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Climax Control Archives / Versus The Troll and Kitty Lytter
« on: January 27, 2023, 08:05:18 PM »
(OOC: This is not what I had planned to post, but it’s all I have. Work has been burning me out lately and it’s all I could come up with. Apologies, but I’ll try to do better going forward)

Two Weeks Before Inception

For months now, The Troll has been a huge thorn in the sides of O’Malley and his wife, Darcy. Of course, he’s a thorn in everyone’s side, but when he’s spreading a particularly vicious rumor involving O’Malley’s late wife and Hall of Fame former Bombshell Champion, Misty, this is something a little difficult to ignore. And now throw into the mix The Troll has managed to find himself a girlfriend(!), albeit one just as nasty and trashy as he is, the situation has gotten even more out of hand.

That is perhaps why a mixed tag team match pitting O’Malley and Darcy against The Troll and Kitty Lytter(LOL every time!) has been made. While neither of  the respective women involved are trained wrestlers, both women surely know how to fight in some fashion, so this match is ultimately anticipated to be entertaining to say the least.

But despite looking forward to it, O’Malley is concerned for his wife. He knows she could smack Kitty around enough to make an impact, but he wants her to be at least somewhat prepared for what is in store for her. And that means an actual training session at the GO Gym. There is only so much Darcy will be able to learn in such a short amount of time, but O’Malley will do everything in his power to make sure she is as prepared as she can be.

While the pair are at their training session, they needed to find a babysitter for Owen and the twins. The were nervous to leave them in the care of just anyone, especially someone they didn’t know well and ultimately they settled on a familiar face. One that Owen would definitely enjoy having around for a few hours.

Darcy: Now you’re sure you can handle this? If it was just Owen, I wouldn’t be asking, but—

Darcy is quickly interrupted by Misty’s daughter and Owen’s sister, Eden Staggs. Eden smiles as she holds little Sadie in her arms.

Eden: I’m positive. You’re forgetting that I’ve got twin siblings at home already, and I’m pretty sure they’re more of a handful than Sadie and Delaney.

O’Malley: Don’t let their cuteness fool ye, Eden. They can definitely be a handful. But luckily, ye got Owen here with ye because I’m tellin’ ye, he’s the baby whisperer.

Owen lets out a laugh as does Eden:

Owen: I speak their language, daddy. What can I say?!

Darcy: We shouldn’t be gone for more than a few hours.

Darcy now has Delaney in her arms, hugging the near one year old right. Delaney claps her hands, not seeming to mind that her parents are about to leave her. Granted, Eden isn’t a complete stranger so that may make things with any separation anxiety a lot easier.

Eden: Hey O’Malley. Before you two leave can I talk to you for a minute?

O’Malley raises his eyebrow curiously, but nods. Eden keeps a hold of Sadie as the two walk into the other room.

O’Malley: Everything okay, kiddo?

Eden moss and she gently bounces Sadie, trying to keep her occupied.

Eden: Yeah, everything is cool. I was wondering if maybe one day I could tag along with you to the GO Gym for your training session or something? I’ve just kinda been getting more interested in maybe following in my Mom’s footsteps ya know.

O’Malley looks a little surprised and takes a deep breath.

O’Malley: Why don’t ye ask yer Dad? He’s got a training facility doesn’t he?

Eden shrugs.

Eden: Yeah, he does, but I wanna do my own thing. Make my own decisions. I think people would kinda expect for my Dad to train me if I were to really persue this, but I don’t want that. Not that I don’t trust what he’s doing, but I just want to decide for myself.

O’Malley: I get what yer sayin’, kiddo. I can’t give ye a yes or no answer right now though because Gabriel is pretty strict on who he lets into the gym. With ye bein’ a member of the Staggs family, I’m not sure what he’ll think. But I’ll ask.

Eden smiles and Sadie plants both her little hands right in the middle of Eden’s face.

Eden: Thanks. It’s probably a long shot, but it’s worth a try I guess.

Just by staring at his stepdaughter, he can tell that Eden is troubled, but keeping it bottled in.

O’Malley: Ye alright, Eden? Ye know ye can talk to me, right?

Eden moss slowly but remains quiet. O’Malley tries to press a little further.

O’Malley: Is this still about everything The Troll has been saying about yer mum?

Eden: Not really. I’m fine. School has just been kinda stressful lately, ya know. I’m cool. Really.

O’Malley doesn’t quite believe her, but he knows he needs to give her space and time to talk on her own. At least he hopes she will.

O’Malley: Alright, kiddo. And if it is about The Troll, don’t ye worry. Darcy and I will be handling him and his horrible girlfriend soon enough.

Eden: I hope Darcy beats that chick’s ass. She’s a disgusting whore.

O’Malley can’t help but laugh, but all it takes is the clearing of Darcy’s throat to steal his attention away.

Darcy: Alright, time for us to head out. If you need anything at all you have our numbers. And just in case, the number to the GO Gym is on the refrigerator. Owen, you make sure you and the girls behave for your sister, alright?

Owen: I know! We’re gonna have a lot of fun! I promise! Go kick some butt, Momma!

O’Malley, Darcy and Eden are all taken back by Owen referring to Darcy as Momma, but none can manage to say anything. Eden looks a little more troubled, and Darcy just pays Owen’s head. Darcy takes Delaney and sets her down in the living room near all the toys while O’Malley grabs their gym bags. Eden assured them they’ll be fine before the pair finally make their way out the door and off to their training session.

Climax Control Archives / A Lot To Be Thankful For
« on: December 02, 2022, 03:10:44 PM »
Thanksgiving 2017

Thanksgiving. It is the holiday of the year(to Americans at least) where friends and family come together for a large feast and celebrate what they are most thankful for. At least, that is how it should be, but there are no doubt many families that this holiday is filled with drama, chaos and outright dysfunction. A sad, but occasionally true, fact of how things can be.

While O’Malley had never really celebrated Thanksgiving because of the fact he was a born and raised Irishman, he was now a resident of the United States and a member of Misty’s family since the two had gotten married not long ago. And as Misty had shared stories of the past Waters Family holiday gatherings, he was quite nervous for how this year was going to go.

Misty had never hosted Thanksgiving dinner before, but her attitude had drastically changed since she and O’Malley had gotten married. O’Malley had noticed her entire outlook had changed and for the better, so she wanted to do something different this year. She had even gone as far as to extend an invitation to her older sister, Jackie and her son Luke. O’Malley had yet to meet Jackie, due to Jackie’s estrangement from the entire family. Misty hadn’t told him much, but apparently Jackie had some mental health and substance abuse issues and she wasn’t always in the best living situation.

Perhaps lucky for O’Malley, Jackie had declined the invitation, citing financial reasons in being unable to attend. Even though Misty had offered to pay for her to fly to Las Vegas, Jackie still refused. Luke, however, wanted nothing more than to join his family for Thanksgiving. He was currently living with his father, but they had made arrangements for the teenager to fly to Las Vegas for a few days, staying with Misty and O’Malley at their home.

As for Misty’s other two sisters, Desiree and Dixie? Desiree had already made plans to spend the holiday with her husband’s family, and their two young twins. Desiree wasn’t a big fan of O’Malley’s as it was, so her absence was probably for the best to avoid any drama on such an important day for Misty. Dixie, however, would be joining with her husband. And Misty’s parents would be there as well.

Misty and O’Malley are currently in the kitchen, working on cooking all of the food as they wait for Dixie, her husband and her parents. Luke is in the front family room keeping Owen occupied and Misty’s daughter Eden is with them, although her attention is all on the television and her program of choice at the moment- The National Dog Show. It has been Eden’s favorite thing to watch on Thanksgiving since her attention span increased when she was younger. Even more than the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade.

While all of the kids are occupied, O’Malley takes it upon himself to get a little flirty with his wife of just seven months. He wraps his arms around her while she is checking the turkey, even going so far as to sneak in a kiss to her neck. She laughs and gently shoos him away.

Misty: Really, O’Malley? You’re going to get all frisky now when I’m slaving over all of this food?

He keeps his arms wrapped around her and rests his head on her shoulder.

O’Malley: What can I say, love? I love seein’ ye so happy. Didn’t think ye’d be so happy cookin’ all this grub fer yer family, though. Maybe later ye can wear only that—

Before he can finish that sentence, Misty spins around and smacks him. She gently pushes him away with her right hand and he chuckles.

Misty: You know what would make me even happier? If you were to actually help me with the cooking. You know how much I want this Thanksgiving to go smoothly.

O’Malley: I know, love. And I understand. It’s our first Thanksgiving since we got married. Ye want yer parents to not hate me, but I already told ye…they’ll love me. Besides, I’m not American. I don’t know how much help I’d be cookin’ all this American food, ye know?

Misty leans back against the edge of the counter. She folds her arms across her chest and stares at him with a comical smirk on her face.

Misty: I still find it amusing that you’re so sure my parents will love you so much. Are you forgetting how Desiree feels about you? And as for all this food…you’re in America now and married to an American woman. You need to get used to the traditional holiday meals.

O’Malley: Ye might have a point about yer sister, but I can’t exactly charm my way back into her good graces if she never comes around. Trust me, I’ll make a good impression on yer parents. After all, I was the other reason they have their favorite grandson.

O’Malley winks, and Misty shakes her head. She turns around to put the turkey back into the oven and before she can respond, Luke appears in the kitchen having heard what O’Malley said.

Luke: I don’t recall you being my father. Is there some huge family secret I haven’t been told about?

Misty lets out a laugh and quickly looks back at O’Malley. He is slightly embarrassed at implying Owen was the favorite grandson, and stumbles to correct himself.

O’Malley: Oh, I didn’t…I just meant that…A little help here, love?

Misty: Oh no. You got yourself into this one. You can get yourself out.

Luke: Relax, man. It was a joke. I know my grandparents don’t pick favorites anyway. But if they did, it would absolutely be Owen.

O’Malley’s nervousness fades with Luke’s response. Luke heads over to the fridge and grabs a soda, quickly popping it open and taking a drink. O’Malley folds his arms, satisfied.

O’Malley: Well there ye go, then. Even he agrees with me.

Luke: Not completely. I said IF they had favorites it would be him. But they don’t, so they love us all equally. As for you, though? Don’t get too confident, because it takes a lot for the men who get involved with their daughters to earn their trust. Just ask my Dad. And my mom ended up being the one with the issues.

Misty: Regardless of all of that, I want both of you to be sure today goes without any fighting. I want today to be the start of memorable Waters’/O’Malley family Thanksgivings together. And it means a lot to have you here, Luke.

Misty has turned back around to face her husband and her nephew, who are now standing next to one another. O’Malley places a hand on Luke’s shoulder.

O’Malley: I agree. Yer welcome here anytime, fella. Yer a good kid. And Owen seems to love ye, too.

Luke: I’ll take you up on that whenever I can. It kinda sucks being so separated from this side of the family. Before I moved in with my Dad, my mom always made it seem like everyone else was the reason we never saw them.

O’Malley: I dunno yer Mum, fella, so I can’t say much. But count today as the beginning to things changin’.I want me boy-o Owen to know all of his family.

Just then, the doorbell rings. Owen is the first to run straight for the door, with Eden following behind him, knowing that her aunt and grandparents have finally arrived. Luke places his can of soda on the table before making his way towards the door. O’Malley is about to, but Misty stops him for a moment.

Misty: You ready for this?

O’Malley grins and nods once.

O’Malley: Of course I’m ready, love. They’ll love me. Trust me.

Misty: Well we’re about to find out, aren’t we?

O’Malley: Besides, even if today doesn’t go as planned…there’s always next year.

He winks again and quickly kisses her cheek. She offers up the best smile she can. They both then make their way to the door as they hear Eden and Owen’s excitement, and their parents booming voices. And while O’Malley assumed that they would have many Thanksgivings to come, little did any of them know the tragedy that would follow in just two weeks time.

Thanksgiving 2022

Oh how things have changed over the last five years in the O’Malley household. O’Malley had never imagined losing Misty not even a full year into their marriage. And while he had returned to Ireland and reconciled with his first love, Darcy, he couldn’t simply forget Misty, either. Regardless of how happy his life was currently. And Thanksgiving would always be another reminder of his late wife.

They had only had one Thanksgiving together, and while it wasn’t a holiday he was used to celebrating due to him being Irish, he found himself wanting to start back up this year. If only for Owen and his two daughters. Especially Owen, given the fact that his mother had found a renewed love for the holiday just weeks before she died.

He and Darcy weren’t doing anything over the top, as this was all fairly new to them. But they were giving it a shot all in the same. While their meal was over half way done, O’Malley felt something pulling him to make a drive to the cemetery where Misty was buried. He didn’t know why, as he was planning to take Owen there in a few weeks on the anniversary of her death. But he couldn’t shake this feeling that he needed to go there.

O’Malley: I’m gonna take a quick drive somewhere, love. I won’t be long.

O’Malley spoke to Darcy as she was pouring a glass of juice for Owen and keeping an eye on the twins while the food finished cooking. Darcy looked at him curiously.

Darcy: Where on earth are you going? Nothing is even open right now.

O’Malley: I’ll explain later. There’s just somethin’ I need to do, but I won’t be long, okay? Owen, boy-o, are ye good to help Darcy with yer sisters while I’m gone?

Owen: Sure! But where are you going?! It’s Thanksgiving!

O’Malley grins and lets out a chuckle.

O’Malley: I know, kiddo. I just have to run a quick errand and then I’ll be home. Ye be good and don’t carve the turkey without me!

Owen: I’m not big enough to hold a knife, remember?!

O’Malley and Darcy share a quick amused glance. She gives him a reassuring glance before he turns and heads towards the door. He grabs his jacket and keys, then heads out the door.

The cemetery wasn’t that far of a drive. About ten minutes, actually. But he would never forget how to get there or where in the cemetery she was buried. He had neglected to go there as often as he had first said he would, but then again he was with Darcy now. Making regular trips to the cemetery where your late first wife was buried wasn’t exactly wise, or even necessary at this point. He had made peace with the fact Misty was gone, and he knew wherever Misty was, she had too.

So what was pulling him to her gravesite today? He didn’t quite know, but he was sure he would find out in a few minutes as he got closer. A part of him wonders if he should have brought Owen as well, but something also told him that today was not the day for that. He needed to go alone.

As he pulled through the entrance gates and drove his car along the road leading to the section Misty was buried, he saw from a distance that someone else was there. He couldn’t tell who at first, or if they were at Misty’s gravesite, but once he was right by the section he needed to be, he found out. He saw her sitting there, her back against the gravestone, as he put his car in park and slowly removed the keys.

Misty’s daughter, Eden Staggs.

O’Malley couldn’t believe how much Eden had grown over the last five years. She was now fourteen, approaching fifteen years old in just a few months, and looked every bit the younger version of her mother. With a mix of Spike Staggs, also of course. He knew now that this was the reason he was being pulled here, and that Misty was why. Because her teenage daughter looked troubled in some way.

Eden looked up as O’Malley got out of the car and started making his way towards her. She was wearing a hooded sweatshirt and pulled the hood down, revealing her long black hair that went past her shoulders. She also had a journal with her and had been writing in it. She paused as she looked at her stepfather(former?) walking towards her.

Eden: Wow. Long time no see, O’Malley. I didn’t think I’d see you here. Considering you have a new family and all.

Okay. He wasn’t surprised by the way she said those words to him. Even still, they stung. But he guessed he deserved that.

O’Malley: It’s great to see ye, Eden. I know it’s been a while, but—

Eden: But what, exactly? The only reason it’s been a while is because of you. You never even attempted to see me even after you came back from Ireland with…her.

Her. Meaning Darcy. But she didn’t sound hateful. There was something else, and he needed to get to the bottom of it.

O’Malley: I understand, Eden. I really do. But the fact is, I’m not yer father. Spike is. And after everything I did with Owen, there’s no way they woulda let me see ye. They did everything they could to keep me away from Owen, too. Even when I was tryna make up fer what I did. And as fer Darcy…I didn’t just marry the first woman I met, Eden. Darcy and I have history. Please don’t think that just because I married Darcy that I don’t miss yer Mum.

Eden: That’s not what I’m saying. It just seems a little suspicious that you married Darcy so soon after Mom died.

She put a weird emphasis on Darcy’s name, and O’Malley noticed it right away. That was it. He had to know what this was all about.

O’Malley: Okay, what is goin’ on, lass? Yer voice changes when ye bring up Darcy, so it seems to me that something is goin’ on. So spill it.

Eden stared up at him, almost angry now before she spoke again.

Eden: You know damn well what is going on, O’Malley! That basement dwelling weirdo blasted it all over the internet that he thinks Mom is still alive and that she’s actually Darcy after plastic surgery!

His eyes widen. He should have expected that to be bothering her, but he didn’t think she could actually believe what The Troll had said. Could she?

O’Malley: Ye…Ye don’t actually believe him, do ye, Eden? Yer Mum would never do that.

Eden let’s out a slight laugh and shakes her head.

Eden: Of course I don’t believe him. But he still said it. And I’ve had to deal with the other kids at school still bringing it up all the time. And then pointing out that his trailer park trash girlfriend with that unfortunate name…her parents must have had a weird sense of humor by the way…She ended up embarrassing the hell out of you.

O’Malley closed his eyes for a brief moment and let out a sigh. Eden then opened up her journal, or notebook or whatever it was, and began drawing random little things on one of the pages. O’Malley then sat down on the ground next to her, but she kept her attention on the paper in her lap.

O’Malley: The only way they embarrassed me, kiddo, is if I let them. But I didn’t and I ain’t about to start. Just ignore what those kids at school say, alright? I’m more than capable of handling things in SCW. Once I shake off a bit of ring rust anyway since I been gone the last year and all.

Another slight laugh from Eden, but no real response. She just disappeared into her own little world and something dawned on O’Malley. He lifted his head and looked around.

O’Malley: Eden…how did ye get here anyway? Ye don’t drive yet. And yer Dad is probably wonderin’ where ye are on Thanksgiving.

Eden shakes her head.

Eden: I walked. And I don’t think he noticed I was gone. Too many people are at the house right now and way too many little kids distracting everyone for my absence to get noticed.

O’Malley: Ye walked? I know it ain’t that far, but it’s far enough.

And that is when another idea hit him.

O’Malley: Say…how would ye like to come over to my house fer dinner? Owen would love to see ye, and ye can meet the girls.

Eden looked up and furrowed her eyebrows a bit.

Eden: Really?

O’Malley: Yeah, of course. Yer Mum might be gone, Eden, but I still care about what happens to ye. It’s a lot quieter at my house, even though the twins are nine months old. Owen has a secret to gettin’ them to behave though. Maybe he’ll tell ye, because he won’t tell us.

They both share a laugh.

Eden: I don’t think my Dad will agree to letting me come over. I expect to get a phone call soon when he finally notices I’m gone, anyway.

O’Malley: Only one way to find out. Let’s take a drive go yer Dad’s and I’ll ask him.

Eden: Oh now that I’d love to see.

O’Malley didn’t even have to suggest it twice. Eden quickly got to her feet, but before she made her way to O’Malley’s car, she turned around and placed her hand on her mother’s gravestone for a few seconds, closing her eyes. Once she was done, she turned back around and the two made their way to the car.

Before he got behind the wheel, a gentle breeze suddenly hit him and he knew…it was Misty. She was thanking him for being there for her daughter when she couldn’t. This was why he was being drawn here in the first place. And despite what Eden might say, he knew that Spike would agree to letting her come over for Thanksgiving dinner. Might not be easy, but in the end he would allow it.

And he sensed that he would need to spend more time with his saddened stepdaughter. He felt there was more troubling her, but he couldn’t push it, whatever it was. He needed to earn her trust again and listen to the signs Misty would surely send him.

He would help Misty’s daughter…because he still had to make up for his past mistakes. And he would be doing a for the rest of his life…

The camera opens up, focused on a long table decorated and set up for Thanksgiving dinner. Not something you’d normally see with an Irish superstar’s video, but stranger things have happened, no? And that very superstar is seated at the head of the table, leaning back in his seat with his arms rested on the arms of the chair.

“I may not be American, and Thanksgiving may have been over a week ago, but I’m gonna take a few moments to express just what I’m thankful for this year. I figure why not, considerin’ I’m now a citizen of the United States and I need to get with the American traditions. And Thanksgiving is a great opportunity to start, don’t ye think?”

He looks around the table at all chairs. Chairs that were empty now, but just over a week ago were filled with his family.

“Just a few years ago, I didn’t have a lot to be thankful for. I had made a bloody mess of me life, and everyone knew it. After Misty died, I did something’ she probably would have divorced and hated me fer when I left our son in the care of her parents, but grief does crazy things to people. And with me, it made me abandon the life I was building here and it almost cost me me life. So I’d say startin’ out by sayin’ I’m thankful to be alive isn’t quite so cliche, because I am. I’m thankful to be alive and healthy.”

He pauses for a moment and closes his eyes. He draws in a deep breath and a few moments later, opens them again, moving on.

“And I’m thankful fer an amazing family. Me loving wife, Darcy, and our three beautiful children. They give me a reason to keep pushin’ forward and to be a better man, because I ain’t about to repeat me past mistakes and set off a whole new freight train of heartbreak. People might not agree with me and Darcy gettin’ married, but it’s our life and it’s no one else’s business.”

His eyes narrow as he stares into the camera. His hands grip the arms of the chair tightly, almost going white knuckled.

“Not even The Troll’s. Now I ain’t gonna sit here fer too long and speak about that putrid pile of steaming dog shite that likes to spread lies only claimin’ it all to be truth, but I hope he realizes that if he says anythin’…anythin’ else about me family, it’s over fer him. He can say whatever he wants to about me, but me family is off limits, and I intend to fight fer them as long as I have breath in me lungs. And if that trashy sad excuse of a woman he calls a girlfriend chooses to get involved again..well, she only has herself to blame for the beatings she’ll receive goin’ forward.”

A strange look appears on O’Malley’s face as he thinks about something. He thinks for a moment and then chuckles before revealing what exactly he found so comical.

“Ye know, as strange as it sounds, I should at least THANK Trolly boy, while I’m at it. As weird and as crazy as it sounds, he’s the reason I came back to SCW in the first place. Well…he was the straw that broke the camel’s back with his chunky arse, because if he hadn’t…I’d probably be still sittin’ at home. So I’m thankful fer the fact that Trolly boy couldn’t keep his yap shut and I had to come back and do it fer him.”

He laughs, knowing full well that The Troll will have something to say in response to that. But he hoped he would. He was waiting for it, honestly. But he couldn’t focus on the Troll anymore. Because that was not his opponent this week. No, someone much more challenging lay ahead for him, and he had to focus on that.

“I’m thankful to be given another opportunity in SCW now. Mark and Christian could have easily denied me a new contract, but I think they remember me potential. They saw it the last couple times I was an active roster member. I didn’t always believe in meself, but I’m a graduate of the GO Gym. They sure believed in me, so I ain’t about to go and let them down a third time. I’m gonna make somethin’ of meself this time, and it all begins with…Alexander Raven. The current Internet Champion.”

O’Malley sighs as he thinks about the Internet Championship…a title he held once before, even if only briefly.

“People might not remember, but I was Internet Champion once before. A year and a half ago, in fact. It was a great feeling having won that title, and I had planned on makin’ a decent run with it. Or I hoped to. But things didn’t quite work out that way, because a fella by the name of Mac Bane went and ended me run before it really even started. That wasn’t a good feelin’ because it was me first defense, and after that…I got discouraged. I could have gotten another chance, but I was so disappointed in meself, I gave up. Not to mention, me head just wasn’t in it last year after losin’ so much.”

Another brief pause, this time reflecting on what could have been. Perhaps what will be in the near future.

“Alexander Raven…I’m not gonna sit here and spew a bunch of lies about what I think I know about ye, fella. I went back and watched what I could, but what I will say is it ain’t about what ye did in the past I find so curious. Oh, no, no, no. It’s about what yer doin’ now that I find quite intriguing. And a bit…idiotic. Tryin’ to get to Fenris? Really?”

He laughs and shakes his head.

“Take it from someone who knows Fenris quite well…I’d re-think callin’ him out, fella. That is unless yer lookin’ to get yer arse handed to ye on a silver platter. Anyone and everyone who has ever called out Fenris has proven to be the dumbest shithead their ever was, because Fenris loves nothing more than knockin’ an idiot’s head off fer good measure. And I’m sure he’d love nothing more than to take that title from ye in the process.”

O’Malley leans forward a bit in his chair, resting his arms on the edge of the table in front of him. He never takes his eyes off the camera.

“Take me advice, Raven. If ye want to keep that title ye got in yer possession fer a bit, I’d drop whatever beef ye got with Fenris and move on. I’d target some other sad sap on the roster and give yerself a decent run, because if not? Well, ye’ll be embarrassed just like I was. Yer reign will mean nothin’, but ultimately the choice is your’s. One thing I will say is this…regardless of what choice ye make, once I shake off a bit of ring rust and make sure that certain grimey Troll is kept in check, that Internet title? Well, I may just try and right the wrong I made last year. No matter who the champion is.”

He shrugs, still undecided about where his future in SCW is headed.

“I’m hoping it’s you, though, Raven. Yer a man that intrigues me. Yer a man that I know will be a challenge not only this week, but even down the line if we met with a title on the line. Now that ain’t sayin’ Fenris wouldn’t be a challenge, because I’m gonna be honest…he’d kick me arse if given the chance. But there’s a darkness about ye, Raven, that I look forward to using to me advantage. Ye say yer an open book, but I call bullshit. Are any of us really an open book, fella?”

He shakes his head and leans back in the chair again.

“I don’t think so. We’ve all got secrets, Raven. We’ve all got demons in our closet that are just screamin’ to be let out. Or beggin’ to be kept hidden away, because if they are shown to the world, we’d come crashin’ down. Take it from someone who knows from experience. But trust me when I say this…if yer dead set on goin’ after Fenris? If Fenris agrees and there is anythin’ left after he is through with you? I’ll gladly finish what he started. It might not be right away, but I have a good feelin’ about this run in SCW fer me.”

He stands up from the chair, and places the palms of his hands on the table as he continues to stare into the camera.

“Ye might get the best of me this Sunday, Raven. Ye might not. One thing is certain, though. And that is that this match? It’ll be a hell of a fight, fella. A fight that I’m lookin’ forward to, because win lose or draw? We’ll both walk away lookin’ good.”

He waves into the camera and grind wickedly.

“See ye Sunday, fella.”

And the scene fades to black.

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October 7th
“He just implied WHAT?!”

It’s been a little over a year since O’Malley has been seen in SCW. While he had such high hopes for where he wanted his career to go last year, it never quite got there. To some, that would come as a major disappointment, and it would eat at them for years to come. To O’Malley, though, he had a much more important reason for quietly stepping away from SCW and his wrestling career as a whole.

His family.

You see, while 2021 had started out on a devastating note with Darcy experiencing the loss of their unborn daughter, what the year had in store for them just several months later would bring a hope and happiness that they weren’t sure they would ever get back following such a devastating loss.

It’s currently late in the evening in the O’Malley household in Las Vegas, Nevada. O’Malley’s son, Owen, is finishing getting ready for bed in the bathroom down the hall. He’s brushing his teeth following his bath. Darcy supervises, although rarely has to assist as the now seven year old is quite independent for his age.

Just down the hall, in another bedroom, O’Malley is handling another precious member of the family. Or make that two of them. You see, just about eight months ago two new members of the O’Malley household were born. Darcy and O’Malley’s twin daughters, Delaney and Sadie.

Both little girls have just fallen asleep in their father’s arms in the rocking chair of their nursery. And anyone who has children knows how difficult it can be to rock one eight month old child to sleep, much less two. But O’Malley has managed to get the job done. And as Darcy appears in the doorway, she leans against the doorframe and stares at him as he continues to rock back and forth with his own eyes closed. Not wanting to wake her infant daughters, she quietly knocks on the doorframe, getting his attention only.

Darcy: It still amazes me that you can get the both of them to sleep like that. Are you ever going to share your secret?

O’Malley grins and gently shakes his head no. They both have to speak in hushed voices.

O’Malley: Ye know me, love. I’ve gotta enjoy this time while it lasts, so I’m not sayin’ anything.

Darcy: You act as though they’re going to suddenly despise you tomorrow. You know they won’t.

O’Malley smirks and Darcy quietly steps into the room, walking towards him. She reaches for the dark haired little girl on her right as O’Malley gently hands her off to her mother, both doing their best not to wake either of them.

O’Malley: Maybe not. But I need to do everything in me power to make sure it doesn’t happen sooner rather than later. Not that it matters. We both know they much prefer Owen over us anyway.

He slowly stands and then suddenly freezes as the little girl in his arms yawns and appears to be waking up. Luckily for the both of them, she doesn’t. Darcy lays the one in the crib with an “S” emblem above it, while O’Malley lays the other in the crib with the “D” above it. He would love nothing more than to watch his sleeping daughters a little longer, but as Owen is waiting for him in the other room, he kisses Darcy’s temple and walks out of the room.

He makes it to Owen’s room a few seconds later, and immediately thought his son was already fast asleep as he had his eyes closed and was already tucked under his blanket. The light on his nightstand was on, yes, but Owen appeared to be fast asleep. However when O’Malley went to turn the light off, Owen’s eyes opened up. And for some reason, he looked almost sad.

Owen: Daddy, do you think Mommy misses me?

The words took O’Malley by surprise. Owen’s questions about Misty were few and far between these days, and the farther apart they became, they managed to take him by surprise every time. O’Malley runs his hand over Owen’s head and offers him a reassuring smile.

O’Malley: I don’t think she does, Owen. I KNOW she does. What on earth made ye ask a question like that, though?

Owen shrugs.

Owen: I don’t know. She doesn’t show up in my dreams much anymore.

O’Malley: Well I’m sure that doesn’t mean it’s because she doesn’t miss ya, Owen. She knows yer happy and well taken care of so maybe that’s why ye don’t dream about her very much anymore. Don’t be sad, boy-o.

Owen musters up a small smile then lets out a big yawn. O’Malley chuckles then rustles his son’s hair.

O’Malley: Alright, fella, time fer sleep.

At that moment, a ding can be heard from O’Malley’s pocket, signaling a notification of some sort from his phone. He kisses Owen’s forehead as he stands up.

O’Malley: G’night, Owen.

Owen: Good night, Daddy.

And with Owen’s tired filled response, O’Malley turns off the light and walks out of his bedroom, leaving it open just a crack. He pulls his phone out of his pocket and reads a text message from a number he doesn’t recognize and raises an eyebrow.

“You might want to watch The Troll’s video…”

O’Malley: Now why would I want to do that?

Darcy: Why would you want to do what?

O’Malley looks up as Darcy approaches him. He shows her the text message, and she, too, is curious.

Darcy: Well…let’s go get your laptop and have a look. Normally I wouldn’t care, but someone obviously thought you should see whatever it is that he has to talk about.

O’Malley shrugs in response and the two walk down the hall to the master bedroom. O’Malley grabs his laptop and takes a seat on his side of the bed, while Darcy goes to her own on the other side. She waits patiently as his laptop loads and he clicks and types away going to the SCW website. He finds the link to The Troll’s video and reluctantly presses play.

It takes several minutes and many eye rolls later to get to why he was advised to watch in the first place, and while Darcy is left horrified and growing angry, O’Malley is just shaking his head. As soon as the video is done, he closes his laptop and sets it on his night stand, not saying so much as a word.

Darcy: Well?

O’Malley: Well what? It was a load of shite, Darcy. C’mon.

He shakes his head, but Darcy stares at him and has her arms folded across her chest.

Darcy: While that may be true, he’s publicly accusing me of being Misty after plastic surgery! It’s ridiculous!

O’Malley: Love, nobody ever believes a word he says. Ye’ve got nothing to worry about. Don’t get so bothered by it.

Darcy: Oh I’m sure someone out there believes me. Maybe not many, but someone is stupid enough to believe it. The only question is, what do you plan on doing about it?

O’Malley laughs and shakes his head. He stands up from the bed and stares quizzically at his wife.

O’Malley: What am I going to do? Darc, I don’t need to do anything! He’s a bloody liar and everyone knows it. I’m not going to give him the time of day by bothering to give this any attention. He’ll move on to the next lie tomorrow, trust me.

Darcy: And if he doesn’t?

O’Malley lets out a sigh. Before he has a chance to respond, the sound of one of their daughters crying in the nursery is heard. Darcy sighs and shakes her head. O’Malley is about to go check on the twins, but Darcy stands up.

Darcy: I’ve got it this time.

O’Malley can tell she’s annoyed, and he takes her by the hand before she disappears out of the bedroom.

O’Malley: Look, I’ll keep an eye on this Troll situation, alright? If he keeps it up, I’ll speak up and say something about it. I’ll handle it, okay?

Darcy: You better. Because I’m certainly not going to sit back and let people think that I’m a woman who faked her own death and had plastic surgery to try and cover it up.

She pulls her hand away and walks out of the room. O’Malley runs his hand through his hair and closes his eyes. He was all too familiar with how the Troll could be, but he hoped in this instance he wasn’t proven wrong and that The Troll would give up on such a ridiculous notion.

Unfortunately for O’Malley, he would soon find out that this was one lie that The Troll simply would not let go…

The camera opens up in a mostly darkened room, save for a small spotlight shining on an easel holding a portrait. The subject of the portrait? None other than the late former SCW Hall of Fame Three-time World Bombshell, Misty! It had been near five years since her death, but the accomplishments she achieved during her time in SCW will be forever remembered and praised.

Unless of course you are someone named Thomas Gabriel Wank, a.k.a The Troll. For the last several weeks he has been disgracing her memory and spewing terrible lies. Those lies…end today.

“It’s no secret that Misty wasn’t exactly well liked during her career in SCW, and hell even before then. That is par fer the course when it comes to a wrestling career, ain’t it?”

O’Malley’s voice is heard, but he’s not seen as the spotlight and the camera remains focused on Misty’s portrait.

“But whether ye loved her or hated her, there ain’t a single person who can deny the things she did for SCW and the Bombshell roster. She built that roster and made it competitive from day one. She may have been retired when she died, but that didn’t make her death any less tragic or unexpected, did it? I know fer a fact that when she died, she was doin’ everything in her power to talk to Mark and Christian about one last run.”

His voice begins to shake as his mind changes course and goes to that fateful day in December of 2017. Without even seeing his face, you just know he’s staring at the portrait of his late wife with a deep sadness, but also a growing rage.

“But she didn’t even get a chance to persuade them to form the contract. December sixth of twenty seventeen, she was taken from all of us in a car crash. A car crash that very nearly killed her daughter in the same moment. And there’s plenty of evidence to support that, yet one man…No, I can’t even call him a man. One pathetic little Mumma’s boy, is out there spewing a version he wants everyone to so desperately to believe fer some reason.”

The spotlight then goes out for a few moments and some rustling around can be heard. When the spotlight comes back on, the portrait of Misty has now been replaced by a portrait of O’Malley’s current wife, Darcy.

“Darcy…me beautiful wife and the mother of me twin daughters…The Troll wants everyone to believe that she…is Misty. He’s out there claiming that Misty faked her death and then went through a hell of a lot of plastic surgery to look like Darcy. It’s a lie straight out of the movies, because that’s exactly where it should stay! How the hell could one woman go through that much surgery to look like a completely different woman?! Better question…why?!”

Just then O’Malley can be seen stepping into the camera view, but he keeps his back turned to it. He starts setting up a second easel and brings Misty’s portrait back into view, before turning around and standing between the two portraits and glaring into the camera.

“Wanky boy, I’m now talk in’ directly to ye, fella. I want ye to take a long look at both of these portraits. I want ye to understand that, these are two very different women. Get it through yer bloated head that Misty…”

He points to Misty’s portrait.

“She’s dead, fella. She didn’t fake her death. She didn’t force everyone she loved, her children included, to think she was dead only so she could drastically change her appearance to be someone else. After this match on Sunday, fella, yer gonna stop with this shite once and fer all. I’m gonna beat ye worse than I did two weeks ago, and yer gonna regret ever starting these vicious lies.”

He continues to glare into the camera, angrier than ever before that it has come down to this.

“Ye know, a month ago…a return to the ring wasn’t even on me mind. A few birdies here and there had been bugging me, tryna get me to come back, but I thought to meself, why? Why would I when I have a beautiful family at home to take care of. I’ve got three beautiful children that I get the pleasure of watch in’ grow up and helpin’ mold them into bein’ respectable human beings. Somethin’ that yer not even close to bein’ despite having an amazing Mum from what I understand. Must be because ye obviously didn’t have a father there to put ye back in line when ye were bein’ a disresctful little turd. Or the fact yer still on yer Mum’s tit despite bein’ an adult.”

He gags for a moment then shakes his head, trying to get back on topic.

“I’m not thrilled at the fact that it took a lyin’ fat sack-o-shite like ye, Wanky boy, to lure me back to the ring. I ain’t happy about it, but I’m definitely gonna enjoy finishing what I started two weeks ago. Because I’m gonna do what Misty did. I’m gonna defend me family until me very last breath. And fer yer Mum’s sake…I hope she doesn’t watch this one.”

The camera zooms in on his face. More specifically, the fiery determination in his eyes.

“Because I’m gonna humiliate her little boy. See ye Sunday, Wanker.”

And with one sick smile, the camera fades away.

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(OOC: Again, huge apologies to Mac Bane for this. I’m disappointed I couldn’t do more but maybe once I recharge my batteries for a bit, we can square off again in the future.)


Here I am again. Once again I find meself heading into me first title defense, and this one will probably be just a little more challenging than the last ones I’ve had. They say the first title defense is the most important, and I’m not gonna shoot that down and say I don’t agree with that statement. Why is it the most important? Because ye don’t want to prove yer haters right when they say yer a transitional champ, or that ye don’t deserve to hold the title that ye carry. Or that yer win was a fluke. Any number of excuses they’d find would be proven right if ye can’t successfully defend yer title on the first shot. Just ask Caleb Storms and Agostino Romero.

The Internet Championship has been passed around more than a game of hot potato lately, and I swore when I won it that it would stop now that I’m the champ. And I want so much fer that to be true, but I’m not gonna stand here and lie and say that I ain’t worried. I know I’ve gone back and forth with Mac Bane on Twitter and been a little arrogant, but now that the match is that much closer? Well, I can’t help but let the doubt start to sink in. And it’s not because I don’t believe in meself to keep a hold of the title, either. I know I can do it...when I’m at me best. Which...I don’t feel that I am.

This business, it takes a toll on ye. So many people out there can easily claim that this shite ain’t real and that we don’t feel every hit, kick or bump, but they don’t do this everyday. We absolutely do feel it all, no matter how much we train or “rehearse” the moves. One wrong landing can have severe consequences. One relentless opponent can inflict any number of injuries. And the physical aspects aren’t the only thing to take a toll on ye, either. The toll it takes on ye mentally can be just as draining.

I’ve never been one that’s been particularly good at “ripping apart” any of me opponents with me words. No matter how hard I’ve tried or studied them all, that’s just never been me. When it all comes down to it, what really matters is stepping into that ring and beating them there. But so many others find it quite easy to rip into me and just find anything and everything to use against me. Austin James Mercer. Jack Washington. Kris Ryans. Any of me opponents have done it, because it’s easy fer them. I think I’ve done an okay job at holdin’ me own against them thus far, but maybe I haven’t considering how little I find myself wanting to do this anymore.

I know Mac Bane has submitted his promo against me already. A part of me wanted to open up me laptop and watch it, but I’ve held back because I ain’t one of those people who has to watch me opponent’s promos first to try and “come back” at them. Ye know, the watch and reply type shite that so many others do. If I went and did that, what would that say about me, huh? I’ll tell ye what. It’d say I lack creativity. I lack respect fer me opponent and that I can’t come up with anything else decent to say about ‘em otherwise.

Mac Bane deserves more than that. We might not get along, and I’ve probably given him the impression a time or two that I hate him, but I really don’t. He’s been in this business a long time, and despite not being in SCW that long really, he’s still someone to be respected. He earned this shot, and I’m just glad I’m facin’ him and not some random idiot who was just a filler opponent because no one else deserved it. Mac Bane does.

I’ll admit, I didn’t like when he up and left SCW after winning the Roulette Championship, but whatever was going on where he needed to make that decision is none of me business. The fact is that he’s back now, and he’ll be looking to hold championship gold right alongside his wife. I have no doubt in me mind that Amber will retain at Into The Void, and Mac will be hell bent on being a “golden couple” in SCW, even if they both aren’t the top champs. If it don’t happen on Sunday, it’ll happen sooner or later, because that is just who they are.

Do I want to lose the Internet championship right now? Of course not. But if it happens, I ain’t gonna make any excuses. I ain’t gonna seek retribution and demand me return match right away either. If I lose, it just means that Mac Bane is the Internet Champ this company needs right now, because I’ll be right there next to Caleb and Agostino. And I think me lust fer gold in SCW needs to get put on the backburner fer a while.

This match against Mac, it ain’t personal by any means. I’m not walking into it angry or lookin’ to hurt the fella. This is just business. And this is just the first opportunity to prove who the better man between the two of us is, so I’m lookin’ forward to it no matter what the outcome may be. This may not be the most talked about match goin’ into the show, but I have a feelin’ it’ll be one of the most talked about after the show ends.

This might not come as a surprise to ye all, but I ain’t got much else to say at this point. It’s time to focus on doin’ what I gotta do to retain me Internet Championship, but at the same time not think losin’ it will be such a bad thing, either. I’ve got a lot to be thankful fer going into this match, and that’s what I’m gonna worry about. And no matter what happens, when all is said and done, I’ll shake hands with Mac Bane, because that’s what good sportsmanship is all about.

See ye at Into The Void!

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(OOC: Just a quick apology to my opponents and to Kris as my partner. This did not turn out how I wanted it. Had no motivation or time to get this to where I first thought it would with the ideas I had. Sorry for the let down :()

Climax Control 299 has just gone off the air following O’Malley defeating Agostino Romero to become the new Internet Champion. He knew he would do it. He had absolutely no doubts, and since he and Darcy had a babysitter with Owen for the evening, he thought they could go out and do some proper celebrating. Perhaps at the Golden Ring Casino as there would surely be some SCW folks there at some point. He’d try not to make it too late of a night to be respectful of the babysitter, but they would just have to play it by ear.

His celebration would soon be cut short, though. He was on cloud nine with the Internet Championship draped over his shoulder, and his arm around his wife as they made their way backstage following the ending of the show. And while Darcy was ecstatic and proud of her husband, she knew that he hadn’t seen or even heard about J2H’s segment earlier on in the show, so he had absolutely no idea what was in store for him next week. But she had to tell him.

O'Malley: Man, what a night! I can’t wait to show Owen this title. He’s gonna be one excited little fella. I just feel bad fer havin’ him stay home tonight…

Darcy: Honey, we need to talk for a second. I’m sure Owen will be fine, and yes he will be excited, but there’s something--

O'Malley: We’re goin’ out fer a bit to celebrate, love. I’ll need to check in with the babysitter to let her know. I hope she don’t mind…

O’Malley continues rambling on after interrupting Darcy, and her words go in one ear and out the other. As they walk towards their locker room, Darcy grips his hand and forces him to stop. He turns and looks at her, confused.

O'Malley: Darc? What’s wrong?

Darcy: I just needed to get your attention. Honey, I’m so proud of you and I want nothing more than to celebrate your big win, and maybe I should wait to tell you, but..

Darcy now thinks twice about telling him at all, but when one of the backstage workers passes them by and wishes O’Malley “good luck next week,” she knows she won’t be able to not tell him. He stares at her and points his thumb behind him as the worker disappears down the hall.

O'Malley: What was that all about? What’s next week? Me first defense already or something? Ye can’t wait to tell me now, Darc…

Darcy: Alright, I’ll tell you. Just stay calm when I do, okay? You’re not going to like it.

He laughs and shrugs his shoulders, not worried in the slightest about whatever it is. In his mind, he thought, there was nothing that could be bad enough at this point that Darcy would need to worry about his reaction. Boy was he wrong…

O'Malley: Whatever it is, just tell me, love. I think I can handle--

Darcy: J2H issued a challenge to Kris Ryans earlier tonight for a tag team match next week. J2H chose Mac Bane as his partner…

O’Malley laughs again.

O'Malley: Kris Ryans, eh? Why would him bein’ in a tag team match bother…

His expression suddenly fades as he studies her face. He knows the answer without her even having to speak the words.

O'Malley: No. Nuh uh! Hell no! Darc, please tell me that I’m not teamin’ with that arsehat next week!

O’Malley lets the Internet Championship slide down from his shoulder and catches it in his hand before it falls to the ground. He takes a step back, praying that this is some sort of sick joke, but he knows by the look on her face that it’s not.

Darcy: I wish I could tell you that, but I can’t. J2H said whoever won the Internet Championship would team with Kris. If Agostino had won tonight, he would be teaming with him but seeing as you did...Look, it’s only for one night. And we don’t have to think about it anymore tonight. Let’s just go out and celebrate you being a champion again.

Darcy takes a step towards him but he backs off, highly agitated, though not with her.

O'Malley: I think any chance of us celebratin’ just went out the window, love. Yer tellin’ me that because I won the Internet Championship, that is the reason I now have to team with Kris Ryans to take on J2H and Mac Bane? Seriously? So I’m bein’ punished fer winnin’ a feckin’ title!

Darcy: I don’t think they view this as a punishment, honey. If you think about it, it is a big draw--

O'Malley: Bullshite! They knew damn well that Agostino wasn’t gonna walk out the winner! J2H knew it, too! That’s probably why he made the damn challenge in the first place! The kid gets off on pullin’ shite like that, and Mark and Christian let him get away with it!

O’Malley sets the Internet Championship down on a nearby equipment box and then leans against the wall. He brings his hands up to his head and takes in a deep breath, not at all looking forward to the idea of having to team up with Kris Ryans.

Darcy: Please don’t let this spoil your night, O’Malley. We’ll figure out a way to deal with the match later, but let’s just do like you said and go out and celebrate. Please.

O'Malley: A little too late fer that, love. Why don’t ye go on home and let the babysitter go home. I just...need some time to process this shite and figure out what I’m gonna do.

Darcy: O’Malley…

O'Malley: Darc, please. I was gonna find out about this match tonight one way or another,so don’t try and blame yerself, either. Just...go home.

He then grabs the Internet Championship off the equipment box and just...walks away. And while Darcy wanted to try and persuade him otherwise, she knew better with the mood he was currently in. She follows behind him a few moments later so they can grab their things and she can head home.

A little while later, after cleaning up, changing out of his wrestling gear and gathering up his things, O’Malley gives Darcy the keys to their car and she heads home. He had little to offer in the way of revealing where he would be going, but she trusted him and she knew he would have his phone on him anyway. Moments after she disappears out of the parking lot, another car familiar to O’Malley pulls up just outside the building. He walks up to the passenger side door as the window rolls down and when he looks inside…

Alistair: I’m assuming the urgency behind your text was because you are so anxious to apologize to me.

O’Malley leans down and looks into the car at his brother, Alistair. Alistair has a smirk on his face, but O’Malley scowls.

O'Malley: Look, I’m sorry. But that ain’t why I wanted ye to come pick me up, Alistair. I need to get plastered, and I know that yer not gonna judge me over why.

Alistair unlocks the door, and O’Malley opens it, quickly sliding into the passenger seat.

Alistair: That apology is good enough for right now. Plenty of alcohol coming right up! And how about some company?

O'Malley: Don’t even go there. I’m happily married, so I don’t need ye callin’ any of yer groupies or whatever they are. I just need alcohol. That’s all.

Alistair chuckles.

Alistair: I don’t know how you monogamous folks do it, Shane. But to each their own. That just leaves more for me…

O'Malley: Ye really have no shame, do ye?

O’Malley buckles himself in and Alistair turns and smirks at him as he revs the engine.

Alistair: None at all, Shane. Say, how’s that friend of yours, Carter, doing?

Alistair winks and O’Malley shudders, breaking eye contact with his brother.

O'Malley: Just feckin’ drive, would ye?! Christ, I don’t need the thought or any image of ye and Carter in my head right now…

Alistair laughs and doesn’t say another word. He just puts the car in gear and speeds off, ready for a night of brotherly bonding over lots of alcohol and whatever it is that currently has his brother in such a foul mood.

Climax Control 300. Wow! Three hundred episodes of Climax Control and even though I ain’t been around nearly that long, it’s still a pretty big accomplishment fer the company I’ve grown to love workin’ fer. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I never imagined gettin’ involved in this wrestlin’ business, but life brought someone into me life who led me to this and if I’m honest, it seems a little unfair that she ain’t around to be a part of this show instead of me. Misty’s the one who was with SCW in the very beginning and not me, and I know if she were still alive, she woulda done everything she could have to have been a part of it. But, I can’t sit here and dwell on that, because although I ain’t in the main event, I’m a part of what will probably turn into the biggest match of the show. No offense to Amber Ryan and Courtney Pierce, of course.

Let me start off by saying, this is not how I wanted the week after I won me Internet Championship to go. Then again, things don’t always go to the way we want them to, do they? Normally I’d just grin and bare with a match I wasn’t a fan of bein’ a part of, but this one is gonna take every bit of will power to get through, and the only reason is because of who me tag team partner is. Kris feckin’ Ryans. And I have J2H to thank fer that, because this whole thing was his damn idea and of course, whatever J2H suggests or wants, he gets one way or another. I know the kid has accomplished a lot over the years in SCW, but it really feckin’ annoys me how much he’s allowed to get away with.

Because of J2H, it is now me responsibility to bring back some honor and respect for the Internet Championship I now hold. And I’m bettin’ a lot of people aren’t even expectin’ me to hold it fer that long, given the fact that the past few months, it’s been passed around more times than a joint at a stoner party. I’m happy to be the Internet Champion at this moment, but he coulda just held on to the title and defended it fer as long as he wanted, or he coulda vacated it if he didn’t want it, but what did he do instead? Just gave it away. How feckin’ disrespectful is that? And this kid wants to talk about how he sells tickets and puts arses in seats fer shows? If that were the case, he wouldn’t be a part timer. He’d continue to do what he claimed he does, and put arses in seats week in and week out, and not destroy the reputation of a championship he once held.

I still don’t get how Mark and Christian allowed that to even happen, but far be it from me to keep bitchin’ to them about it because the fact is that I’m now the Internet Champ, and I don’t plan on destroyin’ this belt. I’m gonna do somethin’ with me title reign, despite what people might think. And, trust me, I know a lot of people hate me no matter what I do. Includin’ every single one of these fellas in this match. I mean, they’ve already got a bet goin’ on Twitter with some other folks, so that’s proof enough, am I right? I’m sure people fully expect mine and Kris’ hatred fer one another to be the downfall of this team and are bankin’ on J2H and Mac to walk out with the win. And honestly? Maybe they’re all right. But I don’t give a shite. The fact is, I’m done givin’ a rat’s arse about what people think, because there are only a select few people whose opinions matter, and majority of the roster ain’t part of those people.

I don’t give a shite about this match, or how it goes. Maybe I would if I had a partner I actually respected, but the fact is I don’t, so therefore my give a feck went right out the window the second I found out I was takin’ part in this match. Do I want to lose? No, of course not. But do I honestly see Kris and I workin’ cohesively enough as a team to get the win? Feck no, I don’t. And to be honest, he’ll probably want to put in more of the work in this match anyway. And despite Mac bein’ one of me opponents, as well as me opponent fer Into The Void, the fact is, this match isn’t about either of us given’ the other a taste of what is in store for our match in just a few weeks. All it’s about is J2H and Kris Ryans, and we’re just there for show or whatever. I don’t really know. And clearly Mac don’t realize that because he’s the one who went and started a topic on Twitter that I so wanted to comment on, but fer obvious reasons, I just kept my comments to myself...until now.

Mac apparently thinks that I hate everyone in this match, but if he knew me he’d know that isn’t true. The only one I truly hate out of the three of them is Kris. Him and J2H? I don’t particularly like them, but neither of them have done enough to make me hate them. And now that I think about it, I don’t exactly remember what the feck Kris even did to make me hate him so much, but I do, and me opinion of him ain’t about to change anytime soon. I should hate J2H fer what he did with the Internet Championship, but even with that decision I can’t. And Mac? He’s a decent fella. I’ve never ever denied that. At least, not until he won a championship and then up and left the company after doin’ so. Look at that...somethin’ he and J2H have in common.

Whatever happens on Sunday, happens. I’m not gonna walk out there and do me best to get along with Kris, because that just ain’t gonna happen. If he wants to play fair, then fine. If not? The he can feck right off, and if he has such a problem with it, he can take it up with me in the ring like I’ve been tryna have happen fer months now. But, he won’t do it. He’s more concerned about fightin’ J2H then settling his beef with me so it’s whatever at this point. I just want to get this shite over with and move on to what really matters.

Defending me Internet Championship to the best of me ability and it all starts with Mac Bane at Into The Void.

As for Climax Control 300? Well...we’ll just let the apples fall where they may. And if I’m lucky, I’ll chuck one right at Kris Ryan’s stupid face…

Climax Control Archives / Five Stages of Grief: Part 2
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The Five Stages of Grief: Part Two
Grief Counseling

Blaze of Glory is known as one of the biggest events of the year for SCW. Next to High Stakes, of course. It was for that reason that O’Malley just couldn’t see himself failing at winning the World Heavyweight Championship in the main event against Jack Washington. He felt good. The best he had felt in a while, actually. As far as confidence goes anyway. While the personal heartaches his family had experienced in the months before Blaze of Glory were still lingering, he was doing his best to not let it affect his in ring performance. And he was doing a good job, but he still lost. He still failed to become the new World Heavyweight Champion, but it was through no fault of his own.

Jack Washington had cheated. He had done what he needed to do to ensure he remained champion. With referee Jasmine St. John down after O’Malley being accidentally shoved back against her, or perhaps purposely depending on how you look at it, Jack had delivered a low blow when O’Malley was checking on her. And to add insult to injury, Jack used both his legs on the ropes to prevent O’Malley from kicking out and voila...Jack retained.

That was weeks ago and while O’Malley could have done more to get another shot at Jack, knowing damn well he deserved it after that shady victory, he knew better than to continue on his quest. Not only that, but as the winner of the Blast From The Past tournament for a second year in a row, Mark Cross was once again headed towards the World Heavyweight Championship match. Yet another fact that didn’t sit well with O’Malley.

So what was the Irishman to do next? He had no clear path going forward, but not only that...his motivation was slipping. But perhaps it had less to do with his continued losses in the ring, and more to do with the lingering effects from losing his unborn daughter. After all, it is hard for any person to get over grief in such a short amount of time. And O’Malley, it seems, is no different.

Having not been booked since Blaze of Glory, much of O’Malley’s downtime hasn’t been spent by keeping up on his training at the GO Gym. He should be, but unfortunately, he’s been finding any reason to cancel his training sessions and even going as far as to completely ignore Gabriel’s phone calls. That has left Darcy as the go between as she works to get O’Malley out of this slump he has been in. And at this moment in time, she simply can’t be quiet any longer.

He’s currently in what would have been their daughter’s nursery. It wasn’t quite finished but O’Malley had already purchased a rather comfortable rocking chair with an ottomon to prop their legs up on. He’s been spending quite a bit of time in here, losing himself in thoughts of what would have been, and more often than not, he has fallen asleep in that rocking chair. As is the current situation. Darcy stands in the doorway, leaning against the frame and she folds her arms. As much as the sight of him sleeping there broke her heart, she had to do something. So she walks up in front of him, trying to wake him up.

Darcy: O’Malley…

He stirs slightly, but not enough that he completely wakes up. She kicks at his leg, trying a bit further to wake him.

Darcy: O’Malley...wake up, honey.

He grunts and she lets out a sigh. She leans in and then snaps her fingers in front of his face, and that is enough to finally startle him awake. He nearly falls out of the chair and looks around, confused.

O'Malley: Huh? What’s wrong?!

Darcy: You. You have to stop doing this to yourself.

He rubs the sleep out of his eyes and then stares at her, still confused.

O'Malley: Doin’ what, Darc? Sleepin’?

She rolls her eyes and shakes her head.

Darcy: No, of course that isn’t what I meant. If you want to sleep, fine, but you need to stop falling asleep in this room. You’re torturing yourself. Not only am I worried about you, but so is Owen.

O'Malley: Owen is worried about me? Why? And where is he?

Darcy lets out another sigh.

Darcy: You’d be surprised at how receptive Owen is, honey. He knows you’re still upset over losing the baby, and he just wants to see you happy again. And he’s with Alistair.

O'Malley: Alistair?! You let Alistair take him?

Darcy chuckles and nods.

Darcy: Why wouldn’t I? He’s been left alone with him before, and Alistair said he wanted to buy him a special gift but needed to take him with. I didn’t think there would be a problem.

O’Malley stands up from the rocking chair and stretches. He had been sleeping in a slightly awkward position, but felt better after cracking his neck and stretching out a bit.

O'Malley: I guess we’ll find out once they get back. Alistair didn’t say what the special gift was?

Darcy shakes her head and shrugs.

O'Malley: This should be interesting.

Darcy: You’re avoiding what our conversation was originally about, O’Malley. Stop avoiding it. You need to stop sleeping in this room.

O'Malley: Darc, I’m fine. There’s nothing wrong with me fallin’ asleep in here.

She lets out a frustrated sigh and just stares at him.

Darcy: Of course you don’t see a problem with it, but what reason is there to sleep in here? If it’s a matter of that chair being comfortable, just move it to the front room. You need to distract yourself and stop dwelling on what we lost. I’m doing the best that I can, but seeing you like this isn’t making it any easier on me, you know.

O'Malley: Well, gee, Darc. I’m sorry if yer not broken up about losin’ our daughter! I’m sorry that we can’t all get over death as quickly as ye can!

He snaps at her and she’s taken slightly back by how much his words sting. She frowns at him, but she holds back tears and as soon as he spoke the words, he instantly regretted them.

O'Malley: I...I’m sorry, love. That didn’t come across very well…

Darcy: How else would that have come across? You think that just because I’m not laying in bed all day crying over losing our daughter that I’m over it? Because I’m not. You’re forgetting that this is the second child of ours that I lost, so I think the feelings I’m going through on a daily basis are just a little more difficult than you might think.

He goes quiet. He hadn’t forgotten that Darcy had miscarried once before, while they weren’t together, but hadn’t truly thought of how this was all affecting her. He was just amazed at how she was keeping it all together.

O'Malley: I dunno why I’m havin’ such a hard time with this, love. I really don’t. And I dunno how the hell yer keepin’ yerself together like ye have been. If anyone should be a complete wreck, it’s ye.

Darcy: I’ve already told you how. It’s Owen. He may not be my biological child, but that little boy keeps me going. He is the one good thing that ever came out of you falling in love with Misty in the first place. I will never deny that.

O’Malley can’t help but smile as Darcy speaks those last words. She had hated Misty for so long, even after she had died, but the personal growth his wife had experienced over the last year was simply remarkable. And he loved her more for it.

O'Malley: I’m tryin’ so hard, Darc. I really am. I was thrilled when the judge finally granted us custody of Owen, and thinkin’ about us havin’ a baby just a few months later. It’s the happiest I’ve been in a long time.

Darcy: I know. And I feel the same. But life throws us curveballs. You know that. And if you’re struggling that bad, honey, the only other thing I can suggest is--


Before Darcy can even finish her sentence, the sound of Owen’s excited shouting is heard along with the front door bursting open. O’Malley and Darcy share a laugh, and O’Malley holds up a single finger, advising her to hold that thought. He walks past her and just as he steps out of the would-be nursery, Owen nearly crashes into him. But as O’Malley looks down at his son, his jaw nearly hits the floor upon noticing what Owen is now wearing. Alistair walks up behind him a few moments later with a proud smile on his face.

O'Malley: can’t be serious? That is the special gift Darcy told me ye wanted to get fer Owen?!

The special gift, as is now very visible, is a child-sized version of the fancy tailored suit that Alistair is wearing. It of course has not been tailored to fit Owen perfectly, but Alistair just nods . Darcy takes one look at Owen and smiles.

Darcy: Well don’t you look handsome, Owen! But...what is the occasion?

Owen: Uncle Alistair says a gentleman doesn’t need a reason to wear a nice suit!

Darcy giggles, but O’Malley is not as receptive to the idea of Alistair’s gift. While he agrees his son looks like a handsome little boy in such a fine suit, it struck him as...odd.

O'Malley: Are ye tryna turn me son into ye, Alistair? What does he need a suit like that fer?!

Alistair: Oh relax, Shane. It’s perfectly fine. Everyone is under this impression that suits are only to be worn on special occasions, but I very much disagree with that idea. I didn’t think you’d be upset over me buying the boy a suit.

Owen: You’re not mad are you, Daddy?! I think it’s really cool! And I look just like Uncle Alistair!

That is exactly what O’Malley was afraid of. While he and Alistair had been growing closer and mending their relationship in recent months, Alistair’s personality and in particular his promiscuous lifestyle was not something he wanted his son exposed to. And though a suit was hardly reason to believe that is where it was headed, O’Malley knew better than to led his guard down.

O'Malley: Owen, boy-o, why don’t ye go change out of that suit fer right now. Ye don’t want to get it dirty right off the bat, okay?

Owen: But I want to keep it on! I like it!

O'Malley: I know ye do, kiddo, but...just do as I tell ye, okay?

Owen frowns and he glances at Darcy. She just nods slowly and then Owen rushes off and disappears into his room to get changed. Alistair hands a bag containing Owen’s previous outfit over to Darcy and then folds his arms.

Alistair: You can’t really be that upset over this? It’s just a suit, Shane.

O'Malley: Just a suit? Just a suit?! Alistair--

Darcy: Honey, relax. Please. He’s right. It’s just a suit. And Owen did look rather handsome. Might be a good outfit for some pictures…

O’Malley laughs and shakes his head. Darcy was missing the point and what clearly was bothering O’Malley about the entire situation.

O'Malley: It may be just a suit right now, Darc, but it’ll turn into more than that. He’s only five years old, and I ain’t gonna have him exposed to the sort of shite ye do on a daily basis, Alistair. I’d like to set a better example on him, if ye know what I mean.

Alistair: That is what this is about? You think that because I have an…active lifestyle that I’d think it appropriate to expose a five and a half year old to that? I may not be perfect, Shane, but I have a little bit more respect than to do something like that. I’m sorry if you feel that a suit is an inappropriate gift, but you’ve got some issues to work out if you think there is anything more to it than that. But I will be going now. Darcy, thank you for allowing me to take Owen with me today.

Darcy: Of course. You’re his uncle after all.

Alistair just smiles. Without even looking at O’Malley again, or speaking another word to him, he turns and leaves. O’Malley is still annoyed, but Darcy stares at him, almost at a loss for words.

Darcy: That was uncalled for, O’Malley, and you know it.

O'Malley: I think I know me brother better than ye do, Darc. While he might not intentionally expose--

Darcy: Just...stop. Don’t say another word, because I’m going to finish what I was going to suggest before they walked in. Your mood swings lately are really starting to make me dizzy, and I think it’s time you talk to someone. Someone who isn’t me, or Gabriel. Or Alistair.

O’Malley raises an eyebrow.

O'Malley: What? Are ye talkin’ like...a shrink? I don’t need--

Darcy: Grief counseling, O’Malley. I’m talking about grief counseling, because from where I’m standing? You need it. As much as I’ve tried, I just can’t help you.

O’Malley’s jaw drops and he just blinks. He’s left at a loss for words and Darcy leaves him with nothing more to say. She shakes her head, lets out a sigh, and heads off towards Owen’s bedroom to see if he needs anything. O’Malley scratches his head and he turns around, looking back into the would-be nursery. His anger at Alistair quickly disappears as he is reminded of the loss of his daughter and he takes in a deep breath.

O'Malley: Grief counseling…

O’Malley couldn’t stop thinking about what Darcy had said. Well, what she had suggested. He never really considered the thought that he might need additional help in getting past his most recent heartbreaking loss, but after a couple of days, he thought maybe she had a point. Still, it wasn’t easy to finally give in and schedule the appointment for his first session. And he wasn’t entirely sure what to expect either. He had hoped to deal with his grief in his own way, but clearly that was not working.

Today is his first appointment, and until it was done, he was waiting to tell Darcy he made the decision to see a grief counselor. He wanted to be sure he would continue going before mentioning anything, but it wasn’t out of shame. It was because he didn’t want her to make a big deal over something that wouldn’t continue past the first session.

He’s currently seated in the waiting area of the counseling office. It’s considerably empty with most patients still opting for video sessions as the pandemic is still on-going. But this office was one of few who had returned to office visits for those who would prefer an in person session, but they of course were adhering to social distancing guidelines as well as mask requirements.

O’Malley had done his research before scheduling the appointment. He knew that if he was going to go through with this, he couldn’t just choose any random counselor to help him cope with his grief. He needed someone experienced and highly rated, so he had to look around. And his search eventually led him to Clara Holmes. From her professional profile online, Clara was in her mid-fifties with over twenty years of experience. She offered various areas of counseling services, but her main focus was of course, grief counseling. O’Malley had read many reviews and found absolutely nothing to deter him from choosing her, so he made the call.

His right leg bounces up and down as he sits in the chair in the waiting area. Clara appears at the reception desk from the back as she organizes some paperwork and talks quietly to the receptionist. After a few minutes, she glances over to O’Malley and just quietly signals him to the door leading to the back counseling rooms. She opens the door for him, offering him a friendly greeting.

Clara: Mr. O’Malley. So nice to meet you. My office is just down this hall.

O'Malley: Nice to meet ye as well Ms. Holmes. Ye’ll have to forgive me in advance. I’m pretty nervous right now.

Clara leads him just a little ways down the hall before inviting him into her office. It’s a spacious and “homey” office, with a sofa placed against the wall with a window just behind it. Her chair, a rather comfortable looking la-z-boy is closer to the door, offering plenty of space for the social distancing aspect. O’Malley heads over to the sofa and takes a seat, while Clara takes her own.

Clara: You can call me Clara. And I see your first name is...Shane?

O'Malley: It is, but I don’t go by me first name. I’ve always been called just by me last name O’Malley.

Clara: Interesting, but noted. So before we get started, I just want to take a moment try and ease your nervousness a bit. I know counseling can be a daunting idea, but the fact that you scheduled this appointment is a great sign. I see patients for varying issues, and there is absolutely no judgement.

O’Malley nods slowly and takes in a deep breath. To his surprise, his nerves do calm slightly but he’s not sure how to respond to Clara. No need apparently as she takes his silence as an opportunity to get started. She has her notepad and a pen in her hand to jot down any notes during their session.

Clara: Okay. So, O’Malley, I know this might sound cliche, but there’s really no other way to start this off other than me asking you to tell me a little bit about yourself. And what led to you scheduling this appointment?

He takes in another deep breath having fully expected one or both of those questions, but he was not sure of what to fully expect from this session.

O'Malley: Well, I’m a professional wrestler with a company based here in Las Vegas. I was born and raised in Ireland but moved to the states before I married me first wife, Misty. We had a son, Owen, who is five and half now, but I’m married to me wife, Darcy currently.

Clara: What happened with your first wife?

He figured that question would be brought up, and while his grief over losing his daughter was what brought him here, he had a feeling Clara would also dive into his grief over losing Misty.

O'Malley: She was killed in a car accident three years ago. After she died I went back to Ireland which is how me and Darcy ended up gettin’ married. But it ain’t grief over losin’ Misty that brought me here. I scheduled this appointment because I’ve been havin’ a hard time recently over Darcy and I losin’ our unborn daughter. She was twenty weeks pregnant and when we went in fer the ultrasound and to find out the gender, they couldn’t find a heartbeat.

Clara: I’m very sorry to hear about both of those losses, O’Malley. Grief is definitely something that can take time to heal from, but I assure you I will do my absolute best to help you through this.

O'Malley: I’m gonna be honest with ye here. I never thought of the idea of grief counseling or any type of counseling to be honest. I’ve always wanted to get through any challenges meself, but after Darcy suggested it, it got me thinkin’. She’s been an absolute rockstar dealin’ with losin’ our daughter, but me? I’m all over the place.

Clara nods and as O’Malley speaks, she jots down various notes on her notepad, using it all as reference for future appointments and to dig deeper into his treatment. After just a few minutes, it’s clear that there is a lot more to dive into, but there’s only so much to get to in a single hour.

Clara: You said your first wife passed away three years ago?

O'Malley: That’s right.

Clara: How did you handle your grief then?

And there it was. The question he had hoped to avoid all together. As soon as she asked that question, O’Malley immediately expected her to use the events that led to his marriage to Darcy as a reason to say he had never gotten over Misty at all. Which was not at all the case.

O'Malley: was tough, but Darcy helped me through it. I left Owen in the care of his grandparents fer a while and went home to Ireland. I struggled fer a bit, but Darcy saved me life, and I was able to get over me grief then. This time? With losin’ our daughter, it just seems...different fer some reason.

Clara: I know you say that the loss of your daughter is what brought you here, O’Malley, but I’d like to hear more about Misty’s death and how it affected you afterwards. I get the sense that there is more that needs to be addressed, but I can’t force you to talk about anything you don’t want to talk about. I just feel that it will help me have a better understanding of you, as well as guide me through your treatment.

He nods. She was right, he didn’t really want to talk about Misty because he had moved on from her death a long time ago. He had accepted that she was gone and not coming back, and he was happy with Darcy. Nothing would change that. But, could Clara provide some clarity to something he perhaps didn’t see before? This could very well be a lengthy process, he thought.

O'Malley: It could take a lot longer than an hour to get through that situation. And as I said, I’ve moved on with me life. I’m tryna grieve the daughter I’ll now never have, so what good will talkin’ about Misty do?

Clara: You’d be surprised. But you already said that you struggled after Misty died, which led to you ending up with Darcy because she saved you. Saved you how? And this all ultimately leads to you losing your daughter. Different points in life, yes, but it could be connected. And I’m not saying we have to get through all of it in today’s session. As I said, this can take time.

O'Malley: I just don’t want this to turn into focusin’ on Misty when it’s losin’ me daughter that brought me here…

Clara nods and stops writing on her notepad for a moment.

Clara: I completely understand, and I promise you that won’t happen. I just need to connect all the dots. I want to help you through this.

O’Malley draws in a deep breath and lets out a sigh, nodding slowly. Before he knows it, and with little further hesitation, he begins to tell Clara about his experiences after returning to Ireland following Misty’s death. She just listened as he talked for what seemed like forever. And while he used to feel judged over speaking about what happened, he felt safe as he spoke to Clara. Grief counseling, he thought, was something he definitely would continue past today. No matter how long it would take…

It’s been six months since I lost the Roulette championship to the same fella whose title reign I ended...Kedron Williams. Six whole months since I’ve been without a championship, and while that might not exactly be a big deal, I ain’t exactly where I wanted to be at this point in time, either. And I think I’ve realized that I might have made a mistake with me decision I made after losin’ the roulette championship. It should have been obvious a while ago, but I guess me ambitions were a bit higher than I deserved.

Lookin’ back on everything that has happened since I was roulette champ, it’s become quite clear that instead of goin’ after the World Heavyweight Championship, I should have done what others had encouraged me to do and just...built meself up slowly. How? By movin’ up just a single notch and goin’ after the Internet Championship. But instead, I let me personal feelings get in the way of achieving what I could have achieved a while ago. Because not only did I have beef with Jack Washington, who was champ at the time, but I was also itchin’ to get me one-on-one shot at Kris Ryans. I was so distracted by wantin’ to beat the both of them, I held meself back, but also I might have directly caused the current situation in the Internet Championship title scene. Key words bein’ ‘might have.’

Ye see, J2H is also partly to blame fer this little fiasco, too. He had to go and just hand the title over to Caleb Storms knowin’ damn well that worthless loser didn’t deserve it. And he went and proved it like we all knew he would! On his first “defense” he lost the title and so began the proverbial game of hot potato with the Internet Championship between the two same fellas! I wouldn’t call Agostino’s win over Caleb lucky, because anyone and everyone can beat Caleb, but apparently he wasn’t good enough to really hang on to the title fer long as they’ve handed the title back and forth a few times since then. And Agostino is the fella currently holdin’ the title.

But what would have happened had I said hey I’ll take a chance and go after the Internet Championship? True, I woulda been the one more than likely endin’ Caleb’s first “reign” right off the bat, but would Agostino have ended up winnin’ the title at all? Both men are now two-time Internet Champions, and I gotta say...the buck stops now. It’s time to make right a stupid decision I made, and bring some decency back to the Internet Championship, because right now? It’s become nothin’ more than a joke.

Not only do I get a chance to right the wrong of not goin’ after the Internet Championship, but I can also right the wrong of losin’ to Agostino at the last Climax Control of the year. Not exactly a good way to prove I deserved to go after the World Heavyweight Championship when I let a fella like Agostino beat me. Then again- and this isn’t much of an excuse- I was havin’ a major off week that week and it got the best of me. Agostino beat me, and I’m ownin’ up to it.

But it ain’t gonna happen again. And it’s oh so much sweeter knowin’ that me second chance against him, that Internet Championship is on the line, because as much as I didn’t see meself gettin’ this opportunity, I sure as shite ain’t gonna waste it. I know I’ve got a lot of people out there doubtin’ me because I failed to win the World Heavyweight Championship, and believe me when I say this isn’t about provin’ anything to them. It’s about provin’ everything to meself, because with each failure for the top title, it was another blow to me confidence and it’s time to turn that shite around.

A lot of people might say that I’m the underdog headin’ into this match, that because Agostino is a two-time anc current champ, he’s got the advantage. I hope many people don’t think that because if there is one thing that is clear it’s that anyone can win a title, but a true champion can make somethin’ of their reign. A true champion can hold on to that title fer as long as it takes and clearly...Agostino can’t. He might have been a decent motorcycle racer, but clearly he’s got a lot to learn when it comes to wrestling, and as a graduate of the GO Gym, I’ll give him more than a lesson or two.

And then after that? It’s movin’ on to face another fella I’m lookin’ forward to steppin’ in the ring against…Mac Bane. Because it’s already been announced that he’s the lucky fella to get the title shot at Into The Void X. Now, credit where it’s due, Mac Bane is one tough fella. I have no doubt he’ll hold SCW championship gold again very soon, but after I beat Agostino? He ain’t gonna beat me to hold his second championship. If it were anyone but me facing Agostino this week, I have no doubt in me mind that Mac just might have won that title at Into The Void X, but it just ain’t in the stars fer him. But, I guess I shouldn’t focus too much on Mac should I? That’s putin’ the cart before the horse.

But what else can I really say about Agostino? I’ve tried goin’ back and watchin’ some of his previous matches and promos, but it all literally bores me to sleep! Sure he’s got some skill in the ring, but on the mic? In his promos? Good grief, it’s like I need a translater tryin’ to understand what the feck he’s sayin’! I know I ain’t American either, and I don’t exactly speak perfect English, but Christ, this fella talks worse than me five and half year old son!

How the hell am I supposed to take an opponent seriously when I’m goin’ up against a fella like this? I mean, he clearly enjoys a good game of hot potato, and he talks like a kiddo, too, so what does that say? Am I gonna get in trouble fer beatin’ the shite out of him? Is that some sort of abuse? I can’t quite figure it out, but either way, SCW won’t have to worry about him representin’ their company as a champion after Sunday.

Ye know, fer as much as people hate me and are probably wonderin’ why I’m gettin’ this shot against Agostino, maybe they need to stop and think I’ve been given this opportunity because the bosses know they need a steady champ. They see somethin’ in me that clearly other people don’t, and I ain’t gonna let them down. I’ll be a damn good Internet champ and when the day comes later on down the road, I’ll be a damn good World Heavyweight Champ. And guys like Agostino Romano will still be at the bottom of the ladder always failin’ the improve and never becomin’ a champion worth talkin’ about or worth respecting. Don’t believe me? Just watch and find out.

The time fer talkin’ is done, though. It’s time fer me to walk into Climax Control with nothin’, and walk out with the Internet Championship, because any other outcome just isn’t acceptable. Losin’ to Agostino Romano a second time, and with the Internet Championship up fer grabs isn’t acceptable.

I’m feckin’ sick of losing.

Winning is the only option.

The Five Stages of Grief
Part 1

Tuesday February 16th

Today is the day that O’Malley and Darcy have been waiting a month and a half for. Well, one of the days. Given the fact that they were granted full custody of Owen recently and he was now living with them where he should be, this is the second day they’ve been looking forward to. Ever since Darcy had revealed the news to O’Malley that she was pregnant, they simply couldn’t wait to find out if they were giving Owen a baby brother or sister.

They were tempted to wait until the baby was born to find out the gender, but coupled with their own excitement was Owen’s as well. He didn’t seem to care either way, but he begged them to find out. And far be it from them to turn him down for anything he asked for right now. So today is finally the day of her twenty week ultrasound where they will hopefully find out what they are having. Of course, there’s always the slight possibility that the baby would refuse to cooperate, but they were hoping that wouldn't be the case.

They had arrived at the doctor’s office with plenty of time to spare before their appointment, but as can be the case with any OB visits, their appointment is now running behind while they wait for Darcy’s doctor. O’Malley’s leg is bouncing up and down as he looks around the waiting room. Darcy is flipping through a magazine trying to ignore her husband’s anxious behavior, but it becomes too much and she has to say something.

Darcy: Sweetie, would you please stop bouncing your leg like that? It’s driving me crazy.

O’Malley: Oh. Sorry, love. I didn’t realize I was doin’ that.

His leg finally goes still and Darcy cracks a smile. She glances at him from the corner of her eye and shakes her head.

Darcy: It’s a wonder how that is even possible. Why are you so anxious?

O’Malley: I can’t help it. I’ve never been to one of these appointments. Ye know I never had the chance before Owen was born. I dunno what to expect.

Darcy chuckles. She closes the magazine and returns it to the pile on the table next to her before turning to face O’Malley.

Darcy: They are fairly simple appointments. It’s nothing too invasive or that is going to cause me or the baby any harm. So just relax.

She takes his hand in hers and gives it a squeeze. He smiles and takes in a deep breath and then moves his other hand to her belly, which had a slight baby bump just beginning to form.

O’Malley: Still haven’t felt any kicks yet?

Darcy shakes her head, and for a moment she looks slightly concerned but shrugs it off.

Darcy: Not that I can tell, no. But I’ve heard that some women don’t feel anything until after twenty weeks, so I’d imagine I’ll feel something soon. Maybe placing your hand on my belly will entice the baby a bit to get kicking.

A strange look crosses O’Malley’s face, but before he has a chance to question anything, the door leading to the back examination rooms opens and a nurse appears with a chart in her hand.

Nurse: Darcy O’Malley?

At the sound of her name, she and O’Malley stand up and follow the nurse to the exam room. The nurse hands her a gown to change into and informs them the ultrasound tech will be in shortly, and the doctor shortly there after. They remain relatively quiet as Darcy changes into the gown then gets on to the exam table, pulling the drape over her legs. She looks to O’Malley and laughs when notices his leg is bouncing up and down again.

Darcy: O’Malley…

He looks up at her and her tilted head before looking down to his anxiously bouncing leg. He immediately stops and when he’s about to speak again, the door opens and the ultrasound tech, a strawberry blonde woman in her thirties, walks through the door.

Tech: Darcy? My name is Sarah and I’m going to perform your ultrasound today. Is this your first pregnancy?

Darcy: Technically, no. But I miscarried my first pregnancy about six years ago before I even had my first appointment.

Darcy leans back on the exam table as Sarah the tech prepares the equipment. Unsure of what else to do, O’Malley stays seated and just watches.

Tech: I’m very sorry to hear that. Your chart says you’re twenty weeks which is great. Anything concerns you have so far?

Darcy: I don’t think so. It seems to be advancing pretty well.

O’Malley: We haven’t felt the baby kick yet, though. Don’t other women feel movement sooner?

Tech: They can, yes. But each pregnancy is different. Once I do the ultrasound, the doctor will review everything and have a better idea. Alright, are you ready?

Darcy turns her head and looks at O’Malley. They each nod and Darcy smiles before turning back to face the tech as well as the ultrasound monitor. The tech squeezes some gel onto Darcy’s belly then places the ultrasound probe just over it. Everything goes quiet as she moves it around and they can see a clear image of the baby on the monitor. Darcy and O’Malley smile as they look at the image of their child, but what they don’t see is the now blank expression on the tech’s face. She moves the probe around a little more and then pulls it away, setting it down on a tray next to the monitor. Her silence immediately bothers O’Malley.

O’Malley: that it? Why are ye so quiet?

Darcy: Relax, sweetie. Let the woman do her job.

Tech: As I said earlier, I perform the ultrasound and then the doctor will come in to review everything and speak to you. He should be a few minutes.

She offers them a polite smile then turns and heads out of the room. O’Malley stands up and finally moves to Darcy’s side, still clearly bothered by how everything has gone so far. But he does his best to shake it off.

Darcy: I know this whole process is new to you. This stage of the pregnancy is even newer to me, too, but you have to relax. You’re really starting to make me anxious and I don’t need that right now.

O’Malley: Sorry, love. It just seems strange how that all went. Ye’d think she’d be able to say something.

Darcy: She’s just a technician. She’s not supposed to actually reveal any results or anything.

O’Malley scratches his head and does his best to believe her. Just as he is about to say something in response, the door opens again and the doctor walks in. He’s a middle aged gentleman with distinguished salt and pepper hair.

Doctor: Lovely to see you again, Darcy. I assume this is your husband?

O’Malley: Husband and father of the little one she’s carrying. Nice to meet ye, doc.

Darcy: You’ll have to forgive him in advance, Dr. Monroe. He was a little baffled that Sarah didn’t say anything a few minutes ago.

Dr. Monroe smiles and grabs the ultrasound probe. He squeezes a little bit more of the gel onto Darcy’s belly.

Dr. Monroe: Expectant fathers usually are. But let’s take a look at everything.

All eyes turn to the monitor as once again they are given a clear view of the baby. Dr. Monroe moves the probe around much in the same manner that the tech had done and this time, O’Malley looks at him and notices the look on his face.

O’Malley: What? What is it?

Darcy now looks towards Dr. Monroe, also noticing his expression. Dr. Monroe sighs but keeps his eyes focused on the monitor.

Dr. Monroe: Darcy, you said you hadn’t felt any movement from the baby yet, correct?

Darcy: No. Not yet, but Sarah said it wasn’t too concerning. Is something wrong?

Dr. Monroe: I’m afraid so. We both have studied every angle we could, but there’s no heartbeat. I’m very sorry.

Darcy and O’Malley quickly look at one another and then look to the monitor. O’Malley’s jaw drops and Darcy just stares, hoping to see something the doctor didn’t.

Darcy: What? Are...are you sure?

O’Malley: There’s gotta be some sort of mistake. Look again. Ye’ll find it. Ye have to find it.

Dr. Monroe puts the probe back down on the tray and shakes his head. Darcy is quickly becoming distraught as O’Malley shakes his head and Dr. Monroe looks at the both of them.

Dr. Monroe: I’m very sorry, Mr. O’Malley. But we’ve looked. Your baby has died. Due to the stage of pregnancy, we’ll need to schedule an induction for tomorrow to deliver—

O’Malley: Deliver?! Ye said the baby died! Why the—

Darcy squeezes his hand and he looks down at her. She shakes her head with tears in her eyes and just weeps and all O’Malley can do is lean down and comfort her as best he can. But it doesn’t feel like enough, as the confusion over the entire situation has his head spinning. None of it makes sense..

The Following Day…

The past twenty-four hours have been anything but easy on O’Malley and Darcy. What should have been a happy time in their lives has now turned to heartbreak as they are dealing with the loss of their unborn child. They had hoped to find out the gender, but ultimately found out the baby had no heartbeat and had died. And what made matters worse, at least for O’Malley, was that this wasn’t a situation where Darcy’s body would just lose the pregnancy naturally any longer. She was past that point and now had to go through labor and delivery.

Before leaving for the hospital, they had taken Owen to his grandparents for the next couple of days. He was curious as to what was going on, but they weren’t prepared to try and explain the situation just yet, so they put it off for a little while. Darcy would only be in the hospital overnight at least so they had some time to figure it out.

As for right now, they are currently in the process of waiting for the labor to progress. Darcy had been admitted and prepared and the medications were now being given through and IV to get the labor going. Darcy was anxious to get it over with, but judging by the look on O’Malley’s face, his mind was off in its own world. After a long silence, Darcy turns her attention to him.

Darcy: I can’t stand this silence anymore. Say something, please.

He quickly shakes his head and looks at her. Thankfully, she doesn’t look too uncomfortable yet.~/i>

O’Malley: None of this makes sense, Darc. They shouldn’t be inducin’ ye like this.

Darcy: It’s not supposed to make sense. Dr. Monroe said that this happens sometimes and they don’t have an answer for it. Our baby died and we’ll honestly never know why.

He shakes his head, stands up and walks over to her bedside. He places a hand on her belly, and continues shaking his head.

O’Malley: We need to get a second opinion. Our baby...she’s not dead, Darc. They need to stop yer labor.

Darcy: Please, stop. We’re not getting a second opinion because we don’t need to. I know I wanted to have a baby, but this just wasn’t meant to be. She’s gone, O’Malley. Our daughter is gone.

She sniffles and tears roll down her cheek. As difficult a situation as this is for her to face, she’s clearly doing a much better job at handling it than O’Malley. He refuses to take his hand away from her belly as he leans down and buries his head into her chest and sobs. She places her hand on his head and consoles him as best as she can.

Darcy: We’ll try again. It’ll take time, but we’ll give Owen a brother or sister. We’ll get through this…

He can’t even hear the words. He just weeps and fights through the denial in his mind.

One Week Ago

It’s been a whole month now since the loss of O’Malley and Darcy’s unborn daughter. And they were doing the best that they could to move on from their tragedy and heartache. What made it easier, perhaps, was the fact that they had Owen to think about, and he has truly been the light in such a dark time for their family. Even though he was only going on six years old, he had managed to comfort them more than they thought possible.

After they had returned home from the hospital and O’Malley had picked Owen up from his grandparents’ house, then came the difficult task of breaking the news to Owen. He had been so excited about becoming a big brother, O’Malley just couldn’t figure out how to tell him what had happened. Amazingly though, Darcy knew just what to say and although Owen was sad and even slightly confused on the situation, he was familiar with loss and understood it to a degree. What shocked O’Malley was when his son had promised them that his mother would look after his baby sister in heaven, even if she was not the baby’s mother.

Those words have stuck with O’Malley since Owen had spoken them. As comforting as they should be, it had sent him down a path he hadn’t been in in quite some time. He could no longer deny that his daughter was gone; never given a chance at a life on earth. But his denial had quickly transitioned to anger that day. And not at Owen. Never at him. No, he was angry at the entire situation, and at the world. It simply wasn’t fair.

Everything was setting him off after that. People could see it on the episodes of Climax Control in the weeks following. But nobody, except Christian Underwood, knew why, because O’Malley couldn’t get himself to tell anyone what was going on in his personal life. Not now, anyway. He had been working so hard to get a World Heavyweight Championship shot against Kris Ryans, before he lost to Jack Washington of course, and he didn’t want those who hated him to use this against him. As awful as that sounds, he knew there would be those who would.

He needed to let off some steam. And right now, leading into the most important one-on-one match of his career, the only way he knew how was to train as much and as hard as possible. If anyone had questioned his aggression, he had the perfect excuse to use. He wouldn’t allow himself to fail again. Not this time. Not against Jack Washington.

Gabriel currently has him sparring in the ring against a fighter much like Jack’s build and fighting style. The younger fighter is giving O’Malley a run for his money, but as he starts to get O’Malley backed into a corner, refusing to let up, O’Malley’s blood starts to boil. And he has had enough. He quickly gets in one good shot against his opponent, enough to send him stumbling back and giving O’Malley the chance to take control. But what O’Malley does is completely lose it.

He grabs the kid by his head, spins him around and throws him into the corner turnbuckles. He begins unleashed a fury of powerful strikes and knee kicks and when the kid gets his hands up, signalling for a break, O’Malley refuses. He just keeps hitting him over and over, and harder and harder. He’s lost all control and Gabriel has to intervene.

Gabriel: O’Malley! He signalled for a break! Back off!

But O’Malley doesn’t respond. It’s like he hasn’t even heard Gabriel. Gabriel tries again, but O’Malley is just going nuts, and finally Gabriel and one of the others had to jump into the ring to pull O’Malley away. O’Malley lets out a furious growl, but his young opponent quickly darts through the ropes and Gabriel holds him back.

Gabriel: What the hell is wrong with you?! You were told to back off!

O’Malley: Oh c’mon! I wasn’t goin’ that hard on him!

Gabriel: It doesn’t matter if you think that. He put up the signal and I told you to back off. What is going on with you lately?

O’Malley doesn’t answer. He can’t. He just drops down to the mat and takes in a few deep breaths. Gabriel knows there is more going on than O’Malley is willing to tell, but he has to get to the bottom of it. If O’Malley wants to stand a chance at becoming the World Heavyweight Champion, he needs to work through whatever is going on.

Gabriel: Alright, everyone else go take a break. O’Malley you stay here. We’re gonna have a little chat.

O’Malley: Gabriel, I’m—

Gabriel: Don’t say you’re fine, because you’re not. Take a breather and once everyone clears out, we’re gonna talk.

O’Malley sighs but he stays put right where he is and does as he is told. It takes several moments but everyone else clears out of the training center and heads outside for some fresh air. Once everyone is out, Gabriel turns back around to face O’Malley. He folds his arms and leans back into the corner.

Gabriel: Alright, I haven’t said anything up until now, because I didn’t think much of it, but something is clearly going on.

O’Malley: Nothing is going on. I just let me determination get the best of me is all. Ye know how bad I want to win this.

Gabriel nods for a moment but he takes a step forward and drops his hands.

Gabriel: Yeah, I do. And I want you to win this one just as much, but doing stuff like you just did won’t do you any favors. All it will do is end up getting you disqualified and Jack keeps that belt. Trust me when I say that’s not something you want to deal with the fallout from.

O’Malley: I’m not gonna get disqualified. I’m not that stupid to do somethin’ like that in a match like this. I just got carried away.

Gabriel shakes his head as he stares down at O’Malley. O’Malley is trying so hard to keep it together, and no matter how much he denies it or tries to hide it, Gabriel can see right through it.

Gabriel: Seriously. What is it? Are you and Darcy fighting again or something? Is this about Owen?

O’Malley closes his eyes and shakes his head.

O’Malley: No, we’re not fightin’ again and this isn’t about Owen. This is about life constantly throwin’ shite at the both of us and me tryna figure out why.

Gabriel: Ok. You’ve lost me. Care to elaborate?

Gabriel raises an eyebrow and O’Malley looks up at him. He’a still fighting it, because he knew the kind of attention he would start getting from people.

Gabriel: If you don’t get it off your chest and talk about it, it’s only going to keep festering. You need to work—

O’Malley: Darcy lost the baby. A little girl. Our daughter.

He just blurted it out and felt the emotions building up yet again. Gabriel’s jaw nearly hit the floor and he took a step back, completely shocked at the news. And not only shocked, but heartbroken for him.

Gabriel: Damn. I…I don’t even know what to say.

O’Malley: Ye and me both, Gabriel. The past few weeks have been pure hell. At least for me.

Gabriel: Well now I know why. Why didn’t you take time off when all of this happened? No one would have blamed you.

O’Malley lets out a frustrated laugh and shakes his head.

O’Malley: I need to fight. And Darcy told me to keep fighting. Would ye believe she’s been stronger during all of this than I have? And she’s been amazing with Owen. All while I’m goin’ day to day pissed off at the world and questioning why this shite happened.

Gabriel: I honestly can’t even imagine being in your shoes right now, O’Malley. There’s no words. Which is why now I’m thinking this match is not a good idea. Even if Darcy told you to keep going, you need to grieve.

O’Malley looks up at Gabriel and again shakes his head. As rough as things are right now, he can’t walk away from this match. He needs to probe that even in the worst of times, he can rise above it all.

O’Malley: It’s too late to walk away from this match, Gabriel. And trust me, as fecked up as things are right now, when it all comes down to it, I’ll walk away as the new champ. I’m not gonna lose another match. I’m not gonna lose anything else right now.

Gabriel: I’m gonna be honest with ya, I’m not sure this is a good idea. You’re in a vulnerable place right now and if Jack Washington finds out about this, he might very well rip you apart.

O’Malley: Let him. It’ll just make him look like a dick anyway.

Gabriel shakes his head.

Gabriel: I don’t think you understand what I meant. I meant that if he finds out that you’re pushing forward with this instead of being at home with your wife and son at a time like this, he’ll use that against you. A lot of people might. It’s ultimately your decision, but you’ve gotta think about this.

O’Malley finally jumps back to his feet, gathering himself and taking in a few deep breaths.

O’Malley: Let them. The fact is that it’s no one’s business anyway. I’m dealing with this in me own way in me own time. I don’t give a shite what anyone thinks.

Gabriel: Well clearly there is no changing your mind. You know O and I will always have your back and if you and Darcy need anything, you let us know. As for right now, you’re done for the day. And actually, the rest of the week.

O’Malley’s eyes widen and he shakes his head.

O’Malley: What? Ye can’t be serious. I can’t take the rest of the week off. I need to be ready…

Gabriel: And you will be. You have all of next week to get ready before Blaze of Glory. We’ll figure out a game plan next week. No arguments. Go spend time with your family.

O’Malley gives Gabriel a pleading look, but Gabriel does not budge. He knows O’Malley needs a break, and while it should be longer under the circumstances, the rest of the week would have to do for now. O’Malley finally nods with a reluctant sigh.

O’Malley: Alright. Fine. Maybe yer right.

Gabriel: Of course I’m right. Now go take a shower and get out of here. And let Darcy know O and I will be thinking about her.

O’Malley: I will. But do me a favor. Don’t tell anyone else but Odette. I’ll let everyone else know when I’m ready.

Gabriel nods.

Gabriel: Of course. It’s not my business to tell.

O’Malley: Thanks.

O’Malley lets out one final sigh before he walks past Gabriel and exits the ring. He grabs his personal towel from off the bench before making his way to the men’s locker room to take a hot shower and then leave. While he was still angry over his grief, he now somehow felt better, if only for the moment. He would take the rest of the week as Gabriel suggested and prayed that he would somehow find clarity in all of this.

Prayed...that gave him an idea, and he knew what he had to do next. Where he had to go…

O’Malley has taken a few days and tried to take Gabriel’s advice. He returned home after his training session and spent time with Darcy and Owen, trying to keep his mind off of what they lost. There were times where he felt like it was working and that his anger just might ease up and he’ll make it through this, but all it took was him walking past what would have been his daughter’s nursery. The door was open just enough and he couldn’t avoid looking inside at the work he and Darcy had already begun in putting it together. And the anger started to build all over again.

It was at that moment that he knew he had to go to the place he thought of the other day. He had taken some time to think it over before committing to that decision but it had to be done. So he found a moment to step out of the house and make the drive. Owen was taking a nap, and O’Malley had told Darcy to take the opportunity to rest as well and he would be back by the time they were awake. She was curious as to where he was going, but chose not to question him given how hard she knew he was taking this latest loss.

He had been here once before. Several months ago, in fact. Inspiration had hit before his match against Brother David that led him to the Guardian Angel Cathedral then. He hadn’t returned since, but maybe now was the time to do so, he thought. He’d never been overly religious, but under the circumstances, maybe everything going on was a sign that this was what he needed.

He didn’t know for sure, but he had to give it a shot. Anything to help. Anything to try and dull the constant growing roar in the pit of his stomach that was quickly leading to him crashing and burning. After making the drive to the cathedral, he slowly walked inside, trying to calm his nerves before walking through the doors. His ever changing emotions were making him dizzy recently, and he closes his eyes as he steps through the door.

It was quiet, and the energy felt much like it had before. It was strange at first, but as he walked up the aisle, he felt like he made the right choice. Like this was exactly where he needed to be right now. He passed the confessional booth, because there was nothing he felt he needed to confess at the moment, so he made his way closer to the front of the cathedral and took a seat in the second row of pews.

It was strange being in this place all alone, but the quiet gave him time to reflect. He looked up at the statue of Jesus on the Cross hanging on the wall and just...stared at it. He studied it and waited for what seemed like an eternity for some sort of sign, or some kind of message. He finally closed his eyes and slowed his breathing as he sat in silence.

Until he heard the door open.

He tried not to let it distract him. It could be anyone walking through those doors, visiting the church for similar reasons he was. But the footsteps were getting closer, and whoever was there was walking up the aisle much like he had. They came to a stop near him, and O’Malley quietly hoped whoever it was would go away and leave him in peace.

Alistair: Fancy finding you here, Shane. I never knew you were the type to visit a church like this.

O’Malley’s eyes quickly shot open when his brother spoke to him. He turned his head and looked at him, cracking an amused smile and laughing. Of course he was here. What a coincidence that Alistair would be in the same church he was at this moment.

O’Malley: Of course. Of course yer here. I dunno how ye found me, but—

Alistair: Whoa, hold on a second. I had no idea you were here when I walked through those doors. I didn’t even come here looking for you, if I’m honest.

Alistair takes it upon himself to sit next to his brother without even being asked. O’Malley scoots over just a bit, putting some space between them and he stares at Alistair with a raised eyebrow.

O’Malley: Ye expect me to believe that? Shouldn’t yer skin be burning or something in here. Are ye even allowed in his church?

Alistair chuckles.

Alistair: What do you take me for? The devil? You’ll be happy to know my skin is not burning, and I’ve been here before. I was coming here for my confession, but when I saw you sitting up here all alone, something told me you needed some company.

O’Malley now laughs. He’s fairly sure they shouldn’t be talking in the church, but given there was no one else around, he saw no harm in it. But he still chose to keep his voice hushed if only out of respect.

O’Malley: Must be a long list of sins to confess. The priest must have a field day with what ye confess.

Alistair: I know I don’t exactly lead an orthodox lifestyle, Shane. I enjoy the company of both men and women, as well as various other so called sins. You might not have pegged me for the type of man to step foot in a church, but to each their own, right?

O’Malley: I suppose. I just find it...unusual. But what ye do with yer time is not my business anyway.

Alistair grins and looks forward. He folds his arms and he, too, studies Jesus on the Cross.

Alistair: Now isn’t exactly the time to talk about me, or my lifestyle, Shane. I wasn’t expecting you to be here, and considering you look like absolute hell, I’d say there is a very good reason for you being here.

O’Malley: No offense, but I don’t really want to sit here and talk about it. I was enjoying the silence before ye got here anyway.

Alistair: I thought we were past the hostility towards me? At least...I hoped we would be given I helped you get your son back.

O’Malley wanted to be angry at Alistair just then, but something stopped him. As quickly as the anger came, it disappeared just as fast but he still stared at Alistair curiously.

O’Malley: Ye know, I’ve been meaning to ask ye about that. What did ye say to him?

Alistair: That isn’t why you’re here, so quit avoiding. I know you haven’t been my biggest fan since we reunited, but I’m not so terrible that I can’t see when something is going on. You can talk to me. If not, I could always give Darcy a call…

That was enough to get a reaction from O’Malley. He narrowed his eyes quickly before turning his head away and letting himself calm down once again.

O’Malley: Just leave Darcy alone right now. She might be dealing with this better than I am, but—

Alistair: Dealing with what, exactly? Is Owen not taking to her?

O’Malley laughs and shakes his head.

O’Malley: Of course that is the first thought that crossed your mind, but no that’s not it. Owen has been great, and the two of them together have been wonderful.

Alistair: Then what is the problem?

O’Malley: I guess people are gonna have to find out sooner rather than later. I can’t put off the inevitable anymore. She lost the baby, Alistair. That’s why I’m here. Because the anger has been too much recently and I thought I’d find some answers here.

Much like Gabriel had, Alistair goes speechless. O’Malley looks forward again, still feeling at ease in the church, even though he had now told another person about his and Darcy’s loss. And not just any person, but his brother.

Alistair: I’m sorry to hear that, Shane.

O’Malley: I didn’t tell Gabriel this, but ye want to know what Owen said when we told him? Well...when Darcy told him, because I was a complete mess and didn’t know what the hell to say.

Alistair just looked at him, waiting for an answer without even speaking a word.

O’Malley: He said that Misty would take care of the baby in Heaven, even though she’s not her mommy. Seriously. My five and a half year old son had comforting words for us...How messed up is that?

Alistair: Sounds like an amazing kid. How did Darcy react to that?

O’Malley: Some people wouldn’t believe me if I told them but she actually told Owen she was hoping for exactly that. And that she wouldn’t trust anyone else to watch over our baby girl. How did I get so lucky to have a wife and son as amazing as them?

Alistair smiles and then pats O’Malley on the back.

Alistair: That’s the spirit, Shane. I’d say being here has helped you out, then?

O’Malley doesn’t respond. At least not right away. He closes his eyes, takes in a few slow breaths and then nods.

O’Malley: Ye know, I think it has.

Alistair: Good. Now, I think what ye need next is a drink. Alcoholic or non. Your choice, but it’s on me. What do you say? We can talk about anything at all you want or need to talk about.

O’Malley turns and looks at Alistair. Before today, he would have quickly shot down Alistair and refused to spend even another second with him. But he needed this. Alistair was family after all, and he needed to lean on family now more than ever, so something was telling him to accept his brother’s offer.

O’Malley: Alright. Ye’ve got a deal. I just need to call Darcy and let her know so she doesn’t worry.

Alistair: Fantastic.

The two then stand up and leave the pew. As they are walking back down the aisle and heading out of the church, a group of nuns is walking inside. One in particular, the youngest and perhaps newest member of the group, spots Alistair and stops in her tracks. She drops the bible in her hands and an audible thud echoes throughout the church. She hurries to pick it up, avoiding eye contact with Alistair as he and O'Malley pass her on their way out.

O’Malley: Oh for the love of...A nun, Alistair?! REALLY?!

Alistair: Oh if only you knew, Shane. If only you knew.

O’Malley: I don’t want to know. I really don’t.

Alistair chuckles some more as the two finally make their way out of the church and to their cars. They plan out a meeting spot, agreeing they’d meet each other there to continue their chat, before each gets into their cars and heads on their way.

Grief. The one part of life that no one wants to experience, but ultimately we all do at some point or another. Usually, grief is our response to the loss of someone close to us in our lives. Someone we had formed a bond with either throughout the span of years, or even a short amount of time. A family member. A friend. Hell even a beloved family member. We all grieve. I’m no stranger to that.

I’ve experienced more loss in recent years than perhaps anyone else watching can say they have. The amount of tears I’ve shed over the losses I’ve been dealt is immeasurable. But we all rate our grief on a different scale no matter what the circumstance is. Am I right? I can sit here and say that because I lost a wife and a child in the last six years that I know more about grief than anyone else, but who would I be to say that? What gives me the right?

We go through different stages, don’t we? When we lose someone we love that meant so much to us, we go through so many different emotions and it’s all a part of the process. Denial. Anger. Bargaining. Depression. Acceptance. There’s probably more, but those are the main ones. Ye know what I’m talkin’ about, Jack. Don’t ye? Ye’ve gone through yer own grieving process recently, and while we’re goin’ up against each other on Sunday at Blaze of Glory, I’m here to help ye.

Ye see, ye might not have lost someone that meant so much to ye, but ye’ve definitely lost something that did. And that something is the thing ye just won back a few weeks ago. The World Heavyweight Championship. Ye see, grief doesn’t just happen over the loss of a person. It can be anything. Anything at all. Even an inanimate object like a title belt. I didn’t realize it before, but after thinkin’ back on the past few months that Kris Ryans held the title, it became clearer and clearer.

First there was yer denial, Jack. It was probably the quickest phase, but it was there. Ye couldn’t believe that Kris actually defeated ye and took what ye thought was yer’s. It had to be a mistake, because ye were better than Kris and there was just no way that he could beat ye and become the new champion. Ye might not have spoken the words, but the look on yer face said enough. Ye just couldn’t believe that your time as champion was up. I get it, Jack. I really do.

And then...there was anger. Not at yerself, though. That anger shot out of ye and was directed at anyone ye could think of to blame fer losing the title. Mainly, that person was me. And yer still angry with me. Ye think that my involvement cost ye the title, even though Kris won fair and square. Ye were disqualified. I never laid a hand on ye, but the anger part of yer grief told ye it was me fault. Again, I understand. I don’t blame ye, Jack. The World Heavyweight Championship was a shining light in yer otherwise quiet life. Losing it wasn’t part of yer plan. Ye simply weren’t ready fer it.

Anger is probably the stage that lasts the longest. Trust me, I know all too well. And it comes in waves. Actually, now that I think about it, all the stages do. But the can be the most dangerous. Think about it, Jack. And as much as I’m willin’ to take the blame if that’s what ye really want, ye need to take a long look in the mirror and realize ye need to be angry with yerself.

Bargaining. Now there’s a phase that takes a lot out of ye. Ye were no longer denyin’ that ye lost the title, Jack. Ye knew it was gone and while yer anger was gone fer a moment, ye were beggin’ fer it to not be real. Ye were pleadin’ with whatever higher power ye look to fer it all to have been just a terrible nightmare that ye’ll wake up from. Almost like denial now that I think of it, but not quite the same. And perhaps in yer case, ye were beggin’ fer it to return to ye. To get back what ye lost. And ye made it a mission to do just that, right? I certainly would have.

But then came the depression. I’m sure ye won’t admit to goin’ through a depression, but deep down, I know ye did. Why else would ye have disappeared from SCW fer the time that ye did? Why else not say a word on social media and show the attitude ye’ve always had? So ye lost it. Big deal. It didn’t mean ye’d never get it back, obviously. That...that was the depression, Jack. The loss was just too much to handle at the time. The one thing that meant the most to ye, it was now gone. Of course ye’d fall into a dark place and mourn the loss of somethin’ so important to ye. There’s no shame in it, Jack. Really.

Like anger, depression can last a while. It can also be a dangerous phase to be in, Jack. Because if we don’t snap out of it, it can destroy us completely. It can be the hardest to overcome, but ye did it, Jack. Ye fought through it and finally moved on to beacon of hope in grief. Acceptance.

When we finally accept our loss, Jack, only then can we move on with our lives instead of dwelling on what could have been. What should have been. What we lost. That’s what ye did, Jack. Ye were stuck in such a dark place over losing what ye thought was what made ye who ye are or what made ye so great that ye started to lose yerself, Jack. But kudos to ye fer snappin’ out of it a lot quicker than I expected ye to. Ye got over the hurdles and accepted that it was gone, then set yer mind to gettin’ it back. Because at least with a title ye can get it back. It wasn’t as if ye lost a human being that once they’re gone, they ain’t ever comin’ back.

But I hate to break it to ye, Jack. Despite doin’ what ye set yer mind out to do and becomin’ a two time World Heavyweight champ, that accomplishment is gonna be very short lived, because on Sunday, I plan on takin’ me place at the top of the SCW mountain and bein’ what no one thinks I’ll ever do, or even thinks I deserve at all. Yer second reign is only as a placeholder, because me time as World Heavyweight Champion is quickly approaching, and there isn’t a damn thing ye can do about it.

I didn’t want to face ye, Jack. Maybe months ago I did, but this was supposed to be my chance at Kris Ryans. This was supposed to be when I finally got me hands on him one-on-one and proved that when I pinned him at Inception, it definitely counted. And if it was only a one pinfall match, well...he woulda lost that title a lot sooner. Don’t try and deny that, Jack, because it’s just a fact. And ye wanna know what else is a fact? That night...I was better than ye. And that is always gonna eat ye up inside.

But don’t worry, Jack. Losin’ one title doesn’t mean yer time is over. There are two other singles titles ye can go after, and maybe if ye find yerself a decent Bombshell to team with there’s always those mixed tag belts. Ye can still have your place in SCW greatness. Just not at the top. Ye’ll have to accept it bein’ beneath me, because I’m not acceptin’ another loss on Sunday. Victory is solely on me mind.

Just like ye before winnin’ the title back, Jack, I’ve had enough of losin’. At least the losses that I can prevent, and the losses in the ring? Those I can absolutely prevent so I’m doin’ everythin’ in me power to stay on the winnin’ track. Ye might not like it or even believe it, but I’ll make a believer out of ye on Sunday. Just like I’m gonna make believers out of everyone and anyone who doubts me now or has ever doubted me.

It’s me time, Jack. It’s me moment to shine, and the fight yer gonna experience from me will be like nothin’ ye’ve ever seen, Jack. And just know that when the final bell rings after all is said and done...the referee will be raisin’ me hand, Jack. And that title will be handed over to be as yer walkin’ backstage defeated again.

I hope yer ready to go through that grieving process all over again, Jack, because after Blaze of Glory it all begins again. At least I’m givin’ ye a fair warning, though.

See ye Sunday, fella! Oh, and shine up that belt fer me, will ye?


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Monday February 8th
Father and Son Reunited At Last

It has been almost a full week since the judge granted O’Malley full custody of his son, Owen. He had given Owen’s grandparents one week to turn Owen back over to his father, and while the deadline for that is twenty-four hours away, Colleen and Andrew Waters had decided they would do so today. Despite the judge’s decision, even after their own actions being the deciding factor, they were still against giving custody back to O’Malley. But O’Malley and Darcy were more excited than anything.

The closer they get to the Waters’ house, the more anxious O’Malley gets. He grips the steering wheel with his left hand, while he keeps his right hand planted on the gearshift and Darcy’s hand rests on top of it. She turns and looks to him, gently squeezing his hand in the process.

Darcy: Babe, I know you’re nervous about how this is going to go, but relax. This is the day we’ve been waiting for, right?

O’Malley: I know it is, Darc, they’re still Owen’s grandparents. I don’t want there to be any drama today. I just want things to go smoothly fer Owen’s sake.

Darcy nods and looks ahead as O’Malley turns onto the street that the Waters’ live on. She smiles, knowing they’re just minutes away from finally getting Owen back.

Darcy: Well hopefully they wouldn’t make the mistake of causing a scene after everything they did to try and keep him from you. Everything will be fine. Trust me.

O’Malley: Ye know, I still haven’t figured out what Alistair said to the judge. I know what Misty’s parents did was wrong, but somethin’ tells me that what Alistair said was the decidin’ factor.

They finally pull up just outside the Waters’ home, and O’Malley puts the car in park. O’Malley looks at the front window and sees Owen staring through the curtain. He quickly disappears and before he and Darcy get out of the car, O’Malley looks at his wife and takes in a deep breath.

Darcy: Ready for this?

O’Malley: More ready than I’ve ever been, love.

They both then step out of their car just as the front door to the house opens. Colleen walks out with a couple of bags with Owen’s clothes and a few of his belongings. Andrew is behind her and he has a hold of Owen’s hand. Of the two, he looks more distraught. Darcy looks to Owen and waves at him.

Colleen: This is most of his clothes and a few of his favorite toys. I hope you don’t mind us keeping everything else.

She hands the bags over to O’Malley and he nods.

O’Malley: That’s fine. We’ve got plenty at home fer him anyway.

Owen: Am I not gonna see Grandma and Grandpa again?

Silence. Dead silence is what follows as Owen asks such a heartbreaking question and all eyes focus on him. Andrew reaches down and lifts Owen into his arms, hugging his grandson tight. Colleen rubs Owen’s back and O’Malley has to put that thought out of Owen’s mind quickly.

O’Malley: Of course yer gonna see them again, kiddo. Yer just not gonna live with them. It’s gonna be an adjustment fer all of us though, ain’t it?

Owen sniffles and nods his head slowly. O’Malley then looks to Colleen before addressing her.

O’Malley: Do ye mind if we talk in private fer a second?

Colleen: There’s really nothing to—

O’Malley: Please…

O’Malley does his best to be genuine and civil with his former mother-in-law. She thinks for a moment, looks to Andrew and then shrugs. She and O’Malley then step several feet away to talk in private, though it’s clear she wants no part of it.

O’Malley: Look, I know this ain’t easy fer the both of ye. And I’m sorry, but I want ye to know that I’m not gonna keep Owen from seeing any of ye. Misty never would have wanted that.

Colleen: What gives you the right to say anything about Misty or what she would have wanted? Do you think she would have wanted her son to live with that witch you married?

Colleen shakes her head.

Colleen: No, she wouldn’t. Let me make something clear. This was more about protecting Owen from her than from you, O’Malley. And I’m telling you, if he gets hurt in any way shape or form because of something she says or does? Well, I think you get where I’m going with this.

O’Malley: Ye don’t need to protect him from Darcy. I know at first ye saw her say some terrible things about Misty, but we’re past all that. Ye know the impact that Misty had on everyone. All Darcy wants is to not be judged because she’s been through a hell of a lot over the years because of my relationship with Misty. But I know nothin’ I say will change yer opinion of her.

Colleen rolls her eyes and looks back to Owen and her husband.

Colleen: You’re right. It won’t. I’ll never understand why my daughter had to be the one to die and not…

She stops herself before finishing that sentence and she can’t even look at O’Malley. She doesn’t need to, though, because he already knows what she was going to say.

O’Malley: And not me, right? That’s what ye were gonna say?

He gets no response and just slowly nods.

O’Malley: I ask meself that same question all the time, honestly. I made far too many mistakes in me life to still be around and not Misty, but we can all go over the what ifs or the whys until we’re blue in the face and it won’t change a thing. The fact is we all need to make this work fer Owen. And I’m willin’ to do that, but I need ye and yer husband to do the same.

Colleen is trying hard to not look at O’Malley. But when Darcy looks towards them, she looks away from her and instead back to O’Malley. She studies his face and he has a pleading look in his eyes.

O’Malley: We can set up some sort of visiting arrangement. I’d never keep Owen from his family. I promise ye that.

Collen: My husband is stubborn, you understand that?

O’Malley nods.

O’Malley: I do.

Colleen: He and Owen...they have a very special bond and this is tearing him apart. It’s tearing me apart, too.

O’Malley: This isn’t easy fer any of us, ye know. It’s a situation none of us saw ourselves ever havin’ to be in, but we need to make the best of it, ye know?

They both turn their focus to Owen, who is now happier than he was earlier. He’s taken a few steps towards Darcy and is now talking to his stepmother. Colleen turns her attention back to O’Malley.

Colleen: He does seem happier to have you back in his life. I can admit that much. I hope you’ll keep to your word and allow us to see him. I may be wrong about you, O’Malley, but I still have my reservations about your wife.

O’Malley: I promise ye I won’t keep him from any of ye. With this pandemic still an issue, ye don’t need to worry about us travellin’ or anything, so we won’t be too far away. And as Darcy gets farther along in her pregnancy, that won’t be happenin’ anyway.

Colleen seems surprised to hear this as she looks towards Owen and Darcy. Owen now has his hand on her belly, which is a clear giveaway that she is expecting a child. Andrew glances to his wife and she shakes her head gently as of warning him not to say anything.

Colleen: She’s pregnant? Well, we had no idea. Owen loves kids. He’ll be excited to be a big brother.

O’Malley: Looks like he already is. We find out if it’s. Boy or girl next week so don’t be surprised if Owen wants to tell ye all the good news.

Colleen can’t help but let out a slight laugh as she nods. The tension between them finally eases and it’s the first time O’Malley feels like this is all starting to work out. They both give each other a reassuring nod before walking back over to Owen, Darcy and Andrew. O’Malley grabs Owen’s bags and looks at his son.

O’Malley: Alright, Owen. Ready to head home, kiddo? We’ll plan a visit with Grandma and Grandpa soon, ok?

Owen: You mean it?!

O’Malley nods.

O’Malley: Absolutely. Let’s get you home and settled in.

Owen smiles at first before he turns back to his grandparents. He gives them each a big hug before turning and taking Darcy’s hand. The walk to their car seems like almost an eternity for them all and Owen turns his head, then waves to his grandparents. Colleen seems to be much more at ease, but Andrew just turns around and disappears back inside. While O’Malley puts Owen’s bags in the trunk, Darcy helps him into his booster seat in the backseat, safely strapping him in before taking her place in the front passenger seat.

O’Malley gets into the driver’s seat and he and Darcy just smile at one another as Owen stares out the window. O’Malley squeezes Darcy’s hand, feeling that their family is finally complete now that they have custody of Owen. Or it will be once their child is born in just a few short months.He finally puts the car in drive as they make the short trip back home.

Sunday February 21st
Unaired Climax Control Footage
Why So Angry?!

The camera opens up just outside of Christian Underwood’s office for the night. The door is cracked open just a tiny bit, and voices can be heard from inside. Pussy Willow is just about to pass the door when she gets a bit curious and steps closer to the door. As she eavesdrops she can hear that along with the obvious voice of Christian Underwood, she hears O’Malley’s familiar Irish accent.

The focus shifts to just inside the office where O’Malley is seated in a chair opposite Christian Underwood. He seems to be in a rather unpleasant mood and normally Christian would generally not have much concern for this, but he has an almost sympathetic look on his face as he stares at O’Malley.

Christian: Under the circumstances, O’Malley, perhaps taking some time off would be a good idea.

O’Malley narrows his eyes quickly and shakes his head.

O’Malley: That ain’t a good idea at all, actually. It’s already been discussed and there will be no need to take any time off.

Christian: I beg to differ, and considering your attitude right now, you’re in no place to try and persuade me of otherwise.

O’Malley: So what are ye sayin’ then? Yer gonna force me to take time off them? And someone else is gonna get what I been workin’ towards?

Christian sighs and shakes his head.

Christian: It’s a tempting thought, but for now, I’ll hold off on doing that. I can always change my mind, remember.

O’Malley: I get it. But I’ll be fine. I just...I need to be here. I need to continue what I started, and that’s why I’m askin’ fer a match next week.

Christian laughs.

Christian: And let me guess. This is going to be a sneaky way to try and get a World Heavyweight Championship match against Kris Ryans?

O’Malley: Temptin’, but I know it wouldn’t work. Ye and I both know that’s my ultimate goal and I’m just waitin’ fer the day ye and Mark decide to make it happen. Fer now, I just want another match to prove meself.

Christian leans back in his chair and thinks for a moment. O’Malley stares at him almost expecting him not to do it.

Christian: Alright. Fine. I think that should be doable.

O’Malley: Great. Who ye givin’ me?

Christian: In some cases I could come up with an opponent off the top of my head, but with the Blast From the Past tournament going on, that makes it a tad difficult.’ll just have to find out when everyone else does.

O’Malley rolls his eyes and quickly stands up, annoyed.

Christian: And here comes the temper tantrum. If you so much as shout one complaint, I won’t hesitate to force you into that time off, O’Malley. Are we clear?

O’Malley sighs but he nods his head.

O’Malley: Crystal. Thanks.

Christian smirks as O’Malley turns and walks out. As O’Malley opens the door and is about to step into the hallway, Pussy Willow jumps back and O’Malley glares at hee, closing the door behind him.

O’Malley: What the hell?! Were ye spyin’ on me conversation with Christian?

PW: I...I’m sorry. It’s just the door was open. I wasn’t trying to spy..

O’Malley: How much did you hear?!

O’Malley steps towards her angrily and she shakes her head, slightly afraid of him now.

PW: N-not much. Why does Christian think you need some time off?

O’Malley: That’s none of yer business. If I wanted anyone to hear the conversation, the door woulda been left wide open, or I wouldn’t have been talkin’ to him at all.

PW: Why are you so angry all of a sudden? You’ve been in such a good mood recently, but this…

O’Malley lets out an angry and annoyed laugh as he steps back.

O’Malley: Shite happens, Pussy. That’s all ye need to know. I’m tired of yer bullshite questions that as I said the answers to are none of yer business. Ye can ask me some business related questions next week, but as fer now I’ve got nothin’ left to say.

PW: I honestly meant no disrespect. I was just curious…

O’Malley snarls and glares at her.

O’Malley: Well stop bein’ curious and just leave me alone!

He then storms off down the hall and disappears. Pussy Willow stands there for a moment completely baffled over what just happened. She takes several moments to calm her nerves before heading on her way in the opposite direction and the scene fades.

Ye know, not that many people will care, but I’m really feckin’ pissed off here. I was havin’ a few good weeks and was honestly in a good mood, and then BAM!, it all went to shite. Now, I won’t get too far off topic here, because now is not the time to ramble on and on and on like so many do about random shite- hey Vinnie boy, I’m waving at ye ye confusin’ bastard. No, now is the time to focus on me match this week, and let me tell ye, this is the biggest joke of them all. Seriously, it is.

Let me explain why. Ye see, it’s been almost a month since me World Heavyweight Championship match against Kris and Jack. Yeah, I get I did win the match or the title, but I feckin’ pinned Kris. And after that, instead of doin’ the right thing and bookin’ me a one-on-one shot against Kris fer the championship, they put me against Alex feckin’ Jones. Alright. Fair enough, I thought. But, go feckin’ figure that me win was tainted and now some people say undeserved because the cowardly lion actin’ all big and tough, Austin James Mercer, decided to stick his oversized nose where it don’t belong and Alex got disqualified fer it. A win should be a win, but I’m right feckin’ pissed off about that.

And that leads us to this week. I thought, hey, maybe this will be the week. Kris has to defend his championship sometime before Blaze of Glory so it’s gotta be me this week, right? Again...wrong. So feckin’ wrong, and me opponent is even worse, but somehow whoever types up those interesting little match announcements thinks that Lincoln Daniels isn’t a step down from Alex Jones or even a million steps back from Kris Ryans. Seriously, Lincoln Daniels?! This is a joke, right?!

I don’t care if Lincoln is a member of London Underground. I don’t care if he has been even remotely impressive since his debut here. What I care about is that I’m tryin’ to build somethin’ here and what exactly does beatin’ a rookie do fer provin’ that I should get a one-on-shot against Kris? What does Lincoln Daniels have anything to do with my desire to be World Heavyweight Champion? Not a damn thing is what.

Lincoln Daniels is a boring, uncreative piss break of a superstar. He had a chance to win the Roulette Championship against Brother David at Inception, but he failed because he’s not even at that level yet. And not only that, he’s one of those fellas that if ye get yer promo work submitted and airing nice and early, he’ll rip it apart word fer word, because otherwise, he wouldn’t know a damn thing to say about his opponent. Ain’t that right, Lincoln? Don’t try to deny it, because I’m sure ye’ll do the same damn thing with this one. I dare ye, fella. Then again, prove me wrong, bitch.

I may not be as experienced as others, kid, but let me give ye some advice here. If ye want to make it anywhere in this business, all ye gotta do, is put in the feckin’ work. Don’t half arse anything, because let’s be honest...people don’t take lazy half arse workers seriously. And ye, fella, I ain’t takin’ ye in the least bit seriously. Ain’t no way I’m gonna lose to ye, because I’m sayin’ it here and now. If I do? I quit. I’ll give up tryna get a World Heavyweight Championship shot right then and there and hang up me boots, because there simply won’t be any point after a loss to someone like ye, Lincoln.

But O’Malley...why so harsh? That’s what ye and others are thinkin’, right? My response? Why feckin’ not? Yeah, I’ve been tryna make up fer bein’ a shite human being the last year or two, but does that mean I’m not allowed to have one week where I disagree with the match I’m in? One week where I can just put it all out on the table and be one hundred percent feckin’ honest. If not, too bad, because that’s what I’m doin’. And, against me better judgement these last few weeks, I’m sittin’ here doin’ what I’ve been tryna tell people recently not to do.

I’m guaranteeing that this Sunday, I’m walkin’ out the winner against Lincoln, because a loss is not acceptable.

See, Lincoln shouldn’t have immediately debuted in SCW. He shoulda done what I did and started out in SCU and honed his skills a bit more and built himself up instead of jumpin’ the shark and tryin’ straight for the big leagues. Because that decision will come back to bite him in the arse rather quickly. Lincoln just doesn’t have what it takes to be around the kind of talent SCW has to offer and on Sunday, I’m gonna show him and everyone else what I’m talkin’ about.

Yer all gonna see a more aggressive side to me this week, because I think I deserve it after the shite I’ve had to deal with the last few weeks. And poor ol’ Lincoln Daniels gets to experience what I’m talkin’ about. I’m not gonna remind anyone what I’m capable of because all they’d need to do is go back and watch some archived footage from when I started out in SCU to see what I’m talkin’ about. As fer Lincoln? There hasn’t been a damn thing that he’s done that shouts impressive to me. If anything it screams hilarious, because that fella is a joke.

I’m not gonna be seen as a joke. I’m done with the bullshite. I’m done dealin’ with bein’ overlooked and forced into doin’ somethin’ I don’t wanna do by facin’ rookie asshats like Lincoln Daniels and then havin’ to defend meself when even a win over him means nothin’ because he’s nothin’. Trust me, I know Kris Ryans will do just that, because he’s sittin’ back sayin’ that me pinnin’ him at Inception doesn’t count. Maybe I shoulda made the bitch tap. That surely woulda counted.

Lincoln, I know yer watchin’. I know ye are. So let me make somethin’ clear, my anger and frustration definitely isn’t personal against ye, but that doesn’t mean I like ye either. Because right now, I don’t. Yer standin’ in me way, and I’ve got a big message to send which doesn’t bode well fer ye, fella. Take what I’m tellin’ ye very seriously, because I ain’t kiddin’. I ain’t holdin’ back just because yer some new risin’ star apparently, so don’t expect anythin’ less than yer most difficult match yet. Understand?

Good, now that we’ve got that cleared up, there’s really not much else to say. I know others can sit here and bitch and moan until they’ve used up everything and anything they could possibly come up with, but I’m not gonna do that. I’ve said all I needed to say and now it’s time to focus on headin’ to Climax Control, walkin’ down to that ring, and beatin’ the snot outta ye, Lincoln, because that’s really all I want and need to do right now. And no matter how hard ye try, it just won’t be enough to get ready fer what I’m gonna do to ye at Climax Control.

See ye Sunday, fella!

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(OOC Note: Apologies for posting from O’Malley’s account. I forgot my password for my Jake account so posting it from here this week. If Jake advances in the tourney, I’ll get the password figured out..)

Blast From The Past. The one cycle a year where everyone loses their minds. I’m serious. This tournament absolutely brings out the best and worst of people, and it starts with the sign ups. Someone good throws their name into the fold? Shit, how exciting! But someone who isn’t worth shit? Fuck, I hope I’m not paired with them! Oh, and let’s not forget the rare “mystery entrant” where people are throwing around their guesses like they’ll win something if they figure it out. As I said...people lose their fucking minds.

I’ve been in the tournament a couple of times. First time around, I got teamed with the Mean Girls knock off, Angel Kash and the bitch cost us the match in the first round against Misty and some Thatcher Rex asshole. Then a few years later, I got teamed with Sam Marlowe and I thought, hey, we got a fighting chance at this. And we did. Until we got booked against Spike Staggs and Lucy Seraphina in the semi-finals. Close, but no cigar.

That brings me to this year. I don’t think anyone was expecting me to throw my name into the mix, because I’ve been out of action for three years now. I thought my wrestling days were behind me, but I guess I was wrong. I’m probably out of my fucking mind, but considering the last few years...few months, really...there’s nothing I’m looking forward to more than getting back in that ring and showing each and every person who thinks I’m old or washed up, that I’ve still got it. I don’t know how far me or my partner will get in this thing, but to ain’t about winning.

I’m not gonna sit here and act all high and mighty about my chances in this thing. I don’t know my partner, much less the majority of who our opponents will end up being no matter how far we get into this tournament. I’m being smart about this because being an arrogant fucker like people tend to get? That’s when mistakes are made. So...I’m not going to make mistakes. I’m going to do what I need to do, and hope that my partner does the same.

I’m sure there are certain assholes out there who are going to throw out the relevance card and accuse me of using this as a way to try and be relevant again, but they couldn’t be farther from the truth. Because I honestly don’t give a shit. I’ve never once cared about people liking me or being relevant or any of that bullshit people like to spew out on a daily basis. Being in the ring has always been an outlet to unleash all of my built up tension and anger. Plain and simple. And if anyone wants to believe otherwise? Well, that shit is on them.

It may not be permanent, but one week at a match at a time...I’m back in the ring. And that shit...doesn’t bode well for one half of the team we get booked against every week. Do something to piss me off?

You’ll all regret it…

Sunday January 24th
Blast From The Past Twitter Live Drawing

Ember: You know, Dad, you could just make your own account again instead of forcing me to cyber stalk Twitter for you.

The attitude oozes from fourteen year old Ember Sullivan. She’s seated at the kitchen counter, barely touching her plate of food. Her father, Jake, is currently seated in front of a high-chair where Ember’s two year old brother, Jax, is strapped in and being highly uncooperative as Jake tries to assist feeding him his own plate of food as the toddler has not quite mastered feeding himself just yet. Jake turns and glares at his daughter, shaking his head immediately.

Jake: Nice try, Em, but I’m not doing it. I’ve got no desire to create another Twitter account just so people have an outlet to be keyboard warrior cowards. It’s only one day, so just deal with it. Please? Once the teams are announced, you can go on with your day.

Ember rolls her eyes as she looks down and starts scrolling through her phone. They are, of course, waiting for the live tweeting announcing the drawing of the Blast From The Past teams. Jake hasn’t had an account in years. Not since he fully stepped back from wrestling and saw no need to be active on the platform any longer. Jake sees Ember roll her eyes, but says nothing about it as he turns his attention back to Jax, who is now playing with his small portion of scrambled eggs.

Jake: C’mon, Jax. Can’t you just once eat your food without putting up a fight?

Ember: He never fights with me or Kittie when we feed him…

Jake snaps his head to the side and glares at her again. She cracks a smile and laughs as she looks back down to her phone.

Jake: Well then maybe you’d like to help and I’ll take your phone and keep up with the drawing when it starts?

Before Ember replies, a handful of scrambled eggs suddenly smacks Jake in the face. Jax giggles loudly and Ember even lets out a laugh, before quickly stifling it. Jake slowly turns his head and just stares at Jax, letting out a sigh as he peels off some of the bits of egg that stuck to his face.

Ember: Thanks, but I think I’ll hang on to my phone. Besides, it’s highly entertaining watching you constantly get covered in Jax’s food. Hey, looks like the drawing will be starting soon.

Jake: About time. Let’s just hope I get someone decent that can help me at least make it to the finals. And let’s hope me or Despy don’t get stuck with Mikah.

Ember looks up and raises an eyebrow. Jax finally starts cooperating as he shovels some eggs in his mouth, and Jake hands him a small piece of toast.

Ember: I thought Uncle Despy wants to be teamed with Mikah? And she’s really good. You’d be lucky to be teamed with her.

Jake lets out a laugh and shakes his head. Jax reaches for his sippy cup and Jake slides it over to him.

Jake: No thanks. As good as she may be, she’s always made it very clear on her opinion on tag team matches. She usually only does it for someone she likes. She didn’t sign up for this until she found out Despy did. And those two as a team? No thanks, either.

Ember: Because you know they’d be unstoppable. I get it. that you’ve said who you don’t want to be teamed with, who do you want to be teamed with?

Jake lets out a sigh as he thinks of the possibilities. He has a one in sixteen chance of getting a partner he’d actually feel comfortable with, so the odds are against him and everyone else. He spaces out for a moment until Jax’s sippy cup comes flying at his head. He has to think fast and ducks quickly just seconds before it hits his head.

Jake: Damn it, Jax! If you want more milk, you could just ask!

Ember laughs and shakes her head again.

Ember: It’s starting. And quit getting so mad when he throws stuff at you. He’ll keep doing it if you react that way. I’ll let you know once your name or Despy’s gets drawn.

Jake stands up from his chair and picks up Jax’s sippy cup. He walks over to the fridge and pours some more milk into the cup as Ember watches her phone like a hawk. She lets out a laugh and Jake panics.

Jake: What? What is it?!

Ember: Well, you don’t have to worry about you or Uncle Despy teaming with Mikah. Lachlan Kane got stuck with her. So far, nothing for you or Uncle Despy.

Jake: What about Amber Ryan? She paired with anyone yet?

Jake hands the no refilled sippy cup back to his son. Ember looks up from her phone for a moment and grins sheepishly at her father.

Ember: Amber Ryan, huh? Oh, I get it. She’s a red-head.

Jake: Em, what the hell is that supposed to mean?

She smiles and looks down at her phone again, waiting to see her father’s name. Jake stares at her, waiting for an answer, but when she doesn’t say anything, he just shakes his head with an annoyed laugh.

Jake: I know what you’re thinking, Em. And you’re wrong. Amber Ryan is damn good at what she does. People are frickin’ afraid of her. Why else would I want her as my partner?

Ember: Chill, Dad. You don’t have to lie to me. It’s no big deal. She’s hot. I get it.’ve got Seleana Zdunich. So, there goes that.

Ember turns her phone around and waves it, showing off the tweet announcing Jake being paired with Seleana Zdunich. Jake raises an eyebrow, but overall he doesn’t seem disappointed with the draw.

Jake: Former World Bombshell Champ, right? Married to the chick with twenty personalities?

Ember: Crystal has been around long enough for you to know who she is, Dad. And, yes. Seleana is married to her.

Jake snorts and he starts cleaning up the remnants of food that Jax didn’t eat. Jax continues to guzzle down his milk and Jake wipes down the tray of the high chair.

Jake: It’s hard saying if I know her or not. She’s got so many personalities and changes on the drop of a dime. But I’m not about to focus on her. She’s not even in the tournament so she’s a non-factor.

Ember: Uh...oh…

Ember stares down at her phone and bites her bottom lip nervously. Jake turns and stares at her, slightly confused but now nervous.

Jake: What? What now?!

Ember: Uncle Despy’s partner...It’s Amber Ryan…

Jake’s mouth drops open and he goes speechless. Ember waits nervously, but she knows how her father is going to react. Jake is suddenly snapped out of it as Jax throws his sippy cup again, only this time he doesn’t miss. It hits Jake square in the head and he giggles loudly again, proud of what he’s done.

Jake: Son of a…

Jax: Bitch!

Jake and Ember quickly turn and look at Jax as the toddler swears very clearly and loudly. Ember just blinks, and Jake surprisingly cracks a smile.

Jake: Ya know, normally I’d be mad at that, but that’s actually brilliant. He could save me a lot of money if he finishes my sentences like that. Despy would never take money from a two year old for the swear jar.

Jake chuckles, but Ember just shakes her head.

Ember: No. He would just demand payment from the parent that taught him that.

Jake goes to respond, but the doorbell suddenly rings. He looks at Ember but she shrugs, signalling she’s got no clue who it could be. Jake sighs and then walks to the door. He opens it and who does he see standing there in front of him, open hand held out but Despayre himself! Jake blinks, and looks back to Ember, confused. She shakes her head and holds up her hand defensively, and Jake just shakes his head. He takes some money out of his pocket, and hands it over to Despayre with no argument.

Jake: Not even going to ask…

Despayre: Pleasure doing business with you, sir! Hi Em! Hi Jax!

Jax lets out a squeal and Ember looks up and waves to him. Despayre then turns around and zooms off, disappearing as quickly as he had shown up. Jake just closes the door slowly, and lowers his head as he turns around to walk back over to Jax.

Sunday February 14th

Jake is currently seated on his oversized sectional sofa in his living room. He’s streaming tonight’s episode of Climax Control and all is strangely quiet considering there is a fourteen year old girl and a two year old little boy living there. Not to mention who their parents are. Jake has his large feet propped up on the coffee table  and his arms are folded as he watches Climax Control. A few moments later he’s joined by Kittie. She kicks his foot off the coffee table and hands him a beer.

Kittie: I may not be a high maintenance trophy wife or some shit like that, but I still think it’s gross to prop your nasty feet on the coffee table.

She plops down next to him, and he takes a drink of his beer before leaning forward and placing it on a coaster. He leans back and rolls his eyes at her.

Jake: You act like I don’t wash my feet. My feet aren’t nasty so chill out. Damn.

Kittie: I still don’t see why you didn’t go to the show. You signed up for the damn tournament. You know who your partner is, so it would have been smart to turn up.

Jake shrugs and focuses his attention on the TV. Lachlan Kane just pinned Hitamashii to advance him and Mikah to the second round of the Blast From The Past tournament. Jake shakes his head but continues watching.

Jake: I’ll get in touch with Seleana this week. Relax.

Kittie: Don’t fucking tell me to relax!

Jake starts laughing and Kittie immediately thinks he is laughing at her. But, he’s not. He has his eyes locked on the TV watching the first interaction between Despayre and Amber Ryan, but Kittie is not paying attention. She smacks Jake hard upside his head as jumps up off the sofa, standing directly in front of him.

Jake: What the hell?! And keep your damn voice down. If Jax wakes up, you’re dealing with that tantrum.

Kittie: Oh kiss my ass, Rage! Jake! Whatever the hell you want to be called these days. And you talk about Crystal having twenty personalities?!

Jake: Uhhh…You mind getting out of my way?

Jake looks around her at the TV. Kittie turns around and looks at the TV just as the scene fades away from Amber Ryan. She laughs and nods her head.

Kittie: What the fuck is your obsession with red-heads?! Fuck this…

Kittie then storms off, and out of the house. She slams the door but thankfully, Jax remains asleep. Jake just leans forward, grabs his beer and takes another drink as he shakes his head.

Jake: Looks like someone needs her medication adjusted again…

Just then Jake’s phone dings and vibrates on the coffee table. He grabs it and checks his newest text message. It’s his match announcement for next week and when he sees his first round match, his eyes widen. He turns the TV off, sets his beer back down and quickly stands up from the sofa. He heads towards a door leading the basement then walks downstairs. Some music can be heard playing as he heads towards another door and he pounds on it.

Jake: Em! Hey, Em, open up! We need to talk a second!

But the door doesn’t open. He growls and pounds on the door again.

Jake: Ember! Your music isn’t that loud! I know you can hear me! I need to talk to you!

Again, no response. He doesn’t bother trying a third time as he practically breaks the door down to get inside Ember’s room. Although it is hardly necessary as the door was unlocked. When he bursts inside, a computer chair spins around, and Ember stares at him, half startled by him bursting in, and half angry for the same reason. She removes a set of headphones and slams them down on her desk.

Ember: What the hell, Dad? Don’t you knock?!

Jake is about to respond back, just as angrily, but he looks around the room, taking notice of how his daughter has her room decorated. He never had before, allowing Ember the trust and privacy she had managed to earn everyday, but the irony in seeing that she was apparently a big fan of Alicia Lukas...well, he didn’t know whether to laugh, or to start ripping it all down now.

Ember: Um, hello?! Earth to Dad?!

Jake: I, uh, did knock. Twice, actually. Em, what is all this?

Ember: What is all what? And sorry, I guess I didn’t hear you. I was on a zoom call with...some friends.

Jake slowly walks around Ember’s room, getting a good look at the Alicia Lukas posters and merchandise she has set up in various shelves and such around the room. He grabs an Alicia Lukas figurine from one of the shelves and spins around to face Ember.

Jake: Umm..all this. Since when have you been an Alicia Lukas fan?

Ember: Umm...for quite a while, actually. What’s the big deal? You’ve never even met her.

Jake laughs and returns the figurine to its place on the shelf. He folds his arms and stares at Ember. She seems annoyed, but also slightly relieved, as if she wants him out of her room.

Jake: Well, I’m going to meet her next weekend. Seleana and I got booked against her and Vinnie in our first round match. So this seems a little...I don’t know. Conflict of interest, maybe?

Ember cracks a smile and starts laughing. Jake raises an eyebrow, obviously still trying to get used to being a father to a teenage girl.

Ember: Oh my God, Dad, you’re so weird. I was a huge fan of Alicia’s before you even decided to sign up for the tournament. I’m not going to just stop being a fan. I like Alicia. She’s great!

Jake: Well what about me?

Ember’s response is about to knock Jake down a few notches and prove that no matter how much he tries, someone will always outsmart him.

Ember: I don’t know, Dad. Do you like Alicia, too?

Stunned. Jaw on the floor almost immediately. Ember grins and folds her arms, proud of outsmarting her father. He lets out a sigh and then laughs, pointing at her.

Jake: Well played, Em. But, you’ve been hanging around Despy too much.

Ember: Or you just never learn.

Jake: Yeah, yeah. But you know what I meant. Why don’t we replace some of this stuff with my merchandise. Or Kittie’s. This might only be a temporary run for me, but Kittie is still active in SCU doing her own thing. Show some support for your parents, kid!

Ember rolls her eyes and laughs. She hasn’t budged from her place standing in front of her computer. Jake is starting to get suspicious, but he doesn’t call her out on it yet.

Ember: Ew, Dad. No. I don’t need any of your antique merchandise. And Kittie? She’s in GRIME. Which, I think she’s starting to go a little nutty again in case you hadn’t—

Jake: Yeah, I noticed. I got the brunt of it just a little while ago, but you know Kittie. And my merchandise isn’t antique! I’m not that old!

Ember: Still. I’m not going to decorate my room with a bunch of memorabilia and posters of my Dad. It would be kinda weird…

Jake steps forward, and the second he does, Ember adjusts her stance, still blocking the computer. He cracks a smile only for a moment, having a suspicion of just what is going on.

Jake: there a reason you don’t want me to see the computer screen? Hiding something, maybe?

Ember: What would I be hiding? Quit being so paranoid, Dad.

Jake: I’m not paranoid. I just happen to remember being a teenager. Now my childhood was a bit different than your’s but, let me warn you. I agreed to give you this room down here because I trusted you. But hormonal teenage guys? That’s another story and you better not—

Ember raises up both her hands defensively and laughs.

Ember: Oh my God, Dad! I’m not going to sneak any guys in here! If this is going to turn into some awkward sex talk, please save it. Gross…

Jake: Look, I’m just sayin’. I’m trusting you on this, kid. I may have gotten a late start on all the dad stuff, but I think you know I’m capable of chasing off any guys I don’t like. Which is all of them.

Ember: Again, relax. I wouldn’t be dumb enough to try and sneak anyone in here. Knowing you and all. Besides, all the guys at school are total losers anyway. So chill. Please.

Jake thinks for a moment and keeps his eyes locked on Ember. He knows she’s not being completely honest, but given how long it took for her to come around and accept him as her father, let alone even call her Dad...well, he didn’t want to do anything to screw it up, no matter what his suspicions were. He finally nods and looks around the room again.

Jake: Alright. Fine. But I’m serious about all this Alicia Lukas shit. I hope you’ll at least be supporting Seleana and me this week. You’re my kid and it’d make me feel better.

Ember shrugs.

Ember: Yeah. Sure. Are we cool now?

Jake: Sure. We’ And try not to do anything that might set off Kittie for a bit. I think her meds need adjusting again…

Ember: Obviously. But whatever. I’ll try and steer clear of her for now.

Jake nods and turns around. He heads towards the door and as he is about to address Ember again, she’s already focused solely on her computer once again so he decides against it. He lets out a sigh and walks out of her room and shuts the door behind him. He lowers his head and closes his eyes.

Jake: Never thought I’d see the day where I’m the calm one in the family. Fuck, I just had to go and turn into the family idiot…

He shakes his head again and laughs before he walks away. And just in the nick of time as he hears Jax screaming upstairs, which is what he was trying to avoid. He rushes upstairs and the scene fades away.

January fourteenth 2018. Full Circle. What was supposed to be SCW’s final show. That was the last time I competed in the six sided ring and it was in a tag match with Despy against some team called High Velocity. Hell if I remember who they even were, but that doesn’t even matter. All that matters is that here I am, three years later, returning to be a part of the Blast From The Past tournament. And my opening round match is set to be quite the challenge. Or, so I’ve been told. Apparently Vinnie and Alicia are a big deal in SCW, so Sel and I have our work cut out for us.

And what about them? Don’t they have their work cut out for them, too? I mean, we’re all former World Champions here, so why is there always a God damned favorite going into any match? What is it about Vinnie and Alicia that is so special, huh? Aside from the fact that Alicia is a member of some Wolfslair faction, and Vinnie is a psychotic weird son of a bitch, what makes them the team to consider the one to beat in this situation? I’ve tried to wrap my head around it but I just don’t see it. I also don’t see why this match isn’t the Main Event because again..all former world champs. Hello...obvious decision there. But whatever.

I’m not going to sit here and focus too much on Alicia because being a mixed tag team match, I can’t lay a hand on her. Not that I would, because apparently my kid is a huge fan and she’d probably hate me if I did. But that’s fine. I’ll just let Sel handle her in the ring, because despite the other decent teams in this tournament, I like our chances. I believe that no matter the amount of respect Alicia and Sel may have for one another, Sel will do what she needs to do to get the job done. But the fact is, I don’t like what I’ve seen of Alicia or her little Wolf Pack buddies, because they’re trying to be something they’ll never be. The most dominant faction in SCW.

No matter how hard they try, or what they do, the fact is that Wolfslair will never be better than the Seven Deadly Sins. Most of us are already in the Hall of Fame and been more dominant as champs than they’ll ever be. Credit where it’s due, Alicia may get her spot in the Hall of Fame some day, but she’s the only one. You see, everybody hates Wolfslair from what I hear, but Seven Deadly Sins? They’ll always be loved over everyone else. I know Alicia needs this tournament to get back to the top where she wants to be, but as long as Sel and I have something to say about it? It’ll never happen.

And that brings me good ol’ Senor Vinnie. Como estas, amigo? I said that, right? Pretty sure I did, but hell even if I didn’t, I don’t give a shit. I don’t care how Vinnie is, or how he feels going into this match, because none of it will change the outcome one bit. And you know, I’ve gotta be honest here, I was a little surprised that el muchacho Vinnie here decided to air his promo nice and early this week, because I’ve got it on good authority, that ol’ Vinnie man can’t really come up with anything useful to say against his opponents to save his life. Now, I haven’t watched what El Senor had to say just yet, because I’m not ready for that headache but I gotta give him props for not being a lazy and unoriginal S.O.B this week. Maybe there’s hope after all.

Then again maybe not. I mean the asshole is pretty unstable. The more I see of this guy, the more I try to figure out who is crazier. Vinne...or my wife. And that’s saying something because as much as I love my wife, well...she’s batshit crazy. But at least she doesn’t give a shit about people calling her out on her psychotic bullshit. El Senor Vinnie is so sensitive and doesn’t want people to use his mental health shit against him. Well, too bad. It’s gonna happen so Vinnie, my man, just grow a set of balls and get used to it. So you’ve got some mental problems. Everybody does in their own way. But you, mi amigo? You strike me as...odd.

You may be comparably nutty as my wife, but sometimes your shit just seems like a grab for attention. Exaggerated. Faked. As much as you hate the negative attention, Vinnie, you sure do thrive off of it, don’t you? And just as much as Alicia needs you to win this need her, because we both know your glory days are over amigo. Because your chances of getting to the World Heavyweight Championship are zero without this tournament. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but you just need to accept the facts that you just don’t have what it takes anymore. You probably think you do because, hey, I’ve been out of competitive action for three years so what advantage do I have, right?

Look at me, Vinnie. And not just you, but anyone watching this. Do I look like someone who has let himself go? Do I look like I can be taken out that easily just because I haven’t been actively wrestling for three years? No. I’m still the same man I was three years ago, only now...well, I’ve got three years of pent up frustration to get out of my system and sorry to say, Vinnie, but you’re the first unlucky bastard to get a taste of it all. And after that? Who knows. Maybe I’ll stick around. Maybe I won’t. I haven’t quite decided. What I do know is that priority number one, is getting Seleana and me at least to the finals. Because that...that is my first goal.

The wheels are spinning, Vinnie. And I’m starting to think that maybe...just maybe...I never got the ending to my career that I wanted. So this...this starts that journey. And I’m not about to let it fizzle away in the first round. And I’m not about to let you be the one to end it for me again. Plain and simple. Think what you want. Say what you want. It won’t save you from the shitstorm you’re about to experience, because I will do whatever, and I mean whatever it takes to get Seleana and I through this tournament and as the front runners to win the whole damn thing.

To everyone else...Good fucking luck, assholes.

Climax Control Archives / Back On The Winning Track
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Tuesday February 2nd
Las Vegas County Courthouse

No rest for the wicked. As the saying goes. Inception was just two nights ago and although O’Malley didn’t walk away on the winning side, he was hoping for a different outcome today. Why today? What is the significance? Well, after almost two months, the custody battle for his son Owen finally continues. And word from his attorney is that it wouldn’t continue past today.

Almost everyone has arrived on time and is patiently waiting for the judge to arrive. O’Malley and Darcy are seated at their table with Mahreen Omar, while Andrew and Colleen Waters are seated opposite them. The courtroom is relatively quiet, as everyone is a ball of nerves wondering which way the judge will go with his decision. As Mahreen quietly speaks to O’Malley, his brother Alistair suddenly approaches them. O’Malley frowns but doesn’t bother to speak to him.

Mahreen: Mr. Adams. Is there something I can help you with?

Alistair flashes a cheeky smile and folds his arms.

Alistair: Ms. Omar. Yes. As the judge has yet to arrive, I was wondering if I could have a word or two with my brother?

O’Malley: I’ve got no int—

Darcy: O’Malley...just talk to him. He’s not going to give up unless you do.

O’Malley stares at Darcy, jaw slightly dropped. He then looks to Mahreen and she sighs before waving her hand but giving him a quick warning.

Mahreen: Make it quick, Mr. O’Malley. The judge should be here any minute.

O’Malley nods and pushes himself away from the table. He and Alistair walk a few feet away and O’Malley folds his arms, refusing to speak a word. He’s waiting to see what Alistair wants.

Alistair: Has anyone ever told you that you act like such a child sometimes, Shane?

O’Malley: Not really. If ye didn’t get the message clear enough last time, I told ye to stay out of me life. I don’t know why ye bothered to show up here today.

Alistair: Because you’re my brother. Your son is my nephew and I have every right to be here whether you think I do or not. I know you think I didn’t get you the information you requested from that casino, but I did. Perhaps after you get your son back today, we can sit down and I can fill you in.

O’Malley laughs and shakes his head in annoyance. He lets his arms drop and stares at Alistair.

O’Malley: Shove it, Alistair. I don’t need the information anymore. The match against Jack is done and over with. Lucky fer me he didn’t win, but neither did I. Now, if that’s all ye’ve gotta say, I’d really like to wait for the judge.

Alistair: That’s not all I’d like to say, Shane. I really don’t want you to be angry with me. I want the chance for us to be brothers.

O’Malley laughs and just as he opens his mouth to respond, the bailiff announces the judges arrival. O’Malley quickly heads back over to his place between Mahreen and Darcy, while Alistair takes walks over to a seat behind them. Everyone is on their feet in the courtroom as the judge makes his way out of his chambers, and to the stand at the head of the room.

Judge: Everyone may be seated.

As ordered, everyone takes their seats and all eyes are focused on the judge. He is looking down at some papers in front of him, and O’Malley grips Darcy’s hand tightly, both more nervous than anyone.

Judge: In the custody matter regarding Owen Andrew O’Malley, I have taken a little bit longer to go over all of the information and the paperwork. I’ve discovered some very disturbing information during this process, and I have a decision made. However, I’d like to take today to hear from both sides regarding this matter before I tell you all my decision.

O’Malley and Darcy both look to Mahreen. She shrugs slightly, just as intrigued by this information as they are, but the judge looks towards Andrew and Colleen Waters first.

Judge: Mr. and Mrs. Waters…

They, along with their attorney, both stand. Their faces seem full of regret as he begins to address them once again.

Judge: First and foremost, I want to express my condolences over the loss of your daughter, the child’s mother. My condolences also go to the child, because losing a parent at such a young age, they don’t quite understand what is going on. That being said, I want to know what the both of you have to say for yourself regarding the fact that you altered the child’s last name on legal documents when the change in name wasn’t even properly processed? And aside from the circumstances surrounding how you came to have custody of Owen, why you feel the need to now keep him from his father?

O’Malley and Darcy turn and look towards Misty’s parents. They don’t say anything at first, and for a moment, it looks as though Andrew is going to speak first. But, Colleen stops him, and instead, she speaks for the both of them.

Colleen: Nothing I say could possibly begin to make up for what we did, judge. I understand that now. But we had one reason and one reason only. Owen. What my family has had to deal with over the years because of that man..well, anyone would have made the same decision we did. I could go through the whole story of everything he put my daughter through while she was pregnant, but it would take longer than I have. And then, after she dies instead of trying to use us as support as I had hoped, he abandons Owen. Lets him cry for months and months while he’s off getting married to another woman in Ireland. And then he stays gone for two years.

She turns and glares at O’Malley and Darcy, but neither of them are looking at her any longer. They understood how their marriage so soon after Misty died looked, but nothing they said could make anyone understand it.

Colleen: We did what we had to do to protect Owen at all costs. And we’ll continue to do so, despite what your decision may be. I won’t feel sorry for protecting my grandson.

The judge nods with a stern look on his face and he turns his attention to O’Malley. Colleen and Andrew take their seats again, and O’Malley now stands along with Darcy and Mahreen.

Judge: And you, Mr. O’Malley? Do you, or your wife, have anything to say for yourself?

O’Malley nods.

O’Malley: Yes, yer honour. I want to thank Colleen and Andrew fer doin’ exactly what I knew they would when I left Owen in their care. After Owen’s mother died, a part of me died as well, an’ I knew that I wasn’t capable of bein’ the father that Owen needed me to be. An’ I know they’re angry with me fer gettin’ remarried, but Darcy and I...we have a history. It wasn’t as if she was a complete stranger. She brought me back and saved me, and once I felt I was ready...I knew I had to do what I could to get me boy back. I need me son, judge. I need me boy back, and I hope that if ye grant me custody, ye’ll also be lenient on Colleen and Andrew, because they were doin’ what they thought they had to do.

Not only does the judge seem surprised by O’Malley’s last request, but Colleen and Andrew do as well. O’Malley, Darcy and Mahreen all take their seats again as the judge looks down at the papers in front of him for what seems like ages. The courtroom remains anxiously silent until the judge looks back up, ready to reveal his decision.

Judge: After reading all of the documents, and hearing from both sides, as well as hearing from Mr. and Mrs. Waters previous attorney, Alistair Adams…

O’Malley’s head snaps up and he quickly looks behind him. He and Alistair make eye contact for a brief moment until Darcy and Mahreen urge O’Malley to focus on the judge.

Judge: I’ve come to my decision. Sole physical custody of Owen Andrew O’Malley is hereby granted to the child’s father and stepmother, Mr. and Mrs. O’Malley. I simply see no other reason or evidence to keep the child from his father.

O’Malley and Darcy share a celebratory embrace as those on Colleen and Andrew’s side shake their heads and shed a few tears in reaction to the judge’s decision.

Judge: That being said, I am giving Mr. and Mrs. Andrews one week to turn the child over to his father. Counselor Omar, I know you are about to object, but save it. The child needs to be prepared for the transition, and this should be sufficient time to do so. In regards to the altered legal documents, I am not moving forward with an judgements against Mr. and Mrs. Andrews, but Counselor Hampton, I suggest you and your firm prepare yourselves for the consequences you, as lawyers, will suffer. Case dismissed!

The judge bangs his gavel and all parties are on their feet as he leaves the courtroom again. O’Malley and Darcy smile and thank Mahreen profusely, and when O’Malley turns to find Alistair, he’s gone. His brother had quietly left the courtroom leaving O’Malley to wonder just what he had said to the judge. He would, however, save that discussion for another day. Now was simply the time to celebrate a huge victory in his personal life, and hopefully...the victories in SCW would soon follow.

Inception IV has come and gone, and it didn’t exactly go in me favor. I worked me arse off and think I did a pretty damn decent job of proving to everyone watching, and even to Kris and Jack, that I deserve to be the World Heavyweight Champion. And sooner rather than later, it’s gonna happen. Kris Ryans will probably deny it until he’s blue in the face, but the fact is that I pinned him in that match, and I’ll damn sure do it again.

But these next several weeks leading up to Blaze of Glory we got the Blast From The Past tournament kickin’ off. It ain’t no secret that I didn’t sign it fer it this year, and there is one reason in particular fer that. Well, several, but the main reason bein’ I had a gut feelin’ that third time wasn’t gonna be the charm fer me with this tournament. First two times me and me partners got knocked out the first round, and I ain’t about to go through that again. Besides...this now gives me the opportunity to finish what I started. And that is takin’ that World Heavyweight Championship from Kris Ryans. Point. Blank. Period.

Now don’t let the fact that I didn’t walk out as the new champ fool ye. I may not have won, but I certainly didn’t lose, and I ain’t givin’ up. I ain’t startin’ right back at the bottom because after that match, my momentum is gonna continue pushin’ forward. With that bein’ said, that brings me to this week, and the fella they booked me against right after the biggest match of me career. Alex Jones.

Now, I could pull a Jessie Salco and say that I’ve gone from the World Heavyweight Championship to sayin’ somethin’ to put down Alex Jones and just what the match is. But I ain’t gonna do that, because I know exactly what this match is and what it’s meant to do. And I’m nothin’ like Jessie Salco, obviously.

Alex Jones is a former World Heavyweight Champ in his own right. He’s also a former Mixed Tag Team champ, which I can’t technically ignore either. Simply put...Alex Jones is one tough opponent. Or, at least he is meant to be. He’s meant to be a challenge. A test. I mean, if I can beat Alex Jones, surely that’ll be a huge step in my right to get a one-on-one shot against Kris, right? You’d think, but here’s the thing…

Alex Jones...he ain’t anythin’ special. He might have won that World Heavyweight Championship, but the fact is, if Griffin Hawkins hadn’t dropped the ball, it never would have happened, and there’s a damn good amount of people who will agree with me. Alex Jones’ title win was a feckin’ fluke, and it’ll never happen again. And here’s the thing. Alex Jones...he now wants ye all to believe that he’s the good guy just because his buddy Austin has gone rogue and shown his true colors. He claimed he wanted nothin’ to do with that match against Fenris when Austin was bein’ a scared little prick, and all but cost himself the match as “proof.” It’s a bunch o’ bullshite.

Alex Jones has a God complex, and this new attitude he has, it’s all a feckin’ act. It’s what Wolfslair does best, and if ye ask me, he’s just tryna get close to Fenris so this feud Austin’s got goin’ with him will go their way. They wanna outsmart him, but I ain’t stupid enouh to fall fer that shit, and sooner or later, Fenris will realize it too. Plain and simple. Alex Jones is no better than Austin or the rest of his Wolfslair arseholes. And he never will be.

I know how this week is gonna go. I can already feel it. Alex Jones won’t say a single positive word about me or what I’ve done in SCW, and he’ll spout off a bunch of shite about wantin’ to get back what he lost. This match is his shot to do that, right? I mean, the match announcement all but said it. The result of this match could send either, or both of us, to the upper echelon of SCW. Nevermind the fact that’s where I’ve been fer quite some time and I’ve been fightin’ tooth and nail to get a one-on-one shot against Kris, and the World Heavyweight Championship. They can use this match as a way to try and build Alex back up all they want but the fact is, it won’t work.

So here’s how it’s gonna go. I’m gonna walk down to that ring. Maybe have a little staredown with Alex. Maybe trash talk a bit, because we all know he likes to do that. And once that bell rings? I’m gonna unleash hell on him, because I have to. I came close to walkin’ out Inception a winner, but not close enough and I’ll be damned if I’m gonna let this be the start of another losin’ streak. I’ll be damned if I’m gonna let a guy like Alex Jones hold a win over me head and screw up me chances at keepin’ me momentum goin’. I’m either gonna pin him, or I’m gonna make him tap. Preferably the latter because there’s nothin’ like enjoyin’ when someone taps out. Am I right?

Ye hear that Alex? Not just me words, but the sound of your back breakin’ beneath me as I lock in the Celtic Crush. Ye’ll fight and fight and fight but ultimately ye’ll have no choice. And ye know what that will do, fella? The sound of yer hand slappin’ against the canvas? It’s the sound of ye admittin’ that I’m better than ye. I know it’s a hard pill to swallow, because ye Wolfslair arseholes think yer better than everyone else, but it’s the cold hard truth.

And then, ye’ll get to watch as I move forward and fight fer the title that ye couldn’t even hold longer than a month. Ye lost on yer first defense, just like Griffin did, and that’s what proves ye just weren’t ready. And ye’ll never be ready. Maybe once I’m through with ye on Sunday, ye can move on to face Brother David fer the Roulette Title, but then’d fail then, too. I may not like the fella much if at all, but he’s whoop yer arse, too.

And let me send out a warnin’ to ye, fella. If ye go and prove me right and ye and Austin try and do somethin’ to get at Fenris, or worse, ye go and try and get at Aron again, ye’ll not just have an even bigger problem with Fenris, but ye’ll have one pissed off Irishman our fer yer blood, too. I may not be on the best of terms with Fen, or even many of the other GO Gym graduates, but I’m out to change that. And I ain’t about to let you and your Wolfslair pack continue walkin’ around like yer hot shite when the lot of ye is fallin’ further down the ladder than anyone else. Yer not deservin’ of the pedastal ye put yerselves on and I’m gonna prove it this weekend.

Ye can’t bring me down, Alex. I’m feelin’ better than I have in quite some time, and it’s time fer me to get back on the winnin’ track. I’ve already done it outside of SCW, and that’s proof enough that 2021...really is me year, fella. And I think that slowly but surely, everyone else is startin’ to believe me when I say it. People are startin’ to believe in me, and beatin’ ye? That’s gonna be just one more step further, fella. Get ready, Alex. Because this is one Irishman ye can’t beat.

See ye Sunday, fella!

Looking To The Future

Scene One: Private Party For...Many?

As many, if not all of you, should be aware by now, The Blast From The Past tournament kicks off in just a few weeks time. The slots had filled rather quickly this year, meaning the tournament would start right when the bosses were hoping it would. Earlier today the teams had been decided in a live drawing on Twitter, and everyone who signed up is still buzzing about their partners. However this year, O’Malley had not put his name into the mix. A decision made mostly by the fact that both times he had entered, he and his partners were eliminated in the first round. Quite a bummer to say the least.

Following the drawing, O’Malley’s fellow GO Gym graduate, and perhaps only friend at the moment in the gym, Daniel Morgan, had invited the Irishman to a private party at the Golden Ring Casino. O’Malley of course wasn’t about to decline an offer for any party, especially not one at The Golden Ring. He had tried talking Darcy into accompanying him in hopes she could interact and mend fences with some of the others as well, but with the early stages of pregnancy comes not only occasional sickness, but sometimes just flat out exhaustion as her body plays incubator to a growing human being. So she had declined and decided to stay home instead.

As O’Malley arrives at The Golden Ring, wearing his face mask at least for now, he’s escorted to the part of the casino where the private party is being held. The room is secluded from the rest of the casino, but has its own set of slot machines as well as a few different gaming tables and bar area. Once O’Malley is directed inside, he removes his face mask, tucking it into his pocket and looks around at all the guests already present. Dani Weston and her fiancee Nicky George. Fenris and Aron. Cassian Reed. HB Carter and Ariana Angelos. Krystal Wolfe. Tempest. Charlotte, Makenzie, and Oz and of course Daniel Morgan himself. All members of the GO Gym as well as a few additional guests O’Malley doesn’t recognize.

Daniel is the first to see O’Malley arrive and he steps away from the other members of London Underground(not Lucha Underground, Maggie!) and walks over to greet O’Malley.

Daniel: Well if it isn’t the future World Heavyweight Champion himself. Glad you could make it, mate. Where’s the missus?

A few of the others, who are not fans of O’Malley in the slightest, let out laughs as Daniel assumes O’Malley is the next champion. O’Malley chooses to ignore them and just greets Daniel with a smile.

O’Malley: She’s at home for tonight. She wanted to join me, but pregnancy sickness an’ all, she wasn’t quite feelin’ up to it.

Daniel: Ahh, right. Understandable and congrats again. You’re definitely gonna have your hands full in a few months.

O’Malley nods and cracks a smile, but he is not at all bothered by that statement. If anything, he’s looking forward to it, especially since he missed so much of Owen’s newborn stage.

O’Malley: I don’t mind at all. Once Owen is back home, and this baby is born, everything is gonna be all in place. Let me tell ye.

Daniel: You say that now.

Daniel chuckles and the two walk over to the bar. O’Malley looks around, his eyebrow raising at the few noticeable absences.

O’Malley: No Evie or Ben? What about Gabriel and Odette?

Daniel: Evie wasn’t really up for socializing tonight. Don’t have many details, but she and Ben passed on this one. Gabriel and Odette thought it would be better for the students to mingle a bit, and they’ve got their hands full with the kids.

O’Malley nods slowly, just watching the rest of his GO Gym members having their own bit of fun. Dani and Nicky are hanging around Fenris and Aron for the time being, which doesn’t surprise O’Malley at all. He’s leaning his back against the bar, enjoying his people watching for the moment.

O’Malley: Ye realize that about ninety percent of these people here hate me, right? I’ll probably just be spendin’ me time talkin’ to ye most of the night.

Daniel: They can’t hate you forever if you give them a reason not to, mate. You’ve got a chance this weekend to not only lead the division as its top champ, but to also represent the GO Gym in a big way. Tonight may just be a good night to get some people on your side.

O’Malley goes silent for a few moments. The look on his face says he wants to believe Daniel, though knowing his fellow GO Gym graduates, it will be no easy task. Daniel taps his hand on the counter, grabbing the bartender's attention, and the young woman makes her way over to them.

Daniel: Take some time to think about it. Have some drinks. Throw some money at the slots or the gaming tables and have a good time. I’ll catch back up with ya in a few minutes.

Daniel pats O’Malley on the back before making his rounds to interact with everyone there. O’Malley orders a top shelf whiskey and when the bartender hands it to him, he slides her some cash and steps away from the bar and getting a feel for the environment with his drink in hand. Cassian Reed is perhaps the biggest personality in the room as he is surrounded by a group of attractive women and playing at one of the games tables. O’Malley chuckles as he makes his way around the room slowly.

After a while he stops at one of the slot machines and decides to give it a go. He pulls some cash out of his pocket and feeds it to the machine. As he continues to keep himself isolated from the rest of the group, someone else decides to approach him and break the ice. Aron Baltasarsson. Younger brother to Fenris.

Aron: You’re at a party and being completely anti-social. What is the point in that?

O’Malley looks up at Aron as the younger Baltasarsson grabs his attention away from the slot machine. O’Malley grins and offers Aron a slight shoulder shrug.

O’Malley: Kinda hard to be social when so many people hate ye. Glad to see ye up and about though, Aron. Lookin’ much better than the last time.

Aron: And I’m feeling much better, thank you.

Aron leans against the edge of the slot machine while O’Malley leans back in his chair. He continues to play the machine, but slowly so he doesn’t lose his money as quickly as he would.

Aron: And thank you again for helping Daniel and Os stop him from going any further than he did in that attack on Austin. If it makes you feel better, I don’t hate you, either.

O’Malley: Thanks. I appreciate that. And as fer stoppin’ Fenris...yer welcome. Though from what I’ve seen Austin cry lately, we probably shoulda let yer brother finish him off. But I understand why it was a good idea we stopped him.

O’Malley takes a sip of his whiskey as his eyes dart over to Fenris, who is still hanging around Dani and Nicky. Fenris’ eyes occasionally drift over to his brother and O’Malley, almost quietly wondering what they are talking about. O’Malley lifts his glass up, greeting Fenris from a distance, and the White Wolf just looks away. O’Malley can’t help but laugh.

Aron: You know, isolating yourself from everyone else will do you no favors in trying to win everyone over. Particularly my brother. And don’t take it personally where he is concerned. He’s a bit harder to crack than most.

O’Malley: I can tell. And I’ve definitely got me work cut out fer me, especially after that stupid comment I made last year on Twitter. I’m surprised he even gave me an opportunity to try and punch him. He coulda just knocked me out to prove a point.

Aron chuckles and shakes his head. Having gotten bored of the slot machine already, O’Malley cashes out whatever money he has left, but remains seated.

Aron: As intimidating as my brother may be, O’Malley, he’s not going to strike someone unprovoked. While your words may have been considered a threat, your actions proved it was more bark than bite. Which, depending on how you look at it, may have been the wiser choice.

O’Malley now lets out a laugh, in slight agreement with Aron.

O’Malley: I think I looked foolish either way, but I’m ownin’ up to that anyway. Who knows. Maybe if I win the title on Sunday, I just might be given the chance to prove meself in the ring against yer brother. Don’t think we’ve faced each other yet.

Aron: Don’t bite off more than you can chew, O’Malley. Good luck against Jack and Kris, by the way. But if I were you, I wouldn’t go making any other challenges just yet.

O’Malley: Nah I suppose I shouldn’t. Thanks, fella.

Aron: Anytime. And I meant what I said. Stop isolating yourself and start socializing. It may just help you.

Aron is quickly stolen away from O’Malley as Dani calls for him from across the room. O’Malley nods as Aron walks away, and he takes a deep breath as he looks around the room once again. Every single person in this room has different wrestling styles and personalities, but the one thing they have in common, is the fact they were all trained and mentored by Gabriel and Odette Stevens. They should all be united in some way, and for the most part, they are. But O’Malley...he’s finding it harder than most to form friendships and bonds with the rest of the group.

He stands up and starts to wander around the room again, looking almost like a lost puppy. He finishes off his whiskey and heads back over to the bar, setting the empty glass on the counter and signalling for another. The bartender acknowledges O’Malley, but works to finish another drink order before getting O’Malley another drink. O’Malley pulls out one of the barstools and takes a seat, not following Aron’s suggestion just yet and enjoys watching everyone else have a good time. Daniel eventually walks back up to him.

Daniel: You got something against the rest of the group, mate? It’s a party! Have a good time! Have a go at beating Cassian at poker or something. You’re standing out like a sore thumb, and not in a good way.

O’Malley: Not me intentions at all. Just got a lot on me mind, and not sure how exactly to get on everyone’s good side without lookin’ like an arse.

Daniel laughs and looks around the room before looking back to O’Malley.

Daniel: You’re looking like an even bigger arse by avoiding everyone. You’re overthinking it. As long as you don’t piss Fenris or Tempest off, I think you’re good to go.

O’Malley turns his attention to Tempest. She’s with the other members of London Underground and has now gotten herself into an arm wrestling match with Os as Charlotte and Makenzie grin wickedly at the site. O’Malley just shakes his head.

O’Malley: Ain’t no way I’m ever gonna piss off that woman. She scares me more than Fenris does.

Daniel: Ahhh, so Fenris does scare you then?

Daniel grins. O’Malley quickly turns his head and frowns.

O’Malley: Do not tell Fenris I said that.

Daniel: I make no promises, mate. Anyway, what’s on your mind? See if we can’t get to the bottom of it before I have to throw you out for not enjoying this party.

The bartender finally heads over and pours O’Malley some more whiskey. O’Malley chuckles and then lets out a sigh.

O’Malley: Am I in over me head, Daniel?

Daniel: I’m not sure I follow you.

O’Malley: I mean with this World Heavyweight Championship match? Am I in over me head? It’s bad enough having to face one of them, but both Jack and Kris? I really don’t stand a chance do I?

Daniel just nods slowly and lets out an “ahhh.” Sensing this conversation could go on a bit, he pulls out one of the barstools and takes a seat.

Daniel: It’s not about what I, or anyone else think, mate. It’s about what you think. Do you think you stand a chance? Because if you don’t...well, ya might just be screwing yourself over there.

O’Malley: Of course I think I stand a chance. I’m more confident now than if this match had happened a couple months ago. But if there’s one thing going into this match has done, it’s dredged up a lot of self-doubt from me past. No one thought I’d amount to anything back then, and it’s the same way now.

O’Malley lets out a sigh as he takes a big gulp of his whiskey. The last couple of weeks have really taken a toll on him, and he knows if he wants to stand a chance at beating Kris and Jack, he has to get over it fast. Daniel folds his arms and both men watch as Os tries to overpower Tempest.

Daniel: Whatever it is you’re talking about, mate, ya gotta get past it. I’m not gonna lie here, but a lot of people are betting against you already. Jack may be young and cocky, but he’s backed up everything he’s said. Kris may have an ego the size of this entire room, but he’s earned it. You’re walking into this having never held the title yet. Odds are stacked against you, yes. But you’ve got a big opportunity to walk away shining brighter than those two ever have, combined.

O’Malley: I’m tryin’ so hard, Daniel. I’m doin’ me best to get me head out of the past and lookin’ towards the future, but I ain’t gonna lie. It’s damn hard at times. Tryin’ not to let Jack and Kris get inside me head. I want to win this so bad, I just don’t know how I’d be able to come back if I fail. And the thing is, this isn’t just fer me. This is for Darcy. And fer me kids. Yet some people are using me family as a weakness or something. I don’t get it.

Across the room, after Os gets momentarily distracted, Tempest slams his hand against the table, winning their first arm-wrestling match up. Charlotte and Makenzie laugh but Os isn’t too thrilled as he sets up for another. Daniel and O’Malley laugh, and other eyes are now on the match up as well.

Daniel: I know ye want to win it. Hell, I’m rooting for ya myself. Once I win the Blast From The Past tournament, I think a friendly rivalry for that title could make things interesting…

O’Malley turns his head and raises his eyebrow as Daniel cracks a smile.

O’Malley: Good luck with that one, fella. Yer stuck with Ruby Steele fer a partner, so ye’ve got yer work cut out fer ya.

Daniel: Yeah, thanks for the reminder. What I said was meant to inspire ya, mate. Think about all the reasons why you want to win, and not the reasons why you might not. It’s not gonna be easy, but nothing ever is when we’re talking about the World Heavyweight Championship.

O’Malley polishes off his second glass of whiskey, and sets the empty glass on the counter behind him. He doesn’t ask for a refill just yet as he turns back around and folds his arms.

O’Malley: If I’m honest, this isn’t even just about the title. Even if the title weren’t involved, it’s more so about Jack and Kris and wanting to beat them. The title is just icing on the cake.

Daniel: Always is. And you’ve definitely had your hands full the last several months going back and forth with the both of them. Kris in particular, which is why I was surprised you challenged Jack, but hey...that was your decision.

O’Malley: Now that...that was more about the title. But it turned into more than that when he started runnin’ his mouth. Hell, I could have had the Internet Championship if it weren’t for him makin’ that match against Austin a non-title in his King For A Day card. So much about Jack I don’t like. It’s hard decidin’ who I want to beat more.

Daniel nods and lets out an amused laugh as they talk more about Jack.

Daniel: Yeah, let’s not focus too much on Jack Washington because I could say a whole lot about him.

He of course is referring to the fact that Jack Washington is not only competition in SCW, but outside of SCW as well with the opening of Jack’s new casino. O’Malley rolls his eyes.

O’Malley: I gotta say, I’m a little curious about that casino of his. I mean, aren’t ye curious at all?

Daniel shakes his head.

Daniel: Not in the slightest. I’m not curious, and I’m not worried. The casino will be closing faster than it even opened. You can bet on that.

O’Malley: Ye know...I may just have an idea now that I think about it. I’ve probably lost me mind, but I might just pull it off anyway.

Daniel: Whatever it is, don’t spend too much time focusing on it. You’ve also got Kris Ryans to worry about, and you’ve gotta get two falls in this match. Get ready, mate, because you’ve got a lot of work to do. But until then...start bloody socializing before I sign you up to take Os’ place against Tempest just for entertainment…

O’Malley laughs but as he looks over to Os and Tempest, his laugh fades. He knows Daniel is serious, and there’s no way he wants to go up against Tempest in any sort of fashion. Daniel stands up from his barstool.

Daniel: I’m serious. Get your arse moving…

O’Malley holds his hands up defensively and quickly stands up from the barstool. He does his best to make his way around the room to interact and socialize with his GO Gym members, but what he didn’t tell Daniel is that he was forming a plan in his mind. A plan to get inside Jack’s new casino to see if all the hype was worth it. But, it wouldn’t be O’Malley who would be stepping foot in that casino. Oh, no. He had to enlist some help from someone. And that person being someone he might just regret asking for help after all is said and done.

Well whaddya know. Young Jacky Boy went and proved me right, didn’t he? He had a whole hell of a lot to say about me and the fact I was added to this match, and not a single word was said without anger behind it. Jack, fella...let it go, son. Not only are ye blamin’ me fer losing the title to Kris, but on top o’ that, now yer complainin’ to high hell that everyone was against ye and basically conspired against ye. That’s a bit of a stretch, don’t ye think?

Yer sittin’ there, trashin’ me to high heaven, thinkin’ yer right about every word ye said, and justified in it all, but let me make one thing very clear, Jack. If I didn’t deserve to be in SCW, or in this match, in one way or another, I wouldn’t be. Ye can spout off all that bullshite ye want about me bein’ trash and not a threat, but if that were the case, do ye really think Mark or Christian would have added me name to this match?

Me bein’ in this match makes sense Jack. Ye know. I know it. And Kris Ryans definitely knows it, but I’ll get to him later. Yer the fella I want to focus on right now. Yer the spitfire pissed off fella that I want to put down to the level he deserves to be, because right now, it ain’t at the level yer on. Yer pissed that I was at ringside fer yer match against Kris and supposedly cost ye the title? Fine. Blame me if that’s what ye wanna do, fella. But yer biggest mistake is how angry yer lettin’ yerself get, and ye claim that yer words against me are pissin’ me off? Take a long look in the mirror, fella. Because when people are as angry as ye are, they make mistakes. Trust me. I would know.

Ye need to channel that anger, Jack. Use it productively instead of shoutin’ off insult after insult against me, because at the end of the day, yer performance in that ring is all that matters. And ye, kid, I know how to get under yer skin, because I’ve already done it. And I’ll do it again and again. And the biggest way I know how to do that? Is by winnin’ the World Heavyweight Championship. Hopefully by pinnin’ ye, because that’ll make it that much sweeter. An’ I know it’ll really eat ye alive because ye think yer better than me. Truth be told, yer not. And ye never will be.

Ye talk a big game, Jack. Ye’ve got a lot o’ nerve bringin’ up me dead wife, and my current one. But, hey, I’m used to that. It’s all part of the territory in a business like this. Ye fellas will use whatever ye can dig up against yer opponents, but what I’m done doin’ is gettinm upset about any of it. And I’m sure as shite not gonna get upset about ye tryna use it against me, because guess what, fella? At least I have a family. At least I’ve known love not once, but twice and I’m a real God damned man fer standin’ up and takin’ care of me family. What about ye, kid? Ye said yerself ye don’t have a family to take care of, but what exactly makes havin’ a family to take care of and think about such a bad thing? Don’t sit there and try and make that a weakness, fella, because it ain’t. I look at me wife and son and they make me want to be a better man and do better. Plain and simple.

I know I ain’t perfect. I’ve never once claimed to be. I’ve made mistakes, but don’t sit back and act like he haven’t kid. Don’t chastise me fer tryna better meself and own up to the bad decisions I’ve made, when I’m fairly certain yer no saint yerself, fella. Redeemin’ meself is all part of me journey and my road to finally winnin’ that World Heavyweight Championship and on Sunday night, I plan to make it all finally happen, regardless of what ye think, kid.

Ye know, I’m replayin’ yer words against me over and over in me head, Jack, and ye know what ye don’t realize, but I do, fella? Ye rambled on and on and on all pissed off about me bein’ in this match, only to go on a short while later that yer...happy that I’m in it? Well which one is it, Jack? Are ye happy? Or are ye pissed? Ye can’t be both, Jack. Ye certainly seem mighty confused, an’ fer my sake, I hope ye stay that way. Because the longer ye go on throwin’ this hot and cold tantrum, the more likely it is that yer gonna walk away from this one very disappointed, Jack. I can feel it in me gut, and boy am I gonna enjoy it.

People don’t like a complainer, Jack. And yer doin’ a lot of it. Sooner or later, it’s gonna work against ye. Ye won’t be seen as a fella who deserves to be in the World Heavyweight Championship picture anymore but...below it. What then, Jacky boy? How are ye gonna feel about that, because that is exactly what I see happening. It’s why ye shouldn’t have aimed so high. Ye did yerself no favors, fella, and I feel sorry fer ya.

I mean, people voted ye Future Star of The Year! That’s a lot to live up to when ye sit and think about it. Ye were already the World Heavyweight Champion when they placed their votes, and look what happened afterwards? Ye lost that title, and soon enough, ye’ll lose that Future Star potential. Yer crash and burn has already started and there is no way ye can swerve yer way out of this one, Jack. I hope you have a back up plan, kid, because yer career in SCW is about to end early. Maybe ye can fall back on that new casino of yer’s I hear just opened? Oh, wait...I wouldn’t hold out hope on that either. If there is one thing yer gonna learn there it’s that when it comes to casinos...competing with Daniel Morgan isn’t a wise decision, fella. Yer about to lose a lot of money when that casino fails. And it will. It’s only a matter of time.

And then what will ye do, kid? Ye’ll be nothing in SCW. Yer casino will be nothin’ but a quickly fading memory. Ye don’t have a family. Ye’ll have absolutely nothing, Jack. And ye seem proud of the fact that. Ye’ve got nothing to fall back on. It’s thinking like that that will come back to bite ye in the arse, and the quicker it approaches, the less likely ye are to stop it. But there’s always hope, Jack. As long as ye believe there is. But, I get holds a person back. Ye don’t need that, right?

Exactly. Because yer a selfish prick who doesn’t think about anyone but himself. And maybe, just maybe, sometimes bein’ selfish is not such a bad thing. But in yer case, Jacky boy. It is. It really is, because yer not fit to lead this division. Not right now, and not ever if things don’t change. Yer young and he weren’t trained by the right people, and it shows. Big time. Me? I’m a GO Gym graduate. Kris Ryans? He and his brother have Jet City goin’ fer them, and ye? Virtually unknown where ye came from. Unless it’s one o’ those illegal underground operations, because from the things I hear, that could be quite possible with ye.

No matter how hard ye try to paint yerself out to be better than me, or even Kris, ye just aren’t. And ye never will be. I don’t care how quickly ye won the World Heavyweight Championship. Have ye met Fenris, fella? Pretty sure he did it a lot faster than ye did, and people would rather see him champ again, than ye, kid. But, hey, here’s a thought. If ye really wanna make somethin’ of yerself in this business and not be that flash in the pan that ye are...give Gabriel a call. Trust me when I say, there’s a lot ye can learn from him, fella. Don’t be afraid to ask fer help. There’s no shame in it.

Two days, fella. That’s all that’s left until what could be match of the year goes down. Three men. One match. Two falls to win it. Oh..shite! I just realized something. Two falls to win it. That means that one of, Jack...could potentially get pinned more than twice to lose! And yer so worried about havin’ to beat Kris twice, ye didn’t even realize that. Oh, how embarassing would that be fella. Things are history makin’ to say the least, and someone is gonna leave highly disappointed after this one.

I hope yer ready to be that fella. I hope yer thinkin’ of every potential outcome, because I know these last couple weeks, I sure have. But if not, ye’ve got two days left to do yer research. Prepare yerself, Jack, because it ain’t gonna be pretty fer ya, kid.

Best o’ luck to ye…

Scene Two:
Asking For Help...From An Unlikely Source

It’s been a few days now since the private party for GO Gym members at The Golden Ring Casino. After having a lengthy conversation with Daniel Morgan, it led to O’Malley getting an idea he never thought he’d get. Considering Jack Washington is one of his opponents in the main event, it’s only fitting that O’Malley would find anything he could use against him. Any weakness or something he could use to get under the former champion’s skin. After all, Jack was trying so hard to get under O’Malley’s, so turnabout is fair play.

In order to pull this off, he would need some help. And not from anyone in Sin City Wrestling. No, he had to reach out to someone that if Jack happened to see this person, he wouldn’t recognize him. He wouldn’t know who this person is, and it absolutely made O’Malley sick to his stomach to have to reach out to the person he did. And that person is, of course, his older brother Alistair.

He’s currently seated outside a coffee shop just a stone’s throw away from the Grand Flamingo Casino- Jack Washington’s casino. Jack’s casino was the talking point for many in recent weeks and in the days since it had opened, but perhaps not in a good way like Jack might be thinking. So O’Malley had a plan. And he hoped, but was not quite expecting, Alistair to help him. But he’s growing more and more annoyed the longer he waits. Luckily it’s not unseasonably cold outside, but just brisk enough to wear a light jacket and enjoy a hot cup of coffee.

After drinking about half of his coffee, Alistair finally arrives. As always, he’s dressed impeccably in one of his finely tailored expensive dark suits, and sporting a sheepish grin as he walks up to his brother. O’Malley leans back in his seat and lets out a sigh.

O’Malley: Oh boy. Here we go.

Alistair pulls out a chair and takes a seat. He stares at his brother with a satisfied smile, knowing just how this conversation is going to go.

Alistair: You are the one who called me, remember. Don’t sit there and act agitated, when you reached out to me.

O’Malley: Don’t make me regret it, please.

Before the conversation continues, one of the servers walks up to the table and takes Alistair’s order. She disappears back inside to have one of the baristas prepare his drink for him, and Alistair has all of his attention on O’Malley.

Alistair: So, tell me. What is this all about? Is there something regarding the custody case you need to discuss? The next court date is soon, isn’t it?

O’Malley nods, but he’s not prepared to get into anything personal with Alistair just yet. He’s still not at that level of trust with his brother.

O’Malley: Next week, actually. And, no, I don’t need to discuss any of it with ye. I don’t trust ye not to run it back to yer law firm buddies who broke the law.

Alistair sighs. He makes himself more comfortable in the chair, but being careful not to get any dirt on his expensive suit. O’Malley watches him and just rolls his eyes.

Alistair: I guess now is as good a time as any to let you know that I’ve left the law firm. I honestly had no idea what they had done when they assigned that case to me to begin with, and I’m not one to break the law. I’d like to keep my license, thank you very much.

O’Malley: Wait, what? Ye...left the law firm?

Alistair nods and the server returns with his drink, being served in a disposable paper cup of course due to the on-going pandemic. The server smiles at Alistair as she walks away slowly and when both men get a closer look at his cup, they realize she had written her name and phone number on the side of the cup.

O’Malley: Ye’ve gotta be kiddin’ me…

Alistair: What? I can’t help that people are drawn to me, Shane. And that is one gorgeous woman so this cup is not getting thrown away.

Alistair looks towards the server, and she smiles at him. He winks to her before turning his attention back to O’Malley. O’Malley doesn’t even try to correct him on referring to him by his birth name. It’s no longer worth it.

Alistair: Anyway. So what is this meeting about, then? Have you had a change of heart in trying to build our brotherly relationship then?

O’Malley snorts a little and shakes his head.

O’Malley: Ye would think that, but again, no. The fact is, I need yer help. I would have asked someone else, but the only one who could pull this off is ye unfortunately.

Alistair: Interesting. Well, I’m all ears.

O’Malley: Well, yer aware that I’m a professional wrestler now, right?

Alistair nods, but he doesn’t say anything. He let’s O’Malley continue as he takes small sips of his coffee.

O’Malley: Anyway, I have a big match this weekend. I’m challengin’ fer the top title, and one of me opponents is a cocky young fella. Cocky, but he’s got a fair amount of money. So much so he was able to invest and purchase a casino just nearby. That casino just opened recently, and that is where ye come in.

Alistair sets his coffee down and holds his hands up, getting the wrong idea.

Alistair: Now hold on a second, Shane. I’m sure the kid went through proper channels to get that place opened up for business. I can’t just get it shut down without good reason and evidence to back it up.

O’Malley rolls his eyes again.

O’Malley: That’s not what I’m asking. Well, maybe not yet. Look, this show this weekend is takin’ place inside a casino owned by a friend of mine and fellow wrestler. Jack Washington is trying to make himself competition fer The Golden Ring, and I need to know what the inside of his casino is like. I need to know what we can use, to bring that casino to the ground. Sooner rather than later.

Alistair: And you need me to…?

O’Malley sits back and smiles.

O’Malley: I need ye to be yerself, Alistair. Get inside the Grand Flamingo. Throw some money at the tables. Get a good look at how things operate and see just what Jack Washington got himself into. He knew damn well that Daniel owned The Golden Ring, and now he wants to try and do it better than him? It ain’t gonna happen.

Alistair folds his arms and thinks for a few moments. O’Malley is taking his long silence as response enough, assuming Alistair is going to turn him down. And if that happened, he’d have no other way, but in the end no matter what, he felt confident enough that The Golden Ring would put The Grand Flamingo to shame.

Alistair: And if I agree to do this for you? What then?

O’Malley: What do ye mean what then? Ye’ll be doing me a favor. Ye’ll be one step closer to proving that yer not the condescending bastard ye’ve made yerself out to be over the years.

Alistair laughs and unfolds his arms.

Alistair: You haven’t even given me enough of a chance to prove otherwise, Shane. I think the few times we’ve interacted over the last few months during the custody battle for your son has been the most we’ve ever interacted since we’ve known each other. We are family, though.

O’Malley: Are ye going to do this or not? I don’t want to waste time sitting here reminiscing about the past when I’ve got work to do.

Alistair: Alright, alright. Calm down, Shane. It shouldn’t be that difficult to throw some business at this casino you’re referring to and I’ll see what I can find out. And now you can’t say I never did anything for you.

O’Malley again feels sick to his stomach at the thought, but if Alistair was able to help him, he’d try his best to work on building their relationship and getting to know Alistair for who he really is, and not what their father made him out to be.

O’Malley: Thank ye. I mean that. Just...please don’t screw this up.

Alistair: Me? Screw something up? You highly underestimate my abilities, Shane. Now...let’s get to planning this secret mission, shall we?

Later that night…

They had agreed upon a meeting spot inside the parking garage. O’Malley found where Alistair’s car was parked, and parked his own car just a few spaces down from it. He then sat and waited for Alistair to leave the Grand Flamingo Casino, ready to hear all the details that Alistair could give him. He waited. And waited. And waited. Eventually, he started to doze off behind the wheel, thinking Alistair was just getting carried away gambling away some of his money, but he would soon find out, that was not the reason he was running past the agreed upon meeting time.

O’Malley is startled awake as he heard loud laughter making its way closer to his car. He opens his eyes, trying to get a better look at who it was coming from, and when he did, he was furious. It was Alistair alright, but he wasn’t alone. He was walking arm in arm with not only am attractive blonde woman, but her equally attractive and apparently not straight husband!

O’Malley damn near kicks his door open and steps out of his car. As Alistair is about to help the couple into his car, O’Malley let’s his anger be known.

O’Malley: Feckin’ useless piece of shite! As useless as a condom in a damn convent!

Alistair’s guests turn their shocked attention towards O’Malley, as does Alistair. Alistair’s face falls as he tells the couple to give him a few moments and he tries to approach his brother.

Alistair: Shane, I can—

O’Malley: Save it, Alistair. Yer just as selfish as I thought ye were and I never should have asked ye to do this. Of course ye’d end up thinkin’ about yer dick instead of doin’ me a favor when I asked ye to.

Alistair: They’re just icing on the cake, Shane! I got the information you asked for, but come on. I have to have a little bit of fun. I mean, look at them…

O’Malley almost instantly regrets it as when they look over to the couple, they’re now making out as they lean against Alistair’s car. Now doubt their intentions on leaving with Alistair were driven by the copious amounts of alcohol they had consumed. And Alistair seems all too excited.

Alistair: Look, just let me have my hot steamy night with the gorgeous newlyweds there, and then we’ll meet in the morning to—

O’Malley: I’m going to pretend I didn’t just hear that. What ye do in yer personal time is yer business, but I don’t need the details. Just…save it. Go have yer fun. That’ll teach me to ask ye fer anything ever again.

Alistair tries to defend himself, but O’Malley quickly turns and heads back to his car. He slams the door shut and then moments later speeds off out of the parking garage, leaving his brother to get back to whatever intentions he had planned for his attractive and highly inebriated guests.

It took less than thirty minutes for O’Malley to get home. It was later than he expected, and later than he told Darcy he’d be, but she was probably fast asleep by now. Normally she’d be blowing up his phone with worry if he weren’t home when he said he’d be, but she’d learned to worry less and less about him over the last several months.

Despite how pissed off he was, he managed to walk inside the house as quiet as possible. This pregnancy was clearly taking its toll on Darcy, and she needed to rest whenever possible so he did not want to wake her. He hangs his keys on the keyholder attached to the wall and removes his shoes. As he walks past the front living room and is about to head towards their master bedroom, he spots Darcy laying on the sofa from the corner of his eye. She’s fast asleep, though he can’t imagine how comfortable she is given the awkward position she is laying.

He quietly walks up to the sofa and carefully sits next to her, scooting in as close as he can. A light blanket is covering her lap and O’Malley’s eyes dart to her belly, which is not quite showing signs of the child growing inside of her. He gently places his hand on her belly, and then leans his head back against the back of the sofa, ready to fall asleep right there next to her. Unfortunately as much as he tried to prevent it, her eyes open and she looks at him.

Darcy: You’re home. What time is it?

O’Malley: Late. Sorry, love. I have Alistair to thank fer that. I didn’t mean to wake you.

They both sit up, and Darcy adjusts herself to a more comfortable position. She scoots in closer to O’Malley and he wraps his arm around her, immediately more relaxed by her side.

Darcy: No worries, I wasn’t exactly very comfortable anyway. If I slept like that any longer, I’d be paying for it with muscle or joint pain. did it go?

O’Malley shrugs. He didn’t feel like getting into what happened for too long, but he knew he had to say something to answer her anyway.

O’Malley: About as well as could be expected knowing Alistair. It was a stupid idea anyway, and not just asking him to do it, either. This isn’t the way to take out Jack. And I’m focusing too much on him and not enough on Kris when it should be the other way around.

Darcy: You’ve got time to figure it out now that you realize it. And no matter what happens, I’ll always be proud of you. So is Owen. And so will this baby.

She leans her head back slightly and looks up into his eyes. They share a quick kiss before she cuddles back against his chest.

O’Malley: I can’t wait until this match is over and done with. So I can focus on the week off and hopefully, soak up being the new champion. But, we’ll see what happens. Nothin’ is guaranteed, but I’m not goin’ down without a fight.

Darcy: Of course not. But Inception IV is your night, O’Malley. Win or lose. It’s your night to shine. And you will. Forget about whatever happened with Alistair. Just focus on doing what you need to do against Jack and Kris and it’ll all pay off.

He kisses the top of her head and takes in a deep breath.

O’Malley: That’s the plan. Now c’mon, let’s get to bed. Yer clearly exhausted and I’ve got a busy schedule the rest of the week so I may as well sleep while I can.

Darcy: That sounds like a great idea.

And with that, O’Malley stands up and helps Darcy to her feet as well. They walk hand in hand through the house and eventually to their bedroom ready to put this long night behind them and welcome some much needed uninterrupted sleep.

Here we are. The big moment is finally here. And while the moment isn’t quite what I wanted it to be with just the two of us in that ring without another person in the picture, I’m finally about to get me hands on Kris Ryans and hopefully, maybe, put this elementary school bullshite to rest. I can’t guarantee it’ll end after this match, because let’s face it. The only real way this shite between Kris and I ends, is one-on-one with no damn excuses. Not from me. And not from him.

Kris, ye certainly like to talk, fella. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it a thousand times more if I have to. I can be ignoring ye, or not even saying shit to ye on Twitter, and ye chime in with something completely unrelated just to try and piss me off. And then, ye just gotta have the last word. That’s more so what annoys me more and not as you put it, the childish war itself. At least ye can admit it’s childish, but let me make it clear that yer the childish one in all of this, and not me. At least, I thought ye were until last week. Ye see, last week, ye surprised me. I fully expected ye to just rip me to shreds, kinda like Jack tried to do, but instead, you were the bigger man, and ye tried to humble yerself. Kudos, Kris. I might have a bit of respect fer ye after that. If it was sincere, of course.

If there is one thing I know yer good at, it’s gettin’ under people’s skin. And that, I think, is what yer tryna do here. Yer tryna trip me up and believe that ye believe I should be in this match, but when push comes to’ll show yer true colors at some point after the bell rings. I ain’t stupid, fella. Regardless of how stupid me face looks to ye. I’ve been training harder and smarter fer this match, and I’m more ready than I’ve ever been.

But there is something buggin’ me now. Something that Kris pointed out, that I don’t quite know what to think of it. It’s true, up until two weeks ago, I wasn’t even bein’ considered to be part of this match. Unless ye count the threat of Mark Ward wantin’ to lock me in a shark cage above the ring, there was no hope of me bein’ involved and havin’ a chance to fight fer the championship like I’ve been wantin’. But Kris...he’s makin’ it seem like he made the call. He’s talkin’ a bunch of shite that he was the reason I was put into the mix. He’s tryna take credit fer the decision to add me to the match, and I find it laughable at best.

Kris may be the champion...fer now...but that doesn’t mean that Mark and Christian would do anything he suggested, especially puttin’ a fella in the match who supposedly doesn’t deserve it. Not only that, but I don’t think anyone takes much stock in what Kris says, because...well, he’s Kris Ryans. The only fan he’s got is Fenris, but even then I hope Fenris opens his eyes and sees Kris fer the fool that he is.

I don’t know what made Mark and Christian change their minds about me bein’ involved in this match, but I’m not goin’ to question them on it. They probably still have their doubts, just like everyone else, Kris included. But I’m going to walk into that ring and put on the single best performance of me career and prove without a shadow of a doubt that I belong to be here. That I deserve to be the one to end Kris’ second, and soon to be shortest, World title reign.

Kris, there’s no avoidin’ this match this time. This one ain’t gonna get cancelled, which by the way I dunno what ye remember from the night our match was supposed to happen, but I was in the arena. Ye weren’t. I never got thrown out and I think there is more to the story than yer lettin’ on.  But, if ye want to place the blame on me, I can’t stop ye. What I can do is prove to ye that I’m not intimidated by ye. I’m not backin’ down from this fight, and if anythin’, I’m gunnin’ fer ye more than Jack.

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve done a lot over the last couple weeks to focus me attention on Jack, and tryna bring him down several notches, but I’ve got a reason fer that. As much as I want to beat Jack, I want to beat ye even more, and the only way I can really do by makin’ Jack a non-factor. The sooner I take him out of the equation and prove that HE is the weak link, the sooner the two of us can really finish what was started when ye came back last year, Kris.

This is it, Kris. This is the moment I get to right not one, but two wrongs, because I don’t plan on givin’ ye the satisfaction of holdin’ three wins over me. And sure, I’m man enough now to admit that maybe my reasons behind those losses are perhaps excuses, but are ye man enough to admit they’re valid? At least the first one anyway? No, I don’t think ye are, because ye feel like a fella who just lost his wife who was fightin’ fer all the wrong reasons, had the capability to beat the man holding the World Heavyweight Championship at the time. Think again, Kris. I was broken, and that night almost three years ago now, I may have been in that ring physically...but mentally, I was gone.

But I ain’t that broken widower anymore, Kris. I’m no longer dead inside, because I’ve been saved. I’ve been brought back from the brink of death itself, and shown that I have a bigger purpose. I’m meant to do somethin’ with me life, and that purpose...yer holdin’ it. Two years ago, I was wrestlin’ to try and keep Misty’s memory alive. I didn’t care about buildin’ a career fer meself. It was all about her. But now? I see the bigger picture. I feel all the excitement that she felt when she stepped inside that ring, and I want it fer meself. I want my name to be added to the history books. Ye’ve already secured that status, Kris. But don’t make the mistake of denyin’ that I’m just as capable of doin’ the same damn thing.

And I’m well on me way, Kris. It all starts this Sunday when I finally...FINALLY...take part in me first supercard main event, and not only that but when I pin Jack, and then I pin ye...or vice versa, it don’t really matter the order...but I get to be the one to score two pinfalls and I am declared the NEW SCW World Heavyweight Champion. It’s so close I can taste it. The title is within reach, I can feel it. And whether ye like it or not, whether ye believe it or not, I’m gonna do it. I have to do it because at the end of the’s the only way I’ll be able to silence ye and Jack, and the rest of the doubters.

I’m lookin’ towards the future, Kris. I’m seein’ it all in me mind, and I’m lovin’ what I’m seein’ because when I’m celebratin’ me win on Sunday, I’ll also be watchin’ ye and Jack headin’ backstage deflated and havin’ to accept that O’ the World Heavyweight Champion. It’ll be a bitter pill to swallow, but I have faith in ye fellas to put yer big boy pants on and do the right thing.

Well...maybe not Jack. But ye, Kris, I have faith that when all is said and done, ye’ll be able to accept the fact that yer days of bein’ better than me are over. And that two win record over me won’t become three. Ye can prove me wrong about everythin’ else I’ve said about ye up until this point, Kris.  But don’t prove me wrong about this. No more excuses, Kris. Fer either of us.

On Sunday at Inception IV...let’s end this one way or another, fella. And if not…Well...the war will rage on!

See ye Sunday, fella!

Reflecting On The Past

You’ve all come to this video to see what O’Malley, the second challenger to Kris Ryan’s World Heavyweight Championship, has to say about his upcoming opportunity. An opportunity that word has it, he is lucky to have been presented with. An opportunity that only six weeks ago he had declared his intentions to earn. He knew it wouldn’t be easy, and he wasn’t about to stand back and do what so many others had done and flat out demand it. Even though many people expected it from him given his attitude over the last year in both SCU and SCW. He simply couldn’t act that way any longer.

No. He wanted to earn it.

But, nothing exactly worked out in the way he had hoped it would. His challenge to Jack Washington had backfired on the last show of the year when Jack lost the title to Kris Ryans, and not only that, but O’Malley had lost to, of all people, Agostino Romano. His performance in that match was, if you asked him, pathetic, and it only set him back even further in his path to the World Heavyweight Championship. There was simply no denying it.

But his wars with both Jack and Kris raged on. He was scheduled to face Kris weeks ago, but that match had been postponed for reasons still not clear. And certainly Jack would get his rematch against Kris before even being put up against O’Malley at all. To say the situation was a bit of a clusterfuck would be an understatement, don’t you think? So how does O’Malley feel about it all, going into the single biggest and most important match of his career thus far? Well, you’re all about to find out.

The camera opens in a darkened room of an as of this moment undisclosed location. A light behind the camera allows the viewers to see the silhouette of a man several feet ahead and as the camera moves closer, we can see that it is O’Malley himself. He stares into the camera and lets his hands drop to his side as he finally speaks, the lights in the room staying off.

“Ye shouldn’t be in this match, O’Malley. It doesn’t make sense. Jack and Kris deserve their one-on-one rematch. Ye don’t deserve this shot. Yer gonna fail against them again.”

O’Malley sighs and the camera focuses on his eyes, piercing with determination as he speaks.

“I’ve heard it all the last few days since my name was added to the main event of Inception. People have thrown every single doubtful word in me direction, and as much as I’ve tried to ignore it all and focus on the opportunity that I’ve been awarded, it’s simply becoming too much. I know I haven’t exactly been likable the last year. Hell, ye all voted me as Most Hated fer a reason…”

His voice trails off and he moves closer to the camera. The determination in his eyes has turned...remorseful. Full of regret and almost...shame. He takes in a deep breath as he lowers his head and continues speaking.

“But I ain’t even being given a chance to earn back yer respect and prove that I’m not that fella anymore. I’m not that cheating selfish bastard I was, and it seems I’m gonna be villified fer the rest of me career fer it, ain’t I? Well, ye know what? I’m throwin’ in the towel. I’m backing off an simply refusing to try and prove to any of you that I’m not that fella anymore. That I do actually deserve this chance, and that title, and I’m gonna keep fightin’ fer it until I can’t stand anymore.”

The lights in the room suddenly turn on and O’Malley looks around. The camera slowly turns and gets a good look at where O’Malley is, and after further inspection, we see it is the events center of the Golden Ring Casino- the venue for Inception in less than two weeks time. It’s empty at the moment, but no doubt soon enough the six-sided SCW ring will be set up as the show gets closer.

“This is where it’s all gonna happen. This is where, in less than two weeks, Jack Washington, Kris Ryans and meself will walk into this room, into the ring that will be center stage, and put on a hell of a show fer you all. Three men. One title. Two out of four falls. One winner. It may be a little early to call it, but I smell a Match O’ The Year contender already. But, I could be wrong.”

He walks slowly around the room, envisioning in his mind, what that night will be like. What it will feel like. And while the outcome is not guaranteed, his determination absolutely is.

“I may be a graduate of the GO Gym, but I’m fairly certain that I’m considered the underdog heading into this match. I’ve had a rough few months in SCW. I failed once in a World Heavyweight Championship match, and I’m the only fella in this that hasn’t held that title in me hands. If I were to ask Daniel Morgan what the odds are on this match so far, I know I’d have the least amount being bet on me. But...that’s ok. I’m actually used to that. Fer most of me life, actually.”

He stops and stands in the center of the room where the ring will be set up in just a few days time. He closes his eyes and takes in a deep breath, thinking not only about his past, but how he plans to overcome it.

“Not many people know much about me past, or me life growing up. And there is a reason fer that. It wasn’t the best childhood. Was it the worst? Probably not. But to me, it had it’s obstacles and challenges, and it’s a big part of the reason I am the man I am today. And not just with decision fer me family. But decisions fer me. And fer me life and career. The reason I say that I’m used to all the doubts and the because it’s all I was surrounded by growing up. Never once did anyone think I’d actually do somethin’ with me life, other than be a complete failure.”

He opens his eyes quickly and the camera zooms in on them, even more determined and focused than before.

“Not until I put the right people in me life. So when I say I’m done tryna prove to ye all that I’m not the failure ye all think I am, I mean it. There’s only three people I need to prove meself to from this moment on, and that is me wife, me son, and meself. And in about six months time, the child that Darcy is carrying. That’s it. No one else but me closest family, because they are the most important thing to me. And I’m gonna do right by them. I’m gonna be the man they need me to be, no matter what it takes. Can I guarantee that I’m gonna win this match against Jack and Kris?”

He shakes his head very slowly and continues staring into the camera.

“I wouldn’t be stupid enough to do that. But what I can guarantee is that I’m gonna do everything in me power to achieve my goal. I’m gonna do everything it takes to be the best man out of the three of us and walk out as the new World Heavyweight Championship, because being the success that no one thought I would be? That makes it all the much sweeter. And leading the division when no one thinks I’m capable...Well, this is me shot to prove them wrong. Each. And every. Week.”

He holds up his index finger, momentarily stopping before he gets carried away.

“But I’m not gonna get ahead of meself here. Because the first step is winning that title. And in order to do that...I have two very big obstacles ahead of me. Two fellas that are out fer me blood and who want and expect nothing more than to see me fail miserably.”

He actually smiles as he stares into the camera and it zooms in on his face.

“Jack. Kris. Let’s do a bit of reflecting this week, yeah? Let’s reflect on the past, and how it’s all led to this moment and this match. And I’m not talkin’ about just our recent past, fellas. I’m talkin’ about the pivotal moments in me life that shaped who I am. That built the foundation fer the determination and the confidence ye see in me today. It wasn’t an easy journey by any means...but it was mine. And yer gonna listen. Or yer not, and yer gonna get a harsh reality check on January thirty-first. Yer choice, fellas…”

He half shrugs and grins again, before closing his eyes, taking in another deep breath, and allowing his memories to take over. Memories of a life he doesn’t like to relive very often. Memories of a life that forever had an impact on the man he has become today.

Dublin, Ireland
Year: 1993

Just over ten years ago, Shane Finnigan O’Malley came into this world. His parents Finn and Fiona O’Malley, were the proud parents of a strapping and handsome little lad, who came out of the womb with a head full of dark hair, and a gracious set of lungs. At least, they should have been proud parents, anyway. You see, Finn wasn’t as vested in his child’s life as he should have been. He was indifferent from the start. Almost...distant. And because of that, Shane would grow up feeling as though he was to blame for his father’s constant absences, and his parent’s constant fighting. His mother made him feel that way, of course.

Fiona: Christ almighty, boy! Ye can’t do anything right, can ye?! What the hell is this?!

She screams as she walks into the kitchen and sees the mess he had, by accident of course. A plate and glass shattered on the floor, with the remnants of the food and the drink strewn about. He was trying to clean it up, but had tried to clean it up before she saw, but was too late.

Shane: was an accident, mum. I swear!

She nods her head quickly, but not believing his excuse one bit as she walks over to him and the mess, crossing her arms as she glares down at her son.

Fiona: It’s always accidents with ye, isn’t it?! Maybe if ye weren’t such a clumsy lad, this wouldn’t happen now would it?! What are ye cryin’ now?!

Shane shakes his head as he continues wiping up the mess. He tries to round up the pieces of broken glass and accidentally cuts himself in the process, and he tries to wipe away the tears that he is now embarrassed to be shedding.

Fiona: Christ, I’ve got a sap fer a son. I may as well have had a girl. I should’ve, but got stuck with the likes of ye! And now yer bleedin’ on me floor!

Shane: I cut meself on the glass! I didn’t mean to!

Fiona: Don’t ye talk back to me like that ye little shite! I’m yer mother! Now finish cleanin’ up this mess and spend the rest of the night in yer room!

He sniffles and continues wiping up the floor, doing his best not to allow anymore blood to get anywhere. Before his mother walks away, he looks up at her, reluctant to ask the next words that come out of his mouth.

Shane: When is dadaí gonna be home?

Fiona: How the hell should I know?! He busts his arse workin’ fer a livin’ to keep this roof over our heads and food on our table. He doesn’t have to be home all hours of the day, does he?!

Shane shakes his head.

Shane: No, mum.

Fiona: Do ye think he cares about ye, boy? Do ye think he cares about either of us? Because he doesn’t, and he never will. He’s too proud of that brother of yer’s to give a shit about me or ye, boy. Ye’ll never be good enough fer him.

Shane immediately goes still and stares up at his mother, the words cutting him much like the glass had. Only there was no blood from this wound. Just a deep ache.

Shane: Brother?! What do ye mean, brother?!

Fiona grins and folds her arms. This was apparently information her ten year old son had not been informed least until now. And what a way to find out.

Fiona: Oh, yeah. He knocked up some British woman before I got pregnant with ye. Some woman he met on a “business trip,” but he doesn’t love us, boy. He only stays with us because a divorce would ruin us. But oh is he proud of the little fella. Smart one he is.

Shane: Yer lying!

Fiona’s jaw drops and she quickly walks up to Shane as he has gotten back to his feet, now more upset than before. She swings her hand back and slaps him hard across the face. So hard, his head jolts to the side and a red welt forms on his cheek.

Fiona: Don’t ye dare call me a liar, boy! I do no such thing, but if ye don’t believe me, ask him fer yerself when he comes home. Christ, the minute I found out I was pregnant with ye after learnin’ what yer father did...I shoulda saved us all the trouble!

Shane just stands there, in shock, holding his cheek. Fiona stares at him for a moment before she turns and storms away without another word. Shane drops down to his knees, letting every word sink in. Every revelation. And he only had his mother’s word to go by. Until his father was home, he wouldn’t know what to think. So he would wait, and try his best to not cause any more trouble until then.


The following two days would be the longest of his short life. The tension and the silence between Shane and his mother was no way for a ten year old boy to live, but this was his life. As hard as it was, he had nowhere else to go and despite how his mother treated him, and his father’s absence, he still loved them. At least he thought he did.

He was in his room the moment he heard his father come home. He knew it soon after because his mother immediately started yelling about having to put up with Shane once again. He quietly snuck over to his door and opened it just a crack to get a better listen. This was a bit of a ritual, it seemed. His father would return home from one of his business trips, and they’d start fighting. Finn would get irritated by it rather quickly then disappear off into his own bedroom slash study. This time before he could make it to the comforts of his room, Shame would stop him.

Shane: Do I have a brother?

Finn stops dead in his tracks. He slowly turns and faces his son, who is just staring at him with sad eyes. Finn sighs and then rolls his eyes, realizing his wife had broken the news.

Finn: Jaysus Christ...she told ye?!

Shane:’s true?! I do have a brother?!

Finn is clearly annoyed and instead of gently confirming the news, he nods, and does so brashly, and with annoyance.

Finn: Yeah, ye’ve got a brother. An older one. Quit askin’ questions and get back in yer room. Ye don’t need to be—

Shane: Can...Can I meet him?

Finn: What? No, ye can’t meet him! Ye’d only make yerself look like an arse. He’s a smart kid. He’s goin’ somewhere with his life. Don’t be puttin’ it in yer head that just because ye’ve got a brother that it’ll change anything.

Shane frowns and lowers his head. He had hoped maybe his brother would accept him, but it seems he would never be given the chance to find out.

Finn: Christ. Don’t be such a sap, fella. Get over it, get back into yer room and quit buggin’ me would ye?!

Finn then turns and storms off into his bedroom. He slams the door shut and Shane slowly turns and disappears back into his own. Before he closes the door, he looks up and sees that his mother has heard the entire exchange between them. She smirks and nods and Shane quickly closes the door so he doesn’t have to see her vile face any longer.

It was at that moment that something snapped in him. If they were going to insist on him being a disappointment and a troublesome child, he was now set on making it a reality. And he no longer felt any desire to meet his brother, or the perfect child he apparently was.


Eleven Years Later…

O’Malley, having stopped going by his first name Shane, never thought this day would come. He hadn’t lived with his parents in almost five years now, and truth be told, he didn’t even want to do what he was about to do. He was living with Tommy McFadden now and he hadn’t even spoken to his parents since leaving home years ago. It was all the more reason to be shocked when his mother had shown up at Tommy’s doorstep just two days ago looking for her son to break the news to him.

His father was dead. And today was his funeral. O’Malley had no intention of going to the funeral. He had no reason to. His father had made it quite clear years ago that he was not proud of his son, nor would he ever be. He would only ever be proud of the son he had with a British woman. The son who O’Malley learned was named Alistair. And he had still never met him.

So why would he go to the funeral? What point was there in showing up to bury a man he no longer considered his father, nor felt any ounce of emotion over the fact that he was dead? There wasn’t in O’Malley’s eyes, but against his better judgement, he allowed Tommy to persuade him to go. If for nothing more than closure.

He stayed at a distance throughout the duration of the graveside service. There weren’t that many people there, but he could see his mother at the forefront, shedding tears for a man who made her life miserable. Fake tears no doubt, so all he could do was crack a smile and laugh at the spectacle and wait until everyone else was gone to do what he came here to do. That was until he saw someone standing a few feet away from his mother who he didn’t know, but by his appearance, he had a feeling he knew exactly who he was.


His older, more accomplished brother. The resemblance was obvious, but O’Malley didn’t care. When he first found out about him, he had wanted to meet him, but things quickly changed. He had no desire in proving just how right his father was. And looking at Alistair, he could see was a pretentious asshole the guy was.

He tried to stay hidden as everyone made their leave following the service. And just when he thought it was safe, he made his way over to his father’s casket and just stared at it. He had planned to say a few words, but as he approached it, the words just ran away and he couldn’t do it. But he didn’t shed a tear either.

It was finally over. At least where his father was concerned. He really never would see or speak to his father again, and that brought a great satisfaction to him. And just when he was about to leave and never return to this grave, he came face to face with his brother.

Alistair: You’re Shane, aren’t you?

Bastard. That is the word that sprang to O’Malley’s head when he heard Alistair’s voice for the first time. And while they were only a year in part in age, Alistair presented himself as much older.

O’Malley: Don’t call me Shane. I don’t go by that name anymore.

Alistair: Do you know who I am?

O’Malley laughed and nodded. All he wanted to do was crack Alistair across his jaw.

O’Malley: Well unless I’m standin’ here havin’ a conversation with a younger version of me arsehole of a father, I’d wager yer Alistair.

Alistair smiles and nods, even ignoring the harsh words O’Malley said about their father.

Alistair: So you do know of me, then. I’m sorry we have to meet under these circumstances…

O’Malley: I ain’t. Only thing I’m sorry about is that we’re meetin’ at all. It was nice chattin’ with ye, but I really need to be—

Alistair steps in front of O’Malley as he tries to walk away, blocking his path. O’Malley is not at all pleased with this decision, but he holds himself back from doing what he wants to.

Alistair: Look, I know why you’re upset, Shane. I would be, too, of I were in your shoes.

O’Malley: Oh ye really don’t, fella. And don’t feckin’ call me Shane. Now I suggest ye get out of me way because I’ve got nothin’ to say to ye.

Alistair: You have every reason to be angry, but not at me. Be angry with him if you want to be, but I’m trying to be your brother, here. And I’m sorry, but I don’t know what else to call you.

O’Malley clenches his hand into a fist and glares at Alistair. He didn’t know why he hadn’t punched him yet, but if he pisses him off any further, he just might.

O’Malley: What are ye doin’ here, huh? Are ye so broken up about dear old dad’s death that ye felt the need to be here? Or, did he treat you like shite like he did to me? Because I find the latter to be less likely considerin’ he always boasted about how terrific a son ye were, and how ye were gonna do big things with yer life. Piss off!

Alistair: Why don’t we go somewhere else and talk about this? Perhaps standing next to his casket and arguing isn’t such—

O’Malley: I don’t give a shite! I’ve got no desire to hear about yer perfect life or what success ye’ve had in yer life because the fact is, ye had everything...and I had nothin’. Obviously. Yer the one standin’ there in an expensive tailored suit after all.

O’Malley rolls his eyes. Alistair looks down at his suit and then back up to his brother. He was genuinely trying to get through to him, but it was going nowhere.

Alistair: It doesn’t have to be this way, you know. He kept us apart for our entire lives for reasons I’ll never understand, but we can be brothers. Come back to England with me. You can have a life.

The words struck a nerve in O’Malley almost immediately. He could...have a life? In England?

O’Malley: What the feck does that mean? You think I don’t have a life now?!

Alistair: That is not—

O’Malley: Feck off, Alistair! I escaped the shite that YOUR father and me mother put me through. I was determined to not be everything he said I would be. I made a life fer meself and I’m still buildin’ that life. I don’t need to go to England and get fitted fer some fancy ridiculous lookin’ suits to have a life. And I don’t need an arrogant jackass like ye to help me! PISS OFF and stay outta my life!

O’Malley hauls off and shoves Alistair, knocking him against their father’s casket. Alistair watches, shocked, as O’Malley storms off and disappears out of the cemetery, wondering if the two would ever see or speak to one another ever again. Or, if they’d even have any sort of brotherly bond…

We once again find ourselves in the events center of the Golden Ring Casino. In the center of the room where O’Malley once stood, he’s now seated very comfortably in a chair with his arms folded across his chest. Despite having started to re-live such a painful time during his past, he seems rather calm and unaffected by the reflection, and instead, is focused intently on the camera. And in his mind, on the first of his two opponents.

“Jack Washington. The one fella in this match that hasn’t been quite as big a thorn in me side as Kris Ryans, but a thorn all the same. And not because ye really did anything personally to me, but because yer attitude It really sucks, fella. I know yer probably sittin’ back, watchin’ this and grinning that arrogant little grin of yer’s. And that’s fine. But let me explain why it sucks, fella.”

He keeps his arms folded, but pauses for a brief moment. He closes his eyes and cracks his neck from side to side before reopening his eyes and returning his focus to Jack Washington.

“Ye’ve got this God Complex, Jack. Don’t get me wrong. Yer a talented kid. Yer a hell of an athlete and performer in that ring, and because of it, ye won the World Heavyweight Championship in a short amount of time with SCW. In less than a year in fact. Ye lived up to everything ye said, and that’s pretty damn impressive. But...that’s not always a good thing, fella. And let me tell ye why.”

He unfolds his arms now and leans forward, propping his elbows on his knees and clasping his hands together as he gathers everything he wants to say. He needs this to be clear. He needs this to be spot on. He needs Jack Washington to hear every word.

“Ye’ve become what people like to call...a flash in the pan. Ye know what that means, right? Well, if not, I’ll fill ye in. Even if ye do, I’m still gonna fill ye in because I want every word to sink in, Jack. Ye see, a flash in the, a person whose sudden, yet brief success...isn’t achievable again. No matter how hard ye try. Or what ye say, that success ye saw rather quickly, was all ye’ll ever see. Are ye hearin’ me, Jacky boy? Are these words pissin’ ye off?”

He grins and lets out a chuckle, nodding slowly.

“They should be. Ye aimed too high, too fast, Jack. Instead of doin’ what I was tryna do and start from the bottom and work me way up, ye went straight for the top of the ladder and ye took it fer yerself. Yeah, it worked out in yer favor, but look what happened? Ye held the title fer not even three months and ye weren’t ready for the biggest challenge of all when ye faced Kris Ryans and because of it, he’s now walkin’ around as the World Heavyweight Champion, buggin’ the shite outta all of us. Thanks fer that, fella.”

He lets out an annoyed laugh and shakes his head, then leans back in the chair, folding his arms again. He props his right leg on his left knee as he continues.

“If ye were just an unstoppable force, and the best man to lead this division, where is the proof? Sure, ye beat Alex Jones fer the title. Sure, ye successfully defended it against Austin James Mercer. Whoopty friggin’ doo, fella. Anyone who is anyone can beat the members of Wolfslair lately so that ain’t exactly something ye can brag about. I thank ye fer it, because those fellas are annoying little feckers, so at least ye did something right there.”

He rolls his eyes briefly and lets out a sigh. He holds up his index finger again as he continues, hoping in his mind that the words are just eating Jack apart.

“But the one time ye had a real challenge, what happens, Jack? Ye failed. Ye got too cocky fer yer own good, and it was just the beginning of yer downfall, fella. Because as good as ye are, or ye might be, that one’s gonna eat at ye fer quite some time. And the funny part? Yer always gonna blame me fer it, because I was at ringside. Think what ye want, but I didn’t cost ye shite, Jack. Ye had a chance to bounce back and get the job done after I stopped ye from keepin’ that title by a disqualification, and ye couldn’t do it. That’s on ye, fella. Not me.”

He lets his leg fall back down and plants his foot on the floor alongside the other one, then sits up, adjusting his position. He cracks a smile and chuckles, quickly realizing something as he focuses longer on Jack Washington.

“But ye know what, Jacky boy? Despite everything I am sayin’ against ye right now, I’ve come to realize something. Something ye might not even agree with, but the more I think about it, the more I realize, it’s really quite obvious. Ye see, Jack, ye and me? We’re not so different. We got a lot in common, actually, so I might understand ye a lot more than ye’ll realize or even care to admit.  Allow me to explain, yeah? And hopefully it’ll all click in that brain of yer’s and knock ye down a couple notches.”

He leans forward again, holding up a single finger. He stares into the camera, and his face turns serious.

“One. Neither one of us has a squeaky clean past, Jack. I ain’t too familiar or in the know with all the skeletons in yer closet, fella, but we’ve both had to fight like hell to prove ourselves and get somewhere in this business. Ye may be younger, but I know we share those qualities so don’t sit there and try to deny it. The only difference is that I’ve wisened up with me experience, and allowed me attitude to change while ye? Yer what I used to be, fella. Yer still angry, and until ye get past’ll never truly experience the growth that I have.”

He pauses and then holds up a second finger. He sighs and rolls his eyes before he continues.

“Two. Kris Ryans has beaten us both two times now. That, is a sad fact that even disgusts me to admit that I share with ye, but it’s a fact all in the same. The only difference is that the second loss he technically holds over me, he didn’t pin me. It was a fatal four way and he pinned someone else, but I’m man enough now to admit, I still carry that loss because I was still in that match. It’s one of the reasons, this match being excluded, that I’ve come to dislike matches with multiple opponents. But I’m sure ye understand, right?”

He drops his arm, resting the palm of his hand on his knee. His leg begins to bounce up and down for a moment, a quick glimpse of the effects of minor anxiety. He catches himself, then makes his leg go still.

“Jack, I think ye and I can agree that despite our differences...despite how much we might hate each other...One of us has to earn that loss back from Kris. One of us has to FINALLY prove that Kris isn’t unbeatable. We can get the better of him and knock him way the feck down. Now I hate to say it, but I don’t think that person is gonna be ye, fella. Not unless ye can quiet down that anger ye’ve got and that shame ye feel fer losing the title to him last month. Maybe if I see a different side of ye in that ring, I’ll think differently, but this one...this one has to be mine, kid.”

He leans back in the chair, getting as comfortable and as relaxed as he can. The confidence and the determination coming from him is perhaps the clearest we have seen than ever before.

“I know how much ye want it, though. I understand, Jack. I really do. Because I’ve felt the same way fer a lot longer than ye have, kid. I’ve been itchin’ to get in that ring with Kris fer months, and I finally get me chance. I wish it were one-on-one, but in this case. Two birds. One stone. But in the end, one of us isn’t gonna get pinned so someone still isn’t gonna be satisfied. Even past this match, someone is gonna have unfinished business, and not a one of us can deny it. I hope yer ready, Jack. Because with me mindset right now...Yer gonna be the unpredictable one.”

He closes his eyes one last time and leans forward. He props his elbows on his knees again and then drops his head into his hands. He breathes slowly, and just...thinks for a few moments. So much at stake, yet only one man can win. And he wants this more than either of his opponents will admit or recognize. He finally opens his eyes and very slowly looks into the camera.

“Get ready, Jack. Because fer me? History isn’t gonna repeat itself. The past...will remain in the past.”

The camera zooms in on his eyes one final time, and he doesn’t even blink. He remains determined and focused as ever, ready and willing for the match ahead.

Dublin, Ireland
Year: Late 2014

The last few months have been nothing short of dramatic for O’Malley. Up until just a couple of months ago, he was well on his way to moving to an engagement with Darcy, his girlfriend of just over a year, but that all changed in the blink of an eye when the raven haired American woman named Misty stepped foot in his local pub. He never intended things to turn out the way they had, but no matter how hard he tried, he soon found himself falling in love with Misty, and that meant having to break things off with Darcy. But that decision did not come without its consequences.

Growing up, he was always known as the troublemaker. His parents knew it, and eventually everyone in the town did when he started acting out as a pre-teen and for years after that. It wasn’t until the owner and bartender of the pub, Tommy, had come into his life that things started to turn around. And once Darcy came into his life, those in the town who knew him as long as they did, had hope. But now? He was throwing that all away to take a chance.

Tommy: I tell ye, O’Malley, I’ve known ye a long time now and as much as I like that Misty lass, I’m not so sure all o’ this is a good idea. Yer thinkin’ with the wrong brain, kid.

Tommy chuckles as he alludes to the idea that O’Malley was chasing tail and not chasing love. The two were having a serious conversation alone in Tommy’s pub. Tommy had been more of a father to him than O’Malley’s own father was, and O’Malley had to respect his opinion. Even if it was wrong.

O’Malley: Of course ye’d think that, Tommy. But it ain’t about that. There’s somethin’ about this woman. There’s somethin’ about a life in America that I need to experience. Even if she didn’t have a daughter an’ a family in America, I’d still be making the same decision.

It had taken some time to plan out, but O’Malley had made the decision to leave his hometown and home country to move to America. It was a big step, he knew, but he couldn’t begin to explain what he was feeling right now.

Tommy: Yer runnin’ away, aren’t ye? After all these years, now yer makin’ the decision to tuck yer tail between yer legs and run, even though ye got no reason to. And ye ruined a great thing ye had with Darcy when ye don’t even know if whatever this is, is gonna work out.

O’Malley: I know, Tommy. I know, alright? But if ye had the chance to experience somethin’ great in America, wouldn’t ye take it? If ye had this gut feeling that there was something...big out there fer ye? I’ve never felt this way, Tommy.

O’Malley finishes off the pint of beer he had in front of him, handing the empty glass off to Tommy. Tommy goes to fill it up, but O’Malley holds his hand up, signalling he doesn’t want another pint.

Tommy: Yer makin’ a mistake, kid. I dunno what it is ye think yer gonna find, but I don’t think yer gonna find it. I think things with Darc were gettin’ serious. She was pushin’ ye to put a ring on her finger, and yer usin’ this Misty woman as an excuse. And what are ye gonna do if things don’t work out the way this gut feelin’ is tellin’ ye they will? What then? Ye think yer gonna come back here and Darc will just welcome ye back with open arms?

Tommy laughs and shakes his head. He leans forward on his palms against the counter, trying to get through to the man who has been like a son to him for so many years. Despite how he might feel, he knew that this was O’Malley’s decision to make, and to deal with any consequences that would arise from it.

O’Malley: No, I don’t think that at all. I could never ask Darcy to take me back if things don’t work out. And I don’t expect her to wait to find out, either. Ye know how many fellas she had chasin’ her even when we were together? She’ll be fine, Tommy. And if things don’t work out in America...well, I’ll deal with that if it happens. But I need yer blessing, Tommy. I need to know ye support me in this.

Tommy shakes his head again.

Tommy: Ye don’t need anything from me, kid. It’s yer life. I can’t stop ye from doin’ anything. Except makin’ trouble. Because if ye go over there and do somethin’ that lands ye in prison...I’ll come over there and kill ye meself.

O’Malley laughs.

O’Malley: What the feck would I do to land in prison?!

Tommy: Hell if I know. I’m just givin’ ye a warning. I’m proud of ye fer growin’ up like ye have over the last fifteen years or so I’ve known ye. I’d just hate to see ye screw it up. It took a lot of work to get that shite yer parents drilled into ye outta that head of yer’s but I pulled it off. Don’t go disappointin’ me now.

Disappointment. That was something O’Malley hadn’t thought about in years. At least not for as long as he had known Tommy. Tommy had saved his life and he didn’t think he could ever repay him for it.

O’Malley: I owe ye a lot, Tommy. And I promise ye I’ll do everything it takes not to disappoint ye. Movin’ to America...I’m tellin’ ye, I’m gonna be something. I don’t know what it is, but I’m gonna find out.

Just then, they hear the door to the pub slam shut. They turn their attention to the door and see Darcy standing there, shock written all over her face.

Darcy: You’re moving to America?!

O’Malley looks to Tommy, but he just shakes his head and looks away. This is O’Malley’s problem to deal with. Darcy’s eyes well with tears and she turns and bolts out of the pub. O’Malley quickly stands up and chases after her.

O’Malley: Darc! Wait! Would ye stop?!

He catches up to her, grabbing her hand. She spins around and glares at him as more tears of heartbreak fall down her cheeks.

O’Malley: What..what are ye doin’ here?

Darcy: What does it matter? You’re moving to America now. To be with your raven haired whore.

O’Malley sighs.

O’Malley: Of course it matters. Ye’ve been avoiding Tommy’s pub since we broke up.

Darcy: Since you broke up with me. And I came here to talk to you, but again, it doesn’t matter. Just leave me alone.

She yanks her hand away from him and takes a few steps back, preparing to leave, but he steps towards her again, not wanting it to end like this.

O’Malley: I’m sorry, Darcy. I don’t know how many times I can say, but I am. I never meant to hurt ye, and I’ll hate meself fer it fer the rest of me life. But I had to make this decision. I had to do this fer meself.

Darcy laughs and rolls her eyes. She wipes away her final tears, her mood changing from heartbroken to angry in just a matter of seconds.

Darcy: You know, I was going to come here and pour my heart out to you, because as much as I’ve tried, I can’t stop loving you. But I guess you never really loved me if everything we ever had you can just forget about when a complete stranger walks in the door. You make me sick.

O’Malley: Of course I loved ye, Darc. I still do! I don’t expect ye to understand, but I have to do this. I have to experience life outside of Ireland, and the sooner I’m gone, the sooner ye can move on with yer life. Ye deserve to be happy.

Darcy: Your parents were right. You’re never going to amount to anything, O’Malley. Especially not if you move to America to be with that woman. You’re killing whatever life you were building. You’re throwing away all that hard work that Tommy put into helping you for a woman you don’t even know. I hope it blows up in your face. Have a great life, Shane.

He attempts to step towards her again, but she lifts her index finger in warning and he backs off. She stands tall and then turns and walks away, and O’Malley has more words to process from someone he cared about, yet his actions have hurt her the most. He prayed to God that his gut feeling was leading him in the right direction, because if not, there would be no living this down.

Back in the events center of the Golden Ring Casino, O’Malley is now seen seated at a small table that has now been set up, pushed against the wall. He has a pint of beer in front of him, as he runs his hand up and down the handle and looks into the camera.

“This one has been a long time comin’, hasn’t it Kris? The two of us have been back and forth eggin’ each other on and gettin’ on each other’s nerves fer months now, yet the last time we were even in the ring together was on Crystal’s Queen Fer A Day match she put us in. Ye know, the one where ye won and secured that championship match that ultimately worked out fer ye? Since then, we’ve been unlucky enough to not get each other in the ring to beat the hell out of each other.”

He takes a drink of his beer, savoring the flavor and reflecting on the last several months of feuding with Kris Ryans. Considering how many times Kris has pissed him off, his demeanor is rather calm and collected. Much different then how he will be by the time the bell rings.

“If I’m honest, I ain’t quite sure how this feud even started. I don’t remember, and at this point, it doesn’t even matter, because when it all boils down to it, I’m determined to end it in this match. Pinning ye or making ye tap is my ultimate goal because it’ll prove once and fer all that I’m not the bitch boy ye make me out to be. Ye like to sling yer schoolboy insults at me and ye act so proud of it, but what does it really say about ye, Kris? Go on, I’ll give ye a few seconds to say it out loud and let yerself hear it. But I bet yer just laughin’.”

He leans back, his back touching the wall and he just stares into the camera. His eyes look down to his beer, doing exactly as he says and giving Kris a moment to answer his question as he hopefully watches. After a few moments, O’Malley grins and looks back into the camera.

“Now that I’ve given ye ample time to spit out a lie, I’ll tell ye what it means, Kris. It means yer an immature dickhead with an ego he doesn’t even deserve. Sure ye’ve accomplished a lot, there’s no denyin’ that, but much like Jacky boy, the attitude behind it ruins it fer ya. Ye’ve been walkin’ around, braggin’ about yer win loss record since comin’ back, and bein’ a double champ, but who have ye really faced, Kris? And how many of those matches were yer tag matches with that blonde bimbo that everyone, except Despayre, hates? I know this is an unpopular opinion, but when most of yer wins are tag matches, ye don’t have much to brag about because ye rely on someone else to get those wins.”

He folds his arms and looks back to his half full pint of beer, taking his time in drinking it. He could just chug the rest of it, but he’s too focused on Kris and the championship belt he now possesses.

“Now I ain’t gonna sit here and spew out the same shit and continue focusing on the fact that instead of doin’ yer own thing and kickin’ arse in the singles division, ye let Mikah make the decision fer ya and came back only fer the mixed tag division. Because I’ve said it many times and I’m not gonna be a broken record here. What I want to focus on, Kris. Is ye and what a shite human bein’ ye are, despite what others may think. I ain’t perfect meself, I’m not gonna deny that, but compared to ye? I’m a hell of a lot better.”

He can feel his mood quickly diminishing and takes his pint of beer, polishing it off. He sets the glass back down and spins it, taking in a few deep breaths to bring his rising agitation back down.

“Kris, ye’ve been in SCW off an on fer how many years, fella? Six years or so? And in that time ye’ve gone from callin’ yerself a Nobody, to an Accident. And now The Miracle. Anymore and ye’ll have just as many egos as Crystal Seven Names. Ye’ll be known as the male Crystal Miltonzich or whatever she calls herself these days. Yer definitely headin’ that way quickly.”

He chuckles and grins into the camera. His mood has returned to the calm demeanor he had before, focusing his mind where it needs to.

“So, ye were a Nobody first. Along with Tim and Alexis Staggs and some other people, right? Ye paraded yerselves around here whinin’ and bitchin’ about not bein’ taken seriously and causin’ a bunch of chaos. Bein’ a bunch of misfits tryna get what ye wanted. Let me tell ye, people don’t like that attitude, fella. Lookin’ back on yer matches from back then, ye had talent, fella. Ye weren’t this Nobody ye made yerself out to be, and I imagine even if people told ye otherwise, ye wouldn’t have believed them. Ye brought everything on yerself, and I don’t feel one bit sorry fer ye.”

He leans forward then stands up from the chair, taking a few steps forward. He walks slowly but with a purpose, and still focused intently on Kris Ryans and hopefully, knocking him off the pedestal he has placed himself on. Though in his mind, O’Malley knows that when it comes to Kris...that is unlikely.

“And then from there ye transitioned into the Accident. Maybe that was a more accurate way to consider yerself, Kris, because I’m sure that’s exactly what ye are. Dare I go as far as to say…a mistake? Because even through all the adversity ye’ve faced, Kris...instead of rising above it and bein’ a better man than all that and growing as a human being...Ye continue to make mistake after mistake. Be mistake after mistake. How many chances have ye been given, Kris? By yer friends. Yer family. Life? How many?”

He starts counting on his fingers as if trying to figure out the answer for himself, but after the first hand, he waves it away and shrugs and looks back into the camera.

“Yer the only one who knows the real answer to that one, Kris. But no matter what the number is, me point remains the same. Ye’ve been given chance after chance, and ye still feck things up in the end. Ye still ruin not only the lives of those closest to ye, but yer own life, fella. Ain’t ye tired, fella? Haven’t ye had enough and finally seen the bigger picture and realized it’s time to grow the feck up and quit bein’ such an immature disappointment?”

He taps the side of his head with his index finger and grins.

“Think about it, fella. Prove me wrong, and maybe. Just maybe...I’ll change me opinion of ye. Until then, there’s not a whole lot that’s gonna change me opinion, because every time ye speak...every time ye just justifies everything I think about ye, fella. And deep down, I think ye know it, too.”

He makes it back to the center of the room and begins slowly pacing back and forth, placing his hands in his pockets as he continues.

“And let’s talk about now, fella. Yer most recent and current run in SCW where ye refer yerself as the Miracle. Part of The Black Sheep. Now that I think about it, maybe a miracle is quite fitting fer ye. I mean, it has to be because there is no other explanation on why ye were allowed back in SCW, let alone how yer still walkin’ this planet. Yer basking in that miracle status, but again...doin’ feck all to make yerself a better person. I’ve got a suggestion fer yer next nickname, Kris. It’s really quite perfect because, yer headed there pretty quickly, and maybe after this match is over, it’ll be inevitable. Ye ready fer this one?”

He stops pacing, stares into the camera and gets a wicked grin on his face.

“The Tragedy.”

He nods slowly and laughs, one hundred percent serious with his suggestion.

“Oh, yes, Kris. Yer well on yer way to becoming The Tragedy Kristopher Ryans. The fella who pretended so hard to be somebody and do something with his life. The fella who constantly ran his mouth like the cocky son of a bitch he was, and somehow pulled off these huge victories and accomplishments, only to feck them up time and time again. And he kept comin’ back fer more. Until...tragedy. Just like I said to Jack, yer gonna come crashin’ down eventually, and when ye won’t get back up. Not this time.”

He now shakes his head and begins his pacing again, the thoughts in his mind quickly transferring to the World Heavyweight Championship. And the thought of Kris still being champion after Inception IV.

“I know ye want to be the champion when all is said and done after this match, Kris. Ye passed along the Mixed Tag title of yer’s to Coby so ye could continue holdin’ and defendin’ that title, and keep up this decent run ye got goin’. I’m not surprised. I don’t think anyone else is surprised, either. Yer where everyone of us wants to be with a championship everyone dreams of winning. But, Kris, I want ye to look into me eyes. Listen to me voice and understand just how serious I am when I say this.”

He quickly turns his head and stares into the camera as it zooms in slowly on his eyes. His nostrils even flare as he breathes slowly.

“Yer championship run? It’s gonna end before it has a chance to even begin. Yer gonna be faced with the decision to go runnin’ back to yer little pets in The Black Sheep, because when I win that title, I don’t plan to let it get away anytime soon. And that’s just if I win, because let’s not ferget that Jack is involved in this one, and just as much as I want to beat ye, Kris, Jack does too. He wants the title he still thinks is his back, and he’s gonna put up a hell of a fight. Don’t try and sit there and promise an outcome, Kris, because in a match like this...anything is possible.”

O’Malley folds his arms where he stands, closes his eyes and draws in a deep breath, as he works his way to his closing. So many words have been spoken and so much has run through his mind, but words only go so far. Actions speak so much more.

“And I have to remember that the two of ye...there’s a lot more hatred fer me combined from the both of ge than anything else. Ye both felt I ruined the match between ye last month, and ye want to make me pay. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a little teamwork at some point just to get me out of the picture. But try all ye want, fellas. I’ve overcome a lot of obstacles in life and that’s exactly what the two of ye are. Another obstacle. Two fellas in me way of gettin’ to the top of the division that I’ve been bustin’ me arse fer. Sunday January thirty-first, I may be walkin’ in the least favorite, but I’ll be walkin’ out with everyone speakin’ me name.”

His hands drop and the camera stays focused on his eyes, quickly narrowing into determined aggression. He smiles one last time.

“See ye real soon, fellas…”

And with that the scene black!

Climax Control Archives / New Year...Better O’Malley!
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Early December
County Courthouse- Las Vegas, Nevada

With Christmas right around the corner, O’Malley is finding it harder and harder to be in the Christmas spirit. He wants nothing more than to have his son, Owen, home where he should be, but the custody battle with Misty’s family hasn’t even gone to court yet. Not to mention the restraining order that is still in place against him and Darcy, which bars either of them from even attempting to see Owen before then.

But that brings us to today. O’Malley and Darcy knew the restraining order had no merit. They had done nothing to harass or threaten Misty’s family, and Synn’s attorney, who was now representing O’Malley in this case, agreed as well. So a motion to dismiss the restraining order had been filed, and because of the sheer fight the attorney has, she was able to get the date scheduled for before the holidays.

O’Malley and Darcy had arrived at the courthouse earlier than their attorney had told them to. They didn’t want to risk running late, so all the better to be early anyway. They’re currently seated on a bench outside their assigned courthouse, waiting for the others to arrive. O’Malley, dressed in a navy suit and tie, is clearly very nervous as Darcy grips his hand. She’s dressed just as appropriately as he is, wearing a matching navy colored pant suit with a white blouse.

Darcy: Relax, O’Malley. Everything is going to work out just fine. Ms. Omar ensured us that the restraining order would get thrown out. Why are you so nervous?

O’Malley takes in a deep breath, and Darcy gives his hand a gentle squeeze.

O’Malley: I can’t help it, Darc. This is the first true step in gettin’ Owen back. I want so bad to have him home fer Christmas.

Darcy: He very well may be. As soon as the restraining order is handled, the custody hearing is next. She’s going to do everything in her power to get it scheduled in time to have him home for Christmas.

O’Malley wants nothing more than to believe his wife’s comforting words, but given everything that is at stake, it is much easier said than done. His right leg begins to bounce up and down, yet another tell tale sign of his rising anxiety. Darcy shakes her head lightly, but comforts her husband quietly while they continue to wait. The first person to arrive, to their surprise, is O’Malley’s half-brother, Alistair Adams. O’Malley growls and looks away as Alistair approaches them with a warm smile.

Alistair: Well good morning, Shane. And Darcy, always lovely to see you.

O’Malley shoots his brother a glare, most likely the result of being called by his first name. But Alistair addressing Darcy could also have been a contributing factor.

Darcy: I wish I could say the same, Alistair, but I think we both know that would be a lie. What are you doing here?

O’Malley: Yeah, didn’t ye give up this case? Or was that another one of yer lies and I’m about to find out er still set on—

Alistair holds his hand up, silencing his brother before he can continue that rant. O’Malley’s nostril’s flare and Alistair shakes his head.

Alistair: It was not a lie, Shane. Once you confronted me and I found out the child involved was your son, I set up a meeting with the Waters’. If there is one thing I do not like, it is a conflict of interest in any case.

O’Malley: So this was about ye then? And not the fact that me son is being kept from me?! And quit feckin’ callin’ me Shane!

Alistair takes in a deep breath then exhales a frustrated sigh.

Alistair: You’ll have to just deal with it I’m afraid, because I find it rather strange that you prefer to be called by your last name. And, for your information, no. This is not about me. If you’ll recall, I tried to get my firm to drop them as clients completely so I could help you.

Darcy’s eyes widen and she turns her full attention to O’Malley. He’s looking away from them both, and she places her hand on his chin, and forces him to look at her.

Darcy: What is he talking about?

O’Malley: It doesn’t matter. I don’t need or want his help, Darc. We got someone better representin’ us anyway.

And as if on cue, the elevator down the hall dings open and the sound of heels clicking against the tiled floor follows. All eyes turn in the direction of the elevator to the woman walking towards them with a briefcase in hand. Alistair arches an eyebrow, and O’Malley and Darcy stand up from where they are seated to greet his attorney.

Mahreen Omar, the renowned attorney in her early fifties, walks up to them wearing a professional black business suit, with a black and white blouse under the blazer. Her chocolate brown wavy hair falls just past her shoulders, standing out perfectly against her olive skin tone.

Alistair: Mahreen Omar. I had absolutely no idea you dealt with these types of cases.

O’Malley’s attorney, Mahreen, stands next to her client, staring coldly at Alistair.

Mahreen: Alistair Adams. I was under the impression you had recused yourself from this case. Or, are you prepared to go down with the rest of your firm after all?

O’Malley: He was just leaving, Ms. Omar.

Alistair: Was I now?

O’Malley stares down his brother, not at all pleased he is still around. Alistair, meanwhile, turns his attention to Mahreen, and a slight grin appears on his face.

Alistair: Might I say you are looking lovely as ever, Mahreen.

She glares at him almost immediately.

Mahreen: Don’t even attempt it again, counselor. Your little advances will not work with me. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to speak with my clients in private.

O’Malley and Darcy each grin and let out amused chuckles as Mahreen leads them into the courtroom. No one else is inside yet, giving them a few brief moments to speak before the judge and everyone else arrives.

Mahreen: Mr. and Mrs. O’Malley, it’s a pleasure to see you again. Now, I wanted to speak with you before everyone else starts arriving because I want to make sure you are prepared.

O’Malley: Is there something new we don’t know about? I thought ye prepared us plenty the last meeting we had.

Mahreen sets her briefcase down on the table on their side of the courtroom. She opens it and takes out a few papers before turning back to O’Malley, remaining serious the entire time.

Mahreen: I wouldn’t exactly consider this to be new information, but your former in-laws really shot themselves in the foot here. They essentially gave us something golden to use against them, but I want to make sure you understand what the consequences could be because of it.

Darcy: You’re referring to them changing Owen’s last name on all the documents, aren’t you?

Mahreen nods, but she is focused solely on O’Malley. As Owen’s father, she is more concerned about his wishes than anything else.

O’Malley: I’m a little lost here, Ms. Omar. I know what they did was wrong—

Mahreen: It wasn’t just wrong, Mr. O’Malley. It was against the law. And the fact that their attorneys either didn’t realize it, or went along with it, is of equal consequence. I’m going to get your son back with you, but I need to know that you understand that Mr. and Mrs. Waters, and anyone who knew of their actions, are facing serious criminal charges here.

O’Malley scratches his head and turns his attention to Darcy. They both look conflicted, but before O’Malley has a chance to respond, the courtroom doors burst open and Misty’s parents walk in, along with their attorneys. The courtroom starts to fill not long after and O’Malley turns to Mahreen before taking his seat.

O’Malley: what ye need to do. I need me son back home…

Mahreen nods and O’Malley takes his seat. He looks behind him at everyone who is seated on either side of the courtroom. On his side are seated Gabriel, Odette and Synn. Not many in the way of support, but it is more than enough and he gives each of them a grateful nod. To his surprise, Daniel J. Morgan even shows up, taking a seat behind the others and exchanging a quick glance with O’Malley. Ever since the reopening of Daniel’s casino several months ago, the two had become friendly you could say.

On the opposite side, O’Malley focused on everyone he had considered family at one point. Colleen and Andrew Waters and two of their daughters, Dixie and Desiree. Their oldest daughter, Jackie, was not present, but then again, she was mostly absent from their lives even when Misty was alive. Desiree glares at O’Malley from the corner of her eye, and O’Malley looks to Dixie as she remains mostly expressionless. She was the closest of anyone to Misty, and it showed to this day, even three years after her death.

O’Malley quickly turns around to face forward, just in time as the bailiff announces the judge's arrival. Everyone stands up as the judge takes his place, then orders everyone to sit. The courtroom immediately goes silent as he starts to speak.

Judge: Good Morning counselors. I will begin listening to both sides in regards to Andrew and Colleen Waters restraining order against Shane and Darcy O’Malley. Before we—

Mahreen: Excuse the interruption Your Honor, but on behalf of my client I am requesting immediate termination of this restraining order, on the bearings it holds no grounds. Furthermore, we are requesting sole physical custody of the minor child, Owen Andrew O’Malley, be granted to Mr. and Mrs. O’Malley effective immediately.

The judge does not look pleased with the interruption by Mahreen, as he stares at her. Darcy reaches and takes O’Malley’s hand in hers, gripping it tightly as they focus their attention on the judge. Meanwhile, the Waters’ attorney stands up quickly.

Opposing Counsel: Your honor, this is ridiculous. Ms. Omar and her clients are out to disrupt this child’s life—

Judge: Quiet, Mr. Hampton.

Mr. Hampton immediately goes silent as the judge shuffles through some papers before looking up and directly at Mahreen.

Judge: Ms. Omar, you referred to the minor child as Owen Andrew O’Malley. But it says here the child’s last name is Waters?

O’Malley and Darcy look at one another, grinning, before turning their attention forward once again. Mr. Hampton looks to his clients nervously, as Mahreen nods.

Mahreen: That is correct, Your Honor. The child legally has the same last name as his father. My client, Mr. O’Malley. It has come to our attention that all documents in reference to the child were altered to give him a different last name. His late mother’s maiden name, and the last name of Mr. Hampton’s clients. It is for that reason that we feel sole physical custody should be awarded back to his father.

The judge seems quite surprised to hear any of this information as he looks through the papers again before focusing his attention on Mr. Hampton.

Judge: Mr. Hampton, what do you have to say for yourself and for your clients?

Mr. Hampton stumbles on his words, knowing full well that they have been caught. The judge tosses the paperwork down and shakes his head, and O’Malley and Darcy smile, thinking they will have Owen home with them soon enough.

Judge: This...this is a situation I never in a million years thought I would come across. Where counselors would knowingly break the law and do a poor job of hiding it, in fact. Due to this information, I am immediately dismissing the restraining order against Mr. and Mrs. O’Malley. And pending a further review of this case and all paperwork filed, the child is to remain in the custody of his grandparents.

Mahreen: Your Honor! With all due respect!

The judge takes his gavel and slams it down against the podium. O’Malley and Darcy are at a loss for words, but they remain quiet so as not to make matters worse.

Judge: Enough, Ms. Omar. I understand the gravity of this situation, but as it stands, I am withholding any further decisions until I get all the information I need. The child is to stay where he is, and the custody proceedings will begin the second week of January. Anymore arguments and you will be held in contempt. Am I clear?

Mahreen nods.

Mahreen: Yes, your honor.

The judge turns to face Mr. Hampton and Misty’s parents.

Judge: As for you and your clients Mr. Hampton, I strongly suggest you discuss with them what you all are facing should these accusations be proven true. Trust me when I say that I was very inclined to award Mr. O’Malley full custody here today. Court is adjourned pending a scheduled date in January.

He pounds his gavel once again, stands up and exits the courtroom. Misty’s parents and her attorneys quickly exit the courtroom but O’Malley, Darcy and Mahreen stay behind, as do Synn and the others. O’Malley is disappointed, given what the judge was told, but Darcy and Mahreen do their best to reassure him.

Mahreen: Don’t worry, Mr. O’Malley. Given the circumstances and what the judge will most certainly find out, there is simply no way he’d allow your son to remain with them. I am not happy with his decision, but I do understand where he is coming from.

O’Malley: I just wanted me boy home fer Christmas. But it looks like that ain’t gonna happen. I trust ye though.

Mahreen: I’ll do what I can to push the next hearing up sooner, but there are no guarantees. For now, just stay positive. And even though the restraining order was thrown out, I’d suggest staying away from them regardless. Let me handle everything, okay?

O’Malley nods and Mahreen puts her paperwork back into her briefcase. She looks towards Synn and they exchange nods.

Mahreen: I’ll be in touch soon.

She then walks away, and O’Malley and Darcy prepare to leave. O’Malley still isn’t satisfied with the outcome of today, but he trusts in Mahreen’s judgement, and has to do his best to have faith that his son will be back with him soon. Sooner rather than later he hoped…

About a week later…

O’Malley has tried to do his best to stay positive, and believe that the next time he goes to court, Owen would be coming home with him and Darcy. That’s the most important thing to him right now, but despite what Mahreen suggested, he was finding it extremely difficult to remain upbeat. It was perhaps all that was weighing on his mind that cost him his match against Agostino Romano not long after he had declared his intention to fight for the World Heavyweight Championship. Terrible excuse, of course, as no one would buy into it, but if you were to ask O’Malley, that is what he would say.

Christmas is just around the corner. Not only would this be the third Christmas without Owen, but it would also be the fourth without Misty. And while he has Darcy, and the life they have built together, the losses they have endured over the years is perhaps toughest to ignore around the holidays. This year in particular is weighing heaviest on him, due largely in part to the craziness that the Covid-19 pandemic has caused everyone.

While Darcy was finishing some last minute decorating at their home, O’Malley needed to get away for a little while. He was vague on where he was going, but Darcy didn’t put up any arguments and gave her husband the space he needed. Where he was going, however, not many people knew was still a part of O’Malley’s life. Where has he gone, you ask?

To the home he shared with Misty before she died. The very home that after she died, and after he had returned to Ireland almost three years ago, he had not managed to put up for sale. He couldn’t, and not because he couldn’t get over Misty, but because this was the only home that Owen had known. At was until now.

It took him a while after parking in the driveway, but he had finally built up the courage to head inside. It was the first time in almost three years he had been inside, and everything was exactly the way he left it. The electricity was shut off, and it was drafty inside, but the second he stepped through the door, his mind wandered back to the last Christmas he had spent with Misty and Owen in this house. Owen was just under a year and a half old at the time, but he was running around as a toddler would. He and Misty were not married yet, but they were building their life with their son anyway. As he stands in the entranceway leading to the front living room, he remembers that day vividly.

Christmas morning 2016…

Misty and Owen are seated on the floor just inches away from the Christmas tree. Owen is more interested in the wrapping paper thrown about than any of the presents he has already opened, with assistance from Misty of course, but O’Malley watches with a smile. Misty’s daughter, Eden Staggs, is also there, having the night before returning to her father’s later in the morning. Owen had currently left his mother’s lap and wandered over to his sister, bringing one of his new toys to show off.

Misty stands up from the floor and walks over to the love of her life, and he wraps his arm around her. They both watch as Eden spends some time with her baby brother.

O’Malley: How did I get so lucky? If ye had asked me a few years ago where I saw meself, I never would have said livin’ in America with an amazing woman and our kids.

Owen lets out a loud giggle and Misty smiles.

Misty: The Universe works in mysterious ways sometimes, O’Malley. There was a point in time where I wasn’t even sure any of this was possible, but I’ve been proven wrong. I just wish…

She keeps her eyes on her kids, the lights of her life, when her voice trails off, almost sadly. O’Malley looks down at her, raising an eyebrow.

O’Malley: Ye wish what? What’s wrong?

She shakes her head, trying to put any negative thoughts out of her mind.

Misty: Nothing. It’s nothing. Let’s just enjoy today.

O’Malley: Now ye know I’m not about to just let ye just try and change the subject like that. Somethin’ is botherin’ ye and I want to know what it is.

Misty sighs, knowing he won’t let this go.

Misty: Fine. I look at our kids and how amazing they are and I sometimes wish we could have more. At least one more anyway. Don’t get me wrong, I love Eden and Owen more than anything, but watching them grow has been what makes me wish I could have another baby. Ya know?

He nods. But they both knew that was impossible, as complications during Owen’s premature birth had left Misty unable to have any more children. He thinks for a while as he watches his son and stepdaughter and gives Misty a loving squeeze.

O’Malley: If this has anythin’ to do with ye wantin’ to give me another kid, we already talked about that. I love Eden as if she were me own, and I don’t consider Owen to be me only child. We have everything we need with what we have. I may not be a father they can look up to yet, but I’m damn sure determined to work on it.

Misty: What do you mean?

O’Malley: Ye know what I mean. I’m still tryna find me place here in the States. I don’t wanna be the fella I was back in Ireland. I was drawn here fer a reason, and I’m still tryna figure it out.

Misty turns her full attention to O’Malley, wrapping her arms around him and looking up into his eyes. She cracks a smile before she responds.

Misty: What? So I wasn’t the only reason you came here? I’m hurt…

She laughs and even he cracks a smile.

O’Malley: Well, I mean ye were the biggest reason.  But, I’ve always felt like there was more. That I was gonna do somethin’ to make Owen...and Eden...proud of me. To make ye proud of me. Just don’t know what that is.

Misty nods. She thinks for a moment and then nudges him as something hits her.

Misty: Have you given any more thought to giving wrestling a shot? We can start out with light training because of your accident, but your doctors did say—

O’Malley shakes his head and laughs.

O’Malley: Me? A wrestler? I don’t think so. That was always yer thing, love. I don’t think I’d be very good at it.

Misty: You never know. You might just surprise yourself. I could talk to Spike and work something out—

O’Malley lets out a laugh and shakes his head again.

O’Malley: No offense to Spike, but it would be a little weird to be trained by yer ex, don’t you think? I know yer on good terms,’d just feel strange to me.

Misty: Then we can find someone else…

O’Malley: It ain’t gonna happen, Misty. Let that be yer thing. Ye accomplished so much, I’d look like a fool next to what ye’ve done. I’ll figure it out, though. Trust me.

Their conversation is then cut short as Owen comes running up to them, and O’Malley scoops him up into his arms. Misty drops the conversation, for now, but judging by the look on her face, she’s not going to give up. O’Malley heads over to the sofa and sits down, placing Owen in his lap before Misty walks over and takes her place beside him.

Back to the present…

O’Malley had made it into what was Misty’s “trophy room” of the house. Pictures and memorabilia from her wrestling days were decorated and placed throughout the room. He slowly looks around, taking it all in, remembering his words that day as if he had just spoken then.

He had been so sure that this life would not be his. Misty was the accomplished one. She was the champion. She was the legend and the Hall of Famer. And even though he could potentially accomplish just as much, if not more, on the men’s side, he didn’t see it as possible. He didn’t think that wrestling was what was calling him to America. At least, not until that December day just a year later when Misty was taken from them.

He walks up to a shelf where Misty’s past year end awards were placed. The most notable being her Two Woman of The Year awards. He picked up the first one, from 2012, and just looked at it, running his hand over the engraving. Man of The Year, he thought, was something he would probably never achieve. And to him, that award would say more than any championship victory he would ever have.

As he looks up and around the room again, he takes in a deep breath before grabbing the other Woman of The Year award, and a few other things. He couldn’t allow them to stay here and collect dust, and he knew just what to do with them. Eventually, he would be back for the rest. But for now...this would do. He then heads out of the house and back to his car, having a clear goal inside his head. He’s so focused on getting back home, that he doesn’t notice the car parked just out front of the house. And behind the driver’s seat is Misty’s sister, Dixie…

Christmas Eve Night
O’Malley’s Christmas Surprises

It’s not how O’Malley envisioned he would be spending Christmas Eve- or Christmas at all for that matter- this year, but he’s making the best of it by planning. Yes, planning. Planning for what, exactly? Well, for the day he is awarded custody of Owen, and Owen returns home where he belongs. That day could be just around the corner, so he needs to be ready.

Truth be told, he’s been planning for weeks. But he had some things to finish before that time comes, and what better day than Christmas eve? You see, when Owen returns home, he needs a proper bedroom. A five year old little boy can’t just sleep anywhere now can he? No, he needs a place where he feels comfortable after transitioning to a bed he’s never slept in, in a room he’s never been in. So that is where all of this planning comes into play.

He wasn’t sure exactly what Owen was into these days to know exactly how to set up and decorate the room, so he just went with it for now, and if Owen didn’t like it, they would change it as soon as possible. He just wanted to show that he tried, and that he did so because he knew Owen would be coming home. And that he wanted him home more than anything.

After spending most of the day arranging everything in the room, and sometimes rearranging it, he’s just about finished. He stands in the doorway, leaning against the frame, looking it over again when Darcy walks up behind him. She wraps her arms around him and looks inside at all of his hard work.

Darcy: Finished for today? I’d like to spend some quality time with my husband, you know.

O’Malley chuckles and takes in a deep breath.

O’Malley: Sorry, Darc. Didn’t mean to be so distracted, but yeah. I think I’m done, but not just fer today.

Darcy: It looks good, sweetie. I’m sure Owen will love it. Particularly that set up on the dresser next to his bed.

Both of them focus their attention on just what Darcy was referring to. On the right side of his bed, the top of the dresser has been dedicated to Misty’s memory as it seems. Her two SCW Women of The Year awards are there, on either side of a photo of her holding Owen when he was a baby. Other photos are hanging on the wall just over the dresser, but O’Malley wants Owen to know that she will never be forgotten. And that she will always be with him.

Darcy: I figured her family would have all of her wrestling awards and such. But I’m sure he’ll be happy to have them here.

O’Malley: I can’t help but wonder if it’ll just make him miss her more. And if he’ll look up to her more than me. I’ll be lucky if I even win Man of The Year once, let alone twice.

Darcy: That little boy loves you no matter what, O’Malley. He’ll be proud of you even if you never win Man of The Year, but I’m sure you will.

O’Malley sighs and shrugs his shoulders. He’s doesn’t share the same confidence that his wife does, but he loves her all the more for her support and encouragement.

O’Malley: So he’ll be proud that I was voted Most Hated in both SCW and SCU this past year? He’ll be proud of the fact that I challenged Jack Washington fer the World Heavyweight Championship one week, only to go on to lose to Agostino Romano the next week. And not just any loss, but I tapped out? And now Kris Ryans has the damn belt.

Darcy: You knew when you got involved in this business that nothing would come easy. You have good weeks and you have bad weeks. That match against Agostino was a bad week. Whenever you get your shot at the title, you’ll be ready. No matter who it’s against. But for now, you need to wait to see who they have for you after the holiday break is over. Enjoy this time off.

O’Malley nods as he lets out another sigh. He remains quiet, though, taking in every word she said. He reaches in the room and turns off the light, ready to focus on spending time with Darcy.

Darcy: And speaking of enjoying the time off…

Before Darcy can get another word in, their doorbell rings. They both turn their attention to the front door, then look at each other, confused.

O’Malley: Did ye invite someone over?

Darcy shakes her head.

Darcy: No. I was going to ask you the same question. I have no idea who it could be.

O’Malley heads towards the door, allowing O’Malley the opportunity to greet their unexpected guest first. She stays behind a few feet, curious about who could be dropping by. When O’Malley opens the door, they both get the shock of their lives as Owen’s smiling face is the first that O’Malley sees. And Dixie is right behind him.

Owen: Daddy!

O’Malley pushes open the door and immediately drops down to Owen’s level. Owen’s arms are wide open and O’Malley scoops him up into his arms, stepping back inside the house and letting Dixie inside. Darcy watches with a joyous smile on her face, almost near tears.

O’Malley: Owen, me boy! What a great surprise! Dixie...great to see ye, love.

Dixie smiles back at O’Malley as she drops what appears to be an overnight bag on the floor. O’Malley sets Owen back down as he focuses on Dixie.

Dixie: I thought he should be with you for Christmas. I hope you don’t mind that I didn’t warn you first.

O’Malley: Of course not. Yer parents are okay with this?

Dixie: Do you mind if we talk in private for a few minutes? Owen, how about you spend some time with Darcy while I talk to your Daddy?

Owen looks up at Dixie, then to O’Malley. O’Malley gives his son an encouraging nod, then Owen looks to Darcy. Darcy has a nervous smile on her face, as this is the first time she is meeting her stepson, but they all seem to be in agreement.

Owen: Ok!

Darcy then steps past O’Malley and Dixie, taking Owen’s hand and leading him into the living room. She gives Dixie a thankful nod before O’Malley leads Dixie into the kitchen to talk in private.

Dixie: I’m sorry to put you in this position, but my parents don’t know that Owen is here. They think he’s having a sleepover at my house. You’d be surprised at how well Owen can keep a secret though.

O’Malley: Ye know, as much as I’d love to have Owen spend the night here, are ye sure going about it this way is a good idea? I don’t want to screw anything up with the custody hearing next month if they find out.

Dixie shakes her head.

Dixie: Don’t worry about that. If they find out, I’ll take the heat for it. This whole situation is’s not right. And Misty wouldn’t want any of this to be happening, either. He’s a wonderful little boy, O’Malley, and you and Darcy deserve to experience every second of it.

O’Malley is at a loss for words. He folds his arms and leans against the island in the center of the kitchen, looking at his former sister-in-law.

O’Malley: I can’t tell ye how thankful I am to hear ye say that. Not many people are on my side let alone Darcy’s.

Dixie: Well, given everything she said about Misty, it wasn’t easy, I’ll admit. And even if she hasn’t completely changed, I guarantee spending just one night with Owen will have an affect on her. I think raising my own daughter has helped me to see the bigger picture here. And that is that Owen needs his father in his life. All I ask is that you don’t hate my parents for what they’ve done to protect him.

O’Malley: Yer talkin’ about them lyin’ about his last name.

Dixie nods.

Dixie: I can’t completely defend them, but I understand why they did it. Misty has already been gone three years, O’Malley, but none of us has completely healed from it. Once Owen is back here with you, I don’t exactly know how it will affect them, but I’ll have to worry about that when the time comes.

O’Malley: So...yer sayin’ ye believe I’ll get awarded custody?

Dixie: Of course I do. You’re his father. And they lied about his last name on legal documents. There is no way the judge would not award you custody. Just...please don’t hurt him again, O’Malley.

O’Malley shakes his head.

O’Malley: I don’t plan on it. I’m doin’ everything in me power to be the father he needs me to be. A father he can be proud of.

Dixie: I hope you mean that. I really do. Anyway, I won’t take up anymore of your time. I’ll let you spend as much time as you can with him tonight. I’ll be here in the morning to pick him up, because they expect him home for Christmas.

O’Malley: Absolutely. Thank ye, Dixie. Really.

She nods again before turning around, and heading towards the front door again. Before she leaves, Owen runs up to her and gives her a quick hug, before heading back into the living room with O’Malley. Darcy, however, is the one to show Dixie out.

Darcy: Thank you, Dixie. I know you have every reason to hate me after the things I said about your sister, but I can’t even begin to express how terrible I feel about it all.

Dixie: I’m doing all of this because it’s what she would have wanted, Darcy. I’ll never forget all the terrible things you’ve said, but time will tell how sincere that apology really is. You guys have a Merry Christmas. I’ll see you all in the morning.

Dixie then walks out the front door, heading back to her car. Darcy closes the door behind her and turns just as O’Malley is leading Owen off to his bedroom. She smiles, takes in a deep breath, then follows behind them. Back in Owen’s room, he’s looking around excitedly at everything his father did. When he stops at the area dedicated to Misty, he just stares at the picture of his mother holding him when he was a baby, then looks at her awards and the other pictures.

Back in the doorway, O’Malley can’t stop smiling. Darcy walks up behind him. She’s holding a small rectangular box already wrapped with a bow on it. He turns around to face her and she hands him the gift. He takes it, slightly confused as he stares at her.

O’Malley: What’s this? I thought we were gonna exchange gifts tomorrow?

Darcy: We were, but I honestly couldn’t wait anymore. And now that Owen is here, we should focus more on him tomorrow before he has to leave. Open it.

O’Malley smiles and shakes the box, trying to get an idea of what is inside, but there is no sound. Darcy laughs as she waits for him to open it.

O’Malley: Is there anything in here, or are ye just prankin’ me?

Darcy: Oh, there is something inside. Just open it and find out.

He doesn’t need to be told a third time and he starts to rip the wrapping paper off. Rather than tossing the paper on the floor, Darcy takes it from him as he slowly removes the top off of the box and gets a look at what is inside. He’s confused at first until it hits him just what he is looking at. He stares at Darcy at a loss for words, and she just nods.

O’Malley: Wait. Are...are ye serious, right now?!

O’Malley grabs what is in the box, and holds it up revealing an ultrasound picture. He drops the box it was in and Darcy keeps nodding.

Darcy: I’m serious. I’m pregnant, O’Malley. We’re having a baby.

O’Malley lets out almost an astonished laugh as he stares at the picture, the tiny spec showing his and Darcy’s growing child. Owen walks up to them and stares up at his father.

Owen: What’s going on, Daddy? I wanna see!

O’Malley reaches down and pics up Owen again, showing him the picture. Owen isn’t quite sure what he is looking at but O’Malley explains the best, and only way he can.

O’Malley: This, Owen, is yer future baby brother or sister. What do ye think about that?!

Owen: Do I get to choose what I want it to be?!

O’Malley and Darcy both share a laugh and O’Malley shakes his head.

O’Malley: No, kiddo, ye don’t. But I’m sure no matter what, ye’ll be the best big brother ever.

O’Malley sets Owen down and the five year old heads back inside to explore his room some more. O’Malley can’t stop staring at the ultrasound photo as Darcy moves in closer to him.

Darcy:’re okay with this, then? I know several months ago you weren’t exactly ready for us to add to our family.

O’Malley: I was an arsehole, Darc. Of course I’m okay with it. I’ve had some time to think things over, and I told ye we’d just let whatever is supposed to happen, happen. I think it’s safe to say, this has turned out to be a better Christmas than I was expectin’.

Darcy smiles and lets out a sigh of relief, having been almost afraid of what O’Malley would think. He wraps his arm around her and they both stare at the ultrasound photo, and then to Owen, hopeful and now looking forward to their future as their family grows.

I think it’s safe to say that 2020 was a pretty terrible year fer most of us. Despite what we might have accomplished, or the positive things that may have happened, the pandemic sorta overshadowed any of that, am I right? But 2020 is finally behind is, and 2021 is finally here. Good riddance to that awful shite year, and welcome to the new year and whatever it has in store fer us all. I fer one, have a great feeling about it, despite what happened in America on just the sixth day in. But let’s not talk about that, yeah?

Me first year back in SCW was a bit all over the place. A sort of roller coaster ride, I guess ye could call it. I had had moments where I was on a roll, feelin’ like no one could stop me. And then I had times where I crashed and didn’t think I’d ever get back to makin’ an impact. Hell, I ended the year with a bit of a losin’ streak that I ain’t too proud of. I lost both the SCU Underground Championship and SCW roulette titles in the span of a couple weeks. I lost to Brother David Shepherd at High Stakes X, and then I lost to Agostino Romano at the last Climax Control. Shite way to close out the year in SCW, am I right?

I can’t focus on that anymore. If I do, it’ll only drag me down further, and with the start of a new year, it means a fresh start. Wiping the slate clean in a way, and pushin’ forward as I build me way up to bigger and better things. Things like bein’ the World Heavyweight Champion, and bein’ seen as the top star that I know I can and will be. No matter what people may think. If I’m honest, it seems fittin’ that me opponent this week is Senor Vinnie, because he and I...well have the same goal it seems. And not just gettin’ to the top of the SCW ladder. No, I’m talkin’ about redemption. Because if there has been one thing on me mind the last couple o’ months, it’s redemption.

I ain’t too sure what Vinnie boy has to redeem himself fer, if I’m honest. Before he came back after High Stakes, the only thing he was guilty of was bein’ a strange, mentally unstable fella that talks to a cactus. Fairly sure he still talks to that cactus, but he seems a bit less strange. Just more...troubled.

I get it though. In his eyes, he’s made mistakes. He’s gotten so low in his life, that there is really nowhere else to go but up, and returnin’ to the glory he once had. But to consider that redemption? I ain’t too sure if that’s what I’d describe what he’s tryna accomplish. It’s more like rebuildin’. Puttin’ himself back together after lettin’ himself fall apart and losin’ himself. Then again, I’m sure there is more to the story than even I know.

I’m a little lost on how I really feel goin’ into this match against Vinnie this week. I’ve faced the fella before. He’s a tough competitor to face, I’ll admit. But..that was the old Vinnie. This version I’ve got this week? I don’t know quite what to expect from him. He’s been on a roll since he came back. He’s made enough of an impression that I’m sure Mark and Christian feel like he deserves a shot at the championship over me. Hell...maybe they’re right. But do I want them to be?

Absolutely not.

I know I haven’t done much in recent months, but I think despite all that I’ve earned my shot to go fer the big one. And I mean truly go fer it. Not the open challenge I accepted from Ben Jordan last year. But there is also the fact that my challenge was to Jack Washington...the now former champ.

But Vinnie...he’s my ticket to movin’ up. He’s my shot at showin’ that the string of losses I’ve had recently are behind me, and that I’m one hundred and fifty percent serious at provin’ meself worthy of representin’ SCW as its stop champion. Vinnie may have held the title once before, and be may very well hold it again, but that time is not now, or anytime soon. Maybe he should take the time to team up with his buddy Bill’s wife Bea, and go after the Mixed Tag titles. Because as long as I have a say, Vinnie won’t get his hands on the World Heavyweight Championship.

I have no doubt he’ll come at me with nothin’ but respect. Even before this whole attitude change, he always did. But even with that respect, I ain’t gonna let me guard down. I ain’t gonna give Vinnie an opportunity to beat me and move up to challenge what I’ve been bustin me arse fer. Just like he’s a changed fella, so am I and I’m ready to prove that while Vinnie may be on a roll right now, he’s about to fall way back down to the bottom. They aren’t gonna be talkin’ about how good Vinnie’s been since he’s been back after this. No...they’re gonna talk about the statement I’m gonna make and how serious I am. Because I’ll be damned if I’m gonna let what happened against Agostino, happen against Vinnie.

I’m done bein’ looked at as the Most Hated. That was the old O’Malley. And while I was also voted as Most Improved, there are two that woulda been more meaningful. Future Star...and Man of The Year. Jack Washington was considered Future Star, and while he may not be the World Heavyweight Champ at the moment, he could very well make his way to bein’ Man of The Year. And I have to stop him. I have to stop Kris Ryans.

Me. Not Vinnie. Because I’ve got issues that need to be settled against both Jack and Kris, and I ain’t gonna let Vinnie be a roadblock. This shite has gone on long enough as it is, and I’m gonna show Mark and Christian just how big of a draw either one of those possibilities would be. They won’t be able to deny it much longer.

I hope Vinnie is ready. I hope he understands that this ain’t personal. It’s just business, because the bosses, despite what they might say, they want to have me prove them wrong. They know...they know that when it comes to either me or Vinnie...the answer is me. O’Malley. The GO Gym graduate. Not the mentally unstable cactus lover out to prove he’s not crazy anymore.

2020 in SCW fer me ended on a sour note.

2021 begins on a high note.

And it only gets better from there!

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The Week Before Climax Control #285
Asking For A Favor

O’Malley wasn’t good at asking favors. He never had been, and he did his best to avoid ever having to ask someone for help with anything, even if he suffered more for it. But now wasn’t the time to listen to his pride and try and waste time in trying to figure things out all on his own. Not when the longer he did, the longer his son suffered the same as he did, if not more. He would do anything to get Owen back in his life, and the longer Misty’s parents kept him from O’Malley, the more he realized the lengths he would need to go in order to get Owen back.

So what exactly does that entail at this moment in time? Well, the answer is quite simple really if you think about it. There is simply no way of this being settled outside of a courtroom, and that meant that O’Malley needed a lawyer or lawyers to represent him in his fight to get custody of his son. And not just any lawyer. He needed nothing less than the absolute best. Perhaps the most ruthless. And that is where the favor comes in, doesn’t it?

O’Malley couldn’t just go searching through the phone books or google for names of any old law firms in the Las Vegas area. How could he trust what he would find? No, he needed the help of someone who had experience with legal matters in the past, and knew the lawyers were not only trustworthy, but successful for their clients. So...just who is O’Malley turning to for help?

Darcy: He

He and Darcy stand outside the front entrance of the large(that is putting it lightly!) mansion in Las Vegas. They just stare at the modern mansion that Synn and Despayre had called home for many years now and were, simply, speechless.

O’Malley: This is the address Gabriel gave me. I knew the man had a big house, but...Christ!

They don’t move. They’re too awe-struck at the sight of Synn’s home to take a step closer to the door. They aren’t even aware that Synn himself is staring at them from one of the windows in the front entertainment room. Eventually, it is Darcy who takes the first step. But O’Malley grabs her hand.

O’Malley: Wait...maybe we shouldn’t do this. I mean...why would he help us anyway?

Darcy: We have to try. You said yourself we need the absolute best lawyers we can find. Come on.

And she leads him up to the door. O’Malley hesitates in ringing the doorbell, so Darcy takes it upon herself to do it. They can hear feet pounding against the floor as someone is running towards the door. Moments later, the door swings open and Despayre stares at them.

Despayre: Well Gee! You don’t look like the usual Avon Lady that comes here!

Darcy lets out a giggle, but O’Malley looks confused as he stares at Despayre, then glances to Darcy.

O’Malley: I...don’t even know what that means. We’re, uh...Here to see Synn. Yer Dad?

Despayre takes a small notebook and purple crayon out of his pocket.

Despayre: Add eyeliner…

He quickly puts his notebook away and then looks back to O’Malley and Darcy.

Despayre: I know my Dad’s name! Sheesh!

Despayre takes in a deep breath and turns just as Synn is approaching them. Synn has no time to stop Despayre before he shouts as loud as he can.

Despayre: DAD!!!!!!!!

Right in Synn’s ear.  O’Malley and Darcy almost jump back, but Synn just stands there, practically unphased at having his ear drum almost blown out.

Synn: Thank you, Joshua.

Despayre smiles and gives his father a thumbs up before he zooms off past Synn, back into the front living room. Synn then turns his attention to O’Malley and Darcy.

Synn: O’Malley. Darcy. To what do I owe the pleasure?

O’Malley scratches the back of his head nervously, unsure of how to answer that question. Darcy elbows him lightly in his side, and she smiles as she looks at Synn.

O’Malley: Oh! I, uh...I mean, we...We need to ask a favor. I normally hate doin’ this, but…

Synn: I am well aware of why you’re here, O’Malley. I was seeing if you’d actually cop to it right away, but apparently not.

O’Malley and Darcy glance at one another then look back to him again.

Darcy: You already know?

Synn nods.

Synn: You didn’t think Gabriel would just give you my address without speaking to me first, did you? Why don’t you both come inside and have a seat and we can have a better discussion?

Synn steps aside and invites the pair inside. O’Malley isn’t hesitant, but Darcy is not. She offers Synn a grateful smile and O’Malley follows behind her. Once they are inside, and Synn closes the door, they just...stare. Much as they did with the outside of the mansion, they’re left in awe of the inside of Synn’s home. He cracks a smile as he watches them look around.

Synn: Perhaps you’d like to join me in the living room? Or, are you just going to stare the entire time?

O’Malley: This place’s like our house multiplied by ten. And just ye and Despayre live here?

They follow behind Synn as he leads them into the living room, which is the size of their entire house. Synn chuckles.

Synn: Well, technically, yes. And Theresa of course. But our extended family visits often. Or they did before all of this social distancing requirements. Now. You wanted to talk?

Despayre is seated on one of the sofas, his eyes glued to the television as he snacks and watches his favorite cartoons. Synn takes a seat in a large la-z-boy style chair, and Darcy and O’Malley take a seat as well. Darcy is not far away from Despayre, and she seems rather intrigued by him and his childlike nature. O’Malley focuses on Synn.

O’Malley: I want ye to know, this wasn’t me idea. I don’t like askin’ anyone fer help, but Gabriel knows what a tough situation we’re in right now. I didn’t want or think this fight fer me son would end up goin’ the legal route, but—

Synn: Pardon my interruption here, but what made you think it wouldn’t? You left Owen abruptly almost three years ago now. Did you honestly think they would just hand him back over that easily?

O’Malley sighs. Synn had a point, but it was difficult in admitting as much. Especially when he was trying his hardest to prove he truly regretted leaving Owen like he had.

O’Malley: I honestly didn’t know what to expect. But, I had hoped they would kinda understand where I was comin’ from. We were all grievin’ after losin’ Misty so suddenly. But she was me wife. She was Owen’s mother. I don’t deal well with loss, and I went off the deep end.

Synn: You don’t need to explain yourself to me, O’Malley. While I wouldn’t have done the same under the circumstances, I understand your decision to do anything to protect your son. And that was what you felt you were doing, right? This isn’t all some lie to make yourself look better, or to get sympathy?

O’Malley shakes his head vehemently. He knew that people would think that, Misty’s family included. But they didn’t know the full story. And he had to tell Synn the full story. Meanwhile, Darcy was remaining awfully quiet, and little did O’Malley know that she was making a new friend.

O’Malley: Of course not. And I get why people would think that. I came back from Ireland with a new wife, and a new attitude. But this had nothin’ to do with Darcy. The fact is, after I lost Misty...after I left Owen with her family the way I did...I wanted to die. I had no intention of comin’ back to the states. I thought Owen was better off without me. She literally saved me from goin’ over the edge. And Misty’s family is doin’ this because of her. But again, there’s more to the story than they understand. The fact is, I need trustworthy lawyers that can help us prove that Darcy cares about Owen just as much as I do.

Synn takes in a deep breath. He looks in Darcy and Despayre’s direction as he leans forward, and nods.

Synn: I want you to know something, O’Malley. I’m going to agree to help you, because I can tell Darcy is not as terrible as people think she is.

O’Malley arches an eyebrow curiously about to ask how he knows, but Synn simply points a finger towards Darcy and Despayre. She’s now seated directly next to him as he watches his cartoons and shares his candy with her.

Synn: Far be it from me to find any fault in her if Joshua is willing to share his candy with her.

O’Malley chuckles and nods in response. Darcy looks up to him for a moment before turning her attention back to Despayre, and O’Malley turns back to Synn.

O’Malley: She’s come a long way recently. That’s what I need to show people. I need to prove that as much as I’m ready to get me son back and be a father to him, she’s ready to step up and be a mother to him.

Synn: It’s not going to be easy. Especially not after some of the things she said about Misty. Her family has ever right to feel the way they do. But, you also deserve to have your voice heard, which as I understand is not what has been happening.

O’Malley shakes his head.

O’Malley: Not at all. And the restrainin’ orders they slapped on us don’t help matters any, either. It’s a bunch of bullsh—

Synn suddenly clears his throat before O’Malley can finish the inevitable curse word he was about to. That, of course, would have elicited a “swear jar” moment from Despayre, but Synn had prevented it none-the-less.

Synn: Well, they can’t file nor be granted a restraining order without just cause. They had to have felt threatened in some way.

O’Malley folds his arms, shaking his head.

O’Malley: We never once threatened them. I just wanted to talk things out, that was all. They refused. And I have no idea how they were granted the dang thing, but they were. They must have pretty good lawyer themselves.

Synn: But not the best, because that is where I come in. I’ll have my attorneys on retainer look everything over and give them your contact information. I’ve already agreed to help you, but I just have one final question.

O’Malley nods.

O’Malley: Absolutely.

Synn: Are you ready to be a real father to your son? Truly ready? Because when it comes to matters such as this, I will not be made to look a fool, O’Malley.

O’Malley: I understand. Really, I do. And I promise ye, I’m ready to get me son back. I wouldn’t be fightin’ like this if I weren’t.

Synn nods slowly.

Synn: Good. I’ll contact my attorneys tomorrow and set everything in motion. As for you...Well, as I understand it, you have a match against Kristopher Ryans to prepare for?

O’Malley laughs, letting out a bit of a snort in the process.

O’Malley: Oh I’ve been prepared fer that, trust me. I ain’t worried about Kris Ryans. But thanks fer the concern.

Synn: Not that it needs to be said, as I’m sure Gabriel has warned you, but don’t take that man lightly. Try to focus on that first and then we’ll be in touch about the legal situation.

O’Malley nods before he stands up. He looks over to Darcy and she quietly says something to Despayre before she stands up as well and then walks over to O’Malley.

Darcy: Everything sorted? Did you agree to help us?

She looks directly at Synn, and he nods.

Synn: I have. Not to worry, Darcy. Owen will be with the both of you soon enough.

Darcy smiles brightly and hugs O’Malley.

O’Malley: I certainly hope so. I just want me son back.

Darcy: Well, if everything has been sorted, we won’t take up anymore of your time. Thank you again for agreeing to help us.

Synn: My pleasure. I’ll show you two out.

Darcy: Bye, Despy! Thanks for sharing your candy with me!

Despayre looks up and over to Darcy.

Despayre: Don’t thank me! Angel said it was ok!

Darcy simply smiles as O’Malley scratches his head. Synn shows them out soon after, and the two head on their way.

Monday  November 9th
Getting A Head Start

In two weeks time, the biggest event of the year in SCW would be taking place. High Stakes X. The show where not only would the Hall of Fame would see new inductees, br feuds would be coming to an end. But in one instance, a feud may very well be starting. And that is involving none other than Brother David Shepherd and O’Malley.

Less than twenty-four hours ago, O’Malley was supposed to face off against Kris Ryans in their ongoing war. But due to circumstances still unclear, that match did not take place. The night should have been relatively laid back for O’Malley but instead, he was involved in a scuffle of sorts with Brother David, ultimately leading to Christian Underwood booking their High Stakes match.

He has plenty of time to prepare for that match, and against Darcy’s urging to take a day or two to rest and recover from the brick shot to the head, O’Malley has chosen to get a head start on preparing for this match. He simply could not allow himself to lose this one. He had to do everything in his power to bring Brother David down a few notches. And in order to do so, he had to hit the gym bright and early. Lingering headache be damned.

He was the first one there. Well, as far as the students went. Gabriel of course was there when he quietly made his way to the locker rooms to get changed to his training gear. There was no one to spar with at the moment so he’s take advantage of using one of the punching bags at his disposal. It was only when O’Malley started hitting the bag when Gabriel realized he was even there. He popped his head out of the office and saw who it was before making his way over to him.

Gabriel: What are you doing here? We didn’t schedule any training time for you until later in the week. Or did that brick shot to the head cause amnesia?

O’Malley stops for a moment and turns his attention to Gabriel. He shakes his head as he holds the bag.

O’Malley: No, I didn’t forget. I didn’t want to wait. That piece of shite might have gotten a good shot in last night, but I’m gonna give him ten times worse at High Stakes.

Gabriel folds his arms, not appreciating O’Malley’s eageness in this case.

Gabriel: Normally I’d have no problem, but in this case, I gotta suggest you just go back home for a day or two. You may not have a concussion, but even training can make that worse. I know you know that.

O’Malley: I know, Gabriel, but…

Gabriel: No buts. You’re not going to risk a more serious injury just because you’re overly eager. I’m surprised Darcy didn’t try to talk you out of this.

O’Malley scratches his head and looks away, a tell tale sign of a lie.

Gabriel: And that’s because she doesn’t know, does she?

O’Malley: Well, I’m sure she does now. She was still asleep when I left. I didn’t get much sleep last night. Haven’t gotten much sleep in recent weeks if I’m honest. Between the shite with Kris Ryans not being settled yet, to Brother David startin’ shite...and waitin’ fer this legal stuff to move forward...I need a distraction, Gabriel.

Gabriel slowly nods and O’Malley punches the bag in frustration.

Gabriel: Ok first off, don’t worry about Kris Ryans right now. That match was postponed so no need to worry about it when you’ve got a different opponent coming up. Second, you’ll get your chance against Brother David, but if you want to stand a chance at beating him, you’ve gotta be healthy or he’ll exploit it. And third...Anything new from Synn on that front?

O’Malley shakes his head, and that seems to be the one thing weighing heaviest on his mind.

O’Malley: Not yet. Last he told me, his attorney was looking at all of the information and would get back to him. I’m trying not to be impatient here, but it’s gonna suck not havin’ Owen home fer Christmas.

Gabriel: That’s a little over a month away, mate. A lot can happen in a month. I’m sure Synn will be reaching out soon. Just focus on what you can control right now. And that is making sure you don’t give Brother David an advantage going into this match. Go home. Get some rest. Just get outta here.

O’Malley sighs. He knows he won’t be able to argue with Gabriel so he steps back from the punching bag. Gabriel is about to turn and walk away, but O’Malley isn’t quite ready to end their conversation and head home.

O’Malley: Hey can I ask ye somethin’?

Gabriel: I believe you technically just did, but sure.

O’Malley: Do ye think I should have stayed in SCU? Do ye think I’m strong enough to handle it all and still be a good father to Owen once I get him back?

Gabriel takes in a deep breath them exhales as he stares at O’Malley. O’Malley’s face is riddled with doubt but he knows that Gabriel will be one hundred percent honest with him.

Gabriel: It’s not about what I think, O’Malley. It’s about what you think, and whether or not you feel like you could handle it. Do I believe you accomplished everything you had to accomplish in SCU? No, but you made a decision for your family, and I’m not going to fault you for that.

O’Malley: I just can’t help but keep goin’ through these moments where I second guess me decision. I’ve made so many mistakes already in me life. I need to do the right things from now on, ye know?

Gabriel nods.

Gabriel: Then you made the right decision. You don’t have to explain yourself to anyone, mate. Not when it affects your family.

O’Malley: Thanks. I appreciate it.

Gabriel: Anytime. Now get outta here.

O’Malley nods and chuckles, needing no further warning. He heads towards the locker rooms again to get his training back together. When he checks his phone, expecting to see a missed call from Darcy, he’s surprised to see there was one from Synn instead, just minutes before. He wastes no time in calling Synn back, eager for an update on the lawyer situation. After a couple of rings, Synn answers.

Synn: O’Malley...I hope my call wasn’t too early.

O’Malley: Not at all. I was going to get a trainin’ session in but Gabriel kicked me out. Do you have an update?

Synn: I do. But perhaps you and Darcy would like to discuss this in person?

O’Malley: I don’t want to wait. What’s the word.

Synn draws in a deep breath before continuing.

Synn: She’s confident that the restraining order won’t be held up, and she has agreed to take on your case. She’d like to set a meeting to discuss things further. I have full confidence in her, but she did warn that the attorney Misty’s family has hired isn’t to be underestimated by any means.

O’Malley: If ye have confidence in her, then so do I. I really appreciate yer help with this, Synn.

Synn: Before you go, O’Malley, I want you to be forewarned about this attorney that they have hired. I’m going to do digging of my own into this Alistair Adams, but I hear he is a bit of a snake.

O’Malley’s eyes go wide as soon as Synn mentions the attorney by name. He goes silent for a long while, which worries Synn briefly.

Synn: O’Malley? Are you still on the line?

O’Malley: Uhhh...yeah, I’m here. Did...did ye say Alistair Adams?

Synn: That’s correct. Have you heard of him?

O’Malley narrows his eyes and his nostrils flare.

O’Malley: I know all about him. Thanks fer the update, Synn, but there’s something I gotta take care of. I’ll be in touch.

Synn: What aren’t you telling me? If this could hurt your case—

O’Malley: I’ll explain later.

O’Malley abruptly ends the call, being slightly disrespectful to the man who has done so much to help him. He shoves his phone into his pocket and quickly zips his training duffel bag closed.

O’Malley: Feckin’ son of a bitch…

He slings the strap of the duffel bag over his shoulder and quickly high tails it out of the locker room and the gym, and then to his car.

He was fuming. Hearing the name Alistair Adams had set something off in O’Malley and after looking up the address info for the law firm, he sped off and away from the GO Gym on a mission. His knuckles were white and he prayed that what he was about to do wouldn’t backfire on him. Then again, he didn’t seem to care. He had nothing holding him back from driving to the law firm, potentially risking the custody case for Owen.

The approximate thirty minute drive to the law firm took O’Malley half that time as he sped through the streets, somehow avoiding any police vehicles in the area and getting pulled over. He pulled into the parking garage and parked his car, wasting no time in killing the engine and hopping out of the vehicle. As he followed the signs leading him where he needed to go, he went over in his mind what he was going to say. Or what he wanted to say, because the moment he came face to face Alistair, that might very well all change.

A couple of minutes after parking his car, he’s finally storming his way into the lobby of the law firm building. A young receptionist is seated behind the desk, and she looks up ready to greet O’Malley. But one look at the angry scowl on her face almost terrifies her.

Receptionist: H-hello, sir. Can I help you with something?

She tries to avoid showing an ounce of fear, but he slams his palms on the top of the desk and stares at her.

O’Malley: Alistair Adams. Tell me the gobshite is here, and where I can find him.

Receptionist: Oh, uh, Mr. Adams of course is here. Do you have an appointment? If not—

O’Malley: No, I don’t have a feckin’ appointment! This will be quick, so just tell me where to find him!

O’Malley begins raising his voice and making a scene, causing people in other offices to see what is going on. The receptionist is now growing more fearful as she tries to calm O’Malley down.

Receptionist: Sir, I can see you are visibly upset about something, but please keep your voice down. Mr. Adams requires appointments, so if you’d like to see him, I can—

O’Malley: I’ll tell ye what ye can do, lass. Ye can either tell me where to find Mr. Adams, or ye can pick up the phone and call his office and tell him there’s someone here to see him. Cause I ain’t leavin’ until I speak to him. And don’t tell him me name, either.

She blinks for a moment, and after a few moments, reaches for the phone receiver. She wasn’t about to give O’Malley the location of Alistair’s office. After two rings, Alistair obviously picks up on the other end.

Receptionist: Pardon the interruption, Mr. Adams, but there is a gentleman here insisting to speak with you. He won’t give his name but he is adamant that you come out here to speak with him...I don’t feel that would be wise, sir...Yes, alright. I will let him know.

She puts the phone down and looks back to a furious O’Malley.

Receptionist: He’ll be out in just a moment. But he can only speak briefly, as he has a busy schedule today.

O’Malley: Yeah, I’m sure he does. Thank ye, lass.

O’Malley stands where he is, waiting for what seems like hours for Alistair to make his way to the lobby. In reality, it’s only a couple of minutes at most, when O’Malley heard the clicking of Alistair’s expensive shoes against the lobby’s ceramic floor.

Alistair: How can I help you Mister…

He is clearly attempting to make his british accent sound as friendly as possible, but when O’Malley turns and he gets a good look at his face, his expression soon turns into a slight grin.

Alistair: Oh...Well, isn’t this a delightful surprise. To what do I owe the—

He doesn’t have a chance to finish that sentence as O’Malley finishes closing the distance between them and BAM! nails Alistair with a fist! The receptionist is horrified as she jumps up from her seat and witnesses to the attack turn and look in horror. Alistair nearly loses his footing, but somehow doesn’t as he holds his jaw from the shot.

O’Malley: Ye traitorous son of a bitch! Yer helpin’ them keep me son away from me?!

The receptionist is about to call the police, but Alistair quickly stands up and looks over to her. The corner of his mouth is now bleeding and he holds his other hand up to her.

Alistair: No need to call the authorities, Abigail.

Receptionist: But, sir, he just attacked you!

O’Malley: And fer damn good reason! Lousy piece of shite!

Alistair: It’s fine, Abigail! He’s my brother! There is no need to get the police involved.

Brother?! O’Malley’s nostril’s flare as he glares at Alistair and Abigail sinks down back into her seat against her better judgement. Alistair takes a handkerchief out of his pocket and wipes the blood from his mouth.

O’Malley: Half brother, arsehole.

Alistair: Well gee, Shane, it’s lovely to see you again, too. How many years has it been?

O’Malley snarls.

O’Malley: Don’t call me by me first name! It hasn’t been long enough, fella. And it sure as shite isn’t lovely to see ye. Especially not after the information I found out earlier.

Alistair: Yes, I gathered that much. Perhaps we should have a private discussion before someone goes against my wishes and calls the police over your erratic behavior, brother.

O’Malley: Let them! Because that punch was worth it after I learned that ye were hired to help keep me son from me! I know we ain’t on the best of terms, but Christ, ye really hate me that much?!

Alistair lets out a sigh, and straightens his suit jacket, which is now ruined thanks to the droplets of blood on it.

Alistair: I’m afraid I’m not entirely sure of what you’re talking about, brother.

O’Malley: Owen! Me son! His grandparents hired ye to help them keep him from me!

Alistair’s eyes widen and a light goes off in his mind.

Alistair: Owen Waters is your son? I had no idea.

O’Malley: Waters?! Are they claimin’ his last name is Waters?!

Alistair: I’m not allowed to discuss—

O’Malley: Yer a snake, Alistair. A traitorous, backstabbing arsehole and I won’t let ye succeed in keepin’ me son from me. Don’t act like you didn’t—

Alistair frowns quickly and grabs O’Malley by his arm. He drags him away to a secluded part of the lobby to hopefully calm him down, though O’Malley doesn’t seem interested.

Alistair: I assure you, brother, I hadn’t had a chance to go over the case completely yet. I was assigned this case and I had absolutely no knowledge that the child involved was your son, let alone my nephew!

O’Malley: Ye expect me to believe that load of gobshite?!

Alistair chuckles and responds with a quick shrug.

Alistair: No, I suppose not. But your actions moments ago definitely do not help you any.

O’Malley looks as though he is preparing to hit him again, but he holds himself back. Though he is not any less furious than he was before.

O’Malley: Yeah I’m sure ye’ll use anything ye can think of to use against me. If there is one thing I’m thankful fer it’s that we haven’t spoken in years so ye can’t even say shite about me character.

Alistair: And whose fault is that, Shane?

O’Malley: I told ye, don’t call me by me first name! And it doesn’t matter whose fault it is. I don’t give a shite anyway. After this, yer lucky to be standin’, fella. Yer no brother of mine.

Alistair draws in a deep breath and lets out a sigh. He squeezes the bridge of his nose and looks over to Abigail, insisting with a wave that he is fine.

Alistair: I’d love nothing more than to discuss this mess with you further, brother, but the simple fact is that I can’t. I have meetings to attend shortly, and the conflict of interest this puts me in has to be—

O’Malley: Oh there’s no conflict of interest, Alistair. Yer wiped clean of any familial connection, so represent them if ye must. Just know that with as underhanded as ye might be, I’ll make sure to fight just as dirty if I need to. I’m not the Shane ye knew before, fella.

Alistair: So it would seem.

O’Malley lets out an annoyed yet equally amused chuckle.

O’Malley: Go to hell, Alistair. I’m sure there’s an extra enticing torture chamber for ye down there…

Alistair chuckles as O’Malley shoves his way past Alistair, storming his way out of the office building. Some witnesses still stair but Alistair walks over to the front desk, once again insisting he is fine. He watches as O’Malley disappears out of site and then turns to Abigail.

Alistair: Abigail, please call Mr. and Mrs. Waters as soon as possible and patch them through to my office…

Forgive Me Father, For I Have Sinned

The time has come. The hour is near. Repentance shall be delivered. Blood shall, perhaps, be spilled in the journey to repentance. God’s shepherd shall feel the wrath of the actions he set in motion, and ultimately, he will fail at the challenge he is going up against. Though Brother David Shepherd no doubt believes he will be successful in his attempt to strike O’Malley down, that...simply will not happen.

In just two days, the son of the man who defeated O’Malley for the SCU Underground Championship gets what he wants. He gets a shot to make O’Malley pay for his sin all while trying to look better in the eyes of his father, and the Father in the highest. He believes he is doing God’s will, but is he? Or is he just doing his own will and attempting to inject himself into the spotlight where his own father refuses to let him step into?

Regardless of the answer to that question, there is one simple fact O’Malley can not deny. One thing he unfortunately agrees on with Brother David and the rest of the Shepherd cult- oops, sorry. Flock. And that would be the fact that O’Malley has, in fact, sinned. Several times.

But who hasn’t? We are all human. We all make mistakes, no matter what anyone says. But it is how we make up for those mistakes that truly matters. And if Brother David has anything to say or do about it, he plans to make O’Malley pay for those sins. Too bad O’Malley has other plans.

Which brings us to this very moment. Inside the Guardian Angel Cathedral in Las Vegas, it is the one place that O’Malley felt drawn to this week in preparation for his upcoming battle against Brother David. Something was pulling him here, and it didn’t take him long to figure out what he needed to do. As he walks inside the cathedral, he dips his hand into the holy water and makes the sign of the cross before heading towards his ultimate destination.

The confessional booth.

Yes, that is right. Today, O’Malley is going to confession. Today, he hopes to be absolved, or at least on the road to being absolved, of his sins. Because Brother David just doesn’t know what the, he was saying at the last Climax Control.

O’Malley opens the door to the confessional booth, closing it quietly behind him. He hears the window door sliding open, as he makes another sign of the cross and begins speaking.

O’Malley: Forgive me Father, for I have sinned. Today marks me first confession.

Priest: It is never too late in the eyes of the Lord, my son. What sins have brought you here today?

O’Malley lets out an awkward laugh. He scratches the back of his head as the priest waits patiently for him to gather his thoughts and answer.

O’Malley: I ain’t quite sure we’d have the time to go through them all today, but I suppose what really brought me here is me upcoming match against a self proclaimed warrior of God.

Priest: Match?

O’Malley: Oh. Yeah. Ye see, I’m a professional wrestler, and on Sunday I’m goin’ up against a fella by the name of Brother David Shepherd. Real holier than thou piece o’ work. Not sure if ye got a direct line to the big fella in the sky, but I guess I should apologize now fer what I’m gonna do to his henchman.

The priest is silent for a moment as he considers his response.

Priest: What has brought you to this battle, my son? You seem rather determined to inflict pain and suffering on a man claiming to do the Lord’s work.

O’Malley laughs again.

O’Malley: I didn’t want this, Father I had a bit of battle with David’s real father, Father Gerald, but the kid didn’t seem content in lettin’ it end there. He believes I haven’t paid fer my sins and wants to make me pay at his hand.

Priest: And what do you believe?

O’Malley: What do ye mean?

Priest: Have you paid for your sins? And what sins is he referring to?

O’Malley takes in a deep breath. Where would he possibly begin? He knew what Brother David was focusing on, but he also knew that there were things that even David didn’t know about his past.

O’Malley: He’s using the mistake I made with me own son against me. He’s tryna compare me to his own father but claiming I’m worse. I abandoned me son when he needed me the most, but I’m fightin’ like mad to make up fer it now. Doesn’t that count fer somethin’?

Priest: You didn’t answer my first question, my son. Do you believe you have paid for your sins?

O’Malley: Is it really about what I believe, Father? And what price is enough to pay fer everythin’ I’ve done. I’ve literally been pulled from the edge of a cliff by the love of me life, and I’m tryna make everythin’ up to me son. Isn’t askin’ fer forgiveness enough? What gives Brother David the right to say anything. Shouldn’t forgiveness be encouraged?

The priest can be heard chuckling but then letting out another sigh. O’Malley quickly realizes that asked one too many questions, but he knew this would be...complicated.

Priest: The Lord will forgive any man who asks for forgiveness and truly desires it, my son. This Brother David person sounds as if he is well intentioned, but you are allowing yourself to react in a way that could perhaps do more harm than good on your path to forgiveness.

O’Malley: He ain’t well intentioned, Father. He had a brick hidden in a bible and thumped me over the head with it. He and his family are no messengers of God. They’re cowards. Hypocrites. And in David’s case, a sad desperate fella beggin’ fer Daddy’s attention and approval. What he’s gonna get is—

Priest: If I may interrupt...Why exactly not try to find a healthier option to express your frustrations? If you want forgiveness, violence is never the answer. Do not do something you might regret, my son.

O’Malley shakes his head. He leans back against the wall of the confessional booth and folds his arms.

O’Malley: This is part of me job, Father. It’s what we do. But I’ll be damned if this fella didn’t raise up some seriously scary feelin’s inside me. He made this personal, and the only way I know how to make him pay is in the ring. I came here today fer forgiveness but now that I think about it, I don’t think it’s possible.

Priest: What kind of scary feelings? It may be part of your job, but it is a path you have chosen. If you want to be right with the Lord, you can always choose another path.

O’Malley: That ain’t an option. He already accused me of runnin’ from SCU after I lost to his father. I ain’t about to run from SCW just because he’s come around and wantin’ a fight. There’s a good way of goin’ about things, and then there is the wrong way. The Shepherd way.

Priest: So what do you plan to do?

O’Malley thinks for a moment. He was having a hard time coming up with the answer to that question, but he had to think of something. He had to find a way to defeat Brother David that wouldn’t damn his soul for eternity.

O’Malley: I dunno, Father. I want to make him pay fer what he did. He damn near gave me a concussion two weeks ago. I can’t just let that slide. But as much as I want to make him pay...I want to help him.

Priest: Help him? How?

O’Malley: All he wants is for his father to accept him. To love him. This ain’t about following the Lord or doin’ his work. It’s about Father Gerald. It’s about his Daddy issues, and the fact that deep down...he thinks me son is headed fer the same horrible feelin’ as he has. That his father doesn’t want him. But I’m fightin’ to get me son back. I love me son, and nothin’ will ever change that. Father Gerald is a self righteous, self-centered egomaniac that at this point, will never love his son.

Priest: And you feel that he is taking it out on you?

O’Malley nods and leans forward, resting his elbows on his knees.

O’Malley: Of course he is. He’s too afraid to make take his frustrations out on Father Gerald, so he’s deflectin’ it on someone who reminds him of him. Me. But he’s also tryna use it as a way to have his father truly see him. But it won’t work. He needs to see the truth. He needs his eyes opened. I can show him the light!

Priest: And if it doesn’t work?

O’Malley: At least I can say I tried. I was so hell bent on makin’ him suffer fer the things he said, I didn’t stop to think about how the fella could be really feelin’ deep down. I’ve seen him fight fer his father’s attention, only for Gerald to treat him like garbage in the process. I may not be in SCU anymore, but I can use this match to get David away from there. I wouldn’t have a problem with him if he wasn’t so brainwashed.

The priest goes silent for a moment. Nothing about this confession has been what one would consider normal, or even ordinary, but the priest surely understands that every case is different. The sound of his bible closing is heard a moment later.

Priest: I can not speak to which that I do not know first hand, but far be it from me to sway you from the goal of truly helping a troubled soul. Perhaps that may be your truth path to forgiveness, and will set you right in the Lord’s eyes.

O’Malley:’s at least a start. I can’t promise goin’ about it the right way, but I’ve gotta try. And no matter how hard David tries to strike me down...I ain’t gonna give up. Because it ain’t just the Lord that I gotta do right by. It’s me son. Everythin’ I do now, I’m doin’ fer him. I’m not gonna let people think that’s a lost cause. I won’t let me son get to be in his twenties or thirties and doin’ what David is doin’. There’s still hope.

Priest: And there could still be hope for Brother David’s father as well. As I said, it is never too late in the eyes of the Lord.

O’Malley: Maybe not, but that journey for Gerald and David could take a lot longer than mine with me son. Thanks for the chat, Father.

O’Malley places his palms on his knees, preparing to leave.

Priest: I am always available to those seeking forgiveness. Go in peace, my son. Say as many Hail Mary’s tonight as you need.

O’Malley chuckles.

O’Malley: I’m not sure about the Hail Mary’s, but there may the Lord’s name might be shouted a few times. The wife wants a baby, and well...we’ve been practicing. Sorry, Father…

The sound of the bible hitting the floor follows as O’Malley grins and exits the confessional. As soon as be steps out, he’s met by a scary looking nun. He backs away with a meek expression on his face as she eyes him like a hawk.

O’Malley: Sorry, sister…

He looks past her, makes one final sign of the cross and turns to rush out of the church as the scene fades away.

Climax Control Archives / What If?
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Sunday October 9th
After SCU Underground

For those not paying attention, just a little while ago on Undergound Episode 73, O’Malley stood in the ring and announced that going forward he would be competing solely for SCW. Following his loss to Father Gerald, he had made the difficult decision to cut his work load in half and step back from SCU, rather than try and win back the title he had lost. And no doubt somewhere, someone was laughing at and enjoying that decision all at O’Malley’s expense.

As they are preparing to leave the arena and head home for the night and the next couple of days, O’Malley is annoyingly quiet. Before the walk to the parking lot, Darcy stops and has to call out his silence rather than wait until they get home.

Darcy: Why are you so quiet, my love? You’ve barely spoken a word since we left the ring.

O’Malley turns and looks at his wife, noting her now folded arms and the slightly concerned look on her face.

O’Malley: Nothin’ is wrong, love. Well...not really. I just can’t stop wonderin’ if…

His voice trails off.

Darcy: If what? Talk to me.

O’Malley: I can’t help wonderin’ if I made the right decision or not. I mean, I know I need to focus on gettin’ Owen back, but it ain’t like both shows happen on different nights? It ain’t like we’re travellin’ a lot.

Darcy nods slowly and steps towards her husband, placing her hands on his arms.

Darcy: Normally I would tell you to go back and tell the SCU bosses you’d changed your mind, but I think this would shock some people that I’m not going to tell you that. Don’t second guess your decision. I saw first hand the toll the committment to both brands was taking on you, and I think you absolutely made the right decision.

O’Malley: This just isn’t how I wanted things to go, Darc. I had so much more planned. I just wish that Misty’s family wasn’t bein’ so damn stubborn in keepin’ Owen from me. I need me son back. I need us to be a family.

Darcy runs her hands up and down his arms, trying to reassure him.

Darcy: And we will be, my love. But think of it this way. This wasn’t just about the situation with Owen. It was also about the physical toll fighting in two brands was doing to you. I personally don’t understand how so many others can fight for two separate companies, let alone two brands at the same time. Violent Conduct was a huge eye opener. You fought in two crazy matches, and you damn near seriously injured your shoulder in the process.

O’Malley: I know what yer sayin’, love. I just can’t help but wonder that’s all. This year has been so mentally challengin’. And when all of this custody stuff goes to court? It’s only gonna get worse.

Darcy’s eyes widen a bit and she looks at him, surprised.

Darcy: So that means you’ve finally decided to get lawyers involved?

O’Malley: What choice do I have, Darc? We have to fight that restrain’ order anyway. Owen is me son, and they can’t keep him from me. I tried playing nice. I tried avoiding the legal shite, but they’ve given me no choice.

Darcy: At least you’ve finally seen reason. We’ll start looking for lawyers tomo—

O’Malley holds his hand up and stops her before she can start rambling on and making plans.

O’Malley: Before ye get carried away, love, I’ve got somethin’ in mind. I want to make sure the lawyer we use is legit and damn good at what they do, and I ain’t gonna find that just anywhere.

Darcy: So...what are you saying, exactly?

O’Malley: I’m saying I’ve been told on who to reach out to, and that’s what I’m gonna do. Misty’s family ain’t gonna have lawyers of this caliber, if I can get this person to agree to help me.

Darcy raises an eyebrow, not fully comprehending just who he is referring to.

Darcy: Care to fill me in on just who you plan to reach out to?

O’Malley: All in due time, love. I plan to reach out soon, but I need to focus on me roulette title defense next week. I’m still shocked that Kedron is me opponent.

Darcy wants to continue their conversation about the lawyers, but she knows O’Malley will avoid it. She lets out a sigh and then shrugs.

Darcy: Yes, you and I both, my love. He’s slightly terrifying, but I definitely do not plan on crossing that wife of his, either. I wonder where they’ve been the last couple of months?

He shrugs.

O’Malley: Yer guess is as good as mine, but that clearly don’t matter. I’ve somehow gotta find a way to beat him, because this ain’t gonna be another Ultimate X four way match. It’s just one-on-one. I’ve gotta be ready fer anything.

Darcy: Nothing can be worse than a match over a piranha tank!

O’Malley: I wouldn’t be so sure about that. Christian’s choice was bad enough. Can ye imagine if there was a “Hot Stuff’s Choice” on that wheel and what it would be?

O’Malley shakes his head but Darcy again shrugs.

Darcy: Again, it can’t be any worse…

O’Malley: Well, let’s just hope ol’ Hot Stuff don’t get any crazy ideas. As fer now, can we just get the hell outta here? That big comfy bed of ours is callin’ me name.

He winks at her and she lets out a laugh.

Darcy: You don’t need to tell me twice, my love. We have a few weeks of lost time to make up for if I remember correctly.

O’Malley: I dunno if we’ll ever be able to make up fer that, but damned if I ain’t gonna try.

He then takes her by the hand as she lets out another laugh and the two finally start making their way back to their car before the scene fades to black.

Seventy-five days. That’s how long I’ve been the Roulette Champion. Now, that’s nowhere near the goal I’ve set fer meself on how long I wanna be champion, but it’s probably longer than most thought I’d keep the title. And to be fair, I came close to losin’ it on me very first defense against Bill Barnhardt, and it ain’t just because I slightly underestimated him, but I had a lot goin’ on fer meself, too. It ain’t easy being a champ in two brands and having to dedicate the time and trainin’ between both to successfully defend each title. I had a good run with the Underground Championship, but ultimately that ended sooner than I thought, too.

But it’s time to look forward. It’s time to plan for the next defense and move closer to achieving my ultimate goal. And that is to break records. Not only do I plan to hold the title longer than that gobshite Kris Ryans held it, but after that, break Griffin’s record, too. Because that...that makes all the difference in how people will see me as a champ. I want to do something with not only this reign, but every future championship reign I’ll have. That’s all anyone wants, ain’t it? Well, most anyway. What about ye, Kedron? Ye only held the Roulette Championship for two months, then disappeared. Why is that? Surely ye ain’t a sore loser like so many others out there?

I ain’t gonna lie, Kedron, I was a little mixed when I saw this card booked and realized I’d be facin’ ye. On one hand, I was excited that ye were finally comin’ back and cashin’ in on yer rematch. The Ultimate X match at Summer XXXtreme wasn’t exactly a good way to showcase just who the better man is, was it? I mean, there were only four of us in that match and there wasn’t a whole lot of wrestlin’ goin’ on was there? The Roulette wheel is definitely unpredictable but it’ll be just ye and me, Kedron. One-on-one.

On the other hand? Yer the only one who I have ever seen as much of a threat, because let’s face it. Yer one scary fecker. And I mean no disrespect by that! The fact is that whenever I’m anywhere near ye, I get chills. I get goosebumps. Some eerie feelin’, and I’ve never been able to truly explain it. I’ve never one hundred percent believed in what you’ve claimed to be, but damn if I don’t start believin’ more and more everyday.

Now, all that bein’ said, does that mean I’m at a disadvantage here? Does that mean that I’m showin’ weakness and makin’ meself vulnerable goin’ into this match? Hell no. If anything, it makes me stronger. It makes me that much more determined to prove that no matter me doubts, or this weird feelin’s and fears ye give me, I’ll fight through them to keep what is mine. Because the Roulette Championship IS mine, Kedron.

Ye’ve been gone two months, fella. Ye disappeared without a damn word after I won the title, and now yer back and suddenly cashin’ in on yer rematch? Sure, it may be a “given” according to most in this business, but rematch clause or not, I don’t think that a former champ who disappeared the way ye did should just automatically be given their rematch their first match back. It just don’t seem fair, but hey I ain’t the boss. I don’t make the decisions or book the matches. And wherher or not I agree with it, the match is set and is gonna happen.

So what if, Kedron? What if ye walk into this match and actually do what I simply don’t want to happen. What if ye end my reign, win back the Roulette Championship and become a two-time champ? I won’t be happy. It’ll hurt me ego and me pride a bit, but at the end of the day, ye’d be the better man that deserves it. I know a lot of people don’t like me, and they probably never will, but the fact is that I’m seeing the bigger picture. I’m see things that are truly important in life and while me career is important, I know I can’t win ‘em all.

I want me son to be proud. I want me wife to be proud, and while Darcy is proud no matter if I win or lose, Owen is not. I’ve done things to win that I shouldn’t, and it ain’t an example I want to set fer me boy, even if I’m not one hundred percent in his life just yet. Goin’ into this match and every match after this with good intentions and doin’ me best? That is the example I want to set fer him.

I can’t guarantee the outcome of this match, and I ain’t even gonna try, Kedron. What I am gonna do is promise ye that I’m gonna fight tooth and nail to keep this title and prove that in the ring? In the roulette division? I’m just better than ye. And if I lose, well then I’ll just have to accept it, won’t I?

I guess that all that is left to say at this point is welcome back, Kedron. Let’s see what the roulette wheel has in store fer us.

See ye Sunday, fella!

SCW Roulette Champion, O’Malley, steps up to the podium and takes a seat. He places the Roulette Championship on the table next to the microphone. His left arm is noticeably in a sling and he smiles as he looks around.

O’Malley: Right then. I guess it’s me turn to answer a few questions. I had a wild night so, fire away.

Reporter: What a night you had indeed, O’Malley. You competed in not one, but two title defenses, both of which were physically daunting. Let’s start with the Roulette Title defense. Congratulations on successfully defending against Miles Kasey in that very match. What are your thought on the Christian’s Choice stipulation being a scaffold match over a piranha tank? That is definitely one of the most unusual stipulations we’ve seen.

O’Malley lets out an awkward chuckle and nods.

O’Malley: That’s puttin’ it lightly, fella. I dunno what on earth made Christian come up with that one, but I’m damn bloody glad that I didn’t fall into that tank. I dunno if I could have made it out fast enough to not get eaten alive. I gotta hand it to Miles, though. I have a lot more respect fer him after that. It wasn’t just a battle for the Roulette Championship. It was a battle to save our skin, literally.

Reporter: It was reported earlier that Miles will be taking some time off to heal from those injuries. Any comments on that?

O’Malley: What can I say that hasn’t already been said? I think it’s pretty obvious that no matter the outcome, one of us would need some time off after that. Feckin’ piranha. Seriously, Christian?!

A few chuckles follow and O’Malley leans back a little in the chair, waiting for the next question.

Reporter: We all know you had your own matches to focus on last night, but did you watch the rest of the show? If so, what are some of the highlights of the night for you?

O’Malley: I watched what I could when I was near monitor. What I missed I plan to go back and rewatch later, but I gotta say two of the stand out events of the night fer me was Roxi versus Amber and that cinematic match between Candy and Sin. Both matches goes to show why the Bombshell division is damn brilliant. That battle between Roxi and Amber though. Wow.

Reporter: Speaking of that match, at one point the lights in the building went off during a dangerous moment for Roxi, perhaps saving her life. After that point, we all heard her say Thank You Misty. Do you believe that Misty somehow had a hand in that from beyond the grave?

O’Malley laughs and scratches his head, almost afraid to answer that question.

O’Malley: be quite honest, I dunno. I guess if ye believe in all of that, sure it’s possible. Or it coulda been a coincidence. Either way, Roxi got lucky. Damn proud of her fer getting through that match after what she went through.

Reporter: Now, let’s get to the next obvious question in the room. We all see your arm is currently in a sling. That, of course, seems to be the direct result of what happened during your match for the Underground Championship against Father Gerald. Any updates on your injury and what that means for you going forward?

O’Malley: Don’t quite know much of yet if I’m honest. Everyone saw me pop me shoulder back into place, but I’ll be getting some tests done tomoorrow to determine if there is any serious damage or not. After that, I’ll have a better idea of what’s gonna happen. But I’m hopeful there ain’t any serious damage and that this sling is only temporary.

Reporter: Staying on the topic of your match against Father Gerald, I think it’s safe to say that match did more damage to you than your match against Miles. And Father Gerald defeated you to become the new Underground Champion. If your shoulder injury doesn’t put you out of action for too long, do you plan on trying to win back the Underground title?

O’Malley takes in a deep breath and then lets out a sigh. He shrugs with his good shoulder before he answers.

O’Malley: A part of me wants to say yes to that question, but I just don’t know right now. I’m gonna take the next few days to mull over a few things and go from there. Am I happy that Gerald beat me? Hell no. But that’s the risk I knew was there fightin’ in two matches on Violent Conduct. As confident as I was, the odds were just stacked against me. And I honestly thought I had Gerald. Ah well. Can’t win ‘em all. And I guess now Carter gets to gloat that he was right. I lost a title and he didn’t.

He grins and waits for the next question.

Reporter: Perhaps the biggest win of the night comes from Jack Washington, who we just heard from a little while ago. He defeated Alex Jones and is now the SCW World Heavyweight Championship. What are your thoughts on that, and anything you’d like to say to Jack Washington?

O’Malley: I’m gonna be honest here. I’m feckin’ glad Jackie Boy beat Alex Jones. There was something about Alex Jones bein’ the top champ that just made me want to puke, so the fact that he lost that very title on his first defense and after holdin’ it less than a month, gets a smile from me. That bein’ said, Jack could end up bein’ better than Alex. He could end up bein’ worse, but that remains to be seen. He’s doin’ a lot of braggin’ when honestly, he’s doin’ things in reverse.

Reporter: In reverse? What do you mean?

O’Malley: I mean, the very first title he won is the top title. That’s everyone’s ultimate goal, sure, it could also hurt yer career. See, I’m doin’ things different here. I’m tryin’ to really build meself as a successful competitor and that, to me, is startin’ from the bottom and goin’ up from there. Could Jackie Boy hold that title fer a while? Absolutely. But where does he go after that? He ain’t gonna be at the top forever, so he’s only gonna go down. Plain and simple.

Reporter: Any ideas on who might be first to challenge him?

O’Malley laughs and shakes his head.

O’Malley: Not really, no. Ye can never say fer sure in SCW because they like to throw out random title shots every now and then. Kris Ryans still had a guaranteed shot at any title to use by the end of the year, and he’s bein’ all quiet on it. So we’ll see.

Reporter: Speaking of Kris Ryans—

O’Malley: I had a feelin’ ye were gonna go there, and I’ll save ye the trouble. I’ve still got a lot of issues with that piece of shite, but I plan to save everythin’ fer when I really need to. Sooner or later, we’ll square off in that ring, but it’s a bit challenging now fer obvious reasons. Now...I think that about covers everythin’. If ye’ll all excuse me, I’ve gotta get back to me gorgeous wife. Watch the next episode of SCU Underground for updates on me shoulder issue. Thanks everyone.

O’Malley waves with his good hand, then stands up, taking his Roulette Championship and disappearing off the podium.

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June 2015
Dublin, Ireland
Fighting To Walk...But For Who?

Nearly two months have passed since O’Malley’s near fatal accident. He had been left in a coma, and before the order to remove him from life support had been fulfilled, a miracle had happened. O’Malley woke from the coma, but he wasn’t in perfect shape. He did not have full sensation from the waist down, so he was left mostly paralyzed and unable to walk.

But he refused to give up. The doctors were hopeful for his recovery, due to the fact that he had sensations come and go, but his journey to walking again was not an easy one. It required several days worth of physical therapy every week, and the willpower to not give up just when things seemed the most bleak. Days like today.

O’Malley wasn’t in this fight alone, though. Darcy was with him every second, and she had been since his accident. Though that may be due in part to the fact that Darcy felt guilt over the words she had spoken to him just seconds before he was struck by that car. She had only expressed how sorry she felt once, but he knew that even though he did not blame her, she blamed herself. Even despite everything they had been through, she was still in love with him, and she couldn’t bear to lose him.

The pair is currently at the physical therapy facility for O’Malley’s current appointment. She can tell he is having a bad day, both physically and mentally speaking, but she tries not to push the issue. And when the physical therapist orders O’Malley to take a brief break, he scowls. He wants to continue but because he is not to do anything while unattended by the physical therapist, he has no choice but to wait in his wheelchair.

Darcy: Here, have some water. You need to stay hydrated.

She holds out a bottle of water to him. He frowns and takes it out of her hand, but doesn’t open the bottle right away. He just looks down at his legs, thinking of how useless they are at the moment.

O’Malley: This shite is pissin’ me off, Darc. Feelin’ comes an’ goes. I just wish it wouldn’t go. I’m sick of bein’ in this damn chair.

She places a hand on his knee. He couldn’t feel the whole movement, but a slight sensation was there. He didn’t understand what he was doing wrong.

Darcy: I know you are. It’s only been two months. The doctors warned that this could take a while. But I think we’re seeing great progress, so we have every reason to believe you’ll defy their expectations.

She hated seeing him like this, but it was better than what had nearly happened to him. When she saw him lying in the middle of the street, she thought for sure she had lost him then. And then again when he was about to be pulled from life support. To say that time was terrifying was an understatement. The doctors were amazed he had come out of his coma, and she was, too. For a different reason.

Misty. She was well aware that wretched American whore had visited O’Malley in the hospital just a short while before his condition improved. She hated it, but she knew. But since he had woke up, he hadn’t even brought her up so she felt like he had given up on the idea of returning to America to be with her or her bastard child.

O’Malley: I know I’ll walk again, Darc. The fact that feelin’ in me legs comes and goes is proof enough. I just don’t know what more I can do to speed up the damn process.

Darcy: Don’t rush it. You might do more damage than good. You know that. Just keep up with what you’re doing and eventually it’ll all work out. And you’ve got me here every step of the way.

He finally opens the bottle of water and takes a drink, looking at her. He knew what she wanted, and why she was still supporting him during all of this, which made it that much worse for what he was about to say.

O’Malley: Ye wanted me dead, Darc. Ye said so before I got hit by that car. Ye don’t have to be here…

She’s taken back by his words, and it made her feel that more guilty all over again. But O’Malley didn’t blame her. He never could. She had every reason to hate him.

Darcy: I didn’t mean that, O’Malley. I never could. I was just upset and my emotions boiled over. And after your accident...I’ll never forgive myself. I feel like it’s my fault you’re in this wheelchair.

He shakes his head and sets the bottle of water down.

O’Malley: It ain’t yer fault, love. Maybe it’s karma gettin’ back to me fer bein’ such a shitty human bein’. God knows after everythin’ I’ve put ye through I deserve it.

Darcy: No you don’t. You’re alive. That has to count for something?

He shrugs.

O’Malley: Maybe. Maybe not. As long as I’m stuck in this damn wheelchair I’ll never see me own child or be a father to him or her. That’s why I’m so impatient.

He could tell by the look on Darcy’s face that his comment had come as a bit of a shock to her. That and her immediate silence as she didn’t know how to respond.

O’Malley: I...I gotta raise me child, Darc. I thought ye understood that?

She quickly nods her head, doing her best to seem understanding. She stands up and walks past him so he can’t see her face.

Darcy: Of course I understand. I mean, why wouldn’t I? But...doesn’t she think you’re dead? I just figured if you were planning on telling her, you would have by now…

O’Malley: I’ve thought about it every damn day, honestly. But what good would it do when I’m stuck in this chair? I can’t be there fer her or our child. I need to walk again. I need to be a better person.

She nods and fights back tears with her back still turned to him. But he didn’t need to see her face to know that he had done it again. He had broken her heart all over again.

Darcy: You don’t need to explain. Really. Let’s just focus on getting you better, alright?

He wanted to have a more serious conversation with her, but it would have to wait as his physical therapist had returned, ready to continue their work for the day. O’Malley takes in a deep breath and spins his chair around, heading off with his physical therapist as Darcy calms herself down quietly, making sure she wasn’t crying before she turned around to watch him.

The Truth Comes Out
Saxon Hotel

It has been a long few weeks where O’Malley and his strained marriage to Darcy was concerned. The two still hadn’t talked much, especially after finding out that Darcy’s actions had pushed Misty’s parents to file restraining orders against the both of them. While O’Malley was trying to process it all, and deal with his upcoming title defense against Miles Kasey at Violent Conduct, he was still staying at the Saxon Hotel by himself.

Today is a resting day for him, before he has to focus on training and preparing for whatever match stipulation the Roulette wheel should land on for his match against Miles. He was well aware that the stipulations normally on the wheel would be replaced by much more violent ones to better align with the theme of the show. But no matter how much he trained, there was simply no way to be fully prepared with no idea of what stipulation it would land on.

As he lays back in bed, his arms resting behind his head and trying not to keep his mind completely shut off at least for the night, there is a knock on the door. He keeps his eyes closed and lets out a growl.

O’Malley: Oi! I don’t need anythin’! The Do Not Disturb tag is hangin’ fer a reason!

His shouting works for a moment as he assumes housekeeping is at the door. Just as he is about to clear his mind again, the knocking comes again. This time, he opens his eyes and gets out of bed, heading towards the door. He grabs the handle and swings it open, ready to give the hotel employee a stern warning, but he’s surprised at who he sees standing outside his door.

O’Malley: Darc? What are ye doin’ here?

He stares at his wife as a slight smile grows on her face, seeing the love of her life once again. As angry as he was with her, he couldn’t deny how much he missed her, especially now coming face to face with her again.

Darcy: I know I should have called, but I didn’t think you’d answer. Can...can we talk?

He’s hesitant to let her inside, or to even give her the time she is asking for. But as he stares at her face, and how broken she really looks, he steps aside.

O’Malley: I guess. Come on in…

She smiles and walks inside. He closes the door behind them, and follows her into his room. He waits for her to say something, as he is lost for words himself. She stands with her back to him for a moment, and he can tell by the rise of her shoulders when she takes in a deep breath and turns around to face him again.

Darcy: I...I can’t stand this distance between us, O’Malley. I know you’re angry with me for lying to you like I did, and I’m sorry. I want things to go back to how they were before all of this. I want us to have the life we deserve because we’ve both been through so much over the years.

O’Malley: I just don’t understand why ye lied to me like that, love. It’s like ye were tryna trap me, and to be quite honest, that’s really fecked up. We’re already married. Ye didn’t need to—

Darcy nods, but she holds her hand up and he goes quiet. She then takes in another deep breath as she gathers her thoughts.

Darcy: Before you get upset again and really get going, let me finish. I know in order for us to try and get back on track with our marriage, I need to come clean about some things. I know you know that I’ve been keeping something from you, and I can only imagine what you think it is.

O’Malley: Look, if ye cheated on me, ye’d have had every right to. After everything I—

Darcy: It’s not that, O’Malley. Of course you would think that, but that’s not it. Not at all. I’ve never looked at any man the way I’ve looked at you so I would never cheat on you. But, there is a reason that your relationship with Misty had such an affect on me. And why I still struggle with it to this day.

O’Malley stands there quietly, waiting for her to be honest with him. This is what he had been waiting months for, but nothing would truly prepare him for exactly what she was about to tell him. But he thought he was prepared for anything.

Darcy: I always knew deep down we were meant to be together, O’Malley. From the moment we first met, I was drawn to you, much like you were drawn to Misty. I made it seem like I didn’t understand, but I did. But what hurt me the most, is what you didn’t know. What I didn’t get a chance to tell you when you chose to be with her all those years ago. It changed me forever, and it was something I never wanted to go through.

O’Malley: Just tell me, love. I can’t help ye...I can’t fix us, if I don’t know what the feck happened…

She lowers her head for a long few moments, preparing to tell him the secret she’s held for six years. He can tell she’s struggling and he steps closer to her, reassuring her that he’s here. After a few moments, she finally looks up at him.

Darcy: I was pregnant, O’Malley. The day you left me for her, I was going to tell you. But...then I couldn’t.

His heart sinks. That was not what he was expecting to hear. He didn’t know what he expected her to tell him, but that was not it.

O’Malley: Ye were..pregnant?

She nods, and he takes a couple of steps back trying to process that news. He backs up against the bed and then sinks down onto it, bringing his hand up to his head. But then another thought hits him.

O’Malley: Wait. What...happened? Ye didn’t…?

Darcy: I had a miscarriage in my second trimester. I was planning on raising her alone, but then at my twenty week appointment, there was no heartbeat.

O’Malley’s head lifts as his heart breaks.

O’Malley: Her?

Darcy nods again, just as heartbroken as he is.

Darcy: Yes. I lost our daughter. I…I wanted to tell you. I came close when you came back to Ireland and we almost got back together. But then…

O’Malley: Then I found out Misty was pregnant. That explains why ye reacted the way ye did.

Darcy: I was just so angry. A part of me still is. Everything was going so well in my pregnancy. Nothing was wrong, and then she was just...gone. And then to find out that Misty was getting what I had lost? Yes, I was jealous. But I just wanted our daughter back. I wanted the chance to hold her in my arms.

This was becoming too much for him to process. He couldn’t understand any of it. He couldn’t understand why everything in his life had happened the way it did. He thought losing Misty was bad enough, but now realizing that he would have had a daughter? It was too much.

He stands up from the bed and paces around for a moment. Darcy tries to approach him but he stops her before he grabs his keys.

O’Malley: Stay here. I...I need some time to meself to process all of this.

Darcy: I...I should have told you sooner, O’Malley. But it just hurt thinking about it.

O’Malley: I...I know. It ain’t that. I ain’t angry with ye about that. I just...I need some time. Wait fer me here.

She’s going to ask him where he’s going, but he quickly turns and bolts out of the room. Darcy takes in a deep breath and she steps over to the bed, sinking down onto it much like O’Malley had. She buries her face in her hands and sobs, wondering if their marriage could ever be as happy as they wanted it to be.

He knew where he was headed from the moment he got into his car and started the engine, but he didn’t know why. The fact that he was drawn to go to the cemetery made no sense to him, but he couldn’t stop now. His head was in a weird place from the moment Darcy had told him the truth about her miscarriage, and the fact that had the pregnancy gone to term, they would have a daughter not much older than Owen.

Was this just another consequence of his actions? Was his daughter’s life not meant to be because he was being punished for everything he had done? And while he should have stayed in that hotel room with Darcy so they could comfort each other, even six year later, he had to go visit Misty. He had to vent his frustrations away from Darcy, so when he went back, what he said wouldn’t come out the wrong way.

He hadn’t been to the cemetery in quite some time, but he could never forget where she was buried. He drove through the front entrance of the Palm Eastern Cemetery in Las Vegas. He made his way through the cemetery until he parked along the edge of the grass just by the section where she was buried. He could already see her large headstone and as he got out of the car, he slowly walked towards it. He finally stops just at her grave and drops down to his knees.

O’Malley: What else is life gonna throw at me, huh? How much more shite is gonna get added on to me plate?

He places a hand on the headstone, almost expecting her to answer. Maybe she would. She had somehow appeared to him months ago, so why not now? She couldn’t be gone for good like she had said last he had seen of her.

O’Malley: C’mon, Misty. I know yer listenin’. I know yer watchin’. Show yer face like ye did last time.

He looks around, expecting her to appear to him, but she doesn’t. What does happen, however, is the breeze picks up for a brief moment. He closes his eyes and takes in a deep breath and knows that her spirit is there.

O’Malley: Why, Misty? Why did Darcy have to lose our child? Why did I give up Owen, now causin’ all this shite with yer family to get him back? Am I meant to lose everythin’ in the end?

He closes his eyes again, growing angry with himself. The breeze picks up and something tells him to turn around. Just as he does, he sees a familiar car parking behind his. It’s Misty’s sister, Dixie. And in the back seat, he sees Owen. Owen’s face lights up and O’Malley makes eye contact with Dixie. He can tell she is considering driving off, but she looks into the backseat at Owen, before getting out of the vehicle. Owen stays in the car as Dixie and O’Malley walk up to one another.

O’Malley: I...I didn’t know ye’d be here, Dixie. I just needed to come by. I know I ain’t supposed to be around Owen because of that restrainin’ order, so I’ll let the two of—

Dixie: Stop.

O’Malley is about to head to his car but he stops when Dixie tells him to. He turns back around glances to Owen, before turning his attention back to Dixie.

Dixie: You look...upset.

He nods.

O’Malley: Just a bit. I’ve made a mess of a lot of shite over the last six years, and it’s clear I’m payin’ fer it all now, love. I hurt Darcy. I hurt Misty. I hurt Owen. I deserve everythin’ I’m gettin’ now.

Dixie: You really want to make things up to Owen? You’re not just doing all of this because we’re Misty’s family and that new wife of your’s hated her?

O’Malley shakes his head this time.

O’Malley: There’s a lot about Darcy ye don’t understand, Dixie. Hell I didn’t until just today, but this has nothin’ to do with her. After Misty died, it almost killed me. A couple of times actually. I couldn’t let Owen see me spiral down like that. I couldn’t be—

Dixie holds her index finger up and O’Malley goes silent. Dixie heads back over to her car and opens the back passenger seat, helping Owen out of his booster seat. As soon as his feet hit the grass, he goes running towards O’Malley.

Owen: Daddy!

O’Malley drops down and Owen runs into his arms, and the two embrace for the first time in two years. O’Malley lifts Owen up and holds him close.

O’Malley: Owen…me boy. Man I can’t tell ye how happy this makes me.

O’Malley looks back to Dixie as she walks up to them.

Dixie: This stays between us right now. I just couldn’t keep him from seeing you any longer. Regardless of everything that has happened or is going on right now, you’re his father and he’s been begging to see you.

Owen: Why can’t I see you more? Grandma and Grandpa are really mad.

O’Malley nods, and he fights back happy tears as he looks into his son's eyes.

O’Malley: They are, kiddo. But don’t ye worry about that, alright? I’m workin’ on fixin’ all this so I can see ye a lot more. So maybe ye can come back home to live with me…

Dixie: O’Malley…

Owen: You mean...I wouldn’t see Grandma and Grandpa anymore? Or Aunt Dixie or Aunt Desiree?

O’Malley shakes his head and sets Owen back down, getting eye level with him.

O’Malley: No, that ain’t what I’m sayin’ kiddo. Of course I’d let ye see them. We’ll work it all out but my main priority was at least seein’ ye. Dixie, I can’t thank ye enough.

Dixie: Owen, you can’t tell Grandma and Grandpa about this, okay?

Owen turns around and looks at his aunt, nodding slowly. He glances towards his mother’s headstone and them with sad eyes, looks back to O’Malley.

Owen: I wish Mommy were still here. I hear Grandma and Grandpa talking sometimes and they say you found me a new mommy.

O’Malley’s jaw drops, stunned. He goes speechless for several seconds before he shakes his head.

O’Malley: Absolutely not, Owen. No one will ever replace yer mother. There’s a lot that we’ll need to talk about, but that’ll come later, alright?

Owen: Okay. Do you have to leave now?

O’Malley: I don’t wanna take up yer time visiting yer Mum with Auntie Dixie. Remember what she said though. This is our secret fer now. But we’ll see each other again soon enough. I love ye, kiddo.

O’Malley and Owen share one last hug.

Owen: Love you too, Daddy. Tell Auntie Roxi I said hi.

O’Malley: I’ll be sure to send along the message, but we’ll make sure ye see her soon, too.

O’Malley turns his attention back to Dixie. Owen then runs off and over to Misty’s grave, sitting down in the grace just in front of her headstone.

O’Malley: Thank ye again, love. I really wasn’t expectin’ ye to let me see him.

Dixie: I debated it, honestly. But he misses you, and I can’t deny how much you’re fighting for him right now. Just don’t make me regret it, please. I can’t watch him go through the heartbreak again like he did after you left two years ago.

O’Malley: Trust me, I won’t. I could barely live with meself after that. I could never do it again. Anyway, I gotta get goin’. I’ve got some things to sort out, but thank ye again. I’m sure we’ll be in touch again soon.

Dixie: I’ll try and talk to my Dad and Colleen, but I can’t make any guarantees. You take care, O’Malley. And good luck at Violent Conduct.

O’Malley grins.

O’Malley: Thanks, love. I’m probably gonna need it, if I’m honest.

The two share one quick friendly smile and O’Malley waves back at Owen. Dixie heads over towards her nephew as O’Malley heads back to his car. As he sits behind the driver’s side, staring at his son for a few more moments, he is more determined now than he was before to get him back. The battle for his son is one he does not intend to lose.

Back At The Hotel

Darcy did as O’Malley had told her earlier. She has waited in the room for him to come back, refusing to leave until he does. She’s growing concerned the more time that passes and she doesn’t hear from him, but just as she is going to reach for her cell phone to call or text him, the door opens, and he walks into the room. She stands up from the bed, and looks at him.

Darcy: I was beginning to worry. Are…are you okay?

He stares at her for a few moments, thinking that question through. She stares back, waiting for an answer until he walks up to her, places a hand on either side of her face and brings his lips to hers. She is momentarily surprised, but she wraps her arms around him, and kisses him back. When he breaks the kiss, he looks into her eyes.

O’Malley: I am now, love. I can’t tell ye how sorry I am that ye went through that miscarriage alone. It shouldn’t have happened.

Darcy: It wasn’t entirely your fault, my love. I didn’t even tell you I was pregnant.’s in the past. I’m just doing my best to move forward, and part of that is trying to build a family with you. Getting back what we lost. I hope you understand that.

He nods and runs his hands through her hair. She lays her head on his chest, thankful to be in his arms again.

O’Malley: I know what ye mean, love. And I understand that. I do. We’ll build that family, I promise. But the priority right now has to be Owen. I left him two years ago, and I can’t let that mistake cause me to lose him forever. We need to fight like hell to bring him home.

Darcy: I agree. That has to happen. But…

She takes a step back and O’Malley’s arms drop. He looks at her confused, but waits for her to finish what she had to say.

Darcy: I’m not going back on the birth control. I’m not saying we have to focus on trying to have a baby now, but why can’t we just see what happens? Let life happen the way it’s meant to?

He takes in a deep breath and thinks for a moment as they stare at one another. She’s almost afraid of how he’s going to respond, until he finally does.

O’Malley: I can accept that. But, if ye do end up pregnant, we’re gonna have to discuss the situation with ye comin’ out to the ring with me.

Darcy: Deal. We’ll cross that bridge when we need to. What exactly did you do when you left the hotel, anyway?

O’Malley scratches his head. He doesn’t exactly want to say he went to Misty’s grave, but he doesn’t want to lie either. He decides on telling the truth.

O’Malley: Somethin’ told me to go to Misty’s grave, so that’s where I went. And it ended up bein’ what I needed cause Misty’s sister showed up with Owen. She let me see him, Darc. I actually got to talk to him. And to hold him and hug him. I need him back.

Darcy: That’s fanstastic. At least there’s one decent person in that family.

The two close the distance between them and wrap their arms around each other again, neither wanting to let the other go.

O’Malley: I won’t lose him, Darc. And I won’t lose ye, either. I’ve lost too much already in me life, and I’m done with it. I’m not losin’ anything else goin’ forward.

Darcy: You don’t need to worry about that. You’ll never lose me. And neither of us will ever lose another child. I promise.

He kisses the top of her head as she closes her eyes and enjoys the moment. He thinks about the words both have just spoken and how it ties into his upcoming matches at Violent Conduct. Because he has a lot to lose going into both matches.

I’ve come to a big realization recently, and it’s that I’ve lost quite a bit throughout me life. Both personally and professionally speaking. And while most of it has been in me personal life, in the grand scheme of things, it all ties into me professional life, despite wantin’ to keep the two separate. Considerin’ a big loss in me personal life was Misty, no one can deny that.

I thought she was the first major loss I’ve had to deal with, but apparently I was wrong. Without even knowin’ it, I lost something even more precious years before, and that information hurts just as bad as the day that I loss Misty. And the day I lost me son, when I chose to leave him in the care of people I thought would be better fer him than I was. And now I’m tryna get him back, and the thought of losin’ him fer good just ain’t sittin’ well with me. The thought of losin’ anything else ain’t sittin’ well with me if I’m honest.

And that...that brings everythin’ together, here. Because in just two days, I’m walkin’ into Violent Conduct with more to lose than anyone else. I mean, I am the only person holding two titles, one in each brand and I’ll be defendin’ both on the worst night ye could even think to have a double title defense. Violent Conduct. Can’t one person deny the disadvantage I’m in, but let me make something clear right here. Right now. Losing isn’t an option. In either match. Now, me match against Father Gerald is later in the night so I’m guessin’ if I were to ask Daniel Morgan the bettin’ odds on that one, they wouldn’t be in my favor because I know the Roulette Wheel ain’t gonna be pleasant.

Ain’t that right, Miles? Ye’ve got a chance to steal title number one from me first, but ye’ve also got the opportunity to screw me out of me second title, too. Why? Because dependin’ on what that Roulette wheel lands on, ye’ve got the chance to help ol’ Father Gerald gettin’ a head start in destroyin’ me. Key words ye’ve got the chance. But I’m gonna do everythin’ in me power to make sure that don’t happen, fella, because losin’ one title would be bad enough. Losin’ both would be tragic.

I know ye want this, Miles. Especially after our little run in a few weeks ago, yer more determined than ever to make me eat me words and take me Roulette title, but what ye don’t realize is that after the last few weeks I’ve had? I’m more determined to stop ye. And we both already know I can, fella. Because I gave ye a preview two weeks ago on Climax Control.

I see potential in ye, kid. Yer young. Yer talented. Yer a hell of a competitor in the ring, but despite all that, yer lackin’ alot. Ye don’t quite have what it takes, and until ye realize that, this match on Sunday is the closest ye’ll ever be to the Roulette Championship. I mean, ye lucked out even gettin’ this opportunity so what does that say? The only reason yer little effort won ye that match at Summer XXXtreme was because El Dark couldn’t win a match to save his life, and Mav couldn’t give a rat’s arse, so congratulations. Ye were spoonfed this opportunity. Because ye didn’t earn it in me eyes. Not really.

And ye honestly think I’m gonna let meself lose knowin’ that? Feck off with that. This Roulette Championship is mine. And it’s gonna stay mine, because I ain’t finished yet. I’m not gonna let some rookie ruin me chances at beatin’ not only Kris Ryans’ record, but Griffin’s also. I’ve got goals, and those goals WILL be achieved.

Here’s what I want ye to do, Miles. I want ye to change me mind about ye. I want ye to do what no one else is doin’, and prove to me that when I decide it’s time to let this Roulettw Championship go, ye’ll be the one I think will be the next to hold it. Because as much as everyone hates me bein’ the champion, I don’t exactly see anyone provin’ they can do anythin’ about it. Includin’ ye, Miles.

But that could change. If ye put in more effort. If ye try a little harder and do all the things a champion should before ye even have a title. Take a few lessons from Ben Jordan, maybe. Do somethin’, because until that happens, ye ain’t worthy. And before anyone can say anythin’, that ain’t me runnin’ from a challenge. It’s me sayin’ there ain’t a challenge to begin with.

I ain’t gonna lie, though. The Roulette Wheel has me worried, Miles. And it should have ye worried, too, because this ain’t gonna be an ordinary match. It ain’t gonna be a ladder match, or a tables match or anything predictable like that. The stipulations they’re gonna add to that wheel will be extra special. Extra violent. Extra fecked up. What will ours be? Well, that remains to be seen, and because of the added violencs to this night, it’s only gonna make it that much sweeter to walk away the winner.And winning is my only option.

I know they say ye can’t win ‘em all in this business, and I’m no stranger to that fact. I’ve lost a few fair matches, and deservedly so, but it all comes at a cost. And that cost is somethin’ I just can’t afford in me life right now. I don’t plan on bein’ Roulette Champion forever, but the day I’m not is the day I CHOOSE to give it up. And Miles...that day ain’t today. I don’t choose to give this title up to ye.

Two days, Miles. Just two more days ye have to dream of takin’ this title away from me, because after Sunday...that dream will be dead.

And that’s a promise.

See ye Sunday, fella!

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Monday August 31st
Las Vegas local hospital

The last time O’Malley remembered being in this much pain, was just following his near fatal car accident that left him temporarily paralyzed. His match against Ben Jordan very well could have done the same, as it ended in a draw when neither man could get up by the ten count after falling from the top of an ambulance. He was out cold for some time, but thankfully he had no signs of a concussion. Just a battered and bruised body, and a now humbled ego.

The sun is just beginning to shine through the window of his hospital room, as it’s early morning. As he opens his eyes and looks around, a blurred figure across the room almost startles him. But as his focus improves, he sees that it’s his wife, Darcy, fast asleep in a chair across the room. She is, of course, wearing a mask as the hospital had made it mandatory.

O’Malley: Darc? Darcy, wake up.

His voice is hoarse, and it’s painful to even speak. But she hears him and she jolts up, rushing over to his side.

Darcy: Oh. Oh, thank God. I’m so glad you’re awake.

O’Malley: What...what are ye..doin’ here?

She raises her eyes, shocked he would ask, even considering they had spoken much over the last several days.

Darcy: Why would you ask that? I’m your wife and you just very nearly got yourself killed in that match against Ben last night. Why wouldn’t I be here?

O’Malley laughs and he instantly regrets it, as he holds his ribs from the shoot pain running through them. He glances down and see that his ribs are all bandaged up, compliments of that Millwall Brick.

O’Malley: Oh? Yer me wife now? Does that mean yer done lyin’ to me?

Darcy: Can we please not get into this here? You’re banged up pretty good, and there will be plenty of time to talk about this later at home.

He raises an eyebrow as he stares at her.

O’Malley: Home? Whoever said anything about me comin’ home right now?

Darcy: Baby, come on. Don’t be this way. I know you think what I did is about Owen, but it’s not. I want him back in your life just as much as you do. I even…

She suddenly stops herself before she finishes that sentence and he stares at her.

O’Malley: Ye what, Darc? What did ye do now?!

Darcy: Calm down, my love. You’ll only—

O’Malley: What the feck did ye do, Darcy?!

She jumps back and holds her hands up. She hadn’t planned on telling him this way, but she had no choice now.

Darcy: Before you get mad, I had the best of intentions. I went to Misty’s parents’ house and spoke to her mother.

O’Malley: Christ almighty! Ye did what?!

Darcy: Shhh. Keep your voice down. It’s early.

O’Malley: I don’t feckin’ care! What were ye thinkin’ goin’ there?!

Darcy: I was hoping I could get through to them. Show them I’m not his awful person they’re making me out to be, but more importantly I was hoping I could help you see your son.

O’Malley’s head drops back against the pillow behind his head. He lets out a growl despite the pain and a nurse finally walks into the room to see what is going on.

Nurse: Is everything alright in here? Other patients are still sleeping…

O’Malley lifts his head and looks at her.

O’Malley: Everything is fine. My apologies. We’ll try to keep it down.

The nurse looks to O’Malley then to Darcy and just nods slowly before she turns and walks out, closing the door behind her.

O’Malley: Ye shoulda told me before ye went there, Darc. That wasn’t a good idea.

Darcy: How was I supposed to tell you? You left and wouldn’t speak to me. I don’t know what more I can do…

O’Malley: Ye can tell me whatever the hell it is I don’t know.

He looks right into her eyes, his look pleading with her. She shakes her head.

Darcy: I...I don’t know what you’re talking about.

O’Malley: Christ, Darcy. Yes, ye do. Ye and I both know there’s somethin’ yer keepin’ from me, and I wanna know what the hell it is. I ain’t stupid.

Darcy: Can…can we please not do this right now? It’s not imp—

O’Malley’s head drops back again and he brings his hands up, gripping at his hair.

O’Malley: Jaysus, and I thought men were supposed to be the ones with communication problems. Just..go home, Darc.

Darcy: What? O’Malley, this is all gone on long enough.

He shakes his head.

O’Malley: No, it feckin’ hasn’t. If yer not ready to tell me what the hell I need to know, then I don’t want ye here. Get yer arse outta here, and go back home.

She narrows her eyes angrily before she spins around and goes to grab her purse.

Darcy: You know what? Fine. I might as well play the part everyone has painted for me. Forgive me for being a loving wife and checking on you when you’re hurt. And forgive me for trying to help you get your son back.

O’Malley: Yer definition of helping generally feck’s this up even more, Darc. Ye need to realize that.I can’t argue with ye anymore. It’s makin’ me head hurt worse.

He lays his head back and sinks down lower into the bed. Darcy just shakes her head and walks towards the door. Before she walks out she turns and looks back to him, a heartbroken look on her face.

Darcy: I thought we were stronger than all of this, O’Malley. After everything we’ve lost, and what it took for the both of us to find our way back to one another...Maybe I was wrong.

She then walks out without another word. O’Malley lifts his head and looks towards the door, something in particular she said confusing him.

O’Malley: Everything we’ve lost?

But he shakes his head and refuses to try and figure it out. He then closes his eyes and drifts off back to sleep.

All O’Malley wants to do is to get back to the hotel and crash for the night. While the pain he is feeling is nowhere near what he had felt following his match against Ben Jordan, being up and moving around most of the night had his injuries screaming at him once again. Thankfully he was not booked on either show, and didn’t have to put his body through anymore torture. His mind, though? That was a different story, because this mess with Darcy was still weighing on him.

But he needs sleep, and then he will start to figure it out tomorrow. As he walks out of the Orleans Arena, heading through the parking lot, he spots someone waiting by his car. It wasn’t anyone he knew, but a shady looking fella, and O’Malley stopped dead in his tracks. He dropped his bag, preparing to fight, but the man just steps away from his O’Malley’s car, holding an envelope in his hand as he approaches O’Malley.

Man: Shane Finnigan O’Malley?

O’Malley glares at him with his hands clenched into fists.

O’Malley: Who the feck are ye? And how do ye know me full name?

The man grins and then holds the envelope out to O’Malley. O’Malley takes the envelope reluctantly, having no clue what it holds.

Man: You’ve been served. Have a nice night.

And that was that. The man just walks past O’Malley, having done his job without a hitch. O’Malley stares down at the envelope and then turns around and watches the man get into another vehicle and leave. He turns his attention back to the envelope and rips it open. He unfolds the paperwork inside and as he reads it, his eyes go wide.

O’Malley: A feckin’ restrainin’ order?! Ye gotta be feckin’ kiddin’ me?!?!

He debates ripping it to shreds, but he knew it wouldn’t matter at this point. Misty’s parents had filed a restraining order against him, and he knew exactly why. So much for thinking about all of this tomorrow. He had to go see Darcy tonight. He didn’t want to, but this situation just became even more complicated. He reaches down, picks up his bag and heads to his car. He throws his bag in the backseat, along with the restraining order, and jumps behind the wheel. Moments later he’s speeding out of the parking lot, heading towards his and Darcy’s home.

A little while later…

O’Malley pulls his car into the driveway, quickly putting it in park and killing the engine. He grabs the restraining order from the backseat and then gets out of the car, storming his way to the front door. He didn’t care if Darcy was possibly sleeping, he had to hash things out with her tonight, and the mess that she had caused. Lucky for him, she’s wide awake, currently drinking her way through a bottle of wine in the kitchen when he bursts through the front door. He sees her in the kitchen and holds up the restraining order.

O’Malley: Do you know what yer stunt last week has done, Darc?! Do ye?!

Darcy quickly looks to him and the paperwork in his hands. She slowly finishes off her glass of red wine before standing up, holding out some paperwork of her own.

Darcy: Hello my darling husband. It’s nice to see you again, my love. And, yes, I know what it did, because I have one of my own.

O’Malley: Yer...yer feckin’ drunk?!

Darcy turns around and pours the rest of the bottle of red wine into her glass. She picks it up and spins around to face him again.

Darcy: So what if I am?! I’m not pregnant. I’m not doing damage to a growing child in my uterus. I’ll drink if I damn well please.

O’Malley: Do ye know how much this situation with Owen and Misty’s parents’ just got more complicated because of what ye did?! What is wrong with ye?!

Darcy laughs as she takes a drink of her wine, nearly spilling it in the process. She sets the glass back down on the table and glares at O’Malley.

Darcy: That’s right. I’m the God-damned problem, as always! Everything is always my fault. Face it, O’Malley, had it been you to go over there and not me, they would have still had these restraining orders put in place regardless. But we’re not in this situation because of me, anyway.

She stumbles forward, leaving her glass of wine on the table and trying to make her way to the front living room. But O’Malley blocks her way.

O’Malley: What exactly is that supposed to mean?

Darcy: It means, my love, that you were the one who left him in the care of your dearly departed dead first wife’s family in the first place, when you could have brought him to Ireland with you. But, sure, eeeeeeveryone wants to blame me for you not being with your son right now.

O’Malley’s jaw drops, shocked at what Darcy just said to him. She puts the back of her hand against his arm and shoves herself past him as she continues on her to the living room. O’Malley’s eyes narrow furiously and be turns around, following her.

O’Malley: Boy, if I’da known all it took to get ye to open up and tell me how ye really feel was a good amount of liquor, I woulda done that a long time ago! Tell me, what else have ye been hidin’ from me?! Don’t stop there, Darcy. Spill it all out, darlin’!

Darcy holds a finger up in the air and spins around, pointing it at him. She looks as though she’s about to do just what he wants, but even in her inebriated state, she’s able to stop herself.

Darcy: Why did you come here? What? Did you just want to make me feel like shit that much more?! I really don’t need this shit from you tonight, O’Malley. Just go back to the hotel.

O’Malley: Yer unbelievable, Darc. Truly. It’s right on the tip of yer tongue, and yet ye still can’t tell me whatever it is! Yer just lettin’ our marriage fall apart—


O’Malley just stares at her. He had never seen her like this, and as angry as he is, it killed him to see her this way. But until she was honest with him, they didn’t stand a chance at surviving. The ball is in her court.

O’Malley: Maybe if I knew what the feck yer blamin’ me fer, I’d understand. But thanks fer making shite even more complicated, just when I didn’t need it.

Darcy: If you could get your head out of your own ass and think, you might be able to figure it out on your own.

Darcy drops down on the sofa, grabbing the TV remote and turning it on. She begins channel surfing, not saying another word as O’Malley just turns and heads towards the door, walking out of the house, again. Once he gets back into the car and starts the engine, he sits there for a moment, quietly wondering how they had gotten to this point. His marriage was crumbling, and there wasn’t a thing he could do to stop it.

Friday September 11th
Golden Ring Casing- Las Vegas
Grand Re-Opening!

Today is the day that many have been waiting months to finally arrive. While The Golden Ring Casino  owned by Daniel J Morgan had been used a few times for the occasional SCW or SCU shows during the pandemic, today is the day it finally re-opens to the public. Under a strict twenty-five percent capacity limit of course so they could better adhere to social distancing guidelines. Modifications and adjustments have also been made to gaming tables to protect his employees. Food will be consumed in designated areas, and alcoholic beverages may be ordered but not consumed at the bar. Those are just a few of the restrictions in place.

Daniel wanted the re-opening to be a big affair. Well, as big as it could be under circumstances, but he wanted it to be important. And what better way than to hold a “Grand Re-Opening” ceremony of sorts, complete with a ribbon cutting. One might think that Daniel himself would perform the ribbon cutting, but guess again. He has chosen someone else to do the honor, and can you guess who that might be?

No, not Fenris? Nope, not Alex Jones or Griffin Hawkins, either! The man he has chosen is none other than fellow GO Gym graduate and double champion, O’Malley! What? Why is that so surprising? Well, O’Malley is asking himself the same question at the moment as he stands next to Daniel behind the large red ribbon just outside the casino.

A long socially distanced line of people, all wearing masks as required by state mandate and Daniel’s employees strictly enforcing, waits eagerly to enter. O’Malley holds a large pair of scissors to cut the ribbon and he watches as Daniel steps forward for the big moment.

Daniel: I’m not gonna waste too much time because I know you’re all eager to get in and gamble away your money, but I just want to quickly thank you all for being here for the long awaited re-opening. And thank you all for being respectful and following the rules put in place for you to be here.

People clap and cheer, including O’Malley, before they quiet down and let Daniel continue.

Daniel: To kick off the re-opening, I have invited the man standing next to me here to do the honors. He’s the current SCU Underground Champion and SCW Roulette Champion, so I thought he’d like to do the honors. Everyone, please welcome O’Malley!

For the first time, well ever, O’Malley hears nothing but cheers. It’s probably just for the casino reopening and not him being here to cut the ribbon, but he doesn’t question it. He steps forward, pulls the scissors open, holding them just over the ribbon.

Daniel: Go for ir, O’Malley. Let’s get this place back in business.

With a single snip, O’Malley cuts the ribbon and everyone cheers even louder. Photos are taken Daniel leads O’Malley inside the casino while his employees take over getting everyone inside safely.

O’Malley: Thanks again fer choosin’ me to cut the ribbon. I’m still confused on why ye asked me to do it though.

Daniel: Why wouldn’t I? It’s not like no one knows who you are.

O’Malley nodded and the two watch as people begin filtering into the casino.

O’Malley: True. I just meant that no one particularly likes me. Ye coulda chosen Evie, Carter or Ari if ye wanted someone who was a champion. I’m sure some of them will give ye hell about choosin’ me.

Daniel: Let them. It’s my casino and I make the decision. I know it ain’t no secret you don’t really get along with anyone else that Gabriel and Odette have trained, but you’re all a stubborn bunch. I see you’re trying lately, though. So I’m not gonna hold it against ya.

O’Malley: Christ, I’m not used to people sayin’ anythin’ like that. I’m so used to bein’ judged or given hell fer one thing or another. But I appreciate it.

Daniel nods.

Daniel: Anytime, mate. Now that bird of your’s? She’s another story…

Daniel chuckles but when O’Malley’s eyes look away, he realizes he’s gotten on a sore subject.

Daniel: Guess I shouldn’t have brought her up?

O’Malley: Don’t worry about it. Just goin’ through some shite right now, and tryna work through it. Ain’t easy, though.

Daniel: Never is. On that note, ya sound like ya need a drink or two. Why don’t you enjoy some on me, and just tell whoever helps ya that it’s on the house. If they have any problems they can come find me. I’ve got a few things to go and take care of.

O’Malley nods, showing appreciation through his eyes as Daniel can’t see him smile through his mask.

O’Malley: Thanks, Daniel. Appreciate it.

Daniel: No problem, mate.

Daniel then heads off to attend to more casino business. O’Malley looks and starts walking around, looking for somewhere to order his first drink. As luck would have it, Dani Weston almost passes by him, as she was working for the reopening.

Dani: Fancy seeing you here, O’Malley. You never struck me as the gambling type.

O’Malley chuckles and shakes his head.

O’Malley: Nah, I’m really not. Daniel asked me to be here to cut the ribbon. Thought I’d stick around fer a bit. And he actually said to enjoy a couple drinks on the house.

Dani: Did he now?

Dani searches around and spots Daniel and the two make eye contact. Daniel gives her a thumbs up and she nods.

Dani: Fair enough, then. I can get your order from the bar and bring it to you in the food and drink area, or you can head on over there yourself if you like?

O’Malley: I’ll wander my way over there. Thanks, love. And congratulations on the engagement, by the way.

Dani looks down to her engagement ring and her eyes light up.

Dani: Thank you, O’Malley! I’m not sure if it has really sunk in yet, but it helps looking at the ring and being reminded. I’m pretty happy.

O’Malley: As ye should be. Ain’t nothin’ like a happy marriage with the love of yer life.

He tries his best to hide the fact that his marriage is anything but happy at the moment, so as not to spoil Dani’s happy occasion.

Dani: I really appreciate that. You know, you really should let more people see this side of you, O’Malley. You’re not the bad guy you make yourself out to be.

O’Malley: Try tellin’ that to Fenris. Or Carter and Ari.

Dani laughs.

Dani: I’ll gladly tell Fenris. I’m sure you two could get along if you tried. As for Carter and Ari? Just keep doing what you’re doing. They’ll come around eventually. There’s gotta be something you can do to get on their good side.

O’Malley: We’ll see. I ain’t holdin’ me breath. Anyway, I won’t hold ye up any longer. I’ll let ye get back to work. See ye around, Dani.

Dani: You know where to find me! Catch ya later!

Dani then skips off and gets back to work helping casino patrons. Huh, O’Malley though. Two civil conversations in a row. Maybe there was hope after all. He’d think about it later, but right now, he wanted to take Daniel up on his offer for some free drinks. And then this week, it was on to the Going Home Show for SCW prior to Violent Conduct.

Welp, this is it. The last episode of Climax Control before Violent Conduct VI. The Going Home Show, which usually proves to be nearly as action packed as the Supercard itself. Minus a few matches, of course. But me point remains the same. And what would a Going Home Show be without one hell of a main event, right?

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m sure Christian Underwood had the right idea bookin’ this one, but it’s slightly flawed. It has all the makings to turn into a complete shite fest, and the reason bein’ because of all the ego that is on both sides. I mean, Champions versus Challengers? Meself, Teddy Warren and Alex Jones teamin’ up against Miles, Vinnie and Jack? Christ this ain’t gonna be fun. It’s a set up fer the champions to fail, because Jackie Boy aside, I’m sure Vinnie and Mile can attempt to work together to get the win. Me team, though? Ain’t a snowball's chance in hell, I’ll tell ye that much.

Do I want to lose this match? Absolutely not. Because no matter what I say, a loss is a loss when it all boils down to it, but I ain’t likin’ our chances, if I’m honest. Alex Jones is a right annoyin’ prick these days ever since he won that belt off Griffin Hawkins, and Teddy Warren? Well, all Jack, Vinnie or Miles has to do is look at him scary enough and he’ll be pissin’ his pants again! If I gotta carry the team to a win, I will, but I guess we’ll see what happens.

I ain’t much concerned with Jack or Vinnie. My message ain’t bein’ sent to them. Regardless what happens, Jack is still movin’ on to face, and feckin’ hopefully beatin’ Alex fer the World Heavyweight Title. I never thought I’d say that, but it’s true. Ain’t no one more annoyin’ as top champion than Alex Jones has been these last few weeks and Jackie Boy better get the job done. He’s already got enough braggin’ rights over me, so what more needs to be said?

If I didn’t have the Roulette Title, I’d love to move on to go up against Jack fer that top belt. Earn a bit of redemption and finally right that wrong of him beatin’ me, but that just ain’t gonna happen. So I’ll let Jack keep those braggin’ rights, cuz he’s earned them. As fer Vinnie boy, though? Christ, do I really need to fight this fella again? Tag team match or not, I’m just...I can’t wrap me head around it.

Good Vinnie. Bad Vinnie. Neutral Vinnie. Happy Vinnie. Sad Vinnie. Loco Vinnie. Who the feck is he?! I’ll tell ye who he damn terrible actor, because that crazy shite he’s claimin’? No one buys it. All he’s makin’ himself out to be is a joke, and not someone to take seriously. I mean, he couldn’t even keep the Internet Title past his first defense! How seriously should ye take the guy?!

Answer- not very. But, I’m sure somehow, he’ll go up against Teddy, put on some scary persona and win that title back and the game of Internet title hot potato will continue! It’s sad what the other title scenes are turnin’ into, while me? I actually know how to keep me title, and I plan on another successful defense against Miles Kasey. Poor kid actually thinks he stands a chance.

This is your chance to prove it, Miles. This match is yer chance to prove to me, and everyone watchin’, that ye actually have a chance at taking me Roulette Championship belt and earnin’ your first championship in SCW. Odds aren’t in yer favor kid. In fact, they’re sorely stacked against ye.

Everyone wants to win this match, and no one wants to lose. Ye don’t wanna be the one to be pinned in this one, because that loss would look worse fer ye. Ye want to go into Violent Conduct on a high note, but let me tell ye something, Jack and Vinnie won’t hesitate to throw yer arse under the bus to make themselves look better. Especially Jack. I’d tell ye not to mess this one up, but on that team? Yer the weakest link, boy-o. I might not like me chances with the team I’ve got, but I’m holdin’ out hope that ye’ll be the one to bring that team to the ground.

Then again...I’d love the opportunity to pin Jack and earn some redemption points. Vinnie is another story because I just hate bein’ around that fella at all, but I’m lookin’ forward for a little bit of a preview of what’s to come against ye, Miles. I can’t wait to show ye just how much of a prick I can be. Oh, yeah, I heard that one boy-o. I ain’t about to forget it, either.

But while the three of ye will be fightin’ not to lose, the three of will be fightin’ to win. Alex Jones will want to get that pin, over whoever the hell he can pin. Not just Jack. Teddy Warren? Well...he probably won’t care too much, but I’m sure he wants to prove himself. And me? I ain’t gonna lie. I’d love to get the win fer this team. And I know I’m capable.

But can we co-exist? Can we get along enough to make it happen? Could Alex Jones accept someone else gettin’ the victory and not him? I mean, he claims he’s a feckin’ God, so naturally he thinks he’s the best. But that win of his was a damn fluke. It was Griffin’s mistake, but he won’t hold that title much longer, anyway. Point is, would he ruin it fer me and Teddy just to get the victory his way?

I wouldn’t hold it past him. Then again, I wouldn’t hold it past any one of you other fellas in this match, because THAT is the real evil genius behind this bookin’. It ain’t to make for a great match. It’s to see who will be the one to cause it to implode! Christian can’t lie. He knows what’s gonna happen. Hell, I’ll be the first to admit that if Teddy and Alex do somethin’ to piss me off? I’ll gladly let them fend fer themselves. I want to win, sure, but I don’t wanna deal with the bullshite, either. Any other match, alright. But this one. Nah, it really ain’t worth it.

But I’ll play nice as long as I can. I’ll do what so many don’t expect of me and try to get along with the two other arseholes, because it’s what needs to be done. I just make no promises on how long I’ll let it go on.

Once this match is over with, I can worry about more important matters like keepin’ Miles away from me Roulette Championship belt, and then movin’ on to the next in line. I may not be the World Heavyweight Champ, but I’m damn sure on my way to provin’ meself as the best in SCW regardless of what title I carry.

This Sunday is just the next match in that journey.

See ya Sunday, fellas!

Character Building Roleplays / A Darcy CD
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Wednesday August 26th
GO Gym

Darcy can head O’Malley and Jake begin their sparring session in the ring as she waits in the front office like she was told by Gabriel. She wasn’t exactly happy about being ordered around by Gabriel, but as he was the owner of this establishment and also O’Malley’s mentor and trainer, she didn’t argue. She’s currently waiting for Gabriel, sitting down with her arms folded like a pouting child. She doesn’t have to wait much longer, however, as Gabriel finally joins her, but he doesn’t look happy.

Darcy: Finally. I’m sorry for making—

Gabriel holds his hand up and Darcy goes quiet.

Gabriel: I wasn’t really going to say anything, because it’s not entirely my place to do so, but this has gone on long enough. I understand you’re his wife, and I’ve been holding off on saying all of this to him, but I’m done keeping this to myself from you.

Darcy raises an eyebrow, confused. She stands up to face him better.

Darcy: All of what? What is this about?

Gabriel: This is about you holding O’Malley back. You should be helping him succeed, not ruining it every chance you get.

Darcy’s jaw drops. She lets out an exasperated laugh and shakes her head.

Darcy: I have no idea what you’re talking about, Gabriel. I want nothing more than for him to succeed and don’t know how I’m holding him back at all.

Gabriel: Constantly interfering in his matches? Persuading him to cash in the briefcase the way he did? None of that is helping him at all. It’s having the opposite effect, actually.

Darcy: Oh here we go again with all of this. I don’t force him to do anything, Gabriel. I express my opinion, yes, but he’s the one who decides. And I wasn’t aware that wrestlers have to follow all the rules all the time. Or, is that a stipulation of the GO Gym I am not aware of?

Gabriel laughs and shakes his head, though it is not an amused laugh. He really didn’t understand what O’Malley saw in this woman.

Gabriel: We let our graduates choose which direction they want to go in with their career, but O’Malley has definitely chose a different path than the rest, and I don’t think it is entirely because he wants to. You may voice your opinion and not force him into anything, but I’m fairly sure his decisions are influenced by you and your attitude. You’re pretty intelligent, so that should not come as a surprise to you.

Darcy rolls her eyes. She’s clearly very stubborn as Gabriel tries to get through to her.

Darcy: I don’t get what the point of all of this is. From the moment you all met me, I knew you hated me. So am I correct in thinking this is some ploy to get me to change who I am?

Gabriel shakes his head.

Gabriel: Not exactly. But this is me trying to get you to see just how you’re affecting O’Malley’s life. I wouldn’t say we hated you, but we could all see the hold you had on him. If you love him as much as he loves you, you’ll open your eyes and ease up a bit.

Darcy: What does that mean?

Gabriel: It means you’re selfish, and you’re trying to keep O’Malley all to yourself! Every one of the other graduates from here can be around one another and get along. O’Malley? He’s with you almost all the time. He’s got no friends outside of your marriage.

Darcy: I...I can’t believe you’re blaming me for that!

Gabriel nods.

Gabriel: I’m not stupid, Darcy. Do you encourage him to try and spend time with the others and get to know them?

Darcy goes quiet, unable to answer that question. Gabriel grins.

Gabriel: Exactly. You don’t. And it’s holding him back. Not to mention, if you didn’t say half the crap you did about Misty, her family probably would not be putting up as much of a fight about Owen as they are. Take it from a happily married fella. You can love each other like crazy, but you both need time away from each other every now and then.

Darcy still can’t speak. She just blinks her eyes and sinks back into her chair, trying to process everything he’s said. She can feel tears forming in her eyes as she looks up at Gabriel.

Darcy: I...I can’t lose him, Gabriel. Not again. I know you all knew Misty and respected her, but what I went through because of her coming into O’Malley’s life? All of this is because of that. I’ll never be respected like she was, so what is the point of trying?

As her demeanor changes, Gabriel scratches his head. He wasn’t expecting this side of her.

Gabriel: Look, I know there is a history there that I don’t understand. Hell, I’m not sure I want to. The whole point to this, is to get O’Malley to a place in his career where he’s at least respected or taken seriously. He’s got two titles, and he should already be at that point, but he’s not. There’s only so much I can do, so I’m gonna need your help on this. Whatever you need to do...just do it. Things have to change. And that doesn’t mean you have to lose him.

Darcy: Our lives are just…

Gabriel: Complicated?

Darcy nods.

Darcy: I just feel like so much damage has been done, on so many levels, can it truly be fixed? I want him to be successful in his career, but I also want to have a fulfilled life with him outside of all of this. How do we balance it all?

Gabriel: I can’t really answer that because you two need to figure it out for yourselves. I know you’ve been pressuring him to have a baby, but I think he needs to get the situation with Owen figured out first. Let everything else fall into place after that.

From inside the gym, shouting and grunting can be heard as O’Malley and Jake’s sparring session starts to get a little out of hand. Gabriel looks behind him, into the gym and towards the ring and shakes his head before turning back to Darcy.

Gabriel: I better get back in there before Baldy really hurts him. Just...think about what I said.

Darcy: I really do want him to get Owen back, you know. I’m not that selfish where I wouldn’t.

Gabriel: Then find a way to help him out, before it’s really too late.

Darcy nods and Gabriel turns around, heading back inside to check on O’Malley before Jake really hurts him. Once Gabriel is out of view, Darcy buries her face in her hands and starts to cry.

Friday August 28th
Is This The End?

This was bad, she thought. Worse than when O’Malley had left her for Misty. At least then, he wasn’t absolutely furious with her, and him leaving was entirely his fault and not hers. But, she had to stop him. She had to try, because he was all she had and she couldn’t lose him.

He was currently in their bedroom packing up some of his clothes. Darcy had considered letting him be and just giving him the space he needed, but she couldn’t. Not like this. Not when there was so much more that she needed to say. So she quickly headed back inside before he left and tried to stop him. But the minute he saw her standing in their bedroom doorway, he snarled and looked away from her.

Darcy: O’Malley, please. Don’t do this. It’s not what you—

His head snaps up and he glares at her with the meanest look he’s ever given her. She knew immediately that she was in trouble.

O’Malley: It is EXACTLY what I think, Darc! Yer tryna get yerself pregnant thinkin’ I’d just ferget about Owen, and it ain’t gonna happen! I can’t believe ye’d stoop that low!

She shakes her head and steps inside the room. He was nearly finished packing whatever he needed, so she needed to act quick. If he left...he might never come back. And she’d never get a chance to explain the whole story.

Darcy: That is NOT why I stopped taking my birth control, or why I want a baby so bad. I want you to get Owen back. I want us to be a family! But you’re not letting me explain. Please, just STOP!

But he didn’t. He was too hot headed at the moment to listen to her much less look at her. And she knew it. She watched as he zipped up his duffel bag and prepared to leave, but she rushed up to him and pleaded with him to stop.

Darcy: I promise you, baby, what I did was not malicious in any way. I need you to understand. I love you more than anything in this world. I...I can’t lose you. I will tell you everything in time, but I’m begging you. Please don’t—

For a moment, it was beginning to work. But as soon as she said the words “in time,” he pulled away. He started shaking his head, letting out an annoyed laugh.

O’Malley: In time? In time?! Darc, if ye can’t tell me now, and ye haven’t told me by now, yer not plannin’ on tellin’ me shite. Yer just expectin’ me to forgive ye and move on like ye didn’t lie to me fer weeks at least. Don’t feckin’ touch me!

He snapped at her as she attempted to reach out and touch him. But he again pulled back and glared at her with a rage in his eyes that she’d never witnessed.

Darcy: Are...are you leaving for good, then? Is this the end of our marriage?

O’Malley slings the strap of his duffel bag over his shoulder and closes his eyes as he responds to her. It breaks her heart that he can’t look at her.

O’Malley: Honestly? I dunno. I’ve gotta figure this all out and think about everythin’, and I can’t do that with ye around me. And do me a favor. Don’t show up to either of the shows on Sunday.

And with that, he walks past her. He walks out of their bedroom, and then out of the house, and Darcy has no idea when, or even if, he’d be back. All she wanted to do was cry. She had brought this on herself. Of course O’Malley would go so far as to think she didn’t want him to get Owen back.

Her head suddenly shot up and a lightbulb went off.

Darcy: Of course. Owen. I need to help him get Owen back…

She quickly grabbed her phone and ordered an Uber, putting her next plan into motion. If she was going to get O’Malley back, he had to get Owen back…

A little while later, Darcy had ordered the Uber driver to stop just down the street from Misty’s parents’ house. It wasn’t hard for her to figure out where the lived, and she knew that stopping directly in front of their house was not a good idea, either. The driver wouldn’t wait long for her, however. So she had to act quick.

The entire walk leading to their house, she wondered what she would say. She knew very well that they hated her, and they had every reason to, but she was desperate. O’Malley needed his son, and she needed O’Malley. So, by default, she needed Owen, too. But this might very well turn into a mistake. One that could backfire.

But she had to try.

She walks up the sidewalk leading to their front door, stopping just outside it. She closes her eyes and takes in a deep breath and as she goes to ring their doorbell, the inside door opens and she comes face to face with Misty’s mother, Colleen. She has to take a step back as Colleen steps out of the house, confronting her with an angry expression.

Colleen: What do you want?

Darcy: Mrs. Waters. I know we’ve never met. I’m—

Colleen: I know who you are. You’re the bitch who had the nerve to say horrible things about my dead daughter. What the hell are you doing here?

She deserved that, she thought. She didn’t expect this to go any differently, either.

Darcy: Look, I know you all have every reason to hate me, and to hate O’Malley. But I came here to beg you to let him see his son. Let him see Owen.

Colleen folds her arms and shakes her head.

Colleen: I thought that might be it, but the answer is still no. He left him. And then he got together with you while Owen was crying for his daddy. He doesn’t have the right to ask for him back after two years. And you don’t have the right to come here and ask for it either. Owen will never be anywhere near you, that much is certain.

Darcy: So this is about me, then? You’re not letting O’Malley see Owen because he’s with me?

Colleen doesn’t answer. She just blinks and stares at the woman who has disrespected her late daughter. Darcy just nods.

Darcy: O’Malley needs his son, Mrs. Waters. I can’t tell you how much he regrets what he did, but don’t use me as an excuse to punish him. Look at me. I know I’ve said terrible things about your daughter, but why would I make such a risk by showing up here if I wasn’t sorry for it? I know you’re—

Colleen holds up her hand, and Darcy goes quiet.

Colleen: Shut up. Just...shut up. I don’t care why you’re here, or if you say you’re sorry. Owen is our number one concern, and I will not allow him to be exposed to someone like you. Misty would turn over in her grave. Now, as we’ve told O’Malley before, get the hell off my property, or I will call the police.

Darcy: You don’t want this fight to go to court, Mrs. Waters. This can be settled civilly. The longer you guys try and fight this, the more likely it will be your family who loses.

Colleen narrows her eyes and her nostrils flare.

Colleen: that a threat?

Darcy shakes her head.

Darcy: No. It’s a promise. My husband will get his son back, no matter what needs to be done. If this should go to court, I’ll see to it personally that—

*WHACK!* Colleen suddenly slaps the taste right out of Darcy’s mouth. Darcy’s head whips to the side and Colleen points at her.

Colleen: Don’t you EVER threaten me, honey. And don’t you ever step foot on my property again, or I will have you thrown in jail and then they’ll deport your ass back to Ireland.

Colleen heads back inside without another word. Darcy just holds her cheek and from down the street, the Uber driver honks his horn, warning her he’s about to leave. Darcy takes in a deep breath before she turns and walks away, utterly defeated. And little does she know, what happened here today, will definitely backfire not only on her...but on O’Malley as well.

To be continued…

Climax Control Archives / Admissions
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Wednesday August 26th
A Surprise Training Opponent
GO Gym- Las Vegas

With being signed to both brands for quite some time, and now being a double champion for the last month, O’Malley has quickly become accustomed to the amount of work expected of him. It was very rare that he would have a week off from either brand, let alone from both in the same week- as was the case this past Sunday. And while he wasn’t booked on either Climax Control or Underground, he made his presence known on both shows. And in a very big way.

This upcoming week is already shaping up to be even more important, as he is booked on both shows. And while his match in SCW is not a title defense, he would be putting the Underground Championship on the line against Ben Jordan later on. But he isn’t about to take his match against Jack Washington any less serious, because just as a win is a win, a loss is also a loss. And Jack Washington was working his way towards challenging for the World Heavyweight Championship soon.

And while all of that was going on, O’Malley had started a war against Kris Ryans, which the repercussions of his actions had yet to be seen where that was concerned. O’Malley was beginning to think he was biting off more than he could chew, but his lovely wife, Darcy, clearly didn’t feel the same way. Judging by the fact that the more he seems to do, the happier she gets.

Darcy: So, Gabriel really won’t tell you who your training opponent is going to be today? Why is he being so secretive about it?

The pair are currently on their way to the GO Gym for his next training session. O’Malley is behind the wheel, and he shrugs as he is just turned onto the road leading to the gym. Darcy seems to be doing most of the talking.

O’Malley: I don’t usually ask questions where Gabriel is concerned, love. I’ve got a guess as to who it might be, but then again...that might be a little too obvious, too. We’ll find out soon enough, though.

Darcy: Well, I’m sure whoever it is you’ll do amazingly against. You always do. I’m so proud of everything you’ve done, and it’s only going to get better going forward. I just wish you would challenge Kris Ryans already.

Darcy doesn’t notice but O’Malley rolls his eyes. He pulls into the parking lot of the GO Gym and parks the car. But before he cuts the engine and Darcy gets out of the car, he turns his attention to her.

O’Malley: I don’t need to challenge him to get a match against him, Darc. Fer all I know, Mark and Christian will book me against him next week. But I can’t focus on him right now. I’ve got too much other shite goin’ on, and he’s the least of my problems.

Darcy: How can you say that? He’s been a thorn in your side for a while now and it’s not likely to get any better. Plus, you don’t have that much else going on that will extend out past this weekend. So what’s the problem?

He knew what the problem was, but he couldn’t just outright say it. She was pushing him to be successful, but sometimes he wondered why exactly. Was it because she wanted him to focus on everything in wrestling, or was it because she wanted him to be distracted from something else?

O’Malley: Ye don’t know that, love. This shite with Ben might not end with this match this weekend. Ye just never know. Plus, depending on who they book my next Roulette title defense against, I have to start thinkin’ about that Miles Kasey kid. And then there’s all this personal shite. Just...stop tryna add more to me plate, alright?

Darcy stares at him, genuinely confused. She folds her arms and thinks for a moment and shakes her head.

Darcy: Well I happen to think that you’re handling all of this pretty well as far as the wrestling side goes. We knew it was going to be a lot of work holding two titles, in two different brands no less, but you’re doing great. As far as the personal stuff, what else are you referring to? Because the situation with Owen isn’t exactly going anywhere yet.

What would he say? He couldn’t spill out the truth that deep down he was worrying about something she may or may not be keeping from him on top of worrying about Owen. He had to lie, and it had to be convincing.

O’Malley: That’s what I’m talkin’ about, love. I’ve gotta keep on that situation, because I’m sick of bein’ without me son, and him not hearin’ my explanation. But I’ve got so much to deal with fer SCU and SCW it’s hard to balance it all.

Darcy: Well...why don’t you let me handle the Owen situation? I can contact a lawyer for us and start to get the ball rolling so you can focus the time you need on your wrestling obligations?

O’Malley immediately started shaking his head. He couldn’t do that, and he knew it. If he was ever going to get Owen back, he was going to have to prove that he could balance it all somehow. Or, he’d have to sacrifice something for Owen.

O’Malley: No. We can work together on that, but one thing I know is that if I am gonna stand a chance in hell at gettin’ Owen back, I’ve gotta devote as much time to him as I can. Everythin’ I’m doin’ in SCU and SCW is important, too, but if it comes down to it—

Darcy: If what comes down to it? O’Malley, Owen is your son. Legally, they can’t deny that, and his mother’s family can’t do anything to change it. All it will take is getting the right lawyer and he’d be back with you.

O’Malley sighs. They were wasting time, and he knew it. Gabriel would probably be calling soon bugging him on where he was, even though they were right in the parking lot.

O’Malley: I’m just holdin’ out as long as I can, love. I don’t want to put Owen through anymore stress than I already have, and fer all I know, they’ll fight like hell to keep it from happenin’. Look, let’s just talk about this later. We’ve gotta get inside and I gotta get this training session over with. Against whoever it is.

O’Malley shuts the engine off and removes the key from the ignition, not giving Darcy a chance to keep up their current conversation. He steps out of the car and grabs his training duffel bag from the backseat as Darcy soon follows behind him. She wants to keep talking, but she stays silent and just brews it over in her head.

Once they walk inside, they walk past the front desk and into the training center where Gabriel is already waiting for him, and he’s not alone. O’Malley and Darcy stop dead in the tracks and both of them look directly at the man standing just a few feet away from Gabriel. And not just any man, but one all too familiar to Sin City Wrestling. A former World Heavyweight Champion and Seven Deadly Sins member- Rage! Now going by his birth name of course, Jake Sullivan. O’Malley chuckles, but Darcy doesn’t seem to recognize him.

O’Malley: Here I thought ye were gonna put me in the ring against Despayre. But..this guy? Really?

Gabriel and Jake look at each other. Both crack a smile before turning their attention back to O’Malley. Darcy chimes in before either says a word.

Darcy: Who is he?

Jake frowns, but ultimately rolls his eyes.

Gabriel: You’ve been in the ring against Despy before, and we both know you wouldn’t want that again. And I figured baldilocks here was an appropriate opponent for ya, so I called in a favor. And, hello Darcy. This here is my formerly angry friend turned Mr. Mom, Ra...Er, Jake.

Jake: I haven’t had the chance to kick someone’s ass in a few years, I wasn’t about to say no.

Jake turns to Gabriel and frowns.

Jake: I’ve been going by Jake for how long and you still almost called me Rage again? And the baldilocks stuff, really?

Darcy looks at O’Malley, and he just shrugs before looking back to his mentor and Jake. Gabriel grins.

Gabriel: What can I say? It’s still weird. And yep, baldilocks. But this isn’t about you. O’Malley go get into your gear. We’ve got a lot to get through.

O’Malley: If you say so…

O’Malley laughs and shakes his head. He heads off towards the locker room to get changed as Darcy stays behind, keeping her distance from not only Gabriel, but Jake as well. Gabriel and Jake speak in hushed voices and Darcy thinks she hears one of them mention Misty’s name. Despite wanting to speak up, she bites her tongue and heads over to a bench to sit down while she waits for O’Malley.

Several minutes go by before O’Malley emerges from the locker room all dressed in his training gear. Jake is waiting for him in the ring, leaning against a corner impatiently. He spots O’Malley walking towards the ring and smirks.

Jake: About damn time. My fourteen year old daughter gets dressed quicker than you.

Gabriel chuckles, but O’Malley rolls his eyes. He walks up the steps standing on the ring apron for a moment, glaring at Jake, who is much larger than he is.

O’Malley: I wouldn’t pursue a career in comedy, big fella. Because yer not funny. Seriously, Gabriel, how the hell is trainin’ against him gonna teach me anythin’? When did Jack Washington or Ben Jordan get to be roided up arseholes?

Jake pushes himself away from the corner, walking over and standing directly in front of O’Malley. Things are about to get heated, but Gabriel tries to diffuse the situation before it can ruin the day’s training session.

Gabriel: We don’t have to choose training opponents that are the same size as who you’re going up against, O’Malley. Jake has a lot of experience in the ring, and it’ll be a good learning experience. He might not go by Rage anymore, but trust me when I say if ya say the wrong thing—

O’Malley: He hasn’t even wrestled in a few years. He said it himself! And what’s he gonna do if I say the wrong thing? I’m well aware of what Rage was capable of, but this fella has gone sof—

Before O’Malley can finish that sentence, Jake grabs him by his head and lifts him up and OVER the top rope, tossing him into the ring! Darcy stands up quickly, appalled.

Darcy: What the hell?! You could have broken his neck! What the hell is your problem?!

Gabriel looks over to Darcy, signalling her to sit back down.

Gabriel: He didn’t do anything anyone else couldn’t have done, even if they were smaller than Jake. Relax, Darcy, and sit down.

Darcy almost refuses but O’Malley looks to her and just nods, insisting he’s fine...for the moment. Jake looks down at O’Malley and smirks.

Jake: You like to run your mouth, dontcha? And just because I haven’t had a proper opponent in a few years, doesn’t mean I forgot what I’m doing. Piss me off enough and you’ll be forced to forfeit both of those titles due to injury. Jackass.

O’Malley glares up at Jake, thinking his first move over carefully. Jake keeps his eyes locked on O’Malley, waiting for him to even flinch.

O’Malley: That a threat, big fella? Who are ye tryna convince yer still this big tough guy ye used to be? Me, or yerself?

O’Malley tries to roll away quickly, thinking he’s faster than Jake, but Jake puts his foot on O’Malley’s chest, and puts as much of his weight on him as he can, pinning him in place. O’Malley gasps, and tries to find a way to either get out from under Jake’s foot, or to bring the big man down.

Jake: From where I’m standing, I don’t need to do any convincing, asshole. Maybe instead of running your mouth like an arrogant son of a bitch, you can focus on learning something and show not only me some respect, but Gabriel, too. But if you ask me, he should just drop you all together.

O’Malley tries to move, but Jake is putting too much pressure on his chest, so he has to think of something else. Darcy is growing more and more frustrated, but she waits for O’Malley to think of a way out of this predicament. All it takes is for Jake to look up and towards Gabriel, and O’Malley grabs him by the ankle, then moves his own body enough to trip Jake and send him stumbling forward. Jake catches himself against the ropes, and O’Malley quickly rolls away and kips up back to his feet, now ready to properly defend himself against the former World Heavyweight Champion.

O’Malley: I respect Gabriel plenty, Jakey Boy. I don’t need to respect ye any, though. Yer a smug bastard, and the fact ye think Gabriel should drop me is proof enough.

Jake and Gabriel look at each other. Jake chuckles and Gabriel shakes his head slightly as be folds his arms, and the look ok Darcy’s face says she assumes it was in response to Jake. Jake turns around and comes face to face with O’Malley as they start circling the ring.

Jake: I’m a smug bastard? Really? You’re the most arrogant piece of shit out of anyone Gabriel has trained, and it’s anyone’s guess why he still bothers! You don’t even respect anyone else he has trained, and your actions every week continue to prove it.

Darcy: Isn’t this supposed to be a training session, and not your friend here just disrespecting my husband like he is? This is ridiculous!

Jake turns his attention to Darcy and glares at her.

Jake: You’re one to talk about being disrespectful, lady. At least we’ve never stooped so low as to speak ill of the dead. The person of which your husband was married to first

Darcy’s jaw drops, but the distraction is just what O’Malley needs, and he capitalizes on it. He clobbers Jake with a forearm from behind, but it’s barely enough to even affect him. O’Malley continues, trying to wear him out and catches Jake with a kick to the back of the knee, tripping him! O’Malley then runs against the opposite set of ropes, but when he charges back, Jake stands up quickly, turns and gets his hand around O’Malley’s throat! He tosses him backwards, going easy on him for now, and this only confuses O’Malley.

O’Malley: Don’t speak to me wife like that. I don’t know who the hell ye think ye are—

O’Malley holds his neck and takes in a deep breath as Jake glares at him.

Jake: I’m the one person in this room right now who just might happen to understand what makes you tick. And I’m trying to knock some fucking sense into you, but that is a little hard to do when she’s here!

Jake points to Darcy, and her jaw drops, again. Gabriel remains awfully quiet, letting everything happen as it will, showing there is more to this training session than O’Malley seems to understand.

O’Malley: What the hell does that mean?! How would ye know what makes me tick, and what does Darcy have anything to do with all of this?!

Darcy: This is unbelievable. You don’t even know me and I don’t know what exactly you’re trying to insinuate here.

Jake: I’m not gonna address the bitch that can’t keep her mouth shut, but I will address you, O’Malley. You’ve got two matches this weekend. The first against Jack Washington, who will sure as shit try and bring up how you won that Underground Championship of yours against Ben Jordan and try to use it to get under your skin. The second is, of course, against Ben Jordan who will be looking to beat your ass and take that title back for how you stole it from him in the first place.

O’Malley growls and throws his arms in the air.

O’Malley: Feckin’ hell! Yet another person who thinks—

Jake: I don’t think, asshole. I KNOW!

Gabriel: I’d listen to him if I were you, O’Malley.

Darcy plops back down on the bench, folding her arms and letting out a huff. O’Malley glances at Gabriel briefly, before looking back to Jake.

O’Malley: I didn’t do anythin’ the feckin’ briefcase didn’t give me the right to do! I’m done tryna explain it to all of ye.

Jake: I thought the same thing once. I know first hand the sort of power trip you go on by winning a briefcase because I did the same fucking thing three years ago when I cashed in on Drake Green after his match against J2H!

O’Malley is about to quickly respond, but his stops before he can get a word out. Darcy stands up and storms off, but O’Malley doesn’t bother going after her, and Gabriel doesn’t seem to care either. O’Malley just glances to Gabriel and Gabriel nods.

Jake: But the difference between you and me, fella, is that I’d actually go back and change how I cashed in my briefcase if I could. Cashing in like that is NOT something to brag about or be proud of. You’re never gonna live that down, and the longer you keep denying it, the more guys like Jack Washington will use it against you. And it will work.

O’Malley: I don’t see it workin’ yet. I’ve still got the title, and now I’ve got the Roulette title. How the feck will Jack Washington use it against?! Ye seem to have all the answers.

Jake: I think you already know the answer to that. You just don’t want to own up to the fact that the way you cashed in was the coward’s way to win a title. It was the easy way, and Jack Washington is gonna use the fact that you had to cash in on Ben Jordan after a grueling match, while Jack just might go on to win the World Heavyweight Championship in a clean win. And Ben very well could take that belt back this weekend.

O’Malley has had enough and goes to storm past Jake and out of the ring. But Gabriel nips that in the bud right away.

Gabriel: Keep your arse in that ring and listen to what he’s saying. Once all the talking is done, you’re gonna have yourself a good old fashioned training session.

O’Malley: I’d like to at least go check on me wife…

Gabriel: She’s a big girl. She’ll be fine.

O’Malley: Look, I’m tired of standing here and getting treated like an embarrassment by this arsehole!

Jake looks at Gabriel and just shakes his head.

Jake: You’re wasting your time with this one, Gabriel. He’s just not getting it.

O’Malley: What the feck is there to get?! So I did what I had to do to win a feckin’ title?! What is so wrong about that?!

Jake: The fact that you’re not owning up to the fact that it was a bullshit move! You stole a title. Bravo, pal. Try keeping it for a while. Try holding on to that Roulette title for a while because that is the real test. I’m living proof of that.

O’Malley laughs.

O’Malley: Just because ye failed as a wrestler, doesn’t mean I will. I’ve already successfully defended both my titles so that proves—

Jake: Nothing. It proves nothing. You’re putting yourself on a fucking pedastal you don’t even deserve to be on. You’re shitting on your other GO Gym graduates trying to make yourself better than them, when you’re not. And you’re shitting on all the work Gabriel and Odette have put into training you. And deep down, I think you know it. But, you won’t admit it and I know why.

O’Malley walks back up to Jake, trying to stand up to him. But the size difference is almost comical as he stands toe-to-toe against Jake.

O’Malley: Oh yeah? Enlighten me then, big fella. Ye seem to have me all figured out.

Darcy returns to her place on the bench by the ring. Jake glances in her direction before looking back to O’Malley.

Jake: It ain’t hard to figure out. You need to get your personal shit figured out, because all it’s gonna do is hold you back. I’m not standing here trying to put you down or say that you don’t have what it takes, because I’ve seen you in the ring. You have what it takes. Your fucking attitude just has to match it, and it doesn’t.

O’Malley: So that’s what this was all about, huh? A pep talk or somethin’? I’m gettin’ my personal shit figured out, thanks.

Jake: Then maybe get her figured out, then?

Jake’s voice is hushed, but not enough because Darcy heard it, and she’s finally had enough.

Darcy: That’s it! I’m sick and tired of being disrespected by some over-sized bald piece of garbage who doesn’t even know a thing about me!

Before the situation escalates further, Gabriel finally gets involved, but he focuses his attention on Darcy first.

Gabriel: Alright, enough! Darcy, why don’t you go wait in the front. I’ll be up there in a second because I think we need to have a chat.

Darcy is about to argue but one glare from Gabriel and he points towards the front room. She storms off in a huff and Gabriel turns back to Jake and O’Malley.

Gabriel: Time for arguing is over. Get it all out in the ring. I’ll be back in a few, but I trust you two won’t kill each other while I’m away?

O’Malley rolls his eyes.

O’Malley: I can’t guarantee I won’t cause the old geezer to break a hip, but it’ll be me pleasure to kick his ass a bit.

Jake snorts.

Jake: Oh I always love sending you idiots down a few notches.

Gabriel just shakes his head as he turns and walks away. Jake and O’Malley turn and face one another again, as Jake gives the command for their training session to begin, and O’Malley charges at Jake, and Gabriel heads towards the front office to speak with Darcy one-on-one.

Friday August 28th
Silence is...Not Golden?

In the two days that have passed since O’Malley’s special training session, and bit of a lecture from Jake Sullivan, O’Malley and Darcy haven’t spoken a whole lot. Darcy had a private conversation with Gabriel while O’Malley and Jake were sparring in the ring, but neither had revealed what exactly was said. And O’Malley was more concerned that Darcy hadn’t filled him in on what was said than anything. And the silence was beginning to be too much.

Darcy is currently sitting out in their backyard, alone in her own thoughts. It has been a hot day in Las Vegas, but as it is now later in the day, and the sun is starting to set, the temperature is cooling just enough to make it bareable. She’s seated at their patio table with the umbrella up, enjoying a glass of iced tea as she just stares ahead, off in space somewhere.

O’Malley quietly walks outside, watching her for a moment. She doesn’t hear him, so he slowly walks up behind her, placing his hands on her shoulders. She nearly jumps out of her skin, as she looks back and up at him.

O’Malley: Penny fer yer thoughts, love?

He leans down and gives her a quick kiss before walking over and taking a seat in the chair facing her. She smiles at him.

Darcy: Why do you have to be so sneaky like that? I didn’t even hear you.

O’Malley: I dunno how. I wasn’t exactly quiet when I walked out. Ye’ve just been distracted ever since ye had that conversation with Gabriel. Wanna tell me what’s goin’ on?

Darcy just looks down at her ice tea, and the condensation on the outside of the glass. She takes a quick sip before returning the glass to the table and looking back to O’Malley.

Darcy: I’m fine, my love. Just had a lot on my mind. You don’t need to worry.

O’Malley: I ain’t stupid, Darc. So, please, don’t treat me like I am and expect me to believe that. Somethin’ is buggin’ ye, and I’d like to know what it is. I’m yer husband. Ye can tell me anythin’.

O’Malley gives Darcy a stern look, now pressuring her to talk. He wanted to know about what was said with Gabriel, but what she tells him next he was not expecting to hear.

Darcy: I...I stopped taking my birth control pills.

O’Malley quickly leans forward and his jaw drops.

O’Malley: I’m sorry...what?! Fer how long?!

Darcy thinks for a moment and tries to remember. The fact that it takes her so long to answer only pisses O’Malley off even more.

O’Malley: Jaysus Christ, Darc! Ye know how fecked up that is?! I can’t believe ye would do that without even tellin’ me!

Darcy: I don’t need your permission to go off birth control, O’Malley. It’s my body, my decision. I’m telling you the truth now, so that should count for something.

O’Malley pushes himself away from the table angrily, in disbelief over Darcy’s admission. But then something hits him.

O’Malley: Wait a second. Why are ye tellin’ me this now? Are ye...Oh feck, yer pregnant aren’t ye?!

O’Malley grips at his hair, thinking that was the reason she was coming clean with him. Her nostrils flare, and she has a look of heartbreak mixed with underlying anger and his reaction.

Darcy: No! I’m not fucking pregnant, O’Malley! But, I’m really glad to know that you seem to think that would be such a horrible thing! It makes me feel really great that the only child you want in your life is the son you had with that selfish witch, Misty, but you don’t even want a child with me!

O’Malley: Christ’s sake, Darc, that’s not what this is about! I’ve already told ye before! Yer tryna get yourself pregnant over some fecked up jealousy over Owen, and it’s really feckin’ infuriatin’! I can’t...I can’t even deal with ye right now. I can’t feckin’ look at ye!

O’Malley shakes his head and quickly rushes past her. She stands up and turns around before he walks inside.

Darcy: Where are you going?! This isn’t about jealousy towards Owen, O’Malley. If you would just wait—

O’Malley: Bullshite it’s not. I need some space, Darc. This just goes to a whole level of betrayal, and I can’t stay here. I hope yer happy with yerself…

He then turns his back on her and disappears back inside the house, as she sinks back into her chair and starts to sob. Meanwhile in the house, O’Malley is in their master bedroom packing a bag, his mind already set on returning to the Saxon Hotel for the forseeable future.

As professional wrestlers, I think we all have one particular loss that eats away at us. We all have that one match we thought we shoulda won...thought we did…but it didn’t quite go the way we planned or even wanted it to. I’ll admit, I have more than one. But the one in particular that I’m gonna focus on right now, has alot more relevance this week than the other ones buggin’ the shite outta me.

The things I coulda done with that King Fer A Day win. The matches I woulda booked woulda been far more interesting than what actually happened. And the reason I say that is because Jackie Boy, he just didn’t give a shite about the rest of the matches, so he just threw a shite card together, and booked himself against Ben Jordan like everyone knew he would. Like everyone else woulda done. Well, everyone except me. Because I had another title in mind fer a very different reason.

Jackie Boy, he gave me part of what I wanted. He booked me in a match against Austin James Mercer but in a non-title match because he wanted all the spotlight IF he had won. He thought he’d go into that match against Ben Jordan and actually walk out as the new champ, and didn’t want someone else having that same glory that night. Well played, Jack Off. Well played. But it didn’t work out in his favor, did it? Nah, he went up against Ben Jordan and failed, so his attempt at making himself look good was pointless. And it’s his fault that I didn’t beat Mercer. Oh, but how, O’Malley? How is it Jack’s fault ye lost?

Because the feckin’ match was non-title! I was bloody pissed off, and the fact that, win or lose, without the title on the line, Austin wouldn’t care. He still walks out as the champ. So...I just didn’t quite care enough. Had Jack done the right thing...had he made the match for the Internet Title, it woulda saved the Internet title a lot of feckin’ embarrassment that it’s gotten recently, because I’d be the champ. Mercer wouldn’t have lost to Vinnie and then Vinnie wouldn’t have lost to girly man who pissed his pants, Teddy Warren. He set off a chain feckin’ reaction that ruined the just ruined the Internet title. But, I would have done something that Jack can’t do, because he doesn’t know how.

Win a title.

He failed against Ben Jordan. In a match that he booked. He coulda made the match any type of match he wanted to go better in his favor, but did he? No. Because he wasn’t smart enough. He wasted that King Fer A Day opportunity, just like he’s wasting his current challenge as he tries for the World Heavyweight Championship again. Poor kid. Tryna make it in the big leagues, but doesn’t quite have the brains to figure out what he’s doin’.

He wants everyone to think he’s got it all figured out. He’s gonna want everyone to think he’s smarter and better than me, but recent history says otherwise, and goin’ up against me one-on-one will prove otherwise, too. He’s not quite on me level and he sure as shite isn’t on the level of the World Heavyweight Championship. If he even gets the shot at Violent Conduct, because after Sunday night? Well...that title along with the Internet Title is just gonna get bounced around like a game of hot potato.

IF Jack gets that World Heavyweight Championship shot, and that’s a big if, Alex Jones will eat him alive. He’s already doin’ the same to poor Griffin Hawkins, but hey if Jack wants a piece of that, that’s his business. He just has to worry about that when the time comes, because this Sunday, it ain’t about Griff. It ain’t about Alex Jones. And it ain’t about the World Heavyweight Championship.

It’s about me, and him tryna stop me from unleashin’ a whole hell of a lot of frustration on him for the consequences of his actions. And it’s about me tryna make up for a loss in a match against him that never shoulda happened. Because next to the loss against Kris Ryans, a loss against Jack Off Washington is not something I’m too thrilled about. But, there’s one key difference between my first loss to Kris Ryans, and the only loss I’ve got in a match against Jack Off Washington.

Jack didn’t pin me. He lucked out because I made the feckin’ mistake of puttin’ both meself and Vinnie Boy through a feckin’ table and givin’ Jack Off a clear opening to climb up that ladder and get the brief case. That decision I have kicked meself over every damn day since, but this Sunday is me chance fer redemption. To write a wrong that never shoulda happened and to prove that Jack Off doesn’t deserve to be at the top of the SCW ladder where he’s currently tryna climb.

The kid’s got talent, I’ll give him that much. But, he’s goin’ about all this the wrong way. He’s reachin’ fer the top title, tryna be at the top of the chain instead of buildin’ himself slowly. He thinks to be the best, all that matters is the top title, but that ain’t what it’s about. I know what I’m talkin’ about because I finally realized it meself when I won the Roulette Championship. Ye know what happens when ye win the big one first, early on?

Ye fade into obscurity. Don’t believe me? There are a few fellas ye could as that will tell ye that it’s the truth. It’s called bein’ a flash in a pan, or somethin’. I’m sure Jack Off Washington doesn’t wanna be considered that. I know I wouldn’t.

He’s young, and he’s arrogant as all hell. And that...that’ll be his downfall when he steps into that ring with me this go around because this isn’t a ladder match. And this isn’t a match with two other fellas involved. This is just me and Jack, one-on-one in a good ol’ fashioned wrestlin’ match. And I’ve learned me lesson. I’ve researched and watched his recent matches so I know what needs to be done to put him down.

But does it really matter, either way? Win or lose, what will be gained from this match? I’ve still got me Roulette title and me Underground Championship. Nothin’ can change that. And no matter what, Jack moves on to figure out the mess of the World Heavyweight Championship scene now that Griffin went and let Alex Jones beat him. So what is really to be gained from this match?

Respect. I’ll say it here and now. If Jackie Boy walks out of this match having beaten me fair and sqaure, whether it be from pinnin’ me or makin’ me tap? He’ll have earned me respect. I’ll gladly shake his hand if he lets me, just to prove it. But that is IF he wins. Because I don’t plan on letting that happen. And if I beat him fair and square, I expect him to show the same damn respect. Sadly, I don’t think Jackie Boy has it in him.

I’m primed and I’m ready to show Jackie Boy and everyone else watchin’ that everythin’ they’ve said about me? All the doubts and shite talkin’, it’s time to put it all to rest. I don’t care if people like me, because I don’t expect them to. I’m just out fer the respect I deserve and fer people to finally start takin’ me seriously.

My journey continues with Jack Washington. See ya Sunday, fella!</font>

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