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> Loyalty and Respect
London Underground
Posted: December 07, 2018 11:16 am

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It's been more than a few weeks since London Underground have been in action. Left off of the biggest supercard of the year in High Stakes VIII, yet winning Tag Team of the Year 2018 on the exact same event. It would only make sense to make the most of their popularity and book them right away, wouldn't it? Apparently not, but maybe with the announcement of finding a number one contender, you'd expect SCW to lead with their Tag Team of the Year, right? Guess again as SCW went with the relatively inexperienced Gamer Inc, and a team consisting of the couple Ben and Evie Jordan, one match veterans as a team. That's enough to frustrate any team in to thinking their worth was being shown as much less than it. It's enough to bobble the mind of geniuses on why the best team in SCW was overlooked for more than a month, but it changes on Sunday and it hasn't exactly been on Daniel J Morgan's mind, at least not after Sunday.

Another SCW show was in the books that London Underground attended for apparently no reason was not what had annoyed the leader of the most successful mixed tag team in SCW, merely a Twitter exchange did, it bothered him more than most things usually do, a Twitter exchange with SCW's Bombshell champion, Dani Weston.

To those who don't have Twitter or wasn't paying attention to anything said. Dani had mentioned her dislike for Christmas, to which Daniel had responded in a friendly manner, telling her it's too early to be a grinch, a response was a Grinch gif. Another response from Daniel came in an antidote, explaining that his grandmother had said if you can't get in tot he Christmas spirit, get in to the top shelf spirit, another way of saying get drunk.

Her response is what threw him, telling him she wasn't at work so he wasn't the boss of her. Wow! That was unexpected, from one minute trying to put a smile on the Bombshell champions face to a lack of respect in response.

That broke his code, a code he lived by to allow people to be close to him. Respect was a big part of the way he lived.

Another message got another unusual response from the Bombshell champion.

"Was that a threat?"

That had been the straw that broke the camels back for Daniel. Little did Dani know, that alone was a trigger for Daniel and those words never did end well for the people saying them.

Daniel had spent days fighting his demons, fighting his urge to do what he would do to someone disrespectful, someone who had used a trigger on his, even unknowingly. He'd found himself in an awkward position, no one would usually get away with that. He knew what he wanted to do, but couldn't bring himself to do it to the point where he had avoided coming in to the casino when he knew she was working, opting to leave Nick George in charge of the daily tasks, but days had past and Daniel found himself back in the Casino.

Daniel stands overlooking the Golden Ring Casino from his high office windows, a place where he can see every aspect of the casino floor, from every gaming table to the bar, surveying his empire, looking over the dream that he had when he and three others had left England, spent copious amounts of money to be trained for six months, to wrestle for close to eighteen months. Two years in the making for his eyes to fall upon what he could now see. Behind him looking at a wall of cameras was Nick George, close friend of the group, and the man who ran the casino when Daniel was otherwise engaged. Osbourne stood nearby Daniel, he too looking at the casino floor and Charlotte Elliot and Mackenzie Page sitting down on the nearby sofa, looking through some magazines.

It was a relatively quiet Thursday afternoon, just after one, nothing out of the ordinary till Daniel turned his eye towards the bar.

"What is she doing here?" Daniel asks through gritted teeth.

Anger was written all over his face as Osbourne joined him at his side. His tone causes Charlotte and Mackenzie to place their magazines down and walk towards the wall of clear mirrored glass. Nick turns his head and walks towards the four, his eyes too cast towards where Daniel was looking. Nick looks towards Daniel and smirks.

"She works here genius." Nick says with a smart arse tone. "You hired her, in fact you hired her before you hired me."

Daniel glares towards Nick, once again through gritted teeth.

"She wasn't meant to be working today, hence my presence." Daniel tells him.

The camera looks towards Danielle Weston, starting her second job. Bombshell champion at weekends, bar staff during the week at a casino.

I know you're thinking all wrestlers are rich, they don't need second jobs, but the truth is some do. Fortunes are not made in wrestling when you first start, big juicy contracts are not handed out in your first year or so in the ring. Promoters need to be sure they're investing in the right person and are often looking to get the best deal for themselves. Dani had never had wealth, worked many jobs and was looking for extra work when the casino was hiring. She didn't drive a fancy car, or live in a six bedroom place in the hills of Las Vegas like London Underground did, she was in fact staying with Fenris until she got back on her feet.

"Maybe she switched with someone." Nick says slightly confused by the situation.

"I thought you was running this place when I wasn't." Daniel snaps back. "You're meant to know these things."

"You worry more than a virgin after her first time without a hood." Nick says with a smile. "Don't really matter, does it? I mean end of the day, we need someone to sling a few drinks, doesn't matter if it's Dani or someone else."

Charlotte looks towards Daniel, knowing full well what's going through his mind as he looks down through the glass at her serving her first customer for the day.

"I know what you're thinking." Charlotte says. "But it ain't gonna help anyone for you to go down there and rip her a new one over what was said on Twitter."

Nick looks at Daniel, a clear look of confusion on his face.

"Two things." He says in his gruff voice. "One, what was said? And two, the fuck is Twitter?"

"Basically." Mackenzie responds "Twitter is a social media thing, and she told him she wasn't at work so he wasn't the boss of her, then hit his trigger."

"Social media thing?" Nick says. "What's that?"

Mackenzie rolls her eye as she looks towards Nick.

"Fucking hell." She says with a short sharp shake of her head. "I bet you still have a flip phone from the nineties."

"Two actually." Nick says as he holds up two fingers.

"And social media is a place you can interact with people." Charlotte adds.

"Might have to give it a whirl." Nick says thoughtfully. "So she asked you if something you said was a threat?"

"Yeah." Daniel says bluntly. "The fact that she thought I was being her boss when she wasn't at work was fucking disrespectful Nick. I'm built on two things to let people anywhere near me, loyalty and respect and she showed she has no respect for me, by being public like that. Now either she was pissed out of her skull, or I've let her get away with things too lightly."

"What's that meant to mean?" Charlotte asks.

"I've handed her everything." Daniel says looking at Charlotte. "When her car broke down, who gave her a ride? I did, when she needed my help, did I say no? Like fuck I did, when Kenz came to me and said she needed a second job, who gave it to her? I did. Who saved her from feeling the guilt of Fenris almost ending up in the nick or deported? This muggings right here."

Nick raises an eyebrow as he looks towards Daniel.

"I was with ya up until the last part." He says.

"Dani's abusive ex. Fenris broke his face." Daniel tells him. "He found himself in a pair of silver bracelets and I played locksmith and made them disappear."

"Well aren't you the sweetheart." Nick says sarcastically.

"Where'd it get me?" Daniel asks no one in particular. "Fucking nowhere, because now I get treated like a proper mug. I live by loyalty and respect and I expect the same, clearly being that damn soft on someone does me no favours."

Charlotte and Mackenzie look at each other and then towards Daniel.

"Hold on a minute." Mackenzie asks in a sharp tone. "Are you trying to say that girl down there has no loyalty? Listen mate, she's not here for what you pay her."

Daniel turns around looks at Mackenzie.

"Name one other member of bar staff in the whole of Las Vegas that get's paid as much as her." Daniel says firmly. "Bar staff don't get health coverage or benefits yet she does. Bar staff don't get paid a percentage of what a business makes, but I snuck that in to her contract."

"She gets a percentage?" Nick asks.

"One percent of what we make to be paid as a Christmas bonus." Daniel tells him.

"That about seven grand as it stands." Nick tells him.

"And if all things go to plan next year, it will be over one hundred grand." Daniel tells Nick. "It's called loyalty helping to set things up."

"Fucking hell." Nick states surprised. "I'm in the wrong line of work for you."

Charlotte moves closer to Daniel, looking at him seriously.

"You're out of your mind Danny." She says firmly.

Charlotte was the smart one and Daniel knew this, her input on so many things have proved invaluable, especially when it came to sourcing the location for the casino, getting background and who was potentially targeting the place. Her opinion was priceless to Daniel at times.

"And how do you work that out?" Daniel asks her.

"Down there is the SCW Bombshell champion." Charlotte says. "She's not some kid bartender who flirts with customers to get an extra dollar a drink in a tip. She's someone who really doesn't need this job anymore. She could sit there and earn in one day what she gets paid a month here and then some just by doing appearances. This is Las Vegas, they would pay her serious bank to appear and say a few words to a crowd to get them through the door. Comic book stores and book stores would pay her well over a grand for an hour signing pictures of herself or posing with fans. The reason that girl is standing behind the bar at one twenty on a pretty dead Thursday afternoon is because she is loyal to a tee. She hasn't needed to be here since she won that belt, but there she is down there starting a six hour shift, because of loyalty."

Charlotte made a good point but Daniel's anger failed to allow it to hit home completely.

"Loyalty means shit without respect." Daniel says

"Maybe she didn't mean it like that." Mackenzie ponders. "Or maybe she was joking."

Daniel looks at Mackenzie and shakes his head.

"I'm pretty good at judging tone, if I didn't, there's a good chance us five would be dead or in prison by now. Doesn't matter if it's a text or speech. I know that was snappy." Daniel tells him "I don't know why, but that was snappy. Maybe it was to get respect from others by trying to piss on her boss in public, maybe she saw Seleana smack Christian in the nose and wanted to smack her boss down in someone, but to me, shows a lack of respect and I can't work with people like that."

"So you want to give her the tin tack?" Nick asks in a slightly disappointed tone.

Daniel puts his hands behind his head, looking down. This has played on his mind a lot lately, yet he never expected to see her for a while. He'd hoped that by the time he did, it would have eased up.

"I don't know." Daniel says. "That fucking trigger though. Remember the last person who used that trigger."

"Bobby Butcher." Mackenzie says with nod. "April 3rd."

"And when was the last time anyone has seen, or heard of Bobby Butcher?" Daniel asks.

"April 3rd." Charlotte adds.

Mackenzie grits her teeth as she grabs Daniel by the arm.

"You really better not be thinking something like that." Mackenzie says as she grips Daniel's arm.

"Number one, get your fucking hand off me Kenz, I ain't in the mood." Daniel tells her. "Secondly, don't be fucking stupid. That prick deserved it, she does not. What she's done until she explains herself, is lost my backing. She's a big girl who can try and embarrass her boss, she can handle life on her own."

Nick puts his hands on Daniel's shoulder.

"Look mate." Nick starts. "Far from me to tell you what to do with your own business, but getting rid of her would be a mistake. It's no shock for me to tell ya that money is up when she's working. I've seen the way you look at her, and you don't wanna just turf her aside. You've kept her away from the shady shit we do for a reason. She probably didn't know it was a trigger, and she ain't listening to this, so she won't know, so relax. I'll figure this one out, I'll go have a little chat with her. It'll all be fine. She ain't no dodgy bloke from the east end giving ya the stink eye, probably a misunderstanding."

The group, even Osbourne look at Nick with a slight look of surprise at his unusual calming works. Nick looks around the group.

"What?" He says surprised. "I can be smart sometimes. You lot just focus on the two ya gotta face on Sunday."

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday. The Tag Team thing announced by Brooke Saxon, seemingly six teams trying to get three wins over three shows to face Team Eggplant. Gamer Inc can't do it, but if no one gets to three, the highest scoring teams will qualify. Interesting concept.

"Sunday?" Daniel says with a mocking tone. "Mate, it's not even worth us showing up, they might as well just give us the point now. Has this Todd Williams wanker ever shown up to anything in his life? He'll be late for his own funeral, well, won't show up for his own funeral."

Daniel shakes his head.

"All this to face a team where apparently the fella as an abnormal shaped cock." Daniel says as he looks out the window. "Fooling no one, we've all seen him in his trunks."

Daniel takes a deep breath.

"But at least captain dong would be more of a challenge than this Todd Williams joke." Daniel says. "Seriously, who is he? I sorta remember reading up on him a while back and got confused at his nickname. Is he the dreamer? Is he the redeemer? Come on sunshine, pick a lane. I never can take people like this guy that seriously. It's like he's sat there and wondered what he could do to get himself verbally attacked, couldn't pick one thing so picked them all."

"He used to be married to Crystal Hilton." Charlotte tell Daniel.

"Who hasn't been?" Mackenzie adds with a smile.

Daniel can't help but smile at Mackenzie before continue.

"Well, I think that sums him up nicely." Daniel says turning his attention back towards the window. "Clearly a guy who makes terrible life choices and that's all he's gonna be known for. Someone who knocked up Crystal Hilton and somehow made his way in to wrestling. I really can't take people who are like that. Supposed to be a big man, yet his ex missus and kid have done more in life than he ever could do. This is the bloke standing in the way of me or Os picking up a point for us? He's having a bubble if he thinks he stands a chance against us. I mean wasn't he booked a few weeks ago and no fucker heard from him? Just turned up, lost and pissed off home again? Big challenges SCW are laying in front of us, massive challenges, we should be so scared of these."

A smirk forms on Daniel's face.

"I should be disappointed by all this." Daniel admits. "Giving us a team like those two to go against, I should be fuming because neither me or Os are gonna break a sweat against this guy. It's like holding off a midget with ya hand then booting him away. It's all child's play. They might as well say look, we know you're gonna win, this guy is a bit of a joke, we'll just give you the point regardless and you move on to next week and not worry about it all. The guy is a bit of a mess really. Knocked up Crystal Hilton, they're both here and his managed by his latest wife? This seems like a storyline in Eastenders or Coronation Street. Todd Williams life is just a piss poor soap opera, let's be honest about it."

Daniel turns around to the group and looks around.

"This is gonna be easy, and trust me, we've had some easy matches in SCW before." Daniel says truthfully. "This blokes life is pretty messed up to be fair, his wrestling skills are sub par and that's being seriously generous and we came in to wrestling, mastered it, improved every single match while this guy signs a deal, sits on his arse, doesn't appear on any show other than to lose and move on to do the same over again. It's just not worth him being here at all so after Climax Control, think we'll send him packing once and for all, let his ex wife show him how it's done. I could not be less worried about this match if I tried."

Daniel's face looks blank.

"I'll get motivated for it, the big man will, but come on." Daniel says with a tough of disappointment. "This guy is an unfunny joke. Really unfunny, so I'll make it quick and painless for Todd and we'll end him quick. Do something, leave him somewhere outside the ring, he can put as much effort in to this match as he does trying to sell a match against anyone. Absolutely bugger all, seriously nothing at all. Not even sure why SCW booked him in this one when they could have thrown it at one of their resident championship beggars like Caleb Storms, at least the geezer seems like he wants a shot at some gold while this joker gets rewarded for doing nothing at all. This one will be made simple work off from our side of things."

Daniel turns towards Charlotte and Mackenzie.

"Me and Os got it proper easy this week." Daniel tells them "You two have it a little tougher than we do."

The camera focuses a little more on Charlotte and Mackenzie.

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Posted: December 07, 2018 11:18 am

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Mackenzie shakes her head towards Daniel.

"Are you having a giraffe?" Mackenzie says to Daniel with a sneer. "Tougher? Kate Steele is as mentally fucked up as Todd Williams. What is she this week? Good person? Bad person?"

Mackenzie looks towards Charlotte, who returns her glare.

"Good this week, although that can change by the weekend." Charlotte replies.

"Couldn't give a monkeys muff anyway." Mackenzie says casually. "Just trying to prove a point that Kate Steele is as messed up in the head as Todd is. I've know whores who've changed their drawers less than she changes sides. One minute she wants the fans to hate her, one minute she wants the fans to like her. I don't even think she knows who she is but she can certainly cut the shit with one thing. She is the least English, English person that I've ever heard. I mean it's got to be an act. Saying bloody hell every so often doesn't make her English."

"I've had my suspicions." Charlotte comments. "I mean she doesn't act English, she doesn't sound English, everything about her screams fraud. Everything about her makes me think she's full of utter dog shit. I can't really get my head around her. I mean who really is Kate Steele?"

Mackenzie shrugs her shoulders as she looks across at Charlotte.

"A failed musician? Someone who keeps hair dye places in business?" Mackenzie replies. "Or maybe someone that couldn't buy a win if her life depended on it. I mean she lost to Crystal whatever her name is at High Stakes VIII, she got proper mugged off by Cat Riley, and yet, she's teaming with someone she can't stand to try and get a shot at the Mixed Tag Team titles and thinks she's gonna do any better at that? Fucking woman musta got a concussion or something after Cat sorted her out if she thinks for a second that she can take us on and actually get anything from us."

"She can't get anything from us." Charlotte responds. "I don't think she could beat anyone on the roster at the moment. I've never seen anyone turn so bad so quickly. I mean Kate was touted as someone who could have gone on and done something here, she was touted as a possible future Bombshell champion but instead, she's become Salco level and fast."

Mackenzie smiles at Charlotte's comment.

"Maybe she's too fucking stupid to see everyone she goes after are tons better than she is." Mackenzie replies. "And that this is costing her. Maybe she should pick a fight with Salco or something, know her level and stick to it cause she's just making herself look fucking stupid. She's embarrassing her so called country. Look at all the English wrestlers on the roster. Name one that she's better than?"

Charlotte taps her chin, thinking about Mackenzie's proposition.

"Can't think of anyone to be honest." Charlotte replies thoughtfully.

This wasn't even the girls making fun of them. Based on Kate's current form, she was possibly the lowest ranked out of all the English wrestlers that had made their way to SCW.

"Because she's shit." Mackenzie says bluntly. "In her head she's the dogs bollocks but realistically, she's utter pony. I'm not even sure why SCW keep her on, I don't see what she offers. Woman is constantly full of hot air and sneak attacks and breaking people's arms. Tries to even come close to breaking mine and she'll end up looking like a jack O lantern with a bunch of broken chompers. Fucking make them sharp enough for her to bite her way through wood."

Daniel smiles, walking away to look out of the glass window.

"Probably keep her around to talk a load of bollocks." Charlotte says. "Everyone likes seeing people who talk bollocks get their gobs shut, just this week, one of us get to do that instead."

"Has she ever called anyone out and actually beat them?"

"Not recently." Charlotte replies.

"Like I said, fucking pony." Mackenzie says smugly. "I guess people started feeling sorry for her so threw her in to this tournament thing to try and give her a morale boost, or someone to blame when she fucks up again so it doesn't look like little Kate is that bad when she knows as well as I do that she is that bad. I'd seriously be surprised if she even picks up a point in this thing. Looking at all the teams in this, I don't think there's one she can actually beat, not one single team, so she'll be right back where she started calling people out and getting her arse handed to her."

Charlotte nods in agreement with Mackenzie.

"I get the whole challenge someone thing cause you think you can do better." Charlotte says. "But every single time, she calls out people out of her league. She's mid table League One calling out the Premiership. Unless there's an off day, you're not gonna win that one at all. You're not even gonna nick a draw let alone be celebrating a win. She's basically Wycombe Wanderers thinking she's Chelsea. At least be realistic with who you are or you start to look like a right mong."

Mackenzie scoffs, looking at Charlotte with a smile.

"She's looked like a right mong since she started attacking people close to Crystal." Mackenzie says. "Oh big dear, you've just attacked a nurse and a personal assistant. Ain't you a big tough guy beating up someone who won't hit back. Cuts no ice with me at all. What would have been the bollocks is if one of them would have knocked her arse square out or something. Wouldn't look so tough then, so ya know what, I think one of us should knock her out."

"Can't promise to knock her out but can be like everyone else and tap her out." Charlotte says with a smile. "She can't defend submissions for toffee."

Mackenzie fires a smirk towards Charlotte.

"Must have a sore hand tapping out all the time." Mackenzie adds. "By the time we're finished with her, she'll have a sore everything. Honestly, can add this to the impressive shit we've already done by knocking the hell out of her, maybe it will teach her to keep her mouth shut."

Charlotte shakes her head.

"Doubt it." Charlotte says seriously. "People kick the hell out of her all the time and she still keeps talking. Must have a Duracell up her arse or something cause she keeps going and going and going."

"After Sunday." Mackenzie says. "Only place she'll be going is to therapy after one of us hurts her so bad, she'd need a lot of help to get over it."

"Blimey." Nick says stepping behind the two women. "You two love a yack too don't ya? It's why women's jaw bones are smaller than men's. All that chatting wears them down quicker."

Mackenzie turns around to look at Nick, not too fond of his joke.

"Yours won't be worn down soon." Mackenzie tells him. "Might be broken in four places though."

Mackenzie clinches her fist and holds it under Nick's jaw.

"I love it when you talk violence short arse." Nick says, mockingly pursing his lips out towards Mackenzie. "'Ere a minute."

Nick looks cautiously towards Daniel standing staring over his kingdom, Osbourne standing to Daniel's right and points his thumb behind him, moving away with the girls, trying to get out of earshot of Daniel. Both look at Nick confused.

"Listen." He says with an odd sincere tone, unlike his joking self. "Take him out of here for a while."

He says pointing to Daniel.

"We all know he's gonna sit there and stew on it." Nick tells them from past experience. "We know he's gonna sit there till he explodes and goes and make a tosser of himself down there, trying to get her back publicly, cause he'll see that as an eye for an eye kinda thing. He might not see it but she looks up to him, not cause she's a bit of a short arse either. Him going down there and acting the goat might break her. I mean she hangs around with you lot, so she can't have many people in her life."

"You want a slap or something." Mackenzie says seriously.

"Not unless ya calling me Daddy afterwards." Nick says with a cocky tone.

"I'll call ya an ambulance afterwards." Mackenzie says with a sneer.

"Anyway, my point being is if he goes down there and blows his top, she might crumble." Nick tells them. "I don't think she knows that anything is up. I mean she's shown up here with a smile and that girl wears her heart on her sleeve, Stevie Wonder can see that. My money is on she don't have a clue, but wondering why she hasn't seen him."

"So what are you saying?" Charlotte asks.

"Take him out for the day." Nick says. "Get him out of here for a few hours to go and do something fun. I'll deal with this place and this situation. I'll run this place, Charley, you can be him, Kenzie, you can act the role of a lifetime and be the smart one for a chance, and we'll get a snappy little pissed off bulldog to take over from Kenz, no one will tell the difference between that dog and Kenz."

"Well this dog bites." Mackenzie says as she looks at Nick.

"You kinky devil, you." Nick says with an approving nod.

"Take him where?" Charlotte asks.

"Anywhere." Nick replies. "Take him, mini golf, adult gold, shopping, hopping, take him to the cat house, dog house, hen house, out house, anyone's house. Take him swimming, or paint balling, or walking, take him to the pictures, to a restaurant. Take him skeet shooting, car booting, cow tipping, fishing, hunting, whatever you want. Take him to the park and push him on a swing for all I care. Just get him out of here and away from work, get his mind of things and let me sort this bollocks out."

"I think I know where we can take him, but it don't start for a few hours." Charlotte says.

"Well take him out for steak or something first." Nick suggests. "Put a few pints down his neck, take him to a titty bar. The truth is, we already have one rash, non thinking, act first, think later lunatic with the last name Morgan, we don't even want that one let alone two of them. So get him out of here, take him out the secret exit so he doesn't walk across the casino floor and make a right burk of himself."

Charlotte nods and reaches for her phone.

"I'm on it." Charlotte says.

Nick smiles all proudly.

"See, can be smart when I want to be." Nick says to himself.

"Yeah, well even a broken clock is right twice a day." Mackenzie says as she walks away.

"Yeah it is!" Nick says proudly before looking confused. "Wait, what does that mean? Kenz? Kenz?"

Fast forward time to six forty five PM. The crowd filter in to the T-Mobile arena on the Las Vegas strip, home of the Las Vegas Golden Knights, who just so happened to be in action against the Chicago Blackhawks. Lights flash on the rink below as the game is about fifteen minutes away. The camera pans to a sky box where Daniel J Morgan sits next to Osbourne, and on his left, Charlotte and Mackenzie.

"Why did you bring me to a hockey game?" Daniel questions. "I'm all for trying new stuff but I ain't got time for this stuff."

Charlotte and Mackenzie look at each other, searching for the words to answer their boss.

"We had this planned as surprise for you for ages." Charlotte lies. "Thought it would be nice to get out of that Casino and have a night away."

"I can't just leave the Casino." Daniel says. "I own the bloody place, can't just up and leave just for the sake of it."

"Of course you can." Mackenzie says. "If not, we don't need Nick here. Can I be the one to tell him to piss off home?"

"Nick's not going home." Daniel tells her.

"We can make it my Christmas and Birthday presents." Mackenzie says hopeful.

"Nah, can't send him home." Daniel says "He does a decent job when we're not about. It's just I don't like sitting on my arse doing nothing. Without doing something the days a waste. I mean we came here and got what we wanted. We own a damn Casino that is turning over wonga like it's going out of fashion. Next year alone at this rate, we will hit at least twelve mil, but we need to do more to get in the big boys league, they turn over hundreds of millions a year and that should keep me busy. We need to work out how to get a bigger piece of the action. I've been doing some thinking about the future."

The girls look at each other before they turn and look at Daniel. Osbourne also looks towards his boss, wondering what's coming next.

"What are you on about?" Charlotte asks.

"We came to Vegas to expand, to be able to have a place to move stuff between." Daniel tells them. "We trained to be wrestlers where I put two hundred grand in to making us wrestlers, just for a dodgy way around Visa's and it worked a treat. I've put serious amounts of money in to this Casino, doing it up, making it look legit while other not so legit things can happen. In four months time, all that money invested in wrestling and this business will be back so it begs a question."

Daniel looks down at the ice as fans still take their seats.

"Do we need wrestling anymore?" He asks them.

Daniel looks straight ahead at the ice while Charlotte and Mackenzie look across at Osbourne, who pokes his lower lip out in to a pout and shrugs his shoulders.

"Well if we don't, we get turfed out." Mackenzie says.

"I thought about that." Daniel says "And I may have a way around that. I'm a business owner, and I can create a board of directors, also known as you three and Nick. It will be in title only but we are doing what this President wants here, and putting money in to the economy. With the right endorsements from respected celebrities and politicians, we will get residency here, green cards and all that bollocks because we'd be paying tax to the US government. The President is a capitalist at heart, Casino's are big business and the government make a mint out of them."

"We don't know any politicians." Charlotte reminds him.

"Didn't know any police chiefs either till we had to get those bracelets off Fenris." Daniel tells them. "Grease the right palms and everything falls in to place. It's the way of the world for people to give in to their greed. We'd get what we want without any problems at all."

"Wrestling has it's advantages." Mackenzie say seriously. "It's pretty much free advertising. Most of our money has come from wrestling fans down here hoping to see us, to see any other SCW star in the place for selfies and shit."

"She has a point." Charlotte adds. "Sports fans are fickle people. If you go on a losing streak, they don't show up at games, with us off the television, be out of sight, out of mind. If we want those big bucks at the end of the day, we need to keep ourselves on television, we need to get these people we work with in the place. The other night it went around that Winter was in the place and the fans showed up to see her, spent a ton on the bar, lost a few hundred, so stepping back from wrestling ain't gonna help us much. Maybe getting those belts back would help us too. Meet the champs night kinda thing, pull in Dani and Fenris and draw in the crowd."

Daniel sits looking at the ice, his mind thinking about the words that has been spoken. He puts his hands together in thought.

"I came here and I wanted it all." Daniel says. "I may have outgrown this wrestling stuff, but you could be right."

"Plus being media darlings helps people look the other way." Charlotte says. "People looking at our left hand ain't seeing our right hand. Being the business owning wrestlers ain't suspicious. A lot of wrestlers has side businesses."

"Businesses." Daniel says. "We have one."

"Then maybe it's time to expand." Mackenzie says. "Put out fingers in other pies. If you want to make it a brand, be an investor or create shit."

"Hmmm." Daniel says tapping his chin. "But what?"

"Anything." Charlotte says. "Everyone has a dream, something they want to do, so invest in that dream. I reckon people on the SCW roster want to open their own business, so invest in them, invest in people who come to you with ideas. More you own, the more legit you look in people's eyes and if you are done with wrestling at some point, people will continue to keep their eyes on you."

Daniel looks down as the Golden Knights and Blackhawks enter the ice.

"There's always sport." Daniel says thoughtfully. "Wonder how much it would cost to get a Las Vegas based team in the MLS?"

Charlotte shakes her head as she looks across at Daniel.

"That would take years." She tells him. "We're looking at three to five years and a ton of money and run at a loss for years. We'd be taking money from the Casino in to the team to keep it going. Maybe invest in a current team, that way everything will be in place."

Daniel pushes his hands together as he watches the players skating around the ice.

"Like hockey?" He asks.

"You don't even really like hockey." Mackenzie tells him.

"No but I do like money." Daniel tells her, turning his head to smile at her. "And sports seem to make a lot of money, as does sports bars."

A smile crosses Daniel's face as he looks towards Osbourne.

"We still got a few empty units in the Casino, right?" Daniel says, his grin widening.

Osbourne nods his head slowly up and down twice, looking at his boss though dark sunglasses.

"Ok, let's invest in one of them ourselves, turn it in to a sports bar." Daniel says. "Cut off areas for different games. Cinema style big screens for Las Vegas games. Get some big screen TVs above the bar showing games from around the world. Do bar food, simple stuff, nothing fancy, wings and that kinda thing. Beer on tap to be flogged in pitchers."

Charlotte and Mackenzie look at each other.

"Wouldn't that take away from the bar in the Casino?" Mackenzie asks. "And the restaurant too?"

Daniel smiles and shakes his head.

"Actually, the opposite." Daniel replies. "The bar in the casino offers a touch of class about it, fancy drinks, imported bottle beer as well as imported barrels, the stuff sports fans wouldn't go for, too high brow. I mean could you imagine a football fan walking in to a boozer and asking for a Martini? Just wouldn't happen, but in the Casino, men would order that stuff. Sports fans want beers they know, American beers, ya know, that light beer rubbish. They don't wanna sit there and have a fancy three course meal while watching their teams, they want wings and corn dogs, and other fried stuff that would give ya a conery. We put that in one place and make it an experience, sell all the junk food they'd sell at the ballpark, or places like this. Throw in the bar food like wings, onion rings, all that crap. Sell them beer that they would neck at the events. Hell, stick on the SCW shows on a Sunday night and when we're not working, we join them."

The smile grows wider on Daniel's face.

"Hell, for supercards, get Gabriel and Odette around here to host it." Daniel tells them. "We will get the sports fans walking through that Casino and might throw a couple of quid in the machines on the way in, we might get the pissed up ones throwing down a lot more on the way out. Place will close by eleven, some might fancy a more expensive drink in our Casino bar before heading home for work the next day. Casino people and pub people are very different people, we can get the best of both worlds."

Charlotte and Mackenzie nod their heads, smiles breaking out on their face. Daniel looks at Osbourne.

"Whatcha think?" He asks Osbourne

Osbourne nods, giving his boss the thumbs up. Daniel turns his head and looks towards the women.

"Thoughts?" He asks.

"It's a good idea." Mackenzie says with an approving nod.

"Building an empire within your own empire." Charlotte says. "Everything under one roof. Pretty clever."

"Alright." Daniel says with a nod. "We'll have a business meeting tomorrow and figure this one out. Until then, let's watch a bunch of grown men in a ton of pads push each other against flimsy walls."

Daniel turns back to watch the Ice Hockey game as the camera fades to black.

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