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« on: May 13, 2022, 11:57:22 PM »
So much Potential.

Paraphrasing of course but that’s pretty much the words that came around from every single one of their mouths.

And honestly...they are right.

Every single fucking one of them is right! I haven’t been living up to the potential that has been laid out for me. I’m walked in with the whole “Second Gen Not to be Fucked With”.

And what have I got to show for it? A mixed tag title run and falling short at every single chance I have had at a singles championship, I have tripped at that finish line. Yup, congratulations to every single one of you pointing out that I am a complete and total fuck up.

Then why in the hell are you all so afraid of lil ole me?

O’Connell Home
New York, NY

They didn’t need to say it but it was all pretty damn evident. Respect from the majority and all but one but Amber Ryan doesn’t like anyone but herself.

At least that’s how it seemed.

After a whole week in Crete to just enjoy some actual vacation and her birthday, it was back to reality for Malachi and Bella. It was almost an interesting situation because even though she just wanted to get back to running her ass through the gym and tape study, she still had her mother to spend time with for not only Mother’s Day but to also celebrate her birthday.

Luka had taken to pouting around the house, out to make her humans feel bad for leaving her behind. Not like she wasn’t spoiled while they were gone, spending time with Laura, Nick and Aaron but the fact that she got left behind was enough to make her extra sassy and a full on hellhound which would lead to Luka being banished to an area where she knew she had to stay when she was being disciplined.

The reason this was even being explained was while Bella sat and combed over every piece of video she could get her hands on to even remotely pin down and study, Luka was not by her side like always. She took to laying completely on the other side of the room and occasionally gruffing and barking at whatever caught her attention outside the window. Including the closest pissant that her ears satellite tuned in on, which would send her into convulsions.

Which would piss off Bella.

LUKA! QUIT!!” Bella turned and glared at her, which would only elicit a slight gruff and Luka dropping her head, “You’ll get over it soon enough.

Bella would turn back and hit play on her video which would start the whole process with her crazy husky again. Bella slammed the remote down and walked over to her and looked down the street, “Girl, there is nothing down there. You’re imagining things or your hearing dad down in the garage.” Bella looked at Luka, “Either way, please stop. I’m trying to focus.

Luka whined when Bella went to walk away which caught her attention, “What’s up?” she would ask before Luka would reach out her paw. “Oh you gonna try and make up with me now?” which would get a response of Luka’s dual colored eyes just staring.

Ok, come on you.

Luka excitedly hopped up to her feet and trotted over and waited patiently for Bella to join her back on the couch. She would plop down and Luka would jump up and do the same as Bella reluctantly pressed play and continued her little watch party and gave Luka and occasional scratch on her head.

This didn’t last too long though before Bella would just shut the TV off and sit in the silence and through her head she would let it all stew. She wasn’t going to let them bring her down, she knew that she did belong but each one of them brought up some excellent points. She wasn’t just named to the match, she had to earn her spot.

After everything she had done, she still had to kick that damn door down.

No matter what, she was smaller than every single one of them. But she is also human.

So why the fuck did their opinions matter?

They don’t.” she barked out. This revelation would inspire her to get off her ass, grab her phone and motion Luka to follow her. She threw a quick text to Mal to let her know where she would be as she ascended the stairs to the roof, throwing the switch on her way out the door and walking out and just letting go of something she was holding in.


It was New York...who was really going to say anything about this?

After that release, she just paced the length of the roof, running her hands through her hair, sometimes frustrating pulling it from the front of her face that the wind put there.

You know what is absolutely and positively amazing about each and every woman in this Queen for a Day match? You all fed compliments but in such a backhanded way that I begin to really understand how every single one of you are so amazingly bitter!

She stops for a moment and turns her attention to the fire pit that is set up but not lit up. “Yeah, even you Alicia. I get now why you walked away from it for a while because, oh my gawd. Look, I know how you respect my mom and have these wild dreams that I am somehow her, wrapped up in an even tinier package. Look, I’ve come to grips of the fact that it’s going to take me just a little bit longer to finally take this spot that is supposedly waiting for me.” Looking down for a moment, she finds what she’s looking for and picks up a long lighter and clicks it on. She stares at the flame, before she puts it down and lights the pit, “Look, at this particular moment, fuck that spot. I came to Wolfslair because I felt like I still had so much more to learn. I hope to the Gods that I never STOP learning but the fact remains that I really need ya’ll to stop comparing me to Laura Fuckin’ Phoenix and realize that I am Bella Fuckin’ Madison. I have had to keep taking it on the chin over and over and over again, barely at times being remembered as to if they have actually faced me.

Her eyes glance up with a smart ass look in her blue eyes, “Ain’t that right Kiera?! And to answer your question, no we haven’t actually had the chance to stand in the same ring together. You out of everyone was actually not completely backhanded in your words because you are so sweet and kind but I know damn well that the kindness is going to stop the minute that that bell rings.

Krystal Wolfe, you ran so much roughshod over me that sometimes I wonder if my whole psychosis of not really truly believing that I have earned this spot. Even though I have fought like fucking hell, I cannot seem to grasp that I am actually good enough for the good things in my life! And I know you didn’t mean for me to feel this way and maybe after Athens I should seek professional help to get me the fuck over this strange idiosyncratic belief that I am fighting.” she turns and sits carefully next to Luka and looks almost sad as she gives her pups head a quick scratch, “The feeling that I can’t get there. Existential Dread of looking at you all, all these amazing Goddesses and I am not feeling like I’m good enough to climb Olympus.

She holds up her hand and that smartass look shows back up in a big way, eyes glimmering and the smirk even wider, “I felt that way....until I heard Amber fucking Ryan coming in hot to remind me that I am indeed lesser. You know, despite the fact that NO ONE likes you, you brought up an excellent point. I have humanized myself. WEIRD I KNOW! But I loved the whole part about how you wanted me to reach out and take the match by the throat, that was adorable. Considering I had to battle my ASS off to get in this match to begin with!

She looks down at the fire that is now going full bore, “You know, it’s so fucking amazing that I’m not allowed to struggle. Apparently even though you are down here in the Queen For a Day match with little ole me, instead of...Oh I don’t know, taking on Roxi? Slummin’ it? Down here in the lower card with the meger peasants that are just ACHING for a little bit of a fucking chance.

She stands up and screams out to the universe, “AND CAN SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME WHERE THE HELL IS SAM MARLOW?!? I know she has just returned and welcome back but seriously you have walked into one hell of shit storm and we’re going to have a really really bad time if you try and get in my way.

She looks down one more time at the fire, almost taking in its strength, “Look ladies, do not get me wrong. I wanna climb this mountain more than ANYONE in the entire Bombshell division. I wanna be Roulette, Internet and who knows eventually Bombshell World Champ. But I am on my own fucking path and no matter how it bugs you how I do it, it’s on me. I am a very colorful, moving to the beat of my own damn drum kind of girl.

I am Alice in a world full of Queens that are attempting to cut off the other’s head. I am the one with the sword drawn and ready to defend the realm. I have come to a realization that if I have to deal with all this, I don’t know if I want a throne but I want to be a champion. My time will come, whether it’s at Into the Void or somewhere in the future. My time is coming. I told you all once already, I want the Goddess status, I want to finally make you realize that all the positive praise is honestly right. I also am going to make you realize that I am an honest threat.” she leans forward and stares through the fire, “And if that means that I gotta take that Queen from all of be it.

Supercard Archives / Re: Queen for the Day Ladder Match
« on: May 07, 2022, 11:56:12 PM »
It’s Yours to Take
Following Climax Control 330
Sunday May 1st, 2022

She felt so beyond determined to make it a point to show that the little girl had indeed grown up and what better way to do that than against Candy. It took everything she had, turning herself into a practical anaconda and squeezing herself to get Candy to tap out in the Bella Notte.

What a way to end her 23rd year on the planet! A win over Candy, who she had struggled with in the past, was exactly what she needed to get herself into the Queen of the Day match.

It was the hyper-fixation of getting through the match and beating Candy, that despite the fact she heard her name spoken by Kystal Wolfe before her match didn’t really register.

When she got to the back, she was greeted by Candy who had made it back before she did. It was always their thing to make sure the other was ok following the match. She didn’t realize it at the time but Bella had gotten caught solid with something during the match. It was all a blur to her and honestly it was probably a good thing that it took her as long as it did to realize that it had happened. She was so high strung at that point she wasn’t sure what her reaction would have been. Either way, Candy congratulated her, wished her luck and went about the rest of the night.

She really was too sweet for her own good sometimes.

Next, came Malachi to greet her with his usual praise along with that hug she always needed. He was the one that pointed out that the side of her left eye looked a little red.

She catch ya?” he asked with a little concern in his voice, moving her hair away from it, trying to get a better look in a hallway that wasn’t exactly well lit.

Did she?” Bella couldn’t help but reach up and touch it and winced the moment she touched it, “Huh, she must have.

He rolled his blue eyes at her. Of course she had to confirm and poke at it like a child. He had to keep her from making it worse and pulled her hand away from her own face, “Did she at least apologize?

Considering that I didn’t even know about it til right now? No.” Mal goes to say something snarky, and Bella just covers his mouth with her hand, “Don’t worry, I know damn well if she knew or saw it, she would have apologized over and over, in a heartbeat. If it bruises up, I’ll take a picture, post it on Twitter....

Not gonna be all that photogenic for your birthday.

Like I really care, hun.” Bella just shrugs as she grabs a bottle of water from one of the backstage coolers, “If anything, it gives me a little class. Proof positive that I’m willing to do whatever the hell it takes to prove that I fucking belong.

Bella finishes that statement with a grin, cracking the bottle and flick spinning the cap off, sending it off like she’s completely frustrated with the fact that she’s in a spot where she knows people are talking like she’s not living up to her potential. Mal knows she’s trying like hell to not go off on him, so he just nods and sighs, “Well if anyone can say anything about you, you’re committed to making a big point.

Like I have a choice.” she grumbles. “I’m trying like hell to not listen to a lot of the naysayers. Krystal was already starting with the whole ‘Well I’ve already beaten her’, and if ANYTHING I just proved tonight that against a woman that I have had a hell of a time against in that ring, can be beaten. I’m just over people acting like my past is this big damn indicator as to how things are just going to pan out for them. I don’t give a flying rat's ass if they have beaten me in the past. I’m going to come out fucking swinging in that Queen for a Day match and if I gotta take a few out with me in the process.

Mal steps back and looks at her for a moment.

What?” she asks with a smirk.

He shakes his head, “You are still wound up after that match....I haven’t seen you like this since your New York match.

Oh this is something different. Back when I fell short of that title shot, I felt so God damn lost. I had no idea what would possibly be next for me and now...the potential exists for me to make lives a whole lot more interesting.

Well before we get there we have some celebrating to do.

OH YEAH! Your big birthday surprise for me! You mean to tell me you’re not actually waiting for a whole 4 days?? because there is no point going allllll the way home just to turn around and go alllllllll the way back.

What are you up to?” Bella said, squinting her eyes at her mischievous looking husband, “You’re looking like how I felt trying to keep that Roadster a secret.

He points at her, giving her that all knowing ‘Nice try’ look, “Which, you snuck a whole car from Ireland to the states for almost a whole ass you’re going to let me have this moment.

Bella smiles and tries the big eyes sweet look that occasionally lets her get away with murder, “Are you going to at least tell me?

Let’s just say the fates smiled down on me for this one.” Bella puts her hands on her hips waiting for him to stop torturing her, “You know, maybe you should go get your shower first before...

Bella stomps and throws her arms to her side, “MAL!

He pulls her stubborn ass closer and leans in, “A whole week, just you and me....a private villa for 2 in Crete.

The look on Bella’s face goes from stubborn to practical swoon and she turns and wraps her arms around his neck, “Just you and me?

He looks down at her, placing her hands on her hips with that smile that he reserves only for her, “Luka is with your ma and dad and we have nowhere to be. We won’t have to leave if we don’t want to, but we actually get to enjoy Greece instead of racing back to the states.

I do love the sound of that.” she says, bunching his shirt in her hands like she’s ready to thank him on the spot.

I knew you would.” he leans in to give her a kiss before she pulls back with a question in her eyes. “When do we leave?

First thing in the morning.” she pouts a bit, before he kisses it away, “Trust me, I would rather we leave tonight but we’re at the mercy of the transportation system.

She sighs in partial defeat but more like the pressure of everything for a little while coming off her, “Fiiiiiiine, I guess I can take my time on that shower and I guess we’ll celebrate my win.

He nods, pulling away and motioning her to do so, “That’s my girl. I’ll be in catering when you’re ready.

She gives him that look that tells you the fun is only just beginning for them.

Get Treated Like One
Crete, Greece

It has been 5 days since they found their way to that private villa. Bella’s birthday week had gone off without a hitch.

A whole lot better than last year, that was for sure.

But she couldn’t help herself.....she knew what was ahead of her. She already said it, this was her Mount Olympus to climb and ahead of her were 5 Goddesses that made her want to work only harder.

Kiera, Amber, Krystal, Samantha and Alicia.

If there were ever challenges for women in Greek mythology, this would have been it. The lone mortal woman that knew her destiny lay just beyond them.

Would I ever be considered worthy enough?

She sat poolside, watching the sun just beginning to set over the horizon. Her left eye had begun to heal with the bruise that she had received but it didn’t bug her, she doesn’t bother to cover it up with makeup. In fact she wore it like a badge of honor.

If there were ever 5 women that would even be considered as the pillars that the Bombshell division was built on it would be the five women that I will be facing in Queen for a Day. And how apropo that this is a ladder match....but out of the 6 of us, it almost feels like I’m the lonely little mortal that has been only dreaming that one day perhaps my name will be synonymous with these Goddesses that are my true trials.

She takes a deep breath.

Look ladies, my respect for you is legit. But my respect is only going to get me so far. So pardon me if I don’t kiss all of your asses. In fact I KNOW damn well that if I even tried that with Alicia, she would have my ass. She has been the one to truly take me under her wing and now I have to show just how much the student has learned. Can I surpass that challenge? ...I’d like to think that I can.

Krystal too, in a way. There were some serious battles there for a while, and I’d like to think that I have come so damn close a few times but she had to go and remind me that she indeed has beaten me. But newsflash Krys, I’m not the same little girl. I have had no choice but to grow because if I don’t...I’ve realized that I will be eaten the fuck alive.

Speaking of getting eaten alive, Sam Marlowe, where the fuck have you been? Maybe I just haven’t been paying attention like I should because honestly it felt like you fell off the face of the planet there for a little bit. I mean, don’t get me wrong...I’m glad you are in this match.

And then Kiera...and even Amber. In comparison to these TITANS, I feel TINY in this match. I feel like I just do not belong in this match. Like you have these women that have been there and done that ...and then there is lonely little Bella who, bless her young heart, just hasn’t quite lived up to her potential.” Holding up her finger, she glares, “....but....I do belong. I know in my heart of hearts that when it comes to the SCW Bombshell’s roster that I am more than my past, I am more than my training. I am more than the one giving respect.

Why? Because I will not give up. I am not Mercy Vargas, who takes her ball and goes the fuck home when she doesn’t get her fucking way. I will wear my bruises PROUDLY! AND I will keep doing what I have to, to make you all wonder if I really am on a suicide mission.” Bella shrugs with a laugh on her lips, “I’m not. But I am on a mission to make sure that you ladies understand that this little girl isn’t going to go away or coware away in fear. I’m going to be fighting for everything because, well I’ll just say it, I have nothing to lose.

She sits back for a moment, tapping her fingers on the arm of the if almost in deep thought of how she wants to say what she needs to. She mumbles ‘Ah fuck it’ before taking a breath and continuing on.

If I want to be treated like a Goddess...or in the case of this match, a Queen I’m going to start having to act like I am just as big as the rest of you. No longer is the little girl going to not live up to her potential. I’m not going to make you bend the knee...

She leans forward, her blue eyes almost gray in the sunlight. A wicked little smile forms on her face.

But I will make sure you all will respect me.

Climax Control Archives / When Is It Enough?
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When Is It Enough?
Wolfslair Gym
New York, NY

It had been almost 2 weeks and every bit of her latest failure put a weight on her shoulders. Something she didn’t like one bit.

It brought up feelings that she didn’t not want to envelop her or her career.

In her head, she’d play the whole damn thing over and over again. Where could she have done anything differently? Where did she go wrong? Why in the fuck was it pissing her off so much?

Ya know...” Bella heard a voice break through her foggy focus, where she had taken all the frustrations of her world out on monopolizing the punching bag, “If I didn’t know better, I’d say you were a little frustrated.

Alicia Lukas would know about that, she was Bella’s mentor afterall and had taken the young one under her wing. What made it even more obvious was Bella had managed to get the bag off the hook somehow and took to tossing it around the room for the last hour.

And while I’m sure Alex would appreciate the removal of the old broken down bag so he can get it replaced, I don’t think he was expecting you to break union rules and take matters into your own hands....

Bella just kept going though, picking the bag up, hiking it onto her shoulders and lifting it and slamming it down.

You do know we have dummies and students for this exact reason, right?

Alicia kept trying to get through to her but it was like Bella was not having it today, that was enough to have Lukas grab Bella by the arm and pull her up straight.

Bella just pulls her arm away and barks, “Do you mind?

Yeah, I do mind! What the hell has crawled up your ass?

Bella just rolls her eyes and you hear Alicia vocally scoff, “What? What do you want from me?

Alicia is almost taken aback by Bella practically barking at her, “You have been moping around here for DAYS since you got back.

Yup!” the blonde says ‘matter-of-fact’ like before reaching down and grabbing the bag, dragging it over to another area of the gym.

Alicia stays hot on her heels, “Soooo you decided to redecorate the gym?

Bella tosses the punching bag into the corner nonchalantly and it falls without her giving one care, before turning back and walking over to her gym bag, unwrapping her hands and wrist, “No, I just needed something to beat the hell out of for a bit. Heard the boss talking about replacing this old thing and took matters into my own hands.

Alicia watches her for a moment, “Alright, so what about earlier today when you were working in the ring?

That recent memory brings a smirk to the young one’s face, “What about it?

Alicia just shrugs, “I got told you were working some of the newbs a little extra tighter than usual.

Bella just glances at her mentor for a moment who just gives her that look, “Sometimes they gotta learn that it happens and no one is going to play pattycake with them when they’re in the ring. It’s what you have been trying to beat into my head, right?

Lukas has a hard time keeping a straight face, swallows the laugh and continues on, “You told one of them to quit being a “sniveling little bitch”.

Bella can’t help but snicker as she finishes unwrapping her hands, mumbling, “Little pussy bitch could take chops from a girl and goes whining. They deserve to be called a ‘sniveling little bitch’ if that’s really the case.

Alicia growls in frustration, grabbing her protege by the shoulders and screams, “BELLA!

WHAT?!?!” Bella screams back.

The women look at each other for a moment before a smile breaks out on Alicia’s face, “It’s about time I see some viciousness come out of you.” Bella blinks in surprise, as Alicia grabs her shoulder and shakes it, “Now, if you can only keep that same attitude going into the match this week.

Bella steps back and rolls her eyes, “Because we all know how you feel about Candy.

Hey, I’ve done what I needed against her.” she holds up her hands, “You however, need to keep this whole stubborn ass attitude that reminds me way too much of your mother, pack it in that bag along with that hottie thottie gear you’ve been rocking lately and beat her ass!

Madison tilts her head, “You actually want me in that Queen for a Day match?

More than I want her, that’s for damn sure.” Alicia says, “And when it comes Into the Void, you are going to keep this whole next level Mini-Ali attitude and bring it like never before. Got me?

Bella just squints at her, “Mini Ali?

Lukas steps back and just motions at Bella all together, “Oh you better believe I am taking credit for this. I have had a hell of a year already. Don’t piss out on me now, Madison.

You? I can’t seem to find a streak unless I stripped naked and ran through Time Square.

Ali tries to think of a comeback for that but isn’t sure, “Let’s avoid that for the time being despite how many people would just love to see that. Get going, take that bag with ya, throw it at Malachi a few times and I will see you in Lesbos and watch you kick that twit’s ass. I’m gonna go harass the sniveling little bitch for a bit before I call it a day.

Bella looks over to where the students are standing around and Alicia looks with her, “Sometimes you gotta get a little mean to get what you want.

And with that Bella grabs her gym bag and on her way out, dragging the punching back behind her we hear, “Alright....chop drill!” followed by a collective moan.

Sometimes Being Nice Isn’t Enough

Bella is seen sitting in front of a burn pit that sits in the middle of a beautiful Lesbos hotel patio, “It’s really not. And I know Candy has lived her entire life and career with the innocence of a child and we’ve been over our whole past with families. She looks at me like I am one of her best friends and part of me feels almost guilty about how I am feeling right now.

After my loss 2 weeks ago in that triple threat, I feel like I have reached the point in my career where I am just...spinning my fucking wheels. It’s been getting increasingly worse since before the new year. I have only been good for so much and then when it comes to the point of really making a point, I come up juuuuuuuuuust short of making it really count.

In my head, I have been wanting to scream something that I know would probably garner me a tad bit of heat and honestly at this point I don’t have much left to lose. I took to twitter and I spoke my mind. I have been feeling like when it comes to my general direction in the company itself, it has been sorely lacking. I’m not a contender. I don’t even have a SNIFF at any of the three bombshell championships right now.

She points to herself, “And it is my own fault.

I have no one to blame for this void right now, but me. So it IS on me to fix that course. I could sit here and bitch all day about management putting the screws to me but that’s not the case. Mark and Christian have been nothing but amazing despite how some people feel about them. I absolutely adore SCW and I have said it once before and it will be repeated over and over again, this is considered one of my homes. I find myself time and time again here and I will keep doing it. Bella Madison is still growing and wanting more. I’ve become so hungry for bigger things but when I have attempted to crack the ceiling...all I have done is crack my head and give myself a massive migraine.

So I pick myself up, I dust myself off...but how many times does one have to do that before the cracks become something more?

She can’t help but growl in frustration before that turns into a sigh,

Candy, I love you. I love you like an aunt. I love your adorable daughter and your husband is a wonderful and extremely patient human being that deserves an award for it all. And I know you are hearing this and wondering what I am talking about but those that get it, know. But I cannot let my love for you and your family and for our history get in the way of what needs to be done.

You once gave me one of the greatest chances I have ever had in my career in my own hometown and it led to one of the best moments of my career. I can never thank you enough. But when it comes to what I need next, I have to make a point. I can only beat up a punching bag for so long before I come to the realization that I need to take all this frustration and the lack of course and put it on one thing at a time.” Bella looks up and points forward,

And right now....that’s you.

And I’m sorry. I am so sorry. But you have to understand, I have no other choice. I have to get to ‘Into the Void’, into that match for Queen For A Day. To do that, I have to beat you and make my course very abundantly clear.

That course is straight up, and not stopping for a fucking soul.” She looks down and smiles evilly at the pit of fire.

Let the rest burn.

Climax Control Archives / The Best Motivation
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Have you ever wondered? Not wandered. Wondered.

Wondering is a fickle furious monster that can do one of two things.

It can eat at your very soul and make you doubt that every single move you made that has lead you to a single moment.


It can motivate you and make you so dangerously hungry that suddenly you are something to be feared.

And there are certain individuals out there that would love to see you keep your head down and watch as the doubt crosses you and turns your light dimmer and dimmer until it finally snuffs you out completely.

Aren’t you lucky that despite my trials and tribulations I will not let anyone EVER do that? If anything, I will smile brightly, step up, show you the pretty little bird on my middle finger and take my beating.

I have never EVER backed down from a fight and I’m not about to begin now. Why?

Because I have so much more to prove.

Besides, who else is gonna give Kristjan a run for his money everytime there is some amazing chocolate in catering.

What? I can't work ALL the time.

International Date with Destiny
San Jose, Cali

It was nice being actively traveling again after almost 2 years of going back and forth between both coasts. The pandemic was starting to loosen its grip on the world with still some cautious assessments going on. And rightfully so, the damn virus was never going to fully go away but Bella had never thought that being so jetlagged would be like a familiar blanket that was enjoyable.

There was a moment there that it felt like things wouldn’t even remotely feel like they would get back to a sense of normal, this was a welcomed change back into their lives. Especially because New York found itself in a weather rollercoaster that is typical of any early spring in the northeast, meanwhile in San Jose the weather was nice enough for a trip to the beach to just rest, gets some sun and Luka get her high energy out before they gave her off to her parents for a few days. Because the Gods are calling and it was time to make her mark on Greece in high style.

She sat on the beach, watching her husband Malachi currently goofing around with their husky Luka and one of her favorite toys to toss around, a frisbee. Mal spent the current moment playing keep-away from her as Luka showed off her impressive leaping abilities and she was almost able to snatch the plastic disc from her dad’s hand. Mal would reward that with him letting Luka get a step and with a light toss that would send the frisbee down the beach followed by an impressive catch.

Nice catch!” Bella said from their spot as she watched Mal get Luka to come back with a whistle. Luka would drop the disc at his feet before he would pick it up and throw it towards Bella, which sent the pup barrelling her way. Bella was able to catch it before Luka got to her and was able to keep Luka from tackling her over but not from the kisses that she’d get from Luka, “AH! LUKA! SHTAP!

She’s just sayin ‘Good Catch’!” Mal quip as he jogged up with a laughter in his voice. Bella finally gets the pup to calm down before she sits up and glares at her husband and his shit-eating grin.

The least you could have done is warn me!” she said, swiping the slobber and sand from her face and arms. “Blech...that’s a shower coming.

He just continued to laugh as Luka snatched up her frisbee and began to gnaw away at it, “Then she would have cut it off and where was the fun in that?

Bella just rolled her eyes as Mal took his spot next to her. Bella finished wiping the sand away looking down at their happy little husky, “She is getting really good with that frisbee.” she said, and Luka looked up at her with her tongue hanging out, “Maybe we should sign you up for some competitions, eh?

That brought a look from Mal over his sunglasses, with a question in those blue eyes of his, “There are actual dog catching frisbee competitions?

Just like in that Flight of the Navigator movie I showed ya.” Mal gives her a look, “What?

Shaking his head, “Of course you’d find a way to fit in a damn Disney movie reference somewhere in this conversation.

Bella just smirks at him, “You love it.

Sometimes, I really wonder.” Bella scoffs at him, before he kisses her on the cheek, “Kidding.

She just turns and looks at him, looking over her sunglasses, “You better be mister or I’ll leave you here and go and enjoy Crete without ya.

Over my dead body.” Bella goes to say something, “I know, I know...that can be arranged. How about I make it up with one of those slush drinks you like so damn much.

That perks her up, “Ooo, yes please. Lemonade if they have it, if not I’ll take Cherry...NO! Blueberry.

Alright, alright. I’ll be right back.” Luka goes to stand up as if he was going to take her with him, “No, you stay.

Luka gruff barks at him and turns back to her toy, “I think that’s her way of saying ‘whatever’ but grab her some water. I ran out after your run with her.

He gives her a quick salute before jogging off, getting in “You’re so damn lucky you're cute.

That brings a bit of a giggle to her lips as she sits back and enjoys the view of the Pacific Ocean. Luka seems to be content in the damage she has done and brings her head over onto Bella’s lap to get some scratches. “Whatcha think, Luka? Think Crete will be something amazing?

Luka’s dual color eyes just stare at her for a moment almost giving her the look as if to say “Really?”

I swear, sometimes I forget you are a dog.” Bella says, sighing. “Don’t worry, girl. Mom is alright. Just been kinda hanging out in left field lately in SCW and suddenly here we are, heading back to Greece for this triple threat match against a very determined Kat Jones and Ms. Jon. Being a part of SCW for the length I have, I have always been able to get these things out and not feel like suddenly I am not sure about any of it.

They are both so extremely talented and I seem to be almost floundering. But I know that all I need is one strong moment and suddenly I am right back into the hunt. Whether it’s World, Internet or Roulette title hunts, I need like hell to flip that switch and suddenly I am right there again.” Bella looks back at where Mal went to see he’s still with the vendor, “He would tell me that there is nothing I should fear and just go out there and be the badass that I am but I’m almost wondering if that is enough anymore.

I have to step my game up. I want to finally get over this hump that shoves me head first into every wall. Somehow, someway I’m going to get my way on to Into The Void if that means I have to beat those two women senseless.” Bella huffs for a moment, “I’m done playing nice. And if that means I’ve gotta break a few spirits along the way then so be it. Not for nothing, my motivation has to be that I am absolutely over the fact that I am done wondering if I am good enough. Because I know for an absolute FACT that I am better than good enough.

From behind her Mal smirks and he clears his throat, “You’re right.” Bella shoots around as he hands her her drink, “You are the absolute best.

She raises her glass, “And it’s about fucking time I prove it.

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My So-Called Life
Dallas, TX
Feb. 16th

BIRFDAY! IT’S MY BIRFDAY!” the young voice of Aaron Madison streamed through the store and as fast as his little legs could carry him, he was running full tilt through the walkways of one the many Dallas Walmart’s.

Hot on his heels, was his big sister, Bella Madison, “AARON!

Aaron stops at one of the workers, a very tall black gentleman, who stepped out in front of him to slow him down, “HI! IT’S MY BIRFDAY!” This allows his sister ample time to catch up with him and sweep him up into her arms.

Thank you!” Bella says to the worker, she looks at the name tag, “DeMarcus, thanks for the intercept. We let him walk instead of riding in the cart and turned one minute...

“It’s all good. Glad I was able to help.” DeMarcus says before turning to the wiggly 3-year-old, “And a Happy Birthday lil dude. Don’t take off on her like that again, alright?”

K!” Aaron barks out, as DeMarcus walks away. Bella levels her little brother with a glare, and Aaron looks down and whimpers a pathetic, “Sorry, Be.

Dude, we had an agreement. You stick with me and Mal and we weren’t gonna force ya to ride in the cart.

I am 3 now, I don’t wanna!” Aaron says pouting and folding his arms across his tiny chest.

Yeah, I know but you blew it kid.” Mal says catching up and pushing a cart, “In ya go.

Aaron tries to growl at his brother-in-law but Mal just looks at him to say ‘Dude really?’, “Nice try pipsqueak, I invented that.

Bella snickers as she places her little brother in the seated part of the cart, “I won’t buckle ya in, but try me bro, I dare ya.” The trio make it to the toy department after a bit of whining, “Alright, birthday boy, what are ya thinkin this year?

DRUMS!” he waves his arms like he’s playing them already.

Oh your mother is gonna LOVE that one.” Mal quips with a laugh in his voice.

Bella gives him a quick glare before looking at her brother, “Uh, I don’t know if they have drums here. How about Hot Wheels tracks with cars or something?

No, I want drums! So I can play with daddy.” Aaron beams.

That brings up even more laughter, “Oh please, please let this happen.

Bella sighs, “Ok tell you what, cause I know we’re not gonna find drums here, how about we get something else? And maybe we can order you what you want and we’ll have it delivered to your house?

Bella wanders off as Aaron kind’ve whimpers, Mal taps him on the shoulder and whispers, “It’ll be alright rugrat, trust me.

Aaron smiles brightly and reaches up and hugs Mal real quick. That catches a little ole lady’s attention, “Aww, so sweet! You have a real connection with your son like that.”

Mal looks up and can’t help himself, “Actually he’s my brother-in-law.

“Your...but he’s...”


Bella walks back around with a huge box that features Mario Kart, “Bro, check this out!”

The woman looks at Bella and back to Aaron and Mal and the look on her face is a look of confusion, “Uh, well...” and that’s all she can get out before she just walks away.

Mal smirks, “That’ll never get old.

Fun?” Aaron looks at his brother in law with a questionable look.

He laughs, “A lot of fun.

You both are silly.” Bella holds up the box, “Speaking of...check this...

Aaron’s eyes get big, “YAS! And drums?

Bella sighs and drops it in the cart, “We’ll see.

She turns her back to them but Mal taps Aaron on the shoulder one more time, “I got you.

Aaron gives him a high five and they continue through the store.


So I just got a text message from my mother, wondering who ordered the drums.” Bella says as she walks into the hotel room.

I haven’t the foggiest idea what you are talking about.” but he can’t help but smirk, “I’m sure I’ll pay for that one soon enough.

She had several curses for you,” she said looking at him, “Trouble maker.

He just shrugs, “What can I say? I have a bit of a soft spot for the kid.

I’ve noticed.” she said, shoving him a little bit.

Where were you?

Trying to keep my motivation up.” she says almost looking deflated, “I understand that I’m sort’ve in this awkward phase right now where I’m back to the beginning of the line but I don’t know...part of me feels like a failure right now when it comes to SCW.

Not even close.” Mal tries to protest but she just shakes her head.

They’re playing with me with kid gloves, Mal.” Bella blurts out, “It’s round fuckin’ 2 with Chloe Benton after I soundly schooled her at Inception. I don’t know what I gotta do but playing best of what the hell ever with the greenhorn isn’t exactly my idea of getting myself back into the main event picture.

So repeat the process? Remember what I told you then?” Mal says looking right at her, “I told you flat out that you have every tool in the box that you have taken from your parents and what you have learned from everywhere else. Are you going to seriously let a repeat in matches deter you from what you really want?

No. I just am really annoyed by it.” Bella says before she smirks, “I guess I’m just gonna have to go Phoenix 101 on the poor girl again.

Sounds like a plan. Besides, you could be worse off.

Bella looks at him with one eyebrow up, “How so?

You could be teamed up with Todd Williams in the BFTP like Lanah.

Bella laughs, “We’ll thank the Gods for me having the good sense to trust my PTSD instincts then, eh?

That you can, love. That you can.

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You ever have one of those days where things go so right, but there is a lot that feels so incredible...I don’t think the right word here is “wrong” but right now it’s the best that I can do.

I don’t wanna sit here and bore myself with the details of it all, because honestly there is zero point in really giving that broad spectrum of every detail that happens. And it’s the past. I shouldn’t have to live there.

But it was the finish of that year that has been really stuck in my head.

Not the loss to Amber.

The other thing.

Picking Up Where We Left Off
Wolfslair Gym
New York


Bella couldn’t help but smile as heard Johanna running the beginners class hard. They should have had plenty of motivation as they just watched the advance crew do some fun spots before their class began but it seems like the entire group had a serious case of ennui. She could relate but when it came to her time here, she had momentum that hit a temporary but easily get over snag. She knew that if she brought her personal feelings into the center, Alicia would kick her ass...then Alex...then Alicia again just for good measure.

She learned that one from her dad.

She would shake her head of the fog that tried to bog her down. She wanted to stick around and see if her help was required but everyone could see something was sitting heavy on her shoulders. Thankfully, she wasn’t in the ring. If she had been, she would have excused herself, screamed, punched one of the punching bags that hung in the gym a few different times to let it out and come back.

What are you still doing here, Madison?” Poor Bella was so lost in her thoughts that she never heard Alicia walk up behind her and damn near jumped out of skin, “Woah, easy there.

Sorry.” she apologized sheepishly, “After everything the last couple of weeks...

Alicia remembers what Bella and her clan has been through the last week in other places, as a look of realization crosses her face, “Yeah, I should have walked around instead of coming up from behind.

It’s all good. I wasn’t sure if I should stay behind or head home, seems like when I’m here I feel decent. Going home though...

Girl, I know you feel everything you do, but you need to let that shit out.

I’ve tried. Instead...I don’t feels odd to bring it up to other people. I’ve never retired anyone before, let alone the man that helped raise me.”

Yeah, it’s something we all mostly have to deal with at one time or another.” Alicia says with a sigh. She wraps her arm around Bella’s shoulder and turns her from the ring, grabbing Bella’s gym bag as she leads them to the door, “How about you go home to that idiot husband of yours and gorge yourself on some pizza and just have a you night.

Bella smirks, “That does sound pretty damn amazing. I feel like I’m not getting anything accomplished by hanging around here tonight.

Alicia holds up her gym bag and drops it in Bella’s hands and nods towards the door, “Then go and give Mal a swift kick in the ass from me.”

That gets Bella to laugh a bit more. No love lost there between those two, “I guess. See ya in Reno.

Practically shoving her out the door, Alicia simply says, “Plan on it.” before closing the door behind her, officially cutting Bella off from the solitude of the gym.

And thus began her trek home. She could do that blindfolded even if there was an accident. Came in handy when she was feeling numb and not paying much attention to driving. Thankfully it didn’t happen all that often.

When she pulled in, she would find her love in their home gym. It’s been pretty much their routine since he got his medical clearance after breaking his arm last year. He was in a whole lot of a better mood since he was able to finally find his way back to the ring himself. So he had been putting in 2-a-days as much as humanly possible. It was good for her to see him in such an energetic mood. It’s what pushed her, majority of the time.

She would stand at the entrance to the gym area and just watch him sometimes, not wanting to get in his way from him kicking his own ass, though he would tell her whenever he would appear back in their living area that he wouldn’t mind if she joined him now and again.

So, she kicked you out?” he said, catching her staring from the doorway. He’d give a little boyish smirk, wiping down his sweat drenched head with a towel.

No, she told me to come home and clear my head.” she said, peeling herself from the jam with a groan. Her whole body was sore...heavy for some reason, she wasn’t sure why.

He gave her a look of concern, “You alright?

Yeah I think the cold is just getting to me. I didn’t go and do anything stupid tonight.” she says as she walks over to the quick bag and just shoves it ever so slightly with her finger, “Just feel bleh.

‘Bleh’ huh? Pizza?” He knows this woman. Tacos and Pizza are the way to her heart, especially when she seems to be dragging through her day.

I figured we both worked hard this week, we deserved a treat.” she said with a shrug “Anything particular you want?

He takes a side step towards her and wraps his arms around her waist, pulling her close, and whispers, “A reason why you have been dragging around lately, but I’ll settle for the ‘Hells Bells Artery Clogger.’

She smirks and looks up at him, “Triple Cheese and Pepperoni it is. And is it that obvious?

He just simply nods at her, “Oh just a bit, but I figure give you enough time and I’ll get to hear what’s going on in that head of yours, mo chroí.

Bella just settles in for a moment, and you can almost hear the storm revving up but she is battling it to settle, “Just...after tonight’s session, I sat back and was watching Johanna working with the beginner class and got to thinking about when I started training with Nick annnnd that lead to me feeling guilty about being the one that had to retire him.

He pulls back and looks at her with a bit of confusion, “Bells, he chose you for that, he was already going to retire, win, lose or draw.

She rolls her eyes and steps around him to pace the room, “I know that, but I still feel guilty about it. That man helped me get through a whole stage of awkwardness that I rather not remember. There’s a bunch of memories of me going through puberty, braces, and one particular month where I had one of the worst haircuts known to man.

He smirks, “I know, your ma showed me the picture.

...well she’s off the Christmas card list.” she jest as she continues around the room, chewing at the tip of her thumb.

He waves her off, “Ah, you were cute.

Even with the blue?” she stops

You were 15. And besides I remember when we started dating and you went pink, so it didn’t surprise me.

Ok you got a point but what I’m getting at was that from age 12 to now, he has been there for me through it all. To ask me to do what he asked me to do...” she steps over and punches the speed bag about as hard as she can, “This whole passing the torch to me when after I lost like I did to Amber....I don’t deserve that torch.

Mal reaches over and stops the bag from swinging back and forth before looking right in her eyes, “So who would you rather he gave it to? Jack? He’s got enough problems being in his da’s shadow, I could only imagine how he would’ve reacted to that and you would have been pissed off if he had chosen anyone else and you know it.

Still doesn’t mean it doesn’t get to me.” she says plopping on the bench nearby, “You know what’s amazing...when mom and him got married, he was just content on being a male influence in my life, but I got the whole wild notion in my head that it would be so cool to go from Bella O’Neil to Bella Madison. As much as I loved David, I really wanted Nick to be my dad. I never regretted that. Not even now.

But he’s still your dad.

And he left the Madison name in my hands. The very name that is synonymous with huge matches and championships...and even burning a few bars here and there.” Mal gives her a look, “Not to the ground, just the actual bar was so pissed at him for that.

Sounds like Nick.

She slumps against the wall and almost mumbles, “Yeah well when you can barely scratch the glass ceiling sometimes the best way to get attention is to burn the lower tier to melt the fucker apparently.

Look, you know as well as I do that you probably gave Amber Ryan one of the toughest defense that she saw all of last year and that’s saying a lot considering everyone she took on,” he says pulling on her hand to bring her to a more vertical base, “You were the closest I have ever seen you to really taking that moment. Despite your shortcomings in the win column, you are one of the top women on any roster you step onto and it’s not just your name. It’s you.

What do you mean?

You have it on your twitter profile, “O’Neil by birth, Madison by love and O’Connell by chance”. You are without a doubt your mother’s daughter...but everything Nick has shown you has to account for something and it’s that tenacious attitude that you will go to any lengths to prove that you do belong up there.” Bella blinks at her husband, she looks at him with a bit of surprise. He always has her back but this was something else, “You may not be his blood but you are his daughter and he chose you to continue this in his name and in his legacy.

Even if that means lighting a few fires?” she says with a quirk in her eyebrow and smile.

He leans his head in and kisses her, “My love, at this point, would you do it any differently?

Bella thinks about it for a moment before smirking, “It would get really really hot for a while...

He pulls her a little closer and without missing a beat, “You’re already really really hot.

Bella throws her head back in laughter and blurts out, “Oh my gawd that was so cheesy.

He sees this as a challenge and in almost a growl, “Woman, don’t even. you know I could be cheesier...

That catches her attention and she wraps her arms around his neck, “How about you attempt that over that pizza?

He nods before placing a kiss on her forehead and mumbles against it, “Put the order in and I’ll be up shortly.

Don’t take too long.” she says with a seductive look before she pulls herself from him and leaves the room.

Mal watches her go before taking a deep breath and letting it go loudly, “I don’t know what I did...but I did something right.

Light It Up
The O’Connell Roof
New York

It’s a whole thing where I was so close to having the world....and I just...I let it slip.

Bella sits on top of the roof of her converted old industrial building home. On the roof there is a particular favorite spot of hers and it’s where Mal proposed. It was just a blank roof but since then has been turned into almost a deck with a whole entertainment area including a beautiful firepit that sits practically in the dead center of it. She looks at the fire for a moment before throwing a small log onto it to give it a little more life.

I will say that I really did try my best but it still just wasn’t good enough against Amber. And not saying that Amber wasn’t trying to be, but afterwards the whole damn thing felt condescending.

Bella sits back and shakes her head, crossing her arms and attempting to warm herself under the leather coat she’s wearing. It is a rather chilly day here after all.

It felt like even though I earned my shot against her, she did me a favor by even allowing me to be IN that match just before Christmas. But I’m not going to put words in her mouth, you guys saw the same thing I did. She sought ME out before it, she mocked me for even having a little spirit and treated me like I was just another little girl that wanted her moment in the sun.

A disdainful laugh crosses her lips and she brings her hand up as if to stop herself.

But after that match, I think even Amber Ryan knows that I am so much more than what she pegged me as, even if she practically patted me on the head and sent me on my way. I don’t feel slighted...I feel like I’m still being overlooked. I cannot believe that after the performance I put in that I can’t continue on with the very task that I was on, instead I find myself pushed back down and taking on Chloe Benton.

She blinks and shakes her head a few times.

And Chloe, you seem like a perfectly lovely person. I’ve watched a few of your matches and whatnot and I feel like I’m almost taken back in time to when I started myself. It’s strange how this business ages you in terms of how you view it. The fact that some poor soul decided to unleash someone that is still practically as green as grass in May to me who is don’t wanna say pissed off. ...Maybe disrespected is a better term but in an enduring way, if that is possible. But the fact that this match was made tells me one of two things; ONE, Mark Ward thinks extremely high of you. And TWO they want me to show them something that they haven’t seen from me before.

Bella’s smirk grows a little wicked before she glances at the fire again.

How do they want me to respond to this? I feel like, despite putting in some of the best performances of my short career last year, I’m getting overlooked. They could have easily put me anywhere on this card but here I am feeling like Crash Davis from Bull Durham and instead of playing in the major leagues, I’m holding the hand of the newb in the Carolina League, or in this case damn near at the curtain jerk of the fucking show.

She reaches down and grabs two more logs, almost overdoing the fire and letting it grow bigger and bigger.

So be it. So be the fact that now I have to take on Chloe Benton and set the whole tone for the night. So be it that I have to make an example of poor Chloe, who can barely get through a sentence without letting her fear of what may come seep through her words. So be it that I’m going to have to be the one that sets a fire so God damn big that those that are above the glass ceiling are going to see it and think to themselves, ‘Oh God, what have we done.’

One more log and the fire grows so big she has to stand up and step back.

That glass foundation you guys stand on is becoming a little unstable for one simple reason. I’m beginning to finally understand it all...and if I’m going to finally shatter that fucking thing that I keep hitting my head on...then it’s going to have to get a little hot down here. And by doing that, I am going to have to make a prime example about how dangerous I. REALLY. AM.

She looks at the fire one last time and with one deep breath...

O’Neil by Birth, Madison by Love, O’Connell by chance...

And she looks dead ahead, her blue eyes glimmering through the flames and simply says

Phoenix by fire.

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Cogito, ergo sum.

High Stakes
November 7th
New York, NY

Violet wastes no time in wiping out Bea and Seleana with the Blonde Bomber Suicide Dive before she rolls back into the ring and waits for Bella to get back to her feet! Violet goes for the Fifty Shades of Violet on Bella, but Bella blocks it before reversing it not the Ashes for Ashes!

Simone: Ashes to Ashes on Violet! We are seeing a repeat of their match from the Disneyworld Show!

Adams: No time limit to stop Bella from getting the win this time, stick a fork in Violet she's done!

Bella goes for the cover as the crowd chants along with Drew's count.





It was so loud but when she looked up and saw the referee calling for the bell, walking over and raising her hand she still couldn’t believe it. Through the whole reaction of the crowd, through Justin at the top of his lungs yelling her name, declaring her the winner. It became a little bit more clearer and when she looked down at her mother, father, brother and grandfather all collectively losing their shit, it finally hit her.

She fucking did it.

It all from the end of the match to when it finally sank in, all seemed to move in slow motion for a moment and all that emotion came flooding in. Tears willed themselves to come and she balled herself up for a moment as her music blared through the sound system of Madison Square Garden, and allowed herself to have a moment, just A moment in the center of the ring as her hometown crowd showed her how much this win meant to them.

Once she was able to collect herself enough to sob in front of the TV cameras, thought he tears were still streaming steadily down her face, she pulled herself up as she celebrated in the ring  and then rolled out and walked directly over to her mother and her and Laura exchange the brightest of smiles and the biggest hug that she had given her in quite some time. In fact she was engulfed by the whole crew. When they finally let her go she turned to see her grandfather, Jeffery beaming with so much pride that it brought a sob to Bella as he wrapped her up in his arms and lifted her small frame off the ground.

“I am so proud of you!” is all he got out before he started crying a bit himself. The whole damn thing was so emotional she was glad when she realized the cameras had cut away from the clan, allowing them the proper celebration with her family. Even with the crew around the ring telling her to start making her way to the back, she would soak in every bit of admiration she could get. This was her moment after all.

So imagine her surprise when she was walking around giving everyone high fives and suddenly she’s over a familiar shoulder, “HEY!

She swatted down at the jean clad ass of her husband, “Sorry love! I was told to hurry ya up a bit!” She couldn’t help but laugh and just enjoyed the ride up the ramp, leaning up a bit on her back with her head in her hand and a smile on her face.. As he got to the top, he put her down and looked at her, “Ok, I’m doing this one time. Give these idiots one more reason to cheer.” and with that he lifted her up on his shoulder and she raised her hands high to one last cheer.

When the screen came alive with Caleb, he brought her down comfortably and wrapped his arm around her shoulder and led her into the back where she was greeted with cheers and applause. She would thank everyone possible including Mark and Christian, who told her to enjoy the moment.

And there was something about the ‘real work begins tomorrow’. But for now, she allowed Mal to just escort her through the people and into the hallowed halls of the Garden. Once the noise quieted itself, her footsteps slowed and she turned around looking back, “Bells?” when Mal noticed this.

Standing in silence, she seemed almost confuddled by everything. She looked to Mal and pointed back towards the area of the gorilla, “I-” ...she shakes her head, “I’m sorry, did...did I just really do that?

That wasn’t a dream but I’ll gladly pinch ya, if you’d like,” he said with amusement in his voice poking at her bare midsection. She swipes at him for a moment, glaring at him playfully but then that all too familiar look of ‘What the fuck did I just get myself into’ screams across her face and he steps up and drops his voice low enough and so sincere, “Love, you just wrote yourself a first class check into the main event of that last show of the year. You have been kicking at that ceiling for so damn long and tonight it finally cracked just enough to get you through.

She takes in his words, blinking a few times before looking up at him with a smirk, “But was it enough?

Mal raises his eyebrow for a moment, “Nothing is bleeding, nothing is broken and you are coated in a nice glimmer of sweat and walking out the winner of the match. I think it was enough.

Ok yeah, it was enough to get the win. But-” she turns fully and looks at him, “I’m already in my head mapping out these next few weeks. I can’t even allow myself a moment's rest right now.

He could see her work herself right into that frenzy that she is notable for. Always the perfectionist, never allowing herself that moment to just take it in, “Woah, okay, Bells you absolutely can do just that. You work just as hard if not HARDER than anyone I have ever met, the exception may be myself and my brother.” he looks around, before turning back to his wife, “Give yourself at least tonight to soak this all in.

But Amber...

“..Is always lurking around here like she owns the place. You know damn well she’s going to do whatever it takes over the next few weeks to try and get into your head. Don’t let it start already.” Mal leans his head against hers and tries to be her calm around the madness that is around them, “Your family is here, ready to celebrate you. You did this all yourself and every single one of us is proud of you. Let yourself have the moment that you busted your ass for. You have earned that much.

And for the first time in a while, through her losing streak, through her breakdown, through the pushing and the parading of wanting that moment. Getting it and earning it...and with the breath that she finally caught, she just let herself lean into and let herself be wrapped up by the one thing that truly brought her peace, “You’re right.

Mal shakes his head, now was not the time to give her a dose of her own medicine but he just couldn’t help but poke her just a bit, “You’re lucky I’m in this mode with you or I would have busted out my phone and asked you to repeat that.

She shifts herself to look up at him with the glaring of her eyes matching her tone, “You know, if you weren’t just a couple days away from getting that cast removed...

Rolling his bright blue eyes, “I have done nothing to warrant any level of threatening bodily harm...

I dunno, sometimes I wonder if your existence doesn’t just warrant that,” a voice popped in behind Bella. She turns around and comes face to face with Alicia Lukas. “Sorry, I didn’t want to eavesdrop but....congrats on that W out there. That was one hell of a match.

Bella smiles at her, almost embarrassed a bit that the Wolfslair member actually gave her a compliment, “Thanks.

I heard what Mal was saying about enjoying this victory and he’s right,” Mal goes to say something but decides against it and just simply nods as Alicia continues on, “Give yourself about 24 hours, soak it in but if you are serious about what is to come in about 6 weeks time when you take on the the top that our division has to offer...

I just got her calmed down.” Mal protests before Bella nudges him in the midsection, “OW! Damn you have the pointest elbow known to mankind.

Should just hit him in the...” Alicia speaks up before Mal glares at her, “ANYWAY, I know you don’t have your phone on ya right now so when you can, get my number from Lach and we’ll talk. But for now enjoy it.

Alicia had turned to leave them alone but Bella couldn’t help herself, “Talk about what?

Alicia slowed her pace for a moment before turning on her heels and smirking, “Just...enjoy the moment. Tell your mom I said ‘Hi’!

At first that confused her but then she remembered a few years back, they had worked together in another place, in another time, “I keep forgetting she knows her.” Bella simply stated turning and wrapping her arm around Mal.

And as they made their way to the locker room area he just let out a breath of air, “I’m beginning to think your mom knows everyone.

Enjoy The Moment

Wolfslair NYC Gym

I have never in my life been more annoyed by that statement has I have been since High Stakes.

Say, if you will...that you are the rightfully crowned Number One Contender for the SCW Bombshells World Title. And the current champion that has had NINE Successful defenses goes out of her way the WEEK FUCKING AFTER THAT to call out the entire Bombshell roster to step up. And with that came out everyone. Even in the process of getting to Winter Wonderslam, where Bella would get her title shot against Amber Ryan, she watched as time and time again it was like the whole damn company, EXCEPT Christian actually acknowledged her as what she really was.

THE Contender.

Bella would address it time and time again and somehow it fell on deaf ears. After her win over Seleana, she would just put her head down and keep working hard.

But she still heard it. ESPECIALLY when Johanna was named the contender after her. Hand picked by the ‘Queenpin’ herself. Not that Johanna didn’t deserve it, by all means but when you have two wolves on the hunt for the same prize....things can get a little testy.

In the gym, they would stay away from one another. Alicia and her would pull off a whole session and she could feel Johanna’s eyes burn the back of her head but there were enough eyes on her already that she wasn’t going to let Johanna bother her.

Fast forward, two weeks ago when she finally got the champ face to face, and the young superstar got to stare directly into the champ's eyes...she noticed something and took note of it but wasn’t going to let her in on it. Amber sought HER out, it was like the redhead wanted to size her up. Under all the demeanor of Amber Ryan, the redhead had to come to her.

As she stood by and listened to Alicia, soaking in all the information that she possibly could before putting it into practice, that thought crossed her mind and it brought a bright smile to her face.

That’s a look.” she heard from behind her, “Something funny, lil Phoenix?

Bella glanced behind her to see Johanna standing there leaning against the edge of the ring, and her speaking up had caught everyone’s attention. She cleared her throat, trying to wipe the smile off her face but she just couldn’t, “Sorry, I was just thinking about my encounter with Amber.

Ah yes, I saw something about you and her finally coming face to face.” she had said, jumping up next to her, “So, what about that has got that shit eating grin on your face?

Bella looks around for a moment, making sure she wasn’t breaking any kind of rule, she was still the newest member here after all but no one stopped her, “She sought me out. I was simply there to take care of some things for appearances, spreading holiday cheer to kids in the hospital and suddenly there she was.

She does that with everyone.” Johanna says matter-of-factly.

Exactly.” she says with a laugh on her lips, “It’s an old school intimidation factor that some have turned into an art form.

A shrug comes across from her, “So...

So, I think she realized real quick that I am not exactly the one to be intimidated. You of all people should know that,” and with a raise of her eyebrow she pulls herself up, “Look, I know you are the next in line after me. In fact I’m glad that you are. But when I saw the upcoming supershow and it was her name and your name, it sorta pissed me off. At first, I was mad. Because it felt like everyone wanted to simply focus on the new year.” she looks at Alicia as to say it’s alright before she slips out of the ring and stands face to face with Johanna, “If it’s me, awesome. If it’s you, great. But I am not going to stand by and let myself be intimidated anymore. I have been nipping at the heels of everyone for so damn long and honestly I’m over it. That’s why I took Alicia up on this opportunity and joined Wolfslair, I am so much better than I have let everyone believe. But I want to make something very clear, it may very well be you and I at Inception. I’m done getting looked past, like I’m a stepping stone.

Bella goes to walk by her and Johanna grabs her by the arm, everyone goes to stop them but she raises her hand and in a low whisper, almost a growl, “Then stop fuckin’ around and do it.

And then she simply lets her go and they look at each other for a moment before Bella slides back into the ring and stands looking at Alicia, “Let’s run it all. I got a glass ceiling to fucking shatter.

You hear cheers from all around the building and Alicia calls for her to circle up and the two women lockup.

I have spent 6 weeks preparing myself for this moment. The moment where I stand across the ring from the QueenPin of SCW for the first time ever and she is going to come to the realization really quick that 10 is indeed the magic number.

For me. Not for her.

It is that time. And I AM THAT ONE!
Las Vegas, NV

Oh Amber, Amber, probably think you have this ALL figured out don’t you.

The Las Vegas skyline has been out of her view for far too long. 2020 was a time where she got to know this sky and the air. The roads and the people. But it all felt different in a way.

You know, when I came into SCW back in 2019, I did it because I had legitimately wanted to go beyond the legacy my parents had left behind. Sin City was a vessel for that and I knew there was something special about this place. I wanted to grow beyond just the sum of my parts. I like to think in 2021, I have done just that.” Bella sits atop the familiar Gold Casino roof, dressed in leather with a long flowing coat, “I like to feel that this place has almost that Paris feel to it for me. A place where I came into my own and where I could stand tall. And yeah I’ve had my ups, I’ve had my downs. 2021 before High Stakes, I hit what I felt was rock fucking bottom. I had come up short so many times where I thought it was that right moment....little did I know that moment was just a preamble for something much much larger.

Thanks to a friend, I found myself with the chance of a lifetime. My hometown and the winner would get you. I took it, I ran with it and now here we are, a week before Christmas and you are deep down inside sweating the little guy.” Bella leans forward, and with a sultry wink she stands quickly and swipes her coat. We now find ourselves in the locker room, “Everyone knows the of the most dominate champions EVER in SCW history. She has taken it upon herself to call out the entire Bombshell roster while a REAL threat was well on her way before we even got to 2022. What’s amazing is because of my shortcomings in other areas, you have taken it upon yourself to call your shot and tell everyone that listens that it will be you and Johanna at Inception V. WELL your majesty, I fully intend on the last Climax Control of the year 2021, to serve you up a big ole helping of humble pie...with a little side of crow just for good measure.

I KNEW what New York would bring me, and every day following that I have pushed myself harder than anyone. I know damn well what you are, and the threat that you bring but I am just so sick and tired of not being able for one brief moment to truly enjoy the fruits of my labor.” Bella stand in front of the locker and leans against it, “Here, as the woman that represents the very division you called out AFTER I WAS SET TO FACE YOU, I am going into the arena of this very casino, I’m going to step into that 6-sided ring and I’m going to look you dead in the eye, Queenpin and I’m going to REFUSE to be intimidated BY YOU. That cloak and dagger bullshit is so old school. You don’t realize the lengths that I will go to to make sure you know that the supposed ‘Glass ceiling’ is an illusion. And my sixth sense is telling me that you know exactly what kind of threat I truly am.

And with one more push Bella stands on the stage of the arena and she smiles brightly and stands tall, “SO to the Queenpin, you have run roughshod over a lot of us, but it gets a little tiring...doesn’t it. I could see it in your eyes, the Queen is tired. Well, it will be a privilege to take that burden from you, Amber. For I am the NEXT GENERATION of not to be fucked with.

See you in the ring, champ.


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Wolfslair Gym

The secret was out. Well, it wasn’t really a secret but the announcement was made that Bella Madison was one of the newest members of Wolfslair. She had waited for the fallout considering the hell that Levi recently raised but nothing came. One less battle right now.

Instead, she has been in the hands of Alicia Lukas inside the Wolfslair: New York gym helping her prepare for the battles that lay ahead of her. If ANYONE could show her what it really took to be a World Champion, it would be this woman.

You did great today.” the praise coming from the woman herself as Bella worked on unlacing her wrestling shoes, “Take the next couple of days to relax, and we’ll get back to it on Friday morning.

Bella laughs, “Yeah, have met my family, right?

Alicia looks deadpan at her shaking her head, “I don’t understand why you insisted on hosting Thanksgiving. You have enough on your plate right now as is. You sure you’re not a sadist?

Sometimes I wonder. But I decided to do it because it’s the first one since Mal and I got married and I thought, at the time, cause the whole building is finally done to just invite mom, Nick and Aaron over with the possibility of Alanah and Jack with the babies showing up later with Mal and Lanah’s mom too,” Bella says tossing things aside, “THANKFULLY, mom has been more than willing to help and I got some of the stress taken off. But it’s just a lot to deal with.

Alicia places her hand on her hip and with the tilt of the head says, “And what did Mal say about all this?

Bella doesn’t answer right away before she just sighs in defeat, and mumbles, “That I’m a damned fool but he’ll gladly be there for all the food.

Laughter breaks out, “Spoken like the bastard we all know.

Bella laughs herself, grabbing up her bag and standing up, “
Just thankful that his cast came off before the holidays which means he can get his ass back in the gym on a full-time basis and maybe Oscar can be less grouchy around the parentals.

Alicia gives that look on her face and wraps her arm around the shoulders of her student, “I wouldn’t bet on it. Just remember, training Friday morning...and I will bump your ass off hungover or not!

Bella just hangs her head for a moment, before smirking at her, “I wouldn’t expect any less.

~*~*~F is for Family~*~*~
O’Connell Home

Hey babe, could you come in here and help out a bit? I got my hands full and the potatoes are ready to be mashed up.” Bella’s voice rang out from the kitchen of the O’Connell home. Bella thought it’d be nice to be the one to host Thanksgiving this year. First year her and Mal would celebrate as a married couple and therefore a full blown family get together was called for.

She really needed to stop thinking that these things would go perfectly. She’d kick Norman Rockwell in the sack, if it was possible.

I HELP!” pipped up the littlest voice in the room over the noise. Followed by the patterning of his toddler feet of his 3 foot stature, flew in her baby brother Aaron. His dirty blonde hair was a bit out of control due to him playing with Luka just a moment before.

Bella couldn’t help but laugh at him running right to her and wrapping his arms around her leg, “Well you weren’t exactly WHO I had in mind,” she says looking up as Mal walks in and looks down, “I think you have a volunteer to help.

Mal, I help you!” he says looking up with a toothy grin, “Mash tatos!

Mal just looks up at Bella with a ‘Please don’t make me do this’ look on his face, but he groans when he knows he won’t win, “Well, I appreciate the enthusiasm rugrat, but I’m not sure if you’d be much help.

MASH!” he barks out with a growl.

What in the world is going on in here?” a voice from behind Mal pops in, the voice belonging to Bella’s mom, Laura, “I hear him screaming like the Hulk.

He wants to help Mal with the potatoes but we’re not sure if he really can.

Oh he absolutely can, you just gotta make sure he keeps him in control or it’s a giant mess.” she states looking at them both, “I could help if he doesn’t think he can handle it.

I didn’t say that...” Mal barks a bit.

Bella puts her hand up and one on Mal’s shoulder to stop him, “Mom, no. You are a guest in our house and already did enough with the side dishes you brought.” Bella hands Mal the pot with the masher, “Mal, let him help you. You should be ok.

If you can hear Morgan Freeman at this point saying something along the lines of “It indeed was NOT ok.” you’d be right.

Between Aaron thinking he was Bruce Banner, Mal trying his best to wrangle him and Luka being her wild self, the potatoes were about 35% less what was originally made. Which turned into Aaron getting a bath and a change of clothes, Mal getting a shower and into an even grumpier version of himself, and Bella and her mother killing a bottle of red merlot wine. And after dinner, them thankful for the annual L-tryptophan doing it’s work and the boys falling asleep in the living room with a football game.

Mother and Daughter found themselves at the dinning room table, with their wine glasses, “So, how's the training at Wolfslair going?

It’s been amazing. Working with Alicia has been educational to say the least.” Bella says sipping at her glass, “You sure things have been quiet?

Like the dead. I think Levi coming face to face with Alex last week has been a tad humbling for him,” Laura says with a slight shrug, “Either way, I want you to be a sponge with everything Alicia will show you. She kicked MY ass back in the day. If anyone can get you truly ready for the likes of Amber Ryan, it's her.

She’s been there, done that, got the t-shirt and it was a best seller. All I know is these next few weeks are going to fly by and before I know it, I’m going to be standing across the ring from my biggest challenge to date then.” Bella says sitting back. She points to herself towards her chest, “I just...I want her to look at me as an actual viable threat to her title. I mean, she’s a champion for a reason so looking beyond her challenger isn’t her forte but listening to her last week, daring the Bombshell roster to step up...I felt almos short changed in a way.

Laura tilts her head with her eyes squinting, “Like you think she’s not taking you seriously?

Exactly like that.” Bella says with a shrug, “I mean I get it. Only title I’ve won in SCW has been with Mal and everytime I went for the Roulette it just wasn’t enough.

That may be, but you know damn well when you are motivated enough you have this amazing ability to perform above and beyond anything that was expected.” Laura tips her glass, “You, my dear, have the potential to even out perform me. You just need to find something to bring it all together.

Well, considering on Sunday I get Seleana Zdunich...” Bella says with a quirk in her eyebrow, “I know she’s going to be out for my head after the match at MSG. She has been thirsting to get back to the main event so much but it’s like she has no real direction with it. Who knows, maybe I’ll be her direction but I can’t slip up now. Not when I have so much momentum going into the 19th.

Mother looks at her daughter before draining the rest of her wine, she takes a breath while setting her glass down, “Well stay focused with that mindset. You are the one to beat right now without a title.

Bella groans, rubbing her face for a moment before swiping her hair from her face, “No pressure or anything.

Psh, you’re your mother’s daughter. We thrive off of pressure.” Laura says with a wink and a wriggle of her eyebrows.

Ohkay, you’re cut off.” she says reaching for the bottle, before looking inside it, “...which would be a thing to say but it appears we have killed this one.

Opps! I guess that’s a clue to wake up Nick and get him and the boy home.” the girls stand up from their chairs and mother hugs daughter, “Just trust me, kid, you have all the right tools. Just gotta put it all together.

With a deep breath she nods, “Starting with Seleana.

Oh you started it already with MSG, Seleana is just a part of the path.” Laura touches Bella’s face, “Remember to drink water. I’ll check in on ya later, okay? And...take it easy on the grouchy one there.

No promises. I should let him sleep there all night.” she says glaring at her sleeping husband, who has Aaron curled up with him. That never fails, 3 years in a row.

~*~*~No One Else~*~*~
Back to the Wolfslair Gym

Bella sits in the center of the room, back in her workout gear. Her long blonde hair pulled back tightly and sweat dripping off the tip of her nose like she’s just been through one hell of a workout, “Seleana, this feels oddly familiar, doesn’t it? The few times we have been in this ring together but now the tide has sort of changed.” she looks up, her clear blue eyes shining brightly, “I have that one thing you wanted, a return to glory sits with me and the road to Las Vegas. Course first we have to make a stop at Stanford where we get to face one another yet again. But somehow I have found this about being just a regular one on one. I feel that target on me, Seleana. Suddenly I need to be made an example of by former champs. Am I right?

I have had to grow so much in such a short period of time. I wanted so much and I just needed something to really just connect the dots. But I also need to make a point.” she reaches down and grabs a towel, wiping her face, “You see, last week I sat there and I heard Amber beg for women to step up. Suddenly, there was Bea, suddenly there were a few others that was like “Oh hey, what about me?” when they just dipped their toe in the water that is this division. Don’t worry ladies. I had a couple years before I even had a sniff and let me tell you something, this pressure. It is GLORIOUS.

A laugh crosses her lips, “Maybe that’s something that is missing with you Seleana. You can’t seem to embrace the beautiful pressure. Instead, you’ve cracked and found yourself here against me and hoping that just a possible win will get you back. But just like MSG, I’m afraid that it won’t be that easy.” she sits back and catches her breath, “Instead, I’m going to use you to make a point. And I hate the term “Stepping stool” but sometimes it’s appropriate. You want to use me to step up into glory that has been avoiding you like Christian avoids Candy. I want to use you to step up into that spotlight. I have 3 weeks this Sunday to prepare myself. I would consider it an honor to learn from you and that’s what I’m going to take away from this.

And then who knows, maybe we’ll get a Christmas miracle after all.” Bella stands up and looks dead ahead, “And no one else is going to take that Bombshell away from her. No one BUT ME!

“Mommy, tell me a story.”

Ok, well let's see here....ooooh I know....

~*~*~Pinch Me, I’m Dreaming~*~*~

The fluttering of a clarinet comes across and walks right up to the high note as the familiar sound of Gershwin’s “Rhapsody in Blue” plays as we see the glory that is Madison Square Garden in New York City clear as day on a beautiful fall day in the city. The streets are busy as always but standing across the street stands Bella Madison, with stars in her eyes and a smile on her lips knowing that in just a few days time she would have her first ever match in her hometown.

The marquee lights up and shows SCW’s logo for High Stakes and runs through the card and suddenly she sees her match with Bea, Seleana and Violet and she gets choked up for a moment.

Yes, despite the fact that she had been an active wrestler for a while now, she had not yet really had the chance to stand in the ring in her hometown.

Earth to BELLS!” Mal yelled out trying to get her attention from the corner as he pointed at the light telling them it was ok to cross. She shakes the stars out and rushes over to him, taking his hand as they rush across the street and make their way over to the entrance where all the trucks were lined up and bringing in the final touches for High Stakes.

It was like she was a kid again, even if she was on this side with her parents, she couldn’t get over her fangirl side. Madison Square Garden was indeed the mecca in all of professional wrestling and it was just still an awe inspiring thought that she was going to be there, in front of her friends and her family.


Still can’t believe, can ya?” Mal said, nudging her.

She smiles and swipes the hair that the wind caught off behind her head, “I’m sorry! Just...this is something I have always dreamed about and I can’t believe that it’s actually happening.

And all thanks to Candy.

And all thanks to Candy. I hope it pissed someone off. I really don’t care. I have worked too damn hard to not be here.

That’s my girl.” he says, giving her a peck on the cheek.

And look!” She points to the tour bus sitting there, “Looks like they’re already here!

Well then, let’s go say hello!” he says pulling her in.

As they pass by the bus you see three words.

New Years Day

~*~*~Twisted And Dirty~*~*~

Her mother, years ago, made this amazing entrance when Rev Theory was an extremely popular band and they brought her out to their hit song “Hell Yeah”. It was a moment that was blazed upon her memory like someone branded her brain. So imagine her surprise when shortly after speaking with her grandfather last week, she got a call from Ash Costello herself, that she knew that this was so much bigger than she could have ever anticipated.

Many run thrus later, and final agreements made. Bella found herself wandering the halls, like she had done as a kid. Trying to connect with the ghost that she felt then.

If these walls could talk...” she says, running her fingers along the brick, “Could you truly imagine the kind of stories we would hear? The history alone that has taken place here...I’m probably the one person right now in SCW that will be like a little nerd about it but I don’t care! Call me what you want because so much history has been made here and the history that has yet to come at High Stakes.

She turns around and sees herself as a 12 year old little girl, running to greet her mom and step-father after one of their matches. They pass by and tears form in her eyes. She leans against that wall and takes a moment. Swiping the tears from her eyes, “I can’t even believe it. I pushed so hard cause I take a lot of pride in where I have come from. I am a second generational star and I know that I am capable of so much more. So when I say that my performance at High Stakes is only the prelude into the next BOOK that is my career, I’m going to show you exactly what I mean.

She pushes herself off the wall and begins to stride down the hall again, “I have been called the future of a lot of things, especially the future of the Bombshell division and through it all I think perhaps I can finally truly see that in myself. I know that I am capable of so much more than what I have done. Mixed Tag Champ done. Almost the Roulette Champ a few different times and someday that title will be mine but I feel like I have bigger fish to fry.” stopping for a moment, she holds up her hand and gives that little smirk like she knows she’s starting trouble but honestly, it needs to be said, “Pardon me, if you are sitting there and thinking, ‘OH here she goes, suddenly her name is inflating her ego.’ NO, that’s not the case at all. What it is is me finally truly waking up and knowing that I have the potential to stand across the ring from greats like Alicia Lukas, Andrea Hernadez and Kiera Fisher-Johnson...or even Amber Ryan, Roxi Johnson, Crystal Zdunich. I want to be one of those names synonymous with the top of the Bombshell Division. I KNOW I have what it takes to be there and I think I’m at that point where I am willing to do just about anything to prove that.

That INCLUDES standing across from women like Bea Barnhart that is just as hungry as I am. Mind you, jokes have been made and I did it too and I’m sorry, but Bea, if it wasn’t for Bill you honestly would probably be an afterthought and I know how much you truly wanna change that narrative but I will not let you do that on my watch and on my turf.” she turns the corner and her eyes squint, “The likes of Violet Amelia Holt, the leopard that thinks she’s a tiger and tries to tell you the spots are really stripes, while she digs her claws in your back. I’ve fallen victim to you one too many times for my taste and I can pretty much guarantee you that you have no comrades here because you can’t seem to help but keep stabbing them in the damn back.

Then she comes to a slow stop, “And then Seleana Zdunich, who has been there and done that and knows what she needs to do to get to that top spot where Crystal is. But here I am like the true wildcard I was born to be to change this whole idea that this is going to just be a simple walk in the park.

She shakes her head and comes across a poster that was along the wall, she stops and studies it, “No ladies...see I am looking at that glass ceiling that I’ve seem to have hit, and I’m going to blow the damn thing up. It may just be a one time shot at that Christmas episode of Climax Control...but it’s a shot. And sometimes all you need is the right time, the right place and the right moment to make it ALL finally come together. That time is at High Stakes, the place is in my backyard at Madison Square Garden and that moment is when I take the chance that was given to me, when it all seemed like hope was lost and that check my ass keeps writing gets cashed at the winner’s window.

She turns ever so slightly and leans next to the poster, which we can now see her a shot of her mother, Laura Phoenix from several years back, holding up a title in the air in the center of MSG. She smiles at it, “We’re going to all go in there with that same mindset. We all see that moment, but for’s more about the moments. The one at a time. I’m going to soak in each and every one of them and Christmas for me is going to come early.

She looks ahead and with a nod and the evil little smirk that we have all come to know and love, “So with that ladies, welcome to New York. Now get the hell out of my way.


“But, did you win?”

Ah, well...that my darling is a story for another time.


She had absolutely none when she returned to the arena from the graveyard, in her losing effort to try and change the narrative of High Stakes.

She saw it as her last absolute shot to really get that big moment that she had been desperately searching for.

High Stakes was in her hometown after all.

Ever since she was a little girl, watching all these big moments on TV with her was almost ALWAYS Madison Square Garden.

Now here she was, and she was just numb. Then she was angry.

All that for what?

Lost. Broken. And no happy thoughts remained.

Then as if someone went ‘UH UH’ of her mother’s oldest and most loyal friends was standing in front of her in all her pink glory.

Bella sitting on the floor, make-up a mess, covered head to toe in graveyard dirt, broken, sweaty and bruised looked up and swore she floated in like some strange fairy godmother. Without even knowing Candy helped her friend, without even asking.

The contract. The paper she was handed by the savior in very pink heels, was a contract for one of the bigger matches on High Stakes.

Suddenly, it all rushed back...the very essence of why she came to SCW to begin with. She never wanted to fit into the mold that was presented to her in other places. She didn’t want to be compared to her mother or step-father when it came to certain parallels. Her legacy was her own and Candy just handed her the keys to what could potentially be her kingdom.

The Winner gets a shot at the greatest prize for a woman in SCW. The World Bombshell’s Championship.

She just had to get through another mountain.

She hugged Candy, harder than she had hugged anyone ever, except maybe Mal when he found her.

“Mal! Oh my God, I can’t believe this...look...look what Candy gave me.”


“It’s a contract for a match at High Stakes. Not a title match but...look!” she says shoving the paper in his hands.

He looks over it quickly, and his eyes get big, “Holy shit. And Candy gave you this?”

“YES! I swear hun, I didn’t even ask for anything, I was just telling her how I didn’t know what was going to happen at the show in New York and then suddenly she just handed me this. She said it was left over when she was acting under Christian’s role. She is just right over there if...” and Bella turns and Candy is gone, “...Candy?”

Bella walks back into the area where she and Candy were just talking and looks around and there is no sign of her at all, “Now where could she have gone off so fast?”

“Knowing her? Something shiny must have come along and distracted her.” Mal said standing behind her. Bella takes that chance to elbow him in the gut, “OW! I know! Fucking hell woman, I’m a broken man”

“You really just can’t help yourself, can you?” she says, turning to glare at him, “She just did something amazing for me. You’re lucky I didn’t hit the arm, jerk.”

Mal holds his hands up in surrender, “I get it, I’m sorry.”

Bella shakes her head and smirks, “Nope, not gonna be good enough. You’re gonna have to dress up for Halloween now to make it up to me....AND I think something nice for Candy.” she stops and thinks, turning on her heels and walking down the hall, “Isn’t her little girl’s birthday coming up soon? I wonder how she’d like it if her Uncle Mal dressed up like one of her favorite characters. I’m off to shower!”

Bella practically skips down the hallway leaving Mal in her wake, his mouth agape before he lets out, “I WILL SLEEP ON THE COUCH FOR AN ENTIRE WEEK!!!! ANYTHING BUT THAT!”

From a distance we hear, “I’LL BE 15 MINUTES TOPS! STAY OUT OF TROUBLE!”

“BELLS!” Mal yells but doesn’t get anything back, “Shit.”

5 stages to 4 steps

New York was abuzz.

From a Nor’easter. A storm had the whole damn city just miserable. 2 days after her big news though she couldn’t help herself, Bella found herself in midtown Manhattan, dressed for business. Once her Uber managed to make it’s way to her location, she gave her drive a huge tip, a 5 star revue and made her way quickly into one of the myriad of tall buildings, covering her head with her business portfolio that she carried along with her and trying to foolishly run between the raindrops. Thankfully someone was there to hold the door open as she slid in.

The receptionist behind the desk looked up and brightly smiled, “Well! We haven’t seen you in a while!”

Bella brushed herself off while walking up, “Yeah I know. I’ve only be able to catch him at family functions. In fact I don’t think I’ve seen him since Aaron’s birthday. We’ve both been so busy.”

“Indeed you have. I swear he was suppose to retire.”

“He was, but you know him.”

“Sometimes, unfortunately. He is in his office.”

“Thanks Dani! Tell Ben I said hello.”

“I shall! The same to Mal.”

“I will.” Bella walks up to the big set of doors and quickly knock on them as she opens them up, “Grandpa?”

An older gentleman looks up from a pile of papers behind a rather large desk, “AH, there you are!”

“I know I’m late. I’m so sorry. Getting through this city is pure chaos right now.” she strides across the room as he meets her in the middle with a hug, “It’s so good to see you.”

“And you as well, my girl. What can this old man help you with?”

“Straight to business as usual.”

“There’s no other kind. You did say it was rather urgent.”

“I did but I was hoping to at least treat you to some lunch first.” just then a buzz comes over the intercom.

“Doordash is here, sir.”

“Thank you Dani. Bring it right in.”

“I swear.” Bella shakes her head, “Now I know where I get it from.”

“The act ahead of the thought? Yeah, it’s one of the few things your mother and I have in common. Our stubbornness being another.” he says laughing as Dani brings in the order, chinese food. “Ah perfect, and the soy sauce?”

“In the bag. I have my egg foo yung. Thank you for that.”

“Of course, we can’t let you starve.”


“Ok” he says cracking open one of the containers, “I take it this has to do with one of your shows coming up. The one at MSG?”

Bella sets on the otherside of him and pulls one of the containers out of the bag setting it off to the side cracking it open to see a stack of eggrolls, one of their favorites, “Yeah, actually. I have so much I wanted to do but it was a waiting game til now. But...I was hoping that you could possibly call one of your contacts for me?”

He leans forward with a smile, “I see that glimmer behind your eye.”

Almost embarrassed, she blushes, “Grandpa don’t.”

He shushes her and sits back with an amused look on his face, “That dramatic flair of yours. Just like your mom. Rev Theory playing her out was one of her greatest moments.”

Bella shrugged, “I was sorta hoping for the same but...”

He brings his hand up, “Say no more. I’ll put the call in as soon as you leave and I’m sure they will say yes.” he says with a smile, “ and tell me about married life. You and Mal talking about starting a family yet?”

She looks up with that look, “Grandpa! We just got married!”

Shrugging, he takes a bite from his food, “Well it’s almost been a year, child. I remembered when your grandmother and I first got married, we couldn’t keep our hands off each other.”

“OH JEEZ! I don’t really need to hear this.” Bella says, covering her ears.

Laughing he grabs some water, looking adoringly at her, “It’d still be amazing to have a great-grandchild before I leave this world.”

She just gives him a look, “Maybe soon...but I’m so focused on my career right now and Mal’s hurt so one of us has to do the job.”

“And looking amazing in the process, being played out by one of the greatest indy metal bands today.” he says with an eggroll in his hand cheersing his granddaughter.

Bella grabs her own and cheers him back, “Now let's talk about you being there.”

Tricks and Treats

The call was complete, she even spoke to the woman herself and was almost speechless but when it came down to it, Ashley was just as down to earth as she was. Both excited, they talked about meeting up soon to talk details in person. But for now, she had to look to other things....

“Bea, Violet and Seleana.”

She says sitting up on her roof. It was a rare time during the nor’easter that the rain had just stopped and she could open the windows, let in some air and get away from Mal and Luka going back and forth. She loved them both but it was weighing on her.

“I feel like I’ve been here before with every single one of you and maybe we have. We have got to keep moving despite our shortcomings don’t we? Bea tends to run her mouth and get her in trouble more often than not. Violet will always be that leopard that tries to change her spots into stripes but she’s still the same backstabbing bitch and not to be trusted and then there is Seleana that has been there and done that, got the t-shirt and sold it on ebay.”

She looks up and sees the dark clouds swirling over New York.

“Ya’ll are on MY TURF NOW! Here in New York, you play by our rules. There is no mind games, there is no time for bullshit games. We like it real and we’re going to tell you exactly what we think to your faces.”

The skies go from still to swirling, back and forth above. The wind begins to pick up just a bit and she just closes her eyes and feels it.

“I BEGGED for this chance. The minute we were destined to Madison Square Garden for High Stakes, I knew what needed to happen. I am out to make my mark, larger than ever and you better believe ladies, that I am to the breaking point where I need to break a glass ceiling by diving through it, head first with no remorse. I’ve proven exactly how far I will go to make a point. I did it with Tempest to get where I needed to go. Don’t think that making you 3 each my own personal point won’t be enjoyable to say the least. There’s no friends...there’s no partnerships. There is going for exactly what we all want.”

Her crystal blue eyes open. You can almost see a storm all it’s own behind them.

“A shot. One. Glorious. Opportunity. To manifest our own destiny and get even a sniff at that World Bombshell Championship.”

And with a smirk she stands and looks out again. She inhales deeply, feeling that change in the atmosphere. Her eyes connecting....

“Happy Halloween ladies. Let’s play.”

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Sweet fucking Christ!!!

University of Illinois Hospital
Emergency Room
Chicago, IL
Shortly after Midnight
October 6th, 2021

The echoes of Malachi’s voice rang through the hallway of the University of Illinois Emergency Room as the attending physician did a physical once over of the arm that was brutally attacked following his match with Bella’s dad, Nick Madison.

His father-in-law didn’t do the damage. Instead, after what was a hellacious match between the two men, Nick was helped to the back and left Malachi an open target. Without warning, suddenly he was attacked by Angel and her freaks. Pinning him down, wrapping his left arm in a chair, and Angel with as much force as her 140 pound frame could muster, jump on the chair.

And Bella watched it all unfold right in front of her. She was the first to his side, before the medics got there and now she’s by his side and this doctor poked at his arm. She almost punched the MD in the mouth, when he said “Well looks like we’re gonna need x-rays.” instead she bit her tongue, rolled her eyes behind the docs back. He took his leave quickly cause if Mal could have reached a bedpan to throw it at the dude, she wouldn’t have stopped him and he wouldn’t have missed.

I can’t believe this.” Bella said slumping down in a chair across the room from him. She just curled up in a ball and hid her head trying to will herself not to completely lose it.

Mal willed himself up out of the bed, cradling his broken arm close to him, “Bells, don’t.

Don’t what? Blame myself? No, I know it’s not.” she sniffs and unravels herself, looking up at him with her bright blue eyes meeting his own. He is doing everything to not show the pain he is obviously in, which causes her to stand up and attempt to lead him back to the bed, “Stop trying to be brave right now, will ya? I know you have got to be in a ton of pain.

Instead, he wraps her up with his good arm and in a hug, “Not in too much pain to make sure you are ok. I know this was one of the concerns you had...too bad we never saw it coming.

No, we didn’t.” she says sadly.

He pulls from the hug and leans down to her head that bows, “I will heal, and we will get our hands on that bitch.

Or die trying.” she smirks.

Mal chuckles, “Always with the dramatics.

He goes to give her a kiss as a knock comes to the door with the nurse, the labtech AND the radiology tech all enter the room at the same time making the tiny room feel even tinier. The nurse speaks up, “Well we have pain meds, but looks like we’re all ready for you at the same time here.”

I’ll give you guys room and go update everyone. Maybe I can find something to drink and snack on in the process.” Bella said, pulling from Mal but not before he kissed her hand.

“It’ll be about 30 minutes or so.” the nurse says as she helps the tech prepare everything.

Alright, I’ll be right back.” she says looking back to Mal as he gives her a knowing nod before she exits the room and sliding her mask back on.

She thought she would have to fight tooth and nail to be back with him but at least the nurses have been accommodating to her sticking close with her husband. She passed by the desk in the front and letting the girls in admitting know she’d be back in just a moment before making a rush through the doors.

Bringing out her phone, she sent out a mass text to the family, updating them that his arm was indeed broken. She’d give them a detailed story later. She just made sure it was sent and as soon as the text started flying in, she just turned her phone off and did everything she could think of to resist throwing her phone into oncoming traffic.

This wasn’t supposed to happen again. She left the bullshit of Miles’ ex and the boogie man that has haunted her for the last decade of her life, back in May. She comes back and now the nightmare picks up right where she left it.

In numbness of it all, she just walked into the parking deck of the hospital, climbed the stairs and found herself on the roof. Dead center on the top and all she did was look up and scream “FUCK YOU!” at the top of her lungs. “I don’t know what the hell I have done but this has me just seriously questioning what I have done in a previous life. I can’t keep doing this victim game. I am seriously just fucking over it at this point.

Bella angrily sweeps tears from the corner of her eyes, “I have battled, I have bled and been bruised. I have busted my ass and for what? To still remain being haunted by that fucking bitch? I am standing right here and right now and saying NO MORE! DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?!?! NO MORE! No more being a victim, no more being fucking passed up. My family is not a target, my life is NO ONES TO JUDGE! I am in control of this narrative.

Taking a deep breath, she steps back looking up one more time, “People wanted to see what happens when I’ve had enough? Be careful what you fucking wish for.

Wrapping up
O’Connell’s Home
New York, NY
A Week Later

Will you hold still?” Bella says, as she shifts Mal’s casted up arm. Wrapping plastic wrap around it.

Glaring, a shirtless Malachi settles back down in the kitchen chair, watching his wife contorting herself to make sure every part of his cast is covered, “What is this supposed to do?

Keep the cast dry so you can take a shower. I love you, but you need a shower.” Luka barked at him when he went to argue. Bella shrugs in her dog’s direction, “And she agrees.

Silence from the peanut gallery, mutt.” Luka gruffs at him and hides her face with her paws tucking her nose, never taking her eyes off of him, “OKAY I get it! I know I need a shower. There’s only so much wipes can do. But this???

Bella finishes up and tapes it up a little bit, “Trust me, will ya? Ok there we go. It should remain dry.

Mal holds it up looking at about the 7 layers of the wrap around it, “This is ridiculous.

She smiles sweetly at him, “But effective. Take it from someone who had to wrap up Jack’s stupidity during his idiot years.

Yeah well he better straight that shit out now that he’s raising my niece and nephew.” Mal states almost growling.

Well he hasn’t broken anything for a while...and now he has your sister to do that.” she quips as he grumbles, “Go on Oscar. Hit the showers, I’ll check on ya in just a few.

He sighs getting up and grumbles the whole way but as she hears the bathroom door click close she grabs her phone and throws out a quick text. She received a message earlier in the day in regards to a possibility of a title shot in Sin City. They had heard everything and wanted to make sure she was in the right mindframe for it. Determination was the name of the game as always and she told them as much.

No matter what, she was there to work. She was there to prove a point and the determination to make sure she was front and center at High Stakes at Madison Square Garden was on her dream board long enough. It was time to make it a reality.

It hadn’t been much time that passed when she received her response that brought a smile to her face. She was going to get a shot and she didn’t care what the hell she had to do to get it.


Bella looked up from her seat, “It’s not that hard, take off clothes, step in shower.

Mal walks out from the bathroom, towel wrapped around his waist and you can tell he did that as he was wet with a little bit of soap on his chest but he holds up the casted arm, “I get that but doing this one handed is absolutely impossible.

She stares at him for a moment, blinks a few times and shakes her head, “You are absolutely hopeless sometimes, you know that?” she looks back to her phone for a moment and after getting one last response, she sighs in defeat, “Ok, I’m coming to help.

And The Dead Horse You Rode In On
Seattle, WA
Earlier this week

She was on a mission.

She was on the hunt.

She wanted that bitch’s head on a pike.

And she missed her by a split second.

Malachi and her flew out to the west coast to watch Lachlan wrestle and well...she wasn’t going to lie, she had ulterior motives. Top it off she was getting really irritated with the entire world at the moment and the fact that when the match was announced of Krystal defending that Roulette Championship in a Graveyard Match against Johanna, Selena, Bea and herself. She was at first excited.

And she even felt bad that Krystal had to do this before High Stakes knowing that Krystal focus was solely on Char Kwan.

She stated as much on twitter.

But oh hey, Char was her focus so fuck the rest of them. Right? Right.

She wasn’t one to get mad easily, but holy shit, what was going on currently made it really hard to not be pissed off.

She sat back in a chair in a local bar that the brothers took her to for dinner. As she sipped on a beer watching over the two men laughing it up, currently goofing on one another over a game of pool, she couldn’t help herself. She was irritated but at least they could have fun. But Bella, right now...“You know what really gets to me?

She sits back, holding her bottle in her left hand, her wedding band and engagement ring combo glimmering in what little lighting there was in the dark bar, “When I get, “Well Bella, you are good but you just aren’t...on my level.”. I’ve been hearing that quite a bit lately. So many times I have found myself with opportunities ONLY to come up just short and I don’t know about you guys, but I am pretty over it anymore. Not enough for me to just say ‘fuck it’, walk away for a bit but just enough to say ‘I have had enough of this shit and you’re about to find out how big of a bitch I can really be.’.

She slides out of her chair and slinks over to the jukebox that has been silent for a moment. Throwing a couple of quarters in, she picks AC/DC’s “Highway to Hell” as it plays in the background, “I have never in my life been so teetering on this edge of wanting to just fuck everyone up. After everything I have been through in PWS and’d think that eventually somewhere respect would be given. And I get a lot of “Well you’re good ...BUT.” Well fuck your but. I am a legitimate THREAT to ANY championship in SCW and PWS and that isn’t me stating what I feel, that’s a shoot. But I can’t seem to get past that glass ceiling of this Roulette Division. That ends when I bury ALL doubt in that Graveyard Match.

She glances back to the boys who are still enjoying their game so she decides to walk around and casual glance at the pictures along the wall. When she reaches a hall from out of their sight, she leans against it and drains the rest of her drink, before continuing on, “Johanna knows what I’m talking about when it comes to ceilings. She has hit it so many times, she’s starting to get a concussion from it all. She’s been there, done it and took me to school so many times that I owe her tuition. I know she’s been hungry for another chance too and that alone should scare anyone in this match. She’s dangerous. And I welcome it.

She swipes her hair from around the back of her head and brings it to her side, just mindlessly playing with it, “Selena has had those moments where she has shined so bright that some use her as a guide to what is Neverland. I haven’t personally fallen into that but there is no doubt that she wouldn’t have done what she has and not be spectacular. The thing is, is slumming it in the Roulette Division where she really wants to be? I’d wager no, but sometimes stepping back to the start of it helps catapult you to where you really want to be.

Raising her eyebrow, “As for Bea, we all know exactly what kind of person you are. You, like your husband, will step on anyone to get something you know you really don’t deserve. I watched you do it on several occasions and it’s about time someone called you out on it. I mean, I’m sure I’m not the first to tell you this but honestly, you haven’t really seemed to have mattered much until you ride Bill’s coattails. Someone somewhere felt bad for you because in all honesty I scratch my head as to why you are here.

And then her eyes squint for a moment, closing them and taking a deep breath, because she needs to get these things off her chest, “Then there is Krystal. Are we just destined to do this forever? I KNOW your focus is on Char Kwan and what she’s done but fact remains that you have 4 women that are actually, despite all my trash talk, very hungry. Starving almost. And looking to make a huge statement as we all head to New York City. Boston has found itself in this situation where they could possibly watch as High Stakes gets completely turned upside down as we all look to bury one another. But I think what really gets me is despite what I have gone through, you still don’t look at me like I am a legitimate threat. You don’t look at any of us like that. You seem to think that you are completely untouchable when in fact out of all of us, you have the most to lose. Now are any of us going to deny that you deserve to get revenge on Char? Absolutely not. But you have to worry about the here and NOW. To you that Roulette Championship is just an incentive to get to Char. But you don’t NEED it to get to Char.

She hears her name being called by Malachi, and comes out from her hiding spot. Flashing her husband a grin, she raises her bottle as if to say ‘Grab me another.’ before sitting back down in her spot at their table, “I can sit here and tell you all exactly why I believe that this is my match. I can repeat myself over and over and honestly, sometimes I feel like I am. I WANT New York. I WANT to walk into my hometown and know that I have actually accomplished something huge before that. My work speaks for itself. And it’s about time that the payoff speaks VOLUMES for the work that I have done. I’m going to bury any and all doubt of that in that Graveyard Match.

The O’Connell brother come back over to the table with their next round of beers with 3 shotglasses that are filled to the brim with whiskey and take their seats next to her. They know she’s been talking about this the whole time and they nod for her to finish it. So with a smirk, she reaches out and grabs her glass as the boys do the same, she raises it and says “And if any of you even doubt that...well...Fuck you...and that dead horse that you beat to ride in on.

All three take the shot, bang the glass on the table twice and it all goes black.

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Mirror Mirror on the wall
Who is the greatest fuck up of them all?

She couldn’t believe it. All of that work.

And nothing to show for it.

She got to the back, Malachi didn’t even wait for her to come through the curtain, he was waiting for her on stage and they glared for the cameras  right there with a warm smile and a waiting hug. Both she welcomed, but it felt like it was wasted. He’d walk her to catering in the arena, sit her down, making sure she hydrated herself like always. She could tell he was trying to not let her go into her own shame spiral but it was fruitless. They called for him for his match and she saw he was reluctant to leave her by herself.

Leaning on her hand she couldn’t help but get a kick out of his reluctance to leave her side. She leaned on her hand and just smiled at him, making a muscle with her other arm, “Go, I’ll be alright. I’m a big strong girl. I can tie my own shoes and everything.

Which brought a smirk to his face, giving her a kiss, “See you in a few.

Knock 'em dead, babe.” she said to his back, but he turned and winked at her with his bright blue eyes. But the moment she knew he was gone, she just groaned and collapsed into her arms, trying to not scream at the Gods in front of the staff.

After a quiet moment in silence, she just couldn’t sit there anymore. “Fuck it.” she pronounced loudly, pounding on the table, after leaving out one of the loudest breaths in history, almost scaring the staff. Sliding her boots off, she made her way to the locker room area, determined to watch him and be prepared for whatever may come from his match.

Needless to say, they were on a flight back to New York 4 hours later.

Neither wanted to celebrate anything.

Go home. Recoup. Recover. And try again.

Penny for your thoughts.

Bella practically jumped out of her skin when her sister-in-law, Alanah made her way through the door to the nursery, with bottles in her hand. Mal insisted that they’d visit within a couple days of getting home, because he knew that seeing Patrick and Elise was exactly what they both needed. He wasn’t showing much of anything following his loss to Caleb, but Bella basically dragged herself around the house.

She couldn’t help herself, being in awe of Alanah. She had the poise of the queen she is but you could tell that it was tiring having 2 babies AND dealing with Jack. Though she knew Jack would die for his children, something told her that her visit was very much welcomed at the Russow manor.

Before Alanah returned though she stood over the cribs, just staring at the little ones who were almost a month old already and just lost in nothingness. So it was no wonder that her return scared her a bit.

I’m sorry! You okay?

Bella collects herself before smiling at Alanah, “Yeah, no, I’m fine. Just lost in my own little world for a moment.

Gosh, at least you didn’t scream.

Thankfully I had the good sense to know where I was. Need help?

Of course! Who do you want?

She smiles as she looks at the babes, “I think I’ll take Patrick. Haven’t spent as much time with him as I have with her. Nothing personal Ellie.” she says, talking to her little niece, before reaching over and carefully grabbing Patrick.

Have I mentioned how grateful I am for you and Mal popping over as much as possible?” Lanah says, handing Bella one of the bottles and picking up her daughter, “It’s been a Godsend, really.

Why haven’t you gotten yourself a part-time nanny or even a housekeeper? Take some of the stress off of you.” Bella says, settling into one of the rocking chairs with Patrick in her arms.

I said something but Jack is so protective of the babies and after what happened with that witch...

Bella sighs, as she watches Alanah settle in with her daughter, “Good point, but still, a little help will go a long way around here. I could put in a few calls, see if my grandfather knows of some agency that really vets their people...

I wouldn’t want you to go out of your way just for...

Rolling her eyes, she grabs the cloth on her, she cleans up a little dribble on the baby’s chin, “NONSENSE! Lanah, these are my niece and nephew and YOU TOO! Mal would flip if he saw how exhausted you really are.” she continues to feed Patrick, almost like the pro she is after she helped with Jack’s brother and sister years ago, “I would love to help in any way I can and with us doing these tours again, trust me I am more than willing to make your life easier.

Well...if you insist.

I do.” Bella says, “Of course it’s yours and Jack’s final call but just that extra help will bring me peace of mind for you too, mommy.

Alanah almost blushes when Bella calls her ‘Mommy’, “I’m still not used to that.

But you are, and you are a wonderful mother. I don’t know how you do this.

Alanah just raises her eyebrow as she checks on Elise before looking at Bella, “Do what?

Bella motions around with her head at everything, “This! While I can tell you are exhausted, you look like you have it all together.

That brings a fit of laughter, “Trust me, I don’t. I dropped a glass of milk in the sink the other night, and completely lost it.

Bella watches as Alanah brings Elise up to burp her before looking down at Patrick, “That could just be hormones.

Maybe, but trust me, I barely hold it together sometimes. Between the littles, worrying over Jack, my own health...seeing what is going on with you...” Alanah looks at her sister-in-law, “I know that loss to Krystal is still eating at you.

It’s not that she beat me, it’s the fact that I worked so damn hard and I just have nothing to show for it. When I got word that SCW was finishing the year HERE, in New York? AT MSG? I don’t know, I thought it was like the stars had finally panned out in my direction but instead I’m finding myself right back at the end of the line.

Silence fills the air for a moment as Patrick finishes his bottle finally giving Bella a chance to burp him. The sisters sit there for a moment before Alanah finally breaks the the quiet. what?

I don’t know. And that’s scarier than a gauntlet and facing down gorram wheel from Hades. But I do have a question, do you think Jack would go...” with her foot she steps on a squeaky toy that one of their dogs left in the room, “Ba-zurk if you got to play hooky here soon? I could really use a good girls da-” Patrick finally lets out a good burp and then almost immediately starts grunting. “Uh oh....

Oh boy....sounds like someone is trying to poop. I forgot the extra diapers downstairs. I’ll be right back.

Alanah cradles her daughter in her arms and quickly leaves the room as Patrick continues to grunt away. Bella looks at him, “That’s alright kiddo...seems like everyone is shitting on me lately.

When You Wish Upon A Star

Bella sits patiently in a chair, her long blonde hair pulled up in a high ponytail, wearing a purple top. She seems almost lost in thought for a moment, “Lanah asked the million dollar question.” her bright blue eyes look up, “Now what?

Shaking her head, she glances around, like she can’t believe that she has to do this again, that she can’t face the truth but she knows she doesn’t have a choice, “I failed. I failed so unbelievably badly and I have found myself back at a place I really didn’t want to be.

It’s like getting stuck on the Small World ride and the attendant is taking a smoke break so all you can do is sit there and listen to the same song over and over and over. How many times do you take it before you finally snap and start taking out the animatronics? Well, I can tell you this much....I’m pretty close.

She stands up and puts her hands on her hips and leans in ever so slightly like she’s trying to garner up all the sass she can, “I’m going to make something VERY abundantly clear, I am not about to be some damsel in distress that the prince needs to come rescue. I’m a damsel, I'm in distress, I can handle this. SO if anyone of you think that Mal is suddenly gonna show up and bring me out of this weird moment in my career, get to stepping and have a nice day because I’m not gonna be calling for him everytime something doesn’t go my way.

Putting her head in her hands, she whispers just loud enough, “I know my goal....New York City. her eyes appear again and you can see them shining just right, that hint of she is determined to make it or break it, “Madison. Square. Garden. Standing in the ring, in my hometown and the fans singing along to my theme song as I somehow manage to shock the entire world. How do I get there?

She makes a broad motion and just throws her hands out with a giant shrug, “Your guess is about as good as mine. BUT, I do know where it starts.

Speaking of getting stuck on mind numbing rides, Violet Amelia Holt.....good lord,” she laughs at herself, “Apparently buying a clue to stop putting your nose in my business didn’t quite sink in the last time. What’s sad is now I get to do this in front of your hometown in the Happiest Place on Earth. Let me lay this out for you, Vi, YOU ARE NOT THE HERO IN THIS STORY!

Stopping herself short, she holds up her hand, “BUT, I will say that even if the villains have a chance at a happy ending, sometimes the villain's story is just started on a simple misunderstanding or a wrong turn. I heard a rumor that you were attempting to turn over a new leaf and my dear for your sake, I sure hope so. Because the last time we did this, you backed the wrong damn horse. And let me tell you something right now, I am not in the best mindset.

She walks around for a moment, seemingly stressed out a bit, “I am backed into this corner that I have no one to blame but myself for the situation I find myself in...but that doesn’t mean that I am just going to sit back and let you get one up on me. I am in a very dangerous place right now....but victims, aren’t we all?

Stopping, she adjusts her ponytail, moving it just right, “So, to the SCW Fans, boo me if you must...SCW Management, pay close attention...SCW Bombshell locker haven’t seen ANYTHING yet. And to Violet Amelia Holt, I will not apologize for what I am about to do to you.” a smirk crosses her face before she stands up and begins to walk away, swaying the entire way, she turns around and smirks, giving a small salute, “Thanks for everyone, guys. It’s been a real slice.

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The Battles We Tried To Forget
Inside My Own Head?

Where are we?

I’m not sure. This is your little world.

I don’t- I don’t understand.

Don’t think Bella....Feel.



What are these?

Things that I rather forget.

These are stirring up something from deep inside you. Keep digging.

“You’re too slow. You’re never going to be as good as your mom.”

You just keep falling short. You are a joke.” the vision was blurry, but the blue eyes and the blonde long hair was a dead giveaway.

Who was that?

So many times. I have come so close so many times and only just missed. How many times can one have their heart broken before she can’t take it anymore. Apparently for me....too many to count in the last three years.

Touted as the fastest rising star....without a championship.

So many times I hear mom, Alanah, Candy and others tell me, “Bella, you’ll get there. You just gotta stay positive.”

So when I was blind sided and knocked out by Mercedes Vargas, to find out WHY, I took that shit very very personally. I was finally on a roll and I was told by someone who had been there and done that that I wasn’t deemed “good enough”.

So when I took her on and showed her that I was indeed better than she was even giving me credit for, I thought maybe I’d get a clearer picture.

Instead someone, somewhere apparently had it out for me. That damn gauntlet almost killed me. Having to be saved by others....I should be past that but I’m not. I owe them because if it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t be able to walk into Anchorage. I’d be laid up in traction.

I have learned from my shortcomings. I have had no choice in that matter because in all honesty, if I didn’t I wouldn’t be here. I wouldn’t have had the Roulette Champion pulling MY number and telling Mark and Christian that it was ME that she wanted to face. So when the hell does it all come to that ending point of me finally capturing that first big one.

Roulette Championship means the wheel...lets add that in right now. No one knows what the hell could be on that and with Candy looming around, the chances of getting something with glitter only increases. God I hope not, that shit took me 3 months to get out of my hair the last time we did that.

Oh...another one that I came up just short.

Fucking awesome.

There have been so many. So how do I finally get that ONE from the many failures?

Coming to terms
The Cabin
Late Night
It had been a wonderful trip. Just the two of them, with Luka, just unplugging themselves from the world for a whole week in their cabin. They invited her mom and step-dad along for their anniversary trip, but they had their own cabin and occasionally they invited Bella’s sweet 2 year old little brother Aaron to spend time with them so her parents would have alone time. But tonight Aaron needed to be with them. So it was quiet, the majority of the time.

Too quiet.

Bella found herself sitting on the floor with a poker in her hand, fiddling with the logs that were currently ablaze in the fireplace. It had stormed that night and dropped the temperature outside to an almost fall-like feel to the air. It had been a wonderful mix of that every day of their trip.


And yet here she found herself hypnotized by the dancing embers and flames, lost in her head. Her seeing her adopted mother had shaken her. She hadn’t told Mal because he had enough to worry about. But it kept happening.

She almost put herself back into it before the door creaked open loud enough to bring herself out of her hypnotic state only to turn her face and get licked over and over by Luka.

GAH! LUKA!” she said after getting knocked over by her husky, “You’re all wet! What the hell did you get yourself into?

She decided to chase a rabbit through the bushes that still was holding onto the rain.” Mal said, as he grabbed the pup’s leash, “Come on you loon, let’s get ya dried off. Everyone asleep already?

Yup, called it a night shortly after you took her out. Just you and I.” she said giving him a sultry look over her shoulders, up over her glasses.

Which caught Mal’s attention, and him leading Luka to the bathroom a little faster, “Well, give me just a moment and I’ll pour us some wine.

I guess I'll throw another log on.” Bella said with a smirk. She’d never turn down a moment with him, especially because Aaron being around equaled the toddler monopolizing a lot of their time with both him and Luka together.

She stood up to grab the log but couldn’t help herself. She caught sight of him, goofing around with Luka as he was trying to dry her off just a little bit and she smiled. And almost in a flash every moment came flashing through her eyes, from their first date, their debut together in PWS, when he snuck Luka into their apartment for a surprise Christmas present in their first Christmas together. When he used her to run her up the stairs, when he proposed....and then suddenly another memory hit her.

The nightmare. The one where she failed and while it wasn’t real, he was so disappointed in her that he couldn’t stand the sight of her and left.

Bella closed her eyes tightly, pushing back the tears, whispering to herself, “It wasn’t fucking real.

And it wasn’t, because despite her falling into that pool, he was there waiting for her with her ring and the biggest and warmest hug...even though she was completely soaked.


He was the realest thing in her life. He never wavered his love despite her crazy family. Her failures, he didn’t let her go into a shame spiral like she wanted to so many times. He kept pushing her to become better. She was better because of him.

And by the time she came out of that she felt his lips on hers, opening her blue eyes to his beautiful crystal blue eyes and two glasses of her favorite marlot in both hands.

Coming to terms, she may not have the titles except for one.

Mrs. O’Connell.

Hmm?” she said lost in just that whole moment.

He smiled, handing her one glass, taking the log from her and dropping it in the fireplace. All he did from there was hold out his hand and help her back down onto the floor next to him and they simply curled into the other, watching the fire.

This would be enough.

But There’s More
Anchorage, Alaska

The Last Frontier.

The room was dark, except one lone spotlight in the middle of the room. You can hear the footsteps echo, but no one could be seen. But Bella’s voice is clear.

That’s what this place is called. Sorta fitting if you a walking talking nerd like me but see, I see it as a starting point. There is ALWAYS more to discover about a place. Something deeper, to a person.

Follow it Krys. Follow the whole damn story.

You see, when I came to SCW, I was pretty much a naive young woman with stars in her eyes. Sin City was something where I didn’t have this legacy looming over what I should be. Instead, here I have been allowed to grow, I have become something more than the legacy because here I feel like there are people that actually want to see me succeed....and not fall on my face. Well...there are a few that don’t but they don’t matter in the here and now.

Suddenly the light booms brightly through the room and a stream of memories over the last 3 years plays just like they were happening in that room. But these scenes are familiar....all of the matches where Bella came up short against everyone that had ever been the Roulette Champion during her time here.

It had always felt like something was missing, Krys. I was hungry, yeah...but there was always that IT factor. I have always been touted as one of the best in SCW today that is just waiting for that moment. I have had to relive ALL these moments more than I care to admit without people throwing them back in my face but it still happened. You didn’t do that...

Then suddenly like it was a recurring nightmare, the final match of the gauntlet was alive in front of us. The violence just like it happened in real time.

But then you kept reminding me what I went through to get HERE to Violent Conduct VII. I KNOW I almost lost out on this chance again. I TOLD you to not interfere. I needed to do this for myself. I didn’t give a shit about the caveat of the gaunlet. I welcomed the challenge because it felt like something was holding me back. People constantly having to question if my heart was truly in it.


My whole life, whenever I came up short I was laughed at. But I started to realize that those that laughed at me don’t matter. There will always be haters, there will always be the people that tell me that I should learn to control that part of me that lets that whole thing get to me. BUT what if I instead turn that into my strength?

I know you Krystal, have been the biggest cheerleader for this match for the longest time. I welcome that but....but why? You say it’s because you know that we can tear the house down but is that it? I have no doubt that this match is going to pretty much be us going back after fuck knows what that wheel will give us and we put each other through hell and we’ll step back through the curtain and say “TOP THAT BITCH!” but for me I am in this for so much more.

What will you do when you realize I no longer have my hands tied. That ALL my failures, they don’t defy wanna know why?

The scene shows what a lot of people don’t usually see, Bella pushing herself off the ground, struggling but standing.

Despite how many times I got knocked down. I. GOT. BACK. UP! I will not stay down. You can bomb my ass through that ring. That wheel can try and kill us both. BUT I WILL GET BACK UP! Because that Championship is my future. I promised you the real me, well here it is. The woman that just will not die.

Bella steps through breaking up the video, standing there with her blue eyes bright, her lips red and that smirk curled just right.

I’m flawed. Helpless. But I’m also human. I’ve been fighting theoretically with one hand tied behind my back. But what will really happen when I’m finally set free? You’re about to find out.

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“I want you to be the best version of yourself.”

The Pains of Victory
Seattle, Washington
Hyatt Regency
Following Climax Control 310

It was a battle, one that she will not soon forget. She will more than likely be battered and bruised for a couple days following her war with Tempest, but she made it. She survived. For now she lays on the bed of their hotel suite at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Seattle, wishing that there was stronger pain meds made available over the counter.

She finished getting her medical check...the one that happened at the behest of Malachi, Mark Ward, Candy and her now opponent for Violent Conduct VII, the PWS Roulette Champion, Krystal Wolfe. There were so many mixed feelings running through her. Right now though, it was pain that made its appearance and feelings well known. She washed her face, brushed and braided her long hair into pigtails and all she wanted to do is curl up in the fetal position, but she’s couldn’t even bring herself to turn onto her side. Instead, her bright blue eyes stare at the bright white ceiling.

The same style white ceiling that is in practically every hotel....why is that? Anyone ever notice that before?


She just laid there, currently questioning every move she made tonight, scratching Luka between her fox like ears, gently. As a moment Bella groans and holds on to her stomach which leaves Luka to look at her owner and sigh.

Anyone get the number of that bus? Ya know, the one that ran my ass over?

Stated her husband, Malachi, who too had a pretty rough night and battle with Bill Barnhart. He just sat in the chair, that one chair they always give you, next to the bed (Again...WHY?) sipping from a glass, “You’re being dramatic again.

I really am not.” Bella grunts as she leans up on her elbows, glaring at her husband who is nursing a glass of the current alcoholic drink that they picked up after the show to take back with them to their hotel room, “I thought for a minute I was going to die.

But you didn’t, instead you stood up to her, you battled like the badass you are. She was out to make an example out of you. You could have just given up.

She sighs, because she knows what he is trying to do. He also knows it was never an option for his wife, “But I couldn’t. I came too far and worked way too damn hard to just allow myself to be bullied like that. I will get my ass kicked all day if that means that I made my point.

And with that he lifts his glass with his crystal blue eyes matching hers and with a smile simply says, “And you did just that.

She gives her husband a genuine smile, knowing that he had a rough night too, and winks, “I just hope that all this hard work pays off. Krystal wanted t his. I wanted this. ....but was it worth it?” she forces herself to sit up, grabbing the bottle from the side table. She swirls it in her hand, “I have never felt this tired before after a match.

Mal watches as she takes a deep slug of the brown liquid straight from the bottle, “Well when you think about it, Tempest has been legit your largest opponent to date. So not surprising that you feel like you have been run over by a metro bus. But are you actually feeling tired? Or just....sore?

She thinks for a moment and smirks with a slight tilt to her head, “Both? ...both. Both is good.

Grumbling like grumpy Oscar Mal does when his wife chooses to be all hot and nerdy, he stands and offers his hand, “Come on then.

Bella tilts her head and raises her eyebrow, “What?

I want to help you and you can help me, we both had a really rough night and honestly, mo grá, I just want to just relax for the rest of the night with you and we will both plan our next steps from there.” with that she allows him her hand and he gently pulls her to her feet, “So, we’re going to wash this whole night off, we’re going to order food and not think about Violent Conduct and just rest for now. You’ve been busting your ass, as have I....let’s just take a break from it for a bit. Okay? Just so when it’s time, you can be the best version of yourself.

She steps forward and stands on her tiptoes and kisses his nose, “You spoil me.

Yeah I know I do.” he says as he wraps his arms around her, “Now...shower or tub? Cause I’m pretty sure we have a jet whirlpool in there.

Ooo, that whirlpool sounds like the perfect start for us to just begin our relaxing and recreating. she smiles brightly as they begin to walk towards the bathroom door, ”Are you sure you can?

That devilish little smile comes across his face, as they enter the room, “OH I know I can. It’s you I’m worried about Ms. Obsessive-Complusive.

Really Mr. I’m up at 5am to run a 10K every other day?

God only knows the amount of cardio that is truly needed to really keep up with you.

The door closes with a click and Luka fast asleep in the spot where Bella laid just a few moments ago.

After the Hurricane comes the cleanup.

Like I’m not kidding. We got back into town, and we didn’t even get a chance to really relax cause suddenly there was talk of the area getting hit with what was left of Hurricane Ida. Thankfully our home didn’t get clobbered too bad. But the fact remains that the both of us had to put our focuses on that instead of trying to bring it all together. Mal really really wants that Internet Title.

And I really really want that Bombshell Title.

This week though, it was all about catching my breath, I needed to. The 3 straight weeks of this and ending with Tempest put a dent on me and my soul.

The Great Gift
Camping in The Woods
Out in the middle of nowhere
5 days later

Bella.” a woman with dark brown hair stood in a room that was very white washed. You could barely make out her features at first but after a bit, her kind gentle hazel green eyes came more into focus.

Bella was somehow on the ground of this room, as she starts to move she looks around and it’s like the white washed version of her and Mal’s place. “What the...

Good morning, sunshine.” the woman speaks, which catches the young woman’s attention.

I- ...I know that voice.” Bella turns around and her eyes almost tear up instantly, “....m-mom?” ..but this woman looks nothing like Laura, Bella’s birthday mother. This woman looks a bit more ordinary. “This isn’t possible.’ve been gone since I was a little girl! died! Cancer took you from me and dad....David...HOW ARE YOU HERE?!

Shhhh...shhhh...” the woman steps towards Bella and kneels in front of her, holding her face, “It’s ok...I’m not real, I’m just...I’m in your head. I know you’ve been trying to see me. I know that’s why you kept letting yourself wander off into your Wonderland visions. I used to read that to you when you were a baby. Had your dad let me change your name, I would have called you Alice, ya know.

Bella sniffs, wiping the tears from her eyes, “He told me, after...

You look so grown up,” the woman say swiping a fallen strand of hair from Bella’s face, “You have been through so much.

Yeah well you dying didn’t help. But...

But you wouldn’t have found your real mom if I didn’t. I’m...I’m sorry that we kept that from you and kept her from you. We should have never...but then, you wouldn’t be the beautiful and strong woman that is standing before me.

A bright flash fills the room and the next thing you know, Bella is standing next to the woman as they overlook a beautiful lake. “Our vacation home. The one that we used to go to every year before you got sick.

You remember. Bella, I want you to dig so deep. So incredibly deep.” the woman says taking Bella’s hand. Bella looks down and you can tell that she feels it but doesn’t, “You have battled so much. But when you were here, you didn’t, you allowed yourself to relax, reminisce and then when we returned home, you always overcame whatever obstacle got in your particular way. I saw it every year. Amazed by it. This place is your sanctuary, and I think that’s why you came here.

I didn’t even pick it out. It was Mal’s idea....

A soft smile comes across the woman’s face, “Bella, I am so proud of you. You have stood up to every single challenge that you have ever faced.

But I haven’t won a lot of it.

It doesn’t matter.” she says turning and grabbing ahold of Bella’s shoulders, “It’s the fact that you have tried, you haven’t given up, EVER. I want you to look back on it all. Remember every single step that you took. But don’t LIVE there. Your husband is quite right, you have a horrible habit of living in your own head sometimes when things don’t go your way.

I barely survived that gauntlet. It took 2 days and a boat load of painkillers.

And since then?

I...same as always. I wake up, I train, workout, eat...just like every other day. It feels like every other damn time that I have come up just short of getting that one moment.

So what was different with Mercy?

It was personal.

And this isn’t?

I don’t know what this was, is....will be.” motioning with her hands, Bella says with a sigh, “I like Krystal. She actually treats me with respect, which was something that I didn’t get with Mercedes. But where is the line drawn? When do I stop getting knocked down and forced to stay down? When do I say enough is enough? When do I finally stand up and say...” and Bella turns but the woman is gone....and all that is around her is the lake, the woods and the cabin behind her, “Enough.

Bella breaks down almost immediately and drops to her knees, sobbing into her hands. She didn’t notice before but something in the back of her head went off when she looked at the date and noticed that today when the day that the woman that raised her for the first decade of her life’s birthday was today. She went to bed, something bugging her but she couldn’t quite place her finger on it.

Finally pulling herself together, she swiped at her eyes before noticing that something was in her hand. The hand that she held with her in the vision...opening it up, she stared at a pendant that had been given to her when she had passed away. The white rabbit etched in it. Helen “Betty” Miller, gave her her best chance, even if cancer took her away when she was still young.

Thanks mom.” she said with a sniff. Closing her hand around it she stood up and glanced around.

I always wondered what I look like through others' eyes. Does it completely drive people insane that I am so damn optimistic? That I keep pushing hard to a future that I damn near killed myself for? The gauntlet was more than just earning my way into Violent Conduct to get a one on one shot for the Roulette Championship. It was a proving point.

You see, people like Mercedes Vargas are so quick to write people off simply based on how many times they get knocked down. But that’s not Krystal Wolfe. She sees potential in what this can be. So many potential opportunities with that damned wheel.” She laughs out loud thinking about all the weird ass stipulations that she’s seen in the last few years, “I’ve seen it so many times come back and bite people in the ass. It’s a disadvantage to most....but maybe...perhaps, the disadvantages can be turned into advantages. We go in blind, the wheel spins, stops and then- well that’s the part where we are at a disadvantage. That then....where it all gets defined. So I take my lessons from the past and I apply them.

That’s why I’m here. I’m trying to not live in the past. But I can’t help it, I can’t help but wonder what if- What if I wasn’t knocked out by Mercy....” she shrugs and holds out her hand with the pendant in it, “It is what it is. And now thanks to all my hard work, the chance and what we both wanted, is almost here. A one on one shot, me and Krys for that damned Roulette Title. When this was brought to me, at first I was pissed, I felt shafted...but those battles against all of them in that gauntlet...watching Mercy SCREW ME in that triple threat....I want you to know that more than ever, I will NOT STAY DOWN!

She glances off with a memory on her lips, the scene goes white again.

Wonderful view, isn’t it?

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“O brave new world,
That has such people in't!”

2 down, Apple and Azurine. Points all made, she was not going to back down from a single fight that was brought to her.

And there it week’s show announcement.

Roulette Gauntlet
Bella Madison

And all Bella could do was stare at it. Her fingertips were cold but she didn’t feel it, she felt nothing.


She couldn’t even hear anything around her. It was like she buzzed with some sort of electricity. Her face would occasionally crack a quick smirk, and go back to a straight solemn and just a taaaaaaad bit pale.

Just her and that sheet of paper and the woman that could easily pass for an Amazonian woman that would drag off men like Gabriel Wank for Death by Snu Snu.

There would be worse ways to go.

Maybe that’s why when she was joined by her husband in the back, she never heard him call out for her as he saw her standing there in the hallway. He looks at what she’s looking at and smirks. He wraps his strong arms around her from behind and pulls her to him tightly and whispers, “So, another storm?

She blinks and just shakes her head, “You’d think they’d learn.

Oh Alice, whatever shall we do?” Mal says with a bit of playfulness in his tone, which only brings a mischievous glimmer in his wife’s bright blue eyes.

With that glimmer, she reaches up and holds on to Mal’s arms, and states clearly with humor in her voice, “Well, everyone already thinks we’re completely mad.

That brings a raise of the eyebrow atop his beautiful blue eyes as he looks over her shoulder at her, “Are we?

She turns around in his arms and gives him a quick peck, “Oh totally...but can I tell you a secret?” he tilts his head and squints his eyes as she smiles brightly, All the best people are.

So I take it you are okay with this?” he said motioning to the paper in front of them.

Shrugging, she looks at him, that sassy glimmer in her eyes, “Not that I have much of a choice about it. Why bother complaining about what you cannot change? It’s not worth it and honestly, if I can overcome this, there won’t be another soul in heaven or hell, PWS or SCW that will be able to deny that when I set out to do something that there is nothing that will stop me.

He smiles and shifts them, making their way out of the building, “Good. Let’s get out of here, get some dinner to go and if all works right, we’ll leave Kasey in the dust.

She smiles, “I mean, after what he did to the plane a few weeks ago...he deserves the commercial flight back. Getting back to the other side of the country and getting to see those babies again sounds like a perfect way to wrap up this whole wild weekend.

Kissing her on the head, he simply says, “Agreed.

He opens the door and holds it for her as they indeed leave Milo in the dust.

Will This Be Enough?

Will THIS BE ENOUGH?!?” Bella stands alone in the gym, looking almost frazzled, “The fire and the flames and the HOOPS and now the biggest storm on the entire Bombshell roster, a woman that towers over me by almost a foot....

She sighs and pulls her long braided ponytail over her shoulder just to give her hands something to do, “When I beat her...not *IF* but *WHEN* I BEAT HER, WILL THAT BE ENOUGH???

Holding her hand up, she stops for a moment and takes a deep breath. She looks up and her blue eyes almost have a hint of anger behind them, she grumbles a bit and then a laugh of disdain crosses before she speaks up, “I don’t know what was more irritating. The fact that as soon as this match was announced I was TOLD that I needed to be afraid of Tempest, or the fact that it was assumed that Krystal should HELP Krystal herself. her hand drops and she scoffs audibly, ”Actually, it’s not’s downright insulting. I have NEVER given anyone reason to doubt that I would back down from this fight. The fact that I even had to speak up and say “STAY OUT OF IT!” is proof positive that no matter what I have done, The past is indeed the prologue in a lot of your eyes. WHAT DO I NEED TO DO TO GET YOU PEOPLE TO BELIEVE IN ME?!?!

Is Tempest a big woman? Hell yes. Has she hurt people? YUP! Myself included. Thought I forgot about that, didn’t ya? When you came down and attacked me and two others after a match. I remember that shit, CLEAR AS DAY and I was not granted a chance to avenge that.” that smile, that evil sadistic smile creeps across her face, and bringing her arms out she gestures almost wildly, “But guess what time it is? Paybacks are a bitch. AND I AM THAT BITCH! People will look at this as some sort of David vs. Goliath biblical match-up where I have said over and over that I have ZERO ISSUES in doing whatever it takes to prove that when I want what I want, I will go through hell itself. But here’s the thing, William Shakespere said it best, “Hell is empty and all the devils are here.” So I’m going to step up to the storm itself...

Then you all will have no choice but to quit the doubt. I’m going to be hurting like hell after this....but Tempest is going to have to KILL ME to keep me from getting to Violent Conduct. And she may very well do that...but I am not going to back down from her. Goliath WILL FALL!

And then the real fun begins.

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1 Down, 2 To Go
Following her Win on Climax Control

DATS MY GIRL!” Her husband sat outside the gorilla position with a huge smile on his face. He was in a very good mood, as he himself opened the show with a returning win over The Troll. But watching his wife fighting for what she wants and getting that win over Apple?

Crossing the threshold, she was immediately engulfed in his arms and picked up, “MAL!” was all she was able to get out, getting caught up by her giggles as she got caught by surprise by him. He was in a really really good mood.

One down.” is all he got out.

Yeah but there are still two to go.” Bella said before sighing and hugging him a little tighter. There’s that mood killer. “What was up with Krystal coming out there too? Like, that was so weird.

Bells.” Mal said with a bit of a warning tone.

She just sighs and leans her forehead into his chest, “I know! I’m supposed to enjoy the moment, but when you know that there is still a large mountain to climb and who knows what ahead of you?

I swear, you know how to ruin a moment.

I’m not trying to!” she looks up at him, “Just...this whole thing feels like I’m about to get royally screwed.” but then slowly a smirk creeps across her face, “But I’m not going to back down.

He leans down and places a kiss on her sweaty forehead, “Never doubted you would.

There is a moment of silence, before she pulls back and smiles, “Now....where the hell is Mark? I need to find out who the next victim is.

2 down 1 to go
New York, NY

So that whole plan about doing the babyshower....yeah that went BYE BYE by late Wednesday morning when Mal’s little sister found herself being admitted into the hospital. Honestly, it wasn’t shocking at this point. When they got back into town on Tuesday, Alanah was practically crawling out of her skin. It wasn’t the bed rest but something else. So to no surprise, when they got the call that she was admitted, did she know that their niece and nephew were going to be on their way soon enough.

Course, this whole situation only added to the stress of the whole week because now she had a worried husband who wanted to be by his sister’s side but had to just deal with the fact that we were all playing the waiting game. She managed to distract him for pretty much a millisecond, being on food run duty. Thursday night it was announced Alanah will be having a C-Section and Friday....

COME THE FUCK ON!” Mal screams at the traffic as they are trying to get to the hospital. They were outside of the city limits but apparently the announcement that the New York Metropolitan area possibly seeing a Category 1 hurricane by the end of the week equal the whole damn area losing the fucking minds.

We’ll make it, babe. Relax. It’s not like we can be in the operating room when they are born.

I know but if the Karen in the RANGE ROVER would actually TURN WHEN THEY WERE SUPPOSED TO WE WOULD HAVE BEEN THERE TEN MINUTES AGO!” he says yelling out the window. He’s turning into a true New Yorker at this rate.

Bella’s eyes get wide and she turns in her seat and glares at him, “Malachi!

He just sighs and rubs his face, “Sorry. Just, we should have left with Lach this morning.

I had to take care of something at their house before we did and you know that. Bad enough we gotta leave tonight.

Stupid hurricane messing things up even further. Like the whole damn world is against us meeting these babies properly!

Bella sits back and watches as the skies cloud up even more as the traffic moves ever so slowly. Mal decides to turn his attention to his eerily quiet wife.

What’s goin’ on in that head of yours?

Just thinking about Sunday. I feel like I’m in this strange Christmas of Past, Past and Lord Only knows.” she says, “Azurine Vebbins has been apart of this path with me before and honestly it’s like they are placating me with these matches. Azurine has actual potential to be something amazing and instead she seems to actually just let herself fall to the wayside and I get to use her as this stepping stone. Just feels....wrong.

I get it but...

I’m going to do whatever it takes. Just sucks. It's gotta be like this. Making examples out of her, Apple was one thing....Azzy is actually...nice. Like Alanah, nice.

Just gotta make an example out of her to get where you wanna go.

Bella looks at him and just sighs, “ it.

Malachi leans over and gives her a quick kiss before throwing the car into park and gets out of the car. “HEY! DO YOU KNOW WHAT A GREEN LIGHT MEANS???

Bella sits back and sighs, “I love him.

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You Have GOT To Be Kidding Me

The email: “You want a one on one match? Run the gauntlet.”

She almost threw her phone as hard as she could into the closest brick wall because of...well, war flashbacks. Back when her and Malachi teamed up last year, the Mixed Tag Division was thin, to say the least and then suddenly out of the woodwork came all these other teams and what should have been a cakewalk, turned into a 3-ring circus, along with Mal’s temper almost getting them both fired. Instead they both buckled down, shutting up the naysayers and got their tag team match that didn’t involve anyone else but them and Wolfslair.

But it was supposed to be different, she was doing everything right. She beat Mercy and that should have cleared her path.

But there was a 3-way match, where she never got pinned or submitted to anyone, she watched Mercy get her comeuppance AGAIN.

“We feel as if, while you certainly are in contention for the Roulette Championship, that perhaps you should truly earn it.”

Thus this Gauntlet Challenge that has been laid before her. And for a moment, she felt like that spoiled little bitch from Willy Wonka. Even the Roulette Champion questioned it in a public forum. Calling it ‘Unfair’ and honestly, she was right. BUT! As much as it got to her, she did love a good challenge. 3 them all and that one on one shot is yours.

Bring it the fuck on.” she says to herself as she chucks a throwing axe down the path that leads to a wooden target in the basement level of the three story building that her and Malachi call home. It hits with the thud of a perfect throw as the blaring beats of the SiriusXM Octane station blare about as loud as possible without her ears bleeding. Since the construction has been completed, it looks a lot more put together than the last time we were in here and Mal considered fight or flight. It even has a big stuffed target currently rolled off to the side, for those moments she can’t get out to her parents house for an archery sesh.

Bella tosses her last axe and it hits the target but on the back end, and it bounces off the board and hits the floor with a clang. “Dammit....

Trying something new, aren’t ya?” a female voice rings through the music just loud enough to catch her attention. Bella turns around to see the other member of her unholy trinity friendship, Mattie Cormier leaning against a supporting beam with a big smile on her face.

A huge smile crosses Bella’s face as she drops her axes on the table and jaunts over to her friend to give her a hug, “HEY!

Music is a little loud!” she yells, pointing to her ears.

WHAT? OH!” and before anything else can be said, she touches her watch and the music immediately stops. “What brings you by?

Mattie walks around her and looks around at the area, “Well, I was hoping to talk to you about the baby shower for Alanah, we might have to reconsider the location since she’s on permanent bed rest til the babies are born.

That brings a sigh from Bella, it has been weighing on her on top of everything else going on. Malachi’s baby sister, her and Mattie’s best friend, the other third of the Unholy Trinity, Alanah, very pregnant with Jack’s twins, “I know. We really should have planned this out a lot sooner for both her and Aunt Cam.

What about a post baby shower?” Mattie says picking up one of the axes off the table and weighing it in her hand. She looks at Bella for a moment and nods towards the target and Bella gives her the silent ‘Be my guest’.

Rubbing the back of her neck, she looks sheepishly, “I gave that a thought too....

And?” Mattie tosses the axe and it hits spitting the wood just below the bullseye.

Bella stands in shock for a moment, before looking at her friend, “...I almost had to find a new caterer.

Mattie turns and gives Bella that look, “You didn’t.

Bella growls a bit, picking up the 2nd axe and takes to the line, “NO! But the woman I had on the phone when discussing said problem said that there is no way for us to change the date and basically threatened to completely cancel it all together.” she throws the axe and it lands right next to Matties, “So no matter what, it’s happening on the 21st in which I will be flying out directly following the party cause this whole thing with SCW is going to have me going 3 weeks straight.

Oh come on! They wouldn’t give you next week off?

Sadly no. It’s alright, it’s not the first time that I have had to work under a time crunch.

They both know this, they both pick up the next couple of axes, “So...location.

Well obviously we’re gonna have to take over the house.

Obviously,” Mattie says with a laugh, tossing it landing just north of the bulleys, “So we thinking we’re gonna do the whole surprise we just set up when she takes her nap?

That’s probably the best. I’ll try and keep Jack’s ADHD in check long enough to work out the details, we’ll sneak in and boom, baby shower.” Bella tosses her axe, and it smoothly splits the wood, just to the left of her last shot.

Well, it’s not perfect but definitely better than what I had in mind.

That being?

Putting her bed on wheels and wheeling her to the building.

That would have been amazing, but too Lane babyshower-esque ala Gilmore Girls, but one of my favorite scenes.

I try.” Mattie says with a little curtsy, “So what’s got you down here chucking your axes around?

Oh just working off some stress with a good workout. You got your break room, I got a gym with my own archery-slash-axe toss range...

Because it just brings the room together.

Hey, I could just not bring you the wood for your next project.

Never can have enough of the Bella Stress pieces.

Exactly, though I see you’re getting to be a good shot yourself. Mack giving you pointers?

Mattie shrugs, “To say the least. You sure you’re okay though?

I....I feel like what you would be if you were attached to another object by an incline plane wrapped helically around an axis.

Mattie thinks for a moment, “I hate when you do this...

But tell me I’m wrong? Tell me that I shouldn’t feel perpetually screwed by this whole deal!” Bella says grabbing an axe from under the table, “Because right now, it feels like I have no control over any of this, except to just keep winning over and over. Mercy knew she was gonna screw me, so I’m going to shut her up and I’m gonna shut Bea up and all these naysayers up.


By beating whomever the hell they put in front of me and then taking that Roulette Championship once and for all! I’ll start with that spoiled rotten little princess, Apple Coren and I will knock every single one of them down til there is nothing left but Krystal Wolfe and I don’t give a shit WHO I GOTTA GO THROUGH TO DO IT!” Bella yells and one hand tosses the axe without even looking. It hits with such veracity it makes a sound that catches both their attentions. They look down and both see that it has buried itself....Dead Center.


Climax Control Archives / A Whole New Level
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The Wannabe Queen is Dead
Summer Xxxtreme
The scream of her opponent was all that she heard, well that and Belinda Simone at the top of her lungs screaming that she had her wrapped up in Bella Notte, at least that’s how it felt. She pulled whatever limbs she had as hard as she could.

“DO YOU GIVE UP?!” up over the screams comes in loudly from their referee, Drew Patton.

Under her, something shifted. She didn’t even feel the taps come at first and then suddenly she could feel her skin turn red under Vargas tapping out in such a beat that tells her that she had it all in properly. The bell rang, the crowd roared, she heard Drew’s order to release the hold.

Dropping to the mat in exhaustion, catching her breath, she could feel the weight of the last 6 weeks fall off of her all at once and feeling slightly vindicated.

She kneeled up as she pulled the blindfold from her face, she could feel a couple of strands pop from her scalp that got caught up and tangled up in the knot, but that was the least of her worries right now. She glanced over at Mercy on the ground, clutching her shoulders as her hand got raised in glory to the delight of the fans that were aboard the Sun Princess.

Off camera, the fans in attendance got to see her hop out of the ring, walk over to Malachi who was standing in the front row, watching his wife get her revenge. He couldn’t help but smile when she basically box jumped the barricade and fell into his arms, to the delight of the fans.

You are so lucky I caught you.” he said laughing and hugging her tight.

Blind faith babe.” she said with a smirk.

He just shakes his head and with his strength lifts her up onto his shoulder with ease, “Give em a show.

She bends down and gives a quick kiss, before raising her hands to the delight of the crowd.

The Pains of Battle
The Next Day
I’m gonna kill Kasey.” Mal grumbles while sitting inside the airport, he and Bella find themselves having to fly back commercial this time around cause their private plane that they have at their disposal is currently undergoing a deep cleaning.

He does seem to be wildin 'out a lot more lately.” Bella says, laying on the ground of the terminal, her feet propped on the chair. She shifts ever so much and just whimpers in pain.

You okay down there?” he says looking down at her.

She closes her eyes and groans as she tries to shift again to get comfort but just grumbles out in an almost whine, “Everything hurts.

Raising his eyebrow over his bright blue eyes, he can’t help but have a general humor in his voice. Not to be cruel, but the match was her brilliant idea, “Oh I’m sure.

No, like more than usual. Like, I think I finally understand how Amy Pond felt, climbing out of the Byzantium when they were trying to escape the Weeping Angels. She says looking at him with a straight face on one of her favorite subjects, ”She did the whole thing with her eyes closed because they had made their way into her mind...

Just dropping his head and shaking it, he mumbles with humor in his voice, “Fuckin’ hell, you are such a nerd.

The term in this case is Adorable Whovian.” she dotes with a sigh. “How much longer til I can take another round of painkillers?

Probably not til we get back to New York....vying on whether or not we’re ALLOWED TO BOARD!” he says very loudly, catching a few people around them attention.

Bella looks up at the desk and smiles at the lady manning the desk, fielding more than just her grouch of a husband, “Go easy on her, babe. She can’t predict the weather or conditions of the planes....

He looks and gives a silent apology before looking back at his wife who is fighting with her bag to get comfy, “I know, maybe I should look into our own mode of transportation to do this shit.

Like a TARDIS?” she smirks cause she knows her nerdiness will break from his grumpy Oscar-like demeanor.

She almost, ALMOST breaks him, “Sweet christ.

Realizing this, she makes a mental note to come back to it later before continuing on, sitting up just enough to lean on her elbows, “Hey, it’s not like we have millions of dollars just laying around. If I had won the Quagcup, then MAYBE but I promised that to Harmony House.

Sighing, he just shakes his head, staring off into the distance, “I know, doesn’t mean I don’t wanna wrap my hands around that asshole’s throat.

Laying back down to attempt the getting comfortable again, “I’ll just tell Levi about it.

You do that.

Silence between them fills the air for a moment before she growls and glares at him, “Are you sure I can’t take anything?” she whines.

Amusement shines in his eyes, he knows the next words out of his mouth may be a mistake but he can’t stand to see her in pain anyways, so he’ll settle for the next best idea, “How about I get you up and we’ll go find the bar?

She sorta perks up with hearing that but then feels her lazy gene kick in, “Or you can see if there is a funnel somewhere and just pour it in me that way.

Ok, I know you’re a college grad but you are a grown ass married woman....

That pops her up and cuts him off mid rant, “Who hurts everywhere!!!!! HAVE PITY FOR THE STUPID, MALACHI!!!

Sorry, mo chroí. You knew what I was when you said ‘I do.’” he says, reaching down. She pouts a bit as she reaches up and he helps her to her feet.

How about you just carry me?” she says leaning into him as they walk to the lounge.

Leaning in for a kiss into her hair, he simply said “For-get-it.

All Bets Are On The Table
Present Day
The City of Angels
It’s weird being back on tour. The world isn’t as insane as it once was.

Well....scratch that. The world is always completely bonkers but this was a familiar yet odd feeling.

Almost two weeks had passed since her victory, she didn’t gloat much but her win was huge in her book. So why is she so pissed off?

Their hotel was near the beach. Luka was loving every minute of being out there since they arrived to the point where she had to be carried back in by Malachi which only set Bella into a fit of laughter when their husky pouted the whole way up in front of the creator and everyone that would pay attention.

It wasn’t her private life. It was perfect.

But she wasn’t satisfied because it felt like her win over Mercy met absolutely DICK when it was announced that she would be main eventing and contending for the SCW Bombshell’s Roulette Championship against Krystal Wolfe.....And because life liked to laugh at her, Mercedes Vargas.

Originally Violet Amelia Holt was announced but had backed out for some reason. She didn’t give a shit why, one less hot mess to worry about. But MERCY?!?!

What was the fucking point of her getting her fucking ass kicked, only for her bullshit to be rewarded?

Calm down, Bells.” she said to herself glaring as a commercial for the event finishing playing. Her getting top billing with Krystal was awesome.

Why did she have to say something to Mark? I get wanting to take all challenges but this was after she was like ‘Oh I hope we finally get that match we really wanted!’” she states with a sigh, “I don’t want to sound like I’m bitter but we know this match should be one on one and instead Mercy is going to go ahead and stick her nose in where it doesn’t belong! She was supposed to be in my past and instead, like the cockroach she is, she’s right there.

Probably trying to tell me she thinks she has so much more to teach me. I’m done. I am done having people trying and dictate my every single fucking move. I AM NOT SOME CHESS PIECE! I am the Queen of my own game. So do us all a favor Mercy, save your nonsensical bullshit to yourself, because I am done heading it.

I defeated the Red Queen at Summer Xxxtreme and it should be me and Krys. And instead I get this triple threat madness and ...a caveat??? A special guest referee who is a total mystery. I mean I will stand by what I said about this on twitter. I could legit give zero fucks about who that is. I’m in that ring for one reason and one reason only. My first singles title in SCW, that elusive little bitch of gold that I have been battling for since I walked into this company 3 years ago!

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL LADIES AND GENTLEMAN! Because with the Roulette Championship comes that wheel and let’s pray that Mark Ward went over it with a fine tooth comb when he sent Christian on vacation because I do not need any man-eating fish thinking I’m a light snack.

She deadpans, “Yeah, Miles still won’t shut the fuck up about it.

I mean, it’s is legit my time. I have been biting and clawing at every chance I get only to come up short. I’m not letting it happen anymore. I put Mercy behind me after she cost me this title AND a shot at Queen For A Day. You saw what I did to her to get here. I have hit a whole new level and now I’m ready to break that glass ceiling I have been pounding and pounding on. I’m not treading the bog water that is under that glass anymore.” She gives a small smile with a shrug, holding up a cookie that simply says ‘Eat Me’, “Alice is bringing her Wonderland to you.

"The time has come," the Walrus said,
"To talk of many things:
Of shoes--and ships--and sealing-wax--
Of cabbages--and kings--
And why the sea is boiling hot--
And whether pigs have wings."

Aboard the Sun Princess
Lido Deck of the Sun Princess

Per typical of the last 3 years, it seems like they never get a chance to spend the whole time aboard this beautiful ship. Always gotta rush and catch it, but they got there, went right to their room and since then has just been enjoying the time away from what just happened in New York. Mal having to take on Nick, weighed on them both for a bit but now she leans on the railing, looking out over the horizon.

Wondering what awaits you, Alice?

You’re gonna have to run twice as fast if you want to get someplace else.

Now this, this is life.

Bella looks at her husband, lounging about on the deck chair, sunglasses on his face, looking relaxed with a drink in his hand and she can’t help but laugh at him.


She sighs and sits down on the chair next to him, “Just... 3 years ago, you brought me on the very same ship as you were getting set to work on that Summer Xxxtreme and I was just here, hanging out with everyone. I even went and got you those 2 bottles of Jose after the show. Remember?

Sliding his glasses to the top of his head, those beautiful blue eyes shining bright, “That I do. One of my favorite pictures that I ever took of you was from literally at the front of this ship.

Hell, it was just last year alone we came here looking to shock the world. Mind you we didn’t leave the dock but I gained my first ever gold in SCW with you. I miss doing that.” you can hear the sadness in her voice.

Hey Bells...” he said, reaching out.

She just shrugs and stands up and goes back to the railing, “I’m just sayin’, I know you wanted to step back and let me shine for a bit, but I do miss Sass n Bash.

Mal sets his empty glass down and pulls himself up from his seat and steps behind her and places his arms on both sides of her, “Hey, maybe someday but I want to see you have that center stage like the Goddamn star you are.

Bella turns with a glare on her face, “If Mercedes lets me.

And that’s why you are where you are.

Still feel like I’m going in blind.” Mal just lifts an eyebrow, “You know what I mean.

Don’t tell me you are having second thoughts.

Bella laughs almost bitterly, separating herself from Mal, “No! Hell no, in fact I’m sorta enjoying that whole knowing that I got her in something that she has never done in her Hall of Fame career. Mind you, I still feel like I’m the new girl looking into the big girls’ club and she is denying me entry because for some strange reason I don’t walk straight enough for her.

Either way, you will get through that glass ceiling and I pity the next woman that steps up.

Bella almost growls, annoyed a bit, “I don’t wanna think about that now. I gotta be concerned about Sunday!

Mal just sighs cause he’s become used to this version of his wife, the one that throws herself into things so deep, it makes the rabbit hole in her favorite book seem shallow, “I know that. But you are so wound up that if you don’t relax, you may send yourself over the edge before you even get there!

Maybe that’s what I need though. They’re not going to take me seriously, until I take me seriously.” she says throwing her arms out.

You are one of the most serious people I know.

And with that she drops her hands and looks at him deadpan, “And yet I’m still the little girl chasing the white rabbit.” She turns around and begins to walk away.

Where are you going?

Turning around quickly, she simply says, “Tequila Run.

Mal just sighs, plopping back down into the deck chair. “Better be the good stuff.

Watch this madness, colorful charade[/color]
Room of Mirrors

No one can be just like me any way.

Bella finds herself standing in the center of a room where one of the walls is lined with mirrors. Straightening herself, she glances over her shoulder.

It’s rather odd, I never thought I’d ever have someone attempt to question how much I have learned, let alone how I learn. But here we are.” Slowly stepping across the room, heading towards the mirrors, she stops herself short from touching them, “Mercedes took it upon herself to knock me out of a potential title opportunity a while ago, simply because she could. She told me she had a lot to teach me and here I am, still awaiting my lesson. Instead, I taught her that she should NEVER underestimate someone that doesn’t wait for the universe to tell her how to color. But I don’t see the world like everyone else.

The visual aspect of what we do, the colors, the flash, the pomp and circumstance of it doesn’t mean a lick of anything when you can’t even garner the respect of the people that are supposed to be your peers.

I could stand here, just like this, I could tell myself over and over again in this mirror that I am better than a lot of people think. But that’s all that it is, me talking to myself in a mirror. INSTEAD, what I’m doing is I’m not going to sit here and wait for my lesson that Mercy. I’m not going to let someone dictate how I should act, how I should stand...if I should speak the 3 other languages that I know fluently to you. I’m not like YOU, Mercy.

I’m not out to burn out in 2 more years. I know the road I have in front of me is long and most of the obstacles that I have dealt with are my own fault. I also know that if I’m going to make my mark, I need to take this whole damn thing that YOU STARTED, and flip the whole fucking thing upside down.” She inches closer to the mirror, her smile growing almost dark, “I refuse to bow to anyone who tells me that they quote-know-unquote that they are better than me, because I’ve learned just sitting back and watching that when people say that, they are completely full of shit. You have had multiple opportunities to show everyone. But to take away your sight, in a business that you should know front and back, in a ring that you should know every millimeter of.....I’m going to show you exactly what you didn’t know.

She touches the mirror and it’s almost like she touched water as the ripples waver through all of the mirrors.

Don’t believe everything you’ve seen, Vargas. After all, during this, you’ll be completely in the dark.

When the mirror settles she is gone, and only her book remains in the center of the room.

Off with her head.

“If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn't. And contrary wise, what is, it wouldn't be. And what it wouldn't be, it would. You see?”

She could see him clear as day, Malachi standing there with a smirk on his face as he quoted verbatim, one of her favorite quotes from Alice in Wonderland back in 2019. She was reading it when he greeted her in the hotel in London. It’s still to this day on her shelf and goes with her everywhere.

Impossible Things
Las Vegas
Saxon Hotel
Following Climax Control

She sat there on the edge of the bed. Legs crossed in front of her, smirking. “The Queen screams for my head.”

Mal reaches down and pulls the book from her hands, “Awfully proud of yourself, love.”

“Yeaaaaah, that was really fun. The camera didn’t show it but you could see her swallow as soon as I told her what the match was going to be. I felt almost vindicated, watching her squirm.” her voice almost has a venomous tone as Mal looks at her, “What?”

“If I didn’t know any better, I’d say I’ve been a horrible influence on you.”

“Look, I know I sound a bit on the dark side of the force right now...”

“God, you are such a nerd.”

“Hot nerd and don’t you forget it,” she says with a raise of her brown and a swish of her hair, he just laughs, “But when you are literally THAT close to getting something and have it snapped away because suddenly someone thinks that you are unworthy and are too highstrung and just flat out are not worthy and take YOU out at that knees? She’s lucky I didn’t canoe her head in with a Louisville Slugger, wrapped in barbed wire and lit on fucking fire....AND YOU KNOW I WOULD HAVE DONE IT CAUSE YOU MET MY MOM AND SHE HAS DONE IT!”

“H’oaky, no more caffeine for you after shows.”

“I am riding high here babe. I am going to go onto that boat this year, I’m going to put Mercy in her place and take that throne right out from under her,” she says as she has an almost giddy outward appearance as she paces the room, “I feel...motivated, I feel vindicated and...”

Without much issue Mal has her up on his shoulder, carrying her to the bathroom.

“I’m up in the air! Babe??”

“Even the smallest of victories deserve a reward...besides I have a feeling if I don’t get you in the shower, I’m not getting sleep at all, even with all the bloody fireworks going on outside.”

She looks down and with a big swing, slaps his jeans clad backside, “We really need to get you back into a ring. You have way too much pent up aggression, Caveman.”

“Working on it.”

Suddenly both their phones go off which causes him to stop and put her down. “HEY!”

He kisses the tip of her nose as she pouts, “Could be mum if we’re both getting text. 2 seconds.” he says reaching his phone. Looking at it, his face drops.

“Mal? Everything ok?” she looks at him with a bit of worry. Walking over, she grabs at his arm, “Do I need to call and get the plane going?”

“No, it’s not her. ....what was that you were saying about me getting back in the ring again?” he said showing the message he just received.

Bella’s eyes grow big at the sight of the message.

“Oh motherfu-”

UnHappy Birthday
New York, NY
Madison Estate
The next day

Home. Home has been interesting. Getting back the next day, getting dropped off at her parents house with a promise he’d be back later. That was odd.

Mal found out that before they got to board the Sun Princess Cruise, her husband would stand across the ring from her step-slash-adoptive-father. He didn’t tell her the real reason but she knew he didn’t want her to deal with the pressure of it all right now. She had enough on her plate and besides, her mom deserved to celebrate with her oldest.

Inside, the drinks flowed with the girls. Nick took her little brother, Aaron, out to a movie. But after a while, it just felt crowded.

Hours had passed, it was getting dark, the lights outback came on and she just found herself sitting in the chair poolside. Listening to the waterfall running that was connected next to to large slide on the deep side. Her parents did alright for themselves.

They were Hall of Famers. They were multi-time champs.

Why were they so different from Mercedes?

She’d grown up around it all, she knew how to bump before she hit puberty. No one even suspected that her and Jack would sneak into Levi’s school and goof around on the mat almost every other day.

What the hell did she do wrong to Vargas?

“There you are.”

Bella turned and looked up at her mom, Laura ‘Phoenix’ Madison. But in Bella’s eyes, she looks exactly like the White Queen. “There’s my champion.”

Bella blinks a few times, shaking her head as her mom shifts back into her normal everyday wear. “Hey, sorry, just needed to get out of there for a few. Was hoping to see that Mal called but...”

“Oh, not even a text?”

“Nah, it’s alright though. He probably got caught up with his mom or something.” she said, dropping a quick text on her phone.

“Things alright? Between the two of you?”

“Yeah, we’re fine. He just got thrown off a bit on that announcement yesterday.”

“Oh I’m sure. I was too and I’m the one that had to post it.” she sits down next to her daughter, “Speaking of, things have been quiet lately....”

“Yeah, a little too quiet. I’ll be back with ya’ll soon. I’ll be at the show next week and then...”

“Summer Xxxtreme”

“Yeah, I tell ya what, I absolutely felt like I channeled you yesterday. I got a message from a few others that said it felt the same. Even Candy came up to me and said that at one point I sounded just like you.”


“I sure as hell hope so. At least for their sake.”

“Just don’t put too much pressure on yourself, kid. Even the most brilliant of minds go mad from the pressure.”

“Don’t worry about me, mom. Considering I’m the daughter of a woman that made split personalities an art form and a man that is a pyro....I consider myself blessed.”

“Trusting your instincts?”

“It’s all that I’m going to have in this match. Trusting 5 of my 6’s almost like going through the fog of Underland, blind and only really trusting my gut.” she looks at her mom who just smiles, “Stop.”


“You’re giving me that look.” Bella laughs, “I know, I keep seeing it in everything. The Red Queen, demanding her spot. Threatened by the 50 foot tall, blond girl. One thing that is missing is the blue dress, black shoes and a creepy ass disappearing cat with a huge smile.” She looks up and sees the waning quarter moon, looking just like the Cheshire Cat smile....”Then again...”

“Bella, look, I-”

A voice clears itself from behind, as they turn and see Malachi standing there with two cups in his hand. “Sorry, I didn’t want to disturb you ladies talking.”

“Hey Mal! Was wondering if we’d see you.”

“Laura, happy belated birthday.”

“Thank you, son.”

Mal almost cringes a bit, “Sorry, still getting used to that. Anyway, I...I brought tea. Your favorite if I remember correctly. Peach Black...with Peach boba?”

“Oh! Well, thank you! I’ll switch to this since the girls are all finishing off that bottle of pink zinf. One of should be sober.” Laura walks over and grabs the one cup, “Thank you, Malachi. I’m going to head in. I think she’s tired from the flight so why don’t you get her home.”

Bella smirks, and walks over and grabs the tea from her husband, “Safely as always.”

Laura smiles at them both, “Goodnight.”

And then there were two, “Sorry, I- I didn’t know if your dad would...”

“He’s not.”

“Oh, well if anything it’s a girls night.” he looks at her, “I’ll make it up to ya.”


“Maria’s? Order on the way back into town, we’ll pick it up and have a tea-taco party on the roof?”

“Under the Cheshire Cat smile? Like my own Mad Hatter tea party, only thing missing would be the mouse and the rabbit.”

“Well I can’t promise that but how about a crazy husky that will be firmly up our asses?”


In The Eye of the Storm
Manhattan, New York
O’Connell Home
4 days later

In the humble abode of the O’Connell manor, lived a girl with a wild imagination. She often gave herself good advice, though she rarely followed it.

She loved books, she loved to daydream.

And she knew the world was completely bonkers, but nothing was impossible.

She stood on the roof, as she watched what was now Tropical Storm Elsa, swirl around the city. Malachi called her insane but she just had to be there, to feel the wind. It wasn’t raining at the moment, but the thunder rolled. It wasn’t her first giant storm, and sure as hell wouldn’t be her last.

“You feel that, Mercy?” she said. “That is the winds changing, every constantly swirling and they are all coming in my direction. One must learn to adjust and change course when the winds do that but some people choose to fight against them. They battle blind, thinking that they can overpower the sheer force of the storm.”

“It’s almost as if the entire world is telling you something and yet you refuse to see it. SO FINE, I took away your sight. It’s something you can’t taste, so that’s out....the smell of the old and the new is there but you choose to ignore that too. We all know you love to talk, but the problem is you feel that you have to always be right. So we know you won’t listen either. So what does that leave?”
She inhales, and feels the storm shift ever so slightly, so she moves to the right, “The true form of rare, bare instincts. That feeling of something when it creeps up your spine when you are scared, that flight or fight, that moment where you can feel every nerve stand on used to have it. You wouldn’t be who you are if you didn’t, but I feel like you don’t trust those instincts anymore.”

The storms shifts again, her eyes closed she steps back, “You wouldn’t have attacked me if you did because I am not like other girls. They all know it. Mark, Christian...the fans know that I am something that should not exist. I am the impossible. I can’t explain it and I don’t have the time to do it because I rather take this adventure with you first. Your first blindfold match....and mine.”

“I’m willing to go dirty, to scrape my knees for the adventure. I’m willing to let go and trust every sense I have on the Sun Princess....” Bella bows and looks up, her blue eyes blazing, “But I think, your majesty, the real question is....can you weather the storm that you now face. After all, you started it. ....I’m just finishing it.”

“Lewis Carroll said it best, “Take care of the sense and the sounds will take care of themselves.”.”

And just as a loud roar comes overhead, Bella steps into the stairwell as the skies open up. “And adjust course, only when you think you need too.”

The door creeks closed with a thud, as the storm beats down upon the city.

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