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Climax Control Roleplays / A Tale of Two Cities
« Last post by MiloKasey on November 25, 2022, 11:59:24 PM »
A Tale of Two Cities
Weekend Before Thanksgiving

Things in the world of Milo has been hectic as of late. With everything going on with Carter, the Brit found himself spending a lot of time traveling back and forth between New York and Las Vegas. Typically Miles would have just kept himself out in Vegas but business called him back to the east coast, business that he had started a while ago.

“I cannot believe that you are moving out already!” Dickie Watson said as Miles was walking around what has been strictly his room for the last few months, “It just felt like you got here.”

“Mate, I know. But when Finn offered, I made it known that it was strictly temporary until I had the chance to find my own place,” Miles smirked as he dropped some shirts into one of the many boxes, “Besides, it’s not like I’m going far, only a few floors down.”

“Yeah, when you are actually in town.”

“Hey, it was either this or torture Kayla til the end of the year and I have been so shitlagged going back and forth, my ducking game isn’t as strong as her arm.” Miles laughed as he shoved the box across the bed, “Trust me, mate, I’m better off.”

“If you say so,” Dickie mumbles, “What about when you’re in Vegas, which right now is practically every other weekend, are you just gonna keep crashing at K and Aron’s?”

“Actually I got that one worked out as well.” Miles says as Dickie gives him a look, “Let’s just say I’ve been saving my pennies and if need be there will be other places to crash out besides a hotel room.”

Miles grabs one of the boxes and Dickie follows suit to help, “What did you do?”

“I just solved a problem about me sleeping on the floor and having to hear Aron snoring. I wonder if I should tell Zoey that,” Miles quipped, “But I look at it this way, I’m not going to leave Wolfslair but I’m seeing writing on the wall about all this time I’ve begun spending out there and it would be nice to have a whole place or now places to call my own. I’m not gonna be out there all the time but sometimes it’s just nice to kick my feet up for a few days at one or the other but not be a colossal hindrance to people that are allowing me to crash. Time for me to grow up.”

“If you say so, but still doesn’t mean that I’m gonna miss having you around here.”

“Awww, I didn’t know you cared.” Miles said, putting his arm around him, “Don’t worry, I’ll still be around to help you irritate the hell out of Kayla on a regular basis and help ya make your brother feel uncomfortable whenever you need me to.”

“I knew I could count on ya, mate.” Watson said, slapping Miles on the shoulder, “Come on, let’s get this shit down there.”

“Yeah, I need to rest up before I fly out again. I’ve been invited out that way by Ari and the crew, my first real American Thanksgiving.”

“Wait, you’ve been over here regularly for what, now, 3 years?”

“Give or take.”

Dickie tips his head, “And you’re going because?”

“Because amazing food, good company...”

“And Carter?”

Miles gets what Watson is trying to do, he’s not gonna fall for it, “I mean it’d be nice to check in on him, make sure that Kristijan hasn’t maimed him more, plus it wouldn’t hurt to give him a little break from all that, I’m sure.”

“Miles...” Dickie lets out a sigh, “Are you sure that’s it?”

Miles stops and turns on a dime, “Don’t.”

“I’m just sayin’!” he says following him out.

“Well unsay it!”

Big, Dumb Idiot
Las Vegas, Nevada

“There isn’t a day that goes by where I go back and think about High Stakes and what I could have done differently.”

Night time has fallen across Vegas on the night of Thanksgiving, Miles can’t help but sit back away from everyone watching as Carter interacts with his mom and grandmother, them helping clean up after Ari’s grand meal that had knocked him out for a good hour. But for now he just watches.

“Bill Barnhart became the SCW Roulette Champion for a second time that night because I got ahead of myself. I let my own head and my own feelings of a situation that was out of my control. You knew exactly what to say, how to say it and at the end of the day, you beat me.”

Miles sighs and reaches over and grabs a deviled egg from a plate he’s been hiding. He looks around before taking the egg in one bite and swallowing it almost whole.

“I admitted it before, you got me and I don’t know part of me wonders if we should go back and try again but something a little bit more different. A little bit more wild. Don’t think that I have forgotten and I won’t forget. You managed to piss off a whole lot of people and look like the biggest fucking joke that the SCW Roulette Division has but you are the champ! Your a chump champ and no one is going to remember this reign because you have managed to make it even worse.”

A wild look shows in Miles’ blue-green eyes.

“Mate, you keep fuckin’ coming against Wolfslair. You beat me once, congratulations. I know you feel like you were one step up, but look at what ya did. Ya went out there and you made a fool outta yourself.”

A chuckle crosses his lips before he munches on another deviled egg.

“Finn kicked ya ass, and after what what happened at the High Stakes, you’ve got a reckonin’ comin’.”

He deeply inhales and looks forward.

“I’m gonna follow through and prove that I’m the better man, the better wrestler, the better fighter, a better fucking champion, and mate, we all know I’m the more attractive one cause I didn’t need a mail order bride to come out and manage me. I take care of my own business.”

He blinks and his eyes grow stone-cold.

“I’m getting back what is rightfully mine.”
Climax Control Roleplays / Brothers In Arms Chapter 4: Therapy Part 2
« Last post by Jack Washington on November 25, 2022, 11:58:59 PM »

Jack was successful at High Stakes defeating Mac Bane, and looks to be back on track. Jack was very upset about a “lack of respect” from SCW regarding the match and it doesn’t look to Jack that he’s getting the respect he feels he deserves. Jack now goes into battle against Fenris, and it appears even the smallest things are annoying Jack to no end. He appears to be seeing injustice and disrespect from every single angle. But if it works as motivation, then perhaps it’s just what Jack needs at this point. Or it could lead to some overly aggressive behavior.


Outside the ring, Jack has entered therapy as he tries to piece together why he is, the way he is. There is much about his past that is still yet to be revealed. Jack is on a journey of self-discovery it seems, and now, we delve deeper into what makes this man tick.


Las Vegas Therapy

Las Vegas, NV


He still wasn’t comfortable. But it was growing on him. He merely sat as he waited for his appointment time. The dead silence this time wasn’t as bad. It still bothered him, thought. He waited patiently for his name to be called, once again. 
Receptionist: Mr. Washington, Dr. Linderman will see you now.


He stood up and marched into the hallway, once again Dr. Linderman was right there to greet him.


Dr. Linderman: Jack, it’s good to see you.


He again stuck out his hand for a handshake, but still, no dice from Jack.


Jack: Doc.


Dr. Linderman: I see we’re still working on the trust. It’s okay, it’ll come in time.


Jack: If you say so.


Dr. Linderman: Let’s go have a seat in the office, shall we?


Jack: Sure.


He led Jack to the office, and Jack once again sat on the couch. He pulled out a notepad and sat down again in the chair across from Jack.


Dr. Linderman: So, Jack, I know last time we talked about your criminal past. I don’t know if ripping off drug dealers was the best choice in life.


Jack: It’s not like I had much of a choice.


Dr. Linderman: Well certainly you had some choice in the matter.


Jack: Not really.


Dr. Linderman: Nobody forced you to become a criminal, Jack. That’s a choice you made. Nobody can make you pull a trigger or speak a lie. It’s a thought you put into it. I mean, your whole family isn’t involved in crime, is it?


Jack: No. Not... anymore.


Dr. Linderman: Meaning?


Jack: That was the life for us. My brother Jason went away to the Army and he got out. The rest of us weren’t so lucky. But my father made that lifestyle seem like it was worth everything. It WAS everything. We didn’t have to worry about school or working. We only worked when we wanted to. We had the money to do whatever we wanted. Why would we be normal like everybody else? That didn’t make sense.


Dr. Linderman: And does it make sense now?


Jack: If only for the fact that maybe I wouldn’t have so many enemies. But I only used that money to buy a house, and a car. The rest of it is just sitting there. 


Dr. Linderman: Why not use it if you have it?


Jack: It’s kind of like a condom, Doc. I’d rather have it and not need it, then need it and not have it.


Dr. Linderman: But that was the plan, wasn’t it?


Jack: It was. Before everything went sideways. Now, I’m an outcast. I can’t go back to where I was born. I can never go back. There’s a damn price on my head, and luckily for me, the last guy got turned off. But everything I had, isn’t there anymore. But that wasn’t my fault. It was my dad’s fault. He got us all involved. And we paid the price for it.



Philadelphia, PA.

9 years ago.


Flashback to a younger Jack now walking with a different person. Not Bobby, but a similar look to Jack. He appears older, and is taller. He carries a wad of cash in his hand, the two appear very pleased with themselves. Jack for once has a giant smile on his face, looking at the money.


Jack: Can you believe this? What a score.


Kid: This is how this game goes little bro. 


Jack: Dad’s gonna be so proud of this, Josh. We’re really in this now.


Josh: Yeah, for real.


The sounds of sirens wail in the distance. Josh casually puts his wad of bills in his hoodie pockets and the two walk casually, but change direction heading towards the sound of the sirens, rather than away from them. Soon, the two squad cars come roaring past, and Jack and Josh watch them fly by, but continue on their way. Once the cars make a turn, Jack and Josh change direction again, back the way they were originally going. Then two more squad cars appear behind them and lights and sirens blare to stop them. 

Jack: Shit.


Josh: Be cool.


And officer approaches them, flashlight out to get a better look.


Officer: Where are you boys headed?


Josh: Home, officer, just a couple of blocks from here.


Officer: It’s a little late to be walking these streets.


Josh: I just had to pick up by kid brother from a sitter. That’s all.


Officer: You boys got any ID?


The two boys hand over their student ID’s and the cop’s partner appears and he is handed them.


Officer: We’ll just check on you and if it all checks out, we’ll send you on your way.


The long impatience hits as it seems to take forever for the ID’s to be checked. Finally the second cop comes back and hands the Jack’s ID’s over. He whispers to the first cop and stands next to his partner.


Officer: Joshua, you’re going to have to come with us.


Josh: For what? I didn’t do anything!


Officer: Don’t make this hard on yourself, Please, just come with us. 


Josh: I ain’t going nowhere until you tell me what I did wrong!


Officer: Someone just called in a robbery, big name, and you’re on surveillance camera. Or, at least a person matching your description. 


Jack: We didn’t do anything! You got the wrong guys!


The officer hears Jack’s words and shakes his head.


Officer: I didn’t say it was two people. 


Josh: Don’t you fucking touch him.


Officer: Boys, don’t make this hard on yourself.


Jack: Don’t worry Josh, I’ll call Dad. He’ll make it right.


The second officer moves around to try and handcuff Josh, but he makes his move. From his hoodie, he pulls a pistol and shoots. The first officer is hit in the chest, and Jack and Josh turn to run. Jack has a cell phone in hand and he starts dialing. The two sprint as return fire whizzes past them.


Josh: Run!


The two start hopping fences until Josh cries out in pain. He’s hit. Shot through the back. He falls down, trying to get up, and Jack looks down at him.


Jack: Josh!


Josh simply turns and angrily fires shots in the cops direction. Jack reaches down and helps Josh up and carries him. His phone still up to the his ear as he runs with Josh. There phone rings and rings, but no one answers. Jack ends that call and dials another number.


Jack: Uncle Brian! Come quick, the cops are on us. Josh got shot!.... I DON’T KNOW... Meadows lane! 


Jack hangs up as he can hear Josh wheezing. He carries him fully, on his shoulders, and they duck down into multiple alleyways and nooks and crannies trying to elude the pursuit. Josh’s wheezing and breathing become more and more labored.


Jack: Don’t worry bro, I got you. Brian is coming.


Jack is able to get Josh as the sirens are still waiting in the distance but become softer in the distance. Jack stops to take a breather as Josh continues to wheeze. Jack looks down at him.


Jack: Shit. Okay, just stay with me man. 


He checks the bullet wound and from Josh’s breathing and lack of communication, Jack knows he’s dying. The sirens pick up again in the distance.


Jack: We gotta go.


Jack picks up Jason again, as the squad car peels into sight, but Jack and Josh are hidden for the moment, Josh starts moaning as the car slows down, spotlight beaming to search the alleyways. Jack tries to make a move, but is spotted carrying Josh and the officer flags them down, gun drawn, ready at a moment’s notice.




Jack thinks a second about running. But stops. He looks angry and tears well up in his eyes.


Jack: They shot him man. He needs to get to the hospital.


Officer #2: You ran. We’re going to get him help, but your both coming with me.


The second officer approaches slowly, gun still aimed at Jack as he reaches for his radio with the second hand.


Officer #3: Dispatch I’m going to need some assistance here, and medical in route to Meadows lane.


The officer reaches for his cuffs, but a gun barrel comes against his head, and Brian shoots the officer dead.

He looks over at Jack carrying Josh, and assists.


Brian: We don’t have time, come on!


Brian and Jack assit Josh into the car and they get in and peel out. Josh moans and wheezes in the backseat.


Brian: What the FUCK is going on?


Jack: They stopped us! Josh shot one of them and they shot him.


Brian: God dammit. Where’s he hit?


Jack: I don’t know, the back. He’s not right, we have to get him to the hospital!


Brian: We don’t have that ability anymore. We need to get you and him to a safe place!


Jack: He’s going to die!


Brian: You father fucked up a lot of things tonight! Okay! We don’t have the ability!


Jack looks up at Brian, who glances over at him. Jack looks in the backseat and Josh’s breathing is wheezing, but slowed a great deal. Brian drives and pulls up to a house Jack had never seen before. They pull in, and pulls Josh out and Brian simply opens the door, rather than knocking, and there is one man in the house.


Man: Whoa, what the fuck is going on?!


Brain: He’s hit. It’s bad.


Man: Shit, come on, the table.


Jack and Brian lay Josh on the table and pull up his clothes to examine the wound.


Man: Jesus... They hit a lung. He’s gotta get to a hospital.


Brian: We’re not exactly hospital friendly right now.


Man: I can’t do anything for him. 


Jack: Uncle Brian... come on.


Brian: If he goes to the hospital, they’re going to arrest him. He shot a fucking cop. We don’t have the option right now.


Man: If you don’t get this kid to a hospital, he’s going to die. 


Brian paces for a few seconds. 


Brian: Help me with him. 


The three men loads Josh into the backseat, which is covered in blood.


Brian: Watch him, I’ll be back.


Brian gets in the car and peels out.



Las Vegas Therapy

Las Vegas, NV

Present day


Dr. Linderman: And that’s... how it went.


Jack: Yeah.


Dr. Linderman: And Josh?


Jack: He died. Things were supposed to be easy.


Dr. Linderman: You... going to be alright, Jack?


Jack: I don’t know Doc. I don’t know.



On Camera:




Jack is up, and he is pacing, he looks even more frustrated, annoyed, and angry than usual. He seems to have worked himself up into a frenzy, and he’s coming in hot.


Jack: You know, just when I thought the disrespect would be over, it’s not. I thought I made it perfectly clear last time against Mac Bane. I really thought I made the message easy enough to understand. I thought that after High Stakes, everyone in SCW would understand that I speak the truth, and some god damn respect should be put on my name. I get yet another proverbial kick in the balls from this place. 

It’s unbelievable just how I am treated like a god damn afterthought in this company that I have elevated from terrible, boring ass champions with god complexes and as soon as I turn my back another one pops up like a god damn pimple. And you all act like I don’t fucking exist for some stupid ass reason. 

First off, you call Mac Bane “great” Like, no. He’s not fucking great. As was evidenced by me, beating his ass, yet again. You called this man great, and I beat him. Am I, not greater? Am I not the best if that’s the case? Or are you just fucking wrong? But you just don’t just call him great, you wanna act like, I’m an also-ran or some shit. Like my accomplishments aren’t recognized for some god damn reason. But I figure, I make the message clear, I beat Mac Bane’s ass, yet again, and finally, I’m start getting the respect I am deserved of. 


Oh no, we can’t say, the truth. We can’t say, that Mac got his ass kicked, and Jack Washington beat him, and Jack Washington is everything he says he is. Oh, no! That would be too hard to swallow apparently. We can tell the people the truth about this whole thing, of fucking course not! 

No, no, last week, it was put out there for everybody, that, Mac Bane, and I quote “suffered, a setback as High Stakes.”


That’s what I am now? I’m just a “setback” for people? I’m the fucking spoiler? Is that it? Really? Fucking really? Wow! Wow that is amazing! I’m only out here, leading this god damn company. I'm only making the main event scene, or, if we’re being real here, EVERY scene in this company worth watching. But NO! I’m just a setback. It was a fucking upset that I beat Mac Bane! It must have been! It really must have been! 

This is some bullshit, and you all know it!

And then, I mean, where was my praise in the match preview this week? Where was it? Why wasn’t it put in the match preview, that I beat Mac Bane, at High Stakes? Why wasn’t that written about? Why wasn’t that mentioned? This is where we are now, isn’t it? This is where we are. Cool. Ya’ll wanna keep playing these games? You wanna keep playing with me like this? Cool. 

You know, the funny part right now? Sin City Wrestling, doesn’t even list me on their active roster. Yeah, go have a look for yourselves. It’s like they’re doing it to actively piss me off, and erase me. There are guys on this roster page, that don’t even show up. There are guys on that page that wrestle 4 times a year. But me? Former 2-time World champion? Internet champion? The single most real thing in this damn company? 

“Nah, we don’t need to put him there. He won’t notice. He’s been on a hiatus and we took him off for being on hiatus.”

This is how you treat, the face of this franchise? It’s unreal. So, cool you know what? That is how we’re going to play this then. I’m going to rub it in everybody’s face when I beat all of your hand-picked champions. Those people that you want to call great. 

Is Fenris great? Is he great too? He must be. He must be the best thing since slice bread. So what’s it going to be, when I beat him too? 


Jack gives an exasperated sigh, and a shrug. He looks like he is searching for answers, and begins again.


Jack: Fenris, look man, I’m gonna be real with you, I don’t give a flying fuck about you. I’m sure you’ve got the whole thing with the hat, and the abs, and whatever fucking else you have going, but I don’t care. I mean, why should you be ahead of me in any way shape or form? Why Fenris? Because you have a cool nickname? White Wolf. Is that it? It sounds like a character in a stupid Dungeons and Dragons game or some D-List Comic book superhero that some move studio will pump out in 2025 when they reach the bottom of the barrel. I’m sure it sounds cool to all those 8 year olds who think you’re cool. But to a grown man, it’s a dumb nickname. Do people actually call you that in real-life conversations? Hey there “White Wolf” Like it’s a fucking code name? Get real man, grow the fuck up and join the 21st century any time. That can’t be the reason you’re even being listed here.

Maybe it’s because of your nationality of being from... Iceland, Finland, some Swedish country? Again, I really don’t care where you’re from, but there must be something to that, right? It’s the whole Viking thing or something, right? That must be it. But you? You’re not a Viking. Where’s your stupid helmet and your war axe or whatever the hell Viking’s carry? Where’s your beard? Where’s your longboat? Where’s your battle armor? If you’re going to do it, you do it all the way? Instead, all you do is speak in some gibberish language and act like it means that you have culture. You’ve given yourself a stupid nickname and you’ve spoken a different language. Is that it? It can’t be. It really can’t be.

What else is there, Fenris? Because I already beat your ass once, and then you punked out like a god damn coward and refused to wrestle me the second time, and you sent your fucking brother to fight your battles for you. Is that it? Is that why you’re seemingly this top star? Because you throw hissy fits to get your way, and when you don’t you take your ball and go home and have someone else fight for you? You can be mad and try and make excuses about it Fenris, but that’s what fucking happened. You cannot deny the facts. All you’re going to do is dance around the fact that you didn’t want to get dirty or have shit in your hair, or whatever the fucking excuse is. The fact is you walked away like a bitch. You have to live with that, not me.

That’s what I do Fenris, I tell the truth. I may be a lot of things, an asshole, a prick, and many other unkind words, but one thing I am not, is a liar. I don’t have to lie about anything. You on the other hand are trying to be something you are not. Whether it be a Viking or a wolf, or whatever. You can’t just be Fenris. Hell, Fenris isn’t even your real name. You had to make up that name just like everything else. 

I think I’ve exhausted everything I know about you Fenris, and none of these things are an acceptable reason to me, why you get praise, and I don’t. Why you get thought of as this big-time star, and I don’t. Like, get the fuck out of here, man. Because they tried to make it some big-time thing that I’m the only man to beat you and your brother. Your brother is a fucking manager. He isn’t a wrestler. I don’t give a shit that I beat him. The only thing it showed me was he has bigger balls than you. 


Jack doesn’t laugh at his joke, he’s razor sharp and laser focused on this.


Jack: So I don’t know anymore Fenris. I have no idea why you get this treatment. I do not understand this whole thing. Maybe it’s just because the truth, is the one of the most painful things in the world when it stares you in the face. And maybe, despite all their efforts to shut me up, people can see the truth staring them in the face, and they don’t like being fed lines to force them to think a certain way. They put Mac Bane on this pedestal, and I knocked him the hell off of it. They were expecting so much from him, and he let them down. He got exposed. And you, you are about to suffer the same fate, Fenris. You are not on my level, nobody in this damn company is. You’re just going to be the next to fall. Maybe, just maybe then, I’ll acutally get some god damn respect around here. Fingers crossed and everything.

But one thing I won’t do is change, Fenris. I’m not going to stop being who I am, and I won’t stop calling out the bullshit when I see it. All that’s going to happen is that I’m going to walk into Climax Control on Sunday and beat your ass. Yet again. It seems that is my process now. It’s not even for me to beat someone once, or sometimes even twice. I have to do MULTIPLE times in order to get some god damn respect out here. I’ve only been carrying this place on my back for a couple years now. You’ve been here a cup of coffee and you get all these high profile gigs and I’m sick of this type of treatment. So, I’m going to make a god damn statement by not only getting my hand raised, but making sure there is no doubt about any of it. You will know first hand, and you will tell everyone else that I deserve the respect I command around here. You will tell the whole damn world how much I deserve the respect around here.

Maybe, after all that is done, maybe the suits will finally get me back on the roster page, and then after all that, I will get what I truly deserve, a shot at getting the title back from Finn Whalen because everybody already knows I deserve it. It should have been mine as soon as terrible ass Ken Davison lost, It’s a minor miracle that he even won the damn in the first place, and I need to make sure he is WIPED from memory. 

And that means I have to beat you Fenris. Maybe this time you will man up and actually give me a fight. Don’t worry, there’s no pudding or whatever. There’s just me and you, and you know full well how that shit went last time. So please, do me a favor and show up and take this L like a man, and then you as well as everyone else can stand back, while I begin the journey to make the world championship actually be a prize worth fighting for. 

I guess I have to say it again, and I will say it until you all do it.

I am Jack Washington. Put some GOD DAMN RESPECT on my name.


Fade to black.




Climax Control Roleplays / Black Friday
« Last post by Seleana Zdunich on November 25, 2022, 11:28:19 PM »

Friday, November 25, 2022
Office of Seleana Zdunich
Zdunich Zoological Gardens
Los Angeles, California
10:04 AM  PST

Black Friday…

The day after Thanksgiving had typically been a big one for shopping, especially in certain areas of Los Angeles. All the rich people, all the poor people, all the people in between usually made this the day that store owners dreamt of every night and store employees dreaded more than any other working day if only because of the unreal crush of humanity that was always expected. Management expected to make their year from a financial standpoint while employees expected to work inhuman hours over the course of three days for the sake of their bosses getting to look good on a spreadsheet that only their bosses really cared about.

Seleana Zdunich was familiar with this from several different points of view.

She had been both the employee, the management and now was even the ownership end of a business. She understood how it was to be on all angles of this unofficial holiday. Her wife usually tried to celebrate it even moreso than businesses did as Christina “Crystal Hilton” Zdunich liked to make a splash with her gifts. She tended to do it every year and go all out.

This would not be that year.

After the beating dispensed upon her in what is now officially her last match in SCW, Chistina was not going to be doing much of anything for at least another week, or so the doctors had told her and everyone around her. Between that and their other partner, Alexandra “Diamond” Caldwell, also being injured with a shoulder problem, no one in the house felt like doing much retail celebrating at the moment.

As Seleana Zdunich contemplates the future, her friend, Dr. Michelle “Chavy” Chavez, comes walking into the office.

Dr. Michelle Chavez: So how are things?

Seleana looks up, suddenly snapped out of her dazed and wandering mind state.

Seleana Zdunich: Hm?         

Now embarrassed to have been caught like that and found zoning out, to say nothing of being sorry and ashamed to have not noticed Chavy’s entrance into the room.

Seleana Zdunich: Oh, heya, Chickie, how’s it?

Chavy walks over and takes a seat opposite Seleana.

Dr. Michelle Chavez: How are things at home with you?

Seleana sits back in her chair, sighing heavily as she does so. She didn’t really want to go into everything but she also didn’t want to lie to her friend.

Seleana Zdunich: I did as you suggested, gave some friends a ring to see if they were free and keen to help.

Chavy nods approvingly.

Dr. Michelle Chavez: And were they?

Seleana nods back affirmatively.

Seleana Zdunich: Ja, Luck was on our side. Paloma was in San Diego and Loti was able to come as well. I did not want to disturb them if it could be avoided. Loti has been happy with Song in Las Vegas and Paloma has been traveling enough between Mount Diablo in the north and San Diego in the south.

Taking in the expression on Seleana’s face, Chavy almost laughs, meaning to hold it to slight smirk instead.

Dr. Michelle Chavez: Let me guess, they both couldn’t get here fast enough when you said you needed help, right? 

Seleana’s mouth falls open in surprise. She catches herself before she can ask how Chavy knew this and just nods ever so slightly.

Seleana Zdunich: Ja… they both call me silly.

Chavy can’t stop herself from laughing this time. 

Dr. Michelle Chavez: Well, if the shoe fits…

Seleana exhales and nods, a small smile forcing its way onto her face.

Seleana Zdunich: Ja… I just…

She swallows hard.

Seleana Zdunich: I knew she had bad feelings about her but I did not expect…

Chavy nods understandingly as Seleana trails off.

Dr. Michelle Chavez: You didn’t expect it to go where it went.

Seleana shakes her head adly.

Seleana Zdunich: I did not expect it to end like that, especially not with who it ended against. I would have understood if it had been Alicia Lukas or Kayla Richards. Mercedes Vargas and Masque would have made sense as well. Even Jesie Salco would have made sense in a way but… Bella Madison? 

She shakes her head again.

Seleana Zdunich: I did not see…

She sighs, anguish clearly visible on her face.

Dr. Michelle Chavez: She will be alright. A change in scenery might do her good. She’s been in SCW how long? Won the championship how many times?

Seleana gives a half-hearted nod.

Seleana Zdunich: Ja, I know.  She is hall of fame in SCW. There was more of them here but now I am the only one that remains of the family.

Dr. Michelle Chavez: Does that bother you?

Seleana shrugs.

Seleana Zdunich: I do not know.  It is early, ja?

Chavy nods.

Dr. Michelle Chavez: You’ll figure things out, Sel.  You alway do.

Seleana nods weakly again, not really knowing what to say but also not really wanting to disagree.

Seleana Zdunich: I hope so.


Friday, November 25, 2022
Office of Seleana Zdunich
Zdunich Zoological Gardens
Los Angeles, California
6:04 PM  PST

The camera opens on Seleana Zdunich sitting in her chair behind her desk in her office at the Zdunich Zoological Gardens, looking tired and almost downtrodden.

Seleana Zdunich: It is a new era, ja?

She folds her hands in front of her.

Seleana Zdunich: My wife no longer wrestles here in SCW. Christian and Mark’s long nightmare has finally ended and in a way that some would call satisfying.

Her hands part and land flat on the desk.

Seleana Zdunich: The worst part to me is not that she was injured in such a violent manner. That is always a possibility every time we step into the ring. It is like getting in the cage with a wild animal. No matter how much you think you know. No matter how well you think you know the beast, there is alway that possibility that something could go wrong and go wrong in catastrophic fashion. I have raised a lioness named Sarabi from the time she was born. I bottle-fed her as a baby and have played with her even up until now when she is a full grown cat. I am a mother to her.

A slight shrug meets the camera’s eye.

Seleana Zdunich: But I never forget that she is a lion and she can do damage even while just playing. She is a majestic creature who deserves all the love and care I can give her but she must also be treated with the respect being a fully grown lion deserves. The same can be said of the ring in which we compete. Bad things can happen at any time and if we are not careful, the capability exists for…

She nods sadly, grimly.

Seleana Zdunich: Shit to go sideways, as I have heard said, ja?

She nods grimly again.

Seleana Zdunich: So it was with my wife. She made many enemies, wrestled many matches, won many championships and in the end, went out flat on her back on a gurney requiring medical attention and I cannot even say with a straight face that she did not deserve something like that to happen.

She shrugs sadly.

Seleana Zdunich: It was only a matter of time, ja?

She looks directly into the camera, her expression softening noticeably.

Seleana Zdunich: I love you, Christina. I will miss working together.

She exhales heavily, looking down momentarily at her desk.

Seleana Zdunich: I was asked if this would affect me as it pertains to working here in SCW and I understand why.

Looking up slowly, Seleana almost begs the camera to know the answer before she says it.

Seleana Zdunich: I came here because of my wife and for my wife. She asked, some would call it beg, and I come to SCW to make her happy. Now that she is gone, it make sense that I would leave as well, ja?

She nods knowingly.

Seleana Zdunich: Ja, it makes sense and maybe I should be… done…

She stands up behind the desk.

Seleana Zdunich: But I am not done. I am not leaving and I do not care if that displeases you.

She points to herself.

Seleana Zdunich: I came here for my wife but I stayed until I managed success for me. I stayed after that to try for more for me. This is not about my wife, this is about me, this is about Seleana Zdunich. I am the one who has never questioned who I am. I am the one who has never changed my name or tried to be something else.  I have always been me and I will continue to be me even if it means I am sometime the gatekeeper for returning legends as I am now against Mackenzie  Page of London Underground.

She nods, the hand falling away back to her side.

Seleana Zdunich: That team was an established name when I arrived here and it continued to dominate for several years after I arrived. It has been nearly three years since the last reign but I am willing to bet all the money many of us have that she is still a competitor worthy of that name!

She points to herself again.

Seleana Zdunich: But I am also still me. I am Seleana Zdunich. I have won multiple championships as well and I am not done! I will meet Mackenzie Page in that ring and we will show the world that we are both still here and still ready to take on the world.

She motions at the camera to come forward.

Seleana Zdunich: Come on Mackenzie and we will go together, ja?

Climax Control Roleplays / Sanctuary
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Funny thing about bad news. Oftentimes it is far worse having to deliver it than it is to receive. And why? Because when we think we’re about to get bad news, we often have an inkling as to how we are going to react. I mean, who knows our own person better than we ourselves do? But to have to deliver it? That is where things grow increasingly uncomfortable because of the relative unknown. We may very well know the person that we have to talk to and confide in better than anyone, but as to how they might react to negative or shocking news? We can assume all that we want but the truth is it’s a total mystery how anyone will react to anything. And when you put off this so-called “bad news” for any length of time out of fear or trepidation, that just makes the waiting even worse.

It was this exact situation where Kristjan Baltasarsson aka Fenris found himself trapped in. Just a handful of weeks ago, after a night out with his boyfriend David Shepherd and the mistaken belief that the famed Elvis Presley churches on the famed Strip of Las Vegas were just more tourist attractions, Fenris and David found themselves joined in holy matrimony. And all by accident. Now while the two men worked out how to fix this, while their friends and loved ones got in the much required laughs at their joined expense, Kristjan knew there were two people that he had to tell, but had put it off for as long as possible. And why?

How would you break it to your parents that you accidentally had gotten married and they weren’t present to see the first of their children tie the proverbial knot?

Aron had suggested saving themselves - and their parents - the trouble. Get an annulment and just pretend like it never happened but there was a voice of reason that brought sense to everyone around them; Ben Jordan, Fenris’s closest friend in the business, stated that doing this could be just as damaging as not telling them at all because it was deceiving them. Keeping secrets, even small ones, could fracture trust even if you have the best of intentions and want to spare someone pain. “What they don’t know won’t hurt them” is a popular sentiment but not always an accurate one. In fact, that very saying is filled with deception and mistrust and that is the point where Ben had won out with reasoning and logic.

Fenris and Aron’s family were strong-willed enough to handle the truth and while the news of it might hurt at first, things could be mended.

This all explained well enough why Fenris looked like he was going to be sick as he sat on the sofa in his and Aron’s condo at Turnberry Place in Las Vegas with David seated at his side. The laptop was open on the coffee table in front of them as the video messaging chat was attempting to contact his family in Reykjavik. While wanting to be there for his brother, Aron knew this was something that he had to handle on his own. So Aron leashed up Kyssa and grabbed his little fella Chestnut and went for a time in the nearby pet park. David made the attempt to join him but Fenris snatched him by the arm and yanked him right back down into the very spot where he now say. Fenris stated simply he wasn’t going to make him do this alone.

“Yeah!” Aron laughed. “You liked it enough to put a ring on it so suck it up and deal with your in-laws!” And quickly closed the door before the projectile thrown by Fenris crashed against the door.

There was roughly a seven hour time difference between Las Vegas and Iceland, so where it was just after noon here in Las Vegas, it would be just after seven there. If Fenris had his timing right, the family would just have finished dinner as his mother and father’s schedule at home remained as firm and rigid as his own. Finally after what seemed an eternity yet was probably more likely only two or three rings, the video chat was picked up from the family’s end in Iceland and the screen was filled with the smiling visage of Fenris and Aron’s mother, Eva.

“Honey, hi!” Eva absolutely gushed in Icelandic as she was prone to do whenever one of her boys called. So many children spent a vast amount of time attempting to separate or distance themselves from their parents but not her boys. Both Aron and Kristjan went out of their way to contact her and her husband Benedikt every few days (at least!) which stoked her family pride. She then saw the one seated beside her son and her smile could only grow wider and brighter at the man who had somehow captured the heart of a child many joked had no such organ beating deep within his chest. “David, dear. How are you?” She automatically switched to broken English as her youngest daughter Freyja had the family learning over the past two years.

“I’m good, Eva.” David fidgeted, having trouble still with any semblance of comfort to the whole family dynamic thing; an unsettling side effect of being raised by Gerald and Mavis Shepherd.

“I’m glad you called dear, there was something I wanted to talk to you about.” Eva started to say which Fenris spoke up, “Yeah, that was why I was calling. I needed to talk to you and Dad.”

“Oh?” Eva questioned but Fenris held a hand up in offering, saying, “But you first.”

Eva said, “Well it’s just that you know Elin and Viktoria moved out and got a place together earlier this year.” Fenris nodded, encouraging her to continue. She went on, “Well there’s a chance that they and Freyja may not be able to get time off from work to make our usual trip to see you and your brother for Christmas.”

“Elin and Viktoria I can understand.” Fenris admitted, actually being impressed (IE: stunned) that his antagonistic older sisters had managed to get jobs and move out of the family home. He shook his head, “But why not Freyja?”

“Well dear, that’s a bit of good news I can give you.” She answered. “Freyja’s internship at Grillmarkaðurinn finally ended, and they decided to take her on as an apprentice chef!”

“Out-STANDING!” Fenris smiled, quite the contrast to the usual scowl that he had on his face. His little sister was quite the chef and Grillmarkaðurinnwas one of the more exclusive high-end restaurants in their home city. To just get an internship was highly sought after and competitive, but to be hired on? It spoke volumes to what those in power must have thought of little Freyja's talents in the kitchen. Fenris then noticed the confused look on David’s face so he leaned over and told him as much.

“Ah.” David nodded, finally understanding. He then leaned a touch more into the camera and offered, “Tell her congratulations from me.”

“Thank you, David.” Eva stated with a smile. “That’s sweet. But that’s why they might not be able to make it to America for Christmas and dear…?” Eva sighed, resigning herself to what might come with this next bit of news. “Your father and I are having reservations about leaving your sisters alone for the holiday.”

Fenris paused, staring at the screen as he processed this and said, “So… you might not be able to make it either?”

“Your father and I just started discussing this and we haven’t reached a decision yet so…” But whatever else Eva was going to follow it up with was interrupted by none other than David who spoke up and said, “Why don’t we go there?”

“What?” Eva and Fenris BOTH stated, as her eyes fell to her son’s boyfriend (?) and Fenris turned his head with a quizzical expression.

David shrugged, “We were going to fly in for your usual visit to Jokull’s mother, weren’t we? Spend time in the square like last year?” Fenris nodded and David turned his focus to Eva on the screen. “We could just extend the visit to Christmas.”

“Eva was all but over the moon at David coming up with this solution - having her boys home for the holidays after so many years. Fenris asked him, “You want to spend Christmas in Iceland?”

“Are you kidding?” David almost laughed. “I never saw anything like it when you took me there last year. It made me feel like a kid again! Maybe I’ll see if Esther and Andrey want to come with?”

“That would be lovely.” Eva smiled. “But you said you had news for me and your father? Do you want me to get him to join us?”

“Yeah.” Fenris nodded. “You better.”

“Benedikt!” Eva turned her head to call off-camera. “Your son is on the call! He has something to tell us!”

A few scant moments pass before Eva shifts slightly to the side so Fenris and Aron’s father Benedikt slides into the scene, taking a seat at the table to his wife’s left. Benedikt raised a glass, with a dose of rum inside to greet his boy.

“Kristjan!” Benedikt smiled, then saw David next to him and he nodded, David.” And David smiled yet said nothing. If there was anyone that caused him unnecessary discomfort, it was Benedikt. Although the patriarch of the family did nothing himself to cause this and treated David very warmly when they spent time together last year over Christmas, it was David’s own issues with a fatherly figure that was behind it all. Issues he prayed (pun intended) one day to grow past.

“So what is it that you wanted to tell us?” Eva asked, and Fenris looked down, wringing his fingers together before he looked up and spread his hands wide, answering, “Look, I’m not sure how else to break this to you but to just come out and say it. A few weeks ago David and I went out on the Vegas Strip for a date. Had a few drinks, and we decided to visit a few of the places I took all of you last time you were here. You know, the wax museum? The aquarium?...”

“And…?” Benedikt prodded.

“And, well… you know those funny churches that have Elvis impersonators in them?” Fenris all but cringed.

“Of course.” Benedikt nodded while Eva frowned, wondering where her son was going with this. Benedikt said, “You showed us those churches last time we were there and… what?” He turned his head as Eva had suddenly gripped her husband's hand with a look of alarm.

“Kristjan…” Eva started to say. “You didn’t… Tell us you didn’t!”

Fenris cleared his throat and brought his left hand up to display the carved ring that previously was worn around his neck, a shared gift between himself and David. David, too, bright up his hand to show the same.

“You got MARRIED!?” Eva’s voice rose as Benedikt placed a comforting hand on his wife’s shoulder.

“We didn’t MEAN to!” Fenris tried in vain to explain the situation that he and David had found themselves in. “We had a few drinks by then and we thought it was just another tourist trap!”

David, opting to try to take some of the heat off of his boyfriend/husband, jumped in and said, “We got back here and Aron told us what we actually did and…”

“My son got married…” Eva’s voice cracked and she shook her head. “.. without his family. Without me.”

“Mama…” Fenris started to say but Eva held a hand up and she stood up and walked off camera before Benedikt could stop her from doing so. Fenris hung his head and David placed an arm around his upper body, hoping to offer his man some semblance of comfort in this tense situation.

Benedikt then turned back to the camera and he asked the obvious, “Why is this the first we’re hearing about this?”

“Because of that.” Fenris answered without hesitation, nodding his head in the direction his mother had just taken her leave. “We were just going to have it undone and not tell anyone but…” he shrugged. “You deserve the truth.”

Benedikt took time to process this, nodding in understanding and he then looked up into the camera from his end and asked, “So what happens now?”

Fenris shrugged, “We do what we were going to do before. Have it annulled and act like it never happened.” Not noticing the stricken look of disappointment on David’s face before it all but vanished instantaneously. Before anything else could be said, there was a knock at the door of the condo, prompting Fenris to look first to the front door, then to his father. “Papa? Someone’s here. Can I call you back?”

“Take care of what you need to.” His father nodded. “I’ll talk to your mother.”

“Bye, Papa.” Fenris smiled genuinely toward the man that raised him to be the man he was, and the call was ended. Fenris rose to his feet and huffed at David, “That went as well as expected.”

David could just smile as he watched Fenris cross the threshold of the condo to reach the front door. Once opened, all David heard was,

“Wow. You look like shit!”

“No! No way! Absolutely not!”


“There’s no way… NO!” But then David stood up and watched as Fenris stepped aside and a group of people entered the condo. Some he knew well enough through his own time in SCW and yes, SCU; namely Ariana and Krystal. He even knew Miles but the other three? Two women and someone who looks as if he had seen better days with his face seriously messed up.

Wait… Carter? As in… Helluva Bottom Carter? David walked across the foyer to reach the gathering and upon closer inspection, he realized the one who was almost unrecognizable was indeed Carter. David shook his head.

“What the hell happened to you?” David asked, but Carter looked at him briefly before looking straight at Miles and Ariana and he shook his head, almost pleading, “Please.. You can’t be serious!” But Miles all but ignored his protests and he walked up to Fenris and he said, “We need to talk.”

Fenris frowned as David remained and Fenris allowed Miles to escort him around toward the kitchen area. Fenris turned his back to the counter and leaned against it, waiting as Miles glanced back briefly over his shoulder before returning his attention to the volatile “White Wolf.”

“What happened to him?” Fenris asked, nodding a head toward the direction of his “guests” even though he had some semblance of an idea due to locker room gossip.

Miles sighed before he confessed the entire story, “His boyfriend… Lazarus. You know about the rumors…?” He raised his brow questioningly, to which Fenris nodded. Miles ran a hand through his curly hair and said, “Well … it seems to have hit the fan. Carter vanished from Twitter so his family flew in..”

“His family?”

Miles jetted his thumb back, “That’s his mom and grandma.” Fenris nodded that he understood and Miles went on to explain, “They were growing concerned so they came to Las Vegas and we all went to the loft he lives in with Lazarus and we found him like… that.”

Fenris’s eyes strayed just off to where the others would be gathered and he stated more as a statement than a question, “His boyfriend did that?”

To which Miles nodded. “Yeah. Carter all but said he did. We had our suspicions with the bruising and that broken finger incident, but this…” Miles turned to look back to where David was talking to the gathering, and it was clear that Carter was further protesting even the very idea of staying in the same place as Fenris, a man that he shared a very antagonistic relationship with despite sharing the same past of being trained at the famed GO Gym.

Miles turned back to Fenris and he said, “Kristjan… his family and I need a favor…” Kristjan’s eyebrows rose as he folded his arms over his chest…

And suddenly from the kitchen’s direction everyone heard the outburst, “WHAT!?!?” Startling everyone and causing heads to turn.

In the kitchen, Miles stepped closer to Fenris to hopefully keep their voices down and the conversation as private as possible. Miles reasoned - nay, implored with his friend, “We had to get him out of there, Kristjan! If we waited any longer he might have ended up a statistic!”

“So, what?” Fenris motioned with a wave of the arm yet keeping his voice down which, if you knew him, was quite the effort when that infamous temper of his was on the rise. “Suddenly you expect me to be a babysitter!? Why me?”

Miles answered, “Because Lazarus knows where everyone else lives! And even if he knew where you lived, he’d be stupid to even try to get close to Carter when you’re around.”

Fenris’s eyes narrowed, “Are you flattering me?”

“If that’s what it takes.” Miles reasoned, before he took that final step to confide in his friend. “Kristjan, please. It won’t be forever, and this is the safest place that I could think of!”

Fenris exhales sharply through his nose, looking past Miles for a brief moment and then back to the matter at hand. He and Carter did not get along, not even closely. They have had an antagonistic relationship ever since Carter made one feeble attempt to land him and Fenris shot him down - hard. Carter’s pride had been sorely wounded that day and it never fully recovered. But the kid, if what Miles said was true, could be in legit danger. The evidence to that fact was overwhelming and standing right in his own front room. And… it brought back the memories he had tried to bury where his eldest sister herself was the victim of domestic abuse. So … he could sadly relate.

His expression, hardened even more than usual, spoke volumes as he looked up to Miles and nodded once….

“Okay, it’s settled.” Miles said as he and Fenris walked back into the main living area of the condo where everyone had been waiting. “Kristjan agreed he could stay here and he’d watch after him.”

To which everyone was greatly relieved, everyone that is, except Carter. The young man turned to his mother with his one good eye and shook his head, “Mom, please. No! I don’t want to stay here! You don’t know what he’s like…”

“Hey!” Fenris frowned, calling him out. “I am standing right here!”

Carter turned away from him and back to his mom and she leaned in, taking his shoulders in her hands. She implored her baby boy, “I know, you’ve made that clear! But honey, we need to keep you somewhere safe until this situation is over!”

Watching this heart wrenching scene unfold, Carter’s Grams, Joan, turned to look at both Miles and Ariana and she asked, “Do you really think this is the safest place for him?” To which Ariana nodded and Miles simply said, “I do.”

Joan nodded and looked at her grandson, “That’s good enough for me then.” And that was all that needed to be said. Carter at that very moment felt utterly betrayed at that very moment by the two women who he was closest to, but suffice to say, if his Grams and Mom agreed, the matter was settled. Whether he liked it or not.

“I can’t give up Aron’s room without his consent.” Fenris admitted to Miles. “He’s part owner of this place now, so… but I can get the sofa ready.”

“Lovely.” Carter grumbled, being relegated not only to staying with the last person he;d want to stay with, but sleeping on a sofa. He shook his head when he felt Fenris nudge his arm and he turned to find Fenris pointing toward said sofa, “Have a seat.” He said in a tone that screamed he expected it to be followed.

Carter frowned at this as Fenris turned his back on him and the man walked toward the hall that led to the bedrooms, only for him to glance back and do a double take at Carter still standing and glaring in his direction.

Carter stood defiantly and said, “I don’t NEED you telling me what to…”

“SIT!” Fenris bellowed and he watched as everyone there - Miles, Carter, Ariana, Krystal, Carter’s mom and grams and yes, even David - fell into the nearest seat available! Fenris looked around at the almost-comical scene and he just shook his head and with a roll of the eyes, he turned and walked off to get the things Carter would need….


A spotlight flashed on and fully illuminated one lone person standing inside of a six-sided ring, that one person being Fenris in his most familiar of surroundings; the famed GO Gym. He is dressed for combat in his white faux leather jacket, matching latex shorts and his favorite cap on his head. The camera draws closer as the White Wolf rubs his palms together and he nodded, the very picture of confidence worn on his face.

“That’s the only thing that I can say when this match was announced. FINALLY! I get Jack Washington in the ring, one on one! Man to man with nobody else out there to interfere and nobody sticking their noses into things to ruin something that I have been waiting for, for a very long time!”


Fenris tilted his head to the side with a smarmy smile and shook his head.

“How long has it been? How long ago was it when you and I actually set foot inside of the ring against one another? October of `21? Hm?”

He looks questioningly and nods his head in the affirmative, raising a hand and extending a forefinger.

“That’s right, just over one year. The match where you, Vinnie and I were going to find out which one of us would move on to challenge Alex Jones for the World Championship. And yes, I remember. I remember all too well what happened in that match. You won. You. Pinned. Me! That’s the edge you have going into this one, isn’t it? That’s the bragging point you get to indulge in when you walk out here to talk your shit and tell the world everything that we’ve already heard before from you. You did what I can count on one hand how many times it has happened; you beat me! But…”

He lowered that forefinger and his hand clenched into a fist.

“Let’s not forget how it happened, hm? Let’s not forget that the only reason that you got one over on me was because of Marcus Cage, Candy’s worse half! Or… did you honestly think that you beat me legit? I had Vinnie down, Jack. I had him pinned, beaten! Until Marcus pulled me out of the ring, screwing me over and saving the match for you! I sincerely hope that you sent Candy and Marcus a fruit basket because you owe him big! Without him, you never would have got the jump on me to end that match and you never would have walked into High Stakes in what should have been MY opportunity!”

He then sneers and shakes his head.

“Not that I’m bitter. Of course, there was also the time I thought I’d finally get a match against you and it was signed, sealed and delivered - then ruined when once again, Candy had to step in and try to make things more…”

He air quotes.

“...Fun! Taking us out of the ring and into some pool filled with fucking pudding!? I am not a sideshow freak so I bailed, I admit it! I didn’t get into this sport to take part in shit like that, so you got to wrestle my brother instead and yeah… you won. Congratulations, Jack! You beat a manager who IS a trained wrestler but has had less than five matches in four years! And even though it was held in that ridiculous pudding and not an actual ring, I was pretty damn proud of the showing my little brother gave against a former World and Internet Champion! But that all was then… this is now. And there is nobody to interfere. Nobody to ruin this match and nobody that is going to save your ass.”

“Jack, I will fully admit that you are one of only a handful of men in SCW who I have actively sought out to face and test myself against because when I look at you, I see me. I see a wrestler with stars in their eyes and everything laid out before them, the entire world ripe for the picking and yet… there you stand. Content to wallow in our own mediocrity. What have you done lately? What efforts have you put in to stand out from the masses and make yourself known once again? You are a former World Heavyweight Champion! A former Internet Champion! And now you are little more than card filler! Have you no shame? Have you no ambitions? Have you no desire to once again be at the top and regain the standing you once had when everyone looked at you as some crowned prince of the ring? Because if not, you might as well at least try to do the honorable thing and turn off that spotlight above your head and call it a night because if you have no ambition, you have no direction! And if you have no direction, then quite simply - you have no goddamn idea where you are headed. You are a lost soul, a child left alone in the woods with little more than breadcrumbs to find his way home.”

“So man up, Jack! I did not wait this long for a match against one of the more impressive and fastest rising stars in the business since – well, me, just to turn around and find myself facing down a little wayward soul traipsing off to his pity party. I want to face the man that beat Alex Jones and Kris Ryans for the World Heavyweight Championships! I want to face the cocky bastard that beat Ken Davison for the Internet Championship! So give THAT man to me, Jack! That is the man I want to face and beat!”

He shook his head with mock pity etched on his otherwise handsome facial features.

“Don’t do this to me, Jack. Don’t make me face some shell of a man that once was.”

He adjusted his cap and stared off into space momentarily, lost in thought before he nodded.

“You and I have a lot in common Jack, that is reason enough to want to truly test myself against you. You and I both made our names first known through the Blast From the Past tournaments. You may not have won the whole thing like I did, but you made enough of an impression that people wanted to see more of you. The bosses wanted to sign you, and ever since then? You rose to the fucking stars like a rocket ship! Or at least you did, until that rocket ran out of fuel and you just were left puttering around like the Little Engine That Couldn’t! So yeah. This is me trying to inspire you. This is me trying to light a fire under your ass and get you back to being that same man that first made me want to face you in the first place! Because you are in a very unique position, Jack. You are one of only two men - the other being Ben Jordan - who ever got a win over me and I never returned the favor. That man then was golden! The man I see now is just…”

He shakes his head derisively.

“... Sad.”
Climax Control Roleplays / Goth vs Matthew Kross
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The Genesis of Goth
Chapter: My quest

It’s evening and Goth can be seen sharing a moment along with Melissa after last week’s Climax Control, after watching on when Melissa had challenged Jessie Salco for a final confrontation. He had smiled as he had watched Jessie come up with excuses, believing that they had settled the score at the Super Card a few weeks ago. But he had known that this wasn’t the case for Melissa, she wanted to rinse out the foul taste out of her mouth from the several losses that she had endured against Jessie and Ariana Angelos.

“You have made the first step on mentally breaking Jessie, but the next step will follow this coming Sunday.”

He gently pats her on the butt, causing her to giggle as she turns around to face him and plants a kiss on his cheek. She whispers something in his ear as she walks off to the locker room as Goth grabs his cellphone and dials a number

“Hey it’s me, make sure that Melissa has a clear path to…..”

Goth notices the camera crew as he stops talking, he turns around and whispers something into the cellphone that nobody is apparently meant to hear. He slowly turns around with a sickening smile upon his face.

“Yeah that’s right, we want to make sure that there will be something for Jessie Salco that she will never forget.”

He turns off the cell phone and stares into he camera with a cold and calculated look on his face.

“Let me guess? You just happened to wander around backstage and thought it was alright to listen to a private conversation??”

Goth turns around, not waiting for an answer that he knows that will not come. He is walking towards the parking lot where he turns towards his waiting limo before entering. He suddenly stops merely after setting one foot inside but turns towards the camera crew and shakes his head.

“Where do you think you are going?? I can’t remember accepting anyone besides his fiancé to ride along with me. So do me a favor, back off.”

He pushes the camera crew away by pushing his hand towards the camera, shoving it away from him before entering the limo and closes the door. He grabs his cellphone and checks some of the messages that he has received during the show, his eye catches one specific message from someone that he has not spoken to for a long time. He scowls as he remembers the backstage confrontation between him and his old friend Bill Barnhart. Someone that he had trusted his life to, someone that he knew he had betrayed his trust and did not wanted to deal with him anymore because of his past as an alcohol abuser.

He turns his cell phone back into his pocket and rests his hands behind his head as he stares at the ceiling of his limo. He was upset, mostly because he could not blame Bill for not trusting him after he had broken the trust of the Bulldog so many times in the past. He lets out a sigh, he had hoped to get into contact with his old friend somehow. He had been at the point of dialing his number so many times, but every single time the courage had sunk into his boots and decided not to. Worried about the outcome of the reaction of his old friend, already knowing that Bill would scream at him or even ignore him. He stares ahead of him, his thoughts drift off to better days. The days where he and Bill had shared the tag team titles in Global Wrestling Alliance after James Weck had turned his back on him while the two were tag team champions. Bill was the one that volunteered to be his tag team partner, a respect that had grown through the years as they had been part of the same company. The memory was quickly replaced by him and Bill being a part of Goth’s very own company The AWA… where Bill was for a very long time his right hand man, something that had caused some of the most destructive moments as well as the funniest as Iris had crapped on his expensive carpets more than one occasion.

“For fuck sakes….,”

He says as he nearly could smell the dog poo that had been dropped on his expensive carpets. He had hated the guts of that dog at those times, but secretly he had always loved Iris. Wondering how old Iris has become as Bill and him had known each other for quite some time and Bill had that dog as long as Goth could remember.

“Can I join you for a ride good sir???”

Says the voice of Melissa, as this has caught Goth by surprise as he was so far away in his memories that he had not noticed her approaching the limo. He finally responds with a smile as the two kiss each other before putting on their seatbelts for the limo to start to drive.

“So what was on your mind handsome??”

She asks Goth as he lets out a sigh, realizing that she had noticed him. This causes him to scratch the back of his neck before turning his attention towards Melissa.

“Its Bill, me and him had a stare down when I was backstage earlier today. It was so strange to be in the same room with him after all these years, years of not having spoken a word to him because…”

Goth’s words travel off in his thoughts, he couldn’t finish the sentence because he was feeling ashamed of what had happened between him and one of his closest friends ever. It had gotten this worse that he had felt jealousy over the friendship that Bill and Vinnie had grown throughout the years. Because he knew what a genuine person Bill was outside the realm of the wrestling world, something he had openly spoken about with Melissa that he wanted his friendship back. Something he had learned that it was a closed book for Bill, something he could not blame him for. He feels his arm tense, his hands turn into fists before he notices Melissa gently squeezing his arm as this slowly brought him back to focus as he turns his attention towards her and is met by the most sincere smile he has ever seen.

“I am so lucky to have you.”

He whispers towards her, causing her to smile as she plants a soft kiss on his lips. The two share a kiss for several moments before she pulls away, lowering her eyes as she savors the moment. She slowly reopens her eyes as she shows a look of concern

“Do you think Bill wants to fight you in the ring??”

The words come out of her mouth and makes him second guess himself whether that this was truly Bill’s intentions. He knew he was good enough to give him a run for his money, but was this something that he was actually ready for??


This startles him once more, she can see doubt on his face. Something that she has not often seen from him, this really must be bothering him. His hands start to shake for a moment before he tries to hide them by planting them on the couch that they are seated upon. But Melissa had noticed it already, but decided to not push it. Goth turns his head towards the window of the passenger door, pretending to look outside but his thoughts drift back to some old memories.


Goth shouted as we are back to 2012, Goth storms out of his office with an angry look on his face as Bill already knew how late it is as he came charging out of his office to meet up with Goth. Who is pointing into his office, where we see Iris come walking out of with a look that tells us that she knows that she has done a bad thing.

“Get that stinking mutt out my office!!!”

“Yes Goth, I’m sorry that she had slipped out of my office. Iris come here!!!”

Bill runs over towards his dog and attaches the leash against the dog collar and drags her with him while apologizing to Goth who sniffs his nose and can smell the aroma of the dog poo that the British Bulldog had dropped on the carpet.

“This time Bill is going to clean it up himself.”

We see Goth smile at the comment as we are back to the present day, remembering the many times that they had been at each other’s throats for absolutely nothing while Iris was always very nervous around him. He never understood why the dog was so nervous around him, most of the time he just ignored her instead of playing a lot with the dog. This made him think back to a certain point in his career as owner of the AWA.


The shot opens up in 2015, one of the last few years that the company was still competing against other companies. Goth was seated in his jacuzzi as we notice Iris run into the bathroom of Goth’s office where he had a jacuzzi. Causing him to lower the newspaper that he was reading before rolling his eyes at the sight of the dog from the Barnharts.

“Oh God, not again….. Iris, whatever you do… please don’t jump into the…”

“DAMN YOU STINKING MUT!! Get the f*** out of my jacuzzi!!!”

But Iris is splashing around the jacuzzi, clearly enjoying the water as dives under water for a moment before coming back up and sprays some water into the direction of Goth. Who is about to grab the dog by the collar, but his attention is being diverted by….

“IRIS??? Where are you girl?? Goth!! Have you seen my….. Oh there you are you little biscuit!!!”

“Little…. Biscuit???”

Goth mutters out loud in quite a shock, he had heard dog owners giving their pets lots of cute names, but biscuit wasn’t one of them according to him.

“Was Mister Goth a bad man to you Iris?? Did he yell at you??”

This wasn’t the reaction from Bill that Goth had expected from him, he was about to say something towards him and his dog as Bill suddenly turns towards him and cuts him off.

“Look at her Goth, how could you possibly not want to spend time with her into the jacuzzi???”

“I….. What???”

Goth’s eyes widens as he suddenly sees Bill taking off his jacket and unbuttons his matching pink buttoned down shirt that he was wearing.

“Bill?? What in the hell do you think you are doing???”

Goth watches him take off his shirt before turning his attention towards undoing his shoes, he has already undone one as he kicks him towards the toilet before undoing the other.

“Well sir Goth, I realized that Iris has not yet gotten her swimming diploma.”


Goth’s eyes turn from an angry one to a suspicious one, only to have them suddenly open wide as he realize what Bill had in mind. But then it is already too late.

“Ahhh that feels nice Goth, I think we should make it a family and friends get together one day and all share this lovely jacuzzi of yours wouldn’t you agree???”

Bill has already stepped into the jacuzzi and has dumped Iris into the water once more as he had not waited for an answer from Goth. Who at this point is too shocked to say anything that is going on into his bathroom. We see Iris splatter around as Bïll is trying to educate his dog how to do the breast stroke.

“Okay Iris, please pay close attention on what I am doing.”

The sight is truly one that would allow anyone to burst out in laughter for the sheer stupidity as Bill has gotten on his knees while trying to make the exact moves with his arms without having to hit the edges of the jacuzzi without any success of course. This causes him to look up at Goth after a few attempts as his hands are clearly hurting from hitting them against the edges of the jacuzzi.

“I am not here to be a pesky complainer boss, but you should really ask yourself whether you should get a bigger jacuzzi than this one. This one is clearly not suitable for teaching animals how to swim.”

This causes Goth’s eyes to widen as he is slowly starting to breathe heavily.

“Bill, this is MY personal jacuzzi. This is not… I repeat NOT a swimming pool. So please get your….”

“Whoops, I’m sorry Iris. I guess I had always thought that Goth is an animal lover, but I guess he only loves money and…”

Bill quickly gets out of the jacuzzi while carrying iris in his hands, grabbing his dry clothing before stepping towards the door to his office while water falls all over the floor as well as his clothing is squishing like crazy.

“And being an arrogant prick…”


Goth has grabbed a shower bottle as he throws it towards the vanishing Bill Barnhart, the bottle hits the door that Bill quickly closed. This causes the bottle to drop on the floor as Goth sits down on the edge of his jacuzzi, trying to register what exactly had happened just a few moments ago.

“That was so funny.”

Goth whispers as we come back to the present day, still staring through the window of his passengers seat. But this time he is grinning from ear to ear as he suddenly hears Melissa.

“What was so funny??”

Goth turns his attention towards Melissa, sitting upright before explaining the situation that he once had been in together with Iris and Bill Barnhart. This causes Melissa to burst out in laughter as both of them share a good laugh while the car continues to drive all the way back to their hotel as there they have plans to spend the night there before getting up early to head over towards the next city where next week’s Climax Control will be aired

Present Day

Footsteps are heard walking across a hallway of a hotel late at night, something that Goth loves to do between travels to clear his mind or focus upon an up and coming match. This time it is a combination of both, one side of it all is the confrontation that he has had with current Roulette champion “Bulldog” Bill Barnhart and the other side of the coin is the first ever confrontation with Matthew “The Raven” Knox. Experience has taught him throughout his career that you cannot overlook the one for the other, but this time it is rather special. A lifelong friendship that had gone through the drain, someone that he had respected as a human being and as a competitor. And on the opposite side, an unknown to him. Someone that he has watched inside the ring as he had waged war with Mac Bane. He knew he had to push Bill Barnhart to the back of his mind, something that the same experience that had taught him he ultimately would when the bell has rang. Goth turns a corner, stops and looks around. He notices the numbers on the doors and realized that he has been walking circles for the third time.

“What is wrong with me??”

He asks himself, looking at his watch as the clock reads that an hour had passed since he had left his hotel room and started to walk around. He usually would either take the steps towards a different level or the elevator, but this time he had decided to stay at the same level that he was staying at. He looks to his left, noticing that he was actually standing in front of his own hotel room door, he lift his hand towards the door knob but stops just moments before reaching out to open it. He had decided that it was too early for him to get back, he knew Melissa wouldn’t have mind to spend some more time with him while watching some of her favorite Netflix programs. And normally he would love to watch some of those with her, but this time he wasn’t into the mood. He was feeling restless, he for some strange reason had the urge to seek the confrontation with someone. Anyone? No, he had one person particular in mind.

“Bill…. Barnhart….”

The name softly rolls off the tip of his tongue, a name that in seriousness he has not uttered in many yeas and yet it feels like it is a recurring subject in his daily life. He grinds his teeth, shakes his head before deciding to continue the walk until he knows there’s an elevator ahead of him. He stops before it, presses the button on the right of the elevator door and presses it for a few seconds longer than necessary. He reluctantly lets his hand fall next to his side, counting the seemingly minutes that it takes the elevator to come down even though it is only a matter of seconds. He steps inside after the door had opened, mentally scowling at himself when he notices a hotel staff member already stood inside the elevator before he could step inside. He decides to just nod towards the other figure, who returns the gesture before Goth turns his focus back upon his lingering thoughts. Nearly not even noticing that the other person had asked him a question.

“Excuse me??”

Goth replies after he had thought he had heard the other person mentioning something towards him

“Apologies sir, but what floor do you wish to go??”

Goth raises an eyebrow, wondering why this individual needed to know where he had wanted to go. Only to realize that he had forgotten to press a button to whatever floor he wanted to go to, this causes him to look at the number of buttons where each represented a floor. Goth finally presses the button to three floors down from the one that he had gotten inside the elevator before turning his attention towards the individual as he nods his head in appreciation. The two men turn their attention away from each other as Goth straightens his jacket as he notices the elevator stopping one floor separated from where he was about to go. He looks over his shoulder and notices that the other figure exits, nodding his head towards Goth as in saying goodnight before Goth watches the doors from the elevator slowly closing in on him.

“”Why do people tend to start a conversation with me after I step foot inside an elevator??

He asks himself before shrugging off the question with a shrug, his attention slowly moves towards the opening doors as he has reached the floor that he had picked out for no particular reason. Slowly he exits the elevator and looks around the dark hallway where for some reason not every lamp above a hotel room door is active. He suddenly hears a noise coming from a few feet away from him, causing him to quickly turn his attention towards it and notices a young couple who had issues trying to open up the door of their hotel room while using their very own room key. He shakes his head, before turning his attention towards the other end of the hallway.


He whispers underneath his breath so that nobody could hear him, he starts to walk away from the direction that the young couple were standing. He let his eyes fall on a hotel room number and stops right in front of it.

“The Barnharts….”

Goth whispers the last name of Bea and Bill, he knows he either should knock on the door or just simply walk off. But he does neither of the two options as for some reason neither sounds right for him to do right now. Grinding his teeth some more as his hands turn into fists

“Why am I refraining myself from doing anything??”

He asks himself, knowing that he won’t be able to answer that question, something that annoys him. He slowly lifts his hand towards the door, finally deciding to knock on the door and demand to get some answers from his “old” friend. But he suddenly noticing that the doorknob from the hotel room door is slowly turning. Goth quickly moves to the right and starts to walk, feeling the breath inside his throat as he quickly turns a corner as he hears the familiar laughter from Bill while tkaing Iris for a quick walk. Goth lifts his watch towards his face and notices the time of a quarter to eleven. Softly cursing towards himself, he should have known better not to go outside around this time of day without having to worry not to bump into Bill. Because he knew that Iris would have taken outside for a walk around this time of the day. He notices Bill surpassing him while staring at the massive back from the current Roulette champion. A championship belt that he has held several times and defended a record amount of time… or at least that is what it once was, he should merely check with the stat checker Mercedes Vargas for that one… causing him to huff from a cynical standpoint. Leaning against the wall of the hallway that he stood in, hoping that the breathing would subside soon as he checks his watch again. But only a minute had passed, even though it looked so much longer.

“Forgive me Knox, I guess this is what happens when you have a moment of having a relapse on solely being focused upon the task at hand huh?? But no worries my friend, coming Climax Control, the only thing that I am only interested in is beating you. Something that we have all come to expect haven’t we?? It’s like the days of the Gladiators, who sole mission was to crush his opposition before someone else does it to you, letting the spectators to be a part of the entire spectacle before allowing them to walk home satisfied until the next time that someone would take a risk in entertaining the “masses”. ”

“I’m sure we will meet soon Bill, I just hope you won’t expect too much of a good night sleep while I am around.”

He lets out a sigh before deciding to walk towards the opposite direction that Bill had come from. He quickly surpasses the hotel room of the Barnhart’s as he concentrates back upon the man that he will be facing this Sunday on Climax Control. Matthew Kross, a name that has caused him to smile for the first time that he had been able to notice beforehand. He knows off the fact that both Kross and Mac Bane have been gunning for the world title along with Ken Daviesson who had lost the belt to the current champion.


He smiles at the thought of mentioning a biblical name, something he has always preferred over any other name that people could come up with.  A man that has been here before, never got his world title rematch. A story that Goth has heard so many times before, it causes him to get annoyed over at the mere thought that someone would be entitled for something when they come back after a sabbatical??

“Funny how some people get what they want, but I still have been waiting for my title opportunity for over a year now?? Yeah, ask Mark Cross about that. The cowardly little bitch has ran off to another place without EVER taking responsibilities for his own actions. But I am sure that he will be back around Blast From The Past season. But I guess he is just another liability that I am fortunate for that I do not have to wipe my hands off from the blood that he would be spilling upon them when I get my hands around his neck. But that dignifying honor is bestowed upon you Matthew…. I know harsh words for someone that has not even been in the ring with me for a one-on-one confrontation have we not? It’s the classical what if question that always lingers wrhen two men become one inside that six sided ring of ours. The moment that we can finally verbally assault each other beyond the imagination of those who merely turn on the television sets and get an education on what is truly at stake in life. Something that pissants like them cannot relate to, because they are incapable of relating to greats like myself.”

“I hope I am not putting a damper upon your expectations of what you had hoped for me to say Matthew, I am not here to pamper to anyone’s feelings. So I hope you didn’t get all too excited for getting a talk of how I respect you and how much I look forward in facing you. Because if you were looking for anything close enough into that direction, then I suggest you should have just stayed away at whatever obscure vicinity that you came from. Because where I am concerned, you are entitled to nothing at all.”

He grinds his teeth, shakes his head before letting out a loud sigh. Resting his arms against the wall in front of him as he looks over to the left and then to the right as if he had heard a sound from either side.

“I know you have had great battles with Mac, I know you want to return to the promised land. Hell don’t we all? It just sickens me to think that all you have to do is to show up and all the wrong that has done to you will be justified by having a hand being placed over your head and everything will be forgiven. All you have to do is to be a good little boy isn’t it?? I guess I must have paid better attention in how I had left this company and the way I came back. But unlike you Matthew, I prefer to do things upon my own accord. Earn everything that is being handed upon you by a silver platter. It’s useless to resist in order to tell me that I am wrong, because nothing will change my opinion on this matter Matthew. Because you are just like Drake Greene once was, just like Mr. Jett City, may he Rest In Peace. But that still doesn’t mean that when you leave, that all your opportunities will be drained through the toilet and you have to start all over again. But I guess that’s what you get with the people who have a jump line mentality isn’t it?? It’s no surprise there that with people like you, that people like “Bulldog” Bill Barnhart are being forced to remain in the Roulette division, or that people like Fenris or Jack Washington need to be put in the waiting list for a possible title opportunity at the nearest convenient appointment that this company is able to put them through. And then I have seriously not even considered to put me through a climactic orgasmic sensation by naming every fucking reason why I should not be in the conversation for whatever reason it is that you are getting. But I guess I am here once again, allowed to pick up the dirty work where any other supposedly superstar in this company is too reluctant to go through what I personally refer to as taking out the trash and never see it back again.”

“Now I know that these words do not trouble you Matthew, but words aren’t the sole essence of what I am capable off inflicting upon others. But it is what I do inside that six sided ring that makes the difference in whether I will allow you to walk upon your own accord…. Or have you stretchered out with a smile upon your face. A smile because you start to realize that there is an opportunity that one day you may be able to stand on your own two feet again. Allowing the decision to be in your hands on whether you wish to continue this line of sports that we call wrestling, or simply grab the ball and run in order to stay away from another beating that I will give you and then I will not be so forgiving. Because that is what I do Matthew, I give the opportunity to others in whether they wish to oppose me one more time…. Or whether they want to be referred as either a coward as well having made the smartest decision ever made in your entire life. Something apparently Bill Barnhart is willing to give everything up for to find out whether the experiences that he had gone through in the past has not died off with retirement looming over me as a thin line throughout my career. Twenty years of having beat anyone that matters in this business. And I know that you will jump to the opportunity to say that I have never faced or beat you, because I have already beaten you without ever having to lace up my fucking boots and kick the shit out of you.”

“Forgive me Matthew, I would have rather spend time shoving a silver spoon up your ass in a sign of respect for who the fuck you are. But that would have meant that I would have to lie through my teeth, that would have meant that I would be giving you a false sense of security that you would have stand a chance against me inside that six sided ring. Only to realize that when that moment comes that you think you can shine over me, that you come to the realization that you are incapable of dealing with that reality Matthew. You will simply crumble underneath the pressure that I have been dealing with for the majority of my twenty year career. Where I had to watch people come and go, no longer surprised that the classics will never die as the mouths that spew them into the obscenity of life have changed…. But the end result of me overcoming everything until I get what I deserve instead of expecting it because of an outdated promise or expectation. Because if you are one of those who believe that everything can be dictated by their own choosing, then I will just have to free them from their ignorance and wipe my boots clean before moving on to the next. Because I am entitled to the very best… something I refuse to share with he likes of you or Bill Barnhart. So please entertain me the last few days before our confrontation is finally set in stone… because it will be the final one that you will be able to remember Matthew…. Until then…. Until then…..”

Climax Control Roleplays / Endeavor XLVII
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Losing happens to everyone. That’s just a fact of life. There are few things that are worse than losing. There are few things that are worse than losing to the same opponent. There are few things that are worse than losing to the same opponent multiple times.

Don't laugh.

That all happened to me at High Stakes.

I entered into a championship match expecting to leave once again with a title around my waist. For the fifth time now I left empty handed.

Don't laugh.

That all happened to me two weeks ago at Climax Control 346.

Thanksgiving has come and gone, but what do I have to be thankful for? First match of the new year, it was my fault why Goth and I lost the World Mixed Tag Team Championship at Inception back In January. 10 months later, I still don’t have a championship around my waist and I’m about to close this year title-less for the second time in three years. Despite the fact I managed to compete at every pay-per-view this year, break, tie or extend numerous records and once again wrestled the most matches this year.

At this point, no one thinks I can do anything. I had no business losing to Kayla Richards two weeks ago. Don’t get me wrong, Kayla is talented and she felt the need to tell everybody she is that good, if her win-loss record is anything to go by. She made sure to get herself booked that night for a reason. I don’t think she was aiming to defend her title for the second time in three weeks, but anything to get her from sitting in catering can only be a good thing, right?

Kayla’s the champion so she was obviously the favorite. Me, I’m the dark horse. It does drives me to go out there and prove to people how good I am. This wasn’t about Kayla Richards. This was more about me shutting her up than about taking her title, but I was perfectly fine killing two birds with one stone. After all, making history and continuing my legacy is what I do. It’s just that I’ve lost so many title opportunities this year, that they all seem to blend together. I know what Kayla can do and I know what I can do and while I’ve had the worst luck in title matches this year, I’ll be damned if I don’t take it all back.

If there is anyone who was bona fide, certified, and qualified to put a stop to Kayla’s title reign, SCW management found the right one. If there was any Bombshell Kayla thought she could intimidate, she found the wrong one, and if there was any Latina who was going to be the next Bombshell Internet Champion, they got the best one.

I've accomplished so much in SCW already as a multi-champion, Grand Slam Champion, Hall of Famer - and the list goes on and on if you want to go to Wikipedia yourself - that it’s easy forget that it's been nine years since I debuted.

If I somehow got past Kayla, that would be a miracle in and of itself. But then again, I've never doubted myself either. For someone who was said to be in a midlife crisis, past my prime and washed up, I think I've proven a lot of doubters wrong over the years. My resume in SCW and longevity says a lot and more often than not it tends to drown out the haters. It was supposed to be my time to prove the doubters wrong one more time because I had my date with destiny.

I planned to show Kayla why she shouldn’t mess with the La Campeon de Champeon because I planned on ending this year with gold around my waist.

I failed. Again.

They say you’re only as good as your last match and it’s not how you start but how you finish, both which I find true. I lost at High Stakes, I lost at Climax Control 346, I had two weeks to get over it and now this Sunday I'm going to go take care of business. I'm going to go fix that. I'm going to right the ship. I'm going to find a way to win my next match and end this losing streak I’ve been on since June. That's what I'm trying to do, that's what I'm going to do. I'm wrestling again this weekend, getting an opportunity to finally put this losing streak behind me while continuing to assault the SCW record books.

And something tells me Jessie Salco will be the   perfect tonic.


[The first two fallout shows following High Stakes has come and gone, but for Mercedes Vargas the sting of losing was still raw even two weeks removed from her latest setback at Climax Control 346 and nearly a month removed from the final supercard of 2022. In what was supposed to be a get-right kind of match and an opportunity to finally exorcise the demons that was this supercard and final claiming her first win over an opponent who has seemingly had her number as of late, none of those things happened as Mercedes once again found herself starting up at the arena lights to Krystal Wolfe and submitted to Kayla Richards, failing to win the Bombshell Internet Championship.]

M E R C E D E S ♦ V A R G A S: What am I doing? Seriously, what the hell is wrong with me? The first half of the year, I did okay, but now? I’ve won only won once since the second half of the year started. I thought things were starting to get better, but things are just getting worse. I don’t know what’s more embarrassing: that I haven’t won at High Stakes in eight years, that Krystal got the best of me, again, or that I can’t win a title match to save my life. Ugh!

[2022 is again shaping up to be another lost year for the Hall of Famer and it’s abundantly clear that every loss is testing her patience.]

M E R C E D E S ♦ V A R G A S: Bad enough I hear people keep telling me to call it a career just because I’m not stringing along wins like I’m used to. Now I have to hear people like that mealy mouth Aussie sullen my good name? The only reason Krystal got to live and tell about is by the grace of God and because I’m a nice person.

[Mercedes holds up her hand in a wait-a-minute-gesture]

M E R C E D E S ♦ V A R G A S: Maybe not all the time, but most of the time.

[While Krystal wasn’t scheduled to compete on the first Climax Control following her triumph that weekend, even Mercedes knew better that Krystal would likely show up in Long Beach just to gloat. Kayla too. Probably. Of course, her upcoming match against Jessie Salco this weekend was now priority. At least changing the subject would get her mind off her most recent setbacks.]

M E R C E D E S ♦ V A R G A S: What did I think the Hall of Fame and SCW Year-End Awards? Of all the people who got in the Hall of Fame, I’m surprised Jessie got in, but then I’m not. Remember when I said that it was only a matter of time that she would get in. I called it. The only thing I’m disappointed in is they didn’t also give her personal section for most career losse, but I guess we’re supposed to make the nominees look good now.

[Leaning back in her arm chair, she’s amused at it all.]

M E R C E D E S ♦ V A R G A S: Truth is, I’m happy for Jessie. I still hate her, but I’m happy for her. Jessie’s Hall of Fame moment might as well be her World Series, Super Bowl or even World Cup. You could say it might be her Bombshell Championship moment since, you know, she won’t be winning that title anytime soon.

[Jessie Salco had a chance of making history as the first five-time Bombshell Roulette Champion, but Ariana Angelos had other plans. Salco’s golden opportunity ended up as a wasted opportunity. When word got to Mercedes about Jessie’s comments about her ahead of their clash Sunday, her tone shifts from friendly and chatty to slightly more serious. She stops nodding and smiling.]

M E R C E D E S ♦ V A R G A S: As far as Sunday goes, I can't wait for Climax Control. Sunday is about taking a stand, it's about making a statement. It's about sending a message that I don’t take a backseat to nobody and that includes, Jessica Marie Salco.

If there is anyone who runs their mouth the way she does, I have yet to find them. This match is going to be fun. And by fun, I mean Jessie’s getting crushed.

[She goes quiet again, a small chuckle as she slightly looks down before raising her head again at the camera.]

M E R C E D E S ♦ V A R G A S: Anything less would be uncivilized.


Present Day ♦ S A N T A M O N I C A, C A L I F O R N I A

“There's nothing routine about our holiday routines.”

“We’re the only family where we cook turkey for Halloween, give presents on Thanksgiving, and hand out candy on Christmas. Make it make sense, Carmen!

“About as much sense as we’re out here in the hot sun, running around after a ball?”

[Mercedes is trading volleys with Carmen at the Santa Monica Tennis Center. By her own admission, Mercedes wasn’t too bad at the sport as she has beaten Carmen on an occasion or two, but she almost always won in the end. Mercedes was keeping up with Carmen swing for swing.]

What got you pissed off today?

Let's just say that I had a lot of anger to work off. I’m fine.

[Mercedes stumbles, almost throws her racket away, but was able to backpedal to return a low serve. Mercedes and Carmen kept sending the ball back and forth over the net. A few people saunters on the court to watch the match. Carmen's forehand shot nearly caught Mercedes off guard, but she volleyed the ball right back.]


We're spending Thanksgiving with family. I don't know why we do this every year, it's annoying. Plus, they normally spend the holidays with us. Why do we have to go over there?

[Carmen laughs.]

Have you come to laugh at me in my miserable state?

Nobody is forcing you. You want to go, fine. If you don’t, that’s fine too. We’ve been through this before.

I don't think I can do this anymore.
Don't let this become something you'll later regret.

[Carmen sends the ball out of play. Mercedes sighs as she retrieves it.]

I’m out of regrets. My career is at a crossroads and yet I know I'm a competitor. I come into every match knowing I’m the best.

What about desire, heart, the will to win...

I have a lot going for me, I guess humility is not one of them.

[Carmen trots back to her side of the court and bounces the ball with her racket before she tossing it in the air and hitting it. Backpedaling, Mercedes hit a return topspin shot which Carmen sends back over the net. Victory was hers, and she was going to rub it in, whether Mercedes cousin liked it or not.]

Juego, set y partido!
[Game, set, match!]

Good game.

[Mercedes was upset, whether that had to do with the loss or her stubbornness made no difference. She plays it cool, like she’s being interviewed after a match in SCW.

Working the weekend as usual, Mercedes had bigger issues to worry about. Namely, a fellow Hall of Famer who as of recently beat her in their last match.

Revenge is a dish best served cold. That Mercedes and Jessie were facing each again couldn’t have happened sooner. She was in a mood to get out some of this frustration from last show.

She only hoped that SCW was ready for some fireworks Sunday night.


Present Day ♦ L O S A N G E L E S, C A L I F O R N I A

[Mercedes Vargas kicks back in the living room of her Los Angeles residence. Under the brim of a bucket hat with the Argentina national team logo, the two-time SCW Hall of Famer sits down comfortably in an armchair while polishing her nails with a nail file.

“I’m out of answers. 2022 was supposed to be the year I put it all together, the year I was supposed to get a good run going and finally achieve my ultimate goals of winning a championship for the first time in a long time.

“I remember when I got off to a rough start, which wasn’t unsurprisingly surprising. I was more than ready to throw in the towel. Not that I was never too far from the title picture.

“I've been in Sin City Wrestling since 2013. I’ve practically done it all here. But it took something to realize that maybe just maybe I’ve reached my moment of clarity. That being said, I think it’s time for a career change, and after the losses to Kayla and Krystal, I thought a long time about this.”

[She covers her face in shame. The respective losses to Krystal Wolfe and Kayla Richards was something she did not expect, an upset, if you will. Nonetheless, upsets seems to be happening to her a lot more often than she cared to admit. With a sigh, Mercedes looks up again at the camera.]

“I may soon regret this, but at this point I don’t really care anymore.”

[A digital watch alarm beeps. Mercedes glances at it before looking back at the camera.]

“Time for my Only Fans. And the only thing I’ll have on is the vacuum.”

[We see Mercedes as she was before, still fully clothed, except this time we see her struggling to keep her hair from her face. Pan to the right to the hum of several fans operating at once. A pair of small table fans are next to a portable tower fan. Above these, a pedestal fan lets her hair blow upwards slightly.

Mercedes is running a vacuum over a Persian carpet. As if on cue, she powers off the fans and the vacuum, sets the latter aside, and turns to the camera.]

“Well, Jessie. Here we are again. Just another random Bombshell match on Climax Control. After a while they start to feel the same. You beat me, it means nothing except furthering your career, and adding another defeat to my record. But at least you got booked again this week, at least you have another victory ahead of our match, you build a little momentum on your ongoing pursuit of the Bombshell Championship, though I'm surprised you’re not one of the very few that's challenging Masque de Lune, considering that there’s very few Bombshells who wouldn’t stand a chance against her.

“Let's face it, 2022 isn’t the result I wanted and it’s certainly something I'm not readily to admit nor am I happy about. But make no mistake about it, Jessie, I'm not some newcomer. I'm not Bella Madison or Bea Barnhart. You know that I'm going into our match Sunday and keep up with you from the opening bell until the very end. Competition makes me stronger...and I like to think I play to my strengths.

“They say familiarity breeds contempt, and I’m really starting to believe that because we seem to run into each other more often than I care to admit. Like Thanksgiving, it happens every year. What I find comical, even hilarious, Jessie, is the fact that you of all people can talk down to me. Yeah, I know that I haven’t been winning lately, I know you’re one of the few Bombshells who have been here for over a decade, I know you recently became a Hall of Famer. Thing is, Jessie, for as long as we’ve been in SCW together and we’ve both have had lengthy careers, not to mention that we’re both now in the Hall…”

[Mercedes shows off her pair of Hall of Fame rings.]

“You think this gives you a pass, gives you any leeway, to disrespect me? No, no, no. That’s just not going to fly, mamita. Criticise me all you want, but I’ve been just as loyal and successful in SCW as you. Worked hard and got over on my own. Came back from concussions and nearly having my career ended several times. The Bombshell Division you see today, I played a huge part in that. I made an impact. To do that, you have to be a leader, a role model, and the best. There’s no need to look any further, I’m the woman who have it all— and there’s nobody good enough to take it from me.

“If you want to talk about dedication, if you want to find one of the pillars of the women’s division, you don’t have to go very far. I’ve been on practically every show. Whether on Climax Control or at pay-per-view; whether I was featured in the opening match, the mid-card or main event, there was a good chance my name was on the card and a very good chance you would see me in the ring.

“I'm too important in this company to ever be considered a stepping stone. I’ve reached milestones, shattered records, and dominated opponents since I joined the roster. With or without a title, I've proven without a doubt that I'm the most accomplished talent in the women's division and there is not a person alive on this roster that can say that I don’t have what it takes to become champion.

“You may be tired of us seeing each again and again, but I get a kick out of it. The fact that I have almost twice as many wins over you is one. That your wins over me were in tag and multi-woman matches is another. Oh, and the lone singles win over me when you took my Bombshell Internet Championship - you know the one win you keep beating that drum about - was six years ago. You know how many times I’ve beat you one-on-one?”

[Mercedes holds up four fingers.]

“Four times, including each of the last three times you stepped up to me. I put you down in a street fight last year, Jessie. Do you seriously think you’re going to beat me again?”

[Clicking her tongue partly out of dismay and partly out of the sheer wonder of it all, Mercedes' smile faded as she briefly shakes her head, a look of disappointment is there too.]

“Oh sweet summer child.”
[Mercedes begins to draw a graph on a mini whiteboard.]

“The more you fuck around, the more you’re going to find out.”

[Mercedes makes a horizontal line on the whiteboard, adding arrows on the ends of the line to indicate it is a number line. She puts the label "FIND OUT" to the right of the line to indicate the x axis. She marks the center of the line with a vertical tick mark and label it 0. This is the origin of the graph.]

“I’ve been blessed to have competed in over 200 matches in Sin City Wrestling, another faucet that you and I have in common, Jessie. Just so happens we’ve been involved in 25 matches in that time. Almost half were in multiwoman matches. A few of them saw either of us won, and that’s what I’m focused on. In the 14 matches between us that were important, you FOUND OUT that I was not to be underestimated.

“Nevertheless, you persisted. For example, our first ever one-on-one match, or the time I beat you and Amy Santino in retaining the Bombshell Roulette Championship. Oh, and that time me and Delia Darling beat you two in a tag match in rather short order.”

[Mercedes holds up a finger in a wait-a-minute gesture]

“Now, depending on who you ask, some might say you were a glutton for punishment. Others might say you were too dumb to live. Still others might say you’re beyond help. But then, it doesn’t really matter what the outcome was because at the end of the day, I guess you and I are destined to fight forever. When you think about it, no matter the year or the type of match, Jessie, as long as we’re still breathing we’re always going to find our names opposite on a match card.”

[She makes equally spaced tick marks on the rest of the x axis. She labels the tick marks from 1 to 10 on the right side of the zero. She put the label "FUCK AROUND" above the line then make equally spaced tick marks on the y axis. She then labels the tick marks from 2 to 20 above the 0.]

“Now for the most important part of the my FAFO graph.”

[Mercedes draws a line which intersects her graph diagonally.]

“I think we all figured out how much we found out and how much we can find out. For example, the three Ultimate X Over the matches we’ve competed in our careers. I’m going to label this a level of six...”

[She draws a circle around six on the FIND OUT portion on the graph.]

“So I draw a horizontal to my gradient line, then I’m go straight down to the FUCK AROUND line.]

[She draws said line.]

“So this tells me how much did Jessie fucked around to find out what she needed to find out.“

[Mercedes repeats this motion drawing a horizontal line from the ten tick mark to the vertical line and then draws a straight line to the ten on the y part of her line].

“So you see, Jessie, the more you fuck around, the more you’re going to find out. Not that finding out isn’t always a bad thing. It could be good, it could be bad. But to find out sometimes you gotta take those risks in life and fuck around! Or you will never find out!”

[Mercedes then draws a circle at the zero part of the graph.]

“But also if you stay down here and you never fuck around - in other words, you forfeiting our match Sunday - you’re never going to find out. The choice is an easy one, Jessie.

“But then, I’ve never known you to take good advice.”


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Narrator:  Bill Barnhart is the Main Event for Climax Control 348 with a defense of the Roulette Championship against Miles Kasey. For those of you who don’t know it was Miles Kasey who lost the Roulette Championship to Bill Barnhart at Climax Control 312 on October 3, 2021. I now turn you over to Bill Barnhart for him to present his comments and thoughts on this match.


The scene changes from the Narrator to Bill Barnhart who is sitting in the Starbuck’s Coffee location, at 800 West Olympic Boulevard, in Los Angeles, which is near the Microsoft Theater where Sin City Wrestling is holding Climax Control 348. The camera person assigned to Barnhart to air his comments is set up and he tells Bill they are live broadcasting. Bill sips his coffee then looks into the camera to begin his comments.

Bill:  Hi, Miles, how are you feeling today? You must be feeling like crap since I earned the Roulette Championship from you in October 2021. Finn Whelan then won the Roulette Championship from me on April 3, 2022, in a brutal 12-Stage match. When we ended up 6-6 they held a tie-breaker and Finn won. I have no issue with losing the Roulette Championship in that manner as both myself and Finn gave an amazing performance and Finn earned the Roulette Championship. Then in July 2022 at Summer XXXTreme X, we were involved in a Roulette Championship match with Alexander Raven holding the Roulette Championship. The first two wrestlers eliminated were Finn Whelan and you Miles. I was the third eliminated thereby giving Alexander Raven the win and he retained the Roulette Championship. Even in a multi-wrestler match you were still behind me as you got eliminated before I did.

Bill pauses his comments to sip his coffee. He gives a wink into the camera then continues with his comments.


Bill:  So, Miles, that’s the history we’ve had up to this point in time so now it is time to talk about the future we’ll have on Sunday, November 27, 2022, at Climax Control 348. Since you’re going to brag how easy it will be for you to defeat me for the Roulette Championship, even though you failed to regain it when you had the chance, let me give you a comment you can be guaranteed is truth:  THERE’S NO EXPIRATION DATE ON MY REIGN AS ROULETTE CHAMPION!!! You heard me correctly Miles. I didn’t mumble. I didn’t murmur. I didn’t stutter. Flat out and in your face you heard me correctly state that I don’t plan on giving up possession of the Roulette Championship and for damn sure I’m not giving up possession of it to you at Climax Control 348.

Bill pauses again to finish his coffee then he orders another one.


Bill:  Now, Miles, I’m sure you think your shit don’t stink but I assure you when you take a dump people don gas masks to keep from passing out from the stench. I know you’re going to hurl stupid, ignorant, rude, and disrespectful comments my way hoping that by doing so you can cause me to get distracted. Nah! Dumb shit like that doesn’t distract me! Hurl all the stupid, vile, and disrespectful comments you want in my direction. My bottom line doesn’t change regardless of what my opponent does, attempts to do, or threatens to do. I have a comment I’ll share with you so you can’t claim that I never told you. That comment is:  JUST BECAUSE YOU’RE JEALOUS THAT I’M A TWO-TIME ROULETTE CHAMPION DOESN’T GIVE YOU THE RIGHT TO DISRESPECT ME! Was that simple enough for you to understand? I hope so!

 The server at Starbuck’s brings Bill’s coffee to his table. Bill drinks a bit of the coffee before continuing with his comments.


Bill:  Miles. . .Miles. . .Miles. . .You need to remember, and never forget, that Satan was defeated by me and he is banned for eternity from every challenging me for my soul again. Take into account if I accomplished that against Satan then what the hell makes you, and everyone else, think you’re better than Satan was against me?

Bill asks for a sandwich from the server and he gives them his order and they go to prepare the sandwich for him.

Bill:  My next comments not only apply to you, Miles, but to anyone else who feels they’re a bigger bad ass than I am. They may think they can defeat me but they need to remember that I just mentioned that for someone to defeat me it would be like a cold day in Hell. Since I own Satan, as I defeated him in a Contest he chose, and since Satan likes Hell warm, I like to keep Hell cold for his sorry ass. If you want to know about those cold days in Hell then go talk to Satan and he’ll tell you that when I shut off the heat in Hell, and everyone there is suffering during those cold days in Hell, and they are begging Satan to turn on the heat, but his only answer he can give them it he has no control over Hell any longer since Bill Barnhart defeated him and Bill now controls Hell. Go ask them! I dare you! I’ll wait while you ask them!


Bill:  Miles I believe I’ve said enough for you to fully understand that you made a mistake signing this match with me for the Roulette Championship so I want to move on to other comments for your enlightenment and the enlightenment of everyone watching. My comments pertain to the concept of what a Roulette Champion should be.

The Starbuck’s server bring Bill’s sandwich to his table. Bill thanks them and he takes a bite of the sandwich before continuing with his comments.

Bill:  Please allow me to enlighten you on what a Roulette Champion should be. . .

A Roulette Champion should be ready for any match stipulation the Roulette wheel lands on .

A Roulette Champion should not be afraid of anything the Roulette wheel can land on to determine the type of match they are in.

A Roulette Champion should be able to adapt quickly after the Roulette wheel has determined the match stipulations. There’s no need for deep thought at that time. There’s no need for hesitation at that time. They have to be like Nike and JUST DO IT!

A Roulette Champion  should not fear any opponent.

A Roulette Champion should always be ready for anything.

Bill:  I could add more to that list but what I stated are the core elements of a Roulette Champion.


Bill:  I just turned 39 years of age on November 14, 2022. So many in Sin City Wrestling claim I’m too old to be wrestling and that I should retire. Some of you have even gone so far as to claim you would never support a wrestler of my age. Seriously? Are you really being serious with those comments? If you are serious with those comments then you are more f*cked up than I previously thought you were.

Bill eats half his sandwich and drinks half his coffee.

Bill:  So you assholes are trying to disrespect me because I just turned 39 years of age on November 14, 2022. You make comments such as I’m too old to wrestle, or the fans don’t want to see a person that old wrestle, and other idiotic comments. So let me enlighten you moronic hypocrites.

While you won’t support me for being 39 years of age you support and cheer wrestlers who are in their 60’s and older. You support some ass clown with a 1950’s porn star type of moustache who makes an appearance and then tries to make the crowd think he’s tough by ripping his flimsy tee-shirt off.

You cheer on wrestlers who wear makeup and are in their upper 50’s to mid-60’s.

You support and cheer a guy who tries to be looked at as a person who puts deceased people into their graves yet his is in his upper 50’s.

You even cheer for some goofball who is in his early 70’s and gets too winded just walking out of his dressing room that he can barely talk and what does come out of his mouth is mumbled, hoarse, and meaningless.

So if you support wrestlers in their 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s, then get the hell out of my face for my age of 39 years!

Bill finishes his sandwich and coffee and he is ready to return to his hotel.

Bill:  Say what you want about me. Make comments that you think I’m too old be be actively wrestling. Tell others that I suck. I honestly don’t care what you think or what you say because no matter what you say about me I tell the truth and you all look stupid. As for you Miles? Be ready for me to defeat you and you lose this match because I’m damn sure going to win this match and retain my Roulette Championship because I’m for damn sure ready to defeat you and walk away still the Sin City Wrestling Roulette Champion! Good evening!

Bill signals the assigned camera person that he is finished with his comments and the camera person cuts their camera feed and our screen goes dark.

Climax Control Roleplays / ... The Colloquial Comeback ....
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“You ever f**k Susan here?” she said, her face almost touching mine.
“I’m impressed,” I said. “The question is intrusive, annoying, coarse, and voyeuristic. That’s quite a lot to get into a simple question.”
― Robert B. Parker, Hush Money

Undisclosed Fairgrounds
Blue Ridge, GA

“Are you out of your fucking mind, Bambi?!”

Something akin to teenage indignation overwhelmed the petite redhead as she recoiled slightly, she’d expected resistance… to a degree, however this hadn’t been quite the reaction she’d anticipated. Swallowing her immediate retort, discretion in this case being the only remaining form of valour, she watched as Grizz paused as the flush in his cheeks began to dissipate at the edges.
Swallowing the rest of his sentence, he watched as the flicker at the corner of the redhead's mouth seemed to vanish as quickly as it had materialised, normally it would have been a warning sign. A flashing neon effigy for no more than a split second before the venom would start to fly- however there was no venom, no fire and fury and so, he too, attempted to temper the sharper edges of his tongue.

If only for now at least.

Peace never lasted long, not when these airs flashed with red.

Granted he hadn’t really meant for his tone to be so harsh, the words forceful as though a shield raised in the face of adversity. Perhaps it was the fatherly instinct he’d assumed over the young redhead regurgitating automatically before the words ever crossed the periphery of his mind.
She wasn’t really his, but that had never mattered.
Close enough for government work, he’d mused in those first passing weeks, as he’d silently sworn to himself that he’d watch over her like she was.
It’d been almost three and a half years now, and not a second went by that he didn’t worry for the day he might finally lose her for good.

Amber and Cassidy, his own daughter, had become as close as sisters. As thick as thieves. They’d been as good for each other as they had been bad- perhaps luckily for him, Cassidy was with her mother for these holidays. Heaven knows he doubted he could stand against the both of them, if they’d really been determined, surely his heart wouldn’t take it.
No. One against one - as if they were even remotely fair odds, granted Grizz doubted the conversation in question would have ever gotten this far if they were.

He knew it had been coming, still he’d found himself woefully unprepared in the moment.

It started with an accident. It always was with Amber.
Unfortunate and avoidable, and yet somehow those were always the ones that seemed to slip through the cracks- the easy and the mundane were always the most dangerous. Grizz doubted Amber even noticed at first, as though that immediate sense of shock completely numbed the senses. It no doubt helped that her seemingly inhuman grit and willpower to continually spite the universe through determinable impassiveness served only to bolster her refusal to accept that she’d quite obviously broken her arm.

Nothing serious. She’d said she was fine, as though the vaguely misaligned angle through the middle of her forearm had always been there.
Another risk taken with a little too much trust in the universe and perhaps a little top caution thrown to the prevailing winds headed in the wrong direction. Grizz had come to learn over the years that her furiously determined nature came with a side of expected immortality- however it seemed that living life as though you were 10 feet tall and bulletproof only worked if you were taller than 5’4 and a half.

That had been a little over five weeks ago.

Forcing down a pensive smile that threatened to ruin the concerned parental figure facade, Grizz recalled that even just a week earlier confronting Amber about how her cast had mysteriously ‘fallen off’ and how he’d found it poorly concealed, stuffed in an overflowing recycling bin.
Amber, in her usual precocious manner, had simply smiled sweetly and claimed that it had come loose, that her arm had slipped from its confines and how the cast obviously no longer fulfilled its intended purpose.
Such a shame, she’d added with a cocky little smirk, that she’d been growing accustomed to it and was sorry to see it go.

Perhaps it was his amusement towards the brazenness of it all- or simply because he knew there was nothing he could do about it, however he neglected to mention the jagged, roughly torn edges where the cast had appeared to have been attacked by a pair of wire cutters nor the several oddly shaped cuts and scratched that had mysteriously appeared down the edge of Amber’s forearm about the same time.
Cassidy, of course, had agreed with Amber… been an eyewitness, despite having actively been absent.

“What do you mean- you said---”

“I didn’t say anything and you know--”

“--- when I got the cast off---”

“Amber, those weren’t my words.”

“--- that you would let me back in the ring---”

“You said that, not me.”

With a matter-of-fact look, Amber lifted up her right arm and wiggled her fingers as though it proved anything more than the fact she had functionality in her fingers.

“--- and look at that, no cast.”

Grizz sighed thoughtfully, placing a heavy hand on Amber’s opposite shoulder.


“No. Uh-uh…”

Stepping back offendedly, Amber’s teenage sass flared once more.

“You don’t get to ‘Bambi’ me… We made a deal.”

Firmly, Grizz straightened up as the tone seemed to shift.

“No, you tried to make a deal and I told you that we would see how things went.”

He couldn’t help but admire her persistence, even if it might have been the death of them both.
She’d never admit that she knew it wasn’t that easy. Her defiance wasn’t born from ignorance, but an underlying fear that she might lose her grip on something that had otherwise given her a possibility of life. Wrestling didn’t love her, it didn’t have the capacity to love anything within itself, Grizz had explained from the start- but it was addicting, challenging. It took everything you knew about yourself and made you prove that you were worth everything you gave it.
Self-preservation was an untold myth- the idea of risk and reward so deeply intertwined that one didn’t exist in any meaningful capacity without the other. Amber didn’t need wrestling to love her back, but that never meant she didn’t need it at all.

At 16 years old, she’d found a sense of purpose… and she’d give anything not to let it slip away.

“That's not fair.”

Those words hit hard, like an emotional truck driven through the heart of the matter before reversing back over it for good measure, leaving tire marks of good intentions across everything that was left.

“What else do I have to do to prove myself to you…”

With a lingering air of tension and disappointment, Amber turned on her heel and stormed away in hopes no one might see the welling tears of anger beginning to cloud her vision nor the quiver in her lip that threatened to split and spill with septic hurt.
Grizz opened his mouth to respond, to try and cross a gap where the bridge had exploded into flames, however the words didn’t make it out in time- a stuttered gasp aimed towards the space where Amber had been mere moments before.

He wanted to tell her that it wasn’t like that at all, that she never had to prove anything to anyone… that he believed in her, and that he cared. In the silence that remained, as the static in the air grew still, all he could do was hope that she might no do anything stupid… or if… no, when… she did, that the universe might show mercy and understanding.

She was still a child after all… how could she possibly understand?


“Admit it.

You missed me.

You missed me like the stars miss a sunny day. You missed me like blue skies miss hurricanes. You missed me like drowning men crave the taste of water in their lungs and the gallows miss a weight at the end of their rope.

Hell, I’m like the kick in the teeth you never knew you were longing for.

Honestly though, don’t go tripping over yourselves needlessly in your overwhelming eagerness to welcome me back. Save the ticker tape parades for those you can appreciate the grandiosity of someone else cleaning up after them. Don’t worry though, balloons and confetti aren’t necessary mostly for the fact that people seem to find them a little offensive at a funeral.
Just go ahead and form yourselves a nice, orderly line and I’ll surely get to putting you all back in your fucking places one by one.

Oops, not even back a full night and things already got morbid real quick.

See, the thing is- I walk through the door and there gets to be this tension in the air, the faint lingering stench of a collective locker room shitting themselves at the prospect that they are once again about to be held accountable for their determination to coast.
I rebuilt this fucking place in hopes of setting a higher standard, I took that bar and I lifted it on my own back cause the shuffling of feet doing the absolutely bare minimum to remain employed got on my nerves for a little too long. I raised the standard when everyone else was happy enough to sit back and accept their mediocrity like they weren’t getting paid for better.

Now, I walk back in and it's like a locker room of squatters and I’m about to start charging for rent. Turn the lights back on, and watch the cockroaches scatter back for their dark corners cause the spotlight just got a little brighter.
Did you get comfortable without me? Is that what happened…Did you just watch the standard fall when you realised there was no one left willing to stand up and accept the responsibility of making everyone else better around them.

Tell me, where were all the heroes, the legends, the bright sparks and go-getters?


You all might as well start calling me ‘magic’ cause I’m about to pull the rug out from under the supposed ‘best and brightest’ you’ve been left with.

Starting with the Roulette champion…

Now personally, I should be alot more enthused about this than I actually am- especially given the fact i’ve made it publicly known on Twitter that the Roulette title is the only one missing from my Grand Slam. I should be coming into this guns blazing, fucking hyped out of my skin for the opportunity against this shining ‘Angel’ making waves and beating…


Well that's a bit anticlimactic.

Okay, let's be real here for just a moment. I don’t want everyone thinking I’m on some entitled bullshit, that the universe is going to bend over backwards just cause I poked my head back out of the mud- you know?
Full respect for getting yourself into this position Ariana, former champion to soon-to-be former champion… I mean, current champion. Yeah, that's what I meant.
I’m sure you have worked incredibly hard in making it appear far more difficult than any of it actually should have been to get where you are now, a long climb up a very small mountain. You’ve really earned all that sweat on your brow from tripping over your own feet to success in spite of your own best efforts.
It's impressive really, I haven’t seen this much ‘self-sabotage to infamy’ since Jessie Salco made a complete ass of herself trying to explain to the world why she’s so offended about being compared to vanilla ice cream.

It's literally the world's most popular flavour.

You should be proud to be so generic on such a global level.

Seriously though Ariana, you have done your damndest to make life difficult for yourself and still manage to achieve a modicum of self-respecting success… I mean that match with Jessie, honestly even you had me thinking that beating her convincingly four times in the last year was almost a crowning achievement.
No disrespect to the Roulette title and all, it's certainly something to be won… Hell, I haven’t won it yet. Mostly for the fact I spent a long time being World champion and found myself a little too busy with that to go dipping my toe in the kiddies pool…

That's not to say I’m not interested in the Grand Slam- one thing at a time kiddies, so breathe a little easier Ariana cause I don’t yet have a spare 10 seconds in my schedule to celebrate with the belt before I throw it back into the squabble. I need it for the achievement, I don’t want it though… if I wanted to go break a record, I’d start with my own, unless I’m feeling an extra little sassy and I start eyeing off the only Bombshells world title record I don’t already have… It's been awhile Mikah. I hope your ears are burning all the way out there in Hawaii.

I guess that's the thing that sets us apart though… You are good, don’t get me wrong. You might even be better than good, on your best days. However your aspirations are just… you’re a small scale short term kinda gal, maybe that's got a little to do with your attention span or a lot to do with the fact you’ve managed to surround yourself with greener rookies, has-beens and never-weres.
At every turn you have relied upon the ‘support system’ around you like a crutch, like you somehow need them to fulfil your potential- that's like asking an anchor to help you succeed in your attempts at buoyancy.
You’re asking goldfish about climbing trees, you’re sparring with literal children whose attitudes make me wanna go play in fucking traffic to cleanse my palate.

Ariana, you’re good… but you aren’t getting any better.

You’ve somehow managed to stagnate before you’ve ever gotten started. You’ve plateaued two feet off the fucking ground- and maybe it's not entirely your own fault… After all, you’re young and inexperienced, letting anyone with an opinion have a say about the way you conduct yourself.
Do yourself a favour and drop the dead weight, grow your own backbone and have an original opinion without filtering it through people who haven’t won a meaningful match that wasn’t against someone with a foot in the grave or already out the fucking door.

I won’t tell you that this match makes me bored already but I just walked back in the door, haven’t even put my bags down yet and already I’ve rolled my eyes so hard the poor little backstage plebs thought I was having a stroke.
I mean I guess this is supposed to be a warm up match, but honestly that implies this thing is gonna have more heat than a shitty reheat- lukewarm 30 seconds in the microwave. Hell, my anticipation towards a legitimate contest is still frozen in the middle.

You’re feisty and determined, and I cannot discredit the fact that you’re the one with the belt and I’m still trying to convince doctors that wiggling the fingers on my left hand isn’t just some sort of shitty illusion. However, how about you come back and start barking up my tree again when you’ve got more than the perennial list of curtain jerkers filling out the most notable places on your dance card.
You’ve earned your place, but don’t think a strap on your shoulder somehow jumps you up the hierarchy- you’re still a rookie, you’re still greener at the gills than you realize. You’re still finding your feet so do yourself a favour and don’t step to the playground if you aren’t prepared to eat sand.

Despite it all, I know you all missed me…

I’m still the sunny day to your stars and the hurricane across your blue skies- I’ve never stopped being the water in your proverbial lungs and the gallows still looming large over the division.

You taste that?

Blood on your tongue.

That's your reminder. Your last warning and your reason to reconsider your life choices.

It’s the proverbial kick in the teeth that tells you that I’m … fucking … back…”


Dr Marion Clarke’s Office
Atlantic City, NJ

There couldn’t possibly have been many porcelain cats the last time she’d visited.

Tiny, ugly little misshaped things they were. Amber quietly despised them, however she took a small solace in musing that Dr Clarke hated them even more.

Story was, apparently, that they’d been a ‘thank you’ gift from an elderly widow in the days that followed the passing of her long suffering husband- that she’d come to the office with a handkerchief tightly balled in one hand, and a small cardboard box in the other.
Expectant of gratitude, in the same way it had been expressed for her decision to ignore human decency for a families self-centredness, the widow had stood watching with withered hands clasped expectantly as the bubble wrap came away to reveal a series of cats cast with maligned features and an unrealistic colour palate.

That wasn't to say she hadn’t done her best, despite her better morality, to extend the life of someone who’d suffered for so long simply because their family wasn’t ready to let go.
Keeping someone alive who was better off dead seemed like such a waste of resources, all down to the selfishness of those who couldn’t come to grips and would rather prolong suffering than accept the temporary nature of their own.
In truth, the idea of ‘first do no harm’ was really ‘harm is relative to mortality and only those with lives to live get a say in someone else's’. In this case it had been months, five- maybe even six in the end, and perhaps now the archaic and dusty little figures multiplying on the desk were the karma that came with it.

It had become almost a joke now with colleagues, their sly smirks barely veiled as more families found these horrendous little atrocities and presented them with adoration and gratitude. It wasn’t that she was a bad doctor, however sometimes hard decisions left a taste in the mouth that even the cold coffee she’d lost track of earlier that day couldn’t quite wash down.

“You must think I'm some kind of bush leaguer, Ms Ryan.”

Dr Marion Clarke didn’t follow professional wrestling, at 53 years old with a complicated marriage to her work and little else to justify her existence beyond a few PhD’s on the wall, she wasn’t planning on starting either. Leaning across the desk slightly- her thin, wiry hair seemed to spring out from her tightly pulled bun as she adjusted the wire-rimmed glasses perched half way down the hooked slope of her nose.
She didn’t exactly epitomise the target audience, as thin lips pursed into a judgemental scowl that appeared almost painted on with a certain permanency and yet somehow their relationship- as loosely as the term could be applied, had spanned sporadically across years.

Perhaps that's why she could so readily address the redhead seated across from her with an unmistakable familiarity and frustration.

Since arriving in Atlantic City in 2015,  Dr Clarke had been Amber’s primary physician- the one somehow unlucky enough to be saddled with her apparent death wish tendencies, absurdist medical records and the stacks of paperwork that seemingly went along with it.
Even now, with hawk-like eyes examining the 34 year old currently rolling one of the newer additions to the burgeoning collection between her gnarled fingers, Dr Clarke couldn’t begin to comprehend why the woman seated in front of her had such an intent to…

“If I thought that Doc, I wouldn’t be here. Only the best and all that nonsense…”

Blasé and blunt. Par for the course perhaps. Radiating disinterest so hard it might have been terminal, Amber didn’t even look up from the cat figurine as she ran a thumb across a misshapen- what she presumed to be an - ear. Maybe.
Whether Dr Clarke was the best or not was in fact irrelevant to the redhead- what had mattered was that she had been reliable, steadfast in her no-nonsense attitude and as professional as anyone could expect to be given the circumstances she usually found herself consulting under. What mattered was that she spoke honestly, didn’t put up with Amber’s bullshit and most importantly… understood that a career was worth sacrificing for.

“... and if you thought I wasn't simply prepared to sign you off to get you out of my office and save me an afternoon of needless bureaucratic bullshit, then I doubt you’d have bothered showing up.”

The word ‘bullshit' rolled off her tongue unnaturally, a distasteful flicker at the edge of her mouth confirmed the foreign nature of the term. By now there was no need to manoeuvre around banal small talk, killing time before cutting to the chase five minutes too late cause it was pay by the hour, and be damned if the redhead wasn’t getting away with not paying for the privilege of inconvenience.
Amber smiled thoughtfully, perhaps wondering just how hard she might have to squeeze to shatter the tiny abomination.

“That being said though- I took an oath when I became a physician.”

“Here we fucking go…”

Amber murmured not so subtly under her breath, predictable as it was painful to sit through. Concentrating her effort into understanding why so many of these ugly little porcelain cats seemed to even exist to begin with, she knew what was coming, but refrained from speaking it aloud.

“In all good conscience and decidedly professionalism Ms Ryan, you have to understand that while I've been willing to accept your choices - albeit reluctantly - I cannot condone what is otherwise something that directly contradicts the ethical promises that I have made simply, so you might go and get yourself maimed. Again.”

Dr Clarke cleared her throat authoritatively, feeling the vague crackle in her spine as her posture corrected and she seemingly grew an inch and a half in the chair she’d assumed.

“There are limits to what I can reasonably allow before I am unable to call myself a medical professional, and despite my better judgement I have crossed that line for you more times than I dare admit. If not for anything more than an understanding, and the fact I’d have no doubt you’d gleefully wander into a chop shop for a tetanus shot.”

Gently, almost deliberately so, Amber placed the approximation of a pastel green and neon-esque pink cat back onto the desk, slightly askew from where she’d picked it up from. With gaze travelling from the technicolour attempt at collective art back towards the doctor, who had somehow managed to find and insert her entire backbone whilst remaining seated- Amber leaned back lazily into her own chair, trying to ignore the hard edges of the wooden frame digging between her vertebrae.

“So that's it then…”

If Amber were more impassive, she might have been dead. A slight furrow in her brow in vague contemplation and curiosity, a crinkle in the bridge of her nose that suggested a sense of amusement- but otherwise nothing.

“Ms Ryan, I would be going against everything I know and everything I swore when I chose this life, should I clear you for ‘competition’.”

There was a clear derision in the word ‘competition’ as though she failed, or simply refused to believe that the correlation was one worth noting. Those outside the industry would never understand, Amber instinctively knew, they’d never quite comprehend the allure of planting one's sneaker through someone else's face- nor the satisfaction that came with the crunch of a cheekbone or eye socket that usually followed.
Competition was one thing… addiction, now that was a whole other scenario.

“Well, I suppose that settles it then.”

As conclusively and abruptly as she might have managed from her slouched position, Amber steadied herself upright with a half-hearted smile. Dr Clarke paused tensely- waiting for the other shoe to drop,waiting for the reaction, waiting for an indication that she understood what was being said.

“I trust you heard me correctly, Ms Ryan. I’m not willing to clear you at this juncture… You understand that, right?”

With a suggestive eyebrow raise, Amber chuckled softly and in such a way it felt as though the walls themselves brought into the untold joke.

“Of course. You aren’t clearing me… so what's the point of wasting more of either of our time?”

With a knowing shrug, Amber pushed the chair aside slightly before making her way towards the door- a tension hanging heavy that neither chose to outrightly acknowledge and an unspoken apprehension of what might become of the consequences.
Beyond the door- making double sure that it was firmly closed in her wake, just hard enough to know that the PhD’s rattled uncomfortably- Amber reflexively dug into her front pocket for her phone. Before even clearing reception, the phone was ringing and up against her ear as the familiar smirk known far and wide for its mischievous and menacing undertone…

“Dr Baal… Yeah, I was right.”

A pause as the response elicited a further crack in the facade and a sly glimmer in the corners of an eye.

“Might I be so bold as to assume that you may know someone that could organise a medical clearance on short notice…?”



Don’t pretend like you aren’t listening, you’re hanging on my every word. There are those that are going to think you’re gonna come out and save the little ‘Angel’ perched up high on her tree- but we both know you won’t. You won’t cause it doesn’t fit your plans, your path…
Words are meaningless. You said it yourself. Yet no action… it's almost as though you’ve been a liar all along.

Once again though, this isn’t about you- although soon enough you wish it won’t ever be.

Now truth be told, I’d call everything that's occurred in the last little while the proverbial ‘elephant in the room’, but that would simply be giving the devil her due- and truth be told, she’s gone a little quiet since I decided that I wasn’t quite done with my death wish yet.
Give her time I suppose- the cat might have her tongue, but the bitch knows that her supposed Rapture means almost nothing without me.

I won’t sit here and pretend though like she didn’t do a damn good job. I spent five months on the shelf- wondering, contemplating, trying to make sense of what a life without wrestling might look like.
It looked bleak, it looked bland, it looked colourless as though the technicolour nightmare had soaked through with bleach and bad intentions.
I spent five months telling myself that staying away was the right thing to do- for the sake of the division and those I cared about, I damn near convinced myself I was doing everyone a favour.

Turns out, even I'm not quite that good of a liar.

I told myself I didn’t want to come back, that I wouldn’t be the same person I was before. I told myself that I buried a former world champion in the backyard and swore I wouldn’t go digging in myself looking for a reason to exhume. I told myself that I could be happy without this, without the constant nagging pains and the mental toll of beating your head against metaphorical brick walls trying to explain logic and reason of winning and losing to those who refused to pull their heads from between their legs.
I came out here and told the world I was making a decision that I truly believed was what was best…

Behind closed doors I told myself that I would never be that person again. Unfortunately for everyone else- and as per fucking usual, as though we’re surprised- I was right.

That's the thing about an injury that leaves you on the shelf for a while- you get a lot of time to think about things you’d change, the mistakes you made and how hindsight makes an absolute mockery of our best intentions. Five fucking months I spent contemplating everything that had brought me to this point- about who I was, about how I was…

How I allowed the World title to consume me, to become my everything.

Don’t get me wrong, it still is… but at least I can admit it now.

I broke down and I rebuilt from the ground up, I took the rubble of who I was and I recreated it into something that I might one day be able to look back and be proud of.

Now, the SCW legion and everyone behind that curtain peeking out from between their fingers, is wondering whether I can still go…

It would be ridiculous to think there isn’t any ring rust or that I’m possibly even close to 100% fit. I scraped getting a medical clearance by sheer grit, determination and a good word. I’ve spent the last three and a half months rehabbing non-stop cause they wouldn’t let me even look at a gym before that.
If you look at this match purely on paper- there should be no way I would be able to hang with an up-and-coming high flyer at the very pinnacle of her very limited game. If you break it down on a physical aspect- I should be seeing a loss for the first time in a long time appear on my records.

Paper doesn’t get in that ring and go though, statistics and standards run through systems that can't compute what it takes to get to where I’ve been. I wasn't the Bombshells World Champion for 357 days cause I looked pretty and I didn’t defend that title successfully on twelve different occasions cause I was lucky or gifted.
There’s plenty of Bombshells who can do things I can’t, who have incredible physical capabilities that I simply cannot and will not match with- I won’t sit here and kid anyone into thinking that I’m gonna match strength and speed with someone like Ariana right now.
See, what's on a piece of paper didn’t get me here. What the doctors told me didn’t see me stay at the top for as long as I have.

I’m a former World Champion for a reason. The best stays the best because we adjust and we adapt, because we know that we aren’t destined to be there forever and so we have to keep evolving to outlive everything that tries to drag us back down.
I said it throughout my reign and it rings truer than ever now… I will go into that ring with anyone and I will always win, not cause I’m bigger, badder or better… but because I will always outlast. I’m a proverbial cockroach in the nuclear wastelands, I’m the mutt that keeps dodging a needle.
My heart doesn’t beat inside my chest, it can’t be pulled from me or broken conventionally, it's on the shoulder of someone who doesn’t deserve to know the way it pulses in time with the roar of a crowd. It’s plated in gold and is worth more than the life I’ve forfeited for the privilege.

Question me. Doubt me. This isn't an underdog story- there's no upset clause, no ‘David and Goliath’ cause that story has been proven a mistruth hundreds of times over. David was never the underdog because Goliath was damn near blind, stumbling around searching for a chance- just like you aren’t the Cinderella story you’d love to make this out to be, Ariana. If you believe hard enough, maybe you’ll trick yourself into believing the Converse sneaker stomping through the back of your head and out through your mouth is a glass slipper- and all those shards you’re scrambling to save aren’t just the remnants of your broken teeth scattered across the canvas.

Maybe you think this is my reputation against your reality.

Once in a while the fairytale has to come true, otherwise they’d never otherwise be told. No point sharing a good story if there isn’t reason to believe- only there is, cause you make it so. Close your eyes Ariana and think real hard about what it would be like to beat me, how good it might feel to have your hand raised in victory- something hard earned and well fought.
Yeah, it's not happening is it.
At least you tried, I suppose.
Fairytales aren’t meant for everyone, otherwise they’d never be worth retelling. Imagine if everyone got their happy ending right? How fucking meaningless life would so quickly become. So maybe I’ll be the villain, the evil queen questing for the heart of only the fairest among you all and finding only pathetic lumps of shame tossed haplessly to the floor. I’ll be the big bad wolf showing your defences to be as pitiful as your logic as to why I shouldn’t raze them to the ground from the get-go.

You might be the Roulette champion, you might even be the eventual future of this company- in which case, may Cthulhu have mercy upon our souls- however when it comes down to it?
You’re little more than collateral damage- another broken doll littered among the many that leads towards a final resolution, a final Rapture if you will.

You aren’t Masque, Ariana. However, if you try to invoke her name, as though saying it three times in a mirror might somehow protect you from what Sunday surely brings… Then expect that I will have no hesitation in treating you as though you were.

Abigayle. I’m waiting, patiently I might add, and I’d hate for you to get shy on me now…

After all, we’ve got so much more to show the world of the Rapture cause there really are so many things far worse than death…”
Climax Control Roleplays / Setting New Standards
« Last post by London Underground on November 25, 2022, 06:48:07 AM »
This came around a lot fucking quicker then I expected. I didn't think I'd be getting back in the ring for about six or seven weeks, but here we are and I gotta smash the daylights out of the wife of an employee. Wait, is she still her wife? I lost track of that shit a long time ago. We have a rule in the Golden Ring Casino, don't bring your home shit to work, it's not good for business and it ain't good for me if I gotta listen to people bitch all day about their partners or whatever. It gives my arse a headache and I am not interested in that at all. Anyway, you might wonder what the hell happened. You might be asking how London Underground ended up back in SCW when our time was done, our end goal was reached. Funny you should be wondering that, because obviously, you're about to find out all the little details on what made us return when we had already done what we wanted from America. It was never about wrestling for us, was a means to an end and that end was met, but here we are and business is business. Sadly for Seleana Zdunich, business means smacking up that pretty blonde face. Such a shame... or not. - MP

"Something needs to be done." Daniel Morgan's voice can be heard saying.

Inside the boardroom of The Golden Ring Casino, Daniel Morgan sits at the head of the table, dressed as usual in a dark suit and tie with a white shirt underneath the jacket. To his right sits Osbourne, the bigger of the two men, wearing a silver suit and white shirt, opened at the collar. To his left, Charlotte Elliot, dressed in what only can be described as a power suit and next to her, Mackenzie Page, dressed a lot more casually in blue jeans and a black sleeveless shirt.

"I know we've been hit with a lot of hardships like the rest of the world." Daniel tells them as his eyes move between the other three. "Covid wiped out a lot of business thanks to rules. Economical issues took money out of people's pockets and this poxy war has bumped prices up to unlivable. We're feeling the pinch because people can't spend in here what they don't have."

"And now is the time where the UK is screwed and sending money back home, gets us a little extra." Charlotte adds.

"And there in lies the problem." Daniel says as he looks around. "The silly government over there has driven the pound down to the point where every dollar we send back, means more pounds at home, it's simple."

"So what's the problem?" Mackenzie asks as she looks at Daniel.

"The problem is we don't have many legal dollars to send home." Daniel explains. "When Casino profits were booming, we could slip in the less then clean money with it and not raise an eyebrow. We could secretly funnel more home disguised as Casino profits. It's a bit hard to do that when profits are becoming a little bit slimmer. It's not so easy to hide the extra income when it's meant to look like it's coming from the Casino."

"We could open the doors to charity events." Charlotte suggests. "Local community stuff to pull the people in the door, get some good will back and hope they spend their money in here when they see that it's a good place to be."

"Charity needs to start beginning at home." Daniel said with calm look on his face. "We won't rule that or anything out."

"What about tourist specials or shit like that?" Mackenzie says. "Prove you're from abroad, get some free perks or something like that?"

Daniel looks at Mackenzie, his finger running across his chin.

"Problem is that would take a lot of world wide advertising." Daniel says to her. "We're talking getting it to every country which is, outside the Internet, going to cost an arm and a leg to begin with."

"We could cut down on the work force." Charlotte suggests but Daniel immediately shakes his head.

"That would be the absolute last resort." Daniel tells the group passionately. "We worked too hard with these people to let them go. You three did extensive checks on each and every one of these people before they were hired to make sure there was no connections to certain law enforcement agencies and to make sure there were no rotten eggs in that basket. We know we're gonna have good days again, and getting rid of them to slowly rehire new people if these become unavailable, means a lot more hassle. We stood with them through Covid."

Daniel turns his eyes around the room.

"We stood with them when we couldn't open, when we were digging in to Casino reserves to allow them to put food on the table." Daniel tells the group. "More importantly, they stood with us, they're good people. They're not the scumbags we deal with on the quiet, they're good, hardworking, honest people. They can barely survive now, sacking people ain't gonna help them."

"We need to come up with something." Charlotte reminds Daniel. "Even the shops can't afford the rates here and dropping on us like flies."

"And we can't keep covering their arses." Mackenzie adds.

"We can not." Daniel agrees. "People can't spend what they don't have. We get by, we cover costs, just not enough of the money getting back home which was the plan from day one."

"We could go back to wrestling." Mackenzie says as she looks away from the group.

A silence fills the room as Daniel and Osbourne share a look of raised eyebrows.

"Really?" Daniel says with a sceptical tone.

"She might be on to something." Charlotte quickly says.

The eyes of the room rest upon Charlotte's face.

"When we were in SCW, this place was rammed." Charlotte says thinking back. "You couldn't move for people wanting to see us, or wanted to see people from SCW. People were spending money while looking for selfies of SCW people because they knew when we was in Vegas, after the shows, so many would come and hang out here and blow money on things. It put them on the tables, it put them at the bar, it put them at the shops. Since we've been off the screens, less wrestlers have come here, less fans have and business has took a hit."

"It took a hit when Mark Cross fucked off to Japan and no one was drinking the expensive stuff." Mackenzie says with a snort.

"That too." Daniel adds.

"But my point is SCW was free advertising." Charlotte says looking at Daniel. "We had to be down there on the Casino floor more because of SCW instead of here in the office. It was a good cover for what we really did and it drew in enough people wrestler hunting, that we made serious money, it was our salad days."

Daniel taps his chin as he looks towards Osbourne, who slightly nods in approval.

"Those days were our money days." Daniel agreed. "Sunday night when the shows were down the road, was our busiest times."

"And they can be again." Mackenzie says, a smile on her face knowing her idea is being considered. "All we need to do is get back in the ring and kick some people in the face, start circulating again to get wrestlers back to the casino, current wrestlers that are on TV, that will draw the people in. Fuck, you know what the SCW roster used to spend in here alone after a show? Between needing to fuel up after a show, the booze for the pain, all those funky cocktails Dani used to come up with and sell at mad money and them dropping serious bunce at the tables, we made a bomb out of them. That's without the fans coming in and buying them alcohol."

Daniel looks down the table, his mind in thought.

"And that got them dropping money at the tables too." Charlotte says. "You remember that night that guy dropped well over a thousand, just to sit at a card table with Fenris."

"The fucking idiot didn't even know how to play cards." Mackenzie adds with a smile. "He just wanted to be sitting next to Fenris."

"I guess it could pave the way to get a few SCW related events hosted here again." Daniel muses. "We did alright with the Covid era supercards."

Daniel taps his fingers on the table in thought before looking around the table.

"Alright." He concedes. "But it's all or nothing. Four or none. Who's up for trying to return to SCW?"

Daniel looks around the table to see Charlotte and Mackenzie raise their hands. Daniel looks towards Osbourne, who just gives him a surly nod of his head.

"Well, it looks like it's happening." Daniel says with a half smile. "I'll arrange a meeting with Christian and sort something out."

"No need." Mackenzie says as she stands up. "I'll go deal with it now."

Mackenzie nods towards her boss before taking off towards the door. Daniel's face turns confused and looks towards Charlotte.

"Go with her." Daniel tells her. "For Christian's own safety if he doesn't bite on this. We know his negotiation style is to act like he don't care, while doing happy dances inside, we don't want that to set her over the edge. I mean if he goes missing, that one will be hard to cover up."

Charlotte smiles and stands up and moves towards the door that Mackenzie left through, leaving Daniel to look at Os.

"When you woke up this morning, did you think this was gonna happen?" Daniel asks him

Osbourne slowly shakes his head before shrugging his shoulders.

"I guess we better get back to work." Daniel says. "Has anyone seen Nick? Seriously, has anyone seen Nick?"

Osbourne shakes his head firmly as the camera fades.

"I want to see Christian Underwood now!" Mackenzie's tone barks out.

SCW Headquarters in Las Vegas is where we pick this up as Charlotte and Mackenzie stand in front of a reception desk, where a young blonde woman sits behind the heavy looking oak desk in front of a computer.

"Do you have an appointment to see him?" The woman asks.

"No." Mackenzie quickly snaps back. "I don't need one."

"We're Christian's business partners to some extent." Charlotte adds to ease the tension. "SCW has a shop in The Golden Ring Casino and we own said Casino."

"I'm afraid Mr Underwood is busy right now." The receptionist says, not making eye contact with either woman in front of her.

"No he isn't." Mark Ward can be heard saying as he walks through the office door. "He's sitting in there looking at Grumpy Cat memes."

Mark's voice grabs the attention of the three ladies as he casually walks towards them.

"Good to see you ladies." Mark says as he gives a polite nod.

"You too." Charlotte says politely. "Do you have a minute?"

Hot Stuff shakes his head as he looks towards them.

"Sadly not." He says "I'm off out to head to your old stomping ground, The GO Gym, to have a look at their latest class, see what's going on there and if anyone is improving or worth giving a shot to, but Christian is in his office, I know he has no one to see for a while and he really is looking at memes. You know where it is, just go through."

"Thank you." Mackenzie says before looking at the receptionist. "That's how ya fucking handle people."

Charlotte and Mackenzie move past Mark and through the door. A smile passes his face, a smile of satisfaction as he knows that Christian is in for a surprise, before walking out of the camera shot. Charlotte and Mackenzie reach the door of Christian Underwood and Charlotte knocks on it.

"What?" Christian yells out.

Taking that as a sign to enter, Mackenzie opens the door and walks right in with Charlotte.

"What the..." Christian stumbles out. "What are you doing here? I don't see an appointment. I'm a busy man."

"The Grumpy Cat memes can wait." Mackenzie says as she takes a seat in front of Christian.

"How did you k.... Never mind." He says with a sigh. "Still, what are you doing here?"

"We're here to talk business." Charlotte says as she takes a seat next to Mackenzie. "We're here to see if we can help each other out."

Christian leans back in his chair, clearly intrigued by the thought.

"Oh....?" He says with a questioning tone. "Go on."

"Business is shit for us both and it's time to change that." Mackenzie blurts out as Charlotte rolls her eyes at her bluntness.

"What makes you think business is bad for us?" Christian asks.

"Have you seen your current champions?" Mackenzie says sarcastically. "I watch your show and unless they're booked to wrestle, none of them show up. If that's good business for you, your championships and ratings, then I don't want to see bad business."

"What are you trying to say?" Christian asks.

"Let's put the cards down on the table." Charlotte says. "Things are not rosy in the garden of SCW, nor do we have sunshine in The Golden Ring Casino. You've seen the numbers, the SCW store in the Golden Ring is barely making money. That might be because you haven't had new merch in a long time, or it might be because getting people through the doors is a problem right now."

"This is what happens when you hire Crystal to run events." Christian says with a smirk.

"She's actually bringing money in." Charlotte says.

"Shitty seedy bachelor parties, but it's money in." Mackenzie adds.

"Hmmm." Christian snorts. "Seems about her level."

"The fact is, we need people through the door." Charlotte says. "You need people through our doors to boost profits in the shop. Without people being there, we all go home broke."

Christian leans forward in his chair, his hands arched in front of him.

"And where do I, and SCW fit in to this?" He asks.

"You put us back on TV." Mackenzie says firmly. "Rehire us, we'll actually show up and work. You get the roster boosted up, we get back in the game and people flock back to the Casino, because we'll be more visible."

Christian huffs and turns his head for a second before looking back at the two in front of him.

"And what makes you think we want to hire you back?" Christian says, thinking he has the advantage or leverage over two women talking about coming back to work.

Mackenzie leans partly over the desk, a serious look on her face.

"Cut the shit Christian, do you think we're blind or something?" Mackenzie says with a firm tone.

Christian jolts his head back in surprise as his eyes meets hers.

"We've seen your roster get worse and worse." Mackenzie states. "It's piss poor. You're leaking talent like a burst water main. Fuck, even Mark mentioned going to the GO Gym to look at people. You think rookies are gonna drag you out of this mess? Of course they're fucking not. It's no secret that your supercard dream match was a let down, it's no secret that people are sitting at home and earning while offering nothing. If they all came in to work when they're not booked, it's different, but they don't and you're asking why you'd want us?"

Charlotte clears her throat and looks at Mackenzie before looking back at Christian.

"What we're saying is you get all four of us back." Charlotte starts. "Which is an instant boost to all your divisions at every level. Daniel and Os can wrestle at any level, we can wrestle at any level. Your male, female, male tag, female tag and mixed tag divisions all get a boost instantly with four people. You get people who will work and push the limits higher."

"And you won't have to deal with watching the same people all the time." Mackenzie says with a snap. "I'm starting to lose track of where some people end and some people start. It's all fucking generic bullshit week after week."

Christian leans back in his chair.

"And you get out of this?" Christian asks.

"Essentially, advertising." Charlotte replies.

"And money." Mackenzie adds.

"Us being back on the box for you." Mackenzie starts. "Means people will come back through the doors, the more that do that as wrestling fans are going to drop by the store and buy from the SCW shop. I mean it would help if your designers would design more for the people on the roster now, but it will put them in the right place. You make money, we make money, you get a boost to a roster that's lacking and we all go home happy as a pig in shit."

Christian waves his finger.

"Did anyone ever tell you that you have a way with words?" Christian says sarcastically.

"Did anyone ever tell you that you don't look a day over fifty five?" Mackenzie fires back, equally sarcastically.

Christian couldn't help but smile at Mackenzie.

"It's an interesting idea." Christian admits. "Are you guys still in wrestling shape?"

"Do you really wanna find out right now?" Mackenzie says with a raised eyebrow and a smile.

"What she means is we're in good shape." Charlotte interjects. "We still hit the gym, and we often help Gabriel and Odette with their students when we're needed."

"Yeah, Os teaches them how to cut promos." Mackenzie says with a roll of her eyes.

"We all add different things to training being very different so we get called upon to help people out at the gym." Charlotte says, getting things back on track. "So we're good to go."

Christian runs his hand over his chin as he looks at the two.

"Well, you have my interest." Christian tells them. "So let's talk about the finer details of this and see if we can come to an arrangement..."

"And we did come to an arrangement." Mackenzie's voice is heard saying.

The scene fades in to the ring of the GO Gym where Mackenzie sits in the middle of the ring. The building sounds empty and seemingly after normal gym hours.The lights are dimmer then usual and Mackenzie looks down the camera in front of her.

"I just didn't think I'll end up in the ring so soon." She admits. "But something to do with whiny little bitches and card changes have brought things forward to the point I am gonna be there to fuck shit up. Telling ya Seleana, you must have really pissed someone off to end up getting put in the ring with me on my return and you can thank whatever dick bag that decided to push card changes, because it's on them that you're in this situation and in serious fucking danger."

Mackenzie breathes deeply.

"The irony of it all is last week, Crystal got her arse handed to her by someone who is seen as a little cutie on the roster." Mackenzie says firmly. "A proper banging fan favourite, who looks like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth and something switched in her head where she went full pelt potty and smacked the shit out of her. Now I'm not a little cutie, I'm not a proper banging fan favourite, I'm far from that shit. I'm a person who seriously loves kicking the shit out of people, it's almost a hobby, so imagine what I'm gonna do to you. It's been a while since I've had the chance to do this so there's a lot of wrestling anger inside of me. It's not a bitter angry, it's not an I should be the biggest thing in wrestling after beating Mikah and Crystal when they were at the top of their game. This is just anger, pure, unadulterated wrestling anger where I want to prove something right away."

She grits her teeth.

"This ain't a pity hire." Mackenzie says firmly. "This is a good business hire, because we have something they want, they have something we want, but just because we've been out of the ring for a while, doesn't mean a damn thing. Do you think for a second that we haven't worked bollocks off to get ready for this return? Shit, I met Christian a month ago, we've known for a while and not one member of London Underground has skipped a beat, not one of us have missed a training session in this ring right here. Not one of us have just brushed it off like it's nothing. We have worked for this return and mine has come a little sooner then most, but I'm ready, Seleana."

Mackenzie stands up.

"And I get to set the standard." She says with a slight smile. "I get to show everyone new what we're all about, I get to remind everyone who remembers who we are, what we're all about. This puts you in a fucking bad spot Seleana, because you're just the one that has to get hurt to remind the people what we're all about, you're the one who has to get the granny smashed out of you, just to let people feel that we're back. They're gonna feel fucking everything through their screen, they're gonna feel every punch, they're gonna feel every kick, they're gonna feel everything you're gonna feel and it's gonna suck for everyone. Some people return and they look like they're nothing like they used to be, they look like they're a shell of the person they once were but that's not happening with me. I'm coming back better, I'm coming back hitting harder, I'm coming back to put you out of your misery."

She leans on the ropes.

"And it really has been miserable for you Seleana." Mackenzie says with a slow shake of her head. "What happened to that woman who shocked everyone by beating Alicia Lukas and becoming the Bombshell World champion? What happened to that person who won the Bombshell Roulette title and put herself through hell? Look at you now compared to then. It's as fucking different as night and day. It's like someone replaced you with a cheap copy and now you're just awful. There's no spark, there's no fire, there's nothing, just a shell of who you used to be and a piss poor shell at that. That's you Seleana, gone from someone to no one since I last stepped in the ring on the big stage, in front of the camera, but I haven't slid and that's gonna be a serious problem for you. I've got better since I stepped out, and you're gonna see that. You've got a whole lot worse since I stepped out of the ring, do you see how this is gonna go based on that shit?"

Mackenzie touches her ear as if to listen.

"Real fucking bad." She says with a smirk.

Mackenzie leans on the top rope.

"I'm not gonna be one of those people who come back, half arse it and end up losing." Mackenzie says with a determined tone. "I'm not going to be lazy as fuck and expect to get something I shouldn't, I've put in the work, I've made an effort, I've trained every fucking day since I met Christian. I am not coming back to flop like a jelly fish, I'm just not one of those people. I might not have known till Monday that I will be back soon, but I've worked every single day to be ready for this and I will keep working till my fist meets your face Seleana and it's going to do that repeatedly. These are not idle words because I always mean what I say, and I always do what I say and this ain't any different."

She shakes her head.

"When I say I'm going to hurt you, then I mean it. When I say you're not gonna be doing well after this match, I mean that too. When I say I'm coming back to set the standard of who London Underground are, and what SCW should be all about, I mean it and you are just getting caught in the cross fire." She says with a slightly evil looking smirk. "You're cannon fodder sweetheart and that's a huge, huge problem for you and your well being because by the time I'm done ripping at you, you're gonna wake up on Monday morning and wonder if this is still the life for you. You're gonna be doubting your career choice, you're gonna be doubting your past, present and future cause I'm not coming to just get back in the swing of things, I'm coming to pick up where I left off. I left off beating the everlasting shit out of people just in case you don't remember, but on Sunday, it's all gonna come flashing back to that little head of yours."

She taps the side of her head.

"It's gonna come back to everyone's pretty little heads after Sunday." She says with another half evil smile. "It's gonna be something the whole bombshell division needs to watch. It's what every bombshell champion needs to watch. I don't give a fuck what level of champion you are, this is going to be me, showing you that shit is about to hit the fan. That division is about to get shaken up and twisted about and it all starts with what I'm gonna do to you Seleana. You're the one who gets to help me prove my point on how shit is gonna change around here. It's gonna be harsh on you, it's gonna be rough on you but guess what?"

She shrugs her shoulders.

"I don't really give a shit." She says with a grin. "Couldn't care less who was in front of me, coulda literally thrown me anyone at all but it's you Seleana and now, well, now you're the one who has to be that example. It's shit for you, it's gonna be shit for your family to help you recover after this one because we all know, you're not pulling off any surprises, you're not gonna shock the world, you're gonna get completely and utterly fucked up in this one."

Mackenzie takes two steps backwards.

"I'll see you on Sunday." She says pointing down the camera. "Someone better give Bella a call and tell her that her ambulance service will be needed again this week, because Seleana.... You're fucked!"

And with that, Mackenzie turns around and walks away as the cameras fade to black.
Climax Control Roleplays / “The Angel vs. The Demon.”
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(Gabriel was used with Mark’s permission)

Ariana fought Jessie in the annual Black Friday Brawl Roulette Rules Match and despite Jessie trying every underhanded tactic the veteran could think off, Ariana would ultimately retain the title over Jessie, now that the young Roulette Champion’s batteries had been recharged one question remained on Ariana’s mind, who was next? Well, she didn’t need to wait long for her answer and it was debatable as to whether she liked the answer or not!

Why? Because Ariana’s next match was a non-title match against Amber Ryan, a former World Bombshell Champion and one of the most vicious Bombshells to ever grace an SCW Ring! If there was any saving grace for Ari, it was the fact that this match was Amber’s return match after the former champ was viciously attacked by Masque during her Queen for a Day Episode, an attack that took place in May! Can Amber’s ring rust play a part in the upset of the year or will Ariana’s inexperience leave Amber a returning victor?

Recipe 4 Disaster Studio, Las Vegas, Nevada
Monday the 21st of November 2022, 11:00am

Back when my reign began Krystal told me something that has stuck with me over the past couple of months, the defences never get easier.

My first match against Seleana was simple enough on paper at least, Seleana was a former Roulette Champion in her own right and since her last reign ended in 2020 had been persistently trying to get back in the title picture, well, any title picture really, if there’s a title in the Bombshell Division, you can guarantee that Seleana’s challenged for it at least once, and she ended up being my first and third challenger.

Melissa off course is someone who is a different beast to Seleana, a rookie sensation who won my title in her rookie year only to lose it in the second defence, she came into my first ever Main Event determined to make an impact, well, she got her wish in a way, she made an impact on the floor after I took the Falls Count Anywhere Name literally and retained the title in the second defence! I don’t know if or when Melissa will come after me again because since High Stakes XII she’s been enthralled in wanting to end her feud with Jessie in a tie breaker at the beginning of 2023 but I’ll be ready for her if it comes to that.

And then came Jessie herself, the whole reason my second defence was against Melissa, the whole reason why I defended the Bombshell Roulette Title against Seleana at High Stakes XII and not, well, her! There’s no point in repeating the story behind my last defence at this point because it’s a well-trodden story but Jessie entered that Black Friday Brawl with a gameplan, a gameplan that backfired, between those four successful defences and my match with Krystal against Team Hero the bosses seem fit to test me as champion.

Don’t believe me? Look at who I’m facing in a non-title match this week.

Amber Ryan was a name that had practically come from out of nowhere in 2020, but to say that she had left her mark on the Bombshell Division was something of an understatement! Within months of her debut match against Jessie Salco Amber had proven herself to be one of the most vicious women to enter the Bombshell division in a long time and one of the most talented to boot! Her one reign with the World Bombshell Championship had smashed the records previously set by Alicia Lukas and it had taken Roxi Johnson to finally bring an end to her reign.

As for what happened AFTER Amber’s reign ended? Well, things had gone from bad to worse, there was another Bombshell who had come from nowhere, a woman simply known as Masque! But it was a name that Amber had history with, Amber was set to challenge Roxi in the Main Event of her Queen for a Day Episode but the match never happened, why? Because Masque beat her half to death in a boiler room.

That attack happened back in May and we all thought that we had seen the last of Amber, whilst Masque proved to be every bit as vicious as Amber, Amber disappeared from TV Screens only popping up occasionally on Twitter, that was until two weeks ago when Amber made her return and her intentions clear, but how much ring rust did Amber have? The bosses had seen fit to answer that question by putting Amber against a young up and coming Bombshell.

That Bombshell off course, being me! If there’s anything I’m thankful for, it’s the fact that the bosses had made my match against her non-title but between that match and Krystal’s match against Masque from last week? We were beginning to wonder if we had done anything to anger the higher ups.

Am I saying that I’m not looking forward to this test of my skills? Absolutely not, as a competitor I know I can only better myself by facing tough opponents and they didn’t get much tougher than Amber, but could I beat her? Even with all that ring rust, Amber was still a world class wrestler.

That was the question I was asking myself heading into this match.

“Hello? Earth to Ari?” Jenny, a member of my show’s food team, asked as she waved her hand in front of my face and I looked up, the Italian American woman was standing in front of me as I sat in my computer chair staring into space with the script for tonight’s episode on the computer in front of me, I shook myself out of my stupor and sighed as I shifted my weight. “Francisco was asking what stuff you needed for tonight’s episode?”

”Sorry, I’ve just got my next SCW match on my mind.” I sighed before I checked the script to be sure. ”We’re making a Deconstructed Butter Chicken tonight but I could’ve sworn I gave him the ingredient list for that recipe.”

“You did but you were so distracted that Francisco only got like half the recipe.” Tyler pointed out as he passed me my recipe card and quickly facepalmed, I wasn’t like those chefs on Epicurious who only gave the home cooks an ingredient list and expected them to know what to do, I had left detailed instructions for each step, said instructions were nowhere to be found. “Are you really that nervous about your match with Amber?”

”Amber’s unlike anyone I’ve ever faced since I signed that contact with SCW.” I responded as I shook my head. ”Kaiju Rainbow was already on her way out after proving to be a wasted investment, Alicia may have held the records that Amber smashed but she has clearly lost her mojo since her last reign ended, Char Kwan ended up being a disappointing grudge match, Kayla is a rising star but not on Amber’s level, Melissa seems to be finally recovering from the tailspin I sent her into after I won this title from her.” I sighed as I looked at the Bombshell Roulette Title that sat on my desk. ”The Metal Maniacs? Well, what can I say about them that hasn’t already been said, same goes for the five Bombshells I faced in that Battle Royal, I’m not sure what the situation is with Georgie because she hasn’t been seen since she lost that Bombshell Internet Title qualifier and Seleana and Jessie are two of the best women’s wrestlers on the roster.”

“And then there’s Amber.” Jenny nodded as she leaned against the desk. “Though I did notice that you left out Team Hero in that lookback.”

”I’ve had mixed feelings about that Tag Team Match since it happened, it was awesome to share a ring with my heroes but it was bittersweet knowing that it was Keira’s last ever Climax Control Match! At least Keira managed to go out on a high note!” I responded with a sigh as I leaned back in my chair. ”Maybe I should talk to Gabriel about my match with Amber next time I’m at the Go Gym? I do need to train for the match against Amber and my next title defence.”

“If you think it can help? By all means.” Jenny responded before she held out her hand to me. “That said? Can I have the rest of the ingredient list?”

”Oh! Sure, here!” I responded with a nod before passing Jenny the other half of the ingredient list and she ran off to catch up with Francisco.

The match against Amber was undoubtedly going to be the toughest of my career, I was going to have to bring my a-game on Sunday, problem was? Amber brought her a-game every time she stepped into the ring!

Go Gym, Las Vegas, Nevada
Tuesday the 22nd of November 2022, 16:00pm

Another day, another chat with Gabriel at the Go Gym, only this time? It was for a match against an opponent I wasn’t sure I could beat!

”I must congratulate you Ariana, on both your fourth defence of the Roulette Title and your engagement to Francisco.” Gabriel greeted me with a warm smile and I grinned in response, but his mood took a sour turn when he went onto discussing my next match. ”However, the bosses have seen fit to throw you into the deep end you’re your match against Amber, if we can be thankful for anything, it’s the fact that they’ve made it non-title.”

”I’d say that this match won’t be easy but I’m not sure if even that’s doing it justice.” I sighed as I brushed some hair over my shoulder. ”Amber’s been a force of nature since she entered SCW, and now she’s returning from the injuries she suffered at Masque’s hands all those months ago, it’s almost fitting that I’m facing her so soon after I beat Jessie since Jess was Amber’s debut opponent.”

”And I’m sure Jessica would sooner forger that promo she cut for that match, never seen an ice cream comparison make anyone so mad.” Gabriel responded with a chuckle and I had to shake my head, I had almost forgotten about that infamous promo but Gabriel bringing it up brought it back to the forefront. ”I take it you won’t be repeating that promo word for word.”

”Not even if I wasn’t as adverse to swearing as I am, well, swearing in English that is.” I responded with a slight laugh before leaning back on my chair. ”The other thing to keep in mind was the context behind our matches, when Jessie faced Amber for the first time Amber was the newest Bombshell on the block and a virtual unknown, off course it didn’t take her long to make an impact but that’s neither here nor there, in my case? This is Amber’s first match since that attack by Masque and she will be out to make an impact on her first day back as an active competitor, the only real edge I have is the fact that I’ve been active on the Bombshell Roster since the Greece Lightning Tour and Amber’s going to have at least five months’ worth of ring rust.”

”True as that may be? A competitor like Amber will have undoubtedly been training for her return to the ring from the moment she was medically cleared.” Gabriel pointed out and I nodded as a brushed a strand of hair out of my eyes. ”You’ve more than proven yourself as the Bombshell Roulette Champion Ariana, Seleana, Melissa and Jessie are not competitors to be taken lightly and yet you’ve bested them all in defence of that belt, but Amber is on a completely different level to those three women.”

”Considering how many times Jessie’s faced Amber since her debut match? I think Jessie would be the first to agree on that point.” I nodded in agreement before I let out a deep breath. ”Amber said on Twitter that she isn’t interested in going after the Grand Slam, but how true is that really? If she gets the win on Sunday she’ll have a solid argument that she should be my first challenger in the New Year.”

”Even assuming the bosses will let her go after the Bombshell Roulette Title? Right now Amber’s main priority seems to be her issues with Masque, it may be months before that is resolved and who knows if you’ll still be the champion by then?” Gabriel pointed out and I nodded in agreement. ”For now the only advice I can give is to play to your strengths as a wrestler, you are one of the best highflyers in the Bombshell Division, use that speed and agility to keep Amber on her toes.”

”And basically hope for the best?” I asked and Gabriel nodded in response, it wasn’t exactly the advice I was hoping for but what else could I expect? This was the first time Amber’s competed in months, who knows if she’s the same wrestler she was when she won the Queen for a Day Ladder Match? ”It’s not exactly what I was hoping to hear but I guess I’ll take what I can get.”

”Ironically, the one who might be able to give you the best advice is Jessica.” Gabriel pointed out and I had to admit that Gabriel was probably right about this. ”Out of your friends, she is the one who has faced Amber the most since her debut.”

”And I’d ask Krystal if she wasn’t sparring with Mackenzie to help prepare her for this week’s opening match against Seleana.” I responded with a nod before I stood up. ”I’d head back out and resume my training.” I added and Gabriel nodded before I left his office.

Jessie’s home gym, Las Vegas, Nevada
Wednesday the 23rd of November 2022, 11:00am

In case you’re wondering, yes I had been back to Jessie’s home gym since I retained the title against her.

If anything her warm congratulations to me after I got back from the shopping mall that SCW rented for the Black Friday Brawl just reaffirmed the fact that there was no hard feelings between us once the dust had settled but now that I facing Amber Ryan? Yeah, I needed all the help I could get.

When I walked down the stairs off the home gym I saw four women down there, I recognized two of them almost immediately, Jessie was serving an unofficial referee to a sparring match between her cousin Harper and a purple haired girl who I didn’t recognize, the fourth woman was on the outside cheering on the purple haired girl and if it weren’t for the fact that she had brown hair I’d almost mistake her for a doubleganger of Harper’s opponent.

”Wasn’t aware that you had company Jess.” I commented as I hopped off the bottom step and the four women looked up. ”Is this a bad time?”

”Nah, more the merrier and all that, plus Aniela and Kata will need to change up their sparring partners at some point.” Jessie responded as she motioned to the two unknown girls and I got a better look at her, Aniela, the brown-haired girl, seemed friendly enough but Kata seemed to be on edge at all times. ”I know you girls have attitude problems but I take it your familiar with Ari here?”

“Yeah, we’re not sure what we want to experience first, her cooking or her in a title match.” Kata joked with an accent that suggested that she was from Eastern Europe, whereabouts in Eastern Europe I couldn’t tell you because I wasn’t that familiar with Eastern European accents. “I jest off course, she was one of out favourites when we were still living in Poland.”

Well, that saved me the trouble of awkwardly asking the girls where they were from. ”I’m flattered but I’m mostly here for advice from Jessie about my next match.” I explained as I walked up to the ring and it didn’t take Jessie long to figure out what I meant. ”I’ll happily spar with them but I was hoping to chat with Jessie first.”

“That’s fine by me, I can keep the twins in line for a while.” Harper nodded in response and after Jessie left the ring Aniela entered the ring to make it a three-way dance style sparring match, Jessie at least made sure that they were within her line of sight before talking to me.

”I take it those two are the girls you were talking about on Twitter?” I asked Jessie as I motioned to the two Polish girls with my thumb and Jessie nodded. ”They don’t seem to bad, sure Kata has an edge to her but it’s no worse than I’ve seen from my fellow Go Gym graduates.”

”You haven’t seen them at their worst, let’s leave it at that.” Jessie responded as she shook her head and I glanced up at the ring again, the twins were holding their own with Harper but it was clear that Harper was further along in her training than either of them, which told me that the Polish girls had likely just started at Hero Academy. ”To make a long story short? Harper going to bat for them resulted in her essentially becoming their babysitter, Keira made it clear to them that if either of them slip up again it’s Harper’s ass that’s on the line as well.”

”Considering she put up with Cassie, well, being Cassie, they must have done something really bad to annoy Keira that much.” I responded as I shook my head and Jessie nodded in agreement. ”So what can you tell me about facing Amber?”

”If you’re looking for Amber’s kryptonite you’re asking the wrong Bombshell, I’ve faced Amber four times since she debuted in 2020, once in a food fight because someone thought Candy as interim GM was a good idea, and I’ve never beaten her once.” Jessie responded as she hook her head and I frowned as it dawned on me. ”Then again, I haven’t faced Amber in well over a year and months before the attack by Masque so what do I know?” Jessie asked with a shrug before momentarily glancing up at the ring to see how the three trainees were doing.

”That might be the one thing that gives me a slither of hope at winning this match, the fact that it’s been months since Amber last wrestled and that she’s coming back after that infamous attack by Masque.” I nodded as I got the idea but Jessie remained unconvinced. ”Gabriel said that I should try to stick to my strengths as a wrestler, strengths that you know all too well.”

”It’s solid advice, your ability to dazzle the crowd with your athleticism was what brought you to the dance in the first place and it was thanks to the Angel’s Descent that your even the Bombshell Roulette Champion in the first place.” Jessie nodded in agreement before a frown crept onto her face. ”But someone like Amber eats relative rookies like you for breakfast! You may not like it but your best bet may be hoping that Masque runs interference.”

”You might be right.” I responded with a frown before we heard Kata and Aniela arguing in their native Polish and looked up to the ring, Harper was leaning against the far-right ring post with a confused look on her face as the twins argued in Polish. ”Everything okay with the twins Harper?”

“Depends, do either of you speak Polish?” Harper asked  with a confused shrug and once we shook our heads she let out a deep breath. “We were going through some basic moves when they started going at it, but since I don’t speak Polish I don’t know if it’s because Kata or Aniela wanted a turn with me or because they can’t decide what they want for dinner later.”

”I’ll sort this out.” Jessie sighed before she walked over to the twins’ side of the ring and let out a loud whistle to get their attention. ”Everything okay girls? We can’t speak Polish but things seem to be getting heated between you two.”

“That’s why we started arguing with each other in Polish.” Aniela responded with a sheepish grin as she leaned over the ring ropes. “We didn’t want you guys or Harper to get involved.”

”I can see your logic, except you stopped a sparring match for your argument.” Jessie pointed out as she motioned to a confused Harper and the Polish girls shared a look when they realized that Jessie was right. ”So I’ll ask again, everything okay girls?”

“I wanted to practice a Double Suplex on Harper and Aniela wanted to practice a Double DDT.” Kata explained with an annoyed sigh as I walked over to them. “We couldn’t come to an agreement so we started arguing.”

”In Polish because you wanted to avoid getting Harper involved?” I asked as I shook my head and Kata nodded. ”Well that just caused more confusion because you are literally the only ones who speak Polish in this gym, is there a way you can resolve this?”

“We were about to come to agreement when Jessie interrupted us, basically a coin toss to see what we practiced first.” Aniela explained at which point I got a coin out of my pocket and motioned for them to call it. “I call heads.”

“Tails it is for me then.” Kata nodded with a sigh and I flipped the coin, they watched the coin go up in the air for a few seconds before it landed on my hand and I covered it. “I’m waiting.”

”Jessie wasn’t kidding about their attitude.” I muttered under my breath before I removed my hand to see the result. ”Tails, Kata gets first choice.”

“I was always more of an ass girl anyway.” Kata joked and we shook our heads before the training session resumed.

Jessie’s home gym, Las Vegas, Nevada
Wednesday the 23rd of November 2022, 13:00pm

*promo time*

Can I do this.

”David vs. Goliath, Theseus vs. The Minotaur, Hercules and his 12 Labours, all over the world, there are myths that are full of heroes overcoming seemingly insurmountable odds and that is the situation I find myself in on Sunday.” I started with an uneasy look on my face as I stepped into view. ”The obstacle I face on Sunday is off course Amber Ryan! A name that has become infamous in the two years that she has been a part of the Bombshell Roster for both her viciousness and talent in the ring, yet she gets on well with Despy and has taken a liking to Chloe Benton, go figure.”

Funny how things work out.

”Amber when you debuted I was still plying my trade in SCU but I knew you you’re your reputation, both as a no-nonsense competitor and from that promo that Jessie cut against you, whilst I’m sure Jessie would rather forget that that promo ever happened, it certainly was an attention grabber.” I commented with a chuckle before shaking my head. ”But in the months that followed? You proved to be a force of nature in the Bombshell Division, something not seen since Alicia Lukas first arrived on the scene for that matter and the fact that you smashed her records during your World Bombshell Title Reign was certainly a sign of things to come, little did we know that someone even worse would follow you over a year later!”

Yep, I’m talking about that incident!

”I’m sure this is a painful memory for you Amber, but I can’t cut a promo against you for your return match without bringing up the reason you disappeared from SCW for months, can I?” Nope, I can’t ignore that elephant in the room now, can I? ”we all thought that we had seen the last of you after that attack Amber but here you are, months later facing me in a non-title match! And to address that comment for a second, yeah, I’m thankful that my title is on the line because you’re the first Bombshell I’ve faced as champion who I’m not sure I can beat!”

I gotta be honest.

”This is one of those instances where I question if I’ve done anything to anger Mark or Christian lately! I’m well aware that I’ve been on a roll since I won this title but to throw me to a lioness like Amber in her return match? Can you really blame me for asking such a question?” I asked as I rested the Bombshell Roulette Title over my shoulder. ”I will do my best to rise to the occasion in this match but I’m not kidding myself about my chances in this match, because Amber? You’re unlike anyone else I’ve faced since I won the title!”

Gotta try my best!

”You’ve beaten Seleana and Jessie, Melissa is someone you’ve never faced and as much as I’d like to see that match, I think I can predict the result, hell you’ve faced Team Hero before and Roxi was the one who dethroned you and ended your legendary reign, I have a lot of pressure on my shoulders heading into this match! More so than usual!” I added as brushed some hair over my shoulder. ”They say that diamonds are just coal that thrived under pressure but how much pressure is too much pressure? Guess I’ll find that out for myself on Sunday!”

My biggest test.

”There’s no getting around the fact that this is the biggest test of my wrestling career Amber, and I’m either going to pass with flying colours or die trying.” Hopefully not the latter option as I blew some hair out of my face. ”As a former champion yourself, you must know the pressure I’m put under every time I step in the ring, either to defend a title or compete in a non-title match such as this one, it doesn’t get any easier down here at the bottom of the Bombshell Division’s totem pole, I’ll say that much Amber and if you were going for that Grand Slam you’d find that out for yourself the hard way win or lose, but as the champion facing someone of your calibre in a non-title match? It’s my job to not show any weakness to my next challenger, even in defeat!”

Easier said than done!

”That’s the situation I’m in as I head into our match Amber, I’m well aware of the fact that any win on my part would be considered an upset and let’s face it, that would do wonders for my career in the process! But even if I lose this match, I need to look as strong as I can in defeat, less my next challenger thinks that I’m easy pickings!” I added as I looked at my Bombshell Roulette Title. ”In the short time that I’ve been champion I’ve put my heart and soul into my reign, I’ve worked through the blood, sweat and tears to make my name as champion and even against a competitor like you? I can afford to slip up, I still have a lot to prove as champ and our match will be my ultimate proving ground!”

It's that simple.

”If there’s any solace I take heading into the match, it’s the seven months’ worth of ring rust and, of course, that brutal beating you suffered at Masque’s hands!” I stated as I folded my arms. ”I hate to use such a thing against a competitor that I’m facing in a non-title match but what else am I supposed to do? Whilst you were on the injured list I was making a name for myself as a Bombshell on the rise and this Sunday will be the ultimate test of everything I’ve learned since I signed that contact with SCW during the Greece Lightning tour.”

And with that I decided to wrap things up.

”So in this clash of the Angel vs. The Demon will the angel conquer all or fall at the demon’s blade?” I asked as I held up my title. ”The only way to answer that is to get in the ring with me Amber and this Sunday we will find our answer! I’m under no delusion that my chances of walking away from this match as the winner are slim to none but I will be out to make a name for myself against a returning Hall of Famer in the making, and if I do win? Well, sorry to spoil your return party Amber but if I do make you bask in the glow of the Greek Angel’s light? Then the SCW Universe will talk about how “The Greek Angel” Ariana Angelos overcame the odds to beat the seemingly unbeatable! See you on Sunday Amber!”

I left the ring as the scene fades.
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