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Climax Control Archives / Two words for J2H...Pog mo thoin
« on: March 27, 2020, 11:46:25 PM »
 Sitting on the plane, Connor Murphy keeps his eyes closed as the rest of the roster boarded.  He had come aboard earlier that everyone else, scoping out a seat near the end of the plane.  Resting his legs into the larger space, he appears to be asleep in a rather comfortable position in his worn denim and tee.  A pair of Doc Martins with scuffs and scrapes complete the look of the rather scruffy man.  No one approaches him in his seat which suits him just fine.

Once the flight is up in the air, Connor’s eyes crack open as he peers down the aisle of the plane to take in the others sitting in front of him.  Seeing a familiar redhead only a few seats away, he smirks and sits up straighter.

Connor Murphy:  Psst…Hey Sam…psst.

Sam Marlowe sits up and looks back as she reaches up to her ears to pull a pair of earbuds from her ears.  Raising her eyebrow, she gives a glimpse to others before looking directly at Connor who offers her a smile and beckons her to sit closer.  Shaking her head, she reaches down and unbuckles the seat belt and moves to sit across the aisle from Connor who shoots her a teasing pout.

Sam Marlowe:  Its not you…I have to be careful of being close to anyone.  This virus is a bit more dangerous for me is all.  But what did you want to talk to me about?

Connor leans forward, his elbows resting on his knees.

Connor Murphy:  I wanted to ask you if you would help me out with something.  Considering that you are pretty much the only one that I really know here on this flight.  Been a while since I have been a regular roster guy and you could be considered a teammate so to speak.

Sam Marlowe:  I am not on a team here in SCW…well not counting the Blast from the Past but I ain’t going any farther in that tournament.  

Connor Murphy:  I know but you trained with Vix and since she and I are almost family, I thought that would make us family too, at least teammates.  Besides, I ain’t one to want to do an interview without Pussy who usually likes to keep me on my toes but she ain’t here.

Sam looks towards the front of the plane where she knows that Pussy is sitting but then turns back to Connor with a shrug.  Connor notices then he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a battered smartphone that has seen better days.  He holds it out to Sam who reaches across the aisle to grab it with a curious look on her face.

Connor Murphy:  Would you mind filming this promo for me.  I have some things to say but I don’t want to look like I am talking to myself you know.  It is bad enough that people see me as this hard drinking zero fucks given irish rogue, wouldn’t want them to lose that, now would I?

Sam can’t help but laugh at the image Connor paints.  She looks down at the screen and finds the icon for the camera then holding up the phone begins to film Connor who leans back in the airplane seat as if it were some kind of throne as he begins to speak.

Connor Murphy:  Connor Murphy promo number one in three two one…

Sam slowly raises an eyebrow as Connor makes a clapboard of hands.  With a wink as Sam moves slightly closer, he speaks up.

Connor Murphy:  That’s right, I’m back and just when you thought it was safe to come back to the ring…What can I say, I have sat back and didn’t ever think that I would want to come back to the ring considering that everyone seemed to write me off.  And maybe that was the problem, everyone writing me off like I was nothing or nobody…

Connor waggles his eyebrows as he invokes the Nobodies which has Sam looking confused.

Connor Murphy:  Before your time love.  Nevermind.  Anyways, I disappeared from the ring and was happy spending my time out of the limelight.  Gave me time to spend with family training away from Sin City Wrestling and honing my craft back in my hometown.  See, no one knew where I was and I could just be who I wanted to be in the ring.  I was helping others develop talent.  Now I happened to be approached by someone that told me something that set my teeth on edge.  And that was there was someone that was coming back and did I want to do something about it.  

Connor steeples his fingers in front of his lips to tap them slowly before addressing the phone again.

Connor Murphy:  I heard there was a certain delusion of grandeur spotlight sucking full of himself boy got back in the ring thinking that he was all that and a bag of nuts…

Sam holds up a finger to interrupt but Connor stops her.

Connor Murphy:  I know that is a bag of chips but that is giving Jimmy way to much credit.  Besides, seeing what he keeps posting on social media, I realized that he needed to be put right back into reality.  So, two weeks ago, I got me to the UK and I did something about it.  I put him on his back in the middle of the ring.  He hadn’t even seen me coming.  

Sam Marlowe:  Won’t he say something about how you had to attack him from behind or something?

Connor Murphy:  Of course, I knew he would do that.  See, that is what he does.  Goes whining about how he got attacked from behind because he can’t take that someone would be good enough to drop him legit.  And if you remember that night, I waited for him to turn around before I attacked him so he would know exactly who it was that dropped him in the middle of the ring.  And as much as that burned him, it wasn’t enough for me.  See, Jimmy does what he wants because he thinks he is untouchable.  I proved that wrong.  And do you know what else…

Sam shoots him a questioning look as Connor rubs his hands together in glee.

Connor Murphy:  He got predictable.  See I knew that if I got under his skin, the first thing he would do is run to Christian Underwood and tell him that he wanted a match against me.  And do you know what he did…he ran to Christian Underwood and demanded a match against me.  And that is where we are going to be this coming Climax Control.  Part of me wanted to deny him the match…Prove to him that nobody jumps when he bitches that he had his little feelings hurt.  Big little man was butthurt so much that he deserves to have me in that ring.  And that is why I signed the contract.

Connor set his left ankle on his right knee and then puts a hand on the Doc Martin to rub a thumb over a scuff mark as he gathers his thoughts.  Sam continues to film while also yawning slightly that she covers with her free hand only to blush as she realizes that Connor is watching her.

Connor Murphy:  Am I boring you love?

Sam quickly shakes her head negatively then sits straighter.  Connor nods then winks as he lets Sam off the hook and begins to speak again.

Connor Murphy:  Now I am sure that Jimmy is all about talking about how good he was and how no one is better than him and that probably he is all about talking how he ran me out of the company.  Yeah, he will definitely try to say that.  He doesn’t know anything else to say.  

Connor sits up and then puts a smirk on his face as he raises his voice to a falsetto.

Connor Murphy:  I am J2H and I am the end all and be all.  No one has ever been better than me and no one ever will be.  That fake irish paddy isn’t even good enough to shine my shoes let alone breathe the same air as I do.  He’s proof that the roster is third rate and lower.

Connor begins to cough as the voice he is faking cracks.  

Connor Murphy:  Listen, between the two of us, Jimmy is right.  He doesn’t back down from a fight but he also doesn’t have a humble bone in his body.  How many times has he talked about how good he is.  How everyone is nothing to him.  He can’t see the fact that all his hype is something that he has built up so he is able to defeat people before they even get in the ring.  Good thing I am not getting into the ring with him for a match.

Connor Murphy:  I ain’t going to be getting in that ring for a match.  Nah, that would be too easy for Jimmy.  I ain’t a wrestler so when it comes down to it, I am getting in that ring for a fight pure and simple.  Jimmy ain’t the one that is worried because he isn’t going to be ready for what I am bringing to the ring.  I have had it to here…

Connor holds his hand to just above his eyes.

Connor Murphy:  With the tone of Jimmy’s.  Yeah you held the title for however long.  You beat every one you faced and that is cool too.  But Jimmy…Sunday ain’t going to be your past with how good you are and how you will win.  The two of us haven’t been in the Sin City Wrestling ring for a while so the question is going to be who has the most ring rust.  Might be me might be you but one thing is certain.

Connor stops as the captain speaks over the intercom telling the passengers to return to their seats as a small ping announces the fasten seatbelt signal.   Sam stands but is stopped by Connor who motions for her to continue to film him.  She looks towards the stewardess who is approaching her and mouths the word hurry.

Connor Murphy: Sunday night is going to be a good time for you to realize that you aren’t the man you used to be Jimmy.  Because that will be when I am in the ring beating the hell out of you and enjoying myself way too much.

Connor smirks as Sam moves her finger over the stop button as the stewardess can be heard to tell her to return to her seat.  She hands the phone back to Connor then moves to her seat and sits back down to fasten her seatbelt again.  Connor looks up at the stewardess and offers her a flirty smirk.

Connor Murphy:  Hello love, would you mind bringing me something to drink.  I think I can hear my friend Jack calling from the galley…

The stewardess can’t help but laugh at the flirting Connor before heading to the galley and reappearing with a small bottle and glass.  The scene fades out on the stewardess leaning over Connor to pour the drink as Connor winks at her and smiles as he nods to the seat across from him inviting her to stay and chat.

<img src=>

The Staggs Dungeon is preparing for Climax Control.  In the ring, Vixen can be seen looking over the gym, her arms on the top rope as cameras are being set up.  Suddenly, a door cracks which gets the attention of Vixen whose curious look changes to a smile as Connor Murphy walks into the room.  Dressed in a Connor Murphy religious experience tee, jeans and a black leather jacket, he smirks at his friend.

Connor Murphy:  Look at you Vix, still beautiful as ever.  Still married?

Vixen Staggs:  Yes and very happily I might add.  What are you doing here Connor?  Last I heard you were back in Ottawa.

Connor Murphy:  Seems Vix that rumours of my being in Canada were not completely true.  See I decided that I needed to do a little bit of mischief and now here I am.

Vixen narrows her eyes as Connor moves closer to the ring and then rolls inside it.  She watches as he moves to the corner and then climbing slightly, he sets himself onto the top turnbuckle and looks down at Vixen who had moved towards him.

Vixen Staggs:  What do you mean mischief?

Connor Murphy: Well I signed with JT Midas’ company and then I kind of kicked someone’s ass which means I have a match this week on Climax Control.

Vixen looks incredulous before tilting her head questioningly.

Vixen Staggs:  Whose ass Connor?

Connor Murphy:  Jimmy’s…

Vixen Staggs:  Jimmy?  I don’t remember a Jimmy…

Vixen’s eyes widen as Connor nods, his face lighting up with laughter.

Vixen Staggs:  James Huntington Hawkes…that is who you call Jimmy?  What were you thinking Connor?

Connor Murphy:  It was more instinct than thinking Vixen.

Vixen Staggs:  That is for sure.  But what possessed you to do something that crazy.  You haven’t wrestled in like years.  How do you expect to fight him with the ring rust you must have?

Connor Murphy:  Thanks Vixen, would have thought you had my back in all of this.  Besides, he hasn’t wrestled either.  I think my odds are pretty good this week.  And for your information, I managed to get the drop on him two weeks ago so I am pretty sure that he thinks was a fluke and I can’t wait to prove him wrong this week.  

Vixen shakes her head as she hears the door open.  Turning she is surprised by Pussy Willow who has entered the gym and then looks around to find the pair in the ring.  Pussy is dressed in jeans and a blouse with a small mask over her mouth and nose.  Vixen rolls her eyes as she moves to the ropes and slides between them to drop to the gym floor as Pussy gets closer.  

Connor Murphy:  Pussy darling, glad you could make it today.  I missed you.

Pussy Willow:  Long time no see Connor.  So I got your message that you wanted to do an interview and that you wanted me to be the one to conduct it so here I am.  Now where would you like to do it?

She looks around as Connor remains on the turnbuckle.  Pussy raises her eyebrow then moves to the ringsteps near where Connor is sitting.  As she moves along the apron, Connor jumps to the mat then sits on the middle rope to help Pussy get into the ring.  Once inside, she moves to the middle of the ring as if there were a crowd of fans and it was the show itself.  Connor moves to join her as she pulls the mask from her face as she begins to speak.

Pussy Willow:  I am here with Connor Murphy who we have not seen in an SCW ring for at least three years…

Connor Murphy:  Except for two weeks ago when I was in the ring kicking the rear end of Jimmy 2H.  

Pussy Willow:  that’s right, two weeks ago you attacked J2H in the ring.  Then last week, J2H went to Christian Underwood demanding a match against JT Midas at the supercard but he wanted you this week in the go home show.  Why?

Connor Murphy:  Why what?  Why does Jimmy want me this week in the ring or why did I attack him?  

Pussy Willow:   Why did you attack him?   It isn’t like the two of you have wrestled in a long time.

Connor Murphy:  I did it because Jimmy decided to open his mouth and toot his horn one too many times.  I used to hate listening to the bragging he did when he was an active wrestler.  Hell he was good but oh my god he was boring as hell.  I used to mess with him just to give him some kind of personality other than dead bore.  Remember that duck I got him…he kicked it into the wall and he got so pissed I thought that vein in his forehead was going to burst for sure…

Connor begins to laugh at the memory as Pussy laughs softly before wiping the tears from her cheeks..

Pussy Willow:  Okay so you decided to attack J2H.  You must have known he would want a match.  Are you going to give him one?

Connor Murphy:  That’s why I signed on the dotted line last week darling.  

Pussy Willow:  And do you think that you are going to be able to beat him in a wrestling match?  I do have to remind you that he is a hall of famer and he was a strong champion and well you didn’t really do anything like he did.

Connor lays his hand over his heart with a faked look of pain.

Connor Murphy:  Oh that hurts Pussy, for all that it is true..still hurts.

Pussy Willow:  Don’t be silly Connor.  J2H can legitimately claim all the things he says.  What can you say to counter that?

Connor Murphy:  One of the few losses that Jimmy has was against me…and two weeks ago, he had nothing to answer the beat down I gave him in the middle of the ring.  So maybe he can talk a good game but I don’t know if he is as ready as I am.  I am betting he is counting on my having more ring rust than he does because I haven’t been in a ring for longer than he has.  Sad to say that isn’t true because I may not have been in the spotlight but I haven’t stopped wrestling like he did.  So when he is relying on the fact that I might have ring rust, he is going to be not so pleasantly surprised when I lay a beat down like he has never felt before on him.  Which is what I am fixing to do on Sunday.  

Pussy Willow:  Are you saying that you are going to beat J2H?  

Connor Murphy:  I am saying Pussy love that I am going to step into the ring and I am going to remind Jimmy that no matter how good someone is, there is always someone that might just be that much better.  I hope Jimmy is confident about the match this week because if he is, then it is going to be that much more satisfying when I get the win and leave him counting the ringlights.

Connor points up at the lights over the ring which has Pussy looking up.  She again looks at Connor and is about to say something when Vixen appears in the gym once more to offer Pussy an apologetic look.

Vixen Staggs:  I hate to interrupt but I am going to have to ask for you guys to leave so we can get the Dungeon cleaned for Climax Control.

Pussy and Connor nod and leave the ring.  Connor leans over and puts his arm over the shoulders of Pussy and smiles.

Connor Murphy:  Can I escort you back to the Saxon hotel…six feet apart of course.

Pussy laughs and nods as Connor waves at Vixen then holds open the door for Pussy to lead him out of the gym before he peeks back inside.

Connor Murphy:  See ya Sunday Vix.

Climax Control Archives / On the train ride to Montreal...
« on: September 02, 2016, 11:46:41 PM »
 The soft tinny sound of a voice calling passengers towards the train tracks outside of the Tremblay train station can be heard throughout the small glass and brick enclosure that is the station.  Sitting to one side, Connor has a magazine open on his lap as his foot rocks to an unheard beat.  Seeing the rest of the people moving towards the door, he pulls one earbud out of his ear to hear the announcement in French just as his friend Devlin slams a hand against his shoulder.

Devlin Lefebvre:  That’s you Con.  Have fun and behave.

Connor smirks at his friend as he gets to his feet and shoulders the small carryon that had been resting at his feet.

Connor Murphy:  Make up your mind Dev.  Have fun or behave…they aren’t mutually exclusive you know.  Gonna have to make a choice yanno.

Devlin narrows his eyes as he also rises and then with a matching smirk and a hard jab at Connor’s shoulder, he nods.

Devlin Lefebvre:  Okay then, behave!  I sunk all my money into the bar so I ain’t got bail money.  And remember, the QPF shoot first, shoot again and then ask questions.  So run in a zig zag to dodge the bullets.

The pair share a laugh as the last call for boarding is heard over the speakers.  Giving Devlin his rather cocky smile, Connor pushes his way out of the terminal and into the open humidity of Ottawa and towards the first class car of the train to Montreal.  Boarding the train, he winks at the attendant as he pushes through the doors and towards the seats.  Finding his seat by the table setup near the front of the train car, he pulls out a small laptop and sets it on the table.  

Suddenly the voice of the engineer of the person in charge can be heard faintly over the speakers as Connor settles in.  Beside his seat, the attendant is standing as she checks over the train passengers.  Turning to offer Connor a smile before moving to the galley and beginning the prep for the trip, she disappears through the curtain.  Not even thinking, Connor smiles back with a flirtatious nod which makes a small child point at him and say something to her father who looked up at the dark haired wrestler and nods conspiratorially in some kind of brohood bond.

Looking down the train, Connor notices that there is barely anyone near him and decides to record something in preparation for his match.  People in big matches need to promo you know.  It makes sure that people still know you exist, and it gives them a small warning that you are coming and you mean business.  And since this was the finals of a number one contender tournament, maybe just maybe Connor should say something just to prove that he is taking it seriously…Okay, who am I kidding, Connor is taking it about as serious as a pretty girl remaining faithful to the person who brought her to the prom.  

Once the laptop is open and Connor presses the power button, he is joined by the attendant once more who hands him a small warmed package as the whistle of the train is heard and the soft thrum of the wheels turning and the view of the building disappearing as the train pulls out of the station.

Opening the warm damp lemon scented towelette and rubbing it along his face with a smile of contentment before brushing it between his hands and then setting it to the side, Connor sees the screen light up.  Seeing it, he opens his webcam and then slouches slightly in his seat affecting a look of nonchalance as he smiles for the camera and begins to speak.

Connor Murphy:  Powering up my laptop today ready to lose myself in the world wide web and all I can think about is Sunday night at Climax Control.  Now I know that well I ain’t the one that people are wanting to win this match and I am sure that our illustrious champ is whining and hiding away from the world as we speak.  Yeah yeah I may not post on it but I got my Twitter account exploding with all the twits and tweets.  I tell you, it is like a f*cking soap opera.  Enough of the boo f*cking hoo for sobbing out loud.

Turning slightly sideways and pulling his feet up to rest on the seat, he contemplates the view out the window as he thinks about what he wants to say.

Connor Murphy:  You know, I am sure that people are talking about me and how I came out of nowhere to shine bright and flame out before I get to the big prize.  Hell that is what I have been thinking also.  I mean come on; I am the winningest challenger never to win a title here in SCW.  Except the tag titles and trust me, which shocked the shit out of me too.  Everyone including me is expecting me to fail at Climax Control.  

That thought forces Connor to fight past a look of self-contempt and once more address the webcam.

Connor Murphy:  I find it ironic though that I have said I don’t want the title but here I am fighting for it or at least this week fighting for a chance at fighting for it.  But you know maybe it is fate.  Maybe I was meant to challenge for the heavyweight title.  It’s funny really.  I don’t want to face Dmitri for the finals but I am because I love going out to that ring and beating people up week in and week out.  Don’t get me wrong, I take my share of lumps in the ring and I know that Dmitri is going to be adding a few more.

Confident now, Connor is about to address the webcam but before he can, the attendant moves towards him and addresses him with a slight French accent.  

Train Attendant:  Votre billet monsieur…your ticket please.

Connor rummages in the bag sitting near his feet and produces his ticket which is checked and logged by the attendant.  She smiles as she moves off and Connor again speaks to the camera.

Connor Murphy:  I don’t really pay attention to anything that my opponents have to say because it is always very negative even when they are complimenting me so I say f*ck it and just walk to the ring ready to fight.  And this week is the same because I really didn’t want to have to deal with the blah blah blah of his mumbo jumbo that is more a philosophy lesson than wrestling promo.   He just drones on and on and on which from listening to it, I am going to need a lot of coffee for the match. And speaking of…

The creak of the trolley can be heard as the attendant wheels it along the aisle.  As she approaches Connor, he sits up and orders a mixed drink that the attendant makes then sets on the table alongside a small packet of mixed warmed nuts.  Smiling his thanks, Connor toasts her then sips at the drink before once more addressing the camera acting like it had caught him at something as an afterthought.

Connor Murphy:   Where was I?  Oh yeah, talking about Dmitri and the fact that he is like a rather boring professor that you are stuck with first thing in the morning.  Making you think while putting you to sleep.  I hated that in college and I hate it still.  Listen Dmitri…

Connor points one finger at the camera with the hand holding the drink.

Connor Murphy:   I don’t care about the fact you are a vampire.  I don’t care that you have lived for centuries and are the living embodiment of a figment of a demented imagination.  That’s kinda how Despayre told me that Ben Jordan was a figment of my imagination because we all know that there are no such things as Cockneys which I have never figured that one out because thanks to Ben Jordan and our little drinking championship, my liver keeps threatening to go on strike.

Connor Murphy:  So Mr Nosferatu, I don’t really care that you are a vampire, ghost or werewolf.  The only thing that I am going to care about in that ring is beating the hell out of you and leaving you a smudge on the canvas.  You need to realize that just because you seem to think that you are this unbeatable creature that no one has any chance again I am going to lay down and let you beat me.  And if you think that then you are going to realize that underestimating me will be the one mistake that you are making that is going to cost you more than you are willing to pay.

Connor takes a large swallow of the liquid in his glass and then sets it to the side as the attendant once more moves along the aisle.  Connor for the most part ignores this movement as she asks about what he would like to eat and then sets a tray beside the laptop.

Connor Murphy:   Dinner is served but I ain’t done talking about this match.  So forgive me now but I ain’t going to wait to eat… So let’s continue shall we?

Connor opens the appetiser on the tray and begins to nibble on the veggies and cheese as he speaks.

Connor Murphy:   Everyone is talking about how they think that you got this match locked Dmitri and maybe you do but am I going to make it easy for you?  Hell no.  And will I do everything I can to win the match, hell yes.  But win or lose I ain’t going to go down without a hell of a fight.  Because when people talk about how I won’t get it done or that I don’t stand a chance, do you know what that does to me?  I starts a fire in my guts that isn’t indigestion.  It is the burning desire to prove people wrong.  I’ve had it all my life and when that starts to burn, that is when I get in the ring ready to burn everyone around me with the flames of my desire to prove them wrong.  And you Dmitri are sadly going to be the latest victim of that desire.

Connor’s fist clench as a vicious smirk crosses Connor’s face as the attendant puts a cup beside Connor’s dinner tray and then fills it with a dark liquid.  Looking out of the window, Connor can see that the sun is closer to setting and rolls his neck before addressing the camera one last time.

Connor Murphy:  I am stepping in the ring this week with bad intentions Dmitri.  What that means for you is that I am out to prove that I deserve the shot at Jimmy Two Aitch more than you.  

Connor holds the serious look for as long as he can before he breaks out in laughter.

Connor Murphy:  Damn I am getting better at that.  I bet you if anyone was really watching, they would think that I was being serious.  The only thing that I am going to be serious about in our match is that I am seriously going to kick your dead ass all over that ring and there are only two things that you are going to be able to do about it is nothing and like it.  Jimmy Two Aitch and you and everyone else in that locker room is ready for me to fail.  And I am sure that there are those that think they know that I ain’t deserving or worth even being in the match this week or advancing to the title match in my hometown at Violent Conduct Three.

Connor smiles.

Connor Murphy:  That’s right, my hometown and that is reason enough to beat you Dmitri.  Just so I can kick Jimmy’s ass all over my hometown.  Could you picture it?  Me winning the SCW Heavyweight title in my hometown?  Wait…don’t say a thing and jinx it.  I just have to get through this week and face you one on one Dmitri and kick your ass in my home country.  

Connor Murphy:  Let me just say Bonne Chance Dmitri because you are going to need all the luck you can muster this week when you step in the ring with me.  I am coming for the win and the number one contendership against Jimmy Two Aitch

With that comment, Connor reaches across the laptop and presses stop on the record button and shuts down the laptop to eat dinner as the scene fades out.

Climax Control Archives / Póg mo thóin, it's not just a statement…
« on: August 26, 2016, 11:54:26 PM »
 Now Playing:  Warrior's Code by the Dropkick Murphys

The sounds of a bar tap filtering a dark brew into a glass is amplified in the rather dingy and quiet bar.  At two thirty in the morning, a rather disheveled dark haired man can be seen sitting in front of the tap with a wreath of cigarette smoke swirling around his head as he inhales from the short cigarette in his fingers.

On the other side of the tap, a barman pushes it upwards before sliding the now full glass over the golden wood at the man who reaches for it with the hand holding the cigarette.  His buddy leans on the bartop and gives Connor a smirking smile.

Devlin Lefebvre:  Vixen told me that you were coming home.  But she said it wasn’t until closer to the end of September.  It ain’t that I am arguing but man, Ottawa and Winnipeg aren’t that close if you know what I mean.

Connor looks at his friend and pulls the glass closer then sips at the beer before smiling as he points with his fingers at Devlin.

Connor Murphy:  What, I can’t help my best friend christen his newest possession.  Listening to you talk about this place, it is your baby and that makes me Uncle Connor.

Devlin laughs as he moves to the register and taps a few buttons.

Devlin Lefebvre:  Well then Uncle Connor, what has you here in Ottawa with a big match happening for you on Sunday in Winnipeg?  And before you ask, Vixen told me that too.  She says that you aren’t yourself.  Care to talk about it?

Devlin raises an eyebrow as Connor shoots a look of disgust at his friend before lifting the glass to his lips again, draining the glass a third before setting it down.  Taking another long drag on the cigarette, he stubs it out and then points at Devlin.

Connor Murphy:  Part of me doubts why I am still worried about Sin City Wrestling. I can’t help it, I think night after night and ask myself…Self, what the hell are you doing?  

Devlin Lefebvre:  Do you really care that much about it Con?  I mean you had opportunity after opportunity and threw them away.  Don’t tell me you didn’t because I know you Connor and I could see you holding back.  I remember when we were younger and you and I ran the roads…those were some fun times.  You were born to fight.

Connor gets a faraway look in his eyes as a half smirk crosses his lips. Devlin can see this and points to the doorway.  

Devlin Lefebvre:  Use to be that someone look at you funny would get a beat down.  Half the time I was right behind you saving their lives by holding you back.  Now I see you in that wrestling company and you ain’t you.  Calisse, you need to snap the hell out of whatever funk you are in and start being the kiss my ass fighter we both know you are.

Connor Murphy:  Yeah, I don’t know where that man is anymore.  You want to know the bad part of that though?  Everyone sees me as a joke or less that they are because I don’t have the title in my sights.  Hell I have heard every one of those jack offs talk down about me and I have stepped in the ring and every time I do, I come up this short…

Connor’s fingers are held out in front of him only a few inches apart.

Connor Murphy:  I mean Dev, I am the losingest championship challenger that the federation has.  

Devlin Lefebvre:   So win a fucking title then.

Connor has the glass against his lips drinking the beer as his friend says that which causes him to choke and cough beer all over the bar.  Devlin looks down at it as he lunges out of the way of the liquid.

Connor Murphy:  You say that like it is some kind of easy task.  If that was the case then I would have beat Jimmy or Despy or Goth when I faced ‘em.  You don’t wrestle so back off barman.

Devlin Lefebvre:  I may not wrestle Con but Vix does and from what I know and she has said,  you are making yourself the joke.  She saw the kind of fighter you are and she told me that you should have titles galore.

Connor Murphy:  Yeah yeah, Vixen the cheerleader.  

Devlin begins to swipe a damp cloth over the bar cleaning up the spilled liquid from his friend.  Connor watches him for a moment, draining his glass and holding it out towards his friend who takes it and pours him another but holds it back.

Devlin Lefebvre:  My sister is many things but she sees something more in you.  Seriously Connor, win a fucking title and quit being a pussy.  

Connor Murphy:  I will have you know that I am not a pussy!

Devlin scoffs as he pours himself a drink.

Devlin Lefebvre:  Sure you aren’t.  You were up for the roulette title and almost won it in that six pack challenge.  Then you got a shot at the Internet title and what happened?

Connor Murphy:  Despayre beat me…

Devlin Lefebvre:   Despayre barely beat you.   And J2H, you almost pinned him too when you faced him for the Heavyweight title.  Every time you go for one of those titles you pull up short.  Why is that?

Connor looks at Devlin, his eyes narrowing slightly as he thinks about it.  As he does, his hands move to the pack of cigarettes in front of him pulling out the cancer stick and lighting it to let the smoke curl around his ruffled hair.  One final drag before he replies drifts slowly out of his mouth.

Connor Murphy:  I think it is because I don’t care about titles.

Devlin Lefebvre:  You don’t care?  What the…

Connor Murphy:  I don’t need those titles to prove who I am Dev.  Besides, anyone I have ever faced for the titles needs them to define who they are.  Take for example the gauntlet match that happened to fill the Heavyweight title.  I remember everyone bitching about how they deserved to be champion.  Hell I saw people saying they weren’t going to try for the title and then what happened?   Those people pull a quick one and went for the title.

Devlin Lefebvre:  And what did you do?

Connor Murphy:  I said fuck it and that I wasn’t going to go for the belt and I didn’t.  I didn’t need it to define me then and I don’t need it to define me now.  

Devlin shakes his head as if he is unable to process what he is hearing.

Devlin Lefebvre:  Come again?  You don’t need the title?

Connor Murphy:  Nah, besides, I am having more fun just messing with the champion Jimmy.  Last week I sent him and his girl a stuffed dog that talks.  A couple of weeks back I sent Jimmy a Shirley temple on the boat and I remember getting him a robot duck that told him it loved him and he kicked it into the wall and broke it.  He even destroyed a gummi bear I got him as a gift.

Connor can’t help but begin to laugh at some of the antics that he pulled as Devlin shoots him a look of confusion.

Devlin Lefebvre:  What sick kind of jokester are you playing at?  Maybe that is why you haven’t won a title…you don’t take it seriously enough.

The laughter dies quickly as Connor sobers for a moment in contemplation then begins to nod slowly.

Connor Murphy:  You know what…you are right Dev.  I don’t take it seriously enough.  I need to focus on getting in that ring and beating the bejesus out of Steve Ramone and Samuel Devereux this week.  I do that and I am one step closer to getting another shot at Jimmy and oh what fun I can have with him then.  

Devlin shakes his head at his friend who is starting to rub his hands together, a softly taunting evil laugh escaping him as he then reaches for his glass and brings it to his lips.

Devlin Lefebvre:  That is seriously twisted Con.  What you need to do is…

Connor Murphy:  Listen Dev, I know what I need to do.  But first I am going finish my beer then I am going to the room you are letting me have and catching up on my sleep then I am going to Winnipeg to win the match to face Dmitri for a chance to piss off J2H by taking his title.

Devlin watches as Connor leans back and drains his glass before slamming it on the counter top and with a smile at his friend, Connor heads towards the stairs to the entrance before stopping to turn back to Devlin.

Connor Murphy:  Well are you coming or not?

Devlin nods before throwing the bar rag towards the sink behind the bar then joins his friend at the entrance to the bar as the two of them leave the building and quickly disappear after locking up.

<img src=>

Connor Murphy:  This is it, the time when I need to straighten up and fly right in the face of my opponents and give the the old verbal kick in the groin going into the match on Sunday at Climax Control.  That time honoured tradition known to smarks and kayfabe fans as the match focus promo.  Now let me tell you that as much as I love to talk, I ain’t about being all serious when it comes to shit like this.  But people are telling me that I need to make a better impression on my opponents.  So bear with me because this just might be a bumpy ride.

Connor straightens as he runs a hand through his hair as his face takes on a serious look.

Connor Murphy:  This is serious, very serious.  I have to face Steve Ramone and Samuel Devereux in a triple threat match on Climax Control for an opportunity to face Dmitri one on one to face J2H in a match for his title.

The serious look on Connor’s face cracks just slightly before he can’t hold back his laughter anymore and is doubled over to hold his midsection as he laughs.

Connor Murphy:  Seriously, I didn’t think I could say that with a straight face.  Now that I got that out of the way let me talk about the match this week and what I see coming from it.

Connor Murphy:  First off we have to see that I am facing Steve Ramone, someone that whines and moans about having to have things given to him by Mark Ward.  Hell he even offered his mistress as a “head” secretary to our friend Hot Stuff …

Connor makes his fingers curl in air quotes at that comment.

Connor Murphy:  And already he is probably talking about how he should have beat Rage for the Internet title and if…no when he loses the match this week, he will go to Mark and beg for another shot at Rage and his title.  Why not just cut out the match we both know you aren’t going to win and go directly to Mr. Ward and in your best asskissing voice demand the rematch against Rage.  Did you want me to do it for you…

Connor coughs into his hand and then looks directly into the lens.

Connor Murphy:  Mark Ward sir, Steve Ramone wanted me to ask you to give him a shot at Rage for the Internet title.  He has somehow realized that he forgot to get some chapstick and well, doesn’t want to chafe your rear when he begs once more to make a return to relevance by facing Rage.  I ain’t one to kiss ass and I sure as hell don’t want to start now but the fact that Steve Ramone thinks he can step in the ring with the big boys is playing on my heartstrings and I just want to help the little guy out.  So think about it Mark Ward.  Think about how your little Stevie would be as Internet champion.

Connor looks upward in contemplation, then his face changes to one of confusion.

Connor Murphy:  I just can’t picture it.  I guess we will have to just hope for the best for Stevie.  And Samuel Devereux…sir, I have to tip my hat to you and the fact that you have so much going on yet are able to get in that ring and take a chance on possibly winning a chance to get one step closer to the Heavyweight title so early in your career in SCW.  I mean you are about to be a father and I did work with your wife and I know that she has a greater partner in you than she did with me.  I guess what I am trying to say is that I know how tough you are and how well the whole Angel Clan are able to wrestle and I have a helluva lot of respect for you but I ain’t going to pull any punches when it comes to the match this week.  And if it means I have to fight you one on one or fight both you and Steve Ramone, then that is what I am going to do.

Connor’s face breaks into a grin as he once more runs his hand through his hair forcing some of it to flop over his forehead.

Connor Murphy:  I have to start to take this serious enough to realize what I should have known all along.  And that is just because I don’t think I need to wear a title to be someone, I need to win said title to get what I deserve and that is respect from the people that see me as a joke.  After Climax Control, the joke is going to be on them because I am going to be telling them point blank, three little words that will sum up my attitude that is starting now.  So Steve and Samuel, best of luck on Sunday.  And to all the superstars of SCW and especially Jimmy Two Aitch…I got three words for ya…

He motions the camera closer then leans forwards almost conspiratorily as he whispers the three fateful words.

Connor Murphy:  Póg mo thóin.

Connor turns and walks away as the image fades slowly to black.

Climax Control Archives / Lunch time chat - Happy Canada Day
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 An image appears of a single drop of liquid sliding down what appears to be an amber colored wall.  The image widens to reveal the wall to be a glass filled with beer, the thin layer of foam just barely overflowing the glass.  Behind the glass is a dark grey Dropkick Murphy’s shirt that has seen better days.  Suddenly from above the glass, a voice can be heard.

Voice:  Hey hey hey…my eyes are up here.

The camera pans upwards to take in the smirking face of Connor Murphy who is sitting on a patio under a canopy.  Around him are stalls of outdoor vendors and other patrons and tourists rushing along the sidewalk as the faint sound of thunder can be heard.  As he leans towards the camera, a hand holding a burger comes into view which makes him sit back and offer the waitress a smile before she turns to go with a wink and a wave.

Grabbing a fry off the plate in front of him, he sledges it through a rather small container of ketchup and brings it upwards to his mouth but stops midmotion.

Connor Murphy:  I bet you are wondering just where it is I am huh?  I could lie and say that I’m in Tahoe or some other stateside place but I decided this week before I went to Tahoe for Climax Control I would do a little celebrating north of the border, you know, home sweet home in Ottawa Ontario Canada.  And doing a little celebrating I might add because today is our birthday.  Canada Day and if I wanted to get mobbed I would be up on the Hill enjoying the great Canadian music and all that shit they put on July 1.

He stops talking long enough to take the now limp fry in his mouth and begins to chew it as he looks at the people bustling by.  Swallowing, he reaches for the glass and downs a healthy swig of the brew.  Once more he looks into the camera to speak again.

Connor Murphy:  Now you might say to me Connor, what the hell are you doing in Ottawa when Climax Control is in Tahoe this weekend?  Aren’t you wrestling?  And my response would be yeah, I’m wrestling in Tahoe but my heart belongs here in Canada on this Canada Day because of the three things that make it one of the best days to be Canadian.  One…the view from the patios of the Byward Market and all the good looking ladies in short shorts…

As he says that, a pair of women rush by as rain begins to fall and duck under the canopy where Connor can get a very good look.  Picking up his glass again, he salutes the pair and then sips at the beer before putting the glass down and wrapping his hands around the burger from his plate.  Picking it up he takes a rather large bite then sets it back down once more only to point at the camera as he chews then speaks around the mouthful.

Connor Murphy:  See, today is Canada’s birthday and well where else would I be?  But that don’t mean I ain’t thinkin’ of my match this week.  See it is something of a return for yours truly.  I mean my opponent is also returning but I ain’t his first rodeo this time around.  But he’s gonna remember me.

Sipping at the glass he has picked up, Connor smirks as he sets it down then steeples his fingers over his meal and rests his chin on the laced fingers of his hands.

Connor Murphy:  See, this is my return from a bit of an enforced vacation from the ring.  Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t miss it that much but still…I could hear it call to me.  The pull of wanting to kick the hell out of someone from turnbuckle to ringpost to… well you get my drift.  So I figure that now is the time to come back and make my mark on SCW.

Dredging more fries through his ketchup, he slides them into his mouth and chews vigorously before swallowing.

Connor Murphy:  Now they could have said to me that since this is your return match Connor we are going to put you back at the bottom and make me work my way back.  But I don’t think they want to do that considering just what I have been to them lately.  I mean I was challenging for the Heavyweight title and putting me at the so called “curtain jerk”…

Connor lifts his hands and puts air quotes around his last words.

Connor Murphy:  Position would be a step back for me.  So you can imagine my surprise at who they decided to put against me in the ring at Climax Control.  I’m facing Kain!  Who’d have thunk it huh?  Putting me and the King of Kings in the middle of the ring to beat the holy hell out of each other was sheer brilliance if you ask me.

Connor nods as he picks up the glass and drains it before slamming it on the table.

Connor Murphy:    Listen, I know Kain is a serious threat and I saw what he did to Rage when he made his return but see, that’s all well and good because there is something that Kain needs to know about me and that is that I can take an asskicking like nobody’s business and keep coming back for more.  I am the one man in that roster that has something no other man has and that is the fact that I ain’t after any titles at all.  Hell if you want to call me a jobber I can’t stop you but when it comes to titles I just don’t care about em.  

As if to prove his point, Connor points directly into the camera once more with a fry he had picked up.

Connor Murphy:  See I saw when you came back that you immediately decided to go after the Internet title.  See that to me says you have a high sense of self-worth or you just are compensating for lack of a pair.  In your case I think it is a little from column A and a lot from column B.  I get that you have won all these titles and you are one of the greats but really Kain, what have you done lately?

Connor laughs at that as he once more reaches for his burger and takes a large bite.  He notices that he has been drawing the attention of the patrons of the same patio as the rain begins to pour down outside of the patio canopy.

Connor Murphy:  Now before you say I should have some respect for you because you are the king of kings I gotta tell you that I don’t need to have any more respect for you than you deserve.  I mean you will probably not see me as a threat because you have this I am a machine when I wrestle mentality.  Bravo Kain, maybe you are a machine in the ring but’s like a Timex.  I take a licking and keep on getting to my feet.  So if you think that I will stay down just because you tried to beat me down, you got another thing coming.

Connor Murphy:  See I got nothing to lose in this fight Kain.  I got nothing to lose at all in Sin City Wrestling because I am at the point in my in ring career where I don’t want or need a title.  I only need to get in there and mix it up.  Think of me as the test you need to pass before you get to challenge for titles.  By being that challenge I have something better than a title.  I have the ability to do whatever I damn well please in the ring.  

A sick grin crosses the face of Connor who leans back in the chair and crosses his arms over his chest.

Connor Murphy:  So you have to ask yourself something Kain, you have to ask yourself just what Connor Murphy is going to be getting in that ring on Sunday.   Will it be the fun loving Connor Murphy who is out to give the crowd what they paid for?  Or will it be the sick sadistic bastard who loves nothing more than fighting and beating people.  And until I get in that ring I don’t know myself.

As suddenly as it had started raining, it stops.  The bustle of people once again move on their merry way as Connor waves for another drink then addresses the camera once more.

Connor Murphy:  I may be talking a great game Kain or maybe just talking out of my ass but one way or another, I will be in that ring on Sunday and I will be taking the fight to you.  Now if you don’t mind, I am going to finish this meal then join everyone on the Hill for this Canada Day.  See ya Sunday.

With that, Connor reaches to turn off the camera sending the image to black.

 Voice: ~muffled~ How the fuck do people do this?

The small opaque window is pushed open to reveal a long tubelike structure where a pair of legs in blue jeans and dark boots can be seen exiting.  Other windows seem to be quiet and blanked to keep out the glaring light of the hallway of the capsule hotel where Connor Murphy was trying to get some sleep.  Having to stay in Japan for the duration of the tour was making him edgy and tense.  Looking along the hallway, he rubs his hand through a mess of dark hair that hangs lankly in his eyes.

Connor Murphy:  How am I going to get any sleep in that little bit of a closet?  

Giving the door a slam, Connor moves off in disgust and leaves the corridor and towards the door.  Faces appear in the doors to watch him leave.  One face in particular spies out of the window and seeing Connor brush past the row of capsules, a door swings open to reveal Pussy Willow who leans out and swings her legs out and drops to the floor and begins to follow the man out of the hotel.

Once outside, Connor pulls out a pack of cigarettes and pulls out one slim cigarette and lets it dangle from his lips as he tucks the pack back into his pocket then begins to pat himself down for a lighter.  Suddenly a flame blazes in front of his face which drives him back in surprise.

Pussy Willow:  Relax Connor; I am not trying to burn your face off.

Connor gives her a glare as he slowly inhales the smoke from the burning end of the cigarette and then lets it slowly filter from out of the side of his mouth.  She watches as Connor contemplates the interviewer as he slowly drags another inhalation from the cancerstick.

Pussy Willow:  It isn’t like that either Connor.  I am not here for an interview or anything.  I just couldn’t help but notice how you seemed to be spooked by the capsule room you were in.

Connor nods slowly as he curls a finger around the cigarette and pulls it from his lips as a smile slowly begins to creep across his face.

Connor Murphy:  If I didn’t know better, I would say you are stalking me.  But after all we have been through, you have earned it I guess.

Pussy rolls her eyes and crosses her arms over her chest.

Pussy Willow:  Yeah yeah.  

Connor smirks again and leans back against a small wall.  Pussy moves to stand beside him and hangs her head only to give him a sidewise glance.

Pussy Willow:  So since the two of us are out here and I don’t have and cameras or microphones…

Connor looks her over as she holds her hands out to show that she didn’t have anything held.  Slowly Connor contemplates as he inhales once more.  As the smoke filters out from his lips he begins to speak.

Connor Murphy:  Since you ain’t packing I guess I can finally speak from the heart huh?  

Pussy Willow:  I have always wanted you to speak from the heart Connor.  What makes this different?

Connor smiles almost sadly as he flicks the cigarette ash into his hand.  

Connor Murphy:  You see Puss, the Connor you see at shows, which is a different Connor, a goofy clown Connor out to get a laugh or piss J2H off.  And it’s working if what he says is to be believed.  I am pretty much the only one that has gotten under Jimmy’s skin enough for him to really worry about me.  It’s like I got him by his balls…and not in that nice touchy feely sorta way.  

Pussy Willow:  Okay, that is way too TMI for me.

Connor Murphy:  I know I know but it has to be said Puss.  J2H is worried about facing me.  Hell, if I didn’t know any better I think he thinks that I am a threat but he is just building himself up to look like his balls have dropped enough to make him a man who can actually say that he is the best and you know, maybe he’s right.

Pussy offers a shocked look at Connor who appears to be serious.  Curious, she tilts her head quizzically.

Pussy Willow:  Are you serious Connor?

Connor returns the look in all seriousness for about all of ten seconds before his face breaks out in a grin.

Connor Murphy:  Nah…I ain’t serious because we both know that I couldn’t give two sh*ts about what the hell J2H thinks about me or how much bass is in his talk.  All I know is that on Climax Control I was given a shot at the title that I said I didn’t want right now and maybe I might take advantage of it and maybe I might just say screw it and mess with Jimmy’s mind.  Truth be told, I might just take this opportunity to have fun with Jimmy.  After all, he seems to think that he is the end all of the division…a two bit lightweight with delusions of grandeur.  

Pussy smirks herself at Connor’s observation.

Connor Murphy:  Now that I said my piece I need a drink.  I’d invite you with me but you have too many clothes on for my tastes right about now.  Later toots.

With a smirk, Connor pushes himself off the wall and heads towards the bright lights of the street leaving Pussy to wonder just what happened.

Climax Control Archives / Main event mid flight interview.
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 The flight had been uneventful for the most part.  Connor Murphy slumped in the back of the plane, the final seat in the plane and tried to be invisible.  With glasses over his eyes, he lay back and rested his head to the left as he listlessly watches out the window at the peaking of the sun on the horizon.  He tried his best to ignore the man and his son sitting in front of him.  The boy looks back at Connor as his father keeps telling him to leave the ‘strange’ man alone.  Connor can’t help but smile at that and when he notices that he has the boy’s attention, he sneers and offers him a patently faked growl which causes the boy to turn quickly and slide down in his seat.

This game goes on for hours until finally Connor in his boredom yawns and then turns to look forward only to find the kid in the seat beside him.  Connor pulls away from the kid as if he were patient zero about to start a pandemic.

Kid:  I know who you are you know

Connor looks at the kid and then for his father who is sitting in his seat, reclining back and snoring loud enough to draw the ire of people around them.  The kid leans closer to Connor and smiles again.

Kid:  I said I know who you are…

Connor Murphy:  I heard you the first time kid.

Connor attempts to turn back to the window but is stopped by the kid who kneels on the seat and leans towards Connor who rears back.  With a cheeky grin the kid points right at him and begins to taunt him in a very condescending voice.

Kid:  You’re the guy that J2H beat at that wrestling show.  

Connor waves off the comment but the kid continues.

Kid:  Yeah, you are that TNA guy.  Man J2H really beat the crap out of you to keep his title.

Connor looks at the kid from behind the dark shades with a dumbfounded look on his face.  Straightening up in the seat, Connor leans towards the kid only to growl slightly before hooking his finger in the shirt of the kid and pull  him closer and letting his voice soften into a deadly whisper.

Connor Murphy:  Listen kid, I ain’t that loser TNA.  Yeah sure, I didn’t win that match at Blaze of Glory but I didn’t lose it either.  And if the truth be known, it should have been just me and J2H that night but that shit is in the past and I am over it.  Now be a good little boy and go sit with Daddy because I have some shit to do and need some peace and quiet to do it.

The boy’s eyes widen as he slowly nods before pulling away from the curled finger.  Getting to his feet he moves towards the seat where his dad is sitting, all the while shooting death glares at Connor who shrugs and then lunges at the boy with a sneering grin as he scampers to tuck himself away.  As Connor chuckles, a voice can be heard to tsk at his behaviour.  Turning his head to see who it was that interrupted his enjoyment, he spies Pussy Willow standing in the aisle with a small hand camcorder that if Connor didn’t know better was permanently attached to her hand.

Connor Murphy:  Well well if it isn’t my favourite interviewer in Sin City Wrestling, Pussy Willow.  So Pussy, with all the places and all the planes, you have to be aboard mine.  What can I do for you lovey?
Pussy looks around the plane then motions for Connor to push over as she leans towards him to sit on the seat beside him.

Pussy Willow:  Well if you must know, I wanted to talk to you about that comment you gave the kid about the match that you lost the belt in.  Just because you didn’t get pinned doesn’t mean you can’t say you didn’t lose.  Besides Connor, do you think that you will be motivated enough to walk into the ring this week on Climax Control?

Connor lays his head back and appears to have ignored Pussy’s question.  She huffs an exasperated sigh before she turns to Connor.  Before she speaks, Connor holds up a finger.

Connor Murphy:  Before you say anything else, let me just say that if I am walking towards the ring and I get inside of it, trust me toots, I am motivated.

Pussy Willow:  So then you are excited about your match at Climax Control.

Connor chuckles and then motions around the plane.  

Connor Murphy:  I am on a plane…in economy no less…on my way to Nagasaki Japan.  All because I got told that I have me a match.  I don’t know what kind of match I do have but I heard that I need to be in the ring and that means that I am going to be getting in the ring and working off a little frustration from Blaze of Glory.

Pussy smirks as she keeps her camera on Connor.

Pussy Willow:  Well I do know your match if you want me to tell you.  But it will cost you.

Connor pushes the glasses off his nose and up to rest over his forehead while his other hand rests over his heart.  His eyes widen slightly as he pouts slightly.

Connor Murphy:  I see how it is darlin’ I thought that you loved me Pussy.  I’m hurt.

Pussy laughs at the picture that Connor is painting as the kid gets onto his seat and looks at the pair.  Connor’s smile freezes as he spies the kid.  His sneer is accompanied by his finger pointing at the kid then motioning for the kid to turn around.

Pussy Willow:  Well let me tell you then Connor, you are main eventing again but this time it isn’t for a belt.  You are teaming up with Casey Williams…

Connor Murphy:  What the hell…I’m teaming with Casey Williams?  That big ape of a wrestler is darn lucky if you ask me to have me as a partner.  Could be interesting to say the least.  So tell me darlin’ who are we facing.

Pussy Willow:  Well from what I was told, Dmitri and Travis Nathaniel Andrews.

The laughter that explodes from Connor which brings the kid turning to watch as Connor appears to find it hard to breath.  The laughter fades into a cough then a wheezing as he finally gets his breath back.

Connor Murphy:  TNA in the match teaming with Dmitri?  Really good choice for the match against Casey and I.

Pussy Willow:  You aren’t going to tear down your opponents Con?

Connor Murphy:  Of course I am going to tear them down.  Gimme a minute ok?

Connor raises a finger as he sees the stewardess nearby.  The young Japanese woman moves closer, a small smile on her face and a shining fangirl look for Connor.  He smiles up at the woman and motions for some water to drink.  She nods with a small bow and rushes off.  Connor then turns back to Pussy but before he can say anything, the stewardess returns with the drink for Connor who smiles and takes the bottle from her and drinks slowly before taking a deep breath and smiling at Pussy.

Connor Murphy:   Now I’m ready to tear them down.  But the question is where to start?

Pussy taps her nose as it wrinkles as she tries to decide which opponent’s name to mention first.  

Pussy Willow:  Well why don’t you talk about Dmitri.  After all, he has talked about you and your match at the supercard and about your tag partner.  From what I saw of the promo, he is big on mind games, talking about how you are going to use your past against you.

Connor Murphy:  Yeah yeah, everyone wants to talk about my past as a Nobody, about my win loss record and how I have more failings than wins in the big ones.

Pussy Willow nods aggressively.

Pussy Willow:  He did talk about it for sure.

Connor Murphy:  Well then let him talk.  I am not worried about him or anyone else.  I was a nobody and put myself into the title pictures left right and center.  Hell I probably still have the gonads to take it to J2H if I wanted to.  But you know what, Despy’s got his shot and let him have it.  Right now, I am just going to enjoy getting into the ring and having a blast beating the crap out of all against me.  And that is all I am looking forward to this week.

With that, he takes another long swallow of the water then turns back to the camera.

Connor Murphy:  And let me tell you one hell of a secret.  TNA thought he could step up to me and talk crap about being in the big one at the supercard then what happens?  He chokes like the Toronto Maple Leafs.  As must as he thinks he is the man, he ain’t.  And when it comes down to it, he isn’t going to be a problem come Sunday night.  Even as jetlagged as I am going to be once I finally get to Nagasaki, I am not going to let that little bas…

Connor sees the kid watching him, barely peeking over the back of the seat so he self-edits.

Connor Murphy:  …So and so get a win to make his confidence go through the roof. It’s bad enough he talks and talks and talks once he takes his lips off of Mark Ward’s rear or his…Richard…talks some more.  More action and less talk and by action I mean wrestling, not sucking, blowing or kissing.

Connor makes kissy noises as the pilot gets on the announcement speakers and announces the arrival into Nagasaki.  With that, Connor pulls down his glasses and reaches for his seatbelt.  Pussy stops her camera and tucks it into her bag then belts herself in as well.  The lights of the plane switch off as the plane begins to descend and Connor smiles as if thinking of the upcoming match and what he might be doing to his opponents in it as we fade out.  

Supercard Archives / J2H (c) v TNA v CONNOR MURPHY
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 A table and two chairs sit in the middle of an empty room.  Looking around it reveals nothing as bare walls reflect the blinding glare of the bare light bulb.   Slouched in one of the chairs is a figure whose dark hair flops over his forehead.  One hand plays with a cigarette as the other flicks a lighter which send soft little clicks of flame upwards.  Dressed in a pair of dark denim jeans, black army boots and a dark tshirt that has seen better days, the man slowly watches as the door opens to reveal a man and woman.  They move into the room and the man lets a folder drop onto the table as the woman takes a seat across from the dark haired man slouched in the other chair.  

Man:  Do you realize why you are here?

The man seated in the chair looks up and a slow smirk starts to curl his lips as his eyes light up.  The woman only raises one eyebrow as Connor Murphy leans towards the table and brings his hand up with the cigarette to let it slide between his lips.

Woman:  This is a non-smoking building sir.  

Connor looks at her and then with a shrug, he pockets the lighter but leaves the cigarette to dangle from his lips.  He turns his attention to the man standing with his hands in fists resting on the table.

Connor Murphy:  No sir, why don’t you enlighten me.

The man growls slightly as he flips open the folder to show papers with writing on them.  He takes a finger and lets it trail along the words as he scans them.

Man:  Says here that you are in for attempted robbery according to this.

Connor sits up and leans towards the paper to read for himself the statement on it.  He can’t make out the scrawl of the words but can’t help but smirk wider at the comment at the bottom.

Connor Murphy:  You mean to tell me that you actually believe the crap that is written there?  I mean really?  Attempted robbery?  Of what huh, the Heavyweight title?  Don’t you have better things to do than annoy me with this?

The man glares as the woman smiles slightly at Connor who leans back after offering her a wink.  The man flips the pages again reading the folder.  He slams it closed then moves towards Connor to put his finger right into the face of Murphy who turns a sneer up to the man.

Connor Murphy:  Listen, I didn’t like it when pulled me in here on some flimsy excuse of an attempt to prevent me from the beating I am about to deliver at Blaze of Glory.  But you don’t move that finger out of my face, we are going to have a problem you and I.

The man watches Connor’s eyes narrow slightly as he curls his finger into his fist and jams it into his pocket.  The woman leans forward, her fingers laced together as she sets them on the table.

Woman:  Mr Murphy…

Connor holds his own hand up without looking at the woman at first.  Slowly he turns his head to offer her a smile.

Connor Murphy:  You can call me Connor.

The woman smiles condescendingly at the man who balls his fist at his side then moves behind the woman to lean against what looks like a mirror.  Connor focuses on the woman, totally ignoring the man.

Woman:  Connor then.  Now Connor, we have you here because we need to get to the bottom of this.  We have this young man saying that you are attempting to rob him of something he values highly.  And we have you saying that it isn’t true.  We have a job Mr…Connor and that is to get the facts and only the facts.  Would you care to tell us your side of the story hmmm?

Connor leans back, the cigarette still dangling for a split second before his hand moves up to pull it out of his mouth.  With it stuck between his two fingers he points at the man.  

Connor Murphy:  I’ll tell ya what I know but I ain’t going to if he doesn’t stop glaring at me.  I don’t think that is very nice do you?

The man straightens and moves menacingly towards a smirking Connor only to have the woman restrain him.  The two talk in hushed tones, the woman calmly and the man showing his agitation.  Connor can’t help but smirk more as she gets the final word.  As she does, Connor again brings the cigarette to his lips, the lighter somehow magically in his hand and ignited as it rises towards the cigarette.

Woman:  Do I have to remind you Mr. Mur…Connor that this is a non-smoking building.

Connor looks at her before letting the lighter stop midway to the tip of the cigarette.

Connor Murphy:  What are you going to do?  Arrest me for smoking?

Man:  Damn right we will!

The woman glares up at her partner and shakes her head angrily.  Turning to smile at Connor, she reaches across the table to grasp at the hand holding the lighter and pulls it away from him once it flamed out.  A slight gasping intake of breath is the only indication that she had burned herself on the hot metal of the lighter as she sets it aside.  

Woman:  Connor, why don’t you tell us your side of this story.  We have a statement here from a J2H indicating that he suspects that you are going to try and steal his title.  Is this true?

Connor takes the cigarette from his mouth and tucks it behind his ear as he thinks about what she has just said.  He can’t help but chuckle as he lets his hand wipe at the smirk on his face as he tries to take this seriously.

Connor Murphy:  Are you telling me that Jimmy 2H had you pull me in here because he thinks that I am going to try and steal his title?  I thought Travis Nathaniel Andrews would have been behind this for me trying to rob him of some spotlight he thinks he deserves.   Hmph, I guess James really is afraid of me and what I might be doing at Blaze of Glory.

The man looks at Connor with interest, his eyes lighting up.

Man:  So you mean that you are admitting to committing this crime?  I knew it…

The man reaches for a pair of cuffs that clink as they are pulled from a back pocket.  The woman tries to stop him but the man is too quick for her and slams one of the cuffs against the wrist of Connor who rises quickly to his feet.  Yanking his hand away from the man, Connor rushes around the table to stand behind the woman who steps between him and the man intent on finishing the arrest.

Connor Murphy:  I ain’t admitting to the crime of attempted robbery you jackass.  I am telling you that it is a crime that you believe that little bastard’s lies.  This is his desperate attempt at trying to keep me from winning his title that he knows I am capable of doing so being arrested for attempted robbery would be the least of my worries.

Man:  You had better realize that I can see right through you and I am not too thrilled that you think you shouldn’t be rolled for something we both know you are more than likely planning.  I should beat you down here and now!

Woman:  What about innocent until proven guilty hmmm?

Connor Murphy:  Yeah, where’s a video camera when you need one huh?

Connor’s comment drives the man to lunge towards him with his hands curled into stiffened fingers that itch to wrap themselves around Connor’s neck.  The only prevention is the woman who steps up to her partner and puts her hands on his chest to hold him back.  The two hold a whispered conversation that Connor pretends to ignore.  He moves to sit back down, the cuff dangling from his wrist as the man stomps towards the door and yanks it open angrily.  Standing in the open doorway, he motions for another person to join the woman in the room.

Woman:  My partner is going to get coffee, can he get you anything?

Connor Murphy:  How about a bottle of beer and some pretzels?

The man sneers as the woman lowers her head, shaking it slightly her hair hiding a slight smirk.  The man pointedly ignores Connor’s request as he softly speaks to a uniformed officer who nods once then turns to leave.  Connor only smirks as he lounges back into the chair once more.  The man closes the door then leans back against it as the woman again looks up at Connor.

Woman:  So Connor, where were we?

Man:  He was admitting to wanting to steal…

Connor glares as he leans forward to point at the woman.

Connor Murphy:  Like I said, I am not going to rob James.  Get it right, he has to defend that title, hell, he was the one that made the challenge so as a matter of fact that would mean that he is offering it up to be taken, actually giving it away in a sense.  And I ask you…to give away the title, is that a crime?

The man’s look of anger fades slightly as the common sense of what Connor is trying to say begins to influence his thoughts.  The woman crosses her legs as she leans towards Connor.

Woman:  Continue sir.

Connor pauses for a moment, collecting his thoughts before beginning to speak.

Connor Murphy:  Take for instance all the crap that James has been saying about me.  Talking about how I was only able to join Sin City Wrestling because of Vixen Staggs and her pillowtalk with her husband.   And if that wasn’t enough, he had the nerve to say it was because I wanted to bang her that I would talk to Vix...

The man leans forward at the lewd comment, his mouth slightly agape as if the slightest suggestion of copulation was titillating him.

Man:  Well…did you?

Connor Murphy:  I grew up with Vixen and her brother is my best friend.  Of course I wanted to but I didn’t act on it.  I mean really…keep your mind a little higher than the gutter for once.  Vixen is more like a sister to me if you really must know so that is totally off the table.

The man straightens as he wipes at his lips, hiding the slight spot of drool with a hand covering a cough so blatantly faked that the woman’s eyes roll before she turns back to Connor.

Woman:  So Connor, if you are only going to be facing this man in the ring, why then would he have us pick you up for attempted robbery?

Connor Murphy:  Maybe the question you have to ask yourself is why in the hell is James 2 H needed to get you involved.  If you ask me it is because the boy is desperate.  After all he understands what this is going to mean if I walk into that match and win his title.  It is going to mean that he is nothing more than a fluke, a flash in the pan that only managed to get the win because he was at the right place and the right time.  See, he keeps boasting about being the man of the hour by winning that gauntlet.  Yeah so he won one match that happened to be for a title.  Big deal.  

The woman and man share a look as Connor rubs his hand through his hair as his fingers wrap themselves around the cigarette and brings it forward again.  The woman’s eyebrow rises slowly as Connor sets it between his lips and lets a grin pass over his face.

Connor Murphy:  The lighter is still in my pants doll, don’t worry..I know, non-smoking building and all.  Guess I just need to have the feel of it there as I talk.  So where was I?

Woman:  Something about a big deal winning the title in one match…

Connor nods as his tongue moves over the bottom lip to the side of the cigarette.

Connor Murphy:   Yeah, the big deal of winning one match, so the brat prince managed to be lucky for one day.  One match is all that it takes and I hope that he realizes that it might only take me one match to take that title off of him.  And if I do I want him to know that I am having my one match.  And if I don’t win after that, at least I was able to shut him up.  Because in reality that is what everyone wants.

Man:  Not everyone.  He has to have fans.

Connor chuckles slightly as his body ripples from the hilarity he is fighting back.

Connor Murphy:  Oh yeah he has a fan or two at least one or two on twitter.  Oh don’t get me wrong, there are a bunch of groupies that only love him because he looks like a certain Canadian singer but if you ask me, I don’t see it.

Woman:  What do you mean you don’t see it?

Connor motions for his interrogators to move closer.  As they do, he brings his hand up to motion them even closer.   Looking around the room as if trying to hide a secret, Connor begins to whisper.

Connor Murphy:  I think that they think he looks like Bieber.  I tell you, I don’t see it.  Bieber is so much more mature and better looking.

The woman sits back with a look of shock on her face.  The man smirks at the comment and nods knowingly.   Looking at the woman, the man begins to take over the questioning.

Man:  So we know you seem to think that Mr. Huntington-Hawkes isn’t telling us the whole truth about this title he keeps harping about.  But I tell you that he is convinced that you are about to steal it.  Or at least take it from him and he wants to prevent that in the worst way.  I mean seriously.  I believe the quote he used was “Put that sonuvabitch away for good and I’ll make it worth your while.”  Now I could do that and he could end up fixing me up nicely but I want you to prove to me that I don’t want to do that

Connor can see that the man wants him to offer him more than what James 2H was.  Connor leans back and puts his feet up on the table and gives the man a smirk.

Connor Murphy:  What do you want me to say, ain’t like I got the money to match James.  Hell maybe I don’t even have the moves or the fan or shit like that.  But what I do have is my self-respect.  Hell I can sit here and listen to him talk through you about how he is the champion and that he deserves to be.  About how I talk all goth like and dark like some emo kid.  Shit like that makes me laugh.  

Woman:  How can you say that?  What do you mean?

Connor Murphy:  I mean he’s talking about me not wanting to do his little game of being in the face of everyone in the company.  Going out to the ring talking the talk, again I have to just really call bullshit on that.  Yeah I don’t do the ring thing.  So what if I decide that I want to get into my zone rather than make a spectacle of myself for the fans.  I don’t have to go out and make myself be a carbon copy of the brat prince by saying all the stuff he does.  See, when I talk about having self-respect, I mean I don’t go out and whine like a little bitch about how I don’t want the title and when I win it I will give it up like he did.  

The man looks uncomfortable as Connor spears him with a glance as his hand rises and thumps against his chest.  

Connor Murphy:  I speak from the heart.  I don’t like the mind games and the excuses that James uses.    Point blank and straight shooting is the only way I know how to do this.  I don’t rely on anyone.  I don’t need a groupie to stroke my ego.  I don’t need the adoration of a unicorn wannabe stalker who keeps suggesting he is her everything to feed my confidence.  And I sure as hell ain’t cocky enough to believe that I can’t be beaten like he keeps suggesting.  Anyone can be beaten just like he proved at My Bloody Valentine when he won the title.  

Crossing his arms over his chest, the man sniff in disbelief at the comments that Connor is making which only makes Connor shake his head as he gets to his feet.  As he does, the woman rises as well as the man moves to stand in front of Connor.

Man:  What do you think you are doing?

Connor shoots him a look as he holds up the cigarette in his fingers and waves it in the face of the man.

Connor Murphy:  You are either going to let me smoke this in here or we can go outside and finish our little conversation.  Your choice big man…make me break the law or follow it.

The woman smirks from behind Connor’s back as the man growls and then motions at the cuffs.

Man:  If that is what we are going to do, then you need to have these on.

Connor lets his lips compress together before bringing up his hands to enable the man to cuff him properly.  Once he is cuffed, he offers an elbow to the woman and smiles.  She slides her arm through his as the pair exit the room.  The man follows behind as they work their way from the interrogation room and into the parking lot.

Once outside, the woman leans against a patrol car as Connor puts the cigarette into his lips and reaches for the lighter in his pocket.  Bringing both hands up as he sparks the cigarette and then sucks in a slow burn of smoke.  Blowing it out just as slowly, he leans beside the woman who begins to talk again.

Woman:  Well, if we are to believe Mr Hawkes, you are in the match and this Travis character is in the match too.  But listening to Mr Hawkes, he seems to think you are more of a threat than Mr. Andrews.  What are your thoughts about that sir?

Connor leans towards the woman using his shoulder to give her a friendly nudge.

Connor Murphy:  I would say he’s probably right.  But I didn’t say that.  Matter of a fact, Travis ain’t really registering on my radar because I don’t really worry when I step in the ring.  James does because I want to shut him up in the worst way but Travis Andrews…What has he done in Sin City really?  I mean I know I haven’t been memorable to most of the roster because I tend to come up a little short…

The man chuckles and mutters ‘a little short’ with a snigger that gets Connor’s attention.  The man wipes at his smile and turns away as the woman shakes her head at him.  

Connor Murphy:  As I was saying, Travis just doesn’t worry me at all because he is just as cocky as the champion is.  And if you ask me that is just asking for trouble you know.  I mean I could kick his ass just as easily and totally cut James out of the title picture all together.   Yeah, can you picture that happening, me kicking the crap out of Travie and pinning him to win the title.  I wonder if James even thought of that?

Woman:  Oh I am sure that has crossed his mind once or twice.  

Connor Murphy:  You’re probably right.  James couldn’t be that dumb even though he’s got Melody Grace rubbing off on him or rubbing him or some such nonsense.   Watching those conversations on Twitter…would make anyone sick to their stomachs.    

The man once more wipes at the drool on his lips at the suggestion of wrestler porn action.  Connor inhales another long drag from the cigarette then putting his fingers along the filter, he pulls it away to let the smoke trickle from his lips as he contemplates the glowing ember at the end before flicking it towards the man who jumps to avoid being burned.  

Connor Murphy:  So I suppose now that I am done my cig we can go back inside.  

The woman stands again as Connor moves towards the station and begins to climb the stairs.  He stops at the top of the stairs as the pair follow behind him.  He watches as they get to the stair just below where he is standing and as they look up at him, he smiles.

Connor Murphy:  I just thought of something.  You two ain’t got me for anything you know.  James wouldn’t be desperate enough to have me charged with anything because he knows that I am a threat and that his title reign wouldn’t be legit if he didn’t beat me in that ring.  And Travis wants to prove once and for all that he is some kind of significant contribution to the company and here I am just walking into the match with only one thing on my agenda.

The man looks at Connor with a cocky smirk on his face as he crosses his arms once more.

Man:  Oh really, and what could that be?

Connor Murphy:  I’m just looking for a fight plain and simple…like the one that is going to happen in about five seconds…

Connor swings at the man sending him to the pavement with a double ax handle to the jaw.  The woman reaches for something in a pocket as Connor is surrounded by officers and men.  Fighting his way through the group he is about to make his escape when the woman steps in front of him and holds up her hand, a small black instrument in her grip.  Connor moves closer as her finger presses inwards and the soft twang of the leads being released and the umph of pain that escapes Connor on their impact.  Suddenly the thrum of electricity is heard as Connor is taken down and begins to twitch uncontrollably…

Connor jolts awake in his own bed, shivers still working their way through his body as if the dream was real.  On the dresser across from his bed, the snow of the television is barely heard as he runs a hand over his now sweating face.  Self consciously laughing at himself, Connor swings his feet out of the bed and onto the floor.
Connor Murphy:  It was a dream…holy hell.  

Looking at the clock, Connor sees that it is only four am and then with a groan falls backwards onto the bed as he reaches for the remote.  The last thing seen in the room is Connor’s hand pointing the remote at the television and pressing a button.  As the room goes dark, Connor’s voice breaks the silence of it.

Connor Murphy:  Won’t be a dream on Sunday for sure…

Supercard Archives / J2H (c) v TNA v CONNOR MURPHY
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 Connor’s smirk as he looked down at the brand new phone in his hand widens in glee.  The rather bright screen shows a twitter feed with the name @nobody_rogue and his first few posts seemed to have gotten him some attention and not the good kind.  But hey, when someone puts the invitation out there to come and play…what the hell did he expect?

This Tuesday night, Connor was relaxing in his apartment.  Watching Marvel’s Agents of Shield wasn’t keeping his attention as he played with the new toy.   Muting the television, he brings the phone up and dials a number then hits speaker.  The sound of ringing can be heard before the sound of a voicemail picking up is heard then the voice of his friend Devlin can be heard.

Devlin’s voice:   I ain’t here right now so if you want to talk to me wait for the beep and talk…I promise I will listen…*beep*

Connor Murphy:  Devlin, man what are you doing on a Tuesday night with the answering machine on?  Come on, you know a tugger only takes ya five minutes and a sportsock.  Jeez man, when you get this call me back.

Connor hits the release button and smirks as he tosses the phone to one side.  Getting to his feet, he heads towards the fridge and yanks it open to reveal a large case of imported beer.  His grin widens as he reaches inside and pulls out a bottle of Molson.  Sliding the neck into his fingers and with a deft flick of his wrist, he opens the beer and brings it to his lips.  

Walking slowly back to the couch, Connor hears the beginning whine of the ringer as the phone vibrates and rings against the seat cushion.  Grabbing it, he doesn’t even look at the caller as he answers it.

Connor Murphy:  Listen Dev, I told you it would only take five minutes man.  

Voice on the other end:  Connor Murphy, what are you talking about?  It’s Pussy Willow and I wanted to see if I could get an interview with you in the near future like tomorrow.

Connor has the grace to blush wildly for only a few seconds before the ever present smirk he had been wearing for the past couple of days returns full force.  Not saying anything, he once more brings the bottle to his lips and downs most of the rest of the beer in silence.  On the phone, Pussy can be heard talking or at least trying to get Connor’s attention.

Pussy Willow:  Connor, seriously we need to have a talk you and I.  I mean have you seen your match for the supercard and what exactly is going through your mind at what could be a fiasco for you when you face two men, not one but TWO men in the ring at Blaze of Glory?  No wait, why don’t we make that the first question that I ask you when I see you tomorrow.  

Connor waits for a moment, not saying anything as he listens to Pussy’s slight catch of breath at the end of her comment.  Taking a long slow breath, Connor seems about to respond but instead brings the last drink of his beer to his lips.  On the other end, Pussy’s impatience finally gets the better of her.

Pussy Willow:  Connor MURPHY!  Why are you doing this to me?

Connor smirks but the tone of his voice is held to a friendly teasing lilt.

Connor Murphy:  Now would I do anything to you Pussy?  I mean anything bad?  

Pussy Willow:  I just want to talk to you about your match and the fact you are facing J2H and TNA for the Heavyweight title.  This is a first for you isn’t it…no wait, that is another question for tomorrow.  Meet me at…where to meet…hmmm

Connor Murphy:  Why don’t we meet for lunch?  Say the Hard Rock Café?  And because I am feeling generous, it will be my treat.

Silence greets the offer which causes the smile on Connor’s face to fade slightly.  

Connor Murphy:  Pus…

Pussy Willow:  Now that you know how it feels Connor, I will see you tomorrow.  

The connection is broken as Connor looks at the receiver in his hand, a muttering curse mixed with laughter the last thing he does before sliding his phone along the table in front of him.  Leaning back on the couch, he looks up at the ceiling as he again chuckles.

Connor Murphy:  Well I guess she is finally catching on to my humour.  Bout time I say.  

The next day, Connor sits in a booth at the Hard Rock Café under a picture of Jimi as he lets his fist curl around a glass that is sweating from the remains of an ice cold drink in it.  A waitress is seen leaning over the back of the seat as she flirts with Connor.  This is where Pussy finds him, his hand on a piece of paper that he is handing to another of the wait staff.  She can see his signature and smirks as the fans that were working thank Connor and move away.

Pussy Willow:  Ever the popular one  aren’t you Connor?

Connor Murphy:  What can I say, people finally know who I am I guess.

Pussy slides into the booth and gives Connor a smile.  Beside her, the camera person also slides his bulk into the seat and points his rather large cam corder at Connor and begins filming.  Murphy smiles as he reaches forward to point into the camera.

Connor Murphy:   And you mister need to pull back on the instafilming.  I said that I would be here to talk to Pussy but this ain’t the place to get the interview.  So why don’t you put that picture taker away and enjoy lunch then we will get to the interview later.

Putting his hand up, he motions for the waitress to come over and take their orders.  Connor himself looks over the menu and with a smile orders the cowboy rib eye and taps his drink glass for a refill.  The cameraman orders a burger and Pussy orders a salad.  

Once the orders are taken, the waitress offers Connor a smile and heads off.  The cameraman begins to fiddle with the camera as Pussy leans her elbows on the table and directs a pointed gaze at Connor.

Pussy Willow:  Well Connor, I don’t suppose you knew that you would be getting the title shot at James Huntington-Hawkes the Third at Blaze of Glory V did you?  After all, when was the last time you went for a big title like this?

Connor scratches at the side of his jaw as he thinks about the question.  

Connor Murphy:  To be honest Pussy, I knew it was only a matter of time that I would be facing him again.  I mean come on, that kid keeps talking and talking and talking and what does that make me want to do?  

The cameraman doesn’t look up as he mumbles ‘shut him up’ under his breath.  Connor picks up on it and with a smirk, motions at the cameraman.

Connor Murphy:  Exactly right!  This man gets it.  And if this man wants to shut him up, I know that I need to do the best I can to shut him up.  Ever since he managed to squeak out the win for the belt he’s thought he was untouchable.  And in a way he is because only person that seems to want to touch him is Melody Grace and I think she took too many trips on the rainbow if you ask me.

Connor waves his hand in a namby pamby motion like some unicorn princess might.  Pussy can’t help but laugh at the picture that Connor is presenting as under the table she uses her foot to prod the cameraman in a secret signal to continue to film Connor.  His barest movement indicates he is as Pussy turns back to Murphy, her smile widening.

Pussy Willow:  He does have a reason to crow because technically he beat everyone on the roster to win that title.

Connor Murphy:  No he didn’t Puss.

Pussy Willow:  Of course he did Connor.  He beat everyone in a gauntlet match for the vacated title and…

Connor tuts at Pussy as his head shakes from side to side.  Her voice fades slowly as she can see Connor negating what she is saying.

Pussy Willow:  Ok smart man, why are you saying no he didn’t then hmmm?  You were there at that show too you know.

Connor Murphy:  Precisely.  I was at the show and I watched from backstage as all those people went out to the ring for a shot at the title.  But there was someone that didn’t go out to that ring.  Someone that decided the hassle wasn’t worth it.  Someone who wasn’t desperate enough to step into a match that had all the odds stacked against all the participants.  I mean Pussy, all it would have taken was one wrong mistake and your title shot was gone.  Hell, the numbers game favoured friends and allies.  And given that in a match like that, your friends would turn on you quicker than quick made it a crap shoot.  And I don’t like odds like that.  That’s why when Jimmy keeps claiming he beat everyone for that title I can keep sitting here and wonder how he has to keep lying to himself to make himself feel better.

Connor smiles at a confused Pussy who puts her fingers together and lowers her hands to the tabletop as she leans closer to the man.

Pussy Willow:  But Connor, he’s done it, he is the champion and he did it in a gauntlet match.  You can’t take that away from him.  

Connor Murphy:  I don’t doubt that Pussy.  But there is something I can take away from him.

Pussy Willow:  His title belt?  Is that what you are talking about?  He is going to fight tooth and nail to keep it.  

Connor is about to answer when the waitress sets another glass in front of him.  Reaching onto the tray, she sets a drink in front of Pussy and the cameraman each.  With a wink at Connor, she walks away watched by the cameraman who turns the camera to take in the sway of the waitress’s hips.  Connor smirks and waves the girl off as he turns back to Pussy.

Connor Murphy:  I don’t doubt that either Pussy.  I mean he has to really because that is the only real reason he has left in the ring right?  He wins the title and boo hoos his way into reneging on ‘giving it up’  Like some little bitch he tried to manipulate the wrestlers in Sin City Wrestling and fooled almost everyone.  And I will give it to him, he said jump and most of the roster began hopping around like energizer bunnies.

Pussy Willow:  All except you…

Connor’s grin appears as he taps at his temple with his empty hand before pulling the glass towards himself and takes a long swill of the dark brew inside it.  Pussy gets a look of superiority as she straightens up in her seat.  Connor sets the glass down once more as he looks at Pussy.

Pussy Willow:  So you are saying Connor that you didn’t want the title?

Connor Murphy:  That’s right Puss, I didn’t want the title.  I knew he was too much of a greedy little spoiled brat to give up the title.  I want to say I told you so but actually I didn’t because I didn’t care about the title or J2H.  That is until he pissed me off.

Pussy nods along with Connor’s speech until the last of it brings a confused look to her face.

Pussy Willow:  How in the hell has J2H pissed you off?  As far as I know, he hadn’t said anything about you.

Connor Murphy:  Obviously Pussy, you haven’t been listening to our brat champion.  He seems to think that I am less smart than the average bear because I found the tag titles more important at My Bloody Valentine.  He basically called into question my intelligence and it pissed me off.

Pussy Willow:  So that is why you are going to beat him for his title?  To win it and take it from him?

Connor shakes his head negatively which surprises Pussy.  She leans forward and gives Connor a direct look which causes the man to lean back with a smirk creasing his face.  Pussy thinks for a moment and holds up a hand.

Pussy Willow:  Okay, first you tell me you are going to beat him but then you tell me you aren`t going to take his title.  Which is it?

Connor Murphy:   Okay Pussy, let me set this straight for you so you won’t be misunderstanding me.  I am not going into this match to take the title.  I am going into this match to beat the holy hell out of J2H and make sure that the title is off his waist.  If that means I have to put it around mine, so be it.  But one way or another I NEED to humble this little man.

Connor gets a fierce look on his face.  Pussy is surprised at the look as she tilts her head slightly to contemplate what Connor is saying.

Connor Murphy:  See, I am a pretty easy going guy.  I love a good fight and I am pretty sure that I am going to get one at Blaze of Glory.  But that boy wearing the title doesn’t deserve to have it.  Hell, whatever did he do to earn it huh?  Pretty sure the only reason he got the chance at it was the fact it was an open invitational gauntlet match.  Little man couldn’t get a title shot any other way.

Pussy Willow:  That is very harsh Connor.  Maybe he would have gotten a shot at it eventually.  He has held the other top titles at one point or another.  So theoretically he may have gotten a title shot.

Connor only laughs at that comment.

Connor Murphy:   Thanks Puss, I needed that laugh.  I don’t think that Jimmy would have gotten the shot myself.  I mean really, what has he done to deserve one?  Nothing.  He’s been coasting really.  Nothing special, midcard or lower…

Pussy Willow:  Well then Connor, if that is how you feel, how can you justify your title shot?  You haven’t done anything to deserve it either?

Connor Murphy:  Oh sweetie, I am the only one that does deserve it, we both know it.  And the worst part is, the more that Jimmy talks about me not deserving it, makes it more obvious that I do.

Now thoroughly confused, Pussy holds up her finger and uses it to rub at the bridge of her nose as it the thought process of trying to understand what Connor meant was giving her a headache.

Pussy Willow:  I know I am going to have to ask this but what are you talking about?  

Connor leans back, his arms spreading out on the back of the booth as he takes in Pussy and the cameraman who now focuses on his face with the camcorder, all pretense of not filming gone.  The smirk on Connor’s face is very enigmatic as he winks mischievously before answering.

Connor Murphy:  What happened when Jimmy won the title?  What did he keep saying he was going to do with it?

Pussy Willow:  He said he was going to give it up…  

Connor Murphy:   Then he turned around and said it was all a work.  You know that when he played everyone, you could hear the wheels turning and the kissing commence.  I am sure that Christian and Mark needed chapstick for their asses when the masses proceeded to ask for the shots at J2H.  

Pussy’s eyebrows rise at that comment.  

Connor Murphy:  Come on, Puss, everyone would be kissing their asses asking for the shots, basically begging for it like they deserved it.  And what have I done Pussy?

Pussy shrugs as she can’t think of what it was that Connor was referring to.

Pussy Willow:  Ok, Connor, what are you suggesting that you did.

Connor Murphy:  I am point blank saying that I didn’t need to kiss ass or ask for the shot because it was given to me.  J2H thinks he can walk around thinking that I am not going to bring the fight to him and trust me.  I am bringing the fight and taking the belt.

As he finishes his speech, the waitress arrives with their meal and slides the salad to Pussy and the steak towards Connor.  The burger for the cameraman is set in front of the camera so Connor looks like he is rising from the bun.  As Pussy takes a small bite of the salad and then points at Connor with the fork.

Pussy Willow:  So you have told me all about James, but he isn’t the only one in the match.

Connor Murphy:   I know that but really he is the only one that I think is worth talking about.  

Pussy Willow:  So you realize that there is Travis Nathanie…

Connor takes a bite of his steak and then waves his fork at Pussy.

Connor Murphy:  I ain’t worried about TNA, that little joke is nothing more than a footnote in this match.  Basically all he is going to be is a mention by Justin and then the splotch on the mat when I win the match.

Pussy Willow:  You are going to beat TNA for the belt?

Connor Murphy:  Actually you know what I am going to do Sweetie, I am going to pin J2H on top of TNA.

Pussy Willow:  Come on Connor,  that is just being too cocky you know.

Connor Murphy:  I have every right to be that cocky because what really has TNA done in this federation.  Every time I have faced him I beat him like some kind of red headed stepchild.  As much as he wants to claim to be the end all of this match and that he will have the title when all is said and done he will be nothing more than the punching clown that keeps coming back for more with a goofy ha ha ha.  

Pussy Willow:    Why that is an interesting picture you are painting.

Connor again takes a bite of the steak, the juice slowly creeping from the corner his mouth and dribbling down his chin.  Wiping at it with a finger, Connor chews then points again with his fork.

Connor Murphy:  As much as I could rip him to bits, it becomes too easy to do something like that.  I mean, I have heard that every dog has its day but he’s a dog that just won’t hunt.  So this title match is basically going to be between Jimmy and me.  And now that we have figured that out let’s just finish this meal and move on with getting ready for the show next week…

Suddenly a phone tone is heard and Connor reaches into his pocket and pulls out his phone to spy his friend’s name on the screen.  Holding a finger up, Connor slides out of the booth to talk on the phone as Pussy and the cameraman begin to dig into their meals and before he walks away, Connor digs into his pocket and tosses some bills on the table and walks away.

Pussy Willow:  Connor, where are you going?  We have this interview to do.

Connor Murphy:  Wish I could stay but sweetie, there is an emergency I have to take care of.  Devlin says it is something about a sport sock shortage that my friend has been going through…

With a laugh at the phone he waves to Pussy and walks away leaving Pussy looking disappointed and the cameraman begins to shovel his fries into his mouth.

Climax Control Archives / BFTP Semis...Connor to face Despy...oh my
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 The sound of chuckling can be heard coming from a rather sparse apartment.  The typical wall decorations that one would expect are nowhere to be seen as if the room was in the middle of dressing.  The furniture scattered around the room was eclectic and mismatched.  The large, plush recliner indicated comfort and relaxation while the square couch wasn’t inviting at all.  In the middle of it, Connor Murphy stood his cell in his hand as he looked around at the mess of his livingroom. Taking in the boxes of leftover Chinese slowly congealing and the bottles of a rather boisterous party resting on the table, Connor smirks as he listens to whoever it is on the phone.

“I know sweetheart but I couldn’t wait to get back to Vegas.  Dev said he was going to throw me a bash for winning against Alexis and Steve.  Tessa love, you know I wish you were here but Dev couldn’t wait,” Connor explains.  He rubs his hands through his hair making it stand more on end.  Dressed in only a pair of rather baggy flannel pajama pants and nothing else, Connor sighs and nods as he listens before ending the conversation.  

“I’ll see you when you get back,” he says as he pulls the phone away from his ear and presses release.  As he hangs up the phone the door to one of the bedrooms opens and a young blonde woman walks out in a barely there dress that had seen better nights on better floors.  Connor swallows and self-consciously tries to cover himself.  

The girl only giggles and then with a quick wave, she moves towards the kitchen area and looks around for a coffee maker or kettle.  “I don’t suppose you have anything to make coffee do you?” she asks with a confused look on her face as her hunt proves fruitless.  

Still standing in the living room, Connor shakes his head slowly with a shrug.  “I ain’t seen the need to get anything like that,” he says as he scratches at his bare chest then as if almost realizing that he was nearly naked, he moves to grab a shirt out of his room.  As he opens the door, a redhead is reaching for the other side and squeaks in surprise.  Connor staggers back slightly then motions her through the door before disappearing himself into the room.  Through the open door he can hear the two women begin to chatter about coffee and breakfast.

Taking a moment to confirm that his bed was now empty, he opens the closet to reveal a row of tees and button up flannels.  Grabbing a worn greyish tee with his image on it, he throws it over his head and struggles to get his arms into it.   Catching a look at himself in the mirror, he smirks then brushes his hands down his head to flatten out his hair into some semblance of order.  

Walking back into the living room, Connor spies his friend Devlin Lefebvre smirking as he has an arm over the shoulders of each of the girls.  Connor can see the lack of sleep has given Dev a haunted look with sunken eyes that are in total contrast to the rather large “shit eating” grin on his face.  Looking from the blonde to the brunette, Devlin spares a glance for his friend.  “Mindy and Cindy here are going to get ready then the four of us are going out for breakfast,” says Dev as he gently gives the girls a push toward the bathroom.  The brunette turns and gives him a wrinkled nose look as she puts one hand on her hip.  “My name’s not Mindy silly, it’s Mandy!” she exclaims which only causes Devlin to walk over and put a knuckle under her chin and offer her a rather charming smile.  

“Mindy, Mandy..Cindy Candy…both of you are the sweetest things,” he jokes as once again he points them towards the bathroom and offers each a soft pat on their bottoms.  With a giggle, the two of them disappear into the other room as Devlin turns to his friend. “Do you think she picked up on the fact that I forgot who she was?” he asks worriedly.  

“Nah, no clue whatsoever,” answers Connor as he grabs at the fridge door and pulls it open to reveal a rather sparse selection of beer and water bottles with a lone bottle of ketchup and half a loaf of moldy bread that he pulls out with two fingers before tossing it out.  Rubbing his hands along the flannel to clean them, Connor swipes at a water bottle and slams the door shut.  As he does, he hears the shower start.  “So Dev, what do we have planned for this week?” he demands as he turns to find Dev reading his cell phone in the plush recliner.  

Devlin looks at the man then waves the phone at him.  “Looks like you got an email here to do an interview on a public access television show.  Email says they want to talk to you about the Blast from the Past match you have this week.  What, you don’t get time off?”

Connor shakes his head and moves to the couch to sit down.  “Life of a wrestler…” he mumbles at his friend before sipping at the drink.

Devlin nods as if he completely understood the comment before once again looking at the phone.  “So you never said who you were facing,” adds Dev.

“Despnphsyl,” mumbles Connor as he looks away.

“Huh?” replies Dev with a quirked eyebrow.

“Despy and Crystal,” enunciates Connor with an aggrieved look on his face.  “I’m facing a spoiled movie starlet and a perpetual motion manchild that I have faced before and who kept me from winning the Internet title when I faced him.  That little guy is all over the place and about as easy to catch as a streak of lightning.”

“You can catch him Con,” vows Devlin.  “He’s gotta face you in the ring and when he does come at you, kick the crap out of him and ground him.  If he can’t bounce around, he can’t fight back,” says Devlin.  “Ground the monkey and you got it made in the shade.  Speaking of shade…those girls are taking an awfully long time in the shower, maybe I should check on them,” he offers as he pulls himself out of the chair and moves at a slow pace to the bathroom door, his eyebrows waggling as he shoots a glance back at his friend.  Opening the door, he calls out to them.  “Everything ok in here?”

A feminine giggle escapes the room as one voice can be heard to complain that there wasn’t anyone to wash their backs.  Devlin looks at his friend and then putting his hand over his heart, he turns back to the girl.  “I am so willing to lend a hand ladies,” he offers beform motioning with his other hand to Connor to join him.  Dev walks into the bathroom to be greeted with more giggles.  

Connor pulls himself off the couch then moves slowly to the bathroom.  About half way, Devlin’s voice urges him to hurry as Mandy or Cindy was waiting.  Stopping only to pull the tee over his head Connor moves into the bathroom as his friend can be heard to say that they were there to help.

<img src=>

Connor stands outside of a small nondescript building in downtown, a pair of sunglasses covering his eyes and a cigarette hanging from his lips.  Dressed in a pair of jeans with an NXT Rogue world tour shirt hidden under an open leather jacket Connor looks relaxed as he takes the cancerstick from his mouth then lets it drop in front of him only to stifle it with one twist of his boot.

“Excuse me, are you Connor Murphy?” asks a smaller man who moves up to Connor.  Connor turns and nods only to be waved into the building.  “We’ve been waiting for you.”

Connor follows him into the building and into a studio that has a homemade set with the words “Point/Counterpoint” in white against a rather blinding swirl of color.  Connor walks further into the studio only to see an image of a bear on a television screen.  Recognizing Angel, Connor turns quickly to look for the bear.

“Mr. Angel is not in the studio Mr. Murphy.  He sends his regrets but he did send the responses to the questions that I am going to be asking the both of you concerning your match at Climax Control in Tempe,” says the little man who moves towards a camera and begins to discuss the lighting and set up of the set.

Connor moves towards the desk and picks up the small nametag that is resting in front of the chair where he is to sit.  Sitting in the folding chair, Connor twists slightly and puts his feet up to wait for the start of the show.  As he does, the host of the show appears in a rather loud and checked suit jacket with a contrasting tie.  Moving to sit between Connor and the screen, he looks up at the camera.

“So are we ready to start the show Dex?” he says in a Ron Burgundy voice of a seventies newcaster.   At a nod from his director, the journalist runs his hands over the patently fake moustache gracing his upper lip.  “Then let’s get this show on the road shall we?”

Connor pulls his feet down as the camera focus on the newcaster who gargles quickly with an amber liquid that he swallows before checking his breath.  Once he smiles at the scent of whiskey covered in mint is achieved, he motions for the cameraman to begin to film.

“Good evening and welcome to Point Counterpoint Sin City Wrestling and tonight my guests are the image of Angel, the manager of Despayre who sadly could not be here,” says the journalist while a laugh track cheers before he continues, “and his client’s opponent in the match, Connor Murphy.”  The track changes from cheers to boos which makes Connor look around then glare at the announcer.  “Tonight I am going to get the point, counter point between these two.  Since Angel and Despayre could not be here, I have sent the questions to them before tonight and have received their responses..”

The announcer smirks into the camera as he waves the papers in his hand then straightens out the papers in front of him.  As he does, Connor looks over to attempt to read the responses that even from his view can be seen to be written in purple crayon.

“Our first question I guess we should be asking is just what do you think your chances will be when the two of you face off in the ring.  I mean the last time the two of you were in a match against each other you were fighting for the Internet title which,” the newscaster pauses to glance at the notes on the paper. “Despayre won handily.”

“Whoa whoa whoa,” says Connor as he holds up his hands to argue the comment.  “Despayre didn’t win handily.  If I remember correctly, I managed to give him the fight of his life.  I almost took his title that night and this week I have a chance to kick him out of the tournament,” adds Connor before leaning back to cross his arms over his chest as he smirks at the image of Angel.  As he does, the sound of a fax machine can be heard in the back behind the announcer who turns and pulls out the sheet.

“According to this, Mr. Angel does agree with Connor but his version is slightly different.  He acknowledges that Despayre sometimes thinks that he doesn’t deserve the wins because he is going to be beaten by opponents and I have to remind him that he is a winner,” reads the announcer as a track of “aww” can be heard from the sound board.  Connor can’t believe the onesidedness of the interview as he leans forward.

“Listen I am giving it to Despy, that little energizer bunny is a tough little ball of fluff but in that ring something happens to me when I get inside of it.  I tend to get into the mood to fight and when that happens, well, might not be a good thing for Despy,” says Connor with a smirk.  Only moments later, the fax once more goes off and another message comes through.

“According to this message, Mr. Angel says that Despayre is like that too.  He can be funloving but when it comes to matches, however he knows how to get down to business too.  Have you seen the other men he has faced…bigger men and tougher men than Connor there…I mean here.”

Rolling his eyes, Connor motions at the fax machine then at the screen.  “Listen, I am debating this match over a public access show against a bear for…” Connor’s expletive filled response is bleeped out in the studio which makes him cover his ears in pain.  “Who was the nimrod that contacted me for this shit?” he demands as the laugh track once again boos him.  Ignoring them, he pulls out his cell phone and swipes his fingers across the screen and begins to scroll through his emails.  Suddenly he stops then looks up at the people in the studio that are desperately trying to avoid his eyes.  Narrowing his eyes, he glares at the studio occupants and holds up his phone.  “Who is Despyfan#1?”

The producer of the show smirks as he holds up his hand.  “I am and I am totally making you look bad by making you do this while we have someone sending those faxes to us from the other room…”

Connor throws up his hands and then glaring at the producer, he pulls at the microphone that is attached to his shirt and tosses it at the desk before walking off without another word.  The newscaster looks right into the camera.  “As you can see, Connor Murphy is a volatile maniac that is going to be humbled by Despayre in the semi finals of the Blast from the Past Tournament.  We gave you the exclusive and I for one think that…”

The newscaster is interrupted by the fax machine going off again.  He reaches over expecting another sending from the other room but instead is looking at a drawing of a very angry growling bear.  Looking up at the screen he notices that the image has changed to reveal the chair empty as the sounds of claws can be heard walking away accompanied by a few well placed growls before the chick of coins into a jar can be heard off screen.

“This says that Despayre will no longer respond to any requests from you about appearing on your show in the future.”

Connor leaves the studio angrily, his hand rummaging in his pocket for a cigarette.  Just as he makes his way to the front door, a scream of what sounds like someone dying can be heard carrying on the air towards him.  “Wonder what happened there,” he comments almost to himself as he pushes open the door and disappears outside.

<img src=>

A man can be seen sitting in a chair, one leg over the arm as he slowly swirls a glass with an amber liquid topped with a cream colored foam in it.  The man, with a mop of unkempt dark hair and the stubble of a couple of days shadowing his chin, smirks as if no one else is in the room.

“Blast from the Past tournament,” he begins before facing the camera to reveal it is Connor Murphy who is talking.  Behind the camera, Devlin can be seen watching the small screen of the camcorder.  “This is the farthest I have made it in the tournament and don’t get me wrong, I know I am one hell of a wrestler but seriously, I can’t claim all the glory.”

Swilling at the glass that he brings to his lips, he licks at the remnant of foam stuck to the peachy fuzz on his upper lip.  

“I have to believe that my partner is one heck of a wrestler as well.  Melanie Gabrielle is a former champion that still is in the title picture like the warrior that she is.  I gotta give that girl props for helping me get this far.  And I gotta give props to the people that I faced who made me that much better.  I mean seriously, if it wasn’t for them, I would have been in the first round and out of the tournament like that,” he volunteers as he tries to snap his fingers.  The lack of skill reveals that his blood alcohol might not be one hundred percent pure…

“This week I am in the semi finals,” he begins with a smirk as he holds up the now half empty glass to toast the camera.  “And my opponents this week are Crystal Millar, silver screen queen…” Connor snickers as he motions to his crotch area with his empty hand as his glass filled one moves to tap at his nose.  “And ‘her’ partner Despayre.”

Devlin nods and laughs at Connor’s comment which makes the camera move up and down shakily.  “Too funny Con,” says Dev who reaches for his own glass to take a large sip.

Connor looks sagely at the camera only to let out a soft belch before starting to talk again.  “Despayre, one hell of a wrestler or monkey or whatever you call him.  I have faced him a bunch of times and he has beaten me every time…well most of the time it was in tag matches.  And I have to give it to him that he can pull out the win from anywhere.  But maybe, maybe it won’t come down to him and me Dev.”

Devlin can be heard to murmur into his drink.  Connor nods like he understood the comment.  “I know, I have to realize that I am probably seen as the missing link…”

“Weakest link,” interrupts Devlin as he moves the close up button.

Connor stops and shoots Devlin a questioning look.  “Huh?”

“It’s weakest link Con,” says Devlin.  “Missing link is like between monkeys and men.

“The way Despayre wrestles, maybe he is the missing link?  After all he is all over that ring like some kind of squirrel monkey,” says Connor with a shrug.  “But either way, I have to give it to the little man, he’s one hell of a monkey in that ring.”

“That’s what Adams keeps saying when he calls Despayre’s matches.  But seriously Con…”

Connor holds up his hand holding the now empty drink.  “Dev, I ain’t worried about the match.   I got this match scouted well and if I don’t win then I can shift my focus.  And if I do win, I can still shift my focus slightly.”  Connor smiles as he fights to stand up then stumbles towards the kitchen.  Yanking open the door of the fridge, he looks inside then leans against it to shout at his friend.  “Dev, you finished the bottle?  What the f..”

Connor claps a hand over his mouth as he notices that Devlin has pointed the camera in his direction.  “Language Connor, kids could be watching,” teases Devlin.  Connor glares at his friend then slams the door shut and sets the glass on the counter before leaning his hands on it and smirking into the camera.

“Despayre, I bet you aren’t worried about this match,” Connor says.  “You will probably think back to our other matches and other fights and that’s ok.  I tell you, manchild, you go.  But this tournament is not about just you and me, it is about Crystal and Mel, our partners.  And maybe it will come down to those two or it may come down to us.  And if it does, fine.  But I need to promise you something little man.  One way or another in this tournament I have done some things that have been considered firsts.”

Looking harder into the camera, the genial smile on Connor’s lips freezes slightly.  “One of the firsts is that I made it past the first round, the second is that I have made it to the semifinals and the third just might be that I am going to beat you for the first time in my career.  With no title on the line, just the two of us on opposite teams and when the two of us are in the ring I have to tell you that I ain’t going to hold back one bit.  And if I win, I win.  If I lose, I lose.  But one way or another I am going to prove to everyone that I am where I am supposed to be and that is in the top tier of wrestlers in Sin City.”

Connor leans forward once more and smirks into the camera, his good humor restored.  “Win lose or draw Despy, it is going to be a pleasure to face you across the ring because you are one of the measuring sticks that people measure themselves against.  And granted that I ain’t been able to get past you with a win, there is always a first time for everything.”

Devlin once more sends the camera view into a close up of Connor’s face, focusing on his eyes that reveals the slow sobering of Connor Murphy.

“Just one last message for my partner Mel, I am going to be ready at Climax Control so fear not, I won’t let you down because I know you won’t be letting me down,” he says before moving into the living room once more.  “That’s enough Dev, my throat’s dry and you drank all the juice.  Let’s find us a bar to wet our lips and find the next Ms Right Now.”

The friends start to laugh as Devlin presses stop the sets the camera down.  The two reach for the keys to the apartment and exit as the scene fades out.

Climax Control Archives / Hockey game at home
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 Blast from the past tournament round two…yours truly, Connor Murphy, is going to have to face a friendly while beating on someone that I know I will enjoy slapping around like the little b*tch I think Steve Ramone is.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not too happy having to face Alexis across the ring but Alexis really isn’t my problem in that match, Steve is.

Which means that this is going to be fun…

Scene:  Canadian Tire Centre, Ottawa Ontario, Tuesday March 15th

Connor slouched in his seat at the Canadian Tire Centre as he waited for his friend to climb down the stairs towards the seats.  Devlin Lefebvre moved gingerly down the stairs balancing a small cardboard box holding a pair of red boxes that were admitting a slightly meaty scent of gravy and fries.  On either end of the box, two open cans of beer sloshed and wobbles with each bouncing step he takes.

Devlin Lefebvre:  Thanks for all the help there Con.  What happened to you?

Connor looks up at his friend and offers him a cocky half smile and waves his phone at his friend.  The screen was blanked out and just made Devlin quirk an eyebrow.

Connor Murphy:  I had to take a call.  

Devlin sits down and holds out one can of beer in Connor’s direction.  Taking it, Connor leans forward to set it on the concrete then straightens back up to take the box of poutine from Devlin.  Inhaling deeply, Connor takes the small plastic fork and stabs at a few fries swimming in gravy that has melted the cheese curd over the fries.  Sliding it into his mouth, his eyes close in delight at the taste of the concoction.  His small orgasmic moan of pleasure is barely heard over the general hubbub of the fans as they are settling in for the warm up.

Connor Murphy:  Now THAT’s what I’m talking about!

Devlin laughs as he digs into his own box of poutine.

Devlin Lefebvre:  Don’t they have poutine in the states?  I am sure that if you went to Vix’s she could fix you up with some.

Connor barely acknowledges the comment as he shovels the hot food into his mouth.  Finally coming up for air, he shakes his head slowly.

Connor Murphy:  Right now ain’t a good time at the Staggs house for me.  I got Tim thinking that I abandoned the team because we lost the titles and Vix is well, she’s torn between the fact that she has Spike and Tim and Alexis and me all in the tournament and it could be a real rumble if we got together.  Listen I know that I ain’t gonna put myself in the position of making her pissed that I hurt her hubby or her stepson or Lex for that matter.

Devlin Lefebvre:  I don’t think she would get mad if you hurt Lex.  From what I heard, that girl is nothing but bad news.  If you look at her twitter, the little wretch needs to understand that there are people that care what happens to her and there are people that don’t care at all.  Vix says she trained her and that the girl is angry.  And you know Vixen, trying to mother someone is in her blood so she’s not happy that Alexis acts the way she does.  Hell, Vix says Alexis is just like she was before the army and Vix wants to help her in the biggest way.  If you ask me, I don’t know if Vix will be able to if Alexis doesn’t want it.

Connor can only look at his friend as he takes a long pull on the king can of beer.

Connor Murphy:  Holy hell Dev, when did you get philosophical?  Besides, Lex is of the opinion that nobody cares about her and that she doesn’t need anyone.  Least of all her partner in the Blast from the Past Tournament.  And you know what, I have to agree with her that she doesn’t need Steve Ramone pulling her down to the gutter like he does.  Hell if you ask me, the only thing she could do is throw the match because she doesn’t like Steve.  But that ain’t Lex’s style.  She’s more balls to the wall.

Devlin Lefebvre:  Then it is a good thing that you don’t have to worry about facing her.

Connor wipes at a tendril of melted cheese as he chokes slightly on his latest bite.

Connor Murphy:  About that…

Devlin Lefebvre:  You are facing her aren’t you?

Connor nods slowly as he brings his own can up to sip at the beer.  Devlin can only laugh as Connor’s mouth drops in a bit of a sneer.

Connor Murphy:  It ain’t funny Dev.  Everyone’s talking about the Nobodies breaking up with all of us in the tournament and Tim being eliminated and me and Alexis across the ring from each other.  Besides I know the girl is ready to go all the way and trust me, I ain’t going down without a fight either.  Truth be told, I only have to worry about beating Steve Ramone in the match, I can’t lay this…

Connor wiggles his fingers on his right hand as he holds the fork up.

Connor Murphy:  Any of the bombshells so I am going to have to worry about Melanie beating Lex.  Me, I got Stevie beaten already.

Connor again starts to eat his poutine, the last few bites colder and staler as he grimaces then slides the fork into the remaining poutine and closes up the lid.  Tucking it under his seat, he straightens up once more and takes another long sip of the beer.  Beside him, Devlin gives him a look of surprise.

Devlin Lefebvre:  How have you beaten Steve?

Connor Murphy:  Knowing that bag of hot air, he’s already talked about how great he is and how the Nobodies are nothing and how great he is…

Devlin Lefebvre:  You already said that…

Connor Murphy:  I know I did but listening to Stevie, he keeps repeating it over and over again.  Kinda like a nervous tic or some kind of motivational speech to add to his Stewart Smalley mentality.  You know the kind…”I am that darn good and dang it, people like me” speech that those lacking the testicular ego boost that most naturally confident men have.

The pair is interrupted by the start of the Senators entrance into the arena.  For the next few minutes, all talk is impossible as the starting lineup is announced and the anthems are sung.  As the Wild and the Senators line up for the opening faceoff, Connor and Devlin begin their conversation right from the spot they were interrupted.

Devlin Lefebvre:  Are you telling me that Ramone has no balls?

Connor Murphy:  You said it, not me.  But if you want to know the truth, all I can think when I listen to him talk is about he thinks he is all that but really isn’t.  Granted he is the Roulette champion but if you seriously ask me, that was more than a fluke.  Someone must have shoved a horseshoe up his arse.  Because if I was in that match, the outcome would have been a helluva lot different.  

Devlin Lefebvre:  Yeah but you weren’t and you aren’t able to say that you would have won.

Connor Murphy:  Fine, thank you captain obvious.  So I wasn’t in the roulette title match and I don’t know IF I would have beaten him in that match.  But I do know one thing…come Climax Control, I will be beating him in the tournament and getting one step closer to the finals.  And when I do, I am going to fight tooth and nail to win this blasted thing and then take what I have wanted all along.

Devlin leans closer to Connor as he is shushed from behind by two fans who proceed to begin to yell “GO SENS GO!!!”

Devlin Lefebvre:  And what have you wanted all along?  Like I don’t know.

Connor Murphy:  It ain’t the title if you are thinking that.  I want to be somebody that makes people worry when they face me.  Like Steve should be this week.

The fans begin to get rowdy as the referees make a bad call.  Connor sits forward, his elbows resting on his knees as he begins to fall under the spell of the game.  Devlin can see that he has lost his friend’s attention so he brings the can of beer to his lips as the referee blows the whistle to end the play.  The pair lean forward as the play comes down ice, Connor joining in with the rest of the screaming fans in condemning the referees for their bad calls.

Scene:  MacDonald Cartier Airport, Ottawa Ontario, Friday March 18th

A rather laidback Connor Murphy stands outside the lobby of the airport as his friend waves goodbye before pulling away in a rather beat up truck.  Moving into the airport, Connor shoulders the beat up duffle bag and moves towards security.  Taking the few minutes to walk through and be approached by a CBSA officer, Connor jokes his way through security and then down into the airport proper to the gate where his flight would be leaving from.  As he does, he reaches into a pocket to pull out a cell phone before looking around him and finding a quiet seat.

Sitting on the plastic seat, he takes his duffle and sets it on the seat beside him before beginning to talk into the small screen and camera.

Connor Murphy:  Okay, listen I saw the card for Sunday’s CC and let me tell you that I wasn’t really impressed with the fact that I have to face my teammate in Alexis.  Seriously that girl got skills but then again, I don’t have to worry about that.  My partner Melanie Gabrielle will have to and I am fine with that.  Considering that she was challenging for the title that Alexis held this past Sunday should tell you that she is one helluva a wrestler.  So before I go any further, Lex, as much as I respect the hell out of you, I ain’t going to let my partner down and let you move on in the tournament.  

Connor offers an apologetic look at the camera and then lets the slightest smirk cross his features.

Connor Murphy:  Tell ya what.  When I beat ya, I’ll buy ya a Shirley temple to make up for it.  It will be bring your own booze though if you want to spike it up.  I ain’t gonna break the law for ya…I’m too pretty to go to jail.

Connor laughs at that as does a person sitting nearby.  Connor winks at her then goes back to talking into the smartphone.

Connor Murphy:  So now that I got my apology to Lex over and done with, I have a couple of things that I want to say to Steve Ramone and someone very special.

Connor Murphy:  Stevie, I don’t really care what you think or do in this match.  I mean that you could try your darnedest to be the big man and win it for your team but we both know that when it comes to me, I am so unorthodox that as much as you think you know what is going on and have a good handle on me, I will come from left field with something so unexpected and painful to you that you won’t know what to do with me.

Noticing that he is beginning to draw a crowd, Connor sits straighter and holds the camera out more.

Connor Murphy:  And if you ask me which I know you didn’t but I am going to say it anyways, this match up with you and me is going to end badly for you.  Come to think of it, when I beat you I think that would give me a really big push to take your title.  After all, this will be the main event and I remember correctly that management did say that Champions could face losing their titles in these matches.  Maybe we can convince Christian or Hot Stuff to make this match a match for your title and if not, when I punch my ticket to the next round by punching you out, I think the way I beat you should prove to the higher ups that I maybe deserve a shot at your title.

Connor leans back in the seat he is in, slouching a little like a smoldering James Dean from the fifties as a smirk crosses his face.

Connor Murphy:  Speaking of titles I have to address something that has been bothering me about our heavyweight champion.  I don’t dispute he’s champ because I watched that gauntlet match and saw him pull it out in the end but the problem I have with that snot nosed baby champion who thinks he is god’s gift to the company and the heavyweight title is that he thinks that he is king shit of turd island because he quote unquote beat the entire roster to win the title.

Connor thumbs his nose and sniff in distain.

Connor Murphy:  Listen Jimmy…you beat some of the roster to win that title.  But there is no way in hell you beat the entire roster.  See, there were wrestlers that didn’t choose to wrestle in that gauntlet and why do you think that is.  Because at the time there were other things on their mind.  Like defending their own titles.  

Connor Murphy:  That’s right Jimmy, I was the one that decided to stay out of the gauntlet because I wanted to keep my focus.  And before you say it, yeah, I lost the titles that night but do you know what that did?  It freed me up to focus on you and your title.  And we both know the last time we faced each other, it wasn’t you that won the match.  And one on one, you can’t beat me when I am focused directly on you.  So Jimmy, whatever shall we do about that huh?

Connor scratches at his stubble covered chin with a smirk that lights up his eyes.

Connor Murphy:  We have two options in my opinion.  I can win this tournament and then take that win and grab my shot or…

Connor’s smile widens.

Connor Murphy:  I can take you up on your foolish little boast about you being a fighting champion.  So the choice is mine unless of course you decide that you don’t need to face someone who beat you before and will beat you again.

Over the speaker, the call to board his flight is heard by Connor.  Getting to his feet, he shoulders the duffle bag again and turning to the gate begins to walk towards it still talking.

Connor Murphy:  So tell me Jimmy, are you up for losing your title to a nobody?  Because I am ready to come and get it.

Connor gets to the desk and hands over his boarding pass as he moves his finger over the phone to stop recording.  Smiling at the gate tender, he moves past her and onto the skywalk to board the plane, disappearing into the plane.

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 Supercard aftermath…

Sitting on a crate outside the backstage area after the match where he had lost the titles with Tim, Connor looks at his partner who is leaning against the crate beside him.  Connor can see how distant Tim is and debates whether or not to comment.  Reaching into the his hoodie, Connor pulls out a pack of cigarettes and offers it to Tim who pulls out a cigarette and lights up before handing them back.

Taking the slightly crumpled package into his hand, Connor pulls the final cancer stick out and sets it between his lips, his lighter flashing as it sparks then flickers with a flame that makes the end of the cigarette glow.  He lets the smoke curl around his head and smiles at the familiar burn.

Tim Staggs:  Look man, I’m sorry about tonight.  I thought that I had…

Connor holds a hand up stopping Tim and then letting his hand fall onto the shoulder of his younger partner.

Connor Murphy:  Whoa, don’t even go there Tim.  Maybe it is better that we lost tonight.  After all you have a lot on your mind with coming off the pills and Grimm and all the shit that you are going through.  Gives you time to deal with it yanno, away from the pressure of being champ.  

Tim smiles slightly at that as Connor takes another long inhale of the cigarette.  The pair stands there smoking and watching the night and the activity around them.

Connor Murphy:  But I have to tell you Timmy, I saw that you signed up for the Blast from the Past tournament.  You sure that is something that you think you are up to?  Especially when Grimm and that looney is fucking with your mind?

Tim only nods as he takes a final drag of the cigarette then sends the butt flying through the air, the faint glow the last the pair sees.  Connor can understand Tim’s reluctance to talk about Grimm and that woman so doesn’t push.  Before any more can be said, Tim pushes off the crate and turns towards the locker rooms.

Tim Staggs:  You coming?

Connor shakes his head with a smile.  

Connor Murphy:  Nah, I got something to say to Benny Boy then I am heading to the hotel.  We’ll talk soon.  Take care of yourself kiddo.

Smirking, he reaches across the space between them to ruffle Tim’s hair like he was a little boy which only makes Tim protest and swat at Connor’s hand.  The two Nobodies share a hard gripped handshake that Connor uses to pull Tim close.

Connor Murphy:  If you need me, all it takes is a call and I’ll have your back.

Tim Staggs:  I know Connor, I know.  Hopefully I won’t need to use it.

With that, the pair separates each headed in their own direction.  Connor makes a quick stop at the locker room and grabs something before quickly disappearing around the corner and out of camera view.

<img src=>

Blast from the Past teaming…

The hotel in Paris wasn’t the best.  But for Connor, the only reason he needed it was for the place to collapse after meeting up with his partner for the Blast from the Past tournament.  Being randomly teamed up with Melanie Gabrielle for the tournament gave him a good chance at making a run for the tournament and lead him to a chance at facing the champion for the Heavyweight title.  

The meeting went well, considering that he had a face to face in the bar owned by his partner’s family member.  He smiled drunkenly into the mirror that mocked him as he stood in the foyer of his room and fought with his boots.  Finally he reaches down and yanks at the laces that are tangled in Gordian knots.  Mumbling an expletive, he moves into the room and collapses on the bed to look up at the ceiling.  

Suddenly the Dropkick Murphys can be heard as Connor fights to find his cell phone.  Pulling it from his front pocket, he presses the answer button and without bringing the phone to his ear, calls out hello into the receiver.

Pussy Willow:  Connor Murphy, I was wondering what you are doing and if it would be possible to talk to you about the blast from the Past tournament.  I can come over right now if you like.

Connor smirks and shakes his head.

Connor Murphy:  I don’t think so toots, too much water between us.

Pussy Willow:  What are you talking about?  You aren’t in Vegas or California?

Connor Murphy:  Nope, in Paris enjoying the view of my hotel ceiling right about now.  It’s like…

Squinting his eyes he lifts his arm up to peer at his bare wrist then rolls with a groan to look at the clock radio on the table beside the bed.

Connor Murphy:  Half past put me to bed time.  

Pussy Willow:  But Connor, I wanted to ask you about the tournament and the fact that you are teamed up with Melanie Gabrielle.

Connor Murphy:  Well if you don’t mind doing this over the phone I will be more than willing to talk.  Hell if I was allowed to cut a promo drunk, I would so be on Facebook live or whatever the hell that app is.  So Pussy, why don’t we do this and then you can let me sleep this prehangover off before I need to be at the airport.

For a moment the line is silent.  Connor pulls the phone away from his ear to look at it.  He can hear Pussy agree to the interview so he smiles and very precisely points his finger and hits speaker then lets the phone drop on the bed beside him.

Connor Murphy:  Okay Pussy…shoot!

Pussy Willow:  Well I guess the first question has to be how do you feel being tagged up with Melanie Gabrielle in the tournament?  She is a former champion and is a very tough competitor.

Connor resumes looking up at the ceiling as he thinks a response for the question.

Connor Murphy:  Teaming up with Melanie Gabrielle is like getting a free pass to an insiders chance at something great.  I mean have you seen the way the girl is able to kick ass like a professional?  

Pussy Willow:  But she lost her match at the supercard when she challenged for the Bombshell tag titles.

Connor Murphy:  Yeah I saw but then again, I lost my match at My Bloody Valentine too.  So just means that both of us are looking for redemption.  And the best way to get that is winning this tournament.  And from our discussions today over some beer and this meady thing, the two of us are on the same page when it comes to what we have planned.

Pussy Willow:  And just what do you have planned Connor?

Connor Murphy:  WE plan to win Pussy.

Connor smirks then yawns.  On the other end of the line Pussy can be heard to hum slightly as she is contemplating her next question.  Connor rolls on his side and tucks his arm under his head.

Pussy Willow:  So Connor, we heard that that you will be facing Derek Thorne and Mercedes Vargas.  Thoughts?

Connor Murphy:  Yeah Derek Thorne, I know him.  Tough as nails and ready to kick ass just like I am.  So I think that it will be one hell of a match..

Pussy  Willow:  And Mercedes?

Connor Murphy:  She is the problem for Mel.  I ain’t allowed to touch her am I?  

Connor yawns again and lets his eyes close as Pussy again hums as she thinks of another question.

Pussy Willow:  So Connor…

Connor Murphy:  Zzzz

Pussy Willow:  Connor?

Pussy keeps calling out Connor’s name as he sleeps on, snoring loudly.  Rolling over, Connor hangs up the phone as Pussy is calling his name as the scene fades out.

<img src=>

The image of Connor Murphy can be seen flickering on a screen and he begins to talk.

Connor Murphy:  I am sitting here and I thought about my match this week for the Blast for the Past tournament and I have to tell you that I am looking forward to this match against Derek Thorne and Mercedes Vargas.  People are probably going to be saying that Mel and I won’t stand a chance since we have to face the new Bombshell Internet Champion and Derek Thorne, someone who hasn’t been in the ring for over a year.  I am going to let Mel handle Mercedes but I am going to direct my thoughts to Derek.

Derek, I remember you and I know the pair of us were like family thanks to Spike and Vixen and NXT.  And I know the pair of us are both ready and willing to fight.  And I am looking forward to getting in the ring with you.  And I am very ready to stand toe to toe with you and just have a blast trading punches.

Win or lose, I will be enjoying the match one way or another.

With a smile he reaches and presses a button that sends the image to snow.

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 Standing in the back of an alley where the light barely penetrates, a body can be seen, hands tucked into pockets of a half zipped hoodie, smoke curling around the hidden features.  From out of the shadows a second body appears to be joined by a third, a feminine giggle escaping her as she throws her arm over the shoulder of the second person, a rather quiet Connor Murphy.  

Woman:  Well lads, don’t you think we need to get back to the hotel?  

The cockney accent clearly identifies Tessa from the Nobodies.  Leaning against the wall as he brings up a cigarette to pull a drag from, Tim Staggs is illuminated by the glow of the cancer stick.  Connor narrows his eyes at the younger man and holds out his hand, wiggling his fingers at Tim.

Connor Murphy:  Tim hand me over a cigarette like a pal.

Tim fishes through his hoodie pocket and pulls out a rumpled pack of cigarette which he tosses towards Connor who bobbles the pack before catching it to his chest, hugging it tightly as Tessa can only laugh.  Tim’s lip curls in a facsimile of a grin.

Tim Staggs:  Got a grip Con?

Murphy looks towards Tim and holds up a finger from his hand that isn’t clutching the cigarettes.

Connor Murphy:  Listen you lil shit, I ain’t gonna put up with you teasing me like that.  I get enough of it from Tessa here but I can always get her back don’t I babe?

With a smirk, he lets his hand smack Tessa’s ass.  Tessa moves down the alleyway towards the lights of the street as Tim and Connor follow behind slightly slower.  Connor drags hard on the cigarette as he holds a lighter to the end sparking a glowing ember.  Once he feels the burn of the cigarette into his throat, Connor releases the flame and tucks the now hot lighter into his front pocket.  

Tim seems quiet as they walk while Connor noisily shuffles along beside him.  Neither want to break the silence of the alley but faintly the traffic and noise of the roadway filters towards them.  Tessa call back that she needs to hit the ladies and that she would be back soon to get them a cab.  Connor nods in her direction then he move to stop Tim.

Connor Murphy:  Tim, I haven’t heard from you about the contract signing.  I don’t know where your head is at about this match.  You need to talk to me, I am your partner.

Tim can only give Connor a look for a moment, the glazing over of his eyes indicative of the calming effect of his Xanax.  Connor curses under his breath as Tim shakes his head and gives Connor half-hearted thumbs up.  

Connor turns from Tim and hangs his head.  He doesn’t see Tim move closer, his hand going up to rest on Connor’s shoulder.  Turning his face to Tim, Connor growls slightly, the anger fading with Tim’s next sentence.

Tim Staggs:  I ain’t mad Con.  Matter of fact, I’m looking forward to it.

Connor looks intently into the eyes of Tim as a small spark of something other than Xanax glistens deep inside of them.  The corner of Connor’s lips curl upward as he throws an arm over the shoulder of Tim as his other hand sweeps outward to the alley way as he raises his voice.

Connor Murphy:  Hear that world, Tim’s looking forward to a match!

Tim elbows Connor in the side as he blushes at the joking comment from his partner.    Connor clutches at his side, the full smile now crossing his face not flinching as the pair head back down the alley to the street.  Once there, they find Tessa arguing with someone who clearly doesn’t understand her.  Turning to Connor, he begins to babble at him in some foreign language that Connor can only understand if he listens really close.  Tim pulls Tessa back as Connor leans towards the cabbie.

Connor Murphy:  Listen, we want to go hotel.  You know bed…sleep…

Connor begins to mime sleeping when the driver finally gets what it is that they are saying.  

Driver:  Ooooo Hotel, you want motel 5?

Tim and Tessa share a look as Connor just shrugs and nods slowly.  The three pile into the car as the driver slides behind the wheel.  Tim watches as Tessa leans against Connor and the driver picks up a buzzing cell phone earpiece and begins to babble in a rapid string of phlem and syllables.  Every so often a few English words are heard.  

After a harrowing and speedy ride, the cab pulls up in front of a Motel 6 outside of Long Beach.  Tim exits the car and begins to dig into his skinny jeans, pulling out a couple of crumpled bills and handing them to the driver.  Connor and Tessa move towards the Motel only to hear Tim call out to them about needing to take a walk for a moment.  The pair nod and Connor tells him that he’ll book the rooms.  Tessa opens the door and the two move inside.

<img src=>

Hours later, a half-naked Connor Murphy walks out of the room and into the dawn of the new day.  Bleary eyed, he swipes at his face, the stubble of a day’s growth rasping against his hand.  Walking towards the pool area that is surrounded by fencing, Connor pulls out the rumpled pack of cigarettes and pulls the last one out and brings it to his lips.  Reaching into his pants pocket he pulls out a smartphone and the lighter.  Tucking the phone into the waistband of the jeans he is wearing, he lights the cigarette and puffs slowly on it.  Leaning against the fence, Connor pulls out the phone and runs his finger over the screen to open it.  Fiddling with it, he manages to turn on facetime and hits record.

Connor Murphy:  My Bloody Valentine is only days away and here I am sitting or rather standing around with my elbow half way up my arm and a title match to talk about.  And I can’t be arsed to talk about anything else.  See you know we have this vacant title with everyone and their brothers wanting to throw their hand up to get that little bit of a shot at the brass ring.  

Connor drags deeply on the cigarette before blowing the smoke out as he looks around before beginning to speak once more.

Connor Murphy:  Now I know that as champion I gotta go to that ring and defend the titles tooth and nail but if you ask me, I ain’t going to worry about tooth and nail.  See, our opponents this week are Simon Jones and a man that I consider a pretty good friend and drinking buddy, Ben Jordan.  If you ask me it is like a training session for me all over again, only difference Spike Staggs isn’t there to yell at us for the hangovers.

Connor chuckles at that, a look of fond remembrance crossing his face.

Connor Murphy:  I was pretty stoked to be giving Benny the title shot.  It would be like old times, you remember Benny, the two of us drinking poor Mickey under the table time after time.  And that cheap imitation belt we got for the drinking champion.  Don’t you worry about that title belt there Benny, you won’t ever be taking that one back.  I have to give it to you, you were able to keep up with me.

Once again, Connor rubs his hand over his rough cheeks as he thinks about what he will be saying next.

Connor Murphy:  Now Ben, this ain’t going to be one of your down and dirty fights.  He have a bit of an honour among thieves sorta mentality so when I kick your arse, I am going to tell you I am doing it then when I’m done, I’ll help you back up and buy ya a beer.

Connor Murphy:  Win lose or draw Benny boy, I’ll still buy you that beer after our match on Sunday.  Least I can do for beating you to keep my title.

Connor inhales a drag from the cigarette before he chuckles which makes him choke on the smoke.  Coughing and gagging Connor lets the camera fall slightly taking him out of the shot for only a moment before he picks right back up once more.

Connor Murphy:  And teaming with Simon Jones, good choice mate.  Between the two of you and all the pretty titles you have won…good on you.  But sadly this is a match that the two of you will have to work hard to try and beat us.  See Tim and I ain’t going to go down easy so if you manage to do the impossible and pin Tim or I’s shoulders to the mat well then, good on you.  But it will also mean that you and Simon will be buying me the beer…

Connor takes the last pull from the butt then flicks it towards the pavement of the parking lot.  Pushing himself away from the fence, he begins to walk back towards the hotel room as the door opens to reveal Tessa in his shirt and a smile.  Seeing her beckon to him Connor smiles into the camera of his phone.

Connor Murphy:  As much as I would love to stay and jaw at you, there is a pretty woman wearing very little and is calling me.  So boys, see ya Sunday.

With a wink and a smile, Connor presses stop and then pockets the phone before moving towards Tessa and pushing her into the room and slamming the door behind them.

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 Smoke curls around a hoodie covered head as Connor Murphy stands outside of the hotel, the dark held at bay by a rather weak florescent bulb.  Not your normal hotel to say the least as the young man inhales another burning drag of the cigarette hanging from his lips.  Beside him Tim can be seen resting on the half wall advertising the hotel.  Connor can’t help but shake his head at the blank stare on the face of his partner and reaches up to pull the smoke from his lips and rests his hand on the shoulder of Tim.

Connor Murphy:  You know what Tim, I gotta tell you that those meds you are on, totally taking you to another place.  Do you think you really want to go there?

Tim turns his cold eyes to Connor, a ghost of a smile cracking the intense look on his face.

Tim Staggs:  Whatever place it is, starting to feel like home to me.

Connor can’t help but wince at that comment.  This Tim wasn’t the Tim he joined the Nobodies to tag with.  This was a different Tim, a distant Tim…a Tim that needed to be jolted out of whatever this drug was making him.

Connor Murphy:  Don’t you think maybe you might want to ditch the dozy drugs and get back to the Nobody everybody knows and loves?

Tim Staggs:  Loves?  Really Connor…sounds more like you are on drugs.

The young Staggs chuckles at the irony of the joke before dragging more smoke into his lungs.  Exhaling slowly, Tim once more faces forward, his eyes focused on something that Connor just can’t see.

Tim Staggs:  Besides Con, keeping the fear at bay is a good thing.  Not feeling is a good thing and keeping the monster inside calm is the best thing of all.

Connor Murphy:  Maybe what we need is the monster considering who we are facing this week and defending our titles against.  Let’s let the monster come out and play.  Point you in the direction of Raab and his Frankenbride and let you do what you do best.

Tim smirks slightly at that comment before the smirk fades to be replaced by the ever present blank look that Connor has been seeing recently.  Sitting beside his partner as he flicks his butt into the night air, Connor begins to stare off into the distance.  Tim spares him a glance from the corner of his eye.

Tim Staggs:  You don’t seem happy…

Connor Murphy:  I ain’t.  I’m more worried about someone that I see as my brother.  Tim man these drugs are messing you up.  I get that Grimm did some ef’ed up crap to you but this shouldn’t faze you man.  You are a Staggs for sobbing out loud.  I fought beside your dad and you and the two of you are more alike than you would like to think.  Dude, if Spike was…

Tim shoots to his feet and turns on Connor.

Tim Staggs:  I ain’t my father!  He’d be stronger than me you are thinking I bet!

Tim turns abruptly to walk away but is stopped by Connor who is also on his feet and angered.

Connor Murphy:  If you would have let me finish instead of getting your underoos in a bunch you would have heard me say that if Spike was tough, you are just as tough.  Listen Mister Exposed Nerve, not everyone is against you you know.  Hell if you would stop and think for a minute that I am on your side you would realize that I am trying to help you not lose you.

Connor slams his hands onto the shoulders of Tim, shaking him slightly.

Connor Murphy:  I get it Tim boyo, you had a hell of a scare but you need to get over it.  You are one half of the tag champions.  And this week we are in a title defense against the Monstimals.  And if that ain’t a bitch, we got Ben Jordan wanting to face us for the titles with his friend Simon.  So I need you on the same frickin’ page but the way you been coasting through on that Xanax makes me think you ain’t there.  So are we or not?

Like some bulldog, Connor again gives Tim a slight shake that seems to wake him up slightly. Bringing his hands up between them, Tim lays it on the shoulder of Connor who leans in angrily, eye to eye with his partner almost willing him to snap.

Tim Staggs:  Yeah Con, we are on the same page.  I just…bringing up Dad is like a sore point with me right now.  

Tim’s voice falters slightly before his head falls and his red hair covers his face.  Almost guiltily, Connor releases Tim and steps back, body still tense but the anger draining from his face.

Connor Murphy:  I ain’t trying to be your dad.  We are partners and brothers.  We are a pair of Nobodies.

At that, the two share a grin as Connor moves beside Tim and puts an arm over his shoulder.

Connor Murphy:  Listen, I am going to take a hike and work off this pissiness, why don’t you go and relax.  We’ll train tomorrow.

Tim Staggs:  Nah, I’m good.

Connor holds up a hand.

Connor Murphy:  You may be but I ain’t and the mood I’m in now, you just might get hurt.  Take the out and we’ll get on it tomorrow.

Before he can argue, Connor spins him around and sends Tim staggering towards the hotel with a friendly shove and an airkick.  Tim catches himself and turns to say something but the hooded figure has moved off into the night.  Taking two steps towards his partner, Tim is stopped by Connor’s voice floating towards him.

Connor Murphy:  Don’t make me kick your ass boyo.

Tim’s snort of laughter joins the faint chuckle from Connor as he turns and heads inside the hotel while Connor disappears around the corner.


Only hours earlier Connor had dealt with his partner and now he had moved off to deal with his anger at the fact his partner was medicated into docility, was being stalked by this crazy lady on twitter (yes he was watching the social media but wasn’t doing his chirping on it) and now had to deal with facing Raab and his spouse in the ring.

Being tag champion was Connor’s first taste of gold in Sin City and to say that he liked it would be putting it mildly.  Winning the titles with Tim was something that no one had given either of them credit for doing but now these nobodies were somebodies. Or were they?

A small diner sign blinked a neon sign that was worn and half lit in some letters.  Pulling open the door, Connor walks inside to find a tired waitress leaning against the counter, her light purple hair pulled up in a messy French twist that was sprouting a couple of pens and a beat up old flower.  She warily watches as he moves further into the diner.  Sitting in a rather grubby booth, Connor looks at the plastic menu that is resting on the table beside a small little jukebox with tunes from the fifties. Connor flips through a few pages but recognizes nothing.

The waitress moves towards the booth with a pot of some kind of dark liquid that she is trying to pass off as coffee. Setting a cup in front of Connor, she splashes the hot drink into it.

Waitress: What will it be young man?

Connor looks at her, a crooked smile breaking across his face.

Connor Murphy: What do you have for killing a monster?

Waitress:  A monster? What in the ever loving hell are you talking about?

Connor's smile widens as he leans towards the woman as if taking her into his confidence.

Connor Murphy: Don't you recognize me?

Waitress: Should I?

Connor gives her a look of disbelief before grinning at her again thinking she hadn't really looked closely enough the first time. The waitress raises one eyebrow as she sets the pot of coffee on the table then leans closer to Murphy, her own face breaking into a flirty grin of her own.

Waitress: Listen young man, I don't know if you are trying to flirt for a free piece of pie or what but just because you are cute and all doesn't mean I would be that cheap yanno. The pie ain't free and neither am I.

Connor realizes his mistake and leans away from the waitress who mutters "I thought so" before grabbing the pot and sashaying back to the counter and behind it. Connor once more begins to look over the menu then takes a sip of the brew with a wince at the taste. Picking up the sugar, he pours a stream into the cup and picks up the water marked spoon to stir the drink.  Leaving it resting in the coffee, Connor pulls up the cup and takes another cautious sip.  As he does the bell on the door rings again and a rather dark brooding man walks inside, his hat slouched low over his face.

Trucker:  Hey Flo, coffee and lots of it.

The waitress had already anticipated the request and slid a cup of the black stuff across the counter.  From his table, Connor watches the man get to his feet and look around the diner, the trucker’s eyes coming to rest on Connor in his booth.  A half grin crosses his face as the trucker moves towards Murphy who begins to map out an escape route a moment too late.

Trucker:  I know you boy.  You’re that wrassler fella.  That Nobody ain’tcha?

Connor can only nod as he sizes up the trucker who smiles more and slides his bulk into the seat opposite the hooded Connor.

Trucker:  I caught your wrasslin’ the other day when I was home with the little woman.  She’s a big fan of you.  Can’t stand ya myself but then again, I only like looking at them beautiful women you got running around that company.

Connor Murphy:  Yeah I like to watch’em too.  

The pair chuckles uncomfortably before letting the laughter fade.  The trucker swigs at the coffee as Connor looks around for the waitress who is mindlessly watching a small black and white television behind the counter.  The trucker leans forward and puts both elbows on the table and stares at Connor.

Connor Murphy:  So…wife’s a fan huh?

The trucker grunts his reply as Connor nods.  

Connor Murphy:  But you, not so much.  I get that I guess.  

Trucker:  Like I said, wife’s the one who likes wrasslin’.  And I know she said that this week you Nobodies are facing two monsters.  So when I saw you in here, I figured that maybe I might come in and talk to you…you know, man to man and ask you what the hell you think is gonna happen when you face off with these monsters.

Connor smirks at the downhome honesty of the man and taps a finger on the table.  

Connor Murphy:  I think we are going to defend the titles and we are going to kick the crap out of Frankenbride and his monster.

Trucker:  Dude if that is what you got planned you might as well say good bye to those titles.  Monsters like the guys my woman says you’re facing are the type that just wants to see the world suffer.  You gotta be aware that the two of them are looking for that and you are the ones that are going to suffer.  You gotta fight harder and crazier than those two.  

Connor listens closely to the man as he speaks realizing that maybe just maybe he knows what he is talking about.

Connor Murphy:  You might be right…I have faced Raab  before and took him to his edge and beyond…

Trucker:  And if you ask me, I think the one that is going after you is the one that you ain’t had to deal with before.  Be ready for that and you got a world of crazy to deal with.

Connor smiles as a thought crosses his mind.

Connor Murphy:  I can do crazy…

The trucker nods as he picks up his cup and holds it out to Connor who grasps his own cup and raises it to clink dully against the truckers.

Trucker:  By the way, can you sign me a little something for the little woman.  Will get me in good.

Connor laughs and pulls a napkin from the silvered holder then begins to pat himself down for a pen.  When he can’t find one, the trucker pulls out a sharpie from some unknown pocket and writes his name across the papers white surface.  The scene fades out on Connor and the trucker talking as dawn can be seen coming from outside the window.

Climax Control Archives / Adventures in Babysitting
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 â€œBijou loves her teddy and Kit has this habit of…”

The drone of the voice was barely registering for Connor as he sits on the couch, four pairs of eyes watching him intently.  Dressed in a rather ratty worn pair of jeans and a Def Leppard tshirt, Connor slouches lower into the couch as Vixen continues to speak.

“Are you listening to me,” she demands as her hands move to her waist.  Behind her, Spike can be seen bouncing a laughing Bijou as Kit bounces in his exersaucer while Eden waves a toy at him.  Connor can only nod dumbly rather than risk the wrath of Vixen.  â€œGood, now Spike left the restaurant’s number on the fridge and we won’t be too late will we?”

“I have watched a kid or two Vix,” mutters Connor who looks to his left at Tim who shrugs and shakes his head in a ‘don’t look at me’ way that just doesn’t help.  Connor gets off the couch and moves to take Bijou from Spike.  â€œSpike dude, take your woman and go already.  If you don’t, her birthday will be over and she’ll be another year older.”

Spike doesn’t hand the young girl to Connor as he sees the look on Vixen’s face.  Without a word of warning, a sharp slap upside Connor’s head makes him duck as Bijou laughs in her father’s arms.

“Ow…what the hell was that for Vix?” demanded Connor as his hand rubs the sting from his ear and he offers a now smiling Vixen a glare.

“If you need to ask then you need to realize that you can’t insult someone like me.  I may be one year older but I can still kick your ass,” she boasts as she holds out her hands to Bijou who flops from her father to her mother.  â€œNow this is important Connor, Spike and I have not given the twins dinner so you need to feed them.  I set their food out in the kitchen.  And behave.  Tim, you get to babysit the babysitter and Eden gets to babysit you all.”

“Yay Mommie Vixen, I will take good care of them all,” promises Eden with a giggle.  â€œI’ll make Uncle Connor be good.  But if he isn’t, does he get a time out…and can I give him one?”

Connor swoops down and catches Eden in his arms.  â€œFor you princess, I am going to be extra special good, just you watch.”  He tickles her slightly making her squirm then bat at his hands helpless with giggles.  Setting her down, he turns to Vixen and Spike who have set Bijou down in her own exersaucer to play.  â€œSo off you go guys, enjoy and don’t worry about a thing.  I have everything under control…”

Guiding the married pair to the door, Connor keeps offering them a grin like he has nothing at all to worry about.  Finally he opens the door and pushes them outside.  Vixen turns to say something to Connor but he has slammed the door shut on the pair.  Before she can rush back in, Spike takes her by the hand and guides her toward s the car in the drive.

Inside the house, Connor turns to take in the twins playing and Eden watching him with Tim smirking in the background.  Rolling his eyes at his partner, he moves into the room further and reaches for the remote.

“I wanna watch The Little Mermaid,” says Eden holding up the cover of the DVD.  â€œAnd Mommie Vixen said I am the boss of you all!”

“But princess…”

“No butts Uncle Connor,” replies Eden as she holds out the DVD.  â€œMommie Vixen SAID I was the boss of you now play the Little Mermaid,” she insists.

“You heard her Connor, play the little Mermaid,” prods Tim with his own smirk that somewhat matches his sister’s.  Beaten two to one, Connor snatches at the movie and opening the case, shoves it into the player and presses play.  The twins in the meantime babble to each other, the sounds indistinguishable to anyone listening.  

As Eden’s attention is on the movie that is starting, Connor motions to Tim for a second.  â€œI gotta cut a promo for this week,” say Connor, “but how am I going to do that is I am sitting for Vixen.  I mean I gotta watch the kids…unless you…”

Tim holds up his hands in a sign of surrender.  â€œI can’t watch them because Vixen said I was to babysit the babysitter…” Tim starts to chuckle at that which only draws a glare from his partner.  â€œLook, why don’t you grab your smartphone and skype some shit or something.  I’m sure that you could talk about your opponent easily.  It ain’t like you don’t have much to say about him I am sure.”

Connor nods at what seems to be the most logical advice he was paying attention to.  Grabbing his smartphone, he moves to perch on the end of the couch and then putting on the camera, begins to record.

Listen up Grimm.  I know that you have decided that you want to have a little fun with my friend Tim and normally I wouldn’t have to say a God Damn thing…

“Don’t swear Uncle Connor,” admonishes Eden without turning from her favorite movie.

“Gotcha princess,” says Connor as he presses stop then record once more.

Listen up Grimm, this week I face you in the middle of the ring and I know that in the last few weeks you have been getting on my last nerve with the toying that you are doing with my partner and believe it or not, Tim may not need me to but I am going to enjoy kicking the crap out of you because I am not one bit afraid of the big bad you are trying to be.  Sure you look spooky but to me, that is nothing more than appearance.  Hell, if it makes you feel better, I can beat the boo right out of you.  

See, maybe you think you are big and bad but in reality, it doesn’t matter to me.  I ain’t afraid of no ghosts…

Connor smirks at Tim at the obvious Ghostbuster reference which only makes the young redhead roll his eyes and get to his feet to walk out of the room.  A faint slam can be heard from another part of the house as Connor shares a look with Eden.

So Grimm, I have been watching you and I can see that you have decided that you want to play with Tim, want to terrorize him in some way.  Well, he don’t scare that easy but you somehow managed to get under his skin and that affects me too.  Tim is like the little brother I never had and when you mess with one Nobody, you made an enemy of us all.  And like the good big brother I am, I am going to come to that ring on Sunday with some real bad intentions and I…

Suddenly, Kit begins to scream as Bijou grabs at his toy laying on his exersaucer.  Batting at his sister, Kit continues to scream as now Bijou adds her cries to the noise level.  Connor looks into the camera, the microphone picking up every shrill sound.

As much as I want to stay here and chat about the pain and suffering I am going to put you through Grimm, I guess you have been saved by the screams.  Just think…I wonder if your screams will be as loud as these…

With that, Connor presses stop and then leans down towards the twins to try and distract them enough to stop screaming.  Trying his hardest, Connor makes every funny face he can to try to get a smile but only succeeds in making the screams louder.  

“Eden, princess, can you please go and get the twins their food for me so I can feed them?” he asks as he picks up Kit and begins to bounce him on his shoulder which stops his screams.  Smiling at his success, Connor reaches for Bijou as a sudden gag is heard from Kit who begins to throw up on Connor.  Disgusted, Connor calls for Tim as Kit and Bijou once more start to cry and Eden moves closer to the television to hear her movie as we fade out.  

Climax Control Archives / Connor interview
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 The deep throbbing beat of a salsa rhythm competes with the low murmurs of a mixture of Spanish and Spanglish that could only belong to the natives and tourists filling this small little bar.  Above the bar, a neon light blinks and sizzles with the words La Rosa Negra in a bright pink with the rose under the words blinking in and out.

At a table in the corner, his head wreathed in the light blue smoke of a rather large and fragrant cigar sits Connor Murphy.  He leans back, the cigar resting in his fingers as he allows the smoke of one drag of the cigar to curl from his barely opened mouth.  A smile crosses his face as his eyes close.  Across from him, a cameraman is resting, a small hand held camera focused on Connor.

“I bet you think that I am here to talk about the fact that I am the underdog in the match this week.  You know what I think…I think that you are going to be waiting a long time for that,” says Connor before taking another drag from the stogie.

The cameraman shakes his head negatively as he films.  â€œI ain’t here for that senor,” he says in a very heavily accented English.  â€œI am here to get interview with you about Climax Control match you are in.”

Connor nods slowly as he exhales then picks up the short glass with a clear liquid inside of it.  Sipping at the drink, he winces at the burn then sets the glass on the littered tabletop.  â€œWell if that is the case, let’s get this interview on the road because I have some people to do and things to deal with.  So Fidel, what is your first question?”

The cameraman focuses closer to Connor as he relaxes, his arms draping over the back of the banquet seat at the table.  â€œWell senor, the first question is what are you planning to do in this match as you are definitely the smallest in the match and could very well suffer painfully against Wyatt and Casey.”  The fact that the cameraman would ask that of Connor is not lost on the man himself.

“Like I said, I am not worried too much about facing the pair of big men in the ring.  I am not going to sit here and quote people who believe that it is not the size of the dog in the fight but the fight in the dog that is going to determine the winner,” begins Connor as he leans back.  â€œI am at a disadvantage some would say because the two bigger men are going to be able to wipe the floor with me because I am not able to take the punishment.  Well I have something to say to that.  Bring it on!”

The cameraman smirks at that comment as he again focuses the camera on the face of Connor who puffs at the cigar with no clear worry evident.  â€œIf you don’t think you have to worry about the two men you are facing, maybe you worry about the type of match you are in.”

“A hardcore match?  That is almost like MY match!  You are probably sitting there sure that I would be like ‘oh no, whatever will I do?’ about being in that kind of match.  Might I remind you that it was ME that took Goth to the limit in the roulette title matches,” boasts Connor.  â€œThat is more than Casey could do.  I mean I was the closest to beating Goth and then he gets the shot at the Supercard and fails miserably.  If you ask me, Casey Williams is nothing more than someone that is tossed at people as a warmup.  And that is exactly how I am going to treat him on Climax Control.”

“But what about Wyatt Peterson, he is going to be one hell of a fight since he is probably out to prove that he still has it,” comments the cameraman only to hear Connor scoff in disbelief.  The look on the cameraman is comically as he doesn’t seem to realize that Connor isn’t impressed with the threat.

Connor looks down at the drink in his hand on the cigar that is resting on the ashtray smoldering away.  â€œDon’t get me wrong, this hardcore match is going to be a challenge,” offers Murphy.  â€œBut to actually sit there and count me out because this match is one small man against two giants.  Well, start calling me Jack because Sunday I am going to be a giant killer and there is nothing that those two will be able to do to stop me from chopping them down to size.”

“Is you crazy,” demands the cameraman.

“More than bat shit cray cray,” taunts Connor.  â€œYou have to be when you are in this position. “

“What position is that?” asks the cameraman as the focus of the camera tightens on Connor’s face.

“The winning position muchacho,” teases Connor as he shoots the last of the clear liquid, wincing again as it singes down his throat.  Before the cameraman can make another comment, Connor pushes up from the table and heads towards the bar, ignoring the cough of the cameraman as he tries to get his attention.  Once at the bar, Connor is approached by a senorita in a tight dress who leans into the man and whispers something into the ear of the young Irishman who smiles and with a nod is lead away.

Supercard Archives / SIMON J. & CONNOR M. v DESMOND K. & JOSHUA A.
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 After Climax Control…

The anger of the man as he slammed an iron bar into the different equipment boxes around the backstage area was the only indication that there was life in Connor Murphy.  Only moments earlier, the medical staff was working on the unconscious man who had come too only to realize that he was titleless.

Still dressed in his ring gear from the match, Connor paced the backstage like a tiger, bad intentions written all over his face.  A woman approaches him from the side, calling out to announce herself.

Pussy Willow:  Connor…

Turning on the woman, Connor just barely pulls the bar upwards in time to save the now screaming Pussy who covers her head in fear.  The red haze covering Connor’s eyes fade to a dull blank look as he lowers the bar and then takes a shaky breath to try and calm himself.

Connor Murphy: Pussy m’love, don’t ever do that when I am intent on working things out like I do.  I almost hit you and I am sorry.

Pussy Willow:  Wow Connor, I thought that you heard me when I called out to you.  I wanted to talk to you about what happened tonight.

A sneer crosses Connor’s face as he tosses the bar away.

Connor Murphy:  I know what happened tonight Pussy.  I once again lost.  The perpetual loser Nobody.

Pussy Willow:  There was that but I wanted to make sure you weren’t angry about what Sapphira did to you.

A look of confusion appears on Connor’s face.

Connor Murphy:  What Sapphira did to me?

The softness of the comment makes Pussy pull back a bit and put an equipment box between the pair of them.

Pussy Willow:  Yes, at the end of the match she forces your lips onto the boot of Goth and…

Ms Willow isn’t able to say anything else as Connor lets a string of curses escape his lips.  Pussy watches as he snarls something to himself as he stalks back and forth in a frenzied fit of vexation.  Reaching into her purse, she pulls out a small can that she slips into her palm while Connor slams his hands onto the box as he fights for control.

Connor Murphy:  What the hell was that bitch doing in our match.

Pussy Willow:  Making sure that the stipulation was done.  She grabbed your head and made you kiss Goth’s foot.  That is what the stipulation was.

Connor Murphy:  What do you fuckin know.  And here I thought that Goth was the better man because he had something like some kind of honour and respect that allowed him to hold his head up in the ring but in reality he is nothing but some sad pathetic spotlight whore.  And his wife is taking her safety in her hands if she thinks to put her hands on me.  When I get my hands on Goth once more, this time title or not I am going to force feed him his own ass.  And if Sapphira wants to get involved, I won’t hesitate putting her in her proper place.

Pussy Willow:  Connor, you aren’t allowed to put your hands on a woman.

Showing frustration at that comment, Connor brushes a hand through his hair making it stand up in a wild mess.

Connor Murphy:  I know that but I also know that the women aren’t to be putting their hands on the men either…hmmm this gives me an idea.

Connor moves off with a smirk on his face as he mumbles to himself strategizing.  Stopping, he runs his hands through his hair.  He turns to Pussy and with a smile, leans forward and puts a gentle arm over her shoulder pulling her into a hug as he lets his lips move against her cheek.

Pussy Willow:  What was that for?

Connor Murphy:  Can’t I give thanks to my best girl?  Considering that in a few days I may need your help with something.  For right now I have to go and see the tape for the match.

Leaving Pussy for a moment, he hurries back and then whispers something in her ear which causes her to smile and nod as the pair walk away and disappear around a corner.

<img src=>

A few days after Climax Control

Pussy Willow:  I’m here Connor

Pussy calls out to Connor Murphy who can’t be seen in the gym that is empty for the most part.  Nearby a cameraman is seen putting film into his camera as Pussy looks around for Connor.  Suddenly from behind Ms. Willow, the man himself appears.  Over one shoulder is what looks like the Roulette title or a reasonable facsimile of.  Pussy shakes her head at Connor with a smile.

Connor Murphy:  what…is my shirt ripped or something?

He looks down at the faded shirt and jeans that is his regular clothing choices.

Pussy Willow:  No it is the fact you have that fake Roulette title on your shoulder Connor.  You didn’t win the title at Climax Control you know.

Connor Murphy:  Oh but Pussy, of course I did.  Considering that the first fall was a DQ for me…and then I got the second fall all on my own.  So Goth is not the legit champion and if Christian and Hot Stuff were honest, they would confirm it just as the match tape shows.

Pussy Willow:  But SCW doesn’t have the instant replay rule.

Connor Murphy:  But I think you would think that the video review of the match would be used to confirm what we both know is true.  I am the Roulette champion because Goth’s wife put her hands on me, tripping me into the small package which is an immediate disqualification.  So it should be me defending the title at the supercard.

Pussy Willow:  As much as you wish that to be true, you aren’t in the title match at High Stakes five.  Instead you are in a tag match…a lethal lottery match where you are teaming with Simon Jones to take on Joshua Acquiin and Desmond Knight.  What do you have to say to that?

Connor Murphy:  All I have to say to that is what in the hell is Christian thinking putting me in that kind of match huh?  Especially considering how I feel this week and how my anger is going to carry over into the supercard which is probably going to result in people feeling my pain with pain of their own.  And as much as those two I am facing think they are tough enough to escape my wrath, they have another thing coming.

Pussy Willow:  I can see you are going to focus on the match and not let your partner down.

Connor Murphy:  Fine, I won’t let Simon down but let me tell you this Pussy.  Christian and Hot Stuff should have received my official request for video review and the righting of the wrong committed against me at Climax Control.  And then next time I face Goth for the title that is so rightly mine, I want his little wifie put in her place…caged above the ring.

Pussy Willow:  Well first the tag match at High Stakes then we will see what the bosses will do about your official request.  So can I get an interview with you for your match.  I want to know…

Connor lays a finger over Pussy’s lips as he interrupts her speaking.  Shaking his head negatively he moves backwards, one hand pulling the fake title from his shoulder to hold it up for the camera before disappearing through a door leaving the woman watching in surprise.

Climax Control Archives / A Song for Goth
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 Scene:  Nobody knows the trouble you’ve seen…

A man sits on a beach side cabana café watching the crystal blue waters off the coast.  At his elbow, a glass with an amber liquid sits and drips onto the coaster under it as a small stream of smoke trails around it from the exhalation of the man.  He is leaning back in a chair, his eyes covered by dark shades, his skin a pale shade of sunburn as he relaxes.  If you were watching the man, you would think he had no cares in the world.

If you knew the man, you would know how wrong you were…

Voice:  Connor Murphy, I hope this is your idea of a joke!

Connor sits up, his hand reaching for his sunglasses as a smile creases his face, the laugh lines deepening around his eyes as he takes in Pussy Willow dressed to kill in a light cotton dress that suggested innocence and sin all in one.  Slowly rising to his feet, Connor moves over to the opposite chair and holding out a hand, reaches to invite Pussy to sit down.

Connor Murphy:  Darlin’ this is no joke I swear.  I decided that there was things to say and the one woman that I could say them to is you and only you.  And that is why I called you here.

Pussy Willow sniffs angrily.

Pussy Willow:  If I had known it was you Connor, I so wouldn’t be here right now talking to you when I could be somewhere else.  After all, all you do is tease me and flirt then nothing happens…sometimes I think you are only using me because I am an interviewer and you need to get a message out.

Connor lays a hand over the faded shirt that is covering his chest.  Hanging his head almost apologetically, he sighs and nods.

Connor Murphy:  You are right Pussy, I have been very naughty and abusive of our friendship.  Let me get you a drink and the two of us will have a nice long natter about what is going to be happening on Climax Control then I will buy you dinner to make it up to you.  Deal??

Pussy lets a little smile cross her lips as she bites at her bottom lip.  Giving Connor a calculating look, she nods once before pulling out a small recorder and sets it on the table between them. While Ms Willow was searching for the small machine, Connor waved over the waiter motioning for two beer.  The young man walks to the table after drawing both glasses and sets them on the table.  Connor holds up a five dollar bill and then waves off the waiter with a grin.  The gleeful server murmurs ‘gracias’ as he backs away from the pair.  Ready for the interview, Pussy begins to speak.

Pussy Willow:  well Connor, this week on Climax Control you have a chance once again for the Roulette title in a match against the man that beat you for the belt at Summer XXXTreme, Goth.  I don’t know about you Connor but it seems to me that you are circling the titles and everytime you get close to winning only to miss the brass ring.  

Connor Murphy:  Well darlin’ that is kinda hurtful, true but hurtful none the less.  Can I help it if there are people that need to cheat to get where they need to be or win titles when they know they have no other option.

Pussy Willow:  Are you implying that Goth cheated to win the roulette title?

Connor just laughs as Pussy lifts her glass and sips at the beer suspiciously before he is able to control his mirth.

Connor Murphy:  Pussy love, I am not implying anything.  I am just telling it like it is.  See Goth knew that I was the only one that had any chance of beating him for the title and what happened hmmm?  He needed to use fire to beat me.  He wasn’t man enough to tough it out and took the easy win.  But that is fine because if he can sleep with himself for taking the shortcut, so be it.  Whereas I on the other hand know that I am someone that is willing to bleed to get what I want.  I am willing to go the extra mile to take what I have deserved since I got into this company.  I am the only one bat shit crazy enough to make that title something of worth once more.

Pussy Willow:  But Connor, to hear Goth talk about the belt, he says he is the only one that is worthy to be Roulette champion.  And given his track record, he has quite the win loss stats.  Not that you aren’t good enough but time and time again, you come up just short..

Pussy holds up her fingers only a few inches apart which makes Connor wince at the double entendre.

Connor Murphy:  Tis true, I do manage to beat myself up about that.  But something tells me that this night when I face Goth, it isn’t going to be the same.  At Climax Control, I am not focused on the one thing that everyone else thinks I should be.

Pussy Willow:  You aren’t focused on winning the title?

Connor Murphy:  That is the reward I will get after my match.  My focus is squarely on the man that burned me for the title.  My focus is on maiming him and making him realize that Nobody is going to let anything stand in the way of revenge.

Pussy looks at Connor in surprise as he leans forward, his hands clenched into fists.  Leaning forward herself, she lays her own hand over one of his fists.

Pussy Willow:  This is a different Connor Murphy talking.  I mean you usually talk tough but sitting here, I am getting the impression that something in you has changed.

Connor Murphy:  Oh I haven’t changed Pussy m’love.  I have just realized that I was taking things too easy.  I was treating all of this as a bit of a lark when it came to my matches and what I was doing in the ring.  I have learned that maybe I need to bring back the old Connor.

Pussy Willow:  The old Connor?  You mean the NXT rogue Connor?

A cynical smile crosses Connor’s face as he slowly shakes his head.

Connor Murphy:  I wish it was that simple but no.  That Connor wouldn’t be crazy enough for a Roulette title match.  That Connor would be suitable for the Internet title or maybe the tag titles. Let me tell you a story Pussy…

Connor lets his fingers unclench as he picks up his glass and drains it in one drink.  Setting it back on the table top, he motions for another as he begins his story.  Pussy listens in fascination.

Connor Murphy:  The streets of Ottawa can be rather cold where I grew up.  Lowertown was a sad, depressing little section of the city where gangs ran rampant and the boys needed to be tough.  The home I spent the most time in was a dirty rundown house on a side street.  My bedroom that I shared with three others looked out on a school yard what was decorated with graffiti.  I was thirteen when I was fostered there and sixteen when I was pulled out.  I was known as a delinquent.  I seem to remember my foster dad calling me bad seed.  But I was tough.  I fought my way into acceptance in that school yard.  

Connor pulls up his shirt slightly to reveal a jagged white scar traced along his abdomen.  Pussy looks closer.

Pussy Willow:  An appendix scar?

Connor Murphy:  I wish it was.  I still have my appendix, this was my initiation into that school yard.  I was fourteen and this is from a small knife that a bigger boy pulled when I had him on his back.  See, no matter what the case, when I get in that zone, nothing tends to stop me except something that takes a shortcut.

Pussy Willow:  I think I understand what you are talking about Con…

Connor Murphy:  No Pussy m’love, I don’t think you do.  When I was fourteen, I fought for my life and won.  I ain’t afraid to die.  Summer XXXTreme I burned but I survived and I learned.  Now on Climax Control when I have a chance to once again face Goth, this time I am not going to hold back.  I am not going to worry about sending him home to his little wifie a beaten and broken man because that isn’t what I have planned knowing that is something that won’t get to Goth.  No, beating him won’t cause the most pain…

The last comment is said almost to himself as Pussy tilts her head in confusion.

Pussy Willow:  You would cause him pain by beating him Connor.  A win will hurt won’t it?

Connor Murphy:  I could win Pussy, but what if I win by disqualification?  What if I win by Goth slithering out of the ring like the snake he is and by being counted out.  No, that won’t hurt him in the least.  The only way that I can hurt Goth, the only way he is going to feel the pain is if I take something he loves.

Pussy Willow:  Are you threatening to take his wife like Shipman did?

Connor’s harsh bark of laughter sets Pussy back slightly as he lunges towards the recorder.

Connor Murphy:  Come on Pussy, we both know that won’t hurt Goth.  His wife is not the first love of Goth’s life.  Oh he will say she is but I know that she is a distant third to the real loves of his life…the title and the spotlight.  There isn’t anything that you could say that will make me believe otherwise.  

Pussy Willow:  Very harsh words Connor.  What do you think that is going to do to Goth and how do you think he is going to react to your comments?

Connor Murphy:  I don’t really care anymore Pussy.  I am tired, damn tired of listening to Goth and his rants about how good he is and how he will be keeping the title because he is the best.  Do you know what I have to say to that darlin’?

Pussy Willow: No, what?

Connor Murphy:  On Sunday at Climax Control in that main event when all is said and done, there will be only one man standing and one man holding that title in his bloody hand and that man is going to be me!

Pussy Willow’s eyes widen in surprise at how vicious Connor sounds.  Taking a slow breath, she reaches across the table for the recorder.  The slight movement snaps Connor out of the frenzied trance he seems to be in.  The intensity on his face fades as a smile then crosses it.

Connor Murphy:  Now Pussy m’love, since I got that all off my chest, what say you and I hit this city and get dinner, my treat.

Pussy narrows her eyes slightly with concern.

Pussy Willow:  Are you sure?  I mean you do have to get ready for your match.

Connor Murphy:  I would rather take a beautiful woman out for dinner.  

Pussy Willow:  Well in that case, let’s go.

Scooping up her recorder, she hides it in her purse as Connor gets to his feet as well.  Motioning for her to go ahead of him out of the door, Connor and Ms Willow leave the café both intent on their now lowered conversation as the door closes behind them.

<img src=>

Scene:  Nobody knows your sorrow…

The quiet of the night is only broken by the sounds of a man walking along.  Connor Murphy has a black hoodie over a pair of ratty jeans and a faded Dropkick Murphys shirt.  Dark hair falls over his eyes as he squints into the faint light of the site of Climax Control.

Moving into the arena where Sunday he would be competing in the main event, he makes his way to the backstage area where he searches for and finds the wheel of matches.  A smile breaks over his face as he lets his finger trail along the curve of it, tugging gently that draws the faintest click of the indicator moving between spikes.

Connor Murphy:  Would you look at that.  Up close and personal I am with the wheel that will decide how I take your title on Sunday Goth.  I could sit here and spin and spin and spin this wheel and watch it click towards your fate.  

Connor reads along the curved surface, his finger tracing the match type as it is indicated by the arrow.  Spinning the wheel, he watches and listens as the clickety clack of the indicator slows and then stops at inferno match which causes a slight chuckle from the challenger.

Connor Murphy:  Lookie here, an inferno match, probably the one match you would want most of all seeing as you like playing with fire.  See, that is okay with me because since you last singed me, I have taken to playing with my own fire.  I keep lighting up the ring with my own brand of crazy.  I am like a pyro in search of pile of trash to burn.  And guess what, if I am lucky enough to get the inferno match on Sunday, I will have found it in you Goth.

Reaching once more for the wheel, Connor again spins it crazily.  His head spins slightly with the wheel as it slows then stops on another stipulation, this time the words spell out ladder match.

Connor Murphy:  Maybe we will be lucky and get this match Goth.  A match that will see your title taken out of your hands and hanging above the ring.  A match that will see the two of us beating each other bloody and black and blue, all for the chance to lay out our opponent and climb the ladder to glory.

Connor spins the wheel then he lets it slow but not stop before he spins it again.  He keeps spinning it over and over again as he speaks as if Goth is listening.

Connor Murphy:  It is not going to matter Goth what stipulation happens on Sunday.  It is not going to make a difference what match type is chosen for us to fight.  The only thing I am looking for is the chance to hurt you.  The only desire I have right now is to make you feel pain like you haven’t felt before.  My ONLY want is to put you down like some kind of rabid animal and let you watch as I lift the Roulette title over you and let Justin Decent make that announcement that is going to set your blood to boiling as it slowly drips on the canvas.

Stopping the wheel, Connor turns his back on it and looks into the darkness surrounding the backstage areas.

Connor Murphy:  I can hear you now Goth.  Talking and whispering and trying to convince yourself you are ready to take me out and prove once again you are the beast of Sin City.  I know what you must be thinking Goth, I can smell the wood burning from here.  You are thinking that I am a Nobody and that is all I am ever going to be.  While you are the elite as the Roulette Champion and there isn’t anyone or anything that will stop you.  And that will be where you are wrong Goth.

Connor brings a finger up and gently taps at his temple as a vicious smile begins to creep across his face.

Connor Murphy:  I’ve got it right here Goth…I have the strategy that is going to stop you and boy is it a good one.  I bet you want to know what it is, I bet you are going to try and convince yourself of how invincible you are.  But we both know Goth that you aren’t invincible hmmm.

Connor’s smile widens, the maniacal gleam lights up his eyes.

Connor Murphy:  I have beaten you before Goth, do you remember.  It may not have been for the title you were wearing at the time but I DID beat you.  And on Sunday, I am going to do it again and again.  This time though, this time it is for the title and this time I am going to take the title and there will be little to be done about it.  

Connor begins to walk away but stops when he realizes that his thought was not complete.  Holding up one finger, he turns back to the wheel then the darkness of the backstage area, his eyes seemingly focused on an unseen Goth.

Connor Murphy:  That is right.  The little that can be done is accept the fact that I am coming to beat the holy hell out of you and take your title.  

Connor smirks then turns and walks away softly singing a song for Goth.

Connor Murphy:  Nobody knows the troubles you’ve seen…Nobody knows your sorrows

Connor stops and turns.

Connor Murphy:  This Nobody knows the trouble you’ll see…This Nobody will know your sorrows

Connor rounds the corner and disappears, the sound of his singing carried back faintly until it fades.

Climax Control Archives / It's a trap
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 The sound of a router chugging towards a connection to the internet sounds faintly.  The whine of the handshake indicating that the power surging through the small box was more than it could handle only made the man trying to connect to the internet curse slightly in at least two languages.  

Connor Murphy shakes his head as he swigs from a rather older looking bottle of something that no sane person should.  Around him can be seen the accoutrements of some elaborate scheme that was just waiting to happen.  To one side, a bundle of rope rested against a rather large crate with the words Skittles on it.  Nearby, a harpoon and fishing net can be seen against the wall waiting for the moment when they would reach out and trap something…

Finally the connection is made and then the whoosh of Skype can be heard.  The clack clack of fingers on the keys fills the almost deadly silence as Connor leans forward, his hen peck typing slow and laborious as he logs in.  Once the friends screen comes up, he immediately hits the icon for his friend Dev.  Waiting for his friend to pick up the call, he pulls out a cigarette and slides it between his lips.  Taking a lighter, he puts the flame to the end of the butt and inhales deeply as the cherry glows red hot then fades into sooty waste.

“What the hell do you want ya drunk Irishman?” says the voice of Devlin Lefebvre, brother to Vixen, best friend to Connor.

“I need your help Dev,” says Connor as he looks both ways as if checking to see if he is being watched by someone other than Dev.  â€œYou see, I have a match this week for the Internet title and I think I did something that might just get me into trouble with my opponent.”

From the panicked sounds of his friend, Dev’s mood goes from goofing around to dead serious in the matter of moments.  â€œWhat did you do Connor?” he demands softly, his eyes boring into the screen as if trying to see what it was that Connor did without much success.

Connor rubs a hand through his already mussed hair as he takes another drag of the cigarette then a swill of the alcohol.  â€œI knew that I shouldn’t have tried it but I knew that if I didn’t get rid of him, there might not be any way that I was going to win this match.  So I did what I thought was the right thing to do.  Even you can’t fault me Dev.  But it didn’t work and now I am sure that I am going to lose if I don’t fix this right.”

Connor leans forward and puts his head in his hands.  Dev leans into the screen and demands to know just what happened.

“It’s like this…” Connor begins.

Connor smirks as he moves along the backstage area of the venue for Climax Control.  Over one shoulder is a pile of rope resting there like some limp snake as Connor flips over a box and drags it towards the middle of the room.  A soft chuckle then a whistle can be heard before he begins to speak.

“That Despayre isn’t going to save himself this time,” smirks Connor as he begins to tie off one end of the rope to the box.”

“It’s always you and that fuckin’ rope,” interrupts Dev who rolls his eyes.

“Shut up and let me finish my tale,” replies Connor as he flips the bird at his friend across Skype.

Connor sets the trap well and lays a bowl in the box’s shadow.  Into it, a small stream of skittles pours.  â€œHe’s not going to be able to resist,” chortles Connor as he begins to slowly trail the skittles along the floor.  Getting to the door, Connor again lets a slow stream of skittles pile up.  To it, he sets a small sign by the pile that reads ‘Free Skittles, come taste the rainbow’.

Looking around again, Connor tries to strategize what he is going to do as he keeps trying to see if anyone is privy to his thoughts.  Finally he stands back and surveys the trap he has built.  â€œI am going to make sure that the title is mine and by making sure he isn’t out there, Despayre will not be able to defend the title.

Devlin holds up a hand and shakes his index finger.  â€œDon’t tell me you built a trap for Despayre” he demands “You can’t win the title if he doesn’t get to the ring you know.”

Connor shoots a look at his friend in disbelief.

“What are you talking about…a trap for Despayre?  Why in the hell would I do a stupid thing like that?” demands Connor before he takes another drag then points with the cigarette between his fingers at the screen.  â€œI was not setting a trap for Despy you idiot.  That would be way too easy.”

Dev looks at Connor with a dazed look on his face at the logic being shown by Connor.  â€œIf the trap isn’t for Despayre then who is it for?”

At that question, Connor’s smirk widens which just lights up his whole face.  Waving a finger at his friend, Connor begins to rub his fingers against his shirt buffing them.  Dev sees the smirk and only chuckles.

“It was for his bodyguard,” offers Connor.

“Big B?” asks Devlin with a confused look.  

“No no noooo,” offers Connor.  â€œThe other bodyguard is the one.”

Dev is completely confused as he thinks for a moment.  â€œYou don’t mean Synn do you?”

Connor can’t believe how slow his friend at this time.   “No not Synn either.  I am going after the brains of the operation!!”

“Who is?”

Connor swoops closer and holds something up to the camera lens that reveals a small tuft of fur.  Devlin shoot a look at him.

“You are setting a trap for a F*ckin BEAR?” demands Devlin, his voice rising at the end as Dev fights laughter.

“Yes I was setting a trap for a F*ckin’ bear and it would have worked too,” grumbles Connor as he picks up the bottle of alcohol and takes another healthy swig.  â€œI mean that if he hadn’t of been watching me set the trap, he would have been in that trap and I wouldn’t have to worry about Despy one bit as he would be more frightened of the fact that he doesn’t have the bear by his side and he is looking at me across the ring.”

Connor can see Devlin trying to get control of his laughter.  â€œSo,” Dev says through the last bit of laughter.  â€œWhy didn’t it work on trapping Angel?”

Connor hangs his head and grumbles.

“Because he watched me set it.”

The view of the trap pulls back to reveal a small furry image hiding behind the door watching as Connor works on setting the trap.  With a smirk from the bear, the image fades to black.


Everyone is ready to write me off because oh no, Connor Murphy is getting another title shot that he hasn’t deserved.  He’s a nobody, literally and figuratively.  I just have one thing to say to that…

Who the hell are you to say I don’t deserve anything in this life, in this company, in the ring at Climax Control.

Despayre, you hold that title and have been a hell of a champion but honestly what kind of competition have you had…really?  I mean sure you have had a match here and there but have you really faced anyone that wanted to win your title in the worse possible way?  Have you been taken to the limit and forced over it by someone that is out to prove to the world that they are a somebody?  Do you even think that maybe what you need is someone to take that title away from you and give you the opportunity to actually challenge for a belt better suited to you?

I am an equal opportunity ass kicker and I am willing to step in the ring with you all for the intent of taking your belt.  

Now I know what you are going to say Despayre, I really have heard it all before.  You will probably talk about how I am a Nobody and that Tim’s little group aren’t really worth it.  Which maybe we aren’t but then again, when all is said and done, maybe people will look back at the Nobodies and say that they remember when the Sins were just the same as they were.  Only where we define who we are on our own, just like you, we are honest about it.  Yes we sometimes resort to violence but then again, not as violent as your sin of Rage.

And Despayre, just because you have the support system of the Sins behind you, that doesn’t mean that the Nobodies are someone you write off as nothing.  We are the Nobodies and I am going to be the next Internet champion in SCW.

See you at Climax Control Despy.

Supercard Archives / GOTH (c) BIG TIGER v CONNOR v RAAB v TNA v STEVE
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 On the boat, sitting in the lounge at the elaborate bar, a man can be seen, his hand wrapped around a crystal glass as he contemplates the amber liquid inside it.  Around him the atmosphere is one of joyous vacationers enjoying the floating feed trough that is the buffet or a sea of testosterone as men on the downhill side of middle age hoping to slow down that slope by sidling up against the hard body of some barely legal girl looking for a sugar daddy.

Connor Murphy brings the glass to his lips, the alcohol stinging as it slides down his throat.  Taking extreme care as he lowers the glass shows that he has been at the bar more than he needed and he was more than a little intoxicated.  Two seats away a man can be heard talking to a young woman.

Man:  What do those pretty boys have that I don’t babe?  I mean really…I can take those jackasses on with one hand behind my back.  So why don’t you quit whining about wanting to see the wrestlers work out and you come with me and I will show you a work out like you never had before.

Young Woman:  But honey…I wanna go see those wrestlers with their hot bodies.  You know they turn me on and when  I am turned on, I am very turned on for you baby.  

Connor’s lip curls at the whining of the young woman.  

Connor Murphy:   Please shut her up man, I am not interested in listening to a whiny bitch.  I hear enough of them at work.  And technically this is supposed to be my semi work vacation, I figure the whining shouldn’t f*ckin’ happen until the supercard.  Although from what I hear, the pissing and moaning has already started hence me here and away from it.

The pair turn to Connor who isn’t even looking in their direction.  The man’s chest puffs slightly as he sees the scruffiness of Connor who is dressed in a pair of dirty ripped jeans and a black zipped up hoodie over a Dropkick Murphys shirt.  One hand plays with a cigarette lighter, clicking and flicking it as if ready to light a cigarette, the other remains closed loosely around the glass.  Getting to his feet, the man approaches Connor and leans forward slightly.

Man:  I beg your pardon mister.  I don’t think she was talking to you so just butt the hell out.  

Connor holds his drink up, nonchalantly toasting the man who begins to sputter at Connor’s insolence.  The woman peers closely at Connor, a dawning smile of recognition flitting across her face.

Young Woman:   You’re Connor Murphy!  

Connor lets a lopsided grin split his face.

Connor Murphy:   Give Missy here a prize, she got it in one.

The young woman claps her hands excitedly and jumps up to cling to the man who is still posing and blustering to one side.

Young Woman:  Oh em gee honey, can you believe it!!  Connor Murphy knows my name!  Ooooo this is so exciting!  

She tugs and pulls at the man’s shirt with her excitement.  Connor’s smile widens as he turns ever so slightly towards the couple and raises his glass in a mocking manner.

Connor Murphy:   I also know the name of this gentleman right here.  So Missy, here’s to you and Bitchy McBitcherson over here, may your shag be long and may it shut his whining up.  Pretty soon, you are going to be the man in this little couple because from the looks of it, you are the one with the balls.

With that comment, Connor upends the drink and downs it with a smirk.  The man lets his mouth fall open at the audacity of the wrestler who gives the young woman a pat on the ass as he gets to his feet and quickly jots his name on the bar tab.

Connor Murphy:   Later toots and you too Missy.

Completely ignoring the sputtering male who is being held back by his girlfriend who is rubbing his chest and pouting at him with a starf*ck gleam in her eyes, Connor walks purposely from the bar and down a passageway.  

Suddenly from one of the doors, a figure can be seen leaving a stateroom.  Recognizing the hoodie, Connor moves quickly to catch up with the figure, matching his steps to the angry stride.

Connor Murphy:     Just the man I want to talk to.  You gonna start talkin’ to Lex or am I gonna have to knock some sense inta the both of you?  Tonight’s training was useless.  The girl was drunk off her ass and that ain’t…

The figure stops mid stride and turns on Connor which sets him back slightly.

Tim Staggs:    Well, clearly I don't own Lex, so maybe this is a conversation for her. She doesn't freaking listen to me anyway...

Tim's anger gives way only for a moment as it is clear that beneath the anger, is an ocean of sadness. Tim quickly collects himself, resuming his angry stance which for only a moment brings a smirk to Connor’s face before it is wiped off by a growl from his fellow Nobody.

Connor Murphy:   Look I ain’t Dear Abby but don’t get me wrong, I ain’t supposed to be your babysitter either.  You want to be pissed, be pissed but we need to keep it professional for the ring if we are going to shut the fuckers up.

Tim only scowls and nods as the pair begin to head down the passageway again.  Connor breaths shallowly as he keeps sending sideways glances at Tim.  Finally having enough, Tim growls what in Connor’s direction.   Connor nonchalantly puts his hands into his hoodie pockets.

Connor Murphy:   You want to talk about it man?

Tim Staggs:  No I DON’T want to talk about it!  

Connor Murphy:   That’s fine but you know I am gonna hear about it from Vix so I am giving you the opportunity to gimme your side of it.

Tim continues to scowl but then let’s his face go blank.  Connor can sense the tension but doesn’t push too much to get him to talk.  The pair push open doors to let themselves outside onto the deck.  Connor pulls out a pack of cigarettes and takes one out, looks at Tim then offers him the pack.  As the younger man pulls his own cigarette out of the carton, Connor sparks his silvered lighter.  Once the cherry glow of his cigarette is well established, he offers the flame to Tim who inhales deeply then hisses the smoke out.

Tim Staggs:   You saw what he did Con, he invited the bitch that birthed me on the cruise.

Connor stands there, leaning on the rail and looks out into the ocean.  Tim joins him as the two let the smoke curl around them.

Connor Murphy:   Yeah I saw man.  Ain’t gonna lie and tell ya that was a shitty thing to do and I ain’t gonna tell you that you need to get over it.  Truth is your Dad’s proud of ya even if he has a fucked up way of showing it.

Tim turns on Connor, eyes blazing in his anger

Tim Staggs:   You are damned right about the fact it was fucked up.  So that give you the right to lecture me?  I wasn't afraid to shut daddy up, so why would I give a second thought to shutting up a Nobody in denial like Acquin? I've got my own back here, same as I always have. If you want the reins, feel free to take them, but it's going to cost you your fucking sanity, that much I promise.

Taking the last drag from the cancer stick, Connor flings the butt into the darkness then rounds on Tim, his anger starting to rise.

Connor Murphy:   Listen Tim, I ain’t about taking over, that just interferes with my fun.  And I got your back, you and I both know that so take your pity party to someone that is gonna care about it.  You grew a set against your Dad and Vixen and the rest of us, don’t put em back into your purse boyo.

Tim breaks his gaze first with a growl and then gets right in Connor’s face.

<bTim Staggs:   You know what Connor, fuck you man.  I don’t need this shit from you either you know.

Connor Murphy:   I’m the only one Tim that is willing to keep it real and be open with you when it comes to the Nobodies.  That’s what I believe in doing with the two of us.  That’s called respect man and if you can’t handle it maybe you need to rethink what you are doing.  

Connor’s finger stabs into the shoulder of Staggs who growls and clenches his fists.  Connor can see he is pissing the younger man off and let’s a smirk cross his face.  Tim reacts explosively to that smirk with a huff of air as he brushes past Connor and heads back inside.  The older man watches him go before tugging at his hoodie and smirking more as he turns his back and heads in the opposite direction.

Connor Murphy:   Guess my work here is done.

<img src=>

The ring technicians for Sin City Wrestling finish up the final touches on the framework for the Ultimate X match.  The pool where defeat will splash down looks innocent enough as does the wiring and steel frame of the ultimate X apparatus.  With their work done, the guys head off down the deck as a figure moves out of the shadows and into the light.  Connor Murphy is there, another hooded masked person behind him with what looks like a camera with a built in microphone.  Connor motions for the hooded man to begin filming as he makes his way over to the strut that holds up one of the wires and rests a hand against it, speaking to the camera but not looking at it.

Connor Murphy:   This is it, the place where the Roulette title is going to be fought over and five men are going to be dropped like they are hot into the pool right there.  See, gonna be a swimmingly good time I bet for somebody, actually for everybody with one exception.  Nobody is going to be getting wet in this match.

A forced laugh escapes Connor as a fuller chuckle is heard from the Nobody filming him.  Connor continues to speak as he caresses the strut lovingly.

Connor Murphy:   Been an interesting cruise to say the least.  A lot of great drinking and food places as well as a great gym and workout area but nothing is going to be able to prepare us for the match at Summer XXXTreme you know.  I did some research and last year the Bombshell Roulette title was competed for in the match that this year will see the men do the same only this year, there won’t be any trampolines or weapons that I know of.  But this year there will be blood and there might just be some ultra-violent moves used by some of us in the match.  In essence, we are basically out to toss people into the water.

Connor looks around and then pulls himself on the rim of the pool and sets one foot into the support and pulls himself onto the battleground and gets to his feet.  Looking down at the Nobody filming, he smirks as he crouches downward.

Connor Murphy:   This match has been high profile since the beginning.  And last Climax Control we were supposed to have all the players involved in a tag match that I ended up losing because of my partner which gave Goth and TNA a psychological advantage so to speak going into this match at the supercard.  Good thing that I am psycho enough not to be bothered by wins and losses in matches that have no real value in my opinion.  So this is why I am focusing on the match on this ship.

It is a match that could see one of us retain the Roulette title, maybe see a championship regained.  Or could see a new champion crowned.  Being the betting man that I am, I seriously could see only two real results happen.

Connor sits down and swings his leg over the side of the support as he looks upwards collecting his thoughts.

Connor Murphy:   I know that I have some definite ideas about my opponents and I am sure they have their ideas of just what I am capable of in this match.  

Nobody:   They are probably saying that you have a snowballs chance in hell of winning the title Connor.  If I was you, I would verbally rip em a new one then at the supercard, physically rip em one.

The camera moves up and down in a nodding motion that causes the image of Connor to move in and out of focus on the viewfinder.

Connor Murphy:   Yeah, rip em a new one.  Okay consider it done.

Connor clears his throat and begins to speak.

Connor Murphy:   Ultimate X for the Roulette title.  Six men and only one can walk out the champion.  Literally walk out the champion because the other five will have to swim out of the match soaking wet losers as one by one they are dumped into the pool below like so many chums for the sharks.  Our fans, rabid and shark like wanting to see people suffer as they fall into the water where it will be tinged red with blood.  And believe you me, blood will be spilled for sure.  You have six men on this platform where only one can remain standing and that one will look down at the five others floundering in the pool, covered in damp defeat.  And that one will be the man to walk out with the Roulette title.  

Some people say that Goth, the current champion has the lock on this title because he has his reason for being back in his possession.  His lovely little wifie is on the cruise with him after that horrific time she spent as the victim of Shipman.  It makes one wonder if Goth has everything under control in the event that Shipman is lurking behind every corner.  Will his focus be on the match or will it be split with wondering if his wife’s tormentor could strike at any moment and take his wife back.  What might happen if he looks out to find his Sapphira and she isn’t there?  Will he throw away the title to go to find her or will he let her suffer to keep his title?  Decisions decisions Goth and what will you decide?  What means more to you?  

And speaking of decisions, the decision of letting Jeremiah Hardin take part in this match was ill-advised if you ask me.  Let me put it to you as plainly as I can, the man has done nothing spectacular to even deserve to be in this match with us.  If I am honest, the only thing he is good for right now is the first to be eliminated and give the fans their first victim of the match.   As much as I want to sit here and rip on him, he is more of a nobody than I am.

Connor reaches into his hoodie pocket and pulls out a pack of cigarettes to pull out the last one and then slide it between his lips.  Crunching the pack in one fist, he uses his other to snap open his lighter and apply the flame to his cigarette.

Connor Murphy:   So I talked about Jeremiah Hardin and the champ, guess now I can talk about the chump of the group, Travis Nathaniel Andrews.  The man thinks he is all that and a bag of chips.  And so far, he keeps falling in the shit and coming up smelling like a geedee rose for f*ck’s sake.  Lying and cheating to get the cheap wins.  Using his little minded Ralph for help doesn’t help at all.  The man should grow a set bigger than raisins and realize that having someone give him the win doesn’t make him a man.  

Speaking of the man, Steve Ramone claims he is the one.  Man that is.  And I gotta tell you the only man thing he has done has used his superkick to piss off Tim and the Nobodies.  And now he gets to face one in the ring.  Only good thing about it is that it is me and not Tim because Tim’s not a really happy person these days and when he gets like this, not even family is safe.  And Stevie, you aren’t family so what he has planned for you I can only guess.  But what I have planned for you involves this foot connecting to your teeth and sending them right down your throat so when you surface in that pool and spit out the water you are going to be swallowing, a couple of teeth will be spit out as well.

And Raab, he’s my violent buddy who knows just what I am looking for in this match.  But what he doesn’t know is that I want to make people feel the pain that I have grown up with.  Feel the frustration I have felt for the last few years.  Feel how it is to be overlooked, under estimated and suffer at the hand of people that don’t give a shit about just what it is that makes me tick.  Honestly, the only one that has even given me any respect in this match is Raab and for that, I will take him to the final two with me and then the only two that really deserve to have that title will be fighting it out for the title.

Pausing, Connor takes a long drag from the slim cancer stick and  points down at the camera as he once again picks up the thread of his comments.

Connor Murphy:   Listen guys, as much as I want to be sitting here on this rigging, I have to get ready for the match and that means I have to relax, and prepare.  There are drinks to have and film to study and just when you think that you have heard it all, I am sure that I am going to read everything that has been said about me and this match.

Getting to his feet, Connor puts the cigarette in his mouth then climbs down from the platform.  The Nobody filming him turns off the camera and takes it from his shoulder.  Connor finally makes it to the deck and then puts an arm around the shoulder of the Nobody who leans into the side of Murphy.

Connor Murphy:   So whatcha say we go for round two with Jack and Jose Cuervo?

With a nod, the two of them pull open a door and heads towards the bar after Connor flicks the cigarette overboard,

Supercard Archives / GOTH (c) BIG TIGER v CONNOR v RAAB v TNA v STEVE
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 One Angry Irishman…
Time stamp:  After Climax Control…

Tim Staggs is backstage, relaxing in the hall near the locker room area while Alexis sits crosslegged on an equipment box nearby.  The pair jump as a door slamming against the concrete wall makes a loud bang.  Charging into the hallway is a very angry irish Canadian who is cursing in at least two languages and not paying attention to anything or anyone in his ranting.

Tim gives a look to Alexis who smirks slightly with a nod of agreement.  Tim pushes himself away from the wall and directly into the path of the pacing Connor who raises a fist with bad intentions before he is able to see past the film of red hot anger in his eyes.

Tim Staggs:  You look pissed Connor.  

Turning a glare to Tim, Connor can only growl and wipe a hand through his damp mussed hair in frustration.  Taking a long slow breath, Murphy calms only enough to be able to coherently speak without screaming.

Connor Murphy:  To say I was pissed Tim is putting it mildly.  Did you see the circle tug that was happening out there?   I could feel the weight of the sonuvabitch who thought it would be good to stick his nose in the match.  Was I happy, hell no.  But then again why should I be because I was stuck in this god damn tag match with deadwood and facing shite like Travis Nathaniel Andrews and Goth.  It was a lose – lose proposition.  

Connor turns to a chuckling Tim and Alexis as they watch him rant.

Connor Murphy:  What is so freaking funny?

Tim Staggs:  I am just thinking of what this is going to do to your match at the supercard or your opponents for that matter.  Keep this attitude and you will end up winning the Roulette title in that pool.  Seriously everyone seems to be underestimating us and we keep provin’ them wrong.  

Connor Murphy:  The only thing we keep proving Tim boyo is that we are held back by everyone that thinks they are somebody in this company.  Take Travie in that match I had.  Brought a little pissant to protect him by getting involved in the match, putting his hands on me and what the f*ck do you think that Christian and Lukewarm are going to do about it? I’ll tell you… Absolutely f’ng nothing

Connor’s voice slowly rises in anger as he works out the frustration that is tensing his muscles and fueling his emotions.   His hands open and close as if itching to grab someone around their throats and make them part of the wall.  The smile on Tim’s face widens as he can see how violent his friend is getting.  

Connor Murphy:  The two of you better get me somewhere safe or I am gonna cost the Nobodies more cash than we are worth to the company.  Tonight was a shite show and someone needs to be set straight when it comes to the Nobodies and how we show our frustrations.  After last week and the fine I had to pay, I am not in the mood to be paying it again.  It will take away from my drinking funds and that is a bad thing.  

Again swiping his hand through his hair, Connor looks around at the technicians backstage who are keeping a wary distance from the volatile man.  Angrily he slams a fist against his thigh and prepares to stalk towards the technicians.  Tim motions with his head to Alexis to cut Connor off as he drapes an arm around the shoulder of Murphy

Tim Staggs:  Listen Con, as much as I want to mess up everybody just like you do, we gotta be strategic for the supercard with you facing those five guys for the title.  And we both know that you got that match don’t we?

Even angered, Connor can see the sense that Tim is trying to instill.

Connor Murphy:  Yeah, I suppose so given the level of competition I have for that match.  Damn but I need a drink!

Tim Staggs:  Besides, the town has been rolled up for the night and we need to get outta here.  

The trio moves towards the door.  Connor still appears physically angry but has a bit of a devilish grin on his face as they get closer to the staff who immediately try to appear busy or make their way to somewhere safer.  Connor stops dead in his tracks as he slowly turns to the staff that are watching as they walk away.  Tim and Lex stop as well but they don’t need to turn to know that Connor was walking back into the hallway to scatter the bystanders.  Stopping in the middle of the room, he looks left and right then heads directly for the catering table and grabs a couple of bottles of water and soda.  Turning around, he growls at the techs.

Connor Murphy:  Get back to work, I don’t have time for you anymore.  I got planning to do.

With that, he joins Tim and Alexis as the three of them leave the Apia park.  The technicians breathe a soft sigh of relief to have escaped Connor and his temper.  


Roulette title…let’s discuss shall we?
Timestamp: Day before shipping out on Sun Princess cruise ship

A plain room, no ornamentation except a hard straight backed chair that is turned away and a television that is lit up but filled with the noisy snow of a channel with no reception.  Boots can be heard tapping impatiently on cement, the dull thump punctuating the sharp breathing that fills the room.  Suddenly a sickening view materializes on the television screen where blackness and the hard backed chair can be seen.  

The slight wince inducing scrap of the chair as it is pulled closer to the television masks the setting of the camera down and the twisting of the view to show Connor Murphy as he straddles the chair and with an intense stare, begins to speak softly.  

Connor Murphy:  People have been talking and saying things that some people rush to believe in their search for reason or rhyme.  To listen to them talking, they present logic and linear thinking that would make even the best of thinkers believe…

Tugging at the dark collar of a leather jacket that covers a ratty and worn tee with Dropkick Murphys on it, Connor smiles, his hair flopping ever so slightly into his eyes only to be brushed back by his hand.  Reaching into the pocket of the jacket, he pulls out a cigarette pack and with a slight jerk makes one stand out.  Sliding it between his lips, he slowly draws out the cigarette and talks around it as he pats himself down looking for a lighter.

Connor Murphy:  But I am not a believer.  No, in reality, I am doubtful about this match at SummerXXXtreme.  And let me tell you why…

Finally pulling his lighter out of his jeans pocket, he flicks the silver lighter against his thigh and brings the flame to the cigarette end.  The flare of it intensifies as he draws that first inhalation of heat and smoke into his lungs.  Using a finger to flip the lighter top back over the flame to snuff it out, Connor lets the smoke curl around his head as he contemplates his next words.

Connor Murphy:  The reasons that I am doubting that this match at the supercard is going to be something special is the lies I keep hearing from my opponents, from the media, from our bosses and any other somebody that wants to be considered in the f’ng know.  If you ask me, Nobody is the expert when it comes to this match.  

A sick smile crosses his face only to be wiped away by another drag from the cigarette.  It returns as smoke again escapes and curls around his head.

Connor Murphy:  See, to be in this match in my opinion, you have to be bat shit cray cray.  Now you have some pretty crazy things that could happen in the match.  And come to think of it, some crazy people in this match.  Maybe I was wrong, maybe it is going to be something special.

Connor rubs his chin then takes another pull of the cigarette before using it as a pointer towards the camera.

Connor Murphy:  Oh man, the match has already been decided so we won’t have to worry about wondering just what kind of match it is going to be.  None of that anticipation of listening to the clickety clack of that f’ng wheel as it spins towards some stipulation that may fall right into someone’s wheel house.  No, it has already been decided that this match will be an ultimate X match over the pool of the ship.  Walking the wires and staying dry will be the name of the game boys.   And as much as I like a good dip in the pool, I ain’t gonna let myself get wet that night until after I get me that title and give all you others in the match the soaking you deserve.

As if the tough talk wasn’t enough, Connor lets a laugh escape him that fully makes his bad intentions clear.  Flicking the ash from the tip of the cigarette, Connor lets it hang from the side of his mouth as he pulls a mickey bottle from his inside pocket then opens it and tosses the cap behind him.  Raising it in a salute, he pulls the cigarette from his mouth and takes a swallow of the light amber liquid, wincing with a hissed breath at the bite of the alcohol.

Connor Murphy:  We have now come to the portion of this show when I get to rag on the competition a little bit.  Or a lot actually because there isn’t any way that I am not going to get licks in on the sonuvabitches that want to kick the crap out of me or just ignore me as nobody.  A nobody that doesn’t stand a chance because I am a screw up.  A nobody that depends on nobody else to fight my battles.  Let’s see who’s a nobody boys.

Licking his lips for any trace of the alcohol, Connor again takes a drag from the cigarette then flicks the newest ash to the floor.

Connor Murphy:  Now I thought that I would take a logical and pointed view of each of my opponents one at a time in a logical sequence of least to greatest challenge and then I just tossed that idea to the wind because hell, this is a roulette title match so why don’t I just do the roulette thing and let the chips fall where they may.  So I got me a dart board and some darts and little itty bitty pictures set up behind the camera so let’s make this a random roulette type of decision making shall we?

Reaching his hand towards the camera, he picks it up and swings it dizzily around as a light switches on to show the dartboard or reasonable facsimile thereof painted on the wall with pictures of the six men in the roulette title match.   From behind the camera, whispered voices can be heard then a chuckle as Connor tosses the first ‘dart’ at the target.  The sharp knife quivers ever so slightly as it sticks out of the forehead of Jeremiah Hardin.   Turning the camera back to focus on himself, Murphy chuckles.

Connor Murphy:  Will you look at that, my recent tag partner and favourite cat in this match.  Get it, Big Tiger…cat…Okay so joking isn’t going to help.  Now what can I say about this guy…former tag champion.  Tough as hell?  B player that isn’t ready for the A game?  How he managed to get to the big show for the Roulette title is beyond me but I had to deal with him as my partner last week and in two weeks he is going to be the one that I target first if need be.  See, I have a few things that I need to deal with and that is the fact that he holds a win over me and that I need to erase that.  So when it comes to this match, he is going to be in my sights for sure.

Connor inhales a final drag from his cigarette and points again at the camera.  

Connor Murphy:  Jerry isn’t going to be ready to face the fact that when I am on my A game, there are very few people that get the better of me.  And the show on the boat is going to be the A game for the Roulette title.  Sad to say, as much as cats hate water Jerry you are going to be getting wet when I drop you on your head into the pool and dampen your dream of wearing singles gold after our match.  Second dart please…

Connor holds out his hand and another knife is slapped into it like a surgical instrument.  He grabs the point then turns the camera to the wall once more.  With a flick of his wrist, he sends the knife flying to impale it right into the eye hole of Lord Raab’s mask.

Connor Murphy:  Then we have the man that is trying his hardest to define violence in Sin City Wrestling, Lord Raab a former champion who no one took seriously.  I mean when he was champion, he kept trying to name his stipulations for defence of the Roulette or as he called it, the Violence title.  He kept making the matches and then when it was time to get in the ring, they spun the wheel and his stipulation would fall by the wayside.  I got your sense of wanting to make this title a little bit more violent, hell, I was right there with you in wanting the pain and suffering.  No title is worth it if you can’t bleed for it huh Raab?  And at Summer XXXTreme, once again our desires for pain, suffering, blood will go unanswered.  You and I are sympatico boyo and let me just say to you that I understand this will be an ultimate x match but gosh darnit, I am going to do my level best to make you feel at home in that situation when push comes to shove.  You like it violent Raab.  I got your violence right here…

Connor lets the camera film his hand curling into a fist that he brings up to his cheek, a sadistic smile emphasizing his comment.

Connor Murphy:  And Raab, I want you to know that as much as you think you have talked and bragged and vowed to bring violence to this match, between you and me I don’t think that the others could handle it.  Maybe Goth might but none of the others.  And that is fine, because in my opinion, the only ones worthy of the title are you, Goth and ME.

Connor once again holds out his hand and once again a knife is handed to him.  This time however, instead of turning the camera to follow the flight of the knife, he and the camera move towards the wall and he slams the point of the knife hard into the picture of Travis Nathaniel Andrews with a vengeance.

Connor Murphy:  This little f*cker has driven me crazy with the bullsh*t he has pulled because he wanted to make a name for himself.  Well Travis, you made a name for yourself…actually a couple of names if the truth be told.  Let me elaborate for you and spell them out.  The first is Lil Bitch because that is just what you have become.  Do you honestly think that inserting yourself into matches that don’t concern you makes you a big man?  The only thing that it does is piss people off.  And if it isn’t you making an ass of yourself, you bring your own stooges to make sure you look good and get the cheap wins.  Like your little buddy Ralph at Climax Control.  I want you to pass a message on to Ralph for me.  If that little pissant shows up anywhere on that ship and I see him, I am not responsible for making sure if his medical insurance is up to date should he happen to get hurt by running into nobody’s fist.

But to finish up with TNA, Travis I have to disagree with Ben Jordan’s stroking of your ego.  Building you up when we both know that you are not even worthy to be in the match let alone on this card.  You need to step back and realize that bending over for the bosses just got your ass at the front of the line for a beating.

With a snort of disgust, Connor once again moves away from the wall and holds out a hand only to be handed another knife.  This one hits Steve Ramone’s picture then drops to the floor.  Connor turns the camera back to him and shakes his head.

Connor Murphy:  Just as I suspected, nothing sticks to Steve Ramone.  Can’t keep a title to save his life and now he thinks that he should just be handed a title because he is Steve Ramone.  Yeah Stevie, you couldn’t even show up for your booking because you wanted to go and see some headbanging losers at some music festival.  So what makes you think that you deserve to be at Summer XXXTreme and get the title shot you have?

Connor pulls out the pack of cigarettes again, pulling out a cancer stick and flipping it into his lips.  Flicking his lighter over his thigh again, he lights the tip and then slams the lighter closed and points at the camera.

Connor Murphy:  Steve, I have sat back and tried to justify to myself what in the hell management was thinking putting you in this match and then it struck me, they want to see you get beaten and beaten badly.  They definitely didn’t do it for your health.  But fine and dandy, we have you in this ultimate x match and maybe you might go far or you might be the first one eliminated.  But there is one thing I will guarantee and that is you won’t be walking out of the supercard with the title, my promise to you .  And now that I have talked about all the others in the match,  that leaves just one person to talk about…

Connor takes a long drag of his cigarette and moves forward to focus the camera on Goth.

Connor Murphy:  Here he is, the man of the hour, our current Roulette champion a loving husband who just managed to finally get his wife back.  Congratulations Goth, I am glad you got Sapphira back.  And I wanted to say that I am happy for you and I also want to say that before we go into this match, you have my respect for all you have accomplished.

Connor offers a sincere smile and salute to the champion, the glint in his eyes gives lie to his emotions.

Connor Murphy:  But even though you are a fierce competitor you were not able to protect your most prized possession.  What does that say about you Goth if you couldn’t protect your wife, how are you going to hold on to the title.  

We both know that I hold a win over you, a win I got when you were world champion.  And what did that get me huh?  Nothing except the ability to have everyone say that I beat you.  Now once again, you are champion and once again I am facing you.  This time, the title is on the line and this time I am going to come straight at you and it.  Out of all the people in this match, I would say that you are the only one that I really worry could give me a run for my money.  

So props to you Goth on the return of your wife, and props to you for winning the Roulette title and let me just say thank you.  Thank you Goth for making it worth my while to getting the title from you in the Ultimate X match.  When I win it, it will just make this nobody a somebody in Sin City Wrestling.

Connor laughs maniacally at that thought.

Connor Murphy:  Won’t that just be a kicker…

Connor begins to back up out of the room then stops and brings the camera back to focus on his face.

Connor Murphy:  I almost forgot…there is one more person in that match…Connor Murphy,  that sick sonuvabitch who isn’t going to let this opportunity slip through his fingers.   He’s just as bat shit crazy as the rest of the Nobodies, and will be someone that you shouldn’t turn your back on.

Bringing the camera closer to his face, Connor whispers into it conspiratorially.  

Connor Murphy:   If I was a betting man, I would probably put all my money on him winning the title.

With that, Connor laughs as he sets the camera down on the television which has the image of Connor pulling away then turning to walk out of the room, one hand turning off the lights and plunging the room into darkness,

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