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Crystal Zdunich
Posted: January 10, 2020 08:31 pm

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In The Mind of The Blossoming Rose
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Hi everyone. I just want to say from the bottom of my heart that it feels really good to be here right now. Last year at the very last Super Card of the year I was able to main event in a Chamber of Fate match. Six women walked into the ring with one purpose and one purpose only and that was to emerge as the World Bombshell Champion. It really didn’t matter who won at the end of the day because in my eyes everybody became a winner. All six of us gave everything we had to be the very best and in the end the fans all went home happy getting to experience some top notch women’s wrestling. I know that there were a few women who were excited to see Alicia Lukas finally lose the title. Yet there’s no reason to hate at what she did for the division. She was an icon and she helped carry this division. To say that the division has been weak lately would be very disrespectful.

The six women who stood tall in the ring all came into the ring and we each poured our hearts and souls into the ring. So we each should be feeling that we achieved so much. For me it was establishing that I am still a top notch main event player in this company. I have had my doubts and I really didn’t know how I as Christina would stand out there. It has been rough dropping lost after lost especially that huge crucial lost to that of Jessie Salco but to bounce back with a win over Bobbi Dahl. To bounce back and earn my way into that historic match and have an elimination under me makes it even more special.

I have nothing to be ashamed of. Neither should Alicia Lukas who made history during her historic reign. Neither should Andrea Hernandez who I see as the next biggest thing in this division. Of course my wife still showcased that she has what it takes to be there and Sierra got a chance to finally break out as a singles competitor. It was a win win situation for just about everybody in that match. Yet out of everybody who stood tall in that match there could only be one winner.

There could only be one woman who emerged as the winner and that was my close friend Roxi Johnson. Congratulations Roxi you did exactly what you seout to do. You did your thing girl and I am very proud of you. In your eyes you probably saved the division and you must have a peace of mind knowing that you did what you set out to do.

However the honeymoon is over Roxi and the time to celebrate is over because I am going to be completely honest with you. I appreciate you winning the title. It definitely was a Hallmark moment for sure but let’s cut straight to the chase. I am not going to go about stabbing you in the back. I am not going to beat around the bush and sigh at you becoming champion like Bobbi did but I am going to be brutally honest with you.


Make no mistake about it. I want what you have and I know I have what it takes to beart you. While the company is probably trying to figure out who is worthy of a shot and who should be next in line I am letting the entire world know that it definitely should be me.

Not because I wish to throw a temper tantrum, not because I feel entitled to it in a Bobbie Dahl type of way but for the simple fact that before the Super Card I beat you in the middle of the ring. I made you tap out in the center of the ring and that just proves when push comes to shove I have what it takes to best you in the ring.

You hold onto that belt for as long as you possibly can but let it be known that I will be coming for you in one way or another. That’s definitely a promise and you will be seeing me. Whether if I have to work my way up to getting a shot, whether I need to enter the Blast From The Past Tournament. I will get what I want and I will eventually take you down to make history.

However we are a long way from that moment because the focus isn’t just about the two of us. On Sunday it’s about a dream come true. It’s about having a fantasy wrestling match that many people want to see, and on one side of the ring you will have the legendary Team Hero taking on the likes of the Hollywood Angels.

Team Hero you guys have set the standard when it came to tag team bombshell wrestling. There hasn’t been a team like the two of you. You took down every challenge that came your way. You not just raised the bar but you set the standard for tag team wrestling as a whole. You truly are an inspiration and no matter how good Team Eggplant might have been, no matter how great London Ground might have been. There will always be a spot for Team History in the record books. Hell you could say that you Roxi should be in the Hall of Fame a second time because Team Hero on their own deserve to be in the Hall of Fame for their own accomplishments.

You two are such a powerhouse couple and I am joyful that you are in my life. You are close friends to me and I wouldn’t trade your friendship for anything. Individually you both have gotten the best of me. You have beaten me and Lord knows Keira has had my number on so many different occasions. It’s annoying how much she has beaten me across this fed and of course LAW. It is so annoying if I can be honest.

However as good as all of that sounds. Somehow I feel like I am not going to get the legendary team that one time ruled the company back in the day. I feel like I am going to be in the ring with a team who are former shells of themselves and it has nothing to do with you Roxi. Keira this is where you come in. I feel that deep down you feel disappointed and I know what it feels like to go through what you are going through.

As much as you want to be happy for your wife for the longest you wanted that to be you. You wanted that Bombshell Championship and it’s the one thing that has eluded you. Sure you might have had that World title run in LAW but it really wasn’t that long and you want more than that.

Your wife comes into this company and after two super cards it’s like she hasn’t missed a step but when it comes to you it seems like a struggle to get there. You matter how hard you work at it you always seems to fall short and it’s just not on the level of Roxi. At some point you will have to fight your wife and you will have to prove the critics wrong about you.

You will have to beat her so you can have your own personal type of satisfaction. Whatever you do Keira just listen to me as a friend. Don’t let it consume you. There was a time where I put the title on my wife and I thought it would bring me happiness but deep down it didn’t. People just claimed that my wife is way better than me and it also denied her of winning it on her own. It’s something I regret everyday and I wish I could take it back but I just physically can’t. Don’t do what I did in my past because I know that feeling of worthlessness can fester and eventually it would have you hating your wife.

Whatever you feeling don’t go that route. It’s an awful feeling and just pick your head and keep at it. Rome certainly wasn’t built overnight and the story of Crystal Hilton rising through the ranks didn’t happen on a whim. It took a long time and when it did happen I felt proud about it. I was happy about what I accomplished and when it happens to you I want you to smile that you actually accomplish something. I have seen you carry the Roulette Championship with pride. The Breakout Championship in LAW among other titles, and I feel like I have known you for a while. I remember you from way back in Ring of Beauty where you were merely a sex crazed sex symbol but you have evolved way past that type.

Always keep evolving and always keep your head lifted high because you will eventually accomplish the things you set out to do. I believe in you Keira but I think at this point you need to believe in it. Once you become your biggest supporter you will be able to accomplish anything.

However as much as I can sit here promoting the both of you the reality is you better figure this out really quick because Seleana and I are coming to beat the two of you in the middle of the ring. When Seleana and I got together and I started training her i made a promise that we would eventually become tag team champions somewhere. Isn’t it ironic when she comes to SCW the titles become mixed titles and now we don’t have that luxury in this company?!

That really doesn’t matter though because at least in our eyes a win over the team of the two of you will give us the justification that we need that things could have been really amazing between the two of us. It will showcased that we are indeed good and we could have been champions. Seleana and I are two of the best singles competitors that this company has within their bombshell division and with every passing match Seleana just gets better and better. She amazes me in so many ways. We have accomplished so much between the both of us but to have the ability to gel together not only as a couple would be even more amazing.

I know how great I am on my own and Seleana is awesome as well but you will see what the angels can do as a unit.

Besides we both have had dealing with the Boardwalk Angels and I would say they are on par of an all female tag team as much as you are. They told us we could be something and if one of the best teams can say that about another team imagine what that could mean for a pair like Seleana and I. We are in this to prove we need to be in the conversation of who should be next when it comes to championship opportunities.

A win over the World Bombshell Champion and her wife would speak volumes for our careers and it would definitely put us in the running for whatever comes our way. You both better make sure you bring because we are going to do everything in our power to come out victorious.

At the end of the day my wife and I are angels and as angels it is our job to fly above the rest. You better brace yourself because we will fly high and there’s nothing that can ever bring us down. Come Sunday nothing will ever stop this rose from blossoming. It’s time to take a bow welcome to the curtain call…. Roll the credits because this show is over!

Off Camera
Rose Productions

Finally after months of bullshit. After months of having to deal with the nonsense of Teddy and Kate Steele Seleana surprised her wife by telling her that she had gotten the movie studio back. Christina didn’t know what to say or think. Her life had been mostly featured on The Golden Ring Casino and working for Daniel Morgan that she never thought about the possibility of getting what she lost back. With that in mind Christina was going to do everything in her power to still fulfill her role as being the casino’s best waitress and their new Events Coordinator but on top of that she knew she couldn’t give up on her studio especially after her wife had done everything in her power to get it back. Christina strutted down the corridor of the movie studio as all of the workers started to welcome her with greetings among everything else.

“Hello Mrs Zdunich…”

“It’s good to see you back Mrs. Zdunich…”

“Please tell me we don’t have to deal with Diamond or her husband again…”

Christina took a moment to take a long deep as she looked behind her to see a little girl about the age of ten standing behind her. The little smile as she was wearing a blue wig. Christina couldn’t help but grin as she smirked in return.

“Anyway it feels great to be back and I assure you that I won’t ever let that happen again. I would like to introduce you all to somebody. This is Aurora and she is a fighter. A little girl who has been battling Leukemia all of her life. She is also my biggest fan so let’s give her a warm welcome…”

The little girl smiles as she looks around with a huge grin on her face.

“This is so cool!!!!”

Christina can’t help but giggle as she continues to speak.

“Anyway I hope you are enjoying this tour, and if you keep saying so cool I am just going to call you Rain. You sound like one of my daughters friends!”

A few moments later that is when we are able to see Angelica Martinez which is Aurora’s mother. She smirks as her daughter quickly runs up to her.

“Mom I want to see everything! This is where Crystal filmed all of her movies, and I want to see where all of the magic happens!”

“Take it easy honey and let’s slow down a bit.”

She slowly turns her attention over to Christina.

“Once again thank you so much for all of this. You really didn’t have to help us. First it was finding us a place to live at the casino and now you are taking it a step further. This has been her best Christmas season yet and we are just so grateful and blessed for all of it.”

Christina smirks in return.

“Like I said don’t mention it. You both are my very special guests and they will take care of you here. You are my VIP and you will be treated as such. So continue to take in as much as you can of the studio. Lunch is on us and on top of that I might have special passes for you and Aurora to go have a day of fun at Universal Studios and a big overnight stay in Anaheim so you can go to Disney Land. That girl is definitely worthy of having her dreams become a reality and I ma happy I can be there in your life. So just enjoy it!”

With that the mother can’t help but cry in return as her daughter runs off in the distance. Christina smiles as she walks up to her receptionist. She smiles at her.

“Excuse me Mrs. Zdunich your wife is waiting for you in the office…”

“Thank you so much Laura… You definitely will be getting a big bonus this year just like all of you will… Let’s start the year off with a bang…”

With that Christina slowly walks down the hallway until she gets to a door that reads CEO Christina Zdunich. Without hesitation she opens the door and she smiles as she could see her wife sitting down in a office chair at the computer. Christina slowly crosses her arms as she slowly walks towards her with a huge grin on her face.

“So since when did my wife become this amazing Wall Street wizard who can make even my dreams a reality. I still don’t understand how you made all of this possible babe, and part of me is even question why did you do this for me. After everything I have done in life I know I don’t deserve to have this or even deserve someone as special as you…”

Seleana turns in the chair and shrugs with a smile.

“I love you… and I was just returning the favor. I cannot believe that you were happy with Teddy Warren running this company just to try and make himself and his Diamond into big mainstream stars at the expense of everyone else here.”

Christina sighs in return.

“I didn’t want them to be stars it’s just I felt like I was too weak to really do anything back. I probably could have done something about it but every solution involved bringing back Crystal Hilton and I knew that really wouldn’t be good for you. You don’t deserve that dark side of myself and I don’t want to do anything to jeopardize our marriage ever again. I will admit sometimes maybe I should communicate more with you. After all in life we are supposed to be a team and quite often I take on more than I should. I often don’t like involving others…”

Christina sighs as she begins to speak some more.

“But I am slowly changing that about myself. Really being an important figure for the casino has been life changing for me. It has helped me from the ground up. It has really brought a sense of humility and humbleness to me, and not to mention the type of impact that Aurora has had on my life. I really don’t know where I would be if it wasn’t for her in my life. It really makes you think on how to help someone who is less fortunate than you are you know?!”

Seleana’s smile brightens.

“I am glad for this, she has brightened you in many ways.”

Christina smirks as she walks closer to Seleana as she smiles looking down into her eyes.

“Definitely has been a huge part in my life but not as much as you are hun. You know you will always be the most important thing in my life. I still don’t understand how you orchestrated all of this happening. When did a woman who only had a background of working in Christchurch with animals become so smart she knows how corporations work. You really still didn’t explain that to me, and I think that’s the part I want to hear the most. You really out did yourself by doing all of this for me. Nobody really did that much for me…”

Seleana shrugs.

“I read books. I’ve dabbled in stocks since Orana Park. I knew when I started wrestling, the potential earnings would be bigger than I had before but I also knew because I was starting later than most do, I would need to make it work for me. The window for big money would be small. I started doing that when we work for L.A.W. I found Linda and she has helped me learn what to do with the market. I asked her last year if trying to buy some shares back was feasible. She said it would depend on how much churn there was in other holders. Teddy had a tendency to sell some whenever he wanted to make a splash in public and so it became easier. Diamond becoming a thing almost, how you say, handed it back to me on a platter?”

Christina nods her head with a grin.

“I think with every passing day I found out more about you that I didn’t even know. You are very smart. I never had that luxury. I got pregnant at the age of 13 and well being a high school dropout didn’t really get me anywhere. If I wasn’t tied to a big wrestling family or even being Mrs. Williams I don’t know where I would be. My life mostly considered of being a backstage interviewer in various wrestling companies. Just imagine me being a Pussy Willow and often times I would be bullied by the entire roster. That is pretty much me in a nutshell. Without people like Todd and of course someone like you to bail me out. I am really nothing….”

Christina sighs as she looks out of the window.

“I wish I had the type of skills you have…. I am wrestling smart but even that seems to be a joke as I can’t stay stable enough to focus on trying to be good or bad. My mind just paces so much and it’s hard to really find solid ground…”

“Stop trying to be anything and just be you, Estrellita. Not everything needs to be an act. You connect with people when you are just being you. Go with that and let the Rose blossom.”

Christina slowly turns her attention back over to Seleana.

“I do want to be me but sometimes I feel like being me isn’t good enough at times. What if I am not liked. What if people don’t like the real me. Haven’t you realized I am a big attention whore?! I just need to be liked, and I need to be noticed. When I don’t get that attention I feel like I am doing something wrong and I have to shake things up…”

Seleana stands and walks over to her wife, taking her into her arms.

“You connect with enough when you are yourself that the attention comes naturally. Look at that little girl out there. You treat her as you would have others treat you and she loves you for it! When the real you shines through to the world, when the Angel flies, it casts a wonderfully large shadow that is impossible to be ignored.”

Christina shakes her head with a smile before her eyes light up looking back at Seleana.

“OH MY GOD!!! Maybe I should give everyone a dose of the real me and that could be the studio’s first big project! I could keep on doing what I do normally and focus on waitressing and being at the casino but you know of Jane The Virgin?! What if we made a reality show based on following my life. It would be something like that. A big Telenovela and maybe showcase in Mexico and the Latin American countries. My life always has some kind of drama so it definitely would draw ratings plus with my wrestling school in Mexico it might just be able to sell… You are a Genius! Just imagine the royalty checks and the amount of money the casino would have with all of the cameras among everything else!!!!! I could be me and get my cake too! Yo Soy Christina Rose Hilton Lopez De Zdunich Y Yo Soy Un Estrella grande Si?!”

Christina smirks excitedly as she looks back at your wife.

“And instead of me speaking Spanish you could speak your fluent Swedish and we can subtitle the hell out of the entire thing just like they did with Abuela! Rain’s friend GOGO definitely would say it sounds SOOOOOOO COOOLLLLLLLLL!”

Seleana snickers.

“And there is the creativity you have been holding back for a year…”

“I am a star, and as the Events Coordinator I know Daniel is going to love it. It’s one thing to e a wrestler but to be a recurring character on a show?! Can you imagine how many people are going to want to visit the casino based off of seeing it on television?! The dollar signs are going to be rolling and maybe we can even feature Aurora and her mother Angelica. The only thing that could make this even better is if we get our wrestling career rolling in the right direction. Now you and I have a huge match coming up soon and I am going to let you in on a big secret. A little while ago I told Christian it would be a dream match if the Hollywood Angels could take on Team Hero. I know I told you we would have a chance to team up and it’s finally going to happen. Even when we were arguing with one another we still managed to pick up some wins. Just imagine what we can do when we are actually on the same page?!”

Seleana hugs her wife again.

“Te amo, Estrellita. Jag är exalterad!”

“Exactly my point… So on a serious note we need to be ready for this match. I mean you COULD learn a few pointers from me based on me surviving longer than you!”

Christina smirks sticking her tongue out at her wife.

“Although I made sure Sierra paid for what she did to you. You saw how I made her tap out in the middle of the ring? It’s basically the same way I made Roxi tap out when I fought her one on one. Yet this isn’t about our individuality it’s about what we can do together. I really wasn’t a great tag team wrestler. My entire career has been based off of being a singles competitor so we need to take our connection as a couple and translate that same attitude into being teammates. Team Hero has mastered this although there is a thought in Keira’s head that she wants what her wife has. I know how that can feel considering I was there at one point…”

Seleana shrugs.

“I’m sure it happens to everyone. Zenna has had to watch both Li and I become world champion while she has settled for tag team success.”

“I know it can be tough. I had to watch my sister in law Candace Okimura win so many titles before the two of us had our little feud and I finally got over the hump of beating her. It is always a tough decision to be in. At least we are past that point. I will never forget you putting me in your Pin Up Strong submission and making me cry on television. It was embarrassing. I think Mark recorded it as his ringtone for a bit…”

Laughing, Seleana can’t help but shake her head.

“He used the shot of me punching Christian for his background some I think as well. I do not know if that is true but I heard several laughing about it at the time.”

Christina smirks as she walks over to Seleana hugging her tightly.

“I love you so much. Don’t you ever forget that. We will walk into that ring and no matter what happens I am happy to be right by your side. Although if the question ever came up for us to have a match with each other… Well you know…. We still have to answer that question who is better between us…”

Christina smirks as she takes her shirt off exposing her bra, and she slowly walks over to the blinds.

“I think after everything you have done for me I could use a personal match between the two of us… That special type that only the two of us could share…”

Christina grins wickedly as she locks the door as her eyes turn to Seleana.

“Ok, Apollo…”

“So who is going to ring the bell?!”

Seleana holds her hand up at the ready.

“Ding, ding!”

With that in mind the two slowly draw closer to one another but we leave them on their privacy as it is on this image that we slowly fade out on.

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