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> Experience is required to be a wrestler in SCW.
Jake Raab
Posted: February 09, 2019 12:21 am

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An unexpected visitor. Huntington Beach, California. Wednesday 6th February.

It's one of those days where Jake has been resting from his shoulder injury, being told by his acting coach to stay at home to rest because his gimmick he wants to portray involved a lot of arm movements which his shoulder is still banged up from the fight he had against Fenris so he spent more time resting at home like he was told to by his doctor who kept checking it every single week than doing active things.

He's almost really bored, being at home and having to watch TV most of the time, even forcing to order food shopping online because it was so bad to even go out to carry food up the stairs half of the time. He spent a lot of time, watching Arrow series which was something he could watch non stop when he had nothing to do, even wishing for one of his family members to come and see him.

Obviously, Konrad's too busy to come over with how hectic his wrestling career is and sorting out Sebastian to be his son legally took up too much of his time, but he wonders about the other cousin of his who wasn't as busy as Konrad. All of a sudden, he heard a doorbell and he picks up the phone and on the mini camera sees it was Lord Raab coming over as he immediately allowed him in without talking through it and leaves the door open and goes back to watching Arrow.

Lord Raab entered the apartment and closes the door behind him as he comes to take a seat, seeing what he's watching as he asks this question.

Lord Raab: “What's this you're watching?”

Jake Raab: “Oh, just some TV show called Arrow. It's so good that I've been spending all of my time, watching it non stop.”

Lord Raab: “Yeah, I can see why you like the show.”

Raab pats Jake's left shoulder, little did he know it's the bad one and Jake crunches in pain and Raab notices the reason why he came over and he immediately, even if he doesn't know the meaning of the word says this.

Lord Raab: “Sorry man. How's it holding up?”

Jake Raab: “It's getting there, although I'm bored as hell being at home because of me being told to rest my shoulder.”

Lord Raab: “Your hand has also been messed up too, hasn't it?”

Jake Raab: “It was, but that's near enough recovered now. It's just my shoulder that's bothering me. I'm bored as hell being at home all day, resting it.”

Lord Raab: “Fuck that. I never allowed doctors telling me to rest. I continued wrestling with broken arms, legs, ankles and even wrists at times. Why? Because I love wrestling and the only time I was told to stop wrestling was when I had a lump on my face, telling me it was cancer. Other times, nope, I never stopped for anything.”

It was well known in the Raab camp that Lord Raab had a lump on his face removed because it was skin cancer, but it was news for Jake who felt so bad for Lord Raab and he speaks.

Jake Raab: “Wow, I had no idea about that. Sorry.”

Lord Raab: “I fought it and now I'm wrestling and back better than ever I was before. Fuck what the doctors say, dude. You can still do things.”

Jake Raab: “That's you, OK? Maybe you can hack and deal with pain, but I can't. I've been told to rest it, even ice it a few times to recover. I wish I can do anything like playing soccer or something, but I can't move my shoulder, I can't leave the house because each time I open the door with a key, it hurts and I'm left-handed.”

Lord Raab: “Mind you, I don't think Konrad can deal with pain either. He's so sorry he's not able to be there for you. He feels bad he wasn't able to come up to hospital cos of shit going on with wrestling and the whole adopted kid thing.”

Jake Raab: “Oh you mean Sebastian?”

Lord Raab: “Yeah, that's it. To be fair, me and Samuel are in the process of waiting for an adopted boy to come through ourselves. Still waiting for the opportunity to strike, but it's nothing compared to what Konrad's going through in Germany.”

Jake Raab: “Certainly not.”

Jake wanted to get up, but he looks at Lord Raab and shakes his head as he says this.

Lord Raab: “No, you stay there, I'll get the drinks from your fridge.”

This wasn't like Lord Raab to help anyone, but Jake was family so he had to help any family member at all costs as he manages to find the drinks which were cans of Fanta while Jake's watching Arrow since Raab wouldn't stop him from doing so as he closes it and then goes to the freezer to get the ice pack out and closes it. He carries the cans of drinks and the ice pack to the living room and he places the ice pack on Jake's left shoulder.

Jake Raab: “Thanks, man.”

Lord Raab: “No worries.”

As Jake's got a busted shoulder, Raab kindly opened a can of Fanta for Jake and was able to use his right arm to drink his Fanta, while Raab does the same for himself and drinks the Fanta before he watches bits of the Arrow series, but he remembers something from the Supershow.

Lord Raab: “Oh, is that Arrow guy who you tried to portray at the Supershow event?”

Jake Raab: “That's correct. I can't even show up on camera right now and do that stuff cos of my shoulder. I lost to Austin because of it on top of him being a better man that night.”

Lord Raab: “Fuck that douchebag. That guy is a crybaby bitch and a coward according to you. He has none of my respect. Fuck Austin for pretending to deny he has never demanded title shots in his life or made any mistakes in his career. He's not human.”

Jake Raab: “Yeah, I almost think he acts too fucking perfect. He's stabbed Konrad in the back with his inexcusable comments. He showed his true colours when he wasn't able to handle losing to me. I can handle losses, one of the things we don't moan about unless there's a valid reason for it.”

Raab nodded, he knew he did go too far with bitching and moaning about losing the tag titles to those girls, but they were in the wrong to bring a weapon in the match and wrestlers in another company praised them for that. It wasn't the thing that bothered Markus the most as he says this.

Lord Raab: “It's like that Noble Savage cunt. I had good valid reasons why I stood up for my son when she mocked and took the piss at him, trashing him because she acts tough. She could've done her research and picked on you or Konrad, but no, picking on a seven-year-old boy was the best she could do.”

Jake Raab: “Yeah, I heard that shit and I'm glad I'm not working for that shithole company. What a horrible piece of shit she is to do something like that, to go that low.”

Lord Raab: “She is. I even went to her lowest level, hoping she'd die and commit suicide. She said she wouldn't stand up for her parents or her kid if someone went personal with them. Shows how she'd allow anyone to walk all over her family and her kid if she doesn't stand up for them. A shitty excuse of a human being.”

Jake Raab: “Yeah, you were in the right there. Anybody who defended for her is fucking scum too. Even I'd never go that low to mock Fenris's family or Austin's girlfriend and his kid because that's disgusting and being a coward to pick on defenceless people or in this case, a defenceless child. I don't care what they said and done, I wouldn't stoop that fucking low.”

It was something Jake heard as he does follow everything going on with his cousin's wrestling careers as much as they do with him as Jake notices bags on the floor as he asks him a question while watching Arrow.

Jake Raab: “You're staying for the night?”

Lord Raab: “Yes, I felt like spending the night here. After all, I've done it a few times before with Konrad's place and he's done with me, along with you as well. Also, I think you could do with someone to talk to and hang around with before I leave for Baltimore, Maryland on Saturday. I got an apartment there too, even a place for you if you ever wrestle there.”

Jake Raab: “I never knew that. That's pretty sweet.”

Lord Raab: “Yeah. About wrestling, however, you fought fucking hard against both Fenris and Austin, especially being the first person to bust Fenris open which doesn't seem like an easy task to do and I think if anything, he respects you.”

Jake Raab: “Yeah, I managed to catch up with Climax Control on the internet the other day and mentioning how he respects me more than he does with Vinnie who talked shit about my match with Fenris, according to Fenris himself.”

Raab nods as he also heard that himself, even if his career in Sin City Wrestling was over and done with and likely be the only wrestler in Sin City Wrestling who's won all belts, but never be in the hall of fame. That didn't really concern him and he says this to Jake.

Lord Raab: “No shame of the effort you put out in that title match against Fenris or with Austin for that matter, despite your shoulder being injured. Heard you're facing some dude named Shirasu in your first match return since the loss against Austin.”

Jake Raab: “I don't even know who he is apart from the win he got over Kadar Hasheem in his debut. That's all I can say about him.”

Lord Raab: “Well he is mentored by Casey Williams.”

Jake Raab: “Ha, Casey Williams is a joke. I'm glad for one he left and I didn't say goodbye to him cos he didn't deserve it. He was holding SCW down.”

Lord Raab: “That I agree with. This Shirasu guy according to him has had everything literally handed to him. Won't be surprised if he expects title shots to be handed to him. At least they've not placed him in a title match in his second match.”

Jake Raab: “Yes, thank goodness. Even with my busted shoulder, I can beat him any day of the week. He hasn't really been that impressive, beating a rookie wrestler in his first match. Like I didn't when I started in my match. However, I know why I've been placed to face him, they want to test to see how my shoulder is and whether I can continue my quest for gold or not.”

Markus is in agreement with Jake as he takes a sip of his Fanta drink and speaks again.

Lord Raab: “I agree with that, they have given you someone easy and he will be easy because he doesn't do or say very much. I don't even know if that guy is even experienced enough to be a wrestler in the sport. I had to work my ass off from working in the Germany hardcore wrestling scene to get where I am. Konrad had to bust his ass to earn his spot in wrestling. You had to learn wrestling yourself before coming professional that took you years to do.”

Jake Raab: “But Shirasu was handed a roster spot without doing anything in the wrestling business. Maybe I need more time to research this entitled dickhead. I'm using this match as if it'll prepare me for anything that comes next in my quest of getting to the top again, but fairly this time than the demanding Jake bitch people once saw.”

Lord Raab: “When people still compare you to that guy. Pathetic guys like Austin and Alex can't get fucking over it with your mistakes. You've learned from it and moved on. It's sad people bring it up, but you have the chance to prove them wrong on Sunday you've changed for the better.”

Jake Raab: “I'm getting sick of proving to people I don't bitch or complain anymore. It's driving me nuts. Like why can't people see I've changed and learnt from my mistakes?”

Lord Raab: “Because it's all they have to talk about, you're past than what you've done to change. They are too ignorant to do that.”

Jake chuckled as he still has the ice pack placed on his shoulder and Jake picks up the can of Fanta and drinks all of it before speaking again.

Jake Raab: “I will do anything to beat Shirasu because he's a guy who got handed everything in his life and I don't respect people like that. I'll beat him for the three count fair and square without any complaints coming from that idiot.”

Lord Raab: “Indeed. Let's watch the rest of this series. I start to see why you're into it.”

It certainly was Lord Raab's sort of series type thing he'd watch as there was a lot of action and lots of mystery clues to solve and kill the target Queen has on his list. They randomly talk about different things now and again but enjoying to watch the TV show as they get pizza takeaway before the whole first season finishes and went to bed to sleep for the night.


Time to beat down on a rookie wrestler shoot Jake's camera.

“Losses never affect me and I would never whine and cry like a big baby about it. I lost to Austin, shame on me, get me a tissue so I'd cry. Oh please, as if I'd do that, considering I'm still new to this sport. I refuse to cry about a god damn loss I'll learn from. Moving on however is someone who has the least experience out of everyone in the company right now, Shirasu as I'll just call the guy because fuck saying his first name.

Shirasu has only had one win in his entire wrestling career and that's against some dude named Kadar Hasheem. That's really the only thing we have on him, but the moves he does well are high flying and technical which is different from other opponents I've faced here. He won a match, what else there is to say about that, to be honest.

The problem I have with you is you got handed your spot on this roster. How can anyone come to this business and have their first ever professional match against Kadar? Just how does that happen? Did you randomly win a competition or something in the school you were trained at? Did Casey hand his SCW spot to you?

God only knows, but we know you have talent, I'm not stupid to say that, but you'd be very much mistaken if being handed everything in your life gets you somewhere in this business. I know from one of my cousins who was forced to be in the army at first because his dad sent him there to toughen up and it wasn't Lord Raab either. It wasn't for fun, it was to toughen the man up.

Of course, everyone gets sick of these stories about families that are completely utterly irrelevant for this match and I wouldn't go and picking on people who are too defenceless to fight me. You can fight Shirasu, but sadly for you my friend, I hate to even say this, but SCW management clearly placed me in this match because I won't have to use my shoulder as much and testing whether I was fit for another title match or not.

You haven't done anything of a sort as of yet and I doubt you'll win again which you have no chance whatsoever to win the match because I lose to guys that were way more of an honour than winning against a fellow rookie to the match. You haven't got any experience in wrestling to know you aren't ready to beat me. You aren't ready to beat the MMA and technical wrestler in me and you're certainly not ready to be a champion either.

I don't care about sizes or the fact you've been bullied at school, heck I was as well, but you don't see me talk about it cos being bigger or smaller to an opponent doesn't mean anything in this business. Tomorrow night, I will get that three count and moving towards to whatever SCW want to place me in. Good luck Shirasu cos you're gonna need everything, but only I will get the three count to win the match."

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