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> Out of the shadow, into the spotlight
Sam Marlowe
Posted: June 07, 2019 11:52 pm

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Narrator: Sam Marlowe casts a very long shadow as the Bombshell Roulette champion. No one could say a bad word about her when it comes to wrestling and her career in SCW. No one that is except older sister Cyn who never missed an opportunity to put down the redhead.

Narrator: Let’s take a look shall we?

Our scene opens with Samantha Marlowe, young, naïve and anxious to step out of the shadows of Cyn as she walks into the venue where Sin City Wrestling was broadcasting Climax Control. Walking up to the office of Mark Ward and Christian Underwood behind her sister, Sam was peering all over the backstage area in awe of everyone there. Cyn for her part was her usual cocky self as she guided Sam down the hallway.

”You know Sammi, being a great wrestling star like I am just means that you really should rethink wanting to get into the business. I mean really, you are going to be known as my kid sister after all,” says Cyn with a toss of her head. “Most people can be vicious that way.”

”Y’all make it sound like it is going to be bad,” replies Sam as she adjusts the strap of a small leather bag over her shoulder. “When I gave my name to the company, I wasn’t thinking about having to live in your shadow Cyn, I was thinking that I would make my own name in my own way.”

The scoff that came from the lips of Cyn Marlowe made Sam cringe slightly in sadness before she rolls her eyes and shakes her head. “Do you honestly think that you can do that with me in the company? Give your head a shake,” sneers Cyn before she opens the door to the arena . “Y’all go and have your little try out and then I will tell you I told you so and we can both get on with what we need to be doing…”

Narrator: Not long after that, Cyn Marlowe left SCW and her younger sister who began to flourish in SCW. Suddenly, the spotlight was beginning to shine and Sam was rising up the ladder until one fateful night…

The screen lit up as Sam stood in the ring. The announcement of the next challenger for Mikah’s Bombshell title was to be playing on the screen. Suddenly the arena erupts as Sam Marlowe’s name is displayed. In the ring, a shocked Sam Marlowe can be seen reacting to the announcement.

Moments later, she can be seen walking through the curtain and into the gorilla press area where she was surrounded by the press who began shooting questions at her all at once.

”What do you think about being named as the new number one contender?” asks one reporter.

”You know, it totally took me by surprise but I have to say that I am going to be ready to step up and step out of the shadow that Mikah has and take her title. She is someone that I see as a great challenge and I have more fight to give that maybe she is thinking I can give. I have thought that maybe she thinks I am an easy mark because I am still a rookie but I promise you that I ain’t going to let her have it easy in that ring for that title,” answers an elated Sam who is wiping at the sweat on her face as she smiles for the cameras…

Narrator: Sam went on to win the title from Mikah before being challenged by both Mercedes Vargas and Crystal Hilton. Those three really had a storied feud with Mercedes beating Sam to take the title then losing it back to Sam at the supercard only to have Sam lose it to Crystal the next week.

Narrator: Then came some dark times for Sam as she fell under the wrath of Christian and was made into his own personal plaything where she would work in concession stands and backstage.

Then of course, Cyn came back into the life of her younger sister with a vengeance. Suddenly she was with Sam everywhere until Sam found out about her and Sam’s former boyfriend had been a little too touchy feely. That came to a head in a possible career ending match between Cyn and Sam that saw little sister securely step out of the shadow of Cyn by pinning her shoulders to the mat and stepping out of Cyn’s shadow.

Finally the hard work had paid off and all the suffering was done and Sam Marlowe once more was put in a place to try for a title that she won, the Bombshell Roulette title. Again she won and lost and won and lost and won a final third time eight months ago.

Narrator: I only have one question…Whose shadow is she going to be stepping out of now?

You know what I have to say right now? I have to say that there are three women in this main event tag match that cast long shadows in the ring. Three women who have been multitime champions in their own right and now we have a match to showcase champions and their challengers…well eventual challengers.

See I know that in the soon to come supercard Into the Void, I am going to be facing Mercedes Vargas for my title and trust me I know that she is looking to once more hold the gold in SCW. The last time she held my title was in March of 2015 which is something I am sure that she isn’t going to admit to at all. I have seen all her updates and posting on social media about how the championship histories have her name all over them. I appreciate that she has won so many titles that she could legit be called a legend. And all respect to Mercedes, I am sure that anyone else would be worried.

But that is where you and I differ Mercedes. I know just what I am capable of in the ring and I know what you are capable of as well. And I am sure that any tie up between the pair of us would be a match of the year candidate but this week you and I are in a match with partners who don’t like each other at all. And that makes all the difference in the world.

One such partner is your partner, the Bombshell Champion herself, Alicia Lukas. Now she has been dominating and EVERYONE and their sister…mother…wife…I lost track, have wanted to challenge her. Everyone that is except yours truly. I say that because I would rather be a champion that puts herself out there night after night for the fans rather than just stand around and talk a good game about how she is a proven quantity and the face of the division but in all honesty, how can you claim to be the face of the company when you hold yourself back becauae you don’t value the title as others would want to do. So I remain the most dominant Bombshell Roulette champion I can be.

Don’t get me wrong, I know how good you are and I have mad respect for your ring skills. And Alicia, you have earned that respect. So when it comes to this match, you are going to be the one to watch I am sure. But respecting your strengths doesn’t make me weak. It makes me cautious and it makes me doubly determined to be someone to challenge you in this match. I may not be as famous as you but trust me when I say, I am just as dangerous to underestimate as you are.

Then finally we have my partner, Crystal Hilton who for the most part doesn’t seem to understand that she needs to stop thinking that she is the end all and be all of the Bombshells here in SCW. Yes she is a former champion, yes she has defeated me and yes she has won Blast from the Past. Bravo Crystal, you have proven your point that you are good. But tootin’ your own horn is great and all but when it comes to this match, you are looking across the ring and seeing people you have seen before and people you have beaten before. So will that make you think you have it in the bag and then for a perceived lack of talent across the ring from you, you decide not to give one hundred percent.

For this match Crystal, I want your hundred percent in that ring. Because I am not fixin’ to lose this match. This I promise you!

So ladies, the time for talk is done. It is time to walk the walk and step out into the spotlight. And I have only one thing to say about our match and that is…Best of luck…y’all are going to need it.

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