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> All-Star Roxi Issue #10, The Competition (Part 1)
Roxi Johnson
Posted: January 10, 2020 10:36 pm

SCW Elite!

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{The scene opens after Roxi’s victory as December to Dismember, she walks backstage, holding the championship but the match having taken it’s toll on her as she walks very gingerly. There are several production staff and crew that offer her congratulations, but Roxi is really only looking for one person. She slings the championship over her shoulder before heading to the locker room, finding Keira, head in her hands. When she looks up and sees Roxi however, she smiles, stands and moves in to hug her and the two share a kiss.}

Roxi – Are you okay?

{Keira is somewhat stunned by this question, shooting Roxi an odd look before smiling and nodding.}

Keira – Yes, of course, are you okay?

Roxi – Yeah, just glad you’re okay.

Keira – … Seriously? You won! You should be happy about that!

Roxi – I am. But I know how much this mean to –

Keira – Stop it. You take the time to enjoy this. I’m proud of you.

Roxi – I’m proud of you.

Keira – Are we doing an Abbott and Costello bit now? Just… come on, sit down.

{Keira guides Roxi to the locker room bench, and Roxi sits down, leaning up against the locker and closing her eyes.}

Keira – Do you want me to get the trainer?

Roxi – I’ll be fine.

Keira – Are you sure?

Roxi – Trust me. I just need minute to cool down.

Keira – I’ll go get you a towel.

Roxi – You don’t –

Keira – I want to. Now stop arguing and settle down.

{Keira stands, and walks away briefly, Roxi leans back again and closes her eyes, before looking down at the championship in her hands. She nods and smiles to herself, before Keira returns and hands Roxi a towel, which she uses to wipe herself down.}

Roxi – Thank you.

Keira – No problem.

{Roxi eyes Keira and wraps her arm around her.}

Roxi – I love you.

Keira – I love you too.

Roxi – I could not have done this without you.

Keira – … You did.

Roxi – That’s…

{Roxi sheepishly drops her head, and nods.}

Roxi – I deserve that one.

Keira – Look, you won. I am happy about that. I really am. Does it suck that I wasn’t in the match? Sure. Hurts like hell right now. And getting squashed by Bobbi hurts like hell right now, but you know what? You winning? softens the blow.

Roxi – I just want you to be happy.

Keira – I am happy, I’m more mad at myself.

Roxi – I’m going to do something about it.

{Keira looks at Roxi, confused.}

Keira – What? You just going to give me a title shot?

Roxi – No, but I do have an idea.

Keira – I’m listening…

Roxi – I’m still planning it.

Keira – You’re still planning your plan?

Roxi – Planning my plan.
{Keira rolls her eyes and giggles.}

Keira – Sounds like you. But, I think we need to get back. I’m sure there’s a little boy who’re driving Chris and Sasha crazy.

{Roxi lays her head on Keira’s shoulder, smiling.}

Roxi – Chris and Sasha love him, and he loves them. He loves everybody.

Keira – Look who his parents are.

Roxi – True. Very true. Alright, I think it’s time to hit the trail.

Keira – I’ll go get the bags.

Roxi – I’ll meet you at the car.

{Keira and Roxi both stand, and share another kiss, before Keira walks over to the lockers and grabs the team’s bags. She calmly walks out, leaving Roxi alone for a few moments. Roxi takes a deep breath, before exiting herself, walking through the hallway and still being congratulated. She makes it to the car, and gets in the passenger seat as Keira enters the car.}

Roxi – Don’t kill us on the way home…

Keira – I am an EXCELLENT driver!

{Roxi and Keira giggle as they drive off.

The next day, the two arrive at their home, Chris and Sasha there waiting along with Nate, who is excited to see his parents.}

Nate – Mama and Mommy!

{Nate rushes forward hugging them both.}

Roxi – Missed you baby.

Keira – Did you miss us?

Nate – Uh huh. I did. But Aunt Chris an Aunt Sasha they played with me.

Roxi – They did!

Nate – Uh huh!

Keira – What did they play with you?

Nate – Uh… I don’t member.

{Everyone shares a laugh before Keira walks over, kissing Sasha and Christine.}

Keira – He wasn’t too much trouble, was he?

Christine – Him? Nah. He’s just curious, he’s not trouble at all.

{Roxi pulls her newly won championship out of her bag, and hands it to Nate, who can barely carry it, but holds it up high.}

Nate – Can I have this?

Roxi – Hahaha. You can play with it for a little bit, but Mommy has to take it back to work soon.

Nate – Okay! Mama! Look what I got!

Keira – Oh! Very nice!

Nate – Uh-huh!

{Nate wanders away playing with the championship before Roxi joins Keira, Sasha and Christine.}

Keira – They say he wasn’t trouble.

Sasha – He’s not, he’s adorable! I hope we have kids just like him!

Roxi – I don’t know… There’s only one Nate!

Christine – He’s a doll.

Roxi – You guys need any help? Anything?

Christine – We’re pregnant, not helpless, been through this a time or two.

Roxi – I just –

Keira – She knows. You guys know if you need anything, just let us know.

Christine – Of course.

{Christine and Sasha soon depart as Nate says good-bye to them and things get back to normal.}

Nate – Mommy?

Roxi – Yes baby?

Nate – Aunt Chris and Aunt Sasha have… the big bellies now.

Roxi – Uh huh. They’re gonna have babies really soon.

Nate – They have babies?

Roxi – Yup. So you will have some little baby friends soon.

Nate – Even more?!

Roxi – Yes.

Nate – Cool!

{Keira walks up to Nate behind him and picks him high into the air, gnawing at his belly in a playful fashion and making Nate giggle.}

Nate – Mama!

Keira – Yes, Mama. Mama loves you.

Nate – I love you too.

Keira – Kiss me.

{The two kiss as Roxi heads towards the luggage on the ground.}

Roxi – I’ll go put this away.

Keira – Alright. Are you hungry Nate? I’m hungry.

Nate – Uh-huh.

Keira – Let’s get some food.

{Keira and Nate head to the refrigerator, as Roxi takes all the luggage to the bedroom. She unpacks everything and separates it in order for it to all be washed. She looks out of the room and The bombshell’s champion lays on the ground nearby. She walks over and picks it up, before heading into the trophy room. She eyes one of the other replica bombshell’s championships, and then looks down at the one in her arms.}

Roxi – I’m going to make up for you.

{She says it quietly to herself, before walking back to the bedroom to finish unpacking at the scene fades.}

{We flash to this week, where Roxi, clad in her Lady Bedlam costume, sits on the edge of a rooftop, dangling her feet off the edge, clearly bored.}

Vision – Long night?

Roxi – I got nothing and it sucks.

Vision – You started this little competition you know.

Roxi – Because I planned on winning.

Vision – Not doing so hot now, are you?

Roxi – Shut it.

Vision – Oh… fine… Guess you don’t want to hear about this crime.

Roxi – I swear I will bend you like a pretzel

Vision – Actually, in all seriousness, I’ve been meaning to ask about you after… all that..

Roxi – I’ll be okay.

Vision – I mean, I don’t know what you saw and –

Roxi – Nothing I couldn’t handle. I’m past that now. It wasn’t real, like Keira said.

Vision – Still…

Roxi – It hurt. A lot. But I will be okay. Now, about this crime?

Vision – I was just trying to make conversation.

Roxi – Sometimes… I REALLY dislike you.

{Roxi stands up and begins flying around.}

Vision – What are you doing?

Roxi – Going to find my own crime. I’m not losing this competition.

{Roxi flies, hovering over the city until she sees a car driving at dangerous speeds, seemingly in a race, but against no one.}

Roxi – Bingo.

{Roxi flies down, chasing after the vehicle, until she notices a seemingly teenaged girl trying to cross the street.}

Roxi – Oh no...

{Roxi uses her super speed to teleport in front of the car, grab the teenage girl and pull her to safety as the car speeds past, seemingly without a care.}

Girl – Whoa…

Roxi – You need to be careful. And you should be at home… it’s getting late.

{Roxi touches the girl’s shoulder before heading off.}

Girl – Thank you!

Roxi – Just doing my job!

{Roxi speeds after, regaining a visual on the car before latching herself onto the driver’s side of the car.}


{The two men inside are clearly intoxicated and having way too much fun, swerve and force Roxi off the door as she has to avoid being squashed at the car bounces off a wall.}

Roxi – Why can’t this ever be easy?

{Roxi has to once again relocate the car and now lands on the hood. She reaches, down, quickly jerking the wheel and forcing the car to take an alley much too small for the large car. As sparks fly as the car scarpes against buildings, the car is slowed down, enough that once the car clears the alley back on to the road, it is so damaged it can’t go any faster than a slow crawl, She reaches in and yanks the driver out, and puts the car in park. The passenger is pulled out as well afterward.}

Roxi – I got two, drunk driving and reckless endangerment.

{The two men are so drunk they can barely react to anything, other than laughing. But once Roxi finishes, she jerks them both to the ground, a tight grip on either arm.}

Drunk #1 – Ow! Ow! Come on!

Drunk #2 – We didn’t even do nothing.

Roxi – You could have killed a little girl back there! And who knows how many others! You two aren’t going anywhere.

Drunk #1 – You wrecked my car!

Roxi – Are you two just wrecked your lives. Hope you’re happy.

{The police sirens offer enough of a distraction as Roxi turns them drunks over to the cops. As they are arrested. She leaves the area.}

Roxi – Have a competition you said. It’ll be fun you said…

{Roxi muses to herself before reaching the roof again. She pulls out her phone and texts Keira.}

1 FOR ME. We’re just getting started.

{Roxi smiles to herself and puts her phone away.}

Vision – Hope that was exciting.

Roxi – I’ll take what I can get. I’m going to win this competition.

Vision – If you say so. I’ve got a robbery in progress at a bakery…

Roxi – You’ve got to be kidding me…

Vision – Actually, no. Seriously.

Roxi – A bakery, really? What is there to steal other than baked goods?

Vision – Hey… I can just let the cops handle it.

{Roxi sighs, and shakes her head.}

Roxi – It’s crime, it counts! I’m on it!

{Roxi dashes off in search of the bakery robbery as the scene fades.}

“What do you do when faced by the impossible? You do the impossible. And that's what we're going to do.”

- Superman (Action Comics Vol 2 14)

Hello SCW!

I guess I got caught up in the moment because I have yet to really say that I hope that you all had a happy, healthy, and wonderful holiday season. I know for me, it was a little bittersweet. I know that 2019 wasn’t the greatest year for me, I’ve said it enough times, and goodness knows that if you followed me that I went through a rough patch. But, I think it’s safe to say that I ended 2019 on a high note.

I did it. I won.

I am now the SCW Bombshell’s champion, and it feels really, really good. It’s good to be at the top, and it’s good to hold gold once again. I won’t lie and say that for a little while there, I thought that maybe my best days were behind me, but that, is no longer the case. To win this championship once again, and to have done it on a grand stage, and to have beaten the caliber of opponents I beat, is a reward I will cherish for the rest of my life, not to mention my career. It is something that means the world to me, and you have my promise to carry this championship with the dignity and respect it deserves.

So, that begs the question: What’s next? Or rather, who’s next?

I mean, as soon as I won this championship, there were ladies popping off and proclaiming themselves as number one contender, or challenging me or eating that slice of humble pie, and knowing how bitter it tastes and then to have to swallow it, knowing they don’t want to, but knowing it’s good for them. It’s like broccoli.

Anyway, More than anything, it was nice to have a few weeks to finally let all this sink in. To spend the holidays just relaxing and not getting too worked up or fussing over who my next challenger will be. To have the time to not only physically, but mentally recharge was a great thing. But now, it’s time to get back to work. It’s time that as champion, I lead by example and make the most of the time I have.

I’d like to think that I answered the question about my next challenger is or will be. To me, it doesn’t matter. It has never mattered. I’ve never been a picky person, I just want whoever’s name that is next to mine to bring their best. I’m not out to try and set records or anything like that, numbers only really matter to Mercedes Vargas, usually about 3 hours too late, but still, I’ve never been heavy into numbers and stats about the reigns or anything. I just want competition, I’m here to promote competition. I wasn’t blowing smoke when I said that SCW has the best women’s wrestling on the planet and I will stand by that any time. All the women here are great in their own right, and I want to wrestle them all. Andrea Hernandez? Absolutely. Bobbi Dahl? You better believe it. Candy? Bella Madison? Sam Marlowe? Yes, yes, and more yes.

Even my own wife. The field is wide open, and that’s what I’m most excited about. I get to help re-enforce my statement about the SCW ladies.

Okay, maybe I’m not the MOST excited about that, I am really more excited that one more time, Team Hero gets once again put on a show and prove once again that my wife and I, together, can be talked about as one of the greatest teams in SCW, Male, female, or mixed tag teams. Ever. And to be honest, I am thrilled about wrestling Crystal and Seleana as a team.

While it seems like it wasn’t that long ago that those two and I went to war inside the survival match, It hasn’t changed any of my opinions or thoughts about these women as both people and competitors. Each and every time they come to the ring, each time they perform, they leave everything they have in the ring, for the entertainment of the fans. Crystal and Sel are good. No, they’re not good, they’re great. Despite what everyone has said about them, myself included. People said Sel couldn’t win the big one, she did. People have apparently never stopped doubting Crystal and she continues to fight on and win. There is no question in my mind that yes, as good as Keira and I are as a team, we will 100% have our hands full with Crystal and Sel.

But again, this is exactly what I am after as the bombshell’s champion. A challenge. Doesn’t matter where it is, singles, tag team, any other type of match there is, I want Crystal and Seleana’s best. I want my wife to give it everything she has. I want this to be yet another time that we tear the house down in the ring.

So, I will give it to Crystal, that she was one of the first ones to shake my hand, hug me, and send her congratulations. I appreciate that from my friend. Sel did the same thing. It was a great feeling. And I know it was near the holidays and around that time people tend to be, just a little bit nicer. People are caught up in the spirit and they may just think about things differently than they normally would. Crystal and Sel were being nice.

But I know Crystal. I know that while she did that. She was, and is, planning to come gunning for me at some point. She obviously has a golden opportunity. It’s not a big secret that I have a target on my back now and I’ve been in wrestling long enough to know that this is cutthroat, and nobody is a better example of that than Crystal herself. And nobody has the memory that Crystal has. She’s still angry that Keira used the briefcase a few years ago and cashed in on her to win the Roulette championship. She still remembers every detail of the Bombshell’s survival match. She knows that she was ever so close. And I know that she still believes that she can make up for it by winning this championship from me. She will put on her try-hard pants in this encounter, because she knows every little step counts. Every win, every match is a chance to earn your way to fight for the Bombshell’s championship. And she will come with everything she has. Crystal has never been shy about her intentions, her methods are the issue. She has been deceitful and conniving, and she has been pure and determined. It’s all part of the Crystal package. And she knows that I know that she will come with both guns aimed squarely at my head.

But I don’t want it to be just Crystal who knows that.

I want it to be Seleana as well. I know that Sel still hears the words about Crystal helping her and how she wouldn’t have been able to do it on her own, and each time she has come up short, it only makes those words louder. I want to drive Seleana to a new level. While I don’t 100% believe that Sel will do the type of things that Crystal has shown to do, I want Seleana to know that I want her best, and I don’t look at anything in 2019 as an indicator of trends. 2020 is here, and everybody has a fresh start. Believe me when I say that I want to wash every silly mishap and failure from 2019 out of my system just as much as anyone. I never want to have re-live that, but at the end of the day, that’s what fuels me. To never have to have that happen again. I know Sel has to feel the same way. Everything tainted, and not having a lot to show for it. I want this for Sel so badly, but I am fully aware that pushing Sel can lead to great things at my expense. But that’s what this is all about, and this match, is a tone setter.

I want this to be a friendly match, but a competitive one. I hold no ill will towards either woman, and neither does my wife. But the onus is on the other three women. Mainly on Sel and Crystal, but I know Keira feels it as well. I know that my wife is not very happy with the way things went and how 2019 she was so close, and yet so far away. I want Keira to be at her best in this match and beyond. It’s why I specifically mentioned her. It’s why I wanted her to be in that survival match with me. I wanted her to know that she can do this, even if she doesn’t believe herself. In this match, I will need her, as much as she will need me. And I think that that give us a great advantage. We have done many great things as Team Hero. At this point, we aim to continue that tradition.

But I know what you’re thinking given all this.

What about you? Do you know what you’re getting yourself into by calling for this increase in competition?

The short answer is yes. The long answer is, I wouldn’t be a true champion if I didn’t want this. My goal isn’t to break everyone’s spirits and crush their dreams, I want them to not only challenge me, but challenge themselves. Me? I’ve been beaten up before, I’ve had my butt kicked and I’ve bounced back. I cannot and will not back down from any challenge, especially one I set for myself. If and when I am knocked off the top, I want it to be by someone who not only earned it, but pushed themselves to be great.

Iron is sharpening Iron.

But I will not be simply giving this championship over to anyone. They will have to put me down for it. It’s just that simple. I know that any of the women in this division are capable of doing so, but the question I posed, is if they believe it.

Hall of Famer? Yes.

Legend? Sure.

Able to hold my own? You damn skippy.

I’m a big girl, I can take it. It doesn’t matter who the challenge comes from, it matters that they bring all they have. If that happens, I will be satisfied. But just because I want that, doesn’t mean I’m not going to be at least a little selfish and want to keep this championship for a long, long time. As far as I’m concerned, my championship defenses start this Sunday, even if it is non-title. Crystal and Seleana are looking to make statements about where they stand. As is my wife.

And you better believe I plan on making one as well. Just as much, if not more than they are. I cannot be the one who is issuing these challenges and then I fail right out of the gate. I can’t be the champion shooting my mouth off about wanting all this fight and then the first fight, I lose. No, I put the damn target on my back for a reason, because I know I can handle it. I put it there on purpose. And that purpose is to lead by example. And to serve as the first and second shot fired. I laid down this gauntlet, so you need to know what you are all up against. Everything that I’ve said, everything that I’ve shown, it all starts this Sunday. I know Crystal and Sel are a great couple, and they are great wrestlers. But My wife and I will prove that we are the better TEAM.

Team Hero rides once again, and we face a great challenge, and I see not just two, but three hungry competitors.

This is exactly the type of challenge I wanted.

And it exactly the one Team Hero thrives in.

Good luck to Seleana and Crystal.

They will need it.


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