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Welcome to the home of Sin City Wrestling - A roleplay e-fed and the home of Sin City Underground - An angle e-fed. Your one stop shop for your e-fed needs.

RESULTS AND UPDATES: - September 15th, 2019 - Another 2 shows are done and dusted as the results for Climax Control 247 and Underground 33 have been posted! Also the cards for Climax Control 248 and Underground 34 have been posted too. Other updates: SCW show and roleplays have been archived, rosters updated, countdown clock added to the Climax Control board for the next roleplay deadline and a new Match of the Week added!


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SCW World Heavyweight Champion
Senor Vinnie

SCW World Bombshell Champion
Alicia Lukas

SCW Roulette Champion
Teddy Warren

SCW Bombshell Roulette Champion
Sam Marlowe

SCW Mixed Tag Team Champions
Culture Shock

SCU Underground Champion (Male)
Javier Gonzalez

SCU Underground Champion (Female)
Halo Williams

SCU Combat Champion (Male)
Javier Gonzalez

SCU Combat Champion (Female)
Sister Esther

SCU Television Champion (Male)

SCU Television Champion (Female)

SCU Hardcore Tag Team Champions
The Three Way

SCU Double Down Tag Team Champions