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> Emotions finally explode
Keira Fisher
Posted: June 26, 2020 08:36 pm

SCW Royale

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Keira is seen in her and Roxi's home, watching the news. She continues to watch the cases rising as she sighs a bit. As she watches, she goes to her phone and begins to look at places that would be safer at this point for her and her family.

Keira: Why do we got to live in a state full of idiots?

Roxi: People get influenced to do stupid things.

Keira: That's what sucks about all of this

Roxi: A lot of it sucks. It sucks that people are getting sick. It sucks that people are still spreading it by not wearing masks. It sucks that people are refusing to wear masks. I don't think this is going to change anytime soon.

Keira: At this point. I can officially say 2020 fucking sucks!

Roxi: Yeah, it does.

Keira sighs as she stands and throws her phone onto the couch. She just paces a bit as she just wants to think at this point

Keira: I know what you're about to tell me. Moving away from Florida is a bad idea. The entire country is infected....but there HAS to be somewhere that isn't too infected

Roxi: I don't think moving is a good idea at all.

Keira: You got any better ideas?

Keira then sits back down

Keira: BESIDES what I've been doing in my spare time....

Roxi: We're here. We're safe right here. Moving would be a very long process. We'd have to get a new house, and move all of out equipment, especially underground stuff out of here. It was built here for us. As long as we're smart about things, we'll be fine. Eventually, this will all end. It may take a few months, maybe even years, but uprooting everything would be way more complicated than it's worth.

Keira: I know....

Keira sighs as she leans her head back on the couch

Roxi: Look...I know things are rough right now. Things haven't been the greatest for us. And I completely understand the sentiment of wanting to start fresh. But this isn't going to be different somewhere else at this point. You know what we have to do. We have to pick ourselves up, and keep plugging along. We'll get our chances and earn what we need to earn soon enough. It's not time to hit the panic button just yet

Keira: I know dear. I'm not worried about my match this week. I mean, I am. But I'm more worried about my family right now.

Keira looks at Roxi

Roxi: Your match may be just what you need.

Keira: You sound like you WANT me to beat the crap out of someone...almost sounds like a Lust thing in a way.

Roxi: No, I'm saying that you need to get back in the ring so you don't go stir crazy overthinking things.

Keira:'re kinda late on that one, dear.

Roxi: Well... sadly, I didn't win Queen for A Day, otherwise, I would have given you something so you weren't sitting at home. I'm sorry.

Keira: Blame Crystal....I do.

Roxi: She was better on that night. But, some good came out of it. But I also think the couple of weeks off may have been good for you to hit that reset button. Now, I think it's time for you to get back into the ring.

Keira: True....I will train for that. But for now. I kinda wanted to show you something. If you don't mind coming into the basement....

Roxi: Lead the way.

Keira does as the two begin to head to the basement. Once they are down there, they go to a table with lab equipment on it, showing the contacts case that holds Keira's special contacts to look like Sin, but another contacts case as she grabs it and shows it to Roxi.

Keira: Open it...

Roxi: Okay...

Roxi slowly opens them up. It shows a different set of contacts, almost exactly the ones Keira uses to look like Sin, but instead of the red dots, it still had black all around, but instead, in the middle are violet dots, ones Roxi was too familiar with

Keira: You know what those are....right?

Roxi: Yes... but what are you getting at?

Keira: I had to do alot of things lately. Some I'm not proud of. But even though I lost a few weeks ago. It's somehow getting the job done. It's not like the Sin of old. So I thought, maybe....

Keira looks at Roxi

Keira: Maybe Lust needs to return....

Roxi: That's... not who I am. It's who I became, and I embarrassed myself. I... I just can't go back to that.

Keira: I know. But as you can tell. The Sin you see now is not the Sin of old. It's something to scare my opponents. The ones that deserve to BE scared. People like Candy are safe. Hell, even my opponent this Sunday is safe from Sin.

Keira gets closer to Roxi

Keira: It wouldn't be the Lust of old and it sure as Hell won't be like what Cyrus did to you. It's a mix of both. Half of Roxi, Half of Lust. A balance.

Roxi: I... I just can't Keira. It's not something I can do again. Too many terrible memories came from even... looking like that.

Keira: Did I look like I wanted to go back to doing things as Sin again, even though Sin isn't even in me anymore!? NO, I DIDN'T! But considering all that's happened. I had to and no one is hurt, surprisingly.

Keira continues to look at Roxi, more so in a serious tone

Keira: You gave Crystal a title shot. Sure, you got one...again. But I know in your heart that she used you like a fiddle to get that shot. One she didn't even earn. To be honest, you didn't earn it either. What I saw was a match you nor she didn't earn. It was something to boost her own damn EGO!

Keira turns to the table and grabs the contacts. As she puts them on, she says

Keira: So at this point, in order to make sure there's somewhat of a balance in SCW. We have to balance ourselves. We don't betray the ones we earned the respect of. But we punish the ones that have used people....

Keira turns back, showing the contacts were in, looking like Sin again

Keira: A Balance. That's all I ask, Rox.

Roxi sighs, looking at the box, and then up at Keira.

Roxi: You are I... we're not the same. It took me a long time to figure that out. You have to do things your way, I have to do things mine. We meet in the middle on a lot of decisions and actions. Sometimes I'm right, sometimes you are right. It's give and take. THAT is our balance. This... this may work for you. I hope that it does. I want it to work for you... but for me?

Roxi closes the small box.

Roxi: It just doesn't. I know what you're trying to do, and I appreciate it. I do. I love you with all of my heart. But this... isn't for me.

Keira: I know, dear. I wouldn't have even made these if I haven't thought about all of it. Don't give me the box back yet. Think about it. No short thoughts on it either. Think long and hard about it. After what I saw from last week. I don't want you to be used like that again. Cyrus did that and it almost broke all of us. I won't let Crystal do the same thing...

Roxi: Very well. I got what I wanted out of the match, so there's that. I'm all set. I just want you to be ready.

Keira: I will be. But I'm more worried about you right now. You say you got what you wanted out of it? Even I know that's not the Roxi way....

Roxi: It's not my way. I know that. I would have much rather had a four-way match and earned it. I will gladly admit that. But I wasn't in charge. I can only go with what happened and how it was booked. I had no control of it.

Roxi sighs.

Roxi: But Lust was... and is... a problem. I don't want that problem anymore. Right now, Amber is... she's an issue, and I have handle that before I even think about a Bombshell's championship match.

Keira: Right now, you handling Amber isn't working right now. I know you hate the idea of it. But THAT box is your answer. You want a counter to Amber? Think about it.

Keira turns and goes though a few rooms. She is now in the Gravity Chamber as she changes real quick into her gym gear. As she does, she opens it and looks inside, ready to train. But as she does, she hears a clearing of the throat as she turns to see

Keira: Roxi?

Roxi: Just watching.

Keira: Watching me get undressed and then dressed again? Perv

Roxi: Wanting to watch your movements.

Keira goes and wraps Roxi around her arms. She leans in as the two kiss for a moment. Keira pulls away and says

Keira: How's that for movements, Red?

Roxi: I meant in the ring. I know about those other movements. It's been a while and I want to make sure you aren't having ring rust or anything like that.

Keira: Then come train with me. How long has it been since we a good...spar?

Keira gives a bit of a seductive wink, wanting Roxi to at least join her for a little sparring

Roxi: Couldn't hurt, but I want to see you move first. Get any stiffness out.

Keira nods as she turns on the chamber and quickly gets to work. She throws some punches and kicks a bit, showing that even during the down time, she hasn't shown any rust. A few moments in, Keira forgets about Roxi being there as she is working up a good sweat, but as she turns, she gets punched in the face and quickly backs away, getting into a defensive position. She sees Roxi, now in a matching gear like Keira's as Keira smirks.

Keira: A cheap shot? Really? That's not the Roxi way, babe.

Roxi: Have to expect the unexpected.

Keira licks her lips a bit as she says

Keira: Wanna dance?

Roxi: Let's do it.

Keira smirks as the two rush and begin to throw lefts and rights at each other. The two don't hold back as Keira grabs Roxi and pins her to the wall, giving her a smirk.

Keira: Getting slow on me, babe? Thought you could keep up.

Roxi: Who says I'm even trying?

Keira: Really? Then bring it...

Keira leans in, kissing and then romantically biting Roxi's bottom lip to tease her. As she backs away, the two begins to throw lefts and right again, the two equally matched, not even in their super forms

Roxi: Now I have to wonder if you are trying

Keira: Trying better than you

Roxi: Better... or harder?

Keira: You need to find out

Keira and Roxi continue to throw down, until Roxi grabs Keira and pins her to the wall, giving Keira a seductive smirk back

Roxi: Still not sure...

Keira: That you think you got me? Please.

Keira looks into Roxi's eyes

Keira: I was letting you catch up to me

Roxi: If you say so...

Keira: Just shut up and kiss me

Roxi does so, doing like Keira before and biting Keira's bottom lip to tease. The two square up again and throw punches. The two doesn't stop at all, after a few hours, the two throw one last punch, both hitting at the same time as the two fall down. They pant heavily, hair and body drenched in sweat from the intense session as Keira and Roxi look at each other

Keira: Wa-Was it good--good for you?

Roxi: Good... not great... but we're just getting started.

As Keira goes to get close to Roxi, they hear a throat clear and look up. They notice Roxi's mom, Elizabeth standing in front of them as the two quickly stand up

Keira: Ummmm...this isn't what it looks like.

Elizabeth: I'm just making sure you two aren't killing each other.

Keira: Well, we're not out there getting our asses kicked right now. We're just spending time together...

Elizabeth: I can see that. Your son is getting hungry.

Keira: Crap. We've been down here too long. Roxi, your turn to cook tonight.

Roxi: I was unaware we were taking turns.

Keira: Considering I got a match this week?

Roxi: What about all the other times?

Keira: Huh?

Roxi: You know... Where you sit at table with a knife and fork in your hands and tell me your hungry.

Keira: know you're a better cook.

Roxi: I know that... don't use your match as an excuse to not make food.

Elizabeth: Do you plan on arguing all day, or actually making food?

Keira: We could order takeout...

Elizabeth: Whatever... just don't let him go hungry.

Keira: We never do. You know that.

Roxi: Guess I better get to it.

Keira nods a bit as she slowly stands. She turns and extends and hand to help Roxi up

Roxi: Thanks.

Keira: We continue our....time later?

Keira gives a bit of a seductive wink to Roxi

Roxi: Focus. That's what this is about.

Keira: Don't start....remember....

Keira finally helps Roxi up.

Keira: Focus doesn't mean nothing anymore....not by the new rules. I got my opponent on my mind. But you need to REFocus....

Keira looks at Roxi

Keira: ESPECIALLY...around that fool, Amber. Refocus...or she becomes MY fight.

Keira turns to walk off, but Roxi places her arm gently on Keira's shoulder, making Keira turn around to listen

Roxi: I told you, Amber is my fight. I don't want you anywhere near her. I mean it when I say it. Do not get involved with it. I need you to stay away, and let me handle it.

Keira: Then stop telling me to focus. Drop it til YOU it?

Roxi: I AM focused. I'm telling you to stop trying to be cute with me. I'm trying to help you, but if all you have on your mind is sex then we're not going to get anywhere.

Keira: Then you can sleep in the chamber tonight. Don't bother cooking.

Keira turns and begins to walk off, Liz getting in Keira's way now

Elizabeth: What in world is wrong with you? Both of you?

Keira: Ask her. Since she doesn't want my help anymore.

Keira finally walks off, a little more mad than before. Liz goes to Roxi

Elizabeth: You ok?

Roxi: Stubborn as a mule.

Elizabeth: Agreed. You are being one...

Liz looks down at Roxi

Elizabeth: BOTH of you are.

The scene fades on that


After Keira cooks dinner and feeds Nate, She puts him to bed like normal and steps out. She goes back to the chamber to train, thinking she might have some alone time. As she enters, she sees Roxi in there

Keira: ....Roxi.

Roxi: Can I help you?

Keira: You can leave. I want to train. Since all you want me to do is turn into you.

Roxi: Oh... guess I'm finished then.

Keira: You were finished when you got a tainted title match. You were finished when you lost focus.

Roxi: Cool.

Roxi simply stops her training, gathering her clothes and she wipes down her machine, and goes to leave.

Roxi: All yours.

Keira: Thank you. Don't bother fighting Amber anymore. Focus on your tainted title match....once I deal with my opponent this week. Amber's mine.

Roxi: Sure.

Keira: Glad we can come to a understanding....considering you're basically weak now--

Right there, was when Keira was turned around and clocked by Roxi in the face. Keira holds her jaw as she looks at her.

Roxi: Hope you can do better than that. You want the problems, you handle the problems. Let's see how far you get.

Keira growls as she throws one right back, clocking Roxi in the jaw as well

Keira: You wanna see how far I get!? FIGHT ME! I'M SICK OF YOUR SHIT ANYWAY!

Roxi simply shakes her head.

Roxi: Why? You gonna beat me up? You gonna kick my ass? Good. You want to do this your way? Fine. Do it your way. See if I care. You never understood why I do the things I do. My own wife. You're too blinded by your own ego. But you know what? Do things your way. Fight all the battles. Punch everything. That's your answer to everything anyway. So go ahead, keep punching. I'm done.

Keira: Funny! You wanna talk about ego? You got one when you got that tainted victory. You got one when you won't let me help you with Amber, considering she's inside your head. You've felt distant from me ever since the Copybot fight and Warren! You tell me to focus when you can't even do that!? You want me to understand why you do the things you do!? EXPLAIN WHY YOU BASICALLY HELPED CRYSTAL, THEN! Cause you think you're too old to do this anymore? Cause you want to be on top when you got nothing left to prove? Which is it, Roxi? ANSWER ME!

Keira clenches her fist as she continues

Keira: We're suppose to be equals. Or did you forget that?

Keira begins to shed a tear, looking at Roxi

Roxi: I did focus. I won. You're seriously jealous of that? Is that really what this is about? I TRY to treat you like an equal. I do everything I can to help you. You want to talk about ego? You remember right before the Queen For A Day match happened? Remember what YOU asked for if I won? Me... to HAND YOU a Bombshell's championship match. I've TRIED to treat you like an equal. And I keep TRYING to do that. But apparently, you just want more. You want more and more and I'm just let here as if... I'll be okay. I don't need anything, just Keira. Just help Keira. And when I try to help Keira... KEIRA has the NERVE to tell me that I've lost focus? That I am weak. I'm sorry I don't punch everything the first chance I get. I'm sorry I didn't win and give YOU what YOU wanted. Please, let me make it up to you, while you continue to screw off and are more focused on sex and making a joke of this. Don't worry Keira, Roxi will just fix it for you in the end.

Keira's eyes widen at this. She then looks at her

Keira: I didn't want to be handed anything. I was trying to calm you down....but since you think that all I think about is sex....

Keira turns and grabs her stuff and looks at Roxi

Keira: Then the chamber is all yours. I'll go upstairs and spread my legs like you think I a two cent whore.

Roxi chuckles slightly, her head lowered and throwing up her hands.

Roxi: Of course. Of course you want to do this part now. Of course you want to make me the bad guy. Because why not right? I can't be honest with people, not even my own wife. Because I'm the bad guy if I do. This is just... perfect. I only want to make my wife better in the ring, so people stop looking at her like she's just my wife and not her own person. I only want my wife to succeed. But I guess I have to lie to her. Tell her everything is going to be okay. You wanted to this your way. I agreed to let you do it your way. What more do you want, Keira? Tell me. Just tell me. Because at this point, I'm out of ideas.

Keira: How about sticking to your guns and NOT BEING LIKE CYRUS!

Roxi: What do you want me to do? Forfeit my championship opportunity? Would that make you happy? I don't like the way it went down. I'm sorry. I won the match for my team, is that not good enough? I am lost Keira. I really am. I don't know what the hell you want from me at this point. You ask for help, I try and give it, you reject it. I tell you to do it your way, you reject it. Now, you're tell me I'm acting like Cyrus. I'm not controlling you Keira. I only wanted to help. But you've got this. You told me yourself. So don't come at me like I'm the bad guy. There is no bad guy. There's you, and me. It's settled. You want this chamber for yourself... go for it. Problem solved.

Keira goes to say something, but after everything that has happened as of late. She goes to her knees and cries

Keira: I don't know anymore! Everything has gone crazy. All of it! You know what I want!? I WANT TO CRAWL IN A HOLE! I HATE THIS! I HATE IT ALL! IT GETS ME SO ANGRY!

Keira just cries

Keira: I can't focus, when I feel the world in pain....

Keira looks up at Roxi

Keira: All I can feel...all I can loss.

Roxi: Then it's time to change that.

Roxi exits the chamber, and starts it up for Keira.

Roxi: Let it all out.

Keira screams as she does, letting out every punch, kick and excess anger and energy she could muster at this point, feeling the world in pain. After a few hours, Keira falls to the ground, the machine shuts down as Roxi enters, quickly going to hold Keira

Roxi: Feel better?

Keira looks up and quickly hugs Roxi

Keira: I do.

Roxi: Good.

Keira: I'm sorry for taking it out on you. My mind was just focused on so much loss in the world. I couldn't focus on my opponent.

Keira just lays her head on Roxi

Keira: I've been masking it. I thought if it would help you as well. All I did was let it bottle up as well. I don't blame you if you never forgive me.

Roxi: I'll be okay.

Keira: Amber is your problem. Not mine. I will focus on my opponent. But all I ask is this. If it gets too out of control. Please...please...let me help. That's all I ask.

Roxi: Let me handle that, and you handle yours. I don't want you involved for good reason. I don't want you, used against me.

Keira: As much as you worry about that. I won't be. But at least...think about what I said. About...the contacts.

Keira sits up as she looks at Roxi

Keira: Now...can we continue, together?

Roxi: If by training, then yes. Bring it...Blondie.

Keira: Always, Red.

The two back away and prepare to train again as the scene fades

Can't say I didn't try.

Yea, I didn't win. I didn't get the job done. But there's always another chance. It makes me come back strong. Kate can't run forever and even SHE knows that. But that's another story for another day, the day we do...Round 3.


It's been quiet lately, not enough faces to punch. With the world going insane and in pain. It hurts my heart and I have to take it out on someone that didn't deserve it.

That person IS Apple Coren.

Wait, who the Hell is Apple Coren anyway? Can I bite her? Is she a Golden Apple Coren? Those sound good right now.

Actually, has she won any kind of matches here in SCW? Did she even WRESTLE in SCW before? This her debut or something?

Hard to tell considering since I barely know anything about her, except the need to bash her skull in like there is no tomorrow and crap like that.

But this might be a good thing for you Red Delicious Apple Coren. Cause after being off a few weeks and seeing Crystal make a joke last week. I need to take my anger out on someone. Sadly, it's got to be you. If it was up to me, we'd have a great fight. But after all that's happened.

Yea, time to crush your Apple Core.

So, get ready for the fight of your life, McIntosh Apple Coren. Cause you're getting all of Keira this week! Climax Control, it's time again to B.A.B....


See you then!
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