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Climax Control Archives / “This Is Worse Than Coal!”
« on: December 06, 2022, 08:25:08 PM »
Krystal’s losing ways would continue as she would lose her one-on-one encounter with Roxi Johnson but now that the final show of the year had been announced (Winter Wonderslam) Krystal had much, much, MUCH bigger problems than that on her hands! The good news was that the Aussie Bombshell was teaming up with her friend, fellow Go Gym Graduate and current SCW Bombshell Roulette Champion Ariana Angelos in the last Main Event of 2022, the bad news?

Said match was another encounter with Masque! And this time? Masque was bringing her protégé to make it a tag team match, Amber Ryan’s sister Avalon Blackthorn! This provided a huge obstacle for the two young Bombshells to overcome but can Krystal and Ari pull off the upset of the year on the year end show?

Krystal’s home, Las Vegas, Nevada
Tuesday the 6th of December 2022, 11:00am

I would like to hereby nominate this past Supercard Cycle to go die in a fire!

From an outside the ring perspective this past cycle has been great! Makayla announced her pregnancy on my birthday (second week of the cycle), Cassie won her first two titles (the Full Force Pro Women’s Tag Titles with Blaze Darling and the Modern Pro Wrestling TV Title) within days of each other this time last week and off course, Ari retained the Bombshell Roulette Title against Jessie in her fourth defence.

Those are the positives me and my friends have experienced since High Stakes XII, but the negatives? Well, they are beginning to make my decision to sign Matthew Kennedy on as my manager at last year’s High Stakes look like a smart decision, let’s put it that way.

It started with my World Bombshell Title shot against Masque in week two, and if I did with the World Bombshell Title I would be bragging about it right now! Then Amber Ryan returned and needed an opponent, leading Ari to be volunteered for the role in a non-title match!

Ari put on a hell of a fight against Amber much like I had the previous week against Roxi, and here comes the bad news, me and Ari are teaming up one last time in 2022, against Masque and Avalon Blackthorn in the Main Event of Winter Wonderslam! Ari had a panic attack when she learned off the match and frankly? I don’t blame her!

And don’t even get me started on the things I learned about Ari’s mental health when we chatted at the Go Gym yesterday, I thought my mental health was bad but based on what Ariana told me? I was wondering if she had some kind of mental illness that had gone undiagnosed over the past three years! She’s still a sweetheart, don’t get me wrong but what else am I supposed to think when she admits to seeing visions of her asshole parents on a semi-regular basis.

If I didn’t know Ari as well as I did, I’d be regretting all those times I had her babysit Rachel for us, but me and Makayla know that she’s fantastic with kids.

”Okay, streaming schedule is set for the week.” I whispered to myself as I looked at the word doc which I used to keep track of my streaming schedule; Makayla was watching from over my shoulder as she was one of the mods for my Twitch Channel. ”You have any OBGYN appointments scheduled for this week babe?” I asked as I glanced over at Makayla who shook her head.

”My next appointment isn’t until the second week of the New Year, getting an appointment in 2022 when we’re so close to Christmas was a pain in the backside, otherwise I would’ve had my next appointment sooner.” Makayla responded with an annoyed sigh and I nodded before making a mental note of that. ”I’m sure the viewers understand a stream being slightly delayed because being pregnant comes with frequent hospital appointments Charlotte.”

”Considering you told me when I was doing that Elden Ring stream? I think the only ones not in the know will be newcomers to the stream who don’t follow me on Social Media.” I pointed out and Makayla nodded in agreement before I closed the word doc satisfied that there weren’t any changes that needed to be made to the schedule as of yet. ”You heard from Cassie since she flew back to London for her first title defence?”

”Aside from what she’s posted on her Social Media page? Not really, though considering the success she’s had in Modern Pro Wrestling I’m surprised she hasn’t considered moving to England full time.” Makayla responded with a shrug before quickly shaking her head. ”Then again, the only non-wrestling news I get out of England these days is their Cost-of-Living crises so I’d be surprised if that’s something she’s even thought about.”

”Cassie’s a goofball and a stoner but she’s also a lot smarter than she lets on, I doubt she hasn’t noticed what’s been going on during her trips to England.” I nodded  in agreement before glancing at Makayla’s belly, the baby bump wasn’t really there yet because she was still early in the pregnancy but the knowledge that she had two young daughters in there had me thinking. ”So, I’m surprised it’s taken me this long to ask you but what exactly gave you the idea to get pregnant and surprise me with the news for my twenty seventh birthday?”

”It’s a valid question, hell I was going to tell you myself at some point.” Makayla nodded in agreement before she sat down on her computer chair to face me. ”Right before we went back to India for the last show of the India tour I had a chat with some of my older relatives, the ones who never really accepted the fact that I’m a lesbian? They kept pestering me about grandkids and whilst I initially brushed them off I remembered that, well, the old-fashioned way as you she delicately put it on Climax Control isn’t the only way to get pregnant these days, the idea to surprise you with it came later.”

”Surprised that you still talk with them.” I commented dryly and Makayla shook her head as if to say, “I know, right”. ”But you realize something could’ve gone wrong with the pregnancy during those three months, right? Much as I don’t want to think about something terrible happening to you off course.”

”I knew the risks before I made my mind up Charlotte, I even talked about it with my three aunts who still live in Greece after I got the confirmation that I was pregnant, I took every precaution I could in the intervening time.” Makayla assured me and I grinned in response. ”I understand why you’re worried but I didn’t go into this idea completely blind.”

”Now we both have to extra careful until May rolls around.” I sighed in response before glancing at the time on my computer clock. ”We had better get lunch ready, time is flying by today.” I added and Makayla nodded in agreement before we left my office and headed downstairs.

Krystal’s home, Las Vegas, Nevada
Tuesday the 6th of December 2022, 16:00pm

The further along I get into Makayla’s pregnancy, the more I realize that some things are going to need to change.

The main thing is moving into a bigger house here in Las Vegas, because my current house was made for two adults, one spare room (which we’re currently using for Rachel’s bedroom) and two dogs, one of which might end up pregnant as well so yeah, that’s fun.

The move probably won’t be made official until we’re a couple of weeks into the New Year in any case, we have an idea of where we want to move, namely the suburb of Summerlin South, Nevada, it’s a smaller more affluent suburb but with the money I make from SCW and handful of donations from one Jenny Tuck it wasn’t a big deal, honestly my main concerns was how good the schools were in the area since we’re going to be raising three young girls in the area and off course, having plenty of space for the dogs.

That was a few weeks away though, I had a few things on my mind first.

”So, cam I see them?” I asked Cassie over video messenger and she grinned before holding up her two titles, what did you think I meant? We may both be LGTBQ women (Cassie officially came out as gay several weeks ago) but I remind you that Cassie is my cousin. ”I didn’t even win a title that that fast when I signed with SCW! Yet here you are holding two titles at once!”

”Is that jealousy I hear Charlotte?” Cassie asked with a grin before she put down her half of the FFP Women’s Tag Titles and rested the TV Title over her shoulder. ”I know you saw my tweet explaining the open challenge format of the TV Title but it legit seems like I won’t find out who my first challenger is until the Main Event rolls around! That said, if Keira or Roxi put out a tweet tomorrow saying that they are catching a flight to London via Kayfabe Airlines, can you give me a heads up?”

”I don’t think you need to worry about that, not even if Keira gets the urge to wrestle again.” I assured Cassie who grinned in response. ”But I will do that if any of the following put out such a tweet, Tempest, Zoey Lukas, Mackenzie or Charlotte from London Underground, Jessie Salco, Masque, Amber Ryan, you get the general idea.”

”Annnnnnnnnnnnnd if the latter two do show up, I’ll just give them the TV Title to spare myself the humiliation.” Cassie responded with a nervous laugh and I just shook my head with a chuckle. ”Speaking off Masque, do I even want to know how Ari’s doing after she found out about the tag match? She was being about as unsubtle about her panic attack as I was about being a lesbian!”

”I don’t know if I would’ve used that exact wording but yeah,, looking back on her tweets from Sunday night? I should’ve picked up on the fact that Ari was having a panic attack sooner.” I admitted with a sigh and almost on cue the door to my office opened and I glanced up seeing Ari at the door. ”You can ask her yourself Cass, Ariana just showed up!”

”Gotta love that timing!” Cassie laughed before I scooted over to let Ariana see the screen. ”Hey Ari, been a while since we’ve been able to chat hasn’t it? Since New Delhi I think?”

”That sounds about right! Pity about the circumstances surrounding that chat!” Ariana responded as she shook her head and it didn’t take us long to figure out what she meant, it was also why Cassie had been banned from Sin City Wrestling shows for the past couple of months after all. ”But enough about me, look at you! That title looks great on you Cass!”

”You know what looks even better?” Cass asked before she grabbed her half of the FFP Women’s Tag Team Titles and rested it on her other shoulder. ”Still not used to taking these things through Airport Security but it feels great to hold two belts at once!”

”I still say that Tony guy had the best suggestion, namely contacting a security offices so that they’ll escort you to the terminal.” Ariana pointed out and considering that I had been kicking myself for not thinking of that during my Roulette Title Reign? Yeah, I was in agreement with Ari. ”It’s something I’ll be doing going forward if my Roulette Title reign survives long enough into the New Year!”

”And if they think it’s a prank like you thought they would? Just call me.” I assured my cousin and the two younger women turned to me. ”I’ll be able to back up anything you say and since I’m older and work in a national company? I think it’s safe to say that they’ll take me seriously!”

”Wouldn’t that be the equivalent of calling your mom to help you get a job interview or something?” Cassie asked and me and Ari shared a nervous laugh knowing how painful our experiences with our parents were, thankfully the awkwardness was cut short by Cass letting out a yawn. ”I’d better end the call here, it’s like nine pm here in Loon and since I’ve got my first defence lined up tomorrow night? I want to get as early a night’s sleep as I can!”

”Look at you being responsible!” Ari teased Cassie who shook her head with a laugh. ”But seriously, congrats on your first title wins Cass, I’m you’re sick of hearing it from everyone else in your life but I’m so proud of you!”

”I’m not quite sick of all the ego stroking yet but thanks Ari.” Cass thanked Ari before she let out another yawn. ”Charlotte? I’ll try to speak to you tomorrow before I head out for MPW Episode 3!”

”Sounds good but if you can’t? Good luck in your first defence.” I responded and Cassie grinned before she hung up and I turned to Ari. ”It feels weird that it was only a year ago that I found her among Matthew’s students at the PTA Gym, doesn’t it?”

”Tell me about it! When we first watched Cass train I thought she was good for her experience level but I didn’t think she was going to get so good that she’d win here first title months after graduating, let alone her second title just a few days later!” Ari nodded in agreement before she let out a deep breath. ”I’ve been thinking about the things we discussed yesterday at the Go Gym, and I realized that you were right! I reached out to a family member of mine on my mom’s side, my aunt Laraine, because she always took my side whenever my parents had a go at me.”

”Good to know that there were some members of that family that saw them for the terrible parents they were.” I responded with a bitter sigh and Ari quickly nodded in agreement, how such terrible parents had managed to raise such a sweet young woman like Ari was anyone’s guess. ”What did you talk with your aunt about?”

”Well, it was the first time I spoke to her since I moved to Vegas, we kinda drifted apart following my high school graduation.” Ari explained and I nodded as I got the idea. ”So we spent the first ten minutes or so catching up! She had been following my exploits since I graduated from the Go Gym and was thrilled when I won the Bombshell Roulette Title.” Ari added as she put her title, which had been resting over her shoulder, on the desk next to her. ”Then I brought up the visions I’d been having and her tone went cold, according to her my mom’s side of the family has a long history of mental illness, usually setting in when the member reaches young adulthood.”

”That would explain why you started having those visions during your early SCU Career.” I nodded as I got the idea and Ariana let out a deep breath before she nodded. ”How serious are we talking?”

”Based on what she told me? It varies from family member to family member but never severe enough for the person to be institutionalized or anything like that! Apparently my mom got similar visions to mine but she chalked it up to a religious experience.” Ariana responded with a shrug before she let out a sigh. ”Saying that? It doesn’t take away how scary this is, especially since I’m the first family member to become famous.”

”Seems to me like that comes with one big question.” I responded as I shifted my weight and Ariana gave me a curious look. ”Will you go public you’re your mental health struggles or not?”

”Jeez, that’s a loaded question! On one hand, having some representation in wrestling from someone with mental health struggles? I can’t stress how important that would be, especially for people who struggle with their mental health.” Ariana nodded as she got the idea before she gave it some thought. ”But on the flipside? You just know that someone on the Bombshell Roster will try to use that against me, call me the crazy Bombshell or something!”

”Sadly it’s a cutthroat business, and we both know the lengths some wrestlers will go to if it means getting an edge over a champion or a rival! Just look at Melissa’s attack on Harper a couple of weeks ago!” I pointed out before my mood darkened as I remembered another example of that, something I knew Ari didn’t want to relive. ”Or Char Kwan’s attack on you when she was feuding with me over the Bombshell Roulette Title.”

”Should’ve known that was going to come up! Whilst in hindsight I should thank Char for lighting a fire under me with that attack that allowed me to get where I am today?” Ariana asked rhetorically as she glanced over at the title. ”That’s still a very painful memory for me, of all the ways I envisioned spending the morning of my 21st birthday, getting stitches removed from an attack by one of your rivals wasn’t one of them!”

”At least you got your revenge on Char, both later that night at SCU’s last ever Halloween Special and at Into the Void XI, still not convinced that your first PPV Match being against Char was a coincidence but that’s just me!” I nodded in agreement before I stood up and walked up to Ariana. ”But it’s like you said, you grew stronger through those struggles, as bad as it sounds, do you think you would’ve won that title and have as great as rein as you’ve had if not for the attack?”

”Probably not! It’s like you said, that attack lit a fire under me that propelled me from being Carter’s shadow to being a fast-rising star in the Bombshell Division.” Ariana admitted as she shook her head. ”Same time though? If there was one event I could erase from my wrestling career, it’s that!”

”And you know what Ari?” I asked with a sympathetic look on my face and she looked up to me. ”I don’t blame you one bit, for one thing you got attacked to hype up a title feud that many consider to be the low point of my Roulette Title reign, context be damned, my first title match at High Stakes was against Char fucking Kwan!” I added with a bitter sigh as I glanced to the side. ”Wish I had gone with my original idea of a Multi-Bombshell match instead, my defence against Bella, Seleana, Johanna and Bea is a lot more remembered than the defence against Char!”

”Especially since that was one of your last defences before Keira ended the reign.” Ariana nodded in agreement before we felt our stomachs rumble. ”Mind if I stick around for dinner? I can help out if you want, I know you’ve taken over the cooking since Makayla told you that she was pregnant.”

”Wasn’t going to say no anyway! More the merrier, right?” I asked Ari and she grinned before we left my office.

Nevada Desert
Tuesday the 6th of December 2022, 23:00pm

*promo time*


”Ever feel like you just can’t catch a break? Because that’s how I’ve felt over the past several weeks!” I said as I stepped into view with my arms crossed. ”First match of the cycle: World Bombshell Title Match against Masque, second match of the cycle, singles match against Roxi Johnson, and just to bring it full circle: this week’s Main Event: The Go Sisters, myself and Ari, against Masque and Avalon Blackthorn! Neither Masque or Ari’s titles are on the line in this match and I’m sure that Ari is thanking every deity in the Greek Pantheon for that fact but that doesn’t take away just how hard this match is going to be for me and Ari! In fact, I chose the Nevada Desert for the location of this week’s promo for that reason, to represent how big a challenge this match will be for my team!”

Will a miracle happen?

”The odds are clearly in the favour and Masque and Avalon but can a miracle happen?” I asked rhetorically as I shifted my weight. ”Will the underdog team get the win over the clear favourites to win? With Christmas being right around the corner? Stranger things have happened but if there’s one thing for sure, it’s that me and Ari are going to give this match everything we have and maybe overcome our nerves along the way, whether that’ll translate out to a win is anyone’s guess!”

Even so!

”But at the same time I’ve never been one to back down from a challenge, some would say that was to the detriment of my Roulette Title Reign but that’s a rant for another day! It just so happens that the match against a World Bombshell Champion who’s only lost two matches in her entire SCW career and her protégé who happens to be Amber Ryan’s sister will be a challenge that might be too daunting even for me.” I admitted before shaking my head. ”On the other hand though? I can’t deny that a win here would do a lot to boost me and Ari’s careers, it’ll just take a miracle for that win to happen so why don’t we cut straight to the chase?”

Take a wild guess as to who I’m starting with.

”We meet again Masque and if you can believe it I’m even less enthused about wrestling you than I was the first time around three weeks ago!” I said as I started to pace around. ”I said a lot to try to disguise how nervous I was heading into that World Bombshell Title Match about how it was the biggest match of my career and how Amber might be out for revenge and such, something that ended up being a moot point after Amber didn’t show up once but what’s changed since that match?” I asked before shaking my head. ”Honestly? Not a lot!”

Aside from some obvious things.

”My main mistake in our last match was to try to use my speed against you Masque, I know my strengths lie as a power/technical wrestler but rather than try to play to those strengths I tried to outpace you and, well, the fact that you’re still the World Bombshell Champion and are set to defend the title against Amber at Inception VI says it all, doesn’t it?” I stated before sitting on the hood of my car and looking towards the sky. ”Will I repeat those mistakes the second go around? No, I’ll try to actually play to my strengths this time around and with one of the best highflyers in the Bombshell Division at my side? Maybe me and Ari can pull this off!”

That’s a big maybe though.

”What was it that I said last time? Talk is cheap, and I had my chance to back my words up against you in the ring Masque, some might say that I blew it, you know what I say to them? You try defeating Masque and get back to me after the fact!” I said defiantly as I folded my arms. ”Second chances don’t come often, especially so soon after a failed attempt at capturing the World Bombshell Championship, but I don’t intend to squander this opportunity Masque! Win or lose? I’m giving you the fight of your life!”

And now for her partner.

”I’m going to have to be honest here because I’m in the same boat as Ari, for as much as I know about Masque and her dominance of the Bombshell division, I know even less about Avalon because unlike her mentor and her sister, she’s not a part of the Bombshell Roster.” I stated as shook my head. ”Off course, having a mentor like Masque and a sister like Amber says it all doesn’t it? I don’t need to know a lot about you Avalon to know that that combo makes you a dangerous opponent!”

But can you hang?

”But unlike Masque and Amber, you’ve only been in an SCW Ring once before against Masque and that didn’t end in your favour, did it Avalon?” I asked before brushing some hair over my shoulder. ”That was a while ago granted and a lot can change in that time period but no matter what happened between your match against Masque and this tag team match, one question will on everyone’s lips: can Avalon hang with the women of SCW’s Bombshell Division?”

One way to find out!

”If you’ve been around as long as Masque and Amber then you shouldn’t have to answer that, should you Avalon?” I asked bluntly as I looked into the camera. ”Because if you can hang then you should be able to prove it in the ring, otherwise? Well, every team has a weak link and if you end up costing Masque this match then maybe you’ll be viewed as that weak link? What will your mentor say to that? What will Amber say to that? The only way we’re getting answers to either of those questions is to tune in to this Sunday’s Winter Wonderslam event!” I said before looking up at the sky again. ”How appropriate.”

It's that simple.

”Don’t mind me, I’m just thinking about how this match is happening so close to the Christmas Holidays and how in terms of gifts I could’ve gotten, this is worse than coal!” I explained before hopping off the car bonnet and walking up to the camera. ”There’s no denying that me and Ari are a bundle of nerves as we head into this match, Ari had a full-blown panic attack when she learned that she was going to face Masque in her final match of the year, but it’s like I said last time around Masque, it takes pressure to make diamonds ad whilst I’m still questioning just how much pressure is too much pressure, there is one thing that’s clear in my mind and I’m sure the same goes for Ari!”

And with that I decided to wrap things up.

”You want to know what that thing is? We’re not backing down from this tag team match! We will give it our all in the quest to overcome these nerves and if it scores me and Ari the upset win of the century? Then I guess that’s what we’ll have to do!” I said before opening the car door so I could get ready to drive off.  ”And as I get ready to close the chapter marked 2022 in my SCW journey me and Ari are in for the fight of our lives against Masque and Avalon but maybe a Christmas Miracle will happen and I’ll bring either of them down with the Down Under Thunderbomb to win? Either way? I’ll see you in the ring!”

I entered the car and drove off (after retrieving the camera from the tripod alongside the tripod) as the scene fades.

Climax Control Archives / “Conflicted Emotions!”
« on: November 30, 2022, 04:30:10 AM »
Krystal would become the latest Bombshell to fail to dethrone Masque even though she gave the match everything she had! But Krystal wasn’t one to let such a setback stop her and now that she knew that her wife Makayla was pregnant with twin Krystal certainly had a lot on her mind as 2022 winded down and 2023 was right around the corner! But before the year could end, Krystal had a big match ahead of her.

Her opponent? SCW Hall of Famer and Team Hero member Roxi Johnson! Krystal had tangled with Roxi’s wife Keira several times including during the final days of her Roulette Title reign from earlier this year but whilst Krystal has wrestled Team Hero twice in tag team matches (teaming with Jessie and Ariana) this was the first time Krystal was wrestling Roxi in a one-on-one match, can Krystal get out of her rut?

Krystal’s streaming room, Las Vegas, Nevada
Wednesday the 16th of November 2022, 18:00pm

Twenty-seven years young, and in a different position compared to when I turned twenty-six last year.

My birthday has been a fairly quiet affair so far, I wanted it to be since I had a World Bombshell Title Match on Sunday Night against Masque and whilst Makayla hadn’t revealed what her birthday present to me was, she did allow me to do my twenty-four-hour Elden Ring stream where I played it from the beginning and tried to get as far into the game as I could before time was up.

My original plan was to also take a shot every time I died but Makayla pointed out that I’d likely be wasted by the end of the first hour, but that didn’t stop my mods from keeping a tally of the deaths in chat.

”Okay, we’re finally past that damn field boss.” I said into the mic as I got the runes from beating the Tree Sentinel, it was bittersweet because I had lost track of my runes from a previous attempt and couldn’t find them before the Tree Sentinel killed my character but I was just glad to finally be done with that boss. ”Okay, just gotta do Baidd’s side quest and the stuff in the Weeping Peninsula and Limgrave will be wrapped up nicely!”

”Sounds like the stream’s going pretty well.” Makayla commented as my wife walked up behind me, for one reason or another Makayla was the only mod not attending this stream even though she was the head mod for the Twitch Channel. ”Hope chat’s behaving itself during my absence.” Makayla added as she hugged me from behind and kissed me on the neck.

”There’s been some troublemakers but they haven’t lasted that long.” I added before I grabbed my drink and went to take a sip. ”The other mods have really stepped up in your absence……….” I nearly spat out my drink when I saw the notification come up, some mad bastard in chat had donated a quarter of a million dollars to my PayPal with the caption “treat yourself to something nice on your birthday”. ”HOLY SHIT DUDE! Are you fucking serious?!”

”He says it’s legit and I recognize the name, he’s been a regular in your chat since you signed with SCW.” Makayla commented as her eyebrows shot up in surprise, the other mods were quick on the ball asking the guy if he had made a type literally anywhere in the donation amount but the guy was adamant that he meant it and when I checked my PayPal on another tab, I confirmed that the money was there. ”I suppose now’s as good a time as any that I reveal my present to you babe.”

”Let me just get to the Site of Lost Grace at the First Church of Merika just in case Elden Ring decides to have something ambush me.” I responded and Makayla nodded as I moved to the location, luckily the site was within walking distance of where I had fought the Tree Sentinel whilst Makayla grabbed something that she had brought into the room with her. ”Okay we should be in the clear unless FromSoft has patched in an enemy that attacks you at rest points.”

”I don’t think even they are that sadistic.” Makayla responded before she put the paper on my computer desk in front of me. ”Have a look at that please.”

Wasn’t sure what I was expecting from that paper, but I set my PS5 controller aside for a moment before picking it up, it was a picture that could literally only mean one thing, can you think of another reason why a woman’s womb would get an ultrasound? ”Wait, is this what I think it is?”

”Do you think it was my last ultrasound?” Makayla asked as she folded her arms and it hit me like a ton of bricks. ”I’ll tell you about the details after the stream, but I’m three months pregnant Krystal.”

It was thanks to that announcement that the twenty-four-hour Elden Ring stream get split into two twelve-hour streams, one today and one tomorrow, because the stream got turned into one for celebrating the news! The only thing that Makayla didn’t confirm was how she got pregnant in the first place because, well, I obviously lacked the equipment to get her pregnant myself and pregnancy wasn’t usually a typical result from a lesbian relationship like the one I had with Makayla.

If anything, this was just going to give me more motivation to make 2023 my year!

Las Vegas International Airport, Las Vegas, Nevada
Monday the 28th of November 2022, 11:00am

So I bet you’re dying to know the details of Makayla’s pregnancy, right?

Well, let’s start with the big one, she is carrying twin daughters and the due date is expected to be sometime in late May, end of the month at the latest but based on what her mom told us? Twins do tend to be born earlier than expected.

And yes, we’ve decided on their names as well, the youngest will be called Cara and the oldest will be called Zosia, whether or not they’d continue the wrestling tradition when they were old enough would be a bridge we’d cross when we came to it in about eighteen years but Rachel was excited to have younger sisters at least.

As for how I missed the signs such as missed periods or mysterious appointments? Trust me, I’m just as confused by that fact as you are! Saying that Makayla did have her first OBGYN appointment since telling me that she was pregnant on Thanksgiving night and aside from catching an older couple off guard when we confirmed that we were a lesbian couple that went well!

And as for my title match against Masque? Well……..

It might come as a surprise to you but if I had succeeded in beating Masque for the World Bombshell Championship two weeks ago, I would’ve been singing about it from the heavens.

But sadly no, I became the latest in a long line of Bombshells to fail to defeat Masque as she continued to dominate the top of the mountain meaning that, for the third title shot in a row (counting my challenges for the Bombshell Roulette and Bombshell Internet Titles in previous cycles) I was back to square one and trying to refocus my wrestling career for 2023! Including my next match which was against the only member of Team Hero who hadn’t wrestled me in singles competition yet, Roxi Johnson.

And to say that the timing of this match was apt was putting things mildly.

Let’s start with the good bit, Cassie, who if you’ll remember, graduated from Hero Academy back in July and was the first graduate from that school, had been turning a lot of heads since she started branching out being quickly recognised as a wrestling prodigy and one of the best young stars to come along in a long time, even with that in mind, you’d think it’d be a couple of years before she won her first title right? I know from personal experience how difficult it is to win a title, and I was thinking that Cassie wasn’t quite on that level yet.

I was wrong, Cassie won her first title last night in Full Force Pro, winning the Women’s Tag Team Titles with Blaze Darling in the Inferno Wolves! That was the whole reason we were at the airport, we were waiting for her plane to come in.

The bad news? Well it has to do with another wrestling prodigy who happens to be a teenaged cousin of an established wrestler, if you guessed that person was Harper then thanks for tuning into last night's Climax Control to see her head get kicked into Reno! Harper was still in hospital but from what Jessie told me? It wasn’t going to be that long before she was discharged, which sadly meant that she and Harper were still in LA.

And whilst I think of what I’d do to Melissa if she did that to Cassie, here’s my favourite teenaged rebel now!

”So, err, any tips for getting this thing past airport security?” Cassie asked with a massive grin on her face as she walked up to us proudly displaying her half of the FFP Women’s Tag Team Titles. ”You know, since you held the Bombshell Roulette Title for so long?”

”I think your forgetting one key fact Cass, the fact that my reign started during the pandemic period and SCW didn’t start going overseas again until after my reign ended.” I pointed out and Cassie grinned sheepishly in response. ”But, on the other hand? Air travel was the only practical way to get to places like New York and Florida on short notice, just put it through the x-ray machine and if they ask, just tell them that yes, you are a champion.”

”I think we’re forgetting the key part of that sentence Krystal.” Makayla responded with a grin before she turned to Cassie with a proud smile on her face. ”Congrats on winning your first title Cass!”

”Thanks! And if I have anything to say about it? First of many!” Cassie responded with a grin on her face and me and Makayla shared the same proud smiles. ”I won’t be staying in Vegas that long because I’ll need to jet off to London for Modern Pro Wrestling’s second show on Wednesday but considering the other big news I got on Krystal’s birthday?” Cassie asked as she motioned towards Makayla’s stomach and it didn’t take us long to realize what she meant. ”I had to make the trip out! So, this would make the twins my second and third cousins, right?”

”I’m not entirely sure if that is how it works, but it sounds about right.” I responded as I shook my head before we started making our way through the airport. ”Makayla still hasn’t told me how she did it, but she did affirm that she didn’t do it the old-fashioned way after I speculated as much on Climax Control.”

”As Krystal said, it’s not as if I would’ve had problems finding a willing partner with my looks, but whilst my intentions would’ve been good, it still would’ve been cheating on my wife with the intention of getting pregnant.” Makayla added and Cassie nodded as she got the idea. ”I’ll probably tell her once the pregnancy’s come to full term but in that time? I won’t be able to attend any international tours SCW has scheduled for the first half of the New Year.”

”Maybe we’ll luck out and SCW will schedule an international tour from May onwards?” Cassie shrugged her shoulders in response and Makayla grinned. ”But I have been wondering, you said you were three months pregnant, yet you went with us to the India tour which ran through July and August into early September, you didn’t know you were pregnant then?”

”I suppose that is a valid question, I didn’t get the idea to get pregnant until we were a couple of weeks into the India tour and even then? My only real window of opportunity was when Krystal returned to the states for the week before Violent Conduct VII.” Makayla explained before they wisely decided to delay the conversation until we were through airport security, and yes, Cassie’s pierced navel and title did set off the metal detectors twice, once we were past that and Cassie was waiting for her bags Makayla continued. ”And even after the fact? I didn’t find out that it had worked until the third week of the High Stakes Cycle.”

”Let me guess, missed period?” Cassie asked in a low voice and Makayla nodded to confirm that that was how she knew, well that and a positive pregnancy test but that goes without saying really! ”And then there’s the elephant in the room, I have this title, Harper’s in the hospital and you’re wrestling one of my trainers, it’s going to be a hell of a week for Hero Academy, isn’t it?”

”Sure seems that way, I’ll admit that after Jessie insisted that Melissa not be suspended for attacking Harper I thought the bosses were going to respond by booking Melissa against Roxi with Jessie as the Special Guest Ref but it seems like Masque has become the go to opponent for anyone who’s gotten on their bad side in recent months, even after they’ve tried to pretty it up by using Ari’s match against Amber as the reason for the match.” I responded as I shook my head and Cassie nodded as she got the idea before grabbing her luggage and following us out the airport. ”By the way, you got the memo that Hero Academy is closed for a couple of days because of your title win, right?”

”Err, yeah? Keira tagged me in her tweet and everything.” Cassie nodded in response as we left the airport and we started loading her bags into my Nissan Quash Quai, well, me and Cass more so due to Makayla’s pregnancy. ”Sucks because I wanted to see those loudmouth Polish girls I heard so much about in action.”

”Kata and Aniela? Oh don’t worry, you’ll meet them soon enough, problem is, for all their attitude problems? They are quickly becoming two of the best of current class.” I responded with a sigh as I helped Cass put her suitcase in the boot. ”And knowing Kata’s ego? She’ll probably insist on sparring with you as soon as she learns that your back in Vegas.”

”And from what Krystal told me? Harper is literally the only one keeping those two from becoming Taylor Parker’s non-union Polish equivalent!” Makayla chimed in before I shut the boot and got in the car. ”Hopefully she can keep their egos in check long enough for them to graduate!”

”One can only hope, for now let’s get you back home.” I responded before Cassie got in the backseat and me and Makayla got in the front and drove off.

Go Gym, Las Vegas, Nevada
Wednesday the 30th of November 2022, 11:00am

Another week, another match to train for at the Go Gym, at least I’m in good company!

We had dropped off Cassie on the way back home and well, according to a Twitter post she made shortly afterwards? She walked in on her parents having sex, in the doggy style position, facing the doorway.

I don’t think I need to explain why that is something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy and though Cassie will freely admit to being a massive pervert, the fact that the gif she posted with that tweet was a “my eyes” gif told me that yes, Cassie was regretting every moment of her decision to not knock before entering her parents’ room! Hope they had plenty of brain bleach on hand because Cassie was going to need it!

But anyway, back to me! Since returning from LA I went back to business as usual for me which translated out to a trip to the Go Gym! But that wasn’t before we made an ill fated trip to Lazarus’s loft because Carter had left way in advance of the rest of us, as in “I doubted that he even showed up for Climax Control and he booked a plane ticket back to Vegas out of the blue” and even though Ari had insisted that she had seen Carter’s car parked out the front, Laz wasn’t letting us in, no matter how many punches he took from Miles.

Frankly? There were two things that surprised me about that night, one: that Fenris didn’t kick Laz out of the window on site and two: that I never got a shot in myself!

Speaking of Ari? Well, that combined with her loss to Amber at Climax Control and the comments made by Amber to Ari had left the current Bombshell Roulette Champ feeling down so I checked on her since, you know, that’s what friends are for.

”91………..92……….” Ari grunted as she did her sit-ups and I walked up to her, a new student at the Go Gym was being her spotter for the sit-up session though I hadn’t caught her name yet. 94………95……….oh, hey Krystal!”

”Only a hundred sit ups? I could’ve sworn your record was almost double that.” I teased Ari and she just ignored me as she did four more sit-ups. ”How are you finding the Go Gym miss?”

“Hmm? Oh, sorry, I’m Kelsey.” Kelsey, who was speaking for a fairly thick Canadian accent, introduced herself as she looked up. “Getting past Angel was a pain but this has been everything I’ve dreamed it to be! Ari asked me to be her spotter and I was happy to help.”

”Angel usually is, but it’s Despy you need to look out for.” Ariana laughed before she finished her workout and sat up with her hand on her knee. ”Just ask Carter’s boyfriend.”

“That actually happened? Oh wait, I shouldn’t be surprised since he’s the only one to ever befriend Amber Ryan.2 Kelsey responded as she shook her head and we shared a laugh, though me and Ari shared uncomfortable looks because we knew the fallout from that incident. “You guys need me for anything else? Or can I go run some drills?”

”Go run some drills, maybe I’ll have a sparring match with you when I’m done with Krystal.” Ari instructed her and Kelsey nodded before she headed to the ring to start the drills. ”I know you just got here but she’s a good kid with a lot of upside, I think she’ll do well here.”

”Kinda like us when we joined the Go Gym right?” I asked with a grin before I turned to Ari. ”I was hoping to chat about what happened at Climax Control and on Twitter between you and Amber, you feeling okay?”

”Feeling a bit better knowing that I didn’t go down without a fight, but that was a rough match.” Ari sighed as she shook her head before standing up to face me. ”But between that and the situation with Carter? I’m an emotional mess at the moment!”

”Have you talked to anyone about this? Aside from me obviously.” I asked as I brushed some hair over my shoulder. ”Francisco, Gabriel, Odette, the London Underground members, hell, even Fenris! You know you have people who will give you an ear if you need it.”

”Francisco was the first name that came to mind, but he was the same old wonderful fiancé he’s always been.” Ari responded with a sigh before pausing and shaking her head. ”That came out a lot more negatively than I wanted, look, I love Francisco but I’m not sure if any advice he could give me would be good, he’s still a wrestling trainee at Hero Academy, I’ve been a wrestler for the past three years of my life!”

”Just because he doesn’t have your experience doesn’t mean he can’t give you good advice though! Makayla literally can’t risk pursuing a wrestling career because her family has a history of heart problems but she was my closest confidant long before we became an item, let alone a married lesbian couple with twins on the way.” I pointed out that fact and Ariana nodded once she realized that I had a point. ”And if it is experienced advice you’re after, what’s stopping you from going to literally any of the people I just listed?”

”To be honest? I don’t know, for years I’ve been dealing with my problems on my own, my toxic relationship with my parents? Literally no one in my neighbourhood had my back, they were pillars of the community, I was viewed as an unruly team until we moved to Vegas!” Ariana responded with some clear pent up frustration and I shook my head, it was well known among the Go Gym grads that Ariana’s parents were emotionally abusive towards her to the point that she literally had to sneak out the house for her initial training, the fact that it took being around people like London Underground and Carter for her to realize that that wasn’t even remotely normal said a lot about how much that had messed her up. ”I dealt with that by putting on a smiley face and being the nice girl in SCU and SCW, and it’s gotten me this far!” Ari said as she picked up her Roulette Title at which point I shook my head.

”No one’s saying that you haven’t had a great run as champ, your only losses as champ were too Team Hero and Amber Ryan, ask literally anyone in this building and they’ll tell you that there’s no shame in losing to wrestlers of their calibre!” I pointed out as I motioned around the Go Gym and Ari just shook her head. ”But take it from someone with enough mental health issues to put a shrink’s grandkids through college, keeping this stuff bottled up is only asking for trouble! We both saw what it did to Adrienne during her SCW run!”

”I know, and it broke my heart to see her go through that, Adrienne’s a lovely girl and I’m glad she’s found her footing in CU:LT!” Ariana responded as she turned to me. ”And besides, who are you to lecture others on their mental health struggles after those comments you made on Climax Control?”

Oh god, I knew I should’ve seen this coming. ”Ari, all I’m going to say about that is that my ass has been chewed out thoroughly because of that one comment I made and I’ve regretted my choice of words ever since.” I sighed as I messaged my forehead with an annoyed grunt. ”For fuck’s sake, the first thing Makayla said to me when I came home from Climax Control was “what the hell were you thinking with that promo” and see normally has my back on anything I do!”

”AND YET YOU THINK THAT YOU’RE IN A POSITION TO LECTURE OTHERS ABOUT THEIR MENTAL HEALTH?!” Ari demanded and this caused everyone else in the gym to stop and turn to us, honestly? I had never seen Ari this angry and I knew Greek women could be fiery and passionate (I married one for fuck’s sake) but this argument with Ari had taken it to another level, still she let out several deep breaths as she started to calm down. ”Charlotte? I’m sorry, this whole situation with Carter and Amber has me stressed the fuck out!” Yeah, I knew things were serious when Ari, who was normally adverse to swearing, just casually dropped an f-bomb mid-sentence.

”It’s fine, the situation is having an effect on all of us, not just Carter.” I assured the younger bombshell and she let out a deep breath before folding her arms. ”I think that sparring match with Kelsey will do you some good.”

”At least that’s advice I can trust.” Ari responded with a small grin before she headed to the ring to spar with Kelsey but I just shook my head.

Was Ari speed-running through Jessie’s career on an emotional level? Going from a happy go lucky Bombshell to an angry, cynical shell of her former self? Hopefully, we could prevent that before it was too late!

Go Gym Parking Lot, Las Vegas, Nevada
Wednesday the 30th of November 2022, 16:00pm

*promo time*

Diamonds and pressure and all that.

”They say that you need pressure to turn a piece of coal into a diamond, I’ve never been too sure on the science behind that myself but when you look at the fact that I’ve gone from a failed World Bombshell Title Shot against Masque two weeks ago to a singles match against a woman who’s done it all in SCW and then some? The bosses seem intent on proving that saying to be true and are using me as a test subject for that, don’t they?” I asked hypothetically as I leaned against the bonnet of my car facing the camera. ”I’m off course talking about my singles match with Roxi Johnson this week on the penultimate episode of the year! And yes, everyone’s favourite Greek American Team Hero Fangirl is insanely jealous that I’m getting this match before her!”

But I digress.

”Funny how things come around, isn’t it Roxi? This time last year, I was at the height of my Bombshell Roulette Title reign and getting set to defend the title against Keira! As a warmup for that match you teamed up with Keira to take on me and Jessie at that year’s Christmas Special, a match I lost for my team only to subsequently bounce back with what ended up being the final defence of the title reign, how much has changed in the past year since that match?” I asked as I thought back to that tag team match. ”To put it simply? A lot! Keira’s retired, you helped train my little cousin Cassie and now she’s won her first title within months of her graduation, I’m not afraid to admit that I shed a few tears of joy when I saw Cassie’s tweet announcing that fact, and off course, the Bombshell Roulette Title is now resting on the shoulder of my friend and fellow Go Gym Graduate Ariana Angelos! But that’s just covering the basic facts that have taken place in the past twelve months, have I changed as a wrestler?”

A good question.

”Well for one thing, a trio of failed title shots since I lost the Bombshell Roulette Title to Keira have told me that I’m not the title winning machine that I may or may not have thought myself as after I won the Bombshell Roulette Title in 2021 but since losing the title? The calibre of opponents I’ve faced has gone up dramatically, gone are the days where I’m facing Char fucking Kwan on PPV, that’s for sure.” I added before I started listing off the names. ”Amber Ryan? Faced her twice, including this year’s Queen for a Day Match, Evie Jordan? I proved that I’m the new dominant Aussie in town when I sent her packing, granted it's not hard when I’m the only Australian Bombshell on the roster, Myra Rivers? Yep, I faced her as well, Alicia Lukas? Yet to shut her up in a singles encounter but that’s definitely on my to do list for 2023! Kat Jones, Zoey Lukas, Kayla Richards, really the only rematches I’ve had from my reign were against Keira, Bella and Sam Marlowe and the only outliers on that list are The Metal Maniacs!”


”It’s still a mystery to me how those two got on board the Summer XXXTreme cruise ship in the first place but that’s a story for another day, at least until someone gathers up the courage to ask them!” I added as I flipped some hair over my shoulder. ”The only explanation I’ve got for the tougher matches I’ve gotten since my reign ended is that they want to see if I can handle the pressure now that I’m no longer champion and you’re the latest name on that list Roxi! Who knows what will happen in 2023 but what I do know is that I’m not about to buckle under this much pressure!” Remember what I said about diamonds and pressure? Yep, that’s what I was talking about  and I folded my arms as I got ready to move on. ”Because even if defeat I always went down fighting but with that said? I plan on making 2023 the true Year of the Wolfe after 2022 proved to be a dud for the most part, and if I have to beat someone who I respect as much as you to kickstart that process? Then that’s the way things have to be Roxi!”


”It is because of this respect and other factors that I’m entering this match against you with conflicted emotions to put it mildly!” I sighed as I brushed some hair over my shoulder. ”I’ve already mentioned that this match is happening one week after Cassie won her first title and as proud as I am of Cassie? The timing does seem to be a bit off, just in my opinion, throw in the fact that another Hero Academy trainee Harper Mason was hospitalized by Melissa last week and one almost questions how we’re supposed to remain professional heading into this match? Off course, you’ve always been a consummate professional no matter what was thrown at you Roxi and I can’t say the same when you look at my body of work since signing with SCW at the tail end of 2020 but I still have the rest of my career ahead of me, if anything? This match will be a learning experience!”

Just one thing.

”After the roller coaster of a year I’ve had since I lost the Bombshell Roulette Title? It’s a learning experience that I intend to walk away from as the victor!” I said as flipped some hair over my shoulder with a confident grin on my face. ”At the end of the day Roxi? As much as I respect you as a wrestler and a person? I’m heading into this match with the goal to end 2022 on a high note because after two straight years of ending the year with a loss to my name? I’m ready to turn things around! It’s your high-flying style vs. my power and technical, not to mention everything in between, expertise and take it from me Roxi, if I am going down, I’m making you earn that win!”

It's that simple.

”Some might say that I’ve been on a downward slope since my Roulette Title reign ended in February but if you ask me? This past year has been one massive learning experience for me and I intend to take everything I’ve learned over the past ten months or so and use it to my advantage in the year to follow! Roxi? Again I respect you a lot but respect only gets you so far and you’re going to be the first name on a long list of Bombshells that I will defeat to get back in the title picture!” I said as I folded my arms. ”2021 was the year that people realized that I wasn’t just another Go Gym Graduate from Australia and that I was a hell of a talent, 2022 was the year where I struggled to regain that same magic I had in 2021 but I can at least say that I had some certified bangers along the way! What will 2023 bring me? Who knows? I thought this year was going to be the Year of the Wolfe but we all know how that turned out! But there is one thing I know for certain Roxi.”

And with that I decided to wrap things up.

”It’s that if I can end 2022 by beating a certified legend of the SCW ring then the past year of struggle will definitely be worth it!” I said as I got ready to head into my car since I had done my training for the day at the Go Gym and all. ”For me? That’s the best-case scenario and I don’t think I need to say what the worst-case scenario would be! But even if the worst-case scenario does come to pass? I will at least be able to walk away with my head held high knowing that I took one of the best Bombshells in the division to the limit! And as I close the book on the year that was 2022, I’m at least hoping that I can end it in a much better place than I ended 2020 and 2021 with a win over a legend! I’ll see you in the ring Roxi!”

I got in my car and drove off as the scene fades.

Character Building Roleplays / Krystal Wolfe's Match Record
« on: November 20, 2022, 04:22:30 PM »
Match #1: Singles Match vs. Veronica Taylor (Steel Cage SCU Showcase Match), Result: WIN

Match #2: Singles vs. Andrea Hernandez, Result: LOSS

Match #3: Singles vs. Tempest, Result: LOSS

Match #4: Fatal Four Way vs. Alice Knight vs. Mercedes Vargas vs. Royal Purple (#1 Contender Match for Bombshell Roulette Title), Result: LOSS (Alice Knight pinned by Royal Purple)

Match #5: Singles vs. Ruby Steele, result: LOSS

Match #6: Tag Team Match w/ Mark Cross vs. Amber Ryan and Despayre (Blast from the Past Opening Round Match) Result: LOSS (Krystal pinned by Amber)

Match #7: Singles Match vs. Char Kwan, Result: DRAW (Double DQ after repeated interference)

Match #8: Triple Threat vs. Candy vs. Bea Barnhart (Qualifier Match for Bombshell Roulette Title Match), Result: WIN (Bea Barnhart pinned by Krystal)

Match #9: Singles Match vs. Mercedes Vargas, Result: WIN

Match #10: Triple Threat vs. Royal Purple vs. Violet Amelia Holt (Briefcase Bonanza Match for Bombshell Roulette Title), Result: TITLE WIN (Krystal opened her briefcase last and revealed title)

Match #11: Non-Title Singles Match vs. Bella Madison, Result: WIN (DQ via Outside Interference from Mercedes Vargas)

Match #12: Singles Match vs. Maki (Mud-Pit Match for Bombshell Roulette Title), Result: WIN (first defense)

Match #13: Triple Threat vs. Maki vs. Bea Barnhart (Ultimate X Over the Pool Match for Bombshell Roulette Title), Result: WIN (Maki and Bea Barnhart eliminated simultaneously)

Match #14: Triple Threat vs. Bella Madison vs. Mercedes Vargas (Hardcore Rules Roulette Title Match), Result: WIN (Mercedes Vargas pinned by Krystal)

Match #15: Singles Match vs. Bella Madison (Glitter Light-sabre Duel Match for Bombshell Roulette Title), Result: WIN

Match #16: Singles Match vs. Seleana Zdunich (Disney Chamber Match for Bombshell Roulette Title), Result: WIN

Match #17: Rematch vs. Andrea Hernandez (Champion vs. Champion non-title match), Result: LOSS

Match #18: Five Pack Challenge vs/ Johanna Krieger vs. Bella Madison vs. Seleana Zdunich vs. Bea Barnhart (Graveyard Match for Bombshell Roulette Title) Result: WIN (Elimination Order: Bea Barnhart, Seleana Zdunich, Bella Madison and Johanna Krieger)

Match #19: Singles Match vs. Char Kwan (Hardcore Match for Bombshell Roulette Title), Result: WIN

Match #20: Non-Title Match vs. Diamond Steele, Result: LOSS

Match #21: Rematch vs. Mercedes Vargas (non-title Champion vs. Champion), Result: WIN

Match #22: Tag Team Match w/Jessie Salco vs. Team Hero (Glass Bulbs Match), Result: LOSS (Krystal pinned by Keira)

Match #23: Singles vs. Keira Fisher-Johnson (Hardcore Rules Bombshell Roulette Title Match), Result: WIN

Match #24: Tag Team Match w/ Jack Washington vs. Sam Marlowe and Supreme Machine (Blast from the Past Opening Round), Result: LOSS (Krystal submitted to Sam)

Match #25: Special Guest Referee: Diamond Steele, Singles Match vs. Keira Fisher-Johnson (Diamond's Rules Bombshell Roulette Title Match), Result: LOSS

Match #26: Singles vs. Amber Ryan (non-title Street Fight), Result: LOSS

Match #27: Singles vs. Evie Jordan, Result: WIN

Match #28: Fatal Four Way vs. Mercedes Vargas vs. Myra Rivers vs. Sam Marlowe (Number One Contenders Match for World Bombshell Championship), Result: LOSS (Mercedes Vargas pinned by Myra Rivers)

Match #29: Six Pack Challenge vs. Amber Ryan vs. Bella Madison vs. Sam Marlowe vs. Alicia Lukas vs. Keira Fisher-Johnson (Queen For a Day Ladder Match) Result: LOSS (Amber won the right to be Queen for a Day)

Match #30: Singles vs. Diamond Steele (upgraded Scaffold Over the Piranha Tank Match), Result: WIN (Diamond sent into tank)

Match #31: Singles Match vs. Kat Jones (Stretcher Match for Bombshell Roulette Title), Result: LOSS

Match #32: Tag Team Match w/ Ariana Angelos vs. The Metal Maniacs, Result: WIN (Iron Maiden pinned by Ariana Angelos)

Match #33: Tag Team Match w/ HB Carter vs. Zoey Lukas and Miles Kasey (Strange Bedfellows Tag Team Match), Result: WIN (Miles Kasey pinned by HB Carter)

Match #34: Singles Match vs. Kayla Richards (Bombshell Internet Title Match), Result: LOSS (Kayla's first defense)

Match #35: Singles Match vs. Sam Marlowe, result: WIN

Match #36: Fatal Four Way vs. Sam Marlowe vs. Alicia Lukas vs. Diamond Steele, (#1 Contenders Match for World Bombshell Championship) result: LOSS (Sam Marlowe pinned by Diamond Steele)

Match #37, Tag Team Match w/ Ariana Angelos, vs. Team Hero result: LOSS (Krystal pinned by Keira)

Match #38: rematch vs. Mercedes Vargas, result: WIN

Match #39: Singles vs. Masque (World Bombshell Championship Match), result: LOSS

Match #40: Singles vs. Roxi Johnson, result: LOSS

Match #41: Tag Team w/ Ariana Angelos vs. Masque and Avalon Blackthorn (Tag Team Santa's Bag Match), Result: LOSS

Match #42: Open Invitational Scramble vs. Ariana Angelos vs. Zoey Lukas vs. Seleana Zdunich vs. Crystal Caldwell vs. Mackezie Page vs. Dawn Warren vs. Chelsea Le Clair vs. Eaven Maloney, (Bombshell Roulette Title Match), result: LOSS (Crystal Caldwell escaped with title)

Climax Control Archives / “Queen of the Masquerade!”
« on: November 14, 2022, 12:22:07 PM »
(Keira was used with permission from her handler)

Krystal would emerge victorious in her grudge match against Mercedes Vargas at High Stakes XII but the Aussie Bombshell was left dissatisfied at the lack of effort Mercedes put into the match’s promotion, to the point that at Climax Control 346 she issued a challenge to any Bombshell she had yet to face or hadn’t faced in some time! She namedropped several women who fell into that category but made sure to leave the champions names out of the list because, in her own words, Krystal wanted to build herself back up.

Well, in a way, Krystal got her wish because she was facing someone who she has never faced before, the World Bombshell Champion herself Masque! And it wasn’t a non-title match, no the title was on the line and would be defended against the Go Gym Graduate! Krystal has been in contenders matches for that title before, most recently at the start of the High Stakes XII Cycle, but this was the first time that Krystal was competing for the top belt in the division and with the recent return of Amber Ryan, Krystal might just have a chance! Can Krystal pull off the upset of the century!

Backstage at Climax Control 346, Anaheim, California
Sunday the 13th of November 2022, 11:00pm

Tonight was certainly a night,

If I had to name my favourite time to be an SCW Bombshell without naming a PPV, I’d have to name the post PPV Climax Controls such as tonight’s show, why? Beyond just dealing with the fallout from the PPV, you never really know what’s going to happen most of the time.

New rivalries formed, new champions cutting their first promos as champ, all that fun stuff! Off course it was a complicated time to be two of my friends, namely Ariana and Jessie! Beyond the incident with Carter (which I’ve been fuming about for most of the past week) they were set to face off in Ari’s latest Roulette Title defence and it ended up being the annual Black Friday Brawl, the match itself was a brutal affair but in the end, Ari retained the gold, that just left me wondering what the bosses had in store for me.

That was my motivation heading into my promo tonight, whether anything comes off it in the coming weeks remains to be seen but I’ve got my New Years Resolutions set for 2023 and we’re only in the third week of November! If nothing else, I like to plan ahead! It’s whether or not those plans pan out that is the question.

”You’ll be pleased to know that Ari and Jessie are doing fine after the Black Friday Brawl.” I commented to Cassie over FaceTime as I made my way into the arena’s parking lot, I had made the decision to leave after the match between Bill and Finn had reached its (predictable) conclusion but had opted to give my cousin a call. ”Whether Ari fell faster than your chances of ever getting that ban lifted after you insulted The Troll’s mom remains to be seen!”

”Oh come on Charlotte! Really? Your still jumping to that piece of shit’s defence?!” Cassie grunted in annoyance and I shook my head, if you followed Cassie on Twitter then you know that her “tell bad jokes until more people joined Motor City Wrestling” stunt had backfired big time after she had insulted The Troll’s mom, how did The Troll get involved with that? He had apparently found one of her tweets and replied too it, simple really! ”He called me a cow! What was I supposed to do?!”

”Ignore him, come up with a more creative insult and use it on him, literally anything but insulting his sweetheart of a mom!!” I responded with an annoyed sigh as I messaged my forehead with my free hand, I love Cass, really I do! But her youth and impulsiveness did often push how far that love went. ”Just take your punishment at Hero Academy tomorrow morning and be done with it! I’ll even talk to Harper about not targeting your bad leg!”

”She’s been avoiding targeting that leg anyway, ever since that argument with Keira.” Cassie responded as she shook her head right as I got the new card text, it was that time of day again it seemed. ”Wait, isn’t your birthday on Wednesday?”

”Don’t try to change the subject! But yeah, I’m turning twenty-seven next week.” I nodded to confirm it and Cassie grinned. ”I don’t know how Makayla will top getting me a puppy for my twenty sixth birthday last year but we’ll see! Anyway I got the new card text right as you mentioned my birthday so give me a sec.”

”Sure.” Cassie nodded as I hit the home button to get out of FaceTime and checked the card, I was debating whether I should tell Cass that The Troll was getting a second match in a row but then I saw the Main Event and all colour drained from my face. ”Charlotte?”

”Remember when Ari described her title reign as being the result of a monkey’s paw? Right when she was thrust into the feud between Jessie and Melissa?” I asked my cousin and Cassie nodded to confirm that she remembered Ari’s promo for her rematch with Melissa. ”I think that monkey’s paw has turned its attention to me! The bosses have heard what I said during that promo!”
”So the bosses have booked you for next week’s show?” Cassie asked and I nodded to confirm it. ”Well, the other Crystal’s match against Bella was announced two weeks ago so that’s out, Amber Ryan just returned but it seems like no one’s sure about how ready she is to compete, what’s the worst that can happen? It’s not like they put you up against Masque or any……….” Cassie trailed off before it hit her. ”You’ve got Masque in next week’s Main Event, don’t you?”

”Yep! And the World Bombshell Title’s on the line!” I responded before taking a screenshot of the text and sending it to Cass so she could see it for herself. ”That woman’s only lost two matches, one was because Bill Barnhart was her Blast from the Past Partner, the other was to Roxi Johnson, I know World Bombshell Title Matches are never supposed to be easy but that’s taking the cake!”

”Cake? It takes the whole fucking bakery!” Cassie scoffed in response and I had to admit, that one made me chuckle. ”You’re planning to go to Hero Academy tomorrow, maybe seek out Team Hero’s advice for dealing with Masque?”

”That’s actually not a bad idea, even without their history with Masque, Roxi and Keira have been on top of the Bombshell Division mountain before and this is my first shot at the World Bombshell Title, any advice they can give will be invaluable.” I nodded in agreement before I got in my car (a Nissan Quash Quai). ”I’ll see you in the morning Cass but I’m about to head to the hotel, don’t feel like causing a car crash on my way back so I’ll be cutting  it short here!”

”Yeah, that’s probably a good idea, see you in the morning.” Cassie responded before she ended the FaceTime call on her end and I put my phone on silent as I got the car ready to head to the hotel.

I’ll admit, the World Bombshell Title is a bucket list item of mine, why wouldn’t it be? Winning that title means your at the top of the food chain in the Bombshell Division! But in this case getting that shot means a match with Masque.

The last time Masque faced a Go Gym Graduate was when she faced Adrienne Beaufort earlier this year, the French girl’s confidence in herself was already shaky heading into that match but watching her demeaner after the fact? In hindsight, it was a matter of if, not when Adrienne asked for her release for the sake of her mental health.

Last I heard from her, Adrienne had managed to land on her feet in CU:LT but I wasn’t Adrienne, when I entered SCW I was already a seasoned competitor, just so happened that SCW was my first shot at the big time, even if I got my start in SCU at first! In theory that meant I should be a lot more ready for a competitor like Masque than Adrienne could ever hope to be.

But on the other hand? How does someone prepare for a wrestler like Masque? Title shot or not?

Hero Academy, Las Vegas, Nevada
Monday the 14th of November 2022, 08:00am

Any other time I would’ve gone to Gabriel for advice ahead of a match like the one against Masque, but this was a special circumstance.

Not only was I at Hero Academy to make sure that Cassie faced her punishment and took it but the new class was being oriented today, thus several new guys and gals were joining the existing students at Hero Academy, Sarah and Cassie were required to be there anyway since they were the first two graduates from Hero Academy, but Cassie’s comments about The Troll’s mom meant that she had an extra painful morning ahead of her.

There was another reason I was coming here for advice rather than the Go Gym, unlike Gabriel, Keira had faced Masque before.

“Roxi wishes she could be here but she’s busy preparing for the match against Seleana.” Keira informed me as she lead me into my office, Cassie and Harper were having their training session/stretch out after mine and I figured that we could leave them alone for a bit. “And I know why you asked for this chat Charlotte.”

”Then I’ll cut to the chase.” I commented ass I walked around Keira’s office after closing the door behind me. ”How do you prepare for a wrestler like Masque? I don’t think there’s ever been a Bombshell like her in the past decade that SCW’s been in operation!”

“If we knew the answer to that, I think Masque would’ve lost her first match a lot sooner.” Keira pointed out as she shook her head and I had to admit that she had a point. “I think the real question you should be asking is how to survive Masque’s mind games, or do I need to remind you of how Adrienne was following her last SCW match?”

”Adrienne’s mental health had been suffering for months, the match against Masque basically pushed it to the point where it would’ve only gotten worse if Adrienne hadn’t asked for her release.” I responded as I shook my head and Keira nodded as she got the idea. ”Hell Jessie’s been in SCW since the beginning and even she couldn’t crack the riddle that is Masque! The only thing separating me from them is the fact that I’m facing her in a title match.”

“Charlotte, I think the best advice I can give you is to just do what you do best, you’re a graduate of the Go Gym, a school that has produced some of the best wrestling talent in the country, you and Ariana included.” Keira advised me and I nodded as I got the idea. “Beating Masque for the title won’t be easy but nobody said that beating any champion in SCW is easy, even one as enigmatic as Masque.”

”Yeah, it just seems like Masque is even more untouchable than Kayla or Ariana.” I responded as I folded my arms and Keira frowned as she got the idea. ”And you’ve been in the ring with both ladies, you know how good they are.”

“Ariana has a bright future ahead of her if her Bombshell Roulette Title Reign is anything to go by, and Kayla may be a bitch but she has proven that she is no fluke champion.” Keira nodded in agreement as she leaned back in her chair. “But you’re right, Masque is a completely different beast to either of those women question is, what can you do to end her reign on Sunday?”

”Fight as if my life were on the line? Basically treat Masque like she was the villain in a slasher movie?” I asked hypothetically before there was a knock at the door. ”We’ll be done in a sec.” I called out to the knocker before turning back to Keira. ”That’s basically what Masque is, she kicked out of the Black Rose Overdrive for fuck’s sake! We may make fun of Mercedes for being so past it but Masque was the first one to kick out of that move in over a decade!”

“I think we should consider the circumstances behind that kickout, Mercedes sent herself and Masque off the ring apron and through the table and Mercedes had to use Drew’s hand for him because he had been knocked out.” Keira pointed out and I had to admit that she had a point. “Setting aside the fact that the match ended in a Double DQ Draw off course.”

”Yeah, the bosses don’t like it when one of their refs gets the shit beat out of them, who knew?” I asked jokingly and Keira shook her head with a chuckle before there was another knock at the door and Keira got up to answer it. ”You sure you don’t want to make them wait longer?”

“I’ve got a training school to run anyway, as much as I appreciate the chat I have a job to do.” Keira responded before she answered the door and Zoey, Cassie’s biracial girlfriend, was waiting for us with a concerned look on her face. “Everything okay Zoey?”

”I wanted to give you a chance to finish your chat with Krystal but two of the new girls are going at it pretty hard.” Zoey responded as she shook her head and now that she mentioned it? I did hear the sounds of two women arguing now that the door was opened, it was only after I picked up a Kiwi accent that I realized that it could only be between two students. ”It’s between Fayth and Skyler!”

“Never a dull moment.” Keira shook her head with a sigh before she turned to me. “Want to help me break this up Krystal?”

”Don’t mind if I do!” I responded with a grin before I followed Keira and Zoey to the source of the argument.

Hero Academy, Las Vegas, Nevada
Monday the 14th of November 2022, 09:00am

If I ever get the idea to open my own training school years from now, feel free to shoot me in the head.

When we, Keira and Zoey had left Keira’s office the argument had gotten so bad that Fayth and Skyler were coming to blows, and not in a sparring match in the ring like you’d hope two trainees would but outside the ring and with the rest of the trainees watching on, some where even chanting “fight, fight, fight” though that quickly stopped when they saw me and Keira storming over to the two young women.

Before you ask, no Cassie wasn’t one of the ones cheering them on, she was still in her sparring match with Harper, a sparring match that had gotten interrupted by said fight distracting the two teenagers.

“You couldn’t even wait five minutes before you decided to fight?” Keira demanded of the two young women as she stepped between them and separated them, at this point Francisco stepped in to help Keira by restraining Skyler (and being careful not to accidentally grope her) leaving Keira to keep Fayth restrained. “What’s the meaning of this?!”

“That bitch dared to compare me to my sister!” Skyler spart as she pointed to Fayth and she rolled her eyes in response. “I’m here trying to make up for Taylor’s mistakes! Not emulate them!”

“Oh and I suppose sucker punching me makes that alright?!” Fayth demanded as the redhead glared at the blonde woman, I could already feel a migraine coming on as the two women argued. “What was I supposed to do? Sit there and let her get way with that bull………”

”ENOUGH!” I interrupted the two young trainees and Skyler and Fayth slowly turned their heads to me. ”Skyler, Fayth, you two are so fucking lucky that you enrolled here instead of the Go Gym because if you had tried that shit on the first day of training at the Go Gym you would’ve been thrown out on your ass faster than you can say “unprofessional conduct”! And don’t even get me started on the rest of you egging them on!”

“But your meeting with Keira was taking to long.” A male voice from the crowd spoke up and we turned to see a short, athletic guy with short black hair, based on the accent? He seemed to be English but I couldn’t tell you where in England he was from. “The fight at least entertained us!”

”What’s your name kid?” I asked the guy as I walked up to him and he gulped as I stood up to him. ”Well?”

“Aaron.” The trainee gulped in response as I looked him up and down. “I flew all the way from Manchester to train here."

”Roughly a fourteen-hour flight, must’ve cost you a fair bit of money on top of that, right?” I asked as I folded my arms and Aaron gulped before lowering his head in shame. ”And one of the first things you do at Hero Academy is to egg that on? Keira, these are ultimately your trainees.” I said as I turned to Keira and she nodded as she got the idea. ”Ball’s in your court.”

“I want every new trainee who egged on the fight to run five hundred laps, now.” Keira said in a low angry voice and whilst their was some discontent between the trainees, the rest (including Aaron) took their punishment in their stride. “Fayth, your training with Krystal, Skyler, you’re with me!”

“That’s your idea of a punishment? Train with you two?” Fayth asked with a sceptical look on her face and Keira turned to her. “Maybe we should get into fights more often.”

“Thanks for reminding me, I’ll be going extra stiff on you Skyler, Krystal? Feel free to do the same.” Keira responded and needless to say, that shut up the squabbling trainees.

And hey, at least I got a workout out of it!

Hero Academy, Las Vegas, Nevada
Monday the 14th of November 2022, 12:00pm

Today was definitely an interesting start to my birthday week.

The sparring matches between me and Fayth, Keira, and Skyler did at least prove that the girls had a lot of potential as wrestlers, whether they could get past their attitude problems and actually make amends with each other remained to be seen but I was getting ready to leave the Hero Academy for the day after I stretched out Cassie for a bit, what? Did you think I had forgotten all about those comments she made about The Troll’s mom?

Please, The Troll maybe the biggest dickbag in SCW (well, the biggest dickbag who isn’t taken seriously by his piers at least) but that didn’t mean his mom deserved to be insulted for not swallowing him on that fateful night!

”Well, that was a dun workout.” I commented as I loaded my duffel bag containing my gym clothes into the  boot of my car, I was planning to stop by the Go Gym for my promo on the way back but Cassie needed to be dropped off at her mom’s place so she was catching a ride with me. ”How goes your driving test Cass?”

”Going well, my instructor reckons that I’ll be ready to pass the test by the first week of the New Year.” Cassie responded with an optimistic grin on her face and I nodded in response. ”What do you make of the Fayth and Skyler situation?”

"Those girls are talented for their experience level but as far as their attitude goes? They need a lot of work.” I responded as I shook my head and Cassie nodded as she got the idea. ”Not unlike a certain cousin of mine when we first met, right?”

”I wasn’t seeking out fights with the other PTA Gym Trainees!” Cassie defended herself and I shook my head in response. ”Though honestly? I’ll just be glad to put that whole “The Troll’s Mom” saga behind me and just focus on my wrestling career, not to mention my relationship with Becky and Zoey and my burgeoning status as yet another lesbian in the world of professional wrestling!”

”So long as you keep doing what you do best? You’ll thrive!” I responded before I paused as I processed that last part. ”So, how long have you known that you’re a lesbian?”

The look on Cassie’s face was priceless, she had clearly forgotten that I didn’t know about that little fact until now. ”For a couple of weeks now, I came out to my mom the other week.” Cassie sighed with a sheepish grin on her face as I turned to her. ”I’m just not ready to come out publicly yet, and yes, Becky and Zoey know!”

”Trust me, you’ll know when the time comes.” I assured my cousin who grinned in response, I decided not to ask how her mom reacted because I’m pretty sure I would’ve heard by now if she had been thrown out of her parents’ house. ”But for what it’s worth? That’s the worst kept secret in Hero Academy, you haven’t exactly been subtle about the fact that you have the hots for two other women!”

”Heh, I guess your right! You’ll be there for me when I do come out though, right?” Cass asked as she looked up at me. ”Same goes for Makayla?” Cass added and I put a comforting hand on the teenager’s shoulder.

”I’ve been openly bi since my SCU days and Makayla’s been an out lesbian for even longer than that! I think that goes without saying!” I assured Cassie and she grinned in response. ”That said? We had better get going!” I added and Cassie grinned in response before she got in my car and I drove off.

Go Gym Parking Lot, Las Vegas, Nevada
Monday the 14th of November 2022, 14:00pm

*promo time*

After everything was done for the day at Hero Academy I stopped by the Go Gym to get the rest of my reps in for the day, but not before cutting this promo.

”Open mouth, insert foot, if there was one saying that can summarise my promo on last night’s Climax Control, it’s that!” I sighed as I leaned against the bonnet of my car. ”I just wanted some competition as the year winded down, I didn’t think that my first match after that promo would not only be the Main Event but for the World Bombshell Championship on top of that! But yet, here I am, the week of my twenty seventh birthday, set to take on Masque for the World Bombshell Championship in this week’s Main Event!” I ran a hand down my face as I processed the last sentence. ”That is one hell of a birthday present and I’m not even sure if that’s a good present!”

Let me explain.

”Look, I’d be lying if I said that I don’t want the World Bombshell Title, it’s practically the dream of every aspiring Bombshell whether they are training at Hero Academy or the Go Gym!” I added as I pointed to the gym with my thumb. ”It definitely was mine when I was training at the Go Gym all those years ago! But here’s the thing, back then? We didn’t have anyone like Masque at the top of the mountain in the Bombshell Roster! I could’ve at least handled any of the champions from my trainee days with my usual confidence, but Masque? You’re a different animal to any Bombshell who’s come before or after you, you’re a dangerous competitor and an unpredictable one at that! Throw in the fact that Amber Ryan is back on the scene and looking for revenge against you? The odds are definitely not in my favour heading into the match!”


”But here’s the other thing Masque, I may have freaked out on Twitter when I found out about this match but I refuse to be intimidated by you!” what changed? Stick around and out as I stare into the camera. ”Why? Several reasons really, the competitor in me is relishing the opportunity to compete for the top prize in the Bombshell Division, after all I said on High Stakes XII that I wanted to get me hands on another title in 2023! And if that means me entering the new year as the new World Bombshell Champion? So be it! I just know that I have to fight like my life’s on the line if I want to be the one to dethrone you Masque!” I added as a cocky grin crept onto my face. ”But can you face me in Mortal Kombat?”

Yes, that was a video game reference.

”I’m pretty sure the bosses will be upset if I actually pull off a fatality when we meet this Sunday night in Anaheim, and I’m also sure that a very awkward conversation with the local police would ensue as well! What I mean is that I am going to have to pull out all the stops if I want to be the one to dethrone you on Sunday Masque!” I said as I brushed some hair over my shoulder. ”I’m not going to kid myself by saying that this won’t be a daunting task but it’s one that I’m more than willing to rise to the occasion for, I hope you’ve said your goodbyes to that title Masque because it’s coming home with me!”

This will be my toughest fight.

”And there’s no getting around this next part either, this will be the toughest fight of my wrestling career to date! And hell, I might be putting it a little too mildly for my tastes!”  I added as I started to pace around the parking lot. ”But these are the types of fights that the Go Gym trained me for when I enrolled there! This is what I was trained for, to fight the very best and become the very best in the industry! And when we meet on Sunday I’ll be more than happy to put my training to practical use if it means taking that title from you, with or without Amber’s help!”

The elephant in the room.

”And I’d be remiss if I left out the third returning face to SCW TV from last night’s Climax Control, Amber, it’s been a while hasn’t it?” I asked as I folded my arms. ”The last time anyone saw you on TV, Masque had beaten to a bloody pulp, I think it’s safe to say that you want your revenge on Masque, am I right? Normally I’d be inclined to tell you to stay out of it and let me try to win this match on my own, but somehow, I doubt that’s going to work on you, not after everything Masque has done since that attack! I don’t know if your plans for revenge on Masque factor in the World Bombshell Championship or not Amber but if you find yourself inclined to cost Masque the title on your little revenge arc? I won’t stop you!”

Not at all.

”I know a thing or two about revenge, ask Char Kwan if you want details, but the last thing I’m going to say on that subject Amber is that if you go out seeking revenge, dig two graves!” I said as I held up two fingers to illustrate my point. ”And Masque? You don’t just have to deal with a young, hungry up and comer who’s been chasing after titles for the better part of a year, you also have to deal with a woman who’s severely pissed off at you, that’s not a good sign for your title reign, isn’t it Masque?”

Will it be enough?

”But then again, talk is cheap, and unless I can back this up in the ring then I might already be cashing cheques that my body can’t pay!” I added as I shook my head. ”If there’s any consolation to this match, it’s the fact that you’ve been shown that you’re not an invincible as you’d want people to think you are, you’ve suffered two losses since your debut at Inception V and only one of those losses were the result of you being pinned! I mean, it's still not ideal but there are chinks in your armour, I just need to find a way to exploit those flaws and win the match and the title!”

It's that simple.

”There’s no way around it! This is the biggest match of my career, but if I want to become the World Bombshell Champion I need to dethrone the Queen of the Masquerade! And yes Masque, I’m talking about you!” I added as I leaned against the boot of my car with my arms crossed. ”You’ve built up this mystique about you since your arrival in SCW Masque but the cracks have been showing for months now! You didn’t even make it past the opening round of Blast from the Past, you lost the first World Bombshell Title Shot to Roxi Johnson, you fought Mercedes fucking Vargas to a Double DQ Draw, it’s just that only a handful of competitors have been able to exploit the cracks in your armour, I’ll be the first one to use those exploits to take the title from you!”

And with that I decided to wrap things up.

”I’d be lying if I said that this is what I had in mind when I cut that promo on Climax Control last night, but I’m not about to look a gift horse in its white porcelain mouth either!” I said as I folded my arms. ”You’ve been a dominant champion Masque, there’s no two ways around that fact, but all good things come to an end as I close the chapter on this part of my career, I’ll open a new one entitled “Krystal Wolfe: World Bombshell Champion!” I’ll see you in the ring!”

I got in the car and drove off as the scene fades.

Character Building Roleplays / The Talk, a Cassie and Keira RP
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It’s been a crazy couple of months since I graduated from Hero Academy.

Between joining my first fed as a wrestler and said fed never airing my second ever match forcing me to look for another home fed, I’ve had a lot on my mind since the graduation match against Keira, and that’s not even getting into my personal life.

Right now I was in a sparring match with a newbie called Harper, apparently she was related to Jessie Salco. I wasn't sure how but she was damn good at the one thing I was bad at, namely submissions.

Keira: That’s it. Don’t hold back when it comes to a submission. Think of it as MMA.

Keira was outside of it, watching the two tussle as she watches them

Harper: Like MMA? Okay.

I tried to keep up with Harper but apparently she was an ameateur wrestling standout before she met Jessie, and anyone who’s seen me wrestle knows that submissions aren’t my strongest point and before I knew it? Harper had my leg in an elevated knee bar that had her pulling down on my foot for extra pressure, throw in the fact that that was my bad leg from my days as a soccer player in High School? Yeah, I was tapping in no time.

Keira: Let her go Harper, we want that leg in one piece for her match against Randy Ramon.

Harper nodded before letting go of my leg and helped me to my feet, I was limping a bit but nothing. I couldn't sleep off later and once Harper confirmed that I was okay she went over to Keira.

Harper: Just like you said, that leg gave her trouble all match!

Cassie:: Wait, WHAT?!

I hobbled over to the pair and Harper winced when she saw the look on my face.

Keira: Like I told you. Every wrestler has a weakness. Even me. Always try to exploit it, but do NOT ever injure them. That’s a huge No-No in wrestling. Take a breather, both of you.

Keira begins to go to her office, but stops for the moment. She turns to see Cassie, asking

Keira: Actually, Cass. My office. We need to talk.

Harper gave me a sympathetic look before she held down the middle rope for me so I could get out of the ring easier, Zoey was nearby and offered to help me into Keira’s office but whether it was stubbornness or me being focussed on Keira i ignored her, good thing too because as I entered Keira’s office I heard Zoey and Mei being called by Keri for a sparring match.

Keira: Close the door Cass.

I nodded before shutting it behind me.

Cassie: What’s up? Did Jenny attempt to buy the Go Gym again?

I asked maybe a bit too harshly, it was meant as another one of my dumb jokes but my frustration made it sound a lot harsher than I wanted.

Keira: No, don’t shoot the messenger on that one. Look, I can tell by your tone that you’re frustrated with me. More so since I’ve been using you more often to train the students here. Cass, you’re the first graduate of Hero Academy. I want you to set an example to the others. Not going around getting banned from diners! You know how much I’m trying to get you to see a SCW show LIVE!?

Keira’s tone was more serious than before

Keira: You wanna know why I’m so harsh on you!? Cause you remind me of myself when I was younger, before my parents were MURDERED!

I was about to retort on that first point about the diners, all that was was me standing up to a homophobic prick who had seen me getting a little affectionate with Zoey and Becky (not kissing mind you but it was obvious that we had the hots for each other) and yet we were the ones kicked out.

Cassie: Don’t you think I’ve had it rough myself? My aunt was murdered when I was nine, I didn’t find out until two years later when Krystal escaped her homelife!

Keira: You didn’t see her get murdered in front of your eyes because of Two robbers like I did. You didn’t try to get help for what happened, only for people to do nothing. YOU, YOU DIDN’T GO TO A CHURCH, SEEKING ANSWERS. ONLY FOR SOME PRIEST TO GIVE YOU A DEMON TO POSSESS YOU!

Keira slowly sits back down, saying

Keira: S-Sorry.

I ran a hand through my hair as i just stood there speechless, I usually had a reply for this but Keira’s outburst had left me stunned.

Cassie: Forget it, I shouldn’t have said anything! It’s just been on me and Char……..Krystal’s minds a lot lately because the tenth year anniversary of Krystal’s escape is this Christmas.

I leaned against the wall with my arms crossed just under my breasts, looking down at the floor as I thought back to that terrible day.

Cassie: I don’t even have that many memories of my aunt, by the time I was old enough to form memories, her shithole of a husband had already cut her from her friends and family! I admire Krystal for the strength she showed the day she escaped but I can’t say it hasn’t been tough.

I let out a deep breath before I glanced up at Keira.

Cassie: What do you want from me Keira? I’ve been kicking ass since I graduated, so what if I make the occasional dumb joke on Twitter? I’m just trying to bring some light to that dumb platform!

Keira: I know you’ve been kicking ass. I’m proud of you for that. But the things you say and do now, will come back to haunt you in the future. I’m also proud of you for standing up for yourself and I’ll take care of the diner thing. One call and Jenny’s lawyers will have that placed sued for sexual discrimination. I just don’t want you making mistakes that will hurt you in the long run. SCW is that example. If anything, I’m trying to get you back in for at least High Stakes.

Keira sighs a bit

Keira: Cassie, when you’re older. You’ll understand. Before you say it, trust me on this. I got the same speech you did, more so from Roxi. If she was in here, she’d say the same thing I’m telling you now.

I remained silent for a minute as I looked over at my trainer, my leg was still aching from the sparring match with Harper so I started standing on one leg, leaning the bad leg across my good one for support.

Cassie: Zoey told you the context behind that diner incident, right?

Keira: She did, I don’t think I would’ve been as politte as you, but she did.

Cassie: Point still stands, right?

Keira nodded before I let out a deep breath, I blew a stray strand of hair away from my eyes before glancing over at Keira again.

Cassie: Only reason I got banned from SCW was because I argued with Carter, an argument he started.

Keira: It still wasn’t a good look, on you or my Academy.

I sighed as I brushed some hair over my shoulder.

Cassie: I’m just trying to find my voice as a wrestler, I don’t want to just be known as Krystal’s high flying cousin, I want to forge my own path!

Keira: I know you do. You will, you graduated for a reason. Give it time. Your path isn’t forged within a day.

I let out a deep breath as I thought over the past few months, from my debut against Lisa too my upcoming match against Randy, not to mention my outside the ring stuff.

Cassie: Still haven’t talked to mom about that incident in New Delhi.

I sighed to myself as I looked at the ceiling.

Cassie: So what? You want me to tone down the dumb jokes on Twitter or just watch what I say in public? Because that hipster in Starbucks was asking to be owned!

Keira: At least a little bit. Cause one day, you’ll be in the same position I’m in. Once you’re in the position I’m in, you’ll see the same thing and the words will come back.

Cassie: Feels like we’ve been in here forever.

Keira: Something like that, just one last thing Cass, you almost called Krystal Charlotte didn’t you?

Cassie: Err, yeah, that’s her birth name, she had it legally changed before she moved to the status……..

Keira: And it’s usually a sign that she feels she can trust you, right?

I blinked a couple of times as Keira walked up to me.

Cass: When?

Keira: During that week you, Krystal and Makayla spent at the Team Hero compound, after she lost the Bombshell Roulette Title to me? Rachel called her Charlotte and she told us the whole story.

Cassie: How did I miss that?

Keira: I think you were playing video games at the time, some of the more explicit ones.

Cassie: Err, yeah…….

I looked at the floor again but Keira picked up my head via my chin and lifted it.

Keira: Cass, you’re one of the best students of the game I’ve ever seen and your potential is limitless, don’t squander it for the sake of a dumb joke, promise?

Cassie: I promise.

Without another word I followed Keira out into the gym, Harper was back wrestling again, this time against Zoey but I had a lot on my mind as I watched the two trainees go at it.

Climax Control Archives / “One Last Chance!”
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Since she lost the Fatal Four Way Match for the World Bombshell Championship #1 Contendership to Diamond Steele (albeit indirectly as Diamond pinned Sam) Krystal hadn’t seen a lot of action in an SCW ring, mostly staying on the side-lines watching her friends Jessie Salco and the Bombshell Roulette Champion Ariana Angelos duke it out on TV but that didn’t mean that the Aussie wasn’t keeping herself busy! Between trying to set up a match between herself and Mercedes Vargas for High Stakes XII and putting her name forward alongside Ariana Angelos for Team Hero’s last opponents as a tag team Krystal had been busy outside of the ring but it hadn’t been all sunshine and rainbows with her younger cousin Cassie getting banned from SCW events going forward after an altercation with Carter.

But as the biggest event of the year was drawing near, Krystal was at least getting one of her wishes granted! The match between Team Hero and Team Go (or The Go Sisters as Ari preferred to call them) had been made official for the Go Home Show and was serving as the Main Event! This was Krystal’s first Main Event match in months whilst Ari was competing in her second Main Event in a row but after the brutality of Ariana’s last title defence, can the younger team win?

Krystal’s home, Las Vegas, Nevada
Monday the 10th of October 2022, 11:00am

This cycle has ended up being a paradoxical one.

What do I mean by that? Well, somehow despite only competing in one match at the very start of the cycle (the Fatal Four Way, which I lost) I’ve managed to keep myself busy in ways that were both good and bad! I challenged Mercedes Vargas to a match at High Stakes XII and right now it’s a matter of waiting for it to be made official because Mercedes has responded to my challenge and accepted it and beyond that? Me and Ari put our names forward as Team Hero’s last opponents before Keira called it a career.

Sure, we disagreed on the Team name (I wanted to stick with the Team Go name whilst Ari wanted to keep our team separate from her team with Carter back in SCU by renaming ourselves The Go Sisters) but that campaign was successful, that was the only thing that mattered! Or at least that’s what I’d tell myself if Ari didn’t go to war with Melissa for the Bombshell Roulette Title in last night’s Main Event.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy that Ari is having a successful run with the gold and I know from personal experience that you pretty much have to roll with the punches when it comes to the Roulette Wheel but the timing of the Falls Count Anywhere Match couldn’t have been worse if it tried!

So how do I feel about being one half of the team that’ll face Team Hero in their potential final match? I know how Ari feels, she feels that it’s a great honour and that the Team Hero Fangirl in her (Ari’s words, not mine) was freaking out over he prospect but me? Keira and Roxi were on my bucket list when I teamed up with Jessie to face them at last year’s Christmas Special in what ended up being one of my last matches as Bombshell Roulette Champion, off course I didn’t know that at the time and I wouldn’t lose the title until a few months after the match but I felt like I had unfinished business with Team Hero.

Or to put it another way, following the match at the Christmas Special I faced Keira two more times for the Bombshell Roulette Title and once again in the Queen for a Day Ladder Match, the Queen for a Day Ladder Match ended indecisively between us as Amber was the one who climbed the ladder and got the right to book a Climax Control (and we all know the circumstances surrounding THAT show) whilst in the Roulette Rules Matches I won the first one at Inception V, Keira won the rematch during the Blaze of Glory X Cycle.

In other words, I’m basically treating this as the tie breaker! Would I prefer a one-on-one match against Keira? Yeah, but Keira has made it clear that she’s in the twilight of her wrestling career and has all but said that the match against Roxi at High Stakes XII will be her retirement match, this might be my last chance to break the tie between Keira and me, I’ve got to take the chances when I can get them at this point!

”Okay good, Ari’s been discharged from the hospital.” I commented to myself as I read the text from Ari whilst setting up my Elden Ring stream, now that my hangover from my ill-advised night of drinking with Fenris (and by night of drinking I mean half an hour before Aron had to call me a cab to go home) had gone I was ready for the week ahead of me. ”And she’s asking if she can join us on our next dog walk.”

”She didn’t check herself out of hospital right?” Makayla asked bluntly and I rolled my eyes in response, even months after the fact my wife hadn’t let me live down the fact that I had checked myself out of hospital to train for a title match only to find out that no one was willing to let me train with my injuries and ended up losing said title match. ”Then again, I don’t think Francisco would’ve let her do that.”

”She was discharged from the hospital with orders to take it easy and a prescription for painkillers, in other words, she has to stay away from the Go Gym for a couple of days at least and she might use the dog walk as an excuse to get out of the house for a while.” I explained to my wife and Makayla nodded in understanding as she finished cleaning up in my streaming room. ”So what do you say? Can she join us?”

”Eh, why not? She’s good company and loves dogs, and I’m pretty sure Garrus and Tali won’t mind.” Makayla responded with a shrug and I glanced over at the two dogs, the German Shepherd Garrus was lying on his side whilst stretching his legs out whilst Tali the Golden Lab was sitting down by the entrance with her head poking around the doorway, both dogs were clearly wagging their tails (we could see Garrus’s tail moving up and down and Tali’s tail was whacking against the wall in the only way a Golden Lab’s tail could) upon being given some attention and we grinned. ”And I do want to ask Ari what she was thinking with the ending to the Falls Count Anywhere Match! Even if she wasn’t teaming with you on Sunday, that’s still a stupid risk to take!”

”Sometimes you have to take stupid risks to get ahead in wrestling, it’s the nature of the business.” I responded with a shrug ad Makayla just shook her head in disbelief, she didn’t say it but I had the feeling that Makayla was thankful that her family’s history of heart problems eliminated the chance that she could follow me into wrestling. ”By the way, have you heard from Cassie? She texted me to tell me that she Becky arrived in Montreal safely for her debut with the other SCW!”

”Not since she sent you that text, she’s facing a guy in her debut for that promotion right? Ace Sky I think his name is?” Makayla asked after thinking for a moment and I nodded, I was familiar with the name because he had wrestled Adrienne in CULT a couple of times and I knew he was a talented, experienced wrestler who Cassie could learn a lot from. ”Pity you couldn’t get tickets to the show!”

”She’ll be fine, she’s had some world class trainers but I’m more concerned about her mental state since this tag match is happening whilst she’s banned from Sin City Wrestling events.” I pointed out and Makayla nodded with a frown on her face, I was in agreement that Carter had started with Cassie hence why I had filed the appeal but after the bosses had flat out refused to lift the ban on Cassie attending the shows so she could watch the tag match and Roxi vs. Keira in person? I had serious doubts that Cassie was going to be allowed to attend shows any time soon. ”She’s often been my anchor in reality but if nothing else this incident has proved that she can just as hot headed as much, throw in the fact that she just turned nineteen this past summer?”

”I guess being a hot head runs in your mom’s side of the family! Besides, Cass may be a prodigy but she’s still young and has the rest of her life ahead of her, she’ll learn from this as much as we disagree with the situation.” Makayla added with a frown as she brushed some hair over her shoulder. ”When will Cassie be back from Montreal?”

”Assuming that she hasn’t eaten her weight in poutine by then? She said that she’s flying back to Vegas tomorrow morning via Kayfabe Airlines.” I explained after double checking the text that Cassie had sent me. ”I think now’s a good time to take the doggos out to the dog park, I’ll text Ari the address so she can meet us there.”

”And I’ll get the dogs in the car.” Makayla responded before she turned to the two dogs. ”Garrus, Tali, walkies!” Makayla added in a slightly high-pitched voice and all it took was the w word for the two dogs to get excited before they raced down the stairs ready for their walk.

One last show before High Stakes XII, this was going to be an interesting test for me and Ari.

Las Vegas International Airport, Las Vegas, Nevada
Wednesday the 12th of October 2022, 14:00pm

They grow up so fast.

You should know the story by now but when I first met Cass she was still a trainee at the PTA Gym, a prodigy of the ring sure but still a trainee, now she’s wrestled in Canada for the first time and beaten a much more experienced wrestler in Ace Sky.

If only I can get the situation between her and the bosses sorted out!

My appeal to get her ban lifted was going nowhere fast and when one half of the legendary Team Hero couldn’t persuade the bosses to let her student attend two shows, including the final Supercard of the calendar year and SCW’s biggest show at that, then what hope did I have? It’s like I said to Pussy on Sunday, with Cassie’s career in Supreme Championship Wrestling getting off the ground, my teenaged cousin might just be content to focus on that part of her life.

Then again, I said that before the tag match between me and Ari and Team Hero was made official.

”Fight from Montreal should be here in about ten minutes.” I commented to Ari as we looked up at the arrivals board, it was exactly what it sounded like, we were here to meet Cassie and Becky at the airport following her successful Supreme Championship Wrestling debut against Ace Sky, a guy who based on his performance in that match, I wouldn’t mind seeing in Sin City Wrestling if we’re being honest but I wasn’t about to poach a talent from Cassie’s new home fed. ”How do you think she did Ari?”

”Considering that her match against Ace was her third ever match and her first in Canada? Cassie handled herself well out there, and if she keeps wrestling veterans like Ace then she’s only going to get better in the ring.” Ariana responded with a shrug as she shifted her weight and I nodded in agreement. ”I’m more surprised that Cassie and Becky’s parents let their daughters go to a foreign country on their own! I know Becky’s been an open lesbian for a couple of years now but Cassie’s still undecided, isn’t she?”

”The more I see her interact with Becky, the more convinced I am that Cassie’s going to come out of the closet well before her 20th birthday.” I responded with a nod as I glanced up at the arrivals board to see if there had been any delays. ”Whether she comes out as a lesbian or a bi-sexual woman depends on Cassie off course, but she’s known that I’m in a lesbian relationship for months and her parents never had a problem with me and Makayla spending time with her so I’ll be surprised if Cassie’s coming out party goes over like a wet fart.”

”Not to mention the fact that her trainers are a lesbian couple and my best friend is also one of the most flamboyantly gay men I know.” Ariana responded before letting a yawn for a few seconds and I turned to the Greek American woman. ”Sorry, me and Carter’s Angela Landsbury marathon took us late into the night, didn’t help that we capped it off with the original Beauty and the Beast.”

”First off? Don’t worry about it, she was a damn good actress and had lived a long life, second? I’m glad that me and Makayla just settled for watching Beauty and the Beast.” I assured Ari who grinned in response, we kept chatting for a while and before we knew it, we heard the announcement of the flight from Montreal’s arrival. ”Okay, time to keep an eye out for our favourite Australian teenage stoner who may or may not be a lesbian!”

”There’s someone out there who fits that description who isn’t Cass?!” Ari joked getting a laugh out of me but a few minutes later we saw Cass and Becky heading into the arrivals lounge and waved ”Hey girls! How was Montreal?” Ari greeted the two teenagers as they ran up to us and Cassie grinned as she caught up to us.

”Well I didn’t manage to eat my weight in poutine but the food was great, the locals were friendly and oh yeah, I won my Supreme Championship Wrestling debut!” Cass exclaimed excitedly and whilst we had watched her debut match against Ace Sky on TV, we were still glad that her debut had gone well. ”Now if only I could watch the tag match between you guys and Team Hero in person on Sunday, then this week would be perfect!”

”Sadly it seems that we’re going nowhere fast in that department.” I responded as I shook my head and Cassie let out an annoyed huff. ”Trust me Cass, I’ve tried everything short of hiring you on as my manager and even if there wasn’t the issue of conflicting dates with the other SCW, I strongly doubt they’ll go for that idea since it would mean that a Bombshell in her late twenties is having her career managed by her nineteen-year-old cousin!”

”To say nothing of what happened to you the last time you hired a manager.” Ariana commented with a frown and it didn’t take me long to realize what Ari was referring to, I still had the Roulette Title Ring and robe that Matthew brought me for Christmas last year because that’s a badass ring and that robe’s become a key part of my entrance but aside from those two items? I had pretty much swept my association with Matthew and Marty under the rug with Cassie being the only real connection I had left to the PTA Gym. ”At this point the only way we might be able to get the bosses to lift the ban is to Carter to withdraw his complaint against you, and since I strongly suspect that Laz was the driving force behind that, we might need to get him to see the light about the relationship with his boyfriend first.”

”And based on what Cass has told me, those efforts have ended with you guys shooting yourselves in the foot rather than make any real progress.” Becky chimed in with a frown on her face and we nodded reluctantly. ”We’ll figure out a way to get Carter out of it and Cass back on Sin City Wrestling TV but I think our parents are getting a bit restless.”

We hadn’t even noticed it until now but the whole time we had been talking to Cass and Becky, my phone had been vibrating in my jeans pocket and when I finally checked it, I realized Becky was right because I had several missed calls from both Becky and Cassie’s parents (they had given me their numbers in case something terrible happened and they couldn’t reach their daughters for whatever reason). ”Let’s go, best not keep them waiting.” I responded before me and Ari led Cassie and Becky out of the arrivals lounge and we went through airport security.

The trip through airport security went off without a hitch, Cassie’s navel piercing did set off the metal detector but whilst she wasn’t wearing a crop top the security agents realized what the source was when they passed the detector over Cassie’s mid-riff and let us through without much incident.

Still if the Violent Conduct VIII cycle was anything to go by then High Stakes XII was likely to be a turning point for the situation with Carter and Laz! With everything thar happened in the weeks following Violent Conduct VII I was almost dreading what was going to happen when the biggest show of the year rolled around in a few weeks’ time, Ariana was entering the show as a champion for the first time, potentially against Jessie depending on what Jessie decided at Climax Control and I had my match against Mercedes, aside from us? Fenris had that dream match against J2H, Tempest was taking on Zoey and Carter had that intergenerational match against Chris Page.

It was going to be a busy time for Team Go and the auxiliary members, that’s for sure and me and Ari had the match against Team Hero on Sunday, we’d soon find out if High Stakes XII would end up being a repeat of how successful Violent Conduct VIII was for us!

Jessie’s home gym, Las Vegas, Nevada
Wednesday the 12th of October 2022, 16:00pm

Ari opted to stay home when I offered her a chance to come train at Jessie’s gym, both because she was still banged up from the Falls Count Anywhere Match from this past Sunday’s Climax Control but she could no longer use the loophole we used to head over to Jessie’s home to train, after all, now that Ariana’s title reign had survived the second defence against Melissa the title match between Jessie and Ariana was all but guaranteed to happen soon, when it happened depended on Jessie as it turned out.

”So let me get this straight.” I commented as me and Cassie followed Jessie into the basement with Jessie’s Chow-Chow puppy Titan following us with his tail wagging. ”Your lawyers managed to find an out for the Chamber of Extreme Match to happen at High Stakes XII even though you signed the contract for the title match against Ari?”

”Having a contract lawyer helps, you should probably talk to the law firm that represents you about representing Cassie.” Jessie responded as she turned to us and Cassie gave her a curious look. ”I’m not talking about the whole mess with Cassie and Carter that led to her being banned from SCW events for the near future, but it’s to avoid contract issues like the one that Jason Ryan guy was having with Outlaw Pro before they went dark.”

”I’m still not 100% clear on the details surrounding that but I’ll take your word for it.” Cassie nodded in response as my younger cousin folded her arms. ”But what was the loophole your lawyers found?”

”Turns out that SCW contracts have tons of outs that let them get around unforeseeable circumstances that could impact their cards.” Jessie explained as she turned to us. ”Injury, death, family emergency, pregnancy, yes I know that last bit only applies to half the roster but Mark and Christian have planned for every possible outcome that could force a card change, and the contract I signed after that ladder match is exception.” Jessie added as she brushed some of her brown hair over her shoulder. ”Once I found it I called Christian and scheduled a meeting for Climax Control to decide on a course of action, hardcore wrestling  may as well be my secondary style at this point but that doesn’t mean I’m about to wrestle in two potentially brutal matches in the same night!”

”Surprised you went with Christian and not Mark.” I commented with a curious look on my face as Cassie knelt over to give Titan some fuss. ”If there’s a rivalry that’s just as infamous as you and Mercedes, it’s you and Christian.”

”It wasn’t always that way, we got along well enough when I was a newcomer in SCW, even after he made me do that drug test, and I was one of the first Bombshells to join Team SCW after Erick Staggs declared war on SCW.” Jessie explained as she shook her head and we nodded as we got the idea. ”Our relationship may have soured over the years, especially during that title shot ban, but there’s always been a begrudging respect between us, I respect Christian as a businessman and being an openly gay man when that wasn’t exactly the mainstream in wrestling and he respects me for my dedication to my craft and being an SCW lifer, besides Mark was in the bathroom at the time and I figured “screw it, it’s better than nothing” and pointed out the situation too him.”

”So what exactly is your plan?” I asked as Jessie started leading me, Cass, and Titan down into the basement where her gym was. ”Because even if you opt to give up your match against Ari, she’ll still have to defend the Bombshell Roulette Title on the show.”

”I’m well aware of that, I have been in the company for just over a decade after all.” Jessie explained with a nod as we entered her gym and she turned on the lights. ”My options are as follows, either my Roulette Title Match gets bumped to the Main Event of the post High Stakes XII Climax Control and my Chamber of Extreme Match against Melissa goes as planned or Ari gets added to the Chamber of Extreme Match and it’s made a title match.” Jessie added as she started making her way to the ring. ”Now, personally? I’m happy to wait for my title match, a Triple Threat Chamber of Extreme sounds interesting but my feud with Melissa was never about a title even after Melissa won the Bombshell Roulette Title and I don’t want my rubber match with her to be remembered as another title match on PPV.” Jessie added as she sat down on one of the weight machines. ”I have until Sunday to finalize my decision for obvious reasons, but that should give Christian enough time to find at least one replacement challenger for Ari in the case that I do go with that idea.”

”And let’s face it, there’s a roster full of hungry Bombshells who don’t have a place on the card yet and would jump at that chance.” Cassie pointed out and we nodded in agreement with her as the teenager walked around the gym. ”Either way, Ari and Krystal are getting a heck of a workout on Sunday with their Main Event against Team Hero.”

”Honestly? I’ll be shocked if that match doesn’t end up on next year’s Year End Award Ballots but we’re getting a year ahead of ourselves.” Jessie nodded in agreement before she motioned to the ring with her head. ”I want to see for myself how much Cassie learned from that match against Ace Sky, I think it’s time you two sparred!”

”Couldn’t agree more!” I responded with a grin before I lead Cassie to the ring with Titan watching on eagerly.

Go Gym Parking Lot, Las Vegas, Nevada
Thursday the 13th of October 2022, 11:00am

*promo time*

Here we go.

”Second chances don’t exactly come around very often, especially not in wrestling, but when Team Hero stated advertising for a team to face them in what may well be their final ever match? I saw it as my second chance to get a win over Team Hero and Ariana jumped at the chance to wrestle her heroes.” I stated plainly before shaking my head. ”Actually? Scratch that, this isn’t a second chance, this is my last chance because Keira has all but stated that her match against Roxi at High Stakes XII will be her last and I have unfinished business stemming from the last days of my Roulette Title reign with her! Me and Ari might be entering this week’s Main Event with completely different mind sets but our goas remain the same, be the team who beat Team Hero on their last ever match!”

This will be good.

”Keira, Roxi, I’m going to get this out of the way, I respect the hell out of both of you, and that respect only grew after everything you did for me and Cassie earlier this year, but as I’ve often said that respect can only take you so far in the ring.” I commented as a small smile appeared on my face. ”I’ll admit, whilst I was never the Team Hero fangirl Ari was, I was always more of an Odette Ryder fan if we’re being honest, this is my chance to wrestle my heroes one last time as well but unlike Ari, I have business that needs to be resolved with both of you and it dates all the way back to the Christmas Special!”

That’s right!

”A lot has changed from that Tag Team Glass Bulbs Match, Matthew’s gone bankrupt, Marty’s run to the hills, I don’t know what Lizzie, Andreas or Cyrus are up to these days and oh yeah, I’m no longer the Bombshell Roulette Champion, Ari is, it’s kinda come full circle, hasn’t it?” I stated as I flipped some hair over my shoulder. ”I’m entering this match to show how much I’ve grown since that initial encounter with Team Hero and what better way to do that than to pick up the win heading into High Stakes XII? Weirder things have happened right?”

It's that simple.

”Ari’s being all wholesome with her goals for this match, me? The competitive edge to my motives is a lot sharper than Ari’s, I’m out to avenge two losses.” I added as I held up two fingers. ”The aforementioned Christmas Special loss and the end of my Roulette Title Reign, that’s right Keira, since your about to call it a career, I’m basically treating this as our long overdue tie breaker, with all due respect Roxi? Your just collateral damage in this match as far as my goals as concerned!”

And with that I decided to wrap things up.

”To give this match anything less than my all would be an insult to Team Hero’s legacy, I stand by those words because they are 100% true! But at the same time? Whilst Ari is living the dream of every Team Hero Fangirl with dreams of becoming a wrestler, I’m out to right a wrong!” I added as I folded my arms. ”Because this is my one last chance to beat Team Hero and the building behind me, the Go Gym, prepared me and Ari for such a huge match and we are ready to go to war with Team Hero in the Main Event and as I turn the page on their epic chapter of my SCW career, me and Ari will close the book on Team Hero’s storied career as a tag team! Roxi, Keira, it’s been an honour to even take part in this match and cut this promo and I’ll see you in the ring!”

I got in my car and drove off as the scene fades.

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(Carter was used with Chris’s permission)

In spite of the controversy surrounding Krystal taking the place of Jessie in the planned match between Sam Marlowe and Jessie, Krystal had managed to get the win over Sam in an impressive showing and the night would prove to be a good one for the Go Gym in general, Ariana won her first ever singles title when she dethroned Melissa by pinning Georgie Robertson and Carter would make Todd Williams submit to his own finisher and with the final PPV of the calendar year, High Stakes XI right around the corner you could bet that the three would need all the momentum they could get!

That would prove to be especially true for Krystal as she was in action at Climax Control #341! Her opposition were all women that she was familiar with to boot, Sam, Diamond Steele, and Alicia Lukas! The prize? The honour of being Masque’s next challenger at High Stakes XI! High Stakes X was a monumental night for Krystal as not only had she retained the title over Char Kwan and avenged Char’s attack on Ariana, but she had proposed to her girlfriend Makayla, the pair getting married a few months later! This match would be a fantastic way to continue that trend if she could get past three former World Bombshell Champions! Can Krystal win?

Royal Adelaide Hospital, Adelaide, Australia
Friday the 31st of January 2014, 16:45pm

What I’ve told you is only part of the story.

The day of my escape from my trainwreck of a homelife would probably have gone down as one of the most hectic days of my life if I had never entered the wrestling industry but that’s not to say that it isn’t up there with some of my more hectic days, when Makayla picked me up, she drove me right to the hospital and after she explained my situation to the nearest nurse it wasn’t long before I was seen too.

Nor was it long before the police were called really because whilst I was in my late teens, I was still a minor and there was a LOT of questions that needed to be answered before I could even think about turning over the video, I took of my dad murdering mom to the cops.

“Okay Charlotte, if you’ll just step onto the scales so we can weigh you please.” The doctor in charge of my care instructed me and I did so, it should go without saying but I wasn’t the athletic, ripped woman that you know today, in fact I was the complete opposite and when my weight was read, the doctor did a double take. “This can’t be right?”

”What?” I asked the doctor point blank as I turned to him, the look on his face was a mixture of confusion and horror which only concerned me more. ”I know I’m under a hundred pounds soaking wet but……...”

“That’s not the issue, young lady if this reading is correct then you are dangerously underweight, if you lost any more weight than you’d be considered anorexic.” The doctor informed me, and I had to do a double take when I heard that but looking down at my skinny as fuck body? Yeah, it was starting to fall into place. “Are you trying to starve yourself?”

”Hell no! I’m not happy with how skinny I am!” I asserted as I brushed some of my hair (which was still my natural red hair colour at the time) before I stepped off the scales. ”It’s like Makayla said, my dad’s been trying to kill me for the past two years, if I had stayed in his house any longer, I’d be a corpse in his back garden!”

“I understand how upset you are, but I still need to examine you for injuries before I let the police speak to you.” The doctor responded before we spent the next hour having so many x-rays done that, I honestly lost count and each one backed up my story 100%, once that was all done, he left me with Makayla for a while and I turned to my future wife though at the time she was merely a friend from school.

”You realize that you never had to do any of this, right?” I asked Makayla, and the Greek-Australian girl shook her head. ”I mean, what could one of the hottest girls at school possibly want with the loner goth girl with anger issues a mile wide?”

”It’s like I said when we first got to know each other, you looked like you needed a friend.” Makayla responded with a shrug, and I grinned in response. ”Are you sure that you don’t have any family that can take you in?”

”There’s only one I can think off the top of my head and they live over in Greenock, I have a little cousin on my mother’s side up there.” I explained as I shook my head and Makayla nodded as she got the idea. ”But Cassie will be turning eleven in a few months and I’m sure their financial situation isn’t great because of it.”

”We’ll figure something out, even if it means me putting you up in my apartment.” Makayla assured me, and I grinned before the doctor returned with the police officers that had been sent down, not that I ever learned their names. ”Something wrong?”

“With your friend, absolutely, and these police officers are here to make sure that her parents are arrested.” At that point I froze in my hospital bed, in all this time I had somehow neglected to tell them what had happened to my mom. “Rest assured Charlotte, they……...”

”Mom was just as much a victim as I am!” I interrupted the doctor, and the two officers shared a look. ”She tried to help me escape two years ago on Christmas day, but somehow my dad got wind and…….” I trailed off at which point the male officer came up to me.

“Charlotte, this is important, what happened to your mom?” The officer asked and I let out a deep breath as I got my phone out. “This isn’t the time for you to go on Social Media.”

”I know and I’m not, I couldn’t get signal here even if I wanted to anyway.” I grumbled as I got the video ready. ”You’ll find my mom’s corpse buried in a shallow grave the back garden, and I have video evidence that my dad killed her.” I explained before playing the video, I could barely bring myself to watch it myself but the look on the officers’ face said it all.

The next few days were a blur for me, before I knew it my dad was being put on trial for child abuse and murder and more of his victims were being discovered elsewhere in Adelaide, about a week later I officially moved in with Makayla and in a way, she set me on my current path.

In case you ever wondered why I hate the situation that Carter has found himself in so much, now you know.

Backstage at Violent Conduct VIII, New Delhi, India
Sunday the 4th of September 2022, 19:30pm

Where the hell is he?!

This is supposed to be the biggest moment of Ariana’s wrestling career to date, the moment where she’s in line to win her first ever singles title and at a Supercard to boot! You’d think that Carter, Ariana’s best friend and one of her oldest friends in the business thanks to the fact that they trained at the Go Gym at the same time, would have joined me and the others near the gorilla position to cheer on Ari as she fought for the Bombshell Roulette Championship!

Instead, Carter was nowhere to be seen, and five minutes into the match I took it upon myself to look for him.

To say that this was no small feat was putting it mildly, the Indira Gandhi Arena was a large stadium that SCW had sold out in minutes! The capacity for the place was 14,343 people and if that doesn’t give you an idea of just how fucking huge this place is, I don’t know what will.

Off course, being an SCW Roster member meant that I could go all over the place in my search for Carter and even the places I couldn’t go like the men’s bathroom I hung around and asked whoever came out if they had seen Carter but that proved fruitless as well.

I almost gave up the search and returned to the gorilla position when I spotted him, Carter was among a crowd of wrestlers and staff members who were watching the Bombshell Roulette Title Match on a monitor, unfortunately that meant that I couldn’t confront him about either his absence at the gorilla position or Laz without causing a scene, so I casually pulled up a chair next to him and made myself comfortable.

”Ari’s giving it the fight of her life.” I commented to Carter in a low voice, and he nodded silently, I couldn’t tell if Carter hadn’t realised that it was me (which I doubted, I was the only Australian woman on the roster and my thick Aussie accent was instantly recognizable to most people) but I continued regardless. ”She really wants that title, doesn’t she?”

”She’s worked hard for it!” Carter nodded in agreement as we watched the action though the fact that he hadn’t so much as glanced at me did concern me. ”If Melissa retains tonight then Ari will make her work for it……...” It was at that point that Carter turned to me and promptly shot up from his chair. ”KRYSTAL?!”

Ms. Rocky Mountains and Pussy Willow glanced over their shoulders at us when they heard Carter’s voice but again, I was hoping to avoid making a scene, even if seeing the nasty bruises on Carter’s face had me screaming internally. ”Not so loud Carter.” I responded as I pinched the bridge of my nose in annoyance and whilst the interviewers returned their attention to the action on screen, I continued. ”People have been looking for you, you realize that right?”

”Yeah, I’ve been getting that a lot.” Carter responded as I glanced up at the action, I had missed most of the match because I was looking for Carter and whilst I knew I could catch the replay as soon as I returned o Vegas, it still annoyed the hell out of me. ”What do you want?”

Again, the only thing keeping me from causing a scene was my desire to keep things civil, even IF said desire was eroding away faster than The Troll’s “match” against J2H at last year’s Summer XXXTreme. ”What I want is what Ari wants! Don’t you think you should be there to greet your bestie once the match ends………”

My sentence got cut off by a massive cheer from the crowd ad I looked up just in time for Justin to announce that Ari had won the match and the Bombshell Roulette Title and well, it didn’t take long for me to join in the cheers as I watched my friend celebrate the biggest win of her career to date, as the crowd dissipated though I realized that Carter had used the distraction to get the hell away from me and my conversation.

”Carter? CARTER?!” I called out to him but there was no response, wherever Carter was, he was long gone, Rocky and Pussy had stuck around following the match and I turned to them. ”I don’t suppose you ladies saw where Carter went, did you?” I asked the interviewers who shook their heads.

“Sorry Krystal but no, we just assumed that he had left with the rest of the crowd.” Rocky apologized sincerely and I let out an aggravated sigh. “What was going on between you two anyway? It looked like he wasn’t happy to see you!”

”It’s complicated, that’s all I can say for now.” I admitted, and the two older women nodded in understanding, I glanced up at the screen again and saw that Ari was doing a victory lap around the ring, not that I could blame her off course, she deserved to have her moment after reaching such a milestone in her career, but that did help me as well. ”I had better head back to the gorilla position I want to be there to celebrate with Ari.”

“Tell her we said congrats.” Pussy responded and I nodded before I walked off, I had managed to get back in time for Ari to return to the backstage area following her huge win, Carter was there thankfully but he didn’t say much, he just greeted Ari with a warm, congratulatory hug and I think Ari chose to stay quiet about the bruises to avoid spoiling the moment, but the look she was giving me after the fact told me that Ari had seen the bruises as well.

As an abuse survivor, I had a sinking feeling that I knew what was happening, Laz was trying to isolate Carter from his friends and family, my dad had done the same thing to my late mom , but we still needed to end this before the abuse got any worse.

Krystal’s home, Las Vegas, Nevada
Sunday the 11th of September 2022, 18:30pm

Don’t get me wrong, India is a beautiful country, and the Indian tour was certainly one of the most memorable of recent times, but I was glad to be home.

And this might go without saying but my win over Sam, as huge as it was, wasn’t the main focus once we were back stateside, first we tried to have an intervention for Carter using what we had observed at Violent Conduct VIII as evidence that Laz was mistreating him (and I’m being EXTREMELY generous with that description), but it didn’t go well. It didn’t mean we were giving up the fight to get Carter out of that situation, but it had become clear that it wasn’t going to be as easy as we thought.

The other thing off course, was the fact that Ari had won her first singles title that night which required a celebration at the Gold Coast, I’m not going to comment too much on our states after the party but let’s just say that the only sober ones were Cassie and Becky which boiled down to the fact that the Gold Coast Cassino will allow underage drinking when pigs will fly! Aside from those incidents and a graduation/marriage proposal at Hero Academy (which me, Ari and Jessie were looking after whilst Roxi recovered from her match against Masque) the week had been pretty uneventful all things considered.

Well, aside from a new addition to the house.

”Garrus, Tali, dinner’s ready!” I called out to the two dogs, and they came racing into the room, that’s right, two! During the Supercard break we had gone down to a local rescue centre intending to adopt a female dog around the same age as Garrus, originally we wanted to get another shepherd but the shelter didn’t have any in Garrus’s age range (namely late puppy/young adult) so we compromised and got a Golden Labrador who was a little bit older and renamed her Tali to keep the Mass Effect theme naming going.

The two dogs watched impatiently as I put their bowls down separately, Garrus was still on puppy food, so I had to make sure that he was served first to make sure he didn’t try to eat any of Tali’s dog food and the two dogs woofed it down in no time. ”Glad to see Garrus and Tali are getting along!” Makayla commented as she walked into the kitchen and looked at the two young dogs. ”We are certain that Tali is spayed, right?”

”We got her from a rescue centre so she should be.” I responded with a nod as I stroked both dogs. ”Any word on the new Climax Control Card yet?”

”Haven’t seen anything on Twitter, and you haven’t got the new card text yet.” Makayla responded with a shrug as we walked out of the kitchen with me leaving my new phone in there with the dogs. ”It is normally around this time that the card gets announced, isn’t it?”

”After post Supercard breaks? Yeah, they usually are……...” I trailed off as I began to regret setting my new phone’s ringtone to the doorbell sound and predictably the two large dogs raced out of the kitchen to see the phantom at the door. ”Set my ringtone as the doorbell sound, I said, it’ll be fine I said, the dogs will be fine, I said!”

”You get the dogs settled down and I’ll get your phone.” Makayla responded as she shook her head and I went to answer the door, either it was a coincidence that Cassy and Becky had chosen to show up at that moment or it was a false alarm, either way the dogs had a real reason to be excited!

”HI DOGGIES!” Cassie greeted the dogs so loud that I could hear her from the other side of the house and managed to put the Las Vegas Strip to shame with how loud she was! I opened the door and the two dogs circled around the teenage girls happily. ”Hey Krystal, I know your waiting for the new card, but I had to come see the doggies.”

”And I had to come along.” Becky added, and I shook my head with a chuckle before letting them and the dogs in, at least Cassie seemed to be doing better after what happened back in New Delhi! ”So, any sign of the card yet?”

”None yet, we’ll know soon enough though.” I responded with a shrug as I lead the girls into the living room with the dogs not far behind. ”This isn’t like last year’s High Stakes Cycle where I’m basically expecting to see action!”

”Yeah, for one thing Ari has the title you defended at Disneyworld!” Cassie pointed out and I let out an aggravated sigh as I messaged my temples. ”Too soon?”

”Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy for Ari but the end to my title reign is still a sore spot for me!” I admitted as Makayla entered the room with my phone in hand. ”Besides, it’s been months since my last singles match against Keira, it’s not really too soon!”

”Maybe so, but your next title reign could start sooner than you think, it just comes with a hell of a caveat.” Makayla chimed in as Tali walked up to her for some fuss and my wife passed the phone too me. ”Just to save you some time, it is the second to last match on the card!”

”Sounds pretty big!” I responded not realizing how big an understatement I had just made until I saw the match, if I were drinking anything Garrus would be doing a full body wag to get it off him. ”Me, Sam, Diamond and Alicia, winner gets a World Bombshell Title Shot at High Stakes XI!?”

”Yeah, I’d say that’s pretty big! So, what’s the Main Event?” Becky asked, and I showed her the match. ”Masque vs. Mercedes II, I’m sure she’s thrilled to face her again but how did she earn it? Her last win was over Candy!”

”It’s probably that combined with her draw with Masque last cycle, even if it was a Double DQ due to things getting a little out of control.” I pointed  out and Becky had to admit that I had a point. ”Regardless of who wins the Main Event I’ll be in for a hell of a match if I win on Sunday.”

”If you win, the field for this match is really stacked!” Makayla pointed out and I had to admit that my wife was right. ”Your title reign speaks for itself at this point but you’re in there with three former World Bombshell Champions! Plus, your hatred for Diamond hasn’t really died down.”

”Considering it’s a dispute between a British and an Australian woman, it might take the UN intervening for us to finally bury the hatchet!” I joked getting a laugh out of the other three women, the conversation diverted from there but one thing was certain, I had a hell of a fight on Sunday.

Krystal’s home, Las Vegas, Nevada
Monday the 12th of September 2022, 12:30pm

Last night was fairly uneventful after the card was announced, but there was one thing lingering from the Indian tour that I needed to clear up with someone and luckily Cass had popped back over this afternoon.

”You forgot your phone AGAIN?” I asked with an exasperated sigh as Cassie grinned sheepishly, even so I let my teenage cousin back into the house and followed her as she looked for her phone. ”At this rate Cass, we’re going to have to find a way to sow it into your skin!”

”Please don’t! I’d prefer not to be prodded by the SCP Foundation!” Cass joked as Tali and Garrus came up to her with their tails wagging. ”At least there’s no chance of me stumbling onto a similar situation to the New Delhi incident, right?”

”Right.” I responded as I let out a deep breath, the incident with Carter back in New Delhi had been playing heavily on my mind since that day and returning to the states hadn’t helped. ”Been meaning to talk with you about that actually, well more specifically the argument we had as I went to beat the shit out of Laz!”

”I had a feeling this was coming!” Cass sighed before finding her phone in the living room but rather than leave she sat down on the couch, and I sat down opposite her. ”I know emotions were running high that evening but what I said about looking up to you? I meant every word of it! It’s why I ran to Keira when you started to let Matthew and Marty control your decisions towards the end of your title reign!”

”And if there’s one thing, I wish I could undo from last year’s High Stakes, it’s me getting in contact with that prick! Even if it did lead to us meeting, and me becoming a millionaire overnight……...” I sighed to myself as I ran a hand through my hair, even compared to the incident with Tempest that was easily my biggest mistake of the Roulette Title Reign even if it worked out in the end. ”But why didn’t you say anything about that sooner?”

”Never had a reason too really! You returned to your old self after you lost the Roulette Title and I was happy being your sidekick for a while, for lack of better word!” Cassie admitted as she let out a deep breath and I nodded as I got the idea. ”But then I left my phone in Carter’s suite back in New Delhi and well, you know the rest! Does Carter know that I know what happened between him and Laz?”

”When me and Ari tried to intervene last week, we went out of our way to avoid mentioning you by name, instead calling you a mutual friend, he didn’t say whether he brought it or not but the rest of the conversation turns into a blur once the shouting matches started.”.” I explained to Cass and whilst she winced at that last part, Cassie nodded as she got the idea. ”You did the right thing by telling us Cass, make no mistake about that, it’s just going to take a while before we can get Carter to see the light!”

”I get that, I still regret not jumping to Carter’s aide, but I get that.” Cassie sighed as she brushed some hair over her shoulder. ”I haven’t gotten around to talking with mom about that incident, just haven’t had a chance too with how hectic things have been since I returned from New Delhi!”

”Sooner you talk to her about what you witnessed, the better! I don’t mean to come off like a nag but trust me Cass, keeping it bottled up will only hurt you in the end.” I explained to Cass and whilst she hesitated, Cass nodded in agreement when she realized that I had a point. ”Something I learned the hard way when my Roulette Title reign was coming to an end!”

”That interview you cut after losing in the Blast from the Past opening round……...” Cassie realized as she gave me a significant look. ”How much of that was your pent-up frustration boiling up to the surface?!”

”Honestly? Most of it, I had dealt with naysayers a lot during my losing streak, but I brushed off their comments because I wanted to avoid stepping on any toes.” I sighed as I thought back to the dark times that were my early SCW career. ”It didn’t help that Makayla was still living in Australia for most of it because it meant that I couldn’t talk to her regularly and well, trying to match up vid chats with someone in a country that’s a day ahead of you is a bitch!”

”Tell me about it!” Cassie sighed as she leaned back, I knew she had at least two living sets of aunts and uncles living back in Australia (and no, I’m not counting my dad) and whilst I couldn’t remember if I was her only cousin or not, the point still remained. ”You thought on how you plan to combat Masque if you win on Sunday?”

”I need to win the match first, and I don’t need to tell you how difficult the Fatal Four Way will be! Especially since it’s Anything Goes!” I pointed out and Cassie nodded in response. ”As for Masque? My usual tactic is to go to Gabriel for advice, but I don’t think even he’s dealt with anyone like Masque before! Her record isn’t spotless but the trail of victims she’s left in her wake speak for itself!”

”You’ll find a way, I’m sure! Masque isn’t unbeatable, she’s just a bitch to defeat!” Cassie nodded in response before she stood up, phone in hand. ”Thanks for the talk Charlotte, but I had better head home before mom starts to worry! Plus, I’ve got my driver’s test today and I need to be ready for that!”

”Just remember that I’m only a phone call away if you need to chat.” I reminded my cousin as I motioned to her phone and Cassie nodded before she left the house with her phone, I honestly don’t know where I’d be without that teenager to keep me in check and I’d rather not think about it!

Jessie’s home gym, Las Vegas, Nevada
Monday the 12th of September 2022, 18:30pm

*promo time*

Jessie was letting me use her gym for some extra reps after the Go Gym closed for the day, and I figured “why not” and used it for my promo setting.

”I have a question about SCW’s history, one that I’m not even sure if Mercedes herself can answer, when was the last time every single title changed hands on the same night?” I asked as I leaned against the ring ropes. ”Seriously, no one who entered Violent Conduct VIII as champion walked out of that event as champion, but as happy as I am for my fellow Go Gym Graduate Ariana Angelos winning her first singles title that night, by far the most infamous moment has to go to Masque for how she won the World Bombshell Championship! But that’s left me and three other Bombshells with a golden opportunity!”

This will be good.

”All I need to do to grab that opportunity for myself is defeat not one, not two but three former World Bombshell Champions in a Fatal Four Way Anything Goes Match that’ll see the winner challenge Masque at High Stakes XI, and who is my competition? Sam Marlowe, Alicia Lukas, and Diamond Steele! No matter who walks out with that title opportunity in their sights, this match is going to be a barn burner!” I added before I let out a deep breath. ”And considering how bad my year’s been since I lost the Bombshell Roulette Title, capping off the year like that will be a dream come true! I just have to climb Mt. Everest first so, let’s get too it, shall we?”

Starting with Sam!

”Is it anyone’s surprise that I’m starting this promo segment with Sam? Controversy surrounding our match at Violent Conduct VIII aside, she was my most recent opponent and my most recent win!” I stated as I brushed some hair over my shoulder. ”And sorry to disappoint you Sam but I’m not about to swap out with Jessie so I can wrestle a badly disguised Christina Rose! Even if a World Bombshell Title Shot weren’t at stake I’d wrestle this match in a wheelchair if I had too! And you know from our match at Violent Conduct VIII that I’m a fierce competitor which leaves one question.” I asked as I flipped some of my hair over my shoulder. ”Can you use that knowledge?”

Good question.

”You gave me a hell of a fight at Violent Conduct VIII even if the situation with Jessie seemed to confused you more than anything! But with that match still fresh in our minds, can you use the knowledge you gained from wrestling me to book your ticket to High Stakes XI?” I asked as I folded my arms. ”Because that’s a double-edged sword Sam, any knowledge you gained from our match will be matched by knowledge I gained from sharing a ring with the woman whose Roulette Title records I broke! And this Sunday’s match will be a true test to see if we can use that knowledge to get the win but personally? I like me odds a hell of a lot more than I like yours!”

Next up is Diamond!

”We meet again Diamond! The last time we faced off, I left you sleeping with the fishes, all because we got on Christian’s bad side and Amber let him chose a stipulation for our match, fun times, right?” I asked sarcastically as I flipped some hair over my shoulder. ”What was it I said after I turned you into human sized fish food again? Oh yeah, the grudge will likely never go away but for now our beef is settled! Paraphrasing a bit? Sure, but my you should know by now that I can hold one hell of a grudge and getting to deny you a title shot at the biggest show of the year? Yeah, that would be pretty sweet revenge, wouldn’t it?”

Dish best served cold!

”Revenge is a dish best served cold, people who embark on a journey of revenge dig two graves, are there any other sayings about revenge that I’m forgetting? Wait, here’s one, the best revenge is massive success!” I added with a grin as I paced around the ring. ”You can thank Frank Sinatra for that little quote! And going on to win the World Bombshell Championship would be a great success, wouldn’t it Diamond? To leave you in the dust whilst I win the biggest prize in the Bombshell Division? That revenge will be sweet after I defeat you on Sunday Diamond!”

Last up is Alicia!

”I haven’t forgotten about Alicia, in all honesty I’m only saving her for last because she’s the only opponent in the match who I’ve yet to face one on one, who knows? Maybe that’ll change once the new year rolls around? But we’ve got a while to go before then!” I started as I leaned on the ring ropes. ”Alicia, I’ll give you credit for managing to break a losing streak, albeit one that allowed my friend Ariana to win her first singles title in a roundabout way, but to go from Christina Rose in a costume that a Scooby Doo villain would laugh at to three of the best Bombshells in the division? Yeah, seems the shoes on the other foot, isn’t it?”

Tides have turned.

”For the past couple of months, those who have beaten you have gone on to challenge for a title but it wasn’t until Ariana beat you that someone made good on that momentum, I intend to follow in Ariana’s footsteps in that regard.” I added as I flipped some hair over my shoulder. ”As I said, the shoes on the other foot, you got the win over Christina Rose but she’s wearing a mask so it’s totally not her guys and the bosses seem to have added you to this match as a result, but the question is can you make good on that momentum? No, because I’ve got momentum of my own to make good on!”

My key to the kingdom!

”This isn’t the first time I’ve been in a four way match for a shot at the World Bombshell Title against three decorated older women, looking at you Greece Lightning Tour, but it is the first such match that I’m entering with any kind of momentum and I’m not letting it go to waste!” I stated as I folded my arms. ”Alicia, Sam, Diamond, I’m willing to bet that the Vegas betting odds have either of you three as the ones to win this match and challenge either Mercedes or Masque at High Stakes XI, but those odds aren’t always reliable especially in a sport like this and as far as I see it? This is my moment to shine!”

It's that simple.

”Because when opportunity knocks, I answer! And this opportunity is practically banging down my door right now! Alicia, Sam, and Diamond have all been at the top of the food chain in the Bombshell Division before and I’m sure that they are itching for a chance to return to the top again, but there’s just one problem with that ladies!” I said as I held up my right index finger to illustrate my point and then pointed it towards me. ”This isn’t a Triple Threat Anything Goes Match! it’s a Fatal Four Way Anything Goes match and I’m in the mix! And I plan to be a spanner in the works of whatever hopes either of you three had of winning that title again because honestly? I think it’s high time that some new blood got that opportunity, don’t you?”

And with that I decided to wrap things up.

”I’m sure I can predict what your answers will be, some variant of the phrase “hell no”, but it’s not like I care about the opinions of my opponents when it comes to winning a match like this!” I stated before I left the ring and walked up directly to the camera. ”Because I’m everything you gals aren’t! I’m young, hungry and I’ve yet to reach the top of the Bombshell Division mountain! But that all changes this Sunday at Climax Control #341 where I  not only out last three other former champions but I book my ticket to the World Bombshell Title Match at High Stakes XI, and as I turn the page on this chapter of my SCW career, I’ve got my sights firmly set on started a whole new golden chapter as I enter 2023 as the new World Bombshell Champion! And I don’t care who gets in my way as I start down that path because they will all be brought down with the Down Under Thunderbomb courtesy of Krystal Wolfe!”

I left Jessie’s home gym as the scene fades.

Climax Control Archives / “The Power To Overcome!”
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Since she and Carter won the Strange Bedfellows Tag Team Match at the start of the cycle Krystal hasn’t seen much in ring action, mostly being on the side-lines and cheering on her friends whether that was fellow Go Gym Graduates Ariana Angelos and HB Carter or Bombshell veteran and mentor figure Jessie Salco who had been in action in the intervening weeks between that show and the show in Kolkata, but that was about to change at the penultimate match of the Supercard Cycle.

Why? Because Krystal was serving as the first challenger for Kayla Richards in a Bombshell Internet Title Match! This match was a huge one for the Aussie Bombshell for two reasons, the first was obvious as Krystal had never held the Bombshell Internet Championship before and a win here would mark the start of Krystal’s first title reign since her Bombshell Roulette Title Reign ended earlier this year but the second reason was causing the most intrigue, if Krystal won the title she would be added to the match between Keira and Kayla making it a Triple Threat! Can Krystal get the win?

Backstage at Climax Control 338, Bangalore, India
Sunday the 7th of August 2022, 3:42am

How can I be polite about tonight?

It was already off to a bad start for the Go Gym when Carter lost his first singles match to Miles Kasey and whilst things did pick up again when Ariana got the surprise win over Alicia Lukas things backstage where less than rosy.

Look, I like Jessie and I’m indifferent towards Melissa, whilst I hope that Melissa has a good reign after she retained the title over Jessie in the main event tonight, I haven’t really interacted with the former kickboxer that much, all I really knew about her was the fact that Melissa got the win over Ari to qualify for the Ultimate X Over the Pool Match where she won the title in the first place but watching Jessie humiliate Melissa like that made my blood boil.

I wasn’t even sure if I was going to run into Jessie after that interview, she obviously had her title match to worry about and I knew from personal experience that being in a title match for the main event, as champion or challenger, tended to make you zero in on that match and nothing else, but we ran into each other, words were exchanged, and then she had the audacity to compare my childhood to her title reigns.

Make no mistake, the events of my childhood still haunt me well into my adulthood, but that comment was so out of left field AND out of line that the only way I could responded was by punching Jessie in the jaw! I don’t know if my punch affected Jessie’s performance in the Main Event against Melissa, for one thing there was a significant time gap between the punch and the match itself, but what’s done is done!

Real question was, what was next for me?

”KRYSTAL!” I had to let out a deep breath when I heard my friend’s voice, Ari’s bubbly energy and personality was probably second only to Candy herself but she had plenty of reason to celebrate tonight because she had just scored the biggest win of her career to date. ”I DID IT! I GOT THE WIN OVER ALICIA!” Ariana exclaimed happily as she ran up and hugged me from behind, she at least had the decency to warn me first and give me time to brace myself for her running hug, unintentionally or not. ”I just pinned a former World Bombshell Champion!”

”A three time champion at that! Congrats!” I responded before prying Ari’s hands apart from around my waist and turning to face her, when she saw the look on my face her demeaner dropped a little because I was clearly still pissed off from what had happened with Jessie tonight. ”How’s Carter doing? I know his lip was busted open?” I asked trying to change the subject to avoid snapping at Ari again and she nodded.

”Yeah, Carter’s fine, ego’s a bit bruised from the match yeah but he’s fine otherwise, he’s just as excited for me as I am to be honest!” Ari responded with a laugh before we heard the text notification come through our phones which could only mean one thing. ”Sounds like the new card’s been announced!”

”Wonder if they’ll have anything for me this week?” I wondered out loud before we got our phones out, I’m a competitive person by nature and anyone who’s ever tuned in to my Twitch Channel knows that for a fact, well that and anyone who watched my Bombshell Roulette Title reign off course! I had to roll my eyes when I saw that Hitamashi was taking on The Troll in the opener because there were so many ways that could turn offensive that it wasn’t even funny, then I saw the penultimate match. ”I’m serving as Kayla’s first challenger?!”

”Wait, WHAT?! I’m still on the match between Mercedes and Seleana!” Ari exclaimed in surprise before she scrolled down to the match in question. ”You’ve read the description right?”

”Yeah, if I get the win over Kayla then I’m getting added to the match between her and Keira making it a Triple Threat, let’s hope no one makes any KKK jokes.” I commented as I shook my head, Mark and Christian had been running the company for almost ten years now, how exactly did THAT escape their attention?! And judging from the wince on Ari’s face she had just caught on herself. ”Unfortunate name combinations aside, I can’t deny that this is a huge opportunity for me!”

”Yeah, can’t argue that, can’t you?” Ari commented with a nod as she folded her arms. ”But on the other hand though, will you be able to focus? After the spat with Jessie?”

”There’s no doubt in my mind that I’ll have cooled off by then, I may be pissed at Jessie for what she said but I’m not holding a grudge all week long!” I responded as I shook my head and Ari gave me a curious look, tonight was far from the only time another Bombshell had wronged me in some way since I joined SCW but an offensive comment made in the heat of the moment paled in comparison to what others had done to me. ”Forgiving Jessie will be another issue but I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it, being able to focus during the match against Kayla?”

”It’ll be another bridge to cross in the future, right?” Ari asked and I nodded in response, Ari looked deep in thought for a minute, don’t let her bubbly personality or YouTube Channel fool you, Ariana was no idiot, naive due to her youth? Yeah, she’s only the third youngest wrestler I know personally (second and first being Cassie and Adrienne off course) but she was an intelligent young woman under all of that. ”You and Carter gave me a much needed pep talk last week after my disappointing performance in the Battle Royal Krystal, and considering how tonight’s match went for me? I think it’s only right that I return the favour!”

”Fine, but don’t use the “diamonds under pressure” line on me.” I responded and that request got a raised eyebrow from the Greek-American Bombshell. ”Holding the Bombshell Roulette Title for just under a year comes with a ton of pressure! If that didn’t turn me into a diamond, I don’t know what will.” I explained and Ari nodded as she got the idea, there was other stuff as well, like being a young mother to a toddler aged daughter with more health issues than I care to count whilst also being an High Functioning Autistic Woman just as one example but I was trying to restrict it to wrestling stuff. ”Don’t get me wrong, it obviously worked on you, just look at who you beat tonight! But there is a world of difference between us Ari!”

”Okay, yeah, I’ll grant that you’ve got a point there.” Ari admitted with a nod before thinking for a minute. ”You had enormous success as Bombshell Roulette Champion when everyone said that you’d lose it on the first defence, what’s stopping you from doing the same with the Bombshell Internet Championship?”

”The fact that even if I win this match, I’ll be thrust straight into another tough match against two of the best Bombshells on the roster?” I pointed out that and Ari paused to give it some thought. ”Still, I’ve risen to the occasion before, and outside of the Queen for a Day Match I haven’t lost a multi-person match since I won the Bombshell Roulette Title and I don’t really count the Queen for a Day Match since it was a ladder match.”

”Yeah! That works!” Ari exclaimed happily before we let out a yawn, we were still looking at the card on our phones and I used that opportunity to check the time. ”Geez it’s getting seriously late! At the rate we’re going we’ll sleep right through the flight to Kolkata!”

”Guess this is my chance to experience how tired Makayla’s been since the tour began!” I joked and Ari giggled in response, I wasn’t feeling all that tired so driving back to the hotel wasn’t going to be that much of a problem and despite competing in a match tonight Ari didn’t look that tired herself, still it didn’t hurt to check. ”Are you going to be okay driving to the hotel or do you want to catch a ride with me? Pick up your rent-a-car in the morning?”

”Thanks for the offer but Francisco has been driving me to the shows since we arrived in India and tonight’s show is no exception.” Ari explained and I nodded in understanding. ”See you at the hotel!”

”See you!” I waved her off before Ari walked away in the direction of the parking lot, once I was alone though I let out a frustrated yell. ”Ugh! What a fucking night!” I grunted before I started walking after Ari knowing that Makayla was likely to have a few words for me after everything that happened tonight. ”That title match is the gold at the end of the rainbow, gotta keep that in mind!” I muttered to myself before I walked off.

Heading into any title match was a tough ask in SCW, any Bombshell or Superstar who’s been on the roster long enough to get a title shot will tell you that, but after what happened between me and Jessie tonight I wasn’t sure if I could concentrate fully heading into the title match against Kayla.

Kayla was a dangerous opponent, her only loss in her career to date was in the Bombshell Ultimate X Over the Pool Match and since she wasn’t pinned in that match I highly doubted that Kayla counted it, especially after she bounced right back and won the Bombshell Internet Title a few weeks later! And now, I was serving as her first title defence and no matter who won the match next Sunday Keira was going to be waiting for the champion at Violent Conduct VIII.

It was just a matter of whether the match remained a singles contest between Keira and Kayla or became a Triple Threat with me thrown into the mix.

Krystal and Makayla’s hotel room, Kolkata, India
Monday the 8th of August 2022, 16:00pm

All things considered? Things were quick and relatively painless when I got back to the hotel room last night.

Makayla was waiting for me outside our hotel room when I got there (which was surprising since she had been struggling with jet lag since the tour began and it was at least 5:00am by the time we got back) but she at least understood why I was so angry at Jessie for that comment, then again, why wouldn’t she? Makayla was the one who helped me escape from my broken home and abusive dad all those years ago, the fact that it was one of the prettiest girls at my high school helping the loner goth chick with anger issues made it seem like something out of a romantic comedy written for lesbians in hindsight!

Off course, the fact that Makayla was actually a lesbian helped with that particular idea, even if she didn’t come out of the closet until years after her high school graduation! Point is, she was one of the few people who knew how horrific my childhood was from first hand experience, the others off course being the SA (South Australian) Police Force officers who responded to my call, the doctors who examined my numerous injuries (especially the doctor who flat out told the officers that I was borderline anorexic at the time and that they needed to arrest my dad as soon as possible) and my close family members.

The only family member I don’t count among that group was Cassie and for one very good reason, she was only eleven years old at the time and from what I understood, her parents waited until she was eighteen to explain what had happened to her aunt and why I had moved to America, whether that had an impact on her decision to become a wrestler herself was unknown because, well, I’m not a mind reader, but the dates do line up perfectly to make that a possibility.

Speaking of Cass………

”You know, when I asked if I had jinxed it on Twitter, I didn’t think I had jinxed it THAT badly!” Cass admitted over video chat and I shook my head with a chuckle, Cass had been in the US since she graduated from Hero Academy earlier in the cycle because she wanted to focus on getting her wrestling career off the ground and so far? She was doing well. ”That argument between you and Jessie is almost enough to make me wish that I had kept my mouth shut!”

”I was joking when I accused you of jinxing it Cass, I’ve never been that superstitious to begin with!” I assured my eighteen year old cousin but before she could respond I had to pause as I went over the past several months in my head. ”Aside from the Blast from the Past Tournament, I still think I managed to jinx myself two years in a row when competing in that thing!” I added and Cassie nodded in agreement before I continued. ”That argument was just a coincidence!”

”A coincidence that ended in you punching one of my main supporters when I was still in training in the jaw!” Cassie pointed out and I let out a sigh, we may have been thousands of miles apart right now but I could feel Cass’s disappointment in me from here in India and I knew I wasn’t going to hear the end of this when we returned stateside after Violent Conduct VIII. ”At least you didn’t attack Jessie unprovoked or without reason, then we’d have real problems!”

”I know we technically share the same first name but do I look like Crystal Hilton? Don’t answer that, already had enough confusion with her thanks to Melissa!” I responded half-jokingly and Cassie laughed in response, off course we both knew one of the biggest stories to come out of last night’s show was Crystal’s firing, between me being there in person and Cass saying on Twitter that she was planning to tune in it was inescapable. ”I’m surprised that they didn’t fire her outright after she attacked Chloe.”

”I bet Christian would’ve if it was someone like Georgie Robertson, but he would’ve stapled a pink slip to her forehead and yeeted her off the ship if she did attack Chloe instead!” Her response did get a good laugh out of me but I had to admit, there was probably some truth to that, Christian may have hated Crystal’s guts before the attack but she was a former World Bombshell Champion. ”But I guess former champs get second chances at the drop of a hat! Speaking of champs, I just saw the card for next week’s Climax Control, you don’t have another hospital to check yourself out of, right?”

”Haha, very funny!” I responded sarcastically as I rolled my eyes, yeah the events surrounding the last time I challenged for the Bombshell Roulette Title weren’t my proudest moment. ”If I take you aboard next year’s Summer XXXTreme Cruise I’m talking to Christian about MCing a Rap Battle Tournament where fans and wrestlers alike try to outrap you!”

”I have skillsizzle to pay the billsizle, my rap is whack yo, my name is MC Cassie and I’m here to say, all those gosh dang giddy fools had better get out of my way!” She responded with some heavily exaggerated rap movements and there was no way Cassie could continue past that point, we were laughing way too hard. ”Please tell me you didn’t record that? I must be the whitest small town South Australian girl in Las Vegas right now!”

”I wasn’t but I wish I were recording it! That one sentence probably set rap back about fifty years!” I responded  with a laugh and Cassie shook her head. ”But seriously, this is a huge opportunity for me and Kayla’s only loss in an SCW ring was during the Ultimate X Over the Pool Match, as of this week’s Climax Control she’s yet to taste defeat by pin-fall or submission, I plan on changing that but I can’t deny that it won’t be easy!” I explained and Cass nodded as she got the idea. ”Especially considering the circumstances surrounding how my Bombshell Roulette Title reign ended.”

”I know I said that it needed to happen at the time, you know, bring you back down to earth and all that, but even with that in mind I can’t deny that your reign deserved a better ending than that!” Cassie admitted with a nod as she thought back to my last cycle as champion, I wasn’t about to admit how I had felt in the months following that title match, but I had been feeling directionless since then. ”To think, that whole thing was set in motion when Diamond Steele scored a non-title win over you! And on Matthew and Marty’s first night as your managers!”

”I know, right? It’s almost like that whole arrangement was doomed from the start!” I nodded in agreement before letting out a sigh, I could’ve contacted literally anyone following Ari’s attack by Char Kwan, why was the first name I thought off someone who hadn’t been on SCW TV for years and was long retired due to injuries?! ”Me and Jessie had a chat over dinner back in Bangalore, Makayla would’ve joined us but she was still sleeping off the jet lag, in hindsight that conversation was what led to last night’s argument turning as nasty as it did but she did bring up a good point, the biggest mistake I’ve made in my career to date was letting them manipulate me for that long!”

”I’d say the only good thing to come from that was us meeting up for the first time in years but it’s like you often say, it was a matter of time before ran into each other again!” Cassie responded with a shrug and I had to admit that she had a point. ”Gonna have to have wrap this up soon because I’ve got some Aidan Reynolds tapes to study in preparation for my PWE: Conquest debut, do you think you can beat Kayla? And then go on to retain the title in the Triple Threat Match?”

”See, if you had asked me that during my Bombshell Roulette Title Reign, my answer would’ve been “absolutely” to both.” I explained to my cousin and she nodded as she got the idea. ”But since it ended and my ego came crashing back down to earth? I’m not so sure, winning the Bombshell Internet Title for the first time would definitely give me a major confidence boost though but Kayla’s a different beast from Royal Purple and Violet Amelia Holt!”

”That’s an understatement if I ever heard one! But you built your Bombshell Roulette Title reign on the back of proving people wrong!” Cassie pointed out and she was right off course, so many people said that the reign would end on the first defence against Maki, those same people were proven dead wrong when I retained the title against her and were left holding the bag as I held the title for the rest of the year. ”Who’s to say you can’t do the same thing with the Bombshell Internet Title?”

”I can think of two women who will have something to say about that, and I don’t think I need to namedrop them!” I responded as I shook my head and it didn’t take Cassie long to figure it out, I respected Keira a lot, she had done so much for me and Cassie over the past several months but I had been clambering for a tie breaker since she took the title from me! I don’t count the Queen for a Day Match because neither of us were pinned and when the dust settled, it was Amber Ryan who walked out with the power to book a Climax Control! Kayla on the other hand was a wildcard, this was my first time wrestling her and I knew she was tough from watching her matches since Kayla’s arrival, not counting that clerical error off course. ”It’s funny, I won my first title in a Triple Threat Match and defended it for the first time in a singles match, now I’m about to win my second title in a singles match and defend it for the first time in a Triple Threat!”

”I’m pretty sure that’s a coincidence, a hell of a coincidence sure but still a coincidence!” Cassie commented as she shook her head. ”Good luck in the match anyway Charlotte, I’ll be rooting for you!”

”I’ll do the same for you in that match against Aidan, remember, you’re fighting for South Australia against Queensland, don’t let us down!” I responded and Cassie let out a nervous laugh before she ended the video chat.

”Cassie’s definitely gained confidence compared to how she was before her graduation match!” Makayla’s voice rang out and I turned around seeing my well rested wife sitting on the edge of the bed. ”She’s got a bright future ahead of her if she keeps that up!”

”Off course she does, Cassie’s a blood relative off mine!” I responded with a laugh before I stood up, walked over to Makayla, and joined her on the bed. ”A cousin on my late mom’s side of the family but still a blood relative! If she succeeds then it’ll be prof that wrestling talent runs in the family, which means we might see more of my relatives deciding to follow in our footsteps!”

”And the bidding war between the Go Gym and Hero Academy would be a sight to see!” Makayla responded with a laugh before we shared a kiss, a long drawn out one but before it could lead to anything X-Rated we felt our stomachs rumbling. ”Thought you grabbed some street food on the way to the airport in Bangalore?”

”I did but that was a few hours ago.” I admitted after checking the time on my phone. ”So, restaurant food or street food?”

”Restaurant food, you’ve still eaten too much street food since we arrived in India and besides, even after my nap I’m still too tired to go searching for street food!” Makayla admitted and it was hard to argue against her points. ”Don’t get me wrong, the Indian street food I’ve had has been fantastic but we’ve got to change it up sometimes Charlotte!”

”Fair point, and I’m guessing you want to just go down to the hotel restaurant rather than go out into the city?” I asked Makayla and she nodded in response before we headed out.

Echo Park, Kolkata, India
Tuesday the 9th of August 2022, 17:00pm

*promo time*

I mean, Jessie and Ariana did their promos from a local landmark in Bangalore and it worked out well for them (more so for Ari than Jessie but still) so why not?

”If I had to use a term to describe last week’s Climax Control for the Go Gym, it would be mixed bag! On one hand Ari picked up a huge win over Alicia Lukas, on the other hand Carter suffered his first loss in an SCW ring and this week I’m getting a chance to break that tie.” I stated as I walked through the park taking in the local sights as I did, it was a beautiful park after all. ”But unlike Carter and Ari’s matches, there’s more on the line for me than just bragging rights! This Sunday Night I’m serving as the first challenger for Kayla Richards’ Bombshell Internet Title in a match that will have consequences for Violent Conduct VIII, namely the fact that when I win the match the title match at Violent Conduct VIII will become a Triple Threat after I’m added to the mix.” I added before flipping some hair over my shoulder. ”In other words, I’m entering this match with nothing to lose and everything to gain!”

A golden opportunity.

”Not only that but since this is Kayla’s first title defence, it’ll be her first test as champion and the eyes of the SCW Universe will be on her to see if she can perform under that much pressure.” I stated plainly as I walked through the park. ”If it sounds like I’m speaking from personal experience, it’s because I am! But don’t fret to much Kayla because the same would be true if your first defence was against Keira instead, both me and Keira have been in your shoes before Kayla, the honeymoon period is over and the time has come for your first title defence, and we both have first-hand experience of how difficult it is to hold a title in SCW’s Bombshell Division.” I added before smirking at the camera. ”And you’re about to find out the hard way how vicious the competition in SCW is when there’s a title at stake!”

It's the bitter truth.

”If you’ve ever wondered why so many titles have ended up being hot potatoed around in SCW History, it’s because the new champions quickly realize that holding onto a title is a lot harder than winning it in the first place hence why I said that this title match will be your first real test Kayla.” I continued before pausing to consider my next words. ”Now, looking at your achievements list on your SCW Profile tells me that on paper you SHOULD be well prepared for this Kayla, before winning the Bombshell Internet Title you’ve held titles in almost every promotion you’ve competed in which is no small feat for sure.” I added as I continued walking through the park. ”But how ready are you for this really?”

That’s a good question.

”There’s a reason why the Bombshell Division has a reputation for attracting some of the best women’s wrestlers in the business, it’s because it’s known for being fiercely competitive.” I added before I stopped and leaned against a nearby tree to get the weight of my feet. ”See Kayla, you probably thought that you had an easy ride after you first arrived, wins over Bea Barnhart, Ariana Angelos, and Levana Cade? Only losing the Ultimate X Over the Pool Match because you got overconfident and caught up in the moment? Winning your first title just a few weeks later? Not a bad start is it?” I asked before shaking my head with a grin. ”Thing is, winning a title in SCW is very much a monkey’s paw situation, because the bosses aren’t afraid to have their champions defend titles on the regular shows as you’ve just found out and the longer you hold onto the title, the tougher the competition gets, those who can adapt rise to the top, those who falter crack and are left regretting whatever mistake they made that cost them the title.” I stated as folded my arms. ”I’m well aware that you didn’t ask me Kayla, but I see you faltering! And I dare you to prove me wrong on Sunday!”

But can you?

”It’s the power to overcome that separates the paper champions from those who can handle the pressure of holding a title in a division as vicious as the Bombshell Division.” I stated as I started to walk through the park again. ”And in theory, you have all the makings of someone who can handle it Kayla, no one holds as many championships in as many companies as you without at least some talent for the business but at the same time, being so decorated makes you think that your untouchable, you’ve already demonstrated that when you lost the Bombshell Ultimate X Match and the way I see it? That arrogance is going to cost you again, only this time? It’ll mean you losing the Bombshell Internet Title on your first defence, and if you think for even a second that I’m too soft to take advantage of your arrogance?” I scoffed to myself as I shook my head. ”Guess again bitch!”

Don’t make that mistake!

”You’ll probably have something to say about the women I faced during my title reign, don’t worry I’ve heard all that bullshit from much better wrestlers than you! But holding a title for just under a year doesn’t make you soft, no matter who stood in your way during that time period, it just proves that I can and will rise to the occasion!” I added with a grin before brushing some hair over my shoulder. ”Judging from your matches in SCW so far Kayla? You’ll fight like a lioness to hold onto that title come Sunday Night but this wolf is more than ready to bite back! The last thing you should do if you want to retain the title Kayla is underestimate me but I can tell from your Twitter feed that you’re doing that already and that you’re dismissing this title match as a minor bump in the road that takes you to Violent Conduct VIII and that match against Keira.” I scoffed again as I folded my arms. ”I’m not a bump in the road that ultimately does little to hinder your journey Kayla, I’m a sinkhole and you won’t realize that your about to fall into it until it’s too late!”

Enough with the analogies.

”In other words? This is your first and last defence of the Bombshell Internet Title and I am your first and last challenger.” I stated plainly as I reached the centre of the park, at this time of day it was mostly quiet with little activity which made It perfect for the impending wrap up. ”You see Kayla I’m entering this match with my eyes firmly on the prize and the prize, off course, is the Bombshell Internet Championship that’s around your waist, don’t feel too bad after you lose the title though Kayla, you’ll get another chance at Violent Conduct VIII after all, oh wait!” I stated as I flipped some hair over my shoulder. ”I plan on retaining the title in that match to boot!”

It's that simple.

”Off course, it’s all too easy to make plans, somehow I doubt your planning to lose the title on Sunday Kayla but the best laid plans go to waste!” I added as I flipped some hair over my shoulder. ”But I’ve been in the SCW Title Picture before Kayla and I know what it’s like to mot only hold the title but fight off challengers left, right and centre, you’ve done the same in other companies but this is your first time defending an SCW Title and you’re about to find out that it’s not as easy as others make it seem.” I added before staring right into the camera. ”And I’ll reinforce that fact when I take the title off you!”

And with that I decided to wrap things up.

”But just because I’ll win the title from you Kayla doesn’t mean that things will be over between us, after all, once I take that title from you that Triple Threat with Keira will be just over the horizon!” I stated as I leaned forward on the railing, I was wearing a shirt that covered up my torso so sorry boys, no free shots of my cleavage! ”But this title match on Sunday comes first and I’ve gone too long without a title to my name! and as I turn the page on this chapter of my SCW Career I start a whole new chapter with me as champion looking towards an even bigger challenge At Violent Conduct!” I flipped some hair over my shoulder before grinning a broad, confident smile. ”Until then? I’m about to kill the Dreamkiller’s dream of a long and prosperous reign with the Bombshell Internet Title! I’ll see you on Sunday Kayla and keep that title warm for me!”

I headed towards the park’s exit as the scene fades.

Climax Control Archives / "Stranger Things Have Happened!"
« on: July 19, 2022, 03:01:19 PM »
Krystal and Ariana would get the win at Summer XXXTreme X when Ari pinned Twisted Sister and with the start of the new cycle AND SCW’s first ever full tour of India things were going to be interesting for the SCW Superstars and Bombshells over the next two months between now and Violent Conduct VIII, and that proved especially true for Krystal Wolfe and HB Carter on the opening show of the cycle.

Why? Because the two Go Gym Graduates were competing in a Strange Bedfellows Tag Team Match against Zoey Lukas and Miles Kasey! What WAS a Strange Bedfellows Match? Well, it was a standard tag team match on paper but with one major twist, all four competitors would be competing in their sleep wear! Within legal boundaries off course but it presented an interesting challenge for the four world class competitors but can the Go Gym Graduates get the win?

Krystal’s home, Las Vegas, Nevada
Sunday the 17th of July 2022, 18:00pm

Well, that was fun.

At the rate it’s going? The Summer XXXTreme Cruise might be my favourite SCW event and I’m not just saying that because it was the event I attended as a fan back in 2015, between getting to relax on a cruise all week and hanging out with fans before the show starts (not to mention the events the bosses have us doing) it’s proven to be a ton of fun, even if my event (trivia night) proved to be such a flop that they let me help Jessie with her Karaoke duties instead.

Hey, they can’t all be winners.

Speaking of winners, all in all Summer XXXTreme ended up being a good night for the Go Gym for the most part, me and Ari got the win over The Metal Maniacs and the only downside was Levana Cade losing (again) to the newcomer Georgie Robertson but she’ll find a way back onto the card somehow despite being the Go Gym’s biggest choke artist, what’s that? I’m being harsh towards my fellow graduate?

Levana peaked when she reached the Blast from the Past semi-finals and hasn’t been able to reach that same success level since, it’s harder not to look at her that way unfortunately.

There was other big news coming out of the event as well, Chrystal snapping in her eternal quest for attention and Masque finally being defeated in singles competition by Roxi being the most notable and I’d be lying if I said that I wouldn’t want a taste of the Internet Gold myself but I had to wait for Roxi to inevitably vacate the title first, and away from the ring?

Well, my younger cousin Cassie fell in love with another woman on the last day of the cruise, which also happened to be her nineteenth birthday, so yeah! It was a pretty good cruise for my friends and family all things considered.

[font color=#00FFFF]”Okay, let’s do a quick checklist before we head off to Mumbai.”[/color] I commented after we had seemingly packed the last of our stuff, we had a long ass flight ahead off us (20 hrs to be precise) and we wanted to make sure that we didn’t leave anything behind. [font color=#00FFFF]”My wrestling gear?”[/color]

”First thing you packed.” Makayla reminded me and I nodded as I turned to my wife who was sitting on the couch in front of the suitcase, Cassie was sitting a bit further down the couch exchanging texts with her new girlfriend Becky as she had already done her packing at her parents’ place. ”Same goes for toiletries.”

”Considering I got the runs the last time I had Indian takeout, I think we’d be in trouble if you hadn’t packed that.” Cassie chimed in and I chuckled whilst Makayla just shook her head. ”Speaking off, I was looking up Indian cuisine earlier, can you believe that most of my favourite Indian dishes aren’t even Indian?”

”Yeah, from what I understand from Makayla it’s a lot like Americanized Greek Food, the authentic stuff can’t be beat.” I responded and Cassie nodded as she got the idea. ”And as the one who trained to be a chef and was one briefly before the Ring Rust Café flopped, she would know.”

”It was a good place, but it could never recover from the controversy that surrounded it’s opening night.” Makayla responded with a sigh as she shook her head. ”Also Cass, the Indian place you ordered from had a one star review on Yelp, you had no one to blame but yourself for that!”

”Details, details! Not my fault that the regular Indian place I order from had closed for the day due to a death in the family.” Cass responded with a shrug and we shook our heads before I got a text. ”And I managed to bring that place down to a negative star rating once my tummy stopped doing acrobatics!”

”Didn’t even think that was possible, the negative star review, not your tummy doing acrobatics.” Makayla chuckled before seeing the look on my face. ”They’ve sent out the first card of the Indian Tour, haven’t they?”

”Yeah and I’m going through it now! Candy’s got Twisted Sister in her return match, Lachlan Kaine’s returning against Hitamashi, Georgie Robertson’s making her Climax Control debut against Jessie………..” I trailed off as I read my next match over and over in my head, where the bosses high when they came up with this? If so did they raid Cass’s stash or Scott Oliver’s stash, or worse, both. ”Strange Bedfellows Tag Team Match, me and the debuting HB Carter against Zoey Lukas and Miles Kasey.”

”Strange bedfellows?! Look, I know Kasey’s a gorgeous guy and all but they realize that your married right? Zoey I’m not sure on and Carter’s dating Laz so what’s the deal?” Makayla asked with a surprised look on her face before I showed her the match description with my thumb pointed towards the fine print. ”All four participants must wrestle in their best legally binding sleep wear?!”

There was an awkward silence between us as it set in, hell the strange stipulation had caused Makayla’s Greek side to shine through her accent briefly, that silence was soon broken by Cassie nearly dying of laughter, followed by her falling off the couch. ”OH MY FUCKING GOD! THAT IS GOING TO BE EPIC!” Cassie roared in between fits of laughter and I glared over at my younger cousin. ”That is totally karma for you dragging me to countries were weed is illegal!”

”I’ve only dragged you to two such countries and technically you LIVE in a country where weed is illegal! You’re lucky that Nevada has recreational use legal, even if you are underage!” I pointed out and Cassie quickly shut up. ”Guess I’m going to have to pack an extra pair of pyjamas because there’s no way in hell I’m sleeping in the same set that I wrestled in! especially in a country as hot as India!”

”Just try not to make it too hot, or do I need to remind you of the “legally binding” thing?” Cass reminded me and I shook my head, I had checked the weather in Mumbi ahead of time, it was going to be cloudy for most of the week with rain on Sunday but temperature wise? It was nearly thirty degrees over there. ”Just sucks that I can only be in India for one week because I’m about to enter my final training stages at Hero Academy.”

”Don’t get us wrong, we’re proud of you Cass, especially after all the crap you endured at the PTA Gym.” Makayla assured her and Cassie grinned in response. ”But it’ll suck not having you around, at least you’ll have Becky to keep you company.”

I’m not sure if my wife noticed it but Cassie’s expression turned to one of worry when Becky was brought up, we both knew that it was Cassie’s first relationship and if there was any issues from her parents about Cass dating another woman, I would’ve heard it and they would’ve head from me luckily for her I decided to changed the subject. ”And if you have trouble finding work after graduation somehow, feel free to namedrop me! Being a relative of a Go Gym Grad and a former champion carries a lot of weight.”

”Thanks Charlotte!” Cassie thanked me and I grinned in response, Makayla left the room shortly afterwards to make sure that all of her stuff was packed for the trip and for lack of better term, Cassie pounced. ”Charlotte, I know you started fating Makayla when you were around my age so can I ask you for some dating advice?” Cass asked awkwardly and I nodded before sitting on the couch opposite Cassie. ”This probably goes without saying but it’s about Becky.”

”I was about to say, seeing someone else already?” I teased my cousin who responded by playfully flipping me off. ”What’s the problem? I thought things were going great between you two, even after she admitted that she couldn’t make the India trip.”

”And they are, but I’m starting to worry that things are going too quickly between me and Becky.” Cassie sighed before kicking off her boots and laying down on the couch, god I’m starting to feel like a shrink! I’ve got enough problems of my own! ”We met on the last day of the cruise, that was this past Monday AKA my nineteenth birthday, since then we’ve been on a couple of dates, had a few first kiss opportunities interrupted, twice by you, and we’re already calling each other girlfriend, as in lovers, I don’t know, is that too fast by today’s standards?”

I was starting to wish I had left this to Cass’s parents, I love her like a sister but in the end, I’m just her older cousin and she’s their daughter, if anyone would have the right advice for Cassie it was them but they wouldn’t be seeing her in person for a week due to the India trip. ”Cass, I was there when you first met Becky remember? You two hit it off right away! Unfortunately, I don’t know if any advice I could give you would be more helpful than any you’d get from your parents.”

”And the next time I see them will be when we touch down in Mumbi tomorrow and I video call them.” Cassie nodded as she got the idea. ”Okay, somehow ignoring the fact that we’re related, do you have any woman advice? You know? Girl to girl?”

”Hope you’re not expecting something out of a Romantic Comedy, can’t stand those things!” I responded with a chuckle and Cassie grinned before sitting up to flip her hair out as it had started to get tangled. ”As cliché as it is, listen to your heart, it’s clear as day that you and Becky are crazy for each other but I’m sure she’ll understand if you want to slow things down Cass, especially as your about to spend a week in India.”

”Thanks Charlotte.” Cassie thanked me as she sat up and not long after that Makayla entered the room ready to leave for the airport.

Hero Academy, Las Vegas, Nevada
Tuesday the 19th of July 2022, 08:15am

Soooooooooo yeah, remember that part about Cassie coming with us to India? Well, she did, for not even half a day!

You guys should know by now that Cassie is a wrestling trainee and has been for just over a year now, Christian was right to say that she had training commitments off course but we had no idea how right he was because I got a call from Keira back in Mumbai that can be summarized in one sentence: “Krystal, you remember that Cassie’s graduation match is today right?”, I knew the day would come eventually off course, Cassie wasn’t going to remain a trainee forever and she would graduate eventually, so why were we travelling to India when we knew that?

Aside from my SCW commitments? The simple fact that that Keira had told me this weeks ago (as in, during the lead up to Summer XXXTreme X’s Go Home Show) and in all the chaos that had ensues since then I had completely forgotten! Same goes with telling Cassie!

To make a long story short, I dragged a half asleep Australian Teenager out of her hotel bed, told her to get dressed and pack her wrestling gear whilst I booked an emergency flight with Kayfabe Airlines, flew back home to Vegas, stopped by her parents’ house so that Cassie could get changed into said gear and be ready to go as soon as we arrived at Hero Academy and probably broke the speed limit at least once whilst driving her to Hero Academy.

Luckily it was still early in the morning by the time we returned to Vegas (around seven fifteen I’d say) so there wasn’t that much traffic, foot, car or anything in between! And how did it go? Well, blood was spilled between Keira and Cassie but in the end, I was no longer the only wrestler in my family.

And frankly? I couldn’t be prouder of her!

”Seven years ago, I thought my final exam as part of my Go Gym training was brutal.” I commented as I entered Cassie’s room in the medical wing and my cousin, who was still wearing her wrestling gear and had a bandage on her nose, grinned when she saw me enter the room. ”You just made that look like graduating kindergarten and have emerged stronger for it! How do you feel Cass?”

”I’ll say one thing, sparring matches don’t really do much to prepare you for the real thing, do they?” Cass asked with a grin as she brushed some hair over her shoulder. ”As for how I feel? Rough but I guess that’s something you get used too after a while? If nothing else I managed to hold my own with a veteran of the sport.”

”Cass, I don’t mean to undermine your achievement out there, but I’ve wrestled Keira four times and twice in singles competition, I could tell that she was holding back even after you busted her nose.” I responded as I shook my head and Cassie nodded as she got the idea. ”I doubt Keira will admit it publicly, we both know that she’s a proud woman, but I think deep down she wanted you to succeed just as much as I did.”

”Yeah, I guess that makes sense.” Cassie commented before the medic finished his check up on her. ”What’s the news doc? Is the rebel princess ready to go?”

Not sure if Cass had caught on but I did raise an eyebrow when she called herself “The Rebel Princess”, I knew she had changed her profile name on Twitter to include that nickname but I didn’t think much of it. “Well, the good news is Cassandra that your nose isn’t broken, Keira likely just caught a blood vessel in your nose with that kick, give it a couple of days and you’ll be right as rain.” The doc assured her and my nineteen year old cousin grinned broadly. “Might leave a cool scar.”

”And scars have looked cool on exactly zero women.” I responded as I shook my head with a chuckle. ”Other than that, she’s free to go?” I asked the doc who nodded in response prompting Cass to hop off the medical bed and follow me to the parking lot. ”I’m flying back to India first thing in the morning via Kayfabe Airlines, we need to celebrate your graduation and you need to start shopping around for a home fed ASAP., not to mention your official ceremony on Friday.” I explained to Cass who nodded as she got the idea. ”Also, Rebel Princess?”

”I knew that would come up eventually, I wanted my own brand for when I graduated and the 420 Gal was funny for a time but it could only get me so far.” Cass admitted with a shrug and I had to wonder if she had been listening to what Hero Academy’s trainers had to say because I knew they had been saying the same thing. ”And well, I’m rich and I’m a rebel, Rebel Princess fits me to a T!”

”Yeah, I guess it does.” I commented with a nod as we reached the parking lot and returned to my car, once the doors was closed and Cass was in the passenger side seat and I was in the driver’s I turned to my younger cousin. ”Look Cass, I know you’re a lot smarter than your stoner activities would lead anyone to believe, but today marked the start of the rest of your life, it’s not going to be easy but if anyone can apply herself to this crazy sport, it’s you.”

”Watching you over the past several months in SCW has helped me prepare for that but I know there’s a lot for me to learn.” Cass nodded in response and I nodded as I rested my hands on the steering wheel. ”There’s still a lot more for me to do to prepare myself, I need a place of my own, I need to know how to drive, I can’t have my parents or you drive me to every show! What would the other wrestlers think?”

”I get what you’re saying, first impressions are important, but you’ll shut up any doubters when they see what we already know, that you are a natural in the ring.” I assured my cousin and Cass nodded as the teenager got the idea. ”I can arrange for you to have driving lessons as soon as I’m back in the US next but I have no idea when that could be, might want to talk to your parents about it in the meantime, sae with getting your own place.”

”Yeah, I’ll do that as soon as I’m back home, once I’ve broken the news that I’ve graduated off course.” Cass nodded as she got the idea. ”Anything else or are we going to spend all day in the parking lot?”

”I don’t know, I kinda like the view of your favourite Wendie’s.” I joked as I pointed out the chain fast food restaurant that Cassie had been frequenting since the PTA Gym days. ”But I do have one last thing to say before I take you home, anything happens, good or bad, you have my number, same goes for Keira and Roxi and off course your parents! Don’t keep things bottled up because that’s one of the worst things you can do as a wrestler.” I commented before letting out a sigh. ”Trust me, I know!”

”And I’ll take “things that cover way too many topics to list” for $200! Oh look, the daily double!”! Cassie joked and I had to admit, whilst the joke was in bad taste, it was enough to get a laugh out of me. ”You don’t want me to repeat your mistakes, right?”

”So many members of the Bombshell Roster still view me as an egomaniac because of my Bombshell Roulette Title Reign, the saga with Matthew doesn’t help.” I admitted with a nod and Cassie said nothing but the look on her face said that she understood perfectly. ”Shall we go?”

”Let’s!” Cassie nodded before we drove off to deliver the good news to Cassie’s parents.

Wondering the streets of Mumbai, India
Wednesday the 20th of July 2022, 16:00pm

*promo time*

This will be interesting.

”India, I’ll admit that I don’t know as much about the Subcontinent as I do about Greece! Don’t have any Indian relatives and last I checked my wife was Greek-Australian, not Indian-Australian! Not saying it couldn’t happen because Australia’s kind of a melting pot in that regard but India is still playing host to SCW’s first full tour of the Subcontinent and I’m finding myself in a unique tag team match on the first show!”

And that’s saying something!

”Let’s look at the match on paper for starters, it’s me and fellow Go Gym Graduate, SCU alumni and all around good guy HB Carter teaming up to take on Miles Kasey and Zoey Lukas! Already this match looks great on paper, Zoey’s been impressive since her debut, Miles has been a constant title contender for a damn good reason and me and Carter? Well, our reputations precede us at this point even though this is Carter’s official SCW debut!”


”But, there’s one big elephant in the room and no, I’m not saying that because we’re in India! This is a Strange Bedfellows Match! We will be wrestling in our pyjamas! Somehow I doubt my training at the Go Gym prepared me for a match like this but then again, my Roulette Title Reign proved that I am nothing if not adaptable! So, let’s talk about the other parties in this match, shall we?”

Starting with Carter.

”Carter is someone I’ve had more than my fair share of arguments with but he’s also one of the funniest guys I know and a hell of a wrestler to boot, this will be his first official match and it’s my job to help him ensure that his Climax Control debut goes the same way as his  bestie’s SCW debut during the Greece Lightning Tour and I know you’ll be watching this match closely Ari, all I can say is good look on that “Can a Greek Girl make Spaghetti Carbonara better than an Italian Chef” video that you can look forward to me and Carter kicking ass and chewing bubble-gum, and we’re all out of bubble-gum!”

Next up is Zoey.

”Zoey is someone that it can be argued, has the most to prove in this match because out of the four of us, she’s been in SCW for the shortest amount of time and yes, I’m counting Carter’s SCU Time in that! Her past two matches proved that she’s not one to be underestimated, getting the win in her debut against Jessie Salco and helping her sis get an important win over the Gem Stones, but what’s next for you Zoey?”

Good question.

”That’s the question on everyone’s mind since that match because Alicia’s beef as far as we can tell has been settled! I’m sure she’ll be the first to correct me on that but until then the question hangs above your head and this match won’t be a good start for you Zoey, excuse this will be the first match where you will suffer the bitter taste of defeat but don’t worry, I’m sure a local chef has just the thing to wash it down!”

Next up is Miles!

”Miles, arguably the catalyst for this match and for the sole crime of being a gorgeous guy with a nice butt! How I got roped into this is a mystery to me to be honest, I’m a married woman and I’m married to another woman for that matter!” I said as I held up my wedding ring for emphasis. ”And like I just said, even I’ll admit that I can see why Miles has so many people drooling over him!”


”Not literally because one, that’s weird and gross and two, Covid is still a thing! Joking aside Miles has repeatedly proven why he’s not just a pretty face, body or butt, and no I’m not even going to comment on a certain pair of equipment between his legs, if we saw THAT during the match my partner would never recover! But that aside, it’ll come down between him and Carter who I’m sure is just giddy with excitement over this match and I’m confident that Carter can get the job done!”

It's that simple.

”This is easily the weirdest match of my career to date and that’s a career that includes a Bombshell Roulette Title Reign so take that for what you will! But Zoey and Miles would just be as formidable if they were wrestling in their underwear and the same goes for me and Carter and so, weird stipulation or not, we are going to have a hell of a match but that just leaves the big question, who wins? Well, stranger things have happened!”

And with that I decided to wrap things up.

”Let’s get the obvious joke out of the way, any SCW fans with crushes on myself, Carter, Miley or even Zoey, for as short as her tenure has been, are going to be the real winners of the match but as for the participants of the match? My last match ended with a win under the Team Go Brand and this match won’t be any different as I turn the page on this weird chapter of my SCW career and welcome Carter to SCW with a win! See you strange bedfellows on Sunday!”

I walked off as the scene fades.

It was a busy day at Hero Academy, even more so than usual as it was about to have it’s first graduate, who also happened to be the youngest and arguably best student of the initial class.

Cassie Wolfe arrived with her older cousin Krystal at the main hall to see Keira waiting patiently for the nineteen year old to get in the ring with her, Cassie lets out a deep breath before rolling into the ring having gotten changed into her wrestling gear at Krystal’s house.

Cassie: So, this is it? Survive five minutes against my teacher?

Cassie asks as she tries desperately to hide her nervousness. Keira smirks a bit as she just looks at Cassie. No words coming from Keira as she knew that Cassie was about to be put through the worst five minutes of her life. She turns and motions for the bell to ring. Once it does, before Cassie could get ready, Keira gives Cassie a hard knee to her stomach.

Keira: Welcome to Hell…

Krystal winces a bit in sympathy for Cassie.

Krystal: And I thought my Go Gym graduation was rough!

Keira hooks Cassie up for a Suplex but Cassie slips out the back before catching Keira with a high standing dropkick sending Keira to the outside, almost on autopilot Cassie plays to the crowd (of a handful of people) before going for a Tope Suicida. Keira looks up at Cassie doing this and dodges, making Cassie land hard onto the floor. Keira smirks as she wastes no time. She grabs Cassie and gets in front of her. She rams Cassie against the side of the ring a few times to weaken her back. She then grabs Cassie by the hair and throws her back into the ring. She rolls back in and stands, looking at Cassie.

Keira: You showboat too much! GET UP!

Cassie slowly does so, only to be knocked down hard by Keira via a Lariat Clothesline, almost looking like she took Cassie’s head off. Krystal pounds the matt hard from the ringside area before glancing up at the clock above the ring.

Krystal: Just under a minute in, come on Cass you’ve trained too hard to fail now!

Krystal calls out to her cousin and Cassie balls her fists before willing herself back to her feet! Keira goes for a second lariat but Cassie catches her arm and reverses it into a arm drag which she then reverses into a hurricanrana, Keira lands near Krystal and this exchange happens.

Keira: Whose side are you on again?

Krystal: Professionally? Yours, personally? I want to see Cassie succeed.

Keira nods before spotting Cassie going for a running dropkick. Keira dodges it quickly, sending Cassie to the floor, but Cassie lands on her feet, right into a hard right punch by Keira. Cassie’s head twists a bit before falling to the floor below. Keira lowers down and grabs Cassie by her hair and throws her back in. As Keira enters, she sees Cassie slowly trying to stand. Keira doesn’t give Cassie a chance to stand as she runs and hits a huge dropkick, hitting Cassie square in the face. Cassie rolls and holds her face as Keira stands, but more on guard. Cassie gets the idea to try to bide some time but she gets to one minute fifty second mark before Keira catches on to her ploy and picks the rookie up,

Keira: Trying to bide time? I wasn’t born yesterday Cass……

However Cass catches Keira with a roll-up! But as there is no ref there’s no one to count the potential three count so Cassie rolls through before hitting Keira with a Shining Wizard catching her square on the nose, a little too hard however as Keira starts bleeding from her nose.

Cassie: Oh my god, I spilled blood! Oh crap, it’s Keira’s blood!

Keira slowly begins to stand, a minute left to go in this. She checks her nose and notices the blood on her fingertips. She looks at Cassie for a second, before grinning wickedly over this. Krystal’s eyes widen from it as Keira continues to grin

Keira: Oh. You’re done now…

Keira rushes and kicks Cassie in the stomach. She throws a few lefts and rights to Cassie’s face, catching her off guard enough for Keira to catch Cassie with her Seven Sins kick, square against Cassie’s nose, hard. She sees Cassie fall and notices her nose was bleeding as well. Keira looks down at her

Keira: 30 seconds…Want to give up?

Cassie: Give……up?

Cassie groans as she somehow uses the ring ropes to pull herself to her feet using the ring ropes, Keira senses the rookie isn’t done and sets her up for the Deadly Sin but Cassie holds on to the ropes causing Keira to crash and burn! Cassie waits for Keira to get up before nailing her with a Superkick to the jaw!

Krystal: Ten seconds, you’ve got this Cass!

Cassie notices that Keira landed near a corner and wastes little time in climbing to the top rope, with an eye on the clock Cassie nails Keira with a Corkscrew 630 Splash and goes for the pin, conveniently right as the last three seconds of the timer countdown. Keira kicked out as soon as the bell rang. The two slowly stand up from this as Keira looks at Cassie. She goes over, looking like she isn’t done. But in the moment, she extends her hand, smiling.

Keira: Good job, Rookie. You passed your final exam.

Cassie takes several deep breaths as it dawns on her, the teenager looking like she was ready to collapse at any moment but she grins before taking Keira’s hand.

Cassie: Sorry about the nose!

Cassie ads with an awkward laugh before Krystal rolls into the ring to give her younger cousin a celebratory hug with a massive, proud grin on her face, once things settle down some the two Aussie women turn to Keira.

Cassie: So, is there a graduation ceremony or something?

Keira: There is. In a few days time. For right now, you can go home and rest. You earned it, Cassie. If you need to use the workout gear before then. You can come back here and work out. Yes, you graduated. Doesn’t mean you’re not allowed back here. This is your home now, anytime you need further, advanced training or just to work out. You’re family. Remember that.

Krystal: Yeah, Gabriel and Odette have a similar setup over at the Go Gym, I think I get the idea.

Krystal nods as she gets the idea and Cassie is positively beaming with excitement as it starts to set it.

Krystal: We should probably get your noses looked at, I take it you guys have a medical team here?

Cassie: Oh, right, good point!

Keira: We do. Take Cassie to Room Two. I got Room One on standby, just in case something like this happened.

Character Building Roleplays / Birthday Girl, a Cassie and Krystal RP
« on: July 11, 2022, 08:03:07 AM »
What a night it was.

I mean granted, last night was one of those nights where I wish I had been born a day earlier because getting to celebrate my nineteenth birthday during the Summer XXXTreme event would’ve been amazing but the pre-birthday party in the ship’s nightclub was more than worth it, throw in the fact that SCW was going to be touring India for the next two months and Krystal was already planning to take me and, well, things couldn’t be better.

We’re not set to depart from the ship for a couple of hours yet so I still had some time to sleep in! it definitely helped that Krystal shilled out for me to get one of the few balcony rooms after the champs took the rest and whilst I did wonder if the now former champions (Kat Jones, Jack Washington, Matthew Knox, and Masque) would have to give up their balcony rooms

As for my plans for a sleep in? Yeah, no, that got interrupted by a knock at the door.

”Ugh, please just five more minutes!” I groaned as I used my pillow to cover my ears, unfortunately whoever was at the door wasn’t cooperating with that idea as they knocked again. ”Can’t you at least give me some time to get dressed and fix my hair?!” I called out to the knocker after glancing at myself in the mirror, I wasn’t sleeping naked before you ask but the only thing I had on was a nightgown and my long black hair was a mess to put it nicely.

”Sorry Cass, you may be the birthday girl but you’ve already missed breakfast.” Krystal called back and I groaned, off course it was my older cousin and probably her wife Makayla, I doubt anyone else in the ship even knew where my cabin was! ”You can get dressed and fix your hair afterwards!”

”I am totally making you pay for this during the India tour Charlotte!” I grunted in response before I finally got out of bed and answered the door.

And off course, how else would they greet me but with the Happy Birthday song! Frankly, I’m just glad that they didn’t sing it to me through the door! ”See? Was that so hard?” Krystal asked once the song finished and I shook my head, though my mood did lighten when I saw the massive stack of birthday presents that Makayla and Krystal had brought with them. ”We did consider getting you these gifts during the pre-birthday party last night but with how hectic Summer XXXTreme was we figured opening them this morning made more sense.”

”Not counting Kat’s present I take it?” I asked as I glanced over at the leather jacket that was hanging over the back of the chair that was in front of my laptop, I had tried it on and it fit perfectly but it was way to hot for me to wear it and, well, I’ve never been to India but I’ve heard that it can get pretty fucking hot so I was probably going to leave that at home for the two month tour if I didn’t bring it with me. ”Sorry, I appreciate it, but you know I’m not a morning person! Now can I please get dressed and fix my hair before I open my presents?”

”Go ahead but there is one thing.” Krystal told me and I glanced over at her. ”I know it’s the last day of the cruise and all, but I managed to snag us a lunch reservation at the fancy restaurant on the upper deck.”

”Krystal said that you’ve always wanted to try lobster.” Makayla added and my grin grew wider. ”And guess what? They serve it in the restaurant! Once you’ve gotten dressed and straightened your hair out, thought from what I can see, it doesn’t look that bad by bed hair standards, we’ll take you up there.”

”Now you’re speaking my language!” I responded with a grin before we moved my presents into my cabin and I started getting dressed. ”Fancy restaurant, I should probably avoid my typical “teen girl rebel with tattoos in a crop top designed to show off my pierced navel” look.” I commented to myself before I picked out my outfit.

*an hour later*

Part of me doesn’t want this cruise to end but my parents would probably get worried sick if I stayed here and they probably have their own presents for me waiting back home anyway! As for the meal at the restaurant? Best birthday meal EVER! I’m not kidding, that surf and turf dish (a ribeye steak with a lobster head compound butter and lobster medallions with a fries) was to die for and it was almost worth missing out on my weed for a week for!

Speaking off, I had better google weed laws in India, because SCW’s about to go on a two month cruise of that subcontinent and that would be even more painful than the five weeks in Greece!

”Great! Yet another country were weed is illegal for some fucking reason!” I grunted in annoyance after doing a quick google search on weed legality in India, the more I go overseas, the more it becomes clear that I’m probably going to have to give up Weed because once I graduate from Hero Academy and become a full time wrestler? Yeah, there was no way I’d be able to keep my weed habit up once I started going international.

I let out an annoyed huff before I kicked off the wall I was leaning against and grabbed my suitcase, I had gotten changed out of the dress I wore to the restaurant and into a crop top and jean shorts before packing away the rest of my stuff knowing that Krystal would be waiting for me, I just had to stop and do my research for India! However, I wasn’t looking where I was going and I bumped into someone, a fan from the look of things because I didn’t recognize her from the SCW roster. “Sorry, I wasn’t looking where I was going!” She apologized as we regained our footing.

”Don’t worry about it, I wasn’t looking either.” I admitted before I got a good look at the woman, she looked to be the same age as me and had long dark brown hair, and now that I had time to process it, I realized that she was Australian too, albeit from a different part of the country from me and Krystal. ”So, you’re from Darwin, right?” I guessed and the other woman nodded.

“Yeah, well my family is, they moved to Las Vegas when I was still a baby.” She admitted before she got a good look at me and realized who she was talking too. “Wait, you’re Cassie aren’t you? Krystal Wolfe’s little sister?”

”Not quite, I’m her cousin but we are practically sisters.” I corrected her before I helped her up and holy crap, she was gorgeous! But since I didn’t know if she was straight or not, I didn’t blurt that out, at first because I was getting flustered as all hell. ”But yeah, I think you’re hot! Wait, no, I meant gorgeous! Oh god damn it! I’m Cassie!” I blurted out and the other woman laughed in response.

“You’re really hot yourself! Makes me glad to be a lesbian I guess!” Oh god damn it! If I wasn’t flustered before I was now! “My name’s Rebecca, maybe we can meet up for something back in Vegas?”

”What? You mean like a date?” I blurted out whilst blushing like a madwoman and Rebecca laughed.

“I guess you could call it that, can I have your number?” Rebecca responded with a grin before we exchanged numbers, Rebecca took the time to check the time on her phone and nodded. “I had better get going but great meeting you Cassie!”

”Yeah, same!” I responded with a nervous laugh as I watched her leave.

”Cassie’s got a girlfriend! Cassie’s got a girlfriend!” If I wasn’t blushing before, I was now because I realized that my older cousin had been watching that exchange from down the hallway. ”Cassie and Becky sitting in a tree, K I S S I N G!”
”Charlotte, I swear to god, I will throw you overboard if you don’t stop teasing me!” I warned my cousin as I glanced over at her and Krystal laughed in response. ”And she’s not my girlfriend!”

”Oh please Cass, if you were blushing any harder I’d think you had gotten sunburnt!” Krystal responded with a good natured grin and I just shook my head. ”But seriously, you’ve wanted a soulmate for how long and you got someone that good looking? You’ve just won the lottery ten times over and I’m happy for you!”

”Just please stop with the childish teasing! I know I’m the birthday girl but I thought you were the oldest!” I grunted in annoyance and Krystal laughed before patting me on the head. ”I’m guessing you came to get me?”

”Pretty much but I had to sit back and watch young love bloom! Only thing missing was popcorn!” Krystal admitted and I grinned before we headed off to depart the ship.

Celebrated my nineteenth birthday on a cruise ship and got a potential girlfriend in the process? Yeah, things were looking up.

Climax Control Archives / “Blood Was Spilled, Ready for More?”
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(Gabriel was used with permission from Mark)

Climax Control 332 was one of the most violent nights in Climax Control history all thanks to two events, the Scaffold over the Piranha Tank Match between Krystal Wolfe and Diamond Steele and the brutal attack on Amber Ryan by Masque which effectively cancelled the Main Event between Ryan and Roxi Johnson for the World Bombshell Championship! How Climax Control 333 could possibly top that was uncertain but a few things were certain.

At the top of that list was that Krystal, who had won the Scaffold over the Piranha Tank Match against Diamond in brutal fashion, was in action for the second week in a row and it was a chance that Krystal was waiting for, a chance to win back the title that had solidified the Australian Bombshell’s place in the company, the Bombshell Roulette Championship! A title that Kat Jones had won from Diamond at Into the Void XI! Kat Jones already had her first defence squared away having defeated Seleana Zdunich in a Roulette Rules Bar Room Brawl Match at the first show of the cycle and was set to make sure that she made it to defence number two, especially since the qualifiers for the annual Ultimate X Over the Pool Match for the Roulette Titles were starting this week! Can Krystal win back the title that made her famous?

St. Mary Medical Centre Parking Lot, Long Beach, California
Sunday the 5th of June 2022, 19:15pm

Fuck my life!

I knew going into that match tonight that whatever crazy idea Christian had was going to be just as painful for the winner and the loser of the match! This is the same guy who created the Scaffold over the Piranha Tank Match in the first place after all, but when it was announced that the match had been upgraded I had my reservations, especially after the details of just how the match had been upgraded were revealed to me and Diamond.

I bet if Christian could electrify the water without killing the fish, he would’ve done that too!

To make a long story short, I won, I sent Diamond flying into the tank with the Down Under Thunderbomb after choking her out with the Long Rest but not before wrapping my arm in barbed wire! It should go without saying that we were both in need of a trip to a local hospital but Diamond had it worse for obvious reasons but whilst I merely suffered a concussion, bruised ribs and at least twenty stitches to stop the bleeding, the doctors wanted me to stay at the hospital for most of the week for observation.

Any other time I would’ve been okay with that, but right after I had my stitches put in, the card for Climax Control 333 was announced and more importantly, my match against Kat Jones for the Bombshell Roulette Title, I knew I couldn’t stick around that long after such a huge match was announced so I took matters into my own hands, and by that I mean I discharged myself from the hospital.

A decision that I just know won’t be popular with Makayla or Cassie but hey, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do!

”The Uber will be here in five minutes? Perfect.” I said over the phone as I ordered myself an Uber, right now I just wanted to get back to the hotel and hope for the best regarding, well, everything. ”I’ll see you……..” I never finished that sentence as I spotted the rent-a-car that me and Makayla had been using since we arrived in Long Beach, and sure enough Makayla and Cassie were in it. ”On second thought, cancel that Uber, I’ve got my own ride.” I sighed before hanging up right as Makayla stormed out of the car.

”Charlotte, I’ve seen you do some dumb shit in the name of your sport before, but this takes the god damn cake!” Makayla exclaimed as she got out of the car and walked up to me. ”Bella Madison had to pull out of wrestling for the whole cycle because of a concussion, Amber Ryan likely has more injuries than I care to count and don’t even get me started on Diamond! And you’re over here discharging yourself from the hospital for a title match?!”

”I know it looks bad!” I responded as glanced down at my bandaged ribs before shaking my head. ”But they wanted to keep me in the hospital for most of the week for observation, how the hell was I supposed to get my training in under those conditions?!”

”You really think Gabriel’s going to let you train at the Go Gym?!” Cassie chimed in as she walked up to us. ”Even if you weren’t concussed there’s no way Gabriel would risk you aggravating your injuries, Keira, Roxi and the other trainers at Hero Academy told me that training whilst injured is a good way to make your injuries worse and I was talking about something comparatively minor like a leg injury, not the laundry list of injuries you entailed during that match!”

”Look, I’m definitely not saying that I agree with your choice Charlotte, I don’t need to be a medical professional to know that discharging yourself from the hospital after that match is a bad idea on many, MANY levels!” Makayla sighed in response as she rubbed her forehead in annoyance. ”But we need to get back home to Vegas in any case! Luckily it’s only a four hour drive from Long Beach to Las Vegas so we don’t have to worry about any medical complications from the flight.”

”Yeah, Chloe Benton demonstrated how it’s a bad idea to fly whilst concussed after her match against Masque.” I nodded in response thinking back to the third show of the Greece Lightning tour. ”Have the bosses commented on my decision yet?”

”I didn’t see anything on Twitter, but if they did see your tweet about discharging yourself we’ll probably hear Mark swearing from outside the city limits.” Cassie responded as she shook her head and I nodded as I got the idea. ”Either way, I don’t see the title match between you and Kat happening unless your medically cleared, meaning that Christian will likely make you get tested and cleared by Saturday.” Cassie added and I had to admit that she was probably right. ”Beyond the whole “discharging yourself” thing, there’s one thing I haven’t been able to figure out, when exactly did you get concussed during that match? Your back and ribs took most of the damage.”

”I’m not a hundred percent sure but I think it was Diamond’s Poisonrana that did it, that move is dangerous enough at the best of times but on a hard, metal surface like the scaffold?” I explained and Cassie nodded agreeing that that was the most likely cause. ”I’m guessing you guys didn’t just come here to yell at me for discharging myself from the hospital and are here to take me back to the hotel?”

”I was hoping to get here before you could do that and try to talk some sense into you but when I saw you out in the parking lot, I knew it was too late.” Makayla sighed as she motioned towards the car. ”But for the love of god Charlotte, don’t pull a stunt like this again! We’re only angry at you because we care but if you suffered a career ending injury because of this, you’d have no one to blame but yourself, I hope you realize that.”

”I’m not going to hear the end of this for the rest of the week, am I?” I asked the other two women and they quickly shook their heads in response. ”Let’s just head to the hotel! I’ve had enough of this hospital parking lot to last a lifetime.”

”First thing you said since me and Cassie arrived that I’m in total agreement on! Let’s go.” Makayla responded with a nod before we got in the rent-a-car with Makayla insisting that she driv.

We’ll soon see if I regret my decision I guess!

Krystal’s home, Las Vegas, Nevada
Monday the 6th of June 2022, 11:00am

So yeah, the whole “discharging myself from hospital so I can train” thing isn’t going as well as I’d hoped.

Me, Makayla and Cassie weren’t even within the Las Vegas city limits when I got told by Christian to essentially not bother trying to go to the Go Gym to train because Christian called Gabriel the moment he saw my tweet about it and I’ve essentially been barred from the Go Gym for the week! And Makayla made it clear to me that she wasn’t going to let me even get a second of training in due to my injuries, she’s not even letting me go out for morning jogs.

I discharged myself from the hospital to train for the title match against Kat, and now I can’t even do that! I do have one possible way around this and that’s Jessie’s home gym but I’ll have to wait until later to see if she’ll even entertain the idea.

”Seriously Makayla, you don’t have to baby me!” I exclaimed after I sat up from the couch to let her fluff my pillow, since we got back from Las Vegas Makayla told me to get some rest and made it crystal (no pun intended) clear that she wasn’t taking no for an answer. ”I’m twenty six for fuck’s sake!”

”Yeah, you’re a twenty six year old woman who thought it would be a good idea to discharge yourself from hospital after going through a match so brutal it would give Jigsaw second thoughts!” Makayla reminded me and I frowned before shaking my head in response. ”Frankly I’m surprised Bella Madison hasn’t jumped down your throat yet considering that she has to miss the entire cycle because of a concussion!”

”Yeah, I saw her interview as well! I guess the silver lining there is the fact that she didn’t get it from the Queen for a Day match.” I nodded in agreement before there was a knock at the door. ”Are we expecting company?”

”This early in the day? I don’t think so.” Makayla responded as she shook her head before she went to the window to see who it was. ”Charlotte, I know I told you to get some rest but you had better answer that. It’s Gabriel and he doesn’t look happy.”

”Great, another person to jump down my throat!” I grunted in annoyance before easing myself off the couch and going to answer the door, once I opened the door I let out a deep breath. ”Hey Gabriel, I don’t suppose I need to ask what brings you here, don’t I?”

“No, you don’t.” Gabriel responded before I stepped aside to let him in the house before I followed him back into the lounge, Makayla quickly excused herself from the room to give us privacy and I braced myself. “Charlotte, what you went through last night on Climax Control is the type of match that could end a career, I understand that it wasn’t your choice to take part in it as Amber booked the match and Christian created the stipulation, but what I can’t understand is your decision to discharge yourself from the hospital.”

”The doctors wanted me to stay at that hospital for most of the week for observation, if I wasn’t booked next week I would’ve stayed there.” I explained as I folded my arms and Gabriel’s expression remained unreadable. ”But when I got the new card text and the news of my title match against Kat. I felt that staying there and hindering my training would just hamper my progress.”

“Charlotte, you have twenty stitches, a concussion and bruised ribs, compared to your opponent you got off easy but even if you were medically cleared you’d still be a danger to yourself and your sparring partner if I did let you train at the Go Gym, luckily Cassandra called me not long after you made the initial tweet and Christian’s follow-up tweet confirmed it.” Gabriel responded and I let out a deep breath before nodding. “The way I understand it, is that the only way the match between you and Kat will go ahead is if you get cleared by the medical team by Saturday?”

”Essentially yeah, Christian said as much on Twitter.” I explained with an aggravated sigh before I grabbed my phone to double check what exactly Christian said. ”Basically, unless I get medically cleared then the title match isn’t happening, bruised ribs take at least three to six weeks to heal and my stitches won’t come out until next Wednesday so it’s obvious that he meant my concussion.”

“To be honest Charlotte? In Christian’s shoes I would’ve just named you as the first entrant into the Ultimate X Over the Pool Match at Summer XXXTreme and left it at that, you would’ve had more han enough time to heal and you wouldn’t have pulled a stunt like that.” Gabriel responded with a frown before I heard a dog sniffing at Gabriel’s feet and we glanced down to see Garrus standing there with his tail wagging. “I see Garrus is growing up fast.” Gabriel commented as he patted the German Shepherd puppy on the head.

Off course, calling Garrus a puppy at this point was a misnomer, he was half a year old by this point and was almost fully grown, but he was still a puppy even if he was bigger than the coffee table between us in the lounge. ”Not sure what’s growing up faster, Garrus or Rachel.” I commented with a small grin as Garrus lay down at Gabriel’s feet. ”Look, I know my stunt was fucking stupid, especially since I’ve quickly learned that no one in their right mind will train me in my current condition, but aside from making sure I pass that concussion test, my main focus is winning back the Bombshell Roulette Title.”

“I expected to hear nothing less from you Charlotte, but I strongly advise that you don’t make the same mistake again.” Gabriel responded with a frown as he stood up to leave. “Because this is the first time you’ve pulled such a stunt, people are willing to be more lenient with you, but if you make a habit of it then the bosses might decide that keeping you on the Bombshell roster isn’t in the best interest of your health and wellbeing.”

”In other words, they’d fire me for making a choice about my health? No offence Gabriel but that sounds like it would open a floodgate of wrongful termination lawsuits.” I pointed out and Gabriel just shook his head in response.

“Not when there is a consistent pattern of behaviour, any decent lawyer would tell you that that lawsuit wouldn’t have a chance in hell, and as I remember it you hired one of the best law firms in the state to represent you and your family in the wake of the fallout with Matthew Kennedy.” Gabriel reminded me and I nodded reluctantly as he went to leave. “Just remember Charlotte, I’m only barring you from the Go Gym for your own good.” Gabriel added before he left my house.

My own good, if Christian had just left my match with Diamond alone I wouldn’t have had that conversation with Gabriel but I did have one last fallback in my quest to train for the match against Kat.

Jessie’s home gym, Las Vegas, Nevada
Monday the 6th of June 2022, 19:00pm

How do you think my meeting with Jessie went?

If you answered “she would’ve closed the door on me if I hadn’t brought Cassie with me” then you are right on the money! Jessie isn’t a woman who likes to pull verbal punches, she’s almost like Fenris in that regard, and she let me know in no uncertain terms that if Gabriel wasn’t going to let me train at the Go Gym, she wasn’t going to let me  train at her home gym either! At the very least she’s letting me watch Cassie train with her.

At least I’m getting out of the house for the first time since I returned to Vegas.

”Feel free to take five Cass, I want to chat with your cousin for a bit.” Jessie instructed Cass and the eighteen year old trainee quickly nodded before she left the ring and started checking out the gym equipment in Jessie’s basement, whilst she was distracted Jessie turned her attention to me. ”So Charlotte, how many variations of the phrase “what the hell were you thinking” have you heard over the past day or so?”

”You’re expecting me to keep count?” I asked Jessie who merely shook her head in response. ”At least two variations from my wife, three from Team Go and don’t even get me started on Christian!”

”Look, even IF I wanted to help you prepare for the title match against Kat, the last time I saw eye to eye with Christian on anything was when I was a member of Team SCW during the Team Erick debacle and I don’t think I need to remind you of everything that happened to me during that period!” Jessie sighed as she ran a hand through her hair. ”I’m not about to risk damaging my reputation with the bosses by training a wrestler who discharged herself from the hospital because she found out that she was in a title match that she wasn’t even cleared for yet!”

”And how is that any different from the numerous stunts you’ve pulled to get title shots?!” I fired back and Jessie messaged her forehead in response. ”Jessie Deserves Better ring a bell?!”

”Yeah and I got banned from receiving title shots or opportunities for the rest of 2018 for my troubles! Charlotte, I like you but if you compare our situations like that again you won’t be welcome in my house any longer and the same will go for Cass!” Jessie warned me and I quickly dropped the subject, especially when I spotted Cass’s head snap up when she heard that. ”I’ll  keep this short and sweet, demanding title shots without earning them is one thing, risking your own health to train is another! You do realize how fucking dangerous concussions are, right? Bella had to miss out on the rest of the cycle because she suffered a concussion during the last PWS Apex event!”

”I know, I saw her interview! But I still have some memories of the match against Diamond.” I responded and Jessie gave me a quizzical look. ”I remember how it started, I remember most of the hits I took during the match and I remember the ending, about the only thing I don’t remember is the Poisonrana from Diamond which is why I think that’s what caused it.”

”And no, she hasn’t rewatched that match yet, Makayla barred her from rewatching it on the off chance to Rachel caught her watching it.” Cassie chimed in and we turned to the younger woman. ”If she’s telling the truth, then it’s not as serious a concussion as Bella’s.”

”Maybe, but let’s not pretend that we’re medical professionals just because two of us are wrestlers and you’re a trainee Cass.” Jessie responded with a frown and Cassie returned to looking over the equipment. ”Anyway, I faced Kat in her last match before she dethroned Diamond, she isn’t as good as her sister Amber but she’s a hell of a wrestler all the same and has taken to the Roulette Division like a fish to water.”

”And if you want further proof of that, look at her defence against Seleana at the start of the cycle.” I nodded in response before letting out a deep breath. ”But how am I supposed to prepare for the match if I can’t train because of my injuries?”

”I’d say that you should’ve thought of that before discharging yourself from the hospital but I doubt they would’ve let you train either.” Jessie nodded in understanding before she started to think for a bit. ”Best idea I’ve got is to look up her past matches, especially the ones that happened before she signed with SCW.”

”I guess that’s  better than nothing.” I responded with a shrug before Cass returned to the ring and they resumed training whilst I watched on.

Jessie’s home gym, Las Vegas, Nevada
Monday the 6th of April 2022, 20:00pm

*promo time*

Well, at least Jessie’s letting me do this.

”The hell I went through in my match against Diamond last night almost feels like nothing compared to what happened to Amber Ryan and yes, the rumours are true, when I heard about my next match I discharged myself from the hospital to train! That idea didn’t exactly work out the way I wanted but as long as I pass the concussion test on Saturday I’m challenging Kat Jones for the Bombshell Roulette Title and right now? Making sure I get medically cleared so that match can take place is my first priority.”

But what about my second?

”My second priority off course is winning the Bombshell Roulette Title! Kat, I was happy for you when you dethroned Diamond at Into the Void XI, not just because Diamond got what was coming to her since Blaze of Glory but because I was happy to see a fresh face in the Bombshell Roulette Division! Especially when that new blood broke the first defence curse two weeks ago, but with all due respect to Seleana, she has never beaten me.”

And you know what means?

”Couple that with the fact that I carried the Bombshell Roulette Division on my back for just under a year and I think you get the picture Kat, I am a significant step up from Seleana and I hope that you are up to the challenge! You’ve had a hell of a run in SCW so far but your Bombshell Roulette Title reign is just beginning, which begs the question, will you have a dominant run like I did? Or will your reign be like the one before yours?”

Good question.

”Because like you, Diamond got past her first defence early into the Greece Lightning tour but you served as the last challenger she faced in her title reign and much like the match type the wheel landed on, it ended in tragedy for Diamond’s reign! But here’s the thing Kat, when I defeated Diamond last night at Climax Control I proved one thing for certain, if I need to shed a little blood to get the win, I will! Which brings us to the next point.”

The big one.

”Blood was Spiller, are you ready for more? Because depending on what the Roulette Wheel will stop on this Sunday Night then you had better be prepared for more blood to be shed! I already know this well, I held that title for almost a year and in that time I turned away eight challengers in a variety of match types, I’ve been itching for a chance to get another reign like that and this is my opportunity to do just that! But there is the elephant in the room and no, that’s not my concussion talking!”

You know what I’m talking about.

”The Ultimate X Over the Pool Match! That match served as my second ever title defence this time last year and the qualifiers for the men’s and women’s matches are starting this week! On top of that, one of my fellow Go Gym Graduates Levana Cade is in the Bombshell Qualifier so not only am I out to win my second title in SCW but I’m out to ensure that this week’s Climax Control is a clean sweep for the Go Gym!”

Will it be enough?

”The jury’s still out on whether those factors will be enough for me to secure the win in this title match Kat but considering my track record with the Bombshell Roulette Title so far? I like my chances heading into this match more with each passing second whilst your chances of getting past defence number two are looking slimmer with each second that passes! By the time we get to Climax Control in Phoenix, Arizona your chances of retaining should be next to nil whilst my chances of winning, if I pass the concussion test, should be a lot higher!”

It's that simple.

”I’ve been chomping at the bit for an opportunity like this since I lost the Bombshell Roulette Title to Keira Fisher three months ago and I’ve been watching the Bombshell Roulette Division from the side-lines since then, from what I’ve seen Kat you would’ve made a fine Bombshell Roulette Champion and who knows? Maybe you could’ve had a reign like mine? But there’s just one problem. I’m serving as your second challenger and my reign with that belt put it back on the map!”

And with that I decided to wrap things up.

”Can I do it all over again when we square off in Phoenix Kat? Can I dethrone the new champion and go on to have another dominant reign? There’s two ways to make sure that happens, one: to make sure that I pass the concussion test because I had to go and check myself out of the hospital and two: defeat you for the Bombshell Roulette Championship Kat and as I turn the page on this already bloody chapter of my SCW Career, it’ll soon become clear whether this match adds more blood or dials it back, all at the whim of the Roulette Wheel! I’ll see you in the ring champ! Keep the belt warm for me!”

I went back over to the ring to watch Jessie train Cass as the scene fades.

Climax Control Archives / “Revenge is a Meal Best Served Cold.”
« on: May 30, 2022, 04:01:28 PM »
(Gabriel was used with Mark’s permission)

Krystal would come up short in her efforts to win Queen for a Day, in fact that match was won by none other than Amber Ryan and this week at Climax Control was her turn to rule the roost! This year’s King Mark Cross had come up with some creative stipulations for his turn as king but whilst Amber’s match choices were certainly more traditional compared to Mark’s, there was one match that had Krystal’s undivided attention.

Or at least, the match that was originally advertised, the match was set to be between Krystal, Keira Fisher, and Diamond Stele but after Keira was forced to pull out it was changed to a one on one match between the other two women in the match! Krystal and Diamond had a lot of history between them starting from when Diamond beat Krystal in her return match and later ending Krystal’s Roulette Title Reign on her eighth defence against Keira, this wasn’t a perfect rematch as Diamond lost the Bombshell Roulette Title to Kat Jones at Into the Void X but Krystal didn’t care as long as revenge was hers, can she get the win?

Backstage at Climax Control 331, Los Angeles, California
Sunday the 29th of May 2022, 18:00pm

This was an eventful night to say the least.

Let’s start with the obvious, Kat Jones managed to break the first defence curse by defeating Seleana Zdunich in a Roulette Rules Bar Room Brawl that probably got all SCW living wrestlers past and present banned from the establishment for life, I may have to test that theory the next time SCW stops by the City of Angels! Aside from that, all the crazy matches Mark Cross came up with lived up to expectations and even better? Jessie got the win for her and Knox against Levana and Mark in the Tag Team Blazing Tables Match that served as the Main Event.

Yeah, I’d say that put a damper on any plans Mark might have had for Knox.

All that aside, we all knew what was next, Amber’s Queen for a Day episode was next week and I was off two minds about it, one: Amber was probably going to go for more subdued matches than Mark did, two: Amber was going to use her powers in the cliché way of booking herself a World Bombshell Title Shot, granted I’ve made no secret of having similar plans myself but there’s a key difference, I was setting my sights a lot lower, namely at the Bombshell Roulette Title.

To be honest my plans didn’t really move beyond that, I wanted to make sure I won the Queen for a Day Match before I started brainstorming the rest of the card and, well, the fact that it’s Amber’s Queen for a Day episode and not mine should tell you everything you need to know about that! It did leave one big question hanging above my head though, the King for a Day Match saw two of my friends competing (Ariana lost to Kayla Richards and Jessie won the aforementioned Main Event), did Amber have any plans for me or was she leaving that up to the bosses?

There was only one way to find out and that was to wait for the new card text.

”That was a hell of a Main Event.” I commented as I started gathering my stuff up and Cassie started grabbing her now empty snack packages. ”Literally in Levana’s case.”

”Two losses in a row to a woman who many see as SCW’s perpetual underachiever, that’s got to sting.” Cassie nodded in agreement as she grabbed her stuff and threw it in a bag so we could drop it off in a recycling bin on the way back, Cass may be a stoner with a permanent case of the munches (and yes, that was why she had all those snacks with her) but she did care about the environment at least. ”So what’s the plan? Fly back to Vegas and train at the Go Gym?”

”I need to know what I’m training for first, and with Amber in charge? That could mean anything.” I responded before getting the new card text and grabbing my iPhone, I spent a good couple of minutes skimming through the card before I spotted my match. ”Oh boy, Cass do you want the good news or the really bad news first?”

”Depends, is the bad news me making my wrestling debut against Tempest, Masque, Ms. Jon or all the above?” Cass asked dryly and I shook my head, even if Cass had graduated by now she wasn’t even a roster member. ”Okay, good news first.”

”Good news is, I’m getting Keira and Diamond in a Triple Threat Match.” I explained and Cassie grinned broadly, knowing just how badly I had wanted a match with Diamond since she cost me my Roulette Title Reign. ”The really bad news? Well, Amber booked Chloe in her first match back since that match against Masque during the Greece Lightning Tour, you know, the one that turned into a scene from a slasher movie?”

”Yep! The end of that match still gives me nightmares! But how does that concern you? I thought Christian put Chloe on indefinite suspension for snapping at……….oh no……….” Cassie trailed off as it hit her like a ton of bricks. ”Christian’s choosing the stipulation for the Triple Threat Match, isn’t he?”

”Yep, the guy who created the Scaffold Over the Piranha Tank Match is getting a choice over this match! And knowing him, he’s going to try to top that match!” I exclaimed as I threw my hands into the air in frustration. ”And here I thought my time with crazy stipulations ended with my Bombshell Roulette Title Reign!”

”Guess the only thing you can do is promote the match and see what he comes up with.” Cassie shrugged her shoulders and I nodded in agreement before we stood up and got ready to leave. ”What time do I need to be up for the flight to Vegas?”

”9:30 at the latest, if you’re not outside me and Makayla’s hotel room by then I’ll send her over to your room to wake you up.” I warned my teenaged cousin and Cassie nodded as she got the idea before we left the room and headed to the car.

Go Gym, Las Vegas, Nevada
Monday the 30th of May 2022, 15:00pm

Well, that was a turnup for the books.

Me and Cass were well on our way to Vegas via Kayfabe Airlines when I got the text from Christian, initially I thought that it was him telling me what I could expect from the Triple Threat Match but I was at least partially right, Keira had to pull out and the Triple Threat Match was now a one on one match between me and Diamond, Christian was still deciding the match’s stipulation so I wasn’t getting off completely scot free but that didn’t matter.

What mattered was that I was getting my revenge against Diamond and my win back! After an entire cycle of watching from the side-lines I was getting the match that should’ve happened at Blaze of Glory X, with all due respect to Keira, the Bombshell Roulette Title Match at that show should’ve been between me and Diamond with me retaining, but we all know what happened instead.

All that’s missing is a tie breaker match between me and Keira but that’ll happen soon enough.

Even so, some old habits can’t be broken, like my chats with Gabriel.

“Well, well, I can’t think of a more apt example of a “Monkey’s Paw” match.” Gabriel commented as I entered his office and I grimaced before sitting down opposite him. “On one hand Charlotte, you are getting your long awaited rematch with Diamond Steele, but Christian has your fates in his hands.”

”So does Amber if you think about it.” I commented as I shifted my weight. ”She gave Christian control of this match as a compromise so she could get Chloe in her first match since her matchup against Masque, but Amber had to know about Christian’s reputation for coming up with the most sadistic stipulations this sport has seen in years.”

“Amber is coming up to the second anniversary of her SCW debut, if she doesn’t know what Christian is like by now I’ll be shocked.” Gabriel nodded in agreement as he shifted his weight and I frowned as I folded my arms. “But as hard as it is Charlotte, you must focus on Diamond for now, you have waited months to get you hands on her again and you likely won’t find out what sinister concoction of a match Christian has brewed up until the match starts.”

”I know, this isn’t exactly my first match against her.” I responded with a nod as I leaned back in the chair. ”The first match against her was the start of that experiment with Matthew and Marty as my managers, we both know how that ended in more ways than one but I can safely say that I am in a better headspace now than I was back then! I know that’s not saying much mind you but getting married to Makayla helped to refocus me.”

“Getting married does have that affect on people, just look at my marriage to Odette as an example.” Gabriel nodded in agreement after thinking for a minute. “Off course, I’ve been married to Odette since 2014 and your marriage to Makayla isn’t even a year old yet, these things will come in time Charlotte.”

”I don’t doubt that for a second, as for my match against Diamond? The only thing I’m worried about is Christian’s stipulation for the reasons I’ve already mentioned, so long as I get my hands on her and the gemstones are on the other side of the country, there won’t be a problem!” I responded and Gabriel nodded in agreement. ”And we both know that’s easier said than done.”

“If you want evidence of that, look no further than the match that ended Diamond’s reign with the Roulette Title, Kat had to deal with Diamond, Emerald and Ruby on route to winning her first title in SCW.” Gabriel commented with a nod as I thought through my options in my head. “Perhaps this is one area where Christian’s stipulation can work to your advantage?”

”He creates something so fucked up that the Gemstones would rather face Tempest in a handicap match than interfere?” I asked and Gabriel chuckled before nodding. ”Don’t get me wrong, I’d watch that match with a bag of popcorn in my hands, but it’ll take something big to keep them away from me and Diamond’s match! Especially since it was never mentioned if they were banned from ringside.”

“That does seem to be a significant oversight and perhaps your right, Christian does have something in mind to keep Diamond’s band at bay.” Gabriel responded with a nod as I stood up to go resume my training. “All the same, I’d keep my eye out for them if I were you Charlotte, and as for Christian’s stipulation, I might have a solution.”

”I’m listening.” I responded as I folded my arms and turned to my mentor/trainer.

“You spent the second half of 2021 and the first few months of 2022 as the Bombshell Roulette Champion, in that division the competitors don’t know what match they are in for until Ms. Rocky Mountains spins the wheel, unless it’s something that’s become a tradition much like the Ultimate X Over the Pool Matches at Summer XXXTreme off course.” Gabriel explained and I nodded as I started to get the idea. “You achieved remarkable success in that division despite those challenges, if you approach this match like you would a Roulette Rules Match………”

”Then I’ll be prepared for whatever Christian comes up with, at least on paper.” I responded with a nod as I got the idea before I leaned against the wall. ”In practice? If I tweet that idea out then Christian might take it as a challenge and up the stakes considerably.”

“Then feel free to do that, take credit for the idea if you must, see if he takes your bait, either way, you have a tough road of you this week Charlotte.” Gabriel responded as I went to leave his office. “You had best be prepared for a bumpy ride.” Gabriel added and I nodded before I left his office to resume my training.

Krystal and Makayla’s home, Las Vegas, Nevada
Monday the 30th of May 2022, 18:36pm

It felt good to be home.

The Greece Lightning Tour was a mixed bag, for the first time in a year I went a whole cycle without winning a match and whilst I only had two matches throughout that cycle but one was a World Bombshell Championship qualifier and the other was the Queen for a Day Match, two high profile matches in their own right! Greece itself was beautiful and it more than lived up to the hype that Ariana wouldn’t shut up about once the tour was announced (and that was before she got her showcase match and full time SCW contract) but in the end, I was just happy to be back in familiar surroundings.

At least until SCW announces another international tour! Preferably Australia!

”Makayla, I’m home!” I called out to my wife as I entered my house, it didn’t take long for my German Shepherd Puppy Garrus ran up to greet me with his tail wagging and I set my bag down to stroke him. ”Makayla?”

”I’m in the kitchen! Still testing out the slow cooker I got for my birthday!” Makayla responded as she poked her head out from the kitchen and I grinned before following the puppy into the kitchen and kissing my wife. ”I take it you heard the news about your match at Climax Control?” She added as I opened the coke can up and took a sip.

”If you mean that Keira’s out of the match and it’s just me and Diamond then yeah, I heard.” I responded before helping myself to a coke can from the fridge and sitting down at the kitchen table. ”Unless Diamond pulled out and the bosses are scrambling to find a new opponent for me with Amber’s help whilst I was driving home from the Go Gym, I think I’m up to date on everything Climax Control related.”

”At least until another wrestler pulls out, but let’s hope that doesn’t happen.” Makayla responded as she shook her head. ”Least we give Hayley Halsey more fuel.”

”Yeah, I’ve already had enough of that idiot’s tweets for today.” I responded as I shook my head. ”How are Rachel and Cassie doing?”

”Cassie seems to be doing well at Hero Academy, but that shouldn’t be a surprise, Rachel on the other hand?” Makayla said with a deep breath and I braced myself as I went to take a sip out of my drink. ”I think she wants to follow in your footsteps and become a wrestler when she’s older.”

It was touch and go but somehow I was able to avoid spitting out the can’s entire contents onto the kitchen table. ”Please tell me your kidding?!” I asked Makayla and she shook her head. ”Makayla, she has so many health problems that we couldn’t let her go to school after we got custody of her last November and that was when the pandemic was dying down! Besides, how do you know that’s what she wants? She’s three and a half!”

”Charlotte, I heard banging from upstairs earlier, right after you left for the Go Gym, and I went to investigate thinking that either Garrus had accidentally knocked something over or that Rachel had fallen over.” Makayla explained and I nodded as I got the idea. ”Garrus met me at the bottom of the stairs so that ruled the doggo out, and when I went upstairs I saw Rachel practicing wrestling moves on her toys, basic slams mostly but I’ve seen enough matches to be able to tell them apart!”

”And that was where the banging was coming from?” I asked and Makayla nodded. ”She’s seen me wrestle before so it could be a simple case of her imitating what she’s seen her aunt/mom do, if this continues into her pre-teens though? Then we’ll need to have a serious talk with Rachel about it.”

”Agreed, and luckily for us that’s still a quite a few years off! Who knows if SCW will still be around by then?”  Makayla responded with a shrug as she checked on her food. ”Also assuming that schools like Hero Academy and the Go Gym will still be open by then.”

”True, by the time Rachel’s old enough to officially train, Gabriel, Odette and Team Hero will be old enough to collect pensions and Team Hero might officially retire from wrestling by then, they’ll probably still look amazing because Keira and Roxi don’t seem to age but still.” I joked and Makayla chuckled in response. ”Seriously though, much as I hate the cliché. Hopefully, this is just a phase and she’ll be back to playing with her barbies like a normal girl in no time.”

”One can only hope I guess, anyway dinner should be ready soon.” Makayla added and I grinned before taking another sip from my drink.

Go Gym Parking Lot, Las Vegas Nevada
Tuesday the 31st of May 2022, 13:00pm

*promo time*

An old score to settle.

”There is a saying that originates from a French author, now I don’t pretend to understand a word of French so Adrienne, if you’re watching this, don’t worry, I won’t be butchering the French pronunciation! The saying in question is “revenge is a dish best served cold” and it’s an apt saying for my first match since the Greece Lightning Tour, why? Because this is a match I’ve wanted since the Blaze of Glory X Cycle and for one very good reason, this match is against Diamond Steele, the woman who ended my Bombshell Roulette Title Reign.”

But first………

”I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out two key facts about this match, one: this was originally a Triple Threat Match that featured Keira of Team Hero but she had to pull out, still waiting on that tie breaker Keira but I’ll take this match as a consolation prize! The other key fact us that this match was booked by the Queen for a Day Amber Ryan and to make up for the fact that she went ahead and booked Chloe Benton in the opener, she’s letting Christian pick the stipulation for this match!”

Ohhhhhh boy.

”For those who might not remember for whatever reason, Christian gained some notoriety for creating the Scaffold over the Piranha Tank Match! He created that match for Violent Conduct VI back in 2020 and I’m pretty sure that Miles Kasey still has nightmares about that match! And if Christian’s tweets have been any indication, he’s looking to top that match! But do you know what? Fine, if that’s what it takes for me to get my revenge on Diamond Steele then I’ll embrace whatever fucked up stipulation Christian comes up with!”

Back to business.

”And I’m sure that statement won’t come back to bite me in the ass! Anyway, Diamond in case anyone needs a refresher on why I’ve been so fucking eager for any measure of revenge on you, spoiler alert: it has nothing to do with our first match back in November but it has everything to do with how you officiated my last match as Bombshell Roulette Champion! You can try to rewrite history all you want Diamond but the fact is that you screwed me out of what should’ve been my ninth defence against Keira and reaching the three hundred day mark! Was that incident ultimately for the best because it brought me back down to earth? Yeah, it did, however I can hold onto one hell of a grudge!”

Don’t believe me?

”If you don’t believe that for some reason Diamond, ask Char Kwan or Bea Barnhart about the consequences of pissing me off! Or better yet, go back and rewatch the title match between you and Keira at Blaze of Glory X, more specifically, my attack on you after you had won the title! I’m generally a friendly person but if you get on my bad side then you’ll wish that were literally anywhere else on Earth right now than across the ring from me! And to think, you could’ve avoided this by staying out of my business.”

You heard me.

”You got the win over me back in November, fine! I’m through calling that win a fluke, but rather than leaving me and Keira be you decided to stick your nose where it didn’t belong and that caused a domino effect that has led us to this moment! I hope for your sake Diamond that Christian decides that he’s feeling merciful when he comes up with the match type for our match on Sunday because that might just be the one thing that saves you from my wrath!”

Don’t count on it!

”However I have to admit, this isn’t a perfect revenge by any means, no what would make it perfect was if you had retained the Bombshell Roulette Title over Kat and I was serving as your third defence but we both know why that isn’t the case Diamond and besides, it’s like I said on Twitter, as long as literally anyone but you is holding onto a title Diamond then I’ll be happy! Hell, I’d even take a title reign from The Troll over you!”

Yeah, I said it!

”I apologize in advance if that mental image makes anyone wake up in a cold sweat, even if that person is Christian but hey, it needed to be said! And Diamond? This match between us needed to happen sooner or later, we just had to have a queen go mad with power for the second yar in a row for it to happen I guess! But at the end of the day Diamond, you’ll just have one thing to remember when I am kicking your ass on Sunday.”

Just one.

”If you had called the match between me and Keira down the middle then this all could’ve been avoided! Instead, you couldn’t let sleeping dogs lie, you had to get involved, you had to have the wheel land on Diamond’s rules and if the wheel wasn’t rigged to land on that stipulation I‘ll be very surprised, you had to change the match type on a whim just to screw with me and Keira, you had to have the Josie and the Pussycats from Wish Dot Com run constant interference! You had to make my last match as Bombshell Roulette Champion all about you! And when you’re lying there bleeding from whatever fucked up idea Christian has cooked up, maybe, JUST MAYBE, you’ll realize that you made the biggest mistake of your life when you officiated that title match!”

It's that simple.

”That mistake was making an enemy for life out of a graduate of the Go Gym, the very building that I’m cutting my promo in front of, and this Sunday at Climax Control 332 Diamond, you’ll realize too late just how bad an idea that is when I beat you into the ground and win this match! Frankly? I had my nerves about it but since I’m treating Christian’s stipulation like I treated the stipulations on the Roulette Wheel when I was champion and being prepared for anything and everything? There’s nothing too violent that I won’t do to win this match!”

And with that I decided to wrap things up.

”I have a young daughter Diamond, her name’s Rachel, and she’s three and a half, the reason I’m bringing her into this is because I hope to god that I NEVER HAVE TO EXPLAIN WHAT I AM GOING TO DO TO YOU ON SUNDAY NIGHT TO MY DAUGHTER BECAUSE SHE MAY NOT LOOK AT ME THE SAME WAY AGAIN! As I turn the page on this chapter of my SCW Story, it’ll take a sharp detour into the realms of horror usually only seen in the Saw franchise because you Diamond had to go and piss me off! I’ll see you on Sunday bitch!”

I went back into the Go Gym to resume my training as the scene fades.

Climax Control Archives / “Three Queens and a Potential Queen.”
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Krystal would pick up the biggest win of her career to date at Blaze of Glory X defeating Evie Jordan after a hard fought contest before jetting off almost immediately for her honeymoon with her new wife Makayla! Krystal would travel to Greece immediately following her Caribbean Cruise for SCW’s Greece Lightning tour and enjoyed a relatively quiet two weeks of not being in action, however that would change at Climax Control 328.

Originally the World Bombshell Title Match between Roxi and Blast from the Past winner Mikah was scheduled for Into the Void X as per tradition, however Mikah announced at the Zante edition of the tour that she was going on vacation that weekend and wouldn’t be able to compete forcing the bosses to scramble to find a replacement, how did this involve Krystal? They had booked a Fatal Four Way Match to determine Roxi’s new challenger at the Crete show featuring four of the Bombshell Division’s best! It was former World Bombshell Champion and SCW Hall of Famer Sam Marlowe, two time grand slam champion and fellow Hall of Famer Mercedes Vargas, the woman with the record for the longest Bombshell Internet Title Reign Myra Rivers and Krystal herself! Whilst Krystal was a former champion in her own right the Aussie definitely stood out like a sore thumb against the three other women, for one thing Krystal was still in her twenties! Can Krystal win?

Backstage at Climax Control 327, Zante, Greece
Sunday the 10th of April 2022, 1:00am

This week has been interesting.

It started with Adrienne returning home after asking for her release from SCW due to mental health issues and now Levana Cade joins the growing pile of Go Gym disappointments after her loss to Jessie Salco in the second match of the night, still the night was young and there was a lot of stuff to come in the show, well I say that but the ring literally just imploded during the Main Event between Mac Bane and Supreme Machine.

And yet Mac and Suma still got up long enough for Mac to hit his finisher, go figure!

Right now, I was hanging out with one of SCW’s newest signees and no, I don’t mean Kayla Richards, instead I’m talking about Ari who had signed a full time contract after her win over Kaiju Rainbow last week.

Yeah, this week has been a mixed bag for the Go Gym in general!
”Good thing that was the Main Event, I wouldn’t want to compete in an imploded ring!” Ari commented and I glanced up from my phone, I was still waiting for the card for the Crete show and Ari had broken my concentration. ”So, how are you finding Greece so far?” Ari asked as she turned to me and I glanced up at the Greek-American Bombshell before shrugging my shoulders.

”You waited until now to ask me that? We’re three weeks into the tour!” I pointed out and Ari just grinned in response. ”It’s a lovely country and the food’s great, though I am waiting for them to tour Australia admittedly.”

”Hoping that they’ll stop off in Adelaide and give you a chance to compete in your home city?” Ariana asked and I nodded without hesitation. ”They’ll get to the land down under eventually, you’re hardly the only Australian on the roster, past and present.”

”Here’s hoping.” I commented with a grin before I got the card text and opened it within seconds. ”Wow, did Chloe Benton piss off Mark AND Christian?”

”Don’t tell me they booked her against Amber?” Ariana asked with a pleading expression and I shook my head before mouthing “worse”. ”Andrea?” Ariana asked and I shook my head whilst mouthing “much worse”. ”Who could be much worse than Amber and Andrea? Andrea just lost her title to………..they put her in a non-title match against Masque, didn’t they?”

[font color=#00FFFF]”Yup! And I don’t think Masque will be as nice as Sam.”[/font] I commented as I shook my head before reading the rest of the card. [font color=#00FFFF]”Annnnnnnd speaking of Sam, guess who’s getting another crack at her?”[/font]

”You’ve got her in a singles match?” Ari asked and I shook my head before showing Ari the match in question. ”You vs. Mercedes vs. Myra vs. Sam, winner gets a shot at Roxi at Into the Void X because Mikah is on vacation, are they serious about that last part?”

”If they weren’t, I don’t think the match would’ve been booked.” I commented as I ran a hand through my hair. ”On one hand, I’m excited for the opportunity, on the other hand? This is going to be the toughest match of my career to date, only topped by the match against Roxi IF I win.”

”Charlotte, just remember this, you’ve proven yourself as one of the Bombshell Division’s best! Gabriel wouldn’t have trained you if he didn’t think you could handle a match like this.” Ari assured me and I nodded in response thankful for the kind words. ”If you’re hoping for travel destination ideas when we get to Crete, you’re asking the wrong girl, next week will be my first time in Crete.”

”Luckily I’m married to a woman who has family in Crete, and Makayla frequently travelled there with her family before they moved to Australia at the age of twelve.” I explained and Ari nodded as she got the idea. ”Honestly Crete would be the destination that Makayla is looking forward to most if not for the fact that Into the Void X is being held in Athens.”

”In any case, we’d better head to the hotel and catch an early night, or at least try, we’ve got at least a three hour flight to Crete in the morning.” Ari explained and I nodded before we left the arena.

Krystal’s hotel room, Crete, Greece
Monday the 11th of April 2022, 13:00pm

So yeah, remember that part about me and Ari wanting to get back to the hotel so we could get a relatively early night due to the flight to Crete? Yeah Mac Bane and Matthew Knox decided to have a brawl in the parking lot! No, I’m not kidding.

I couldn’t tell you what time it was by the time the local police arrived and broke up the fight (and it was only Ari speaking to them in Greek that prevented either of them being arrested) but it was late by the time we got back to the hotel, translation? I spent most of the flight to Crete asleep in my chair and I’m still jet-lagged!

At least I’m getting plenty of rest today.

”If you had told me that the first words to my aunts and uncles since the wedding would be “hey do you know anyone who’s selling a six sided wrestling ring?” I think I would’ve called you crazy Charlotte!” Makayla sighed as she got off the phone and turned to me whilst I lay in bed with my hands behind my head. ”But I do have good news, my second uncle is friends with a wrestling promoter who declared bankruptcy during lockdown, he still has the six sided ring that his promotion used.”

”Pass me his contact details and I’ll put him in contact with the SCW higher ups.” I responded with a nod as I sat up in bed. ”One things for sure though, this tour is creating a lot more Year End Award moments than the bosses probably expected when it was announced.”

”The SCW roster just spent the past two years cooped up stateside due to the pandemic, you were only able to join SCU when you did because you had been living in the US for the entirety of your wrestling career by that point.” Makayla pointed out as she started to fix up her hair a bit. ”I was expecting the SCW roster to cut lose once they were finally allowed to tour internationally again! Hell, you saw the brawl that erupted between Mac and Matt after the show!”

”Yeah, after the ring imploded under the combined weight of Mac Bane and Supreme Machine!” I commented as I shook my head still unbelieving that something like that had happened. ”At least something like that couldn’t happen during my match! Unless the ring your uncle’s friend has is shoddily built.”

”He had been running the promotion almost as long as SCW with no complaints so I doubt it! As for your match? You and Mercedes weigh 125, Sam weighs 115 and Myra comes in at 130, combined that’s just under four hundred pounds and even then, the ring only imploded because Mac Superplexed Supreme Machine, I think the ring should hold even if you, Sam, Mercedes and Myra all go for a Superplex at the same time” Makayla posited and after thinking about it for a second I realized that she was right. ”And even then, I think the bosses will be looking to reinforce their new ring to make sure something like that doesn’t happen again.”

”What? Are they going to have Supreme Machine and Mac Superplex each other over and over just to test its strength?” I joked getting a laugh out of Makayla before I let out a deep breath. ”Speaking of my match, the more I’ve been thinking about it, the more I’m beginning to think that is a test to see if I can move away from the Bombshell Roulette Division and into the big leagues.”

”They did book a Roulette Contenders Match as the opener without you in it even though you said repeatedly that you wanted your rematch with Kate, hell they booked Bella in that match and as much as I like her, you’ve beaten Bella four times as Roulette Champion and only one of those times was non-title!” Makayla pointed out and I nodded in agreement. ”Not to mention that this is the first title opportunity for Ms. Jon and Kat Jones.”

”Yeah and Ms. Jon lost her last two matches, though to be fair she only lost the Triple Threat after slamming Mercedes into oblivion and forgetting about Seleana! And Kat’s only notable achievement so far is beating up Matt Knox and getting fined for it.” I pointed out before letting out an annoyed huff. ”Then again, neither Ms. Jon and Kat are doing as badly as I was when I was put into that Triple Threat Qualifier against Candy and Bea Barnhart and, well, I don’t think I need to repeat what happened as a direct result of that Triple Threat.”

”You won the Bombshell Roulette Title and defied everyone’s expectations by holding it for just under a year! Hell, in a perfect world you’d be coming up to the first year anniversary of the start of your reign but we both know what happened in the lead-up to Blaze of Glory X.” Makayla pointed out and I nodded in response. ”Who knows? Maybe this year’s Into the Void Cycle will be a repeat of last years?”

”Makayla, with all due respect to Candy and even Bea, they are not Myra and Sam! Mercedes is the only one in this match that I faced for the Bombshell Roulette Title during my reign which is making me question how she qualified for this match in the first place.” I commented as I shook my head. ”Though I guess the same can apply to me since my only claim to fame is a long ass Bombshell Roulette Title reign, then again the same can be said for Myra and the Bombshell Internet Title reign!”

”You and Myra’s reigns do have similar beggings, you both came from out of nowhere to win your respective titles and held them for about a year, off course Myra’s reign was longer and ended under less controversial circumstances.” Makayla pointed out and I nodded as I swung my legs over and got out of bed. You surprised everyone once Charlotte and you can do it again.”

”Even if I do win this match and go on to beat Roxi for the title, that won’t be the end of it! Mikah will be waiting in the wings and whilst I am eager to cross her name off my bucket list, off course she’ll have to get back from vacation first.”  I commented as I shook my head. ”At least we scheduled our honeymoon for the post Supercard break so that even if I were still champion by then, there’d be no mad dash to find my next challenger by the time we returned.”

”And if you weren’t working, I’d consider the Greece tour an extension of our honeymoon.” Makayla nodded in agreement before she stood up, walked up too, and kissed me on the lips which I was happy to return. ”Shall we grab something to eat? I’m starving!”

”Never thought you’d ask.” I nodded in response with a grin before we left our hotel room.

I had a lot on my mind heading into the Fatal Four Way, if I won then it would mean that I was getting a World Bombshell Title Match, one more thing to cross off the bucket-list as we headed further into 2022 and winning that title would be another thing to cross off the bucket list as well.

But even so, the end of my Bombshell Roulette Title reign was still playing heavily in my mind, and I still wanted to get my hands on Diamond.

Knossos Palace Skip the Line Guided Walking Tour, Crete, Greece
Monday the 11th of April 2022, 18:00pm

When we got to Crete on of the first things I asked Makayla was “anything history related that you’d recommend” because I’ve always been interested in Greek history, ancient or otherwise, and this tour was the first thing she recommended.

The Knossos Palace was certainly an impressive building as it was built for a mighty king, and with Knossos being considered Europe’s oldest city there was plenty of history to go around which made it a perfect place for my promo but we’ll get to that later.

The tour said “small group” so we asked among our friends who was interested in going with us, Ari accepted almost immediately because she had her own interest in Greek history (which I guess makes sense since she is Greek-American after all) and Francisco was pretty much along for the ride as an excuse to be with his girlfriend! That just left Cassie as a hanger on and we pretty much dragged her out of her hotel room so that she didn’t spend all day watching porn.

No, I’m not kidding about that last part.

”Man, I wonder how easy it would be to get lost in this place.” Cassie wondered aloud as she looked around the admittedly huge palace. ”Wasn’t this part of the Minoan Civilization or something.”

”Yeah but I somehow doubt you’ll run into a Minotaur if you go off the beaten path, and if you do, start running the other way.” I teased my cousin and Cassie shook her head in response. ”As long as you stay with the group Cass you should be okay.”

”And if you do get separated, don’t say Krystal didn’t tell you so.” Ariana responded with a grin as she rushed up to catch up with us after getting separated. ”Besides, this place is a piece of history.”

”Yeah, history so old that even Bill Barnhart wasn’t around when this place was built.” Cassie joked getting a good chuckle out of all of us. ”Seriously, just how old are some of these buildings?”

“Well considering that Greek civilization is one of the oldest around? Really, really old.” Francisco chimed in and for a while they just chatted among themselves whilst I found myself lost in thought.

Why? Well as I stood here in this ancient palace I was thinking about my match on Sunday and that’s not to say that my three opponents are as old as this palace, do I look like Hayley Halsey?! For the love of god don’t answer that! I was thing about that because this Sunday was my chance to make some history of my own.

To put it another way? I’m twenty six years old, all three of my opponents are at least a decade older than me, they are looked at as the favourites to win the match and go on to challenge Roxi for the title at Into the Void X in May and for good reason! Sam and Mercedes, as much as I rag on Mercedes for being so past it that it’s not even funny, are former World Bombshell Champions and Hall of Famers, twice over in Mercedes’s case, and Myra broke all the records as Bombshell Internet Champion and came close to being the one to dethrone Amber twice, and then, there’s me.

Prior to the Triple Threat that started my current journey I was another Go Gym Graduate struggling to make herself heard on an increasingly competitive Bombshell roster and my losing streak didn’t help one bit, but even now that Roulette Title reign was my only claim to fame and some would say that my reign was weak because I defended the title against the likes of Char Kwan, off course ignoring the fact that I had an open door policy on new challengers because of my “competitor first, champion second” mindset and that Char attacked Ari to get to me in the weeks leading up to that rematch.

In other words? I have a lot to prove in this match.

”Err, Krystal?” I glanced up and realized that the rest of the group were looking my way and I turned to face them. ”The tour’s over, we can leave or do you want to get your promo done first?”

”I do want to get my promo done, but I can catch up with you guys.” I offered as I folded my arms and the rest of the group nodded in response. ”Either way I’m going to be here for a while.” I added and the others in our group chatted amongst themselves whilst I prepared myself for the promo, off course the promo was one thing, winning the Fatal Four Way was going to be another thing entirely.

Knossos Palace, Crete, Greece
Monday the 11th of April 2022, 18:30pm

*promo time*

No way around this.

”The palace of Knossos, to most people this place is just another ancient building and tourist trap but there is a lot of history in this building, it was home to a mighty king during its heyday after all! Now this isn’t the original palace, the first palace was brought down by a devastating earthquake in 1700 BC and subsequently rebuilt, this is why I chose this place as the location of my promo for this Fatal Four Way Match!”

This will be good.

”First off, let’s look at my opponents, Sam Marlowe, a woman I last met during the Blast from the Past Tournament where she knocked me out in the first round, former World Bombshell Champion and Hall of Famer, Mercedes Vargas, another former World Bombshell Champion and Hall of Famer, this is our fourth meeting in SCW and each time we’ve met, I’ve picked up the win, Myra Rivers, this is our first match against each other but in a way we’re birds of a feather because we both came from out of nowhere to win our respective titles and set new records during our reigns, based on credentials alone either of those three women should have a better chance of winning this match than me because unlike the others? I’ve never challenged for the World Bombshell Championship.”

That’s about to change.

”That’s why I chose this palace as my destination for this promo, this match is a chance for me to make history as being the youngest World Bombshell Championship challenger in a while, I’m twenty six years old, Myra and Mercedes are thirty seven and forty respectively, Sam? I don’t know how old she is, but given how long she’s been in the Bombshell Division? I’d be surprised if she were younger than me! I’m the odd Bombshell our in this match, there’s no getting around that fact, but unexpected results have happened before.”

Do you want an example?

”There’s probably other examples that I can think off, but back in December everyone thought that Jessie Salco was going to lose a Fatal Four Way Contenders Match for the Bombshell Internet Title against Alicia Lukas, Dani Weston and Seleana Zdunich, Jessie would ultimately fail to dethrone Andrea but she would defy the odds on that occasion and I will defy the odds in this match! I’ve  built up to it enough, let’s start talking about my opponents.”

Starting with Mercedes!

”I have to admit, when this match was announced, I was confused as to why you were included Mercedes, wasn’t your last match before this one featuring you getting Powerbombed for every time that you called JC Jason Cashe since his debut? Beyond that, you simply have the worst record out of everyone in this match, especially against yours truly because in all three of our previous encounters I got the win.”

I said as I held up three fingers.

”Encounter number one: just a few weeks after I earned my shot at the Roulette Title I got a warm-up match against you which I won after you got cocky, encounter number two: I had defied everyone’s expectations by getting past defence number one and two and riding on a high after that match, I asked if I could defend the title on the first Climax Control to be held outside of Las Vegas in over a year and got you and Bella Madison as my third defence, pinned you after bringing you down with the Down Under Thunderbomb onto the tacks! Sorry if that’s a painful memory for you Mercedes! Encounter number three, now this was our last encounter during my reign as champion but it was a busy night for me considering that I was also in Jessie Salco’s Corner for the match between her and Keira but we had a clash of champions match that night because you had rode Goth’s coattails to a Mixed Tag Team Title Win! There was some shenanigans in that match, yeah but I pinned you again, with the Down Under Thunderbomb!”

History repeats.

”Do you know what they say about history Mercedes? You should because you fancy yourself as an SCW Historian, those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it and you’ve had two chances to learn from our history of matches and both times, you’ve failed to learn from the last encounter! Will the third time be the charm? I don’t think so because I’ve got another old saying for you Mercedes, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks and this old bitch keeps doing the same old tricks over and over hoping to impress her masters, sooner or later Mercedes, someone will put you to sleep.”

But who?

”If this were another one on one match between us Mercedes, I’d happily put my name forward as the one to do it but there’s two other women in this match and I’ve wasted enough time on the one woman who doesn’t belong in this match as it is! Mercy, by the end of the match you’ll be begging for Mercy from either me, Myra, or Sam but you won’t get any as I book my ticket to Into the Void X!”

Next up is Sam.

”Sam Marlowe, the last time we met I was not in a good place to say the least, I had my sights set on redeeming my performance from the previous Blast from the Past Tournament where I was eliminated in the first round and well, we both know what happened instead, don’t we Sam? You made it to the Quarter Finals this year before getting eliminated by Goth and Candy but that’s not my focus, I was the one to take the fall in that match being forced to submit to the Sammi-Wrap after a great match, a match that was the beginning of the end of my Bombshell Roulette Title Reign.”

I commented with an exasperated sigh.

”I’m not going to go into everything I said in the weeks that followed that tag team match because again, I wasn’t in a good place but a lot has changed since then, the assholes who were trying to mould me into their image have been kicked to the curb and I’m more focussed and determined to make up for past mistakes, and what do you know Sam? There’s a prime opportunity for me to make up for one such mistake sitting right in front of me!”

And her name is Sam!

”I know it won’t be that easy, you’ve done it all in SCW and are a former champion and hall of famer for a reason and unlike the old bitch that I opened this promo by talking about you at least have the record to show for it, Sam!” I said as I made my way closer to the throne. ”But just because you’ve achieved the ultimate goal of every Bombshell on the roster doesn’t mean you can do it again Sam, because like it or not the “old dogs can’t learn new tricks” saying also applies to you.”

And she won’t like it.

”You’ve beaten me once but I’m a competitor who learns from her mistakes and I won’t make the same mistakes in this match that I made against you in our Blast from the Past Match Sam, I would say that I’ve been training hard since then but I’d be lying because between that match and now I got married and went on honeymoon but at least my honeymoon allowed me to clear my head and return to SCW with a renewed focus, don’t enter this match expecting the same woman you fought in the Blast from the Past Tournament Sam, enter this match knowing that my mind is clear and my focus is on point because otherwise? You’ll fall by the wayside!”

And last up is Myra!

”The last person I need to address is the only woman in this match who I’ve never faced before and if it weren’t for the fact that Mercedes is in this match, she’d easily be the oldest person in this match, that’s right folks I saved Myra Rivers for last, why? Couple of reasons really, as I already said, out of my three opponents Myra is someone who I’ve never faced before this match but that’s about to change, and frankly? Myra vs. Krystal is something I’ve wanted for a while.”


”Why? Look at our respective reigns as Bombshell Roulette and Bombshell Internet Champion Myra, we’ve both set new records for our respective divisions, we had reigns that lasted a lot longer than anyone expected them too and we both feel that they ended a lot sooner than they should’ve! Now granted, your reign got the ending it deserved, an epic champion vs. champion match at last year’s Summer XXXTReme and mine was denied the ending it deserved by a selfish bitch who should count herself lucky that I will be busy aiming my sights at the top! Off course, another way to look at it is that your reign ended right as mine was taking off but what does that mean for our match?”

A lot.

”Everytime I did those “who’s next” promos during my reign, I had a list of people in my head who I wished would be the ones to answer the call, Sam was one of them, another was Keira and she was the one who ended my reign but to tell you the truth Myra? Your name was on that list, because as I watched you turn away challenger after challenger whilst I worked my way up the rankings I thought to myself “this old broad can still go, I want to wrestle her someday” and it took nearly three years for that encounter to finally happen.”

Will it live up to expectations?

”The real question is, will it live up to the hype? I’d like to think so but whilst I am excited to finally get this match Myra, we both know that only one woman can go on to challenge Roxi for the World Bombshell Championship at Into the Void X in May, at least in theory because a double pin in matches like this has happened before! But I hope to avoid that and whilst it may make me sound like a selfish bitch? I want that spotlight all to myself and the only way I can get that is to win this Fatal Four Way.”

Royalty huh?

”There’s another reason why I chose the Palace of Knossos as the setting for my promo, because the royal symbiology works well when you look at this match if you think about it! Myra, Sam and even Mercedes are three queens because they have been there before, they have challenged for the World Bombshell Championship and out of the three of them, only Myra has failed to capture the gold, me? The last time I faced the World Bombshell Champion was when Amber was still champ and that was non-title! That just makes me a potential queen!”!

It's that simple.

”Three Queens and one potential queen, too me that’s what this match boils down too and we’ve all got our sights set on being Roxi’s first challenger at Into the Void X, Mercedes is desperately clutching on to any kind of relevance that she can get her hands on, Sam just returned to a division that more competitive and fiercer than ever before and Myra figures that the third time will be the charm for her and the World Bombshell Championship, that leaves me as the odd one out, the only Bombshell in this match to never hold or challenge for that title, some outside observers might think that I don’t belong in this match, that it may as well be just between Myra, Sam and Mercedes, it falls to me to prove them wrong.”

And with that I decided to wrap things up.

”After all, I’ve practically built my SCW career on doing just that, proving people wrong, they said that I would never hold a title yet here I am as a onetime Bombshell Roulette Champion, they said that I wouldn’t make it past the first defence but here I am, under a year later having held that title for over two hundred days! Myra, Sam, Mercedes, don’t overlook me because I’m the only Bombshell in this match to never challenge for or hold the World Bombshell Championship because otherwise you’ll be making a huge mistake as I turn the page on this chapter of the story of my SCW career and book my slot in the World Bombshell Title Match at Into the Void X! I’ll see all three of you in the ring where a new queen will start her ascent to the throne!”

I left the palace as the scene fades.

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(Carter was used with permission from Chris, both members of Team Hero were used with permission from their respective handlers)

At 273 Days, Krystal’s record breaking reign as Bombshell Roulette Champion was over at the hands of Keira Fisher! However, the title change was not without controversy as the number one contender for the title Diamond was the Special Guest Referee for the match and the match was contested under Diamond’s Rules, which meant that the stipulations changed on Diamond’s whim and she was blatantly biased in Keira’s favour, still the two friends tore the house down and Keira came out the champion.

Despite this, the bosses were sticking to their guns by refusing to add Krystal to the Roulette Title Match at Blaze of Glory X leaving Krystal in much the same situation that she was in last year, despite this Krystal promised on Climax Control that the end of her title reign wasn’t going to be the end of her SCW career but that night didn’t end well for her either as Ariana was attacked by Amber Ryan during the show as retaliation for Carter costing Amber her spot in Blast from the Past the previous week, a tense stand off ensued only cooled down by the timely appearance of Cass but now, the bosses saw an opportunity.

The main event for the Go Home Show was a non-title street fight between Amber and Krystal, Amber’s challenger for Blaze of Glory had already been set and her name was Roxi Johnson of Team Hero fame but a win, even non-title, would be a huge way for Krystal to get back in the driver’s seat heading into Blaze of Glory X but beating Amber was no small feet even for someone of Krystal’s talents, can Krystal pull it off?

Backstage at Climax Control 323, Primm, Nevada
Sunday the 20th of February 2022, 20:00pm

This had to happen eventually.

I knew that I wouldn’t hold the Bombshell Roulette Title forever, sure it felt like I had held it forever after I had defended it nine times and for over two hundred days but I knew in my heart that someday the reign that made me as an SCW Star would end, and in some ways? I’m happy with how it ended.

Epic battle against Keira? Check, the stipulation changing on a near constant basis?
 Check, main event of Climax Control? Would’ve preferred to lose it on PPV if we’re being perfectly honest but I’ll take that as a consolation prize.

Or at least I would, if not one glaring caveat: I got screwed out of the title by Diamond, who was the Special Guest Ref for the defence.

I’m not sure what Kate’s motivations for screwing me over where, she got this title match because she beat me during the Inception V cycle and knowing that the bosses aren’t going to add me to the match just makes it feel that much worse, especially since I now know fuck all about what I’m doing at Blaze of Glory.

I’m getting flashbacks to last year’s Blaze of Glory, for those who need a reminder: I was left off that year’s card so no, it’s not a good feeling.

”I know that wasn’t how you wanted it to end Krystal.” I looked up and saw Cassie approaching me with a sympathetic look on her face. ”But Keira was right, you needed it.”

”Anything to bring me back to reality, huh?” I asked with a bitter sigh as I glanced up at my younger cousin, I know Cass is shorter than me but, well, I’m sitting down on a chair so what do you want from me? ”God, this cycle has just been the drizzling shits for me, hasn’t it?”

”You can say that again, before we go on.” Cassie commented before extending her arm out for a handshake and it didn’t take me long to figure out what she was looking for. ”We’re still friends, right? I know we had that big argument last week and the sequel to that earlier but we’re still cousins and………”

I slapped Cassie’s hand away before standing up, Cass looked confused for a second before I pulled her into a hug and well, that was all she needed for an answer really. [font color=#00FFFF]”Cass, your one of the few relatives of mine stateside that I get along with, and yeah, that includes your parents, I love you and nothing’s going to change that, guaranteed!”[/font]

”Thanks, I’ve been carrying that massive load all week, even when training with Team Hero.” Cassie responded with a grin as she returned the hug and after a few seconds we broke it and I sat back down. ”Off course, there’s the elephant in the room.”

”What I’m going to do now that I’m no longer champion? Mark already confirmed that they aren’t making the match for the Bombshell Roulette Title a Triple Threat, no matter what I do to Diamond between now and Blaze of Glory X.” I explained with an annoyed grunt and Cass nodded as she got the idea. ”And Carter cost Hitamashi his spot in Blast from the Past tonight so you can bet top dollar that Amber will be out for revenge next week.”

”Yeah, in that case, it’s less a question of if Amber will attack someone next week but who.” Cass commented with a nod before a look of horror washed over her face. ”Makayla works Sundays these days doesn’t she?”

”At the Ring Rust? Yeah, she’s been the head chef at the Las Vegas branch since it opened, why?” I asked before it dawned on me. ”You don’t seriously think Amber will attack a non-wrestler, do you?”

”With everything that woman’s done since she joined SCW in 2020? I wouldn’t put anything past her, even if it got her in hot water with the bosses.” Cass responded with a shrug and I nodded as I got where Cass was going with this. ”Luckily Makayla isn’t likely to show up next week, right?”

”Even if she took the night off from running the Ring Rust’s kitchen, she’d be looking after Garrus and Rachel back home so no, she won’t.” I explained as I shook my head and Cassie nodded as she got the idea. ”That doesn’t eliminate the possibility of Amber attacking Makayla away from the arena but I doubt even she would attack Makayla in front of her daughter or at her place of work.”

”Let’s hope your right, for both Makayla and Amber’s sakes, I’ve seen you angry and honestly?” Cass asked and I raised an eyebrow at her. ”It’s kinda scary.”

”Well, here’s hoping that it’ll be a while before I scare you again.” I responded before getting a text about next week’s card but I put it out of my mind for now. ”We’d better head back home, I’ve got a lot to process tonight.”

”Yeah, that much is obvious.” Cass nodded in response before I stood up and followed her to the Star of the Desert Arena’s parking lot.

Entering an arena with the title only to leave without it, this was a new feeling, the last time I experienced this was when Bea stole the title from me after my first defence but now? I had lost it in a match, for now Keira was the new champion.

What was next for my SCW career? I couldn’t tell you, not even now, but one thing was for certain, that Bombshell Roulette Title reign made me as far as being an SCW star is concerned and I wouldn’t take it back for anything

Only thing I would change was how it ended.

Backstage at Climax Control 324, Reno, Nevada
Sunday the 20th of February 2022, 22:00pm

How to make things go from bad to worse in one night.

Tonight’s show was a busy one for me to say the least, from addressing the fact that I was no longer champion to making it clear to Diamond that she was on my shitlist I wasn’t exactly sitting still for five minutes to put it mildly.

And then there was Ari’s attack at Amber’s hand, she had promised a life lesson for me and Carter, and now she had delivered.

Carter, naturally, was wrecked with guilt as we sat inside the medic’s office next to Ari’s bed, good news was that Ari was going to be all right as the attack from Amber wasn’t nearly as brutal as the one from Char back in October but I had a feeling that the bad news was yet to come.

”Guys, honestly, I’m fine.” Ari insisted as she sat up in bad, she was bruised and battered from the attack but it could’ve been a lot worse. ”You both know that I’ve been through worse, hell that’s a fact that dates back to before I graduated from the Go Gym.”

She had a point, it was well known that her parents didn’t exactly approve of Ari’s career choice and had made her chose between them and her wrestling career, they have since moved back to Pennsylvania and one thing was for certain, Ari knew that they were being abusive towards her, just not in the same way that my dad was abusive to me.

It fell to Carter to break the awkward silence. “Ari, we know that but it was my fault, if I hadn’t interfered in Amber’s Blast from the Past Match this never would’ve happened.”

”Just business.” I commented dryly and the two younger wrestlers turned to me. ”Amber’s been saying that all week, about the “life lesson” that she promised us, I guess she was too much of a coward to attack me so she went after you instead, I don’t know if you noticed Ari but I was ready to throw down with her.”

”And knowing Amber? You two would’ve brawled for the rest of the night, or at least until the cops were called.” Ari responded with a nod before the door to the medics office opened, I looked up and saw Cass entering the office snack in hand though considering that she hadn’t been smoking weed today I think it was less “Cass has the munchies” and more “Cass is hungry”. ”Good thing that Cass was there to stop the brawl before it happened.”

”Glad to be off service.” Cass responded before making herself comfy near the bed. ”I didn’t want my cousin to get arrested a few weeks before her wedding.”

”After the stunt she pulled tonight? It would’ve been worth it.” I sighed in response before I got a text and got my phone out. ”Still, you did the right thing Cass. I needed to be here with Ari, not out in the streets of Reno brawling with Amber!”

“That may be but that doesn’t answer the burning question, what will Amber do next week?” Carter pointed out with a frown as he motioned to Ari and I checked the text, sure enough, it was next week’s card and I went through it. “She attacked Ari tonight, what’s stopping her from doing something worse to Cass next week as a message to you?”

”Hopefully the fact that I’m a non-wrestler.” Cass responded with a shudder before my eyes lit up like a Christmas tree upon seeing next week’s Main Event. ”I’m making great strides with my training, especially after that week I had with Team Hero, but I don’t think I could take on someone like Amber.”

”You won’t have too.” I responded and the others turned to me with a confused look on their faces. ”The bosses are using the attack as an excuse to book me in next week’s Main Event against Amber, it’s non-title and it’s a Street Fight.”

“That match is going to be brutal.” Carter commented as it dawned on him. “We’ve all seen what Amber is capable off in a setting like that, throw in your anger and it’s going to be a match that neither of you will walk away from on your own, win or lose.”

”I’ve been in matches like that stipulation wise, don’t forget that I did begin the cycle as the Bombshell Roulette Champion.” I pointed out and Carter nodded as he got the idea. ”My go too should be “get as much training in at the Go Gym as I can” but I don’t think even that will be enough.”

“What are you suggesting?” Carter asked with a raised eyebrow and I turned to him. “I hope it isn’t the PTA Gym.”

”Carter, trust me, I’m not going back to that building after this week aside from picking up Cass.” I assured him and Carter nodded as he got the idea. ”I think training with Team Hero will be just the ticket.” I added and Team Go’s eyebrows shot up when they heard that. ”They extended the invitation to me and Cass during the lead up to my last Roulette Title Match, I don’t think it could hurt.”

“Any other time I’d question your loyalty to the Go Gym but I will agree, against someone like Amber? You need every advantage you can get Krystal.” Carter nodded in understanding as he got the idea. “You said it yourself, Team Hero are Hall of Famers for a reason and it was Keira who gave you your toughest challenge for the Roulette Title and took the title from you.”

”Setting aside the controversy surrounding that match off course.” Ariana nodded as she shifted her weight. ”But will it be enough?”

”Against Amber? All I can do is hope.” I responded with a nod before we, somehow shifted the topic away from that match.

This was my first match since losing the Roulette Title and it was a huge one, if anything that made it clear that the bosses had taken notice of how much my reign had done for me and my career.

Now it was up to me to prove that I belonged all over again.

Tampa International Airport, Tampa, Florida
Monday the 28th of February 2022, 15:04pm

The things I do for wrestling.

When I asked Team Hero if me and Cass could train with them they readily accepted but I’ll admit that SCW’s trip to Disneyworld last year was my first ever trip to Florida so after I dropped Cassie off at her parent’s house I realized one key thing, namely that I didn’t know where Team Hero’s compound was and I ended up asking Cass for the location, cue me heading home and realizing that the quickest route between Las Vegas and Tampa, Florida was a near five hour flight and that wasn’t counting stuff like check ins and going through Airport and well. I decided that it was better to just take Garrus. Makayla and Rachel with me.

And considering that we were traveling with a toddler, a German Shepherd puppy and my soon to be wife, things went by relatively smoothly! We even flew first class because whilst I am no longer the Bombshell Roulette Champion, I still have a lot of the money I earned over the past ten months I was champion and take it from me, between that and my Twitch channel, that was a lot of money.

”Travel to Florida with you guys, I said, it will be fine I said, nothing embarrassing would happen during the flight I said.” Cassie grunted in annoyance as we walked through the airport after going through the TSA and luggage collection, both went by relatively smoothly, the only thing that set off the metal detectors was Cassie’s navel piercing and considering that she was wearing a crop top that left most of her stomach exposed, that was easy enough to explain away. ”All I wanted to do was watch some porn, so what if I forgot to put the earphones in.”

”It’s like I said on Twitter Cass, you were lucky that we were in first class and that Rachel could sleep through a World War or two if she wanted too.” I reminded my younger cousin as Makayla grabbed the small dog carrier from the luggage and Garrus wagged his tail upon seeing us, it wasn’t long before he started barking excitedly catching the attention (and more than a few “awwws”) from most of the other travellers. ”Did you enjoy your flight Garrus?” I asked the puppy and he yet out an excited bark in response.

”Okay, I took his food, bowl, lead and doggie bags onto the plane with me via my carryon luggage so we should be all set.” Makayla chimed in as she carried Garrus’s carrier in one hand and the rest of the stuff in the other. ”Keira said that she was going to meet us at the airport, didn’t she?” Makayla asked and I nodded as we made our way through the airport.

”Yeah, she should be waiting for us in the Departure Lounge.” I nodded in response as we made our way towards the departure lounge. ”Try to not be too triggered if Keira calls you tiny Cass.” I teased my younger cousin and she pouted as the eighteen year old trailed behind us.

”It would be one thing if I was shorter than Jessie or Adrienne but no, she singles me out because I’m five foot three and one hundred and eighteen pounds soaking wet!” Cass complained as she flipped some hair over her shoulder in annoyance. ”Not like I don’t get enough teasing about that from the other students at the PTA Gym!”

”That reminds me, have you heard from Matthew and Marty since we told them about this trip?” I whispered to Cass who shook her head in response. ”Not even a call to say good luck with Team Hero?”

”Charlotte, they didn’t even have the decency to wish us a safe journey, I think they are preparing to wash their hands of the experiment with you.” Cass whispered back as she shook her head and I nodded remembering that well. ”And considering how quickly things went downhill for you and your title reign after they entered the picture? Good riddance! Even if it did lead to you entering my life.”

”No argument from me! Though it’s like I said, I think we would’ve found each other eventually.” I nodded in response before we entered the departure lounge and saw Keira waiting for us holding a sign, however as the sign read “Krystal, Makayla, Rachel and shorty” Cassie’s eye twitched for a good minute. ”Keira, I know this was last minute but again, thanks for agreeing to train me and Cass.” I greeted Keira as we walked up to the new Bombshell Roulette Champion and she grinned before setting the sign aside.

“It’s like you said, against Amber you need all the help you can get.” Keira responded before leading us to a waiting car. “How was the flight?”

”Considering how last minute it was and the fact that it involved flying Cass to a state were weed is illegal, relatively quiet.” I responded with a nod as we followed Keira to the car, Makayla passed Garrus’s carrier to Cass so she could carry him in her lap whilst we loaded the rest of the luggage into the boot. ”And since this is Garrus’s first flight ever, he was surprisingly cooperative.”

“Sounds like he was a good doggo.” Keira responded with a grin as she stuck a finger between the bars and Garrus licked it. “As for the weed thing, Cass was in Florida when we were building up to your last title match, she knows the drill.”

”Unfortunately.” Cass sighed as she and Makayla got in the back with Rachel and I got in the front with Keira in the front seat. ”Whatever, I went cold turkey for a week before, I can do it again.”

“Glad to hear it, we’ll talk more about what the week will entail once we’re at the Team Hero compound.” Keira nodded before she drove off.

Team Hero Compound, Tampa, Florida
Monday the 28th of February 2022, 16:00pm

AS jetlagged as I was following the flight from Las Vegas by the time we reached the Team Hero compound I was ready and raring to go, off course we had to get settled in first and Roxi was waiting for us at the door.

“As we discussed at Climax Control, the compound has enough room to house all of you for the week so the only issue is you guys choosing your rooms.” Roxi commented as she led us into the compound and we had a look around, it was definitely a big place, almost made my home back in Vegas look small by comparison. “Cass, you slept in the room directly facing the stairs last time, do you want that room again or do you want a different room?”

”I don’t mind either way to be honest.” Cass responded with a shrug as she looked around. ”I take it that it’s a safe bet that Krystal and Makayla will have their own room?”

“As long as they aren’t too loud when they are in bed together, that won’t be a problem shorty.” Keira teased us and me and Makayla had a good laugh in response, Cass on the other hand just rolled her eyes. “Okay, that will be the last height joke off the week, promise.”

”I hope so, otherwise I might find a conversation with Florida Man preferable!” Cass responded as she shook her head before grabbing her bags. ”I think I will take the room next to the stairs, I’m off to get my stuff unpacked.” Cass added before she made her way up the stairs, whilst that was going on Makayla let Garrus out of his carrier and the German Shepherd Puppy had a good sniff around.

And almost on cue, Team Hero’s two dogs, a Jack Russel named Buster and a mixed breed named Trixie, came racing into the room and made a beeline for their new canine companion. ”Looks like Garrus is making friends already!” Makayla commented with a grin as Garrus greeted the two older dogs happily. ”I take it you guys have a place where I can put Garrus’s food bowl?”

“Sure, I’ll show you where we keep Trixie and Buster’s food bowls.” Roxi nodded before she led Makayla out of the room and I watched as Garrus started play fighting with Buster.

“I’m glad that they left us alone so quickly.” Keira commented as the Bombshell Roulette Champion walked up to me with her arms crossed. “Because I’ve been meaning to ask you, how have you been since the title match Krystal?”

”Disappointed that my reign ended in such a bullshit way, not to mention failing to reach that three hundred day goal.” I responded as I shook my head and Keira nodded in understanding. ”And more than a little frustrated that I don’t know what I’m doing at Blaze of Glory, I was hoping that I’d find out yesterday but no matches were announced for me and I’m getting a little bit worried that I’ll be left off the card again.”

“They’ll find something for you to do, I’m sure of it, especially after the year you’ve had.” Keira assured me and I nodded in response. “And don’t worry, you’ll get your rematch with me sooner or later.”

”Good, because even if you’ve lost the title by then, I do want a tie breaker against you at some point.” I nodded in agreement before I made myself comfortable on the sofa and Keira sat down opposite me. ”I won at Inception V, you won at Climax Control 323, the bosses are probably figuring out where they should book the tie-breaker for as we speak.”

“I wouldn’t put it past them, they do try to book things in advance.” Keira nodded in agreement as she leaned forward. “Roxi is especially excited about training with you because your Amber’s last opponent before her title match.”

”I’ll try not to soften Amber up too much! Roxi is expecting a challenge from her after all!” I joked in response and Keira laughed before shaking her head. ”Besides, what I said at Climax Control about my title reign being the first chapter of my story in SCW? I meant every word of it, I’m not about to let the likes of Diamond Steele or Hayley Hensley get in my way of that.”

“I’m glad to hear it, and hopefully me and Roxi’s training will help you get to that next chapter.” Keira nodded in response before we heard the door to Cassie’s room open and looked up, seeing my cousin making her way down the stairs. “Everything packed away Cass?”

”Yeah, I pretty much put all my stuff in the same places I kept them the last time I was here.” Cass nodded as she made her way down the stairs, the three dogs wasted little time in racing up to her with their tails wagging and she bet over to stroke them. ”So, when will our training start?”

“After dinner, I bet you girls are starving after the flight.” Keira responded with a nod and me and Cassie went to respond but, well, our stomachs rumbling did that for us. “That answers that, Roxi will be handling dinner, Makayla’s free to help out if she wants.”

”We’ll see, Makayla has been cooking less at home since she took the head chef position at the Ring Rust Café.” I explained and Keira nodded as she got the idea. ”That job has fallen to me these days, luckily Makayla has been giving me some pointers.”

“Well, whatever happens, you’ll have some good food in you before we start training.” Keira nodded before we shifted the topic towards other matters.

Fan meet and greet, Tampa, Florida
Tuesday the 1st of March 2022, 18:00pm

*promo time*

The burning question.

”Well, here I am at my first meet and greet since I lost the Bombshell Roulette Title and my first one here in Tampa, Florida.” I stated to the crowd of fans who cheered in response. ”And to get the obvious question out of the way, the reason I’m here in Tampa, Florida when the next SCW show is back home in Las Vegas is simple, starting yesterday me and Cass have been training with Team Hero, for Cass it was so that she could get some extra training but for me? It’s about the Main Event of Climax Control 325.”

“The street fight against Amber?” A male fan asked and whilst I resisted the urge to respond with a sarcastic quip I nodded. “What are your thoughts on this match and how it came about?”

”Amber can complain about Carter costing her team their spot in Blast from the Past until the cows come home, it doesn’t change the fact that she attacked my and Carter’s best friend in retaliation when Ari had nothing to do with it.” I commented as I leaned forward on the desk. ”She wants to preach about professionalism and being humble when she pulls a stunt like that? Fine! I’ll kick her hypocritical ass up and down the Las Vegas strip and then some!”

“What about Diamond Steele? Do you worry that she’ll try to retaliate against you for attacking her after her win against Seleana last week?” A female fan asked and I shook my head in response.

”Diamond Steele is an idiot but do you really think that she’s dumb enough to mess with Amber? Carter only messed with Amber because of his issues with Hitamashi, difference there is that Amber can’t hit Carter without getting in trouble with the bosses!” I responded as I shifted my weight. ”But hey, if Diamond wants to send herself and the Gem Stones to their deaths at Amber’s hands, I won’t stop them! We all know that Adrienne can do better than Emerald when it comes to girlfriends anyway!”

“Say you get the win over Amber on Sunday, what will that mean for Blaze of Glory X?” Another female fan asked and I frowned in response.

”If the bosses weren’t so fucking stubborn about not budging on their plans, they would’ve made the Bombshell Roulette Title Match a Triple Threat because I got screwed over! But no, instead I’m left wondering what the hell do they have planned for me at Blaze of Glory X now that I’m no longer the champion.” I commented with an annoyed huff before continuing. ”If nothing else, I can use this match and win against Amber to show the bosses that I’m no fluke and that I earned my Future Star and Most Improved of the Year awards at High Stakes last November! Amber knows what I’m capable of in the ring but she hasn’t seen me in person when I’m pissed off, Char Kwan learned that lesson first hand when she attacked Ari and we all know how that match ended for her! My match against Amber won’t be any different.” I added before shifting my weight. ”One last question before I jump into my promo.” I told the fans and it didn’t take long for someone to stand up and ask me one.

“What does the future hold for you now that you are no longer the Bombshell Roulette Champion?” Another male fan asked and I grinned to myself before starting my promo.

”That’s a perfect Segway into my promo! After all Amber, that is the question most people have been asking since I lost the title, What the Future Holds for Krystal Wolfe? I’m not going to answer that right now, I’m going to save that for the end.” I stated before brushing some hair over my shoulder. ”Amber, this isn’t our first meeting in the ring but it is our first meeting in singles competition! The last time we faced off was in last year’s Blast from the Past and to say a lot has changed about me in that time is a fact! You know what’s also a fact?”

I stated as I shifted my weight.

”Let’s use a mutual friend as an example, because you play nice with the rookies in SCW, in particular, Chloe Benton and I bet you’d take her out for ice cream if you found the time, but if you faced Chloe in the ring, you’d destroy her, wouldn’t you?” I asked plainly before laughing to myself. ”That’s the problem with you Amber, in the ring you’re the same cold hearted bitch as you were towards Ari and if there’s one thing this cycle has exposed you as Amber, it’s SCW’s biggest hypocrite! You expound the virtues of being humble, being professional and staying out of other’s matches but the moment someone with a very real beef against your partner decides to do something about it, all professionalism is gone, suddenly you feel the need to teach that person a life lesson by attacking their best friend! You had to have known that I’d take exception to that because of how close I am with Ariana yet you did it anyway, and now here we are, facing each other in a street fight in the Main Event of the Go Home show.”

Funny that.

”I’ll repeat the same words I directed towards Char Kwan when she tried the same thing, you could’ve avoided this.” I commented with a chuckle before resting my head on my hand. ”This whole Street Fight could’ve been avoided if you had just left it at Carter’s apology but you didn’t, and it’s even worse because, and I can’t believe I’m defending Char Kwan, in Char Kwan’s defence, she didn’t know what the consequences are for hurting my friends and ending up in a match against me, but you? You have the benefit of hindsight, it’s not like it’s that hard to go back and rewatch the build-up between me and Char Kwan’s title match at High Stakes Amber but if you did, we wouldn’t be in this situation but alas, you had to go and push my “best friend got hurt” button, didn’t you?”

Big mistake.

”Throw in the fact that this is my first match since I lost the Bombshell Roulette Title and, well, it just gets worse for you, doesn’t it Amber?” I asked plainly with a grin on my face. ”Because now you’re dealing with a pissed off, motivated Go Gym Graduate with nothing to lose, everything to prove and gain from winning this match! You’ve been a dominant World Bombshell Champion I’ll give you that but all champions slip up eventually and this was your first slip up Amber, the first of many at that! We can’t pin the loss in Blast from the Past on you either because it was your partner that got pinned and as for your last title match? Please, did anyone not named Mercedes Vargas honestly believe that the title wasn’t changing hands that night?”

Probably not.

”Let’s face it Amber, you’ve had an easy ride this cycle, if anything the only person who’s had it easier is Andrea and she’s competing in her first match of the cycle on Sunday.” I commented with a grin as I leaned back. ”Your first match was against a Hall of Famer so over the hill that she can’t even win the Bombshell Roulette Title, much less your title, and your last Blast from the Past Match? Even if the title was on the line, you weren’t the one who got pinned! If anything, me and Roxi are your first real tests of the cycle, shame that it took to the end of the cycle for that to happen but what can you do, am I right? But there’s one problem with having an easy ride Amber.”

It's that simple.

”You get complacent! I should know all about that really! I got complacent as fuck during my last two months as champion and the same thing is happening too you, whether you realize it or not.” I stated as I leaned forward. ”That complacency was my downfall and it’ll be your downfall as well Amber, you said that I didn’t need help, I needed life insurance but that couldn’t be further from the truth, though I do have life insurance thank you very much, because against a pissed off motivated Go Gym Graduate? If anyone needs help, it’s  you Amber but because you’re such a cold hearted bitch in the ring, will anyone come to your aid?”

And with that I decided to wrap things up.

”I seriously doubt it, except maybe Diamond and the Gem Stones in retaliation for my attack on Diamond last week but we’ll see if they are dumb enough to do that.” I stated as I shifted my weight. ”So, what does the future hold for me? That is the question I asked at the beginning of this promo and what the future holds is very simple, a great and glorious future for “Down Under Thunder” Krystal Wolfe and that future starts this Sunday in the Main Event of the Blaze of Glory X Go Home show where I shock the world by beating you! The storm is coming Amber and you are not prepared to be struck down by “Down Under Thunder” Krystal Wolfe as I turn the page in the story of my SCW career!”

The meet and greet continued as the scene fades.

Climax Control Archives / “All The Things She Said.”
« on: February 14, 2022, 04:57:10 PM »
Krystal’s attempt to make it past round one of the Blast from the Past Tournament failed for the second year in a row leaving the Aussie Bombshell frustrated and vulnerable to Matthew and Marty’s poisonous words, something that would prove to be true come last week’s Climax Control where Krystal aired her frustrations live on air earning the concern of Jessie, Keira, Cassie and Adrienne in the process.

But Krystal wouldn’t have to wait long for another match to come along, this week she was competing in her second ever main event and like the first time around she was defending the title, this time it was a rematch with Keira! And just to make things interesting, Krystal’s challenger for Blaze of Glory X, Diamond Steele, was the referee! This would be Krystal’s ninth defence but can she retain?

Orleans Arena Parking Lot, Paradise, Nevada
Sunday the 13th of February 2022, 21:00pm

It should be me.

The past two weeks of action have been a blur to put it mildly, rather than cruise through the opening round of Blast from the Past I got eliminated in the first round and just to compound matters, certain idiots have voiced their opinions! Including someone who signs my pay checks.

Heads getting a little big he said, highly enjoyed it he said, fuck him!

So yeah, I used my promo time tonight to lash out at certain people on the roster, granted I did it after some prodding by Matthew and Marty but most of the things I said had been brewing in my mind all week including when I want to the Ring Rust’s Café’s opening on Friday night, I just figured that it was better to not let it boil over rather than leaving it to stew.

And well, you saw my promo, you heard what I said.

”I’ll call you in the morning Matthew, but I’ve got a lot of stuff on my plate next week stream wise.” I said to my manager over the phone not realising that Cassie was walking up behind me. ”Keep me updated on Cassie’s progress in the meantime, bye!” I added before hanging up on Matthew and checking my phone for updates from Twitter or any indication that the card had been posted. ”Card’s up, wonder if they got my……..”

”Hey Krystal.” Cassie nearly made me jump out of my skin when she called out to me and I looked up before seeing my eighteen year old cousin approaching me with a frown on her face. ”Pretty wild night huh?”

”Yeah, you can say that again.” I responded after I got over the surprise before I turned to face my cousin, and it was then that I realized that she was clearly upset by something, not to the point where she was crying after my outburst last week but well, it was obvious. ”Okay Cass, what’s up? You know you can tell me……..”

”WHAT’S UP?! THAT’S ALL YOU HAVE TO FUCKING SAY?!” Cass demanded before taking several deep breaths, it didn’t take me long to figure out why she was so upset, well upset at me to be precise. ”I was nearby for your interview remember? Or did you think I was just going to zone out and eat a truck load of snacks whilst you talked shit? I thought we were over this after the incident at last week’s Climax Control!”

Oh, son of a bitch! ”I was! But Christian’s tweet just set me off, I’ve worked too fucking hard to get where I am for someone like him to pass judgment from up high!” I countered but I could see that Cass was not backing down. ”What do you want from me Cass? You know I’ve been trying to get to the next level for months now!” I demanded and Cass wiped away a tear from her eye.

”I want the old you back! From before Matthew and Marty entered the picture!” Cass responded after taking several deep breaths. ”You’ve changed since Matthew and Marty came aboard and not for the better!”

”Cass you know the whole reason I contacted them in the first place was a direct result of Ari’s attack during the lead up to High Stakes XI! I didn’t want my friends to get hurt like that again! Hell, I don’t want you to get hurt like that or anyone else I care about!” I responded before I got a notification on my phone and retrieved it from my pocket. ”Andrea’s on Team Keira?! What the fuck?!”

”Oh yeah, there’s that as well.” Cass added as she walked up to me. ”They’ve scheduled your ninth defence for the Main Event of next week’s Climax Control! And it’s a rematch against Keira!” Cass added and I checked the text that had the card included, indeed my next defence was the Main Event and there was one glaring detail. ”I see you’ve spotted the fine print.”

”Diamond’s the guest ref and my challenger for Blaze of Glory X, well, that complicates things.” I sighed in response before briefly going over the rest of the card. ”I guess we’ll be training extra hard.”

It was at that point that Cass dropped the other bombshell! No pun intended. ”I’m not training with you and Jess this week, Team Hero offered to help train me and I jumped at the opportunity.” Cass explained and I was taken aback by that. ”We haven’t figured out the details of how this will fit around my schedule at the PTA Gym, but because Keira’s your next challenger……..”

[font color=#00FFFF]”You want to avoid a conflict of interest right?”[/font] I asked and Cassie nodded in response. [font color=#00FFFF]”Look Cass, we have a lot to discuss and it’s getting too late to continue this argument further, can we finish this discussion in the morning?”[/font]

”Yeah, I was about to suggest that.” Cass admitted as she looked at the time on her phone. ”And for what it’s worth, Makayla’s been trying to call you since your promo aired.”

”Off course she has, I can’t wait for that screaming match!” I sighed before we got in the car and I drove off.

I didn’t think I was going to jump into another title defence against Keira so soon after my last one, I figured that they would at least save that for Blaze of Glory X but here I am, defending against Keira again.

And as the old saying goes, second verse, same as the first.

Krystal’s home, Las Vegas, Nevada
Valentine’s Day 2022, 11:00am

I’m barely a day into the new week and this is already setting itself up to be a wild one.

Not just the defence against Keira but today is the first Valentine’s Day since Makayla moved over from Australia, much less the first one since I asked her to marry me at High Stakes X so yeah, this is going to be a wild day.

Oh yeah, the wedding, that’s been scheduled for the week before Blaze of Glory X (more specifically the Monday before the event) and whilst neither me nor Makayla have much family here in the states the family that still live in Australia are flying over for my wedding, including the other victims of my abusive dad.

Yeah, since my interview with Rocky during the lead up to Inception V more of my dad’s surviving victims have come forward to tell their story, some had it a lot worse than me but I have been in contact with my extended step family and they’ll be there for the wedding! Even if it’ll be the first time I meet most of them in person.

The only sibling who won’t be in attendance is Kirsty, she did go to rehab after I took custody of Rachel last year but she lasted a week into what was meant to be a six month rehab course and jumped right back into the illegal drugs (and by that I mean crack and not weed like Cass), I’ve pretty much given up on her at this point and unless she gets clean Rachel will never see her biological mother again, and frankly? After her behaviour during the family court hearing that saw me and Makayla get custody of Rachel I don’t think she wants anything to do with her.

”It’s been a hell of a month already.” I commented to myself as I sat down on the sofa next to Makayla, Rachel was playing with Garrus in front of us (and the doggo was definitely growing up fast) and Makayla was looking for something romantic for us to watch on Valentine’s Day. ”And it’s only going to get wilder on Sunday night.” I added and Makayla looked up before nodding.

”Frankly I’m surprised that you took a day off from training so we could have Valentine’s Day together.” Makayla admitted as she shifted her weight. ”I know we’ve been looking forward to our first Valentine’s Day together since we got engaged and all but you’ve got a title defence coming up on Sunday and it’s a rematch against Keira! Or do I need to remind you of your bruised ribs from your first defence against Keira?”

[font color=#00FFFF]”I’d rather you didn’t but I know Keira will be trying to make up for her mistakes during my first defence against her.”[/font] I responded with a frown before flipping some hair over my shoulder. [font color=#00FFFF]”As for the day off? Well, I let Gabriel know that I was going to take the day off to spend Valentine’s Day with you in advance and that was going to be the case regardless of what match I ended up in.”[/font] I added before Makayla decided “screw it” and put Disney+ on before playing the original Beauty and the Beast. [font color=#00FFFF]”Can’t beat a classic huh?”[/font]

”It was this or Hunchback of Notre Dame and I wasn’t about to subject Rachel to Hellfire, even if it is the best Disney Villain Song!” Makayla admitted as she started playing the classic Disney movie. ”Any bets on which song will never leave our heads by the time the credits roll?”

”My bet is on Be Our Guest, that’s one of the catchiest songs Disney has ever produced for a good reason.” I reasoned and Makayla found that hard to argue with, at least at first. ”You?”

”It’s either going to be “Be Our Guest” or “Beauty and the Best”, either that or Beauty and the Beast drives us to tears and Rachel is wondering why.” Makayla responded with a grin and I nodded as the classic Disney film started to play. ”Just try not to do anything like last night’s promo again.”

Oh god damn it! ”It’s going to be a while before you let that go, isn’t it?” I grunted in annoyance and Makayla nodded with a knowing grin on her face. ”Didn’t I apologize enough for making Cassie upset last night?”

”You did but she had every right to be upset with you, at least try to focus on your title match on Sunday!” Makayla sighed and I couldn’t really argue with Makayla so we just resumed watching the classic Disney movie.

Jessie’s home gym, Las Vegas, Nevada
Tuesday the 15th of February 2022, 18:00pm

Yesterday’s day off was what I needed after spending so long worrying about my next defence which is ironic when you remember that my next defence is this Sunday night but because of that I need to get back into the swing of things, and that includes training at the Go Gym and with Jessie.

And since Cass was going to be training with Team Hero, well, it was going to just be me and Jess.

”I take it you know why Cass isn’t with me today?” I asked as I followed Jess down the stairs to her basement gym. ”Because I haven’t spoken to her much since I left the Orleans Arena on Sunday.”

”If by that you mean that Cass is training with Team Hero, then yeah, I know.” Jess responded as we entered the gym and she turned to me with a frown on her face. ”Largely because I gave Keira the idea.”

”So it is about the interview I cut on the last Climax Control.” I grunted in response before sitting down on the weights bench. ”I was just voicing my frustration, it’s not like you never did that in your SCW career.”

”Yeah and the last time I did that I got slapped with a yearlong title shot ban!” Jessie countered as she leaned against one of the rowing machines. ”I’m not saying that I didn’t enjoy some of it, hell I laughed for a good minute when you took aim at Christian but trust me, Matthew and Marty are leading you down the wrong path!”

”How would you know anyway?” I asked Jess as I folded my arms. ”You were never managed by Matthew or Marty aside from that match you had against Keira back in December and that was a one-off.”

”Well for one thing, I’ve been wrestling since I was eighteen and I turned thirty two last month!” Jess countered with a frown on her face before she adjusted a bra strap. ”I don’t like bringing this up to you but I’ve been in this business a lot longer than you’ve known Makayla and well, you know everything that happened before you met Makayla.”

”Yeah, I still get nightmares thanks!” I grunted in response as I looked up at the shorter woman. ”But beyond that, you’re trying to say that because you’ve been in the business long enough to be called a veteran means you know exactly what Marty and Matthew are up to?”

”That’s exactly what I am saying! You were right on one front, you have every right to be proud of everything you’ve accomplished since winning the title, hell if the reign survives the cycle then you’ll be one of the few SCW wrestlers, Superstar or Bombshell, who can say that they’ll reach the one year anniversary of their title win and trust me, most of the time we’re lucky to last a month!” Jessie pointed out before she started making her way to the ring. ”But if you continue to let Matthew and Marty poison your thoughts, you’re going to end up with fewer friends and a lot more enemies! Trust me Charlotte, it’s not worth it!”

”Let me guess, you’re talking about your campaigns to get shots at the World Bombshell Championship!” I responded with a scoff as I stood up and Jess turned to me. ”At least I can say that every time I’ve put out feelers for new challengers, I’ve retained the title!” I added as I patted the Roulette Title and Jess shook her head.

”Maybe, but like it or not you’ve been slipping since you hired Matthew and Marty, I don’t think I need to say what needs to be done at this point.” Jess responded with a sigh as she turned to me. ”Remember when we first met Cass? Or more specifically the truckload of red flags it created?”

”It’s been in the back of my mind since we started training her.” I admitted with a nod as I stood up. ”We know that she said that she’s going to be training with Team Hero, granted as time has moved on since then I don’t think it’s her parents that are taking advantage of Cass, rather it’s Matthew and Marty.”

”Yeah, that’s exactly what I was thinking, especially after she got body shamed by that prick at the PTA Gym and she described her dad as looking ready to kill someone.” Jess nodded in agreement as she leaned on another piece of equipment. ”Look, I don’t want to say anything without any concrete evidence so as far as we’re concerned? This conversation stays in my home gym, understood?” Jess added and I nodded without hesitation. ”Way I see it? Matthew and Marty view Cass less as a trainee and more of a tool to use against you.”

”To keep me in check, right?” I asked and Jessie nodded as I got the idea. ”There’s only one thing I don’t get about that idea, Cass has been a trainee at the PTA Gym since September and we met her in December, how long exactly have they been playing this game?”

”It’s likely that they didn’t make the connection at first, just saw a young female trainee with a ton of upside who was naturally athletic and agreed to train her to be a wrestler.” Jessie responded with a shrug after thinking for a minute. ”Drug issues aside off course, but after you hired them they probably made the connection and asked Cass if she was related to you, granted such a question would be a long shot, Adelaide’s a large city isn’t it?”

”One of the biggest in South Australia, over a million people live there and it’s South Australia’s Cosmopolitan Coastal Capitol.” I explained with a nod as I brushed some hair over my shoulder. ”Cassie’s family is from Greenock, a small town in the Barossa Valley just to the north of Adelaide, it wouldn’t exactly be a stretch to say that someone who was tired of the city life in Adelaide would move out there to live a quieter life but even then it’s home to just over a thousand people.”

”But it could still happen, is that what you’re saying?” Jess asked and I nodded in response. ”Either way, we need more evidence that Matthew and Marty are up to no good with Cassie and knowing Marty I wouldn’t be surprised if there was something perverse to go along with it.”

”Jess, Cass is eighteen, Marty just turned fifty, for the love of god don’t make me think about that or the implications that come with it!” I insisted with a look of disgust on my face and Jessie conceded as she put her hands up. ”We’ve wasted enough time as it is, let’s get some training done.”

”Agreed, but keep in mind what I said.” Jessie responded as I stood up and walked over to the shorter woman. ”About Cass and your partnership with Matthew and Marty.”

”I will, on both counts!” I assured Jess before we finally entered the ring to start training.

I had a lot on my mind but one thing was clear, there was a long list of former wrestlers who I should’ve considered for my manager before I approached Matthew and Marty.

And I should’ve realized this long ago.

PTA News Update, Las Vegas Nevada
Tuesday the 15th of February 2022, 22:00pm

*promo time*

Here we go again.

“Welcome to the PTA News Update: I’m Marty McFarge! Tonight’s top stories: who is the better kaiju, Ms. Jon or Kaiju RainBWAHAHAHAHAHA! Sorry I could not finish that sentence with a straight face! Off course it’s Ms. Jon! Security staff at the Orleans Arena are still searching for Alexander Raven’s head after it was kicked off by Fenris, who is the biggest loser in SCW: Chloe Benton or The Troll and finally, will Andrea Hernandez ever shut the fuck up?! All this and more but first, I’m here with the reigning Bombshell Roulette Champion Krystal Wolfe! Krystal, this Sunday you are defending the title in a rematch from Inception V against Keira Fisher-Johnson, what are your thoughts?”

The camera panned over to me as I made myself comfortable.

”Well, all day I’ve had the song “All The Things She Said” by taTu stuck in my head and it’s a fitting song considering everything that’s happened leading up to this match! From Keira claiming that she almost had me beat at Inception V to Diamond Steele staking a claim to my Roulette Title to Sam Marlowe beating me in the first round of the Blast from the Past Tournament two weeks ago.” My eye twitched as I said that last part. ”Practically every Bombshell who thinks that their opinion matters to me has said their peace, including a certain bitch who thinks that this is going to be the end of my title reign! I am off course talking about the sole member of Team Keira and Bombshell Internet Champion Andrea Hernandez! This match is more than just about defending the title against Keira again, it’s about shutting up idiots like Andrea!”

“She is obnoxiously egotistical.” Marty responded and I bit my lip to stop myself from making a “pot calling the kettle black” joke. “Off course the biggest news about this title match is the fact that Diamond will be the Special Guest Ref and your challenger at Blaze of Glory X, what are your thoughts on this?”

”Remember the last time I defended the title in the Main Event? It’s going back a few months and no, I’m not talking about that match against Andrea, for one thing, that was non title!” I responded and Marty had to think for a minute before I spoke up. ”My third defence, that Triple Threat Match against Bella and Mercedes in Los Angeles with Jamie Staggs as the guest ref! I bring it up because if this was a Triple Threat then history would be repeating itself both in match type and in my warning to Diamond, try anything and you’ll pay the price, am I clear Diamond?”

“I can’t speak for Diamond but if she was smart she’d heed your warning.” Marty responded and I scoffed in response to that statement. “But what about you defending the title against Keira again?”

”Keira was the toughest challenge of my Bombshell Roulette Title Reign at Inception V, to the point where people are saying that Keira would be champ by now if she had gone for the Deadly Sin that she’d be champ right now and I’d be her first challenger.” I responded before shaking my head. ”Keira, I said I respect the hell out of you during the lead up to Inception V and that is still true just under a month later but you need to understand something Keira, yes you almost had me at Inception V but almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades and you won’t dethrone me on your second attempt.”

“Okay, I know by now we normally let you take the field but you have something to say, don’t you Krystal?” Marty asked and I nodded without hesitation. “Well, go ahead and if you want extra motivation, remember what Christian said about you!”

”I expressed my thoughts on Christian’s comments last week at Climax Control and I don’t need to say it again! That said, once my reign is finally over the history books will likely refer to my reign as the “numbers reign” just because of how often I’ve brought up how many days I’ve enjoyed my reign as Bombshell Roulette Champion.” I stated as I flipped some hair over my shoulder. ”That couldn’t be truer for the cycle after Blaze of Glory X, why? Because my reign started at Into the Void X and when my reign survives both Keira and Diamond, I’ll be exactly one year into this reign come Into the Void X and neither Keira nor Diamond will stop me from being the first Bombshell to reach that milestone!”

“Well, that seems like a good a Segway as any, go ahead Krystal, the floors all yours.” Marty told me and I nodded before I started on my promo.

”There are plenty of people saying that my reign is in danger just because I lost to Sam Marlowe, that loss may have brought my momentum to a stop but it doesn’t mean my reign is in danger, after all I lost to Diamond and Team Hero during the Inception V cycle and well, I’ll let this visual do the talking for me.” I stated before placing my title on the desk. ”Says it all doesn’t it? And now that I’m heading into another defence against Keira in this week’s Main Event I have a chance to repeat history, there’s just one wrench in the works and her name is Diamond Steele!”

Yes I called Diamond a wrench, what of it?

”Whilst Diamond recovers from that burn, I’ll point out that she is not only my challenger for Blaze of Glory X but the special guest referee for this Roulette Rules Match!” I stated before shifting my weight. ”Off course, owing to the nature of the Roulette Division her role might be mitigated if the wheel lands on, say, a Cage Match? Or a Scaffold Match? Or a Scaffold over a Piranha Tank Match? You get the idea, for all we know Diamond’s role could be minimal at best but if she still finds a way to get involved then I’ll be all too happy to make her pay and who knows if she’ll even make it to Blaze of Glory X if that scenario plays out? Here’s one thing I do know, the ref could be Diamond in the nude and I’d still retain!”

And back to Keira.

”Now Keira, we had a hell of a match at Inception V, to the point where I’m disappointed that it landed on a standard rules match but I digress! But you almost had me beat, you almost had the Bombshell Roulette Title within your grasp, what did I say earlier again?” I asked before I remembered what it was. ”Oh yeah, almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades, something I wish a certain Argentinian Bombshell would take to heart, and I still retained the title, do you think you’ll turn your fortunes around in our rematch Keira? Sorry, it’s not going to happen!”

Nor will it happen the third time!

”You see Keira it’s like I said, I’m a competitor first and a champion second and whilst that means that I want to defend my title as often as I can, it also means that I learn from my past mistakes.” I commented before I leaned forward. ”I know you’ll try to go after my ribs again because that worked so well the first time and you’ll go for the Deadly Sin again, that’ll be your first and last mistake against me Keira because I’ll be ready for when you try to attack my ribs and make it harder for me to hit the Down Under Thunderbomb and hell even IF you succeed I have the Long Rest and the Record Breaker to fall back on! Or even the Critical Hit because if you remember correctly Keira, that was the move that I defeated Seleana with at Disney World, in other words I’m not a one trick pony and I will demonstrate that against you on Sunday!”

And more importantly win.

”So many members of the Bombshell Roster want to see my reign end, I won’t name names but sorry bitches! This title isn’t going anywhere when I’m THIS CLOSE to hitting three hundred days as champion!” I added before grinning broadly. ”And if anything, those women are just jealous that none of their reigns ever or will come close! And Keira, during that contract signing for our match at Inception V you said that you believed in fate, I’ve long held that fate has a funny sense of humour and whilst that is still true today, I think that it's fated that I make it to three hundred days as champion!”

And I will make it!

”Granted, since I retained the title against Char Kwan I’ve faced the toughest challenge of my reign to date, namely you and now I’m facing you again with Diamond right around the corner, you should know by now that not only do I welcome this challenge but I embrace it with open fucking arms!” I said before flipping some hair over my shoulder. ”But in that same embrace, I’m welcoming my fate as Bombshell Roulette Champion at over 300 days, and neither you nor Diamond will stop me from getting to that goal! I’ve had a hell of a reign but it’s not stopping anytime soon! Especially not to a Hall of Famer who ALMOST beat me, isn’t that right Keira?”

Try as you might, you won’t stop me!

”Let’s go back to the beginning, because practically everyone not named Keira was predicting that this reign would end after one defence, this title reign has practically been built upon a foundation of me proving people wrong!” I said with a grin as I placed my hands upon my title. ”And those foundations will hold strong for the rest of my reign! Keira it’s like I said last time, you’re a hall of famer for a damn good reason but every time we face off it becomes clearer that the era of Team Hero is fading and the era of Krystal Wolfe has just begun, after all, this is the Year of the Wolfe and I have a long way to go before the year ends, you just happen to be my first and second challenger of the year Keira and you won’t be the last.”

It’s that simple.

”When it boils down to it Keira, this is a match between two good friends, it just so happens that the SCW Bombshell Roulette Title is on the line! Last time we faced off I took the time to thank you for making my dreams come true but, obviously, I didn’t expect to defend the title against you twice!” I added before putting the title on my shoulder. ”The rest of the Bombshell Locker Room had better get used to seeing this image for a while longer because I have proven to be unstoppable as champion and neither Keira nor Diamond will be the one to end it.”

And with that I decided to wrap things up.

”Fate, noun, the development of events outside a person’s control regarded as predetermined by a supernatural power, remind you of anything Keira? It should, you said that my title reign was fated during the last cycle.” I commented before grinning broadly as I patted my title. ”I’ve always said that fate has a funny sense of humour, largely because of my fucked up upbringing but if it was fated that I win this title and hold it for nearly a year and counting? Then I embrace that fate but my fate says that I will defeat you again Keira and my fate won’t be denied! You will be struck down by “Down Under Thunder” Krystal Wolfe and I will defend the title for the ninth time in a row because THAT is ready for prime time!”

“That’s all for now, see you next time!” Marty announced as the camera panned out and the scene fades.

Climax Control Archives / “My Redemption!”
« on: January 31, 2022, 06:48:50 AM »
(Gabriel was used with permission from Mark)

Krystal had already avenged one slight from her first few months in SCW, she had retained the Roulette Title over Keira Fisher Johnson in what was her toughest defence to date! But for the first time in her Roulette Title Reign, the Roulette Title wasn’t Krystal’s main focus going into the new cycle as she had entered herself into the Blast from the Past Tournament hoping to avenge that black eye from 2021 as well!

Her partner was Jack Washington, a former World Heavyweight Champion and the current number one contender to the Internet Title and unlike last year Krystal wouldn’t have to wait long to find out who her first round opponents were! For Jack he would have to deal with Supreme Machine, a gargantuan wrestler who had wreaked havoc since his debut and Sam Marlowe, a returning Hall of Famer whose previous Roulette Title record for length of reign and number of defences Krystal was in the middle of smashing! Can Krystal make it past round one?

Krystal’s hotel room, Reno, Nevada
Monday the 24th of January 2022, 11:00am

Yep, ribs still hurt like a bitch!

I have just woken up in the hotel room I’m sharing with Makayla and Rachel and in case you’re wondering about last night’s defence against Keira then yes, my ribs still hurt like hell, to the point where I’m still surprised that I managed to get Keira up for the Down Under Thunderbomb last night, but I did, and my reign survives another day.

But here’s the thing, next cycle will be the first one in a while where my Roulette Title won’t be my main concern, why? Four words: Blast from the Past!

They announced the team drawing before last night’s Main Event and whilst I wasn’t celebrating over the partner I got (because I feel like I jinxed it by doing that last year and ribs were still being bandaged up when they were doing the drawing) I am happy with who I got, namely two time former World Champ and current number one contender for the Internet Championship Jack Washington who the bosses outright described as potential winners.

And that was before they announced the rest of the field! Literally, my name was the first one drawn this year!

”My ribs hurt like hell, but I still walk out the champ!” I grunted in pin as I eased myself up out of bed, Makayla was currently getting our stuff packed up for the return trip to Vegas and I didn’t realize how late I slept in. ”And I’d do that match against Keira all over again if I could!”

”Maybe, just MAYBE focus on taking it easy for the next week or so? You got diagnosed with bruised ribs and they are no laughing matter.” Makayla responded with a sigh before tossing me a hair brush so I could start doing my hair. ”And I am well aware that that could be taken literally! Also, Charlotte, do you realize how late you slept in?”

”Why? Did I miss breakfast or something?” I asked before Makayla motioned to my iPhone that was sitting on the nightstand, I reached over and read it. ”I slept in until eleven, great! At least our check out time isn’t for another hour!”

”Even so, I’m trying to be as organized as I can! Cassie texted me a half hour ago to let me know that she was packing her stuff and that Matthew and Marty are waiting for us in the lobby.” Makayla explained and I nodded as I got the idea. ”Don’t worry about helping me out, last thing we want is for your reign to end because you further injured your ribs whilst helping me pack!”

”I can definitely think of worst ways to lose my title but I see your point!” I admitted before Makayla motioned with her hand for me to elaborate. ”Say by some miracle Chloe Benton gets a title match against me, and wins!”

”Maybe, but don’t tweet about that on Twitter, Cassie said that Chloe’s feeling really down after her loss to Bella.” Makayla informed me and whilst I nodded, I would completely forget about that by the end of the day and use Chloe as a weapon to roast Mercedes with and get blasted for it. ”Speaking of the Roulette Title, any idea who will step up next month? I know Blast from the Past will be your priority.”

”That’s just it, the tournament is going to be my priority next month! And if I defend the title on the way to the finals, so be it!” I responded with a shrug before there was a knock at the door. ”But if I do get eliminated in round one? Kate Steele seems obvious because she got that win over me last cycle, Keira Fisher-Johnson came the closest out of anyone and she could use that as a reason to try to challenge me again!” I added before Makayla went to answer the door.

”Or it could be someone unexpected, you never know with the Bombshell Roulette Division.” Makayla nodded before she answered the door, I could see the door from the bed and it was Cassie. ”Hey Cass! Everything set to go?”

”Ready as I’ll ever be, how’s Krystal?” Cass asked and I eased myself out of bed before waving to my eighteen year old cousin. ”What? Did she just wake up or something?”

”How’d you guess?” I asked before stretching my arms with a yawn. ”Makayla’s been doing the packing for me because she woke up before me and I need to rest my ribs.”

”Need my help with anything?” Cassie asked and Makayla shook her head before motioning to the mostly full luggage bags. ”You got most of it done whilst Krystal was asleep, didn’t you?”

”Pretty much! The only things left to pack are Krystal’s night clothes, the Roulette Title which she prefers to carry anyway and Krystal’s toiletries.” Makayla explained and Cassie nodded as she got the idea. ”I think we can safely leave those things to Krystal.”

”Yeah, shouldn’t take me too long! I’ll meet you guys in the lobby.” I told them and they nodded before they left with the luggage knowing that I had my own duffel bag.

I left the Roulette Title for last because as Makayla said, I preferred to carry that around so I slung it over my shoulder with the duffel bag supporting its weight, but as I looked at the title I had to pause.

The last cycle of 2021 featured me at my most vulnerable since the reign started but I still retained the title in the end, by the start of the next cycle I’ll be nine months in and approaching 300 days as champion quickly, that alongside winning Blast from the Past was my goal.

And I didn’t care who got in my way, I was going to make the finals!

Driving down the strip, Las Vegas, Nevada
Sunday the 30th of January 2022, 16:00pm

What am I going to do with her?

I am off course talking about Cass! For those who haven’t been watching our Twitter feeds we had been submitting dish ideas to the Ring Rust Café, a new café for wrestlers that was going to be opening up on the West Coast soon which had also sponsored Cass as their first sponsored wrestler, alongside two other girls who I’ve never met.

That doesn’t sound too bad, right? Well, you know how Cass is a massive stoner? Almost to the point of being a parody of stones? Yeah, she had the munchies today and happened to be in the room whilst me and Makayla were discussing dish ideas, one thing led to another and she abruptly left the house to satisfy her cravings! Never mind the fact that we had food in the house, never mind the fact that we could’ve driven her, she just randomly announced that she was going to go out and get food and left before we knew what was happening.

I gave Cass an hour before she called me asking to pick her up because she ran out of money, she actually lasted two hours.

”Again Cass, if you wanted food, all you had to do was ask!” I reminded my younger cousin as I drove down the strip still unsure as to how the hell she made it to the other side of Las Vegas before running out of money. ”You know how good a cook Makayla is! She’s going to be the chef for that Ring Rust place!”

”Yeah but I wanted to try something new! Most of the stuff Makayla cooks is either Greek or American cuisine!” Cass protested and I shook my head with an amused look on my face knowing exactly where Cass had gone first. ”I say as the woman who went straight to the Wendy’s across the street from the PTA Gym!”

”Well if you wanted to remain inconspicuous, you should’ve gone to a place that isn’t frequented by the other trainees at the PTA Gym!” I reminded Cass with a laugh before I got the “low fuel” notification on my car. ”And I’m nearly out of fuel in an area of Vegas I’ve never been to! Don’t suppose you saw any gas stations on your munchies trip, did you Cass?” I asked and my cousin looked around.

”Actually yeah! Take the next right and go down to the end of the street, there’s a gas station on the left.” Cass instructed me and I nodded before following her directions, luckily my cousin was good for something as we pulled up to the station. ”Don’t suppose you could get some snacks for me?”

”You spent most of your allowance on fast food and you’re still getting the munchies? How much weed did you smoke?!” I asked with a shocked look on my face and Cass grinned sheepishly, I sighed before giving her a five dollar bill. ”Don’t go bragging about this on Twitter, I don’t want it to look like I’m supporting your drug habit!”

”Thanks Cous!” Cass responded with a grin before getting out of the car and racing towards the store.

As the attendant was filling up the car however I got a text, it was the new card and my BFTP Tournament Match was one of the ones announced. ”Washington Wolves against Sam Marlowe and Supreme Machine, looks like I get to check off another name from the bucket list.” I muttered to myself before paying the attendant just as Cass returned with some snacks. ”Just gonna warn you in advance Cass, I’m going to be training extra hard next week!” I commented as we got back in the car and Cass gave me a confused look as we buckled up.

”How come?” Cass asked and I showed her the text, once she read the card Cass let out a low whistle. ”The bosses are going hard for the first weekly show of the year!”

”You can definitely say that again! I’m pretty sure the only reason my title’s not on the line is because Amber’s defending hers in the Main Event!” I responded with a nod as we started to drive off. ”At least I didn’t get her in round one again!”

”No argument there!” Cass nodded in agreement before I drove off for home.

Go Gym, Las Vegas, Nevada
Monday the 31st of January 2022, 11:00am

Back to business as usual.

Me and Gabriel hadn’t really talked since he chewed me out for the Chloe tweet last week but with my (hopefully) first Blast from the Past Tournament Match of the year happening this Sunday night it was a matter of time before I was called into his office, and sure enough? That’s what’s happening now as I watch Adrienne train with Ari.

“Charlotte, I hope that you’ve put our talk from last week behind you.” Gabriel commented as I stepped into his office and closed the door behind me, I nodded before stepping in front of the chair in front of Gabriel’s desk. “Good, I don’t think I need to tell you where your focus needs to be.”

”That depends, Gabriel.” I commented before I sat down with the Roulette Title over my shoulder. I had been keeping it in my duffel bag with my street clothes but I had taken it out for the meeting. ”Do you mean this title or Blast from the Past? Because the way I see it, Blast from the Past needs to be my priority right now, even if I don’t make it past round one for the second year in a row.”

“Good to see that we are in agreement on that, I suppose you are prepared for potentially defending that title during the tournament as well?” Gabriel asked and I nodded without hesitation before blowing a strand of hair away from my eyes. “Good, but again that is if you make it past round one and you are facing stiff competition in the opening round.”

”Not quite as stiff as say, Amber Ryan and Despayre but Sam Marlowe and Supreme Machine are no pushovers, literally in Supreme Machine’s case.” I responded with a nod and Gabriel chuckled at my joke. ”Main concern with Supreme Machine is how Jack will handle him, not only is the big guy the biggest male wrestler SCW has seen since Casey Williams was an active competitor but, well, you saw what he did to Fenris, Miles Kasey, Brother David Shepherd and Bill Barnhart.”

“Supreme Machine is dangerous, but what concerns me is his blatant disregard for the rules, whose to say he won’t try to put his hands on you.” Gabriel pointed out and I nodded with a frown on my face. “You are an excellent wrestler and a trained boxer Charlotte but I doubt that will help much against someone with Supreme Machine’s size and strength.”

”Bigger they are, harder they fall! If he does put his hands on me then I’ll happily put my knee straight between his legs.” I responded bluntly before flipping some hair over my shoulder. ”And since in that scenario Supreme Machine will put his hands on me first, I doubt the bosses will do anything unless they want to be seen as punishing a woman for defending herself against a guy who outweighs her by over two hundred pounds!”

“I know you’ve had your disagreements with Mark and Christian, Christian especially, but they are not stupid, they know that such an action would likely lead to the rest of the Bombshell locker room either quitting in protest or giving them a piece of their minds.” Gabriel responded with a nod as I leaned back in the chair. “But hopefully it won’t come to that, what are your thoughts on Sam Marlowe? I know you brought her up at Inception V.”

”Considering that I’m in the middle of breaking Sam’s records with the Roulette Title right after she got inducted into the Hall of Fame? It wasn’t a matter of if I brought up Sam, it was a matter of when!” I pointed out as I patted the title. ”Like I said at Inception V, Sam’s another name on my bucket list, part of me is frustrated that I’m not defending the title against her but I figured that the bosses wanted to keep it to one title defence for the first Climax Control of the year, since Amber’s defending her title in the Main Event and all.”

“That does seem to be the most likely reason, but if you both make it past the opening round then it begs the question.” Gabriel responded with a nod and I braced myself for it. “How long until you face Amber again.”

”Ideally? I’d prefer to meet Amber in the finals, but I have a long road to navigate before I get there and Sam and Supreme Machine are the first stop on that road.” I responded as I folded my arms before shifting my weight. ”And beyond her being on my bucket list, there any other ways that this match against Sam is just Keira part two! Both are Hall of Famers, former champions.”

“And both are poised to be the toughest matches of your career to date, and don’t forget that Sam was Royal Purple’s challenger at last year’s Blaze of Glory.” Gabriel pointed out and I nodded knowing where he was going with this from the outset. “This match is non-title granted but let’s say that Sam pins you and advances to round two.”

”Well for one thing, I’ll probably swear off tag matches in general if that happens! But if that does happen and Sam does make it to the finals then I’ll have yet another name gunning for the Roulette Title, and between Keira and Diamond? I’ve got enough on my plate!” I responded with a nod before it dawned on me. ”But on the other hand, if Sam loses in round two then I’ll have three legendary bombshells with me in their crosshairs.”

“No one ever said that being a champion in SCW was easy, but that match would be something that even Amber Ryan would struggle with.” Gabriel added as I went to stand up. “It falls to you to ensure that it doesn’t happen Charlotte.”

”Well, me and Jack really but the way I see it? As long as Jack keeps Supreme Machine out of the match then it’ll be mine to lose.” I responded as I stood up before shaking my head. ”On paper that SHOULD be easy since Jack and Supreme Machine will be bound to SCW’s mixed tag team rules, but in practice? It’s like you said, Supreme Machine couldn’t give less of a fuck about the rules if he tried.”

“Not the way I’d put it but you are correct, just remember that you have the facilities of the Go Gym at your disposal.” Gabriel added and I nodded as I got the idea before leaving.

PTA News Update, Las Vegas, Nevada
Monday the 31st of January 2022, 21:00pm

*promo time*

Let’s get this show on the road.

“Welcome to the PTA News Update, I’m Marty McFarge.” Marty introduced the segment as the camera cut to him. “In tonight’s top story: the search for Taylor Blazer continues as her face appears on milk bottles across the country, Ms. Blazer has not been seen since her embarrassing loss to Chloe Benton and has since been released from SCW! How many celeries will people put on after the Ring Rust Café opens? And can Cassie Wolfe find love? But first, I’m here with the reigning SCW Bombshell Roulette Champion Krystal Wolfe as she is set to compete in her second Blast from the Past Tournament! Ms. Wolfe, your opening round match is against Sam Marlowe and Supreme Machine, what are your thoughts on this?”

The camera panned over to me sitting at the desk with the Roulette Title in front of me.

”My thoughts? My main plan of action this week is to avenge the other black eye on my 2021 record! I’ve already avenged my defeat at Inception IV and this week I’ll continue that trend by making it past the opening round of Blast from the Past!” I responded before I adjusted a bra strap. ”Sam is a fantastic athlete who has more than earned her Hall of Fame induction but Supreme Machine is dangerous, you need only look at what he did to Fenris during the last cycle, if it was anyone else then I could at least say that Supreme Machine won’t risk a disqualification and suspension by attacking me but he’s already proven that the rules don’t matter to him.”

“Indeed, he has, I understand that we are working within a limited time so I’ll keep this interview as short as I can, are you excited to face a competitor of Sam’s calibre?” Marty asked and I gave him a significant look for a good few seconds. “Or is that a dumb question?”

”You tell me, you were there for my backstage interview at Inception V!” I reminded him before I flipped some hair over my shoulder. ”It’s as I explained before, upon my graduation from the Go Gym I created a bucket list of opponents, matches and scenarios, a good chunk of them have already been checked off but there’s still plenty of names left to go through and what do you know? Sam‘s name is right bellow Keira’s on that list!” I added before getting into focus. ”Now if you excuse me, I have a promo to do.”

“By all means, the floor is yours.” Marty informed me and I nodded before I got ready to cut my promo.

”There’s no getting around it, last year’s Blaze of Glory cycle was one of the worst times in my professional wrestling career, capped off by me getting left off the Blaze of Glory card.” I commented before I let out a deep breath. ”This year my goal couldn’t be simpler, I want to make this cycle about one thing and that is my redemption! And that redemption starts with my and Jack Washington, collectively known as the Washington Wolves, going up against Sam Marlowe and Supreme Machine!”

Let’s get him out of the way.

”If you’re expecting me to start with Sam, then I’m going to have to disappoint you! Why? Because I’m starting with the big fucker!” I commented and Marty nearly spat out his drink when I said that. ”Supreme Machine, you’ve only been in SCW for a short while but you’ve already made a hell of an impact, and no, I’m, not talking about the time you fell flat on your ass during the match against Fenris at Inception V! On paper you are beholden to the mixed tag team rules which clearly states that you have to take on Jack and I have to take on Sam, but in practice?”

Here's the problem.

”You’ve made it abundantly clear that the rules don’t matter to you! If anything, the rules are like guidelines that you ignore.” I added before letting out a deep breath. ”So what does that mean for the Mixed Tag Team Match? That is the question on everyone’s mind, isn’t it big guy? Look, I know there’s no way in hell I can get you up for the Down Under Thunderbomb or get my legs around your waist for the Long Rest and the Record Breaker? Forget it, my knees would just explode from trying that move on you! But what can I do? Well, all men have the same weakness, it doesn’t matter how big they are because a knee to the balls will always bring them down, hopefully it won’t come to that but if you put your hands on me, I’ll happily put my knee between your legs!”

And now for someone I can actually fight.

”Now that her mountain of a partner is out of the way, let’s talk about the person who I can and will take on in this match, Sam Marlowe!” I commented with a grin on my face. ”Sam, you are a hell of a competitor and you more than earned that Hall of Fame induction last year but be honest, how much is my Roulette Title reign eating you up inside? I broke your record for title defences on the same night as your induction,. I broke your record for longest singles reign, on my first attempt I might add, over the Christmas Break and I am poised to hit three hundred days as champion by the end of the cycle, how does that feel?”

Good question.

”I bet it makes you wish that this was a title match, doesn’t it? Try to cut off my reign before that happens?” I asked before scoffing. ”Good luck with that Sam because this reign isn’t ending any time soon and whilst you are on my bucket list, I have one goal in mind and that’s to make it to round two of the tournament and beyond! I know that we’ll steal the show on Sunday Sam but can you keep up with me long enough to get the win? I don’t think so, because this match won’t be the end of my Blast from the Past campaign and I will beat you!”

It's that simple./

”Sam is a Hall of Famer for a damn good reason and I know that my encounter with her is going to be a show stealer, Jack Washington is a former World Champion for a damn good reason but that just leaves on massive wildcard and his name is Supreme Machine! What will he do in a Mixed Tag Team environment? Who knows? But hopefully I won’t be to pull any drastic measures against him!”

And with that I decided to wrap things up.

”Sam, your someone who I’ve wanted to face since my career began, in a way it sucks that we have to bring Jack and Supreme Machine along for the ride but we all know that Jack can hold his own, Supreme Machine is a wildcard for sure but at the end of the day the Washington Wolves, myself and Jack that is, will emerge triumphant and move on to round two after Sam is struck by “Down Under Thunder” Krystal Wolfe and THAT is ready for Prime Time!”

“That’s all for today, see you next time!” Marty announced and the camera panned out as the scene fades.

This shouldn’t happen.

Today was meant to be another day of training for me at the PTA Gym, I’d do my rounds, have a sparring match or two, do a promo class, all that fun stuff! But towards the end of the day one of the male students, a former College Football Player called Travis, took me aside and told me that if I wanted to be taken seriously as a wrestler I’d need to put on a lot more muscle using my older cousin Krystal as an example of that.

Don’t get me wrong, Krystal is ripped but she’s more of a Power/Submission based wrestler so it fits her style! And yeah, I initially brushed it off as a joke as seen in that tweet I made but I quickly realized that he said was not okay and, well, things just spiralled from there.

It’s been a few minutes since I left the PTA Gym with Krystal and for the most part we had been quiet, it fell to me to break the silence off course. ”I never should’ve gotten you involved in that Krystal, if I hadn’t then he wouldn’t have said those nasty things to me!” I sighed and my older cousin glanced over at me before shaking her head.

”Cass, I was planning on stopping by the PTA Gym after I was done at the Go Gym anyway, I would’ve found out eventually!” Krystal pointed out and I nodded once I realized that she was right. ”I know Winter and Stacy have already said this but that Travis guy is a fucking idiot! You’ll find your soulmate eventually and there’s nothing wrong with your body!” Krystal added as she looked me over and I nodded in agreement and appreciation. ”Like I said, he’s never going back to the PTA Gym, I made sure of that!”

”How’d you manage that? You may be Matthew and Marty’s only client but you don’t have any power there, it’s not like you gave him an ultimatum or anything, right?” I asked before noticing the knowing grin on Krystal’s face. ”Holy shit! You actually gave him an ultimatum?!”

”I think Matthew was going to do it anyway but I told him that unless Travis was expelled immediately I’m firing him and Marty as my managers and taking you to the Go Gym to finish your training.” Krystal explained and I have my older cousin a surprised look when I heard that. ”I asked Gabriel about it when I was in a meeting with him the other day, he said that they’d take you in if things went south at the PTA Gym.”

”And here I thought the best thing you were going to do for me was get me my PS5 and Switch!” I responded with a big grin on my face Krystal nodded before sharing a fist bump with me. ”With all due respect to the guys at the PTA Gym, that’s just making me wish that you had come into my life sooner, maybe I would’ve started at the Go Gym instead.”

”Perhaps, but the guys at the PTA Gym clearly recognized that you are a natural in the ring and have nurtured your natural ability.” Krystal responded with a shrug as we neared my house. ”I don’t think the Go Gym would’ve done a better job to be honest, though you wouldn’t have had to put up with the bullshit you put up with today, that’s for sure.”

”Based on what I’ve been from interacting with Ari and Carter? I don’t doubt that for a second.” I nodded in agreement as we neared the house. ”Well, thanks for sticking up for me Krystal but I’d better head in.” I said as we pulled up to the house and Krystal stopped her car.

”Two things, first, just call me Charlotte, you know that’s my birth name and I think we’re close enough for you to start calling me that.” Krystal told me and I nodded without hesitation, I already knew the situation with her dad and my aunt so that wasn’t an issue either. ”Second, I’m coming in with you! Your parents need to know what happened today and I’d rather they heard it from me.” Charlotte insisted and when I saw the look on her face I nodded before we got out of the car, I went out ahead of my older cousin and got my keys out to unlock the front door.

That wasn’t necessary as my parents had seen Krystal pull up and my mom answered the door. “Cassie? Your home early.” My mom greeted me and I grinned before Krystal caught up with me. “Krystal? Is something wrong.”

”You could say that.” Krystal responded  as she adjusted a bra strap. ”May I come in? There’s something I need to tell you and your husband.”

“Yes, off course! Come in, I’ll put some coffee on.” My mom responded before stepping aside to let us in, Krystal and my mom went into the kitchen where they were joined by dad and I just went into the living room hoping to take my mind off everything with some Metroid Dread, luckily I was keeping my Switch in the duffle bag that contained my wrestling gear.

I don’t know how much time had passed before my parents joined me in the living room, largely because I was struggling on one of the hardest bosses in the game, but when they did I found myself getting a surprise hug from my mom. ”Geez mom, can you at least warn me next time!” I responded with a laugh before seeing the look on my mom’s face. ”You know what happened at the PTA Gym, don’t you?”

“Krystal just explained everything, if that prick comes near you again I’ll kill him!” My dad responded at which point I looked up and saw just how angry he was, easily the angriest I’ve ever seen him and maybe even angrier than Krystal was. “Krystal, we appreciate your help but we can take it from here.”

”Are you sure?” Krystal asked and my dad nodded without hesitation. ”Cass, you have my number! If there’s another incident like the one today, text me before you go to Twitter! And if I’m not available, text your parents!”

”Will do, thanks Krystal.” I thanked her and Krystal nodded before she left the house.

The next few minutes were split two ways, either my mom was trying to calm down my dad before he stormed out and tracked down Travis or my mom was telling me that I was so much better than Travis and that I’d find love eventually.

One thing was for sure though, it may be cliché but it’s true, blood is definitely thicker than water.

Character Building Roleplays / Christmas Cheer, a Cassie and Krystal RP
« on: December 29, 2021, 06:44:18 PM »
It’s been a hell of a year.

I know what your thinking, that can apply to pretty much everyone on the planet that made it through 2020 but between my family moving me from Greenock to Las Vegas out of the blue in August and my subsequent decision to start training to become a wrestler, there’s part of me that’s wondering what 2022 will hold for me and, by extension, my older cousin, off course you should know who my cousin is, she is the Bombshell Roulette Champion after all.

Krystal was out on a date with her fiancé Makayla leaving me in charge of babysitting her step-niece (and by extension, my second cousin) and she was playing with her toys in front of the couch whilst I was playing on my Nintendo Switch, it was a relatively easy gig because Krystal and Makayla made sure Rachel had something to eat before they left.

”It’s a dog’s life, huh Garrus?” I asked the puppy as he let out a big yawn before stretching his legs and laying down in front of the Sofa, I paused my game of Metroid Dread to check the time and seeing that it was nearly 18:00pm I sighed to myself. ”Krystal and Makayla left around 16:00pm so they are probably waiting on their desert by now……..” I mumbled to myself before hearing a text notification from my phone, I reached over and grabbed it figuring it was just a text notification from Krystal saying that they’d be back soon.

I wish it was, because what I got instead was WAY worse. “Is something wrong Cassie?” I looked up and saw Rachel looking towards me and I shook my head knowing that the contents of the text where inappropriate as all hell for a girl her age, or any age really.

”It’s fine Rach, how about you go play with your toys in the other room? I’ve got to call Auntie Krystal.” I responded once my surprise wore off and Rachel took a few of her toys into the other room. ”How the hell am I going to explain this to Krystal? She’s a lot more famous than me so maybe I should just tell her straight.” I muttered to myself before switching to Krystal’s contact in the texts and quickly typing my text to her. ”A guy I was playing against yesterday just sent me an unsolicited dick pic, no idea how he got my number.” I muttered to myself as I typed the message and hit send.

It was exactly five minutes later that I got my reply from Krystal. ”Call me, now!” Once I read the reply I quickly called my older cousin via Facetime and she answered. ”Not something I wanted to read whilst on a dinner date Cass, please tell me Rachel didn’t see it?”

”No, I sent her into the other room before I texted you, most she caught was my rapid change in facial expressions.” I responded and Krystal breathed a sigh of relief. ”Only other person in the room that’s close to her age is Garrus, and I’m pretty sure doggos don’t even know what dicks are! Even the intelligent breeds like German Shepherds.”

”Yeah, we should be fine on the doggo front.” Krystal responded with a low chuckle before I leaned back on the sofa. ”Sit tight Cass, me and Makayla are just waiting on our deserts ut as soon as the bill’s paid we are coming straight home, and whatever you do, don’t delete that guy’s contact info!”

”You want to give him a piece of your mind, don’t you?” I asked and Krystal nodded on the other end. ”Like I said, I don’t know how he got my contact info, you and Makayla helped me set up my accounts on PSN and Nintendo Online so there’s no way he could’ve gotten that info from there.”

”That will be my second priority when I come home, and I had better let Matthew know about this.” Krystal responded and I nodded in agreement. ”If he knows your phone number, he’ll know where you get most of your training, which wouldn’t exactly be hard to deduce given that you say that on your Twitter profile.”

”True enough, I guess I can play with Garrus for a bit until you get back.” I responded with a sigh as I glanced down at the adorable puppy. ”That incident has put me off anything to do with joysticks for the rest of the night, and this time that innuendo is intentional.”

”As funny as those tweets were, I don’t blame you one bit.” Krystal nodded in understanding before I let out a deep breath. ”See you when I get back.”

”See you!” I waved off my cousin before she hung up, I set aside my phone and Switch before plopping down to the floor. ”Garrus, here boy!” I called out to him and the puppy raced over with his tail wagging, ready for some playtime.

*just under an hour later*

The hour just flew by and I managed to sneak in some selfies with the doggo before we heard the door unlock and Garrus raced off to greet his mistresses, by the time I had stood up Rachel had joined them and it wasn’t long before Krystal marched over to me.

”I’m going to need your phone, I’m not asking.” Krystal told me bluntly and I handed it over without hesitation, Krystal took one look at the dick pic before shaking her head with a scoff. ”Beyond how disgusting this is, did he really thing he was going to impress you with a dick that small?!”

”Tell me about it! What are you going to do now?” I asked my cousin and she didn’t answer, she just hit the call button and went off into the other room. ”Well, that answers that!”

”Krystal is just concerned Cass, plus she was rehearsing what she was going to say to that prick on the way home.” Makayla assured me as Krystal’s fiancé joined me in the front room, followed closely by Garrus and Rachel. ”Here, your twitter details are saved to my phone if you still want to tweet, how are you doing?”

”Well, I’m over the initial shock. I just don’t know how that happened.” I admitted before brushing some hair over my shoulder and taking her phone for the time being.. ”Any idea what she wanted to say to him?” I asked but it wasn’t long before we got an answer.

"IF YOU EVER SEND MY COUSIN OR ANYONE ELSE I KNOW A DICK PIC AGAIN, I'LL CUT OFF YOUR TINY DICK AND SHOVE IT DOWN YOUR THROAT!" Krystal’s voice bellowed from the other room making Garrus jump in the process and Makayla just shook her head, unfortunately that was all I heard from that conversation.

”I’m definitely tweeting that later.” I commented with a chuckle and Makayla nodded with a laugh. ”You have any idea how he got my number.”

”Only theories really.” Makayla responded before she stood up. ”Krystal will sort out your payment when she gets off the phone but try not to let this dampen your Christmas cheer Cass.”

”I’ll try.” I nodded before she left the room with Garrus in tow and I made myself comfy again, off course I didn’t realize that this was just the beginning of the hell this asshole was going to put me through.

Climax Control Archives / “I Need a Hero!”
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Krystal had picked up the win over Mercedes Vargas in a hard fought match putting the Aussie back in the winner’s circle, however Jessie’s match against Keira was a different story! Jessie didn’t lose the match, she fought Keira to a double count out draw after Keira wiped them both out with a spear! That left a lot of questions unanswered and whilst Jessie’s Supercard opponent and Bombshell Internet Champion Andrea Hernandez was unimpressed, those questions needed answers.

Most pertinent of those questions was whether Jessie and Keira would be at 100% in time for the tag team match against Team Hero on the last show of the year! This match now carried major implications for Inception V as all four women were in action at the show! Krystal was defending her Bombshell Roulette Title against Keira whilst Jessie was challenging Andrea for the Bombshell Internet Title and as of last week’s Climax Control Roxi was taking on the newly signed Kat Jones! Which side will emerge victorious?

Backstage at Climax Control 319, Tucson, Arizona
Sunday the 12th of December 2021, 21:00pm

This has been one hell of a night.

Hell, I knew it was going to be one of those nights when I saw this week’s card the week before but between the celebration, Adrienne’s cake (seriously, how has she never considered applying for MasterChef?!) and Jessie’s draw against Keira and my win over Mercedes (though let’s be honest, pretty much everyone saw that coming from a mile off) it’s been an interesting penultimate show of the year.

And we still have the Christmas Show and the tag match against Team Hero to come, 2021 is definitely ending with a bang!

“Any word on Jessie?” I glanced up and saw Matthew and Marty approaching me, I was waiting outside the medic’s office with my arms crossed and I nodded.

”If you’re asking about the tag match, she’ll be fit and ready by the Christmas Show.” I responded before shifting my weight a bit. ”That spear from Keira just knocked her loopy but it had the same effect on Keira, by the time they had regained their senses it was too late to get back in the ring to break the Double Countout.”

“That’s good, we need her at 100% for the Christmas show.” Marty chimed in and I turned to him with a frown on my face. “We have invested too much into this tag team match and we can’t afford any setbacks.”

”Let me remind you that whilst you and Matthew serve as my managers Marty, you are employed by SCW.” I stated as my eyes narrowed before I marched up to the overweight sports agent. ”That makes Jessie and Keira your co-workers, your co-workers just had a concussion scare and the only thing you can talk about is your investments?!”

“Sadly Marty, I must agree with Krystal, that was a poor choice of words.” Matthew nodded in agreement before the door to the medic’s office opened. “He just meant that recruiting Jessie to be your partner instead of a fellow Go Gym Graduate was a risk, especially since we don’t know if Jessie’s going to be ready for the match.”

”Then I’ve got good news for you both, I tested negative for a concussion and got a clean bill of health.” Jessie chimed in as she walked up to us, and we turned to face her. ”Keira got the all-clear as well, she left earlier with Roxi.”

”Good, now all that’s left to do is work off Adrienne’s cake.” I nodded in response as I unfolded my arms. ”Next week’s Christmas Show is back in Las Vegas, I guess the higher ups wanted to come home for Christmas.”

”I saw, at least this means that I won’t have to travel across country to work out in my home gym, well, not counting the trip from Tucson to Las Vegas off course.” Jessie nodded in agreement as she adjusted a bra strap. ”I hope you’re ready for this Krystal, Team Hero are Hall of Famers for a damn good reason.”

”I’ve been ready for this since the challenge was made! Speaking of matches, the Main Event is about to start, want to watch it?” I offered Jessie and she nodded before we walked off with my managers.

Krystal’s hotel room. Tucson, Arizona
Sunday the 12th of December 2021, 23:00pm

I am about ready to just call it a night.

We got back to the hotel without incident and Jessie, Matthew, Marty, Cyrus, Andreas and Lizzie were all back in their hotel rooms leaving me on my lonesome in my hotel room, what with Makayla being back in Vegas and all, but that didn’t mean I didn’t have company as I got a knock at my door.

”Seriously, who calls at this hour?!” I grumbled to myself after I checked the time on my phone before I got out of bed and answered the door, well, at least it was a pleasant surprise. ”Oh, hey Adrienne!” I greeted the French Bombshell as she stood there with a warm grin on her face and a plate containing one of the few remaining cake slices in her hands. ”You realize how late it is, right?”

”Oui, I do, but I’ve been feeling bad about that argument we had after I accepted Amber’s challenge.” Adrienne admitted, and I quickly realized why she had that cake slice with her. ”So I wanted to make it up to you.”

”Adrienne, it’s fine! If I wasn’t over that argument I wouldn’t have recommended you to Matthew as a baker.” I assured the French teenager and Adrienne nodded in understanding, but it was clear that she wasn’t budging on the issue, and to be honest? Her cake is so good that I wasn’t about to say no to it! ”I take it you saw your Supercard debut being announced.”

”Yeah, two veterans of the business and me, a wrestler who’s second language is English and has only been wrestling for a few weeks, can I come inside? It’s getting cold out here?” Adrienne asked, and I nodded before steeping aside to let her in and Adrienne wasted little time in hopping in. once I closed the door behind her Adrienne sat down on the edge of my bed and I set the cake aside for later. ”I was initially nervous but then I saw Diamond’s reaction to the match, and it got me angry.”

”You mean when she responded to a match with one of the newest faces in the Bombshell Division and the woman with the longest Internet Title Reign to date with “meh”? I saw that tweet as well, and Mark’s reaction.” I responded with a nod and a frown on my face as I folded my arms. ”I’ve known Mark for a lot longer than you and that’s easily the angriest I’ve ever seen him! Though I suppose the situation with Supreme Machine didn’t help either.”

”Yeah, even after my challenge to Amber his anger seemed to be more out of worry than anything else whilst Christian was just being Christian.” Adrienne responded with a frown on her face and I had to agree. ”I know you’ve got your own matches to worry about, but can you help me prepare for the match? Jessie’s already offered to help me with it.”

”Adrirmne, be honest with yourself, do you think that’s a question that needs answering?” I asked, and Adrienne paused before she shook her head. ”Any sparring sessions we have will help me prepare for my matches just as well, and you were my favourite sparring partner when you were just a trainee at the Go Gym.” I pointed out and Adrienne nodded when she realized that I was right.

”I guess you’re right, but I just hope that I’m ready for this match.” Adrienne admitted as she started to play with her red hair.  ”I know Gabriel wouldn’t have recommended me to Katie if he didn’t think I was ready for SCW and that I won my debut match but wrestling another rookie like Chloe is a different beast from wrestling two veterans like Diamond and Myra, Diamond’s disrespect not withstanding off course.”

”All you’ve got to remember is this, you’re a graduate of the Go Gym, one of the best wrestling schools in Las Vegas! You had the best teachers the best facilities and the best sparring partners money could buy.” I responded as I walked up to her, and Adrienne nodded as she got the idea. ”They’ve all prepared you for this moment, your SCW Supercard debut, don’t forget that and you’ll do just fine, win or lose.”

”I will, thanks Krystal.” Adrienne nodded before she got up and headed to the door. ”Have a good night and enjoy your cake!”

”You have a good night too Adrienne.” I responded before she left the hotel room, now that I was alone again I sat back down to enjoy the cake, not really caring about the crumbs I was leaving because that was more the hotel cleaning staff’s problem now.

It was still strange o to think that Adrienne was starting in the business at such a young age, especially when I was still recovering from the abuse I suffered growing up in Adelaide when I was her age, I guess that’s what’s having a relatively normal childhood is like.

Then again, what is normal anyway?

Krystal’s home, Las Vegas, Nevada
Monday the 13th of December 2021, 18:15pm

From a hectic night to a hectic day, never a dull moment for me!

Today’s session at the Go Gym went by relatively uneventfully, but about halfway through I was called into Gabriel’s office about the confrontation I had with Carter during the 200 day celebration but that was resolved quickly, now that I was home I had a few things on my mind, and one of them had four legs, a wagging tail and was waiting for me at the door the moment he heard my car pull into the driveway.

”Hey Garrus!” I greeted the German Shepherd puppy that I had gotten for my birthday last month, the puppy reacted excitedly ass I entered the house and raced back to the kitchen ahead of me whilst I hung up my jacket and mask. ”Makayla, are you around?”

”I’m the kitchen!” Makayla called back, and I grinned before entering the kitchen, Rachel was sitting at the table waiting as Makayla cooked dinner. ”How did the session at the Go Gym go?”

”Aside from me being called out for the confrontation with Carter? It was fine.” I responded with a shrug before I sat down at the table and Makayla gave me a surprised look. ”I had a feeling that it was going to be brought up at some point, but I didn’t think it would happen so soon after Climax Control.” I added with another shrug and Makayla nodded.

”I guess Gabriel figured he’d better get it out of the way, especially considering who you’re facing on the Christmas special and at Inception V.” Makayla shrugged her shoulders in response before she resumed cooking. ”Speaking off, any hurt feelings over the fact that you went with Jessie instead of another Go Gym Graduate? The Go Gym Graduates stick together right?”

”In theory yeah, but you know how hectic wrestling can be, and no one’s heard a peek from Tempest since she lost the Mixed Tag Titles,, otherwise she would’ve been my first choice.” I responded with a frown before Garrus jumped up and put his paws on my chair, I stroked the puppy in response and after a few strokes he jumped back down. ”Jess was the only one who directly offered to be my partner for the match, and since she knows Team Hero better than most of the roster I figured she’d be the perfect fit, that’s how I explained it to Gabriel, and he saw my reasoning.”

”Right, and we know how rocky the relationship with Jessie and the Stevens is.” Makayla nodded in response before glancing over at Garrus. ”We’re starting his puppy training in the New Year, right?”

”Yeah, the puppy training place was completely booked up for the rest of the month, so I figured it was best to do it in the new year.” I nodded before watching Garrus lay down on the kitchen floor with a yawn.  ”German Shepherds are one of the most intelligent dog breeds out there so training him should be a breeze.”

”Fitting considering we named him after the best Turian character in the Mass Effect series, and the only guy I’ve ever fallen in love with if we’re being honest.” Makayla responded with a laugh, and I nodded with a big grin on my face. ”We just need to get a boxer called Wrex, a Labrador called Liara, a Rottweiler called Jack…….okay if we’re going to get the whole Mass Effect crew as pets, we’re going to need a much bigger house!”

”Gee, you think?!” I teased my fiancé, and she just shook her head in response. ”What’s for dinner anyway?”

”I’m sticking with a Greek classic, Soutzoukakia or Greek Meatballs in a red wine sauce and rice on the side.” Makayla explained as she cooked the food and I nodded as I watched on. ”The meatballs are being shallow fried, and the red wine sauce is being reduced, shouldn’t be much longer once the rice is done.”

”If your goal was to make me hungry, mission accomplished.” I responded with a grin and Makayla laughed in response. ”How are you cooking the rice anyway?”

”Doing little Basmati Rice Cakes that I perfected whilst I was in Culinary School, they are in the oven as we speak.” Makayla responded before she bent over to check on the rice cakes. ”They are browning up nicely, shouldn’t be too much longer.”

”I hope not, I worked up a hell of an appetite whilst I was at the Go Gym!” I responded with a grin and Makayla nodded. ”I pretty much had too because my next too matches are against Team Hero, saying that Keira could probably eat ten servings of your food!”

”Based on what you told me about that celebration meal you and Jessie had with Team Hero, ten might be an understatement!” Makayla laughed in response, and I just shook my head with a grin. ”Let’s hope you are ready for Team Hero and more importantly Keira, you’ve made great strides as Bombshell Roulette Champion Charlotte, but Team Hero are Hall of Famers for a reason and Keira’s been Roulette Champion before.”

”I knew what I was getting into when I accepted Keira’s challenge, and again when me and Jessie accepted Keira’s challenge for this tag team match.” I responded with a nod before shifting my weight. ”Team Hero have been on my list of dream opponents since I enrolled at the Go Gym, these next two matches are dreams come true for me and I wouldn’t have accepted if I didn’t think I was ready for it.”

”Trust me Charlotte, I know, but you know there’s a serious possibility of Keira being your last defence, right?” Makayla asked, and I nodded in response, I knew it all too well, but I had a whole month to prepare for the match, not counting Christmas Day off course. ”And if the reign doesn’t end at Keira, what’s next for you? Settling your sights on whoever the World Bombshell Champion is?”

”Honestly? I don’t see Amber’s reign ending at either of her next defences.” I responded as I shook my head whilst Makayla checked on the food. ”Bella’s a hell of a wrestler and her earning that shot in New York was a great moment for her, but Amber’s on another level! Johanna, temper issues aside, is tough as nails and a former champion in her own right but against Amber?”

”I know what you’re saying, but not even Myra at the height of her Internet Title reign could stop Amber, can you?” Makayla asked, and I didn’t have an answer for that, once Makayla picked up on that she returned her attention back to the food.

The conversation I had with Amber the night before on Climax Control was still fresh in my mind, that much was certain, the Blast from the Past Tournament was a black eye on my otherwise fantastic 2021 but that was a ways off and I still had plenty of other things on my mind in between then and now.

But that tournament is definitely in my future.

KKLZ Radio Station HQ. Las Vegas, Nevada
Monday the 13th  of December 2021, 21:00pm

*promo time*

When in Vegas, promote!

“Welcome back to KKLZ Radio, our next guest has wrestled all over the world but makes her residence here in Las Vegas, this Sunday she is set for one of the biggest matches of her career, please welcome Sin City Wrestling’s Krystal Wolfe!” The radio host introduced me and this portion of his radio show was being taped for my promo, with the station’s permission off course. “Krystal, it’s great to have you here!”

”I’m happy to be here.” I responded with a grin as I shifted my weight. ”And I’m ready to take on Team Hero on Sunday and Keira at Inception V!”

“I was just getting to that! This Sunday you are teaming with Jessie Salco to take on the legendary Team Hero, Roxi Johnson and Keira Fisher.” The host responded and I nodded in response as I got ready for his statements. “This match has implications for Inception V beyond just the Roulette Title Match as Jessie is challenging Andrea Hernandez for the Internet Title and Roxi is taking on Kat Jones in a dream match, what are your thoughts on this?”

”It makes the match a hell of a lot more interesting, doesn’t it?” I asked, and the radio host nodded in agreement as I continued. ”When me and Jessie accepted the match, we figured it would just be a neat warm-up match for me and Keira, obviously we knew Jessie was competing in that Fatal Four Way, but no one was more surprised than her when she won, and Kat’s challenge to Roxi was just the icing on the cake!”

“Well, it looks like we’re got our first caller.” The host responded and I grinned as I got ready for the question. “Caller you’re on the air!”

“Hi, I have a question for Krystal, who’s next for you after Keira?” The caller asked and I had to think on that as he waited for an answer.

”That’s a good question because there’s plenty of Bombshells who have yet to challenge me for the title, and that’s if I make it past Keira.” I responded with a nod before taking a sip of the drink that the station had provided me. ”Keira’s someone who I’ve wanted to face since day one as a wrestler but she’s a Hall of Famer for a damn good reason.”

“And we’ve got another caller, do you have any questions for Krystal Wolfe?” The host asked as the other caller hung up.

“How can you claim to be a good guy when you’re pushing the gay agenda on your young, impressionable fans?” The older female voice responded, and I had to resist the urge to roll my eyes so hard that I could see the back of my skull. “Immigrants like you are what’s wrong with this country, let’s go Bran……..”

“I apologize for that Krystal, normally those questions get screened first.” The host sighed as he hung up on the caller and I nodded in understanding. “I’ll ask you a question in her place, how does it feel to go from a six month losing streak to holding the Roulette title for over two hundred days?”

”If I can be blunt? Fucking amazing!” I responded with a grin as I shifted my weight. ”But Keira and Roxi will find out first hand on Sunday that I am no fluke and there’s a reason why I’ve held this title for so long, I can only hope that Keira remembers that lesson who I get set to face her at Inception V.”

“Okay, we’ve got another caller and this one has been screened.” The host responded and I breathed a sigh of relief when I heard that. “You’re on the air!”

”Hi, Jessie Salco here, sorry I couldn’t make it I am too busy training.” Jessie’s voice rang out and I grinned in response. ”When are you getting to the promo portion, and can I join in?”

”Thattll be right about  now Jess.” I responded after getting the go ahead from the host and we proceeded with the promo. ”Team Hero, a legendary Bombshell Tag Team and Hall of Famers consisting  of Roxi Johnson and her wife Keira Fisher-Johnson against the makeshift team of me and Jessie Sakco, on paper this should be in the bag for Team Hero but what happened the last time you weren’t meant to win a match Jessie?”

A good question.

”If you mean the Fatal Four Way for a shot at Andrea, I won! If you mean last night’s match against Keira, we fought to a draw, in other words, nothing is certain in wrestling once that bell rings and me and Krystal will do what we do best this Sunday on Climax Control, and that’s defy the odds! This is a warm-up match for all four of the women in this match but that doesn’t mean that we aren’t taking this seriously, right Krystal?”

Damn right!

”I treat every non-title match as if my title was on the line and that attitude isn’t changing anytime soon! Why would I change it anyway? It’s seen me this far into my reign as champion, hasn’t it? Keira, your challenge to me was what set this match in motion but your desire for new competition is about to bite you on the ass twice, first in this tag match where me and Jessie show the world exactly what we’re made off and then in the title defence against Keira at Inception V, I’ll save the bulk of what I’ve got to say about the match when the time comes but whilst I can honestly see Keira being the end of my reign, I won’t go down without a fight either! And this Sunday will be a preview of the fight I will bring!”

Would you expect anything less?

”May I take this one Krystal?” Jessie asked, and I nodded, even though I knew she couldn’t see me. ”Roxi, this isn’t our first rodeo, but it will be the first rodeo that ends with me coming out on top! That draw against Keira was a setback but I’m not letting that get in the way of our win Krystal and Team Hero are about to regret the fact that Keira ever put out this challenge especially if Roxi gets pinned by me!”

It’s that simple!

”I want to address something Andrea said to my teammate after last night’s draw, she told Jessie to do better, using her own words against her, I know Jessie has her own things to say in response but she’s saving that for her own promo, as for what I have to say? Andrea, you are about to see what Jessie can do when someone pisses her off and Team Hero are in her cross-airs, I hope you’re watching closely because me and Jessie are ready to go to war, I just hope that Team Hero have brought tanks because otherwise they’ll be quoting that Skillet song by saying “I need a Hero!” but that hero won’t save them just in time!”

And with that, we decided to wrap things up.

”This show is happening the week before Christmas which is apt because Team Hero are going to need a Christmas Miracle if they want to get out of this match in one piece, in one corner you have the reigning Bombshell Roulette Champion Krystal Wolfe who frankly has been the best thing to happen to the division on years and then we have me, a veteran who is motivated as all hell and when I strike Roxi like Blood Lighting……..”

”And when I strike down Keira with the Down Under Thunder, they will realize that we are a force to be reckoned with! And that is ready for prime time!”

Jessie hung up and the promo portion of the radio interview ended as the scene fades.

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