a couple of his friends. As the fans crowded the tables to chat with the wrestlers and buy their merch, Mal kept scanning the crowds for Bella when a petite brunette sauntered up to his table. He put on his ‘meeting fans’ smile. “Heya, did you enjoy the show?” he asked.

She nodded, looking him up and down shamelessly. “Especially your match.

Uh, thanks,” he said, quickly glancing over her head to search for Bella again.

You know, you look really good in those trunks,” the girl continued on, wrapping a strand of hair around her finger and biting at her bottom lip.

Christ, here we go, Mal thought. [/color]Another fuckin’ ring rat. “[/color]Uh….huh.

Are you doing anything after the show? You know, you and the crew go anywhere for drinks afterwards?” She took a step closer to him, leaning over the table to give Mal quite the eyeful. “Or maybe you and I could go get a drink somewhere? Alone?

He rolled his eyes. “Look, I know what you’re trying to do, and I’m not interested, alright? So do yourself a favour and find some other loser to cozy up to.

She shot him an indignant look and stormed off in a huff. He breathed a sigh of relief, and it was at that moment that Bella finally showed up at his table. “There you are. I was worried you ran off,” he smiled at her.

Me, run off in the middle of a wrestling show? You don’t know me well at all, do you?” She winked at him. “Besides, I was seeing how that little scenario played out.

He cringed, wrinkling his nose in disgust. “Ugh, you saw that? To be honest, I’m surprised you didn’t come storming over and rip her hair out at the roots.

Well, the thought did cross my mind...but I can’t exactly blame the girl. You are the hottest guy in the building tonight.” She flashed him a cheeky grin as she cuddled up to his side. “And besides, I know that I’m going to be the one leaving with you tonight, so I wasn’t worried.

Mal gave a chuckle, squeezing her closer to his side and brushing a kiss across her forehead. “Sassy, beautiful and confident. Like I’d even look at another girl when I’ve got the total package right here.

She grinned back up at him again. “Though she did ask a good question...what are you doing after the show?

Well, I figured I’d take this amazing American girl out for a night on the town. Show her a few of London’s finest pubs and hopefully she’ll find me charming enough that she’ll take me back to her hotel room.

Bella gave him a wicked little grin as she brushed her lips across his cheek to his ear. “Well, I hope you don’t think you have to get her drunk to do that. Because I have it on good authority that she already finds you charming enough with that sexy accent and that amazing body.

Mal gave a grin as he turned his face to give her a kiss on the lips. “Is that so?

Mmhmm,” she giggled. “Then again, we could just skip the pubs altogether and head straight to the hotel? I do have a minibar…

He blinked at her for a moment, before leaning down to whisper in her ear. “Give me ten minutes to get ready, and meet me out front.


April 6, 2019
Waterford, Ireland

2:30 am

The buzzing of his phone on his nightstand jolted Malachi from his sleep, and he sat up in bed as he grabbed the phone, yawning and rubbing the sleep from his eyes. He glanced at the screen, seeing a text from Bella.’hell?” he mumbled, swiping it open and reading through. But before he could finish reading it, another message came in, followed by another one, and then another in rapid succession. He scrolled through them, his heart leaping up into his throat in terror.

Immediately, he hit the CALL button, raising the phone to his ear. “Come on, come on, pick up, dammit,” he muttered under his breath, leaping out of bed to pace the floor of his bedroom, running a hand through his sleep-tousled hair. The phone rang for what felt like ages, until it finally clicked over. “Bella, thank God -

Hello, boy.

He stopped dead in his tracks, the blood in his veins going ice-cold as his eyes widened. It wasn’t Bella that had answered the phone...but him.[/i]

How nice of you to check on your little woman in the middle of the night. How devoted you are to her!” the mocking tone of the Reverend Synister crackled through the line, a hint of laughter in his voice that sent a chill shooting straight down Mal’s spine.

But just like that, the ice was replaced with a white-hot rage, coursing through his veins. “Where the fuck [/i]is she?” he snarled, his teeth gritted together so hard he thought they might crack from the pressure.

Oh, don’t you worry your pretty little head about darling Bella. Her and I are simply getting...reacquainted. Isn’t that right, little girl?

In the background, Mal could hear what sounded like a muffled scream, and the rage burned hotter. He took short, shallow breaths through his nose as he fought the urge to hurl the phone against the wall. “You listen to me closely, you psychotic fucking lunatic. You harm one hair on her head, and you are going to -

What? Regret it?” A deranged laugh filled Malachi’s ears. “So many before you have made that idle threat before, and yet here I stand today. In Paris. While you are miles and miles away, helplessly listening to everything that -

Suddenly, a loud thump interrupted Syn’s diatribe, and the line disconnected. Mal pulled the phone away from his ear and stared at it in disbelief, before he tried redialing. When no one picked up, he tried again. He went through this process four times before the line finally connected. “I swear to God if anything happens to Bella -” he snarled.

Mal, relax! It’s me.

All the tension melted out of his body, and he had to sit back down on the edge of his bed as his legs turned to jelly in his relief. “Bella, are you alright? What happened?

She took a breath, and he could hear her voice shaking slightly as she talked. “He found me. He actually found me. I couldn’t sleep, and then I heard something at the door, and I knew I shouldn’t have -” A sob interrupted her, and he heard her start to cry.

Bella, Bella, it’s OK. Breathe.” He listened as she took a few deep inhales. “What happened just now? When the line disconnected?

She took another deep breath. “Levi got here. They fought a everywhere in my bedroom. I think Syn’s gone now.

Mal gritted his teeth again. “And what about Levi?

He just..glared at me. And then he walked away.

Wait...he just LEFT you there? Alone? After what just happened?

Mal, really, it’s fine -

THE FUCK IT IS!” He nearly screamed in rage, but remembered that his mother was still sleeping in the other room. He took a few deep breaths to calm himself, running a hand through his hair again. “Look, first thing in the morning, I’m booking a flight and I’m coming there.

You don’t have to -

I want to. Don’t argue with me. I’m the stubborn one in the family. Well, the most stubborn one, anyways.

Through her sniffles, she gave a little giggle. “I can believe that, actually.

He cracked a wry grin, feeling exhaustion set in now that his adrenaline had worn off. “I know you’re probably still keyed up, but try to get some sleep, OK? I’ll be there as soon as I can. And I’m not leaving you alone.

There was a pause before she said, in a quiet voice, “Can I talk to you until I fall asleep?

He smiled warmly, lying back down in his bed. “Of course.


Present Day
Las Vegas, Nevada

The inky blue sky twinkled with the lights of thousands of stars as it canopied the city of Las Vegas in the late hours of the night. On the rooftop bar of the Saxon Hotel, soft jazz music played as the patrons laughed and talked over glasses of expensive alcohol. The camera moved through the crowds as they thinned out, coming to rest near the edge of the roof where they found the subjects for this particular video.

Sitting on a cushioned sofa near the glass wall of the bar, Malachi and Bella Madison sat together, dressed to the absolute nines. Mal wore a buttoned-up royal blue dress shirt with black pants and shiny leather shoes, a large silver watch glinting on his wrist. Bella was stunning in a short black strapless dress with silver beading along the upper bodice, silver strappy stiletto heels and diamond stud earrings glittering in her ears. The couple were accessorized with their SCW Mixed Tag Team titles, Mal’s on his shoulder and Bella’s across her lap. They glanced at each other with a smile, as Bella motioned for him to take the lead in this video as she reached for a glass of champagne sitting on the low table in front of them. He straightened up on the couch slightly, draping an arm across the back of it behind Bella as he turned his steely gaze to the camera lens.
I hope you’ve all realized by now that when we say we want something...we damn sure get it. And we work for it. We don’t cut corners. We don’t rely on some long-faded resume to jump the line. See, Bella and I may have ‘bitched and moaned’ - or, as we adults like to call it, ‘taking the initiative’ - to get to where we are, but at least we earned every single thing we got. We didn’t just walk in throwing around a name that means fuck all to me, thinking that we should all bow to the ‘great’ Kris Ryans and Mikah.” He gave a roll of his eyes. “I have never in my life bowed to someone, and there’s no way in the seventh circle of Hell I am about to start now. You know, I probably could have respected you a bit more, had it not been for your holier-than-thou attitudes you’ve been copping since you strolled on back into SCW like you owned it. I mean, you two are both former World Champions, there’s no denying that. And obviously you had to have some amount of skill and talent to get to that level. But that was then, and this is now.

He adjusted the belt on his shoulder, where it glinted in the light coming from the tabletop fire pit that was crackling away. “See, I don’t understand what the sudden rush of these former stars trying to make their comeback is all about. Are you not satisfied at home, reliving your past glory days? You see the global force that SCW has become, and all of a sudden you think you could go one more round, for old times’ sake? You see all these new upstarts, claiming the spots that you think you still deserve? Just do everyone a favour, make like Elsa, and let that shit go. Sure, you’ve both come back, picked up some wins. And yeah, you got one over on us. Congratu-fucking-lations. Like I admitted before, the two of you have talent. Certainly more than any other joke of a team in this division. I’m not going to make any excuses. We lost, straight up.

He leaned forward in his seat, his expression turning dangerous. “But lightning will not strike twice for you. After everything we went through to get a hold of these belts, do you really believe that you’re just going to walk into that ring and we’re going to hand them to you on a silver fucking platter? Bella and I have worked too damn hard for too damn long to let some bygone era try to come back and reclaim their faded glory. You’ve both been gone too long from this company, and the new guard has moved in. You’ve been relegated to the past, and you should have been smart and stayed there.

Pfft....they never claimed to be smart.

The thing that people don’t seem to realize is that the teams that have held these titles the longest are the ones that act like a team. Take my brother and Sierra, for example. Longest-reigning mixed tag champs in the history of the company. You know why? Because they were a team in and out of the ring. Same with Wolfslair. They present themselves as a unified front. Just like Bella and I do. We’ve got each other’s backs both in and out of the ring. Which...I think is more than we can say for you two, isn’t it? After all, Mikah was so busy trying to take out Bella after our match that she completely failed to stop her own partner from getting jumped from behind.

Bella let out a little snort of laughter, hiding it behind her champagne glass. Mal cracked a wry grin. “That, to me, says it all. Mikah sees Bella as a legitimate threat. And she damn well should. Why else would she attempt to beat her down after the match was already over? Because the thing about Bella is, if you wanna try to cheap shot her, attack her when she’s down? Well, she’ll just get straight back up, laugh in your face, and then break all your teeth. As for me? Kris Ryans thinks I’m ‘too emotional’. That I let my anger get the better of me. That may be well and true, but that rage and anger is going to be laser-focused on you this Sunday night. And it doesn’t matter what kind of stipulation this match ends up being, because I’m going to leave you a broken, bleeding mess in the middle of the ring. I’m going to make you regret ever stepping back into an SCW ring, trying to reclaim your lost glory and youth.

He reclined back against the couch, bringing one leg up to rest his ankle across his knee. “I’m going to wrap this up by reminding you all...We’re not wolves.

Bella smirked as she curled up to Malachi’s side. “We’re not tigers.

We’re damn sure not sheep.

We’re Sass ‘n Bash.

Reigning, defending….and after Sunday….still YOUR SCW Mixed Tag Team Champions.

With a quick glance at each other, Bella and Mal smirked as they looked back towards the camera, both drawing a thumb across their throats as the feed cut to black.

Saturday September 12, 2020
Den Area
Apartment of Christina and Seleana Zdunich
Las Vegas, Nevada
9:37 AM  PDT


It is supposed to be a sanctuary from everything the outside world can throw at you. A refuge from the actions and cruelties of the universe. Nothing is ever supposed to be able to touch you there…

For Seleana Zdunich, that word had been very transitory. Since coming to the United States, she had first stayed with her middle sister, Zenna, in the house Zenna shared with Kelly Taylor, Linnéa and Alissa Lacroix in New Orleans, Louisiana. She had also spent some time in their Manhattan penthouse where third sister Katra had spent most of her time before also moving to New Orleans. 

From there, Seleana had moved to the Hollywood Hills area of Los Angeles, California to live with her girlfriend and soon to be wife, Crystal Hilton. They have since added Las Vegas as a part-time home as well, adding an apartment in 2019 to allow Crystal to work at the Golden Ring Casino.

2020 had seen another new place to call home as the COVID-19 pandemic had caused SCW/SCU to ask their talents to move into the Saxon Hotel and the ap[artment had become home to two other people that had been looking for a helping hand in Angelica and Aurora Martinez. Seleana had known when Crystal had invited them to live there that Aurora, a small ten-year-old girl that Crystal had taken to mentoring, had cancer.

What none of them had known at the time was that Aurora’s mother, Angelica, was also deathly ill and receiving no care for her own illness whatsoever.

Despite SCW/SCU’s release on the order for all talents and staff to reside inside the Saxon Hotel, Seleana and Crystal had not returned to their apartment. Rather, they had allowed Angelica and Aurora to continue to call the place home for themselves moving forward knowing that the end would come sooner rather than later for poor Angelica and when it did, Aurora would be taken in and adopted by Seleana and Crystal.

Now, two days after watching things fall apart both professionally and personally in WWR, and Crystal be turned on in public by a host of people outside the family and their usual social and professional circles leading to Crystal being let go by at least two other employers, Seleana was back in Las Vegas for Climax Control to find out who she would be facing at Violent Conduct for her defense of the SCW Bombshells Roulette Championship.

More importantly, she was also here to spend time with little ten-year-old Aurora. As the two sit playing Mario Kart, Aurora giggles, watching Seleana crash her car.

Aurora Martinez: You’re not very good at this, are you?

Seleana shrugs.

Seleana Zdunich: I have not played much.

Aurora giggles some more.

Aurora Martinez: With the Blossoming Rose and Brittany Williams in the house?

Seleana shrugs again.

Seleana Zdunich: They are usually too keen to play each other and compete for who is best. HayJo and I end up watching more than we play.

Aurora nods as the race ends.

Aurora Martinez: I can tell. You look like you’ve never driven in this game before!

Seleana giggles right back. She holds up her right hand, her thumb and forefinger barely showing any space between them.

Seleana Zdunich: Un poquito...pero…   

Shaking her head she nods to the screen.

Seleana Zdunich: Det finns ingen ko på isen, jag kommer inte ge upp.

Aurora stares at Seleana, a look of intense awe on her face.

Aurora Martinez: What does that mean? 

Seleana smiles.

Seleana Zdunich: It means, “Don’t worry, I’m keen to continue.”

Aurora’s smile beams across the room.

Aurora Martinez: Awesome!

They quickly set to playing again, Aurora easily besting Seleana at every turn. As they play a fourth and then a fifth time, Aurora looks over at Seleana, curiosity covering her young face.

Aurora Martinez: How come you came alone today?

Seleana sighs.

Seleana Zdunich: Christina has had a bad few days. She was angry with me after the WWR show and yesterday went even worse for her than the previous day did.

Aurora barely blinks.

Aurora Martinez: Why was she angry with you?

Seleana sighs again.

Seleana Zdunich: I made a mistake and it cost her a match.

Aurora just looks back at Seleana, a matter-of-fact look on the young girl’s face.

Aurora Martinez: And you didn’t say sorry?

Seleana shakes her head.

Seleana Zdunich: I have not had the chance to. I did not see her yesterday after her troubles.

Aurora’s eyes narrow, the confusion building.

Aurora Martinez: Weren’t you supposed to be on the same show yesterday too?

Seleana nods.

Seleana Zdunich: Ja, we were.

Confusion reigns on Aurora’s face.

Aurora Martinez: Why didn’t you see her then?

The confusion builds even more.

Seleana Zdunich: She was not allowed on the show. Something happened that made the person in charge send her home so she never came to the building for the show. Zenna and I could not follow her, we still had to wrestle. Brittany and HayJo did as well so they could not follow her either.

Concern mixes with the confusion.

Aurora Martinez: So she was alone?

Seleana nods sadly.

Seleana Zdunich: Ja… she was…

Aurora ponders this for a minute and then nods to Seleana emphatically.

Aurora Martinez: Where is she?

Seleana thinks for a second and then shrugs in response.

Seleana Zdunich: She is at the hotel we stay at here.

Aurora nods and takes the controller back from Seleana.

Aurora Martinez: That’s enough video games for you, young lady. You need to go see how your wife is doing and say sorry!

Seleana can’t help but smile at the tone of Aurora’s voice. It was both commanding and playful, simultaneously telling Seleana what to do but making sure she knew the young girl was trying not to be overly rude about it.

Seleana Zdunich: Ja, det är sanningen.

Aurora cocks her head, a smile crossing her face.

Aurora Martinez: What does that mean?

Seleana smiles, leaning over and kissing Aurora on the top of her head.

Seleana Zdunich: You’re right, I should do this.

Aurora smiles. She sets the controllers aside, and hugs Seleana.

Aurora Martinez: Go say sorry and make things good. I don’t like seeing you upset. I love you.

Seleana hugs her back.

Seleana Zdunich: Jag älskar dig också.

Aurora sits back on her knees and Seleana nods before she can even ask.

Seleana Zdunich: I love you too.

Aurora’s face brightens up and she clamps onto Seleana, Seleana hugging her back.


Saturday September 12, 2020
Room 414
Saxon Hotel
Las Vegas, Nevada
10:41 AM  PDT

Seleana Zdunich stands out in the hallway, staring at the room that was still registered in both of their names. Her right hand reaches up and stops short of touching the door itself. She steps back and nods to herself.

Seleana Zdunich: Du kan göra det här.

She starts to move forward again only to stop. She closes her eyes and takes a deep breath, visibly nervous about the whole situation.

Seleana Zdunich: Det finns ingen ko på isen. Du kan göra det här.

She opens her eyes, staring through the door.

Seleana Zdunich: Gå in dit och ta hand om din fru.

She inhales deeply, nods to herself and walks up to the door. Her right hand raises and she knocks three times. Inside the room, the bed creaks as if someone has just stood up after having been sitting on it’s edge. Footfalls follow before the door unlocks and slowly opens. As the door stops, just barely open enough to let sound from inside the room exit, the voice of Seleana’s wife greets her ears with a tone that says Christina Rose Zdunich is still not in a good mood at all.

Christina Zdunich: What?

Seleana remains still as the door remains barely cracked open.

Christina Zdunich: WHAT?!!?

Seleana bites her bottom lip.

Seleana Zdunich: ¿Por favor abre la puerta?   

An audible sniff emanates from inside the room.

Christina Zdunich: Why would you want me to do that?

Seleana’s hand gently touches the door.

Seleana Zdunich: ¿Por favor? ¿Abre la puerta?

The pleading in Seleana’s voice causes Christina to start crying on the other side of the door.

Christina Zdunich: Why does everybody hate me so much?

Seleana’s hand moves to the edge of the door and grips it firmly.

Seleana Zdunich: Jag hatar dig men lämna mig inte…

Her grip on the edge of the door tightens as the crying on the other side of the door increases in intensity.

Seleana Zdunich:  Jag älskar dig! Jag är ledsen! Snälla lämna mig inte!

The door moves slightly.

Christina Zdunich: Wh…. what?

Seleana moves so she can look through the opening. Seeing the blue hair on the other side, Seleana nods slightly.

Seleana Zdunich: I love you, Estrellita!

Christina scrapes against the door before it opens suddenly all the way, pulling away from Seleana’s hand. Christina, tears in her eyes, looks her wife in the eyes.

Christina Zdunich: Why?

Seleana moves in and hugs Christina tightly, lovingly, pulling the blue-haired head against her chest.

Seleana Zdunich: I’m sorry, I fuck up in your match. I love you!

Christina clamps onto Seleana and starts to cry even more. Seleana strokes the back of her head and then kisses Christina’s forehead.

Seleana Zdunich: Everything will be alright, we will get through it together.

The door is allowed to close behind them as Christina continues to cry into her wife’s chest.

Christina Zdunich: I…

Seleana holds her tightly and nods slowly.

Seleana Zdunich: I know, it is alright.

Christina holds on tightly for what seems like years and then finally pulls back from Seleana.

Christina Zdunich: How did you know I’d be here?

Seleana smiles.

Seleana Zdunich: A little girl told me over Mario Kart.

Christina’s eyes almost bug out of her head.

Christina Zdunich: Aurora got… YOU… to play… anything?

Seleana nods slowly.

Seleana Zdunich: It was what she wanted to do. She laugh at how bad I am at it.

Christina laughs nervously.

Christina Zdunich: Were you really that bad?

Seleana giggles, nodding.

Seleana Zdunich: Ja, I avoid nothing. They get me every time.

Christina blinks and then wipes the tears from her eyes.

Christina Zdunich: So you were playing with Aurora and she told you to come here?

Seleana’s smile brightens.

Seleana Zdunich: She ask why I was alone. I told her you were angry with me and she asked why. I told her I made a mistake and she scolded me for not saying sorry.

Christina starts laughing along with her wife.

Christina Zdunich: She did?

Seleana nods happily.

Seleana Zdunich: I thought she was going to wag finger at me.

Christina looks down, shaking her head.

Christina Zdunich: I love that little girl.

Seleana nods in agreement.

Seleana Zdunich: Ja jag också.

Seleana puts her hand on either side of Christina’s face.

Seleana Zdunich:  Jag älskar dig så mycket. Jag vet inte vad jag skulle göra utan dig.

Christina bites her bottom lip.

Christina Zdunich: You really mean that?

Seleana nods and kisses Christina lovingly.

Seleana Zdunich: I do.

Christina smiles back at her wife.

Christina Zdunich: I love you too.


Friday September 25, 2020
Home of Christina and Seleana Zdunich
Los Angeles, California
6:11 PM  PDT

The camera opens upon Seleana Zdunich standing so that nothing but the driveway is caught in the shot. Dressed in tight black bicycle shorts, a matching black sports bra, a pair of old Nikes and with her hair pulled back into a rough ponytail, Seleana has obviously just been through some sort of workout.

Seleana Zdunich: There is a phrase I have heard some in my family use. I had heard it only on television before I met them. But as I talked more with my sister, I learned that her fästmö uses it frequently but I was never so keen.

She pauses and nods to herself.

Seleana Zdunich: Until now.

Looking back up to the camera, Seleana stares forward into the lens.

Seleana Zdunich: This past fortnight has shown me what it really means and I think this Sunday qualifies as well. Johanna Krieger and I will have our come to Jesus moment with this match.

A slight nod comes from Seleana as she rubs her hands together with anticipation.

Seleana Zdunich: We both come into this match with something to prove, Johanna. You need to prove that all the haters are wrong about you. You need to prove that you are the baddest bitch to walk into this company and you are not to be fucked with. You need to prove that Alex Jones was not deep in his cups when he said you would do great things. You need to prove that Wolfslair is to be feared and respected in equal measures and that you are a very big reason for that and not just some clinger riding the others’ coattails for success. In short…

She nods before reaching down and picking up her championship belt to show the camera.

Seleana Zdunich: You need to beat me and win the SCW Bombshells Roulette Championship in the worst way. You need to win this to prove everything, that people that have disrespected you, that have downgraded you and dismissed you as nothing but a product of superior partners could not be more wrong.

She pauses and looks at her belt momentarily before looking back to the camera.

Seleana Zdunich: But you do not have to prove that to me.       

Seleana shakes her head quickly.

Seleana Zdunich: I know you are capable. I know you are a champion and you were the engine that drove that car with Wolfslair. You were a champion because you showed up and showed out and anyone who tries to say otherwise is either lying, ignorant or jealous that you accomplished things that have not or cannot themselves.

She nods angrily.

Seleana Zdunich: You are Johanna Krieger, the Agent of Mayhem, lover of all things chaotic and violent. You are where lesser wrestlers go to let their careers die. It says it right in your name, you are the warrior with the grace of God that fights like the devil is coming to take everything from you!

She pauses, her right hand coming up with the index finger extended.

Seleana Zdunich: You are exactly what I need to prove myself, Johanna.

The hand moves to allow the index finger to point to Seleana’s own chest.

Seleana Zdunich: Because just like you have so much to prove in this match, so do I!

She raises her championship belt to the sky.

Seleana Zdunich: I come in as the reigning SCW Bombshells Roulette Champion with multiple successful defenses under my belt. I am a former SCW Bombshells World Champion.

She lowers the championship down to shoulder height.

Seleana Zdunich: I have gone out, joined multiple other companies and won championships in several of them as well and yet I am still dismissed, degraded, downgraded and disrespected as if I have done nothing and I am still the unworthy rookie that walked into L.A.W. because my wife wanted to show off her Swedish trophy. The same people who dunk on you, do the same to me only with me they seem to take even more pride and enjoyment in saying my achievements mean nothing and why do they do this?

A glare comes across her face.

Seleana Zdunich: Because it scares them that I could be possible! I walked out to that ring and learned enough in two years’ time to go from being a zookeeper that was supposed to be too old to be a rookie to being the Bombshells World Champion and that is not supposed to happen, especially not with all of this other talent on hand.

She slaps the championship with her free hand.

Seleana Zdunich: We have seen people like Mercedes Vargas, Jessie Salco, and more all try to stop me from achieving things and every time they have tried, I have taken my knockdowns, I have learned and I have risen again!   

Pausing, she holds the belt out to the camera.

Seleana Zdunich: They have all had the chances to keep me from the top of the mountain, some more than others, where I have said, “Here is your prize, come take it!” and it is still here with me!

She nods, putting the championship belt across her shoulder.

Seleana Zdunich: And yet, no matter how many times they try to send me back to the zoo, no matter how many times they try to send me to a wheelchair or a home, I make sure they fail!

A smile comes over her face. 

Seleana Zdunich: And this is where you come in, Johanna. I am keen for this match like nothing I have been keen for since I fought Alicia Lukas for the World Championship! You are my chance to make all of that skit coming from their mouths go away! You are my chance to make all of them have to choke on their disrespect! Just like I am your chance for validation, you are mine! We walk that aisle together, Johanna, we spin the wheel, get our marching orders and we go to war for this!

She holds the championship aloft for the world to see again.

Seleana Zdunich: The SCW Bombshells Roulette Championship!

She slaps it in the air.

Seleana Zdunich: This will be our come to Jesus moment, Johanna! We will meet our fate and we will rewrite our reputations with how we fight and meet those fates! It is time for the warrior to meet the cat and see what mayhem we can make together!

The camera zooms in to frame her face as she lowers the championship.

Seleana Zdunich: Välkommen till djungeln… du kan checka ut när du vill, men du lämnar aldrig! 

Playing the roulette wheel. Las Vegas, Nevada. Saturday 26th September (On Camera)

As per usual, Agostino is up to his tricks, playing the roulette wheel with the microphone attached to his headset so he can talk in front of the world what he's good at, being creative with what Agostino's good at every single week. Agostino was playing the roulette with Declan and James who also enjoy Agostino on the tour, talking and playing jokes non stop to his friends. Agostino hadn't made any attempts on interacting with other wrestlers yet.

Which for many people was surprising, considering the nature of his personality, but he hadn't stuck himself out there for them. Although he doesn't care for titles just yet, he's still performing better than his opponents, except Mac Bane who's still new to SCW company. Agostino places a bet on the table and the wheel was modified. It had the faces of his opponent on the wheel. Agostino spins the wheel and starts talking, while the wheel will decide it's faith.

Agostino Romano: “So, here I am, talking part in a Roulette rules match. Is it a competition for who spins the wheel the best? No, but it is a thing for this upcoming match is just to have fun out there. Nothing gets me under pressure so far. So as you can see, I'm used to the pressure, had to do it all during my motorcycle career, but it only got me stronger with a mindset which I don't have goals to achieve, but I'm going to wait for this wheel to stop spinning.”

As the ring stops, The first on his list was going to be Lachlan Kane.

Agostino Romano: “Ah, picking up the Scrapper himself, Lachlan Kane. Well, haven't you been quiet for the last few days ? We've not really seen you in action as of late. I wonder why you're being held back a bit lets say. Not really been wrestling actively, have we? A talented guy who has all the tools to be a champion, yet, seems to be a puppy lost in the woods. I hope I'm proven wrong and that you can get back to the form you was with when you won the tag gold with Sierra.”

Agostino makes a bet on Stephen Callaway being the next person he'll speak about.

Agostino Romano: “Also, why does it matter if Roulette title is about violence? Using weapons isn't going to hurt and you can still be the top wrestler without using weapons you know. Maybe it's time to stop being in your comfort zone and feel being uncomfortable with using weapons. I like to think I'm a scrapper too, scrapping away to get those wins in wrestling and making myself a star. Hope to see you wrestle your way to the top by taking all of us seriously.”

Agostino sees the roulette was stopping slowly and he cheers for himself on getting the bet right on Stephen Callaway and he gets a lot of chips out to him as he betted a lot to win this round. He continues with a half-filled beer with another full filled beer the other side but will state his reasons later on for it.

Agostino Romano: “At least Lachlan Kane shows he wants to be here and want titles. Stephen keeps saying he'll leave when he's able to. Last I checked, I thought people can leave Sin City Wrestling with things opening up again. I still think there's a reason for you to stick around without the excuse of not going home. Some of the other wrestlers have for various reasons. Right now, it's just an excuse.”

Agostino for the first time since the match against Jack Washington shook his head on someone not wanting to be in wrestling anymore as he places a bet on Mac

Agostino Romano: “You have all the skills in the world to be a champion if you pushed yourself harder each day in the gym. Declan makes sure I go to the gym three times a week to work out. I recommend you stay around and let us see who Stephen is because apart from wanting to win a world title, we still don't know a whole lot about you. Had a few tough losses, but at the same time, I wish you'd realise there's nothing stopping you from going back to Scotland if you don't want to wrestle anymore. I do want to be here and winning titles, I'm not desperate to win titles yet, that's all. I want to work during my time of working for them.”

There was the wheel spin again, but this time, Agostino places a bet on Mac Bane, the last opponent in the ring he had to face on Sunday. Of course, it came up with Lachlan Kane again and Agostino says this.

Agostino Romano: “Oh come on, I've already spoken about Kane earlier. So unfair the face spin didn't go to the guy I wanted to talk about.”

Agostino shook his head, having half of his chips taken away from him due to the loss of the spin of the roulette wheel. Agostino gets the chance to spin it, placing all of the chips on Mac Bane. Suddenly, the wheel landed on the face of Mac Bane. He finishes the other beer which was general for drinking and puts a cowboy hat on.

Agostino Romano: “We got there in the end. We got the cowboy of Mac Bane. A guy who's still new to SCW. Heard he's not new to wrestling like I am, but a new roster member, regardless. We don't know what you can do in the ring and I'll be the first to say welcome to SCW. I'm the creative getting in people's heads son of a bitch.”

Agostino saying gee har before picking the bottle up and drinks it.

Agostino Romano: “Being a cowboy is fun and it makes you stand out. How many bulls have you riding down at the saloon with the good cowboys being able to do that back in the days? I know you will bring the best out of all of us in the match. I can't say much more, apart from being a Carnage guy. I know you've won titles over there and things. I love cowboys, they are cool and awesome,”

Agostino nodded in an agreement with Rossi last week. Agostino takes a breather before the wheel lands on Agostino's face.

Agostino Romano: “I will do everything to put either one of you for the pinfall or submission. I know my experience lacks in that area, compared to the rest of you. I will do everything to claim myself at the top and winning this special violent rules match because Agostino likes fun and fun places it to my hands to win matches like this. I will either pinfall or submission.”

Agostino's finished with the match and finished playing in the casino as he, James and Declan head back to their hotel rooms and went to sleep before the big day of Agostino training for the match against Kane, Mac Bane and Stephen Callaway throughout the entire week until Sunday comes around."
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Blog: Almighty Fire
semana del 13 al 20 de septiembre de 2 0 2 0

48 hours.

In 48 hours, it's Violent Conduct and yours truly, Mercedes Vargas, will grace this supercard once again. Is that a scowl on your face or are all of you just glad to see me? I know you're all glad to see me. I know you're all looking forward to me being there.

I hope you can say the same Pandora because ready or not, here I come. You can't run or hide. I'm going to find you and when I do, when I get my hands on you, it's over for you, mamita.

I think it's time we have a talk, a “come to Jesus moment”, an intervention, whatever you want to call it. Some things are better left unsaid, but you can bet I'm going to say it anyway. Maybe you're unawares. Unaware that you never pose a threat to me. It's going to take a lot more than a mean streak and some fetish with Gen-X 90s counter culture to stop this momentum.

You don't understand. YOU ALL UNDERSTAND! I mean don't understand! WAAAAAHHHH!!!!

Ah, shut up, you big baby!

I am everything that you're not, everything you claim to be, and everything you wish you could be.

I’ve been called many things in my career, some not so pleasant. But one thing I am not is a shrinking violet. Alicia knows. It’s why she gets angry all the time whenever my name is at the tip of her tongue. Christina knows. If every opponents she's ever faced, I'm the only one who lives rent free in her head. It didn’t matter if I underestimated her, she underestimated me and thought I was going to roll over, but I was more than happy to change her mind.

As far as Pandora goes. Talk about right place, right time You're under the bright lights and performing on wrestling's biggest stage. Things couldn't be more perfect. This leads me now to some good news and some bad news. Are you ready?

The good news is this is your first pay-per-view match in your return to Sin City Wrestling. The bad news is this is your first pay-per-view match in your return to Sin City Wrestling…and you’re not going to walk out of our match with a victory. Believe it or not, Sunday night gives me a lot of confidence that I will be walking out with with my hand raised.

But don't be fooled, I know what you can do, Pandora. I've seen what you can do, but when it comes to me and you, you've haven't done enough to change my opinion. Could you beat me this weekend, sure. You have the desire, the drive, the determination, but it'll take more than that. You're going to need a little luck and a whole lot of talent to keep up with me. I don't see your A-game. Matter of fact, I don't see your B or C game either helping you in this one. What I do see is you failing to make the grade, because if your first stint in SCW is anything to go by, I'm afraid thing aren't going to be much better the second time around.

Doesn't mean I'm going to be intimidated by you, Pandora. I don't know if you get it, I don't know if my words are going through one ear and out the other. You don't intimidate me. Nothing about you intimidates me. I have faced bigger, badder, and better sweetheart, and they could practically wipe the floor with you without so much as staining their lip gloss. I don’t care what you do, say, think, or otherwise. You will never turn me away from this company. You can try, but you will fail. You can talk about me all you want until you're blue in the face, I will still be here on the roster. The day after Violent Conduct, the best part of waking up isn't Folgers, it's me still being a part of the Bombshells Division. Come Sunday, don't expect anything out of the ordinary, I will show up for our match.

At this point, I'm really running out of material when it comes to you. I'm out of options here. If you're already patting yourself on the back right now, I would stop what you're doing. Your fate is sealed, and I'm going to knock you out so hard, you're going to find yourself on a way-trip back to the UK. It's one thing that you're truly out of touch with reality, it's another that you think you have any kind of chance of beating me. That you even signed a contract with SCW is a miracle in and of itself.

You're just not up to my caliber. It's not an assumption, it's not a maybe. It's a fact. And you can't argue with facts, honey. The fact that you'll never beat me. Not in this life or the next to come. And you want to know why that is? Because I'm Mercedes Vargas. I'm the Gatekeeper. I claim nothing, I prove everything. I don't care if Christian Underwood put this match together, I don't care if you asked for this match. Because in the end, you will end up on my checklist.

So am I worried about my match with Pandora?

The better question is should I be.


L O S A N G E L E S • C A L I F O R N I A

It's the weekend. You know what that means.

You know, this whole COVID thing, you can practically get out of anything. Weddings, birthdays, funerals, anything. What to do. Where to turn. How to cope. It never fails.

Oh for those halcyon days.

Mercedes, Ricardo, and Irma begins walking along the pathway. They stop suddenly and turns in the direction of two kids playing a game of tag. They run past them and they look on until the kids are out of sight.

Mercedes: How the script coming?

Ricardo: It's going great. And by great I mean I got nothing.

Irma: Writer's block again, huh?

Ricardo: I ended up tossing scenes that took me four hours to write, then rewriting entire scripts based on problems I should have spotted before I even started in the first place.
My wastebasket is overflowing and I can barely keep my eyes open.   

Irma: Maybe you need a muse.

Ricardo: My imaginary friends won't even talk to me.

Mercedes: Hey, I know we were going to meet for drinks on Sunday night, but I have to cancel on you. 

Irma: Oh, that sucks. What happened? 

Mercedes: Apparently some idiot in my wine club was infected with COVID, so now we all have to to quarantine.

Ricardo: Wine club? I don't even know there was here. 

Mercedes: You, that's a surprise. We get most of our recipes from that cookbook Martha Stewart wrote with Guy Fieri.

Irma: Seriously? I think I've actually read that. I love that book, just made the spinach empanadas last week.Every Christmas, my entire family gets together at my grandma's house and we all eat this huge meal with many courses. So naturally, the best thing to go with these many courses is many glasses of wine. Every Thanksgiving, my family always end up going through more wine bottles than soda, but it makes for the best laughs and memories.

Mercedes: All of my Thanksgivings this year are going to be socially distanced.

Ricardo: I feel bad for the poor chap who has to pass the gravy bowl.

Irma: Anyway, sad that we won't be able to hang out on Sunday night, Mercy. Maybe next week?

Mercedes checks her appointment calendar on her phone, that's it's free.

Mercedes: Yup, next week sounds good.

Ricardo: You know, this whole COVID thing, you can practically get out of anything.

Mercedes: Did I mention that I'm wrestling that night?


L O S A N G E L E S • C A L I F O R N I A

It's Not Whether You Win or Lose: Gatekeeper the Nineteenth: Mentiras, Malditas Mentiras (Lies, Damned Lies)..., Part IV: These Violent Delights Have Violent Ends: Dangerous by Design


The camera warms up on Mercedes outside standing in front of the Paul Smith wall, the famous big pink wall where people post photos and selfies.As it did, we’re treated to black-and-white footage. Mercedes wears low-rise jeans paired with her “Mercedes” Sin City Wrestling authentic t-shirt. She’s hidden behind a pair of black Oakley's.

"Some things are better left unsaid, but you can bet I'm going to say it anyway. I can't help being who I am."

Mercedes takes a deep breath, brushes away a few strands of her hair from her eyes.

"During the week leading up to a supercard is where things get a little interesting. This is our last chance to get those last words in while we can, so everyone is going to take advantage of that.

Anyway, much has happened since we last saw you, Pandora. We rung in the New Year, celebrated the life and achievements of Martin Luther King on his birthday. Groundhog Day and the Super Bowl have come and gone, we sent our cards to that special someone on Valentine's Day, honored presidents past and present on President's Day, and got festive for Mardi Gras. We've prepared for the first day of Lent on Ash Wednesday, said hello to Daylight Savings Time, remembered the fate of the Jews on Purim, wore green on St. Patrick's Day, welcomed the first signs of Spring.

Played our best pranks on April's Fools, ushered in Palm Sunday and Passover, filed away our taxes on Tax Day, and then reflected on Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Honored our mothers on Mother's Day, remembered our fallen in uniform on Memorial Day, devoted a day to our dads on Father's Day, and just could not wait for those lazy hazy crazy days of Summer. Celebrated another birthday for America on Independence Day, honored working people on Labor Day, and watched the leaves turned brown as Fall swept in.

There's also that whole Covid thing, too. Don't want to get into that. Too depressing.

You missed quite a lot over the last 18 months, and it's sad to say that no one even noticed you were gone. But here you are again, three weeks since your return and looking for another run in SCW. So far, you beat Apple Coren. I mean, that's great and all, but then who hasn't beaten poor Apple, right? But, hey, a win is a win, that's a feather in your cap.

Now, things get a little interesting. You and me, me and you, one-on-one. There's nothing at stake save for pride a x perhaps the opportunity of saying you stepped in the ring with the most accomplished talent on this roster. Last time we met, it was about getting a golden briefcase in a multi-man ladder. This year, we're fighting for so much more. We'll at least you are. Because either you're one step closer to one day challenging for the top prize in the Bombshells Division and hopefully unseat whoever walks out of champion, or you will be left behind in the title hunt.

"Thing is, I'm just not sure that if you happen to beat me and then go on to lose if we'll ever see you again. Pandora.

Where, oh where, have you been for the last 18 months? Were you expecting and you wanted to keep it a surprise from everyone, is that it? No, wait. Were you injured? Maybe you decided to take a trip around the world in eighty days? (Well, in this case, you would probably need to do that more than twice, but you get the idea) Where were you when SCW's women's division was main eventing on television and pay-per-view almost weekly? Where were you, Pandora, when all these new girls were coming in at a clip at a time? The Blast From the Past Tournament could have used a few more people. Where were you, Pandy? Because I knew where I was. For over seven years, I've been busting my ass in this company week in and week out, night in and night out, competing in that ring. Since my in-ring debut, I've wrestled in over 150 matches. Hold your applause. You've wrestled all of five matches in 18 months. Five!

With you, Pandora, another run in SCW is a great way to waste a roster spot. I hear what you're saying, I love the sales pitch, but I'm not buying what you're selling. It's too bad this company doesn't see it the same way, but sooner or later, they're going to regret it.

"SCW has changed dramatically since I first joined and now at my age, I no longer have time on my side. I'm a veteran now and the oldest active competitor within the women’s division.

I've also been all around the world, a veteran of many tours in Japan and Europe and Canada. I've been mostly successful everywhere I've gone, including here in Sin City Wrestling."

Mercedes suddenly becomes quiet as she reaches for her glasses and slowly pulls them off, folding them in her hands and then placed them next to her.

"No one should doubt that I will be ready for Violent Conduct given my track record. No one should think that I don't stand a chance in singles contests. No one should worry that I'm going to break a hip or worse against you Pandora because I'm just as capable of ending your career as you are coming for mine.

"This match isn't something that I need to do to prove to the rest of the division that I'm that damn good. I've won that argument. I already won at this pay-per-view before too on two occasions. If I were to win this match again, I'd be very surprised. But even if I don't, would it matter? My legacy is still intact, my title reigns and accolades aren't on paper, it's in the record books, and I'm on the damn cover. I highly doubt none of the other Bombshells are capable of taking my spot on the roster until I'm ready to give it up.

"And right now, this isn't Mercedes Vargas talking to Pandora Barrett, this is Mercedes Alicia Vargas Castaños de Ortega talking to Mellie Bennett."

A pause is met as she gathers her thoughts before raising her head again to finish her promo.

"You bring your black baseball bat, you bring your badassery, you bring your absolutely best, but it won't be enough against me. You see me as an afterthought, and that's fine. After Sunday, the only thought that's gonna cross your mind is 'what the hell just happened'?

"Go ahead and hold on to that false confidence and your unfounded arrogance. Go ahead and puff out your chest a little more and make all the bold declarations you want to. While you're at it, go ahead and mock my accolades.

Unless, of course, you prove me wrong. I hope you can back up your words, sweetheart. I hope you beat me. Better yet, that's your homework for tonight: Beat me. Please, beat me. Shut me up. Put me in my place. I dare you."

Getting Things Done
Jet City South - San Diego

It was dark in Jet City South. Coby was usually the first one to come through the doors in the morning anyways, so it didn’t really bother him. To be honest, it was one of the best parts of his day. He made his way from the front door to the alarm system, shutting it off before flipping a large panel full of light switches. Jet City South came to life around him, but for now it was just his. Soon people would start to come through, but for just this moment every day, he got to enjoy the fruits of his labor without a dozen people asking him questions. He doesn’t linger, and makes his way through the halls and up the backstairs to the office overlooking the main floor. He flips on the lights in the room and tosses his bag down only to be startled by the rustling of someone on the loveseat behind him. Before he can spin to face the sound of the noise, his partner and friend identifies himself.

Kris: Why do you stick around after all these years?

Even with the split second warning, Coby still nearly leaps out of his shoes at the sound of Kris’ voice. He grabs a folder off of his desk and hurls it towards Kris out of some misplaced defense reflex, but just watches as the papers inside scatter in the air and fall to the ground well short of his would be attacker.

Coby: Jesus!

Coby shakes his head, and takes a deep breath, attempting to bring his blood pressure back down. Kris only smiles at first, definitely pleased with the reaction he got out of Coby. He was still sitting in the same clothes from the night before. After his chat with Court, he hadn’t left. He went up to the office, sat down, and got lost in what she said to him. He didn’t know how much time had passed, but the next thing he knew Coby was opening up the door. It was an amusing end to an annoying night. At least there was a silver lining though.

Kris: I don’t think he’s here. You can leave a message, but I doubt he checks them.

It wasn’t a topic that Coby was willing to engage Kris on. Instead, Coby tried to keep the conversation light.

Coby: Don’t make a habit of hanging out being sad in the dark. People will start to mistake you for your brother.

He should have been able to tell that Kris wasn’t going to just laugh at the bad joke and move on with his day. There was something off about the whole situation.

Kris: I’d have to be drinking for that….

Coby didn’t know who had broken Kris, but he had a feeling it wasn’t Jason. If it were, he would have gotten a much more negative response to bringing up the more successful brother’s name. Some days the hate that would earn Coby was rivaled only by talking about going home to Seattle, although he hadn’t quite put together as to why it was such a sore subject. He doubted that Kris wanted to let him in on it now either. If the current subject was Jason, then Coby would play along.

Coby: Yeah, well… everyone has problems. You should take it easy on him. Not sure what your alls problem is this week. Seems like you’re at each other’s throats sometimes and chill at others. I can’t keep up.

Kris didn’t flash any smugness or try to change the subject like normal. Instead, he asked his friend a question that he definitely should have already known the answer to.

Kris: You don’t have any siblings do you?

Coby shakes his head.

Coby: Thankfully, no. Just an annoying cousin that thinks herself a sister.

The other half of Team Quik, Keisha, had stayed part of Jet City in Seattle. Their partnership was the first casualty of setting up Jet City South, unless they were counting the founding brothers themselves. Although, Coby knew that the split was only ever going to be temporary. They always resolved their squabbles before.

Kris: I guess you wouldn’t get it then.

Kris shrugs and lets out a heavy sigh. He leans forward on the couch and runs his fingers of his left hand through his matted hair. He looked defeated, but he didn’t have any visible bruises. Whatever had happened had to have gotten under his skin though. Coby almost wasn’t brave enough to actually ask.

Coby: Man, somebody did a number on you. Usually you’re all smiles and arrogance. Did someone swing by and put you in your place?

He tried to make it sound as much like he was joking as possible. The last thing he wanted was for Kris to snap and dump all of his anger on him. Coby had been on the receiving end of that enough in the last few years. He was good at avoiding it these days. However, Kris must have been in a giving mood. He doesn’t even fight Coby over the information.

Kris: Court.

He scowl that formed on Kris’ face just from saying her name gave Coby more than Kris’ words. It wasn’t very often that someone got him twisted inside out like this.

Coby: Oof. Yeah, she has made a couple people cry since we have been open. You really have to blame yourself for that one though. Well, you and Mikah. You all ruined that girl.

He was still mostly joking, but Kris took his words to heart. He is quick to defend himself from the accusation.

Kris: She came to us all entitled and full of herself. All we did was show her how to handle herself in the ring.

Both men knew that wasn’t exactly true, and since Kris seemed too down to fight him on it, Coby took a stab at something a little closer to the truth.

Coby: No, you all crushed her spirit, and you literally goaded her into breaking her hand. You pushed her too hard, too fast several times and she snapped under the pressure. That girl has had more setbacks and injuries than either of us, and she is just getting started in this business. What do you expect?

It was the question that Kris had been sitting back and torturing himself over for the last few hours. Sure, Court had dug deep and took a few shots below the belt, but he only had himself to blame for it. He taught her how to size up and read her opponents. He taught her how to get under people’s skin. He shouldn’t be surprised to be turned into one of her targets to practice on. That wasn’t a conversation to have with Coby though, so he finally tried to shift away from the subject.

Kris: You know, she had some shit to say about you too...

Coby nods knowingly. It didn’t surprise him at all. Most of it was probably things that she says to his face on a daily basis. Court was anything but shy.

Coby: I bet her little ass did. I’m too naive to strike out on my own and give you guys the finger. She thinks of me like Jet City’s little brother. I don’t end up sitting alone in rooms sulking about it though and startling people.

It was a feeble attempt to circle back around to what was actually bothering Kris, and the Grand Slam Champion didn’t let Coby down.

Kris: She went too far this time.

Coby shrugs, not offering his friend a single ounce of pity.

Coby: Yeah, well you probably had it coming. You run around running your mouth long enough and someone is going to come along and close it from time to time.

He didn’t mean it as an insult, but the matter-of-fact tone that he says the words in rubs Kris the wrong way. He is immediately on defense again.

Kris: I expect it out in the ring. You know? Like, if Bella or Malachi had come at me like that I would have understood...

His disappointment with his opponents was a whole different source of frustration, but he would get into that later. This week was supposed to be an ascendance to greatness, but was ending up sucking a lot more than he planned for.

Coby: Really? Let me ask you a question...

Kris stands up, but doesn’t make any move for the door. Instead, he stretches his arms out to the side. His body had started to stiffen up from the hours of sitting in the dark.

Kris: people all the time with your questions….

Coby: Just humor me for a second.

He realized that there was little to no chance that Kris would actually answer his question, but it was worth a shot.

Coby: When someone comes at you from the locker room, or because of some match, it doesn’t bother you. I mean I saw Crimson say and do things to you that nobody should ever be forgiven for, but you two are somehow cool now. Yet, Court comes in here and cuts you down to size a little bit and it has you all messed up. Why?

Kris locks eyes with his friend and business partner without trying to make excuses or bend the truth in his favor.

Kris: ...because she was right.

It was one of those things that Coby already knew, but he was still surprised to hear the words come out of Kris’ mouth. He didn’t want to leave his friend on the hook, and immediately tried to lighten the mood in the room with a joke at his own expense.

Coby: Ah, see now there’s the honesty and self-awareness that makes me stick around like a loyal puppy.

Kris straightens himself out and offers Coby a cheap half-smile.

Kris: I guess that’s a compliment.

Coby realized that it was Kris’ way of trying to dismiss the seriousness of the conversation, but Coby wasn’t quite ready to let Kris slip away. He took it a step further.

Coby: You’re not actually mad or upset with her. You’re upset with you. If there’s anything that I’ve learned about you over the years is that you are your least favorite person… regardless of what everyone else may think.

Kris leans forward, extending his arms out in an over-exaggerated bow like some kind of court jester.

Kris: Well someone has to be the villain, right?

Coby shakes his head, unconvinced.

Coby: Nah. That’s just you. Think about it. Everyone thinks that they are the hero of their story. Even if they are wrong. Even if they are horrible. Sometimes especially when they are horrible. They still think that they’re doing the right thing. That they’re making things better for some reason. Everyone wants to be a hero. You’re the only one painting themselves as a villain, and you already know why that is….

Kris thinks it over for a second, but only one answer comes to mind.

Kris: ...because I am...

Coby walks over and claps Kris on the shoulder with his right hand.

Coby: ...and you always will be with that kind of attitude.


>I used to wonder if the veterans of this business ever got tired of beating the uninspired….

Now I know the answer. Because usually I would be excited about heading into Violent Conduct. This isn’t going to be my first time on this show, and it isn’t even going to be the first time I am competing for a championship on it. As far as high profile championship matches go, I’ve been there and done that. Fenris and I put on one of the best Violent Conduct main events in the history of SCW. There is no topping that. There was tension there. Nobody knew who was going to come out on top. There was this up and coming rookie that had been on a tear since debuting and winning Blast from the Past, and then there was me. I was the guy that everyone said was SCW. There was o no mentioning the company without mentioning my name, and vice versa. I was carrying this company on my back, and Fenris came and took that torch from me and ran with it for most of the time that I was gone.

Now I am coming back around to Violent Conduct, and this year doesn’t feel like that year. This match doesn’t feel like that match. There is no tension in the air. I don’t feel unsettled, or nervous about what is going to happen. I feel…. nothing.Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I am not looking forward to taking Sass n Bash’s Mixed Tag Team Championships. I couldn’t be more pumped about the idea of walking out of another SCW show with championship gold around my waist. It’s long past time that Mikah and I won the titles that were basically created for us to carry. That’s not my point though. My point is that it is just academic at this point. All we are doing is dotting the I’s and crossing the t’s. Everyone sees it. Everyone knows it. Malachi and Bella have proven time and time again that they don’t stack up against us. Not in the ring. Not outside the ring. Their little speeches are boring, and they don’t even seem like they have confidence in themselves. Their big opportunity to put The Black Sheep in their rear view mirrors blew up in their face weeks ago. We even told them that we would let them pick the stipulation for their defense just to hopefully give them a boost, but the energy is just not there.

Instead, sad boy Malachi treated us to a story of true love. How he went from intolerable jackwagon to married douche right before all of our eyes. Newsflash dude, everyone has family problems. You want to talk about fighting siblings? Look back at Jet City in SCW. I managed to fight with my brother while the two of us were running circles around the rest of the tag team division at the same time. You’re not special. But then what? You met a girl. Started dating. Formed a team. Won a title. Is this supposed to be an uplifting story? Is this your greatest success? You found the one person in the world that could tolerate you and then decided to team together. How special. Has that worked out well for The Barnharts? I didn’t think so. Being a couple in this business is overrated and played out. Mikah and I don’t need to be together in order to beat the two of you. We don’t even have to be getting along. The fact that we have beaten other teams on this roster without being on the same page speaks for itself. Now that we are finding our footing as a team and actually working together, what hope do these two have? I guess it is a good thing that Bella and Malachi have each other, because after this match that is all that they are going to have. Those Mixed Tag Team Championship won’t be their problem anymore.

...and I can say things like that without everyone rolling their eyes because most people in this company and the majority of the fans have seen it happen over and over again since the first time I stepped foot in this company. They have seen me step up and take whatever it is that I want to take, and do whatever it is that I want to do. I may talk a whole lot of shit, but when it comes time to back it up, I always come through. That’s why I can call you two Bitch n Moan and it gets under your skin. The two of you had to cry to get your one-on-one shot, because you couldn’t get the job done any other way. You have frequently needed do-overs to get the better of the other teams on this roster, and are barely winning as often as you lose. The two of you complain when things don’t go your way, and act like you’re the greatest team ever when you finally manage to take a step forward.

Mikah and I showed up, dominated our way through any teams brave enough to take us on, and earned our shot at the championships. I could have taken a shortcut and cashed in my guaranteed shot. I could have gone out to the ring and cried about my past success until Mark or Christian caved in and handed me what I wanted just to shut me up. There were several paths to this match, and none of them would have allowed a mediocre team like Sass n Bash to hold those titles for more than a month. If the two of you are upset about your little nickname, then you only have yourselves to blame. If it strikes a nerve, it is because there is a nerve to strike. Trying to turn it around on me and Mikah though is not only sad, but…. Uninspired. I let the two of you get your wish of a singles match with Wolfslair, and Malachi has the audacity to talk about people getting shots that they didn’t deserve. I’m almost afraid that they don’t realize how bad of a joke that is. It baffles me that these two think that they are some sort of measuring stick when The Black Sheep has already proven that Sass in Bash couldn’t hang with us inside that ring. How can they claim to be the best at anything in this division when their records don’t support it? Then again, they’re the same two people that don’t understand how Mikah and I are black sheep on this roster, and called me the captain of the friend zone or some shit like that. Maybe they keep having these setbacks because they’re not reading the memos. It would probably be easier for them to beat their opponents if they knew anything at all about them. It might cut down on how many second chances they need to get the job done.

Malachi and Bella are concerned that Mikah and I will never have what they have. The only thing of theirs that we are currently interested in, is the championship belts around their waists. They can keep their life lessons and relationship advice to themselves, and we won’t have any complaints about that. That’s not what we need from them. All we need for them is to shine up those championships real nice, and carry them down to the ring for us. After that, we take care of the rest. It’s not about reclaiming any glory days, and it’s not personal for us. Mikah and I didn’t come back in order to ruin Sass n Bash’s reign. We didn’t join the division in order to take anything away from them. Truth be told, we didn’t even expect for the two of them to even be in our way. Mikah and I put money on Wolfslair sending them to the back of the line. The fact that Bella and Malachi won was just a happy accident. They put themselves on our radar by taking the only things in this division that we actually give a shit about. They made themselves the target, and then want to cry about the fact that we were mean to them before we beat them. They want to misrepresent our places in this company’s history. They want to act like we are relics of the past and not two of the most dominant individuals on the entire roster in the present.

...and that is their right, but it is going to cost them their championships. These two aren’t the gold standard. They barely qualify as a first obstacle. They’re an introductory course, and The Black Sheep are the master class. This isn’t going to be a match. It’s a slaughter, and the champs aren’t smart enough to see it for what it is. Maybe they will learn while they are working their way up for their next shot at the championships. That might be a long and sad road, but at least they’ll have each other.

...because The Black Sheep will have our Mixed Tag Team Championships and that’s what’s really important.

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