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> Endeavor IX
Mercedes Vargas
Posted: May 17, 2019 11:59 pm

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[u]semana del 12 al 18 de mayo de 2 0 1 9

Mercedes Vargas: Bombshell Roulette Championship number one contender. You know, it does has a nice ring to it. I mean, I don't want to toot my own horn or anything...OK, yes I do. Toot, toot I beat Little Miss Tattooed Biker Chick and Little Miss Throwback to become next in line for Samantha Marlowe, which can only mean I'm going to beat her too. It's meant to be and it will be.

Did I mention the history I made at London Brawling II? I didn't? Well it bears repeating: I...made...history. Winningest female wrestler on pay-per-view, longest pay-per-view streak of all time, among other things. I was so excited about my win at London Brawling II, you know what did the the entire werk? I sat my derriere in my cherriere, ate some cavier and then set up my DVR and I watched how I setup D-V-R over my shoulders and dropped her on her head with the Black Rose Overdrive.

I wonder if Amanda is having second thoughts about coming back to SCW full time? Or if Daniela is still capable of grasping the English language. Maybe she's looking for an apology. She's not going to find one because I'm not the least bit sorry.

When you're at the top everyone is after you. I'm not looking back at people like Trinity, she's not competition. I know I'm better than her and that's why while she's dreaming about winning titles, I'm achieving winning titles. People like Daniela says that the reason I've been successful is because of hype as an insult that, quite frankly, doesn't even make sense. It's a fact, it's true. Mercedes Vargas is successful in Sin City Wrestling and any promotion I step into because I'm all hype. Because I back up what I say, not all the time but most of the time. Because talent like me don't get put in matches with Twisted Sister. Because I don't ask to be put in matches with this person or that person, they demand that they face me. Because I believe in myself and put in the work necessary that other people won't. I achieve things that they can't ever hope to match or surpass. So, yes, hype is the reason why I've been successful. So, no, I'm not.

Ella Singleton says that I'm one of the luckiest people on the roster. I mean, that has to be better than being the daughter of a hall of fame wrestler by her admission, right? My family tree wasn't so lucky. The genes, the pedigree, the priceless mentoring from a veteran who has excelled in the business...I didn't get any of that. I had no help, little money, and just a dream. A dream deeply rooted in the American dream. If anything people who have a wrestling lineage are practically raised in the business so they already have a foot in the door; I had the door slammed in my face.

When a second or third generation wrestler quickly ascends to the higher echelons of this sport, I had to work twice as hard. Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard.

It’s always tough to live up to a wrestling lineage. The credibility with the fans who expect you to be a champion and a main eventer soon after your debut. Lucky for me I don't have that problem.

Successful people are not lucky, they don't believe their own hype; they just work harder than the average person.

When a basketball player heads down the court and sets up for the winning shot on the final play of the game and the ball goes in, does it get listed in the luck stats? Of course not. The player gets the scoring stat and the basketball team wins the game. Why? Because it is not luck when you perform what is required. They did their job.

On Sunday, it's about time I do mine.

How appropriate that the next Climax Control is in Vegas? If I was a betting person, chances are Trinity will be back to blaming someone other than herself why she failed to take the Bombshell Roulette Championship off of Sam Marlowe.

Ahead of Blaze of Glory, it was because Sam had been ducking her and after the outcome it was because Sam won by luck to beat her and that anybody could be beat in a backstage brawl. The funny thing about that is no one interfered so luck has nothing to do with it. Then at London Brawling II,
what happened? Trinity ended up on her back again, in a no disqualification match. Was that due to luck? Was Sierra just lucky to beat you? I don't think so. What you don't realize is luck, just like fear, isn't real. It's a figment of your imagination.

I didn't come to SCW to make friends, I came here to win titles and make history. It's not my job to hold anyone's hand and I refuse to think anything less of myself. Even past my prime I'm capable of beating any girl on any show in any match at any given time. I'm doing more, saying less. Working hard, playing less. I set the bar that few will ever reach, if they even get that far.

Face it, Trinity. You want a win over me because you need it, and in the worse way. You burned bright to start out the year but now you're fading down the stretch and another loss just might break you. I don’t need to beat you to prove I’m better than you. Go ahead with your idle threats though because your words are as empty as your threats.

And your excuses aren't much better.

Two days, forty-eight hours. That's all there is until you step in the ring with me at Climax Control, little girl. I don't know what I did to deserve this. Then again, maybe this is a blessing in disguise. If being humiliated by Sam Marlowe was the nail in the coffin that is your career, then I'm going to be the hammer to drive it home.

So do your worst and bring your best. Come Sunday, don’t come looking for me, I’ll be waiting for you.

Hope for the best, prepare for the worse. And may the odds be ever in your favor.


Smile Because it Happened The Sixteenth: Look What You've Made Me Do The Fifteenth: Outliers, Part XI: Want Versus Need
Present Day •
Micheltorena Stairs
L O S A N G E L E S, C A L I F O R N I A


"Some things are better left unsaid, but you can bet I'm going to say it anyway. I can't help being who I am."

Mercedes Vargas looks up from her folded hands to the camera. The camera peels back just a bit to show us that the SCW Hall of Famer is sat on a flight of stairs that made up the Micheltorena Stairs. The iconic landmark made famous by its bold red hearts and colorful steps, all 177 of them, in fact.

"So, I'm finally back in the U.S. of A. and not a moment too soon. It's been two weeks since the Ireland and UK Tour ended and while I'm thankful for a little R&R, I'm sure most of us who was featured on the tour are still trying to get back to normal. The jetlag is real.

"I got to visit many different places and even revisit old ones. Not a bad way to spend seven weeks. I was always told it’s a bad idea to mix business with pleasure. At London Brawling, I did both, taking care of business and adding Amanda Cortez and Daniela V Rodgers to my checklist."

As she said this, Mercedes takes out her cellphone and brings up a still image of her in the ring. She's bent over at the point of collapsing, drenched in sweat and at the point of exhaustion. Hey, they can't always be award-winning moments.

"If pictures are worth a thousand words, I don't need that many. I don't need 140 characters. I only need four."

Mercedes now holds up four fingers.

"I told you so."

Yes, if her flashiness didn't clue you in on her remarkable victory at the supercard, then her arrogance will. After her victory in London, she wasn't surprised every one on the roster wants a piece of her.

"If I've learned one important lesson from multi-person matches, it's to always expect the unexpected. And even when you expect it, you still didn't expect it! Sunday at London Brawling was an exception because yours truly proved that I AM the triple threat.

"But enough about that. Let's get this back to where it needs to be, and that's what's next for yours truly. Well, come this Sunday at Climax Control 236, the fallout show from the supercard, you are going to see live the #ChampionofChampions against someone you know very well, someone I know very well. I'm talking about "The Dragon" Trinity Jones."

Mercedes can't help to bring her hand to her face, a classic facepalm. This lasts a moment before she looks up at the camera.

"I hate to rain on your parade Trinity, but as far as our match Sunday I just have one question: You ever had one of those days when you just don't feel to come to work? Forgive me if I'm not doing such a good job of keeping a straight face, but this isn't a matchup. It's a mismatch. You call yourself "The Dragon", but you don't scare anybody. I have solidified myself as the greatest SCW wrestler this company has ever seen without question. I am a legend, an icon and a hall of famer. I’ve reached milestones, shattered records, and dominated opponents since I joined the roster. Who did you ever beat this year? Oh, right, Mercedes Lewis, Pandora Barrett and Iron Maiden. I guess it helps to know that Mercedes and Pandora didn't even last three months before they left the company and Iron Maiden is nothing more but target practice for even the someone who came fresh out of wrestling school. Not in your case, but in general, but who am I?"

Mercedes holds up her hands in reservation.

“It's not that you’re any good, it's not that I'm not looking past you. Even if I gave you the benefit of the doubt, more than likely all you'll do is prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that I was right. I like to think I always am."

Mercedes felt that she would be the one that kept Trinity's ego in check. In fact, she felt it was her civic duty. Sunday would be another needed reminder of why there was no comparison.

"At London Brawling, I risked it all to win it all and I'm not heading to Vegas just to lose, Trinity. You've had your chances at winning your first championship, had your chances to finally prove Sam Marlowe wrong, and you've ran out of coins. It's the back of the line for you, and I'll be more than happy to send you there because if there is anything I hate most it's people taking advantage of the hard work of others."

Looking deadset into the camera lens, her voice drops to a whisper though her words hold conviction behind them. She pauses, mostly for dramatic effect.

"Two years ago when we wrestled for the very first time, I beat you. I put you down for the 1-2-3. Two years ago is a very long time. The only thing that stands between you and failure this time is reality. Like I said on Twitter, if you seriously think you're beating me this weekend and suddenly get put in the title match I earned you got another thing coming. If you think I’m going to slip up just mere weeks after I sign the last rites to Sam Marlowe's title reign, you’re dead wrong. I’m doing this company a favor and I intend to carry it through by being not what this company wants as a champion, but what it needs."

Mercedes pauses as she sweeps back her hair from her face.

"Into the Void is in forty-three days. I'm sure Christian will find something for you to do, even if it's serving those hungry fans at catering. It worked for Sam, maybe it'll work for you too."

Mercedes shakes her head out of pity, then raises her index finger.

"Trinity, I'll see you at Climax Control and as for knocking my head off, sweetheart, I'd like to see you try.
If at first you don't succeed, destroy all evidence that you tried..."


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SCW Hall of Famer (Class of 2018)
World Bombshell Champion (x2)
Bombshell Roulette Champion (record-tying, x3)
Bombshell Internet Champion 
World Bombshell Tag Team Champion (x3) (w/Traci Patterson (x2) and Delia Darling)
World Mixed Tag Team Champion (x2, w/Kain)
Third female SCW Triple Crown Champion (6th SCW Triple Crown Champion overall)
First-ever 2x Triple Crown Champion in SCW history (most ever by a female wrestler)
Second female Grand Slam Champion (4th SCW Grand Slam Champion overall)
First-ever eleven-time champion overall in SCW history, most by a female wrestler; fastest champion, male or female, to reach milestone between first and eleventh title (September 16, 2018)
(1799 days/59 months, between October 2013 and July 2018; 4 years, 11 months)
First-ever ten-time champion overall in SCW history, most by a female wrestler; fastest champion, male or female, to reach milestone between first and tenth title (July 22, 2018)
(1743 days/57 months between October 2013 and July 2018; 4 years, 9 months)
First-ever nine-time champion overall in SCW history, most by a female wrestler; fastest champion, male or female, to reach milestone between first and ninth title (September 24, 2017)
(1442 days/47 months between October 2013 and September 2017; 3 years, 11 months)
First-ever eight-time champion overall in SCW history, most by a female wrestler; fastest champion, male or female, to reach milestone between first and eighth title (May 15, 2016)
(945 days/31 months between October 2013 and May 2015; 2 years, 7 months)
Longest consecutive pay-per-view appearance 37+ consecutive events since June 2013 pay-per-view debut)
Only woman to compete at every SCW pay-per-view for five consecutive years (2014-2018)
One of two wrestlers and the first woman to win five different SCW championships (July 22, 2018)
1743 days/57 months (4 years, 9 months)
First-ever two-time World Bombshell Tag Team Champion (w/Traci Patterson) (June 29, 2014)
First-ever two-time World Mixed Tag Team Champion (w/Kain) (September 16, 2018)
First-ever five-time tag team champion overall in SCW history (September 16, 2018)
1652 days/54 months (4 years, 6 months)
Most career wins by a female wrestler in SCW history (December 16, 2018)
Most career wins on Climax Control by a female wrestler in SCW history (February 3, 2019)
First-ever six-time singles champion overall in Bombshell history, (tied with Goth for most career singles championship reigns all-time in SCW history)
1442 days/47 months (3 years, 11 months)
One of six female wrestlers (Misty, Amy Marshall, Jessie Salco, Joanne Canelli, Roxi Johnson) and the second fastest to win a title in three consecutive years (May 31, 2015)
595 days/19 months (1 year, 7 months)
Second female wrestler, one of three (Amy Marshall, Roxi Johnson) and the second fastest to win a title in four consecutive years (February 14, 2016)
854 days/28 months (2 years, 4 months)
Only female wrestler to win a championship in six consecutive years:
1743 days/57 months (4 years, 9 months)
(Bombshell Roulette Championship, 2013, 2014; World Bombshell Tag Team Championship, 2015; Bombshell Internet Championship, 2016; World Bombshell Championship, 2017; World Mixed Tag Team Championship, 2018) 
Only woman in SCW history to become a multiple-time champion with four sets of titles (September 16, 2018)
Only woman to become a multiple-time champion with the Bombshell Roulette (x3), World Bombshell Tag Team (x3), World Bombshell (x2) and World Mixed Tag Team Championships in a career (September 16, 2018)
One of two women (Amy Marshall) and one of three wrestlers overall (Marshall, Rage) in SCW history to become a multiple-time champion wirh three sets of titles (February 14, 2016)
Third woman, one of only five (Joanne Canelli, Amy Marshall, Jessie Salco, Roxi Johnson) and the third fastest in SCW history to become a multiple-time champion with the SCW Bombshell Roulette (x3), World Bombshell Tag Team (x3) and Bombshell Internet Championships in a career (February 14, 2016)
First woman and one of only four (Veronica Taylor, Amy Marshall, Jessie Salco) to become a multiple-time champion with the Bombshell Roulette and World Bombshell Tag Team Championships (June 29, 2014)
Second woman and one of three (Vixen, Sam Marlowe) to become a multiple-time champion with the Bombshell Roulette and World Bombshell Championships (September 24, 2017)
Third woman and one of only three (Misty, Raynin) to become a multiple-time champion with the World Bombshell Tag Team and World Bombshell Championships (September 24, 2017)
Only female wrestler to become a multiple-time champion with the World Bombshell and World Mixed Tag Team Championships (September 16, 2018)
One of five women (Kittie, Vixen, Joanne Canelli, Delia Darling) to have never lost their first match of a new year and the first to do so four years in a row (June 2013 debut, January 2014, 2015, 2016) 
One of three women to have never lost their first supercard match of a new year and the first to do so five years in a row (June 2013 debut, January 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017) 
First-ever SCW Queen for a Day battle royal winner (December 2 Dismember III supershow, December 13, 2015)
Second Bombshell to have wrestled 100 TV/PPV matches, fastest in history to reach milestone (September 3, 2017)
(1554 days, or 51 months between June 2013 and September 2017)
Fifth woman to have wrestled 50 TV/PPV matches, third fastest in history to reach milestone (July 19, 2015)
(777 days, or 25 months between June 2013 and July 2015)
Second-longest reigning Bombshell Roulette Champion 
September 14, 2014 - March 8, 2015 (175 days; 5 months, 22 days; held record for longest singles reign for 17 months after reign ended)
Most consecutive/successful title defenses, 5; [record tied by Sam Marlowe twice on 24 September 2017 and 7 April 2019]
Second most combined consecutive/successful title defenses, 7; broken on 26 January 2019; [held record for most combined defenses for four years after third reign ended]
Second woman to have held Bombshell Roulette Championship three times (after Necra Octavian Kane) (September 14, 2014) 
Fourth woman and one of five (Misty, Vixen, Necra Octavian Kane, Jessie Salco) to have held a Bombshell singles title three times (September 14, 2014) 
Only woman to record four title reigns in a single year
(2014, winning the Bombshell Tag Team (March, June) and Bombshell Roulette (January, September) Championships two times each)
First woman in SCW history to go unpinned/unsubmitted in singles matches for up to an entire year (365 days) or more (434 days)
Longest Bombshells singles unpinned/unsubmitted streak in SCW history
(June 2, 2013 - August 10, 2014) -
14 months, 8 days/434 days overall/62 weeks
Longest Bombshells unpinned/unsubmitted streak in SCW history 
(June 2, 2013 - March 30, 2014)
9 months, 28 days/301 days overall/43 weeks
[Held record from March 30, 2014 - March 21, 2016
722 days/23 months, 3 weeks/103 weeks and 1 day]

The Checklist
Ambrosia Grey/Joanne Canelli/Laura Jackson
Jessie Salco
Nessa Wall/Jessie Salco (x2)
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Traci Patterson (x2)
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Amy Marshall
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Amanda Cortez (x2)/Veronica Taylor (x2)
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Amy Marshall (x7)
Samantha Marlowe (x2)
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Samantha Marlowe (x3)
Trinity Jones
Seleana Zdunich
Dani Weston
Charlotte Elliot/Daniel J Morgan
Antrax/Iron Maiden
Samantha Marlowe (x4)/Caleb Storms
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