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> Brotherhood
Griffin Hawkins
Posted: August 02, 2019 08:54 pm

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I took the directions that Gideon gave me..and as it turns out it led me to Norwich England. I came to what looked to be a in ruins of course. There was no roof, not many walls, but the floor remained intact.

Griffin Hawkins: What the fuck?...

I came all this way to some broken rocks and an abandoned castle? He did this just to annoy me. If I wanted to see a tour of ancient ruins I would've gone to a museum. But if something came over me, I noticed a table.

Griffin Hawkins: way..[/color

This couldn't have been the same one. I slowly walk over to the table and it looked like the same one I lied on in my dream as I was about to be sacrificed by a bunch of men in hooded robes.

What was Gideon trying to tell me?

I then got a call on my cell phone. I figured it was my wife Taylor checking on me as I answered.

[color=red]Griffin Hawkins: Hello?

Marquis Laveaux: Griffin?

Griffin Hawkins: Oh hey Marquis.

Marquis Laveaux: I uh..just wanted to apologize for before. You kinda took me by surprise.

I didn't want to tell him about where I was, I figured it upset him.

Griffin Hawkins: Its okay...just tell me a little something about that place I told you about?

Marquis Laveaux: ...I can't tell you now. Some things should just be left in the past. But I promise when the time is right, you'll know everything.

Griffin Hawkins: ...Okay. I gotta go now, seeya later.

I hang up. I was glad that he was talking to me again, but was a bit worried about what he would tell me. I was shocked to be in the same place I was in my dream..something told me what he knew would be something that would change everything.


~Many Years Ago~

To say my family life was horrible was an understatement. Many would think, oh you got lots of money and a big'd think that would make me happy, but it didn't. Reputation was important around the Hawkins family..which is why I knew me getting in a fight in high school and getting suspended was NOT going to go over well..mainly around my Dad. He would deal with me when he got home. I didn't want to stick I went to Joe's Diner. It was starting to get late as I started eating my Cheeseburger platter. Soon the door opened and Charles stepped through. He immediately spotted me and came over.

Charles Hawkins: Come on..we're going home.

Griffin Hawkins: I can't do it...I may just move here.

Charles Hawkins: Griff come know you can't stay here forever. You have to deal with Dad sooner or later.

Griffin Hawkins: You didn't hear what he said to me last time. He told me one more screw up and I'm gonna be shipped off to a Military School in Texas.

Charles Hawkins: He's only saying that to scare you into staying out of trouble. He said the same thing to me when I threw that wild party while he and Mom were away on Vacation.

Griffin Hawkins: I just don't feel like facing him...I already got a black eye, a tongue lashing isn't gonna make it any better.

Charles Hawkins: He doesn't even know the whole story..just tell him the truth.

Griffin Hawkins: Like he's gonna listen to's like he's on a whole different planet than ours.

Charles Hawkins: Yeah he can be a bit unreasonable at times, but when he knows the reason behind everything, he'll understand.

Griffin Hawkins: Yeah, and maybe Elephants can fly.

Charles Hawkins: were only standing up for Wendi against that asshole who wouldn't stop bugging her.

Griffin Hawkins: Well she is our sister after all, she'd do the same for me.

Charles Hawkins: This is no different than me sticking up for you when we were little and some bully would try and mess with you. We'll both tell him what happened..he can't get mad at both of us.

Griffin Hawkins: You'll really be with me?

Charles Hawkins: Of course I will. You may bug the hell out of me half the time, but you're still my brother. Now quit hiding out here like a little girl and come home already!

I couldn't help but laugh as I get up and leave with him. My brother was always important to me, no matter what would happen, he'd always have my back.


cameras would usually be in a location in the arena, but they go to the wrong side of town. Many people are on the streets sleeping. I show up on the stoop of a burned out building, dressed in my usual leather jacket and black pants. I begin walking down, speaking.

"Many years ago..I had lost everything. Thrown out onto the streets with no one to depend on. My inheritance was a thing of the past..I no longer had a roof over my head, and more importantly, I had no family left. The one thing that did keep me through..was knowing that I had a family member back at home..two in fact. My brother..and my sister. Family has always been important to me. But to others its a lost concept on them. The man I'm speaking Malachi. His sole purpose of joining SCW was so he can make his brother Lachlan Kane's life a living hell. But unfortunately for Dudley Douchebag, things...have not gone well for him..."

Malachi was someone who..wasn't all that bright. Perhaps I could use it to my advantage.

"See Malachi, I'm different than you. Unlike you, I love my brother and I'm willing to go to the ends of the earth for him. You on the other hand are so content on making Lachlan's life miserable. And why? Jealousy perhaps? I mean he at least held some gold and is a fixture on the Climax Control roster. Meanwhile...what have you done really? Nothing. Sure you had some big matches, but have you really made the best of your opportunities?"

A small chuckle escapes my mouth.

"Another reason I'm different than you, I don't squander my opportunities. I worked for an opportunity at the Internet Title and I went out and won it. I made a mission to become Roulette Champion...and I succeeded. You on the other hand had become so content with trying to ruin your brother, you didn't focus on your own career. You got knocked the fuck out by screamed like a baby when Senor Vinnie locked on the Rings of Mariachi...and now you find yourself in the hunt for the Roulette Title. You want to try and wash away the embarrassing few months by taking my gold? I welcome you to try."

Stepping down the stairs, I continue.

"At Summer XXXtreme, you will be the one of many in the X-Division Rules Match for this very title. Ironically....I faced your brother at the last Supercard and he had eyes on the very same belt. But he was smart...he has brains. You on the other hand Malachi are dumb as a stump and twice as ugly. You're already on twitter claiming that you are gonna do what Lachlan couldn't do and take his title just so you can rub it in his face. That's your first mistake. You're claiming victory before the match even takes place..and second, you're too focused on sticking it to your brother that you're taking me very lightly.."

I kind of wished I was facing Lachlan instead.

"See, unlike you..Lachlan is humble. He realizes that he's not the biggest dog in the yard, but didn't stop him from bringing the fight to me and nearly leaving with my gold. But you, you obviously haven't paid attention to me in the last few months. Because if you did, you'd know that for the last while, I've been turning back every challenger that stepped up and thought they could take me out. You may not be the first, but you will be the next to become just another casualty of The Jukebox Hero."

I look up at the night sky, kind of enjoying myself out here.

"Let's say you actually do beat me and end up taking the title. Then what? You end up retaining at Summer XXXtreme? Very unlikely. Because the last time you were in a Fatal Four Way Match, you lost. You were beaten by of all people...Teddy Warren. So if you don't get it'll definitely get it at the Supercard. But make no mistake, I am not overlooking you by one stretch of the imagination. You think that you're gonna show up your brother by beating me? I don't think so. On Climax Control, you two will share the same fate as I leave with the gold. The luck of the Irish won't be on your side..because come're gonna get rocked."

I smile and walk away as the camera crew packs everything in.

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