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Climax Control Archives / Shine Bright (Diamond RP)
« on: July 29, 2022, 11:58:41 PM »
Bloody fucking hell… That is honestly the only phrase that immediately comes to my mind right away. It had been three years since I had stepped into the ring with Alicia Lukas. Three years ago I carried a briefcase with the golden contract. I could have had a title shot whenever I saw fit but I chose to go for broke right in front of my crowd at Wembley. I was heartbroken because things didn’t go in the way that I had hoped for them to go. Despite receiving all of the training I possibly could from London Underground, and giving it my all…It just wasn’t enough…

It was never enough… I walked away with my head held down in shame and despite me giving Alicia Lukas everything I had she just didn’t seem to respect me. She felt like I was beneath her and she was free to continue with her reign of terror with the SCW World Bombshell Championship…

I held onto that lost for three long brutal years. Since that time I had gone on to tie the record for the Internet Championship, I had picked up a Mixed Tag Team Championship, and I even won the Roulette Championship. Even though all of those were amazing achievements I wasn’t satisfied with any of them. I wanted more…

I wanted to be looked upon as a contender although the company only ever acknowledged me as a pretender. It was hard to break out of that mindset but I finally overcame Alicia Lukas. I beat her straight up at Summer XXXtreme and I can’t help but smile about the entire thing. I will admit giving Alicia her receipt was absolutely thrilling but more important than that it felt really good. I am in awestruck because I know that the win over a three time World Champion put me one step closer to what I am really after.

It put me on the path towards getting a shot at the World Bombshell Championship and lord knows that is the ONLY thing that I want right now. What I didn’t expect however was the fact that this title opportunity would come as soon as it did. Now I am standing face to face with what I wanted all along.

I get to fight for the World Bombshell Championship and I get to do so against a woman that I know so well. I get to wrestle Roxi Johnson and if I can beat her now only will I become World Champion but I will also become a Grand Slam Champion in the process. I will be etched into history and nobody can tell me differently.

There are so many feelings about me getting this title opportunity but the main thing I am feeling right now is confidence. You want to know why I am confident?!

It’s not because I am willing to pull out some cheap stunts or what have you. It’s not because I got something in my back pocket, but the reason is very simple.

It’s the simple fact that every single time I have been in the ring with Roxi Johnson I have always owned her soul. I have beat her in every single singles outing. When she was trying to chase for the Roulette Championship after she was OVER qualified for it I made sure to deny her from being a Grand Slam Champion, she had to take it from Veronica Taylor but it wasn’t from me…

Roxi had also gained a chance to challenge for my Internet Championship when I was champion. If she beat me she would have gotten off on having this wet dream of a match with her wife for MY TITLE but guess what?! I beat her ass in that match too so that match didn’t happen at my expense!

Hell the same could be said for her stupid ass wife as well. I had denied her from winning the Internet Title from me. I took Keira’s Roulette Championship away from her. The only time that either of them really beat me was when I was playing the role of my husband’s mistress, and I wore a mask to hide my identity. That was the creation of Diamond and even then I was doing everything in my power to make sure you didn’t know it was Kate Steele under the mask.

At the end of the day I own the fucking Johnsons and if that wasn’t enough it’s not like Roxi was any better than my baby cousin Ruby. After all I trained her and she Cradle DDT’d her ass out of last year’s Blast From The Past Tournament so it makes me question if Roxi is really ready for me or my family.

The answer is no…

That red haired Bitch will probably try to stand up as this almighty hero but deep down she is not going to be acting all heroic about this match. She is looking for vengeance because she can’t beat me. I just know she has me in the same category with people like Vargas who she wants to shut up, or Andrea who took her ball and went home. I know she has something in the tank for me and she’s been sitting on it for months hell years to finally get over on Kate Steele.

What exactly are you going to say Roxi?! Is it your big plan to tell the world that I am a woman who just goes through many different phases and I really don’t know anything?! How I idolize a cartoon that was around six years before I was even born?!

Year… That’s Ruby’s favorite as it was her idea to base the entire band on her love for the Holograms so if me supporting my cousin’s dream is bad I guess playing make pretend to be a hero is just as bad.

Maybe you are going to bring how I love Chelsea FC despite being born in Berkshire, and can’t really name anybody on the team but then you would be saying that spending my summers with my nan in London didn’t mean anything, and I have no right in cheering for her team.

Maybe just maybe I am a fool for supporting New York sports teams despite really picking up on America teams when my father moved our family to Greenwich Village New York City when I 12.

Here’s the real kicker though because it might come up. I have only ever been a World Champion once in my career and that’s ONLY because I was the only one left in a tournament for a new company when everybody left but I can’t dictate what others do.

How could I miss the obvious the “KATE STEELE NEVER REALLY LIKED SUBMISSIONS UNTIL SHE WATCHED UFC ONE DAY!” comment but obviously somebody hasn’t been paying attention of the time I spent in Manchester training with Paul Riley on perfecting the art of catch wrestling.

I am not going to stand here and take the obvious cheap shots directed at me. I don’t care if you think I went through best friend after best friend ranging from Melody Grace, Misty Whitmore, Violet Ripley or any other name you want to yell at me.

I know I am a chameleon hell that’s common knowledge that you can find on my biography on the SCW website, even the fans know that. None of that is important though because the main fact that you should be focused on is the fact that you CAN’T BEAT ME.

That’s the only stat means worth a damn. It’s not my job to prove if you can beat me because I have already showcased that over and over again but it’s up for you to actually beat me something you have NEVER DONE. What is going to make this match any different than our previous ones?!

Nothing… I am feeling like I can’t be stopped and I am going to go to prove that I want that title bad. It’s all I have ever wanted and I want everything that comes with it. If I can beat you I know that a spot in the Hall of the Fame might be on the horizon along with other things. Besides last time I checked the last time you had a World Champion and had to defend your championship on a Climax Control you dropped the ball to Crystal Zdunich.

If she can manage to do the unthinkable I damn sure KNOW that I can as well. You better come at me with everything you got because I will make sure you weigh less. This is my match and I will be champion whether you think so or not. This is my match and I will be champion. Mark my words on that…

See you soon chump, just make sure you don’t disappoint…

Jet City South
Present Day

It had been a long few months for Diamond Steele. This was supposed to be one of her happiest years in wrestling for Kate Steele. Despite returning as a full time competitor for SCW and losing in Melody Grace’s final match. Things had definitely had picked up for her. She has been on an absolute tear only dropping one match to Kat Jones but beside that everything had gotten better. She was now in sole custody of her daughter Juliet despite the actions of Teddy. She had a Roulette Championship reign to her name. When all hope seemed lost she even found love again as she met another wrestler Dawn Lohan and the two got married. Now she was in prime position. She was one step away from completing her dream. If she could get past Roxi Johnson she would be the World Champion…

That should have been the thing that was on her mind; however other thoughts were going through her head as she stood inside of the Jet City South gym. She looked at the wrestling hopefuls who were all giving their all so that they could become the next batch of biggest stars in the industry. The reality finally set on her that she had some serious growing up to do especially for all of the students.

Kate stood inside of the training facility; she had a whistle in her hand as she watched the wrestlers in front of her. The sparring sessions always seemed to get really intense. She saw everything that a coach could wish to see from her students, she saw determination, passion, and heart. As she stood there it wasn’t that long before Courtney Pierce-Steele walked into the room. She made her way over to where Kate was standing and glanced into her eyes.

“Is everything okay Kate?! To be honest I would have expected my cousin in law to be in India somewhere. This is a big tour for all of you in SCW and more specifically you are just one match away from accomplishing all of your dreams. You don’t want to really waste it away by being here…”

Kate nods her head as she gazes right into Courtney’s eyes. She runs her hands through her long blonde hair as she replies back to her.

“I get what you are saying but to be honest I don’t think I had time to properly mourn Kris like I should have. Everything just seemed to happen so fast. I was all caught up in trying to figure out a way to get custody back of Juliet. Plus at the same time we were preparing for Ruby and your wedding. I didn’t know that would turn into all of the Gem Stones wishing to get married to their significant others. I didn’t expect for everything to happen so quickly…”

Courtney nods her head as she keeps her eyes locked on Kate.

“Kate… It’s natural to feel how you do. It definitely is a lot to take in but nobody could predict when death is going to call any of us. All you can do is live life and move forward. Don’t forget those who have made an impact on your life while they were here…Just be happy that you got to know Kris…”

Kate lets the tears steadily stream down her face as she leans over into the shoulder of Courtney. She sobs even more but her cousin in law is there to comfort her. Kate looks back at the students as answers back.

“Kris had so much to do with my life though. If it wasn’t for him I don’t think I would have reunited with my good friend Violet Ripley. I don’t think I would have been able to be an amazing Godmother to her daughter Lavender. Not only was he able to help the two of us work things out with one another but he also found a place for me here. He told me I could help by being a trainer here and on top of that he took on all of the Gem Stones as students. You do realize that there was a time where nobody wanted anything to do with me and my girls, especially after being used by Teddy to make him look ridiculous…”

Kate wipes her tears as she begins to pour her heart out some more.

“He didn’t see that though… He took me in… I felt like I actually belonged here. Sure I might have been endorsed by Rose Productions and they bought us this oversized mansion that all of the Gem Stones could live in but leaving Tampa to move all of the way to San Diego was definitely an adjustment. I just can’t believe he is gone… It really didn’t set into my soul until I realized that while we were there getting married on Greece during that last tour that he never got to see me in my wedding dress… I don’t have a good relationship with my father but I wanted Kris to be the one to walk me down…I… I just don’t know how to feel about it…”

Courtney nods her head as she keeps her eyes locked on Kate as she shakes her head in return.

“I fully understand and I wanted him to be there as well. Ruby and I met at this very school. This was a relationship that had developed under his nose. He was the one that initiated us working together after we couldn’t stand the sight of each other. At first Ruby and I didn’t like it but I didn’t have any idea that it would blossom into us falling in love with one another. Now look at us, I am a proud Mrs. Courtney Pierce-Steele and she is definitely happy to be Mrs. Prudence Steele-Pierce… Was it sad that he couldn’t be there to witness it?! I definitely would agree since it was a relationship that had been established for well over a year. What I can say however is that I have a feeling that he was looking down from the skies on our wedding day and he is a very proud person…”

Kate nods her head as the smile escapes her lips. It’s the first time that she had been smiling on this day.

“Yeah… I guess you do have a point. Kristopher definitely was an amazing individual but I guess the real issue now is looking at Jet City South and where does this place go now. I don’t really see Mikah coming in and out of here that much anymore. I don’t see any of the people mainly attending this place. I would just hate for everything to eventually come crashing down because somebody that have the time to pour into these students like they should…That is what scares me the most…”

Courtney raises her eyes in return.

“And why exactly does it scare you?! As far as I am concerned this place is definitely in good hands. As a matter of fact I already know of a person who could be the successor. Somebody who would make sure that the legacy of this place lasts as long as it possibly can. Sure that person might be rough around the edges but when motivated this person can do anything she puts her mind on…”

Kate is a little taken back as she seems befuddled.

“Oh you know somebody?! Who are you referring too because I would like to introduce myself to that person…”

Courtney point’s right at Kate as a smile escapes her lips.

“Kate I am talking about you… You are the one who can carry on this legacy. You know you were meant to be the one…”

“I don’t know… I mean I was never really good at leading. A long time ago I got my start in All Star Wrestling Gym training under Lyn and Caroline Dallins. I was kicked out because I chose getting drunk over being a great student. They had their favorite in Misty Whitmore and I was left to try to find my own way…”

Courtney smirks.

“That may be true but you ended up having the better career than that of Misty correct?! Sometimes you learn from the mistakes that you make in life and they are there to shape where you plan to go in your future. You getting kicked out only prepared you to take wrestling school more seriously. I would say that you have definitely matured. The woman that you were at 21 years old when you first started is not the same woman that you are at 31. These ten years have been instrumental in your development…”

Kate quickly shakes her head.

“You might say that and hell you could potentially see it but all people can ever see is the woman who likes to parade around as Diamond Steele. The Chameleon who really doesn’t have her own personality to hang onto, a woman who has latched onto things such as the Holograms, the Pink Ladies, and hell loving submission based wrestling because I thought the women fighters in UFC was awesome. There’s no depth beneath that…”

Courtney places her arms firmly on Diamonds shoulders as she gazes right into her eyes.

“And that is where you are wrong… There is something unique about you. I am not saying that “Diamond” is an amazing woman nor did I claim her to be, but I am talking about Kate Steele being a super woman. Kate is a woman that has put everything into anything she does, even when people think that you are being completely ridiculous you find a way to make things work for you. That’s what you are and who you have always been…”

Kate just takes it all in before she shrugs her shoulders a bit.

“I still don’t know… I never saw myself in the teaching role. After what I put all of my previous teachers through do you think I am fit to really take charge of this school?!”

Courtney looks around before she gazes right at Kate.

“Of course you have what it takes. You are damn near less than one week from competing in the biggest match of your life. This is your opportunity to compete for something you always wanted, and yet instead of being in India. Instead of taking the time to prepare or take it easy your heart is right here in this school. That is commitment. That shows that you want this and you deserve it. There’s no better option than you Kate and you just have to acknowledge that…”

Kate shrugs her shoulders as she turns her attention back to the students.

“Maybe you do have a point but what about people like Coby, or even Mikah…”

“What about them, Mikah is too busy trying to live her best life in Hawaii, and I can’t speak for Coby. The only thing that is important is that you are here right now and that is all that matters. I know it might be a bit much for you but I have nothing but confidence in you. On top of that I know you can’t always be here but that’s why I will have your back. I am more than just an alumnus from here. With this marriage to Ruby the two of us are cousins and I will support you in the way that only family should.  Steeles to the end right?!”

Kate thinks about it before cracking a wide grin.

“To the very end… Thank you for having my back. You honestly don’t realize how much that means to me…”

“I bet it means a lot. What is more important to me is the same thing that Kris would tell you. It’s appreciative that you are pouring out into the students but right now you need to focus on you. This is your big match and you need to go out there and show the world that you deserve that World Bombshell Championship. Wrestle like your life depended on it and just win baby… That’s all you need to do…”

Kate smiles widely.

“You think he is watching?!”

“Of course he is… Just like Tim Tebow… All you do is win… Go beat Roxi Johnson… Do what you do and let everything else fall into place. Go for broke and if it doesn’t work you can always pick yourself up and go after it again… On top of that what do you think Paul Riley would say if he saw you competing in this huge match?!”

Kate giggles.

“On paper I would say that he would say flying is for the birds but I think he would tell me to just keep my cool and wrestle the match I know I was destined to wrestle. As long as I keep things in the way that I want them nothing can stop me… Nothing will ever stop me… I just need to focus…”


Courtney nods her head as she continues pouring into Kate.

“Last year was a bad year for me. I was injured at the hands of Alicia Lukas, and you ended up rectifying that by beating her in the center of the ring. If you were able to beat a woman who at one point was the end all be all of the entire division. I know for a fact that you can do anything. Go out there and make the world respect you. Make the world respect you for what you do in the ring. Try not to get caught up in whole Christian embarrassed you with the entire Heart stuff but just remember that the greatest thing to happen at Summer XXXtreme was what took place inside that cell…”

Courtney smiles wider than before.

“You beat Alicia… You are on a different and thus you have earned your spot to be in this position. If people doubt you then you just need to keep on proving the critics to be wrong. I believe in you. I know for a fact that this entire school believes in you but you should believe in you. Do this for Juliet. Do this for Kris Ryan, for Paul Riley, but more important do this because you want it… If you really want it go out there and take it…”

Kate is confident as she stands there smirking.

“I will do this… This is my match. This is my championship and I am hell bent on walking out as the best of the best. Roxi might have a score to settle but I am the one who won’t allow her to gain any ground on overcoming the hump of facing me. I am Kate Steele and she is going to have to fight like hell to deny me of my rightful place. With this being my first match in representing myself as this school’s official new head trainer I won’t let them down… I won’t let myself down. It’s all or nothing and I plan to come out ahead…”

“Good… Now get your ass into gear. Get yourself on a plane to India and you get ready for it like your life depended on it…”

Kate slowly nodded her head as she smiled at Courtney. She slowly looks up into the sky as she speaks out to herself.

“I hope you are watching but this one is for you Kris…”

With that she turns her attention back over to the students as we leave on this image of her.

So this is finally it isn’t it?! After all of this time it looks like I am going to get exactly what I want. The little engine that could is going to get her shot at the World Bombshell Championship. I am not going to lie. As exciting as this match is for me I can’t help but feel to be a bit disrespected. There have been so many people that have come in and out of this company. Quite often I have seen World Championship matches be handed out as if it was a Christmas Card or like Cars on an Oprah show. I have been in this company for about six years now.

Six long years of being in this bloody company and I have only competed in three… Count them THREE World Bombshell Championship matches. If I didn’t know any better I would say that it is definitely bollocks and a bunch of poppycock. Two of them matches have been random ass matches on a Climax Control, and the other one was in the main event of a Super Card but that’s ONLY because I decided to cash in a briefcase for that right.

Other than that this company has not given me the opportunities I know I deserved and you would have thought that after setting records with two different championships in different divisions that I would have gained the respect but sadly I hadn’t…

Hell even to this very day it’s not like SCW values me as a competitor either. I have busted my ass to be a name in this fucking industry. I had made it all the way to the finals of the BFTP tourney and it’s like that wasn’t good enough. Yet I guess the rules for getting title shots can apply to others like a Melanie Gabrielle when she fell short in the semi’s of a BFTP tourney and the very next card she is competing for the World Championship.

She fucking LOST and yet she gets a title opportunity but a woman like me who has always been a workhorse and pours everything into every match doesn’t get a chance. It’s bullshit… It’s even disrespectful but my shot comes on a random Climax Control and it’s like I am not even worthy of being a main event player on a Super Card.

It’s whatever because on this Climax Control I get to change the entire narrative and I get to expose that Roxi Johnson despite being as good as she is. Hell I will even go as far to say she is great, she’s a legend, she’s a bloody Hall of Famer in this company. She has won title after title and accomplished everything.

As wonderful as all of that sounds the fact is that she hasn’t beaten Kate Steele, and she has never been good enough to do so. So if she could never overcome me when I was new to this company with my Roulette Championship or even picking up steam when I was beating everybody with the Internet Championship. What in her right mind thinks she has what it takes to beat me when my eyes are focused on the World Championship?!

She’s not ready to get this smoke. Obviously whoever is writing these little write ups for these shows hasn’t been paying attention. Every single week it becomes the story that the Gem Stones are banned from the ring. I won’t have them backing me up, what will little Diamond do without them?!

Bitch please… You really think I NEED them to beat sorry ass Roxi?! I been beating her ass long before they were even a thing in SCW and on top of that I have been giving EVERYBODY that work when they are consistently banned from match after match. So that just shows that they were never really an impact to begin with.

I don’t know who came up with this notion that the Gem Stones made me. In musical terms if you are picturing me as part of a group I guess you could say I am the Michael Jackson, I am Diana Ross, Beyonce, Justin Timberlakeor even Stevie Nicks.

Granted being a part of the group is a special thing no doubt but I am and will always be a great solo act and there is nothing to stop this Diamond from shining bright. Roxi certainly can’t stop this shine. When I see Roxi I just know in my heart she might think I am this chameleon that tries to do her best to be whatever she wants to be but when I see Roxi I see a woman who is desperately trying her best to be me…

She’s a woman who is supposed to be a super hero but lately she is out there trying to “DRUM” every chance she gets. She is out there trying to hang out with my bandmate from Devilition in Griffin Hawkins and every day she gets on Twitter saying #NOWPLAYING over and over again. So now she’s playing with my band mate, she is out there trying to portray what she is always playing like she is this almighty musician.

Damn girl why do you have to be riding my shit so much?! I fully understand that you were wishing for Diamond to give you a little of her shine from a couple of years ago. I remember when you begged for me to jam out with you at a Summer XXXtreme and you were so happy to be a little groupie for Griffin and I because it was such a dream come true to be a wannabe member of Devilition for a night…

Roxi hanging out with me isn’t going to get what you wanted. I mean I fully understand that you were salty as fuck that I was the new girl in the town of Tampa when I lived there. I was taken over your city and making it my own. On top of that I was tapping people out with my Triangle Choke Shipwrecked submission, and nobody even paid attention that you do the same move….

Hey though I will applaud your efforts though because I guess one like you would have to do anything to stay relevant. I mean I could get behind miss Super Hero who had to decide if she wanted to be an active member of this roster again, and when you do sign up to be in this company again after a long break. You are INSTANTLY handed a World Bombshell match against Alicia despite being that righteous Bitch who constantly tries to preach about fighting those who deserve a shot and creating a true pecking order to those who work their way up.

It’s full of shit when you are actually part of the problem because your return came on the basis of immediately being shoved into the main event picture. You are such full of shit and I cannot get behind a woman who sees things one way and does the exact opposite. Now as far as being this super hero I am not one to sit there and put on a cape. I am not one to wear a costume or do something so ridiculous as that.

Hell I really don’t know much comics or anything like that. What I do know however is just what I watched from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and obviously when the two of us fight I will be walking into this match as if I am Thanos.

When he finally brings out the fight in the almighty Infinity War he spends time trying to play with his stones then actually trying to showcase how much he can wrestle. Guess what?! What you are going to get from me is the version that you see in End Game. You are going to get the version that was ready to showcase what he could do without the stones. The version that put up a fight and was willing to give everybody that work.

Point being made I don’t need my “STONES” to beat you. Whoever thought that was sadly mistaken and I have always been a threat people just need to start putting a little respect on my name. Despite how super you might think you are that won’t stop me from snapping your hopes and dreams of beating me right out of existence. You just never stood a chance.

No matter how hard you try to fix the past this is not a movie where you think you can take a walk into the past to try to change a present day situation. It just doesn’t work like that. I am going to wreck you again and I am going to take great pride in taking the title and making it my own. I am not going to sit here and be a victim of people you wished to pay back like I am on some Kill Bill list of people who wronged you, and you want payback.

Not a fucking chance hon… This is my destiny and as long as you are holding that championship I am going to come at you with everything I got. This match is about me making history and to erase what you have done with the title. Don’t worry though because after I take the title away from you, you can always pick yourself back up and try to chase after being a five time champion like Crystal is.

It sickens me how fake you are… You always try to portray yourself at being so friendly with your constant women you love so much every Wednesday. I know there are people in this company who have think they have multiple wives and believe in polygamy and shit like that, but how can you have like 80 million women that you have crushes on?!

That’s a lot of women to be idolizing and I would have thought that your stupid ass wife would have really called you out on that shit, but sadly she’s the stupid Bitch who is just as hungry to try to get off on food and fucking… That seems to be an awful combination, but then again we are talking about a woman who is all super close with the Tuck family so I guess that explains everything.

The truth in all of this is I can’t allow you to walk away with that World Bombshell Championship. If for some reason Keira wins the Internet Championship we all would have to sit there and listen to her being over excited that she is a grand slam champion but more importantly than that that she is sooooo happy to be champion alongside her wife.

Plus we would have to see the Johnsons rule the roost and see you both control the division which means another couple of the year award and so much more bullshit…

No I am going to be the hero in this situation because I am personally going to save the world from having to witness any of that. Besides the last time the two of you were champion together you both held the Tag Team Titles and that’s where you played a Houdini with the titles and were arsed with appearing on shows and what have you.

People can stroke your ego like you were the end all be all but you single handedly killed an entire division, not because you were good but because you were nonexistent. I refuse to have to deal with that ever again.

Congratulations Roxi with this reign you actually look like you give a fuck but it’s too late to try to change things around. I plan to wreck you with everything that I have. I won’t you stand up and take me down because I have a lot that I am fighting for. Things were rough for me. Overcoming a cheating former husband and a man that tried to take away my livelihood in my daughter was emotionally draining…

Guess what… I overcame it…

Seeing one of the most important people in my life pass away was also tough to deal with but you know what, it has only made me stronger. I might be a fool when it comes to being there for my band and going through various changes of what’s the current flavor of the month if it’s the Holograms or even loving the Pink Ladies.

However the main constant is all of this is the fact that when it comes to wrestling I am good at one I do. I am better than you at it and that’s not me being cocky, that’s me pointing facts as you haven’t beaten me. I have never been the most respected in the room but I have made people respect what I can do by beating them, and the story will be the same when I face you.

True heroes aren’t those who try to be nice and plead how much they crush on the world. The real ones are those who would go to Canada and adopt a girl from an orphanage and bring her into a loving home such as mine.

There are so many things I can say but the most important is that with everything inside of me I will win. I have Kris looking down at me and I can’t let him down. I will beat you, and by the end of the night I will make my dream come true.

I have waited too long to become World Champion and for the first time in my life I can actually earn it in the way that I want to earn it. I am not going to wish you best of luck because honestly I wouldn’t mean it…

All I can say is tap or snap… It’s your choice but through hell or high water I will be champion and you need to deal with it.

This is to making history. I am Diamond Steele and I will be the only thing shining bright at Climax Control… See you soon.

Climax Control Archives / I Am My Own Enemy
« on: June 10, 2022, 01:20:09 PM »
Hollywood Hills, California
Zdunich Household
Crystal paced around within the Zdunich mansion. She definitely had a lot on her mind as it wouldn’t be long before she would step into the ring with Masque. However as scary as that might have been what terrified Crystal the most was the fact that she didn’t know how to deal with her wife challenging her to a wrestling match. Crystal had never been one to turn away from a challenge. It was out of character for her to run away from a fight. However Crystal really didn’t want to go down that dark path. She didn’t want to be in a position where she would become that old Crystal on her wife. She made that mistake years ago turning on her just to get a World Bombshell Championship match. People never really stopped talking about Crystal’s sin, and accepting that match would quickly bring all of those sins back up. Seleana stood in front of Crystal with her arms crossed as she looked into her eyes.
“Chickie are you going to keep ignoring me?!”
Crystal however didn’t say a word to her, and even if she wanted to reply to Seleana something else caught Crystal’s attention. Crystal’s phone started to ring which caused the Latina to gaze down at her phone. The name on the phone read “Kat Jones”. Crystal didn’t hesitate as she quickly answered the phone.
“Hey Kat I really wasn’t a phone call from you… Is everything okay, are you enjoying your Birthday gift?!”
Crystal tried her best to put on a façade but the voice of Kat really got to her as she spoke back.
“Crystal listen to me I just wanted to check on you. I know you have this big match with Masque coming up. I honestly just wanted to check on you… Do not give Masque an inch. Do not let her get into your head, and do not let her pry you for weaknesses…I know we just became friends but I don’t want anything to happen to you…”
Crystal just sighs shaking her head as she paces around while on the phone. Seleana is right there doing everything in her power to make sure that she listens to everything about the conversation as Crystal replies back to her.
“You don’t have to be worried about me! I know what I am doing… I know YOU didn’t have faith in me the last time I fought her…”
Kat quickly answers on the phone.
“No it has nothing to do with me believing in you or not. I just wanted to say that I am concerned… I just don’t want anything to happen to one of my friends. Be careful and take care of yourself…”
Crystal didn’t even bother to say anything back in return as she decided to just close the phone. She turned her attention over to Seleana who stands there with her arms folded. Crystal looks right into her eyes as she seems befuddled.
“Is there a reason why you keep following me around the house?! It’s bad enough you accepted my challenge but you don’t have to watch me. This is very annoying! Can’t you understand that I need space! You just don’t understand!”
Crystal tries to storm away and make her way towards the door but it is at that moment that Seleana actually grabs Crystal by the arm. She holds it tightly as Crystal actually seems shocked as the blonde woman speaks perfect English in order to reach out to her wife.
“No chickie! This time you aren’t going to walk away from me. I have been married to you for four years and I never complain or say anything bad to you. Even when you betray me I not leave you. I not trophy wife and I won’t sit by and constantly have conversations with Aurora on why you feel the need to always storm out to avoid confrontation. Real world doesn’t bend to you. For the first time in your life I need you to just listen…”
Crystal snatches her arm away as she instead turns around and looks right into the eyes of her wife. She sighs in return as she fires back with a very passionate response.
“Listen to what Seleana?! I still don’t understand why you even challenged me to a match in the first place. What is it that you WON’T FROM ME?!”
Seleana shrugs her shoulders as she sighs in return.
“What I want is for my wife to stop thinking that everybody is always against her. For three years you have been trying to find out a solution to what’s wrong with you, and you never can figure out the why. You went and got counseling and it didn’t help. You took a sabbatical from this family and it didn’t work. You tried to bring somebody else into this marriage and I am going to say that didn’t work. I love you so much but I am not going to stand around and watch you try to run around making the same mistake over and over again…You keep trying to fill in these voids but why can’t you understand..”
Crystal shakes her head as she looks right into Seleana’s eyes.
“UNDERSTAND WHAT SELEANA?! Ever since you came out and interrupted my open challenge all you have been saying over and over again is that I don’t UNDERSTAND… What am I not understanding?!”
Seleana points right at Crystal as she seems uneasy.
Let me ask you this question… What is your biggest fear?! What is the one thing that you are most afraid of?!”
Crystal quickly fires back a response.
“That’s easy… You should know that answer. It’s being alone…It has always been being alone…”
Seleana shakes her head.
“No… I don’t think that’s even the truth. If it was being alone you wouldn’t have gotten married four times. You wouldn’t push away your kids or friends when they try to get near you. You have this pattern of uncertainty among a lack of confidence.  A woman wouldn’t walk away from her wife is she afraid of being ALONE… No Chickie what you are afraid is runs deeper. You want to know why I accepted your challenge?!”
Crystal nods her head.
“Yes I would definitely like some guidance on WHY you actually did… You know I don’t want to fight you…”
“Do you think I want to fight you either?! I don’t want to fight you but I know that within that ring is the only place that you will listen. It’s the ONLY place where you will understand. You know what your biggest fear is Christina?! It’s not being alone, or it’s not what others say about you. Even though you will try to sway it towards being something else, the truth is what you are afraid of the most is YOU. You are your biggest critic; you are your own worst enemy. You are afraid of you, and you don’t know how to move on from having a war with yourself.”
Crystal crosses her arms.
“Yes Chickie… You are the problem but you want to create all of these situations to make yourself feel better. The truth is I do love you, and I am proud of the wife that you have become. However I don’t need you going to the extreme of being a Christina Rose, or a Crystal Zdunich to prove that fact. When you shift in direction it has an impact on your wrestling and that’s not healthy. I want you to love me but I don’t want you to sacrifice your very identity to prove a certain point. I want you to learn how to distinguish the difference from being inside of the ring and being at home with me, Alex, and Aurora.”
Crystal shrugs her shoulders.
“And what are you asking for Seleana, because I don’t think I like where this conversation is going…”
Seleana nods her head.
“You really want to know what I want?! What I want is for you to embrace yourself. Accept who you really are and to not run away from it… What I want is to step into the ring with the woman known as the Reflection of Perfection, the Silver Screen Queen, the Rose Goddess! I want to wrestle Crystal FN Hilton because I know that is who you were always meant to be. I want to see that confidence and I want to stand toe to toe with that woman in the ring…”
Crystal walks away as she is afraid looking away from her wife.
“Absolutely not… You don’t know what you are talking about Seleana… That’s not what you want! You obviously forgot when you stood up to Christian and you rocked him the face for me! You showcased that you were an amazing wife and what did I do in return?! I didn’t show any thanks but I came across like a Judas. Except my betrayal wasn’t worth thirty pieces of silver but came in the form of a title shot. I vowed that I would NEVER and I mean NEVER ever let that part of me come to surface. I don’t want to every hurt you again. You don’t deserve it and I refuse to put you through hell…”
Crystal seems to have tears in her eyes but Seleana once again grabs Crystal. This time she forces the shorter woman to look up into her eyes.
“No… That’s where you are wrong. Stop viewing me as I am this damsel that needs to be saved. As much as the entire world shouted Free Seleana I never responded to any of that stuff. I am not held captive and if this marriage was truly bad I would have walked away. However marriages aren’t without conflict and what I want you to learn is that we don’t walk away from things we can’t handle but instead we work together as partners to deal with those issues. Now I know you probably have thoughts of not wanting to fight me and it may sound crazy that I actually want to fight Crystal Hilton…”
Seleana smirks.
“However in my eyes it’s not crazy because what makes me smile is seeing you at your best. It is seeing you pour out everything to accomplish something. I view you as being the best Christina and even if you choose not to see it sometimes the truth is you are the best, and I want to show to you that I am not in your shadow or even a trophy wife. I am standing BESIDE you and by facing you I get to test myself against who I feel is the best of the best. Are you really going to deny me a chance to test my own limits and at the same time experiencing my wife be the best that I know she can be?!”
Crystal shrugs her shoulders.
“Because if you say no to me Christina that is as bad as you breaking my heart because that would be your way of saying that you simply don’t believe in me… You do believe in me don’t you?!”
Crystal thinks about it as she slowly gazes back into her wife’s eyes and nods her head in agreement.
“Of course I believe in you… It would be foolish to think that I didn’t believe in you… If this is what you really want Seleana of course I will face you. I thought I was doing you a favor by trying to protect you but I am starting to see that was wrong. By constantly running to your aid I am actually handicapping you and for that I am sorry… If it’s me at your best you don’t have to worry about it… I will give you what you want….I will give you Crystal Hilton…”
“Good…That’s all I want… Even if I am no match for you as long as I can help you gain your confidence back that’s all that matters in the end…”
Crystal nods her head.
“Yeah…I can see your point… I love you Seleana, more than you could ever realize. I am just going to take some time to visit a friend just to get clarification on all of this. I want to make sure I am making the right decision…”
Seleana smiles.
“No problem… Take all of the time you need… I am always here…”
How is it going to all of my blossoming roses out there?! I am going to be completely honest with all of you. I know it won’t be long until I walk into perhaps the biggest challenge of my wrestling career. I am absolutely afraid, and the mere thought just frightens me. I have never been backed down from ANY challenge. I have always been the type to just go in guns blazing and give every single bit of myself in the ring. Before anybody jumps to any conclusion and assumes that I am talking about Masque that couldn’t be any farther from the truth.
Masque doesn’t scare me… She might be methodical and really got people talking or left speechless after what she did last weekend to Amber. However that doesn’t scare me. What scares me more than that is the fact that I laid out an open challenge for Summer XXXtreme, and my wife of all people accepted that match.
It’s an image that haunts me and it may be my biggest weakness yet. I am afraid because I am reminded of what happened the last time Seleana and I stepped into the ring with one another. I did some very evil things. I turned on her just to get a shot at a World Championship. Seleana feels that there is a piece of me missing and she is welcoming me to fully embrace Crystal Hilton so I could regain my confidence in the ring.
The problem is I don’t know if I really want to be that woman.
That is when everything finally dawned on me, and I finally figured out what I am afraid of the most. For the longest I thought it was a fear of being alone and that’s what caused this unhealthy need to be accepted.
However when you really look at everything and view that fact that I have been married like four times and slept around with just about anyone and everyone, it never seemed to fill in that missing need. It led me to trying to force many friendships, butt my way into conversations that really never concerned me, and even ask the few friends that I do have if they were my friends over and over again.
When Seleana stood face to face with me I finally understood what has been my biggest weakness. In a way she has always tried to tell me but I just didn’t want to listen.
What haunts me the most isn’t a need for acceptance, it isn’t even being alone, or trying to be remembered. It’s an issue that goes deeper than that and I can see it for what it is.
That weakness is none other than me…
I am afraid of me, and it leads me to being my own worst enemy. I know the entire world can try to cheer me up and state that I am this great wrestler but deep down I never believed in it. Sure I have the accolades to back it up and I accomplish so much but I just didn’t buy into it because I chose not to do so.
I constantly build up these walls of a lack confidence, and because of such it created identity issues. I was afraid of myself that I ran off to Hollywood so I could become somebody else. At least with acting I could always be somebody new. However no matter how costumes, makeup, or even hair changes I had gone through I still never dealt with dealing with me.
What’s the point if one never fixed those issues will always lie underneath the surface?!
I guess its equivalent to having a car with a transmission that went out. It doesn’t matter if you put new tires on that car or even give it a new paint job. The truth still remains that the looks will be deceiving because underneath it is still a piece of shit that needs to be fixed so it can run again.
The fact is I know a lot has been going on within me. I know there has been the constant question of what should people expect out of me. You don’t have to worry about anything anymore because I have found myself. It took a while but Crystal Hilton will return and that spells trouble for whoever is standing in front of me. It just so happens that Masque is going to be the next one up but so be it.
Seleana has been begging for Crystal Hilton to return and after deliberation who am I to disappoint her?! I know Seleana really doesn’t know what she is asking for. Crystal Hilton is my most competitive form. It has been the part of me that has been missing for about five years but if this is what is needed to put all of the pieces together again, I know it is something I must do.
Masque to be quite honest I really didn’t expect to be in the ring with you so soon?! After losing to you at Into The Void I thought everything was going to come to an end right there. I thought I would have to work my way up through the ranks again and would have to focus on something else. I guess management felt like another encounter was in the works.
I am not going to complain or take this opportunity for granted.
The entire world is looking at you to be the scariest Bitch on the block. I know a lot of people are upset with what you did to Amber Ryan. So if you could take out a woman that was as dominant as she was, I know everyone will wait and see in anticipation what you could do to me.
Hell I know you are going to do everything in your power to take me out but I am not afraid. If anything I can confidently say that I will be waiting. So bring it Masque, give me the fight I have been waiting for.
Tampa Florida
Off Camera
With everything going on between Crystal and Seleana, Christina felt that she needed to receive some clarity of what was going on within her marriage. She knew that Seleana just kept wanting to push the two of them having them a wrestling match but she still had her doubts if going through it was the right decision. Crystal’s journey had taken her to the home of the Johnsons so she could have a heart to heart with Keira about the situation. Roxi was out and about with the kid which meant that Crystal would have alone time with Keira. An amazing dinner was on the table as today’s menu consisted of an ham, macaroni and cheese with mashed potatoes. Crystal’s plate seemed empty compared to the what Keira had made for herself. Keira immediately started to gulp down on the heavy food. To be honest it looked really disgusting and something that you would see Goku doing from Dragon Ball Z. Keira’s eyes turned to over to Crystal shrugging her shoulders at her.
“You should really eat Crystal…”
“I am not really hungry… I am on a strict diet and I love enjoying my slim waistline. I think I am going to pass…I rather focus on just talking.”
Keira looks at Crystal’s plate as she takes it moving it close to her as she begins to eat away at that plate as well.

“So what’s going on Crystal, how can Senpai help you. I know you wanted to talk…”
Crystal slowly nodded her head sighing in return.
“Yeah… I didn’t know where else to turn but I know you have gone through some similar stuff with Roxi so I was hoping that you could give me some good advice. Two weeks ago I issued an open challenge and I was waiting for anybody to answer that challenge. What I didn’t expect was to see my wife walking down to the ring and accept that challenge. The mere thought of facing Seleana scares me and I don’t know what to think or how to feel…”
“What do you mean you don’t know how to feel?! You shouldn’t even feel that type of emotion…”
Crystal just looks away as she speaks some more.
“It’s the fact that she keeps prying and prying to try to bring me back to being Crystal Hilton. She doesn’t have any idea that I don’t like the woman that I was. I don’t ever want to bring myself to a place where I openly want to be in the ring with my wife. I love her way too damn much to ever put her through what I did once before. I just want to show her how much I love her, I want to care for her, and I want to protect her…”
“You really haven’t learned anything have you Crystal?! What you are trying to accomplish for Seleana won’t ever work if anything it’s only going to make her weaker in the long run! I know you want to be that perfect place and you have done so much in order to try to showcase that. You won a Queen for a Day match a while ago and you GAVE her a title match. A match that she had gone on to win but it still doesn’t change the fact that you just gave it to her.”
Keira is passionate as she continues to share her heart.
“You might think you are trying to help her but it’s only going to harm her! It’s going to ruin her image. People are constantly going to perceive that she is forever in your shadow and she won’t have a chance to grow as a competitor. I know it must sound to hear me say this and it may not be what you want to hear but it is what you NEED to hear!”
Keira looks deeper into Crystal’s eyes as she continues to speak.
“The reason why I can get so passionate about what I am saying is because I was in Seleana’s shoes. I was that woman. Roxi and I did everything together. We shattered the record with the Bombshell Tag Team Championships. Nobody ever gave me an ounce of respect. Everybody just assumed that Roxi carried me to the success that I achieved. It fueled me and it definitely fired up Roxi. You remember when you won your first World Championship and they were trying to find contenders to place in that Chamber of Fate match against you at Summer XXXtreme?! We both wanted to be in that match but they made us fight each other to qualify for it…”
Keira just shrugs her shoulders as she continues to speak.
“I poured everything I had into beating Roxi. I beat her in the middle of the ring but I still didn’t get my respect. People only took my win as Roxi letting me win… It made me upset and I vowed on that day that I would do everything in my power to prove that I wasn’t handed anything. I wasn’t carried and I was able to hold my own weight… I know I might have rubbed people the wrong way when I kept trying to push a match with Roxi over and over again. I felt like I needed that match so I could beat her just to show everyone that I belong….”
Keira nods her head as she smiles.
“Since that day… I have held the Roulette Championship! I have won the World Bombshell Championship, and I showed the world that I truly do belong here. You are trying to make a big deal out of this but the truth is you shouldn’t run away from this encounter. You should welcome it! You should give Seleana exactly what she wants. If that means bringing back Crystal Hilton by all means you do that. Maybe just maybe this is what you need. I am going to be honest with you and this goes back to when you beat me for the championship and Amber was lined up against you….”
Crystal just listens as Keira tries her best to reach out to her friend.
“I told you point blank that you weren’t ready to face Amber… I told you that she would get the best of you but you just didn’t listen. I said that because you are a shell of who you were always meant to be. You have grown weaker and instead of bringing that competitive side to yourself you are complacent with going day to day by your reputation instead of having that drive to really be the place. It honestly reminds me of what happened to Gohan in the time period after he beat Cell. He was at the top of his pea but then he got sloppy. Of course he could still go SSJ2 but he had way more power in the seven years prior. That shouldn’t have been the case. He should have gotten better but he didn’t because he slacked. Being any type of super hero isn’t easy. If you don’t apply yourself the right way and train you will get surpassed by others…”
Crystal shakes her head as she fires back with a response.
“No! That can’t be what’s happening to me! I am better than that! I am Crystal Z….”
“And there you go always trying to scream it but in reality you need to show it! Seleana might have many reasons why she wants to fight you but from what I can see this has nothing to do with her. This is all about you. She sees what you have become and she doesn’t like it. She wants you to get back to your top form and if that means that you have to be Crystal Hilton by all means that is who you need to be. Now you know that I told you that you weren’t ready for Amber, but now you have to face Masque. You saw what she did to Amber, so what does it look like for you to step into the ring with the woman that decimated the woman I said you weren’t ready to face?! It means this is going to be a burial, but it doesn’t have to be…”
Keira smiles as she looks deeper into her friend’s eyes.
“No… You can change the entire narrative. All you have to do is bring that part of you out. I know you pride yourself on thinking you are a Vegeta with your constant talks of pride, and how you are this and that…. What you don’t realize is that you aren’t Vegeta… You are Gohan and right now I see a woman who has her true potential hidden within her. You have so much power within you… You just have to find a way to bring it to surface. Whatever is plaguing your mind just let it go… Don’t be your own worst enemy. Don’t be afraid of yourself. Give Seleana what she wants but don’t do it for her…”
Keira points right at Crystal’s chest.
“Do it for you and as long as you do it for that reason nothing will stop you…”
Crystal just stands there before she slowly walks away from Keira. She makes her way towards the living room and it is there where Crystal is able to take a long glance into the mirror. She glares at her reflection for a while as Keira begins to stand next to her friend. Crystal keeps her eyes fixated on her reflection as a trance is unlocked within her eyes. She forms a confident grin as she looks at Keira. The blonde nods as she reaches out to Crystal.
“Now who you are?!”
Crystal takes it all in as she cracks yet another grin.
“I am… I am… I am Crystal Hilton and I am the best wrestler on the planet. If Seleana really wants to fight the best than that is what she is going to get. I am not here to hand out chocolates and roses. I am here to prove why nobody else belongs in that ring with me. So Seleana is going to get more than what she asked for and if she wants to prove that she doesn’t want me to protect her she will have to show that she can stand toe to toe with me. I will be competitive and I will not go easy on her!”
“Good and by doing so you both are going to be winners in the end, and as far as Masque goes?!”
Crystal runs her hands through her hair as she is confident.
“Masque who?! I know she is scary and she is feared by the roster but the truth is I am not afraid. If she wants to take out women that I respect so be it but her reign of terror ends with me. I will stand up to her and I will show her what happens when somebody actually fights back. It doesn’t matter if people believe in me or not. I know what I have to do…”
Crystal continues to have that confident look and Keira nods her head as she smiles at her friend.
“Good… This is exactly what has been missing from you. This is the side that I haven’t seen for quite some time. As long as this same woman shows up on Sunday there is no doubt in my mind that you will walk away as the Internet Champion…”
Crystal nods her head in agreement.
“That sounds good but I need to believe in myself, and right now I am tired of being my own enemy. Come Sunday the entire world will get a dose of Crystal Hilton and I refuse to hold back anymore. It’s time I start striving my way into being the best again…”
With that Crystal has a focused look as we leave on the two of them.
So it looks like we finally meet again Masque and to be honest I am really happy to be in this match. I have so many thoughts that are running through my mind right now but I am just going to be completely honest with you. I am not afraid of you… I don’t fear you, and I am thrilled to be in the ring with you. I know you are intimidating and are perhaps the biggest threat on the entire Bombshell roster. What you did to Amber Ryan last week was completely sadistic and it’s a known fact that Amber and I really didn’t get along with one another.
Hell we were bitter enemies and she is the one that took the World Bombshell Championship away from me. Despite everything that we put one another through at least on my end I gained a level of respect for her. All matters should be settled within the confines of the ring and you didn’t even give her that chance. So let me make it perfectly clear. I am not going to stand up to you to try to be some type of hero or martyr because I believe that everybody should be able to fight for themselves.
What I can definitely say is that I am passionate on beating you in the ring because I know for a fact that I am a better wrestler than you. The last time we fought I was too focused on what you did to Andrea and was too focused on the fact that I wasn’t going to get my Internet Championship match against the woman that constantly mocked my wife that I overlooked you. You just weren’t on my radar and I let that be my own undoing.
Make no mistake this time it’s not about what you did to Andrea, and it’s not about me trying to get wrapped up in trying to fight on behalf of Seleana which is why I was so focused on Andrea. No this time my attention is solely on you and I plan to get the better of you!
You want to know why I am going to beat you Masque?! I am going to make that answer extremely simple… It’s because this time I am not trying to cover anything up, I am not running away. I am here standing tall and ready to go toe to toe with you.
Who am I?! I am Crystal Hilton and I live for this moment. I live to do the unthinkable and to beat women like you. You love to stand around and try to talk in riddles. You want to live as if life is one huge masquerade but I am going to introduce you to something harsh called reality.
The reality of the situation is that you have only been in this company for a few months. Granted you have made some accomplishments and you just won the Internet Championship. You have ONLY had ONE defense with that title, and that was against me, but instead of trying to focus on defending that title and trying to continue to elevate it to a new level. You want to take out Red… You want to confront Roxi and place your fake hand on her World Championship because you want something else.
You are nothing more than a title hungry little Bitch and it fires me up because I am sick and tired of people holding that title, and immediately wishing to go for the World Champion. I am sick and tired of having to watch that Internet Championship get used as a bargaining chip in some grand scheme to make these title vs title matches because you want something else!
I refuse to go journey back down that road. It just happened a year ago with Myra Rivers, and now from the way things look it seems like it is going to happen again. I won’t let that happen and for the betterment of the entire company I won’t LET that happen because that title means the world to me!
I have always wanted that title… it has always appealed to me. When I won that title I had the sad misfortune of SCW going on a hiatus so I really didn’t have the pleasure of really being that fighting champion that I know I am. When the company reopened I was able to get one defense under me and it was revealed that I had to face Mikah in a title vs. title unification match.
I did beat her and I ended up winning the World Championship because of it but in doing so that meant the Internet Champion had to fade away and that really upset me. It’s not because I was the top champion but because it meant an essential part of SCW had just gone away. Now I see you and it’s like you aren’t happy. You took out Amber you only have ONE SINGLE FUCKING DEFENSE and already you want to try to claim something else?!
That’s absolutely ridiculous. It’s a slap in the face of the women who bled and sweat to hold that Internet title and I am not going to let you defy that belt by immediately trying to pursue something else. The fact of the matter is as many as you bullied you just didn’t get me!
You fought me at Into The Void, and you vowed to the world that I wasn’t worth rapturing… You had it all wrong though. It’s that I wasn’t worth it but it’s more so the fact that you just couldn’t get the job done! I wasn’t like everybody else… I wasn’t just another woman who you choked out with your fake hand.
I came at you… I brought the fight to you, and I tried to take the mask because I WASN’T SCARED. I was ready for a fight and was ready to take it to you. In order for you to put me down you had to hit me illegally with that fake hand in the throat followed by your suplex.
Guess what though, I truly am the hardest challenge you have ever been in the ring with because I am the woman that won’t stop until I beat you. It has always been who I am. It took me a few tries to finally get over Mikah, the same could be said with Sam Marlowe, and hell it even happened with Andrea and was hoping it would also happen with Amber Ryan.
So why should you be any different?! The fact is you aren’t… You might have the size, you might scare everybody else but in my eyes you are just like the rest and I am going to be the woman that will cut you down the size.
The way I see things this is like Rocky 2… Our first match you did get me but you really didn’t BEAT me or at least in the way you know you wanted too. I went the distance on you and showed the world I could stand toe to toe with you.
So here we are with our second encounter and just like the Duke told Apollo Creed. That he had seen Apollo beat on Rocky like he had never seen a man get beat on before, but the scary part was that Rocky just kept coming at him! So thus he didn’t know anybody like that in his life.
That’s me! That is why I know I am the biggest threat in this entire company to you, and that far outweighs what Amber might do when she is one hundred healthy.
The reason why you should be afraid is the simple fact that I actually love this! I won’t ever stop coming at you, and I will always find a way to come at you over and over again. Even if it means I get decimated in the process I have to find the will to keep on pushing on because I am better than you.
Behind the fake mask and the fake hand I see nothing more than a pretender, but me… I am an actually contender and I am ready to take that title to showcase that I can be a defender! I had my share of issues but my name is Crystal Hilton and if you want to know my identity it’s the woman who leaves every single bit of herself in that ring to be the best. Nothing less and nothing more…
Wrestling is my livelihood and I am not going to let you make a mockery out of it by thinking that you are untouchable. Other people might be afraid but I am standing tall…Maybe just maybe if this was a horror film you would be a Michael Myers. You can get beat down, shot, stabbed, and have anything done to you. None of those things will hurt you because you like to inflict pain but this is when I have to stand opposite of that and truly be that Laurie Strode…
I am the final girl of wrestling and even though it may not seem like it I will find a way to get the job done. I will not back down and people live to see the timeline where I get over the hump to show the entire world that you aren’t a machine or a monster. You are vulnerable and you can lose like the rest of them.
I get it… Sometimes I might be a hard act to follow and people might not get me but if there is one thing that people can always say about Crystal Hilton it’s the fact that she loves to hold championships. She loves to gain the accolades and will do anything to get that limelight. You are the sure way to get exactly what I want and I will win that championship!
I made a promise to my wife that she will get the return of Crystal Hilton, and she is going to get her in her most competitive form. However what would sweeten the entire deal is that the Zdunichs could stand face to face wrestling for the Internet Championship with all of the cards on the table. A married couple fighting for the right to be a champion…
That definitely would mean a lot and it is what I am pushing for. However to get to that point I need to get past you and I don’t plan to drop the ball now. I have to beat you no matter the cost.
When I beat you can go on to focus on Roxi Johnson and have your eyes locked solely on her but it is definitely going to be without the Internet Championship because that comes home with me.
On Sunday I will fight you for all of the right reasons but the main one is because I want to be the best and I won’t anymore come in the way of that.
It’s time to finally roll the credits of this masquerade of what you are trying to pull. Welcome to the curtain call… Take a bow because after Sunday your show is over and mine officially begins.
I am the Burning Rose and it’s time to set this world on fire!!!

Athens Greece
Temple of Zeus

It was definitely a long flight from Los Angeles, California to Athens Greece but this week was definitely put up or shut up time. Chloe had thought it was a good idea for Crystal to take it easy before her big Internet Championship match. She didn’t send Crystal alone as she made sure Emily the new intern accompanied her. Crystal stood at the temple of Zeus as she just looked around taking it all in. She offered a long drawn out sigh as she looked back at Emily.

“This is crazy Emily. I can’t believe how many people could admire such a powerful man. It really must have been amazing to be Zeus. You have all of this unlimited power and you basically have control over everything.”

Emily looks back at Crystal as she has her head in her phone as she seems to be off in her own little world, and not really paying attention to the woman she is supposed to be interning for.

“I think this would be a perfect place to send out some tweets on your behalf. Maybe we should get some shots of you next to moments, or maybe you in front of the arena. I will do everything in my power to make you look really good Mrs. Zdunich…”

Crystal just shakes her head in disapproval as she looks back at Emily.

“Not for anything but I think you should put the phone down Emily. I know Chloe thinks it is an amazing idea for you to help me out but I don’t think I really need that type of help.”

Emily shakes her head.

“You don’t understand Mrs…”

Crystal quickly cuts her off as she looks back at the woman.

“Also you don’t have to call me Mrs. Zdunich all of the time. Crystal would suffice or if you feel that is too personable then you can just call me Christina. I know I have this image where people assume I am this bitch but honestly that’s not really me… That’s just the façade I put up so I don’t feel hurt when somebody says something I don’t like…”

Emily looks up into Crystal’s eyes as she shrugs her shoulders.

“So I guess Masque was right about you. You are the one wearing the mask…”

Crystal shakes her head.

“No… It’s more like a costume but I guess that’s the same concept. I guess it’s who I pretend to be so people don’t get too close to the woman beneath the costume. I guess you can say it’s the same thing like batman. One would assume that Bruce Wayne is who he really is but that’s not the truth. Batman is who he really is and Bruce Wayne is the costume he uses to hide that fact…”

Emily looks around as she smiles in return.

“Also you do know that Zeus only seems the end all be all because he is the God of the sky. That is why he is appealing because he was the one that could soar above his brothers Hades who get left to control the shithole of the underworld and of course their brother Poseidon who controls the waters. Zeus has firm position at the top and that’s where you always strive to be…”

Emily looks deeper into Crystal’s eyes.

“Christina you don’t have to hide nor should you keep your emotions in. If you do that it’s very unhealthy and it’s only going to come out in your marriage. What’s the point in trying to wear a costume to cover up who you are from the people you are closest too. That’s only going to make you weaker and if there is one thing that I know about you. It’s the fact that you are far from being anything that’s close to weak…”

Crystal looks at the woman as she shrugs her shoulders at her.

“Look I appreciate you… Honestly it’s amazing that you are only 19 and you have a good head on your shoulders. I know you are going to have an excellent future ahead of you but you are doing a bit too much for this internship. You don’t have to dye your hair the way I do. You don’t have to wear the same makeup I do… Being a mini me isn’t going to get you far Emily. I expect big things from you…”

Emily shakes her head as she looks at Crystal.

“Christina as fun as it has been being an intern for Rose Productions I didn’t choose the company because it was this top notch company. I wanted to be attached to the company because I felt it was how I could be closer to you.”

Crystal opens her eyes in amazement.

“Closer to me, I don’t understand…”

Emily sighs as she shakes her head in return.

“It’s a lot to take in but when I saw Brayden and Brittany walking through the hallways of university I just knew I wanted to get closer to you. I just had to be part of this world. Because I rightfully deserved to be in it! I know you asked me about my parents but my relationship with them was strained.”

Crystal raises her eyes in return.

“And why was it strained?! You think I had it easy growing up as well?! No Emily… I wasn’t even raised by my Fucking parents. My dad was off in Mexico or at least the man who I thought was my father, and my mother was a cocaine and heroin addict. I got left on my aunt’s doorstep and she had to raise me. So don’t try to tell me that you were a bit envious of my children’s lives because that makes no sense…”

Emily gets in Crystal’s face as she looks right into her eyes.

“You really want to know what bullshit is?! That you can stand in front of your family and they don’t even know your existence. You try to study and look at things from afar just to understand because you really have a hard time comprehending somebody’s story. The more you get deeper is the more you realize that people can’t change and they simply won’t! Don’t tell me that I don’t know what you went through because you don’t know my side of things. How can you explain that I had to get raised by my great grandparents?! I should have had a happy life but my mother was busy trying to take care of her brother’s child. My mom was only 18 years old when she had me…”

Crystal shrugs her shoulders.

“I am so sorry… Why would your mother not focus on you and instead on another child that didn’t belong to her? Where was that child’s mother?!”

Emily shakes her head.

“I don’t fault my mother because she was being the epitome of what a Godmother should be. She stood in the gap and she was there for her brother. As far as the biological mother of that child?! She didn’t even bother to check on the woman raising her kid. She was off spending two years in Mexico to run away from the world that she thought hated her. She didn’t even bother to check that her future sister in law had gotten pregnant. Not only was she pregnant but she was carrying her Brother Steve’s child. Jenny didn’t know what to do. How could she tell her future sister in law that she banged her brother when he was visiting home from the Military?! She waited to hear back from Crystal Hilton but it’s not like she once checked what was going on at home in Detroit. No… She was too focused on living her Mexican life style…”

Crystal opens her eyes in return.

“Wait… You are Jenny’s daughter?! She never told me once she even had a kid, and by Steve… You mean Steve Hilton?! As in my…”

Emily nods her head in return.

“I am your niece, and yes Steve as in your brother. He acted as a deadbeat about the whole thing but Jenny… My mom didn’t hold it against him. Instead she just went on through life. Her grandparents basically adopted me, and she did what she could. Besides Jenny and my great grandparents, the only one who really knew about me was Todd. Everyone mutually agreed that if anybody asked the story would be that Todd and Jenny’s grandparents just decided to adopt a baby. They would raise me and keep me in the family. So it’s a pleasure to finally meet you face to face. The name is Emily Williams and don’t expect me to stand here and call you Aunt…”

Crystal sighs as she shakes her head.

“Emily… Listen I can explain…”

“Don’t even bother… Like I said you aren’t the only one that knows how to wear a costume. I came through the studio under the costume of being a dramatic arts student but that’s not even what I am studying. Truth is I am a Psychology major and I wanted to see how fucked up you really are. You are a woman who doesn’t atone for anything! You shit on your wife or should I say wives when they don’t serve you. You turn on everyone you love. You even gave away your own son… People try to come back to you to figure you out and you shun them away… You have some deep issues and I just want to know why. Who is the woman that has such a negative pull on those around her…”

Emily shakes her head.

“I dressed like you, I change my makeup and hair color like you because I just want to understand you! Maybe I can gain an understanding but so far it’s looking like I am not getting anything, and that’s okay. It will come to me at some point. As far as being your intern you don’t have to worry about anything. I am still going to make you look good. I am going to do everything in my power to make you stand out so you don’t have to ever wear a costume again. You can’t run away from your problems forever. When I saw Brayden come out of the woodwork I knew I had too as well. This generational curse needs to stop and as much as Brayden might want to change the narrative, or Brittany, or even Aurora…”

Emily takes a deep breath as she looks at Crystal.

“It won’t change until it starts at the top… You started all of this so you need to fix it… I am not holding anything against you but you got some serious shit you need to get the kinks out. I have your back and for the simple reason that if there is one thing I have learned from my mother it’s always to try to see the good in people. She spent years trying to stop her brother Todd from becoming the same evil that was her father Roman and she always admire who you were as a person. To this day she still sees you as a sibling. So I will do only what she would do. I will protect my family no matter how much it hurts…”

Emily just offers a long drawn out sigh as she walks away.

“Anyway I am going to head back to the hotel. Don’t worry this won’t change anything. I will still handle your social media and I will make you look good…”

Crystal places a hand on Emily’s shoulder as she squeezes her tightly.

“I am sorry… I am sorry for what I put you through… I had no idea that me leaving Detroit would have an impact on everybody… I know I carry a curse that has been going on for 21 years. It all started when Brittany and Brayden were born, and I haven’t recovered from it… I will break the curse and that much I can guarantee…”

Crystal let’s tears roll down her cheek as Emily begins to cry as well.

“Thank you for not giving up on me… Thank you for being a niece and at least hearing my story… I will fix this…”

“I know you will and I can’t wait for the day that you will… I love you Auntie. Just please take responsibility for everything you do…”

With that both women walk hand in hand as they leave the Zeus Temple…

Few Days Later
Breakfast Time

It was breakfast time in Athens. Crystal found herself going into the lobby of their hotel so that she could start the day off with some staka with eggs, bougatsa, and of course Grecian pies. There definitely was a lot of local cuisine that was to be had. Crystal had a lot on her mind as she kept visioning everything that her niece had said to her the day prior. Perhaps she was the key to fixing the generational curse. There was a lot of animosity among other things that she had to get rid of and she wanted to do whatever it took to be in the position to do so. As she sat down at a table she saw a woman with raven hair eating breakfast as well. The woman was somebody she knew very well. It was her arch enemy, the woman she hated more in SCW more than anybody else.

That woman was none other than former SCW Internet Champion Andrea Hernandez. Andrea had avoided Crystal for the past two years ever since their I Quit Match at High Stakes from 2020. Crystal had so many thoughts going through her head but maybe what Emily told her had resonated with her. Crystal doesn’t know why she did so but she immediately left her table and walked to where Andrea is seated. She just sat down in front of Andrea, and the two Mexican women just glared daggers at one another as they waited to see who would be the first to speak.

Andrea immediately broke the ice as she rolled her eyes at Crystal.

“What are you doing here?! Last time I checked this was a table for one, and you aren’t invited…”

Crystal nodded her head as she looked back at Andrea.

“I know but I purposely invited myself. The two of us have been through some stuff and I wanted to clear the air on things…”

“Crystal just leave me alone. I am not even cleared to wrestle! I have to deal with this minor shoulder injury and because of such I am stuck hosting the show. If this is about me being on your stupid hit list or the way I treated your wife, I am sure that we can deal with that at a later time when I am healthy enough for it…”

Crystal just shakes her head as she looks at the other woman.

“Actually I have a confession to admit. The stuff that happened with you and Seleana, as much as I should have been angry about the way you mocked her and the entire Zdunich family. Truth be told I actually thought it was very genius. I know you probably don’t want to hear from me but I figured I would give you the truth. A relative told me last night that I had to get the truth out so that’s why I decided to come over here…”

Andrea opens her eyes in amazement.

“Wait a minute… You thought what I did was genius?!”

“If I can be honest when you fought Seleana at the last Super Card there was no part of me that even wanted her to win. I know it sounds very selfish but I wanted you to win. I already knew I was going to win the gauntlet match but I just had to ensure that I could get in the ring with you one more time. It didn’t even have to do with the Internet Championship either.”

“Why would you choose to cheer for me over your own wife, you do realize that makes no sense right?!”

Crystal slowly nods her head.

“I know and you will see that a lot of stuff that has to deal with me makes no sense! But I have kept my eyes on you for the last year and a half since you lost that I quit match to me. I wanted to see what your next move was going to be. Where would Andrea Hernandez go next in her career? I was disappointed that after losing to me you immediately wanted to just chase after the Roulette Championship… “

“Why did you even care what I wanted to do, it shouldn’t have bothered you. You went on to have your little World Championship run so you should have been focused on you…”

Crystal nods her head.

“I know but all I saw was what you were doing. You tried to desperately gain the Roulette Championship and it annoyed me. It annoyed me… You have no idea at how upset I was about the entire situation…”

Andrea sits there looking dumbfounded.

“What do you mean you were upset?! I don’t even know why you cared to be honest. You got your big High Stakes win over me so that’s all that should have mattered in the end…”

Crystal quickly shakes her head.

“No it has nothing to do with that. It bothered me because I knew deep in my soul that you were better than that. I thought you were underselling yourself. You should have been a woman who should have been trying to climb her way into going after the World Championship again but I just felt you were complacent and wanted to take the easy way out. At least things got better when you won the Internet Championship and you became a good fighting champion…”

Andrea seems confused.

“Seriously, I still don’t understand why you would want to take an interest in me. I especially don’t get it considering everything I said about your wife…”

“ I know Andrea but what I didn’t quite understand is why you never wanted to bring my name out of your mouth. What were you hiding from?! You went on record telling the whole world that you WANTED nothing to do with me, and that just escalated to you not even wanting to mention me. I just want to understand why…”

Andrea thinks about it as she shakes her head.

“Why should I bother to tell you anything, last time I checked… I DON’T LIKE YOU!!!”

Crystal looks back at Andrea as she sighs in return.

“I get it… You don’t care for me but let me explain something to you. When you first came into this company I respected the hell out of you. I wanted to face you because I saw you were creating waves throughout the company. When I first challenged you I honestly saw a younger version of myself in you. I just didn’t want you to make the same mistakes I did. So I wanted to help guide you. I wanted to show you the right path. What I didn’t expect was for you to beat me! I was shocked of course but I never expected that I would get a World title match right after that. I beat Roxi and the first thing on my mind was making sure that I defended my title against you! I did so because I knew in my heart you deserved it! Even though it was a triple threat match you beat ME for the title, and right after winning the title you beat me once again!”

Crystal shakes her head.

“You beat me in three straight fucking matches and I didn’t even know what to do with myself. Despite all of that I saw you going down a dark path. One I didn’t want you to go down. It was around that time that we both found out that our fathers were a tag team in Mexico. The Hernandez and Lopez legacy was strong together. You been through a lot of shit when your father passed away but I tried to be there! Yet I couldn’t stop you from consuming the darkness. You shattered my head on a television screen. You gave me a concussion and you took me out of the business for a while. I vowed to make you see the light one way or another. By the end of that match when you I choked you out with that cable. I thought you finally got it but you didn’t…. I…”

Andrea begins to share her heart.

“What do you want me to say Christina?! You want me to admit that match haunts me and is something that I wish I could forget. The reason why I couldn’t confront you or I didn’t want anything to do with you is because it will just channel bad memories and I would rather forget that match.”

Crystal chimes in.

“But you shouldn’t forget it… You should let it be what drives you to get better. You learn from that match and you emerge a better person. Judging from the year that you had after that I would say that you definitely did that! You learned how to bounce back. I truthfully could learn from that mentality because I haven’t let anything go. If I did I wouldn’t get so overly offended and hurt that the COO of my movie studio wouldn’t have recommended that somebody else run my Twitter account. I wouldn’t be a walking spectacle of the joke fest of being selfish and title hungry. People wouldn’t be making fun of me changing so much to find an identity or just wanting to be accepted.

I have done the same thing for 6 years and nothing has changed. I wish I could be in your shoes. As much as that match between us might have hurt you I wish I could be at peace with something. I wish I could get a taste of what you have. I know you probably didn’t want me breathing down your neck for another one on one confrontation but truthfully I wanted that match with you once again. Not because I wanted to check a name off of a checklist but I wanted it so I could find some resolution in my own life. I wanted what you had. You can hold onto that one lost to me but it still doesn’t change the fact that you beat me in three straight matches. You think that doesn’t haunt me?!”

Crystal shrugs her shoulders.

“So when I saw you fighting Masque and she ended up beating you. It really made me question some stuff…I guess that’s why I wanted to confront you in this hotel…”

Andrea opens her eyes in return.

“And what is it that you want?!”

Crystal takes a long deep breath.

“I want you to be honest with me…What chance do I really stand against Masque?!”

Andrea looks at Crystal as she is sincere in her words.

“If I am being sincere and brutally honest truth is YOU CAN’T WIN!!!! You couldn’t even beat me when I first came to the company, and you lost to Amber and other marquee matches. Sure you win one lucky gauntlet match but that doesn’t mean you can just be prepared for her…”

Crystal nods her head.

“I know… You are better than me. At least at this stage in my career, I can honestly admit that and I am happy for your honesty. The real reason why I came to bother you is because I need your help. I don’t have anywhere else to turn but you were in the ring with her. You have firsthand experience of what I can expect. I want you to prepare me for her. I want to know the ins and outs of Masque. I don’t really know where else to turn. I can’t go to Seleana because she really hasn’t had the best record as of late. I love Roxi but she’s doing world title things. So that only leaves you…”

“So you are asking ME for help?! Why should I bother….”

Crystal thinks about it.

“Because maybe I am the lesser of two evils, and how do you think our fathers got along?! I am not asking you to be my friend but I just want the help. I respect you… I may not like you but I RESPECT you. My true goal in all of this is to build myself up and I want you to build yourself up as well. I want us to main event High Stakes which means one of us needs to be Bombshell Champion by then. So consider this a little stop on the way to get there. Don’t you want to be part of history?! Don’t you want to perhaps make history as being in the main event of the biggest show of the year that has two women of Mexican descendant headlining?! Think about our legacy, our heritage…. It would be our story and NOBODY would be able to take it away from us so what do you say?!”

Andrea thinks about it as she just snaps back a response.

“Don’t get choked out…”

“Excuse me?!”

“That’s my first bit of advice. She stuck her hand down my throat. You need to watch for that at all times…”

“Don’t get choked out… Got it… So try not to end up like you did during our I Quit match….”

Andrea just sits there staring blankly at Crystal.

“You know I have better things to do…”

“Sorry I couldn’t help myself…”

“Anyway you want to win and put the work in?! Let’s get out of this hotel and get you trained up… You don’t make moves unless you are working for it. After this little training session I wouldn’t be surprised if the burning rose ignites and rises back up like a Phoenix…”

With that Andrea and Crystal just stare at one another. There is definitely a look of respect between the two of them as they leave the hotel and go to get Crystal in shape for what’s to come.

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the most confident of them all?!

You know it’s funny when you think about it. I might have been wrestling in the late 2000s but it wasn’t until the early 2010s when I really started to break out of my shell and form a name to my career. It was in 2010 when I was rising through the ranks. I was becoming a household name. I was winning World Championships and people were chanting or booing the name Crystal over and over. It was quite a beautiful sight and it was around that time that I was the self-proclaimed Reflection of Perfection, the Rose Goddess Crystal Hilton.

It was a simple time… I thought that perfect never failed. I thought I couldn’t be stopped, and people honestly bought that hype as well. I mean in 2011 I was voted as the World’s Best Women’s Wrestler according to the OSEW polls. I was the heel of the year, high flyer of the year, Diva of the year, and of course ranked as the best woman’s wrestler in the world… I was voted for that across multiple companies.

Anyway I can talk myself up but that’s irrelevant. What’s more important is the fact that my entire thing is that I would stand in front of a mirror and talk to myself. It was as if I was the evil queen from Snow White and I imagined my own reflection answering me. I was that self-centered and I am not ashamed to say it.  The reason I bring it up is because I didn’t mind hearing myself speak. I loved hearing my own voice speak but after hearing what you said last week it’s no different than what I would hear if I was speaking to my own reflection again.

I came to you bringing up the fact on why I missed most of the Greek Tour, why I felt you were wearing a mask, and how hurt I was over Andrea, and just like one of those Pete the Parrot talking toys. You basically just said the same shit rehashing some stuff I ALREADY SAID to make a point. Hell you even went on this full blown explanation on why I am not a final girl even though I claimed I was one.

From the bottom of my heart you can go royally fuck yourself. I am not going to stand there and act like you are a real badass or I should respect you. I am not the brightest and I can admit that I dropped out of school when I was 13 because I was pregnant. I didn’t get a degree and I don’t have a GED…. So I am not going to try to go to war with you with all of these superb words that you wish to throw out to show off your ego or have this way of being this overly descriptive with a high Intelligence level.

Truly I don’t give a damn, but for a woman who is supposed to be so smart your real power is that you come across like Ditto the Pokemon. You simply just want to copy whoever you are up against. I thought it was bad that Mercedes Vargas can come across like Mokujin from Tekken simply knowing all things but really mastering nothing but I see somebody who fails in comparison. At least Vargas knows what she is talking about when it comes to facts but you don’t have your facts right at all.

You know I can take great pride that I own my movie studio. One that was basically bought to me by my ex-husband Todd WILLIAMS… One of the names you missed out on by the way. At the studio as fun as it is to act and be somebody else or even direct. I think what I love more than anything is having the ability that even though I lack a diploma and clearly I am nowhere your level when it comes to IQ my skills as a SCREEN WRITER are top fucking notch.

I write shit that is so good that you are out here trying to jack my own material and try to use it against me. Remind me to tell my board of directors to send you a cease and desist letter for plagiarism.

Bitch, are you actually fucking serious?! You can’t just use some shit that I already said to make it yours and further your own point. Did you not watch my Fellow Detroit native Eminem’s movie 8 mile when he unleashes his final diss on Papa Doc?!

Rabbit basically said shit that he knew couldn’t be countered or it would look really dumb if he came out talking about the same exact shit. Clearly you must not have seen it because you would have learned a valuable lesson.

Get out of here with that nonsense. I don’t need to work on my gag reflexes and worrying about a hand being shoved down my throat when you are the one who is choking on the shit I already said, and we didn’t even step in a ring yet.

Don’t try to stand on your high horse and act like you know me because you don’t know shit on who I am or what I have gone through. I been through a lot of shit, stuff I am not proud of but guess what I am still here…

There are times I wish I could run away, sometimes I wish I could hit the reset button and turn things around. I made a lot of mistakes but I have always learned how to work through them even if I didn’t appreciate the consequences coming my way. So whatever Rapture that you think is going to come from anything regardless of result my name is remembered by everybody.

No matter if you try to deny it my name is the one in the record books, it is the one in the Hall of Fame, and it’s the one who held the World title the most. As much as people want to say I am nobody they sure bring my name up over and over again.

It doesn’t matter if it’s for achieving a lot such as the laundry stuff of stuff I did in this company that you can find in the history books or the bad stuff, and trust me there’s so much bad memories such as stabbing my wife in the back, not being trustworthy, betraying Despy, and so on. No matter how you look at it I will always be remembered and I will always be a household name whether you believe it or not.

Now I can sit here and talk about being all abstract like a metaphor or I could be comparisons like similes but we didn’t come here to talk about what you might hear in English class. We came here to talk about wrestling and I know I am one of the best bombshells when it comes to doing just that.

I am confident that I have what it takes to beat you. I have been in the ring with people far better than you. I have beaten women that people thought I shouldn’t have but I live to prove the masses wrong. One thing I do take very seriously is the fact that I will make the Internet Championship my very own. It’s a title I never lost in the first place and it will look so good around my waist. It has been way too long since I have held gold in this title, and the Internet championship is the perfect thing to get my feet wet again.

You talk a lot of shit for a woman who honestly doesn’t comprehend on what she is up against. In your mind all you see is a bombshell who took her wife’s Zdunich to stand out and that was the biggest load of shit that I have ever heard. You think that’s why I wanted to take the name?!

No… I took it to showcase that we are in a marriage. It had nothing about star power. Nothing against my wife but I am Crystal Hilton that name alone has all of the star power in the world. Don’t you even insinuate that I am type of trophy wife either because it has always been said by others not me of course, that Seleana tends to come across as a trophy wife.

Obviously that would make sense had you studied what others have consistency said but you are so focused on me that small detail must have flew across your head. I know there might be a lot of things about me that are extremely inconsistent.

Things that I know people love to shit talk about me whether includes hair, name, or even nickname. OMG Crystal isn’t consistency but there’s one little detail that people always miss out. It’s that my biggest form of consistency is in what I do inside of the ring.

Whether win or lose you can rest assured knowing that I am going to bring it and in your case I plan to hurt you in so many ways. I am not afraid of you Masque, and at first I thought that there was something special behind that mask, something terrifying that wishes to rip me from limb to limb.

Perhaps I am like Tommy Jarvis from Jason Lives. Maybe I did bring a dead corpse to life by saying dumb shit that would make you think that this was going to be easy. However in true fashion as you seem blinded by wanting to rapture Chloe, and everybody else. Try to focus on your resplendent hurricane Amber or whoever you seem to have your eyes on…

In true Tommy Jarvis this is when I stand up and provoke the living hell out of you. Whether it’s calling you a maggot head, a chicken shit, or even a pussy I will make you focus on me because things aren’t over between you and I. We need our fight and I refuse to be written off like some blank check. You don’t treat Crystal Hilton like that and she will not be ignored.

I know your biggest plan is to move on from me so you can focus on something else. Perhaps you want to look at new challenges and maybe work on seeing who else there is that could prove useful to the rapture. How dare you not give me what you deserve? It’s just like when Ringo was waiting for Wyatt Earp in the movie Tombstone. He waited to put him to rest but what he didn’t realize was that he had started something with Doc Holiday and that needed to be finished.

I don’t know what your plans are but you ruined what should have been a huge one on one showdown with Andrea. It was supposed to be her and I battling for the Internet Championship but you ruined that match. You took that away from me, and you want to laugh about the entire thing.

Believe it or not I actually took that very personally and that’s why I am showing up to finish it. I made a vow to Andrea that I would beat you. Believe it or not she actually prepared me to be in the ring with you. It’s funny what happens when you get two women who hate each other but have a mutual respect for one. At the end of the day we only see our legacy, and a heritage that was established by our fathers.

A tradition that will carry on with us and right now the next thing on the mind is to push towards having our all Mexican bombshell  main event, Andrea took a huge step in working with me and I am not going to let that go to waste. I refuse to let her down. I refuse to let her down, and I am not going to stop coming after you until I can stand tall as the Internet Champion.

It’s all I want and it will be mine no matter what. I am sure you have this notion where you feel you are good and you could easily destroy me, but I have been through so much that winning is the only option right now. I won’t rest until I can prove that I am better than you.

Everybody might think you are scary but I don’t see that. I am not afraid.

The only thing that I see in front of me is opportunity. This is my chance to get into the limelight, my chance to be center stage and a focal point of the division going forward. You want to prove you belong here?!

Beat me in this Super Card match, prove that you are the better wrestler.

I highly doubt that… I plan to set the world on fire…. I am the burning rose, Flame On…. It’s time to ignite and showcase why I have a flame that refuses to go out. Best of luck Masque… You certainly will need it/

I am the rose that refuses to wither away.

I am Crystal Zdunich, and I am your future SCW Internet Bombshell Champion…


Mykonos Greece
Suricata Villas Mykonos
May 4th

In over a week Athens would be filled with all of the SCW roster in preparations for Into The Void, and while it sounded amazing to compete in the Olympic Sports Hall something else was more appealing about staying in Greece mainly Mykonos. It would be the areawhere not one, not two, but three members of the Gemstones would all be getting married at the same exact time. It was a cause for celebration and it was definitely unique. There was only one thing left to do. They needed to find a venue for the special occasion. The three of them all had agreed that they wanted to do the entire beachfront ordeal and they had decided to choose the venue of Suricata Villas Mykonos which was a sundry of beach houses. Everything was beautiful about the area. All four of the Gems made their way to the hotel. Three of them wore ribbons that said bride to be. Emerald on the other hand wore a tiara that had the words Maid of Honor on it. The girls were all decked out in the sexiest of swimsuits as they stood by the pool of the beach front property. A man walks over to all of them as he begins to speak.

“Welcome ladies to Suricata Villas Mykonos. This is one of the most premier places to get married while in Greece. You are in for a great time. You will love our two exclusive pools along with our hot tub. Our private beach has a view that is to die for. Just take in everything as we hope to make your stay an enjoyable one.”

Diamond smirks as she looks at the friendly man.

“Thank you so much. We are definitely going to do that because we are going to celebrate an amazing wedding! I don’t believe we caught your name!”

The man smiles as he looks back at them.

“Apollo… My name is Apollo and I am happy to serve you. Which of you is the lucky woman getting married?!”

Diamond, Ruby, and Sapphire all eagerly raise their hands in the air with a howling scream as Apollo just stands there dumbfounded, glancing at all of them.

“Wow all three of you ladies are getting married?! Whatever makes you happy is all that matters. I am sure you three are going to have a wonderful relationship with one another. We hope to make your experience a magical one and it is going to be full of excitement. It will definitely be a night to be forever remembered!”

Diamond is taken back as she glances at the man. Ruby and Sapphire both turn their noses up at him as Diamond replies.

“No… You have it all wrong. You see this is my cousin and this is her sister. We are all part of a rock band, and we are just planning to all get married on the same exact day. Hence why you see three different brides. It would have been four but I doubt Emerald is ready for commitment just yet.”

“Speak for yourself…” The green haired beauty replies as she keeps her eyes locked on the rest of the girls. “I'd rather just sit here and enjoy your special night. Besides, somebody needs to be the Maid of Honor and it’s only fitting if I take on that role for all of the girls. Either way I know tonight is going to be super fun. We just have to celebrate that tonight is going to be one of the last nights of your single life so it has to be fun and over the top!”

Diamond rolls her eyes as she looks back at Emerald.

“That just sounds like it’s bound to cause some issues. I mean we are practically on our own island here. Bad stuff can happen. On top of that I still have a championship to defend the following week so let’s at least make sure that I can make it to the event!”

Emerald shakes her head.

“No…This is a once and a lifetime event. I plan to go all out so when it is time for my wedding you girls will all do the same for me! So we might as well make this as magical as we possibly can!”

Diamond crosses her arms before Ruby looks over at everyone. She raises a bottle of Grey Goose high into the air before she begins to down it with ease. Sapphire snatches the bottle away and begins doing the same as Ruby and Sapphire fight one another for the bottle,

“This party is going to be so OUTRAGEOUS!!!!”

“Stop hogging the bottle Prudence! There’s enough for the both of us!”

Emerald giggles as she just glances at both women. She walks over and grabs the bottle making sure she takes a drink as well.

“See this day is already starting off in an amazing way. There’s nothing like having some alcohol to really get the mood going. Perhaps you should take a drink as well Diamond. You could take something to take the edge off…”

Diamond shakes her head as she looks at everyone.

“As great as all of that sounds, I still think it’s too early to be drinking. We literally just got here and I don’t want to be shitfaced wasted before we can really enjoy the night’s festivities. I hope the night is planned with something exciting. I want everything for tonight to be remembered for years to come…”

Ruby nods her head as she looks back at Diamond.

“Are you really ready to be married again Kate?! You literally got divorced a year ago and after everything Teddy put you through I want to make sure you are making the right decision. I have no doubt in my mind that Phoebe is making the right decision with Paloma and of course Courtney and I have been going strong for 16 months now. You and Dawn basically just met in January and less than five months later you are already tying the knot. That is really fast and it just seems like you are rushing into things…”

Diamond looks at her cousin before she sighs in return. Sapphire is actually nice as she looks at Kate and chimes in.

“Exactly don’t let what Ruby and I are trying to do dictate your own life. Nobody expects you to just jump up and get married. How well can you really know somebody in five months?! You don’t have to compete with me and…”

Diamond quickly shakes her head as she glares daggers at Sapphire.

“I am not competing with anybody! Why can’t people see that I actually love Dawn?! I will admit it was weird for things to move so fast but after everything that Teddy put me through I just want to move on with my life. When Dawn and I went out on that first date I just knew we felt connected. We both were getting over bad relationships and just found comfort in each other. She really loves me and I really love her. When I told her about this whole marriage thing she seemed to be very eager. I just hope it’s all the right decision. I know she was dating this girl named Jordan and I don’t want her to be caught up in still having feelings for her when she should be focused on me…”

Ruby nods her head as she looks right into Kate’s eyes.

“Okay cousin if that’s how you feel I believe in you. I just want to make sure everything is okay with you. Having to fight for Juliet’s custody took a lot. It was traumatizing for all of us. So if time is what you need?!”

Maybe Ruby did have a point. Everything was moving fast but she couldn’t show her emotions. She couldn’t show how she really had felt. So to hide she quickly grabbed the bottle and she started to guzzle it down.

“Give me that damn bottle… Instead of being worried about me, I think what I need more than anything right now is to take some of that drink. I know a lot of liquid courage will make some of these feelings go away. On top of that we are all going to get married in a short amount of time. There’s no reason to plant the seeds of doubt in my head now right?! Let’s just go about life and enjoy it together as gem stones!”

All of the girls are cheering in excitement. Finally Apollo gives them each a glass and they begin to pour the contents into the glasses. The green haired Emerald smiles as she surrounds them and she cracks a wicked grin on her face.

“Good! Now that we have all of the brides on the same accord it is time for the real party to begin!”

Diamond looks at Emerald.

“Real party?! What is that supposed to mean?!”

Emerald looks out into the ocean as they can see a speed boat heading in their direction. Diamond raises her eyes in amazement.

“What the hell is that?!”

“That would be all of your brides to be… I figure why just have the Gems here, we might as well have all of the bridal parties here to make it even more interesting!”

With that the boat pulls up and that is when we see three women in bikinis stepping out of the boat. Those women are Courtney Pierce who immediately runs towards Ruby, Paloma Carbajal who runs towards Sapphire and of course Dawn Lohan who runs over to Diamond. There is excitement as they all begin to make out with their significant others. It’s definitely an amazing sight to see as Ruby looks at everyone with a wicked grin on her lips.

“OUTRAGEOUS!!! This is quite the Bachelorette Party!!!”

Diamond nods her head as she turns her attention over to Emerald giggling.

“You really outdid yourself hun… Thank you for all of this!!!!

“Don’t mention it! This is all for you girls. You are the best band in the entire world. I just wanted this to be a special night for all of you… I love you girls. I know sometimes we don’t have the best of relationships but you deserved to have a very special night. So just sit back and take it all in. The three of you will be married and…”

Emerald sighs in return.

“I just don’t want you all to forget about me!”

Diamond quickly shakes her head.

“We won’t… How could we forget our little Emerald. One day we will be celebrating you and Adrienne and I bet it’s going to be bigger and better than what we are doing right now.”

Emerald giggles in return as Diamond continues to speak.

“So what do you have in store next for us?!”

Emerald has an evil grin on her face.


Before she can say anything they begin to hear sirens going off in the distance. The Gems are all taken back as speed boats begin to head in the direction of the island. Diamond shrugs her shoulders as she looks at the rest of the girls.

“What the hell is going on?! Are those cops,,, or Sea police?!”

Sapphire quickly chimes in.

“I believe the term is Coast Guard… What did we do?!”

About ten men dressed as the Grecian Coast Guard pull up to the island. They walk in the direction of the Gems as they all look at them. One of the men with a bad mustache looks at the women.

“Do you all know why the coast guard was called in tonight?!”

Diamond shrugs her shoulders.

“Bloody fucking hell what did we do?!”

Each of the men walk off of the boats with handcuffs and clubs in their hands. The guy was talking before cracks a wicked grin as he continues to speak.

“You all are being extremely bad and are in need of some punishment. So it’s time to show you how we treat some bad brides!”

With that all of the men begin to strip as they are all in g strings. They begin to thrust their pelvis around and move their way towards all of the women. The Gems are all taken back as Diamond begins to scream loudly.

“Emerald did you set this up?!”

“I told you tonight was going to be special! So let’s just have fun with these strippers!!!”

Diamond just shakes her head as one of the men has a whip and tries to whip her. Another man tries to handcuff Sapphire, while one chases Ruby around with a taser.

“Bloody hell Emerald why would you call in male strippers for three women who are about to marry three other women! You could have called in some sexy nurses! Do we look like Christian Underwood?! I bet he would have loved these naughty cops!”

Emerald grins evilly. “Live a little… There’s nothing wrong with naughty policemen! DETAIN ME MR. OFFICER!!!”

Emerald screams at the top of her lungs as she is “arrested” , detained and of course whipped. It’s a wild night for the girls as they never imagined everything that would be happening to them. The night got even wilder as they consumed more liquor, and just when you thought that enough liquor was consumed they had even more. The party got crazy, the girls had gone wild. It was crazy all around. Everybody had enjoyed themselves throughout all of the hours of the night… Until they all had eventually passed out.

The next morning Kate Steele found herself asleep on the beach. She yawned as she felt a warm body next to her. She placed an arm around the woman next to her and the two engaged into a kiss. The other woman yawned as she said the first thing that came to her mind.

“Outrageous… Courtney please kiss me like that from now on, that was amazing…”

Kate continued with the kiss for a few moments until both her and Ruby finally were awake. They quickly backed away from one another as KAte screamed at her cousin.

“Why in the hell are you sleeping next to me?!”

“OUTRAGEOUS!!! Did we… NO!!!!!”

Sapphire walks towards them and she is wearing one of the officer’s “strippers” outfits. She is befuddled as she looks at her two other bandmates.

“Bloody hell what exactly did we do last night?!”

Diamond shrugs her shoulders. “I don’t remember but have any of you see Emerald?!”

All three of the girls glanced at one another. There were bodies all across the beach. They could even spot their brides to be but what they couldn’t find was their best friend Emerald. They all glanced at one another as they knew they had to retrace their steps. I guess this is what it meant to be be dealing with a hangover. They knew they had to find Emerald or else they would not have their Maid of Honor for their wedding.

Long behold it looks like Into The Void is upon us and I know that the night is going to truly be outrageous. I never saw myself being in a position where I would open the show but it looks like that will be the case when I step into the ring with the one and only Kat Jones. How is it going Kat Jones?! From the bottom of my heart can I just say that I am actually happy that you are finally in this position. Ever since you came to SCW it just seems like you have basically been second fiddle to everybody else.

You could have really showcased your ability and taken a stand in the World Bombshell Championship scene if you would have gotten past Roxi Johnson but obviously that just wasn’t meant to be because you fucked that up rotyally. Things also didn’t go so well for you in the Blast From The Past Tournament either. No worries though because at least from there you had a chance to transition to that gauntlet match at Blaze of Glory and could have cemented yourself in a great position to be the Internet Championship contender, but obviously that just wasn’t the case either was it?

No but once again just when you think you have things figured out you end up dropping the ball against one of your newfound friends this time Crystal Zdunich. It must make you feel completely worthless that whenever you have to step into the ring with somebody you bond with that you honestly just aren’t good enough?!

So finally after losing upon losing all of these matches you finally find a place where you are actually relevant. You managed to win a Roulette Championship contenders match and now you are standing right here in this position. I would offer you a congratulations but honestly you can just royally fuck yourself.

I am not going to be nice nor will I beat around the bush. You do know what happens if you do find yourself on the losing side of things right?! It means you are at the bottom of the barrel and you have nothing else to chase afterwards. I thought you were so much better than this. You came into this company with so much hype. You were supposed to bring a breath of fresh air to the bombshells division but all I see is one huge disappointment.

One big facade who wants to cry like a Bitch because she feels her friends are doing something to her that clearly isn’t true. Then again I find it very hard to take Kat seriously because in my eyes she really doesn’t give a shit about competing here. If she did she wouldn’t be so quick to leave immediately after wrestling in her match. She is quick to get on a flight and hightail it far away from the tour site.

Her mind is too busy focused on what color she should wear for a match or what type of bagel board she should eat for breakfast. Had she put in the same amount of time that she spends on in ring career and training that she does on breakfast I bet she would be so much better.

It’s okay though because we can’t really argue about her fuckups. We just need to focus on why she isn’t going to beat me and truthfully that’s really simple when you think about it. The truth is I am just that much better at this than she is. I have primed myself into being one of the most elite bombshells in the company and in my honest opinion I am building myself to be the most hated of the year. I have seen Kat Jones talk in her previous promos and she always mentions how she is going to bring her true self to the ring. She is going to show how she isn’t so nice and why she can be cold hearted and quite the Bitch.

Yet Kat reminds us again and again why people doubt her and why she is going to be this big bad. My only question is how long are we going to have to endure her saying the same old shit over and over again. Instead of boring us to death with that same old speech, why don’t you actually do the one thing that would make you relevant and that’s go out there and win.

If you win matches I wouldn’t have to give a shit on who you are sister’s with or who your friends are. I would actually take you seriously and I could see that the proof is clearly in the pudding. Sadly everyone is going to wait a while for that to happen because I will not let you for any reason take my title away from me.

Not now and certainly not ever. I know I tend to talk a lot of shit and hell I am a Bitch. I don’t have to be underwhelming because I know how to draw heat and people are envious of me. Just look at when I wrestle in matches and have to defend my title. I usually end up being chased by women holding chairs and being sneaky little bitches hitting me in the back. Hell I even had Keira chasing with me a chair and she is supposed to be a hero. Krystal wanted me and so many others.

I could sit here and cry over what they all tried to do to me but you know how I deal with everyone that comes face to face with me?! I handle my shit in the ring. I beat them where it hurts and I always have what it takes to walk away with my championship in hand. I bring a brand new meaning to the words AND STILL and that is because throughout all of the bullshit you might have heard about me. I know how to defend my queendom. I am the champion for a reason and I can beat any dumb fuck who wishes to try to beat me!

I am the fucking champion and you better bring everything you have if you think you are going to beat me! When I came back to the main roster I defeated every single person that came in my path. Whether it was Jessie Salco, Krystal Wolfe, or even Keira Fisher. I have elevated this championship into being something great and I refuse to let some pussy ass Bitch who cries over friends take this away from me.

You have to beat a woman who has been flawless and I doubt you have it in you. The truth is I don’t even need friends to keep my title because in multiple matches when my Gem Stones were banned I still was able to walk away as champion. I have completed in ladder matches, flaming tables matches, and I still have the power to walk out on my own feet. I am a beast and in most of my matches I am extremely undersized and outmatched.

It doesn’t matter because I still hold my own because I am willing to do whatever it takes to win. I know one day I will find myself on the losing side of things but it won’t be because somebody bested me!

It will be because they had to pull out every fucking resource in order to get the job done. The last time I held this title I shattered the record. It took a woman having to knock me out with chloroform to win this title from me.

That is the type of dedication I have as a champion. Are you really willing to do whatever it takes to beat me?! Are you built to withstand what I have had to do to be champion?! I highly doubt that. I await to see what you can do Kat but in my eyes I doubt it will be enough. Come Into The Void you will be in the ring with the very best and just like everybody else you will fall on your face. Spin that Roulette and let’s make it interesting, but I promise you. I will fuck you up whether you believe so or not…

I will shine Bright…

For I am Diamond Steele and this is my division!

Beginning of April
Los Angeles, California
Rose Corp

SCW was in the midst of its huge Greece tour. This was the first time that the company had really gone on tour since the pandemic had begun. So this in itself was a huge deal. It meant that things were getting back to normalcy and that things were going in the right direction. However for Crystal Zdunich things just felt to be a tad off. She had worked her ass off in trying to win the gauntlet match at Blaze of Glory so she could get her future championship match. She knew what was at stake. With the Blast From The Past establishing the next set of challengers for both World Championships she knew that her gauntlet match would name the future challenger for the Internet Championship. This was what she had wanted and it really wasn’t for the title at all. It was because of who had held that title. Andrea Hernandez was the woman that she had desperately wanted to fight. It was one of the women that she had on her hit list. Scratching Vargas off of the list with her gauntlet win was one thing but it wouldn’t bring the satisfaction that being in the ring with Andrea would bring. Everything was going according to plan.

She had exactly what she had wanted. The stars were perfectly aligned. At Into The Void she would be on a collision course with Andrea Hernandez. After their bitter rivalry and the way that Andrea had insulted her wife Seleana with the continuous mocking it was going to feel good to finally put that woman in her place. Crystal was overly excited that she was getting everything she wanted. The only thing that was left was to wait until Into The Void so she can finally correct Andrea’s attitude once and for all.

A few days had passed since Blast From The Past. Crystal was sitting in her office at Rose Corp. She opened up her cell phone as she started typing away on her keyboard. As she was doing so it wasn’t that long until a college aged African American walked into the room. She offered a slight grin as she looked over at Crystal.

“Hello Miss Hilton can I get you anything?!”

Crystal turned her nose up at the woman as she shook her head in disgust.

“Do I know you?! I haven’t really seen you before… Obviously you must be new here… Also for the love of God call me Mrs. Zdunich… I hate the name HILTON with a passion!”

The woman just smiled as she shrugged her shoulders in return.

“Oh… I don’t believe I introduced myself to you. My name is Emily Wi……Well my name isn’t really important. I am an intern here. I am studying drama at UCLA. Miss Chloe brought me on… Anyway do you want a latte or maybe a glass of San Pellogrino water?!”

Crystal keeps her eyes on the woman as she just shakes her head in disgust.

“No, I am fine but thank you very much. I just wished that Chloe would tell me when she is making moves that involve personnel at the company. It doesn’t matter to be honest. Just go do whatever, I was actually in the middle of setting up my tweets for the day…”

Emily opens her eyes in amazement as she looks back at Crystal.

“Social media?! I love social media! I am actually a bit of an influencer. I have a massive following and I could actually help your account in all of the best ways. Miss Chloe actually wanted me to keep an eye on you, and maybe assist if you needed some h…”

Crystal quickly cuts the woman off as she stares blankly into her eyes.

“I don’t need fucking help with my social media account! I think I am doing a fine job on my own. Why don’t you go run along and make yourself useful somewhere else. Better yet you can go serve Melissa at the front desk. Lord knows that girl can use some help. She sits on the board of directors but insists on being a receptionist. I don’t understand people at times…”

Emily just shrugs her shoulders as she looks deeper into Crystal’s eyes.

“There’s nothing wrong with people being humble. Everybody can learn a taste of humility…”

Crystal on the other hand just ignores her as she goes about her tweeting business. She sends a tweet out and smiles as she sits there in anticipation with a smile on her lips. Emily just stands there dumbfounded as she looks back at Crystal.

“What is so funny Miss H… I mean Mrs. Zdunich. What did you write?!”

“I just wrote that I am excited to eventually face Andrea and I am happy to finally get my championship match against her…”

Emily is taken back as she stands there sighing.

“Wait… Did you take a moment to at least clarify what you were saying and completely communicate what you were trying to convey to your audience?!”

Crystal opens her eyes in amazement.

“What do you mean, what are you on about?!”

“As a dramatic arts student they taught us that whenever you go about acting or trying to do anything in theater or even on television that you want the audience to fully believe in what you are saying. This is something that I thought you of all people would know. After all you do own your own movie studio and are one of the biggest actresses in the world so it should be common sense. If you don't, your words might be misinterpreted and…”

Crystal is quick to cut her off as she shakes her head in disgust.

“Nobody misinterprets me… I am Crystal fucking Zdunich, and that alone should be enought o suffice….”

There is a smile emerging from Crystal but suddenly that smile turns into a frown as the tweet she sent out gets retweeted and replied to by Mark Ward. Crystal is taken back as she begins to scream out at the top of her lungs.

“Are you fucking kidding me?!”

“What’s wrong Mrs. Zdunich?!”

Crystal shrugs her shoulders as she looks back at the intern.

“It’s Hot Stuff… For some reason he assumes that I want the World Championship… And now people are liking his tweets. He has a massive following that are painting me in a bad light about how I am a title whore or obsessed with forcing my way into the main event for a World Bombshell Match. I didn’t even say I wanted that match! From the get go all I ever wanted was Andrea Hernandez. That was the main point I made going back to the gauntlet match. After all the stuff she said about Seleana that is who I have my eyes on. The world title means nothing compared to me trying to defend my wife… Why can’t people see that?!”

Emily shrugs her shoulders.

“Because your past will always catch up to you. Nobody will ever take you seriously, even if you were being completely honest and sincere people will only see how you betrayed your wife all of those years ago. On top of that you WERE title crazy and it’s the norm. Recovery in itself is never easy… You can work for a long time trying to establish something but the moment you make one simple mistake people will forget any progress you made…”

Emily walks over to Crystal and places her arm around her.

“I know it sounds weird but I honestly think I can help you with your Social Media account. I can put you in a positive light. I might be going to school for Dramatic Arts but branding has always been my focus. I guess since being raised by my grandparents I felt it was always better to see others in the distance…My mother wasn’t there for me… She should have been but I honestly don’t hold it against her…”

Crystal seems taken back.

“Wow… That sucks… Was your mother a drug addict or even an alcoholic because if that’s the case I can relate…”

Emily shakes her head.

“No… My mother was basically busy raising her brother’s kid. I rather not get into it. So my Great GrandParents had to raise me. All I could do was admire my mother from afar. She is a good one and definitely a woman who would do anything for family…”

Crystal nods her head.

“It’s always cool to have a good family member… I remember when I was doing my own shit and I had an amazing sister in law that helped me out. Jenny is my forever sister and regardless if Todd and I are married. I will always acknowledge her as family. She basically was Brittany’s mother when I was in wrestling school and other stuff…”

Emily nods in agreement.

“Yeah… Anyway I will get going. Like I said if you really need me I will help you with your Twitter presence. Don’t let things get to you… It’s not as bad as they seem, and don’t rush into things…”

Crystal could only look at her phone. It was annoying seeing all of the negative tweets she was getting in return but maybe this Emily girl was right. Maybe she could use the help. It would be something to consider…

One Week Later
Las Vegas, Nevada
Golden Ring Casino

SCW had just started their huge Greece tour. Things were looking up and as most of the SCW roster had traveled across seas to one of the most beautiful beach tours that the company has ever seen, Crystal Zdunich decided to stay back in the states. It was a Sunday Night and it marked the very first Climax Control in Greece. Crystal was nowhere overseas. She instead was working in the Golden Ring Casino. She was running around like a mad woman as she brought drinks and food to various different booths and tables. It definitely was a hectic night as business was booming. As she was waiting tables she caught the attention of one Daniel Morgan. He crossed his arms as he walked over to where she was standing.

“Do you mind if I have a chat with you?!”

Crystal didn’t know what to say as she looked back at her boss.

“Yes Daniel, what’s going on?!”

Daniel nods his head as a grin escapes his lips.

“I appreciate all of your hard work. It’s quite unremarkable how much it means to see you waiting tables again. You always end up making the casino so much money when you help out. However I must question why you are even here. You should be over there in Greece with the love of your life. SCW has been waiting for a long time for travel restrictions to go down and they decide to tour in a beautiful country with so many beaches. Don’t you want to be part of that?! Staying here waiting tables isn’t what you should be doing…”

Crystal shakes her head.

“It’s whatever… You think I want to go over there?! The country already made it known how they felt about me. I was eager to be in the ring with Andrea and Mark acted like I was trying to force my way into some World title match. Is that the only way that they think about me?! I feel like I am not getting my rightful respect. I deserve better and if all you can do is lash out at one of your top talents why should I care or commit into traveling halfway across the word to get mocked by the owner?! It’s one thing for Christian to do it towards me but at least I know he has a respect for me. If he didn’t he wouldn’t have inducted me into the hall of fame. Mark on the other hand really surprised me and it hurts considering I was his personal assistant. Right after that gig I came here to work for you and it has been amazing ever since…”

Daniel nods his head.

“Don’t let it get to you… I would honestly let it go. Just focus on getting into the ring with Andrea and being prepared to take the Internet Championship from her…”

“I am prepared Daniel! As soon as she beat Seleana and I won my match I knew damn well what was at stake. I can’t wait to cross her off of my list and it is going to feel so good to do so…”

“Just train up and make sure you are ready to do whatever it takes to bring the title home…”

Crystal cuts him off.

“It’s not about the title… It’s about Andrea… As long as I can get my hands on her that is all that matters in the end…”

Crystal gives her a nod focused grin but as she does so something gets her attention. The customers are all cheering as they are watching Climax Control on the television screens. Crystal shakes her head in disgust as she stands in front of the television and begins to scream at the top of her lungs. On the television Masque has her mandible claw locked tightly on Andrea. Everybody in the casino is shocked but Crystal begins to yell.

“Damn it Andrea!!! You better fight her… You better show her you are better than her… For the love of God you better pull through and beat the unholy hell out of that Bitch! You are the most hated of the year! You have the crazy winning streak! Just win!!!”

Crystal yells as she watches as there are no ropes in sight. She watches Andrea slowly succumb until she slowly passes out. The referee calls it and even the commentators are silent. The bar area at the casino seems to be silent except for one Crystal Zdunich. She stands up and immediately chucks a plate of food and glass at the television screen. The tv cracks on the impact as both the plate and glass shatter. Crystal stands up as she bangs on the bar.

“You have to be FUCKING KIDDING ME!!!!! How could she lose to that Bitch?! It was supposed to be my match against Andrea!!! Now this Bitch ruined it!!!!”

Daniel looks at Crystal as he sighs at her.

“I told you that you should have been in Greece! Yet here you are throwing a temper tantrum because things didn’t go the way you wanted. Now you are going to stand here and break plates and our big television?! You know what Crystal I am going to suspend you! I am also going to dock your pay to cover for the damages. Go home and get out of my sight. No being a waitress, no being a special events coordinator, no anything until I feel you have learned your lesson…”

Crystal keeps her eyes locked on Daniel.

“Look, I just lost my cool… I am sure we can fix this somehow…”

“Charlotte and Mackenzie! Remove Crystal off of the property!”

With that both of the English women walk over to where Crystal is. Despite being close friends they grab Crystal and they begin to drag her out of the casino. They both seem apologetic but business is business. Crystal is thrown out of the building. She could only sit on the street dumbfounded and questioned everything that just happened.

Few Weeks Later
Rose Corp
Los Angeles, California

Crystal could be seen facing around her movie studio. Her eyes locked on her phone as she took out her Twitter fingers. Emily walks into the room and sighs as she looks right at Crystal.

“Crystal what’s going on now?! Shouldn’t you be in Greece… It’s been a while and I know you are one of the biggest stars in the company. I would have expected that one of SCW’s most successful bombshells would go about building her future title match to make it important…”

Crystal cuts her off as she looks daggers at Emily.

“You think I give a shit about SCW right now Emily?! It’s honestly all bullshit. I am starting to feel like nobody really respects me anymore. It’s a feeling that I haven’t been able to shake off since I won the gauntlet match. It’s crazy how things have changed over the past couple of weeks. I WANTED to face Andrea but now I have to deal with this Masque Bitch. Mikah can’t commit to receiving her championship match so now things are left up in the air. MY wife wins a match that is worth something special and I call Christian out on that predictable booking and now they want to punish Seleana for opening my mouth?!”

Emily shrugs her shoulders in return.

“To be honest you shouldn’t have said anything. Just let Seleana get surprised with whatever was coming her way. You didn’t have to interject. It didn’t matter because Seleana did win anyway but can’t you see that sometimes your emotions and your acting before thinking things through can cause you to get into so much trouble?! Maybe you should just breathe a bit. Let things play out and see where the chips land…”

Crystal yells as she cuts her right off.

“Bullshit… I tried that approach and I did exactly what everybody told me to do. I went to Greece and I gave it a chance. I promised that I would have words for Masque and it didn’t even air on television. What I did was cut off of the program and appeared to be aired a few days after the event. I see how SCW feels about me facing Masque… I am sure everybody has this foregone conclusion that I am going to lose to Masque…. They just need for things to play out so it can actually happen…”

Emily tries to reason with her.

“Crystal listen…”

“Why should I listen?! People still think I am Seleana’s estranged wife. So they can’t ever appreciate the relationship I have with her. Every Time somebody has a match with her they jump on her how they feel I bring her down or the same old shit. Whenever anything is brought up about me it’s always negative… I don’t get what I have to do….”

Emily just sighs.

“Just keep pushing… That’s all I can say…”

Crystal just shakes her head.

“Keep pushing?! I did exactly that… The only time SCW can possibly ever remember about me is to just put me in a random tag team match. That’s the only time I was even used during this entire cycle leading up to the Super Card. I expected much more seeing as I am a contender for one of their championships. I know people wonder why I choose to fight in so many different companies but this is the main reason. I am forgotten…”


Before Emily could say anything else the COO for Rose Corp Chloe Martin walks into the room. Her heels bang steadily against the floor as she looks daggers at Crystal.

“Care to explain what this was all about?!”

Chloe slides a tablet in front of Crystal. She has screenshots of Crystal replying to Christian about the Seleana and Tempest match. Chloe crosses her arms as she looks right at the Latina.

“What was the point?!”

Crystal just looks away.

“I was trying to figure out what was going on…”

Chloe talks louder.

“Well what you were trying to do only made you look worse. Everything you have done has made you look worse since Blaze of Glory. I know you are better than that so I really don’t understand you. If it’s not one thing it's definitely another. First it was getting into it with Mark Ward, then it’s getting suspended from GRC, then it’s almost tweeting your wife out of a championship match, and trying to make things about you!”

“I am not trying to do that… It’s just what ended up happening. I can’t explain why things happened the way that they did. It just went that way…”

“On top of that you have a big match ahead of you… A chance to become Internet Champion and you haven’t done anything towards promoting that goal…”

Crystal is quiet as she finally replies back.

“...I would but nobody even feels I can win… So if they feel like I don’t have a chance why should I?!”

Chloe is taken back as she looks at her boss and friend.

“Really… You care how others feel about you?! I guess this is worse than what I thought… I am going to be completely honest with you. These two months you have been a nightmare to deal with on social media. You are portraying bad publicity towards the company and it’s definitely a Public Relations nightmare. I have an idea but you really need to trust me…”

Crystal raises her eyes.

“And what idea is that exactly?!”

“I was thinking that you could Emily run your social media accounts for a while. She has a good head on her shoulders and will put a positive spin to your life…”

“Hold on, you want this girl to take control of my TWITTER account, what makes you think I even need that!”

“It sounds weird I can imagine but it’s not necessarily a bad thing. A lot of famous personalities have somebody that moderates their account. She will be handling things but you won’t be disappointed with anything she does. Just judging from your interactions these past few weeks I have a great feeling that the two of you are going to get along just fine…”

Crystal looks at the girl before nodding her head in agreement.

“Chloe is putting a lot of trust in you so hopefully you won’t let me down. Just make sure my account is running smoothly. This will give me the proper chance to focus on what is important…”

The girl chuckles as she looks right at Crystal.

“Don’t worry it is in good hands I promise! There was something else that Chloe did want to talk to you about especially when it comes to your image…”

Chloe nods her head with a wicked grin as she winks at Crystal.

“Exactly. I think it would definitely be in your best interest if Seleana starts to manage you. You can really showcase that you two have an amazing marriage and that can sort of downplay everybody thinking that you are an estranged wife. Everything is all about perception Christina, and as long as we stay on top of things your public relations is going to look good. You keep your attention on Masque, and we will do what we do best.”

Crystal just sighs as she looks at both women before she replies back to them.

“Okay… We are going to do things your way. I trust you two… Just please help my career because honestly I don’t know what else to do…”

Crystal heads out of the room leaving Chloe and Emily alone. The two women just stare at one another as Emily looks right into the eyes of the Canadian.

“So do you think she suspects anything yet?!”

Chloe shakes her head.

“I doubt it but just keep doing what you are doing. Don’t give her any reason to suspect anything…”

Emily can only shake her head in return as her eyes are still focused on Crystal who is walking away. She never takes them off of her as she just sighs and looks back at Chloe as Crystal finally walks out of sight.

Hello to all of my blooming roses out there. This is yours truly. The one and only burning rose Crystal Zdunich and it won’t be long until I go out there in Athens and compete against Masque for the right to be the Internet Champion. I am going to be completely honest with all of you. I am upset that I have to fight Masque. When I won the gauntlet at the last Super Card I knew that the end result would be that the winner would challenge the current champion Andrea. In my eyes that is all I really wanted. For those who paid any attention to my checklist Andrea was number four on it. Rightfully so considering all of the shit she has said about my wife. She had talked so much shitt about how she was this big bad monster that was practically unstoppable. As a matter of fact her last loss before she started to win match after match going on this ridiculous streak was against me when she screamed out like a little Bitch in our I Quit match.

I offered her a very teachable moment and it was something I hope she learned an important lesson, but sadly the lesson went over her head because she was content with running her mouth and trying to parade around trying to chase around Roulette Championships and something everybody clearly knows is well beneath her.

It doesn’t matter though, right?! After all, as long as she can take the easy way out and not challenge herself that’s always the fun thing to do. I watched from afar and I started positioning myself to make sure I could be the one to silence her once and for all. When I overcame all of those other bombshells and I was the last one standing. I just knew I was going to get what I wanted. I was going to get Andrea and nothing was going to get in the way of that.

At least I thought it was the clear path to her but what I didn’t expect was for Andrea to crumble under the pressure when she was booked against Masque. It should have been business as usual for Andrea. After all, she was beating people senselessly for the last 19 people that she fought. This was her chance to really define her legacy. However when push came to shove she just didn’t handle her business. She got knocked the fuck out! Once Masque put her hand down the throat of Andrea it was over.

To so many people it was a shocking sight, to many others they were left speechless, but honestly when I looked at the entire situation I was a little disappointed. Am I shocked about the entire thing?! Not really because as great as Andrea thought she was, she honestly wasn’t beating people that were on the scales of a Mikah, a Roxi Johnson, an Alicia Lukas or even a me. She basically coasted her way into a bullshit streak and an accolade of most hated that followed. It was bound to happen and it reminds me of Deontay Wilder during his reign of terror as the WBC Boxing Champion!

It’s like oh my God this guy is so amazing! OMG he is the BRONZE!!!!! BOMBER!!!! He’s knocking people out like nothing! However the very moment he goes up against real competition in Tyson Fury we find out he just wasn’t the champion that he hyped himself up into being. He got humiliated in three straight fights. I don’t want to hear about a draw in the first fight because we all know the real result. He was outmatched and outboxed. It showed that in his little bubble he could seem like a big bad dog but when you actually face competition that is on his level he simply wasn’t good enough.

That’s what happened to Andrea and also add in the fact that she isn’t crying for a rematch or trying to get back into the spotlight again, and has been relegated to simply being the host of Into The Void speaks volumes for how she really feels about things.

Anyway enough about that because life goes on and even though Andrea is who I really wanted to face it seems I now have to fight Masque. As I look at this upcoming match and see as we are on the topic of boxing this entire situation reminds me of a certain movie. I really feel like I am caught right in the middle of Rocky 4. I of course am Rocky Balboa. Andrea played the role of Apollo Creed and she damn sure got decimated by this version of Drago. Masque beat her to the point that Andrea was unresponsive. Masque basically killed Andrea inside of that wrestling ring.

Everybody was speechless and it just further established Masque as being this huge threat. People are all shivering at the mere thought of having to step in the ring with her. I don’t see things in that way though. In my eyes after seeing what she did to Andrea it just inspires me to want to be in the ring with her even more.

People can think whatever they want on how I feel about Andrea, but deep down throughout everything she was a rival that I respected in the ring. Maybe it has to do with the fact our fathers had teamed up in Mexico and there was a connection. Maybe it is the fact that we are both second generation wrestlers and that we both are of Mexican descent. Whatever the case I still valued Andrea as a competitor even though the feeling wasn’t mutual. When she got destroyed I know people could only see how I had lost to Andrea in three straight singles matches.

So if I struggled against Andrea what would happen if I have to step in the ring with Masque?! People are already writing me off. I saw the way that my newfound buddy Kat Jones was trying to warn me about Masque. The conversation between her, Amber, and others is just all of their ways of telling me that “YOU CAN’T WIN!”. I can picture Adrienne from Rocky 4 yelling that at her husband and honestly it played a mind fuck on me.

The only thing that was left was for me to play No Easy Way Out and go for a car ride thinking of everything that led to this moment of me having to step into the ring with Masque. If you add that to the fact of what I had to go through these last couple of weeks I felt disrespected.

I felt like I didn’t even want to come on the Greece Tour. It was clear that I was missing for a huge chunk of it. I didn’t like how Mark assumed I would try to insert myself in some World title hunt. I felt stupid for almost ruining Sel’s right to get a championship opportunity. I just had a lot going through my mind. I wasn’t all there and to the SCW roster I am sorry for not being mature enough to be able to handle things in the right way.

However despite everything that might have been conflicting me there is one thing that is not! That one thing happens to be Masque. You see the more I look at her the more I realize that I am not afraid of her. She might be seven inches taller than me and might have fifteen pounds on me but I just can’t see her as being a threat. After all, in the grand scheme of things you want to know the real reason why I don’t see the same thing that everybody else sees?!

The reason is very simple… It’s because I am Crystal freaking Hilton. In my eyes I am the best bombshell in this company point blank. If I wasn’t I would be the only person to hold the World Bombshell Championship five times. I wouldn’t be in the hall of fame, and I damn sure wouldn’t have won a gauntlet match to be in this match.

This past week I had to hear endless bullshit on stuff to try to put me down. One of them being Amber trying to disrespect me like I wasn’t a good champion. I am tired of the mockery and to prove a point I have to go out there and prove that Masque isn’t unbeatable. She isn’t even that good…

Mediocre at best and as long as I keep my confidence nothing will stop me. Masque, how are you doing?!I don’t believe we have formally met. You should know me by now but if not this is probably where you go on a tangent and tell me how the rapture is coming. You think you are going to transport me anywhere?!

Bitch I have been here for a very long time. So I doubt you will do anything to me. After all, I 've been through some shit here. I have been in the ring with the best of the very best. Throughout everything I am still here. I haven’t left and I still beg to fight a list of who’s who so do you think you can really break that?!

I highly doubt that… On top of that there is something that is scarier than anything that you possess within you and that is how I get when a title is involved. That’s not me hyping that up either, that's everybody else in this company.

I get called a championship whore. I am arrogant for accolades and I go crazy for them. So if everybody else hypes me up in this way what will that say for you?! It will mean it will be business as usual for me.

Masque I have witnessed what you have done since you have been here and it has been impressive. You have been here for a little under or over one hundred days and have found yourself with an amazing record. You are also a champion and on your way to becoming something greater.

That’s just swell but you don’t really go anywhere until you face me. I am not afraid of you. Why should I?! What is it that you are trying to hide?!

I can openly admit that I tend to hide a lot. Being an actress I am always one to try to cover up my real emotions with costumes of change. It can be fake hair, sometimes an arrogant personality, and sometimes trying to wear a costume of change to be accepted. Lots of stuff might be inconsistent about me but everything about trying to force a change is consistent.

It makes up who I am and I can admit it. However if you take all of that unnecessary baggage you also have to accept that as a wrestler I will give every single bit of myself to come through or die trying. That is my story but I want to flip it around and ask you a question.

What is it that you are hiding?!

As much as I seem so wrapped up in Andrea, Andrea, and Andrea… You have your mind on Amber. You are obsessed with her and it’s sickening. On top of that I get it that one of your hands is a prosthetic. I can believe that but wearing gloves on both hands. All of the masks that you wear, the full body suits and doing everything in your power not to show any type of skin.

Hell, even your name isn’t recorded…

Hell there’s no list of achievements…

And there isn’t any background information on you…

That is a lot of hiding and if you have to hide that much about yourself it is never a good thing. As much acting as I have done I know for a fact that I have done some stupid shit that makes me people cringe.

I know my poly relationship has become a topic to harp on…

I know the way I have treated my wife is also something to jump on…

There’s so much that people can jump on me about but guess what?! It’s all right there in the open and even though I really hate when people say stuff that I don’t necessarily like. It’s all right there for your pleasure to do whatever you want.

You want to know why?! Because as much you wish to fire on me I am so used to the shots that I know how to clap back. Also they wouldn’t be out in the open if I didn’t expect somebody to be so predictable and fire at me with it…

It’s a case of the same old shit being said…

You on the other hand are basically nothing. With a lack of everything about you that makes you a ghost. You know what they say about ghosts?! They are easy to see through and I can see right through you. As tough as you might be, you need to understand something.

You have something that I want. The Internet Championship means so much to me. It is a championship that I never lost and it is longing to get back around my waist. The last time I held that title I unified it with the World Championship. It is time to get back that missing piece of my life. It’s time to put it firmly around my waist and I doubt there is anything that you can do to stop me.

There’s no doubt in my mind you are one of the best new bombshells to come to this company but honestly at the end of the day you just aren’t me. You don’t walk in my shoes and I won’t let you best me. It’s time for my career to get back in order and by beating you I can personally silence all of the haters who felt like you were just going to steam roll over me.

Then again I remembered something… There certainly is no Easy Out of This…

However it’s not for me but on the contrary there is no way to hide from taking this asswhooping. What have you honestly done to warrant such a reaction that people should be afraid of you?!

Is it because you managed to beat the Kaiju Rainbow?! Yeah… It would have been more impressive if Rainbow actually gave a damn while she was competing in this company.

Should I take you seriously because you managed to beat Adrienne Beaufort… As amazing as I am sure that sounds, the truth is she is another woman who was in this company for practically no time. Her journey started well before it even began so I can’t even give you credit on that because it’s not impressive.

Other than that you can hold onto your win over Jessie Salco but if we are completely honest everybody manages to beat Salco so that’s not really impressive either. I know you were also in the ring with Chloe. So looking down the list of everybody that you fought the only thing that is truly impressive is that you managed to beat Andrea Hernandez. That is the only thing that is worth noting on your resume or should I say CV.

I am battle tested and the last time I lost a singles match in which I got pinned was against Myra Rivers in 2021. It has been a long time and I am not going to show any signs of dropping the ball now. As far as I see things I should be able to go right through you and I will be champion again.

I know you will be happy to introduce this little rose to the rapture and as cute as all of that sounds, that is when you find yourself being pricked by my thorns.

It all has finally hit me… The real reason why Andrea lost to you wasn’t because you were better than her, but deep in her mind she knew that she didn’t want this smoke because the realization would have set in that I had next and she wasn’t going to get past me. Now I know you must be super confident but don’t get caught waiting for some stupid rapture because as the Burning Rose I am going to set your entire world ablaze. All of your hopes and dreams are going to go up in smoke.

Flame on…

The rapture gets burnt to a crisp and the fire inside of me burns bright and nothing will extinguish my flames. I will be a champion and I will rule over the Internet again.




It’s showtime!

Welcome to the curtain call… Take a bow because I am going to roll the credits on you once and for all…

Nothing and I mean nothing will ever stop me from becoming Internet Champion… Mark my words on that…


Climax Control Archives / Argument
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Off Camera
Lesbos Airport
April 29th

Arriving at the Lesbos airport felt tiring. Crystal Zdunich had been away from SCW cameras for most of the Greece Tour. It was always a known fact that Crystal lived a very busy life and tried her very best to commit to her lifestyle in Sin City Wrestling this time her time away from SCW was because she was occupied by being part of Splat’s Gemini One Tag Team tournament putting her in a cross promotion event that would crown Tag Championships to be defended across many different promotions. It was a long flight from the US to Greece but Crystal knew she had a huge tag team match with her wife Seleana. The two didn’t really team frequently so this marked a special occasion. However Crystal honestly didn’t know how to feel as she had found out from her daughter Aurora that Seleana had felt a certain way about Crystal entering this tag team tournament and not even discussing it with her.

This issue weighed heavily on Crystal’s mind and she couldn’t believe that Seleana would discuss something so important with an eleven year old without discussing it with her first. The married couple really didn’t see each other that much but this was the only thing going through Crystal’s mind. Crystal had received her luggage from the baggage claim and had already gone through customs. She walked outside and could see Seleana standing there with a smile on her face. The tall blonde quickly headed towards the direction of the blue haired bombshell. She wrapped her arms around Crystal’s waist and pulled her in for a passionate kiss. She looked into her eyes smiling at her wife.

“Hey babe… You have good flight ja?! I missed you and happy you are finally on the tour…”

Crystal however just pulled away from Seleana as she crossed her arms in return.

“Flight was fine although I doubt you really care about my feelings because if you did we would have a proper conversation instead of having to hear that you are going behind my back and discussing things with an eleven year old…”

Seleana is taken back as she brings Crystal’s bag towards the taxi cab but Crystal snatches the bag out of Seleana’s hand as she begins to carry everything on her own. Crystal is struggling and has about four bags in her hand but she doesn’t care. She rather does everything on her own instead of having to rely on Seleana for anything. The blonde raises her eyes as she replies back in return.

“What are you talking about hun?! Is this how you are going to greet me after not seeing me for a while?! With the way this tour has been going and with you constantly going all across the world and wrestling everywhere we barely see one another…”

Crystal just looks at her wife trying to assist her with the bags but Crystal pushes Seleana aside.

“I don’t need your fucking help with MY bags… I am a very independent woman and I don’t need anybody to do anything for me especially someone who feels they can talk about what I do openly with an eleven year old!”

Seleana keeps her eyes locked on Crystal as she just gets into the taxi cab.

“Fine if that’s the way you wish to act so be it. Maybe if you didn’t try to run away from your feelings all of the time and constantly cover them up with your acting bullshit we could be in a really good place.”

Crystal gets into the car as she sits next to her wife and looks out of the windows. She doesn’t even bother looking at Seleana as she sighs in return.

“Right… We can sit here and do this all night Seleana but I doubt we are going to go anywhere. Why don’t you just woman up and really ask the question that you want me to answer. This seems to be the root of our issues…”

Seleana takes a long deep breath as she vents to Crystal.

“Fine I think I will ask you the question. Why is it that you quickly ran and signed up for this Splat tournament and you didn’t even considered that I wanted to team up with you?! I thought the Hollywood Angels was supposed to be our team. You made a promise that at one point the two of us would form a team with one another. I have been waiting and you never fulfilled on that promise at all. How long am I supposed to wait for the opportunity to team up with my wife?! It just seems like you push me aside. Is it because you feel I not good enough ja?! You embarrassed that you think things would go as well?!”

Crystal turns her attention to Seleana as she shakes her head at her.

“Am I embarrassed?! No I am not… I have no problems teaming with you and hell maybe you should pull your fucking weight. We have had a few opportunities of teaming up with one another and we barely even win. In SCW it just seems like every single tag team match we have been in has always ended up with us on the losing side of things.  Just look at our record against the Johnsons… They have been lost after lost. It just seems we can’t even beat them!”

Seleana nods her head as she speaks back.

“You can’t judge us losing to them as being bad Christina. They are a tough team and that shouldn’t stop us from teaming up with each other…”

Crystal cuts her off.

“Correction… It has to do with everything. I know I am an amazing athlete. I am the best woman’s wrestler in the world. I have always been that and that is why whenever for the most part when I fought Roxi and Keira on my own I have been able to beat them. I proved what I can do but can you say the same thing?! No... The only reason why you became relevant anyway is because I put a World Championship around your waist. Hell I basically gift wrapped you a Roulette Championship and where is my thanks?! I am out here handing out hallmark cards and giving you gift after gift. The least you could do is say you appreciate me…”

Seleana is taken back at Crystal’s comments as she looks at her wife.

“So that’s how it is Crystal?! You are the one who never wishes to team with me. You were fast to choose Alexandra instead of asking me!”

Crystal vents as she shares more of her heart.

“No… I didn’t choose Alexandra first. I had to sit through being in the same company such as you in multiple companies, and not once does it ever cross your mind that you wish to be on my team. You rather push me aside and team up with your sister Zenna. You rather be Wild Side and I am supposed to get thrown to the curb. I am used to feeling like that though. It’s always the same story. Eventually the world will get on me and mock me. They will say mean things and you never stand up for me. You never tell them to stop. Everybody can scream Free Seleana but you just let it happen. Sure you say that you don’t get involved but by not saying anything you are basically saying you agree.”

Crystal takes a deep breath as she continues to share more of her heart.

“I don’t mind tough love but there needs to be some type of love. You rather show love to everybody in the entire world ranging from this cousin Freja, to this sister or that sister. To this daughter in law, to this son of mine! You show my kids love, you show my extended family love, and even my mother, but what is the point of any of that if you don’t show ME that love! I desperately wanted to be a Zdunich. I take pride in being that. It really annoyed me when Andrea ran her fucking mouth about you. It pushed me to seriously want to hurt that Bitch because that is the type of love I have in my body for the one that I love…

However when the tides are turned I don’t feel the same in return…. I did everything to save this relationship. I got help and I got counseling, but after looking at everything I have come to a conclusion Seleana…”

Seleana rolls her eyes.

“And what conclusion is that chickie?!”

Crystal points right at Seleana.

“You are a trigger… I think you are a major part of the blame. I know people would say you probably suffer from Stockholm Syndrome because you take the abuse but I think I am receiving a lot of emotional abuse. You aren’t filling up my love tank and you really need to work on that… Alexandra on the other hand IS filling up that tank, and that’s why it was so easy to team up with her for this cross promotional thing. It’s because she actually wants to be in that position. She appreciates me for me, and she takes all shades of me.

I honestly don’t know if I can say the same about you. I love a lot but you always rather team up with your sister Zenna instead of trying to be on my side. Even when we do wrestle in the same place it’s like I don’t exist. We need to fix that issue or else this marriage won’t last. How can we be tag partners when we can barely manage this marriage. Aside of doing things for Aurora what do we really do?!”

The taxi finally arrives at the hotel. Crystal exits the car as she looks right at Seleana.

“You need to think about that question. As far as things go I think it would be best if we stay in separate hotel rooms until we work things out… After all Christina HILTON can do bad all by herself. You got that Seleana?! Christina HILTON!!!!”

Crystal grabs her bags as she storms towards the front desk with all of her bags.

“Christina HILTON has arrived…”

Seleana can only stand there and watch as she really doesn’t know what to make of what just happened.

So SCW nation how is everybody doing today?!

I think the first thing I wish to tell everybody is did all of you miss me?! I know it’s been a long time since I have been booked and I will be honest I really haven’t been on the Greece Tour as much as I should have been. Things were just completely hell these past few weeks. It has always been noted that I am a very busy women and when you don’t see me on SCW Television you could catch me proudly representing SCW in some type of tournament or something in general.

I won’t lie but I am honestly burnt the fuck out. This back and forth traveling has really taken a major toll on me, but guess what everybody?! All of that traveling is officially done because I am where I belong and it’s time to focus so I can get past this match and go on to face Masque so I can take the Internet Championship.

Everybody knows I am among the best of the very best in the business and certainly what I do next won’t be any different. I know me fighting Masque is on the horizon and I need to be ready for that match. However I have a huge challenge ahead of me and right now I have to step into the ring and team up with my wife Seleana to take on the team of Mercedes Vargas and Ms. Jon.

This is definitely a weird situation that we are in but let me get something off of my chest first, and I am going to direct this to my lovely wife. Are you fucking happy now?! Isn’t this what you wanted?! You get to finally live out your biggest wet dream. You get to team up with yours truly and together the Hollywood Angels are going to take flight.

I just want to thank Christian and Mark for booking this match because it definitely appeases my wife. You see in her mind she feels like I don’t ever want to team up with her. She has it in her mind that I desperately avoid her and she rather vent to an eleven year old about how I feel?!

It sounds silly I know but maybe she should realize that I love her to no end and I would do anything for her. It hurts that she often puts me on the backburner so that she could do her own thing with her sisters. I just wished she would ask me that she wants more of this. That’s I ever wanted and maybe it is what I cry out for at the end of the day.

Regardless of that though and whatever issues Seleana and I have. We have a huge match ahead of us. We need to step in the ring with the ring with Ms Jon and Vargas.

Vargas and I have a history that goes back many years. We both seem to split wins back and forth with one another but things have always been competitive. However when it comes to wrestling in SCW I for the most part have been the better woman. I have beaten her and I am always one step ahead.

So I don’t expect her beating me this time around.

Also she is teaming up with one of the toughest women on the roster. Ms. Jon has some serious size to her and I know that she is highly dangerous. None of that even matters though. All that matters is that somehow Seleana and I will be able to gel together. We will be able to pull out a win, and we will go towards Into The Void with the momemtum.

I wish you ladies the best of luck but the Zdunichs will pull ahead.

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It’s that time again and I promised the entire world that I will answer the rest of the questions that I asked. We already covered the necessary question of who I am but now there is two more questions to focus on and the next question is perhaps the most important one. What am I doing?!

Wow… As an actress one must always what they are doing in any single role. Some might ask a director what is my motivation to gain insight to this question but I am fully confident of who I am and it has led me to the best possible answer as to what I am doing. I can answer it in the simplest form. I am simply doing what I do best. I am being me. I am being Crystal FN Hilton. Now before anybody gets their panties in a bunch or if you even go about having a panic attack what I am trying to say is as soon as the bell rings I am entering that ring with one purpose and only one purpose.

I am walking into the ring with the intent to be the best women’s wrestler in the company. I know that is who I am and what I need to do…. What I SHALL do is outlast every single opponent in this match and win the singles match at the end so that I can etch my ticket to Into The Void. So there you have it. I guess I answered where I am going as well but you all should have known that.

I am not a dummy…

Anybody should know that with the Blast From The Past tournament that number one contenders for both world titles are going to be crowned so that poses the question at what this match is going to be for. Well I know what I want and I am just going to come out and say it. What I want to do is to move myself into position to have a shot at the Internet Championship.

It’s the one title that I never lost and it is something that I definitely want to put back on my shoulders. More importantly than that if for some reason that my wife doesn’t get the job done. I know for a fact that this is my path to getting to Andrea Hernandez. All of this stuff that she has said about my wife doesn’t sit well with me. I don’t like it one bit…

In the past I really didn’t respect my role as a loving life and it has always been about what Crystal wants more so than what it should have been about but the truth is I love my wife. She is everything to me and I don’t give a flying fuck if you feel that she isn’t that good of a wrestler. Honestly everybody is free to have their own opinion. However what you won’t do is disrespect my wife. That is where I will draw the line.

Andrea has been talking shit about my wife and the way she just had to force a pin on her in our tag team match a few weeks ago made me realize that she is an awful woman who doesn’t deserve anything. I thought things were over after I made her scream I quit at the end of 2020 but I see I was mistaken…

So now I have to do whatever it takes to win this match so I can scratch her name off of my list. Anybody who knows me should know when it comes to getting what I want. I will go all out to ensure I get exactly what I want. That is Crystal at her finest and it is that type of passion and energy that makes me into the wrestler that I am today.

The question isn’t about what I plan to do… The real one is what won’t I do to get where I know where I need to go. I know that there are other women in this match who probably wish to be here. Women who wish to fight with everything they have to prove a point like they matter or that they should be taken seriously.

That’s the nature of being in a match like this.  However I am surprised about one opponent in particular and that one is in form of Mercedes Vargas.

You know what I find absolutely hilarious?! It’s the fact that she has been ducking me. He has been ducking me ever since I announced the list. She basically said she wouldn’t fight me and honestly it just makes me think she is one huge pussy. I would have expected the almighty Vargas to at least tell the world that she has held the most titles in all of the company or how she has so many wins or some other useless stat. it’s all she ever manages to do now a days. When you actually confront her and want for her to step up to fight you in a match she is quick to back away.

If that’s how you wish to answer of the question of what you plan to do, I won’t argue with you Mercedes. The entire world can see as plain as day that you are simply a bitch who likes to duck but for me I rather be a woman who steps up to fight.

It’s nice that you love tweet up all of these stats and show your love for all of the previous editions of Climax Control or what happened on a certain day. That’s really nice but what about actually showing off what you are doing today.

The fact is that you can’t…

You been here for a long time and I doubt anybody can really acknowledge who you are or what you do around here. This is your big moment! This is your big chance to get to the forefront of the fray. I highly doubt it though because at the end of the day I don’t think you really want it that much. You don’t want it like I do. You aren’t hungry for this moment.

So I feel opportunity is just going to slip you by. It really doesn’t make a difference to me. Once I win this match or get rid of you out of this match I am personally going to scratch you off my list. You are going checked off of the list whether you wanted too or not. You might as well just live to deal with it…

However she isn’t the only one that is in a position of not really knowing what they are doing because Levana seems to be right there as well. Levana is somebody who had all of the potential in the world. It’s not an easy feat to make it to the semi-finals of the Blast For The Past Tournament. Trust me in my first outing I believe me. However as much as it sucked to lose in that first tournament I really started to catch a bigger and better break when I joined the tournament for the second time.

It was in that second outing where I really proved myself, and showcased what would go down as my best year in this company. You are now in a weird position. I know you are probably questioning what is next for you. You probably want to know what you should do right now and if I can give you just the slightest of advice. This is the part where you need to dust yourself off and you jump right back into the fray.

You have all the potential in the world and you are very young into your career. All of that background of being a biker chick should have built you up to never stop fighting. However what I see from you is just a woman who is coming across like a little Emo girl. You are sending tweets that you don’t care about what others think of you. You should know your worth or taking a glance at old wounds.

Would you stop being so mopey and actually do something about your predicament?!

You have the chance of a lifetime. This is your chance to really rise to the occasion. This is the part where you can actually do something and you can go to that ring and showcase that you can outlast some of the best women that SCW has to offer.

If you do that you will have earned your shot at a championship opportunity. However if you show that you don’t even give a fuck it’s as if you are basically throwing the towel in and saying that you don’t care about anything.

If that’s the case why are you even here?! Why even sign up to be a wrestler in the first place. There is so much more than just fighting for the sake of fighting. Hell I have been called a lot of different shit throughout my career. I have been called stuff that would have made me wish to quit but I didn’t. I simply took it and I kept on going. It made me be stronger. It helped me endured.

I don’t care if people think I am a nutcase or a psycho. Looking at it now it only fueled the fans of my fire to get better, and I can confidently say that I am in a much better place right now.

The question you should ask yourself right now is not the fact that you lost and now it’s the end of the world. It’s what are you going to do to learn from that lost. Everything is a teachable moment, and what lesson have you learned?! If the answer is nothing and you rather just sit there and be all down from what you have gone through I feel you still have so much to learn.

Whatever… I hope you figure it out because I definitely have my eye on you and I was looking for a serious fight. I want to earn this win and I don’t want there to be any question on who is the best woman within this match.

Now there’s also Bella Madison in this match and as I said before I love this woman. She definitely is full of energy and a true spit fire. She is quite adorkable especially when it comes to talking up her husband and the only thing that is missing from Bella’s resume in this company is seeing her rise to become a singles champion.

I know she had that one stint where she was a Mixed Tag Team Champion. I know it was definitely a great feeling for her but I bet she wants to experience something more than just that.

If there was ever a chance to step up and become something better, I would say that now is definitely that moment Bella. Over in PWS you have had an amazing career. You have held championships and you just need to transfer over that same dedication to this company. I know you are meant to do something great.

For some reason I see it inside of you. I know you have it and I want you to bring it out. You are one of the people I am looking forward the most to tangling up with, and I hope that we have a moment to have a match with one another. Please give me that match I have desperately wanted.

Bella I think the entire world wants to see you break through your limits. They want you to reach for more. It’s right there within your grasp and you just need to take it. Will you finally get it?!

I personally think you can but you will have to work hard for it so with everything that is inside of you please keep fighting hun. Go out there and really make your mother proud but more importantly make yourself proud.

I will test your abilities and I just hope that you don’t let me down. I wish you the best and I hope you are focused as soon as the bell rings.

Mexico City, Mexico
La Paloma’s Gym
Crystal was forced to wake up in her rundown dorm rooms at her Mexican wrestling school. Hovering over her was her father Pedro Lopez. He couldn’t help but passionately shake Crystal about as he tried everything in his power to try to awaken the Hollywood beauty from her slumber. She growled as she turned over in bed and screamed back at him.
“Dad just let me go to sleep!!! It’s like 4 o’clock in the morning!”
She turned over to tried to remain asleep but Pedro didn’t let up as he shook her even harder than before. He was relentless as he kept on waking her up.
“No… It’s not time to sleep Mija! You need to wake up. You are the one who came to Mexico looking for my help. You are the one who wanted to figure out what’s wrong. If you really want to reach for the next step you will get your ass out of bed. Where is your fire?! Where is the passion… As it currently stands I think you lost a step. I have seen some of the students here… SU ESTUDIANTES take this more seriously than you do!”
Crystal sighs before yawning in return.
“Nobody can’t take this more serious than I do Papi! I am a 19x World Champion. You may have passed this school down to me but I am the one who put it on the map. When I left here and branched off to America I can say I truly made it. Those 19 World titles don’t even factor in the amount of secondary titles that I have won. It also doesn’t include other accolades and everything that has come with being a wrestler…”
Crystal flicks her hair with a grin as she speaks some more.
“So don’t try to say that I don’t have the passion. It has taken hard work to become who I am, and I know that it will take me to new heights and…”
Pedro however just shakes his head in utter disgust as he violently grabs a handful of her hair and he yanks it as hard as he can. He ends up snatching the wig right off of her head and he tosses it to the side.
“Mija! You need to cut this out. I know you questioned why I didn’t tell you about you about your siblings and why I didn’t just come out and tell you that I am your uncle and not your father. If you really want to know it’s because I always knew that you simply would not be able to handle any of it. You aren’t mature enough of it. When I heard about you. I knew that I had to go into Detroit and pull you out of there. The real reason why I decided to teach you this wonderful craft of wrestling wasn’t so you could go on to become this mega star. I know you love that aspect but it was actually to teach you discipline…”
Crystal snaps back at her father.
“I am disciplined!!!”
Pedro shakes his head as he yells back at her.
“You really aren’t though. For the past five years you have been doing some constant soul searching to try to find out who you are. It honestly should have never even come to that because the answer was always right in front of you. You don’t need to go from person to person asking them what they think. You shouldn’t have to go on your social media and try to throw a pity party because people don’t like you. I taught you better than that but you must have forgotten. “
Pedro looks deeper into Crystal’s eyes before crossing his arms.
“What the fuck happened to you?! I am not going to deny that you do have wrestling talent. The talent was always rooted deep within you but you just go about life thinking that everything is meant to be easy. You expect for things to be handed to you on a silver platter and all Hollywood did was make you into a Prima Donna. You are quick to stab your wife in the back to get a chance at stardom. You want to use your son to fuel your own ego so you can add another accolade to your name. Is that really how you want people to remember your legacy?!”
“But dad… You don’t understand…”
“No Christina I do understand! The fact Is when people finally start acknowledging you for what you are. That being a backstabbing manipulative little witch you are quick to backtrack because you don’t like the image is portraying you to be. That’s when you want to change things up so the narrative will fit you. That’s honestly the biggest issue with you. You want to run away from something as soon as you make a decision. You spend time running away than you do sticking to your ideals and in the end that’s what really causes you to fall apart.”
Crystal folds her arms as she finally gets out of bed and looks back at him.
“So what the hell am I supposed to do?! Do you think I wanted things to turn out this way?! No I didn’t but I just feel like it’s never enough…”
“Newsflash it’s never going to be enough. You expect change or simply finding out about you are supposed to do is going to happen overnight. That was never going to be the case. Some things you need to work for. You have to put in the effort and you will finally get the payoff you been waiting for. It’s not going to come when you want it but it’s going to come when you DESERVE it. I know you came through the doors of the gym and you expect me to solve the problem of how you are supposed to be this big sister to Mariah and Mariella but do you think that’s the real issue here?!”
Crystal just sighs before shaking her head.
“No… I think it has to be a deeper issue than just that because you have always ran away when things got tough. I know it’s sad that you lost your cousin. Hell it pains me that I lost a niece. She was close to my heart. The issue however isn’t that she stood in the gap for you. The reality is everybody always has to take a stand for you. You couldn’t even raise your own daughter Brittany so you let Todd’s sister Jennifer do the honors. You just recently a daughter and it seems that Seleana is more invested into Aurora than you are.”
He takes a deep breath as he continues to speak.
“I could say the same about Brayden with the way you gave him up for adoption. You ran away from Detroit when the going got tough. You left wrestling school here when things looked to be challenging. You ran away five different husbands. Every year it seems like you want to ask the same question. You want to find yourself?! The reality is you never lost yourself. You know who you are. You just need to embrace it.”
Crystal opens her eyes.
“What do you mean embrace it?!”
“I mean that regardless if you like it or not. Every single thing that you do, every choice you make is what makes up who you are. It’s something that you can’t run away from. You want to stop this entire cycle from happening over and over again. STOP RUNNING!!!”
Pedro Lopez keeps looking at his daughter before he begins to take his leave.
“Wait where are you going dad?!”
Pedro just shakes his head as he keeps on walking.
“I am going to check on my other students. This is the time that everybody wakes up and they start going through their daily warm ups and training. If your dally wish to be the best you have to be dedicated. Are you really content with remaining where you are?! Or do you want something different for your life?!”
It’s at that moment that Pedro continues to walk away leaving his daughter behind. Crystal just sighs as she thinks about everything that her father just said to her. She forces herself to get out of bed s she begins to change into her workout clothes. Perhaps her father was onto something, perhaps it was time to really go back to the basics of doing what the students were doing…

Everybody in this match should know who I am and on Sunday I am going to be thrilled because it’s going to be a homecoming for me. I have spent the last twenty years of my life in Los Angeles. That’s a lot longer than I have spent living in my birth city of Detroit Michigan. So if you still want to ponder who Crystal really is I am sure that all of the blossoming roses within Crystal Country will be proud to tell you that fact. I would be a fool if I didn’t also mention Chloe Benton.

Chloe Benton when I look at you I honestly see the tale of the little engine that could. You are so sweet and at the same time very naïve. Over time you will definitely get better and I know one day the entire world is going to rejoice and celebrate you growing up in this business.

You are the clear under dog and what you will be looking to do is to position yourself. You don’t necessarily need to win this match in order to do so. You can get everything you need from putting up a strong showing and showing the entire world how you can fare when you are up against some top notch competition.

Honestly I am behind you as well Chloe. I know your social media presence has definitely been picking up the pace as well. People just flat out want to see you doing well. They want you to make something of yourself and they want to see you improve.

I myself am one of those people as well but here is where the problem lies. The reality is I am hell bent on winning this match. I can’t afford to lose for any reason whatsoever and I know what lies at the end of this journey for me. It just has to be a one way trip to an Internet Championship match. Lord knows that is what I want more than anything else because this stuff with Andrea is starting to get extremely personal. With every time she makes a tweet and bashes my wife or talks her down on a show.

It’s just fanning the flames of my anger and hatred towards her. I just have to shut her up and I won’t let you get in the way of stopping me. I am sure that you will have a bright future in this company. As great as all of that sounds however this is when I show up into your life to be a harsh taste of reality. I am the reality check that you probably weren’t looking forward to having but the one you desperately needed. You will take this match as a lesson that nobody should cross my path when I am focused on something.

I am afraid to be the bearer of bad news but I want this more than you. I am hungrier for this opportunity and I will not let it go to waste. You don’t need a win to achieve your goal but I do. So for me it’s all or nothing.

However there is one person who I know is going to be the ultimate test. Kat Jones is truly that of a warrior. She isn’t a joke and with the reputation that follows her I know that as soon as the bell rings she is going to come after me with everything that she is. There’s no telling what she might do in that ring. She has already made it known that she loves to hurt her opponents, she enjoys hearing their screams and she takes great pleasure in making them suffer.

This might sound absolutely sadistic but truth be told I actually love that. I want you to bring that energy to this match. I want you at your best because there is something that you need to understand as well. The fact is when you dangle something in front of me I always plan to go all out to accomplish something. Nobody will ever take what I am looking to achieve.

You see as dangerous as Kat Jones might be and I know you have the huge reputation that follows you the truth is nothing can ever compare to that of Crystal Hilton and what she brings to the table when she gets involved in a big match. I am the bombshells division and I won’t let anybody just try to dethrone me just to prove themselves. Hell you weren’t around but I turned my back on my own wife just to advance my career so what do you think will happen when it’s you and I in that ring?!

I am not saying that we aren’t friends Kat so don’t take it the wrong way. What I am saying however is when push comes to shove I am super competitive. I am going all out to try to prove myself. I aim to be the best and second place is never good enough for me. In any match that the two of us are involved in I will always try to do whatever it takes to be one step ahead because that’s what I have always done.

Who am I?!

What am I Doing?!

Where am I Going?!

The answers to all of them are simple. As far as who I am, I am the bitch who will continue showcasing why she is the best at what she does. What am I doing?! I am working my ass off to outshine everyone who steps in front of me. Where am I going?!

I am on a one way trip to get straight back to the top and I won’t let anybody get in the way of that. Not even you Kat. We might be friends or at least on the path to becoming such but during the match I am out there to win and I will win. I know you are a good competitor and you will come at me with everything that you have.

It just won’t be enough. The best thing about this match is the fact that it is a gauntlet match. It’s fitting with me because my entire life has felt like one big gauntlet. You don’t know the pain I have gone through. You don’t know how much I have tried to fit in or I have tried to get accepted. It has been a painful process and I know it has definitely driven people to the brink of insanity.

However I have come to the simple conclusion…

I am everything that people claim me to be and for the first time I accept all of it.

At first I tried to run away from it all because I didn’t like the reputation that preceded it but why should I run?!

People say that I am a title crazy whore, and my response is that just means I love to be the best.

People say I change my name a lot, and honestly I just try to adapt.

People say I constantly am looking for redemption, and I can FINALLY say I don’t care anymore. This is who I am and this is what I do. I don’t need to change for anybody because despite everything I might have done. Despite doing things that people may not agree with it still doesn’t change the fact that I have won the big championship more than anybody in this company.

There is a reason why I keep coming back for more and it’s because I love what I do. If you want to know where I am planning to go you might as well look up because that will always be my end destination. I am here to be the best and I want the top spot. I am sure everybody else is good and perhaps some are great.

What they aren’t however is Crystal Zdunich… They don’t live this more than I do and I will showcase that on Sunday. I will win this gauntlet match or at least go out in A BLAZE OF GLORY in trying to do so. I wish you all the best of luck but Sunday yours truly will win and I will get my spot once again.

I wish all of you well but nothing will be able to extinguish these flames of the burning rose…

Flame on… It’s time to make all of you feel the heat…

Few Hours Later

Crystal was up and about. Something her father said had really gotten to her and she refused to remain in the bed. Perhaps everything he said to her he was right. She was one who always kept running. She was one who forgot about everything that got her to the big dance in the first place. It was time to get right back on track which meant that if she was going to go anywhere she needed to focus. She went out for a jog as she ran down the streets of Mexico City. She saw somebody with pink hair in front of her. That woman was none other than that of her protégé who was now helping out as an instructor for the wrestling school in Ashley Whitmore. Crystal caught up to her as she smirks in return.

“Wait up Ash….”

Ashley stopped as Crystal caught up to her. The two women just looked at one another before they glared off into the distance. They were able to see other wrestling students running about as the sweat was dripping down their forehead. Most of them covering their faces with masks as they were representing the spirit of Lucha Libre. Crystal just shook her head as she continued to speak.

“Wow it’s honestly amazing to just take all of this in. it’s been a while since I managed to just look at everything from the perspective of a student. Do you mean to tell me that all of them wake up early in the morning and do this run?!”

Ashley nods her head as she looks right at Crystal.

“Every single one of them, you do realize it’s not required right?!”

Crystal shrugs her shoulders.

“Are you serious?!

Ashley nods her head.

“I am very serious. Your dad has basically installed this ideology that if they want to really make it in the wrestling world they all need to put in extra time of trying to better themselves. He keeps trying to tell them that they need to channel his best student. If they had just a taste of what La Paloma had they will go on to have a successful career. Once they hear that they have no choice but to go all out because they know that the expectations are high…”

Crystal nods her head before sighing in return.

“Yeah… La Paloma…. I know my father really loved that. It’s who I established myself in Mexico and I honestly tried to reestablish myself as that in SCW but it just didn’t last that long. It wasn’t that long until I just went off and took the mask off and become Crystal Hilton… Maybe dad just wants to live in the old days and hold onto something that won’t ever come to pass ever again…”

Ashley however shakes her head as she smirks in return.

“I doubt that or maybe he knows that even if you don’t wear the mask it still doesn’t change the fact that you are his daughter. You will forever be La Paloma…”

Crystal makes a slight smile.

“The dove…”

“Exactly and he knows that at any point you will be free to take flight and soar to new heights. Sometimes people don’t want to flap their wings but you didn’t have any problem taking that chance. Yes you got involved in Hollywood but you also knew you had to work hard to get there. It just wasn’t given to you overnight…”

Crystal just stands there as she watches everybody running ahead of her.

“Watching these students really reminds me of everything I went through when I was a student here. it was definitely some much simpler times and I miss it a lot…”

A hand touches Crystal on the back and she slowly turns around. Her father is right there with a grin on his face.

“Here’s is the best thing Mija, the truth is you will always be La Paloma. Even if you don’t have the mask on…”

“Really?! I don’t understand how that is possible though.”

Pedro begins to grin as he speaks some more.

“It’s what I have been wanting for you to comprehend the entire time. Something you just need to understand. We don’t run away from the past… We embrace it… As long as you embrace who you are, you won’t ever be in a position where you will ever question yourself ever again… Are you finally ready to embrace everything that you have ever done?!”

Crystal looks at the other students before she slowly nods her head in agreement.

“I am ready… It’s been a long time coming but I am tired of running away…”

“Good… It’s about time you did that. Now that you took the biggest step forward we can finally focus on you being ready for whatever comes your way. No more pity parties, no more escaping… This is who you are Crystal and you just need to be proud of every single bit of you…”

Crystal keeps her eyes focused on the distance. She nods her head in agreement and it’s on this image that we fade out on.

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Hello everybody…

Can I be the first one to say that it has been so long… Hell it has been way too fucking long. This year has been a total mind fuck that I really don’t know what to do anymore. I will be the first to admit that the way last year ended was definitely something I wasn’t ready for. I have been part of a polygamy relationship and I was told by some deep within this company that they didn’t know if they could take me seriously anymore. I honestly didn’t know how to feel about anything and I decided to run away from my home.

I left my child, my wife, and my mistress behind because I truly didn’t know how to deal with any of it. You might not like my life’s choices but at the end of the day they have always been MY decisions, and it has always been my cross and mine’s alone to bear. I know that should never be the case as I have a long family and they are all desperately trying to be right there by my side for me.

However there is just something within me that doesn’t allow me to easily deal with things or my emotions. Quite often I need to be alone and when the world wants to come against me that is when I decide to just run. I feel like running away is my safe haven. It’s the place where I feel the most protected but I know it’s not the healthiest decision and that’s something I need to work on.

So ending the year with me running away was how I left things off. I did return home and I did reunite with the wife, the daughter, and Alexandra. We all agreed to live together as one big family. However what I didn’t expect was that I would catch a bad case of the Corona virus that would separate me from my family. It would take me away from competing at the first Super Card of the year.

It would keep me away from doing what I loved more than anything else in this world. It would keep me from really bonding with my son so we could become a tag team. I didn’t like it but that’s just how life goes sometimes.

Just when I finally get cleared and things are where they need to be that is when I receive the type of news that I really wasn’t expecting. That’s when I get that phone call that nobody should ever wish to receive.

I receive the news that my first cousin, a woman who was a major part of the Lopez family… My family that has roots deep into lucha libre, roots that go deep into the heart of Mexico. A woman who I looked upon as my sister because we are only four months different in age had passed away.

It really shook me up and quite honestly I don’t really know what I am going to do with myself…

Honestly looking at Danielle’s life got me to look at my own life, and it made me realize that I have a lot to live for. I have a lot of major issues that I need to take care of. I won’t rest until I am able to do so which means finally settling all of this drama with my sister in law Eavan, really being there for Brayden and Brittany.

Most importantly it also means being the woman that both Seleana and Alexandra deserve.

I just need to figure something out first and it’s something I actually picked up from being an actress all of this time. It’s the very first thing that a director will share with you when you are trying to get into the role as whatever part you are trying to play.

Every director I have ever dealt with and screen writer has always asked me three questions, and they are three very important questions that I think I should apply to my very own life.

Who am I?!

What am I doing?!

Where am I going?!

Who exactly is the woman known to the world as Crystal Zdunich?!

What have I been doing this entire time and where do I see life taking me?!

When I am able to confidently answer those three questions I know life will be the way I want it to be. It won’t seem like one big convoluted mess. It won’t seem like I make decisions for the sake of shock value. Definitely if anything it will help me figure out how to deal with the stresses of everyday life.

Most importantly I will feel at ease and I will be able to finally develop as a human being. I know I have been in wrestling for a very long time now. Everybody might see me as this 19 time World Champion and inducted into four Hall of Famer but when I look in the mirror that’s not who I see at it.

This journey has been at least twenty years in the making and it goes back to when I first left Detroit. I am tired of all of it though. I am tired of hurting the ones I love. I am sick of all of the divorces, the heartbreak, and being an awful mother. This time I will make it count and I won’t rest until I can confidently answer those three questions…

February 28th
San Diego, California

Crystal stood at a gravesite and she wasn’t along as she stood next to her best friend Stephanie Sullivan. Tears fell down her eyes as Stephanie stood by Crystal and held her as tightly as she possibly could. She hugged her and didn’t want to let her go as Crystal started to speak.

“I honestly can’t believe she’s gone…I know we have only known each other for like three years but I was honestly thrilled when I found out the truth about my family. I didn’t have any idea that I was related to this branch of the Lopez family. I didn’t even know for the longest that the man who I thought to be my father for twenty two years of life was actually my uncle. That he was actually trying to be there for me because he knew that his brother was a huge piece of shit and he wanted to make sure I had a male figure in my life…”

Stephanie nods her head as she looks right at Crystal.

“Look as far as I am concerned daddy Pedro is your father and the way he treated you makes you his daughter. So don’t get caught up in whether he is your uncle and not your father…”

Crystal shakes her head.

“It has nothing to do with that Steph… It’s just the fact that my dad opened me up to a whole new world of family I didn’t even know existed. He introduced me to Danielle and that’s when I found out about Mariah and Mariella being my biological sisters. They accepted me…”

Crystal lets tears roll down her cheek as she looks at the freshly covered grave.

“Danielle was my cousin but she treated me like a sister. On top of that how can I ever repay her for really taking a stand in the place of an older sibling for Mariah and Mariella. I had no idea that was supposed to be my responsibility. It really makes me question how life would have been if I grew up in Sothern California around my paternal family instead of being lost in the shuffle with my maternal family in Detroit Michigan…”

Stephanie hugs Crystal tightly as she tries her best to comfort her.

“I think that Pedro wanted to protect you. He basically took on the sins of his brother as if he was the man who impregnated your mother. Your real father wouldn’t have given a shit about you but Pedro made sure you slowly were introduced to the family. He brought you to Mexico so you could learn something. He taught you wrestling and in turn you were able to make a successful life out of that. You were able to get me out of Detroit and you became a household name. I know your cousin and you were able to bond and get close. She isn’t here anymore but if there is something she would want you to do. It’s definitely to be there for Mariah and Mariella…. They will need you more than ever…”

Crystal just shrugs her shoulders.

“I really don’t know… I just want to disappoint them… Dani really was that of the older sister and she stood in the gap for me. I don’t know if I am really ready for that. Just like I know Brittany and Brayden didn’t take what happened to well. Am I supposed to be strong for everybody?! How can I possibly do any of that? I just feel so weak and…”

“Crystal just stop… It’s always the same old thing. Whatever it is that is haunting you just let it go. You are a strong confident woman. You have always been the strongest woman I know. The more you refuse to let things go is the more that it is going to affect you. You remember watching Dragon Ball Z right?!”

Crystal nods her head.

“Of course I remember… As I always tell everybody I am the Vegeta of wrestling. I am the anti-hero and…”

Stephanie shakes her head.

“No… That’s just the two tons of bullshit that you cover yourself up with is saying. Deep down you are Gohan when he was facing Cell. You have tons of potential within you. You are the strongest person in the world but you just need to let things go. As soon as you let go, you can break through your limits. There’s no telling how high you can go and…”

Before Stephanie can finish her statement it is at this moment that Crystal’s phone begins to ring. Crystal growls as she looks at the caller id and sees the name Kate Steele. She looks at Stephanie sighing.

“Oh my God this Bitch keeps calling me. Would she just stop already?! I just buried my cousin, I really don’t want to deal with somebody else’s problem!’

“Like I told you before Crystal sometimes you have to step up even when you don’t want too. Answer the phone and sees what she wants…”

Crystal is clearly upset.

“This chick has called me like 28 consecutive times. I don’t understand what is so important!”

Crystal puts the phone on answer as she answers it.

“What the fuck do you want Kate?!”

On the other end of the phone we can hear a bit of noise as if Kate was somewhere with a lot of people but that’s when the British accent answers on the phone.

“Are you fine?! I was hoping we could perhaps talk, I have a lot on my mind and I think now is the time that I want to get Juliet back and bring her back home with me. It’s been heavily on my mind but perhaps something needs to happen to Teddy. You remember how Aurora’s father suddenly disappeared?! If need be I think I want to go down that route. So check with Charlotte and Mackenize, and see if they would be willing to help…”

Crystal however begins to scream at Kate on the phone.

“Are you a fucking idiot?! My friends at the Golden Ring aren’t going to help you out of the blue! The only reason why they helped me is because I WORK there! Also my two friends don’t make any moves unless Daniel gives the approval. Second I didn’t rely on them to handle the situation they just happened to show up. I had gotten a gun off the streets and I was going to deal with that shit on my OWN. London Underground just intervened because Daniel didn’t want me to have that on my conscience. On top of that I did a lot of fucked up shit that my wife doesn’t even know about. Stuff I haven’t even told her about to this day. She doesn’t need to know I had an armed gun in our house.”

Crystal pauses as she continues to speak.

“I don’t want her to see me as being weak. That’s why I had to keep Seleana far from that. On top of that Aurora’s father is or should I say WAS a dirt bag. Teddy might be a lot of things but I know he is a GOOD father. He is also my Ex-Husband’s best friend, and a close friend of mine. I am not just going to make a move because you say so. You also don’t want to do something stupid to him that Juliet will look down on you for. Don’t make the mistakes I made… Don’t be violent… Be rational and try talking things out…”

Kate is silent on the phone as a Swedish voice replies back.

“Bye Estrellita Te Amo Ja…”

“Seriously Kate?! What the fuck are you doing with my wife?! I said all of that bad stuff about her on this call and you didn’t say anything… Whatever figure things out on your own I can’t deal with this right now bye…”

With that Crystal hangs up the phone as she goes through her contacts and proceeds to block Kate Steele. She goes further and blocks Seleana as well as she looks back at Stephanie.

“The nerve of Kate why the fuck would she make me say all of that stuff and have my wife sitting right next to her?!  Like I don’t have time to deal with that right now… Whatever she’s going through she can do it on her own.”

Stephanie just shakes her head in return.

“Just take it easy Crystal…”

“I am taking it easy. I just lost a close family member. I wish people would just back away and give me some space. Is that honestly too much to ask?!”

Stephanie shrugs her shoulders as she looks back at her.

“Remember what we just discussed. Sometimes you just need to be there for other people. Playing the role of an older sister means that when the opportunity arises you need to be able to take a stand. So helping in this situation will only help you with other decisions in the future…”

Crystal thinks about it for a few moments as she smiles in return.

“Why do you always have to be right…I hate the fact that you are always right?!”

“Maybe because I am your best friend and I know you way better than you know yourself, anyway what is next for us. Whatever you want to do I will be right here by your side…”

Crystal looks at the grave as she begins to speak.

“I promise I will be a strong woman Dani. You will be missed but I won’t let your legacy go to waste. I will be a better person and I will become the woman that I was meant to be. The family will still together and I will do my part. I love you and I can’t wait until we are reunited in heaven. Take care for now Prima…”

With that Crystal lets some tears fall down her cheek as she just stands there processing it all in. she finally wipes the tears from out of her eyes as she turns her attention over to Stephanie. Stephanie looks at her and begins to question her again.

“So as I said before what is next Crystal?! Perhaps Detroit… I know there is the fifteen anniversary for our school that they rescheduled so we could hit that up….”

Crystal nods her head with a grin.

“That’s sounds like a plan although we always seem to be in Detroit. I think we should maybe take a trip out to Mexico. Talking to my dad might be really good for me and honestly there are still some stuff that I have to figure it about my life. You don’t really understand Stephanie… I am trying to figure out who I am, where I am going, and what I am doing. He might be the only one who has answers that I am looking for. Maybe after talking to him I can deal with whatever is dealt to me…”

Stephanie nods her head as a grin escapes her lips.

“Alright… Detroit here we come and right after Mexico is our next destination…We will find out what you are looking for and when you do get it. You won’t ever look back or question yourself again…”

With that the two of them begin to head towards the car. They proceed to get inside as a lot was weighing heavily on Crystal’s mind. However after this journey she will finally be able to do things in the way that she wanted, and then nothing would ever cause her to ever doubt herself ever again. The two drove off into the distance as they had a destination set for that of Mexico.


So I am brought to the very first question in all of this. Who exactly is Crystal Zdunich?! It’s only fitting that Blaze of Glory 10 will upon us in a few short weeks. I know a lot is on the line and it’s definitely a question that needs answering. Throughout my time of being involved in SCW I have been a lot of different people.

I could blame that on being an actress and quite often one must put on a costume and change their makeup so they could become somebody else. It’s quite the skill to have. I remember being a woman who wrestled under a mask to start something new here. I wanted to hide behind a mask because I didn’t want my previous sins to be carried into this amazing company of SCW. It’s quite hard to hide sins in a company that has Sin in its own name.

However I tried to hide the fact that I was Crystal Hilton but it didn’t change anything. It never once stopped Amy Marshall from shouting in promos how much she hated a woman named Zelda Knite and Crystal Hilton from her previous company. I then realized that was no used in trying to hide it because I was that woman. So I unleashed the costume to put on the costume of Crystal Hilton. When I didn’t like that costume I put on the costumes of Crystal Millar, Christina Rose, and even now Crystal Zdunich.

When things don’t pan out in the way that I want them to pan out I just try to cover it up with something else. It worked just as well as a Tylenol does. For a few hours it certainly numbs some of the pain but it never really reached to deep issues of what was wrong. It still never stopped people from tweeting badly about me or telling me how crazy I am. Does this woman suffer from multiple personality disorder?! Is this woman really trustworthy?! Is she a good mother or even a good wife?!

A lot of stuff always comes up and it always brings up the main focal point. Who is the real Crystal Hilton anyway?! Does anybody even care what Crystalina is going through anyway?!

While she tries to figure that out and as I try to bring you through the journey of what I found out about myself I know there I am on a huge collision course with five women that I need to do battle with. Five women who wish to work through this gauntlet and one thing I can definitely tell you is they don’t have to question who they are. They know their identity and are confident in who they are.

At least they can answer that confidently. When I look at somebody such as Levana I see somebody who knows that they are the new girl on the block. However being the new person doesn’t make her the quietest person in the run. She is loud spoken and she is going to do everything in her ability to get people to notice her. In just her first outing in this company she did really in the Blast From The Past tournament.

She was involved in three matches and that’s a testament about how much will she has as a person. She comes from a background of being the only female in something that is dominated mainly by males. I could never see myself being part of a motorcycle club and that’s impressive. I know that also leads to an identity of being totally confident. It leads to her knowing that she has to stay strong in order to prove that she can fit in with the males.

It also leads to a fact that she is among something special and nobody will dare fuck with her. She can fight with the best of them and brings a lot to the table. It’s good to have that type of confidence about you.

I am happy that she has signed up to be part of SCW because new faces do indeed make things more interesting around here. I can say out of confidence that Levana has been confident and she is way better than how I was when I first came to this company. Being the new girl is never an easy thing but by doing as well as she did in the Blast From The Past tournament you are getting the attention of people. People will know that you are for real and nothing will be able to take her down.

She’s been impressive though and quite confident. She was able to get through Hall of Famer Amy Marshall which is an amazing feat and her team has gotten through Amber Ryan’s team. I definitely applaud you on those things. That’s how you make an impact and how you turn heads. I wouldn’t be surprised if this gauntlet ends up coming down to you and I for the right to gain a championship opportunity.

A match like a gauntlet is probably what she has been waiting for. A chance to really showcase nothing but action and leave the bullshit talking to the side, whatever she feels I can’t wait to tangle with her. As she good as she might be, I know who I am…

I know my identity and what I bring to the table. She will see firsthand by next week. Just wait and see…

Although that’s not the only new face in all of this is it?! Oh definitely not because you also have Chloe Benton who is in this match. I know she is quite green and to be honest it’s crazy to think that I could actually be her mother. Chloe is 18 years old and I actually have a son and daughter that are turning 21 this year.

That is so freaking insane but it is what it is. Anyway Chloe to me is like the little engine that could. She’s a woman who everybody seems to want to get behind. She is passionate although she does seem to need a little motivation at times. Then again who doesn’t need motivation?! It’s all part of the new girl experience and just being in wrestling at such an early age.

I get it Chloe and even though you might have to endure some growing pains during your time of being in wrestling the truth is I can relate because I was in that position. Hell I started wrestling at a similar age and at my father’s wrestling school in Mexico I was getting my ass kicked everywhere.

I didn’t even know if this life was for me but I persevered. I kept going and I didn’t stop. I want you to take the advice of people like Amber. I really want you to build up that confidence because you definitely have a bright future ahead of you.

If I can give you a bit of advice it would be to never quite. Never surrender. If things get tough that should just inspire you to do better and to up your game so you can take on anything. As far as you answering the question of course you know Who Chloe Benton is…

You know deep down it’s all about building a future and one day you will get there. Just understand Rome wasn’t built in a day and your career won’t be. Don’t let that stop you though. Keep going and the sky will definitely be the limit.

Now there is one more new girl that does need to be addressed and truthfully I actually like this person. I am really thrilled that Kat Jones has decided to join SCW. Judging from what I have seen so far I really like her style. I like that she is highly competitive and she is another person who knows who she is. At one point in her career she was a World Champion and she held that very title for nine months.

I can respect that.

I can also respect the determination, the skill, and the fire that this woman possesses. I will be the first to say that I have been trying to reach out to Kat Jones to be somebody that I can talk too. It’s just something about her that really sits well with me.

Maybe it’s because she’s a survivor, the fact that she left what she calls at home at 14 to really grow as a person. It just reminds me to when I got pregnant at the same age and I was forced to grow the fuck up so that’s why I can respect what she does. If she had to ask herself who is Kat?! She will tell you in a heartbeat that she is KAT FUCKING JONES and nobody will get in the way of what she is trying to showcase. Nobody can match her and it’s only a matter of time before she really shows that side to everybody in SCW?!

I knew it from the very day that she fought Roxi Johnson that she was somebody to be taken seriously. She was somebody who would emerge to be in the upper Echelon in this company. She will go on to be the beat the bitch and she will let the entire world know that fact.

It doesn’t matter if she has to deal with a bad back, if she has to get bandaged up or deal with any nagging injuries. She will always come to the ring to show up just to show out. I know that woman very well. None of that is new to me.

So bring that energy that you don’t give a fuck… You know why I can relate Kat… It’s because I too am that woman…. So bring it all Kat I really can’t wait to be in the ring with you. I actually am looking forward to this

March 10th
La Paloma’s Gymnasio
Mexico City, Mexico

It had felt like an eternity since Crystal had visited her wrestling school in Mexico. Crystal however felt the need to visit her school. It wasn’t so much as to check on her students as all of them definitely missed her considering travel restrictions were hard when the pandemic hit. However this was a chance to finally check in and most importantly to answer the question of “Who am I?!” Crystal was here for one purpose only. She had to visit her visit. It had been a while since she had spoken to him person. Crystal was with her best friend Stephanie. Stephanie smiled as she looked around.

“Damn Crystal you should really visit here more often. All of this is awesome. I miss being here.”

“Yeah… I miss it too. I remember when this place was called Pedro’s Gymnasio that was before he gave it to me of course. He pulled me out of Detroit and he did everything in his power to make me become something. I don’t know where my life would be if he didn’t save me when he did.”

Stephanie nods her head with a grin.

“Yeah and because he saved you, you in turned came about and saved me. You created a future for so many people, and established a legacy that even people such as your children can look upon. There’s nothing wrong with a good rags to riches story Christina…Hopefully he can help you find out what’s really hurting you on the inside so you can finally put it to rest…Not to mention Kate really needs your help to get her daughter back…”

Crystal shrugs her shoulders sighing.

“…Stop saying that… I can’t save everybody. The world’s problems aren’t my issues… I…I just don’t know…”

“Crystal just take things slow… Let things play out. I assure you the answers are seeking you definitely will find… Just remember it’s not just about Kate. You have your children that look at you and of course you have your siblings. It’s all a lot but just take it all in strides…”

Stephanie nods her head before she walks away going to check some stuff out about the gym. Crystal begins to walk throughout the gym watching some of her wrestling students give everything they have in order to become bright hopefuls of the future. One pink haired woman walks over to her with a wide grin on her face. She walks all over to Crystal grinning.

“Hey Crystal been a while since you been here… I basically became head trainer while being here…”

There stood Ashley Whitmore. She was a girl in her late twenties who was Crystal’s best protégé. Crystal nodded her head as she looked back at her.

“I can see that Ashley… Who knows maybe one day you might actually go on to have just a taste of the type of ability that I have. Anyway where’s my dad… I really didn’t come here to check all everybody as much as I came here to speak to him…”

Ashley raises her eyes in return.

“Oh… He’s in the office. He is always in the office just checking paperwork and watching you on television. Why don’t you go knock or just go in there. It is your wrestling school after all.”

Crystal nods her head as she walks towards the office. She doesn’t bother knocking as she instead opens the door. That is when she sees her father sitting there. She smiles reaching out to him.

“Hey papi…”


He says in a strong Mexico accent as he rises out of his chair as he hugs her as tightly as he can.

“O Dios Mio… It’s been a while Mija!!! I…. “

Crystal is all tears as they just fall rapidly down her cheek.

“I can’t believe she’s gone papi… I can’t believe she’s really gone!”

Pedro stands there as she shares in this emotional moment. He hugs his daughter and refuses to let go.

“I know…Had I known earlier I would have been there at the funeral and…”

Crystal just shakes her head.

“No…That would have been hard for you… Someone your age shouldn’t have to bury a niece and I wouldn’t want you to witness that…”

Pedro just nods his head in return.

“You know I am here for you right?!”

“Yes and I plan to stay here for a while. I know I have a big match in Los Angeles soon but I just want to be right here by your side. I need my daddy… Dani did so much for Mariah and Mariella. She was like their older sister but with her gone I really have to take my place. There is still so much I really don’t understand. I know I have a lot going through my head right now. Like questions that range from why you decided to enter my life and become my father covering up for your brothers mess. I want to know how I can be there for so many different people in my life. Most importantly I need to finally figure out who I am. I could never figure that question out. No matter what I do it always manages to be the same thing over and over again…”

Pedro nods his head.

“Don’t worry Mija… We will do this together… Papi will have his mija’s back…. Let’s go look at some of the students and just talk about the past. Understanding that will really help us look toward the future…”

Crystal nods her head as she just can’t stop hugging her father. More tears flow from her eyes.

“Thank you daddy… Thank you…”

“Don’t worry… This is something we will do together… One can’t figure out things on their own and that’s the first lesson in all of this…”

With that the two of them walk out to look at the rest of the students as we leave this image.

Of course there are also two other women who can answer the question of who they are without any question. Bella Madison is one who brings the nonstop energy. I am going to be completely honest to everybody. Not counting my wife obviously or one of my closest friends such as Roxi Johnson, Bella Madison is actually my favorite wrestler in all of SCW. There is something special about her, there always was and always will be.

One day and I will always say this over and over again, but Bella will become a singles champion in this company. She might have had a run as a mixed tag team champion but that isn’t the end of her journey. She was meant for bigger things and just like me she had to deal with all the pressure of being a second generation wrestler. It’s not easy having to deal with living up to the pressure of being a famous individual’s descendant. It’s almost as if everyone expects you to be the second coming of the generation before you.

In your life spending time in Paris is what made you grow right?! It’s how you evolved and finally did things on your own terms. In the same way you have graduated at the top of your class so you went out to make a life that was of your own and not because of who’s blood runs through your veins.

I can relate with that became I been through the same stuff. My teenage years in Mexico were where I had to quickly grow up and it was that time away from Detroit that really made me grow into an amazing wrestler but to at least what I thought was a stable individual. I am seeing that I still have much to learn. Bella this could be what you are waiting for. I know you want this to be your moment and if I am not the one to win this match. I definitely hope it’s you because this is a long time coming.

You deserve this so bring what you got and don’t look back. I expect the best Bella Madison to show up. Give me that woman. Outlast your opponents so we can test one another with a showdown. It will be fun right?!

Now that we got that out of the way there is one more woman involved in this match, and it’s a woman that happens to be on my hit list of people I have a bone to pick with. You are on that list Vargas and up until now you have been telling me that you have better things to deal with then fighting me again.

It’s no secret you can easily answer the question of Who Mercedes Vargas Is!

Of course it’s the woman that knows every single bit of history there is to know about SCW. It’s a woman who can try to beat down any debate by driving the same old point home that she has accomplished more than anybody else in the company. She has won the most championships and is up to date with every single statistic.

I get that Vargas but the only thing that should matter is the fact that we were friends… You brought me to SCW, and outside in a different promotion we were actual tag team champions with one another. I know you didn’t forget that. When people bury you and say how you are a joke. I actually try to take a stand and tell everybody that you are good.

However you just blow me off and you try to turn things around me. It’s bullshit Vargas and I have to beat you just to prove the point that you can’t run your mouth and not expect a receipt for the nonsense. The payback has to come.

The only thing that matters is within SCW you haven’t beaten me. Sure you might have beat me in some stupid Halloween themed match and you smashed a pumpkin over my head, but under the bright lights when things really mattered you never got the job done. However you will just ignore that and claim how you were this champion, and that champion.

Just cut the bullshit already. I know the woman that you are Vargas because truth be told I was the woman… Hell I am the woman, and I don’t like it. I don’t want to be so shallow where I have to put my confidence in the things I accomplished yesterday.

That’s just ridiculous and it shows a serious lack of confidence.

Looking at everybody in this match I can answer my first question. WHO AM I?!

It’s simple… I am all of the above.  I have been the woman that everybody in this match is.

Whether it had to be covered up with different names, masks, personalities, no matter how much one wishes to cover things. The truth is every single thing I have ever done makes up who CRYSTAL HILTON is!

Do I change things up a lot?! YES!

Can I get bat shit crazy?! YES!

Do I cry for attention or do things for dramatic effect?! YES!

But I don’t want you to start up a chant where everybody screams yes over and over again. I want to drive the point home that I was absolutely afraid of who I was as a person but in reality I can’t run away for myself. I don’t want to be mad at myself. I have made mistakes because at the end of the day I am only human.

It would be more ridiculous for me to cover up all of the bullshit then to take responsibility and atone for what I did. That’s why I stand before all of you for the first time in my life actually happy with who I am. All of the decisions I have made have resulted in something. Whether it’s for worse or for the better.

They have been a teachable moment, and I rather be a woman who can learn from her mistakes instead of trying to force herself to make the same ones over and over again.

That’s why I do care anymore… I am happy with being me and if you don’t like I honestly don’t give a crap. If I didn’t do the things I did I doubt I would have the best dedicated wife a person could ask for. I doubt I could have Alexandra who sees beneath the surface.

Hell I doubt I would even be the inspiration to my children that keeps them wanting to look up to me. On top of that I doubt I wouldn’t have ever accomplished what I have throughout my SCW career. Those are simply facts.

You also want facts?! Through it all who else can say they want on to win five World Championships in this company. Who else can say they are anywhere close to that on the bombshell side. Go on I am waiting… Please do tell me while you figure that out.

I don’t need the pity party…

I don’t the redemption story…

I am simply Crystal FN Hilton and if you want to put a Zdunich, a Millar, or whatever insert name you all want to mock me for. Hell we can even go as far and put the name Rose at the end of it.

Then again according to Shakespeare because a Rose by any other fucking name will still smell just as sweet!

At the end of the day I am who I am, and more important I KNOW WHO I AM. Everybody in this company and in this match will come to know that as well as I go out to that ring and I take my spot. They will see me for who I am and they won’t like it.

If you need a reminder let me just clarify that for you all…

I am the best women’s wrestler in the world and I don’t need anybody’s validation to prove that point. So let’s look forward to next week we can discuss What am I doing and Where I am going!

Stay tuned… As far as now goes.




It’s showtime… Let’s go make a movie shall we?!

This is the curtain call and it’s time to take a bow as I roll the credits on the rest of the competition. Nothing will ever stop this rose from blossoming… I will not wither, and I will set the word ablaze. Flame On Bitches… Courtesy of the Burning Rose…

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Detroit Michigan
Home Coming

It felt like an eternity since Crystal Zdunich had decided to return back to her birthplace of Detroit Michigan. She and her long time best friend Stephanie Sullivan had to come back to their hometown. The two were there to celebrate their 15 year anniversary of their graduating class reunion. Although this celebration was supposed to occur in 2020 with everything that happened with the Pandemic it was rescheduled to a later date. Now was that time and we are able to see Stephanie’s black 2022 Honda Civic pulling up into the parking lot of Martin Luther King High School. Stephanie smiles as she opens up the door and is wearing a pair of shades over her eyes. She looks at her surroundings before turning her attention over to Crystal.

“Come on Crystal we are finally here… Get out of the car so we can reunite with everybody…”

Crystal however just sighs as she shrugs her shoulders in return. She doesn’t look to be in the best of moods as she slowly gazes over at Stephanie.

“Do I have to go to this event?! Not for anything but I never even graduated… I never got a high school degree... This seems to be more like your world then it was ever mine. Wouldn’t you feel better if you just went in and had your big moment and let me just sit out here. Better yet I could go visit my mother or even your grandmother, but anyplace would be better than this place…”

Stephanie just walks over to the passenger’s side of the vehicle. She quickly opens the door and yanks the blue haired vixen out of the seat. She places her arm around her as she leads her away from the car.

“Oh come on! Chrissy… You know as well as I do that you should have been part of that graduating class. If you weren’t busy trying to raise Brittany this would have definitely been your scene. I don’t see why you WOULDN’T want to be here! You were an amazing athlete. A woman who was an All American in just her freshman year has a lot to smile about…”

Stephanie smiles but Crystal just shrugs her shoulders as she is speechless.

“As amazing as that might sound you must have forgotten about the way I was bullied nearly every single day of school. How the stuck up girls beat me up and flushed my head down the toilet… I rather not have to take a walk down memory lane and relive those days. Not to mention I had to deal with people tormenting me and calling me a half breed. Not Hispanic enough to hang out with the Hispanics, not black enough to be with the black people. I felt like I was attacked on all sides and it just wasn’t fair…”

Stephanie shakes her head looking back at her friend.

“But at least you had me, and we were there for one another. Hell I made sure I was there for you Crystal… I have always been there for you!”

Crystal is slowly taken towards the school but she stops as she glances out at the softball and baseball fields. She turns her attention over to Stephanie replying back to her.

“You say you were there for me but let’s be honest. The only reason why one of the only token white girls in the school was there for me is because you wanted to treat me like a charity case. It was like you was Glinda and I was Elphaba. What you thought was kind was your way of trying to make me popular and I don’t think it worked… Nothing really did…It doesn’t erase the horrors of what I went through at this school…”

Crystal keeps her eyes locked on the softball field as she smiles in return.

“It’s just crazy looking out at the field. I had so much potential… if I never got pregnant who knows what might have happened… That field was truly of a safe haven to me…”

Stephanie looks out at the field as she shrugs her shoulders.

“Yeah… You definitely were good although I think I preferred being the captain for the cheerleading team. I definitely threw my share of parties. Not to mention being named home coming Queen, and Prom Queen was also a great touch too… Everybody at this school wanted to be me and…”

Crystal just keeps her eyes on the field as she sighs in return. She decides to walk towards the school as Stephanie stands there rambling on about the past. She finally catches up to Crystal as she tries to follow her.

“I was in the middle of saying something…You could have at least waited for me. I don’t know why you are rushing to get inside the school it’s not like you wanted to be here anyway…”

Crystal shrugs her shoulders.

“I didn’t… It’s just that glaring at the field was going to be emotional. I…. I just rather be on my way. I got a lot going through my mind…”

The two women walk through the doors of the school and they are treated to a huge banner that reads “Happy 15th year anniversary Class of 2005” Crystal and Stephanie walked through the hallways just taking everything in. Stephanie smiles looking at the lockers.

“Do you remember these Chrissy?!This is where I found Rachel and Alicia beating the snot out of you… If I didn’t save you and made you my friend the attacks would have been even more brutal…”

Stephanie words really didn’t register that well with Crystal as no words could actually account for how badly she was bullied in the school. Crystal however is no worry to walk towards the gym where the reunion was taking place. Instead she spots a huge trophy case and she walks over there. She smiles as she sees newspaper clippings of her winning All American. She looks at the wall of accomplishments and some of her track records still stand however she looks at the male accomplishments and the name Brayden Matthews is all over the place. Crystal let’s some tears roll down her cheek as she leans closer for a look when two voices call out to her.

“Awe!!!! Rachel is that who I think it is?!”

Two blonde women sneak up behind Crystal with evil grins on their faces. The other woman claps her hands as she replies back.

“I think so Alicia… If it isn’t Easy Sleezy Chrissy… I am surprised they invited someone like you to this reunion. Last time I checked this gathering is for people with ACTUAL high school diplomas. You know… People that ACTUALLY graduated from here, dropouts shouldn’t be honored…”

“Got that right… Easy Sleezy gave it up on the first night to the only boy here that would talk to her and she wasn’t smart enough to use safe sex. It must suck being yet another high school dropout and statistic…”

“Teenage pregnancy, I would figure that would be the case from someone LIKE HER…”

The women just mock Crystal to no end but she doesn’t say anything. She is silent as instead tears roll down her eyes. The women continue to harass her.

“She isn’t so tough without her sisters Ester or Cherrie here…”

“Or where’s Stephanie?! She always did hang out with her to do her part for the inner city kids…”

That was a good question. Where was Stephanie?! Stephanie was off doing her own thing as she had somehow made her way to the party. Crystal was left alone and it’s as if she was frozen in place. She wanted to say something but it’s as if she was that hurting teenager again. It was at that moment that a voice called out to them.

“Shouldn’t you two be heading to the party, last time I checked harassing somebody in your mid-thirties just makes you look really childish. I honestly thought you two would have grown out of that but maybe I was mistaken…”

The two women quickly walk away leaving Crystal standing there alone with the woman. Crystal turns her attention to the woman and she can’t help but her as tightly as she could. A black fit woman stood in front of her and she hugged her back. Crystal wipes the tears from out of her eyes as she looks deeply into her eyes.

“Thank you so much coach Brown… It really means a lot that you could be there for me…”

The woman nods her head as she looks right at Crystal.

“I couldn’t let those two bully one of my favorite athletes and students. As we grow older I can see that a lot of things remain the same. Well except that hair color of yours. “

Crystal just shrugs her shoulders.

“I honestly don’t know what happened… I feel like I just froze and in that moment I wasn’t the woman that I know I am. I was that same Christina from high school…I don’t know how to feel…”

Coach Brown nods her head as she places a hand on Crystal’s shoulder.

“Listen you can’t let people get to you. I know sometimes words might hurt but they should never break you. You could have easily just told those women to piss off. As much as they might see you as the same Christina from back then the truth is you have grown and blossomed into something really beautiful…”

Crystal sighs in return.

“That feels nice Coach Brown but sometimes I don’t really feel that. I just freeze in place and it’s like I let everything get to me. I ran away from my wife a few months ago because I felt like I just wasn’t good enough. I felt that she could do much better than me, and I felt empty inside…”

The woman shakes her head as she looks right into Crystal’s eyes.

“That’s part of the problem Christina. You can’t let things just get to you or run away when things get tough. Sometimes you just need to look at adversity in the face and take it on head first. You might not have the degree and you might have gotten pregnant at an early age. That isn’t a crutch though. That meant you had to grow up really quick. Taking care of another far exceeds having to worry about yourself. Motherhood is a challenge like none other and it wouldn’t even matter how much education you have. Nothing would ever prepare you for it. What you might call failures is only just trial and error. There’s no wrong answer in parenting… Now I have heard you are a Grandmother now and I know you won’t fail at that either…”

She takes a deep breath and speaks some more.

“It’s all a learning experience but you are amazing. You have become a top notch athlete. You are big in the entertainment world and even if you don’t feel it. You just need to look in the mirror and realize that you are special. Even to this day you still have records on that wall that haven’t been broken. You should be proud… If you look closer you will see that Brayden excelled as well. He has done so much for this school…”

Crystal looks away.

“I can’t take any of that credit though… He was the child that I gave away…”

Coach Brown places an arm on her shoulder.

“As true as you might think that might be it still doesn’t change the fact that he came from you. He has your blood running through him. It is who he is and obviously he holds you in high regard. If he didn’t he wouldn’t have taken your surname…He is your son whether you raised him or not…”

Crystal nods her head in agreement as she looks at the wall.

“And now my son is expecting for me to form this team with him… To be honest everybody has been asking me if I am excited or if I am ducking him. Truth be told I am afraid to be on his team…”

“And why exactly are you afraid?!”

Crystal sighs.

“I just don’t want to disappoint him. I had the chance to win the tag team championships with the best male to have ever stepped foot inside of a ring in J2H and we couldn’t get the job done, so what could really change in having my son there with me?!”

Coach Brown stands there as she shakes her head before crossing her arms together.

“I think the biggest thing you should be worried about is whatever happens will happen. Don’t worry about what may not happen. If people end up talking you down don’t let them get to you. They don’t walk in your shoes. They never have and they certainly never will. If people do talk about you just ignore them. You know what you are capable of, and have been fighting for your entire life. There’s no reason to stop being a fighter. As long as you push ahead nothing can bring you down…”

Crystal opens her eyes.

“I understand Coach Brown… Thank you for having my back and always being there for me…”

“Anytime… That’s what I am here for… You will always be my favorite athlete. You just can’t afford to give up. Now why don’t you go in there and enjoy that party… Perhaps you can stop Miss Sullivan from making a fool of herself…”

Crystal can’t help but giggle as she begins to head towards her fifteen high school anniversary reunion. As she does it is on this image that we fade out on.

The cameras come into focus and as they do we are treated to the sight of Crystal Zdunich looking intensely into a camera. A wicked grin escapes her lips as she begins to speak.

“How are all of my blossoming roses doing tonight?! To be honest as I look towards competing in this match this week a lot of different feelings were running through my head. I won’t lie part of me felt disappointed because in my mind I still think that my career should be on a different path than what it is currently set for. I know I am owed a match for the Mixed Tag Team Championships but it seems as if Mikah remains in the Blast From The Past tournament that my plans are placed on the backburner. So you must imagine that there are different thoughts that exist within me…

Am I good enough?!

How does the world view me?!

Why do people feel the need to talk so much shit about me?!

Question after fucking question…. Thought after thought but the main thing going through my mind is the fact that I truly feel like I am on the backburner right now. I am merely an afterthought and that is something that doesn’t sit well at me. You can hate me or you can love me… Honestly I don’t care which of the two you decide to choose. What I won’t deal with however is being completely disrespected and that is where I currently sit right now. The world seems to have this need to bully me. I can’t say anything without somebody jumping down my fucking throat for a new issue. I have been called things from psychotic, to bat shit crazy to other derogatory names.

I will admit all of that honestly got to me… I had trouble sleeping at night. I would get overly emotional over the way Christian talked about me, the way Mikah talked about me and others.

It made me question if I really was as worthless as they all constantly seem to bring up. It made me ponder certain things about myself, and it got to a point when I went back home to Detroit to find what was missing in my life.

For the past year I walked out on my wife to find something out about myself, and I recently had to get time for myself before I had to glance over things. However when I went I have come up with the simple conclusion that I actually don’t give a shit on what anybody says about me. I know people are quick to talk shit about me. Mikah is quick to constantly talk me down but she FORGETS that during the summer of Crystal Millar I went on an absolute tear. I was woman of the year and I rocked the company. Vargas loves to talk shit but when one approaches her she quickly backtracks and doesn’t want to deal when somebody confronts her.

Of course Alicia Lukas will constantly talk down how everybody is better than me, and Amber can sit there biding her time waiting to crush anybody who dares to step the fuck up. So it’s just one big mess waiting to be figured out.

However after really assessing things from a different perspective I have come to the conclusion that I truthfully don’t give a shit on how any of the haters on this roster view me. That’s not me being cocky but that’s me being fully confident because at the end of the day I know who I am. I am the woman who has held the World Bombshell Championship five times, and as a matter of fact I am the ONLY one in this entire company to win a World Title five times. I am a Hall of Famer and I still have the ability to go out there and do it all over again.

So if you think you are going to break me down with words you better think twice before it won’t happen. Now this week the world will get to see the Zdunich married couple taking on the team of Andrea and Evie Jordan. Long behold it is an absolute honor to team up with my lovely wife. At one point she was nothing but a trophy wife. One to show off but she has grown to be so much more than that. Seleana is also a fighter and she is a woman that is as dangerous as a lioness. Not only does she take care of them in a zoo but she knows how to stalk and hunt her prey as one. If she is pushed to the edge she will beat Andrea at the Super Card, and will walk away as the brand new Internet Champion…

Mark my words on that…

Let’s cut to the chase though because ladies and gentlemen we have the big return of Evie Jotdan…Now  can I just completely be honest with all you?! You would think that Evie returning would be a huge fucking deal. After all it’s EVIE JORDAN right?!

However I don’t think it’s getting the reaction as she thinks it is going to get… It’s not a case of OMG IT’S EVIE FUCKING BAANG RETURNING!!!  It’s more of the case of…. Oh….. It’s Evie…. And she’s returning….again?! I would pay more attention to it but how many times have we saw this tape being played out?! It seems to be the case of the same old shit over and over again.

Evie comes in… And leaves….

Evie claims she got forced signed up for a Blast From The Past tournament…. And eventually leaves….

Now she is claiming that she is back yet again and it’s like okay let’s just cut the shit already. This is not a revolving door you just can’t come and go as you please. The more you do it is the more that people stop paying attention to you. You know it’s a damn shame when you return and suddenly leave more than I change hair colors, personalities, gimmicks, or even name changes… That’s a damn shame…

Hell I bet you have been through more debuts, returns, and sudden leaves more than I gone through relationships while being employed here….

But hey perhaps I shouldn’t be mean because after all it’s Evie Jordan right so it’s a big fucking deal right?! Maybe I should pay attention because Evie is the one who took the World Bombshell Championship from me when she won her Blast From The Past Tournament the first time. It’s a thought that still eats away at me but you can bet your bottom dollar that I definitely will rectify that image.

I mean I basically beat your little quartet of friends that you belong too…

Melody Grace?! Yeah I beat her in a singles match before she eventually took my World Bombshell Championship by pinning Salco in a four way match.

Dani Weston?! That’s my home girl but yeah I beat her too….

Odette Stevens… I get booked against her in this big Climax Control match and guess what I beat her.

But now only one remains and I refuse to lose to the one that got away. I need to pay back the favor of wishing to fight her, and a long time ago my daughter bit off more than she could chew. She constantly called out Evie in hopes of defending her Roulette Championship against her. Evie carved her up but honestly it should have been me who should have been calling out Evie. It should have been me in that ring. This week we will fix things and I will finally put a nail through the coffin on why I am better than her. Don’t let me down evie and disappoint because I damn sure will be coming to beat the living shit out of you.

However if that wasn’t enough the other woman in this match is a woman that I definitely know. She is a woman who I have been in the ring with on multiple occasions. She is a woman that took away a World Bombshell Championship from me. In a different world we would could have been friends. She is a woman that I saw a lot of myself in but when she had the opportunity she made sure to stab me in the back.

That was definitely a smart move because let’s face it based on my track record that definitely was a page taken right out of my playbook. Andrea and my history goes way beyond just us having these battles in the ring that was completely brutal. We have a connection that goes back to our fathers competing together in Mexico.

I won’t lie… Andrea is definitely a top tier athlete. She knows how to get shit done and she can wrestle with the best of them. Her attitude sucks though and she is getting cocky too much for her own good. She too is another who quickly backs down when a challenge comes in her direction. I know my wife is next in line but I want everybody to understand this right now.. I want Mark and Christian to hear me out because it doesn’t seem like I am going to get a chance at Mikah any time soon.

But for any reason if Seleana doesn’t get the job done I want next at the Internet Champion… I want to get at Andrea in a singles match. She has basically coasted for her entire title reign and she needs somebody who is going to put the pressure on her. I have all the confidence in my life and I know she is an amazing competitor.

What makes us different however is I don’t mind doing whatever it takes to pull out a win! I will pull out all of the stops and I will make Andrea really work to pull a win out of her ass. How’s it going by the way Andrea?! You really have been quite the Bitch haven’t you?!  You big on this absolute tear and you been kicking ass like none other.

Honestly it’s absolutely impressive. You should be really proud. The only thing it took for you to get your ass moving in gear was taking a huge L from yours truly. I remember it Crystal clear. You provoked me and you forced me to lose my cool in the ring. You caused me to get suspended because I decided to strike a referee.

The moment I returned is the moment that you and I were in a collision course in a major I quit match. What happened when you and I fought in a match with the stakes of having to have the opponent to mutter out those words to pick up the win?!

The truth is that is when I really decided to show up. That’s when I showed the fuck out and I beat the shit out of you so much that you had to quit. It definitely was a learning experience for you because after that match you didn’t have ANYTHING to say about me. You stated that you were done talking about me and that you were going to move on.

I doubt that’s why you moved on though. The real reason why you moved on is because you took the ass whopping very personally and you didn’t want to receive another one. You felt it would be better to be off of my radar and that’s why you went onward towards something else. That’s when you were crying for a Roulette Championship match and some other shit.

Whatever floats your boat but here you are and you are definitely in the spotlight now. You have some publicity and are actually the most hated person on the roster. That’s really good because it means you are capturing the audience. You will need to do so much more than that if you think it’s going to be enough to beat me.

That’s why I want you to bring everything you got. Give me all of that smoke and bring me that Andrea that I know you can bring. Bring me the warrior, the fighter, and the one who doesn’t back down from a challenge. Don’t channel that bitch who at one point complained about Roulette Championship matches or argued about how terrible their Blast From The Past partner was. That is not the woman I see or want.

This week I know I am in for a war and honestly I have been waiting for this. If you want to see somebody step up look no further because I am ready for what’s to happen. The question is are you ready for it?! Nothing and I mean nothing will stop this rose from blossoming…

See all of you very soon…




It’s Showtime…

It’s time to roll the credits on these two once and for all.

Climax Control Archives / Return Of The Mack...
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Before Inception
San Diego, California

On television Diamond Steele was definitely as tough as they came. She was the manipulative bitch who always enjoyed being the very center of attention. She wanted everything to be focused solely on her and didn’t mind doing whatever it took to make sure that people knew she was the talk of the town. It didn’t matter if her actions got her arrested or thrown in jail. As long as people were talking about her that’s the only thing that mattered. However outside of the wrestling ring the woman known as Kate Steele was desperately hurting. She had never really moved on past the mere thought of arriving at home from a day at the zoo with their daughter and finding her husband sleeping with another woman. That image kept haunting her over and over again, and as much as she tried to suppress it, nothing seemed to help. Kate knew that she had a huge wrestling match on the horizon. She had just defeated Krystal Wolfe and the future was definitely looking bright.

If she could get past Myra Rivers and Adrienne who knows what would be coming in her direction. Kate was clad in her Jem and the Holograms pajamas. In her hand was a tub of Rocky Road ice cream and she didn’t have any problem devouring it all by herself. Kate had started to walk towards her daughter’s bedroom when her blue haired cousin stood in the hallway, and she couldn’t help but scream in her direction.


Kate rolled her eyes as she peeked into Juliet’s room before her eyes met with that of Ruby’s.

“Bloody fucking hell woman why are you yelling at me?! Can’t you see I am really busy?! I was going to check in with the daughter. On top of that there’s no reason to yell at me to begin with. I am standing right here. I can hear you just fine. So let’s work on lowering your voice and…”

“OUTRAGEOUS!!!! Besides you should put down that tub of ice cream! You have a huge match booked and you better be at your very best. You aren’t going to be ready for whatever comes your way if you are too busy eating your life away. If you turn on Twilight that’s just going to be another problem, especially if you are team Jacob…”

Kate just rolls her eyes as she slowly begins to shake her head.

“First and foremost nobody here is watching Twilight. Second it’s all about Team Edward! I know I have a huge wrestling match coming up and my mind should be focused on fighting Myra and Adrienne but I just am not feeling it right now. The only thing going through my mind right now is what Teddy did to me. Why would he even put me through any of this?! What did I do for him to cheat on me?! I thought things were going well. I have always been right by his side even if others hated the decision. I took my role as his wife seriously and…”

Ruby just shakes her head sighing in return.

“I know Kath-Lyn but beating yourself up over it won’t solve anything. Come on I have wanted to show you something, and I want to get your honest opinion about it…”

Kate raises her eyes in return as she walks towards her room but that is when her eleven year old daughter bombards her. She is the one screaming at the top of her lungs as she is on the phone as she looks at her mother.

“OMG Mommy you won’t believe it…”

Kate raises her eyes as she looks at her daughter who seems to be on a face time call with Aurora Zdunich. Kate waves her hands to the phone.

“I won’t believe what exactly and oh by the way hello Aurora. You two always seem to be on the phone with one another…”

“That’s because Aurora is my BFF mum! However Aurora is telling me that her mother got Covid so she won’t be wrestling at Inception. She has to go to Isolation and…”

Kate rolls her eyes.

“Which mommy, you know she has two mommies…”

“Oh good point! Crystal won’t be able to wrestle…. She feels very devastated because she wanted to team up with her son…”

Kate nods her head in return as she looks at her daughter.

“That has to be a bummer but tell Aurora to be careful. With her history of having Leukemia we don’t want anything bad to happen to her. Send her family my regards and I will probably check on Christina later today. I love you Juliet. Give me a few minutes and I will be in your room so we can perhaps play video games together…”

With that Kate begins to walk away as she heads into Ruby’s bedroom. Ruby is sitting at the edge of the bed just throwing a huge giggle fit. Kate is slow as she makes her way towards her cousin. She crosses her arms as she looks right into her eyes.

“So what is going on Ruby, why are you over excited. What is so important that you just had to get me to come to your room?!”

Ruby blushes as her eyes continue to meet with that of her cousin.

“Well do you promise to keep a secret?! You are the person I look up to the most. I know Sapphire is my sister but I always felt closest to you. I wanted you to be the first person to see this…”

Kate raises her eyes again.

“And what exactly are you trying to show me. Stop playing games and just tell me already…”

With that Ruby takes her arms from behind her back. She brings them out in front of Kate. In Ruby’s hand is a small box. Ruby opens the box up and inside is a beautiful ring with a huge Ruby gem stone and small diamonds surrounding it. Ruby can’t contain her blushing as she looks at her cousin.

“So what do you think?!”

Kate let’s a smile escape her lip as she looks at the stone.

“Wait a minute is this what I think it is?!”

Ruby smiles warmly.

“Yep…This is for Courtney. Isn’t it beautiful?!”

Kate is the one who keeps her eyes open wide up as she keeps her glance at the ring.

“Beautiful isn’t even the word… I would say it’s truly OUTRAGEOUS…”

Ruby keeps looking at the ring.

“I know it is probably wrong to show this to you. I know that what you went through with Teddy is terrible and it is wrong of me just to put this on you, but you just have to understand that Courtney Pierce is one of the best things to have ever happened in my life. I honestly didn’t know what to think when I meant her a year ago. Things were rough between us but to be honest I couldn’t help but fall in love with her. She is everything to me and I couldn’t think of a world without her in it…”

Kate looks at the ring before she takes a seat next to Ruby on the bed.

“Listen I know what Teddy did to me sucks. It sucks in ways you couldn’t even imagine but I don’t want what is happening in my life to affect the blessings that are coming your way. I am happy for you Prudence. You and Courtney deserve one another and I had a front row seat of seeing things blossom between the two of you as a teacher of Jet City South. True love is hard to come by and when you truly find your soul mate you need to do everything in your power to get what you want. Courtney and you is an adorable sight and there is no doubt in my mind that she will yes to you. You deserve that much…”

Ruby looks at Kate.

“Thank you so much. Now comes the hardest part. I think I am going to approach Kris and ask him if it is okay if I could have her hand in marriage. He is like the father figure for us at the gym so I figured I would try to take the old school approach to things. Once I get that out of the way you and I can plot on how I am going to pop the big question to Courtney…”

Kate smirks before she replies back to Ruby.

“That sounds amazing but to be honest. I think it would be better if you ask Sapphire. Even though she and I don’t get along the truth is she is your sister. That is a moment you should share with her and I don’t want to cause anymore unnecessary drama between the two of us. I am content with her and I going at it about who the better guitarist is but pulling you into the middle of a drama is childlike. You shouldn’t have to be in a position where you have to choose between your sibling and your cousin. I would never put you on the spot like that so I am making the choice for you. Whatever happens I have your back every step of the way…”

Ruby rises up and that is when she looks at Kate in the eyes. She wraps her arms around her and pulls her in for a tight hug.

“I love you more than you can fathom Kath-Lyn. I know things might hurt now but I promise you will rebound from all of this drama with Teddy. You will find love again and you will be on your way. You just need to give it some time…”

Kate smirks.

“I plan too luv… Don’t think I am going to let a man who pissed on himself on television get to me. I might be bruised but I will be damn if I am at the point of being wounded. Right now I am focused on me. I have my wrestling career. I have to build that back up. We also have a band that we need to work on and there are other adventures for me to put my mind on. There are plenty of distractions for me. I will get to where I need to get…”

“Good because you have nothing but time. Anyway I love and appreciate you Kate. Keep being the awesome cousin and leader that I know you are. All of your dreams will definitely come true…”

Kate smiles as wide as she can.

“Cheers… Thank you for being the best cousin in the world Prudence. Now if you would excuse me I think it’s time for me to spend some quality time with Juliet. As long as I have her in my life that’s all that really matters…”

With that Kate walks out of Ruby’s room as she walks over to where her daughter is. She smiles as she walks into the door and looks at her.

“Okay pumpkin it’s time for that special mommy and daughter time. What should we do together today?!”

“Mommy I think the two of us should….”

Before she could finish that statement that is when the doorbell to her home goes off. Diamond raises her eyes in return as she looks at her daughter.

“Hold that thought… Let me just see who it is…”

With that Diamond walks out of the ring as she begins to walk towards the front door. She opens the door and that is when she is greeted to about five people standing there. A woman is holding a piece of paper as others begin to flip their badges in Kate’s direction.

“Hello are you Kath-Lyn Steele?!”

Kate slowly nods her head in agreement.

“That would be me… What’s going on?!”

The woman shows Kate the paper as she continues to speak.

“We are with the state of California and we represent Child Protective Services. We got a tip from a Mr. Todd Warren that you have been an abusive mother, and are here to temporarily take custody of Juliet Amelia Warren from you and place her in a foster home…”

Kate was devastated as they walked into the home. It is at that point that Juliet walks out of her room with a dumbfounded look on her face.

“Mommy what is going on…”

“Pumpkin run…. I…..”

Kate tries to run towards her daughter but it is at that point that the individuals that came to the home end up escorting Juliet out of the house.


“Don’t worry Juliet… Mommy won’t lose you… I won’t lose you…”

All Diamond can do is sit and watch as she watches the state take her daughter away. She is all tears as she looks at Juliet getting into a car and it drives off into the distance. Ruby runs down the stairs as she sees a hysterical Kate.

“What’s going on?!”

“They took my daughter… Juliet is gone Ruby….”

Kate dropped down to her knees as she continued to cry. Ruby looked at her cousin as she hugged her tightly.

“Don’t worry Kate we are going to figure this out entirely. We will do this together. I will call the wrestling companies you work for and tell them that you need to take emergency family leave. We will get Juliet back. I promise you that we are going to get her back. Teddy won’t win…”

With that Ruby continues to huge Kate as tightly as she can as we fade out on this image.

Bloody hell, it feels like it has been an eternity since I actually managed to speak to all of you. I am going to be honest with all of you. Missing Inception is something that totally came out of life field for me. I was prepared to step into the ring with Myra and Adrienne to simply do what I do best but sometimes for some unforeseen circumstances it doesn’t meant to be. I know I am supposed to stand in front of you all and puff my chest out. After all I am the woman that all of you don’t like. I am the spoiled brat who does everything in her power to make sure that all of the attention flows into my direction but I can assure you that the reason I didn’t compete was truly that of a personal matter.

It was something my very livelihood I wouldn’t wish what I went through on any human. It definitely has been a rough January for me but you can rest assured that I am back and it damn sure feels amazing to be in the main event which is what I rightfully deserve. After all I am the Diamond in the Rough, I am the Shining Star, I am the Sparkling Sensation, I am the Mistress of the Microphone, and the Conqueror of Catch Wrestling. In a nutshell I know I am perhaps the best female in this company to not have won a World Title. Don’t count me out just yet because I will get there. It’s not a matter of the word IF it simply comes down to a matter of WHEN.

Right now however I have one thing that is on my current to do list, and that is chase after the Roulette Championship which should be around my waist right now. However I feel like Mark and Christian expect me to be this little fucking puppet and I have to dance whenever they pull my strings. That is complete horseshit. Everybody knows that I am a legitimate challenger for the Roulette Championship. I beat the champion in the middle of the ring.

It doesn’t get any clearer than it does with a win over the current champion but it seems like I am going to be a victim for what they put wish to put me through. This week I happen to find myself into the main event against a woman who I am very familiar with and she comes in the form of Jessie Salco.

How is it going Jessie?!

I can honestly say that it is definitely a case of long time no see. The two of us have a huge history with one another and it’s one that nobody wishes to remember. At one point I was the third member of the Metal and Punk connection but it seems like all of that was forgotten. I know Jessie Salco was immediately trying to sweep that history between us under the ring like it never existed and she thinks that she couldn’t stand to be around me when I pulled the entire Diamond charade but honestly she has wronged me before I ever wronged her…

And believe me I honestly can’t remember when I actually did something to her. Maybe because in my mind she was never really worth it to begin with?!

And do you want to know why exactly that is?! It’s simple really… It’s because Jessie doesn’t know how to get shit done. Had she did she wouldn’t have been such a moody Bitch that she has been for so long. There was a point where she would try to call out a champion every SINGLE fucking week. It became disheartening and quite frankly annoying. I remember it got to a point where it had gotten so bad that she had actually gotten banned from challenging for a Championship match.

I remember as clear as day and you want to know why?! It’s because I actually was her friend. I was both her and Amy Marshall’s friend. However friendship didn’t stop her from stabbing me in the back because she tried to use me as a loophole to be the workaround into getting a title match. I had busted my ass doing everything in my power to win the Golden Briefcase. I earned that in the right way. I did it honestly but do you think Jessie was happy for me?!

Of course she couldn’t be because as soon as I was celebrating she made sure to attack me from behind. She made her intentions known and at the end of the day she was envious because I had something that she didn’t. I had an opportunity to control my own fate, and Jessie just wanted to do whatever it took to steal the briefcase from my grasps. Long behold I find myself in a position where I have to DEFEND my briefcase against her.

Something that I worked my ass into winning was then put on the line just to appease Salco. You can kind of guess what happened next because I went on to beat Salco. I ruined her chance to work around the loophole and I put her right in her place.

Salco can try to no sell me on Twitter as much as she wants too. People can try to call me out on some fluke bullshit, hell it’s even in the actual description of the match this week. Make no mistake about it though. There is nothing that is a fluke about me. I always have given it one hundred percent whenever I step into the ring. You however haven’t always done the same. I know people wish to give me shit but for what exactly, because I am actually good?!

You Jessie are the epitome of a fluke.  Your journey to being a relevant singles champion was winning a triple threat match for the Roulette Championship. You managed to pin Faith even though Alexis Morrison was the champion. So it’s not like you BEAT the champion. You simply beat the OTHER woman.

Hell in the Roulette Division alone you are like a 4 to 5 time champion and that SHOULD be impressive. However if you really glance at your record as a champion you win the title and hold it for about 2 to 3 weeks before immediately dropping it. That is as pathetic as they come and I would say that makes you a fluke. There was one reign that went for an amazing 3 months but what’s said is that I managed to win that title one time.

When I won the title I held it for an amazing six months. I set the bar, I became the standard and I became the record. What you tried to do in all of your reigns together you couldn’t even measure up to my one and only reign. However I guess at the end of the day I just am not that good in your eyes.

Spoiler alert I got that title by winning s six woman Elimination match, and guess who I eliminated last to claim the title for my own… I believe it was you…

But hey let’s not bring any of that up because that’s old news. Me beating YOU should never be brought up right?! I mean I defended my briefcase against you, I won the Roulette title by BEATING YOU but you are so good right?!

Hey there was the one time when you were Internet Champion?!  I know it might have been forgotten because it happened like six years ago. You were a champion though! It sounds great on paper and you actually managed to hold the title for like a month and a half.

It WOULD have been more impressive if all of your defenses weren’t against Melody Grace and you always managed to defend the title with some dirty dusty finish. When things were finally put into perspective she took that title away from you, and guess what makes it even better.

I end up beating the WOMAN that BEAT you so how does that make you look in the end?! It makes me look so amazing because I defended that title and then a few years later not only do I win the Internet Championship again but I tied the record. I go on to hold the most defenses as the champion and most combined days as champion. Once again I set the bar and the standard.

Hey during that second reign guess who happened to be one of the women in that ladder match for the vacant Internet Championship?! YOU WERE THERE!!!

Of course I feel like I should applaud you for you actually  managed a decent tag team career but I can also say all that means is that you were carried to greatness by multiple partners. People wish to throw my name in the mud but you are just one of those women who get handed championship opportunities. Not because you deserve them but you exist to make a champion look good. Nobody really expects you to beat a champion and when it does happen people always assume that your opponent had an off day. It’s not like you were the favorite by any mean.

It wasn’t that long ago when you actually won yourself a shot at the Internet Championship and what did you do with that title shot?! Not a damn thing… You dropped the ball just like we all knew you would. So here you are and now you get to face me.

If you haven’t managed to beat me in any big profile match what gives you any insight to thinking that you are going to beat me in this main event?! There is no hope and honestly after researching what we have been through I would like to say that I am pretty consistent at doing what I need to do in order to get the job done.

Sure I run my mouth but I back up my shit. I earn my shit. There’s a reason why I won the briefcase in the first place. There’s a reason why I was a finalist for the Blast From The Past. There’s a reason why I set the record for the Roulette and Internet Championships and that’s because at the end of the day I know what I am about. People take me seriously and I can rock out with the best of them.

You simply just suck and it would be a bloody travesty if you somehow found your way to gaining a win over me. It’s not going to happen. Not now and certainly not ever.

And now we are going to be tested by being in a Rock and Roll Death Match. On paper it sounds absolutely fun but here is the difference between the two of us. I am the woman who actually plays in a band. I am actually in two bands to be truthful.  You think Griffin Hawkins would be the guitarist for Devilition if I couldn’t rock out to hair metal?! On top of that you think I could be the leader of a band if I didn’t know music?!

This is where we differ. You are a metal chick and are just the idiot that could be seen moshing in the audience. Then again that is really what separates us. I am the star on the stage actually performing for the world to see, and you are just the idiot moshing about trying to cause a scene.

Then again I can respect you as being in the audience. It seems to be a main constant of your SCW career as you are forced to sit on the sidelines and watch the better talents wrestle in the big marquee matches.

Welcome to the main event Jessie. Don’t you dare try to mosh with me because I have already played this show before! I already came back out and did it again for the Encore. I don’t know how many times I get beat you over and over again however I guess I will do it once again.

As long as the music is playing I will be rocking and rolling all over the ring with you. We can take a dance break and I will show you footwork that you can’t keep up with. At the end of the day I know for a fact I am better than you, and you will be nothing but an afterthought.

Cheers but it’s time to show you why this Diamond will always shine bright.

See you soon Jessie and best of luck. You certainly are a woman that will need it…

Climax Control Archives / "I'M TODD WILLIAMS and I MEAN BUSINESS!!!!!!!!!!!
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Los Angeles, California
Williams Estate

It had been a long time since Todd Williams had found himself inside of a wrestling ring. The Redeemer the man who had always envisioned himself being the individual to save professional wrestling was living in a more laidback sense. He was more accustomed to being a family man and being there to raise his now almost two year old son Xavier. Life was good for the most part as Todd enjoyed being in the background for his newly married wife Hope. He loved trying to do his part to bring up to speed of being a great wrestler. If that wasn’t enough he had loved watching his Brittany trying to rise through the ranks and his son Brayden trying to walk in his shoes.

Life was good and it couldn’t get any better than that. However as amazing as things might have been there was certainly a void in his life. He tried to fill that void by resorting to his womanizing ways trying to screw anything that moved but that never filled it. He tried to obtain as much power as he could but monopolizing the drug world didn’t work either. What was missing from his life was the thrill of being in the ring. He loved the sport of wrestling and when he saw SCW offering a chance to compete in their tournament he was quick to jump at the opportunity. This was certainly a new beginning and he wasn’t going to let it go to waste.

Todd Williams found himself working out as hard as he could in his personal gym. He was picking up a heavy medicine ball and he was tossing it around. His two year old son smiled as he looked at him from a distance.

“Daddy is strong…”

Todd nodded his head with a smile as he looked at his son offering him a huge grin. He couldn’t help but pick up a jump rope and it was at that moment when he went as fast as he could to jump over the rope. The little boy just watched in astonishment as he clapped his hands at his dad.

“Faster daddy… Faster….”

Todd looked at his son with a grin as he kept his eyes on him.

“Don’t worry I plan to go fast as I can. Do you like what you see?!”

The little boy nodded his head as he looked deeply at his father.

“My daddy is the best!”

It was definitely a special moment between father and son. Todd couldn’t believe that in the eyes of his son he truly was that of a superhero. It was this feeling that he really enjoyed and he didn’t want it to ever end. He knew that getting back into the ring at this stage in his life was definitely the right decision. It would offer his son the chance to see what his father does best, and he loved every single bit of the feeling. Todd didn’t stop there as he decided to change things up. His eyes moved to that of his elliptical machine. He had planned to work every single part of his body. He had stepped onto the machine and ten minutes went by. His wife Hope made her way down into the gym and he smirked as she spoke out to him.

“Todd sweetie you have a special guest…”

Todd had sweat dripping from his forehead. He turned his attention to the machine which read that he had burned two hundred calories and he quickly switched it off. He grabbed his towel making sure to wipe all of the sweat from his eyes as he looked back at his wife.

“So what type of special guest are we talking about?! You know I am trying to get back into the wrestling ring and I want to be at my very best when I do step inside and do what I do best…”

Hope nodded her head giggling as she looked back at him. Xavier quickly ran towards his mother who didn’t hesitate to quickly yank him up off of the ground and raise him proudly through the air.


“Hey my little pumpkin… Have you been enjoying your time with daddy?! Why don’t we go upstairs and watch some baby shark or maybe Paw Patrol. I know you love them both!”

The little boy grinned widely as he took him away from the gym. Todd just stood there dumbfounded as he crossed his arms in return.

“Wait… You promised me a special guest… My son was enjoying his time down here. If you let him stay down here for longer he will learn some tricks how to be a chip off of the old block…”

It was in that moment that a voice replied back to him in return. It was a voice that he had known better than anybody else. It was from the true love of his life, his first love and the mother of his twins. That other figure was none other than Crystal Zdunich. Crystal’s normal blue hair was replaced by this natural black hair that looked completely angelic. She walked down the stairs folding her arms together as she looked right into his eyes.

“So I see you are actually doing your trying and doing everything in your power to get back into the ring…”

Todd smiled as he looked back at her.

“And I see you are still as gorgeous as always, although I didn’t take you as the type of woman who would walk around with black hair. That’s really not your style. I expected more over the top with you. After all you are Crystal Hilton so things have to be larger than life…”

Crystal just shakes her head with a sigh looking back at her former husband.

“Normally I would have been like that but catching Corona Virus really didn’t treat me that well. It was one of the worst things to have happen to me in my life. As soon as the Inception was announced I felt sick. I didn’t think much of it but I am grateful for the bosses that we have in SCW. Mark and Christian both wanted to make sure that I was one hundred percent focused on recovering. So they pulled me off of the show with pay, and wanted me to get better…”

Crystal sighs as she shakes her head sighing.

“There’s not much to be done being in complete isolation especially when I forgot to stock up on blue hair. I think what hurts more than that is being away from my Seleana and Alexandra, or my little Aurora. That girl loves me so much but I couldn’t be near her. She is immune compromised so being near her would have put her in danger…”

Todd nods his head just agreeing with her.

“Yeah, I couldn’t imagine being away from Xavier for that long. I love that boy and I would do anything for him. The same goes for Brittany and Brayden, I would do anything to make both of them happy…”

Crystal sighs in return.

“Yeah… It sucks that I couldn’t compete at Inception. I know Brayden was really looking forward to teaming up with me. I really think that we could have been really special. We definitely would have won those Mixed Tag Team Championships and brought a breath of fresh air to the division. However all of that is now washed away because the company decides to bring Mikah back in my place and I have to be subjected to hearing her call me bat shit crazy over and over again…”

Todd looks at his former wife as he grins in return.

“Crystal we both know that this whole thing about the mixed tag team division is definitely about you trying to become a Grand Slam Champion… You can tell everybody otherwise but I know you better than you know yourself…”

Crystal doesn’t say anything as she replies with a dumbfound look


Todd just giggles as he replies back to her.

“On a serious note I think you and Bray would have been an amazing team. He really loves you so much. He loves you to the point he decided to take your Maiden name. Being a Hilton is important to him and he went that path because of you. Even though he would probably never say it you are who he looks up too…”

Crystal quickly shakes her head.

“Are you kidding?! He might have my name but he is YOU… Just look at who he married. I wonder why he is attracted to Hispanic women in the first place?! Maybe that has something to do with how you were attracted to me. On top of that just look at the way he wrestles and how that mouth is so reckless. That is you in a nutshell…Enough about our son though. What about our daughter?! That little girl idolizes being your princess and she has your surname. She is proud to be a Williams and…”

Todd is the one laughing at this point.

“And yet as much as she might be my princess that little girl is definitely your mini me. I mean look at her lifestyle. She found a tall blonde drink of water for a wife. She walks around with the same type of attitude that you had when you were walking out to the ring with a red carpet and a bunch of photographers. You remember being the Rose Goddess right?! That is who she is right now, she is Hollywood and she is definitely YOUR DAUGHTER!!!”

“And I could say BRAYDEN is definitely YOUR SON!!!”

They both look at one another just sighing at one another. Todd shakes his head with a grin.

“Damn… We definitely certain type of parents aren’t we?!”

Crystal giggles.

“And now we are grandparents, God help us. The apples certainly didn’t fall far from the tree. However all hope isn’t lost. We definitely can rectify this and become really good role models for our children to follow…”

Todd raises his eyes.

“Oh and how can we go about doing that?!”

Crystal just sighs in return as she offers a long deep breath.

“By doing things in the right way, as far as I go that means being stable. Not sitting there and wanting to change my mind on something if things don’t pan out. I have to stay the course, and I can’t afford to be afraid of people when they repeatedly say things that I don’t like…”


Todd takes a long glance into Crystal’s eyes.

“That means at some point you will have to confront Mikah, and I know she can say so many things that can clearly get under your skin. You can’t let it bother you Crystal. You need to overcome and showcase that you are better than her…”

She nods her head as she looks back at him.

“I know and as far as you go Todd you need to also do the same. I know you put your name into this Blast from the Past Tournament, and the moment you did I know there are people out there who just didn’t take you seriously. There are people who think you may not even show up or you are just there to take up space and for publicity. You can’t let that be the case Todd. You are better than that…”

Todd slowly nods his head in agreement.

“I know but more important than that WE ARE BETTER THAN THAT CRYSTAL! We can’t let this be the way that people view us. Our legacy needs to be looked upon in another way. This is our chance to flip the script. We have our kids that are looking up to us but more important than that we have Isabella who is our third generation. We need to establish a legacy that she can be proud of. One where people will say she is from the Hilton and Williams legacy that we won’t be mocked at…”

“Exactly so let’s be there for her and let’s change things while we have the opportunity to do so right now. I know I am ready to finally shut Mikah’s mouth off. This has been like 6 years in the making but it needs to be done, but the real question I want to ask you is are you ready to step into ring and compete in the Blast In The Past tournament?!”

Todd thinks about it as he smiles in return.

“Am I ready to compete in the Blast From The Past?! Not really… Being ready isn’t enough, but the real question is am I ready to win the whole entire thing?! To answer that question it’s simple really. Of course I am ready. I was born for this moment, I live for this moment. It has been a long time since I said this but it’s time to get back on the saddle. The world may have forgotten me but I will make them remember…”

Crystal begins to get all giddy as she nods her head smirking.

“Oh, and what exactly are you going to make them remember?! It has been a while so you might have to give me a refresher…”

Todd licks his lips passionately as he screams out at the top of his lungs.

“if they forgot it’s simple… My name is TODD WILLIAMS and I MEAN BUSINESS!!!!!!!!!”

Crystal smirks getting exactly.

“TODD’S MEANS WOO! TODD MEANS BUSINESS… DAMN MAN DAMN!!! It’s time for you to go out there and GET BIG now…”

Todd chuckles.

“Baby… I can you two kids and if we didn’t have the misfortune of those miscarriages it would have been a whole lot more…”

Crystal screams.

“NO, NO, NO! I didn’t mean that type of big… I mean in an urban dictionary type of way. you know Get Big which is defined as the act of completely dominating an opponent and drawing the attention of everyone around!”

Todd chuckles.

“Gotcha so pretty much showcase why I know how to play my position and don’t be like a Paul Millsap when his sorry ass got traded to the Nuggets. Dude is out there being Big for Nothing, and never wants to post it…”

“Todd in a nutshell go out there and DO SOMETHING just don’t LOOK like you can do something…”

“Baby cakes I plan to do just that… Now if you don’t mind I have to let you know that I WOULD LOVE TO STAY BUT I GOTS TO GO!”

“Why?! We just to talking and we really should train for your tournament…”

Todd giggles.

“Well it’s not a good idea for me to be downstairs alone with the love of my life. I feel a certain way and I really take these feelings out on my wife, and you should do the same…”

Todd glared at Crystal from head to toe, and he couldn’t help that he was turned on. However he turned around as he ran upstairs trying to get his wife. Crystal keep her eyes locked on her ex-husband. She was all grins but she quickly pulled her phone out dialing a familiar number.

“Oh Seleana… Guess what WE are going to do tonight?! I will see you soon…”

With that we fade out on this scene.

Damn man Damn!!!

From the bottom of my heart can I just say that it feels so good to be back! Oh yeah you heard that right. Yours truly is back as a full time wrestler. Now I know in the grand scheme of things SCW may not be my permanent home and honestly I am okay with that. Make no mistake though I love being a professional wrestler. I have always loved doing this and for the past few years I can say from the bottom of my heart that I truly did miss it. On paper I know when you see the name of Todd Williams you immediately think of a man who really didn’t give that much of a damn. I can admit that when I was in SCU I didn’t take things as seriously as I should have.

I should have gone on to become a huge star. I definitely had all of the makings to do so but for some reason I just felt like I was empty. I felt like I just didn’t care anymore. I really didn’t want to be here and I lingered within the realm of not giving a fuck. The worse of all things happened the moment when I was fired from my SCU contract. That let me go and honestly I can see why did they what I did. However it wasn’t just me for who was left without a job.

It was also my sister Jennifer, and it was my daughter Brittany. The Williams family had been cut to nothing and normally I would be one to run my mouth to no end. I just didn’t care. I know what all of you might be thinking though. What has changed since being fired from SCU and it’s simple. It has been both of my sons, both of whom have come into my life two years ago.

For my little Xavier who is turning two I want to show him that daddy used to be a serious fucking deal in the wrestling ring. That at the age of 35 I still have so much left in the tank and he needs to know what type of physical gifted athlete I truly can be. On top of that I have my long lost son Brayden who has been trying to bust his ass to try to gain some respect. Honestly I don’t like the way he is trying to force his way into getting respect.

I guess I can’t be all that upset because at the end of the day he is only mimicking things that I have already done. I need change the narrative and give him an image that if you work hard for something good things can happen. So with those two things pushing onward that is why you have signing up to showcase that I have what it takes not only to do well in the tournament but to win the whole entire thing.

I am in this tournament to win and I won’t rest until I do so. If you really wish to be technical Crystal Hilton won this tournament, and Brittany Williams also won this tournament. You know what those two have in common besides being my ex-wife and my daughter. What is common is that I had a hand in training them. So if they could take some of my teachings and go on to win this tournament I know for a fact that I have what it takes to win.

Hell, put some fucking respect on my way damn it…

People might have forgotten but I AM TODD WILLIAMS, AND I MEAN BUSINESS! It’s more than just a fucking catchphrase. What it means in a nutshell is when you see my name on a wrestling you should know that I will wreck shit. I will steal the fucking show and I will simply dominate whenever I can. Besides I know there are people who see my name and don’t think much.

If you happen to be one of those people you know what you can honestly do… You can go *&* yourself. You do have a right to feel that way but that’s only if you are dealing with the Todd Williams who would really go about doing his best Houdini performance.

However that’s not me… Not now and certainly not while this tournament is in effect. I will always SHOW the FUCK UP! I am here in the flesh and I am always ready to mean business whenever I see fit. Now it’s time to prove it to everybody else why that statement is nothing but the truth. On top of that I feel like it’s my job to shut this stupid Bitch Mikah up.

Week after week she tells everyone how she is Mark’s favorite but parades around how she is so in love with Kris Ryans. She talks out of her ass how the company should just give her and Mac Bane the tournament championship already. It’s so pretentious and honestly if I have to work my way through this company just to beat Mac Bane to put a muffle on her mouth by all means that’s what I am going to do.

So I will do everything in my power to get to that match but I can’t look too far ahead because I have a huge match right in front of me. It seems like I am stuck in the middle of a sitcom with how the tournament has shaped up for this first round. It’s going to be and Alanah taking on Jack and Twisted Sister.

First things first… Let me just get this out of the way because honestly it just wouldn’t be a Todd Williams promo if I didn’t say it, but WHERE DA WHITE WOMEN AT?!

Hey Alanah… How you doing girl?! I just want to say are you ready to sit down and watch Todd Williams GET BIG!!!

Oh yeah girl… You are going to watch me show off the art of GET BIG!!! It definitely a LONG RIDE… It’s a PLEASURABLE one and definitely one with an awesome type of CLIMAX!!!

A Climax that ends with a huge EXPLOSION…

Of PYROS that is when we win this entire tournament. What type of GET BIG, LONG RIDE, PLEASURE, CLIMAX AND EXPLOSION did you think I was talking about. Damn! You know what just stop what you are doing! Go to Urban Dictionary and just learn what GET BIG means and once you do I am sure you will be acquainted with what I am talking about.

Besides what type of sick individual do you take me for?! Me even hinting at talking about Alanah is COMPELTELY SICK! She’s like my daughter and my daughter in law’s age. I would never do that!

Besides everybody is making the big deal about this match about what will happen when Twisted Sister and Alanah wrestle one another. What will happen IF she manages to get to my partner?! Yeah I bet a lot of crazy shit technically could happen in this. I mean I did see that Twisted Sister chase Roxi Johnson with a chain saw or some shit like that. However that’s not the real story in all of us.

The real story is what is going to happen when Jack has to get into the ring to face me. Everybody is making it out to be a big deal that he is in this tournament and he is going to do something amazing. Let’s be honest though. I don’t really give a damn at what he represents. Dude is what 18 or 19 years old. He isn’t even old enough to small his own piss yet. I have been doing this for far too long and I know for a fact I have more championships than he has experienced birthdays on this Earth.

I am sure Jack is an amazing wrestler and he is definitely young in his career but I didn’t sign up to this tournament to be ousted by somebody that clearly isn’t on my level.

After all I am the man of so many nicknames in this business. As the Dreamer it’s my job to make my dreams become a reality.

As the Redeemer I am out here to save the state of professional wrestler.

However I guess my favorite alias could be applied to this match but you can consider me the MAIN EVENT STICK MEASURING STICK!!!! Jack you simply just don’t measure up buddy. I am way above anywhere that you will be. Even with a curve in your favor it still wouldn’t bring you anyway close to where I am at in my career.

However I will give you some respect though. I know you are spunky and honestly I like that. I love it that you think you have the ability to shake things up that you can play hero to save your wife but Twisted Sister. I needed a great laugh and if wrestling doesn’t work out for you kid perhaps you should take up standup comedy.

The real thing you need to ask yourself, and this requires you to sit down and take a long glance into the mirror. Who is going to save you from me?!

Because at the end of the day that is who is going to be the biggest threat into this entire match. It definitely is me. The moment you saw Todd Williams aired a promo is the very moment that it should sink that DAMN MAN DAMN Todd actually showed up for a match. DAMN I might not make it to the trilogy which like I would like to define as not being in RUSH HOUR 3, it’s the very moment where reality stinks in and you won’t be passing go. There won’t be any collection of $200 and certainly you won’t be advancing in this tournament.

Let’s be honest you honestly got the short end of the stick in this tournament. You can be afraid of your wife being in the ring with Twisted Sister but don’t let Christian Underwood get you anxious if the women start the match.

Don’t believe that crap. Twisted Sister is not a threat. There are people who I would rather have a partner other than Twisted Sister. I think I would rather team up with Apple Coren or even Traci Patterson. Two women who I would list as what is the politically correct term?!

Jobbe…. No….

Enhanc…. No…

You get what I am saying and I am sure that they in their career have won more than Twisted Sister has. Sure you might have had that OMG MOMENT but other than that what has she really done?! I am not out here to worry about moments that would probably make Christian Underwood get hard and blow an orgasm of OMG this is SO AMAZING…

In the same way we pretty much we have to be witnessed to Hayley Halsey being the main talk of shit said between SCW Roster members when she isn’t even on the roster.

Or Myra Rivers trying to put herself over claiming to EVENTUALLY be a World Champion in 2022 even though we saw her get that ass worked by Amber over, and over, and over again.

It’s still to put an end to all of that bullshit. It’s time to set the record and showcase why the only one who is deserving to take the most spot is the very individual that nobody expects to do so. However I expect it and at the end of the day that’s the only thing that matters.

I know as soon as my promos airs will be saying how big of a threat Todd Williams is when he actually focuses. Hell I could imagine myself at one of those award ceremonies. You know the type when people stand in front of a microphone and they claim that never expected to be standing at the podium in that moment?!

Well you won’t hear that shit from me because DAMN MAN DAMN I always knew I would be HERE. I knew I was destined for greatness and I want stop until the entire world screams what I am about from the very rooftops.

Who am I?!

It’s simple… My name is TODD WILLIAMS and don’t you ever forget that I MEAN BUSINESS!!!!

Now honestly I would love to sit here and WOO you all to death but I GOTS TO GO!!!

PIZZOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!! It’s time to save professional and showcase why my dreams will become a reality. Night night, and sweet dreams…

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Feels Good To Be Home
Zdunich Mansion
December 8thth

It had been a little over two weeks since Crystal had returned home. Despite all of the issues that the married couple had been through it definitely felt good for Crystal to be back home. Crystal smiled as it was in the early hours of the morning. She had decided to do something really nice for the family. She woke up as early as possible to make a Mexican Breakfast. The huevos rancheros had come out perfectly and she was in the preparation of making green salsa. She wanted things to go perfectly because there was a lot that had to be discussed with the loved ones in her life. It was much needed table discussion and with Aurora away at school, and the rest of the home empty with the exception of her, Alexandra, and Seleana. Today marked like the perfect day to get things off of her chest and really let them know how she felt. She was in the middle of pouring the glasses of apple juice on the table when her wife Seleana walked into the kitchen. There was a smile from the Swedish woman as she looked over at her wife.

“Something smells good Ja?! You must have spent a long time cooking…”

Crystal nods her head with a huge grin as she looks back at her wife. She kisses her softly on the cheek as she walks over to the table. She pulls out a chair and motions for Seleana to sit in it. Seleana obliges as she does what is asked. Crystal pushes the chair in before setting some silverware on the table. There was nothing but smiles emerging from the lips of the Afro Mexican as Alexandra walked into the kitchen. She stretches her arms and yawns as she looks at Crystal.

“Damn Crystal… You out here throwing down in the kitchen, you must be in a good mode…”

Crystal nods her head as she begins to place the food on the table. She walks up to both women and proceeds to kiss them. She stands in the middle of the room taking a long deep breath as she begins to speak.

“Hey ladies… I know these past two months had been really rough. I know it was really selfish of me to walk away from what I love the most but it was definitely a time of soul searching. It wasn’t easy for me to look at myself because I have lived a very selfish life. I have always been selfish especially since I had Brittany and Brayden when I was only 13 years old. I spent my entire teenage years trying to grow up far too quickly I never really got a chance to be a teenager and enjoy my youth. I was always there for somebody else and it definitely showed for the next 21 years of my life.”

Crystal begins to break down crying a bit but she regains her composure as she wipes her eyes and tries her best to speak some more.

“I didn’t do that great of a job at being a mother because of the selfishness. I know that I failed as wife and that’s because I didn’t like the woman that stared back at me in the mirror. How could I even open myself to love others when I didn’t love me?! There was also my career in wrestling. No matter the company the story was all the same. The only way I could find my identity was in trying to win championships and claim accolades. Not because I wanted to do it for the honest love of the sport and being better. No… It was more for the fact that I felt it could fill in that void. I felt it could make me happy. I felt it COULD and WOULD MAKE people appreciate me. However when you cover things with two tons of bullshit people will still be able to look at all of your bullshit. People could see right through it. People have a habit of seeing beneath the surface…”

Crystal sighs as she nods her head as she looks at both of the women.

“So when I tried to force myself to be loved. Eventually people did the opposite. I didn’t care though. I became impulsive of trying to flip flop with my emotions and my alignments. I just wanted people to have their attention on me. However as I got deeper into my selfishness I realized I pushed away those that were closest to me which included both of you. I constantly and consistently make matters worse with those who are closest to me. I know it has to be weird sitting right here now especially with the both of you…”

Crystal looks at Seleana just sighing as she holds her hand.

“I met you when I thought I was at my lowest. Jonathan wasn’t giving me the attention I deserved. I was also part of a secret relationship with one of my best friend’s sister in Jessica Jackson. I had proposed to her and we were engaged. However that selfishness and lack of really getting the time to experience my youth due to the early motherhood forced me to want something different. So I used the Angels and my friendship with Stacy Marie Jones to bring me to you. I loved how you physically look. In my eyes I honestly saw a woman who would make the perfect little trophy.”

Christina let’s more tears fall from her eyes as she begins to speak some more.

“That has been wrong and lord knows I have definitely put you through some shit. I haven’t been honest. Even though I got married once again and this time to a beautiful woman, it still never stopped me from making the same mistakes. That’s how I was led to Alexandra. Yeah I did the unfaithful thing. I slept around with Alexandra and she became my secret girlfriend. It was wrong to betray your trust Seleana especially after I broke the sanctity and covenant of our marriage…”

Crystal looks at Alexandra as she speaks to her.

“And it was wrong for me to simply use you to satisfy my own desires. You knew I was a married woman and despite your urges you wanted to stay away out of respect. However I pushed you in my direction. I brought you into this and I tried to do everything in my power to hide this secret. What I didn’t expect is that Seleana is definitely a ride or die. I never knew she was such a day one, and I love that. Eavan was right when she said that Zdunich women are loyal to the very end. I have done so much awful shit to you Seleana but you stayed right there and I don’t really comprehend it…”

Seleana nods her head as she looks back at her wife.

“I know that hurt people hurt other people Chickie. I knew you were hurt from the way you interact with everything from the way you treat your children. You are misunderstood. I love you though and even when you didn’t love the real woman beneath the surface I did… I always did. I love all versions of you Estrellita. I love even the parts that you hate because through it all I simply love you. When you told me you cheated on me with Alexandra I was heartbroken…”

Seleana looks at Alexandra before slowly moving her eyes to Christina.

“My closest friends and in laws told me to leave you. They told me that you would never change and I should get out when I could. However I didn’t get out because I knew we could work things out. I not have Stockholm Syndrome but I have belief and faith in my wife. That is more important than how others view you. Even when everybody hates Crystal I made decision to be the one to love her through everything. I live for the day you bring honesty to yourself. I waited for that day…”

Seleana keeps looking at Alexandra as she sighs.

“You were unfaithful but you were at least honest about it. I decided to take things in and bond with Alexandra. It may have been weird at first but she’s a genuine person and I love how much she has been there for Aurora. She has been a very important part of her life, and I would say our life…”

Crystal nods her head.

“And I appreciate you actually accepting Alex. Not many people would have done what you did. Alex it was wrong for me to get you involved in this mess, and for me to have you come off as a home wrecker of some sort. I might have pushed things a bit but I thank that you didn’t walk away and you have stood by my side. I know I have so many issues and that was all part of the reason why I walked away. I did so to handle life and to really fix what was broken. My time away is when I realized how much of a problem I was. I have been getting counseling and I am fixing those problems. I know I am not perfect but I am trying to be better…”

Alex nods her head with a grin.

“And we appreciate what you did. I know it hurt at first to see you walk away and I didn’t want to just wait around while you did. I wanted to do my own thing but that’s when I came to the conclusion that I can’t have a world without you in it Crystal…”

Seleana nods her head in return.

“And me too chickie… I need you in my life…”

Crystal takes a long deep breath looking at both.

“And I not only want the both of you but I NEED the both of you. I want us to all get closer together in a much deeper way and that’s why I think that during the Christmas break we should all take our relationship even further. We should have a ceremony to establish our lives with one another, a marriage with one another. It may not be legal in this country and that’s fine. We at least know what’s going on and we can go to a lawyer and work out a will and everything else. I want us to all be a happy family and to really take this journey into the new year with commitment to one another.”

Seleana smiles in return.

“I agree…”

Alexandra is crying as she looks at Crystal.

“Thank you for including me… I am lost for words…”

Crystal shakes her head.

“Don’t be lost for words… Thank you for being there for me and sticking by me. No more hiding anything. It’s time to be out in the open about everything, and for all of us to live the happy life that we deserve…”

The three just look at one another. It is definitely one big happy scene as Crystal takes a seat at the table. The three smile as they start to enjoy their breakfast together.

Hello everyone this is Crystal Zdunich here. I know it has been quite some time since I have had the pleasure of having a match. The last time I was featured was in the main event of High Stakes. It was a triple threat match for the World Bombshell Championship. It was definitely quite the match and I poured everything into that match. At the end of the day however I just didn’t win and Amber managed to retain her championship.

Granted the selfishness in me wants to look at the fact that I wasn’t the woman pinned and there is still something inside of me that feels I need to have another chance at Amber Ryan. I won’t be able to move on until she beats me one on one in the middle of the ring. It pains me knowing the fact that I have worked so hard to really become something in the wrestling world. I have bust my ass to build my reputation as being one of the best of the best.

Yet nobody ever wishes to give me their respect. They immediately look down upon me. They don’t see the Hall of Famer and the woman who has won five World Championships in this company. All they ever see is a woman who is selfish and a woman who can be a bit of a glory hog and other stuff.

I understand that I am super passionate about things. I think what I don’t like going into Climax Control is the fact that SCW wants to know how do I feel about being named as a challenger for Amber Ryan.

You really wish to know how I feel?!

Truth be told I don’t want to be named as a challenger because that’s not my style. Never has been and certainly will be. I know Mercedes can sit on her high horse and try to spew off at the mouth about my business. How about she focuses on what she does and I focus on me.

If I become a challenger for something it’s because I have earned it. It’s because I have fought through everything and really stood out as the one to fight for the next big thing. That is how I wish to be in contention for something. I don’t need anything handed to me.

I know everyone will assume that I am angry and that everything should be solely focused on me but that’s not me. If anything the only thing I am mad about is the fact that I have been sitting on the sidelines since High Stakes. I was good enough to main event a show but I have been pretty much MIA since that big event.

I simply want a chance to shine! I want a chance to stand out ahead of everybody and I want to showcase my talents. That is all I ever wanted. This week on Climax Control I know for a fact that I get the chance to do exactly that. I will be stepping into the ring with Candy and she is a woman that I respect a lot. She is one of the sweetest women in all of the company and I am not saying that to make a pun. I truly mean that. She won most popular of the year and that just shows you how much she is loved by all of the masses.

That is an award that I know I would have a hard time at winning. However I didn’t come here to be loved. I didn’t come to this company to be focused on popularity. I came focused to win and simply be the best wrestler that I can, and I won’t let anybody get in the way of my goal at being such.

Candy is a very tough wrestler and I know at one point she was in a match of the year and she was a dominant Roulette Champion. I can respect those things but she needs to understand that I am at the point in my career where I am ready to get right back on track. I am ready to get back into the fray. I am ready to stand out and be somebody that people take seriously. It starts by getting past this first match and once I do I can go onward to other stuff.

So bring everything you got Candy but I assure you that it just won’t be enough. Nothing will ever stop this rose from blossoming…


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November 29th
Monday, 2021
Zdunich Manor

It had been an eventful weekend to say the least. Finally after months of dealing with a separation Crystal had finally returned home to her family. It had been apparent that she had been missed as the entire time that she had been gone. It truly as if the prodigal daughter had returned home. However as amazing as it was there was someone in that household that was going through a lot. Brayden had been through a lot since before Crystal’s disappearance. His wrestling career hadn’t been going in the direction that he really saw it going. Brayden had been lost since he had arrived in SCW. At first his career seemed promising. He had managed to secure some wins and was set to move in the right direction but lately it’s as if he had fallen from grace. He didn’t know what the issues were but what he did know is that he wasn’t the man that he was supposed to be, and he needed to figure out why.

It was the Monday of Crystal’s birthday weekend. In typical Crystal fashion especially since she hadn’t been around for about two months she had a lot of catching up to do. What a better way to do so than by making sure her 34th birthday was special. It was Monday and it was a big family day as everybody sat by the pool. Seleana was working the grill. Alexandra was taking time to play with Aurora. Crystal was showboating wearing a long sash that read “Birthday girl” along with a tiara on her head. Brayden just sat on the side with a can of soda in his head. Next to him was his lovely wife Sofia with baby Isabella sleeping peacefully in her arms. She shakes her head as she looks over at her husband.

“What’s wrong Mi Amore?! Ever since we got here you haven’t said a word. You haven’t been eating. It’s as if you don’t want to be here. Is everything okay?!”

Brayden slowly lifts his head up as he looks back at his wife. He takes a long deep breath before shrugging his shoulders.

“To be honest not really Sofia, I don’t feel very happy right now. I know mom just got back and I should really appreciate that it took a lot of strength to admit that she was wrong and return back to the ones she loves but I feel she needs to be there for me. I am not okay… I need her, and I am going through so much right now…”

Sofia nods her head as she keeps rocking Isabella.

“Well why don’t you tell her that. I know your mom can be a bit overwhelming at times but she’s not a mind reader babe. You can’t expect her to know exactly what it is you are going through. You have to communicate and really learn how to share your heart…”

Brayden opens his eyes in amazement as he looks back at her.

“Open my heart?! I appeared in her life last year because I wanted to know mom. I wanted to be in her life. I did exactly what I was supposed to do. I got close to her, Brittany, and even Seleana. I get that she just got back and I respect that. She needs time to bond with her loved ones again and showcase how much she loves them. However you don’t think I have those same needs as well?! Brittany and I haven non-stop arguing with one another ever since she decided to throw that little temper tantrum in that other wrestling company and put her hands on Seleana. My wrestling career hasn’t been anywhere close to where it should be…”

Sofia shakes her head as she looks deeply into Brayden’s eyes.

“No… Your career hasn’t been where it needs to be ever since they put you in the ring with Fenris and you have been complaining and beating yourself over it.”

Brayden thinks about it for a few moments before he sighs and looks right at his wife.

“You damn right I haven’t been same because of it. It’s because I felt SCW was trying to fucking bury me. I came into the company with such promise. I was on a winning streak. I picked up some steam and truly was somebody that fans could watch for the future. However I never once got that respect. After two fucking matches… Just two I immediately get Fenris shoved down my throat. That is surely a one way trip into getting buried. I know I didn’t deserve that but apparently that’s what I get?! Bullshit…”

Sofia shrugs her shoulders as she just sighs in return.

“You are acting like a little kid and you can’t be like that.

Off Camera
Love And Hope Support Group
Las Vegas, Nevada

It had been one week since Todd Williams had set up his ex-wife Crystal Zdunich to go to a domestic abuse and violence support group. Crystal and Todd were now here for a second session. The first session had gotten a little intense with Todd admitting to Crystal that he was sorry for all of the abuse that he had put her through. Crystal didn’t want to admit it but thinking about it all. Todd abusing her had a huge impact on Crystal. It may not have seemed like it but 17 years of abuse would only go on to affect Crystal for years to come. It explained why she was always impulsive, why she always felt the need to be accepted, and why she would hurt so many others. As the saying goes hurt people end up hurting other people and her failed 5 marriages was definitely a true sign of that statement. Today Crystal wasn’t hiding anything as she came as herself. There was no wig to hide her identity or even glasses. She sat in the middle of the group as she looked around. Lisa the facilitator of the group looked at Crystal offering her a smile.

“Thank you so much for returning Carmen…”

Crystal however shakes her head as she looks back at everybody in the group. She takes a long deep breath as she replies back.

“My name is Christina… However you can call me Crystal for short. I just want to say Todd couldn’t be here tonight. He has to spend time with his current wife and family, but I am appreciative that he was able to bring me here last week. If you don’t mind I think I would like to share some stuff with the group…”

Julie one of the other abused women just nods her head in agreement before Lisa nods in return.

“By all means you can share whatever is on your heart. Like we told you the week before this is a no judgment zone. Whatever you are going through let it be known that we are here to give you an open ear. We all have been through some traumatic events so you don’t have to feel afraid. We are all in the same boat…”

Crystal nods her head as she looks around before she looks at all of the other women and finally begins to speak.

“First and foremost I just want to offer an apology to the entire group. Last week I really was afraid to be here. I was scared that you all might have judged me. Sometimes all of this is overwhelming. I am a wrestling superstar. One of the biggest names in the world, a major actress, but I have always dealt with people coming down hard on me. I often feel like I have to put up a façade because I don’t want people to see my true feelings and how vulnerable I can be… I feel like if I don’t put up that façade people will attack me or…”

Juliet shakes her head as she places a hand over Crystal’s.

“Christina we wouldn’t judge you. In here we don’t see you as the person you might try to portray on television, wrestling or however the entertainment world might view you. We see a woman just like us. One who has been abused and has been through the same stuff that we have…”

Lisa nods her head.

“Exactly… In here you are one of us, and we are a family who have each other’s backs so don’t worry about anything. Go ahead Christina. Just share your heart and we will be here to listen…”

Christina nods her head as she looks back at the group taking a long deep breath as she shares more of her heart.

“To be honest last week was really eye opening to me. I didn’t realize that there were people out there who had gone through what I have gone through. When my ex-husband stood in front of this group and told everyone that he was sorry for abusing me I honestly never thought of anything in that light before. I never saw myself as a woman who was abused. However as he broke it down and as you guys broke down that domestic abuse has many forms I guess I had gone through my share of hurt. It took real courage for him to basically share how his life was and what type of an abuser he was to me… After he apologized to me I knew I had to forgive him. I can’t hold onto that grudge forever…”

Crystal sighs as she looks to everyone in the room as she begins to speak some more.

“However it would be unfair for me to let him take all of the responsibility of what I have been through because I feel there’s so much more than just that, especially when it involves me. I never realized it but I can finally stand here and tell all of you that I have been an abuser to just about everybody in my life. It hasn’t been physical but I have spread a huge share of emotional abuse to everybody who has been in contact in me…”

Crystal chokes up as she stands there. Tears begin to flow from her eyes as Julie begins to hug Crystal tightly. Julie speaks to Crystal.

“So why do you feel you abuse people?!”

Christina thinks about it before she looks around the room and continues to speak some more.

“I abuse people because…. Because… I guess… No… I abuse people because I want to feel a sense of power of control. If I can use people to fuel my own agenda I know that I won’t get hurt. I know that I will get what I want and it guards me from getting hurt. It was never my intention to be a manipulative Bitch. It just happened because of how much I have been hurt. All of that hurt led to me constantly changing and doing whatever to be accepted or noticed….”

Christina looks at everybody before she takes a long deep breath and speaks more.

“That’s how I always treated everybody but then there’s my current wife Seleana. I honestly don’t know what or why she chooses to stay by me so much. I feel like since we got together I have been living a lie. Did I really want to be with her when my friend Stacy introduced me to her?! To be honest no… At the time I was just upset because my husband at the time Jonathan wasn’t giving me the attention I thought I deserved. I wanted all of the attention. I wanted to be the center of attention and wanted the spotlight. Quite often I felt like he ignored me so instead of being ignored I indulged in meeting this tall drink of water. Not because I really wanted to be with her but to fit a need of being with someone just so I wasn’t alone…”

Crystal shakes her head as she can’t help but let more tears roll down her cheek.

“She had filled a need but little did I know that she would fall deeply in love with me. I promised her the world. We were supposed to be a tag team in our wrestling profession and I never really lived up to that word. We eventually got married and shortly after we did I physically abused her just so I could advance my own career.”

Lisa just nods her head as she keeps her eyes locked on Crystal.

“And why did you do that exactly?!”

“To be honest I don’t know. I guess I was just selfish. I just wanted things for myself. However despite what I put her through she never gave up on me. She never gave up on the marriage, and I just don’t know why?! She stuck it through. I have broken her heart on so many different occasions. I cheated on her, I turned on her but she always just took it. She accepted my children as her very own and at the end of the day she has been holding out for me. It’s like all she can see is the best version of me and I don’t know why…I don’t see the same stuff in me that she does…”

Lisa looks back at Crystal as she replies back.

“You ever consider it’s because through everything she really loves you… She knows that deep down beneath everything she sees a woman who is strong. Instead of trying to go about pushing her away or trying to showcase this sense of power have you ever considered that you could allow yourself to be vulnerable to her?! That same emotion that you shared with the group is what you should be showing to her…I can’t speak for her because I don’t know her but just basing off what I have seen with similar cases. She just wants you to open up your feelings to her. Have you expressed them?!”

Crystal sighs shrugging her shoulders.

“Not really… I mean I might have tried to force certain emotions or hide them. I gave Seleana some bull crap but I wasn’t really giving her sincere emotions. They were just emptiness and to be honest she doesn’t deserve it. She deserves better. These past couple of months have been the worst for me. The entire world has been clamoring for Seleana to be freed. They wanted her to walk away from her captive to shed herself from the abuser. Pride is definitely a Bitch because Lord knows I never want to agree with anyone. However after really looking at what Seleana has been through she shouldn’t be tied to a leech who will suck her dry. She deserves better than that. In my heart I know she wouldn’t walk away so that’s why I chose to leave…”

Crystal lets more tears roll down her cheek as she looks at the camera.

“I chose to step away from her and my daughter. So now she is left to be a single parent while I am here talking to all of you in hopes of trying to get better. So go on and tell me what I want to hear. Tell me how awful I am as a person! Tell me how I don’t deserve her and this is for the best…”

Everybody in the room just looks at Crystal as she begins to get even more emotional. She takes a long deep breath as she looks at everyone in return. However Julie just looks right at Crystal.

“That is just the hurt in you speaking and there’s nothing wrong with that. Let me ask you a question, and it’s an honest one at that. How do you personally feel about Seleana. If she was right here what would you say to her?!”

Crystal has more tears flow down her cheek as she replies.

“I would tell her that I don’t know how she has been able to put up with me so much. I would tell her that I am definitely not good for her. I am too self-centered and no matter how many times she forgives me it’s a cycle that never seems to stop. All I do at the end of the day is hurt her. She needs to get off of this train and really do better for herself. She has great friends who love her. Friends who give her the best advice and perhaps she should choose their opinions over my own. As far as how I personally feel about Seleana?! I love her with all of my heart. She is my entire everything. She is my heart, and without her I feel my world would self-destruct. I would give up anything and everything for things to work out between us. She is the most important thing in my life. Sometimes it is really hard to gauge that but it shouldn’t have even been a question. It has always been her…”

Crystal takes a deep breath as she shares more.

“I have been divorced five times now and in every other circumstance everybody else has always walked away. Not Seleana though… She has stuck it through and I guess that what makes her the most desirable. I want her… I need her… and I know I can’t afford to lose her…”

Christina breaks down more. All of the women stand up as they begin to hug her tightly. Julie hands her a box of tissues as she reaches out to her.

“I know it must be tough to acknowledge the truth but there’s no mistake that you definitely love Seleana and at the end of the day she loves you. I know it was a very tough decision to give up the very thing you love but you did so to better yourself. You want to become better so you can be a better woman for everybody in your life. However just keep taking these steps to do the right thing because in the long run it’s going to help you out in ways you couldn’t even fathom. Seleana definitely loves you and the fact that she has stuck by you for this long clearly showcases that. You said something earlier that caught my attention and I want to ask you a really honest question…”

Crystal nods her head.

“Sure go ahead… At this point I am willing to answer anything…”

“Okay… I know how much your career means to you before you were talking to us wearing a wig because you didn’t want this to hurt your reputation. You didn’t want it to tarnish anything close to your legacy. That tells me that it means a lot to you. Add in the fact that you told us that you basically betrayed your wife to further your career and it’s easy to tell you like the status and the reputation. If you had to choose between your wife and your career which one would you choose?!”

Crystal looks at everyone in the group as she wipes the tears out of her eyes and seems confident.

“It’s not even a question… A few years ago I would have chosen myself but that’s not the case anymore. The answer is always going to be my wife. After what she has continuously done to support me and my family, I can’t go against her. Sometimes it’s hard to figure it out. Why should I go against the one person who is always on my side no matter what?! I have always focused on doing things for the wrong people.  Why try to do things for the support of a majority that will never accept me when there is always going to be one loyal one that’s always there since day one. The same loyal one who will be there for the rainy days as well as enjoy the sunny days?! I love Seleana and I would trade the luxuries, the legacy, and everything for her. It’s not even a question in my mind and it’s not even close. My wife is everything to me…”

All of the women in the room begin to clap their hands in unison as they look right at Crystal. Lisa slowly replies back.

“Good… You know that the most important thing to you is your wife. Being able to leave your wife and your child to get better was a very hard first step but now there’s an even harder step left out there for you to do. You have to go about confronting your wife and telling her face to face what you told us here. Let her know how much she means to you. Assure her that things are getting better and that you are in it for the long run. I feel if you really have a serious heart to heart with her things are going to be better than you imagined and your relationship will be in an even better place. Share your heart and just tell her how you feel… You won’t get anywhere by locking away your emotions. Let her be part of your life. Showcase why she is loved and why you love her so much…”

Crystal just looks at Lisa giving her advice. Lisa was right. This group session was very therapeutic for her. As much as she hated being in this group she felt somewhere that she could actually fit in. Crystal looks around at all of the other women as she can’t help but smile at them.

“Thank you so much for accepting me. You have no idea how much these sessions mean to me. I never expected that I would open up quickly but I feel like it’s really helping me in the right areas…”

Crystal grins but Lisa just stands there looking back at her.

“You aren’t done though. This is only the beginning. If possible you should invite Seleana to come here. It would be good to hear her side of the story. Maybe we can even go further and get you two counseling so you could air everything out. Change is something that doesn’t happen overnight Christina. It takes time… The only reason why any of us have become strong in this room is because we all took our time in trying to get better. This is not something you want to rush. The more you invest into getting better is the more positive results it’s going to have in the long run. Trust any of us. We have been through this entire process. We are definitely here for you and we won’t go anywhere. Now that you are part of our family we will help you in the areas that you need the most. We are family and we got your back…”

Crystal could only take it all in as all of the women in here continued to hug her. They did have a point. Perhaps everything she has ever done has always been for a quick fix. This time she would actually listen to the advice. Slow and steady would get her what she wanted and she wasn’t going to fuck this up. She couldn’t mess it up because that would mean she would damage her marriage, and she was tired of doing that… She loved being part of a group. There was only one thing she needed to do. She had to confront Seleana and finally be able to share how she truly felt…

Long behold… I guess this is finally it. This is what everybody has been waiting for. We are walking into the biggest show of the entire year. It doesn’t get any bigger than that of High Stakes and honestly I am starting to feel a little better about myself. it definitely has been a long six months since I long my World Bombshell Championship. I have definitely have gone through my share of personal shit. Shit that I wish I could rewind the tape and do it all over again.

It has been a year of building myself to being at the very top of the wrestling world at the top of the year only for it to be taken away because my head wasn’t in the game. When I say not in the game it has nothing to do with my actual wrestling ability but it has everything to do with my life outside of it. I know in the past I have always told the world some type of bullshit that it has never affected it. I would put on a façade along with a costume change and a different make up job. I would slap on a new name to make me feel good about myself but it never gave me the peace of mind that I was looking for.

The truth is at the end of the day it was a case of me being the same old, same old, and it’s a mindless and endless cycle. However as I glance at things I can finally be sincere and admit that I am a self-centered, egotistical little bitch. Yes I am a Prima Donna and things should revolve around me. I won’t sit here and try to deny that because that’s who I been and it’s who I ever been.

However I realize I have a problem when I have been showcasing that attitude to everybody around me including my very own wife. It isn’t right and it only took me three years to finally figure that out. Instead of trying to fight against my biggest supporters I should have been embracing them. We should have been celebrating together and that is definitely my fault. I have treated Seleana horribly. That is why I knew I had to walk away because I had to fix this shit so I can be better.

When I look at our relationship I realize that the two of us have a relationship that is similar to that of Hamilton and Eliza. I can’t help but feel that I am the Alexander Hamilton in this wrestling company. I am always ready to take my shot. I am always ready to get my way and in order to clear my own name, ego, and legacy I am willing to tarnish my own marriage to get what I want. It’s sad because I shouldn’t be out there trying to “burn” everything for my own needs and satisfaction. I should be a team player. However Seleana is definitely my Eliza. She’s definitely the woman I don’t deserve. She won’t be quick to listen to what the world wants for our relationship.

Instead she will keep her feelings and what happens in our marriage to herself. If she has an issue she will personally showcase it to me in private because she refuses to let any outsider destroy the sanctity of our marriage. That is definitely a strength I don’t have and I love my wife for it.

However my legacy is EVERYTHING to me and I will do whatever it takes to maintain. So now that I am glaring at this triple threat match for a chance to become the World Bombshell Championship I feel like my legacy is once again being attacked. I feel I am being disrespected and that is something that I definitely have an issue with. Everybody always wishes to talk me down but I am to be respected. I have earned my rightful place in this company. You can talk as much shit as you want like I am the odd woman out, or that I am the weak link but people seem to forget that there was a time where I put this company on my back, and I will damn near always put it on back because I love being here.

After looking over everything I have come to realize that I don’t NEED the belt to be a main stay in this company. I have worked my ass off to gain that status because I am a workhorse and I am always willing to put it all on the line. The same is true especially when it comes to competing at this very event. You can say whatever you wish about my but I am always on this show. Hell this would be the third World Bombshell Championship match that I have competed in at this very event.

People tend to come and go when it comes to SCW. Some people might be a revolving door with how much they go in and out but I am consistent. Since I came here I have made this my main company and I wouldn’t trade that for anything in the world. Even when I wasn’t competing I still was around as a personal assistant to Mark because I loved every aspect of being here.

However despite what I put in people don’t seem to respect what I do?! I don’t need any of your acceptance because I know what I bring to the table and I know how good I am. Roxi ever since they were deciding what to do when it came to this match you have been saying the same thing over and over again. You are putting the blame on you for me being here. Had you been quicker I wouldn’t be in this match right now?! BULL TO THE FUCKING SHIT…

You should know by now that I definitely go down swinging to the very end. I always bring it and despite all of that bullshit you love to spew out of your mouth how I have been sitting on my ass and chasing after different accomplishments. The truth of the matter is I have ALWAYS earned my spot. I am stuck and tired of the notion that I don’t earn anything. I am the woman who earned her first world title opportunity in this very company by pinning Vargas in 2015 who was the number 1 contender for Mikah’s title at the time. Hell because I beat her right before the event I basically inserted and EARNED my way into that High Stakes main event!

Hell I earned another shot after that by winning Blast From The Past, and even after losing that Christian gave me a title shot because he said despite me acting like a total Bitch the truth was I didn’t get my rightful ONE ON ONE SHOT! Need I have to explain how me and Seleana won a strange bedfellows match to get another shot, how I earned my way into the chamber and so on?! Not everybody can have the luxury of leaving a company like YOU did and immediately being handed a world title match in their first match back despite doing anything to get that?!

But hey if the shoe fits wear it or it’s always okay to throw Crystal’s past in her face but God forbid she calls somebody else on their shit. It might get old having to deal with the past. Things might seem be the case of the same old shit but the best thing about the past is that we can learn from our previous mistakes.

So it might get irritating to be in this position but it’s also bullshit that you want to have this wet dream fulfilled of you stepping in the ring with Amber again. Didn’t you get your shit rocked before?! What difference can a year really make?! Back then she wasn’t as good as she is now. She was merely getting her feet wet in this company and she still beat you.

This year she has beaten the entire list of who’s who in this company. She has gone through everybody and she is better than she has ever been, and you think you are really that hero who is going to rise up to stop her?!

No I highly doubt that… I am going to be honest with you. I love you. You are a friend and sometimes a hard dose of the truth hurts but what makes you think you even have what it takes to make it to that championship level anymore?!

You can blame yourself for me being close to the championship but while you are at it you can also blame yourself more than just that because title reign number four came at YOUR EXPENSE SO TAKE THAT HEAT TOO… While you are at it blame your wife as well because she’s responsible for title reign number 5… I Earned that by my own merit. So for you to say that I don’t deserve to be here basically discredits anything YOU have done because YOU are the one that hasn’t been able to beat me in a while. It’s not the other way around nor has it been for quite some time.

Even if I haven’t earned a single thing as people would put it if I get one of those title defenses that the bosses like to give during the midcourse of a cycle and I end up winning, that just means I was hungry for that moment. You need to always be on your game and that is me in a nutshell. I am sick and tired of people not taking me seriously?! I have appeared on six High Stakes. Three of them championship matches, one of them inducted into the Hall of Fame. One of them I won woman of the year and most improved. One of them I was beating the hell up out of a red hot Andrea Hernandez and people wish to have the audacity I don’t deserve to be here?!

Fuck off… I earned my spot here because I am a go getter. I am always going out on all cylinders and I will always continue to do so. You Roxi are good. You are worthy of your spot but don’t try to act like I don’t belong here. I have to applaud you because I know being the hero isn’t an easy thing to do. You have to do everything in your power to worry about the entire world. You have to try to be this symbol to everybody and you do things for the greater good.

Honestly I can’t do that… I haven’t been good at that role. If I tried to be a hero it would be for the intention of wanting to be accepted. It would take a lot of sacrifice on my part and I just can’t do that. Hell I wouldn’t last a week in your shoes and I am being honest. You want to know why and I can be honest. It’s because I am too selfish for any of that.

Why worry about the entire world when I am out for one simple thing out of this wrestling business. I want to be the very best, and I want to be like no one ever was. That’s not to sound like a Bitch or anything but it’s something my wife knows. She knows that I take wrestling very seriously and in the spirit of competition I am willing to pull out every single stop.

That’s why I get so worked when people are quick to write me off like I am not good. That’s why I do walk around with a chip on my shoulder when people don’t even have me as one of the top five best bombshells ever in this company. They want to wish people like Mikah, Delia, Vixen, and sleep in peace Misty. However I take offense is because when they all wish to take their leave out of this company only to return like years later. I am the one that is still going. I am still fighting with everything I have and I will continue to do so until I physically am unable to do.

Wrestling is what I love and I might be all over the place outside of the ring. I might try to find an identity and it gets frustrating having to watch this same movie over and over. However when I step in that ring I have an identity. I have a place and in my eyes its home.

You don’t feel what I feel because your home is just about everywhere else. Your home is being a hero, the place you your warmth is behind a set of drums or constantly showcasing how much of a musical knowledge you have by drumming all types of songs. That is who you are, or maybe giving a shit about wrestling if it involves getting a potential dream match with your wife, or Amber, or whoever.

It honestly sounds like waiting on a pipe dream. It’s like you are part of some boxing commission and you are trying to hold out to get the fight that will eventually pay you.

That’s not my style and it’s crazy because you would think that being the Hollywood type that definitely would be me. It would be all about the flashiness, the star power and etc. I don’t wait on pipe dreams. I am the type that is ready to step into the ring with mandatories. It may come across as boring but I am ALWAYS fighting, and always ready to fight whoever. I don’t give a damn if it’s Seleana in that ring, a close friend, or whoever. I simply just want to fight.

People which include you always feel the need to try to bring me down about changing so much but if you really look at it. I am trying to fine craft what I do for the wrestling world. It’s all about switching it up for the ring. If that gives you more than enough ammo to take shots at me like I am a firing target at a range by all means you can thank me later. I would rather give people something to talk me down instead of acting like the actual wrestling is second nature in all of this.

The acting, the movies, the gamer girl… It don’t mean anything but what I do in this ring… That’s what I live by. Go stick to saving the world, or playing drums. I will focus on my passion of wrestling.

However it’s not just Roxi that is out there in that ring. I also have Amber Ryan to worry about and I know for a fact that Amber Ryan is gunning to take me down once again. She is ready to spill blood and she is willing to do whatever is needed to defend a title.

Good… That’s the type of energy I want you to bring. I want all of that smoke and I damn sure want you at your best because when I beat you and Roxi in the ring. I don’t want there to be any excuse on why you lost to me. Am I feeling confident right now?!

Damn right I am… Amber Ryan before you even came to SCW I always had my eye on you. I remember when you were in Carnage and you held their World Championship. I knew for a fact that you definitely a tough bitch. You were among the best of the best in the world. I wanted you to come to this company. While many were eager because they wanted to see you step into the ring to finally face Roxi Johnson, and I will admit I definitely did my share of egging that on.

It had nothing to do with you facing Roxi. To be honest I didn’t really care about any of that. I know I poked fun at Roxi and I basically was putting you over to be this huge fucking threat and it got her a little miffed because she’s my friend. Truth be told the only reason why I wanted you to come to SCW was because I wanted to face you myself. I wanted to be in the ring with the best of the best. You don’t get anywhere by fighting the same old competition because if you do that your skills won’t improve.

Instead you need to challenge people who are better than you because that’s how your own reputation gets better. The moment you finally signed with SCW I knew it would only be a matter of time before we would have our exchange in the ring.

I honestly never thought it would come at the expense of you beating me down after I won my fifth World Championship. If you wanted a title match all you really had to do was ask me and I would have been quick to give you a shot. Hell that was the plan all along. I was going to call you out anyway because I knew that you deserved a title opportunity.

That has always been who I am. When I beat Roxi for my fourth title I immediately called out Andrea because she had just beaten me on the Super Card prior. I know she felt upset when I beat Roxi but you can count on me to make it right because that’s the type of champion I am and the one I have always been.

Have I won the title on five different occasions?! You damn right I have, and quite often my reigns don’t really last long. You have some people like Alicia Lukas who will gloat over the fact that they have SET RECORDS and accomplish so much but then again when you try to stat pad your reign by trying to call out people who haven’t won matches in a while and try to put on a fake façade saying that they were tough defenses it comes across as bullshit to me.

That’s not my style, and if I win something and truly want to cement myself as the best that’s when I wish to fight the Mikahs, the Evie Jordan’s, the Amber Ryan. That is the level of competition that I wish to fight as a champion. If I can’t make it past them then that means I didn’t deserve that reign in the face place. At least I knew I went out on my sword against the best the company had and I have no issue with that.

Hell five title reigns and I lost to Melody Grace, Evie Jordan, Mikah, Andrea Hernandez, and you… I would say I definitely did my job as champion despite what people might think. Amber Ryan I respect the shit out of you and I know you are perhaps the biggest threat to the division but I also know that the last time we fought I wasn’t focused like I should have been. I know my mind was on trying to play mind games and in the end that was my own undoing.

That’s on me and I accept that but now in this encounter the roles have definitely been reversed. You are the prey and I am the hunter. Roxi wants to make this simply about the two of you, in your head you rather wish this was between the both of you. So that tells me that you are already writing me off like I don’t belong here. When I hear stuff like that it fuels me just to prove you both wrong. I will be the biggest threat to your title and this match because I know how much this means to be. Last time I had my eyes on what happened with my daughter, and it caused issues between Seleana and her friends.

How could I let my immune compromised daughter be at ringside?!

How could I do this or how could I do that?!

People kept hammering me with question after question. It was followed up by the Free Seleana tweets among other things. I was all over the place, but this time I actually stepped away from my wife and my child. My focused is on one thing.

That being to step in this match and to showcase what I have already done on five different occasions. I am out here to prove why I am the best bombshell in this company and why I should never be overlooked. You have all of the talent in the world Amber but when that bell rings you will know how dangerous I truly am. Through hell or high water I will be respected and you will know that Crystal Zdunich is definitely the woman to beat in this company.

Win, lose, or draw I know for a fact that three of us will go to war in that ring. When that bell rings the world will be treated to a main event the definitely will not be able to forget. A lot is on the line here but seeing as I have come this far I might as well take the most of this opportunity and win.

Whatever happens I am happy to be in this spot. I have earned this place and after High Stakes it will be about working things out with Seleana going into the new year.

It’s show time ladies. Let’s put on a match that nobody will ever forget…

Consider this your curtain call… Take a bow. It’s time to roll the credits on this once and for all, and to finally showcase to you both and the entire world why I am the best of the best. Nothing will ever stop this rose from blossoming… 



Off Camera
Las Vegas, Nevada

A few weeks had gone by since Crystal Zdunich had decided to move out of her home walking out on her wife and adopted daughter. Her life was now in that of being alone at her friend Zoey Madigan-Star’s apartment. Crystal had been an emotional mess. As much as she didn’t want to admit it she had missed Seleana and Aurora. Deep down she wanted to go back home. She wanted to hold her beautiful wife in her arms. She wished she could hug her daughter Aurora and tell her how much she loved her. She however knew she couldn’t go back. Going back wouldn’t change anything. Even though Zoey did everything in her power to try to reach out to her she just couldn’t accept the words. It would always be a case of the same old stuff. Crystal would force a half willed apology just to feel loved, and it wouldn’t be long before things were right back to where they were.

It was a dark and vicious cycle without any signs of ending. That is why she knew she had to walk away from her loved ones even though it hurt so much. This wasn’t meant to make Crystal feel well but it was out of protection for their sake. Zoey’s apartment was a complete wreck since Crystal had taken residency there. There were tubs of barely eaten melted ice cream all over the place. Garbage was all over the floor. If Zoey had walked in she would have had a heart attack. Where was Crystal in the middle of all of this mess?! She was in the bathroom. Crystal took a long glance at her reflection in the mirror.

She shook her head in disgust as she looked at her body. Despite all of the ice cream everywhere it’s as if she had barely touched them. She slowly took a step onto a scale. She waited patiently until it’s bright light illuminated the bathroom, the digital screen read 107 lbs. That is when Crystal backed away as she sighed in disgust.

“Damn it… Another three pounds… I got to do something. This isn’t good… I have to eat. I can’t let this bother me as much as it is… Get a hold of yourself Christina you can do this…”

Christina made her way back towards the living room. She knew she should have been in a better physical state but it was hard with the way she was feeling. She throws herself back onto the couch as she pulls out her cellphone.

“I wonder how my granddaughter is doing. I bet she really misses her Abuelita…”

Crystal cycles through Sofia’s social media page in hopes of seeing some pictures of her granddaughter when there is a knocking at the door. Crystal is taken back as she didn’t expect to receive any guests. As a matter of fact she didn’t even tell anybody where she was at. Unless you count the way she tweeted that she was staying at Zoey’s apartment but that’s neither here or there. The knocking got louder and louder to the point as it almost sounded like somebody wanted to break in. Crystal pulls herself off of the couch as she stands up proudly.

“JUST GIVE ME A FUCKING MINUTE!!! I will answer the door when I get there!!!!”

Crystal is very sluggish as she finally begins to move and she heads towards the door. Different thoughts ran through her head as to who might be standing on the opposite end of it. Perhaps it was her friend Farrah who was hoping to have some shopping therapy with Crystal. Maybe it was Danielle Weston hoping the two of them can just have a day to themselves or maybe it was Seleana telling Crystal that through everything she forgave her. Crystal finally makes it to the door. She doesn’t bother to look through the peephole as she just swings the door open. However the person standing on the opposite end wasn’t anybody she was expecting. Instead she is treated to a dark skinned man with long hair smirking at her. He stares at her from head to toe before he shakes his head in disgust.

“Damn you look like complete shit Crystal. What happened because you certainly don’t look like the woman I remember?! Well at lease the woman that was married to me…”

That arrogant cocky response could only come from one man. It was that of her first love, her first husband and the father of her kids Todd Williams. Todd chuckled as he continued looking at her as he peeked inside glaring at the apparent mess that was all over the place.

“Damn what the fuck happened in this place. It really looks like a pif lives here…”

Crystal crosses her arms as she glares right into his eyes. A deep breath escapes her lips as she sighs in return.

“Whatever… Who invited you and how in the hell did you know where I was to begin with. I honestly thought it would be somebody worthwhile knocking at the door. I never expected to see you here…”

Todd however enters into the apartment as he just shakes his head with a sigh. His eyes never leave off of her as he tries everything in his power to reach out to her.

“Take it easy Crystal. As much as it might seem like it. I really didn’t come here to annoy you. I honestly came here because I wanted to help you. When I saw those tweets of you separating from Seleana, and walking out on Aurora I just felt like I had to talk to you. Especially considering that you were staying here. I know you better than yourself and I just knew that no matter how much you tried to sound strong that definitely wasn’t the case…”

Crystal just sighs as Todd nods his head looking around.

“I am actually glad I got here when I did. This place is a fucking wreck. More importantly than that you look like a wreck. Tell me Crystal you haven’t been eating have you?!”

Crystal shrugs her shoulders as she looks at the condition of Zoey’s apartment. She can’ help but sigh in return as she looks around. As much as she hated to admit it she did enjoy having somebody visit her, even if it was in the form of her former husband. She could only nod her head in agreement as she finally replied back to him.

“I really haven’t been eating. I know you could tell I look like shit. I lost eight pounds in a span of three weeks and it’s sickening. I thought I could at least drown out some of my depression in the form of ice cream but no matter how many tubs I buy and try to take tastes of them. They just don’t taste right. It’s making me sick. I can’t sleep and I can’t eat. I miss her Todd… I miss all of them. I want to go back but I just feel that if I do i am just going to make the same mistake like I always do. It’s an awful cycle and I want it to stop. Seleana deserves better than that. Aurora deserves better and I don’t want to abuse them…”

Crystal is at the verge of tears but Todd however just shakes his head as he keeps his eyes locked on her.

“You don’t have anything to be sorry for. What you did was the hardest first step that you have ever made in your entire life. I know it may not seem like it but how many times have you honestly been able to say that you truly made a mistake?! I don’t ever remember you having the strength to walk away and claim that you need help. That’s definitely a big step. I know that you and I have definitely had our long share of issues. However it’s issues that the both of us have created. We have children together and if you are upset because Brittany has grown up to be a reflection of both of us. That isn’t all on you. It would be unfair for you to carry that cross on your own when the two of us raised that girl. On top of that there’s Brayden and even if he was put up for adoption which I didn’t even have an idea about. The fact is he is still our son…”

Todd looks right into her eyes as he continues sharing his heart.

“We created them together and it’s OUR problem. So it might be best if we deal with them together. You think your biggest issue is the fact that you are an abuser?! Well guess what how did you even get to that position. You just didn’t wake up one day and decide that is who you wanted to become. It had to come from somewhere. I know I am definitely part of the blame for that…”

Crystal shakes her head.

“Todd you can’t say that…”

Todd however nods his head sighing.

“But I definitely can. This story of ours has been going for twenty long years and it ranges ever since I moved to Detroit and forced my problems on you. There’s so much stuff we both went through. I know it sucks and it is definitely a very fucked up situation. However what sucks more is to make the hardest decision of your life and be forced to go through it alone. Being alone will only lead to depression and furthermore it will lead to this…”

Todd points at the coffee table filled with the messy melted tubs of ice cream. He follows it up by pointing at her body.

“That’s only the beginning. It leads to loss of appetite, loss of sleep, and it’s going to lead you down a downward spiral to where you feel that suicide might be the only option to numb the pain. You don’t want to go through any of that, and you damn sure don’t want to even get to that level. Those people you worked so hard to protect will only be cut by a wound that will never be able to heal, and they will establish emotional baggage that they can’t be freed from. That is unfair and on top of that you don’t want to get to that level. We both have little Isabella to worry about. She is the future of the Williams and Hilton legacy. As dysfunctional as we might be we have to get our shit right for that little girl…”

Crystal nods her head in agreement as she looks back at Todd.

“I guess you do have a point. I would feel bad if my actions affected that sweet innocent girl. So what do we do now?!”

Todd looks at the door before he turns his attention back to her.

“Well that’s the reason why I decided to pick you up today Crystal. You feel your biggest issue is dealing abuse to those who you are supposed to love?! We are going to get help for it. I found this support group that deals with domestic abuse. It’s definitely a great step in the right direction and it will directly help you with the issue that you suffer the most from…”

Crystal rolls her eyes as she looks back at Todd.

“I am not going to a fucking support group. I might be a lot of things but I don’t want people to look at me as being this fucked up chick. I don’t want people to even recognize me. Could you imagine what tabloids and other things might say about me going to a…”

Todd raises his voice shaking his head.

“Crystal! This has nothing to do with your reputation. This is about trying to be a better person. Come on let’s go…It shouldn’t matter if people know who you are not. It’s a safe place and…”

Crystal quickly cuts him off.

“Fine I will go… Just let me go get cleaned up. After I do we can go through with this little support group…”

With that Crystal walks away going towards her bedroom, and that is when about an hour goes by. Crystal finally emerges out of the bedroom and she looks different. She is wearing a pair of glasses and is wearing a jet black wig.

“Okay I am ready…”

Todd stands there dumbfounded.

“Crystal… Why the look we are just going to a support group…”

“I told you Todd I don’t want people to know me… I just don’t want my issues coming out in the public. Just call me Carmen Martinez. I am from Mexico City, Mexico, and a new special agent for the FBI who just graduated from Quantico. At night time when I am undercover I am Catalina Lopez a woman who runs the cartel known on the streets as CAT THE GAT!”

Todd just shakes his head rolling his eyes as Crystal tries to offer a small smirk in return.

“Don’t look at me like that… It’s the name I always used when I go to the clubs and don’t want to be seen. It’s who I played on the Firm Wrestling company when it existed and…”

Todd just shakes his head again.

“Whatever let’s just go… I truly don’t think you get the concept of what it means to deal with your problems honestly or what a safe space truly is…”

With that the two of them walk out of the apartment as they head off towards a domestic violence support group.

Same Day
Hour Later
Love And Hope Support Group
Las Vegas

Todd and Crystal “Carmen” walk into a domestic violence support group. It seems to be in a community center of some sort. There is nothing flashy about this group. The two of them can see a group of about six people sitting around in a circle. Todd leads Crystal towards the group, and they find some empty chairs making sure to be part of the group. A woman that seems to be in her mid-thirties looks at the two newly joined people. She keeps her eyes on them as she begins to speak.

“Hello my name is Lisa Winters and I am the facilitator for this group. We are the Love and Hope Support Group and we are here to help you. I know it’s tough to deal with domestic violence but that’s why we are all here. We just want to support one another, and perhaps somebody’s story will touch you to the point where you will feel strong. You don’t have to feel obligated to talk. This is a safe space so anything that is said here will stay in this group. That’s the only one rule that we have…”

Crystal looks at everybody as her eyes move around from person to person within the room.

“Domestic violence, I don’t think I need this…I am sure all of you in here could use this but not me…I might have been through some stuff but I have never struck anybody… I know I said I was an abuser but I would never hit any of my loved ones…”

Crystal goes to stand up but nobody stops her. Instead a younger woman just sits there as her eyes shift over to Crystal and she begins to speak.

“My name is Julie and honestly that’s what I thought the first time I came here as well. I didn’t want to be here because my husband never once hit me. I thought physical abuse was the only type of abuse, but there’s so much more to it than just that. There’s financial abuse, there’s sexual abuse, there’s verbal abuse, there’s control and isolation, and the biggest one is emotional abuse.”

Crystal slowly takes a seat as she looks back at the woman.

“What do you mean by all of these forms of abuse?!”

Julie sits there just shaking her head as Lisa Winters finally begins to speak.

“Yes there are many different forms of abuse, and a lot of people in this group have dealt with various different forms of it. Financial abuse is when your partner has everything under their name, you have an allowance that’s unrealistic, or you aren’t allowed to work. Sexual abuse is obvious but you get forced to do things you don’t wish to do. Control and isolation is tough because your partner tries to isolate you from the rest of your loved ones and they try to control who you interact with. Most people don’t realize it but emotional abuse can be very devastating.”

Julie nods her head as tears stream down her face.

“I suffered the most from emotional abuse. My husband would constantly be excessively jealous over me. He would accuse me of infidelity yet I never once cheated on him. He would be the one who was so paranoid that he did it to me. He refuses to give me praise and appreciation. When he does want my attention that’s when he threatens to harm himself just to get me to notice. It’s a vicious cycle and it’s hard to break. So please just don’t make the assumption that physical abuse is the only form of domestic violence because there’s so much more to it than just that…”

Crystal sits there dumbfounded as she has no idea what to say. She can only think of all the ways that she had hurt Seleana. The way she tried to make her choose sides. The way she tried to get her attention by over the top antics. The signs were definitely there. Crystal’s biggest issue was the fact she is a major proponent of emotional abuse. She gets choked up as she looks at them. Crystal let’s tears run down her face and that is when Lisa walks over to her handing her a box of tissues.

“It’s okay to let it out… After all we are here to be a support group. It’s about learning and finding out ways to be strong. I don’t believe we caught both of your names…”

Todd just looks over at Crystal who takes he tissue wiping her tears away before forcing out a reply.

“My name is Chr…Crys….. Carmen… Carmen Martinez….This is my friend Todd sitting next to me. I do have a question and I guess it’s more for the abuser and not really about the victim. Why do people choose to commit domestic violence?! Where does it come from and what is it’s purpose…”

Lisa nods her head taking in the question as she replies as calmly as she can.

“No matter how you look at it domestic violence is always about control. It’s always about abusers using it as a way to gain power and control over the ones they are hurting. This type of violence can come from childhood trauma, or even witnessing domestic violence as a child. The abused don’t see it in the same way even though everybody else on the outside might simply want them to leave. However there are very difficult things that make it hard to just walk away…”

Lisa finishes speaking and Crystal just takes it all in. Todd however clears his throat as he looks at everyone in the room before speaking.

“Hello everyone my name is Todd Williams. I know this is Catalina’s and I’s first day at the group but I felt I just had to share some stuff. It really didn’t dawn on me until everything that all you had to say about domestic abuse and violence…”

Crystal raises her eyes as if to question what is he doing Lisa nods her head as she looks at him.

“It’s okay you are free to share here. That is what we are here for…”

Todd takes a deep breath as Crystal can only look at him in response.

“Anyway I can openly say that I have been a huge proponent of domestic abuse. These issues all range from the fact that I never got a chance to meet my mother. She died out of preeclampsia in giving birth to me. I was brought into this world with an older sister Jennifer who did nothing but hate me every single day. My father Roman couldn’t stand the sight of me. I was told that I look just like my mother and he hated me because of this. When he looked at me he could only see the woman I took away from him. I was called name after name. He hit me, he beat me, and it got bad to the point that he knew he was going to kill me. So at the age of 14 he sent me to live with my grandparents in Detroit… I…”

Todd begins to let tears run down his cheek as Crystal is actually taken back by what she sees. He is handed the tissue box as he speaks some more.

“Jennifer was also sent to live with me and it’s as if she was there to only torment me. It also didn’t help my father was a big time drug dealer so imagine being threatened at gunpoint as a teen…Detroit was definitely my escape and it’s where I tried to find my identity. It would be there where I met the love of my life in this girl named Christina Hilton but I gave her the nickname Crystal because of the way her eyes sparkled. She was one year younger than I but she truly was an angel. I loved everything about that girl. I felt I could share my heart with her and she would listen to my jokes along with every aspect of me. She was just there… She had dreams to become this big time softball pitcher for a big time college but I ruined all of that for her. I got her pregnant and I pretty much forced the troubles of my life on hers…”

Crystal opens her eyes in amazement never really hearing Todd speak like this before. She looks at him crossing her arms as he tries his best to continue speaking.

“So because of what I did she got pregnant at the age of 13. Having a kid at such an early age forced her to miss out on a promising future. She had to drop out of high school and instead of really trying to make her feel like she could graduate or get things together I basically told her that I would support her. I got her back. We eventually got married and that is when things got worse. I did nothing but create a toxic environment for her. I would beat her… I…”

Crystal lets tears flow from her eyes as she seems to be a ball of emotions as he keeps on sharing his heart.

“I would call her names. I got her into smoking weed, and drove her to alcohol. She had her own issues of being adopted by her aunt because she didn’t even know her father, and her biological mother was a brash and impulsive junkie and alcoholic. I know she told me that she didn’t want to be anything like her mother but I feel as if I drove her to become what she didn’t wish to become. Deep down as much as I suffered my abuse from a childhood I ended up becoming the man I hated. I became my father. I created a toxic environment for Crystal. When she asked me for a divorce as much as it pained me to let her go, I knew I had to because she deserved so much more. I really wish I could tell her how amazing she is. Now it pains me to see her now…”

Todd breaks down as he expresses more of his emotions.

“After how much abuse I put her through she has now become the abuser. The both of us got remarried to different spouses. As I see her with her spouse I know she has an amazing life. Things are absolutely well for her but I don’t want her to ruin what she has because of all of the abuse I put her through…”

Lisa nods her head as she looks at Todd.

“Don’t worry Todd. I know it pains you to go through this but you at least know you have a problem. One day you will be able to share this with her. I want you to do something for me, picture Crystal being in this room. If she was here looking right into her eyes tell her how you feel…”

Todd clears his throat nodding his head.

“I would tell her that I am sorry for what I put her through. Despite what I might have said to her or what the world might say. She is an amazing woman. She is a strong mother. She should be in a very happy place because she has an amazing wife who loves her. Whatever issues she has with our children we can conquer that together. She’s not in it alone. Even though we may not be married she is still my first love and I consider her my best friend. We are both grandparents now and it’s scary but we can get through it together. I am sorry for all of the pain Crystal and none of what you are going through is your fault. It’s all mine and you are now just passing along the same abuse that I passed onto you…”

Lisa looks at Todd as he uses more tissues to wipe his eyes.

“Beautiful… I know it was hard to get that. If Crystal was here I know she would forgive you…”

Everyone in the room begins to comfort Todd as best as they can and that is when Crystal just sits there for a few moments. She immediately stands up as she looks at everybody in the room. She snatches the black wig off of her head as she tosses it to the ground. She is a ball of emotions as tears steadily stream down her face.

“So that’s how it is?! Somebody speaks and you immediately think that the problems are going to go away just like that. You all don’t have any fucking clue how the world works. If you don’t know it by now my name is Crystal Hilton. You don’t get an apology overnight just because you asked for one. That’s not how the world works…”

Todd nods his head as he looks back at her and replies back.

“I know but more importantly you should know that as well. As much as you hurt Seleana or anybody else for that matter, and immediately ask for everything to go away with the snap of your fingers like Thanos snapping things out of existence… It takes time and…”

Crystal lets tears fall from out of her eyes as she can’t stop crying.

“No… I can’t accept your apology, and I just realize that I don’t have a problem! I am not an abuser. I can’t be an abuser… You know what FUCK ALL OF THIS I DON’T WANT TO HEAR THIS!!”

Crystal is hurt as she walks away from the group. Todd is left sitting there to cry to himself. Crystal walks out of the room and as soon as she does she slumps down against the wall and begins to cry. She does this for a few moments and it is at that moment when Lisa walks to where Crystal is with the tissue box.

“Are you okay Carmen?! Or would you prefer me to call you Crystal?!”

Crystal sobs as she continues to scream out loud to herself.

“I can’t believe I hurt her... I love Seleana she is my everything. I can’t think of a world without her. I separated from her three weeks ago to work on myself. I didn’t realize that I was a domestic abuser but after hearing just the small sample of what I heard. I know I have issues. I don’t want to hurt my loved ones… I want to be a better person…”

Lisa smiles.

“I know and that is what this group is about. We will help you get there. It won’t happen overnight Crystal but please just stay with the group so we can grow together. Maybe you would like some one on one sessions and I definitely could be an ear.”

“No…I mean yes… That sounds nice and I need it…”

Lisa nods her head.

“That’s always the hardest step. Admitting it and you have already done that three times by my count. You freed Seleana to better yourself. You chose to be here, and you are going to seek additional sessions. That’s a strong first step and you have nothing to be ashamed of… Come on why don’t we join the group. You have an ex-husband who just poured his heart out to you and he deserves to know that you appreciate it…”

The two of them walk back towards the group. They make their way into their chairs. Crystal looks right into Todd’s eyes as tears fall from out of her eyes.

“I forgive you Todd… I forgive you of what you did…”

So after a long wait it seems like we are finally here. I know a lot has been said leading up to this match but there’s no turning around from any of it at this point. It won’t be long until the three of us will walk into the World’s Most Famous Arena Madison Square Garden, and do battle for the biggest prize in all of SCW. The World Bombshell Championship is at stake and honestly the stakes couldn’t be any higher. The three of us are all warriors. We are women who wish to lay it all on the line to simply be the best of the best.

Ever since Roxi Johnson and I wrestled to a draw I have heard the words from both of my opponents. Roxi since that match has been vying for us to wrestle in a one on one match so that one contender could rise up to challenge Amber Ryan. In her eyes only the best should be more than ready to fight for the biggest prize in this business. In Amber’s eyes she just wanted this situation to be handled cleanly. To be frank she really doesn’t give a shit who she had to fight. In her eyes she knows that she is the best of the best so it’s just another chance to showcase why she is exactly in that position.

It’s just another day of business in her eyes and honestly who could blame her for feeling that way?! She damn sure has constantly proven time and time again that she is women’s wrestling and is the best that SCW has to offer. I know this triple threat match really wasn’t what she wanted. It presents a weird situation for her where she could lose her title without getting pinned. Definitely seems to be a messy situation if you ask me.

However there is one question on everybody’s mind and I know it might be a complex one. How does Crystal Zdunich about being able to compete in such a huge marquee match?! What is her position in the midst of all of this?!

Damn… That is complex and my mind has been so fucked up by what’s going on in my personal life. I won’t give you the same bullshit that I have given you all in the past because that’s just insanity. I have fucked up so many things over and over, and I know it becomes a tale of the same old song. If you want the raw complete truth I am thrilled that this match was made into a triple threat match. I am happy Mark Ward made that decision. If he didn’t I would have had to face Roxi Johnson in an eliminator match to prove who deserved to be here. If that was to happen I highly doubt I would have beaten her. She has been itching for this very moment for a year.

Waiting for the chance to get right back into the fray and to perhaps erase the results of the war that Amber and her put on last year. Roxi knows that Amber won that war last year but this could her chance to finally be that hero. This is her chance to liberate Amber of the championship and she can be at the top of the world as the best of the best. You have to respect that type of attitude. Roxi is a fighter to the end and she doesn’t hold back for anything.

It’s been a long time coming but I know the only thing on her mind is getting back the World Championship. She damn near has proven that she belongs here. She wants this more than I definitely do and has shown it. We might have fought to a draw to get here but she has gone the extra step and beaten Myra Rivers. Roxi is here and it is definitely well deserved. I know she is probably questioning my feelings on all of this and I am going to do something that is out of left field.

I am going to be honest with you Roxi… You are completely right about me. I know when it comes to dealing with me it always feels like you are walking on egg shells with me. You want to word things in a way that doesn’t necessarily offend me but you have your limits. I always wanted to deny it but you are right. I am a fucked up individual. I do have serious issues and you feel like you know me best. At the end of the day it’s always about the title, and not really about having the belt but the status that comes with it.

When I do things wrong I want you and the rest of the world to instantly turn a blind eye to it but that will never help me in the way that I want it too but it will only elad to me making the same mistakes over and over. It’s like I am a mouse trapped in a maze and the more I try to figure it out is the more I find myself stuck in the same loops. I just want to apologize because I have been a terrible friend to you. I put you through a lot of abuse and for that I wish one day you can accept my apology.

That was never my intentions. This past few weeks have been terrible for me, I am a complete wreck. I haven’t been eating, I haven’t been sleeping. I lost about ten pounds because I made the hardest choice I ever had to make in my life. I had to walk away from Seleana in order to better myself as a person. In these three weeks away from her I have now discovered what is the most important thing to me and no it’s not the title. As amazing as the title is and what it represents it’s only a material thing.

What is really important to me is the love I have for Seleana. My marriage is by far the most important thing to me and Seleana is definitely an angel. I will do anything in my power to keep that. Roxi you want the truth?!

We are supposed to be friends but as I looked at you over the years I couldn’t help but be jealous of everything that you are. You are popular, you are loved by almost everyone. I have always longed for what you and Keira have and would do anything to get that.

If could trade all of the accomplishments and the accolades to be in your position I definitely would because I know you have a peace of mind when you sleep. You two support one another through everything and it’s difficult to really be a cheerleader for anyone else including my own wife when I am personally not receiving the spoils.

That’s why I know I have issues I just had to work on. When I look over at Amber Ryan I see a woman who has definitely become a sensation in this company over the span of a year. Her record in SCW has been stunning and everybody wants to line up to face her. As much as I want to cry and throw hissy fits over the way I lost the title to her. The truth is she did win that title.

I was the one who was distracted and she took advantage, carpe diem, and did what she had to do in order to come out on top. Since that day she has been the best of the best. She has unified championships and has proven to be the woman to beat in this company. When it comes to being a bombshell in this company she is the one everybody targets. She is the one people want to face and I have to respect that.

She is going on a tear and is looking to shatter records with that title with the way she has had a vice grip on that championship. Amber I can’t help but admire what you have done. You have taken this company by storm and have even been able to rule this company as being a power couple with your husband as being top champs in this company.

That was something I could only dream of because I know that status would be so amazing. Now with this main event you are looking to cement that you truly are the best in this company and you will do whatever it takes to showcase why you are the woman to beat.

Bravo… I can’t question your tenacity nor will I even try too. However what I don’t appreciate is the fact that the both of you based of what I have heard or seen this past month are writing me off like I don’t belong here. Even this last week Alex Jones tried to tell me that I wasn’t good enough and that you would break me down.

As much as I might be going through, and as much as you wish to tell me I am a dark horse I find that to be a load of shit. If there’s one thing that I KNOW I have the ability to do it’s win in a huge match situation. I WILL win this match and I refuse to be considered a dark horse. This is about me just as much as it is about the both of you. Amber I know you and Roxi had an epic war. I know it would have been perfect to finally get your wish of a one on one match with the title on the line but I HAVE ALWAYS PROVEN TO BE THE MOST PASSIONATE WOMAN IN ALL OF SCW!!!!

I may not have the love and support of a Roxi Johnson or even of her wife for that matter but DAMN IT I BEAT ROXI TO WIN THE CHAMPIONSHIP in 2020 and I just beat her wife KEIRA this year to win the title THIS YEAR. That proves that when it comes to competing I want it that much more.

Mikah but be acknowledged as the end all be all but there was also a part of me who had taken the title away from her and has beaten her on multiple occasions. There’s the woman who has held this title more than her, hell I have HELD THE MOST IN THIS ENTIRE COMPANY!

Yet you want to stand there and disrespect me?! You wish to tell me I am too focused on the status of being a champion and during our match when you took the title from me even claim that I just held it as a trinket.

You want honesty?! YES… I DI DO THAT… It was about the status. It was about being flashy, it was about wearing one piece suits and being the center of everything but it took you breaking me down to finally realize that.

It took me jumping to something else such as trying to claim Mixed tag team titles just so I could have something to hold onto too, something that could get people to talk about me again because it was always about the status, and never about the love of competition.

That has always been my biggest flaw and separating from Seleana helped me realize what I should be valuing the most in my life, and it also helped me figure out how to break the fucking cycle once and for all.

Amber Ryan I am going to do EVERYTHING in my power to beat you. Screw that I will BEAT you, and it’s not because I wish to be champion. That’s just honestly an extra perk from being in this match. The real reason why I wish to win is for a simple reason. It’s one that you can respect.



I want to prove I am the best and I don’t want there to be any doubt. Your title reign might have been more memorable than anything I have ever done here and I applaud that, but think of what my next reign will look like by beating you?!

It won’t be something that can be argued…

High Stakes it’s lights fucking out… The show isn’t over… If anything mine officially begins… Ciao…




Climax Control Archives / Moving In
« on: October 22, 2021, 06:16:32 PM »
October 8th
4:00 PM PDT
Las Vegas, Nevada

Crystal Zdunich had finally arrived at her destination of Las Vegas, Nevada. The blue haired vixen’s makeup ran down her face as it was apparent that she has been crying for the entire trip from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. Crystal tried her best to regain her composure as she stepped out of her vehicle. She popped her trunk open grabbing her huge suitcase as she headed towards one bedroom apartment. She finally reached a door. There was some hesitation but after a few moments she decides to knock on the door. A few minutes go by and that is when the door swings open. Standing in the doorway is Zoey Madigan, one of Crystal’s best friends and former stable mates. The two just look at one anotherbefore Crystal breaks out into hysterical sobbing. Zoey quickly grabs Crystal embracing her into a tight hug as she begins to rub her back passionately.

“Everything is going to be okay Christina. Don’t worry about anything. I am here for you and know I will always give you an ear. If you need to let it out you don’t have to be shy. Just let it go and don’t hold it all in…”

Crystal keeps her eyes locked on Zoey as she lets more tears escape her eyes.

“I feel like this is the hardest thing I ever had to do Zoey. I can’t believe I walked out on Seleana like that. She is everything to me and I walked out on her, Alexandra, Aurora, and especially my granddaughter Isabella. I hope I didn’t make the wrong decision. We have only been separated for ten hours and I feellike my world is falling apart…”

Zoey nods her head as she looks deeply into the eyes of Crystal.

“I know it hurts but if you felt that giving yourself some space was the right thing to do then you shouldn’t even question it. I know for a fact that you love her. I was able to be in your wedding as a Bridesmaid so I know how much she means to you. Whatever is going on this is your choice and it’s YOUR relationship. You shouldn’t let others dictate what happens in your household or even in your marriage…”

Crystal wipes her eyes as she nods her head in return.

“I know Zoey but it just sucks that I am not allowed to make mistakes. Whenever I do make mistakes people are so quick to shove it down my throat that Seleana needs to be freed. It’s like they feel I am this kidnapper and I won’t let her go no matter what. It’s not like we are building a toxic relationship like I am the Joker and she’s Harley Quinn. I would never do that to her. In my eyes I am Poison Ivy and she’s my Harley. It’s supposed to be a fun filled relationship. Not one that’s completely one sided…”

Crystal shakes her head as she continues to share her heart.

“But when my family constantly treats Seleana badly I just can’t sit there and let her go through with it. It’s also unfair for people to assume she suffers from Stockholm syndrome so that’s why I had to walk away. I want to realign things and make everything right. Hopefully this short time away from her will help me work on the issues that are preventing me from being the wife that I was meant to be…”

Zoey just shrugs her shoulders as she forms a serious expression on her face.

“Either way whatever you do is the best decision for you. One thing I will say is you shouldn’t let outsiders dictate on what happens within the covenant of your marriage. I have noticed the bullying that people tend to do when it comes to you. Truthfully they are in no position to judge what you do when they don’t have the best choice of character themselves. I would just write it all off as being white noise. If you feel that what you are doing is going to help your cause in the long run than that’s all that matters. Don’t go through this to appease the trolls on the internet or your naysayers because you will never win that battle. Do it for yourself and simply because you know it’s the best decision…”

Crystal looks around as she slowly nods her head.

“That is definitely a good point and it is something that I will do. To be honest I think my biggest issue is that I sometimes feel like an abuser. Not in the way that I mentioned earlier but in the way where I feel that the entire relationship should revolve around me.  I have taken advantage of her and I don’t want that to be the narrative anymore. My pride is really getting the best of me but I was thinking of maybe finding a place where I could get some counseling and working on my issues…I just hope that whatever problems I finally put to rest that Seleana is still waiting for me. Me leaving wasn’t a way of me showcasing a goodbye but it was simply a way for me to see that when I come back things will be better…”

Zoey finally smiles.

“And they will be better because you are putting your mind on it. As long as you keep your eyes locked on what you wish to do there isn’t anything in this world that can stop you from taking flight and soaring above everybody else. After all you are an Angel and it’s only right that you spread your wings and fly high…”

Crystal seems uneasy shrugging her shoulders.

“I honestly don’t feel like an angel. I feel like my wings have been clipped and I am incapable of flying anywhere…”

Zoey laughs as she looks back at her friend.

“Once you become an angel you are always an angel. Besides if Farrah can be an angel I think anybody can definitely be one. On top of that we are not only friends but we are family. When you feel like you can’t fly we will be there to help you get back on your feet and to take flight. That’s what being a boardwalk angel is about. Anyway…”

Zoey looks around at the apartment before looking back at Crystal and hands her a key.

“Consider this place your home… I know you needed a place where you could get away and this apartment definitely seems like it will suit your needs. I know it’s only a one bedroom and that might not be the best accommodations for THE Crystal Zdunich but I trust it will serve all of your needs while you are in Vegas like it did for me. It is a comfortable little spot and you will love it…”

Crystal nods her head as she smirks in return.

“Honestly none of that superficial stuff even matters at this point. This place is amazing and simply because it came from a close friend who is looking out for another friend. It came from your heart and that means more to me than anything else. I will cherish this place and I appreciate your hospitality. Being in Vegas is definitely my home nowadays. One day I will have to show you the casino that I work at down the street. Maybe I could bring you in for a special meet and greet or something else..”

Zoey hugs Crystal as she looks down into her eyes.

“You don’t have to think me for anything. Like I told you once before you are family to me and family certainly needs to look out for other family. Just make sure you promise to take good care of yourself. If you have any issues or are going through anything don’t hesitate to call me. I am sure Farrah wouldn’t mind a phone call either…”
Crystal grins loving what her friend just said to her. She takes a long deep breath as she replies back to her.

“Yeah… I know you girls got my back. Hopefully one day Stacy Marie Jones and I could get to that level. I know that she is probably upset over the way that I constantly treat Seleana and…”

Zoey cuts her off before shaking her head in return.

“Don’t worry about any of that. You just need to take baby steps and don’t try to force anything. The most important thing that you need to work on right now is yourself. Get right for you and become the best Christina Zdunich that you could become…”

Crystal slowly nods her head in return offering a smile.

“I will Zoey. You don’t have to worry about me at all. I will get my head on straight and once I do nobody will be able to tell me anything. Thank you for being in my life and truthfully I have some of the best friends in the world.”

Zoey smiles warm heartedly. The two of them look at one another before doing a very special Angel handshake. Both women are smiling at one another as Zoey starts to back away.

“Anyway I think I will be heading out. It will give you a chance to settle in. Don’t let things get to you Crystal. I know everything is going to work out in the end. If you need anything at all please don’t hesitate to give me a call. You know I have your back…”

“Thank you Zoey. I honestly don’t know how I was blessed to have such an amazing friend as you…”

With that Zoey begins to back away before she heads towards the apartment door. She takes her leave and doing so has left Crystal all alone in the apartment. Crystal walks over to the sofa and she immediately plops down on it. Her eyes move towards Zoey’s coffee table and she spots a picture from her wedding day. It’s a picture of Crystal in a wedding dress with Zoey and Farrah beside her in Bridesmaids dresses along with Stacy Marie Jones and they all are posing for a special Angels picture. Crystal let’s tears roll down her cheek as one word came to her mind.


Her mind once again was locked thinking about her estranged wife as she sighs in return. More tears rolled down her face as she reached for her cellphone. She started dialing a familiar number and it wasn’t long before Seleana’s contact information popped up on the screen. She moved her hand going back and forth between the call and message button. She finally selected message as she began to type.

“Hey Seleana… I am so sorry for everything and…”

She immediately erased it as she decided to type something else.

“I miss you so much and…”

Once again she erased the message. It was in that moment that Crystal decided to close the phone. She knew that this situation had hurt. It hurt her in ways she couldn’t even imagine. She never envisioned walking out on her daughter, her wife, her girlfriend, or even her granddaughter. She knew that no matter how things had hurt she couldn’t go right back. She had to work on her issues. She had to make her family stronger than ever and she couldn’t return until all of her issues had been dealt with. It would be the beginning of a long separation but at the end of the day it was all for the best. Crystal would fight for her loved ones and she was hell bent on becoming a better person for her family. After what she had put Seleana through for the past three years Crystal had vowed that she would finally make things right. This wasn’t about redemption that she constantly always wanted people to accept her for. She would become the best wife she possibly could. Her only hope was that Seleana would wait for her no matter how long it took…”

With that Crystal kicks her feet up as she knows she had a lot to take in. The tears finally stopped as she closed her eyes offering a small smile as she envisioned what it would be like to finally deal with the issues that prevented her from being an amazing wife.



Where do I even begin?! It’s been a long hard fought journey but finally after everything it seems I am finally right back where I rightfully belong. I am smack dab in the main event of yet another Climax Control and on top of that it won’t be long until I will be walking into the biggest show of the year of High Stakes and competing in the World’s Most Famous Arena at Madison Square Garden. If I didn’t know any better I would say that it took a lot to make it here. As a matter of fact it has taken way too long and in two weeks you all will know how I really feel when it comes to Amber Ryan. Everybody will know what is going through my mind and why EXACTLY I will be walking away as the World Bombshell Champion.

However it seems that this edition of Climax Control is the final stop before we get to that point and the wrestling world will be treated to a high caliber main event when Jack Washington and myself step into the ring of Alex Jones and Amber Ryan.

Damn… It definitely has been a real long time hasn’t it?! I will be completely blunt with all of you because I have nothing to hide. For those who may not know this year has been absolutely awful for me. I had to make the hardest decision of my life. I had to walk away from my wonderful wife of Seleana. It’s definitely not her fault by any means and I know she will question if she did something wrong to warrant such an action. However I can sit here and tell everyone the cold hearted truth that it is definitely all on me. We got married on July 13th of 2018 and maybe I wasn’t in the right state of mind because I had just lost my World Bombshell Championship to Mikah a month prior to that.

I was supposed to be celebrating the day of my life and yes I might have put on a façade and said the word’s “I Do” at the altar, but the reality was my mind was still on that of my World Championship. I had fought Mikah over and over again that year. I did everything in my power to get MY title back but I never did. It was during that time period that my wife was really developing into a singles star. Hell she had defended me against Christian Underwood decking him right in the mouth and I never really appreciated that.

Simply because my mind was solely on one thing and that was being the Champion… I wanted it at all costs. One day my wife got a championship opportunity and she had won the title from Alicia Lukas. It would have been amazing had it not been for the fact that I had to get involved. I had to strike Alicia because I felt she didn’t respect me. I guess that’s what having a lack of self-confidence will do for you. Not only did I ruin the legacy of such a prestigious championship but I really dealt a hurting blow to my wife because she held something she didn’t even earn. Most people would have been happy but she didn’t even take the title out of the bag. She didn’t look at it because I tarnished that moment.

I had broken her heart before that because after standing up to Christian like she did in my honor I turned around and beat her down, and for what?! Just so I could get a title opportunity.

It really is a sad thing when I think about it. Since that day I have held the World Championship on two different occasions and just like that I have quickly lost the championship well before the reign even began. I have spent all of this time trying to find a way to redeem myself. I have done everything to FORCE it on everyone. I wanted to be accepted overnight and that’s not how the world works. Things take time. People would always talk me down and it got me worked on and so angry.

Now I know what you are thinking Amber, and you are probably questioning what all of this has to do with you?! After all it probably seems like I am just speaking a bunch of bullshit and it shouldn’t concern you at least in your opinion. However it actually all does because after glancing at everything I have come to the conclusion that all of what I have done has been absolutely ridiculous. I have been a fucking train wreck and I am not going to sit here and deny any of it.

I have been trying so hard to fix the quick issue of trying to be accepted, and trying to stop people from saying the words #FreeSeleana over and over again. However after taking a breath and really glancing at things I found out what my main issue is. The truth is I am an abuser. All I do is hurt Seleana and if it’s not me dealing the fatal blow it’s a member of my family which could include a sister or even that of my daughter.

It’s time to break that cycle once and for all. That is why I had to walk away from the thing I love the most. It’s so I can become a better person and become a better wife. If I solve that issue it will solve every other issue and that is something I know for a fact.

However this entire saga between us came to a start when you decided to take things into your own hand and you beat me down at that first Super Card of the year. I had just won the title and you struck me down but before that you decided to take advantage of my wife.

What I SHOULD have been doing what was doing everything in my power to tell you to go Fuck yourself because nobody should take advantage of my wife like you did especially considering she is one of the sweetest people in this company. You had to go too far and then you lay me out because you wanted a Championship?!

Fuck off with that bullshit… However I didn’t see it as you attacking my life like I should have… No instead I was just happy with the status of being champion. I was happy to put on a show for the crowd and make stupid decisions just to show off in only a way that Crystal Zdunich could.

It became about wearing the expensive one piece suits, the extravagant heels, and even bringing my immune compromised child to ringside and you ate all of that shit up. You took me for a ride and got under my skin. In my eyes I was supposed to be the good person but I was becoming the villain. I was attacking you backstage, destroying your motorcycle and trying to do things to take you off your game.

However you were focused on the task at hand and apparently I wasn’t because when push came to shove you beat me. I never once took responsibility for any of my actions because I was focused on just the status of being the champion. That is why when our match happened that what went around definitely came back around and I cannot fault Synn for what he did to me. I am still holding onto that because it definitely was a distraction that I should have been more than ready for.

If I wasn’t the abusive wife that I ended up becoming none of that would have happened because I wouldn’t have gone as far as I have to do all of this extra stuff. Now that she and I are separated I have time to focus on different areas of my life. One of them being on a better person, and another thing being that of having my eyes locked on you.

Let it be known the last time we fought it was about the status but now it will be about being the fucking champion and when gold is on the line you should know that I am a very dangerous woman. I will wrestle my heart out to get what I want and I will get through you.

Now that I can look at things from a different perspective I can say that I personally don’t like you attacking my wife verbally. How dare you try to call out my wife and tell her that her name doesn’t mean anything anymore?!

It still means a lot. It’s still a serious name and it wasn’t that long ago when she was a big threat to whoever stepped in the ring with her. However you want to tarnish her name like it doesn’t mean anything?! Go fuck yourself. I am not going to act like what you say doesn’t affect me because it damn sure does. She is my wife, she is an individual yes but we both are reflections of each other. The day we got married is the day that the two of us became one.   

So everything single thing you basically said about her being washed up honestly comes back at me because it’s like you are saying the same very thing to me and I am not going to take those comments likely. Maybe at one point they got to me but I know for a fact who I am, and I know who my wife is. The only reason why she hasn’t been up to par is because she had to deal with the train wreck that is her wife.

If the roles were reversed and I was in her shoes who had to be responsible for our household, who had to do all of the motherly duties, and had to basically tell my family to calm down when she does something stupid like I do on an everyday basis yes I would be in a slump as well.

It’s emotionally draining and that’s the only reason why she isn’t where she needs to be. That’s not her fault but it’s all on me. Of course she is good who do you think trained her how to do this wrestling thing?! Who do you think spent all of that time in the gym and taught her how to wrestle? Yes that was me and it’s a slap in the face when everybody tries to shove it in my face that I am a terrible wrestler and she’s better.

I taught HER how to do this don’t you understand how asinine any of that sounds?!

Anyway you can’t stand there on a high horse and try to bury my life asking questions if she is truly great or if she is like the Jessie Salco’s and Bea Barnharts of the company. Just even saying that sounds stupid when those are the type of women that have been placed in front of you for title defenses or title eliminators. That is the type of competition you have been facing to pad your win lost record and it’s bullshit. How about facing a Ruby Steele who has only been doing this less than six months. Somehow finds her way into a title match against you and can’t even cut a promo on you?!

Yeah… That sounds like a joke…

Yes you beat Myra Rivers and that was a great match and I will even say a rivalry. Let’s be honest was it really fair that she was given back to back title matches simply because she asked for it?! Maybe it’s because she was an Internet Champion and after losing her title she deserved some type of rematch even if it came at the hand of a World title match.

It’s a bunch of crap… Although I am glad you beat Myra because after you had dropped the ball against her twice it’s about time you finally got over that hurdle.

I am going to call a spade a spade though. I lost the championship to you and didn’t get anything. I was forced to go to the back burner for far too long. I wasn’t even booked at the following Super Card after that. I have just been dwelling around trying to figure out where I belong.

I know where I belong and in this tag team match you will see that I have been waited seven long months to get noticed. I don’t care if Alex wishes to claim that we are friends or if he dislikes me because the rest of his Wolfslair buddies dislike me. I don’t care if Jack Washington doesn’t give a damn that he is teaming up with me. Hell I don’t even care if Roxi has a front row seat to the action.

What I do care about is finally getting my hands on you. Win or losing this is irrelevant. What really matters is what happens in two weeks and that’s when the verbal handcuffs officially come off. As for now let’s beat the hell out of one another and you might very well get the win this week. It may give you the win to this battle but no matter what in two weeks I will win the war and that’s when it all really counts.

Now will stop this burning rose from setting the world ablaze and being what she was meant to be. The best bombshell in the company, and trust me I can back that claim up.

Bring it on and see you very soon… Prepare to get outwrestled because I damn sure will bring it and you will respect me one way or the other…

Character Building Roleplays / Moving Out
« on: October 21, 2021, 07:37:38 PM »
Wednesday October 6th
Zdunich Mansion
Hollywood, Hills
Los Angeles, California
6:00 AM PDT

Crystal Zdunich was up bright and early. It had been a few days since the events of Throw Down had happened and the Afro-Mex beauty definitely wasn’t in the right state of mind. It had been three days since she had dropped the ball in the Rise of the Phoenix tournament but more importantly than that she had failed to protect her wife. Her own daughter Brittany Williams had not only decided to place her hands on her but she also attacked Seleana as well. As if that wasn’t enough her own best friend Stephanie had decided to jump in as well. Crystal felt empty inside. She didn’t say a word to anybody, and on top of that she wasn’t eating. Her family was desperately worried about her but Crystal didn’t care. The only thing on her mind was the fact that she failed to protect the person closest to her.

Everybody in the Zdunich mansion was asleep except that of Crystal Zdunich. She had made her way to the bathroom where she closed the door behind her. Her eyes shifted over to the scale. She drew in a long deep breath before she decided to step on it. After being on it for a few moments the screen on the scale read “110 lbs”. Her eyes moved to that of the mirror as she took a long glance at her reflection. Her reflection just grinned in return as it spoke to her.

Hilton: Look at you, you are a fucking wreck. You haven’t been eating and you lost five pounds because of this. You are nothing but one big fuck up. Had you just done things in only the way that perfection can deal with it. You wouldn’t be in this mess.

Crystal looked at the reflection as she quickly backed away. She shook her head as she started to snap back at her reflection.

Crystal: Shut up! You don’t know what you are talking about! I...I….

Hilton however just smiles rolling her eyes in return.

Hilton: I what, are you ready to finally admit that you need me?! I don’t know what it is about your undying need to feel accepted or acknowledged. Had you just done things my way this wouldn’t even be an issue right now. Your daughter would know that her place is being your daughter, on top of that Stephanie would fall right in line. Everything would be as they were meant to be. However your indecisiveness is just ripping you apart. Instead of being that dominant Bitch who knows she is the MAIN EVENT, the STAR, and the FEATURED ATTRACTION. You rather be content with being the has-been and it’s sickening. Just let me be free… Let me come out and play, and I promise this would all be settled.

Crystal however kept her eyes on her reflection. She took a deep breath as she screamed back at the top of her lungs.

Crystal: I don’t fucking need you! I never did need you. I will make things right and I will do it on my own merit. Yes things might suck but I will bounce back. I will figure out a way. I just can’t let you do WHAT you want to do. All you do is hurt people and the last time I caved into your desires all it got me was at war with my wife. I won’t ever hurt her again…

The arrogant Hilton in the mirror just shakes her head in return.

Hilton: Bitch you really think you won’t hurt her?! You may not have struck the blow this time but it was YOUR family that placed her hands on her. Your daughter beat the shit out of your wife! She is a reflection of who you are and at the end of the day it’s as if you delivered the blow yourself. You want to make things right but it’s all one big mess. Your wrestling career isn’t where it needs to be. You know it will only be a matter of time before everybody starts chanting #FREESELEANA like they always do on Social Media. They are going to drive it right into the fucking dirt. They are going to attack you over and over again. I get it though… YOU GOT IT ALL FIGURED OUT!!!!

Hilton laughs some more looking back at Crystal.

Hilton: You know what you need to do Christina… Just let me come out and play. Unleash your inner Crystal Hilton… Let the Rose Goddess out and we will show everyone why Perfection Never Fails. What other choice do you really have?! You want to seem weak.

Crystal sighs, closing her eyes before she confidently looks back at her reflection. She opens the medicine cabinet looking at all of her various medicines to treat her Dissociative Identity Disorder. The reflection can’t be seen at this point but it definitely can’t be heard.

Hilton: Bitch you think the Anti-Depressants, the Anti-Psychotics, and Anti-Anxiety medicine is going to make me go away?! You know I WILL never go away. No matter how much you try to numb it I will always be there… I will be there to pick up the wreckage of your fuck ups and make it right in my own way. I have been with you through five terrible divorces and if I have to have my way to make it a sixth then so be it! People will always respect Crystal Fucking Hilton!

Crystal however closes the cabinet as she keeps her eyes locked on the reflection. The tears stream down her face as she looks in the mirror.

Crystal: No… That’s where you are wrong. I don’t want to be Crystal Hilton anymore… I gave up being that woman three years ago when I got married. I am Christina Zdunich… I didn’t realize it until today but when I got married it no longer became about being what I selfishly wanted. It is about sacrifice and knowing that my wife and I are one…

Hilton; Oh! So that’s how it is… I guess since you have your Bitch you don’t really need me anymore. I have seen this tape play out so many times and it’s like you are a rat stuck in a maze. You are going to make the same mistake over and over again because that’s what you always tend to do. What makes this time any differently?!

Crystal let’s the tears escape her eyes as she just let’s them stream steadily down her face.

Crystal: Because this time I am willing to make the decision that I don’t want but the ONE that will protect her the most… I am going to let her go…

Hilton: Wait! Christina I know you better than that. Just let me do what I do best and…

Crystal: No...I have to do this and finally make things right…Relying on what YOU want has always been my problem and I have to do something different...

With that the reflection disappears and it is replaced with Crystal’s regular reflection. She could see she was a sobbing mess but this was all for the best. She had spent quite some time in the bathroom and by the time she got out an hour had passed. Crystal looked towards the bed and realized Seleana was gone. Perhaps it was better this way. Christina walked towards the closet where she had found a suitcase. She opens it and begins to stuff as much of her clothing as she could in there. She had to do this as quickly as possible. If she could pack and leave before Seleana returned it would have been for the best. Crystal continued to pack up her things and that is when she heard the door open to the bedroom. Crystal didn’t need to turn around to know who it was standing in the doorway. However, that is when she heard the strong Swedish accent of her wife.

Seleana: Estrellita?!

Crystal’s heart was torn in two. She really didn’t want to do this but she knew she had to do this. More tears rolled down her cheek. She loved hearing her wife trying to speak Spanish to her. It was adorable but she had to stand strong and not show any emotion. That is why she kept her back turned and continued to pack her things.

Seleana: Star?!

Crystal packed even more things as she didn’t say a word. She couldn’t showcase to Seleana how she had been feeling. She didn’t even want to tell her that she lost five pounds because of all of this. She just kept to herself in hopes that she could finish packing as quickly as possible.

Seleana: Chickie?!

Crystal quickly snaps back as she tries her best to hold up one finger. She sobs but she wipes her tears as she answers back with attitude in her voice.

Crystal: Could you just wait one FUCKING second?!

With that she was finally finished with packing. Seleana was taken back as Crystal grabbed her huge suitcase and walked right past her wife. She didn’t bother to acknowledge her as she made a beamline straight for the door. She passed by the other woman in their relationship Alexandra Caldwell who stood there with her arms folded.

Alex: Crystal what’s going on?!

Crystal is about inches away from the front door and it is at that moment that Seleana calls out to her.

Seleana: Star, would you please talk to us, talk to me? You haven’t said a word, you haven’t eaten anything in days. What is going on?!

Crystal throws the bag towards the door. She slowly turns around to face the two women. More tears begin to flow down her eyes as she gets right in Seleana’s face and looks up into her eyes.

Crystal: You want to know what is going on?! It’s the fact that I am a failure…

Seleana: You aren’t a failure. If it’s about the Rise of the Phoenix tournament you can turn things around. I believe in you. You always make things work and…

Crystal quickly cuts her off as she shakes her head.

Crystal: It has nothing to do with that! It’s the fact that all I ever seem to do is HURT YOU! If it’s not me directly it’s my family. I don’t have things in control and it really sucks. I appreciate the both of you so much. Even when I don’t believe in myself or the world is against me you two stand against the minority and you have my back. I love that more than either of you could fathom.

Alex: No doubt… We got your back because you are DAT GIRL

Crystal however shakes her head looking at the both of them.

Crystal: But since seeing the way the closest ones in my life turn on me and on you. Whether it’s my daughter, or going back to my sister Mariella. The fact doesn’t change that they are both extensions of me and it’s wrong for either of you to go through the cancer that is Crystal Zdunich, Lopez, Millar, Rose, or whatever I wish to be called this week. It still doesn’t change the fact that I am a bad influence for the both of you and you could both do so much better without me.

Seleana is taken back as she looks back at her wife.

Seleana: Christina…

Crystal: Don’t Christina me you know it’s the truth. Seleana you have so much potential. When we first met one another I will admit I just WANTED to have something because I couldn’t stand the thought of being alone after things didn’t go the way I wanted with Jonathan. When Stacy introduced you to me I saw someone who would have made a perfect trophy at my side. I saw a bounce back and perfect eye candy. It was convenient to have you by my side. I promised the two of us would have an amazing time together. I would teach you how to wrestle and we would conquer tag team wrestling together but it just seemed to be a fucking lie. I was only out for myself… Always did and always will be.

Seleana: Star…

Crystal: I am not done talking! You stood up for me countless times and all I did was stab you in the back because I just wanted to be World Champion and was willing to do whatever it took to get it. Even when you won a title I had to get involved because it benefitted my ego. It was all wrong and truthfully I am proud of who you have become. You are strong, courageous, and an amazing mother to our daughter.

Crystal turns her attention over to Alexandra.

Crystal: And you… You have always been that girl and I can’t help but notice you constantly tweeting you don’t know what happened to your wrestling career. At one point you were absolutely dominant but something caused you to change and you haven’t found your footing since then. I know what the problem is and I had been too selfish to say it because it never suited me. What changed is that you let me cause you to stray off the course. Had you focused less on me and more on what you need to do, you would be where you need to be.

Alex: What are you saying Crystal?!

Crystal let’s tears run down her cheek as she keeps her eyes locked on both of them.

Crystal: I am saying that after thinking about it for the past couple of days. I know people will be quick to say #FreeSeleana and truly I hated that saying. I hated seeing it all over my social media but thinking things through it is the right decision.

Crystal slides off her wedding band as she opens Seleana’s hand and places it inside of it.

Crystal: So I am making the right decision and I am going to free you from it all. Both of you are officially freed from having me in your lives. There’s no reason why I should constantly be a cancer in both of your lives. Seleana you especially have been on this ride for far too long and you deserve nothing but the best. I don’t want people to sit there and think you have Stockholm Syndrome because you chose to be by my side. So I am releasing the both of you. You are free to live your lives however you see fit and to do it being free of the drama that is Crystal. I will always love the both of you but I just don’t deserve either of you… Bye…

With that Christina grabs her suitcase as she keeps heading towards the front door. The two women are stunned as they watch Crystal walk out the door. Footsteps could be heard coming from the other room and it is that of her ten year old daughter Aurora.

Aurora: Mommy?!

Crystal however closes the door behind her as the tears overwhelm her. She couldn’t let them see the mess that she was. She knew they would be better without her. She opened up the doors to her 2021 pink Lamborghini and threw her bag inside. She was inches away from leaving the house when she heard crying. Crystal turned her attention and could see her daughter in law Sofia with baby Isabella in her hands. Isabella was crying loudly.

Sofia: Look Bella it’s Grandma…Maybe Grandma wants to hold you?!

Crystal however quickly closed the door as she pulled away. She left it all behind as she was freeing her entire family from the mess that was her. She had to figure out things on her own as she did about 80 down a quiet rich pedestrian area.

Climax Control Archives / New Manager
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Local Training Facility
Las Vegas, Nevada

Brayden couldn’t help but smirked as he watched his wife Sofia wrestle a local competitor from the Las Vegas area. Sofia seemed to be holding her own without any issue and Brayden just smiled as his wife was doing everything she could to keep the upper hand. Brayden paced around the outside of the ring while holding their newborn daughter Isabella in his arms. The little girl cracked a grin as Brayden smiled in return.

“Look Bella that’s mommy in there and she really seems to be doing good if I say so myself. Don’t you agree pumpkin?!”

The newborn just smiled in return as Sofia continued wrestling the other female. Brayden nodded his head as he started to scream out at the top of his lungs.

“Okay babe now you need to finish this, just do the stuff I taught you and it should definitely be enough to put that stupid bitch away!”

Brayden looks down at his daughter before shrugging his shoulders at her.

“Sorry pumpkin… Daddy didn’t mean to say a bad word and I promise it won’t happen again!”

Inside the ring however that is when Sofia manages to continue beating on the woman. Brayden walks closer to the ring as he yells something at the individual who is acting as the referee for the match. It is at that moment that Sofia quickly punches the other woman right in the $%^&% which causes the woman to scream in pain. Sofia cracks a wicked grin as she lifts her opponent high up into the air. Without hesitation she viciously drops the local competitor right onto their head with a butterfly brainbuster. The local competitor is laid out on the floor as Sofia pins them and gets an easy count. As soon as it’s over Sofia slides out of the ring as she runs over to where Brayden is standing. She smirks looking at her daughter before gazing into his eyes.

“So how did I look?!”

Brayden nods his head with a wicked grin.

“You looked absolutely amazing. You truly were beautiful out there. Honestly I think you are ready to finally stand by my side and be my manager…”

Sofia opens her eyes in amazement as she keeps her eyes fixed on her husband.

“Do you really mean that?!”

Brayden licks his lips with a grin.

“Of course I do. Now I know you have been doing some training with your cousins the Carbajals and honestly it’s a big fucking deal to be trained under Bullet. That strong Columbian pride is definitely in your blood and I respect the ever living shit out of it. I know all of those girls want to look out for their little cousin and teach you the basic fundamentals of what you need to do. However at the end of the day I don’t give a flying fuck on being fundamentally sound. You should know the deal by now and what I represent as soon as I come to the ring. I am a third generation talent. I am the son of Crystal fucking Hilton and that alone makes me just about better than anybody else on the planet. I think the only thing better than being a Hilton is fucking one and considering I made sure to put a ring on it and you get that pleasure every night. You definitely are in for quite the ride. Doing what your cousins will show you will get you to places but if you sprinkle on what I can teach you. You will win championships. We will be a power couple and nobody will stop us…”

Sofia smirks as she wraps her arms tightly around her husband.

“And what would you have me do?!”

Brayden snickers.

“Do whatever it takes to make sure I win, and if for some reason you do find yourself in a wrestling ring. The same rules apply. Win by any means necessary. It’s only cheating if you get caught. Those who follow the rules don’t get far in the world. If there’s a shortcut you damn sure better take it. As long as we get ahead that’s all that matters. It’s all that ever mattered…”

Sofia smiles before turning her attention to Isabella with a giggle.

“You hear that Bella?! Mommy is going to be working with daddy and we might as well bring you on the road with us. It’s going to be so amazing. We will be able to take that happy family on the road and it doesn’t get better than that…”

Sofia kisses her baby before her eyes move to that of her husband. She shrugs her shoulders as she looks deep into his eyes.

“So are you absolutely sure you want me by your side professionally?! You think I am ready for that. I just don’t want my inexperience to really cost you anything…”

Brayden just shakes his head as he looks right into his wife’s eyes.

“Of course I think you are ready, and even if you weren’t I would rather have you on my side then that of that conniving sister of mine. I don’t know how she could openly betray my mother in that wrestling company. Granted I don’t have the best relationship with mom but she is still my mother no less. On top of that she puts her hands on my stepmother and for what purpose exactly?! To stroke a Fucking ego like a spoiled brat feeling that she is entitled to simply have the world handed to her. I am honestly happy that mom decided to put me up for adoption because if I came out like her I wouldn’t know what to do with myself…”

Sofia just shrugs her shoulders with a sigh.

“It really is a messy situation and because of what happened your mother has decided to separate from Seleana… It pisses me off. We are supposed to be a happy family and I didn’t ask for Isabella to be brought into a world where her paternal family is acting like they don’t have any sense. She won’t get ANY of that nonsense from my side of the family because they know family is family to the end. However everyone on your side seems to be out for themselves and its wrong…”

Brayden kisses his wife as he shakes his head in return.

“Babe I know… My father is practically a womanizer, my mother has always been all over the place, momma Seleana often appears like she suffers from Stockholm syndrome at times, and they all come across as weak. However everybody has shortcomings and its fine. At the end of the day Isabella has me. I am her father and I am going to be the one she is constantly around. As long as you and I are there for her that’s all that really matters. I know people might question the both of us but even though I have my father and mother’s blood running within me. I am not defined by what they do or their past. I am NOT a womanizer as my eyes are ONLY on you babe, and I damn sure don’t give a flying fuck on what the world thinks about me. My mom’s biggest weakness has always been worrying too much on what others think of her and not on those who value her more than those people…

However she cannot accept that and she constantly has to change herself in order to receive a type of acceptance that she will never accept. That’s on her though and I really do pray that this time away from everything will make her see what’s important and what she should focus on. She may seem rough around the edges but that’s my mother and I love her…”

Sofia’s eyes open up in return as she shakes her head in return.

“Do you really think this time away from everything will help her out?! Do you think separating from Seleana and Alexandra was the right decision?! What if she spends all this time away from her closest loved ones and they all come to the conclusion that they are much better without her?!”

Brayden thinks about it as he looks back at his wife and just shrugs his shoulders.

“What I think doesn’t really matter and we shouldn’t buy into her guilt trips either. At the end of the day this is something my mother needs to figure out and it is something she needs to do.  She has constantly been hounded by all of this #FreeSeleana stuff that she is actually giving into it all. Its bullshit and she should have never just gone down that road to begin with. If it was me I would have kept living my life and not given two fucks about what anybody thinks. However my mom always has this need to be the center of attention so it’s on her. No matter what happens though she will always be my mom and I will always respect her. The same thing goes for my father as well he will have that respect even if he wasn’t in my life. Right now what I am concerned with is being there for you and Isabella first and foremost. You are my priority. You are my livelihood and I would damn near take a bullet for my family…”

Sofia smiles as she keeps her eyes on her husband.

“Thank God because I don’t know what I would do if you came across like the rest of your family…”

Brayden smirks.

“I figured as much. I doubt it would be all that pretty. The only thing you do need to understand however is the fact that as long as we have each other nothing can stop us. We will overcome whatever comes our way. Things might be vastly fucked up in the family but it’s up to us to keep things in check. One thing I do know however is I also have to be there for Aurora. If my twin sister Brittany wants to act like a fucking tool that’s on her but I have to show Aurora what it means to be a sibling. What it means to be there for somebody in their biggest time of need. Hell I might even reach out to Haylie Jo just to make sure the sister in law is all good. I have to keep the peace…”

“I know babe… Just do what you need to do and I will be right by your side for all of it… Also remember to watch your mouth. You promised you wouldn’t curse that much in front of the baby and you constantly let the bad words come out…”

Brayden nods his head as he looks down at his baby before he slowly gazes back at his wife. She did have a point. He really needed to watch himself.

On Camera

Brayden is all smiles as he claps his hands together with a wicked grin on his lips.

“Finally it seems like I am actually getting some fucking respect around here. On Climax Control I get the opportunity I have been waiting for. I get the chance to fight for the very right to go to High Stakes and compete for some championship gold. The only thing I have to say is it’s about fucking time something came my way. this is the respect I rightfully deserved and it would be a God Damn Tragedy if I didn’t get a chance to write my name in the history books and fight for what belongs to me…

I have to go against a man who wishes to preach the good word, a man who comes from a family of Shepards. Anyway time to go out there and do what I do fucking best. Time to showcase why I am Academic, Athletic, and An Achiever… See you soon David and make sure you bring it. I’ll be waiting”

Climax Control Archives / Glass Slippers
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Las Vegas, Nevada
Golden Ring Casino

It had felt like forever since Crystal Zdunich had been at the Golden Ring Casino. Between becoming a first time Grandmother and trying to pursue after being a Grand Slam Champion Crystal didn’t spend that much time at the casino. Now that SCW was set to going on a huge tour away from the California and Nevada area now came the real part of trying to bring the customers into the casino. Believe it or not the casino was actually booming with business. Crystal using her position as Special Events Coordinator had arranged for the casino to be a host site for the Corona Virus Vaccination distribution. It was a fun filled event where people could be encouraged to receive the vaccine and in turn they could meet an SCW Superstar or Bombshell for free. The casino was filled with people as they all lined up to get a shot. Crystal held a clipboard in her hand as she tried her best to put a smile on her face as she stood on the line.

“That’s right everyone. Come get your jabs today. Protect yourself and your loved ones! Once you get your shot you can go about the casino and meet your favorite superstars and bombshells. This is your special gift as a thank you for doing your part to move the curve in the other direction!”

Crystal continued to force a smile from her lips as the line continued to grow. Mackenzie walked over to Crystal with a smirk on her face. She nodded her head giggling in return.

“I can’t believe you got all of these people to come. This place is just crawling with people!”

Charlotte slowly walks over as she nods her head as well.

“This line is nothing compared to how many people have lined up to see Despayre and Angel. That line is well out the door. I don’t know if the two of them will be here long enough to sign all of the autographs…”

Crystal just smiles as she looks back at the both of them.

“I am sure it will be just fine. They already promised to SIGN every autograph for whoever stood in their line. I guess that’s just how things are although to be honest I didn’t expect a teddy bear to draw so many fans. There are some big stars here including Krystal who brought her Roulette Championship. My wife Seleana is here along with Halo. Of course there’s the two of you, Dani behind the bar, and that doesn’t even include me. Yet that bear is able to draw this type of reaction?! That sounds ridiculous and…”

Charlotte quickly cuts her off as she places a hand on her shoulder before shaking her head.

“If I was you I wouldn’t make fun of that bear. You know messing with Despy really doesn’t end well for you. So don’t even focus on him. Just focus on how successful everything is going. Even if this is a free event for the public the people are spending tons of money on the tables, slots, and they are dropping a ton of money at the bar. You have a lot to be proud of… This is a success…”

Crystal doesn’t say much as she just shrugs her shoulders.

“I guess so… I just don’t feel it though. To be honest it’s hard for me to feel happy lately…”

Mackenzie crosses her arms together as she looks back at Crystal.

“You have got to be kidding me right now…You know I am not the pep talk type of person but just look around. This place is booming. Even in a time when SCW is about to open up and travel all across the company you have found a way to keep the fans coming here. You have brought the people and on top of that you are helping to save lives. What more could a person want from you?! You should be feeling happy… This was your idea and your event. So smile and laugh at up…”

Crystal stands there dumbfounded as she looks a Mackenzie. She slowly turns her attention over to Charlotte as she takes a breath.

“And how exactly am I supposed to just smile it up. I should have had a reason to celebrate today. Yes this event is good but I expected my first day back at the casino would have been for a happy occasion. Somewhere in my heart I expected to come back here as a Grand Slam Champion! I expected to have gold around my waist and it was going to be all rainbows and sunshine. Yet do you see any gold around my waist?! No… I took a huge lost at the Super Card. Tempest decimated me. As much as I can try to stand here and put on the façade like everything is okay. The reality is it’s all running through my head. The truth is it eats up at me… It brings me down and…”

Crystal just continues to stand there and vent out her frustrations as tears begin to stream down her face.

“None of you would understand…You just don’t get me… Nobody ever gets me and if I freaking react to ANYTHING people just come down on me. They judge me harder and…”

As Crystal is continuing to get over emotional the boss of the entire casino Daniel J Morgan is standing there. He shakes his head as he looks right into the eyes of the blue haired vixen.

“I think it’s best if you come to my office right now…”

Crystal just shakes her head sighing in return.

“No… I am not going to go to the…”

He raises his voice as he quickly cuts her off.

“I really wasn’t asking CHRISTINA… CRYSTAL… OR whatever in the bloody hell you wish to call yourself this week. It’s about time you and I had a chat, and this will be first and ONLY time I have this chat with you…”

Mackenzie and Charlotte just shake their heads not knowing what to make of any of it. Crystal knew that her emotions had gotten the best of her and now she had to deal with whatever Daniel had planned to do to her. She could only follow him as she had no idea at what was running through his head. Would he fire her?! Would he finally let her go from the Casino for the constant attitude outbursts and for not being there in a long time?! Crystal had so many different thoughts going through her head. Daniel led her throughout the casino past the waves of people waiting to meet the various SCW stars. People were smiling as they were handed their vaccination cards among other things. Finally the two of them had reached his office. She entered the room first and Daniel closed the door behind her. He motioned for her to take a seat and she did so. He sat in his huge office chair and faced her from behind his desk. There was silence between the both of them and she quickly tried to speak first.

“Wait Daniel before you do anything I can explain…”

Daniel however shook his head as he looked deep into her eyes.

“No… You always have this habit of sitting there and trying to explain your side of the story or attempt apologies and say how sorry you are for yourself. For the first time I just want you to sit down, shut up, and listen….”

Crystal leans back in her chair with a sigh as she just shakes her head in return as he continues to speak.

“Now what in the bloody hell is going on with you. The way you have been acting for the past year has been absolutely confusing. What is really eating at you? I can tell you personally that it’s not healthy by any means…”

Crystal looks back at him just shrugging her shoulders with a reply.

“I… I just can’t help but feel like I am one big failure and fuck up. No matter how much I try to do something I always fall flat on my face…”

Daniel looks deeper into her eyes as he answers with one firm word.


Crystal opens her eyes in amazement as she pushes the chair away and stands up screaming right into his face.

“What do you mean BOLLOCKS?! You just can’t say that to me. I sat here and told you what was wrong and all you can basically telling me in British form is Bullshit?! It’s not bullshit. No matter what I do is never enough. I have strived to best the best I can be but no matter what I do it never seems to be enough. I wanted to be a Grand Slam Champion and I put everything into trying to win the Mixed Tag Team Championships. I had the perfect partner and at the end of the day I just couldn’t deliver. I know people are going to look down at me and tell me I wasn’t good enough. They are going to tell me that I have weaseled my way into YET another title shot. They are going to remind me over and over again how I am not worthy and so on. So I am sorry if I stand up here and tell you I feel like shit. That’s just what’s eating me up…”

Crystal takes a deep breath as she shares her heart some more.

“On top of that I am sure the word will continuously remind me how much of an awful wife I am. How much of an awful person I am. How my social life is complete shit and I don’t measure up to anything. So yeah I do have a reason to feel down in the dumps. Now I am in the middle of this match with Roxi, Alicia, and Mercedes Vargas. I already know all of this will get thrown in my face. Roxi will probably tell me how I am over confident, cocky, and change too much to seek approval, Alicia will tell me how much of an awful wife I am, and Vargas will shove how she has accomplished everything and is a decorated champion. What do I have to show for any of it?! Nothing… It’s just another day in the life of being Crystal fucking Zdunich, another day of everyone shitting on me or even hating on the fact that my wife and I are involved in a three way relationship. So excuse me if I don’t feel like quite the super hero like Roxi, or the big tough wrestler like Alicia Lukas, or this big decorated overachiever that is Vargas. Maybe just maybe I am not like any of them…I am a failure and…”

Daniel keeps looking at Crystal as he once again says the same word that he said before.


“For the love of God Daniel why in the hell do you keep saying that same fucking word… It doesn’t make any sense!”

Daniel walks around the table and he stands right in front of Crystal. He looks down into her eyes before shaking his head at her.

“You want to know why I keep saying Bollocks over and over again. It’s because everything you are saying is a bunch of shit. That’s the reason why I wanted you in this office tonight. It’s because you go through this all the time. I know you probably had conversations with your wife and so many loved ones on what the real issue is. I am going to be the one to tell you what the problem is. At the end of the day the real issue in all of this is you!”

Crystal raises her eyes.

“What the fuck do you mean the issue is me?!”

Daniel takes a deep breath as he continues to speak.

“You are the issue… It’s not that you fight for approval too much. That doesn’t even matter. It’s the fact that at the end of the day YOU are your OWN WORST ENEMY… You will never be happy because you judge yourself too harshly. I know it probably stings when people call you out on shit but when you are beating yourself up it just makes it that much easier for all of them. It hurts because YOU believe that bunch of BOLLOCKS and make it to be true… You take to heart on what women like Mikah and Alicia Lukas say to you when they have NEVER LIKED YOU and probably never will. You get offended when CHRISTIAN talks down about you but he’s an asshole and never really liked you. The people that matter do build you up but you don’t listen to it. You want to be coddled. You want to be a baby and have them lift you up to make you feel better… And when that doesn’t pan out you think change is the way to get what you want as quickly as you want…”

Daniel waves his finger.

“However change isn’t something that can be forced on a person. It’s not something that you can expect to happen overnight. It takes time and it’s a gradual build. No amount of changing your name, your alignment, or even the colour of your hair dye will ever give you the justification you are looking for. This is where I am going to quote a famous English Playwright to you. You should know him or at least read about him in one of your literature classes. Williams Shakespeare wrote in one of his famous plays that “A Rose by Any Other Name Will Smell As Sweet”.”

Daniel smirks.

“What that means is it doesn’t really matter what you call something at the end of the day it will still be as how it was always meant to be. Now you want to compare yourself to everyone but the reality you should have never been trying to complete the Grand Slam by winning the Mixed Tag Team title to begin with. When have you ever worked well in a team?! That isn’t your strength and it never has been. I don’t care if you were trying to be in a category with Roxi, Mercedes, Mikah or even Amy fucking Marshall. That isn’t your strong suit. Your strong suit has ALWAYS been on you as an individual and you being the ONLY Five time World Champion showcases that fact. So for you to break a world title record already puts you in a league of your own. You really feel Roxi is a super hero and you don’t compare to that?!”

Daniel laughs.

“That’s funny considering when this virus first hit the world she didn’t practice any safety measures. You however set up this event to beat the curve. On top of that I have seen you try to rescue a woman in this very casino and even go as far as adopt her daughter when she passed away. If that isn’t heroic I don’t know what is. You shouldn’t feel the need to be anybody else but yourself. Listen to your heart and your own opinion. As long as you do that it shouldn’t matter what others think. Don’t beat yourself up because that’s only going to lead you to your own downfall. You are better than that. I mean just look at what you have accomplished since being at this hotel…”

Daniel smirks again as he walks over to the door and he opens it up. There are lines of people lined up.

“You are passionate about this. Charlotte and Mackenzie had their doubts about you being here. Everybody told me I should have my doubts in hiring you because the way you have handled being Mark’s personal assistant was a little crazy. However I gave you a chance and it’s because deep down I knew there was something special in you. I created a brand new position at this casino just for you and all of it has paid off. Business has increased and everything has been a success. We have given back to the community. We are now doing our part to beat this Virus, and that doesn’t even include how much money you bring in when you manage to waitress….It has always been top notch stuff. So if I can see all of these in you why can’t you?!”

Crystal shrugs her shoulders as she looks at the line of people before she turns her attention over to Daniel.

“I don’t know. I just never really thought about it in that way before. I guess I have been so focused on trying so hard to do everything to stand out I have forgotten what is really important…”

“Well you shouldn’t forget Crystal… You should know who you are. You also have an adopted daughter that is eyeing every single you do to stand out. You helped her fight off Leukemia and you saved her life. That is the epitome of a super hero and a good human being. You are also saving a bunch of lives with this vaccination event. It might seem like a small thing to these people where they can meet their favorite stars but it’s so much more than that. So I want to ask you a simple question…”

Crystal nods her head as she looks back at him.

“Okay you can fire away…”

“How would you want for people to remember the legacy you left behind? Do you want for them to get caught up in you being your own undoing and your own worst enemy?! Or do you wish for them to focus on all of the good you have done. That is what you need to figure out. I truly feel once you finally start believing in yourself more and worrying less about what others think you will fix all of your problems. Nothing anybody says will matter because deep down in your heart you will know what truth is and what’s not. Don’t compare yourself to others…. Just become the best Crystal Zdunich that you know you can be…”

Crystal takes in everything that Daniel just said as she looks at everybody getting their shot. She didn’t see it that way at first but after a second look she truly was that of a super hero. She was saving thousands of potential lives and she was making the world a much better place for her immune compromised daughter. She was indeed a strong mother and finally she smiled as she actually believed in it. She knew she couldn’t beat herself up any more. Her daughter and her granddaughter both counted on her and it was time to really do what was best for them. She quickly ran out to the line putting a huge grin on her face as she looked at everybody.

“Come one and come all!!! Come get your jabs and let’s make the world a much better place. Meet your favorite superstars and let’s just have an amazing time shall we?!”

The fans all cheered excitedly as they did just that. Some surrounded Crystal with sharpie markers wanting her to sign various replica championships among other things. It’s on this very happy image that we slowly fade out on.

On Camera
Disney World

The cameras come into focus and as they do we are taken to the happiest place in the world Disney World. People in the background could be seen smiling with huge grins on their faces. Some people could be seen running towards the Space Mountain ride while others are quickly heading off towards the direction of Splash Mountain. Crystal however could be seen in a Disney Princess dress. To be more precise she is dressed like that of Cinderella and is standing in the entry way of her castle. The camera pans in on her face and she doesn’t seem to be smiling. Instead she has a serious expression on her face as she looks deeply into the lens of the camera.

“So here we are on the very first stop of this big SCW tour. The road to get to High Stakes officially begins, and today we happen to be at what many might consider the happiest place in the world. We are at Disney World and a lot of people have many different reasons to smile while being here. For some they can meet their favorite Disney characters buy an overpriced autograph book and cherish in the smiles that these characters brought to life bring. For others it’s a chance to celebrate huge title wins and shout the cliché I AM GOING TO DISNEY WORLD SPEECH… There are so many different reasons for being here…”

Crystal takes a deep breath as she begins to speak some more.

“However for me it’s not about smiling because this place doesn’t bring great memories for me. Believe it or not it was on June 10th of 2018 in which I came to this place as the newly crowned World Bombshell Champion. It was my third reign as champion and I did the unthinkable and unified the Internet Championship with the World Championship. Mikah demanded her rematch and two weeks after winning my title I quickly lost it right back. I felt it shattered a huge part of my heart. Even though I walked into that event as the unified champion and my daughter Brittany at the time had just won the Roulette Championship two weeks prior. I felt like I let her down… I felt empty and it started a huge downward spiral from that point on…”

Crystal shrugs her shoulders again sighing as she pours her heart some more.

“I lost to Mikah again and again. I couldn’t seem to get back into the hunt. I got married a month later in that same year but honestly I couldn’t be happy because I felt like I was missing a part of myself. 8 months later my wife won the championship because I PUT the title on her. I was willing to stab her in the back to get what I want and it didn’t get me anywhere. I broke her heart and to be honest since losing to Mikah in 2018 it would be about two years before I even touched gold at all… Two years of fighting, clawing, and scratching my way just to get a shot. I am forever grateful to the shots I do get and I won’t complain about them. As I stand here at Disney World I now have the chance to have my huge storybook ending when I lost my title here two years ago. I can win at DISNEY WORLD and on top of that I can march my way to competing at the biggest show of the year fighting in the main event at the world’s most famous arena. Who wouldn’t want to be in the main event at Madison Square Garden?! That’s a dream come true if I do say so myself wouldn’t you agree?!”

Crystal nods her head as she continues to speak some more.

“However to get what I want I need to get past three other women. Three other women will be doing everything in their power to fight for that same right. I know for a fact it won’t be easy. I know in the wrestling business we are supposed to stand in front of this camera and tell the world why we are going to beat the others and how we are better than each other. To be honest I rather not go down that road this time around because it’s redundant and repetitive. Instead I am going to just tell you all why I deserve this moment and the others simply do not…”

Crystal keeps that serious expression on her face as she speaks some more.

“First and foremost you have one of my best friends in this match in the form of Roxi Johnson. She is a super hero to so many. She warms the hearts of so many people every single Wednesday by releasing her #WCW list in which she names just about everyone as a sign of being kind. She is coming off of a huge win in teaming with her wife in Keira Johnson and as soon as she won she was quick to tweet out that she was happy to win but it’s basically back to business. It is back to going after gold and that is the current task at hand. I can honestly respect that. It’s all about the drive and dedication for her. To be honest I doubt I wouldn’t be in this company if it wasn’t for Roxi Johnson. I will admit sometimes I do feel a lack of self-confidence and I wish she would claim me as a BFF on her Wednesday post along with a picture of me. I do want that type of attention and I want the approval. I know she might think it’s a case of trying to constantly seek approval and redemption over and over again…

I will own that and that’s my own shortcoming, but Roxi doesn’t deserve to win this match. As much as she might wish to try to tell everybody she is about making things right and proving she can win a title shot. This is also the same woman who in her own way is more title crazy than I am. When she first came back to this company her first match back was being HANDED a title match in a main event at a Super Card. She could have declined it even if management forced it on her. After all just by accepting it you basically just cut the line of those WHO were here. This is also the same women who at one point argued with management about receiving a Roulette Championship match just so she could complete her Grand Slam crown. Sure I might have done it as well in trying to win a tag team title but I didn’t go all the way down from World Champion level of a wrestler to the entry level division of this company. I stayed at the top and fought on. I saw the BIGGEST threat on the roster in Tempest and a multi time champion in AJM and took my shot….

It’s a little different from trying to beat a rookie in Kate Steele failing to beat her and ultimately taking the title off of Veronica Taylor. That is nothing to be proud of. Also last year Roxi was fired up to compete for an Internet Championship match and they were held by three dominant champions consecutively in Kate, Myra, and Amber. Roxi could have had the chance to compete for that title and I remember seeing on Twitter Roxi basically saying that’s not what she is after?! How does any of that make sense?! So it’s okay to go all the way DOWN to compete for a Roulette Championship just to claim a Grand Slam Achievement but it’s not okay to compete for the Internet Title?!”

Crystal shrugs her shoulders.

“That’s not right and that’s not heroic. If anything that makes you sound sort of like a brat… One who just happens to wear a cape and claim they are a hero. Now you could chase after the title in order to be the best but I feel like it’s more than just that. I feel you just want it to continue on with this feud with Amber and pick up the pieces. Newsflash though babe… The truth is you lost that feud. You lost two matches to one. It’s old news and on top of that you lost the World title to me last year. You lost the Queen of the Day to me. As a matter of fact besides that Chamber match when it really matters and all the cards are on the line you can’t beat me. You just had a chance at the title at the end of last year and you couldn’t beat your wife. So why should anyone believe you can beat Amber now?! No offence but you had your shot and you just don’t deserve it. You can’t pick and choose what type of title opportunities you want. You just need to take the hand dealt to you. That’s what a hero is truly all about, making the most of what they are given! Sorry Roxi but on this night that’s not you!”

Crystal nods her head as she continues to speak.

“Of course you also have Alicia Lukas in the mix. There’s no doubt in my mind she is indeed one of the best in this company. She has shattered the record for longest reign with the Bombshell Championship. She broke Mikah’s record and has really cemented her legacy here. You can’t question what she is about and I actually applaud that. However in her eyes the only thing that she ever sees in me is how much of a cancer I am to this company. In her heart she sees me as being beneath her. She continuously runs my social and private life into the ground. She constantly shits on me as a champion. When Keira beat her she was bitching up a storm and waiting for the moment to cry that it was a fluke. When I beat Keira she was quick to act disgusted that I wasn’t worthy of anything. She will tell you that all I ever do is weasel my way into title opportunities however the ONLY time I ever did that was stabbing my wife in the back. You want to know where that got me?! To be honest it didn’t do well for me, my wife ending up winning a championship because of it and when it was time for that big four way match you did manage to win…

It wasn’t by pinning the champion though because THAT was my WIFE and the two of us were beating each other senseless outside of the ring. You beat Dani Weston and managed to win the title. As much as you shit on me you really shouldn’t. Because of me you were able to win a feud of the year award. That summer was carried by what WE did together. So selling me short makes you look stupid. So yes the one time I weaseled into an opportunity I didn’t get the job done. However if you look at all the times I actually worked my ass off and EARNED MY SHOTS I delivered. I took home the gold. You can’t say shit… I beat the woman YOU COULDN’T BEAT!!! So what does that say for you?! But go on sell me short. Make fun of me…

As egotistical as I might seem when things don’t pan out I might feel hurt but I dust myself off and I move onward. You are the one trying to portray yourself as leaving, or beating down women just to prove a point. You are also the first person to Bitch and threaten to leave. Hypocrites don’t deserve to get the chance to main event the biggest show of the year. Besides you won Queen For A Day and you took your shot and you failed! So what difference is a few months later going. You got beat and it’s time for somebody else to get a shot. You don’t deserve it and at Climax Control I am going to prove exactly why you don’t…”

Crystal seems confused as she shakes her head.

“Then of course there’s Mercedes Vargas. She is indeed a decorated SCW Champion. I am not talking about SCU but purely SCW here. She has a long laundry list of things that she has accomplished. If there has been a championship you can bet your bottom dollar that she has that accomplishment next to her name. She is indeed one of the best of the best. As she would point out she has the most wins. As she would point out she has done it all. As she would point out even though people will sit there and call her old. At the age of forty she showcases that she stands the test of time and continues to persevere…

Honestly the two of us at one point in our lives were really close friends with one another. In another company we were tag team champions and she has beaten my ass across different companies around the world. However when it comes to SCW the only time I can honestly recall her beating me is when she smashed a pumpkin on my head a while ago. Hell if I could recall wasn’t it just last year where the two of us went to war at Summer XXXtreme and I came out ahead?! As great as Vargas might try to remind all of you how great she is. The reality she is a legend in her own mind. It’s not a case of what she has accomplished, it’s a matter of what has she done LATELY that I wish to ask.

The truth is nothing. It’s not like she wrestled for a tag team championship or something like that. No she is just coming off losing the right to become the Internet Champion and before that didn’t she drop the ball to Bella Madison. I don’t know how Mercedes Vargas has even found her way into a match like this. Everybody knows she doesn’t deserve it. Hell even she should know that she doesn’t deserve it. She hasn’t been relevant for a very long time. Just her being in this match just seems like she is being thrown to the wolves and it will only be a matter of time before she gets devoured. If Vargas couldn’t even overcome winning the Internet Championship what makes me think she has what it takes to push ahead in this match?!”

Crystal shakes her head with a wide grin.

“Nothing… I doubt she can pull through. On that basis alone she doesn’t deserve to be in this spot. There is someone in this match who is much more deserving and I know for a fact that woman will be the one who will pull ahead in the end…”

Crystal waves her finger in the air as she nods her head to the camera.

“In case you might be wondering I AM THAT WOMAN! I deserve that moment. This match is befitting of somebody like me. You might be pondering why am I standing here in a Cinderella dress and to be honest it’s simple when you think about it. My career could be symbolized like that of Cinderella. It has been a true rags to riches story. When I first got to this company I competed under a mask. Nobody knew my real identity. However as I got comfortable I took that mask off and I showcased who I really was. I worked hard and I have managed to win every single thing I put my mind on.

I know there are haters and honestly I have done everything in my power to win them over. I have changed myself and my identity about a dozen times because I WANTED THEIR ACCEPTANCE. However as I stand here I realized that I don’t need redemption… I never NEEDED it. I was trying to do everything to run away from myself but as long as I stand here and continue to be my own worst enemy I won’t ever accomplish anything. That’s why I can honestly say that I have put all of the tales of redemption officially behind me. I am happy with whom I am and I KNOW WHO I AM…

I refuse to be identified as the woman who has had a mess of a social and personal life. As hurtful as all of those things might be considering the way people constantly try to run it to the ground with me over and over. The reality is when I step into the ring none of that really matters…”

Crystal chuckles as she speaks some more.

“If anything the fact that I managed to accomplish as much as I have with all of the personal issues showcases how driven I am for this business. You want to know who THE FUCK I AM?! YOU WANT TO KNOW WHO I REALLY AM… You can sit there and call me by all of my marriage names. You can call me by all of my monikers or make fun of every shade of hair dye, but beneath all of the bullshit the fact is that a “rose by any other name would still be as sweet.” It doesn’t matter WHAT you call me but at the end of the day I am the ONLY FIVE TIME WORLD CHAMPION! Nobody else can say that, nobody else has that attached to their name. While everybody else might wish to try to fight for a fourth reign and play catch up I am already the standard and you need to get on my level. Sure I didn’t win the tag team title and yes that stings a little. I am not a good team player, I was meant for solo success and considering I have done it the best showcases why my words should be taken seriously.

You want to know why else I deserve that match with Amber?! I am used to being in the spotlight I do whatever it takes to get there and I will bust my ass to have my name in the grand marquee. I know I am the featured attraction and the main event so might as well keep showing off what everybody already knows right?!”

Crystal takes a breath as she continues to speak.

“However it’s JUST not about that! The real reason why I feel I deserve this shot more than the rest of you is Amber didn’t get the definitive win that she desired with me. Yes she won the belt but deep down in her heart she knows that because of the way I stuck my nose in Despy’s Blast From The Past match his father got involved which gave Amber the opening she needed to deliver the final nail in the coffin. Since that match I never got a rematch to compete for what I lost. Many people usually get a rematch when they lose a title. Myra got one after losing the Internet title, hell Roxi got one in that triple threat match after losing to me. Keira got one when I beat her. However I lost my title and I didn’t get anything. So it’s a case of getting what I am owed…

But I get it… It would wrong to stand here and feel entitled and that’s why EARNING this shot makes it even better. It will make it better to silence the critics once and for all on how good I am. On top of that I can gain the ability to end the year in the same exact way with how it started and that’s with me on the top winning the championship. When I fought Amber I got beside myself. I was focused too much on being flashy and wearing the one piece suits using the World Championship like a trinket. I was focused too much on being a showboat and being cocky in front of my Immune Compromised daughter. I was more concerned with the status of being the champion but not actually BEING THE CHAMPION and that’s where things need to be different.

I want to fight Amber without the bullshit of tearing apart a motorcycle or ruining her tournament spot. I don’t want to threaten using London Underground just to make me stronger. I just want to show her that I am the best fucking Bombshell in this company. Nothing less and nothing more! So in this eventual second showdown we can lay it all down in the heart of the ring WITHOUT any interruptions to see who the best of the best really is…”

Crystal looks deep into the cameras.

“That championship around her shoulder is my Glass Slipper and it’s time for me to go back to the castle to get what is best fit for me. Amber might think she can walk in my shoes but NOBODY can walk in them but me. I been through some shit but I am still here. I might not be a SUPER HERO, I might not have had the type of year a GEORGIA PEACH HAD, and I am damn sure not as decorated as Vargas… I am however Crystal Zdunich… I am the best bombshell in this company and at Climax Control I prove what everybody already knows. Sunday it all becomes CRYSTAL clear. There won’t be a fairy Godmother helping me along the way. it will just my passion that pushes me on. So with that consider the show over… It’s time to roll the credits on the rest of the competition once and for all. It’s time for me to take my place… Watch Amber because Cinderella will get her glass slipper and there’s no place to rectify my entire career than at Disney World… I will see you soon… I promise you that much…”

With that Crystal shows off that one of her glass slippers is missing and it’s on that note that we fade out on a serious expression from her.

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San Diego, California
Jet City South

The wrestling school used to be filled with an endless amount of students. It definitely was a place that was thriving and built the next legacy of wrestlers however with the disappearance of Kris Ryans along with Mikah’s thought of running off to Hawaii the school was definitely a ghost town. Ruby walked through the hallways of the school as she shook her head in disgust. A long deep breath escaped her lips as she walked throughout the school. She walked towards Kris Ryans office and let some tears roll down her cheek as she sees pictures of herself training with Mikah, and other photos of her and Courtney working together. She shook her in disgust as tears fell down her cheek. She sniffles and it isn’t long before footsteps could be heard coming from behind her. A brunette walks over and places a hand on her shoulder as she looks at the photos with her.

“I had a feeling you would be here. It’s okay to let it all out Prue. There is nothing wrong with you letting it all go…It would be best if you didn’t hold out it and you expressed yourself”
The figure behind her was her half-sister Phoebe Wentworth better known to us as Sapphire Gem Stone. The lead guitarist from the Gem Stones made sure to wrap her arms tightly around her sister into a hug as Ruby just leaned into the shoulder of her older sister and cries more.

“I honestly can’t believe this place would turn out to be like this. Where did Kris go, and why did he disappear. Who would have thought that his disappearance would lead to almost all of the students leaving and abandoning this place?! At one point this place was thriving. Everybody wanted to be here to train under some great legends and I feel that everything attached to that legacy is now gone…Like this is the place where I met Courtney and you know how I feel about her! Many amazing memories were built in this place, and just like that it’s all gone… I don’t know even know where to go from here…”

Ruby begins to cry some more as she Sapphire holds her tightly.

“Sis… You shouldn’t feel like that. You can go wherever you wish to go. There is so much for you to accomplish and…”

Ruby begins to yell out passionately as she continues to pour her heart out some more.

“No… I know for a fact that all of this is my fault. If I would have beaten Amber Ryan when I had the chance I know this school would have been thriving. Nobody would have wanted to leave and we wouldn’t be in this situation. Perhaps Kris wouldn’t have disappeared and we wouldn’t be feeling this way… I somehow think this was my fault. If I would have poured more into my wrestling ability things definitely would have been so much different…”

“Sis this isn’t your fault. You can’t take the blame for why Kris left. I am sure he has his own reasons. To be fair once he lost the World Championship he just seem to check out and if you want to be even more specific you could sort of tell that he just wasn’t into things when he was Mixed Tag Team Champion. Regardless on his reasons for dealing with his issues I know you can’t expect to take the blame for any of it. You are amazing and shouldn’t sell yourself short. You have only been doing this for less than a year and already you are near the top of your game. You won a tournament you gained a bit of fame and are developing into a great wrestler. You can’t expect to be an overnight sensation and I doubt anybody would want you to become one either. You need to take your time and really perfect your craft. Once you work out the bugs I know for a fact that nothing could stop you…”

Ruby raises her eyes in return.

“Do you really mean that?!”

“Of course I do… I am your older sister. Do you think I would ever tell you something that isn’t true… If you keep blaming yourself for things it really won’t do you any good. I know you want to take on the blame for what happened to Courtney but she made the decision to go down to the ring to say goodbye to Alicia. Anybody could have seen what Alicia Lukas was going to do. It didn’t take a scientist to figure out what was going to happen. That’s not on you though sis. Courtney is the only one to blame for that…”

Ruby quickly fires back.

“Well you have to also blame Alicia as well because she is the one that did that to her…”

“Of course but don’t try to wear all of this on your sleeve because it’s not your fault. Courtney will get better but we need to focus on what you are going to do because none of this looks good…”

Ruby shakes her head as she looks around.

“It just really seems as if the world is crumbling by the very seams. It’s not just Courtney either. Things are absolutely terrible with the school here, and who knows what will eventually happen with the Gem Stones. It just seems like a few years ago that we all made our debut in wrestling being right in the background for the ridiculousness of Kate and Teddy. I didn’t think he would really be dumb enough to cheat on her. I don’t know if Kate can even recover from that and I don’t know what this means for our band. Like what’s the point for us even being in San Diego anymore?! It’s not like anyone frequents this gym. We came here to be at this school and that’s gone…. So what’s next?!”

Sapphire just shrugs her shoulders looking deep into her sister’s eyes.

“You especially should know I really don’t care for your cousin, but what I will say is that nobody deserves to have somebody cheat on them. I can’t explain why Teddy would cheat on Kate. Maybe he’s just an idiot but we already knew that from the way he always conducted himself. I wouldn’t feel all that bad for Kath-Lyn though. She is a survivor. She will find a way and she will emerge stronger because of it. Despite the relationship the two of us might have the fact is we are all one big family and we have each other’s back. We will be there for her. Right now I am sure she is just going about getting some space and trying to figure out the situation. If a man cheated on me I honestly wouldn’t know what to do with myself. However she isn’t what we should focus on. You can’t take on everybody’s problems Prue. You can only worry about you….”

Ruby shakes her head just shrugging her shoulders.

“I know but…”

“But nothing… None of this is your fault. You can only control your actions. You might think things are rough but you are so much further from being the failure that you see yourself as. Your father was your biggest critic but after seeing how much you poured into wrestling and conquering your dream of being a musician he has become nothing but supportive. All of the girls in the band have your back. Don’t assume we came to San Diego just to follow after Kate’s lead. We all came here because you wanted to enroll in the school and you absolutely killed it being here.”

Sapphire looks around just shrugging her shoulders in return.

“I will admit this place might be a ghost town but you can’t question on why you are even in San Diego. I think you know the answer to that question. Things might seem be falling apart but maybe this is your chance to step up and make something of the school.”

“Make something of the school?! What exactly are you talking about…”

Sapphire nods her head as she looks around.

“What I mean is perhaps you should stop looking at things from a negative perspective. Yes everybody did leave this school and that’s a bunch of bollocks. However in a positive light what if you worked hard on being the reason why this place gains new life again, what if you poured everything into reviving what was once great. You were the last student standing and this is your chance to pour everything into the school to make it lively again… I know it sounds absolutely….”

Ruby stares at her sister blankly as a wicked grin escapes her lips.

“You are going to make me say it aren’t you?! But if that’s what you really want, of course that would be OUTRAGEOUS!!!! But maybe that is a good idea. The Gem Stones Wrestling School!!!! GSWG could definitely be a new venture and it would be good…”

“Damn right it would be and all of us are unique in our way. Diamond is the submission expert, you are the All Around wrestler, I am the High Flyer, and Emerald is the Technician. Together we could somehow make it work…”


Sapphire giggles.

“It’s about time you started to get excited again. Also that’s not it. We can also continue to work on our music when you actually get to write new material. On top of that I think we all know the real reason why we are in San Diego… She might be trying to recover but I know there is a certain girl that you are absolutely in love with. You can’t really run away from your soul mate can you?!”

Ruby blushes as she looks right back at Sapphire.

“I guess not…. Stop talking about my Courtney you are going to make me blush. Anyway I guess reviving this school is going to be our first order of business maybe we can paint in pretty colours and make it so so…”

Sapphire sighs.

“Don’t push your luck on that… Let’s just take things one step at a time. For now let’s just focus on making sure you are ready. I know you got a big match ahead of you, and we might as well train you so you can stand toe to toe with Alicia Lukas. You ready to take things up a notch?!”

“As ready as I am going to be…”

“Good because I am your sparring partner for today and I won’t go easy on you sis…”

Ruby just stands there with a smirk as she looks back at her. She knew a battle was ahead of her to motivate the band, revive the school, and be there for Courtney but Ruby definitely was ready for all of it. Ruby keeps her eyes locked on Sapphire and it’s on that image that we fade out on.

On Camera

The camera comes into focus and as they do we are treated to the sight of a serious Ruby Steele. The only thing we can see is her face as she sits in a dark room. She turns on her light up jacket and the light illuminates in the darkness. She leans right into the camera as she begins to speak.

“Bloody fucking hell… Alicia Lukas I just want to say I can’t help but feel sorry for you. You truly are nothing but a spoiled, stuck up, and arrogant little Bitch. I know it would be foolish to stand here in front of a camera and state how I plan to beat you in the middle of the ring and pick up a major win. In the eyes of so many that would be an upset and it definitely would shock the entire world.

On any other day it would be about doing the unthinkable. It would be about showcasing why I was the Blast From The Past Champion and how there is still so much potential within me. Perhaps people are waiting for me to shatter my own limits and break barrier like I am some anime character who wishes to change their hair colour to a golden blonde to showcase that they got stronger but as I really sit down and think about what this match represents I have come to the conclusion that this match isn’t about winning.

Anybody could go about winning a match and being all super excited over that fact. I know a win over you would definitely be a feather in my cap and it would go a long way in the grand scheme of things. However this event is Violent Conduct and it is the most dangerous event of the year. It’s the one night where the matches are all contested under a special stipulation and people wrestle with the intention beat the bloody hell out of one another.

As dumb of a bird you might be, and as much as I think you are a stupid wanker. The truth is I plan to fuck you up. What you did to me is something that I honestly can’t forgive. You took away the one person that meant the most to me. You took out my girlfriend and its bullshit. Courtney had worked her arse off to get back onto the roster. After not being able to compete for well over a year because of an injury and having to leave her tournament prize behind her she managed to successfully come back to the ring.

She was on a slump but she shattered through her limits and things were definitely starting to look up.”

Ruby shakes her head as she looks right into the camera.

“However as much as things started to look up for her that just didn’t feel right to you. You ruined her. When you came to the ring to give your bullshit ass excuse of a speech you decided to take your frustration out on somebody who genuinely cared about you. You hurt my girlfriend and I get it. It was a chance to gain some cheap heat. A way to let everybody know that you were back, and you didn’t give a damn on who you had to step on to get to that point.

Honestly it was a great idea. On paper everything went according to plan as you thought it would go. There was one major problem though. What you didn’t realize is the fact that Courtney Pierce has me for a girlfriend and I am one crazy Bitch. I am not going to let you get away with any of this. The moment you destroyed everything she had worked so hard to return too is the moment that you should have known that I would be getting involved.

You now have to deal with the wrath of the angry girlfriend and I don’t plan to be nice. I plan to beat the unholy hell out of you across the arena. I might take an ass whopping. I might get sent through a table but I damn sure am going to make sure you know that you have been in an absolute war. Nobody strikes first and gets away with it. An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth! What goes around certainly comes back around and there’s no greater feeling than getting even.”

Ruby points at the camera as she continues to share more of her heart.

“To be honest Alicia you want to know why all of this happened to begin with?! It’s because you are a sore fucking loser. You don’t react well to losing. You can sit there and act all high and mighty saying how the state of the division went down the drain when Keira Johnson became the champion. How things got worse when Keira dropped it to Crystal, and then wish to act all high and mighty as soon as Amber Ryan gets the belt, and tries to pretend to be all buddy like with her.

That’s very asinine and at the end of the day I don’t know why you are trying to hate on Keira for making the division bad when she is the one who BEAT you. It makes you look extremely stupid to blame the person that BEAT you for killing the division. Maybe if you were a better champion Keira wouldn’t have become champion which in turn might have prevented Crystal from becoming a champion and so on. Then again that seems to be the entire deal with Wolfslair. They are all great wrestlers in their own right but their attitude just sucks.

When I was climbing through the realm of the roster I remember that super card where the entire build up was Amber and Crystal beating the shit out of one another. There was hatred all around and one of the members of Wolfslair tried to say that they were the ONLY match that people were into. I believe it was Austin and Fenris but I could be wrong. That’s such a dumb comment to say when everybody is working hard and the evidence proves elsewise.

But hey Alicia you are good. You managed to hold the World Bombshell Championship for the longest single reign ever. You had ONE… Yes ONE break out year and that was legendary. However you haven’t been able to match that one year, and after losing to Keira your star has faded. You aren’t the woman that you once were.

When you are out of the championship hunt you have to resort to coming across like a little EMO bitch who wishes to whine and cry because the focus isn’t on you. You had your chance to get back into the spotlight. You win your little Queen of the Day match. Of course you line yourself up against Amber Ryan and it just wasn’t good enough.”

Ruby shakes her head with a sigh.

“You could have vowed to work back up. You could have told everyone the setback wouldn’t get to you but of course as USUAL, and as you usually do when things don’t go your way or you lose a title match. You want to cry retirement and go on, and on with the woe is me speech. As much as people give Keira and Crystal shit for wanting titles I can honestly say they don’t really threaten retirement. They get off of their asses and they fight. You however want sympathy. You want people to look at your little emo trips, and you want people to give a fuck.

I am going to expose you for what you are and showcase that you always can’t get what you want when you want it because the world doesn’t work that way. I know I haven’t done all that much but somewhere deep inside of me is the woman who won the Blast From The Past and I plan to bring that woman out when I step into the ring with you. The question is are you going to be ready for her?!

What will you do after I beat you Alicia. Will you be the woman who claims a fluke when you lose to me or are you going to take it like a woman and try to bounce back and fight. It doesn’t really matter because I know what I am about. Violent Conduct I am going to absolutely hurt you. I am going to take great pride in beating the living snot out of you. So please give me the fight I want but I am fighting for more than just settling a grudge. This is for my school, my respect, and my girlfriend. I refuse to let Courtney down…

You might try to rise up to me. You might wish to bring your best but if you think I will ever back down that is a thought that is absolutely OUTRAGEOUS!!!! See you in the ring Luv. You will need to bring it because I am ready for this moment. Best of luck you certainly will need it.”

With that Ruby turns off her light off jacket as she is now in nothing but darkness. The scene fades to black on the darkness as the cameras stop rolling.

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