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Welcome to the home of Sin City Wrestling - A roleplay e-fed and the home of Sin City Underground - An angle e-fed. Your one stop shop for your e-fed needs.

RESULTS AND UPDATES: - October 20th, 2019 - Hard work has paid off, because High Stakes IX has been posted, both the pre show and the main show! Show and roleplays have been archived, rosters have been updated, also the Awards and Hall of Fame pages have been updated to reflect award winners and new Hall of Fame inductees. New quotes have also been added and character description boards have been cleaned up and right below here, a new Match of the Week has been posted. Enjoy your week off and check back next week for new cards.


Alex Rush - Which one do you want me to sign? Left or right?
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Mixed Tag Team Championship Match by Joshua Acquin - 18th Oct 9:50 pm

Sam Marlowe (c) V Bobbie Dahl by Sam Marlowe - 18th Oct 9:35 pm

Roxi Johnson V Sierra Williams by Roxi Johnson - 18th Oct 9:30 pm

Alicia Lukas (c) V Seleana Zdunich by Seleana Zdunich - 18th Oct 9:20 pm

Griffin Hawkins (c) V Bill Barnhart by Griffin Hawkins - 18th Oct 9:06 pm

Keira Fisher v Diamond by Crystal Zdunich - 18th Oct 7:05 pm

Mercedes Vargas V Melody Grace by Melody Grace - 18th Oct 5:15 pm

Alice Knight V Twisted Sister by Alice Knight - 18th Oct 11:07 am

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SCW World Heavyweight Champion
Senor Vinnie

SCW World Bombshell Champion
Alicia Lukas

SCW Roulette Champion
Teddy Warren

SCW Bombshell Roulette Champion
Sam Marlowe

SCW Mixed Tag Team Champions
Culture Shock

SCU Underground Champion (Male)
Javier Gonzalez

SCU Underground Champion (Female)
Halo Williams

SCU Combat Champion (Male)

SCU Combat Champion (Female)
Sister Esther

SCU Television Champion (Male)

SCU Television Champion (Female)
Dahlia Rotten

SCU Hardcore Tag Team Champions
The Monstimals

SCU Double Down Tag Team Champions