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> Jake Salco, Jessie's aloof older brother
Jessie Salco
Posted: July 09, 2012 07:54 pm

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Name: Jake Salco

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Job: Jessie’s brother, bodyguard, keeping her on the straight and narrow

Height: 6ft 10

Weight: 250ibs

Personality: Despite his intimidating look Jake is very laid back and caring, however the recent situation where Katie revealed Jessie’s past drug use on TV has led him to voluntarily accompany the sister’s on the road to help with Jessie.

Traits: Whilst he wants Jessie to stay out of trouble he wants her to have fun as well making him her preferred choice out of the two siblings, however she still loves both of them and Jake even helps Jessie workout for her matches.

Additional Info: Served in the army for two years including a tour of Iraq when Jessie was adopted by the Salco’s, he didn’t meet her until he returned from his tour of duty when the family picked him up from the airport and his father introduced him to Jessie, things where a bit slow for them at first but they bonded quickly, he has let his hair grow out since those days.

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