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> #belikeAmy, vs Apple Coren.
Amy Marshall
Posted: October 05, 2018 07:16 pm

Punk Whore!

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Violent Conduct V
The Hanger, Lancaster, CA
16th September 2018

Sitting in the EMT room getting checked over following my match against Evie… I had no clue what happened at the end of the match. All I remember was music playing and then nothing, however, catching the replays of mine and Evie’s match… the music I heard was the old MPC entrance music and then Evie hitting the Toxic Maid off the ladder to win and retain her title.

The rest of the match I could easily remember as it was a fans bring their own weapons… and what they brought and what we used made the match our and there was moments, where I found it but at times a little painful especially from the bump off the table into the flaming thumbtack covered table.

I flinch a little as one of the EMT pulls out some thumbtacks from a sensitive part of the body.

“There is no major burns just blisters and some singed hair. Just put some Savlon cream onto the burns if needed.”

One of the doctors says, as I nod and check my hair for burnt bits and unfortunately there is are parts that are burnt but they will recover. With Joey appearing at my side to see how I am, Scott Oliver appears a few moments later.

“Can I get a few words regarding your match?”

He asks.

“Sure… I am not going anywhere.”

I shrug as I flinch a little as the EMT wipes the back of my arm with some water mixed with disinfectant.

“Great. Well first… how are you?”

Scott asks his first question.

“Sore and disappointed.”

“Ok… what are your thoughts on the match itself.”

“As I said I am disappointed… in myself and at the result of the match. I should have tried harder but again I stupidly got distracted by either Jessie’s mind games or a technical glitch. The result itself… I should have won but at the end of the day Evie was better and Joshua is shit out of luck with his career now.”

I said with a half apologetic shrug.

“Do you think it was Jessie playing mind games or a technical glitch?

“I don’t know… if it was her… mission successful in screwing me over… if it’s a technical glitch then shit happens. But someone needs to look into that.”

“Well thank you Amy and I hope your injuries aren’t too serious.”

“Thank you Scott… OW!!”

I look back at the EMT and he gives an apologetic smile, as Scott Oliver leaves the room.

“Almost done.”

The EMT says, as I relax and wait for the EMT to be done. The scene soon fades out as I watch the screen in front of me and the next match on the card as Joey disappears for a moment to talk with someone.


Trenton, NJ
Wednesday 3rd October 2018
Lexi Lu’s Café.

It had been a while since Amy had to go to New Jersey. The last time was specifically to sort out a house in Cape May on the coast that was ruined by storm damage from a hurricane several years ago. Now though she had no reason to go as she sold the house. But now though she went to meet up with a potential newcomer to 3-X, who was wanting to leave his current employer. Meeting up with the male performer named as Freddie. She quickly scanned over his resume and noticed that he was currently working for Amy's old company - Endless Filth. She then queried why he wanted to leave, and he stated that he wanted a "fresh start and get to know new people." Amy nodded knowing how that felt before asking a few more questions regarding his height, his sexual orientation, his favourite scenes to do and other risqué questions and reviewed with headphones some of his work... satisfied with his answers and his work Amy shook his hand and said that they would be in touch. Freddie nodded and left the cafe leaving Amy alone as she packed her stuff away. Overall the interview lasted 45 minutes but it was well informed.

Standing to her feet, Amy drank the remainder of her coffee before heading towards the door, but a familiar face stops her in her tracks.

Man: Well well well... look who we have here. Roxxxie of all people.

Amy: uh Hi John...


13th February 1999


“Hello is this Miss Marshall”

“It is, who is calling?”

“My name is John Manning, I’m from a company called Endless Filth”.

“Ok” Roxxxie raised an eyebrow, she had never heard of the company before.

“Myself and some of my associates have seen some of your videos on your website, and we would like you to visit our offices in New Jersey for an interview.”

“Sorry an interview, I have never applied for your company.”

“As I said we have seen your website and videos, we like what we see and think your perfect for the company.”

Roxxxie takes in what he said as she spots Warren in another room, talking to one of his regular.

“When is the interview?” Roxxxie said without any hesitation

“Tuesdays the 16th. At 3:30”

“Where are you based?” Roxxxie asked

“Trenton, New Jersey”

“Ah, well I’m in Canada.”

“That is no problem, we have sent a plane ticket via fed-ex and once you get to the airport we will have a limo waiting.”

“Thank you.” Roxxxie said

“No thank you.”

“I look forward to meeting you” Roxxxie said

“And us as well”


“See you soon”

{{End of Flashback}}

John Manning the owner of Endless Filth, first contacted Amy back in 1999 when Amy was merely doing amateur camera work and asked her for an interview and after that the rest is history.

John: Long time no see... eh. How are you?

John asks not pretending to notice who Amy had just interviewed.

Amy: I’m good thanks. You?

Amy asks a little surprised to see him here and actually talking to her considering how Amy left the company and the fact that she sued them.

John: I am alright. What have you been up to since you quit Endless Filth?

Amy: started up my own businesses. Two tattoo parlours and my own production company. Might have heard of it... 3-X?

Amy says keep her distance and carefully what information she gives out.

John: I have and heard nothing but good things. I heard you wrestle now?

John said.

Amy: Yeah, I wrestle now… I’m decent and successful... and happily married.

Amy says with a smile.

John: wow congratulations. Who knew a big whore like Roxxxie would settle down.

John smirked.

Amy: I go by my real name these days. Amy Marshall or Santino. Look I hope there is no hard feelings?

Amy asks probing.

John: About... you leaving my company after I made you a top star and sued me or the fact that you are stealing performers off me.

John said with a glare, as Amy looked at him a little bemused that he still held a grudge although it should be the other way round considering the hell she went through fearing the worst for her health.


Friday 24th July 2009
Camden County Hall of Justice.
Camden, NJ.

The scene opens outside a fairly smart building, where we see Amy then Roxxxie climbing the three steps before coming onto the main square in front of the Hall of Justice. She looked around before taking a deep breath of fresh air before letting out a large squeal before jumping up and down in excitement.

Those passing gave her a funny look, but she didn’t care, she was free.

Free from a personal hell.

She had just successfully sued Endless Filth after failing to ensure someone was tested for HIV or any other STD and failing to protect their stars.

Amy was now at a crossroads…

Head to a new company, where she could make new friends, lovers and rise to the top and become the big star…


Find a new career but what could an ex-pornstar do apart from stripping, dancing at a bar or prostitution – been there done that and it was the worst mistake in her entire life.

But for now, it was a good chance for a break away especially she had now a good compensation package that she was given by the court.

Pulling out her cell phone, Amy heads to the nearest bench as she sits down ignoring the cool stone seeping through her black trousers, she began to search through her contact for a telephone number – obviously looking to speak to someone about her success in the court house.

Finally finding the telephone number she wanted, she dialled the number and waited for a few moments.

“Hello…” came a male voice.

“Hi it’s Amy”

“How did the court case go?” came a male voice.

“I won” Amy said with a smile.

{{End of Flashback}}

Amy: Ummm about your male performer... he contacted me not the other way around. Unless you did it on purpose to scout out my company?

Amy said with a frown.

John: Don’t flatter yourself. I don’t need to scout any company out... plus he wants to leave nothing to do with me. This is just a coincidence that I am here, but I’ll let you get on since you were on your way out and probably back to something important/

Amy: Thanks John.

Amy smiled as she turns to leave the cafe. Briefly turning back, Amy shakes her head... the man hadn’t changed in years and she didn’t realise that he was still pissed off about Amy suing him even though he was in the wrong. Shaking her head Amy headed back to the hire car before heading back to Baltimore.


4th October 2018
Santa Rosa, California

The scene opens up at the home of Amy and Joey Santino, where we see a taxi cab pull up to the house and Amy stepping out of the cab paying the driver before collecting her bag and then heading up the footpath to the house. Unlocking the door and into the house, Amy puts her bag down.

“Joey… I am home.”

Amy shouts as she wonders through the kitchen then grabs herself a bottle of water.


Amy leaves the kitchen as Joey appears.

“Hi gorgeous.”

Amy smiles as she and Joey share a quick kiss.

“You wouldn’t believe who I bumped into yesterday.”


Joey queried as they leave the kitchen.

“Remember John Manning?”

“Of course… why?”

Joey frowns.

“I had just finished interviewing someone who happened to work for Endless Filth and well I bumped into John Manning.”

“How was he?”

Joey queried.

“He seemed ok… still a little bitter that I quit EF and sued him. But other than that, he seemed fine.”

Amy shrugged.

“That was his fault. How about the guy you were interviewing… was John mad about that?”

“Nah… He knew his performer was wanting to leave. Just sheer coincidence. But it was weird seeing him again. Lots of memories came flashing back and then realised that I need to focus on my match this Sunday.”

Amy said shaking her head.

“Glad you remembered about your match then those memories. When is the flight to Fort Defiance?”

“Flying out tomorrow afternoon. So I have time to relax for a while.”

“how about lunch?”


“Good. Sit down and I’ll make us something.”


Amy smiles and plants a kiss on his cheek before going into the living room. Amy takes a seat as she pulls out her cell phone and does a quick internet search. The scene fades out on Joey in the kitchen beginning to make something for their lunch.


Friday 5th October.

Two-week break... is just perfect enough to recover from the match against Evie but also sort out business affairs and actually work. Now I am back and ready to go and look to climb that ladder... although these days it’s more allow others to use me as their step ladder to the top and I head to the back of the queue. I may not be happy with that, but I still pack a punch in terms of pulling power at the top.

So this week... the next person to use me is someone called... Uh Apple Coren... I don’t know who she is, but she took a rather pathetic attempt at a shot at me. I guess everyone want to be like me and emulate my success and how I am always considered title shots... must be envy because she can’t even get onto a card.

Apple... sweetie... you are just like all those other basic generic one-track rich girls with their head shoved up their own ass attitudes. There is nothing special about you... I can name dozens of girls just like you... all the same - basic cookie cutter bimbos who think they are all entitled because they live off mommy’s and daddy’s money or just be a walking skinny mannequins with no clue or personality.

You think you can progress your career in wrestling by just being a mean girl... well sadly you are mistaken. These days it’s about wrestling ability and not no talent morons like you. Looks, money and puns will only get you so far in this company... the only time apples are worth my damn time is when I eat or drink them.

So... you haven’t been wrestling since July and the supercard, which you lost. We haven’t seen you since inside the ring or outside or backstage. Where have you been? In fact, I don’t care... if you don’t take charge of your career then it’s your problem no one else’s. you didn’t step up and shout and scream. That is why Trinity got a title shot... that why I got a title shot... in fact mine was gifted to me but I didn’t want it. But I wasn’t going to turn it down. Also, we have been here far longer than you... No one is going to listen to someone like who has barely done anything. If you want titles shots, then work hard... make a name... win matches... work your way up the ladder. If you want to be considered for title shots, then get your head out of your ass and focus and start making a damn name for yourself... don’t be like Jessie and demand things because look where that got Jessie... tag team wrestling and my bitch.

Now that we are acquainted… Sunday night will be your third match…your first match… your debut against Seleana, which you won. Your second match at Summer XXXtreme you were in a battle royal and well we all know that Christina Rose/Hilton/Williams/Zdunich won that. So your career is 50/50 thus far but by time I am finished with you and you are laying on the mat like that waste of space you are… you will have a second loss chalked up and wonder how the hell I beat you after you hyped yourself up so much that you think you have this in the bag.

Sunday night Apple… I am walking away victorious and then you will know my damn name and its Santino bitch… remember it.

1x Bombshell Champion
2x Bombshell Roulette Champion
2x Bombshell Internet Champion
3x Bombshell Tag Team Champion
- 1 x w/ Necra Kane
- 2 x w/ Jessie Salco

~ First three time bombshell tag team champion.
~ 2nd ever Bombshell triple crown winner.
~ 1st ever Bombshell Grand Slam Champion.
~ 2015 Woman of the year.
~ 2015 Feud of the Year vs. Roxi Johnson
~ 2015 Match of the Year vs. Roxi Johnson.
~ 2015 Hall Of Fame!
~ 2018 Feud of the year vs Jessie Salco
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