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> Ground and Pound
Evelyn Welch
Posted: July 22, 2019 12:56 am

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<center>GROUND & POUND</center>

Tag Team Name: Ground & Pound
Wrestlers: Liam Ryan and Evelyn Welch
Combined Weight: 276 b.
Bodyguards: Sebastian and Silas Steward

Alignment: Neutral, currently Heel
Theme Music: "Bitch, please" by Jeffree Starr


“Bitch, please” by Jeffree Starr starts to blast through the P.A. system while the fans stand to their feet in anticipation.

[b]JUSTIN DECENT:[/b] [color=skyblue]“The following match is a tag team and introducing now…”[/color]

As the black velvet curtains swing open, Liam Ryan comes skipping out while snapping his fingers to the beat of his theme song. He’s shirtless. A pair of black booty shoots, and block heeled knee-high boots. He’s followed by Sebastian and Silas who firmly walk up to the top of the ramp without hesitation. They pause there with their arms crossed over their chests. Evelyn Welch is the last to step out from behind the ramp, but she does when Liam Ryan makes his way between the brothers.

<center>Ain't no bitch who can do it like me
Go F-U-C-K yourself baby
Ain't no bitch who can do it like me
The critics and the press agree
Ain't no bitch who can do it like me
J-E-F-F to the R-E-E
Ain't no bitch who can do it like me
Uh Huh - What? - Yeah!</center>

[b]JUSTIN DECENT:[/b] [color=skyblue]“Hailing from right here in Las Vegas, Nevada, being accompanied by Sebastian and Silas Steward, they are the team of “The First Gentlemen of Wrestling” Liam Ryan and his “Business Associate” Evelyn Welch… GROUND & POUND!”[/color]

Liam Ryan turns around on the top of the ramp and begins to twirl his waist as the cameras zoom in on the back of his booty shorts that read, “Mr. Diva.” He continues to thrust his hips as the crowd boos while Evelyn Welch stands off to the side behind him with her hands placed on her hips. She licks her lips as she glares across the arena. He twirls around and holds his hand out toward Ms. Welch. She clasps her hand around his bicep, and they proceed down the ramp. Sebastian and Silas follow closely behind them until they make their way to the bottom of the ramp. As Evelyn starts up the stairs, Liam dashes to the front of the ring. Silas walks to the right and Sebastian goes to the left as they start to circle the ring. Evelyn walks along the apron and steps over the bottom rope while Liam Ryan props up in the lounging position as he poses on the apron. He pulls himself up and dangles over the second rope. He swings inside and backflips to the middle of the ring as Evelyn Welch struts across the ring. Liam turns around in the middle of the twirl and starts twirling his hips to the beat of his song while the fans boo.

Common Double Team Moves:
• Wishbone
• Double standing facebuster
• Double DDT
• Aided Crossbody
• Low Blow [Evelyn], Diving Leg Drop [Liam]
• Double Clothesline
• Double Suplex

Trademark Moves:
• "Ground" (Double Superkick)
• "Pound" (Aided Piledriver)

• "Ground & Pound" (Shoot kick (Evelyn), Shining Wizard [Liam] Combination)

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