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> Jessie Salco, SCW'S First Rock Chick
Jessie Salco
Posted: July 01, 2012 09:08 pm

SCW's Heavy Metal Bombshell

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Name: Jessie Salco
Height and Weight: 5ft 2, 120ibs
Hometown: Miami Florida
Alignment: Neutral

Physical Appearance: Jessie has the appearance of an attractive rock chick, she dark brown hair that just goes bellow her shoulders, blue eyes and a pierced naval, she has numerous tattoos around her body and is often seen wearing revealing outfits.
Wrestlers Gimmick: Metalhead
Ring Attire: A black cropped band t-shirt, a denim vest with several band logos on it (removed before match), ripped blue jeans and black boots.

Wrestling Style: High Flyer
Finisher(s): Wall of Death: 450 Splash, Circle Pit: Springboard Tornado DDT

The slow church bells of "Unsainted" by Slipknot are heard throughout the arena before the choir starts singing the words, when Corey Taylor joins in and the drumming picks up the the lights flashing across the arena.

JD: Introducing, from Miami, Florida, "The Heavy Metal Angel" Jessie Salco!

As the song kicks into high gear with Corey's scream Jessie emerges from the back headbanging along to the song before finishing with the christ pose at the top of the ramp and making her way down to the ring, she slides into the ring and perches herself on the middle turnbuckle waiting for the match to begin.

1. High Cross Body
2. Suicide Dive
3. Moonsault
4. Swanton Bomb
5. Dropkick
6. Missile Dropkick
7. Suplex (all variations)
8. DDT
9. Sptingboard Clothesline
10. Low Blow (when applicable)

Brief history: Too say that Jessie has had a rough upbringing is quite the understatement, her parents were killed in a car crash when she was still a baby and she spent the majority of her child-hood bouncing around from foster home to foster home until it finally seemed that she was going to a loving home at the age of seven.

She was wrong, her step dad was abusive and she turned to two things in order to escape, drugs and Heavy Metal, her step-dad was found out eventually and sent to prison whilst Jessie returned to the foster care system where she was adopted by a loving family, she's since given up drugs with her new family's help and has become a wrestler.


After toiling around in smaller feds for a while Jessie joined Sin City Wrestling in the Summer of 2012 moving up to Vegas with her sister accompanying her to keep her on the straight and narrow, her career didn't get off to the greatest of starts losing her first two matches but she impressed one of the veterans in the company, Spike Staggs, enough to be asked to join his NXT faction at her first Supercard, the very first Summer XXXTreme.

From there Jessie went from strength to strength eventually winning her first title at Blaze of Glory but her reign as Bombshell Roulette Champion wouldn't last long as she was attacked during her first defense, still Jessie perservered eventually going on to hold the Bombshell Tag Team Titles three times (once with Becky Jones and twice with Amy Marshall) and the Bombshell Internet Championship once and meeting her husband Shane at the same time however one title alluded her during the last two years of SCW's existence, the World Bombshell Championship which she was after so that she could become a grand slam champion, alas it never happened and just as Jessie was making plans to challenge again at Blaze of Glory she got the news that Sin City Wrestling's next Supercard would be it's last.

Post-SCW/PPW/Honor Wrestling

It didn't take Jessie long to find a new fed as she joined PPW within a day of finding out that Sin City Wrestling was about to close, however her time in PPW would end up being short lived because despite winning her debut match for the company against Kendall James with the new year came a new direction for Pride Pro, a direction that Jessie wasn't a fan off and left the company on friendly terms, knowing that her old rival Mercedes Vargas wrestled in both SCW and Honor Wrestling she quickly made her mind up on her next destination in her wrestling career and signed with Honor Wrestling,

SCW Revival:

Jessie's Honor Wrestling career has gone well in spite of the fact that she has yet to win a title in that promotion only being defeated a handful of times since signing up for the promotion in early January, come March and Jessie recieved the news that SCW was indeed returning with a new roster and the Blast from the Past Tournament, deciding that she would pull double duty in both SCW and Honor Wrestling she got in contact with the bosses almost immediately asking if her old contract was still good which they responded with a resounding yes.

3x Bombshell Tag Team Champion, 3x Bombshell Roulette Champion, 1x Bombshell Internet Champion.

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