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> SCU Underground Ep. 49 (Card) W/ Ep 50 Preview
Tad Ezra
Posted: January 25, 2020 10:27 pm

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30th - SCU Ep 49 Bell, Florida. Bell Middle/High School - Shelby Holt

SCU Underground Ep. 49 is recorded in front of a live audience from Bell Middle/High School in Bell, Florida to air Thursday January 30th, 2020 at 11:59pm.
NOTE: All segments are due to the Underground account no later than 11:59pm PST on Tuesday Jan 28th, 2020

user posted imageuser posted image
user posted imageuser posted image

Alex Rush and Shorty vs The Fox Brothers

To some, the Fox Brothers shocked the fans when they got the win over Eyesnsane and Powershock. This week they take on Alex Rush and Shorty. Alex Rush and Shorty are also comming off of wins of their own. All four love to entertain the crowd. Alex Rush provides the party, the Fox Brothers are the SCU fan favorites… And what’s a good time without Dick Punch City himself… Shorty!

user posted image Vs user posted image

Shooter Reed vs Abaddon

Abaddon has not been seen since G.R..M.E. attacked him, but his mission stays the same; to inflict pain and misery on anyone and everyone in Sin City Underground. And GM Gianni Di Luca has decided to offer him up some of the freshest meat possible as the leader of the Lords of H-Town makes his in-ring debut. Will Abaddon do what he does best and humiliate the new face, or will Shooter Reed start his SCU career off on the right foot?

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Grimaldi vs Jamie Staggs

Tonight is no laughing joke, even as Jamie Staggs looks to keep his mini streak alive. The Vale-Dick-Torian of Dumbass University looks to take on the second piece of fresh meat in Grimaldi, a man whose sadistic streak is as wide as his charming smile. Jamie is used to jokes, but he just might find himself on the butt end of this one.

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New Foundation vs Le Coven

Shannon Middlebrooks made a statement in her hometown of Dothan, Alabama when she attacked the new Underground Champion, Celeste North. Shelby looks to keep that theme going as the hometown girl steps inside of the ring, with her partner Ivory Sullivan at her side, to hopefully end the streak of Celeste and Jenifer. And with Shannon likely in tow, she just might lend a helping hand.

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Father Gerald vs ???

This match was a special request from Father Gerald to take on any member of GRIME in his church back in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He has challenged any member of GRIME to a match, but he has stated that he wants to get his hands on Red sooner rather than later. We have also heard from GRIME GM Tad Ezra that someone will in fact be there, so we can count on seeing our first Falls Count Anywhere in a church on the 30th!

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Tatsu Ikeda & O’Malley vs The Nobodies

Last week, at Alexis and DJ Staggs’ Birthday Bash, Tatsu entered the party and disrupted the festivities, provoking Alexis on purpose and causing a ruckus. She made sure that her presence was felt, but so did Alexis as she and Tatsu tore the party down. At December 2 Dismember, O’Malley laid Tim out, and put him out of action for a few weeks. Tim did not take kindly to that, and he cost O’Malley his debut match last week. The Nobodies didn’t even have to ask, and GM Gianni Di Luca hooked his old homeboy up. In mixed tag action, The Nobodies take on their respective opponents for My Bloody Valentine, and the winning team will each get to pick the stipulation for their matches.

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Chanelle Martinez-Blade vs Shannon Middlebrooks

CMB has been on a tear since she was expelled from Nobility. She has reunited with her old Azz n’ Class teammate, Torielle Jackson. However, Chanelle made some enemies from her time with Kash and Ruin, and one of those enemies is Shannon Middlebrooks. Shannon looks to challenge the Underground Champion next week on Ladies Night, Ep. 50 in a title match. However, Chanelle surely wants to defeat a challenger, as that might put her in contention for the belt in the near future.

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Underground Championship
Lord Raab vs Mark Cross

Two weeks ago, Mark Cross found himself on the losing end of an SCW Network Exclusive Match against Lord Raab. Raab’s manager Henry Losak made it clear that, while the Hardcore Tag Team Championships have not seen the last of The Monstimals, Raab and Samuel are open to singles titles as well. With a win as big as that, how can Raab not be rewarded with a title match? This could be a major game changer going into My Bloody Valentine, and a match as devastating as this potentially could be, it definitely earns the right to Main Event!

Episode 50 Ladies Night Sunday Special Show, Feb 9th, 2020 at 11:59pm PST
Line-up Final. Match types TBD

Underground Championship No. 1 Contendership Battle Royal
Veronica Taylor, Tatsu Ikeda, , Kandy Kaine, Dahlia Rotten, Halo Williams, Virginia Mae Putnam, Mother Mavis, Alexis Staggs.

Melissa Ruin and Angel Kash vs New Foundation

Underground Championship
Shannon Middlebrooks vs Celeste North

Azz in Clazz vs Ruin Sisters

Ariana Angelos vs Jenifer LaCroix vs The Society

Combat Championship
Merlot Ayano vs Kelli Torres

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