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Welcome to the home of Sin City Wrestling - A roleplay e-fed and the home of Sin City Underground - An angle e-fed. Your one stop shop for your e-fed needs.

RESULTS AND UPDATES: - 24th May, 2020 - Climax Control 270 results have been posted! Also the card for Into The Void IX has been posted - Preshwo to be posted at a later date. Underground 60 to come later. Other updates: Show and roleplays have been archived, rosters updated, a new countdown clock has been added to the supercard roleplay board - (Match threads to be added soon,as not to spoil results) and a new Match of the Week has been added below - Thank you to Derek for the suggestion!


Jamie Staggs - You just got D*CK'D!
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SCW World Heavyweight Champion
Ben Jordan

SCW World Bombshell Champion
Andrea Hernandez

SCW Internet Champion
Austin James Mercer

SCW Bombshell Internet Champion
Kate Steele

SCW Roulette Champion
Jack Russow

SCW Bombshell Roulette Champion

SCW Mixed Tag Team Champions

SCU Underground Champion (Male)
Mark Cross

SCU Underground Champion (Female)
Celeste North

SCU Combat Champion (Male)
Stewart Mason

SCU Combat Champion (Female)
Halo Williams

SCU Television Champion (Male)
Shooter Reed

SCU Television Champion (Female)
Merlot Ayano

SCU Hardcore Tag Team Champions
Alex Rush and Lucha Rhino

SCU Pride Tag Team Champions
Team GO

GRIME World Nightmare Champion (Male)
Lord Raab

GRIME World Nightmare Champion (Female)