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> J-Cup RP#2
O Malley
Posted: February 10, 2013 04:03 pm

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((OOC: Sorry about the poor quality..Been nursing a bad back this week, and the pain killers made it impossible to concentrate, much less get this typed and posted. Hopefully the next one will be better))

This week has already been an eventful week for Misty and her disciples. The first few days were very exhausting to say the least. Last Sunday was only the beginning. After winning her first round J-Cup match against PRA's Morpheus, Misty and her disciples traveled back to Las Vegas for her first round match in the Blast From the Past Mixed Tag Team match with Thatcher Rex, where they walked away with the victory in that match as well. After the show, when all the superstars were leaving the building, Misty ran into one half of the new NWA World Tag Team Champions, Gabriel, in the parking lot. To say she got under his skin might be a bit of an understatement, but she was very proud of herself nonetheless. She and her disciples returned home that night, where they all went to bed soon after.

The next morning is where the drama unfolded. To make a long story short, Misty had a bit of an emotional episode. Her doctor called it an extreme case of sleepwalking, but Ruby and the brothers are all a bit leery in believing that is what it was. If you would like to the events as they happened, go here (insert link to promo here). As of right now, however, things have returned to normal with Misty and her disciples. Or so she is leading them to believe.

Dr. Lord wrote Misty a prescription for a something to help her sleep at night. He had warned her that if she did not take them, the exhaustion her body was going through would only worsen, and she would eventually wind up hospitalized. At that point, Misty had agreed to take them. And she has been. While they have been helping her sleep at night, they haven't been helping with her overall mental state. They haven't been helping her deal with the loss of the precious life she was carrying inside of her last year...the life she had no idea even existed until after he was already gone.

Misty had promised her disciples that she would slow down. She had so much going on in her life at the moment, the stress of it all just kept piling up, and it was beginning to take its toll. So she decided to slow down...or at least try to anyway. She knew Ruby and the brothers were keeping a close watch on her. Ruby especially. Misty couldn't quite figure out why Ruby was so watchful and protective of her, but it's not something she was going to worry about at the moment.

They aren't scheduled to leave for Laughlin until tomorrow. She and Thatcher Rex are booked in their second round match against the challenging duo of Nick Jones and Vixen. She had done her promotional work for SCW for the week, getting it out of the way early, and the rest of the week she has been resting. She is standing at her bedroom window, looking out to the house she used to live in out in the distance, when a thought pops into her mind. Misty walks over to her closet, where she finds her jacket and puts it on. Just as she is about to walk out of her room, Ruby walks inside, her curiosity peaked as she sees Misty wearing her jacket.

Ruby: Where are you going, my Queen?

Misty: I'd like some fresh air, Ruby, so I am going for a walk.

Ruby: That sounds lovely. I will go get my jacket--

Misty: That won't be necessary, Ruby.

Ruby gives Misty a look of disappointment as she clearly disagrees with this decision.

Ruby: My Queen, I think it would be best if--

Misty: I will be fine, Ruby. I am not going far. I will be back in time for lunch, actually. Don't worry.

She doesn't give Ruby a chance to respond or argue as she quickly walks past Ruby and out of her room. Misty walks down the hall and out of the building. She steps out into the seasonably cool Las Vegas air, closing her eyes and taking in a deep breath. She's normally not one to take walks to clear her mind, but something felt different about today. She can see Spike's home in the distance, and a faint smile forms on her face as she starts her walk.

It doesn't take long for her to reach the neighborhood she once lived reach the house she used to share with Spike. She only lived there a short time, but the memories will never leave her. Spike's car isn't in the driveway, though a familiar car is. The car belonging to her younger sister, Dixie, whom she hasn't seen in almost a year. Misty stands outside the fenced in yard, just staring at the house. She seems lost in her own little world, and so much so that she doesn't even notice the front door open, and her furious blonde haired sister heading right towards her.

Dixie: You have some nerve showing up here! Get the hell out of here before I--

Misty: Before you what, Dixie? You can't hurt me in any way, though I would like to see you try.

Misty looks towards the front window, where she sees her nearly five year old daughter looking out at her and Dixie. Misty smiles and waves to little Eden, but Eden frowns and disappears out of sight. Misty can't blame her, and Dixie looks toward the window then to Misty.

Dixie: Haven't you put Eden through enough? You've seen her, what maybe twice over the last year? Stay away from her. She doesn't need you in her life and I'm sure she doesn't even want you in her life anymore either. She has more than enough women in her life who care about her.

Misty: Ahh yes, because Spike is just trying to find the right woman to replace me, right? He's looking for the right woman to play Mommy to my daughter?

Dixie: Someone needs to, because you sure as hell won't. How you could just abandon you child is beyond me. I thought you were different, but apparently I was wrong. Get the hell out of here.

Misty shakes her head, smiling arrogantly at her sister.

Misty: Okay first off, I didn't abandon her when I left Spike. You all just made that decision for me. Second off, I need to talk to Spike. Where is he?

Dixie laughs and folds her arms across her chest.

Dixie: You're so full of shit, Misty! For months...MONTHS after you left Spike, you never once made an attempt to see her, and you're suddenly expecting me to believe that you--

Misty: I don't give a shit what you believe, blondie! I didn't come here to argue with you over the past! I came here to talk to Spike. Just tell me where the hell he is or when he'll be home!

Dixie: Where Spike is or what he does is none of your business anymore, Misty. What's wrong, are you suddenly feeling regret and want to try and win him back? Good luck with that, he's found someone who is the woman you never were and never will be.

Misty sighs and takes a deep breath. She quietly wondered to herself how she ever dealt with a sister like Dixie.

Misty: Fine. If you're not going to tell me where he is, at least tell me when he'll be back.

Dixie: What more do I have to say to you to get you to leave? FUCK OFF MISTY! Spike doesn't want you around. No one does. You probably just want to torture him more talking about the miscarriage and use that against him. You really are a heartless bi--

Dixie is suddenly taken by surprise as Misty lunges forward, grabbing Dixie by the throat. She pulls Dixie in close to her, her nostrils flared and the rage apparent in her face. She tightens her grip on Dixie's throat, and Dixie chokes and tries gasping for air which Misty is denying her.

Misty: Don't you EVER bring up my miscarriage again you good for nothing blonde tramp! What I have to talk to Spike about is none of your damn business so shut the fuck up because you don't know what the hell you are talking about. If you bring it up again, blondie, I'll do much worse than what I am doing right now. Are we clear?

Dixie: Can't...breathe...

As Misty tightens her grip just a bit more, the front door opens again. This time, it is Spike's son, Timmy, who walks out of the house, and he charges towards Misty and Dixie defensively.

Timmy: Hey! Let go of her you pale faced bitch before I kick your ass myself!

Misty moves her eyes to look at the teenager she once considered her son, and a sadistic smile grows on her face. She shoves Dixie away from her, and Dixie nearly falls to the ground, immediately coughing and gasping for her. Timmy comes over to check on her, placing a hand on his aunt's back. He lifts his head and glares daggers at Misty.

Timmy: Get the hell out of here before I call the police.

Misty: Aww, Timmy, I'm hurt that you are speaking to me like this. I raised you as if you were my own son.

Timmy: Yeah and thank God I'm not. It makes it that much easier for me to tell you to fuck off and die for all I care!

Misty laughs as she holds up her hands in defeat. She takes a step back as Timmy helps Dixie to her feet.

Misty: Okay, okay...I'll leave, but whether either of you like it or not, I'll be seeing Eden very soon.

Timmy: Not if I have anything to say about it you won't.

Misty nods, though she disagrees. Timmy helps Dixie back inside the house, sending Misty an evil glare every so often before they disappear inside. Misty stares at the house for a moment, before she walks down the street and the scene fades away.


About two hours later, Spike's car pulls into the driveway. The engine shuts off and a few seconds later, Spike emerges from the driver's side, twirling his keys in his hand. He starts heading towards his front door, when Misty's voice comes from behind him.

Misty: It's about time you got home, Spike. I've been waiting here for two hours. Where were you?

Spike lowers his head upon hearing Misty's voice, and lets out a low growl. He turns around slowly to see her standing just on the outside of the fence, looking at him with a fake smile and her arms folded.

Spike: As if it's any of your business? And I heard about the shit you pulled earlier. It seems like someone is back to her usual self, huh?

Misty: Hey, Dixie deserved what I did to her. She should be thankful I didn't do worse! And what do you mean back to my usual self?

Spike raises an eyebrow as he remembers the last time he saw Misty, just days ago, and the frame of mind she was in. She clearly doesn't remember it, and he doesn't really feel like getting into that subject at the moment, so he avoids it all together.

Spike: Nevermind, it doesn't matter right now.

Misty: Aww what's wrong babe? Rough date with Vixen? It must have been since you're home so early, right?

Spike closes his eyes and takes in a deep breath, growing more and more frustrated with his ex.

Spike: Not that it's any of your business, but I'm just getting home from a training session with Jessie. You know, the woman who is going to beat you in your next round match in the J-Cup tournament.

Misty lets out a loud obnoxious laugh and she looks at Spike with a look of pure amusement on her face.

Misty: Really, Spike? You may feel nothing but hatred towards me, but even I know there is no way you actually believe that will happen. Odette managed to beat me, yes. Vixen might stand a chance if she just worked a tiny bit harder, but even then its unlikely. But Jessie Salco? You did see what happened to her last time I faced her, right? The poor girl doesn't stand a chance!

Spike: Keep believing that, Misty, because when it does happen, I'm going to enjoy the look of disappointment on your face. A lot of people might consider Jessie the underdog going into this match against you, but she's got a hell of a lot of passion for what she does. And that is motivation enough to beat your ass, and she will. Last year, I was cheering for you in this tournament. This year, though, I have full faith in either Jessie or Vixen to walk away as the winner. You can count on that.

Misty: Your faith in your NXT girls is pretty pathetic sometimes, you know that, especially when it comes to them facing me. I'm going to enjoy taking both Vixen and Jessie, and possibly even Odette, down in just a matter of weeks. Vixen at Climax Control...Jessie at the J-Cup...and Odette hopefully in the next round of the Mixed Tag Tournament. Your girls don't stand a chance against me, and you know it. Odette's one victory over me was pure luck. Next time, she won't be so lucky.

Misty glances to the front window of Spike's home from the corner of her eye. She can see Eden's little eyes looking through the blinds, as well as Timmy's, but she pretends she doesn't notice. Spike takes a few steps towards her.

Spike: You're forgetting, Misty. I taught you everything you know. I know your tricks, and lets just say that Vixen, Jessie and Odette...They all know them too.

Misty: You're right, Spike. You did teach me everything I know.

Spike's eyes widen in a bit of shock.

Spike: Excuse me? Can you repeat that for me, please?

Misty laughs and an arrogant smirk appears on her face again.

Misty: Spike, you might have taught me everything I know, but just remember, you haven't trained me in almost a year now. And since that time, I've learned a few new tricks myself. Your loyalty to you NXT girls is sweet and all, but we both know, I'll destroy every single one of them.

Spike shakes his head, having heard enough.

Spike: If that's what helps you sleep at night, by all means, keep thinking that. I'm done listening to your shit. I'm going back inside to spend time with my kids.

Misty: You can't keep her away from me forever you know, Spike. She's my daughter...

Spike turns around and heads toward the door.

Spike: Watch me!

And with that, he disappears inside the house where he pulls the curtains over the front window a few moments later. Misty stands there, shaking her head. She can hear her daughter's excited laughter from inside the house, and it brings a smile to her face as the scene fades out.


Sunday February 10th
Laughlin, Nevada
Before Climax Control

Misty is backstage in the E Center of the Edgewater Hotel in Laughlin, Nevada. She is finishing getting ready for her match in the women's locker room, with Ruby with her. The brothers are waiting patiently outside when the door opens and Sebastian's voice is heard, but he doesn't peak inside.

Sebastian: My Queen, the blonde reporter wishes to enter the locker room. She says she is here for an interview.

Misty: Of course she is, because what would my night be without an interview for the lovely Pussy Willow? Let her inside, Sebastian.

Pussy Willow walks inside, not even bothering to thank the men watching the door, and Sebastian closes the door behind her. Misty looks towards her as she finishes lacing up her boots.

Misty: I'm starting to think you're becoming my own personal interviewer, Miss Willow. You seem to find me every week.

PW: Trust me when I say no one could pay me enough to be your own personal interviewer. I wouldn't even be here to interview you if it wasn't my job at the moment. Mark Ward and Christian Underwood wanted me to speak to all of the J-Cup participants. So here I am.

Misty is done lacing up her boots and she slaps her hands against her knees and stands up, giving Pussy Willow her full attention.

Misty: Very well then. Let's get this out of the way shall we? I have a match to prepare for, and I need to speak with my partner beforehand.

PW: Right. Well, first things first. Congratulations on being one of four people representing SCW to advance to the second round of the J-Cup tournament.

Misty: Thank you, but was there any doubt I would advance?

Pussy Willow snickers, but she doesn't respond. This seems to upset Misty.

Misty: I'm sorry, what was so funny about that? Did you honestly believe I wasn't going to advance?

PW: Nothing. Nevermind. I just had a scratch in my throat for a second. I'm sorry. How do you feel about Vixen, Jessie Salco and Lucian Frost also advancing into the next round?

Misty chuckles and waves her hand, waving off the question.

Misty: None of us really had much competition, so is it any surprise they advanced as well? Besides, after round two, there will only be two left standing as Vixen is up against Lucian, and I am up against Jessie.

PW: How interesting would it be if both Vixen and Jessie advanced to the semi-finals and faced each other, knowing they are both NXT members?

Misty: As interesting as that would be, Miss Willow, that will not happen because Jessie will not be advancing after this round. I'm not holding my breath that Vixen will advance either, though because she is facing Lucian and not myself, she stands a chance.

PW: You just seem to think that no one can beat you, don't you? You really expect to breeze your way through the rest of the tournament?

A smile creeps on Misty's face as she places her thumb and index finger on her chin as if giving that question some thought.

Misty: Hmmm...How to answer those questions without sounding...Oh, to hell with it! Of course no one else in this tournament can beat me, so naturally I will breeze my way through. The proof lies in who my first two opponents. First, one of PRA's representatives in Morpheus. That was just too easy for words. Next up, Jessie Salco, a woman who I have already beaten with ease just over a month ago. I look at my list of possible opponents from here on out, and each one of them I know I can beat, because I've faced people a hell of a lot tougher than they are. They all need to realize, Miss Willow, that I am the one to beat in this tournament. I am the one they all need to worry about.

PW: Confident as ever, I see.

Misty: Confidence is key, Miss Willow. Without confidence, I wouldn't stand a chance. I won the J-Cup last year, and I'm fighting like hell to keep it where it belongs, and that is with me. Plain and simple. If Jessie Salco believes she can stop me in only the second round, I look forward to seeing the effort she puts out. Because it won't be enough.

A knock on the door interrupts them and Misty looks towards the door. Sebastian's voice comes from outside the room once again.

Sebastian: Forgive me for interrupting, my Queen, but there are other Bombshells that have arrived and are wanting inside.

Misty: Very well then. Miss Willow, I believe this interview is over. I have other things to attend to. It was a pleasure as always.

Misty then snaps her fingers and Ruby is at her side. The two brush past Pussy Willow, as the door opens and other Bombshells head inside to prepare for Climax Control. They send dirty looks at Misty and Ruby, though the two pay no attention to them as they walk out the door, rejoining the brothers before the disappear down the hall to attend to other business and the scene fades to black.

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