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> Bill Barnhart Vs Jake Raab, Roulette rules
Mark Ward
Posted: December 01, 2019 03:27 pm

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Post all roleplays for this match in this thread.
Limits: 10,000 word max per character, 1 roleplay max per week.

Good luck

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Posted: December 02, 2019 03:08 pm

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Narrator: Although Bill Barnhart lost his qualifier match against Caleb Storms at Climax Control 253, so Caleb Storms advances to the Heavyweight Championship match at December 2 Dismember IV, Bill Barnhart is in a great mood as he has a match December 2 Dismember IV and he is always happy when he gets to perform in a wrestling match. I am done with my lead-in comments so I turn you over to Bill Barnhart to give you the rest of the story.

The scene shifts to ringside at the Gold Coast Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, where Sin City Wrestling is holding their December 2 Dismember IV event. The camera pans around the ringside area and when it passes the table where Belinda Simone and Jason Adams perform their announcing duties we see Bill Barnhart sitting at their table. Bill is wearing black jeans, a black pullover shirt, and black athletic shoes, and he is leaning back in the chair with his feet up on the desk.. We do not see Bea or Iris in camera view so we make the assumption they are not joining Bill today for this presentation.

Bill: Hi and welcome to my presentation for today. Before I launch into my comments for my match against Jake Raab at December 2 Dismember IV I need to comment on something Alex Jones aired in his comments leading up to our match at Climax Control 255. Alex said that I worked in a wrestling federation called Red State Wrestling. I guess the numerous losses Jones took recently, along with his fixation on Senor Vinnie, has warped his brain. I have never heard of Red State Wrestling so for damn sure I have never worked there. I did about a year in Red Sun Wrestling where I became the Heavyweight Champion on September 30, 2019, at their Full Throttle Pay-per-View, by defeating the then current Champion Matt Shields. About a month later Red Sun Wrestling decided to close up shop and close their doors so when Red Sun Wrestling was retired they retired me as their reigning Heavyweight Champion. But I am not here to correct Alex Jones and make him look stupid as he manages to do a really good job of making himself look like a fool. With that said I will toss Jones to the trash heap and move on to talk about my upcoming match at December 2 Dismember IV.

Bill takes his feet off the top of the table then he stands up and walks over to the ring and he points to the ring.

Bill: This wrestling ring before me is the wrestling ring where I will face off against Jake Raab in a Roulette Rules match. Although it is not specifically mentioned both of us can assume that a win under Roulette Rules might lead to more Roulette Rules matches and likely a shot at the Roulette Championship. For those of you who doubt me I am here to tell you I am in this match to win. I am not here to play a clown and amuse you with slapstick. I am here to dazzle and amaze you with my superior wrestling abilities. Simply put I AM READY TO GO! Ready to take on Jake Raab. Ready to defeat Jake Raab, Ready to humiliate Jake Raab. Ready to dazzle the fans. Ready to earn another shot at another Championship. Get ready to see a performance at a level you have not seen for a long time. Get ready to receive an overdose of my superior wrestling. And for those of you who will immediately remind me that I previously lost a match to Jake Raab by pinfall at Climax Control 246, I admit I took a loss as I took Jake a bit lightly and it cost me the match. I will give you the saying that if someone gets over on you once shame on them. If they get over on you twice shame on you. There will be no shame on me as I will soundly defeat Jake Raab at December 2 Dismember IV. Thanks for tuning in with me for this portion of my presentation. I will continue with my presentation later today. We are taking Iris to the dog park so she can get some exercise and when we are done I will give you the rest of my presentation.


We return to Bill and Bea Barnhart, and their English Bulldog Iris, and this time they are in the broadcast studio to present comments on their match at December 2 Dismember IV.

Bill: Everyone needs to know I am ready to go in my match against Jake Raab. I imagine that Jake, having achieved a pinfall victory over me at Climax Control 246, probably feels over-confident. Taking that concept into consideration I wish to remind you that Alex Jones took me lightly and by taking me lightly he took himself lightly and he lost to me. Regardless of the name of the person you are wrestling against, or their physical appearance, or their level of education, or how long they have been in the sport of wrestling, you need to take all opponents seriously. Alex Jones forgot that concept in the sport of wrestling so he took me lightly and lost the match. I guess Alex can find happiness in the fact that the Cincinnati Bengals National Football League team is currently 1-11-0 so they suck more than he does.

Bea: So what are you thinking coming into this match Jake? Are you going to be over-confident and take Bill lightly or are you going to take Bill seriously and protect yourself from taking a very quick loss to him?

Bill: Many wrestlers keep looking behind when they dwell on their losses. It is like someone driving a car and looking in their rearview mirror, or over their shoulder, then they have an accident when they run into vehicles in front of them because they were not paying attention. Or the videos you have seen where someone is so into talking on their cell phones they fall into an open hole or walk into a wall. Are you looking forward or backward Jake? Are you coming into our match cautious and aware of who you are facing or are you coming into our match over-confident and unaware of what is going on in the match? Honestly it does not matter what you do or say or hope of wish for as the end result of our match is a win for me.

Iris wanders around in front of Bill and Bea. She is not really doing anything but she is sniffing around probably to find out where the food is located.

Bea: Come on Iris! You just ate less than an hour ago! No way you can still be hungry!

Bill: I think Iris is sniffing out where Pete the Cactus is. At my match with Alex Jones she seemed to have an attraction to Pete. Not sure what is going on there. Iris has a crush on Uga the Bulldog at University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia. If he finds out Iris might have something for a cactus he might dump her.

Bill and Bea enjoy a laugh at the expense of Iris. She looks at Daddy Bill and Mommy Bea and snorts her disapproval of them making fun of her.


Bill: Hey, Jake, are you ready to go for our match? You know damn well I am ready as I am ready for every match. I hope the Roulette wheel lands on a spot that provides for an extremely vicious match or no rules match. Why would I hope for that Jake? So I can put you away, once and for all, with your claims of being such a bad ass because you are a former MMA personality. I say the term former tells me all I need to know. There has to be a good reason you left MMA and moved into wrestling. Maybe the going was too tough for you over there and you thought wrestling would be a less bumpy road to travel. That, Jake, is why I hope for the Roulette wheel to land on a spot that gives us the most vicious match we can get. That way when I defeat you there is no room for you, or anyone else, to try to make the claim that I did not earn the victory over you.

Bea: As the Manager for Bill I feel the need to add to his comments. Yes, Jake, we know that many wrestlers transitioned from MAA, UFC, and many other sports, to pursue a career in wrestling. Each person who did so has their reason why they did it.

Bill: Jake I did not transition from another sport into wrestling thinking it was an easier sport to function in. I have never backed down from any wrestling match regardless of the rules of the match or if it was a no-rules match. I have endured the most brutal matches ever known to the sport of wrestling and most were against my half-brother Chris Shipman. Some of those vile and brutal matches have been permanently banned but that does not take away from me the fact that I won more of those now banned matches against Chris Shipman than he won against me. I know what I desire and hope for in our match. But, Jake, what do you hope and desire in our match? I will tell you what you need to hope for and desire in our match is that I defeat you quickly so less damage will be inflicted upon you. I will make you regret signing your signature on the contract to wrestle me in this Roulette Rules match at December 2 Dismember IV.

Bea: That is all the comments we wish to present today. Thanks for joining us. We look forward to the match Bill has against Jake Raab at December 2 Dismember IV.

The crew in the broadcast studio place their camera into a slow fade out. While the scene is fading we see Bill and Bea thanking the studio crew for their services and then the scene goes to black.
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Jake Raab
Posted: December 07, 2019 11:17 pm

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OOC: I know this post is past the first deadline, but I wasn't going to do two RP's any way when I'm quite busy the whole of this week as Bill and the staff hopefully know about.

Seeing the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam on a bus tour. Las Vegas, Nevada. Friday 6th December (Off Camera)

Since Jake and Olivia arrived on Wednesday, they haven't been doing anything, other than going to the casino and getting something to eat and drink in Las Vegas. As Jake woke up in a cheap hotel where it's modern, but not the luxury five-star hotels you get in the city, he jumps in the shower before he places his clothes on. Olivia was still asleep as he opens the curtains before he goes to Olivia and pushes her to wake her up. As she slowly wakes up, she sees Jake with him with a smile on his face says this.

Jake Raab: “Good morning, how are we?”

Olivia: “I'm good, I guess, but I don't appreciate being woken up at six in the morning”

Jake Raab: “I'm sure you won't be saying that when I've got something big planned for us today.”

Olivia: “What is it?”

Jake Raab: “You'll find out when you get up and when we leave this hotel room. Get yourself ready.”

Olivia nods, if there's one thing she sees in a massive change of Jake, was he loved to surprise Olivia. He wasn't the guy to give his plans away so fast, especially that being the other reason why he didn't like to have camera attention apart from when he's wrestling. Olivia gets in the shower as Jake quickly places the tickets he covered in a black sleeve in his trouser pocket. He puts the TV on and watches the news on a Las Vegas station as it's the only thing on this time of the morning. Olivia comes out of the shower and places her clothes on.

As she has done that, Olivia places her shoes on which is what Jake's already done as he has a carrier bag full of snacks for a trip only he knows at the moment. Jake grabs his hotel key, his wallet, his phone, likewise with Olivia as well, except she has everything in the bag. Once they double-check they got everything, Jake goes to the door and opens it to allow Olivia out as he closes it and they go in the elevator and leave the hotel room.

They walk along the city of Las Vegas with Jake and Olivia holding hands together and Jake follows the map towards where they had to catch the coach or in Olivia's case, where ever they were going. A few minutes later, they reached the bus stop as Olivia looks up and sees what Jake's got lined up for her and she says this.

Olivia: “Are you serious?”

Jake Raab: “Of course I am. I couldn't afford the helicopter trip there, too expensive for me and you, so I looked around and saw there's a bus going to Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam.”

Olivia: “Oh my god, I've always wanted to go to the Grand Canyon.”

Jake Raab: “Really?”

Olivia: “Yes.”

Jake Raab: “Well, there's your dream come true. I've never done this either and to think there's so much to do here, I'd never get bored, coming to this city as there's more than casinos to do here.”

Olivia: “A lot of people mentioned that to me as well, but when you actually been there, there's more to do here, than there is in New York?”

Jake Raab: “I agree.”

There are other people waiting along with Jake and Olivia, although one of those people was a wrestling fan as he kept looking at Jake. A guy who looked like a teenager with black hair and regular-sized couldn't stop looking at Jake, but Jake smiles as he saw the guy must've been shy and he says this.

Jake Raab: “Don't worry, I am The Jake Raab.”

Teenage wrestling fan: “I thought it was, sorry, I was shy to speak to you. Man, if only I had something for you to sign, but I have my phone so do you mind?”

Jake Raab: “Of course not.”

It was unusual for Jake to get this sort of attention from any fan as he usually is all alone with Olivia, but that's not preventable on this sort of trip as the teenage wrestling fan got his phone out and took a selfie with Jake and shook his hand to pat him on the back.

Suddenly, the teenage wrestling fan did have something for Jake to sign as he's got an app on his phone where autographs can be done on his phone. He passes his phone and the touch pen to Jake as Jake smiles and signs away on the phone. Jake passes the phone back to the teenage wrestling fan and says this while getting the autograph on his phone.

Teenage wrestling fan: “Thank you so much. I'm Elliot and I'm coming to Sin City Wrestling's December Two Dismember 4 Supershow.”

Jake Raab: “No problem at all. It's nice to get fans like yourself, coming on this trip and being a wrestling fan.”

Olivia: “Jake's the best.”

Jake Raab: “Oh, that's my girlfriend, Olivia. I've treated her to go to Grand Canyon.”

Elliot: “Nice to meet you, Olivia. I got treated for this trip as well, by my mum. She brought me a ticket to see wrestling and this trip, along with a hotel too.”

Jake nodded as the coach arrived, it was white and very big as more people were arriving to get on the coach as everyone got on the coach with tickets checked and they jumped on the coach and as everyone was on, the coach was about to leave, until two more people showed up as the coach driver opened the doors again to allow them on the coach, even checking their tickets. As they got seated, the coach closes the doors again and begins on the journey to visit a few hotels to pick people up before heading off to the Grand Canyon.

An hour later, they got off the coach and Olivia gasped and places her left hand over her mouth in shock, seeing the sights of Grand Canyon as she says this after the coach driver tells them they have three hours to look around.

Olivia: “This place is beautiful. Look how lovely the canyon looks from a far distance.”

Jake Raab: “It truly is. We have so much time that I fancy going on the Canyon railway with you.”

Olivia: “I can't believe you could afford this.”

Jake Raab: “Let's say I've saved up quite a bit for us to do this today.”

Olivia: “I agree, let's go on the Canyon railway. I want to go to the Grand Canyon Museum collection place.”

Jake Raab: “Good idea.”

They walk away from the coach and they went to sit in the small train, which Jake had to pay a few dollars for him and Olivia to go on the train ride, although it was clear Jake wanted to go all around the railway before going the museum. As the train was going, with a few people that were on the same coach or another coach that appeared behind him and the train goes as Olivia, knowing she hadn't mentioned anything about Jake's job asks this.

Olivia: “I knew you're wrestling on Sunday night, but who are you against?”

Jake Raab: “It's a guy I've defeated in a match before, Bill Barnhart.”

Olivia: “Is that the guy who brings that ugly bulldog to ringside?”

Jake Raab: “Yes, it's him. I'm also in a roulette rules match with him too.”

Olivia: “That's good, right?”

Jake Raab: “Better than nothing, I suppose, but I know what I rather want.”

Olivia: “The Mixed Tag titles.”

Jake nodded as he wanted to be quiet for a bit to allow Olivia to look at the sights all around her, while they were on the railway, even making a few stops, but Olivia couldn't stop looking at the Canyon. Olivia was being spoilt a lot today, although, for the last few hours, she was curious about the carrier bag Jake's holding as she asks this.

Olivia: “What's the bag for?”

Jake Raab: “Its snacks for both of us. We're on a trip for fifteen hours today so of course, I headed out to get some snacks last night.”

Olivia: “Oh, cool.”

Olivia was enjoying the trip already and they only got there with them being silent, listening to what the tour guide of the train was saying during the trip. An hour later, they arrived at their destination of the Grand Canyon Museum as they got off at the stop and walked towards the museum. Jake had to pay again for the tickets to the museum. They walk in and stopped to look around the artefacts of the Grand Canyon and the history of it.

Olivia: “Wow, look at this Jake, said it's been around for one hundred and twenty-nine years.”

Jake Raab: “Indeed. I had no idea how bad you wanted to come here. I'm glad I've finally done something you wanted to do. Of course, I wanted to come here too, but I think you wanted to come here more than I did.”

Olivia: “I really did. My ex-boyfriend didn't want to come to Vegas, let alone take me here and my parents weren't interested either. Anyway, about this Roulette rules match, what is it exactly?”

Jake Raab: “Roulette rules means you can do anything you want, including weapons to use in the match. As you know, I'm not afraid to use weapons on wrestlers and getting my hands dirty, especially Bill is a dirty wrestler himself. I give the guy credit, he defeated Alex Jones recently in a match so he's really settled in now in SCW.”

Olivia: “So you got to keep on your guard.”

Jake Raab: “Exactly, especially that result was big for him. I can't overlook him anymore. However, lets enjoy the museum and looking at the view of Grand Canyon.”

Olivia nods in agreement with Jake, smiling as Olivia's more than happy being in Grand Canyon with Jake there. As they finished looking around, Olivia went straight in the shop to buy something which she got a pen, Grand Canyon keyring and Grand Canyon book. Jake also brought a Grand Canyon book as well, but it was in German. They hopped back on the train to head back to the park.

They stand to look at the sights of The Grand Canyon for a long while as Jake sees how much Olivia loved to be at Grand Canyon, accomplishing her dreams, without Jake knowing it at the time. They walked around for a bit for fifteen minutes before they get back on the coach and head towards the Hoover Dam. As they sat on the coach. Olivia asked more about Jake's match.

Olivia: “Do you think you'll get a Roulette title shot?”

Jake Raab: “No because I'm not focusing on the title anymore, it caused me to lose focus. I'm only focused on Bill's abilities and not overlooking him as Alex Jones did. He has Roulette title experience over me so that could be a factor.”

Olivia: “But nothing is impossible. Push yourself through the barrier and you'll get there.”

Jake Raab: “Exactly the mindset I have, although I won't be a horrible twit I was back in the days. If people talk shit, I'll let them because I don't give a shit about them anymore.”

Olivia: “That's what I've been telling you to do. Ignore assholes like Austin and Griffin, focus on yourself and grow to be a better wrestler.”

Jake Raab: “I will and agree with you, one hundred per cent. I will do just that and defeat Bill once again, but with a better mindset this time and focus on winning the match, nothing else.”

It's something Jake had believed in since he came back to SCW was to focus on things that are more important than titles. Although the win against Stephan and Anthrax were a starting point for Jake's turnaround career, he still dreamt of being a Mixed Tag champion, something Olivia has been meaning to ask.

Olivia: “You found anyone yet?”

Jake Raab: “Possibly, but I have to wait how things go with the Supershow first before she can make plans with me. It's closer than it was before the match against Stephan and Anthrax though. I can't say the name yet, but you and everyone else will find out sooner than later.”

Olivia: “Seems promising, but let's focus on this tour as we're here to explore the place.”

Jake came to an agreement with Olivia as they just arrived at the Hoover Dam to look at the bridge before visiting Route 66, getting lunch at a burger place and visiting the strip before everyone was taken back to their hotels and while with the fifteen-hour day done, Jake and Olivia got into bed and went straight off to sleep for the night.


Getting in the mindset of only winning this match and getting myself back on track. Jake's camera. (On Camera)

“That's the only thing I'm thinking about right at this moment is winning against Bill and getting myself back on track which is something I need against a man like Bill Barnhart who defeated Alex Jones a couple of weeks ago. Impressive win I must say because only a few men have done so. That's something I will not overlook anymore with you as you have been able to beat Alex Jones who I won't get into because I've said enough about him and his friend in the past. Heck, you've come close on beating Griffin for the title a few weeks ago as well.

I know you've told a lot of bullshit in the past on how you want to respect the company and other wrestlers, but I think I believe in you now because of your ability to wrestle and the things you've said too. What can I say on the path you've been on since you've joined SCW? Coming close to beat Caleb Storms who somehow gets more respect than I do. But I honestly don't know how you can lose to him, especially when an SCW title contentionship spot was on the line?

I mean sure, I've messed up as well a few times, I won't lie, but against the top talent, not against Caleb Storms who works twice as hard as I do, but I'm willing to take risks of doing the fatal four-way match against other opponents, Caleb isn't. I bet you wouldn't have taken that risk either. Despite the result of that match, that's been the best time of my career because I was having fun and wanting to do something new for a change.

The only thing that cost me, Bill, was not only I was too focused on winning on titles, but what people said about me too. Focused too much on the things than my opponent that they were able to defeat me. That's why I took a break for a bit because, to be honest, I needed a break from the crap I got in wrestling. You might be entertaining, but you're not the better wrestler, despite that win you got over Alex.

You believe in yourself, but you do have a bit of an ego at times to claim you're the top at this and that, but only you're not. I would never claim I'm the best of anything because I'm the farthest thing for it. You might have more experience than me in a roulette rules match, but I'm not afraid of getting my hands dirty and using weapons, when necessary on a bulldog opponent like yourself.

Of course, I'm not that cruel of hurting your dog at ringside, but I meant yourself as a bulldog, but I'm full of fire and being The Fiery Target to you right now, I need to win to get myself back on top and hopefully see where I stand with the whole mixed tag partner thing. I know I have to wait until after the Supershow for that, but I got to defeat you, there's nothing to it.

If Caleb Storms can beat you, I can as well and there's nobody out there who's focused on getting myself where I should've been in the first place, picking up all the arrows in the large wrestling ring and use my bow to target perfectly on you to win the match for an example I've made there, being the archery fanatic I am and being an archer I still do every single week.

Tomorrow night, things will change as I will beat the holy shit out of you and win the match without worrying about anything. I will let things come naturally and focus on finding myself again and being the man everyone wants to face once again after I've won this match. Good luck Bill because you're gonna need it against this Fiery Target who will come all arrows and blazing towards you, being unstoppable and winning this match either by pinfall or submission, blood or not.”

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