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> Pissed Off
Crystal Zdunich
Posted: February 08, 2019 01:10 pm

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Everything comes into focus and as it does we are treated to the sight of Crystal Zdunich sitting down in a chair of some sorts. The camera pans in on her face and she shakes her head in utter disgust as she looks right into the lens of the camera.

“I guess everybody wants to have an explanation… Especially when it comes to what HAPPENED TO ME last week! Fuck all of you…Seriously all of you can go to hell as far as I am concerned you don’t care about me nor do you give a shit about what’s going on within my family. The truth is despite me being super pissed with the way that Seleana reacted last week I am glad that she did. I am happy to see that she has a tough bone in her body because that part of her seemed to be missing for quite some time. She lashed out at me and to be honest despite what you might have seen from me last week with all of the tears and the emotions…”

Crystal takes a long deep breath as she continues to speak.

“The reality is I was simply acting! Nothing could cause for the likes of yours truly to get so wrapped up in her emotions. I know there are some out there who are absolutely thrilled that Seleana put me in my place. You was tired of seeing me try to bully her into doing what I wanted to do. Tired of me trying to be this evil witch and so on, but let’s face the facts. The reality is I did what I had to do to get the title shot that I deserved. I know Dani was mouthing off like a little Bitch saying that Cat Riley deserved a title shot a long time ago but I beat Cat Riley. I beat her and I sent that Bitch running off into an emotional downfall. It’s not my fault that I went to that ring and wrestled like my life depended on it, but I simply did my job. Yet all of a sudden I am the bad person…”

Crystal shakes her head in disgust as she continues to speak.

“Had the roles been reversed would you have all thought the same thing? Had I been the one to lose and I was the one going through a big depression spell would anyone have cared? Not in the very least… You all would have ridiculed me and that in itself isn’t even fair. So I know it might seem out of place but the reason I did what I did to my wife was because of business reasons. I attacked Seleana to simply get ahead in the wrestling world. I solidified my spot in the main event of Blaze of Glory and made sure that I was a step closer to getting to the top again. There’s no shame in that and if I had the chance I would do it all over again. What happens outside of the ring is one thing and I love my Seleana. My wife is everything to me and I would take multiple bullets for her but when it comes to competing in the heart of the ring. Doing what I love and doing everything it takes to be the very best. I would do anything to get that spot. I told everyone since day one that I would stab anybody in the back if it meant I would get further in this business and that is exactly what I did…”

Crystal sighs as she continues to share her heart.

“She can hate me for it but it was all business related. I made sure my spot was right where it needed to be. As close to the top as possible! Seleana you live a really great life? I took you out of a boring world of simply being a friend to an overrated wrestler such as Stacy Marie Jones and I made you into something. You worked in New Zealand helping animals and I gave you that Hollywood lifestyle. You got to live in the confines of Hollywood Hills. I bought you your own personal zoo and everything I have ever done was in fact for you… It’s been for us yet where is the thanks or the gratitude. You can spout your Swedish language and try to speak Spanish to appease me but you don’t need to do any of that. I am an independent woman I live life doing my own thing. I am bringing you for the ride. I made you into something. I established you as becoming something. I taught you how to wrestle and now all of a sudden you want to let all of that built up anger get the best of you. Now you wish to strike back and hit me where it hurts. You gain the cheers of the audience and that’s a damn shame. Who gives a shit what those people want. Sometimes they don’t know what they want. What they really need however is a dose of me. They always needed me because I am the only thing that matters. You attacked me and you think that is going to solve all of your problems?! No it only just started them and now this week I am going to drop you on your fucking head.”

Crystal licks her lips as she continues to speak.

“When I enter that ring I won’t see you as a wife. You will simply be a foe, a foe who needs to be put right in her place. I am going to completely destroy you and what you thought was a fun little beat down getting the very best of me is actually going to be me turning the tides on you because that shit won’t happen this week. This week I will get my revenge and I will beat the living snot out of you. You seem to have been paired up with Kate Steele and it’s not like she can do anything to me. After all the world already witnessed me making her tap out to her own finishing move and it doesn’t get any more embarrassing then it does with that. How can you possibly do anything that’s going to get to me? The fact is you can’t. I am going to humble you and Kate. I am going to break you both. It’s showtime… Let’s make a movie shall we?!”

With that Crystal smiles into the camera as we fade out.

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