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> SCW Fantasy MBV Edition
Kate Steele
Posted: February 18, 2020 08:29 am

SCW Elite!

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These are the standings after week One still plenty of points to be made especially with BFTP scoring. You can drop somebody and release them if you choose, and grab someone out of free agency. Claims will take two days to clear. If you have a champion on your roster you cannot release them. No one should hit the panic button. I didn't deduct points for no shows yet. You can drop those who were fired from SCW or whatever. Random thoughts?

Rocky Mountains scored a lot!
Christian Underwood didn't show up on the show at all but Mark did.
Bobbie, Caleb, Malachi and Bella were in the most segs
I didn't give Ben points for the hype video... but he got points for the actual segment.

Can’t Cut List

Ben Jordon (World Champion)
Roxi Johnson (World Bombshell Champion)
Austin James Mercer (Internet Champion)
Kate Steele (Bombshell Internet Champion)
Alex Jones (Mixed Tag Team Champion)
Johana Krieger (Mixed Tag Team Champion)
Griffin Hawkins (Roulette Champion)
Candy (Bombshell Roulette Champion)

Team Goth 42 Points

1.Fenris 7 Points
2. Candy 8 Points
3. Sam Marlowe 2 Points
4. Alex Jones 11 Points
5. Johana Krieger 11 Points
6. Christina Rose 1 Point
7. Father Shepard 2 Ponts

Team Annie 38 Points

1.Ben Jordan 14 Points
2. Andrea Hernandez 6 Points
3. Jessie Salco 1 Point
4. Daniel Morgan 2 Points
5. Mercedes Vargas 2 Points
6. Kate Steele 11 Points
7. Chirs Crippler 2 Points

Team Todd 27 Points

1. Roxi Johnson 8 Points
2. Austin James Mercer 11 Points
3. Senor Vinnie 6 Points
4. Dani Weston 0 Points
5. Seleana Zdunich 1 Point
6. Mark Cross 1 Point
7. Jack Washington 0 Point

Team Mark Cross 25 Points

1. Griffin Hawkins 9 Points
2. Bobbie Dahl 3 Points
3.Bill Barnhart 2 Points
4. Teddy Warren-Steele 2 Points
5. Pussy Willow 5 Points
6. Jake Raab 2 Points
7. Tally 2 Points

Team Candy 21 Points

1. Malachi 3 Points
2. Jack Russow 12 Points
3. Bella Madison 3 Points
4. Lachlan Kane 0 Point
5. Sierra Williams 1 Point
6. Violet Amelia Holt 1 Point
7. Twisted Sister 0 Point

Bella 2 Segs Appearance 3 points
Malachi 2 Seg 3 Points
Rocky Mountains 7 Seg Appearance 8 Points
Candy Title Defense & appearance 8 Points
Scott Oliver 1 seg 2 Points
Bea Barnhart 1 Seg Contention Win Appearance 12 Points
Violet Appearance 1 Point
Mercedes Vargas 1 Seg 2 Points
Arianna Angelos 1 Seg Contention Match win 9 Points
Caleb Storms 2 Seg 3 Points
Jack Russow 1 Seg Contention win 12 Points Points
Chris Crippler 1 Seg 2 Points
Brooke 1 Seg 2 Points
Pussy Willow 4 seg 5 Points
Stephen Callaway 1 Point
Teddy Steele 1 Seg 2 Points
Jake Raab 1 seg 2 Points
Mark Cross 1 Point
Austin James Mercer Championship Win 11 Points
Despy 1 seg 2 Points
Daniel Morgan 1 seg 2 Points
Mackenzie 1 seg 2 Points
Charlotte 1 seg 2 Points
Osborne 1 seg 2 Points
Gerald Shepard 1 seg 2 Points
Mavis Shepard 2 Points
Alex Jones Championship Win 11 Points
Johana Krieger Championship Win 11 Points
Brandon Sludge 1 Point
Daniela V. Rodgers 1 Point
Bobbie Dahl 2 Seg 3 Points
Christina Rose 1 Point
Andrea Hernandez Win 6 Points
Sam Marlowe Seg 2 Points
Scott Oliver 1 seg 2 Points
Bill Barnhart 1 Seg 2 Points
Senor Vinnie Match Win 6 Points
Mikah 1 Seg 2 Points
Mark Ward 1 seg 2 Points
Dmitri 1 seg 2 Points
Gabriel 1 Seg 2 Points
Tallyn 1 Seg 2 Points
Jessie Salco 1 Point
Seleana Zdunich 1 Point
Sierra Williams 1 Point
Kate Steele Championship Win 11 Points
J2H 1 Seg 2 Points
Travis Levitt 1 Seg 2 Points
Griffin Hawkins 1 Seg Championship Defense 9 Points
Aron 1 Seg 2 Points
Fenris 1 Seg Main Event 7 Points
Roxi Johnson Championship Defense 8 Points
Ben Jordon 1 Seg Championship Defense Main Event 14 Points

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Alicia Lukas
Posted: February 18, 2020 09:16 pm

SCW Elite!

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Damn Goth made out like a bandit....

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Longest Running Honor Wrestling Legacy Women's Champion-380 Days
Most Honor Wrestling Legacy Women's Championship Defences-7
Only Double Champion in Honor History Holding both the Legacy and Honor Wrestling titles
Longest Running Honor Wrestling Women's Champion Ever-255 Days
Had held a Championship in some form for 718 Days
SCW World "Bombshells" champion x2
Longest single reign ever-280 Days
Combined 301 days as SCW bombshells champion
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Posted: February 23, 2020 02:25 pm

SCW Elite!

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