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Climax Control Archives / let's get it
« on: November 19, 2021, 09:45:17 PM »
(I'm having trouble logging onto Lincoln's account through my phone. So that's why I'm posting under this account.)

The scene opens inside a fairly large room with a platinum colored chair sitting in the middle of it. A man is sitting in the chair with a beautiful woman standing next to it. This man is wearing a buttoned down shirt with three buttons purposely undone with black slacks and a pair of Gucci style shoes on his feet. A recently lit cigar is positioned between his left index and middle finger as his other hand is holding a small glass of Wild Turkey Bourbon. He takes a few sips of his drink before leaning back in his chair.

Lincoln Daniels: How do you like my new set up? It feels might cozy. I bet a lot of you thought I had just up and left since my dismal performance in my home state. That wasn't my fault alright. The damn referee wasn't doing his job. I had that fucking match won but of course the referee just had to screw me over.

Lincoln takes a long drag on his cigar before letting out a large smoke ring.

Lincoln Daniels: Miles Kasey. It would appear that we always find ourselves in the same sticky situation. We both are in need for a win. One on one we are tied with one win a piece. That just doesn't sit well with me. So here's what I will do for you. I am going to beat you very quick like so the fans don't have to sit through five minutes of your boring display of what you consider to be wrestling. If I were a fab watching you then I would be going to the concession stand or playing a game on my phone. There is nothing about you that screams impressive. I mean the first time we fought, I whipped your ass so badly that everyone had forgotten about you. Hell, I nearly forgot you were on the roster. That's how boring you are and having to face you yet again is really troublesome.

Lincoln pauses to lean forward in his chair.

Lincoln Daniels: Miles, I don't care what you are hoping to accomplish because the way I see it. You aren't good enough to face me. You aren't hungry enough to do whatever it fucking takes to get the job done. As for me. I am that good enough to bash your skull in without skipping a beat. I am that hungry enough to do just about anything to win a fucking match. 2021 is rapidly coming to a close and I promise you. Mister Incredible will once again outshine everyone. As for you Miles, you can either go fucking hard or I will send your ass home in a body cast. It's your fucking call. Choose wisely.

Lincoln gives a soft smirk to the camera as his wife Zania leans closer towards him and plants a kiss on his cheek. Lincoln raises his glass as the scene begins to fade.

Climax Control Archives / Shock The Senses (Joint RP)
« on: October 15, 2021, 10:57:49 PM »
Couples Date in Philly

It’s close to seven at night as Lincoln Daniels and his wife Zania are enjoying a night out on the town with Violet Holt and her boyfriend Troy. After they were paired for the main event of Climax Control, they decided to have a double date to try and build some kind of chemistry before the match. Unfortunately, most of the places are closed due to the pandemic. The only place opened just happens to be an applebee’s. The two couples enter the place and find a table near the bar.

Violet: This is really nice.

Zania: Yes, it is and I’m glad we are getting to have some quality time together.

Lincoln and Troy just roll their eyes while walking towards the bar. Violet and Zania continues to have conversation while ordering a couple appetizers before deciding on the appropriate meal for each of them.

Zania: Are you glad you returned?

Violet partially nods her head as Zania sips on her drink. The two women are trying very hard to find a common bond but nothing seems to be working. All Violet can think about are ways of dismantling Tempest from the ground up.

Lincoln: What’s on your mind?

Lincoln asks as he returns from the bar with a glass of Coors Lite beer and Troy is caring a couple glasses of scotch. Violet looks at him with a slight grin on her face.

Violet: You know how we are facing Tempest and Austin James Mercer. I wonder how serious they are taking us as challengers. I don’t think they are since we are “records” are bad according to that mouthy bitch Mercedes. Last time I checked, I wasn’t beaten in my last match. Also this isn’t my first rodeo with Tempest. I think Mercedes forgot about that triple threat match which featured Samantha Marlowe. During that entire match, Tempest literally had no answer for me. She couldn’t block my strikes nor stop me from plowing right through her.

Lincoln nods his head while thinking back on his first encounter with Austin.

Lincoln: People seem to forget that it took Austin three powerbombs to put me away. I mean Austin ran his mouth saying it would be an easy victory but he found out it wasn’t as simple. Now look at us. The two of us facing off against the two biggest blowhards in this entire company. Austin loves talking about how many championships he has won but let’s not forget he also lost those championships too. I remember how much he detested becoming a tag team champion. You know Austin is quite possibly the biggest hypocrite on the roster. He talks so much I can’t figure out if the words are coming from his mouth or ass.

Violet chuckles.

Violet: How do you know it’s not both? I mean let’s face it. What do we really have to lose in this match? We have literally nothing to lose and everything to gain in this match. Before this tag team adventure, Tempest was hanging out at catering blocking everyone from the Coconut creme pie. I look forward to putting her right back there after we do what no one was able to do. Lincoln and I may not be the obvious choice but we will not let this opportunity pass us by.

Lincoln: You two ass wipes have had your time in the sun. It’s time for a new team to step up and take the reigns for a while. That team will be us. I don’t care what you think about us. We may not have the best record but we both have more heart than you guys could ever imagine. We will shock the senses and make you think twice about second guessing us.

Violet: Consider this a warning shot because the Incredible Fury will be your undoing. See you soon.

Climax Control Archives / A Homecoming to remember
« on: September 24, 2021, 11:56:10 PM »
It’s been a wild week thus far for Violet Amelia Holt. This past Tuesday, she had a match in Detroit, Michigan and this Sunday she will be gracing her hometown fans for the first time since she left Dog Pound Wrestling. It’s getting to close to bell time as Violet is sitting inside the small office that belongs to her father. The Amway Center was rocking as Thursday night Flash had taken over for the night.

”I can remember when I first appeared on Flash. It was like a dream had come true. I had just graduated from the academy and it was time to put up or shut up,” Violet quietly says to herself while her baby sister is off in the corner preparing for a match of her own. This was Shelby’s first shot at the DPW Women’s Television championship. Violet watched her sister warm up as their father walks back into his office.

”What’s up pop?” Violet asks as he walks over towards his desk.

”Not right now Vi, I have to find my pliers,” he answers a little frazzled after a wire that connects their sound system to the PA system had split into two separate segments. Shelby watches her father rummage through his desk when the middle child and current DPW World Women’s Champion steps into the room.

”What the hell is taking so long old man? Don’t you know that I have adoring fans who want to see my perfect face,” Grace Ellen Holt rudely speaks to her father. Violet’s eyes narrow in on her sister as Grace cocks one eyebrow up. ”Who the fuck are you looking at Violet?” Grace asks while placing one hand on her hip.

Violet rolls her eyes while scooting her chair out before standing up to her feet. ”I’m looking at a self-centered twat who only thinks of herself,” Violet answers while grabbing her leather jacket that was lying across the back of her chair.

”You’re just jealous that I am more successful than you will ever be in this business. Not to mention, I am the hotter sister,” Grace coos as Violet looks right her.

”Jealous? Just what in the fuck do I have to be jealous about huh? I’m wrestling in two major wrestling promotions while you are sitting down here pretending to be a tough bitch when you are nothing more than a fraud,” Violet fires back as Grace just holds up the championship belt that is in her hand. Violet laughs. ”You know damn well that the only reason you have that belt is because Sapphire Delgado or myself isn’t here,” she adds with a smirk on her face.

Anger slowly begins to build up inside Grace as Violet gives Shelby a fist bump before walking out of the office. Grace starts to cuss and scream as Violet continues to laugh while closing the door behind her. The moment she turns to walk down the aisle, she is met by her former best friend Tiffany. ”What the fuck do you want?” Violet asks while trying hard not to clinch her fists into tight balls.

”Are you really going to hold that shit against me? It was five fucking years ago,” Tiffany says as Violet shakes her head.

”You seriously going to say that too me after what you and Trevor Kingston did to me. Do you really think I’m just going to forgive a whore like you?” Violet replies as Tiffany shakes her head with a fake disappointed look on her face. Violet can see the total lack of respect on Tiffany’s face. Violet takes a deep breath before cold cocking Tiffany right across the face.

Tiffany stumbles backward as Violet just walks off while acting like nothing happened. A sick smile creeps across Violet’s lips while thinking of ways she could ruin Tiffany’s life. While she is doing so, a picture of Bella Madison pops into Violet’s head as she stops mid stride.

”What the fuck is this shit? Why am I thinking about the one person who has yet to beat me one on one in SCW? I am well aware that we have a match on Climax Control. I’m actually looking forward to stepping back into the ring but Bella Madison isn’t quite ready for the hell that I’m going to put her through,” Violet speaks while resuming her walk down the hallway.

Violet waves at some of the crew who is working hard but flicks off several wrestlers who are just standing by doing nothing.

”Before my self imposed vacation, my career in SCW had grown stagnant. I had lost focus on what was important to me. I went from wanting to be the fucking best to just expecting my place in the company. That didn’t sit well with me. Now that I have returned, my focus is now clear. While every bombshell wants to be the roulette champion. My sights will be firmly on becoming a world champion. The road won’t be an easy one but once I handle my light work in Bella. Then everything should fall into place,” Violet continues while turning the corner and stopping at catering. She sees the long ass line for the hamburgers and takes a seat at one of the empty tables.

”I am not stupid. I know we are going to be fighting in the happiest place in the world. Hell, I’m pretty sure this will be the first fight Mickey will enjoy after dealing with Donald and Goofy. I also know that Bella has been on a roll but that came to an end at Violent Conduct. How many times will she get a shot at the Roulette championship before she realizes she’s not good enough to win? I’ve held that belt once. Would I love to have it again? Fuck yeah! However, I know full well that beating Bella Madison will be a piece of fucking cake. I’ve done it before on two separate occasions. I will do it again. I’m not coming back as the happy go luck girl I was before I left. This time around I’m going to be doing things my way. That means I’m going to beat the living dog shit out of you then I’m going tie your ass into knots. You have no idea what kind of hell is coming your way. I promise you, Disney magic won’t be able to save your pathetic ass,” Violet adds while pulling out her cell phone.

Her eyes light up when she notices a text from someone. ”I need to take this but please let Bella know that I’ll see her ass on Sunday. Then I’m going to kick it all over Orlando. That’s what I call a homecoming,” Violet says while texting back. Without saying another word, she turns her torso so the cameras don’t show the name on her phone.

Climax Control Archives / I want Candy
« on: June 25, 2021, 11:57:52 PM »
A dark figure stands in the middle of a room as thousands upon thousands of thumbtacks surrounds the figure. A sinister laughter fills the room as the lights flicker on to show Violet Amelia Holt standing in the room. Her pink and blonde hair is split across both of her shoulders as her eyes can tell you the entire story.

I want CANDY! That's all that has been rolling through my mind these past few months. Ever since our last encounter, I have wanted to see who is the absolute best between us. I don't care about facing Bella Madison. What will it do for me? Ooh, I can pick the stipulation for my match with the one bitch I want to fight. Bella Madison can beat me all she wants and I wouldn't care. My focus is on Candy. My determination is getting my hands on Candy. There is no one else that matters.

The time for me to slam Candy's face into a meat grinder is coming. I can't wait.

Climax Control Archives / Final Justice
« on: May 07, 2021, 11:40:48 PM »

Webster, South Dakota
Off Camera

It’s a cold night in Webster as the street lights shine on the alleyway where Zuri Chastian is sitting on a rooftop adjacent to the alley. She appears to be on the prowl once again after years of being out of the night. She was enjoying a quiet night with her wife Georgia when her phone chimes with a message from her brother Rory otherwise known as Overwatch.

“This better be important,” she speaks through her ear piece while kneeling on the edge of the building.

“I’m sorry sis but I just got a hit on KiKi,” Overwatch replies while rapidly tapping his fingers over the keyboard.

“KiKi? I thought she was locked up,” Zuri fires back surprised by that name. KiKi Alvarez was supposed to be in maximum state prison after being found guilty of aggravated assault on her ex-boyfriend.

“I thought so too but I got ping on her name when I went searching for her in the prison database,” Overwatch tells her as Zuri shakes her head.

“I swear to fucking god, if this bitch escaped then I will make sure the warden is notified,” Zuri replies as Overwatch continues to search through the database. Zuri now understood why she was here. This alleyway leads into the main hangout spot for KiKi. Zuri is continuing to look over the side as she pulls out a pair of binoculars out of the side of her belt.

Zuri moves down a bit and looks through the lens. “I swear to god this bitch had better not make it difficult or she will find out why I’m not that very nice,” Zuri says to herself while scanning the alleyway.

The Final Countdown

The moment Climax Control 300 was announced Zuri had put her final match into motion. She had talked to Christian Underwood about having her retirement match on the 300th episode. He thought that would be the best way to see the past and present together again. When Zuri heard who she was facing, her eyes lit up with excitement.

”From the moment I asked for this match, I had every possibility running through my mind. I could have faced my longtime rival Mercedes Vargas. I could have faced Roxi Johnson or someone else in my past. However, my opponent for my final match in Sin City Wrestling will be against the best female wrestler on the roster today. Yes, I am referring to Alicia Lukas. I couldn’t have asked for a better opponent then you Alicia. Why do I say this?

It’s because I admire what you have done for this division. You have become the epitome of the bombshell division and that I applaud you. I remember when I came into this company. I worked my way up the ranks but I never did achieve anything. Would I have loved to win a championship? Absolutely but I wasn’t in this business for championships. I was in this business for the fight. I didn’t care about wins or losses. I still don’t care. This match is about me winning. It’s about me going out on my own terms. This match is about me closing a chapter in my life.

However don’t expect for this match to be an cakewalk for you. I have been known to be a tough competitor in that ring. Don’t believe me. Just ask Jessie Salco when I debuted. I made her my bitch. I did the same to Twisted Sister. I also helped make Mercedes who she is today. So I am looking forward to facing you Alicia. We are sort of similar but different. Alicia, I am looking forward to facing you but trust me.

The silver lining is in this match is that justice will be served because wins or losses aren’t my cup of tea. However the moments that matter are what makes me move. So Alicia, are you ready to move?”

Climax Control Archives / The Violet Files
« on: April 16, 2021, 11:27:20 PM »
Undisclosed Location
Off Camera

It’s close to one in the morning as Violet Amelia is sitting on a twin size bed. She had been resting after traveling for the past 72 hours. Her boss had told her to lie low after the mission was on had gone awry. In her mind, it wasn’t her fault at all. She was doing what she was told. Unfortunately, the bomb she had planted on her target’s car had failed to go off. She had no clue why it didn’t go off when the timer ticked down. Three seconds later, the bomb had exploded in a fairly populated area. “Holy shit fuck,” she exclaims while looking through her binoculars. Her boss didn’t like how much paperwork Violet was going to make him do based on this incident.

As she is sitting in this hotel room, her mind starts to race about how she is going to explain this to her father. She basically told him that she could do this job. “Oh god,” she thinks to herself. “I hope dad doesn’t hear about this,” she mutters to herself while running her fingers through her blonde hair. Violet finally gets off her bed when she hears the handle on her door just to wiggle. “Who is it?” she calls out while searching the room for a weapon. Ever since that failed snipe attempt, she hadn’t been given a handgun. “It’s me Scorpion,” a man’s voice answers. Violet’s eyes widen as she mouths the words “oh fuck.” “Give me a minute,” she replies while walking out of the bedroom and unlocking the door.

Agent Scorpion steps over the threshold carrying a box of pizza. “I figured you were hungry,” he says as Violet quickly takes the box in her hand and walks back into the bedroom. She picks up a slice as the cheese is nearly falling off it. “Why are you here?” she asks in between bites. Agent Scorpion smirks while leaning against the door jam. “You know why I am here,” he answers with the same cryptic question her father would tell her. “I’m not a fucking mind reader so tell me already,” she tells him looking around for something to drink. “Did you not pick up some soda or something to wash this down?” she asks him after not finding anything.

“I didn’t think that was essential,” he joked. Violet looked him while picking up her phone. “Room service,” the voice says on the other end. “Yes, can I get a large root beer sent up to my room please?” she asks calmly. “Right away,” the desk clerk says before hanging up the phone. Violet shakes her head. “Fucking douche,” she mumbles as Scorpion looks at her. “You know he’s not happy,” he says as she just nods. “I know,” she responds while taking smaller bites on her pizza.

A few minutes later, the pizza had been nearly devoured as Violet is lying back on the hotel room bed with her head resting against the wall. Agent Scorpion has pulled out the chair underneath the desk as they continue to converse. “You fucked up,” he finally says as Violet looks at him. “Tell me something I don’t know,” she tells me as a smile comes across his face. “You are still a key piece in catching that fucking bitch in Bolivia so use this a field training exercise,” he replies while trying to cheer her up.

Climax Control Thoughts

It had been awhile since Violet last competed on Climax Control. She almost went on a total rampage if she didn't get what she wanted. When the card was announced, a sinister smirk appeared across her face. She couldn’t believe her eyes as the wheels inside her head had begun to start turning.

It’s about fucking time Sin City Wrestling did something right. I have wanted another shot at the Roulette Championship and now I got it. Well, I will once I eliminate the two idiots in the ring with me. I am well aware that 2021 hasn’t gone my way as of late. Blaze of Glory is proof of it. I had a match with the outdated Mercedes Vargas. Most women in my position, would be chomping at the bit just to get into the ring with someone like her? Me, I didn’t see the enjoyment in putting her ass out to pasture. I mean what will that do for me. Will it get me some ridiculous nod that I’m one of few who have beaten that slut. Please, I have much bigger fish to fry than her sorry ass.

What is she going to say about me? She’s already said everything at Blaze of Glory. She thought I was getting too big for my britches. Well, I do think I gave her a fight. However, that match had nothing to it. So I didn’t give two shits about it. Now this match that’s coming up, does have something at stake. I have been hungry for the rematch that I never got. While everyone had their chances at the roulette championship, I only had one chance and guess what I succeeded. How many times did it take Mercedes? I do believe Mercedes had countless opportunities at the Roulette Championship and still couldn’t get the job done.

She also had a chance to get the world bombshell championship and still failed. Tell me, how does one failure continue to get title shots? I am so ready to send you to the retirement home.

Violet crosses her arms underneath her chest while tilting her head to the side.

Speaking of failures, how’s it going Bella Madison? I was wondering where you had crawled off too. You and I have something in common, we both lost our championships in our first defense. The only difference is you were pinned in your match and I wasn’t pinned. I know about your accomplishments. You are the one I am looking forward to facing in this match. Mainly because this is our first meeting. We are similar in our abilities and skills. Unfortunately, I am willing to go to any length to get what I want.

I don’t care why you are in this match. I don’t care what you want Bella. Mainly because, my eyes have been fixated on the roulette championship ever since I lost it. I have been working my way back to that belt. I don’t care who I have to go through in order to get it. Losing isn’t going to be an option this time around. I have no problem spiking your head into the canvas. Hell, I don’t mind tying your ass up like a human pretzel while using Mercedes as my own personal punching bag. Bella, I really do want you to bring everything you got. Because it will be that much sweeter when I kill your dreams on Sunday.

I told the world at the beginning of the year that I was done playing nice. This Sunday, I am willing to do whatever it takes to get what I want. My hunger is at an all time high. You can say I’m desperate but trust me. I’m going to show you the difference between desperate and determined. This is my time and I’m going to shock the entire world just like when I left Candy with a charred arm.

Violet snickers while lifting her index finger up into the air.

Mercedes and Bella, you both have the ability to get lucky. You both have won off luck. This Sunday, your luck runs out.

Climax Control Archives / Shooting for Control
« on: March 05, 2021, 11:40:56 PM »

It's been a wild 2021 for Violet Amelia Holt. She has yet to secure her first victory and it would appear her luck probably won't change. Her opponents this week are two of the best. Samantha Marlowe and Mercedes Vargas are former champions and could very well be on the road to another title run. Violet, on the other hand, feels as though she is getting overlooked. Violet is sitting in a corner of the Park Theatre as her head hangs between her legs.

"This Sunday, I am scheduled to face Samantha Marlowe and Mercedes Vargas in a triple threat match. The winner is guaranteed some kind of prize. It's not certain what the prize is but trust me I will find out what it is. Why? Because I have been wanting my rematch for the Bombshell Roulette Championship. Why am I the only person getting the short end of the damn stick? I feel as though someone doesn't like me. Not that i give two shits but I will get what I want.

Violet lifts her head up.

"Samantha Marlowe probably thought she saw the last of me at Inception. Looks like our paths once again meet inside the ring. You and I are fairly similar in style but I'm going to be the one who smacks you in the face. I'm also going to hurt Mercedes Vargas. Why? Because I fucking can. No one is going to stop me. I will get myself back into the title picture. Even if it means, I stomp both of you into the canvas. Samantha Marlowe doesn't stand a chance against me. Mercedes might as well not show up. I will be the one with my hand held high. It's time that I stand up for me and kick you both to the damn curb.

Climax Control is going to my night.

Climax Control Archives / Underestimation Begets Disappointment
« on: February 19, 2021, 11:34:38 PM »

Failure! That seems to be the common theme spoken about those who come in contact with Violet Amelia Holt. All they can do is hone in on the losses she has built up over her career here in Sin City Wrestling. For some reason, no one bats an eye on what success she has had in the company. It has become quite comical for Violet that her opponents all say the exact same thing without fail. In her mind, the entire bombshell roster is filled with backstabbing little girls who don’t care about anyone but themselves. While everyone feels threatened by Johanna Krieger, she embraces the upcoming violent barrage that is going to come when both women clash for the very first time inside a Sin City Wrestling ring but Johanna has no idea what awaits her.

Spending time with the stepmother
Off Camera

It’s getting close to nine in the morning as Violet is just stepping out of the shower. She had texted her stepmother Chrystin wondering when she was coming over. Chrystin Hendrix, the current wife of Violet’s father Dustin, had agreed to come over and spend some time with her stepdaughter before heading out to Paris. Violet rummages through her closet looking for something to wear as a series of texts ring through her phone. Violet eventually picks out a pair of ripped jeans, a tee shirt and a plaid shirt wrapped around her waist. Violet snatches up her phone and shoots responding text messages. Violet looks at the charge and decides to place her phone on charge for a little. Just as she is about to sit down in front of her mirror, the doorbell rings.

“Come in mom,” she hollers as the door knob turns and it opens inward. “Vi,” a voice calls out. “I’m back here,” Violet responds. The sound of footsteps slowly smack on the floor as Chrystin pokes her head into the bedroom. “Hey you,” she says joyfully. Violet shakes her head while putting the finishing touches to her makeup. “Why do you need so much makeup?” asks Chrystin. “It helps hide all the blemishes that I’ve gotten recently and I have to conceal my raccoon eyes,” Violet answers as Chrystin sits down on her bed. “Where’s my brother?” she asks her stepmother. “Your uncle and aunt wanted to take him to the park today. So I let them take him,” she answers softly. Violet looks at her stepmother. “How are you feeling?” Violet asks her stepmother while turning in her chair.

Chrystin takes in a strong breath as she looks at her stepdaughter. “I am extremely happy that your father has returned to me. I knew he would eventually,” she answers as Chrystin’s lips turn into a smile. Violet shows a smile herself as the two women stand up to their feet. “You ready to go,” Chrystin wonders as Violet nods her head.

The two women cruise around Port Charlotte. They go in and out of several stores. The backseat of Chrystin’s car was starting to fill up with different bags as Violet smiled at her stepmother’s pleasure of shopping. “The last store on the list is that music store I told you about,” Violet tells her stepmother. Chrystin smiles big as they pull into the parking lot. “This is so exciting,” Chrystin replies as the two women step out of the car and heads inside the store. The two ladies make their way inside the store. They walk around the store just looking around as Chrystin picks up a couple Vinyl records. Violet finds some CDs of a couple of bands she had become fond of after listening to them on Spotify. Chrystin quietly offers to pay for them as the duo continues to enjoy the day together.

Dog Pound Wrestling Academy (2 years ago)
Central Florida
Off Camera

It was another tough day inside the DPWA. Violet was sitting cross legged on a dark mat in the southeast corner of the building. She hadn’t been in the best of moods since her father had repeatedly denied her an opportunity at BloodMania which is the biggest night in the Violent Wrestling League. She thought she was ready for the big time. She had been the top student in the class. She had survived multiple encounters with Jordan Monroe. “He really irks me,” she would say to herself while watching her father teach a new group of trainees. “What are you doing over here?” a voice rings out as Violet lifts her head to see Valerie Beasley walking towards her. Violet tries to ignore while turning her gaze back down at her feet.

“I am talking to you,” Valerie calls out while standing directly in front of her. Violet slowly lifts her eyes up toward the former Mixed Martial Artist turned professional wrestler. “Why in the hell do you care?” Violet finally says behind gritted teeth. Valerie grabs a handful of Violet’s shirt and pulls her right up off the floor. “Excuse me,” she implores as Violet just shrugs her shoulders. “You are excused. I’m sure you’ll find yourself some other sucker to intimidate,” Violet replies with a snarky tone to her voice. A loud smack echoes throughout the gym as everyone stops doing what they are doing. “Is that how you talk to me?” Valerie shouts in the direction of Violet’s face.

“If you don’t get the fuck out of my face then I will be forced to snap your damn hand,” Violet calmly warns Valerie as her father and uncle comes walking up on them. A mean look appears on his face as Violet continues to shrug her shoulders. “One hour in the pit,” Dustin orders as he snaps his fingers toward a couple of his trainers. Violet’s eyes widen as Valerie forces the young girl towards the double doors leading towards the back of the gym. “You can’t be serious,” Violet pleads as she looks at her father. The pit is a large circle where any trainee with an attitude problem will be forced into this circle. They will have to endure a punishment like no other. An hour later, Violet can be seen sitting on a wooden bench as the pain surges through each area of her body. Once everyone is out, her father takes a seat next to her.

“What the hell is your problem?” her father asks her point blank. “I don’t have a damn problem,” she would answer with anger in her words. “Your attitude is getting out of control,” he tells her. Violet chuckles sarcastically while looking at her father. “I’m just being like you,” she responds before standing up to her feet. The pain continues to surge through her body as she makes her way towards the showers.

Do I have your attention?
Climax Control Promotional Video
On Camera

The last time Violet Amelia Holt had stepped inside an SCW ring was at Inception. Since that night, Violet has been sitting inside her Port Charlotte home. She had been watching several tapes of her upcoming opponent. After watching all that she could, she had decided to walk into the back room of her home. In this room, she has a standard television camera set up on a tripod. She had already taken care of whitebalancing the camera and setting it up to record. Violet removes her hoody before picking up a tiny little button sitting on a padded stool next to her. She takes a few more minutes to check herself before pressing the small red button on the end.

”Failure! That seems to be the theme when anyone talks about me these days. It’s almost like my lone run as Bombshell Roulette Champion is forgotten. It would appear that my own opponent seems to fall in that same category of saying the same damn thing. I swear there is some kind of script people are reading when they are booked against me. It’s almost like every time I speak, no one listens to a bloody thing that comes out of my mouth. There are days where I don’t feel like talking. Why? Because no one gives two shits about me. All they care about is stroking their own inflated egos. People like Mercedes Vargas and Jessie Salco come to mind right off the damn bat. Those two eggheads can talk themselves into any title picture whether they deserve it or not is a moot point according to them.

Jessie is so excited that she beat Evie Jordan. I just wonder if Evie hadn’t gone through a brutal street fight with Char Kwan would she be singing a different tune altogether. Then there is Mercedes Vargas who complains about not getting opportunities despite the fact she has failed on numerous occasions. The fact that she couldn’t even beat the woman that I set on fire tells you just how pathetic she is in the ring. Then there is Johanna Krieger. The stupid bitch who thinks she is the best damn wrestler on the roster.

Violet takes a minute to collect her thoughts while letting some oxygen return to her lungs. She also uses her free hand to brush her hair out of her eyes.

Johanna Krieger, the bitch who couldn’t handle losing to Jessie Salco, is calling herself the better wrestler out of the two of us. Really? The last few matches I’ve seen you showed me very little of your wrestling prowess. All I could see is how well you maneuver with a weapon in your hand. History has shown that when it comes to straight up wrestling matches you struggle heavily. I wonder why that is exactly. Is it because you have to compete inside the rules? Is it because your limited skills comeback to bite you in the fucking ass? I get it. You don’t see me as a threat. Mainly because I’m not kissing the fucking ground you walk on or padding your ego like you fucking deserve it.

In case you haven’t noticed Johanna, I’m not coming into this match looking for a friend. I’m coming to rip the head off of a bitch and look like you just happen to fit that bill quite nicely. I have said since last December and I’ll keep saying it until it sinks into all of your skulls. I’m not playing nice anymore. I don’t need to intimidate anyone. I don’t need to try and scare someone shitless. Because I’m just going to walk right up to you and jack you in the jaw. When I do, I am going to smile before I continue stomping the living shit out of you. You see I am on a fucking mission. I have been overlooked for far too long and this Sunday. I make the entire locker room take fucking notice. I’m going to start by cutting your tongue out of your mouth. I am going to do everything within my power to put you down. I’m not just looking for a three count or a tap out. I’m out to make a fucking statement.

You may scoff at who I am but after I knock your teeth into the third row. You will realize that “Five Feet of Crazy” isn’t just a moniker. It’s who I am and you should be fucking scared. You should be worried that I can snap every single body part of yours like twigs. You should be taking me seriously but I know you don’t. You see me as an easy fucking target. Well, that was the old me. The new me will make you work for this victory if that’s what you desire. Unfortunately, I’m not in the business of fulfilling anyones fantasies or desires. I’m out for me. I’m out for blood. I’m out to make you an afterthought. Like I did to Pandora Barrett after I embarrassed her.

Violet takes another moment to gather some oxygen while shaking her head.

The road to redemption has had many bumps in the road. It started with my loss to Samantha Marlowe. Sam is a tough competitor and I’m pretty sure we will meet somewhere down the road. When we do, I will make sure to give her a receipt. However, I told the world that I wanted Royal Purple. The fact that I don’t even get her proves how low everyone sees me. Johanna Krieger has gotten more rematches for the same championship that I was never pinned for during my lone title defense. Since then, I have not sniffed that gold once but yet Johanna loses twice in a clean manner and is in line for another chance.

That just pisses me the fuck off. I wonder how she will be able to get that opportunity when she is lying in a hospital with tubes sticking out of her nose. I wonder how the whole world will like it when their precious Johanna is left in the middle of that ring in a pool of her own blood. Would you like that? Would you like it Johanna if I ripped out every single fucking peircing sticking out of your face? How would you feel if I went after your arm? Would you like it if I kicked you repeatedly in the skull? Because that is what I plan on doing. I plan on putting you through hell. You want to make claims that I’m not a serious threat. I guess I’ll just make you realize first hand how bad of a bitch I can be inside that ring.

It’s no secret, I’m faster than you. I’m smarter than you. When we lock up in the middle of the ring, I will be more vicious. I will be more sinister. I will enjoy the pain and suffering I put you through. I will find solace in hearing the moaning sounds coming out of your voice when I’m on the verge of snapping your arm. Who knows, I may just make it hard for you to walk. There is so much I can do to you that you don’t even know Johanna. Let’s forget that this is our first meeting. Let’s forget that we are both coming off horrible losses. The fact is I’m hungrier. I’m cold to the world. I’m apathetic to those around me. When I get my hands around your neck, I will do everything within my power to crush your larynx and make it hard for you to fucking breathe. I will break your nose. I will fish hook you all over the ring. There is nothing anyone can do to stop me. I warned the world. I warned the locker room. No one took me seriously. Now, Johanna will be the first of many who will be left in my wake. No more fucks given by me. The Hardcore Princess is coming for blood. The Psycho Bitch is coming for scalps. Unfortunately Johanna, you could have prevented this. All you had to do was acknowledge that I am a viable threat. Since you couldn’t do that then I will be forced to make an example out of you. Wolfslair can’t help you Johanna. Your violent nature can’t protect you. Your world comes crumbling down and I’m going to enjoy every fucking minute.

Let me remind you of one thing Johanna since you want to underestimate me. Let me leave you with this piece of truth. Underestimation begets disappointment.

A sick smirk appears on her face before she stops recording the video.

Climax Control Archives / The Holt Chronicles: Prologue
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Viewer discretion is advised.

Off Camera

“There is nothing good on television,” Violet voices as she scrolls through the channels on her television. The level of boredom was starting to rise as the rain was coming down harder. “This fucking sucks,” she says to herself while trying very hard to find something interesting to watch. “I can’t wait till this year is fucking over with,” she continues to voice her disdain for being cooped up inside her apartment. She is just about to put on one random movie when her phone starts going off. “Jesus! Why in the hell did I pick that as my ringtone?” she questions herself while reaching over the armrest to snatch up her cell phone. She looks at her screen while scrunching her eyebrows at the number. “What the hell?” she questions while debating whether or not if she wants to answer.

Violet decides to decline the call as she places the phone down onto her leg. She continues searching the channel when her phone goes off once again. “God damnit, why can’t people take fucking hint?” she says to herself while declining the call once again. Her eyes look up toward the television screen. Her finger continues to push down on the television remote when a shadow of a man appears outside Violet’s door. She doesn’t notice the shadow at first until a loud noise comes from outside of the door. “Now what!” she exclaims while rising up off her couch and moving across the hardwood floor. She opens the door just a little as her dad steps over the threshold. “Daddy, what are you doing here?” she asks, a little confused.

Dustin James Holt doesn’t stop in the living as he moves into Violet’s bedroom. “Daddy, why are you here?” she continues to ask him as he has yet to answer her. “Where is your overnight bag?” he asks her. “It’s next to my bed. Why?” she continues to question her father’s actions. As he continues to move around the room like someone possessed, the scene flips to an undisclosed location where a middle aged woman with jet black hair stands next to a younger woman with auburn red hair with freckles all over her face. “Have we located that son of a bitch yet?” she asks her people as she looks at a wall of screens with hundreds of technical savvy individuals. “No, ma’am,” one of them says with a little confidence. The woman growls as she looks at the young woman standing next to her. “God, what must I do to find that bastard?” she snarls.

The young woman shrugs her shoulders as the scene flips back to Violet’s bedroom where her father is packing another bag for her to take. “Dad, are you going to answer me?” she asks him. “Violet, I don’t have time to explain but you need to get out of here,” he warns her while picking both of her bags up. “What are you talking about dad?” Violet asks, still confused. “Just trust me,” is all he says while walking her towards her door. “Where in the hell am I supposed to go?” she asks him. Dustin doesn’t answer her right away. He hears the sound of her phone. “I swear to God, whomever is calling me just won’t take the hint,” she says as her father walks over and picks the phone up in his hand. “Whose number is this?” Dustin asks while looking at Violet with a curious look on her face.

“I don’t know. I was just trying to find something to watch on television when my phone just started going off,” she answers him. Dustin takes a picture of the cell phone number and taps his fingers on his phone screen. A few seconds later he looks up at his daughter, “you need to get out of here now.” Violet looks extremely confused. “You still haven’t told me why?” she asks him again. “No time to explain,” he vaguely says while lifting Violet’s phone high into the air. “What the fuck are you doing with my phone?” she asks him. Dustin doesn’t say another word as he slams the phone down onto the floor. The phone shatters as Violet’s eyes widen. “Come, you have a plane to catch,” he finally says as Violet is still in shock over watching her father break her phone.

Meanwhile, the middle aged woman is snarling even more as she continues to ask her geek squad if they had found Agent Python. “Why are all of you so incompetent?” she asks them. “Why is this so important Madam Vance?” the young woman responds with a question of her own. “Agent Python nearly cost me everything. I was the biggest crime boss in Bosnia while leading those dorks on a wild goose chase. That was until Agent Python caught on to me. He killed the man I loved. I vowed vengeance,” Vance says in a fit of rage. The young woman cocks her head. “This man is the one responsible for killing my father,” the young woman responds. “Yes,” Vance says as the demeanor of the young woman changes. She turns toward a group of geeks. “You heard my mother, find this motherfucker now or you will pay the consequence,” she orders them. The geeks respond with haste as the two women watch the monitors with looks of disdain covering their faces.

“Daddy, where are you taking me?” Violet asks Dustin as they have been driving down US-41 for what seems to be for hours. “Violet, you keep asking a lot of questions and I promise you they will get answered in due time,” he tells her as he turns off the highway onto a darkened path. He pulls out his cell phone and makes a quick phone call. They come up to an aluminum gate as Dustin continues to talk on the phone. As soon as he hangs up the phone, the gate opens as Dustin pulls through it. The gate closes right behind them as Violet looks at her father with confusion racking her facial features. “Where are we?” she asks him while trying to find a landmark. Dustin doesn’t answer right away as he stops the vehicle out front of a building. Three men dressed in bulletproof vests and strapped with all sorts of weapons step out of the building.

“Agent Python,” one of the men announces as Violet raises one of her eyebrows. “Did you get my message?” Dustin asks them as he opens the rear driver side door and pulls out a large duffel bag. Violet grabs her bags as the men look at her. “Yes, we got the message. Link has been trying to trace the number but she is having no luck,” the other man said as Dustin stands at the bottom of the steps. Violet is still trying to wrap her head around the fact that her father lives a double life. “What in the hell is going on right now?” she asks while dropping her bags onto the ground. “Violet, welcome to Black Ops,” her father says as he enters the small building. Violet shakes her head while crossing her arms. “What the holy fuck?” she questions while not moving an inch.

“I see she has her mother’s attitude,” one man mentions to Dustin as Violet looks at her father. “You have no idea,” he responds while placing his bag on the table before turning back towards the door. “Vi, will you please come inside?” he asks her politely. Violet shakes her head while the men are laughing. “I’m not going anywhere until you tell me what the hell is going on and who these men are?” she demands while keeping her arms crossed in front of her chest. Dustin sighs softly while leaning against the wall. “This is a Black Ops unit that is attached to the government. We go into countries that our main agencies can’t go into without going through the proper channels. I am the commanding officer. My code name is Agent Python. The man on my right is Agent Cardinal. The man on my left is Agent Vyper. The man standing on the ground is Agent Hamlet. We believe Viola Vance has resurfaced,” he says as Violet looks at him. “Viola?” questions Violet as she takes a step towards the building. “Viola Vance, the former crime lord in Bosnia, is a former double agent who led some of our men into an ambush. Your father took great exception to that as he led a counter strike which resulted in the death of her first husband,” Agent Hamlet replies as he picks up Violet’s bags. Violet walks up the steps and enters the building.

She takes one step inside the building and her jaw drops. “My God!” she simply exclaims as her father stands next to her. “Now you know what I have been doing in between my wrestling career. I only ask that you don’t tell Shelby or Gory about any of this,” Dustin demands her. Violet keeps her eyes geared toward the row of monitors as she nods her head. “I still don’t understand what this has to do with me,” she says while taking small steps toward the center of the room. “We believe you are the key to finally putting this nut job behind bars once and for all,” her father answers as Violet’s eyes widen even further.

On Camera

Several hours had passed as Violet was walking around the perimeter of the building. She is still trying to wrap her brain around the stuff her father was telling her. Violet takes a few minutes to collect her thoughts while thinking back on the Halloween episode of Climax Control.

”The last time Samantha Marlowe and myself competed against each other. She came away with a win after I foolishly went for a high risk maneuver. I’m not trying to make any excuses. Samantha did well on that night after I spent most of that match kicking the living dogshit out of her. I know she has been having issues with confidence and it’s pretty fucking pathetic if you were to ask me. I mean seriously. How can someone who is proclaimed to be the greatest female wrestler have confidence issues?

Is tied up with your injury problems? Is it due to your inability to become the Bombshell Internet Championship? The fact that you have been on quite the winning streak should increase your confidence. Unfortunately, you are not in the ring with some idiot. I am looking to right a wrong that you had done to me in our last encounter. I am going to do everything within my power to demolish your confidence and self worth.

Violet slowly takes a minute to catch her breath.

”I don’t understand why everyone is so concerned with your confidence levels anyway Samantha. What makes you so special? Aren’t my confidence levels worth a damn? Or is it just because you need the validation of everyone around you? The fact that you were so quick to announce yourself back into the bombshell roulette division and then say you should be next line for a title shot is absurd. I held that title for two weeks but I was never pinned during my only defense.

Why must everyone jump in line? Samantha Marlowe has no idea what awaits her this Sunday. I am not the same Violet that you faced before. I am going to target all of the areas that are considered to be the weak points of your body. Let’s see, I could damage your ribs even further. I could make it feel like your ankle is in a vice. I could slam your head multiple times into the top turnbuckle while enjoying every second of it.

You see Samantha. My confidence is rising each time I step inside that ring. I know that my abilities are far more superior than yours. The nightmare that you have been seeing while talking to that lame psychiatrist will come to life. This Sunday, little miss Sunshine will turn into princess doom and gloom.

Violet continues to walk around the building as she looks up at the moon.

”It’s time for the Five feet of Crazy to crush you. Victory will be the only thing on my mind. Your time is up. My time is now. Climax Control will be the night my record continues to improve while I ruin Samantha Marlowe once and for all. I’m not afraid to lose but winning is my only option.”

Climax Control Archives / Same song, same dance, nothing special
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The smell of fall is in the air as Violet Amelia Holt is sitting in an open field with her golden retriever and a book. She had been enjoying some time to herself after several days of training for Climax Control. She had been practicing different match styles that could pop up as the Halloween special happens to be this Sunday. Her father has told her not to listen to anyone as they could fill her head with lies and contempt.

”What a wonderful fall day here in Southwest Florida. The sun is shining, the wind is softly blowing against my back and my best friend is lying by my side. I can’t help but wonder how this Sunday is going to look when Sin City Wrestling’s flagship show Climax Control turns into a Halloween Bash. I, for one, am excited about being a part of something so unique but being the opening match makes it even more special. Now I am sure everyone is scratching their heads when I issued the challenge to that mediocre wrestler known as Bea Barnhart. Yes, I do describe her as mediocre because let’s face it. She is talentless. Plus, she can’t even put a sleeper hold on correctly.”

Violet takes her free hand and strokes it over the soft fur of her dog. She looks out at the people kicking a ball around while continuing to daydream about Sunday.

”You know something Bea, I do believe you have been struck on the head one too many times. Every time you have “submitted” me, Justin Decent says “due to Violet not able to continue” then you are declared the winner. Not once did I ever tap my hand on the canvas for you. Samantha Marlowe and Evie Jordan are the only bombshells on the roster who have made me tap. That’s what I mean by submitted. You see I never tapped against you. I would pass out every time. That wasn’t because you were so good. It’s because I wanted to be finished with the match. I mean how many times did I dominate you during our matches. I do believe that you would always fall back to that sleeper hold because you had nothing else in your arsenal.

However, this Sunday, it’s a different playing field because we could be in a match where submissions don’t even count. Did you stop to think about that one? Did you even consider the fact that pinfals or submissions won’t even count in the long run? No! Why? Because you are a one trick pony. You are Bea. Let’s recap what you have done thus far in your career. Let’s see, you lost to Candy, Evie Jordan, Alicia Lukas and Mikah. You have also been known to run your mouth but when the lights are on you fail every time. You failed at becoming the bombshell roulette champion on two separate occasions. You failed at winning the mixed tag championships and let’s face it you just don’t have the talent to go the distance.

Now, let’s look at what I have accomplished. I have beaten Dani Weston, Jessie Salco, Candy and Pandora Barrett. I also have held the Bombshell Roulette championship and nearly came away with the World Bombshell Championship. You say I am the worst wrestler on the roster. Really!? The only way you can beat me is using a piss poor sleeper hold. Seriously, is that the best you got. If I’m given the opportunity then I could wrap you up like a human pretzel. I can also beat you using multiple ways. What can you do? You can talk me to death. You can call me a liar. You can call me a bad wrestler. The sad thing is I have more talent in my pinky finger than you got coursing through your veins.

You want to call me a pampered daddy’s girl. Wow! Is that really the best you got against me? Let me give you a history lesson about me. From the day I first arrived on this planet, my father has busted his ass to get where he is today. I didn’t get everything. Hell, my father was against me when I joined the industry. I didn’t join this business for him. I did it for me. I’m not like you Bea. You hide behind your husband’s shadow. You act like your husband. You think everyone should worship the very ground either of you walk on. Well, I am not going to do that.”

Violet takes a deep breath before continuing with her thoughts.

”No, I am not going to bow down and kiss your feet. I am not going to say you are the best wrestler. Because I know for a fucking fact that Bea Barnhart is nothing more than a one trick pony with a god complex. So do you know what I am going to do come Sunday. I am going to march my 5’1 ass into Sam’s Town, march down to that ring, and shove my size 7 boot so far up your ass that you will be vomiting leather for months. Then I am going to take my fist and ram it down your throat. You see I am not coming to wrestle this Sunday. No. I’m coming to bash a fucking dumb ass bitch in the damn skull. I am going to send a message to whomever leaves High Stakes as the Bombshell roulette champion. I am going to knock you flat out Bea. So you can continue singing the same song, you can continue doing the same dance but in the end you are nothing special.

Bea Barnhart, you have no idea what hell awaits you come Sunday. I promise you, you won’t like it. Because it’s time for the Five Feet of crazy to run all over you.”

Violet lets out her deep breath as her boyfriend Gory is seen walking towards her. “You about ready babe,” he wonders as she gives him a smile. “Yes, I am so ready,” she replies while standing up to her feet. Gory walks up to her and gives her a soft peck on her lips. Violet returns the kiss as he picks up the blanket and hooks up Farley. “Did you guys enjoy your quiet time here at the park?” he asks her. “Yes, but now I’m ready to get rowdy,” she answers with a mischievous grin on her face. Gory just smiles as they walk hand in hand out of the park.

Climax Control Archives / Pandora's Box Exposed
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The last time we saw Violet Amelia Holt was when she faced off against Evie Jordan in the main event of Climax Control. Violet has been very quiet since her tough loss to the now former World Bombshell champion. Her performance during that match had caught the attention of everyone inside the wrestling world. When the card for Climax Control 291 was first announced, her eyes lit up like a fat kid inside a candy store. Her mind had started turning about how she would visualize her punishing the English bombshell who just recently returned to Sin City Wrestling after disappearing for an entire year. Violet’s mouth was watering at the thought of proving how dangerous she could be inside a wrestling ring. This is her redemption story.

A couple of days ago, Violet was seen by her boyfriend carrying a wooden box into her living room. “What the fuck is this piece of shit?” Gory asks as his eyes lock onto the box sitting inside her hands. Violet just smirks while stepping in front of his face before placing the box gently down onto her coffee table made out of teakwood with a glass style top. “Are you going to tell me what that thing is?” he asks her again. “Don’t worry your precious head about this trinket Gory. It has no real significance in the grand scheme of things,” Violet answers smugly.

Gory sits up while holding onto the television remote. “Why shouldn’t I be concerned?” He questions her intention behind the box sitting on the table. Violet continues to look smugly at him as her sister walks into the room holding a book about the three musketeers. “What the fuck is going on right now?” Gory asks abruptly as Shelby kneels beside her sister as they start thumbing through the pages of the old book.

“Will you relax Gory? This is all part of my plan on getting inside the head of that idiot bitch who popped back up without even saying a word,” Violet answers him. Shelby nods her head as Gory pauses the television show he was watching. “Are you talking about that same chick who got her destroyed at Violent Conduct?” Gory implores them. Both girls nod their heads as he leans back against the couch. He starts chuckling as Violet drags her tongue over her lips while looking at her boyfriend of two months. “Yes babe, I get to be the next one who adds another loss onto her disappointing record here in Sin City Wrestling,” Violet tells him.

Gory sits back up and looks at her with a dark grin across his face. Without uttering another word, Gory gets up off the couch and walks out of the room. Violet watches him leave as Shelby smacks her on the arm. “What the hell Shel?” Violet yells at her while rubbing her shoulder. “You were staring at him again,” Shelby retorts. Violet just smirks as she moves her eyes back toward the box.

“So what do we do with this thing? It doesn’t look to be in the best condition,” Shelby wonders as Violet just chuckles.

”For centuries, there have been stories that spoke about unspeakable troubles that are contained inside this box. It has been said that sickness and death were just part of the contents. Well, I am here to tell all of you listening to the sound of my voice that this is nothing more than a hoax. The only thing I can see is an old box that was tossed around like it was some sort of game kind of like hot potato. Whomever ended up with it, had to make the choice of either opening it or destroying it. Now, I bet you're wondering what does this have to do with Sin City Wrestling and my upcoming match on Climax Control.

Well, you see, I have been tasked to be the next person who will face Pandora Barrett since she has returned to the company. Her promo against Apple, she made a lot of promises that I doubt she will be able to keep. One of them is actually destroying the entire bombshell division. Her first run with the company was a disaster as she barely maintained a record about .500. So how in the hell can someone who disappeared for an entire year make a bold statement like she did in her return. Did she not get the memo or something? Her last match on the roster before facing Apple was against Trinity Jones who embarrassed the holy hell out of her.

Grant it, she did beat Apple Coren but seriously when has Apple ever been relevant. Pandora showed that she does have some skills inside that ring but they weren’t enough to make her a legitimate threat to anyone on the roster. That was evident as she was basically dominated by the premier bombshell on the roster in Mercedes Vargas.,”

Violet pauses for a brief moment to collect her thoughts as Shelby just listens to the words leaving her sister’s mouth.

”Now it’s clear that I am no Mercedes Vargas nor do I want to be. I am the woman who will provide you with another loss on your ever disappointing existence on this roster. In case you don’t know who I am, let me educate you on who I am in the wrestling world. I am the woman who beat Candy on my first try. I am the woman who nearly beat Evie Jordan in my first attempt at the World Bombshell championship. I am the woman who embarrassed Dani Weston in my first encounter with her. I am someone who is a rabid animal waiting to be unleashed from my chain. I am the bitch who will look you in the eye then knock your teeth into the third row.

I am not afraid to get down and dirty. I am not afraid to get mean and vicious. You want to destroy this bombshell division well you are going to be in for a rude awakening. Because the only one who will be destroyed on Sunday is your punk ass. I don’t need to sound like some fairy tale narrator to drive my point across. I just need my wits, my skills and my determination to get the job done.

You can say “All for One and One for all” all you want because in the end they won’t make a difference. You see Pandora, I’m going to break your will. I’m going to embarrass your spirit. Then I will demolish all your hopes and dreams. See, I am the FIVE FEET OF CRAZY and I will use every bit of my body to hit you in every place. This Sunday, your days of being a plague to the bombshell division will be over. Because I’m going to drop you right onto your skull then I’m going to wrap you up like a human pretzel. The world will soon realize that VIOLET AMELIA HOLT is no longer playing by their rules.

So Pandora say all the prayers you want because come Climax Control, YOU ARE DONE.”

Climax Control Archives / Calm before the Crazy
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Title Match on Tap
On Camera

It’s been a wild couple of weeks for Violet Amelia Holt as she has taken most of the week to prepare for the biggest match of her life. Of course everyone has made a lot of accusations toward her about this match. One person in particular is Alicia Lukas. Violet is smirking while Alicia’s promo fades off her television screen.

”This must be eating you alive Alicia. All you ever wanted is to be the top of the food chain. Now that I have the opportunity to do it, you just want to tear everyone done who isn’t kissing the ground you walk on. This is going to be a fantastic night,” Violet says as she begins to vlog for her upcoming title match.

”I bet you are wondering where I am exactly. Well, that is privileged information. All you need to know is that I am more than ready for this match against Evie Jordan. I know in the past I have said that this particular championship wasn’t even on my radar at the time. However, I am not going to look a gift horse in the mouth. Mark Ward and Christian Underwood wouldn’t have placed me in this if they didn’t believe in me,” she continues to film herself in an undisclosed location.

Off Camera

Violet is taking a small break from her recording as she sits back in her chair. A slight knock wraps against the door. “Violet,” says a small raspy voice. “What do you want Hanna?” she answers. “Can I come in?” Hanna asks softly. The opens slightly as Violet pokes her head out to see her little cousin standing in the hallway. The young girl looks to be a little upset.

“What appears to be the problem?” asks Violet. “I’m bored and Shelby won’t play with me,” the young girl answers. Violet rolls her eyes before looking back down at her little cousin. “Why are you coming to me with this shit?” asks Violet “I thought you could tell Shelby to play with me,” Hanna fires back. “Shelby is a grown ass woman. She can do whatever the hell she wants,” Violet replies before shutting the door in her cousin’s face.

Hanna huffs while slamming her foot onto the floor before marching back towards the living room. Violet leans against the door before looking towards her boyfriend standing behind the larger video camera. “What was that all about?” he asks her. “Don’t worry about it babe. My cousin is nothing more than a whiny brat,” she answers while picking up her makeup bag.

“What are you doing?” he asks her. “I figured I would fix my makeup before we continue filming for my upcoming match,” answers Violet. Her boyfriend nods his head while keeping his focus on the lens. Violet steps out of the room as she bumps into her sister Shelby. “What the fuck?” Shelby blurts out. “Sorry Shell, I was headed to the bathroom,” Violet says. “What are you doing with the makeup bag?” Shelby wonders while looking down at Violet’s hand. “I have Gory waiting for me to finish filming my promotional video for Sin City Wrestling,” Violet responds.

Shelby nods her head while looking into her sister’s eyes. “When are you and Gory going to have an actual date?” Violet gulps a bit while pondering the question her sister just asked her. “I don’t know Shelby. We haven’t really wanted to do anything other than watch wrestling on the television or play video games. Why do we need to go on a date?” Violet responds. Shelby looks at her sister. “How are you going to combat the experience edge that Evie Jordan might pose against you?” Violet rubs her chin before looking back into her sister’s eyes. “I’m not worried about Evie Jordan,” answers Violet.

Shelby is taken aback by how calm Violet appears to be as she speaks. “Wow, I don’t remember seeing you this calm before.” Violet chuckles as she looks at Shelby. “Trust me, I got it covered,” Violet mentions as she walks toward the bathroom. Shelby shrugs her shoulders while moving towards her bedroom. Violet reapplies some of her makeup. She walks back out of the bathroom and walks back into her film room.

“Are we ready babe?” she sks Gory. “I believe so. I got the lens cleaned. I think we can start filming again,” Gory states as Violet gets into her position. “Alright, let’s do this,” she tells him.

On Camera

Violet is standing in the center of the room as the red light underneath the camera shines. Gory gives her a silent countdown before pointing his finger at her. Violet nods her head as she looks directly into the camera.

”Into The Void was a very special night for the both of us wasn’t it Evie. You became the world bombshell championship while I walked away with the bombshell roulette championship. Now I know that doesn’t make me the proper candidate to face you. Let’s face it, my win loss record sucks. It does suck. However I have managed to pick up strong wins during my career thus far. When I faced Candy for the first time, I beat her. When I took on Dani Weston for the first time, I beat her. Do you not see a pattern forming Evie?

When I face someone for the first time, I usually come out on top. Now I know that you are going to be more of a challenge than Candy but I’m not afraid of you. In fact, I will have to step up my game in order to defeat you. I can’t just rely on my mediocre talents as you and everyone else seem to think I possess. Well I look forward to proving all of you bitches wrong. You see, I didn’t want this championship at first. Unlike what Alicia thinks, I wanted to work my way up to this belt. You know, I had high hopes of getting my rightful rematch for the bombshell roulette championship.

Mark Ward and Christian Underwood thought I had earned this match after I beat Jessie Salco a few weeks ago. It wasn’t my decision but I will do everything within my power to take that belt off your hands Evie. I know how much you loathe wrestling ever since you married Ben Jordan. Think about it Evie. It was Ben who had to convince you to even enter the Blast From The Past tournament. It was Ben who convinced you to continue. Now that we all that established. Let me tell you what is going to happen.

Alicia Lukas and Andrea have both failed to defeat you. They are amazing talents but apparently they couldn’t get the job done. Now it’s my turn to exploit all of your insecurities. I know for a fact that you aren’t good against someone who is faster than you. Check one for me. I know you can’t handle someone who is smarter than you. Check two for me. My passion for this business is unmatched by any one.

I know you will think I don’t deserve this opportunity. You probably think it’s going to be an easy defense. The funny thing is everyone else believes the same damn thing. That was the same thing they said when I faced Candy. Do you know what happened Evie? I defeated her. How? Because I believe in my abilities. Because I know how good I am in the ring. I know that you have beaten everyone but there is one person you haven’t beaten. You haven’t beat me. I don’t see that happening.

My sister asked me why I am so calm. The answer is because I’m not sweating you Evie. Everyone else will be shaking in their fucking boots while standing across the ring from you. Not me. I am not afraid of some stupid cunt who isn’t all that talented. Evie you are just lucky. Unfortunately, your luck will be running out come Sunday.”

Violet steps closer to the lens as she takes a deep breath.

”Look into my eyes Evie. These are the eyes of the bitch who is going to cut you down. I’m not playing games. I’m calm now but trust me. I will not be so fucking calm when that bell rings. I’m going to slam my fist onto your head multiple times. Then I’m going to shove my foot so far up your ass that you’ll be vomiting shoe leather for days. So you see shitstain. I am not worried about you. I am looking forward to kicking your ass all over that ring.

Evie has no idea what awaits her on Sunday. I am ready to unleash the five feet of crazy. This is my one chance to make history and damn it no one is going to stop me. Catch you on Sunday bitch.

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“Violet!” a voice echoes throughout the gym as Violet is inside a Torment ring training with Lydia Michaels. Lydia was screaming at the top of her lungs as Violet pulled back on her neck after locking her in the pick pocket submission. Lydia is tapping her hands repeatedly on the canvas as Violet continues to keep the pressure until Jake Donaldson comes running up with Violet’s father right beside him. “Violet,” Jake shouts again trying to get her to release the hold. Violet continues to keep the hold in tight as her father slides into the ring and looks right into her eyes.

Violet finally lets go of the hold as Jake helps Lydia out of the ring and walks her over towards the medical trainer’s office. Violet snarls while rolling out of the ring. “Violet!” her father shouts once again as she stops in her tracks. “What?” she questions with disdain in her voice. “What was the meaning of that back there?” he asks her. “Lydia asked me to train with her and I did,” Violet answers vaguely. In the back of her mind, she was picturing Candy and Seleana Zdunich being the one locked in that hold. A vicious smile appears on her lips as her father looks at her. “You could have seriously injured her Violet,” he scolds her as she just waves him off.

Dustin watches his daughter move towards the locker room when his long time friend Valerie Beasley walks up next to him. “She has a lot of anger pent up inside,” Valerie mentions as she uses her towel to blot away some sweat that was dripping off her forehead. Dustin just watches with concern showing on his face. As Violet enters the locker room, her older sister Charlotte Grace is leaning against one of the lockers just smirking from ear to ear.

“I see daddy’s little princess is throwing a temper tantrum,” Charlotte says in a mocking tone towards her sister. It’s no secret that Charlotte and Violet haven’t gotten along since their mother left their father after giving birth to Shelby. Charlotte is constantly downplaying the athletic ability of her sister while also using every second to bash their own father. “What the fuck are you doing here Grace?” Violet asks. “My someone clearly has a potty mouth,” her sister answers jokingly.

Violet gets right up into her sister’s face. “Do you really want to do this now bitch?” Violet asks her. Charlotte holds her hands up while waving her hand in front of her nose. “You need a breath mint,” Charlotte jokes as Violet punches the locker directly next to her sister’s head. “I bet that hurt huh,” she mocks as Violet grabs the front of Charlotte’s shirt. “You ought to be glad that I didn’t connect with your face,” she says while gritting her teeth.

“Knock it off you two,” a voice rings out as both girls look to see their father standing near the door. “Don’t shout at me old man. Your daughter is the one who is trying to hit me,” Charlotte lies to her father. “Charlotte, why don’t you go see if Valerie needs a training partner,” he orders her. Charlotte just smirks as she walks out of the room. Violet snarls again while taking a seat on the bench located in front of her locker. Dustin walks right up to her and takes a seat next to his daughter.

“What’s going on Vi?” Dustin asks her point blank. “I’m just tired dad,” she answers him vaguely. “Well, then head back to the hotel and rest,” he replies but she shakes her head. “That’s not what I meant dad. I am tired of being given the shit end of the stick every time I look to make a serious go at making a name for myself,” she says while looking directly at the gray colored locker door. “What do you mean?” her father asks, looking confused. “Isn’t it obvious dad? I lose the Bombshell Roulette Championship without even being pinned and yet the current champion has yet to defend her championship,” Violet states as her dad still looks confused. “I don’t understand why you are upset over this,” wonders Dustin.

“I’m just over being treated like some kind of jobber. Seleana couldn’t beat me on her worst day which is why she had to beat Jessie Salco. She couldn’t earn a one on one opportunity so instead she gets handed a shot in a multiple person style match up. That’s what happened. Now, she has done nothing with that belt. She doesn’t care about the prestige. She only cares about looking good for her idiot wife who can’t decide what name to use,” Violet tells her father as she stands up to her feet. Violet grabs her phone from her purse and walks out of the room.

Violet walks into an empty room and closes the door behind her. She walks around the room before finding a good spot to sit. She brings her phone up towards her face and switches the camera so her face is seen in the lens. She hits the record button and proceeds to clear her throat.

July 13, 2020 marks my return to Climax Control after I was robbed of my opportunity to be an outstanding champion. Ever since that night, I have made it my goal to do everything within my power to get back what is rightfully mine. I don’t care who gets put in my way because I will bowl over you. Candy is no real threat to me seeing that I’ve already beaten her once before and I can do it again.

However this Sunday, I have been tasked once again to play welcome wagon to another veteran bombshell who has a massive following. Why am I a magnet for veteran bombshells? Let’s not forget I beat Dani Weston who was a former World Bombshell Champion. I wasn’t supposed to beat her but yet I did it. I wonder how healed Samantha Marlowe really is as she heads into this match.

I’m sure she is just ready to get back into that ring and give the people at home a hero to be proud of these days. Well, I don’t believe in heroes. I believe in being the absolute best inside that ring. Unfortunately, this night will not go as planned for you, Sam. How do I know this? Because I plan on using you as my prime example of what I am truly capable of when I am pissed off.

I have the utmost respect for what you have achieved thus far in your career, Sam. However, I am not looking to exchange resumes. I am going to enter this match with one goal in mind. That goal will be to beat you within an inch of your life. I’m going to make you wish that you’d chosen another day to make your long awaited return to the squared circle. You can make all the claims in the world but I know for fact that I have more to prove in this match than you. I must prove that my reign as Bombshell Roulette Champion wasn’t a fluke. I must prove that I deserve another shot. In order for me to prove it, I will take you out. Samantha Marlowe, you will regret stepping into the ring with someone like me. I will treat you the same way I treated Dani and Candy. I will show no mercy and I will show no remorse. You will find out first hand what being FIVE FEET OF CRAZY is all about. In the end, it will just be a WRONG PLACE, WRONG TIME.

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In the summer of 2016, Violet Amelia Holt was just finishing her day as camp counselor for the Vyper Wrestling Summer Camp hosted at her father’s gym in Orlando, Florida. Hundreds of high school students have come to this event hoping to learn more about the sport of professional wrestling. Violet is pulling up the rubber mats when her eyes look up to see a handsome man leaning against the door frame leading towards the back offices.

“What are you doing Violet?” the man asks her in a gruff voice.

“I’m doing what my daddy asked me to do before I left for the night,” Violet answered as she continues to roll up the rubber mats.

“Why roll them up? Won’t you just have to set them back out again?” he asks dumbfounded.

Violet rolls her eyes as she ignores that question. She finishes rolling up the mats and heads for the ring to start undoing the ring apron. “Now what are you doing?” he asks while stepping off the door frame and following her towards the wrestling ring.

“I’m removing the ring apron so my daddy can call for the cleaning crew,” she answers him while trying very hard not to punch him in the face. The handsome man stops at least six feet behind her and folds his arms across his chest. “I think your dad is a nutcase. Doesn’t he know that professional wrestling is fake,” the man says with a half smirk across his lips. Violet stops untying the ring apron and looks directly at the man.

“Have you lost your damn mind Shane?” Violet asks in great shock that her own boyfriend of three years would say something like that especially around her. “My father isn’t crazy. He is a hard worker and has done a lot for me and my sisters,” she continues to tell him while resuming her job of removing the ring apron.

“I am amazed at how respectful you are towards your old man. Lord knows, how much you have despised him?” Shane mentions as Violet shakes her head while turning her torso towards him. “You are some kind of stupid,” she tells him. “You need to leave Shane,” she orders him. “If I leave then I ain’t coming back to the crud shack,” he tells her.

Violet ignores his comment as she continues doing her chores for the evening. Shane shakes his head as he turns on his heels. He is heading for the door when Dustin Holt walks up to him. “Leaving so soon Shane, I thought you and Vi were going out tonight,” he commented. Shane just looks at him with a disgusted look on his face. “No, she’s not worth my time,” he replies. Dustin looks at him. “That’s good because she can do better than date a scumbag like you. Now, get lost,” he tells Shane while walking over towards his daughter.

That summer was an incredible year for Violet and her father. They did a lot together until he decided to spend more time with his ex-girlfriend Chastity. A year later, Violet started to resent her father and rebelled hard. Although she never touched a single drop of liquor or did drugs, she put herself into every sport that her father was against. She had no way of telling her father that she forgave him after he and his ex had broken up once again. Fast forward to December 2019, Violet had just finished her run in Birdcage Wrestling. Violet was looking for wrestling company to continue her career and thought it would be a good time to bury the hatchet with her father.

Beads of sweat dripped down the nose of Violet after another excellent day of training at her father’s gym. Her contract with Birdcage had expired as she reached for her blue beach towel sitting just inside her gym bag. “Great job Vi,” compliments the coach as Violet gives him a nod of her head. “Thanks. Have you seen my dad,” she asks him. The coach nods his head as he points back towards the office.

Violet finishes toweling off the sweat as she throws her sweatshirt over her sports bra. She quietly moves down the hallway as she stops near the door. She pops her head through the door. “Hey dad,” she says softly. Dustin lifts his eyes up from his computer screen and motions for her to enter the room. Violet enters the room and sits down on one of the chairs sitting in front of his desk.

“Have you decided on where you will continue your career?” asks her father. Violet shakes her head. “No, I’ve looked everywhere but nothing seems to stand out at me,” she states while sinking back in the chair. Dustin’s fingers move across the keyboard as he types in different keystrokes. “Have you thought about signing with Sin City Wrestling?” he asks her while leaning back in his chair. “That sounds like an option,” she says while rubbing her chin.

From the moment onward, Violet’s mind was made up. She signed with Sin City Wrestling in December of 2019 and hasn’t regretted it. She didn’t always have the best luck when it came to the ring. She fought hard to improve but that wasn’t enough. Violet had spent months trying to overcome her horrendous win loss record. That was until her surprise victory over Dani Weston. That’s what sparked her need to impress everyone. Into The Void was a miracle as she did the unthinkable. She did the impossible. She won the bombshell roulette championship in her first try. Now she looks to maintain her success by overcoming the odds on Sunday.

Violet can be seen lying across her hotel room bed while keeping her right hand on the Bombshell Roulette Championship belt. She looks at it while smirking towards the camera sitting on top of her computer. She uses a remote sitting next to her to press the record button.

”Into the void was a dream come true for me. When everyone counted me out, I used that as fuel to keep moving forward. I knew deep down that I would beat Candy my first time facing her. That’s how confident I am in my abilities and my skills inside that ring. I am sure everyone is already lining up to take me out. I say bring them on because I’m going to be the greatest Bombshell Roulette Championship of all time. Now in order for me to achieve this goal, I need to thwart the efforts of these so-called challengers that await me this Sunday. Yes, I refer to Seleana, Jessie Salco and Bella Madison as so-called challengers because neither one of these bimbos have done nothing to earn a shot at this championship belt that sits right in front of me.

Bella Madison, already had a chance at this belt back at My Bloody Valentine when Candy was the champion. How did that turn out for you Bella? Oh that’s right, you got beat. After that loss, you continued to go down until you decided to jump into the mixed tag team division. What happened with that huh? Oh that’s right, you failed yet again to obtain the mixed tag team championships. So explain to me why you deserve another opportunity at a championship? Why do you deserve multiple opportunities at gaining something you didn’t earn in the first place.

You ought to thank Christina Rose or whatever name she is using this month. She thought bombshells who have failed in their recent attempts at getting over deserve a second or in Bella’s case a third chance. Why so many chances Bella? Are you afraid that you won’t get another opportunity if you blow this one? It only took me one time to win this belt. It only took me one time to beat Candy. That’s the difference between you and I. You need multiple chances to make your dreams come true. You aren’t confident in your own skills or your own skin. That’s why I am looking forward to knocking you back down to the bottom.

As for Jessie Salco, damn this bitch sure gets herself a lot of championship matches but yet has done nothing to earn them. I mean, you lost the queen of the day match, you lost a mixed tag team title match and you have yet to obtain the World Bombshell Championship. I mean damn, how many times are you going to get opportunities and opportunities. I know you continuously beg for championship matches and yet you have done nothing to earn them. The last time we faced off each other, you barely beat me Jessie but that was then. This is now. You will find out why I am the one who dethroned Candy in one shot. This is my chance to redeem my loss and send you down to the bottom.

Then there is Seleana. The wife of our idiotic queen of the day. The former World Bombshell champion, who has done absolutely nothing since winning that belt. I know your wife is hoping for you to win on Sunday but let’s be real for a minute. The only way you can beat me is if your wife somehow gets involved in the match. However don’t get too excited because my baby sister will be at ringside to make sure that doesn’t happen. You see Seleana, I have watched your tapes. You are talented just like Bella and Jessie but you have done nothing with that talent. Your wife basically hands you a championship match and I’m supposed to be pleased. I am pleased actually. I am pleased because I get to yank you around like a damn ragdoll. This is my chance to show the world that I am better than you and that I will prove it.

You see ladies, this match is nothing more than a chance for Christina to run her mouth and hope for her wife to end her slump. Unfortunately, her slump will continue and I will be the one who makes it continue. At Into The Void, I made one dream a reality thanks to hard work. That dream doesn’t end on Climax Control. If you shits want this belt, then you will need to pry it out of my hands with a crowbar. I am not going to let it go without a fight. Jessie, Bella and Seleana have no idea what they are getting themselves into on Sunday. I am prepared for any match that is chosen. I am ready to shine in the main event. I am out to prove that my championship reign doesn’t end. As for you three ladies, I hope you are prepared for FIVE FEET OF CRAZY. See you on Sunday, if you dare.

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 The clock sitting next to a queen size bed chimes as the time reads eleven o’clock in the morning. Violet Amelia Holt had been up for at least three hours as her blonde hair with pink streaks is tossed up into a messy bun. The weather outside doesn’t look to be pleasant as she stands two feet from the balcony doors. Her arms are loosely crossed over her chest. Her eyes watch the droplets of rain fall onto the ground in a circular pattern. As she is focused on the rain, her baby sister steps out from the bathroom. Her hands are holding a towel against her damp hair as she looks over at Violet.

“Everything alright Violet,” Shelby says softly. “Have you ever watched the rain Shelby?” Violet asks her while keeping her eyes pointed towards the glass door. “What does watching the rain have to do with anything?” Shelby returns with a question of her own.

“It has everything to do with Climax Control,” Violet vaguely answers as Shelby tilts her head to the side. “I’m pretty sure Bea Barnhart isn’t watching a rain. She wants to beat you,” Shelby fires back as Violet chuckles.

“That lucky bitch wouldn’t know how to beat if her life depended on it. Each time we faced off, I dominated her ass all over that ring. Also those submissions she loves talking about weren’t expertly applied. I just didn’t have the energy to kick out. However, she hasn’t been able to beat someone of importance,” Violet responds as Shelby crosses the carpet floor and stands next to her sister.

“Do you think have daddy in your corner is going to be the difference maker?” asks Shelby.

“Shelby, I didn’t ask daddy to team with me. I know that he isn’t the wrestler he once was before we came along. Bea and Bill are the ones who challenged us because she was afraid of me. It’s so obvious that my victory scared her to the point she needed her husband to fight her battles. Little do they know that daddy and I are going to give them the biggest beating they have ever received since joining Sin City Wrestling,” Violet answers confidently.

“I am out to prove a major point Bea. I’m out to prove that beating Dani Weston wasn’t a one time thing. What are you out to prove Bea? Are you out to prove you are the best? Are you happy playing second fiddle to your pathetic husband? I bet it eats away at you inside they your husband is more successful than you will become. The fact you failed at winning the Bombshell Roulette. Let’s not forget, you two lost your very first mixed tag match against the Tigers. How do you expect to beat a father daughter team who has teamed together before?” Violet says as Shelby looks at her.

“Have you spoke to Grace?” Shelby asks as Violet looks over her shoulder at her baby sister. “Why would you even mention that name in my presence?” Violet answers. Shelby gulps a little as she backs up a bit. “She is our sister whether you like it or not,” Shelby says as Violet grumbles. “That bitch is no sister of mine,” Violet mentions as Shelby shakes her head.

It had been three years since Charlotte Grace and Violet had spoken to each other. Charlotte had done the unthinkable by sleeping with Violet’s ex-fiancé. When Violet found out, she and Charlotte broke out into a fist fight where Charlotte broke Violet’s nose. Ever since then, the two of them haven’t been in the same room without her father present.

“Shelby, you should have known better. Now you are going to be responsible for why Bea Barnhart will be needing crutches to help her out of Go Gym. You see Bea. This match isn’t going to be for the faint at heart. I plan on destroying you. I know for a fact that my daddy is going to hurt your husband. The Holts are going to show why we are the most dangerous wrestlers on the planet.

Bea better say her prayers and take her vitamins. Because I’m going to unleash FIVE FEET OF CRAZY all over her cocky bitch ass.”

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 For the past three days, Violet and Dustin have been training non stop in her father's private gym on the strip of Las Vegas. "Keep your hands up," Dustin shouts at his daughter as they work on their blocking techniques. Violet is trying very hard to block her father's kicks but she keeps getting struck with kicks to her side. "That hurts," she whines as Dustin changes up his approach. "We should work on your submission defense," he suggests as Violet strikes back with a hard jab to the side of her father's head. "You should keep your hands up," she joked as Dustin catches her right fist before twisting her into an armbar.

"No fair," she screams as Dustin continues to apply pressure to her arm. "Why didn't you keep your eyes on the ball?" asks Dustin as he leans up while placing his back on top of her. "Why are we doing this?" she asks while trying to figure out away out of the armbar. "Think about it Violet," he answers her vaguely while transitioning into a different armbar. Violet uses this opportunity to get between Dustin's legs and throws him over her head. "Great counter," he says in between small breaths. Dustin takes a minute to catch his breath as Violet uses her free hand to rub the muscle that was being hyperextended during the armbar.

"Daddy, what are we going to do about those nasty Barnharts?" Violet asks while sitting crossed legged on the gym floor. "Well, we are going to do what we do best my dear. We going to give those two idiots a fight they will never forget," he answers her. Violet hangs her head a bit as Dustin outstretches his legs while looking at his daughter. "Bill Barnhart has no idea what is waiting for him come Sunday. He wants to talk about educating me but has no idea how educated I am through my years in this industry. He wants to make claims that I'm a shell of my former self which might be the case but I'm determined to shove my fist right down his throat," he tells her as she smiles with joyfulness in her eyes. "Daddy, I know you will teach that fat bastard a thing or two about respect. I can't wait to make that stupid bitch eat her own words," Violet adds as Dustin stands up to his feet.

"My entire career has been proving people wrong. Everyone has said that I'm not a wrestler but yet I've won more matches using wrestling holds then anything else. Bill will find out just how good I am. I'm going to outwrestle him to the point of no return. His world will crumble beneath his own weight after I target each of his bad knees. You see Bill. I am a student of the game. I have been known to be one of the most dangerous minds in professional wrestling. The fact I have my own signature match is proof in the pudding. Barnhart should have been focusing on his upcoming title match with the future of this business. Instead, he wants to pick a fight with someone who can injury him," Dustin says with a smirk.

"My daughter will avenge her previous falls to your pathetic wife. It's funny really. Your first tag team match ended in a loss to an established team. I hate to be the bearer of bad news Bill but you're tag team woes will continue as we hand you another loss. Violet and I are going to show the world just how well we work as a team. You claim that I'm overprotective. No, I've just been in this business long enough as I have you know what dangers lurk around every corner. My daughter knows that I will let her do her thing. I just don't want her to get into trouble before it's time. The Barnharts are going to get the first class beating that they have ever received. Violet and I are looking forward to it."

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 The sound of weights smacking concrete echoes as Dustin Holt steps out of his office. He leans in the door frame while watching his middle child hitting the weights before the clock strikes eight in the morning. He watches silently as her baby sister is spotting her older sister. "What are you doing?" he asks. The booming sound of his voice startles Shelby as Violet keeps her focus on another set of deadlifts. "Hi daddy," Shelby says as Dustin moves toward them. "Vi, what are you doing?" he asks Violet directly. "I'm working on my strength since my speed has let me down," she answers stoically.

"Your speed hasn't let you down Violet. You have ran into some tough competition. The bombshells in Sin City Wrestling aren't like the vixens in the Violent Wrestling League," he tells her. "Dad, I know how tough the competition is but I shoud have had at least one victory thus far," she comments as Dustin takes a sit on the bench next to her. "Have you watched footage of your own matches to see what you did wrong?" he asks her. "I didn't do anything wrong. I dominated everyone," she answers. Dustin shakes his head while looking over at Shelby. "That's your problem Vi. You haven't learned from your own mistakes," he tells her as Shelby walks over to the barbell rack. She picks up two 25 pound barbells and begins her own workout regimen.

"What mistakes are you talking about dad?" asks Violet as she looks at him. "I've watched your matches and I was impressed with some things you did but I know you can do better. First things first, you need to be one step ahead of your opponent. You have done that so far but you tend to get overconfident. The second thing is you need to make the right choices when it comes to making the right move. The third thing is don't assume you are going to win. You need to keep the pressure on until the final bell dings," Dustin tells her. Violet leans against the wall as she rubs her face. "I guess I still need some training," she admits as he stands up to his feet.

"Yes, but I know that you will be able to find yourself a win. You have skills. You just need to put it all together," he tells her. She nods her head while leaning off the wall. "Dani Weston has no idea what is coming at her," she says while heading towards the office. "Where you going?" he asks her. "I have something to do," she answers. Dustin watches as she disappears into the dark hallway leading towards the promotional classroom.

Violet steps to the front of the classroom as she positions herself in front of the camera. Shelby enters the room and stands behind the camera.

Hello Sin City Wrestling, this is Violet Amelia Holt. The last time I appeared on Climax Control, I lost a tough match against Jessie Salco. I know that my win loss record isn't very impressive. I feel that will change over time but for now I will remain vigiliante. This week, my opponent is another former Bombshell Champion in Dani Weston. She is someone who I have a lot of respect for but something tells me she isn't very bright. I mean, do you think it is wise to battle someone who is a submission specialist? How about fighting someone who didn't have a match at Blaze of Glory? You have no idea what awaits you on Sunday.

Violet pauses so she can catch her breath.

I'm well aware at how good you are Dani. You have speed, you have tenacity and you are incredibly talented in between the ropes. However, I don't think you are using your brain this time around. At Blaze of Glory, you were carted out of the casino on a stretcher. You and Bobbie Dahl put each other through hell. I don't think you are at 100 percent which gives me an advantage. I will show the entire world and you why I am the most dangerous bombshell on the roster. I will tie you into knots. I will exploit every injury you endured at Blaze of Glory. This is my chance to get my name out of the bottom. I will destroy you. I'm determined to show that I have heart, passion and the ability to propel myself into the bombshell roulette championship picture.
Dani Weston, I hope you are ready. Because you're about to meet FIVE FEET OF CRAZY.

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 "That's my favorite part," a voice rings out as light shows off the 45 inch television that is mounted on the north wall. Violet is holding a medium sized television remote in her left hand as her tongue is lapping around her lips. She seems rather proud of her actions as she watches the replay of last night's Climax Control. "Look at the way that bitch's head smacks off the floor," she mentions while pausing the video and rewinding it back. She continues to watch the replay when Shelby comes walking into the living room carrying  a bowl full of extra butter style popcorn. "Are we still watching this sis?" asks Shelby in between handfuls.

Violet gave out a loud groan before looking at her sister. "What kind of question is that? You know damn well that I'm going to watch Bea Barnhart getting her ass handed to her by me over and over," she answered. Shelby rolled her eyes while tossing three kernels of popcorn into her mouth. "Where's pop?" Violet wonders as Shelby shrugs her shoulders. "I have no idea," she responds with a mouthful of popcorn. Violet eyes her little sister while slipping off her bed. She places her feet on the rough carpet as her hand hovers over toward her cell phone sitting on the end table. "Nothing," she mutters while standing up off the bed. She looks over at the television while shaking her head. "I need to do something with this mop," she talks to herself.

Shelby continues to munch on popcorn as she watches her sister just bouncing around like a jumping bean. Violet glides across the floor and stops in front of her dresser. She gathers some clothes for a shower as she turns to look at her sister. "I'll be in the shower. If dad calls then answer," she says while looking at Shelby. Shelby holds up her thumb while reaching for the television remote. Violet steps into her bathroom and closes the door. The sound of water echoes through the wall as Shelby changes the channel to an episode of Looney Tunes. She starts giggling under her breath while munching on more popcorn. As she begins to put another kernel into her mouth, she feels something vibrating her right leg. "What the," she yammers to herself as pulls out her cell phone. She looks at the locked screen and sees a picture of her father. She shrieks a little before answering the phone. "Hey dad," she says still with popcorn in her mouth.

"Where's your sister Shelby," he says in response. "She's in the shower," she retorts. "When she gets out, have her call me," he replies before cutting the call off. Shelby stars at her phone while shaking her head. "I love you too dad," she mumbles as Violet steps out of the shower wearing a pair of jeans and a tank top. Her blonde hair was sporting some new pink stripes as she tosses the towel onto the floor. "Who was that?" she asks. "Dad," is all Shelby says while keeping her eyes onto the television screen. "What's wrong?" asks Violet. "He didn't want to talk to me. He seemed very upset," Shelby says.

Violet gulped as she sunk onto her bed. Shelby looks over at her sister after stepping out of the bathroom. "What's with the long face?" asks Shelby. "Dad's not happy with me," she answers. Shelby chuckles. "What a shock," comments Shelby. "He's not happy with how I attacked Bea. He said he wanted to see more brutality and felt that I was half assing it," adds Violet. "I thought he would blow his stack because you were following his footsteps," mentions Shelby. "He was pleased that I gave into my frustrations but wasn't happy with my approach. He's sorry about not talking to you. He was busy trying to find a way to hold ViolentMania," replies Violet. Shelby let out a sigh as she pulls up the Sin City Wrestling website. "Are you prepared for Jessie Salco?" asks Shelby.

"I am fully prepared to face that piece of shit. What has Jessie Salco done lately to be even considered an actual threat? She has failed in the last few matches. She couldn't even get past the first round of the BFTP tournament. I don't blame her though. She had a worthless tag team partner in Denise's father. Even before then, she hasn't won many matches lately. Not that I can say anything, I do plan on changing that," Violet begins as Shelby is just now recording this on her cell phone.

"Bea Barnhart, she has been a thorne in my side for a long time. She will soon get hers after I take out this wanna be metal chick. Jessie Salco wrestles with the same mindset as me. However, I have watched some of her old matches. She is careless with her moves. She wrestles with her emotions not with her brain. She will soon find herself on the wrong end of the purple rainmaker. Just think of it, my first victory will come from throwing that little bitch all over the ring. She has no idea what is in store," adds Violet as she gets up off the bed. She walks over toward her wrestling bag and slings it across her shoulder.

"If you think what I did to Bea was mind blowing then keep watching Climax Control. Because I'm going to introduce Jessie to the Five Feet of Crazy. She will have no idea what will hit her. Everyone will be talking about me and then I will continue my path of violence until I get my hands wrapped around Bea. Until then, keep your eyes peeled and watch for sparks," finishes Violet as Shelby stops recording.  

Climax Control Archives / Mr. SCW Returns
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"Awe, this is the life," is breathed into existence as Travis Nathaniel Andrews is sitting on his private deck underneath an umbrella. He is trying to get out of the unbearable heat that bears down onto both him and his personal assistant Shawna Jenkins. They are entertaining offers for a possible return to the squared circle. "Has anyone made any offers?" he asks in between sips on his Crown Royal. Travis has enjoyed the retired life but something inside of him as sparked an interest into lacing up his boots once again.

"Well, Sin City Wrestling is hosting their annual Blast From The Past tournament," mentions Shawna as Travis rubs his left index finger over his chin. "Ummm," he hums while playing with the idea of placing his name on the list. "Can you check to see who has already signed up?" he asks her. "Give me a minute," she tells him as she is trying to load the homepage. Travis continues to sip on his alcohol as Shawna continues to surf the web. "There are a lot of names on this list but not many of them are worthy enough to be in the same ring as you," says Shawna as Travis laughs.

"Of course, there is no one who can hold a candle to me. I carried that company on my back for two years and what did I get in return," he starts rehashing the past as Shawna just shakes her head. "I know the whole story and it has the same exact ending," she adds as Travis is still smirking. Shawna continues to look over the page as a strange sound echoes through the silence. "What the hell is that?" Shawna asks as Travis picks up his phone from off the table.

He looks at the number before swiping his phone opened to answer it. "Hello Mark," he says into the receiver while standing up from his seat. "Hello Travis," he replies. "What can I do for you today?" Travis asks sarcastically while rolling his eyes. "How would you like to get one more chance at glory?" Mark answers with a question of his own. "Glory! Now you are speaking my language Ward," states Travis as he calls for Shawna to come over towards him. "I figured that would get your attention. Unfortunately, your partner has been chosen and you are paired with Jessie Salco," Mark says into the phone. Travis looks at Shawna as a sly smile crosses his lips. "That's just fine," he says. "Uh...o.....," Travis hangs up on Mark as he looks at Shawna. "Get my gear," he orders her while looking off into the distance.

Shawna walks off towards the house as Travis remains on his private deck. He looks around before taking another seat under his umbrella. "Mark thinks this unlikely duo of Jessie Salco and myself isn't going to work. Little does he know that we have already seen some sort of success in this tournament. The last time we paired up with each other, we moved passed the first round with a dominant effort. I don't quite remember who we faced off but I just know we have some experience as a team. That is one thing we have in our corner. Thanks to my assistant, I have been made aware of who we will be facing in our first round matchup," he speaks while leaning back in his chair.

"Mark Cross, professionally known as The Dragon, has had some success in both SCW and SCU but he hasn't faced someone quite like me before. I am one of the best technical wrestlers in SCW. I have held the Roulette Championship one time. I am the only man who was able to make Chris Shipman tap out twice. I have ended careers during my tenure and I am looking to get to form. No one is going to be safe. Mainly because his tag partner just happens to be the wife of someone who I have a bone to pick with," Travis continues while snapping his fingers as a woman dressed in a cocktail dress comes walking up while holding a cocktail in her left hand. Travis is smiling as he continues to look out into the distance.

"Evie Jordan, you didn't even want to be in this tournament. I think Jessie and I can work with that information. I'm sure Jessie would love nothing more than to rip every last bit of hair out of your head. I can only imagine what your pathetic husband will think when he watches his ugly wife get even uglier. Jessie and I aren't going to back down. We are going to roll right past both of you shit stains and move closer towards our goal. Ben Jordan, you had better watch closely because my sights are set on get revenge on your selfish ass. Mark Cross has no idea what awaits him come Climax Control. It's time for the true Mr. SCW to reclaim his throne. The only thing you bastards can do is cry a fucking river, building a damn bridge and DEAL WITH IT," he caps off his little speech as Shawna comes walking back up with his bag over her shoulder.

"Avery, get my driver," he orders the waitress as Shawna just smirks with Travis smirking as well.  

Climax Control Archives / Knocking down doors
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It’s a quarter past noon as Violet is standing inside the Disney Store as the rain falls. Violet had been walking through Disney Springs since Climax Control was being held in Orlando. She slowly looks at the many different styles of shirts as she contemplates what she will be facing on Sunday.

“I love how this shirt looks,” she says while eyeing a Minnie Mouse baseball style tee. Her baby sister Shelby is standing next to her as she looks at the same shirt. “That’s a gorgeous shirt Vi,” adds Shelby. Violet continues to look through the different shirts. The two sisters quietly talk about different emotions they have been experiencing. Shelby had just competed in her hometown of Bell, Florida for the Underground brand. Violet was proud of her sister and knew that she would be in Orlando. “How did it feel to be back in Bell?” she asks as Shelby shrugs her shoulders.

“It was amazing but I didn’t see you in the crowd,” she answers as Violet places a hand on her shoulder. “I’m sorry dear but I had to book the hotel room. Not to mention, daddy had me do a few promotional things for Birdcage Wrestling,” replies Violet. Shelby knew that when their dad asked for help that it meant extra exposure. They continue to walk through the Disney store as Violet stops to look at the rack of key chains. “Lets see if I can find my name,” she says while scanning and searching through them. “My name must be peculiar,” she jokes as Shelby giggles under her breath. They continue to look through the key chains as Ivory Sullivan comes walking into the store. Her hair is dripping water all over the floor when Shelby turns her head to look at her. “What the heck Ivory?” She questions. “No one told me the bottom fell out of the sky,” she responds while squeezing more water out of her hair. Violet is trying very hard to hold back laughter as Ivory eyes her. “I’m sorry Ivy but you are the one who looks like drowned rat,” she says with a smile.

“Very funny,” she replies in a sarcastic tone. Violet shakes her head while leaving the two friends to chat. She stands at the door and watches the rain fall. Tiny little raindrops fall onto the sidewalk as Ivory walks up to next to her. “You ready for Sunday,” she inquires as Violet lifts one eyebrow.

“I don’t know Ivy,” she replies while keeping her eyes focused on the puddles forming in front of them.

> How does one tell someone they are ready for an opportunity of this magnitude? On one hand, I’m questioning why me but then I get to thinking about my father. The look on his face when I told him about my chance of becoming a champion makes me feel like I can do this. Then I look back at my first match for SCW and start questioning myself again. I don’t know if I deserve this kind of opportunity but I will make the most of it.

As Violet is still lost in her own thoughts, Shelby has finally joined her side and begins waving a hand in front of her face. “Earth to Violet,” she says while starting to snap her fingers. Violet shakes her head as she looks back at her sister. “What?” She implores. “You had zoned out again,” replies Shelby as Violet can feel her cheeks getting red. “I’m sorry,” is all she could say. Shelby pats her sister on the back as they notice the rain had stopped.

“You guys hungry,” wonders Ivory as Violet’s stomach slowly starts to grumble. “I think that’s a yes,” laughs Shelby as Violet places her hands on her stomach. “I’m sorry,” she says sheepishly. The trio of ladies walk out of the Disney store with nothing in their hands except their purses and head towards Blaze pizza. “What were you thinking about anyway Vi?” asks Shelby.

Violet takes a minute to think about the question as Ivory lightly smacks Shelby on the arm. “What is wrong with you? She doesn’t have to share if she doesn’t want to,” states Ivory as Shelby runs her hand over her arm. “It’s fine Ivy,” retorts Violet. “I’m just thinking about Sunday,” she finally says as Shelby and Ivory both nod their heads together. “That makes sense,” says Ivory. “Why are you thinking about it so much? You are a freaking Holt for crying out loud,” responds Shelby. Violet stares at her sister as Ivory has no words.

> Ever since I tapped out in my last outing, I haven’t found my confidence. I know there is no shame in fighting another day but it was a stupid sleeper hold. I should have been able to counter it but I just couldn’t figure Bea Barnhart out. Now I’m supposed to figure out a game plan against one of the most underrated competitors in the bombshell locker room. Sierra Williams is a very talented female who probably could wipe the floor with me without breaking a sweat. Sure we come from similar backgrounds like a wrestling family but that’s the only similarity.

“Violet,” Shelby calls out as she snaps back into reality. “Dang, this match is really getting to me,” Violet admits. They each order separate pizza pies and get drinks from the soda fountain. They finally sit down at one of the tables outside as Shelby looks at her big sister. “Why are you buggin Vi?” Shelby asks as Violet plays with her purse. “I know that loss to Bea threw you off but come off it already,” adds Shelby. “I can’t help it. I just don’t have any confidence,” sighs Violet. “I know for a fact Mark Ward and Christian wouldn’t have placed you in a title qualifying match if they weren’t impressed. You proved how tough you were against that bimbo. She couldn’t pin you so she went the submission route. That showed them you were someone to watch,” Shelby says as Violet looks at her sister.

Violet sits back while looking at her drink cup. She thinks for a minute before lifting her eyes back up. “I never thought of it like that,” remarks Violet. “I was so caught up on my own failures that I didn’t realize how much I impressed everyone,” she adds. “What are you doing?” asks Ivory as she stares at Violet. “Talking about my match,” she answers as Ivory shakes her head. “Not like this Violet,” she torts as Ivory holds her phone up and opens the camera app. She moves it to video as looks over it at Violet. “Alright....go,” she says while pressing the record button.

The time begins as Violet clears her throat.

”The mind is a tricky piece of equipment we have inside of our bodies. It can be helpful but it can also be hurtful. Take this week for example, my mind has been telling me that I’m not good enough to be in this kind of match. My mind is telling me that I need to back out before I embarrass myself again. I almost gave into my mind until my baby sister said the one thing that makes perfect sense,”

Violet pauses for a minute to take a sip of her drink.

”You see I am a freaking Holt and we never run from a fight. It doesn’t matter if we win or lose. It matters if we put everything into that match. This match is no different. I know Sierra Williams is going to try and play the experience card. That’s fine because I will prove that experience is just a number we say to intimidate others. I’ve seen what you can do in the ring. When you are focused, then you are hard to beat. However, you haven’t been focused. It’s evident by your loss to Kate Steele. How long are you going cry about that loss? The fact you are crying about who is challenging for the World Bombshell championship is proof of why you haven’t had the success you want to achieve.

If you think this is just going to be a cakewalk of a match then you might want to hold onto that Taco Bell uniform. Because if you aren’t completely focused on me then I will hurt you. There is a reason I am Five Feet of Crazy. I don’t give up. Bea found that out the hard way. My passion for this business can’t be measured by years. My love for this sport can’t be matched. I’m not taking you lightly. I know you are a tough chica but I’m not going to back down. I will come at you full force. My focus will be solely on you. My baby sister will be ringside to make sure nothing happens but I will not let that shake me.

I don’t know the outcome. I do know that what I showed in my debut was only the beginning. So come ready for a fight because I’m bringing one right to your door. Just know I’m going to knock that door down and walk right through you,”
Violet says as Ivory stops recording.

“Sorry but my pizza is ready,” she says as the Holt sisters just laugh.

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