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> SIn City Underground Ep. 8 Card
Donna Beauchamp
Posted: December 21, 2018 09:18 pm

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SCU Ep 8 X-mas Supercard

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Live at the Nellis Air Force Base
Tuesday December 25th 2018

Ruin Sisters vs Earl Lockyer and ?
We starts things off with the Earl from Team Canada taking on the Ruin Twins Stacy and Debbi. Dahlia is out to punish Melissa Ruin who seems to hate Canadians. The ruins stick together so they all will feel the wrath of Team Canada. Stewart and Dahlia are busy and not allowed in this match. Earl must find a partner or it will be a handicap match. After the show went off the air we had found out that this partner must be Canadian. With Team Canada busy that night what will Earl do?

Combat Championship
Denise Andrews vs Shannon Middlebrook
Denise called out Shannon to a match a few weeks ago, on top of that she is on a one women mission to get rid of New Foundation. While the rest of the members start preparing for the Kawaii Dragons. Shannon is left alone to take out someone who bleeds wrestling. The youngest of the Andrew wrestling family, Denise Andrews! @@

Combat Championship
Tim Staggs vs Dax Beckett
GM Tad Erza decided to put the Bad Boys on opposite sides as a way to get them on different pages. Dax would love nothing more then to be a fighting champion. HE gets to prove that when he takes on one of his closest and most trusted Bad Boy Tim Staggs.

Mason Fox vs Powershock
Both men are contenders walking in to Inception III. One for the Underground Championship and the other for the Double Down Tag Team Championship. Mason will have to do this alone as he is used to tag team matches. on the other side Powershock has been a one man wrecking machine. Will it continue or will everyone see Mason show the world he is as great in singles matches as he is in tag team matches?

Hell in the Cell
Melissa Ruin vs Dahlia Rotten
Melissa can’t ignore Dahlia challenge any longer. Dahlia made it clear she wants Melissa one one one and is willing to ruin (pun intended) matches. That can’t happen and forcing the GM’s hand. He will give Dahlia the match she wants. Melissa has nowhere to go or run. Trapping a Ruin may just backfire on Dahlia.

Double Main Event
Underground Championships
Stewart Mason and Angel Kash

Both the men’s and Women’s Underground Champions will defend the titles in a match that will be announce at the start of the show. Both champions have been able to knock down every challenger put in front of them. They plan on making this night no different than any other.

Everyone still has until Tuesday to provide segments. SCU will be at the base all day and a CD thread will start on Friday, a few hours after SCW #CC225 promo deadline. The CD will be X-mas day just hours before the show and will go on until the show starts. All SCW is welcomed to take part. ALL SCU this is a great way to end 2018 and start 2019.

All HEELS!!! Please keep in mind the CD is SCU hosting to the USA Air Force and there loved ones. They are wrestling fans and know that your all playing gimmicks. This is your time to mingle with them as your Heel persona or as yourself. (Your IC’s OOC is that makes sense)If a Heel has to act like they are forced to be there as a way to protect the “gimmick” then go ahead.

We have soldiers who hate babyfaces and love heels so please keep that in mind. Babyfaces, we have mothers and kids at this festival so please feel free to use that to your advantage.

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