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Krystal was one step closer to closing out a rather chaotic year with a World Bombshell Title Match against Julianna DiMaria, especially since the champ had successfully retained the title against Mercedes Vargas in this past week’s Main Event (though not without a little help from Harper Mason) but more importantly? On the same night as Julianna’s match against Mercedes the other World Bombshell Qualifier was held between two women who had challenged Krystal for the Bombshell Roulette Title, namely? Bella Madison and Seleana Zdunich.

That match was won by Bella and now, for the first time since Krystal’s Roulette Title Reign ended, the Go Gym Graduate and the second generation wrestler were set to face off one on one, the winner moving on to challenge Julianna for the World Bombshell Championship! Krystal was unbeaten against Bella though their first match, which was non-title, ended in a Disqualification after Mercedes interfered, a match that Krystal was out to avenge! Can Krystal win?

Backstage at Climax Control 379, Tempe, Arizona
Sunday, the 26th of November 2023, 21:00pm

Is it me or does SCW tend to get more eventful around the holiday season?

I’m not saying that because the biggest show of SCW Calander Year traditionally takes place around this time of year, for one thing this year’s High Stakes was several weeks ago and that wasn’t even the closing Supercard of the year! No, instead I’m talking about what’s been going on the past few weeks because it seems that most of the other members of the Bombshell Division have turned up the violence in their matches/encounters.

Who knows? Maybe that damn Mariah Carrey song about Christmas is to blame!

Jokes aside? After the chaotic year I’ve had, I’ve mostly been trying to keep it nice and simple, wrestle whatever matches got assigned to me, try to stay out of other’s business as much as I could, the whole shebang.

Off course, that was before me and Luna were booked in the first qualifier to determine Julianna’s first Supercard challenger.

Which is funny when you remember that I was Masque’s last challenger as World Bombshell Champion last year before Amber did away with her for good at Inception VI, and no, that didn’t end well either, honestly? I’m not sure how that match or the tag match between me and Ari against Masque and Blackthorn got nominated for Match of the Year either! But back on topic, there wasn’t any indication that there’d be another qualifier so when I beat Luna I assumed I had my ticket booked for December 2 Dismember VI, needless to say? The second qualifier between Seleana and Bella threw a wrench into that idea tonight.

At least I can say that I’m finally getting a rematch with Bella with the only real stip being that the winner will be Julianna’s next challenger, and with Bella just coming back from maternity leave and my bitch phase well and truly over? I’m glad that no one will interfere.

And speaking of interference.

”You know, it’s funny Harp.” I commented as I watched the teenage Bombshell walk past me and she stopped in her tracks. ”I could’ve sworn you said something about being booked for Empire Pro tonight.”

”Yeah, and I’m appearing on both shows thanks to the magic of Kayfabe Airlines.” Harper responded as she turned to me and I kicked off the wall to face her. ”I basically showed up here for me and Jessie’s interview with Rocky, then flew out for the Empire Pro show, which I won’t be able to talk about until it airs, flew back just in time for the finish to the Ariana/Bea match and used Julianna’s interview to sneak out there and get under the ring.” Harper explained as she shook her head and I nodded as I got the idea. ”Not something I’m in a hurry to do again because it’s seriously fucking cramped under that ring, I only knew when to strike because I was watching a live feed of the show on my phone with my headphones in.”

”And I’m guessing that’s how you kept up with the goings on in SCW whilst you were at Empire Pro tonight?” I asked and Harper nodded in response. ”Look, I get that you got your pride and ego hurt thanks to Mercedes’s antics these past few weeks, but I’ve got my own stuff with Julianna to worry about after I beat Bella, can you at least promise me that you’ll stay out of my business whilst you deal with Mercedes?”

”Well, it’s not like you have a match against Mercedes lined up anytime soon, besides, I’m not gonna deny that a Worl Bombshell Title Match is on my bucketlist but I’m still working on proving myself to the bosses, never mind something like that!” Harper assured me and I nodded in response. ”So, how was your Thanksgiving?”

”Could’ve sworn I covered this last week but I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, what with me and Makayla being Australian and all.” I reminded Harp and she nodded as she got the idea. ”In other words, it was just a normal day for us, how about you? I know it was rough for obvious reasons.”

”It’s like I said on Twitter, I mostly spent it with Carter, Ariana, Miles and Carter’s mom and grams, Jessie literally missed the deadline to offer something similar by a second but she was okay with it because it meant I was socializing with other SCW Talent.” Harper responded with a shrug before sighing. ”Honestly? I’m more worried about my first Christmas without my parents, that going to be ten times as rough as my birthday and Thanksgiving rolled into one!”

”Take it from someone who lost her mom when I was in my teens, it never gets easier, the only thing you can do is try to stand proud and honour their memories.” I assured Harper and she gave me a thankful nod. ”That said? I know you follow me on Twitter, drop me a DM if you ever need to talk.”

”Thanks, I appreciate it.” Harper responded with a small smile and I nodded in response. ”So you think you can beat Julianna? And will you use the loss to Mercedes against her?”

”Have to get past the qualifier first, and Bella’s no slouch in the ring, as for that idea if I do get that far? No.” I responded as I shook my head and Harper gave me a curious look. ”That would be a low blow for one thing, and besides, I know what it’s like to have something like what happened to Julianna happen to me, if anything I sympathize with her, you?”

”Assuming this is some alternate universe where I somehow ended up in the qualifiers when my record isn’t even in the double digits yet?” Harper asked and I nodded in response. ”I’d probably say the same, being a champ myself? I’d hate to have that happen to me.”

”Good to know we’re on the same wavelength, by the way, where’s Jess?” I asked as I looked around for Harper’s manager. ”I was expecting to see her waiting for you in the crowd.”

”She came with me to the Empire Pro show and flew back, only downside? She was jetlagged and opted to sit the rest of the show out.” Harper explained and I nodded as I got the idea. ”I sent her a text with the summarised results for the matches she missed but I don’t know if she got it.”

”Well, if your heading back to the hotel to check on her? I’m coming too, want to get an early night, big title match and all.” I responded and Harper nodded before we walked off.

This was definitely shaping up to be a hell of a way for SCW to end the year.

Go Gym, Las Vegas, Nevada
Monday the 27th of November 2023, 13:00pm

I’ve lived in the US since I was eighteen, and it still feels weird to get asked about a holiday that I don’t celebrate because I’m not originally from America.

Given that it was just last week? You’ve probably worked out that I’m talking about Thanksgiving, I was never really a fan of the holiday because of the historical events surrounding it but than again there’s a good reason why Colonialism is a thing of the past to begin with! Still, it was a quiet day for me and Makayla and with the Go Gym closing for the holidays right before December 2 Dismember VI? I’m getting in as much training as I can.

Yeah, potentially wrestling for a World Bombshell Title opportunity at the end of a chaotic year tends to turn your focus up to eleven, who’d have thought?

As for who I was training with? The real question is who wants to train with me? Me and Gabriel may have made amends the week before High Stakes but the other graduates and prospective students have been slow to welcome me back into the fold, some of the new girls like Kelly have been willing to give me a second chance but from what I’ve heard? That Irish student is on thin ice as well because of a nasty argument she had with Ariana during the lead up to High Stakes.

There’s two things the Go Gym is good at, producing top tier wrestlers like me and Ariana and drama queens, again, like me and Ariana.

”One of these days I’m going to find a sparring partner who isn’t this damn punching bag.” I muttered to myself as I steadied the punching bag with my hands, pretty sure I mentioned that I took boxing lessons to learn self-defence before I decided “fuck it, I’m moving to America to enrol at the Go Gym” and whilst I haven’t had boxing lessons in just under ten years now? I can still punch pretty hard as the indents in the punching bag will tell you. ”Not much good for training for a World Bombshell Title qualifier.”

“Well yeah, that thing can’t hit back.” I glanced over and saw a new girl that I had seen around the gym lately, just hadn’t had the chance to chat with her, a shorter girl with long messy black hair and blue eyes. “Your Krystal Wolfe right?”

”Do you see any other Australian women with blue hair in this building?” I asked sarcastically and the girl let out a nervous laugh. ”Yeah, that’s me, and if all goes to plan? You’re currently talking to the soon to be SCW World Bombshell Champ!”

“That’s if you get past Bella and Julianna off course.” The youngster responded as she looked at her nails playfully and I shook my head. “Pretty sure they punch back unlike that punching bag!”

“I’ve wrestled Bella before and she hasn’t shown any signs that maternity leave has slowed her down, and Julianna? That bitch is the World Bombshell Champion for a god damn reason.” I responded as I shook my head and she nodded in response. ”Unless off course they are somehow still stuffed from Thanksgiving Dinner by the time I wrestle them! By the way, I don’t think I caught your name.”

“Oh right, sorry, my name’s Hayley.” Hayley introduced herself and I nodded in response. “So err, you want to spar?” Hayley asked as she motioned towards the ring and I hesitated, she was clearly a raw rookie and sparring with her wouldn’t have the same effect as sparring with another graduate but well, I’ve already gone over the fact that I’m not exactly on good terms with the,.

Guess it’s better than nothing I guess. ”You’re on, but just because your new doesn’t mean I’ll go easy on you.” I responded before we headed into the ring and started sparring, the fact that Hayley was a newbie was glaringly obvious, as was the fact that I was outclassing her at every turn, still she was a good sport and the few times she did manage to keep up with me? She did show some promise.

And there’s one person who just had to ruin it. ”Watch yourself Hayley, or you might end up with a broken arm.” We glanced up and saw Ariana standing on the apron, prominently showing her braced hand as she leaned on the ring ropes. ”I mean, your opponent did go on a war against rookies for most of the year!”

”Yeah but at least I waited for a chance to challenge for the World Bombshell Championship to drop into my lap.” I responded snidely and Ariana only had one response, namely flipping me off with her good hand. ”Don’t you have a zoo of stray animals to look after back home?”

”Don’t you have a broken marriage to fix?” At Ariana’s one response the whole gym went silent as they turned to my former friend with shocked looks on their faces, me? I nearly lunged at her for that low blow but Hayley got in between us and she quickly hopped off the apron. ”Good luck against Bella and Julianna, I’ll enjoy being the only Go Gym Graduate to currently hold a title in the meantime.”

”At least until you bitch and moan about losing to Courtney again.” I called back and Ariana said nothing in response, she just flipped me off again, I didn’t interact with Ariana again for the rest of the night and I mostly just spent it sparring with Hayley.

Nevada Desert
Tuesday the 28th of November 2023, 18:00pm

*promo time*

Well then.

”In the span of the few weeks that have passed since High Stakes, two things that I didn’t expect but I’m not complaining about happened, one: I beat Luna in a World Bombshell Championship Qualifier in a bit of a mini tournament that SCW’s hosting to determine Julianna’s next challenger.” I commented as I brushed some hair over my shoulder. ”Two: I’m facing someone who I haven’t wrestled in two years in my second qualifier, in fact the last time I wrestled this woman was when I was the Bombshell Roulette Champion, yeah, you know who it is, it’s been too long Bella.”

And now for the uncomfortable elephant in the room.

”Look, I said some things about you that I’m not proud off earlier this year, off course that was back when I had a damn demon inside me but who’s counting?” I asked sarcastically as I shook my head.  ”Not me and definitely not the women I faced towards the end of that saga! Look, I know there’s no amount of apologizing that can make what I said right Bella, all I can say is that the things I said about you were fucked up and I’ve moved past it.”

To put it mildly.

”Beyond that, let’s talk about our match history, shall we? We first wrestled right after I won the Bombshell Roulette Title, that was a non-title match that I seriously wish was my first defence and not just because my record at the end of it all would’ve been even more impressive, because Mercedes Vargas decided that she just had to get involved.” I commented with a frown as I shook my head. ”I guess causing wrestlers who are infinitely more relevant than her to lose via disqualification is a hobby considering her recent antics with Harper! After that we didn’t wrestle again until SCW’s first show outside of Las Vegas since the Pandemic alongside Mercedes in my third defence, fast forward a whole cycle and a major social faux pas on my part and we wrestled again at that year’s Violent Conduct, in a Glitter Lightsabre Duel Match!”


”I swear if there’s one hiring I could retcon from SCW’s history for that one reason, it would be Candy! But I digress, we didn’t meet again until one of my last defences, that five pack challenge at the High Stakes X Go Home Show, to be honest? I’m not sure if I should count that clusterfuck in our little series of matches, but considering your dropped out of the Open Invitational Scramble because you got pregnant at the start of the year? I guess it’ll have to do as far as counting our encounters go.” I added as I folded my arms. ”Do you see a pattern here yet Bella? No? let me spell it out for you.”

Here we go.

”Our one normal match got ruined by outside interference, our encounter after that was a defence of the title I held at the time that also featured the woman who interfered in our match, a match that would’ve featured a third challenger if Violet didn’t drop off the face of the earth by the way, our next match was one of the worst gimmick matches I’ve ever been in and considering that my first defence was a mud pit match? That’s saying something! And our last encounter? You were one of four challengers for my title, and you still lost to me after I kicked our and another opponent into an open grave, that is something that’s been eating away at me for the past two years, every time we are set to wrestle? Something works against us having a nice, clean match!”

I swear.

”Tis the danger of the Bombshell Roulette Division I guess, and just so we’re clear? I don’t regret my reign as the Bombshell Roulette Champ, that reign put me on the map for fuck’s sake! But just because it was the thing that made people stand up and take notice of me doesn’t meant I don’t have regrets about it, and I’d be here all day if I had to list them all.” I added as I stared into the camera. ”And you’re at the centre of several of those regrets Bella, that and the title itself.”


”Granted, I was the Bombshell Roulette Champion at the time and there’s always an element of risk in that division, but I respect you too much as a talent to let that slide Bella.” I added as I flipped some hair over my shoulder. ”Maybe now, after two years of waiting, we’ll finally know who the better woman is with no outside bullshit! We both know Julianna’s going to watch this match closely because whoever wins here will be her next challenger but I don’t think she’s the type to get personally involved like that! Granted, we’ve yet to see her truly pissed off at someone but I’m sure that’ll change soon.””

It’s that simple.

”So yeah, basically? This match is about who challenges for the World Bombshell Championship at December 2 Dismember VI, but in terms of my pride? This match is about answering a two year old question.” I said as I started to walk towards my car. ”Who’s the better wrestler, me, or Bella Madison? And there’s only one way we’re going to settle this and get that question answered once and for all, by meeting at The Path to Redemption Part VII: Old Face, New Goals.”

And with that I decided to wrap things up.

”Why that title? Because you may have wrestled me when I was just breaking out as a wrestler Bella but my goals have changed a lot since then! Back then it was all about proving myself as champion and to silence my critics, now? It’s about finishing a story!” I added as I approached the car door. ”The story of how I’ve waited a whole fucking year to get back in the title scene and the fact that I have to wrestle someone who was one of my first opponents the last time I was champ isn’t lost on me, the winds of change are blowing Bella, and unless you get the fuck out of the way? You will get trampled underfoot by the face of the new generation of Bombshells Krystal Wolfe!”

I got in the car and drove off as the scene fades.
Climax Control Archives / The Sky is Falling
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Your Problem
San Diego, CALIFORNIA -- Shoreline Recovery Center
24th NOVEMBER 2023

Oz had mistakenly thought that things would have gotten back to normal by now. He thought that the speed bump that he and Eiley had hit at High Stakes was going to be easy to overcome. He thought that Court would rebound and get back to the top instantly. He thought that Jaycee would be back on the road with them, and everything would fall back into place the way that they had been over the summer. As it turns out, it had simply been wishful thinking. Ruby made her return to Court’s side, but things had  only continued to spiral out of control for the two of them. He and Eiley were so out of sync that he wasn’t sure if they were ever going to be able to break out of the cycle. To top it all off, the thirty days that Jaycee was supposed to spend in rehab had turned into sixty, and then that sixty had turned into Jaycee not quite knowing when he was going to be able to trust himself back out in the real world. He hoped that the pit in his stomach was just impatience. Oz didn’t want to believe that the dominance of Jet City had come and gone basically within the span of a summer, and a few weeks ago he still would have been able to laugh off their struggles. That wasn’t the case anymore though.

OZ: I understand that you’re working on yourself and all that, but things are really falling apart without you.

JAYCEE: Don’t put that on me. That’s not fair.

OZ: I wasn’t putting it on you, it’s just a fact. The two things might not have anything to do with one another, but it certainly feels like it does. And I get it! You are here working on yourself, and I totally support that…

JAYCEE: Sure doesn’t sound like it. It sounds like you would be much happier if I was out there getting beaten up for money, just because it would put you back in your comfort zone.

OZ: Well if you say it like that of course it sounds bad.

JAYCEE: Say it in a way that doesn’t sound bad then.

OZ: All I am saying is that it would be nice to have you back out there with us.

JAYCEE: For me, or for you?

OZ: Why can’t it be both?

JAYCEE: ...because it’s not. You want me out there because the whole Jet City house of cards fell down. I don’t see why you can’t just be happy about the ride you got to take during the summer. You exceeded all expectations. As a group, we dominated everyone. That kind of thing isn’t meant to last though. It was always going to slow down. You just gotta build it back up, ya know?

OZ: ...and all that I am saying, is that would be easier if we had you back out there with us.

JAYCEE: Who is this “us” you keep talking about? You’re here alone. The last five or six times you have showed up you’ve been alone. Have you and Eiley even spoken since you lost the titles?

OZ: Not much.

JAYCEE: ...and you don’t think that is a bigger problem then coming and messing up what I have going on here?

OZ: I think that if you were around as a buffer, that would be an easier problem to solve.

JAYCEE: No. It would give you a way to avoid the problem without ever fixing it because the two of you would have to act normal around me.

OZ: And?

JAYCEE: Grow up.

OZ: It’s never been something that I was good at.

JAYCEE: Well then put some effort into it, bitch! You keep coming here like I am going to have some kind of answer for you, but the thing you need to be doing is talking to your girl.

OZ: She’s not my--

JAYCEE: Isn’t she though?

OZ: It’s not like that.

JAYCEE: Isn’t it though?

OZ: No, and it never really has been. We’re friends.

JAYCEE: Friends that have a history of being more than. Friends that live together. Friends that travel together, and share hotel rooms. Friends that share a car. You two had to split bed at Summer XXXtreme after you fucked up and got caught trying to steal rooms. You two are a lot of things, but “just friends” ain’t one of them.

OZ: Somebody should probably let Eiley know that then…

JAYCEE: Yeah, YOU should do that, and you don’t need me standing there living through the awkwardness with you. You need to do that shit on your own, and then the two of you need to get your heads out of your asses, because they ain’t going to hand you rematch after rematch until you get things right. If you want to get back to where you were, there’s really only one way to do that and it don’t have shit to do with me.

OZ: Well, it would still be nice to have you back out there with us…

JAYCEE: I don’t know if or when that will be a thing, so stop holding your breath.

OZ: They aren’t going to let you stay here forever, ya know?

JAYCEE: I know, but I’ve been thinking about just taking a job at Jet City like Court did and kind of laying low for a little while. I am not sure the spotlights and the travel are what I want out of life. It would be enough to get to be normal, which is what I like about this place.

OZ: ....normal. That does sound nice.

JAYCEE: Then go talk to your partner.

OZ: Maybe I’ll stop being afraid to do that when you stop being afraid to sign yourself out of here.

JAYCEE: ...something tells me I will probably win that race too, so you don’t want to take that bet.

>The Sky is Falling

”I see the snide little jabs at us that everyone is taking…”

”The problem is these days, it doesn’t seem like Jet City has a leg to stand on anymore. Over the last month we have truly lost everything. Court has fallen from the top of the mountain. Jaycee has run away to find himself, and Eiley and I can’t seem to figure out exactly where we went wrong…”

”...but all of you seem to know exactly where we went wrong. I mean, you have pointed it out over, and over, and over again since High Stakes. Hell, you shoved it in my face during that entire show as well. Eiley was the Future Star of the Year. Eiley is the one that all of the legends recognize as the rookie that might actually go somewhere in this business. She has earned every bit of our success, and I have been the one to shoulder every bit of our failure.”

”It doesn’t matter that I was just as impressive in Blast from the Past as she was this past spring. It didn’t matter that the only reason that we won the Mixed Tag Team Championships was because I saved her ass. It didn’t matter that I stepped in and took the beatings from Austin and Tempest that helped up keep the titles around our waists. The only thing that any of you people saw was that when we fell short, it was me that was taking the fall. When we didn’t live up to expectations, it was because I was the weak link. At every single turn I have been reminded that as far as Limitless goes, I’m not shit.”

”...and that is how this week came about. I mean, this isn’t my thing. I don’t like competing on my own. I don’t enjoy walking down the aisle as a solo act. Something about it has never felt right to me, but it feels like it is a necessity at this point. I need to be able to step into that ring and start to disprove some of the disparaging chatter coming out of the locker room. I need to rise and shine on my own in order to silence the social media dirt sheets. I need to change the narrative, because I can’t stomach being killed by all of you people, week after week, even when Eiley and I were successful.”

”...and the only way that I can do that is on my own. Even if I was the one picking up the fall to regain the Mixed Tag Team Championships, it wouldn’t be enough. There would always be something for people to nitpick. I would be accused of simply picking my perfect spot to strike, and nothing would change. The only way that I can force anything to change is to do the thing that makes me uncomfortable. I have to come out to that ring by myself and handle something that Limitless has failed to get done as a team.”

”That’s where Carter comes into it.”

”...and sure, he has had his own colorful history with Jet City. Eiley and I had fun at his expense back when he was being left off of shows that we were winning championships on. Court called Carter and his tag team partner failures in order to get under Ariana’s skin months ago. Jaycee even made a joke out of him before their match at Summer XXXtreme. Yet, Ariana has done more to get Court off her game than just about everyone in this company. Carter shut down Jaycee before he could even get back into a groove in Sin City. And then Carter and Ariana finally got their shot to take the legs out from under Eiley and I and they did it without breaking a sweat. All of us have taken shots at him, but it has been Carter with the last laugh at every turn.”

”Unwittingly, we have turned Carter into the perfect foil for all of us. He and Ariana proved that when the two of them beat Eiley and I at our own game. But it wasn’t the two of us that lost, it was me. Just like it has always been. I was the one that was embarrassed. I was the one that got beaten, and the only way that I can fix that is to go out and hand him a loss myself. Everyone else is banned from ringside. There won’t be any background bullshit for people to point to. If I go out and win this one, it is something that nobody will be able to take away from me, and it will be a big step back in the right direction.”

”So that is why this match has to happen. This is the way that I turn everything back around. This is where I make everything right. I am going to walk into Climax Control by myself, and I am going to do everything in my power to make sure that by the end of the night, nobody thinks of me as the weak link anymore. Over the last month or so, Jet City has lost everything. I have lost everything. I may have even lost my partner. But if I can find some way to pull this off on my own, maybe things can start to get back on track.”

”...and it would be about time too, because I don’t have anything left to lose.”

Climax Control Archives / *~*Thanksgiving Chaos*~*
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*~*Thanksgiving Chaos*~*

The savory aroma of roasted turkey wafted through the O'Connell household, signaling the arrival of Thanksgiving. Bella, with a determined smile on her face, wore an apron that read, "Chef in the Making," as she navigated through the bustling kitchen. Máire was safely tucked in her high chair, observing the organized chaos around her with wide-eyed curiosity.

The doorbell rang, and chaos ensued as the guests arrived almost simultaneously. Malachi, who was still finishing his attempt at tying a bowtie but just decided to say to hell with it and stuff it into his pocket, rushing to greet everyone at the door while Bella juggled a wooden spoon and a tablet that had garnered her all of her favorite recipes, in the kitchen.

"Well it’s about time you all get here! Come on in!" Malachi greeted Alanah and Jack, who were wrangling the energetic twins, Patrick and Elise. The toddlers were already racing around, their laughter filling the air which only set off Luka who enjoyed getting chased around by something other than Salem.

Patrick stops only for a second in front of Mal, "Uncle Mal! Look at my race car!" Patrick proudly displayed his toy car, zooming it through the air as if on a mission to explore every inch of the living room.

Meanwhile, Rory, the 7-month-old bundle of joy, was happily babbling in Alanah's arms. Alanah, noticing the commotion from the kitchen, called out, "Need any help in there?" with an air of faux confidence.

"I've got it all under control!" Bella shouted back, attempting to corral the unruly ingredients that seemed to have formed an alliance against her.

In the midst of the chaos, Mack McKane and Mattie Cormier arrived, bearing desserts and festive smiles. Mack, known for his playful banter with the children, immediately joined forces with the toddlers, getting Luka even more riled up.

"’ey there, lil ones! Uncle Mack's got some tricks up his sleeve!" he exclaimed, earning giggles and laughter from the kids as he sent Luka hauling ass down the hallway and back again.

Meanwhile, Mattie and Alanah, ever the calm presences in Bella’s chaotic life, strolled into the kitchen after they placed some of the things that Mattie brought on a table that was set off to the side. "Bella, do you need a hand with anything?"

Bella, determined not to admit she was slightly overwhelmed, waved her off with a dismissive smile, "No, no, I've got this. It's just a little... Thanksgiving flair!"

Malachi, sensing the potential chaos, intervened, "Bells, why don't you let them help you out? I know you prepared a lot last night but it’s clear that you are a bit over your head at the moment."

After a moment of reluctant consideration, Bella relented, "Fine, but only because I don't want the fire department here before dinner."

As the Unholy Trinity teamed up in the kitchen, Jack, who surprisingly was a vision of calm in the midst of the whirlwind, settled on the couch with Rory. Elise and Patrick, now joined by Bella’s little brother Aaron, who had a superhero action figure in hand, created a symphony of laughter, giggles, and the occasional clatter of fallen toys. Máire, in her daddy’s lap, watched everything and occasionally one of the other kids would come up and give her a quick tickle which would bring a huge smile to her face followed by a laugh before she tucked herself into Malachi’s chest, being shy.

The delightful aroma of pies and turkey filled the air as the chaos of Thanksgiving continued to unfold. Laura and Nick, Bella's parents, who had arrived with Aaron, just in time to witness the organized pandemonium. The family gathered around, sharing stories, laughter, and the occasional, "Watch out for that spill!"

As the feast neared completion, Bella took a moment to glance around at the joyful mess that was her first Thanksgiving as a new mother. The love and laughter that echoed through the O'Connell household were the true ingredients that made this chaotic Thanksgiving a perfect celebration of family and gratitude. Things felt complete.

And so, amid the clamor of kids, the aroma of delicious food, and the warmth of loved ones, the O'Connell Thanksgiving unfolded in a glorious symphony of chaos and joy.

And she wouldn’t have it any other way.

The Thanksgiving chaos had settled, leaving the O'Connell household bathed in the warm glow of familial love and the contented sounds of post-feast bliss. With the kids now occupied with toys and games, and the adults savoring their after-dinner coffees, well the girls were. The men found themselves down in the basement level of their home, as Mal showed them around the area, Bella found a quiet moment to escape to the living room with Alanah, Mattie, and her mom, Laura.

They settled on the couch, each holding a cup of coffee, the rich aroma mingling with the faint scent of pumpkin pie still lingering in the air. Máire was peacefully napping in her crib, oblivious to the world outside her dreams.

"So, how's the new mom life treating you?" Alanah asked, her eyes sparkling with a mix of genuine curiosity and the shared experience of motherhood.

Bella sighed, a mixture of exhaustion and contentment evident on her face, "It's a wild ride, that's for sure. Between late-night feedings and attempting to keep up with my training schedule, I sometimes feel like I'm running on fumes."

Mattie chuckled, giving Bella a sympathetic look, "Welcome to the world of mommyhood. It's a beautiful mess, isn't it? Not that I would know but the wedding planning is exhausting."

Laura, sitting beside them, wore a knowing smile, her eyes filled with the wisdom of years spent navigating the complexities of parenthood. "You're doing an amazing job, Bella. Balancing a career, family, and your own dreams is no small feat."

Bella leaned back, a grateful smile playing on her lips, "Thanks, Mom. It's just... I want to be the best mom for Máire, the best wife for Mal, and still, pursue my passion in the ring. Sometimes, I worry I'm spreading myself too thin. ...or even came back too soon."

Alanah placed a reassuring hand on Bella's shoulder, "You know, you don't have to do it all alone. We're here for you. Your mom and I, we've been through our fair share of sleepless nights and mommy doubts. Mattie is more than willing to help out when things get crazy when she can. It's okay to lean on your friends."

Mattie nodded in agreement, "She's right. You're not alone in this, chica. We've got your back."

Laura chimed in, her voice filled with a mix of maternal pride and warmth, "And remember, it's okay not to have all the answers. Motherhood is a journey, and you're allowed to learn as you go. You're doing wonderfully."

Bella felt a surge of gratitude, her eyes misting with unshed tears, "Thank you, all of you. It means the world to me. I guess sometimes I forget it's alright to ask for help."

Alanah grinned, "That's what friends and family are for, Bells. We're in this together."

As the comforting chatter continued in the cozy living room, the atmosphere shifted slightly. Alanah, ever perceptive, sensed a hint of contemplation in Bella's eyes. With a knowing glance exchanged between her and Mattie, Alanah gently broached the subject that lingered in the air.

"Hey," Alanah began, her tone soft and understanding, "How are you feeling after the return match? I mean, it was a tough one, and we all know how much it means to you."

Bella sighed, her shoulders momentarily slumping as the weight of the recent defeat settled on her. "Yeah, it hit hard. I gave it my all, and Bobbie and I had a hell of a match. But in the end, she came out on top. I guess I'm just figuring out how to process it all. That and letting my ribs recover."

Mattie nodded in empathy, "Losing is never easy, especially when you invest so much of yourself into your craft. But you've always been resilient, Bella. It's okay to feel disappointment, but don't let it overshadow the progress you've made."

Laura, sensing her daughter's inner turmoil, offered her own perspective, "Sweetheart, success isn't measured solely in victories. It's in the journey, the growth, and the lessons learned. Every setback is an opportunity to rise stronger, to refine your skills, and to come back even more determined."

Bella looked down at her coffee cup, her thoughts swirling. "I just... I had this image in my mind, you know? Coming back, making a statement, and showing everyone that I hadn't lost a step. And now, it feels like I stumbled out of the gate."

Alanah leaned forward, her gaze unwavering, "Bella, we both know that stumbling doesn't define you. It's the getting back up that does. Bobbie got the better of you this time, but that doesn't erase everything you've already accomplished. All we know is that you can use this as fuel, as motivation to come back even stronger."

A supportive silence settled over the room, allowing Bella the space to absorb the encouragement and wisdom being shared. She took a deep breath, that familiar spark flickering back in her eyes.

"You're right. I can't let one loss dictate my journey. There's always another match, another opportunity. I just need to figure out my next move...which just so happens to be Seleana Zdunich and her ever growing hunger for Julianna’s spotlight."

Mattie grinned, "That's the spirit, Bells. We've seen you conquer challenges before, and this is no different. You've got the strength and resilience to turn this setback into a comeback."

~*~Post-Thanksgiving Workout Reflections~*~

The clang of weights and the rhythmic beat of Bella's footsteps on the treadmill created a symphony of determination in the home gym. After an intense Thanksgiving workout, she took a moment to catch her breath and gather her thoughts. And checking on a sleeping Máire who was in a swing that they kept in the area for times like these. Malachi, sensing her reflective mood, sat down beside her, handing over a towel and a bottle of water.

"You're pushing yourself hard, Bells. What's on your mind?" Malachi asked, concern evident in his eyes.

Bella wiped her face with the towel, her gaze fixed on the SCW logo on the wall. "Seleana Zdunich," she replied, the name carrying a weight of significance.

Malachi nodded, understanding the gravity of the upcoming match. "She's no pushover. What are you thinking?"

Taking a sip of water, Bella's expression turned contemplative. "Seleana is not just an opponent; she's a challenge I need to overcome. This match is my ticket to December 2 Dismember, and I can't afford to underestimate her."

Malachi leaned back, his support unwavering. "You've faced tough opponents before, Bells. What makes Seleana different?"

Bella's eyes focused, her mind delving into the intricacies of her upcoming opponent. "Seleana is relentless. She's hungry for success, and she fights with a tenacity that's hard to match. I have studied her matches over and over, her strategies. She adapts, she improvises, and she seizes every opportunity."

Malachi listened attentively, recognizing the analytical edge in Bella's voice. "So, how do you plan to face her? What's your strategy?"

A determined glint appeared in Bella's eyes. "I need to be one step ahead. Seleana is not someone you can predict easily. I'll capitalize on her strengths, anticipate her moves, and, most importantly, use my experience to outmaneuver her."

Malachi nodded approvingly, "That's the Bella I know. But remember, it's not just about the physical game. Your mental game is just as crucial."

Bella sighed, acknowledging the truth in his words. "Yeah, mentally, it's been a rollercoaster. After the last match with Bobbie, I questioned my readiness and whether or not I was too eager to get back. But this is different. Seleana is a different challenge, and I need to prove to myself that I can bounce back stronger."

Malachi placed a reassuring hand on her shoulder, "You're resilient, Bells. You've overcome doubts before, and you'll do it again. This match is an opportunity to redefine your path in SCW."

Bella nodded, a determined spark in her eyes. "Seleana may be a challenge, but she's also an opportunity. An opportunity to show everyone, including myself, that I'm not defined by setbacks. I'm defined by how I rise from them."

As Bella prepared to face Seleana Zdunich in the World Bombshell Qualifier match, her mind echoed with a mix of anticipation and determination. The gym, once again, became the arena where she honed not just her physical prowess but her mental fortitude—a crucial element in the upcoming battle.

The match against Seleana wasn't just about victory; it was about proving that every setback was a stepping stone to something greater. With her unwavering spirit and the lessons learned from past challenges, Bella Madison geared up for a showdown that would define her journey in SCW.
Climax Control Archives / ENDEAVOR XLVII
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[Sitting outside on the veranda of a cafe, Mercedes Vargas hides behind a newspaper. She lowers it to reveal her wearing a sunhat to cover her hair. Across from her is Janet the Makeup Lady, a glass still half full of pina colada in her hand.]

Mercedes: It's no use trying to hide my shame. If I had to do this, it had to on my own, just not now.

Janet the Makeup Lady: I think it's a new look for you, get to see how the other half lives. Now, come on, Merce, take off the hat.

[Janet goes to remove the hat, but I swat her hand away and give her a murderous look.]

Mercedes: I'm not going to tell you again. Quit it, or you're going home with one less hand tonight.

Janet the Makeup Lady: It can't be that bad.

Mercedes: I'm too angry right now to go into details at the moment, but that match with Harper should have been mine.

Janet the Makeup Lady: EVERYONE is talking about it. Harper didn't deserve that, if you asked me. She can't seem to catch a break.

Mercedes: Really, Janet. I thought you had my bsck. Just when you know who your friends are.

Janet the Makeup Lady: And what about Jessie talking smack about you?

Mercedes: It's Jessie Salco. When was the last time anyone took anything she said at face value? If I were her, I'd stay retired.

Janet the Makeup Lady: You realize Harper wants to face you at December 2 Dismember? It seems she don't like you. At all.

Mercedes: That hasn't changed.

Janet the Makeup Lady: It's like you and Jessie all over again. Aren't you two ever going to get along? Life is too short to be holding grudges.

Mercedes: Were you watching the same show? You saw what she did to me earlier when Jessie got in my face. Harper got her payback. I got mine. So we're even.

Janet the Makeup Lady: Even though you lost to Harper two weeks ago? I think it's time you let this go, Mercedes. It's not healthy.

Mercedes: What would you know about healthy? Anyway, I got Julianna DiMaria to worry about.

Janet the Makeup Lady: Aren't you excited?

Mercedes: About challenging for the Bombshell Championship again? Yeah. I can't decide between my first go or my 22nd. Seriously, I've been ready and everything.

Janet the Makeup Lady: How good are you?

Mercedes: I don't know, I'm not sure. But it's going to be fun to find out.


Blog: Almighty Fire
semana del 19 al 26 de noviembre de 2023

So not everything has gone according to plan in 2023. Once again I've lost more matches than I won. I've come up short in a few number one contender matches. At least three times have slipped through my fingers. Getting winds on Control or pay-per-view is another story entirely. The last time I won on Climax Control, I beat Selena Zdunich. That was back in mid-July.

But Thanksgiving is upon us, and it's usually a time to be grateful. I have a lot to be grateful for. When you're a two-time Hall of Famer, how can you not. No matter how much I want to avoid it, time happens to everyone. Yes, even a international superstar like me. I've been in SCW for ten years now and despite what I've accomplished in my career, I've had to weather the storm, rolled through the punches, and watched the endless conga line of girls walk through this company with some not even lasting barely a month. It's a sad reality, but I never let it be my reality.

Something to be grateful for.

Harper Mason should be the most grateful these past few weeks. She got not one, but two wins in back-to-back weeks because of me, and the only reason why she didn't spend the night lying in ICU in some dingy hospital somewhere in Flagstaff, Arizona is by the grace of God and because I'm a nice person. I don't know what her idiot cousin has been telling her, because like the movie Groundhog Day, Harper keeps living the same outcome over and over again. I guess that's life when you're related to Jessie Salco.

Anyway... When I glanced at this weekend's card, I was shocked to find my name in the main event – wait, is that a frown on your face or are you happy to see me? - because there's a lot of girls on the roster who would have killed to be challenging for the Bombshell Championship. A match with one of the upstart talents in the division is an opportunity anyone would and should take. But, hey, I'm not complaining. Depending on who you ask, either I just got lucky or the short end of the straw. A lot of people are probably wondering how I got this match, that I don't belong in this match, and even if by some miracle of miracles I end up having my hand raised, that I don't deserve a title, but you know something? I don't book the matches, so I can't say it's my problem.

I couldn't pass this up, and it's not because my opponent is coming off her first successful defense or that I wasn't successful in my last match outing, but because there needs to be closure, don't you think? Let's face it, save for maybe Courtney, very few woman has been able to give Julianna that challenge in 2023. Week after week, she ended up disappointed after each victory, and every week the fans were left wondering who would end her reign.

I know what I'm in for at Climax Control, another tough match with one of the future stars of the Bombshells division and while we have never met before, Julianna knows I'm going to push her to the limit so I expect this match to be more of a heavyweight fight. I don't have a problem where our match is placed on the card - I just want to be the one who ends Julianna's streak. Honestly, I'm was in no hurry for another title match, but I'm going to make Julianna work to protect her reign.

Julianna has had quite the few months. Being unpinned for five months-plus is impressive – no where near to my 14-month record – but impressive nonetheless, and Courtney was her only real threat. I get the feeling that I won't be the favorite in our match, but that's alright, that's okay. I've gotten used to the underdog label by now, and I've managed to open a few eyes and drop a few jaws along the way. It's what I do. I'm not called “Big Match Mercy” for no reason.

Some people feel I don't deserve to be in this title match to begin with, others see me as a warmup for Julianna before December 2 Dismember and some say I should be desperate ahead of our match because of my history in previous world title matches. I say a world championship reign is long overdue. I've got the ability, I've got the talent and I've got the drive. It's up to me to put it all together and end the night with my hand raised in victory.

There will be those who criticize my career. There will be those who question if I'm ready to be the hood ornament of the women's division again. There will be those who doubt how long I'll stay at the top. And then there will be me ready to prove them wrong.

Like I said, it's Thanksgiving Week, and I have a lot to be thankful for, but come Sunday, you will be thanking me.


"Blessed are the merciful,
    for they will be shown mercy.

"Blessed are the pure in heart,
    for they will see God."

[Clock ticking. A sewn-in black satin ribbon page marks an opened red-letter bible. A candle burning next to it. Father McCarthy, a bespeckled man who took his devotion serious than anyone had a right to be, recites a passage of Scripture.]

Father McCarthy: Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness,
    for theirs is the kingdom of hea --

[A proud, pouty tone causes the middle-aged clergyman to look up, annoyed, from the text.]

Mercedes: Father, I need a favor.

Father McCarthy: Yes, my child, what is now?

Mercedes: I have a friend of a friend who knows a friend who is getting married and they need someone to officiate the wedding. Luckily for me, I have the best person for the job.

[The priest sighs while shaking his head.]

Father McCarthy: I'm sorry, Mercedes, but I can't. You'll have to find someone else, I'm afraid.

Mercedes: But why not? You've been doing this for years. Aren't you supposed to be doing the Lord's work?

Father McCarthy: No, I think I would be just doing your work. Besides, I'm stepping away from ordaining weddings and for a good reason.

Mercedes: It can't be that bad.

Father McCarthy: Want to bet?

[FLASHBACK. Texas. Inside a quaint chapel. Father McCarthy dressed in regal attire. He leads the bride and groom in exchanging wedding vows.]

GROOM: Ooh, my little pretty one, my pretty one.
When you gonna give me some time, Sharona?
Ooh, you make my motor run, my motor run.
Got it comin' off of the line, Sharona. Never gonna stop, give it up, such a dirty mind. I always get it up for the touch of the younger kind. My, my, my, ay, ah, wooh! M-m-m-my Sharona.

[Father McCarthy gives a bristled response as he turns to the bride.]

Father McCarthy: Now for the bride.

Bride: Um, wow. How can I top The Knacks?

[Flustered, the bride turns to Father McCarthy, who urges her on to continue.]

Bride: Dear Bradley, I promise to be your co-pilot, your navigator, to take you in sickness and in health, regardless of the dangerous stuff I put you through.

Father McCarthy: Wonderful. And at this time, if there is anyone who cannot see why these two should not be in holy matrimony, speak now or forever hold your peace.

[The camera pans to the crowd, most of which has their hand raised. Father McCarthy points at one woman in the front row.]

Father McCarthy: Yes, we'll start with you.

Woman: Uh, hi. My name is Tabitha, I'm the bride's roommate. Sharona, you barely know this man. You just met him in the IHop commercial. You two have no compatibility and you yell at each other at most things. Don't make this mistake.

The bride and groom say their peace.

Bride: Tabby, there's nothing wrong with IHOP. Stop being so jelly belly.

Groom: Tabitha, think of it this way. You're not losing a roommate, you're gaining a roommate.

Father McCarthy: Yes, we'll take the woman to the right.

Woman #2: Yes, Ethan. It's your wife, Lola. L-O-L-A. Lola. Real quick, why are you throwing our marriage away? Think of the children.

Groom: Your concerns are noted. Also, the alimony and child support says you have nothing to worry about.

Father McCarthy: There seems to be a line forming in the aisle. Settle down, we'll try to get all of you. Okay, sir in the rather loud suit.

Man: Yes, I'm the father of the bride. I just to say this. Sharona, why are you with this man? Your mother and I didn't approve of this.

Bride: Daddy, don't you DARE ruin this for me!.

Man: Don't say I didn't warn you.

Father McCarthy: Yes, to the gentleman wearing the headset.

Man #2: Ethan, it's Coach Adams. We won the state championship two years in a row. You know you have one more year of eligibility to join the team. What do you say to a three-peat?

Groom: Well, gee, Coach. I don't know how to say this any more clear: Yeah, no. No. Absolutely not. There's no chance. It's gonna be a no from me. A hard no. Definite no. And, uh, how do I say, HELL NO!

Father McCarthy: Well, then. I, too, would like to add my objective. By the power vested in me by the Church, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may now seal your vows with a kiss.


Mercedes: Oh, you poor thing.

Father McCarthy: I knew I should have taken up acting when I had the chance!



Present Day ♦ S A N T A M O N I C A, C A L I F O R N I A


[The scene opens up as we see the hands and partial arms of someone struggling with a tripod. After a few minutes, the person steps back, reaching out to adjust the device before looking back at the camera with a sidelong glance. Mercedes Vargas waves back at us. The Argentine is at the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica, California. In the background is the entrance to Frank Gehry's Santa Monica Place.]

"You know, Jessie,, after Crystal Caldwell took her retirement from Sin City Wrestling all those months ago, I thought for sure you would be following her out the door. You lost your match at Violent Conduct, you lost the Bombshell Roulette Championship. I thought we would never hear or see your face again. But as it turns out, you're still here, plugging along, keeping your head above water in SCW and that's something to be admired. Now you took your cousin under your wing and you've found your voice. On Twitter, you're claiming about injustice being served because poor little Harper has become a punching bag lately. It's just too bad that the last two weeks haven't been memorable, despite the cheap wins she's gotten the past two weeks, but I digress. What I find comical, even hilarious, is the fact that your cousin wants a match with me. Thing is, Jessie, for as long as we’ve been in SCW together and the fact that we've had lengthy careers, I thought you of all people were smarter than this.

"Harper challenged me to a match at December 2 Dismember. She wants my answer? She will have my answer the same time you and the world will - this weekend at Climax Control 379.

"But, see, my attention won't be solely focused on Harper. Because that same weekend, though, I have more important matters worth my time and attention: Julianna DiMaria and the Bombshell Championship. A championship that's been eluding me for awhile now and it's certainly something I'm not readily to admit nor am I happy about."

[Mercedes remains calm, eyes steady on the camera lens. Clearly the shame and embarrassment of the outcome of the tag match two weeks ago hasn't sat well with her. With a heavy sigh, she looks up again, shaking her head.]

"These past few weeks, months, years only serve as setbacks to setup my comeback. I've had my ups and down, successes and failures, but I never let failure get the last word. I plan on walking out of Climax Control as a winner, because that's what I am. No excuses, no exceptions."

[Mercedes looks back at the panoramic view of the Los Angeles skyline before looking back at the camera.]

"I've been called many things. Some of them were nice, others not so much. Depending on who you ask, some call me determined. Most called me obsessed. And then there are those who tend to look at me as being past my prime, including Julianna, and that's fine. If she thinks I'm washed up, that I'm past my prime, I'll be more than happy to prove her wrong and take back my mantle. And if it means going through the new flavor of the week who hasn't tasted a defeat for a over a few months, well, guess who's about to end up on my checklist?

"I've perservered through all kinds of matches and opponents, injuries and setbacks, and the stigma that followed me when I was a member of one of the most infamous stables in the company. It's any wonder why I'm still here after that episode. Disrespect, I can live with. But as for you? For you, Julianna, it's another story. It doesn't matter if I speak to you in English, Spanish, or a mixture of both, it's all universal: You're only getting started.
Oh, sure, you're on en fuego right now. You're stacking up wins right now, taking everyone's best shot."

[She holds a finger in a wait-a-minute gesture.]

"There is just one problem. Every opponent is different, and no week is ever the same. You know the pressure is getting to you. It's why you get me this weekend before the next pay-per-view. Will you still make the card? Probably. Will you still be champion by then? That's what we're going to find out.

"I bet the view looks nice up there, sitting in that ivory tower. What you seem to forget is all it takes is one loss and everything collapses. Come Sunday, I'm going to be the force of nature that's going to cause that tower to crumble.


"And, when that happens, mamita, the world will be forced to witness everything you worked for disappear"

[Mercedes snaps her fingers to underscore each word.]

"There will be those who criticize my career. There will be those who question if I'm ready to be the hood ornament of the women's division again. There will be those who doubt how long I'll stay at the top. And then there will be me ready to prove them wrong."

[Looking deadset into the camera lens, her voice drops to a whisper though her words hold conviction behind them. She pauses, mostly for dramatic effect.]

"Estar preparado para lo peor, esperar lo mejor."
"Prepare for the worst, hope for the best."

[Mercedes stares menacing into the camera. She lowers her voice, barely a whisper.]

"Y que la suerte está siempre en su favor."
"And may the odds be ever in your favor."

[With that, Mercedes walks off, but the camera stays on the picturesque view of the boardwalk as our scene fades.]

Climax Control Archives / What Does The Future Hold? Dates & Deadlines...
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~As the picture slowly comes into focus, we find ourselves making the journey through the Garden of Betrayal, an open-air conservatory that Peter Vaughn built earlier this year. It's seen better days, as temperatures in Dallas have gotten below freezing, which means many of the roses have started to wilt away. They're going into hibernation, hopefully to return once the spring thaws out the ground. The cameraman, unfortunately, is not as lucky, as he's grumbling in the cold as he moves along the path.

Cameraman: Why come back here today? Couldn't we have met somewhere warm, like another restaurant or maybe a house with a fireplace? Hell, I'd even take going inside that death-trap next store... well, no, not that one, I'm never going back in there...

~The camera shakes for a moment, and not from the cold. The last time we saw this cameraman filming, it was when Vaughn fell through a weak spot in the roof of the multi-story building next to the Garden. Fortunately for Vaughn, he only suffered some bumps and bruises, coming through it like any other wrestling match. But the cameraman has no interest in being the next accident victim there. He comes around the corner of the "maze" of flowers, and comes to a stop as he sees the center pavilion ahead... covered in some sort of plastic.~

Cameraman: What the heck is this?? Damn it, did he send me to the wrong place again??

~The camera moves awkwardly, as the cameraman presumably works to get his cell phone out. We hear him dialing, followed by an answering ring... from inside the plastic-wrapped pavilion.~

Cameraman: What the...

Peter Vaughn: Hello?

Cameraman: Mr. Vaughn?

Peter Vaughn: Oh, hey, camera-dude. Good to hear from you. Are you on your way in? I'm ready for you.

Cameraman: I... I don't understand... how do I... where's the entrance?

Peter Vaughn: To the Garden? You've been here several times...

Cameraman: No, not the...

Peter Vaughn: Hold on, I'm getting a serious echo effect... oh, wait...

~One side of the plastic suddenly moves to the side, as Vaughn pokes his way out. He takes in the cameraman, grinning, before hanging up the phone.~

Peter Vaughn: Tricky there, boyo. Come on inside.

~Speechless, the cameraman steps forward, finally noting the small seam that was built in to create a 'door' inside the pavilion. Inside, it appears 10 times warmer, thanks to an industrial heater running off to the side. On the center picnic table, there are two cloches covering plates on either side. Confused, the cameraman steps up, but Vaughn stops him.~

Peter Vaughn: Nah, put the camera over there on the stand. You can't eat with your hands full.

~Still quiet, the cameraman does as he was asked, and soon both men are sitting in front of us, with Vaughn waving to the cloche in front of the man.~

Peter Vaughn: It's on an electric warming plate, but feel free to dig in.

~The cameraman reaches out, pulling the cloche carefully, as if expecting an explosion. But all that's underneath is a Thanksgiving-styled meal, including turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes. He looks up at Vaughn, who shrugs.~

Peter Vaughn: I had some leftovers from earlier.

~The cameraman doesn't seem to mind, as he starts digging into the meal with the utensils provided. At the same time, Vaughn turns and faces the camera on the stand.~

Peter Vaughn: So now it's all in the record books. The SCW Roulette Championship will now be locked in as the belt of Peter Vaughn. We're past 200 days now of me being the champ, and that's just going to continue until I find the right man worthy enough to hold this title and keep the belt pristine. Now, some would say that a guy like Alexander Raven is more than worthy...

~Vaughn seems to think to himself for a few seconds, and then shrugs.~

Peter Vaughn: They're probably right. But Raven's got his sights set on that Heavyweight Championship right now, so he doesn't even care about taking me on for the gold. I respect that. He would be a horrible choice as the next Roulette Champion, because he would see it as a downgrade, no matter how ridiculous that assumption would be. I mean, I made this belt one of the most treasured titles in the world, and he should respect that. But he wouldn't, so I have no problems just keeping this one a non-title match.

~The cameraman just silently nods, as he sticks another piece of turkey into his mouth. This is better than anything he could have expected.~

Peter Vaughn: But it still is in my best interest to not back down against Alexis at all. I need him to feel like he's had the fight of his life... before he gets to have the fight of his life with J2H. Honestly, it's terrible booking for the man, because how's he going to manage being 100 percent against one of the toughest guys in Sin City when he's got to go to war with me first? And sure, there won't be any unique Roulette twists, but that doesn't mean that he will get through this match unscathed. Accidents happen... you know?

~With that, Vaughn steps forward and removes the second cloche. Unlike the cameraman's plate, this one doesn't contain any food. Instead, we see a variety of objects. An exposed turnbuckle. A metal pipe, usually found inside a guardrail. A piece of rebar, possibly from the edge of a ring. A timekeeper's bell. The cameraman, surprised, stares at the items, before continuing to eat, not wanting to waste the food.~

Peter Vaughn: You see, Alex, even in a regular match... there are some serious dangers. Items that may look harmless or part of the scenery, but can still be used without a threat of disqualification. Okay, the ring bell is a stretch... but you see what I mean, right, boyo? Are you content with the fact that you're risking your chance to win the Heavyweight Title at December 2 Dismember V for a match that will likely only end one way? I mean, I don't think your full heart is going to be in it, because you have so much to lose...

~With that, Vaughn picks up the metal pipe, studying it.~

Peter Vaughn: But me, Alexander? I already got my record. I've already done what I set out to do. Which means that I have absolutely nothing to lose in this one... which gives me everything to gain.

~Vaughn smirks, before slamming the pipe down on the table. It rattles everything, causing the cameraman to jump. Vaughn glances over at him, then drops the pipe back on the plate.~

Peter Vaughn: Sorry. Got a little carried away. Enjoy the rest of your meal, and I'll see you next time. Turn off the heater before you leave, okay?

~With a quick nod, Vaughn heads out the plastic screen, which seals up behind him thanks to a conveniently placed piece of Velcro. The cameraman reaches over and takes a drink from the nearby cup, sighing in satisfaction. After a second or two, though, he slowly looks to the right, at the large heater nearby... a type of heater that he's never seen before.~

Cameraman: Uh... wait... Mr. Vaughn? Mr. Vaughn, I don't know how to turn this off...

~The cameraman hurries out of the pavilion, moving to try and catch up to Vaughn, as the camera keeps recording the empty room. What, did you expect a slow zoom in or something? It's not magic, people, someone has to be there behind the lens. It can be edited, though, as we see the shot cut off, taking us to a black screen.~

~The shot comes back in as we find ourselves in a small shopping mall somewhere in Dallas. Inside, the Black Friday sales are going, as small groups move around, filling up their carts with any deals that they can find. One such couple is moving along now, checking out the sales, although the guy doesn't seem too impressed.~

Peter Vaughn: Seriously? A vacuum cleaner for $20 off? That's what constitutes a Black Friday sale nowadays? No wonder this place is basically dead.

~Vaughn looks around, still disappointed, as his recently-made fiancé, Sadie Anderson, steps up next to him and laughs.~

Sadie Anderson: You're such a cynic at times, you know that, Peter?

Peter Vaughn: I can't help it. I remember when the deals were so good, you had to fight off the crowds and win the war to grab the limited item that was 80-90% off. The blood, the violence, the conquest... those were damn good times. Now, look at this place? It's the most empty I've ever seen a store on Black Friday, and it's because nobody has the money for these crappy deals.

~To signify his point, Vaughn waves at another stand set off, offering a set of luxury towels for $4. The towels don't look particularly impressive, but without feeling the fabric, you can't really be sure it's not a deal, I suppose.~

Sadie Anderson: Well, at least we came out to look around. You never know when a sale like this will pay off. You know, we still need to make a wedding registry, so people can start thinking about what they need to bring to the reception.

Peter Vaughn: People actually do that? I thought it was only for a baby shower...

Sadie Anderson: Well, THAT possibility is still in the future...

[ ~Sadie blushes slightly, but Vaughn doesn't seem to see it. He's already stepping to the right, picking up a set of steak knives.~

Peter Vaughn: Twenty bucks? ... That's not terrible... but we don't need them.

~Vaughn puts them back, turning around to see Sadie standing in front of him.~

Peter Vaughn: What? Did you want them? I can get them...

Sadie Anderson: It's not that, Peter, it's just that... at some point, we're going to have to talk about some details, aren't we?

Peter Vaughn: Details? Like steak knives?

Sadie Anderson: Like, for instance, when is our wedding going to be? You proposed to me, I said yes... and you haven't even talked to me about a date yet. Don't you think it's important for us to start working on that?

~Vaughn thinks about that for a few moments, moving to the side as another cluster of people move through. One of them grabs the steak knives, walking off with them, but Vaughn doesn't notice.~

Peter Vaughn: I have to confess, I wasn't that worried about it, really, Sadie.

Sadie Anderson: Not worried? Really??

Peter Vaughn: Well, I mean, I know we'd have to plan it for a time when I don't have a wrestling match scheduled in SCW, TPW, WGWF, or anywhere else. Although I know they do some weddings inside a ring, but that always seems to ask for trouble, and you don't need that. Then we'd have to plan it for a time when you and I could both get away from the ranch for a bit. I know the next season's coming in quickly, we'd have to train some people up. Then again, our staff is already pretty damn good, aren't they?

Sadie Anderson: Yes, but they, too, might want to come, you know?

Peter Vaughn: Eh, they wouldn't have to. I'm not going to be that kind of ranch boss and force it.

Sadie Anderson: And what about our family's schedule?

~A slightly darker shadow crosses Vaughn's face for a moment, but he shakes it away.~

Peter Vaughn: I mean, your family, certainly. My dad's gone, and my mom... well, there's always Thomas, I suppose.

Sadie Anderson: Of course your half-brother will be there.

~Sadie shakes her head as Vaughn moves further to the side, looking at another box, which apparently contains Black Friday pillows. Pillows. That's just awful.~

Sadie Anderson: I don't mean to put you on the spot...

Peter Vaughn: How about tomorrow?

Sadie Anderson: ... What?

Peter Vaughn: It's before my match at Climax Control. All of the staff is still around for the weekend. Even Thomas is hanging out with that new girlfriend of his, along with his kid. I know a minister or two, they'd probably be willing to do it, and then we can...

Sadie Anderson: No, Peter!

~Sadie's suddenly sharp tone catches Vaughn's attention, as he turns back to her, surprised. She looks upset, shaking her head.~

Sadie Anderson: I'm not marrying you tomorrow... not that fast! Not that... casually!!

~With a deep, painful sigh, Sadie turns and walks away, as Vaughn watches her go, looking completely bewildered.~

Peter Vaughn: But you said to pick a date!

~As Sadie disappears down another aisle, Vaughn takes a few steps forward, still not sure what to do. He looks back at the pillow stand, then suddenly lashes out, punching the top pillow. It goes flying several feet away, disappearing behind some clothes, as a shout rings out.~

Voice: Hey! Who threw... oh, wow, a pillow, I really needed one of those. Thanks!

~Vaughn doesn't respond, as he's already moving after Sadie now, trying to figure out what to do.~

There are still plenty of things in this world I don't understand.

Why do we call a package going by car a shipment, while a package going by ship is called cargo?

Why do the security guards at the airports always want to search me when I'm on my way to another match?

Why is Bill Barnhart still employed?

Yep, there are lots of questions I have, but the #1 question for me right now is what do the Sin City Bookers have against Alexander Raven?

They've really put you in a bind, Rave. I mean, c'mon, it's clear that you're going to be distracted in our match-up. They've even got J2H watching you face off against me from ringside. You think that you're going to be able to keep yourself 100% focused on The Mechanic with that kind of threat RIGHT THERE in your face? And if you want to be able to beat someone like me in a singles match, you definitely need to be 100 percent.

I'm thinking you'll be around 75%, and I may be feeling a little generous on that.

Now, don't get me wrong. A Raven at 75 percent is certainly still dangerous. You may be down a wing, but that still leaves the claws and that big beak of yours. Sorry, but your nose is a well-known danger to every wrestler, that's just a fact. But I don't care about J2H hanging out there. I'm not looking to impress anyone, or make any kind of statement. I've never had to do that before, and I'm sure as hell not going to start now.

People learn to respect me whether they want to or not. I don't need to force anything.

All it's going to take, Lex, is for you to turn your eyes towards J2H at the wrong second. You notice him, think about him, remember how you've got to somehow fight through that buzzsaw that tore you up at the last PPV... and in that instant, you're going to be vulnerable, and I'm going to strike. You know Revenged can come at any time, from virtually any direction. One second, my friend... one second.

One second before you find yourself waking up and realizing that you've lost it all.

I've known a lot of wrestlers that have described the sensation of the Revenged to me after the fact. It basically goes from you having all the faith in the world that you're still in the contest, to instantly coming to and asking the referee what happened. It's funny that the Plunge and the Keyholder both are dangerous maneuvers, but it's Revenged that really seems to be the most... painless. Still, it does the job, as you'll soon find out, boyo.

I wonder if that doubt is already starting to creep its way into your subconscious. That thought that, once you taste defeat at my hands (or feet, as the case may be), the fans will lose faith that you're a worthy main eventer to go for the World Title? Well, feel free to stuff that doubt down and crush it. You don't need to think that way. I honestly believe you're definitely a worthy contender for the belt. You're going to be one of the best wrestlers I've faced here in Sin City singles, I believe. I mean, who rates near you? Jack Washington, maybe?

I'm 2-1 now against him, by the way.

And losing to me would be no crown of dishonor to be worn. I've beaten many of the best in the business, and their careers have continued straight forward... well, most of them. I know, some people will bring up Caedus or Marshall, but those were different. I truly don't believe your career will go into the gutter by getting Plunged by me. I have no reason to ground another Raven, like I have James and Matthew.

I'm sure you know who I'm talking about. They're "famous", right?

The point is, Al, there's no shame in what's to come. There's no embarrassment. I think it's going to be an incredible contest, and while I'm fairly confident that I'm going to come out on top, you really shouldn't let it decide your fate. It's nothing that should really send that treacherous, doubting worm burrowing into your self-confidence, tearing it apart from within and leading you to have the most god-awful match ever seen in a main event of an SCW PPV.

You won't let that happen, Alex? Right? Because I certainly wouldn't want to be sitting there at the arena, having dispensed with Lyons once again, and seeing it happen. I wouldn't have a box of popcorn sitting with me, either, enjoying the entire moment. I definitely wouldn't be cheering J2H on as he knocks you cold with Solid Gold.

Nope. Wouldn't be me.

I know it's hard to understand, Raven... but I do still want you to succeed. Just not this show. Not this match. Not this time.

And never against me.

~We rejoin Sadie Anderson as she's currently in the furniture department of the store. She is sitting on one of the model beds, thinking things through. Behind her, we can see Peter Vaughn approaching, apparently with a box of Christmas chocolates in his hands. He slowly comes around Sadie, making sure she looks at him, before he offers the chocolates.~

Peter Vaughn: Here you go. Ummm, apparently they're half off today only.

~Sadie can't help but smile at the gesture, as it's both somewhat ridiculous and somewhat completely sincere at the same time. She pats the side of the bed, and Vaughn takes a seat next to her.~

Peter Vaughn: I'm sorry that I suggested tomorrow. I just... I tend to think things through too 'logically' at times, I guess.

Sadie Anderson: That's okay, Peter. I may have overreacted...

~Sadie sighs, then turns herself to look at her fiancé with sincere eyes.~

Sadie Anderson: I just... I always dreamed of the perfect wedding, Peter. I'm sure a lot of ladies have at one time or another. It's the moment that most of us, if we're lucky, we'll only have one chance at. I don't want to just do something simple, like the justice of the peace or Las Vegas. I want an honest-to-goodness, large-scale wedding that will make all of my friends from school jealous.

Peter Vaughn: Well, then... I guess I'll have to give that to you.

Sadie Anderson: It's not about "giving it", Peter. We're doing it together. It's our event. It's OUR wedding.

Peter Vaughn: I know that. I just... you have to remember, Sadie, that while you grew up with a great family and saw the best of everyone... I didn't. I saw my family dissolve. I saw other families around me collapse due to cheating or neglect. Sometimes both. It's not like I've seen many strong relationships in wrestling, either. So for me... this is an extremely new concept, and I just never... expected I would be here.

~You can see on Vaughn's face that he's flashing back to when his mother deserted their family, followed by the collapses of so many couples around him... some of which he helped cause. He's not proud of those... but he's not disgusted by them, either. They're just... there. He leans back on the bed, staring upwards.~

Peter Vaughn: I'm going to be trying to learn a lot as we go along, Sadie. I'm just in completely untraveled territory for me. But with your help... we can reach that perfect wedding. Whatever it takes. Whoever I have to take down to get there.

~Sadie leans back with him, the two now facing upwards towards the store ceiling. She smiles.~

Sadie Anderson: I doubt you're going to have to beat up too many people to make this happen, Peter. But I appreciate your enthusiasm.

~The two smile at each other, although there's a hint of disappointment in Vaughn's eyes. But that's to be expected.~

Sadie Anderson: We're going to find the right date. We're going to find the right venue. And we're going to end up husband and wife, in a day that we'll remember for the rest of our lives.

Peter Vaughn: That sounds... pretty good to me.

~As Vaughn inches forward, looking for a kiss, there's a sudden clearing of the throat near them. Both sit up, sitting a younger man standing there, his arms crossed.~

Young Man: Sorry, but I already bought this one. Didn't you see the sticker?

~He points to the side, where there is, indeed, a "sold" sticker on the edge of the model bed. Both Vaughn and Sadie exchange a look.~

Peter Vaughn: You seriously bought the model bed? With so many of them packed up around here?

Young Man: They give the best discounts on those. We... don't have much money.

~Behind them, we can see a younger woman sitting there, looking tired but happy. The small baby in her arms is deep asleep, thankfully, soothed by the rocking motion of the mother. Sadie, seeing this, nudges Vaughn with her elbow. He looks at her, confused, and she nods towards them, before nodding towards one of the other beds here. Vaughn sighs.~

Peter Vaughn: Trust me, kid. This bed sucks. Get your money back. I'll buy you one of the more advanced models over there.

Young Man: You'll... you'll buy it for us? Why?

~Vaughn glances over at Sadie, who's still smiling brightly.~

Peter Vaughn: Because it's that time of the year, I guess. And also because those are the ones that are most discounted right now. Gotta make the right choices, you know?

~Vaughn gets up, with Sadie right beside him. They head over to the next section, signaling to the salesperson to come over, as the lucky family follows behind. We fade out.~

My life is definitely undergoing some changes at the moment.

Some would say those changes are long overdue.

Like, for instance, finally making my way upwards towards the Heavyweight Title division, where you've been for a while, haven't you, Reaver?  How many attempts at the brass ring have you had now? I'm personally too lazy to count. But you've never made it there, have you? You've had your runs in the Internet and Roulette Divisions, sure, but you've never been able to get over that hump here in Sin City. Why do you think that is? Are you just not good enough? Or has it just been bad luck and unfortunate choices?

Either way, I suppose that's something we both have in common. I've never worn the SCW Heavyweight Title, either. Now, bear in mind, I've never been GIVEN a shot at the Heavyweight Title, but that doesn't change the fact that this is the only fed I'm currently in where I've never been at the top.

Actually, in most of my feds, I've been there multiple times.

So one would ask, who, between us, is most deserving of that opportunity? And I'd say... well, you've already been given yet another chance, so who am I to take it away? But here's the thing, Alexanduh... if and when I defeat you on Sunday, I'd say that puts me pretty close to the top contendership in the land, doesn't it? Wouldn't that be something? Skipping the Internet Division entirely and going straight at the big dogs?

Many have said I should have been there already, never understanding why I've been taking my time. But what can I say? I've been enjoying myself. But now, maybe the dials have finally spun around to point me upwards, towards the greatness of the Sin City Heavyweight Title.

And hell, if I defeat you, and then you somehow cause J2H to slip in a puddle of sweat and roll him up for a 3 count, that would almost guarantee I'd be the one coming next for the belt, wouldn't it? But I think that's a pipe dream. I've seen J2H in person during a tag-team match, and let me tell you, Alex... you just don't feel like you're in the same league as him. So I'm pretty sure the Heavyweight strap is staying where it is.

But that doesn't mean I shouldn't still get some credit by out-wrestling you all over that ring.

I'm going to be bringing my absolute best into this contest, Allie. I'm going to be whaling on you with every single maneuver I can pull out of my bag of tricks, and believe me, as much as I've done here in Sin City, you haven't seen nearly my full repertoire. I've won eleven World Titles by being the best of the best. It's a phrase that I believe in fully. I always know that I can win any and all contests I enter into. I'm always a threat to dominate my opponents.

Not that I'm looking to dominate you. Because that just doesn't sound right.

But I'm definitely focused on bringing you to your knees... no, hang on, take three...

I'm going to pound your... hmmm...

Let's just say that I'm going to be victorious, okay, Gravy? I'm going to hit you with everything I've got, and maybe a little more besides. I'm going to show you, just like I've shown Kasey, Rodrigo, Lyons, Washington, and all the others who didn't think I could get past them. I'm going to make you believe the truth that I just am that much better than you.

And then you're going to experience a major change in your life, Raven.

You're going to take the Plunge.

It's a ride I bet you never forget... especially with J2H watching. Good luck to you, boyo. You're going to need it.

~We are now outside of the mall, where Vaughn and Sadie are walking along to their car. Nearby, we can see the young couple waving happily at them as they head to their beaten-down car, the delivery charges for their new bed already completed. Sadie waves back. Vaughn's too busy glancing into the bag he's carrying. As they reach Vaughn's beloved truck, Gabriella, Sadie smirks at him.~

Sadie Anderson: I still can't believe you bought the steak knives.

~Vaughn pops open the back storage area, popping the knives inside for safe keeping, before getting the truck unlocked for Sadie and getting in himself.~

Peter Vaughn: I know... I couldn't stop thinking about them. I mean, they WERE a great deal.

Sadie Anderson: And you also felt like you HAD to buy yourself something, just to make the trip not feel like a waste.

Peter Vaughn: There's that, too.

~The two look out the window, to where the sun is just beginning to rise over the horizon. It's a rather romantic look, not that Vaughn would ever see it that way.~

Sadie Anderson: I know we still have a lot to talk about. But we have all the time in the world, Peter. There's no rush. We'll get the details worked out.

Peter Vaughn: Or we can just hire a wedding planner to take care of all of that...

Sadie Anderson: Not a chance.

Peter Vaughn: I knew you were going to say that.

~Both laugh, as Vaughn starts up the engine and lets it rumble for a few seconds.~

Peter Vaughn: So want to go talk about some of those details over breakfast? Or is there another store you'd like to visit?

Sadie Anderson: I think I'm Black Friday'd out.

Peter Vaughn: Then pancakes it is.

Sadie Anderson: Don't forget, married couples share everything.

Peter Vaughn: I'm going to buy you your own plate of 'cakes, don't worry.

Sadie Anderson: That's not what I meant!!

~They drive off, with Vaughn still wanting to have individual pancake plates, while his fiancé is more interested in getting different orders and sharing between them. This couple has a long, long way to go. Pray for them. We fade out.~

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As they entered the backstage arena, a few people – not other wrestlers, wouldn’t you know it – congratulated them on their win. Someone handed Finn a towel for his face at some point and he swiped at it as he walked by, removing the excess blood. He wasn’t sure if he’d need stitches, but right now, he didn’t care. Adrenaline coursed through his veins, and the gold that laid on his shoulder was a poignant reminder that he needed to press onward and forward, no matter the cost.

The cost.

Kayla appeared excessively smug as she clutched her Mixed Tag Title to her shoulder. That was the thing Finn knew about Kayla. It didn’t matter what championship she had, she’d treat it the same as every other championship: like it was the dearest thing to her and it was her job to elevate it. She might have called the Roulette Championship a “special school” championship, but if it were in her hands? It would be the most important thing she held.

As they approached the area in which the locker rooms were set up, she turned to him, reaching out her hand briefly for him to shake. She had been remarkably professional about this whole thing – no matter their personal feelings towards one another of distrust and dislike. He took it, and she shook it once, before dropping her hand.

Another one down, right?” Kayla questioned. “Did it feel good to get that over on Kasey?

In response, he pointed at his own head with a jabbed finger. “I think he got one over on me.

She snorted, “Maybe, but that’s what will make getting the championship from him in the future even more sweet. The chance to jab his face into the mat and stomp on it…” Her lips curled up happily as she thought about it. “He had to go out there and say all the things that he couldn’t come up with before because he’s a weakass pansy. That’s what you did to him. We did. You got under his skin. Congratulations on being the villain.

It was more words that she’d said consecutively in the six months since she’d moved out. Had it been that long? Almost a year since the last Christmas they’d spent together curled up in his room. Since the last moment that they’d actually gotten along, and everything was comfortable.

It wouldn’t be the first time,” he replied.

They stood awkwardly for a moment. A long time ago, they might have said something along the lines of getting something to eat, heading back to the hotel, then going their separate ways. This felt a bit like that, but at the end of the day, neither wanted to be the first to go running back into the arms of the person they’d rejected. She broke the silence, tilting her head slightly to the right and letting her eyes float up to the gash on his forehead.

Don’t leave here before you get that checked.” She said, and she didn’t bother giving him an opportunity to say goodbye. She opened the door to the women’s locker room and sauntered in, not giving a flying fuck that everyone in there hated her anyway.

Finn nodded then, turning on his heel and heading not in the direction of his locker room, but to the team of paramedics that Sin City regularly employed in case of injury. They were in the process of packing up when he entered the makeshift room, and they chortled when they saw him.

Champ! We were wondering’ when we were going’ to see ya,” the taller of the two, and the one more clearly equipped to be of service clapped Finn on the shoulder. He’d been a traveling paramedic with SCW now for a couple of years, a medic by the name of Jason. Or at least, that was what was labeled on his nametag. He patted the chair in front of him, rolled backwards on his stool, and then rooted around in his medic tackle box. He also happened to be the one that tended to him back last November when Finn was a complete fuckup and lost the World Championship.

I thought about not coming,” Finn admitted. In the past, he wouldn’t have even done so. But Kayla said he should, so…

Good on ya that you did. We can check for a concussion while we’re at it.” He nodded as Finn sat down, and took an alcohol wipe to his forehead. “Not a big ol’ gash, we’ll just put some Second Skin on it. Wonder where it would have gone if Kayla hadn’t finished the match the way she had. You and Kasey, man…excellent sportsmanship.

Finn raised his eyebrow. He glanced up to the other paramedic, an Asian, who was surveying the scene in front him quietly. It was kind of suspicious, Finn thought. Usually they all went to help when someone came to them. This one just seemed interested in what was going on and what was said. He recognized him from somewhere.

Kayla rolled up Alexandra. That’s all.

Jason the Paramedic raised his own eyebrow. “Feet on the ropes.

Finn felt distinct irritation rising up in his bones. Of course. That’s why she was looking so smug about it. He sighed inwardly. He knew Kayla didn’t have the same trepidation he did about cheating, but he inwardly wondered if this was the hill that he wanted to die on – especially if they were starting to get along well again.

I will do anything to get the job done.

She said that before they went out, prior to the match. She was teeth gritted, anger blazing, and prepared to do anything and everything to keep the mixed tag team titles in her grasp. She belittled and destroyed, as she was the hurricane that went through her own life and her career. Powerful, but no one seemed to want to give her credit.

He allowed the man to stitch him up and then rose to his feet. He peered once more at the Asian man, who exited the room, and then he grabbed his championship. “Thanks.

No prob, man.

Finn exited the makeshift room, but stopped abruptly as the Asian Paramedic stood in front of him. They stared at one another, neither moving, nor saying a thing, before the man bowed slightly, and muttered, “Mottomo kurai yoru ni wa, mottomo kasuka na hikari ga mabushīdesu.

The hairs on the back of Finn’s neck stood on end. He paused, composed himself inwardly and then grit his teeth. “Tell Kei to fuck off.


We meet again, this time with a defense strongly embedded in the recent past. As we get further and further into this, the fuzzy edges that came with Kayla and I winning those championships start getting a bit more clearer, and it makes more sense. As the days to December 2 Dismember tick away, we have the opportunity to prove our worth and our candor. Limitless continues to…underwhelm, while we continue to overbear.

I’m not going to fill this time talking about the lackluster performance of the Mixed Tag Team Champions. I have a lot more I want to say, but I think I'm going to wait until it’s the right time to say anything about Eiley and Oz.

I do want to address the elephant in the room…and that would be Miles Kasey’s little tantrum before calling out Austin James Mercer.



And if you don’t get those words, Miles, then it’s simply said as: childish. I let you get in a win over me. You and I both know this. I didn’t show up like I needed to be because, fuck, I wasn’t in the mindset that I wanted anything. But now? You want to run your mouth on live television and make sure that you pull your balls up to your throat so everyone can see them because you think you’re something special? Carter pats you on the head and tells you you’re a good little boy and you waggle your tail and think you’re something.

I didn’t need Kayla to revitalize my career. I got forced into this and I forced myself to make something of this predicament I got slammed into. When you think about it, I was dealt a hand that required my failure, that isolated me from choosing my own path. When I am handed lemons, I don’t just make lemonade – I make the best damn fucking concoction I can and shove it down the throats of everyone around me so that they believe the very same aptitude.

If you want to mouth off, go ahead. You have the backing of someone who has far more skill and power than you do, and you, while you’re flouncing around with that Internet Championship, are going to realize that you’ve popped off to the wrong people. Austin will lay you out flat, mate, just because he doesn’t like you. Whether you win or lose, I want another opportunity to do the same. If it’s for the championship and you still carry it after your match with Mercer, then it’s even more saccharine sweet.

I didn’t need Kayla like you needed Carter to give you relevancy beyond being the kid that everyone picked so they could get a cheap win. I needed a fucking reason to remember why I’m here, why I loved this sport. It’s not a person, it’s not people, it’s the thrill of the fight.

You missed the fucking cue, mate.  I said you had potential. Past tense. In the past. I know you’ve gotten a few fuckin’ kicks to the head in the past, but I’m going to say this now, in the present tense, is what I believe.

I believed in you, kid. I fought for you. I pushed for you, I did a lot of shit behind the scenes to help you, and you all but threw it in my face.

You don’t know what kind of enemy you’ve made in me, Miles.

Just like everyone else in this company doesn’t know what kind of a monster they’re going to get week in and week out. Give me something to latch onto, and I will be diving down your throat.

Learn it now, Sin City. You put me in the division I’m in because you know how much drive I have, how easily I can push myself and become the champion of the World again. I can lay claims on what I want, and I will do so week in and week out until it’s given to me.

I will fight a thousand of your best until you realize I am your best.

Are you listening?

Maybe I’ll take a note from Kayla and just do what needs to be done. No matter the cost.



Thanksgiving. The time of year that Americans seem to remind each other that they need to be grateful and thankful for the things that they have.  Finn took a quick trip up to Seattle to see his sister before he returned back on the holiday in New York. He’d just parked his car in the underground lot, arrived at the elevator that would take him to the floor he owned, and finally he’d be able to just relax and watch something on television before he needed to take off on Saturday for Arizona. He ran a hand through his tousled hair and pressed the button for the doors to open.

When they did, there was a split second panic that erupted through his body because two men with military grade rifles stepped out of the elevator and stood on either side of him. But as he stared forward, the only thing he could see was the blonde hair and noseband of the man he’d been avoiding for years now. With a slow exhalation, he sucked in his teeth and looked directly at the man.

Really? Did you expect me to shiv you in the elevator?” He retorted somewhat sarcastically.

You did tell me through the associate to fuck off, if I so remember. Cannot be too careful.” Kei Hideshima responded, a smirk on his face as Finn stepped into the elevator and stood next to him.

I meant it too.

Disheartening…” Kei replied, though he didn’t sound quite broken up about it. “I have come to ask you again, and I figured myself coming to you might be a change from the norm. We used to be a strong team, Callien.

We’re stooping to house calls? How low.” Finn replied, and watched as Kei smiled. “We are not a team, and I figured at one point or another, you’d stop trying to invest in me and find some other stupid sod to make a name off of. Might I suggest to you Eddie Lyons?

Kei chuckled, and shook his head. “No. Though the rest of your…family…

Finn snapped his head and looked at him through narrowed eyes. “You stay the fuck away from all of them.” He snarled, just as the elevator dinged. He hoped his vehemence would at least remotely surprise Kei, but all it did was make him smile a bit more as he followed Finn out into the hallway. As Finn fumbled for his keys, Kei folded his hands in front of his body and waited for him to open the door. “There’s nothing more to talk about,” he argued, ramming the keys in the slot. “I don’t want to be a pawn, or to have my life constantly threatened by rival families.” I don’t know what you’re waiting for.

For you to–

FINNNNNN!!!! The cheerful squeal of Kallie Reynolds reverberated loudly in the hallway as Kallie flung open the door, forcing Finn to stumble in slightly. She wore an apron, one decked out in Thanksgiving turkeys that were missing heads, and she clapped her hands. “You’re home! I didn’t think you’d be home so we’re using the dining room and kitchen, but I was going to clean it out.

She hugged the Seattle Saint (despite his dislike of being touched) and then looked at Kei. “Oh! You brought someone along with you, that’s awesome! Hi! I’m Kallie, come in, come in,” she grinned, hugging him too. Finn cringed.

Kei.” He replied, calmly.

You can eat with us too!

Why, of course.” Kei smiled politely, shooting Finn an expression that said, Well now you’re stuck.

Finn grit his teeth and headed inside. He heard all of them. The dining room was full. Kallie loved to entertain, and she often invited everyone she knew. “Aiden was just bringing in the turkey,” she cooed, pointing at the dining room. “You guys go sit.

Uncomfortably, Finn turned the corner. Already seated at the table was Dickie, who was seated next to Amelia, with Dax on his other side. Aiden was in the kitchen and Kallie had disappeared. She’d also invited Tasmin Richards, her husband Adam, and their little one, Dawn. Sitting on the opposite side of them made Finn’s throat close up.


She appeared just as uncomfortable as he was.

Kei slipped past him and presumptuously took the seat at the head of the table, and the only seat left was next to Kayla. Finn grit his teeth and sat down. He looked at Dickie, who looked at Kei strangely and glanced back at his “older brother”. Dickie was no stranger to the shateigashira, and he knew the story intimately. Too intimately.

She didn’t say you were going to be here,” Kayla hissed at him.

I wasn’t.

No Emily?” She quipped snarkily.

Finn snapped his head up to look at her and narrowed his eyes. “No. She can go fuck herse–

Food’s ready!!!!” Kallie called, bringing a basket of bread rolls in and placing it down on the table as Aiden followed with a massive turkey that was ready to be sliced. She was also completely oblivious to the somewhat tense feeling that had settled within the room. Aiden paused when he stood in the center of the doorway, staring at Kei with trepidation on his features. Kallie sat down and smiled, encouraging her husband to bring the turkey over with widened, threatening eyes. He did so, and then sat down next to Finn.

Aiden was oddly quiet for the entirety of the meal, in which Kallie forced small talk with everyone, regardless of if they wanted to talk. Kei listened quietly to everyone, watching their interactions like a hawk watches his prey. Amelia evaded the question of if she was dating Dickie and changed the subject immediately, and Dawn and Dax were handed just enough mashed potatoes to sling at each other across the table and cackle.

The Japanese man’s eyes caught Finn’s as he glanced down the table. He knew those cogs of his were turning, and he didn’t know what he would have to do to keep them safe.

Kei the Collector.

It was the strangest Thanksgiving Finn had ever participated in, and found himself honestly wishing he’d stayed in Seattle another day. Then, perhaps, he wouldn’t have been the idiot that led Kei Hideshima to every single important person in his life.


I asked for a match and perhaps I should be thankful that it was received. I know it’s easy to get narrow vision when you’re booking matches and note that a tag champion exists to kind of…only work as a tag champion. But I’m the type of man that likes to do the opposite of what is expected, and despite the desire to see me only work as a tag team worker, I want to make sure I remind everyone of who the fuck I am on a regular basis.

You see, any of you watching this know my history well enough. I’m decorated as fuck, and I could bring up every championship that I’ve ever had. However, I’m not going to because you didn’t come to see me toot my own fuckin’ horn that much. So let’s just settle on the fact that I’m good. That’s what brought me to this championship, the World Heavyweight Championship and the Roulette Championship all within a few matches. I’m something like eight-five, but you know what?

I don’t really give a rat’s because I know for a fact that all my losses equal all the times that I haven’t given a shit.

And unfortunately for all of you, that time is not any time soon.

You read the pretty words on the screen when they announced this match? SCW seems to think that I’m not capable of wrestling on my own anymore, and that is a damn fucking shame. Just because I got thrust into working with Kayla doesn’t mean that tag team wrestling is the only place I want to be. It’s unfortunate, really – I carry all of these fucking accolades in this company and they’ve relegated me to being a tag teamer only.


Time to flip the script, don’t you think?

I asked for this match because I wanted to continue being visible within this company. And when it was granted, I felt a happiness spread its way through my chest and I felt like I could smile not because I saw my opponent, but because I was finally able to fight on my own again. To rise and make sure that people like Miles Kasey were gutted because I could stand on my own two feet again.

And then I checked the email I got and it told me I was facing Dubois. An “Iconic” Dubois, even more so. A man I’d never heard of except for failing miserably against Raven Three. So I scoured the dredges of the internet – X-witter, of course – and found that the man was booked in that fucking cesspool ran by Chris Page and his sycophantic cunts.

I swear, I’m going to need penicillin shots and possibly whole body chemical peels to get the feeling of grime off of my skin for having to look at anything involving that shithole.

So let’s get into it.

I don’t know where this man came from, but I just really feel that this is a man who has taken on civil rights as his gimmick. I mean, the name comes from W. E. B. Du Bois, clearly, a man who fought for equality and opposed segregation in education. Top notch motherfucker, if I do say so myself. But to take that on as who you present yourself to be in one of the most accepting of all sports, and use This Is America by Childish Gambino? I think you’re pushing your luck.

But that’s not the picture you painted in Cesspool1. There, you were an accomplished wrestler, fighting in various matches and being the show stealer…for three months. You won the Boiler Room Brawl, and fought your way into the Cannabis Cup, and…I mean you lost on the first night. And then all of a sudden, you appear to be…

…well, retired.

I don’t know if it's news to you that you have a match in Arizona with SCW, and if you don’t, well…


I mean, it’s probably an extremely awful surprise. Not only am I probably one of the most violent wrestlers on the SCW roster, I’ve had a couple of decently annoyed days in the past few days. That means I’m salivating for a fight, and I don’t know if you’re going to be able to handle that. Because what it looks like to me was that you were doing relatively well for a bit, lost two matches, and fucked off to nowhere.

And here? Alexander Raven made you submit two weeks ago, and you haven’t been seen since. Last year, I may have said that it was a small feat to be ousted by Raven, but the truth of the matter is the man has grown into a decent fucking wrestler and has done a damn good job…so you getting submitted by him? I mean, I’d tuck and leave because I failed so miserably against someone that has been very prepared for this company.

So what are you going to do, Dubois?

Are you going to show up for the match? I hope you do. I’d like to repeat the same match. I know this company isn’t into the whole deathmatch persona, but I’m in a mood.

I don’t like being pigeonholed. And I don’t like assumptions being made on my behalf.

Perhaps it’s the best moment to remind everyone in this company that I am far more capable than where I’ve been placed.

When it comes to December 2 Dismember, I’ll be ready to defend this championship. And tonight? I’m going to remind all of you where I also belong.

See you soon, Dubois.

You’ll need every bit of luck to stay an icon.



Finn stood outside on the balcony one more time, his fingers clenched into the concrete railing, his nails embedded themselves into the grit. It was freezing out here, but he couldn’t handle being inside with everyone. He looked in, watching as Dickie helped Aiden clean dishes, Adam toddle after the children, and Kallie, Kayla and Tasmin talk in a strange triad of friendship that he hadn’t quite figured out yet. Kallie was the only one that didn’t really fit there – or was it Kayla? He wasn’t sure.

A lovely…family…of sorts in there.” Kei commented, sliding out of the door and leaning against the balcony. “It makes sense why you would not want to join forces with me again. Now, you have much more at stake.

You don’t need me for any shit anymore, Kei.” Finn replied, keeping his eyes focused inside. Dickie didn’t need the chaos that came with Kei. Aiden had wrestled in Japan and probably narrowly avoided anything to do with the Yakuza. Kallie couldn’t be a target, and neither would Tasmin or the kids. And Kayla?

He’d rip off Kei’s face if he even thought about it.

What is that French saying? Au contraire? I think that’s it. I do need you back on my side. You were ever so efficient, and if I am going to separate myself from the Hyazaki Clan, then I need someone smart and unassuming.” Kei turned his head.

You’re trying to create your own clan?” Finn replied, dryly.

He supposed it made sense. Kei hadn’t been following orders for months now, if not years. He was not the oyabun, he was not the leader, and Kei was a man who was just as much an enigma as he was a murderer. He didn’t fit the shateigashira model anymore.

I am,” he replied, leaning against the wall. “Could you imagine, Kyodai, no longer just being my right hand in name only, but in status? This home you have? You could have all of this, and more, if you would just reconsider.

I don’t want it.

No?” Kei chuckled, and then his eyes caught onto Kayla. “Because you have deluded yourself into thinking you need any of these people. Particularly her.” He tilted his head. “Not your type completely. I have watched the promos, you know. She is feisty. Fiery. Does not take anything and knows her place in the business. Your yang for her yin, so to speak.

Finn clamped his mouth shut. He wasn’t about to give him ammunition.

Callien, the indignation is disappointing. Once upon a time, I would say something about Aaron and you’d have me–

If I could, I’d hang you from the balcony by your lapels and after a time, let go and watch you splat on the ground.

Kei laughed aloud, shaking his head and crossing his arms and his foot over the other. “But you cannot. Your friends would label you a murderer and then where would they be? Ah…but perhaps, without you, they could flourish. Dimitri would no longer be in your shadow, and Aiden could manage to fend for his own wife and child. And Kayla would have a man that–” He paused, but only because Finn turned entirely towards him and looked at him down his nose. There was not much of a height difference between the two, but when Finn could look quite imposing for a man who was barely two-hundred pounds, let alone his stature. “-- was invested in her success rather than hiding behind his own cockblock.

Nice. Did you learn that from television?

I believe it was Game of Thrones.”

Very good vocab.

Thank you, Kyodai. As I said…” Kei pushed himself off the railing, nonplussed by Finn’s sarcasm and disdain. “I believe you haven’t reached your potential…but you could. You’re holding back. You’re not the same person that you were long ago…and perhaps that is a good and bad thing. But it is not helping you. I can bring back that sense of disdain in you. Not this…” he waved a hand at him, “constant belligerent attitude. All of this? You’re weak.

I’m in a much better mindframe than I have ever been. Not much bothers me, Kei.

No?” He questioned. “Then perhaps you are no longer of use to me. Perhaps I should go talk to Dimitri.” He smiled as Finn bristled. “Or Kayla. They might be interested in the benefits of working for me. After all, you did get a World Championship while you were working for me. Twice, if I remember.

Stay away from both of them,” Finn snarled. “I mean it. They don’t need your shit, and neither do I.

Hm…perhaps. The offer stands, Callien.” Kei nodded. “In the meantime, center yourself. Push for the limit, and then push past. You are capable of all things. I will…see…you soon.

He smiled maliciously, and then left Finn standing out on the balcony. Alone. He watched as Kei said goodbye to Kallie and the women, bowed slightly to Kayla and then stopped to speak with Dickie who just nodded slightly. A hand outstretched from the Japanese shateigashira and patted him on the shoulder. And then, like that, he was gone.

Except Finn couldn’t help but feel that this was only the beginning of the worst.
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Friday, November 24, 2023
Master Bedroom
Home of Crystal Hilton
Hollywood Hills
Los Angeles, California
9:01 AM  PST

It had been a good Thanksgiving. This was a holiday that Seleana Zdunich discovered was a big thing upon coming to the United States and it had only gotten more important given its proximity to her wife’s birthday. Add in their daughter’s birthday not quite two weeks before and it was a busy time in the Zdunich Household.

Now, the day after was upon the place and Seleana had to just shake her head in shock that things had gone so well. Her wife, Christina “Crystal Hilton” had managed to make the trip for the second time in nine days. She had come in from New York City on the 14th for Aurora’s birthday making the little girl exceptionally happy. Now, she’d made it here for the 23rd and had not been alone. Both of her biological children, Brittany Williams and Brayden Hilton had arrived complete with their wives, Sofia “Coneja” Rojas Hilton and Haylie Jo “Halo” Annis. Brayden and Sofia had, of course, brought along their toddler daughter, Isabella.

It was Halo that had brought the surprise with her in the form of Seleana and Christina’s now ex, Alexandra “Diamond” Caldwell, which had also made Aurora exceptionally happy given that she still called her “Mommy” just like she did with Seleana and Christina and Diamond was doing her best to maintain a relationship with the thirteen-year-old.

Sofia’s sister, Ravenna “Cuervo” Rojas and her girlfriend, Brittany and Brayden’s cousin, Emily Williams, had also made an appearance.

Now, Christina had been up early to catch a flight to Peru for a show on Saturday. Ravenna and Emily had left Thursday to go over to Emily’s side of the family. Diamond had spent the night in a guest room and was still there playing a video game with Aurora. Sofia and Brayden had left with Isabella for their home. Brittany was downstairs with Diamond and Aurora while Halo was sitting in a chair opposite the bed where Seleana was currently sitting as well.

Seleana Zdunich: I wish to thank you, HayJo, for everything you have done. In two days’ time, you have done so much for the family, ja?

Halo leans forward and bows her head.

Haylie Jo "Halo" Annis: I didn’t really do that much, Mama Sel. I just… managed to not scream at anybody is all.

Seleana shakes her head.

Seleana Zdunich: First you make sure Alex is given care when she get piss drunk, then you bring her here and make sure she is included in family celebration. That is not nothing, HayJo. Blackout Wednesday is nothing to be happy about, especially in this family.

Halo nods knowingly.

Haylie Jo "Halo" Annis: Yeah, me and Mama Chrys kinda prove that, don’t we?

She shakes her head at herself.

Haylie Jo "Halo" Annis: Helluva family tradition, ain’t it?

Seleana raises a hand to try and slow her down and calm her.

Seleana Zdunich: You have put in work to overcome that. It has been years since you did anything like that.

Halo nods slowly, still visibly ashamed and disgusted with herself.

Haylie Jo "Halo" Annis: I’m still sorry y’all caught me doin’ that shit here in y’all’s house.

Seleana Zdunich: That was years ago, ja? It is not who you are now. Be proud of how far you’ve come and who you are now. I am proud of you.

Halo allows herself a small smile.

Haylie Jo "Halo" Annis: Thanks, Mama Sel.

She glances back at the door.

Haylie Jo "Halo" Annis: You think we gotta worry about Mama Alex and Mama Chrys now?

Seleana exhales heavily.

Seleana Zdunich: Alex looks to be a one-time thing. I think she learn nothing good come from that unless she enjoys having hangover. Christina…

She trails off, considering how much she should tell her daughter-in-law.

Seleana Zdunich: Is putting in work as well. She’s been in New York for football for the last few months’s time and Zenna went up to meet her. Got her to go to meetings again. 

Halo’s eyes go wide in shock.

Haylie Jo "Halo" Annis: Mama Chrys went to meetings?

Seleana nods.

Seleana Zdunich: Z say she flush cocaine and dump out vodka as well. That is good, ja?

Halo nods slowly, still surprised by what she’s hearing.

Haylie Jo "Halo" Annis: Assuming she didn’t run out and replace her stash, yeah, it is.

Seleana exhales heavily again.

Seleana Zdunich: I hope…  I was not here when Zenna had this problem herself. I was still in Christchurch. I do not know what all to do with…

She trails off again, both at a loss for the proper words and overcome at the thought of what would happen if the worst happened. Halo stands up and slips over next to her mother-in-law on the bed, patting the older woman’s hand.

Haylie Jo "Halo" Annis: Mama Sel, you’re doing the best you can do. You’ve been supportive yet protecting Aurora. What more can you do? You hold this family together and there are many who have no idea how you do it.

Seleana nods to Halo.

Seleana Zdunich: You do last night during dinner. Brittany, Brayden, Sofia just…

Halo shrugs.

Haylie Jo "Halo" Annis: Mama Sel, that was as much you as it was me, if not more. Ain’t nobody in this family wanna fight in front of you. B-Brat’s tryin’ to be better and even started goin’ over to Miss Zoey’s to learn how. Sofia…

She sighs just as Seleana had earlier.

Haylie Jo "Halo" Annis: I don’t think Coneja really understood what all she was gettin’ into. I know Brayden didn’t. B-Brat’s still tryin’ to dig herself out of that hole she dug with the others and damn near everybody else out there with all the stupid shit she’s done in the last few years. Ain’t none of them the most patient fuckers on the planet and that tends to rub them all the wrong way.

Seleana nods understandingly.

Seleana Zdunich: Ja, Brittany is her mother’s daughter and Brayden is his father’s son that way. Sofia…

She shrugs.

Seleana Zdunich: I do not understand. She seem to try too hard to be a fit for the family.

Halo nods emphatically.

Haylie Jo "Halo" Annis: Ain’t that the truth!

She pauses and then smirks as she pivots the subject.

Haylie Jo "Halo" Annis: So I hear somebody done called you old in SCW, that true?

Seleana nods.

Seleana Zdunich: Ja, she did and talked about many things she knows nothing about. She say I hide behind Christina because Christina jumped on a tweet to respond.

Halo snickers.

Haylie Jo "Halo" Annis: Some people’s kids…

Seleana shrugs.

Seleana Zdunich: She make a hen out of a feather.

The special venom on the phrase strikes Halo.

Haylie Jo "Halo" Annis: She’ll learn. They always do.

Seleana smiles.

Seleana Zdunich: Ja, is the truth.

She stands and nods towards the door.

Seleana Zdunich: Let us go see how the games go, ja?

Halo stands to join her.

Haylie Jo "Halo" Annis: Sounds good to me.

The two head out the door and go downstairs to see how everybody else is doing.


Friday, November 24, 2023
Master Bedroom
Home of Crystal Hilton
Hollywood Hills
Los Angeles, California
6:15 PM  PST

The camera opens upon Seleana Zdunich standing in the bedroom next to the bed nodding slowly to the bed.

Seleana Zdunich: Sunday I meet Bella Madison with the winner facing Krystal Wolfe on the last show before the supercard. The winner of that match meets Julianna DiMaria for the World Bombshell Championship at the supercard.

She almost laughs to herself.

Seleana Zdunich: I do not know why Julianna cannot seem to keep my name out of her mouth like she is attempting to swallow something else but she cannot.

She nods pointedly into the camera.

Seleana Zdunich: I do not understand why you focus on things you say you do not believe will happen as much as you do. If you do not believe you will face me, then why talk about me at all?

She shrugs.

Seleana Zdunich: Why give me that much attention dn expend your time, energy and effort to speak of someone that is supposed to be unworthy of such things?

Seleana shakes her head in disgust.

Seleana Zdunich: Din jävla idiot! Göra en höna av en fjäder.

She looks away and glares at the far wall.

Seleana Zdunich: Du har skit i det blå skåpet!

Looking back into the camera, the anger has not left her eyes.

Seleana Zdunich: I know you expect Bella to win this match, or so you will say and you will laugh if she does and say it is more proof that I am what you say I am.

She points into the camera accusingly.

Seleana Zdunich: You have no idea what you are talking about the same way you said my wife is still fixated on somebody we have had no contact with in a long time.

She shakes her head, her hand falling back out of the shot.

Seleana Zdunich: That is what you fear, Julianna. That no one will target you despite you being the champion.

She pauses.

Seleana Zdunich: Is that why you mention me? Because the times I have been a champion, many wanted to take their shot at me and end that status? 

She spreads her arms out wide.

Seleana Zdunich: Now the company had to set up a mini-tournament just to get somebody to pay you attention?

She simply shrugs slightly, looking like she can’t decide if she should want to spit in disgust or feel pity for the champion.

Seleana Zdunich: I am sorry that you are not the likes of Alicia Lukas or Roxi Johnson or Kayla Richards or Sam Marlowe. I am sorry you are not my wife or me as we all seem to draw crosshairs with no trouble at all.

She nods slowly, knowingly.

Seleana Zdunich: It hurts, ja?

A small almost playful smirk comes to Seleana’s face.

Seleana Zdunich: It hurts that to get Krystal, Bella, I or almost anyone else to say your name, they had to make you the prize we compete for because you could not do it yourself. 

She nods, the smirk fading away as she does so.

Seleana Zdunich: Bra, låt det göra ont.

Pausing, Seleana looks mockingly into the camera’s lens.

Seleana Zdunich: What? You do not understand?

She shrugs.

Seleana Zdunich: I am sorry you are too lazy and too stupid to get it translated so I will help.

Seleans grits her teeth.

Seleana Zdunich: Let. It. Hurt.

She moves as the camera zooms in to frame her face.

Seleana Zdunich: Bella and I will fight as we were directed to. Tempe, Arizona will see us fight because it is our job and because it is what we do.

She shakes her head.

Seleana Zdunich: But it is not for you.

Her slowly tilts slightly to the right.

Seleana Zdunich: If you did not hold that championship, people would care even less about you than we already do. We fight for the opportunity to hold that. You just happen to be the one standing in the winner’s way. Whether it ends up being me, Bella or Krystal, we will be fighting to make that championship mean what it always has. We will be fighting to restore the dignity and the honor of that championship and what it meant to everyone else who has ever held it for you and that you besmirch and piss on just by existing.

Seleana glares angrily into the camera.

Seleana Zdunich: You do not approve?

She shrugs.

Seleana Zdunich: Let it hurt.   
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Las Vegas, Nevada - Black Friday

“2AM…” Miles said through a giGANTIC yawn as he and his boyfriend Carter stood outside in the cold of the Las Vegas morning, just outside of the doors to the local Target nearest to their home. With eyes filled with sleep, Miles cast a sidelong glance to Carter as he sipped from an extra large cup of coffee purchased from a nearby gas station. Miles mumbled, “Remind me again why we had to be here four hours before the stores even open?”

Carter looked up at Miles with an innocent quirk to his expression and he shrugged as if the answer were obvious, “Because they have some kick ass deals and we need to start our Christmas shopping?”

“You just inherited the better part of almost six digits!” Miles yawned again. “So again, why do we have to be here so damn early to try and get … what are we even here to get anyway? The 55 inch TV I can get behind, but what else could be so important?”

Carter answered, “The new iPad is only $229!”

Miles blew a raspberry.

Carter then said, “I want that new crockpot…”

Miles rolled his eyes rather dramatically.

“There are a few things I want to get for Ari and Mom and Grams and…”

Miles shrugged, accepting this while Carter rattled off a list of names they had to shop for.

Carter then said, “I also see they have deals on those Resident Evil 4 and Diablo III games you were after…”

Miles held up a forefinger and said, “To which I approve heartily!”

“Oh thank you.” Carter replied as he went for a drink of his coffee and Miles then took more direct notice.

“Give me some of that?” Miles then said, nodding his head toward the steaming cup of java, to which Carter playfully pulled the cup away from Miles’s “grabby hands” and he said, “No! You had your chance when we stopped at the store! You snooze, you…”

“Gimme!” Miles snatched the cup from out of Carter’s hand, but Carter did not even try to stop him. In fact, he wore a smile on his face and allowed it to happen. Under most circumstances, Carter would have bitten the hand of anyone who reached for his coffee – but this was Miles we were talking about! Plus, Carter had a sharp mind and came prepared. He reached down to the drink carrier on the pavement at his feet and removed another large coffee flavored to his tastes. Miles started to take a drink but instead did a comical double take.

“You had more this entire time and never told me!?” Miles said sharply, to which Carter countered, “You said you didn’t want any at the time so I didn’t think to!”

And before Carter could get even so much as a single sip, Miles had this one right out of his hand as well - even though he had yet to finish the first cup he had just confiscated! Carter just stared at him with bemused eyes, then reached down and instead of grabbing yet another drink, which would probably be taken anyway, he instead grabbed a white paper bag and removed a jelly filled donut.

Which was promptly snatched from out of his hands!

"Miles!" Carter laughed, to which Miles replied, "What donut?" With the tell-tale ring of powdered sugar and jelly around his lips. Carter huffed back a bark of laughter before leaning over to look at the elderly couple who were standing directly behind them in line.

“Do you see how he treats me?” Carter asked playfully, to which the old woman waved him off, saying, “My boyfriend treats me the same way!”

The old man looked at her through his own thick-rimmed specs and said aloud for everybody to hear, “You ain’t got no boyfriend you old bag!”

The old woman promptly swatted the old man in the arm with her beaded handbag, causing Miles to almost choke on his donut - giving Carter all the opening he needed to grab his own drink, the only remaining one that Miles had not confiscated for himself. Carter stole one more glance back at the comical old couple before looking up to his own loved one and he smiled, stating the obvious, “We always meet the most interesting people.”

Garnering a nod of agreement from Miles as he drained his cup.


Just about four hours later, there was a noise of movement from within the store, alerting everyone in line which had now grown considerably larger, stretching the length of the building. The movement from inside the doors caused a start from Carter who quickly jostled Miles who appeared to be dozing standing up!


“I’m not tired, you’re tired!” Miles called aloud, before he blinked the sleep away and saw what Carter was alerting him to! “Well it’s about…”

“Do you remember the plan?” Carter asked excitedly. To which Miles replied, “How could I forget?”

Carter and Miles, and for that matter, the entirety of the gathered crowd of holiday shoppers behind them, all readied themselves as the doors opened and the employee said, “Hi! Welc-!”

And the line surged forward! Carter jumped INTO the nearest shopping cart and Miles grabbed it and took off racing into the throng of furious bargain hunters!

We’d spare you the intricate details of this rabid shopping excursion. Suffice to say, if you live in the United States, you've heard of some of the horror stories about Black Friday ordeals. If you live outside and are unfamiliar, well just a handful of what happened in this particular Target….

A mother all but abandoning her kids at the entrance for not being able to keep up and ignoring all employees intercoming for her to get to the front of the store – all so that she could get her hands on a brand new Macbook…!

A man stole an ice cream maker out of the previously seen elderly woman's hands and made a run for it, prompting her husband to trip the offending shopper with his cane so he could easily retrieve the goods for his wife…!

Miles could have sworn he saw Despayre and Gabriel Stevens in the midst of some of the chaos, Despy baseball sliding under a group of brawling shoppers and snatching the last Looney Tunes BluRay from their grasp…!

Two ample sized women brawling over a lace bra that would have been too small to have even been used as a Band-Aid for them, let alone cover their… you know…!

But perhaps the most notable moment was just as Carter and Miles had gathered everything they Carter had set their his sights on - they detoured around the toy department to reach the end of the L-O-N-G checkout line when something bright and blue caught Carter’s attention. Carter made an excited squeal and he ran off down the aisle, prompting Miles to look on, “Babe…?”

There was a new Stitch plush toy on the market – and just the one left on the shelf! Carter just barely snatched it off the shelf when a football player-sized man snatched it from out of HIS hands!

“Hey, I had that first!” Carter yelled as he grabbed the man’s wrists to pry Stitch loose without damaging the plush toy!

“You little bitch…!” The hulking brute growled as he pulled away. “I don’t give a shit! I’M taking it so let - GO!” And the man’s superior strength won out as he practically threw Carter around and down, causing the young man to lose his balance and fall against the shelves!

The man sniffed triumphantly and turned to make his getaway – only to meet an angry, sleep deprived and VERY protective Miles used the shopping cart to shoulder check the man, sending HIM back and tripping over Carter! Stitch went flying into the air to which Miles caught him with one hand and with the other, reached down to gallantly assist his man to his feet.

“You were right!” Miles exclaimed, breathless. “This IS fun!”

Turnberry Towers

“So at least now I understand why you wanted me to come with you.” Miles said as the elevator door to their floor slid open with a soft chime, and the Brit stepped out into the hallway with his arms laden with shopping bags while Carter carried – exactly one bag and the keys to the condo. Miles muttered sourly, “To do all the heavy lifting.”

“Now that is simply not true, Miles.” Carter objected as he fished the keys to the condo from out of his jacket pocket. “And I am wounded that you would suggest such a thing. Wounded I say!”

“Mm hmmm!” Miles muttered, clearly not believing a word that Carter was saying. “It’s true!” Carter stated outright. As he turned the key to the deadbolt, he looked back over his shoulder to give his man a devilish grin, he added, “You also make one fine human battering ram!”

Miles made a face and then playfully stuck his tongue out at Carter, making the young man laugh merrily. He pushed the door open and stepped inside of their shared home – and almost dropped the bag he was carrying at the sight that was immediately set in front of his eyes, front and center in their living room. A shimmering seven foot tall Christmas tree - white in color and decorated in shades of blue lights, garland and baubles. But it was the tree topper and the random ornaments hanging from the artificial branches. They were all Stitch related. There was even a brand new plush Stitch stationed right under the lowest branch, ready for the taking and mandatory cuddling.

Carter just stared, caught completely off guard as to where this all came from when Miles set the bags down in the foyer and walked past his boyfriend, giving him a smug grin along the way, “You’re not the only one who can pull off a surprise!”

“Oliver Zahn…”

Carter winced, holding up a hand in mock surrender.

“Sorry, I know you have a preference for being referred to as OZ for some godforsaken reason, but we’ll get into that theory later. For now, I suppose since the holidays are upon us and I’ve had a pretty good past few days, I can play along. I imagine OZ is just your boyish acronym for your first and last name but I’d like to think better of you than that. I mean, indeed you are a graduate of the Jet City academy and as such, one would think you had a bit more of a creative output towards what you want others to call you; nicknames, ring names, you know… that lot. But just wanting to go by your initials but a word made out of your initials just…”

Carter cringed, then held up a finger and nodded.

“Yeah, exactly that. Cringe. Just like when we tune in on the monitors backstage to keep up to date on what’s happening both inside of the ring and backstage in interviews and such and Oli-OZ? What in the world has happened to you? You came into SCW with both guns a blazin’ as the old timers might say, and in the past few weeks you just started shooting nothing but blanks. I mean, first you and Eiley drop the tag team titles to a virtual brand new team, when you had been beating established teams left and right. Then after that you try and regain your footing and… well, how had that been going for you? You thought you could use Ari and myself as a means to an end to get the momentum back on your side for your rematch and, what happened again? Oh yeah, that’s right! Eiley tried to rob us and it backfired and we put one over on you instead. Now I’m not the biggest fan of how it happened but…”

He tucked his hands deep into his pockets and shrugged.

“Omelets and eggs, y’know? Then you went and challenged a team that you had beaten once before - Sam Marlowe and Ben Jordan. I guess since you thought you beat them once, it made them easy pickings to be beat again and looky at what happened! Now I know a few people have been accusing you of being the so-called **air quotes** ‘weak link’ of the team but more often than not, it looks to me more like Eiley is the one who’s been causing your team’s losses, even though your shoulders are the one getting put down to the canvas. And now you want to, what? Prove yourself to her and to the entire SCW Universe by using me as an example?”

Carter closes his eyes and waves a finger in the negative.

“No, no. For one, I am not going to be used by anyone without specifically asking to be - and two, your name isn’t Miles Kasey so the odds are nonexistent! I have been placed against bigger, badder and more experienced men than you Ollie, and I’ve won some and I’ve lost some but I have never been used as an example! Not by them, and certainly not by you! You see, I absolutely love going up against guys like you. Guys who are so full of themselves that they think they’re the greatest thing to hit the ring since turnbuckle pads! That means I get to stand there and watch their faces fall when they realize they’re flat on their back and my hand is being raised, leaving them wondering what the hell just happened! I like facing egocentric guys like yourself because I enjoy serving them a big slice of humble pie, and being the weekend after Thanksgiving, I couldn’t think of a more appropriate dessert! This time around, your greatest strength is going to become your greatest weakness. You rely so much on your speed and your aerial game to upend the guys you’re in the ring against but SURPRISE! This time you’re in there with a guy who can match your style and then some! This time you’re in the ring with a guy the same size as you, but who can compete in ways that you can’t! A guy who might be two years older than you but I also have a good four years experience edge against whatever it is that you bring to the table!”

“I don’t know. Maybe I’d take you a little more seriously OZ if you weren’t constantly being made a fool of by a group of grade school children seemingly on a weekly basis, backstage in front of the world. Maybe I’d take you more seriously if you weren’t calling yourself ‘the Miracle of Oz’ when Oz is either some make-believe land you reach somewhere over the rainbow, or some prison show that was the Hallmark of male genitalia being shown for all to see.”

“Take notes, Ollie. Whatever you think you’re going to accomplish against me this weekend, isn’t going to happen. This match is just going to be another loss on your record, only this time you won’t have Eiley to blame. Just you, yourself. We just passed a day in which we celebrate our thanks, and I am going to leave you with nothing to be thankful for!”
Climax Control Archives / Nostalgia Act
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November 22, 2023

In all honesty, while I was happy that I was able to retain against Courtney Pierce two weeks after I had defeated her for the championship at High Stakes to begin with, I wasn’t happy about Ariana Angelos’s involvement because I knew in my heart that I didn’t need it in order to beat her again. But this coming week, I didn’t have time to dwell on it. Mercedes Vargas was the next defense coming up this Sunday and while I definitely have had my time to prepare and to think about the challenge ahead, in this moment?

I’m doing something nice for my mother…

“I’m sure your mom will appreciate the fact that you made some space for her to stay whenever she likes…” Christy, one of my two best friends says as I have a bit of a smile on my face.

“Yeah! I mean, she’s been through so much lately and the fact that you’ve been there for her so she wouldn’t be lonely. It really is a nice change in you…” Ally adds.

“I still have some stuff to move…” I admit as I go to the last corner of the room that needed to be emptied. My eyes widened a bit when I realized I was looking at a nostalgia trip. There were some pictures of memories from the promotions that I’ve been part of over the years. But, when I saw some photos and memorabilia stemming from my time in New Generation Wrestling and Portland Pro, I rolled my eyes.

“Dumpster please…” I said with a sigh. Ally wasn’t long in bringing a large garbage can but she and Christy were shocked when I took everything from those two companies and dumped it all in the trash.

“Woooow….” Christy said.

“That was literally the worst time of my life…” I reminded my two best friends. “Why would I want to keep anything from those two companies?”

I scoffed as I looked to clear more stuff and I opened a box that was on a dresser. My eyes narrowed with some type of bitter anger.

“Oh…” I said with an angrier sigh as I saw memories from Mainstream Wrestling. I was glancing at pictures of my US championship win, my Pinnacle battle royal win, my world title win, and replicas of both of the aforementioned titles along with a handful of awards I won during my time there. Suddenly, I was swept by an internal sadness as I looked at my left hand and saw my Hall of Fame ring from my induction there last year.

“Jules?” Ally asks with concern. “Is everything okay?”

The one picture in the box that I wouldn’t stop staring at was the moment that the Mainstream World Championship was lost.

“Julianna… you’re looking like a ghost…” Christy adds.

“This should’ve been my wrestling home for the remainder of my career…” I said regarding Mainstream Wrestling. “...but they ruined it for me…”

I stared at that picture further. All of that hurt, all of that anger, all of that embarrassment was coming back to me…

…the moment I lost that world title… which that in and of itself was harsh enough.

“...I was the final chapter in someone else’s retirement story…” I said, with a little more anger in my voice. “...I lost that title to a nostalgia act that got to retire as champion…”

“Oh no…” Ally says, knowing what’s wrong. “Jules, that was nearly two and a half years ago…”

“Don’t ‘two and a half years ago’ me, Ally! Do you realize how much that hurt me? I was doing pretty damn good as the Mainstream World Champion! I was turning back every challenger that was coming my way. But then this retiring piece of trash comes along and gains one last moment at my expense… and my entire reign… everything that I built up… all of my hard work… it meant NOTHING!!!!!!!”

“Jules, you know that…”

“Christy… I STILL feel that way. My entire title reign over there was reduced to being someone else’s glory… and I’ll be DAMNED if I allow that to happen to me AGAIN this Sunday…”

“Mercedes isn’t planning on retiring though…”

“It’s not THAT different!” I said, with anger rising in my voice. “I can’t look at this trash… and trash is where this belongs.”

I was about to dump the box of my Mainstream memories in the trash, but Ally pulled back the can.

“Julianna… NO! You can’t trash that!”

“Mainstream Wrestling was when you really began to make a name for yourself….” Christy reminds me. “I know your first title reign ended horribly and I understand why you feel the way you do, but that doesn’t mean trash it. I don’t blame you for leaving that place when you lost the title…”

“Plus, you forgave them when you went back there…” Ally

I could only laugh at this reminder.

“Yes, that place is where I began to really grow into my own but if it’s so fucking special, when how come come I left? I know the answer as to why I did…”

I paused, soaking in much of the heartbreak that I was still feeling from that place. It was incredibly difficult for me to look back at what was otherwise a strong portion of my career. It was painful to the point of nearly coming to tears remembering all of the amazing times that I had, how jubilant and happy that I was when I became a world champion and how confident I felt the more I defended that title. But the most painful part of all was how it all ended way too soon. What was burning in the back of my brain was how nothing was ever the same after my reign was reduced as a stepping stone to someone else’s big retirement moment… and how I was reduced to just another wrestler on the roster afterward….

“ come I didn’t stay when I went back?”

Christy and Ally awkwardly looked at each other before they looked back at me.

“...let me tell you of the night I finally decided to call SCW back…”

February 2023

Mainstream Wrestling was holding a luncheon before their show in East Lansing and while the food was great, I was isolated and miserable. I was holding a glass of punch watching everyone else in the company mingle. I could feel it in the pit of my stomach that I wasn’t happy to be there.

“Why did I bother coming back?” I think to myself. “I should be treated like a bigger deal than they treat me. I’m a former world champion. I’m even a Hall of Fame member here, damn it! Yet, they continue to act like I’m just another face on the roster. They continue to insult my intelligence and continue to think that because I’m a Hall of Fame member, that I have nothing left to achieve. They hired all these bimbos in the room to replace me and they moved on acting like nothing I did here matters…”

“Julianna, hello…” a management official says, catching my by surprise. “You’re all alone. Is everything okay?”

“Nothing has been okay here since I lost the World Championship more than a year and a half ago…”

“Oh Jesus, Julianna. You’re still not over that?”

“Sir, kindly hear me out…”


“I lost the world title to someone that got to retire as champion and it was so humiliating for me that I left because I know I am better than being reduced as a footnote to someone else’s journey. But between that loss and my departure, I wasn’t booked in another match. There was a tournament for the vacant title that you left ME out of… and I thought, hey maybe I could face the tournament winner or something. Nope. You picked someone else even though I had the right to a rematch.”

The official was starting to look very uncomfortable.

“It angered me and I left. Let me remind you sir, that you called ME when it came to the Hall of Fame and coming back here. I didn’t call you because I didn’t need you. YOU… called me! I’m willing to let bygones be bygones so I accept my Hall of Fame ring and what have you done with me? You’ve booked me in singles matches against mainly nobodies. You’ve booked me in clusterfucks. I feel like you brought me back just so I can be the stepping stone to all of these bitches you hired after I left…”

“No no… it’s not like that at all…” Mainstream’s representative says. “I understand why you would feel underappreciated and why you feel like a stepping stone. But I promise you, you’re not. I’ll tell you what, how about I give you something you’ll appreciate.”

“Which is?”

“A shot at the Mainstream Television Championship…”

He suddenly became spooked when I looked at him like I wanted to murder him.

“Come again?” I asked.

“...I want to give you another shot at the TV title…”

“FUCK YOU!” I screamed as I flipped over the dessert table, spilling and breaking everything that was on it and catching the attention of everyone else, who looked completely stunned. “I don’t WANT a shot at the FUCKING TV TITLE…”

“Julianna calm down…”

“DON’T TELL ME TO CALM DOWN! The TV title is a FUCKING INSULT! I NEVER got my rematch for the world title and if you want to make it up to me, THAT’S what you fucking give me! Don’t low ball me with this crap about the TV title!”

“You have to earn it, Julianna…” he said, panicked, ticking me off further.

“Stop fucking LYING to me…” I snapped back. “Why won’t you just tell me that you brought me back to be a nostalgia act? Because that’s exactly what you did. I busted my ass for this company the first time I was here and rose up the ladder and all you’ve done is start me off at fucking square one acting like what I accomplished here doesn’t matter! I WAS, and still SHOULD BE, THE top woman in this company but all you give a shit about is turning me into a stepping stone to make women lesser than I am look SO much better than they actually are and I am WAY better than being told to be a stepping stone to bitches that will NEVER measure up to me or the impact that I made here!”

“You’ve got it all wrong…” he says with a nervous laugh.

“Oh do I? Then how come you’re shoving me down the ladder to compete for the TV title… a title that means NOTHING to me? How come you’re throwing me in these random ‘title contendership clusters’ with at least five other wrestlers when I should’ve gotten a rematch for the world title when I walked right back in the door…”

“ STILL have to earn that…”

“Even though YOU shut me out of a rematch after I lost to the fucking nostalgia act?”

“Well… um…”

“The moment I lost that title, you wanted to move on from me like I was worthless trash and you wanted to focus your company around the good ol’ boys club again. Now that I’m back, you want to treat me like I’m past my prime! For FUCK’s sake, I’m only 28!.”

“Julianna… please! I’m almost begging you at this point. Give things time! Things will get better! You worked your way up the ladder and there’s no doubt that you’ll do it again! Just please give us time…”

“I’ve given you ENOUGH time…” I said as I began to walk away. “I’m DONE!”

“Julianna, PLEASE!”

“No, I’m DONE! FOR GOOD! I am NOT your fucking nostalgia act and I am NOT someone to throw away as a thing of the past! I’m DONE with your fucking games! I’m going to go somewhere else and SHOW YOU what you’re missing out on! GOOD RIDDANCE!”

I burst through the door leading to the parking lot, leaving the luncheon, and Mainstream Wrestling, for good. On a whim, I dialed a Nevada based phone number I saved on my phone.

“Hello?” I said after a deep breath. “Hi! It’s Julianna DiMaria. Can you get Mark or Christian to call me back ASAP? Yeah… I’m a free agent now…”

Little did I know when I placed that bet on myself and left Mainstream for SCW, I would hit the jackpot…

November 22, 2023

“They really did suck your passion dry with the way they were treating you…” Ally admitted.

“They took you for granted…” Christy added. “But we’re so glad you got that passion back and look at you know…”

“I’m not going to let it happen again…” I said with anger in my voice. “I’m not about to lose another world title to another nostalgia act. That experience in Mainstream… it still fuels me, girls. It’s motivating me to continue to show those people what they missed out on even though they are dead and buried. And speaking of dead and buried…”

I picked up the box consisting of my Mainstream Wrestling memories and was about to make another attempt at the trash can…

“JULIANNA” both of my friends exclaimed. “Don’t…”

“I want NOTHING to do with that fucking company EVER again! It means NOTHING to me anymore! Why should I remember something that never appreciated me and was willing to throw me away so fast? They basically told me that all of my hard work and all the dedication I gave to that company was meaningless. It’s all meaningless, girls…”

“That’s not true…” Christy says. “Did it end how you wanted it to? No. But that’s the place where the world truly came to know what Julianna DiMaria is all about.”

“You can’t take that away from them…” Ally says. “It made you stronger and better in the long run… or at least overcoming what they put you through and how they mistreated you did.”

“Yet, the anger… the heartbreak… it’s still in my soul. Like I said earlier, they were supposed to be my home for life…”

“Don’t you think SCW can be that for you?” Christy adds, triggering something in me that finally got me to calm down even a little bit. “They get to be what Mainstream should’ve been. You can retire tomorrow and they’ll never forget what you accomplished in just six short matches there.”

“Yeah, hashtag “Jules in Six” is never going away… and nobody can take it away from you. It’s literally your best career moment that overshadows everything in Mainstream. Period! You PROVED you were always better than them. Take pride in that!”

“Yeah, Ally’s right, Jules. You made the right move to move on. Be better than them still. Trashing them makes you just as bad.”

I let out a soft sigh at this point as I removed my Hall of Fame ring from my hand and tossed it in the box with all the other memories. This spooked them for a moment.

“Girl, don’t throw that ring in the trash…” Ally says.

“I won’t…” I said with a reluctant sigh. “Tape that up and take it downstairs to the storage room, will you? At least there’s SOME value with that which is more than I can say for those other two companies I dumped in the trash”

My best friends were the ones breathing a sigh of relief now. They both nodded at me and took the box out of the room and down the stairs. I went to the corner and sat down on it, briefly reflecting on a part of my journey that I was hating for its ending, yet was able to come to terms with it a little bit even if I wasn’t fully over it yet.

“Mainstream will always be where I won my first and where I started to realize my potential…” I admitted in my thoughts. “But that pathetic, small time company was just a stop along the way that’s being overshadowed by what I’m doing now…”

I could finally smile remembering the great times that are ongoing in SCW.

“Mercedes isn’t going to have one last moment of glory at my expense…”

I held that determination inside of my as that title match drew closer…

November 24, 2023

I had the camera on me as I stayed in my luxurious room in the Biltmore Hotel in Phoenix, not far from Tempe. Mercedes Vargas was firmly on the brain now… but so was the experience in my past with how my first World Championship reign as a professional wrestler ended to a retiring coward. This was fueling my motivation and my anger as I began to express my thoughts…

“Nearly two and a half years ago, long before I came to SCW, I lost my first world championship to an over the hill piece of shit that just wanted one last moment of glory. This Sunday? I’m in that same situation facing someone like that… and YES… Mercedes… I am talking about you. JUST like that person that beat me back in July of 2021, you are NOT deserving of this title shot in front of you. You are NOT deserving to the main event spotlight. But UNLIKE then, I AM going to win this time. I AM going to turn away the nostalgia act and I am NOT about to allow YOU to have one last spark at my expense. That’s not going to happen! I REFUSE to let it happen. I know that when I got my title shot, there was all of this talk about how I didn’t deserve it! I recall people talking about how I was basically the least deserving Bombshell on the roster. But they shouldn’t have been talking about ME, Mercedes! They should’ve been talking about YOU!

After all, 2023 is almost over and you’ve only won FOUR matches… FOUR! I have won nearly DOUBLE the matches during my run of dominance than you have ALL YEAR and I’ve only been here since the damn summer! Add on the fact that literally HALF of your wins are against Samantha Marlowe and Seleana Zdunich, the other two women that I called WASHED a couple of Climax Controls ago, and I am honestly wondering what the fuck you’re still doing on this roster. It can’t be passion because from what I have studied about you, you’re literally the same person now that you were ten years ago with little, if any, hints of evolving as a professional wrestler. It can’t be the fact that you’ve even improved because holy hell, when was the last time you held a singles match in this company? I get it. You were a GRIME World Champion in Sin City Underground, but that’s like winning the EFL Championship across the pond: cool story bro… but all it proves is that you can win in the B league. The last time you were even a champion in SCW at ALL was when you were a Mixed Tag champion being carried by your partner… but SOMEHOW… you’re worthy of a title shot? Are you kidding me?

Even Mercedes and Seleana have been a singles champion in SCW more recently than you have! When it comes to being at the top tier of this division, even YOU would admit that you don’t have what it takes to be there anymore and it’s not just ME saying it. The bitch is, even though you’ve skirted and contradicted yourself on the subject, even YOU have said it yourself not just with your words, but with your actions. What’s the supposed most decorated Bombshell in SCW history doing wasting her time with Harper Mason, huh? Why is someone of your supposed caliber picking on teenagers and beating them with Singapore canes? What’s the matter? You’re afraid that you can’t beat the big fish anymore? Hell, I’d even say you’re afraid you can’t beat anyone other than rookies or the likes of Sam, Sel and Bea. But even with all of that, I’m going to say that the biggest reason why you don’t deserve this shot… and ultimately… why you WILL fall short against me?

Look, it’s not just how strong of a wrestler I am or the fact that I’m at the peak of my powers. It’s not even the fact that you’ve lost so many times this year, primarily. It’s because you don’t have the RESOLVE anymore! Yes, I AM questioning your resolve because one just needs to listen to your words from High Stakes to know that even YOU know you don’t stand a chance against me. No matter WHAT you say? You know… in your SOUL… that you don’t because prior to High Stakes? Yeah, I saw you admit that you weren’t mentally ready for High Stakes as you bitched and moaned about how you hadn’t won at that event in nearly a decade. So if you admitted you’re not mentally ready for that big stage, how can you possibly be ready for me? I saw you complain to Sam about how you’re both being passed over for ‘new flavors of the month’...”

I paused to scoff for a bit before I continued on.

“Reality check Mercedes… it’s not being passed over… it’s being passed BY! The ‘new flavors of the month’, especially me, have passed you by and I wouldn’t be shocked of Harper turns out to be another one that does. Someone that whines about being passed over has no resolve to make their situation better… especially when you’re questioning as to whether it’s even WORTH IT anymore. I mean… GOSH Mercedes, it sounds like going into your High Stakes match you were questioning and doubting yourself so much! Maybe that’s why people like me are passing you by in this company and in this division? You’re over there wondering to yourself if you’ll ever have the Internet Championship… or ANY title… around your waist ever again yet you want to contradict yourself saying that things will turn around you.

Please Mercedes…

Not even YOU believe that…

Not when later in that same promo you admitted you ‘weren’t mentally ready’. How can you believe in a turnaround if you’re not mentally there for it?

But each loss is a ‘learning opportunity’? HOW SO?

You're clearly not learning a fucking thing if you keep losing... and you clearly haven't learned a fucking thing in years considering all the losses you've racked up. You can act all brave and confident if you want, but you clearly showed that this was a front because you're ALREADY doubting yourself as far as being a champion again. If you weren't, you wouldn't be bringing this up at all. So don't come at me with a bunch of false promises and claims that you, yourself, know deep in your heart isn't true and will never come true again.

I mean you know it so damn much that prior to the Queen of the Day match at Violent Conduct, I swear to fucking God, you kept PLEADING and BEGGING for Tempest and Zoey Lukas to be suspended! Hell, your resolve is so weak you couldn’t even maintain your convictions about that match. One day, you’re pleading with the masses that you weren’t looking for an easy way out and the next you’re demanding that Christian suspend your opponents and declare you the winner… which… is an easy way out…

Let me tell you something about having a strong resolve though…

Those with a strong resolve don’t throw stones in glass houses and aren’t the pot calling the kettle black. I mean, going into Violent Conduct, you’re saying Christian has a “soft spot” for Seleana yet I’m wondering if that same “soft spot” applies to you. I mean, it would at least EXPLAIN why you have a title match you clearly haven’t earned or deserved. You’re bagging on Seleana’s win-loss record in 2023 and calling it pathetic… when you’re the one that’s lost more than three times than she’s won this year and once went months without a win. But still… the FUNNIEST thing you said about Seleana? Wasn’t it something along the lines of how she’s getting undeserved opportunities when she should be opening shows against new competition? I mean that’s TRUE, Mercedes, but it SORELY lacks credibility when it’s coming from YOU because OH LOOK… here YOU are getting an undeserved opportunity on Sunday when you should be the first one out of the curtain trading Singapore cane shots with Harper Mason!

But hey, stay in denial Mercedes. Keep saying that SCW needs you more than you need it… which… I think ALL of us can say that’s a fucking joke.

Keep thinking you’re a dynasty… even though you no longer are. I mean, dynasties don’t go YEARS without a championship… and dynasties accomplish more than have a handful of mostly one month long championship reigns like what you have across your career and any semblance of WHATEVER deluded dynasty you once had basically died in my rookie year of being a mainstream wrestler… in 2017. But I suppose I should give you credit to a degree, Mercedes. Because when you’re NOT in denial, and when you’re NOT being delusional, your resolve… brittle as it is, CRACKS… and you actually DO recognize your reality. I mean, how can I take you seriously when you go off on your little speech about how you’re going to win one more World Championship whenever you release your promo when going into your match against Harper Mason, you even admitted that people don’t see you as a threat anymore AND you also admitted that you may not be winning another title anytime soon.

Look, I know you’ve heard the speech about how people overlook you and how nobody believes in you and all of that… and I get it. You’re tired of hearing it because it seems like that’s all you’ve heard for years. But the truth is… I’ve just outlined how you don’t even believe in yourself and maybe THAT’S why you’ve been nothing but stagnant for all these years as Bombshells like me come in, take this place by storm, and pass you by. Maybe that’s why you never TRULY learn from your losses… because all those losses have piled up so badly that not only do you not believe in yourself anymore… but it is that lack of faith in yourself that prevents you from growing with age. Maybe after I defeat you tonight and conquer a couple of demons of my own along the way this Sunday… you may finally begin to wake up and acknowledge how you truly feel about yourself. Whatever insecurities that have leaked out of your mouth and your soul in your recent promos such as High Stakes and your match with Harper, I’m about to take and I am about to amplify them because what I see is a woman that KNOWS she’s cooked, but needs JUST enough of a push to realize that she is and that either she needs to FINALLY grow and evolve… or just admit that she’s overstayed her welcome.

You’ve already lost this match in my book Mercedes… because you don’t think you can win against me. The only reason why you won at High Stakes even though you weren’t mentally ready is because Sam Marlowe has a worse self-esteem issue regarding her career at the moment than you do. You can get away with it against someone like Sam, but against me? The woman that BELIEVED IN HERSELF and KNEW she deserved that world title shot at High Stakes, who MAINTAINED her conviction in herself no matter WHO she faced in that SCW ring along the way, the woman that KNEW she was going to be the ONE that beat “THE ONE”... TWICE… and who KNOWS that she’s the champion that can shake up this division as she has so far? NOPE!

I KNOW going into this title defense that I’m facing a woman that is far more broken about her career and her remaining worth in this business than she will EVER admit and it will be my great pleasure, in my second title defense this Sunday, to be the one that breaks you FOR GOOD… and I’m NOT talking physically, Mercedes… though I am capable of doing that too. I’m talking about psychologically! THAT is where you will be PERMANENTLY broken when I’m done with you. This Sunday? You might as well start calling it the beginning of the Mercedes Vargas Farewell tour… because when I’m done with you? You’re going to go from questioning whether you’ll ever win a title again to REALIZING that you’ll never win a title again… ESPECIALLY the one you’re challenging for on Sunday!

You’re about to find out exactly how weak your resolve has been all along and why someone like you could NEVER… EVER win against someone of my caliber!

I admit that Sunday might not be your swan song exactly…

But maybe, just maybe, when I’m done with you and I break whatever resolve you have left?

I might as well start pushing you to warm the band for that…”

I scoffed once more and maintained my full confidence feeling like Sunday was going to be another notch on my belt in my still-fledgling SCW career…

But most importantly?

I felt like Sunday I was finally about to put some nearly two and a half year demons from before my time in SCW to bed once and for all…

With that thought in mind, I shut off my camera and felt ready to heal from that aforementioned painful experience.
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The explanation

He could feel it coming. The conversation. It was one of those moments, where for weeks she had sat and stared at him. Her eyes asked questions that the rest of her just couldn’t bring herself to bring up. Austin sat quietly. Bringing his coffee to his lips before letting out a deep sigh and looking over at his sister. She averted her gaze, looking elsewhere for a moment. She trailed outside to make sure that the children were not in earshot. Her son and Austin‘s son and daughter playing in their room upstairs

The sound of children’s laughter echoed down the staircase through the main hall and into the kitchen. Amy smiled, looking over at her brother, and taking in a deep breath, to bring enough confidence to talk to him.

She moved around the kitchen bench, standing just to the side of Austin around the corner. Placing her hands on the bench, she leaned her weight onto it before, tilting her head, and looking up at her younger brother. Austin raised an eyebrow, tilting his head, as Amy gave him a weak smile, still unsure of herself, and still unsure whether or not, she should even be breaching this subject. She finally worked up the courage to ask, a small quivering, voice betraying any confidence that she thought she could build. “So, that detective has come by a few times.”

Austin let out an audible drone, he couldn’t hide his annoyance and indignation about the constant harassment. Even though he was no longer in danger of going to jail, even though the matter, should’ve been settled, the fact that he was hanging around asking questions was a thorn in Austin’s side and the bane of his existence.

“What happened? He made it seem like Michael and Lisa’s deaths were linked somehow” Her eyes were full of questions that needed answering. Austin was not going to be able to get away with lying or trying to hide it from her. And he didn’t want to. He hated lying, he hated trying to deceive people who he loved and were part of his family. But he was also not going to be able to get away with not telling her anything this time. He could see it, in her body language, he could hear it in her voice, he was going to have to tell her everything.

“Michael….” he stuttered, taking a deep breath to steel his nerves before turning and looking at Amy with a frown on his face. He hated this. “He was responsible for Lisa’s death. She found out he was siphoning money from his business, from Wolfslair, and from Alicia to pay off a gambling addiction…” he trailed off a sudden anger appearing. Anger at himself for not knowing. Anger at Michael for doing it. “Lisa went to him….to ask him to get help….”

Austin shook his head, Amy leaned even closer, wanting to hear the rest. Also, she thought. “And? What? He had her killed?”

Austin stayed silent. But his eyes and body language said more than words ever could. Amy looked shocked, standing with her mouth open in disbelief as Austin put his hands on the bench and leaned forward. She took in a few deep breaths and turned away. Austin cleared his throat and looked over, reaching out and placing his hand on Amy‘s shoulder. “It’s a lot to take in. But there’s more…”

Amy swallowed, pushing all of her sadness down into the pit of her stomach before turning back to her brother. “Might as well tell me.”

Austin gave a small nod, trying to prepare himself for what he was about to tell Amy, and hoping that she would be prepared to listen. “I found out the guys who they put away for Lisa’s murder were…they were just two of them….of a bigger group.” He trailed off and shook his head before solidifying his resolve. “I found out, I knew where Michael was hiding when he disappeared and I….let them know where he was…”

It took a moment for Amy to register exactly what Austin was saying. In his mind, he was responsible for Michael‘s death. In his mind, he was a murderer. Whether or not, it was for revenge, whether or not it was for justice, and whether or not it was deserved was no matter to him. “Aus…”

He held his hand up. He knew what Amy was about to say. That it wasn’t his fault. That he did what anyone would do. But was that true? Would most people find out who someone’s enemies were after they committed such a grave fence only to have it repaid tenfold? Would they do that? Austin would. “What?....are you going to tell me it’s an understandable reaction? That revenge is a natural thought?” He paused and shook his head, trying to hold it all back but being agitated by his guilt. “No…what I did was wrong Amy. And I live with it daily.” He paused again, falling quiet as Amy seemed to have no idea what to say.

After a few moments, she spoke up, her eyes filled with worry and sadness. “Does….Alicia know?”

Austin gave a small nod and shrugged his shoulders. “She does, we only talked about it once but she knew before that…”

“And…she is still with you? Doesn’t that tell you something?” Austin stayed silent, Amy laughed to herself and shook her head, clearly disappointed that Austin didn’t pick up on it. “She’s with you, she took in all that information, all that emotional baggage, and damage, she accepted it and forgave anything that you believed was a slight…” He gave a small nod, taking it all in and accepting it but stayed silent. “If she can look past it and see that you acted in a justified…albeit extreme way, then why can’t you?”

“I don’t know” His voice was deep and almost disconnected. Like he was deep in thought but trying to respond the best he could. “Maybe she just hides it well..”

Amy groaned and rolled her eyes. “She loves you. She wanted to be with you. And through it all, she has had your back and understood it. In fact she probably has guilt with it too.” Austin looked up and gave a small nod, thinking back to what her actions and words had shown in evidence. “You should marry her…if she can stand by you in that she can do anything.”

Austin couldn’t help but laugh, shaking his head. “Maybe one day…but, I still have a problem…Paloma isn’t going to let this go…I should tell him…and whatever happens…happens…”

Amy stuttered and stepped forward as Austin turned to grab his jacket, trying to stop him. “Tell him? TELL A COP? What the shit Austin?...AUS!”He moved to the door, closing it behind him. Amy shook her head and threw her hands in the air, clearly exasperated by it all.

The Lyon roars

” The match against Goth didn’t go like I wanted. To say the least.”

Austin leaned forward, his flowing brown hair was slicked back with a few strands sliding down over his forehead and eyes.

” But, I was beaten by the better man. I’ve never been one to mince words. If I go into a match with someone, and they beat me, then I will be the first person to congratulate them on a job, well done and be eager to see how they go in the future. if I lose to someone and genuinely believe I should’ve won? Well, I’ll still congratulate them on the win, but I will come at them with everything that I have because I know I can beat them. I know I can beat Goth, but I also know he is going to to a well-earned and deserved world title match.”

“But what about Me? What is in store for Austin James Mercer? I could do what people like Jack, Washington expect me to do, I could stop my feet and demand another match to get into the world championship scene. But contrary to popular belief that is not something I’ve ever done. Every single time I get selected to go into an opportunity for that world championship, a little part of me inside cringes, and I die. Because I never ask, I never beg, I try and earn everything I get.”

“That includes other title matches.”

“So, the distant future for me at December 2 dismember is an Internet championship match against Miles Kasey. But it’s not about the championship between myself and Miles. The fact the Internet championship is on the line is just an extra. The issue between myself and Miles is about respect, it’s about maturity, and it is about pushing someone to where they need to be, and making them who they need to be through any means necessary. That is what I’m going to do.”

Austin can’t help but chuckle to himself as he folds his large arms over his chest and shakes his head

”Miles and I have an issue that needs settling. And that is exactly what I aim to do at the end of the year. But before he and I get to go at it for the Internet championship and before I get to teach a lesson to someone who really needs it. I’m going to be making a detour. I get to face the “unbreakable” Eddie Lyons. And trust me on this, I am not the type of person to look past any opponent, let alone one as impressive, as Eddie has been since he stepped foot in a sin wrestling ring. I know who you are Eddie. I know what you’re capable of.”

“I don’t look past anyone, but you? You have my attention. You have won almost all of your matches in this company. Anyone who has crossed your path you’ve been except for Peter Vaughan, And. He is certainly not a pushover. Peter being the roulette champion was a highlight for that division. But it would’ve been for you as well. you and I certainly have a few things in common don’t we Eddie?”

“We both come from wrestling families. Wrestling royalty as it were.”

“My family, the Mercers ruled, the East Coast. My grandfather, my uncles, and my father, all spent time in the professional wrestling business. Stretching back generations. You? You’re from the Lyons family. The baby of the family. But, from what I’ve seen, you are definitely the most dangerous. And that is me knowing damn well what kind of competitor, your cousin Victoria is.”

Austin nods slowly in stark recognition.

”I’m not going to sugarcoat it, I’m excited to face you, Eddie. I want to know just how good you are. And I’m proud that I get to do it. You see I look at someone like Miles and I see someone who has wasted his potential. Someone who should be a world champion by now. Someone who should be in the main event scene, facing the biggest names in this company. but he can never get out of his way. He can never take that next step and always brings himself down. He fails and stumbles. No matter who is around him, and what they give him, whether that is time or knowledge or power he simply cannot get the job done.”

“So, before I step into the ring with him and get ready to take that Internet title, I get to step in the ring with you. Someone who is the opposite of miles. Eddie, you are the future of this company. I have nothing but respect and admiration for you and what you’ve been able to accomplish. you didn’t let your failure against Peter Vaughan stop you from stepping back into the ring and earning wins. Earning your way. And reminding everyone just how good you are.”

“I can see you becoming a champion.”

“A legend.”

“The best of the Lyons family.”

“Hell, I can’t go into this match with any promises of victory. I can’t sit here and say that I’m going to rip your head off or beat the hell out of you and force you to submit. I can’t use the fact that I’m a former world champion to intimidate you because you are very well prepared. I know you are. I know what type of person you are because I look at you and I see Me when I was younger. you grew up in and around this business, you grew up with a family who loves this business. And you all learned together. You are a student of the game and someone who prizes honor above all else.”

Austin can’t help but laugh as he looks over at his trophy case. A replica of the honor wrestling world championship sits there with his name on the nameplate. He scuffs and turns back to the camera before continuing.

”Honor, as a wider concept, is dead Eddie. It’s been dead for a while. And not just the company that I was once a champion of. The entire concept. There is no honor amongst thieves, and everyone in this business is a thief. They steal everything. They steal people's money. They steal people's time. They steal people's faith and they steal people's friendship. That is what we all do, and we are all guilty of it in some way shape, or form. you might be innocent, but I know you’re not naive to the way this business works. You’ve seen that with your family too. Just like I have..”

“I was ready to give my time to someone like Miles, and he stole all of that. He stole my time. He stole my motivation. He stole my knowledge, and he did nothing with it. So tell me, Eddie, are you going to steal my respect? I just sat here for the last five minutes and told the world how you are the future of this business and how I firmly believe in my heart of hearts that you could be a world champion in this company. So what are you going to do with that?”

“Are you going to take the respect I’ve given you and flush it down the toilet by not living up to my expectations?”

“And to be clear, my expectations are not that you are going to go out there and beat me easily. Hell, my expectations aren’t even that you are going to beat me at all. All I want from you Eddie is everything you have. And if everything you have ends up beating me? I will shake your hand and I will sing your praises to the moon. If all you’ve got is to give it all in the ring and still lose to me and fall to your knees and realize that I am still just as badass as I used to be? I will still do the same. But, we aren’t going to know that until the bell rings and you and I face off. And then we won’t know the definite answer until the bell rings again. From Bell to Bell, I want you to give me everything you have. If you do that for me, Eddie? Then you really will be unbreakable”
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