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> Redemption
Posted: June 26, 2020 08:16 pm

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Date: Monday, June 22, 2020
Location: GO Gym, Las Vegas, NV ---> The Strip.
Time: 2:00 pm
off camera


Tallyn collapses down onto the ground after getting out of the ring and grabs her water bottle. She’d been at this training thing since 7 am and was beginning to feel the pain and the exhaustion set in. Ever since her brother Theo had caught her with the drugs almost a month ago, she’d been clean and more focused on what she came to Las Vegas to actually do with her life. She hadn’t expected to be derailed by a death in her family and hadn’t realized that it had taken such a toll on her. She hated that the drugs had taken over her life and she’d basically lost two months out of her life that she’d never get back.

Now, she had to work much harder to earn the respect back that she’d lost because of her little habit. It had surprised her that she had been so quick to slip into that habit and that she had turned herself onto the drug life with no hesitation at all. She had been so against it when she was growing up because she saw what it did to her mother’s life. But apparently, that didn’t matter. She knew she was at a low point in her life; her baby sister died from a tragic accident and she couldn’t go home to be there for her family right away. So, she found a way to get rid of all that pain. Was it a good way for her to get rid of that emotional pain? Absolutely not. But she wasn’t in the right set of mind and she couldn’t have talked herself out of it even even she wanted to.

She continues to stare up at the ceiling as she breathes heavily from the intense training session before she decides to get up. She didn’t know what she wanted to do for the day but laying in the middle of the ring was not something she wanted to do. Maybe she’d bug Donovan for a while.

TALLYN: “Shower time.”

Nearly forty-five minutes later, Tally found herself walking back into the Saxton hotel or hotel SCW as she preferred to call it. It was basically what it was now and she couldn’t be bothered to call it by its actual name. She thinks about going to her room to relax for a bit before deciding just to go to Donovan’s room instead and maybe bum some ideas off of him for her promo thing she had to shoot later in the week.

She takes her time in going up to the floor that Donovan was staying on, ignoring most of the other stars that were around her. She didn’t know them well enough yet to be mingling with them nor did she try. Being the new girl sucked. She walks down the hallway and stops in front of his door and knocks three times before waiting for him to open the door. When he opens the door, she smiles warmly at him.


He smiles at her and opens the door for her to walk in, if she were want to. She looks at him and smiles before walking into his room. She wasn’t sure where his sister Delta was but at the moment, she wasn’t too worried about Delta. She sits on the edge of the bed that she knew to be Donovan’s before looking at him.

DONOVAN “Hi yourself.”

He moves and sits down next to her on the bed. She smiles at him before tucking her hair behind her left ear. Things between them were slightly different now because she didn’t have the drugs fueling her odd behavior that had been a few months ago. But she still liked him.

TALLYN: “I thought that maybe you could help me...”

She gives him a shy smile and he raises an eyebrow at her.

DONOVAN: “With what? I wasn’t aware that you needed help. You seem pretty capable in the ring, Tally.”

She chuckles a bit before looking at him with her nose scrunched a little bit. Okay, maybe she liked him a lot.

TALLYN: “No silly, not with that. I already spent enough time at the gym this morning training. I meant with something else!”

He laughs a little before smiling warmly at her. They still seemed comfortable around one another but the air seemed shifted.

DONOVAN: “Tell me what you need help with, Tally. You know I’ll help you do anything.”

And he would, because he was sweet like that. Tallyn liked that about him; she didn’t have to worry about which side of her he got to see because he didn’t judge her for it. Nor did he judge her for her drug habit she’d had.

TALLYN: “I want to go scout some locations on the strip for a promo shoot. But I’d like you to go with me to help narrow it down. The strip has so many options that I don’t know how I’m going to narrow it down by myself.”

He smiles at her before grabbing her hand and then standing up and helping her up to her feet. She smiles at him.

DONOVAN: “Sure, let’s go.”

She loved that he was usually up for anything as long as she didn’t make it seem insanely crazy. And he always made sure to give her solid advice.

TALLYN: “You are literally the best person ever!”

She wraps her arms around him, hugging him. He laughs and hugs her back before they release one another. They leave his hotel room and step out into the hallway and she looks around before pushing her hair out of her face.

DONOVAN: “To you, maybe.”

He winks at her before he takes her hand and they walk back down the hallway to the elevator. He presses the down button and they wait a few minutes before stepping into the empty elevator shaft. She looks at him before wrinkling her nose at him.

TALLYN: “You know...we’ve never made out in an elevator...”

She gives him a sly look and he raises an eyebrow at her with peaked interest. She giggles softly as the doors slowly close, leaving them the only ones in the elevator. She pulls the emergency stop button to give them a second or more to discuss.

DONOVAN: “You’re right, we haven’t...”

He moves closer to her and she watches him with a smile on her pretty face. She leans against the wall as he soon stops in front of her and looks down into her brown eyes.

TALLYN: “Do you want to?”

She asks with a slightly innocent tone to her voice. Consent is sexy people.

DONOVAN: “Only if you do.”

She giggles before nodding her head.

TALLYN: “Of course. Who could resist kissing somebody as hot as you?”

He smirks at her before leaning down just a bit and presses his lips gently against her own, giving her a quick, chaste kiss.

DONOVAN: “Like that or. . .”

He leans back down and kisses her again but this time presses her slightly more into the wall and deepens the kiss just by a little bit. She leans up into the kiss, her hand gripping the sides of his shirt as he slides one hand to the back of her neck as he presses the emergency stop button to resume the elevator’s motion. He continues to kiss her as the elevator keeps moving down to the lobby floor of the hotel and she didn’t seem to notice that the elevator dings and the doors open. Donovan pulls himself from her and smirks at her before pulling her out of the elevator by her hand.

DONOVAN “Or like that?”

She was still trying to gather her thoughts as they walk out of the hotel and out into the hot, Summer air of Las Vegas.

TALLYN: “Definitely the second one. You should kiss me like that more.”

She blushes just slightly as the words spill from her mouth as they head toward the strip, choosing to walk to it.

DONOVAN: “Noted.”

Date: Friday, June 26, 2020
Location: M&M World
Time: 6:00 pm

ON camera


The feed opens up to a shot of the outside of M&M World and then cuts inside to where the big wall of different colors and flavors of M&Ms were. In front of the wall was a stool and on that stool was Tallyn herself, sitting with one leg crossed over the other. She was wearing a pair of super short white shorts and a simple purple and pink tye dye crop top and you could almost see the end of her bra’s cups. She smirks at the camera.

TALLYN “Welcome! Welcome to the Colorful World of Tally.”

She spreads her arms out and keeps the confident smirk on her pretty face as she keeps contact with the camera. She slowly lets out a breath, trying to keep control of her emotion and her focus.

TALLYN “We are just two days away from Sunday’s edition of Climax Control where you will see me step into the ring with one Bea Barnhart.”

She held up two fingers and wiggled them a bit as she kept staring at the camera.

TALLYN “This is the first match that I get to be in and prove myself again. Starting fresh and putting everything behind me and trying my best not to think about the past me. It’s just a shame that it has to be against Bea Barnhart.”

She just makes a face and shrugs her shoulders.

TALLYN “I’m not saying that Bea isn’t a good competitor, because I’ll be honest. I haven’t been paying attention. I haven’t paid attention to her or anybody else for that matter lately. I’ve been locking myself in three places and the main one being the gym. I’ve been working on making myself be the best that I can be. And for me to do that, it takes complete dedication.”

She smiles and shrugs her shoulders.

TALLYN “I’m sure that you’re a great competitor Bea but this Sunday, you’re not going to be able to rely on your husband for help. You’re going to have to channel everything you have into yourself. You’re going to have to focus on what you can do and not how your husband can help you.”

She pushes her brunette hair out of her face.

TALLYN “Amy I saying that you only rely on your husband to help you win matches? Maybe. But do I know that for sure? Absolutely not. But I’m just going to tell you this now, it’s just me and you on Sunday. And I have a whole hell of a lot more to prove to the higher ups than you do.”

She pauses momentarily to take a breath and slowly let it out.

TALLYN “And so, I’m going to do whatever it is that I have to do to take and steal the win from you. I have to show that I actually want it this time. Because if I don’t? I could fall back into the same pattern as last time.”

She shrugs her shoulders. She was going to be honest with herself.

TALLYN “Look, Sunday will be here before we realize it and I am itching to get into the ring and show everybody just what I can do. And I’m sure you’re just as excited as I am to do so as well. But who the fuck gives a shit if you’re excited? Shouldn’t you be starting your retirement tour?”

Ope, a stab at her age. Let’s go the petty route, Tally. Way to go.

TALLYN “I’m twenty years old. I have my entire future in front of me. Can you say that about you? I know, I know. Thirty is not that old but it definitely isn’t exactly young for a wrestler either. I’m sure you need to be a little bit more careful in the ring than I do when it comes to competing. One wrong move and you could pull a muscle or break a bone, Bea. And we wouldn’t want that, now would we?”

She makes a pouty face and shakes her head no.

TALLYN “I also have had the very best trainers in the world train me and help me along the way. Can you say that about yourself?”

She raises an eyebrow at the camera.

TALLYN “I’m not saying you’re incompetent in the ring but you weren’t trained by Gabriel and Odette Stevens. Which means, that you’re definitely not what they would consider the top of the line. But maybe one day you can get there. . .”

She lets another smirk spread across her face.

TALLYN “I am going to say that it isn’t going to be Sunday.”

She shakes her head no.

TALLYN “Because on Sunday? It’s going to be my time to take the win and take control of the match. I need this win more than you do, Bea and I’m not going to play nice with you just to make things seem easier. I’m not a fake person and I’m not going to pretend that I give a shit about you.”

She takes a moment to stand up and push the stool away from her.

TALLYN “Because I don’t. You’re just the current roadblock in my way of redeeming myself and taking back what I need to so that I can get to where I need to be. And where I should be. So...sorry not sorry.”

She winks at the camera.

TALLYN “So I guess that I’ve said that all that I need to say. I hope you’ve done the best that you can in training for this Sunday’s match. Because you’re going to need all the help you can get.”

She walks away from the camera but stop and looks over her shoulder at it.

TALLYN “See you soon.”

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