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> Let's Do this, ~Emmie RP~
Pretty Ty
Posted: June 07, 2019 11:36 pm

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~ As I said in Jack's RP, sorry for the very short RP. Creativity is just hard to come by this week. Thank you to my opponents~

Emmie Ward, now known to the SCW universe as one half of the newest Tag Team, Culture Shock, is dressed in a Ballet Leotard as she practices at a Barre. The camera is watching her from behind, seeing her facial reactions in the mirror.

“Hello! I am Emmie Ward and this is my first promo for my debut match here in Sin City Wrestling. I am very excited to have my first match and against two very worthy and well-known opponents. I know that it is going to be a challenge. I like challenges though. Amy Marshall is something of a legend. I am truly honored to be able to face her and even if Jack and I are not successful, I am going to use it as a very important learning exercise. I promised Jack that we were going to save the tag division and it is going to take some practice to be able to work as a unit, even when it is co-ed wrestling where it will be more about trust. I can’t get in the ring with Vinnie and Jack can’t get in the ring with Amy so we have to trust each other to do what we need to do. I know Jack doesn’t trust me yet but I am going to prove that he can.”

She smiles widely.

“I am truly happy to be here in SCW. I have watched my Cousin, Mark do this for a very long time and he has been my idol. I looked up to him and now I can do what I have dreamed of doing for so very long. So I would like to say Thank you, to both Amy and Vinnie, because win or lose, you are going to be instrumental in my learning to be better. And a bigger thank you to Jack, for trusting me and giving me a shot.”

She waves.

“I don’t really know what else to say right now, so I will leave it on this note. I look forward to the upcoming match.”

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